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Name: 20230119_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 19, 2023
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her decision not to seek re-election on February 7th. She was known for her strict COVID measures and was admired by Western leaders such as Michael Hayden, leading InfoWars host Alex Jones to speculate that she may have been a puppet of the Chinese government. Jones also criticized globalist agendas falling apart and blamed organizations like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, NATO, and George Soros for shaping New Zealand's policies. He further criticized the education system for promoting government-approved narratives while suppressing alternative viewpoints.

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They wanted to be the big corporate leaders.
They wanted to be the world government controllers.
They wanted to sell us how we'd own nothing and have nothing and love it.
But what they thought was going to happen isn't happening now, because we know they're evil.
I'm getting some of the latest videos from Davos today and yesterday, and Borla being confronted masterfully, tag-teamed by two rebel media reporters, who I admire so much.
Both men's work.
But let's go back to Klaus Schwab about a year and a half ago, where he said COVID will be looked at like nothing compared to the cyber attack.
And he is basically having an orgasm while he says it, because they love telling you what they're going to do to you.
Just like when Fauci, right when Trump had been elected, said, Trump will be faced with a new pandemic.
We'll see how he handles it.
These criminals love to brag.
And the trajectory we're on is criminal investigations have already begun, they are in deep trouble, and they know as the minions of the actual owners above them, which are only a few hundred people, they are the top echelon of managers, they know they're going to get flushed now.
They know they're in danger now.
rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news. Today.
That's the lady with the big teeth who tormented her citizens has just announced she is leaving office.
Here she was moments ago.
Announcing that I will not be seeking re-election.
And that my term as Prime Minister will conclude no later than the 7th of February.
Most authoritarian leader that country has ever had and no one else comes close.
An appalling abuser of human rights of her own people.
She, of course, earned the admiration of Western leaders, including former CIA Director Michael Hayden, by ushering in an era of neartotalitarianism in New Zealand.
She shut down the entire country over a single COVID case.
She told everyone to stay in their bubbles.
She told citizens to inform on their neighbors by calling the police if they saw them outside.
I'm not making this up, by the way.
We kept a video record.
Here's some of it.
Stay local and do not congregate.
Don't talk to your neighbours.
Please keep to your bubbles.
It comes down again to those very simple principles.
We know from overseas cases of the Delta variant that it can be spread by people simply walking past one another.
So keep those movements outside to the bare minimum.
If someone refuses in our facilities to be tested, they have to keep staying.
So they won't be able to leave after 14 days, they have to stay on for another 14 days.
So it's a pretty good incentive.
You either get your tests done and make sure you're cleared, or we will keep you in a facility longer.
So I think most people will look at that and say, I'll take the test.
You can now see family and friends again in their homes and use the bathroom inside.
What are the chances she was a puppet of the Chinese government?
We don't have enough evidence to prove that, but we would rate that as about 100% likely.
And who is the main agent of the Chinese government?
He said China is the model a month ago.
Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, that is the criminal consortium that the big megabanks use to merge us with Communist China.
He got hounded by reporters last night.
Victor Bourla got destroyed by rebel media in the most epic tag team you're ever going to see.
That's coming up.
We have all this news of the globalist And their whole agenda falling apart at every level, because it's their Great Reset, it's their war for the world, and as humanity wakes up to the fact that they're waging war against us, they're going to be in the spotlight, something they didn't want to be in.
They want to be in the spotlight as our saviors, not the ones causing all the big problems.
So, you have the out-of-control protégé of Klaus Schwab in New Zealand.
We have guests from New Zealand joining us in the fourth hour to talk about it.
Being singled out by Klaus Schwab and the UN as the twin prodigy that they said was the best example of what they want.
And of course the other twin is Trudeau of Canada and then Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand.
And they follow exactly what they're told to do.
They follow the exact same draconian Enslavement policies.
And Tucker did a great job last night, but he didn't get the worst clips.
I mean, she said, don't talk to your neighbors.
She said, don't look at the sun.
She said, if you don't take your shots, you're never going to be allowed to leave your home.
She said, we are radically changing civilization.
We're going to ban cows.
We're going to ban your sheep or coffee.
You can't have coffee.
It's hurting the climate.
The woman is a mouthpiece of the New World Order.
And she has been massively rejected.
Polls show she's got about 20% support.
So the election's coming up, so she's resigning instead of that happening.
And there are reports of criminal investigations now in New Zealand about money and payoffs.
Same thing in Australia of government ministers by Pfizer and by Moderna and by all the rest of these criminal groups who we are identifying, like flipping the lights on at midnight and catching the cockroaches on the dinner table, having the Dregs of what's left of your food.
It's all coming up today.
I mean, we are blowing their New World Order to bits!
Get some!
Get some!
The mission is not impossible!
30 years ago, I would read the New American Magazine put out by the John Birch Society with these incredible quotes by Corporate heads of industry, banking dynasty families, so-called world leaders.
They were calling for world government at the end of the family, cutting off our resources, bringing in neo-feudalism, using environmentalism.
And I said, if this is true, I've got to fight this.
And I didn't just believe the New American.
I went to the libraries.
And I pulled the books they were quoting, and guess what?
Exactly what they said was in the books, written by Prince Charles.
Written by Francois Mitterrand, saying he worships Lucifer, the former French president.
And so I said, I gotta get more.
So then, they didn't really have Amazon back then.
I try to find them in bookstores and things.
I started going to the UT library every week.
I started checking the micro fish.
And all of a sudden they'd have librarians come out from behind the thing and say, we've seen you been here four or five hours today.
Are you going to UT?
Why do you care?
About all this.
Most people don't come in there and do this unless they're PhD students.
And I said, I'm just pulling these quotes up like David Rockefeller in the New York Times saying we're going to create Mao Tse-Tung communism in America and he's the model of the world and we're backing Mao Tse-Tung.
And the librarians, I probably went down there 50 times, started helping me.
Saying, ooh, would you like more?
We've got a big area that's off limits of the stacks.
Come back next week, we'll have some things for you.
And they would let me then photograph and video it right there at UT.
And it was exciting.
I was 19 years old when I was going down to UT, about a year and a half before I started going on air on Local Access TV.
And the adventure of it Learning that they'd actually, years before, been pushing this, but because of major heat on it, in the 80s and a little bit of the 90s, they kind of backed up while they were working behind the scenes.
And I got more and more into reading books they'd written 30, 40, 50 years previous, and I noticed everything they said they'd do in the 20s and 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s, I was living under.
I was seeing exactly what they said they were going to do in my personal life.
Here's an example.
We played Paul Ehrlich, one of their top gurus, calling for foresty population and all the rest of it, with the population bomb and all those books pushed by the system.
He was the most Common, like, record guest that Johnny Carson had on, because he was basically ordered to push it.
And there's Paul Ehrlich saying, we're going to take control of the media and advertise families are bad, and make male role models look bad, to break down society, and we're going to depopulate you, we're going to set the taxes up so high that you can't afford to have children.
And you're sitting there watching that clip from 1970.
I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye at that point, didn't exist yet.
And there he was, Laying out the course and that's why I knew I went wait a minute.
It's the early 1990s and If They did everything they said they did pretty much on schedule And it's horrible and the next thing they say is they're gonna release bioweapon plagues.
They're gonna lock us down They're going to cut off the resources.
They're gonna cut off our gas pipelines.
They're gonna implode our borders If I start warning people about the really horrible stuff they're planning, I'll get made fun of at first, some will listen because they see the documents, but it won't matter.
So many people will be warned that when they finally launch the next big really horrible phase, the real takeover, humanity will rally and be ready.
Here's an analogy, you know, let's say you're in a bathroom And you're in the stall, people don't know you're in there, and two men are talking about how they're gonna rob the bank down the street.
And you leave, you call the police, and they don't really quite listen to you, but you still go, and you tell the bank, hey, I hear you're gonna get robbed.
And then you have credibility when the bank gets robbed, okay?
So that's what we did, folks, and that's why they're in so much trouble right now.
Because we've been planting seeds, planting seeds, planting seeds, even planting seeds, planting seeds, planting seeds, beautifully, going through hell, being attacked, being ostracized, being deplatformed, being censored, being harassed, all of it.
But now, we're not being caught flat-footed, and as people see the full horror of this, And realize what's happening, it's came over. And here's an
Whether you're on Instagram, whether you're on Facebook, whether you're on Twitter, whether you're on Reddit,
the comments are now 99%, even on liberal sites.
99% saying screw the New World Order, screw Bill Gates, screw Klaus Schwab, screw the UN.
So they have these talking heads on TV making it look like the facade's still there and everybody's buying into it.
They're not, folks.
And I say this every day.
Gavin McGinnis was on two days ago.
He saw the same thing.
When Trump first got elected, he was getting 30-40% hate.
Now he's getting 99% love.
And we're getting the same thing.
When I go out on the street, I get love, love, love, love, love, love, love now.
Whereas just a couple years ago, I was getting 20% hate.
It was rough to go out to dinner.
It was rough to walk down the street.
Not now.
They failed, ladies and gentlemen.
You're not Gavin McInnes, you're not Alex Jones.
Thank your lucky stars you're not because we're targets.
But it was worth it to do it.
We get to know the amount of love because we are prominent and people see us.
And I can tell you it's the same thing with Tucker Carlson.
All he gets is love.
Joe Rogan, all he gets is love fighting the New World Order.
So, all they get is hate, all they get is criminal investigations, all they get is to go to prison, all they get is to be known as the eugenicist control freaks, financed by the British Crown for 170 years to set up a world government eugenics operation.
I'm not blaming the British people or what you would think of as the British Crown.
The British Crown isn't even German, it's not English, it's not House of Windsor, it's one of the oldest royal houses in the world, Saxe-Coburg-Gothis.
And there are some nasty, nasty folks, and they intermarried in the last 200 years with the Rothschilds, and it made this satanic hybrid bloodline that is just off the charts bad news.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, and this is a really big moment we're at now.
They're panicked, they're scared, their body language is, they think they're all about to be put in prison.
They're going to hit us with cyber attacks and power outages.
They're probably going to go ahead and try to have World War III.
They don't give up.
They don't stop.
And so I'm saying to the intelligence agencies and to the governments, everybody else that's been following orders, you're betting on an insane horse.
You're betting on all of our own destruction.
Just don't follow their orders.
You don't have to have a war.
Don't have to have a civil war.
Don't have to kill each other.
Don't have to do any of this stupid stuff.
Just stop following the criminal orders and do stuff like the Secret Service and NYPD and everybody gave us the info, the specifics of him crapping his pants.
And that's just an example of letting them know, talking about Joe Biden, letting them know, and it's since come out that he's mad about that and doesn't trust the Secret Service.
Well, they don't trust you, okay?
And even somebody who's a social climber and likes to be around power, at a certain point, those officers aren't all bad people.
But even the ones that are bad, those agents, I mean, is this a suicide pact?
I mean, do you really want to not have beef, and not have coffee, and not have electricity, and do you really want your kids to have no future?
I mean, really, this is stupid!
There is no reason to go along with these psychotics that cooked up a long-term eugenics plan with Francis Galton.
Watch my film, Endgame, if you want to live.
It's all there!
Their whole plan!
Where they say, we're about to become aliens.
We're about to become gods.
We don't believe in God or aliens, but we with science are going to transcend and become God.
I've got quote after quote after quote.
What did John Kerry say on Monday?
We're saving the Earth.
We're the guardians of the planet.
It's like we're aliens here to save you.
I read their writings.
They are lunatics.
And you notice how fast that arrogant con game with the Prime Minister of New Zealand fades and she's basically up there crying and
panicked and obviously drugged out of her mind.
Being a servant of evil. You look at her ten years ago, a nice pretty sweet looking woman.
Ten years under Satan's control, she's a husk, ladies and gentlemen.
And why would you want to serve these people?
Why would you want to sign on to this?
Elon Musk has come out and said the WEF is an unelected world government that people never ask for and don't want.
Not supposed to talk about that!
It's all coming out!
Praise Jesus!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's Thursday, January 19, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Like the globalists have launched a bio-attack on us.
They're setting up classical authoritarian tyranny with a high-tech overlay.
We're in a lot of trouble, but at least we're waking up and we're getting in a fighting stance.
And our enemies are scared, and they understand they are surrounded by people, the police, and the military, and the maids that clean their beds, and the people that cook their food, and the people that pump their gas, and the people that fly their jets, who hate them.
If I'm getting 99% love, I don't mean just a few people on the street.
It's like, I walk down the street, it's Alex Jones, we love you, Alex Jones, we love you, Alex Jones, we love you.
You've seen me just try to shoot a video anywhere and people just start walking over, high-fiving.
Everywhere the globalists go, they're getting hate.
They wanted to be the big corporate leaders.
They wanted to be the world government controllers.
They wanted to sell us how we'd own nothing and have nothing and love it.
But what they thought was going to happen isn't happening now because we know they're evil.
I'm getting some of the latest videos from Davos today and yesterday and Borla being confronted masterfully tag-teamed by two rebel media reporters who I admire so much.
Both men's work.
But let's go back to Klaus Schwab about a year and a half ago, where he said COVID will be looked at like nothing compared to the cyber attack.
And he is basically having an orgasm while he says it, because they love telling you what they're going to do to you.
Just like when Fauci, right when Trump had been elected, said, Trump will be faced with a new pandemic.
We'll see how he handles it.
These criminals love to brag.
And the trajectory we're on is criminal investigations have already begun, they are in deep trouble, and they know as the minions of the actual owners above them, which are only a few hundred people, they are the top echelon of managers, they know they're going to get flushed now.
They know they're in danger now.
So they're circling the wagons with CIA chiefs and FBI directors and EU intelligence directors saying, don't worry, we're going to censor the American people.
Don't worry, we're going to stop them.
We're going to pass hate speech laws.
We're going to arrest them.
Well, that's what tyrants do, and that historically backfires 90 plus percent of the time, and it will in the West more than other countries.
That's why Greta Thunberg staged her own arrest in Germany.
It's totally fake.
Real police with cameras and with the whole cameras action.
We have all that footage.
They want to look like they're being arrested and they're fighting the man when they are the man.
Kind of like that ridiculous footage of AOC a few months ago where she put her hands behind her back with the Capitol Police and they acted like they arrested her.
The police Working with them to stage the event, and they're ordered to do it.
How did the cops feel after they do that, then they see it on the news that it was real?
And they've got their political police that are happy to be part of this lie.
They're running out of options and they know we're watching everything they do.
And the more they try to censor us, the more they try to intimidate us, the more the people of the world say, we are not your slaves, scumbags!
Get off of our lawn!
Leave us alone!
Go back to hell, where you came from!
Get away from our children, you pedophiles!
You sick, evil, degenerate freaks!
Here's Klaus Schwab a year and a half ago, then we'll play some of the latest clips from Davos, where they're then echoing his talking point.
Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
I can talk for 20 hours just on that 40 second 30 second clip.
Who's trying to cut the power off?
Who's trying to cut the energy off?
Who says they want a post-industrial world?
Who says COVID was good for shutting down society to save the earth?
Klaus Schwab.
But then he shifts gears and, all the terrorists are going to launch the attack!
It will be far worse, oh yes!
And they control the intelligence agencies at the top, they control the industry, they control the grid, and they're shutting down all the different independents so they have total control to hold us hostage.
They're passing laws across Europe banning domestic air travel because that's bad for the earth, but the elites can fly.
More headlines here today.
Put down that cup of coffee!
You're causing climate change!
They're a mafia taking over every facet of business and industry so only they can operate.
So there's a bunch of these clips, but here's one of them.
declaring the pandemic is far from over.
Yeah, they want to keep that going forever, but I'll leave the clip where U.N.
Secretary General openly commands politicians around the world to shape public opinion.
There's another one here.
Let's play clip three first.
WEF is now predicting catastrophic global cyber attacks in the next two years.
Global catastrophic from the people we know brought you COVID and brought you the poison shots and brought you the unified lockdowns and the vaccine passport that is to be the Foundation, in their own words, of the new global digital currency that controls every facet of your life.
Global digital currency, global social credit scores, universal basic income by bankrupting everybody for full control.
That's their holy grails.
That's what's got to be fought.
Here's the clip.
We're here today to share the findings of the World Economic Forum's Global Security Outlook Report 2023.
This is a result of research and collaboration with the forum's communities and our partner Accenture, which we've interviewed and sought input from over 300 executives globally.
The most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber leaders 86% of cyber business leaders believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years.
And then when they and their partners at Chaos, at Spectre, launch the attacks that match their Extinction Rebellion post-industrial operation, they'll be the saviors.
The media will go, oh my gosh, Klaus Schwab predicted a deadly virus that would never let us come back to normal, the new normal.
You will eat the bugs.
And then, oh, Klaus Schwab predicted the cyber attack.
How did he know such a sweet little old man?
All right, I'm gonna go to break I'm gonna come back and just run through all of this because I got a bunch of clips we haven't gotten to and then there's all these other big subjects that all tie into this together but Jacinda Arden looks really scared up there when she resigned, didn't she?
Because she knows She followed orders, and now she knows everybody around her hates her.
People are waking up fast that she did it, that she's a mass murderer.
And what is she going to do now that she sold her soul to Klaus Schwab?
They now realize they wanted a war with us?
They got one.
Well, Darren Beatty is joining us in the second hour with big news, and then Mike Adams says he's got gigantic news and he never disappoints.
In the third hour, then we're interviewing folks from New Zealand, journalists there, about the resignation.
of one of the darlings of Klaus Schwab.
She's been singled out and Trudeau's been singled out as example of global government through the WEF and the UN.
And the WEF is very powerful, folks.
They're not just high-level managers.
Three months ago, they signed a treaty with the UN, basically merging with the UN leadership,
not the General Assembly, but the actual UN corporate board
that the Rockefellers set up in 1946 in Presidio, San Francisco.
Presidio Naval Base there in San Francisco.
Because you always have the original corporate charter that runs it, then you'll have elected boards and bureaus that have no power.
The EU is a steel treaty from 1956, the Treaty of Rome.
And that's why you have an unelected EU bureaucracy that actually runs it and then you have an elected EU
parliament that is advisory.
But that more and more is turning completely against them and it's still a bully pulpit
that's bringing down the unelected nature of it. That's why we have the vice president
of the European Union, the unelected European Union board saying, "Well, I have talked to you,
I have talked to the American," she's looking at Republican congressmen, "and I hear you're going
going to be banning the speech on.
Excellent job.
I played the clip twice yesterday.
I mean, these are super villain moments.
And I've got more here.
We are now going to ban your beef.
Ah, so good for you.
I mean, I've got it all right here.
And so, remember, these are the people, when you see propaganda in Hollywood, or propaganda on the news, or propaganda in your children's books, or magazines, this is the people running it.
They're up there saying, we've got to intensify propaganda, we've got to shut down all our opposition, we've got to control everybody.
Senator Manchin says, an open press is a problem in America.
He's now walking back the remark after backlash, but he said, the problem is we've got too much of a free press and too many platforms.
That's a quote.
Want to hear it again?
That's a villain!
Chillin' like a villain!
That's bad people!
So let me do this.
Let's just, there's too many of these clips.
Let's just start going through them and I'll comment on each clip after I hit them.
But what is the name of my book that just came out six months ago and was number one for a time in the world?
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
And in the book we explain and we just identify these people and show how they operate.
And so they're really private corporations that want to knock out all their competition with a green straitjacket of control that has nothing to do with helping the environment.
But they're transhumanist.
It's game over for them.
And now you see what's starting to happen.
Opposition is exploding.
They admit on all their panels, basically everybody hates them, the whole world's turned against them, and they're getting their asses kicked, and they don't know what to do.
So they call in intelligence agency heads, military heads, NATO's head, And they say, don't worry, we'll deal with these people.
Yeah, that's how it works.
And now you're gonna physically come after us, aren't you?
I know that's how it works.
And then now we draw you out, just like Christ did.
I'm not good like Christ, but I'm trying to be Christ-like.
We draw you out, and you strike us down, and we become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
And we're an example to all the young ones watching, when we get cut down, go ahead, right here, Fine.
And I'm not like some suicide bomber that wants to be crushed.
But I've made the decision that I'm happy about it if it does happen.
Because I have forced them into a decision they know will hurt them.
But they can't help it.
They want the power now!
So they strike me down!
With a fake indictment or they kill me or whatever it is.
They pull, you know it's not true, I'll never commit suicide.
I'll never be violent to my family.
I'll never, because you see these murder suicides they do, where they go and they kill the wife, they kill the kids, and they kill the dad and say the dad did it.
That's their favorite thing to their political enemies, but we've got some mitigating things to stop them from pulling that off against me.
Just know this.
We're in the big leagues.
The viewers and listeners are in the big league.
This is a real war, folks.
It's in the game.
And the public's finally going, whoa, this is real?
Not just our long-time audience, the shock troops that knew before other people, but now the general public's getting it very, very quickly.
There's still a big dumbed-down mass of people that don't know what time it is and can't find their ass with both hands.
But it never takes a majority to defeat tyranny, only a small, focused, determined minority.
And if you compare other revolutions that have been peacefully carried out, we have bigger numbers, you can do it peacefully.
In a velvet cultural revolution, we have some of the biggest numbers any revolution's ever had.
And we have an elite that is extremely hated and disgusting and eating its own, and it's all folding in on itself right now.
It's all folding in.
The snake is eating its tail right now.
So we've really reached a very powerful moment in history.
And I'm going to get to all those clips and more ahead of our special guest joining us.
But I wanted to spend a little time on this.
I saw this news item and it made me think.
It made me think of this.
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Big report on that front.
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Massive news, straight ahead, stay with us.
End of the line for the New World Order.
Oh, in the process they'll take over and mass murder even more people, and it's gonna be a terrible situation we're gonna go through in the next 10 years, but they'll lose in the end.
That's what really matters, right?
Protect the children.
In the end, bring them to justice.
The more we expose them, the harder their plan's gonna be, and the lighter their attacks in the long run will be.
Or we could really cause an explosive awakening.
And if people really got how serious this was on a faster rate, we could really derail this situation and God will give us a reprieve like they got in Nineveh for a hundred years.
But it's up to you, folks.
It really is up to you.
Okay, here's a bunch of clips I want to play from this self-appointed group, global government, as Elon Musk said.
Elon Musk nailed it.
When he came out and he said that the WEF is an unelected world government, the people never ask for and don't want.
See how popular it is now to come out against the global government, the New World Order?
Because this is the moment of truth.
See, they're not in beta anymore.
They're in operations, as I've told you a thousand times.
And operations are real bad.
And if I didn't know that life's eternal, if I didn't know that we're judged by God and we're being tested, I love my family so much, and I love life so much, I would join these people.
But folks, this is all just a test.
And I just can't bring myself to be part of enslaving and killing you.
And I'll tell you again, I've been offered to join these people.
I would be there right now with them, guaranteed.
They wanted me to be the leader of the opposition, basically.
And only take things so far.
Rothkopf said it in front of John Harmon.
Right in front of my producer.
And other ones have told me that as well.
That I can still do a lot of what I want, but still work for them and kind of be one polar opposite of what they're doing in a false Uberton window.
Whereas I'm really over here for pure human liberty.
They wanted me to kind of be the leader of it.
But not go all the way.
And that's how they get people to sell out.
And then you find yourself when you sell out like that, historically moving more and more towards them.
So that's how they get you to sell out.
Oh, you can keep most of your morals.
You can keep most of what you're going to do.
You can do that.
Just bend a little to us.
And then you find you've bent all the way.
Well, not for me.
I know it's not for you.
So let's go to these clips.
Here's WEF declaring the pandemic is far from over.
And I'm really delighted to see this room full because it means that, you know, COVID fatigue has not fully set in and that people are still interested and eager and committed to appreciating that this pandemic is not over.
Far from it, actually.
We have to avoid prematurely talking about this pandemic being over.
This pandemic is far from over.
The vaccine not only protects individuals from transmission and severity.
So she comes back with the old lie that's all disproven and they knew it was a lie.
Here's Stephanie Mancel, CEO of Moderna, says the pandemic is still ongoing and we all know there will be other outbreaks and pandemics.
Yes, that you use for full control.
It's their whole business plan.
Here it is.
A lot of countries are forgetting.
The pandemic is still ongoing.
We say a lot of people are dying every day, but a lot of governments have moved to other things.
And that's a problem because we need investments in public health infrastructure, in healthcare workers, in genomic surveillance.
There's so many pieces that need to happen.
I mean, industry can do so much, but we need the governments to really keep at it because we all know there's going to be other outbreaks, there's going to be, God forbid, another pandemic, and we need to be much better prepared at that time.
Very excited now that we are building a factory in Canada.
We already broke ground in the fall.
We're building a factory in Australia.
We are going to start a factory this quarter in the UK and we're also going to start building a factory in Kenya.
We're talking to a couple more countries because I would really like on every continent to have mRNA capacity.
And all over the world, they're getting rid of the normal testing, and getting rid of the animal testing, and going right to humans without trials, with mRNA for cancer, and for depression, and for drug abuse, and for the flu, and for the cold, you see?
And boy, if you thought the COVID shots were bad, wait till you get these.
And you heard Harari last week say, we need the governments to help them do it, we'll take over their bodies.
I mean, it's just ridiculous how villainous these people are.
Here's clip 10.
Richard Edelman, CEO of the world's largest PR company, tells businesses to deprive social media platforms that spread disinformation of oxygen.
What nice people.
Here it is.
So I think the first thing that, because I mostly work with business, that business needs to do is deprive platforms that spread disinformation of oxygen.
Stop advertising.
Pull your promotion money.
Make sure that they understand that they have a consequential impact on society.
And the boycott of Twitter for several months has had a modest, modest impact, but I think the Facebook one failed.
But the necessity of getting it right in the platforms that are probably primary source information for A third to 40% of people is urgent.
And Facebook literally censors almost anything that promotes any form of freedom now.
It's the worst.
But Zuckerberg didn't give them full control of the platform for themselves.
So there's bullying and battling going on to get it.
So they want full, absolute control.
Of what you can say and do.
And they now admit they're doing it, but they're not villains at all.
Here's Siemens chairman.
If a billion people stop eating meat, it will have a big impact.
And he predicts this new wonderful synthetic beef that he's telling you is going to be so delicious and produces zero carbon.
So again, they're telling you, first, whole power plants are bad because they put off carbon dioxide that plants breathe.
Now, cows are bad, coffee's bad, you're bad.
You're carbon.
Here it is.
It's a very important point that you are addressing.
My daughter, 24, inspired me and said that, how can you advocate for these zero carbon value chains if you still eat meat?
So I stopped eating meat.
Now the math would say, well, you need to stop eating meat 11 years to compensate for a flight to Thailand.
Yes, but if a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you it has a big impact.
Not only does it have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of food systems.
And I predict that we will have proteins not coming from meat in the future.
They will probably taste even better.
So why are we trying to mimic meat if we can have a better taste?
They will be zero carbon and much healthier than the kind of food that we eat today.
That is a mission that we need to get on.
I can inspire you to maybe look at an organization called EAT.
Easy to remember.
Who have all the facts on this and who have the policies necessary, the innovations necessary, and the scale necessary in order to make food systems sustainable and healthy.
We're talking about stuff grown in laboratories.
With all these new artificial poisons, and we know in all the studies, the shell of bugs is very toxic and carcinogenic.
And now they want to make you eat bugs.
They're making kids do it all over the world right now.
So this is a very systematic, very evil plan.
As John Kerry said, it's almost extraterrestrial.
Wink wink.
Yeah, let me know right there what's going on here, folks.
They're like, hey, don't worry, we got the big dog on our side.
We're going to get these people.
We got advanced knowledge.
We're jacked into something a lot bigger than your God.
Bible tells you, fallen entities on the planet, right out of visual light spectrum.
That's who they're getting their advice from.
I've been around them.
I know them, folks.
I know the globalists.
They get on their damn knees to these things.
It's 100% real.
Let's go ahead and go to the next clip here.
Here's the UN Secretary General openly commands politicians around the world to shape public opinion themselves and take the orders of the UN.
Here it is.
But politicians need to understand, and sometimes we are faced with these kind of challenges, it is better to take today decisions that will eventually be not popular, but it will be essential to be able to shape the public opinion itself.
All right, I got a bunch with Al Gore, and we've got the footage.
I know it came out days ago, but now they have all the side footage where it's a film crew, real police there, Greta Thunberg, Germany.
They're laughing, they're joking, they're high-fiving the police.
We got a director out saying camera action, all of it.
And then the news is still saying it's real and she got arrested.
I mean, it's just next level.
These people are disgusting.
Guarantee you that pig eats me.
Guarantee you that pig flies around on private jets.
We know she does, but she doesn't want you to have it because she's a degenerate pig.
We'll be right back with our number two and so much more.
Stay with us.
Where our unelected overlord, Klaus Schwab, asks this very important question.
What does it need to master the future?
This year's annual meeting takes place amid a global cost-of-living crisis.
And during Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.
By bringing the planet's politicians, business and civil leaders together in the same building, the meeting offers a key opportunity, like the clear and present danger of disinformation panel discussion, led by former CNN Arbiter of Truth, Brian Stelter.
I leave CNN and I was arrested by military police.
Brian recently had a run-in with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Here's how it went down.
There's nothing you can do!
We're gonna rape your body!
Rape your medical rights!
Rape your children's minds!
We're gonna ship-fake the land!
We're gonna destroy every facet!
Hollywood rules!
Economic growth increasingly depends on building a green global economy.
At Davos, the First Movers Coalition will convene to discuss progress towards this goal.
It's a group of 65 companies working to decarbonize the sectors responsible for 30% of global emissions, including heavy industry and long-distance transport.
To follow the annual meeting 2023, visit our website.
Working towards a safe and secure society.
I'm the Tyrannical Lyft.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this,
but you wanna fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma,
neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune diseases.
So they realized in 2011, they caused it all.
So, or in 2009, and when our paper came out, they realized that these were the shots were associated strongly very strongly. The chance of them not being associated it
was like being struck by lightning one in at least a million in a p-value
and so they covered this all up because of course they were liable now because
for the 42 million Americans who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV and SARS-CoV-2
and other XMRVs other manufactured mouse, monkey, and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us.
Cremate us.
Add a mask.
Add a mask and isolation.
And you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Why do we know that all over the world that people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV?
Is that because of the spike proteins from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey mouse and manufactured as XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon where they already are preloaded with it and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things.
Yeah, why is it particularly the athletes?
Um, because they operate at oxygen max, um, capacity max.
They're, they're operating at such a high level in their mitochondria.
This is an energy production, oxygen, um, necessary disease.
So they create, that's what they're finding.
They turbocharge the blood clots.
Anaxemia, lack of oxygen, so constricted blood vessels too because athletes are running, they're constricted, they're working so that the blood flows and it doesn't flow, which is why your nitric oxide product, that new product, I hope you'll show it because that's a very important thing to have for acute events.
It dissolves under the tongue, gives you an instant relaxing of your endothelium, your vasculature.
You looked at our Nitric Oxide.
I saw it was the top rated.
They let us private label it.
It's the best seller.
You've looked at our formula.
You like it?
I did and I do.
I'm not a scientist like you.
What do these compounds do creating Nitric Oxide?
What does it do?
It relaxes the vasculature.
So the clot will go through and not restrict.
It allows it to relax.
It lowers the blood pressure.
And I know it's not nitric oxide.
It's nitric.
I just get that wrong.
But you can find that product at InfoWarsTore.com.
Nitric Boost.
All right.
Huge second hour.
Giant third hour.
So much lined up.
Dr. Darren Beatty joins us straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Jacinda Ardern has resigned.
Klaus Schwab said that she was the best example of their female operatives.
And that Justin Trudeau is the best example of a male operative.
She carried out every order of the UN and the Globalists and the Chi-Coms, and she is now resigning because she has about a 19 to 20 point support rate, even with her skewed polls.
She is a truly wicked woman that said, don't talk to your neighbors, that the lockdowns will basically never end, that don't look at the sun, don't go outside.
They said don't look at the sunset.
They said that in Australia and New Zealand.
Just absolutely over-the-top evil.
We have incredible footage on Infowars.com.
I'm going to play some later of the great folks at Rebel Media confronting Albert Bourla of Pfizer.
It was a devastating tag team by two reporters.
Schwab got confronted and ran off scurrying into the night like a Nazi 2.0 that he is.
We've got so much more.
And this happened a few days ago and I meant to cover it, but I want to hit it some today because now they've got all these different camera angles of Greta Thunberg with the police at a coal plant.
In Germany, trying to have one of their last coal plants shut down so they can all freeze to death.
And she's there with the cameras and the lights and the cops and she's laughing with them and then they say, action!
And then they start pushing her away and saying they arrested her.
Headlines everywhere.
CNN is still not retracted.
BBC's not retracted.
I got the articles here in the stack.
It's ridiculous that they shoot all this social media themselves, then put out a fake video, do this whole fake mosh pit, With the police, and then still put out the admission it's fake.
They just don't care.
They just rub it in our faces.
That reminds me now we learned thousands of doctors weren't real doctors on Twitter.
From the Twitter files, you know it's the same on Facebook and everywhere else.
They were working for think tanks.
They were working for PR firms.
While they turn around and call us fake news, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely insane.
All right.
Joining us to cover the waterfront is Dr. Darren Beatty.
He was a White House advisor and speechwriter to President Trump.
He's also been a professor and political scientist.
And he's at Darren J. Beatty on Twitter.
And Revolver.News, of course, does a fabulous job.
And he's here with us to talk about What's coming up in the new Congress?
What's happening with Hunter Biden?
What's happening with the awakening of the globalists and the WEF and the Chi-Coms?
And what are our key strategies he thinks we could have, he's a really smart guy, respecting, on what we can do to accelerate the awakening and stop the tyranny and turn our economy back on and turn the world's economy back on and stop the replacement migration and the rest of it that's killing us.
Versus how are they going to strike back?
Because I think it's fair to say, he may disagree, but They are hounded.
They are desperate.
They're at the WFC.
We've got to ban free speech in America.
We've got to arrest our opposition.
They are killing us.
And from what I see, that is happening.
And again, I use this example.
And we had Gavin McGinnis on two days ago.
He said the same thing.
He was getting 20-30% hate when Trump was first in office when he walked down the street.
Now, 70% love.
So was I. I'm getting 99% love.
And again, I'm a public figure, so people know who I am.
They don't know who the average person is, so you don't get to see how effective we are and how big the awakening is.
So it's an incredible time to be alive, and we see this in so many other facets and other areas.
So Dr. Beattie, thank you for joining us.
What do you want to get into first?
Well, we can get in the whole range of it.
The church-style committee that's coalescing in the House.
We can get into the Pfizer situation, that interesting confrontation.
We can get into anything you want, really.
We could even get into a topic I've been discussing publicly lately that gets to the core of the information War, the concept that you've so brilliantly made the title of your show and really part of the ethos of what you do.
And that is how certain people seem to be so promoted in an artificial algorithmic sense.
And I've gotten a lot of pushback, a lot of hate and a lot of love, frankly, for some of my critiques of this individual called Lex Fridman that maybe you've heard of.
Um, so we could get into that as well.
So really, wherever you want to take it, I'm happy to go there and discuss.
You know, I know Lex, I've had dinner with him, I've followed some of his work, but I do see the buzz online about him, because correct me if I'm wrong, maybe we get this later, it's kind of a side issue, but I also see it as like, you know, like the Greta Thunberg thing, I guess you're kind of getting at, is he something like that?
I do see it algorithmically promoted by the system more than really anything else, which I find interesting.
But I like a lot of what Lex has to say and do.
I'm not super familiar with all the ins and outs.
I know there's been some controversy with you and Ian.
I really respect you, so I'd like to have you get into that a little bit here coming up.
It's not just the algorithm, it's other talk show hosts and other podcasters that don't normally promote other people.
I've seen them almost cultically, devotedly promoting him.
It's almost like messianic or something.
But then, I've seen some of your writings, I think what you said on Twitter is, but there's not a messianic thing there.
I'm not saying he's not a smart guy or interesting, I just, it's like, dun-dun-dun!
Oh my God, he's here!
It's the greatest thing ever!
Is that what you're getting at?
Yes, no, I'm getting at a lot of things and I think it's important to underscore that I haven't frankly been able to get through much of his content just because I find it a little bit boring.
It's sort of like the TED Talks and TED Talks are very popular with a certain type of demographic and there's nothing wrong with that.
There's nothing wrong with this type of content.
Um, he seems unobjectionable as a person.
I'm not saying he's a bad person.
It's really not personal.
Like, you know, I have fun with it a little bit just because it is such a ridiculous thing, but it's not personal.
There's nothing against him.
But I think as citizens and as consumers of information, it's really important for us to scrutinize and interrogate Where the information comes from and when there's all of a sudden somebody who seems to be the most algorithmically put on person on the entire internet, like I joke, you can't watch a cooking video and go to sleep and not wake up to a Lex Fridman video.
It's literally everywhere.
Sometimes it'll, you know, they'll vary it up.
You'll get a Jordan Peterson video, you get a Ben Shapiro video, but The extent to which the algorithm shoves this guy in your face, I think is a little bit bizarre.
And I think we deserve to know what's behind that.
Now, you know, we both have a lot of respect for Joe Rogan.
I think the case of Joe Rogan, his talent is very evident.
I understand why he's so successful.
He's someone with an ability to resonate with the masses.
He's mastered multiple different crafts, which helps And you know facilitate interesting conversation it's the basis of this interesting network that he has that includes you know amazing and fascinating people like yourself.
I don't see that with Lex there's nothing about him that makes me say okay he's really talented as a speaker he's really charismatic.
Or he could just be a boring nerdy guy who's tremendously accomplished as a scientist, but he's not that either.
He markets himself as this MIT professor.
He's, you know, he gave a couple lectures at MIT, which is very easy to do, but all of his formal academic credentials are from Drexel, where his father spoke.
And so it's not so much this like attack on Lex, people say, Oh, is Darren Beatty jealous of Lex?
Well, not really, because we're in completely different lanes.
We do very different things.
If anything, I'm jealous of you, Alex, because you've, you've been incredibly successful and you do kind of what I admire more.
But with Lex, it's more about where the hell did this guy come from?
Why does the algorithm shove him in your face?
And what does that portend for a future as we're increasingly mechanized?
As we move to an Internet of Things, you can imagine... So what you're saying is, why does the Matrix want us to see this guy?
You know, I'm gonna invite him on the show.
I've got his number.
I haven't invited him on.
He said, yeah, later I'll come on.
And I asked to come on this show.
And he said, yeah, I'll give somebody down the road.
I'll have you on.
I haven't talked to him in about a year or a little less than a year.
I'm gonna give him a call and ask him that question.
Because I saw him when he first popped up a few years ago being interviewed.
He had one of those guys that Rogan interviews.
I forget which scientist it is.
But they're like, you're going to be very famous and you're going to be the top podcast and blah, blah, blah.
I'm not going to tell the story.
I'm not going to even get into it.
It gets ridiculous.
All right, stay right there.
We're going to come back and shift gears into the big news.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
All right, I'm really a little mad at myself for spending five minutes on Lex Friedman, who's a nice guy.
I just got such huge issues here in front of me, but I also understand Dr. Beatty's Curiosity in it, because I've been curious about that last year as well.
When you see advertisers for something everywhere, you wonder what's behind it.
But moving on from that, and just looking at the big picture here, sometimes the system does pick interesting people to be its spokesperson.
Like, I don't know why they chose Greta Thunberg, who I find to be a very hateful, little, unlikable creature.
She's now a full-grown woman who runs around doing things.
That's why I focused some on her, is just to look and say, how do the Rothschilds who back her think this is like, what's going to sell us something?
Or Klaus Schwab, like Dr. Ebel up there, a completely unlikable James Bond villain person, telling us he's going to run our lives and we will eat the bugs.
That's where I want to go first, because the church committee ties into that, the new church committee that's forming.
I've talked to members of Congress, I know you have as well, that they're doing it, they're going gangbusters.
With Jim Jordan and others, that's what the MTG and others told me.
On and off the record, but it ties into the whole shadow global corporate system.
It's using the same models to control speech in Europe.
It's now coming here.
You have the deputy head of the unelected EU saying two days ago that she looks over at the Republican congressman and says, we're going to take over speech, aren't you, in the US?
And he's like nodding.
Yeah, you'll have hate speech law soon.
We'll be arresting people.
So they seem very, very desperate.
So let's hit the WEF.
Well, I think the WEF is absolutely an objectionable group.
kind of the mouthpiece of the global corporate fascist.
What's your view on the situation and with their darling over in New Zealand
being so unpopular and resigning?
Well, I think the WEF is absolutely an objectionable group.
I think the agendas with which it's publicly associated are corrupt and counterproductive.
The environmental stuff in so far as Greta is a spokesperson for it is a total scam.
And I'd say even more scandalous, you know, use people used to think that, you know, the whole global warming thing, not really the underlying, you know, it's an interesting equivalent between the global warming scam and the COVID scam, which is that There could very well be like underlying sort of conditions that would be described as global warming, temperatures change and so forth.
But the real scam is using that as a pretext for something entirely different in order to reconfigure the global system.
And similarly with COVID.
COVID isn't a scam in the sense that the disease never existed.
Like, there was a virus.
There was something called COVID.
The scam...
Was the global policy response that treated this thing, which frankly wasn't that big of a deal in terms of it, you know, its impact as an underlying vehicle of a giant global power grab to bring in the casual society.
And it's the same thing.
And you see the Pfizer guy, the Pfizer CEO, who, by the way, had a very long and extended and Very friendly sit down conversation with our friend Lex Fridman.
So put it out there.
People can go and watch the Lex Fridman episode with the CEO of Visor.
That pretty much tells you what you need to know about that.
But no, the WF is a problem, but I'm almost inclined to say yes, this is problem.
I think even more nefarious things are taking place right here in America and There's even a part of me, I must be honest, that kind of resists a focus on the WF insofar as it distracts from the criminality and corruption taking place right in our country.
I think there's a part of it.
I agree with what you're saying that we shouldn't be distracted from.
No, we're in complete agreement on this.
The FBI director there, they're all coordinating.
What I'm saying is, this is the PR firm of the New World Order, and so what they're telling you
is what they want to do.
It's very good for people to know what they are and reject them.
That means they're rejecting the whole agenda.
No, we're in complete agreement on this.
I do think, though, and it's a noble thing, despite everything that we've seen,
there is a kind of, there's a noble, optimistic, but in some ways, naive part
of the collective American psyche that does not want to acknowledge
how far down the snake pit our own country has descended.
And I think as a psychological matter, and I think these people are evil, don't get me wrong, but as a psychological matter, there's something kind of soothing about a villain like Schwab, who is this weird, bald, foreign guy who's like German with a German accent, has been the most vilified accent probably in history.
And he is a bad guy.
He is a villain.
But there's something, I think, in the collective psyche that enjoys him as the villain because it helps us to escape from the reality that really the real villains They're not, they don't necessarily have German accents.
They sound like Christopher Wray.
They sound like Merrick Garland.
They sound like the scumbags who are running the United States of America much more directly.
The people who run our intelligence agencies and so forth.
And I think we, you know, we need to point at the WEF because they're all part of the same group, as you mentioned, but we should be honest with ourselves and say, look, The real criminality taking place right here in America is the same thing that we've talked about before, Alex, about how people love pointing fingers at China.
And China is a dystopian hellhole and deserves to be criticized.
But at the same time, I think there's some truth to the idea that a lot of Republican politicians like to point their finger at China because they're afraid or not equipped to point fingers.
I totally agree with that statement and the EU and the WF, the Bilderberg Group, it's all a project of the powerful banks and elites in the UK and the US known as the Anglo-American establishment that won World War II.
We absolutely know that.
I just see the WF capturing people's imagination, Bill Gates capturing it.
They are villains, and through that doorway, we're able to convert basically everybody.
That's where I see 99% negative comments on every platform, even leftist platforms, trying to prop them up.
That's where we're having the biggest breakthrough.
That's where their main wall's falling down.
Of course, there's rings in the city by Constantinople, but we've breached the main wall.
People know there's a global government.
They know there's corporations doing it, and they're very unhappy at Davos, and half the attendees didn't come.
and they're super scared and their millions are dropping like flies.
And so once people notice there's powerful elites putting politicians in,
well, I see the really cultural takedown of the WUF as the first big gate to fall, the first main gate.
And then, you know, the next rings aren't that hard to take down
once we get there and now we have the new church committees forming and we have
what Elon Musk is doing. And I mean, I see no fault in Elon Musk at this point.
You know, he says, I'm terrible and keeps me banned, but that's his tokenism to be able to do the rest he's doing.
He's being attacked or coming out for sponsors.
He comes out and attacks the WF and says they're an evil world government.
And so when we come back, let's get into the new Congress, the new church-style committee.
For listeners that don't know or viewers that don't know what the church committee was, we should tell them the last big time the deep state got spanked and so much more coming up straight ahead.
Please, folks, realize we're in an info war.
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You're amazing.
All you've done.
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Do that right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
All right, let's shift into really, really, really big news here and throw out a couple topics and get into what's happening in Congress with Dr. Darren Beattie here.
We have the latest Hunter Biden developments as well we're going to be hitting.
What would you call this moment geopolitically where the Saudis have confirmed rumors that were there a month ago that, and here's the articles for folks that want to see it, that they are going to move to a basket of currencies away from the dollar being the petrodollar with Russia and others.
That's about as big as it gets.
That's ending the Bretton Woods agreement and other agreements made later with the Saudis.
We also have the European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the creation of an international tribunal for Putin and others.
427 to 19.
33 abstained.
We've got U.S.
set to vandalize massive security aid packets for Ukraine, including striker combat vehicles.
For the first time, Kissinger changes his opinion from saying, gotta end the war to stop nuclear war, to saying, no, we need to bring Ukraine into NATO.
So just a huge development on that front.
This is a big, big deal. So look at the different geopolitical players. There's China
that's in control of the Democratic Party to a great extent.
And then you've got the Republicans that play both sides. You've got the EU with all of its
activities. You've got the Saudis moving.
But overall, it looks like Putin's not winning the war decisively or physically,
but by what he's doing to Europe and enforcing the development of a multipolar world in the long game it
looks like it's making Russia stronger. Do you agree with that analysis or how
would you quantify where we're at right now on that front? Well I definitely do not
think that Russia's in a stronger position. I think basically Russia is in what I
might even described as a catastrophic position.
But it's very possible that when all is said and done, Russia is in a catastrophic position and the U.S.
is in a considerably worse position as well.
And, you know, there's there are various competing factors here.
With Europe, you know, Under Trump, there was this kind of push toward something called strategic autonomy, whereby sort of people like Macron were supposedly there to kind of reinvigorate a new era of sort of European geopolitical sovereignty and independence from the U.S.
because basically they functioned as a vassal state of the United States since World War II.
And there was this concept called strategic autonomy under which Macron essentially was going to chart a new and more independent course for Europe.
One result of the whole Russia-Ukraine issue is basically the death knell of strategic autonomy.
Europe has to an degree that I've found surprising, frankly.
Completely coalesced, completely bent over, completely re-established itself as a complete, basically slave state to the United States geopolitically.
And by the way, I totally agree with that.
And that's why Victoria Nuland and all them years ago, in this 10-year project to cause this war, they were bragging back then, screw the EU, which I don't like the EU either, but don't they see they're having all their power sucked out by this?
Yes, they see it.
But again, they're far more comfortable with it than I could have ever imagined.
And the US still has a tremendous amount of juice, especially in Europe.
And, you know, the proof is in the pudding.
And really, the most dramatic example of this is how whoever it was, I can pretty much guarantee you it wasn't Russia.
Whoever it was that sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline, Um, either, you know, the US or some kind of proxy of the US, certainly, um, to the benefit of the US.
Germany basically bent over and took it.
And that's an extreme sign of submissiveness that even I wouldn't have imagined, even from Germany, which is arguably the most demoralized country and culture on the planet at this point.
And so I think geopolitically, you have to count the fact that Europe is totally in the fold of the United States.
But then there are sort of third party I don't know if we can fully attribute this to the Russia-Ukraine thing.
There are a bunch of other factors as well.
But the irony is the strategic autonomy that was supposed to be Europe's force in the 21st century is actually we've seen more in the Middle East, in particular with Saudi Arabia, Sure, and they're making big announcements to end that order.
You've got India getting close to Russia.
That's why I'm saying, yeah, Russia's having big problems, but get to your point then.
Why does it really hurt Russia, but hurts us worse, making it a Pyrrhic victory?
Well, no, I think that it hurts.
You know, Russia is, you know, very, very devastated.
But I think at the end, because of, you know, the responses that we've marshaled against Russia in terms of, you know, I think, you know, on net, the demand for the dollar is still very high.
And on net, the analysis is as screwed up as we are.
Everyone else is more screwed up.
And that means America You know, for better or worse, will remain the global hegemon for the indefinite future.
But certain factors that are important in this is that, yes, you know, countries like India, like Saudi Arabia, look and see at the way that we leverage the dollar position in order to punish our enemies geopolitically.
Has probably caused them to think, well, maybe we need to diversify a little bit.
Maybe it's not so good to have all these eggs in one basket.
And that is really kind of accelerated a trend toward multipolarity that ultimately could be, um, could undermine America's relative, uh, stature.
I don't think that that's really great comfort for Russia.
I think Russia is really a lot worse off any way you cut it.
In any kind of honest analysis, they're just not doing well and I don't expect them to do well.
But it could be that they're like completely knocked out and the U.S.
is a little bit beaten up and ends up weaker too.
And you would think, you know, the big winners from this would be China.
And China stood to be a great winner from COVID too.
You know, China was really sitting pretty along so many different dimensions, like The U.S.
had the Afghan failure.
Then the U.S.
put itself in a position where it was dumping a bunch of money and resources in Ukraine.
On net, the U.S.
originally was much worse off as a result of COVID than China.
And then out of nowhere, Xi just enforced these insane lockdowns in Shanghai and the whole game changed.
And now I think China's is really suffering for it.
So it's a strange situation.
Do you buy this background noise that China will collapse within a decade?
Because we've been hearing that out of some of these think tanks for a long time.
And that's really getting pushed by the algorithm.
Do you think that there's accuracy to that?
No, I don't.
I think there's no accuracy to that.
And again, for better or worse, I don't think there's a lot of accuracy in the predictions of, you know, the decline of the American empire.
And I think, again, it's, you know, I have to read into the psychology of these things.
And I feel it too.
And a lot of people just see how corrupt the United States is.
They see what a force Or poison it can be in the world in terms of exporting its woke agenda.
They look at these viral clips of third world conditions in Philadelphia and so forth and people and they look at the declining standard of living.
They look at the trash airports.
They see so much trash around there and say wow.
I agree with you.
use Trump's term, an asshole country.
And they think that must mean we're going to collapse geopolitically.
But I think people exaggerate the connection between those sort of
manifestations of basic living conditions and the critical components that pertain to maintaining-
I agree with you.
Let's talk about the domestic issues.
Let's talk about the domestic issues and the new church committee and the
Hunter Biden developments and what are they're about to do with Biden.
Are they about to remove Biden?
Stay with us.
Darren Beatty is our guest.
Final segment with him.
Mike Adams has got massive news coming up in the third hour here today, but we've kind of now run out of time.
We've got about 11 minutes left right now.
Let's drill through.
Currently, domestically, the Hunter Biden information that he rented the house, where the secret documents were, it's on the laptop that he worked for the Chinese intelligence, not just text messages and emails, but him admitting it in audio files.
They've already had all this information.
It's his staff there that are finding it.
I think it's pretty transparent that they're pressuring him not to announce that he's going to run in 2024.
A, do you agree with that?
And B, who are they planning to bring forward?
And how does that tie to the house investigations of the new church committee?
You know, that's a great question and I don't have any special insight or visibility into who the alternative is, but I think the correct lens with which to interpret the Hunter and kind of Joe Biden documents thing is one, kind of as a irresistible attraction, distraction for a lot of people on
the right.
And secondly, it's a intra-regime fight.
This is not coming up because, you know, the right wing has made it an issue.
It's come up because there is a faction of the regime that has made it an issue and this is the way that they send a signal to Biden for whatever reason.
Maybe Biden, you know, was reluctant to, you know, give even more aid to Ukraine.
Maybe, you know, there are a lot of reasons or maybe they just determined The guy is too senile and brain dead to continue and we need to move him to the side and this is how we do it.
So I think those two things need to be kept in mind, even as we can't help ourselves but consume more Hunter Biden scandalous content.
It could also be a distraction from this House committee, this church style committee, to give them some kind of shiny thing to look toward in order so that they don't Exactly, they went after Monica Lewinsky and the blowjob and the cigars instead of the Chinese generals in the White House with satchels and briefcases of cash.
It's a classic way to compartmentalize the crisis, get rid of this puppet and save face because they don't mind having a puppet but he's so embarrassing he's rebranding the Democratic Party with Fetterman and others as literally the zombie party.
But Biden does think he's his own man.
He is out of his mind.
He may refuse to step down.
And I think they may assassinate him and blame it on a right winger and eat their cake, have their cake and eat it too.
Well, that's very interesting speculation.
I think the prospect of the deep state or the regime trying to get Biden to resign and Biden refusing is actually a very A very humorous one.
And as for Fetterman, you know, he's something else.
I mean, one thing you can't say, American political content is the most entertaining political content anywhere in the world.
Oh my gosh, I mean, he literally is like a brain dead mutant zombie.
Yes, but the thing is, once Elon sticks a Neuralink into Fetterman, he's going to be the American Caesar.
But he'll of course also have his daily diet of Lex Fridman fed to him directly from Neuralink.
So stay tuned for the Super Fetterman, the Caesarean Fetterman, enhanced by Elon's Neuralink.
But no, these things are really hilarious.
It's ridiculous.
It is a clown country, which is both a kind of It keeps things entertaining.
It helps us keep going, but it's also the insult added to the injury of all of the corruption and everything else.
But just a quick point about the Church Style Committee, because I've been calling for the Church Style Committee publicly for over a year and a half now, and it looks like something resembling this is going to take shape.
And I want to make the most of it.
And in order to do that, I think it's really critical to understand where the historical comparison to the Church Committee breaks down.
In short, the Church Committee was a Senate committee convened in the 1970s that ended up uncovering a lot of the Intel domestic abuses that you've covered so well on your program for a long time.
Things like MKUltra, things like COINTELPRO, all of these sort of classic programs that we now know the intelligence communities were up to.
But the thing is, The church committee was the Senate committee.
This thing we have now is in the House, in the House committee, and the Senate just has more juice and more respect in many ways.
Secondly, the church committee was a genuine bipartisan effort.
Senator Frank Church was a Democrat, but there are also famous Republicans like Barry Goldwater on the church committee.
They had the cooperation, you know, within parameters.
They had some friendly cooperation with President Gerald Ford, who was of a different party.
And there are many cases of church committee and their staffers having friendly meetings in the Oval Office.
Sure, and that's back before the bureaucracy that Eisenhower warned of taking over had fully taken over.
So I think the bureaucracy is way more entrenched now.
It's more entrenched and it's more homogenized.
I was going to get to just the, it's a simplification, but basically the church committee was allowed to investigate abuses against left-wing adjacent causes like the anti-war movement.
A lot of the public support for it came in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, which is perceived as this You know, corruption by a right-leaning presidency.
And so basically you had a divided system with a right-leaning intelligence apparatus and a left-leaning media and academia.
And that genuine sort of division of power across the institutions enabled something like a church committee to take place, which again, it didn't get to everything.
There were a lot of cover-ups, but it did do something meaningful.
And the reason it's so much harder to do that now is there's no genuine division of power across the institution.
Sure, so real fast, in the time we have left, what do you think the agenda should be for these committees?
You're not just distracted from, you know, with Hunter, but obviously Big Tech spying, Big Tech collusion, the Democratic Party basically sitting there and, you know, controlling Big Tech.
I mean, they've really got to address all this, but so many of them, even Jim Jordan, who looks good on the surface, takes a lot of Google money and has had some bad pro-Big Tech votes.
Very true.
I mean, the only member of the committee that I know of as a member that I have tremendous confidence in is Representative Thomas Massey.
But again, the question is, is he able to carry the whole thing on his shoulders?
I've advised him publicly and privately, in order to make the most of this, don't get bogged down in this avalanche of information.
Don't take the ADD approach, looking at everything.
You've got to be really narrow, targeted, specific.
And when you combine specificity with persistence, you might actually be able to get results.
My issue, as you know, is I've been covering the pipe bomb scandal extensively, the January 6th pipe bomb.
I think it's a very politically doable ask.
To get the full, raw, unedited footage, the DNC surveillance footage of the pipe bomber.
And the reason I think that's doable is that... Well, not just the pipe bomb, the 14,000 hours.
Because they are really trying, they're hiding that.
And we know it proves it's a false flag.
Yes, but even prior to the 14,000 hours, I'd ask for the one hour or so of the surveillance footage of the pipe bomb because I think there's a danger of getting overwhelmed and bogged down in all of this.
How long does it take to go through 14,000 hours?
No, I hear you.
What else should be on the agenda?
Because we've got limited, limited time to do this on air and with the committee.
What are some of the other things they should go after?
Well, I think that they should pursue with more specificity some of the revelations that came out in the Twitter leaks and the Twitter files.
I congratulate Elon for allowing the Twitter files to happen, but I think it's in many ways inadequate because we have these mediators like Barry Weiss and others who are sort of looking at the material for us.
I think that they should aggressively subpoena any and all involvement on the part of the government and also government cutouts whose effective job is to do censorship that the government wants to.
Well sure, I'd like to know, because I know I'm in those files, I've already been in some of them, I'd like to see my file released.
But don't look for that.
They should just release it all, and like WikiLeaks, let human intelligence, the general public, go through it.
I think the House should demand all 14,000 hours be posted online for the public to grab, and then we'll go through it.
That's the only way is to give this to crowdsourcing.
I think that's absolutely true.
And I think the places that I would look, the scalpel I would use for the DNC surveillance footage, By all means, release the 14,000 hours, however... But you're saying get the guts open, the scalpel to open the guts up is the pipe bomb?
Yeah, exactly.
All right, we're out of time.
Dr. Beattie, thank you so much.
Amazing job.
And we'll continue to fight the New World Order.
Thank you, Alex.
All right.
Mike Adams is coming up.
He's got a bunch of big news.
I got a bunch of big breaking news.
This is going to be a jam packed third hour.
I'll host a little bit in the fourth hour because we've got two reporters from New Zealand who are going to be coming on talking about this big globalist resigning in New Zealand.
We'll be right back with hour number three.
Here's what you can expect at Davos this year.
Where our unelected overlord, Klaus Schwab, asks this very important question.
What does it need to master the future?
This year's annual meeting takes place amid a global cost-of-living crisis.
And during Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.
By bringing the planet's politicians, business and civil leaders together in the same building, the meeting offers a key opportunity, like the Clear and Present Danger Disinformation Panel Discussion, led by former CNN Arbiter of Truth, Brian Stelter.
I leave CNN and I was arrested by military police.
Brian recently had a run-in with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Here's how it went down.
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It's Alice Jones.
Therapists in the US.
say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next rabbit.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern lore.
You can't trust your mother.
Get the hell out of here!
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Your best friend.
Get that camera out of my face!
The neighbor next door.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
An overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
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All right, folks.
Mike Adams is about to join us coming up in the next segment.
He's been watching the Davos Group very closely and has a key article, Globalist following planetary script to replace humans with AI systems.
You are now obsolete.
We're going to talk about how we defeat this smog of the beast system with the great Health Ranger, Mike Adams, straight ahead.
Remember, our sites, our backup sites that bypass the censors are ConspiracyFact.info and AlexWasRight.com.
Well, Infowars and all the rest of the great patriots of the last 50, 60 years warring in the New World Order have been totally vindicated, but the Davos Group says they're in deep trouble and their minions are having to resign all over the world as all the news of the poison shots comes out and confirms what myself and Mike Adams told you years ago.
We'll be getting to the latest poison shot news that is literally pouring out, that is just exploding everywhere, coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But I wanted to get to the 35,000 foot view first with Mike Adams, because he's an engineer and a really smart guy that's been tracking this.
Got a new article at naturalnews.com.
Globalist following planetary script to replace humans with AI systems.
You are now obsolete.
So let's tackle that first.
Mike Adams, thanks for joining us.
Well, thank you, Alex, for having me on.
And yes, for most of human history, until this current inflection point, the people have been exploited for the products of their labor, their ideas, their creativity, solely for the purpose, from the point of view of globalists, of giving rise to AI and making humans obsolete.
So they needed to have a certain level of technology.
We needed the transistor to be invented.
We needed high tech.
We needed an Internet of Things and so on.
We needed the connectivity, 5G and 6G.
And humans were necessary to get to that point.
Now that we are there, The inflection point, the orders given to the globalists, as John Kerry said, I'm paraphrasing, but he said at the WEF in Davos, he said that there's an extraterrestrial force that has selected certain humans like him to save the planet.
And he doesn't mean to save the planet for humanity, he means to save the planet from humanity.
In other words, to save the planet by destroying humanity.
So from now forward, actually from the release of COVID and the pandemic forward, This is the human extermination phase of the script of human civilization.
It's all been scripted, as you well know, as your audience knows.
Fake news, fake science, fake history, fake education, fake cultural, you know, pushing that men can be women and so on.
It's all been faked.
It's all been scripted.
Our planet is a giant Truman Show, and now this inflection point means the desire by the globalists to achieve the end of Humanity.
So that's where we are right now in the script.
Give us more of the 35,000 foot view from their own writings and where they want to take us.
Yeah, absolutely.
And we're all familiar with Open AI System Chat, GPT, and we know that within about two years, something like 70 to 80 percent of all the writing online will be carried out by AI systems.
AI systems will very soon replace most conventional doctors, because being a robotic pill pusher, a sort of an exotic vending machine for big pharma, doesn't take a human being.
So most of modern medicine is already obsolete to be replaced by AI.
Now that doesn't mean that naturopaths or complementary medicine or alternative doctors are obsolete.
They are not, because they are still human.
They understand compassion.
They can connect the dots.
They can see the big picture of what's causing sickness or dis-ease in other human beings.
So naturopathy will always be relevant, but pill-pushing doctors will be obsolete.
The next phase that is desperately needed by the globalists is to tie AI systems into bipedal humanoid robotic exoskeletons or robotic systems.
That's being worked on diligently by Amazon and by Google.
You know, you've seen the robotic dogs, the combat robots that are under development around the world, the arming of robots, but also at Amazon they're trying to replace human workers with warehouse robots so they can then lay off hundreds of thousands of human workers.
And it turns out that packing items into boxes is a very difficult thing that is easy to achieve from a human point of view with hands and fingers and dexterity and eyesight and object recognition and so on, but it's very difficult from a robotic point of view.
But that is about to be achieved.
Over the next 10 years, Alex, we will see these humanoid robots tied to cloud-based AI systems.
This is why they need 5G and even 6G systems with a very high bandwidth Data communication, so that the robots don't have to have the brains in their own bodies.
The robots are going to be communicating with cloud AI systems that will tell the robots what to do, that will do the vision recognition, that will make the decisions and control the limbs of the robots.
So we're looking at something kind of out of that, what was the movie, I, Robot, with Will Smith, I believe, not too many years ago.
That is absolutely coming.
It's going to be here in probably less than 10 years.
Humans are already considered obsolete, and that's why they are deliberately killing us off.
And this is a very important point to add to this.
Whether it's not eating beef, or making us eat bugs, or cutting up our power, giving us windmills, electric cars that are not doable for the general public, and we don't even have the material for.
They are forcing this anti-human, post-human revolution.
It's not the natural way we're going.
And there's major wins against this and a lot of resistance.
And I think if people realize that, hey, a self-checkout's not bad in and of itself, except in the larger global plan, there won't be any waitresses, there won't be any waiters.
McDonald's in Dallas is all robot.
And this is designed to where humans don't have jobs anymore, we'll be put on social
credit score, universal basic income to further domesticate us where we make ourselves obsolete
by not knowing how to farm, not knowing how to be a carpenter, not knowing how to be a
machinist and then with all the green laws make it to where any type of machine not made
by just a few companies is outlawed.
That's their admitted plan.
This is a vertical integrated total post human monopoly being formed in front of us.
Absolutely and understand that the deliberate takedowns of the food infrastructure, fertilizer
infrastructure and energy infrastructure is all designed to crush human economies to cause
mass famine, starvation and of course with more outbreaks being planned, more vaccines
being pushed, more boosters, which as you said earlier, the evidence is coming out,
it's irrefutable mass infertility, mass disability, maiming and death.
The end of the human race for those who are taking the multiple booster shots.
I mean, that's not an exaggeration.
For people who keep taking the boosters, your family tree is done.
Your history, your family is done.
And it's only going to be the purebloods who are the future of the human race.
Because the good news here, and I hope we can talk about this, is that I think that the globalists will only partially succeed, which means I think they'll fail in their larger goal.
They won't be able to kill off 7 billion of us.
They may kill off a couple of billion.
That is a very realistic outcome over the next decade or so.
But they won't kill all 7 billion of us because there are purebloods.
There are people who are awake, who are alive, who are connected to God and faith.
people who are fully human.
And fully human people are hard to kill.
Now, they're going to try through many methods.
They're pushing mRNA into the cattle, into the food supply, so that they can expose you
to spike protein in your hamburgers or your conventional meat products.
What this is going to do is it's gonna force the pure blood people to source locally,
which will actually create more food redundancy and resiliency.
People will buy their beef from local farmers, local ranchers.
People will get their vegetables, non-GMO, heirloom seeds from local sources.
And obviously you've been pushing this trend for a long time to live on your own farm and are sustainable, but now the instinct's everywhere.
It's the most popular trend globally to get out of the city, get back to nature.
People instinctively realize these big cities are prisons.
These are parasitic kill grids.
Well, absolutely.
You probably saw the article, the story out of Scotland, I believe, the 20-minute city plan, which you will only be allowed to operate within a 20-minute walk of where you live.
No cars for you, no transportation out of your sector.
You're going to have a 20-minute diameter of the life that you're allowed to have.
So again, this is the Truman Show scripting.
You're being fed an artificial reality.
You're being given all these artificial limits to isolate you from your true potential as a human being.
As a gift of God, the gift of life from God, you are designed to be more than what the globalists want from you because the globalists want you dead.
And by the way, Canada is now the number one organ harvesting nation in the world in terms of post-euthanasia organ harvesting.
So they're pushing people to agree to commit suicide and then taking their organs in order to benefit the medical establishment.
Canada is looking a lot like China.
The difference is in China, they organ harvest you at gunpoint after arresting you for being a Falun Gong member.
In Canada, they coerce you, they talk you into it when you're in your weakest moment as an elderly, sick person, let's say, and they say, oh, we want your organs, why don't you just agree to suicide?
The mentally ill have the state as their ward, that has been announced in Canada, and then now the state's going to say, oh, you wanted to die.
I mean, that is criminal mind control right there.
We're entering a very dark time, but those of us who are awake and informed, such as your viewers, we can navigate this, we can survive, we can rebuild after the collapse.
Mike Adams, stay right there.
Let's look at the Davos Group and those big developments there and the resignation of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Stay with us.
Well, there's no doubt now of the transhumanist predatory nature of the globalists and the fact that they really mean to do all the things they said they were going to do for decades in preparation.
Now the technology's there, they're making their move.
And I don't want to be over-optimistic, but I want to be honest with people.
I see massive rejection of their programs worldwide.
I see an accelerated awakening.
There's so many examples of that I won't go back over today, but look at all the people that are pushing the Demos-UN globalist agenda being the most unpopular, being absolutely hated.
Look at all these populist parties moving forward against the globalists.
And yeah, then the State Department runs in and removes them from office with fraud, but that only then wakes up more people.
Mike, what do you make, I'm going to play a little bit of this, I'm sure you've seen in full videos on Infowars.com, of the wonderful folks over at Rebel Media, Ezra LeVant and Avi Yamini, I think is how you say his name, he's been on the show, been on his show, great guy, follows work.
I mean, getting Borla, and he won't answer the question, and for five minutes, they just tag team, tag team, tag team, and the thing's got tens of millions of views, less than 24 hours later, here is some of that footage.
Mr. Borla, can I ask you?
How long did you know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission?
How long did you know that without saying it publicly?
Thank you very much.
Why won't you answer that question?
I mean, we now know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?
You said it was 100% effective, then 90%, then 80%, then 70%.
But we now know that the vaccines do not stop transmission.
Why did you keep that secret?
Have a nice day.
I won't have a nice day until I know the answer.
Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?
Is it time to apologize to the world, sir?
To give refunds back to the countries that poured all their money into your vaccine that doesn't work?
Your ineffective vaccine?
Yeah, you have a go bear with it.
It's not my gift.
Are you not ashamed of what you've done in the last couple of years?
Do you have any apologies to the public, sir?
Are you proud of it?
You've made millions on the backs of people's tire livelihoods.
How does that feel to walk the streets as a millionaire on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia, in England, in Canada?
What do you think about on your yacht, sir?
What do you think about on your private jet?
Are you worried about product liability?
Are you worried about myocarditis?
What about the sudden deaths?
And it just goes on and on.
Klaus Schwab got caught too by another Japanese reporter and ran away in fear, like a scurrying rat into an aqueduct.
Mike Adams, I respect a lot of people, but I really respect your 35,000 foot view.
I mean, it's basically the same as mine, but with different nuances.
What would you call this moment in history we're at?
Well, first of all, Rebel News just demonstrated an extraordinary act of real journalism, and they are to be applauded for that.
And notice that both the Pfizer CEO as well as Klaus Schwab try to flee these journalists.
As you said, that Japanese independent media journalist was trying to ask a question, and Klaus Schwab said, well, who are you with?
And she said, well, I'm an independent journalist.
And he said, oh, no, thanks.
We're not going to talk to you.
They will only talk to the media that they control.
And as you know, at the WEF right now, the meetings there, they're trying to push for global criminalization of any kind of dissenting speech.
So this actually gets back to what I kind of opened with, that we're living in a scripted Truman Show false reality, and the narrative makers are the globalists who push everything false, you know, through science, through media, through science journals, and so on.
If you disagree with their false reality, you are soon going to be deemed a criminal.
Not merely silenced, which is already the case in the UK and many other countries, but then charged and arrested.
By the way, that was my next point.
We have the clips.
They've got the deputy head of the EU saying, we know you're about to outlaw speech in America.
Starts giggling and talking to Republican congressmen about it.
I mean, they're really announcing this.
Well, indeed they are.
This is going to set those new laws on a collision course, of course, with the Supreme Court and the First Amendment.
And thank God that we have Trump's Supreme Court choices in place right now, not only for the First Amendment, but also for the Second Amendment.
I know you've covered these.
Well, that's right.
Every time I'm mad at Trump, I remember at least we've got a better Supreme Court than that, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Trump did a lot of good things, even though we disagree with him on his vaccine position currently.
But he can still correct that, by the way.
Nevertheless, the ATF, I believe, is going to get smacked down by the Supreme Court over this arm brace or stabilizing brace overreach attempt, just as the EPA was smacked down previously in a previous case.
And the full circuit just smacked down the bump stocks.
The bump stock ban, exactly.
Which, notably, that was something that Trump supported, and a lot of us raised red flags about that.
They said, you know, hey Trump, if you support the bump stock ban, then what might the ATF do with it next?
Well, we found out.
Now it's the arm brace ban, and next it might be an enhanced trigger, it might be a pistol grip, it might be anything.
So, or it might be a magazine that holds over three rounds or something, right?
So, we have a Supreme Court in place, we still have a Constitution, we've got to fight to defend it.
I thank God for people in Congress like Matt Gaetz, for example, and Jim Jordan, people who are fighting for this, and the fact that the GOP now holds a majority in the House It really is meaningful, and I fully understand, folks.
I fully understand.
There are plenty of rhinos who have infiltrated the whole system.
I know there are establishment Republicans that are not working in our interests, but there are at least 20-plus pro-America, pro-liberty, pro-freedom members of the House of Representatives.
and bring forward all the key info and that sliver vote, just like Manchin has so much
power, he's not a good guy, but has so much power because there's a sliver majority for
Democrats in the Senate, same way in the House.
But I think what you're saying is that things are trending globally towards more and more
awake pro-humans being in government, not just here.
In fact, they say the world's trending against us, we've got to hurry up and arrest them
I mean, it's crazy.
They're so nakedly authoritarian.
They are so bad.
Isn't it funny that things that you said 10 years ago that were called a conspiracy theory
are now openly admitted just publicly, even they brag about it now at these meetings.
It's really extraordinary.
But an important point to understand here is that globalism is failing.
Globalism is collapsing.
Even the global trade of goods and the very cheap shipping costs from secure ocean lanes and ocean liners and so on, which was really only enabled by U.S.
naval dominance since the end of World War II, that is coming to an end.
We are entering a multipolar world of not just United States domination, not Not over the Navy, I mean the oceans and the currency.
But think about the Saudis, of course, are now saying they're going to sell oil in currencies other than the dollar.
So we're going to have China, we're going to have Russia and BRICS nations, and the United States vying for power.
The US, for the first time in generations, is going to have to figure out how to get along with other nations rather than just bombing them and being an imperial force in the world.
And as we see with Ukraine and the interactions with Russia, The U.S.
State Department right now is utterly incompetent and filled with actual idiots who are driving us into global nuclear war rather than engaging in the kind of diplomacy that pulled us out of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
So we've got to get back to understanding that the era of U.S.
dominance over the world's currency, world's oil and energy, world trade and world politics, that era is coming to an end with massive implications that Maybe we can talk about in the next segment.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
And I want to get into some of the latest poison vaccine news that's incredible.
And I want to introduce a term.
I haven't thought of the proper term yet, but you talk about we want a multipolar world, not just a bipolar world or a unipolar world as we have now.
But what about a micro polar world where if you have communities and independent ranching and farming and machining like Amish 3.0?
Then that would create so many little poles of industry and of self-sufficiency that it checkmates all these big power conglomerates.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Folks, you'll notice we don't talk a lot about Hunter Biden here, those distractions.
We've known that Biden and his son are Chinese communist agents for rent for a long time, though that's all coming up because they're getting ready to try to get rid of Biden so he doesn't run again.
Those are distractionary issues.
We still hit them some because they have some importance, but not in the big picture.
This whole forced takeover of society and of civilization that we're witnessing is post-human, in their own words.
I mean, listen to Yuval Noah Harari, just constantly, your life's over, you're a bug, we're taking you over.
This isn't some kook, you know, who's schizophrenic at the bus station.
These are the people that want full control of our lives, with the vaccine passports, with the universal basic incomes, with the social credit score, and they're almost there.
They're almost there.
They're announcing they're going to ban coffee now.
Mainstream news, Associated Press, it's bad for the earth.
It's all a lie.
And we're here exposing it.
That's why 10 years ago I could count on two hands the people that really knew what was going on that were prominent speaking out.
Now I start trying to think about The numbers of people that really get the game, it's thousands of prominent people, it's millions of people that are active, billions that are waking up.
And so I cannot stress enough to all of you, my thanks for your support over the years, because despite all the tribulations and all the attacks and all the lies, That have been told about us.
It's well worth it to go through this process because we're standing up for humanity and we're not betraying our ancestors and ourselves and our children and their children.
This is really the big deal.
We're covering the real systems in the world, not the distractions, not the diversions.
And we've proven that.
That's what people say.
It's like Alex Jones is writing the script or something.
It all came true.
How did he know?
I was reading their documents.
I didn't get any of this out of a crystal ball.
I've known Mike Adams now over 15 years.
He's really gotten it as well.
And so it's so important to support National News, the work he does, and spread his information and his independent media, all of it's so successful, Brighton.
And it's so important to support InfoWarsTore.com.
I'll go back to Mike in a moment, but what really hurt us, we tracked it back with callers and emails and people on the street, was they had that financial expert in the Texas show trial say, I have $400 million.
People think, well, nobody lies on the stand like that.
I mean, no one would just say that.
Folks, at that time, I had a million dollars in my personal bank account and InfoWars had about a million and a half.
Infowars currently, as of accounting today, has about $500,000 in it.
That's basically empty.
When you've got to pay for things and pay for employees and operations.
So it's like you've got to get home and it's 30 miles away and you've got gas to get 10 miles.
I personally have less than $100,000 in my account.
I don't see that as an ego thing.
I'm actually proud that I've expended everything and put it all into this fight and did save millions of dollars in an emergency fund, knowing it would be needed someday and that got us through.
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Less than 1% of you do that.
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But if just 2% would buy products, we'd have plenty of money actually.
So we're appealing these judgments that'll take years, we're not being shut down, we
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None of that is true, ladies and gentlemen.
And the good news is the last week, we have had about $400,000 extra come in that brings
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I want to thank all of you that have Already done that, and just know that you really are changing the world.
There's nowhere you can fund that's having a bigger effect in the aggregate.
And I've been told that, not just by common folks, who are so special, but the highest levels in government, you name it.
I'm not going to toot my horn.
I asked some of these people, I said, can I go ahead and say you said that?
They go, yeah, go ahead.
But I'm not going to even do that.
Because there's no point, you know, I'm telling you the truth.
Foreign leaders, governments, intelligence heads, you name it, we really are the tip of the spear.
Because it's not just Alex Jones.
It's our guests.
It's our callers.
It's the reports we put out, it's the people we have on, but this is one of the biggest audiences out there to spike the attacks, and I thank you for your support.
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I'm done plugging, Mike.
I appreciate you coming on with us.
We've got a lot more to cover.
But can you, because I know you say kind things, but you're a smart guy that people respect.
What is your view of the importance of InfoWars?
Let me add something here.
You didn't ask me to say this, but I've got to tell you a true story that just happened in my lab regarding your CBD product that is just outstanding.
So I had a distant relative suffering from seizures, and they called me and asked me, what should we get?
And I said, look, you should try CBD because it's got CBDA in it, cannabinoids, and Cannabidiolic acid, excuse me.
The CBD-A has this effect with people.
Anti-seizure effects.
And I said, you've got to try this.
So I bought, on your store, two vials of your CBD 1000 mg.
I couldn't believe the price that you had.
It was so low.
The value of that, if people know this industry, the price is very good.
I sent a bottle to my family member.
I kept the bottle for myself.
And then my family member was using it, having amazing results.
I sent a bottle.
Well, my lab director was working on a new method to quantitate cannabinoids, about 10 or 12 of them, using a single four-minute method on an LC-MS instrument, a mass spec instrument.
And she asked me, hey, do you have a sample of CBD oil that we can test on this method?
And I said, OK, sure.
So I gave her a sample blind.
She didn't know it was Infowars or any brand or anything.
Gave it to her blind.
She ran the sample, got the results, and, wow, this is a full profile.
It's a full spectrum.
It's got CBD-A in it.
I said, yeah, of course it does.
It's got CBD, and it's, you know, super, super low THC.
We'll test for Delta-9 and all that stuff.
And I asked her, I said, okay, you've tested about 100 CBD products.
What do you think this product would cost in the marketplace, just looking at the lab results?
She said, $150.
You know, in the same volume that you have.
I just looked at your store.
This is, I think, $67 or $68 on InfoWars store.
No joke, Alex.
You didn't ask me to talk about this, but I gotta tell you, just independently This CBD product that you have is an outstanding value.
It's outstanding.
I'm taking it myself, and it's helping my family members.
So I just want to put that on the record.
It's the real deal.
Well, I appreciate that.
I didn't know that happened.
I mean, here's all that happened with the InfoWars MD line.
We went out looking for new suppliers because we were getting blocked everywhere and having issues getting the stuff we wanted, as you know, with supply chain breakdowns.
We ran into two big companies that are listeners.
And this particular company said, we have over 50 products.
Most of them are already top sellers.
And I said, well, what do you think your best products are?
They said, well, this is wide spectrum CBD that we sell under a couple different names in stores and at medical clinics for about $120 to $150.
We recommend you sell it for $100 and we got to buy it for like $30.
And I just said, "No, we're going to double our monies enough."
So yes, this is $100 to $120, especially the 1,000 milligram one, CBD for about half the
And so you nailed it.
Because I'm not a big top tester like you.
I just go out and say, "What's top rated?
Who's already got the best test?
Who is that?"
And then that way we know it's already built in that it's quality.
So thank you for the support.
Well yeah, and understand a lot of CBD products out there because they're subjected to a lot
So the CBD-A is destroyed through heat, or really it's converted into CBD.
But you need to have a little bit of CBD-A to have that full spectrum impact.
That's what I'm looking for.
I don't want just CBD, I want the full spectrum.
So it has to be processed correctly, and whoever you're using as your source, they know how to do that to maintain it so it keeps all those molecules in their form.
CBD-A is very delicate.
and it can be destroyed through heat.
Stay there, Mike.
I got to shut up and give you the floor in the last 11 minutes,
second to get into all the other news you've got and where this takeover
is happening, how we beat it.
We'll talk about that topic I raised of micro polls.
Stay with us.
Natural news dot com.
Be sure to visit the site.
Natural news dot com, the great Mike Adams in the final segment of this hour.
Then two reporters from New Zealand on the globalist protege, his darling, he said,
the person he was most proud of other than Justin Trudeau in Canada
removed, basically crying up there, freaked out as the people hate her.
Well, right at a 20% approval rating if she had the election today, so she's bowing out before the election.
Mike, before the last segment, you were going to get to some other points than we got off on a tangent about InfoWars, which I appreciate your kind words, last segment.
But just in closing, last 10 minutes, you've got the floor to hit all the other great things you're researching.
Well, we need to look at what's going to happen when we have the collapse of globalism and global supply chains and how it means that the entire green energy movement is headed for a total collapse.
Because, you know, if you mine coal and just burn coal for electricity, you can do that locally.
In almost any country in the world, you can do that in Texas.
And we have a, what, 10,000 year estimated supply at current burn rate worldwide?
Well, right, right, exactly.
And, you know, with all the scrubbers and everything, it's very clean.
The only real emission is CO2, which is plant food for the rainforest, for the flowers that the pollinators need, for the crops.
More CO2 means more food crops.
The collapse of globalization means that the green energy will be impacted so strongly because the green energy infrastructure requires mining of at least 15 different minerals from many different nations around the world, including near collapse nations like the Democratic Republic of Congo for example,
that's where you get most of the cobalt in the world. But you've got to mine cobalt
and lithium and copper and zinc and aluminum and many other rare earth
minerals as well in order to build the solar panels and to build the wind
farms and to build the electronics that control these systems, charge controllers
and inverters and so on.
So it's a very complex system.
That complex system can only function when you have a dominant global naval power that's keeping the ocean shipping lanes relatively safe and secure, which enables the relatively rapid and low cost shipping of mine goods around the world.
So that one country is mining it, and then it's shipped to another country for smelting operations.
And then from that smelting operation, it goes to another country for refinement, into a higher purity metal.
For example, Japan does a lot of high purity smelting.
But right now today, because of this global crackdown, this collapse of food and energy infrastructure, we are already witnessing the de-industrialization of Western Europe.
We have seen shutdowns of 70 plus percent of the smelting operations for aluminum, for copper, for iron ore, and because of high energy prices due to the U.S.
and the U.K.
destroying the Nord Stream pipelines, by the way, and cutting off Russia with the SWIFT system.
You have shutdowns of even glass manufacturers in France, for example.
Industry in Europe is collapsing.
You've got BASF, B-A-S-F, that has already announced that they are cratering their operations in Germany and they're moving to China.
They can't afford the energy costs and they don't have the raw feedstock material of natural gas molecules, the hydrocarbons, that go into the molecules that they manufacture, including ammonia, NH3.
The H is from hydrocarbons.
The N is nitrogen from atmospheric nitrogen.
You combine those two through the Haber-Bosch process, and you get ammonia, and then you get urea, and you get nitrogen-based fertilizers, which are in very scarce supply now for the coming planting season, the spring season for the Northern Hemisphere.
So you're going to have food shortages, but you're going to have a collapse of the green energy system, as I said, as globalism collapses.
And this means things are going to become local.
And as you said, Alex, in the previous segment, yes, we need to have local industry, but we've also got to understand that local means we lose the efficiencies of cheap overseas labor, and we will enter a time when things will be significantly more expensive and more scarce.
very difficult to get as their local.
I mean, but if you're in a position, you'll be able to supply the new economy.
And that's what they're counting on is that we don't prepare and gear up
for the collapse.
They know that's coming, that they want to position themselves
for vertical integration.
And then we're hands out begging to them for the universal basic income.
But those of us that position to expand domestic organic farming
and food production are really going to be the new leaders that we can form organizations of political power around
those to protect those micro polar systems.
We need, in effect, Trump was right about nationalism and protectionism of the United States.
We need to develop national resources for commodities, for energy, which happened under Trump.
We were very successful, we were a net energy exporter, but we've got to develop rare earth minerals mining and the industrial metals that go into manufacturing.
See, Russia has actually done this very well.
Because they were forced to, because of all the economic sanctions.
They had to develop their domestic industries because they couldn't rely on supply chains outside of Russia.
The United States has been trading with China, and with Southeast Asia, and Japan, and Mexico, and everywhere else in the world.
And so the US has resisted this development of the local supply chains that allow for domestic production, resiliency, and redundancy.
See, this is where the U.S.
is going to get just slammed hard.
As this global system shuts down, we're going to have scarcity, shortages of everything imaginable.
Appliances, automobiles, home building materials, plumbing, and green energy devices.
Electric cars?
Forget it!
You won't be able to replace those battery packs in five to ten years.
There won't be a global supply chain that can provide the components necessary to build those battery packs.
You've got to get back to simple.
So let me ask you this question.
The globalists have wargamed this all out, and you're absolutely right.
This is happening, you predicted a decade ago.
How did they kill their own global system because they want to hurt the average person, but then kill the source of their power?
It's like a snake eating itself.
Because they see the source of their power, going back to segment one, as the rise of AI and the obsolescence of human beings.
They no longer need to exploit our labor.
They no longer need to loot us with taxation.
Sure, but if they're not going to be able to get enough of the rare earth minerals to build these machines, Then they're going to fail, which is why it looks like they're betting on China, because whether you look at carbon or any of it, they've given China strategically 98% control of rare earth minerals.
They get all the carbon they want.
They're shutting everybody else's carbon off.
It looks like the globalists are fixing the world, no matter what, so that China comes out on top.
You're right.
Exactly right.
You nailed it.
They're planning on China domination for the next century, just as the U.S.
dominated the last century or so, or more, a little bit more.
But China domination has its own problems because China is suffering, of course, a demographic implosion.
China's population is shrinking for the first time.
They don't have enough young women to reproduce, to even resupply their own labor pool.
China is a debt-based economy.
It has more debt to GDP ratio than the United States by far.
China is embroiled in the property Ponzi scandal and they don't have retirement systems and they can't grow enough of their own food.
So how do you see it playing out?
The million foot view, how do you see this playing out?
I see a very high likelihood of a combined Russia attack on NATO, and a Chinese economic attack, an export embargo against the United States, and a naval embargo against Taiwan.
Because the US is out of munitions, they've been shipping everything to Ukraine, where it's being chewed up by the Russians.
So when the Russians launch their coming offensive, which will likely happen in the next 90 days, We will see China move aggressively, I believe, economically and in supply chains against the United States.
And as you know, Russia's now calling up over a million extra men.
Widespread mobilization.
Russia's planning for full-on war with NATO.
And I think that there's no way that Germany doesn't get pulled into this.
Poland already realizes this.
They're trying to bring up hundreds of thousands of troops in order to face off against Russia.
The UK is way behind the curve, and the US is behind the curve, because the US is led, right now, by, again, I would say, woke idiots in the State Department who don't understand warfare, they don't understand logistics, or even cause and effect, and they certainly don't understand Russia and Russian history.
So, the U.S.
is about to get really hammered hard on a two-front war, kinetic from Russia, economic from China, and also financial, through the new launch of the BRICS Plus Nation's global reserve currency system, backed by commodities such as gold and energy.
I don't know how the U.S.
comes out of this as the dominant major player anymore.
I don't think that's possible at all.
It's going to be a multipolar world.
In closing, what do you make of the Davos Group admitting, or is that some type of foil, they're having their ass kicked, everybody hates them, they're like hitting the panic button, censor, censor, help us, help us, their minions are getting removed from office everywhere.
What do you make of what's happening to the Davos Group?
Well, I think they've reached this level of desperation where they can no longer hide.
And part of that, by the way, is due to you.
You were out there going to these kinds of meetings, you know, a decade ago when everybody thought it was a conspiracy theory that these weren't even happening.
You know, you blazed a trail on that.
They have nothing left in the tank other than to just admit it all and just try to force everything down your throat.
And that's why I think they will ultimately fail.
But in the process of the globalists failing, they will destroy national economies, they will kill a couple of billion human beings on this planet, that process has already begun, and they will destroy abundance for probably a generation.
It's going to take a long time.
Thank you so much my friend.
that because they want us poor to control us. That's what it's all about.
Naturalnews.com, Mike Adams, incredible interview. I always watch your work.
Thank you so much my friend. Thank you Alex, take care. All right I'm gonna do
another five minutes when I come back in a few big stories we haven't gotten to
and then I'm gonna introduce the Counterspin co-hosts that are gonna be
joining us to talk about the huge news that's unfolding in New Zealand and more.
But that Zealand's been ground zero for their control.
Here's what you can expect at Davos this year.
Where our unelected overlord, Klaus Schwab, asks this very important question.
What does it need to master the future?
This year's annual meeting takes place amid a global cost-of-living crisis.
And during Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.
By bringing the planet's politicians, business and civil leaders together in the same building, the meeting offers a key opportunity, like the clear and present danger of disinformation panel discussion, led by former CNN Arbiter of Truth, Brian Stelter.
I leave CNN and I was arrested by military police.
Brian recently had a run-in with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Here's how it went down.
There's nothing you can do!
We're going to rape your body, rape your medical rights, rape your children's minds!
We're going to ship-shame the land!
We're going to destroy every facet!
Hollywood rules!
Economic growth increasingly depends on building a green global economy.
At Davos, the First Movers Coalition will convene to discuss progress towards this goal.
It's a group of 65 companies working to decarbonize the sectors responsible for 30% of global emissions, including heavy industry and long-distance transport.
To follow the annual meeting 2023, visit our website.
Working towards a safe and secure society. I'm the tyrannical list
All right, I'm doing five more minutes here real quick, but I'm gonna introduce Kelvin Alp and Hannah Spear from
counter spin media in New Zealand It's perfect to have them hosting an hour here today with what just happened with their Prime Minister announcing that she's stepping down.
We'll talk to them in a moment.
But I meant to play this during the full show.
I didn't get to it yet.
The video is longer.
But here is a clip from two years ago, two years and two months ago.
Where we lay out the global bombshell that the University of Texas had tested what is the COVID vaccine on rats and mice years ago and knew exactly what it was going to do.
So here we are, warning the world, now all confirmed.
We'll play a few minutes of this, go to break and come back with our guest host, The Big News from New Zealand.
Bubble Bombshell, University of Texas, research team warns coronavirus vaccines cause massive heart attacks, strokes, blood clots.
It says it!
It says don't take it!
It's definitive!
You have to understand, I know other people in this office who've had family have strokes and heart attacks.
But they don't want to come on air.
Way more than normal would be dying in these nursing homes, and it's all the same.
They never get out of bed again, they have convulsions, or they have heart attacks or strokes.
They are really killing a crap load of people right now with these damn vaccines, and maiming tons of others.
And maybe you don't care about those people because they're too dumb, you know, and took it.
Or too trusting.
But it's gonna weigh the economy down!
A bunch of them are gonna be zombies now with strokes and stuff.
There has been enough cases of people who have had the vaccine, received the vaccine,
and then suffered a stroke.
For the wrongness, man, I try to tell you, Alex Jones is right.
If we're going down, we ain't going down without a fight.
Ladies and gentlemen, this doesn't protect you from COVID-19.
You don't go back to normal when you get it.
And you certainly, your body is going to be riddled with problems.
They picked something that attacks the cardiovascular system.
It's going to kill a lot of old people right away.
But it's going to kill others down the road.
And then as they say, you got to get more, more, more because it quote, doesn't work.
Well, it is working.
It gives you cardiovascular disease amongst other things.
And it attacks your uterus.
This is it.
That's why the former VP of Pfizer says it's a depopulation weapon.
Go to the live show feed of the broadcast.
Put it back on screen, please.
With the headline, Global Bombshell, University of Texas Research Team Warns Coronavirus Vaccines Cause Massive Heart Attacks, Strokes, Blood Clots.
It says it!
It says don't take it!
It's definitive!
And under the live show feed, scroll down, under the video of the show that you share is the study.
It's on that page.
Save some lives now.
Fight back.
That's why they've been censoring everybody.
They can only get away with this covert attack if no one's warning them.
Sarah in Illinois.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
My name is Sarah.
I am actually a school counselor in Illinois.
I work with K-2 students.
And one of the teachers I actually work with had to go home on Tuesday because I heard that her mom fell down the stairs.
And I found out today that her mom fell down the stairs because she had a stroke and a heart attack.
And now she has a traumatic brain injury.
But this happened like two days after she took her second COVID vaccination.
Dr. Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky research.
Then we've got him actually studying to see what coronavirus vaccines would do.
And he found it caused massive blood clots, heart attacks, bleeding lungs, and brain.
This is the coach that lives here in Austin, whose niece works here.
She's a young lady in her early 20s.
And he took the shot.
I got his medical records and had a stroke.
He just recently had a physical before this happened and was in excellent bill of health.
45 years old.
And here's his medical records right here.
So, we're going to be showing you all of that coming up at the start of the next hour.
You have to understand, I know other people in this office who've had family have strokes and heart attacks, but they don't want to come on air.
I can walk through this building and almost everyone that works here has family that works in a nursing home or family that's a firefighter or family that's got a mother or a father or a brother or an uncle who's either dead or had a heart attack or a stroke.
And we open the phones up and Medical Doctor calls and says, yeah, I service four nursing homes and they're losing about 10% of the people after the type of shot within two weeks.
We're going to come back.
We're going to introduce the guest host.
I've just got a few questions for him before I hand the baton over to the Counterspin Media New Zealand.
They're on Band.Video and they're on CounterspinMedia.com.
We'll be right back.
Kelvin Alp and Hannah Spear host the popular Counterspin program in New Zealand, but it goes worldwide.
And a few listeners and people ask me, Jones, why did you obsess over New Zealand and Canada and obsess over Australia or Italy?
Because the very same New World Order, UN, big pharma complex was testing there and admitting that was a test for here.
So so many people, even good people, still think of like, well, I care about my neighborhood.
This is a new world order.
If aliens attacked Russia or South Africa, we'd be against it because we know we're next and we care about fellow humans.
But New Zealand was amongst the worst at implementing the WEF's program, and now their Prime Minister is resigning.
She's the lady that said, you know, don't talk to your neighbors.
In Australia, they said don't go out and look at a sunset.
It was all cult programming.
And so now, why is she resigning?
There's a talk of criminal investigations and more.
So that was my Really, just an interesting question for you guys.
I know you're about to cover it in detail.
I'll be watching and listening here when I go eat my lunch here.
While you guys are hosting, ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroyer, coming up in about 53 minutes from now on InfoWars.com forward slash show and ConspiracyFact.info is the URL to share, folks, that the censors aren't blocking right now.
The live show feeds.
Everybody share ConspiracyFact.info right now.
But, wow, you're in New Zealand.
What does this mean?
What does this signify?
And I just want to salute you guys for the great job you're doing.
It's an absolutely massive celebration we're having here right now.
However, we cannot rest on our laurels.
We believe that the next New World Order puppet is being lined up to finish the controlled demolition of everything we hold dear in this country.
Alright, well I'm going to just listen to you guys.
I just wanted to ask that question, but please continue.
I was just going to say, Alex, 77% of people who were polled this morning in mainstream media are thrilled that she's gone.
So it was just getting to the mainstream that, you know, everyone is just sick and tired of Jacinda Ardern and her draconian measures.
They're trying to say, oh, she's just had enough.
She's burnt out.
But no, she read the writing on the wall and the election's coming up.
She's got no chance of staying in power.
All right.
Well, I'm going to let you guys take over.
God bless.
Thanks for having us, Alex.
Thank you.
Such a pleasure to be here again, Kelvin, hosting the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We've got a great hour, just under an hour, coming up for you.
We will be joined shortly by Damien Dement.
Many of you in New Zealand will know him.
And what we're going to do is tie in how Jacinda Ardern has been a major player in the censorship of dissenting voices in New Zealand and around the world.
And we're going to be exposing some of those names here in New Zealand who have been part of this disinformation project.
Against New Zealanders who want free speech, Kelvin.
Yes, and there's been a lot of that going on.
We've had a modern day book burning and all.
What they want to do is they want to digitize everything, of course, put it into nice little external hard drives and everything.
So what can they do?
They then go along and they can erase it.
Like they reset mankind all the time.
Your history is going to be erased.
What you hold dear is going to be gone and a new set of ideological Puppeteering measures are going to be installed into your brain and you're going to be walking around like a digital zombie.
Exactly, so why don't we just start things off with the big news obviously from New Zealand that Jacinda has resigned and we'll play a Tucker Carlson clip and we'll show you how New Zealanders responded to that news.
That should be the first video that we've got lined up there.
The Jacinda resigns video.
Hopefully that's all.
There we go.
The appalling Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jakinda Ardern, that's the lady with the big teeth who tormented her citizens, has just announced she is leaving office.
Here she was moments ago.
Yes, lots to celebrate today, but like Calvin said, you know, this is just probably the changing of the guard, so we don't want to get too excited.
So what we're going to do is just make a quick reference to Dr. Shiva, and we've got some B-roll there, because Dr. Shiva Ayodhya, many of you in America won't need an introduction to him, but of course the Gateway Pundit I was reporting in July 2021 of how Dr. Shiva, who is of course the man who invented email, actually was able to uncover that Twitter had a partner support portal and basically had direct access to the government.
They built this portal which was actually directly used for government officials during the election to actually censor dissenting voices.
And he actually took this, while he was running for Senate in Massachusetts as a Republican, he actually took a case back in 2021 And his federal rights and civil rights were under attack.
And so what we want to do is show how in New Zealand the exact same thing has been happening.
As Alex Jones pointed out, New Zealand and Australia have been two of the lab rats of the world.
If we buy it, they will then say, good, job successful, let's farm it out to the rest of the world.
And that's why things have gone haywire.
We let everyone down, basically.
And of course, the way Jacinda Ardern fits into this picture is, of course, back in 2019, on March the 15th, there was the Christchurch mosque attack.
And literally two months after that, she was over in Paris for the Christchurch Call, having a meeting with the French Prime Minister, President Emmanuel Macron, and many other world leaders from around the world and government officials and big tech giants.
And they were all working out a way How they could actually silence dissenting voices.
They, of course, named them terrorists and people who were promoting violent extremism online.
So that's how they've kind of brought all that in.
Now, we are going to bring Damien Dement on shortly.
What we wanted to do is just before we bring him on is play a part of the documentary we referenced last week, which, of course, This is where it all converges.
Peace and love brother!
release just before our arrest in August last year and that will show how he fits into this
and how they're trying to go after him as well, Kelvin.
Yep, good idea.
So that's Damien Dement, Fire and Fury.
This is where it all converges.
Peace and love, brother!
Peace and love, guys!
It is billed as a protest of peace and love born out of opposition to government COVID measures.
But the path to Wellington began years ago and it's anything but peaceful.
What we're about to show you is not an exhaustive list because that list would be too long.
But we want to introduce you to some of the key drivers in New Zealand of false information and dangerous conspiracy.
You'll see how they're linked together, what they want us all to believe and why.
Pedophiles, satanic ritual abuse, adrenochrome, trafficking on a scale you've never ever imagined, cloning of humans for God's sake, it's just enormous!
Extreme right conspiracy theorist Damien Dement is a New Zealand citizen and a super spreader of false claims, racism and appeals for violence.
He was permanently banned from Twitter at the beginning of 2021 for tweets that he sent around the January 6th insurrection in the United States which promoted similar acts taking place here in New Zealand and lauded the rioting, death and destruction that took place at the Capitol.
New Zealand politicians will fear for their lives and rightfully so.
Have a good one.
And there we go, that was Damien Dement. He will be on, uh, straight after the break.
In the meantime, let's have a quick look at the overview of what's really happened here in New Zealand and how we got here.
Yeah, well see, Jacinda Ardern actually is taking the easy way out now.
I think a lot of people are really sad that she's leaving early with the October elections coming up because, Calvin, she should be taking responsibility.
Well, there's actually the eyeball people who can't no longer think for themselves or are devoid from reality.
They're probably the ones who are a little sad.
And of course, what happened in Wellington earlier in the year, not a single politician came out to speak, or sorry, last year now, not a single politician came out to speak to the tens of thousands of people that showed up for three weeks wanting the mandates to be dropped.
Because of course, like was said earlier, we had some of the most draconian measures.
For one case in the North Island, we were on complete lockdown.
People were not allowed to leave their homes, even in the South Island where there wasn't a single case.
And of course, mask mandates were just horrific.
Yeah, so after the break we'll do that.
Keep it locked here on Alex Jones Show.
You don't want to miss what's coming up.
We start connecting the dots.
We put all the players in focus and we show the underhanded nature that has been a constant in this country and now of course farmed around the world by people like Klaus Schwab and his ilk and a whole lot of other people pulling their strings.
See you shortly.
Sit tight with a slideshow coming up.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You are with Hannah and Kelvin from Counterspin, and we would love to bring our guest on now, Damien Dement.
He is, of course, a Counterspin contributor and a real disinformation expert here in New Zealand.
He is an Ameri-Kiwi.
So welcome to the show, Damien.
How are you feeling in light of yesterday's news?
Yeah, I'm thrilled.
I'm happy in many ways.
Congratulations to all Kiwis who have stood up and said that they've had enough of her and the way she has driven our country and our morality and our overall morale as a citizenry into the ground.
She needed to step down.
This is a move of absolute necessity for the swamp because there is too much validated evidence of the type of Criminal action she's been involved in.
The pressure has been mounting, especially with regard to information coming out about COVID, the lack of efficacy, and many other violations of our rights.
Jacinda Ardern's popularity has been plummeting for a long time.
She couldn't stay in here because she was going to lose the argument.
So what this does is this gives a little bit of a fire break.
For the swamp of New Zealand to be able to install someone else for the next sort of tranche or phase of their attack on New Zealand and what it does is gives them a little bit of time because usually a person coming into a new role gets given a bit of time to To sort of get their feet on the ground and get relaxed, get into the role.
And so that will kind of keep the public at bay a little longer.
I think they're trying to buy time.
But New Zealand is awash with globalist activity.
And behind the scenes, there is a lot of horsepower that have been driving policies in New Zealand.
It's important to note why New Zealand is so important.
Like, for instance, Earlier this week in Vietnam, the President of Vietnam, a nation of 105 million people, 100 million more than New Zealand, resigned too.
And it didn't hardly touch the news at all.
Yet, Jacinda Ardern It's because, like you outlined earlier, she was integral in being the example for the world of what a compliant Western citizen should do.
You should, you know, feel guilty for colonialism.
You should feel guilty for things that have happened in your past.
You should pay reparations for climate stuff that you weren't even involved in.
Lots of this virtue signaling, you know, social change silos.
She was the queen of and that's and so for her to step down to me is a really big signal that the curtain is being pulled back.
There's we've reached critical mass enough in terms of awareness that it's important that The Kiwis and just people around the world.
I think we've reached a peak point now where good actors in this White Hats, as you say, will pull back the curtain now and let's get into it.
Elon Musk has been absolutely vital in connecting the the government with corporate interplay.
And let's go ahead and I'll If you can bring up the slide for day one of the social media conference, I'll show you what I mean here by the absolute connectedness of the New Zealand government.
So you'll see here is a slide.
This is a conference that happened March 2021, and it was held at the University of Otago in New Zealand.
And at this, you can see here, it's a two-day conference, and this is to discuss Disinformation in how it relates to democracy in New Zealand.
Look at the absolute array of people or organizations involved in in this.
To me, it's staggering.
For instance, looking here at the top.
The ICT for Peace Foundation was founded by the United Nations and has been since 2012.
So, essentially, the United Nations are here using an advisor named Sanjana Hattatua to be essentially the narrative creator, how to respond to the narrative.
Well, Sanjana Hattatua has been doing this for decades.
He did it in his native Sri Lanka.
So here we have Sanjana Hattatua of the United Nations.
Meddling in New Zealand's public discourse and actually helping academics, government, and media to craft these discussions.
Well, also in St.
John Ahetatua's session there is Kathleen Reen.
Kathleen Reen is the head of policy and government for Asia Pacific.
She's based in Singapore, but what's important about Kathleen Reen Who is an American, is that she is a World Economic Fellow Forum young leader.
She is a young global leader just like Jacinda Ardern.
So suddenly those two people, we've got the United Nations and we have the World Economic Forum and even a young global leader and Twitter all in one session.
One session trying to discuss with Journalists with government officials from the Department of Internal Affairs, from other areas of government that are concerned about protecting their narrative.
Because we know that them protecting their narrative is really them covering their butt.
And that is where we've gotten to at a point where when people realize and now see that the government has been interfering.
Elon Musk made it abundantly clear in the Twitter disclosures that government had access to Twitter.
Government had access to Facebook.
Government has had access to banning people who have a dissenting voice and who have something critical to say about the effectiveness of various agendas or even the so-called vaccine, which we have all largely seen.
So many people have been passing away just rapidly and suddenly, and we know what is causing it.
So, Jacinda Ardern's stepping down is very much She was never going to be able to defend her position in this.
She was the queen of lockdowns.
She, it was her brand, her firm kindness.
This is the sort of stuff that they wanted to make Jacinda Ardern be the perfect example for the rest of the world.
And to a large extent... Yeah, and Damien, what they're saying now about, I'll just cut in there, what they're saying now about Jacinda Ardern is that she is the mother of compassion.
And the... Do I roll?
Looking back at her last five years as Prime Minister, they're saying, especially with what happened in Christchurch, that she is this Mother Teresa-like figure.
Obviously, it was a massive PR campaign.
She is an expert in PR.
That was her degree.
She's a spin doctor.
She knows how to sell herself.
And she was picked up, as you say, by the global leaders all around the world.
She knows how to sell us there because she sold us down.
She sure did and she went around the world in hijab and kind of got this fake compassion and kindness going.
What have we got on the second day of that conference for that slide number five that we've got?
Well actually if you go back to slide number four but go to the bottom half of it because again I showed you the World Economic Forum and the United Nations but go to the second half of page of that first day.
You've got one minute and then we'll come back and carry on with it.
I'll be quick.
I'll be very quick.
So you can see here at the bottom of that page, we've got NATO.
We've got the Classifications Office of New Zealand, the chief censor.
We've got universities.
So we have the whole swamp, as you would say, the type of activity that Alex Jones has been talking about for many years is alive and well in New Zealand, including the Atlantic Council.
So if this isn't a military coup or takeover of a nation, I don't know what is.
Because it's it's these people spent two solid days under Chatham House rules discussing the how to challenge us because we were challenging them and this... The Chatham House rules is of course no minutes and no record and so that we don't actually know exactly what was said.
We'll be back shortly Damien, sit tight and we'll carry on with the slideshow.
Very fascinating stuff.
Keep you locked here.
OK, we're back with Damien Dement on the Alex Jones Show.
He's an American Kiwi.
American and Kiwi, of course.
We've embraced him as one of our own.
Damien, we're back.
Where do you want to go next?
Because I think people need to realise what's below when we rip the top off the scab that is.
I'll tell you right now, I'll get into it.
Jacinda Ardern, just because she's out of the picture doesn't mean this stops.
Doesn't mean the craziness stops.
Don't go fooling yourselves.
The World Economic Forum and the globalists are going to take this to the very, very end.
They're going to push as hard as they can.
While I do think that we are winning overall, I do believe that this is not over for New Zealand.
So, behind the World Economic Forum are these young with them and various key places of influence.
For instance, the CEO of Television New Zealand, the largest broadcaster in New Zealand that is largely publicly funded, is a world economic young global leader.
So these, that's one example.
The next example is, if you bring up the slide there, slide number two, I'm sorry, slide number five.
Five day two.
Very sorry guys.
So, you know, Kathleen Reen, who was part of these discussions, she herself is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.
It's how uncanny is it that this woman who is in charge of the Twitter policy and the censorship that would tie in with the Christchurch call, with the global censorship agenda, how is it that they're here in New Zealand?
And also, how is it that the head of New Zealand's own digital identity system, which comes off the back of the COVID jab, how come he is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader?
Klaus Schwab has said it on camera, on a hot mic, that, you know, he's got everyone in their pockets.
He's got everyone, you know, they've got the politicians, they've got the doctors, they've got the academics.
You know, it's true.
It's absolutely true.
And if you move on to slide number six, I'll show you guys a little bit about this infiltration.
Dr. Sanjana Hattatua.
Sanjana Hattatua.
Dr. Sanjana Hattatua there on the left is from Sri Lanka.
The woman on the right is Sina Brown.
She is a leader, one of the leaders of Antifa here in New Zealand, their South Island branch of it.
There's three branches of Antifa in New Zealand.
I'll just cut in here quickly because this woman here on the right, we went on tour last year after Wellington and she actually got us cancelled.
They worked very hard.
Antifa here in New Zealand were working very hard to get us shut down.
However, we did bypass that and still managed to hold the media.
This is when we're going around the country to get real people's stories of the insurmountable amount of carnage that those jabs have caused and left in a wake across this country and it's downright disgusting that someone like that will come along and try and cancel the voice of the people.
Back to you, Damian.
So like the connection between Sanjana Hadatua, yeah, Sanjana Hadatua being connected to Antifa,
and not just one member of Antifa.
If you go back to that tweet, the other tweet there on the bottom right-hand side
is by a gentleman named Rangi Kimara, a convicted terrorist in New Zealand
who wanted to shoot cops through their vests and evict white people from their farms.
You know, he works closely with Dr. Sanjana Hadatua.
So there is definitely a lot of connection between political activists and extremists in New Zealand
and the global plan, the global agenda.
And if you move on to slide number seven, there's a woman there who I wanna talk about.
Her name is Cara Hensley.
Cara Hensley is the Twitter head for Australia and New Zealand.
She too, an Australian national, at the urging of St John of Hatatua and other think tanks in New Zealand, have been actively censoring people.
And so when you have a conference happening in New Zealand and it's, you've got NATO represented, United Nations, All sorts of think tanks.
Everyone who who is not a New Zealander suddenly has more control and say over what New Zealanders can say.
And if that to me is fascism in its purest form.
And this when you start having that that code, you know, that that really tight connection between media and government, you know, it's a recipe for disaster.
And that's why, you know, Elon Musk bringing out the Twitter files is huge for us because not only did it show and highlight the fact that this government collusion was happening within Twitter and that it was happening in the States at high levels, as high as the Department of Defense, but it validated all the research we've been doing about New Zealand having the same level of involvement from external parties.
And so that backdoor access that was granted to the government was here to damage our democracy.
And Jacinda Ardern absolutely knows it.
We're coming up on the anniversary of the New Zealand Wellington protests from March of 2022.
And we know that just immediately after those protests, yourselves, me and many other people who had a voice about the government, we're all banned and now we know how and why.
So if you go down to, if you wanna head to slide number 11, 12 and 13,
I just wanna just flick through just to show you what the very basic portal looks like
for a Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand would go to this portal, that's the URL up the top there.
That URL is still active by the way.
And you can go and they would literally, this is where they control and moderate content.
And if you go to the next slide, slide number 12, this is an Official Information Act request
that was sent to the New Zealand government.
And you'll see that they absolutely acknowledged that they had access to it.
And the person who is very much most likely to have had access to it is this woman here
on slide number 13 when you get to it.
Her name is Nicole Machick.
This, for me, is probably one of the spookiest connections of all.
Nicole Machick is an Australian citizen, but she works for New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs.
This is her latest posting.
Prior to this, she was a NATO social media warfare trainer.
She would instruct regularly both in Brussels and Washington, D.C.
for NATO members in teaching their governments on how to deal with, you know, disinformation.
They wanted to try and classify us as being disinformation, but it was about them protecting themselves.
How is it that this woman, who has such access to so many countries in the entire world, And teaching them how to combat people asking lawfully afforded questions.
How is she here in New Zealand?
How is she involved in this conference to dictate to New Zealanders how we should think and feel and how we should behave and then try and use that an example for the rest of the world to export, you know, our example.
That's terrible.
So, I have to thank Elon Musk for biting the bullet and spending the money like he did to buy Twitter.
It really has opened the door and allowed for so much of the validation that we have all been seeking for a long time.
We have worked very hard to bring information to light, but when we repeatedly get targeted by social media activists to censor our accounts, to get us banned, Or even have police show up at our house and asking us questions around, what are you posting?
This is the sort of standover tactics.
Kiwis are tired of it.
And we were rewarded yesterday.
Over in America, of course, it's very well known now that the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the DOJ and Democrat operatives and business elites are working with Facebook to silence dissenting voices.
I mean, this is not anything new, is it, Kelvin?
No, and it actually just prompted my mind.
Well, the grey switch, you've got the black one I've got that says Alex Jones was right.
Everything that's coming out now, it seems to be substantiating everything he's been saying for all this time.
And that's why we were wrapped to come on here and actually be part of this monumental movement to awaken humanity.
And of course things like Facebook were set up, initially weren't they Damien, to make the authorities' job a lot easier so they could track dissenting voices.
Yeah, absolutely.
It was a DARPA program.
The day that Facebook went live on the stock exchange is the day that that DARPA program ended.
And what a coincidence that is, right?
And we know that this data has largely been sold to the globalists around the world.
And Facebook has been a great conduit for a lot of corruption.
And it's ending.
And thanks a lot.
You're doing great.
When we come back, we will have Damien Dement and we'll go into the finances.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show with Calvin and Hannah and we will carry on our discussion with Damien Dement shortly.
But please, like it says in the break there, get out and support Alex Jones.
He's done such a fantastic job.
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And grab a copy of The Great Reset.
We have read it and it is Excellent breakdown of what's really happening behind the scenes with the World Economic Forum and their insidious creatures behind it.
Absolutely, what a legend there.
And New Zealand legend Damien Dement, where would you like to go now with the financials of hell?
All of this is supported by big interests from overseas here in New Zealand, this disinformation war and all these global players that are messing with our backyard.
Yeah, absolutely.
There has to be a ground game, right?
You know, we've seen how government and big corporations work together to work on the psychological warfare aspect of it, but you need foot soldiers, right?
And this is where New Zealand has got an interesting tie-in with the founder of eBay.
The gentleman, his name is Pierre Omidyar.
Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, is, I believe, a French-born Iranian and a big believer in the global But he's a very big fan of what he describes as reimagining capitalism.
If you put up slide number 14 there, I'll show you what I mean.
Pierre Omidyar, he's a billionaire on eBay, which we think is great because eBay is like, you know, a chance for people to buy and sell goods.
But his idea of reimagining capitalism is basically authoritarian communism.
He's a big believer in the medical IDs or digital IDs.
And he also funds regime change.
That's the crazy thing about this guy.
In the 2000s, he was funding Ukrainian color revolutions in Ukraine, sending money through U.S.
$421,000 is one recorded payment, but he's done a lot more.
The Pierre Omidyar Open Network that he has, or the Pierre Omidyar Network itself, these guys in New Zealand have their tentacles into lots of NGOs, non-profits that are all about social change.
They've even gone so far as using people like Piero Midiar's money to influence people in government, such as the Ministry of Immigration here in New Zealand, to fast-track certain people from overseas to basically import the foot soldiers they need.
Now, as an American by birth, but a New Zealand citizen since 1996, coming here as a nine-year-old boy, I love this country a lot, but I'm really There are several hundred Americans, many of which have been brought in on these global impact visas, fast-tracked, coming in with skill sets such as activism, social change management, climate narrative scoping.
I'm not kidding, but these are the types of programs we've had in place since Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand back in 2017.
In 2017, it's like...
It's really important to note here as well that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation fund exactly those groups that you've just been talking about, does he not?
So not only is Pierre Omidyar, who is a billionaire in his own right, funding a New Zealand Open Society as well, the Monaghan Brothers are in New Zealand.
They've been here since 2017.
They have groups known as Action Station.
Another group is known as the Inspiral Foundation.
And what they do is they set up Job training and really the job training is about social activism.
It's about being activists And that's there's a huge amount of money being funded in New Zealand to create a false narrative that it really doesn't represent The true voice and discussion happening in New Zealand.
I think you guys have seen that plenty at times but you know the the groups like Antifa in New Zealand would never exist if it weren't for these types of NGOs out there being funded with overseas money because the
types of things that they stand for stand in stark contrast to the
values we typically hold here.
here. We've got five more minutes.
What we want to do now is actually show how right here in New Zealand, not only have we got all this influence, like you say, in activist groups, but now in the education system, they are actually fortifying young minds here in New Zealand against the truth by calling us conspiracy theorists.
We just want to play you here a clip that came out two nights ago on Mainstream Media News here about conspiracy education.
That's video 15.
They're coming for the kids.
There are calls for an urgent change to the school curriculum to teach students how to identify conspiracy theories and fake news.
With the pandemic fueling the rise of misinformation, experts believe education is key to reducing its threat.
Alexa Cook has our latest Because It Matters story.
The Parliament protests, which ended in fire and fury, were sparked in part by disinformation about COVID-19.
Researchers found just 12 social media accounts responsible for spreading most of the false information.
It is an urgent problem that we have to address and other countries have seen the urgency and have acted accordingly.
Disinformation refers to the deliberate spreading of false information, while misinformation isn't necessarily intended to mislead.
Toha Toha has been teaching students and librarians to spot both and question what they see online.
Has a real impact on people's daily lives when they watch, you know, a loved one or a young person they know fall down that rabbit hole.
What do you think about that, Damien?
New Zealand young minds totally being basically brainwashed by government disinformation.
If they want an example of the real missing disinformation, you're looking at it there with TVNZ News, TV3 and all the other hat shit jobs that come out on a daily basis.
Actually, that woman interviewed at the very end there, her name is Mandy Hank, she's an American, and her own words, I quote, and I have her tweets to prove this, She is an election skeptic, and this is with regards to people questioning the New Zealand election results and the American election results.
And I quote that she said herself, fascism is a global movement and we have not managed to keep our heads down.
She was speaking about herself.
This woman is a fascist.
And has absolutely, makes a mockery of our democracy.
She has sat in front of New Zealand committees discussing how to deal with disinformation specific to the elections of New Zealand in 2020.
I know so because she involved herself with a woman, or I think is a woman, a man-woman thing named Emi Bivenci.
And Emi Bivenci is a globally renowned smear artist who is a devout Anarchist, Marxist, Communist, just freak.
And somehow these two American people were allowed to sit in front of a committee in New Zealand and tell them how to deal with Kiwi citizens questioning the election results that put Jacinda Ardern into power and to destroy our nation into the fine rubble that it is right now.
So it's very interesting that these guys want to teach our kids and yet these people are actually Proud to say that they're Marxists.
Proud to say they're fascists.
And they want to destroy and eviscerate anything that goes against their narrative.
anything to do with the area of health. God forbid you can actually have a well-tuned
body, fortify your immune system with the great products on the Alex Jones platform
even and have a decent life, your education. They're trying to even ban books like Uncensored
and Natural Magazine because it gives you an alternative view of what's really going
on. I mean, is that not what it's about?
Well that's right and in New Zealand they're actually removing books from the libraries at a rate of knots so that you can't get magazines like this Uncensored and Natural Medicine because they want you to just believe what they want you to believe and to actually, it's modern day book burning and we absolutely need to fight against that.
They want to digitise it so what they can do is just push a race and your history is gone.
So any final thoughts Damien in this final minute before we wrap it up?
The book burning is happening right now.
That organization on that video, ToaToa.org, sits in the same office as Internet New Zealand.
Internet New Zealand is not here to protect your internet freedom.
It is here to curtail it.
The book burning is well underway and while we have Jacinda out of the office, while Jacinda has been booted out, good, she's gone, this is not over.
Do not get complacent at all.
We must continue to be vigilant and continue to share.
Thanks so much for joining us, Damien.
We really appreciate you jumping on with us today.
It's been such a great introduction to the global audience about what's happening in New Zealand.
Kelvin, Counterspinmedia.com, what are your final thoughts?
Support Counterspinmedia.com, support Alex Jones and every other platform that is there giving you the truth, because I tell you what, the truth has become a very, very rare thing these days.
And first it will annoy you and make you angry, but then ultimately the truth will set us all free.
They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma,
neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune diseases.
So they realized in 2011, they caused it all.
So, or in 2009, and when our paper came out, they realized that these were the shots were associated strongly, very strongly.
The chance of them not being associated, it was like being struck by lightning.
One in at least a million in a p-value and so they covered this all up because of course they were liable now because for the 42 million Americans who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 and other XMRVs, other manufactured mouse, monkey and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us.
Cremate us.
Add a mask, add a mask and isolation, and you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV-positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Never until now.
You do not drive the disease-causing entity through their body.
All over the world, the people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV.
Is that because the spike protein's from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey, mouse, and manufactured XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon, where they already are preloaded with it, and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things.
Why is it particularly the athletes?
Um, because they operate at oxygen max, um, capacity max.
They're, they're operating at such a high level in their mitochondria.
This is an energy production, oxygen, um, necessary disease.
So they create, that's what they're finding.
They turbocharge the blood clots.
And ischemia, lack of oxygen.
So, constricted blood vessels too, because athletes are running, they're constricted, they're working so that the blood flows and it doesn't flow, which is why your nitric oxide product, that new product, I hope you'll show it, because that's a very important thing to have for acute events.
It dissolves under the tongue, gives you an instant relaxing of your endothelium, your vasculature.
You looked at our nitric oxide.
I saw it was the top rated of the latest private label.
It's the best seller.
You've looked at our formula.
You like it?
I did and I do.
I'm not a scientist like you.
What do these compounds do creating nitric oxide?
What does it do?
It relaxes the vasculature.
So the clot will go through and not restrict.
It allows it to relax.
It lowers the blood pressure.