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Name: 20230113_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 13, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' censorship by mainstream media, alternative news outlets, globalist agendas, Brazilian concentration camps, stolen elections, potential removal of President Biden. He warns against technology making humans obsolete, the transgender movement linked to transhumanist agenda, and encourages listeners to strengthen humanity. The speaker discusses cases involving Allison and their own experience transitioning, addressing controversies around InfoWars, promoting products on InfowareStore.com. They talk about global corrupt kleptocrats creating Ponzi schemes, need for a new third party, military-industrial complex control, trends for 2023. The importance of using voice to promote freedom against New World Order is emphasized. A discussion on pesticides affecting animals and the government controlling tornadoes is also included.

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They now admit CNET and others have all these writers that are fake AI.
They put in what they want the writer to write.
The editors don't need writers anymore, investigators.
They just didn't re-scramble it.
That's a perfect microcosm of humans being removed as a commodity or even a necessity.
Before we were a commodity, treated like animals.
Now we're being treated like garbage to be taken out.
We should all say no to AI news.
We should say no to fake journalists.
Yeah, and people don't read anymore.
They're tick-tocked.
You know, they're dead.
They're gone.
People are tired of immigration.
It's going to be anti-immigration, anti-establishment, anti-war, and anti-tax.
And that's, those are the big ones.
And again, we got this one going green, a market meltdown, Middle East, office building bust, and by the way, digital cash, here's what they're going to do.
Here we are, Alex, we're doing the interview and all of a sudden, Gerald, we just heard that the Russians hacked our banking system.
We're sorry folks, the Russians hacked the banking system and you can't get any money, but don't worry, we're going to help you out.
We're going to come out with a digital currency.
We're coming out with a digital currency we know every penny is spent, where you spent it, what you spent it on, so we can get your money in tax dollars and take more control over you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
...trouble for them. People that had guns or things they wanted, they just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the kind of camps that you all run.
I mean, really.
There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.
And the question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
There are millions of people who believe that the election was rigged.
How do you begin to deprogram them?
Once we educate them, we coach them on how to interact and empower the person to start thinking for themselves.
They are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and we have to be deprogrammed.
Because they've been brainwashed, Joy.
I really believe that they have been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign.
So how do you de-radicalize?
These people.
We probably need to double, triple, quadruple, or increase funding for these de-radicalization programs.
It's 1159 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the Occupied Zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground now!
Get on the ground!
The FBI has arrested hundreds of people in connection with the January 6th insurrection at the U.S.
Capitol and more could be on the way.
Approximately 800 people have been arrested.
Joseph Biggs was indicted earlier this week by a federal grand jury along with four other members of the group with conspiracy to commit sedition.
Joseph Biggs facilitated political violence even if they weren't armed and didn't assault anybody at the Capitol on January 6th.
A couple hours ago, I was informed by my attorney that there is a warrant out for my arrest with allegations involving January 6th.
I will have to turn myself in.
Monday morning.
The DOJ, the Biden administration, announced it's charging a host at Infowars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
Well, that sounds bad.
What did Owen Schroer do?
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
Enrique Tarrio pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges, including the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner As for those text messages, the January 6th Committee is now planning to subpoena them as it looks into Jones' role in the Capitol attack.
The American people are not buying the whole fraud that January 6th was the new Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11, all these preposterous assigned things that were set in time.
January 6th was a false flag.
Everybody knows it at this point, from Ray Epps to the pipe bomber.
I mean, it's obvious.
It's all coming out.
It's all being exposed.
We're not going to be the ones on trial anymore.
No, Globalist, we're coming after you.
Nuremberg 2.0 begins now.
(Machine gun fire)
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say I don't know what's going to happen at the end of
this but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, ladies and gentlemen.
January 13th, 2023.
It's Friday, ladies and gentlemen. January 13th, 2023. The special Friday the 13th transmission.
Straight ahead.
I can see for miles and miles.
It's Friday, January 13th.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be here for the next four hours ahead of the War Room here on the InfoWars Network with Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Look, I'm not going to talk about the Piers Morgan interview yesterday until the third hour.
I'm going to play some excerpts and just look at it as a exhibit of disinformation and propaganda.
Because I wouldn't just cover it if it was an interview I was involved in.
That's not really newsworthy enough, but the level of deception, the level of manipulation, And how they use this playbook is very important to understand.
So that's coming up for some of the third hour.
We have Gerald Cilente, one of our favorite guests, joining us to talk about the trends for 2023 and beyond in the second hour today.
And I intend to open the phones up so you can also ask specific questions of Gerald Cilente.
And in the meantime, wow, are we going to be covering the waterfront?
You can learn a lot About where our hijacked government wants to take us.
If you look at operations they run in places like Brazil and areas of Africa and the Middle East and just all over the world.
But also especially what globalists are doing in the UK and the European Union.
And one of those big things they're doing is outlawing their political opposition after they steal elections.
And there's a report we're going to be getting to coming up here in the next segment.
Brazilian concentration camps exposed and the government's admitting they have these camps they built.
And now they're putting their political opposition in there, including people that just won House and Senate seats who are patriots and were in Bolsonaro's party.
And they're forcing poison COVID shots on them.
So we're going to be going over that coming up because whatever you see being done there, the Globalist plan to bring here, it's all being run by the State Department.
The State Department even brags that they helped Lula steal his way back into office.
So that's why you see the parallels being extremely similar.
And that's why Bolsonaro had to leave and go to Florida.
Because they promised to arrest him if he lost the election.
That's what leftists do.
That's the authoritarian model they carry out.
So that's an important stack we're going to tackle very early.
MTG was on yesterday and she said what is true and what's politically obvious, not just by what the Justice Department's done or The way the governmental officials are handling it, but the way the media is handling it.
ABC, CNN, the Associated Press.
Oh, Biden's got to go!
Biden's engaged in criminal activity.
He had these documents illegally.
Trump's allowed to declassify documents, but Biden isn't.
So they can fry Biden and fry Trump is the move they're making.
Yesterday the videos on Infowars.com, MTG says Deep State preparing to dump Biden.
Garland appoints special prosecutor to probe Biden's classified docs.
Biden's top secret document problem.
He is on the way out.
Biden's political future clouded by classified document probe, AP.
So they all covered up the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's way worse than these illegal documents, which are illegal, pertaining to China, Ukraine, the European Union, and other key areas.
In the Biden laptop.
It's really the Biden laptop.
It's the payoffs he's making to his dad.
The payoffs he's making to others.
And there is his son talking about how they're under the command of the head of Chinese intelligence.
But now that video from a year ago of Biden driving around in an agreeably really cool green Corvette.
Got good taste on that.
Backing it up into the garage where they now admit there were tons of these documents stored.
You can even see piles of documents there in the background as he's backing in.
But a larger discussion.
He's been a placeholder.
He's been a true marionette, a true puppet the entire time.
But why are they getting rid of him now?
Because they don't want him to announce he's about to run for president again.
He actually thinks he's the president.
That's the big joke about him.
And Obama doesn't think he's an effective puppet, even with the election fraud that they can get back in.
in two years. So they're preparing to flush him down the toilet. Will they remove him from office?
I don't know, but they certainly want to let him know we're going to prosecute you if you don't go
away, which is what they do to who they don't want to run for office, whether it's Trump or Biden or
whoever, whether we like the candidate or dislike them. If the globalists don't want you, well,
they're going to block you. It's like Tulsi Gabbard's won the first two debates. All the
poll numbers showed she was the front runner and they just removed her from the media,
no coverage and put out fake polls. And then she basically got almost no votes at the voting booth
because she'd been taken out of the discussion.
So there's different ways they manipulate elections, different ways they do it.
Yeah, they have fake mail-in ballots.
Yeah, they have dead people voting.
Yeah, they have illegal aliens voting.
But more importantly they manipulate the whole process up to that point as top computer scientist Epstein, not of Jeffrey Epstein fame, exposed years ago.
He said there'll be no more free elections four years ago and testimony of Google and Facebook and Twitter are allowed to manipulate the algorithms with AI.
So that's coming up as well.
Multiple Biden aides have been interviewed by the federal law enforcement and classified document review.
Second set obviously found at his house, though he said he had no idea why they were found at his Penn State office in a building paid for six years ago by the Communist Chinese that he literally moved into.
It cannot get more ridiculous.
And folks are looking at the numbers of Chinese money going to Penn State was negligible until he got in and then hundreds of millions of dollars poured in after he became the chair of that.
Now, speaking of A.I.
This ties into all of it.
We're gonna be getting to this as well.
AI replaced humans in job role for months and no one noticed.
Popular news outlet has been publishing AI articles since November and no one noticed.
Now, what have I told you the last couple years?
I said most of these articles on BuzzFeed and on even CNN and articles over It's CNET, you name it, art written by AI.
The CIA about 15 years ago came out with a headline, CIA has created AI that writes articles on its own.
And that way the CIA can put in a couple pages of data and then make it look like thousands of writers are saying it because it rewrites it different ways in different combinations.
So basically you write one article that's 10 pages long, And then it gets recycled into thousands of other articles that are a page, two, three pages long, and the AI just moves them around.
And I remember seeing articles I could tell didn't quite make sense, and didn't have names on them, or had names that I'd look up that don't exist.
So, and they now admit in the latest document dump, I thought the one last week was 14.
I got mixed up.
This is 14.
They did data dump 14 to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone.
Last night, and it confirms that congressional trolls, Twitter files show company New Democrat claims about Russia bots were false.
But indeed, there were massive bot farms posing as humans up to 80% of Twitter.
Was computer bots.
You're interacting with these bots.
These bots are complimenting you if they agree.
They're attacking you if they disagree.
They're reporting you if they disagree.
They're promoting you if they agree.
And most of these people on Facebook and Twitter, it's not just Twitter, they are interacting and living their lives out with imaginary friends online that are giving them up votes and telling them great job.
And it's a form of currency.
But it's inflated, it's not real, it's fraudulent, but it does give them the dopamine kick they need.
All this and more straight ahead.
So I talked about something last segment I'm going to dig into more and it ties into Biden and ties into all of us.
Think about how we just calmly discuss the fact that, oh, AI for many years secretly is writing news articles.
With information, with disinformation, it's fed.
That way you don't have a reporter that can come back later and say, I was told a lie, or you can't even basically expose the person.
It's following orders.
It doesn't have a conscience.
And it goes to the military and drones and combat robots being the real endgame of this system because they won't ask questions.
They will follow criminal orders and they can have their memories wiped.
So there's no record of what the robots actually did.
This is the world I'm talking about that removes humans from the process.
On Tuesday, I talked about how, until the 1990s, most public schools, and schools for that matter, made you use your mind to do math, even though calculators, the Texas Instrument Calculator, were around since the early 1970s, and were thousands of dollars then, and hundreds of dollars by the 80s, and then just a few dollars by the 90s.
And that through that process, it's on record that most people are completely mathematically illiterate now.
And I said, the calculator is a great tool, but look how it basically removed mathematics from our species.
Think about cell phones.
Until cell phones and until iPhones and smartphones came out in the last 15 years, I could remember the phone number I had when I was a teenager.
I could remember my grandma's phone number.
I could remember some of my girlfriend's numbers.
Because I was trained, we were all trained, to commit numbers to memory.
So once I dialed a number two or three times, I could remember that number.
You couldn't write it down, but you could just punch it into the phone.
It was mental memory.
A form of like muscle memory.
And now I can't remember my own phone number most of the time unless I go look it up because we all count on the phone to have the information for us.
It's very convenient.
And so the Democrats picked that up and the clip went viral online on Twitter and Facebook and news articles were written about it.
Jones says the beginning of the end of humanity was calculators.
No, that's not what I said.
I said it was an example of how we're becoming domesticated mentally, or beyond domesticated.
I mean, go back to skeletons they dig up in ancient England, in ancient Africa, in ancient Europe.
In ancient Asia, ancient you name it, the people they estimate were twice as strong as they are today.
And a man from 5,000 years ago in England, or a man from 1,000 years ago in Africa, or a man from 6,000 years ago in the Middle East, was twice as strong as the average man today, just with their genetics.
Now we're becoming softer and softer and softer and the televisions and the dopamine and the smartphones on record have lowered the average human's attention span in the modern world to less than 14 seconds.
The attention span of a goldfish is about 16 seconds.
A lot of fish have short attention spans and short memories.
That's why you have Finding Nemo and there's the joke with Dory, the fish that can't remember, you know, 10 seconds to the next.
Because it just doesn't have an attention span.
And once you haven't been trained to have an attention span, even if you're watching a two-hour program, there's lots of new things happening every three or four seconds.
You look at old movies, they're drawn out, they build the scenes, there's more to the lighting and more to the nuance, and you watch it, and it's so much more fulfilling and real.
And now you look at the Avengers movies and the rest of it, stuff's changing every two seconds.
And that wires the brain in all the studies to not operate as well.
And television screen time is directly linked, going back decades, to early onset of neurological disorders and things like Alzheimer's.
Just type into Google Web, television watching linked to Alzheimer's and British study, you'll get a 15, 16, 17 year old articles out of the BBC.
But now they don't even run those articles and point that out and warn people.
So what does it mean when humans are taken out of the equation?
Well, it means we become, by action, obsolete.
Which is what Noah Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are telling you.
So do we really want to be obsolete?
Do we really want to be sedentary?
Do we want to be like the people on the big cruise ship floating around in space in the movie WALL-E?
Because that's how the establishment sees you.
That's the system they set up.
And I'm not perfect either.
I'm not saying I don't watch too much TV or eat too much food or not exercise enough.
But at least I understand the condition I'm in.
I understand the condition they want to get me deeper into, and knowing is literally half of that fight.
So here it is.
AI replaces humans in job role for months.
No one noticed.
A popular news outlet has been publishing articles written by AI since November, keeping it on the down low.
According to futurism and online marketing, Gail Breton, tech brand CNET has been using AI writers, and lots of readers don't seem to have noticed.
Artificial intelligence replaced humans in job role for months and no one noticed.
Congressional trolls Twitter files show company knew Democrat claims about Russian bots were false, but they put out the fake news knowing it was a lie.
Of course they did.
Breaking new Twitter files expose how Democrat politicians knowingly spread the Russiagate lie.
And it goes on from there.
So I know you all already know this.
But I'm simply saying we should have a bigger, more in-depth discussion about it and ask ourselves, how do we basically protect ourselves from these type of systems?
And how do we make ourselves stronger, not weaker?
Well, we first recognize it's going on and don't make jokes about it.
Because it's documented that this is hurting humanity and that we're going in the wrong direction.
And the technology can be used to empower us, but instead it's being used to enslave us.
Now obviously the big elephant in the room I haven't mentioned yet.
I'm gonna get to it next segment.
54-year-old Lisa Marie Presley suffered full cardiac arrest at home, rushed to hospital and died.
You can say, well she didn't die from the shot.
It could just be a coincidence.
Well, not when the statistics show a 13% increase in overall death year after year since the shots began.
A record number.
We've got some other unbelievable news that ties into this when we come back.
And then that gets into this other stack of news, that the whole transgender movement is a transhumanist movement for a post-human, genetic-engineered, cybernetic world, and it's groups of academics and academic elites that are actually the high priest of this new system.
It's not about a man's right to feel like a woman and live their life as a woman.
That's somebody's right, and I don't hate them for it.
It is a larger program to get us to accept that than we'll accept human-animal hybrids, human-spliced, genetically engineered humanoids.
We'll be forced to accept them as having rights, but they'll be controlled by the system and programmable by the system and will be a new force to be used against what's left of humanity.
Organization of non-binary scientists influence universities, professional orgs, and publications.
Big article on InfoWars.com.
And then we've got this important stack of news.
University Medical System in Pittsburgh says they're going to get taxpayer money to put uteruses in men.
I have video of that.
That's coming up next segment.
And we're going to get into the COVID vaccine poison news and Lisa Marie Presley straight ahead on the other side.
Then we're going to look at the economy, war, all the big trends with Gerald Solente.
And then we're going to get into a bunch of other critical news in the third hour.
So a lot of videos have come out in the last few years of medical heads at major universities Across, not just the United States, but the Western world, but particularly the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, saying, hey, we're going to make a lot of money cutting women's breasts off, mastectomies, hysterectomies, cutting out their uteruses.
We're going to make a lot of money cutting little boys' penises and testicles off.
And they'll mention, well, we make 50 grand on this and 20 grand on that.
And our universities, you know, just done a thousand of these this year.
We're ramping up to 10,000 next year.
You've seen the chilling videos.
And that's what this is about at the level of the hospitals is making the money.
But the big academics and the big think tanks and MI6 and the Pritzkers and a lot of the big Republican Party donors are also pushing this, not just the Democrats, and major Groups like Disney and Microsoft have given every year millions and millions of dollars, not just here but all over the world, to pay for drag queen story time with big, fat, ugly men dressed like clowns who are hideous to get children to go sit in their laps.
In some cases, when the men are not even wearing underwear, they put glitter on their penises.
We shot this in Austin at a major event.
Stations of Ass is not even to show it, but this is what children Our going through, ladies and gentlemen, if you went and sat on a man's erection that had glitter on it at a topless bar, the police would arrest you.
It's illegal.
But if it's a child, oh, it's liberal, it's supposedly normal.
That's been pointed out at different school boards all over the country.
I saw a new one that Crowder put out two days ago where the school board would not let the mother read what was in the book that the middle schoolers were given.
And they cut her time off and say, you can't speak.
So her son steps up, who's in high school, and says, our software at school won't let us go to this book.
And he lists the book that has graphics of little boys having sex with adult men.
And he says, but it's in the library.
So the software the school has won't let you go to that site, rightfully so, off of the libraries or off your laptop.
But it can be given to the children as a book.
You see how evil that is?
We can't show you this on air, and I don't want to.
What is given to middle school and elementary students and high schoolers, but they can give it to them.
School board cuts off mom for reading out of sex scene from book available to students.
Yeah, there's an example.
Epoch Times right there.
Epoch Times.
So, This is a big, big deal and it's scientific and it's corporately funded.
There's not a bunch of lone perverts out there doing this.
They have recruited many of the sex criminals to go out and do this because if you'll put up with children dancing in front of men in g-strings with their Johnsons flopping around and letting the kids stick money in their g-strings, folks, You'll go along with anything.
And yeah, Target sells books like Let's Summon Demons.
And I got a copy of the book.
It's very serious black magic.
Very, very dangerous stuff.
And that's what's going on.
So this is a brutal assault on our children.
They're not just assaulting them in the womb.
They're not just assaulting them with poison shots or GMO or 5G.
They're assaulting them to go after their very innocence and have the state Set up a sexual relationship with them about the future of their gender.
And that leads us to this.
Allison Simpson, who works for the UPMC Children's Hospital, that's the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh,
describes the possibility of uterine transplants from live donors being given to men
who are trying to become women.
Now, let me tell you how this sick, part-swapping operation works.
There aren't just tens of thousands of cases a year in the US alone, and it's exponentially going up,
of 10, 12, 13, 14-year-old girls having double mastectomies 'cause they wanna be a boy.
Women are now having their uteruses removed because they, quote, "wanna be a man,"
and then they wear plastic genitals in their pants.
This is a big push.
They're teaching kids about it at school.
But now they're starting, and it's already begun, uterine transplants.
Uteruses are being cut out of women who don't want to be women, and they're being stuck in the guts Of men, even though they're not designed for it.
Their penises and genitals are being removed and they're putting in false vaginas.
And there it is, the Penn Medicine Penn Uterus Transplant Program.
Uterine transplant trials welcomes its first baby.
So this is mad scientist stuff out of a Hellraiser novel.
And now men Are going to start getting uterine transplants so they can say they're women and the taxpayers are going to pay for it while they tell people, go ahead and just kill yourself in places like California and places like Toronto and places like London, places like Berlin.
Oh, we don't have money for your spinal surgery for a 55 year old veteran.
Why don't you just kill yourself?
Society doesn't want your need you, but oh, you need a $80,000 uterus transplant?
Oh, you want to say you're a woman so you can live in the prison for your sex crime of raping another woman?
Because you're a woman?
You're really a man?
And now you're going to go rape women and get them pregnant or have sex with them?
And we got to have headlines like two women had a baby?
This is beyond a cult, and they know exactly what they're doing.
Here's a few of the clips.
There's two of them.
Let's just play them back to back of the spokesperson there at the UPMC Children's Hospital.
So this is the bioethicist over your children.
Here it is.
One area that had not been looked at before in any serious way was, could the donors be live donors?
Because in the original study, the conclusion was that they would have to be cadaver-based donors, or from individuals who were no longer alive, right?
So live donation has been something the community has talked about for decades.
It was really This would be a live donation from a person who was assigned female at birth but identified as a transgender man.
And they said, well, you know, I have these parts.
I don't want them.
You want them.
You need them.
So what if I gave them to you?
How would that work?
And apparently, based on their research, this is actually viable.
Anecdotally, many, but not all, transgender women, especially those who transition younger in life, have expressed an interest in having children in a way that is congruent for their own bodies.
But it was still surprising to see the data.
It was a fairly large study, as transgender studies go, 182 transgender women, 60% of which were aged in the ideal 20 to 29 age range, and most had no children.
94% indicated they had a desire for children.
All right, let's stop right there.
I want to go to the next clip.
Allison, who is a man who says that she's a woman, Totally out of their mind, but running a program targeting children goes into their personal story of wanting to have a baby.
So we want to pay people not to have children, we're attacking families, we're going after them, but we need to spend taxpayer money to give men uteruses.
Here it is.
I actually transitioned as a transgender youth 30 years ago at a time when we didn't even use the word transgender very much.
And I kept a diary and about five years ago I looked back on that diary and I was actually surprised to see that one of the biggest considerations I had at the age of 20 was the potential for pregnancy.
And I wrote in that diary, well, I'll give the medical community 20 years.
I'm sure they'll figure it out by then.
30 years later, one of the main reasons I do the work I do is a desire to push us in that direction.
Um, and the data now supports that this is something that, uh, members of my community desperately want, if it were off.
Now they have record suicides.
What they need is more mad scientists to be cut on more, cut more children's genitals off.
This is a death cult.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Every five minutes while I'm sitting here on air, the crew walks over and hands me another article.
They're walking in with one right now that Joe Rogan just texted me.
We can put that on screen.
Every five minutes or so, they bring me in more famous people, particularly young people, dying.
We have the insurance actuary numbers.
Former Alabama running back Ahmed Galloway found dead at 42.
He was working as a teacher at St.
Louis Middle School.
Former Alabama Crimson Tide running back was found dead in his apartment Monday, we're just now learning, according to WVTM 13.
He was 42 years old.
Galloway was a teacher at Compton Drew Middle School in St.
Louis, and the school's principal, Susan Reed, said a welfare check led to the discovery.
It's still being investigated.
They're not saying the cause, but we do know how Someone a little more famous died.
52-year-old Lisa Marie Presley suffered full cardiac arrest at home a few days ago, was on life support and then died.
Died of cardiac arrest at 54 years old.
The daughter, the only daughter of Elvis Presley.
And I remember during the stolen election in 2000, Being in... I shot video of it.
The crew could probably find it.
Rob knew it was there.
He probably has it on his computer.
Shooting video of buses driving around in Phoenix the day after we demonstrated there at the counting center.
And the buses said two things.
The buses said, soon nanotech and new vaccines will cure cancer.
And the other bus has said, heart attacks in the young are normal, and you need to have your children screened.
They're not normal, but now they are becoming the new normal.
Look at this disgusting information.
I never thought in a million years I would see this for children.
Ebert Public Schools Athletics Department announced a Screen Your Teen event in March.
The goal is to prevent sudden cardiac arrests, which is now So common, and what happens is these shots give you clots, they give you lesions, your child has microcarditis and they don't know it, they don't tell you, they think their stomach hurts most of the time, it's really the heart.
And then when they overexert themselves, they die.
Free EKG heart screenings at Jackson High School on Wednesday, March 1st.
The Nick of Time Foundation is raising awareness regarding sudden cardiac arrest in youth.
Suggest a $25 donation to help defer screening costs.
And now in Australia, I saw a news report two weeks ago, they said, oh, they're putting thousands of defibrillators up in public places because suddenly there's so many heart attacks.
This is just today's stack.
I'm not even a tenth of the way through it.
Look at this.
NBC News reports, young, healthy people don't need a COVID booster.
What are they really doing here?
I have a whole stack of this sudden talking point.
I'm going to explain.
Here in just a moment.
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Let's continue with what's really going on here.
NBC reports young healthy people don't need COVID booster.
Now I have a stack of articles from NBC News, ABC News, Yahoo News, BBC News, Der Spiegel, all in the last two days, saying, you know what?
You shouldn't give a booster.
If you gave your child one, that's enough.
That killed the rats pretty quick.
They cut their lifespan in half, and similar to that in humans, they think.
We don't know yet.
It's not been enough time, but we know it's devastating already.
It's a little too obvious.
So now, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Well, nobody in the world's even authorizing it for children.
A bunch of European countries and others have banned these shots outright because they're not vaccines.
But here they've done it six months up and old, and you've got all these hypochondriac weirdo people that want to give it to their kids, and the heart attacks and deaths are so off the chart.
They're afraid it'll upset their whole sterilization, long-term heart attack program.
It's a little too strong.
It's the Moderna that does most of it.
It's four Pfizer's.
It's the equivalent of four Pfizer shots, the exact same compound, same design, by the folks brought to you by Bill Gates.
That's come out in the documents before COVID was released.
They were already making the new mRNA shot for COVID-19.
That's mainstream news if you missed it.
Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, the documents, I covered it two plus years ago.
It's being covered now by them, but that's pretty bombshell, isn't it?
So they're now telling you, oh, no, no, no, no, don't do that.
There's also a pang of conscience.
So the doctors that weren't part of the conspiracy of depopulation but still went along with it because they believed it was good, they're saying no now.
So this is giving them an out.
This is giving them an out.
Here's another one.
FDA vaccine advisors.
Disappointed and angry that early data about COVID-19 booster shot wasn't presented for review last year.
So on Monday we started covering the new FDA documents and more coming out next week that they knew it was causing heart attacks and myocarditis when they did their quiet internal studies during the rollout, not studies before.
Other than in Rance, they knew how deadly it was there.
So of course they didn't want public studies.
But now the FDA boards are saying they're mad they weren't told about the heart attack.
So this is CNN.
So how are they going to kind of let it out slowly so you don't get too mad?
Oh, the FDA boards are mad that they did emergency authorization, but why'd the first three boards quit?
Because they knew it was wrong.
They finally found boards that said things like, we have no idea what it'll do, so we're going to go ahead and do it and give it to kids.
Close quote.
Played that clip yesterday and the day before.
So, CNN, oh, they're angry they weren't told what these shots really do and they don't really protect you.
See, that's the rats leaving the sinking ship.
Here's Yahoo, I mentioned.
Notice I tell you I have these articles, I actually show them to you on my mainstream media.
Younger, healthier people don't need another COVID booster, vaccine experts say.
Challenging FDA guidance.
Cardiologist says likely contributory factor to excess cardiovascular deaths and COVID mRNA vaccine and rollout should be suspended pending an inquiry because he's seeing massive increase in heart attacks in his patients including his father that died after the shot.
We'll play that coming up next segment.
Here's a WRAL article.
One expert recommends parents avoid booster shots for healthy children.
It goes on and on and on.
The rats leaving the sinking ship.
I'm going to play some of these clips in that next short little segment, and then Gerald Cilente, the great trends forecaster, is going to be joining us to lay out the trends for next year and beyond.
This is important.
Please stay with us.
It's Friday the 13th, January 2023.
Gerald Salente is coming up with key intel.
I want to play a little bit of the Tucker Carlson piece, though, because they're getting ready to offload Joe Biden.
I'll talk with Gerald coming up, why they're going to do that, what he expects to unfold.
Here it is.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson.
Tonight, it's hard to remember now, but it wasn't that long ago that Andrew Cuomo was not only the governor of New York, but also a legitimate hero in the Democratic Party.
Do you remember that?
Cuomo was the governor who legalized marijuana, who expanded Medicare, who passed strict gun control, who destroyed the NRA as a political force.
He was the governor who more than any other person in this country, including Tony Fauci, effectively defended lockdowns masking in vaccines.
In fact, in the fall of 2020, Cuomo won an Emmy Award for his daily COVID briefings.
He was an actual celebrity.
He seemed like a future president and everybody said so.
But within weeks of getting that Emmy, it began to fall apart.
A number of women came forward to claim that Cuomo had once said impolite things in their presence.
By the standards of Andrew Cuomo's many scandals in office, it seemed like nothing.
But for reasons they never explained, Democratic leaders, leaders of his party in Washington, took this scandal very seriously.
They described Cuomo's behavior as sexual harassment, and they called for his resignation.
By summer, it had worked.
He was out of office and irreparably disgraced.
The people who hand out Emmys even took back their award and scrubbed Andrew Cuomo's name from their website.
Andrew Cuomo was too immoral to share space with Hollywood actors.
And that's pretty immoral.
What exactly did Andrew Cuomo do wrong?
He outlived his usefulness to the party.
That's what he did.
He stayed too long.
Cuomo was in his 60s.
He was white.
He was male.
He was someone whose demographic profile represented the Democratic Party of the past, not of the future.
He talked like a mafia don negotiating garbage contracts.
He was a little embarrassing.
Because of that, his own people iced him, and they replaced him with someone who looked the part.
No one cried when Andrew Cuomo resigned.
They just moved on.
The Democratic Party is not a sentimental place.
It's hard not to think of Andrew Cuomo when you see what is happening to Joe Biden right now.
Kamala Harris is certainly thinking about it.
Harris was in a suspiciously good mood today.
We know this because she was talking about electric school buses again.
I love electric school buses, she raved.
I just love them for so many reasons.
Maybe because I went to school on a school bus.
Raise your hand if you went to school on a school bus.
Harris was grinning the whole time.
And why wouldn't she be grinning?
That senile white guy who claims to be her boss is finally going down, down, down, down, down, down!
It's a happy day at Kamala Harris's house.
But it's not a happy day at Casa Biden.
In fact, this is pretty clearly the beginning of the end for Joe Biden.
We can't prove that.
The future is unknowable.
But holy smokes, it does not look good.
And it doesn't look good in a very recognizable way.
Somewhere in his basement rec room, drinking a Courvoisier on ice, Andrew Cuomo is chuckling to himself.
He's seen this movie before.
Joe Biden's own aides keep finding stacks of felonies he's left around the place.
In his office, in his car.
And instead of throwing this evidence in the fireplace, as under normal circumstances they would, they're sending these documents on to the Justice Department.
That's not a good sign.
Meanwhile, Biden's Attorney General, the most unscrupulous, unethical Attorney General this country has ever had.
has somehow decided that actually, in order to maintain his unsullied record of non-partisanship, he's going to have to pass these documents, these stacks of felonies, on to an independent counsel because that always works out well for a sitting president.
And by the way, in this case, the independent counsel is a Republican.
Good luck, Joe Biden!
Happy 80th birthday.
Here's Merrick Garland.
On the evening of November 4th, 2022, the National Archives Office of Inspector General contacted a prosecutor at the Department of Justice.
It informed him that the White House had notified the archives that documents bearing classification markings were identified at the office of the Penn Biden Center on November 14th.
Hi, the whole report is on InfoWars.com.
It's an excellent 14-minute opening monologue.
Gerald Slintale will respond to this and so much more on the economy, on the war, on the open borders, and what's going to happen next.
The Top Trends Forecaster, straight ahead in 60 seconds.
The report is on Infowars.com. It's an excellent 14-minute opening monologue.
Gerald Slintale will respond to this and so much more on the economy, on the war, on the open borders,
and what's going to happen next. The Top Trends Forecaster, straight ahead in 60 seconds. Stay with us.
Taping this important announcement on the afternoon of Thursday, January 5th, 2021.
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and Gerald Salente we love to get him on early in each year
Of course, he's a great co-host with us. He's on reduction to lay out
How many trends he got right you almost always get some 100% right?
What he's projecting this year into next year and so much more at TrendsResearch.com.
On Twitter, Gerald Salente.
And I really appreciate Gerald joining us here today to cover the waterfront with us.
We can dive into how they're obviously getting ready to remove Biden, what he's come out of that, the war in Ukraine, we've got updates on that, what's happening with the housing market, the economy, and the bubble.
We've got the Middle East, we've got so-called going green, World War III, digital cash, AI, where's the anti-war movement, In God We Trust, What God Supports War, it is all coming up.
I've got a copy of his latest Transjournal right here.
So, Gerald, great to have you on with us.
What do you want to tackle first here?
Well, you know, there's so much going on in the Ukraine war.
You mentioned Biden.
This is very important.
The lower Biden goes, the more they're going to ramp up the Ukraine war.
Let's go back to the disaster when Biden ended the disastrous Afghan war.
Where they left behind billions and billions, countless billions of dollars of weapons.
A BS saying that, no, no, the Taliban's not going to take over.
Don't worry about it.
And of course the Taliban totally took over.
His ratings were plunging.
The people were totally disgusted with it.
Then all of a sudden, the Russians are coming.
The Russians are coming.
We got to fight the Russians.
We got to fight the Russians.
He starts going back up.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And now with the dirt coming out from the, uh, what they left behind with Biden, you know, the, the, uh, his classified documents that he stole that they're finally bringing out again.
And to show you what a fraud this country is and the clowns running it.
Oh, you mean you had this stuff two months before the midterm elections, but you didn't put it out?
Because it would have shown what a disastrous thing's going on?
And all the fixes?
So, what I'm saying is, when all else fails, they take you to war.
Once upon a time, there was a thing called the Great Depression.
You want to get the people's minds off it?
World War II.
Then there's a thing called the dot-com bust.
The Nasdaq was crashed.
Crashing, we're into a recession.
Little Georgie Bush, the daddy's boy, born on third base and thought he had a home run.
The little moron over there.
Oh yeah.
We gotta get that guy Osama bin Laden dead or alive.
88% of the people swallowed it.
Off to Afghanistan.
Biden is going to do the same thing.
They're going to ramp up this Ukraine war.
World War III has already begun.
Well, you're dead on there and every major analyst has looked at this.
Even Henry Kissinger says the war should stop.
It's going to lead to nuclear war.
They have that threat ladder.
We're already 70% up the ladder towards total nuclear war.
It's just escalating and escalating.
What do these maniacs think they're doing?
They're maniacs.
They're demonic maniacs.
Again, like we said, you know, here, you know, we have the Italian American Foundation up here in Kingston.
We have the biggest Columbus Day parties outside of New York City.
And we're at one of the meetings the other day, and everybody stands up to do the Pledge of Allegiance.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
And I said to myself, one nation under God?
What God are you talking about?
What God are you talking about that keeps starting war after war after war after war all my life?
Oh, and freedom, liberty, justice for all?
What justice for all?
The bigs get a slap on the wrist.
It's prosecution to the fullest.
And what liberty?
You get censored if you don't swallow the crap that they're shoving down your throat.
So that's where we're going.
And again, you're talking about building it up.
This is from Business Insider.
building it up. This is from Business Insider. You ready?
A nuclear attack would most likely target one of these six cities.
What are you talking about over here?
Oh, they say that a nuclear attack on the U.S.
soil would most likely target New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Washington, D.C.
You ready for this?
But the Federal Emergency Management Agency has an emergency strategy.
For everyday citizens.
Everyday citizens.
What do you mean everyday citizens?
But anyway, FEMA has some simple advice.
Simple advice for simpletons.
Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned.
Who are you talking to?
What am I, two years old?
Yeah, there won't be any radio or internet when nukes hit Manhattan.
It's like saying, before you jump into a wood chipper or blow your head off with a shotgun, be sure you put your slippers on.
We'll be dust.
We'll be ruined.
We'll be annihilated.
They're building this up to nuclear war, with little low lives, that arrogant little low lives, like Business Insider.
How about Business Outsider, that you're publishing garbage like this?
They're getting the people prepared.
We have demonic people in charge.
World War II isn't ancient history annihilating Europe.
Oh, you forgot World War I?
We have demonic evil people in charge that are destroying our lives in front of our faces.
They're preparing the people for nuclear war.
There's going to be World War, again, World War III has already begun.
There's going to be a false flag event.
Remember, The Russians bombed Poland.
Two people dead.
Remember that one?
Oh, two people dead?
Hey, how many people did the United States and Saudi Arabia kill in Yemen?
Only according to the United Nations, 377,000, and half of them children under the age of five.
But we won't talk about that.
Two people died in Poland!
The Russians are coming!
The Russians!
It was a total lie.
A total lie.
Oh, how about the Gulf of Tonkin incident?
That's when I was growing up.
The Vietnam War, a total lie by maybe rotten hell Robert McNamara.
They keep lying.
So this is what we got.
I gotta tell you, Gerald, I'm just speechless here listening to you talk about this, because you're not just saying this.
When Henry Kissinger and the Pope say this war needs to end, it's going to lead to nuclear war, they're the establishment, so it must mean a new establishment's in charge that's even crazier.
It's not like the Pope or Henry Kissinger are angels.
Why do you think the establishment is openly writing articles every day I see saying nuclear war is survivable?
Why are they trying to make Dr. Strange love a owner's manual and a prelude instead of dark satire.
Why are they trying to make that real?
These are demonic people.
They're satanic.
They're evil.
Biden has the nerve, the gall to call himself a Catholic.
What Catholic you're talking about?
You just had the, oh, celebration of Christmas?
Oh yeah, we'll only talk about how retail sales did.
Oh no, no, that was the birth of the Prince of Peace.
The Prince of Peace?
You're not allowed to talk about peace.
He's not a Catholic.
What Catholic believes in this?
Again, you're talking about the Pope even warning about this.
And where are all the other religions coming out and saying, stop this?
What, they all have Lockjaw?
All they're doing is promoting war.
There's not a word about peace.
So anyway, that's our major trend that we're concerned about, because if this continues like this, then all the other trends aren't going to mean anything.
All right, Gerald, stay right there.
We're going to go to break and come back and talk about how we avert this straight ahead.
stay with us.
Alright looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
Gerald Salente is here with us for the balance of the hour.
He's going to be co-hosting with me this Sunday night, 4 to 6 p.m.
ahead of Owen Schroer on Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Alright, you were finishing up with nuclear war and why the globalists are crazy enough to push this when even former top globalists, I guess he's still a top globalist, people like Henry Kissinger are saying, stop now.
Where do you see that going?
How can we mitigate it?
And then you wanted to get into economy next as we go through your latest Trends Journal.
All right, going back to the war.
As I said, when all else fails, they take you to war, and Biden's on a big failing mission.
World War III's begun.
It's going to be, as I said, a false flag event, or they're going to, or a nuclear exchange.
It's called mission creep.
Lloyd Austin, the guy that's playing our defense contractor, Former General, and this job before this, sitting on the Board of Directors of Raytheon, the second largest defense contractor in the United States.
I mean, you can't imagine this.
It's a revolving door.
It's one door.
Anyway, he has admitted that there are U.S., quote, advisors in Ukraine helping the Ukrainians with the weapons that we're sending there.
So we're at war with them.
So now what I'm saying, it's mission creep.
Now we're bringing, you can't make this stuff up, they're bringing the Ukrainians here to Oklahoma to show them how to use Patriot missiles?
What if the Russians brought the Iraqis to Moscow to show them how to use missiles to fight the Americans when they were in Iraq?
And Patriot missiles, like Patriot Act, that's an oxymoron.
There's nothing patriotic about this.
So now going in to show you how they lie us and lead us into war.
Before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, over 80% of the American people were opposed to be getting involved in another war.
This is from history today.
So it's not a conspiracy theory.
United States freezes Japanese assets.
July 26, 1941.
When did Pearl Harbor happen?
What was that?
December 19?
Just a couple of months later?
You ready?
On July 26, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt seizes all Japanese assets in the United States in retaliation for the Japanese occupation of French Indochina.
What are you talking about?
What do I care what the Japanese are doing in French Indochina?
Oh, and what is French Indochina?
You mean the colonists called the French going into Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, stealing all the rubber, the tin, and everything else they could steal, and killing the people?
Oh, how dare the Japanese go into that?
And you keep reading.
On July 24th, Tokyo decided to strengthen its position in terms of its invasion of China by moving through Southeast Asia.
Goes on.
Japan followed up by occupying Cam Ranh Naval Base, which of course is in Vietnam, 800 miles from the Philippines where the Americans had troops.
What are the Americans doing with troops in the Philippines?
I'm an American!
How about protecting America?
Although, Salenti, we're globalists now.
This is the beginning.
Anyway, and the British base in Singapore.
What are the British doing in Singapore?
What's wrong with you, Salenti?
The sun never sets on the...
British Empire!
Oh, you only killed how many people in India when you occupied it?
Well, according to the latest study, the British only killed 165 million people from India.
I'm showing you how they lied us into the World War II.
President Roosevelt swung into action by freezing all Japanese assets in America.
No, stealing all Japanese assets in America when they didn't do anything to us.
Britain and Dutch East Indies.
Oh, Dutch East Indies?
You mean you scum that is stealing stuff all over Indonesia and all that area and robbing them of everything?
Oh yeah, we're the Dutch, we can do it.
Goes on.
The followed suit.
The result, Japan lost access to three-fourths of its overseas trade and 88% of its imported oil.
This is how they lead you to war, and they're doing the same thing now.
So that's what we're warning the people about, and what could you do to change it?
Here's my suggestion, Alex, and I would love to hear your comment.
The Libertarian Party put on the ticket RFK Jr.
for President and Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President.
And I'm saying the Libertarian Party because they have ballots in all of the states and it's very odd now.
They're the only other party in all 50 states.
And so to put these two people on a new... And they could inject the anti-war, pro-peace, anti-nuclear war, anti-Armageddon ideas into the debates.
They could force their way in and put that on the referendum in the next election or even sooner.
They could hit the campaign trail now.
What do you think?
Do you think that'd be a winning ticket?
I think it's an absolutely genius move, and I think they should do it now to stop nuclear war.
And they would not be ignored, it would galvanize people, we could get huge anti-war demonstrations going again, and I think it would unify the left and right, and it's something we need to do right now.
I think we should also introduce impeachment articles for what Biden's done, $150 billion to Ukraine, the money laundering, all of it, to make it front and center, and point out what he's doing that's wrong.
I think that's also important.
Yes, and you said it, left and right.
Again, the Kennedy, the Kennedy is, think about it.
If your uncle, the president was assassinated, RFK Jr., and your father was assassinated, what kind of person would you be?
Could you imagine living through that?
Could you imagine?
Here, I just got this framed.
Well, President killed, Governor Connolly shot, suspect seized, Johnson is sworn in, and let me expand on that.
Kennedy faced Curtis LeMay and Ellen LeManser on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs being Ellen LeManser.
They wanted to do a false flag attacking U.S.
cities to blame it on Cuba and Russia as a pretext for war after Bay of Pigs.
Kennedy said no, and that's one of the reasons they had him killed.
So there's always been these forces pushing for a winnable nuclear war with Russia.
And now with all these other nuclear powers, all the different They're demented, evil people.
That's why.
Why does a murderer murder people?
Why does a thief steal stuff?
That's who they are.
once there's a limited exchange almost every analyst agrees it'll lead to total
nuclear war end of civilization probably all life on earth as we know it so but
but why are there psychos that are willing to try this?
They're demented evil people that's why why does a murderer murder people
why does a thief steal stuff that's who they are. Why does a rapist rape?
And they're raping us of our life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.
Alright, Gerald Solente, TrendsResearch.com, get the new magazine.
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We'll be right back, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We're going to talk economy now with Gerald Cilente.
We're going to talk about the poison shots, AI, anti-war.
We're going to talk about office building busts, the trends.
I want to get into the trends now.
Bam, bam, bam.
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Going back to Gerald Cilente, let's talk about the economy now and what's really going on with interest rates, the Federal Reserve, and what you're predicting is happening.
You said two years ago that the housing bubble would bust in the next year and a half.
It started to bust just when you said six months ago.
How serious is this going to get?
It's going to get very serious, but the worst is going to be in the commercial business sector.
You know, by the way, I just want to say, I want to thank you for everything that you're doing and your staff and how hard everybody works and the great products that you have.
And one of your products that I love the most is Super Mill Vitality.
At 76, I got the spirit of 76, you know?
Yeah, and it's really, really great.
Yeah, it just turned 76.
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Cold-pressed herbs.
So, it has the regular herbs known for boosting stamina, libido, all that, but they're cold-pressed, so they're alive and much stronger.
So, thank you, Gerald.
It'll be back in stock next week.
Please continue.
Yeah, so going back to the economy, there's going to be an office building bust, the likes of which we've never seen before.
Before I get into that, I want to look at the general economy in the markets.
Go back to our Trends Journal in November of 2022.
Gold prices hit into the 1600 levels.
We said this is the bottom.
They're going to go up from this point on.
And they have.
Now, as we're speaking, gold is over $1,900 an ounce.
Once again, you hammered and hammered the last few years.
I didn't think you were wrong, because you're right about 95% of the time, one of the probably best analysts out there.
But how did you know two years ago to start hammering gold would go up?
Well, we knew when it would go down as interest rates went up.
And then we knew that they're going to moderate raising interest rates because the money junkies need cheap dough.
And what nobody talks about by the Federal Reserve and the central banksters, this is the BS that they kept putting out.
First, they said inflation was temporary.
Then they said it was transitory.
Of course, in the woke world, we just call it transgender-tory now.
Then they couldn't stop lying about it, so they started raising interest rates.
We said, as interest rates keep going up, the stock market's going to keep going down.
As the stock market goes down, we said it was going to go down in 2022, and it did.
You had the Nasdaq down 33% last year.
The S&P 500... Sure, so what's going to happen to the housing thing, and what's going to happen to crypto?
So on the crypto, we were very, very bullish on Bitcoin.
We said when it goes down to $15,000, that that would be the bottom.
If it went below that, it would go much deeper.
If it's stabilized around that, we see it moving up.
And it has.
Now it's at about $19,000.
And you have to put this into perspective.
Yeah, it was up to $60,000 plus.
Yeah, but the thing started from zero, what, 10 years ago, and it's now at $17,000, $18,000, $19,000.
So it's way up.
It goes up, it goes down, it goes up even higher, it goes down, it goes up even higher.
And it goes and so that's what we see on the real estate sector.
We don't see a housing bust like we saw in 2008 panic of 08 because the people that bought houses this time had the dough.
It was no such thing as subprime mortgages.
Well, you don't have a job, you can't have any money in the bank, you're deep in debt.
Here, here's a loan, sign over here.
It didn't do that this time.
We're going to see a steep decline in the prices, but again, this is what it depends upon.
February 1st, the Federal Reserve is going to come out and they're going to say how much they're going to raise interest rates.
The bet on the street right now is that they're only going to raise them 25 basis points.
If they only raise them 25 basis points, The markets are going to go way back up again.
And here's the other thing, you have to look at the data.
After the last 40, last 40 midterm elections, the S&P 500 has gone up over 15% in the following 12 months.
So they're going to keep the gamblers gambling.
If they raise interest rates 50 basis points, boom!
This thing's going to collapse and go down big and hard.
So what's the inside baseball?
Is the Fed going to do 25 or 50?
It's a guess.
It's a guess.
You don't know.
You know, I don't know.
But here's the other thing.
So when the Fed says he doesn't know what he's going to do yet, and quote, he doesn't know, that's not very...
They know exactly what they're going to do.
They're going to lie to us.
They knew that the inflation wasn't temporary.
They knew it wasn't transitory.
These are the bankster bandits that are in charge of our life.
And notice them increasing interest rates did not slow inflation very much.
No, no.
And oh, oh, the good news was that the inflation numbers only increased, what, 0.1 percent.
Oh, how wonderful.
It only went up that little bit.
I mean, this is the baloney they're putting out there.
Inflation's still very high, and when you look at shadow stats, it's around 14%.
The argument is, well, it didn't go up too much.
What's already super high, we want it to go down.
Well, they go, oh, get used to it.
Let me boil this down here, in my view, with Gerald Cilentino to get his take on it and a bunch of other key trends.
The global corrupt kleptocrats are just highly organized criminals.
They've created all these huge Ponzi schemes to buy up and get almost every facet of the economy under their control, and now they need a big war or another viral release or some other group of distractions, power outages, cyber attacks, you name it, as the pretext for them taking more control.
They don't want to get in trouble for the engineered collapse that's happening, which they orchestrated to consolidate control.
And that's why they're so scared.
And that's why the virus and the Wuhan release and the poison shots was their big gambit, which is now blown up in their face.
And you've got the FDA and CDC documents coming out that they knew was going to kill people.
And now they're all pointing fingers at each other.
I mean, this is epic.
You have congressional hearings starting and you've got criminal investigations in Japan and in Germany and Florida.
I mean, this is really a big problem for them, Gerald.
What's your view on what's about to happen to Big Pharma and their censorship and their control with government and the sinning voices of doctors and consumers?
I mean, this to me is a spectacular fail for them.
I don't know how they're going to extricate themselves from this.
Oh, they'll do what they want because they run the government.
Look at the, look at the people in the FDA.
Look at the people, one after another.
To the point of the counter.
To the point of the door, where the board members and the head of the FDA are all Pfizer, Moderna former executives.
It's criminal.
That's right.
You know, so that, that's what I'm saying.
It's, it's, it's, again, from the military industrial complex, you get a guy that was sitting on the board of directors of Raytheon, now our defense contractor.
You had some clown that was in the FDA that was the head of the tobacco part of it.
And what did he get?
He got a job with Philip Morris.
You know that other guy, I forgot his name, under Trump that was there?
An advisor to Pfizer?
But what you're saying is important.
Tobacco is a very bad group.
Lying about stuff and trying to put chemicals in to make it more addicting.
But everybody knows they ran a conspiracy for decades of control of media with payoffs and government.
They finally blew up in their face.
With pharma, their crime is a thousand times bigger.
But you're right, they have the very same methodology of control.
Here's the deal that shows you how bad it got.
By the way, I did work a major, major study for Warner Lambert, which is now bought out by Pfizer back in the late 1990s.
That little arrogant boy that every time he got caught with his pants down, bombs away over Baghdad, the Yugoslav war, one murderous thing after another, Bill Clinton.
He's the clown that allowed the drug dealers to put their ads on TV in 1997.
That wasn't allowed before.
Why do you think they... You could hear Clinton BS for free for hours and hours.
And that's the reason you know so much.
You were a best-selling author even back in the 1980s, but you were also a high-powered lobbyist.
Yeah, I only learned what I learned because I was on the other side.
I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement.
Back when it was doing good stuff like catalytic converters and not putting poison, reasonable stuff.
Yeah, so I was on the other side.
Here I am, Alex, at 30 years old, picking up Ronald Reagan At the Chicago Hilton, two days before he's announcing he's running against Jerry Ford.
So I've been on the other side, that's why I know what it is.
And I started growing up, you know, and then I became, you know, I'm not going to do this anymore.
You know, it's a lifetime thing.
So going back, no big, the drug deal here, this is who runs America.
Number one, the banksters.
Hey, I'm too big to fail.
I'm Jamie Dimon.
Federal Reserve dumps in 29 trillion dollars from 2007 to 2010 to the Goldman Sachs gang, the Merrill Lynch mob, one after another.
We're too big to fail.
You're just a piece of crap.
Oh, I'm not making up that number.
That's from the Levy Institute of Bard College.
And then there's a number two.
It's the drug dealers that people call Big Pharma.
And you watch these ads, you say, how could anybody take this stuff?
Oh, these are the side effects, you know, Bob.
Oh, you're going to lose your brain.
And by the way, now under this new revolution with Fauci, they're going to get rid of testing on animals and just do it directly to humans and allow unlimited advertising, including on Sesame Street to kids with no adverse reaction reports because no studies are being done.
This is crazy.
It's crazy, and that's what I'm going back to.
What can we do?
And before I move on, we need a new third party.
People are fed up.
You saw that study that came out from Gallup just a couple of days ago on Tuesday.
And by the way, you know, I go to InfoWars every day and follow the news stories that your crew puts up.
They're terrific.
And the one about how the majority of people look at Congress lower than they do journalists and car salesmen.
We're ready for a new time, because the other people that control the country is the military-industrial complex.
And then the next one is the geeks.
And by the way, that's one of our top trends for 2023.
AI, we own you.
If we don't stop this, we're gone.
They're taking over everything.
And again, They've brought down society.
I mean, you know, once upon a time, people played, you know, musical instruments and there was real life and real truth.
No, now everything's digital.
I was about to say, you've been harping on that for 15 years since I've been having you on, a lot longer, I've known you, but they now admit CNET and others have all these writers that are fake AI.
They put in what they want the writer to write.
The editors don't need writers anymore, investigators.
They just then re-scramble it.
That's a perfect microcosm of humans being removed as a commodity or even a necessity.
Before we were a commodity, treated like animals, now we're being treated like garbage to be taken out.
We should all say no to AI news.
We should say no to fake journalists.
Yeah, and people don't read anymore.
They're TikTok.
You know, they're dead.
They're gone.
So again, that's why, you know, people, everybody listening, you need to do all you can to support InfoWars.
And you go to InfoWarsStores.com and they've got a great line of products, but they're not only helping InfoWars, they're helping you.
We're almost out of time.
You're going to be co-hosting Sunday with us.
Run through some of the other trends that are in your big 2023 Trends Journal.
Yeah, the other ones is we're going to see a college crash.
You're going to see less and less people, more and more colleges closing down and less and less people going to them.
And another one we're looking at, it's already happening, new political parties.
The new ones ramping up again, the old new one in Austria.
People are tired of immigration.
It's going to be anti-immigration, anti-establishment, anti-war and anti-tax.
And that's, those are the big ones.
And again, we got this one going green and market meltdown, Middle East, office building bust.
Oh, and by the way, digital cash.
Here's what they're going to do.
Here we are, Alex.
We're doing the interview and all of a sudden, Gerald, we just heard that the Russians hacked our banking system.
We're sorry folks, the Russians hacked the banking system and you can't get any money, but don't worry, we're going to help you out.
We're going to come out with a digital currency.
We're coming out with a digital currency we know every penny is spent, where you spent it, what you spent it on, so we can get your money in tax dollars and take more control over you.
They're going to go digital.
I tell people, why are you keeping your money in the bank?
That was my next question.
I want you to host the next five minutes coming up.
I'm going to give you the floor.
But Gerald, I was about to ask you, we know the AI system is coming in.
We know the digital currency is coming in.
You warned about decades ago, Senator.
Now it's here.
How do we stop it?
We need a new third party.
Without it, we lose.
Sure, but that's the big 35,000 of you.
How about ground zero at the one foot view?
What do we do?
Just refuse to use it?
Shop mom and pop?
What do we do to say no to the digital currency?
Never use QR codes at stores?
I don't carry a cell phone.
I won't do it.
And I refuse to do it!
I did work for the cellular telecommunications industry in 1994, been reading about radio frequency radiation since then.
Oh, you see what's going to happen with the sperm count going down to zero by 2045?
Because you've got it in your pocket to radiate your balls.
By the way, those are major studies, folks.
They put rats in with cell phones with the normal amount of cell phone radiation we use every day, fried their testicles.
And you look, University of California at Berkeley, you're on a cell phone for 17 minutes a day for 10 years, your chances of getting brain tumor only increase by 60%.
Even Wired Magazine admits it.
That's why, folks, when I do use one, because they're an incredibly powerful tool, I keep it in a bag, and if I gotta go in a store or something, I leave it in the car or it's in my back pocket.
That way it's not getting full power.
You put it in your front pocket, it's shooting through your hip.
You put it right next to your balls, and I'm being serious, folks, it fries them.
And it's bad for ovaries, but all these brain tumors, there's hundreds of studies about whatever side of your head you hold the phone on, that's where you get the brain tumor.
Don't do it.
If you can get rid of cell phones, that is the smartest thing for everybody to do.
What Gerald said is shop local, demand quality.
In fact, I want him to talk about solutions just in general to up our culture.
When we come back in two minutes with Gerald Celente, then I got a ton of news to hit after he leaves us.
Final segment with the great Gerald Celente of Trends Research and the Trends Journal, TrendsResearch.com.
All right, you got five minutes.
I want you to host.
I'm going to shut up, spill your guts, give us all your knowledge.
Thanks a lot, Alex, and thank you again for all you do.
You know, one of the top trends we have is the homeless solution, and they refuse to listen to us on this.
We're spending tens and tens of billions of dollars every year to put these people into shelters.
They're out on the streets.
It's a mess.
It's not working.
So we have a homeless solution.
And here it is.
Once upon a time, there used to be a movie called Boys Town.
And what they did is they took these kids that came from broken families and other disastrous things and they built a boys town for them.
And they show these young kids skills, how to work, how to do things in a beautiful, beautiful place.
We could do the same thing with the homeless solution.
We're putting people in what they call shelters.
Isn't that brilliant?
A shelter?
You're putting them in these crappy places.
Oh, and by the way, there's a boys town.
We're putting them in these crappy places.
And by the way, the big, you know, like the old hotels and stuff, these are owned by the people that pay the politicians off to put them in there.
So what we do is we build homeless towns.
And, for example, I'm up here in Kingston, New York, at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.
One time, there used to be a place called the Borscht Belt.
It had Grossinger's, Brown.
It was where all the top comedians, the Jerry Lewis's, all the Sammy Davis Jr's, all the top of the top used to come up here.
It changed when they had the jet set began when they started jet airplanes in the late 1960s and then people started flying around.
But everybody from the city and every place used to come up here.
Now there is all these beautiful Catskill Mountain places empty.
Rather than spending billions of dollars, giving it to the political clowns that get paid off to put people in shelters, We build homeless towns.
Beautiful places.
Get them off the streets.
Look at the destruction that they're not only doing to the people that are spending all this money in rents and housing that other people are destroying.
But give them a real life.
We put them in these beautiful areas all over the country.
All over the country, into the ex-urban areas, where you have these beautiful, beautiful land that's empty, and you give them skills.
Here, you want to eat?
You got to do this.
We teach them how to paint.
Teach them how to fix things.
But the system doesn't want that, Gerald.
They want a bunch of zombies they control.
I know.
Again, it's up to us.
Remember, Alex, it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, says Samuel Adams.
I totally agree with you.
And that's what we need, is people to have a model of it, show it works.
Won't be all the homeless that click to it, but a good minority, maybe even a majority will do it.
And then it can be a model duplicated everywhere.
And we give them skills.
We put life back into them.
We give them a spirit.
Here, this is how you cook.
This is how you plant vegetables.
Everybody should be doing that.
Studies show most adults don't know how to cook, even, or plant vegetables.
And we're designed to do it.
It feels good to do it.
Alex, my favorite pastime is gardening when I have time and cooking.
I zone out.
I love making dinner.
We're supposed to do it.
And that's why we're in the shape we're in.
And we're not among the 60 plus percent of the people eating ultra processed foods.
Well, I'm not in great shape like you.
I've done a lot of bad things, but I know what's right.
And I know you look like you're 60 and you're 76.
That's amazing.
Thank you.
Yeah, the first book I worked on was Natural Healing back in the 1980s.
Gerald, you're co-hosting Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Myself, Owen Schroyer.
We'll see you then.
We love you.
Folks, go there and subscribe.
He's a great patriot.
And then share your subscription.
God bless you, Gerald.
God bless you, and thank you for everything you do.
We'll be right back.
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All right, please listen to me very, very carefully.
I do not tell you these things about the show to impress you.
I tell you because we've discovered what the enemy fears.
We know how to beat them, and I think most of you already understand that.
But a lot of new listeners don't understand why do they have thousands of articles a week, year after year, lying about us, attacking us?
Why do they pull out all the stops to try to shut us down?
Because I studied how psyops work decades and decades and decades ago.
Years before I got on air, I had family who had worked in secret areas of these systems tell me how things really worked and they were against what was happening.
And I just grew up hearing this and knowing this.
And as I got older, I saw it happening and thought, oh, they really told me the truth.
When you're a kid, it's just kind of background noise.
But you're like a sponge taking that all in.
And so they have congressional hearings about us.
They talk about how we're the number one enemy, because they're the criminals that have hijacked the country.
And I can tell you, big tech, the European Union, the big think tanks, and the criminals that have hijacked Our government have absolutely 110% been at war with Infowars because we know how to defeat them.
We know how to stop them.
And so they're on record studying what we do, studying how we operate, Because they fear what we're covering, what we're breaking down, will spread to the general public.
But what are they most concerned about?
And I've seen this in congressional documents, we've played the clips, I even played one earlier in the week.
But I want you to understand something.
They want to know how I've been able, with my guests and my crew and this whole family, to mobilize people and get Trump elected and really punch big stories through that they're suppressing into the mainstream.
They see us as the weapon that's defeated them because we have together, this whole family, God working through us, God gets all the credit.
And part of being so successful against these enemies is that they come after you.
So when I tell you about this, I didn't just research this when I was young.
I've just been on air 28 years.
All these persecutions have really taken my understanding of the cutting edge of their attacks to the next level.
So I'm going to explain something right now.
When I got up here last hour, just briefly mentioned, hey, we're going to do a special broadcast from 8 a.m.
past midnight on Tuesday, the Alex Jones was right emergency broadcast.
And I said, if you get excited about it and if you share the link from InfoWars.com forward slash show.
When you do that.
It has an ultra massive effect, but it's not just about InfoWars.
It's that when you realize how much power you've got, and when you get excited, not just about promoting Infowars, but going to your city council, or your county commission, or your school board, or your state house, or to town halls, and getting up for two, three minutes and speaking, the people, whether you're an old lady, or a black man, or a white man, or a Hispanic person, or an Asian person, gay, straight, doesn't matter.
When you speak that truth, fellow humans listen to you and put the highest level of credibility on you, above government, above media, above the corporations, who they see as garbage.
And they're looking for your leadership.
And they're looking for you to give them that cue so they can join you.
So start a local news site that has an article a week, an article a day, whatever you want to do.
Go speak out.
Tell people who you are.
Tell them about your movement to promote freedom.
They will join you.
They will get involved with you.
You can help their movement.
The answer is in the people.
The answer is in what the globalists fear, what they call the proletariat, or the population.
And so they want to know how we excite people.
They want to know why we're so successful mobilizing people.
Well, we're promoting things that are ingrained on our souls, ingrained in our guts, ingrained in our very DNA of liberty and justice and freedom and beauty and art and culture and loving God and having good people together that stand up for what's right.
That's why they try to sell you on overt evil to where it just gets so extreme you roll over and give up.
Giving up?
Only makes it worse.
So have hope.
Know this life is a test.
Know that I'm just a regular guy from Texas who saw what was going on and stood up and took action because I believed in you.
I believed I could inspire you to fight the New World Order.
And I knew that When I read stuff The Globalist had written in the 70s, in the 90s, when I first really got involved, had all basically been done.
And I went, well, if what they wanted in the 50s was done by the 70s, and if what they wanted in the 70s was done by the 90s, what they want by the 2000s, total control, what you now see, all the carbon taxes and shutdowns of energy and crime and deadly drugs and pedophilia and brainwashing and open borders, They said they were going to do all of that in the 90s, and I was like, wow, they just got all this other stuff done.
They mean business.
I'm going to be ridiculed at first.
I'm going to be demonized.
I'm going to be attacked.
But this is an adventure.
This is the right thing to do.
And my guts, my soul, my spirit wants to do this.
And so no matter how far I get, I knew this 25 years ago, plus I'm going to do this because it's the right thing to do and God's watching and I'm always in that moment of conscience, that's God watching, your soul knows that, of my audience is God.
My audience is, what is God doing?
And God loves that.
And God starts opening doors, and God starts giving you intel, and God won't give you power you can't handle until you've gone through more tribulations.
And once you've been tested, and once you've been proven, God then opens up the next weapon armory.
Is the best way to describe it of truth and justice and will and courage and just energy and stamina and just just just and people see it and they know it but by then you're so humble in the presence of God you don't care that when you walk in a room everybody knows God's with you and doesn't mean you're God doesn't mean you're perfect doesn't mean you aren't fallen doesn't mean you aren't a sinner but The world recognizes that you're different and then they want to come to what you're doing.
They want to be shown what you're doing.
And so that's where we are.
So before I hit all this Piers Morgan highlights or lowlights and analyze each piece of propaganda next segment, I want to just remind all of you that what we have here at InfoWars, what we're doing here at InfoWars, What we are carrying out here at InfoWars is special.
And the enemy particularly knows it's dangerous to them.
And so we've learned through trial and error and action so much about liberty, so much about freedom, so much about how to build a better world, defend our children, and defend our own rights.
And that sacrificing against tyranny and really having empathy and really caring is the opposite of being a psychopathic or sociopathic New World Order minion.
And as you pull away from that sociopathic evil, though you were never there, you were close to it, I was close to it, life gets so much better, so much more fulfilling, so much more enriched, that you feel sorry for people serving evil because they don't know how rich and beautiful and amazing a real relationship with God and reality is.
So we're going to go to break.
Come back and cover all this news, but all I can do is thank you for all you've done.
We've come so far together and just ask you again to spread the word about the broadcast and to buy an unsigned book or a fundraiser signed book.
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InfoWarsStore.com, I wanna thank you all for your support.
All right, Piers Morgan really went next level disinformation yesterday.
We're gonna document some of this on the other side.
All right, we are back live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide on this Friday the 13th,
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I'm going to now play some clips from Tucker Carlson's program.
It's on in England.
It's on in the United States.
And, of course, I destroyed him 10 years ago in a debate.
And I went on there yesterday, and his producers were deceptive.
Of course, that was part of the course.
I knew it was going to happen.
Let's do an overhead shot, please.
There's a few notes I wrote here, but here is...
what they sent me and I said I don't want to spend much of the time on Sandy Hook.
They said oh no that's just one of the topics but he spent 95% of the time on that.
He wanted to talk about the rise of the right-leaning parties in the US and other parties in Europe.
He had all his thoughts on why Trump politics in the US.
January 6th, Brazil's presidential election, recent riots and then touch on, oh just touch
on Sandy Hook and then Debos and that whole event coming up.
But that's not, that's not what happened.
It was all, oh, you're harassing families.
Oh, you're being mean to them.
But he plays a clip of one of these women.
I never said her name, didn't know who she was until she sued me, like that FBI agent.
And they're up there saying things that I never did to them.
But the judge found me guilty and then had show trials to decide how guilty I was.
And I know you're sick of hearing about that, and so am I. So I'm not going to start with those clips first.
I'm going to get to clip 7.
Alex Jones and peers talk about gay frogs.
And this is one of the things that he says discredits me, we added a few clips backing it up, when it is the atrocine making the male frogs want to have sex with other male frogs, meaning they become extinct.
So even stuff that's documented, he tries to say, is made up.
Here it is.
You said that chemicals in the water which are put there by the government are turning frogs gay in a gay bomb.
You said Michelle Obama is a man.
In a 12-minute video, you analyzed footage of photographs proving that Mrs. Obama has a penis.
You said that Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who investigated Trump's Russia ties, which turned out to be a Can we stop?
Can we hold on?
Can we take each one of these?
Hang on, was it demonic pedophile?
And said that's a demon I will take down or die trying?
He's obviously not a pedophile.
And so on.
So here's my point, Alex.
Are you there?
You keep flashing up your info.
You don't need to promote InfoWars, we all know about it.
Listen, what I'm trying to tell you is... On the front page of InfoWars... You make all these charges and I can't respond!
Let me ask you the question I'm about to ask you.
I read a piece on Infowars all about the danger of falsehoods.
The cost to livelihoods and lives.
The problem with lack of integrity and a false information pandemic.
Your website is promoting that thinking.
That it's wrong to have false information put out there.
And yet the guy behind the website making all the money is the guy saying all this stuff which is obviously complete nonsense.
Alright, you just talked for four minutes.
Can I talk now?
You know it's nonsense.
Don't you?
You're scared to let me talk.
Your chance to respond.
No, I don't know it's nonsense, and if you took your time through all those points you just raised, I can back every one of them.
There are more than a thousand university studies from England, to Australia, to South Africa, to Mexico, to Austin, Texas, that atrazine is literally making male frogs gay.
They don't want to have sex with female frogs, and their populations are plummeting and even becoming extinct.
It might look like we're out in a bush somewhere but 15 feet on either side we're surrounded by agriculture and the runoff ends up in this river.
All of the algae is the result of all the nutrients because a lot of fertilizers are used in agriculture and once those fertilizers get into the water you get these blooms of algae.
Our data so far suggests that the mixture of pesticides causes an increase in stress hormones.
And those stress hormones cause immunosuppression, which leads to the inability to respond to any kind of disease pathogen.
Hayes is testing the effects of chemicals like atrazine, a common herbicide.
We have a whole family of animals where we've eliminated the female chromosome.
Specimen zero one.
These animals that we know are genetic males have been exposed to atrazine for their entire life.
And many of these genetic males now are turning into females.
The one that's sort of remarkable is this pair.
These are both males.
The one on the bottom acting as the female we affectionately refer to as Darnell.
He's a genetic male that not only acts like a female, he lays eggs like a female.
He, she has been exposed to atrazine All of her, his, her life.
I don't even really know how to reference it.
This is Darnell's third clutch.
So Darnell has sons and daughters that we've grown up.
You can see eggs in the bottom.
This is actually her second clutch for today.
He, she has been copulating for getting close to 24 hours now.
This is probably one of the most remarkable things I've seen in my work.
Jones has argued that the government has the ability to control tornadoes, and that tap water is a gay bomb, and that they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay.
This is the most common contaminant in ground and surface water and drinking water, and the level of atrazine that it took to make this male turn into a female is three times less than what's allowed in our drinking water.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Serious crap!
So, Piers Morgan says, I'm the devil, I'm just lying.
And he brought up when Joan Rivers said that Big Mike was a man.
And we talked about it.
That's a big internet thing.
We just covered it.
We're now bad, and we made that up to, quote, make money.
All these media outlets have to make money.
So here's clip eight.
Big Mike, Joan Rivers clip.
Here it is.
Then, 9-11, I don't think radical Islam doesn't exist.
There were criminal elements in our government that it came out, even in the hearings, that stood down and did nothing.
So you rattle off a whole bunch of stuff.
9-11 was not an inside job.
Michelle Obama is not a man.
Robert Mueller is not a demonic paedophile.
Let me talk about Michelle Obama.
Let me talk about Big Mike.
These are all ridiculous lies.
Here's the point, Alex.
You're not a stupid man.
You're not a stupid man.
You know these things aren't true.
Let me talk.
That is a transcript you have.
I was playing a clip of Joan Rivers two months before she died.
with fire exploding out of her mouth in a surgery, she said, "Michelle Obama is a trainee.
"Everybody knows that we already have a gay president."
And I was quoting what she said, and I was questioning what people were saying.
Ms. Rivers, how are you?
You made it sun of news, officiating the wedding in New York yesterday.
Is this like a new cottage career move for you?
I am so excited.
And I should do very well because I don't choice.
And do you think that the country will see the first, the United States will see the first gay president or the first woman president?
We already have it with Obama.
So let's just calm down.
Got it.
No, Michelle is a trans.
I'm sorry, she's a what?
A transgender.
We all know.
Oh my gosh.
Oh gosh.
It's okay.
Okay, so he mixed that with me saying gay bum and with the frogs all together scrambling quotes together.
The Pentagon BBC ABC News 1994 US military actually considered building a gay bomb and did and tested on US soldiers.
Okay, so that's mainstream news is on screen for TV viewers.
That's what I did.
So we're going to continue here through everything he claims and since he brings up Sandy Hook, I'm going to tell you what I really said about Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza being in this, working with the CIA.
And I have mainstream news showing that, including the Unabomber, when we come back.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Adam Lanza's the guy that killed the kids, not me.
I know everybody thinks about me and Sandy Hook.
I did not kill those children.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right.
They want to just keep hammering me and hammering me with tens of thousands of articles, thousands of news reports, Sandy Hook, he's mean to people, he's attacking them, no evidence of it, all made up.
So now we're going to talk about what they don't want you to look at and remember.
Overhead shot, please, for TV viewers.
For any listeners, you can just search this for yourself.
ABC News, five disturbing things we learned today about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.
And that's back from the time this all went on.
They don't want us discussing this.
2006 almost a year after community psychiatrist for a valued Lanza he was seen at the Yale Child Study Center by clinical psychiatrist.
report says the evaluation report lead to determine if Adam Lanza had obsessive
compulsive disorder in the context of a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. Their
son was angry about having to go to Yale. The Yale APR in advanced practice
resignation nurse the present-day interview offered her view that Adam
Lanza may not in fact have had autism spectrum disorder but rather he suffered
from disabling anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The report says, Yale did not think that Adam Lanza was gifted and unique, pointed to the average cognitive abilities captured by the school psychological testing he was involved in.
Here's another one out of the local Connecticut News.
Child Advocate Report.
Yale's psych recommendations for Lanza weren't sent to include the records.
And what's going on there?
Current exclusive, more than 1,000 pages of documents from real Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza's dark descent into depravity.
New report, Adam Lanza did not snap.
He was already evil and crazy.
Why did his mother give him a gun?
Yale's recommendations for support of Newtown's shooter are largely unheeded, where he said years before he was planning the attack.
New York Times, Adam Lanza's mental problem was completely unrelated before Newtown shooting report says.
Adam Lanza threatened Sandy Hook killings years earlier.
New York Times.
Cops heard Adam Lanza wanted to kill Sandy Hook before shooting.
Doc, show!
Sandy Hook reports shooter's mom wanted to buy him a gun for Christmas.
Yahoo News.
Adam Lanza's mental problem is completely unrelated.
So, that's what's going on here, and that's what they don't want to discuss.
And then I've got a whole stack of articles here we can show up on screen as well where the CIA and FBI Pull those up, put them on screen.
I thought I had them stacked.
Visited him in the years before because of hacks he did and other things.
I mean, that's what needs to be investigated.
I don't know what happened there, but it's in the police report.
The police got there and there was no blood in the bathroom but a pile of dead bodies and the police thought the bodies had been moved there.
So that's what we were covering early on, not what others said later that we covered that they've come after us for.
So this is what they picked to come after us for.
This is their attempt to shut us down.
But it's not working.
All right.
Let's go ahead now and shift gears and other things that Piers Morgan was up to and that he was doing.
Let's go ahead and play clip four.
We'll also play the clip as well at the end where 500,000 kids killed by increased sanctions.
Madeleine Albright said it was a good price to pay, but she's a hero to the left.
I'm bad for questioning Jesse Smollett, WMDs in Iraq, and Sandy Hook.
Here it is.
Yeah, listen.
And Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under Clinton, was asked by Leslie Stahl in 60 Minutes that Clinton tripled sanctions on Iraq to kill 2 million people, 500,000 children.
She said it was a good thing to do.
She'd do it again.
I didn't kill 500,000 children.
I question all these events because many of them are provocateur or staged.
I understand that, but I also understand that... What about all the kids dying from the poisoned shots?
Let me just finish... What about the CDC admitting it causes myocarditis and heart attacks?
Here's the problem, Alex.
The problem is... If I deserve to die for questioning a mass shooting, then what happens to the big companies that sold these poisoned shots that weren't approved and weren't safe and didn't protect us?
Here's my question... What happens to them while you're... I'm the worst guy in the world!
Alex... So, Piers, hold on.
Hold on.
I'm the worst guy in the world, right?
I didn't say that.
Listen, I told them in a deposition.
That back when this went on, and I started questioning it like nine years ago, about a year after, when I said false flag, I believe they may have protected him.
They may have known it was coming.
Like Uvalde, 75 minutes the police stood down.
I believe that was a real shooter.
Real kids died.
In Florida, at Parkland, there was a stand down.
The police chief said, well, he thought he'd already killed all the kids, so he didn't want more death.
That was in the news.
That was in the Dallas Morning News yesterday.
I'm questioning Parkland saying, did they let it happen?
That's a false flag.
To say a false flag doesn't mean the parents are fake.
I apologized on Joe Rogan before I was sued.
I apologized on dozens of shows when they brought this up in 2016.
Here's my question.
Then they went on the news and said I was currently sending people their houses.
Where is the video of me saying go to their houses?
Where is the video of me pissing on their graves?
It's not true.
They're raising money on my name.
We have heard that half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice.
But the price, we think the price is worth it.
She's the good guy, I'm the bad guy.
Here he is bringing up January 6, trying to imply I did something wrong there.
That's exactly what thousands of people did.
They went down from hearing you say that, Donald Trump the same way he said, and they launched an unprecedented attack on the Capitol, the very center of democracy in America.
Do you regret now what you said at that speech?
No, I don't.
I've had rallies with over a million people, a half million people before that.
It's an information war.
Infowars.com, we're in an information war.
We were there to have a 10-day investigation of the Constitution.
The Democrats have done it before, just a few years before, to look at what was happening.
We were there peaceful.
And then, Piers, I tried to stop people and did keep thousands from going into the Capitol.
And I've been cleared in the January 6th.
Look at the Reuters article by the FBI.
Just to be clear, do you denounce those who use violence that day?
Yes, I did announce Ray Epps telling the congressional committee that he orchestrated the attack and I tried to stop the provocateurs in that operation from breaking in.
We had a million people there, they tricked a thousand or so to go in, a few hundred provocateurs broke through the police, similar to what we're seeing in Brazil, and so I'm on record There that day, telling people don't go in the building and trying to stop it.
When I say 1776, I'm saying try to take our guns, 1776.
Try to take our free speech, 1776.
It means political rebellion.
It means an awakening.
It means saying no.
Then he panicked and kicked me off the show because I was kicking his ass with the truth.
These people are disgusting folks and they want to demonize independent media by lying about me.
misrepresenting and the people making money off Sandy Hook are the lawyers and
quite frankly the families with their big foundations and their big think
tanks and all the things they've done and a bunch of the ones that sued me
have got big charities they live full-time off of it and they got the
nerve to point at me and claim I make money off Sandy Hook but I hardly ever
covered of it. So that's the reality that's where this is all gone. I'm done
talking about Piers Morgan.
I've got more clips here, but I'm just going to go ahead and throw this in the trash, and I'm done discussing that.
I've got some other news I want to hit on the Davos Group meeting and coverage we're going to have of that and what's happening with the markets.
And also some of the other breaking news that is unfolding right now that will hit when we start the next hour.
Then I'll hand the baton about 10 minutes in to Jay Dyer, who's loaded for bear with the Globalist own quotes, how they see you as animals, how they want to euthanize you.
I want to get rid of you.
But please, listeners, understand we are in your hands.
They can't shut us down.
Only you can.
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Welcome back broadcasting worldwide on this Friday the 13th transmission.
We're going to the Piers Morgan Disinformation Lies.
Got other news coming up before I hand the baton to the next guest host in the fourth hour, Jay Dyer.
So let's get back into this.
And again, it's not about Sandy Hook, it's not about Alex Jones, it's about the anatomy of a PSYOP.
I come out, say Adam Lanza was with the CIA in a mind control program like Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, that's all he classified.
Tim McVeigh was controlled by mind control individuals.
There's Adam Lanza right there, if you're watching on TV.
And he was in a secret government program, I'm about to show you mainstream news articles that cover all this.
So was the Aurora mass shooter.
His dad ran the government brain interface program with DARPA.
That was the Batman shooter.
So we covered that aspect.
Then a bunch of professors came out and other individuals said it was staged.
We looked at them saying it was staged.
I didn't get any heat for that.
We barely covered it, as you know.
Then when Hillary runs against Trump, she runs 30 million dollars of ads with edited clips of me saying Sandy Hook may not have happened.
And then they have a PR firm we now know that runs the UNPR that said Jones is harassing families and attacking people with Trump.
They built it up, the family sued me, the judges defaulted me, had show trials, a billion and a half dollars, all this ridiculousness.
And so I only said the name on air ever.
of Robbie Parker, because people were playing the video of him, where he gets up there and
starts laughing and then he starts crying.
And I said, "Yeah, it looks weird."
Okay, so now that's $90 million or $100-something million to him for that.
But the idea that I targeted these people is a total fraud.
But now they've been used by the lawyers, by the Democratic Party, by Obama, to come
after not just guns, but also your First Amendment.
So I saw this lady at the Connecticut trial.
How can your first response be total garbage, Pierre Morgan said.
He played a clip of her and said a bunch of stuff that I was saying was total garbage.
Then I went on to say I don't even know her name until she sued me and her saying that I sent people to harass her or them saying that is not the case.
So, Piers Morgan responds to Alex Jones' bizarre reaction after showing a clip of him of a mother who lost her son in Sandy Hook shooting.
So people know my name and association with Sandy Hook, not Adam Lanza's.
But we'll look at Adam Lanza's past here in a moment.
Here's clip two where he plays the clip, but here's what's important.
She says because of harassment and things that they never show evidence of, that they then say, I'm sending people to them with no evidence of that.
That she has to sleep with a gun.
So here she is admitting we need the Second Amendment.
So I have nothing against this woman, you know, but the idea that, that, oh, I never, she never did anything and I came after her, that's just not what happened.
But again, they live off this.
They cover this.
They got 73 million from Remington.
They've gotten over all these groups, hundreds of millions in money.
Major PR firms constantly raising money, and they're claiming, I'm bringing it up.
I'm harassing them.
I'm coming after them.
This is how they demonize populism.
Here's the clip.
I want to play you a clip.
This is a clip of one of the parents from Sandy Hook, because you've talked about this at length now.
Nicole Hockley.
And I want to talk after this clip.
I want you to just listen to what she had to say to me recently on the show.
He did his first broadcast saying that he thought this was a false flag.
When I was still in the firehouse and I didn't even know if my child was alive or dead yet, he started off within two and a half hours of the shooting.
Nice conflation.
I said Adam Lanza was in the news connected to the CIA and a mind control program at Yale that I'll show you CBS, New York Times in a few minutes.
Over a year until I covered the theories by Fetzer and a bunch of others that it didn't happen.
So see how this works?
Oh, he instantly attacked us.
He instantly.
No, not true.
When I was still in the firehouse and I didn't even know if my child was alive or dead yet, he started off within two and a half hours of the shooting and has kept putting out video after video.
Our lawyers deposed all these people.
Most of them said they never heard of me until 2017 before they sued me.
So she's in the firehouse, I'm attacking her.
Never said her name.
"Year after year after year and calling us all crisis actors, calling our children, you
know, either that they were never, they were never killed or they were never alive in the
first place.
That we're traitors, that we're treasonous and that we're government shills.
It's been..."
"Pause again.
No video of me saying they're treasonous.
No video of me talking about her.
No video of her saying they're shills.
But see, we couldn't put that on a court because we were barred from a defense.
We're already guilty.
Now we have a show trial.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
Well, it's been easy to turn off some of it, but some of these people have been incredibly dangerous.
And when he says, when he... Mother, hit pause again.
Back it up five seconds.
Where's the videos of me saying all this?
Not in court.
Not on the show.
Pierce tries to read some mixed up transcripts about gay frogs, gay bombs, Michelle Obama, three different shows, all conflated together, mixed together out of context.
Now we're government shills.
It's been very difficult.
It's been easy to turn off some of it, but some of these people have been incredibly dangerous.
And when he says, when he, when he stokes this anger in his base, this fear, and then incites them to action by saying, you know, we need to investigate this.
Pause again.
Back in about five seconds.
Where did I tell them to go to your house?
Don't have that.
You just say that.
Where's the proof they went to your house?
There's no proof.
None of them put on a draw.
None of them.
Alex Jones did all this.
No, I didn't.
Incredibly dangerous.
And when he says, when he, when he stokes this anger in his base, this fear, and then incites them to action by saying, you know, we need to investigate this.
You need to look into this more.
They come at us.
Pause again.
Here she is at her big Sandy Hook promises office.
How much money have they raised off this?
And how much money have they raised by keeping it in the news, attaching it to me saying I'm attacking him?
...social media comments, which can be damaging, it's defaming, it's hurting your reputation.
People, I don't know if I'm walking around, who thinks I'm real and who thinks I'm an actress.
It's... And pause again.
You went with Obama and the rest of the families early on and became super political and a lot of these folks blame the Second Amendment and gun owners for what happened.
So people are sick of that, lady.
I didn't know who you were until you showed me.
Never even talked about you.
Go back to her.
I'm real and who thinks I'm an actress?
It's damaging to my son's memory in terms of his life, his short six-year-old life.
It's damaging to my surviving son because I don't know what he's going to deal with going forward.
But it's also scared the living daylights out of me.
I sleep with weapons by my bedside.
I've received death threats.
I've received harassing calls and mail.
I've had people send me pictures of dead children because they say, as a crisis actor, you have no idea what a dead child looks like.
So let me send you this picture so you can see it.
This is stuff that has really not only just been distressing, it's disturbing.
I'll stop again.
Never in the trial did this even happen or that I made people do it.
But they can just say whatever they want and I'm the bad guy and that's the end of it.
Security, you know, I'm just a mom.
I'm just trying to look after my surviving son, run my organization and make some good in the world.
I didn't choose to be part of this.
Alex Jones chose to tell lies knowing that they were lies and continuing to harbor them.
Knowing they were lies.
No, I never said that.
Never lied about you.
Those are lies.
For his own profit.
What's your reaction to that woman who lost her son, Dylan, at Sandy Hook?
Total garbage.
Never said her name.
Only person's name I said was Robbie Parker.
Thirty-something million views on YouTube.
He was laughing.
Everything suddenly started crying.
So your response to that woman's incredibly powerful, eloquent account... So you're going to give me five seconds?
How can your first response be total garbage?
Never let me talk the whole time.
I'm saying the whole story's garbage.
The whole thing's B.S.
All I know is Scarlett Lewis was in the Texas trial for two days.
I came and taped my show the day I was going to testify, early morning.
And I said, I think she's real.
I think her son died.
I'm sorry it happened.
And I go there that day.
You all saw it.
I couldn't talk.
She yelled at me and got in my face for 10 minutes and said, I heard today you went on air and said, I'm an actor.
I know this happened.
How dare you?
And I got on the stand later that day and I said, I'm on record saying it happened today.
Because, well, my lawyers told me that.
It's all fantasy land, folks.
They do whatever they want and attach what happened to their kids to me.
I'm sick of it and I'm tired of it and it's disgusting.
It's absolutely disgusting.
They'll never silence me until I'm dead.
We'll be right back.
We have more straight ahead.
What are you doing over there?
Nothing, nothing.
In Ukraine.
What are you up to?
Nothing's happening in Ukraine.
Ukraine of all places.
Where do you get this stuff?
It looks like there's some sort of NATO expansion and a CIA-backed coup and something about Joe Biden withholding a billion dollars.
You want to get impeached?
You can't impeach me.
In that case, just shut up.
No, no, I'm not kidding.
It looks like Russia is massing on the border.
Well, it's fine.
We're sending Anthony Blinken over there.
Oh, to prevent a war?
Okay, well, what's he doing?
He's going over to protect democracy.
Oh, democracy.
I love that word.
Terrible news.
Oh, no.
Russia invaded Ukraine.
Oh, no.
Well, because Vladimir Putin is evil, so...
Because Putin is evil.
Putin evil, Zelensky good.
That about sums it up.
Okay, so the largest country in the world decided to invade a country the size of Texas, and the only reason you're giving me is Putin evil?
Big country, little country, you get it.
I'm confused.
Well, you don't like the fact that a bigger country invaded a smaller country, do you?
No, I mean, I guess not.
Great, you're fully on board.
Here's a Ukrainian flag.
Hey, have you heard about the ghost of Kiev?
He's this lone fighter pilot.
It's protecting the whole city.
He's already downed, like, six Russian airplanes.
It's incredible.
Whoa, really?
But there are these guys on Snake Island.
When the Russians demanded they surrender, they responded, go fuck yourself!
It's awesome.
Whoa, really?
No, that didn't happen either.
But did you hear about the Russian atrocities?
They are committing war crimes against children.
Oh my God, really?
But it doesn't matter because we have to defend Ukraine.
They are our military ally.
I don't actually think they are.
Yeah, well, we're gonna do it anyway, because after all, we've got to defend democracy.
Okay, so what are we doing to help?
I mean, can we mediate?
We can call for peace?
How many zeros is in a hundred billion?
You're writing them a hundred billion dollar check?
Yeah, I mean, I was writing checks in the tens of millions, but I was running out of checks, so I'll just do one big one.
How much have you sent them?
You mean, how much have you sent them?
No idea.
Literally impossible to know.
Okay, well, where's it all going?
Again, Who knows?
Up in smoke, or whatever bombs do.
Ugh, that's so much money.
Has there even been an official declaration of war yet?
A what?
Never even heard of that.
No, there was a declaration that Putin is evil.
I'm sure you heard me.
Yeah, I don't know if I'm really convinced that Putin is evil.
Well, of course Putin is evil.
I mean, if he's not evil, why would he drive our gas prices up so high?
Putin drove our gas prices up?
Well, gas prices are high because of the sanctions that Putin made us put on him, so... Oh, sanctions.
So this is hurting Russia.
They've never been better, actually.
Okay, well, what about our oil supply?
No, it's awful.
Actually, we're having to sell our strategic reserves.
You mean use?
No, sell.
Sell to who?
You know, our enemy?
Okay, if we're having to sell our strategic reserves, like, why don't we just pump our own oil?
Don't we have domestic production?
Unfortunately, somebody already banned all of the pipelines and drilling permits, so can't use it.
Yeah, that was you.
We're going green!
Gas prices have doubled.
It's a transition.
Transition into what?
Transition for climate change.
I thought we were talking about the war in Ukraine.
Oh, right.
Well, the weapons that we're giving Ukraine are extremely fuel efficient.
We can kill thousands for the same amount of emissions as a small SUV.
So, progress.
And hey, here's some good news.
Somebody just blew up Russia's underwater pipeline.
My God, who?
I don't know.
Who could it be?
No one's gonna believe that.
They're gonna think you did it.
The U.S.
You know Russia has nukes, right?
Like, is this game of brinksmanship really worth it?
I'm in my bunker now!
Pretty nice.
What was that last question?
I said, is it really worth this game of nuclear brain-tension?
All right, we're going to come back.
I'm going to hit a few final stories, and then J. Dyer's going to take over.
And then in about 55 minutes, the great Owen Schroyer with The War Room, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
I'm very thankful to all the viewers and listeners and the great crew for the work they do.
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Let's look at some of these other stories we haven't hit that are very important.
Here's the New York Post.
Bill Gates dodges Jeffrey Epstein questions during Ask Me Anything Reddit chat.
Doesn't want to discuss how he was basically running Jeffrey Epstein.
Meanwhile, two women who claimed by prosecutors that were raped by Andrew Tate say they've made it up.
It's all a lie.
I don't believe any of this, ladies and gentlemen, but that's where the psyops are.
The real abusers go free, and the victims remain secret.
Then if you anger the establishment, they go after you.
But it's not just two of the six women that the media is claiming Andrew Tate and his brother assaulted.
It's their female assistant.
And here she is speaking Romanian, but I'll try to read for radio listeners as best I can,
TV viewers can read it yourself, the transcript of the closed captioning, the English translation
of her saying "Deep State's after us, this is made up, none of it's true,
we would never do this, it's not happening, here it is."
And pausing it, I kind of got started late.
I'm going to have to really focus on this to read it because she talks fast.
Start it over.
Why did you help the Tait brothers?
Were you obligated by the Tait brothers?
Have you witnessed moments of abuse by the Tait brothers?
We are innocent.
It is a completely fabricated case.
We are innocent.
There is no such proof.
Who would have fabricated the case?
The orders are from abroad.
Does anybody have problems with the Tate brothers abroad?
They speak truths that hurt.
Were they behaving nicely?
They behave well with everyone.
I was never abused either.
Why do you think the case was fabricated?
There is no evidence against me, she says.
There is no evidence against me.
Do you regret collaborating with Tate Brothers?
They didn't do anything either.
Do you regret collaborating with Tate brothers?
They did not do anything either.
They are innocent.
They talked too much and scared high-ranking people.
They scared too many high-ranking people.
So, there you go.
And, you know, I didn't even know that Andrew Tate was running webcams and stuff years ago until after I knew him.
But the guy's a world champion kickboxer, his brother's a world champion chess player, his dad was a world champion chess player.
And his dad turns out was CIA.
And I don't know what's really going on.
He sounds like a spy or something now that I know more about him.
But this whole thing reeks of WikiLeaks and what happened to Julian Assange.
All right, let's go ahead and move on to these reports.
Look at this out of Russia.
Russia declares full control over Solidar in first major win in months, taking a major city.
GOP congressman introduces resolution to place a permanent bust of Zelensky in the U.S.
NATO ramps up presence in Ukraine's neighbor.
Russia sends in biggest guns into Ukraine.
And now this video.
Shock video.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Knife-wielding suspect taken down by bystanders at Walmart.
Crime's exploding.
Insanity's exploding.
This is why we need good people to stop bad people.
Roll it.
Oh, this is even with Dave Chappelle!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Go ahead and shut it down.
There's too much cussing.
We're having trouble covering it up.
Alright, let's continue now here.
Before Jay Dyer takes over here, just give me a few moments.
Catastrophic outcomes.
Damos Elite worried about global volatility, cost of living crisis, which they've helped implement and orchestrate, and say they're having their meeting to restore trust in government, where they're the private corporate mouthpiece quarterbacking the entire attack.
Meanwhile, Brazil has concentration camps set up in it.
Owen Schroeder did a great report on it.
Jay Dyer takes over now.
But the last five minutes of the hour, we're going to air that report with that information.
Jay Dyer takes over.
Thank you all for your support.
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Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, best-selling author, takes over now.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are covering the rest of the Milner-Fabian text, the text that gets into the history of the CFR, the history of the EU, the IMF, the World Bank.
United Nations, all of these globalist institutions that exist that are running our world, setting our policy, which came to the forefront, especially in the last three years, given the CUFID and that whole false narrative.
We were basically put under the directive of international institutions.
Telling us what we have to do in terms of our daily lives, telling us how we have to be transitioned into the next phase, according to the lockstep document of the Rockefeller Foundation from 2010, the next phase of the Great Reset Business Plan.
It's a business plan that's rolled out in phases, in successive stages, requires big catalyzing events to bring us to that next phase.
Of course, 9-11 was a huge catalyzing event for the past 20 years.
We're about, what, 20-ish years, 22 years past 9-11?
We've just seen the new 9-11, the slow-motion 9-11 of the Cufid narrative and the rollout of the bioweapon vaccines or experiment.
It's not actually a vaccine.
You know what I mean.
How do we get to that?
What is the history of all that?
And what's the next phase?
What do we expect to come?
That's what we're going to talk about today.
And I had mentioned that we can't just think about politics as really the only sphere that drives society and drives culture.
Religion drives culture.
Literature, media, the arts drive culture.
Business actually drives culture.
Money, monetary policy, finance, all of these things drive culture.
And what we learned from the last century, even going back into the 1890s, is that people like the Fabian Socialists, the Revolutionary Marxists, they had figured out that you can actually steer and create culture for control.
And one of the things that was pointed out in the Ratiu Milner Fabian book, that I hadn't really thought about as a person who studies the history of culture creation, Is that if you think about the post-war period, whether post-World War I, where they really experimented with what I'm getting at, it's actually post-World War II where the PSYOPs were rolled out to a degree that had never been seen before.
And this involves the reconstruction of post-war Germany, post-war Japan, These societies were actually tested with high-level psychological warfare operations on the part of the Allied powers.
Now, I'm not saying that that makes the Axis powers the good guys.
We always think in these very controlled, managed dialectics.
In my view, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War were essentially high-level controlled dialectics.
And they were controlled by the deep industrial power base and the deep Finance power base that is essentially identical to what we call the anglo-american establishment and so that establishment in my view is dr. Kerr quickly says Arranged these two world wars and the Cold War and they did that because they had a long-term goal a long-term plan Which would be the reorganization of society including church state the world commerce the economy
And even business itself, to go under something that would be completely new, completely different than it had ever been seen in the history of the world.
There had been predecessors to this position, to this worldview, like Plato's Republic, but that had never been instantiated.
Plato's Republic is the seminal form of a technocracy, even though technology, right, was in a very primitive, nascent form at that time.
Now that technology has come to full fruition, These elites believe that they can put us under a fully idealistic, utopian, socialist project which requires the mass killing off of most of the Earth's mass depopulation.
So we'll get to that in a moment.
We want to look at how church, education, the state, business, economy, everything has to be revolutionized.
All these areas are being changed.
That's where we are right now.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're discussing the history of psychological operations and social engineering to change entire cultures and how post-war civilization, post-war Europe became a primary testing ground for how to perfect this technique.
And the CFR, the OSS, and the CIA and other culture creating organizations were heavily involved in post-war Europe.
In terms of not just the creation of the EU, the common market, all of these types of supranational institutions, they were actually involved in testing out new techniques for how to engineer societies to go against what had been their traditional approach.
For example, in Germany, post-war Germany, the OSS and the CIA via the CFR had Okay, I put into place a lot of programs to re-educate post-war Germans into becoming an agrarian society to de-industrialize Germany, because of course Germany was the central powerhouse of Europe prior to World War II.
And so this allowed a lot of experimentation with the Morgenthau Plan and a lot of experimentation with re-engineering that society to teach what we might call neoliberal values to change that society.
Now it's not just Germany, it's also other test bed Areas and I've argued if you go back to my Previous fourth hours where we we did a whole analysis of Douglas Valentine's book on the Viet on Vietnam and how Vietnam was an exercise Not really in fighting communism.
That was maybe one level of this but it was also a mass reorganization of populations Experiment is a mass reorganization and re-education experiment.
So while it's true that Re-education camps is something we think of as a communist thing.
It's not exclusive to Congress.
Cecil Rhodes actually invented the slave labor camp and this would be used later on in places like Bolshevik Russia where they would have re-education of gulags.
All of that is a model that was kind of pioneered by De Beers slash Cecil Rhodes's diamond mine empire.
And that was something set up by Lord Milner and Lord Rothschild to essentially expand the British Empire.
And by expanding and testing out certain techniques of corporate control, which included slavery, not just racial slavery.
But slavery in general, for wage slavery, that same model gets exported to other countries as a test experiment for corporate control.
Did you know the Bolshevist Revolution was really run out of London and New York?
We've lectured through all of Anthony Sutton's books, and it was done for the purpose of the advantage of certain corporations, particularly the American Industrial Corporation at that time, other entities connected to JPMorgan and Rockefeller Interest, other bankers as well.
That allowed for experiments in not just reorganizing society, but the new ways to create essentially private labor, private slave labor.
We see the same thing with private industrial prison complex labor nowadays.
It's the same model.
It's just now done in terms of the state prisons, which are actually private prisons.
That's the same principle of slave labor, and that same model is now what we're seeing.
Oh, now Jordan Peterson is supposed to go to re-education camp now, they're saying, right?
I mean, this is crazy, right?
But this is not just a communist idea.
It's also a monopoly capitalist idea utilized by socialists and communists.
And now with the new model that we're going into of the corporate capitalist socialist mix system that we're going into known as technocracy, all of those elements are coming into play.
But it's really crucial to understand that this was perfected to a scientific degree in the post-war period with the reconstruction plans in terms of World War II.
And it didn't stop with World War II post-war reconstruction plans.
The Schuman plan, the EU plan, all of those things were reconstruction plans coming out of the post-war plans, right, of the reconstruction of Europe into the European Union.
Which it turns out was actually a Milner-Fabian creation as well.
There was a German plan for that.
A lot of people think it was a German plan.
It was actually a Milner-Fabian socialist London plan together with the American power elite.
It was not mainly a German plan.
There were some German socialists who also favored the idea of the creation of the EU.
But all of these institutions go back to the same structure that I've been talking about and lecturing through for the past few weeks here on The Fourth Hour.
And if we don't understand that, we're never going to understand that all of these institutions have the same origin.
All the institutions today.
And that helps prove and demonstrate that we're going through a hundred plus year plan.
It's a strategy.
It's not a bunch of idiots running things.
There's a layer of idiocy.
It's like a cake.
And there's like, the devil is at the center of the cake.
And then you've got a layer of really smart people around him, right?
High-level demons.
And then you've got a layer, it's like a layer cake of idiocy, right?
Well, the layer of idiocy protects the really nefarious, malicious people in the inner core of the cake.
But most people can't penetrate beyond that.
Oh, Biden, they're all a bunch of idiots.
They're incompetent.
The layer of incompetency protects these people.
And so this week I noticed on Twitter people were talking about, oh 4chan figured out that the Spars document predicted that it would come out that the Stabbies are killing everybody.
It wasn't 4chan, that was Alex Jones and the researchers at Infowar that put out that documentary.
I came on that same week, I think a year and a half ago.
It was an emergency broadcast, I think it got about almost a million views, where we went through the Spars document.
We talked about back then how the Spars document I actually predicted the reaction of the public.
And if you remember, the document says that who gets the blame?
Oh, it's these public officials.
Now, I'm not saying that public officials shouldn't get the blame, but the point is that nobody who's actually running this stuff really gets picked out or blamed, right?
No Bill Gates, no Klaus Schwab, none of these people.
You always burn a few of these sort of low-level people, like a Fauci or something.
No, I'm not saying that Fauci isn't a criminal or whatever he is, but he's not running all of this.
He's just one of these scientism minions who's been there for, you know, 20 or 30 years doing a bunch of AIDS psyops, right?
And AIDS testing.
So they just applied all that research that he had learned about AIDS to all of this the last three years, obviously.
But that's not who's really running it.
This is way older than people like Fauci and even Bill Gates.
It's way older than Bob Schwab.
Where's Klaus Schwab come from?
Did he just pop up and create Davos?
He was recruited via Kissinger for a special society out of the Harvard Research Project run by the CIA.
And that was to create another kind of layer of this giant devil cake, you could say.
He's another layer of this cake, which is the public face of Bilderberg.
That's why he used to be part of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, right?
I think he was ahead of it at one point.
And who set up all that?
Well, it was a conglomeration of Fabian Socialists, SS members like Prince Bernhard, David Rockefeller, and members of the Milner, Fabian Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, collided in set circles.
That's who set up all of these institutions.
In fact, the EU is really a creation of Bilderberg, which is the inner group that I'm talking about.
That's these people.
People like Churchill, for example.
He was actually a stooge of these people, if you get into the real history of Churchill.
And I'm not saying that makes all the British people bad.
It's not the British people.
It's not the American people.
It's the elites that run these things at the CFR, at the World Economic Forum, at Bilderberg.
That's who's really calling the shots.
Fortune 500, Fortune 100.
That's who's setting up Federal Reserve, setting up IMF, World Bank, United Nations.
The United Nations is a successor to the League of Nations.
And if you didn't know, Churchill was actually a Druid.
Go look up the pictures of Winston Churchill at his famous Druid Lodge, and Druids believe in worshipping the earth and, of course, getting rid of most of the people.
Many of them do.
So, don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I want to remind you to support The Infowar by going to the Infowar store and getting all of those excellent products there.
Especially the books.
I'm really enjoying Alex's great reset book.
Looking to do a good video analysis and podcast on that text pretty soon.
But you can also get my books in the shop at my website.
Go to jasonalsys.com and you get access to my archives.
If you sign up for the website, you can also get access to my material on Rockfin, which is a great free speech-based platform.
Now, we were talking about culture creation and how this was done as a mass kind of experiment in the post-war period following World War II, and that this allowed then in the Cold War, a lot of other theaters of war to become Culture creation experiments and a lot of those individuals involved that culture creation re-education Sci-war techniques then went from the OSS Not kidding to being the heads of the major media outlets the heads of the major networks
They all come out of the OSS.
People from the CIA.
So they took that wartime psychological warfare information and scientific technique and then they then applied it to mass media.
They also had control of most of the press at that time.
All the big media outlets back in the 40s and 50s were already controlled by the very people that we've been talking about.
So we're deep into this.
This is not something that we just elect a few politicians and we're out of it.
I'm not saying that you can't elect good politicians.
You can.
But we have to understand the real diagnosis of what the situation is.
If we don't understand the diagnosis, if we don't accurately diagnose the problems, we're just going to be spinning hamster wheels and never solving anything.
And that's precisely how this system actually works.
Is that you're constantly given false leads, false conservatives, fake right wing people to follow.
And then it never goes, nothing ever gets fixed, nothing ever changes because there's never an identification of the actual superstructure of how the system is run.
And you're always kind of within a predetermined circle, learning and disagreeing and fighting over the daily news cycle.
And you're never seeing the big picture.
That's why I always try to focus on the big picture, because the daily news cycle is important.
But it only really makes sense in terms of the bigger context, the bigger picture.
You'll notice that when they developed the PSYOP of news, I'm talking about the local news and the, you know, the newsman, the Tom Brokaw, kind of, you know, barking at you about what you're supposed to think and all this, that they never gave you the big historic context.
And that's what we try to do here because we have to understand that this is not something that you can understand without a bigger paradigm.
How are you going to fix these issues if you don't understand what the long-term plan is?
And the fact that this long-term plan has been kept from the masses is precisely how it has been so successful up to this point.
People just didn't know what a technocracy was.
People in colleges, universities, they're not taught about this until you get to like the highest levels of doctors, medical people, and international relations people, who are the people that they recruit into this stuff.
That's it.
There are other people that are not really involved in this.
Maybe there's a couple philosophers who got recruited into this that are mentioned in Quigley's text.
People like Isaiah Berlin, I think.
People like Karl Popper.
This is why Soros names his institution the Open Society Institute.
That's Karl Popper's book.
So there's a handful of kind of high-level A philosophical academics who've been recruited into this, according to Quigley, since in the 20th century.
So there might be one or two academics, you know, that are philosophers or whatever.
For the most part, this is people in international relations, people who are lawyers, people who are high-level CEOs, business people.
That's who's recruited into this kind of stuff.
And so they were already pulling information about this out of the libraries back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
And if you go and look up the day tapes, this is a really important overlooked piece of research.
There was a conference held in the late 60s under the Planned Parenthood organization of all the top doctors in the United States at that time.
So this is the elite doctors and they were all brought to this one location to be taught by the head of Planned Parenthood under the Rockefeller aegis that there's a plan To have enforced vaccinations of all Americans to have a implantable chips or some kind of RFID tracking at that time was pretty low tech.
So now it's a lot more advanced with nanotech, right?
There was a plan to increase through degeneracy and sexual control.
The complete changing of the moral landscape of American sexuality.
That was all mentioned in this 1969 plan.
Look up the New Order of Barbarians.
The whole four-hour lecture is on YouTube if you want to find that.
And that lays out, actually, this whole conference's plans.
Now, the reason we know about that is because one of those doctors that was there happened to be a Catholic, and he went to, in the 1980s, something called the Pro-Life League.
I don't know if it still exists anymore.
Um, and then he leaked this and so it's known as the day tapes.
And I think a lot of people, uh, you know, kind of like the silent weapons for quiet wars documents.
They probably thought this was something very speculative or a conspiracy theory, which might be plausible had we not gotten into a situation where now by 2023, most of the things mentioned in that have rolled out.
I mean, who would have thought at that time that you would have, you know, the push for things like universal basic income, the push for total technocracy, the push for, you know, changing your gender, all of that stuff was mentioned back in the late 60s.
In this document, also look up the Berelson Jaffe memo, which is also fostered by the Rockefeller Foundation as well, sent out to all the Planned Parenthoods, and it says the same thing.
Creation of technocracy, getting rid of having families, basically promoting every type of sexuality, not because of anything to do with freedom or liberty, but rather to do with the reorganization of society.
So you have to understand that all this makes perfect sense.
When we look at it from a psychological warfare, from a war perspective, it's warfare that's being waged.
And culture and economic warfare are two elements of warfare that most people don't know about.
People think of warfare as tanks and bombs and soldiers.
No, no, no.
That's old school.
Warfare, especially in the 20th century, developed into economic warfare, developed into culture warfare, and the creation of toxic culture as a form of ideological psi-war.
If you don't understand that, you'll never understand what's going on around you.
You'll never understand that all of pop culture is basically toxic culture creation.
It all comes out of MKUltra.
And even myself, somebody who studies this all the time, I mean, it was new to me that I didn't even know about the post-war PSYOPS experiments and re-education in terms of the post-war Germany, post-war Axis powers.
And then I already didn't know about the post- or the Cold War experimentation.
And culture creation.
So here we are every day, you know, even if we're learning new things, things come out.
Historians break new information.
This is why history is so important.
If we don't know history, we're doomed to repeat it.
So what are the areas of society that this plan for 100 plus years, 120 years has been attempting to reorganize?
All areas of society.
The church.
Church is now being reorganized into after the introduction of ecumenism, higher critical liberalism, uh... and the idea of the social gospel liberation the
algae is to turn the church
not an institution focused on uh... repentance and and belief in resurrection christmas a
rather turn into an india or
ritual of soft power in the cold war
with cd jackson and the doctoral warfare program the c_i_a_ which is now
declassified now well-known look at their one house book
now that is a change from the promotion of americanism to turning
the churches into institute institutions of a new global religion
Pachamama, that kind of stuff.
So that's the end goal of the World Religion Ecumenist Movement now, is its new phase.
Its next phase is to, as Aldous Huxley says in the Perennial Philosophy, create a new generic world religion where all the world religions blend into a giant blob.
Right, Madame Blavatsky, Horace Mann, John Dewey, all of these socialists and theosophists, and many of the theosophists were, the theosophy is basically the creation of the Fabian Milner Social Circles as well, Socialist Circles.
It's a Fabian Socialist Institution as well.
They all said, let's change education to be not something where you learn to critically think, but you become the socialized cog in a giant system.
So it's a socialization tool.
Public schooling in America.
Not a tool to create critical thinkers.
The state becomes an engine of the march of God in history, as Hegel said.
Hegel is the ultimate statist, right?
And the technocratic state is a combination of Hegel and Plato.
It's the idea of the state basically being the voice of God in history, and so it determines truth and falsehood.
The corporate state Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysandalsas.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysandalsas.com.
We were talking about that process of history culminating in the megapoint.
So, if you didn't say that, then Hegel's ultimate stance would be that hegelian philosophers
today wouldn't call themselves hegelians.
You've probably heard of Hegel from, if you're an InfoWars fan or if you've listened to,
you know, people in the alternative media, thesis, antithesis, synthesis, right?
We know that that's a technique of kind of manipulation and social control and psychological warfare techniques to manipulate with false dialectics and then present you with the synthesis, which is the solution to this manufactured thing.
For Hegel, it was something much more than that.
It was actually the process of reality itself was in his thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and all of history is kind of working itself out to this, what he called an omega point, which is where all of reality would become God.
And so he's very influential in certain ways to transhumanism.
And his vehement critic, Nietzsche, was also influential for transhumanists because Nietzsche thought of the √úbermensch, right?
The overman would eventually emerge and kind of be beyond all limitations, beyond all morality, beyond good and evil.
So there's kind of elements of all of these figures as well as elements of Platonism in terms of technocracy that go into the overriding view of today's elites and where they're trying to take us.
And Hegel's idea that we could evolve to the history itself would produce God, right?
We've heard of people like Ray Kurzweil, I don't believe in God yet, right?
Because God would be the thing that emerges from creation that is the sentient AI or whatever.
And this is, again, very close to Hegelianism because the idea is that as we evolve to transhumanism or as we evolve to what he called the Omega Point, all of reality becomes spirit, all of reality becomes self-consciousness.
And is God.
God in process coming to self-realization that all reality is God.
I mean, that sounds crazy, but I mean, isn't that kind of what New Agers teach?
Isn't that kind of what Eastern religions teach?
And believe it or not, Hegel was actually involved in hermetic secret societies.
This is now confirmed.
There's a book, Hegel and Hermeticism.
Now, again, I'm not saying that the world elites are, you know, going and hiding in bunkers and reading Hegel, right?
Very few people can read.
I mean, he's almost unreadable.
But that's his philosophy.
That's his process philosophy that did influence a lot of people.
And including people in the transhumanist movement.
So, if you have heard of Noah Ubald-Harari and the way he speaks about things, and Klaus Schwab and Ray Kurzweil, they may not be self-conscious Hegelians, but they're definitely influenced by this train of thought, this dialectical process philosophy that is moving us towards transhumanism, or this belief that we can transcend time and space bodily limitations through technology.
No, I think that's a pipe dream.
I don't think you can actually achieve those things.
Certainly technology can help us, but what I'm trying to get at is that these are real philosophical things that real power elites do believe and do get into, and if we don't understand their approach and their ideas, how could you ever go against this?
You don't even know what you're fighting.
So I was talking about the reorganization of societies, cultures, civilizations in every area of life.
That's what you're up against.
That's what we're up against.
We're not up against political opponents.
It's much wilder and crazier and far-fetched beyond anything like stupid politics debates.
It manifests in politics, but it's much more than that.
We're talking about the changing of religion everywhere and across the entire globe.
We're talking about not necessarily eradication of it, but turning it into a tool for global power structures or globalism.
Religion as an NGO for globalism is what I'm saying.
Education is purely socialization.
Purely indoctrination.
That's it.
The state is, as Hegel says, the march of God in history.
And I'm sorry if you're a libertarian.
That doesn't mean that this vindication of libertarianism.
For libertarians, it's the private corporations that own the state.
I know many libertarians who believe in opposing monopoly.
Corporatism, right, would agree with that.
Or monopoly capitalism.
But it's much more than these older debates of, you know, free market versus, you know, centralization.
It's way beyond that.
We're talking about full-on, post-industrial austerity, Great Reset, shutting down of everything.
And that's why what you're hearing called for is not people that are stupid.
That want to shut down gas stoves.
It's not dumb people who want to call to ban cars.
They're not dumb people.
They're a layer of dummies run by highly sophisticated psychological warfare and mad scientist elites.
That's why they want death care, euthanasia.
That's why they want the banning of cars, the banning of meat.
This is Warfare 101.
Plato said you have to control the plebes and the people at the bottom of the pyramid, what they eat.
You can't feed them meat, feed them grains.
Keep them weak, docile, fat and dumb.
The shutting down of travel, the shutting down of commerce.
Those are elements of freedom.
Those are elements of sovereignty.
Those are elements of you having power and self-sufficiency and independence apart from a global, you know, super state.
You can't have that in a global super state.
And so they said a hundred years ago, we'll have a universal basic income credit system.
Bertrand Russell, H.G.
Wells said that a hundred years ago.
This is not something that Mark Zuckerberg jumped up.
It's not an invention of any Silicon Valley tech nerd.
This is something invented by people a hundred years ago, like Lord Birkenhead saying that we'll have babies in test tubes.
In the 1930s, he said that.
And he was one of the Lord Milner Circles, one of the Cecil Rhodes Roundtable people.
Look up Lord Birkenhead's famous essay in Cosmopolitan Magazine where he says, save my essay because in a hundred years we'll start genetically engineering babies, bring them out of test tubes, we'll have a completely controlled technocracy.
A hundred years ago.
That's the real plan.
And I think the argument here is that if people aren't smart enough to go and read a freaking public essay and figure out that it's a 100-year-old plan, then the idea is that you deserve it.
Now, I don't think that that's true, but we will be defeated if we don't wake up and understand that.
I mean, how hard is it to go and look and see if Lord Birkenhead wrote an essay in the 1920s or 1930s in Cosmopolitan Magazine about growing babies in test tubes in 100 years?
There it is.
Okay, there you go.
It's a 100-year plan.
He was one of the top elites in the circles of Milner, Cecil Rhodes, etc., etc.
This is the type of thing that you read in Brave New World.
Aldous Huxley is hanging out in the circles of these people.
That's why he wrote the book.
So, like, how, why can't anybody figure this out?
And that's why they want to ban cars.
That's why they want to ban stoves.
That's why they want to have no families.
That's why they want to have 15-minute cities, right?
That's why they want to have death care, euthanasia.
It's in all the sci-fi stories.
Logan's Run, Swimming Green.
That's why there's the Agenda 21 Treaty, the Rio Bush Treaty.
What if they had planned for 2030?
It's all in that as well, which Alex has been talking about for 23 years, 25 years.
The UN Biodiversity Project.
The Rewilding Project.
All of those are real plans and projects for the shutting down of the existing system.
Remember the CDC guy?
He said, let's blow up the existing system to bring in the new medical system.
And he said that before the COUF.
So why are they letting all of this come out about, you know, the stabbies and all that as the spars documents?
Because that's part of blowing up the existing system by design.
It's a technique of warfare.
And they're going to blame it, of course, on everybody else.
Oh, it was, you know.
These low-level people.
Oh, and it was your fault that, it's everybody else's fault that the stabbies are doing this, right?
They'll just say that it was a new, you know, COVID-27 is going around and doing it.
We didn't know that COVID-27 is causing people to have, you know, cardiac arrest, blah, blah, blah.
Those are, again, it's all just psyops.
It's all just gaslighting.
But the point is that this is all part of a bigger plan.
If you don't understand the bigger plan, none of this is ever going to be solved.
It's not going to be stopped.
So, all you have to do is go read Lord Birkenhead's essay.
It's not very long.
And you can see it's a plan.
It's not a plan that Klaus cooked up.
It's not a plan in history.
It's not a plan that Henry Kissinger cooked up.
In fact, it's not even a plan David Rockefeller cooked up because he went and studied under these people.
He studied under Harold Lasky at Harvard and at the London School of Economics, and that was set up by who?
By the Fabian Socialists, who wanted to align themselves, combine Marxism with big capitalism.
That's their whole thing.
That explains everything, doesn't it?
It's a perfect explanation.
It's a perfect way to understand what's going on now.
And if we don't understand that, we're not going to fix it.
All of these institutions, all these global institutions, they have this as their origin.
This is the origin.
This is how to understand.
This is a big, huge plan.
And this is the basis for the UBI.
This is the basis for changing everybody's DNA.
So remember, it wasn't just a way to change the church.
It's a way to change human beings.
to change their own biology.
Corrine in Massachusetts.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
I've been listening since 2016, and I am a financial supporter ever since.
Thank you.
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