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InfoWars reports on various news stories including Ukraine, the economy, and Biden family scandal. Alex Jones discusses Pfizer's manipulation of COVID-19 research while Owen Shroyer highlights the low crime rate in Chicago. Germany contributes Leopard tanks to Ukraine and US President Joe Biden calls for more weapons from Europe. The show criticizes the current state of America under Biden and discusses political news, a Bone Broth commercial, and corruption within the Biden family. They urge viewers to visit InfoWarsTore.com to fund operations. In another segment, Owen Shroyer addresses social media manipulation and collective consciousness. Paul Joseph Watson reports on Finland's inclusion of transgender figure skater Mina Maria at the European Figure Skate Championships and criticizes politicians for not focusing on peace. Alex Jones discusses U.S. involvement in wars and urges people to hold politicians accountable for war crimes. He encourages unity for peace and thanks listeners who support Infowars

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Tomorrow's news.
Well, we have a ton of news to be covering.
The entire waterfront constellation of news on my desk.
It's gonna be a loaded transmission, but
There's one thing we need to understand, and Gregg Reese highlights it in his most recent special report.
You see, the world elite, the elite class, the control freak, tyrannical, authoritarian, communistic, fascistic, kleptocrat, elite class, has made the same realizations as you have.
They just approach it differently as they want to transcend it
And they just want to have their Great Reset.
So understand, all the problems that we talk about, the elites agree, but their solution is just wipe out humanity and civilization as we know it, so that they can have a Great Reset and build back better.
Here's the latest from Greg Reiss.
In 2020, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum warned of an impending cyber attack that will take down all of society.
We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt
To the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
In 2022, Joe Biden stated that sending tanks to Ukraine is called World War Three.
The idea, the idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews.
Just understand.
Don't kid yourself, no matter what you all say.
That's called World War III.
Earlier this month, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Jeremy Juergens, says that a catastrophic cyber event will likely occur in the next two years.
The most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber leaders and 86% of cyber business leaders
Believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years.
This far exceeds anything that we've seen in previous surveys.
This week, a German foreign minister casually stated that they are at war with Russia.
And therefore, I've said already in the last days, yes, we have to do more to defend Ukraine.
Yes, we have to do more also on tanks.
But the most important and the crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game
In Europe, because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.
Thank you.
President Joe Biden responds by sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.
Today, I'm announcing that the United States will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.
And now all of the media is warning of nuclear war or a Russian cyber attack.
That'll be the first time they actually discuss it in Congress.
When we are hit with a massive cyber attack from Russia in response.
If you are not suspicious by now, then you are not paying attention.
Our government is not at war with Russia.
They're at war with the American people.
And in order to build back better, they need their cyber attack.
Now they have a cover story.
And the media is sticking their finger into the PTSD wounds of all Americans, so that we do nothing but sit at home in fear and wait for the end.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Boy, you know, the more I think about it, the more I realize this two-year window before the presidential election is maybe the most dangerous two years we've faced, not just as a nation, but as humanity on planet Earth.
But you notice they keep threatening this cyber attack, but they never want to tell you who.
Now we all know who they want to blame, but we all know, of course, who it would really be.
Wow, ladies and gentlemen, on this Monday, January 30th, 2023, we really have the picture, and we're gonna put it on display today, we really have the picture of what's really happening with all these different news stories.
Not too much mystery in today's transmission.
A lot of conclusions will be reached.
Here are the big stories we're going to be covering today.
The situation in Ukraine, obviously.
Now, I'll read you this headline right now and let you have the natural, instinctual
Response to it so that you can understand just how out of control the situation is.
This is a headline from last night.
Zelensky Ukraine requests more weapons and faster.
So, just sent a bunch of tanks, just sent more tanks, just sent more missiles and ammunition and billions of dollars, and upon receiving that and opening it, Zelensky says, I need more and I need it faster.
Now, that just tells you how out of control the situation is and how desperate Ukraine is.
Oh, I thought they're winning.
No, folks.
No, it's actually a devastating loss, what's been going on in Ukraine.
But that just shows you how ridiculous and out of control the situation is.
The realness of it and the global threat of it we'll be explaining today on this Alex Jones Show.
Then you have the economic situation, which is funny in a way,
To watch the Democrats and their friends in the media, it's the same difference.
Out of one side of their mouth, they're telling you how great the economy is, how great Joe Biden has done for the economy.
And then out of the other side of their mouth, they're complaining about how bad the economy is.
And I've got all the receipts, all the proof right here today.
Literally, it's one headline, Joe Biden doing the best job, best economic president ever.
And then the next headline, Americans are poorer than they've ever been.
Nobody can even afford rent.
So which one is it?
Is Joe Biden the economic master?
Or is the economy tanking?
Which one is it?
Now, to understand the psychology of the left is to understand it like this.
It really doesn't matter what the reality of the situation is.
What matters is that they get ahead of the narrative, they control the narrative, which ultimately means they lie to you.
So they have to tell you that Joe Biden is the greatest economic president of all time because they have to lie to you about that.
They lied to you about everything else when it comes to Joe Biden.
And now that you're actually feeling the economic pinch of Democrat Party policies, they have to continually lie to you telling you how great Joe Biden has done.
But see, they always love the class warfare, and they always love the virtue signaling for the poor class.
For political leverage, so therefore, they also have to tell you how much people are struggling, hoping they can use that for political leverage, while they're telling you how great Biden is.
I know it doesn't make any sense, you have a brain, you can think, this is what's going on.
Then, and this is what really makes the situation in Ukraine even more dangerous, the Biden crime family details are truly coming out.
And I mean, look folks, from a self-preservation mechanism, I think about this.
Not from a patriotic mechanism of, oh boy, I don't want to see Joe Biden fall, that would be such an embarrassment for the United States.
No, justice be done, may the heavens fall in this case.
What's scary about all the details with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their crimes, acting as foreign agents illegally, and now,
Reasonable people are starting to realize that it looks like China is the one that made the call for Biden to pull us out of Afghanistan.
That was China told Biden to do that, yanked his chain, got it done.
Now they're in there getting the resources.
Now they're in there running everything.
Now they're in there, they're going to be at the strategic airbase.
All Biden taking the knee to China.
But that's not even what's scary.
What's scary is, would Joe Biden or would the Deep State or would the Democrat Party see a war with Russia or a World War III scenario as a good distraction from Joe Biden's crimes being exposed?
And you might say, they can't be that mad.
They can't be that insane.
They wouldn't start World War III over that, would they?
If you have to ask yourself that question, you clearly still don't understand who we're dealing with.
Of course they would.
Not only because their arrogance and their hubris makes them think they'd be above it, but because these are mad, psychotic, sociopathic criminals that are so out of touch with reality, they either don't even realize or care how it would impact them.
Wow, that's heavy stuff.
But then there's this.
We know, from official government data, at least 50,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 vaccine.
Now, people who run actuaries and insurance data and follow death rates, or if you've just been following the news, we have enough
Data and enough numbers for experts to crunch everything they can see in regards to the vaccine deaths and the excess deaths and the died suddenly and the insurance numbers and everything else.
And now expert analysis is landing to the conclusion that it looks like about 200 to 300,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 vaccine.
And then that's just based off raw data of some of the data points I've mentioned here.
So that's... I mean, what's the bigger story here?
To me that still takes the top story simply because we're living it right now.
We're still not fully into this war with Russia.
They're still slow walking us into that.
So when that happens, I mean, right now in Ukraine that's the biggest deal.
There are a bunch of Ukrainians dying.
Absolutely that's happening.
They're losing the war big time.
policy just putting him out to slaughter.
Zelensky just putting him out to slaughter.
Asking anybody else to step up to get slaughtered.
Truly maniacal stuff.
But for Ukraine that might be the biggest issue.
For me here domestically, well I'm still not dealing with that yet.
Biden still hasn't fully launched the World War against Russia.
Russia's really kind of just sat back and been tolerant of all the antics of Biden and the West.
So no, I'm sitting here, I'm watching friends and family get injured from these vaccines or die.
And now we have the Pfizer executive on the Project Veritas tape.
Multiple Pfizer executives, by the way.
The last one just is the most recent and most viral.
Where you can just see everything Pfizer's up to.
The lying, the manipulation, the gain-of-function research.
The cover-up of COVID-19.
The development of the next COVID-19 in a lab, potentially right here in New York, by the way.
Now why isn't the American media interested in this story?
Do I have to tell you why?
You know why.
Because the American media is bought and paid for by Pfizer.
Same with most of our government.
So that becomes a problem.
But you know what's interesting?
China is investigating Pfizer because of the Project Veritas video.
China is investigating Pfizer.
Not us!
Now I'm not having some sort of positive look at this like, oh China's gonna help us, China's gonna do something good here.
No, it's obviously just a political game they're playing.
And maybe even a game of blackmail.
And then we've got more.
I've got political news.
I've got the Democrat riots that they tried to pop off all weekend, but they only got about 10% of the damage and the violence that they wanted.
And what they're doing to your kids at school, folks.
It's all coming up today on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, what do you do when murder rates, homicide rates, crime rates, violent crime rates, robbery, car theft, what do you do when crime is skyrocketing in your city in Chicago?
You hit the streets and dance!
Just ask Mayor Lori Lightfoot.
Yeah, get down, boogie Lori!
In fact, guys, let's go ahead and pull up
What do you got, guys?
You wanna have a little fun today?
Let's do a little over-under.
Over-under, five-and-a-half, shot dead in Chicago this weekend.
Is that too cold?
Is that a little too harsh to play that game?
Lori Lightfoot's dancing in the streets, so let's have some fun!
Over-under, five-and-a-half, shot Chicago this weekend.
I'm gonna go over, even though it was cold.
Not, I'm going to say fatally shot, not just shot.
Over under 20 shot, well let's go over under 20 shot, five and a half fatally.
We'll get the crew to pull up these numbers.
Hey, Lori Lightfoot's having fun, why can't we have some fun?
I just want to have fun like Lori Lightfoot, she's dancing in the street.
That's the mayor of Chicago, dancing on the blood of the innocent.
I'm going to go over under five and a half fatally shot.
Twenty overall shot in weekend gun violence in Chicago, where they have nice, strict gun control laws, by the way.
Nice, strict gun control laws.
Ooh, we're double the under.
Wow, I hope you took the under on that one.
You did well.
Sixteen shot, two fatally.
Weekend gun violence, Chicago.
Okay, light weekend.
Light weekend there.
Only two shot and killed.
Only sixteen shot.
Okay, so I guess we know why Lori Lightfoot was dancing then.
That's about half the normal numbers there in Chicago.
Probably even like a third.
So congratulations, Chicago.
Your mayor is dancing on the blood of the innocent, dancing on the graves of the innocent, dancing on the carcasses of children hit with stray bullets.
She's dancing in the streets.
It's a good time.
Only two shot and killed this weekend in Chicago.
Only 16 hit with bullets.
Congratulations, Lori.
You have finally lowered the crime rates.
Way to go!
Boogie on down.
Gotta love that.
Got to love that.
So, uh, you know, we're looking at only about 10 people shot and killed in Chicago first month of 2023.
That's a reason to dance if you're Lori Lightfoot.
All right.
Now, we got another issue that I'm going to highlight here in a minute before we really delve into the big stories.
But ladies and gentlemen, big ups to this audience.
And I don't say this as a knock against myself.
I just understand how media works, and quite frankly, I'm the same way.
When Alex Jones is not hosting the Alex Jones Show, a lot of people tune out.
And I know people call in and say, oh, Owen, you're great and everything.
This is not a knock on myself.
It's just the fact.
When people tune in to go to the Alex Jones Show, they expect to hear Alex Jones.
If they don't, most people just tune out.
Now, we do, actually, a good job of audience retention, whether it's me or other guest hosts filling in for Alex, because it's the information here that's the most hardcore, and a lot of the audience just tunes in for the truth that they know they can't get anywhere else.
But, normally, when I'm filling in for Alex, our sales rates are just plummeting.
Which is obviously bad for business.
Now, it's not been so bad this time, and so I want to thank the audience, but folks, continue to come through for us at InfoWarsTore.com, specifically when Alex is out.
Part of the problem is, he goes on vacation, he's constantly needing to see what the numbers are and the sales numbers are coming in, and if they aren't good, he gets himself in a little bit of a tizzy, he calls in, he feels he needs to go back to work, get on the air.
That's fine, we all love him on the air, but,
Hard for the man to take some time off.
So, a little pressure relief.
Some pretty good numbers this weekend.
All things considered.
Not where they need to be.
But with Alex out, all things considered, not bad.
So I appreciate that.
But let's step it up again today.
Alex is going to be back on Wednesday.
So let's give it two more days and let's really hit that website hard.
Let's hit that donate button at InfoWarsStore.com.
Multiple times.
$5, $10, $20, whatever you can afford.
We appreciate it.
And look, folks, we put it all on the line here.
All right?
We put it all on the line.
That's just it.
And I'm speaking not just for myself.
I'll be the one in front of the camera and the microphone for the next two days.
But don't forget about the great crew behind me making it all possible.
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Let's keep the mothership in orbit.
All right.
Now, before I come back and really start to hammer into the important news, we're going to start with the news in Ukraine.
We'll get to the economic news.
We'll get to the vaccine news, the political news.
It's all coming up today.
But let's just quickly hit this story.
And I did not see or hear this anywhere over the weekend or even this morning.
And I was a little surprised considering that the egg shortage story did
Make some serious waves.
Massive fire destroys commercial egg farm of top U.S.
supplier amid widespread egg shortage.
And it's being reported that at least 100,000 chickens died in the fire at Hillandale Farms in Basra, Connecticut.
So hundreds of firefighters had to put it out.
It was a serious fire.
You're looking at some of the images of that on the screen now.
So we've had dozens, really, the numbers might be over a hundred now.
It's hard to keep up with, but definitely dozens of food processing plants or farms
Like this egg farm going up in flames and burning to the ground since Biden got into office.
Is that just a coincidence or is there something else going on?
Don't worry, the FBI's not looking into it.
I repeat, the FBI is not.
Looking into it.
They're probably going through my electronic data right now as we speak.
Not looking into the food processing plants burning, the egg farms burning, the pipelines being bombed.
They're not interested in that.
They gotta go through my personal records because, you know, I tell the truth for a living.
So, you add that on top to the already problematic situation of the egg shortage,
I'm sure it's all just a coincidence, though.
I'm sure we're not under attack.
I'm sure there's no nefarious activity here.
No, no, no.
Nothing to see here.
It's not the big box mainstream chicken feed changing their formula and now the hens won't leg eggs.
And all the food processing plants and the egg farms being burned to the ground.
Nothing to see here.
Don't worry, the FBI is not looking into it.
They are not looking into it.
Now, I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I want to
Kind of show you the constellation here, because you'd think there'd be cause for concern with headlines like this.
Third Hunter Biden email from laptop with classified information uncovered.
Classified White House conference call shared with Hunter's Ukrainian business partners.
And several more are coming.
So I'm not trying to get ahead of myself with the Biden crime family stories here, but
As I delve into the situation in Ukraine, don't you think it's important?
Don't you think it's important to know that the Biden crime family has business interests in Ukraine?
Don't you think the American people would want to know that ahead of starting a war with Russia over Ukraine?
Don't you think there's some pretty obvious questions that need to be asked and answered?
Like, is there a personal reason why Joe Biden wants to go to war in Ukraine with Russia?
Is there a personal interest for Biden to have military action in Ukraine against Russia?
Is Biden afraid that his business dealings may be exposed by Russia even?
Kind of an important detail, isn't it?
Kind of something you'd think the American people would want to be interested in if Joe Biden doesn't have personal interests in Ukraine, putting his own personal interests above that of the country's, or rather even the world's.
That's Joe and Hunter Biden with their business dealings in Ukraine, most of which we already know.
That, the mainstream media covered up, and Big Pharma covered up.
So let's just keep that in mind.
The Biden crime family has personal business interests in Ukraine.
That is undeniable fact.
You think that might be weighing in to the decisions Biden is making for that region?
Wouldn't you like to know?
But so just keep that in mind as we go into the most recent developments out of Ukraine.
What is the number?
I don't know.
Two hundred billion dollars that we've sent to Ukraine?
And again, not to get off track, but it's like every time I see liberals complaining about the economy or complaining there's not free money or free this or free that for whatever group they're virtue signaling for, I just sit here and I just laugh because
You won't say a damn thing about the money that's going to Ukraine, $200 billion, you've supported every single dime that's gone to Ukraine, and then you complain because Americans are getting it tough financially with the policies you voted for?
I mean, this is completely insane behavior on display from the American left.
But okay, so, hundreds of billions of dollars, and now tanks and weapons and ammunition and everything in Ukraine, and they're still losing the war, by the way,
I mean, imagine if you're a loan, a bank loaning out money, and you keep loaning money to this business or this individual who keeps losing money, losing money, losing money, can never pay back the loan, can never pay back the interest, would you keep giving that money to him?
Would you keep loaning that money?
Well, of course not!
So why do we keep giving money and weapons to Ukraine?
Zelensky requests more weapons and more money, and he wants it faster!
That's last night.
That's last night, Yahoo News syndicating with the Associated Press and everybody else a Reuters story.
So, again, Zelensky comes here after getting $150 billion and he says it's not enough, we want more in front of the U.S.
They give him more.
Billions dollars more.
Tanks and everything else and ammunition and weapons.
And then what is Zelensky's response?
Not thank you.
His response is I need more and I need it faster right now.
What a selfish jerk!
How about no more for you?
How about you piss off?
You little tyrant, you little fascist, you little Nazi.
How about you go piss off?
You want more money, you want more weapons.
It'll never be enough!
What should we do?
Should we just give Zelensky the entire landmass of the United States?
Should we just give Zelensky the command and control of the United States military?
Maybe he already has it!
Don't ask Joe Biden.
He doesn't know what an absolute a-hole Vladimir Zelensky is.
If there was any doubt about the type of person he is, well, you can remove all that doubt now.
Oh, you guys are going through a tough situation there in Ukraine, I'll tell you what.
Here's hundreds of billions of dollars, and here's some weapons.
It's been tough for you guys.
Good luck.
No, does he say thank you?
Oh, thank you so much.
You've saved so many people.
Thank you so much.
You've kept us in this fight.
No, instead he says, hey, why don't you give me more?
And why don't you give me it faster?
What the hell's wrong with you, you little punk?
Joe Biden ought to go over there and punch him in the mouth!
New RAND report comes out urging Washington to get out of Ukraine.
Avoiding a long war US policy in the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and see this is why the military generals are realizing We go to war with Russia today.
We end up in war with China tomorrow and By the way, we can't even recruit people to join our military because our government and our leaders are so corrupt So we don't even have the numbers we've given all of our weapons to Ukraine.
So we don't even have weapons anymore So it's not looking good
And now 10% of the boys born in the United States end up chopping off their ding-a-lings and becoming women.
Maybe not a situation we'd like to be in.
Not to mention our border's wide open and our president is an incompetent moron.
And a compromised, corrupt foreign agent.
Boy, we got him.
We got the swords pointed at us, don't we?
And again, why do these foreign leaders keep making deals with Joe Biden thinking that he's going to be square?
German warns against arms race as Ukraine pushes for missiles and jets.
Now let me explain some of the background here.
No countries in Europe want to continue this support of Ukraine.
Because they don't want to get into a war with Russia.
And they know Zelensky is a corrupt little punk.
But the United States basically funds all of NATO and funds all of this humanitarian bullcrap that we can kind of boss Europe around.
So we fund NATO.
The European countries aren't funding NATO, but they need NATO as they see it.
So, the US can basically yank the chain and get Germany and these other countries to do whatever they want because we send all this money to NATO.
Remember Trump tried to stop that?
Well, now we know why Biden and the rest of the deep state love it so much because it gives them the leash over European countries with the NATO funding.
Trump was like, why are we paying for NATO?
This is ridiculous.
We don't even need it.
Well, now we know why we're paying for NATO.
It's just influence over Europe is all it is.
We're just buying influence.
It doesn't benefit us at all.
We finally get Germany to send tanks, but even that was like pulling hairs.
And so the agreement, the unofficial agreement that was made between Germany and the Biden administration was, all right, we're going to send these tanks, but we're done.
That's it.
No more money, no more artillery, no more tanks, no more troops, no jets.
But, look, okay, you've been begging for the tanks for months, let's just, this is it though, and we're out.
Here's the tanks, we're out.
And we'll even give you the nice new tanks, we'll give you the leopards, and then Germany's like, alright, and we're out, okay?
Oh, oh, you got deceived by Joe Biden?
You got deceived by the Democrats?
You got deceived by the White House?
Ha, oops.
Germany warns against arms race as Ukraine pushes for missiles and jets.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has been trying to stop this, is warning against a race to arm Ukraine with high-powered weapons as Ukraine ramps up its call for fighter jets and long-range missiles.
So, Scholz actually has a little bit of common sense and a little bit of concern here.
He's been the one rejecting the calls for tanks, rejecting the calls for money, rejecting the calls for weapons.
But the U.S.
yanked that chain of NATO funding and said, OK, well, we're not going to fund NATO.
How about you pay for it?
So Germany said, fine, fine.
We'll send you some leopard tanks, but that's it.
We're done.
We're not going to be a part of this larger issue you're trying to create.
And then immediately after sending the tanks, what happened?
Zelensky asked for more weapons and Biden told Europe you need to give him more weapons.
Now Germany's like, what the hell are you doing?
You know, they came out with this study suggesting that the world respects the United States more under Joe Biden than Donald Trump.
And to me, that's just saving face.
Because they know it's the exact opposite.
And you have this scene now, Biden's new Russia ambassador, Lynne Tracy, arrives at the Russian Foreign Ministry for the first time, greeted with chants of, War is a U.S.
business, and America is a terrorist country.
But oh yeah, the world respects us so much more under Joe Biden, yep.
Trying to start World War III with Russia, uh-huh.
But again, picking up where we left it off, the rest of the world has had some
And so Germany now is the latest to get stabbed in the back by Joe Biden.
The unofficial agreement when Germans sent the tanks into Ukraine or the agreement to send the tanks into Ukraine.
I guess they haven't been sent yet.
And when they do, you'll hear about it because they're going to get blown up.
And so the agreement was, though, Germany, despite months and months of rejecting
...intervening even further into this war with weapons and tanks.
Finally, the Biden administration twisted their arm, certainly threatened to withhold NATO funding, which is just an empty bluff, and got Germany to agree to send the Leopard tanks to Ukraine, in which case they said, this is it, we're done.
We're done.
We'll send in the tanks, we'll support this level, and we're done.
Stop asking us.
And so immediately upon agreeing to that deal, what happened?
Zelensky asked for more, and Joe Biden demanded more.
Why would anybody trust Joe Biden?
They wouldn't.
NATO chief presses South Korea to provide arms to Ukraine.
Oh, now it's everybody!
Everybody better support Ukraine!
That ain't gonna go so well.
That's not going to go so well.
Now, strategically, South Korea knows China is going to be their biggest issue dealing with North Korea.
So, strategically, geopolitically, they may want to scratch the U.S.
back in this case.
Simply because they hope the U.S.
could scratch back should China ever get more aggressive with North Korea in that region of the world.
But I don't even know if South Korea will be so willing to get involved into this potential World War III situation Joe Biden wants so much.
Some Western backers of Ukraine worry that time might be on Russia's side.
That's the Wall Street Journal.
No, everything is on Russia's side.
Everything is on Russia's side.
Russia is the good guy in this situation.
Russia is winning the war in Ukraine.
Ukraine is suffering massive loss.
Infrastructure loss.
Soldiers dying.
And they're so desperate to drum up more support of the war, Ukraine, Zelensky, is bombing his own people to blame Russia and ask for more weapons.
That's how sick that maniac is.
And now the American media.
I was wondering, when is the American media going to realize everything they've said about Ukraine is wrong?
Maybe that time is now.
That might save us from getting into World War 3.
If Biden doesn't have the media support launching World War 3, then maybe he backs off.
Russia warns the United States the end of nuclear arms control may be near.
And what is that really saying?
It's saying what I've been saying all along.
The United States' leadership role on the planet, you know, people make the joke of, well, we're the police of the world.
Okay, fine, call it that.
America's role of police of the world, which I don't support, to be clear,
I don't like that role.
But that role, which does demand and require the respect of the rest of the world, whether it be good reasons or bad reasons, those days are gone.
And so Russia's basically saying to the US, you're not going to tell Iran whether they can have nuclear weapons or not.
I mean, if you want the most rudimentary translation, that's what it is.
Now, Israel just struck Iran, Israel is bombing Iran, so that situation is going on.
That, in fact, just happened this weekend.
Israel bombed Iran.
So Russia is simply saying, look, you guys telling the world how to operate is done.
You no longer have the moral high ground.
You're not even economically the strongest country in the world anymore because ever since you elected Joe Biden, you've been sliding down the scale in case you haven't noticed.
So this is the stuff the American media and our government is not telling you.
But the rest of the world is starting to realize.
And many Americans, perhaps, starting to realize as well.
Now, I'm okay with that.
I don't want the U.S.
to be the police of the world.
I'd rather us fix our own country.
We've got all kinds of problems here.
To which the left complains about all the time, obviously.
But, oh, no, no, no.
We've got to figure out the situation in Ukraine.
We've got to send money.
We've got to send weapons.
And Russia now, with China and Saudi Arabia and Iran,
Brazil has now stabbed him in the back, now that Lula is in there.
But no, it's the US and Joe Biden that lack the respect and lack the moral high ground, and the rest of the world knows it now, and they're done being at the behest of corrupt Western leaders, but Joe Biden was the final straw.
Joe Biden, a guy that poops his pants,
Joe Biden, a guy that can't remember the lines, can't properly read a teleprompter, can't show up for meetings a lot of the times, can't remember what he had for breakfast, can't remember where or if he has classified documents that he stole from the White House, and has all kinds of corrupt business dealings all around the planet.
So, the rest of the world says, you know what?
That's enough.
That's enough.
You know, it's one thing with George Bush, maybe it's a whole other thing with Barack Obama, and then there was Trump, and that was a positive thing.
But now you put Biden back in there?
Just a total insult to the rest of the world.
So they're done.
So they're done.
And this doesn't have to be a good thing.
Or, excuse me, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, this could be a good thing.
We could use this for good, and we could say, you know what?
If the rest of the world doesn't want U.S.
intervention anymore, and U.S.
interference anymore,
We should say, okay, good.
That's fine.
Let's go ahead and focus on our own country.
Let's focus on our own problems.
Let's focus on our own border.
Let's focus on our own internal struggles here at home.
The world doesn't want us to be in the police anymore?
No problem.
Let's go ahead and call it off.
Let's retire it.
Let's start saving our own country here.
But it's not going to go that way.
Our deep state, our corrupt military industrial complex is going to cling on to this for dear life and they're going to use the situation in Ukraine as the grapple, if you will.
And the rest of the world just isn't having it, folks.
So, I don't know where it goes for us from here, but the only hope we have at this point to not getting into a larger war with Russia is saner heads prevailing.
Now I don't see anybody calling for a peace talk.
Zelensky's not interested in peace.
Biden's not interested in peace.
They want war with Russia.
They want nuclear war with Russia.
They want to kill Putin, is what I really think is the case.
Or somebody wants them to.
It's just total evil.
Just, just, just complete nonsense.
But see, this isn't going to be, oh, we're going to go kill Osama Bin Laden, or oh, we're going to go kill Saddam Hussein, or oh, we're going to go kill the leader of Libya, Gaddafi, and then have Hillary Clinton laugh about it.
Or George Bush say, you're either with us or you're with the terrorists.
No, this isn't going to be that simple.
Russia is a serious, respected world power.
Vladimir Putin is a serious, respected world leader.
And Joe Biden is a bumbling old fool with a poopy diaper.
So, yeah, that's your situation.
And by the way, all the Ukrainians, I have this video, we'll play it later today on The War Room, how Ukrainian refugees are handling cultural integration in ethically diverse areas of the UK.
And the Ukrainians that fled
...who are white, are complaining there's too many black and brown kids at their schools.
Probably too many gay flags, too.
Isn't that funny?
Isn't that funny?
How that works.
Yeah, not all is as it seems.
The entitlement, though, that's definitely as it seems.
The arrogance, definitely as it seems.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The U.S.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration global social score complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI
We're good to go.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this, KE, will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, dealing with some stuff here off the air.
And I hope I'll be able to explain exactly what that is before the end of the show today.
And I kind of want to do a deep tease here because what you're going to see probably by the end of the day today, I'm hoping, as I'm hosting Double Duty today, just like I was on Friday.
And so, you know, there's a problem when you spend seven hours on the air and you read 60 news headlines.
And so what you're going to see, I'm hoping by the end of the day, is the difference between InfoWars and the corrupt news media.
And see, this is the other difference between legitimate people out there, where if you make a mistake, what's supposed to happen is they call and they demand a retraction.
And then you get the opportunity to issue that retraction, instead of getting sued for three trillion dollars.
Where in those cases, we're never asked for a retraction.
For the 10 years in between statements being made and us ending up in court, never once was a retraction offered or requested.
Would have simply been accepted if a retraction would have been offered or requested, but no, they wanted to sue us for trillions of dollars instead, so it wasn't really about the information.
So, hopefully, because I will tell you,
Like I said, when you're on air seven hours a day and you've got 30 stacks of news in front of you, and sometimes you're just picking up headlines and reading it and you miss say something, you might make a mistake.
So somebody called and said, hey, you made a mistake on this, can you offer a retraction?
And I said, I have no problem.
Not only will I offer the retraction, I want you to come on air and even tell us the truth.
See, that's how we operate here.
But all the people that lied to you about the vaccines killing you, are they ever going to do that?
I doubt it.
Alright, hour number two of the Alex Jones Show, and I'm going to start to get into some of this political news that I have on my desk, but in the break, I was listening, had the commercials running in my ear, and I heard the Bone Broth commercial from Alex Jones.
And you may remember a couple years ago, we had a viral Bone Broth commercial where
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And for you, the listening audience, 40% off with coupon code FREEALEX at checkout.
All right.
Let's go down into some of the, we'll start on the lighter end of this political news and we'll get into the more serious stuff.
But I want to highlight another good thing from Kevin McCarthy.
And I mean, if I'm being generous, if I'm being generous, I'd say I'll give McCarthy till March to start walking the walk.
I'll give McCarthy till March to start walking the walk.
He's talking the talk, and as somebody who was one of his biggest naysayers during the Speakers race, I like what I've seen so far, and I'm willing to give him till March to start walking the walk.
But there's no doubt he's talking the talk, and there's no doubt there's already been an attitude and approach change
To the Republican Party, since he's become the Speaker.
Remember, you had the George Santos situation, and that's one issue where, whatever you think about Santos, I think there's a lot of weirdness there, definitely.
To say the least of it.
But, it should be up to the people of New York.
They voted for him, that's their issue.
And McCarthy has said that.
And now we've got another instance.
And I'm going to explain why this is a good thing coming from Kevin McCarthy.
Here's Ilhan Omar.
Now, Ilhan Omar, because of her skin color and her headdress, and she's a woman and an immigrant and everything else, and maybe she's gay or I don't know, who knows?
She's been able to pull all kinds of political leverage and media leverage simply because of her skin color and her headdress.
Well, McCarthy ain't playing these games.
And so she's complaining about it.
Here she is complaining about this on Twitter.
And let's see if you catch, let's see if you catch the big tell here.
Here's Ilhan Omar.
Kevin McCarthy did nothing when Marjorie Taylor Greene said Muslims don't belong in our government.
Oh, you don't like that?
That's not what she said.
Spare me the GOP hypocrisy!
Let me just go on with the insanity from Ilhan Omar before I tell you the good news from McCarthy here.
I mean, how this woman is not sued for libel or slander, not just for the lies about Marjorie Taylor Greene and Boebert, but now Trump!
Now she says Trump dined with Nazis!
I don't remember Trump dining with Zelensky.
Said Jews have to get their act together and said
That to a group of Jewish leaders.
Ilhan Omar, what about your comments towards Israel and the Jews?
And you're going to point the finger at Trump?
Kevin McCarthy himself accused Jewish donors of trying to buy elections.
He never apologized.
Oh, Ilhan, you're the anti-Semite here.
She goes on.
Kevin McCarthy is following a well-worn playbook.
No, that's the Democrat playbook, but okay.
It has been used by demagogues throughout history and it won't work.
We will continue to out-organize and out-work the hate.
So a bunch of just word vomit there.
A little word soup salad.
Now, okay, what is the takeaway here?
Do you see the bigger picture here?
Let me bring it back to a statement at the beginning.
Let me read a couple statements and see if you pick up what I'm putting down.
From Ilhan Omar, Kevin McCarthy did nothing when Marjorie Taylor Greene said Muslims don't belong in government.
Kevin McCarthy accused Jewish donors of trying to buy elections.
He never apologized.
She says it again.
He never apologized.
He says it twice.
Oh, three times actually.
Three times in this tweet she says he never apologized.
Are you starting to get it?
You see, Democrats like Ilhan Omar have been used to running the Republican Party.
When they complain, when they lie, when they libel, when they slander, when they twist, when they take out of context, when they accuse, that's their methodology of controlling the Republican Party.
Oh, you're racist.
Oh, you're xenophobic.
Oh, you're homophobic.
Oh, you're transphobic.
They get Republicans to apologize.
And what do they get?
And they get Republicans to fight one another.
And here's Ilhan Omar complaining about how that's not Kevin McCarthy.
So I say that's a win for Kevin McCarthy!
Because the Democrats aren't running him.
And this has them furious.
They are furious that they can't control Kevin McCarthy with the threats and the libel and the slander.
You better apologize!
You better kick these Republicans off committees!
You better get rid of George Santos!
And what does McCarthy say?
Because he doesn't have to.
And he shouldn't.
That's a huge win, folks.
And I understand that all things considered, it's like a pebble in a room full of boulders, but it's nice to finally have some pebbles!
So Kevin McCartney has pebbles!
Might not have boulders yet, but he's got some pebbles!
I'll take it!
I'll take Kevin McCarthy with pebbles over a Republican Speaker of the House with nothing.
So yeah, Democrats are pissed because they can't force Kevin McCarthy to apologize and they can't force Kevin McCarthy to enact Democrat Party policy or agendas getting Republicans off committees or causing infighting in the Republican Party making others apologize.
So that's good news right there.
Democrats are pissed they don't control Kevin McCarthy.
Because that's what they're used to.
Raphael Warnock buys $1.1 million DC home as allegations of church-sanctioned evictions resurface.
Oh, he's... You know, this guy's honestly one of the biggest scumbags in the country.
There really is something to be said about posing as a religious leader and then fleecing your congregation for millions of dollars, fleecing the people renting your units and evicting them.
And then running over your wife with your car, but that's another situation.
And the Democrats just love this guy.
They love criminals, they truly do.
And some of them are such cold hard liars now, even CNN is calling them out, like Adam Schiff.
CNN's Dana Bash calls Adam Schiff out for being a liar because he said during congressional hearings that he had proof that Trump colluded with Russia.
He never provided the truth.
So some of the people at CNN are like, hey, listen, dickhead, you told us you had information and proof of it that Trump colluded with Russia.
We reported on that for four years.
You lied.
You never gave us this.
You're a liar.
And so what did Schiff say?
No, no, no, no, no.
I do have the evidence.
I do have the information.
So he lied again!
Maybe even CNN hosts will figure it out!
Now, I had already moved on from the Ukraine news, but the situation is so serious now, there's developing and breaking news on that as I'm sitting here.
So we're going to have to go back into that issue.
I'm going to put it off though, another segment or two, because I do have other news to cover.
But pretty shocking, disturbing stuff coming there.
Meanwhile though,
Third Hunter Biden email from laptop with classified information uncovered.
Classified White House conference call shared with Hunter's Ukrainian business partners and several more are coming.
Yeah, it's all well known and it's really just a matter of if anybody has the will to do a real investigation and criminal charges against the Biden crime family.
Is Joe Biden above the law or not?
That's the real question.
And so this is a follow-up to a story the Gateway Pundit had published last night.
And so it's just, the Bidens are so corrupt, they're foreign agents, they're illegal foreign agents, they're selling classified documents, they're selling U.S.
sensitive intel and information to the highest bidder.
And they are pulling out of Afghanistan for China, leaving U.S.
citizens over there, leaving our allies over there stranded.
It's just, it's so bad.
It's so bad.
In fact, you know what, since I'm on this now,
Guys, pull up the story.
I forget where it was.
You had it on the screen earlier.
Clinton... It was Clinton campaign team or whatever says that new Biden documents will bring him down.
I forget what the headline was.
But the reason why this is so significant, and most of the people won't recall this or see the bigger picture, but we've talked about it many times.
Why would the Clinton campaign be coming out and telling you that the Biden documents are real and that it's bad enough to bring down the Biden crime family?
Well, is this Hillary Clinton preparing for another presidential run?
Don't necessarily count that out.
But that's not what this is really about.
Why would Clinton aides... Why would Clinton aides be coming out and warning you
That the Biden documents are so bad that it could end his chances in 2024.
Because ladies and gentlemen, the original opposition research into Joe Biden was done by the Clinton campaign.
And they wrote in the New York Times in 2015 a hit piece colluding with Hillary Clinton's campaign team
On opposition research into Joe Biden with a veiled threat.
It wasn't the revelation.
It was the threat of the revelation.
Basically, Hillary Clinton's campaign threatening Joe Biden through the New York Times saying, hey, bud.
We've done the opposition research into you and your son Hunter, and we know about all your corrupt business dealings in Ukraine.
And if you don't bow out of the race now, so that Hillary can win, we will publish it and you will go down.
Well, that was in 2015.
And so there's no doubt Hillary Clinton is still bitter that the level of cheating they engaged in to get Biden into the office was tenfold what they did for her.
She's extremely bitter about that to this day.
So she might have a little bit of her own saltiness to get Biden out of there or expose the Biden crime family.
She could be operating in good faith with the corrupt Democrat Party that's protected her for so long to help them get Biden out.
But just understand,
And guys, you had the story on the screen earlier.
If you can't find it, it's fine.
But I don't know where it was.
But it was basically the Clinton campaign saying, nope, the Biden situation is so bad that it's probably going to stop him from running in 2024.
Well, why would the Clintons know that?
Because they did the opposition research in 2015.
They knew about Joe Biden as a corrupt foreign agent years ago.
Everybody knew.
There it is.
Ex-Clinton advisor, Biden's classified files scandal will knock him out of the race in 2024 over Sunhunter's big Ukraine bribery scandal.
Now, why would the Clinton advisors be saying that?
Because they already knew it.
They knew it all along.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Clinton is the one that got Ron Klain in there.
And now he's out.
To make the situation worse for Biden.
So that's what's going on there.
But now imagine, the New York Times is running this story today as if this is the big story.
Trump golf courses will host three tournaments for Saudi-backed Live Golf.
And so this is the big story.
Look, Donald Trump, his golf courses host a Saudi Arabian golf tournament.
In fact, three of them now.
My God!
Donald Trump is corrupt!
We've caught him!
He's hosting Saudi-backed golf tournaments!
We've caught him!
Like, that's the big story.
Like, oh, Trump-Saudi Arabia!
Oh my gosh, Trump golf tournaments!
Oh my gosh, the Live Tour!
Oh my gosh, Trump golf courses!
Like, that's the big conspiracy.
That's the big corruption story.
Joe Biden dealing with China, Joe Biden dealing with Albania, Joe Biden dealing with...
Everybody else, Ukraine, you name it?
Trump hosting a golf tournament?
That's the one.
That's the corruption we're covering at the New York Times.
Joe Biden stealing secret documents from the White House multiple times, putting them in multiple different offices, including offices that directly deal with Chinese influence, and millions of dollars coming in, and the New York Times not interested.
But Trump having a golf tournament of a Saudi-backed golf league?
Oh my gosh.
Oh, this is the one for them.
Senator Ted Cruz says FBI should search Hunter Biden's home for classified documents.
What else do you think they'd find?
Maybe some dead hookers?
Dead last ride-in with Biden comes in last place at 2023 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park.
It wasn't even close, actually.
Yeah, uh, naming your horse after Biden is probably setting yourself up for a loss.
And then you had fake Dr. Jill Biden attending the NFC Championship game in the Commissioner's Box with Roger Goodell.
She was put on the big screen at the Philadelphia Eagles game.
And, uh, there might be a lot of Eagles fans tuned in today.
I know there's one on the staff.
And, um, at risk of angering you, I will tell you that Philadelphia Eagles fans are some of the most obnoxious and intolerable sports fans on the planet.
It's well known.
But this one they got right.
So a little bonus for you.
It's like, yeah, I can't stand you.
But you know what?
You still booed Jill Biden.
And so you got that one right.
You got that one right.
I don't know, was that from when they won the Super Bowl or was that from them celebrating the game last night?
Oh, even last night they're riding?
It wasn't even a Super Bowl and they're riding!
I'm telling you, look, I love you.
I love you sports fans.
But Philadelphia Eagles fans, you guys are seriously... There's something wrong with y'all.
I don't know what they put in the water there at the link.
But at least you booed Jill Biden.
You booed Santa, but you booed Jill Biden.
And so that gives you a gold star for me.
But it doesn't even matter.
Wherever Jill or Joe Biden go, they get booed.
College football game, NFL football game, NASCAR, they put their picture on the image of a baseball game, they get booed.
Most popular president of all time.
And he's doing such great work for the economy, isn't he?
Well, it's amazing because the Democrats claim he's the best president for the economy, but then they claim how bad the economy is.
Do you recognize those characters on the screen?
Some memes can stand the test of time.
Those characters are from the original AIDS Skrillex meme.
That went massively viral from a Trump rally in 2016.
For new audience members, you may be saying, what is he talking about?
Well, for those that don't know, I used to be able to go out on the street and do man-on-the-street interviews and own the liberals, and there's all kinds of footage that you may still be able to find out there.
Most of it's been totally banned.
But we created a new genre, really, that day of street content of just going out and owning the libs.
I'm unable to do that now due to legal situations and other threats and stuff and I basically need a whole security team when I go out now, but the meme lives on.
Aides Skrillex, Carl the Cuck, and then the screaming banshee of a woman.
Just look up Aides Skrillex and you may, or Carl the Cuck, and you may still be able to find that original video from a Trump rally in 2016 where we created a new genre here, but
Being used for different purposes now.
We voted to raise taxes on property owners, not renters.
Why did our rent go up?
Only a liberal wouldn't understand the answer to that question.
But there's all kinds of evidence that this is exactly how they feel.
They're confused.
Like Nina Turner.
Now, I don't know if Nina Turner has been to the White House like so many of these other paid-for Democrat accounts on Twitter that get forced into your newsfeed.
You never follow any of these people, but you constantly see their tweets.
It's because it's paid-for Democrat Party propaganda that they force into your newsfeed.
Now, I don't know if that's Nina Turner.
It's because I haven't seen her at the White House like I have the others that literally go to the White House to get their orders.
She fits right into that category with tweets like this.
People can't afford to rent.
People can't afford food.
People can't afford the doctor.
Our current economic system is unacceptable.
Well, first of all, that's always going to be the case.
So there's really nothing you can do about that phenomenon.
But what's ironic is
All I hear out of the White House, all I heard out of Jen Psaki, and all I hear out of Karine Jean-Pierre, and all I hear out of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, is how great the economy is!
All day long, they're promoting how great Joe Biden has been for the economy, so... So why this?
It's amazing, isn't it, how Democrats can talk out of both sides of their mouth?
Democrats can have their cake and eat it too.
So under Joe Biden, it's the greatest economy ever, but also under Joe Biden, it's the worst economy ever.
Well, how does that make sense?
Well, you have to think about it from the liberal logic.
They want to be able to complain about things so that they can have the phenomenon of bigger government supposedly as the fix of the problems, as the way to remedy
These issues is more government.
So, but they also got to tell you they're the greatest people on earth.
So it's the best economy under Joe Biden, but also the economy is in real dire straits.
So we need more government to fix it.
And then here's the government fishing at Joe Biden.
Look, it's the greatest economy ever.
And then it's the worst economy ever.
We need help fixing it.
So you see this, they talk out of both sides of the mouth.
They have their cake and eat it too.
It's just another example.
But what's the reality of the situation?
The reality is that Nina Turner is right, and that the American economy is devastated under Joe Biden.
Now, she's a good Democrat propagandist, so she's not going to put that two and two together.
They can't be fully honest.
So they lie to you, and they promote Joe Biden, saying it's the greatest economy ever, but then they actually admit how bad the economy is, hoping they can solve that problem with more government intervention in your life.
But here's the real situation.
Downhill, disaster, hard times.
These are actual quotes in this poll.
Under Joe Biden, 71% of Americans say country is on the wrong track.
But Joe Biden said it's the greatest economy ever thanks to him.
And they keep bragging about the Inflation Reduction Act that they passed.
But it hasn't stopped any inflation.
Hasn't helped the economy at all.
Debbie Stabenow.
This woman looks like she's been off her meds for a while.
Or maybe on them.
Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs for American families.
What's the House Republicans' plan?
A 30% national sales tax.
None of this is honest.
None of it.
But just cut through the noise of it all.
And what is the signal?
They tell you the economy's better than ever under Joe Biden, and then they go out and they make speeches on the floors of Congress telling you how bad the economy is.
Again, I mean, how are they able to talk out of both sides of their mouth like this?
Well, because they're dishonest people, one, and two, they've never been properly held accountable for their lies and disinformation because they continue to stay in power.
This really, I think, sums it up, though.
I think that this might be where we're at, and it gives you a good idea.
Even on $100,000 plus annual salary, more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
And many people tuned in are probably understanding that exactly.
And it wasn't too long ago where most of the country, if you were making $50,000 a year, you were at least comfortable knowing that you were going to be able to afford your rent and you were not going to have an empty refrigerator when you came home and you were going to be able to put gas in your car to go to work.
Now, that's like $100,000 is that mile marker.
Now, $100,000 is that mile marker of knowing you can afford your rent, you can afford the car payments, your energy bills, everything else.
$50,000 isn't enough.
You make $50,000, you might be looking to get another job now.
That's the Joe Biden economy, which he says is doing great, by the way.
So Democrats tell you the Joe Biden economy is doing great, and then Democrats tell you how bad the economy is because you need to be making more than $100,000 a year just to afford to live.
Which Democrat opinion should we trust?
The correct answer is none of them.
It's the perfect storm.
More Americans can't afford their car payments than during the peak of the financial crisis.
For over a year, we have been dutifully tracking several key data sets within the auto sector to find the critical inflection point in this perhaps most leading of the economic indicators, which will presage not only a crushing auto loan crisis, but also signal the arrival of a full-blown recession.
It's going to be a depression, I've been saying it.
One which even the NBER won't be able to ignore as the U.S.
consumers are once again tapped out.
A month ago we said that in our view.
The moment has now arrived.
The latest data from Fitch confirms as much.
Now folks...
You have to understand, it's not just the car payments.
It's just with car payments, that's usually the first thing people stop paying because you get your car repossessed, whatever.
It's not the worst thing you're going to deal with.
People will make their house payments.
They'll make their mortgage payments first.
They'll try to pay off other debts first.
Uh, but there's metrics here, like people are behind in rent at record levels, people are behind in mortgages at record levels, not seen since Obama got elected, and now people are behind in car payments, not seen since Obama got elected.
So we haven't seen an economic disaster since the last time a Democrat got elected, and now we're seeing it again.
Still can't figure out what's wrong though, huh?
Of course, it's not just the Democrat Party, let's be perfectly fair.
There's many other issues here.
Banks brace for more consumers to fall behind on their loans.
Wall Street Journal.
Stocks are poised to hit new lows this year, investors say.
Renewable power projects slow in the United States over high costs and community opposition.
Oh, I love this one.
I love this one.
This story shows you how liberal Democrats quite literally lack the ability of, what should we call it, second tier thinking, multi-dimensional thinking.
They can't think any moves ahead.
All they can see is one move ahead.
Oh, I saw plastic waste in the ocean!
We need to save the planet!
Oh, I saw a report on CO2 emissions killing the planet!
We need to stop driving cars!
We need to stop natural gas!
But what does that really mean?
We need to fund the police!
Let's get into what that all really means on the other side.
Now here's why you should not only never take Liberal Democrat Party policy seriously,
But you should also be extremely skeptical of whatever it is they are promoting.
And I've got a couple different examples of this today.
Here's the headline from the Zero Hedge article, which is just, I think, a republish of the Epoch Times.
Renewable power projects slow in the U.S.
over high costs and community opposition.
And this isn't just the high cost of your energy bills doubling and tripling, this is the high cost of actually getting the quote-unquote renewable or green energies.
Which of course then leads to the high cost of everything else.
So, there's two, here's two examples of leftist liberal Democrat policy
That will destroy us, that they can't really think further down the line.
And you know, maybe I should get in this.
We've got an in-studio guest coming up next hour, Leigh-Anne McAdoo.
And there's something here, folks, there really is something here, to draw back from the politics for a second, and get into the psychology of it, there really is something, again, just try to not think politics for a second, there are certain people whose brains and minds, we all don't work the same, and we're learning more about this, are the visual aspects of our minds, the cognitive aspects of our minds, the retentive aspects of our minds,
And we're learning, we're starting to learn more and more that not just do people perhaps look different, but our brains act different.
Our minds are not the same.
Two people's minds do not act the same.
And we got more and more studies suggesting such.
And this to me is the perfect example.
Now, any thinking person, anybody who can think or see more than one move ahead, like in a game of chess, understands this.
But if you can't think or see one move ahead, which some people just can't, folks, their brain is just not wired that way, or they just have a dumb brain.
All jokes aside, but, I mean, it's kind of serious, maybe it's a joke, maybe it's serious, but it seems like liberals are the ones that their brains don't work well.
If you're playing a game of chess and you can't see, hell, even a game of checkers, and you can't see more than one move ahead, you're going to lose.
If you can't see more than one move ahead in a game of chess or a game of checkers, you're never going to win.
And you're going to constantly be confused, saying, why can't I win?
Oh, oops, I just got set up for a triple jump.
Oh, oops, I just got set up.
Now I've been put in checkmate.
Because they literally cannot see two moves ahead.
They literally, they literally do not have the brain function
I think?
I mean, you are superhuman.
So, but there is something special there.
There is something that is an ability.
Now, you start getting three, four, five moves ahead, now you're talking serious high IQs, serious high intelligence levels.
But we're talking about liberals, leftists, and democrats who literally can't even see one move ahead.
Not one.
Not one.
Now why am I emphasizing this?
Because now let's apply it to politics.
And let's show two examples of this.
Let's start with climate change.
And the carbon neutral agenda.
Now Bill Gates and the rest of them, they are smart.
They know the whole thing is a fraud.
They're using it to enslave, maim, and destroy and conquer humanity.
The average liberal, whose brain doesn't work very well, they literally can't see one move ahead.
The average Democrat that supports these kind of policies can't see one move ahead.
That's why they're stunned.
Oh, why is my electricity bill going up?
Why is the price at the pump going up?
Why is my gas bill going up?
Why are my grocery bills going up?
It's like, how did I get in checkmate?
How did I get jumped in checkers?
Well, you can't see one move ahead.
You didn't know when you moved your checkers piece forward that that guy was going to jump you?
You didn't know when you moved your pawn forward that the bishop was going to move you into checkmate?
You couldn't see that?
No, they couldn't see that!
You couldn't see when you shut off US gas pipelines, gas prices would go up?
You couldn't see when you shut off coal, that energy prices would go up?
You couldn't see that by eliminating this access to clean, cheap energy, your energy bills and the cost of living would go up?
You couldn't see that?
They literally can't!
Their brain doesn't work like yours!
It's not a very good brain!
So, they're stunned.
They're just stunned.
Oh, you have to get a new car battery, $15,000.
You mean my car battery isn't going to last forever?
And then, oh, you crunch the numbers, the electric car, oh, you're saving money on gas, oops, buy that second electric car battery, you've just nullified every dollar you thought you saved.
So unless you want to buy a new electric vehicle every five to ten years, you're not saving any money on gas.
But it's the same thing.
They think, oh, this just sounds great, this looks great, let's stop coal, let's stop gas.
Hey, what happened?
My gas at the pump price went up!
Hey, what happened?
My electricity bill went up!
Hey, what happened?
My grocery bill went up!
How did this happen?
I have no idea!
Hey, I moved my pawn and opened up my king.
How did I get into checkmate?
Hey, I moved my chess piece forward on the board.
I got double jumped and kinged.
How did this happen?
They literally cannot see one move ahead.
Let alone two, three, four, five, like super intelligent people might be able to see.
They can't see one.
And that's why they support this crap that they don't understand.
Renewable power projects slow in the United States over high costs and community opposition.
Yeah, pretty quickly when they're paying... Price of the pump is back up, by the way, today as well.
Why, $4 per gallon gas may return soon.
It's already up here in Texas.
It's up nationwide.
Why did my gas prices go up?
All I did was shut down gas!
All I did was shut down the pipelines!
Why did my gas prices go up?
I don't get it!
Oh, you must be a liberal!
They do not get it.
They cannot think a move ahead.
Here's another one.
Defund the police.
They can't think these things out to the conclusion, folks.
That's the problem.
This is a, call it a mental illness, or just, some people's brains are built differently.
They cannot work things out to a logical conclusion.
They can't crutch the numbers.
They literally can't even see it in their mind's eye.
They might not even be able to have a visual mind.
We're actually learning now in studies, some people do not have a visual mind.
Some people don't even, they can't even think!
But I'm not trying to get off on all these new psychological studies that are coming out.
I'm just telling you what's out there.
We're learning more and more about the human brain.
Most of it's still a mystery.
But some people literally cannot see things in their mind, they cannot think more than one move ahead.
They literally cannot do it.
Now maybe there's some brain damage there, or it's the fluoride, and maybe they can train their brain and help it and grow it, but as it stands, they can't.
Liberals can't.
And yes, it is liberals.
Here's another one, and we're seeing this all over last week and this weekend.
We have to defund the police, we have to abolish the police, we have to get rid of the police.
You clearly haven't reached the conclusion to that process, have you?
How does that go?
Either two things happen when you abolish the police.
One, you have a lawless society.
Or, essentially, anarchy.
Now, I'm not really an anarchist, but I'm all for limited government, and you know what is funny about that?
I'm the one that gets politically persecuted.
I'm the one that gets arrested for my politics.
You want to defund the police?
I'll finally be free!
How are you leftists and liberals and democrats going to arrest Owen Schroer?
How are you leftists and liberals and democrats
Gonna charge and arrest Owen Schroer when he does stuff you don't like without police!
I guess you haven't thought of that one, have you?
Oh, I guess Owen Schroer's just supposed to walk into his jail cell and just cuff himself and just die in there.
I guess that's what they expect.
You abolish the police, you're asking for either a lawless society or a militarization of the streets.
That's the only two paths abolishing the police go.
And I don't think they realize the fine, thin, blue line that holds civilization and society together, which is the police.
Now see, the globalists understand this.
The globalists understand this.
The Democrats don't.
Their brains don't work well.
The globalists do.
That's why they want to abolish the police to see America go into chaos.
But so these are two examples of how the left pushes for policies and agendas that they themselves don't understand and that they themselves literally cannot think out to their logical conclusion.
So go ahead, abolish the police.
How are you going to arrest your political dissidents?
How are you going to enforce your vaccine mandates and everything else you love so much?
In 2003, the CIA released a classified document with the subject heading, Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, a process that utilizes audio frequencies to achieve brain hemisphere synchronization.
In order to provide a thorough evaluation, the document covers the techniques of hypnosis, biofeedback, and transcendental meditation.
Thereby providing a modern scientific account of an ancient guarded knowledge of mankind's spiritual potential.
A potential that could save humanity from the mind control tactics being used to divide and enslave us.
The left brain is the mind's verbal and linear reasoning component.
It categorizes and assigns meaning to incoming stimuli and passes this resulting information to the right brain, which is non-critical and accepts whatever information it is given without question.
The left brain is the ego mind.
It operates on autopilot and can be easily swayed by external stimuli.
Most of us are unaware of this because we naturally tend to identify ourselves with the ego.
We think that the ego is who we are, but in fact it is just a part of our mental processing.
The right brain is our subconscious mind, and hypnosis is a technique of directly accessing the subconscious by disengaging the ego, giving us self-awareness and control over the subconscious mind.
Transcendental meditation achieves this by practicing single-minded concentration of drawing energy up from the base of the spinal cord and into the brain.
With practice, this visual concentration eventually polarizes the cortex, bringing both hemispheres into balance, allowing the individual to transcend the ego mind.
With biofeedback, rather than suppressing the left brain as done with hypnosis or ignoring it as done with meditation, the practitioner programs the ego mind with visualization while monitoring the physiological response, thereby programming the subconscious mind by observing the results with real-time biological feedback.
The gateway process, also known as hemi-sync, achieves this same goal by simply listening to specific audio frequencies that bring both hemispheres of the brain into synchronicity with one another.
All of these practices, some of which have been taught for millennia, have been proven effective with modern scientific tools.
The gateway process has been shown to bring the entire body into a coherent vibration of approximately 7 to 7.5 cycles per second, which then creates a resonance with the electrostatic field of the Earth.
It is believed that this resonance is what allows the practitioner to transcend time and space, or in other words, allow their consciousness to leave the body without limitation.
What we call physical matter is not solid at all.
It is more like a highly advanced holographic image made up of different frequencies.
What we experience as solid matter is actually the electromagnetic repulsion of certain frequencies.
And this includes our own physical body.
And so it is believed that the reason these practices work is because our consciousness is not being generated by our bodies, but rather our bodies are being generated by our consciousness.
Physicists have proven that the physical world is energy and define time as a measurement of change within this energy.
In order for energy to take form, it needs to be limited to a specific vibration.
Energy at rest is uniformly extended without limit.
It is everywhere at once.
This is why humans are able to remote view, which is a term used by the military for their psychic training protocol, wherein they teach an individual to transcend space and time in order to gather information remotely.
And this is how Mr. Guy Cervelli was able to drop a goat from a hundred feet away with his thoughts.
But most importantly, the suppression of this knowledge is how the government is able to program your subconscious mind for you, without you even knowing it, and control what you perceive to be reality.
Reporting for InfoWars,
Alright, Leanne McAdoo has astrally projected herself into the studio.
I tried to touch her.
She's not actually physically there.
It is some sort of a manifested projection.
I'm being facetious.
She is in studio with me, but she wants to talk about that last Gregory's Report, what the government hides from us, the power of our minds.
And, you know, I kind of have looked at this in the last two segments from the more of a negative aspect where I'm looking at how we now know, and we've talked about this before, we now we're learning more about the human mind and how not no two human minds are the same.
It's not a universal system that each of us have in our brain.
Minds and brains work differently depending on the individual.
Whether it's a visual thing, whether it's an audio thing, we're learning more about this that you might see or hear or think something completely different than somebody else just because of the way your brain works.
And so I was kind of making the analogy of
Some people literally cannot see more than one move in advance.
These are people that never win a game of chess.
These are people that probably couldn't even beat a kindergartner at checkers.
And so these are people that fall for stuff like abolish the police, stop man-made climate change, and stuff like this, which gets used against them politically.
So that's kind of a negative aspect, but there is a positive aspect about this as well.
However, the government has been doing experiments.
They know all about this stuff.
They use it against we, the people, and
It's time for us to understand what's being done behind the scenes.
I mean, it's beyond time for us to start kind of taking control of our own minds and understanding that we absolutely are being targeted in a multitude of ways.
Just the way that they control the information we're able to access, as well as the type of music that gets played on the radio and the movies that make it out and become the big hits.
Um, it's all kind of by design.
We've, you know, done reports for years about how Hollywood is kind of in collusion and the media is in collusion with the government and they have contracts and stuff to be able to access their technology and, you know, let us fly your helicopters and crash them in our movies and we'll push your propaganda kind of subliminally.
Yeah, it's a nice little beneficial relationship they get.
Yeah, some very good tit-for-tat.
So, you know, there's a lot to this.
Our brains are incredibly powerful.
If you want to talk about, you know, being created in God's image, right?
We really truly are.
Our default setting is just amazing and incredible and we've sort of forgotten that and allowed ourselves to
Now be sort of corralled and controlled.
And you were sort of talking about how all of our minds are unique.
And of course they are.
But the collective consciousness is very real.
And, you know, if you've ever been inside of inside of a huge football stadium, for instance, and there's thousands of people all stamping on the bleachers and all everyone chanting in unison for their team, there's like a very powerful energy that rises up from
There's no doubt, you get the goose bumps, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you can feel that.
And so when you... And there's a chemical response to it too.
And it's a harnessable energy.
Now, if you've talked to any musicians or any, you know, athletes who are out there who are feeling that energy from the crowd, they feel that energy and it like motivates them and pushes them or the band is like, you know, they can get everyone waving their hands back and forth.
It is a harnessable energy.
And people in power, you've seen it like with Hitler, for instance, his marches are a perfect example of millions of people all lined up in unison and just like caught up in this collective consciousness.
And so people do, you know, you have to be aware of how your mind is being sort of corralled and, you know, get angry at that over there.
And we've seen this scaled, too.
This is scalable.
We've seen it.
You can point to many examples with 50,000, 100,000 people, but even they've done studies with 5, 6, 10 people in a room where, I forget the name of the study, we highlighted this during COVID with the mask issue, where
In a controlled experiment, they'll have, say, five people in a room, and they'll say, all you need to do is tell us which line on the screen is the longest line on the screen.
And they'll show you four lines, and line C will clearly be longer than line A, B, or D. But the four people in the group that are controlled, they always say the smaller lines are the longest in this controlled experiment, and then eventually, usually by the third or fourth round, even the guy that's not controlled is saying the smaller lines are longer, just because the other people in the room are saying it.
It's the group think and not wanting to look foolish or, well, gosh, everyone else sees it.
Something must be wrong with me.
And that really is a strong testament to how important it is for us to get back to our own discernment and get back to our own inner strength and our own mind and make sure that what is happening inside of our own minds is the truth.
This report, this gateway process, Greg Reese's report, did a great job at kind of summing that up and then going beyond to sort of say that there's so much more to our human potential.
This is just one declassified experiment that was going on in the CIA that came out in June 1983.
They were working on this.
It was declassified, I think, in 2003.
And, you know, millions of people were made aware of it.
Then, of course, it's now come back around.
Gotten repopularized because of TikTok and so now a lot of other younger people are being introduced to this information and we've already kind of...
Collectively been more introduced to yoga and meditation and hypnosis.
And so 50 years ago when they were first starting to study these things, scientifically anyway, it was kind of woo-woo.
It was weird and no one believed it.
But now the younger generations, they'll just soak all this up.
And so, you know, it's very interesting to see it being introduced to
We're ready for it, is kind of what people are saying, is that we're ready to see that missing 25th page of how the Taurus energy works in our brains.
And, you know, it's time.
And so this is information that they have been sort of studying and it's been classified for decades.
But we're ready to sort of, to receive this information and start applying it in our life.
This is what got me interested in studying hypnosis.
And, you know, just the power of hypnotherapy and also using Hertz frequencies and brain entrainment to just sort of recalibrate and come back to that resting state of just truth, really.
So many people kind of walking around like wounded and not even realizing that their thoughts are projecting out into reality.
Um, you know, so when you're focusing on fear or devastation or pain or, you know, torture, um, you don't realize that you're actually reflecting that out and attracting more of that into your life.
And this, this gateway process talks about, talks about basically the hologram, this holographic nature of reality that we are living in and how important it is to sort of work on your mind and your brain and, um,
You know, get it, get it into a, it's called hemi-sync, but sort of get the left and the right brain in coherence with each other, so that they're not actively working against each other.
Well, and, you know, you bring up the issue of the brain damage, and so I kind of have, like there's a, there's a...
There's for me, there's a two different responses.
There's the fight-or-flight kind of survival of the fittest response, which is like if you're going to go get that COVID vaccine three, four, five times and die, then so be it.
That's the more animalistic side to me.
But then there's the compassionate side.
Then there's the human side that says, no, no, no, wait a second.
You've been brain damaged.
I mean, you've literally been brain damaged.
This would be like... I make the comparison of if you see a war veteran who had his leg blown off fighting a war in, let's say, Afghanistan, and coming up to them and saying, oh, you're an idiot.
You went and fought in war.
You lost your leg.
Well, no.
They were told they wanted to go fight this war.
They were told why they were going to fight this war.
I'm not gonna... I'm not gonna...
Say, hey, the good guy who went over there and lost his leg for a good cause is dumb because he did so.
And to me, it's like it's the same thing.
It's like you got tricked.
You got brain damaged.
You really believe this vaccine was going to help you.
So I actually do feel bad.
You're actually a victim.
You have now a victim of brain damage.
Right and I appreciate that you are having some compassion for people because we really do need that more in this world.
It's like we can't help it that perhaps we grew up in a home that there was a lot of abuse or neglect and now we take that on with us through the rest of our life.
We sort of
Ride through life with this feeling of unworthiness or unlovability and then you go out and you want to control your environment and control everyone around you or project that self-hatred onto others and so there is you know a good this is a good time for care but I mean after the break I'd love to talk about you know that fear programming and how it leaves you in that beta brainwave state that's highly controllable.
And now with the modern technology and the screen time and even the virtual reality, this is an even bigger issue.
The juxtaposition is even greater.
We'll be right back with Leanne McAdoo.
This is a live look inside Leanne McAdoo's brain.
We're still studying it.
We're still trying to figure out how it works.
Me too.
Some are probably wondering if they can smoke it and get high off of it.
That's what Hunter Biden is asking.
But no, getting serious though, you were discussing this in the last segment, how the youth is more interested in this stuff, and you're seeing, you know, whether it's TikTok or other social media platforms where they're discussing this stuff, and I think that's because the juxtaposition is so different now with
The majority of their time is probably now spent in front of a screen, whether it's at home, whether it's at school, versus even, I mean, heck, even, even...
Growing up myself, I mean, we had video games, we had TVs and stuff, I didn't have the smartphone and the cell phone, but even with that, I spent most of my days outside.
I still rode bikes, I still climbed fences, I still skipped rocks, I still climbed cliffs, I scraped my knee, you know, there was still kind of that, the balance of human and nature wasn't so out of sync, but even you go back 50 years, but now it's like,
That balance almost doesn't exist.
So now it's the phenomenon or the trend of nature bathing, right?
Where it's like, oh, going out in nature is bathing.
Well, that used to be called Tuesday.
So now the youth is so into the fake realm that they're looking for anything to give them something real again, even if it's way out there, like, let me go into my mind and figure out how it works.
Right, and it definitely makes it easier to comprehend the simulation theory that we're all kind of living in a simulation, this one big computer game, and you know, it just sort of, it makes sense when you kind of grow up in that world where all of your thoughts, I mean, not yet, allegedly, but now we have to actually say the words out loud and our phone will pop it up for us.
Oh, I just heard you were talking about this.
Yeah, now you've got a book recommendation, now you've got a purchase recommendation.
Yes, and soon they'd like to be able to, when we just think it, then it'll send the signals.
And they're working on that.
Everything is just energy, right?
And so it's just figuring out how to hack into the brain, hacking into those waves, the wavelengths that we're always constantly emitting.
I personally don't think we're anywhere near that.
Well, so we've kind of forgotten the BRAIN initiative during the Obama administration where, you know, billions of dollars in funding.
I know Paul Joseph Watson did lots of reports on that.
But just all of the, what happened to that?
Where'd all that money go that we spent basically just to figure out how the brain works and what we can do with it, how we can hack it.
And unfortunately, DARPA always tries to take this technology first and turn it into a weapon before it kind of gets passed along to the masses.
And they're slowly starting to trickle it out.
Now they're sort of talking about how sound is going to be helping destroy brain tumors and help with autoimmune disease, people that have seizures and different types of things like that.
Which are all just frequencies.
And it's like, ooh, this is going to come around someday.
But people have been studying this and trying to prove that this is a thing for decades now.
But of course, you know, big pharma or, you know, just that whole industry doesn't want people to necessarily access the
Oh, well, of course.
Imagine if you could naturally heal yourself with sound waves.
I mean, that might be the extreme far side of healing, but even with just natural products, like even just fruit, like they don't want you to know about fruits that can help you stay healthier, or even some believe can cure cancer.
Or oxygen, even oxygen!
Heaven forbid you'd hear, you know, what they taught you in elementary school about you are what you eat and how food is.
Well, cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, probably a trillion.
Right, exactly.
And there's so many people that they push their kids to be doctors or lawyers, which means we're going to be in this perpetual state of being sick and sued in order to prop up that system.
It's just self-perpetuating.
But yes, it would be really wonderful if we could
Just take it on ourselves, our own initiative, to sort of hack our own brains and understand for ourselves.
The information is out there if you go and look and just kind of try to understand a little bit about how you can hack your own brain.
I mean, you can go listen to these binaural beats or Hertz frequencies.
They're all over YouTube.
Do you do that?
Of course I do.
It's one of the reasons why I am a hypnotherapist.
It works for you? 100%.
Yes, and there's even... Show me the science.
I have the document.
You were close!
You're supposed to say, I am the science.
That's why people are like, yeah, oh yeah, you drink raw eggs.
Well, show me the science.
Bitch, I am the science!
I don't see any six-pack.
That's because my clothes are on.
That's a good thing.
So, yes.
Well, I'm not Jeffrey Toobin.
So, is that the man who's spending two million dollars a year to... No, I forget Leanne Mackinney is way out of the political spectrum.
She might... No, Jeffrey Toobin was masturbating on a camera.
Oh, that's right.
A CNN host.
Oh, that's right.
Yeah, I blocked that one out of my brain because... Back!
Back, baby!
I've injected it!
I tap in every once in a while to the sardoodledom, and that's the kind of stuff you see, and it's like, oh yes, we are still being programmed by master debaters who don't even get fired for doing that.
Oh, imagine, you turn on CNN, there's Jeffrey Toobin.
He's here with the hard-hitting news that you can trust.
These are degenerates.
And this kind of all ties back into how our world is being controlled and led and steered by people who have never really kind of hacked into why am I a degenerate that would do that on a Zoom call.
Or they've never tried something else.
They don't even know what it's like on the other side.
We have all these wounded people just walking around the planet.
On the one hand, you want to give people, you know, compassion in that regard, and let's all start trying to maybe help each other heal those wounds.
But on the other hand, stop giving your power to these people who are just wounded, and potentially evil, and maybe even psychotic break.
Well, like, imagine, you could, you could
Let's say you're an advanced civilization or advanced species or something, and you could go and you find a life form that is clearly less intelligent, and you can take it one or two ways.
You can say, oh, I'm going to conquer this life form, and I'm going to make them my slaves, essentially, or I'm going to empower them and make them more prosperous to get them on my level.
Right, and that's what I... And we know the globalists, well, we know how they feel about us humans.
Yeah, absolutely.
And that is why I have taken it upon myself to unplug from all of that and to plug in to these other things that are actually going to help me reach my potential.
And we all have this inside of us.
It's just informing yourself.
And I know Alex is talking about this all the time.
That's why he's come up with so many incredible products to help people.
But just, you know, the brainwave states.
I mean, even just understanding how
News media and that fear programming, it emits a certain frequency that keeps your brain in this beta wave state.
Those are the waves that are going on when you're in fear thinking, when you're in that fight-or-flight mode.
Most people are in their beta wave thinking state all the time.
Or when they're asleep, they'll go into the delta frequencies.
But for the most part, people are always going to be in that beta.
It's very controllable.
And if you want to put someone into a very light state of hypnosis, we do it all the time.
If you suspend your consciousness watching a movie, watching the news, it pulls you into that frequency.
Well, let's give a real-world example before we take this break.
I think COVID is the best real-world example.
You tune on the TV.
You're told this virus is killer.
It's gonna kill you.
It's gonna kill your grandma.
Okay, you're in the state of fear.
Now you're walking around.
You see the masks.
You see the lockdowns.
You see the barriers.
Now the state of fear continues.
And now, guess what?
You're in the state of fear.
You've just been told to take this vaccine.
Now you've just had a sudden cardiac event.
See how that works?
Yeah, you look to the leader.
Save me!
We'll be right back.
Save me!
And Leigh-Anne McAdoo in studio.
And I don't know if confirmation bias is the right term for this because, quite frankly, the subject material here does not get covered in your college psychology classes.
But I think that it might be the most relevant example or terminology to use here.
Where we're discussing this, hey, you know that line C is the longest line on the slide, but everybody else in the room keeps saying it's line B, so I'm just going to say it's line B, and I'm going to go along to get along.
Or whether it's the mass formation psychosis like we witnessed with the Nazis in Germany, or what we're witnessing today, quite frankly.
But, here's why they
Put the gay flag in the classroom.
Put the Black Lives Matter flag in the classroom.
Tell trans kids they're beautiful.
You know, men can be women.
Men in the women's locker room.
It's all this surrounding you with this propaganda that obviously makes no sense.
Men can't get pregnant.
Men can't have periods.
Men are not women.
This is not even up for debate.
But when they flood the zone with that propaganda, and you're forced to consume it from you're a kid, well then all of a sudden, you think it's real.
It becomes reality.
And why are kids, why is this anything that they should be worrying their brains about anyway?
Why aren't we learning about human potential?
Why aren't we learning more about how to enhance our cognitive abilities, psychic abilities?
I mean, the CIA is trying to work on astral projection and remote viewing so that they can, you know, get military access without having to actually physically travel to
I don't
Other stuff that's kind of like this hidden kind of occulted information while we're all fighting about you know gay Wedding cakes being baked and stuff and it's like I get it that stuff matters, but it's like they keep us Constantly bickering and fighting over things that we have absolutely no control over Which keeps us again in these beta wave states of just like fear confusion and
Depression, anxiety, you know, so we're in this constant state of anxiety.
Oh, what should I do?
I just I have no control over anything and then of course because we are animals, you know, it's like our animal instinct.
We always want to then look to the leader when we are afraid or we need answers or solutions.
That's actually part of how hypnosis works is just understanding that
Humans are basically high-grade animals, and so they're going to look to the leader when they get put into a state of shock.
And then you're there as the hypnotist to be able to kind of ease them into this state of relaxing their left brain, relaxing their conscious mind, so that they can put that to the side and allow new suggestions and possibilities to come in.
Well, here's why I bring up the issue with the propaganda aimed at the children.
Is because what they can do is they can destroy your own instincts before you have fully formed your brain so that you are a healthy adult with a functioning brain.
They destroy it when you're a kid.
Here's an example.
I don't want to scoop.
There's a reporter that's about to come out with this story, so I don't want to scoop them.
But basically, there's an establishment here in Texas.
Much like some of the public schools where they put tampons and feminine products in the boy's bathroom.
And so there's an instance, again I don't want to scoop this reporter, but I'm, you know, just to use this as a subject material here.
A young boy goes into the boy's bathroom and sees feminine products.
And this boy is young enough to not fully understand but old enough to have an idea, right?
See you next time!
Well now he's getting the propaganda and sadly in this case the father didn't know what else to say except that, oh well now men can be women too and so you have to have these products.
And so the point is, no, that young boy in the men's room understands boys are boys, girls are girls.
Inherently knows that basic fact.
You really don't even need to go to school to figure that out.
You probably figured it out.
But, okay, there they are.
He thinks he's figured it out.
He thinks he understands the world.
Now, boom!
Here's this piece of propaganda put right in front of him.
It confuses him.
And instead of having somebody there saying, no, no, no, no, this is propaganda out to destroy your brain.
Instead, it's, oh, men can be women now.
And now, you've just reset his entire instincts.
You've just reset his entire inherent understanding of biology with just one little piece of propaganda.
Absolutely, and children up until about the age seven are like constantly in this state of hypnosis where they can be, they're just soaking everything up like a sponge and that's why they... Impressionable!
Very impressionable.
That's why most of the traumatic, you know, things that might happen when you're a kid, something can happen and that just sets a belief for the whole rest of your life.
And so they're incredibly impressionable.
Their minds are just always open.
Up until about maybe 14 years old, you know, depending on how how you mature.
But for the most part kids and that that is why it's like we need to get in there young.
We're going to start talking to them about sex in kindergarten.
Why are children even needing to have this type of information?
Well, it's because they are ripe.
Their minds are ripe.
They are absolute sponges and here in this gateway process again, it talks about how
I don't know.
So that the left brain can then materialize it and actualize it.
And that's why we are incredible and our brains are, we have these two sides to us because we are kind of like a super cute computer, if you will, to where we have the creative capacity to sort of tap into that infinite wisdom that gives us an idea.
And then we now are able to process it through and turn it into a reality tangible that we can see here in the 3D.
So that's why when you're working with young
Minds young impressionable minds you're giving them this planting these seeds of information that is going into their very fertile soil of their brain So now they're thinking and imagining it and visualizing it and it then gets filtered through and becomes
Reality kind of in the future and that's what I like my nephew.
He's he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up I'm like the things that are going to be there when it's time for you to to get to work don't even exist yet They haven't even been invented yet And it's all of these younger people who are having new information put in their brains They're coming up with new creative things that we haven't even thought of yet and then they're never even have been there never even existed and
Right, and they're going to be actualizing these things kind of in the future, which is wonderful and incredible and awesome, as long as we're allowing our minds to be just infinite possibility.
But think about it, that's the problem.
This is what you need to think, and it goes against all science from beyond.
This is one of the things that has been driving me, before I even got into politics, I always saw this, and that's
Instead of injecting the youth with ideas that don't empower anybody, that don't build a future at all, it destroys the future actually, we should be building a youth that says, hey, you see problems, guess what?
You're the problem solver.
You're the person that solves the problem.
You see the traffic going in and out of the city?
You're the person that invents the new way of travel.
You see the problem with homelessness or whatever goes on?
You're the person that motivates people to get out.
You're the person that solves the issue.
We take away real issues that we could solve to empower humanity, and we inject it with fake issues like, hey, you're a little boy, but you actually might be a little girl.
And that's a good thing.
They're also, they're like, no, we don't want to work in your old paradigm anymore.
We're ready to do something new.
And so that's what the old world order is very afraid of.
How can we control the minds now to continue to be in control in the new world?
And that's why they're hitting the youth with more propaganda than we've ever seen.
All right.
One more segment with Leanne McAdoo.
I want to tie all of this into gut health, because believe me, folks, it all starts there.
We'll explain that on the other side.
Final segment here with Leanne McAdoo in studio and I want to get into how this all ties in to the gut because people need to understand there has been an attack on your gut with the synthetic food and you know we've talked about this I know Leanne you've talked about this and we've sold products trying to address this with the the prebiotics and the bacteria and everything but basically what happens in your modern diet is
You're not getting any of the good gut flora and gut bacteria.
In fact, most of the food you're eating is actually destroying that.
And the gut flora and the gut bacteria that, quite frankly, has maybe even been there for millions of years.
I'm not exaggerating.
And this is why this is such an important thing with the gut health.
There's a reason why the saying, go with your gut, actually, there's truth to that.
Because you, maybe before the modern day diets, have inherited
A wealth of information and experience and even an immune system from your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great
And so that's why you share an immune system with your family and it gets passed down and passed down and passed down.
So through your gut bacteria and the gut health passed down you have years and years, generations and generations of knowledge and understanding.
But once they get the, now on your bad diet, and you've basically erased your entire family history, you've erased everything that's been learned throughout your lineage, just by killing all the gut bacteria.
They know that!
And so now they've reset your gut, you've lost the thousands of years of knowledge and experience through your gut, and now they can reset it and tell you men are women, everything's gay, and everything else that goes on.
This is a very serious issue that not many people understand or appreciate that I think we're really maybe on the verge of understanding.
It is incredible.
There is a reason why they call the gut the second brain.
I mean, there's your nervous system is actually from the brain to the gut.
It is just there's almost before you can even think something, your gut is responding because it has the same receptors that your brain has in your gut.
And so, of course, if you are
It's like no wonder that so many people are walking around just sort of sick and depressed.
It is so sacred and that's why they don't want women breastfeeding because they don't want that special generations of knowledge passed on.
Right, or their natural immunity.
No, you need to go get the vaccine for it.
We can't just do it the way that it's always been done and that we were designed.
Our bodies are magnificently designed in order to just keep us healthy and keep us moving on and evolving.
So I think that's a big issue people need to be aware of, and that's why you need to monitor your diets, monitor your gut health, and it causes so many problems, not just obviously with the body, but with the mind.
Were you the one that was talking to me about being afraid to do any intestinal cleanses?
Yeah, well, the parasite cleanse, yeah.
Yeah, because your parasites might actually be giving you your edge.
We were talking about this.
I said, you know, I'm thinking about doing a parasite cleanse, but part of me is afraid to because I don't want to lose
Something goodness, right?
Maybe lose some good bacteria or like you said, lose my edge.
Like I get rid of my parasites, all of a sudden, am I a different person?
You very well could be.
And I think that's why dogs kind of have that instinct when you, they can tell who's your family member.
Cause you all sort of have that same microbiome you share.
And they can smell it.
And I think that's definitely what it is.
And so for sure, getting control of the gut, getting control of the brain, the mind, it all absolutely starts
It starts with your diet, really, but then there's just simple things that we can do that, here's the science, and I have some video if you guys wanted to pull up B-roll so people can see if they're watching.
And this is information that's been around for a long time as well, but you know what, consider this your prompt to look into it again, to maybe reapply it back in your life, but it was Dr. Masaru Emoto and water consciousness, and people have seen those videos where the water molecules actually would
I think?
Crystalize based on if you say you know love and gratitude versus you disgust me or you make me sick I hate you and it can it just actually goes from like a sacred geometrical form to just like chaos and noise
But doesn't that kind of actually prove the power of the mind?
Because noises out of your mouth really don't make the difference.
It's what the meaning behind them that you know when you say it.
That's the prayer.
When you're praying, you're actually putting sound with intention.
And so the water molecules, he actually took some
I don't
We're good.
Speak kindly to yourself.
A lot of times people will be nice to other people.
Hey, how you doing?
Oh, nice to see you.
And then they talk to themselves.
Oh, you're so stupid.
Oh, you messed up again.
Can't believe you're never going to amount to anything.
Like we're so mean to ourselves and like it all starts with us and each cell in our body and we contain so much water
Imagine all the water molecules within our body that are just looking like these jagged-edged crystals, and it could be just as simple as speaking kindly to yourself that you are recalibrating kind of your molecular structure.
And now I see the dangers of social media even more so, where
I mean, you know, Kim Kardashian's the low-hanging fruit, but we'll use her as an example, where young girls see this woman who's completely fake, face is fake, body is fake, life is fake, everything is fake about her, but they see the picture and it looks real, like, wow, how come I can't look like that, or how come I don't have billions of dollars, or how come everything in my life isn't joyful and blissful like Kim Kardashian?
Well, none of that's true.
None of that's true.
Her life is probably, she probably has the same problems that you have behind the scenes, and her body is entirely fake, but young girls see that and they think, oh wow, I must be bad, I can't, I don't look like that, I can't look like that, and so now you have this negative feedback because of the social media.
Right, and that's actually why I shut my social media down for a while because I just- We're not going to plug your socials here?
If you want to follow me, I'll come back on and say hi to you for sure, but it's just,
We just kind of need a little bit of quiet time from all that.
There's a lot of noise, it's a lot of din, and it's just like, you know, and you never have the opportunity to just kind of have that peace and stillness.
Go outside.
What do I really want at this point in my life?
Who am I?
Versus being constantly bombarded with whatever's trendy or, you know, whatever they want you to buy.
Buy this.
You don't need it, but buy it.
And of course, advertisement, that's been around forever.
More now than ever, we need to be taking back control of our consciousness because the CIA is figuring out how to weaponize our consciousness, how to use our consciousness.
Oh, well, look, when I see thousands of people in Texas marching to murder babies, I know that they've had their collective consciousness stolen and taken over.
Absolutely, and the collective consciousness is there in the fourth dimension, and it is absolutely harnessable.
And that's why people need to kind of understand, pay attention to the groupthink, pay attention to the groups that you're with, and do you agree with what everyone's kind of saying?
Because believe me, your energy is being harnessed to kind of do that work.
It is powerful, but we all are.
Just as simply, if we can just start speaking nice things into our own life, our own brain, that's why the affirmations and things are so incredibly powerful, because it just starts to reflect out into our world.
And even if you can only just start with your own world, it might help a little bit to take a lot of that fear frequency.
I actually think that's so key, is how can you encourage others to be better if you're not going to be your best self?
It's all a mutual thing.
You have your own confidence, and you be the best person you can be, and then you pay that forward by living by example and encouraging other people.
And that's it.
It really is that simple.
That really is it.
Obviously, there's a big world out there, and we can think of it, but we don't have control over that.
The only thing we have control over is our own selves.
So you have to start there.
Leigh-Anne McAdoo, great to have you back in studio.
And soon you're going to have a new special project you're going to be announcing, is that correct?
Yes, and I will be on the show to announce a new special project.
Alright, so there you go.
There's a deep tease here.
New special project from Leigh-Anne McAdoo.
I'm sure there's no members of the audience that would want to be hypnotized by you.
I'm sure that that's not going to be a big thing at all.
Okay, I've got some business to take care of here quickly.
On Friday, I covered a story from the Gateway Pundit.
Headline is the Marco Polo Group editing documents found on Hunter Biden's laptop.
And the Marco Polo Group has since reached out and has demanded a retraction and they've said that they are not editing documents but there is a simple confusion on the timestamps because of time zones and so therefore the insinuation or report that they are editing emails is inaccurate.
In fairness, just so everybody is understanding what's going on here, again, I read this Gateway Pundit report on Friday.
Marco Polo sent us a voicemail demanding a retraction of me reading this and covering this on the air.
And I, we have offered for them, because in the voicemail they said they want it corrected, they demand it, and they want to discuss it, and so we offered to have them on the air to correct the issue, and unfortunately we haven't heard back.
And so I'm just gonna do the retraction now, and hopefully put this thing to rest.
Even though to the Marco Polo Group that was listening and got this and demanded the retraction today, we offered you the platform to come on here and correct the record.
We did not hear back from you.
And so I'm just doing the retraction now as you demanded.
So they want you to know the Marco Polo Group is not editing Biden emails.
There is a confusion over the time zones in the emails.
Now, there you go.
Simple as that.
I don't claim to be perfect.
If I make a mistake, I'll correct the record.
And if I make a mistake, all you have to do is ask for a retraction.
It's not that big of a deal.
I'm not a conscious liar.
I don't have an agenda.
And I'm not here to fool anybody.
But it's funny that some groups don't even want to give us the opportunity to offer a retraction.
They'd rather sue us for a trillion dollars.
So, at least Marco Polo is not guilty of that.
But there you go.
Want to correct the record from last Friday.
Marco Polo is not editing emails.
Any confusion over my reporting, I hope will be put to rest.
Having said that, Gerald Cilente is about to take over.
And here is a new report from Paul Joseph Watson.
Finland proudly announced that it would be including the world's first trans figure skater at the European Figure Skate Championships.
Markku Pekka Antikainen took up the sport aged 50, declared himself trans, and then started performing under the female name Mina Maria.
The European Championships performance was heralded as a stunning victory for diversity and inclusivity.
One problem... Mina Maria can't skate.
Come on, here we go.
Here they comes.
Come on, you go, girl.
You got this.
Hold it.
Hold it.
And turn.
And ready, go!
And now... Oh, sh**.
Well done.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
Get up.
Get up.
It's alright.
Get up.
Try again.
Come on.
Send in the flag, girls.
Uh, yeah.
Help him up.
I mean, help her up.
Get the flag.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Mina Maria.
You can go.
You can go.
It's not like they weren't warned.
Mina Maria previously competed at the 2020 Juna Cup.
And for that stunning, skilled, energetic performance, the judges awarded second place.
Zero hedge comments.
Similar to the way in which children competitors are sometimes given special treatment because judges are afraid to hurt their feelings, the culture of participation trophies and special allowances for trans participants is slowly erasing competitive environments and turning athletics into a joke.
Okay, transphobe.
All I see is a culture of
Stunning bravery.
The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
It was their final, most essential command.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars.
And yeah, get that bone broth, do everything you can to support InfoWars, because it's only going to get a lot worse.
And they're going to censor us more and more and more.
You know, tomorrow, the Fed, well, not tomorrow, Wednesday, Wednesday, the Fed is going to announce how much they're going to raise interest rates.
This is very important.
Because the more they raise interest rates, the deeper the economy is going to sink.
And the economy is on a downbeat already.
When you look at the lousy sales, the retail sales in December, you know, oh my God, you know, that's the time when sales go up.
That's what we celebrate Christmas for.
Nothing about the birth of the Prince of Peace.
We only celebrate how high are the sales going up, and they didn't go up.
It was a lousy year for retail.
They went up a little.
When you put inflation into it, you know, people are spending more and buying less.
So, in looking at the whole situation here,
If they raise them 25 basis points, here's our trend forecast.
The markets are going to shoot much higher.
And so too will gold prices.
Because they're going to pump more cheap dough into there.
To keep the artificial economy up.
If they raise them 50 basis points, bam, boom, down it goes.
And gold will go down too.
Gold prices will go down.
Commodity prices go down.
It'll go down.
But how long will gold go down?
And again, I don't, I'm not selling anything here.
We have no products on the Trends Journal.
Last week, I think that there was a magazine with like 163 pages, no ads.
You know, we give you everything we can, TrendsJournal.com.
So I'm not selling gold.
I'm telling you our trend forecast.
Gold will then start going up again, because the economy is going to go way down.
And that's what happens when things get really bad.
You go for that safe haven asset.
All you have to do is go back to, you know, the panic of OA.
Yeah, how the smart people started buying gold.
Knew that things would get worse.
Because if you believe the government lies, you believe lies.
Speaking of Christmas sales and liars... You know, the only thing that they talk about during the Christmas season is, you know, Santa Claus is coming to town.
And again, as a kid, that's all I ever wanted, you know?
But anyway... Nosey, you've been sleeping.
Knows that you've been bad or good, so good for goodness sake!
Yeah, bad or good.
Depends what you call bad, you know?
So anyway, uh, they don't talk at all about what Christmas is really about.
It's the birth of Jesus Christ.
Now this isn't a religious sermon, you know.
I'm not doing any of that.
I'm just saying what it's about, you know.
Washington's birthday, because it's his birthday!
So, Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.
And banned from the American media and the Western media is anybody talking about peace.
All these little lowlife little boys and girls, these little media whores, these prostitutes,
All they talk about is war.
And how are we going to beat the Russians?
And they bring on these little pieces of nothing garbage clowns, telling them what's next.
Oh yeah, hey, bring on more American generals!
Yeah, they're general losers that haven't won a war.
Ask them what's gonna happen.
And, oh, Putin's being, you know, defeated.
Hey, how about little Georgie Bush?
The 20-year war in Afghanistan.
Where were you little media whores then?
Well, we're always awesome, ain't we?
We bend over and take it.
We get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and our government whoremasters.
I'm little Donnie Lennon.
I'm Anderson Cooper.
I'm another piece of crap on NBC, ABC, CBS, FU, and I can't say the other two letters.
But the Y.O.U.
at the end.
Nothing about peace.
And speaking of pieces of crap and liars, we got one called Joe Biden.
My religion defines me, defines who I am.
That's a quote.
My religion defines who I am.
This is what B.S.
Biden said during a presidential debate back in 2012.
I've been a practicing Catholic my whole life.
You're not a practicing Catholic.
You abhor the Prince of Peace.
A little clown boy, arrogant president.
You supported every war since you've been in the government for 60 years.
What Catholic you talking about?
Hey, I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic school.
What are you talking about?
I know the religion.
You're not a practicing Catholic.
You are a practicing murderer.
You loved every war.
And how you put down people that were against it, like Scott Ritter, saying there were no weapons of mass destruction in ties to Al-Qaeda.
That arrogant you!
That arrogant you, like all those little arrogant politicians.
What Prince of Peace are you talking about?
You don't support the Prince of Peace.
You support the devil of war.
You're a war whore.
And I'll call that to your face, you arrogant boy who beat the Vietnam War draft.
Oh yeah, you're a couple of years older than me, right in the same time.
Oh, all those deferments you got?
Oh, you were a tough guy.
Oh, don't worry about my deferments.
I'm going to go there to fight!
I'm not sure this is appropriate, but there is a tradition in America that the President has what is called a command coin that he gives to warriors and leaders.
And you are the most significant warrior for peace I've ever met.
That's what Biden is heard saying to Pope Francis when he met him back in October 2021.
Oh, Prince of Peace?
What warrior for me?
Well, the Pope says a couple of things.
What warrior?
What warrior?
Where are all the religions coming out against the war?
Total Witnesses?
Where are you all?
Where are all the religions?
My religion defines who I am.
My religion defines who I am.
I've been a practicing Catholic my whole life and is particularly informed by social doctrine.
Catholic school doctrine talks about taking care of those who can't take care of themselves.
People who need help.
Yeah, you need help.
I never miss Mass.
It's part of who I am.
You're a war monger.
You're a murderous war monger.
You are not a practicing Catholic as Jesus Christ would see it.
And he ain't alone.
You're all over the place.
We're gonna be right back.
Support InfoWars.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yep, there's your Trends Journal.
In-depth trends analysis and trend forecasting that you won't find anywhere else.
Nowhere, no way, no how.
And we're doing everything we can to give you the best we can.
You know, one of our writers is Joe Duran.
He's come out with a new book.
Essays on the degrowth, decarbon, decrypto war on real human progress.
Joe Duran.
Check this one out, man.
This guy writes our technocracy columns.
Way ahead.
Way ahead.
Again, in-depth trends analysis and trends journal.
Trends research.
Trends analysis.
We forecast what's going to happen.
In depth that you won't find anywhere else in the technocracy section of this thing by Duran.
Anyway, going back to when I was left off with Biden, a hypocritical Catholic.
He's not a practicing Catholic.
Again, he's the antithesis of the Prince of Peace.
And there's a whole line of these little clowns that are running our lives and ruining them and telling us what to do.
This is a transcript I got from, I had my staff do for Senator Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal, Senators in Sheldon Whitehouse.
You know, Sheldon Blackhead, Dumbhead.
Lindsey, did you come out of the closet?
Yeah, Graham and Richard B.S.
That we, that these, that these little clowns, that these little jerks are in charge of our life!
You gotta be out of your mind!
Well, we are!
We're good Americans!
Don't forget to vote!
Don't forget to vote!
Repulsifkin or Democrat!
Oh, here they are!
Both on both sides!
Got them right here!
Graham and the other two clowns were out in Ukraine.
This little boy that couldn't fight his way out of the paper bag.
Another guy that loves every war.
They were over in Ukraine.
On January 21st.
Eight days ago.
The Congress just authorized, this is Graham, the Congress just authorized $45 million L.A.
package to help Ukraine expel Russia.
President Zelensky said, we are not asking for charity.
We are asking for an investment.
What investment?
I want to invest in America, my country's rotting over here.
Hey, you been to L.A.
You like all those homeless people everywhere?
And the people have lost their houses because of the banksters?
And here is what I tell American taxpayers in South Carolina.
The reason I am asking you to help Ukraine is because if we do not stop Putin here, he will keep going.
Fat face!
Yeah, you're a little younger than me.
You don't remember the Vietnam War, do you?
If we don't stop those commies in Vietnam, those dominoes are gonna keep falling.
Same lying crap coming spewing out of the mouths of crap heads like William F. Buckley Jr.
Yeah, you know what that F is for?
Yeah, you at the end.
An arrogant guy and all the prostitutes bow down and suck up to him.
Just like they put Clowns Like You on.
Hey, but they don't have Celente on Fox anymore.
Used to be on all the time.
Don't have me on NBC anymore.
Used to be on the Today Show.
A lot.
Oh, Oprah, only twice.
Yeah, ABC, NBC, CBS, been on all of them many, many times.
CNBC, you're blackballed, Celenti!
You unlike us meteors!
You get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and government whoremasters.
You, Solenti, are an arrogant guy that doesn't swallow the crap that we swallow, that the government shoves down our throat.
And we don't want you on television.
We don't want people to hear you.
Because all we do is we get paid to put out.
We're media whores.
We tell what we're told to tell.
We don't tell the truth!
We sell lies and propaganda!
Lindsey Graham, taxpayers, reason I'm telling you to help going.
I also tell the people of South Carolina that you cannot allow one country to destroy another country and expect that it will not bother you one day.
Oh, you mean payback's a bitch, huh?
You destroy one country, they want to destroy you?
Hey, Lindsey!
How about the three and a half million Americans, uh, Vietnamese that the Americans killed?
How about all the Korean War?
Do you like that one?
Hey, little Lindsey boy!
Hey, little Lindsey clown!
They have you on all the media because they like to swallow crap!
You cannot allow one country to destroy another country?
You mean like George Bush and you and Biden?
And all the Democrats and Republicans allowed Bush to do because you don't have the guts to vote to go to war, so you let old Presidente do it in what's supposed to be a republic?
How about the Iraq War, huh?
The number's around, not between 800 and something thousand to a million.
Brought to you by one country invading another?
Hey, little Lindsey boy, how about Afghanistan?
Oh, that only went on for 20 years.
And they let this, these, they, nobody questions this.
You cannot allow one country to destroy another country.
Oh, unless it's America.
We've become the slimy British that our founding fathers overthrew.
The sun never sets on the British Empire.
I went on a blind date with some friends for dinner.
One of those things.
They wanted me to meet this woman.
She's nice, we're talking.
Then they brought up the war.
I don't talk about this stuff.
And I went on to, and she's, why?
America has to be a world power.
What are you talking about?
We're world power.
It's none of our business what's going on around the world.
Oh no, no, if we don't start to listen, we're on a different page here.
Let's just enjoy dinner.
World power?
This country's rotting in front of us.
The new numbers just came out.
64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
Oh, but hey, how about that bill that both the Repulsicans and Democrats just passed?
1.7 trillion dollars.
Oh, where's half the dough going to?
The military-industrial complex.
That's a fact and that's a real number.
If we don't stop this soon, there's going to be no tomorrow.
Because anybody who says they're a believer in the Catholic Church is a warmonger.
You can tell they're going to take us to hell.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Again, do everything you can to support InfoWars because they're robbing us of the truth out there.
We have, these are sick, mentally ill people.
And, you know, when a murderer murders somebody, you don't ask, why'd you murder them?
Well, I had this, when I was a kid, you know, I got beat up in the fifth grade.
I mean, they're murderers.
That's what we got running our country.
And thieves.
They steal our money.
Oh, Clown Lindsey Graham talking about taxpayers?
You mean, you took my money to get to the military-industrial complex?
Oh, and another slimeball made up federal income tax.
Another piece of low-life scum.
Woodrow Wilson.
Yeah, the same piece of scum that gave us the Federal Reserve so it could keep stealing our money and be in control of us.
Yeah, the bank's the bandits.
Oh, that Jesus Christ drew that out of the temple, right?
Here's our cover of our Trends Journal magazine going back to 2011.
Well, didn't change.
Just the different names we got here.
JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Citi.
So this is Woodrow Wilson stealing our money in taxes and setting us to war, and now they silence us.
If you don't believe in what I'm telling you about an Operation Warp Speed gene therapy inoculation, then you have no right to think at all.
If you don't believe what we're telling you, we're the government and you will obey what we say?
This is not my America, man!
And that's who's in charge of our lives.
And that's why you have to support InfoWars.
Because InfoWars is doing it.
I mean, these people, this team that they have, the quality of what they put out, I go there every day and get to see what articles they're looking at as well.
As I go to IRNA, the Iranian, as I go to Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post,
One after another.
All over the world.
Get everybody's views.
So anyway, going back to little lousy Lindsey Graham, the clown boy, and again, how could people be so stupid to look up to these jerks?
He goes on to say, I also tell people in South Carolina you cannot allow one country to destroy another country.
And expect it not to bother you one day, right?
I just said that.
Like the United States has done.
All three of us, Republicans and Democrats, share the same goal for Ukraine.
To drive the Russians out of Ukraine.
I don't care.
I care less about it.
We're repulsive kids and Democrats.
You do what we tell you.
This is a border dispute that's been going on for about 300 years.
None of my business.
I don't want to get involved in it.
Well, you have to.
He goes, uh, to achieve this goal, the Ukraine military needs tanks.
Ready for this?
I am tired of this.
I can't say the word, but begins with an S, has an H in it and ends with a T. I am tired of this S show surrounding who is going to send tanks, when they are going to send them.
World order is at stake.
No, it's not.
World order?
I don't know.
America shouldn't order the world.
There's a dispute going on between these two countries.
Oh, you forgot about the violation of the Minsk Agreement?
Oh, you don't remember when the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014?
Oh, you don't remember that NATO wouldn't move one inch further and they had 16 and now there are 30?
Can't understand it, huh?
Maybe you're too stupid, Lindsey.
I know you're too stupid, not maybe.
I know you're a stupid little arrogant boy.
And I'll call that to your face.
War freak.
That can't fight.
Send in more weapons for other people to go kill.
Putin is trying to rewrite the map of Europe by force of arms.
A total lie.
He's not trying to rewrite the map of Europe.
Just, again, like the domino theory.
He's doing the same thing.
The Germans sent tanks to Ukraine.
They need the tanks.
It's your interest that Putin loses in Ukraine.
Oh yeah, the Germans' interest about Russia, huh?
You mean the Germans that killed
Some 25 million Russians during World War II with Operation Barbarossa?
Oh, you're telling those Germans to go kill more Russians?
Oh, they did a great job.
Oh, you don't believe me about the 25 million?
Look it up.
JFK, in his speech five months before they killed him, a peace speech at American University,
In June of 2020, in June of 1963, said some 20 million Russians were killed.
And that their country was destroyed, the equivalent of Chicago East.
That's Kennedy's.
Lousy Lindsay.
We are going to help International Criminal Court to have the capability to bring war crime charges against those who violated Ukraine.
Hey, how about war crime charges to all America's wars?
How about the Iraq War?
Where are the war crimes?
Hey, how about the arrogant Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, Barack Obama?
I want that guy Qaddafi out of there.
How about war crime?
Oh, that was NATO too, that war crime.
Oh, I forgot Obama's Assad has to go in Syria.
Only 685,000 dead.
Oh, how about the Yemen war brought to you by Obama?
Our Secretary of State was under Secretary of State, uh, uh, Blinken.
My daddy, I went to Dalton, I went to Harvard.
I'm an arrogant boy, I'm better than you.
Yeah, there you go.
How come no war crimes?
Where are the war crimes?
We will continue to ask American people and Congress to send aid to the Ukraine.
Okay, all you American people, you can't afford eggs?
Screw you!
Give me your money!
Lloyd Austin wants it!
Oh, you mean our defense contract?
Our secretary of defense?
That sat on the board of directors of Raytheon?
And now he's our defense secretary to form a general?
Yeah, you're spelling it wrong.
Put a K in there.
Send aid.
Economic aid, military aid.
As you can't, as 64% of we people of Slavelandia are living paycheck to paycheck, send more of your money to war.
Be a good American.
Be a good American and take the jab.
Take the jab any way they give it to you.
Look at these people!
Not a person.
Here, Adam Schiff.
I gotta spell it right.
Look at that little boy.
Look at that arrogant little warmongering little freak.
You think he can fight?
Look at him!
Look at him!
These are the people we're taking orders from?
Hey, dumb enough to take it from them?
Heil Hitler!
Dumb enough to destroy Germany and the world?
And then, there's this guy Richard Blumenthal, the blooming crap out of Connecticut.
I am totally in agreement with everything my colleague Senator Graham has just said, particularly about that, you know, that show, whatever you're saying.
The most important part of the picture is the Republicans and Democrats are coming together in a bipartisan way to give our whole heart and steadfast support to Ukraine.
The Repulsicans and Democrats are coming together to steal our money and kill more people!
Don't forget to vote!
Don't forget to vote!
We're gonna be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as Alex was saying, they're gonna try to shut all of us down, that won't swallow their crap.
How dare you not swallow my crap!
How dare you not swallow my crap!
I'm a government official!
You must therefore swallow my crap!
So they're gonna do everything they can to silence us.
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And this stuff will help put it into you, so do what you can.
Hey, I'm going to go back to this meeting that they had.
Again, these three clowns, these three senators, repulsive kids and Democrats, went to Ukraine on our money, by the way, and all the security around them besides.
Taxpayer dollars, stealing our money.
Again, that sly boy Woodrow Wilson gave us the Federal Income Tax, gave us World War I, and gave us the Federal Reserve.
So going on to this Blumen head over here, what's his name?
Blumen idiot.
He goes,
I am deeply concerned as ever because we are at a crucial turning point, a historic fork in the road for this conflict.
It is time of maximum danger, but also massive opportunity.
What maximum danger?
No one had danger to us.
It's a border dispute.
The Russians are on the verge of a major counter offensive that will be as barbaric and inhumane as all of what they have done.
Hey, Blumenthal, you got it wrong.
As all of what they have done, as all of what we have done.
Yeah, the we, the United States Senate, the United States Congress, and the United States President of the humane and barbaric Vietnam War, Korean War, what other wars?
Oh, the
Iraq wars, the Afghan wars, happy days in Somalia.
Oh no, let's, let's, how about the overthrow of Allende in Chile?
Lovely in Nicaragua.
Oh yeah, you people in Guatemala, I'm sure you forgot what Americans ever did down there.
What are you talking about?
How about the pot calling the kettle black?
No, no, no, that's not racist.
That means when you're cooking something.
The opportunities for America to deter and defeat that counteroffensive by Russians.
Opportunity for America to deter and defeat.
I guess we're at war with Russia, huh?
Yeah, you just said it.
I repeat, and that is the only acceptable alternative.
The counteroffensive by Russians and enable Ukraine to win.
I repeat, win.
Oh, yeah.
Go over there and fight.
As we approach the first year anniversary, we need to resolve to hold Putin and all the war criminals
And all the oligarchs accountable.
Oh, you mean like the war criminals like Georgie Bush?
Dick Cheney!
Condoleezza Rice!
Hitler E. Clinton!
Samantha Power!
Susan Rice!
And all you people who voted for all those wars?
And stole trillions of dollars from us?
This is the same Blumenthal when he was running for U.S.
Senate in 2010.
The New York Times reported that on a couple of occasions he talked inaccurately.
He lied, inaccurately, about his Vietnam years.
Blumenthal enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1970.
Until then, he got five deferments that kept him out of the war.
And because he knew somebody, and the family was connected, you know?
Oh, he was in the Marines.
He got a coveted slot in the Reserves, reduced the chance of his battlefield deployment, went through basic training, and served six years in the Washington, D.C.
area in Connecticut.
Oh, you were right on the front lines!
You little lying piece of garbage!
Don't forget to vote for him again!
All you idiot morons up in Connecticut, go vote for him!
As Connecticut's Attorney General, a guy that's been sucking off the public, you know what, all his life, Blumenthal regularly attended Memorial Day parades and other events that recognized soldiers and veterans.
The New York Times wrote in May 17, 2010, that in 2003, Blumenthal had spoken at a rally supporting the troops overseas, and Blumenthal said, quote, When we returned, we saw nothing like this.
That was a comparison with soldiers who came back from Vietnam.
Blumenthal repeated a similar line in 2007 and a 2008 ceremony for veterans and senior citizens.
Blumenthal lied!
Quote, we have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.
These are the lying little freaks.
These are the lying little freaks that are leading us to hell.
Stealing our money, destroying our lives, and it keeps on going.
Another little clown of nothing.
A little boy of nothing.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.
Watching Ukraine makes me proud of being a human being.
An inhuman being!
Proud of what?
Proud of murder and slaughter and destruction?
Are you up in Rhode Island?
Can you imagine if all of Rhode Island was destroyed and the people had to leave?
Because nobody wants to talk about peace?
We are going to go back to Washington and continue to raise pressure on accountability, both in an international criminal court.
Yeah, bring George Bush, Cheney, and all the rest.
There you go.
If Putin gets away with this, there goes Taiwan.
That's Lindsey Graham.
They're taking us to war.
We're at war.
The Russians are saying it already.
If we don't unite for peace, we're gonna die in war.
And so do what you can to go to OccupyPeace.com.
Or the Universal Church of FreedomPeaceJustice.com FreedomPeaceJustice.com and do what you can do.
You know, like Alex said, you know, people watch the show, they don't buy anything.
You know, only like 1% or so.
You know, we're giving you everything we can.
And we gotta unite.
You better put your money in your heart where your mouth is.
Because they're gonna destroy us.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
If you want, you know, if you want in-depth, in-depth,
Trends Analysis and Trends Forecast.
You want the Trends Journal because you can't find it anywhere else.
There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that's no BS.
And again, support peace by going to Occupy Peace because we got these little pieces of crap like Blumenthal and White Nothing House, White House, whatever his name is, clowned up in
Rhode Island.
Bloomberg, Blumenthal.
Two pieces of blooming crap.
An arrogant nothing and another clown.
Mayor in New York.
Yeah, lovely.
Arrogant people with money telling us what to do and running and ruining our lives.
Every gun that is made, every warship launch, every rocket fire signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
A real man and a real general.
See you next week.
And I've heard this from hundreds of people, but it happened again last night.
I leave here at about five o'clock.
I'm out of gas.
I pull over at a gas station and
I've got a problem with sweets and I go, I want an ice cream sandwich.
So I go into the store and I get an ice cream sandwich while the car's gassing up.
And I walk up to the man, a Hispanic gentleman, older gentleman behind the counter.
He says, Alex, I'm a big listener of yours.
I said, well, thank you.
He goes, well, how's everything going?
And I said, well, they're trying to shut us down.
He goes, yeah, me and my son and others listen, but we've not been supporting you because we don't want our money going to those people that sued you.
And I looked at him and I said, have you not been listening?
I explained, we have two to three years of appeals.
None of the money you buy products now goes to those people.
All those billion dollar numbers are made up to make you give up.
None of the money you buy products for goes to them.
He goes, well, aren't you in bankruptcy?
I said, Chapter 11, Subchapter 5, that's a reorganization because if we didn't do that, they would be able to have the state courts put padlocks on this building and shut it down.
You understand?
Plus, we were out of money.
He goes, oh!
I said, listen, I'm not mad at you.
I appreciate your past support.
But believe me, the money you send to buy products that are in stock ready to ship to you does not go to those people.
The only people that can shut us down is you.
None of the money that you spend buying products goes to the Democrats and them.
In fact, they don't want to settle, they said.
They want to shut down.
You've seen them on TV.
So we have two to four years.
The average is about two and a half years of appeals, maybe three.
And it's all rigged, who knows what'll happen by then.
We're on the verge of nuclear war.
Staying on air is what matters.
And so, understand that.
I'll be the first person, if we're gonna get shut down, to tell you, I will give you the truth 100% on my soul, on my children, that you've been given nothing but the truth.
I see through a rose colored darkly, I make mistakes, but I'm 99% accurate when it comes to this stuff.
95% when it comes to news.
And people know that, that's why they hate me.
Because there's real people in the universe, folks.
There's not just evil people.
I'm real, okay?
I'm 100% real.
I love being real.
It's everything I am.
It's my identity.
So as long as you buy products at footwearstore.com that empower you, enrich you, we're gonna stay on air.
Every dime's going to stay on air.
Because I spend every waking hour trying to focus my soul and my intellect to tell you the truth.
Because let me tell you, it's easy to tell lies.
It's hard to tell the truth.
Because you gotta actually figure out what the truth is.
I sit there and man, I split hairs and I focus and I meditate and I cogitate and I just really give you everything I got!
To really tell you exactly what I think, exactly what I believe.
I am the opposite of CNN and the opposite of ABC and the opposite of Joe Biden.
I am a human that believes in you and believes in God and our children, and I won't sell out for nobody.
In fact, I love fighting evil.
I love not selling out.
I love being real.
It burns in my bones, like Ezekiel said.
They can put a gun to my children's head and I cannot physically, spiritually sell you out.
It is impossible!
I never in any way do anything that is not a hundred percent to take these people down!
So don't feel sorry for me all I've gone through and think I'm some victim.
Oh, baby, I'm the opposite.
I want to wage war on these people.
I want in the ring with these people.
And I'm going to bring them down with God's help.
And I need your help to do it.
The children, they're crying out for people to save them and nobody's coming if we don't listen to the Holy Spirit and if we don't do it.