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Name: 20230106_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 6, 2023
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InfoWars reports on politics, law, and supplement sales. Alex Jones discusses Kevin McCarthy's struggle to become Speaker of the House due to 20 Republican holdouts wanting changes to House rules. Owen Shroyer emphasizes the importance of changing these rules for a non-swamp favoring rule book in the 118th Congress. InfoWarsStore.com offers discounted supplements, and jonestaxrelief.com provides assistance with tax issues. Jones criticizes McCarthy's connections with the "swamp" and promotes The Wellness Company as a trustworthy alternative to traditional healthcare.

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All the lies that Fauci has told have now been completely proven as lies.
He knows nothing about gain-of-function research.
Really, we have your signature on gain-of-function research.
We have you on multiple videos talking about gain-of-function research.
I mean, so, he can deny it all he wants.
We have the paper trail.
We have his own words out of his mouth.
Of course, the COVID-19 vaccine.
He lied about the safe and effectiveness of that.
And so if he thinks he can just scurry away here and hide from any justice, I don't know if it's going to be so easy.
You know, he might have gotten away with what he did during the AIDS pandemic.
They made a movie all about him.
The Dallas Buyers Club.
He was the bad guy.
Fauci was the bad guy in the Dallas Buyers Club movie.
And he got away with that.
This COVID scam, though, I don't know if it's going to be so easy for him to get away here, Dr. McCullough.
I agree.
I think he's in trouble.
You know, keep in mind his official position in the U.S.
government was small.
He was the division head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
That's not a big position.
And then without any type of vote or vetting, he was elevated to a much higher position in terms of an advisor on coronavirus.
He's already been deposed and said he can't recall over and over again.
These files are going to be an indictment.
over malfeasance in so many areas.
And I anticipate they're going to investigate conflict of interest,
connection with his spouse and National Institutes of Health Ethics,
gain of function research.
How did he communicate with the CDC and then also with Twitter and the FBI?
I think he's being set up, honestly, like most small people in government
to be a scapegoat.
Well, that's what the globalists and the Democrats and the deep state
and the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and so many more would like to see.
And that's InfoWars flatlining, InfoWars life functions terminated.
But we're still here Myself, the great crew, and you all in this together.
Now, Owen Troyer here one more day for Alex Jones.
He will be back today, most likely after the show, but we may be hearing from Alex before the end of the show as major developments in the Sandy Hook case in Connecticut where the judge has just suspended Attorney Norm Pattis for six months allegedly for conduct she didn't like during the Sandy Hook trial.
Now this is more interesting than just dealing with Sandy Hook or Alex Jones attorney Norm Pattis because Norm also represents me.
I was due in court later this month so that's going to throw a wrench into my legal defense with my two ongoing cases.
Arrested for supporting Trump.
Total Democrat persecution, in my view.
So it looks like that's going to affect me as well.
Not to mention, the numerous other January 6th defendants that Norm Pattis is currently in the middle of trial defending, with jury selection ongoing, the likes of Joe Biggs and others.
Now, did that play into this decision?
I guess you're just going to have to make up your own mind on that.
But there you go.
Alex Jones' attorney, Norm Padas, suspended law license for six months.
He is appealing it.
He is in trial and court cases right now.
He's a very busy attorney, defending more than just Alex Jones.
And really, I mean, I don't want to put words in Norm's mouth.
I mean, I would consider Norm a classical liberal, in the sense that he supports free speech, in the sense that he doesn't like big government corruption running people's lives, ruining people's lives.
But that's just a quick take on that from me.
We may be hearing from Alex on that before the end of the day.
I don't know about hearing from Norm, considering he's going to be pretty busy today, not just with his ongoing trials, but dealing with this suspension that came down today.
So that's big news.
We'll be continuing to cover it at InfoWars.com.
I can't belabor that story because I've got so much other important news developing today.
Obviously 0-for-11 McCarthy now.
All signs point to 0-for-12 incoming whenever they decide to run that gambit again.
And it looks like it'll be starting here just momentarily, but I'll just tell you it's going to be 0-for-12.
So this is going to be hilarious to watch.
But there's other news developing there.
And like I said, it's amazing to just sit here and watch this play out, and it couldn't be more obvious.
And I suppose, to the same voices that were anti-Trump, In 2015 and 2016, using virtually the same rhetoric.
Basically, oh if you support Trump and you don't support Bush or whatever they were wanting at the time, the country's over, it's a doomsday scenario, worst thing ever, Trump will destroy the country.
The exact same threats that the exact same people were telling us about Trump are now the exact same people in the exact same threats telling us if we don't get McCarthy, it's a doomsday scenario.
Then there's the issue of this whole January 6th anniversary nonsense that we'll be getting into as well.
They are going to milk this cow forever.
I mean, they tell you January 6th is worse than September 11th, so of course they're going to be doing their ceremonies and their grandstanding.
And folks, we've got other big news today.
It is a loaded transmission.
Absolutely loaded.
Well, I gotta tell ya, I'm not feeling pressure with all the major news breaking today filling in for Alex Jones.
I feel blessed, I feel excited, and I'm honored to be here with you today on this Friday, January 6, 2023.
And I ask God for the vision and the strength and the patience and the clarity to be super effective in this important transmission today.
And there's about four or five stories that are just of the utmost importance that any other day would be the top story.
You'd spend all three hours on it in a three hour transmission, or it's going to be a four hour transmission today.
I'll be doing all four hours.
And you'd spend all four hours on that.
Maybe take calls, get special guests, but there's like four or five stories, maybe even six, quite frankly, that have reached that level of importance that I'm really going to have to be Doing my best work here today.
So I just ask God to give me the vision and the strength and the clarity to be ultimately effective transmitting this news to you live.
Here on the Alex Jones Show, Owen Troyer filling in.
Alex will be back today.
We may even be hearing from him live on the show.
So where do I begin?
Let's just, let's just briefly Lay out the big stories.
Now I mentioned the big story with Norm Pattis, Alex Jones attorney, my attorney, other January 6th defendants who are in trial right now, their attorney, he's just been suspended by the Connecticut judge from the Sandy Hook case.
Now, think what you want about that?
That just went down this morning.
Legitimate, illegitimate, persecution, politically driven, I'll leave that up to you.
Maybe we'll hear from Alex or Norm sometime.
But Norm obviously busy, and Alex as well, trying to get back into the office and back to work.
But I can't even belabor that big story today, because here we go again.
Kevin McCarthy is about to lose a 7th, excuse me, a 12th.
7th, please.
7th wasn't embarrassing enough for him.
He's going to go for 12 today.
And according to his own words, he could be 0 for 100 by the end of the month.
He'll be 0 for 100.
I mean, if they do four votes a day for the rest of the month and McCarthy loses every time, he's going to be 0 for 100.
Sorry, I'm laughing.
It's just hilarious.
But okay, we'll have that.
And here's what I'm going to do.
And really, I should maybe try to do this in the first segment if I can.
If I can't, we'll come back and do it immediately in the next segment.
There are four big issues right now.
There are four big issues right now.
There's Kevin Pelosi McCarthy.
Four big issues right now that are Pelosi's rules that Kevin McCarthy wants to keep intact that the 20 Republican holdouts want to get rid of.
Now I'll tell you those four rules and why it's so important.
Which to me just proves that Kevin McCarthy is doing the bidding of the deep state.
He would have conceded on these four issues if he was really working to make America great again.
If he was really working for a non-swamp favoring rule book for the 118th Congress.
So we're going to get into the importance of that as the 12th vote begins.
But we also have this whole January 6th ceremony remembrance like it's September 11th phenomenon
that needs to be addressed.
And there's going to be a bit of a, I'll admit that it's going to seem a little bit inconsistent
here with my coverage today dealing with what the Democrats did this morning versus what
the Republicans are about to do, keeping Kevin McCarthy away from the speaker position in
the gavel for the 12th time.
I'm going to point out the Democrat unification and say, see, this is what Republicans never do, but then also going to be supporting the fact that Republicans aren't unifying for Kevin McCarthy.
So I'll admit there's maybe even a double standard coming from me today, but is it really a double standard if I see it and admit it and then explain why I feel that way?
We will.
But what the Democrats did and the Capitol steps today is just, it's just disgusting.
And every single one of those Democrats that took part in that ceremony know they were lying.
Know that they lied to the American people about January 6th and Brian Sicknick and all the other stuff.
And it's, quite frankly, it's beyond insulting.
You know, I'm not the family of Ashley Babbitt.
I'm not the family of Roseanne Boylan.
I'm not actually Family with the people that died on January 6th, but it's funny that the Democrats get up there talking about people that died on January 6th and the violence.
All the people that died on January 6th were Trump supporters, but they don't tell you that.
Trump supporters killed by police.
They don't tell you that.
I mean, think about it.
It's numbing.
It's mind numbing.
That for years, Democrats will have massive displays, massive ceremonies telling you how bad cops are, specifically after a policeman kills an unarmed person like George Floyd.
Which, I'm not even saying that was the case.
I believe it was the drug overdose that led to George Floyd's cardiac arrest, as the autopsy said, but the mainstream media lies and continues to lie about it.
But, see, the point is that Democrats will have these massive, grandiose displays saying how bad it is when police officers kill unarmed Americans, and then they'll riot for months on end and justify it because of the police behavior.
But then, with their January 6th ceremonies, Where it was police officers that killed five unarmed people or four unarmed people that day, and then they get up there and they have a ceremony celebrating it!
But it's worse than that, and I'll explain coming up.
Now you've got the issue where... And look, I took a lot of flack for this.
I had callers calling in and disagreeing with me, and that's perfectly fine.
I am perfectly okay with that.
But I said I believe that it was the hit that caused the cardiac event on the football field on Monday night that could have potentially been made worse with a vaccine.
I still don't know his vaccine status.
They still haven't made any public statements as far as that's concerned.
After the doctors that were working on him made their statement yesterday, and then follow-up reports from other doctors who weren't working on him, but are going on TV doing interviews pretending like they know, and they're all saying the same thing.
Nothing to do with the vaccine!
Nothing to do with the vaccine!
Don't talk about the vaccine!
Well, wait a second!
If you come out, and you're honest, And the truth of the matter is that DeMar Hamlin did not get a COVID-19 vaccine, then fine!
Go on air and say the COVID-19 vaccine had nothing to do with this because he didn't get it!
But they're not saying that, are they?
All they're saying is that it has nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccine.
But they don't tell you that's because he didn't get it.
Now, at this point...
At this point because you see here's the difference.
I didn't come on air and say that this was because of the COVID-19 vaccine because I don't know if he's been vaccinated.
I can sit here and I can point to thousands of other cardiac events.
We did whole gigantic news reports and compilations of hundreds of other athletes that we know got the vaccine and that we know had a cardiac problem and others where we know of kids that died after getting the vaccine where they admitted the vaccine killed them.
So I've got all the cases that show the COVID-19 vaccine has killed tens of thousands of people.
That's according to the own government records.
There is no debate there, just lies and propaganda and denial.
But see, I wouldn't say that the COVID-19 caused the cardiac arrest because I don't know his vaccination status.
So tell me why a doctor, multiple doctors, would go on TV and tell you and say in utmost authority and confidence that this has nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccine, even though they do not tell you Whether or not he's been vaccinated.
If you said, he never took a COVID-19 vaccine, therefore this couldn't have been caused by the vaccine, then fine, fair enough.
But they don't do that.
They just say, don't ask about the vaccine, don't ask about the vaccine status, and this had nothing to do with the vaccine, stop talking about it.
Well, I'll tell you what.
The minute that you can show us the proof that he never took the vaccine, then people will stop talking about this being related to the vaccine, and we can have the other debate about the future of football.
But they just say, don't ask, don't tell, nothing to do with the vaccine.
Did he get the vaccine?
That doesn't matter.
Seems like it would matter for you to say it had nothing to do with it.
All right, so based off the activity I've seen so far today, I expect Kevin McCarthy will lose a 12th straight vote.
And you know what's interesting about this process now, as we're on day four of it, is not just the futility that we continue to see exercised.
We understand that now.
What's interesting is we started to yesterday get a better idea into what the major issues were as far as why the holdouts will not vote for McCarthy.
And so we're going to get into that here in a second.
But what's odd is that's not getting the focus of all of these speeches on the floor and of all of these speeches trying to say why we need McCarthy or don't or people just taking the stand to make their own points.
Nobody's really getting into the issues of the matter, which is odd to me.
And even when they go on TV, many are not really discussing the issues either.
I don't understand that, but that has been the case.
And while the Republican holdouts have still, with another night, all been on message, all been on point, all been unwavering, all been effective, The one thing I think that's lacking here is a proper explanation of why they're holding out.
And when you get an explanation into that, I think it'll make more sense.
And so I was looking into that yesterday and I have a better idea now of what is the situation.
Let's start with two of them that are extremely important.
And these are Pelosi rules, by the way, that Pelosi made.
And one is, a single member of the House can step up and basically has the power to remove Speaker, the Speaker of the House.
And Pelosi changed that.
That rule had been in for a while.
Pelosi changed that so I think that it had to be four or I don't remember the exact number.
Pelosi basically made it a lot harder to get an ouster of the Speaker.
Well of course Pelosi wants that.
She likes centralized power and she knew she had the gavel and she wanted to make sure she maintained it, especially considering The heat that was put on her from AOC and the squad ahead of the vote for Speaker, where they were going to do a little holdout like this, but basically they caved before it went down.
Then Pelosi made the rules so that not a single one of them could stand up and have Pelosi removed.
McCarthy won't concede that.
But it makes sense, doesn't it?
If the Speaker of the House is no longer doing the will of the Republican Party, or the Speaker of the House has got out of line, or the Speaker of the House isn't doing the will of the people, then one person can step up and have the ouster begin.
Why doesn't McCarthy want that?
That's pretty important.
Here's another one of utmost importance.
And this might even be bigger than the last one.
Campaign funding of the primaries.
The holdouts want to stop the major Republican super PACs and donor class and the GOP from getting involved in primary funding.
Well, isn't the why obvious?
And when you realize how obvious the why is, then you realize how obvious it is why they don't want that to stop.
Why would the Republican Party want to be involved in the campaign financing of the primaries so desperately?
Well, isn't it obvious?
Didn't we just see why in the midterms?
Because they get involved in the primary process, they can make sure That people, they hope, like people like Joe Kent and others, can't even get past the primary process.
So the Republicans will get to hand-pick, from the very beginning, who they want in office with their funding.
So does that make sense?
So, if you have two candidates coming up, let's say in Washington like Joe Kent, It's a damn shame we don't have Congressman Joe Kent.
But the Republicans didn't help with that, and they're glad, and they want to keep that trend continuing.
So the Republicans can come in and they can say, okay, here's the primary process.
Who's going to do our bidding?
Who's going to cave to our will?
Who can we control?
And when they have that answer, or they'll just select their person and insert them into any race they want.
And then they have the power of the purse of their hundreds of millions of dollars, which they all brag about Kevin McCarthy raising.
Every time, whether it's Dan Crenshaw or all these other people that go on television and tell you how great McCarthy is, they can only say one thing, and that's how much money he raises.
What does that do for you at home?
Just curious.
McCarthy raising a bunch of money, does that help you at home?
Do you really care about that?
Is that your biggest priority?
Not saying it's not important.
But so that's what the Republican Party wants.
They want to be able to control the primary process, and so you may notice this, the nice way of going after politicians you don't like, and it's probably the more professional way, and sometimes I slip up on this, and you know, I'll resort to name-calling and insults, and I try not to do that, but you know, with a guy like Dan Crenshaw, you can't help yourself.
But the polite, professional way is to say, okay, we're gonna primary you.
Instead of just coming out and saying, Dan Crenshaw, this guy sucks.
I, Patch McCain.
You just say, wow, Dan, you've really embarrassed yourself and you've really shown the people that you don't care about the country and you care more about the D.C.
establishment and elites.
We're going to primary you.
Well, that's a threat because in the primary process, There's more of a level playing field.
But if the Republicans are involved in the financing of it, well then all of a sudden one guy can get $10 million in the primary process, and then the other guy or gal is forced to do fundraising on their own, which is obviously a lot harder when running a campaign.
To get the millions of dollars in fundraising.
So, in the primary process, if you know you've got millions of dollars from the Republicans, you can focus on your campaign, they'll pay for all your ads, they'll pay for all your events, and you don't even have to worry about campaign fundraising.
So you see why that's so important?
Why won't McCarthy concede on that?
Because he loves the power of the purse.
He gets all the D.C.
elite money.
And he wants the ability to dole it out as he sees fit.
And if that harms people like Joe Kent, then they don't care.
Because they don't like Joe Kent.
They don't want him in there.
He would be probably another holdout against McCarthy.
So you see how that works?
They also want to vote on term limits.
This is a more minor issue to me, quite frankly.
I think it goes both ways.
I can see why term limits are a good thing.
You look at someone like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, there's your argument for term limits.
But, it goes both ways.
Look at Rand Paul.
You want Rand Paul to not be able to keep running and getting into office?
Not to mention, If you have term limits, who ends up really running things in Congress?
Well, a lot of these staffers.
The staffers can be there for decades and decades, and some of these new people get in, and if you don't have anybody there that's long in the tooth, you're kind of looking around for help, maybe not knowing what to do, and then the staffers end up running everything.
So, I think that one's a give and take.
They also want a stricter border, they want a fair tax act, and then the other big one is, They want a balanced budget is what they say, but really here's the practical exercise.
It's that they want new rules when it comes to these bills so that basically you can't have a bill land on your desk with 48 hours left to approve it.
So they're going to get rid of that.
And I don't know, they haven't really proposed an exact time, but I mean really the number should be at least two weeks.
I mean it should be a two-week minimum.
You're going to put a bill on my desk, plus they want single-vote, single-issue appropriations bills as well, so that this massive bill doesn't come out with a hundred things on it that they don't even know about.
And isn't that what it's all about?
Isn't that really what it's all about?
We're sick of government lies, we're sick of government corruption, same thing with the media, views itself as the government.
It does.
I mean, can't you see that by the arrogance that they go on TV at night?
You better vote McCarthy!
It's a hostage situation when nobody wants McCarthy.
You talk to the average American that votes Republican, you talk to the average conservative.
Nobody wants McCarthy.
Only the swamp.
Only the deep state.
And now we know why.
Because it's tyranny.
It's centralized power.
They want Kevin McCarthy to have centralized power without the ability to remove him if he's not acting well.
They want the ability to put a thousand page bill on your desk and you get one night to read it with a hundred different issues in it, vote it and pass it.
And then the one issue and it's like funding veterans or something.
And then if you don't vote for it, they say, look, he hates veterans.
So they want one issue bills, one vote, one issue bills.
They want time to read gigantic spending bills.
They want to get the Republican Party and all the big money out of the primary process for a more fair primary process so we can primary swamp creatures like Dan Crenshaw, who's really just really disgraced himself this week.
As if, I mean, he was already like hanging by a thread.
Just hanging by a thread of any public support from the conservative Republican community.
That's all gone now.
He's completely broke.
And so I hope I did a good job in the last segment laying out the issues that the holdouts have.
But in case I didn't do a good enough job, Matt Gaetz has just stepped up to the podium and he is speaking right now.
And so here is Matt Gaetz explaining why I suspect the 20 holdouts will once again not vote for McCarthy.
Here it is.
Several believe that one earns the position of Speaker by raising enormous sums of money, and there is no doubt that the individual that was nominated by Mr. Garcia is the LeBron James of special interest fundraising in this town.
There is nobody better!
But I would suggest that there are qualifications for Speaker that are far more important, there are attributes that are far more important.
Jim Jordan has those, and I am submitting his name for nomination at this time.
I heard my colleague from California, Mr. Garcia, say that we seek pure, selfless intent, and I could not agree more with that assessment.
Mr. Jordan, indeed, is reflective of pure, selfless intent.
I don't know that the same can be said for the Republican alternative.
Let's start with purity.
Many of you have seen the reports that there are negotiations to determine whether or not, on this side of the aisle, there can be a deal.
A meeting of the minds.
A grand bargain that would allow us to proceed with the speakership.
And I want all of my colleagues to know, regardless of your perspective on me, how Impure, some of those negotiations have gone, and I want the country to know.
The principal goal of the people who are objecting to Mr. McCarthy on the Republican side is that we don't believe the rules of this place unlock the potential of all of the members to be able to cast votes on individual bills and to offer amendments on appropriations acts.
And we're also concerned about spending that has ballooned our debt and borrowed against the future generations of American citizens.
And Mr. McCarthy said, well, goodness to the objectors, why do you want to be on the Oversight and Judiciary Committee and you never submit your names to be on the Rules Committee or the Appropriations Committee?
And so, gosh, if you'll get a list of folks who are willing to come early on fly-in days for rules and folks who are willing to take on the extra burden of our appropriators who work so hard, then I'll certainly work to do that.
And so we endeavored in good faith, in pure good faith, to create that list.
And then what did Mr. McCarthy do?
He went out to the media and came to other members of the conference and said, see, they just want jobs for themselves!
That is not pure.
Selflessness is not selling shares of yourself to the lobby corps and then doing their bidding at the expense of the American people.
But there certainly is intent, and it's an intent driven almost exclusively by personal ambition, and that ambition is paralyzing the House now.
Madam Clerk, at this time, there is great trust in Mr. Jordan, and that's why I am nominating him, and there is insufficient trust in Kevin McCarthy.
There are some who have been objecting to Mr. McCarthy, who are working on, perhaps, changes to the rules, changes to circumstance, that would convert the speakership from the great, awesome, powerful position it is now, to more of a ceremonial position.
Almost akin to the speaker in the British House of Commons.
I referred to it previously as a straitjacket that some of us were trying to construct with better rules and better personnel because we do not trust Mr. McCarthy with power.
Because we know who he will use it for and we are concerned it will not be for the American people.
We trust Jim Jordan.
I nominate him and I'm going to vote for him.
Alright, I think that's about as well said as it can be right there for Matt Gaetz.
Now, the vote is underway.
It's just begun.
I don't think anything changes here, folks.
I have no reason to believe anything changes.
I don't know if the votes for somebody other than McCarthy will be the number 20, as they have been in the past, but I still believe McCarthy won't get the votes.
Do we want to go to this Lauren Boebert now guys too?
Let's pick up some audio of Boebert here quickly.
Who unanimously was elected as chairman whom I believe can unite this Republican conference and put forward the agenda that we all promise to work hard on and serve our American people to the best of our abilities with.
I believe that Kevin Hearn Yeah, we got news on that today.
national debt. I get texts on a regular basis at how inflation is hurting
families, how grocery prices are skyrocketing. We got news on that today.
He has crafted a budget that balances and will bring that to the floor to help
the American people. Madam Clerk, I nominate Kevin Hearn as speaker. Thank you.
So you've got Hearn, you've got Jordan, they'll get some votes.
I don't know if Donald's will get some votes.
My guess is it'll be 20 again.
I don't know if anybody's flipping yet.
And I will say this, you know, I got, actually, I got a lot of messages, people saying, hey, I've emailed my congressman, I've emailed my representative, I've sent them a message, I've called their offices.
And told them, please stop voting McCarthy.
And so I imagine that they're being inundated at this point with messages, emails, phone calls telling them not to vote for McCarthy.
So much so, I think a lot of them have just decided we're not answering emails anymore.
They told their staff don't even respond anymore.
And people were calling in And I mean, it's kind of a weird scenario because you're dealing with InfoWars that is like right here live.
I mean, this is as live and transparent and connected to you, the audience, like this is all of us.
I'm up here behind the microphone and we got the crew in here switching and running the cameras and everything.
But this is a live show that it consists of millions of people.
And so people were calling in yesterday because that's what we do.
We're open here.
Everybody gets to talk.
It's like the real Congress here.
And people are calling in, and we were hoping to get Marjorie Taylor Greene on yesterday, saying, you need to ask this, you need to say this, you need to do this.
Which, of course, probably is why she didn't come on.
I'm not blaming the audience for that, that's what we do here.
We're open, we talk.
And I don't know that that's the case, but basically, you know, we never got Marjorie Taylor Greene on, and her staff quit answering our calls.
And I would always say, even when the callers were skeptical, I'd say, look, I like Marjorie Taylor Greene, I think she's a good person, she has her reasons for voting for McCarthy again.
Hopefully she can come on and explain it.
Never came on.
But I will say, if Marjorie votes for McCarthy again today, that's just a little concerning at this point to me.
Again, I'm not saying, I'm not changing tune on my general perspective from Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I still think she's a good person.
I still think she's one of the good guys.
I don't think she's controlled opposition, as others have suggested, and others have made even More aggressive suggestions about Marjorie Taylor Greene this week.
I'm not on that board.
But I will say, at this point, why has Marjorie Taylor Greene not changed her vote?
Why is she so loyal to Kevin McCarthy?
I really, at this point, don't understand it.
And that's because she hasn't offered an explanation.
Now would be the day to switch your vote, Marjorie.
Now would be the day to say, look, I was loyal to Kevin.
I wanted to be part of this Republican Party that got behind Kevin.
It's not working, and so I'm not going to be voting for Kevin McCarthy today.
We'll see if that's the story, but I doubt it.
All right, the vote is underway.
We have had one interesting development here.
Byron Donalds has switched his vote back to Kevin McCarthy.
Boebert, Bishop, and I forget the others, and Gates just... So four other votes right now.
Bishop, Boebert, Gates.
The other name skips my head right now.
But Donald switches his vote back to McCarthy.
Now, I want to get ahead of another thing, as Lauren Boebert puts this message out last night. We're not because this is
all the the naysayers to the twenty Republican holdouts are saying
you're just making a point, you're just grandstanding, you just want clicks, you
just want campaign donations. I don't believe that for a second to be the case.
Lauren Boebert says we're not making a point, we're making a change. I agree and
I would just say this to get ahead of an issue here.
To the Republicans and I hope that they can get this message
some way or another, obviously they're voting right now, but to the Republican holdouts,
if McCarthy does end up becoming Speaker without the concessions somehow, even if he becomes Speaker
today or next week and we don't get all the concessions that we want, that are
common sense stuff, do not put your tail behind your legs, do not feel ashamed, do not feel embarrassed because
you've already been given the next winning argument platform.
If McCarthy wins, the Republican holdouts need to come out and make a joint statement and just say, hey look, we tried to do something for the American people, we tried to finally get some change instituted in D.C., and we failed.
The swamp won again.
So, here's our message to the American people.
Watch as DC, specifically conservatives and Republicans, watch as DC politics doesn't change at all with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.
It's beautiful.
It's perfect.
Because now you've put the onus back on the GOP and back on Kevin McCarthy to actually at least pretend like they care about the American people.
And they won't.
And you'll see politics as usual in D.C.
And you'll see massive omnibus spending bills with less than 24 hours to read them.
And you'll see primary funding going to the deep state swamp nominations, not the grassroots conservatives.
And it'll just be the same thing in D.C.
And so, I just hope that if McCarthy does end up getting beyond the threshold here, that the Republicans don't hide and quiver, but instead stand tall and say, okay, hey, we put forth a good faith effort, we tried to do something to get some change finally in D.C., it failed, now you watch, your government, business as usual, they'll add trillions to the debt.
They'll do nothing about the border, they'll primary grassroots conservatives out of the process, and D.C.
will continue to dominate the rest of the country.
So, enjoy it, watch it, we tried to stop it, we failed, we'll try again next time.
Simple as that, that's all they have to do.
Now, I think, actually, even though that's what I would do and what I think they should do, I will tip my hat to Matt Gaetz, who I think has made another move of political brilliance here.
Representative Matt Gaetz threatens to resign from Congress if Republicans give Democrats control of the chamber just to elect McCarthy as Speaker of the House.
Again, I think this is brilliant.
Even though I'm saying, hey, don't put your tail between your legs and run, I don't really view that's what Gaetz is doing.
I think Gaetz is just going all in here and saying, hey, look, if the Democrats are willing To work to get McCarthy in, or Republicans are willing to reach across the table and threaten us by putting a Democrat in charge, then fine!
Let them do it, we'll call it out, and I'll walk away from the whole thing.
I think it's another act of political brilliance from Matt Gaetz, because it highlights the issue here.
That clearly McCarthy is the swamp candidate.
Clearly McCarthy is who the Democrats even want in there.
Sure, they'd prefer Jeffries, but they'd prefer McCarthy as the one with better odds than Jeffries.
So, that will just highlight that issue.
And that's going to be the key here.
Now, the one thing I wish the holdouts would do better is Voicing their concerns and voicing these concessions better so the American people understand it better.
The amazing thing is the American people though are really tuned in more than ever and I think they just understand generally speaking why we don't like Kevin McCarthy and and why he represents the swamp and why he represents the DC elite.
I think the American people understand that basically speaking but they need to understand the issues here better so that they can understand If, God forbid, McCarthy gets in and railroads D.C.
down our throat again, we'll know how and why it happened.
With the primary spending, with the unable to remove the speaker when he goes rogue or goes swamp, and the border, and all these other issues.
Quickly, here's some other headlines.
Why do 201 GOP representatives continue to vote for Kevin McCarthy, who gets an F in Liberty score from Conservative Review?
Conservative Review, a great outlet if you want to look at voting records, absolutely.
And they've got their own system for analyzing voting records with the principles of Liberty.
And Kevin McCarthy gets an F. Of course he does.
He's a swamp creature.
He's the LeBron James of special interest money and doling it out to who will work for the swamp instead of the American people.
But here come the threats.
Conservatives warn of doomsday scenario if McCarthy fails in speaker race where Democrats neuter GOP power.
Doomsday scenario.
Folks, in case you haven't noticed, it's already a doomsday scenario in DC.
Debt is off the map.
It's ridiculous.
$1.7 trillion spending bills that you can't even read before you can vote for them.
Congress is already a mess.
The government is already a doomsday scenario.
Whether it's McCarthy in there or not, that doesn't change.
McCarthy extends the doomsday scenario.
And they just tell you the exact opposite.
And I'm not surprised by the names and the figures doing it, like Fox News' Brian Kilmeade.
Fox News' Brian Kilmeade labels anti-McCarthy GOP representatives insurrectionists.
Doesn't surprise me one bit.
Brian Kilmeade is a D.C.
East Coast elitist.
Always has been.
He likes to dictate policy from his, his, big, big table at Fox News and his big radio show at Fox News.
He likes to dictate to you how things should go.
Brian Kilmeade likes to dictate down to the people what you should think and what you should do when it comes to politics.
And we're reversing that trend, Brian.
But I wasn't surprised.
I wasn't surprised by any of this.
And you may remember on Monday when I came on and hosted the show, I said, ignore the hemming and hawing, ignore the threats, ignore the doomsday this, doomsday that.
It's 2016 with Trump all over again.
It's the same D.C.
elites, East Coast elites, swamp D.C.
creatures that didn't want Trump in in 2016 that are now telling you Kevin McCarthy's the best option in 2023.
Don't buy it.
Don't listen to it.
Ignore it just like you did.
Because these are just elitists who like being able to feel powerful by dictating policy and politics from the top down.
And of course the swamp repays them by giving them all the swamp creature guests for their TV shows and their radio shows.
And that makes them feel prestigious.
And I'm really upset that Donald's changed his vote, especially after the attacks he was under.
Democrat Cory Bush claims black representative Byron Donald's perpetuating white supremacy after historic speaker nomination.
Imagine, you know, because they love black people so much, right?
So you had a black man nominated by the Democrats and a black man nominated by the Republicans, but one of the black men was called a white supremacist.
You know which one it was?
Of course you do, it was the Republican.
So that's upsetting that And I'm not saying that Byron Donald switched his vote because of the Democrat lies and attacks on him.
I'm just sad he did, considering the Democrat lies and attacks on him.
By the way, what was the one other thing when I came on here for the first broadcast of the new year did I say?
Besides, don't listen to the hemming and hawing from the D.C.
elites complaining that McCarthy can't get in.
I said, one of the big stories going into 2023 now is the market is finally going to catch up post-COVID and post-Biden.
And now we've got all kinds of news on that.
And then the guest that's going to be joining me in the next hour, we're going to be talking about that with him as well.
But ladies and gentlemen.
Remember, InfoWars.com is supported by you.
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We don't have big donors.
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Very shortly.
Alex may decide to do that as soon as he gets back in the office.
All right, continuing to monitor the vote, and then a guest joining me coming up in the next hour.
All right, we've had a couple flips now.
Ana Paulina Luna, Donald and some others, McLeod, and...
McCarthy actually has a shot now, folks, because not every member of Congress is present for this vote now, and so McCarthy's threshold is a lot lower if he wants to win.
So McCarthy actually has his best chance now of winning speakership today with some of these flips and the lower number needed as the threshold to get the majority, considering not everybody is present to vote today.
So, you may get Kevin McCarthy today.
Only time will tell, and unless... I mean, I think there may have to be another flip or two as we continue the vote.
But it's going to be right down to the wire.
So unless somebody flips from McCarthy to somebody else, McCarthy's actually out of shot today.
And so, boy oh boy.
I mean, that's going to be a nice gut blow, but It'll be politics as usual, and so we'll just put up with two more years of the swamp running over us, and the conservatives in this house will learn the hard way.
So fine, you'll have to learn the hard way.
The American people have already learned it.
The American people, the Republican voting base, they don't want McCarthy.
And even Donald Trump's support of McCarthy didn't move the needle for McCarthy.
That shows you how much the American people are uninterested with all of these representatives' inboxes being flooded With their constituents saying, please don't vote for McCarthy and then getting ignored.
So this is good.
I mean, it's not going to be good that McCarthy gets in.
We're going to get screwed again.
But throughout the process, a lot of good stuff has happened.
And so members of Congress are going to learn the hard way that they're going to get screwed and double crossed by McCarthy.
With the with the massive spending.
And the primary funding.
And the border.
And I mean, do you really think McCarthy's going to launch an investigation into the Biden family?
Do you really think that?
The Biden crime family?
Do you really think McCarthy's going to launch any of that?
Spearhead any of that?
Or is he just going to focus on raising money and then making sure the Republican handpicked candidates get in every time?
So that's fine.
So people will learn the hard way.
Some people already know this.
I think most of the voters already know this, but it looks like some of the members, the new members of Congress, maybe some of the returning members of Congress will have to learn the hard way.
I don't think Kevin McCarthy is going to give him anything.
I don't expect anything from Kevin McCarthy on the border.
I mean, that one is so obvious, it's like, maybe he'll do that one just because it's so easy, and he has little say in it anyway.
So he can do a lot of jaw jacking on the border issue when he can't do anything.
The real issue is going to be the funding.
The real issue is going to be the rules with the bills and the primary funding.
And the real issue is going to be the fact that you're not going to be able to remove him if he goes sideways.
So this one's going to be interesting.
It's going to come right down to the wire and I think that we'll have a conclusion within the hour, probably within the next 30 minutes.
And we'll learn quickly what, if any, concessions were made to get these votes to flip towards Kevin McCarthy.
Oh man.
You know, it kind of sucks in a way, because we thought maybe finally, maybe finally we
had some good moves happening inside Congress to start the 118th Congress, but isn't that
everything right now?
To start the 118th Congress, is it going to be the swamp's will, or is it going to be the will of we the people?
And we've had hope that, hey, whoa, we might have a change here.
Maybe some of we, the people, might get a little hope with these Republican holdouts.
Maybe we can actually do something about this ridiculous, out-of-control U.S.
But then McCarthy will likely get in.
And for the 118th Congress, all hope will be lost.
But I don't want to be totally negative today.
Sometimes people watching this process play out while they're paying attention more than they ever have is a good thing.
But I'm telling you right now, McCarthy's got a shot today, folks.
He's got a shot with this 12th vote.
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Alright, we'll be monitoring this vote, folks.
It's gonna be neck and neck.
It's gonna be a razor's edge.
This thing's gonna come down to a razor's edge, folks.
and the chemicals and the natural things that God gave us.
This stuff is the cavalry when it comes to countering the New World Order.
All right, we'll be monitoring this vote, folks.
It's going to be neck and neck.
It's going to be a razor's edge.
This thing is going to come down to a razor's edge, folks.
I think McCarthy still needs two or three more flips.
But we'll be monitoring this number.
And I don't even know what the number he needs today is.
I think it's 215 today.
I don't think he needs 218 today.
But we'll continue to monitor that.
Now, I'm joined by Tyler Bennett from jonestaxrelief.com.
Now, ladies and gentlemen...
Everybody has to pay taxes, believe me.
You hate it, I hate it, I wish it weren't the case.
But we all gotta pay taxes, and you want to make sure you've got a tax attorney handling cases that you might be involved in, or just your general taxes for your business, your personal reasons, that you can trust, that knows the law, knows the books, and knows how to give you the best deal possible.
And that is Tyler Bennett from jonestaxrelief.com.
Tyler, as we're watching this changing of the guard with Congress and the 118th Congress coming in and a lot of political changes happening as well as we move to the new year, what goes through your mind?
What do you think about for your clients?
What do you think about for your personal books?
What do these new year mean?
What does a new year mean as far as taxes are concerned, whether it be a personal interest or a business interest?
Tyler Bennett, jonestaxrelief.com.
Well, nice to see you again, Owen.
And the reality of the situation is like what you just said.
There's a changing of the guard that's happened.
So, the last commission of the IRS was Chuck Riddell, right?
And when I was on here last time, we spoke about how the IRS has made more money than ever before, and Chuck Riddell was focusing on one thing, and that's answering the phone.
Anybody that's ever called the IRS knows they have a severe issue there with answering phone calls.
But now that commission of the IRS is over, there's been a change of the guard, and now we have Daniel Werfel in, who is far left, and he has even stated that he is going to go after tax cheats, this is a quote, Like those people in Bitcoin.
So again, it's more of the same where you're guilty until proven innocent with this political party and they're going to come after and take your money.
So I got to stop you right there because I'm a little... You're telling me this guy Daniel Werfel said that Bitcoin holders are tax cheats?
He said that he's going after tax cheats like Bitcoin holders.
That's what he said.
So again, guilty until proven innocent.
Just because you have the asset, of course, does not make you a tax cheat.
Now, we're going to get into this a little bit different because there was a TIGDA report.
Now, that's the FBI of the IRS.
And what they found is that the IRS isn't even equipped to make these decisions.
We'll get into that.
In a second.
I want to finish this point here, which is we all heard about the Inflation Reduction Act, which, of course, the Biden administration is talking about all these things they're going to do, but they snuck in the 87,000 agents to the IRS and the $80 billion to the IRS, correct?
And here's the thing, the new commissioner of the IRS is saying 7,000 of those 87,000 people are going to go towards answering the phone.
Which was the last commission of the IRS sole focus.
That's only less than 7% of what they want to do.
The remaining 80,000 people are becoming auditors to audit the middle class.
And that's what's happening.
I'm just stunned at this animosity.
I mean, this is like, is this normal?
I mean, you'd think somebody gets a new position at the IRS, they want to come in at least with a neutral perspective, like, hey, you know, I'm here to do my job and I'm neutral.
But to come in with this animosity towards crypto holders or specifically Bitcoin holders, he mentions Bitcoin holders.
Is that unprecedented or is this, should we expect this now?
Well, it's unprecedented, but we should also expect it because it's definitely the... That's what the regime has been echoing since day one.
They don't trust you.
They want to take your money.
They think everybody is out there cheating the tax man and cheating the government.
And of course, they have already said that who they're going to go after is the middle class, right?
When they change their 1099k reporting requirements and all that, who suffers?
The middle class.
Not the fat cats at top, who if they just paid a little bit more in taxes, if we rewrote the tax code that way, the tax gap, which is the difference between what the IRS makes and what the United States spends every year, would be not only closed, but we'd be operating in a surplus.
And instead of going after the right people, the Biden administration finds it easier to go after the middle class because they don't have the types of attorneys and trusts and corporations that take a lot of manpower to go through and find out if this person is actually playing by the rules or not.
It's much easier for the IRS to target Any random person in the middle class and make a crazy accusation that again, you're guilty until proven innocent in this in this context that now you're gonna have to prove that you did not do this thing or hire counsel, you know to get you out of the mess and It's just not fair to the middle class.
It's Insulting and it's yeah, it's it's very much much of the same from this regime.
This is the new normal But yes, watch out because they absolutely do not have your back.
They're gonna stab you in it So what does this mean, then, as the middle class is about to have the magnifying glass put on it by the IRS, specifically people holding Bitcoin?
I mean, what does this practically mean?
I mean, are people going to need to expect a call from the IRS?
A visit from the IRS?
So I have right here, oh, and this is the, uh, there it is.
That is the TIGDA.
That's the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.
And what they do is they're like the FBI for the IRS.
They, they also, they, they do crime stuff, but what they also do is look at the IRS itself and say, Hey, is this organization working the right way?
And they audit it.
So that was an internal audit they just did.
And just a couple of days ago, what they found out is, All these new tax laws that the Biden administration has pumped into place, the IRS does not have the infrastructure, both in terms of people, processes, systems, but also their cloud, their main computer that handles all the tax returns, is not ready to handle all the tax changes that the Biden administration has put into law.
And when you look at this report, most of it is redacted.
You see that?
It's hard to read, but the parts that aren't redacted, we can tell that the TIGDA is saying, listen, the IRS can't even handle the $600 1099K requirement.
And that's why on December 23rd, a day before Christmas last year, real sneakily, the IRS lifted it up and said, OK, we're not going to do that till next year.
It wasn't because they're giving you a Christmas present.
It was because they realized that it was going to be more work for them than not because they didn't have the infrastructure in place.
And here's the thing, Owen, is they did it too late.
So that means more than half of the people that were under that regime were going to get 1099Ks or still going to receive it because They made this last second decision on December 23rd so a lot of these 1099s are already in the mail or on the way and so what we're gonna have is a lot of small business owners and regular people who just sent money to their friends that now have erroneous 1099s that the IRS
That's what I was going to say.
doesn't even care about, but they sent out because it was before they made this last minute change
when they realized that they couldn't handle all the changes they made.
So get ready for a lot of mistakes this year from the IRS.
And again, it's your duty, my duty, the taxpayer's duty to correct it
because the IRS will not and they will just take your money.
And that's what we have to watch out for.
Well, that's what I was gonna say.
I mean, obviously the IRS is not gonna make mistakes in your favor, so how do people prepare for this?
So the first level of preparation is knowledge, right?
So the first thing you need to know is that this is happening.
And many people did not know, but on December 23rd, halfway through the day, the IRS changed the law and said no longer 2022 or excuse me, 23 is the first year for the 600 $10.99 K. They moved it a year, but I'm telling you
everyone's still gonna get one because they did it So last minute and what you need to know is if you get one
It does not mean you have to pay taxes on it because they pump that up into next year
And so you may get erroneous 1099s in the mail The other thing too is what TIGA found out is not just from
the $600 one but like the commissioner of the IRS said they're going
after the crypto people or What TIGDA found out is, if you have any crypto accounts at all, whether or not you're reporting your account, or reporting or non-reporting, or a good taxpayer or not, simply by having it right now, the issues, the programming bugs in the IRS's computer are going to flag your account, simply by having it at all.
Now remember, I'm always saying... Let's take a pause right there, because we've got to go to a break here, Tyler.
I'm very curious about this, and this is going to be important stuff as we enter the new year, folks, because when the IRS makes a mistake, it's not going to be in your favor, and then you've got to make sure that you don't make a mistake, because then ultimately you're going to pay for both their mistake and your mistake.
That's how this works.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh my gosh, ladies and gentlemen.
It looks like McCarthy is going to fall short by two votes.
They just took final roll and it looks like McCarthy short two votes.
But he did get his highest threshold yet at 213.
Now they're still crunching the numbers.
They're still crunching the numbers here.
But only seven voted other today where it was 20.
So 13 flipped to McCarthy today.
And as far as I can tell that has nothing to do with concessions made.
Maybe they just want to go home.
And maybe they've actually fallen for the lies and attacks of the fake news establishment, D.C.
elitists, saying, Doomsday!
Oh, you're so bad!
You're a terrorist!
You're an insurrectionist!
Is that why they flipped their vote?
Or maybe they just want to go home.
Because I haven't seen any concessions made from McCarthy, and if there were, you wouldn't have had Gates and Biggs and Boeberts and the rest still voting Other.
However, it looks like McCarthy's still going to fall short two votes today.
And look at how mad he is.
He is pissed.
It's two votes short.
Alright, we're going to continue to monitor this.
I think it's two.
I'll give you the official numbers when we have them, but I believe it's going to be two.
I think five people didn't make roll today, as some people had to go back to be at funerals, wife pregnant, mother needs surgery, stuff like that.
And so, wow.
By the skin of his teeth.
Just falling short, it looks like Kevin McCarthy, though he did get some flips.
All right.
Now, getting back to Tyler Bennett from jonestaxrelief.com.
Now, Tyler, this is going to be a pivotal thing for a lot of people, and this is why it's important they understand this heading into the new year.
The IRS makes mistakes.
They never favor you.
But also, if you make a mistake, you pay the crime.
You pay the toll.
So, essentially, you're in a situation now where if you make the wrong move, you're going to pay for the IRS's mistake, and you're going to pay for a mistake if you make it.
So tell people how they can avoid that and what you guys at Jones Tax Relief will do to offer them some comfort should they be in a compromising, potentially, situation with the IRS.
Well that's right, Owen.
And so let me address that first.
If you are in a potentially compromising situation with the IRS, and let me just say this, if you are a taxpayer, then you potentially are, because they are going after everyone, like I said.
But there's three types of situations you could possibly be in.
Either right now, you need your taxes filed for this year, and you want to pay as a You know, warm-blooded American, you want to pay the least amount as physically possible.
That's your legal right as a taxpayer, and so we can help make sure you do that.
Or, if the IRS has already gotten to you, and they're saying they owe you money, or you owe them money, the state is saying that you owe them money, they're coming after you, maybe they're levying your bank account or taking other collection activities against you, we can stop these dead in their tracks, we can make them Honor your rights that you have that they are violating.
And remember, as we talked before, they don't care if they violate your rights because they're not attorneys.
They are clerks that operate off of what they do.
And then there's the future, which is, hey, I'm planning on making more money next year than this year because I started a business.
I'm doing better.
All these things.
Well, the reason the IRS, Owen, made so much money last year and the year before is because when the COVID disaster hit and everybody lost their salary job, they all started businesses.
But the thing is, is many of these people are overpaying in taxes because they're not familiar with filing Schedule C and small business tax returns and the amount of deductions, such as the pass-through deduction, 20%, that you could take and make sure you're paying the least amount of taxes.
So if any of these situations apply to you, I can help.
We can absolutely make sure you're in the correct entity structure going forward and you're paying the least amount of taxes.
And if you already owe the government, we'll negotiate for that back tax.
Now, how we got into this situation in the first place this year is, remember, I was at the IRS conference in November.
I talked to Chuck Riddell, and he said the single biggest focus of the IRS during his commission was getting people to answer the phone.
And now during this time, the Democrats, right, Biden passed this giant law, the Inflation Act, Which added 87,000 people to the IRS, 80 billion dollars, right?
But what the new regime does, what the new commissioner of the IRS has said, oh we're only going to put 7,000 of those people towards the actual problem, the rest of it we're going to shake down the middle class.
And now here's where the IRS's problem was, and this is what the TIGDA report found out, is okay, fine, the Democrats push through all these bills because they want people to pay more taxes, get audited, etc. etc. But the IRS doesn't have the infrastructure to do
it. And so take us looking at this Rubik's Cube of complexity that they have to figure out before they
can even make these moves.
And so does that mean that, oh, we're in a safe harbor until they figure it out? No,
no, that is not how the government works. They are going to attack first before they
realize whether they are even in the right or in the wrong.
And so that's where the danger lies.
And even the Treasury Inspector General has said that the IRS is not equipped to handle what they're doing.
And that's why they have backtracked on a lot of the stuff they've said over recent days.
Now, remember, we're talking about stuff that spent the last two years coming into law, and then they spent the last two weeks reneging on it, right?
And that's not enough time for the government, the bureaucracy, to really change.
And so that's why we're going to have a lot of mistakes.
And like you said, Owen, when a mistake comes down from the IRS, it ain't the IRS that's going to pay the bill.
It's you.
And so that's why you have to have proper representation to make sure they're not taking advantage of you.
So what's the move here?
What can you offer to, say, somebody who wants to start a business this year, whether you have small intentions or large intentions?
What are the services that jonestaxrelief.com can offer?
Because I would imagine for a lot of people that are going into business for themselves to start a new year, there's probably a lot of questions, a lot of concerns, and there's really no clarity that you get.
I mean, they don't teach you this stuff in school, so you're kind of walking around blindfolded until the IRS takes it off and says, hey, pay the toll.
Correct, Owen, and that's absolutely correct.
Information is the one thing that they want to keep from the people because that is what gives us power, right?
And so what we are offering in this Termetralist time is we have a three-year audit protection program.
So if you're in the type of situation that we, you know, you talk to me and we find out that, listen, you're in the area that potentially could get audited, we have protection plans that we can give you that For the next three years, which is hopefully the rest of that commission of the IRS before the Republicans take control.
Again, we'll see.
But for the next three years, you won't have anything to worry about if the IRS ever comes to you.
We're representing you and those letters would come to us and we'll take care of it.
So that's what I can offer straight up for everybody.
Because like I said, it doesn't matter if you have a small business or not.
They're going to audit a lot of people who do not deserve it this year.
But as I said before, there are many entities, such as C-corporations, LLCs, trusts, instruments, that we can create and put people in so that you are paying the lowest amount of taxes.
Now, until the Democrats change this, and they do want to, the corporate tax rate is still the lowest tax rate of all income tax.
It's 21%.
You and me, Owen, we pay on a sliding scale up to 37%.
Just simply if you're making a lot of money, being in the right entity structure could save you literally half the amount that you're paying in taxes.
You know that's just crazy to think and I want to expand on that when we come back from this break coming up because...
I mean, I would imagine that there's things that you're going to be doing if you're just starting a business.
There are things that you're going to be doing where if you don't get out ahead of this stuff, you're going to end up behind it.
And it may seem like, hey, I don't want to get involved with taxes and stuff.
I'll deal with that later down the road when it's a problem.
When really, it'd be advantageous to deal with it now before it becomes a problem.
We'll talk to Tyler Bennett from jonestaxrelief.com about that on the other side.
All right, McCarthy loses 12th bid to become Speaker, but gets more votes than he has yet.
Story developing.
We've got Tyler Bennett on with us from jonestaxrelief.com.
And now, this is what I'm thinking about if I'm a small business owner or say I'm just going to go into business for myself to begin the year 2023.
You know, this stuff can seem obviously confusing and so a lot of people want to put it off and they'll just say, I'm going to deal with my business stuff.
I'll put off with the tax stuff till later in the year.
Problem is that can cause issues for you.
You want to get out ahead of this.
So talk about that.
If you're starting a business for the year 2023 and you want to get out ahead of potential tax issues with jonestaxrelief.com, explain that process for us.
I don't.
So remember, when you're a small business owner, you're on Schedule C. That means you can take deductions against the income you make.
And this is very different from a salaried employee who is only able to take Schedule A deductions.
That would be like your mortgage, etc.
But anything in pursuit of your profit as a small business is a deduction that you can write off.
And this is including deductions, excuse me, expenses that you've incurred even before you started your business.
So the official rule right now is there's up to $5,000 in startup costs that aren't even associated with your business that we can write off before you even start your business.
Once you start it...
Many businesses run a loss for a few years before they become profitable.
And remember, we can always carry forward those losses.
So it's very, very important that we file correctly and we make note of the losses that we did take.
Whether we not take them or use them or not, we at least notate them.
So that way, when you are making money in the future, we make sure you're paying the least amount of taxes
because you had expenses that were heavily loaded earlier on in your business.
And that's just how most businesses are, right?
And we need to make sure that you're taking those deductions and not overpaying the IRS,
both on what you actually owe and your liability, but also as a small business owner,
you have to make estimated tax payments.
And so listen, if you get a refund back at the end of the year, that means you overpaid your taxes
and he gave the IRS an interest-free loan.
And so we're not in the game of giving the government interest-free loans.
They would not do the same to us.
So we want to make sure we take all that up front and give them only exactly what they need.
Because if you get back a refund check for 99 cents, that means you did it correctly because you didn't loan the government more money.
just so they can make more money when they would not give you the exact reciprocity, right?
So here's the thing, is if you're starting a business this year, start taking notes of everything
you're spending money on, because even before you have that business name, even before you have
that entity, we can, as long as it's heading that direction, we can use those expenses
that you've encumbered to get to that point, and that's very, very important.
Now, if I want to have kind of a stress-free process here, is that what jonestaxrelief.com offers?
Where I can just kind of not have to think about this, not have to stress about this, just, hey, I take care of my work, I hand over the books or whatever you guys need, and then I don't have to think about that?
If there's anything, you'll come to me?
Or how does that work?
That's right, Owen.
So listen, the small business owners out there, the reason you're successful is because you know what you do and you do it well, right?
And that's not necessarily taxation.
That's this whole world that nobody learned about in school.
And so let us take that burden off your back.
That you can focus on what brings in more money to your business and you can focus on growing and becoming a better business and better person and better for your family as well.
And let us focus on the government and Greedy Joe.
Yeah, and you know, that's the thing too, where it's just, you want to, like you said, you want to focus on what you're doing.
You want to focus on your business, you want to focus on your product, your solutions, your whatever it is, your service that you're offering, and the tax stuff can just become such a burden or such a headache, and it just tangles up in your head, all these numbers, and now all of a sudden, you look up and it's like, oh, the business day's over, I didn't even, I didn't even do any business today, I'm trying to figure out my taxes.
And so that's where jonestaxrelief.com comes into Service here, so that you're not stressing about that stuff.
You're not sitting here figuring out, am I paying the right taxes?
Did I follow the right corporation?
Did I get all my deductions right?
No, you're focused on the product, the service, the business that you're running.
Jonestaxrelief.com are going to be the ones making sure that you're all up to date on your taxes.
Is that what most small business owners find?
I mean, do they find that this is such a helpful service so that they don't even have to think about that?
They can be more profitable?
Oh, and the other thing, too, is even if you're not a small business owner or you are, but you're doing everything by the books, as we know, we just discussed before, the regime is out to get anybody they can.
And so that's why we're offering audit protection.
So if you get audited for any Any reason you're protected by us and we will go to court for you if it takes that far and make sure that you're fully represented and nothing bad happens to you.
And this is for the business owners, the salaried employees, any taxpayer of the U.S.
government because everybody is under the gun right now.
Yeah, and it's really too bad, you know, because I kind of see, look, the way the government is going.
Folks, this isn't just about, hey, I want to make it so I'm not getting a tax refund back.
A lot of people look at that as kind of like a little bonus cash, right, to begin the year or whatever.
Oh, I get this little bonus cash.
Well, you'd rather not pay it to begin with.
But, you know, here's my kind of worst case scenario that I don't think is really that beyond the pale.
I could see a day in the future, especially if another Democrat gets in in 2024, I could see a day in the near future where they're not even going to give you a refund anymore.
I mean, they'll just get rid of refunds altogether and you'll just be stuck paying that bill, giving them a free loan every year.
Listen, that's not that far-fetched at all because they're already raising, or they want to raise the tax brackets.
They've done so sneakily, and I keep saying this because this is a sneaky thing that the government does and nobody really, it's hard to understand, but when there's massive amounts raise the tax brackets not to match inflation, you're
paying more in taxes.
It's hard to think about, but if inflation goes up and the tax brackets do not go up
to match it, you're paying more in taxes.
Where this is really affecting us right now is on the state level.
There's 38 states that have raised their income tax, but they have not raised their standard
deductions and similar deductions equally.
And so what that means is by sneakily through inflation, they have raised your tax rates.
So they're already doing it sneakily.
They've talked about doing it openly.
And yeah, I do think that if this regime keeps going long enough, then yeah, the Democrats want to tax you all your money.
Remember back in the early 20th century, there was taxes as high as 90%.
So we don't want to see anything like that again.
But remember, it is Taxes are one of those things that does change with the regime.
So it is very, very politically charged and motivated.
And because the Democrats are in office right now, that's why everything is headed this way.
Like I said, Let's make an entity right now while we're still grandfathered in under the old corporate rules before, you know, Sleepy Joe changes everything, because it's gonna happen.
It's gonna happen, and like you said, Owen, if the Democrats keep staying in office, it'll keep going that way.
Now, in this country, there's usually a sine curve of after the Americans are gonna get sick of the Democrats after a while, and they'll vote back in a Republican, and then it'll ebb and flow like that.
But yes, if it keeps going this way, absolutely that's what's gonna happen.
They did it before, and they'll do it again.
Has the IRS been more against the American people, or dare I say, an evil organization, as it is now?
You know, Owen, that's the thing.
Honestly, for Commissioner Riddell's IRS, they had stopped collections during the COVID.
They said, listen, there is a pandemic happening.
Besides a few people that owed a lot of money, they, by and foremost, stopped collections.
But now that the Democrats are back in, and it's a new commission, and even though they made more money last year than ever before, now they have decided, we don't care.
There was people that got away with what they consider to be a crime or murder last year, in that the IRS just wasn't collecting against them.
And so that's why they're mad.
They said these people have had two years to, you know, basically Mess around and now they're coming after you and that's why they are so militant about it and folks that's why We got to take a break here Tyler, but folks That's why I said at the beginning of the year the market is gonna catch up post COVID post Biden It's finally catching up in 2023 all the inflation and stuff.
That was pancakes compared to what we're gonna get So I want to get a little more newsy here with Tyler Bennett from jonestaxrelief.com.
We've laid out all the issues, folks, why you need Jones Tax Relief.
Small business, big business, personal reasons.
If you're not, if you don't have somebody on your side dealing with the IRS or your taxes, then you could potentially be setting yourself up for a disaster situation.
So go to jonestaxrelief.com if you have any other questions.
They'll take care of you, but Tyler, just to get a little more subject-oriented here, I was saying this and I was warning people, the post-COVID, post-Biden market crash really has not hit yet.
They've kind of tried to keep our head above water and people might be surprised by that and they say, well, what are you talking about?
We've had the supply chain disaster, we've had the inflation, we've had the consumer price index, the producer price index.
Yes, but folks, that's just kind of like the beginning.
That's like the grumblings before the main wave hits or before the main earthquake hits.
And just to go through some headlines here to highlight this.
Amazon announces massive unprecedented layoffs, citing uncertain economy.
Almost 20,000 people fired.
Corporate insiders aren't betting on a market rebound.
Cooler hiring and milder pay gains could aid inflation fight.
In other words, nobody's hiring, and you're getting paid less money, and you're getting taxed more, and your grocery bill and energy bill goes up.
This is depression written all over it.
11 signs that the economic tipping point that everyone has been waiting for has now arrived.
Even Cardi B, the rapper, understands.
Cardi B slams Biden over inflation.
Rapper says grocery store prices have tripled.
Outraged at $7 for a head of lettuce.
Bed, bath and beyond shares plummet.
Company warns of potential bankruptcy.
But despite all of this, one thing remains consistent, and that's members of Congress still beat the stock market every time!
Members of Congress beat the S&P 500 again!
Unusual trades resulting in huge gains.
So, the politicians that crush us, politically and financially, they always know where to go to make the money.
But the little guy, you and I, are always the ones left footing the bill.
And so, Tyler, talk about this.
I have a bad feeling that 2023, one of the big stories looming, is going to be we finally feel the impact of the post-COVID, post-Biden election, where, yeah, we've got inflation, maybe it'll get up to 15%, but really, it's going to be the grocery bills, it's going to be the energy costs, and it's going to be the taxes.
So, I mean, people are going to be nickel and diming, they're going to be reanalyzing their budget, Folks, getting your taxes right and finding out how you can pay legally the lowest amount of taxes is going to be something you're going to want to do, especially this year.
Absolutely, Yohan.
So when we talk about the pandemic in the last couple years and what happened, it is very much the case that it has been a delayed reaction, right?
There was this thing back in 2020, people lost their jobs, cities shut down, there was stimulus checks, there was trillion dollars added into, more than that added into the economy.
And because of that, The real effects, and the government is the one that started to feel these effects, and that's why everyone else is now.
I work closely with the IRS and we started seeing that, well, the real depression, the real recession, the inflation effects, the negative economy, if you will, really started about halfway through last year is where it started to pick up.
And this year we're going to see it in full, you know, full force here in that there is Less jobs.
There's less.
And then for the employers, there's less qualified people that want to work because we've created over the last two years, this economy where people are used to just getting checks from the government and they don't want to work.
So that hurts our economy as well.
And everyone else that's working, because guess what?
Now you have to work harder to make less money because everyone else is being fed by the government, which makes our whole dollar worth less.
And so that's what's happening the last couple years and now it's coming to a head because everyone's got to go back to work.
The tax breaks that have existed for COVID are over.
So this year, for example, there's several things that you can no longer do even though we're still very much in this global depression.
Um, what ended this year was the, um, additions to the earned income tax credit that has been lowered by 66% what you can take.
And also the child tax credit, uh, credit, uh, was up as high as 3,600, uh, last year is now down to $2,000.
So they're severely, uh, yeah.
Um, you know, kneecap the amount of, um, deductions that you can even take in this uncertain economy.
So they're coming at you both ways.
And there is one more thing in the news that we do have to talk about here and that is the Wayfair decision that happened back in May because this is going to affect small businesses or any business that sells stuff online or over interstate borders.
So classically, as you may know, or may not, the classic rule was, if I have a store in California,
and I'm selling to people in different states, not California, why as long as I sell something
to someone in a different state, traditionally I didn't have to pay sales tax on that,
the person who bought it.
There was no sales tax due in that transaction.
Now if I sold my product to someone in the same state I lived in, in a sales tax state like California,
then I have to pay.
But this Supreme Court decision last year, which takes effect now, has said that no, it doesn't matter.
If I have a business where I sell things, if I sell it to someone in a state where there is sales tax,
and I'm in a state where there's sales tax, you best believe there is now an additional
sales tax liability that did not exist last year or the year before.
And so the small business owners need to be ready and prepared for this because the states, remember, are always more hungry and more aggressive than the IRS because the feds can just print off money technically, but the states can't and they will take it from you and they shoot first and ask questions later.
And why this is scary is because There was a survey that was done once this Supreme Court case was adjudicated and 46% of
Small business owners that sell stuff on the online marketplace self-identified as not being registered or for all the requirements of this year.
So if this is you if you know that there is changes in the laws or maybe you didn't know and you're not prepared for it.
We can help you out.
We can help you so that you're 100% ready for 2023 no matter With the additional taxing requirements of different states that you might be selling to.
And this is important because, like I said, not only will the states come after you, but when they audit you, they just make numbers out of thin air and they're going to come after you hard.
So let's prevent that from happening and get you in the right place going forward because they changed that law last year.
It's another sneaky thing that really this is a major change.
The last 50 years of taxation You only had to pay a sales tax to the state that you lived in if you sold something in that state.
Well, now that's completely different.
You owe a sales tax no matter what, and you need to be aware of that.
You know, here's what I think the biggest fear out there is for small businesses, big businesses, it doesn't make a difference, even just for personal people, is getting blindsided by the IRS, or getting blindsided by something.
I mean, right, that's the big fear, and you want that big 340 pound left guard that's going to make sure that that end is not going to come in blindside you, make you make you fumble and lose the ball game.
I mean, that that to me is kind of the biggest fear in all of this.
Yeah, you know, you're going to deal with the taxes.
You know, you might deal with the IRS.
It's painful.
Nobody likes doing it.
But it's like you don't want to get that blindsided hit that knocks you right out.
And so talk about what JonesTaxRelief.com offers to make sure that you don't get that blindside.
You're always going to have that protection.
And God forbid, if something is coming after you, there's going to be a warning.
Absolutely, Owen.
So again, I want to iterate because the IRS is kind of going after everyone right now.
If you make over $20,000, there's a target on your back, which is everybody.
And so here's the thing.
If you want that peace of mind, we offer it.
Audit protection doesn't matter why they're auditing you, what reason, we will see it through and make sure that they do not take your lunch or even a dime more than what is owed to you.
Excuse me, to them.
And usually when they audit you, it's because they have some kind of information.
On the state level, half the time, it's completely erroneous and we will tell them that.
We'll write them a legal brief showing them exactly where they can stick it because not in our taxpayers, okay?
And then also, like I said before, If you already owe money, listen, there's no time like right now to fix that problem because all those 80,000 people, as the Commissioner just said, are going to be purposed towards making your life a living hell.
And so I don't want that to happen.
Give me a call and we will make the IRS's life a living hell instead of yours.
And you know, folks, you just heard Tyler Bennett with us for the last hour.
You've probably heard him on with us before.
I mean, come on.
Don't you want your tax attorney?
Don't you want the people handling your taxes with a mindset like this, with a thought process like this?
Isn't this the kind of people you want handling your taxes that you know are going to go to bat for you?
Maybe even with a little malice, a little animosity towards the state, towards the IRS?
Might be what you want.
I know it's what I'd want.
That's why jonestaxrelief.com is where we suggest you go.
for all your tax needs, whether it be personal, small business, big business, corporation,
all of it, jonestaxrelief.com.
And Tyler Bennett, always great to have you on.
Thanks for getting into all this with me.
And all the people out there that you're helping saving money, I know they say thank you too.
Absolutely, and happy new year.
And look forward to saving everybody as much money as possible.
And yes, we do have animosity towards the state and the IRS.
There you go, that confirms it right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, jonestaxrelief.com, 800-290-8160, that's 800-290-8160, for more information on how Jones Tax Relief can help you.
Alright, when we come back, we're getting ready to move to a 13th vote.
And then Dr. Peter McCullough, big stuff coming up.
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Alright, James Comer is giving a great, rousing speech right now in front of the house ahead of the 13th vote that will soon commence.
Now, sadly, I do want to go to this quickly, but it's being reported that some of the members switched their vote because they wanted to get out of there, they wanted to go home, or apparently wanted to be part of some January 6th ceremony.
Now, that's what The establishment media is reporting whether you believe that or not.
I don't know, but that's what they're saying.
Oh, they skipped the vote, they changed their vote, they flipped their vote because they want to get out of there, they want to go home, or they want to go to a January 6th ceremony.
That's what's being reported.
But this James Comer speech has been great so far.
Let's pick it up live.
...committee to deal with potential waste, fraud, or abuse of the COVID funds.
Not a single hearing.
And we all know, despite what Dr. Fauci said, American tax dollars were sent through EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan lab in China for getting a function research.
Cheer for that Republicans!
Get off your ass!
This is huge!
Well, I disagree with that.
But, okay.
of Representatives. The American people deserve answers.
Damn right. Of COVID-19. And Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given the Republican majority the tools
necessary to make that possible.
I disagree with that. But okay.
I'd love to see how Kevin McCarthy's done any back. The Democrats have spent the past six years
investigating a president for potential wrongdoing in Ukraine and Russia.
Now let me say this loud and clear.
The Republicans will also investigate a president for potential wrongdoing in Ukraine, in Russia, as well as China.
The American people have a lot of questions for Dr. Fauci, Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, Secretary Mayorkas.
We can't have those questions.
We can't ask those questions until we get organized and elect our Speaker.
The role of the Oversight Committee under Speaker Pelosi was a full-time committee to harass the previous President, a committee to advocate for wage social issues, which the Oversight Committee had absolutely no jurisdiction, and a committee totally uninterested in the American taxpayer.
In a Republican majority, under Speaker Kevin McCarthy and many of my friends, embedded in these negotiations, the House Oversight Committee, with strong members, strong members, like Byron Donalds and Andy Biggs and Jim Jordan, will return to its original mission of identifying waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the federal government and holding unelected bureaucrats accountable.
Now, now, ladies and gentlemen, before we're joined by Dr. Peter McCullough on the other side, go ahead and just pull that down for a second.
Now this is, this is what's going to be interesting here.
This is, look, even if McCarthy gets in on this 13th ballot, there was still a massive victory had here by Matt Gaetz and the holdouts because here's what you've done now.
You've now put the onus on Kevin McCarthy to follow through with what Republicans like James Comer want to be done, with investigations into Fauci, investigations into Biden, and some of the other things he's mentioning here, getting a rousing standing applause.
So you've now forced McCarthy to either do this stuff, or he's going to look even worse than before, and you're going to have members of Congress like James Comer and others who are putting their faith in McCarthy to get this stuff done.
When he doesn't, they're going to realize, okay, I shouldn't have listened to the Swamp, I shouldn't have listened to the Deep State, I got tricked, I got confused, McCarthy stabbed me in the back, and so they're going to have to learn this the hard way.
And you have a situation where McCarthy is basically getting in, as the Speaker of the House, already under massive scrutiny, already under the magnifying glass, and everything he does is going to be scrutinized and watched closely.
And if he doesn't do the will of the people, and he doesn't do the will of the Republicans that want to see these investigations into Fauci and into Biden and other such things done, then there's going to be a massive upheaval and he's going to be ousted, even though he won't get the one Individual ouster rule.
He's going to continue to maintain the Pelosi rule that I think it takes five or so.
They'll be 10, they'll be 20, they'll be 30, and the disgraceful fall of Kevin McCarthy will end up being a more positive thing for the Republican Party.
So really it comes down to this.
Either Kevin McCarthy will be fully exposed as a deep state operative, or he's going to be forced to do the will of the people, and the people that voted McCarthy are going to have to learn the hard way.
Shouldn't have listened to the GOP establishment.
I got screwed again.
Well, it's a great honor and privilege to be joined now by Dr. Peter McCullough, and there is so much that we've got to get to with Dr. McCullough.
First of all, a big announcement, folks.
You know about the wellness company, started with Dr. Peter McCullough and others, and now OnlineHealthNow.com.
OnlineHealthNow.com, folks.
The resources are available.
The good doctors are being made available to you.
And this is all good news because we've learned not just to not have trust in our government institutions when it comes to health, but actually to have complete distrust, unfortunately, with everything we've seen post-COVID.
And so Dr. McCullough joins me now.
I also want to talk about the Fauci files.
I want to talk about the situation with DeMar Hamlin, the NFL player.
But Dr. Peter McCullough, as we bring you on today, where would you like to begin?
I know there's a lot of things on your mind and plate right now as well.
Well, let's start with some good news on Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bill's safety.
Full cardiac arrest on Monday night, now three and a half days into it.
As I correctly prognosticated for America on Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, he's well on his way to making a full neurologic recovery.
He reports today he was able to FaceTime with his teammates.
He's off the mechanical ventilator.
And I watched the press conference, Owen, with the doctors at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.
And I think what's important is what they didn't say.
They didn't say that he had a readily identifiable congenital heart condition like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or various forms of electrical conduction system diseases.
I think where the doctors are heading in the same diagnosis I mentioned to the American people on Tuesday night, that I think we're looking at COVID-19 vaccine-induced Myocarditis and sudden cardiac death, that's indeed if he's taking the vaccine.
And it's time for the patient, the family, the bills, the NFL, the media to come out and just disclose his vaccine status.
Well, and let's get into that right now, because, you know, this is a difficult subject to breach for multiple reasons, because, look, we do believe in medical privacy, but, you know, here's the problem.
That has been so damaged since COVID, whether it's, oh, everybody has to wear a mask, or everybody has to take a vaccine, and, oh, I want to go have a cheeseburger, or go to a ballgame, I have to show my vaccine status, so it's kind of like, you know, That whole protective thing where, hey, we appreciate everyone's medical privacy.
Look, we weren't the ones that blew that damn up, Dr. McCullough.
We were not the ones that blew that damn up.
So the very people telling us, hey, you're not allowed to know about his vaccine status.
Well, now hold on a second.
You were the ones that wanted us to walk around with basically a barcode on our head, letting people know whether they've had a vaccine or not, just to get access to places.
So you guys blew up the medical privacy issue, not us.
But getting back to that, it goes beyond just this NFL football player, and that's why I think this is so important.
Hundreds of millions of Americans took this vaccine under false pretenses.
Many of them are concerned with what may be going on inside their body, not even to mention all the other NFL players that may have taken this vaccine or been forced to take this vaccine, again, under false pretenses.
But, as we know, the doctors in the press conference yesterday didn't mention anything about the vaccine.
And we've had other doctors go on TV since.
Other networks say, don't bring up the vaccine.
It has nothing to do with the vaccine.
But Dr. McCullough, as you have stated and as I have stated, I said, look, I don't know if his cardiac arrest was caused by the vaccine because I don't know if he had a vaccine.
But they don't seem to have that same logic.
They don't know whether he's had the vaccine or not, but they're still willing to go out there and say for sure it wasn't caused by the vaccine.
Owen, the FDA says the vaccines cause myocarditis.
Before COVID-19, our guidance in cardiology says we cannot let players go on the athletic field with clinical or subclinical myocarditis.
This is the chain of logic.
The DHS and the White House, through the COVID Community Corps program in 2022, they floated out $13 billion to prominent organizations, including the NFL.
So our tax dollars Supported the NFL in mandating the vaccine on the players.
The FDA says the vaccines cause myocarditis.
Now they've all gotten the vaccine.
The FDA says 95% of the players took the vaccine.
And they publicly disclosed who didn't take the vaccine, including teammate Cole Beasley.
So, we have a situation here.
Even the NFL has a public disclosure policy on injuries and medical problems for the players.
At this point in time, there needs to be full disclosure of what's going on.
I imagine his next steps are going to be cardiac MRI, blood testing, but every minute that they remain silent on what caused it, it leads me to believe even more that this is COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.
Yeah, and since you bring that up, I did have questions about that, so I'm glad you went there.
In that press conference, they were talking about how they hadn't run these tests, and a lot of tests still needed to be run, and I was a little confused by that, because the reports were saying that they were running tests on him the whole time that he was there.
And then they came out and said, well, we haven't run the necessary test.
I don't want to think these doctors are lying to us.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just confused as a layman here.
What kind of tests could they have run while he was basically on life support on the breathing machine?
What kind of tests could they have run then and but also couldn't because of a situation that they might be able to start running now that may be able to give us answers as to what was going on with him?
You know, in the first few days, I'm sure he was on the ventilator.
He was paralyzed and sedated.
He had standard ICU monitoring, electrocardiographic pulmonary monitoring.
He did have cardiac echocardiography.
I'm sure of that.
So they already know, in general, the structure and the flow within the heart.
They did detailed blood testing.
I'm sure they did cardiac troponin, BNP, Glectin-3, ST-2, all the standard cardiac biomarkers for advanced cardiomyopathy.
And in addition, they did electrolyte tests.
They knew if he had a low potassium or low magnesium.
You know, it was at the start of the game, so it's extremely unlikely he was dehydrated.
And, you know, there was no mention of all that.
So I gotta tell you, when doctors don't mention it, chances are it's all normal.
And if that's the case, we're now starting to head towards a key test, which he could not have on the ventilator, and that's cardiac MRI with late gadolinium contrast.
And so once he's stable enough to go to the MRI unit for a cardiac MRI, that'll be the next important test.
There'll be probably an invasive test called coronary angiography and another one called electrophysiologic testing, because they'll test for The coronary circulation to the heart, make sure it's normal, and then the electrical stability.
It's very possible he'll need an implantable cardiac defibrillator.
So you're thinking then, as reports are, that he's taken off the breathing apparatus today and maybe getting back to some normal behaviors that maybe perhaps the next 24 or 48 hours he starts to undergo some of these other tests that might give us a better idea of what was going on.
That's true.
In fact, he was off the ventilator last night and he was able to FaceTime.
He was able to do complex mental functions.
So I anticipate he's going to have a full normal neurologic recovery, which is wonderful.
And now it's stable.
There's really no rush for the other tests as long as he's on the monitor.
But a key one will be cardiac MRI.
We'll be looking for the results of that one.
Now is this the type of thing where he will either be diagnosed with a myocarditis situation or could they potentially find one of these fiber clots that we've seen in so many vaccinated patients, some getting up to six feet long.
Is this the process where that would be identified?
Yeah, I really doubt a blood clot because, you know, he's in such good shape, he's great mobility, and it would be unlikely that that precipitated this electrical cardiac arrest.
Now, believe me, blood clots have happened in the pro athletes.
Max Maxwell, a New York Jets player, is sidelined because of blood clots, among others.
So, you know, there will be assessment for that, but I would doubt that clinically.
I think it's a primary cardiac problem.
Now you bring up the electrical issue here with the heart.
Where does that come into play?
Because obviously this is why the people continue to talk about the comatose cortis, because that deals with the electrical issues there.
What about with the vaccine?
Because I don't hear too many people talking about the electrical problems with the heart.
How does that play in here?
When the COVID-19 vaccines, when they install the genetic code for the spike protein, it causes inflammation and a small scar develops weeks or months afterwards.
And that's the site where a re-entrant abnormal cardiac rhythm takes over in the setting of a surge of adrenaline, which is exactly, you know, would be the context of him making that tackle.
Let me just pause right there because we gotta take a break.
Let's continue that on the other side.
This is an important issue with Dr. Peter McCullough.
this commotion of cortis suggestion which has happened in baseball players,
lacrosse players, hockey players. That's due to a projectile to an unprotected
sternum. Football players take a helmet into the sternum, you know.
Let's continue that on the other side. This is an important issue with Dr. Peter McCullough. We will be right back.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we've got Dr. Peter McCullough with us.
A couple breaking news stories real quick.
The 13th vote for Speaker has just began.
You still have Biggs and Boebert and others holding out, three of them right now.
The vote just went to Byron Donalds and he didn't vote.
So I don't know if he's just not there right now or if he's deciding to abstain, but did not vote Donald, so we'll be maintaining that.
But as soon as that others number gets to seven, I think that's the threshold, unless a Democrat or three vote for McCarthy.
I think the simple majority is now 215 based on the last vote tally.
I don't know why they won't tell us this.
I mean, they still say on Fox News, even after the vote was over, McCarthy appears to lose.
No, he lost.
So they're just totally in the tank for McCarthy, and they're just not even giving us all the information.
But we'll continue to monitor that.
Another story I have just been told, and I've not had any time to look into this, I've just been told that Ashley Babbitt's mother has been arrested in Washington, D.C.
So, again, this is just breaking.
I don't know the full story.
It's just been reported to me.
Ashley Babbitt's mother arrested in Washington, D.C.
So I guess the January 6th ceremonies continue.
They killed her daughter in cold blood two years ago.
I guess now they just want to go after her mother, too.
These are sick people we're dealing with in D.C.
All right.
Now, back to the discussion at hand with Dr. Peter McCullough.
All right.
Dr. Colmichoe Cordes is what they kept telling us and I think we've all pretty much heard of that now and we've seen the diagrams and everything that it means.
And so it sounds like there's kind of a balance here, where it was not necessarily the hit that caused a comatose cortis, but it was the hit, the adrenaline of the whole thing that perhaps caused him to go into cardiac arrest because there may have been some underlying issues ahead of that.
So kind of pick it up where you last left off, why you think now it's completely fair to rule out the comatose cortis, even though that's what they want us to think it is.
How doctors do this, Owen, is we rule it out what's called mechanism of injury.
The pads that protect the sternum, it's called the sternal plates in football, are there for a reason.
In a study in the American Journal of Cardiology in 2007, they proved that the football Pads that go over the sternum now completely prevent any chance of commotio cordis.
So we can completely rule that out.
Players take helmets in the chest virtually every set of downs.
I ruled that one out basically after I watched the replay a few times.
I think it's ridiculous that any doctor went on TV and suggested that.
It's just as ridiculous as doctors who went on TV and said it's not the vaccine without knowing the vaccine status.
Yeah, and I mean, I kind of, and I got a lot of flack for this too, I said I believe it was the hit that caused the event, but perhaps it was a vaccine status or injury that made a bad situation worse, and so we're still waiting for answers, but you know, here's the conversation that I see, or the future of the conversation, Dr. McCullough, I think it only goes two ways at this point, because...
Look, I've covered the NFL long enough to know they're going to try to not be honest.
Let me just put it that way.
They may not come out and lie to you, but they're going to do everything they can to not be fully transparent and honest about this.
But I don't know if they're going to have a choice, because the conversation goes two ways at this point, Dr. McCullough.
And as you just stated, If we can rule out Comicho Cordis, well now we've got to have this discussion, which is, one, football is now a sport where what is considered a routine tackle can cause a potentially life-ending event.
That's a discussion that is going to have to be had if they're going to tell us this has nothing to do except he just had an event because of this play.
Or, they're going to have to come out and say, well, okay, there was an underlining condition that caused his cardiac event.
And if it was caused by the vaccine, well, now you've got a whole nother issue.
All the other NFL players are going to be concerned.
But either way, either way, the NFL players should be concerned.
I think this Saturday and Sunday are going to be very interesting days because you're either going to have the conversation where a normal routine hit for the NFL could be potentially life.
Ending, or all these vaccinated players are at a risk of having a cardiac arrest event on the field.
Which way does the conversation go?
I don't see it going any other way here, Dr. McCullough.
It's true.
You know, I want to bring up one other possibility that fits with your analysis.
There's a paper that appeared in the European Journal of Cardiology Case Reports in 2021 by Gregory Vasuli and pointed out that patients who have myocarditis, These two cases in this paper were not due to COVID vaccines, it was before COVID.
But if they do sustain blunt trauma, it can trigger a cardiac arrest.
So not commotio cordis, but just the adrenaline and then also the mechanical force.
But you're right, the players looked so unbelievably pale and nauseated.
I know they were incredibly concerned about DeMar, but many of them probably thought, wait a minute, could I be the next person to go down on the field of play?
And that's, I think, what was so shocking.
And we've seen really severe injuries in the NFL before.
Obviously, we've seen broken bones, broken legs.
We all remember that.
There have been severe head, neck, back injuries that have caused some pretty serious scenes on the field.
Ambulances to come out, guys getting basically cut out of their equipment.
And the difference has been, though, normally We either within a short period of time or before they even put the player in the ambulance They either have signs of life or can confirm that hey, he's in he's had a serious injury, but he's gonna be okay We have the situation under control.
That was not the case there They sat there for almost 10 minutes and watched them trying to revive Damar Hamlin.
Thank God they were finally able to do so, but it took almost 10 minutes So a lot of the guys were probably sitting there thinking Is this it for him?
Is my friend, is my brother, is my colleague, is this it?
Is this the last time we're going to see him going off this field in the ambulance?
A very real situation.
And again, like you said, it hasn't really been addressed.
It hasn't really been rectified.
It's got to be tough for an NFL player now.
The sport has always been dangerous, but this is a new level of danger.
Like you said, you can see it on their faces.
It's true.
You know, if the doctors came out and said, listen, he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or he had an unusually low potassium level, there's a clear cut cause.
I think everybody could, you know, their attention levels would go down.
But we've had now three and a half days of silence.
Of what the doctors think caused it.
Three and a half days of silence on whether or not he took the vaccine.
The FDA says the vaccines caused myocarditis.
The autopsy studies show if people found dead after the vaccine, that myocarditis can be fatal.
Everybody in the stadium, everybody on the field knows this now.
In fact, this just occurred about a week after the Rasmussen report.
Oh, and the Rasmussen Report was a large survey of Americans.
And the bombshell finding was that 28% of Americans know somebody who's died of the COVID-19 vaccine.
And so, again, I understand why, I mean, look, if I'm the NFL, you're really trying to thread the needle here because the NFL loves to rub shoulders and be in good standing with the establishment, so they don't want to go against the grain on the vaccine status, but at the same time, the NFL has to have some sort of self-preservation here to say, Are we going to sacrifice our good standing with the establishment and say the vaccine may have been a problem here?
Or are we going to try to maintain good standing with the establishment and tell the players, hey, your next routine tackle might cause you to have a cardiac arrest event and need resuscitated on the field?
Again, I just I don't know how it goes either way.
Now, Dr. McCullough is with us.
I do want to move on because I want to talk about the Fauci files as well.
These are big developments, folks, and you just heard James Comer on the floor of the House say, when we get back in control of this House, whatever it takes to get this vote finished, we're going to investigate Anthony Fauci.
This is a big development.
We'll get Dr. Peter McCullough's take on it on the other side of this break.
Alright, monitoring the 13th vote that is on the way.
Some interesting developments there, but we'll just wait until the final tally before we report on it.
And then also, I'm getting information, Ashley Babbitt's mother arrested for allegedly jaywalking?
In D.C.
This is just so despicable, man.
This country is so sad and corrupt.
First Ashley Babbitt gets murdered in cold blood, her killer walks free, and then the mother gets arrested on the anniversary of her daughter's death two years later?
This is just sick, man.
is a sick, disgusting, twisted place.
May God have mercy on the Babbitt family.
And may God have mercy on our souls for what we've done here.
It's just sick.
Now, getting back to the conversation here, part of that sickness is Anthony Fauci, quite frankly.
And so, Dr. Peter McCullough with us here to discuss the latest upcoming Fauci files, which we were expecting to get today, I thought.
At least we're going to have them by the end of the week, so I'm not sure if they plan on releasing those later this afternoon or they're going to delay it.
But you know, It's pretty amazing, isn't it?
All the lies that Fauci has told have now been completely proven as lies.
He knows nothing about gain-of-function research.
Really, we have your signature on gain-of-function research.
We have you on multiple videos talking about gain-of-function research.
I mean, so, he can deny it all he wants.
We have the paper trail.
We have his own words out of his mouth.
Of course, the COVID-19 vaccine.
He lied about the safe and effectiveness of that.
And so if he thinks he can just scurry away here and hide from any justice, I don't know if it's going to be so easy.
You know, he might have gotten away with what he did during the AIDS pandemic.
They made a movie all about him.
The Dallas Buyers Club.
He was the bad guy.
Fauci was the bad guy in the Dallas Buyers Club movie.
And he got away with that.
This COVID scam, though, I don't know if it's going to be so easy for him to get away here, Dr. McCullough.
I agree.
I think he's in trouble.
Keep in mind, his official position in the U.S.
government was small.
He was the division head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
That's not a big position.
And then, without any type of vote or vetting, he was elevated to a much higher position in terms of an advisor on coronavirus.
He's already been deposed and said he can't recall over and over again.
These files are going to be an indictment.
over malfeasance in so many areas.
And I anticipate they're gonna investigate conflict of interest,
connection with his spouse, and National Institutes of Health Ethics,
gain-of-function research.
How did he communicate with the CDC?
And then also with Twitter and the FBI.
I think he's being set up, honestly, like most small people in government,
to be a scapegoat.
I think he'll be a scapegoat for what is a much larger operation, and that is a national security operation that became the COVID-19 pandemic response.
I mean, if that's the case, there's no way a guy like Fauci goes down on his own.
I mean, I figure if that's the case, he's going to be grabbing onto the ship that put him there and try to drag it down with him.
You know, we've already heard through the release of some of these Twitter files that the CDC and the FBI We're hand-in-glove with Twitter on crafting this false narrative, this government narrative that worked to suppress any forms of early treatment and protocols, suppress any information on vaccine safety and risk mitigation, and then massively promote these frequent vaccinations into individuals that's resulted in record numbers of injuries, disabilities, and deaths.
So I can tell you the questions I have is, you know, who is giving the FBI and the CDC their direction?
And I think it's going to go all the way up the intelligence community.
I really do.
I think it's going to go all the way to the White House.
And there'll be a lot of smaller people like him who will be scapegoated.
Well how about this because you've been really on the front lines of this when the frontline doctors first came out and and when we were talking about COVID and then moving on to the COVID vaccines with the misinformation or disinformation or outright lying we've gotten from our government and health officials you've been boots on the ground of this really day one leading from the front.
From that point in time to now, what has the system of support looked like?
I mean, the number of doctors, the amount of information you're able to get out.
Talk about kind of this growth period from where this began to where we're at today.
From the very beginning, we were communicating through a variety of systems and we learned to use more and more systems over time.
I do have to say, I think there's been two big advances, Owen.
The first one is Substack.
And scientists started to learn that we could communicate rapidly through Substack
and give sighted references and materials to one another.
And then the other big advance was Elon Musk.
And what happened at Twitter was amazing.
You know, I had one of the top Twitter doctor accounts, mainly doctors followed me.
I was suspended for two months with a case number.
I was probably the least suspended out of all the prominent doctors.
And now I'm back.
And without the unfollow, the blacklisting and the shadow betting, my followers are growing greatly.
So I think Substack and Elon Musk have been the two biggest sources that have promoted the First Amendment right to free speech, which scientists have too, and helped us battle against this big tech government false narrative that's been imposed on the people.
So, where Fauci or these government institutions were able to censor you and censor other doctors and censor this information about COVID or the vaccines, the origin of COVID, the truth about the vaccines from getting out, you guys found the workaround and that was Substack.
Now, I do recall at the time, you may recall this as well, they tried to censor you guys off Substack too.
And the people that ran Substack said, no, we're not going to engage in that censorship.
And then Substack became a good place for you to share information.
But now that you're back on Twitter sharing it there, it's getting a big response.
And I think, too, not just Elon Musk opening up Twitter as a platform for you to get the truth out, but also Elon Musk has been extremely skeptical.
Elon Musk has called for investigations.
Certainly, that has hurt the establishment trying to control this narrative.
That's completely true.
Let me give you an example.
Today, there's been a discussion about this cardiac MRI in Damar Hamlin.
Well, I quickly produced on Twitter the guidelines from the MHRA in the UK.
The UK has guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis that say an MRI should be done.
That gives you an idea of how rapidly we can exchange information.
I agree with you.
I think Musk has blown this wide open.
I had no idea that the CIA was Implanted within Twitter, almost certainly they're in Facebook and YouTube.
Remember Facebook, YouTube and Instagram still have full censorship and government false narrative operations going on.
Twitter is open now, Substack's open, Getter and Choose Social I think are fine.
But right, America's learned a lot about censorship in the last three years.
Well, and, you know, we were almost under a misinterpretation here, where we would say, hey, we'll just speak about Twitter, because that's what we have the information on right now, thanks to Elon Musk, and we'll just say, hey, Twitter was censoring me, Twitter was censoring me.
But now we learn, actually, it was the FBI.
Actually, it was, it was the Democrats.
Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Mark Warner.
I mean, here we thought it was big tech censorship, but what we kind of assumed was going on was some collusion.
But now we know it was like, no, they were getting direct command from the FBI, from the Democrats, to censor us on Twitter.
I'm not sure if we may have just lost Dr. McCullough's feed here, guys.
What, what?
Did we lose Dr. McCullough?
Alright, unfortunately we have lost Dr. McCullough's feet.
That's okay, we're getting into big information now.
We've got a minute left of this segment, we're about to take a break, we'll get him back on.
Folks, we're one vote away from another vote from McCarthy losing for a 13th time.
However, he is getting more votes now than he has before.
What's interesting though is, as far as I can tell right now, Donald, Perry, and Mace have all abstained.
Alright, we've got Dr. McCullough back with us.
We're about to take a break anyway, Dr. McCullough, so just hold that thought.
I'll re-ask the question.
But folks, you know, I don't trust the healthcare industries.
I don't trust our government healthcare industries, and so that's why we have online health now.
And that's where you get access to uncensored content, you can schedule virtual appointments and speak with a medical doctor, you can get exclusive treatment packages, you can shop for online doctor approved supplements and so much more.
So you don't trust, maybe you don't want to go to that hospital, you don't want to hear from your government health agencies, OnlineHealthNow.com is the solution and that is of course a partner of Dr. Peter McCullough's Wellness Company.
So this is good news for healthcare in the country.
We'll be right back.
We'll continue to monitor that situation but it's gonna be neck-and-neck again we're talking about basically like a five vote Three to five vote difference here that is going to decide whether or not we're going to see a 14th vote again or this could be the final one with McCarthy getting the numbers but it looks like right now he's going to be short again but it depends on how these individuals who haven't voted yet either vote or decide not to vote.
So that's a developing situation.
Now back to Dr. Peter McCullough here.
So we were under this impression, Dr. McCullough, that we were being censored by Twitter and we were being censored by these big tech companies.
You know, we kind of had an idea that it might have been at the behest of the Democrats and the deep state.
Just because they were doing their bidding, but now we find out, no, it was direct orders.
Not just them working in collusion or maybe just being synced up.
No, they were under direct command from Democrats and government agencies to censor doctors and doctors like yourself and so many others.
How does this change the perspective from you, a doctor that's been censored, or from all the doctors and others that have been censored?
To you, how does this change the story?
This changes the calculus greatly because I am sure that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others are going to say, listen, we were under U.S.
government orders to do this.
We were told to have this censorship.
We were told specifically to block critical information on treatment protocols, on evolving information on vaccine safety.
We were told to suppress this.
By the government.
And so the key questions are who gave these orders?
The FBI agents are going to say, listen, we were under orders.
And that question just has to keep going up the flagpole until we can see where this agenda starts.
And also, to me, this now doesn't become an issue because there are a bunch of lawsuits out there suing these big tech companies for the censorship.
That is already ongoing.
But this opens a whole other can of worms.
I mean, there's no doubt now, in my eyes, this is a First Amendment violation.
You know, Twitter or these private companies can make arguments saying, hey, what about our First Amendment to censor?
Maybe there's a fair argument there.
But when it comes to the government, that is strictly prohibited and forbidden.
I mean, to me now, we're not just discussing a First Amendment violation as a possibility, we're discussing it as the case itself.
And that, to me, is why this is getting more serious.
Yeah, you want to argue, does a private company have the right to censor somebody on their platform?
Fair argument.
But the government running that for them?
This to me is a totally different argument and I know you're focused on your work dealing with the health care problems right now and the COVID-19 vaccine and everything, but I mean have you heard from lawyers or other doctors?
I mean are we looking at new lawsuits potentially because we now learn with the Twitter files that no it was actually our government calling for us to be censored.
So two elements here, Owen.
One is Twitter and their culpability, and the concept here is state actor.
And the legal threshold is, did they have substantial encouragement to impede or infringe upon our civil rights?
And I think that answer has already been given, that in fact they were actually told to do that.
And the second issue now is that the government can be sued.
The government can be sued for taking away people's civil rights.
I think it's going to open up the door now.
See, this is outside of the CARE Act and the PREP Act.
This is beyond any type of indemnification of the crisis and the pandemic.
Now this boils down to civil liberties.
Now look, there is good news in all of this, bad news, because there is a massive awakening.
I would imagine that the number of doctors that have come out to speak about this is like quintupled or maybe even more than that since you first began.
I mean, we just saw 17,000 doctors warning about the COVID-19 vaccine, a far stretch from where it was when the vaccine first came out.
But so there is some good news, including solutions.
Hey, you don't want to go to the hospital?
You don't trust that hospital anymore?
Believe me, I get it.
I'm the same way.
You don't want to take health advice from our government institutions that have lied to us so much?
I get it.
Believe me, I'm the same way.
So we've started OnlineHealthNow.com, partnered with The Wellness Company, and you, Dr. Peter McCullough.
Talk about OnlineHealthNow.com, because to me, this is revolutionary to healthcare in America, but more importantly, it's a solution to those that have lost complete faith and trust in our healthcare institutions.
It's true.
I'm really thrilled to be the Chief Scientific Officer of the Wellness Company.
It is providing really just-in-time health care as a cell phone app and has providers, doctors, pharmacists, and others to help.
It's very affordable.
With a low monthly subscription rate and the supplements are combinations so they're wonderfully priced in terms of what you get.
But importantly, this is free of the influence of Big Pharma, free of insurance companies trying to tell doctors what to do.
Many patients are seeking exemptions from these vaccines.
Many of them are seeking alternative solutions from Big Pharma.
It's all here at The Wellness Company.
Now, to me, this is how we can get faith back in any sort of healthcare out there, because I hear it all the time.
Hey, I don't want to go to the hospital.
I've got this thing going on.
I don't want to go to the hospital.
Hey, you know, the government recommends this treatment for this problem I have, but I don't trust the government.
They've lied to me so much.
And so this is a solution for those people.
And also, though, I think the real challenge is not just to give the peer-to-peer access and not to just give the people a solution to their problems, but also the larger problem of the complete lack of trust, the complete lack of believing in anyone from the health care industry.
You're really trying to save that here.
I mean, we're trying to restore faith in this.
After three years of of hardship and complaints. We're trying to do something
constructive, Owen, that people can look to and say, "You know what? This is a solution." Now,
the company is new. Others are coming along as well and will have progress. But what we're offering
America and hopefully the world will be an alternative, another choice.
People have felt locked in.
And you know what was the straw that broke the camel's back?
Because people were told they had to take a vaccine in order to have, you know, a procedure done or to have an office visit.
And that was the line that I think that people were not willing to cross.
And of course, after all of that, after all the demands to wear the mask and take the vaccine, and people couldn't even get treatments.
Like you said, I mean, you couldn't even go get a treatment.
You couldn't go to the hospital.
I know people that had this issue personally.
Oh, you're not vaccinated?
No life-saving treatment for you?
I mean, wow, as evil as that is, completely against a hypocritic oath.
But so now we're here and I kind of bring this back to the situation where,
"Oh, you're not allowed to know about the NFL player that had cardiac arrest.
Don't you dare ask about his vaccine status.
But oh, you want to go to a concert or a ballgame, well you better let us know.
You better wear the barcode to let us know that you've had the vaccine status."
I mean, is there any way, I mean, is this the way we try to level this playing field
and balance this back out again?
I think what we do is we basically pound like a sledgehammer and we work to garner public support.
I really think that the only court that's open is the court of public opinion.
You know, we now have some sweeping sources of information.
You know, our CDC says That only 13% of people are taking boosters of any type.
That means 87% of people said, listen, they're done with this.
You know, there's one group that could have theoretically benefited from vaccines.
Theoretically, and that was nursing home workers.
I recently reported on my sub stack that from CDC data, only 10% of nursing home workers are taking vaccines.
I am telling you, people have lost their trust.
I see it everywhere, and the only places that are trying to restore that trust or uplift these now defunct, in my view, healthcare government agencies are the very establishments that promoted them from the beginning.
I mean, do you ever see a situation here?
I think there's a lot of guilt.
Where a lot of people that promoted the vaccine, whether it be on television or elsewhere, they kind of feel guilt but also embarrassment in that they don't want to admit that they were conned or they don't want to admit that they were part of conning you.
As far as doctors are concerned, have you seen any flipping there from doctors that maybe feel bad about this and have changed their tune?
There sure is.
You know, there's a very prominent UK cardiologist, Dr. Asim Malhotra.
He was promoting the vaccines on Good Morning Britain.
It turns out his dad took the vaccine.
He thinks his dad died due to the vaccine.
His dad was a prominent doctor.
He spent a long time, I worked with him for over a year to try to come to grips with this about how could he support this, ultimately lose his father and make such a giant public health mistake as a public figure.
He published two analyses that came out in the peer-reviewed literature, very solid, they have not been challenged.
He made his own independent conclusions that the vaccines aren't safe and he's joined me and others in a very vocal call to pull the vaccines off the market worldwide.
Wow, and that's big news, and this is just the dominoes beginning to fall here.
I see the momentum going the right way on this.
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Onlinehealthnow.com, folks.
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Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you so much for joining us today.
God bless and Godspeed.
Thank you.
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Alright, alright, ladies and gentlemen, look, I'm sitting here being gaslit by Joe Biden
on January 6th and I'm just, I'm, the frustration and the anger, because I'm being lied about.
I'm being slandered by this crook and the rest of the media.
And I'm sitting here listening to this and I'm just like, I can't go back on air and do the show like this.
I'm not in the right mental state after being gaslit by Joe Biden and the media like this.
And so I was like, well, I got to do another hour.
And so I'm thinking, well, OK, just just remove yourself, remove your emotion and just come on here and just read headlines or open up the phone lines, because there's just no way I'm going to be able to be good and effective with with the gaslighting that Joe Biden just did to me personally right here with his January 6th speech.
And then I'm listening to it and he provides the perfect antidote to get me back into being okay mentally to come on air.
Because he's reading off his teleprompter and we have another end of quote moment.
And I'm gonna play it for you.
So he's out here, he says, thousands of insurrectionists were hunting down politicians, trying to kill them.
Thousands of insurrectionists tried to overthrow our democracy.
All just lies, lies, lies.
And they know it's all lies.
And then, Folks, I gotta be honest with you here.
You know, I'm just sitting here watching this Speaker vote, and I realized something that just happened, and I'm not gonna go to air with it because I don't want to help the Democrats out, but I'm just sitting here and I realized, folks, our politicians are idiots.
They really are stupid.
I really don't even want to tell you what I just discovered in regards to the 13th vote But you just realize, it's like, why does Kevin McCarthy keep, why did he say he had the votes when he didn't?
And you just, our politicians, I don't know if it's just laziness, or if they're really that stupid, maybe a combination of both, but let me just put it this way.
Both sides of the aisle have completely blown this entire speaker vote multiple times.
Just completely blown it.
And I'm just going to tell you, I already realized what could have happened with the Republicans, and that's gone away, and that's fine.
And I just realized what could have happened with the Democrats, and there's no way they... I mean, I don't know how they didn't realize what they just missed the boat on.
And I'm going to stop right there.
I'm just going to stop right there, because I don't want to see the worst happen here.
But, wow, our politicians are stupid, and wow, Fox News is disingenuous.
They still won't admit McCarthy just lost the 13 vote.
Now having said that, really this vote almost doesn't matter because even though this is the closest McCarthy has come, there were I think six Republicans that didn't even vote.
And I think there were a couple Democrats that didn't vote either.
The thing is just completely crazy and apparently there's some attending this January 6th thing.
But quickly, so Joe Biden here lying again and also I want you to notice Joe Biden is sick again as well.
Joe Biden is currently sick.
You can hear it in his voice.
Something is wrong with him.
He's ill.
But I'm sitting here being gaslit like, alright, just calm down, lower your blood pressure, don't get upset, you gotta host one more hour, just open phones or just read headlines and just don't get too emotional and start ranting.
And then, and then he gives me the perfect laugh as he flubs it again and reads directly off the teleprompter.
See if you pick it up.
Here's Joe Biden.
Did not flinch.
We the people endured.
We the people prevailed.
On this day of remembrance, joined by the Vice President, the Second Gentleman, and all of you, we honor a remarkable group of Americans who embodied the best before, during, and after January the 6th, 2021.
For the first time in my presidency, I'm bestowing the Presidential Citizens Medal, one of our nation's highest civilian honors.
It recognizes, quote, citizens of the United States of America who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens, end of quote.
He did it again!
In a few moments, the full citation... He just read, end of quote, like, was he supposed to read that?
Was he supposed to read, end of quote?
You can hear he's also unhealthy, you can hear it in his voice.
Folks, this is just, I just...
I can't believe how corrupt our media is.
I can't believe how corrupt our government is.
I just can't believe it.
It's so bad.
It's just, it's so bad.
And now Ashley Babbitt's mother gets arrested on the two-year anniversary of her daughter getting killed in cold blood, and their killer walks free.
You know, I gotta tell ya, listening to this Biden speech, and I was listening to it in the break, and I told the crew just to turn it off because I just can't take it.
You know, This is the real question.
Forget about this House vote.
Forget about January 6th.
Forget about all this other news we've covered today and the news I'll cover here coming up.
Just forget about all of it for a second.
Forget about whether you're a Republican, Democrat.
Just try to forget about all of it.
Forget about what you think about me or Infowars or Alex Jones or anybody.
Just try to clear your mind and let's just try to get on the same page because You know, I'm just reminded today just how corrupt our country has really become.
Just how absolutely corrupt almost all of our government institutions have become.
And it's so bad, the lies they tell without any remorse, just total unmitigated lying from their mouth every single day.
Same with the TV media.
And they just don't even care.
And I guess we don't care either?
I don't believe that.
There is no... Folks, this is... I just... I'm just at a loss.
I'm just at a loss with how corrupt our government and our politicians and our media is.
And it's... Yeah, I know that.
You know that.
Like, duh, that's why I'm here at InfoWars.
That's why you're here listening.
But it's just... Today is one of those reminders where it just really is hitting me now.
It is really just hitting me now.
We are really in a dark, twisted, corrupt place right now as a country and as a people.
And it can't go on forever, folks.
I mean, this level of corruption doesn't go on forever.
I mean, you either end up starving out on the streets with nothing, or this country's gonna collapse in ways that we just can't even imagine.
And maybe that's a good thing?
You know, I just...
I don't want to see that.
I like America.
I like this country.
I like the people.
I like everything we've built and accomplished and offered the world.
And I mean, it's just incredible how corrupt our country is.
It's incredible how our media just lies to us every day.
And they know they're lying.
Joe Biden gets up there and just lies to the American people, just lies to you.
It's sick!
It's demonic!
And I'm just... I... I... I...
It really just hits heavy.
Because when you sit here and listen to all the lies that Joe Biden is telling at this big grandstanding January 6th ceremony, and you look at the fraud, Of the anti-police left that rioted for months on end because George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl while he was getting arrested and died.
And they burned cities to the ground and told you how bad police are.
And then a police officer shoots an unarmed veteran and kills her in cold blood.
And he walks free, not a single riot.
And now on the two-year anniversary of that, the mother gets arrested for jaywalking in D.C.
And then I have to sit here and listen to Joe Biden lie about the whole thing.
The president, supposedly.
See, I'm getting too emotional here.
So I'm just going to leave it there, folks.
This is the most corrupt our country has ever been.
And I just pray to God.
I just pray to God there is some way out of this for us.
And it's not Kevin McCarthy, his speaker.
And that's the problem.
And that's the damn problem.
I hope I'm wrong about Kevin McCarthy, but I doubt it.
I doubt it.
And I also suspect that the 14th vote will happen tonight, and it might be the one that confirms McCarthy.
I don't know what these Republicans that didn't vote in the last one are doing behind the scenes, but I doubt it's anything else but deciding to vote for McCarthy.
And that would put him ahead.
He was just two votes shy, I think, in the last vote.
And it's funny, you watch the media, they won't even tell you any of this.
Like, Fox won't even tell you the new threshold.
They won't even tell you the Republicans who voted for him and didn't vote for him.
And then they just say, oh, McCarthy appears to lose 13th vote.
Oh, Republican-elect flips votes.
Like, they don't tell you the name, they don't tell you the threshold, they don't tell you he lost.
This whole thing is just this sick exercise to make sure that the people are uninformed and uninspired.
And our duty and our motivation and mission is the exact opposite.
I want you to be inspired and I want you to be informed.
And then it's like every other media outlet and all the government wants you to do is be uninformed and uninspired.
I've been hit so hard with a gaslight punch from Joe Biden listening. I shouldn't even have listened to his speech.
It's so disgusting, it's so demonic, it's so twisted, because this is our world?
This is our reality?
That's humanity?
That's the human life experience that God intended?
That I have to sit here and listen to my president lie to my face?
Over and over again, and then the media just picks it up and runs with it?
I can't.
I don't know.
Let me just start picking up and putting down headlines because I'm just... It's just really hitting me hard.
How evil it all is.
How corrupt it all is.
I'm just really... I've been completely thrown off kilter.
I literally can't even read right now.
I can't even frickin' read right now, man.
Literally, I can't even read.
Guys, is there like a special report or something?
I need to... I need to... I need to hit my reset button here.
Guys, go ahead and give me a couple minutes here.
I can't.
I need to meditate or say a quick prayer.
This is just too much corruption for me to deal with in a week.
Just give me a second here.
We have a player down on the court.
We'll try to get more information.
Johnson taken out on a stretcher and rushed to local Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.
Leading cardiologist says cluster of collapses in footballers likely to be just a coincidence.
A terrible coincidence at that, but just a coincidence.
Yes, just a coincidence.
One of their high school football players died.
17-year-old Everest Romney got his vaccine shot and that is when doctors found out he had two blood clots inside his brain.
Doctors baffled after 16-year-old football player and wrestler suffers a stroke and blood clot in his brain.
17-year-old high school student dies suddenly after suffering critical medical emergency during flag football game.
16-year-old high school football player collapses and dies after suffering medical emergency during practice.
Family and doctors are baffled by the sudden and unexplained death of a 16-year-old Stanford high school football player.
Buffalo Bill Safety Demar Hamlin in critical condition after collapsing on the field during the game.
He was administered CPR before being taken away in an ambulance.
Twelve-year-old Jason Kidd collapsed during warm-ups at basketball practice.
He died a short time later.
A South Carolina high school football player has died after collapsing at football practice.
Isaiah Turner died yesterday following a quote, sudden catastrophic medical event.
17-year-old Philip Laster Jr.
collapsed while practicing football on Monday.
A 16-year-old student from West Catholic Preparatory High School collapsed while warming up for a scrimmage in Chester County.
Two young athletes, the latest to die.
Suddenly, prominent cardiologists tie alarming trend to COVID shots.
The hardest thing was I let him get that shot.
So, imagine I'm sitting here, like, incapacitated.
Over the political corruption that's slapping me in the face right now.
And it's like, oh yeah, I forgot!
Our government makes viruses in the lab to kill us.
Our government makes vaccines and tells us they're safe and effective and then kills us.
And I'm literally sitting here like, alright, let me just see if I can pick up and put down the news.
I literally can't even do it.
I'm so... I've been hit so heavily with this corruption today, I can't even pick up and put down the news, folks.
I can't even do it.
So I'm probably... I'll take the break and see if maybe I can refocus and reset, but I just tried to do it in the two minutes.
I can't even do it.
So I may just open up the phone lines.
In the meantime, folks, look...
I'm sitting here, I've been at Infowars like 7 years, I've been doing politics about 10 years, I can't even imagine what it's like for Alex.
I'm glad that he finally took a little break and actually took a break.
You notice you didn't hear too much from Alex this week?
That's pretty rare, is it not?
So I'm hoping that he's able to come back here and really be focused as you know him is, as you know he usually is with your typical Alex Jones.
Folks, you gotta understand, with the attacks that he's under, the attacks that InfoWars is under, I mean, you shopping at InfoWarsStore.com and keeping money coming in here is probably the thing that keeps Alex Jones on air.
So, you know, I'm not gonna go much further, but folks...
I don't plan on going anywhere.
The crew doesn't plan on going anywhere.
We've had talks with Alex.
He doesn't want to go anywhere.
Just, you gotta keep shopping at InfoWarsTore.com.
If you value this transmission, if you value this crew, if you value Alex Jones, shop at InfoWarsTore.com and keep us on the air.
Alright, we're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
This is Lauren Boebert's recent comment on the situation with the Speaker vote.
This is by far the most debate we've had about the way Congress operates in decades.
That alone is a massive win.
I agree with Lauren Boebert, and though Kevin McCarthy inches closer to becoming Speaker, he still has obstacles in front of him.
I expect the 14th vote to start very shortly, and of course we'll be monitoring that here at InfoWars.
The InfoWars War Room today will have a series of guest hosts.
Great guest hosts by the way, like Royce White, Clay Clark, and Alex Stein.
So, Royce White, Alex Stein, Clay Clark, hosting the War Room for me today.
And here's what I'm going to do.
I'm just going to power through one segment of news coverage, and then I'm going to take some calls on this Friday, because I want to hear from you on this issue.
Just on the speaker vote, guys.
seven eight nine two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight nine two
five three nine just on the speaker vote guys just on the speaker vote give us a
call and we're gonna do two minutes max so if you go to two minutes that's your
I'm going to move on.
I want to hear from as many as possible.
In the meantime, let me just pick it up and put it down as far as these headlines are concerned.
World Economic Forum cancels Twitter, directs followers to Chinese social media apps.
So the World Economic Forum used to have links to their Twitter stuff on their website.
Now they've gotten rid of all that and they don't have it there anymore and now it all goes to the Chinese apps.
Wow, they really don't like Elon Musk.
Makes me like him even more.
Twitter sued for not paying rent on San Francisco headquarters since Elon Musk took over.
Well, wait a second now.
Liberals and Democrats love free rent.
They don't want you to have to pay your rent.
We all know that.
But oh, and it's Elon Musk, there's a problem.
I think it was at the last transmission of 2022, I made a couple predictions, one of which being Twitter will be out of San Francisco by the end of this year.
I still stand by that.
Man oh man, you know I'm gonna have to do this next week because this is too important to breeze by.
But it's been sitting on my desk.
Google currently employs at least 165 people in high-ranking positions from the intelligence community.
Google's trust and safety team is managed by three ex-CIA agents who control misinfo and hate speech.
Here's the breakdown.
Google has CIA 27 workers, 52 FBI workers, 30 NASA NSA workers, 50 DHS workers, 6 ODNI workers from the thread name Redacted.
It was also identifying all the feds that worked at social media companies.
I'm gonna have to put this off again and cover it next week when I have more time, but there you go.
Continuing, I told you there'd be a fight in Arizona, but nowhere else.
The fight does rage on with Kerry Lake and Abe Hamaday.
Katie Hobbs had all the facts and she withheld them from the court.
Abe Hamaday speaks about Pinal County recount errors and his motion for new trial.
Pinal County elections director collects $25,000 bonus after reporting inaccurate results, retires, moves to Texas before recount discovers hundreds of new votes for Abe Hamaday.
That's nice.
Commit the crime and then flee the scene.
Special meeting in Oakland today.
Called to discuss ranked choice voting results in mayoral race.
Now the left is even complaining.
Yeah, the ranked choice voting is an absolute disaster.
And now even liberals and democrats realize it.
And then a little shot here from Kevin Kiley.
First off...
Kevin Kiley, a member of the California State Assembly.
Things are so bad in California, folks, they don't even know how to spell.
They're apparently illiterate over there.
His pin that he gets for being a member of the California State Assembly comes misspelled and says, California State Assembly, so they can't even spell.
And then his placard outside of his office, Kevin Kiley, representative California.
Wow, you guys got it going on out there in California.
You're literally illiterate, apparently.
And then here you go.
Congratulations to Governor Newsom on a historic three-peat.
California led the nation in one-way U-Haul rentals for a third straight year.
Yeah, you guys are doing well in your Democrat-run states that people are fleeing from.
Fleeing from the crime and the corruption and the degradation.
They can't get out soon enough.
And now it's going to get worse.
And you all know why.
Not just the ease on crime, but Joe Biden to grant mass amnesty and work permits to 30,000 new illegal immigrants in one month.
Stephen Miller demands House GOP open its impeachment inquiry immediately.
We should have Stephen Miller as Speaker of the House.
How about that for a nomination?
Planned to house former migrants at former Chicago, excuse me, planned to house migrants at former Chicago school, delayed, have been community pushback.
Mayor says city is at maximum capacity.
Oh, you don't like all the illegal immigrants coming in?
Then close our border!
And by the way, they're shutting down schools now to put illegal immigrants in them.
And the community says, what gives?
Well, what gives is that your government cares more about non-citizens than you.
But I'm sure it'll go fine, right?
Or maybe not.
70% of Berlin's New Year's Eve rioters are migrants.
That's nice.
Why is it always New Year's?
Why are they always running around committing crimes and raping women on New Year's?
Seriously, it's a story.
Every year in Europe, migrants, illegal immigrants, raping women, rioting, committing crimes every year on New Year's.
Very, very odd.
Keeps happening.
Pope Benedict warned against Western self-hatred and depopulation.
Well, he's gone, but we are still witnessing what he warned about, aren't we?
Aren't we indeed?
You know, the Democrats all gathered this morning in D.C.
to have a prayer because, you know, January 6th.
And it was a lesbian priest that gave the prayer.
And they were all there on the steps perpetuating the big lies about January 6th and then Biden does it again today.
And then even every news channel, including Fox News, covered the Democrats Lying about January 6th.
Whether it was Biden or all the Democrats and their lesbian priests praying today.
It's funny, they love prayer when they're doing it with their lesbian priests, but when you talk about Christian values and prayer, they hate it.
And just a reminder from Mario Presents Official, folks, it wasn't just Washington DC with a million Trump supporters out there acting peacefully.
At every state capitol across the country on January 6th, you had thousands of Trump supporters peacefully rallying as well.
So let's not forget about that.
Every state capitol building on January 6th, 2021 had thousands of Trump supporters peacefully rallying just like they did in D.C.
But of course we got set up in D.C.
The rest is history.
A mother cries for help.
Young son Charles Smith has been sentenced to 41 months for touching a sign that Ray Epps actually threw at Capitol Police.
So Ray Epps says go in the building and then throws a sign at police.
He doesn't go to jail or get investigated.
But the young boy that touched the sign before Ray Epps threw it at police, he gets 41 months.
That's justice is served, I suppose.
Starved and drugged, then punished for begging for help.
Wife of January 6th political prisoner Dominic Pizzola sounds alarm on tainted Proud Boys trial jury pool and explains exactly how her husband is being starved to death.
Yeah, now the lawyers defending the Proud Boys have had their licenses suspended.
Oh, but see, Trump is the guy.
Two years after US Capitol attack, investigation into Trump and insurrection enters new phase.
Yeah, you guys have been investigating Trump for eight years.
You've found nothing.
Trump is now accused of wrongful death of Brian Sicknick, who died in U.S.
Capitol attack, says CNN.
Except Brian Sicknick didn't die at the U.S.
Capitol attack.
You sick liars.
Ex-Capitol Police boss says politics hampered January 6th security under Pelosi.
Recipe for disaster from justthenews.com.
Finally someone telling the truth!
It was Pelosi and the Democrats and the D.C.
Mayor that stood down the National Guard and then led the insurrectionists in the building.
Well, I'm actually surprised, but it looks like the vote to adjourn is going to win.
I thought that the McCarthyites would press forward as close as they are now to getting victory, but instead it looks like the adjourn is going to win here.
And so we may not get a 14th vote today.
Quickly here, who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and why does no one care?
Well, the answer Is the same to both of those questions.
Now that might not be totally accurate but they probably gave the green light to whoever did it because they wanted to start a war with Russia.
So who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline and why does no one care?
Well no one cares because it was meant to be a false flag to blame Russia to start a war with Russia but that didn't go so well so all of a sudden the whodunit isn't Relevant.
You see, it was only relevant if they could blame Russia, but since they couldn't blame Russia, they didn't get away with that lie.
Now all of a sudden, who blew it up doesn't matter.
It wasn't about the Nord Stream Pipeline, it was about starting a war with Russia, a la Gulf of Tonkin, to start the war in Vietnam.
Some good news before I go into the calls here, though.
Texas abortions dropped to zero, saving up to 5,700 babies a month.
Texas abortions dropped to zero, saving 5,700 babies a month.
Texas abortions dropped to zero, saving 5,700 babies a month.
Way to go, Texas and all the other anti-abortion states that have saved now tens of thousands of babies' lives
that the Democrats and the Liberals wanted to snuff out in the womb.
Good for us here in Texas and to the other states where abortion rates are now going down to zero.
We are literally saving lives.
That's some good news here today.
Alright, let's take some phone calls on the speaker race here, which I think is now going to adjourn.
Let's start with Tony in Illinois.
Tony, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen, how are you doing?
Good, thanks.
Yes, can you hear me quite well?
I just want to make sure of that.
Okay, now, um, I want to make it known, of course, I'm Tony Cisneros, I ran for Congress, uh, five times, several times in the past, so I know all about what's going on in D.C., and I just want to let everybody know, the whole world know, it's about money and it's about power.
You should know that, I should know that.
Uh, the Democrats saw that they lost the House, so they're trying to regain it via the Speaker's seat.
That's why they're all pushing for Jeffrey.
You capiche?
Now, so, Thank you.
There you go.
You got it.
You got it.
to continue to control or at least have a rhino Republican, which is half donkey or
half ass, if you want to say, influence in the...
I like that.
That's a half ass Republican.
It's a half ass Republican.
Yeah, of course it is.
Yeah, because really they're a donkey, they're an ass, they're a Democrat.
Thank you.
There you go.
You got it.
You got it.
And if you want to know more about history, English history or American history, okay,
we know that behind every man's politics is his religion, okay?
I'm throwing a hint here, okay?
Now, there was a man in history, American history, known as Thomas Nast.
He was the one who came up, he was a cartoonist, he was also a journalist, and he came up with the concept of the Republicans are elephant and the Democrats are donkey.
He also had many, many cartoons revealing, tipping his hand on who's trying to invade
This is an invasion of America.
We know it's a communist, globalist, socialist invasion, okay?
Totalitarian, tyrannical, satanic, occultic invasion, okay?
It goes beyond, I think it's definitely involved in this, and so are the witches and the powers and forces in Kingdom
of Darkness.
All right, Tony, well that's two minutes.
You're a great caller, you've got a lot of great facts, but I really wanted to just stick on the issue of the House vote today, and I said two minutes max, so I've got to drop you.
But thank you for the call.
Let's go to Josh in New Jersey.
Josh, you're on the air, go ahead.
Owen Shroyer, how are you today?
I'm good, thanks.
Here are the thoughts.
From the Northeast on this mess.
We have a bunch of children playing in a play box, trying to grab the same shovel that everybody else is using.
And it's because we have no morals and no values.
This is not going to end well if we don't get a proper Speaker of the House.
Because remember that Speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency.
And we see the disheveled, degenerate Biden and his clown Vice President We gotta get somebody in there, man.
I don't know what to tell people anymore because everything that I've spoken about, that you guys have spoken about, has come true 100% and people are still too stupid to realize it.
I don't know if we're salvaging this place anymore, man.
I really don't.
I hope we do, but if we don't get somebody in there like that gentleman from Florida, We're in trouble.
And you know, here's the one thing I would say if I was going to make a concession from
the holdout side, I would say, all right, look, if we want to trust McCarthy and we
want to make sure we salvage this speakership from getting maybe a Democrat in there or
something else that could go wrong, then okay, fine.
But the one thing they cannot concede is that we need to have the one representative ouster rule that has been in place forever until Nancy Pelosi changed the rules last session.
So that if McCarthy goes sideways, goes rogue, doesn't do what he said he would do, all it takes is one person to oust him.
That's the one thing they cannot concede on.
I agree with you man, but I don't know what these folks are going to do.
I don't think it's the blind leading the blind anymore.
And it's embarrassing, and it's quite frankly, it's scary.
Because if we lose any more power and any more respect in this country, we're screwed.
Completely agree.
And you know, today has been a reminder of that.
I've got hope from the Republican holdouts, but they're losing ground.
And then with all the people dying from the vaccines that they don't want to tell you, and the cardiac arrest, and then just the corruption and the lies about January 6th.
I mean, it's just a reminder of how bad things really are.
But they have officially adjourned until later tonight.
So we won't get an update.
We won't get an update until later tonight.
Josh, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Robert in Chicago.
Robert, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, I agree with both the previous callers, but I'd like to just go over a short list.
Well, there's a long list, and I'm sure we could build on it, of why I'm a no vote for McCarthy.
You know, the $30 million he took from the FTX crypto scandal, That's right.
And that's what they're trying to do.
And by the way, and just so people are clear, that's one of the things that the holdouts are not willing to concede on.
They don't want the GOP and the big money donors getting involved in primary races, so McCarthy can't do that again.
Another one.
Him and his wife wined and dined with Klaus Schwab and went and spoke at World Economic Forum.
Wait, him and Frank Luntz had dinner with Klaus Schwab?
I didn't know he and Frank Luntz were eating with Klaus Schwab.
When did him and Luntz have dinner?
Him and his wife spoke at World Economic Forum.
Look it up.
It's out there.
Another one, nationalpolls.com, not to compete with Infowars, they have an article.
Supposedly Kevin McCarthy has a luxury rental firm and the largest shareholder is Mao Zedong's
I can't say it's true, but if that's true...
Is that a Natalie Winters story?
Yeah, I believe it is a Natalie...
She does great work covering the Chinese Communist.
I like the National Pulse.
I like Hassan.
If that's true, then we got McConnell's family tied to the Chinese and both speakerships.
We were in big trouble.
Major trouble.
Failed to address the voter fraud in 2020-2022.
Rasmussen yesterday, yesterday Rasmussen had a poll, national poll, less than 40 percent, or less than half is what the title is, less than half of GOP voters would support McCarthy.
Oh, I would say it's like, again, I can open up the phone lines, I can take calls for days and not find a Republican voter that likes Kevin McCarthy.
And then obviously he's going to continue giving money to Ukraine.
Oh, of course he is.
And that's another one.
So thank you for the call, Robert.
I'm sorry I got to jump.
But see, that's another one.
And that's why they cannot concede on the one person ouster.
If they concede everything else, fine.
They cannot concede the one person ouster.
Because the minute McCarthy starts going for money for Ukraine again, get him out.
Now, the caller brought up this story in the National Pulse from Natalie Winters about McCarthy's ties to China.
But guys, it was in the New York Times.
Can we put that back on the screen here before we go to break?
New York Times!
Kevin McCarthy's business ties complicate his rise to power.
To land the House Speaker position, the California Republican will have to win over opponents who question his ties to Silicon Valley and his commitment to right-wing causes.
So I don't know if that one gets into the China issue.
We'll look more into that.
Big ups to the six remaining holdouts.
Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Eli Crane, Matt Gaetz, Bob Good, and Matt Rosendale.
The lone holdouts remaining, stopping the swamp from railroading us, we the people, again.
It's been a crazy week, ladies and gentlemen, to start the new year, has it not?
If this is the pace for the year 2023, I think my heart's gonna give out, guys.
I don't know.
And it's only...oh, just get ready folks.
More stuff, big stuff coming in the very near future.
Things are only going to get crazier from here.
Alright, let's go back out to the phone lines.
Final segment before the War Room.
Again, guest hosts today, Royce White, Alex Stein, and Clay Clark on the War Room.
I thank them for filling in for me.
Let's go to the phone lines now.
Brian in Michigan.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, what's going on?
Thanks for giving me two minutes.
I'm going to go ahead and take it.
The last call are Elaine Chao and McCarthy.
They did wine and dine at the World Economic Forum, and that brings in Yuval Noah Harari, where humans' free will is gone.
That's why this whole thing, the votes, I don't think it's relevant anymore because the human free will is gone.
We can now track people under the skin with the graphene oxide and the 5G millimeter waves that are going through.
Now, a quick timeline of 2,000 years.
Adam and Eve to Abraham, 2,000 years.
Abraham was a physical circumcision of the flesh to signify that they were with God.
Abraham to Jesus, 2,000 years.
Jesus to the return of Jesus, my guess will be 2,000 years.
But if you go backwards in time right now, 2,000 years.
Jesus Christ is alive.
He's on the planet.
He's 24 years old.
He begins ministering at the year of 2029 or 2030.
He'll be 30 years old and he begins ministering for his three and a half years.
All these guys, the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, all of them are saying the rise of the uber man, the new age man, comes in 2029 or 2030.
That runs exactly in timeline with the first three and a half years of the ministering of Jesus Christ on the planet.
And all these guys, all the tech vets out there, everything that they're talking about, I mean, we have the 2029.
Why are they saying this timeline if they know exactly what's going on?
Well, it's certainly interesting, and just to add a little bit more to that, you know, they've changed the calendars and the days and everything and the months so many times.
Who even knows that the calendars we have are the same that we had then.
But, Brian, I thank you for the call.
Very important information there.
Very interesting to think about on the larger scale, away from just U.S.
politics, but on the large world human scale.
Let's now go to Josh in Georgia.
Josh, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I just want to shout out to the X2, shout out to the Brain Force, and on this McCarthy vote, man, I just want to say I hate to have everybody swallow a huge black pill, but you know deep down inside that he's going to get it, and thank God there's six people that are going to stand up and actually fight for something that the American people deserve, and it's disgusting what these people are doing to our country.
It's disgusting.
We're the laughing stock of the entire world.
I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of these politicians.
And 2023 is going to be the year that you see these people that took the COVID vaccine start dropping like flies.
And this is all disgusting.
And I'm pissed, dude.
And these politicians need to grow some cojones and stand up and actually do something for the people that voted them in the office instead of sitting there and voting for themselves to get raises.
And voting for themselves.
Thank God they're willing to go into the office for four or five days this week to cast the same freaking vote a hundred times so McCartney can finally get it in because they want to go home to their mansion.
and have their nice luxurious dinners while we sit here and struggle to pay for gas
and we struggle to pay our bills and 5G is going up everywhere and they're going to be
tracking and tracing us and there's nothing that the American people can do to stop it
because these are our representatives right here. Have a good one Owen, I love you,
I'm going to hang up and listen to your response. I have no response.
That's a home run.
You just cleared the bases, man.
Not much to say in response to that other than you just knocked it out of the park.
And thank you for shopping at infowarstore.com.
Alright, let's go to Isaac in California.
Isaac, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, Owen, I just gotta say, is Alex Jones's behind his jesuit?
I'm sorry, we're having a phone line problem here.
What was that?
Is the Zionist Jesuit?
I don't know what you're saying.
Is Alex Jones a Zionist Jesuit?
Is Alex Jones a Zionist Jesuit?
Okay, well I asked for calls about the speaker vote and I'm not Alex Jones, so I don't really know what you want from me here.
Everybody's a Jesuit!
It's all a Jesuit show!
Alright, let's go to Ignacio in Colorado.
You're on the air, go ahead.
What's up, Owen?
Good crushing it this week, man.
Good job.
Thank you.
I do want to talk to Owen, the activist, today, though, not Owen, the host for InfoWars.
Alright, well, what do you got?
I understand that MTG, she's been on the war room with Steve Bannon, leading up to the vote.
And as I understand it, her position on Kevin McCarthy was that if he didn't win, the Democrats might have win it, and then it was all going to be worse.
She's been proven wrong 14 times.
So on that note, I do ask you, please stay adjourned the votes and whatnot.
Please reach out to her.
She didn't come on the show yesterday.
Reach out to her.
Get to her heart or whatever you need to do, but let's hear from her.
Why is she doing this?
We know the other dude is from the World Economic Forum.
Ask, you know, let's ask MTG, what does she think about Ashley Babbitt's mom getting arrested today?
And what does McCarthy think about that?
Let's put him on the spot and let's hear from them directly what is... Well, you know, and just generally speaking, just generally speaking, Ignacio, you know, the one thing here that I resonate with is that throughout this entire process, we're not really hearing much of substance.
You know, where does McCarthy stand on the January 6th?
Where does McCarthy stand on Ukraine?
We don't get much substance.
In fact, McCarthy doesn't talk at all.
Nothing has changed.
McCarthy never talks about it.
That's why it's like, I don't know he's a conservative.
He doesn't tell me he's a conservative.
I don't know what he does.
He's a fundraiser is what he is.
He's a fundraiser for the swamp.
That's what we keep hearing from people like Dan Crenshaw.
I don't want a fundraiser for the swamp.
I want an American patriot!
That's right.
And that's why we're going to back up the stakes that are standing strong.
Too bad that we lost a few.
I know we lost Ana Paulina Luna and Paul Guasar in the last vote.
That's okay.
Hey, they can still come back to my desk.
And we've still got a vote tonight.
McCarthy still doesn't have the votes.
But I think this one tonight is going to be, if he doesn't get the votes tonight and we
continue to go through the same Groundhog Day situation, then it's just ridiculous.
And McCarthy should be embarrassed, and all the people that keep voting for him should be embarrassed.
He never had the votes, but you've just sent the American people the same message you've been sending to us since I've been living in this great country, that you, our politicians, don't give a damn what we the people think, what we the people say, or what we the people want.
And you're going to sit there and do the same thing over and over and over again until you get the result you want.
That's like if you go to the casino with a dollar or a penny, let's say, and you go play the penny slot, and you put the penny in and pull it and you don't lose, and then you go tell the casino owner, no, I want to play the casino penny slots until I win, even if I only have one penny.
That's what this feels like.
Maybe not the best example.
But I just don't get it.
Why do you do this?
What is so great about Kevin McCarthy?
I'm still unconvinced.
Alright, let's squeeze one more caller in.
Andrew in New York.
Andrew, go ahead.
Yeah, the caller has done a pretty good job talking about McCarthy's corruption, FTX and all that stuff, but we already know where McCarthy stands on everything.
We already know that he backstabbed January 6th and all that.
It definitely should not be Greasy Entitled McCarthy.
It should be Biggs or somebody like that.
And I think that it's under control.
There's a lot of stuff that's happening behind the scenes.
I think they are going to have a real speaker like Andy Biggs or Steve Bannon or somebody like that.
You know, I wish that was the case, but I'm not seeing that.
And I will say, the one knock I do have against the holdouts is that they never really brought a legitimate, serious candidate to the table.
Donalds didn't want it, he flipped.
Jordan said he didn't want it, he flipped.
Or I don't know if he flipped, but he said he didn't want it, so...
Yeah, I mean, that's the one blind spot on them was they never brought somebody who actually wanted it that they could present as a viable candidate.
And I think they need to change that ahead of this 14th imperative vote.
Because to me, this is the big back-breaking vote as we conclude the week.
And if they move forward and keep trying to shove McCarthy down our throat, then we know that this is the swamp trying to dictate its will on the American people.
And if the holdouts can't bring forward a candidate that they can all get behind, who wants the speakership position, who can't lead from the front, going on TV, saying why they want to be speaker...
Then we really, I don't see, eventually they're just going to get McCarthy in there.
So, that's what we have ahead of us.
That does it for the Alex Jones Show.
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