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Name: 20230111_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 11, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses concerns about powerful corporations using psychological warfare programs to create a biomedical tyranny worldwide. He warns of censorship and surveillance by the deep state and big tech as just the beginning of their attack. InfoWars aims to spread awareness, highlighting the importance of recognizing the cliff humanity is on due to deadly shots. Jones emphasizes the need for self-sufficiency, agrarian activities, and controlled technology that empowers individuals. He also criticizes COVID-19 vaccines and promotes InfoWars MD supplements as an alternative solution for health and wellness in a post-COVID world.

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Why would the globalists put things in like this that even endanger them if there's solar flares that take out the satellites or any type of other hacking disruptions that individuals on the inside could get and sell to criminal organizations who could then hold companies for ransom, something going on on a minute-by-minute basis, from small companies to large, to governments.
Because they want the ring of Mordor, they want that total control, and they want there to be a group of competing AI systems That basically merge into one global mind.
That's what the head of Google, the founder of Google, Mr. Schmidt, has said over and over and over again.
And that's what they're doing.
And the AI's power is that it directs us and we follow its orders.
And then it takes control of the processes until humans don't know how to do basic tasks anymore.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Humanity is in a very dangerous position right now.
Powerful corporations using military-grade psychological warfare programs are rolling out a biomedical tyranny worldwide at World ID, a cashless society, a social credit score, a universal basic income where every facet of your life is tracked, surveilled, and controlled.
If you think the censorship And the surveillance you've seen so far by the Deep State and Big Tech was bad.
That is just the opening salvo of their attack.
Humanity and all of our hard-fought liberties and freedoms and all of our safeguards are literally on the edge of a cliff.
But without InfoWars on the air, the general public is not going to be aware of the enemy operations.
We didn't just tell you about this whole poison shot rollout first, three years ago, on record.
We're also telling you what's coming next.
We track the enemy.
They're preparing new bioweapon releases and new poison mRNA frankenshots.
Ladies and gentlemen, my family, your family, is at the edge of a cliff.
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the UN, the WHO is literally pushing us over into that cashless society hell grid, into that biomedical tyranny that will be even worse than what you see in Communist China that is the current main laboratory of this control.
We have to first recognize there is a cliff, We have to recognize that millions of people have been forced into these deadly shots and pushed over the cliff and died.
Tens of millions more are sick and dying from these poison shots.
Every one of you watching knows someone who took the shot and died or who became deathly ill.
And their own documents show they know this is deadly.
And what do they do?
They push and push and push.
And say, well, it's up to you, but we'll take your rights and freedoms away if you don't take it.
Stand up to the tyrants and think they own your body.
That they own my body.
And spread the word and share the articles and the videos like your life depends on it from InfoWars.com.
Because it does!
Mark Twain, one of America's greatest writers and satirists and minds, famously said more than 150 years ago, rumors of his demise had been greatly exaggerated.
Because the newspapers kept saying he died decades before he did die.
And it's the same PSYOP today.
InfoWars is more influential and more powerful than ever because of your support and because the facts of what we've covered is coming true.
But if they can convince you we've been shut down, if they can convince you that we're going away, and you stop supporting, you stop spreading the word, then they do win.
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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you're listening to the transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Very thankful and blessed to be here, living to fight on against the New World Order tyranny and the eugenics death cult for another day.
We have another incredible transmission lined up today.
I've got to get to all of this, but I also want to open up the phones.
And we have a special guest joining us, and I'll tell you about a little bit later, in the third hour and the fourth hour.
The CDC yesterday released the secret studies they did once the COVID franken shots were rolled out.
They never did human studies supposedly.
We know they actually did previous to that because they did the secret studies on animals and humans.
And we know it killed a lot of people.
And they've done similar mRNA shots before and did similar things.
So now they've come out and said, okay, it caused a bunch of heart attacks and myocarditis.
Just in the little groups they looked at when they first rolled it out over two years ago now.
And then it gets more crazy.
Niels deGrasse Tyson was on a popular podcast yesterday and repeated what Rachel Maddow said two years ago, that if you take the shot, you can't spread it, you're 100% protected.
He's still defending that lie.
So he got back in a time machine and went back to get the old talking points.
We've got that.
It's totally insane.
We've got all the air traffic grounded for part of today.
What's behind that?
Tomorrow's news today.
We told you that was coming.
So much more.
Giant broadcast.
Start your engines.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are Paul Revere.
It's Wednesday, January 11th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored to be here.
I want to thank the crew for the amazing job they do, all the listeners and viewers for all the over-the-top work you do, our affiliates, our sponsors, my family, and of course, God, who made it all possible, gave us consciousness, this incredible third dimension to live in.
All right, let me tell you what's coming up today and obviously throughout the four hours of the broadcast, weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, as things break, we'll be covering them as well.
This FAA complete communication shutdown for more than five hours this morning, 100% breakdown, where none of the towers can talk to the planes and send them emergency information, is a Rosetta Stone.
If you understand this, you understand everything.
Every angle and facet of this shows us how AI and centralized systems are the goal of the technocrats, but will be their undoing even if they were ever able to achieve total AI control.
Because these systems can go down.
It's not just the horrible draconian surveillance and manipulation That they're able to carry out, but it is solar flares or a nuclear war or anything could permanently bring this stuff down and we'll be so dependent on it, we won't even know how to be self-sufficient and survive without it.
So that's really how Satan's pushing humanity into checkmate.
That's why the entire future, the entire progress is going to be going away from all this false technological centralized progress, and it's going to be a mixture of agrarian and
rediscovering normal human activities and normal human systems of men and women and children and
communities getting back to the land, but then also using technology that we control,
that's not Trojan-horsed, to empower us and make our lives better.
Technology's not bad, but it's how it's being used and deployed for domestication and total
control and finally depopulation that it's bad.
So we're going to hit that coming up next segment.
Just incredible.
And I've been telling you for about...
I'm telling you for about a year and a half because we see their talking points for the Davos group and the UN that cyber attacks are imminent.
They'll probably be conducted by the globalists themselves as a pretext to even get more centralized AI control in.
That's how they always operate.
Create the crisis, exacerbate the crises, or let the crisis Go on unabated so they can get more power because remember
what the White House staff said Rahm Emanuel We don't want to let a good crisis go to waste. So this is
a big big deal I'm covering it next segment
Then we've got what's happening in Congress Where they voted to abolish the IRS not just voted to get
rid of the 86,000 IRS agents now will it be a symbolic victory? Do you think
the Senate's gonna abolish the IRS? No But this gets the ball moving
The income tax of 1913 is unconstitutional It's selectively enforced and as they admitted day one when
Biden got in he instructed the IRS and gave them more funding
In the subsequent months and years to come, to harass people making $40,000 or less a year, working-class and blue-collar people, because they want to push you out of the workforce.
They want to make it impossible for you to pay your bills with a basic job.
That's what they told the military a year and a half ago.
You should all go on food stamps, the enlisted people.
Don't pay them enough to actually live.
Make them go on welfare so they can be controlled, the beginning of the universal Basic income.
Think of the true evil of that.
And then hiring 86,000 more to massively expand the harassment when folks making $40,000 a year or less, if you look it up, maybe pay 5% of the income taxes in this country.
I'm sure you all know that it's less than 1% pay close to 70% of the income taxes, and the one-tenth of 1% that actually owns more than 70% of the nation, they write the laws where they pay almost no tax.
So it's people making $250,000, that's the 1%, up to about $50 million a year that don't get the globalist pass, that don't have the special DC Democrat law firms.
Where they were able to pay basically zero income tax.
But everybody from $20,000 a year up to $50 to $60 million a year, depending on the numbers, they all pay between 20% and 40% in income tax.
But the ultra-rich, they pay almost nothing.
Everybody else pays the bill.
But if you really want to hurt people, You target the working class and drive them out of the workforce.
Why should you work 50 hours a week and have two jobs if they're taking so much of the tax money from you?
You can't have an apartment or even a car to get to work or any medical care for your children.
And that's why they do it.
And I played you a clip of Paul Ehrlich, their mastermind, White House advisor to multiple administrations, in the 1970s saying, we're going to demonize the family, we're going to set up a tax structure, Where you cannot afford to have children if you're poor.
And then we're going to tax the middle class and rich people when they have children.
The one-child policy.
What do you think China got it all?
But this is one-child policy through economics, so we're going to be hitting that in detail.
And then when I say the most ultra-massive news on vaccines yet comes out, I say that almost every day because it just gets crazier and wilder.
The dam is broken.
We're finding out everything.
It's exactly what we predicted from the documents and experts.
And the CDC suppressed for two years That they were doing secret trials of the shots the first month and had massive heart attacks, blood clots, death, cancer, coming back, you name it.
And they've just quietly let this out, like you let a fart out in church.
Sorry to use that analogy, but that's what it is.
They're just hoping that people don't know that this information's out there.
It's incredible.
And that's just part of it.
Look at today's stack.
I've got probably 30, 40 articles and documents and studies here.
There's a new Harvard study out that the shots are causing massive heart attacks, blood clots.
But we don't need the studies.
We have the actuarial information from the insurance companies who have the most accurate information in the world.
And it's only the countries that took the shots that have on average a 13% increase in death compared to any year since they gathered statistics in the last 150.
Say that again.
World War I, World War II had three, four, five, six percent increases, 'cause millions were getting killed.
Didn't even approach this.
These are Vietnams every month.
This is over the top.
That's just one of the other articles.
Then we've got the Demos group, the WEF meeting next week, and their attendees Secret List Leaking and Who's On It.
Oh, it's very telling.
We've got a lot of that information now ferreted through.
We'll be covering that.
Massive developments in the Russia situation, Zelensky addressing Hollywood, saying there will be no World War III.
Boy, now I really feel confident.
We're now learning the secret illegal documents that Biden took as Vice President.
He doesn't have that power, only the President does.
Aren't just for Ukraine, aren't just for Iran.
No, they're not just for the UK.
They're Chinese intelligence reports.
What the CIA knows about the Chinese.
And remember who's on the payroll?
The big guy at Hunter.
It's all in the Hunter Biden laptops.
Yeah, the pedophilia is terrible.
The drug use is horrible.
All that stuff's there.
But the real thing the media doesn't cover is, I work for the head of Chinese intelligence.
He sent audiophile people.
He's been disappeared.
Our contact, our controller's gone.
Daddy, what do I do?
Play the clip again.
Daddy, my Chinese controller is gone!
They harassed me and disappeared.
Are we going to be safe, Daddy?
Smoking gun of smoking gun of smoking gun that the bureaucrats and the CIA and the people that have hijacked this country are running it purposely into the ground and are double and triple agents selling us out 10 ways to Sunday.
So we're going to be going over all of that today.
And oh, remember in Italy a few years ago, they were kicking people out, old folks out of their homes.
Germany was too.
They were kicking people out of hotels were being taken over, privately owned ones, small ones.
They'll target the big ones because they're part of the globalist operation.
Well, now leftist activists in France.
Just on time deliveries.
belonging to the elderly couple to house refugees and the government does nothing.
So now it's truly a malice revolution, or a French revolution, where they just show up
and take people's property to give it to the illegal aliens.
Isn't that loving?
Isn't that liberal?
There's so much more, so much more, so much more coming up.
Infowars.com, stay with us.
Just on time deliveries, high tech AI run societies.
They're not just perfect for surveillance and control and giant Enron style scams where they can manipulate
your bills and triple and quadruple charge you.
They're not just designed to shut down all the small competitors in every industry and consolidate control.
They are designed to remove humans from the decision-making process so that humans are obsolete and humans can be And we saw a stunning example of this today.
All U.S.
domestic flights grounded after software glitch.
themselves. And we saw a stunning example of this today.
All US domestic flights grounded after software glitch. So how does one software
have a glitch, the system that's used for the air traffic systems to warn the
pilots about dangerous conditions and other events?
How could one piece of software go out and the entire aircraft system of commercial flights, and also screwed up private flights I've been reading, how could that be used to then ground everything?
And it's similar to how they now have introduced legislation funded by and sponsored by the big airlines to get rid of two pilots even on 777s and larger aircraft.
Because most of the flights are taking off and going to their destinations and landing without human control.
It's all on autopilot.
And statistics and research has been coming out for a decade that autopilot is causing pilots to get worse and worse and worse.
And then glitches in autopilot have grounded large fleets of aircraft.
Because they'll do things like flip an airplane upside down and nosedive it.
Let's put drugs back on screen.
FAA computer failure.
Biggest grounding since 9-11.
Travel chaos.
Hack attack.
They don't know.
Well, I've been predicting that these hack attacks on pipelines and infrastructure and the airlines and the power grid would intensify, that physical attacks would start happening.
You've seen that in the last six months.
This is all in the WEF Post-Industrial World Playbook.
All U.S.
domestic flights grounded after software glitch.
Flight disruptions cascade across U.S.
after computer outage.
FAA lifts U.S.
ground stop after technology outage delays thousands of flights.
The FAA is investigating, but Biden says it's not clear, though they're looking at it being a cyber attack.
FAA White House says no evidence of cyber attack.
Biden briefed on grounded flights.
Pete Bootyjudge called out after FAA system failure grounds all flights.
He has no idea what happened.
But he's gay, so that's all that matters.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
Imagine the system we live under that's becoming more and more centralized every single day.
And it's being done in farming, it's being done in energy, it's being done in transportation, it's being done in education.
All of it is to centralize so that only mega-massive corporations can scale up to the regulations and the software and the cost that is in the billions for these systems per industry.
And then by regulatory fiat, all competition is destroyed, you vertically integrate the economy, you consolidate control for the post-industrial world.
And in every major Western nation, governments are coming in and announcing rules to try to ban traditional farming, including organic, and calling chemical-intensive, genetically-engineered farming safe and the future, with the normal, usual suspects at the helm, people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, ramming it, cramming it down our throats.
Why would the globalists put things in like this that even endanger them if there's solar flares that take out the satellites or any type of other hacking disruptions that individuals on the inside could get and sell to criminal organizations, who could then hold companies for ransom, something going on on a minute-by-minute basis, from small companies to large, to governments.
Because they want the ring of Mordor, they want that total control, and they want there to be a group of competing AI systems That basically merge into one global mind.
That's what the head of Google, the founder of Google, Mr. Schmidt, has said over and over and over again.
And that's what they're doing.
And the AI's power is that it directs us and we follow its orders.
And then it takes control of the processes until humans don't know how to do basic tasks anymore.
I remember when I was a little kid, I was better at math.
When I was in the sixth grade that I am today, by high school they let us use calculators.
And I loved it because I got my homework done in 30 minutes in the math subject area instead of two hours.
And now today when I try to remember math or do math, and I was never that good at it, I was bad at it, I know less than when I was 11 years old.
10 years old.
And I know all of you are pretty much the same, aren't you?
If you're older like I am, or say 50 or 60, boy, you really remember how you could do math and you could figure things out quickly.
You could just have a piece of paper in your car and balance your checkbook real fast before you went in to make sure you had enough money.
Remember, I used to be so good at balancing my checkbook and so good at just filling things out as I went and then checking in every few days and I could budget things.
It's all automated, it's all so simple, but it is enslaving us, it is destroying us, and the whole future is going to be getting away from this.
It's not that technology's bad, but the way it's being designed and implemented is for pure centralization and control, in their own words, and to make us obsolete.
So the entire future, by necessity, is going to be guilds and fraternal organizations and groups that get together in small towns and regions and go back to original machining.
And go back to original farming, and go back to barter, and go back to those communities.
It's starting to happen everywhere.
And that's why, from Europe to the United States to Australia, they're racing in, and in Africa, and in India big time, to block all those traditional things and outlaw them.
That's why Biden's set to announce the banning of all gas stoves, and then gas appliances.
Cutting off political energy.
Cutting off energy that's good in rural areas.
While they put more and more strain on the grid, which they're not updating, but they say, oh, windmills.
Hundreds of windmills create less energy than a small coal power plant.
I was just out in West Texas last week, and I went and looked at the statistics online.
Boone Pickens had them put in a huge boondoggle in the state.
Billions of dollars.
There's these giant windmills, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them, for a hundred miles.
You see them on both sides of the road, up on top of the mesas.
And little bitty teeny power lines coming off, not of each windmill, but out of the whole field, a little bitty line that go to these transformer systems and then send it into Central Texas.
Hundreds and hundreds of miles away, they lose most of the power over the transmission.
And the cables going to Central Texas are little bitty power cables that look like they're in a small neighborhood.
They're a joke!
They're producing nothing!
All right, I'm going to hit the really important news, the biggest yet, with the CDC admitting that they did secret studies and found that the so-called COVID mRNA shots are deadly.
Massive beyond belief.
A godsend.
This is all coming out to save a lot of lives.
But the criminals that did this must be brought to justice.
That's next segment.
But I want to continue on with the deindustrialization of the general public, the shutdown of any type of infrastructure that the people control or that is micro,
that is local, that is decentralized, and how that ties into the overall destabilization program.
Now we're seeing some good things happen in Congress so far, though the Senate probably won't vote for this.
It means in future spending bills, this Congress will be able to kill the funding.
But Biden got $114 billion, signing into law, as you know, a few months ago,
for 86,000 more IRS agents in the same legislation, kill switches in all the cars.
They've already been putting them in for over a decade, but now it's the law to track and trace everywhere you go.
It's a nightmare.
But McCarthy so far is making good on his promise for the first bill to be to kill the 86,000 agents and to support a bill to abolish the IRS that has also been introduced.
A lot of people are saying, well what does that do if the Senate doesn't pass it?
Well, you didn't see stuff like this introduced or passed before.
Especially on day one.
So it's, let's be cautiously optimistic in my view.
Breaking GOP-led House votes to end funding for 87, sorry I keep saying 86 for some reason, 87 IRS, 87,000 IRS agents.
reason 87 IRS 87,000 IRS agents that's hard to even say isn't it 114 billion to
harass poor people I'm going to get to that in a moment.
House Republicans to vote on bill abolishing IRS, eliminating income tax all together.
Representative Mark Green of Tennessee weighs in on the House push to block the 187,000 new IRS agents.
Republicans and House representatives will vote on a bill that would abolish the Internal Revenue Service outright and eliminate the national income tax and replace it with a national consumption tax.
Fox News Digital has learned that the House will be voting on Georgia's Republican Party Bundy Center's reintroduction of the Fair Tax Act that aims to reel in the IRS and remove the national income tax, as well as other taxes and replace them with a single consumption tax.
And I'm not against a consumption tax, except it overly hits the poor because they don't have a discretionary income, or as big a discretionary income as middle class and rich people.
And because now the IRS will still be there as an agency, they just won't have the income tax, and they'll be the controllers of the new social credit score system.
And they'll be monitoring purchases down to just a few dollars and deposits in an entire year of above 600.
So we gotta watch all this very, very closely because they can give us something even worse.
House Republicans to vote again on a bill to abolish the IRS, that is a big piece of information.
And then that leads us to what's come out in the last week.
The expansion of the IRS's harassment of people In the lowest income brackets, specifically targeting people making $40,000 to $41,000 a year and below, specifically directing the IRS to go after working class people.
And this really started in the 1990s when legislation was put in by Bill Clinton and others that cut IRS funding by over 80% Going after white-collar tax evasion.
And again, the code's a fraud.
We know it's all a scam.
We know the Amendment 1913 was done by the Federal Reserve at the same time that we got the income tax, at the same time U.S.
Senators stopped being elected by the legislatures.
We understand that was part of the financial coup, the heart of it.
But just debating the current system we've got, it should not be pointed At working class people who pay way less than 10%.
It's 5 or 6% depending on the year you look at.
So people making $40,000 a year or less are paying less than 10% of the taxes.
And the numbers vary year to year, but 60 to 70, sometimes more, of the taxes are being paid by people making $225,000 to $250,000 a year, up to again over $50 million.
$25,000 to $250,000 a year up to again over 50 million.
That's what the globalists see as middle class.
The people making over 50 million pay almost no tax because the laws and the regulations are written to do that.
So think about that and let that sink in of how truly evil and wicked and lowdown the people that have hijacked our government are that they would raise taxes on the working class and on the working poor because it goes right down to people making $20,000 a year.
And that they would do something like that, taking a large piece of their income and the social security money out of it, knowing it'll drive those people into poverty and make them give up, so they'll then accept the universal basic income and go on high-tech welfare.
That is just such a sin.
It's such a crime.
It's so out of control.
And that's what the globalists called for in the 60s and the 70s, was demonizing the nuclear family, Using the tax system to prohibit poor people and working class from having children.
That's why so many people say, I'm not going to have children, I want all the money for myself.
And then the globalists win.
Then they import giant third world populations who will go on welfare, on top of working jobs, and it lowers the standard of living further, and that's the giant sucking sound that Ross Perot talked about in those debates with Al Gore in 1993, 1994, with Larry King.
So, in 2022, the IRS went after the very poorest taxpayers.
The initiative was launched by Biden, and now he's expanded it.
Despite $80 billion in new funding, now $100 billion.
12 billion.
The agency is living up to its reputation of hassling low-income taxpayers over rich people, writes Reason Magazine.
IRS audits few millionaires but targeted many low-income families.
Well, they've been auditing us.
We just got audited last year.
Biden's IRS targets the poor.
Poor people five times more likely than average earner to be audited.
Yeah, they're not even going after the average income in the US.
65, $70,000 a year.
Guys, I forget the exact number.
Pull up.
2022 numbers should be out now.
What was the average individual income versus joint filing family?
But the point is, they're not even targeting those people.
They're targeting a lot more than rich people.
They're targeting the poorest people in the workforce that haven't given up.
That is social engineering.
That is just a crime against humanity.
That is beyond disgusting.
Democrats enhance IRS habit of targeting poor people, not millionaires.
The headlines continue.
So incredibly corrupt.
Report, IRS mainly targets low-income people.
President Biden's first visit to the border.
Poor people five times more likely than average earners to be audited by the Biden IRS.
Man, what a low-down villain.
What a nasty, nasty person.
You know, it'd be one thing if the working poor and the working lower middle class, because it goes from lower middle class right down to the working poor, It'd be one thing if they were raising 80% of the tax money, you could say, well, it's not!
Picture it like the kings of old, and they're trying to raise more taxes for a war, whether it's England or Egypt, they all did it.
And did they go shake down the poorest people for money?
They didn't have it.
They would go shake down the middle class.
When you shake down the poorest people, you don't get money, you destroy the economy,
you create crime, you destroy families, just like you do when you shut down the Keystone Pipeline,
just like you do when you shut down the natural gas, just like what you do when you ship the
fentanyl in, which just topped, 2022 numbers just came in, far worse than 2021, 2020, I mean,
over 130,000 deaths that are directly attributed to it. Off the chart.
We're being hit.
Everything they do is to destroy culture, destroy society.
We're bombed with poison shots, with GMO, with 5G.
This is a war on humanity.
Let's recognize it.
Let's wake up and understand that we don't have to live in this hell.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the info war continues on the other side with the ultra-massive COVID news.
You definitely want to stay with us for this.
All right, get ready, because when anybody tells you these so-called vaccines are vaccines or they protect you, they're lying to you or they're completely ignorant.
And we've got to continue to expose this, because they're targeting children, they're still targeting police and medical workers.
We've got to get on the offense and expose these monsters, and we have all the evidence.
I'm going to hit that breaking news in a moment.
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This may take me a couple segments to get to into the next hour, but I'm going
to start now because it's so massive.
Let me just do this.
Let me read you some of the headlines.
CDC finally releases VAERS safety monitoring analysis for COVID vaccines and directly says there's clear safety signals of death and a range of highly concerning thromboembolic cardiac neurological and a bunch of other immune system and menstrual adverse events.
It goes on and on.
So everything the CDC document warned in October of 2000, before they rolled the shots out, is happening.
Now how'd they know that?
They tested chimeric COVID viruses under a national initiative, under Obama, directed by Anthony Fauci.
His name is on the directorate.
With the University of Texas, Running it at their bioweapons facility in Galveston.
Look it up.
Covered it a hundred times here.
Showing the mouse studies.
The mice lived on average half as long as their normal lifespan when they were given the shots for a virus basically identical to COVID-19.
This is years before they released it.
Under another name.
That's how they knew.
That's how Dr. Michael Yeadon at Pfizer knew.
It's how they all came out and warned you before it was going to happen.
But they still released it.
The system still released it.
Now, why is that so incredibly important?
Well, here's the CDC saying, well, we didn't do studies before we did it, because they'd already done them on rats and knew it would kill people to study, but they quietly did it during a pilot program for a month before they rolled it out, and England rolled it out six months before we did, and they also knew it was happening because of what happened in the UK.
This is all on record.
And think about that, that they knew it erased your immune system, they knew it didn't work, they knew it caused blood clots, microcarditis, heart attacks, strokes, on and on and on, infertility, all sorts of problems with your menstrual cycles, attacks your testicles.
This is the CDC.
This is a zero-hedge article with it all in there, with links to their report.
I just read you the top line.
Look at all the things.
It shows clear safety signals for death.
and a range of highly concerning heart problems, cardiac problems, neurological problems,
hemorrhaging, on and on immune system, menstrual adverse effects.
So that's where we are here. That's just one article here.
And I'm going to get to more of these. We start the next hour. Who do they have regulating
it? Well, the former head of Pfizer is the head of the FDA board.
And Neil deGrasse Tyson was on a talk show a few days ago, went viral yesterday, and he's arguing with the talk show host, saying, no, no, no, you take the shot to protect yourself and others.
And it works.
And he goes, no, it doesn't.
He goes, well, that's because there's mutations.
Well, no, a so-called vaccine handles that as well.
They knew day one what was going to happen with this.
So here he is with talking points from two and a half, two years ago that Rachel Maddow and others read out the same old lie as if it's going to work today.
This is just insane that he's doing things like this.
here he is.
Show your own body.
If you want to get an abortion, get an abortion.
If I want to get the vaccine, I get to choose.
So you can't force, if I can't force you to get an abortion, you shouldn't be able to
force me to get the...
Because it's not about you.
It's about people you interact with.
And that's the social contract of public health.
We don't even know if the vaccine worked or not at the time.
Yes, that's what the trials are.
That's why these trials... Are you missing data out there?
But let me ask you a question.
Are we saying only one type of scientists are right?
We're saying that the system in place... The 16,000 that signed up... No, no, no.
The system in place to test vaccines...
There's an entire system that's in place, with review boards and all of this.
That's in place.
Now you can say, what you can say is, I have a better idea than all these review boards and all these agencies and the CDC.
I have a better idea, here's what you should do, and that would have made everything better.
Okay, you can put forth that idea, but what I'm saying is, In a case where you can contaminate someone else, it's not about you.
It's about the collective health.
You're assuming.
You're assuming because somebody can take the vaccine, won't get COVID, which by the way, I don't need to play the clips for you to see it where everybody said, hey, if you get it, you're not going to get, if you take the vaccine, you're not going to get it.
Rachel Maddow, Joe Biden.
I can give you Fauci.
I can give you, and you've seen these clips before.
It's not like you've never seen it before.
They were wrong.
Hold on.
So, um, the strain evolved.
No, it never worked on the first strain.
It erases your immune system.
It's not a vaccine.
But he said, oh, they had review boards.
They had the government.
They did studies.
No, they didn't do the studies.
And then once they sort of gave her the shots, they did a study and said it's killing people.
And they finally released it and said, from the time they looked at it, that it causes death.
And highly concerning.
And then list all these other issues.
That's what it said.
That's what went on.
That's the reality.
And he knows that.
I bet you all the money in the world.
That Tyson, like all these other talking heads that pose as scientists and say, don't question me, I'm a scientist, has gotten a big fat paycheck.
Now here is the third board, they had to get rid of three boards because they wouldn't even authorize the emergency ish with no testing.
Here's the third board, Dr. Eric Rubin on Skype months before he voted to approve Pfizer mRNA shots for children.
We're never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
Hear that, Tyson?
Here it is.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
That's how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines like the rotavirus vaccine.
And I do think that we are going to, I do think we should look to improve it.
And we also have Netanyahu saying all of Israel are guinea pigs and now we're going to test everything else on them.
I mean, we own you, you must take it, you're a guinea pig, you're a lab rat.
Here is Rachel Maddow two years ago telling the same lies that Tice is telling now.
Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
If we just go faster.
We have to stop these criminals.
They knew what they were doing.
They censored everybody up front.
They blocked therapeutics.
This was a eugenics plan.
And Dr. Michael Yedon, former head of Pfizer, chief scientist, has come out and said, it is by design.
It is eugenics.
It is depopulation.
They know what they're doing.
I've got that video coming up next hour as well.
And a doctor in studio on the third hour to talk about it.
This is life-saving stuff.
Spread the word.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And keep us on air.
We'll be right back.
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If you think the censorship and surveillance you've seen so far by the deep state and big tech was bad, that is just the opening salvo of their attack.
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Into that biomedical tyranny that will be even worse than what you see in communist China that is the current main laboratory of this control.
We have to first recognize there is a cliff.
We have to recognize that millions of people have been forced into these deadly shots and pushed over the cliff and died.
Tens of millions more are sick and dying from these poison shots.
Every one of you watching knows someone who took the shot and died or who became deathly ill.
And their own documents show they know this is deadly.
And what do they do?
They push and push and push.
And say, well, it's up to you, but we'll take your rights and freedoms away if you don't take it.
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It's hour number two.
Hour number two kicks off now.
This is life-saving information, ladies and gentlemen.
Please understand you are Paul Revere.
I know you know that, it won't burn into your brain.
If you tell people to tune in to FourWars.com/SLOAT and local stations,
it will circumvent the censors and we will warn humanity and we will win.
All right, I don't normally do this, one segment after the last, play the same clips,
but I'm gonna do it right now 'cause I wanna now analyze these clips
by starting and stopping them.
Three clips that tell you everything you need to know about the globalists.
We have the CDC yesterday releasing documents via four-year lawsuits that they've been battling in federal court for over a year and a half.
That they'd done rat studies with the shots, as I told you, we knew they'd done the studies, even though they hadn't admitted it.
We went and found them.
Rob New actually found them over two years ago.
Run by Fauci at the University of Texas with a bunch of other universities involved.
UT ran it as a national initiative of President Obama.
Giving rats these shots that created spike protein that destroyed their hearts, their lungs, their brains, their cardiovascular systems, you name it.
And attacked their fertility.
Killed the rats on average.
Cutting half of their lifespan off many others died It was all averaged together though that it cut their
lifespan In half this is a slow kill weapon
It's a soft kill weapon a silent weapon for quiet wars read the Pentagon document on that to understand what I'm
talking about And this is the eugenicist. This is the death cult. They
don't want to just euthanize Mentally ill people or old folks they want to kill babies
in the womb They want to euthanize babies after they're born all this
is being promoted all this is being pushed and
So that's how all these great scientists that have worked at the highest levels of government and industry like dr.
Michael Yeadon the head scientist advisor vice president of the company
Came out in early and mid and late 2000 and said this will cause heart attacks, this will cause myocarditis, this will cause it all.
And there's an hour and a half Dr. Michael Yeadon interview that I'm going to show you here in a moment, parts of, that I'm going to have posted in full under the live show feed today.
So that you can find it and you can watch it.
We're going to air a boil down of this coming up here in just a little bit.
He talks about it being a deliberate depopulation weapon, confirming they premeditatedly knew what was going to happen, then censored and blocked people warning once it started happening, and blocked therapeutics.
This is the greatest premeditated mass murder operation of history, until you realize 5G does a lot of the same things as well.
That's slowly cooking us now.
But go back to that Dr. Michael Yedon article, the one before this one.
I want to read that headline.
Former Pfizer VP Mike Yedon declares COVID vaccines are toxic by design.
They're weapons to reduce global population.
We really just should air the entire hour and a half.
That's the former chief scientist and the head of their worldwide vaccine program.
We have a new Harvard study out, proving it causes massive cardiovascular problems.
It is a fact!
And then Niels deGrasse Tyson, who's really just a talking head, well-spoken BS artist, gets up there on a major podcast, and the host, who I've been interviewing before, really took him to task, And Tyson lied and said, if you take the shot, you can't spread it and you're protected.
Oh, but some are protected because of the strains.
No, it never worked with any of it.
It's garbage.
It's all lies.
And it deactivates your killer T's, the red, the white blood cells.
It doesn't kill them like HIV does.
It turns them off.
And they've been doing studies now for two years and they haven't turned back on.
So it may be indefinitely.
So they're calling it VAIDS.
Autoimmune deficiency disorder.
That's in major papers.
That's what it's called by top scientists.
We first started calling it VAIDS with scientists we had on two years ago.
Now, think about the people that raise taxes on the poorest Americans even though they don't pay 6-7% of the income tax.
Just to hurt them.
Think about the government that allows fentanyl to be shipped in just to hurt you.
A government trying to break up the family just to hurt you.
With Dr. Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner, was also the head of Pfizer.
And now it's come out in emails three days ago via these lawsuits by these Attorney Generals that he's in there with Facebook and Twitter telling them to censor prominent scientists and doctors exposing his operation.
They knew because they tested it.
Obama created a weapon to call it a vaccine, claimed it came out of China, released it on the public.
There was major scandals at UT and North Carolina Chapel Hill In 2014-15, when scientists went, you've created a gain-of-function SARS virus, COVID virus, what have you done?
What if this gets out?
And remember, they put out the weak one.
Oh, it's real.
It's a new life form.
It's a chimera.
It's five different viruses.
They've got versions, thousands of times more powerful, that kill 80% of humanized mouse human clones.
Yes, mice that are part human.
To make them even closer to humans.
Mice are already very close.
Well, they mainly study on them.
I know you already know that.
So here's Neil deGrasse Tyson, criminally in my view, because this isn't Rachel Maddow reading off a teleprompter two years ago, because it turned out Pfizer spent on her show alone almost two million dollars that year.
Let me tell you that again.
Look it up.
MSNBC was paid millions.
The Rachel Maddow Show received in just a three-month period Several hundred thousand dollars that she was then directly paid.
So she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars herself.
MSNBC was paid millions on her show alone.
To tell you you cannot get sick if you have the shot, and you cannot spread it to people, and that was six months in when they knew it was a lie.
That's criminal in my view, but not as criminal as Niels deGrasse Tyson up there trying to tell you this is safe, and he goes on, they push, it's for children.
Here it is.
Get an abortion, get an abortion.
If I want to get the vaccine, I get to choose.
So you can't force... If I can't force you to get an abortion, you shouldn't be able to force me to get the... Because it's not about you.
It's about people you interact with.
And that's the social contract of public health.
We don't even know if the vaccine worked or not at the time.
Yes, that's what the trials are!
Dude, that's why these trials... Are you missing data out there?
But let me ask you a question.
Are we saying only one type of scientists are right?
We're saying that the system in place... The 16,000... Hold on, hit pause.
No, no, no.
Back it up ten seconds.
He waves his arm around and goes, dude, the science, the data, abracadabra, hocus pocus, open sesame, shazam, ooga booga!
Does a little dance up there.
The science, the data, the studies, the review boards!
I'm gonna play you a review board head of the third panel they had to impanel because the other ones wouldn't do it and resigned.
Telling you that they don't know what it'll do, which is a lie itself, because they damn well did.
Maybe they got board members that were idiots and didn't look at the literature, but I was able to figure it out before they launched it a year before.
Because I got on the phone and went, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, and called up top scientists, and spent days and weeks reading the documents.
Oh, but he just waves his arm.
Oh, I am the great science!
I am science!
It's all Fauci-esque crap.
That's what the trials are!
That's why these trials... Are you missing data out there?
But let me ask you a question.
Are we saying only one type of scientists are right?
We're saying that the system in place... The 16,000 that signed that... No, no, no.
The system in place to test vaccines... Hit pause again.
Back in five seconds.
The system in place that already has major problems and approved things like Vioxx that killed probably a million people in the U.S.
They admit 500,000.
They knew it would cause heart attacks.
That system at least made them test it, but they did fake trials for two years and covered up what it did.
This was no public testing because they'd already tested it and knew what it did.
Even worse.
That's why top scientists like Gidon, the former head of Pfizer's entire biomedical operation, said it is deliberate.
It is on purpose.
Gidon said he didn't believe in God or the devil until this.
Now he does.
It's evil beyond evil.
Pregnant women.
Six-month-old babies.
Fast-track coronavirus vaccine by skipping key animal testing first, because they already did it.
Finish up, but let's just go to break, come back with Tyson.
I gotta finish up with him.
Man, I mean, if this doesn't piss you off, I've had friends and family die that took the damn shot.
I know countless people.
There's a person that works in this office, and I'm just gonna leave it at that, when I come back, and I'm gonna tell you what happened.
When their boyfriend took the shot.
Oh yeah.
Wait to hear this.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm sorry to be subjecting you to Nielsen, Grice, Tyson lying to you, but this is criminal.
He knows damn well that the shots never protected you.
He knows damn well they're hurting people.
It's all public now.
Ben Public, I know he's been challenged on a lot of other shows, so I've seen it with the evidence.
He waves his arms around and says, well, you can believe whatever you want, but the scientists and the system and the background and the boards and the regulators, this is tested, this is safe, and if you take it, you won't infect others.
That way they can say you have no bodily autonomy.
But we now know it's those taking the shot that are more apt to get it, to spread it, to get sick.
To get it, to spread it, to get sick, to be hospitalized, and die.
Whether you're in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, Canada, the US, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, everywhere they got the shots, they got the 13% on average death and grace.
You hear that?
13% increase of the death rate year after year.
And that was last year's numbers.
And the year before, it's going straight up.
The graph, the numbers we get are always about a month behind.
So the graph's just straight up at the end of 2022.
I mean, they are murdering us, boy!
Got the insurance company numbers, everything.
But there's Tyson, waving his arms.
No facts, no statistics, no documents.
Like, I just show you documents and show you where they're from and show you the studies.
Yeah, Natural News calls him the Bill Cosby of science.
Here he is.
If you want to get an abortion, get an abortion.
If I want to get the vaccine, I get to choose.
So you can't force... If I can't force you to get an abortion, you shouldn't be able to force me to get the... Because it's not about you.
It's about people you interact with.
And that's the social contract of public health.
We don't even know if the vaccine worked or not at the time.
Yes, that's what the trials are!
Dude, that's why these trials... Are you missing data out there?
But let me ask you a question.
Are we saying only one type of scientists are right?
We're saying that the system in place... The 16,000 that signed the... No, no, no.
The system in place to test vaccines... There's an entire system that's in place.
Magic words.
No, the system's run by...
Eugenicist-y populations at the top who are on record saying they want to kill us, but now they want us to take a shot to live longer, and now they've tested the rest of the system to see how many doctors and scientists and medical systems will go along with the mass killing.
This was a giant test, Mr. Tyson, to see who's on board with the New World Order and who isn't.
And so we know you're on board, buddy.
That, with review boards and all of this, that's in place.
Now you can say, what you can say is, I have a better idea than all these review boards and all these agencies and the CDC.
I have a better idea, here's what you should do, and that would have made everything better.
Okay, you can put forth that idea.
You can put forth that idea, but see, he says it's not true.
Even though they had to remove, they had to resign, three FDA head boards.
And finally, out of those three boards they had resigned, they got enough people out of those that had voted for booster shots and giving it to children and babies and all this crap.
We're the only country in the world that gives it to six-month-olds.
We're the only ones giving it to pregnant women.
They banned these shots in three European countries already.
But he sits there hoping you don't know that.
Hoping you don't look it up.
In fact, I want to ask listeners and viewers, I know a lot of folks take parts of the show and they augment them and add clips and research what I say and find out it's true.
I got a crew here can do it too, but we should take Neils Greis Tyson clip and clips of what I've said in the last 30 minutes and edit together with clips of newscasts even admitting what I'm saying and the documents.
And show the countries that have banned the shots.
And show the headlines.
To show just how evil this guy is.
And there's a whole bunch of people like him.
The late night talk show hosts are all given a script.
They all put out the exact same script as Fauci.
Whatever he says, they go say word for word.
Stephen Colbert.
All of them, man.
This is evil.
To convince gullible people to give their kids, their babies, these damn shots.
You boards and all these agencies and the CDC, I have a better idea, here's what you should do, and that would have
made everything better.
Okay, you can put forth that idea, but what I'm saying is, in a case where you can contaminate someone else, it's not
about you.
It's about the collective health.
By extension of that idea, you could never be allowed to live because you might kill somebody or you might be in a
car wreck.
And that's the idea.
You can't drive a car.
It's got to be AI-driven.
You can't... We've got to give you thousands of shots because you might hurt somebody.
This idea is them taking our bodies over.
And to be one thing of what they had really worked, I still wouldn't want them to be in control, but it doesn't even work the way they say.
Because it's a giant fraud.
It's about the collective health.
You're assuming.
You're assuming because somebody can take the vaccine.
Hit pause again.
Everything he says is key.
It's about the collective help.
Oh, we're in a collective, like Yuval Harari said when we played yesterday.
Oh, the government's got to take your body over.
We got to make you do this.
Uh, won't get COVID, which by the way, I don't need to play the clips for you to see it where everybody said, Hey, if you get it, you're not going to get, if you take the vaccine, you're not going to get a Rachel Maddow, Joe Biden.
I can give you Fauci.
I can give you fit.
And you've seen these clips before.
It's not like you've never seen it before.
They were wrong.
Hold on.
So, um, the strain evolved.
You're the smartest guy in the world.
You're pretty dumb sometimes.
Notice how he sits there and thinks for a minute.
Play that last 10 seconds again.
He's like, wait, wait, wait, wait, what's my talking point?
Uh, uh, uh, ooh, ooh, ooh, the new strains!
The first strain it didn't work on, it made it worse.
And erase your immune system and cause viral mutations they admit that are now killing people.
The death chart is off the hook right now from mutated viruses and the poison shots and all the rest of it.
Play that last part again.
If you get it, you're not going to get it.
If you take the vaccine, you're not going to get it.
Rachel Maddow, Joe Biden.
I can give you Fauci.
I can give you Phil.
I mean, you've seen these clips before.
It's not like you've never seen it before.
They were wrong.
Hold on.
So, so, um, the strain evolved.
I mean, I could teach a college course on this minute and a half.
Just like the Harari clip.
I mean, these guys tell you everything while they're talking.
He knows damn well what he's doing.
Shame on you, you monstrous pig.
Him, Fauci.
I add him to the list up there with Fauci now.
I want to find out how much money Niels deGrasse Tyson was paid.
When we have Nuremberg 2 trials, I want him up there just as guilty as a Nazi jail guard.
I want to see him on trial for crimes against humanity, because if he took money from them, and he now knows it's a lie, and he's part of this, he's a little Dr. Mingala, isn't he?
Well, he reaches a lot of people.
He's a big Dr. Mingala.
Start thinking about these people for what they really are, monsters.
Oh, let's hear from one of those boards, Tyson.
This is the third round of board members, Dr. Eric Rubin.
I said months earlier.
It was actually that day they voted.
It was moments before he voted to approve the Pfizer mRNA shots for children.
He says we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
Here it is.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
That's how we found out about And they approved the rotavirus and it killed a bunch of people so they pulled it.
And I do think that we are going to, I do think we should vote to approve it.
And they approved the rotavirus and it killed a bunch of people so they pulled it.
Here's Maddow.
All right, instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, potentially
mutating and becoming more virulent and drug resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
If we just go faster.
Welcome back, folks.
Remember, the enemies of freedom are working around the clock to make sure this information, this life-saving information, doesn't get out there.
And I know you don't want to be heroes, but you are.
When you spread the word.
And I just want to ask you to do it even more.
Now, I'm going to play a short clip of Dr. Michael Yeadon.
We're going to play more of it in the next hour.
This has not gone out yet, other than on a show he just did a few days ago.
It's gotten almost no attention.
I have the full thing posted to Bandot Video.
We're having it posted to the front page under the live show feed of InfoWars.com.
And we're going to take a 10-minute boil down that Rob Dude has put together and post that must-see information at Bandot Video here in the next hour.
We're gonna be looking at that in just a moment and playing two powerful clips.
One of him and one of RZA Islam.
Say what you want about RZA Islam.
He's been in studio.
Everything he says on this subject is dead on.
He's done his research.
And if you'll simply listen to this two-minute clip of RZA Islam and go research what he's saying, you'll find the whole rabbit hole and then you'll go all the way to the bottom.
We'll get to that in a moment.
But remember, how are we funding this to stay on air?
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I spent a lot of time on Neil deGrasse Tyson and the rest of it, because he's bald-faced lying.
There's lots of other sickening clips of him, but I'm not going to play those right now.
I want to play you a clip of Dr. Michael Yeadon.
The full video has been posted on InfoWars.com, where he lays out, as the former chief scientist at Pfizer, who just quit three years ago, that it's deliberate poisoning, deliberate weapon for depopulation.
Here it is.
So the design of them, I would say it was toxic by design.
It was always going to harm people.
Next, unlike a classical vaccine, which is usually a killed piece or killed preparation of the infective organism in a little bit of oil or something like that, that's a unit dose.
So you know how much you're injecting to each person.
With these vaccines, we're giving unit dose of code.
Now that code could be taken up well, copied into protein very efficiently and might do so for a long time in one person.
In another person it might be taken up badly, copied inefficiently and briefly.
So what I'm saying, and I'm absolutely certain about this as a pharmacologist and toxicologist, is by choosing this design The range of outcomes is probably a thousand times worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine because, you know, the actual amount of protein produced will vary by orders of magnitude more.
It will.
And I thought that was the explanation for why it is that many people had no side effects whatsoever and others appeared to die.
You know, people would say, how could that possibly be true?
And I've just explained it, that with an encoded vaccine, an unlucky individual might take up large quantities of it in their heart, in the coronary vessels or in the cerebral veins in their head.
and produce lots of spike protein for a long time.
And those people might get myocarditis or cerebral vein sinus thrombosis and die.
And someone else, it might be spread around the body in a sort of less dangerous place
and not make so much spike protein.
I thought that was an adequate explanation, but I don't think that.
We're gonna play more of it coming up in the next hour.
He says specifically it is a depopulation plan.
But let's actually hear from the U.S.
government declassified documents in the 70s and 80s.
That's the latest stuff that's been declassified.
You can see it all in a swing now with Memorandum 200 and others.
Here's Reza Islam breaking it down.
I mean, that's been floating around.
Some folks say it's rumor, some folks say it's fact.
What's your argument on that?
Well, I'll say this.
See, this is the beauty when we deal with actual facts.
I'll go straight to the United States government policy.
You have what's called the National Security Study Memorandum 200, also known as NSSM 200, which was authorized, written under Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was the 32nd Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon in Jail 4.
Pardon me.
Now this is all, we go straight to what the U.S.
government has stated.
He stated, quote, depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S.
foreign policy towards the third world, end quote.
They literally stated in this documentation that we need to get rid of two to three billion people on planet Earth.
Outside of that, you have something called Global 2000, which was also authorized under Jimmy Carter, outlining how food can be used as a weapon.
Outside of that, you have someone by the name of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a former advisor to President Jimmy Carter, who stated, quote, in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people than to physically kill a million people.
He said, but now it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control, end quote.
So what you're dealing with, Is the food, the air, the water, reproductive services, Planned Parenthood, and all these different arenas are being used to go towards an effort of getting rid of human beings, black, white, and all in between, by the billions, by a government-sponsored, pharmaceutically-sponsored conspiracy.
Now, a conspiracy is when two or more groups, people, or organizations come together to do something that is evil and or wicked.
Conspiracy is a real thing.
Conspiracy theory is when you're not sure of what is happening.
That's a theory.
We're dealing with conspiracy fact.
Conspiracy documentation.
Conspiracy organized calculated schemes that are being conducted by people on high.
And guess what?
Again, they're coming after black and white folks.
And all in between, black folks are number one.
Don't ever get us twisted.
We are the number one target.
But at this point, they are looking at the reality that people are waking up too fast.
They didn't expect us to wake up too fast, hence social media being a problem, a gift and a curse.
You see what I'm saying?
So now that we're waking up so quickly, they didn't expect the masses of humanity to rise up, wake up, become aware of what this government's agenda is.
And because of that, now they're trying to figure out exactly how to get rid of people.
In the last 150 years, the British Royalty, the Rockefellers, and others recruited most of the scientific elite to set up this eugenics planet, and now we're living in the operational phase of it.
All right, I'm going to shift gears into a bunch of other huge news.
We've got a special guest in the studio coming up.
Please stay with us.
We'll be right back.
So we just broke down how they're killing us, and the government documents that prove it, from the past and the present.
Zelensky was introduced by Sean Penn, the dumbest person I've ever met, who wasn't legally registered as retarded, was there introducing him to the Golden Globes, and Zelensky said, don't worry, there's not gonna be World War III, even though all the experts, even Henry Kissinger says, needs to stop, there's a very good chance of it, so does the Pope, but again, we have to listen to the puppet, Zelensky.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear participants of the 80s Golden Globe Award Ceremony.
The award was won at a special time.
The Second World War wasn't over yet, but the tide was turned.
All knew who would win.
There were still battles and tears ahead.
It was then when the Golden Globe Award appeared to honor best performers of 1943.
It is now 2023.
The war in Ukraine is not over yet.
But the tide is turning.
And it is already clear who will win.
There were still battles and tears ahead.
But now I can definitely tell you who were the best in the previous year.
It was you.
The free people of the free world.
Those who united around the support of the free Ukrainian people in our common struggle for freedom Democracy, for the right to live, to love, to give birth, no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, no matter who you are with.
The struggle for the right of the new generations to know about the war only from movies.
The First World War claimed millions of lives.
The Second World War claimed tens of millions of them.
There will be no Third World War.
It is not a trilogy.
Ukraine will stop the Russian aggression on our land.
We will make it together with a whole free world.
And I hope that all of you will be with us on the victorious day,
the day of our victory.
Slava Ukraini!
So, nine years ago the U.S.
government publicly overthrew the Ukrainian government.
It's been a proxy war with the Russians.
Since then, the Russians were losing, so they sent in more troops, and now they're escalating again.
This is absolutely dangerous.
Every major analyst admits we're in the greatest danger of nuclear war ever, but he just told you everything is fine as heavier and heavier weapons are sent into the region, and as Russia goes from partial mobilization, from their, quote, police action, their special police action, to full mobilization and martial law.
Meanwhile, they're already been under martial law in Ukraine.
He's banned all the opposition parties, banned the Orthodox Church, the oldest church they've found in the country.
He's taking the homes and property of the members of the Orthodox Church.
The oldest church on earth is the Orthodox Church.
And that's just what they're doing.
And they think it's funny, and they think it's cute, and they're putting people in forced labor camps that are against the war.
I am here to give you freedom for your future generations.
We fight for freedom and people's individual freedom.
Even though I put you in death camp, if you say you don't like me, oh yes!
So, there we go.
But where is he traveling soon?
Oh, to Debo, Switzerland.
The Secret List was released two days ago, and he's going to be there as the keynote speaker, along with the head of NATO.
And Russia has properly said that they are officially at war with NATO, and this is the beginning of what can become a new Third World War.
But that's okay.
Zelensky tries to reassure Hollywood A-listers at Golden Globes there will be no third World War.
Maybe just end of the world?
Who else is going to the Davos Group?
Whitmer, who staged the FBI plot against herself to speak at World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos.
What a nice lady.
And who else?
The real President, the real Prime Minister of Canada, Kristina Freeland, who's also Ukrainian, to attend WEF annual meeting and gave us the direct minion of Klaus Schwab.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing, you will like it, you will eat some bugs.
Here's Klaus Schwab with his bust at his office of V.I.
What a nice person.
Very, very, very nice people.
The full list and more is at InfoWars.com.
Just reminding you that all of that is happening.
She's the architect of banning free speech and banning protests and putting people with no charges for months and months in jail for being peaceful in a protest.
And of course, she also says she admires China's basic dictatorship.
This is what you are when you are good.
You're for dictatorship when you're for freedom.
You overthrow Ukrainian government when you are for freedom, then you attack Russians, then they fight back, then you start giant war.
Remember, Sean Penn was on TV a month ago calling for nuclear weapons to be preemptively used.
So is Zelensky, and he shot missiles into Poland in a false flag.
But that's okay, because Hollywood likes him, and Rob Reiner likes him.
So it's good, you know?
It's good for this to be going on.
And if you try to criticize it as an American, you get censored, you get blocked, and U.S.
intelligence agencies hijacked by the globalists Are running it.
New article out.
Former top CIA analyst condemns FBI for censorship and misinformation.
John McCarthy would have loved to have this kind of control, says Martin Gurry, author of the seminal 2008 book, The Revolt of the Public, about government influence over Twitter.
And then it lays out all the facts of what's going on.
This is a government psyop.
This is an information war, and it's all illegal as Hades.
But again, it's okay, because Zelensky dresses like a girl and does gay videos.
So it's like, he gay!
He does gay videos.
Well, then we need nuclear war.
He gay?
Tim Cook runs slave camps.
Three million slaves in China.
Tim Cook gay.
It okay.
Hey, they having drag shows and get naked in front of children.
It's gay, though.
It's okay.
They cut the little boy's testicles off and give them hormones!
It's okay!
It's gay!
It's okay!
It's okay for us to do this, my good little friends!
It's so nice for us to do this to you!
It's for your own good!
Do not... Do not criticize me or I put you in slave labor camp!
So good for you!
So nice for you!
Good for you too!
Let's continue!
With the pervert stack!
Harvard offering course about LGBT healthcare for infants, and we've played high-level Health and Human Services officials, including the deputy head, the admiral, the first woman four-star admiral, wearing an admiral Star Trek outfit.
That's when Klaus Schwab's not wearing Star Trek outfits, they are.
Total cult of whacked-out lunatics, running around stealing luggage, you name it, and Now Harvard is saying that they can tell when babies are gay at birth.
Look, this one gay.
Now state take over, make sure baby gay.
Make sure pee pee get cut off.
Also liberal, we cut pee pee off.
Oh, liberal.
But you no cut that pee pee off.
You racist.
Oh, we cut pee pee off.
I'm not even joking about this.
That's what Zelensky said a month ago, he goes, our main goal will be transgenderism for our children once we have unified and freed Ukraine.
Then they call it Putin-esque propaganda, whenever he says Russia's fighting so they don't chop our boys' balls off.
Harvard offering course about LGBTQ health care for infants.
It was his deputy, I forget her name.
We played it about a month ago.
It was Health and Human Services Program Director.
What was the headline?
Health and Human Services official says they can tell if children are gay at birth.
And she says that on the tape.
And the head of the National Arts Foundation in Spain said three months ago, pedophilia is good and we should teach that pedophilia is good.
Children like pedophilia.
Really a nice group of people.
I go on for hours listening to it, but let's just continue here. Grotesque new Batman story features the Joker
becoming pregnant and giving birth to a handsome mud ball baby.
So the baby's an abomination, Joker has the baby out of his rear end, and that's what Hollywood thinks of your babies.
That's what they think of you.
New Batman features the Joker becoming pregnant and giving birth to a handsome mud monster.
State Department announces $1.5 million in funding to empower LGBTQI movements and communities.
And of course we have Miss Universe, local winner in America, a big fat man, versus Miss Universe in Russia.
They say that's a woman to degrade women and take women's spaces and then criticize women if they use their power and their beauty of the goddess and say that this is the goddess, a fat, disgusting creature.
I mean, this is all a sick joke.
Let's see what they can get us to go for.
I think I'm gonna go for this all day long.
What about you?
Oh, no!
There's a few more of the little friends!
Let me give them control of your nooks!
The Admiral and his girlfriend!
Look at all the admiral for powerful!
Oh, yes!
Mars unveils limited edition all-female M&Ms bag featuring lesbians and fat-positive candy.
So they're saying women are only lesbians and fat women, and it's good to celebrate it.
Your identity isn't a mother.
Your identity isn't a scientist.
No, your identity is fat people and lesbians.
And I'm not even against lesbians.
I'm just saying.
It's like you're not everything women are.
And when lesbian writers in Europe write a book about that, they get arrested.
Saying, no, you've got to be a woman to be a lesbian.
Big fat man says, no, I, woman, I coming to you.
Here's the MI6 flying the rainbow flags over it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Good news and some bad news on multiple fronts.
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I'm not ever going to surrender.
I physically can't do it.
It's my great... Fuck you, Klaus Schwab!
Fuck you!
I got plenty of words for you, but at the end of the day, fuck you and your New World Order, and fuck the horse you rode in on, and all your shit!
And so they know if that spirit begins to, in their words, infect other people, it's game over for them to turn us into robots and play God and give us all these orders and tell us how to live and tell us what to do.
You're talking about Oxford and the Oxford Council.
that has just announced that it's going to break up Oxford into 15-minute communities, call them 15-minute cities, where everything that they say you need is within the 15-minute walk or cycle ride of where you live.
and that you cannot, under this proposal, leave your 15-minute city in a car
more than 100 times a year, or you're fined every time you do.
Now, what is that?
That's simply lockdown.
It's COVID lockdown.
But it's done under the guise of climate change.
And so that's what this is really all about, is your ability to have free will that God gave you, and they're trying to take that away.
The only thing God's managed to create are organic beings.
All these trees and giraffes and humans, they are just organic.
But we are now trying to create inorganic entities, inorganic life forms, cyborgs, artificial intelligence and so forth.
If we succeed, and there is a very good chance we will, then very soon we will be beyond.
That's why I oppose them, and that's why I fight them.
And they act like, oh, they understand the universe, and they're bringing balance to it, and no, they like to hurt people, they like to destroy children, they like to steal people's energy, they like to see people in miserable situations, because it makes them feel good, because they hate themselves.
Hundreds of different serial killers and psychopaths, and whether they're black, white, or Hispanic, or Asian, they all look the same, and their eyes have the same weird, dead look.
And beyond a dead look, They look scared.
Not just because they're in a mugshot.
They look like they're captured.
Because those aren't people, ladies and gentlemen.
That's not a person anymore.
There's something in there driving it.
Better believe it.
And so when you look at the New World Order and Bill Gates and people like Fauci, let me tell you, folks, there is a system of anti-God, anti-human inside that body that's running that body.
And that's a biological android with one mission.
And that is to humiliate you and cut you off from God before they kill you.
Well, Anthony Fauci told our government to tell people don't do autopsies on COVID patients.
You cannot find that for which you do not look.
I have a post-vaccine nine-year-old on my desk.
And that's all this is, is people turning the dial.
And how do you turn the dial to Satanism?
You kill people.
You hurt children.
You molest children.
You put poison in people.
It breaks their DNA.
They've now confirmed in more than a hundred studies that this mRNA with a spike protein goes into the cells for generations and is passed on to the children and causes mutations.
They are turning people into mutants!
It's called the Fauci effect.
We found other coronaviruses in bats, a whole host of them, some of them looked very similar to SARS.
So we sequenced the spike protein, the protein that attaches to cells.
Then we, well I didn't do this work but my colleagues in China did the work,
you create pseudoparticles, you insert the spike proteins from those viruses,
see if they bind to human cells.
Each step of this, you move closer and closer to this virus could really become pathogenic in people.
So we need to turn the dial to the Holy Spirit, the big broadcast, and obviously if you've been turning the dial the other way, you're not going to want to turn the dial.
It's not going to feel too good to turn the dial towards God.
So Christ was saying, get behind me.
I got a mission.
I'm going someplace.
I'm on a path.
I'm on a trajectory.
I want to get in line with the Holy Spirit and then move to the future.
Oh, yes.
And God's like, oh, you want that?
Here, have that.
And I'm right there right now.
Just, oh, wow.
I just feel the presence of God right now.
God said, you want it?
Here, I love you!
Come to me!
Well, we've got a real hero in the studio with us this hour, a little bit in the next hour, then Royce White's coming on.
And he's Dr. Ben Marble, he's become a good friend of mine, and I've talked to so many of the other great scientists and doctors out there, and they always, Dr. Peter McCullough, you name it, when they visit, bring up Dr. Ben Marble, who was the first to offer the telemedicine early on and to warn people with Dr. Zelenko's research and his own research, and to do free telemedicine to get hundreds of thousands of people They're ivermectin, they're hydroxychloroquine and more that they now admit the studies that Fauci did 15 years ago.
We have speeches of Fauci on C-SPAN, we have documents, news articles where he said hydroxychloroquine blocks these coronavirus replications.
And they also, the Pentagon had a document from 2011 where they found for SARS and SARS-like things,
which is COVID, ivermectin.
So they knew all this, the Pentagon did, and they were blocked from warning the public
that is murder by omission.
So Dr. Ben Marble is a MD and Nobel Prize nominee, and he's the founder of MyFreeDoctor.com
and a leading telehealth provider.
He's also being the first doctor to treat patients in all 50 states for free.
Dr. Marble created MyFreeDoctor.com at the beginning of the pandemic to save lives by providing accessible, affordable, and effective health care to everyone.
Just like the websites name states, the telemedicine visits are free and the service is purely donation-based.
If you suspect you may be feeling ill, especially from COVID-19, Do not delay.
Head to MyFreeDoctor.com to get access to a licensed doctor who will provide care and give you access to effective treatments.
And I notice sometimes, if I give people your number, hundreds of people, they almost always got quick service.
Sometimes you got overwhelmed at the peak.
You guys would list other good groups and other good organizations that were out there and you guys have operated off donations, but I wanted to we were talking last week on the phone and you were talking about the breakthrough.
It was about a year ago that The public started to realize they were being lied to and killed.
But now to say it's a breakthrough, their whole narrative has collapsed.
And we have Japan opening a criminal investigation federally.
We have Canada starting a criminal investigation in one of their provinces.
We have Florida starting a criminal investigation statewide with the Attorney General, Supreme Court authorized, with Governor DeSantis, studying the rollout, the advertising, the lies, the shot, everything.
And a bunch of other countries are doing as well.
Now, the new president of Italy is starting to investigate it.
And this breaking news, InfoWars.com, share this everywhere.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, that's why I love her.
Trump asked her to support McCarthy.
She did because she's loyal to him.
I think that might not have been the best decision.
It doesn't matter because now she's in the driver's seat to get rid of the IRS agents, introducing bills to abolish the IRS.
And now, MTG calls for immune MTG calls for an immediate investigation into surge of sudden deaths.
This is such an important article.
I can tell you those congressional hearings are being set up and are being prepared.
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for an immediate investigation of the surge of sudden deaths across the world.
In her statement, Greene mentioned that the timing of such deaths is concerning because they're occurring when people are being forced to take the COVID vaccines via mandates.
What the hell's going on, said Greene today, responding to a report of a 21-year-old Air Force offensive lineman who died on his way to class.
How many more healthy young people are going to drop dead?
Minutes later, Greene released her statement that was attached to the World Health Organization media briefing on COVID and other global health issues.
Greene's statement does indeed come amid a surge of sudden deaths, and the insurance companies show it's happening.
30% increase worldwide in death, record increase.
As well as days after Louisiana-based ER physician called on the immediate suspension of the jabs.
The article goes on with scientists and medical directors coming out and saying the exact same thing.
Lead author of peer-reviewed research, there's another Harvard study out now, reanalyzing Pfizer-Moderna trials on mRNA vaccines.
Calls for immediate suspension of the jab due to serious harms.
We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac arrest.
Then of course we have the megabomb shell I covered last hour.
Yesterday the CDC finally after lawsuits released the documents That they knew from day one.
No public study before, but they did a covert study on mice and rats.
That's why the CDC had that document in October 2000 predicting all this.
Saying that it causes death and a whole bunch of horrible things here in their own report.
So this is massive.
Dr. Ben Marble, MyFreeDoctor.com, thank you for being here.
What do you make of this time we're living in?
Well, it's just mad science unleashed on the world.
You know, back in November and December of 2020, I read up on these gene editing shots, and the science was never there.
It was always doomed to failure from the start, and I knew that, and that's why December 2020, I sent a message out to all of our patients, do not take these shots.
And so from day one, I opposed these shots and I told everybody not to take them.
We knew they were going to be dangerous.
They're not real vaccines.
They're gene editing technology.
And the simple reality about editing your DNA and your genome is we don't know what 98% of DNA does.
So how would it ever make sense to alter it when we don't know what the vast majority of it does?
It doesn't make any sense.
It was bad science.
From the start.
So back February of 2022, I founded the Right Docs of History group, which I tried to track down all the other doctors like myself that opposed these shots from day one, and got all those doctors into the group, like Drs.
Linko, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Urso, myself, Dr. Gesling, who else is in that group, Dr. Emmerling, Dr. Lowry, Angelina Ferrella, there's more, Dr. Ozzie Villareal, there's more doctors in the group.
The point is, The media, fake news, banned all the doctors who opposed the shots.
I mean, I became the most banned doctor in America.
Was this like two years ago?
This was two years ago, December 2020.
We were trying to tell everybody, warn everybody, these shots are going to be dangerous.
They banned us and then they made the poison pushers famous.
They propped up the doctors that were in favor of the shots.
Now some of those doctors later realized, hey, these shots are dangerous, and then about 1% of the doctors who were in favor of them later realized, hey, these shots are dangerous and let's go ahead and tell our patients not to take them.
But the vast majority of the doctors, once they recommend poison for their patients, They're in a legal trap, because if you tell your patients, hey, this is good, it's safe and effective, and then you realize it's not, and then you go tell your patients, oops, I told you to take poison, they might sue you for malpractice.
Also, if you admit, hey, I just gave my patients poison, you might get arrested for murder.
And what you just said is beyond key.
That's why Fauci and the globalists, they've talked about it.
It's called a corruption.
And that's what the Roman Emperors called it, to pay off tribs.
Once they paid you off, they owned you.
It wasn't just that one-time payoff.
It was that you were now corrupted by getting the medical systems and insurance companies and media to take money, billions, billions, several billion in the U.S.
alone, to put the lies out.
Gates paid like $700 million worldwide for propaganda himself for the foundation.
Now you've taken the money.
Now you're part of the conspiracy.
Yeah, the Russians call it compromise, Matt.
It's when you're compromised.
And so all these doctors, I call them the poison pushers.
You know, there's 1.1 million doctors in America and about a million of them should be arrested for being poison pushers because they're pushing poison on their patients.
We know these shots are killing people all over the world.
The Hippocratic Oath is, first, do no harm.
That's part of it, right?
Well, we know these shots do harm.
We know they're not safe and effective.
Safe and effective was the big lie, you know, Joseph?
And we know, just to interrupt, we know that 20 years ago a lot of medical schools started getting rid of Hippocratic Oath, and we know Fauci's wife is over the federal agency that creates the bioethics policies for the U.S.
His wife is supposedly overseeing his ethics, and everything he did was unethical.
He was the grand architect of the whole gain-of-function program to create the COVID-19 Frankenstein virus.
And I interrupted you on the point about safe and effective.
Safe and effective is the great big lie.
You know, Joseph Goebbels said, don't tell a small, tiny lie.
Tell a great big lie and just repeat it over and over and over.
And then the dumb people will believe it.
Well, safe and effective was the great big lie.
We know they're actually unsafe and deadly, killing people all over the world.
So we want to follow the principle of first, do no harm.
Manufacturers, big pharma, they're supposed to prove a product is safe before they give it to anybody.
Well, in the research they did on the animals, the majority of the animals died, a little time passed, and then they just started giving it to people.
Let's come back and I'll give you the floor and shut up and let you walk through this, but I want you to just briefly, the minute we have left of the segment, what would you call this moment, Red?
Do you agree with me that we've gone over the tipping point?
Oh, absolutely.
What happened recently with the NFL, all the players dropping on the field, Hamlin and certainly J.J.
Watt having his injury, I think we have reached the tipping point.
The masses in general know that these shots are poison, but the politicians are stuck on stupid because they're all bribed.
Like Neil deGrasse Tyson.
I bet money he's been paid off.
I don't know him personally, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me.
Well, he's reading exact talking points.
He's clearly a PC commie.
They're the enemy.
That's who the enemy is.
What defines the enemy and unites them?
Political correctness.
People who think political correctness is good, they're the enemy.
And they can make it whatever they want.
Open borders, taking poison shots, having no medical freedom, letting your kids be with pedophiles.
They always say follow the science, but they follow fake science that claims men can get pregnant, people can change their sex.
Guess what?
Nazi genital mutilation surgeries you have, or how many hormones you take, you're still the same sex as the day you were born, and they also claim poisons of vaccines.
They don't even teach X and Y chromosomes in high school biology class now.
That's nuts.
I mean, that is 2 plus 2 equals 100.
We need to get clinical correctness out of America.
Alright, I was excited to have Dr. Ben Marble here, and I was being the old Alex Jones, interrupting, like a yapping chihuahua.
I'm gonna try to shut up, because during that little three and a half minute break, you were just knocking it out of the park, the points you were making.
So, Doc, take over.
Well, you know, I'm just sick and tired of, you know, we've delivered over 300,000 free doctor visits to America using the McCulloch Protocol, which is primarily ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, prednisone, budesonide, zinc, aspirin, a few others that we know.
And we've only lost six patients.
So we have settled the science with early treatment.
We know multiple drug early treatment works.
We have a 99.99% survival rate.
But I saved these people's lives and then a few months later they come back and they tell me they went and took poison.
So some poison-pushing fake doctor told them that they should go ahead and take this poison and it's driving me mad for two years since December 2020.
We've been telling everybody these shots are not safe.
They're not effective.
They're actually poison.
They're killing people, harming people all over the world and it's driving me nuts that we can't get these...
This poison pulled off the market.
Normally they pull a bad drug off the market once there's 25 to 50 deaths.
That's the norm.
They're defying all the norms.
Go to OpenVerage.com.
You'll see there's over 32,000 deaths, over a million injuries.
It's way past time we stop these shots now.
And Congress, a month ago, killed the funding.
Republicans had just won, and then they had the power, though they weren't in power yet, to get the funding for the Defense Department cut for four shots, but Lloyd Austin is letting the commander still force it.
That is criminal activity.
Here's why it's so urgent, what people don't realize.
Seven million people get poisoned today.
Seven million shots every day going into arms.
So 7 million people get poisoned a day.
Tomorrow, 7 more million people get poisoned the day after that.
Another 7.
Wasn't that at its peak?
Because I heard the uptake's way down.
That was the last time I looked a couple months ago.
It was up to 8 million a day.
But nevertheless, it's millions of people a day that are taking these poison shots.
We know they're poison.
They're not safe.
They're not effective.
We have to be.
Oh, that's worldwide.
That's worldwide.
Worldwide, globally, yeah.
But isn't it encouraging that I've seen vaccine uptakes down over 95%?
That is great.
That's proof that the masses have woken up to the fact that these shots are actually poison.
The masses, no.
The problem now is the politicians.
Please continue.
They're all bribed.
You know, the two-party system is really a unit party controlled by political correctness.
Political correctness is the world's largest religion for atheists.
That's really what it is.
They worship...
At the altar of political correctness.
Who's the actor?
I like him, I hate his liberal politics, but he was in the Shawshank Redemption and a bunch of other movies.
Tim Robbins?
Is that his name?
Tim Robbins, yeah.
He came out and said on Russell Brand's show that it's a cult and a religion and tyranny and apologized and said he was wrong.
Yeah, the only difference between cult and religion is the size.
It's actually a religion, because religions are bigger than cults.
And we're talking about, for the first time in history, nearly 6 billion people took this chelate.
So remember Jimmy Jones, the guy in a tragedy, he convinced 900 people or so to drink the Kool-Aid, and they all poisoned themselves.
Well, Dr. Death Fauci just convinced almost 6 billion people to take the chelate.
It's not.
What do you think of the criminal investigations that have been opened?
These look really serious.
Well, the problem is we have to stop the shots first.
We don't have time to wait months and months for investigations and all this while seven million shots are going in arms every day.
We have to have sanity prevail, pull these shots off the market immediately.
We need people protesting all over the world.
Don't you think that German nurse that they ended up giving probation should get a medal?
When she secretly gave over 9,000 people saline instead of the poison shot?
Absolutely, she should.
And there have been... And by the way, that's happening in the military and everywhere else.
I've talked to people on the inside and I've seen the numbers.
Remember, there's been headlines, up to a third of shots are saline.
We don't know why.
It's because the pharmacists and nurses know the truth.
Correct, they do.
What are you being told by the medical folks?
Well, I have a nephew in the Air Force, so it's personal to me that, you know, I don't want him to have to be poisoned.
But all the medical people on the inside who have actually been paying attention know what's going on.
We have, I have doctors.
There's a lot of people, I mean, I've confirmed it, but you have more contacts than I. A lot of medical professionals are doing the right thing, and they're shooting folks up with saline, keeping it to themselves.
Well, correct.
A lot of people are doing that.
But the problem is, is the people... See, you had three camps with the doctors.
You had the doctors that were the poison pushers, and you had the doctors like myself, the Right Docs of History, who opposed the poison from day one.
And then you had the docs that wanted to ride the fence in the middle.
I call them the bargainers.
They would say, well, don't give to old people, but give it to kids, or give it to pregnant women, but don't... You know, they would say, don't give to one group, but give it to this other group.
And they're just all wrong.
We just know that... That's what the FDA boards did, yeah.
They're just bad for everybody.
The people in the FDA, the CDC, that are pushing these poison shots, they need to all be arrested for Nuremberg 2.0, hauled in front of a court.
Just on the point that most of them are former Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and J&J executives.
How is it the head of the FDA went to work, or was it for Pfizer?
Pfizer, yeah, I got it right here.
Exactly, so the corruption's everywhere, it's out in the open, they're doing flagrant bribes to these people to push poison.
You know, the vaccine poison pushers, my message to the poison pushers is real simple.
You might want to hurry up and repent before you eat shot and die suddenly.
Because that's what's going to happen.
You keep pushing poison.
One, if you keep taking the poison, you're going to die.
Because the more doses you take, the more likely you are to die.
But my prediction is simple.
Once a few parents, they realize that these poison pushers murdered their children, it's inevitable that parents are going to seek revenge.
If somebody murders you, I did a survey on Twitter.
I said, if a poison pusher kills your child, will you seek revenge or do nothing?
100% of people said they would seek revenge.
So the poison pushers, you guys might want to stop pushing poison ASAP, because the victim's parents are going to be coming for you guys.
That's a key point.
You know, so we have to stop this.
By the way, I use, people give me a hard time, I am a Christian, that's why I have this Jesus stethoscope on, but To break brainwashing, which is what this is, the biggest psyop in human history, this is a brainwashing propaganda psyop, to break brainwashing you can't do it by being nice and loving and hugging.
I agree, you gotta have a hard break.
You have to use cuss words, use words like retard, you have to offend them and mock them and make fun of them.
So this is why I made this meme.
That's how the doctors bully people into it, you found as a doctor getting somebody to do the right thing, hey quit drinking two bottles of Jack Daniels a day, your liver's gonna fail, you gotta scream at people sometimes.
Correct, absolutely.
And these retards, they gave the safe and effective to the 800-pound gorilla, which then died suddenly.
I saw that!
So they gave it to the big gorilla at the zoo and it died.
Tell people about the story.
The zoo in Illinois, JoJo, they decided, hey, let's give the poison to all the zoo animals too, and they gave it to JoJo.
JoJo is now dead.
That's happened at zoos all around the world.
Their mammals that they gave the poison to are dying, and they just don't know why.
It's a great mystery.
Yeah, I saw that story.
I went to cover it a while back.
Guys, pull up JoJo.
Chicago Zoo dies.
Yeah, it was nuts.
So basically, COVID-19 is a retard pandemic and there's no cure for stupid.
Okay, and yes, that offends people.
People need to be offended by the greatest mass poisoning in human history.
That's why what we're seeing right now is the mass die-off of 2023.
More people die this year.
I'm going to predict at least a billion people die this year.
Why am I saying that?
Because nearly six billion people took poison.
These are slow-acting, potentially lethal injections.
By the way, we're showing CBS, ABC News, NBC News.
JoJo gets shot.
First grade able to get it.
JoJo dead.
Yeah, exactly.
So, you know, Diamond, of Diamond and Silk fame, she recently passed away, so the first question that comes to my mind, anytime somebody dies suddenly, the first thing I want to know is, did she take the poison?
My guess is she probably did.
I don't know, and I haven't talked to Silk yet, and the media put out a false report.
I love them, they're great, but we need to know what happened.
Well, the media put out a false report that I said she died of it.
I said, I don't know, but there's a lot of death happening.
But I know they suddenly called me up in the winter and said, we apologize for not backing you more.
And I said, about what?
They said, oh, about censorship shots.
And I said, I didn't know you didn't back me.
You've been on the show.
They said, well, we want you to come on.
We're going to apologize to you.
And I'm going to call Silk up.
I have a sneaking suspicion that Diamond took it.
I am concerned that is the case, and I love them, and that's horribly sad that that has happened, that she's gone, but we need to warn everybody, don't take these shots.
They're not safe, they're poison, they're killing people, sterilizing people.
And they've been saying that too, so I'm gonna find out, I'm gonna call Silk.
If that guy gets Silk on, please, stay right there, we'll be right back.
Alright, one of the main reasons I wanted to get Dr. Marble on, but I forgot to tell him this particular point, was something he brought up right before the interview.
And it was the most common thing I get on the street that I get friends and family call me.
I've gotten two calls the last week from friends and family.
I had a guy in a restaurant walk up to me when I was in Big Ben and ask, what do you do if you've had long COVID and it keeps coming back?
And then what do you do if you've taken the shot And it keeps making you sick and you keep getting COVID.
Well, I know from the studies and the research and the literature what Zelenko said.
I know what Dr. Peter McCullough said.
I know what you were saying years ago.
And I know that Rob Dew is happy for me to talk about him.
He's been here 14 years.
Rob Dew was on a research trip with me out in Nevada.
He got sick and it almost killed him.
He's a basketball player, played basketball in college, really good shape, can ride his bike 30 miles all the time, up hills, you name it.
Great shape, same age as me, and it almost killed him.
His oxygen went down massively.
It was terrible.
But then he did the research and talked to you and others, and Dr. Bartlett really helped him.
And they said, you've got to just keep taking ivermectin every month for a while.
And they gave him a bunch of other compounds.
In fact, can you get Rob Dew in here and put him on the microphone in the control room?
Or give him a lob to come in here?
Because there was some other stuff that the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and things got him 90% back.
But it was something a doctor, I forget who, recommended that he would vape.
in a nebulizer.
Oh, nicotine.
And, well that's what, Tucker Carlson told me about that.
So tell us about that.
So, what are the cocktails of things, because Rob is back as good as he ever was.
I'll simply show you my, what I do every day.
And that's simple.
I take mycovitamins.
Go to mycovitamins.com.
This is a combination product developed with Dr. Brian Artis and Artis Labs, and it has zinc, selenium, N-acetyl cysteine, quercetin, and betaine anhydrous in it, and that's a great immune booster, and it'll help to boost your immunity overall.
What about glutathione?
That's what Rob was Yeah, glutathione is a good one.
There's a bunch of different ones.
Certainly, you can get MyFreeDoctor.com will prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.
I think, here's the bottom line, when over, what, about four-fifths of the planet, or you can say two-thirds of the planet, have taken the fake vaccine poison, they're now spike protein super-shedders.
So basically, it's impossible to avoid, so everybody should either take a code vitamin Or Ivermectin once a week or hydroxychloroquine once a week.
There are a few others like glutathione as well, but just the patients don't have to know this information.
This is what's driving me mad.
Just go to MyFreeDoctor.com.
Our doctors know how to treat people.
We don't hire poison pushers.
But let's expand.
I'm a layperson on a respected MD like you, but doing research and talking to experts...
It's a spike protein from the virus out of Wuhan.
The shots and statistics are three to ten times worse, correct me if I'm wrong, depending on which shot you take.
Moderna is four times stronger than Pfizer.
Exaxime injection is stronger.
And so they're protein crystals.
So your body knocks them out, but then they grow like basically plants.
They replicate back, worse in some people than others.
And it's the hydroxychloroquine, particularly the ivermectin, that you cycle on and off of until you've totally knocked it out.
Kind of like Lyme's disease is a totally different, you know, microbe, but not a protein crystal,
but you got to take stuff in cycles to finally get rid of that.
I've had family that had Lyme's.
It took them two years to get rid of it.
And so it's similar to that, right?
It takes time to knock this out.
It does take time.
The problem is, is if you understand how the shots work.
They have mRNA go into your body and then that goes into your cells and it tells your cells to build the spike protein and put it on the cell surface.
So then your body then attacks that cell.
So the whole science of it, putting a poison inside your body, makes no sense at all.
We see that under electron microscopes.
Your body sees the spike.
And then it eats the cell.
And so if it goes to your heart, then your own body attacks your heart.
If it goes to your testicles, then your own body attacks your heart.
So it's like a bee stings me.
The bee sting itself didn't have poison to kill me, but my autoimmune response kills me.
People in December 2020, it's called antibody-dependent enhancement.
We told people this was going to happen.
Nobody listened.
They banned us everywhere.
So, you know, the Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, they do help to remove the circulating spike protein for your body, but they don't turn off the production.
So we need the holy grail, the true cure for these poison gene editing shots, is we have to find a way to turn off spike production.
So there are treatments, but it's like roaches.
You spray a couple times a year, but if you forget, they come back.
That isn't a cure to roaches, it's a treatment.
That's a great way of explaining it.
So you're saying there's no holy grail yet?
Not yet.
Now, we need funding.
Why would the globalists release something they don't have a cure for?
Well, this is the coal of the human herd.
They're trying to kill everybody on purpose.
So they don't care if it even blows back on them?
No, they don't.
Well, they didn't take it themselves.
I'm certain of that.
But you can still get the virus.
Well, the COVID-19 Frankenstein virus is a bioterror weapon.
Fauci had the Wuhan lab make it for the gain-of-function purposes of making it more deadly, which tells you their psychology.
But the fake vaccine is also a bioterror weapon.
This is a bioterror weapon program is what it is.
This is a spike protein they say makes you sick, well then the vaccine makes it.
Absolutely, so why?
You ought to be a rocket scientist, no that's bad folks.
If you take a shot that produced cyanide inside your body, it wouldn't make any sense.
That's what these shots are.
They're producing poison in your body.
And it's mad science that's been unleashed on us, just like the mutant mosquitoes that Bill Gates, they're releasing
all sorts of mad science.
We need a ban on the gain-of-function research. We need a ban on all gene editing shots, mRNA and DNA shots. They're
all poison.
We need a ban on mutant mosquitoes that they're trying to unleash in Florida.
Let's sterilize the other mosquitoes. I want you to continue there, but since we raised this, Rob News has been
through hell, almost killed him.
He had family members that died.
I'm not going to get into the details of it, not his immediate family, but close.
Leave it at that.
Almost killed my dad, almost killed my mother, until Dr. Bartlett helped us with the same protocols as you, and he really came through.
Rob Dew, describe what it was like, and then what you did to come back, because, I mean, it's been a year.
You look like 20 years older until recently.
You look like the old Rob Dew.
It looks like you regenerated.
You came back.
Well yeah, it does do that.
It definitely attacks different parts of your body in different stages.
And it got to where you almost don't want to live.
You kind of want to just lay in bed.
You're like, if it's going to take me, it's going to take me.
And I lost 30-something pounds.
I lost my hair.
It got really bad.
But I tell you, one of the things that I've been on since I got better, taking the ivermectin, NAC, which is the N-Acetyl Cysteine, From pure, these are 900 milligrams a piece.
I take one a day, every day.
I take an aspirin every day.
I take DNA Force every day, not to plug our products, but I take it every day.
I take the Real Red Pill and the Real Red Pill Plus, whichever I got.
Do you have any idea what particularly, because you survive, but for a long time we're still really sick, and then you've come fully back.
Yeah, I think, well, it turned into pneumonia, so I had pneumonia for about a month.
I guess they called it walking COVID pneumonia.
And a lot of it was, if you get the pneumonia, you stay active.
You don't lay in bed.
Dr. Bartlett was great because he was texting me and calling me pretty much every day, every other day, like, don't sit down, get up, even if you can barely, like, it got, Jones, I couldn't even walk around the block.
He told me, he said, your mother and father aren't going to get up.
Their oxygen was way low.
My dad almost had to go to the hospital.
They would have killed him.
He said, you get your father up.
I didn't mean to bruise my dad, but I had to pick him up and make him walk.
It was bruising because I was making him five times a day get up and screaming at him, and
that's what saved him.
No, you have to do that.
I couldn't even get up and walk around my block, which is a mile long.
I couldn't even do it without resting three to four times for about a week.
And then after doing it enough, I started walking.
So you have to stay active.
You have to keep moving, or else the virus will catch up with you and it will get you.
But the NAC, I think, has really helped me.
I've been taking it for over a year now.
The NAC's great.
We should put out our own version of that.
Quercetin, turmeric, those are all anti-inflammatories.
They help.
And Quercetin works with zinc.
So I've been on zinc.
And I get it in many forms.
It's in the real red pill.
I also just take a 50 mg.
And you're back from being able to cycle 30 miles now?
I haven't done 30 miles yet, but I have done 20.
My story is similar to yours, Rob.
I got COVID December of 2020.
Got real sick, started the protocol.
Thought I had beaten it.
It kind of came back and I got worse.
I wound up hospitalized, but I had bilateral pneumonia and was super ill.
Sixth time I've ever been in my life.
Then I had to take a few weeks off of work because I was so just fatigued and lethargic from it.
Then when I finally go back to work at the ER, they try to force me to take the poison shot.
So the first shift back, it was this nurse ratchet, the chain smoker.
I've told this story before.
Third shift I go back, they're still trying to make me take the shot after I got over the disease that it supposedly prevents, but doesn't.
And so I told them, you know, guess what?
When I leave here at six o'clock, you're never going to see me again.
And that's the day, you know, I quit a half, what was basically a half million dollar a year job because I wasn't going to take their poison.
Now, in hindsight, I probably should have just let them fire me and then sued them.
Point being, best decision I ever made.
I became a full-time free doctor back in February 2021, and it was by far the best career choice.
So be like Dr. Ben Marbles here in the medical system.
Come out and tell the truth or the dam's breaking.
MTG called us a little while ago.
Looks like she's going to come on next hour.
You'll ride shotgun with us.
Do you have a final comment on the other side?
Dr. Ben Marbles here, MyFreeDoctor.com.
We'll be right back.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
Gonna fly, free bird, you're gonna fly.
All right, we just talked to MTG.
She's coming on tomorrow.
She's busy in Congress.
A lot going on.
She's launched a criminal investigation, calling for a full investigation in Congress.
Huge news there.
Dr. Ben Marble's riding the shuttle.
That's 15 minutes to the next hour.
Then Royce White, always amazing, takes over the last 45 minutes to the next hour.
Then the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, with the great Owen Schroer.
Rob Dewey, I drug you in here to talk about this.
I want you to finish your story and then Dr. Marble will continue on with all the news he's got.
But there's a crew member here at InfoWars.
I'm not going to say their name.
But she's actually happy to come on the air.
She doesn't work on the production side.
And I heard from one of the other crew members, well, do you know what happened to her boyfriend?
And I said, no.
And her boyfriend's like 26 years old, in great shape, plays sports, you name it.
But his mother is a libtard, to put it in her words, and pressured him into taking the Pfizer shot a year ago.
And Within five days he got microcarditis.
The ER told him that's what did it.
The doctor that gave it to him said, I'm not going to say.
And now he has heart pains and passes out all the time.
And then they've gotten in big fights and had issues and they've broken up.
So that's in my office that happened.
Then I have another member of the office, and I'm not going to say who, and they actually don't want me to say who, who was in the military in special operations.
And Their husband was in special operations and this was not the cover shot.
This was other shots and they had a two-year-old.
When they were deployed on a mission, they'd come back, you know, every few months.
I just want to say, if you do happen to get this, it's kind of died out now, but it's not a death sentence.
You need to know where to go.
My Free Doctor is good.
Rob, do you have any other comments you want to make?
Well, I just want to say if you do happen to get this, it's kind of died out now, but
it's not a death sentence.
You need to know where to go.
My free doctor's good.
I've recommended you guys to people I know who've gotten it since I got sick.
I'm like, look, they're going to give you, you know, they're going to give you ivermectin,
probably some sort of antibiotic, butesidine.
That's what I needed.
And that was the big help for me, which is the inhalable steroid and then aspirin.
Four things, literally four things cost me about 30 bucks each time I went and got it, and boom, I was back on my feet.
Within two days of being, I felt I was on my deathbed.
I was seeing dead people, I was talking to dead people, it really scared me, and within two days I was able to get up And slowly, it was a long recovery process because I'd gone so long without getting treatment.
But if you do get treatment, it's treatable.
And that's the despicable thing about this.
All these health departments out there telling people, go home until you can come back in the hospital and we can stick a ventilator down your throat.
They're the real mass murderers out here.
They do.
They denied the therapeutics they knew were 99% effective, waited until you were terminal, and then killed you, doctor.
Dr. Death Fauci's, I call them death panels, what they did, blocking early treatment.
The death panels blocked early treatment.
Who were the death panels?
The CDC and the FDA.
They were the death panels.
Blocking early treatment killed over a million Americans because of it.
We were out there trying to save as many people as we could, delivering treatment for free, and they're blocking early treatment, telling doctors not to do it.
So we saw a mass cowardice pandemic among the doctors of America.
They could have prescribed ivermectin for people, but they were afraid.
They were afraid.
They were selfish cowards.
They were afraid of losing their job or their license instead of saving patients' lives.
Real doctors, fake doctors worry about losing their credibility.
Real doctors worry about losing patients.
And, you know, so it's just madness what we've seen going on.
Scott Gottlieb, you know, he's part of the, you know, the PC Commie narrative, silencing everybody.
Former FDA head.
Pfizer head.
So, you know, the evidence is coming out.
There's just a mountain of evidence coming out.
This was a big conspiracy to do harm.
We now know they were suppressing from day one.
By the way, I forgot, Rob, did you give them the Michael Giedon boil down?
I did.
They do have it.
And I just want to say one more thing.
It was a June video that I put out of Dr. Bartlett that I remembered as I was sick.
Like, oh, I need to contact somebody to get Dr. Bartlett's number because that guy is helping patients.
And so you don't know the information you're going to put out, what kind of ripple effect it's going to have.
And that's what you were saying on some of your promos.
The ripple effect of putting this information out there and keep putting it out there.
We're going to save lives while these doctors are trying to kill people.
That's all I have to say.
That's right.
Again, they knew exactly what they were doing the entire time.
That level of evil is just insane.
We know the low-level people just follow orders and then get scared and want to cover it up, Dr. Marvel, but how do they get the high-level people?
I guess they just recruit them out of college like they tried to recruit my dad, sell them on eugenics and say humans are a scourge, and it must be quite the power trip to sit back and do all this.
That's apparently the billionaire, elite, transhumanist, atheist.
They want to play God.
So, you know, reality matters.
This is what I tell people.
God gave us reality, but they don't believe in God.
So there is no right or wrong.
There is no left or right.
There is no male or female.
There is no up or down.
And it's okay to kill billions of people as long as it's for the greater good.
See, when they talked about building back better, they left out the part where they have to destroy everything on purpose first and kill billions of people first and then build back better.
Well, that's the Great Reset.
Correct, that is the Great Reset.
And you're right, in the big announcements they don't say that, but in their white papers and in their Fourth Industrial Revolution documents they say, we must bring down and destroy the old system to build the new beautiful system.
Absolutely, and that's, you know, Nazi Klaus Enelswab talking, uh, and, I vant to kill you all, horary, uh, George Soros, Bill Gates of hell, Marxist Mark Kuckerberg, those guys need to all be arrested, uh, certainly the ones that are Americans, they're traitors to America, they should- Well look at Harari, like, just give up, just give in, let us take over your body, government will take over your body, We're going to run you.
It's give up.
Give in to me.
Give in to me.
They're trying to... They watch too many Star Trek Borg episodes and they want to turn us into cyborgs.
They're the Borg.
They're the Borg.
They're like cosplaying for the Borg.
They want to create this cyborg collective where you can just not have to use a phone to get online.
You can just think and get online.
And then what about Netanyahu saying all of Israel's a lab.
All Israelis are lab rats.
We're going to test all these new experimental things on Israelis.
He said that.
It's nuts.
It's crazy.
Now this is, you know, we're always getting in trouble, but what, you know, I'm a doctor.
You know, soldiers win wars.
When are soldiers going to do the right thing and start targeting these obvious enemies of humanity?
Well, last time you said that, it became national news.
I really think, I think these people haven't been adjudicated, they're found guilty, should be punished and put in prison.
But we're going to win the info war, we are winning it.
I think they might even kill their own people, like Fauci or somebody, to then say we did it, to change the subject.
So I think we need to be Christ-like and hold our...
I agree, certainly.
But it is true, they do deserve the death penalty once it's been adjudicated.
Well, I didn't make the law that treason is punishable by death.
I'm just saying enforce it.
You mean injecting six-month-old babies with something they know erases their immune system and gives a good chance of sterilizing them or killing them?
That's a bad thing?
Let's recap what's happened since 2020.
The Nuremberg Code says It's a death sentence for illegally testing things on people, particularly if it's lethal or dangerous.
They unleashed two bioterror weapons on the world in 2020, and then they used cyberterrorism via Facebook and YouTube, etc., to hack the U.S.
election to install the puppet president, Dementia Joe Biden.
We all know he has dementia.
He did not actually win the election.
They stole the election.
Hacking an election is treason.
What are they going to do, Rob, now that the world's waking up to them and everything's coming out?
No, Rob left.
What are they going to do?
Well, I think they're going to switch to other poisons.
What other poisons can they unleash on us?
Can they unleash Ebola or other bad viruses on us?
Will they go with other bioterror weapons?
Will they just go with old-fashioned bombs and bullets?
Or maybe a cyber attack?
Certainly killing the power grid.
They shut down the air travel today in America.
They've been teasing it.
So whenever Bill Gates and Schwab says, I feel like there will be power outages, and they will hack the airplanes.
And they love to brag to their people how much power they've got.
Telegraphing their plans.
Airplanes not fly swarms.
That's the scary thing, getting on an airplane.
You know, if you want to take some ivermectin or some co-vitamins before you board the airplane, but what happens if the pilot suddenly dies suddenly in mid-flight?
Which is happening at mass levels.
Let's start the next hour.
We'll do 15 minutes.
Royce White always does a great job.
He's been taking over 15 minutes.
He understands being a co-host of the 4th Hour means I annex some time, so he's great.
We appreciate him.
But I just want to be 100% clear with the listeners.
We're going to play this Dr. Michael Yeadon boil down.
We'll play three or four minutes of it.
I've had Dub boil it down to 12 minutes.
It's an hour and a half presentation he did.
And this is the former chief advisor and head scientist and vice president of Pfizer.
No, it's not the 130 when we played earlier.
Rob brought you guys a new boil down.
Okay, great.
So we're going to play part of that from the start, but we're going to put the boil down at Bandai Video, and we're going to put the full Michael Yeadon at Bandai Video.
And again, it's already posted on the front page of InfoWars.com, because that is a prestigious guy, Dr. Marble.
Oh yeah, he's very knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about.
Folks, we can't stay on air without your support.
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So get that 1776 Testosterone Boost.
Welcome back.
I'm going to play part of the Dr. Michael Yeadon bombshell interview that was only seen by 10,000 people or so when he did an interview a few days ago, but needs to get millions of views.
The full interview is being posted at band.video, and we're going to go with the headline from the news article about it.
Former Pfizer VP Declares COVID vaccines are toxic by design.
They're weapons to reduce population.
Or just say depopulation weapon.
Former Pfizer VP declares COVID vaccines quote toxic by design, bioweapon for depopulation.
We're going to put the full hour and a half out.
It may not video, but it's going to go mega viral.
We'll play a few minutes of it coming up.
We're also doing like a 10 minute boil down.
We're going to play a little bit of coming up next segment.
But I wanted to raise this next big article that just went up on Infowars.com.
I mean, these people are just absolutely transparent.
Get ready for this.
Moderna CEO, it's on Infowars.com.
Moderna CEO announces new mRNA shot to treat heart failure patients.
So they give four times the amount that's in a Pfizer shot of the exact same thing.
We know most of the heart attacks and things are from their shot.
And now they're going to capitalize on the heart attacks with a new mRNA.
What do you make of that Dr. Marble?
They have some big balls, don't they?
The nerve of these people.
You know, gene therapy is eugenics.
These shots are eugenics.
Eugenics is illegal.
It's a crime.
It's a war crime.
These people need to all be arrested.
I can't believe they haven't been arrested yet.
It's nuts.
I agree.
Well, you know, these shots cause all the harm to the heart.
They go into your body.
We found that the lipid nanoparticles disperse throughout your entire body.
They lied and claimed it stayed at the site.
They literally turn you into a genetically modified organism.
GMO, like that tomato at the store that's a GMO, also commonly known as a mutant.
And, you know, I have hax GMO mutants calling me a pureblood because I don't want to be a hax GMO mutant.
And, you know, we were all born this way, unlike Lady Gaga.
I was born this way.
I was born a pureblood.
Everybody was born a pureblood.
And more major studies show it is changing the DNA.
Incredibly dangerous.
And it passes on through generations.
Correct, and so the people that don't die from it, we're finding out a lot of them are turning out to be sterile, a lot of them are winding up with cancers, all sorts of crazy cancers, blood clots, everybody knows about that.
Have you seen the new footage?
There's thousands of morgues and pathologists coming out and coroners, but where healthy young people, they're pulling out giant artificial blood clots that are not made out of blood, they're a synthetic protein.
And that's a byproduct of these poison shots.
It's just crazy madness and mad science unleashed on the world all the way around.
The mass die-off is in progress.
Don't take any more poison shots.
Everybody needs to get on some type of medicine to prevent damage to the body from the spike protein poison.
I agree.
Well, that's, you know, we have to keep pushing this.
Number one priority has to be stopping the shots because when 7 million shots are going in arms every day and the mass poisoning continues every day, then everything else is kind of pointless.
Everything around the world is going to continue to get worse.
Economies are going to keep crashing.
Gas prices and food prices are going to keep going up until after we stop the shots.
That's how we turn this around and actually start making the world a better place is getting rid of this poison, pulling it off the market globally.
Criminal investigations have begun, but you're right, we don't have time to wait while this is happening.
I guess we demonstrate outside of the places, giving the shots.
I guess we just all go speak at city council and state legislatures.
We all just make more noise.
Correct, and that's the problem.
The politicians, they're all bribed, part of the PC Commie unit party system.
You know, they control both parties in America, clearly, and they keep pushing this narrative that it's safe and effective.
Meanwhile, this is the concentration camp gas chamber except they're using lethal injections in
hospitals to kill everybody.
It is a death cult eugenics man scientist group who all go to events and meetings for
eugenics and culvert depopulation and they're the ones doing it.
It's not even two plus two equals four.
It's just one.
It's just like what is a one?
It's one.
It's not even two plus two.
It's just it's there.
They're doing it.
It's basically a murder suicide cult because they're murdering other people and they're
also taking the poison themselves.
So they're committing murder and suicide at the same time.
I agree a lot of them are taking it because a lot of them are dying, but there's no way
Well, certainly, like, look at Queen Elizabeth.
She took it.
She died.
King Philip, he took it.
He died.
So they gave it to certain ones that they didn't want around anymore, apparently.
Justin Bieber, he took it.
He had a bad reaction.
There's other celebrities that have taken it that didn't do so well.
So, you know, who's in the inside?
And then JoJo the Gorilla killed him.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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InfowarStore.com The reason I'm speaking out is because I noticed
advisors to the UK government lying on directly on television.
And first it was just kind of fascinating.
But through the spring and into the summer of 2020, I became first alarmed,
and then later in the year frightened and I still remain frightened.
How could it possibly be that Germany, Italy, the United States, Iceland, Scandinavian countries have all got the same bunch of wrong information all at the same time?
And I predict to you, ladies and gentlemen of the audience, there's only one way that could happen, and that's if they all agreed to do it beforehand.
The evidence of a supernational plan is the discarding of simple, well-established pandemic preparedness plans and replacing them with this bunch of lies.
And it turns out that it's not a particularly lethal virus.
If it exists at all, it's about the same as a bad seasonal influenza.
But in Sweden and Germany, I looked at the public record, not one healthy child has died as a consequence of being infected by this virus.
Not one!
I think the ultimate aim is control and we will come onto this.
The control mechanism that we can see being installed all around us are the so-called vaccine passports.
A certificate first on paper and eventually a QR code on your phone that tells anyone who needs to know that you have received the requisite number of doses of these materials.
It'll be the end of cash and any privacy of any transaction.
They've lied to you with the objective of both frightening you...
And I think also learning from financially experienced people, the other objective was to begin to destroy the economy and the sovereign currencies.
And I think that's a continuing objective.
So the design of them, I would say it was toxic by design.
It was always going to harm people.
And I'm absolutely certain about this as a pharmacologist and a toxicologist is by choosing this design, The range of outcomes is probably a thousand times worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine because, you know, the actual amount of protein produced will vary by orders of magnitude more.
It will.
But I'm really quite concerned that there's a serious intent to kill a very large proportion of the population of the world.
Again, I hope I'm wrong.
They certainly set the scene where a bad actor could introduce a gene sequence that will rob you of your health and kill you.
In a fairly predictable way, at a fairly predictable rate.
So please, I'm begging of you, whatever your neighbours say, or your school teacher, or your government advisor, I'm afraid they're lying or mistaken.
You must not vaccinate your children.
If this was a public health measure, it would only administer these vaccines to people who could benefit most from it.
So the people who are most likely to get ill and die.
And that would exclude healthy young people.
It would certainly exclude children.
It would definitely exclude pregnant women.
And here's the other thing.
It would definitely exclude anyone who's had the virus and recovered.
Let's look at the thing that's most comparable.
So she looked at all the injected products against influenza.
And it turns out, as you can see, it's decades of data, and it's about 22, 23,000 lots, manufacturing lots.
And if you look to the right, the COVID mRNA vaccines, five lines down, similar number, 25,000.
So they're similar.
Numbers of lots.
But if you look at the serious adverse events, you can see like a fivefold difference there from 9,000 to 47,000.
And in terms of deaths, I think that's like eight times worse.
So something very peculiar is happening.
I mean, what I've just told you, you may not appreciate the significance of it.
It's not the same stuff.
So if you thought it was the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine that was used in the clinical trials, Some of the batches contain something different.
I want to show you what we think is a normal, well-manufactured, consistent, high-quality product looks like in the real world when you give it to, you know, millions of people over time.
So, now, with that established, and baseline is around 4, and the highest value was 37, Corbyn, if you could show us the next slide.
I think it is the next slide, yes.
So this, by now, should start to take your breath away.
Look how many batches of Covid products are worse than that.
A number of things I want to point out here.
One is the extreme level of side effects that we're seeing.
Orders of magnitude.
I would say just the rolling average here is looking like, I don't know, between 100 and 200 instead of 4.
These are really toxic products.
They really are toxic.
These are people who've suffered and some of whom have died.
But as you cast your eye across the axis at the bottom, you can see that some of the numbers there are associated with very small numbers.
They're so small you can't see it registering on the thickness of the x-axis marked, y-axis marked zero.
And yet close to it, Uh, there are a whole bunch of batches that have got, you know, 400, 600 Serious Antiverse Events per lot, and they're roughly the same size.
Dr. Michael Yedon is the most premier, most senior scientist, former head of Pfizer's entire vaccine science division, vice president of the company, even bigger than Robert Malone, and he is going all the way.
He's the most hardcore for the most senior people.
We have Air Force Offensive Lineman 21 dies after experiencing a medical emergency on his way to class.
It's happening everywhere.
Royce White is a former Kick-ass member of the NBA was even more kick-ass as he exposed the Uyghur slavery before anybody else was at a prominent level.
He's now an MMA fighter and of course a syndicated talk show host and routinely joins us.
He's about to be taking over but he'd like us to stay with him because at least one more segment because I want to get his take on the dam breaking and all this coming out and then them trying to suppress whether the NFL player that collapsed with the heart attacks had taken the shot or not and that's Royce White.
RoyceWhite.substack.com, RoyceWhite.us, and on Twitter @Highway_30.
Royce, you're here with Ben Marble, my friend.
I know you've got other topics to cover, but what do you make of what's happening with
all these professional athletes and the fact that the dam is breaking?
Well, I think it's scary to say the least.
I mean, I think, you know, anytime you see a number of young, otherwise healthy and fit athletes either dropping dead or fainting from what you can't say is anything other than medical emergencies, which usually stem from cardiovascular failure or other organ failures, it's a scary time.
And it's something that I don't think shocks the people of this audience, but it's certainly shocking those who have been tuned into the mainstream media for the last 60 years.
Do you agree with me that it's gone beyond the tipping point?
I mean, this is, people are pissed now.
Well, we'll see.
You know, I always caution that the referendum on this government, on tyranny, on the medical-industrial complex is on us.
We the people.
Especially here in America.
And other places in the world may be different.
But here in America, the people of this country have a choice as to whether we hold these people to account.
And we'll see.
You know, the dopamine has gotten really good out there.
I'll say that.
And the more and more people see the outcomes and the I would like to jump in and say one thing real quick, because this is important and could be life-saving.
If you're a professional athlete, or a college athlete, or any athlete that took these shots, the first thing you need to do is stop playing sports.
And I know you don't want to hear that.
Because if you don't, you may die suddenly.
The second thing you need to do is don't go to a fake doctor poison pusher.
Find a real doctor who understands what is causing this damage.
You can find those doctors, the free doctors, at MyFreeDoctor.com.
We're also working with TWC.Health.
Their doctors understand that these shots are causing damage as well.
We're all working together to build this parallel system because we know the current system is broken.
And I'm not a medical doctor like you, but when we come back, let's explain.
I've read the studies.
When you're in a hyper-athlete, like a basketball or a sprinter or the NFL, when you've got lesions you don't know from heart damage, next time you go 110%, that's what kills you.
Explain that when we come back.
We'll be right back.
This is very important.
By the way, Dr. Marble is not a sponsor.
He gives away his services for free.
A lot of folks do it for free.
They make donations.
He's helped hundreds of people I personally know.
Hopefully he'll become a sponsor.
There's not that much money for him.
He just passes it on to everybody.
But people should go to MyFreeDoctor.com.
Are folks able to stockpile ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with you ahead of time?
Can you give people prescriptions before they're sick?
Sure, absolutely.
We prescribe meds on hand, prescriptions for people before they get sick.
There's basically four main things we'll treat.
Cue COVID if you're exposed to COVID and worried about getting it.
Get meds on hand if you have long COVID or if you have vaccine injury.
We also can handle any Tell us appropriate things like a rash or an ear infection or a yeast infection or urinary tract infection.
Minor health problems that are appropriate for telemedicine.
We can handle those all 50 states.
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That's COVID vitamins.
It's a combination of COVID and vitamins.
How do you pronounce it?
Co-vitamins is how I pronounce it.
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Thanks, Lindium, Inositol, Cysteine, Quercetin, Betaine, and Hydrate.
Alright, and we've got Real Red Pill Plus, 50% off right now, despite the fact it's going to sell out.
I want to thank everybody for their support.
We're funded by you.
Alright, Royce White, we're going to take over here, my friend.
Here in just a few minutes, I'm going to throw the baton to you, but I don't, I mean, I agree with you that people aren't fully ready to take action yet, but man, a lot of folks aren't well known.
I'm well known, so I'm on the street and I go all over the country and man, despite all the demonization, I get 99% love now.
I mean, I'll be in a restaurant with 20 people and 16 of them go over and shake my hand.
I'll be on an airplane and half of them do it.
You've been out with me.
People know Alex Jones.
You think I'm getting all this hate?
I'm getting all this love.
So they all feel compartmentalized and feel like they're all alone.
Like, how is it?
How are you handling it?
I wish people were awake and I'm like, I'm sitting here in a restaurant and half the restaurant, more than half the restaurant just came over.
People are buying my dinner.
It's ridiculous part of the great big lie is they want everybody to think that that's what's happening when in
reality It's not people love you everywhere you go. Hey, it's not
about all Jones I'm just well known so I'm a litmus test Royce of how awake
people are but I noticed some areas are totally awake some areas
They're up totally asleep Where do you see this going?
Well My problem and my biggest concern is that the establishment
like dr.
Marvelous said has done well to create the the the perception of a manufactured consent
And this is one of the great problems with this indoctrination of democracy that we have, especially when you have a corrupt democracy and then you have a democratized media industrial complex.
They create this false perception of a unified theory of the people.
And nothing could be further from the truth.
And I think the vaccine is a great example of that.
They positioned the narrative of the vaccine initially that it would be, you were silly, you were crazy, you were unethical, you were a danger to the community, to your family if you didn't choose to get vaccinated.
But they weren't willing to say the quiet part out loud.
And the quiet part out loud was, you black people, you're unethical.
You're stupid.
You're a danger to your community because they were one of the groups that was most hesitant to get the vaccine.
Now it seems that they had a good intuition in that regard.
And also people with PhDs.
Now the people with PhDs sort of hid in the weeds with their hesitancy.
So we got some work to do there.
There are people out there who know, who have seen behind the veil, who are credentialized, who understand the level of corruption, and they still sit in too much, with too much concern about their own individual position.
That's right.
They should be more concerned about this new world order taking place.
You're absolutely right.
The statistics and numbers showed black people were the number one group scared to take it and then the super highly educated in the medical field are the highest group that were hesitant because they knew the facts.
Black folks because they had secret experimentation done on them before and the medical workers and scientists because they know how to read the literature.
You know, these are racially specific, so it's interesting that you brought that up.
They do selectively target, dark-skinned people are more likely to die from these shots, as are Americans.
Who does it spare typically?
The Chinese and Jewish people are more, they're less likely to die from these shots.
So there's a racial specificity to this, which is also further proof of evil intent.
Talk more about that, because I've seen those numbers.
Jason McClellan is the inventor of the spike protein.
He needs to be dragged in front of Congress and interrogated and asked questions about the racial specificity.
He's the guy who knows all the high-level science on that and why it's more specific.
Back to what you were talking about earlier with athletes.
You know, with athletes, they have more muscle mass than the average person.
We know these shots target the heart.
The spike protein makes its way to the heart.
So when they, it's like revving a car engine up.
When you rev that engine up too high, the spike proteins are there setting up clot formation.
Suddenly a clot forms or they go into an arrhythmia and then they drop suddenly on the field.
That's what's happening.
That's why it's so... I said this six months ago.
The athletes are the canary in the coal mine on these shots being poisonous.
And we've seen enough examples of that.
Thousands of athletes all over the world dropping We have to stop these shots.
You know, we know these shots are poison, so it's inevitable that all politicians, sooner or later, they're going to have to say stop the shots.
So this is where I would say that whomever between Trump and DeSantis, whichever one of them says stop the shot first, that's going to be the next president.
And DeSantis knows that.
I believe he does.
But also I read, I'm not a doctor, medical doctor like you, that if you've already been damaged with myocarditis and lesions and problems on the heart, that the next time you try to go full power like you did before, that causes the heart to seize up.
The heart's already weakened and then you're going to stress it when it's already, it's like taking a stress test when you already have a heart problem, then you fail the stress test.
They're failing the stress test.
Live on the field in front of all the cameras and the people is what's happening.
Royce White, you've got a lot of colleagues as a former NBA player.
What are you hearing?
There's a lot of people speaking out for the NBA, NFL, soccer teams, you name it.
But what are you hearing from your former colleagues?
Radio silence.
It's not being talked about in the athlete community as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not getting calls or questions about it.
Many of us in the athlete community have been trained, we've been conditioned, we've been brainwashed to keep our skepticism of the establishment quiet and to avoid any friction with the powers that be under the threat of being ostracized.
And many of these athletes don't want to sacrifice a lifelong profession or craft that they built in gyms, on fields, in places far away from the gaze of an
audience or the shiny bright lights of television.
They don't want to risk that.
And I understand it, but at some point our athletes, just like our PhDs and everybody
else are going to have to wake up and take a stand about what's right and what's wrong.
You know, the athletes, the NFL Players Association, they sued the NFL over concussions a few years
back and won.
They need to sue the NFL over these shots.
They're poison.
I would encourage the NFL Players Association to get in touch with some real doctors.
Get in touch with Dr. McCullough, America's cardiologist.
NFL players, they need real doctors.
Well we now have the CDC admitting massive increase in death and cardiac events.
I mean, that came out yesterday.
Folks, the players have got the smoking gun, Royce.
Absolutely, and you know, Doc is right that it's the canary in the coal mine because what we see in young athletes, and even we talk about resting heart rate, you know, athletes have a much more efficient heart.
we have under normal circumstances, and even myself, I didn't take the vaccine,
but my resting heart rate is any day somewhere in the high 48 to low 50s.
So under normal circumstances, we have very efficient hearts.
So to see this increase in cardiac events in young athletes speaks to something.
I mean, and you could, what is it?
I mean, the fact that we're not even asking the question.
I'll tell you what it is.
The shots cause myocarditis and pericarditis.
It's been proven already that the shots cause that, and myocarditis and pericarditis
can cause fatal arrhythmias, B-fib, V-fib.
Dr. Marble, great job.
Royce White, great job.
Royce White takes over.
Then Ellen Schroer in 30 minutes, the War Room.
Thank you, Royce White.
He takes over right now.
Tell everybody to tune in, folks.
Thanks, Royce.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back.
It is your guest host Royce White.
I'm here for the remainder of the hour live from the belly of the beast here in Minneapolis.
I want to say thank you to Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to guest host this most epic, epic platform at this most historic time, this vital, pivotal time in American history.
And today I wanted to start off by saying this.
Politics is downstream from culture.
Culture is downstream from the human will, and the human will is downstream from God.
We better get comfortable with this very quick.
We better find our way back to faith, to metaphysical philosophy, to some type of understanding of a world beyond the physical.
Because in the physical world, we are outgunned.
We are outmatched.
We have let too much time pass.
We are at the bottom of a hill, and an avalanche is descending upon us, and it'll take a miracle.
Now, we can win, right?
The Bible tells us that the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, and we need that type of faith right now more than ever.
And I want to also talk about or mention an idea that I've been flirting with over the last couple of weeks, last couple of months, and it's the prophecy or the revelation of the apocalypse and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
And I think you could make the argument that we're living in it today, that we are in The revelation right now, and that these horsemen, these four horsemen, are ideological.
They're not physical horsemen, they're ideological, which would map onto the story, the metaphysics of the Bible, and the prophecy within it.
And I want to lay out those four horsemen.
And it started with secularism.
And see, these things, the time horizon, Of metaphysics is much different than human beings can understand or grasp.
Most human beings can understand or grasp.
But let's go back to the Enlightenment.
What came out of the Enlightenment?
What was the what was the linchpin of the Enlightenment?
What was the driving force of the Enlightenment?
It was secularism.
The scientific method.
There are four heresies of the West.
There are four main heresies of the West.
The scientific method.
Democracy, computer technology, and artificial intelligence will be the last, but this maps on to these four horsemen.
And back then, secularism was the prevailing ideology that drove the scientific method, that drove the Enlightenment.
Then you had liberalism.
Liberalism grew out of secularism.
It grew out of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment period.
And what do we see from the neoliberals?
What do we see from the neocons?
What do we see from the psyop, the ideological psyop that is and always has been liberalism?
We find war.
Where we find liberalism, we find war.
We find chaos.
We find conflict.
A proliferation of conflict.
So, liberalism was the war horse, and then came communism.
Because in a war machine, you lose that individual sovereignty.
You lose that individual citizenship, that individual right.
And you give way to a communist authoritarian state.
And we've seen that in our country.
It's happening now.
It's underway.
Actually, you could argue it's been happening for a while now.
But we've seen that around the world.
That Countries that give over to this sort of liberal ethos eventually get afraid of their government that they might have too much control while they get high and jerk off and they give their citizenship and rights over to a communist authoritarian state.
What does the communist authoritarian state produce?
The Great Famine.
There's your famine horse.
And finally, last but not least, you have globalism.
What is globalism?
It's the conquest, the horse of conquest, where you take communism and socialism and you expand them, you blow them out to the global scale.
And we're living in that now.
We're living in the time period of conquest, of a globalist conquest.
And the question remains, when will people say enough is enough?
You have your fighters out there.
Don't get me wrong.
You got Alex Jones.
You got Steve Bannon.
You got Dr. Robert Malone.
You got Dr. Pierre Corey.
You got your Kyrie Irvings.
You got your Kanye West.
You got, you know, go on down the line.
And whether you agree with everything any of those people say or not is irrelevant.
But what you have in those people that is distinct, that is noticeable, quite noticeable against the wide body of people, Is that they're willing to ask the question?
I mean, are we even willing to ask the question of what has happened to our citizenship?
What do we have allowed our government to do?
What we've allowed the institutions and establishment to become?
Have we even started to ask the question?
And the answer is quite clear.
No, no, we haven't asked the proper question.
No, no, we have an intuition.
And I think that intuition is widespread.
I think the emergence of Facebook and other big tech platforms, the Internet in general, stems from an intuition to know more.
We as humans are a curious being.
We want to know more.
Knowledge is something that we yearn deeply at a metaphysical level.
And so, you know, the proliferation of the Internet even, you could say, stems from our desire to know more and to know that there was more out there that wasn't being shared with us.
And it's part of the reason why the establishment is having the trouble they're having now.
But they're arrogant.
They're arrogant.
You know, their ambition knows no bounds.
And they believe they can give you all the information you need right at your fingertips.
And still keep you distracted enough not to put the pieces together.
That's why they're going after Alex Jones.
That's why they've singled out the dissidents that they've singled out and tried to censor them and tried to silence them.
In some cases, tried to prosecute and jail them.
In many cases, they have killed them in the past.
And we can go back through the history.
I mean, let's go back through the history.
Saddam, Gaddafi, Sadat, JFK, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, you know, the list goes on and on and on.
Eisenhower, right?
There are people that have tried to warn us and the high was too good.
The high had gotten too good and it's gotten better than ever.
And our young people are really subject to an advanced high, an advancement in distraction.
I look at my own peer group of people who are my age and a little bit younger, and I think about what their day consists of.
What things they're thinking about in the day?
I mean, what forms their ideology?
And a lot of times people will, you know, hear me speak and things and they go, wow, you're really intelligent or you're really smart or you don't know.
I'm actually not.
I mean, I can't hold a candlestick to Alex Jones from an IQ standpoint, probably.
The guy's an encyclopedia of information.
He can recall documents at a moment's notice from 20 years ago.
I don't have that kind of memory capacity.
I really just speak from the heart.
But the reason why my peers believe that is because they've been brainwashed to think that their intellect, that their intelligence, is no longer useful.
That everything that they for them, done, completed already, whether it's from the
iPhone or the internet or it's some zodiac, you know, philosophy that some punk kid in some
college dorm writes as a part-time job on in the, you know, candlelight hours. These are my
And this is a call and a referendum on the boomers as well because you raised us.
My generation is getting their philosophy, their ideology, their worldview from two places.
Memes and zodiacs.
Uh, and you could also throw in the Judeo-Buddhists, which it's all the same thing, right?
I mean, the people running the Judeo, you know, the Yuval Noah Hararis of the world are running the prevailing ideology of my generation, and these people are as dangerous as you could possibly imagine.
But they speak with the monotone, monocultural, mono-ethical sort of friendliness, amenability.
And they get everybody's guard down.
And they talk about some great future where you won't have many worries.
And what they mean is you won't have many worries because you'll be dead in the future they want.
You won't be there.
The vaccines are an example of that.
The preponderance of scientific corruption at large, writ large, is an example of that.
The desired impetus to go into a nuclear war, spark a nuclear war with Russia, is an example of that.
The corruption of currency is an example of that.
The willingness to starve people in Africa who depend on the wheat in the Ukraine is an example of that.
We're going to talk about we're going to continue to talk about this on the other side of the break.
I'm your guest host Royce White.
You're watching InfoWars.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Royce White, your guest host for the remainder of the hour.
We are closing the hour with this segment and I am very, very thankful to be able to share and talk to this audience.
The InfoWars audience is, in my opinion, the most spiritually live audience in all of the world.
These are the people, you, you all are the people who have stood strong against all of the criticism, all of the mainstream media narratives and And garbage for many, many years, and I'm just happy and honored to be able to share some time and be able to speak to you on this platform.
Thank you, Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to do so.
We're coming to a flashpoint.
We're in a flashpoint.
Actually, when the lockdowns were first instituted, that was the flashpoint.
We should have never allowed that.
We should have never allowed them to mandate us to stay in our homes.
And the dangerous part with that is, you know, they're working on weapons that are much more biological weapons that are much more dangerous than the COVID-19 strain that is out there now.
And it's going to be very difficult in the future for us to be able to decipher between COVID as it is today and any mutation of COVID that comes down the line.
And that's a scary thought.
That's a scary consideration.
We will be able to tell by the increase of death that that'll for sure be a strong indicator.
But in all actuality, with as much as people accept the narrative at the widest level, I'm not sure that an increase in death will even signal that this was mutated or genetically modified to a higher level, despite the fact that they come right out and tell you that they're working on more dangerous strains of COVID as we speak.
We saw it in Boston.
We saw it in other places around the world who got the death rate or the mortality rate of the infection of the virus up to somewhere around 80%.
I mean, that is a global killer.
Why are we allowing them to do this?
Why are we allowing our institutions and establishments to plan, prepare to kill us in this way?
I'm not quite sure.
I don't know why.
Maybe it's a self-hatred.
Maybe it's a self-doubt.
Maybe it's a lack of Feeling any type of empowerment or individual sovereignty and that really is the key here.
We have no sovereignty.
We have lost our sovereignty.
We've lost our our sovereignty of citizenship.
And I always think back to the George Floyd situation in these moments because there was a very stark distinct split.
Around the George Floyd situation in which I participated and led a countless number of protests and public demonstrations to the Federal Reserve and other corporate institutions.
And I tried to stress to the community, this has nothing to do with George Floyd or the police.
This has nothing to do with the race.
This has to do with the value of citizenship, the prerequisites of citizenship, what it means to be an American citizen.
And I referenced the Bible.
You know, in the Bible, he asks, am I a Roman citizen?
Are you allowed to bind and beat a Roman citizen who has not yet stood trial?
I mean, even in the times of the Roman Empire, they understood the value of citizenship and what it meant to be a citizen.
And right here, I want to merge how globalism is actually a predicate for the isolation of individuals and then the The predation on those isolated individuals.
Globalism has been marketed as this all-encompassing, all-positive connection between citizens from here to Beijing.
And in this new global network, in this new global connection, you'll find an individual power that you couldn't otherwise, a power that you could never dream of.
And we've seen the exact opposite happen.
We are further isolated.
We are further disempowered.
We are more depressed and anxious than ever.
We have more drug addiction than ever.
We have more reliance on government and institutions than ever.
It did empower the individual.
It did empower the individual at all.
It empowered the elite.
It disproportionately empowered the institution.
And it made us doubtful.
It made us doubtful at an all-time high.
We are doubtful that we can survive without the institution.
And this is the linchpin of the argument for, let's say, states' rights, or individual rights, or the size of the federal government.
And to all of my fellow black people out there, or minorities who have been brainwashed into this minority narrative, they are using you.
They're using you.
They're using you to say the only way you can survive in the modern world is if we expand the federal government to the widest limits possible.
That's the only way you can live.
That's the only way you can survive.
That's the only way you can feed your family.
That's the only way you can have access to the market, to the economy.
That's the only way that you can stave off white supremacy.
It's all a lie.
It was all a ploy to make you a ward of the state, an award of the state here in America
first, but then a global state.
When they market or promote global citizenship, where in it does it say that you'll have more
economic vitality or ownership in your own personal life?
It doesn't.
It says the exact opposite.
It says that lion cities in Saudi Arabia, which the Saudis are definitely anti-Muslims
to the max.
It says you'll live in a lion city and the lion city will be subsidized by some global
climate initiative.
Some World Bank global climate fund will be what pays for your eight by eight micro apartment.
There's no future with these people that says that you're going to have a more empowered life, a more empowered existence.
And what would make you sign up for that?
You've got to look within.
This is where the Bible becomes more prophetic than you could possibly imagine.
You have to look within to see the value Love yourself.
That's the story of God and Christ.
It's about love, grace.
But you can't even know that grace if you don't love yourself.
If you don't find yourself important, you're going to let them stick you in a lion city, in some lion city in the middle of the desert, where you couldn't actually get out and walk in one direction or the other and survive on your own?
You won't have any resources.
Everything will be rationed.
You people don't understand how communism works.
And I watch it every day and I'm from the community.
I'm from the slums of the community.
I'm from the slum slum of the community, of the black community.
And I understand that they are using us to push this global initiative.
And for the rest of you, for the counter-movement, for the counter-movement that stays in the background and points the finger and goes, ah, those black people in Philadelphia and Atlanta are the reason why the globalists are winning.
They're the reason why the DC swamp creatures are winning.
Hold your horses.
It's not why.
It's not why.
It's because the counter-movement, the conservative movement, like we saw with the House Speakership, has been the outer bastion of New World Order and globalism for a long time.
Since the 1950s.
Since the 1960s.
Who was Richard Nixon?
Richard Nixon was Kissinger's water boy.
He was Kissinger's puppet.
Who was Kissinger?
You think Kissinger's a conservative?
If you think Kissinger's a Republican or a Conservative, you're out of your mind.
He is 100% an omnisexual, metropolitan, world-traveling globalist.
This is who these people were.
This is who these people are.
And they're still running the show.
They've been running the show since then, and everything that's coming to fruition is their pipe dream.
This was their vision of the world, exactly what we have now, a wide-bodied populace of people around the world that have been convinced that the only way to move forward in the world is to opt into this plan.
And I stress to my fellow American citizens and conservatives, or Christians, Understand the fight about borders.
Borders are not just some political construct.
They're not just some political mechanism.
They're not a way to divide people along geographical lines.
Borders are much, much more important than that.
Existentially, existentially, metaphysically, borders have a deep, deep spiritual necessity.
Borders place a proper boundary on man's unfettered ambitions.
Man's unfettered ambitions lead to sin.
They lead to ego and vanity and greed and all of the other things that bring human beings down, individually and communally.
We need our borders.
We need our borders, but we have to get right about what that means.
That means we can't send endless amounts of money to the Ukraine.
We can't be a China-dependent economy.
We can't be a political body that is dependent on the foreign policy of the crown.
We can't be defending Taiwan, for example.
All of these things have to be restructured in our mind.
So that we can actually go forward as citizens and defend the value of our citizenship the best way possible.
Please, please, continue to support Alex Jones and Infowars.
If it wasn't for Alex Jones and the other dissidents, you wouldn't know who I was because the mainstream establishment would have made sure that you thought I was a crazy kid in the NBA who just refused to fly.
It's not true.
Please, continue to support Infowars and Alex Jones.
Corrine in Massachusetts.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
I've been listening since 2016, and I am a financial supporter ever since.
Thank you.
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