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Air Date: Jan. 22, 2023
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In summary, this passage from Alex Jones' Sunday edition on January 22nd discusses recent developments regarding COVID-19 vaccines and their negative effects. He also talks about the financial crisis and potential bail-ins by banks. Jones raises awareness of people sharing their medical records and experiences on social media to reveal the adverse effects of the shots. He emphasizes the importance of supporting InfoWars as they continue their battle against the New World Order and encourages listeners to visit InfoWars.com and purchase products from InfowarStore.com to support the ongoing information war.


It's Sunday, January 22nd, 2023.
This is the Live Sunday Edition on Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, incredible developments have happened since I was last live with you Friday afternoon.
Elon Musk has come out with a full article in his tweets that have something like 15 million retweets, hundreds of thousands of responses.
It's completely viral.
He has now revealed the reason he really woke up to the shots is when he took the second one and almost killed him.
He had to take it to go to Germany and look at his Tesla facilities there.
Then his cousin, who's very young and a sports guy, almost died in his myocarditis and is destroyed.
And then there were just hundreds of thousands of people saying, my daughter died, my mother died, my brother died, I've had a heart attack, I'm in a wheelchair, posting their medical records.
It's over the top, but we've also got the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank here in the United States, the FDIC, preparing to do this.
Canadian veteran and political activist Jeremy McKenzie, known as the Raging Dissident, was just notified that he can no longer do banking in Canada.
As part of ending the relationship, so as of today, you're not to visit any of the Scotiabank branches or bank premises in person without first getting written consent in advance from the bank, from management, so... I'm banned from the bank.
But it doesn't matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep, because the banks are planning on taking all of your money to pay off their debts.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But, I mean, they're going to be.
The FDIC currently has less than $200 billion in assets,
To ensure over $9 trillion.
That's just 1.3%.
They know that a system collapse is coming and they are already planning for bail-ins.
As trust begins to fail, the people will begin to withdraw their funds, which will only guarantee a banking collapse.
This is known as a bank run.
In 2012, the International Monetary Fund, known for their reputation of coercion, violence, and extortion, published staff discussion notes entitled, From Bail Out to Bail In, Mandatory Debt Restructuring of Systemic Financial Institutions.
After the 2008 crisis, the world learned what a bailout is.
Trillions of taxpayer dollars printed out of thin air to pay off the bankers' bad habits.
It was hugely unpopular, but pales in comparison to a bail-in.
So what exactly is a bail-in?
It is officially obfuscated with elaborate equations, but to put it simply, it is when the bank steals your money directly from your account.
They called it haircuts when they did it in Cyprus back in 2013, which the courts later ruled was legit.
And a recent video on TikTok shows that the new bail-ins may have already begun.
So I'm a Bank of America and everybody's missing money.
I'm also missing money over $1,300 and they're telling me to call customer service.
And they keep hanging up on people.
This another person here is also missing money.
So we're trying to see what's going on.
Money's missing today, and we need our money.
And they're already telling us to call customer service.
And customer service ain't doing nothing about it.
So, just a heads up, if anybody's experiencing this, please let us know, because this is not right.
I'm missing $1,400 from my account, and they're telling me that there's no way they can help us.
This guy's missing money, too.
This other person is missing money, too.
And you're missing money, too?
So this is not something that's just one person.
There you go.
This is everybody's happening to him.
And this is crazy.
This is very crazy.
Yes, Bank of America decided to take people's money without their consent and we're asking what's going on and they're giving us a runaround.
Everybody for the same thing, man.
Same thing.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, tell everybody you know, tune in now.
We always have incredibly important intel, but we've got over-the-top critical information tonight.
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Go, go, go!
It was in late January last year, just about a year ago.
You can go back and pull up the headlines, as I did to check the date.
But I came on air and said the deep state
Eugenicists, the mad scientists and their biomedical tyranny takeover has blown up in their face and they are going to have irrevocable problems that they're not going to be able to get their agenda through.
But that they would not give up, which would just make the situation that much more volatile and explosive.
Thank you for joining us on this live, Sunday transmission reaching millions of people.
Please share at all of the radio stations you're listening to, the TV stations you're watching, the cable stations you're watching, and the feeds you're watching at Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
And the new URL that takes you to a video feed that's not being censored, conspiracyfact.info.
Well, a year later, let me say that they've gone from their agenda being doomed to their agenda being absolutely dead a year later, and exponential anger and awakening to just how murderous and out of control these eugenicists are.
Now, I can do the whole two-hour show tonight.
I'm going to be hosting longer into the third and fourth hour of the special event we're going to be covering, but
Let me just try to go over some of these headlines first for you.
Felt like I was dying.
Elon Musk trashes COVID booster shot.
Major side effects.
Almost killed his cousin who's in great shape and younger than him with myocarditis.
And then it didn't just get put out tens of millions of times via Twitter.
I spent hours yesterday reading the comments, 99% of them anti-shot.
Posting their medical records.
My son died.
My daughter died.
My mother died.
My cousin died.
Doctors saying they've seen it really hurt their patients.
People posting medical records.
Just this tweet alone could be studied for, again, a four-year college education on medical tyranny, medical malpractice by design, eugenicists, Dr. Mingleb, 1000.0.
And again, I can only read
I think
The gateway to that world is on InfoWars.com.
If you want to read his tweets and then see the other key tweets that I sent to the writers, the great Jamie White put together an article.
So this right here is incredible.
Here's just some of the things posted there.
The Pfizer shot killed our beautiful 18-year-old daughter.
She hashtag died suddenly on November 9th.
Elon Musk, please help us make this stop.
Justice for Trista.
Stop the shots now.
Vaccine deaths.
And then people just reminding folks what happened.
Want to get your life, liberty, and human rights back?
Do what I tell you.
I like Scott Adams.
He came out, said the shot was safe, take it, when they weren't testing it, and he knew it wasn't, and there have been previous studies done on rats with mRNA coronavirus vaccines that weren't vaccines, and the rats lived half as long, the mice lived half as long, and a lot of them died very quickly from myocarditis, blood clots, and strokes.
I mean, that's a University of Texas initiative, 2012, 13, 14, 15, by Barack Obama, headed up by Dr. Anthony Fauci.
His name's on the initiative.
So they tested the specific weapon.
I told you that two years ago, when our own researcher Rob Dew discovered it.
Smoking gun.
So Scott Adams just keeps saying in his five minute video, we'll play a few minutes of it here.
Okay, you anti-vaxxers win.
Learned immunities better.
You were right.
Looks like it doesn't work.
Okay, you won.
We don't want to win.
I don't want to be here 28 years ago telling you this was all coming and now we're living it.
I don't want to be here in five years from now and you're saying, oh my god, it's true, billions are dead.
I want to stop this, okay?
Think I like the deep state coming after me?
You think I like all the demonization attacks?
But I like that a lot more than letting their agenda go all the way through and we all live in a giant open-air death camp.
So here's a clip of what Scott Adams had to say, the full video, and everybody's doing this.
Suddenly BBC News has doctors on every day saying, my dad died, a bunch of my patients are dying, heart attacks, oh my god, it's terrible, we were lied to, somebody's got to be held accountable.
I've got so many of these videos, I can't even remember all the ones I watched Friday and Saturday and this morning.
I can't pull myself away.
But here's Scott Adams.
The unvaccinated have a current advantage.
Because they feel better.
The thing they're not worrying about is what I have to worry about.
Which is, I wonder if that vaccination's five years from now.
Because really the anti-vaxxers I think were really just distrustful of big companies and big government.
That's never wrong.
It's never wrong to distrust government.
It's never wrong to distrust big companies.
So if you just took the position, let's just distrust everything the government did, well, you won.
You won.
You won completely.
I did not end up in the right place.
You would all agree with that, right?
I did not end up in the right place.
The right place would be natural immunity, no vaccination.
You should take victory, and I should take defeat.
We can agree on that, right?
That my position is now the weakest, and your position has gone from the weakest to the strongest, and that we can just say that's true.
Just stop there.
Okay, and he just goes on and on and says you win the intellectual argument.
Hey dude, we had an initiative by Fauci and Obama to create this thing.
They knew it cut the life expectancy of rodents in half!
This isn't about being right.
It's about saving lives.
And to his credit, he doesn't really say that in the video, but in his tweets he does.
How do you interpret this?
And he starts showing the numbers that the vaccinated are more likely to get sick, more likely to be hospitalized, more likely to die, even in international and national studies.
Meanwhile, we have the political fallout.
Trudeau just had his little globalist WF twin removed in
New Zealand, they just put somebody in even worse.
But here he is in a video with all the different premiers and their spokespersons in Parliament saying, we hate you.
You put martial law in with the national emergency.
You said it was a local emergency for the truckers.
You're a dictator and should resign.
It's in French, but there's subtitles.
They just chew the living hell out of him.
And there's links to the three hour overall deal.
No one supported him.
They're like, how's he still in office?
It's a parliament, so we only won by 30% of the vote.
We're able to manipulate different parties together to do it, but he's gone too.
They can shuffle a new puppet in there, but it won't matter.
But that's the power they get out of this.
Pfizer's CEO, his question about the vaccine efficacy, he says, it was constantly in our way, people asking if it was safe or not, we didn't know.
Incredible video.
Then also at Davos, in another interview, he lies about the CDC coming out and the FDA saying they were lied to and that they think there's a major signal of danger.
He says they've looked at it and it's totally safe.
Another giant whopping lie, because he knows he has secret liability agreements with the government.
Here's National Australian Sky News.
Rise in heart attacks across Australia and death.
Overall deaths increased 13% in Australia, but heart attacks have increased 17%, the biggest increase ever recorded.
Oh, and it's in the quote, vaccinated.
Here's Tony Blair.
It's not just about COVID.
We're going to have a whole new slew of mRNA injections.
We're going to make you take.
I've got it all here, ladies and gentlemen.
It's incredible.
And that's just one stack.
Then I've got what else happened at WEF.
Massive pedophile rings getting busted around the country with LGBT groups.
Grabbing, CPS-ing Christian kids, and then putting them in the sex dungeons.
We always knew that was the case, but they're getting caught everywhere.
They're totally desperate that we know who they are and what they're up to, and we got a giant satanic army of pedophiles we're up against.
And they're just desperate.
I'm gonna show you the evidence coming up.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
It's Sunday!
January 22nd, 2023.
I'm your host, Alexander Emmerich Jones, broadcasting from the front lines of the fight against the Genesis Death Cult New World Order.
Well, I knew the globalists were real and their plans for depopulation and world government were real when I was about 19 years old.
Because my family had told me about it.
But you know, when you're a young person, you tend to tune out most of what your parents and grandparents and family say, even though I knew they were serious, very smart people.
It just sounded like science fiction and something else that you going on another world.
But it was going on because they knew because they were informed and they were involved at different levels of the system and seen it for themselves.
And I have been battling these people for 28 plus years now on air.
And before I hit the rest of the news, I just want to remind listeners that I am not proud of our work.
I am proud of you.
But it's not a feeling of pride.
It's a feeling of love.
And it's a feeling of satisfaction.
It's not that pride's necessarily a bad thing.
You're proud of your son.
You're proud of your daughter.
You're proud of your parents, your grandparents.
You're proud of your country.
You're proud of our veterans.
But with me, it's not that feeling.
It's a feeling of satisfaction and compulsion.
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Thank you.
All right, I'm about to branch out into a lot of other big news that's very important, but I wanted to finish up here with the poison COVID shots that they call a vaccine and how it's coming out everywhere that it's so deadly in total vindication.
Now, I told you it's like that Who song, meet the new boss, same as the old boss, won't get fooled again, but at least they're having to shuffle deck chairs on the New World Order Titanic.
Jacinda Ardernan,
Pushed total police state, the worst in the world except for Communist China.
And Canada and Italy were close third and fourth.
And she knew the poll showed right at 20% support between 19 and 22 depending on the poll.
So she quit months ahead of the election coming up in October.
But then they installed the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins.
Now this is what he said just a year ago.
If you're not jabbed, we will come looking for you, so if you thought Jacinda Ardern was crazy, look what New Zealand has now.
But he's another WEF alumni.
He said, why do I care about New Zealand?
It's the same people that run our CDC and FDA.
We've got a lawyer that's working with Robert Kennedy Jr., who needs no introduction, joining us here in just a moment to talk about it, but here's a clip.
I think early next year we'll be in the phase of chasing up people who haven't come forward to get their vaccination or have missed their bookings and so on.
So everyone will be able to get a vaccine between now and the end of the year.
But of course, you know, and I want every New Zealander to come forward, but human behaviour suggests that there will be some people that we have to actually really go out and look for.
And some of that may spill into next year.
But our commitment is everyone will have the opportunity to get the vaccine by the end of the year.
Everyone will.
But I can't say that we're not going to have some hesitant people or some people who just haven't come forward that we don't have to go out and find next year.
Go out and find.
Forced injections.
Now we know why Elon totally turned against the shots.
He had questions that it shouldn't be mandatory two years ago.
Now we know that six months ago he had to go to his German plant.
They made him take it.
To come in the country.
The second shot almost killed him, and it almost killed his cousin who's one of his best friends, who's in great shape and a decade younger than him, and a bunch of his family got sick from it.
Because obviously when they gave Musk the shot, they had the ones that hadn't been overheated.
The silver lining of this is a lot of the shots didn't hurt people, because even an hour or so above 87 degrees ruins the Moderna and Pfizer shots.
Remember, they're the exact same shot, Moderna's just four of the shots.
Joining us is one of the top lawyers at the tip of the spear fighting this.
We'll cover several other issues before he's got to go.
He's got to host his own show coming up in about 30 minutes.
Robert Barnes, thank you for coming on.
I mean, I said a year ago in late January...
That they would be defeated and it was over.
It would just be a matter of time.
I think we can say, a year later, everybody's turning against them across the board.
The question is, what do they do next?
BBC every day is saying, we were wrong, the shots are poison.
Huge scandal of the ages.
And I use the BBC, that's the government of Britain.
That's government run.
It's all over the news here.
What the hell is going on?
And what do you expect them to do?
Because the deep state is not going to back down in my research and history.
Barnes, you're a savvy man.
Well, there's a lot of pressure to crack the dam, but the institutional influence is still holding on.
So like, I mean, for example, even though the military was forced to pull back on their vaccine mandate due to the passage of legislation, they're still requiring it for people who are members of the reserves.
Another example is, you know, the federal courts are still pushing back on allowing any kind of meaningful suit to go forward against either the CDC and the FDA or the whistleblower claim brought by Brooke Jackson against
So we're not out of the woods, but at least we know we're in the woods.
Oh, absolutely.
It's getting harder and harder for them to contain the truth.
When your Elon Musks of the world are coming out and saying, the vaccine injured me, the vaccine caused a severe injury of my cousin, then that's, and it may have been part of the inspiration for him to take over Twitter and release, I mean, right now there's a big media dive going on of independent journalists into the Twitter files concerning Fauci.
These would probably be the most damning Twitter files to be released entirely.
So the system made institutional failures.
You see breaches in the dam repeatedly.
Breaks in the Matrix repeatedly.
You see people being on BBC saying that these shots are dangerous.
Major medical professionals and doctors increase.
I mean, every day, the way Robert Kennedy put it, was every single day, they don't gain any converts.
Every single day, we do.
So we're moving the football, they're not.
Even Scott Adams, who tried to be a cheerleader for the vaccines all the way through, came out this week and said he was wrong and the vaccine critics were right.
And he admitted the reason he got it wrong is he trusted government sources and media sources that he probably shouldn't have trusted.
So, you know, you have more and more people raising questions, challenging it, contesting it, doubting the institutional narrative.
Even Benji Shapiro had to come out and say the vaccines weren't such a good idea.
He misunderstood.
He got the data wrong.
So even these institutional narratives are breaking down amongst its own patrons and propagandizers.
And so that's where they're getting into real risk.
And the question is, when does it break through to the government?
When does it break through to a federal judge?
When do they get the message, it's time to hold these people accountable?
But if you study history, even if the establishment is recalcitrant, something this big is not going to go away.
And the more they try to suppress it, the more explosive it gets.
They're going to do everything possible and conceivable.
We saw that in Davos this past week.
The WEF was saying, let's do more vaccines.
Tony Blair, remember it was a big conspiracy theory when we were talking about vaccine passports being a predicate for a digital chip and a digital ID and a digital biometric system.
And of course, Robert, when you and I said that two and a half, three years ago, it wasn't because we just dreamed it up.
The WF and the UN with Xi Jinping had a four-year multinational research initiative to come up with a global ID based on a vaccine passport to create a global social credit score, carbon tax, universal basic income.
So we knew their damn plan.
We weren't making a prediction.
We were telling them what was happening.
It's like going to a play.
I mean, it's what you've been doing for several decades.
It's just listening to what they themselves say, what they themselves write, what they themselves publish.
Our mutual friend James Corbett put this out at the very beginning in his four-part Bill Gates documentary series.
Saying, look, all you gotta do is follow what Bill Gates is up to and you can figure out what the plan is.
Bill Gates has been obsessed with digital IDs, digital chips, digital banking, digital vaccines, population control, food control, all of this now.
And how criminal is it that from day one, big pharma with intelligence agencies work with dinosaur media and big tech to suppress not just the truth about the shots or the virus, but therapeutics?
That to me is a whole other crime just as big as the shot.
I mean, this is Joseph Mingle stuff.
Oh, absolutely!
I mean, God bless President Trump, but if he paid attention, they ran a number on him.
One of the key lies to get emergency use authorization for any of this, to get Operation Warp Speed ever there, was to convince President Trump and America that there were no therapeutics available.
I mean, they came after anybody who was talking about silver, talking about vitamin D, talking about zinc, talking about ivermectin.
Now, talking about exercise, talking about the sun.
You know, I mean, I got the Winter Sun InfoWars product right behind me.
They're saying all these things.
No, these things couldn't help stop COVID.
These things couldn't be a therapeutic.
These things couldn't help you.
Now they admit all those things can help you.
But they hid that.
Because of this forced vaccine treatment never would have got off the ground if the world would have known there was successful therapeutics already available that were more likely to be successful than the vaccine has ever proven.
And here's the cherry on top.
We'll come back with other issues.
Fauci from 2009 to 2015.
This is mainstream news.
Look it up.
We've covered it.
Raising up!
Right to the top!
This really ought to be our theme song, all of ours.
All the patriots, black, white, old, young, gay, straight, all of you that knew the truth about the New World Order and the deadly shots and the tyranny, and you didn't care what the propagandists say, you didn't care if you got censored, you didn't care if you got debanked, you didn't care if you got attacked, you did the right thing!
You're the tiger!
I've got four or five issues I want to hit because you've got to leave.
You're going to be back.
Very similar for a full hour.
But Robert Barnes, great constitutional lawyer.
One of the smartest guys I know as a historian.
How would you quantify this moment in the awakening we're at?
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, the bottom line is because we were on the front lines and because the InfoWars audience was on the front lines and stayed in the fight, didn't go away, all the lawfare, all the political, all the deplatforming, all of it was intended to suppress and censor and shame the audience into going away.
I mean, the lawyer made it explicit in Connecticut, said the whole goal and objective isn't to recover money for anybody.
It's to shut down Infowars.
And the best way to get that is to get the audience to run away, to hide.
And think about how much pressure has been brought on this audience over the last several years.
Their jobs were threatened.
Their ability to travel was threatened.
Their ability to send their kids to school was threatened.
Their ability to do basic, their ability to basic access to medical care was threatened.
They were told they were criminals, they were told they were murderers, but they did the research, and the medical experts went public, and the heroes went public, and we have won a major victory.
We're winning right now, aren't we Barnes?
No doubt about that.
When you have billionaires like Elon Musk buying Twitter to out and expose the deep state because, in part, he was injured by this vaccine, that's what's going to happen.
Because guys like Musk are paying attention to the whole audience, too.
And so when they see, hey, these people out here are saying that this is a dangerous product, but all the big people tell me it's not, so I go with the big people.
It turns out it was a dangerous product.
Maybe I need to re-examine what's happening in the world and use my wealth and power to open the door on the truth.
And even if Musk isn't perfect, he can see which way the wind's blowing and that Liberty's gonna win.
This is a real, and Scott Adams and all of them and the BBC and ABC and CNN coming out and saying the mask didn't work and locking kids down didn't work and sorry the shots really didn't work.
They are capitulating.
So any way you slice it, it is victory.
Let's talk about Joe Biden and this rain on his house by the FBI yesterday.
Yeah, I mean, apparently you can walk out of your footstep, you know, walk out your door and run into some classified documents that Joe Biden had stored.
So, I mean, there's been so much confession through projection.
One of my favorite principles out there.
Somebody accuses you of something weird.
Listen to it.
They're probably confessing their own crimes.
Look at what the Democratic Party has talked about Trump for five years, six years.
And basically they were confessing Biden's own crimes.
And what it is, is like, why did they claim Trump had classified documents?
Because he was trying to sell them or monetize them for his personal gain to foreign governments.
Trump never did that.
Trump had documents that embarrassed the deep state.
Who did have documents in order to... And he was the president.
He was allowed to have them.
Biden got those when he was vice president.
Not only that, he had some of these back from his Senate days.
So he's been storing and using his access to classified materials to monetize it, use his family to be the ones to go out and be the front guys.
That's why it's not a coincidence that Hunter Biden was living at the house where these documents were stored.
Who was a known Chinese communist spy in his own audio recordings, working with the head of Chinese intelligence, $50,000 a month to pay for the house, as a safe house for the chi-coms.
But clearly, they're wanting to get rid of Biden now.
Oh, they do, but the problem is they have an idiot in Kamala Harris.
Kamala Harris' staff hates her, the country hates her, every poll shows she does worse than Biden, that she's so unlikable they would like to Spiro Agnew her.
You know, like what they did to Nixon when they took Spiro Agnew out.
They used taxes on him, yeah.
Exactly, and that allowed them to take Nixon out, as Tucker Carlson just talks about.
We've been talking about that conspiracy going on for years.
Well, credit to Tucker Carlson for talking about it on Fox News.
We're going to play that report in the first little segment coming up.
Guys, get it ready after you leave.
Because of time, let's shift gears.
I could talk to you for five hours, Barnes.
Let's get into...
The media calls a circular firing squad between Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, but that's not.
He said, I don't want the 50 million, which was over five years with bandwidth and crew.
That's not that much money, folks.
That ain't worth that much.
I can tell you what it takes to run this.
He's running a similar operation.
So he leaves the Blaze.
He goes to them.
They send him a contract saying if Big Tech censors you, you're locked in the contract for five years, but you're not going to be paid any money.
He said, this is insane.
I'm not taking the deal.
But what about your people?
He goes, well, they're wage slaves.
Then they spun it that he was mad and wanted more money.
So he releases the recording showing that wasn't it.
He had to.
People said, oh, he's a bitch releasing that.
He's only recorded people three times.
I don't record people very often, but I do with Megyn Kelly, because when it's that evil, you should record it.
Give us your take on it.
I mean, the contract wasn't a $50 million contract.
The contract was an indentured servitude contract to be loyal to big tech or you lose your money for the next six years.
You do the math.
I mean, we've done these kind of contracts.
We've seen these kind of contracts.
It's common in the entertainment industry, sadly.
It's a classic old record executive where, oh, you might get this if you do everything we say.
It's a contract that puts a big dollar amount up front that makes you tempted to take it.
Then you dig into the details and you find out what this deal did.
Steven Crowder was going to have to pay the Daily Wire money to produce his own content.
And they, Daily Wire, would keep all of the profits.
It was literal indentured servitude.
If Big Tech censored him, he owed them money under the contract.
They didn't owe him anything.
And they owned him for up to six years.
They had unilateral provisions in place.
So the contract wasn't a $50 million contract.
It was, hey Steven Crowder, be an indentured servant, be loyal to Big Tech, or be, that's your choice.
Either be loyal to Big Tech, or you're going to be an indentured servant.
And they even said be our slave on the audio.
Yeah, that's exactly what it was all about!
The Daily Wire was founded by a billionaire family out of Texas connected to natural gas and fracking that's involved in a real weird religious movement that backed Ted Cruz.
There's no doubt that if you're going to control the opposition, you should lead it.
And it's 100% that Ben Shapiro is a figurehead.
And there's some good people in the Daily Wire.
I don't want to attack them all.
But I'm going to tell you folks, they are worse than the Democrats.
They are the Judas Coats.
They are Judas Iscariot.
Ben Shapiro is Judas Iscariot.
And then he comes out and he lies about the contract, he lies about Steven Crowder, he lies about the negotiations.
It's not a coincidence.
And then we saw the Twitter bots turn on against Crowder.
That's when you know.
Sorry, go ahead.
Look at the institutional media.
Oh, absolutely.
All the media was anti-Crowder.
That was their spin on this.
The Reuters, AP, Young Turks, Media Matters, all those organizations all took the spin for the Daily Wire against Steven Crowder.
I think Crowder stumbled into this.
Crowder didn't realize he was stumbling into an Operation Mockingbird operation.
But I mean, to give people an idea, The Daily Wire is backed by billionaires, probably a billion dollar company, makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
This deal was done in order to lock up and co-op and control and cabin and contain conservative voices.
Which is what Fox News has been doing forever.
Which is what Fox News did forever.
You couldn't have a bigger contrast than the Daily Wire and InfoWars.
See, what is is a lot of people who follow the Daily Wire, they follow, you know, Candace Owens can say some really good stuff, Andrew Clavin can say some really good stuff, they sometimes say really good stuff, but when you need them, the leaders of the Daily Wire are on the wrong side.
They're pro-shot, they're pro-New World Order, absolutely, they're anti-gun.
That's who they are.
And that's the definition of controlled opposition.
They'll be opposition on some things where we share alignment, but they'll be controlled on the big issues that threaten deep state power.
That's the difference between... I mean, I always say how they respond to Alex Jones describes it.
Do they embrace defending freedom?
No, no, no.
Ben Shapiro supported my banning.
All right, Barnes, great job.
We should support Steven Crowder all the way.
Anybody that does it is a complete idiot.
People go, well, he's not hardcore enough.
Well, he ain't run by the deep state.
And I wish Crowder would have listened to me.
I said years ago, you got to leave the blaze.
You got to do your own product sales direct.
You'll be totally free.
And then I can work for Crowder.
I love Crowder.
The point is that he's got to break with him.
He gets it now.
He thought he was leaving something bad with the Blaze.
He jumped right out of the fire into Hades itself.
Speaking of that clip of Tucker Carlson talking about Nixon, it's powerful.
It's coming up next.
Second hour is right ahead.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
Glad to be here.
He's got his own podcast coming up in about two minutes.
All right.
We'll be right back with our number two.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
The establishment has chosen this show as the example.
If they can take down this show and close its doors, then they come after me.
And they come after every truth teller and whistleblower on the planet.
It sets a precedence.
And we have to be aware of that.
And so this is a fundraiser to keep not just this show open and alive, but to literally save all of the work that we're all doing together.
So I'm concerned and I'm here in support of this because I know that the trickle-down effect will reach me really quick if they succeed in their agenda to take down Alex.
And so I was telling him that, that that's why I'm here today.
And he wanted me to express that because it's so important.
So if you're sitting there and you love Alex, you love the show or you don't, you know, I don't agree with everything Alex has said and done.
I'll tell you that right now I'm sitting here.
I don't either.
I don't agree with everything I've said and done.
It doesn't matter.
It's the majority of what has happened through this studio, through that man's voice, long before most of us was awake, has been proven a great deal, is accurate.
As the tagline of this, Alex was right.
And it's so much of what this man has said has proven to be accurate.
Some bombastic, some over the top, some
Crazy stuff that has happened.
He's a showman.
I get it.
I'm saying that sitting right next to him.
I'm an authentic person when it comes to my friendships.
But I will say that I'm here in support of this truth teller and this whistleblower and it affects all of us.
There's a lot of people sitting on their money on a lot of funds right now.
And what I tell a lot of our donors is that our money won't be worth anything very soon if we don't take this very seriously.
So sitting on your fortunes is a very stupid move right now.
Support people like this, support InfoWars, and understand that this is literally the ground zero for the survival of free speech.
And we are back live at hour number two of the Sunday broadcast.
I'll be hosting into the third and fourth hour with a very important film we made.
Please stay with us, so much coming up.
But since Robert Barnes mentioned it, here, I was on the fence if I was going to play or not, but here's an out of the park report
Done Friday by the amazing Tucker Carlson on the real Richard Nixon.
Here is this report.
We'll be right back.
So if you want to understand, if you really want to understand how the American government actually works at the highest levels, and if you want to know why they don't teach history anymore, one thing you should know is that the most popular president in American history was Richard Nixon.
Richard Nixon.
Yet somehow, without a single vote being cast by a single American voter, Richard Nixon was kicked out of office and replaced by the only unelected president in American history.
So he went from the most popular president to a president nobody voted for.
Wait a minute, you may ask, why didn't I know that?
Wasn't Richard Nixon a criminal?
Wasn't he despised by all decent people?
No, he wasn't.
In fact, if any president could claim to be the people's choice, it was Richard Nixon.
Richard Nixon was re-elected in 1972 by the largest margin of the popular vote ever recorded before or since.
Nixon got 17 million more votes than his opponent.
Less than two years later, he was gone.
He was forced to resign.
And in his place, an obedient servant of the federal agencies called Gerald Ford took over the White House.
How did that happen?
Well, it's a long story, but here are the highlights, and they tell you a lot.
Richard Nixon believed that elements in the federal bureaucracy were working to undermine the American system of government, and had been doing that for a long time.
He often said that.
He was absolutely right.
On June 23, 1972, Nixon met with the then CIA Director Richard Helms at the White House.
During the conversation, which thankfully was tape-recorded, Nixon suggested he knew, quote, who shot John, meaning President John F. Kennedy.
Nixon further implied that the CIA was directly involved in Kennedy's assassination, which we now know it was.
Helms' telling response?
Total silence.
But for Nixon, it didn't matter because it was already over.
Four days before, on June 19th, the Washington Post had published the first of many stories about a break-in at the Watergate office building.
Unbeknownst to Nixon and unreported by the Washington Post, four of the five burglars worked for the CIA.
The first of many dishonest Watergate stories was written by a 29-year-old Metro reporter called Bob Woodward.
Who exactly was Bob Woodward?
Well, he wasn't a journalist.
Bob Woodward had no background whatsoever in the news business.
Instead, Bob Woodward came directly from the classified areas of the federal government.
Shortly before Watergate, Woodward was a naval officer at the Pentagon.
He had a top-secret clearance.
He worked regularly with the intel agencies.
At times, Woodward was even detailed to the Nixon White House where he interacted with Richard Nixon's top aides.
Soon after leaving the Navy, for reasons that have never been clear, Woodward was hired by the most powerful news outlet in Washington and assigned the biggest story in the country.
And just to make it crystal clear what was actually happening, Woodward's main source for his Watergate series was the Deputy Director of the FBI, Mark Felt.
And Mark Felt ran, and we're not making this up, the FBI's COINTELPRO program, which was designed to secretly discredit political actors the federal agencies wanted to destroy.
People like Richard Nixon.
And at the same time, those same agencies were also working to take down Nixon's elected Vice President, Spiro Agnew.
In the fall of 1973, Agnew was indicted for tax evasion and forced to resign.
His replacement was a colorless congressman from Grand Rapids called Gerald Ford.
What was Ford's qualification for the job?
Well, he had served on the Warren Commission, which absolved the CIA of responsibility for President Kennedy's murder.
Nixon was strong-armed into accepting Gerald Ford by Democrats in Congress.
Quote, We gave Nixon no choice but Ford, Speaker of the House Carl Albert later boasted.
Eight months later, Gerald Ford, of the Warren Commission, was the President of the United States.
See how that works?
So those are the facts.
Not speculation.
All of that actually happened.
None of it's secret.
Most of it actually is on Wikipedia.
But no mainstream news organization has ever told that story.
It's so obvious, yet it's intentionally ignored.
And as a result, permanent Washington remains in charge of our political system.
Unelected lifers in the federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government and crush anyone who tries to rein them in.
And in the process, our democracy becomes dictatorship.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with so much more in hour number two.
Stay with us.
It was 12 years ago that I spoke at the Bilderberg Group meeting north of England in the English countryside.
I spoke to a crowd of about four and a half, five thousand people just a few hundred yards away where the British Prime Minister was meeting with the real leaders of the world.
And I looked at those mainly English people, those British people, and I said to them, this is very important, please listen to me.
I said, you know where 1776 came from?
Do you know why America and the 13 colonies was able to be born out of the 13 colonies?
It was because early in the beginning of the war, for at least a year, the British Parliament voted against the war, because they'd already had a similar revolution there, that George Washington's grandfather and others had been involved in, that had spilt over into the colonies.
Of that we the people had a right to be free.
And so America was founded by predominantly Englishmen and also Germans and Dutch and Irish and the rest of it who wanted freedom.
Doesn't mean they moved them all the way down the field, but they certainly began to move it down the field to where we are today.
And I got that crowd of almost 5,000 people, the local police estimated, to chant the answer in 1984, 1776.
It was not an anti-English slogan, it was an anti-King George III of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who wasn't even English, slogan.
So they understood that and they knew that, and that's why this is so important.
Listen to me carefully while I'm explaining this little historical piece.
The main reason, and George Washington wrote about this in letters and speeches he gave before he died, that the colonies and the new country, America, the United States of America, and those 13 stars, were able to succeed, he said was the courage and the will of the soldiers and that minority of Americans, less than 4% at the start, that supported the rebellion.
And that they had the cause of right on their side, and that God oversees battles and revolutions, and those are his famous speeches.
But he said if it wasn't for three groups he listed, the French that were supporting a war against their enemies, they were in a current war with the British, and then he said English soldiers that knew our fight was right and gave us intel and joined us, either openly or covertly, and German, Prussian, Hessian, trained from birth soldiers.
And so it was George Washington in letters to different commanders and others, and the British were able to infiltrate his command and get Benedict Arnold to turn against him in the last few months of the war as well.
This was going both ways.
There was a ideological communication between both sides of, why don't you join us?
We really are the good people.
That's what George Washington was saying to the British soldiers and to the German soldiers.
And the British were coming back and saying, we'll give you a thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds, you know, equivalent of millions of dollars.
Join us, you can move back to London, and Benedict Arnold, he took the money.
So the British offered money, the British government, the globalist government, the empire of the time, but George Washington offered honor.
And he said, this is wrong.
You fought for this in England.
Join us.
Report what's happening.
And it was British soldiers and officers that gave us the intel to win after five years of us losing.
Help us win.
They believed in our cause.
They saw the atrocities committed against the colonies, against the fledgling Americans.
That's why George Washington executed a lot of troops.
If you raped somebody, you were dead.
If you pillaged, you were dead.
He told them every day when they had a chance, it wasn't every day, but every time they had a chance to have formations, he told them, you do one thing unbecoming, I'm going to hang your ass.
I don't care if the British are burning down churches and raping women.
I don't care what they're doing.
We don't do that.
That's not who we are.
God's watching.
We have the moral superiority.
And that got the British officers and others to give us the intel to win.
And it was even worse with the Hessians.
The defection.
Some estimates are half the Hessians trained from birth to be war soldiers.
Way more vicious than the British.
Seen as the pit bulls, the attack dogs.
They came here and saw all this freedom and saw all these Germans that were there.
With these farms and ranches and the women and all the families.
And they said, I want to be, why are we attacking you?
And they defected.
So I'm going to say to the bureaucrats, and the government, and the media people, and the intelligence agencies, and the FBI, and the Justice Department, and the academics, and all of you, you signed on to pure destruction and having our power cut off and our borders collapse in total hell!
I know George Washington had a little bit harder sell to those leaders and those soldiers.
My sale is so easy.
You should go against this pure evil.
This isn't even a choice.
It's a death cult.
It's a circular firing squad.
It's a purposeful sellout to pure destruction to not join us.
This isn't just the second American Revolution we're involved in.
This is 1776 worldwide, and it belongs to people in Mexico, and people in Africa, in Nigeria, and South Africa, and the Congo.
It belongs to people in Brazil.
It belongs to people in Japan, and Russia, and Germany, and France, and the Netherlands, and everywhere else of being free!
We will win, guys!
Some of us on the front lines aren't going to make it, but that's okay.
God's watching.
It's eternal.
I'll wake up next level just like that.
God's already rewarded me so much.
It's a personal relationship, and I might be able to get into it, but I'm at a whole other level, and it's just such a blessing, and God gets all the glory and everything else.
But I just want all of you to still have a feeling of liberty in your heart, and still are even listening to me.
Because if you work for the system as an analyst watching this right now, and deep inside you feel excited, you feel a tickle in your spine, you get tears in your eyes, you want to join us.
It's a spiritual decision.
You don't have to send us intel on the enemy.
You don't have to do any of that.
You just gotta say to God, I repent.
I'm sorry.
I paid for abortions, folks.
I've killed my children.
I've done stuff far worse than most of the evil operatives watching have done.
I don't tell those stories.
The left always goes, why does he admit that?
It was anti-abortion.
That's the whole point.
Is I know it's wrong.
And it's the same thing to you.
I've done more bad things to people than most of the bad people tuning in have done.
I didn't just kill my children.
And I never started a fight, but I did enjoy it when I was younger, and if you did hit me, I would beat you to death.
I'd beat you till you were in a coma.
And I repent of that now.
I don't do that dark side stuff.
As I get older, I pull further and further away from it.
It's a good thing, but I'm here telling you, I've been evil.
I've been influenced by evil.
I have been an unwilling minion of Satan, but I have been reprieved of that.
And I'm here just simply telling you, your ancestors, and all the good people in your lineage, and all of us, and the current people alive, and our future generations are waiting for you with our arms out, our hands out, just saying, join us like the British officers and soldiers.
Join us like the Hessian soldiers.
Join us.
Just come.
Join us.
Come on.
You know the New World Order is evil.
You know it's bad.
You know it's pedophilic.
You know it's destructive.
You know it's a dead end.
So don't pretend like that's not the case and just repent.
Just say, I'm sorry.
I don't want to be part of this.
And God will lead God and direct you with the Holy Spirit.
You don't need me to do it.
You don't need to have all the answers.
You've just got to say, yes, I don't want to back a vaccine that isn't a vaccine that causes mass death and destruction as the wheels come off.
Because the devil's plan is to get people to do evil stuff and then deny they've done it and double down.
This was a corruption.
This was to get the medical system and the lawyers and the government and the media and all of it on board with this so that imagine the next evil you're going to have to support and go along with.
There isn't much time though.
If you don't
Take on the Holy Spirit.
If you don't say, God, help me, I'm weak, I love you, I want to be good, show me you're real.
If you don't, literally, tonight, turn the lights off in your room or do it with the lights on, just by yourself, just say, God, I love you, I'm reaching out to you, show me you're real.
You won't believe the dreams you'll have.
You won't believe the experiences you'll have.
You won't believe what you might even manifestly see if you're that blessed.
You've got to reach out, though, because God's a free-will God.
And I'm telling you, your heart's going to be hardened very soon.
You'll be given over to total delusion, like so many people, these zombies of evil you see everywhere.
Those of you that can still hear my voice, and I can still get to you, you've still got receptors in your soul that I can reach to.
Only you can let yourself out of this trap.
Only you can get out of this cage.
Only God can unlock it.
You have to say, God, unlock it and let me out.
Be like the British officers.
Be like the Hessian officers.
Join us.
Be part of the future.
Be pro-human.
We're here waiting for you.
My hand is out to you.
Take my hand.
Take my hand.
We'll be right back.
We're very late in the game.
There's not much time.
I want to finish up what I said when I was getting into it and then go to the rest of the news, but what I'm quantifying here is
You've been serving the New World Order, many of you.
I know the general audience hasn't, but I'm talking to those lost sheep out there that have tuned in.
And there's a real chance for you to make the right decision to spiritually break with the globalists and say, I don't like what's happening.
I think it's wrong.
And I'm going to start thinking and praying and researching what I should do.
I'm not telling you what to do.
I'm not George Washington asking you to give me troop movements or do this or that.
I'm just saying,
Do what Elon Musk has done and said, okay, it really made me sick six months ago.
It almost killed my family member.
It's really bad.
Oh my God, these people are horrible.
Whether he's really a good person or not, he knows we're winning.
I don't get up here and tell you we're winning for no reason.
I told you 10 years ago we were losing.
I told you 25 years ago we were losing.
People said, man, this guy is depressing people.
No, I don't lie to people.
I make mistakes, but not often.
When it comes to the big themes.
And so when things are down, I want you to know you're down.
Because when you're down is when you can really fire up.
And we're still down, but we are beginning to climb out of this thing.
And we're moving faster and faster and faster.
And I'm just saying, why would anybody want to serve something that destroys your own future?
Even if you're a sociopath, this thing is not going to help you.
This thing is going to destroy you.
And so we're seeing record defections to our side everywhere.
We're really turning the tide here.
The enemy is going to launch bigger wars.
They're committing Leopard 2 tanks.
2,000 of them out of Germany.
They've almost agreed.
And more is going to go.
And so that's all going on.
And they're getting ready.
The FDIC a month ago admitted, and again on Friday said yes.
We are going to do bail-ins.
We just don't know the time.
That means take money out of your bank account.
I mean, a lot of it.
They're already beta testing it.
So, things are going to get rough, folks.
All I can tell you is, going along with this is going to make things a lot worse.
And my job is to tell you what's going on and lay it out and believe in you.
Because the globalists don't believe in you.
I do believe in you.
God believes in you.
And I believe in myself.
And I believe in good people.
And I'll be damned, I'll be quite frank with you, if
I'm going to ever not bet on you.
The New World Order betting against you, the people that serve evil bet against themselves, because we were made by God.
And I'm not going to bet against my maker.
I'm not going to bet against my grandparents or their parents or their parents.
I come from good, hardworking, strong people, and I'm not about to turn my back on who they were, ever!
And I'm pissed off at myself that I haven't been stronger in the mistakes I've made, but I'm telling you folks, I've swung for the fences every time.
Every damn time.
And as flawed and as failed as I am, we've had incredible victory together.
And I tell you that because I know how good people are.
And they don't want to make a mistake, and you're humble, and you don't want to go to the city council, and you don't want to go to the commissioner court, or the school board to speak out, because it's like you're being uppity, and you're being arrogant, you're being a loud mouth.
No, you're not.
You're doing your job when we're under attack!
And the children are counting on you, and I can tell you, I remember 26 years ago, 27 years ago,
I've been on the air a couple years, and I've done a marathon video editing of a film.
I just put it out.
I've just done three hours of broadcasting, and I was about to drive home.
I wasn't even married yet.
Hadn't even had children yet.
And I pulled into a place, Waterloo Ice House.
I got a chicken fried steak and a beer, and I'm sitting there in that restaurant, and I'm like 23 years old, and the whole future opened up.
And it was this feeling, not of fear, but of awesomeness.
And that kind of gave me a little, like, not what you'd call fear, more like, whoa!
And the Holy Spirit was so strong, and it was, you're going to create the new generation of resistors, and you're going to be destroyed in the end.
You have to be ready for this.
I've told you this story for over 15 years.
And you're going to change the whole world.
But you've got to be fully committed to this and do you see what it's going to look like?
But before they destroy you, you're going to get to see all the people you've encouraged and all the people you've spurred to wake up and they're going to be people even more effective than you that are going to help us smash this.
Do you understand that?
You take this mission right now and let me just give you an imprint of the knowledge.
Do you want this information?
Yes, I want the information.
You got the information now and it was just boom!
My intellect, the next week, my dreams, everything.
I was just downloading stuff I can't even describe at that point.
I only had three other downloads like that.
I got one about six months ago.
And it is some of the stuff I can't even understand.
It is like literally, I mean, being directly, the resistance, how to do it, all the operations, how, what the enemy is going to do, how to stop them.
God is so real, ladies and gentlemen.
This is not coming from me.
This is literally interdimensional.
Why would you not want to dial into that?
Our enemies are dialed into their satanic force.
They look like zombies.
They're demons.
They're unhappy.
They're unhealthy.
They're being destroyed, but they are jacked in and don't know how to unplug themselves.
Like, if you were sitting there with your hand in the sink, brushing your teeth, and that you forgot to turn the hairdryer off, and it falls in the sink, you're like... You know, one time, when I was about 10 years old, I got out of the shower, didn't dry my feet off.
My mom said, breakfast is ready, you're late.
I kind of...
Threw on my clothes, but didn't put my shoes on, and ran down with wet feet.
And the toast popped out, and I put my hand on the toaster, and it went... And I remember my dad telling me, if you ever touch an appliance, and you're locked in by it, you have a heart attack, just kick your feet and fall back.
And I fell back.
I'm sure most of you have had that experience of beginning to be electrocuted.
And it's the same thing, ladies and gentlemen.
You're being electrocuted by the New World Order.
You're being killed by it, and all you gotta do is just push away and fall back.
You gotta get off the electricity, get off the satanic force, and just push it off, and get off that son of a bitch.
Or it's gonna fry your ass forever.
And people jacked into it go, man, this is kind of cool!
You're being fried by evil and people are like, oh man, I'm on a power trip.
This is really crazy.
I feel like I'm on fire.
I'm demon influenced.
I'm dialed into this evil.
This feels really crazy.
I must be getting some power.
No, you're being spiritually electrocuted.
You're being spiritually fried.
Push off.
And you know how you push off?
You say, Jesus, help me.
God, help me, please.
Just take this out of my life.
And that's the first step.
Alright, I said I'd cover news and I will.
But these are the times that triumph in souls.
This is a spiritual fight.
And everybody needs to understand that 110% that's what this is and you can't beat it without God.
That's why they want to tell you God doesn't exist.
They're throwing you overboard without a lifeboat, without a life raft.
God is that life raft and they're on a sinking ship.
They want you to go down with them thinking there's no other way, but there is.
Just decide you don't like the new world order.
Just decide you don't like being poor.
Just decide you don't want to be a slave.
Just decide you want to control your own body.
Just decide you want to protect children.
Just decide you want peace and security.
Just decide that and you will get it!
But you got free will!
You gotta say, I want that!
And tell me, God, what I gotta do to get that for everybody!
Alright, I'm gonna shut up about this, but that's just defect to God.
Leave the New World Order.
Leave Satan.
Break with it.
That's my message to you.
We'll be right back.
Alright, let's plow through all this news I've got now.
I'm gonna go into the next hour as well.
So, why do you think Elon Musk is coming out and saying the shot's deadly poison?
Does he know which way the wind's blowing, or is he really saying it hurt him?
Doesn't matter.
The truth's coming out, and it's all over the place.
That's my message is, there's not much time to choose.
Mark Twain said it, I love the quote, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
You want freedom?
You want empowerment?
You want a destiny?
You want to be fulfilled?
Join the good side.
And if it isn't clear we're the good side, then you have no discernment, you're already too far gone.
Doesn't mean we're perfect, but we want to be good.
We want to be aligned with God.
I want to be honest.
I want to tell the truth.
I want to know the truth.
And the more you don't lie, the more you neurotically never do it, the more you get dialed into God because God doesn't lie.
All right, so Elon Musk says, I was dying.
Crashes COVID boosters.
Says it almost killed his cousin with myocarditis.
It goes on and on.
Already covered that.
But what does that signify to all you people that serve the system thinking that you are going to escape and that you're on the winning side?
And I know listeners will tell me and I do on the street and I get it emails and text messages and calls and everywhere.
Why do you care so much about people that are on the devil's side?
Why do you keep talking to them instead of us?
Well, go read the Prodigal Son and you'll know why.
God already loves you.
You already know what's going on.
Whatever reason, your family, your background, your connection.
There are a bunch of these evil people that have got to get the message because God wants them served with a notice.
And there's a bunch of them that are going to join us and help us do the right thing.
But the other one's got to be served.
They've got to be given their warning.
And that's what I'm doing.
And that's why I do it.
So it isn't that you don't matter.
You're already on the team.
We already, thank God, you're already on board.
Thank God for that.
These other people, we gotta try to save them.
The Blobos project their evil on us.
They want to kill everybody because they want to kill themselves.
And I would want to kill myself if I was like them.
But I don't want to live forever because I love life and I love God and I will.
My spirit.
Alright, I'm gonna stop.
Let me get to this.
It's hard to cover this.
I did a lot of research on this and it's just so horrible to research it.
I don't even like covering things like on this but we've got to expose it.
All over the country, in the last week, good police officers and good district attorneys, not controlled,
By George Soros, have busted LGBTQP organizations, going and getting foster children grabbed from Christian parents, and turned over to them to be brutally raped, little boys and girls, mainly little boys, they hate men, and then sold out to sex slavery of the Democratic Party.
This has been out for weeks, you already know all about it, there's a bunch of these cases, but I wanted to tie it in
To Jamie Lee Curtis and John and Tony Podesta, because that's been big news.
And this Jamie Lee Curtis thing broke like five, six days ago.
I held back on it until I could do some research.
And I'm going to give you my take on it right now.
But I really don't want to accuse people of things they haven't done.
Most of these people, it's all on record they've done it.
So we're going to tie it all together.
So here it is.
A gay couple, a pedophile couple,
I'm not saying gays are pedophiles, I'm saying these are pedophiles in Atlanta have been charged with raping their adopted sons and also for pimping them out on other local pedophiles.
And they did this on mainline Instagram and Facebook channels, thinking they were so protected.
Does that tell you how widespread this is?
This is one of five or six big breaking cases right now.
And you already know all about it, I'm not going to get into it.
But here it is.
Gay activist, pedo activist, couple who sexually abused adopted sons, having a rough time in prison.
Sold them, reportedly, to dozens of men alone in their neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram will allow users to show their breasts, but only if they're trans or non-binary.
Special rights to those people.
End of civilization, millennial woman that's $200,000 selling her farts.
It's all about degrading you folks.
That's all they want.
And now that leads us to this.
Jamie Lee Curtis slammed for photo of naked child in box.
Strong Epstein vibes.
I noticed most of the photos weren't HD.
We found the HD.
I forgot to tell the crew, but I gave it to you today.
Pull up the HD photos of it.
It's a child in a plastic container.
Looking like a prisoner.
Now, I don't know, we put that on screen, just type in Jamie Lee Curtis, it's everywhere, guys.
And you look at that, and I don't know if that's in her office because she's into that, but I know that type of bondage of children, those, I'll pull up my phone if you can't do it.
I'll do it.
Just go to Google, you type in Jamie Lee Curtis, office photo, it's everywhere, guys.
We did preparation for the show, I'm not mad, but I just don't know how.
There it is, okay.
So it's a naked child inside of a plastic tote container from like Walmart, and maybe it's innocent, maybe it's no big deal, but people are smart and are doing the right thing being concerned about it.
But Jamie Lee Curtis says, oh no, that's a photo a friend gave me a decade ago, it's no big deal.
Okay, maybe a naked girl in a garbage bin looking
Abused and totally brainwashed is normal.
Maybe, maybe it's an innocent thing.
Except you go anywhere around these people, that's all the art and culture you see, and that's what they spew out in the media in the whole situation.
So, let's actually show you real art, by the hundreds of pieces that I don't even want to show on air, from Tony Podesta, the top lobbyist in DC, and his brother,
John Podesta from the Pizzagate and him in the Washington Post 2007 calling it dangerous art at his DC compound of little boys tied up and little girls tied up being paddled and raped and everything else.
I can't show you the really hardcore stuff but adults, a child performing oral sex on a man, inside showers, inside dungeons, adults raping babies.
That's a toddler-sized child.
All of it, children tied up against walls being tortured with the woman looking on.
Thousands of these that they published in the Washington Post calling it dangerous art.
That's called lesser magic.
That they would show that to you, that they would do that, they believe gives them more power because it shows a two-year-old on the floor being anally raped by a fat man.
With notice a bunch of women looking on approvingly.
Look at that image.
This is what they published in the Washington Post as his cool art.
What looks like a three-year-old with a fat man, missionary style, raping a child, while the women look on approvingly, with a little teddy bear over here, meaning innocence has been removed.
This is a satanic ritual.
That's who we're dealing with.
That's who the system is defending.
And that's what makes me cry.
Look at the other stuff at his house.
Demon goblins with little girls in bed with the peacock looking on.
All that is pedophilic.
The phallic symbol of his arm, about to destroy.
He has the scythes, about to destroy her innocence.
The Grim Reaper.
A golem-like creature.
And then after the rape, the love, she now loves the goblin that raped her.
This is what he showed.
This is what he showed the Washington Post to exercise their power over the children.
Images of demonic women, demonic breasts formed with cancer.
Demonic demons raping children.
On and on and on.
Final segment of the normal Alex Jones Show, 4 to 6 p.m., but I'm going to continue on at infowars.com forward slash show and on stations across the country with Sunday Live.
So stay with us.
There was an article in 2007 called Dangerous Art with Tony Podesta, the top lobbyist in DC.
And it was just children in dungeons, children hanging up, children being raped.
You're like, why would they put that in the newspaper?
And believe me folks, we've showed you stuff you can show on TV.
We've not shown you the worst stuff.
So be careful when you're online.
It's the only legal child porn is whatever the Clintons and the Obamas put out.
This is child porn.
This is child porn.
It's like the, you know, adults can't see it on TV, but the same type of books are put in public schools, including Austin, for middle schoolers.
Like, oh, the man pulls up in your backyard, wants you to get in his van.
Get in the van.
He's going to give you a blowjob.
It's going to be wonderful.
Little kid gets in, it's images of this.
I mean, you look at this, it makes you cry, because you have children.
You realize how evil this is.
This is our government.
This is who took over while we were asleep.
So, I showed this article.
Podesta's art, stuff so bad journalists don't want you to see it.
And it's demons raping children in their beds, but don't worry, again, the teddy bear's dropped, the innocent's gone, the six-year-old girl has been raped by the demon.
Oh, look how loving and liberal.
But it's liberal!
That this is happening.
And then demonic images of women and more children being raped.
Children being killed.
It goes on and on and on.
Demons attacking children.
Stuff that looks like it's out of a Hellraiser movie.
Or Stranger Things.
That's who these people are.
Maggots having sex with children.
Human-animal hybrids.
And then look at this other stuff at his house.
He showed the Washington Post.
This is from the Washington Post.
Why does Tony Podesta own artwork like this?
Children look like Anderson Cooper.
Little girls tied up in dungeons in their underwear with their butts paddled red.
And babies.
With those black eyes, those dead eyes they have after they've been tortured.
I could go on for days.
Demons face-sucking children.
People loving demons.
Demonically possessed babies.
All these torture photos of children.
These are the people that dialed into this.
Tony Podesta had a toilet camera.
Yes, Tony Podesta had a toilet camera.
But meanwhile,
We have the New York Times running defense covering it up saying it's no big deal.
It's all Pizzagate.
It's all fake.
Because they focus on a pizza place to hide what really happened.
We got Ghislaine Maxwell now doing interviews saying, oh, she knew nothing about any of it.
Oh, no.
She's a nice person.
What about this next clip I'm going to play?
This is, if you long for the fascist government to parent your children, you're clearly a sick person.
It's only a minute and 26 seconds long.
And this is a woman in the New York Times saying, I lived in China, the way they controlled our lives was so beautiful and we need that here.
Stockholm Syndrome or beyond.
That's why the pedophilic images of big fat men raping toddlers that Tony Podesta has and showed the Washington Post to sear our conscience and blacken our hearts and just throw it in our face what he's doing.
A big thrill for him.
They can't help it.
Tyrants love to brag.
That's why the system defends them.
So here's a mother, moved back from China, wishing the state would take control of her children here.
Here's the clip.
Today the New York Times published an op-ed from a woke American woman who spent 16 years living in China.
What does she miss about China?
She misses the Communist Party of China co-parenting her children.
She thinks the Chinese commissars did a better job as a mother than she could have.
She misses their firm hand.
And we're quoting, not making this up, this is the New York Times today.
Quote, our stringent government co-parent quickly made its presence felt, the woman writes.
The girl's Chinese kindergarten lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat, and their optimal weight.
The Communist Party fat-shamed this lady's kids.
Quote, we sometimes felt as if our children were on loan to us for evenings and weekends to be delivered back to school each weekday.
Now, again, she's not writing a new version of Darkness at Noon.
She's complimenting the government of China.
The piece ends by noting, quote, Okay, that is an American, that person is sick, and if you don't recognize how sick that person is, if you long for a fascist government to call your little girls fat, you're a sick person, okay?
The fact that the New York Times would run that,
And expect all of its readers to applaud.
Oh, if only the government would tell my kids they're fat, this would be a better country!
So we showed you images, the ones we can show you on air, because we're on a lot of TV stations, of cartoons in Tony Podesta's home that he showed the Washington Post in 2007, he's proud of, of big fat men in beds raping toddlers.
You say, well, okay, that's hypothetical, it's still horrible, but it's a cartoon, it's just right.
What about China and 50 million dead girls, the one-child policy?
What about all the things that were done there?
What about this woman in the New York Times saying, I want Xi Jinping telling me how to live my life?
They're openly externalizing all of this evil in our faces.
They know exactly what they're doing.
And it's important for everybody to let that sink in and think about the individuals we're fighting and what we're up against.
So looking at these images again, and these are the ones we can show you on air.
I'm trying to find the ones I showed earlier if you guys can put them on screen of the fat man with women all around.
Regardless we got it on there earlier and the children in dungeons all tied up and the rest of it.
Why are these people into this?
Because it's simple.
If they can get you
To go along with all of this, if they can get you to accept this, if they can get you to not revolt against this, then they can do anything.
If they can condition you to accept what they've done, if they can condition you not to reject it, to vomit it out, to say no to it, there it is.
Show the rest of it.
In every photo, every painting, it's the teddy bear against the wall.
This is what these people are into.
Giant men.
Look at that one.
That looks like a newborn baby being shoved into a woman's vagina.
And a child tied up, chained to a wall, while a woman on looks, while a man tasers it, or shocks it, while a big fat man rapes a two-year-old.
And you go, that's not even real!
They just raped your body with a poison shot.
They just raped your body with a genetically engineered system to destroy your immune system.
And that's why they've got an emaciated child, stuffed in a garbage can, hanging on the wall,
One of these Hollywood people because it's about their power and about their hatred of God and how they're willing to do anything.
I'll throw my children away.
I'll throw your children away.
I'll throw anything away.
I surrender to the devil.
Well, guess what?
I don't surrender to the devil.
And in fact, I declare war on these people eternally.
But I can only do it with your support.
We're going to start the next two hours.
We're going to cover something very special.
It's very, very important.
Stephen Colbert is a big buddy of these guys.
He's with them.
They want to tie your children up and put poison shots in them.
Whereas you think of the pedophilia as bad.
They've all got their ruby slippers being there and on the club.
They're already raping him with a bioweapon that kills their DNA.
Your child can get over being raped by him.
But your child can't get over being given genetic death.
Infowars.com porn slash show is the coordinates of the resistance.
If you don't share it, you capitulate to the enemy.
Conspiracyfact.info is the URL right now.
The live show feed, they're not censoring.
Share it or roll over and die.
I mean, I'm just here fully max in the fight because I'm not a pedophile.
God demands we fight this war with the enemy.
It's not like, oh, you're a hero, you're fighting them.
It's what we're supposed to do.
The next two hours is coming up.
I'll be right back.
Infowars.com for its last show.
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