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Name: 20230110_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 10, 2023
78 lines.
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At many levels, cities are amazing things.
Art hosts an incredible selection of food and medicine and entertainment.
And the globalists at the United Nations constantly brack.
That the mega cities of the future, Austin being one of them, will be the control grids that take over all the countryside and rural areas and will be used to train people to live in a high-tech technocracy that makes the current communist Chinese social credit score look tame in comparison.
That's why in this revolution we've got to not just have the information, we've not just got to keep our immune systems up, we've got to warn others about the new world order and
All of us need to work with friends and family to get pieces of rural property and get back to the land, even if it's only part-time, to learn how to become self-sufficient.
Because in the future, you're going to watch those under the control of the globalists and the social credit score.
You're going to watch those who are caught in the trap of the universal basic income being forced to take injections, being forced to be sterilized, being forced in many cases to even be part of government-sponsored euthanasia.
Canada is the model.
This is a control grid.
This is a vice they're putting us in.
Everybody should go online and find my film.
It's free.
In-game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, made in 2007, with all their documents, predicting what would be here by the year 2023.
And it's already here, because it's their battle plan.
It's their program.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite.
The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind.
Countries are a thing of the past.
Every form of independence is under attack, with the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction.
Close to 80% of the Earth's population has been eliminated.
The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live within highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities.
Travel is highly restricted.
Superhighways connect the megacities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones.
No human activity is private.
AI supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action.
A prison planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks, whose power can never be challenged.
This is the vision of the global elite, their goal.
The bad news is these people mean business and are mass-murdering mad scientists.
The good news is we have their blueprint, we have the Death Star plans, and we know how to bring them down.
That city is a UN-controlled stronghold.
That is a test grid for the systems they're putting in.
Not just the 5G, but the surveillance, the tracker chips on all the cars, the kill switches, the robots, the drones.
All of it is being admitted.
The globalists are taking control of the evolutionary process of humanity.
They're playing God and treating us like Benjamin Netanyahu said a month ago.
So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer.
And that's how we did it.
We got it out.
We gave the information to the world, not only published in medical magazines and so on.
I intend to bring on that base
We're good to go.
Think about that.
That's what Israel's become.
That's what Singapore's become.
That's what the UK's become.
That's what Germany's become.
That's what China is the model of, ladies and gentlemen.
And we have to come together and realize this, and not let them continue to push humanity over the edge of the cliff.
InfoWars is the very front line of this fight.
The very tip of the spear.
And I salute the thinking of your past support.
But now more than ever realize, we need your support and your word of mouth.
The public is ready to hear the truth.
We've won major battles, but the war has not been won yet.
Please spread the word about the broadcast and go to InfoWarsTore.com and buy great products today that boost your immune system and empower your life, while also keeping InfoWars on the air a true 360 win.
Like a rock thrown into a pond, your actions, even though they may seem little, have a massive ripple effect throughout time and space.
We're actually winning the InfoWar.
And when you realize that Bandai Media has hundreds and hundreds of censored,
We're good to go.
You are the modern Paul Reveres.
You are what takes our information and amplifies it.
When you decide to take action, we as a species and as a race are invincible.
So I thank you all for your past action and I challenge you to redouble your efforts now because humanity and the children are counting on you.
Mark Twain, one of America's greatest writers and satirists and minds, famously said more than 150 years ago, rumors of his demise had been greatly exaggerated.
Because the newspapers kept saying he died decades before he did die.
And it's the same PSYOP today.
InfoWars is more influential and more powerful than ever because of your support and because the facts that we've covered is coming true.
But if they can convince you we've been shut down, if they can convince you that we're going away, and you stop supporting, you stop spreading the word, then they do win.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's only one group of people that can shut down InfoWars, and that's you, the viewers and listeners.
If you decide we're done, we're done.
If you decide to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get supplements and books and films and t-shirts and so much more, we will stay on the air indefinitely.
It is all in your hands.
So thanks for your support.
Stand up against the globalists.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com right now and keep us on air.
It's up to you.