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Name: 20230116_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 16, 2023
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Ladies and gentlemen, we've got something really special for you here today.
It is the 52nd anniversary of the founding of the Davos Group, itself set up by the Bilderberg Group to leverage political power and global control by the most powerful corporations in the world.
They're meeting right now in Davos, Switzerland with 5,000 troops guarding them.
Ladies and gentlemen, this next guest Has been invited on the show before when he worked at CNN, but he was too scared to come on.
He's attacked many, many times.
But for some reason today, he has agreed to join us.
I guess because he feels triumphant.
He was fired.
People made fun of him.
He was a huge joke in the entire media industry for many years.
He was at the New York Times and at CNN.
Ladies and gentlemen, he is Brian Stelter, who's now hosting a major part of the Davos Group meeting called the Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation, calling for censorship and control by the World Economic Forum over the speech of Americans and others around the world via the World Economic Forum and the UN.
Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Stelter.
Rising like a phoenix out of the ashes now.
A direct, I guess, mini-me of Klaus Schwab, or I guess a salacious crumb to Jabba the Hutt.
Brian Stelter, you're looking confident and smug as usual.
Well, Alex, I would say thank you for having me on, but since I've been working tirelessly for years with Big Tech to take you and other dangerous disinformation operatives off the web, I just wanted to let you know that finally I'm in a place where I can get things done.
We're not just going to surveil you and censor you and people like you, you evil nationalists, that are against the wondrous shots and open borders and what we're doing on so many other fronts.
But now we're going to work directly through the WEF to silence people like you!
And that's why I came on here, to let you know your days are numbered, and so are you other dirty Americans!
I mean, you disinformation, hate-filled racists!
Brian, you really never cease to amaze.
Your arrogance, how you come off as completely fake, how you claim to be the arbiter of truth.
How can you and Klaus Schwab, with the incredible history of the organization and all the lies and things they're pushing and their open admission, they want to put microchips in us to control our lives, have a global cashless society and carbon taxes and we'll have nothing and we'll like it.
How on earth Can you sit there with a straight face and claim that your classic totalitarianism is a good thing?
Well, Alex, that's because we're self-appointed and we control the large central banks, that is my master's do, and have all the money.
You see, that's why we call ourselves the truth, and anyone that disagrees with us, well, we call you dangerous, viruses, and, well, disinformation, and while it's true that You've continued on the air despite our attacks.
Soon, with the new methods we've got through AI, we're finally going to bring you to your knees.
And once my master, I mean my employer, Klaus Schwab, has his social credit score fully in place, you won't just be censored, you won't just be debanked, you will be living on the street homeless like the good slaves in China under Xi Jinping and my master Klaus Schwab's control.
Well, Brian, that's another issue.
Xi Jinping and the Communist Party in China since 1949, in their own admissions, have killed over 100 million, mainly of their own people.
And they're very, very proud of that.
And your boss, your self-described master, Klaus Schwab, has openly said just a month ago that China is the model for the world and we should be living like they do in China.
If you disagree or criticize the government in China, you could be put in a forced labor camp for a decade or even killed in your organs harvested.
Apple and Tim Cook are heavily involved with the slave labor with the Uyghurs in literal death camps.
How can you sit there on your high horse and say I'm a threat to people for criticizing this when you are openly working for someone that endorses Communist China as the model?
Are you actually defending Xi Jinping?
Well, Alex, just like the leader of Canada, a great, wonderful leader, a liberal leader, Trudeau has said he admires the basic dictatorship of China, and so do I. Obviously, I can't make you watch me.
Obviously, I can't make you believe me or listen to me.
But if I could simply send you to a forced labor camp, then you'd come back and learn to respect people like me.
So, of course, we endorse Xi Jinping, even back to Mao Zedong.
And of course, we endorse what Trudeau and other forward-looking leaders are doing.
That's why we're so close to new lockdowns and forced injections and a social credit score.
And that's why I came here today to let you know you made fun of me being fired, but now I'm a Harvard Fellow!
And now I work directly for G.G.
Peek's officer.
Klaus Schwab, that puts me in the direct chain of command to the authoritarian, I mean, to the liberal, loving leaders of Earth!
Wow, it's just mind-blowing that...
Klaus Schwab, your boss, says you'll own nothing, you'll like it.
They're going to get rid of the nuclear family.
They're going to take control of our bodies, that they own our bodies.
They're going to do Joseph Mingula, Nuremberg violating, test on us.
And then he says things like, you will eat the bugs.
And we would talk about that a decade ago when they were first pushing it,
but now they're making schoolchildren in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, Europe,
eat bugs.
They're telling us they want to ban cows, even gas-powered stoves.
I mean, can't you see that shutting off our pipelines and doing all this is destroying us?
And that China and India and Mexico aren't making carbon cuts, but we are.
And so that means we can't compete against those regimes.
What do you say to that, Brian?
For once in your life, actually don't be disingenuous.
Tell us why you're so anti-American.
Well, I guess, Alex, since you asked, I'll be honest, just for a moment.
I'm a slave.
I mean, I'm a leader in this global organization, and we've all invested in China and their authoritarianism and totalitarianism.
And so our investments are going up when your life goes down, when your standard of living collapses.
And so you just sit there and keep taking the open borders, the human smuggling, the fentanyl, the drag queen penile time that I love so much, and you sit there and you take it because that's why we're winning.
We're destroying your morals.
We're cutting off your energy and there's nothing you pathetic Americans can do.
You know, Brian, what you have in What's common with all authoritarians of the past is you're able to steal control for a time, a season, and you believe you're invincible.
But I can tell you, you've demonized me, you lied about me with the rest of your cohorts and the dinosaur corporate media, and you think it's destroyed InfoWars.
But when I'm on the street, I get more love and more support than ever.
And I believe in my listeners and viewers.
I believe they're going to support us.
And I believe we're going to stay on air throughout the future while zombie media, only propped up by the big megacorporations and central banks, Try to sit there and keep people like you on air.
But regardless of what you do, God's watching, Brian, and we're never going to give up.
We're never going to back down in the face of your tyranny.
And I want you to know, Brian, you are being defeated, and you will be defeated.
Is that clear, scumbag?
All of you so-called patriots said I was finished!
You said I lost my job at CNN!
But now look at me at Harvard!
Look at me at the Deimos Group!
I'm with the most powerful people in the world!
Because I'm an elitist, and I'm better than you!
That's right.
Never forget that.
We know you have incredible grassroots support.
That's why we worked with Twitter illegally to censor and spy on you and millions of others at election medal.
We know that!
But don't think we're finished.
We're only going to intensify our attacks on you.
And I know you're doing the special live broadcast past midnight tonight to try to rally your pathetic American and other listeners who think they've got a hope of stopping us.
We're gonna censor hashtag AlexWasRight.
We're going to block the links conspiracyfact.info and we're going to break the will of the American people and others.
And it's going to be the reign of people like me.
I've seen your jokes over the years that if you were casting somebody in a Hollywood movie to play the part of a pedophile, you'd cast me.
But let me tell you something.
Through the transgenderism we have control of your children and we're going to sterilize them.
So I gotta get back to my forum on a big global organization working with the UN and Big Tech to censor you.
There's nothing you can do!
We're gonna rip your body!
Rip your medical rights!
Rip your children's minds!
We're gonna ship Finland!
We're gonna destroy every facet!
Everyone rules!
And finally, I just want to say, I love Bill Gates too!
And Bill Gates knows what's best for your life and your body.
And I'm so proud of our record with the shots that are safe and effective.
If you have the shots, you cannot get COVID.
And they, by the way, cure you of everything else.
So go out and take all your shots.
I've got to get back to the Davos Group and the WEF and running your life.
Bye-bye, slaves!
What do you say to that, folks?
Everybody hates him.
He's a laughingstock.
And now where does he run but to his bosses that were controlling him all along?
So I'm going to end this little interview here before we come back live with a short compilation of Klaus Schwab talking about how he penetrates the cabinets.
Now they're going to put the microchips in you and some of the other terrible things these people have said.
They think we're their slaves.
They think that they can destroy us.
But if we wake up to who they are and expose them, we can and we will bring them down.
And that's already currently happening.
So for myself, the entire Fort Worth family, I'm going to let Brian Stilter and his bosses know, you will be defeated.
And the answer to 1984 is 1776.
The young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, half of this government, are actually young global leaders of the world.
So if we penetrate the cabinets, the change is not just happening.
The change can be shaped by us.
We have to prepare for a more angry world.
How to prepare?
To take the necessary action to create a fairer world.
I see the need for a great reset.
So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again.
This is, let's say, fiction.
It will not happen.
There is only one way this pandemic is going to go.
It's going to get worse and worse and worse.
Pay insufficient attention.
To the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
Good, Brian's got the good!
This message brought to you by CCP, main sponsor of W.E.B.
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I have to hatch you out!
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