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Name: 20230201_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 1, 2023
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In this segment, Alex Jones and guest Christian Gomez from JBS.org discuss the lack of knowledge on constitutional law by a judge during her confirmation hearing in the Senate. They express concerns about people being put in power who do not know the Constitution and believe it to be intentional to destroy the Republic. The article 5 Constitutional Convention is discussed as a potential threat, where delegates could propose amendments that could lead to a change in the Constitution. A convention of states under Article V could lead to more contentious issues with no clear end result. The United Nations has long sought global disarmament and control of national police forces.

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We now know more of why Russia wanted to invade Ukraine.
Russia had said this about a year ago on the eve of their invasion that came on February 24th, 2022.
It's now February 1st, 2023, so a little under a year ago.
They said Ukraine is trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and Ukraine is covertly preparing to join NATO, and NATO forces are already on the ground moving up against the Russian border.
That is now all admitted in Al Jazeera and BBC and CNN, like it's a good thing.
And buried in the articles, Ukraine's like, we've been trying to get nukes for years.
Ukraine may seek nuclear weapons if left out of NATO, diplomat says.
Here is the Hill newspaper.
To prevent the next Ukraine, we need to clarify about the role of nuclear weapons.
That's like Sean Penn saying, let's use nuclear weapons.
Russia says real danger of Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons requires response.
Only nuclear weapons give Ukraine security guarantees.
Hashtag Ukraine is now demanding nuclear weapons.
And it just goes on from there.
accuses Russia of violating major nuke treaty.
For folks that don't study military history or threat escalation, This is exactly how all the experts agreed this would probably start going.
If it began to escalate, it would just continue to escalate into regional nuclear war and then full bore planetary nuclear war.
And Pakistan will hit India, vice versa.
China will get involved.
I mean, the whole thing is just countdown to extinction.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The destruction of America from within has been going on for over 200 years.
Seven years after the American Revolution, the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 established the King of England as the Prince Elector of the United States, and America continued paying debts to the Crown.
During the War of 1812, the British torched the White House.
The Act of 1871 created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia, allowing it to operate with its own laws outside of the U.S.
Constitution, creating the Corporation of the United States and a new city-state for the Old World Order.
With its financial capital in the City of London, its religious capital in Vatican City, and its military capital in the District of Columbia, these city-states have their own sovereignty.
In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act gave full control of America's wealth to a private corporation beholden to the City of London.
During the Nuremberg trials, only 19 were found guilty, while hundreds of Nazi war criminals were given jobs in the United States military-industrial complex.
If you were to search online for just about any Middle Eastern country in the 1950s, You will see what the region looked like before British Petroleum, the CIA, and the Mossad turned it into a hellhole of radical Islamic rule.
Placing psychotic puppets in power, the Old World Order then used it as a catalyst for the War Against Terror, which was then used to destabilize the region and create the catalyst for mass migration into Europe and America.
Many Americans refuse to recognize the endless crimes against humanity being committed by our own government.
And so, by default, they blindly support it.
Even when the American government is caught funding bioweapons labs around the Russian border, many Americans turn a blind eye.
And so now the majority of the world stands with Russia and see America as the main threat against humanity.
A new video produced by Russia's Wagner private military is now recruiting Americans to join them in their fight against the United States, pointing out how the United States has become a force of evil and is no longer what our forefathers intended it to be.
You were a hero to your country, giving your best years in the army.
You dreamed of defeating evil.
You dreamed of doing much to make America great again.
But in reality, you saw criminal orders, the destruction of nations, the death of civilians,
and all for the will of a bunch of families who thought they were earthly gods, deciding
who would live under the rubble and who would be destroyed.
This is not the America the founding fathers dreamed of.
It has become the focus of the evil that is destroying the whole world.
And today, the only country fighting this evil is Russia.
If you're a true patriot of the very future of Great America,
join the ranks of the warriors of Russia.
Help defeat evil, or it will be too late for everyone.
If Americans were as righteous as we think we are, then we would not stand for such a corrupt government wreaking havoc on the rest of the world in our name.
Instead, most of us are content fighting each other and turning a blind eye.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I took off five broadcast days.
A month before that, a lot of people say, Alex, you're usually working seven days a week.
What have you been doing when things are so intense and so crazy?
Well, I've been on air 28 years, and I really care deeply about the news and the information, probably more than most people on air.
I think that's a conservative way to put it.
But at the same time, when the times are so incredibly dire, and I've really not spent enough time with my family for many, many years, I am making my family the priority.
And I'm also getting my family ready for future bioweapon releases and for more lockdowns and World War III.
And I would advise everybody else out there to be getting yourselves ready as well, because if we don't back the globalists off of what they're doing right now, we're going to look back On the terrible times we've seen the last three years as a walk in the park, and I know it's not a cakewalk for people that have been injured or killed by these deadly shots, but it's just it's simply an insane moment.
I got to the point where I couldn't ever get away from the broadcast.
I couldn't stop reading news.
I couldn't stop having to know everything that was going on at every moment.
And I realized that I've been staring into the abyss too long and just had to get back closer to God, closer to family, and to really focus and research and meditate on the big picture.
And I've written a lot of notes the last few months on those subjects.
And I intend very soon to be doing some PowerPoint-style presentations that are big picture.
And where we've been, where we are, where we're going.
And of course still doing the show six days a week as well.
But I desperately needed to focus more on my family and get more into balance so that I could really then have a fresh perspective on understanding where we are right now.
And so now I am going to crank back up my workload.
And it'll be, I guess, tomorrow or so.
So I'm a little bit behind on this because of all the stuff going on.
We also have ice storms in Texas.
So part of the crew couldn't get into the office today and be able to help me do a special live show tonight at 6 p.m.
that I was going to announce today and do for two hours, commercial free, with special guests, analysis and news.
But I barely got out of where I live because there's some hills with the black ice and a lot of the crew is just frozen in.
It's supposedly going to thaw tomorrow morning, so we shouldn't have as many issues with the personnel.
We've got a skeleton crew in here that got in most areas that are flat.
No real ice, easy to get to work.
But if you live in the hills and about half of Austin is extremely hilly, you've got a big road or a big hill or a big overpass by your house and they haven't had a chance to salt it, you're not going to get out of your home without having a very good chance of having a wreck.
I went ahead and did.
Drive over the Black Ice and get up the hill.
But the car did have a little bit of an issue.
And so I could see why I'm not going to demand that my crew that lives in similar areas or similar type terrain be here.
But I am here.
And so tonight I won't be going live.
It's 6 p.m.
with a new special show.
I'm going to be announcing some of the things we're going to be doing.
And we've got a lot of initiatives that have been very pregnant for a long time that are behind schedule that are going to be launching here very, very soon.
I don't always Get things done on time, but I always end up doing what I say I'm going to do, and I couldn't do this without you, and I'm very, very thankful for all of you in the family that is InfoWars, because you realize that if you're going to have a free future and a decent future and control your destiny, you need InfoWars.
And I understand if I'm going to be free and my family's going to be free, I need you.
And so this is a really symbiotic connection we have.
The news is so over the top, as usual, that it's mind-blowing.
So when I took off the weekend and Monday and Tuesday, I still did an hour or so of research a day or more, especially once my wife and children went to sleep at night.
I did some research and so I've really last four or five days of news here.
It's all extremely important and I'm going to do my best here to just go ahead and start plowing directly into it.
Let me tell you what's coming up.
We now know more of why Russia wanted to invade Ukraine.
Russia had said this about a year ago on the eve of their invasion that came on February 24th, 2022.
It's now February 1st, 2023, so a little under a year ago.
They said Ukraine is trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and Ukraine is covertly preparing to join NATO, and NATO forces are already on the ground moving up against the Russian border.
That is now all admitted in Al Jazeera and BBC and CNN, like it's a good thing.
And buried in the articles, Ukraine's like, we've been trying to get nukes for years.
Ukraine may seek nuclear weapons if left out of NATO, diplomat says.
Here's the Hill newspaper.
To prevent the next Ukraine, we need to clarify about the role of nuclear weapons.
That's like Sean Penn saying, let's use nuclear weapons.
Russia says real danger of Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons requires response.
Only nuclear weapons give Ukraine security.
Hashtag Ukraine is now demanding nuclear weapons.
And it just goes on from there.
US accuses Russia of violating major nuke treaty.
For folks that don't study military history or threat escalation, This is exactly how all the experts agreed this would probably start going.
If it began to escalate, it would just continue to escalate into regional nuclear war and then full bore planetary nuclear war.
And Pakistan will hit India, vice versa.
China will get involved.
I mean, the whole thing is just countdown to extinction.
So all the distractions and all the sports and all the Hollywood shows and all the Avenger programs and all the fantasy land, all the tabloid crap.
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't even show up on a Richter scale, in my view, compared to this.
And this is going downhill very, very quickly.
They follow a formula of, we'll never give them tanks.
We'll just give them armored vehicles.
Okay, we'll give them medium tanks.
We'll never give them heavy tanks.
Okay, we'll give them some heavy tanks.
Okay, we'll give them tons of heavy tanks.
Okay, we'll never give them aircraft.
We'll give them some aircraft.
We won't give them the most high-tech aircraft.
Well, maybe we'll give them the most high-tech aircraft.
Yeah, we'll give them the most high-tech aircraft.
We'll never have our Airmen in those aircraft.
Well, yeah, we're going to have our troops there.
Yeah, our troops are there helping them operate the equipment.
Yeah, we're going to move nuclear weapons into Ukraine.
Yes, we may use technical nukes on the Russians.
Yes, we might hit them first.
And then having U.S.
Senators from both parties on TV saying, you know, let's go ahead and nuke Russia.
I mean, this is absolute, complete and total crazy town.
The very essence of Armageddon.
Armageddon is looming.
So, this just speaks for itself.
There's really nothing else you can say about it, other than I'll open the phones up to get your take on World War III and can it be averted?
I mean, it's not that I have a feeling of resignation.
It's just that I see, not our audience of great activists, but the general public, a somewhat awakened poll show doesn't trust the government or the media and knows COVID was a fraud.
I mean, we're talking up in the 80% now.
Okay, so yeah, big awakening.
But what does it do if your eyes wide open, if they're wide shut, And you know what's going on, but you don't realize how much peril you're in because you've lived in comparative liberty and freedom and security for so long.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
And then there's cherries on top like this one.
Prestigious liberal watchdog condemns New York Times Russiagate coverage, says they premeditatedly fabricated evidence.
Well, Adam Schiff faked a whole bunch of faked text messages in the January 6th committee, and they misrepresented stuff I said and did.
Yes, they fabricate.
Because they get away with it.
But we'll be getting to that.
Also, I mean, on the COVID front, the rats have left the sinking ship.
And now the ship is sinking.
We have the Director of the CDC Task Force on Vaccines saying it is killing people and hurting them and there's a cover-up.
That's the video.
We talked for four hours about that.
Just one video.
Prestigious top insurance analysts find 7% increase in mortality for each COVID shot you take, whether it's Pfizer or Moderna.
And that's what we've said.
Most people that do take them take two.
That's 13 to 14% the global average of increased deaths.
Right there.
It's up in the 20s when you take the fourth one.
If you take the fifth one, you are getting the dough now very quickly.
We've got...
Congressman Massey saying the Democrats are in full retreat, the whole COVID lie has collapsed, the public's turned against them.
That's true, but again, what do we do?
I mean, that's just three articles out of like 45 I've got here, literally in the stack on that.
I mean, it's all bombshell on top of bombshell on top of bombshell as we march headlong into what can only be described as the end of the world.
Stay with us.
You have found it, ladies and gentlemen, the broadcasts of the enemies of freedom are battling to take off the air because they want to silence those that stand up for the people of this planet.
Let me do this.
Let me mention some of the other news and then I'm going to start plowing in to the COVID news and I'm going to give the number out and I'm going to take calls on the World War III situation where you think that is going specifically on that topic and on the poison shot topic specifically.
But look at some of these other headlines here in the stack.
This is so huge.
It's out of the Gateway Pundit.
Hunter Biden was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis, used to promote Biden family business, where he was selling the knowledge to the Communist Chinese.
And now the feds have raided the Biden's beach house.
Another raid.
FBI agents swarm Joe Biden's beach house as the slow roll continues.
And of course, what were they doing with some of the new funding that Hunter Biden was getting as well?
The millions of dollars.
They were studying splicing gain-of-function viruses together in Ukraine.
I mean, you can't make this up.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they're figuring out how to kill us and terrorize us into their control while they divide and conquer us.
We have, on average, two police officers a day being murdered in America.
The police aren't perfect.
There's some bad ones.
There's some good ones.
But you have, of course, the Trey Nichols story, where they're trying to create a race war in this country.
And CNN and others are saying, Van Jones and others are saying, that it was white supremism is why the black officers beat the guy to death.
Yes, because they were white supremacists.
We have the national statistics.
We've covered them many times.
I'm not trying to single anybody out.
It's a fact.
On average, 11 times crimes are committed against whites by blacks for every time a white commits a crime against a black person, a violent crime.
And in some areas it's 20 to 1 or higher.
And that's still a small minority of black folks that are doing it.
Only black males 13 to age about 25 come from fatherless homes.
They're brought up in a gangster culture by the gangs.
You see that with all these other gangs with MS-13 and recruiting young people to go out and do this type of crap.
But the point is that when Antifa was burning things down a few weeks ago in Atlanta and
black cops were mainly the guys stopping them, were having Molotov cocktails thrown at them,
they're calling them racist too.
And so you have to understand they're creating this climate of a collapsed society.
They're letting criminals of all colors out.
They commit violent crimes for violent crime, knowing it'll spur an intensification.
And then they can come in and quote, reform the police by turning them into pure globalist
So the message is when cops get in bad situations, which are questionable.
They're always going to be prosecuted, even if they're innocent, unless they've gone under the George Soros leftist DA's system of control.
Then they can do all the things they want.
And if you think American cops have problems, wait till you live under a communist or authoritarian or totalitarian system with the police.
But opinion.
The police who were killed, Nichols, Tyree Nichols, were black, but they might still have been driven by racism.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
Meanwhile, the police guard, CNN, facilities all over the country.
Whoopi Goldberg on her program, The View, said, do we need to see white people also get beaten before anybody will do anything?
We're seeing plenty of white people getting beat.
Let me show you the latest video here in the U.S.
of a white guy laying there doing nothing being tasered and attacked by a dog and five police jump on him and kick him in the face because he's in agony.
I think this is wrong.
This is stupid and they should get in some trouble for this.
We need to know the full details that still haven't come out.
But the reason I raise this The reason I raise this is it's not just that it's 10 to 1, 11 to 1 black on white crime.
That's a national statistic.
They can't hide that.
If you're a white male, particularly, you are twice as likely to be killed by the police per capita.
That means ratio to ratio.
It's not because there's more white people you're twice as likely.
No, if you're a white male, You are twice as likely to be killed by the police if you're a black male.
You know why that is?
The cops slow roll the black areas.
They're predominantly black.
They know they'll go to jail.
That's why you hear the recordings in Philly and Chicago and Dallas where you'll hear white and black cops.
You can hear their accents.
When there's a shootout between gangs, they go, just let them do it.
We're not going to get in the middle of it.
Let them kill each other.
If it's a white person, the cops will use their old tactics that are designed to get them home alive at night and some can say are militaristic and pretty brutal.
And that whole threat continuum, that escalation of when they either make a mistake and shoot an innocent person or you resist or they think you're resisting or they think you've got a gun and you don't and they kill you.
The world's not a perfect place.
That happens, and when the police are wrong, they should get in trouble for it.
But it's just not true.
It's not true that you're more likely, if you're a black person, to be killed by the police than if you're white.
It's just not true.
You're twice as likely to be killed if you're a white male, because the cops know they're not going to get in trouble.
If they beat the living snot out of you, or if they kill you, especially if they have a reason to.
But now, even when they have a reason to, they get in trouble, so again, they are not enforcing in predominantly minority areas, particularly black areas, and that's why crime has skyrocketed.
You see it in Minnesota, you see it all over the place where the city councils will fire a third of the cops, half the cops, but then double their own security detail.
Double their own security detail.
Whereas you see all these videos when the police are dealing with black males, they literally, it's like they're at a daycare center or something.
Please put the knife down.
Please put the gun down.
Please don't aim the gun at me.
Okay, you're aiming the gun at me, I'm gonna shoot you.
Okay, boom, boom, boom.
And still there's riots, still there's insanity, still there's crazy town.
And I'm done talking about that subject, but if I wanted to show you police being killed, I could show you those videos all day.
Especially when the Black Lives Matter stuff was going on.
People were just going picking off cops everywhere.
Do we humanize them when they're being killed?
We should.
But I try not to show the black people killing white people.
I try... But you know what?
Maybe we should because the media covers it up.
I even have mainstream news articles in Germany and the U.S.
and U.K.
saying, oh, we're not going to show when a quote minority kills a white person or stabs a white person because that adds to racism.
No, that shows that it's open season on white people and it needs to stop.
And that's what's been set up in this country.
And no one can deny the statistics.
No one can deny the facts.
But I don't care if you're black or white or older, young or gay or straight or purple polka dotted.
When you go through TSA, they grab your junk, they get all over you, they get, you know, and I'm not saying they're all bad people, but the administration of it, internal checkpoints in America, but meanwhile the border is wide open.
It just, the duck doesn't fly, it doesn't even quack, it doesn't even swim, it's not a duck.
The dog doesn't hunt.
It's just a fraud.
We're setting up internal checkpoints with the borders wide open.
Riddle me that, Batman.
We'll be right back with more news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario.
...of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
In 2022, Joe Biden stated that sending tanks to Ukraine is called World War Three.
The idea, the idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews.
Just understand, don't kid yourself, no matter what you all say.
That's called World War 3.
Earlier this month, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Jeremy Juergens, says that a catastrophic cyber event will likely occur in the next two years.
The most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber leaders and 86% of cyber business leaders believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years.
This far exceeds anything that we've seen in previous surveys.
This week, a German foreign minister casually stated that they are at war with Russia.
And therefore I've said already in the last days, yes, we have to do more to defend Ukraine.
Yes, we have to do more also on tanks.
But the most important and the crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game.
President Joe Biden responds by sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.
and not against each other. Thank you. President Joe Biden responds by sending
31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Today I'm announcing that the United States
will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. And now all of the media is warning of
nuclear war or a Russian cyber attack. That'll be the first time they actually
discuss it in Congress.
When we are hit with a massive cyber attack from Russia in response.
If you are not suspicious by now, then you are not paying attention.
Our government is not at war with Russia.
They are at war with the American people.
And in order to build back better, they need their cyber attack.
Now they have a cover story.
And the media is sticking their finger into the PTSD wounds of all Americans, so that we do nothing but sit at home in fear and wait for the end.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Now, if you go back to that piece we did that was released a week before the 2016 elections, and it has quotes from Hillary Clinton saying, if we're hit by a cyber attack by Russia, that's an act of war and we will use nuclear weapons against them.
Well, that's a perfect way to set Russia up.
I'm not saying Russia wouldn't launch a cyber attack, but how do you prove it?
You get all the Vault 7 documents that Edward Snowden released.
Remember, that's like 10, 15-year-old material.
It talks about the CIA using computer programs to frame people, to launch cyber attacks from another country to have a pretext to go after them.
And they've been really setting the table psychologically for that, that it's going to be a cyber attack that's the pretext to escalate this war.
So I have a special guest from the John Birch Society joining us in the third hour to deal with the constitutional conventions that they have a right-wing Republican movement that looks right-wing on the surface pushing.
And we have Article 5 of the Constitution to be able to have constitutional conventions.
I'm not saying we should never have one, but the group's behind pushing it.
It's pretty dangerous.
And I want to tie that in to Senator John Kennedy, not John F. Kennedy, the current Senator John Kennedy, when he questioned Biden's judicial nominee last week, and we'll cover this in the third hour, and it was a judge, and they couldn't say what the Article 2 or Article 5 was.
This is a lawyer and a judge.
And the media's like, oh, it's a gotcha moment.
People would know that, folks.
A first-year law student would be flunked out in a test if they didn't answer the entire constitutional questions correctly.
And when I saw the clip last Friday, I thought to myself, wait, what is Article 2?
That's the executive branch that establishes the executive.
And Article 5, that's a CON-CON, Article 5 CON-CON, Constitutional Convention.
And of course it is.
I mean, the fact that I'm not even a lawyer or in government, and I know this, but they don't teach any of this in schools anymore.
And I know you know that.
That's why we're in so much trouble.
And it's also in the Constitution.
There's an article in the Constitution, and I'll be honest with you, my memory fails.
Guys, look up what article in the Constitution deals with declaration of war.
And it explains that Congress has to vote.
It has to be done because they didn't want to have a president who could just launch
wars on his own.
That would be a dictator.
The president executes a war once a war is going, but Congress has to declare the war.
Well, we're in a war with Russia, de facto war, but has it been announced?
And the answer is no, it has not been announced.
And so that's another one of the big topics.
In fact, I'll pull up during the break, I'll come back with it.
What article of the Constitution deals with declaration of war?
I know the procedures, but quite frankly, 10 years ago, I knew all this stuff.
There's so much stuff now.
I just, my head swims with the information.
I think you're the same way.
There's just so much at a certain point, I'm like, I just know this is unconstitutional.
Sure enough, you'll read it and there it is right there.
I remember what it says, I just can't remember what amendment it is.
Declaration of War, Clause 11, 12, 13, and 14.
Yeah, but what article is it?
I'm talking about the clauses of the article.
That's what I was going to say, Article 1 was the Declaration of War, but I couldn't remember.
It's Article 1.
Subchapter 8, C11-3, Declaration of War.
Yeah, guys, print me that off.
I want to cover that because, I mean, this is just insane.
All right, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and hit all the incredible, when I say incredible, each day as we've seen, and it's not hype when I say this, the poison shot news becomes so crazy that that's why I've had to take time off.
The fact that this is all out in the open and no one's going to prison and they're normalizing killing us en masse and even their own executives and own board heads and the head of the vaccine program Tom Shimabukuro just admitted COVID-19 vaccines are causing debilitating illnesses and it just goes on and on from there.
This will take a couple segments to get to but I'm going to cover everything in this stack and then we're going to take your phone calls.
The toll-free number to join us on the war and how do we stop it?
Where do you see this going?
Like I said, the cyber attacks, economic war, the war on food.
It's a huge area.
And then also the poison COVID shots and how far is this going to go?
Everything comes out.
Hundreds of bombshells a day.
I mean hundreds.
I can't even keep track of it.
What's going to unfold here?
And how do you see the globalists extricating themselves from this?
Because, as Congressman Massey said, the public's totally turned against them.
It's over 80% now.
They've lost all confidence.
The Democratic Party is seen as a criminal institution now.
He's absolutely right.
So, what do you call this no-man's land or this purgatory we're in right now?
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX, on those two gigantor issues that are the
pretext for the cashless society, the central bank digital currencies, the social credit
scores, the carbon taxes, the vaccine passports.
And then of course, World War III is all-encompassing.
It's just massive, massive subjects that come together to bring in the new world order.
We're going to take calls in the second hour.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com and Bandai Media are critical coordinates for freedom.
Please share them daily.
So as negative as all this news is that we cover here on the Alex Jones Show, it's because I believe in humanity and I believe if you know the truth about how bad things are, you'll stand up and make a change.
And that's happening.
The power structure admits in all their studies and polls that the vast majority of people don't trust the system, they're turning against globalism, they're turning against unelected international bodies like the WEF.
But is that enough?
And is it happening quick enough?
That's really the issue.
And do we have another 5-10 years to fully educate everybody else?
And the answer is no.
So I look at all these clips I sent the crew, and if I try to play them, it'll take an hour.
So let me just show you the clips, show you the articles, show you what they say and move on to the next.
If you want to watch them, you can find them.
Most of them are on Infowars.com or you can just search the headline and you'll be able to find it online easily on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or YouTube.
Let's just do this.
Let's just read some of these headlines.
Director of CDC Vaccine Task Force Tom Shimabuko just admitted COVID-19 vaccines are causing debilitating illnesses.
We don't even have to admit it.
It's in the documents.
But there it is.
Why would they suddenly admit that?
Boosted are our sickest patients.
Top insurance analysts find 7% increase, that's 7% increase in aggregate mortality, that's dying, for each C19 received, COVID-19 dose received.
Josh Sterling, the more doses you have in a U.S.
region, the bigger increase in mortality.
If you're over the age of 50 and you took all five doses, that's a 35% increase in death.
You know, that's a five minute video.
You guys just queue it up where he reads that.
People need to actually hear this.
I don't want to just say I'm saying, I don't want you to hear that.
He's arguably the most respected insurance company statistician.
And we just played the clip yesterday with the big MIT top statistician, super respected.
He's right up there at the top worldwide saying there's no doubt massive increase in death.
He doesn't lie.
That's the facts.
The Biden White House and Democrats are in full retreat.
They've lost the confidence of the American people over their handling of COVID-19.
The American people can't wait until May 11th and demand action now.
That's when Biden's supposedly going to end the COVID emergency, which he said was over in October of last year, right before the election.
Here's Noval.
You've all know a Harari.
COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance.
The Chinese communist social credit score AI.
Here's other breaking news.
German government bombshell alarming number of vaccinated are developing AIDS or vaccine autoimmune deficiency syndrome.
Go watch it for yourself.
That's the German Government watchdog group.
Let's continue.
Pfizer made a really weird admission in a statement following Project Veritas report, where the executive, the head of mRNA worldwide, admits that they're creating weaponized viruses.
Now, why is that so huge?
Well, because they didn't deny that the guy was the head of their program or worked there, but they had surrogates for almost a week say it was fake.
But it wasn't fake.
Most of this work is conducted, this is a Pfizer press release, using computer simulation and mutations of the main...
Protease and non-infectious part of the virus.
In a limited number of cases where the full virus does not contain any known gain-of-function mutation, such viruses may be engineered to enable the assessment of antiviral activity in cells.
That's doublespeak.
They have weaponized it and they put it in there and see what it does to cells.
As AOA 88 graduate of UTSMWC, this is Dr. Peter McCullough, I am embarrassed for the school about this quote 18th grad who couldn't finish residency or get board certified and is picked up by Pfizer as a R&D director to be stung in a honey trap where he spills the beans about Pfizer real intentions for vaccines.
Wow, it took Pfizer this long to figure out that Jordan Walker, in the photo below, does not exist.
But now they admit he does exist.
And here's the photo on the Pfizer website they took off of him in a white lab coat with a stethoscope with the rest of the Pfizer salesmen.
Remember he said, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a doctor, I'm a salesman when Veritas confronted him a second time with the head of Veritas.
Very politely pointing this out to him.
But he wears the outfit just like Albert Bourla.
Just like all of them.
It's a get-up, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a suit.
Now Project Veritas has one of those big video trucks parked out front.
And Ultra American Patriot tweeted this.
Like Alex Jones, I think O'Keefe is getting a Medal of Freedom when all this is done.
I just want my life and freedom back.
I don't need a medal.
We rented an LED truck and parked it outside Pfizer's World Headquarters in Manhattan today.
There's some great memes that describe all this.
It shows a doctor with two hypodermic needles in each hand saying, safe and effective is not a lie, it's two lies.
It's not safe and it's not effective.
Now here's just some of the died suddenly news.
This is out of the New York Post.
Ty King's daughter remains unconscious weeks after collapsing with a heart attack.
It was just a few weeks after she took The Injection.
Thailand's potential heir at 44 years old to the throne, Princess, I'm not going to try to pronounce it, remains unconscious after developing a heart condition last month.
She collapsed 23 days after receiving the COVID-19 mRNA booster, according to Dr. Shasharat Bakkadeh.
Here's another one.
Breaking Sopranos actor John Vitamagila's daughter Dies suddenly at 25.
Children's swimming teacher, 19, dies suddenly after suffering cardiac arrest.
Just, I mean, so many of these I can't even keep track of them.
People say, oh, well, that's anecdotal.
Because I have the insurance company heads, people, I have the MIT top statisticians, all telling us what is already going on in front of our faces.
Remember this clip by Dr. Shara Kyatt?
12 days after receiving a COVID vaccine, you were 100% protected against hospitalization and death.
Even though all the statistics show it's the opposite.
And now they're running around telling everybody that it's stroke season.
It's just a new season that comes in the winter where you'll all have strokes, including children.
Trump's come out against DeSantis saying Florida was actually closed for a great long period of time.
You remember?
DeSantis closed the beaches and everything else, you know.
They're trying to rewrite history.
Well, yeah, Trump, that's fair to say, but DeSantis has gone further than you decrying it now and saying he was wrong and saying the shots aren't good.
So we'd just like to see you do that.
And I'm not trying to be part of a popularity contest.
I got some beauty contests and who we're for.
I like Trump.
I like the Santas.
But, I mean, let's just get straight what's going on.
I mentioned this earlier, breaking Biden to end COVID-19 emergency declaration on May 11th, though he supposedly ended it last October.
Remember that?
He says the COVID emergency will end when the Supreme Court ends it.
We have UK judges has issued a ruling mandating a disabled boy with heart problems stab the jab against his mother's will.
His sole caregiver?
And here are the police showing up to drag him away for his fourth shot.
Of course, you can't forget Trudeau saying getting COVID vaccine was an amazing feeling.
And I've got so much more to hit on that subject, but we'll get to more of that later.
We're gonna open the phones up next hour.
I've already given the number out.
I already see we have loaded phone lines.
And I've just got so much that I haven't even hit yet on carbon taxes,
World Economic Forum, food prices exploding at record levels.
Wait till you hear what the left's doing in the cities riddled by crime.
They're going after the victims, saying they should have done a better job protecting themselves.
You can't make this up.
That's next hour.
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Alright, I mentioned this clip, I mentioned a bunch of clips I didn't have time to play, but I want to play this one now in the short segment, then come back and go right to your phone calls on the huge World War III news, the poison shot news, and the Committee of 300 news I want to get into and more.
But here it is, top insurance analyst finds a 7% increase in aggregate mortality for each COVID-19 dose you take.
Here it is.
Pulled together an analysis that uses CDC data from the United States that compares the vaccination status ranked by the number of doses across regions in the United States and then compares that to the amount of increase or decrease in mortality this year versus last.
And if the vaccine was helpful, well if the vaccine was neutral, there would just be no relationship between these two things.
If the vaccine was helpful in reducing all-cause mortality, you would see that the more doses a region, you know, state of Vermont or Maine or Hawaii or, you know, Connecticut or someplace that's pretty highly vaccinated, you would see lower levels of mortality year over year because people got more vaccines than in other places, which we didn't do as much for whatever reason, and you would see an improvement and you would see a line that slopes down to the right.
Instead, when we did that analysis, and we cut it a number of different ways, we did it by different type of city and region, and we did it by age group as well, so we did some thoughtful to make sure there wasn't a bias in it, but no matter which way you do it, what you end up seeing is that the line that you create, a regression line, goes up and to the right, which is simply to say that the more doses on average you have in a region within the United States, the bigger increase in mortality that region has had, In 2022 when compared to 2021 and so that is a aggregate statistical tool that largely I mean it exactly confirms the conclusion out of the UK data.
It's a different way of doing it.
It's a totally different data set, but ultimately it leads to a very similar mathematical conclusion.
Which is a really unfortunate one because, you know, obviously hundreds of millions of us have, you know, either personally or our friends and family and all society have to now deal with these consequences of what are the long-term health consequences relating to these, you know, and I'm obviously hopeful that we can, as a society, start to focus on those because that's the opportunity to try to solve this problem is focusing on health.
There's something that's a bit Unintuitive, but I think you're arguing that it kind of tells the same story.
One of them is that what you just described, this regression line, the more boosted people are, the mortality among those groups increases.
But in the UK data, I think you said that it's the single That's a really good question, Jan.
It's the first shot that actually shows the highest mortality.
So how are these things not in opposition to each other?
It's a really good question, Jan.
They have to do with how the data is structured.
On an individual basis, I think you can make a better prediction for an actual person's
mortality risk based on the UK data.
Which is to say that if you took one dose and stopped, which is what that means, because it wasn't a design study, it's an observational study, it's literally just did you stop at one dose, then we can infer that based on the statistics we have from the UK that you're likely to have substantially higher elevated mortality.
The reason Then we speculate, or I think intuitively that that explains that, is that these people stopped.
Because they were injured on the first dose.
Basically, they said, OK, I'm not doing this again.
Within 21 days, they were supposed to get a second dose, and they said, no, I'm not going to do that.
In the US, that's about 12% of Americans.
What the data here would suggest is that if the relationships in the UK are the same in the US, that those people would have 145% higher mortality rate.
And the reason that that It doesn't carry on to the U.S.
data in aggregate, is because when you look at individual, when you look at big groups of people, the little individual signal there of their behavior is washed out.
Because really what we're just saying is, well, were there more doses in Georgia than there were in Alabama or, you know, Vermont versus Maine or something like that?
And in that case, it's all just, you know, it's just a question of what's the aggregate level of dosing?
In which case, if you use the regression line, on that sort of data, you end up being able
to very clearly draw a conclusion that says the slope of the line is basically how much mortality
increase you're getting from every dose.
And so it's about a 7% increase in aggregate mortality from US data per dose.
And if you're over the age of 50 and you took all five doses
that'd be a 35% increase.
It's Wednesday, February 1st, 2021.
We're now into hour number two, and we've got the big twin issues that are all-encompassing.
We have the scientist, we have the head of the FDA vaccine board, we have top statisticians, MIT statisticians, all coming out saying, no matter how you crunch German numbers, French numbers, Australian numbers, UK numbers, US numbers, Canadian numbers, One shot on average, a 7% increase in mortality in just the first year.
Directly correlated, country by country.
Pfizer and Moderna.
Because they're averaging two together.
Our evidence is Moderna's far worse.
It's equivalent of four.
But the Pfizer's with the exact same cocktail.
GMO cocktail.
Gene editing, manipulating mRNA.
That is so huge.
And on average, if you take five shots, it's a 35% increase in your death and your mortality.
I just played the full clip earlier.
Top insurance analyst finds a 7% increase in aggregate mortality for each COVID-19 vaccine injection.
John Sterling, hands down, one of the most respected out there.
The MIT scientist we played clips of yesterday, who's one of their most respected statisticians, found the same numbers, and they crunch them different ways, different methodologies, and keep finding the same number.
The insurance companies knew this a year and a half ago, folks.
We've been telling you, before they even started the shots for two and a half years, this was going down, or longer now.
But here's just an excise clip, if you missed it, of Mr. Sterling.
No matter which way you do it, what you end up seeing is that the line that you create, a regression line, goes up and to the right, which is simply to say that the more doses on average you have in a region within the United States, the bigger increase in mortality that region has had in 2022 when compared to 2021.
And so it's about a 7% increase in aggregate mortality from U.S.
data per dose.
And if you're over the age of 50 and you took all five doses, that'd be a 35% increase.
All right.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Do I need to play the MIT top statistician from yesterday saying the same thing?
Or how about the other experts we had on years ago saying the same thing?
Because see, they had rat studies, and rats only live really less than 10% of the time a human does, what, four or five years.
Dog lives on average 15.
Cat lives on average about 15.
Human 75 on average.
Rats 3, 4, 5 years depending on them.
Same thing with mice.
Octopus, no matter if they're huge, North Atlantic octopus, Arctic octopus is the biggest, ten feet long, or little bitty tiny ones.
They all live three years and three months and die no matter what.
Interesting thing about that, but the point is, is that rats and rodents are the closest they've learned with whatever kills them, kills us.
Pigs are also very close to us the way things affect them.
It's not that our genetics are similar, it's just that our physiology, how we operate.
Remember the UT study of a coronavirus mRNA shot that Fauci tested under Obama at the National Initiative at the University of Texas, Galveston?
The rats lived half as long.
Half as long as they normally do.
So they live two years and change.
On average.
Some died right away.
Some died in two weeks.
Some died in a month.
Some died in three months.
But if you lay that over the data, that's what we're seeing is a lot of death right up front, but in the aggregate, even more death over time later.
If you add all that death together, it's much higher than right away.
So it's not designed to kill you right away and make it obvious, but they made it a little too strong.
It's a soft kill weapon.
And so we sit up here and talk about this all being confirmed and how we're vindicated.
That's why they want to shut us down.
That's why they've weaponized the CIA against us.
That's why they lie about us everywhere and say things that are completely not true and just increase the lies on a daily basis because they're all going to go to prison, ladies and gentlemen.
When you see a hit piece or lies about us or lies about somebody else, like Tucker Carlson, that is an attempt to intimidate us and bully us and make us go away.
I've had the plaintiff's lawyers tell us point blank, they said it on the news,
if Mr. Jones just goes off the air, we'll leave him alone.
But we want him off the air.
And they told me that.
My lawyers are like, well, that was in private mediations.
You can't say that.
And I'm like, well, you're not supposed to say in a mediation, go off the air, we'll leave you alone.
But I didn't have to violate the mediation rules 'cause they said it on the damn air.
They've said it in countless interviews.
And again, it's all nakedly hidden.
Of course, these lawyers are just mercenaries being supportive of the system and the media
and the whole corrupt culture.
But don't they get this is going to hurt them as well?
No, they don't.
They can't see two feet in front of their face.
And they don't see how they're being destroyed by all this at the same time.
So I actually feel sorry for these people.
But I feel more sorry for all of us being drugged along by their ignorance.
Because I go on Twitter a lot and read the comments.
I go on YouTube and read the comments.
And you'll see a video of Well, I guess we could play it.
I was looking at this morning of the head of the U.S.
Vaccine Board saying, yeah, it looks like it's really hurting people and looks like we got lied to about this.
This is a big scandal.
We should probably pull this.
And then about a third of the comments are like, oh, it's the anti-vaxxers.
They're all nuts.
What do they do?
Listen to Alex Jones.
And I mean, this is insurance company numbers.
These are real numbers.
These are MIT, these are top universities, top companies, top organizations, and it's the same numbers worldwide.
On average of two shots, worldwide increase in death, 13%.
What this top statistician just said in the clip we played.
Average is 7%.
That's 14.
He's finding 14, the other numbers I saw were 13.
Notice I just harped that 13 number all day long.
Two shots, 13% increase.
You take five shots, 35% increase in death.
I mean, what the hell?
This is insane!
And we're just marching into this Armageddon.
The full clip's on InfoWars.com, but here's Congressman Massey, one of the best, probably the best congressman we've got other than, like, MTG.
But really truly nonpartisan talking about the fact the American people have woken up and they're done with this.
I mean, if you think it's a coincidence, I think you're a coincidence theorist.
It is no coincidence that while we were debating these very measures, the executive branch went into full retreat on this.
They're actually trying to save, I think, the other side of the aisle from taking a tough vote.
Saving some face so that they can vote against it because, well, the timing's not right.
And then there was the argument made tonight on this bill and the one preceding it that does something similar that we should wait until we have committees formed.
The American people cannot wait another week.
They cannot wait another day.
Livelihoods have been ruined.
So many people have suffered because this has gone on too long.
The president said, what was it, CBS 60 Minutes, months ago, that the pandemic is over.
And now he's saying, well, we need just 60 more days, 60 more days to pull this off.
Now that you all have this idea that we should end it, I think I'll end it and I need 60 days.
I would like to ask, Mr. Larson, the President in his Statement of Administrative Policy says he needs 60 days.
He wants to honor his previous commitment to give at least 60 days notice prior to termination.
Why is he then going to go 100 days from now to do it?
I haven't spoken to the President about that.
My guess is that since the National Emergency Order signed by the previous President was on March 13, 2020, that about 60 days from March 13 is around May 11.
That would be my only speculation.
I'll give it a try.
I'm trying to.
I see that the things are going to expire on March 1st and April 11th.
So if he's going 60 days from April 11th, April.
All right, let's stop there.
And he goes on to say, so none of this is based on science, you just feel like it.
No, it's based on control and trying to continue to make the troops take it and trying to continue
to make schoolchildren take it and medical workers and so many other industries and groups.
And it's about the national emergency authorizes Pfizer and Moderna to be putting this experimental
shot out there.
And so they haven't yet gotten the FDA board to give it regular approval.
That's years out.
They'll never get it now.
They just want to inject as many boobs, as many ignorant people, as many victims.
I mean, little children aren't idiots.
They're not boobs.
And so they're just trying to hit us right up to the bell with every punch to the gut and the chin and the head and the eye and the kidneys they can get.
And it's mass murder.
I'm going to go to break.
Alberto, Buck, Brad, John, Obadiah, Bart, Jason, Peter, Clown Car, Kathy, taking your calls.
The order to receive, straight ahead.
You know, when I was a little kid, and they had this song on the radio.
It was a hit song.
I thought it sounded cool, but a little bit corny.
So I'm talking about rising up to the challenge and starting on the streets and going all the way to the top, but still not giving up and what it's all about.
But I can tell you, I can tell you, 40 years later, at 48, about to be 49, I totally understand what it's all about.
But I got to tell you, I'm not fighting and risking my life and going through all this hell because I want to be famous or I want to be Tom Brady or I want to be any of those people.
I'm doing it because we have to fight these people and we have to take them down if we have any future.
I went and got a cup of coffee.
During the break, and every time I go in there, no matter what channel is on, it's Tom Brady retiring.
Now look, I know that against Tom Brady, I like him, he's a great football player, the greatest ever, the GOAT.
But, I mean, we're on the verge of World War III, we have millions dying from poison shots worldwide, hundreds of thousands every few weeks getting maimed here in the U.S.
We have the insurance company and MIT numbers and it's still not the focus or the media makes it the focus to care about Tom Brady.
I don't give a rat's petunia about Tom Brady in a situation like this.
And it's because more people know about Tom Brady than about Poison Shots or more people care about Tom Brady is why we're in this trouble.
Yes sir, so I was calling about that.
I got a bunch of news on that, but let's go to your phone calls right now.
Alberto in Nevada, thank you so much for calling in on this Wednesday, February 1st broadcast.
You want to talk about the massive escalation in Ukraine?
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
So I was calling about that.
I actually have suspicions of Russia actually working with Putin, or not Russia, but rather
the Ukraine working with Putin, and I feel like there's serious money being...
I mean, they're saying something like $8 out of $10 going in gets stolen, and a lot of it laundered back here, but you're saying you think it's a deal between Putin and Zelensky to keep the war going and then basically pocket the money.
I mean, I wouldn't put anything past anybody these days.
I think it's certainly our job to question.
We've been lied to so much.
People call that a conspiracy theory.
I'm not saying you're right.
I'm just saying you have a right to ask those questions, and everybody should look at every angle.
Yeah, I mean that's a huge incentive, at least for Putin to... or not Putin, I keep confusing him.
Vladimir Zelensky?
Yes, sir.
And I'm pretty sure they're doing something there.
Well, there's no doubt Zelensky has an incentive to set up a dictatorship and a new NATO base, and that he is stealing a bunch of the money.
But I don't think the Russians and the Ukrainian leadership are buddy boys or pals.
I think this is a very, very real war and extremely dangerous.
What do you think?
Yeah, I think that's absolutely true.
I mean, no doubt about it.
I mean, there's casualties on both sides, so there's definitely some... Sure, I get what you're saying.
You're saying Zelensky's making money.
Well, there's no doubt you're right about that.
I appreciate your call.
Buck in Wisconsin, thanks for calling.
Hey, Mr. Redpill, what's up, Doc?
I wanted to first talk about a crucial point here about like how you are groundbreaking with releasing information about the Ukraine biolabs and how it's like a super Slavic genetic holocaust and I think it's important to focus on
that because they're targeting that which is like a huge Christian
contingent many European
and American and other genetic haplogroups around the world could also be affected
and it's important to maybe figure out with Mike Adams Yeah, I was about to say, Mike Adams has really pioneered that.
He's been vindicated two years after he first broke the labs.
What you're getting to is race-specific bioweapons or bioweapons that are designed to only hit certain genetic groups and we know that is the very research that the Pentagon and others have been illegally conducting in Ukraine.
Yeah, and that's one reason Putin says he went in, was that, and because Ukraine wanted nuclear weapons.
Ukraine had denied that.
Ukraine, I started this at the start of the show, Ukraine now admits they've been seeking nuclear weapons that Putin told the truth.
Yeah, then further with the Biden blunders in Ukraine, you know, thanks Biden for making drone air warfare and now with tank warfare with The Russian Terminator tank, you know, it has, like, a fully automated robotic turret.
It has, like, two 30mm cannons, two automatic grenade launchers, and two double rocket launchers, and they shoot, like, depleted uranium rounds.
So it's, like, gonna mess up the soil and affect grain supplies.
I think those same grain supplies are affecting chickens, even.
You know, with the grain being sent from over there, subpar grain, and then the chickens have problem.
Oh, there's no doubt that the chicken feed has been adulterated and that chicken production of eggs is way down.
It's not a theory.
It's directly causal.
Scientists have looked at it and egg production.
I mean, I started noticing a year ago that eggs got smaller and smaller.
No matter what brand I was trying to buy.
So they've been feeding them less feed or the feed isn't as good.
And now folks have noticed that if they put one group of chickens outside and make them
free range or make their own old-fashioned chicken feed, the chickens start having eggs.
But if they're fed the chicken feed that always worked, it doesn't work anymore.
So it just shows the total breakdown of civilization and society.
And that's when you know you're going into a depression, but groups are hiding it and
they're all cutting corners basically.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
Brad in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
To your point on the organic information that keeps flowing out about the shots, I appreciate you pointing that out because it is a groundswell.
It just keeps coming out, like you said, every day, more and more.
And imagine being the people in the corporate media still defending it.
The executives are saying it's bad.
The board members of the FDA are saying they got lied to.
They're all leaving the sinking ship, but there are leftists still defending it, along with Trump over on the other side being a jackass.
What do you make of that?
Trump's killing me, man, and you and everybody who backed him.
I think he took money, didn't he, Alex?
I think he took money from Big Pharma.
I mean, he did take a million bucks for his campaign from Pfizer.
It's true.
So there you go.
He's a money grubber.
I mean, he always has been.
I think it's bigger than that because the other party got even more.
It was like $5 million for Pfizer just for Biden.
And for Hillary before that, it was even more.
He's pig-headed.
He doesn't want to admit he got bamboozled into the shot.
He just hopes it blows away.
He hopes it goes away.
No, it's not going away, Trump.
It's not going away.
Yeah, and I think he should step aside.
He's already compromised there.
He's already, he's got some baggage.
The Republicans don't even want to back him when the election was clearly his.
And he's a little too old now.
He needs to step away.
Yeah, let me do this, Brad.
You called in about Globalist will launch World War III to cover tracks.
Stay there.
Don't hang up.
I want to come back to you because I don't want to cut you short.
But I just had an idea here, and I'm sure all of you have already thought this, because sometimes I'm really ahead of the curve.
Sometimes I'm like, man, you're dumb.
Do you realize, folks, that it's only the Democrats and the deep staters and socialists and communist parties and WEFers worldwide that are supporting the poison shots and covering up?
And Trump!
Bolsonaro came out against the shot two years ago.
DeSantis over a year ago.
And it's so sad because I still like Trump.
I don't think he's an evil person.
The globalists hate me because I supported him.
They legitimately hate his guts.
He really was president.
He really was trying to call the shots.
That doesn't mean he's perfect.
This blind spot of where Trump now is aligned with all the mask heads and all the Democrats, you say, well, he wasn't for the mask, he wasn't for shots.
It doesn't matter.
He is supporting the freaking things now, saying they saved lives.
They didn't.
Trump is wrong.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I've gone through hell in the last seven years, seven and a half years, supporting Trump.
And I don't screen your phone calls.
When we have a topic, I want you to call about the topic.
And it was funny.
I was already about to speak out about Trump today.
I looked at all the stacks.
I just said, look, I got other stuff to do.
I'm not going to do it.
But now I am.
And then I'm gonna go back to the caller so you can make us Russia points.
Brad in Pennsylvania.
We'll do an overhead shot here.
Here's just some of the history of it.
This is Trump in November of 2016, right after he was elected.
President-elect Donald Trump has said vaccines cause autism and he couldn't be more wrong.
So here they are demonizing him when he was right.
Then he meets with Bill Gates a few months later.
Bill Gates, Trump, super interested in universal flu vaccine.
That's M.N.R.A. M-N-R-A.
I'm having one of those moments.
So frustrating.
Here's another one.
Trump to order drive for improved flu vaccine.
So, first he's against it.
The word is Baron got hurt from it.
I've confirmed that.
Then he meets with Bill Gates.
And then he supports the universal flu vaccine right after he gets into office and then we get hit with what we got hit by.
All right, let's go back to your calls.
Brad shifting gears to Russia for those who just joined us.
Ukraine may seek nuclear weapons if left out of NATO.
Diplomat, to prevent the next Ukraine we need to clarify the role of nuclear weapons on the Hill.
Russia says real danger of Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons.
Required response.
That is how fast the situation is wildly escalating.
Brad, make your points.
Thank you for holding.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
My feeling is they kind of converge these two issues with all the negative information coming out against the deep state on the vaccines, on the COVID shots.
They can't contain it.
So what's a good smokescreen for them once this builds up into a crescendo?
World War III.
And we all know our government, you know, They've got bunkers underground.
They're ready to go.
I don't think they care about us.
I think we're expendable.
That's my feeling.
You pointed this out on one of your shows before you went on vacation last week.
They're ready to go underground and leave us out here to die.
That's my feeling.
I agree with you.
So how do we stop it?
We just keep pushing what you're doing.
That's why InfoWars is so important.
I mean, you're here for a reason at this point in time.
You know it.
You've been talking about it.
You've named your company Free Speech Systems.
It's all brilliant.
Everything you've done is leading up to this point in time, and I can't thank you enough.
I've been following you since right after 9-11.
Brother, I can't thank you enough for keeping me on air.
It is you, the listeners, the word of mouth prayer, and mind the great products that keeps us here.
So I'm in your hands.
You're in my hands.
Let's fight together.
God bless you.
Powerful points.
Obadiah in Las Vegas.
Yeah, obviously we're on the wrong side.
Sodom and Gomorrah don't have a thing on the West civilization.
And over there in Russia, they're invoking the power of God, saying that they're fighting Antichrist, Satanists, and they're ready to die.
You know what I mean?
On their nightly news, they're ready to die, and they say, what's a world without Russia?
So nuclear war is going to happen.
And I mean, with the way that this government runs, they'd be the ones to drop the bomb on us and blame it on Russia.
Oh, I agree with you.
Will it be a cyber attack or will it be a false flag nuclear attack?
In fact, in my deep research the last month, taking off time to really sit in a room at a desk for sometimes five hours at a time with just a glass of ice water or iced tea, That's my main analysis is everything we're setting up is for martial law and one way or another they want to go to full war to knock out civilization above ground and then re-emerge with their new technocracy.
And so that's why I'm just, I don't want to say I'm even angry now, I'm very sad and very frustrated that so many people that have gone along with this or not cared or not been involved are destroying their own future by not stopping this.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it does.
And I mean, I think the best thing that you can do is get people prepared for nuclear war, because you got a bunch of people who claim to believe in the Bible and are churchgoers, but they're just playing religion.
They're just playing churchianity.
They think that they're going to get raptured out of here and that we're not going to go through the tribulation.
John Nelson Darby and Cyrus Schofield were con artists.
It was just a big scam to get people to go along with what they were pushing.
You're talking about the skull-filled Bible, and there's a pre-tribulation, and so many Christians who are good people get mad at me and say, I'm bad.
I don't plan to be the most holy person.
I don't plan to have all the answers.
But anybody can read Revelation.
The Antichrist rages war on the saints, overcomes them for a short time.
Then you have Armageddon, Christ returns, the archangel bounds Satan, there's a thousand-year reign, and they let Satan out again.
I mean, a five-year-old can read that.
After Christ defeats Satan at the Battle of Armageddon, the dead in Christ are risen.
So they have all these Maybertini movies about, oh, the airplanes fall out of the sky because the pilot disappears, and we all get beamed up like a Star Trek episode.
That's not in the Bible.
But so many Christians are scared Even though the mark of the beast is here and world
governments here and trans Mutations and all the genetic engineered chimeras are here
and the human clones and all of that is here Everything's being fulfilled world governments being
fulfilled and they're like, oh, well just praise God It means the world's about to end but they don't understand
they're gonna have to go through this Well, they'll be in denial the whole time bowing down to
Antichrist exactly, or they'll be able to order be real easy to fall
for the Whatever that blue project blue beam project. Oh, they're
definitely priming things for for a fake alien invasion.
Right, and the other thing, man, and I'm saying this from a point of love,
I'm a big time supporter, got Reset Wars, got the coins that I agreed with.
I'm pumped up on my 1776 testosterone boost, nitric boost.
Thank you.
But about eight to 10 months ago, you said that you're giving Donald Trump
three months to come out against the vaccine.
Not only has he not come out against the vaccine, but he told you to stop to stop supporting him and that he's on the side of the vaccine.
So where is this jihad that you spoke of?
Because there's babies out here dying now.
Obadiah, Obadiah, I think you're absolutely right.
Um, and I think what you're saying is true.
I mean, but I just criticized Trump and said I'm disgusted by it and that, and that it's terrible that he basically is with the Democrats and the deep state on these shots.
So I, I, I think I should go further.
And I think you're right.
The question is, how do I do that?
But I think in fairness, what did I just do before I went to your call?
Yeah, yeah, you did.
But I mean, at the end of it, you said you still like Trump.
Well, I mean, I don't think he's consciously part of it.
Okay, well then, you're on the air uncensored, Obadiah.
What do we do?
I mean, I've already said I'm pissed at Trump.
I mean, I'm here saying it's terrible.
Every day I mention what he's doing is wrong.
Yeah, you start calling for that fool to be hung.
Tried and hung.
Because what he did is commit war crimes.
And just because he doesn't consciously do it, that's even up for debate.
Because his mentor was Roy Cohn.
People need to do their research into Roy Cohn.
He was the Jeffrey Epstein of the boy.
Listen, I hear you that it's getting very concerning about Trump.
I'm not going to call for Trump to be killed.
A, I think that would not be a good thing, and then B, I'd get put in jail.
But let's just pull back from this.
That's why I said tried convicted and then hung.
Because if I went out and I was drinking and driving like an idiot, And I killed some people on accident.
Would I still go to prison?
No, you're right.
You'd go to jail for manslaughter.
I appreciate your call.
Look, we opened the phones up.
You got a hunger to speak out against Trump?
Knock yourself out.
I mean, I agree with you.
Not about executing Trump.
I really went to bat for Trump.
He did a lot.
I mean, look, he's coming out against World War III right now.
Now get that clip ready from, like, Saturday, guys.
I'm about to play it.
I didn't see it in my stack, but I sent it to you.
Trump says we gotta stop World War III.
Who else is saying that?
I mean, so it's kind of a balance here.
That's why I'm not throwing the baby completely out of the bathwater.
I'm criticizing him.
I'm upset.
It's terrible, but he's done so much other good stuff.
I'm saying he's not the biggest fish to fry.
Like Bill Gates is.
I'm going to criticize Trump where he's wrong, but when he supports good policies like stopping transgenderism, mutilation of our children, or trying to defend our borders, or trying to stop World War III, I'm going to support him.
But I am very upset with Trump, and I've made all that absolutely clear.
I'm just not making him the enemy or who we should go after.
It's Bill Gates, it's Klaus Schwab, it's Barack Obama, it's their controllers.
And, but I'm rapidly, as I said I would, pulling away from Trump because of this, and I've been very clear about that.
It doesn't mean I completely trust DeSantis either with some of his background.
So, I'm not into a lesser of two evils things.
I'm just saying, are you going to vote for the Democrat nominee in a year and a half?
I mean, seriously guys.
That's what I'm talking about here.
So, I'm a purist when it comes to ideas of liberty.
I'm just being completely honest here.
Here's Trump on World War III.
Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III.
We're at the brink of World War III, just in case anybody doesn't know it.
As president, I will bring back peace through strength.
Peace through strength would have never happened.
If I was president, there would not have been a war with Russia and Ukraine.
Zero chance.
And Lindsey would be happy with that.
That's better than any alternative.
Wouldn't have happened.
And I will say this, even now, despite tremendous loss of lives and destruction of much of that country, I would have a peace deal negotiated within 24 hours.
You could make a peace deal, you could make a deal, for both, right now, 24 hours.
So again, I'm not endorsing Trump on the poisoned shots.
I criticize it daily.
But I do endorse that right there.
And that's what we're talking about.
We'll be right back to your calls.
But please remember, we're Lister Supported.
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Okay, let's go to your phone calls.
Thanks for the support, folks.
Bart in Georgia, thanks for calling.
Yes, sir.
Alex, add war crimes to a long list of offenses by Joe Biden.
This is an attempt to kill our young men, because the average GI is probably about 19 years old.
What do you think, Alex?
I agree with you.
They're hitting our troops with a thing that debilitates them, makes them sick, and kicks the smartest ones out by attrition.
That's what the critical race theory, all of it's about, is purging the military.
There's no doubt they did it.
And I feel they prefer your typical meat grinder like Vietnam as opposed to nuclear war so that we won't notice.
I agree with you.
Let me ask you this as we're on the subject of Trump.
What do we do about Trump?
Should I make him my main focus or my instinct is criticize him, be upset with him, let him learn how he's destroying his base.
He's almost making himself obsolete and redundant and vestigial is what I see.
I think it's time to declare a political war on Trump.
He has betrayed us.
These vaccines are killing our young people and our old people.
You know, I'm going to do open phones in the next few days.
In fact, I'm going to do, tomorrow night, a commercial-free show, 6pm after Owen's show
ends for two hours, on the subject of Trump and what we do with him.
Because callers want it, I want it too.
I just, I'm such a loyal person, even though I'm critical of him, I just, it's so sad that he's destroying himself like this.
And is he blackmailed?
What do you think's happening?
I don't know, Alex, but this blood is all over his red tie.
Well said.
Thank you, Bart.
Jason in the great state of Texas.
Go ahead, sir.
Howdy, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I kind of agree with the first caller, I forget his name, but I kind of had the same feeling about that.
I think, what's his name, Zielinski's kind of playing like a double agent type thing here.
I mean, he goes and asks this idiot for money all the time and he gives it to him, you know.
And then who knows what the hell they're doing with it.
And then Rush is making record profits on oil.
Rush is doing great during all this.
So I think he is playing us both, or you know, playing both.
Both hands here, but uh... Yeah, I forget the caller's name, but he was a caller from Vegas, yeah.
Yeah, it's not going to be good though.
I think they're luring us in with this kind of phony BS here with this Russia crap, and then we can't see the fox in the henhound, and we're going to have China, we're going to have Iran, North Korea, all these people coming in from the back, because if you didn't notice, Iran is sending warships, they're hitting Brazil.
I did notice that, and you notice Israel just bombed Iran this weekend.
We're going to be in, oh man, it's not going to be good.
So get ready, people.
And also, when the power goes out, make sure you're fully stocked.
Don't be going to no heating or cooling center, either, because that's going to be the end for you there, too.
Like they have in Germany.
Oh, sorry, you don't have power anymore, but come to the heating center.
The government building has power.
I mean, they're just domesticating us.
And by the way, where I'm at in Austin, the power's out all around us.
Red lights are out.
We've still got power.
And we got a generator in case it goes out, but this is the new normal.
Thank you, Jason.
Let's talk to Peter in Washington.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
You're the tip of the spear in the info war and the tip of the WEF's attack on the American public and the free peoples of the West has been the vaccine.
The way you determine how to stop World War III and find who the allies are is find who opposed The COVID vaccines, the lockdowns, the mandates, and who were the first people to clue in that they were such a tremendous danger.
If you find those people, you'll find the people who aren't on the WEF controlled plane.
And by the way, that's what the globalists did.
It was to find out who's on board with them.
I agree.
A threat is a gift.
They've shown us through their actions that they are a danger.
The key thing about Trump is he is the lukewarm on this issue.
And he should be spat out.
If you're going to stop World War Three, you're going to number one reason you're going to do it because you care about children.
If you don't care about the children dying right now from the vaccine, you are the lukewarm.
And there is no ground.
There is no space for a person who will not oppose the vaccine and then claim they're going to stop World War Three.
I really believe that If we ally with the free peoples of the world, like the Indians who oppose the vaccine, the Japanese who recognize the danger of the vaccine, if we pair with those people, we can find a way to lower the temperature in Russia.
No, I agree.
That's why I always talk about the poison shot with war.
It's all a globalist agenda.
I agree.
We've got a good chance of stopping this.
I mean, the globalists are upset.
People are waking up faster than they thought.
Look at all these different government board members and people going public all over the world saying, oh, we were wrong.
It's deadly.
They know they're about to go to jail.
Bill Gates and people like Albert Bourla, they think they're protected, but their minions are blinking because most of them weren't read in on the full thing.
Now they can see it's a setup.
And that's a threat that everyone should take and take to the bank that we need to resist the calls for greater war.
And I think the key is they're not interested in a nuclear war.
They're interested in creating fertile ground for a false flag nuke.
Because if they get that false flag nuke in the West, they can do all the tyranny that they did in Australia and they did in New Zealand in the United States.
And they can bring it in permanently.
That's what the deep state wants.
A giant cyber attack and or nuclear attack that's a false flag.
I think that's a consensus of the audience.
I agree with you.
That's what I was planning to present.
Really, tomorrow night.
I was going to do it tonight, but everything's iced up, so we have a limited crew.
But tomorrow night, 6 o'clock, we're talking about false flags, Moore, and Trump.
All right.
Thank you, Peter.
Clown car, you're up next.
All right, we have a special guest joining us for three segments coming up at the start of the next segment with critical intel on the next globalist onslaught and on a CON-CON, Constitutional Convention.
That ties into Senator Kennedy's comments last week.
And then I'm going to hit the committee of 300 and how right.
John Coleman was in 1992 when he wrote his book, and tie that into world government in the last segment of this hour.
Ahead of our next guest joining us in the fourth hour.
Right now let's go to Clown Car in New York.
You're on the air, thanks for calling.
Good morning Alex, Tampa Warrior, Clown Car reporting for duty, sir.
Listen, Alex, real quick, just on the Trump situation.
If he was going to fulfill anything that he's going to say now, he should have fulfilled the stuff he said he was going to do the first time.
Drain the swamp, lock her up, build the wall.
Love said.
Now, I would want a translator out there in Russian and maybe one in Chinese to repeat what I say right now, because I think we need a good, solid fight.
So it's time for a war, Alex.
I hate to say it, but There's not going to be any peace unless there is a war.
I mean, people are so complicit in their everyday conveniences.
They just comply.
Oh, listen, you just got to wear a mask, but you can still get the food.
All right, I'll do it.
Oh, you can still go to work if you get the shot.
All right, I'll do it.
Until it's an inconvenience.
Oh my God, I can't go to work.
My heart is pumping out of my chest.
The public has enough to deal with on a daily basis.
Like you said, we're being sucker punched with so many different combinations.
Hey, look, we're going to war.
Oh my God, there's naked people dancing in the library.
You know, like it's like you're getting hit left and right to the point you don't even
know what's up, what's down anymore.
We need a good war.
That's what we need.
So I think that if we do it the way that they plan, which is either a nuclear war or this,
know shutting down the grid.
And most of us are prepared.
I think the good 10%, Alex, is actually the Infowarriors.
No, I agree.
That's why they hate this broadcast.
They hate you.
They hate that we've organized a group of people that know the truth.
You know, it's funny.
As an Infowarrior, Alex, I thought it was kind of funny how they tried to make you look bad.
And that's how you know who was really bullying you, by the way they tried to make you look bad.
And they said, he sends naked pictures to Alex Stone.
Like, that was really going to offend us as info warriors?
Like, really?
And it wasn't even a naked picture, it was my wife in a bikini.
And the other thing, about the 35% of people that are dying from the thing, so if they showed the states, and they could show it state by state, then they'd be able to show which is a red and blue state.
So they actually did target people.
And what's scary is the more they lie, they don't stop, they just double down with more lies.
It's getting crazy.
And not only that, but I know, I don't know if you'd say rats because it's easier for people to comprehend, but I believe it was ferrets that they tested on.
And every one of them, 100% of them died.
Once they were released out into the public.
And real quick, tattoos, when you have a heart attack, do they disappear?
Well, cause the guy who they showed who said, you know, oh, I want to thank everybody from the Bills team.
What's that guy's name?
The football guy?
Yeah, the other guy that had the heart attack.
His tattoos are missing, Alex.
Go look at his arm.
His tattoos are missing now.
I don't know how that happens.
Well, I know this.
We've been lied to so much.
Why was he covering his face at the games?
And then people thought it wasn't him.
Then he came out and the tattoos are missing, but he's also in shadows.
I'm not saying he's dead or I'm not saying they're hiding where he's at, but I'm saying
we've been lied to so much it's completely reasonable to not believe a damn thing these
people tell us.
Buy in time, Alex, but the time is up, so let's get to war already and get it over with.
Look, we've got a guest on for three segments, and then if Kathy and John want to hold, I'll get to you.
If not, if you don't want to hold, I know you've got to go, I understand.
But if you want to stay, I'll get you to the last segment of the hour, and I've got to hit this Dr. John Coleman situation, because, man, he was on target.
MI6, you name it, he was dead on.
And he sure predicted it all, and I want to read one page out of his book and tie it into some other news.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come out of break and play this clip of Senator John Kennedy.
It's only a minute long.
Then we'll go to our guest, where this judge there at the hearing, a confirmation hearing, doesn't know what Article 2 is or Article 5.
And I'm like, earlier, what is war?
Oh yeah, that's Article 1, Section, what is it, 8?
The point is that I'm not a lawyer, and I study this, I can forget it.
But a judge is supposed to know all that.
What is Article 5?
It's very important, and it's also very dangerous.
And our guest will also talk about from the John Burns Society with the great work they're doing
the real danger here of the next globalist onslaught.
Hey, what's up, Paul?
Peace out, boom.
Hey, McBreen!
What's going on, man?
Hey, I really liked that work you did on the AI piece.
I'm going to use that on the show today.
Right on, I worked hard on that.
I'm working on another project, so I'm going to be up late again tonight, and I was hoping you had some Brain Force Plus.
Oh, um, no.
Nothing, huh?
What about Brain Force Ultra?
Thanks anyway.
Good luck with that project though.
Get your Brain Force Plus and Brain Force Ultra right now at Inforstore.com.
dot com judge on the far end
uh... tell me what article five of the constitution does [BLANK_AUDIO]
Article 5 is not coming to mind at the moment.
How about Article 2?
Neither is Article 2.
Article 2.
Do you know what purposivism is?
Um, in my twelve years as an Assistant Attorney General, and my nine years serving as a judge, I was not faced with that precise question.
Um, we are the highest trial court in Washington State, so I'm frequently faced with, um, issues that I'm not familiar with, and I thoroughly review the law, our research, and apply the law to the facts presented to me.
Well, you're going to be faced with it as a, if you're confirmed.
I can assure you of that.
Can you tell me what the independent state legislature theory is?
I'm just asking you, not your opinion of it.
What is it?
It's before the Supreme Court now.
In my 12 years as a Washington State Assistant Attorney General... Right.
That particular doctrine was not presented to me.
I'm out of time.
Thanks, Mr. Chairman.
By the way, they can find qualified women to do this, but they put dumb women and dumb men in.
Biden, of course the new senator out of Pennsylvania, was a great example of that.
They want dumb zombies.
Who don't realize that they're being manipulated and controlled.
Of course, we'll go over Article 5, we'll go over Article 2 here.
We've got Christian Gomez joining us, jbs.org.
And I really appreciate him coming on to talk about some of the big threats.
Again, he joins us from jbs.org.
And he's been a research project manager for the John Birch Society.
He's also a contributor to the New American Magazine, and has previously hosted the JBS web series, Anarchy in America, and all the episodes which can be found at jbs.org forward slash video forward slash anarchy jbs.org.
Talk about an organization that's been around since the beginning, the last 60 plus years fighting tyranny.
This is the folks.
So he wanted to come on and issue an emergency warning.
We're glad we got him as a guest on AkonCon, which is Article 5.
And on the latest globalist threat, the oncoming anti-police onslaught, the North American Union and more.
I'm going to do my best here when we cover these subjects to try to give them the floor to run through this, but...
Christian, that's got to blow you away to see an attorney general that they're trying to confirm into high-level power and judgeship of the federal government, not knowing basic stuff that, you know, 30, 40 years ago a ninth grader would know.
I know I was taught that in school.
I had to look some of it up to remember all of it, but they don't know when war is supposed to be declared or any of it.
What do you make of this?
Well, Alex, thank you for having me on, of course.
It's clearly a plot to destroy the Republic, as we see, by putting people in power who can be, as you said earlier in the segment, easily manipulated to doing the bidding of those who are really in power.
Because you have people who don't know what they're talking about, they don't know the Constitution, and they're expected to rule on matters that are pertinent to the Constitution.
This is a recipe for disaster, and it's intentional.
And we know that's from the left, putting in completely ignorant people, but it seems from the right, we have a lot of movements to undermine things posing as conservative or populist or Constitution.
So let's dive into the great articles and reports you guys have been warning about for a long time.
It's really coming to a head now.
And some of the groups behind an Article 5 Constitutional Convention.
Why don't you explain that to people, Mr. Gomez?
Yes, so to answer the question posed by Senator John Kennedy to the woman being potentially confirmed to the To the courts.
What is Article 5?
Well, Article 5 is simply the amendment article of the Constitution.
It's the article that explains procedure for how the Constitution can be amended or changed.
And there's two methods really to amend the Constitution according to Article 5.
The first method, the one that's been used for all the current 27 amendments that are part of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, the first 10, is when two-thirds of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the U.S.
Senate Propose the amendment, pass it, then it goes to the states and three-fourths of the states ratify it.
And the second method that's never been used is when the Congress calls a convention on the application of three-fourths of, I'm sorry, of two-thirds of the states.
So 34 states apply for a convention, 34 out of 52 thirds, and then Congress calls the convention.
And then at the convention, delegates there meet, delegates who represent the sovereign will of the people at large, propose amendments to the Constitution, except If they only do propose amendments and they limit themselves to only that action, then of course they can continue with the Article 5 procedure of having three-fourths of the states ratify it.
But at that convention, they could also seize the opportunity to write a whole new constitution or, as we see all the time in Congress, they add an amendment to a bill and the amendment guts the text of the original text of the bill.
So one amendment Can totally alter the Constitution, whether it's a few words in the Second Amendment saying something to the effect of the right to bear arms should not be infringed while serving in the National Guard or in the military.
I mean, they could put a couple words there and totally alter the meaning.
Or they can just gut whole amendments entirely and put new amendments that empower the federal government to do things that it currently doesn't do.
From the time of Mr. Welsh and your founding, you guys have always warned of this, and just as you've warned, now there are powerful groups trying to position this as a way to defeat the globalists on the left, but you guys have warned it's a Trojan horse.
Yes, yes.
Back in the 1970s and 80s, of course, the big push was for a balanced budget amendment.
And by 1982, there were 32 states that had live applications for a constitutional convention, ostensibly for the purpose to introduce or propose a balanced budget amendment of the Constitution.
And we sounded the alarm then, so did Phyllis Shapley of Eagle Forum.
They were also vocal at the time. So together we sounded the alarm and we
got a lot of rescission resolutions passed at the state legislature. And what a rescission is,
is it's a resolution the state passes that basically revokes their previous
application for the convention. And And now there's new groups that have emerged in the battle.
In 2013, Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots started the Convention of States Project, which has been the leading organization proposing to legislators that they should apply for a convention.
Uh, and there's other groups too, on the left, like Wolfpack, but, but COS, Convention of States, is the largest, what, most well-funded organization that gets celebrity, uh, endorsements and so forth, that's really pushing this, but if you listen to what Mark Meckler says about the convention, uh, he uses a lot of false premises, he says things that are inaccurate about the convention, and most people don't know about Article 5.
Or they know very little and they go with what he says and they end up passing these resolutions.
So the John Birch Society is active across the country in legislatures with our members testifying in front of committees to either stop the passage of these resolutions that apply to Congress for the convention.
We also have members working on convincing their state legislators to introduce resolutions to rescind.
And I want to talk about that, but if it's in the Constitution and we're constitutionalists, there's a place for it.
What is the place for it and why are you guys so concerned about it?
Because I agree with you that from the left and the right, some of these globalist forces are always pushing it.
I think the argument is...
We need to enforce the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We don't need to rewrite it or have new rules because we already have them.
It's not being enforced.
So enforce the laws that are there.
Why would we put ourselves in this big emergency where God knows what's going to happen once we're in that position?
Yeah, absolutely.
You asked a really good question, like, why is Article 5?
It's part of the Constitution, so could it really be that bad?
Yeah, and that's a valid question.
The Founding Fathers included Article 5, the whole Article 5, whether you're proposing the amendments out of Congress or via convention, they added that in the Constitution specifically for the correction of errors.
You can read Federalist papers and notes from the convention and they refer to the purpose of the amendment procedure as a way to fix any errors or defects.
I mean because the same thing with Twitter now lets you amend a bad tweet for 30 minutes.
So you're saying it was kind of a schedule?
Yeah, an example, a perfect example of an error or defect with the Constitution was that when the Constitution... Hold on, hold on.
Tell us about it when we come back.
This is important.
On Article 5, Constitutional Convention is being advertised by the left and right as the answer to all our problems.
They don't follow the Constitution to begin with, so why should we create a CON-CON when we have all the tools we need?
Christian Gomez is a researcher and author and host at JBS.org, and he's been raising the alarm about this.
We're getting to an example before we hit the break, then I want to shift gears into the next big globalist assault.
They've taken over the district attorneys in almost every town and city of any size.
Now they want control of the police.
We'll talk about that key piece of this in a moment that JBS.org has been warning about for decades and decades and decades.
Please continue.
Yes, so before the break, you asked in part, part of the question was, why was the Article 5 added to the Constitution, specifically the Convention Clause?
And the founders included the amendment procedure in the Constitution placed there was a flaw or defect.
And a perfect example of there being a flaw or defect in the Constitution was that after the Constitution came out of the convention, there was no Bill of Rights.
There was no guarantee for the unalienable rights of Americans.
And this was a huge debate at the time.
In fact, when the state of New York ratified the U.S.
Constitution, there were those who did not want to ratify the Constitution.
And part of their objection was the lack of protection on Our individual God-given rights.
They did pass, New York State did ratify the Constitution, but then they also applied for a convention right away under Article 5, a convention of deputies from the several states, as they called it.
So they wanted a convention of deputies under Article 5 to amend the Constitution.
And in their application, resolution that New York State passed back at the time, they said that the purpose was to protect the unalienable rights of Of the American people, essentially.
So what they wanted was a Bill of Rights.
And of course, Congress, James Madison actually warned in a letter to Toberville, that was running at the time, he warned against there being another second general convention, especially through the Article 5 process, because he warned that it would bring up partisans of both sides, it would be highly contentious, and he was concerned about what the results of such a convention would be.
So Congress, in its wisdom, did pass, they proposed 12 amendments and 10 of those became the first 10, the Bill of Rights, because those were needed protections.
And I think we could all agree the Second Amendment, we're better off with it than without it, because the left today wants to get rid of the Second Amendment.
That's right, they could get rid of it in a regular con con or an article 5.
Yes, that is something that very well could happen at an article 5 convention.
Of course, Mark Meckler and those on the right who advocate for the convention, they say, well, you name me the three-fourths of the states that would ratify that.
But here's the thing.
Three-fourths of the states is no guarantee for the prevention of bad amendments to be ratified to the Constitution.
Plus, it's all in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence.
What does Meckler, what do they want out of a CON CON?
Because we already have all the stuff, they're just ignoring it.
Yeah, well, if you look at Meckler's application, he says he wants term limits, they want fiscal restraint amendments, and these things that sound good.
And of course, Wes, we've written in plenty of articles on thenewamerican.com and on jbs.org as well, we've discussed how some of these amendments are really just short-sighted band-aid amendments that really would not fix the problem.
Like term limits, for example.
It sounds positive, but at the end of the day, if you had term limits, that also gets rid of the good congressman tune.
It never deals with the actual source of the problem, which is a lack of education, both
on the part of those elected to Congress and those on the part of the voters.
Okay, so let's shift gears now, because you've got some other big topics to hit, and I totally
agree with you.
Let's talk about the war on police.
Police aren't perfect, they're people, but when you have George Soros, the whole deep
state going after police, what's really going on there?
Well we know that the globalists have been wanting to have a national police force in
And if you look at the police forces around the world, whether it's Mexico, Germany, many countries, they don't have local autonomous local police departments.
So with regards to the use of this incident that's happened in Memphis and the tragic killing of this Tyree, this individual there, This is an opportunity that's being exploited by those who
already have an end goal in mind, which is of course a national police force.
Because when you have a national police force, it makes it easier to enforce the dictates
of the central government, if you will, the national government, because you would have
police force, police members who could come from different states or different cities
and who don't have the best...
And it's all standardized, as long as they're globalist police following globalist orders,
they can kill whoever they want, do bad things, they'll never be prosecuted, the media will
never attack them.
I remember back in the late 60s, the John Byrne Society copied the memorandum and put
out pamphlets of...
The National Regulation 7277 where the federal government admitted they were to get rid of local police and create a federal police under the UN so this has been something they've been trying for a long time.
Yeah, absolutely.
The United Nations' goal has been to disarm nations since the very beginning.
You go back to the Baruch Plan, which was a plan to give the U.N.
the U.S.
atomic bomb.
And, of course, all these various U.N.
treaties on firearms.
The end goal for the U.N.
is to make sure that the population globally is disarmed, and the U.S.
with the Second Amendment is a huge obstacle in that regard.
Look at Australia.
As you've talked about a lot in your program in the past, they don't have a right to bear arms.
Their weapons Their ability to freely own a firearm did no longer exist in that country.
And once they do that here in the U.S., if they ever accomplish that, which I don't see that happening, because the American people are not going to willingly surrender their firearms.
But if they did accomplish that, hypothetically, then what would stop the U.N.
from imposing a tyrannical system?
Look at Katanga.
Look at U.N.
peacekeepers and what they do in Africa and Haiti and even in South America, where U.N.
forces are deployed and how they rape innocent defenseless people.
Freedom from war, the United States program for general and complete disarmament of the peaceful world.
First you disarm the people, then the police.
Then you have a federal police force under the UN.
And who criticizes our police?
Who criticizes our border patrol?
The UN.
And the Democrats bring them in to oversee operations.
So people laugh at this, but look how we're already under the WEF.
And the UN controls the pandemic response.
They brag about it.
So we're already here.
And of course, you mentioned who would protect our borders.
Well, part of the plan right now that the globalists are pushing is to eliminate the borders of the U.S.
with Mexico and the U.S.
of Canada through a North American Union.
Of course, they may not be calling it a North American Union, but that is the objective.
They want a European Union style arrangement here in North America and for all of the Americas.
I'm not just talking about what former Mexican President Vicente Fox has said numerous times.
On January 10th, just a few weeks ago, Biden, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and President Manuel Lopez Obrador met in Mexico City for the North American Leaders Summit, and at that summit they released the Declaration of North America.
There are various key things that the President of Mexico, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said.
He's very open about the fact that they want a union for the Americas.
A security union.
A few months ago he said, let's just merge our countries.
Yes, in fact, before Biden arrived on January 9th, President Obrador tweeted, this tweet is in Spanish and I can read Spanish and of course there's also Google extensions where you can translate it, but in English his tweet read, welcome home President Biden, you are our friend and so are the American people.
Together we can promote a new stage in the nations of the continent based on mutual respect and assistance.
There are unbeatable conditions to consolidate The integration of the Americas.
And he said other quotes like that too the following day in his own speech.
Obrador said, as a matter of priority, we address the economic and commercial integration, as I have already expressed, of the entire American continent.
In fact, Obrador suggested that there be... Hold on, stay there.
Let's come back.
This is key.
We'll be right back.
You know when I sit up here on air and I talk about Memorandum 7277 or Memorandum 200 State Department, I'm not just spouting stuff off to act smart.
The same agenda since the end of World War II by these globalists Is being put forward over and over again, and there were a bunch of patriots in the late 50s, early 60s that saw this.
They weren't right wing, they weren't left wing, they were Americans, they were academics, they were veterans, they were former intelligence people, they were patriots, and they saw it and they fought back.
That's why I've said, I'm not a member of the John Birch Society, but I wouldn't know what I knew, I wouldn't have been where I've gone, my dad wouldn't have been awake, that's on my dad's side of the family, my uncle, my mother's brother.
Wouldn't have been awake because he was in Army Special Operations and I ran contra as an officer and he saw what was going on because he knew about the John Birch Society and it read their writings.
And if you don't have this knowledge, folks, nothing makes sense.
I've talked to generals, I've talked to Fulburn colonels, I've talked to former deputy heads of major agencies, I've talked to heads of agencies like General Flynn, and they all recognize the John Birch Society trailblazed where we are.
You know, going back just a few minutes to the John Birch Society, I want to hit this final point on the North American Union that you were already getting into, Christian Gomez, researcher and author at JBS.org.
What would America and the world be like without Mr. Welch and without the John Birch Society and you might tell folks where the name comes from so you get a little idea this goes back to China and kind of where we are today because the past is the present.
Those that don't know history don't need to repeat it because the past is a continuum of where we're at.
People think the past is some boring thing.
No, you know the past and understand the present and the future.
Yes, well actually John Birch has a connection to your home state of Texas because he was, when he was training to be a missionary, he was originally a missionary, he was under the pastorship of J. Frank Norris, an independent Baptist pastor in Dallas, Texas, and he was sent under his authority to go to China to be a missionary to spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the Chinese people.
While he was there, World War II broke out.
Actually, the Japanese were already at war with the mainland, against the mainland Chinese.
And when the US entered the war, and the US entered China to help the Chinese
to fight off the Japanese invaders, John Birch, who was already doing mission work
behind enemy lines in the Japanese-occupied part of China, he was there when Colonel Doolittle and his raiders
flew off an American aircraft carrier, and they didn't have enough fuel to turn back
'cause they had to leave the carrier earlier 'cause the Japanese had spotted the carrier group.
So after they raided Tokyo with the bombing there, they crash-landed in Japanese-occupied China,
Doolittle and the other pilots of the other bombers, and it was John Birch who helped rescue Doolittle
and his men out of Japanese-occupied China into the American area that was controlled
by the Americans and the Allied forces.
So that got the attention of the U.S.
military and said, hey, we already have a chaplain, but we could use you as an intelligence officer.
He wasn't officially part of the OSS, but he did work with them in being an intelligence officer because he knew the language and the lay of the land there in China.
However, after the war officially ended a few days later, he was sent on a mission with some nationalist Chinese forces and some Korean forces who were fighting with the Chinese against the Japanese, and they were stopped by Chinese communists, and they executed John Birch.
And he was the first casualty of World War III, of the Cold War, the war against, the war of freedom versus communism.
And the U.S.
State Department covered it up.
They said that he had died prior to the ending of hostilities with Japan.
John Birch's parents in Georgia received a letter from him written after the day he supposedly had died, and that led them on a trail with the help of Robert Welch to uncover the truth.
And so Robert Welch, when he learned this story, named the John Bird Society after the first victim.
Which goes back to the original treason, kicking out Chiang Kai-shek and putting the communists in command by 49, and the whole New World Order system today.
Yes, I recommend that all of your viewers get the book, May God Forgive Us, by Robert Welch about what happened in China.
Let's talk about Robert Welch.
What a genius.
I wish he was here with us today.
People think Alex Jones is tomorrow and is today.
Well, that's just because I read what Welch said was going to happen.
This guy was a genius.
Yes, he graduated college at a very young age and he started the John Birch Society in 1958 to expose the globalist New World Order, the movement for a one-world government.
Back in 1958 when nobody else was talking about this topic, about the threat of the United Nations, most Americans in 1958 just thought the UN was a great way to prevent another war.
Of course, Since the U.N.'
's founding, we've seen nothing but perpetual warfare, and Robert Welch warned about the Federal Reserve as well, and the move towards, well, we already had fiat currency at the time, but he even warned against not having a gold standard, and Richard Nixon took us off that.
And we know he was a great businessman and an industrialist and everything, but how did he have such forward-looking understanding of things?
Robert Welch was of course very intelligent.
He was also very well connected probably in part from the business aspect as a candy maker.
He knew a lot of people.
But he was friends with Senator Joe McCarthy.
There's a photo actually down the hallway of Robert Welch with Joe McCarthy in 1957 prior to the founding of the John Birch Society.
So they were really close.
So after Joe McCarthy's After his passing, sadly, JBS came on the scene to continue the work of exposing the communist and globalist infiltration of our...
Of our government and total vindication.
All right.
Well, I appreciate you joining us.
But like you said, the North American Union is back on as a security perimeter.
Part of the reason Biden is destroying the borders, create a big enough crisis so they can create this North American security perimeter, which will then be run by the UN, just like they do in Europe.
They'll bring even more people they control.
So again, we get they've shut them down in lockdowns.
They're impoverishing and they want a permanent underclass.
I'm not enemies with all these poor people, but they're being used as a weapon.
Yeah, absolutely.
I just want to say about the Article 5 Convention, if I could touch on that one more time.
On our website, shopjbs.org, we sell the July 11, 2022 issue of the New American, a special report on ComCon.
We have a sale.
It's currently available for 25 cents a copy.
I encourage all your readers.
Let me say this now.
viewers to get a copy and read it and to use that in their education efforts
awarding them against an article 5 convention.
Let me say this now, my dad was awake, my uncle was awake on the other side of the family because of the writings of
the German society but what you guys have been doing since I
guess the early 90s or whenever it was, I knew people that would just buy truckloads
of these at cost Big, nice color magazines.
Hand them out to everybody.
And the info was, again, over-the-horizon understanding.
So again, slowly tell folks where they can buy these at cost.
I'm guessing 25 cents for a big magazine.
That sounds like cost or below cost.
And get these and just hand them out to everybody because they have a big effect.
Yes, shopjbs.org, and there is a tab there as well for, actually on the screen, that you can purchase as a PDF download, that particular one that's from 2019.
That is our issue about the USMCA, I wrote the cover story there, warning against the North American Union, how the USMCA specifically is leading us towards a North American Union.
The minute we have left, how would you describe, it seems like there's a big awakening happening, populists and nationalists, anti-globalists everywhere, WEF, half the attendees didn't go there.
I don't want to say we're winning, but it's got to be exciting to see this big of an understanding in a large minority of people, or do you disagree?
How would you describe the political climate right now?
I'm optimistic, Alex, that more and more people are waking up.
We do interviews all the time, as well as do you, but one of the interviews that encourages me is one that my colleague Alex Newman did with a state senator from the state of Montana who actually had sponsored a convention of states resolution, thought it was a good idea.
And then when he learned the truth about it, he withdrew his support of his own bill.
And it was because of the efforts of the John Birch Society, educating that particular legislator there in Montana.
Brad Tashita is the person who did it.
Well, we've got to know we're eternal spirits that God made.
And John Birch was a great patriot.
And reportedly, they just executed him.
They probably tortured him quite a bit beforehand.
But he's got to be looking down from heaven, proud of all of us.
And that his life wasn't just thrown away for nothing.
It's given America a forward-looking view to know what was coming.
Totally vindicated.
So I salute John Birch and the society in his name.
Thank you so much for joining us, sir.
Thank you for having me.
It was a pleasure, Alex.
There goes Christian Gomez.
All right, final segment.
We're going to recognize some other patriots in the fight.
Mr. Coleman, straight ahead, and we'll take a few more phone calls.
John and Kathy, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Kate Daly's going to take over the next hour.
I'm going to host a little bit of the next hour.
I've got some other news I haven't gone over yet.
Like ex-ABC News producer over national security James Gordon, Meek arrested for transportation of child pornography.
They don't put you in these power positions unless you're compromised in many cases.
We've got a bunch of news on the de-industrialization of America.
Biden blocks mineral mining on 225,000 acres of land, harming EV production needs.
Food prices hit record highs in Britain.
Shock video shows carjacker jumping delivery driver's SUV with child inside.
That's on Infowars.com.
Look at this.
After surge in auto thefts, Seattle sues Hyundai and Kia for failing to install anti-theft technology.
Yes, it's the carmaker's fault you're being robbed.
prepping another $2 billion for Ukraine weapons packages, including longer-range rockets that'll go deep inside Russia.
The march towards World War III just intensifies.
Alright, John held patiently from Boston.
I'm going to go to John and then I'm going to hit some final, very important news.
And by the way, I know I've taken off in the last few months about a week and a half of time.
I needed that time to reassess and calibrate.
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All right, let's jam in.
John in Boston, thanks for holding while I had that very informative guest on.
Go ahead.
Hey, God bless you, Alex.
It was worth holding.
Always great to talk to you.
I was calling because I'm having back surgery on Monday and it's kind of a two-parter here.
The first part is I filed the short-term disability claim with work and something I found extremely interesting is for all the people screaming that there are no vaccine injuries or there's nothing with the COVID vaccine, you know, all these people dying suddenly is, you know, completely normal.
Every single page that I clicked through as I was filling out the short-term disability claim asked me if it was due to a COVID-19 vaccine-related injury.
So I think it's really interesting that the short-term disability claims have now been updated to address these COVID vaccine injuries even though nobody is being injured by the COVID vaccines according to mainstream media.
The second part of this that was also interesting was as they did my pre-operative screening with the hospital, the nurse had asked me, she said, here it says that you're not vaccinated against COVID.
Have you been vaccinated, you know, since they had that information?
I said, no, I have not.
She said, good.
She said that that's coming from a medical professional and it's the best thing that you could have done.
Then she asked me my blood type and I told her I was O negative which is the universal donor and she said you have million dollar blood because you don't have the vaccine and you're the universal donor.
So it's interesting to see how things have changed over the last year where before we were being ostracized based on the fact that we weren't willing to take this clot shot and now we're actually getting some Well it's funny you say that because that's one of the topics.
I'm going to try to do longer form topics and back them up and get into it on this new show I'm about to launch tomorrow night at 6 p.m.
at InfoWars.com.
You'll see it in the feeds.
But I'll announce a new website and a lot of this stuff tomorrow.
But what you just said is so important.
I've been talking to heavy hitters, okay, I mean billionaires, and they've been saying the future is going to be pure bloods and people paying to have blood that didn't take the mRNA stuff.
And so you're saying you went to the hospital or being pre-screened, they were basically already saying that to you.
Yep, they called it million dollar blood verbatim was the term that the nurse used.
The next big gold rush is going to be those that aren't infected with mRNA.
Here's the problem.
They're injecting cows with it.
So it's seeping into everything.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
So that guy just hit next level info that I was planning to cover tomorrow.
That's why I love taking the calls.
Thank you so much for calling, John.
All right.
It isn't about credit.
It isn't about giving Dr. John Coleman attention and saying what a wonderful person he was, even though he was an amazing person.
It's about knowing that people like John Welsh 60 years ago, and people like Dr. John Coleman 30 years ago, 40 years ago, were laying out what was going to happen, and then you think Alex Jones is amazing.
And that I'm able to predict stuff 25 years before because I researched these guys and went and saw it actually happening.
I didn't just believe them.
I went out and verified it and did research and, you know, we get some credit, but it's not about credit.
It's about being right and saying, hey.
So I remember before I even went on air in like 1994, I was handed a copy of this book by a local activist.
First name was Kelly.
I forget his last name.
But I was at a city council meeting and I was speaking out for the Second Amendment against land grabs under Agenda 21 that was happening, even before I knew the name of it.
And this guy walks over and he goes, I'm going to give you this book, young man.
And it was all torn up and the cover was half fallen off.
And it was the Committee of 300 that had just been published two years before. 92.
And I read this book and I said, I don't know if this guy was really an OSS or MI6.
I don't know if he's really accurate.
But then I saw everything he said was starting to happen.
And of course, years later, it came out.
He was who he said he was.
He was in British intelligence.
He was read into this as one of the people working with one of these guys.
I interviewed him probably more than 10 times.
Last time I tried to get him on, you know, he was too sick to come on.
But the point is, is that he wrote Conspirators Hierarchy, the story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman.
I had copies of the book around the office.
I guess people have run off with them or whatever.
There's updated editions of it.
I'm not making money selling the book.
I should call the publisher of it.
We should sell the hell out of it because we need money and need to inform folks when when.
But here's page 164 of Dr. John Coleman's book.
Now, this is one page.
I bought it on Kindle this weekend and re-read half of it.
Laying there in bed, my wife getting mad at me for keeping the, you know, tablet on while I was reading it.
Like 2 a.m.
she goes, go to sleep!
But there I was reading it.
And this guy wrote this in 92.
He started writing it like in 88.
And of course, the proof's in the pudding.
Every word of it has come true.
And it's coming true.
So listen to this.
Page 164 of the story of the Committee of 300.
Euthanasia for the terminally ill and aged shall become compulsory.
No cities shall be larger than a predetermined number as described in the work of Calgary.
Essentially, workers will be moved to other cities if the one they are in becomes overpopulated.
Other non-essential workers will be chosen at random and sent to underpopulated cities to fill quotas.
What you're going to be as a kid will be decided.
Everything's going to be predetermined.
At least 4 billion useless eaters.
This was back when it was six billion.
Shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, like you're seeing in Europe, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation, which they use the diseases to shut stuff down and cause starvation.
Energy, food, and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite Starting with the white populations of Western Europe, where they're cutting all the power and food off Europe, and North America, that's where it started, and the spreading to other races.
He was in the meetings at MI6 in London.
I mean, it's on record he was MI6 high level.
The population of Canada, Western Europe, and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than other countries, where they give us the shots, the West.
Until the world's population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries.
See how China is the model for control?
And who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.
From time to time, there shall be artificially contrived food and water shortages, which they're doing with power and food and everything, and medical care to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the goodwill of the communists of the 300, who are the ultra-rich, who are above the law.
After the destruction of housing, auto, steel, and heavy goods industries, there shall be limited housing, and industries of any kind allowed to remain shall be under the direction of NATO's Club of Rome, who's running it all, NATO.
As shall all scientific and space exploration development limited to the elite under the control of the Committee of 300.
Space weapons of all former nations shall be destroyed along with nuclear weapons.
All essential, non-essential, and he goes on saying we're non-essential.
Where'd you hear that?
Alright, the great Kate Daly is about to take over.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I covered a lot of the news but didn't get to a lot of it as well.
I'll try to hit some final news right now.
But our time together is so precious.
I don't take any of these shows for granted.
The enemy is moving against us.
We need your prayers.
We need your support right now.
If you want to keep us in the fight, it's your decision.
Look at some of these headlines.
I meant to play these clips, but we're out of time.
World Economic Forum.
Due to climate change, there will n- never- ending pandemics.
So it's all coming out of the jungle, not out of the labs.
So World Economic Forum says due to climate change, there will never- there will be never-ending pandemics.
This is just the start.
Overhead shot, guys.
World Economic Forum.
Due to climate change, there will be never-ending pandemics.
This is just the start.
Watch the video.
Now listen to these headlines, teaching you to have nothing.
to save the earth because painkillers are bad. Would you accept less anesthetic during your
operation to save the planet? It would cut greenhouse gases by 0.1 percent. Total crap.
That's the type of stuff that they're pushing. Tropical depression,
climate change has a dramatic impact on mental health.
It's the globalists with the psychotropics and the crime and the tyranny and all of it.
It's designed to make you depressed.
No, no, it's climate change that's making you sick.
And it goes on and on from there.
Biden's rent control plan is stone cold Marxism.
He's announced a rent control program.
Meanwhile, that's what the CDC said.
They controlled all rents.
Supreme Court said no.
A great graph on Twitter says four signs You are bad with money.
Number one, you can't balance a budget.
Number two, you lend before paying your bills.
You have to take from other people to pay your bills.
Your debt is over 30 trillion, meaning our government.
The U.S.
has the world's highest rate of children living in single-parent households.
Pew Research.
We're not attacking single parents, mainly mothers, but the goal was to isolate children And control them, and you're statistically way more likely to not do well, to end up in jail, to be destroyed, if you don't come from a two-parent home, mission completed, to destroy the United States and other Western countries that Dr. John Coleman was talking about.
So, that's just some of the news.
That we have in the stack.
Tomorrow, we'll cover all the news we didn't get to today.
And we'll also have special guests on and take your calls.
But again, what an amazing moment to be alive.
I've got two stacks right here that I'm out of time on.
But these two stacks tell it all.
And tomorrow, I will get to these.
Convicted pedophile given custody of young girl and gets her pregnant.
As authorities believe he poses no risk.
This is okay, he's having sex with children.
That's part of the same CIA plan in Germany giving convicted pedophiles children as young as two years old to have sex with them to create the new family.
Daily Mail, convicted pedophile given custody of girl, young girl who got pregnant and sexually abused for years.
And the government is defending it.
Tiffany Scott, formerly known as Adam Burns, stalked a 13-year-old girl, attacked female staff while held in a men's prison, and has been described as one of the most menacing people inside Scottish jails.
He is now considered a woman and is allowed to rape inside prison.
All of this is part of their larger agenda.
We'll be covering it tomorrow on the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And then at 3 p.m., Owen Schroer comes on.
For three hours and when he ends on the three-hour break, I'm coming to you live from a new studio and more with a lot of announcements 6 p.m.
Central tomorrow.
You'll be able to find out more on tomorrow's show.
I'll give you a URL and more as InfoWars and everything we do here, everything I personally do, goes to the next level because everything's an InfoWars.
And people are starting to figure that out.
All right, Kate Daly, great talk show host, always amazing, has incredible guests on.
She is set to take over right now.
Thanks for all your support.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dalley from KateDalleyRadio.com.
I am so glad that you're listening in right now because you need to listen to this hour.
I can't express that enough.
This hour is going to tell you what is coming in the parts and the pieces that you need to understand, how they're developing this country with tech, with facial recognition, with geofencing, all of that.
You're going to understand this by the end of this hour with my guest, computer scientist and veteran Silicon Valley camera and image specialist, Aman Jabi.
And hopefully you're going to get sort of the takeaways of the Great Reset surveillance strategies.
Good, thanks for having me Kate.
right now. And he is going to be talking about the vaccine passport, the digital identity,
how social credit system is actually being built here in the West. And then, of course,
central bank digital currency. We might get into all of that. Who knows how far we'll
go. And I also just want to say thank you to Amman for coming on and talking about this.
Welcome, Amman Jabi. How are you?
Good. Thanks for having me, Kate. How are you?
You know, you have been one of the most instrumental people in putting in the camera imaging into the cell phones.
And, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is why you're talking out about this, why you're talking about where this technology leads us, this technology that's been developed in the camera phones is very, very interesting and fascinating when it comes to the overall kind of scope of what's happening right now, facial recognition and all the rest.
Why are you speaking out?
What prompted you to speak out and tell people exactly what's going on with us?
I think at a very high level, I'm a lover of freedom and liberty.
And whenever I see that being infringed, you know, I speak up.
And given the fact that I came from Silicon Valley and I developed and helped develop a lot of the tech that's being used, unfortunately, now for surveillance, even though I was working on consumer electronics, I started to connect the dots over the years.
And then when COVID was announced, everything, you know, all the entire big picture came You know, and fitted in perfectly.
And so as a result of which, you know, it was my, it has to be done.
The information needs to be shared with the world so that the world can, you know, act accordingly.
For sure.
So let's, let's dive in.
When you're talking, you give presentations all over the country about this.
And let me say, we hear all the buzzwords, vaccine passport, digital identity, social credit system, obviously the central bank digital currency.
Where do you want to start?
What do you want people to understand first about what is coming and how they do it?
I think, let's start from the fact that what people can actually see with their eyes.
And I was in China in 2019 fall.
for an optical international optics conference.
And I was shocked.
This was in Shenzhen, which is kind of one of the ultimate smart cities that has already been built.
I was shocked at the amount of surveillance infrastructure that was already in place.
And people were getting tracked in real time with all sorts of cameras, both, you know, license plate readers, face recognition cameras, infrared cameras, and so much more.
And this was at intersections on their roads when they were driving.
Whether they were entering a building, inside conference rooms, everywhere.
So, it kind of dawned on me that I had started to see some of that in US airports over the years, especially since 9-11.
And then, so my antennas went up when I returned to America and I was extremely fine-tuned to seeing any infrastructure going up.
And of course, you know, with the 5G microwave towers coming up and things starting to look ugly, I started to connect more dots on how the camera infrastructure is going to be expanded.
They're going to collect data.
This is much more than surveillance.
So people should know that whenever a camera goes up, it's not for your safety or your security.
It is to collect data on every human being, every object, every automobile, every activity in the world.
So they're putting up these cameras as an all-seeing eye.
And so I think that's where people should start to look within their neighborhoods, within at intersections when they're driving and look at all the major retailers.
Every single major retail store from Walmart to Target to, you know, Home Depot, they've started to put cameras.
They're tracking you throughout the store and they're collecting data on you and what you're buying and your Carbon credits are being updated in real time.
You're not being told that, but that system has already started.
So I think the surveillance infrastructure of data collection is the first thing people need to understand.
And then I can move to a concept called smart cities.
So what they are building, and this is when I say they, this whole agenda is coming from the United Nations.
The United Nations, in the name of climate action and climate change, they have something called the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
And it's really important that people educate themselves on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
They sound really cute, they sound innocuous and good for the planet, but they use inversion language and they're using the SDGs or the Sustainable Development Goals.
In order to implement a smart city agenda where at the high level, the smart cities are about collecting data for optimal efficiency of movement and people within cities to keep them safe and secure, to provide them with optimal energy, to keep people from being hungry, etc, etc.
But really, these smart cities, with the cameras, sensors, LED lights, and microwave towers, are all interconnected as part of A 5G and 6G platform where a smart city is really an invisible concentration camp for those who cannot see the cameras.
And for those who choose to see the cameras and the infrastructure, it's not invisible at all.
So see, smart cities are really human containment zones or concentration camps.
And they've already started to have discussions in many, many parts of the world, particularly in UK, Canada, and Australia, about 15-minute cities.
So the goal is to limit the movement of people to 15 minutes from where they live.
And anytime you want to go beyond that, you have to take permission.
And in Oxford, in UK, they introduced the 15-minute city, which they plan to put into effect in 2024.
And you are only allowed to leave your district twice a week.
And even for leaving your district twice a week, you have to get a permission.
So that's where we are going with the surveillance and data collection infrastructure, which is going to be really a smart city infrastructure, which are going to be prison camps.
So people should understand all the chaos that they're doing with the prison system and about, you know, the social justice for prisoners or prison reform that they've been talking about for years.
And it has nothing to do with prison reform.
They want to release all the prisoners, put them into smart cities and then make every human being a prisoner in smart cities.
All jails and prisons will be closed in a few quarters.
So this is where the agenda is going with smart cities.
In fact, in my state, people might not realize this, but just Google your state and 15-minute city, they already started building one of these in our city.
And ironically enough, they moved a prison, took the property, and then now they started building it in my state of Utah.
I mean, we have a complete Nimrod governor who licks Biden's boots any chance he gets.
And so this 15-minute city is going in and this might be going on in your state too, wherever you're listening to this show from.
So realize that we're seeing the cities play out in real time that are ahead of the game and already implemented, but there are ones being built all over the place, correct?
That's right.
Every country in the world is implementing it, some faster than others.
Pretty much every city will eventually build it.
It's very easy to go and Google and get the list of all the cities that have already signed up to be smart cities and they're getting tons and tons of infrastructure money from the Feds and it's being printed and essentially the currency is being diluted in order to build our own prison camps and also destroy the currency for every central bank in the world.
And I can also now...
In the next phase, I will link up Smart Cities to your face and your digital ID and to the Central Banking Digital Currency.
And that's where the camera technology that Iman worked on is leading us to.
And I also wanted to say these cameras went up, the 5G towers went up with right in the middle of the blow vid fake COVID pandemic because of course we were preoccupied with it.
And so it seems, you know, they always want a dual, a dual thing coming in so that we are preoccupied.
Don't fight the cameras.
Don't see what's going on.
And even in your state of Montana, you saw all of these new lights go up on the highways, camera systems.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
I have a special guest in this hour.
You really need to pay attention because all that's being talked about, these are the steps being implemented right now.
And it's not some futuristic thing.
It is now.
In fact, let's talk about facial recognition technology with my guest, Aman Jabi, who is a computer scientist and veteran Silicon Valley camera and image specialist on the great reset surveillance strategies.
Let's talk facial recognition, Aman.
Yeah, so I just finished talking about, you know, smart cities and the infrastructure.
Before I talk about facial recognition, I want to introduce a concept called the digital identity or the digital ID.
And I read about it in a 2018 World Economic Forum paper.
And for those who are not familiar with the World Economic Forum, it's a private corporation, just like the United Nations.
They published a paper on the digital ID where they said that this is a new social contract in the chapter of the world.
It's a social contract that nobody has asked for and nobody signed up for, but they want to plant a digital ID on everything, every object, every person in the world.
And this digital ID is going to be linked to your biometrics and specifically your face.
So in order to access things in life in the future, once the digital ID system comes into play, you will need your face or biometrics to unlock access to your bank account, to the internet, to getting food, to go shopping, to drive your car, to start your car, to pay your taxes, everything in life.
And so this digital ID is linked to your face primarily.
And this is done through facial recognition technology.
And these technologies are usually sold to us like the carrots.
So when Apple came out with the Face ID to unlock your phone, it was really convenient because now you don't have to press a four or six digit code on your phone every time you want to unlock it.
And so these technologies come in as carrots, but then downstream, these technologies are used as sticks to basically enslave you downstream.
So people should be very aware when they sign on to new devices and new technologies.
So, facial recognition technology is linked to your digital ID and on the other side of the digital ID is linked to a new type of currency called the Central Banking Digital Currency.
And most countries in the world, if not all, are right now in the process of finalizing what their CBDC is going to be.
So, let me break down what CBDC is.
It's going to be a new type of digital currency It's not going to be based on the value you create or the value you exchange with other people who create value, just like, you know, today's currency is mostly.
It will be linked to three components.
One is your carbon tracker or your carbon score based on what you use and what you consume, where you drive, how far you drive, etc.
The other is going to be a social credit, which has already been unveiled in China, and they're already Computing our social credits and carbon credits already in the US.
It's not that it hasn't started.
They just haven't given us an app to tell us that we have a social score and a carbon score.
They are also tracking everybody's medical history, and in particular, your COVID jab status and your booster status.
So the long-term goal, once the CBDC is unveiled, it'll be used to enslave you because it's a currency of compliance.
It's not a currency based on the value you create.
And once the cash, the current fiat currencies like the US dollar are hyperinflated and lose all value ultimately, you will be required to move to the CBDC.
And it's, it is the responsibility and for every freedom loving person to not sign on to the digital ID and not sign on to the CBDC system.
And start thinking differently, as opposed to becoming a slave.
What I call is, we are now in the process of transitioning from a debt slavery system to an identity slavery system.
And so it's really important to get out of both these systems and try and find a better world.
And I think one of the other things that... Yeah, go ahead.
No, geofencing.
I was just going to talk about that.
Yeah, they started using that with the Amber Alert.
With what system, sorry?
The Amber Alert System.
They were using it in my state to override the system to use it for surveillance.
I live near a border and so if you got close to the border you got an alert on your phone.
And so the geofencing aspect is another part of this.
You might want to speak about that.
So geofencing is a term essentially, literally it means an invisible fence Beyond which an object or a person cannot go, right?
So it's an invisible fence around it.
So it's like, it's how the implementation of your 15-minute city and your smart cities and the prison is going to be done.
But how is it actually done, right?
How is it implemented?
The smart cities, another integral part of smart cities is LED lighting.
So people should be aware of how many LEDs Smart lights and smart poles that have been put up in neighborhoods and cities and downtowns and even on highways and freeways all around the country and the world.
And these LED lights are not innocuous.
They are essentially full-blown computers and they are wireless nodes of the smart city infrastructure and network.
They communicate with each other wirelessly.
As well as some of the major ones, they communicate with fiber optics underground, which are then connected to the 5G microwave towers.
So it's all part of the infrastructure.
And with the sensors that are attached to these smart lights and the cameras that are in retail stores and intersections and public roads, they basically form this entire network of surveillance and data collection.
So one of the key things to understand is that data is The lifeblood of smart cities are concentration camps.
So they are just sucking up all the data, they're tracking you, they're scoring you, they're analyzing you, they're monitoring you, they're monetizing you, and they are managing you.
So really think about what I'm saying and revisit the video later if you have to.
And so geofencing is the ability of artificial intelligence Based on your behavior and compliance, which is directly connected to your central banking digital currency, to shut you off, to limit your movements, and to cut off your currency if you are not compliant.
And your currency won't work where they don't want it to work.
So that is essentially geofencing in like two minutes.
And there also is a concept in cybersecurity called Zero Trust.
And Zero Trust is an A kind of an underlying mechanism by which geofencing is actually implemented.
So the default is we don't trust you.
So as a US citizen, you are effectively a criminal and an enemy of the state.
We don't trust you.
And in order for you to do anything in life, from getting a glass of water to buying beef, to getting into your car, to driving to Lake Tahoe or wherever you're going, you have to keep Proving to us that you're a good doobie and you have to have enough credits on your central banking digital currency through compliance to the state and the state being artificial intelligence.
Wow, we're going to head off to a break in just a moment, but word on the street is that May or June they might try to come up with a new blow vid so that they can have a diversion to be able to put in the next layer of digital currency, maybe screw up the accounts in the United States, probably blame it on Russia as they usually do, and then we'll be carrying out that false flag to implement another stage of this.
And maybe you can speak to that when we get back.
But they always have to have a diversion, that way people don't fight it.
But through the chaos, you'll want to have that in place, right?
That's what they think we'll want.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show with Iman Javi.
You're not going to want to miss this next segment.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I just lost my earpiece, but that stuff kind of happens, doesn't it, when you're live?
Listen, my guest is Aman Jabi, and what an amazing whistleblower, silicon whistleblower.
And let me tell you, as he worked on the cell phone camera technology He has a lot to say about facial recognition as it will be
the tool to monitor track also to let you know who's coming, who's going.
And also, you know, Ukraine, I've wondered how much money is being diverted over there
and money laundered into creating a smart country, a country on a hill.
There's been new video that has come out where the money going to hack puppet Zelensky is
more about not more but a portion of that going toward a smart country, smart city to
rebuild, you know, the rebuilding efforts that the government likes to do.
When they rebuild, they rebuild it into the smart city that they were desiring four years
ago as they were announcing that.
Just something to think about.
But as they transform all of this, the ESG social credit scoring system is in play right now for companies that if you invest in woke companies and you take those pension funds and you invest them into woke companies, you know, you get a better score.
So it's already in play.
And those are the kinds of things that are already here that we're already dealing with.
Facial recognition, all of it.
I think we just don't realize how Implemented, it really is.
And like Aman said, when you start to see these lights pop up on the most desolate streets, these LED lights, these street lights, all of these things that are being implemented and going up, and we don't connect the dots enough.
Amon talking about, you know, the facial recognition and that camera technology is instrumental, right, in the way that it was done for facial recognition, correct?
Because everybody thinks, oh, I have a camera on my phone to take photos, but it was much more than that.
Yeah, it was basically, again, as I said, you know, the technology creeps in for consumer convenience and safety and security, but most of these technologies have a Diabolical, you know, end game attached to it.
And we in Silicon Valley, you know, I was there for over 25 years.
You know, we are building tech that the consumers love and enjoy, you know, from video games to video streaming and cameras and photography and so much more.
And it does help the consumers, but then it's ultimately used to enslave them.
But you brought up ESG.
I don't know how many people really understand what is ESG and how it's implemented.
But it stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.
And it is how corporations are being used as the police to enforce the Green Agenda from the Sustainable Development Goals.
So, every corporation gets a higher score if they are aligned to the SDGs.
On the environmental side, they will only choose suppliers that are further, you know, working towards the SDGs.
If they choose suppliers that are not adhering to the SDGs, their ESG score will go down.
So, it's a sort of, you know, corporate communitarianism, so to speak.
And communitarianism is an interesting word.
I was introduced to that word only about a year ago.
Even though I've read about it, I've never really studied it, but it's a way to, you know, take the worst of communism and the worst of phony capitalism and assign a predetermined solution, in a sense.
And that is where the world is heading.
And it's not going to be done by, you know, people with guns.
It's going to be enforced.
It's going to become a snitch society.
And corporations are being used as the front for public-private partnerships.
So it sounds really nice.
So it's as if the government is leveraging the wealth of corporations in order to do all these good things in the world.
And ESG also, the social aspect of ESG is about the narratives.
So Black Lives Matter.
You know, LGBTQ funding, what all type of advertisements they do to consumer companies and stuff.
And governance stands for what all systems and departments they have in place internally in their corporations to enforce the E and S aspects of the agenda.
And AI?
So there's a lot.
So you broke up, sorry.
You want to talk about the AI coming in?
The AI coming in is crucial to this too.
So what's being done right now is a digital transformation.
So if people read papers coming from the World Economic Forum as well as corporate speak and read papers from consulting companies like McKinsey and Deloitte and You will see a digital transformation is taking place.
And what is a digital transformation?
It is not about going, taking analog signals and digitizing them.
The digital transformation is about conditional access.
Remember, I talked to you about zero trust.
So conditional access is about whether you can or cannot.
And by default, We have zero trust and you cannot access anything and you have to have that currency of compliance to your face and face recognition to access something.
So it all ties in.
It all ties in.
Alright, so people out there are probably wondering what they're going to do.
Right now, you'd like to probably be in a bunker when you're hearing all of this, and I understand that.
The rural communities in the Rockefeller Report of 2010 stated that, you know, if you lived in a rural community, your internet access would be limited or halted.
You'd have the most terrible aspects of life trying to live off of this type of 15-minute sector idea.
You should live outside the system if you don't want to be an eternal slave.
It's not going to be easy.
I don't know.
You should live outside the system if you don't want to be an eternal slave.
It's not going to be easy.
It requires a lot of courage, ingenuity,
and strong networks in your local areas.
And a lot more.
So, you know, we have a choice that's going to come up in a year or two or less or more, depending on where you are, is do you want to enter this, you know, new slavery system of perpetual compliance and limited mobility, or do you want to find ways to resist and fight it?
And while the fight is not going to be easy, the more people that wake up and rise up and come together in local areas, I am of the belief that it can be undone.
It's not going to be easy, but it can be done.
And you know, over here in Northwest Montana, we are trying to raise awareness as much as possible and see what we can do here.
I mean, it would be very difficult.
You'd have to set up a barter system.
There would have to be a lot of people.
And I think right now, while they're so busy implementing all of these things, we should be so busy, really, in more of an underground way, developing cities that will work for us without all of this.
And like you said, there's always ways.
We're a people that obviously we can think, we can put things together, and maybe it's a little more on the down low, but we need to be implementing some strategy and some plans because they're awfully busy implementing their own strategies and they're putting them in daily.
You see more and more towers going up, 6G coming, you see more and more surveillance kicking in, and you don't see any of the politicians fighting it on any realm whatsoever.
Both sides are in on this.
Those are just two heads of the same snake.
So it's not even worth discussing politics.
But I think it's important to understand we are not putting these systems together.
The systems are already in place.
All they're doing is pulling back the curtains and step by step unveiling it in a slow and steady timeline.
So that most people who are not aware of what's going on, they don't really see it as obvious things happening.
So, simple things like they use QR codes.
They use QR codes earlier and people don't understand how QR codes are used and they scan the QR codes.
And they don't understand that these QR codes are tracking you and they will be used to geofence you later downstream.
So, the systems are already in place.
We're going to come right back with Iman Jabi and talk about a few more things you might want to be aware of as well.
There's so much to understand on this because, like you said, it's there and now it's starting to be peeled back so you can see it and it is scary.
It is scary what they've been busy doing and implementing to work against us with zero trust.
It's the Patriot Act.
You're a criminal until otherwise noted.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to this last segment of this hour on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dalley from katedalleyradio.com.
My guest is Iman Jabi, whistleblower, Silicon Valley, talking about where the tech takes us, the AI, everything.
I first want to ask you though, Puke Ray Technology, P-U-K-E.
Do you want to speak to that for just a moment?
What is that?
Just, but before I speak to that, I don't consider myself a whistleblower.
I'm not blowing any whistles.
I can be Paul, an insider, having worked in Silicon Valley for well over two decades.
But a puke ray is... Somebody from Vancouver had sent me a photograph, you know, almost 10 months ago.
And I just... These were these strange-looking lights that were installed all over their city.
And I dug deeper and came across a project that DHS had funded, an optical communications inc.
company, about 15 years ago.
And it was called the LED incapacitator and it was given the name Q-Cray.
So what it works is it has LED red, green and blue LED lights in them and they can be manipulated at a very, very high frequency and different colors can be generated.
And by the time a human brain and eye adapts to one color, the colors will change and imagine doing this millions of times a second.
Brain basically cannot adapt to that and it can cause intracranial pressure and spinal damage and it will cause nausea at the very least and it could eventually kill a person.
So these are technologies that have been funded by you know big brother three-letter agencies and this this tech was then taken to Penn State about 10 years ago into a new department that was formed and I don't know Well, how far ahead or how fine-tuned that technology is.
But it's a good point you brought up because it's important to understand that these LED lights that have been sold to the public for energy conservation in the name of climate action, they are actually extremely nefarious.
They are harmful for human health.
They are really bad for your eyesight and can cause retinal damage and a whole lot more.
And many of these LED lights have been retrofitted with, you know, 400 volt type of antennas in them, as well as many of them have drone charging stations at the top.
So the future is not looking good because there's going to be aerial drone police and autonomous drones that are going to be buzzing all over the world, you know, and giving instructions like they've started in Chinese cities already.
So that's PewPray for you.
Okay, and can incapacitate humans, be weaponized, is probably your overall point on that, and they can use those anytime, but we don't realize the kinds of lights they're putting in, and I'm so glad you're covering that.
Let's talk about AI, because AI, a little bit deeper, because AI is such a big portion of this, and we don't realize how much has already been done with AI, because we're probably ahead about 50 years than what we actually realize, I think, where we are right now.
So artificial intelligence or AI is, as I was talking about the digital transformation, there are five pillars to the digital transformation and I'll try and make it non-technical for the average listener.
But there's the Internet of Things or IoT that I think is quite prevalent in today's lingo.
So the Internet of Things are the nodes like cameras and sensors that are connected to the internet on a 5G or a 6G network.
The data collected from these nodes or the IOTs goes to the cloud.
So the cloud is the second pillar of the transformation where the data is stored.
And then AI is all the smart algorithms that are running on in the cloud on the data, parsing the data, analyzing the data, logging the data, scoring the data and doing analytics and intelligent storage.
That's for the third pillar of the transformation is AI, which is the Think of it as the brain behind everything.
And then once AI processes all the relevant data, it's then put into something called a blockchain.
And blockchain is a digital ledger technology where relevant pieces of data are stored.
So when, you know, when the cameras are tracking you, think of it as it goes to the cloud, it analyzes your good behavior or bad behavior, the things you do, the things you eat, and it goes and puts all the Interesting data on a blockchain, which is linked to your digital ID.
So the blockchain is the fourth pillar of the digital transformation.
And then the fifth one is the security guards, the zero trust security guards.
So that's cyber security.
So depending on what your data is and how your digital ID is linked to your CBDC on the blockchain, you may or may not be allowed access to whatever it is in life.
So this is how the artificial intelligence plays a central role in the digital transformation.
For AI to get smarter and have more control over you through this transformation, it needs more and more and more data.
So think of it as AI is the beast system.
And the beast needs food.
The more food it gets, the smarter and more powerful it gets.
And the data conduits For the food are the sensors, the cameras, the LED lights, the smart city infrastructure, and the 5G and 6G microwave towers and the infrastructure.
So the only way to starve the beast is by cutting down the data or starving the data by removing or undoing the smart city infrastructure because that is what we can see, it's what we can touch, and it's what we can undo.
So it's really important to raise awareness.
This entire infrastructure has been put up without the public's knowledge.
No public was consulted in any part of our country or the world.
We didn't ask for this infrastructure of surveillance and data collection, but it's been put up and it's been put up without our permission on our land to harm humans and harm animal health and harm the natural nature in itself. So it's really a diabolical agenda that
people need to recognize and do something about it in your local
So working with and fighting against the city councils implementing the cities
and counties implementing this in your local neighborhood is imperative.
We've gone way too long putting our heads in the sand trying to raise families and work and I know there's a lot of stress out there except that we have not been vigilant in stopping the cities and counties from doing this because basically we're telling them to build a prison for us an invisible prison we're saying go ahead and build it if we don't show up we don't fight this and it's the cities they're reliant on the cities That's right, but that's partially right.
It's not just the cities.
So the way it's being done is it's being done through infrastructure bills and the COVID bills that were signed, you know, pre-Biden by Trump and then infrastructure bills signed by Biden.
So there was a lot of, you know, hundreds of billions of dollars of money And then it was pumped through public-private partnerships in the name of sustainability.
So it includes a class of companies that are the telecom companies or the tower companies.
It includes money given by these companies to local contractors who install all this equipment at night when people are asleep.
It includes Making deals with the Department of Transportation in every state, that's at the state level, where they've gone and given money to the states in exchange for that money.
They give up rights and they say, we'll install all this very nice infrastructure for high-speed connectivity and for better roads and better, you know, traffic systems, etc.
And then at the local level, they use the electric companies as well as city council and county commissioners.
So these LED lights, for instance, and the sensors and all, they are under the jurisdiction of multiple bodies.
But fundamentally, they've gone up where contracts have been signed.
And it's really important to get to the heart of those contracts and see how states and local neighborhoods have given up our land rights and our participation rights as free people to the Feds.
And the Feds are really being controlled by the United Nations Charter.
Let's just start moving right now.
If we do not fight this, if we do not try to stop this, and if you don't know what geofencing is, climate action, climate lockdown, final lockdown, blockchain, facial recognition, biometrics, smart watches, data harvesting, digital IDs, CBDC, which is a digital currency, reputation capital, carbon tracking, hidden water, All of it.
Digital leash.
Zero trust.
If you don't know what those things are, you need to know what those are.
So I'm going to have to have you back, Amon, because there's way too much to talk about on what's already here.
And I appreciate you speaking out with the expertise of where you're coming from in the cameras and all the things that you were doing with your career too.
So I appreciate you.
Thank you for doing that.
Where can people go for more info?
I have some social media accounts from Facebook, YouTube, Patreon, Twitter, and Instagram.
People can find me on any of those.
Thank you so much, Aman, for coming on the Alex Jones Show today.
Really appreciate you and all your efforts.
Thank you.
Thank you, kids.
And I've heard this from hundreds of people, but it happened again last night.
I leave here about five o'clock.
I'm out of gas.
I pull over at a gas station, and I've got a problem with sweets, and I go, I want an ice cream sandwich.
So I go into the store, and I get an ice cream sandwich while the car's gassing up, and I walk up to the man, a Hispanic gentleman, older gentleman behind the counter.
He says, Alex, I'm a big listener of yours.
I said, well, thank you.
He goes, well, how's everything going?
I said, well, they're trying to shut us down.
He goes, yeah, me and my son and others listen, but we've not been supporting you because we don't want our money going to those people that sued you.
And I looked at him and I said, have you not been listening?
I explained, we have two to three years of appeals.
None of the money you buy products now goes to those people.
All those billion dollar numbers are made up to make you give up.
None of the money you buy products for goes to them.
He goes, well, aren't you in bankruptcy?
I said, Chapter 11, Subchapter 5.
That's a reorganization.
Because if we didn't do that, they would be able to have the state courts put padlocks on this building and shut it down.
You understand?
Plus, we were out of money.
He goes, oh.
I said, listen, I'm not mad at you.
I appreciate your past support.
But believe me, the money you send to buy products that are in stock ready to ship to you does not go to those people.
The only people that can shut us down is you.
None of the money that you spend buying products goes to the Democrats and them.
In fact, they don't want to settle, they said.
They want to shut down.
You've seen them on TV.
So we have two to four years.
The average is about two and a half years of appeals, maybe three.
And it's all rigged, who knows what'll happen by then.
We're on the verge of nuclear war.
Staying on air is what matters.
And so, understand that.
I'll be the first person, if we're gonna get shut down, to tell you, I will give you the truth 100% on my soul, on my children, that you've been given nothing but the truth.
I see through a rose colored darkly, I make mistakes, but I'm 99% accurate when it comes to this stuff.
95% when it comes to news.
And people know that, that's why they hate me.
Because there's real people in the universe, folks.
There's not just evil people.
I'm real, okay?
I'm 100% real.
I love being real.
It's everything I am.
It's my identity.
So as long as you buy products at InfoWareStore.com that empower you and enrich you, we're gonna stay on air.
Every dime's going to stay on air.
Because I spend every waking hour trying to focus my soul and my intellect to tell you the truth.
Because let me tell you, it's easy to tell lies.
It's hard to tell the truth.
Because you've got to actually figure out what the truth is.
I sit there and man, I split hairs and I focus and I meditate and I cogitate and I just really give you everything I got.
To really tell you exactly what I think, exactly what I believe.
I am the opposite of CNN and the opposite of ABC and the opposite of Joe Biden.
I am a human that believes in you and believes in God and our children, and I won't sell out for nobody.
In fact, I love fighting evil.
I love not selling out.
I love being real.
It burns in my bones, like Ezekiel said.
They can put a gun to my children's head and I cannot physically, spiritually sell you out.
It is impossible!
I never in any way do anything that is not a hundred percent to take these people down!
So don't feel sorry for me all I've gone through and think I'm some victim.
Oh, baby, I'm the opposite.
I want to wage war on these people.
I want in the ring with these people.
And I'm going to bring them down with God's help.
And I need your help to do it.
The children, they're crying out for people to save them and nobody's coming if we don't listen to the Holy Spirit and if we don't do it.