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Name: 20230115_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 15, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses local business decline, climate change, nightlife restrictions, and censorship while criticizing politicians. He advocates for individual freedom and breaking monopolies in America. Alex promotes InfoWars products on InfoWarsStore.com and 1776coin.com, including the Teddy Roosevelt Man in the Arena coin and InfoWars Platinum supplements, urging listeners to try them and support InfoWars against the New World Order.

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Tomorrow's news.
It's Sunday, January 15th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a very special live broadcast lined up for you tonight.
Gerald Cilente, the Top Trends Forecaster, is going to be co-hosting with Owen Schroer.
And then, coming up in about two hours, the great Harrison Smith will host Sunday Night Live from 6 to 8 p.m.
Now, Owen's got his own agenda of important news information to cover, and I'm sure he's going to be covering it, because I know I was talking to him just today, and he's really excited, because the CDC's had to come out and say, okay, the shots are linked to strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, and now they're blaming...
Big Pharma for not telling them that they'd done secret trials and knew this was going to happen.
This is just a spectacular development as their cover-up implodes.
And it was all of you out there spreading the word and supporting the broadcast that did this.
So people call in.
They say, Alex, you saved millions of lives exposing the shot.
And now 98% of people aren't taking it.
And the military isn't being forced anymore.
And now they're backing off on kids.
Wow, great job, Alex.
Great job, you.
Great job for you in the last three years when we exposed this.
Supporting the show, sharing the articles, sharing the videos.
Do you realize that our success is because of you?
You are the reason the dog hunted.
You're the reason this message got out.
You're the reason that the light was turned on.
Yeah, the light's there, but if you don't throw the switch, nobody sees it.
So, you have saved millions of people, all of us collectively have, by the grace of God.
And praise God for this awakening.
Now, we're winning battles.
We haven't won the war yet, but at least we're winning battles for the first time in more than 50 years against this globalist combine.
We're identifying them.
We're exposing them, and we're going to bring them down with God's help.
So, tell everybody to tune in right now.
The whole system's imploding.
The world is waking up.
We're going to bring the Fauci's and Bill Gates' to justice.
And please recommit to understand, yeah, we're winning some battles, but we've been the tip of the spear.
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But again, whatever you do, Owen is loaded for bear.
Gerald Cilente is loaded for bear.
They've got all the clips coming up with what's happening, with even CNN admitting the shot's killing people, and all these new deaths, all this craziness.
But no one is going to see the past analysis and who's really behind it and what the globalists are planning next if you don't share this feed.
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We'll be right back with Owen Schroeder, Gerald Cilente,
Harrison Smith and more.
Stay with us.
It was early 2022, about a year ago, that the dam broke pertaining to the cover-up of what COVID vaccines are really doing.
But now in the last four days, the CDC has come out, the NIH has come out, the FDA boards have come out, and all pointed fingers at each other saying they were lied to about secret studies that were done on the experimental shots.
Studies that were done once the injections began, but now the CDC is releasing documents confirming massive increases in blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, infertility, strokes, you name it.
And then today, Fox News, we're about to play the clip, comes out and says, whoa!
The CDC says it got covered up what happened with strokes increasing and they're so upset they didn't know.
This is rats leaving the sinking ship.
This is the establishment that did this on purpose being caught.
If you go back to 2014-15, Obama funded the University of Texas, Galveston.
My studies...
And they found, with a similar coronavirus mRNA vaccine, that it was causing massive heart attacks, blood clots in the lungs, myocarditis, and the rats lived about half as long as rats normally do.
Ladies and gentlemen, they knew what they were doing, as Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former chief scientist and vice president of Pfizer, said a week ago.
They knew it was toxic, they knew it was a depopulation weapon.
So here's the clip from Fox News.
The bad news is millions have died, hundreds of millions are sick.
The good news is less than 10% of people are taking these shots compared to what were just a year ago.
So the public's waking up, but now we've got to bring Big Pharma and these mad scientists led by Fauci and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak to justice.
This was premeditated, just like I told you three years ago when this all started.
But remember, back in 1976, only three people died from the swine flu vaccine, and they suspended the whole program.
We know hundreds and hundreds of thousands, conservatively, have died in the U.S.
All the documents are posted at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
All of you that told the truth, all the doctors and scientists that spoke out, all of us as independent journalists that told the truth, we are vindicated.
But it's not about being vindicated.
It's about bringing the criminals and judges to protect the innocent.
Because now they're coming after not just six-month-old and up, they're coming after newborn babies and pregnant women.
Here's the report.
So we are just getting word of this now.
Regarding the COVID vaccine, the CDC is now saying there has been enough cases of people who have had the vaccine, received the vaccine, and then suffered a stroke.
The agency will now be investigating any potential links between the shots and the strokes in some of those patients.
The globalist criminals are on the run.
We're really starting to win.
But we've only won major battles.
We haven't won the war.
That's why Info Wars is so important.
It's why those that launch this attack are so scared.
It's why it's the tip of the spear.
There's not just my Sunday show coming up tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m., with key guests and analysis.
Not just my weekday show from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
But on Tuesday, we're doing an Alex Jones Was Right marathon broadcast from 8 a.m.
past midnight with top scientists and experts across the board.
Looks like we've got Michael Yeadon coming on as well.
So be sure and join us this coming Tuesday at 8 a.m.
for the kickoff of this marathon broadcast.
We're going to save a lot of lives.
We're going to move the goal one step closer to bringing the new world order to justice.
What if you had the plans to the Death Star?
What if you knew the globalist operations that could stop it?
Well, we've done the research.
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Thank you, Alex, and we are now live inside InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer here with you hosting the Alex Jones Show the rest of the way, joined by Gerald Salente as well.
He's over there in New York like a busy beaver going through all of his documents.
I've got all my documents laid out here in front of me as well.
Before I bring Gerald in, though, I just want to get one thing.
Off my chest, if you will, before we get started here.
That was I want to reiterate that was already stated by Alex Jones.
I can't express my gratitude to this audience enough and I really hope you understand as Alex has tried to explain many times without you.
We don't exist and in case you haven't noticed and I don't want to make a big thing of this tonight, but in case you haven't noticed.
A lot of people are getting their Twitter accounts back, but you've noticed who's not by now, haven't you?
You've noticed who's not allowed to go back on Twitter.
It's Alex Jones and it's his great crew, myself included, Harrison Smith and others.
So, we are the most censored network in the world.
We are the most censored individuals that work here at this network in the world.
It is now completely proven once again.
And so, for me personally, if I don't have you supporting us at Infowarestore.com, I don't know what happens.
I'm not going to be allowed back by Big Tech.
They've already made that very clear.
And so I am eternally grateful for this audience, and I am eternally grateful for everything you've done to make InfoWars successful, to keep us on the air despite all the attacks against us, so that we can come in here every day and do a great job trying to inform the world.
And, as people have started to notice, you know, we don't claim to be saving lives here, like that's what our duty is every day, but it is a fact.
We've probably saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives when it comes to this vaccine.
And that's just by telling the truth.
That's not even like we have to come out here and think, how can we save lives?
They're telling you a COVID-19 poison injection is safe and effective when we knew the opposite was true.
So that's all it was, was just getting out the information.
Wouldn't you like to know before you bite into that apple if it's poisoned?
We're just here telling you that's a poisoned apple.
You might not want to bite into it.
So once again,
Eternally grateful for you.
Don't take InfoWars for granted.
You want to continue to see us on the air every day, shop at InfoWarsStore.com.
And the great guests, one of which who's been joining us for a long time, from the Trends Journal, the story before it happens, Gerald Cilente.
Gerald, I got a bunch of stuff for us to go over today, big stacks of news.
I see you're shuffling through your documents as well.
What's your big story for this evening, Gerald Cilente?
Well, you know, I'm listening to what you're saying and about how important it is for the people to do everything they can to support InfoWars.
Because all they're doing is selling us a daily diet of useless news and total propaganda.
On the useless news front, do I care that a football player after he got tackled got a heart attack?
I mean, as part of the game.
Oh, did he get a vaccine?
I don't care.
This is not essential news that's going to help me as a human being prepare, prevail, and prosper in the future.
I want information that's going to help me.
I'm not in the sixth grade.
Elvis Presley's daughter died.
I've been watching her every day, all my life, since I remember Elvis Presley.
This is not news.
This is entertainment.
But wait a second, Gerald.
You're telling me that two years of Rachel Maddow talking about Trump-Russia collusion was a waste of time?
I mean, for two years, this woman was telling you.
That goes back to the second thing I said.
The propaganda.
So they feed you with useless garbage, and then they brain-dead you with propaganda.
I'm going to give you an example.
This is from the Financial Times.
Not ancient history.
January 10th.
Russia's set for rare success with control of key town.
Rare success?
Hey, got some.
They got 20% of the country or more.
They destroyed some 70% of the power and infrastructure and water infrastructure of the country.
So what am I, six years old?
Who are you talking to?
We're talking to the general public.
We feed them crap, they swallow crap.
They eat junk news, they swallow junk food, and they listen to junkheads.
And that's why I'm saying that people have to do all they can to support InfoWars.
We're in the time of our life.
We've got a girl being held down against her will to take this vaccine, screaming and crying, held down.
It's like a scene out of a psycho killer film.
We've got new documents revealed that the entire pandemic, the creation of the virus, the lockdown, everything, was a Department of Defense operation.
The vaccine was released as part of countermeasures.
These documents revealed via a Freedom of Information Act request.
Ernest Ramirez, 16-year-old son, dies five days after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine.
Moderna conveniently announces their new mRNA heart failure therapy.
So they give you a little vaccine that stops your heart, then they tell you they've got the nice solution for the heart that they just stopped.
That's called the Pied Piper.
And it just goes on and on with this.
Then there's the headlines.
BBC Studio windows covered in stickers symbolizing deaths caused by COVID jabs.
Oh, they don't like that, that vaccine they promoted.
They told you safe and effective, now so many dead from it.
Dating show for the unvaxxed removed from YouTube.
Yeah, people that didn't get the vaccine, the purebloods as they're called, are, you know, maybe not so willing to
Mix, let's say, or procreate, or have sexual relations with vaccinated people.
Is that so wrong?
Well, apparently, according to YouTube, it is.
Then you've got a plane crash, at least 68 dead, Nepal plane crash after aircraft plummets into gorge.
Now, we've seen an increase in plane crashes after the COVID-19 vaccine.
Well, why would that be?
Well, maybe the elite have an idea.
Wealthy elite now requiring an unvaccinated crew to fly their jets, according to a pilot.
So, the elite know that if your pilot has been vaccinated, that's an increase of a stroke, a heart attack, other such problems.
They don't want the pilots, vaccinated pilots, flying their planes.
CNN and Washpole COVID expert claims number of pandemic deaths have been overcounted.
That's Dr. Wu.
Now you may remember her and we bring in Dr. we bring in Gerald Cilenti here.
Gerald, Dr. Lena Wynne here.
Dr. Lena Wynne.
That was her name.
I mean, this woman either completely fooled you, or she's like a spy or something that just went on your network and spouted off propaganda for two whole years and is now embarrassing you saying it was all fake.
But aside from that...
When do the trials begin, Gerald Salente, to all these people?
Yeah, there's the human blobfish there on CNN that told you how great the vaccine was.
Now she's retracting everything.
When the trials begin, Gerald, nobody, even if they come out and admit now that they lied to you about the vaccine, they should still be held in a trial.
And maybe they can be granted mercy if they come out and say that they were wrong about it now.
But I mean, when do the trials begin?
An entire window at BBC Studio covered in vaccine deaths, Gerald.
They're not going to have a trial.
They can lie and do anything that they want.
How about that little daddy's boy, born on third base with a pair of cojones, smaller than a mothball, George W. Bush?
And I can't call the other guy Dick Cheney because I don't want to get censored here, so I'll call him Penis Cheney, who lied us into the Iraq War.
I had a rally here on July 23rd, up in Kingston.
Here it is.
Peace and freedom.
My speakers are Judge Andrew Napolitano, Gary Ngo, Scott Ritter, and Phil Giraldi.
Phil Giraldi was a top, top CIA guy.
Goes into little Georgie Bush's office with the facts.
There are no weapons of mass destruction in
You know what Bush did?
He told Phil Giraldi, get out of here.
Get out of the office.
You know what Phil Giraldi did?
He's a real man of honor.
He quit.
How come these warmongering little lying freaks haven't been brought up on trial?
You think this is going to bring these people up on trial?
No way.
It's one big club and you ain't in it.
And the club is nothing more than a crime syndicate.
The country is run by the military-industrial complex, as we're seeing now.
Anybody with a brain bigger than a pea can't see it.
You're dumb and blind.
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Oh, Lloyd Austin.
I was a general in Iraq and killed a lot of innocent people.
And before I got the job as Secretary of Defense, I sat on the board of directors of Raytheon.
You've got the military-industrial complex.
Oh, and don't believe me.
Believe a man by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Five-Star General?
Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces?
Oh, a celebration!
January 17th is Farewell Address 1963, warning the American people that the military-industrial complex is robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
Here we are!
Here we are!
Hundred and eight hundred and sixty billion dollar defense budget.
Oh, yeah.
Anyway, the military industrial complex and the banksters.
Oh, that's right.
Hey, I'm too big to fail.
You're a nobody.
I'm Jamie Dimon.
I'm Goldman Sachs.
I'm a Merrill Lynch mob.
Oh, the Federal Reserve is going to dump in $29 trillion, right?
Oh yeah, that's okay.
2007, 2010, according to the Levy Institute at Bard College.
And the same thing.
As the markets are going down, the Federal Reserve just kept pumping in more and more money.
Number three.
The drug dealers.
That morons and imbeciles called Big Pharma.
That little low-life piece of garbage scum crap, Bill Clinton.
Every time, the guy who every time he got caught with his pants down bombs the way over Baghdad, he killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five, those dirty Russians.
No, no, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright on 60 Minutes telling Leslie Stahl, the sanctions put on Russia that killed 500,000 Iraqi children, it was worth the price.
That Bill Clinton allowed the drug dealers to run their ads on TV in 1997.
Number four.
Big tech.
That's who controls this country.
The geeks.
The big King James Bible got it wrong.
They say the meek shall inherit the earth.
The geeks have inherited the earth.
We are run and controlled by little nothings.
Little nothings.
Boys and girls, when you call them out man to man, they go down.
Little nothings, but really arrogant when they got their security guards around them and tell you how to live and run your life.
So no, they're not going to do anything with the gangsters that started the COVID war.
Go back to our Trends Journal magazine.
January 28th, 2020.
China launches the COVID war, 106 dead in China.
Our next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
Why are you telling me this stuff?
That's Gerald Cilenti.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Still here, every day, on air, despite
The dreams of Hillary Clinton to have us shut down.
The dreams of George Soros and Klaus Schwab and the Chinese Communists.
Their wet dreams of InfoWars being off air.
We're still here.
And we're thankful for it.
The world is thankful for it.
And it's all because of your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
Your prayers, your words of encouragement, sharing, spreading the links is always key as well.
That's one of the greatest things when somebody says, hey, I'm a new listener.
I just found you guys in the last month or the last couple of months after you had been censored.
It's great to have find you.
I feel like somebody's finally speaking the truth.
Somebody's finally speaking reality.
I just don't get it anywhere.
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Gerald Salenti with us.
And Gerald, of course, next week is Davos over there in Switzerland.
All the wealthy, the club as you like to call them, the club is meeting in Davos.
And you know, they hate the people so much.
They hate the peasants and the serfs so much, Gerald, that they've set up a security perimeter that's about
You're right.
I call us plantation workers of slavelandia.
When I was a young guy, there were grocery stores, hardware stores, stationery stores.
You know, drugstores.
And now they're all chains.
They own everything.
And I have to correct you.
You said about Soros, Schwab, and Hillary Clinton having wet dreams.
They're all dried up, man.
They don't have wet dreams anymore.
The other thing, too, I want to mention really briefly, to bring it into the context of listening to the 1776 coin.
The silver coin, why this is so important.
You know, we had forecast, by the way, back in November, October, that gold prices had bottomed.
And that gold and silver prices were going to go up from that point.
And they have.
And now you're seeing gold now, you know, which is above 1900 an ounce.
So I'm not telling people what to do, what to invest in.
But I'm just saying, when you're supporting InfoWars with that 1776 coin,
You're also supporting yourself, because our forecast is the price of silver is going to go up.
And as far as 1776 goes, I just turned 76 in November, so I'm fighting for the spirit of 1776.
And that's something, those coins, that keeps it in your heart, because that's what this country was founded upon.
That spirit that's been robbed from us.
And so, you know, I'm just saying to people, you know, to me, you know, that's not only you're helping yourself, but you're also helping InfoWars.
And again, we only see the prices going up on this because, Owen, the data coming out, all of the guesses on Wall Street is that the Federal Reserve is only going to raise interest rates 25 basis points when they finalize their meeting on February 1st.
If they only raise them 25 basis points, you're going to see gold and silver prices skyrocket.
If they don't, and they raise them 50 basis points, you're going to see the economy collapse, along with the stock market, which is also going to drive up gold and silver prices.
So anyway, going back to Davos, we have lost our freedom in this country.
And it's just totally disgusting what's happened to us.
That we have these little clowns running and ruining our lives.
And when you look at that guy Klaus Schwab...
Boy, I'll tell you, man, if Orwell was a cartoonist, he couldn't have come up with a more evil-looking figure like that cat.
With those pointy ears.
And look, it's not like they can claim that the James Bond villains or even Dr. Evil from Austin Powers is based off Klaus Schwab.
It's like he based himself off of them.
He's like a cross between Darth Vader and Dr. Evil.
And you know, I say to myself, man, Soros could keep his billions, man.
If I look like that cat, I'd rather be dead.
He's like Emperor Palpatine after he got like... Holy jeez!
Imagine walking around...
Yeah, look at me, look at these people.
Look at them.
Look at our, look who our Treasury Secretary is.
Fletcher Brutes.
Janet Yellen.
We're the same age.
So, my God, look at her.
I'm not, okay.
Maybe you're the same age, but are you the same species?
I'm not sure Janet Yellen is a human.
I mean, come on.
That's a bad disguise for an alien.
Look at her!
Fatshah Brut.
It's like, hey, alien, can't you get a better disguise?
You know, by the way.
And this is what's really important, is that here she is, our Treasury Secretary.
Oh, and what was the last job?
Look at this woman.
Her last job was a Fed head running the Federal Reserve.
Wait a minute.
I said before, you know, that it's not a revolving door.
Again, that guy, Lloyd Austin, from sitting on the board of directors of Raytheon, now he's the defense secretary, and now somebody that was the head of the Federal Reserve is our U.S.
Treasury Secretary?
And no one's complaining about this?
I mean, you can see the game is rigged right in front of your eye.
This is like all the FDA people that go over to Pfizer.
It's the same thing.
It's this insetuous relationship.
And then we've got the anti-fascists in the streets, Gerald!
We got anti-fascists in the streets!
And they don't know a damn thing about who the fascists are.
You know, I had, again, I had this, uh, uh, yeah, peace and freedom, peace and freedom rally.
My tenant in the 1774 Academy,
A place called Rough Draft.
They closed down at 2 o'clock when we began because, quote, it was a political rally and they didn't want to be open.
A political rally?
Peace and freedom?
Those are the little people that swallow all the crap that bought the COVID war, that hated me when I had a peace and freedom rally, when little Andy Cuomo locked down everything in July of 2020.
I did another one in July of 2021.
And by the way, I died when I had
The rally when everything was locked down, I died of the virus.
So this really isn't me.
You know, again... You've been raised from the dead.
Yeah, the first... and I'm telling everybody that the products you're getting from InfoWars are going to help you stay healthy.
This is the first book I worked on.
Natural Healing.
Back in the 1980s.
I have an honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences.
I haven't been sick in over three years.
Because I take vitamins and supplements which are banned by Big Pharma, not allowed to talk to it, and we won't teach it to you when you go to medical school!
You will only learn to give drugs!
So what I'm saying to everybody listening, the products that you're getting from InfoWars not only helps you, it helps them.
And it's very important now to get in the best shape you can physically, emotionally, and spiritually, because we are in the fight of our lives.
If we don't stop these crazy people, these demonic people, from ruining our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,
All aboard!
Next train to Auschwitz!
And that's what they want.
That's what's going on in Brazil right now, folks.
Look at how quickly the commies seized Brazil and are torturing people in their little fascist concentration camps.
It happens fast, folks.
We can't let it happen here, as we have been for decades, sadly.
Gerald Salente is with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer filling in for Alex.
And I was unaware that Gerald had recently celebrated his 76th birthday.
We give him a belated happy birthday.
But Gerald, I do know this.
At 76, you still like to boogie, don't ya?
Oh yeah, because you know why.
You got to boogie before the lights go out, because tomorrow is iffy.
So I want to have a good time.
And boy, I'll tell you, it's tough to have a good time up here anymore.
This COVID war, the damage it's done is incalculable.
Nine o'clock, I went to a New Year's Eve party up in Woodstock.
Woodstock is about 15 minutes away from me.
I left after 12 o'clock, took the Maiden Route back, you know, it's Route 28.
I counted five cars.
Last night, I was about, you know, about a half hour away from here, a place called Saugerties.
I drove back on Route 9W.
When I left the town, from Saugerties to Kingston, there was not one car behind me or in front of me.
Dead at 9.30 at night.
The damage?
It used to be up in Woodstock when I moved up here years ago.
We're going out 10.30 at night.
That's when we started going.
Bans everywhere.
Hardly anything.
Life is dead.
There's no fun going on.
They sucked the joy out of life.
The COVID war.
And that clown woman on the Cartoon News Network that you called CNN.
These little prestitutes.
They're media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and government whoremasters.
I remember the arrogance of spewing out of her mouth.
The clown up in Canada.
One after another.
One little jerk.
Telling us what to do.
Oh, and I love the thing, they have to have doctor in front of their name.
Doctor in front of their name.
Hey, Frank!
Hey, Susie!
Oh, no, no!
I'm a doctor!
I'm better than you are!
Hey, call me Trent Salenti, all right?
So these people sold the lies that we were detailing week after week after week in the Trends Journal.
You talked about how the people going into the hospitals
Had pre-existing comorbidities.
Even the CDC came out and said that 94% of the people that died of COVID, I think was 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities.
The people between 1 to 17 years old, there are about 73 million 1 to 73 year olds in the United States.
60% of those that were hospitalized, according to the CDC, were obese.
Oh, and how many died?
Again, the numbers, it's around under 2,000 over a period of almost three years.
Wait a minute, 2,000 people from one to 73 million died?
2,000 out of 73 million died and you're injecting them with an Operation Warp Speed gene therapy inoculation?
And if you don't get one, you don't have a job!
Yeah, heil Hitler!
Welcome to America!
My body, my choice, Gerald!
It's my body, my choice!
If I want to kill that baby, and then you ask the same people, do I have a choice to take a vaccine?
Well, that's different!
Not only is it different, not only is it different, they spent, according to CNBC, when that number came out, some $7 million promoting the vaccination.
Oh, I see.
I'm sure you saw this.
The State Supreme Court in Syracuse, New York, struck down a statewide mandate for medical staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
In a landmark ruling issued January 13th, New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neary declared that statewide COVID vaccine mandate for medical staff null, void, and of no effect.
Neary also found that the mandate was, quote, arbitrary and capricious.
Citing evidence that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent the spread of viruses undercutting the basis for the mandate.
Quote, in true Orwellian fashion, the respondents acknowledged then current COVID-19 shots do not prevent transmission.
End quote.
Neri wrote.
Goes on.
He wrote, quote, a term which is defined at the whim of an entity subject to change without a moment's notice contains all the hallmarks of absurdity and is no definition at all.
You think this made the mainstream news?
The one that you wrote about that arrogant
Person on the Cartoon Network?
Oh, that wasn't big news.
Oh my God, I wonder how Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are doing.
Never heard of it before, but only had to hear about it for about a year.
Well, and now they are, I think some of them are realizing, uh-oh, we have a little bit of a culpability issue here.
We promoted these vaccines, maybe they feel bad.
Maybe the loving, liberal, tolerant leftists that used to be anti-Big Pharma, they used to be anti-Big Pharma.
Here's a funny one for you.
You know who, you know that little pipsqueak nincompoop Robert Third Reich?
You know Robert Third Reich?
Well, he's a little liberal nincompoop.
He always pops up and is spewing his liberal politics.
And now, after promoting the vaccine for two years, he's now publicly going against Big Pharma and against them for making all of these profits.
It's so funny to watch the liberal left be two, three years late to the news.
Liberals used to be anti-Big Pharma.
You know this.
I know.
In my generation.
They're little cowards.
Look at Crosby, Nils, Stash and Young.
Look at that arrogant little Jimmy Kimmel.
Look at that pencil head guy, Sean Pencilhead.
Little clowns!
Little boys of nothing!
Little boys of nothing!
You don't get vaxxed, you should have no rights.
Oh, by the way, all of these guys, you know, I said I'm 76, so I'm at the height of the Vietnam War.
They're drafting everybody.
And by the way, I was too stupid as a young guy in my early 20s.
I swallowed the crap.
I believed that, you know, if we don't stop those commies in Vietnam, they're going to hit the shores of California, the dominoes will keep falling.
I believed it.
All these little boys that protested the war, that are so pro-vax, you know why they protested the war?
Because they were getting drafted.
When the draft ended, the protests ended.
They're arrogant little nobodies with bad attitudes.
Yeah, actually, they all love the war in Ukraine now.
That's right.
That's right.
They're going over there.
One little, one little clown.
Oh, by the way, why shouldn't the comedians and clowns go there?
Because the guy that's playing president of Ukraine was a comedian playing a sitcom as the president of Ukraine and playing the piano with his penis.
Of course they love him!
It's a Sean Pencil guy!
It's Sean Pencil playing the piano with the penis.
It's one little nothing boy after another.
Anybody that wants to go support Ukraine, pack up your gear, send your wife, your kids, your partners, or whoever.
And go join the fight!
Send your money, or shut your mouth!
Gee, it seems like Russia's actually having strategic victory.
What's going on?
What happened to the $150 billion in U.S.
What happened to all the weapons?
What happened to the news saying the Russians were getting crushed?
My goodness, we were wrong again!
Well, you're partially right on that because I really want to go into that in detail and why people need to support InfoWars because you're bringing out the truth as we do with the Trends Journal.
I want to read you some headlines.
Ukraine's armed forces working to exhaust Russia's as much as possible on Soledad Front.
That's Tuesday, January 10th.
Ready for this one?
This is from a clown on Financial Times.
Ukraine war has completely gone wrong for Putin.
FT Journalist says.
You ready?
The facts behind the most bloody battle in Ukraine.
And they go on to say Russia's capture of Solidar.
They go on, this whole thing.
How the Russians are losing.
And they keep going on and on and on.
Ukraine's results.
It's the modern day Tokyo Rose.
Gerald, hold it right there.
Let's focus on this issue when we come back here for the second hour of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We're getting into the situation in Ukraine with Gerald Cilente and so much more on this Alex Jones Show.
And don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, this Tuesday, this Tuesday, we've got an extended special broadcast.
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I think he's moving the ball in the right direction.
We'll call it as we see it.
If he goes sideways, that's fine.
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We'll give it fair coverage.
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So, Tuesday, tune in, 8 a.m.
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Emergency broadcast.
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And Gerald, let's continue with this topic.
Where do you see, as the creator of the Trends Journal, forecasting since 1980, still here doing it, where do you see the trends going as far as the war in Ukraine and Russia is concerned?
Saying exactly what we said when it began.
You're not going to defeat the Russians.
Once upon a time, there was a guy by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte.
He left Poland with 420,000 troops in 1812 to attack Moscow.
Came back with 10,000.
410,000 young guys murdered.
Once upon a time, not too long ago, again, I'm born a year after World War II,
There's a thing called Operation Barbarossa launched by Adolf Hitler.
He killed over 20 million Russians.
Destroyed the country.
Who were the first to defeat the Germans in World War II?
No, sorry, it wasn't the Americans.
It was the Russians.
Owen, this is the cover.
When it used to be a monthly magazine, the Trends Journal, now it's a weekly.
War or peace?
We the people should decide.
An article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary, under Ronald Reagan.
Washington is driving the world to the final war.
World hegemony is not a right
America has earned.
And this is a great Anthony Frieda article, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama, with a tank with his face into it.
I just want to read you just a tiny part here.
Washington concluded that Russia needed to be confronted with, or distracted by, problems that would leave the Russian government less confident or able to counter Washington's aggression elsewhere.
Ukraine presented the perfect opportunity for Washington to advance his hegemonic agenda.
In a speech at the National Press Club last December, which was December 2013, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland posted that Washington invested $5 billion in non-governmental organizations, NGOs in Ukraine,
For the purpose, you ready?
To teach democracy.
And now that same Newland is running the same war.
It's Newland again!
The United States overthrew the government.
I know.
The people have no idea.
No, the American media has lied to the people of almost everything about what's going on in Ukraine.
But of course they did.
And we're here with Gerald Solente.
And Gerald, I want to go back to something you said earlier about your rally, your peace rally that you had recently and a phenomenon of stores wanting to close down because I think it tells a bigger story.
I think it tells a bigger story about what's going on in America where
Not too long ago, and this is how a free market capitalist society would be functioning healthy, if it was functioning healthily, if somebody was coming to town, let's say an event or a rally or whatever, if you're a business owner, you embrace that opportunity because you get business!
Whether you agree with the politics of the people you're going to be serving or not, you understand this is an opportunity to make business.
So I think it's an incredible kind of side story that when you're about to have your rally, instead of embracing this opportunity for business and economy, they shut down.
I think that's a telling story.
That's what happens in communist countries.
That's what happens in countries that are going the wrong way economically.
And your kind of little pocketed story there, I think it just tells that story.
Would you agree?
Absolutely I agree with you.
People don't like, a lot of people like me, but a lot of people can't stand me up here because they're little gutless cowards and they hate me because I, Gerald Solenti, am an American patriot.
I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I don't believe in little clowns, politicians telling me what to do.
I believe in human rights.
Do what you want to do, don't tell me what to do.
Again, Owen, this is the poster.
You know, we put a lot of money into this.
We had, again, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Scott Ritter, Gary Null.
The Hot Damn Band, by the way, the Hot Damn Band was brought to me by Aaron Neville's wife, who subscribes to the Trends Journal.
You know, there are people that are totally pro-peace.
There are more Ukrainian flags.
These little boys, little nothing, little nothing little boys, hanging Ukrainian flags all over.
More Ukrainian flags than American flags.
More Ukrainian flags than Americans.
A hundred Ukraine troops to train in
How about this?
That's a great story.
How about a hundred Iraqi troops to train in Moscow to defeat America?
Oh my God, how could you do that?
Oh, they complain, they say, Russia, Russia is using Iranian drones for the war in Ukraine.
Wait a second, Ukraine, Ukraine wouldn't even have a fighting force if it wasn't for the West, if it wasn't for the United States.
And it was Obama that, it's not Iranian drones.
Those are U.S.
Obama gave Iran our drone technology!
It's our technology being used!
Again, the whole thing is hypocrisy.
And I want to make this point because I want to make it very clear why people need everything they do, they can do to support InfoWars.
Because all you're getting are lies, outright lies, and propaganda.
And I'm going to give you the proof right now.
And again, with the Trends Journal, you know, it's the truth in trends.
We don't tell you what to think.
It's think for yourself.
You ready?
This is CBS News.
Thursday, July 12th.
Russia's capture of Soledad would allow it to sell a much-needed victory back home after months of humiliating setbacks and shrinking military aims.
Wait a minute.
Russia controls over 20% of the country.
And it's the strategic, it's the most important 20%.
It's access to the Black Sea, it's Crimea, where a lot of the farming and stuff goes on.
So, what are you talking about?
But anyway, it keeps going.
Ukraine's resolve stealed STELED by signs of agreement on battle tank deliveries.
Financial Times.
You ready?
UK and Poland confirmed tanks to Ukraine.
And this is my favorite line.
Ukraine says it needs 300 tanks to be able to liberate its territories from Russian occupation.
How about 320 tanks?
And what are you making up this number for?
300 tanks?
And they repeat this like they don't know what they're talking about.
Yeah, tanks a lot.
But hold on, the tank story is actually even worse.
So here's how ridiculous this tank situation is.
We're giving Ukraine American tank technology, which actually the Russians have better tank technology, because their tanks run on, I believe it's some sort of a nuclear fusion energy, whereas our tanks are still burning gasoline.
Or it might be reversed that, I'm sorry.
I think it's reversed that.
So, in other words, Russian tanks you cannot see from satellite radar.
Russian tanks do not put a heat
We're good to go.
And of course, of course the military-industrial complex doesn't care, Gerald.
They're raking in money hand over fist.
And then we give Ukraine basically these... I mean, that's like going into a war wearing a hot pink fluorescent yellow costume saying, you'll never find me!
And the hypocrisy beyond that, how come they weren't covering the disastrous Iraq war like this every day in the media?
How come they weren't?
Oh, because of embedded reporters?
They were in bed with the government?
You do what we tell you to do?
How come the New York Times, the toilet paper of record?
How come they weren't covering this day after day after day like they do the Ukraine war?
How about one after?
How come they weren't doing it day after day with the Afghan war?
How come?
Because they're prostitutes, they're media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and government whoremasters.
Again, why the people need to support InfoWars because you're, you know, I go to InfoWars every day to get the news that you're putting out there.
I go to a lot of different places.
You guys are really on top of it.
So people have to do everything they can to support this.
And again, we're giving them history before it happens with the Trends Journal.
And I want to just keep going on with this to show the people why.
Russia's set for rare success with control of Keytown.
That was the financial ties.
Again, they'll control over 20% of the country.
Rare success, Gerald.
Rare success.
I mean, look, I'm not trying to laugh at the plight of the Ukrainians, but folks, I mean, that is a joke.
The Ukrainian army is devastated.
They're devastated.
They're losing.
You ready for this one?
Russia's Vladimir Putin afraid of coup.
A source who is close to Putin claimed that the president will nominate his chosen heir already this year.
And this goes on.
This is from the British Daily.
According to his former ally, Putin will want to transfer his power to his chosen rather than risk a coup against him.
And of course, we'll be lied to about this too, because the real situation, and this is what the American media is lying about, folks, you gotta understand, Putin actually has a soft spot in his makeup for the West.
He kind of romanticizes the West a little bit.
The generals and a lot of the people behind Putin, they despise the West.
The reason why, if this story is true, the reason why there might be pressure to get rid of Putin is because he hasn't gone hard enough against America.
The generals and some of these people behind Putin are like, what are you doing?
Why are we putting up with this crap from these American cross-dressing fags?
Again, this is another one.
So now they're saying how Putin's ratings are tanking, right?
They say that.
And then I looked it up.
Putin's approval rating ends at, in 2022, so a couple of weeks ago, 81%.
81% of the people support him.
Yeah, but Biden's is like 20%, so you combine the two, that's 100%.
Oh, by the way, the more Biden goes down in the polls, and this thing is going to bring him down with him stealing the documents, when all else fails, they take you to war.
They're going to get the people's mind off it, and they're going to ramp up the Ukraine war.
Same with the crashing economy, Gerald.
It's the same tactic.
When all else fails, they take us to war.
But they're obviously afraid of subpoenas coming from the House.
I don't know why else they would be admitting all these secret documents now.
That's the only thing I can figure.
We'll get Gerald Salenti's take on that from the Trends Journal on the other side of this break.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroeder, Gerald Salenti filling in today.
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Gerald Cilente is our guest here on the Alex Jones Show this Sunday.
Owen Schroer filling in.
Here's some of the latest.
When it comes to the Biden documents, and it's almost like the water is so muddied, I'm a little confused at how many different troves of classified documents Biden stole now.
Is it three, four, five?
It's hard to even keep track.
More classified documents found at Biden's Delaware home.
So he's keeping them in his home.
They're not even as safe.
They're hanging out in the garage.
They're hanging out above a steakhouse.
Aides and lawyers are finding them in files.
They covered it up when they discovered it in November.
Now they're acting like, oh, we're doing an investigation.
It's all above board.
Former Clinton adviser David Gergen says Biden risks being creamed by Doc's case.
Very, very big deal.
Uh, except he's a Democrat and a, and a, and he's compromised by China and other countries, so I don't think, I don't think he's really going to get burned alive.
I mean, I don't think they want Kamala Harris in there.
There's one winner in the Biden documents discovery, Donald Trump, says the Guardian.
Oh, that's hilarious.
So they're admitting that the whole thing against Trump was political, but now that Biden actually committed the crimes they're accusing Trump of,
So I love this.
Now Trump's in the clear.
Isn't that funny?
Admitting the whole thing was political, but Biden blew it for him.
Kentucky Democrats suggest Joe Biden may be impeached for war crimes in Ukraine.
Yeah, starting a war with Russia without congressional approval, kind of a big deal.
And then there's the Biden family.
You know, they love to tell you how tight-knit of a family they are, but they never invite their granddaughter to the Christmas parties.
And now Hunter Biden wants total distance.
Hunter Biden asked court to deny estranged four-year-old daughter taking his surname.
How many kids does Hunter Biden have and how many grandkids does Joe Biden have that they never allow around the family?
Even worse than Bill Clinton.
That's amazing.
Representative Matt Gaetz downloads on corrupt DC swamp.
If you think differently, you're hunted.
That's right.
Just like Elon Musk, who is now facing a U.S.
fraud trial over a Tesla tweet.
But getting back to the Biden documents, Gerald, you know, I look at this and I really think there's an organic level here.
I think I don't see how the deep state of the Democrats
Have any advantage in taking Biden out right now.
I don't think they want Kamala Harris.
The globalists certainly don't want Kamala Harris.
Joe Biden is the compromised one.
Joe Biden is the total puppet.
We all know Harris, you know, that she might get a little uppity.
And she's not compromised, I think, by foreign interests like Biden is.
But with the whole Trump thing in the documents, now they have to focus on these documents because they made a big deal about Trump.
They tried to hide it in November, now they're having to admit it, I think, because they're afraid of House subpoenas.
But, Gerald, what's your take on the whole Biden stealing classified documents phenomenon?
Do you think it's organic?
Do you think it's a controlled thing?
Do you think they want him out?
What do you think's going on, Gerald Solente?
Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know what they're going to do.
But the thing is, no, they won't put Kamala Harris in there.
They'll get somebody else in there running.
They keep bringing him down so he won't run in 2024, but they're saying that he's going to announce within several weeks whether or not he's going to be running.
Let's go back to the documents.
They're going to start finding stuff about Hunter Biden.
Again, going back to your Trends journals, going back to 2014, after the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych,
All of a sudden, Hunter Biden and Chris Hines, the stepson of another arrogant boy, born on third base and 30 at a home run, John Kerry.
That's right.
It's Chris Hines of the Hines 57 family.
They get a deal with Burisma Energy, a corrupt, like the rest of Ukraine, corporation.
And they're making millions of dollars sitting on the board of directors of Burisma Energy.
What does Hunter Biden or Chrissy Hines know about energy?
It's just one dirty deal.
That might come out.
And again, as I'm saying, when all else fails, they take you to war.
Let's go back, not ancient history, 2021.
Biden pulls all the troops out of
No, the Taliban ain't gonna take over.
We'll be in control of Kabul.
They're not gonna take over.
And what happens?
A bunch of American troops get slaughtered.
Oh, and on the way out, the American troops slaughtered a bunch of innocent people that they covered up.
Oh, what else happened?
Scores of billions of dollars of weapons, our money, left over there for the Taliban to use.
Oh, and Biden's plummeting in the polls.
And then, last year, just around this time, they start heating up with the Ukraine war.
And the more, the more Biden comes out, we're gonna punish Putin, this and that.
That's a quote, punish Putin.
He keeps going up in the polls.
Again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
What followed, what followed the Great Depression?
World War II.
What followed the dot-com bust?
The Nasdaq, it was gone.
That Y2 baloney, over.
Oh, all of a sudden?
The people, again, 88% of the people swallowed little Georgie Bush's crap.
We're going to get that guy Osama Bin Laden dead or alive!
They're going to do the same thing.
The deeper Biden goes down, the more he's going to ramp up this war, and the morons that know nothing about the facts are going to follow.
That's the way we see it.
Yeah, there's the cover.
In God we trust.
What God?
You know, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God.
No God supports war.
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
No, no, we became invisible for liberty and justice for all.
It's only
Punishment to the fullest, and we the people of Slavelandia, while the crooks like the JPMorgan Chase gang that gets five felonies rigging the precious metals market, gets a slap on the wrist of $900 million in 2019.
How come Jamie Dimon ain't in jail?
Oh, I gotta be in Davos.
But look, General, everything they've accused Donald Trump of, they've literally done.
This secret documents thing is just the latest.
Joe Biden, I mean, we know Joe Biden stole classified documents.
Not just highly classified documents.
He stole the most highest level of classified documents that can't even be opened or read unless you're in a secured room.
Again, I believe that, I'm guessing, I don't know.
If this has to do with Ukraine,
I'm telling you what's going to happen.
Biden's just going to ramp up the war.
People will forget about it.
They will forget about it.
Well, we're going to make sure they don't forget about it.
And I don't know what Biden... I mean, at this point, the only thing Biden can do is just declare war on Russia, which he's really already done unconstitutionally.
It's more than Russia.
You're meeting with him.
The United States is meeting with Japan.
You saw that he met with the Japanese guy.
The Prime Minister of Japan, Kishida, and we come back.
We really need to talk about this.
All right, let's talk about Joe Biden and foreign relations.
And man, I mean, you want to talk about U.S.
foreign relations or U.S.
just respect amongst world leaders.
Ever since Biden has taken over, it has tanked.
I mean, tanked.
It's actually a mystical phenomenon that everything they accused Donald Trump of, they're guilty of.
We're talking about the Democrats, generally speaking.
Colluding with Russia.
Oh no, that was Hillary Clinton.
That was Joe Biden.
Stealing classified documents.
That's right.
No, that was Barack Obama.
No, that was Joe Biden.
No, that was Hillary Clinton.
And so I could continue to go on.
I mean, do I even need to get into the whole Me Too thing?
Bill Clinton compared to Donald Trump?
I think we get the picture.
Biden is being exposed, whether it's organic or part of some other ulterior motive.
Biden is getting exposed for stealing the classified documents.
There's nothing they can really do to cover it up.
The only thing they can do is to drop the charges against Donald Trump to protect Joe Biden.
Except, Gerald Solente, you know one thing they like to do to distract when they're about to go down.
And let me just emphasize this before you respond.
Not just about the secret documents being exposed, but really, Gerald, it really comes down to
They're collapsing the economy.
And so the big giant thieves that have stolen all of our money, collapsing the economy, they know their time in the barrel is ahead of them.
So if they send us to war, as classical geopolitical criminals do, they send us to war hoping that's the big distraction so they don't be held accountable for what they've done.
And you know, you had that, you showed that cartoon of Biden in his Corvette.
He said when he was questioned by a reporter on Thursday, they asked Biden why he kept such files next to his classic Corvette in his garage.
He said, by the way, my Corvette is in a locked garage.
It's not likely they're sitting out on the street.
That's the response.
Yeah, because nobody has a safe in their house.
You know, we just leave things in our garage.
Yeah, but that's the arrogant stupidity and they get away with it.
And again, what we're talking about is not important.
Because the Cartoon News Network, I just took a look at what the major stories are right on CNN.com, the front page.
University of Georgia football player and staff member killed in car crash.
Hours after championship celebration.
That's not news.
What if your buddy's killed in a car crash?
Your mother, your father, nobody cares.
Oh, wait, wait a minute.
A football player.
We heard about the other football player that got tackled and they had a heart condition.
This is news?
What I'm saying, Owen, is they're doing this to distract the people from the real issues.
And we're talking about what Biden's going to do.
So now, he met with the Prime Minister of Japan.
You ready for this?
Biden hailed what he called, quote, a remarkable moment in the U.S.-Japan alliance and praised Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan's decision last month to double its military budget and boost its offensive capacity.
Biden declared that the U.S., you ready?
Was fully, thoroughly, completely committed to the defense of Japan using all means.
And you know what other means we're going to use?
Nuclear weapons.
Meanwhile, the border is wide open.
I could give a damn about Japan.
Oh, you mean Japan, the bomb Pearl Harbor, that Japan?
To Japan that's not supposed to build up its military because of the atrocities they committed in World War II?
And Truman doubled down on it by bombs away over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing a couple of hundred thousand innocent Japanese?
Are that World War II?
And check this out.
You ready?
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declared that 2023 was, quote,
An inflection point for our national security and defense strategies aligning closer than ever, end quote, with Japan.
Don't every American know that our national security and defense strategies depend on aligning with Japan?
I am an American!
I believe in the Founding Fathers, you little lowlives!
I believe in George Washington!
But you're too stupid, you clowns, to read his farewell address, where he warns American people not to become involved in foreign entanglements.
But fill in the blank, whether it's Japan... America is only concerned about America!
But whether it's Japan, whether it's Ukraine, I mean, it's fill in the blank.
Whether it's Israel, our military interests, our foreign interests must be fully committed to align with Israel, or Ukraine, or Japan, or I forget what day of the week it is.
And by the way, you know, they're spreading our military so thin, I think China is acting strategically here, as is Russia.
You know, eventually the proxy groups and the CIA groups and whatever the government is doing in Syria is going to come to the front of the picture here too.
They've been stealing oil from Syria and now the Chinese are saying you better stop that.
So eventually they're going to have to go back into Syria too.
I mean, so our military is spread out all over the world doing things that really don't interest the American people at all.
Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open and now we have the same military industrial complex getting rich off the backs
You got it.
And then, the other arrogant guy, Rahm Emanuel, who was under the Obama
Now he's a U.S.
ambassador to Japan.
Rahm Emanuel told the Washington Post that Biden and Kushida were working, quote, to shrink the distance between the transatlantic and the Indo-Pacific into a single strategic sphere, in what, quote, is probably one of the biggest developments that the two leaders have produced.
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that nice?
No, it's amazing watching the American media ignore this big phenomenon.
Totally, totally, totally ignored.
And here, check this out.
Currently, there are 18,000 U.S.
Marines in Okinawa as part of the 54,000 American military personnel stationed on bases throughout Japan.
Isn't that great?
Our country going down the toilet.
But look at the infrastructure in this country.
Look how it's going down the toilet.
Look at the 63% of American people living paycheck to paycheck.
Look at the difficulty people are having with inflation going up.
Can't afford to buy food.
But hey, we're going to keep sending more money overseas and have strategic alliances.
And, and, and, the bottom line is, look at the clowns, the morons, the evil imbeciles that are telling us what to do.
Well, I think that, you know, eventually the American people have got to realize, whether it happens in mass or slowly but surely, how much the American media has disinformed them.
I mean, everything that's come out about the war in Ukraine, as far as the mainstream American media is concerned, it's about 95% inaccurate and just completely missing the ball.
And I don't know whether that's because they feel loyal to the military-industrial complex or whether they really believe this crap.
But it's amazing to watch the geopolitical phenomenon happening of Russia and China, and then the phenomenon of BRICS coming together, and this is crushing our strength in the world.
We're just being crushed!
We're being crushed.
We are going to go into a socio-economic downturn, the likes of which are unprecedented in this country.
And again, they're very happy that they're raising the interest rates of working because wages are going down.
I'm not making that up.
They're happy that wages are going down so the plantation workers of Slavelandia don't have to make more money and the Finks can make more money.
Yeah, but Joe Biden says we've got the lowest unemployment rate.
Oh, but it doesn't matter, because you can't even afford gas.
You can't even afford eggs.
That is, if you can find eggs on the shelf.
And you can't afford your energy bill.
Your price at the pump is all going up.
And so, but the American media, hey, we got to fight that war in Ukraine.
And Russia is losing.
And Joe Biden is doing a great job.
Zero percent unemployment.
Yeah, you know where zero percent unemployment happens?
In slaves.
Final segment here of the Alex Jones Show on this Sunday, January 15th.
Owen Schroer, Gerald Cilente filling in for Alex this evening.
Remember, Harrison Smith coming up next with Sunday Night Live.
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All right.
Gerald Salente here with me.
Gerald, let's go local for you.
You've got your new mayor, Eric Adams.
You know, I mean, he's not as bad as de Blasio, but that's a pretty low bar, so I'm not really sure that's much of an accomplishment.
You know, I find it funny his response to the immigration issues that are hitting New York City.
And he comes out, Mayor Eric Adams acknowledges Biden's immigration policy failure.
He then came out and recently said that the illegal immigration is costing New York City over a billion dollars a year.
Now, here's what I find ironic.
So they recognize that the illegal immigration problem is a crisis for New York City,
But they refuse to recognize how it's an issue for the entire country at large.
It's an amazing thing that they refuse to make that recognition, Gerald.
Again, he's just another arrogant guy.
And people forget about the whole immigration thing.
When I was a young kid, you know, growing up, I remember they wanted to bring my cousin Constantine over from Italy, but they couldn't.
It wasn't allowed.
They had very strict, very strict regulations on bringing people in from other countries.
And then the lowlife that changed it, the beginning of the end was LBJ.
And the guy that gave us the Vietnam War as well, you know, Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was against the Vietnam War.
And eight months after he's assassinated,
What's his name?
LBJ gets us into Vietnam War, and then they start bringing in all cheap labor.
And that was the beginning.
And that's why they did it.
And it kept expanding with the H-1B things, the visas, on and on.
I wrote about it in detail in my book, Trends 2000, which was an international bestseller.
It came out in 1996.
So what they're doing is they don't care because the more cheap labor they get in here, the big look again.
When I was a young guy, like I said earlier, there were no chains.
They were all stores.
And if you work like in a in a in a drugstore or a grocery store, so, you know, I think I want to do one of these one day.
No more.
Every time, Owen, every time I go into a Home Depot,
A Lowe's.
Anytime I go into any of these chain stores, which I try to avoid, my heart breaks when I see the people working there and knowing that they have absolutely no future.
Amazon trucks?
They didn't exist five years ago.
Oh, by the way, what do we spend?
A hundred and something twenty thousand dollars to educate a person from kindergarten to K-12?
And so they could get a job working for Amazon or FedEx.
Look what this country's gone down to.
So all they do is they want to give us nothing and steal everything.
That's the bottom line.
And the whole umbrella that they put this under is climate change.
And they say, oh, you need to limit your carbon emissions, so just be a good slave, live in your pod, eat the bugs, don't drive a vehicle, don't get in an airplane.
And I think that their plan overall is make life as miserable.
Again, as I said to you, nightlife is deadlife.
There used to be bands playing everywhere.
You know, Van Morrison, he wanted to meet me.
And I met him in September at the Forest Hills Stadium.
And it was great.
They went against Van Morrison because he condemned when they started shutting down every place and destroying the lives and livelihoods of the entertainment industry.
People couldn't go out and play anymore.
You were banned again.
And just like they make up all this stupid stuff and people swallow it.
Stand six feet apart.
The wind only blows exactly six feet.
Wear your mask!
Wear that mask!
No, but you can take it off when you're eating and drinking in an airplane.
What the hell's the matter with you?
Because don't you know, Owen, that you can take it off when you're eating and drinking in an airplane because the COVID knows you're eating and drinking and it won't bother you.
No, that's right, Gerald.
And the COVID also has strict guidelines as far as timing is concerned.
And so that's why they shut... Oh, you can be open until 8 o'clock p.m., but then you've got to shut down because we all know the virus goes crazy after 8.
And when you walk into a restaurant, wear a mask, but when you sit down, you can take it off because the virus does not go a table length.
It knows this, Gerald.
The virus has respect.
Very, very smart virus.
It's a respectable virus.
How about all those plexiglass shields with the virus never went under it or around it?
No, but of course, if you remember, the first science, when they were really trying to get the people to be afraid, they released this video, you may recall, it was somebody in a grocery store aisle, and they're walking, pushing their cart, and they just go, and there's a cough.
And then they have this spray from the cough, and it travels everywhere.
It travels over the aisles, and through the counter, and through the aisle, and
Up through the ventilation of the air conditioning.
Oh, but the plexiglass will save us, Gerald.
Yeah, I know.
And how about all those poor little kids that they had in these little tents playing instruments?
I mean, you know, what I'm saying to you, Owen, the damage that this has done is incalculable.
This society is going down big time.
They suck the joy out of life.
There's no, there's no funny.
Again, you know, this country went from, you know, music was America's greatest export from ragtime to swing to rock and roll to R&B to Motown.
And now it's no town, just one bad rap.
And we got to bring it back.
And I'll tell you, I'm doing everything I can and Infowars is too.
But I'll tell you what I think is needed.
A renaissance.
We have to go back to the true heart and soul of this country when it was the land of opportunity.
Start putting the anti-trust laws back in place that prohibited the big Simone-ing everything.
And little clowns like Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer, allowed interstate banking.
They weren't allowed to go interstate before.
They were only intrastate.
He did away with the usury laws.
He deregulated the airline industry.
Now the big zone everything.
Bill Clinton, the Glass-Steagall Act.
Hey, they pay me $300 an hour with Goldman Sachs to B.S.
You could get me B.S.
for free all day long, which is called a payoff.
We need a renaissance.
Look at the style of everybody at InfoWars.
Look how trot-hard InfoWars does to bring everything to its highest level, as we do with the Trends Journal.
We need a renaissance.
Ale Romana all'antica, the man of the Romans and the ancients, they said,
After the Black Plague in Europe, when everything was destroyed, they realized we're messing things up.
We better go back to when it was good.
Gerald Solente, always great to talk to you, Gerald.
The Trends Journal, sign up for it.
I go and get the Trends Journal from TrendsJournal.com.
I've signed up for their email list.
I get all their updates.
And keeping me ahead of the curve as well.
Gerald, thanks so much for your time and your great expert analysis on this Sunday night.
And thank you for what you're doing and all of the people at InfoWars.
Alright, there goes Gerald Cilente, folks.
I'm telling you, I stay ahead with the Trends Journal, but also right here at InfoWars, folks.
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