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Air Date: Jan. 5, 2023
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InfoWars broadcast discusses ongoing Republican Party Speaker race, with host stating that McCarthy's chances are slim due to resistance from anti-McCarthy holdouts. InfoWars promotes their products and donations on infowarstore.com. Roger Stone discusses the Speaker vote, revealing how democracy works in a democratic republic. He mentions possible alternatives to McCarthy, including Donalds or Trump as potential speakers. Florida is mentioned as a leader in policy and economy, with DeSantis seen as the gold standard. Stone criticizes McCarthy for lacking support, and believes he will not receive the Speaker position. Alex Jones promotes InfoWars products through their store and encourages supporters to use "1776" promo code for purchases at infowarstore.com to help fund the show.


Initially, for lack of a candidate, Matt Gaetz put the name of Jim Jordan up and put it in denomination.
And though, although Jordan rose and spoke and urged his colleagues to vote for McCarthy, it is very notable that he did not withdraw his name from contention.
So he really didn't undercut the insurgents as he could have.
And then the switch from Jim Jordan
Who simply does not want to be speaker.
I mean, he's really interested in heading the investigations into Joe and Hunter and the FBI and so on.
The move to Byron Donalds of Florida is nothing short of brilliant.
Donalds is a hardcore America First conservative.
He's not an establishment Republican.
He was not the candidate of the establishment when he won that seat.
Secondarily, he's an African American, which would give the party a great opportunity to return to our roots as the party of Lincoln.
Byron Donalds, particularly since the Democrats have chosen Hakeem Jeffries as their minority leader, would be a spectacular speaker.
This was a stroke of genius, and clearly Byron Donalds himself is on board because he voted for himself in the last round.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to be hearing from Alex Jones here.
Owen Schroer still in studio, expecting Alex back tomorrow.
He's coming up shortly.
Wow, we've got a loaded transmission, let me just tell you.
Roger Stone, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and more coming up.
Just quickly though,
Let me try to get us caught up on where we're at with the Speaker's race.
And I think one thing that I'm extremely impressed by, and that is proven to me last night, and that's that the anti-McCarthy holdouts, they are on message, they are unwavering, and they are effective.
I have never seen such effectiveness from what is a small group of Republicans, but whether it's a large group, small group, or anything from the Republican Party, not even Donald Trump, not even when he was President, they are all on message.
Every interview they did last night, on message.
They knew what they wanted to say, they knew what they didn't want to say.
Totally prepared for everything, unwavering and effective.
It's a beautiful thing to witness.
Now, here's the situation with McCarthy.
People ask me, well, would the Democrats vote for McCarthy?
I think that ship has sailed.
They maybe could have pulled that move in one of the first six votes.
Now there's no way Republicans would switch and vote for somebody else.
The only way McCarthy gets in today is if he did concede all of the points that the 20 other Republicans wanted.
That is yet to be seen.
We'll be covering it live.
But first, here is Alex Jones.
My fellow patriots, not just here in America, but across the world.
We're witnessing historic events in early January, 2023.
Today is January 5th, 2023.
And I have it from high level sources and real experts and insiders, like Roger Stone, who's coming on to join us live in 15 minutes, that Mr. McCarthy is out as the Republican speaker.
And we know who the front runner is.
A lot of you already have a good idea, but I'm going to lay this out.
Coming up here in a moment and with Roger Stone.
And Owen Schroyer.
This is a major symbol of a populist uprising and a huge populist rebellion against the globalists.
I'm not attacking anybody that supported McCarthy.
They have their own reasons.
MTG is an incredible person with an amazing voting record that the enemies of freedom absolutely hate.
She had agreements with McCarthy that he was going to do these great things in this wonderful pro-America agenda.
Representatives of the American people are allowed to vote for speaker who they want.
I, Patch McCain, we all know about the fake Texan that we're talking about.
So again, Roger Stone is coming up here in about 15 minutes from now to lay all of this out.
Tell everybody you know, tune into the broadcast right now because this is historic and it's very important.
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It's Thursday, January 5th, 2023.
Next segment, Roger Stone is coming on, who's got the sources to lay out the fact that McCarty is done.
And this is a major seismic shift that there is a giant populist awakening to the globalist tyranny and the American people will not be stopped by election fraud and by the FBI and Justice Department spying and intimidating and surveilling the American people.
But here's the most important point we all need to be focused on, in my humble opinion, and that's what will the agenda of the new Republican Congress be?
Not just controlling the border.
Not just trying to back off this war with Russia, not just trying to stop the fentanyl flooding and the devaluation of the currency and incredible inflation.
No, those are all just individual issues.
How do you stop all of those?
You impeach Joe Biden and the impeachment hearings in the House will be a major platform to show his real crimes to America and the world and will result in his removal.
It's time to go on the offense and McCarthy and others have only tenuously said,
They might have investigations into Twittergate and into the Hunter Biden files and into all the surveillance and censorship of big tech working with the government illegally.
They're saying they might look at impeachment.
No, we don't look at impeachment.
We go for impeachment.
That's why I love MTG.
She's been calling for impeachment in the new Congress.
And I understand why she supported McCarthy.
He promised to follow all these great ideas and things that she and others had.
But I don't think at the end of the day, McCarthy can be trusted regardless of that.
This shows the power of the American people, our representatives, when we don't back down.
We need to end the imperial leadership of the Republican and Democratic Party.
We need to bring populism back to America.
And Roger Stone and Owen Schroer are about to lay all of this exclusive information out.
And who is really at the front of the ticket to be the new Speaker of the House?
This is such an important moment, not just for America, but for the world.
But we've got to, again,
Inject into this debate around McCarthy right now, the fact that we need pledges from people that are going to vote for this speaker and from who the new speaker is going to be, a black Republican from Florida that we'll be talking about in a moment.
He's the front runner.
That they will go for the impeachment.
It's not just their right or our right.
It is our duty when someone commits these high crimes and misdemeanors and other things right in front of us to remove them.
We have.
Him dead to rights.
We have Joe Biden, ladies and gentlemen, and the New World Order and their whole system in our sights.
So I'm going to hand the baton to Owen.
Roger's coming up in the next segment.
But finally, I have to add this point.
I had to take some time off of my family to refocus and really get closer to God.
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Alright, Owen Schroeder is about to take over and then Roger Stone next segment with the inside baseball.
What's really happening with the battle over the speakership and the inside info is McCarthy's already lost.
Stay with us.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, Roger Stone coming up, Marjorie Taylor Greene as well.
It's been a very news-driven week.
My transmissions this week have been very news-driven, and so we're going to have some guests, and I want to take calls today.
Let me focus on the issue here before Roger Stone joins us and where I think we're at with the House Speaker vote coming up shortly.
We'll of course be monitoring that.
Here are the main issues to expand on what Alex was saying.
I was just taking some notes here.
Here are the five issues
That need to be addressed loudly and aggressively with the Republican leadership in the House.
Some are obvious, some maybe not so obvious to our politicians, but we should make it obvious to them.
And I think the issue is, for me, I have no faith that Kevin McCarthy would have any real motive, agenda, or desire to take care of any of these issues, quite frankly.
So, I just had no confidence there.
That's how most Republican voters, most Trump supporters, most conservatives felt.
And so it was nice to see what we the people feel, what we the people think, finally represented, even if it was a minority of 20 Republicans in the House.
It felt good, didn't it?
It felt right, finally, that we weren't being dictated from the top down from Fox News and Con Inc.
and Karl Rove and Dan Crenshaw and Sean Hannity.
No, you guys need to join our team.
Team America.
Team We The People.
So, here are the five issues.
Close the border.
Stop the war with Russia.
Which, folks, I'm going to get into a little bit of this today.
And I could even get some more expansive knowledge if I really want to delve into this.
But I think Russia is getting prepared for a major, massive
I don't want to say frontal assault, but I think there's a major move coming, and as soon as the freezing temperatures in that region set in and the ground hardens...
For whatever reason, Russia's strategy is, that's when they go in, and it helps them because their troops are rested, their troops are ready, their troops are well fed, they're used to the cold, they've trained for it.
The Ukrainian troops are struggling, folks.
The Ukrainian troops are out of food, they're cold, they're desperate, and once that freeze sits in, that's when Russia is going to make its major move, and it looks like they're building up.
Quite frankly, geopolitically, it makes more sense for us to side with Russia.
Now, we don't have to side with anybody.
We can stay neutral and independent on this deal.
Russia's gonna win this thing.
Now, the real issue should be, we don't want the U.S.
getting involved, and we don't want there to be bloodshed.
So, we'll talk about that.
But stopping the war with Russia should be a major issue.
Impeaching Biden, investigating Biden, that just has to happen.
And this one is a little tough, you know?
You don't want to see, I don't want to see, this issue where every president now gets impeached and gets investigated because that's just the new par for the course thanks to what the Democrats did to Trump and Innocent Man.
But we are here today.
Biden deserves to be investigated and impeached.
So that's going to be key.
And then, of course, you need probes.
You need investigations launched into Twittergate, Faucigate, Vaccinegate.
That has to happen.
That's a big one.
That might be one of the lesser odds of these issues being addressed, but that should be one of them.
And then the fifth and final one, which of course just has to happen if anything's going to matter, something must be done about our elections.
Something must be done to return confidence to our elections.
Something must be done to restore faith in our elections.
Something must be done so that the American people have any confidence or faith that when they go vote, the correct result
Is being represented.
I'm not so sure that is how America feels right now.
When we come back, it's Roger Stone, but I'll tell you this.
Unless Kevin McCarthy conceded all of these different issues, including that he could be overthrown with just one individual, which he hated the most, that scared him.
I don't think McCarthy gets in today, but there's rumors out there that he did concede.
So, we shall see.
Now, would the Democrats vote for McCarthy?
I think that ship has sailed, and if that happened now, Republicans would switch their votes, so McCarthy still wouldn't get the majority.
Roger Stone, coming up.
Alright, we're getting ready for Speaker of the House vote number seven.
Lucky number seven, perhaps.
And Roger Stone joins us now to give us some of the inside baseball.
Roger, where do you want to begin?
Do you want to begin with the last six votes and what led to Kevin McCarthy's double platinum sombrero?
Or do you want to start with what you're expecting to see today based off what you heard from last night?
Roger Stone!
Well, first of all, Erwin, Happy New Year.
Great to be back with you.
Great looking sports jacket you got going there.
Apparently not good enough, huh?
Well, come on.
You can't be on every year.
You can't be on every year.
It's alright, Roger.
You know I still love you.
There's always next year, my friend.
I'll work hard for it.
You always do.
You always look good.
First of all, we're witnessing history.
I mean, this really is extraordinary.
I'm kind of amused by the pearl clutching of the ruling class saying, oh, what an embarrassment for the Republicans.
No, this is what democracy in a democratic republic actually looks like.
What would be pathetic are secret, behind-the-scenes, backroom deals cut with special interest money so that the people never actually see what's going on in their government.
So I think it's a very healthy exercise, first of all.
Secondarily, it also has demonstrated that Kevin McCarthy now going for the sixth ballot
Simply doesn't have the votes.
I mean, stick a fork in him.
He's done.
I think that's abundantly clear.
So the only question now is, who is it that they rally behind?
So let me just ask you this quickly.
So does McCarthy have any votes?
Is McCarthy going to be nominated again today?
Well, it appears to me that he is now seeking to make a secret backroom deal with Hakeem Jeffries, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats.
Two weeks ago, of course, he said he would never do this, so he's caught in another lie.
Remember, the Democrats could help him get elected simply by having enough of them vote present, which is essentially abstaining, to lower the total number of votes that McCarthy would require to win.
And he's perfectly capable of doing this because, as Matt Gaetz said yesterday, he has no ideology.
He's not a conservative.
He's about money and power.
And had he responded more specifically to the five points raised by the Freedom Caucus in a formal letter to him,
I might be speaker right now, but let me give you the most important example.
Since 1837, one member could always make a privileged motion to vacate the chair.
In other words, to challenge the speakership of whoever the speaker was.
So if the speaker did something egregious, for example, supporting a $45 million check for Ukraine, for example.
Uh, then any member, one member could move to vacate the chair and there'd be a vote of the full house so that a speaker could be toppled.
And McCarthy really did not like that.
That was one of his big bugaboos.
Well, Nancy Pelosi changed the rule to be that such a motion was no longer privileged.
It had to be endorsed by one of the party caucuses, which means a majority in the case of Nancy Pelosi.
That was clearly never going to happen.
The Freedom Caucus demanded a return to the pre-Pelosi rule of one member, and Kevin McCarthy counter-proposed that it had to be five.
Had he agreed to one, I think he might be speaker today.
Secondarily, we saw McCarthy go into various primaries and caucuses and use party money, leadership money,
We're good.
He didn't even address that in his response to the insurgents.
So Kevin McCarthy has made his own bed, and I think when they convene shortly, I guess it's any minute now, he's still not going to have the votes.
My guess is that he will continue to slowly lose votes until the dam is actually broken.
And to go back on that issue of the Democrats trying to help McCarthy in this, I think that ship has sailed.
I think maybe there could have been a window of opportunity there in the first six votes where McCarthy's, you know, 200 supporters, give or take a couple, would have continued to vote for him despite the Democrats changing the threshold.
I think that ship sailed.
I think the Democrats tried to do that now.
Republican votes will match and either not vote McCarthy or abstain themselves.
Would you agree with that?
I think it remains to be seen.
One of the things we have to recognize is that McCarthy's votes are bought and paid for.
In other words, he bought those votes with campaign contributions in the last cycle.
Maybe some of that FTX money.
I think that's actually a key issue here.
If I were Matt Gaetz, who I think, by the way, has done a brilliant and gutsy job with this whole thing, one of the questions I would pose on the floor to him is, explain to us why you took this FTX money and how you used it.
I think it should be absolutely key.
But the other thing we see here is that in our democracy,
The movement that you and I belong to, the America First Movement, it is not owned by Donald Trump.
Donald Trump came out with a full-throated endorsement of Minority Leader McCarthy after he had already lost one day of balloting, and it had no effect whatsoever.
Now, there was one other absolutely key development here, Owen, that should be noted, and that is
Initially, for lack of a candidate, Matt Gaetz put the name of Jim Jordan up and put it in denomination.
And though, although Jordan rose and spoke and urged his colleagues to vote for McCarthy, it is very notable that he did not withdraw his name from contention.
So he really didn't undercut the insurgents as he could have.
And then the switch from Jim Jordan
Who simply does not want to be speaker.
I mean, he's really interested in heading the investigations into Joe and Hunter and the FBI and so on.
The move to Byron Donalds of Florida is nothing short of brilliant.
Donalds is a hardcore America First conservative.
He's not an establishment Republican.
He was not the candidate of the establishment when he won that seat.
Secondarily, he's an African American, which would give the party a great opportunity to return to our roots as the party of Lincoln.
Byron Donalds, particularly since the Democrats have chosen Hakeem Jeffries as their minority leader, would be a spectacular speaker.
This was a stroke of genius, and clearly Byron Donalds himself is on board because he voted for himself in the last round.
That's Roger Stone.
We got a short break here.
We'll be right back with more.
And you know, I want to talk about one narrative I'm hearing out there.
They say, well, you know, don't worry about McCarthy.
This isn't a policy position.
Well, if it wasn't a policy position, then why are you so desperate to get Kevin McCarthy in there?
It might not be a policy position by definition, but please, for all practical purposes, policies somehow, someway will eventually come through the speaker.
Well, if there was any doubt if the Freedom Caucus and McCarthy holdouts were going to be committing to Byron Donalds, I think that doubt has now been removed.
Dan Bishop just finished an incredible speech in front of the House Assembly just a moment ago.
Truly incredible.
They're about to begin the votes and now they just have.
The votes are coming in right now.
We'll be monitoring this.
Roger, you said something in the last segment that really stuck out to me because it's exactly how I felt and I'd like you to expand on this.
You put it...
The pearl clutching from the establishment is very apparent, I'm paraphrasing, but basically, there was a sense that it was Kevin McCarthy that was the establishment's pick.
It was the establishment, Republicans, Uniparty, saying, hey, we pick McCarthy, that's how it goes, we run the show here, you, the people that vote for us, you mean nothing in this process, get out of our way.
Well, that is not how these Freedom Caucus members felt, and they were able to hold out and get it done.
So then what we saw?
We saw all the mainstream conservative news freaking out, Dan Crenshaw insulting people, even the New York Post insulting the Republicans with the Ukraine flag on their headline there, too, because they love Ukraine so much.
So, kind of expand on that a little bit.
What's this pearl-clutching phenomenon to you that you're witnessing in the rejection of Kevin McCarthy?
Yeah, it's very interesting.
It's like they all work off of the same talking points.
So if you go on Twitter, which I am now able to do, by the way, you can follow me at RogerJStoneJR if you're one of those conservatives who isn't still banned on Twitter.
If you see the talking points from all the House members, it is attacks on Matt Gaetz and his colleagues.
They're egomaniacs.
This is all about their ego.
This is egotism.
This has nothing to do with their egos.
It has to do with fundamental principles.
Secondarily is this notion, talk about arrogance, McCarthy moved into the Speaker's office.
Without ever having been elected speaker.
So there was a presumption there, an arrogance that is outrageous.
And as I said earlier, no, this isn't embarrassing to the Republican Party.
What this shows is that we have a party committed to a free, open, democratic process.
We don't make our deals behind closed doors like the Democrats do.
And it's absolutely clear to me that with the anti-McCarthy vote now coalescing behind Byron Donalds, that Donalds has a real prospect to become Speaker.
Momentum is very important in these matters.
When they choose to adjourn becomes very important.
They adjourned yesterday so you know behind the scenes furiously there were talks going on last night but based on my best information they have afforded nothing because kind of like Stonewall Jackson, there stands Matt Gaetz like a stone wall.
He's not going to switch.
He and his colleagues are not going to quit.
They're not going to fade.
So there's now at this point only one way that Kevin McCarthy and the FTX crowd around him can grab the Speaker's office, and that is with the complicity of Nancy Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries, and the Democrats.
Whether that can still be done, I don't know.
I'm not in regular touch with those people.
I don't know.
You can kiss any investigation into Dr. Fauci and the lies we've been told about the safety and the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccination goodbye.
You can kiss any investigation into the abuses by the FBI goodbye.
And you will have the status quo.
You'll have exactly what you have now, with one exception.
We'll probably send another 25, 30, maybe 45
Oh, and there's 370,000 homeless veterans in this country.
Shipping more money to Ukraine is just unconscionable.
But we all saw Kevin McCarthy sporting the Ukrainian flag pocket square.
Oh, sure.
That would definitely knock off my best and worst dressed list, as well as the Ukrainian flag lapel pin.
So I would say Kevin McCarthy is Ukraine first, wouldn't you?
Well he certainly, as you said, likes the Ukrainian colors there in his lapel pin and his pocket square.
A bad look for me as an American.
I don't want to go to war with Russia.
I don't think there's any victory for America there.
The only victory would be stopping war.
But early returns, quickly, early returns are in, and it's obviously too early to say right now with McCarthy 28 votes, Jeffries 23, and others 4.
But early returns to me say McCarthy's not going to get it again.
I mean, all you need is 20 other votes, and as long as no Democrats abstain from their vote, that's not going to change the threshold.
So I don't see this changing again.
I mean, Roger, this is embarrassing, quite frankly, not for Matt Gaetz.
But for Kevin McCarthy, he's about to go 0 for 7!
I mean, how do you even, like, what do you... You've had, this is your third day now, if you're Kevin McCarthy.
Nothing has changed.
You didn't concede what you needed to to get in.
I'm not even sure it would have mattered this late in the game.
The 20 holdouts, they're not changing their mind.
They've committed now to Donald's.
Looks like he's ready for the roll.
So what is this?
Is it just they're just trying to force their will upon us?
Is that what this is?
It's a war of futility?
Like they're just gonna force their will on us and and just keep voting until we give in?
I don't see that working.
No, we definitely have a Mexican standoff here.
When I spoke to Alex Jones this morning and he asked me to join you, he made a very, very key point, which is the fact that President Trump endorsed McCarthy and that it didn't move any votes.
In fact, the rebels actually gained very slightly, shows that the movement is bigger than any one person.
Now, I must tell you, I cannot explain the president's support for McCarthy.
I've talked to him about it.
I'm not going to get into the specifics of that conversation, but to me,
I don't understand why he objects to Mitch McConnell but likes Kevin McCarthy.
Their legislative records are absolutely identical.
The only difference is that McCarthy's comments after January 6th were even more damaging to the president than Mitch McConnell's comments.
Which he, by the way, gave behind a face mask because he loved his face mask so much.
Yeah, exactly.
So it shows that the movement is mature.
No, Matt Gaetz and the insurgents are not doing this for personal glory.
They're not doing it because they're egomaniacs, as some want to say.
But then there are a lot of questions about others.
What's interesting to me is, for example, Congresswoman Kat Comack from near Jacksonville, Florida, voting for Kevin McCarthy.
I have to give my hats off.
I'm not a fan of Anna Paulina Luna, the new Congresswoman from Tampa.
I've made that pretty clear.
But to her credit, she has stood up on this and voted with the insurgents.
So kudos to her.
I mean, one vote does not a career make.
But I'm pleasantly surprised and I give her credit where credit is due.
But then there are others like Congressman Cory Mills, who I like very much, who I think is a real future leader for the conservative movement.
Probably a future U.S.
Senator or a future governor of Florida.
But sadly, he's voting again with Kevin McCarthy.
Thomas Massey.
There's a guy I really like, truly a free thinker, probably the leading libertarian in the House, but again, voting for Kevin McCarthy.
So there are some very real disappointments here, Owen.
Well and let's see who are the first ones to fall off that McCarthy bandwagon and if they jump on the Donald's bandwagon which it seems the Freedom Caucus is committed to based off what we've heard today.
So when we come back with Roger Stone we're going to talk about who could be the future Speaker of the House.
We'll give you the updated votes when we come back from this short break as well.
And I want to figure out from Roger Stone
Where did Matt Gaetz get this political brilliance from?
Is someone advising him?
Is he doing it all on his own?
I think it's genius.
We'll get Roger Stone's take on that and the future speaker when we come back.
Alright ladies and gentlemen it's still early but from where it stands right now it appears nothing has changed.
And the results look like they're going to be the exact same or eerily similar to the first six votes.
And so, truly, just a battle of futility, a war of attrition, perhaps, as McCarthy just keeps throwing his hat in the ring and keeps losing.
I don't know what you call 0-for-7 with seven strikeouts, the uranium sombrero, a triple platinum sombrero.
I mean, this is really... I mean, if you're Kevin McCarthy, I don't know how you're not completely embarrassed.
Right now, quite frankly.
After the first two days, but then you do it for a third day, you never had the votes.
Clearly you never had the votes, and now we're going to know it for a seventh time, it appears.
Okay, so maybe we'll get another 20 votes for Donald this go-around.
I suppose that he's the secondary leader in the clubhouse for the Republican nomination, Roger.
Let me point two things out here.
And get your take on this with your political expertise.
You know, Florida now to me represents...
First of all, I'm not sure where you're getting that feed from, but it's just interesting that they listed as others, although based on my information, everybody who hasn't voted for either McCarthy or Jeffries has voted for Donalds.
This is a willful attempt by someone in the media not to give him, you know, any momentum.
I do think that he will very shortly be the front runner for Speaker.
There is always the possibility, of course, that somebody could put the name of Donald J. Trump into a nomination on a future ballot.
Lauren Boebert, who I think
Held her own with my friend Sean Hannity last night in a very fiery exchange between the two of them, said that she's thinking about nominating the president.
Perhaps that could be the act which opens the logjam.
I do have to address something you said.
Governor DeSantis had his inauguration this week.
He gave an excellent speech.
But in the front row, somebody who wasn't at his previous inauguration, former Governor Jeb Bush.
We learned recently that the Broward County School System has adopted a curriculum that includes CRT for our public school children in violation of the Governor's Executive Order.
Broward General Hospital is now insisting on masks once again for their unvaccinated employees, including
Yes, I love the idea that Governor DeSantis has gone to the state Supreme Court to ask them to convene a grand jury to investigate whether Floridians were misled over the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccinations.
But Governor DeSantis signed a law giving the manufacturers and those who promoted it complete legal immunity.
So that's what is known as a head fake in public.
Nobody will be held accountable.
It's a political move.
So I have my reservations.
And look, everybody knows that I'm supporting Donald Trump in 2024.
I hope that Ron DeSantis will stay in Florida.
I hope he will keep his commitment en masse.
On CRT and gender and sex lies being forced on our school children.
Over the Christmas season, we had these drag queen shows being open to children again.
Again, the governor pledged that that would not happen.
And he's written some strong letters to those who sponsored those shows, but strong letters are not a substitute for action.
I'd like him to stay here and do the job, prove his conservative bona fides rather than just his ability to grab a headline.
And then perhaps down the road, he could be a Republican candidate for president.
So getting back to the House Speaker vote, again folks, it's not finished yet, but it looks like it's going to be the exact same result here, and McCarthy is going to fail for a seventh straight time.
0 for 7.
He never had the votes once.
He lied when he said he did.
But the brilliance of Matt Gaetz.
You know, Roger, this was something that really became present and clear to me.
Right after New Year's, and then when he really dug in and committed to his anti-McCarthy stance, in spite of all the threats and the hemming and the hawing and the insults, he stood firm.
A lot of people wouldn't have had, not just the commitment to do that, but quite frankly, the political brilliance.
He clearly had the foresight to know that he was going to be victorious in this standoff, unlike Kevin McCarthy.
Where is Matt Gaetz getting advice from, or is he moving all on his own?
To me, the political brilliance from Matt Gaetz truly put on display in the last five days.
Look, Matt Gaetz is a very, very smart guy.
He served in the Florida State House before coming to the Congress.
He knows how to count votes.
He also knows, from the beginning he knew what his hand was here.
I've had my differences with Matt Gaetz, very specifically when he out of nowhere started attacking Alex Jones a couple years ago.
Never really understood that.
Didn't like it.
But my hat's off to him.
I like Matt Gaetz.
I still consider him a friend of mine.
I don't
I was sorry to see Marjorie Taylor Greene abandon the insurgents and jump on board with Kevin McCarthy.
Perhaps she wants to come on InfoWars and explain why she's done that.
But Gates has been brilliant.
In this clip you have up now, this is a perfect example of Matt Gaetz understanding the media, trolling Kevin McCarthy over the fact that McCarthy decided to go squat in the Speaker's office when he hasn't been elected Speaker, writing a letter to the architect of the Capitol demanding that McCarthy be removed.
This is genius because Gaetz understands not only the legislative process,
The politics behind all of this.
Gates, for example, I'm sure anticipated being undercut or the attempt to undercut him with a statement by President Donald Trump.
And his response was perfect.
That Trump's statement did not change Gates' opinion of either McCarthy or Donald Trump.
Now let's move on.
And it has not moved any votes.
And I think that that is key.
I still do not rule out the possibility that Trump could be prevailed upon to become Speaker himself.
As you know, one does not have to be a member of the House to be elected Speaker.
Any American who is an adult,
Uh, is, uh, is legally eligible to serve as speaker.
Uh, and, um, I still wouldn't rule out the possibility that putting forward the name of Donald Trump is what could break this log jam.
I'm not predicting it, uh, but I am saying it should not be ruled out.
I believe it was
Early in the evening yesterday Donald Trump released a statement basically saying it's time to support Donald's instead of McCarthy.
I don't have that in front of me right now.
That turns out to be fake news.
Thank you for clarifying that.
I was going to say, I didn't have the statement in front of me.
Here's what's interesting about this, though.
I'm not surprised that Mike Pence doesn't move the needle at all.
I'm not surprised that Sean Hannity doesn't move the needle at all.
I'm not surprised that Dan Crenshaw doesn't move the needle at all.
But with Trump, it's a little different.
It is a little surprising.
And there's this line from the classic
...movie basketball where they say, uh, the Oakland Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles back to Oakland and nobody noticed.
It was kind of like that with Trump.
It was like, Trump re...
Reinvested his support for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker and nobody noticed.
I mean, it really didn't move the needle.
I like Donald Trump.
He's still the guy I want to support in 2024.
But to me, it's a good sign that the movement is bigger than Trump.
And there's other people in the movement that realize how important this Speaker spot is.
And getting the right guy in there is more important than getting the guy in there that the people that run the party want.
You know, the supreme irony here, of course, is that the insurgents are holding out against McCarthy because they are committed to the Trump agenda.
There's the irony in itself.
So the so-called rebels, the insurgents, they're more Trump than Trump when it comes to their agenda for America.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
Roger Stone is with us.
I know he's good for at least another segment, perhaps two.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, the votes are coming in.
I think we're going to have the exact same result as the last time.
McCarthy is going to be short again.
I think Donalds is going to receive 20, maybe even 21 votes this time around.
Short break.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
Monitoring the vote for Speaker of the House here with Roger Stone on the Alex Jones Show.
And you know, quickly, it's funny.
It looks like Biden is going to sneak down to the border for the first time as President while the distraction of this vote is going on.
How convenient.
I'm still not sure he's going to go, but Biden has said he's going to go visit the border.
Of course he's going to do it now while Republicans are busy with the Speaker vote and America is distracted with the Speaker vote.
He's going to sneak down to the border and hope nobody notices.
The crisis down there and he already gave a speech on it today with Kamala.
It was just typical Biden embarrassment.
But you know, Roger, again, I'm just I'm just at a loss here.
If I am trying to buy, let's say I'm trying to buy a house and I'm talking to the bank to get a bank loan and they say, okay, here's the deal.
You want to get the house for whatever, a million dollars, and you're going to put $50,000 down.
We need you to put $50,000 down on this house.
I say, okay, $50,000 down.
I've got it.
I'll see you guys on Monday.
And then you show up on Monday and you have $40,000.
And the guy says, well, I said 50,000.
Oh, okay, let me be right back.
You come back a second time.
Still 40,000.
Number's still 50.
Third time, come back.
Still 40,000.
Number's still 50.
Oh, okay, I'm sorry, I was confused.
I'll come back the next day with your 50.
Come back the next day.
Same thing.
Three times over.
You still got 40, they still need 50.
And then you come back a third day with 40 needing 50.
I mean, the immaturity, the entitlement, the arrogance.
I mean, how do you even measure this from Kevin McCarthy on day three now?
Well, first of all, I think you have to recognize that Kevin McCarthy has been angling for this position for some time.
He was in contention when the Republicans had the majority last time.
He lost when an extramarital affair between him and another member of the House, female member of the House, was publicly revealed.
And that's really how we got Paul Ryan.
People have forgotten that.
Kevin McCarthy used party money, specifically National Republican Congressional Committee, to elbow out real America First Trump loyalist candidates like Laura Loomer, Joe Kent, J.R.
Majewski, and others to have a smaller majority.
If you go back and look at a number of the shows I did with Alex Jones, I have predicted this exact moment.
What I said was, if the Republicans won a large majority, the so-called red wave that turned into a pink drizzle, that McCarthy would be Speaker right now by a wide margin.
And that is the case.
It is only because the elections were much, much closer than we expected that we're in this exact situation.
So in other words, the Republican establishment cut off its nose to spite its face, and now they're not going to get their guy in there?
It appears that way.
And actually, I think where McCarthy's greatest single error from the beginning has been his admission that he would not, as Speaker, entertain a motion for the impeachment of Joe Biden.
You will remember, long before any of us thought that it would gain any political currency, Al Green from Texas,
Well, I liked much better when he was singing love and happiness than I liked as a member of Congress.
Al Green introduced and the house allowed him to put forward articles of impeachment for Donald Trump, despite a lack of any evidence of any impeachable offense.
In the case of Joe Biden.
Kevin McCarthy has already said, as Speaker, he would not allow the introduction of articles of impeachment.
Now, liberals say, well, on what grounds?
I'll give you the grounds.
10% for the big guy.
There it is, in writing, from his son.
Hard evidence of corruption and taking money from foreign countries while he was a sitting Vice President.
More than enough evidence for impeachment.
Even if the Republicans don't believe they could get two-thirds in the Senate, just as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff knew that they were never going to get two-thirds in the Senate, it is essential that the House Republicans move articles of impeachment and begin hearings.
And one of the first people need to be called in that hearing is right there in the picture, Hunter Biden and his father, Joe.
The House Democrats had no problem sending a subpoena to Donald Trump.
Will the House Republicans, under a McCarthy speakership, send a subpoena?
But Roger, don't you remember?
was selling art for like a quarter million dollars to get political... Oh, I'm sorry, that was Hunter.
Don Jr.
I'm confused.
That was Hunter Biden selling his art for political favors.
One more segment with Roger Stone.
We'll be right back.
So it's pretty much official now.
McCarthy is not going to win.
He's now going to go 0 for 7.
The triple platinum sombrero, the uranium sombrero.
I'm not sure.
This is new unprecedented territory here.
The only thing that could potentially happen is Democrats trying to lower the threshold with the rest of their votes, hoping maybe it's enough to get Jeffries over the line, but I don't think that's going to happen this go-around.
And so I think we're going to have the same result we had in the sixth vote, maybe an extra two votes for Donald.
Roger Stone with us for one more segment.
So where do we go from here, Roger?
Do we do this act of futility one more time?
Do we do it for an eighth time?
A ninth time?
What about the rest of these Republicans that continue to vote for McCarthy?
I mean, how many times do they have to see him lose before they change their mind?
What do you think comes next, Roger Stone?
First of all, Owen, I think the pressure on Kevin McCarthy right now from those who realize just by counting votes that he cannot possibly make it but are being held to their commitment to him has to be absolutely enormous.
Let's knock down one important piece of disinformation coming from Congressman Crenshaw, basically Jeb Bush with an eye patch.
There is no prospect here whatsoever, no scenario under which Hakeem Jeffries or Nancy Pelosi
Uh, he's going to become speaker.
So that, that bugaboo is completely false because there's always a Republican majority, uh, and any effort to make a deal with Hakeem Jeffries, I think would be, uh, would cost, uh, uh, Kevin McCarthy votes.
So here's the problem in terms of what McCarthy is trying to do, even as we speak.
He'd like to hold his 200 some odd votes and get enough Democrats to abstain that the total number of votes that he requires to become Speaker drops.
But if he makes that deal and it is apparent, he will begin to hemorrhage votes from his basic 200.
In other words, there is no one in the Republican caucus who wants to cede subpoena power to the House Democrats.
And the Democrats have made their demands pretty clear and they are all unacceptable.
So he is really a man in a bind.
Instead of calling Matt Gaetz an egomaniac, let's be clear about who the real egomaniac here.
Kevin McCarthy cannot face up to the fact that
That a majority of House Republicans do not want him to be Speaker and will not vote for him for Speaker.
Maybe he will rethink sporting around the floor wearing the Ukrainian flag pin and the Ukrainian pocket square.
A major faux pas, in my opinion.
If you look at those in the House who voted against the $100 billion for Ukraine and then cross-referenced them with those who are voting against McCarthy today, there's an amazing commonality, Owen.
And so again, it's just the same thing.
Is he going to do this for an eighth straight time?
He never had the votes.
He was walking around the Capitol in November and December answering questions from reporters, that's McCarthy, saying, no, I have the votes.
And they'd respond and they'd say, well, Gates says you don't have the votes.
And McCarthy called Gates a liar.
So, I mean, it's McCarthy who's been eating crow.
It's McCarthy who has egg on his face.
I'm not sure what he's done to deserve this vote, this speaker position to begin with, but clearly he hasn't done enough and he's not going to get it.
So what do you think comes next?
Do we have an eighth time where McCarthy has to take the L?
Is he going to still continue to say, I need to do this?
I mean, what is the honorable thing for him to do?
It's to step aside and say, it's not going to be me, right?
Yeah, I mean, at this point, he would be wise to agree to the election of Byron Donalds and let this go.
But he's not going to do that because his lobbyist buddies, from whom he has taken multi-millions, not to mention the FTX money, which he has yet to answer for, won't allow it.
I mean, they bought a speaker.
They want the speaker that they bought and paid for.
In the end, at the end of the day, he's not the master of his own fate.
I talked to two members of the House this morning by phone and they both told me the same thing, which is what he has done in response to all this is to ratchet up the personal threats.
I will destroy you.
Me and my lobbyist buddies and our millions of dollars in campaign contributions are coming at you in Republican primaries.
You want to run a Republican primary in the panhandle against Matt Gaetz?
Be my guest.
He will crush you.
If you go down that list, Paul Gosar for example,
You're not going to defeat Paul Gosar in a Republican primary.
It doesn't matter how much special interest money you throw at it.
There's no member voting with the insurgents who is vulnerable in a primary.
In fact, the principled stand that they've taken in this contest actually fortifies them from being challenged in a primary.
Completely agree.
Completely agree with that.
No popular grassroots support for Kevin McCarthy.
None whatsoever.
He has presided over the systematic destruction of the California Republican primary.
Why have we lost so many House seats in California under the leadership of Kevin McCarthy?
There are races there we should never, ever have lost.
In the Golden State.
So, look, it's over for this guy.
Stick a fork in him.
He's done.
But no, to answer your question directly, Owen, he will stretch this out as long as he possibly can because it's not his decision.
The lobbyists who pull his strings, the people who lined his coffers and told him to go out and help destroy MAGA candidates like Laura Loomer and Joe Kent and J.R.
Majewski and others, Mike Crispy, those people are calling the shots and they have a heavy investment in Kevin McCarthy.
They want what they paid for, but it's apparent to me they're not going to get it.
Well, and here's another facet of this that's, I think, just great to witness, and that's, I've heard this from Dan Bishop, I've heard this from Scott Perry, I've heard it more or less from Lauren Bobert and Matt Gaetz and Bob Good, and they say, look,
They could ask the questions, you know, do you think this is hurting your political career?
What about re-election?
What about you getting money from McCarthy?
What about you getting support from us in the media like Fox News?
And they've all had a very similar response.
Again, I've been really impressed with them being on message.
I've never seen such unity, even from a small number of Republicans.
They've been very enjoyable to watch this.
And that's their saying, look,
I've already got elected to come here and do a job.
I didn't get elected to run for re-election.
I'm not worried about getting money for my next campaign.
I'm not worried about the next primaries.
I was elected to do a job here.
That's what we're here to do.
What a refreshing message from these Republicans holding out strongly against Kevin McCarthy.
That is something I haven't heard from a politician ever.
Yeah, it is really quite extraordinary.
As I said earlier, I think every one of those who are voting against Kevin McCarthy are actually now fortified in their position in their districts.
There is no grassroots Republican primary voter support for Kevin McCarthy.
By far, far less popular than any other figure in the Republican Party.
And you'll see mixed poll results on Donald Trump and on Ron DeSantis, but read the fine print and you'll see that among primary voters, Trump still is in very, very strong, even a commanding position.
There is no public support for Kevin McCarthy or for Mitch McConnell.
You know, it is one of the great ironies and the shames, Owen, that our shows, The War Room, the original War Room, the one I was proud to be the co-host of for a number of years, and my show, Stone Zone, are both on at 5 o'clock Eastern.
You can go to stonezone.live if you want to see me.
You can go to The War Room if you want to see Owen.
Whichever one of us you do watch, you can watch the other one on rerun the next day or by going to band.video.
Uh, but maybe Alex will offer me my old job back and I'll be in the second saddle there at the War Room.
Who knows?
Roger Stone throwing the weight around today!
God love you, Roger.
Great stuff as always.
We'll be monitoring this.
And you know what I love about Roger, folks?
He's in touch with the people.
Just like I am, you can clearly see how the Republican establishment has no idea what the people are thinking and what the people desire.
They're only thinking about themselves, and they're learning the hard way.
They're completely out of touch.
The great Roger Stone, thank you so much.
We'll be right back.
We're waiting to hear from Marjorie Taylor Greene as well.
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Well, it's official.
It's 0 for 7.
This is just embarrassing, honestly.
And watching and listening to the conservative establishment, Republican establishment, conservative mainstream legacy news saying that this is embarrassing for Gates, this is embarrassing for the Freedom Caucus, this is embarrassing for Republican voters.
It's really amazing how out of touch they are, isn't it?
They're not even anywhere close to what the will of the people is.
They're not even trying to find out what the people are thinking and feeling in this moment.
It's like they don't even care because they're used to dictating how things go from the top down.
Fox News and those hosts up there, not all of them, they're used to telling you how it's going to be.
They're used to getting the inside information, reporting it to you, and then it all going exactly how it should.
That's how the D.C.
East Coast elitism has worked in D.C.
for my entire life.
That ends today.
And when I said, this is going to be 2016 all over again, is it not just like that?
The entire establishment
The entire Republican GOP establishment against these 20 Freedom Caucus members, and then everybody going on TV and on their Twitter accounts and in interviews bashing them, saying they're the bad guys, they're embarrassing themselves.
No, quite the opposite actually.
Kevin McCarthy has embarrassed himself.
For the seventh straight time.
And every time I hear and see one of these talking heads go on television news saying how embarrassing this is for Matt Gaetz and them, you're the embarrassment.
You're being rejected just like your guy Kevin McCarthy.
Now Matt Gaetz has nominated Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House, to which got a bit of a rousing laugh from Marjorie Taylor Greene sitting next to him today.
We'll ask her about that when we get her on.
So, a lot more to cover here today, including, and I've got a stack of this news, we may have time to get to it.
We may not.
I do have double duty today.
That's the Buffalo Bills safety that suffered the cardiac arrest and essentially died on the football field.
Good news coming out today that he's beginning to show signs of consciousness again and moving his eyes and starting to get some movement in his extremities as well.
Now obviously for everybody praying and hoping the best for this young man
The news couldn't be any better.
You hope it continues to improve.
But now you're looking at a situation where I don't think the NFL is going to address the elephant in the room here.
And that's the increased risk of cardiac events on the field with all of their vaccinated players that may have myocarditis or a COVID-19 vaccine fiber clot in their body that they don't know about.
And so you hate to think that this thing that we saw on Monday night this week could inevitably happen again, but considering the NFL is probably not going to address this issue, you wonder if that's not the case.
So we may get back to that as well.
But of course Joe Biden is going to allegedly go visit the border while we're all talking about this speaker vote.
We'll see if that actually happens.
We're moving on to vote number eight.
McCarthy, just what an embarrassment, honestly.
Since November, he's been telling everyone he had the votes.
He literally never had the votes.
And that obstinate, arrogant Kevin McCarthy continues to get up there to try to become the Speaker, and he's now 0-4-7.
But I think Roger Stone nails it.
Maybe McCarthy doesn't have a choice.
It's the donor class that obviously wants McCarthy in there.
It's McCarthy who is using FTX money to help the Republicans he wanted to get in and hurt the Republicans he didn't want to get in, which, ironically enough, looks like it's now going to cost him to be the Speaker of the House.
Maybe that's what he deserves for it.
But I guess that's the case, because why, if you're Kevin McCarthy, how are you not reading the room by now?
You're not gonna win, you never had the votes, the American people are not interested in you being the speaker, specifically Republicans and Conservatives.
So what are you doing up here?
Well, I guess it's pretty obvious.
The donors want him in there.
The Republican establishment wants him in there because he raises money and then he does a good job doling out that money for swamp candidates and not America First candidates.
That's clearly what's going on with McCarthy.
Why else would he continue to run and embarrass himself like this?
Now ladies and gentlemen, we heard from Alex Jones earlier and we have done well
This week, despite Alex being off the air, normally numbers drop off obviously, it's Alex Jones.
When he's not here, the numbers drop off.
We've done pretty well this week with viewership and the big news going on.
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Well, it's done and nothing changed.
I guess they're going to have the eighth vote.
I'm not hearing or seeing anything about McCarthy removing himself from the conversation here.
So, I guess we're just going to keep doing this?
I mean, how many times?
What's the threshold here until McCarthy finally says, okay, I've lost enough, I think I'll stop, or are his donors
Telling him, you're never bowing out, you're staying in this, we paid for you to be Speaker of the House, you're going to get that spot.
Suppose only time will tell.
Now, we're waiting to hear from Marjorie Taylor Greene, she's obviously still there on the House floor dealing with the Speaker vote, and sitting next to Matt Gaetz today, engaging in a little bit of
Light-hearted camaraderie, but disagreements.
I think it's all good.
I think it's all healthy, quite frankly.
So, here's what's funny to me, though.
Sitting here and watching the establishment, GOP, Republican Party, Conservative, Inc.
Acting like, oh my gosh, these holdouts stopping Ken McCarthy.
They're the problem.
They're so bad.
This is what's wrong with DC.
I mean, what a joke.
We're $50 trillion in debt.
We've given $150 billion to Ukraine while our people are suffering.
We've got record high inflation, record high producer price index increase, record high consumer price.
All of you in the mainstream news, all of you in the establishment, all of you East Coast elites ramming your politics down our throats, you have been the problem.
Not 20 Republicans standing off against Kevin McCarthy.
You, you have been there while they perpetuated all of these wars costing us trillions of dollars and millions of lives and you did nothing.
You went along with it.
Same people that said we can never have Trump, Trump's the worst, use their platform to bash Trump and keep Trump out, and they're telling us that we're the problem?
They're telling us that Gates is the problem?
No, my friends, YOU are the problem.
And no matter how much you try to distract from that, and put the blame on Gates and Boebert and the rest of them, the facts will never change.
The American people have had the awakening, we've broken from the establishment, and we're not looking back.
No matter how much money you launder through Ukraine or FTX.
Or threaten the people that refuse to vote for McCarthy.
So, let me do this.
I have a ton of news on my desk, but we've been very news-heavy all week, and I want to hear what you think about the Speaker vote, as we wait to hear from Marjorie Taylor Greene.
And I'm also going to be hosting the War Room, so we'll be smattering calls and news the rest of the day here.
Let me give out the phone numbers.
Specifically though, I just want to hear from you on this House Speaker Vote.
Just on that, and I don't want to do long drawn out phone calls here.
Be ready to give about a two minute, three minutes max.
Three minutes is going to be, if you hit three minutes, I'm just cutting you off no matter where it is or how powerful the statement is.
But I'm looking for two minutes.
8-7-7-7-8-9-2-5-3-9 8-7-7-7-8-9-2-5-3-9 What do you think about the Speaker vote?
McCarthy now 0 for 7.
What do you think about Roger Stone's comments?
What do you think about my comments?
Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump getting nominated, Byron Donalds being the frontrunner right behind McCarthy now.
That's what I want to hear from you on 8-7-7-7-8-9-2-5-3-9.
Let me kind of play catch up for a second here, just to kind of
Re-emphasize and focus the conversation.
So, I have to tell you, even in the Trump years when he was president, I've never seen a group of Republicans, big or small, as unified and as on-message and unwavering and effective as the holdouts against Kevin McCarthy have become.
I've never seen it before.
Every interview they do, they are all on message, they are all on point, they are all unwavering, and clearly they are effective in their political strategy.
Clearly it's working.
So you can sit here and listen to all the hemming and the hawing and the complaining from the establishment.
You keep losing.
In case you haven't noticed, you can keep threatening all the people that vote against McCarthy.
They're not moving.
You can even have Donald Trump tell them to vote for McCarthy.
They're not moving.
Truly an impressive feat.
Truly a breath of fresh air.
Truly giving me hope.
I think it's more important, quite frankly, what they're doing than even getting the speaker in.
I'll be honest.
I think what they're doing is more important than even having a Republican speaker.
Because it sets a precedent, it sets a mood, it sets a tone that the Republican Party, or rather the representatives that we elect in the Republican Party, are no longer going to be beholden to a top-down way of operating with policy, but instead a bottom-up, meaning we the people, we the voters, who really are the top,
That just hasn't been the case for a while.
Where they're more concerned with what we think than what the donor class thinks, what the DC elite think, what the East Coast elite think, what the Fox News elite think, you know who we're talking about, Conservative Inc.
To me, that stand, no matter what happens with this speaker vote, that stand is more important than anything to set that standard, that precedent,
And that tone, heading into 2024.
Now, if you don't address the election issues, it might not matter, but still, the tone is right, and it's even better, I think, than in 2016, with Donald Trump getting in.
It's more on message, it's more on wavering, and it's been more effective.
But here's just some of the other headlines, and again,
I was talking about this over the weekend and then on Monday and obviously it's not come to fruition so I think there obviously were some discussions back and forth with
What Democrats might do to either help or hurt McCarthy, but none of that's happened yet, and I don't suspect that will.
I mean, you've had seven votes now.
This is day three.
If you were going to see that phenomenon, I feel like it would have already played out.
Republicans and Democrats quietly considering a speakership deal, and that would obviously be the Uniparty either trying to get McCarthy in or get Jeffries in and then blame the Republicans for the holdout to make them look bad and try to do a judo move.
To stop any Republican anti-establishment mentalities in the future.
But I think that ship has sailed now, quite frankly.
Now, they were saying last night that Kevin McCarthy caved to all the demands.
I don't think that's the case, because he still didn't get any of the votes.
Then you have, you know, the familiar names, the familiar faces.
Dan Crenshaw says people are terrorists for not voting for McCarthy, and if you don't like that, grow thicker skin.
Just what a despicable act.
He's even cursing at them, swearing at them, insulting them.
Dan Crenshaw, like, again, this guy's not even popular in Republican voter groups.
Hannity attacking Lauren Boebert last night.
Doesn't surprise me.
The New York Post with the Ukraine flag on their thing.
And I like the New York Post.
I go there all the time for news.
I think they do good work.
They're bashing the Republicans that won't vote for McCarthy.
Mike Pence comes out, bashes the Republicans that won't vote for McCarthy.
Trump's endorsement proves worthless to Kevin McCarthy and Speakerbid.
That's really an interesting one right there.
And what have I been saying for the last couple weeks?
What day was it last year I declared Trump's campaign is dead?
You may recall about a month or two ago I said Trump's political campaign right now is flatlining.
It's becoming a non-issue.
And I think that's proven that him saying it's time to vote for McCarthy to no effect at all
Shows, but that's good!
Because Trump needs to learn that, too.
We the people want to dictate what's going to go on in our future.
We the people want to dictate policy.
We're sick of being railroaded, run over, and raped by Washington, D.C.
So Trump, I think, hopefully heard that message.
We're going to take your calls on the House Speaker vote issue.
A couple things here before I go to the lines, though.
This is from Representative Scott Perry, one of the heroes holding out.
39 years in the army taught me you take fire when you're over the target.
Threaten me, try to assassinate my character all you like, I'm staying over the target and changing the status quo for the American people.
Yeah, just look at the character on display from the McCarthy supporters like Dan Crenshaw calling everybody who won't vote for McCarthy terrorists and swearing at them versus the McCarthy holdouts like Scott Perry.
One side is showing class and grace.
The other side is showing crass and disgust.
Not that we're surprised.
But see, here's where you see this is the populist movement inside the Republican Party rearing its head right now.
Prominent Republican leaders sign a letter in support of the 20 GOP House members opposing McCarthy for Speaker.
And these are some of the grassroots organizations out there, not the big billionaire donor class, not the D.C.
East Coast elites.
This is the conservative action.
This is the Tea Party Patriot Citizen Fund.
This is the Citizens United Group, First Liberty Institute, State Freedom Caucus Network, Conservative Partnership Institute, American Accountability Foundation.
And then some other members of the Ronald Reagan administration.
Former House members, etc, etc.
So, these are the people in touch with We The People.
Who know, we don't want Kev McCarthy.
You can think Kev McCarthy is the greatest guy or the worst guy ever.
Point is, we the people don't want him, and we want some representation in DC that actually represents what we the people want, not what the donor class and establishment want.
That's the status quo change Scott Perry and others are going for.
Now, let's go to your phone calls.
We're waiting to hear from Marjorie Taylor Greene.
And for an eighth vote, we're going to do it all over again.
They're going to do the exact same thing.
Nothing is going to change.
That's my prediction right now.
Nothing is going to change.
They're going to do it for an eighth time.
Kevin McCarthy is going to take an eighth loss.
In about, probably, they'll start the process in about 30 minutes to an hour.
I mean, just, just, just, what an absolute embarrassment.
Like, how do they think this is going to go?
Are they just going to, they just think they're going to bully us?
And insult us?
And threaten us?
Into giving them Kevin McCarthy?
It's not going to happen.
Sorry, we're doing bottom-up policy from now on, not top-down, railroading to people.
Alright, let's go to the phone lines.
Joshua in Connecticut leads us off today on the Alex Jones Show.
Joshua, you're on the air, go ahead.
I just wanted to let you know that this is a process that the people can actually lobby their Congress without the interference of the actual special interests.
So what I've been doing is I've been calling around
A whole bunch of different Congress people are in their offices and trying to lobby for my community, for my family, for my friends.
Some of these people are really good and really kind, but I want to say, I called Marjorie Taylor Greene's office the other day and I wanted to make a clarification on one of the statements that she made about Kevin McCarthy's money being doled out to these people.
And I want to say, I want a clarification on that.
They would not answer my questions, so I kept calling back and calling back and calling back.
And then when I finally got to somebody, what they said was, do you know what harassment is?
And we will report you to the actual Capitol Police.
So I reported myself, I just want to say.
Because if I can't call my constituents, and that's harassment, then I'm willing to go to jail for it.
And everybody should be willing to do that.
You know, it's amazing that you are the first caller today, because one of the things that kept me up last night... Can you hear me, Josh?
We're having a problem with the phones.
Thanks for the call, Josh.
I heard everything you said, though.
It's amazing that's the first call today.
One of the things that kept me up last night... You know, I obviously got a lot of response to my commentary the last three days.
And... Some supportive, some not so much.
But that wasn't what kept me up.
What kept me up was one thing that I missed, and that was the encouragement to the audience to call or email or message your local representative's office.
And it's so easy, it's so obvious, it should be a go-to, we just don't make it a habit.
And, you know, I'm not even going to tell you what you should call and say, or if you should call and tell them not to vote McCarthy, you know, do what you want.
But the caller's absolutely right, and I was thinking about that last night.
It was really a thought I just couldn't get out of my head, and it was keeping me up, and I'm so glad he called with that, because they've given us another opportunity, thank God.
So, I mean, folks, you can still email your local representatives.
Who have a vote in this process.
You can still email all these representative elects and tell them, we don't want McCarthy.
You can tell them why.
Or tell them if you do want McCarthy.
Whatever you think is the case.
But if you are not doing some form of political action like that, then we're really not utilizing our full power here.
I need to move on to these calls, so I'm going to stop waxing.
Let's go to Tom in California.
Tom, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, let me get you on speaker.
You know why I had you on speaker?
I gotta work.
Unlike the permanent underclass, they're importing.
Oh, you have a job?
That's right.
Well, you shouldn't have a job, you bigot.
You know what?
Klaus Schwab is gonna make sure that you own nothing.
Hey, I pay taxes, so I got a message from Marjorie Taylor Greene.
She has a great voting record.
But guess what?
It doesn't matter when she knows that the policies aren't going to get through.
So here's the only vote that counts, and that is she needs to change her vote today or she's a fraud.
And she doesn't deserve to come on InfoWars if she doesn't change her vote today.
Because she's a fraud.
Have a great day.
I got to go back to work.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
All right, Tom.
I disagree.
I disagree with Tom.
I don't think that one vote makes Marjorie Taylor Greene a fraud.
I do disagree with her on this issue.
I still like Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I still think she's one of the good ones in there.
And I hope that she does come on to either explain why she supports McCarthy or just to give us a little idea of what's going on today as we're moving on to the eighth
And it's going to be the same thing as the last seven votes.
So, I mean, you know, you know exactly how it's going to go.
But look, I'm not ready to throw Marjorie Taylor Greene under the bus at all.
She has her reasons for supporting McCarthy, and I hope she'll come on and voice them.
Or maybe she'll change her mind.
And that's one thing I'd like to re-emphasize here.
Yeah, I do have a disposition towards the deep state.
Yeah, yeah, I do disdain what I've seen in Washington D.C.
and political elitists for my entire life.
Having said that, we have to work for the world that we want.
And we need to be able to disagree and we need to be able to discuss and debate issues without it becoming vitriolic and just having these no-holds-barred ultimatums.
That's not the world we want.
And I understand people think that that's the only way we're going to get to the world we want, but no, I think having disagreements, discussions, and debates is a much healthier way to do that.
Let's go to
Joseph in Long Island.
Joseph, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, what's up?
I just want to say that.
What difference does it make on who speaks on behalf of a corrupt house?
It's all corrupt.
It's horrible.
In my opinion, everything's a distraction right now to distract us from the shots.
The shots are mRNA.
It's a tracking system, biometric tracking system, which has radioactive substances.
That's the only way you can make a biometric tracking system.
Everyone is getting radiation poisoning.
You can look that up in the literature.
Pull up mRNA, radio label definition.
I'm good.
Well, uh, Joseph, I understand the issue.
Obviously, InfoWars has been one of the leading voices on that issue.
But, uh, I mean, to say that the House vote is a distraction from that, I mean, this is the normal process.
This happens every time there's a new Congress elected.
So it's not like they just decided to do this to distract us.
This happens every two years.
So I'm not really sure saying that this is a distraction from that is
Accurate at all, because this is a normal process.
Now, do they not want us talking about that?
Are they distracting us from that?
Are they not wanting to bring that up when it comes to the NFL football player?
I'm not disagreeing with your points here, except this is the normal process.
This happens every time there is a new Congress, and so that's just par for the course on that.
And by the way,
I'm in agreement, too.
The whole thing is corrupt.
If these hold out, I mean, I don't even care.
Shut Congress down, for all I care!
They do this whole thing where they're like, oh, they threaten us, like, oh, we'll shut down the government.
When can you do that?
Alright, they're now taking statements ahead of the eighth vote.
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but...
Let me just ponder my orb.
Let me just play Nostradamus here for a second.
Nothing's gonna change.
You're gonna have about 20 people voting for other, either Donalds or Donald Trump or something else.
You're gonna have about 200 votes McCarthy, and just over 200 Jeffries.
Nothing is gonna change.
McCarthy's about to take an eighth loss, and this process of futility rages on.
But hey, shutting down the government, stalling the government, throwing a wrench into corrupt DC?
I got no problem with that.
I love this threat of, oh, we'll shut the government down.
That's a threat?
That'll be the day!
That's a threat.
Give me a break shutting the government down as a threat.
We go back to the phone lines now.
And let's go to Steve in North Dakota.
Steve, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Yeah, can you hear me?
Uh, well, first off, Dee Schneider from Twisted Sisters said it best.
We're not gonna take it anymore.
Secondly, anybody's gonna be better than Pelosi.
And third, why not Matt Gaetz?
I don't know why Matt Gaetz hasn't thrown himself in the ring to be speaker.
I can live with it if Matt Gaetz is speaker, so... I like Matt Gaetz.
But I don't have the answer.
I just don't have the answer.
I don't know.
Well, it seems Donald's is the choice to replace McCarthy.
So that's where it's going now, even though Gates did.
Hey man, I just want to echo what that last guy said, the one that had to make a quick statement because he was going to work.
I really think that you should ask Marjorie Taylor Greene if she's compromised, if they've got something on her because of her incoming divorce or something's going on with that.
It just kind of seemed like there was a major flip-flop with her.
It was really weird, you know?
Like, she's all this gung-ho, and then she's behind Kevin McCarthy all of a sudden.
And he's on the WEF homepage as, like, the speaker majority.
Something's going on, and I just was wondering if you could do me a favor and actually ask her point-blank, like, do they have something on her?
I mean, look, let me respond to this.
If her people are tuned in and then they hear these calls, they're not going to let her come on.
And if I come out and say I'm going to do that to her, then she's not going to come on.
And I don't really want to do that to her.
I plan on asking her legitimate questions, but I think these concerns are legitimate as well.
I don't want to get into that issue, because there's very few congressmen and women that will even come on these airwaves to talk to us, and if she's willing to do that, then I thank her for that.
I'm not discounting your concerns here.
I mean, I'm just saying, you know, strategically, that wouldn't be the best move to do at this point.
And I'm not ready to completely disregard Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of the good people in Congress, because maybe the last month or so, we've had some questions about her activities.
But you're never going to see eye to eye with someone completely.
Nobody's going to be perfect.
But I'll just leave that there and take another call.
Let's go to Brian calling in.
He's somewhere in America.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, almost shaking, brother.
So yeah, I'm sitting here watching it on C-SPAN.
I think this is great.
I haven't felt this good in a while.
We actually can make a difference.
I agree.
I agree.
I have not felt this good since Trump was president.
You know what I'm saying?
You know, this is our chance.
We have 20 people that are actually listening to us.
Completely agree.
I completely agree with everything you say, man.
You guys are doing a great job.
All right, Brian.
Great call.
These are great calls.
This is how we do it.
Get in, make your point, and we move on.
They've started the eighth vote.
Here we go.
Kevin McCarthy.
Going for the quadruple platinum sombrero.
What an absolute embarrassment.
And then they try to act like the heroes of this are the ones that are losing.
Uh, no, that's not the case.
Why does the establishment spend so much time demonizing InfoWars?
Attacking myself and the crew and our other host?
Because they know we're pro-human.
They know we're telling the truth.
They know we've got their number.
They know everything we do is about empowering humanity.
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And we came out many years ago with Real Red Pill Plus that has all the documented compounds like preglanone and so much more to supercharge your body.
So here we go again.
Line them up to knock them down.
McCarthy about to go 0 for 8.
This is so ridiculous.
And there's so many stories behind the story.
Again, this is the... This is the... What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
The unstoppable force is the Great Awakening.
The re...
The reawakening, the new renaissance, patriotism returned, common sense returned, through the American people, versus the unstoppable, or the unmovable object, rather, which is the deep state, the swamp, the donor class, dominating us with their political will, that's an unmovable object, but we're the unstoppable force, this is it meeting right now.
That's what you're saying.
So, they just started the next vote.
I don't expect anything to change.
McCarthy will take his eighth loss.
And we'll just go through the process a ninth time, probably.
And then they'll move on till tomorrow, is what it looks like is gonna happen here.
And then do we do it all over again, or does McCarthy finally say, it's not gonna be me?
Or do the Republicans that keep voting for him say, we're done with this act of futility, we need to move on?
But I expect we're just going to see the same thing again today.
Now, we're taking your calls.
In case you were wondering though, why did they say, why when speaking on the floor, did Dan Bishop in his great speech say, Byron Donalds is not a prop,
Well that's because Cori Bush, Democrat member of the squad, called him that.
Now it's funny because Cori Bush is a major black activist.
As the representative from St.
Louis, she's a major black activist.
You may even call her a black supremacist.
But oh, when it comes to Byron Donalds, now all of a sudden she doesn't like the black man.
Byron Donalds is not a historic candidate for Speaker.
He is a prop.
Despite being black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy.
His name being in the mix is not progress.
It's pathetic.
So here's what you need to understand about liberals and Democrats.
I've explained it before, but this is just another example.
Whenever they do all this virtue signaling over race and skin color or anything else, gay rights, all the other stuff, it has nothing to do with race, it has nothing to do with skin color, it has nothing to do with sexuality, it has everything to do with politics.
Because the minute you're gay and not a Democrat, they hate you.
The minute you're black and not a Democrat, they hate you.
They're all frauds, they don't actually care about racial issues, they don't actually care about whatever sex issues, they don't.
It's always politics.
So you can be black, you can be gay, you can be all this other stuff they virtue signal for, but if you're not on the thought cult chain, if you're not in the thought cult, if you don't do the same politics they do, then you're out.
Doesn't matter whether you're black or gay.
So it's all virtue signaling, it's all fraud, proven once again by a liberal Democrat, Cori Bush.
Let's go back to the phone lines, and let's go to Tim in Seattle.
Tim, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Owen, amazing show again.
Thank you.
Happy New Year to you.
I was just curious, even if we get whoever as Speaker of the House, are we not, I mean, didn't we just learn the lesson that all politicians are selected to oversee the ongoing genocide of the American people?
Thank you.
You're talking about the issue of, you have no faith in our elections.
I have no faith in the suits that are running for office that are employed by the World Economic Forum.
I mean, they've all signed treaties, backdoor treaties.
We're aware of this.
The research shows this.
I mean, they're just silent when they need, and they have some slight talking points that the establishment puts out, but other than that, the real situation, the real issues that Americans are desperate to hear about from our leadership are, what the hell's going on with the shots in Nuremberg 2?
And nobody's saying that.
But with that good news, of course, they're going to use it to say, see vaccine skeptics.
See, it had nothing to do with the vaccine.
And then the Atlantic publishes the story today saying that the whole thing about vaccine side effects is a myth.
So again, I don't know the full story here.
It would I think it would appear that.
You have a myocarditis or some other side effect from the vaccine that could have made the situation worse.
I still think it was the contact that caused the event, but it was made worse potentially by a vaccine side effect.
But we're never going to get to know that.
They're going to cover that up.
And they're going to write hit pieces today saying, see, told you so.
Well, I mean, they can lie all they want.
We know what they're doing.
They're lying.
I mean, it's obvious.
Yeah, and that's good, Tim.
It's just, I want to focus on the Kevin McCarthy issue today.
And so, and it's been two minutes.
I don't disagree.
It's a good call here.
But I want to continue to focus on the House vote as we've now moved into the eighth vote.
And I'm telling you this exact same thing is going to happen.
Let's go to Lyle in Idaho.
Lyle, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, good afternoon, Owen.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
I, you know, I'm a skeptic, no matter who gets in there, but, you know, aside of being black-pilled, I sent an email to Russ Bolcher, who's my representative in Northern Idaho, last night, and in essence what I said to him was, I was disappointed not to see your name on the list to remove McCarthy.
That establishment neocons, including Boehner, the first two years of the Trump administration, were just business as usual with K Street running the show.
We can't even get a southern border secured.
McCarthy was pivotal in doling out dark money from the donor class of the neocons through back channels to Alice Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina.
And to keep others like Joe Kent out as well?
And the truth is, if you dig into these neocons' backgrounds, there is corrupt and feckless
We're good to go.
It's ironic that Kevin McCarthy using his power of the purse to keep good candidates out of the House of Congress is ultimately, I think, going to end up backfiring on him and keeping him out of being the Speaker, but you're absolutely right.
Why does the donor class like Kevin McCarthy so much?
Why does the D.C.
establishment like Kevin McCarthy so much?
Because he was effective at making sure that good Republican candidates didn't cross the finish line like Joe Kent and so many others.
Now, Laura Looma reporting on this with the receipts today.
I mean, she's literally publishing the receipts on her Twitter account.
Here's the FEC proof that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy received funds from FTX co-chair Ryan David Salame.
McCarthy received up to $30 million in stolen FTX funds, which were illegally used in GOP primaries.
And she's tagged AOC in this because yesterday she ran into AOC outside of Congress and asked her if she knew about this.
Now AOC was trying to run from Loomer, but she was able to elicit a response when she brought up the issue of the FTX money, to which AOC said she hadn't heard of that yet.
And so maybe she's heard of it now.
But absolutely, that's why Kev McCarthy got in there.
Thank you for the call, Leo.
Let's quickly go to Tito in California.
Tito, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing?
So I just want to say thank you to those 20 Republicans standing up because it just shows that, you know what, grassroots, we matter, you know, we the people matter.
And it also reminds me of in California when the governor's race, there was conservative Republicans standing up to the GOP, but not voting for Brian Dolly.
It reminds me of that a lot, meaning that, hey, we're here, we matter, and they're listening.
So I support what they're doing.
Well, and here's what has been a phenomenon that I've witnessed, and that's just because this is what I do.
I consume probably an unhealthy amount of news, but I've noticed this trend.
Whenever I go to the establishment legacy media outlets, like a Fox News, with the same elitists that have been on there for decades, they're all the ones saying, support McCarthy.
Whenever I go to American patriot media, or alternative media, or conservatives who aren't part of the establishment swamp, they're all against McCarthy.
So there's clearly a break here.
It's never been more obvious about who wants the establishment status quo to stay the same, and who wants it to change.
It's never been more obvious, just like it was in 2015 and 2016 with Trump.
We're living it all over again, just like I said we would, and I'm here for it.
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All right.
Did you know who was surprised by this?
CNN hires RINO Adin Kinzinger as new senior political commentator.
Oh, Adam Kinzinger going to CNN.
That one was a little too obvious, wasn't it?
That one was just way too obvious.
Alright, let's go back to your phone lines as we're getting ready to announce Kevin McCarthy losing for an eighth time.
Truly amazing.
The biggest loser in political history, perhaps, Kevin McCarthy now?
That's incredible.
And so we go to Brad in Pennsylvania now.
Brad, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hey Owen, thanks for taking my call, and great show.
Great job filling in for Alex, man.
Thank you.
Yeah, and to your point about the supplements, I would encourage everybody to belly up to the bar and get some stuff at the Infowars store, because it's great.
I spent a small fortune, and I'm happy to help, because you guys, what you're putting out there, the news, there's no better news source to me, and so thank you again.
Well, I appreciate that, Brad, and let me tell you, I don't take it lightly that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into making a living, and then you share some of that here with us.
And that's why we, myself, the crew, and Alex have put our blood, sweat, and tears into this every day.
So it's a mutual thing, and we salute you.
We're all in this together, brother.
Yeah, we are.
And thanks for the great interview with Roger there.
He pointed out some great information.
On McCarthy and what's going on behind the scenes, he definitely, you know, what Stone said about him being propped up by lobbyists and maybe somebody else, I don't know who, but, you know, the people that want to run our government into the ground are who are trying to prop McCarthy up.
Yeah, I mean, clearly at this point, if you're Kev McCarthy and you're in it for your own reasons, right, and you're your own man and maybe you wanted that seat for whatever reasons, you really wanted that seat, but after taking
I mean, three losses you think would be enough.
Seven, though.
After seven, he still won't step aside.
That tells you that he's... somebody else is telling him, no, you're not done.
They're propping him up, and he's spineless.
Everybody knows it.
Just like McConnell.
They're pathetic.
They need to get out of the way.
But I predict, just like you're saying, that nothing is going to change.
They're going to keep standing him up and letting him be the Pinocchio or the punching bag until they go, oh, he won.
He magically won.
Just like Biden magically won.
Just like all these bums that they keep throwing at us and telling us, oh, they won.
No, they didn't.
Stop lying.
Well, they might think that that's going to be the case, but in their arrogance and they're used to just ramming home whatever they want is their will and us just taking it.
I don't think that's going to be the case this time.
I'm really sitting here thinking that's not going to be the case.
But you're right.
They may just never stop.
I mean, this thing could go on forever, potentially, and I'm OK with that.
Shut it all down.
And Brad, thank you for the call and all the support.
And, you know, here's the interesting thing, because let's go back in time a little bit.
To just ahead of the midterm elections, or even just after.
Where we're scratching our head, where's the red wave?
How after this disastrous Biden administration did Republicans not have huge victories across the board?
Forget about whatever we think about the integrity of elections.
That's what we're saying.
How can the Republican Party not be more effective against this Biden administration?
How could the Republicans not have had more victories in the midterms after this disastrous administration and we ID'd the problems?
It was the Republican leadership of the Mick leadership.
McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel.
Well, the establishment neocons forced McConnell and McDaniel back down our throats, so we're just trying to get rid of one of the problems here.
And so that's what this is all about.
McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel have failed this country.
They have failed the Republican voters.
They have failed themselves.
But apparently they don't care about failure.
They're like Democrats.
They must be Democrats because they somehow fail up.
But no, we identified the problems.
And that was the Mc-leadership of the Republican Party.
So yeah, getting one of those Mc-leaders out of the leadership role is exactly what we need to do.
I wish we could get three, but right now it's only one.
That we can get, so it continues.
Let's go to Paris in Arizona.
Paris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Happy New Year, Owen.
I hope you had a good time off with your family this past holiday.
Thank you.
So, I have to do a quick plug real quick for you with Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
I was stage, I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure about three years ago.
And, um,
I started taking vitamin infusion, and everything started to change.
Right now, no longer in kidney failure, and I owe it all to your products on InfoWars.
Thank you.
That's amazing.
Thank you.
I'm glad to hear that.
So, you know, Alex always says you can judge a person by their enemies.
And right now, Margie Taylor Greene, she has all the right enemies for me.
I really want to hear her reasoning behind
Endorsing Kevin McCarthy.
And where's Trump?
Where's Donald Trump?
He hasn't said anything in the last few days with this vote going on in the House.
Let me just pause you right there and try to address this situation.
Folks, I said it a couple weeks ago.
I'm not trying to be... I still support Trump.
I'm rooting for the Trump redemption tour here, or revenge tour if you will.
He's flatlined politically.
His campaign is flatlined.
He's reeling right now because he doesn't get the attention he wants.
He's not getting any of the results with the things that he's asking for or expressing desire for.
So, I mean, look, Donald Trump can either read the room and get on board with what the voters of Donald Trump want, or he can continue to flop and flail around with his political campaign that to me is flatlining right now.
I think the Trump train is finally dying, unfortunately.
I voted for him, I still support him, but right now he really needs to speak out about the person he's endorsing.
That's, what, eight times now being said no to the office?
Having to be kicked out of the Speaker's office for being a squatter?
Well, I would say, normally I would say he should probably say nothing, but the fact he already put his voice out there in support of McCarthy, you'd think he'd want to have some sort of follow-up to save face, but nothing yet.
Good news and some bad news on multiple fronts.
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Now please visit InfoWarstore.com.
Thank you, Alex.
There you go.
We're back here live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
We are covering the House Speaker vote and taking calls on it.
The eighth vote is going to be underway shortly and I suspect nothing will change.
And they'll probably do it for a ninth time and then resume the exact same thing tomorrow.
Again though, the good news today, let me just mention this right now,
Bill's safety.
Demar Hamlin is starting to show signs of life again, moving his eyes, moving some of his extremities.
But in lieu of that, the mainstream establishment media is coming out and reinforcing that this has nothing to do with a vaccine.
But I'll tell you this, folks.
This is a no-win situation here, because
I don't know how you tiptoe around this issue.
You can ignore the vaccine as a potential problem and a factor in this, and I expect that they will continue to do that.
So then what are you doing?
Well, you're now sacrificing that what is to be considered a routine hit in the NFL could be potentially fatal.
So that's
The conclusion they're going to have to reach and land on, since they're going to ignore the potential factor of the vaccine here.
But I really think this debate has just begun.
And so, just as this good news is coming out about Hamlin, of course the mainstream media that promoted these deadly vaccines is all over this, saying it had nothing to do with the vaccine, don't talk about the vaccine, it was the
Comito Cordis that caused this, which I still believe it was the hit that caused the cardiac event.
But if he was vaccinated there is no doubt that the vaccine probably made this event much worse and that's why it's such a rare thing that we hadn't seen with a common hit like that that has happened probably millions of times since NFL football has been played.
Why this time did it happen?
Is it because of the vaccine or is it really just a one in a billion shot there?
So they're going to ignore the vaccine as a potential factor
And then they're not going to want to have the true reckoning moment, which is, okay, so you have just submitted that a common NFL hit, which, again, to reiterate, folks, a common NFL hit is extremely violent.
If you're ever on an NFL sideline, every play sounds like a car crash.
So, yes, common hits in the NFL are extremely violent.
But, having said that,
You don't see routine hits like that, as violent as they may be, causing cardiac arrest.
So, how is the NFL going to try to thread this needle, and are the players going to be silent?
Is all the media going to be complicit?
Are we just going to have to sit here and unspokenly, just have an unspoken agreement that, okay, well, now common NFL hits can result in heart attacks and maybe death, and so play ball!
Or is there going to be somebody that steps up and tries to change that conversation that has enough willpower and gravitas to do so?
But what do you think about this?
The George Floyd GoFundMe fundraiser raised over $40 million.
The DeMar Hamlin GoFundMe fundraiser has raised just shy of $7 million.
Think about that what you want.
But figured we'd share that with you.
But as the signs of life start to return to Hamlin, the media is running overtime to tell you it had nothing to do with the vaccine.
All right, let's go back to the phone lines, and we've got Owl Killer in Virginia.
Owl Killer, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Owen, so I want to hit on the McCarthy thing, but you know, with Roger bringing up that Jeb Bush was that
Governor DeSantis' inauguration.
Hey, look.
You, myself, Alex, we supported Trump.
I still have the Trump signs without pence on them.
I still have them.
I was one of his earliest supporters.
But this guy brought Bolton, all those loser generals that never won a war in their life, talking about the Sombrero War.
They're old for the century.
And probably one of the worst judges of characters.
And then you got McCarthy on the World Economic Forum, on their page, as already the Speaker of the House.
So, what Trump needs to do if he wants to get back up, if he wants us to support him, he better call out the World Economic Forum, because Santas is doing it.
I haven't heard Trump open his mouth once about it.
He has done it.
His first tweet was about the World Economic Forum and would change the world in 30 seconds.
On the Marjorie Taylor Greene side of things, hey look.
I don't know if you remember, but Jeff Sessions was Captain America in the Senate.
He brought up globalism, he brought up the fact that Leon Panetta, when he was Secretary of Defense, was trying to deploy our troops under UN Charter.
And when he became the Attorney General, the guy was emasculated.
So something happened with Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Look, I don't care about her personal life, but she's got to own whatever it is so they can't hold it over her head.
That's pretty much all I have to say.
Thanks for the call, OwlKiller.
And you know, just to kind of go back in time with you for a minute, I remember, you know, Steve Bannon was one of Trump's original advisors when he was president.
And when he got fired, I think he was officially fired.
I don't remember if he resigned or he was fired, but I think it was maybe a mutual thing.
But I remember when that happened, he came out and made a public statement saying Trumpism is dead.
I never forgot that.
And I think maybe we have a better idea of what that meant.
Now, getting to the issue of what you talked about, Trump being a bad judge of character, I think it's a fair statement.
I think that he proved that, at least whether it was a mistake or whether he's learned from it.
We may not know, but yeah, absolutely.
Some of the appointments and decisions he made with people bringing in to help him in his first four years as president were not good decisions.
Maybe he learned better, maybe not.
But again, going back to this Jeb Bush thing, look, I don't really take much out of it.
I don't.
I don't think the Bushes control DeSantis, and if anything, maybe the Bushes and the Republican establishment are trying to cozy up with DeSantis right now because they want to put him under...
I don't
Alright, we're going to come back here and continue to take calls for another segment ahead of Paul Joseph Watson taking over, and then I will be back hosting the War Room, continuing to take calls.
And the 8th vote is pretty much concluded.
Well, it's not officially concluded yet, but it's going exactly how we thought it would go.
And McCarthy is about to be handed his 8th loss.
So this is just completely embarrassing.
You know, the candy bar costs $10 or whatever, and you've only got $5, and you keep trying to pay with $5, but you don't have $10.
And so, it's just, how many times are you going to do that?
Well, eight times is the answer now.
So, will we have nine?
Will Kevin McCarthy go 0 for 9?
And why won't he just step aside?
Why won't he spare himself the embarrassment?
Maybe he's not the one in control!
We'll take more calls on the other side.
Don't go anywhere.
Taping this important announcement on the afternoon of Thursday, January 5th, 2023.
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All right, thank you, Alex.
This is going to be my final segment here hosting the Alex Jones Show.
For today, I'll be back hosting the War Room.
Paul Joseph Watson about to take over.
Let me squeeze in a couple more phone calls here.
And I will be taking more.
If you want to hold on before the War Room, you can do that.
Or if you just prefer to hang up, save yourself some time and call back.
Either way.
Let's go to Skyler in Michigan.
Skyler, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
How you doing, man?
Good, good to hear from you.
Shout out to the Rumble Chat real quick.
This is Ivan.
Everybody, how you guys doing?
Oh, and I wanted to talk to you about this McCartney deal.
Just so you know, the longest vote ever was 133 votes over two months for Speaker of the House.
So we're just getting started.
When was that?
When was that?
Was that in like the 1850s?
Yeah, that's right.
So we haven't hit the bottom yet.
These guys, they don't have a bottom, all right?
There is no honor in politics.
And it was the Democrats then, too!
It always is, it always is.
But the thing I want to bring up, Owen, and I love you to death, man, you know, plug an X2, by the way, in the middle, but you have an unfailing white pill inside of you, I'll say, maybe.
Maybe I'm black-pilled, maybe you're more realistic, maybe I'm less realistic, but there is something called controlled opposition, I know you know about this, and Venezuela is a perfect example of it, and they have people who are like Venezuela first, who speak out against
They maintain their role in government, they get money from the opposition, and it's sort of a similarity to what we're seeing here with some of these people.
I'm not saying Marjorie Taylor got SDX money from McCarthy.
I mean, we know McCarthy got it, but we don't know, okay?
We get paid lip service, we digest it, and if we like what they say, we kind of go with it.
So, I don't know where we're going to end up with this, but it is good to see some pushback finally in Congress.
To what end it'll come out to, I don't know.
I just don't feel like we're going to get one of our people, quote unquote, in there.
We're going to end up with another deep state, Pat.
Well, I understand the concern there.
I don't think Byron Donalds is controlled opposition or Deep State or anything like that.
I don't think Matt Gaetz is, so... But will those guys get into the position?
They might not be, but will they?
Well, yeah, okay, I see what you're saying with that.
Well, time will only tell with that.
But even the holdouts remaining consistent, as they have for now the eighth time, McCarthy loses again, then that'll be enough at least to keep the deep state operative that I believe Kevin McCarthy is.
Spending all these hours reading the news, covering the news, listening to our lying politicians day after day, listening to our lying media day after day.
It is a black pill thing.
It's like, how can this be so bad?
How can it be so corrupt?
How do we recover from this?
This is just straight evil.
I don't even get off into the lies about wars or the trans kids, all the other stuff.
When I get away from it and when I'm spending time with friends and with family or I'm having a good time out at dinner or maybe out on the golf course or a ball game, life is beautiful.
Life is such a gift.
And so that's kind of the paradox.
It's like, this is all real.
This will determine the fate of humanity and the future of America.
It's important.
It should impact us.
But I mean, at what point do you say, hey, you know, there's a whole other world out there for me to go enjoy.
I don't want to completely forget about that.
I don't want to completely remove myself from that.
I need that.
I want that.
I want to appreciate that.
But it's also realizing that you could lose that if we don't save the country, if we don't save humanity.
So it's a bit of a paradox.
But no, I mean, I'm a lover of life, man.
I mean, I love music.
I love art.
I love culture.
I love human endeavor and accomplishment and excellence.
So it's like, it's a weird thing.
It's like, yeah, the best of both worlds, right?
It's the best of times.
I'll stop right there.
It's the worst of times.
But since you brought it up, let's go to let's go to Marvin in Alabama.
Marvin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, good to talk to you.
Hey, with Matt Gaetz throwing Trump's name out there, it kind of makes me
Realize a lot of people are blaming MTG for supporting McCarthy, but she's only doing that because Trump asked her to.
Now whether or not they have some kind of scheme or plan to get his name into the hat, I don't know, but I would caution people about being careful what they wish for because if Trump gets that seat
You're never going to see an investigation into the vaccine ever.
I mean, how can he investigate something he played a role in?
And people don't, they don't want to use logic when it comes to this.
So like right now.
If we could, if we could investigate, you know, Fauci and Biden, would the boat stop at Fauci and we would say, oh, that's high enough?
Or would we say?
Well, now, let me let me I think that I think the situation here would be you're not going to get an investigation into the vaccines from the House.
What you might get.
In that fashion is some form of an investigation into what happened at Twitter.
And then the censorship of certain stories or certain words or phrases or maybe even medicines that could have been treated could have been used to treat COVID.
I don't expect the big investigation that will bring down the vaccine controversy to come from the House.
That's going to come from grand juries.
That's going to come from lawsuits.
So I don't really think that comes into play with Trump.
As a speaker.
I think the Trump as a speaker thing is kind of a ridiculous pipe dream, quite frankly.
Matt Gaetz did throw the name out there, maybe just as a jest or as a troll.
Certainly Marjorie Taylor Greene got a kick out of it.
She was laughing about that for about a minute afterwards.
But I don't think the investigation into the vaccines is... We're not going to get what we want from the House.
That's going to have to come from grand juries and other lawsuits or even action from states like in Florida.
I wouldn't think too much about Trump being Speaker and I wouldn't think too much about having a House investigation to expose what's going on with the vaccines.
Maybe with the censorship and stuff with Twitter, maybe into Fauci, but overall I don't think that's where it goes.
Alright, let's go to Robin in Georgia.
Robin, you're on the air, go ahead.
Owen, this actually piggybacks off the last caller.
I think you're wrong about that with my idea, but just try to think this through.
I was so angry at you Monday.
I swore I was never going to list you again.
You're my favorite talk show host, but I am.
I got over it.
But just think this through.
What if someone nominated, I don't know, someone who had a big vendetta against the CDC, the FDA, the NIH?
And possibly a vendetta, or not necessarily a vendetta, but knows that those agencies have to be cleaned out.
They know they have to be cleaned out.
What Donald Trump should have done.
And who would that be?
That person has a D in front of his name.
And I'm more conservative than you are.
I cannot even believe I'm going to suggest this.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
And Robert Barnes can actually, you know, I'd love to know his idea about him
Running for higher office, but he's the one person.
I've never really been interested in the Kennedys, but I was at a workshop a couple of months ago and I heard him speak several times.
That guy walks the walk.
Let me just stop you right there because I don't want to go off on a vaccine issue and I'm just curious.
I'm just curious.
What was it that I said Monday that upset you so much?
Oh, I was upset over the football thing.
I have a daughter who dates an ex-NFL football quarterback.
So, I watch a lot of football.
Trust me, my husband is in front of that TV.
I've seen a lot of football.
I've seen a lot of football from the sidelines.
And you and I will disagree about that.
But you are one of those people.
And I'll have to say, you're like Robert Kennedy Jr.
Kevin Austin Fitts describes him as, there's only a few men in America that can navigate the refiner's fire.
That means you can take the heat.
Well, I appreciate that, and I knew that upset a lot of people, and I stuck to my guns on that issue.
It's still open-minded to it, and I'm glad you've decided to tune in to me again, that it wasn't a deal-breaker.
As far as the Speaker of the House thing is concerned, it's just Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is not going to be the Speaker of the House.
I would just say the issue with the vaccines causing all the deaths and illness, it's not going to be resolved via the House.
It's going to come from grand juries or maybe governors.
This video is based on the work of Mark Passio from WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com.
Specifically, his recent video on de facto Satanism.
Today's Hollywood pop culture machine will have you believe that Satanists wear robes and practice ritualistic blood sacrifices while worshipping Satan.
And while there may be some truth to this, it is mostly propaganda meant to conceal the reality of what Satanism actually is.
True Satanism is a mindset.
And the Satan that is worshipped is within each and every one of us.
It is most commonly known as our ego.
The self is the true God of Satanism.
The term Satanism is used to deceive religious people, to appear harmless to non-religious people.
And also, because it stems from the Hebrew word Shatan, which means adversary.
Satan is the force of involution that opposes true spiritual evolution.
It is the ego within us.
Left to our own devices, the ego will try and convince us to think only of ourselves, which is exactly what Satanism is.
And so, a de facto Satanist is a person who holds this mindset, but does not consider themselves to be a Satanist.
Organized Satanism stands against this sort of enlightenment.
They believe human psychology and the laws of nature should be kept occulted or hidden from the public and used to gain and retain power over the masses by keeping them ignorant as to how the mind and emotions work while using this knowledge to manipulate the masses and ultimately enslave them.
This is primarily done by cultivating the Satanist mindset among the masses, thereby turning the ignorant and unaware into a de facto Satanist.
As we think, so we become.
This mindset can be broken down into four main tenets of Satanism.
The first and most important is selfishness, egotism, or what many know as narcissism.
Self-preservation is the highest law.
Live only for your own selfish desires, and only care about you and yours.
It's a dog-eat-dog world, and if you must step on others to get what you want, then so be it.
This is the basis of satanic thinking.
The second tenet of the satanist mindset is moral relativism.
This is the belief that there is no objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior.
It is the belief that nobody is ever objectively right or wrong, and that it's up to each individual person to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.
The third tenet of Satanism is Social Darwinism.
This is the belief that it is natural and good for human society to be ruled by the most aggressive and dominant humans among us, and that it is by virtue of their genetics that these vicious humans deserve to be in positions of power and lead humanity as they so choose.
The fourth tenet of Satanism is eugenics, or disgenics.
This is the ideal conclusion of the Satanist mindset.
Since man is God, and he gets to decide what is right and what is wrong, and since the natural order is for the most dominant genetics to have power, then the elite class ruling over us has every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate, and who must die.
This is how all of society is conditioned to think.
And this is how the high-level Satanists are leading all of humanity into slavery.
Most of humanity is operating under this de facto satanic mindset.
Which is why it is called The Great Work to change it.
The Great Work is the work of awakening the masses to the true nature of the ego mind.
Encouraging each and every individual to find the courage to face their own inner shadow and to practice natural law.
Natural law is the respect of others.
Put simply, it is love.
If the majority of humanity is practicing love, then humanity will know freedom.
But if the majority of humanity is practicing Satanism, then humanity will be enslaved.
You can find much more of this information at WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com.
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We are live, it is the Summit News Hour, 5th of January 2023.
Time flies.
And you'd think that after three years of this Covid narrative, this pandemic restriction narrative, that the branch Covidians would finally let go, would finally give it up, would finally move on to the next false justification excuse to seize your freedoms, to seize your morale.
To seize your financial foundation.
But no, they're still persisting with this Covid pandemic perma-emergency.
Of course, the Biden administration announced yesterday they're going to continue the vaccine mandate from anyone flying into America from outside the country, unless you can just walk across the border, of course.
Meaning that I won't be able to visit America.
I can still visit Afghanistan.
I can visit numerous other countries around the world, many of them backwaters.
The United States of America, no, I can't visit it, because of course I haven't taken the clock shot, despite the fact that it does not stop transmission of the virus.
There's absolutely no justification, even under their own warped narrative, to stop people coming into the country who haven't had it, but they're just going to do it anyway, because again, it's a tool of population control.
And speaking of population control, as predicted, the National Health Service here in Britain, the state taxpayer-funded health service, is once again in crisis.
It's in crisis every single winter, but as we predicted, they've decided to weaponise, to exploit this annual crisis, to call yes for the reintroduction of Covid restrictions once again.
Despite the fact that they've been proven spectacularly wrong, on the lockdowns, on the vaccine mandates, on the masks, they're trying to bring it all back in.
LockdownSceptics or DailySceptic.org reports.
Government ministers draw up plans for social distancing, face masks and work from home to save the NHS.
The envy of the world, which is in a near state of collapse every single year, despite the fact that it gets increased funding from the government and the taxpayer year after year after year.
Because many of the same people campaigning for the NHS to be given even more resources will simultaneously campaign for this country to import now over a million new people every single year.
1.1 million new immigrants into Britain from the year June 2021 to June 2022.
In addition we have the boat migrants, 45,000 of them arriving in the country over the last year.
It all places a massive strain on public services which are already stretched to breaking point.
But for some reason that's just not within the bounds of feasibility of leftists.
Who constantly whine about the NHS being stretched to breaking point, yet will, on the same token, campaign for the country to import millions of net new people every single year to put more strain, more burden on the NHS.
So every single winter it's in a near state of collapse.
Emergencies declared at hospitals, ambulance waiting times, hours in some cases, days,
Imagine that.
The envy of the world, the NHS.
You call the NHS to get an ambulance.
Literally elderly people who've had serious accidents.
Can I get an ambulance?
Maybe in a couple of days.
That's the envy of the world, the NHS.
But it's so great.
It's such a religious institution that we need to give up all our rights to protect it once again.
Mask wearing, social distancing and working from home.
Again, paying people furlough from the government to sit on their arses and do nothing because they have long Covid or some other made-up illness could be introduced by ministers to ease pressures on the NHS.
The NHS is facing record winter pressures due to rising rates of Covid.
The Covid infections, according to the official government dashboard, are down from what they were three weeks ago.
And flu, which of course none of us have any immunity anymore, or the people who took the vaccine and wore their masks don't have any immunity to anymore, because their immune system is shot to pieces, because for the last three years they haven't exposed themselves naturally to any commonly circulating viruses.
So now flu, which miraculously disappeared, they told us, during the Covid era, despite much of the Covid infections actually being flu, is now back with a bang.
And it's filling up hospitals, apparently, if you believe them.
Remember the overflowing hospitals during the COVID lockdowns?
So overflowing that nurses and doctors across the length and breadth of the country had all the time in the world to perfect their TikTok dance routines.
Yes, those overcrowded hospitals, but apparently now they are overcrowded.
And it's no surprise because, of course, we've had thousands, tens of thousands of people with untreated illnesses because of lockdown.
Now facing even more serious health situations, unable to get treatment, flu is apparently raging through the population because no one's got natural immunity, and the hospitals are once again at a risk of collapse.
You add to that millions of new migrants, putting more pressure on local GPs, doctors, officers and surgeries, and it's a toxic combination.
But don't worry, they've got a solution.
The solution to save the NHS from collapse, to apparently empty out all the hospitals and make things manageable again, is you wearing a filthy face mask on a bus.
Or you wearing a filthy face mask when you go to Asda, our equivalent of Walmart,
To buy a carton of milk.
Yes, that's going to solve it.
Despite the fact that there's literally zero evidence or any study that says face masks work in preventing, reducing the transmission of Covid.
The government's own report.
The UK government commissioned its own report into whether face masks in schools reduce the transmission of Covid.
They couldn't find any evidence in their own report that they did.
The Danmask study out of Denmark found no appreciable evidence that they reduce the transmission of Covid.
Doesn't matter.
It's a tool of population control.
These technocrats.
These government quangos who were advising the government bureaucrats back at the start, remember we talked about totalitarian methods of mind control that they deliberately used, behavioural psychology weaponised to exaggerate the risk of Covid, because the population wasn't heeding the restrictions.
People were acting out, people were not sufficiently obeying the orders
So they said we have to exaggerate the virus, we have to create a tool of population control that the public is forced to wear so the slaves can remind the other slaves that they're in a perma pandemic and that's what the face masks were all about.
So now they're talking about because the NHS is at risk of collapse
The government is potentially going to advise people to start wearing face masks again on public transport, bearing in mind we haven't had any of these face mask mandates for over a year now, and they're going to start to advise them to wear them in different settings.
Of course, we know that advice turns into mandates within a very short space of time.
Peter Hitchens, Mail Online, writes, wear a mask if you want, but understand it's about fear and control, not health.
The clamour for their return is a triumph of unreason and a blow to science.
And he goes through the early stages of the pandemic when even the much-vaunted health officials, the World Health Organisation and others, came out and said, and this was in the Fauci emails as well, face masks don't work.
Not only do they not work, they could make it worse.
Because the virus gets trapped in the mask, because people keep touching their masks, they're filthy.
They're petri dishes for the virus.
He points out the mighty and revered World Health Organization.
As the great COVID fear was getting into its stride on March 31st, 2020, the Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, Mike Ryan, spoke on the issue.
He said, quote, This is WHO 2020.
There is no specific evidence to suggest the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit.
In fact, there's evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly.
And he goes through other examples that I'm going to touch upon a few in the next segment.
Of all the top health professionals the world
Covid experts saying don't encourage face masks, don't advise the population to wear them because they have no effect and they could even make the spread worse.
That narrative changed in a hurry, didn't it?
It's been recycled, debunked and yet they're bringing it back once again.
Summit.News will be back, don't go away.
So they're dragging the mask mandate narrative back out of the gutter despite the fact that it's been debunked.
It was never even proved in the first place that face masks had any effect on stopping the transmission of Covid.
It was a tool of population control.
I'm going to go into more of the origins of that but first let's go to this video because Netflix had a big special movie over the Christmas and New Year period, heavily promoted.
This was number one trending on Netflix and still is today as far as I can tell.
Has been for the last couple of weeks now.
Movie called Glass Onion.
And it's full of woke pandering, which I think Ben Shapiro did a 17 tweet thread about.
But what he didn't mention was the face mask propaganda, the face mask social engineering that dominated the first 20 minutes of the entire movie.
And this is what this video is about.
It's called What on Earth Was This About?
Let's roll the clip.
It's heavily promoted its new movie Glass Onion over Christmas.
And while many savaged it for its woke pandering and spaceship man bad narrative, there's another aspect where social engineering is very much on prominent display.
The first 20 minutes of the movie shows most of the characters mumbling through face masks.
They're also seen performing cringe social distancing greetings.
We can't hug, right?
I mean, can we?
Of course, the only people not wearing their masks are the men's rights advocates who run a conspiracy YouTube channel.
While on the other hand, the esteemed scientist character is diligently and properly masked up at all times.
And then there's a truly bizarre scene where Ethan Hawke walks on for a two-minute cameo, then proceeds to ask each character to remove their face mask before using a spray gun to blast some kind of chemical in their mouth.
Eight years of doing... Which then makes the characters safe from the virus and able to remove their masks for the rest of the movie.
Speculation raged online as to whether the chemical was supposed to represent a vaccine or just a placebo, but it doesn't really matter because it's never mentioned again.
You'd think that the scene had been inserted as some kind of plot device and that the true
The truth about why it happened would be revealed later on in the movie.
But no, it's just bizarrely crowbarred into the film in complete isolation.
Predictive programming or just cringe pandering to the new religion?
You be the judge.
But the demonization of the anti-mask characters as dangerously irresponsible was a deliberate plot device, weaponized as a lazy trope to facilitate yet another reinforcement of the message.
So again it's interesting isn't it how a lot of the normies as part of this new Covidian religion have refused to give up the face mask because they see it as some kind of high status symbol.
Like oh you're not one of those dangerous idiotic thick anti-maskers are you?
They think it
Bestows on them some kind of intellectual superiority.
Yeah, the funny thing is, whenever you watch a gala, whenever you watch an awards ceremony, the ultra-elite, the celebrities walking through those, they're not wearing masks, are they?
No, they don't have to wear them.
It's the proles, it's the serfs that busy themselves around them, and yet still the NPC normies think it's some kind of high status symbol.
It's a tool of population control, and as I was talking about in the first segment,
All the health professionals at the start, before they got the memo, admitted that masks don't work and they could in fact make it worse.
I quoted the World Health Organization official, and in this article Peter Hitchens goes through the entire list.
Again, headline, wear a mask if you want, but understand it's about fear and control, not health.
He quotes Dr Jenny Harris, then a Deputy Chief Medical Officer here in the United Kingdom,
Who said on March 12, 2020, that people could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting COVID by wearing masks.
She said they could trap the virus and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in.
She said, quote, for the average member of the public walking down the street, it's not a good idea.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van Tam made similar comments.
He said he didn't believe healthy people should wear them.
Didn't believe they'd reduce the spread of the disease.
Isabelle Oakeshott of the Spectator magazine, who co-authored our former health secretary Matt Hancock's Covid memoir recently, said that Hancock, our health secretary, basically our equivalent of Fauci at the time, and other people in the government, knew full well that non-medical masks do little, very little, to prevent the transmission of the virus.
But again, they were a tool of population control, a symbol to remind the public that they're in a health emergency and that they need to obey.
And of course, then you had the demonisation, vilification, denigration of others who didn't wear the face masks, creating that deliberate polarisation.
So the prisoners would act as wardens towards the other prisoners, and that's what we saw, especially in America, more so in the UK, but we definitely saw some of that in the UK too.
Meanwhile, hospitals overrun apparently, you know, NHS underfunded, understaffed.
Why is that?
Is it simply because of COVID?
Well no, I looked at the official COVID stats for the past four weeks.
COVID infections are down,
Covid deaths are down?
You know what isn't down?
Non-Covid excess deaths continue to soar!
Nothing to do with the 100% safe and effective, you understand.
Again, this is out the Daily Skeptic.
Excess non-Covid deaths surged to 30,000 since April, as deaths in week before Christmas hit 20% above average.
Listen to this.
Deaths registered in England and Wales were a massive 20.7% above the five-year average in the week ending December 23rd.
Again, what is this?
It's from illnesses
Arising out of the fact that everyone's immune system is shot to pieces because of all the vaccines, because they weren't exposed to viruses over the past three years, they have no natural immunity.
It's because of the non-treatment of serious illnesses over the past three years, because people were told to stay away from hospitals during lockdown, so all the nurses could perfect their TikTok dance routines.
And of course, it's related to the vaccine.
There were a total of 14,530 deaths that week, which is 2,493 above the five-year average.
Of these, 429 involved COVID-19.
308 were due to COVID as underlying cause.
Again, that's nebulous within itself.
Leaving 2,185 excess non-COVID deaths.
And again, the influenza deaths were lower than that as well.
So the total number of excess non-COVID deaths
Since the surge began these are deaths above the average.
Non-Covid related is now just shy of 30,000 again since April.
Nobody's talking about the true cause of this.
They do in this article where a chart plots the deaths by date of occurrence against the date of vaccine boosters and there's a very interesting spike after the boosters were doled out.
Again, many of these excess deaths taking place in the over 75s, not in people aged around 50, who were not targeted with the latest booster campaign.
They didn't tell people aged 50 or over to get it, they told people aged over 75 to get it, and the excess deaths are impacting them, shockingly enough.
It says, are excess deaths higher in the vaccinated?
The UK government, like other governments, does not publish good quality data on deaths by vaccination status.
Gee, I wonder why.
However, deaths during 2022 are notable for reversing the usual demographic trends.
And that's what we're going to get into on the other side, because you would expect these excess deaths to impact the poorer, non-white population of London, which is also coincidentally less vaccinated.
But they haven't.
They've impacted
People in better health who were more vaccinated.
Summit.News ongoing.
We'll be back.
So these control freak technocrats here in the UK, we have our own brand as you do in America, who literally worshipped the communist Chinese welding people in their homes.
The current equivalent of the Treasury Secretary, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, literally wanted people's children to be kidnapped if they were infected with Covid and put in quarantine camps and separated from their parents.
Jeremy Hun.
That's who we're dealing with.
They worshipped the Chinese, they wanted to emulate their zero Covid insanity, which has now caused absolute chaos in China as we've seen.
And now those same people are exploiting this apparent bedlam in UK hospitals, overcrowding, underfunded, understaffed.
Elderly people waiting three hours to get an ambulance, in some cases waiting two days to get an ambulance to take them to the hospital because there's a crisis.
Those same people are now saying that all this is caused primarily by COVID infections and flu infections.
The COVID infections, the COVID deaths, have gone down over the past month.
It's not.
I just looked earlier.
What hasn't gone down is the non-COVID excess deaths, which none of them will talk about because they don't want to get into the true causes of those excess deaths.
Again, I'm reading through this article
At thedailysceptic.org, excess non-COVID deaths surged to 30,000 since April.
And it makes the point.
Nobody really knows the true cause of this, but they have a very interesting correlation with vaccine booster programs.
Goes on to say, the cause of the huge number of excess deaths in December is unclear.
Detailed cause of death data not yet available.
The excess deaths are concentrated in the older age groups, with no noticeable rise in the under 50s, who were notably excluded from the Autumn Booster campaign.
It's a severe flu season, so this will be contributing.
Again, that's because no one has any immunity to it anymore.
The pressures on hospitals... Oh, by the way, they all took their flu jabs.
That worked out great for you, didn't it?
Now you've all got flu!
The pressures on hospitals, ambulances and other health services will also be playing a part.
But it says once again the rise in excess non-COVID deaths has occurred at the same time as the wave of COVID infections.
This phenomenon has been observed internationally and the reasons for it are unclear.
An interaction between the COVID vaccines and COVID infection perhaps resulting in deadly autoimmune attack on vital organs such as the heart or some other mechanism remains possible.
And they make the point in this article
That these excess deaths, non-COVID, are occurring in areas where there are more upwardly mobile white people in areas of the country like the South East, but not London, where there is a greater non-white population, which is more likely to be mired in poverty and more likely to suffer from ill health.
But those people
Those diverse populations, ethnic minorities in London, aren't suffering as much as white people in Surrey from these excess deaths.
What's the connection there?
Well, they didn't take the vaccine, did they?
And this makes the point.
I'm not laughing to try and be crass about it but it's just absolutely unbelievable that this is now happening and we've got this massive sustained propaganda campaign to bring back the restrictions because there are flu deaths and more Covid deaths in hospitals where these non-Covid excess deaths are just not being talked about, the true cause is not being revealed because it demolishes their entire narrative.
Article goes on to say the most notable difference between these demographic groups that could explain such a remarkable shift is that whites and less deprived groups tend to have higher vaccination rates.
For example, despite being more diverse and lower income, London had much lower excess deaths than the South East during 2022.
London had excess mortality of 8% versus 13% in the South East.
London is double jabbed 80% and triple jabbed 64% again.
The black population of London, the ethnic minorities, less likely to have taken the vaccine.
Whereas in the South East, which is greater wealth, more white people, not in London but in the surrounding counties, they're double jabbed 90% and triple jabbed 80% and yet they're suffering most from the excess deaths.
The poorer ethnic minorities who had the vaccine less are not suffering as much from the excess deaths.
Very interesting correlation there, isn't it?
I'll leave it up to you to make your own conclusions.
We're going to come back and get more into this, but first I want to go to this clip.
We're going to play about the first 3 minutes 30 of this.
This is called Covidians.
Let's roll this clip.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
I will never regret the vaccine, even if it turns out I injected actual poison and have only days to live.
My heart was in the right place, I got vaccinated out of love, while anti-vaxxers did everything out of hate.
If I have to die because of my love for the world, then so be it, but I will never regret or apologize for it.
Serious Jonestown vibes.
I mean, talk about a true believer.
This is a new religion.
This is acting like a religion.
Yeah, it's dogmatic, it's absolute, it's if you do not believe in it, you are condemned to hell.
It's, you know, maybe this is, I mean, it's maybe this is a new religion.
Wild to see people posting endless videos of their packed New Year's Eve parties while emergency rooms are packed and doctors are rationing care.
Yes, it's 2023, three years later, and after everything we've learned, the Covidians
Still haven't gone away.
You should be wearing masks even when you are vaccinated if you are indoors.
Crazy conspiracy theorists are claiming that COVID jabs are fueling new COVID variants.
Crazy conspiracy theorists who work for Chexnotes.
The Wall Street Journal.
Growing evidence suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus's rapid evolution.
Well, whatever.
Roll up your sleeve.
It's fifth booster time.
Get vaccinated.
Thankfully, the efficacy of the vaccine has been vouched for by that bastion of healthy living... McDonald's!
Tragedy struck when Buffalo Bill's player DeMar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest after being struck in the chest when making a tackle.
Hamlin, the Buffalo Bill's safety, was hit right in the chest.
He got up, wobbled for a second, then collapsed.
Many rushed to blame Hamlin's collapse on the jab, which, let's face it, was pretty stupid.
He'd literally just been poleaxed in the chest seconds earlier, which maybe had something to do with it.
Experts pointed out that Hamlin was likely suffering from commotio cordis, where a blow to the chest at a precise moment in the electrical cycle stops the heart.
Which yes, has happened to professional athletes in the past before the Covid jab.
But that rush to judgement enabled the legacy media to exploit the situation.
Giving them headlines like this.
Lesson being, no, not every death or collapse of someone under the age of 40 is vaccine related.
But by the same token, because Hamlin's collapse wasn't caused by the jab.
Doesn't mean the overwhelming number of athletes who have suffered a similar fate over the last two years should be ignored.
A story that received noticeably less coverage than the Hamlin incident was the acute heart failure death of ex-NFL star Uche Nwanri.
38-year-old Nwanri suddenly collapsed at home and could not be saved.
He previously called for the unvaccinated to be jailed.
Okay, so let's get these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports up and running ASAP.
We're seeing children die daily from the unvaccinated selfishness.
Pregnant women at risk too.
Protect life.
Mandate the vaccine.
Jail anyone who refuses to protect life.
Was his death vaccine related?
I don't know, it's a tragedy either way.
But it's pretty rich, isn't it, when many of the same people who vilify so-called anti-vaxxers for blaming every death on the jab, have spent the last two years blaming every COVID death on the unvaccinated.
Not gonna comment on the football injury out of respect for the family, but I can't help but notice a lot of people whining about anti-vaxxers being mean for talking about it, and the same people who breathlessly posted every article of an unvaccinated person dying of COVID.
That is Covidians, the rest of it is on YouTube.
And we have this article as well, just finishing off.
Sweden did better than its neighbours.
Of course, Sweden never locked down, never imposed a severe mask mandate.
It was described as deadly folly by The Guardian and a disaster by Time magazine.
Well, now they have lower mortality than all of their Nordic neighbours apart from one country.
So Sweden was corrected, not locking down, not imposing the mask mandates.
They've come out of the pandemic way better.
We'll be back.
We've got a few videos.
I'm going to try and get to all of them.
Maybe I won't get to all of them, but I want to come back and talk about what happened in Germany and the backlash to it.
Massive riots again by the usual suspects, migrant youths on New Year's Eve, and the solution that the government has brought to the table on how they're going to fix this.
But first let's go to this video on a similar topic.
Of course I've talked about this numerous times in the past.
Seven million pounds a day of taxpayer money is being spent here in the United Kingdom to put up boat migrants who arrive illegally, half of them from Albania, a country that isn't at war, the vast majority young migrant working-age men, not refugees, to put them up in four-star hotels, sometimes five-star hotels, and of course to pay for their free health care, even at a time when the NHS is supposedly on the brink of collapse.
Now they're housing them in literal villages comprising of 500 people.
Listen to the policy, the scheme that they're planning to impose on this small village in the United Kingdom.
This video is called Imagine This Happening To You.
Let's roll it.
Imagine living in a village with a population of just 500 people and then hearing that 400 migrants are gonna move in next door.
It's not a nightmare.
For the residents of Creighton near Northampton, it's very much a reality.
Residents in a village near Northampton say they're frightened of a potential 400 asylum seekers being temporarily accommodated at a nearby hotel.
Think about that.
The population of your village almost doubles overnight, with nearly half of it now comprised of almost exclusively male migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.
What could possibly go wrong?
One resident called the numbers frightening.
The council spokesman said you couldn't pick a worse location to put 400 people slap-bang in the middle of a village.
And yet again, as ever, the government didn't even consult them about it.
Highgate House is a plush four-star hotel.
It's the only hotel in the immediate area.
Swimming pool.
Surrounded by 32 acres.
Even four poster beds.
Bad luck if you booked to have your wedding there because that's definitely being cancelled.
Look at the map showing the sheer volume of hotels across the country now being used to house boat migrants.
Residents complain that the nearest hospital and GP are already stretched to breaking point.
Leftists continually claim about the NHS being in crisis.
Hospitals overcrowded.
Yet simultaneously celebrate the fact that we just imported, in a single year, over a million new people.
Simultaneously lobby for illegal boat migrants to be given free hotel accommodation and healthcare.
At taxpayer expense.
What do you think happens when you have a healthcare system already teetering on the brink of collapse because there isn't enough money, facilities or staff to cater for the existing population?
Then continually add millions of new people to that burden every single year.
We don't even have the resources to take care of our own people.
The sick elderly are being forced to wait sometimes hours for an ambulance, sometimes days.
Yet in many cases these illegal migrants are being given their own GPs, their own doctors' officers,
Now let's go to a similar topic, and this is a phenomenon that we've witnessed since the mid 2010s.
Migrants, migrant youths in major European cities choosing to celebrate New Year's Eve by throwing fireworks at people in the street, attacking police officers, attacking firefighters and attacking ambulance workers.
In one case literally throwing rocks into an ambulance there in Berlin.
Let's go to this video now.
This is the video about the migrant riots in Germany on New Year's Eve.
It's called Utter Mayhem Yet Again.
Let's roll the clip.
New Year's Eve saw absolute bedlam across major European cities yet again.
During a night of chaos in Berlin, migrant youths targeted police, firefighters and ambulance workers.
Ambulance workers with fireworks and other projectiles.
Police and firefighters responded to almost 4,000 incidents.
With 15 firefighters and 18 police officers injured.
Eyewitnesses described scenes like something out of a war zone.
There's footage of them just lobbing bricks through the open door of an ambulance.
There's footage of them, I can't even show, firing bullets into police cars.
Another clip showed a migrant youth mocking a firefighter, then firing a gun into the air.
The next day, the city was strewn with burnt-out vehicles.
Remember that wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory.
George Pasdirk, former AFD parliamentary group leader in the Berlin House of Representatives, wrote, When are we finally going to admit that we have a huge problem with young male migrants from archaic societies who don't want to integrate?
Silencing the problem means continuing to promote it.
In a statement released by AFD, the party wrote, Anarchy reigned in Berlin on New Year's Eve.
It was a first foretaste of future everyday life in German cities, because although the authorities and the press are adamantly silent, when it comes to the specific naming of the perpetrators,
Countless videos of that night speak volumes.
They are young, violent men with a southern appearance who hardly speak German.
And not only can they immigrate unhindered, they also get paid for a nice life by the traffic light government with tax money.
They've stopped even claiming police brutality as a nebulous justification for any of this.
No, it's just a routine leisure activity.
Football team wins, rampage through the streets setting fire to shit and attacking people.
Football team loses, rampage through the streets setting fire to shit and attacking people.
New Year's Eve, rampage through the streets setting fire to shit and attacking people.
And guess what's the only solution being proposed to all this by authorities?
Just ban fireworks!
Yeah, I'm sure that'll fix it.
Place limits on importing the kind of people responsible for all this.
Nah, don't be silly.
Berlin wasn't the only major city being culturally enriched on New Year's Eve.
There were also numerous riots across France where almost 700 cars were set on fire and 500 people were arrested.
French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin ludicrously suggested that because only 690 vehicles were torched, it had been a relatively quiet night.
Darmanin absurdly claimed that there had been, quote, no noticeable incidents in the country.
Tell that to police in Nantes who were attacked with fireworks.
Tell that to the occupants of a children's home in the Haut-Garonne region who had to flee after the building was set on fire.
Well that's for people in Bordeaux who had fireworks deliberately thrown at them.
It's total chaos and it happens all the time, but few dare name the perpetrators.
Because telling the truth is apparently far less important than continuing to inflate the myth that diversity is a strength.
Now in the aftermath to this, there's been the usual burying your head in the sand cover-up by the German media refusing to name the perpetrators and just saying that basically it's misspent youth.
Despite that, Remix has come out with this article, 70% of those arrested for New Year's Eve riots in Berlin have a migration background.
Not difficult to tell when you watch the videos of the people doing it.
The vast majority of those arrested for riots in Berlin on New Year's Eve are migrants.
Local police have confirmed with more racist crime statistics.
Says on Tuesday evening, Berlin police provided an update on the situation of those arrested in connection with the riots.
Of those arrested, 100 have a migration background, 45 hold German citizenship.
A total of 18 different nationalities were recorded among the transgressors, mainly from Afghanistan and Syria.
But you know what the solution is?
Stop importing the people responsible for this mayhem, for this drastic rise in violent crime across European cities.
No, that's not the solution.
We need to keep doing that.
The solution is to ban fireworks!
Because they can get weapons and literally fire guns into the air perfectly fine.
They're banned.
They still get them.
No, just ban fireworks.
German police union urges New Year's Eve fireworks ban.
GDP union has urged the government to forbid New Year's Eve fireworks for individual use.
They tried that in the past anyway, didn't even work.
So Europe continues to enjoy its cultural enrichment.
Meanwhile in the UK, cut motorway speed limit to 64 miles an hour to drive net zero goals!
The speed limit on motorways in the UK in some places is already down to 50 miles an hour.
It's barely even worth using a motorway anymore in some areas.
But again...
They're going to control your mobility.
They're going to make your life more expensive and more miserable.
That's what net zero is about.
That's what global warming is about.
It's not about controlling the climate.
It's about controlling your behaviour.
That's going to wrap it up for Summit.News.
War Room is coming up next.
Don't go away.
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