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Air Date: Jan. 23, 2023
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This passage discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, conspiracy theories, global conflicts, economy, and alternative media like Infowars. It highlights concerns about delayed vaccine side effects, marketing strategies targeting high-risk populations, and conspiracy theories about the virus's origin. The passage mentions SPARS, a document outlining neurological symptoms after vaccination and how health officials would be blamed for delayed effects. Infowars is promoted as an alternative source of information to counter propaganda spread by mainstream media. Economic trends, such as potential impacts of Federal Reserve interest rate changes on gold prices and stock market crashes, are discussed. The speaker criticizes global conflicts like the Ukraine war and encourages support for peace initiatives. InfoWars products are promoted to fund the show and empower listeners' lives.

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We have reached a point here where the dam has broken, and I said a year ago in January of 2022 that they've lost the war to roll out their forced injections, their worldwide ID cards, their mRNA attack, but that they would still not give up.
I can tell you as of the last few days,
You can say it was last Thursday, you can say it was last night, you can say it was today, but this period in time, late January 2023, the dam has officially collapsed, and the rats are leaving the sinking ship, and it is insane.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Wow, it's Monday, January 23rd, 2023, and all hell is breaking loose.
The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, they're all coming out against the poison shots.
Documents are coming out that were already out two years ago, but it's bombshell mainstream news that he directed the censorship.
They're getting out ahead of Elon Musk and hid what was happening at the lab.
The wheels are coming off.
But I've got a devastating deep dive research I did on 5G and how it's actually connected to a lot of the heart attacks, not just the poison shots.
It's all coming up today.
We've got the latest on the WEF, even more insane stuff that came out.
The knives are out for Biden.
The Democrat leadership is all turning against him publicly.
They're 100% removing him.
More AIDS on his house.
More raids coming.
But first, Paul Joseph Watson knocked it out of the park on his report on the WEF, how they want to put you in a prison.
Remember that whole New World Order thing?
Baseless conspiracy theory that doesn't exist.
Unless globalists talk about it in a positive context, then it certainly does exist.
Well that thing that doesn't exist was just announced at Davos yet again.
Here at WEF I believe we're discussing, there's a lot of discussion about what the New World Order will be.
I hope this time round, once we're building this New World Order.
So what's the New World Order gonna look like in reality?
Well, we don't have to guess, because at Davos, they keep telling us every single time they open their mouths.
It's a five-minute city.
So when I'm looking at this, it's a grid infrastructure.
Yeah, so basically the way it works is, it's 170 kilometers long, 200 meters wide, 500 meters high.
The height is from the sea level.
Looks like a high-rise prison.
All privately owned cars banned.
Virtually no traffic.
You can go to different places very efficiently without using cars.
There are no cars.
Not one single car?
It's going to be different types of transportation.
Digital ID database tracking who's been vaccinated and who hasn't.
You need to know who's been vaccinated and who hasn't been.
Some of the vaccines that will come on down the line will be multiple.
There'll be multiple shots.
So you've got to have
For reasons to do with the healthcare more generally, but certainly for a pandemic or for vaccines, you've got to have a proper digital infrastructure.
Implanted brain chips.
I do believe that within many of our lifetimes we'll see healthy people using implanted brain technology as well.
Ingestible chips that send wireless signals to authorities when someone has complied with taking a pharmaceutical product.
It is basically biological.
Thank you.
Absolutely deranged, and they call us the crazies.
A new COVID-scale pandemic!
The odds, in my view, are better than 50-50 that there will be a COVID-scale problem within the next 15 years.
Can't wait for that one.
The total elimination of free speech under the bull**** excuse of combating hate and misinformation.
Because what qualifies as hate speech
As illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the US.
I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law.
We need the platforms to simply work with the language and to identify such cases.
Normalizing LGBTQ folks, including us in all stories.
So that's the other piece that I think is really important and we've worked really closely with Hollywood on this.
Of the land and creating the droughts and melting the ice and raising the sea level and causing these waves of climate refugees predicted to reach
That's what the New World Order is, in their own words.
Totalitarian garbage!
That's what this world government, which nobody frigging voted for, seeks to impose, and they hide it all in plain sight.
We have to act!
What's causing everybody to die suddenly?
Started reporting to you over a year and a half ago that the insurance actuarials are the first.
We're good.
That's why they took all the flu numbers and said there was basically no flu deaths in the world, because there's usually 30 plus million of those, and tacked on those saying it was COVID.
Now the virus is real.
It was a novel chimera to scare other scientists when they looked at it.
And it is a nasty flu.
And it carries a prion, self-generating, but your body can also be made to generate it through the mRNA shots.
Spike protein.
So it's very serious.
And the shots, of course, are many, many, many, many, many, many, many times more deadly than the infection itself.
But it's a long-term infection that attacks your immune system.
That's why COVID is a very serious situation.
And now all the facts are in.
But we have reached a point here
Where the dam has broken, and I said a year ago in January of 2022 that they've lost the war to roll out their forced injections, their worldwide ID cards, their mRNA attack, but that they would still not give up.
I can tell you as of the last few days, you can say it was last Thursday, you can say it was last night, you can say it was today, but this period in time, late January,
2023 the dam has officially collapsed and the rats are leaving the sinking ship and it is insane.
Started seeing CDC and FDA heads and their minions about four months ago come out and say
We were misled about the efficacy of these so-called injections.
And we didn't know what it would do and all of this.
And I said, right there is them covering their tracks.
And so they can hang it around Trump's neck.
He better go public against this right now.
Of course he didn't.
And of course, you've now seen that.
So we don't just have Elon Musk coming out against it.
We don't just have all these BBC reporters coming out against it and even CNN medical correspondents, the former head of Planned Parenthood, who was all for the lockdowns and all for forced injections and all for total tyranny and masking children in perpetuity.
She came out two weeks ago and said we were lied to, the shots don't work, and that they overcounted the COVID deaths.
It was really the flu.
So that's the rats all leaving the sinking ship as fast as they can.
What does that signify?
Well, we've got big mainstream news reports, I'll go over them all right here, saying Fauci in emails was directing the British Medical Journal, the British National Health Service, the US NIH, and Big Tech and many others,
To go out and censor, but also to hide the origin of the virus and gain-of-function out of the lab.
So when he lied to Congress and said he was never engaged in gain-of-function, when he's famously led gain-of-function projects and held conferences called in support of gain-of-function and is Mr. Gain-of-Function, now we have the emails that were out several years ago from whistleblowers.
We covered it.
It was on Infowars.com.
It was on Zero Hedge.
But it never really made its way onto the Joe Rogans.
It did make its way onto the Tucker Carlsons.
And that's why I played that year and a half old clip of Glenn Beck, who, even though I have some issues with Glenn Beck's behavior and some of the things he said about me, he's very smart and very eloquent, and I thought he did a better job in four and a half minutes than I could do, laying out what he called a two-hour chalkboard in four and a half minutes, where he explained they had the virus already made years before,
They released it, they covered up its origin, they already had the vaccines being made before it was even announced COVID was spreading, because they're not vaccines, and the whole thing's a premeditated plan, and that's exactly right.
But here's the issue, it's not about credit, oh, Dr. Francis Boyle and Alex Jones and Zero Hedge, because we really were the first, we said it first.
It's about understanding, we're going to tell you what's coming next, you better listen to us, because we have the documents.
But there's so many facets to this.
How is this going to affect the world as it comes out that millions of people have been maimed and millions killed and still millions more to become ill and sick and die?
And why would the globalists do something so reckless?
And the answer is, it's all in the SPARS 2023, 2025, 2028 document that came out several years before.
They released COVID, and that's a three-hour report.
It's on Bandot Video, and I'm really tempted, maybe tomorrow or something, just to air the whole thing here, because that report is from, what, two years ago?
And if you watch that report, everything we just talked about is in there, and the key
We spend at least 30 minutes on the fact that the document says after two years of the injection, the world's going to discover that it causes ADE, all these autoimmune problems, blood clots, heart attacks, and that government knew, and that corporations knew, and that it's going to destroy confidence in governments of the world and collapse the world economy.
There it is.
3,669,000 views on Bandai Video.
Censored everywhere.
You might want to go watch it.
You might want to go share it.
I'll have it posted on the live show feed today if you want to share the video from the front page of InfoWars.com.
But it's all been war-gamed.
By the Rockefeller Foundation, by John Hopkins, by the Pentagon.
And the big ugly truth about all this is that China is our archenemy.
China is pure evil.
But the communist Chinese were set up by the deep state globalists and the current leadership, going back decades at the Pentagon, are the ones that actually working with Obama and Fauci
Created this virus, created the whole worldwide plan and rolled it out using China as the cutout at Wuhan Lab for plausible deniability.
And so the people running our government hate our military.
The people running our military hate our military.
They did this to purge the military and kick out the good people and to poison the rest.
And this is how you take down America.
And they're doing it at the behest of the Communist Chinese, but the globalists are the ones that ran the attack.
So let that sink in, ladies and gentlemen.
And that whole crew, Milley, Austin, all of them have been in the boardrooms, commanding the whole operation against us, okay?
And they run the censorship, and they run the control, and that came out two years ago, but I'd already told you that the Pentagon worldwide
Was coordinating with British intelligence and the British military psyops in Europe, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Canada, and here and other places to create the quote, brainwashing, the fear, headlines, terrorize the public.
Remember all those headlines?
For your own good.
It's not that the average person in the military is bad.
It's not that your dad or mom was in the military is bad.
It's that the bad guys always want to control the military, and if they can launch a bio-attack against their own people, and then roll out controls that put you in a permanent form of national emergency and martial law that Trudeau's been public about, that Arden's been public about in New Zealand, then they have conquered
Their own people.
And what's the number one threat of a powerful country or an empire in history?
It's never an outside enemy.
They always fall from within by special interest getting control of the military.
Everybody knows that about the third world.
Everybody knows it about ancient Rome.
Everybody knows it about Nazi Germany.
Everybody knows it about coups everywhere else.
This is a high-tech massive psy-op.
If the Pentagon said, working with the foreign corporations, that they were going to engage in a coup and give you a national ID and a biomedical ID and track every facet of your life and control you and tell you when you can leave your house and when you can't, Americans would never accept it.
But by launching the bio-attack, they did.
Just like the V for Vendetta plot from 15, 16 years ago.
And I've got clips of them admitting all of it when we come back.
Stay with us in fullwars.com.
It's all a scripted master plan, but it's not going the way they wanted it to.
They predicted a lot of how we'd fight back, but we overpowered them.
But I have analyzed how they're going to try to regroup.
But here's General Flynn about a year ago, about a year after my SPARS report, two years ago, saying, as the former head of defense intelligence, this is key.
It's a war game that they actually went operational with.
One of the things that I would recommend for people to go look at, and I don't care what you think about this guy who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday.
It's basically a documentary, and late in the afternoon, so I watched it last night.
And it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars.
And the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this.
I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday, and it's called an emergency broadcast, and it's based on InfoWars, and it's based on the whole COVID lie.
And Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail,
We're good to go.
Even in the war game that they did almost five years ago now, four years ago now, in the war game they even put out social media things like tweets and such.
And in the tweets that they use in the war game, they use the exact same tweets over the last
We're good to go.
And again, whatever, I don't care what people think of him, he's incredibly detailed in his research, he loves this country, he is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
And there's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
And in this particular documentary that he does, it's fascinating.
And there's an awful, awful lot of parallels in it from what was done in a war game, so to speak, quote unquote.
And then what we, what the reality is that we're facing.
There will be a surprise outbreak.
There's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
And I misspoke there because they said, hey, do you want us to air the Flynn Spars interview?
And that was about a year after.
That's something he said right after we released the report.
I'm glad you guys found that.
That's an even better clip.
And I go back to this because they predict it'll bring down governments, they predict it'll bring down big pharma heads, but then they describe how that'll bring in even more
Authoritarian government on the back of it.
Remember, they want to shut down society.
They want to shut off the pipelines.
They want to lock down the third world and flood us with third world populations that are starving.
They want to destabilize everything.
And people say, well, why would they do something so bold?
Because it's a takedown, ladies and gentlemen.
But they're way behind schedule.
And the world is exponentially waking up.
On Twitter, if you go to Elon Musk,
Friday evening tweet.
It's got tens of millions of retweets and hundreds of thousands of comments.
Almost all the commenters are talking about how they got sick or how family died, but others with the cognitive dissonance are saying, we never said this shot would stop transmission.
We never said this shot would protect you.
So there they are.
Most of them are bots trying to gaslight everybody, but we're only able to put that information out
On Twitter, to Elon Musk's credit, he's the only one.
All the other establishment platforms, we've got Rumble, we've got InfoWars, and we've got Gab, and we've got all these other great organizations, but as for the big six tech companies, only Twitter is allowing this life-saving information out.
In fact, Borla,
The head of Pfizer got confronted last week at Davos.
That video's now got 20 million views on Twitter alone.
It's been banned on Instagram, Facebook.
Google's blocking it.
It's been banned on YouTube.
And it's two reporters politely asking him questions that are on record.
That's not allowed.
You're not allowed to question him.
And we have the internal emails now where Borla and all of them, like Fauci,
We're busy from day one knowing the shot wasn't going to work, knowing it was going to hurt people, and believing that they could kill us and maim us and make hundreds of billions of dollars off of it and bring in a global cashless society and central bank digital currency with a social credit score and be able to set the precedent.
To kill us whenever they want, and to maim us and sterilize us, and infect us with basically prions, very similar to mad cow disease.
Very similar to the prions that cause spongiform encephalopathy.
So this is just a holocaust.
This is beyond anything we saw in World War I or World War II, because it's a covert war, and people aren't designed to know how to deal with a covert war.
That's why the old way they would kill kings and people was with poison, because you couldn't find out who did it.
It wasn't a frontal attack.
And so they've done it, ladies and gentlemen.
But the good news is, it's all coming out.
Now, people keep asking, okay, of insurance actuaries, if you average them together, in the Western world, there's a 13% increase in death, the highest increase year on year ever recorded.
So, it's not...
Speculation that people are dying in mass.
It's not speculation that what you see around you anecdotally is real, because we have the numbers.
But when people ask, why'd my dad die?
Why'd my brother die?
Why'd my 18-year-old son or daughter die?
When they took the shot, they just say, oh, that's normal, no big deal.
They don't want you to go to the numbers.
So silk, a diamond of silk,
As soon as Diamond hung up the phone, she said to me, I can't breathe.
It was suddenly, out of nowhere, and no warning,
I got her to the kitchen table, opened up the back door so that she can get some air.
And each breath was less and less and less until her eyes became a stare.
My husband and I followed the 911 instructions from the lady.
We laid her like they told us to lay her flat.
They said do CPR and it was 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4.
My husband and I alternated and kept going and going and going until the emergency truck came into the yard and the EMS came into the house.
They did everything that they could.
So what I want to say to everybody is don't you dare call me a conspiracy theorist.
Because I saw it happen.
I saw how it happened.
I was there when it happened.
And it happened suddenly.
I want America to wake up and pay attention.
Something ain't right.
We'll be right back.
That summer of rage, Shooter Jennings, a very accomplished musician, son of Waylon Jennings, good friend of mine, listener of the show, and I was looking where with the Diamond and Silk memorial service with Trump and others, Waylon Jennings' grandson was there and did a musical piece that made me think of Shooter Jennings.
Since we're on the topic of that album that he said we influenced heavily.
That particular song he dedicated here on InfoWars.
But you notice, the death machine ain't slowing down, it's gaining pound for pound.
You and I, they'll force vaccinate in their police state.
And I think he put that album out, Summer of Rage, was it 12 years ago?
Guys, look up Shooter Jennings.
Summer Rage.
Maybe it was 14 years ago.
I mean, time just flies.
But we're looking back at the SPARS document because it's a blueprint of the attack they launched.
Right down to the very same tweets.
They just changed the names.
But the tweets are the same.
It's a battle plan.
That way, if you get caught with it, you go, oh, this isn't a plan to launch a bio-attack.
It's a war game.
No, no, no.
And General Flynn saw my analysis of that and said we were dead on.
That's the guy that used to run a lot of the Pentagon war games.
So this isn't our opinion, but I want to give you the good news.
So very small compartmentalized group that Eisenhower talked about in the scientific and technological elite that control the military-industrial complex.
99.999% of our military is not involved in this.
But the secrecy of the military and the intelligence agencies is used to run this and do this.
That's why you see people like General Flynn who is exposing it.
But let's run through this news.
I'll give it all the latest.
Deimos Group news and the latest on Biden and the latest on the economy.
And so much more today.
And then a bunch of 5G news.
It's now confirmed study after study that it's causing massive health problems, including
Cardiovascular issues and asthma.
We'll explain why.
Manipulates how oxygen goes into the cells.
But here it is.
The SPARS pandemic 2025-2028.
This is just the syllabus or the bibliography.
I spent weeks scanning over thousands of pages it's linked to to give you that SPARS report.
Very, very serious situation.
This is the operational manual for the attack.
And how they're going to run the attack over the next three years.
We're now into year number three of the attack.
Now let's continue.
They say two years into the injections, the public finds out they don't work and are causing autoimmune deficiency problems and a host of other
Antibody dependency and more.
A whole host of problems.
Not just the blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis.
And so now, Wall Street Journal shreds vaccine makers by administration over deceptive booster campaign.
They've rolled out the boosters and say it'll protect you and stop the spread.
Shame lie of two years ago.
But the difference is, why is the Wall Street Journal and all these other
Establishment media companies suddenly turning against it.
Because they're giving their walking orders, their marching orders.
Buy the battle plan.
You say, well then it looks like they're winning.
No, they're not.
Because if you follow a plan, they're starting to fail.
Because if the Demo Script gets blamed, if the UN gets blamed, if the big mega banks, if BlackRock
And Vanguard get blamed, it's game over.
If we find out they did this as a cover for de-industrialization and the collapse of society, they all go to prison, and we reverse the whole New World Order, and the carbon taxes, and the Great Reset, and the Build Back Better, which everywhere is falling apart and failing.
BlackRock's pulled out of muscling in on states and countries to pull funding, ib those
Investment funds, the federal and state governments invest with them aren't, quote, in clean energy, meaning energy systems the globalists control.
And they go on for hours, but their whole agenda is stalled, and by the minute they're being exposed.
Now their go-to is a real reset, turn the power off, and say in Russia did it with a cyber attack.
Here's the Associated Press coming out against the establishment.
The AP is the establishment.
AP and Reuters board members are on the board of Pfizer.
FDA considers major shift in COVID vaccine strategy.
Admits it's not working.
Says maybe yearly boosters.
They're backing off.
Here's the whole FDA briefing document from two weeks ago.
We told you about it, but the point is now it's in the news.
Bombshell new emails revealed Dr. Fauci was part of NIH and WHO conspiracy to silence Wuhan lab leak theory.
That's old news, but now it's mainstream news.
Biden's former COVID czar to replace Ron Klain as chief of staff.
We're gonna get more into this in a moment.
Now the EU government's coming out and saying they were lied to by Big Pharma.
And it's just incredible.
We're gonna get to that in a moment.
But first, let me go back to Silk of Diamond and Silk, her sister.
And they've been clear now.
She was not injected.
But she died, it looks like, by a heart attack.
People say, oh, people have heart attacks.
Depending on the study you look at, it's between a 10 and 30,000 percent increase in heart attacks in children, teenagers, and young adults.
It's never happened before.
And these are people that have been injected.
But a minority of them are also people that haven't because, in some folks, the COVID starts replicating in your body and causes lesions on the heart, blood vessels, and other areas.
And your body attacks the spike proteins and eats holes in your arteries, veins, and capillaries.
So, again, that's the long-term kill nature of it.
But here's the thing.
The so-called vaccine doesn't protect you and makes your body produce more of that very spike protein.
Damned if you do, annihilated,
If you do take the shot.
It's incredible.
But there are things that mitigate the spike protein in the body and that's all been coming out.
But I cliffhangered that.
Went on to that clip.
We cut off the end of it.
Here she is saying, listen, don't tell me people aren't dying suddenly.
But they want to just keep it anecdotal where we just see our friends and family dropping dead around us or having heart attacks and they don't want us to go to the numbers that we've been covering ad nauseum here from the insurance companies, even mainstream news out of the US, Australia, Germany, you name it, of again record levels of death from cardiovascular strokes and other issues.
But here's Silk finishing up.
I want to say to everybody is don't you dare call me a conspiracy theorist.
I saw it happen.
I saw how it happened.
I was there when it happened.
And it happened suddenly.
I want America to wake up and pay attention.
Something ain't right.
It's time to investigate what's really going on here.
And get some answers to why are people falling dead suddenly.
They're making a lot of people mad, ladies and gentlemen.
Now Newsweek is saying that the news is going to come out that they did take the shots.
I just know that they called me about four months ago, three months ago, and they said, we want to apologize to you on air.
But I was on vacation with my wife and younger daughter, and I had a really bad connection, and I was going to come back on in a few weeks with them, but it never happened.
And they never got around to telling me what they wanted to tell me.
So I'm going to have to get in touch with her and find out.
But regardless, they got a big problem.
The globalists have a big problem.
All right.
I want to tie this in to the WEF that's the mouthpiece of this global crime syndicate and what they're planning to execute on us to try to counter the Big Awakening.
When we come back, please stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to cover the waterfront on other huge news in the second hour.
We're good to go.
And then I'm able to make an approximation that's almost always accurate.
So that's why I held my tongue with the Diamond and Silk situation.
I said they've been pretty much anti-vax, but only lately.
Maybe she took it.
Maybe it killed her.
Maybe she got COVID and that killed her.
Maybe it was something else.
But you can't ignore the statistical explosion, the biggest in history since they recorded it.
It's going on.
It's happening.
The signal is there.
And the studies.
Now, since they started giving the shot on what it does,
That is irrefutable, but Newsweek is reporting, did Diamond and Silk get vaccinated?
Cause of death remarks sparked confusion.
And then simultaneously, John, the boom operator, and Rob, one of the researchers in there, said in my ear, I bet Trump made them take it to go to the White House.
We're not trying to blame Trump here.
It's just that to go to the White House at that time, everybody was having to take it.
Just like Elon Musk wanted to visit a factory he had in Germany, that's when he took it and got super sick and almost killed him and almost killed his cousin.
So they're never going to be able to cover all this up.
And at the end of the day, I've been unable to talk to Silk.
I understand she's been overwhelmed.
And so because she's not returned, I don't know, 10 emails, 5 phone calls, and I get it, she's overwhelmed with her sister's death.
I have not given you my approximation yet, but I think we know where we're moving here.
Even mainstream media goes, oh, looks like she took the shot.
We don't know.
If that's incorrect, let us know, Silt.
But why wouldn't they tell you it was the shot and leave it nebulous?
And then I made the point to the crew and they said, bingo.
Because they don't want Trump to get in trouble.
They're so loyal.
Because Trump is still up there pushing the damn thing.
I mean, the CDC's coming out against it.
The FDA's turning against it.
All those CNN reporters, the former head of Planned Parenthood, that's their pro-vax pusher, they've all come out against it.
The Wall Street Journal, everything.
Elon Musk has come out against it, and Trump is still sitting there like a fool.
And I like a lot of what Trump did, but man, I'm not going down the ship with this guy.
So if I had to dead reckon,
And I'm not saying this is what happened.
If I had to dead reckon, I think it's a really good chance, I'd give it about a 95% chance, that Diamond and Silk both took the shot.
And that they both started having health issues after they took it, and that's why they suddenly said, we want to apologize to you, and you're wonderful, and you're so right about the shots, and we're so sorry, we thought you were wrong, we wanted to listen to you, but they didn't give me specifics.
And then I asked the question, why would they, why would she not then say she thinks it's a shot?
She basically said it, I just played the clip.
Why is everybody dying suddenly?
But why won't she say it was the shot or it wasn't the shot?
I think she's telling you right there that her sister and her took the shot and she watched her younger sister drop dead.
At 51.
I think that's a pretty fair analysis until she clarifies, and I wish her nothing but love, and I hate to have to speculate, but we're over a week into this situation now, and even mainstream media is speculating, so that's where I'm at on this.
Now let's shift gears into the big issue.
Let me know what you think.
I've got dozens of clips in Davos.
We already played a bunch of them.
I'm gonna replay some and play some of the new ones so you have some context.
Where they say, you know, Tony Blair, there's gonna be a world ID with the vaccine, you gotta have it, and we're gonna put a bunch of new shots in you all the time and you're not gonna have a choice.
And, oh, companies deserve to have your whole genetic background and a GM sequence of you that'll be in a big database.
And the Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying, oh Israelis are all guinea pigs, we control them, we're going to test new products and new shots on them, and we're going to see if it hurts them or helps them.
That's a statement, basically paraphrasing what he said.
And so they're all in line.
With the same program, and notice Robert Bourla said at Davos, he said, we have seen no problems, no signal in Israel and the United States and in Europe.
They will all look at it and they will tell us of this problem.
But they knew full well what was going on.
So let's go to these clips.
Here's clip 14.
WEF on making genetic testing a requirement to have a job.
So we've gone from your medical records are private, nobody has them but you in the hospital, and they're sacrosanct, to everybody gets your medical records.
This is this revolution against testing of drugs, the revolution against surveillance of what drugs do, and just Big Pharma can rape you to whatever it wants.
Here it is.
Once you can probabilistically and through modeling be able to much better see what's going to happen.
Take for example the fact that we already can start to see signs of Alzheimer's many many decades potentially before a person starts to manifest the condition.
Do they want to know?
And if they don't want to know, should other people have the ability to know?
Should an insurance company be able to make choices about whether to cover them?
Should an employer have access to that information to make decisions about whether or not they are somebody that they ought to employ?
So as the system circles the wagons as all this comes out, that was a clip from the WEF, here's Jeff Zients, Biden's new chief of staff.
Saying for the quote, unvaccinated, you're looking at a winter of illness and death.
Remember this a year and a half ago?
Here it is.
We are intent on not letting Omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated.
You've done the right thing, and we will get through this.
For the unvaccinated, you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death.
For yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.
Yeah, you're going to overwhelm the hospitals while they were all empty so they could quietly murder all the people and get $51,000 for each person they killed.
This was all a corrupting of the medical system, all a corrupting of the legal system, and the media.
Find out who they can buy off.
Find out who will go along with them putting out a product that kills tens of millions.
You think Vioxx killing a million in the U.S.
alone was bad?
They knew it.
They did it.
And compared to the company that put out Vioxx, Pfizer's far more evil.
So now these evil, out-of-control, eugenics-based companies are in control of our bodies.
Here's the European Commission vice president, the unelected commission, looking at a Republican congressman and saying, soon you'll ban speech in America as they all giggle and laugh.
These are the true supervillains.
Well, we need the people who understand the language and the case law in the country.
Because what qualifies as hate speech, as illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the US, I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law.
We need the platforms to simply work with the language and to identify such cases.
The AI would be too dangerous.
Okay, so that's her last week, here she is just a few days ago, threatening Elon Musk that even if you've got laws for free speech in America, we're going to use our long arm to come after you, and of course that's what Congress is supposed to block.
We have our laws, they can have their tyrannical laws.
Communist China's laws don't affect us, but via the EU she's saying they do.
Here it is.
Our message was clear.
We have the rules, which have to be complied with, and otherwise there will be sanctions.
Okay folks, we're going to go to break and start the next hour and I'm going to shift gears into the latest WF news, the economy, what's happening with Biden and more.
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In the year 2000, Alex Jones' film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, showed the world how our so-called elite leaders practice mock ritual sacrifices in private.
In 2007, Alex Jones releases Endgame, exposing the world elite's plans for covertly using biological weapons against all of mankind.
And by the time they launched their attack in 2020, Alex Jones' InfoWars and our audience were there to warn the people of the deadly vaccines that we knew were coming.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Russia says we're on the verge of real war.
Coming up...
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Canadian veteran and political activist, Jeremy McKenzie, known as the Raging Dissident, was just notified that he can no longer do banking in Canada.
As part of ending the relationship, so as of today, you're not to visit any of the Scotiabank branches or bank premises in person without first getting written consent in advance from the bank, from management, so... I'm banned from the bank.
But it doesn't matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep, because the banks are planning on taking all of your money to pay off their debts.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But, I mean, they're going to be.
The FDIC currently has less than $200 billion in assets,
To ensure over $9 trillion.
That's just 1.3%.
They know that a system collapse is coming and they are already planning for bail-ins.
As trust begins to fail, the people will begin to withdraw their funds, which will only guarantee a banking collapse.
This is known as a bank run.
In 2012, the International Monetary Fund, known for their reputation of coercion, violence, and extortion, published staff discussion notes entitled, From Bail Out to Bail In, Mandatory Debt Restructuring of Systemic Financial Institutions.
After the 2008 crisis, the world learned what a bailout is.
Trillions of taxpayer dollars printed out of thin air to pay off the bankers' bad habits.
It was hugely unpopular, but pales in comparison to a bail-in.
So what exactly is a bail-in?
It is officially obfuscated with elaborate equations, but to put it simply, it is when the bank steals your money directly from your account.
They called it haircuts when they did it in Cyprus back in 2013, which the courts later ruled was legit.
And a recent video on TikTok shows that the new bail-ins may have already begun.
So I'm a Bank of America and everybody's missing money.
I'm also missing money over $1,300 and they're telling me to call customer service.
And they keep hanging up on people.
This another person here is also missing money.
So we're trying to see what's going on.
Money's missing today.
And we need our money.
And they're already telling us to call customer service.
And customer service ain't doing nothing about it.
So just a heads up.
If anybody's experiencing this, please let us know because this is not right.
I'm missing $1,400 from my account.
And they're telling me that there's no way they can help us.
This guy's missing money, too.
This other person is missing money, too.
You're missing money, too?
So this is not something that's just one person.
There you go.
This is everybody's happening to them.
And this is crazy.
This is very crazy.
Yes, Bank of America decided to take people's money without their consent and we're asking what's going on and they're giving us a runaround.
Everybody for the same thing, man.
Same thing.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, since the Bretton Woods Agreement and the end of World War II, the dollar has been the world reserve currency.
And powerful forces representing the British Empire and the Rothschild fortunes combined forces with the U.S.
This is all in Mainline History Books, Tara Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope, Zbigniew Brzezinski's books, The Technotronic Era, The Anglo-American Establishment.
It's all there.
That's another Quigley book.
These are the heads of Georgetown Political Science, Harvard Political Science.
This is the real world.
Not the fake political distractions out there they divert us with.
And so now here we are 70 plus years later and the whole thing's coming to an end.
They positioned quadrillions of money in real infrastructure, assets, media, total control.
Except they don't have the world ID in to bring out their new digital currency that they program and control that tracks and traces and decides where you can spend it.
They know
That a good 30% of the U.S.
public couldn't survive if they weren't in a cash barter economy.
I have so many friends, so many people I know, they even have college degrees, who work two, three jobs apiece, and they couldn't even have money for children if they weren't doing businesses in cash.
And that's why, as soon as Biden got in two years ago, he just cut off the pipelines and the power and all the rest of it to jack up energy prices to hurt people.
He directed the IRS on record to harass people making $40,000 a year or less and spend 95% of the IRS's energy on that, even though people making $40,000 or less pay less than 6% of the taxes.
That is to drive people into welfare, drive them into the food lines, and the social credit score, universal basic income.
It is total war.
So they're not just bombing us with bioweapons and poison shots to weigh down society and collapse it.
They're not just cutting off the energy.
They're not just imploding the third world and flooding the borders.
They're not just shipping in fentanyl and creating cultural divides and having the police stand down and defund the police so crime explodes.
They're walking us into war with Russia and others, and they need a pretext to have you trained to stay in your house and be locked down under martial law.
And so the COVID lockdowns were the training wheels of this, and they've now admitted that.
Oh, we may need to lock you down during cyber attacks or during a war or for the earth or the climate.
And then only if your smartphone tells you you can leave your house can you leave.
Even if you're poor and can't afford one, we'll give you one.
This is how Communist China has already set up their total tyranny.
And so all of this ties together, because they have to have a group of global crises, war, famine, collapse, poverty, disease,
As the pretext for this new system to emerge.
And they're trying to launch it.
But if they don't have the public going along right now with them, and if we have governors and presidents and prime ministers scattered across the world, though ragtag, resisting it, the truth is so powerful, they won't be able to launch it.
And that's why I'm fighting so hard right now.
That's why you're fighting so hard.
That's why Tucker's fighting so hard.
That's why behind the scenes I'm fighting so hard.
To educate some of the top podcasters in the world.
And I can tell you, behind the scenes, they are educated and are as eloquent as I am, and are starting to go in the direction of exposing it.
That's why, by the grace of God, being this prominent and being well known, I have not just gotten to see how awake the public is, but I've also gotten to be able to know so many prominent people that I've been able to help nudge with the information in the right direction.
All glory goes to God and the listeners for keeping us on air.
So now we have this development.
All over Eastern Europe, places like Hungary, they are removing the pro-NATO military generals.
So now you see Hungary and Orban going towards Putin.
That's almost getting no news.
Meanwhile, we've got Russia and Estonia expelling each other's ambassadors in destroyed relations.
Battle lines are being drawn.
The Russians are moving defensive missiles encircling major cities like Moscow for full war.
Now, Lavrov, the foreign minister, the second most powerful person in Russia, who is not one given to hyperbole,
or saber-rattling has said Russia and the West are on the verge of real war.
The current situation in Ukraine shows that the conflict between Russia and the West can no longer be defined as a hybrid war or a proxy war but is instead approaching being a real one.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today, well it's been this since the start,
We're good to go.
To the culture that existed in Ukraine for centuries and even forbid people from speaking their own native language, or I would add, being part of the Orthodox Church, the oldest church on Earth, Christian Church.
Labaroth went on to point out that such practices have become commonplace throughout Ukraine, and the country's last two presidents, and the current leader, Vladimir Zelensky, have both turned into presidents of war.
I'm good.
Now why is that important?
Because the final piece is going to be banking control.
They want to force everybody.
They've already beta tested in Europe 8 years ago, 9 years ago, 2013.
This is already 10 years ago.
They've already tested bail-ins.
A bail-out is when the government gives billions or trillions to the private banks.
A bail-in is when they take it out of your bank account.
And they do that
So that when you come to your knees, they say, it's okay, we've got a new digital currency that's accepted at these big box stores like Target and Walmart and others.
They've already actuated, they've already announced it years ago.
This new digital currency on your phone and your money will still have full value.
But first, they're going to panic you and take a bunch of money out of your account.
There's a Gregory's Report at Man.Video on it.
It's already started.
I'm going to have that video, it came out this weekend, added to the live show feed at InfoWars.com.
Again, the live show feed, every day I write a headline about the general topics of the show and we post the video and audio feeds to the show there so you can share it, people know what the topic is.
And we'll also usually post a few key things that I really want to have attention focused on there.
Here's a couple snippets from Greg Reese's report of what happened just last week.
This is the FDIC head and he made similar statements a month ago.
Saying it will come.
They will take the money out of your bank account.
But we've got to tell the public beforehand so you don't panic.
And then what happened at Bank of America last week.
I will open the phones up after we play this clip.
So you can tell me if you've seen this happen to your bank account or at your bank coming up.
But here's the clip.
Conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But, I mean, they're going to be.
I'm a Bank of America and everybody's missing money.
I'm also missing money over $1,300 and they're telling me to call customer service.
And they keep hanging up on people.
This another person here is also missing money.
So, we're trying to see what's going on.
Money's missing today, and we need our money.
And they're already telling us to call customer service.
And customer service ain't doing nothing about it.
So, just a heads up, if anybody's experiencing this, please let us know, because this is not right.
I'm missing $1,400 from my account, and they're telling me that there's no way they can help us.
This guy's missing money, too.
This other person is missing money, too.
You're missing money, too?
There you go.
So, this is not something that's just one person.
This is everybody's happening to them.
Now the reason the globalists all over the world don't want classical talk radio shows or TV shows that are like talk radio on air is because random people can call in with intel from your area that they can shut down and compartmentalize if they have media control.
Just like the poison shots, or open borders.
That's why this show is so vital, because millions will hear your testimony when you call in.
And we can check it out and look into it.
So when we come back, I'm going to give the number out on this one topic of bail-ins.
Have you seen this happen with your bank or any other major anomalies?
We'll come back and give the number out straight ahead.
Hey, Globalist, got a little bit of news flash for you.
We got the drop on your ass.
It's spreading like wildfire.
You screwed the pooch!
And we say grace, and we say amen.
If you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
Alright, let's get to the news.
They're coming after everybody.
Everybody better get that straight, get it straight real quick.
I specifically, in the next two segments, want to take calls only on this subject.
You're not going to hold long, I'm going to go right to you.
I want to hear if you went into Bank of America, or you went into Wells Fargo, or you went into Humpty Dumpty Bank, doesn't matter to me, did they tell you they didn't have your money in there for you and they're sorry?
And did they tell you they're keeping part of your money?
Because when you have the FDIC,
That's got liabilities thousands of percentile above the actual money they've got.
And you've got them saying, we've got to get the public ready for this.
That's exactly how they do it.
They start doing it in tests through big banks that work with them to see how the media covers it, to see how the story gets picked up.
That's how it got done in Cyprus in 2013, a couple other European countries, is for about a month or two, we were getting reports that, yeah, people go in,
And they try to get money out of it.
You know, they have five, ten thousand dollars in their bank account, and they try to go rent a car, or go to dinner, or pay their rent, pay their electric bill, and then they just say, sorry, you don't have money.
And they go, what are you talking about?
I mean, I put my paycheck in there, I should have five thousand dollars.
Sorry, we took it all!
Or we took half of it.
And then we were on air with guests saying, they're doing a bail-in, they're doing a bail-in, and then, oh, that's a conspiracy theory, and then it came out they were doing it.
So they followed this pattern, that it looks like it's happening again.
And when you have the FDIC board saying it's imminent and it's going to happen, and get ready for it, and we've got to get the public ready for it, and now we start seeing signs of it, I'd say it's a probability it's already started.
So, I don't know that though, I need to hear from you.
I don't need you to call and tell me your bank account worked.
We hope that's the case.
Bank name.
We don't need your name.
We don't need your info.
We're gonna go and call those banks and ask those banks what's going on.
But I need the human intelligence.
You're the people on the ground.
Did it happen to you?
And please callers on other subjects don't call or we got one guy answering the phones.
The callers that are calling on subject cannot get in.
Only if this happened to you.
And I hope when we give this number out with millions people listening nobody calls.
But you saw a whole bank full of people saying they couldn't be giving their money.
On this Monday, January 23rd broadcast, I want to hear from you.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
All right.
I've got a bunch of 5G news I'm going to get to later, the latest information.
They're definitely getting rid of Biden.
Pelosi, all of them turned against him.
What does that mean?
He's done.
More raids on his house, more searches coming.
I mean, they're flushing the toilet on that guy.
And before you celebrate, the globalists want this, so they've got something far worse ready for you.
It's like they just flushed the toilet on Jacinda Ardern over there in New Zealand, just put some money in it.
As worse.
As worse.
New word I have.
I sound like Jesse Jackson.
As worse.
As bad or worse is what as worse I guess means.
A new city on the moon.
As worse.
Welcome to as worse.
Sounds like a German city or Dutch city or something.
As worse.
As worse dot com.
I don't know what that is.
Watch out.
I've never looked it up.
So we're going to be covering all of that here.
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That habit, and we'll be right back on the other side with your phone call.
Stay with us.
All right, I just gave the number out, as you know, about five minutes ago, and I said, if you specifically have witnessed what we played in that video earlier, people going to Bank of America,
And not being able to get even any of their money out, or part of their money out.
And we have the head of the FDIC saying, get ready for bail-ins and not let people have their money.
And taking it, not just not letting you have it, having a bank holiday, taking it.
That's the EU globalist model.
Call in.
And I wish nobody would have called in.
Guess what I see on the board over there?
A whole bunch of callers all saying Bank of America.
And I just so happened to have a little bird about a year ago tell me, who has family that works right at the top of Bank of America.
And when I say right at the top of Bank of America, they told me about eight years ago, about what had happened previous to that in 2008, that if it turned out their brother had consciously done what he did with the subprime mortgages, he would support him going to jail.
Because it turned out that particular person at the top, number two at Bank of America, was under criminal investigation.
But nothing ever happened.
I talked to this individual recently, and they just said, yeah, word is it's about to go down again, but even bigger.
So it's funny I got that information months ago.
This is longer than months ago now, maybe six months ago.
And then now you see Bank of America.
I'm not saying there's a run on Bank of America.
I'm not saying they're doing bail-ins.
I just gave the number out, and I got Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America.
We're not calling up saying, oh, it's my farming bank, or it's my college bank, it's my local credit union.
No, we're not getting that.
Of course it's the big bank.
Because that's how they do the test.
Or Bank of America doesn't have the money.
Or they do!
I don't know.
But you can't... Look, if we just had clips of people not being able to get their money out of Bank of America, I would just ask the question.
But when you have the FDIC, the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, up there saying, this is gonna happen imminently, then you gotta pay attention, okay?
So, let's start going to these calls, the order they received here.
Wow, this is just Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America.
Let's go to Dragos in Georgia.
Bank of America, missing money in account.
Tell us what's happening.
Mr. Jones, it's a pleasure speaking to you again.
Yeah, I'm a general contractor.
And I've had about... I went to do a hotel in Austin, Texas, the Hotel Grand Duca.
And I look at my account, I can pay my workers.
About $4,000 went on this thing.
It's kind of sketchy, you know?
I called in.
They put me on hold for about two hours.
I finally spoke to someone that was ironically stationed in New York.
And as of right now, I only had about half of it returned to me.
But two weeks ago, the bank we use, we had a discrepancy of $4,000.
And they still haven't answered us where it is.
It's funny you say $4,000.
That's exactly what happened with us.
And with our overhead and what comes in, that's not usually a big deal, but it's never happened.
And they won't answer us.
And that's what they'll do is some actuary number calculation with an algorithm of what they need to be able to make all their payments.
The banks are a Ponzi scheme now.
The big ones are, for sure.
And a lot of little ones.
And so, interesting call.
I appreciate your call.
That fits in with what people are saying on the street.
Let's take another caller.
Let's go ahead and talk to Matt in Florida, Bank of America, missing money again.
Matt, tell us what happened.
Yeah, I missed the money out of a Bank of America account.
We called them several times.
They kept hanging up on us.
We called them again.
Finally got back on a callback list.
Unfortunately, there's no branches local to where we live.
Also, another topic, same missing bank money, but every time I order from your store, my bank account gets hacked by China.
My card number does.
I order from your store at least once a month, at least, if not two or three times a month.
So, I'm just curious if you guys have had issues with that before.
No, we haven't.
But, I mean, I guess one-tenth of one percent.
We've seen the numbers everywhere stuff like that goes on.
That's happened with...
I have like two or three credit cards.
It happens like twice a year.
Happens with American Express.
Oh, you got to get a new card.
It got hacked.
It's just everywhere.
And that's the point of digital money is it's not safe.
Let's imagine when we're all on one central system, how terrible that's going to be.
I appreciate your call.
We'll look into that.
But yeah, this is what's going on, folks.
It's everywhere.
I know every listener that's got credit cards or debit cards or credit cards, they're getting canceled every year, aren't they?
In fact, I've had it happen twice.
With one of my credit cards in just the last year, where they go, hey, your card got hacked, we're selling you a new card.
And I barely even use these things, but for like gas or dinner or, you know, the grocery store, and it's just happening everywhere.
So yeah, the whole digital system is a mess.
And imagine what it's going to be like, ladies and gentlemen, when they have a staged cyber attack.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to, hmm, who's up next here?
Raul in Texas on Bank of America as well.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Pleasure to talk to you.
You changed my life in 2015 when Trump came in.
Well, on Friday morning, I woke up and I was overdrafted and I didn't know what happened.
So I went on my app and I tried to call the bank.
They wouldn't answer.
And then when I when I actually I went through the app,
And I did the Erica on Banker America, and they told me there was an issue with Dell and that it was going to be put back into my account.
And I mean, fortunately, it wasn't $4,000.
It was only like $400, but they did return it.
And same like the last caller, I was trying to order some of your new products because it hadn't been a while, and I couldn't process it.
It said that you were going to email me, and I never got an email so I could log in back into my account.
Well, about a month ago, we did a huge security update and changed companies and put in a whole new super modern software system.
And so there was a big hiccup there where people couldn't order, but the security's never been breached.
That's why when you try to go to the site, it wants you to answer these questions.
It'll say, you know, tell us what the sailboats are.
And it'll be like sailboats versus regular boats.
And you got to, I forget what you call those things, but you've got to then click on the type of thing it is.
I don't
But I'll be honest, nothing online is safe anymore.
Everything has a low probability of problems.
But then, you know, the companies, if anything happened, would obviously fix it or refund it or find it.
But it's everywhere.
That's what I told my wife.
In fact, yesterday, I'm like, we got to figure out a cash.
What are we going to do?
Like, nothing works.
I mean, it's constant with my own credit cards or debit cards or bills I'm paying, like for phones or gas or electric.
And I've got my wife watching it all the time, because we're on an even bigger budget right now in bankruptcy, and it's like, what's this cell phone bill?
And then she'll spend half a day, and they go, oh, sorry, sorry, that extra $500 charge, that's an accident, we'll take that off.
They're looking for people, particularly old people, that don't know what they're doing, and will just leave those charges on.
These companies are desperate, because stuff is melting down.
Okay, very interesting call, I appreciate that.
All right, let's...
Go to break, and we're going to come back with more Bank of America calls here, and then I'm going to go to all the others.
So Raul, thank you so much.
We're going to go to Presley, we're going to go to Jody, we're going to go to Alan, we're going to go to Gianni and Andrew on the other side with what's happening with the banks.
But it's all over the place.
The phones are loaded up with this stuff, and it's this whole digital system's a mess.
Because they're planning to bring it down in the near future, in my view, and bring out their new one global system as the answer.
They've said that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Taking your phone calls about bail-ins.
The FDIC saying they're getting ready to tell the public they're going to start grabbing money out of your bank account and just keeping it, like they did in areas of Europe in 2013.
But there's an ongoing meme online that's big.
Not that Alex Jones is right or Alex Jones is always right or Alex is right.
That's bigger.
But the big debate is who's more accurate in the tip jar, Alex Jones or The Simpsons?
And I gotta tell you, it's uncanny what The Simpsons has predicted and how it lays out how stuff really works.
Here's a clip from a Simpsons episode.
We're right now trying to find out the date of it.
But here it is predicting what's happening now.
What do you mean the bank is out of money?
You only have enough cash for the next three customers!
Wait a minute!
Just a second here!
No, no!
I don't have your money here!
It's in Bill's house and Fred's house!
Hey, what the hell are you doing with my money in your house, Fred?
Well that looks like a really old Simpson right there.
But that's not really much of a prediction.
That's not predicting bail-ins.
Because Jimmy Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life came out in the 40s or early 50s and it was all about bank runs that happened in the 20s during the Depression, early 1930s.
The point is we are at that point.
Yes, I ordered from the store and like a week later
Well, actually, the same week, but it went for a whole week.
Somebody in California used my card to ride buses, and they kept it under $100.
It's not really relevant to your Bank of America, but I heard the other customer say about, you know, him right after he made an order, but it's not about that.
I'm a DNA Force user.
I'm a BODYS user.
I'm a fish oil person.
I'm a krill oil person.
I take it all, Alex.
You're off the hook.
God bless you.
Well, I appreciate you calling in.
I tell the listeners, call in about banking issues, and it's kind of the minority of people that have had an issue are going to call in.
No, I get it.
I appreciate it.
But did you have anything else about banks you wanted to talk about?
Well, and their response is, it's probably going to take 90 days before we get your $1,300 back.
That's how much they used in a week.
They took the card right down to nothing.
And this isn't the first time.
This is the only card that has a problem.
They mailed me a card once, and before I even got the card, it was hacked.
Yeah, it's happening everywhere, brother.
I absolutely hear you.
It happens to me on a routine basis, just anywhere.
And that's why I've got to watch everything we buy, everything we do, because the whole credit card system is fried.
And it's just the nature of the beast.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
We're going to go to more calls here in a moment.
But since the crew gave me this article, I'd forgotten about this.
Since we're talking about Bank of America.
Calls for Bank of America boycott grow after data given to the FBI.
Customers are calling for a boycott of Bank of America after a report that the bank handed over the account information of hundreds of innocent people in connection with the January 6th deadly Capitol riot.
And remember, the big airlines did that too.
People who were just visiting DC on business were visited by the FBI, harassed.
At the request, the FBI, the country's second largest bank, allegedly snooped through information of anyone without a warrant making certain purchases in and around Washington before and after
I think so.
Reserved hotels or Airbnbs in and around the Capitol, patronized weapon stores, and made airline reservations within the time frame surrounding the attacks.
That's all the big social credit score system, ladies and gentlemen.
And it happens over and over and over and over again.
This is just a small window
into what will happen if they get their pure cashless society.
As I said earlier, how on earth, how on earth are we going to operate as a society when everything is 100% digital and it's designed to make it to where the average person cannot be successful in life?
That is the whole nature of this new world order.
And I played this clip earlier, but I want to play it again because it's so chilling.
WUF on making genetic testing a requirement to perlude...
Preclude people from gaining employment or those being eligible for insurance.
We have international and national laws where you're not supposed to know somebody's medical records, and here's the WEF and all of them wanting your records to be public.
That's what the vaccine database is about, is letting your medical records be known by all these companies, organizations.
If you think the data breaches and the data hacks and the crises and all of this insanity going on are bad now, imagine what it's going to do to confidence
And the economy going forward.
Here's a clip.
Once you can probabilistically and through modeling be able to much better see what's going to happen.
Take for example the fact that we already can start to see signs of Alzheimer's many many decades potentially before a person starts to manifest the condition.
Do they want to know?
And if they don't want to know should other people?
Have the ability to know should an insurance company be able to make choices about whether to cover them?
Should an employer have access to that information to make decisions about whether or not they are somebody that they auto-employ?
Now the next thing I want to go to is talking about internet censorship and then we'll continue your calls and a guest is coming up.
The guest is coming up very, very soon, talking about debanking, talking about harassment, talking about being arrested and indicted for supporting the trucker protest.
And to look at the martial law model of Canada that is the martial law model here.
We've got this Army veteran of Canada joining us coming up.
And I want to play a few minutes of this because Ezra Levant and his other reporter did a great job confronting very peacefully, very politely, but very firmly
Albert Borla of Pfizer, the CEO, and now it's admitted that Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, they've all taken this video down.
But thanks to Twitter, it's still up.
Here's a few minutes of it.
How long did you know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission?
How long did you know that without saying it publicly?
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry.
Why would you answer that question?
I mean, we now know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?
You said it was 100% effective, then 90%, then 80%, then 70%.
But we now know that the vaccines do not stop transmission.
Why did you keep that secret?
Have a nice day.
I won't have a nice day until I know the answer.
Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?
Is it time to apologize to the world, sir?
To give refunds back to the countries that poured all their money into your vaccine that doesn't work?
Your ineffective vaccine?
Yeah, you have a little bear right here.
Are you not ashamed of what you've done in the last couple of years?
Do you have any apologies to the public, sir?
Are you proud of it?
You've made millions on the backs of people's tire livelihoods.
How does that feel to walk the streets as a millionaire on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia, in England, in Canada?
What do you think about on your yacht, sir?
What do you think about on your private jet?
Are you worried about product liability?
Are you worried about myocarditis?
What about the sudden deaths?
What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day?
Why won't you answer these basic questions?
No apologies, sir.
Do you think you should be charged criminally for some of the criminal behavior you've obviously been a part of?
How much money have you personally made off the vaccine?
How many boosters do you think it'll take for you to be happy enough with your earnings?
Who did you meet with here in secret?
Will you disclose who you met with?
Who did you pay commissions to?
In the past, Pfizer has paid $2.3 billion in fines for deceptive marketing.
Have you engaged in that same conduct again?
Are you under investigation, like you were before, for your deceptive marketing, sir?
If any other product in the world doesn't work as promised, you get a refund.
Should you not refund to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccine?
Are you used to only sympathetic media, so you don't know how to answer any questions?
Shame on you, sir.
Shame on you.
That's Albert Bourla, the boss of Pfizer.
His people were pushing us around a little bit.
Mate, he's pretty fit.
I don't reckon he's had one jab.
I'm huffin' and puffin' a bit.
At least I didn't have any myocarditis.
Um, I dare say he's shocked that in his safe space at the WEF here in Davos that he was... Well, I just want to say about Dietport...
Diet Force is amazing!
I'm 45 and I have bits.
I go to the gym and I have bits that won't move.
And Diet Force has helped me move those bits.
Like, under my pecs, my belly, I'm just taking Diet Force two tablets a day.
Man, if you're, like, struggling to get
Like, chip shape for the ladies.
Mate, DietForce is the go.
You have to get the DietForce and have two a day.
And just keep at it.
X7 DietForce.
InfoWarsStore.com, baby!
Now on sale.
We're cutting that ad.
We're cutting that call into an ad.
I can guarantee you that.
Thank you so much for the call, Grant.
God bless Australia.
We'll be right back, folks.
Don't go anywhere.
Get it now.
In 2003, the CIA released a classified document with the subject heading, Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, a process that utilizes audio frequencies to achieve brain hemisphere synchronization.
In order to provide a thorough evaluation, the document covers the techniques of hypnosis, biofeedback, and transcendental meditation.
Thereby providing a modern scientific account of an ancient guarded knowledge of mankind's spiritual potential.
A potential that could save humanity from the mind control tactics being used to divide and enslave us.
The left brain is the mind's verbal and linear reasoning component.
It categorizes and assigns meaning to incoming stimuli and passes this resulting information to the right brain, which is non-critical and accepts whatever information it is given without question.
The left brain is the ego mind.
It operates on autopilot and can be easily swayed by external stimuli.
Most of us are unaware of this because we naturally tend to identify ourselves
with the ego.
We think that the ego is who we are, but in fact it is just a part of our mental processing.
The right brain is our subconscious mind, and hypnosis is a technique of directly accessing the subconscious by disengaging the ego, giving us self-awareness and control over the subconscious mind.
Transcendental meditation achieves this by practicing single-minded concentration of drawing energy up from the base of the spinal cord and into the brain.
With practice, this visual concentration eventually polarizes the cortex, bringing both hemispheres into balance, allowing the individual to transcend the ego mind.
With biofeedback, rather than suppressing the left brain as done with hypnosis or ignoring it as done with meditation, the practitioner programs the ego mind with visualization while monitoring the physiological response, thereby programming the subconscious mind by observing the results with real-time biological feedback.
The gateway process, also known as hemi-sync, achieves this same goal by simply listening to specific audio frequencies that bring both hemispheres of the brain into synchronicity with one another.
All of these practices, some of which have been taught for millennia, have been proven effective with modern scientific tools.
The gateway process has been shown to bring the entire body into a coherent vibration of approximately 7 to 7.5 cycles per second, which then creates a resonance with the electrostatic field of the Earth.
It is believed that this resonance is what allows the practitioner to transcend time and space, or in other words, allow their consciousness to leave the body without limitation.
What we call physical matter is not solid at all.
It is more like a highly advanced holographic image made up of different frequencies.
What we experience as solid matter is actually the electromagnetic repulsion of certain frequencies.
And this includes our own physical body.
And so it is believed that the reason these practices work is because our consciousness is not being generated by our bodies, but rather our bodies are being generated by our consciousness.
Physicists have proven that the physical world is energy and define time as a measurement of change within this energy.
In order for energy to take form, it needs to be limited to a specific vibration.
Energy at rest is uniformly extended without limit.
It is everywhere at once.
This is why humans are able to remote view, which is a term used by the military for their psychic training protocol, wherein they teach an individual to transcend space and time in order to gather information remotely.
And this is how Mr. Guy Cervelli was able to drop a goat from a hundred feet away with his thoughts.
But most importantly, the suppression of this knowledge is how the government is able to program your subconscious mind for you, without you even knowing it, and control what you perceive to be reality.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is...
Tomorrow's news.
The issue of pandemic preparedness and if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience and you'll see that in a moment is that there is no question that there will be a challenge the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease and we have certainly a large burden of that
But also there will be a surprise outbreak and I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history, the history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIAID, will tell the next administration that there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an emergency transmission.
Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank the crew for coming in and doing a great job with us here.
I have two of our great investigative researchers, Rob Dew and Mike Halperin, here with me in studio.
And we want to thank all the viewers and listeners that have tuned in to this information.
It could not be of any
Greater import.
It could not be more serious to every human life, but also the rest of life on this planet.
Scientific dictatorship, the scientific tyranny, the complete revolution and takeover that we're witnessing.
Now, you just saw Fauci four years ago, right after Trump got in office, saying he will be challenged by a surprise outbreak.
Wow, he knows about a surprise.
And then out of the Wuhan lab that even Newsweek and Reuters report, he basically controlled 11 programs on of gain-of-function viruses, chimera viruses in the Corona family, even listed and called COVID-21, COVID-25, COVID-2019.
This individual then had John Hopkins that he basically runs with Bill Gates.
We'll show you all the documents.
Develop war games, two months after Trump got into office, laying all of this out.
So we're going to show you the documents, we're going to show you the quotes, and then you're going to see in real time as they rolled it out.
Now most people that are informed have heard about Event 201, they've heard about Operation Lockstep, they've heard about Crimson Contagion, they've heard about Disease X, and the UN drills.
But have you heard about SPARS?
2025, 2028.
It is all of those plans together, but not set in the near future like those previous drills were, but set out a few more years in the future, but it's actually paralleling the time we're in now.
So just superimpose 2025 to 2028 with 2020 to 2023.
And it is exactly
What's happening now?
Here's what's devastating.
We're about 13 months into the simulation that, again, is not really a simulation.
They're using that to cover their operations.
In case they get caught with the documents, they just say it's part of the drill.
That's a classic operation by intelligence agencies, governments, but also health agencies.
Next, they say that within six months to a year of people being inoculated with these experimental GMO gene therapies, that you will have massive brain damage and spongiform encephalopathy, basically, or prion disease, mad cow disease.
Now, it's not just them saying this.
This is in 2017 they produced this document.
Reddit Rafalchi says, the surprise is coming soon.
And they say in there it's going to cause encephalopathy in children and adults, you name it.
There's going to be a huge outcry and they're going to blame the politicians, not Big Pharma, for speeding it up.
Trump really stepped into it.
He got set up big time, ladies and gentlemen.
So, I want to explain something.
We could go for 10 hours straight just reading and not scratch the surface of this.
We have read all of this together that you see.
Mike Alperin, Rob Dewey, the rest of the crew.
And when you see it, I have been physically nauseous before we went on air today because this is the smoking gun and these mad scientist types
Literally think we're too stupid to figure this out and stop them, and they're not even hiding what they're doing.
And then I've got Ted Turner and Bill Gates and all the rest of them admitting, and Klaus Schwab, oh, this is really to lower the human population and cut carbon, and we need climate lockdowns now, and this has been wonderful.
And look, I've got headlines right here.
The Times of London.
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation.
And then it goes into how they're taking control of the world medical system through the UN,
To carry out this depopulation.
This article is from more than 10 years ago.
And I literally have hundreds of these.
I just mentioned to you spongiform encephalopathy or prion disease.
Microbiology Infectious Diseases Journal.
COVID-19 RNA-based vaccines and the risk of prion disease.
That was put out in 2021 by prestigious scientists.
Here's the deal.
It's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document that that's going to be the huge crisis that they'll then have the medical system take over and get more control and get a giant global bailout, a giant global Marshall Fund, Marshall Plan for.
So again, as I keep saying, if the credit crisis is big, they've got to have a bigger crisis to cover up the last crisis, like cover up
All the vaccine problems, all the tainted vaccines, all the sicknesses, all the autism.
said in 2019 at the December emergency meeting, head of the U.N.
The U.N.
vaccine program said these vaccines are killing people, they don't work, doctors don't believe in them.
Remember all that?
We'll put the article on screen.
Remember all that?
And so now they have this big crisis, it's even bigger vaccine damage, and they admit that, and then they get more control because the medical system then responds to that.
So this is how you enslave people while you kill them.
We're going to lay every bit of it and how the Rockefeller Foundation is behind it.
Bill Gates is just their front along with Fauci.
Here in just a moment, we also have CNN and others saying no one should have freedom.
They need to keep us locked down until we submit the vaccines.
They admit it's not about your safety.
It's about you submitting the vaccine, which is connected not just to brain damage, but also
Infertility, this is the smoking gun.
Spars 2025 scenario.
2028 from John Hopkins.
Give us about a two minute summation before we get into how it's happening, the end game, where they're taking us, the proof Rob do, and then we'll get Mike Halpern to also give us his boil down summation, because both of you have good angles on this, reading these documents over the last few weeks yourselves, and then we'll start drilling directly into the documents themselves and showing people the war game, which isn't a war game, it's a war plan on us, the population, their admission, that's what it is, and then in real time, the drill
Yeah, so the parallels on this are...
Just from a, when you looked at 9-11 and you saw the parallels that happened, this has got the same thing in it with like massive power outages, you've got a male and female president, the president who's a male stops after a few years, or it's the female who's, she's only in for one term and then she leaves and then the male president takes over, we kind of have that going on.
There's so many parallels, the disease sort of looks the same but it's a little longer now, it's, they've created a worse type of gain of function now, it's got more gain of function, it's
I don't
Lockstep is like the granddaddy.
This is Sparr's pandemic is the daddy.
And then you got the two kids, Crimson Contagion and Event 201, along with these other little exercises they do.
But this is the blueprint for how they're going to censor people, but they don't say censorship.
They have another little cute word for it.
This is how they're going to cover up side effects, how they're going to roll out side effects, how they're going to talk about side effects, how they're even going to talk about Tuskegee when that comes out.
And we've seen all this stuff happen to us under the COVID lockdown in real time.
So it's really, this is what it is.
They call it a futuristic scenario.
It should be a futuristic script for public health risk communicators.
Because this is to give talking points to all the minions on what to say, what file to pull out.
Like you were mentioning, Dr. Strangelove, when they pull out a file for a different scenario.
They got somebody talking about Tuskegee.
They give it to Fauci.
They pull it out.
Fauci goes, oh, we have a black woman making this vaccine.
It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
But why would a black woman hurt you with a vaccine?
So they have all these things.
They're thinking about this stuff.
And they had black nurses up front when it first rolled out.
But it's going to get real.
As we get into this and we show the slides where the similarities are, you're going to be freaked out.
And you should be.
You should be freaked out.
You should get activated.
You should get awake.
And you should start telling people about what's going on.
Because a lot of people haven't heard as far as pandemic.
Not a lot of people have heard about this.
This is one that it's there, but you really have to be looking for it.
You have to go seek it out, and we're going to put this all out.
We're going to put the link to it on when we post this on InfoWars, so you can go read it for yourself.
Here it is right here.
This is all it.
It's 70-something pages long right there.
Great job going over all this, getting all these slides that you prepared ready.
All right, Rob.
I want to talk to Mike Halpern a little bit, get his take on this before we dive into it, but here's really the most important part about all this.
They ran drills on 9-11 of attacking the World Trade Centers with hijacked jets.
That's ABC News.
Doesn't mean there isn't radical Islam.
Doesn't mean they weren't working with the globalists.
But the point was to make sure there was a stand-down.
They had drills so that when NORAD saw this, they stood down with the jets and didn't shoot down the aircraft until finally they disregarded orders and did shoot down Flight 93 that was going towards the Capitol.
That was supposed to be destroyed and full martial law would have come in.
Folks, look this up.
It'll blow you away.
They even ABC News reports on this, CBS, they had drills of the World Trade Centers attacked on the morning of 9-11 pre-planned for six months and ran the drills.
And so everybody stood down because they thought it was part of the drill.
That's impossible.
Well, it's the same thing here.
This is set in the year 2025-2028.
But it's really 2020-2023, and it's exactly what's happening at exactly the same time, in exactly the same order, and now just like Sherry Timpini and other scientists, Wolfgang Wudarg, have looked at the documents and they say, oh my gosh, they've looked at the vaccines, the mRNA vaccines, this is going to cause
We're good.
We're going to vaccinate everybody, but it's going to cause a bunch of brain damage, and we'll have to have a secret fund that pays people off.
I mean, wow!
So, again, that's only one facet.
Mike Alpert, spend a few minutes, again, giving us your general overview of this before we dig in.
I mean it's a little bit disheartening just to be able to read what we're living right now.
The Event 201 is basically a one-time deal.
The Crimson Contagion is a one-time deal.
This SPARS 2025, we're living in this every single day and it says word for word what's going to be happening in the near future.
So whether we want to reject it or accept it, it's happening.
They say, word for word, what's going to happen to your children, the health effects of all the different vaccines.
We're going to be going over that in a little bit.
The timeline, exactly when they'll be able to roll out the vaccine, when SPARS emerges.
Now, this exercise was put in the future, which I think threw a lot of people off.
It showed, okay, maybe this isn't the pandemic, but in my opinion, this is it.
We are living inside of this, Alex.
Well, exactly.
Again, I'll explain.
If there's a drill during the real terror attack, if the people involved in the terror attack organizing it get caught, they just go on part of a drill.
So they have to have a blueprint to carry out a total takeover of society.
They've got to have battle plans.
But you simply call the battle plans...
Well, let's say you're a serial killer.
You're writing about the women you've kidnapped, murdered, and tortured.
Well, you just write about it in a horror novel.
That way, if the cops ever catch you, they go, oh, that's just my novel.
But they can go, oh, the old barn with an old church back in the woods where the women are buried.
They go back and dig it up.
The women are there.
It's not a novel.
It is a plan, an operation that's now being carried out.
Let's go.
We're going to show you that as well, that are running all the other events and scenarios.
And then when you place all four of the drills together, it's word for word, real time, what's happening when you move the dates from 2025 and 2028 to 2020, 2023.
So Mike, you've got more points to make, then we'll start.
Plowing into it.
Yeah, just the fact that they're really going after pregnant women, they're going after children, they're going after people with chronic health conditions.
They know that, and it says it right here, the fact that the majority of U.S.
citizens willing to be vaccinated had already been immunized, the negative publicity surrounding adverse reactions had little effect on nationwide vaccination rates.
Basically what that means is that once they get everybody, then the effects come in, Alex.
And they surged it so fast that they just kind of drowned out all the deaths, all the illnesses.
4,000 dead in Europe, almost 3,000 dead here from the vaccine.
That's the CDC's own numbers.
Bill Gates said it'll hurt or kill 700,000.
So they really got us ready up front this time.
Well, and the way they do that is with the fact-checking.
Because if you type in any of this stuff, like Hank Aaron died from the COVID vaccine.
All the fact-checking.
Oh no, the fact-checkers all said that didn't happen.
He was, the medical examiner looked at him, even though when you call the medical examiner, the medical examiner says, no, we never looked at the body.
But they use that, and so by placing those fact-checking organizations at the top of every search using Google, using any of the other major search engines, then it quickly dispels, it dampers that effect that it would have.
That's right, and what we're saying here is, folks, when you read
The 70-something page document, SPARS 2025-2028, and the accompanying documents that connect to it, it blows you away because they talk about how to counter us.
They talk about how they're going to have fact-checkers.
They talk about how they're going to block real news.
They talk about how they're going to censor.
They talk about how they're going to cover up the deaths.
I mean, it is, it is...
Hitler wrote Mein Kampf and said what he was going to do, and then he did it!
And you're sitting here reading this, it just blows you away.
So since I mentioned the Rockefeller Foundation, let's just start there as we go into the document.
Dr. Nick Bright joins the Rockefeller Foundation to lead pandemic prevention.
Institute Development.
Well, guess where he already was before?
That's right, with Fauci running the whole thing to begin with, running Operation Crimson Contagion, which again was two years ago, to prepare the same towns, the same cities in China, basically the same stories, the same maps, even the same computer generators, same reporters, same tweets.
It's incredible.
Put out as a drill, then later put out as exactly real, and then now he's setting up Vaccine Global Response to create global health policy for the Rockefeller Foundation.
And they use a lot of this vocabulary that I think the viewers and listeners really need to learn.
One is stakeholder.
How many times is Klaus Schwab talking about, we're all stakeholders, the health stakeholders.
We all need to be in this circular economy.
They talk about that in the documents.
They're talking about people with respiratory conditions, because if whatever they're spraying from the sky or whatever they're putting in the soil or the food, and that all comes together with a vaccine, then the effects really come.
Binary weapon!
That's right, Alex.
And for folks who don't know what a binary weapon is, you already have half of it in you, then you've got to get the other half.
Wow, this is, this is, this is so diabolical.
Okay, so let's start, let's start getting into it right now.
Let's go ahead and begin here.
Here is the project team who is on it.
All these different top eugenicists, top globalists from around the country.
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Here is the report that we're going to be
Quoting to you out of every single bit of this right now.
So here's the timeline.
And then here is the boil down that you did, Mike.
SPARS 2025 highlights.
Let's just read these highlights.
And then, oh, we're not the fake news.
We're going to show you from the document the slides after we read the highlights.
But Mike, read us these highlights.
Okay, so first we're going to start talking about the neurological symptoms.
You can't even believe that inside of SPARS it says that children are going to be getting neurological symptoms.
People are going to be getting neurological symptoms.
And we already- Six months to a year later.
Six months to a year later, and that's what- Which is a soft kill.
It's a delayed weapon.
That's what Dr. Sherry Tenpenny talked about.
Before this document was even known, yeah.
And we just discovered this document.
I'm sure it's on the internet, but now we're covering it now.
And this can be found inside of the SPARS document, word for word.
After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms.
As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge.
As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down
And that's what the UN Head of Vaccine Program said a year and a half ago in Switzerland.
She said, we're not allowed to test it.
It's given to us by Big Pharma and Bill Gates and it's hurting people.
She's on video!
And you talked about the board that's above it, the ethics board that's above them, above the hospitals, above the doctors.
So this is a high-level, highly sophisticated military operation.
Near the end of 2027, which is two years after SPARS emerges, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge.
That's two years later, so this keeps compounding.
Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms.
That month, a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corvax vaccination sued the federal government demanding removal of the liability shield.
Protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corvax.
So let me stop you again, overhead shot.
I give you a hundred mainline articles, I give you 50 studies literally that I've seen.
Here's a top-line study worried that scientists looked at the vaccine, what it does with proteins in the body, saying it'll grow proteins in the brain and basically give you mad cow.
This is this year them looking at the vaccine saying that scientists, there it is in the document four years ago, put out by John Hopkins and Fauci.
I mean, holy hell.
Keep going.
So the most important part of that last paragraph is that the majority of people who've gotten the vaccination, which is, I think, at least over 80 million Americans have already gotten the vaccine.
Oh, they're targeting America.
A bunch of countries aren't doing it.
They're pulling out.
France and other places won't do it.
But oh, we're the most vaccinated now.
They don't realize that they cannot sue.
They can't go after the vaccine maker.
Then it says that they're going to realize that they got damaged and then they're going to go after the vaccine maker.
So expect maybe in the next couple of months to a year, people starting to wake up saying, wait, maybe my kid did get injured.
And who is responsible for this?
Well, and like we were saying with the binary weapon, you get the vaccine, and then when you get exposed to the actual virus, your immune system kicks into overdrive, and that's how you get the brain swelling, the encephalopathy, all that stuff.
And when you come in contact with a regular virus, now you have it.
And here's the thing, in this whole thing, this whole document, they have their disclaimer.
And at the end they go, the infectious pathogens, medical countermeasures, characters, new media experts, blah blah blah, are hereby described as entirely fictional.
They say it's entirely fictional, but when we show you
How it relates in the real world scenario, you're gonna be blown away.
Four years after they put this out, in a huge scientific battle plan report, top scientists are saying word for word it's doing what they said it would do.
Please continue.
The fact that the majority of US citizens willing to be vaccinated had already been immunized and negative publicity surrounding adverse reactions had little effect on nationwide vaccination rates.
As these cases emerged, patients began filing for compensation under the PREP Act.
Due to lingering uncertainties over possible links between vaccination and reported neurological symptoms, their compensation requests were placed on indefinite hold pending further data analysis.
Because you can't get data because they skipped the animal trials and just did mass random testing.
It hits you later so they'll be able to cover it up.
This cohort, many of whom adamantly supported the Coravax vaccine, initially quickly took to social media to publicize their issues.
So they're warning all their stakeholders that they're going to go to social media first.
So that's why the censorship started in 2017.
That's why they say we've got to shut everybody down.
And exactly so.
In 2017, which lines up with the years they launch early, they began taking all the anti-vaxxers off.
And there's an article, it was about Facebook, and it's like these 12 people, and it's people like Robert Kennedy Jr., Sherry Timpenny, other people like that, Ty Bollinger, these are the 12 people that are putting out all the vaccine misinformation.
And let's go further, Rob.
I'm going to show a whole stack of mainline news from two years ago where they go, oh, Bill Gates is taking over all the media control of big tech to censor anti-vaxxers ahead of time.
I'll show all that in a moment.
I mean, I'm talking Wall Street Journal.
So, so, so again, this is where you cannot complain about what happens to you medically on the Internet before it happens.
Gates does this.
And there's no coincidence that the Facebook censorship of InfoWars happened in 2017, around that time.
Keep going.
They targeted very specific channels to know who's going to talk about the vaccination effects.
So they needed to be able to do that beforehand.
As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain.
They're talking about Cuomo, they're talking about Newsom,
A lot of them.
He got an award, Cuomo.
What award?
He got an Emmy.
He got an Emmy?
So he sensationalized it.
He's going to take the fall for this.
So they even pre-programmed, years before it happens, how they're going to burn certain people.
That's right.
To determine how to best distribute limited doses of Coravax to members of priority groups across the country, the U.S.
government resorted to new, controversial tactics, notably having healthcare providers access patients' electronic health records to determine the number of individuals in high-risk populations receiving care in particular areas.
Now in the United States,
And that puts you into the Xi Jinping Apple run QR code system.
They're already spying on all that.
Big Tech's merged with Big Pharma, but now they want to legally have all that and have full control of the name of your safety, track you in live time with an app on your phone as well, which is all here.
That's right.
Furthermore, these cases arose from the initial cohort of vaccine recipients, those in high-risk populations, including those with other underlying health conditions, making it increasingly difficult to determine the extent to which these symptoms are associated with vaccination.
That's their big game plan, Alex.
It's soft kill.
It does it down the road.
It's to be able to know for whoever received the vaccine, or maybe your mom or your child received it, and you can't put two and two together because you already have autism, you already have Alzheimer's.
All the marketing is, if you have pre-existing conditions, take the vaccine.
That's what we see every day on... And then it accelerates and it kills you quicker, continue.
So they're getting rid of the useful seeders, like Bill Gates said, kill granny.
They have Dutch TV saying kill autistic children, kill Down Syndrome children, continue.
Hold on one second.
If you read that article about Hank Aaron that Robert F. Kennedy wrote, he says it's really hard to correlate vaccine damage to a dead person.
It's hard to see these signs.
It doesn't just pop right out at you saying, oh look, here's the red spot that appears on the brain.
It's not like that.
So can you imagine two years later, how are you going to figure that out?
It's going to be hard for these parents to even
Say, or prove that their kid had this issue.
And that's what Bill Gates said.
He said this will kill or hurt 700,000 people.
But he said we gotta have it really strong so some people will get hurt up front.
Because it's gotta be so strong to kill you down the road, it's gonna be a little bit obvious up front.
You're gonna go to the slides in a moment.
Keep going.
I mean, this gets worse, Alex.
Severe side effects including swollen legs, severe joint pain, and encephalitis potentially resulting in seizures, seizure disorders, or death occasionally occurred, word for word, from the document.
Everything now happening in Mass.
We got to add all the b-roll to that.
That's okay.
In an effort to further reach certain population subgroups, agency officials enlisted the help of well-known scientists, celebrities, and government officials to make short videos and zap clips, which is a type of social media exercise, and in a few cases give interviews to major media outlets.
We cover this every day, Alex.
We see it all the time.
Keep going.
Among those chosen were former president, and in this exercise her name is Jacqueline Bennett, BZ, a popular hip-hop star, and Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health and a renowned global health expert.
Who's essentially like the Bill Gates.
Yeah, and that Run DMC clip which we have, that's what they're talking about.
Hiring these hip-hop people, hiring the people that are celebrities that you already trust, you already know them for the last 15-20 years.
ASPR recommended to HHS Secretary Nagel that SAMHSA collaborate with stakeholders and devise behavioral health guidance for the states, tribes, and territories on how to strengthen the public's coping skills, provide support for grieving individuals, encourage a forward direction, and meet other SPARs recovery needs.
Basically what they're doing is what's in California.
If you have a health condition that they can't tie something to, now they send the behavioral health people to your house.
We don't know why you're brain damaged or why you're having convulsions.
You're mentally ill.
We've got drugs for you.
We've got antipsychotics.
We've got these different chemicals, these antidepressants.
And let's show those articles because remember Yale got hired to quote sell us on taking the vaccines and how to respond to the problems the vaccines are going to cause.
I mean they're on record doing all of this.
They're on record using psychology against the people.
These groups initially came from four primary sources.
They're talking about the people that reject the vaccine that don't want to get involved in this nightmare.
Muslim groups across the country who opposed the vaccine on the basis that the original formulation was used to treat pigs.
African-Americans who refuse vaccination based on governmental experimentation on African-American populations.
Alternative medicine proponents and anti-vaccination activists.
They already know who's going to reject their plan and they have plans to be able to counter them.
In the document, Alex.
And now you see it all in lockstep today, the exact stuff unfolding that they put in the document.
Conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposefully created and introduced to the population by drug companies, or that it had escaped from a government lab, secretly testing bioweapons.
Let me have that.
I'm going to read that for people again.
This is directly.
CDC is essentially a drug company too.
They own patents.
Oh, oh, I mean Fauci, Fauci owns it.
So again, these are all just quotes out of the document itself, so they're easier to read.
Conspiracy theories also profiled across social media suggesting the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons.
This is in 2000.
And 17 right after Fauci says a virus will be released.
It's going to happen.
It's going to challenge Trump.
It's going to be a surprise operation.
And you can put on screen for folks the article.
Ladies and gentlemen, out of Newsweek, Fauci did controversial gain of function viral testing at
The Wuhan lab.
Because they knew they moved this there from Chapel Hill in 2015, North Carolina.
There were big scientific articles in the mainstream news that what they were doing was a bioweapon, huge gain of function, playing with cold viruses, that they shouldn't be doing it.
And then they put out a document even knowing people would counter them knowing they cooked it up in Wuhan and how to go after him.
Absolutely insane.
Quickly now because I need to get to the actual slides.
We've only scratched the surface here.
Look at all this is all documentation here folks.
We haven't gotten through one document yet.
Read the rest of that.
This is just a summary.
We're just trying to give you guys the overall basis of this, all the little details.
This took me two weeks to read, by the way.
The wording, it weaves everything together so you're like, what is going on?
Is this an exercise?
Is this real?
I was just trying to do the best I can to extract everything, so if you had five minutes, you could just understand what's happening.
Here you go.
On July 9th, 2026, a week before Clorovax was released for distribution in the United States, the power grid at the Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington State experienced a catastrophic failure.
While the event did not destroy any infrastructure or result in any deaths, it did cause widespread power outages in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia.
Though power was restored within a day of the initial outage, blackouts continued plaguing these areas over the next three weeks.
Why would they put that in a vaccine exercise?
Because they're all behind all this.
They're showing off to their people.
Keep going.
The real, the very real possibility of a future sparse pandemic necessitate continued commitment to vaccination programs.
So inside the exercise, it says this is done after three years of the initial outbreak.
It says you're going to need vaccines forever.
Future outbreaks will continue to emerge unless countries maintain widespread vaccination.
And so we're going to release something new on you if you don't submit.
We can Trojan horse wherever we want into it.
And you're like, yeah, we see this on the news every day.
This is from four years ago with Fauci and John Hopkins and Bill Gates and Bloomberg now happening.
OK, let's start moving quick now.
All right, Rob, let's now move.
Great job.
From those highlights to the actual screenshots of the document, the Spars Pandemic 2025-2028, which is actually real time starting 2020, right now.
Let's go ahead and as you go, I'll flip through this.
Overhead shot here, please.
Go to the first slide.
This was done in October 2017, which we've covered.
It precedes Event 201 and Crimson Contagion, which are two exercises that are sort of the getting people organized and getting ready for this.
This was done by Johns Hopkins.
You go to the next one.
Johns Hopkins is also in charge of Event 201 with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And that's all the main globalist eugenicists?
Leaders, we have Klaus Schwab saying, this is to stop carbon, this is to depopulate, this is to save the earth.
I'll show you all those articles, mainstream news.
You'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, you'll love it.
And it's all the same group, all run through John Hopkins, that gives the orders to the UN, the WHO, the NIH, all of it.
Alright, if we go to the next one, the name SARS-CoV-2 is the actual name of the COVID virus.
Well here in the exercise, go one more page Alex, and so we see Bill and Melinda Gates also being involved with Johns Hopkins doing this.
Now let's go to the next slide, and we look at the name.
So of course they come up with the name St.
Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which is what you do when you have a virus, you say where it came from.
So, SPARS-CoV, which stands for coronavirus.
Now we have our virus here, which originated from Wuhan.
They call it SARS-CoV-2.
Almost the same exact name.
Well, we know, we've seen SARS-CoV-2 listed in other documents.
How did they predict that?
They were finding it in the sewage a few years before this outbreak.
Yeah, so this thing's been around for a while.
In Europe.
There's already an IMF World Bank document since 2018, 2019.
So they cooked it up at Wuhan.
They gave it the same damn name, basically, in their drill.
When Fauci says a mystery disease is about to come out and challenge Trump, and then it's basically the same name.
Look at that again.
That is incredible.
There it is.
And so, let's go to the next slide, where we have the inflated fatality estimates.
Okay, CDC came out with, and this is with SPARS, and they said, oh, we're looking at a 4.7% fatality rate.
WHO said 14% under 64, and then 50% over 64.
This is going to be huge.
Kill a lot of people.
Let's take our time.
Read over this again.
We just showed you they have the basically the same name of the virus when Fauci says this thing's gonna hurt Trump but oh we're gonna counter it didn't come from a secret lab we run when he ran the lab confirmed now they even admit they're gonna inflate the death numbers basically what they said they said 4% would die from it
And then they admit they're giving us fake numbers right here?
And then how to counter that later?
This is incredible!
They go over the same scenario.
So once the exercise is done, they go, oh, it was only .06 death rate.
And then you look at what happened with COVID.
Imperial College came out and said 2.2 million people are going to die in the U.S.
and 510, over half a million, in the U.K.
And the WHO said the fatality rate is going to be 2% worldwide.
Okay, but then you look at what actually happened.
What are the actual numbers of COVID?
0 to 19, 0.003%.
20 to 49, 0.02%.
50 to 69.
We start finally getting into some death rates.
Go to the next slide, guys.
Uh, 0.5 percent.
Half a percentage rate.
70 plus years, 5.4 percent.
There it is.
So you do see some deaths in the older 70s, but that's when they were bringing people into the nursing homes, they were trying to kill as many people as possible, and then they were giving those people ventilators.
So that, there you see that.
In a report three years before this started, that it'll only be 6% that really died, but we'll inflate the numbers, and then we have the New York Times headline, 94% of people died of something else, only 6% died.
The exact number three years later in the New York Times.
So let's make sure we add
Add that right here because that is in-fricken-credible and it goes on and on because it's all BS numbers.
It's all made up.
It's all scripted.
Who even knows?
They don't just have their fake number at the start.
Let's explain.
They have another fake number later to control this whole thing.
Yep, exactly.
And you can even find that on the CDC, because they even write in there that 6% of these people only died from COVID.
Of all the deaths we've had, only 6% actually died from just COVID.
Everybody else had comorbidities, at least 2.
I think it was 2.6 comorbidities was the average.
By the way, Rob, let's just start completely over.
Let's go back to the very beginning.
This is so powerful.
This is so incredible.
And it gets even worse, folks.
Look at all this.
We read all this.
Every bit of this is just as bad.
They're admitting they're killing you.
They're admitting it's world government to get rid of your family.
They're admitting you'll all be brain damaged, dying soon.
I mean, imagine knowing this, and then they're censoring us all so we can't warn people, and Google employees are going to get the shots themselves and will be dead in two years.
I mean, this is insane.
So start over.
Here is their own document.
Just read it, Rob.
We'll start again.
Spars Pandemic 2025-2028.
As you say, you can make it 2020 to 2023, because that's what's going on.
The event date is preceded.
Event 201 in Crimson Contagion.
This is the daddy.
The Spars is the daddy of what's going on now.
That's it right there.
Let's go to the next one.
Run by John Hopkins, the World Health Organization.
No, no, it's World Economic Forum.
That's Claude Schwab.
That's Schwab.
World Economic Forum.
And Bill Gates.
These are the people, it's Schwab and Gates, who are running this thing with the scientist brain bugs in Johns Hopkins, who've been planning this stuff for years.
It's crazy.
Let's go to the next one.
You look at the similarity to the names.
Spars, COVID.
And then we have SARS-COVID-2.
Same, almost same exact name, and they wrote this.
They added a number, and they just added a P. They added a P and a V. Exactly.
It's really crazy.
Then we have the inflated fatality estimates.
Initially, they write in the scenario, CDC fatality rate, almost 5%.
Poo fatality rate, 14.5%.
And then the fatality rate of over 64 is 50%.
Oh, but when we actually get to it and we look at the numbers, it's only .06%.
Not even half a percent.
I mean, it's crazy.
That's not even a full percentage point.
That's .06%.
And then you look at the inflated estimates from Imperial College.
2.2 million people were going to die.
That freaked everybody out.
And the WHO said it was going to be a 2% fatality rate.
Oh, but we come back and it's barely anybody dying from this, unless you're over 70 and you have comorbidities.
And only 6% of people who died from this actually just died of COVID-19.
And three years later, the New York Times said only 6% actually died of it.
All right.
Skip to the next one.
One more, guys.
So, SPARS emerges 2025, and then January 2026, as October 2025, January 2026, the government contracts with SinBio to produce the SPARS vaccine.
So, that's four months.
Now, here we have December 31st, COVID-19 is identified.
That's the date they give as identifying COVID-19.
April 2020, U.S.
government launches Operation Warp Speed.
They're giving money to vaccine companies to create the vaccine.
And they don't call it warp speed here, they call it a similar name, but it's the exact same thing to speed it up.
Which means giving them unlimited power.
Yeah, pretty much.
And it's all underdone on this emergency authorization.
Everything's emergency authorizations, they can do pretty much anything.
And then they lie and go, it's approved by the FDA, it's tested.
No, it's not.
It's only approved for emergency authorization, which means you don't have anything else that could work with this, which is why they got rid of hydroxychloroquine and vermectin.
It's not.
Anyway, let's go to the antivirals.
This is the next slide.
In this scenario, they have one called KALOSIVIR.
Ends in an IR.
Side effects, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and body aches.
There's actually a viral video of a boy in this scenario taking the KALOSIVIR and then immediately projectile vomiting everywhere.
Yeah, they even have videos of their scenario.
And then, if we go back to it, then three years later, it's REMDESIVIR!
And this is not the real name.
This is the name they gave it later.
It's actually got a different name that they, that it's, that it's made of.
And remember they said remdesivir was this new experimental thing they just developed.
But they had the damn name three years before.
They had the name.
Same side effects.
Nausea, constipation, vomiting.
They always change a few letters.
It's all about rubbing it in their faces.
They really do.
It is.
Folks, this is smoking gun.
Okay, keep going.
After antivirals, we have the massive power outage that Michael was talking about earlier.
Ten months into the pandemic, right as they're starting the vaccine rollout, the Pacific Northwest has a two-week blackout.
Okay, go to the next slide, guys.
There you go.
COVID-19, 13 months into the pandemic, and two months into the vaccine rollout.
Texas has a one-week, some spots it was a two-week blackout.
Texas is about the same size, if you throw it up there, as Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho.
You stick Texas up there, it's about the same size.
I've learned their tricks.
Obama said for three years as the head of the Harvard Law Review that he was born in Kenya, so we would say he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, to the famous porn director, communist, Frank Marshall Davis.
So they do that to rub it in further, okay?
Obviously that was a whole... so we focus on that.
They'll only focus on that later.
Not that they had the Remdesivir name drug the same and all the other stuff exactly the same.
That's their little side.
I mean, I've learned how they work.
They even do that kind of stuff.
Oh yeah, yeah.
It's their juicy, as you like to say.
It's their little juicy to go, ha, look what we did.
We were able to cause this.
Now let's look at the vaccine propaganda tech campaign that they're going to roll out.
So with Spars, they go with big tech, celebrities, the president, which they talk about the president coming out and giving statements, a hip hop star named BZ.
Mainstream media and a global health expert who were akinning to Bill Gates, as you mentioned earlier.
Now look at COVID-19.
We had the four presidents come out and talk about getting the vaccine.
We've got John Legend.
We've got Run DMC.
We've got Bill Gates.
We've got Ryan Reynolds.
And we're going to show you all these tweaks in a second.
Dr. Fauci, MSM, and the Surgeon General.
The Surgeon General is using the same hashtags as that are written in this scenario.
That's going to freak you out in a second, Jones.
The same exact hashtags.
We're going to show that.
You're doing a great job.
That's why I'm telling you.
I'm frustrated because we literally have only got into two documents.
There's over 20 documents left and over 100 news articles.
We'll go to the next one.
Now, this is where the censorship takes place.
Medical countermeasures.
That's what they call it.
They don't call it censorship.
They call it MCM.
So you're going to see that acronym all throughout this document.
It's like, how do we deal with this scenario?
Somebody mentions Tuskegee.
How do we combat it?
In the year 2000, Alex Jones' film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove showed the world how our so-called elite leaders practice mock ritual sacrifices in private.
In 2007, Alex Jones releases Endgame, exposing the world elite's plans for covertly using biological weapons against all of mankind.
And by the time they launched their attack in 2020, Alex Jones' InfoWars and our audience were there to warn the people of the deadly vaccines that we knew were coming.
This is why they attack us.
This is why we need your support.
Because we tell the truth.
Alex Jones was right.
Join the resistance.
Buy products.
Donate to the cause.
Share the links.
Join us in the fight for freedom.
And help us defeat the New World Order.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And I just heard Alex talking about, you know, Bill Clinton.
And, um...
You know, his scams.
I was going through some, cleaning out some stuff the other day.
And I came up with this article.
From, um, what was the date?
December 16th, 1998.
This is some CNN, the Cartoon News Network.
Here's the article.
Iraq has abused its last chance.
From his Oval Office, President Clinton told the nation Wednesday evening why he ordered new military strikes against Iraq.
I mean, let's stop right there.
From the Oval Office, he told us plantation workers of Slavelandia why he decided, hey,
I'm the president, you got it?
You're a nobody!
I'll tell you what to do!
I'm little Billy Clinton!
Every time I get caught with my pants down, it bombs away!
No, no, I didn't have sexual relations with that woman Monica Lewinsky!
Yeah, that Bill Clinton, that arrogant little clown of a nothing!
Goes on.
From the Oval Office, President told the nation Wednesday evening why he ordered new military strikes against Iraq.
The President said Iraq's refusal to cooperate with UN weapons inspectors, you ready?
Presented a threat to the entire world!
Oh my God!
Quote, Saddam Hussein.
He didn't say Hussein.
Saddam must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas, or biological weapons, Clinton said.
Hussein never threatened the world.
It's a lie.
It's an outright lie.
What I'm telling you is this boy, this arrogant little nothing of a clown, is a murderer.
You got it?
A mass murderer.
Love the name.
Operation Desert Fox.
Hey, Operation Desert Fox.
Let's make up a stupid name.
Oh yeah, all you army generals wearing all your military drag like you're still in the Boy Scouts.
I'm, I'm, uh...
Smiley, smiley, smiley with eyes that droop out and a face of Marlon, what's this guy's drugs on, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
You look at the faces of these guys, all of this clown crap they're wearing.
But, Operation Desert Fox, a strong, sustained series of attacks will be carried out
Over several days, by US and British forces, the sun never sets on the British Empire!
Murdering people all around the world, you guys got a great track record.
Hey, but America's catching up.
Oh, we used to break- we broke away from the King of England.
Oh, guess we're all back now.
Hey, the King is back.
Here, King.
Here, boy.
Here, Charlie.
Come here, boy.
What's this King crap?
Yeah, anyway.
Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors, Clinton said.
Mass murder.
Mass murder.
Our money going to kill other people.
Based on a lie.
Again, Scott Ritter.
Oh yes, Scott Ritter.
Had him up here at my
Peace and Freedom Rally.
It's got rid of the guy, the UN guy, that had proof that there was no weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda and saying that the UN was being lied to by Iraq.
And this is an owl war.
Oh, it's okay for Israel to have nuclear weapons.
Oh, but they don't have to tell anybody.
India, it's okay.
Let's see, who else?
I think Pakistan may have some.
It's alright for these countries to have nuclear, but nobody else!
No, no!
We could only kill you!
Hey, how about that, Harry Truman, huh?
Bombs away over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
And bombs away at the Catholic Church over there, too.
Just to make it clear.
Hey, that's alright.
We can murder anybody we want.
Those dirty Russians.
I'm totally opposed to war.
And no one's talking about peace.
All they're doing is selling more hype and hatred.
There he is, a little clown like that.
Look at, this is the little piece of scum, too, that gave us the CIA.
The CIA, the JFK, tried to get rid of.
And phew!
Jack, you're dead.
These are some of the headlines in the last couple of days to show the propaganda.
Putin loses it in taped meeting with
Russian officials.
This is according to Reuters.
And what else do we have here?
Russian Vladimir Putin afraid of coup will retire in 2023.
Former ally of president.
Russian president talked about the possibility that Putin might retire soon rather than potentially getting killed in a coup.
The source, who remains anonymous, because we're going to sell you any kind of crap we can, and you're going to swallow it like a good boy and girl.
This is the headline in Drudge this morning.
Can Putin survive?
Will Putin survive his catastrophic Ukraine war?
An article in The Week.
The Week.
Very weak.
spelt it wrong.
They have W-E-E-K.
It's W-E-A-K.
For the weak-minded who swallow the crap.
From Peter Weber.
When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his three-pronged invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February 2022, his goal was to erase Ukraine as a sovereign nation in a matter of days.
Total lie.
Total lie.
Total lie.
Ukraine has systematically and strategically taken back half the territory Russia seized, inflicting humiliating losses after debilitating setbacks.
As Ukraine's battlefield victories pile up, the U.S.
and its NATO allies are giving it increasing sophisticated weapons.
If battlefield victories are not piling up, they're losing.
It's estimated that Russia has some 20% of occupied land that they didn't have before.
Depending on whose numbers you're looking at, between almost 70% of Ukraine's power and water infrastructure has been destroyed.
But they're selling the lie
That Ukraine is winning and we have to send more weapons of death.
You ready?
Zelensky, quote, I am unsure if Putin is even alive.
This is the garbage that they're selling and the stuff that people swallow.
And that's why you have to support InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And listen, everybody, do what you can to support InfoWars.
And what I'm reading to you is total propaganda that you keep getting from the mainstream media.
The one from the Cartoon News Network about Bill Clinton bragging bombs away over Baghdad.
One after another, and they keep supporting it.
Fairness and accuracy in reporting.
Did a study back when the second Iraq war broke out.
George Bush's daddy started the first one.
Little Georgie Bush who was quoted as saying, Saddam Hussein tried to kill my daddy.
Yeah, he started the second one.
They had hardly anybody on the media that was against the war.
And that's when I started to get blacklisted from the media back then.
When I came out and said this was ridiculous and it was lies.
And it's only going to get much, much worse.
Mission accomplished, right?
Mission accomplished by the murderer little clown boy.
They keep ramping this thing up.
Russia, one of the articles coming out in the Trends Journal this week, Russia, US and NATO,
Or at war with Moscow.
This is what I've been saying since it began, by the way.
This is from.
Sergei Lavrov, Russia's top diplomat.
Said, quote, just as Hitler wanted a final solution to the Jewish question.
Now, if you read Western politicians, they clearly say Russia must suffer a strategic defeat.
And we had heard Lindsey Graham, a little boy of nothing, a little clown that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, said basically that, you know, we see Putin assassinated and he's calling for more and more war.
And Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense said, look at this, how stupid could people be?
To swallow the crap coming out of this little clown boy's mouth.
What kind of a moronic, stupid jerk could you be to listen to a little nothing of a Lindsey Graham?
And these are the morons and imbeciles running a country near you.
You know, it's like what went over there in New Zealand, there was a big story about the Prime Minister, who was your president or whatever, resigning.
This clown of a woman who locked down New Zealand.
Locked them down.
Fight the COVID war.
And then the guy that she put in, it's like Mickey Mouse has taken the place of Minnie Mouse.
Little, stupid, nothing boys and girls telling us what to do.
You know what it is, by the way?
It's a little, look at it.
How can you be so stupid?
How can you be so, it's a little arrogant nothings.
You know what it is?
I figured it out.
I've been saying this for a long time.
We're still in high school.
The principals, you must obey the principal.
And you must do what your teachers tell you to do.
You must learn the crap that they want to shove down your throat, even though you don't want to learn it.
I hate biology.
You have to learn it!
I don't like biology.
You have to learn it!
Low-life nothings.
Hey, remember all those health experts?
Like Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola.
Yeah, Rachel Levin.
Yeah, remember that one?
Telling you what to do?
They're the teachers.
They're the ones that tell you, hey, I'm in charge of this and I'll tell you what to do.
The principals have become the politicians.
And the teachers or the bureaucrats telling us what to do.
All these little health ministers and health directors and frauds like Fauci, all coming out and telling you what to do.
Anyway, going back to what they're saying, Lavrov, is that we have never seen anything, we have never, we have never before said anything due to certain tolerance
And in order not to spoil relations with many countries, Putin said, warning that this is at the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the blockade of Leningrad in 1944, where 100, you ready?
144, excuse me, 1.5 million Russians died as a result of
World War II.
And Lvov is saying that they're not going to be defeated.
Putin is saying they're not going to be defeated.
But yet you have all these clowns saying Russia's losing.
They're not.
This is a total lie.
Then let's go back and said, hey, it's winter time, right?
Yeah, there he is.
Can you imagine swallowing the bologna spewing out of this guy's girl's mouth?
How dumb could you be?
Oh, that was the clown that played the role over there in Pennsylvania.
Yeah, that was he was locking down everything.
I got to tell you, this is really important.
The damage that has been done with the COVID war is incalculable.
Not only did it suck the joy out of life, not only has it destroyed businesses across the globe, physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, it changed the world.
The streets are dead.
The streets are dead up here where I am in Kingston.
The whole area, everywhere I drive.
Nine o'clock at night, roads are empty.
New York City, oh you know what?
Your office occupancy rate, this is the latest number came out, as reported in the New York Post, so I'm not making it up, 47% occupancy rate.
Brought to you by another arrogant, stupid piece of slime scum,
Bill de Blasio.
Real name Warren Wilhelm Jr.
But I'll take de Blasio so I can get the Italian-American vote in New York.
Locking down every place.
Making up all this crap.
Little Andy Cuomo.
Businesses are going out of business like crazy.
We are in for the worst, the worst geopolitical and socioeconomic crisis in modern history.
It's begun!
And if we don't do something to reverse it, see you later!
Hell on Earth!
And again, going back to, that's why you have to support InfoWars.
They're giving you the truth, the facts, the reality.
Without your support, we don't win.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know that cover of them, where they're just showing you over there, that's Colonel Douglas MacGregor.
And you can go to the Trends Journal on YouTube, and you can see the interview I did with him.
And he's saying that, oh, well over 100,000 Vietnamese have been killed.
Excuse me, Vietnamese.
Ukrainians, Vietnamese.
One war after another.
And again, that they're losing.
But going back to, you know, that 1776 coin, the spirit of 1776, that silver coin,
I was going to talk about it a little later, but as far as the silver prices go, here's the deal.
Very simple.
On February 1st, the Fed, another organization brought to you by another murderer, Woodrow Wilson, may he rot in hell, the guy that brought us World War I, federal income taxes, the government school system,
And the Federal Reserve, the banks, the bandits, they're going to be meeting on February, they're finishing their meeting on February 1st.
The guests on Wall Street, over 90% of the data, again, we only put the facts in there that's being reported, are betting that the Feds will only raise interest rates 25 basis points.
If they raise them only 25 basis points, they're going to say inflation is dying down, which it is in a lot of areas.
But it's going to go back up in a lot of other areas.
And oil prices being one of them, oil now Brent crude today was like back to near $88 a barrel.
So they're saying inflation is going down.
So what does this mean with a 25 basis points hike?
It means the equity markets are going to take off.
That's right.
That's our forecast.
That's the way we say it.
Like it, don't like it, we just say it the way it is.
Again, when you look at the data, the S&P 500 has gone up some 16% following the last 40 midterm elections.
And during the midterm year, the markets go down, which they did last year.
The Nasdaq was down, what, some 33%?
The S&P was in clear territory.
Dow down.
So, if they raise them only 25 basis points, you're going to see gold and silver prices skyrocket.
Because that means more cheap money for the money junkies.
More cheap money for the money junkies.
They need that monetary methadone to keep playing the markets.
The hedge funds, the private equity groups, the venture capitalists, they all need that money junkie money so they can get bigger and buy more and own more.
Gold and oil prices will spike.
Again, we don't give financial advice, not telling you what to do.
But that 1776 silver coin has a good ring to it.
If they raise interest rates 50 basis points, bam, boom, down goes the market.
And gold goes down and silver prices go down.
Our forecast is only temporarily.
Simply because as the global economy crashes into steep recession slash depression, precious metals are the number one asset.
Oh, and if you don't believe me, ask the central banksters.
They just had a banner year in 2022, gobbling up gold.
So precious metals,
Are going to be, you know, the number one asset.
And then again, when I talk about the equity markets, we have to put this into perspective.
The top 10% on 90% of all the equity markets, the top 1% of that 10% on over half of it.
That's right.
1% owns over half the equity markets.
Us plantation workers of Slavelandia, we got 10%.
You got them in 401ks.
You got it in nothing.
Minor players.
So the money junkies don't want to lose out.
But if the market goes down, then the plantation workers of Slavelandia know how bad it is.
And it's going to get really bad.
Even if they only raise interest rates 25 basis points, the economy
Keeps sliding down.
You look at some of the data that came out in the last couple of days that hardly makes the news because we're concerned about Elvis Presley's daughter's death.
Football player that got tackled and got a heart attack.
I mean, that's news in the mainstream.
Retail sales post biggest drop
Of 2022.
retail spending in December fell at the sharpest pace of 2022, making a dismal end to the holiday shopping season as interest rates, still high inflation and concerns about a slowing economy pinched consumers.
No, not concerns about a slowing economy pinched consumers.
It pinched out of money.
Now let's go back to the importance of this.
Holiday sales were dismal?
That's the only thing America celebrates during Christmas, not the birth of Christ or the Prince of Peace.
How did holiday sales do?
Two-thirds of America's GDP, consumer-based.
Going back to if they raise interest rates
50 basis points.
The economy goes down real big and hard.
If they raise them 25 basis points, the economy is already going down.
It's going to keep going down.
It has no relationship to the equity markets.
So again, to me, and I do not give financial advice, gold and silver.
Number one.
So your spirit of 1776 silver coin for me cat that 76 rings nice.
They're going back to the to the markets.
Meanwhile Federal Reserve reported that economic activity was relatively flat at the start of the year.
The Fed report showed that industrial production slumped in December, led by weakness in manufacturing.
The National Federation, the Retail Federation said that holiday sales were disappointing.
You ready?
Dining out in restaurants?
Down some 1%.
It's a lot worse than that.
It's a lot worse than that.
The restaurants are closing down early.
You used to have two and three turns, now you get one.
Or one and a half.
I'm telling you, the COVID war has destroyed life on earth.
It's incalculable.
And it breaks my heart.
Because when all else fails, they take you to war.
And the economy's failing, and they're going to keep ramping up this war, and the people don't have a clue what's going on.
But of course the people in InfoWars do, and the subscribers of the Trends Journal, who read history before it happens.
When we get back, we're going to talk more about it.
Again, support InfoWars.
They support you.
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I do.
They had the Davos meeting, of course, last week.
And this woman, Kristalina, or Lena Georgieva,
The head of the International Monetary Fund, or is it Mafia Federation?
I get them confused.
She called the Ukraine war, quote, a global conflict.
It's not a global conflict.
It's becoming a global conflict because the United States and NATO and its allies have ramped up a war that would have ended months and months and months ago if they didn't supply all these weapons of death.
To which the United States has supplied over $113 billion to Ukraine since this war started.
You got all those homeless people out there?
Working paycheck to paycheck, 63% of Americans?
Don't worry about it, hey, stop!
We gotta send over $100 billion to Ukraine.
To hell with you, the rotted infrastructure, people sleeping on the streets, can't pay your bills.
We got a war to fight!
Again, half of America's budget
Went to the military industrial complex.
So this clown lady spewing out this crap that it's a global conflict is a lie.
And I'm mentioning that because ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, that's the crap they shoved down the throat when I was a young guy.
When the Vietnam War was going on.
It was global.
If we don't stop those commies in Vietnam, those dominoes are going to keep falling.
And before you know it, those dominoes will hit the shores of California.
Not making that up.
Guy's name was Buckley.
Another arrogant guy.
I know everything.
I got a pecker.
Mission creep.
They're doing it.
They're gearing us up for World War III.
This is not a global event.
It's a border war that's been going off over 300 years.
She goes on to say that investments that could have gone into economic development, because of course she's with the International Mafia Federation.
Hey, you need some money?
Hey, let me see what we could do.
Oh, this is the same IMF, by the way, when you look at the cover of our Trends Journal way back when.
When the United States was going to war with Ukraine back in 2014, the deal was that Viktor Yanukovych, the president at that time, that the United States overthrew the coup, was going to make a deal with the IMF and the EU, because Ukraine's been broke since the end of the Soviet Empire in 1991.
They needed dough.
And Putin said, I got a better deal for you.
I'll give you lower interest rates and I'll cut back the price of oil.
And Yanukovych said, okay, we'll go with you.
And that was the end of Yanukovych and the end of Ukraine.
That's the same IMF.
She said, investments that once could have gone to economic development are now being earmarked for weapons.
Oh, yeah.
Just like in the United States.
Earmarks for weapons.
That's all they ever do.
And again, who's the guy who plays our Defense Secretary?
Lloyd Austin?
What was his last job?
Sitting on the Board of Directors of Raytheon?
The second largest defense contractor?
What's she talking about?
And again, by the way, I don't believe in either political party.
You can't clean a cesspool.
You put another person in there for President, it's still a cesspool.
A cesspool is a cesspool.
And to me it's a crime syndicate anyway.
She goes on to say, and I want to repeat it, she identified the Ukraine war as a global conflict because, quote, what it did is it wiped out the peace dividends we've enjoyed for 30 years.
What dividends are you talking about?
What peace dividends are you talking about?
Oh, you mean the Yugoslav war brought to you by NATO, huh?
Oh yeah, remember when they bombed that TV station and killed a bunch of people?
Oh, that was fine.
All the people NATO killed in that?
Hey, IMF head!
What are you, what are you, what are you, deadhead?
You don't remember the Libyan war brought to you by NATO?
That destroyed the richest country in Africa?
Where the people had more benefits and rights than a lot of the world in all of Africa?
What NATO are you talking about?
The Iraq-Afghan?
What NATO?
What 30 years of peace, you piece of crap?
Why don't you say that, Selenti?
She is an official.
Yeah, an official piece of garbage.
These words they use, leaders, officials.
And what else?
What other?
The piece to the end, huh?
We've had enjoyed for 30 years.
Oh, the Yemen War.
I forgot the Yemen War.
Only 377,000 dead in Yemen, according to the United Nations.
But maybe the IMF doesn't care about that.
Oh, how about the 600,000 Tigrayans that have been killed in the Ethiopian War, brought to you by another Nobel piece of crap prize winner, the Prime Minister or President playing ahead of Ethiopia.
Oh yeah, that number just came out.
So what are you talking about, Peace Dividend?
You're warmongers!
And this is gonna keep heating up.
It's gonna keep getting worse if we don't stop it.
You got this guy, Smiley Miley over there.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Miley.
And, uh...
Back in November, we wrote about how he was saying, you know, they should really start negotiating over there because, you know, it doesn't look good.
Now he's done a 180.
More weapons, more war.
More weapons, more war.
More weapons, more war.
So, all things are connected.
Remember, when all else fails, they take you to war.
And this economy is failing.
So do what you can to support InfoWars, and of course, if you want to read history before it happens, you get real news that you can use.
The Trends Journal.
And if you have the heart and soul to support peace, go to FreedomPeaceJustice.com.
It's the church that I started to bring universal freedom, peace, and justice.
Because if we don't stop it now, it's the end of life on Earth.
They keep ramping up these military, what to do if a war, a nuclear war breaks out?
And support InfoWars!
They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma, neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune diseases.
So they realized in 2011, they caused it all.
So, or in 2009, and when our paper came out, they realized that these were the shots were associated strongly, very strongly.
The chance of them not being associated, it was like being struck by lightning.
One in at least a million in a p-value and so they covered this all up because of course they were liable now because for the 42 million Americans who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 and other XMRVs, other manufactured mouse, monkey and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us.
Cremate us.
Add a mask, add a mask and isolation, and you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV-positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Never until now.
You do not drive the disease-causing entity through their body.
All over the world, the people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV.
Is that because the spike protein is from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey mouse and manufactured as XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon where they already are preloaded with it and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things.
Why is it particularly the athletes?
Um, because they operate at oxygen max, um, capacity max.
They're, they're operating at such a high level in their mitochondria.
This is an energy production, oxygen, um, necessary disease.
So they create, that's what they're finding.
They turbocharge the blood clots.
And ischemia, lack of oxygen.
So constricted blood vessels too, because athletes are running, they're constricted, they're working so that the blood flows and it doesn't flow, which is why your nitric oxide product, that new product, I hope you'll show it because that's a very important thing to have for acute events.
It dissolves under the tongue, gives you an instant relaxing of your endothelium, your vasculature.
You've looked at our nitric oxide.
I saw it was the top rated.
They let us private label it.
It's the best seller.
You've looked at our formula.
You like it?
I did and I do.
I'm not a scientist like you.
What do these compounds do creating nitrous oxide?
What does it do?
It relaxes the vasculature.
So the clot will go through and not restrict.
It allows it to relax.
It lowers the blood pressure.