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Name: 20230108_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 8, 2023
1130 lines.

This segment of Alex Jones' show covers a range of topics including COVID-19 vaccines, political events, and alternative healthcare solutions. Jones criticizes those advocating for the vaccine and claims that they are part of a secretive global elite trying to control the masses through social engineering. He discusses the potential adverse effects of the vaccines and encourages viewers to boost their immune system through healthy lifestyle choices and supplements available at InfoWarsStore.com. The show also delves into the de facto Satanism prevalent in society, its connection with egoism and other ideologies, and how Alex Jones' platform sheds light on these issues. In another segment, Tucker Carlson discusses the conspiracy surrounding the origins of the COVID-19 vaccine and its potential connections with powerful organizations. The show promotes various health supplements offered by InfoWarsStore.com throughout the segments.

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We're live.
It's Sunday, January 8th.
English historian Peter Heather controversially argued that Rome was ultimately overcome by illegal immigration.
Heather accepted the academic analysis that the Huns on the Pontic Steppe in the late 4th century set these migrations in motion.
However, according to Heather, the assumption that the barbarians were then peacefully absorbed into Rome smells more of wishful thinking than likely reality.
Rome had always been an inclusive society that welcomed immigrants.
Immigrants were given employment in the Roman army, but were welcome only if they assimilated.
Of course, Rome still fell.
What makes anyone think that the United States and Europe can absorb violent, non-assimilating immigrants from all over the world, with the result not ultimately collapsing 21st century civilization?
The drug crisis in the United States continues to escalate.
This year, more than 100,000 Americans died due to a drug overdose.
It is now one of the top ten reasons for deaths in America.
Breitbart reported that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its rule change allowing immigrants into the country who will be dependent on welfare.
Federal immigration law has required a public charge determination for immigrants which bars them from staying in the country if they are likely to use welfare programs.
Like food stamps, Medicaid or government housing.
Studies show taxpayers are being billed about $1,600 a year per immigrant and that immigrants use 33% more cash welfare than American citizens.
Similarly, about 63% of non-citizen households use at least one form of public welfare, while only about 35% of native-born American households are on welfare.
The architects of this collapse know full well what they're doing.
We hear frequently that people are at the center of sustainable development.
And we know that, by definition, people are at the center of populations.
Well, from these two simple observations, it follows that an understanding of population patterns and trends will be essential for the successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Let me be clear.
Title 42 or not, the border is not open.
The collapse is right in front of us as Californians flee for Mexico under California Governor Newsom.
Both are leaving California too.
Some fear that mass departures by the state's billionaires and tech companies could reduce local and state tax revenues.
Just 1% of California's top income earners are responsible for half of all income tax revenue.
Those drops could have the potential to affect government services for years to come.
And illegals kill Americans at a higher rate than Americans kill each other.
How many American children are going to be burned alive before our elected leaders decide to take action?
The Republicans don't care.
They don't want to stand up to the donor class.
The Democrats sure don't care.
They want new voters.
Big business?
They want cheap labor.
Meanwhile, ICE is confirming that Jose Rosales, who is accused of killing Harris County, Texas, Corporal Charles Galloway, is in the country illegally when he murdered that officer.
Tell us what happened to your brother.
He was murdered in 2018 by an illegal criminal alien.
She was rear-ended by Eswin Mejia, who was 19 years old.
Here illegally.
Margarito Quintero Rosales told authorities he fell asleep at the wheel and his van drifted into the oncoming lane.
He was here illegally.
There's not a day goes by in this country that there isn't at least one American citizen that dies at the hands of someone who's unlawfully present in the United States.
Whether it is an act of homicide, whether it's an act of willful manslaughter, whether it's an OWI on the streets of America, Hardly anybody has gone through the last 10 years and doesn't at least see that show up in their local newspaper if it doesn't show up in their neighborhood.
The cold reality ignored by the media industrial complex lingers in the shadows of a crumbling America.
Vomiting the United Nations Replacement Migration Directive, fueled by globalist trillionaire NGOs, kept in motion by runaway government corruption, and rammed down the throats of the American taxpayer in order to usher in a new world order.
John Bowne.
It's Sunday.
January 8th.
Tomorrow's news today.
Holding high above my head the eternal torch of liberty in defense of life and free will, In the worship of the creator of the universe.
Well, we have quite the transmission lined up for you this evening.
I returned yesterday after a very important time spent with family and cogitating and really thinking about what's currently happening in the future and what's about to unfold and how we can be part of that future and not just be bystanders and let the new world order run over us.
And I am recharged and ready and back in studio.
I won't just be hosting, obviously, this Sunday show, but the weekday program, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central at the demonized, attacked, censored, lied about Fulcrum of Liberty InfoWars.com.
All right, let's dive straight into it.
I'm going to get to all the other huge news coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But right now, let's drill in to the puppet globalist Joe Biden following the U.N.
replacement migration plan that the United Nations developed that Europe's been following and that we've been following for decades.
He touched down about two hours ago in El Paso.
He's scheduled to take off in the next 30 minutes, a touch and go.
And he's wandering around basically claiming that he's surveying the supposed broken border and saying it's just fine.
They have openly cleaned out all the illegal alien camps and UN camps and shipped the tent city set up on the other side of the U.S.
border in El Paso out.
So it's quite the Potemkin village or the Matrix-like deception that we are witnessing right now.
And here are some of the headlines.
What crisis?
El Paso clears out migrant camps ahead of Biden's first trip to the border.
Sunday, as frustrated agents say numbers always fall in January and he might as well have gone to Des Moines.
Meanwhile, Biden's readying to announce his Relaunched for his 2024 campaign.
Yes, he's that arrogant.
Can't even hardly talk or walk now, but they want a zombie just like Fetterman in office they can control.
They'll probably steal the next election and stall him again.
Biden inspects busy port of entry along US-Mexico border.
That's what AP calls the collapsed border.
A busy port of entry.
And here is the actual White House schedule where you can see where he landed here at 2 o'clock and is scheduled to take off anytime now.
So basically a touch and go visit there while saying there wasn't a border crisis.
Now he blames it on the Republicans.
Joe Biden arrives in El Paso for the first border visit of his presidency.
Texas governor says Biden team failed to communicate on border visit.
But here's what's really important.
Biden came out when he was the vice president.
This particular clip's from nine years ago.
And then there's another clip from two and a half, three years ago when he was running for office saying basically the same thing.
So here are these clips from the past, back to back, where he is announcing the globalist plan for replacement migration and to bring in giant third world populations, permanent underclasses, the globalists can control.
Here it is.
I would argue it's unlike any other large country in the world.
See, there's a second thing in that black box.
An unrelenting stream of immigration.
Folks like me, who were Caucasian of European descent, for the first time in 2017, we'll be in an absolute minority in the United States of America.
Absolute minority.
Fewer than 50% of the people in America, from then and on, will be white European stock.
That's not a bad thing.
That's a source of our strength.
And so, we have been, uh, we haven't always gotten it right.
I don't want to... What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
And of course, all the fake news, fact check sites.
Say that, well, he said those things, but he didn't mean those things.
Even though he's completely dissolved, the southern border, the northern border's been partially dissolved, unless you're a U.S.
citizen trying to get in.
It's absolutely insane.
So, a lot of folks don't know what the term Potemkin Village means, but that basically goes back to examples of when the czars would visit a little village in poor areas of Russia, they would basically put up a whole fake happy pastoral view for them so they wouldn't know how bad
the situation really was. A more modern example would be the Truman Show
where it's basically a staged event and boy do we have some examples of that
coming up in here in just a moment.
But that's exactly what they did in El Paso.
We've shown you the videos.
We've been down there this year.
I mean, thousands a day, up to 14,000 a day coming across.
Tens of thousands just sleeping on the streets of El Paso every day.
Being loaded on buses, trains, and planes.
Being flown all over the U.S.
by Democrats.
And signed up for welfare and signed up to vote.
Many of the blue cities, they've legalized illegal aliens voting.
That's just a footnote.
But here it is.
El Paso cleans up migrant camps before Joe Biden's border visit.
And under the term migrant, you see the U.N.
has world regulations saying they have a right to come here.
If they're called an alien under international law, they can't.
So they tell you, oh, be politically correct.
Don't call them illegal aliens.
Call them migrants.
And now you've allowed them all to opt into this and allow the human smuggling and allow the fentanyl and allow all the crime by being politically correct and using the terms you are told to use.
Greg Abbott tweeted about it.
governor of Texas saying El Paso rushes to remove illegal immigrants from
migrant camps that are crowding downtown before Biden arrives. Predictable. Biden
doesn't want America to see the chaos that he has caused the border. This is
just a photo op and a game of pretend. Yes, that's a good way of saying it. And
the Mexican government did the same thing. Mexican officials sent special
forces, in quotes, ahead of Biden border visit, only posed for photos, saying they
They weren't aware of the crisis.
But what can Governor Abbott do?
He put the State Guard down there and the National Guard down there, but they just pick up the illegals and then the feds get them and release them.
The governor has to admit that under the Constitution he's close to powerless.
It's a federal crisis.
It is a federal jurisdiction to control the border.
But the state has ways with the UN NGOs giving them debit cards and giving them money and loading them with unaccompanied children on cars.
That's human trafficking.
That's smuggling.
That is a state prerogative as well.
And to have outside multinationals in command of federal officers outside of Congress is also a state issue.
To have unauthorized, under state and federal law, foreign operatives running operations.
And Abbott has opened a criminal investigation into that.
But I want to see some indictments now, because this is clear cut.
Meanwhile in Florida, DeSantis calls on the National Guard to help watch the influx, to help with the influx of illegal migrants.
But all he can do is ship them somewhere else in the U.S.
He cannot ship them out of the country because he does not control the national borders of the nation.
It is not the Santas' or Abbott's jurisdiction.
So when Abbott puts some troops down there with machine guns, they're just watching the people go back and forth.
It's a joke.
It's like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.
It's completely cosmetic.
But at least DeSantis is talking about the fact that this is a federal crisis.
Biden administration spent over 300 million this year in taxpayer money to fund illegal
migrants dental and health care. Don't you wish you got all that free stuff? Shock video.
Let's play this out of Dublin, Ireland.
Busloads of military-age male migrants invade Ireland.
They arrive every day in Dublin by the hundreds from the Middle East and they're just dumped out with their Gucci bags and $500 pants and $1,000 cell phones.
Just happening absolutely all over the world, all directed by the United Nations, all replacement migration.
These people are then signed up with the deep state, with the socialists, with the communists, and are now a new permanent underclass that'll burn down every city they live in when they're given the order by the deep state to do it.
They're installing our kill switch.
We'll be right back.
The National Guard tried to disperse the crowd, but were met with resistance.
Things escalated, and four students were shot and killed.
This was rightfully memorialized as an overreach of power, but things have since changed in America.
On January 6th, 2021, during perhaps the biggest peaceful protest of American history, the FBI instigated violence.
Things escalated, and four people died, including Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran who was executed for climbing through a window.
There were no rock anthems composed to memorialize her death.
Instead, her killer was celebrated on TV.
The almighty, self-righteous liberal now celebrates tyranny.
And after pretending that violent mobs burning down cities for an entire summer is peaceful, they pretend that the American patriots at the Capitol on January 6th are terrorists.
And they pretend that the violent masked group Antifa does not exist.
Antifa has been used regularly to silence, intimidate, and violently attack peaceful protesters, including women, children, and the elderly.
And because the police have proven to be nothing but tyrants allowing all this to happen, a group of patriotic Americans known as the Proud Boys did the right thing and attempted to protect and defend their fellow man from a criminal government.
Including Army veteran Joe Biggs.
People always ask why we come.
My question is why don't more people come here?
There's a lot of bad shit that's been going on.
It's been 100 plus days of violence and riots, assaulting police officers, killing people, executing people.
We don't like seeing that, you know?
I want everyone to learn how to get along.
And like today, as much as I do not like Antifa, I don't want any of those guys to get hurt.
I want everyone to be able to go home.
I disagree with them, but we should be able to disagree and keep our hands to ourselves.
Because the police have done nothing while innocent lives have been taken by government proxy groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Proud Boys stood up to exercise our God-given right under natural law, self-defense.
And because the brainwashed masses have fallen into complete submission to the corrupt system, a new precedent is now being set that will forever change this country, strip us of our First Amendment, and further enslave us all.
Joe Biggs, along with four other members of the Proud Boys, are now being tried for sedition and face up to 20 years in prison.
Court reporter Alicia Powell was there to witness the lead prosecutor accusing the defense of being racist.
And nearly every potential jury member has rallied for Black Lives Matter and supports Antifa.
A former CIA operative has also been qualified for the jury.
These political prisoners have been rotting in an American gulag for a year.
Some are being starved and drugged.
And our so-called leadership does absolutely nothing.
The trial is set for next week.
The current state of justice in America is a complete abomination.
A system comprised of criminals and whores.
May God bless America, because we need a miracle.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
That's just one of the latest reports that just went live today at band.video.
So incredibly important.
I hope you'll go to Band.Video and share it because you are the power of resistance out there.
You are everything that stands between us and the New World Order.
All right.
In the last segment, I got into Biden and his touch and go visit.
For just a few hours in Air Force One before he flies on to Mexico.
Try to get them to sign on to the carbon taxes and the whole UN agenda 2030 plan.
But let me tell you what else I'm going to be covering tonight right now because this is all beyond critical.
Every time I come on air I say this is the biggest COVID news yet because it all just comes out every day even bigger revelations.
Well while I was out of town for five days Beyond anything we've ever seen came out on so many fronts from governments and insurance companies and national statistics and coroners and anecdotal examples of record heart attacks and myocarditis and that
Different think tanks and corporations and governments were also running, not just bots to surveil and put out propaganda, but with fake doctors on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube.
Fake doctors saying, oh the shots are safe, oh nobody's gotten sick, everything's fine.
So we have all of that, and that stat coming up, it's so important, next segment.
Then, obviously, people want my take on the situation last week with Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House and what happened there.
Am I mad at MTG?
Or am I mad at Gates for going ahead and voting for McCarthy?
I'm going to give you my take on that and really lay it all out in the last segment of this hour. Then we're going to look at their own January
The communist is now in control by clear election fraud.
State Department helped run the operation. We had millions of people protesting in the capital city
of Brazil. Of the million, 10,000 or so have gone and taken over the different government buildings,
including the presidential palace. They literally look like they had about 15 police out front
trying to stop them.
trying to stop them. So it looks like a deliberate stand down to demonize opposition.
So it looks like a deliberate stand down to demonize opposition just like January 6.
Just like January 6th, we're going to be laying all of that out as well.
We're going to be laying all of that out as well.
There's also been coordinated destruction, as you know, of They literally look like they had about 15 police out front
There's also been coordinated destruction as you know of food processing plants,
several hundred via arson and explosions.
Now we've got not dozens but more than 50 that we know of, electrical grid centers targeted with precision shooting
to bring down power grids in different areas of the country.
There's a big article on it on Infowars.com, media blackout over terror incident at Vegas power plant.
Just the latest of many in the last week.
It's been going on for about three months.
We've got all of that that we're going to be covering as well.
And huge governmental funding of the LGBTQP pedophile movement and the left pushing that not just here but all over the world including government spy agencies involved pushing the LGBTQP operation.
And then of course we also have a lot of news on the economy.
And something I talked about a few years ago when Biden got in, because I watched the policy changes, and I watched the legislation they passed, that Republicans, by the way, went along with, many of them, to hire 86,000 new IRS agents.
And specifically in the legislation, it said to target people depositing in a year's period $600 or more.
Well, now we've got the numbers after the policy went into effect the last year and a half.
And guess who the IRS was targeting?
The poorest Americans.
This is truly evil.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, I'm going to have to move fast because I've got more than 40 articles and documents here.
I want to show TV viewers, and I want to mention to radio listeners, a lot of this information is on InfoWars.com.
If you're a radio listener, you can just write down what I say and just search engine it, and you will be able to find it, even on places like Google.
But I'd use DuckDuckGo or even Bing.
Microsoft owns, it's a lot better than Google.
Google is a broken search engine by design, but you can still get some information if you have the exact correct search term.
So let's go over this.
So a bunch of big smoking guns today.
Smoking gun number one, COVID infection rates higher among vaccinated Australian government data shows.
Now it's the exact same numbers, basically the same numbers in every country that rolled out these experimental mRNA shots that China and Russia and a bunch of other countries refused to take or even let in the nation because they're not vaccines.
We have all statistics and numbers on that.
We're going to go over it.
Then we've got this article on InfoWars.com by Jamie White.
He wrote yesterday that I'm going to have moved back to the top or into the live show feed article.
COVID PSYOP exposed network of doctors who pushed masking lockdowns on Twitter during pandemic.
Don't exist.
Now, this is something that has been pointed out by several newspapers that have now discovered it, but they're asking who's doing it.
Well, we went and tracked it back.
We know who's behind it.
In fact, they told us almost three years ago who was doing it.
Intelligence agencies and our own Defense Department in unison with the Defense Departments of the Ministries of Defense of Israel, New Zealand, Australia, the EU, Canada.
The list goes on and on.
I'm going to show you the actual documents, but if you go to Jamie White's article, it's just full of dozens of links and screenshots of the prior admissions.
So when we say this is government-sponsored brainwashing and disinformation, it's not our opinion, it's a fact.
COVID PSYOP exposed.
Network of doctors who pushed massive lockdowns on Twitter during pandemic don't exist.
Think about that.
Now, let's get into the actual documents.
This is out of the Times of London.
This is from a year and a half ago.
Army spies to take on anti-vax militants.
And headlines, London Telegraph, government used fear, mind control to brainwash public into masking, social distancing, lockdowns and shots.
You gotta go read his article about it because it links to so many of the examples of what you call crisis actors, completely fake people.
Posting fake videos reading scripts, but I'm an ER doctor.
I'm a heart surgeon.
I'm a these shots are totally safe.
Oh on and on and on and on All run by big corporate PR firms.
You know who else was involved in this?
Sam Bateman Freed and his company put hundreds of millions of dollars the last three years into all of this.
So we could spend an entire hour just on that.
But talk about smoking gun.
That's what this is.
It's a military industrial complex information warfare operation.
You see Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA, going out giving speeches everywhere, making that point.
I'm glad he's bringing this up because it is a really big deal.
Of course, you got it here almost three years ago.
In late January, you got the whole story before it happened about what was going to happen.
People go back and watch those shows and they go, is this even real?
How the hell did he know all this?
Because I'm studying what they're doing.
And they put it in the legislation.
They had it in legislation 12 years ago, 13 years ago, and in U.N.
plans for everything we just watched the last three years.
They've been drilling and preparing and getting ready.
Adam Carolla went on Fox and made a great point.
He's not ready to give amnesty to the people that suppressed nutraceuticals, that suppressed therapeutics, that locked our kids down and hurt them so bad and knew the mask didn't work, but lied to the public and pushed these poison shots that erase your immune system.
No, we're not giving them amnesty.
They committed crimes against humanity.
Plus, they're not stopping.
They're still pushing more lockdowns and more forced injections.
The Congress passed the new defense authorization saying you can't make troops take an experimental shot, cutting the funding.
That's what Congress is supposed to do.
It's their most effective power.
Power the purse string.
And guess what happened?
The Navy said, we don't care what Congress says.
Well, they should have their commissions removed, those admirals, following Biden's criminal orders.
But here's Adam Carolla saying he's not ready to grant pandemic amnesty to journalists and experts.
They have no reverse gear.
They don't know how to just sort of back off.
A lot of them like to reconstruct history and go, what's wrong with having a difference of opinion?
No, you're trying to cancel people who thought differently than you.
I sent a tweet out two and a half years ago that said this is killing old people.
And sick people, and the rest of you got played, and who's getting played next time?
And I was pilloried for that.
And I had some celebrity friends call me and say, take the tweet down.
And I said, no, I'm not taking it down, because I'm right.
The people that attacked everyone who turned out to be right need to be punished at this point.
I'm not talking about setting the grandma's Winnebago on fire.
I'm talking about...
...called out in the public square and told they were wrong repeatedly.
They want to turn the page.
They want to shut down schools, ruin kids, get people deplatformed, fired, disgraced amongst other colleagues, and now, oops, we were wrong.
Well, turn the other cheek and turn the page.
No, that's not how life works.
You were wrong.
You bet on the Super Bowl.
You bet big and you lost.
Now it's time to...
You know, I like Adam Carolla a lot, but here's where he falls down, and here's where people like Jordan Peterson do as well, because driving to Big Bend, eight hours, and driving back eight hours, I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and I listen to Adam Carolla, and I listen to Jordan Peterson.
And Jordan Peterson, I'll talk about this next hour, he would go through all the evidence of cutting energy off doesn't work and kills people, and all the communism doesn't work, and the shots don't work, but They just don't know better.
They're just stupid.
They just don't understand.
They developed and created the virus.
They made the vaccine, the so-called vaccine, before they ever released the virus, on the record.
I'll cover it next hour and show the evidence.
And then they suppressed everyone about the Origin Day 1 and Therapeutics Day 1 and what the so-called vaccines would do Day 1.
They'd already done rat studies with weaponized, gain-of-function coronaviruses at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the University of Texas, Galveston, and all over the place.
I mean, we have all the damn documents.
We have the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance as a whistleblower.
We have everything.
You know, I said I'd get into the speaker shenanigans and fiasco next segment, but I'll do that start of the next hour.
I want to finish up with this.
And then I'll get back into what I was talking about.
With the whole origin of it and how they suppressed it.
But the whole thing was completely organized.
We have their emails from whistleblowers.
We have their whole plan.
And so this idea that, oh, they just don't believe capitalism works.
No, they're ultra-rich, powerful elites that want to get rid of competition and get rid of the middle class and make us all poor to control us with social engineering.
They're going to the technocracy that's worse than communism.
The social credit score, the universal basic income.
That's the plan they've announced.
And I listen to all the so-called top intellectuals, and none of them talk about the premeditated scientific takeover, except Klaus Schwab!
He writes books.
Harari writes books.
They implement all their plans.
We're living under it.
What they say they're going to do, they do.
They're in control.
And they won't be stopped until we have opposition that says, no, this is on purpose, Adam Carolla.
They didn't bet on the Super Bowl and mess up and just hope this was going to work.
They tested it on rats.
They do the same vaccine in rats.
Caused heart attacks and infertility and death.
And the rats lived half as long on average.
But I'll show you new national statistics out showing it's killing you when we come back.
All over the world, top scientists are coming out exposing the death being called by these frankenshots.
And more importantly, parents and family members and children are coming out and telling
the world what's happened to their loved ones.
What's happening to their family members when they take these poison shots?
My adult son is 25 years old.
He was a bodybuilder and a professional living in New York.
Makes me look like I never stepped foot in a gym in my life.
Now he is disabled.
He cannot drive himself.
After I finish this meeting with you all today, I have to take him to his cardiology appointment.
He's been hospitalized four times.
He has myocarditis and POTS.
He can no longer work.
He can no longer support himself.
And I have to carry him on my insurance, not to mention care for him, cook for him.
And he cannot do anything on his own.
I've not been a religious person, but I'm absolutely clear in my mind, the only people, the kind of planning and thinking it takes to have done what has happened, are people who would worship Satan.
They're not normal people.
They've jabbed, I don't know, four billion, six billion poor souls.
Something like one in a thousand people have died.
We don't know how many more will die.
But we're into double figures of millions who've definitely been killed as a consequence of this policy.
And that tells you that the people who are doing this are ruthless, I'd say diabolical.
We're beyond good and wrong and right, okay?
We're in the good versus evil.
They knew exactly what they were doing, so they suppressed all the reports of the adverse reactions.
Day one, they knew what was coming.
They'd already tested it on rats and pigs.
They knew exactly what was about to happen.
Premeditated, organized surveillance of what you were saying and doing, including medical professionals and scientists, to suppress them to see if they could get away with permanent lockdowns and forced injections that don't just attack your cardiovascular system, but also your fertility.
Let's plunge back into it.
Fauci responds to alleged upcoming Fauci files.
Says disinformation is the enemy.
Get the clip ready.
He then goes on the full interviews on Infowars.com on CBS News and says, There's no heart attacks or myocarditis that it's disinformation.
It's very rare.
No, I'm going to show you the statistics.
It's off the charts everywhere these frankenshots are given.
And we said a year before they started the injections that this was going to happen because they were mRNA and they tested these before on rats.
Absolutely insane that by Early 2000, we were warning of what was about to unfold because we tracked them.
We tracked the globalists and what they'd studied, what they'd done.
That's how Dr. Michael Yeadon, in December of 2000, along with Wolfgang Wudard, the chief advisor to the EU Medical Board, Filed an emergency lawsuit in 2020 in Germany with the EU saying, do not give this.
It's going to cause heart attacks.
It's going to cause myocarditis, blood clots, infertility, and of course, lowering immune system.
I'll show you documents in a moment on that front.
How do they know?
Well, EDA had been the head of the vaccine program for 24 years at Pfizer.
He was their damn vice president.
Over the vaccine program, the director of their worldwide vaccine program.
He's the world expert.
The damn inventor of it said it would happen before they did it.
They've had the technology 25 years.
When they want to use it to help you, it works.
It does incredible things, except a small percentage always have organ failure.
About 2-3% depending on the study.
They've done a bunch of it in humans.
They did a couple of them late last year in New York, and everyone that did it died.
Normally, it's a lower statistic.
This time, it was total death.
It was cancer cures, and now they say they've got an mRNA for cancer, an mRNA for the flu, an mRNA for depression, an mRNA... It goes on and on.
But remember, in October, before Yidan, the CDC put on their website what they were predicting as adverse reactions.
Blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks.
But it doesn't matter.
Fauci goes on TV and says it's all conspiracy theories.
Here he is.
Yet again, another conspiracy theory, complete nonsense, is going to have some people make a decision for themselves and their family not to get vaccinated, which may cost them their lives.
So that's the thing that's so horrible about it.
And if you want to go out spouting nonsense, conspiracy theories and spreading it all around, fine, except if it results in a person suffering and perhaps dying.
Evidence, myocarditis, was related to vaccines.
It is a heart issue.
I'm not a doctor, you are.
That's a shred of evidence.
A very small shred, right.
And explain how then this can get conflated.
Of course.
In a very, very rare case, some of the mRNA vaccines can cause a self-limiting almost invariably benign inflammatory response in the heart,
which generally resolves in a very short period of time.
It is very, very rare. When you compare that with the negative effects on the heart by myocarditis or pericarditis,
which is inflammation of either the heart muscle or the covering of the heart,
and heart failure and heart medical problems, Overwhelmingly, COVID itself causes that in a... Okay, so let's just go ahead and stop right there.
Now we're going to show you the actual facts, ladies and gentlemen, of this giant.
Biological, psychological warfare operation they've launched.
The story's on InfoWars.com.
I'm not asking, I'm begging you to save lives and to go to InfoWars.com and to get this article and to share it with everybody you know.
Smoking gun, COVID infection rates higher among vaccinated.
Australian data reveals from one of the most populous states in Australia.
Here are government statistic numbers for TV viewers.
Ladies and gentlemen, the green is those that have had four doses.
You see the green is up here at a 236.4%.
a 236.4% unvaccinated peak at 3.7%.
I'm going to say that again.
This is hospitalizations of the vaccinated.
Then I have the death numbers.
Oh, they're the same.
They're very similar.
So you have a 3.6% chance, if you've had no shots, at its peak, of being hospitalized for COVID.
And you have a 236 point... I can't read that graph.
Point four, I believe.
The point is, I mean, you're down here at sea level if you haven't taken the shots.
Then we've got no dose, down here at the bottom, flat lined.
One dose is black, see that?
Two doses is about the same.
Three doses is above, one or two doses.
And four doses is the king daddy.
If you fail that IQ test and take it, they want you dead.
Look at that, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's in the first round of shots and then the boosters.
Look at those numbers.
You know, I'm going to have to get more into this next hour, we're out of time, and then I'll get the smoking gun breakdown of how this was created in the lab, how they pre-planned it all.
Such incredible information.
And quite frankly, we broke it all first, but Glenn Beck, in a very short clip, a year and a half ago, with Tucker Carlson, did a better job.
I'm going to play Glenn Beck next hour, where he nailed it, nailed it, nailed it.
But let me throw this out before we go to break.
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This video is based on the work of Mark Passio from WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com.
Specifically his recent video on de facto Satanism.
Today's Hollywood pop culture machine will have you believe that Satanists wear robes and practice ritualistic blood sacrifices while worshipping Satan.
And while there may be some truth to this, it is mostly propaganda meant to conceal the reality of what Satanism actually is.
True Satanism is a mindset, and the Satan that is worshipped is within each and every one of us.
It is most commonly known as our ego.
The self is the true god of Satanism.
The term Satanism is used to deceive religious people, to appear harmless to non-religious people, and also because it stems from the Hebrew word shatan, which means adversary.
Satan is the force of involution that opposes true spiritual evolution.
It is the ego within us.
Left to our own devices, the ego will try and convince us to think only of ourselves, which is exactly what Satanism is.
And so, a de facto Satanist is a person who holds this mindset, but does not consider themselves to be a Satanist.
Organized Satanism stands against this sort of enlightenment.
They believe human psychology and the laws of nature should be kept occulted or hidden from the public and used to gain and retain power over the masses by keeping them ignorant as to how the mind and emotions work while using this knowledge to manipulate the masses and ultimately enslave them.
This is primarily done by cultivating the Satanist mindset among the masses, thereby turning the ignorant and unaware into a de facto Satanist.
As we think, so we become.
This mindset can be broken down into four main tenets of Satanism.
The first and most important is selfishness.
Egotism, or what many know as narcissism.
Self-preservation is the highest law.
Live only for your own selfish desires, and only care about you and yours.
It's a dog-eat-dog world, and if you must step on others to get what you want, then so be it.
This is the basis of satanic thinking.
The second tenet of the satanist mindset is moral relativism.
This is the belief that there is no objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior.
It is the belief that nobody is ever objectively right or wrong, and that it's up to each individual person to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.
The third tenet of Satanism is social Darwinism.
This is the belief that it is natural and good for human society to be ruled by the most aggressive and dominant humans among us.
And that it is by virtue of their genetics that these vicious humans deserve to be in positions of power and lead humanity as they so choose.
The fourth tenant of Satanism is eugenics or disgenics.
This is the ideal conclusion of the Satanist mindset.
Since man is God and he gets to decide what is right and what is wrong, and since the natural order is for the most dominant genetics to have power, then the elite class ruling over us has every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate and who must die.
This is how all of society is conditioned to think.
And this is how the high-level satanists are leading all of humanity into slavery.
Most of humanity is operating under this de facto satanic mindset.
Which is why it is called The Great Work to change it.
The Great Work is the work of awakening the masses to the true nature of the ego mind.
Encouraging each and every individual to find the courage to face their own inner shadow and to practice natural law.
Natural law is the respect of others.
Put simply, it is love.
If the majority of humanity is practicing love, then humanity will know freedom.
But if the majority of humanity is practicing Satanism, then humanity will be enslaved.
You can find much more of this information at WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
So we told you almost three years ago exactly what would unfold the enemy's operation.
But I'll give credit where credit's due.
About a year later, Glenn Beck figured it all out and did some excellent reporting on it.
And in a six-minute, 22-second clip of Tucker Carlson over a year ago, he laid it all out.
But let's go back to these documents.
Smoking gun, COVID infection rates higher among vaccinated, Australian data reveals.
Now, these numbers out of Australia are almost the identical graphs to Israel, To Singapore, to the UK, to Germany, to Canada.
The list goes on and on.
And it's all in this article at InfoWars.com.
It's life-saving.
So get this out on your email, on your text message, word of mouth.
Take it to church.
Take it to your work.
Warn people.
They're counting on us just laying there.
And again, if you just joined us, here's the statistics out of Australia.
A 236.4% increase in hospital increases and visits and sickness from COVID versus a 3.6% increase at the highest level for those that took no shots.
You see a massive increase of 90.0% in people that took three shots.
You see a 78% increase in those that took two shots.
You see a peak of 50-plus percent in people that took one shot.
Now, this is Dr. Robert W. Malone, MD, inventor of mRNA technology, using the same New South Wales, Australia COVID-ICU admissions numbers.
And here you can see it.
Four doses, on average, a 173% increase.
I was giving you the peak.
Three doses, a 95%.
That's his extrapolation of this data I just showed you.
You can spend hours looking at this.
a 6% increase.
Vaccinated, a 0% increase in hospitalizations.
That's his extrapolation of this data I just showed you.
You could spend hours looking at this.
This is from the government of Australia.
Look at that.
That's four shots.
That's three shots.
That's two shots.
That's one shot.
That's zero shots.
And zero shots means zero increase.
Well, this is interesting.
Hashtag vaccine death is the top trending topic on Twitter today.
People are waking up to the truth.
Finally, truth is the only protection from the relentless media and medical journal propaganda which causes people to be tragically complicit in their own demise.
Here's some of the other articles on InfoWars.com.
You know, we gotta go to the Glenn Beck report, and then I'll come back with the rest of this.
This is too important.
Here's Glenn Beck laying out the origins of it.
All this is on record.
This is all true.
However you feel about the corona vaccine, imagine your children being given powerful drugs without your knowledge by unionized teachers.
What's appropriate response to this?
Glenn Beck, our old friend, is the host of the Glenn Beck Radio Program.
Of course, he joins us tonight on this story.
Glenn, thanks so much for coming on.
So, you're a parent.
How would you respond to something like this?
I file a lawsuit with the teachers union myself.
I can't believe what's going on, Tucker.
It is completely out of control.
And you have to ask yourself, why?
Why are they pushing this like this?
What do they have to gain?
Because it's not our health.
I really don't believe that.
Well, certainly not in the case of children, where there is a demonstrated and actual risk.
It's not, you know, not to every child, but there is very little risk from coronavirus.
So this is like crazy.
So you've done some reporting on this, on some of the incentives we may not be aware of behind these drugs.
If you'll tell us what you found.
Okay, so this is a two-hour chalkboard that is condensed into about four minutes.
So if you want to see the whole thing, it's at FauciLied.com.
But I'll try not to sound crazy and tie this together.
Gain of function, which Fauci says never happened.
Happened in November of 2015.
It happened with Dr. Barrett.
It was a published paper, November 2015.
The USAID and Fauci with EcoHealth, they were funding it.
It was happening with the Wuhan people, so we know that.
But what you may not know is in November, the same month that published paper comes out, the United States begins a partnership with Moderna, and they are searching for MRNA coronavirus vaccines.
Kind of a weird coincidence.
But wait, it gets worse.
In this time we skip to 2018, DARPA receives a proposal from Dr. Barak, US guy, Dr. Shi from Wuhan, and Peter Daszak from EcoHealth, or EchoHealth, and DARPA sees this and says, this is far too dangerous.
We're rejecting your proposal.
We don't know what happened from there, but we do know, just about 12 months later, in Wuhan, where Peter Daszak, Dr. Xi, the Bat Lady, Dr. Barak were all doing research on coronaviruses, about a year later there's an outbreak.
And the outbreak actually begins, according to documents that we have that have been smuggled out of China, that there were 10 hospitals involved by October With patients that we now know are corona-like virus symptoms.
They didn't know what was going on.
Now that was in October.
Remember, we didn't know anything about this in December.
We were starting to get rumblings.
China said there was some sort of an outbreak on December 31st.
But Peter Deszak, sorry, not Peter Deszak, Dr. Barak signs a government deal with Moderna.
I want to read it exactly to you.
This deal was made.
It's confidential.
It's 158 pages long.
If I skip to page 104, they are entering a specific private confidential agreement.
The NIH appears to be transferring technology to Dr. Barak, but what they're making clear is, quote, mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna.
Now this is weird because it's two weeks later that we know there's a problem.
They signed that deal two weeks before and they sign it with the doctor who happened to be a partner with the Bat Lady in Wuhan.
Here's where it gets really dark.
These are the same group of people that in the end of January begin to have meetings and they shut down and begin to smear anyone who's looking into the lab leak theory.
They establish that's not true, don't even look there.
It appears to be collusion.
We've passed this on to several people in Congress and the Senate.
We know Rand Paul.
is on this, and Dr. Fauci has some answers to give.
Well, I just want to affirm what you're saying.
The amazing reporting you've done on this.
Here's a clip of the recently departed NIH Director Francis Collins admitting on camera that the U.S.
government has a stake in the Vax.
Watch this.
Who's going to own that vaccine?
Does the federal government own it?
One of the vaccines, the one that's furthest along, was started actually at the federal government in our own Vaccine Research Center at NIH and then worked with a biotechnology company called Moderna to get to where we are now with very impressive phase one results and getting ready to go into a large-scale trial as early as July.
That one, of course, we do have some particular stake in the intellectual property.
This just seems, I mean, you are not making this up.
What you're saying is true.
Really quickly, why is this not a front page story everywhere?
All of the documents, we spent about a year on this with people like Charles Rixley from Drastic, with Judicial Watch, they were all FOIA'd.
These are documents that prove beyond, I think, any kind of reasonable doubt.
Something very wrong is happening here.
Moderna had been turned down for any kind of vaccine research by everyone, publicly, over and over again, and now this test is being done on our children.
This is the only time that anybody will admit they were doing any kind of testing on coronavirus research for a vaccine with Moderna.
That's just, it's just beyond belief.
And I'm glad finally that someone is saying this out loud.
Glenn Beck, I appreciate your reporting on this.
Thank you.
It was great to see you tonight.
So, you just saw a clip of Glenn Beck in the middle of 2001.
Almost two years ago.
Telling you the whole history of how they created the virus, created the vaccine before they released it, released the virus, then suppress everybody so they can't speak out, block therapeutics, lie about what the shots really do.
And I'm very thankful Glenn Beck did the research and did all that.
We did it before he did.
It's not about who gets the credit.
I just want to stop this madness.
I want to stop this evil.
But where are we now, a year and a half after Glenn Beck said all that?
The very same criminals that carried out this attack are preparing new attacks.
Now listen to these headlines.
UK government whistleblower reveals massive spike in excess deaths since Cobra Jab rollout.
More than 1,000 a week in the UK alone.
Directly linked to the shots.
And it gets worse.
FDA deviated from normal process in Pfizer vaccine approval documents show.
We knew this when they did this two years ago.
There was no testing.
In fact, in the letter that's now circulating, this has all been secret, but now lawsuits have made them release the government agreement.
It says, you should not consider this shot safe.
We have no data on it when they approved it.
That's why I remember the nurses would open up The little injection models and they have a piece of paper in them that tells you with any drug about its history, how it was tested, what it does, side effects.
That's why it was blank.
There wasn't even an ingredients list on J&J or AstraZeneca or Pfizer or Moderna.
And they weren't even mRNA shots, the J&J and AstraZeneca.
Because it was all emergency authorized.
Now they're going to emergency authorize all these new so-called vaccines.
The deviation from our normal practices is done to facilitate product labeling, distribution, and is consistent with other center practices to facilitate vaccine delivery during a public health emergency.
Said the head of the FDA's management team.
When providing the license number, we should communicate that this license number does not constitute any determination by FDA of the application.
Any determination.
And they go on and describe that the determination means it has not been tested and they do not know its efficacy.
Says no approval was given in the decision.
The applicant requests of the U.S.
license number BioInitech Manufacturing GMBH with the agreement that they will not use it until after the BLA is approved the document a summary of the June 29, 2021 FDA meeting discussing Pfizer's application stated.
And it goes on to say the summary does not say it's been tested and we do not even know what it is.
But they told you it was all safe and effective and totally tested.
And then we don't just have the documents and the insurance company numbers and the government numbers of the record heart attacks and myocarditis and death, but the erasure of your immune system where you're way more likely to get sick and die if you've had the injections.
And now we've got all these videos.
Every day.
So many videos.
I can't even talk about them all, much less play them.
I've got more than 10 videos today.
Of people collapsing and having heart attacks and falling down.
I didn't even give the crew, but three of them.
There's no way to get to them all.
College basketball player clutches heart, collapses during game.
Emo Essen of the Old Dominion Monarchs is playing defense before suddenly falling to the floor while clutching his heart, followed by training staff rushing to his aid.
Here's another one.
MMA rising star Victoria Lee dead at 18.
Reportedly had taken the shots.
And it goes on and on.
But Fauci says it's all safe.
There's no problems.
It's all made up.
He says there's no connection to the shots and myocarditis.
CDC finally admits link between experimental COVID-19 jabs and myocarditis in young recipients.
CDC admits confirmation link between heart inflammation and COVID vax.
This was a year and a half ago, but it was in the October 2000 document.
They predicted it would happen on screen.
But don't worry, Reuters fact-checked it.
Even though the Reuters president is on the board of Pfizer, fact-checked graphs showing increased myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccine rollout does not confirm link.
Yes, the heart attacks and myocarditis and blood clots are off the charts.
Yes, it's happening in those that are injected, but we don't know it's the shots, says Reuters.
Yeah, Biden said, I'm gonna open the border and flood the border and we're gonna replacement migration you and it's a great day to get rid of white people.
That's a quote.
It's a good thing.
Played it last hour.
But he didn't mean what he said, said the Reuters fact checkers.
Absolutely insane.
And it goes on and on and on.
I've got so many more of these.
And now they're coming up.
With ways to suppress the people, not just here but in China.
China suspends social media accounts of COVID policy critics.
They know if you criticized it, you can't get a job or leave your house or get on a train or drive your car if you have criticized anything they did.
But that's okay because Jimmy Fallon is singing about XBB15, the best COVID variant yet.
He actually sung a song about it.
We'll play that in a moment.
Oh, but over in Australia, meet the biology professor who named the surging Kraken COVID variant.
Oh, maybe Kraken will scare him.
Oh my goodness.
And more videos of people physically assaulting those not wearing masks.
Let's, let's play that clip that I just mentioned.
Which one was it?
There's so many here, it makes my head spin.
Yeah, here's Jimmy Fallon singing a song to scare you and saying, we need to wear masks again.
There's a new scary thing.
We need to wear masks and you're all scared.
Here it is.
There was Alpha, then Delta, then Omicron next.
But this latest variant might be the best.
It's XBB.1.5.
Another brand of COVID-19 has arrived.
It's a new strain, but it isn't the same.
Sounds more like Elon Musk, his name.
It's XBB.1.5, not UB40 who sings Red Red Wine.
Put on your mask when you're inside a facility.
It could be a robot from a Star Wars trilogy.
It's XBB.1.5, not OMG or MP3 or DCBY or an eye chart made by a really high guy.
Sounds like the password of your parents' Wi-Fi.
Wear your mask, live in fear, take your shots that erase your immune system and kill you all on record.
Meanwhile, here's Time Magazine.
The U.S.
keeps offering China its COVID vaccines.
China keeps saying no because it's a bioweapon for depopulation.
Brought to you by the New World Order.
Violetta Teka says it will start cancer vaccine trials in the UK from September.
COVID-19 to make Australian populations smaller and older.
Less people being born, killing more people.
Alright, I'm done talking about the shots.
I got a ton of news to hit on what happened last week in Congress.
And what's going forward with the economy and the IRS and so much more.
Big broadcast in the last 30 minutes ahead of Harrison Smith with some special guests and a big debate he's got tonight with two special guests on JFK assassination.
That is coming up on Sunday Night Live.
All right, so it's easy to get up here and score points.
Against Matt Gaetz or Marjorie Taylor Greene.
At the end, Matt Gaetz supporting Kevin McCarthy, who I can't stand and who is an establishment individual through and through.
But because you have such a small Republican majority, as Roger Stone predicted six months ago, he predicted a very small majority in the House because of election fraud and because of the Republicans doing a very bad job backing good candidates, chiefly among them, Kevin McCarthy.
That when you had that small majority, that 25 or so patriots in the House would be able to hold up legislation for the Democrats and the Republicans and exert incredible power.
So for me, the fact that they held it up for a week, had 15 votes and did all that, was a raw exercise of power.
You saw fistfights almost break out, you saw threats, you saw attacks.
So I don't think Matt Gaetz is bad.
At the end, with his one vote they needed, going ahead and doing it because he got so many concessions.
Now the question is how much of those concessions are going to be real, but it doesn't matter.
Because now those 25 folks or so realize how much power they have with that razor-thin majority.
To be able to control the policy and discourse.
So this is a big sign of the power structure breaking up, losing control.
And if you had a big house majority, some of them would be rhinos, they would be able to do this.
So I'm not just seeing a silver lining in a cloud here.
The right thing was to get rid of McCarthy.
The right thing was, you know, to do what we were trying to do.
If you look at what the Democrats are saying, they're in full panic mode because if you think the squad of six communists was bad being able to swing votes for Democrats, imagine what 24, 25, you debate the numbers, 26 and 7, 24 and 27, depending on how their votes split.
This is a nightmare for the establishment.
People say, well why did MTG do what she did?
Why do you like MTG?
Well, she supported a lot of good legislation.
She supported free speech.
She stood up for Infowars.
And she's had a lot of courage.
And she is loyal to Trump.
I have a lot of problems with Trump, but he's way better than people like Kev McCarthy.
But you can't sit there and wall this off where you still love Trump, and a lot of critics still promote Trump.
Critics of MTG, critics of Republicans that voted for McCarthy, when Trump was instrumental on the telephone, calling up people that he helped get elected and saying, I want you to support Kevin McCarthy.
So, we'll see if Trump's right.
We'll see if Kevin McCarthy does what he says he's going to do.
This is an open question.
I think it's, I think you do the right thing, may the heavens fall.
I think we get rid of McCarthy.
I supported getting rid of McCarthy.
Our talk show host, without me even telling him what to do.
That's why I hired him.
They're smart folks that, you know, just you're on target.
Owen Schroer, Harrison Smith, they attacked McCarthy.
We tried to defeat McCarthy.
We thought he might have been defeated.
I was very excited about that on Thursday and Friday afternoon.
Didn't happen.
Now the fight is about making sure the agenda of securing the border, stopping the fentanyl, Ending the Ukraine war and starting the impeachment of Joe Biden goes forward.
And McCarthy has said he wouldn't do that.
But the word is he's giving concessions now to let that go forward.
Let's see.
But if he cheats those 25 Republicans to the swing vote, now they're really going to be able to put his huevos in a vice.
And that's what we are talking about right now.
So Kevin McCarthy and the newer Lunar Deep State had their Pyrrhic victory.
It's a victory you win, but you lose the war.
If we keep the pressure to him, and if those 25 people that saw the power they had by holding out, and they got these concessions, now if he doesn't follow the contract he gave them, if he doesn't follow the agreements he gave them, well then now they can vote against him, and next time, they'll be once bitten twice shy.
So, very interesting time to be alive.
A lot of folks are going to watch the NFL playoffs.
A lot of folks are obsessed with that.
I could care less.
Because this actually affects my children.
This affects your future, your children.
This affects the entire human race right now.
So I'll say it again.
I've gotten calls, text messages, you should come out against MTG.
Should I come out against Trump?
I've been critical of Trump on the poison shot.
At least he didn't try to make it mandatory.
Didn't want the military to have to take it.
He said if you want it, take it.
He's light years better than the Democrats trying to make it mandatory.
I'm not even defending that.
I've been a huge critic of it.
What I'm saying is, we're in the middle of this now.
And we have the hand we've been dealt.
You gotta play the hand you're dealt.
And it's a pretty damn good hand if those 23, 26, 27, depending on the numbers you look at, 25 members of Congress, if they stay true.
And I think from what you just saw, And the fact that they went from being irrelevant and denied committees by the Republicans, by the Democrats, being shunned, seeing their real power now, I believe you've just seen the beginning of this huge awakening.
And how people now get, instead of just being a cog in a machine and doing what party leadership tells you, but by standing up for what your constituents want, I believe we're going to see real fireworks.
In fact, I know we are.
We're not going to win them all, but we're at least contending now to take our Republic back, and the power structure is in a panic.
So I don't want to hear any criticism of MTG from those talk show hosts, who I'm not mad at.
They have their free speech, but they all know who they are.
I don't want to hear any criticism of Matt Gaetz, who went ahead and flipped his vote at the last minute, Friday afternoon, evening.
If you don't, then hate Trump.
Because Trump is the one that asked them to do that.
MTG said three weeks ago, a month ago on the show, I'm supporting Kevin McCarthy because Trump trusts him and thinks the thing, and I'm loyal to Trump.
She's a Trumpist.
She said, I support Trump.
I'm listening to Trump.
She did that.
So again, I feel good.
My guts tell me she's good.
I like her.
You know, the left loves pedophilia and all this crap.
They get mad that she's been divorced and had an affair.
It's just, it's like, it's like nobody's perfect.
The point is, is that the left's like, oh, pedophilia is good, but this woman had an affair.
She's the devil.
It's all crap, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all total BS.
So again, I don't want to hear criticism of the Republicans that flipped their votes, including Gozer, who we know is hardcore and badass, and the left hates him.
He flipped his vote, too, because they saw that they got major concessions, and they saw how much power they have, and now they're going to start using it.
So let's give them a chance, and let's put pressure on them.
I better see impeachment be moved forward.
I better see all sorts of action on that front, because it'll destroy Biden.
It'll put him on trial.
We need it yesterday.
And if we're sitting here in a month or two, and I'm not hearing impeachment introduced by MTG, and I'm not seeing hearings on Hunter Biden, hearings on Fentanyl, and hearings on COVID, and hearings on Fauci, then I'm going to go completely ape.
But this is their last chance.
So, that's where I'm at.
I've really thought about this, really looked at it deeply, prayed about it, and that's where I'm at.
I'm gonna go Donkey Kong, King Kong crazy in about 45 days.
On Trump.
Cause he's the one that led this.
He's really put his name to this now.
And I was just thinking about it last night, I'm like, Trump did this, Trump got McCarthy in, and if he screws the pooch on this one, that's it.
I'm not gonna totally hate him and attack him and say he's the devil, but I'm gonna be really angry and point it out.
But the founders created separation of powers for moments like this, and I think we're gonna see a lot more of what we just saw, and it's gonna be even better.
So I have a good feeling overall.
But it's up to us to put pressure on these people.
And I mean, I've told MTG, I've told them all, we better see impeachment, we better see cutting the funding to Ukraine, we better see action now.
You better be right.
They have really, really put it on the line now, and they better deliver.
Alright, we're going to cover more of this when we come back.
Obviously tomorrow on the weekday show 11 a.m.
Central right after Harrison Smith and American Journal 8 a.m.
Central in full words calm force last show Open the phones up for what you think of what happened last week with Congress and all the rest of it And I'm not trying to put perfume or lipstick on a pig here.
I know the situation would have better get rid of McCarthy and You know put somebody in like Matt Gaetz But that's not what happened.
But it's again, that sliver the Republicans have, just like Senator Mnuchin is able to get what he wants and hold them up.
And he's a globalist, but nothing compared to some of the worst globalists.
He has all that power because he's that swing senator.
We basically have Mnuchin on steroids now.
So if those 25 congresspeople hold the line on all these different bills and legislation, this is a big deal for the next two years.
And they did fight hard, and they did get a lot of concessions, so...
There's two ways to look at this.
We'll be taking phone calls tomorrow, obviously on the week next show.
Got some huge guests in studio and outside the studio.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
Be sure and tune in.
But since we mentioned it, here's Kevin McCarthy giving his thanks to Trump that got him the speakership so narrowly.
It's a good spanking for him.
He's a horrible rhino.
Don't trust him.
Don't like him.
But here he is saying who got him in there.
So you want to blame somebody, folks?
Blame Trump.
And we'll see if Trump's right.
But these are just the facts.
Here it is.
At that end to put it all through and just all the different members and hanging with me through all those different votes.
But I do want to especially thank President Trump.
I don't think anybody should doubt his influence.
He was with me from the beginning.
Somebody wrote the doubt of whether he was there, and he was all in.
He would call me and he would call others.
And he really was, I was just talking to him tonight, helping get those final votes.
What he's really saying, really, for the party and the country, that we have to come together.
We have to focus on the economy.
We've got to focus, make our borders secure.
We gotta do so much work to do, and he was a great influence to make that all happen.
So, thank you President Trump.
So, people say, well screw Trump!
Yeah, and then you've got Joe Biden.
The whole New World Order hated Trump because he went against much of their agenda.
85-90% of it.
So, we can try to sit there and figure this out, but they're now putting out The agenda of the House and it looks like McCarty is at least on paper following through on a lot of what he promised they would do.
But an investigation of COVID, looking at cutting funding to Ukraine, that's all in there.
I'll be covering it more tomorrow because it came out right as I was going on air, but we're going to see what's got the other key points in it we need.
I'm sure Harrison Smith Next hour is going to be covering that.
In fact, Harris is here asking to get the draft that Solomon and others have put out, John Solomon, and actually go over that agenda because that's a big, big deal to see how far he goes.
But here it is.
Town Hall.
Trump reportedly had a large influence in securing the gavel for McCarthy.
And I know the inside baseball in this.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
But Trump was warned.
Trump was told it was wrong.
Trump was told to not support McCarthy.
And he said, no, no.
McCarthy promises me he's on board with our Make America Great agenda.
He promises.
So you see Trump supporting Jared Kushner.
Trump could be completely wrong about this.
And here's the thing.
We're about to find out real quick.
Congress is in session.
Progressive squad member claims McCarthy's speakership is a deal with far-right insurrectionists.
See, they're really, really, really, really upset.
Rhino Crenshaw apologizes for calling GOP colleagues terrorists.
Sex trafficking fight helps fuel Gaetz's hatred of McCarthy.
Yeah, McCarthy didn't support him during all of that.
That was totally made up.
Absolutely a Mossad operation, it's now turned out.
Ken McCarthy agreed to cut aid to Ukraine to secure speakership.
And it goes on, it goes on from there.
Now, let me talk about this next huge subject.
Bolsonaro won in every state, but the biggest city in Brazil, the communist control.
Polls showed he was 50-50 there, but he lost by almost 70%.
Just like they do in Maricopa County and other key areas, like Atlanta and Georgia, where they steal their elections.
And you have the State Department and the Deep State down there admittedly manipulating things.
You have Big Tech censoring Bolsonaro, which is another form of election meddling, and voter suppression, which we now know they did the last two elections here.
So Bolsonaro won, we know that.
They get Lula, the communist, out of prison.
They bring him back.
Military says they're not going to stand by and, you know, see what's happened to their Constitution.
But now, you have millions of people show up in the capital city.
They're calling it the Brazilian January 6th Insurrection Brazil Protester Storm Congress Breach Presidential Palace Photos Thousands Rampage Make America Great Copy.
So as soon as Bolsonaro's out, And as soon as the military and police are under the control of the communists, then a big crowd of millions shows up to protest, as they did dozens of times in Bolsonaro.
And magically, a few thousand people in yellow and green t-shirts march up to the Capitol and to the President's Palace.
And there's literally in these videos, like 15 cops lined up, 20-30 feet apart.
And they don't even block them, they shoot a few tear gas in the air.
At the crowd so they go ahead and storm the buildings and now you've got a legitimate reason they're going to claim to have mass trials and arrest and to go after everybody.
And a few thousand people went into the Capitol, went into the President's mansion, went into their White House and overturned chairs and knocked holes in the walls.
So out of millions of people outside, peacefully pointing out they didn't buy what was happening, You've now had a group of people, probably most of them communists, working for Lula, go in.
And we've seen January 6th repeated 2.0.
And hey, Ray Epps didn't want to lie under oath.
They released it two weeks ago.
He said, I orchestrated breaking into the Capitol.
I orchestrated going up there.
I orchestrated it.
Other folks are saying Brazilians are acting in a movement of civil disobedience to protect our country against the abuse of power, systematic corruption, dictatorship implemented by Lula and Silva and the 37 corrupt ministers and proper communist gang.
And that's true!
And when people would overthrow communist regimes or authoritarian regimes, our media would say they were heroes and it was beautiful they were storming these different facilities.
Or the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille.
But the danger is, what do you get out of one of these revolutions?
And who's manipulating that revolution?
In fact, we could cut between those images you were just showing five seconds ago of thousands streaming in to the Capitol Complex in their big city of Brasilia.
And where are the police?
Where are the military?
They were there by the tens of thousands to block people going in in the last two months during the contested election.
But now, magically, because Lula's in, he's illegitimate, the country's awake to him, they know what's going on, the State Department's running this, and how much money do you want to bet that 90% of the people that breached the police And broke into a building.
Because you don't take the government over in an assembly where the government meets.
The military is in underground bases.
The military is controlling satellites.
The government is in underground facilities.
It's the infrastructure.
It's the media.
I'm not saying do this.
I'm saying hypothetically, if those were real insurrectionists taking over, they'd get in groups of a thousand.
They'd get armed.
They'd all go take over the national media and the key TV and radio stations.
And they'd be in control of that country because Lula's unpopular and Bolsonaro's popular.
And the military knew how to do that.
They could have seized the media.
They could have seized the control of the infrastructure.
They could have blocked the main roads, but they didn't.
Instead, they stood down and provocateurs, once the Communist government is well into power for seven days, let them completely take over the Capitol and the President's facility.
So they can then demonize the opposition as lawless.
You're about to see a rerun of the whole January 6th program, because the same people that ran January 6th are the ones that run the U.N.
and just ran the operation we saw.
I have so many listeners.
It's a minority, but I see you on the streets.
I read your emails.
I see you call into the shows.
You say, you're a coward.
You should have taken the Capitol.
You should have gone.
The Capitol's a damn building where they meet to vote.
It's not the government.
There's underground bases all around D.C., CIDAR in Maryland.
Sites in Colorado.
Sites in Fort Hood.
Damn underground base here in Austin.
That's where the government is, dumbass!
You better learn about how it works!
You don't storm a meeting house and look like a bunch of idiots to sit there and fight back against an occupied government.
You identify who the occupied government is, you withdraw support from it, and you wage siege on it non-violently.
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