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Name: 20230113_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 13, 2023
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It was early 2022, about a year ago.
That the dam broke pertaining to the cover-up of what COVID vaccines are really doing.
But now in the last four days, the CDC has come out, the NIH has come out, the FDA boards have come out, and all pointed fingers at each other saying they were lied to about secret studies that were done on the experimental shots.
Studies that were done once the injections began.
But now the CDC is releasing documents confirming massive increases in blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, infertility, strokes, you name it.
And then today, Fox News, we're about to play the clip, comes out and says, whoa, the CDC says it got covered up what happened with strokes increasing and they're so upset they didn't know.
This is rats leaving the sinking ship.
This is the establishment that did this on purpose being caught.
If you go back to 2014-15, Obama funded the University of Texas Galveston, my studies,
And they found, with a similar coronavirus mRNA vaccine, that it was causing massive heart attacks, blood clots in the lungs, myocarditis, and the rats lived about half as long as rats normally do.
Ladies and gentlemen, they knew what they were doing, as Dr. Michael Yedon, the former chief scientist and vice president of Pfizer, said a week ago.
They knew it was toxic.
They knew it was a depopulation weapon.
So here's the clip from Fox News.
The bad news is millions have died, hundreds of millions are sick.
The good news is less than 10% of people are taking these shots compared to what were just a year ago.
So the public's waking up, but now we've got to bring Big Pharma and these mad scientists led by Fauci and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak to justice.
This was premeditated, just like I told you three years ago when this all started.
But remember, back in 1976, only three people died from the swine flu vaccine and they suspended the whole program.
We know hundreds and hundreds of thousands conservatively have died in the U.S.
All the documents are posted at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
All of you that told the truth, all the doctors and scientists that spoke out, all of us as independent journalists that told the truth, we are vindicated.
But it's not about being vindicated.
It's about bringing the criminals to justice to protect the innocent.
Because now they're coming after not just six month old and up, they're coming after newborn babies and pregnant women.
Here's the report.
So we are just getting word of this now.
Regarding the COVID vaccine, the CDC is now saying there has been enough cases of people who have had the vaccine, received the vaccine, and then suffered a stroke.
The agency will now be investigating any potential links between the shots and strokes in some of those patients.
The globalist criminals are on the run.
We're really starting to win.
But we've only won major battles.
We haven't won the war.
That's why Info Wars is so important.
It's why it's the tip of the spear.
It's why those that launch this attack are so scared.
There's not just my Sunday show coming up tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m., with key guests and analysis.
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Looks like we've got Michael Yeadon coming on as well.
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We're going to save a lot of lives.
We're going to move the goal one step closer to bringing the new world order to justice.
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