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Air Date: Jan. 29, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses Project Veritas videos exposing Pfizer executives, censorship on YouTube, and the ongoing investigation into the Biden family's alleged crimes. He also addresses rumors of sending fighter jets to Ukraine, and promotes InfoWars products for support. The speaker mentions a whistleblower video from Project Veritas which exposed Pfizer executives admitting to creating the COVID-19 virus in a lab. He criticizes the mainstream media and Congress for not taking action against Pfizer due to their financial interests, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the context behind the video. He also connects this situation to another undercover video revealing leftist educators deceiving parents about critical race theory. Alex Jones discusses the Man in the Arena coin, which is exclusively available at 1776coin.com for $30 off with promo code 1776. He also talks about Pfizer's gain-of-function virus work exposed by Project Veritas, which was censored on YouTube but still available on Twitter and band.video. Jones mentions that YouTube removed Project Veritas video that had 800,000 views, leading to questions about who contacted YouTube to take down the video. He also highlights the issue of COVID vaccines killing people and claims that at least 50,000 Americans have died from it, while others believe it could be as high as 300,000. Jones discusses the case of Lindsey Leno, who bragged about her COVID-19 booster vaccine and then passed away from cardiac arrest. He also mentions a lawsuit filed against FDA for withholding dreadful vaccine safety data and how woke school officials are secretly teaching critical race theory without parental consent. The speaker discusses the undercover video of Pfizer executive Lindsey Leno, who bragged about her COVID-19 booster vaccine and then passed away from cardiac arrest

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Tomorrow's news today.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, my job tonight is actually really easy, but it's a paradox because it's also extremely difficult.
It's really easy because all I have to do is come on here and show you the video that has the establishment the most afraid right now, show you the video that has the corrupt American media, the corrupt politicians, and Big Pharma so afraid right now, and that is the most recent Project Veritas series of videos on the Pfizer executive bragging about how they knew COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan,
And insinuating that they, Pfizer, are doing similar if not the exact same research with monkeys potentially right here in the United States of America.
Now as we predicted
This is barely getting any coverage at all on the mainstream news.
In fact, as far as I could tell, and I can't claim that I was watching for the last 72 hours, but let's just say I've been keeping a close eye on the cable news networks and the mainstream news, and the only show that covered this, I bet you can take a guess, on cable news was Tucker Carlson.
That was it.
Nothing else on Fox and, of course, nothing else on Pfizer NewsNet 2, Pfizer NewsNet 3, Pfizer NewsNet 4, Pfizer NewsNet 5, Pfizer NewsNet 6, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News.
I think you get the picture.
So, we'll just play some of the video.
Pretty easy, right?
The hard part is, how do we deal with the frustration of this
I mean, the FBI couldn't ask for better evidence.
They wish they had effective agents as good as Project Veritas to get criminals admitting their crimes on tape like this.
I mean, it's a gift!
It's unbelievable!
And nothing will be done.
So how do we work through that frustration?
But here's the video.
This has big tech, big pharma, and the deep state scared.
That's why they're banning it.
All over the internet.
Only place it's allowed to be on is Twitter.
And let's just play some of this clip.
Let's play some of the video that has the deep state, big pharma, and big tech shaken to their core.
One of the things we're considering in the future, like maybe we can create new versions of the vaccines and things like that.
Okay, so Pfizer ultimately is thinking about mutating COVID?
Well, that's not what we say to the public.
We know.
It was a thought that came up at a meeting and we were like, why don't we know?
It was like, we're going to consider that.
There'll be more discussions.
Not exactly action, right?
We're like, wait a minute.
People won't like that.
That's right, it appears that Pfizer is internally discussing the possibility of mutating the COVID virus themselves in order to tailor a vaccine to sell to the public.
Listen to Walker describe in detail just how they would conduct such a scientific experiment.
In living animals.
This video has been taken down from YouTube.
Obviously, the question would be if there's anybody interested in doing a real investigation here.
Who contacted YouTube or who at YouTube made the decision to pull this video down instead of sharing it with law enforcement?
Now, we already have.
In fact, it gets buried now.
The news cycle is so insane that the Twitter files are just getting buried now.
And if it wasn't for Matt Taibbi going and doing Fox News interviews and Elon Musk trying to get attention to this with his Twitter account,
There would barely be anybody reading these Twitter files exposing how the government was using Big Tech to censor Americans.
And so, now we need to have an investigation to find out, thanks to the blueprint we've seen with the Twitter files of how the government goes around the First Amendment to use Big Tech to censor you, what happened at YouTube, who ordered YouTube to take down this Project Veritas video?
An honor and a privilege to spend this Sunday, January 29th, 2023 with you here on the Alex Jones Show.
Now, there is a bunch of news to get to.
There's a lot of developing news dealing with the situation in Ukraine.
And now,
We were concerned the Biden administration would try to use a war with Russia to distract from all of the Biden crime family details coming to light.
It looks like they're now just going pedal to the metal.
Where Saturday it was a rumor that the Biden administration, it was just, oh, it was just a rumor.
Oh, there were talks about the Biden administration sending fighter jets over to Ukraine.
And then this morning it was reported as fact that they are indeed having those talks that was reported on Fox News this morning.
So, well, it's just a rumor too.
Okay, yeah, they are having the talk.
So I guess, I mean, you know the next phase of this, right?
Do I have to tell you what comes next?
Oh, it's a rumor they may send some fighter jets to Ukraine.
I mean, obviously, that's ridiculous.
They wouldn't really do that.
It's just a rumor.
Well, yeah, okay, well, they are talking about sending the fighter jets now.
Oh, yep, fighter jets are sent.
And, of course, it was, what, eight months ago or so, Joe Biden said there'll be no tanks, there'll be no jets, that would mean World War III.
Oh, now he's doing that.
As all of the crimes he and his family members have committed are starting to come to light.
That's, you know, potential World War III.
Not even the biggest story today.
No, it has to be.
Because look, if World War III happens, and it's bad what's going on in Ukraine, and there are people dying, I don't want to be involved with that.
I don't want to be involved in the propaganda that'll make that worse.
So that is a serious thing.
And if Biden continues to escalate that situation, it will get worse.
But no, right now the big story is these COVID vaccines killing people as the numbers just continue to go up and the fact that YouTube is under orders right now
To censor Project Veritas videos exposing that Pfizer executive admitting all the things that we knew were true, like COVID-19 came out of a lab in Wuhan where they were doing gain-of-function research, and now Pfizer's considering doing gain-of-function research, or potentially already doing it themselves, so that they can have vaccines for the future.
Now, a lot of people won't understand
Why that is and what's actually going on.
Including Jordan Tristan Walker.
Who knows how qualified this guy really is.
And I'm not saying that as an insult.
I mean it.
I mean, does that guy seem qualified based on what you've seen?
That guy seems like an unhinged lunatic.
I'm just a liar!
I'm just a liar!
Literally, I'm just a liar!
Which is what he was coached to say, by the way.
Because of the timeline we have,
With the response and these videos, Pfizer got clued in, and look, I'm not going to say all this stuff from behind the scenes with Project Veritas, and I don't want to tip any hands here, but Pfizer obviously knew this was coming, somehow, someway, and they told either Jordan specifically, or just in a general sense, they told their employees, if you ever get in a moment like this, just say you're a liar.
Just boom.
So as soon as he realized what was going on, you notice he went right into his conniption fits.
I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
So, hey, you know what?
Good for Pfizer.
They made a diversity hire.
How'd that one work for you?
The Jordan Tristan Walker diversity hire.
Way to go.
I said this before.
Walker's only way out of this now is to come out as a whistleblower.
And he might not even be smart enough to do that.
That's why it's like, dude, if you're not smart enough to realize what situation you're in right now and come out as a whistleblower, then how are you even smart enough to even have that job to begin with?
And just based off of your knee-jerk hysterical reactions, my guess is you were never qualified for this job ever.
But you're a nice minion.
You're a nice lemming.
You're a nice stooge.
Maybe even you know you're not really qualified, so you took the job and you became a yes man, and the rest of the story is history.
So, one cable news show over the entire weekend covered this, and that was Tucker Carlson.
So you're talking about 1%.
Of weekend cable news starting on Friday.
Really starting on Thursday after the video first came out on Wednesday covering this.
Of course, you've got InfoWars.
Of course, you've got Band.Video and all the great hosts there.
And commentators there.
And you've got Twitter, which is allowing Project Veritas to still operate and share its videos where it's been seen over 20 million times.
But now the frustration.
Where are the investigations?
Where are the congressional hearings?
I mean, of course, why isn't the American media up in arms about this?
We know why.
Pfizer owns the mainstream media with their billion dollars in marketing.
Why isn't our Congress up in arms about this?
We know why.
Because Pfizer owns our Congress with billions of dollars of campaign donations.
The answers here are simple.
You just see the world for what it is.
You are just enlightened, informed, and curious enough to find this information and care about the planet you live on and the future.
Unlike, I suppose, Jordan Tristan Walker, who thinks it's funny to mutate viruses in a lab.
But see, let me get back to the point that I got off track on.
The layman wouldn't even understand this.
I only understand this because I talk to doctors, like Dr. Peter McCullough, who's going to be in studio with us on Tuesday.
I only understand this because I talk to doctors and I hear other doctors on other talk shows and everything.
Why would they mutate a virus in a lab to get a vaccine?
Because folks, if you understand this, then the entire vaccine industry, maybe not the entire vaccine industry, but most of the vaccine industry is defunct.
You'll never get another flu vaccine, you'll never get another COVID vaccine, and you'll realize most of these vaccines are totally worthless.
Why do they mutate a virus to get a future vaccine?
Because by the time their flu vaccine, use the flu vaccine as the example, might be the best example.
By the time their flu vaccine hits the market, the flu virus that it's vaccinating you for has already mutated and the vaccine is totally defunct.
And they know that.
They know that.
And they still put it into your arms every year.
A vaccine that they know is defunct, a vaccine that they know will not stop the flu, as they say it will, because the flu virus has already mutated past the evolutionary stage of the vaccine that they just put to market.
Same thing with COVID.
How much money do these companies make off their flu vaccines, or other virus vaccines, or vaccines like this,
Where by the time the vaccine hits the market, whatever it is is already mutated.
Meaning they're selling you a vaccine they know doesn't work.
If I... They don't even let Amish sell milk.
But if I sell you milk that is expired, that's a crime.
If I sell you perishable food that's expired, you can't do that.
That's illegal.
But Big Pharma can sell you what is essentially the equivalent of an expired vaccine.
And that's what they do.
So that's why this is another reason why this video is so huge.
So, when you understand the context, they admit they know the vaccines don't work when they sell them to you.
They know that the virus came out of the Wuhan lab from gain-of-function research that they're now doing in a Pfizer lab, or potentially could be doing in a Pfizer lab, right here in the United States of America.
Now, I'm gonna connect all this when we come back to another story
Of other undercover video, not from Project Veritas, of leftist educators bragging about how they deceive parents and knowingly rename critical race theory to other different words, phrases, what have you, so that the parents don't know we're still teaching it.
And they laugh and they, yes, they grit their teeth about how they're deceiving you.
Folks, this is the entire psychology of the left.
This is why it's so dangerous.
And it's the exact same thing you saw in that Pfizer video.
Laughing about lying to you about gain-of-function research.
Headline InfoWars.com YouTube banned this Project Veritas video that exposed Pfizer's gain-of-function virus work.
Watch the censored Project Veritas video Pfizer does not want you to see.
And be sure to share it with friends and family.
And it's on Twitter, still available there.
We have uploaded it to band.video as well.
And of course, the good folks at Project Veritas are like us in that we are free to air.
In fact, James O'Keefe came up with the word distribution by proxy.
Which is what you are now.
You are now the proxies of truth.
You are now the proxies of information.
You are now the proxies of Veritas.
As this video was going massively viral, it's easily been seen 100 million times, all things considered, but the numbers on Twitter alone have it at just shy of 30 million views last I checked.
But YouTube, of course now still run by the deep state swamp American left, is censoring the video.
James O'Keefe announces this.
YouTube has taken down our Pfizer Directed Evolution bombshell.
It had 800,000 views.
Video still exists on Twitter with, since this post, it's more, I'm going to say 30 million views.
Pfizer is scrambling today per sources inside.
How does YouTube, how much does YouTube cost Elon Musk?
And so other big accounts on Twitter like Kim.com sharing this story as well.
And guys, just for curiosity's sake, what is the current number on the Project Veritas video upload from January 25th on Twitter?
This is the one with the Pfizer employee sitting at dinner on the grinder date and admitting the directed evolution concept that they may be doing or thinking about doing.
How they knew the virus came out of the Wuhan lab from gain-of-function research.
Amongst other things.
So the questions are obvious then.
Who contacted YouTube to take the video down?
Is it Pfizer that has that poll over YouTube?
Or was it an agent of the U.S.
Whether it be FBI or directly from the White House.
Who made the call?
Who made the call?
And so I don't know if they can put it on the screen, but the last I saw the video was at 25 million views on Twitter alone.
And so yeah, it's just, it's just up over 25 million views and that's just on the one original post from Project Veritas.
But okay, what is the real issue here that is, that we're facing right now?
And that's the COVID vaccines killing people.
And so really, you just kind of get a little insight into the type of scum that gets decompartmentalized and works for Pfizer.
And again, you know, part of me kind of feels bad for Jordan, Tristan, Walker, because clearly the guy was in way over his head, probably never even belonged in the position he, in fact, no, he definitely didn't.
Just you can tell from his morals alone, either because he's literally a liar, his own words,
Or because he thinks the stuff that he does at work is funny, even though he knows it's evil via his own admissions from the undercover videos.
So, Jordan Walker's only path to redemption now is to come out as a whistleblower.
And you know, I hope he sees the light.
I hope he sees the light.
Because you can see in these videos, this is a very unhealthy spiritual... Spiritually, this is a sick person.
Morally, this person is bankrupt.
And there is a path to redemption for him and it's right there in front of him.
Maybe he's not even smart enough to take it.
But aside from the craziness and the full expose into Pfizer thanks to these videos, what's the real story we're facing right now?
That the COVID-19 vaccines have killed at least 50,000 Americans that we know of.
That we know of.
Individuals that do data analytics and insurance numbers and death toll numbers and all of this other stuff, they think the number is actually somewhere around 300,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 vaccine.
Now you hear about it when it's a football player or a famous soccer player or a young hockey player because there's a there's a system of record there where you can go find oh this high school hockey player died or oh this professional football player died but
You know, the mom that is a secretary at the school, or the man who works as a mechanic at the car shop, you're not going to hear about these ones.
They're just going to be heart attacks.
They're just going to be aneurysms.
And my heart breaks.
Vance Murphy is reporting, quote, just got my last booster.
F the haters.
And this is from a Lindsey Leno.
On her Facebook account here, on her social media account, and now she has passed of a cardiac arrest.
So, I don't, I don't really, my heart breaks for Lindsey Lano.
Lindsey Lano didn't deserve to die.
Lindsay Leneau didn't deserve to be lied to and told a vaccine was safe and effective, but I guess I'm jumping the shark, assuming that a 36-year-old woman bragging about her COVID-19 booster vaccine and then having the number one side effect from the COVID-19 booster vaccine taking her life, I guess they wouldn't like me to jump to that conclusion, would they?
But no.
Lindsay Leneau
Didn't deserve to be lied to about the safety or efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine.
I feel abandoned.
Service member Carolina Stanek speaks out about her vaccine injury.
Live interview with the Gateway Pundit that aired earlier today.
You can find it on thegatewaypundit.com.
So many stories I hear every day just like this.
Whether it's just people talking to me or you're watching the news or talk radio, it's just everywhere.
Football player collapses suddenly after suffering from cardiac arrest during Beistolsten Cup in Norway.
I would suggest, I would suggest these individuals join some of these lawsuits.
First lawsuit filed against FDA for withholding dreadful vaccine safety data.
That's going to be a big one.
Many, many such lawsuits are going on.
Now Pfizer's responding to the video coming out.
Pfizer claims it never conducted gain-of-function research in response to Project Veritas bombshell exposé.
Well, okay, of course they're going to deny it, but here's what they do.
And we know Fauci was part of this.
His signature is on all the gain of function.
But why do I bring up this story?
Woke school officials boast about secretly teaching CRT without parental consent.
And there's undercover videos of them laughing about this.
How they know what they're doing is wrong.
How they know they're still teaching critical race theory.
Why am I tying this in, folks?
They just rename it.
This is the left psychology.
This is the political Americans left psychology.
Just like you saw in the undercover video with the school board, just like you saw in the undercover video with the Pfizer executive, they will knowingly, consciously deceive you and lie to you for their political agenda.
Do you understand this now?
You have to understand this.
I know you have friends and family that might be on the American left, but it's just true.
They will lie for their political agenda.
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We are not beholding to big pharma companies like most of the other media is, and so they're not allowed to show you
The Project Veritas Pfizer exposed video series, but we're not beholden to big pharma, and so we can, but we are beholden to you, the audience, and you keep us on air.
That means we're doing a good job, and so we appreciate that.
All right, now, I've only spent a half hour on that Pfizer deal, and I should probably continue to cover it, but there's other big news that we need to get to.
But that one really has him scared, and I know there's more videos.
I don't know if and when Project Veritas is even planning to release them, but they do have more video.
So... I'm gonna be looking forward to finding out if there's any interest from any members of Congress in getting to the bottom of whatever it is
That was being discussed in that Project Veritas video.
Was there any interest after it was published from members of Congress to do a little investigating into Pfizer's potential gain-of-function research?
But again, just to kind of put an end cap in it, why do I bring up
The undercover recording of the liberal school administrators bragging about how they get around the laws by renaming what is critical race theory.
Because you have to understand the psychology of these people.
It's funny to them.
They know they're lying.
They know they're deceiving you.
Oh, I don't do gain-of-function research!
And then they just change the definition of gain-of-function.
No, we don't teach critical race theory!
Ha ha ha ha ha, yes we do, we just renamed it!
We just, we just call it different things.
We just call it culture and diversity.
And it's critical race theory, that they're not allowed to teach kids how to be racist, they're not allowed to teach kids how to hate each other or judge one another off of their skin color, which is what the left is all about, and so
They're showing on the screen this undercover video of school administrators, all leftist liberal school administrators, bragging about how they deceive the parents and still teach critical race theory.
Just like Pfizer.
Just like Anthony Fauci.
Just like these big pharmaceutical companies.
Lie to you.
Oh, the vaccine is safe and effective.
When we tested it two years ago.
Oh, we're not doing gain-of-function research.
We're calling it directed evolution.
And he giggles in front of his grinder date.
So you have to understand the psychology of these people, and that's what's so frustrating.
And you don't want to admit it.
You're a good person.
You don't want to assume this about your fellow human.
You're a good person out there listening.
You don't want to hurt people.
You don't want to deceive people.
And you don't want to think that there's others that might.
You don't want to think that it might be your friends and family.
You don't want to think that it might be Anthony Fauci, or people on TV, or doctors, or teachers.
But I'm sad to say, we are witnessing a mass psychosis event.
We are witnessing mass mental illness.
Mass Stockholm Syndrome.
The easiest way to describe it is American modern day liberalism.
It's not American, it shouldn't be modern, and it's anything but liberal.
But that in and of itself is more proof about how they deceive.
Oh, I'm liberal!
Oh, I'm a liberal!
No, you're not.
You're a fascist.
You love big government.
You love big tech.
You love big pharma.
Even them calling themselves liberal is deceitful!
Even them calling themselves liberals is a lie!
They're not!
They're fascists!
They're authoritarians!
They're statists!
They're brainwashed.
So that's why it's so important for you to understand this psychology so that you can recognize it and even though it might go against your current instincts and intuition
Wanting to judge somebody else, or not judge somebody else as a bad guy, but a good guy, but now having to rethink that whole thing.
It's not the planet I want to live on, but that's the reality of the situation.
I'm not the one promoting the propaganda.
I'm not the one lying and deceiving and manipulating people, like Pfizer has done.
But what do you expect when these are the type of doctors
I mean, that's just absurd.
Yeah, if you are morbidly obese, it is going to take a hell of a lot of work to get that weight off and get yourself healthy again.
Yep, that at times may seem impossible, but it's not.
It's been proven it's possible, and it is the most healthy way to do it.
It is possible.
And so what does the government do?
They hire you someone that says, no, just go have a surgery.
Nah, just go under the knife.
Go under the needle.
But actually, there's nothing wrong with you being obese.
Obesity is healthy now.
And why would that be?
Does this... they want you dead?
Is that a big joke?
Oh, obesity is beautiful.
Oh, there's just nothing you can do about it.
Oh, you were just born this way.
Why do you lie to people like that?
No, it's horribly unhealthy.
It's definitely your diet that's causing it and your lack of exercise isn't helping.
And you should probably change something soon before you die or develop a severely life-altering health issue.
But don't worry.
Because the USDA has hired Dr. Fatima Stanford who says there is no problem with you being obese at all and there's nothing you can do about it.
Just sick.
So what do you expect?
What do you expect from our inept, corrupt, disgusting government?
By the way, I'm not going to spend much time on this.
Obviously protecting Ray Epps.
Caught on video.
Ray Epps led break-in of first set of U.S.
Capitol barriers.
Now we have video.
He was also in lead pack during break-in of second set of barriers on January 6th.
The Gateway Pundit has the video.
So again, there's Ray Epps right there at the front telling people to go in and nobody is arresting him.
Amazing stuff.
Oh, yeah!
Remember when the American media and the Democrats tried to drum up a bunch of riots this weekend?
We haven't even mentioned that.
Yeah, you only burned like two dozen buildings to the ground, so I guess that's a failure for the American left.
They were hoping entire cities would burn.
Sorry, guys.
Guess you failed.
Alright, I don't want to spend too much time on this, but I do want to mention it here.
You had, I mean the whole thing stinks.
Obviously the American leftist liberal mainstream media has never seen an opportunity to start a riot that they didn't want to take.
And so the situation with an individual in Memphis being pretty much brutally beaten by the police and then dying three days later.
They don't like you asking, you know, that though.
They don't like you talking about that.
They just say, oh no, they beat him to death right there.
Well, he died three days later in the hospital.
Nonetheless, it's a brutal video, no doubt.
Begs a lot of questions that you're not going to have asked or answered, but the situation is pretty dire when you watch that video of five police officers holding a guy back and just taking their shots at him until he is completely incapacitated and ultimately hospitalized and then dies.
Now, two incredible things about this phenomenon, and then the larger takeaway.
When the media and the liberal left heard another big police brutality video leading to a death was about to come out, they all jumped the shark and again started crying racism, anti-black systemic racism, white supremacy, all the usual buzzwords and phrases and stuff that they
Like to associate with police brutality.
Well, they got out a little ahead of themselves because the details hadn't emerged and it turned out that it was five black police officers that beat up the black individual that died.
And of course, the chief of police there in Memphis is also black.
And so it's an amazing situation really when you have a situation, and I don't know the exact demographics of Memphis, but my guess is Memphis is probably demographically one of the more black American areas in our country.
And I would also, because most jurisdictions, most police forces usually reflect it pretty well,
If you actually look at per capita numbers and demographics, most police stations are actually pretty representative, pretty diverse even.
But my guess is the Memphis Police Department probably depicts the same demographics of Memphis.
And so I don't think it's a surprise that you have five black cops or a black police chief if most of the population in Memphis is black, okay.
But so they jumped the shark.
They called it racism and white supremacy.
Well, everybody involved was black.
And so now they were spinning out of control like a top.
Trying to make this about white racism and making all these leaps and bounds saying, well, it's because policing itself is racist and the idea of security is white supremacy and, you know, all this crazy stuff.
And, you know, the law, having laws is white supremacist.
Literally, these are all the different arguments they were making trying to cope with the fact that this isn't an instance of white racism against a black person.
They just can't get over that fact.
It's just they're obsessed with it every day.
So, they decided they were going to release the video after building it up for multiple days at prime time on a Friday night.
Now you tell me what good that does.
You tell me who benefits from that.
Crazy to think that the police were involved in that decision and still made it.
That is absurd.
That is obscene.
At the least you did it for television views, which again, why are the police interested in that?
At the most, you did it hoping you would get riots.
Right ahead of the weekend.
Right on a Friday night.
Did you really do that?
What was the thought process involved in that?
Why did you think that was a good idea?
Because from anyone else they would say, that seems like a bad idea to release it at prime time on a weekend right before you know would be the highest odds of getting violence in the streets and you did just that?
I'm sorry?
I would believe the thought process
Should be, we should put the video out when we could have the least amount of rioting in the streets.
You went with, let's put it out when we can have the most amount of rioting in the streets.
But, having said that, they didn't get the big riots they wanted to.
And I think there's a couple reasons for that.
These things usually don't pop off in the winter like they do in summer, for whatever reason.
Call it the weather, call it a spiritual vibration.
They just, summer's when they're usually the worst.
It wasn't white police officers that killed a black guy, so right then most people lost interest.
Isn't that sadly ironic?
Even though this instance of police brutality is far worse than what happened to George Floyd.
Like, not even in the same league!
Like, George Floyd is like... That was handled with kid gloves!
That was handled like a... George Floyd was handled like a Fabergé egg!
Compared to Nichols.
So, there you go.
So how do you explain that?
How do you explain all the rioting and everything over George Floyd, a situation that was handled like a Fabergé egg, and then the lack of rioting over Nichols, a situation where it was like a bull in a china shop?
Clear intent to do harm.
People are asking some questions like, how could this happen?
Why would this happen?
Is there something else behind this?
Which, yeah, maybe it's fair to ask.
I would say so.
What motivated the cops to do something like this?
Was there a prior relationship?
Was there something else going on?
Maybe it was the fact that they got charged with murder.
Right out of the gates that helped quell some of the potential violence that we could have seen over the weekend.
But overall, all I saw was a couple dozen police vehicles get smashed up, a couple buildings burned, a Target, a Walmart burned to the ground at least.
So a couple dozen buildings, a couple dozen police cars, you know, that's light work for a leftist violent mob.
So all things considered, you know, they tried to drum it up.
They didn't get it.
They didn't have all the characteristics they needed.
But again, you try to think of it, and you try to look at things for some universal consistency, and again, there's no denying that the George Floyd situation was a 1, if it's a scale of 1 to 10 of police brutality, the George Floyd situation was a 1, compared to this, which is, I mean, 9, maybe even 10.
And yet, look at the difference in the response.
Why the drastic inconsistency there?
Okay, but continuing in that vein, we now have two separate occasions, four overall, two separate occasions of reyeps being right at the front of the January 6th mob when they're breaking through barriers and such.
No charges for him.
Not to mention the videos from the prior night.
Him saying we need to go into the Capitol.
No charges for him.
Then there's the Paul Pelosi situation which continues to get weirder and weirder.
Now it does appear at this point with the evidence we have that DePape did in... well we know he broke in.
We have the video of him breaking in.
And he was essentially what it looks like trying to hold Paul Pelosi hostage
Waiting for Nancy Pelosi to get home.
That's with the evidence that we have.
That's what the situation appears to be.
Now, we're not like the fake news and the American left that wants to jump to a bunch of conclusions.
We wait to see the evidence and then try to reach a conclusion from what we can see with what we have.
There's still odd things about this video.
Pelosi seemingly relaxed with the drink.
The weirdness on the phone call.
Pelosi in his underwear.
But DePape is basically... I mean, his comments even censor weird.
Assaulter says, sorry I didn't get more of them after attack tape released.
Now, I don't want to get too conspiratorial because, I mean, again, what it appears to be and what we know is that
Yeah, and I don't think there was a third person or whatever's going on with this.
I'm not buying into any of that.
The one thing, if I wanted to get conspiratorial or ask a question leading down a potential conspiracy theory like that, I would just say, could this potentially be some form of a Jussie Smollett situation?
Now that's, I'm not going to go down that road because, again, the conclusion I've reached based on the evidence is, no, Papi broke in and was basically holding him hostage until Nancy got home.
And who knows what would have happened if the police didn't send cops over there.
But, no, there's still weirdness.
There's still weirdness to that video and there's still weirdness to the whole situation, no doubt.
Well, I just want to say, if that's alright for us,
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We're cutting that call into an ad.
I can guarantee you that.
Thank you so much for the call, Grant.
God bless Australia.
We'll be right back, folks.
Don't go anywhere.
Diet Force.
Get it now.
Alright, I was already planning on covering this story and there have been multiple developments just since I guess really Friday when I couldn't get to it.
And there's been multiple developments now.
So let me just try to read some of these headlines.
Chicken farmers blame tainted feed after hens stop producing eggs.
And I got a video of, there's multiple videos out there, but I've got one video I'll play here.
Now, let me just tell you, I talk to farmers, I talk to homesteaders, I talk to people that have chickens, and what the conclusion they've reached is,
The big chicken feed manufacturers changed some of their ingredients and it's caused the hens to stop laying eggs.
Whereas the farmers that are still feeding organic or even just table scraps, even the farmers just feeding table scraps, they're not having problems.
Their hens are still laying eggs, no problem.
But now an even bigger story, really.
It's all tied in though.
Firefighting continues.
Firefighters continue to assess damage after large fire at Basra Egg Farm.
100,000 chickens die in Basra Egg Farm fire.
Massive fire destroys commercial egg farm of top U.S.
supplier amid widespread egg shortage.
So, uh, you're seeing that footage on the screen.
My goodness.
Just add this to the list of food processing plants and other such similar structures and infrastructure that have been attacked in the last two years.
Ever since Biden got into office that started happening, oddly enough.
Of course, Bill Gates has invested, uh, over ten years ago he invested in what he called, uh, eggless chickens.
Or chicken-less eggs, rather, actually.
I'm sorry, I reversed that.
Chicken-less eggs.
Okay, so that story continues.
But here is one individual talking about the egg shortage in clip 14.
Really conspiracy.
It's being confirmed not only here in our house, but apparently all over the nation and nobody said anything about it because we all just assumed it was winter.
They stopped laying in the winter as much and come to find out that everybody across the nation stopped getting eggs from their chickens altogether.
Nobody got a single egg all winter from there.
Everybody's reporting end of September to
Like mid-October the chickens stopped laying and ours stopped laying in September.
We hadn't had a single egg all winter.
Well, we discovered we have a little escape artist here, Luna, our white leghorn there.
She can get out of the coop and just we can't contain her.
Anyway, she started laying again about a month ago and we discovered that
Well, that's weird.
She started to lay and nobody's laid in months.
Like, we have gone months.
You go, Margo.
We've gone months without any eggs at all.
So, we started looking into it and then finally somebody said something in one of the chicken groups and they were like, hey, has anybody else's chickens not laid a single egg?
Because we've had them for 50 years and we've never gone to winter without a single egg.
Not one single egg.
Not one.
Well, we started letting our chickens out and to free-range.
We usually feed them.
You can see they're not even touching the feed anymore.
Like this has been here for three days.
They don't want it.
And apparently everybody who's been feeding their chickens this type of feed has stopped getting eggs altogether.
So people who aren't able to let their chickens free-range or can't run around the yard at all aren't getting any eggs.
Kind of convenient when eggs are the price of
I don't even know.
Gold at this point, I guess.
But, yeah.
So, let's check over here and see if we have any today where they've been out.
We had to keep them up yesterday.
Okay, so all kinds of similar videos and we've posted some of those at InfoWars.com with the headline that I have in front of me here.
Chicken farmers blame tainted feed after hens stopped producing eggs.
And like I said, I just talked to some local farmers here.
I got friends at Homestead that have chickens, you know, at the farmers market, everything.
And they basically said the same thing.
The people that are having problems still getting eggs are the ones giving them
Just the most basic feed, you know, the mainline feed instead of either organic stuff that's harder to find or even table scraps is working or just letting them free range.
And so, you know, it'd be amazing.
Imagine all of this stuff going on around you and not even having the basic instincts to look around and say, huh, something's going on here.
Something going on.
Things around here just don't add up.
Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III.
We're at the brink of World War III, just in case anybody doesn't know it.
As president, I will bring back peace through strength.
Peace through strength would have never happened.
If I was president, there would not have been a war with Russia and Ukraine.
Zero chance.
And Lindsey would be happy with that.
That's better than any alternative.
Wouldn't have happened.
And I will say this, even now, despite tremendous loss of lives and destruction of much of that country, I would have a peace deal negotiated within 24 hours.
You could make a peace deal, you could make a deal for both right now, 24 hours.
So that was Trump over the weekend.
By the way, is that him kind of rubbing Lindsey Graham's nose in it a little bit there?
Did you guys get that?
That felt like Trump rubbing Lindsey Graham's nose in it a little bit.
Yeah, Lindsey, I know who you really are.
Everybody does.
It's kind of a joke around here.
But no, that was Donald Trump over the weekend in South Carolina.
He was also rallying in New Hampshire.
And the real story here is not Donald Trump, but...
How Biden is getting us closer to World War 3 by his own words.
By his own words, he's even started World War 3.
When a year ago he said, look if we start sending tanks and airplanes over to Ukraine, that's World War 3.
Well, now here we are and he's doing just that.
But quickly, on the Trump front, I guess the story here is that
I'm asking myself, why is Trump seemingly generating no momentum politically right now?
What is behind that?
Because I had no idea he was speaking this weekend.
And I do think Republicans need to do a better job as far as outreach is concerned, letting people know what's going on.
Anytime there's a leftist, liberal, democrat event in town, you get 50 different text messages, emails, everything.
The TV telling you about it.
When there's a conservative event in town, you barely even hear about it.
Like yesterday, there was a Texas March for Life.
I didn't get a single email.
I was pleasantly surprised two weeks ago when I got an email the day before the Texans, or I guess that was last week, excuse me.
Yeah, the day before the Texans for Vaccine Choice Rally I attended this week.
I was lucky enough to get an email before from a Republican representative.
Oh, thank you for letting me know.
So did others.
I showed up.
But then nothing.
Not a single email, text, nothing on the news about the Texas Right for Life rally that happened yesterday.
So they do need to fill in the blanks as far as getting people informed to show up at these events.
When they do that, conservatives show up.
That is the message.
We show up now.
When we got the email and the notification about Texans for vaccine choice, people showed up.
Conservatives will show up if you let them know what's going on.
That's the problem.
So even though Trump had two big rallies and that generated some good clips, barely any momentum from these rallies over the weekend.
And I guess, is it really the power of Fox News where if a tree falls in the forest,
And it doesn't fall, it doesn't make a noise?
If Fox News doesn't cover a Trump speech or a Trump rally, then nobody knows about it?
And folks, I'm speaking to you from a guy that spends hours every day consuming, aggregating news.
And it barely was a blip on the radar.
But he was calling for peace.
Says he's ready to turn New Hampshire red when he's in New Hampshire.
Says we need blessings from God.
It's good stuff.
It is good stuff.
And, you know, Trump is looking healthy.
But it's not generating anything.
It's not generating a buzz.
It's not generating any momentum nationwide.
It's seemingly falling on deaf ears.
But, okay, it is happening and he's right about the Biden situation.
Now, let's just look at these headlines with the situation in Ukraine.
Group of Pentagon officials secretly lobbying sending F-16 jets to Ukraine, reports say.
Now this was reported in Sputnik and then also it was on Fox News this morning and so I would bet you by the end of the week that they either have a deal on the table or they already have jets on the ground.
Either in Poland or Germany.
I don't think they'll be able to get them right into Ukraine.
They're going to have a problem here, folks.
Seriously, there will be a problem.
When they move those tanks into Ukraine, or they move whatever other heavy artillery or jets or whatever into Ukraine, the Russians are going to blow it up immediately.
And maybe that's what they want.
Maybe that's what Biden wants.
I mean, even Germany has been like, we don't want to do this.
You're just asking us to send these weapons into Ukraine.
They're just going to get blown up immediately.
And Biden finally convinced him to do it.
He said, fine, we'll send tanks too.
We'll protect them.
We'll send tanks too.
We'll make sure they're good.
So Germany was like, okay, all right.
And Poland's there like wanting it too.
So my guess is by the end of the week, we hear something a little more solid as far as this is concerned.
Joe Biden admitted sending tanks to Ukraine would be World War III months before he did it.
Remember that from last week?
That's still a big deal.
Croatian president calls Germany's We Are At War With Russia comment madness.
No, it's an unofficial, illegal war that the West has launched against Russia in Ukraine.
Yeah, it's madness alright, but Biden's the one that did it.
And Zelensky's the one that did it, so they're the mad ones.
Russia seeks gains in Ukraine before Western tanks turn up.
They've already had their gains.
Once again, the Western media behind the ball.
Race against time to get tanks to Ukraine before Europe engulfed in Russia war.
It's just a complete... Because here's the thing.
First of all, the people running the U.S.
military right now, not all, but most people have put it in the position of leadership because they're far left and because they're completely clueless.
And so they really have no military strategic advantage at all over anybody.
So our military is inept as far as the leadership is concerned.
They also know, really they know, that starting this war with Russia could end in World War III, and they know that essentially everything they've done to this point in this proxy war against Russia has been done without congressional approval, and certainly would not be approved by the American people, so they've been trying to slow walk it and not really truly reveal what's going on.
But because of that now, they're in a situation where
The only thing they can do to stop Russia is basically start a nuclear war.
Russia has all the strategic leverage, all the advantage, and all the corrupt leaders in the West that underestimated Russia the whole time and lied to you the whole time.
All they have left to stop Russia is a full on out war with Russia which would lead to World War III.
And now they're so inept as well that
This isn't a situation where the U.S.
comes out and makes a big, powerful speech with Joe Biden or somebody.
But it is Joe Biden that's the president.
And the world is taken... The world is just completely taken by this speech and just so moved and so motivated that, oh, it's the right thing to get rid of Putin or it's the right thing to do whatever.
That ain't gonna happen, Jack.
If Biden goes up there and tries to deliver some rousing speech like that, he'll fumble, bumble, slobber his whole way through it, and the world will not laugh anymore, but will look at the U.S.
as a weakened state, if not a completely defunct nation.
And so Putin will rise,
And then Xi Jinping will rise, and then the rest of the dominoes will fall, and Biden will be standing there, and the U.S.
will be on the ground, nowhere near the international superpower it once was respected as.
Hungary's Orban.
Ukraine's backers have drifted into war.
Just kind of drifted you into it.
These incompetent corrupt bastards like Joe Biden.
Here is the official Russia account on Twitter.
At the U.S.
Rammstein Air Base in Germany, NATO confirmed they would boost supplies of modern heavy offensive weapons to Kiev.
This is yet another indication that the West plans to raise the stakes in the conflict, prolonging it and raising the number of casualties.
And nobody's coming forward for peace, except Donald Trump, that they made sure couldn't get back into the White House.
Loyal to the motherland, joining Russia's youth army.
Oh, this'll scare people.
But see, the difference is,
They do propaganda to Russians' youth that makes them want to be strong men and strong women and masculine and feminine and be proud of Russia.
So you can sit there and you say, oh, that's brainwashing.
Well, what are they doing to the youth here?
Hey, be gay.
Be trans.
You're a racist.
You're a bigot.
And America shouldn't even exist because it's inherently racist and bigoted.
Which one would you rather have?
All right, I'm going to be able to get through the news right now, and then we're going to open up the phone lines quickly.
Before I do that, though, Novak Djokovic.
This morning won the 10th.
His 10th Australian Open a year after being banned from Australia for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.
And this is truly an incredible story.
And throughout history, there have been instances of great athletes being denied their true level of greatness.
One of the more historic examples could be Ted Williams, a baseball player going to serve in a war.
Or you could talk about Reuben Hurricane Carter, the boxing champion who was a victim of racism.
Spent time in jail instead of fighting for boxing titles.
And so Novak Djokovic, who I believe now is either tied for the all-time lead in Grand Slam championships.
In fact, guys, pull up the number on the screen for me.
But there should be an asterisk there because the discrimination that Djokovic faced not being able to compete in multiple Grand Slam title tournaments because he refused the COVID-19 vaccine.
So could he have won the Australian Open the times he was denied because of his vaccine status?
Well, we'll never know.
But truly a momentous occasion for Djokovic and I would say now he probably has to be the most celebrated and accomplished tennis player of all time.
He's obviously not done winning titles yet anyway, but good for him.
A man that stood up for his values.
Never sold out could have cost him a shot at being the number one all-time Grand Slam Grand Slam champion and instead He stuck by his principles and he may still yet accomplish that feat anyway So there you go guys.
Can we put that on the screen by the way, though?
What what is the record?
I think he's tied now I think there's two or three people that have 22 Grand Slam titles and
And so I think Djokovic would have to win one more to separate himself from that field.
Of course, could have already been, if not for being denied access to some of the tournaments because of the vaccine status.
No, guys, you'd want to search like all-time Grand Slam champions.
He's got 22.
I think Nadal or Federer may be tied with him.
I think Federer recently retired.
Nadal's probably not far off if he hasn't already either.
But Djokovic's still prime enough to win another title, so... I think he still needs one more, though.
I think Nadal has 22.
I'm not sure.
But... Now it's just taking too long to get on the screen, so I'm trying to kill time.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, they are tied now.
Nadal and Djokovic are now tied at 22 apiece.
So he needs one more.
Could he have already won one more if not for the anti-vaxx stance causing him to be discriminated against in these tournaments?
You know?
We'll never know, but he might not be done as it is.
Alright, we're going to take phone calls the rest of the way.
A couple segments of your calls.
Anything we've discussed today is fair game.
A couple other issues though before we do that.
You know, this whole notion, and it's not just the Obamas, but I'll use this as a starter.
Obama's call for police reform after release of Tyree Nichols' body camera footage and link to Black Lives Matter toolkits.
Oh yeah, because Black Lives Matter has done so much good for the country.
But no, I'm going to get into more of this tomorrow.
This response of, okay, because here's what they did.
They jumped the shark and they said, this is another example of white supremacy.
Well, not a white person was involved.
So now what are they arguing?
Well, they're saying police just in general, even if, even if every police officer on the planet was black, it would still be white supremacy.
So now they're back to their starting point where they were at years ago and they want total abolishment of the police.
Now I find this funny, because as usual, liberals don't actually want what they ask for.
And I would actually play this game with them at this point, and I would say, you know what?
I agree.
Let's completely abolish the police.
Let's just abolish the police altogether.
Now who's going to enforce all your laws?
You ever thought about that one?
Who's gonna enforce your mask mandates, huh?
Who's gonna enforce your vaccine mandates?
Who's gonna come take our guns?
So yeah, they've gone full circle and it's back to we need to totally abolish the police.
So okay, so here's what you're really asking for.
What you're really asking for is essentially eliminating any form of
Government that can be enforced.
It's really what you're asking for.
I mean, let's reach the logical conclusion here.
If you abolish the police, what's going to happen?
No laws are going to be enforced, and so you've effectively pretty much ended government.
How are you going to enforce anything?
Oh, well, they say they want a citizens police force.
I got news for you.
That's already what it is.
The police are already American citizens.
Did you not know that?
Is that how uninformed you are?
Oh, they want us citizens.
Oh, so volunteers?
Oh, how long is that going to last?
How long are people going to be volunteering themselves until the first and the second get shot and killed trying to stop a crime?
How many volunteers are you going to have?
How's that going to go?
So what you're really asking for is the inability to ever enforce any laws ever again.
So a lawless society.
Or you want a militarization of the streets.
That's all it is.
And that's the problem with the American left.
Is that they don't have multi-layers of thinking.
All they can think is abolish police.
Well what comes next?
Well I haven't thought about that.
Just like every other policy you push for.
Abolish the police, then what?
There'll be no more racism!
You guys are funny!
You guys are funny!
So, we're gonna get more into that tomorrow, but it's just incredible.
They squeeze racism out of any situation they can, even when there's no white people involved.
But I'm going to have more on that tomorrow, and I'm glad the crew is pulling up these clips.
And let's just go ahead and put those in tomorrow's show folder too, guys, because I'm going to dig more into that issue tomorrow.
Now, a couple other headlines.
Air Force General predicts war with China by 2025, and that's really what it comes down to, folks.
The Russia war with World War III is like,
The starter, but it's going to be China that's going to end up, Russia's going to, we're driving Russia right into Chinese arms.
I mean, that's what it comes down to.
The US, under current leadership, is driving Russia right into the communist arms.
And I can't believe this is happening.
This is such a damn shame.
And it just shows, like, I don't have to come on air and convince you that Germany is no longer Nazi, right?
So why do we have to have this whole debate that Russia isn't
Hardcore oppressive communists anymore.
Like why are we doing this bullcrap?
Now we're going to drive Russia back into the arms of communism?
Putin wants to westernize!
But here's our corrupt leadership just driving them into the arms of the commies.
What a shame.
And now, the tip of the spear, leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Here's your first trans figure skater.
Look at this, he can't even see!
This is like art with the Godzilla Blue Oyster called over it.
Oh my god.
I can't do this anymore.
It's just, it is so the epitome of everything the left represents.
Just utter embarrassment, utter shame, utter failure, utter destruction.
But it's diversity and so we accept it.
It's just total collapse, just complete embarrassment.
Let me just, I gotta take some calls.
Folks, we got Bone Broth Plus.
I'm sorry, that's just a little too much.
The dude in leotards has left the children's library and is now skating around doing figure skating and it's anything but.
I mean, look, I'm not the best ice skater out there, but even I could have put on a better performance than that.
I mean, you couldn't find a dude that can ice skate?
I guess that's because all the dudes that can ice skate would rather just be themselves and be gay or whatever than compete against women.
I guess that's what this comes down to?
I mean, for real, how do you even explain this?
How do you even explain putting a dude dressed as a girl on the ice as a figure skater that can't even skate?
Can't even skate.
I guess that's a level of competition.
Oh, so beautiful.
So brave.
So stunning and brave.
So courageous.
Oh, here, you can't get up?
Here, have this nice little girl help you up.
She weighs 80 pounds.
All right, seriously, though.
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Right here with you, the audience, at InfoWarsStore.com.
And yes, you are a part of this equation.
Like Jose called in from New York.
Jose, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Thanks for having me.
It's a pleasure to be on the show.
I want to talk about a little bit of the psychology of the left that you were mentioning in the beginning of the show, because I think it's very important for people to understand that we're at this stage now where, like you said, you kind of have to pre-judgment, even though you as a person may not do that, but you kind of have to pre-judgment when it comes to the left, especially when it comes to the politics.
Yeah, it's like if I'm out in the woods and I see a nice big cuddly bear.
Boy, I would love that bear to be nice and cuddly and I'd love to just go up and give him a noogie, you know?
And we'd have a good time snuggling one another.
It'd be great, wouldn't it?
But no, I'm a little smarter.
I know a bear could rip me to shreds if it wanted.
And, oh, let's say I know that that's a mother bear and the cubs are right there behind her.
Oh, well, now I know I'm in big trouble.
I better get the hell out of Dodge.
And so it's really just a survival instinct.
Yeah, that's a perfectly great example.
There's also a great book by Michael Knowles called Speechless, Controlling Words, Controlling Minds, in which the left always, they don't have, the left doesn't have to change the amendments.
They don't have to change laws.
They can simply influence the culture and just change the definition of a word.
No, that's not a pedophile.
That's a minor attracted person.
That's how it stems.
What are they doing with the age now?
I'm trans age.
Now they're trans age.
When the hell is this going to stop?
You can just be transracial?
You can just be transblack?
You know it's funny though, that's the one thing they don't want to give up though.
Isn't that amazing?
And we all know why.
The one thing they'll never accept is transrace and we all know why.
Because they like having the race class groups because they use it to pit people against one another.
I think Rachel Dolezal was ahead of her time.
Eventually they'll use it against the right, maybe.
And don't forget about the guy's name, Sean King, I think was his name?
Yeah, Sean King.
Yeah, and of course it's all insanity, but it's what the left promotes.
But again, it's funny, the one thing they'll never accept is trans race, because they love manipulating racial groups and classifying racial groups.
And so if they make that just a spectrum, well then most of their intellect goes away and most of their arguments become irrelevant.
Jose, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Jeannie in Kansas.
Jeannie, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, Owen.
This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, so I'm pretty nervous about it.
I wanted to state that the country is going to go down the tubes because of what they're doing, and this is what my take is.
They're letting these people across our border, okay?
You know that most of them are like in their
Middle 20s or younger.
Okay, my experience with that was, we was coming up through Texas, and there was, we stopped and stayed at a motel that just had been opened.
And the motel was full of these young men.
They all had new clothes.
And the lady that was living there told me that they come, a bus comes, gets them every day.
Early in the afternoon and bring them back at 5.
OK, what's going on with that?
And next, you go on down.
They eliminate our oil reserve.
OK, now they're shipping all our weapons and everything away.
And then our young men are dying from all these shots.
You take a piece of paper and write that all down and see what you come up with.
They're going to let the Chinese just walk in here and take us over.
We have no weapons.
We have no oil reserve.
We have no young men that would go into our military because they're all dead from the shots.
And our government has the replacement army.
Well, Jeannie, what you described is
The situation we have, our leader, our president, is a foreign agent.
And so everything you've just described is what would happen if your leader, your president, was a foreign agent.
And so that's exactly what we have.
Now, I've never been one talking about a land invasion because I just don't see it making any sense.
There's no purpose for anybody to do a land invasion of the United States if they can just basically suck dry our
Exports or if they can just suck dry Well, I'm running into a break here.
So I don't have time to go on and we'll take more calls after this All right final segment here with me Christy Lee taking over hosting Sunday night live imagine this headline
If Donald Trump was president.
Petrodollar on shaky ground.
Saudi Arabia willing to discuss selling oil and other currencies.
So now you're going to have Russia and Saudi Arabia selling oil and other currencies.
Now imagine if this was going on when Trump was president.
Well, I think we all know what the story would be.
Trump's selling us out.
Trump's a foreign agent.
Trump's working with Saudi Arabia.
Trump-Russian collusion.
But when it's Biden,
Mums the word!
By the way, there's about to be more breaking news on the Biden document scandal.
And so who's going to come out next in defense?
Is George Bush going to admit he stole secret documents too?
Or maybe Al Gore?
Hunter Biden reportedly used Delaware House where classified documents were found as home office.
Yeah, the Biden crime family.
All right, let's take a couple more phone calls here.
Final segment.
Let's go to Hopper in Wisconsin.
Hopper, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, I was wondering if you heard about Djokovic traveling regularly to the pyramids in Bosnia, Greater Serbia area, called the Pyramid of the Moon and Pyramid of the Sun.
He says he goes there to recharge his batteries.
And like these pyramids are like twice as big as the pyramids in Egypt, which are like 500 feet.
These are like almost a thousand feet.
They look like pyramids, like the pictures of them, and they found this, like, sphere, perfectly carved out, and giant slabs, of course, like the other pyramids.
I thought with, uh, you know, Lunar New Year, and the Pyramid of the Moon, and in the Moon, some people see a rabbit, some people see a face, and, you know, all the Nikola Tesla stuff you and I have talked about over the years.
Have you heard about that?
No, I had not heard about this, but I see this is actually an older story.
Wimbledon champ Novak Djokovic inaugurates courts at controversial Bosnian pyramids.
So I've not heard of that.
I'm amazed I haven't heard about these Bosnian periods if they are such magnificent structures.
So that's a new one for me.
I'll look into that, but maybe there's something there.
But I wouldn't think, you know, Novak wouldn't keep a secret like that from us.
Oh, they're still underground is why you don't hear about them.
He'd like that.
No, they're above ground.
They're above ground.
They're just buried.
They look like a hill.
Well, that's what I mean.
I mean, they haven't been estimated.
Yeah, and like, you know, Christianity talks a lot about the pyramid also.
You know, they say in the Bible, like the capstone and cornerstone.
Yeah, I think, I actually think, and I'm not trying to get too esoteric here, I actually think there's many of these pyramids that are still buried, like that one in Bosnia.
You can see that one's pretty obvious, but I think there's many ancient
Ancient structures that are buried that we don't know about and and where was that one it came out Hopper Thanks for the call.
I don't want to get off track here, but there is the one they they basically excavated this pyramid They didn't even know it was there They thought it was just a little mound and they ended up excavating it and it was like a thousand feet tall and So there have been a couple cases like that.
I think there's a lot of that human history still out there hidden from us Alright, let's go to Sean in California Sean you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, how are you reading me?
Am I coming in loud and clear?
Yeah, we got you clear.
Awesome sauce.
Hey, four quick stories here so I don't take too much of your time.
One is a quick and easy one.
It's a karma story.
Down the road from me is a bookstore that was doing the Drag Queen story time.
Oh, well, it seems that they're not going to have their lease renewed and they're going to have to find a new location.
What a shame.
Yeah, I know.
I'm crying clown tears for them.
Second thing,
With the Pelosi incident, with Paul Pelosi getting hammered and not with alcohol, it would appear that the media is trying to portray his attacker as a quote-unquote QAnon guy.
And every time there's something that pops up, they use the QAnon angle as their scapegoat.
Now, whether it's the guy blocking off the bridge by Havasu with the armored truck, or protesters at the Capitol, or this guy.
It's funny how they're always like a left-winger a year before they disappear off the map and then they come back as QAnon.
It's almost as if someone had a program going on, just saying.
Well, look, that's why I didn't want to get too conspiratorial with this.
I said maybe you've got like a Jussie Smollett type of situation or something similar.
But, I mean, look, based off what we've seen, it appears that, yeah, I mean, he broke in.
He wanted to hold Pelosi hostage.
Was it some giant act?
I mean, that'd be the one conspiracy theory I guess I'd be willing to, you know, hear out.
But there's definitely weirdness.
Him in his underwear.
Him with the drink.
Them both coming to the door.
I don't know.
Well, it's just the media goes to it as a default, and that's... I'm okay with that.
No, no, no.
I'm fine with that.
Call him a QAnon guy.
I agree.
Let's find out who QAnon is.
Because, exactly.
They like to use QAnon now as this boogeyman.
QAnon the ultimate scapegoat.
But then, who is QAnon then?
Oh, it's the perfect boogeyman.
It's the perfect thing to blame for everything.
And then cast the entire Trump support net over, like they're all QAnon.
No, I want to know who QAnon is.
Go ahead.
Go ahead and find out.
Tell us who QAnon is.
Say DePappy is QAnon.
No, no, no.
My guess is it's the FBI, and that's why they don't want you to know about it.
Sean, I'm sorry.
We got too many other calls.
I gotta jump.
Let's go to John in Florida.
John, go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
Can you hear me?
Look, I got a scenario I want your opinion on.
My great-grandson, they moved in here with us.
My stepdaughter's going through a divorce, and she had to start him in kindergarten, where my son went to school at.
He's riding the bus Friday, and some black kid picks on him.
And I don't know where he picked up the word from, but he calls them the N-word.
So now, they're banning him off the bus.
A six-year-old.
They're banning him off the school bus.
We're the least systemic race people you'd ever want to meet.
My sister was married to a black man, and his grandmother dated three black men.
And for them to pull this little kid off,
When kids say things they don't need to say, I don't know where he picked it up from, but they're pulling him off the bus.
Is that fair?
Well, I mean, look, there seems to be a lot, forget about the family history or whatever, the situation, the context of whatever went on in the bus, I mean, I don't even think I can offer a fair opinion on that.
Hearing you talk about that, you know, I wonder how many other words he could say and not get kicked out of the bus, but I wouldn't suggest that social experiment.
No, there is a situation, though, where a top high school quarterback, the crew already has it up on the screen, these guys are in my head, HBCU coach apologizes after offering scholarship to student dropped by Florida for rapping N-word.
So, Marcus Stokes was a top high school quarterback recruit, got a scholarship from Florida revoked because he was rapping to a song that used the N-word, and was then given a scholarship by a HBCU, a historically black college.
So, I mean, a black college offered him a scholarship.
Obviously, he didn't care much about the N-word.
Hey, can you play football?
Your receivers are black.
Do you care?
All right, let's play some football.
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Now they've taken away his scholarship!
So... I mean, look, I... It's this whole policing of language, and it's just like, okay, the N-word is like the most offensive thing you can say now.
And again, it all goes back to the last caller.
Why don't they want... Everything is trans, but they'll never accept trans race.
Because they love that dividing line.
They love keeping the races apart.
So if you're trans race, well then Marcus Stokes could just identify as black and he could use the n-word as much as he wants.
Well, the left doesn't want love.
They don't want that because they want to use that to destroy you, see?
That would take way too many tools out of their arsenal to go down that road.
And so they just simply don't.
Let's take one more caller.
Let's go to Marcus in Idaho.
Final caller tonight.
Marcus, go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
I'll make this quick.
The FAA hack that happened recently, about three weeks ago, I think it was AI.
I think it was AI hacking AI, and if that is true, that gives us huge consequences across the world, because they are going to... Where does it stop from there?
And Buttigieg, what is he going to say?
He's just going to smile and say, well, I've got to go on paternity leave.
I like that too.
I've been calling him booty judge.
I kind of like that butt it itch.
Butt it itch.
Pete butt it itch.
I can get behind that.
And you know, I've got to say that Alex Jones keeps on saying we're winning.
I don't think we are.
Ronna McDaniel, Romney has just been put back into place.
The whole system that we have is really broken now.
Well look, sometimes the system collapsing is signs of victory and there's no doubt they're in their death throes right now going for more control.
By the way, Romney McDaniel basically knew how unpopular she was.
You know, the first thing she did after winning was announce that she's never running again.
So she's done after this.
So she said two years and I'm out.
And I think she got the message when after the vote took place all the media went to Harmeet Dhillon and all the media went to Mike Lindell and nobody wanted to hear from McDaniel.
So she got the message there.
But I get it.
It's the best of times.
It's the worst of times.
We're living that paradox, no doubt.
But I do think we're winning.
I do think the good in humanity rises up right before it's too late to save this planet and save civilization.
Alright, that does it for the Alex Jones Show this Sunday.
Stay tuned live, though, at InfoWars.com slash show because Christy Lee coming up next with Sunday Night Live.
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