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Name: 20221231_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 31, 2022
1798 lines.

In this text, Alex Jones reflects on the events of 2022 and discusses various topics including mass censorship, biomedical tyranny, invasion of Ukraine by Russia, collapse of global economy, euthanasia promoted by New World Order death cult, FTX's potential to bring down cryptocurrency market, and InfoWars being targeted with a massive brute force attack. He emphasizes the importance of being aware of these issues and actively participating in shaping the future. Jones also sells signed copies of his books to support his business which is facing financial difficulties, encourages listeners to purchase products from his website, discusses ongoing legal battles, and urges people to donate to InfoWarsStore.com to help them stay on air. He makes impassioned pleas for support for InfoWars amidst challenges, attributes heinous crimes to demonic forces, emphasizes the importance of standing up against evil, discusses serial killers and psychopaths, highlights the dangers of the New World Order, talks about central banks, climate change narrative, and prison grid. He also discusses Globalist agenda of creating a corporate, medical, biomedical tyranny over the public, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and their implications, global elites' plan to reduce the world population and impose totalitarian control over society, future plans for InfoWars, spiritual warfare against us, and connection between cell biology and vaccine genes. He also mentions the death of Pope Benedict XVI and urges his audience to support InfoWars by donating or purchasing products from their store."

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It's Saturday, December 31st, 2022.
Our special year-end emergency transmission.
Tomorrow's news, today.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over-the-space-time continuums are full space.
Where people aren't extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Here we are on the final broadcast, the final emergency transmission of this insanely dangerous, brutal, but also important year for awakening
Thank you for joining us on this New Year's Eve emergency transmission.
The quickening's here.
The political, the cultural, the spiritual, the economic planets are aligning.
Everybody from the Pope has died.
Barbara Walters has died.
I want to do a somewhat of a year in review the giant stories and earth-changing events that have happened versus the distractionary things that are unfolding as well.
And I want to look at the globalist rollout of their climate lockdowns that are now being initiated and how important it is wherever you are in the world to fight back against those and not submit to it.
But to try to chronicle this year is a dizzying prospect.
What are the biggest issues of the year?
Well, it's admitted that there is a globally coordinated, UN-controlled, mass censorship program surveilling and suppressing the people of this planet to bring in incredible draconian
Authoritarian tyranny.
There's a giant awakening that is cascading and exploding into bigger and bigger finales.
Is that the biggest story?
Is the biggest story that in the last 12 months the back has been broken to the biomedical tyranny?
And that it's come out that they knowingly created COVID-19 and rolled out a poison shot and now it's confirmed upwards of 20 million people dead from the injections?
Or is it Russia on February 24th invading Ukraine
After eight years of the West proxy war enticing Putin to take that dangerous plunge and now being on the precipice of thermonuclear war on the ladder of the Rand Corporation's escalation chart.
Is it that the economy is being purposely turned off as the globalists inflated the currency and bought up almost all the key companies and resources?
Is it the coming out of the New World Order death cult promoting euthanasia worldwide and beyond euthanasia where the state pushes and intimidates and psychologically manipulates even the mentally ill who can't make those decisions for themselves into killing themselves?
And the open move
The biomedical system of transgenderism or FTX threatening to bring down the entire crypto currency market.
And now we're learning that he's got Epstein's lawyers and Epstein's judge and he was meeting secretly with the Federal Reserve head.
That's all massive.
And it's the year where they admittedly just got rid of the border completely.
It's the year Fauci finally, after 45 years, slinked away.
It's been a really insane year, but we're not really about focusing most of our attention on the past.
We study the past.
We cover the past.
We cover how the lines of history intersect together and bring us to where we are currently.
But more importantly, InfoWars is known for looking into the future and predicting what is going to come.
In the days and weeks and months and years ahead and how we are not just pawns on the chessboard that don't have any will, but we can decide to be major players in the destiny of humanity.
And God's great plan for us, we'll simply accept the mission.
So I think the best way for me to do this is
Hit a few of the stories we're going to be covering in more detail.
And then I want to talk about what we can do something about.
And that's the rollout of the smart cities, the prison grid, the 15-minute cities, Agenda 2030.
Because our job is to warn the public about the New World Order agenda and how horrible that agenda will be for 99.99999% of us.
And so now, everybody's talking about the WEF and the New World Order and the carbon taxes and the universal basic income and the social credit scores.
And that's good.
So we've now, this audience of activists and our guests and myself and the great crew have ignited that and pushed that into the forefront.
And we'll continue to push that to the forefront.
Because if the people don't know what they're up against, we'll lose for sure.
If they know, we'll win for certain.
In this contest for the future.
But we need to now look at the nuts and bolts of their programs that have gone from beta into operational.
So we're going to do that first, after I mention some of what's coming up after that.
And then we're going to continue on here today.
But please remember, this is a very special thing.
That was built by God's providence and inspiration and by millions and millions of people spreading the word and telling the truth and supporting this broadcast.
And it is reviled and hated by the enemies of the people.
By the corporate press, by the corrupt law firms, by the corrupt governments, by the out-of-control, power-hungry corporations and intelligence agencies.
They know
That InfoWars has been the most important nexus point or focal point of light in the gathering darkness.
And as the darkness intensifies, our light will also stand out even stronger.
And that's why they want that light snuffed out immediately.
And that's why you have to let it burn into your brain, burn into your psyche, burn into your guts.
You should have
Chills going up your spine, realizing how important you are.
In just the last 48 hours, InfoWars has had the largest brute force attack in our history.
It was 200 plus million yesterday morning.
The brute force attacks went up to 2 billion requests.
There's only 8 billion people on the planet.
And you would look at the attack and say, well, it's a primitive attack, but it's not.
It's millions of computers hijacked by thousands of operatives to then flood InfoWars with two, that was as of this morning, two billion requests.
And of course, they weren't targeting InfoWars.com.
They were targeting InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, the security's there.
The site is awesome.
Your purchases are completely safe.
They haven't gotten into the website.
They're not trying to get into the website.
We have maximum security on it.
Some of the biggest firms in the world.
They're just flooding it so that
No matter how big the servers or how big the cloud, it gets overwhelmed by 2 billion requests.
We're talking millions of requests every few minutes.
Now, as of
Saturday afternoon on New Year's Eve, they've stopped.
But they do this every few months.
This is the biggest yet.
And they're going to come back tomorrow if they follow their same pattern.
And a lot of it's coming out of Communist China, but...
We know that it's easy to spoof where attacks are being directed out of.
And there's a lot more we know that I'm not going to get into.
But they have been unable to bring down InfoWars.
Some of the attacks have been there.
They've been only able to overload outside servers that aren't our servers with so much traffic.
We're talking about several percentage points of overall internet traffic in the world that are being sent to us.
So it's clogging up people on their backbones trying to even get to our backbone.
So it is a brute force attack of gargantuan historic proportions.
And so think about how important that is that the enemies of freedom are desperate
We're good to go.
By the way, we have a fundraiser going where you can buy the regular book for 20-something bucks, hardcover, and support the broadcast.
If you really want to support us, we're selling signed copies for $99.
Just like NPR gets billions of taxpayer money a year, but they still do fundraisers and drives, we don't get taxpayer money or any globalist money.
We have you supporting us.
And so they'll sell a coffee cup for $50, or a t-shirt for $100, or a ball cap for $50.
And of course, you know the ball cap didn't cost that.
Coffee mug didn't cost that.
It's a token, you know, a sign that you were supportive at a key juncture and a piece of history.
So I'm very, very thankful for all of you that have gotten the signed books.
We're going to have signed books for two more weeks and then there will no longer be any more signed books of The Great Reset and The War for the World, except for one limited edition that I'm going to put out sometime in the future where I'm going to do a piece of original Alex Jones art and sign it.
And put it inside each book.
I don't know when I'm going to get around to that.
I want to.
People have requested that.
So there will be a limited number, sometime in the future, a few thousand copies that will be signed with art.
And then that's it.
No more signed copies of The Great Reset and The War of the Worlds.
So if you want a signed copy, it's one of your last chances at infowarestore.com.
I just this week,
Signed the last of 2,000 books that we have that we bought from the publisher to sign and sell.
So when they're gone, I'm still going to sell the unsigned, but we're not going to have any more signed for the foreseeable future.
At some point, I'm going to buy some more books.
from the publisher, and I'm going to, again, do an original piece of art.
I haven't decided what it's going to be yet.
It'll be inside the book that's signed.
But if you want the signed book, this is your last chance to get it until that final offering comes out six months from now, or God knows when.
I'm so busy.
All our projects are six months to a year behind.
We have three or four big projects that are beyond nine months pregnant.
That will be getting done very, very soon.
I'm not complaining.
This is a total war.
I'm always putting out other fires and attacks where they distract me away from my main work, getting the information out.
And so I apologize to listeners that some of the projects we had planned already be launched six, seven, eight months ago have not gotten launched.
And that includes people that are founding member, bought coins from 1776coin.com.
You're going to be getting all sorts of free deals and perks.
And you've already gotten emails with 50% off specials that nobody else gets.
And there's going to be a lot of other stuff, I'm going to leave it at that, that you're going to be getting exclusively for free because you are a 1776 founding member coin purchaser.
So we want to support to broadcast the fourth coin that really wasn't a founding member coin.
It was a one-off we did of the Teddy Roosevelt Man of the Arena.
There's a couple thousand of those coins left.
We're going to give founding member status to everybody that leaves their email there as well that wants to be sent information and material.
I mean I'll just go ahead and tell you I've been planning this for over a year and I am going to start some commercial free
The podcast that are on a subscription site that we're going to have documentaries and special events and a bunch of other stuff.
It's all built.
It's all ready.
I just have not gone and started producing the media yet and the information, but a lot of really cool stuff that's going to be done.
And everybody that's a founding member is just going to be sent a free lifetime passcode to it.
Stuff like that.
So there's a lot of stuff going on.
That's just part of it.
I intend, once we get some more funding through 1776coin.com and PedroCollectibles.com, to also launch just a lot of other really interesting stuff.
And I'm not going to get to it yet.
But believe me, I always do what I say I'm going to do.
We've never really failed, thanks to God, and thanks to your support.
But I do tend to things get way behind schedule, as they say in the UK, because
I'm doing interviews every day.
I'm dealing with legal stuff all the time.
I'm spending half my time at work just trying to raise money, which I'm not complaining about.
That's how it is.
That's how God wants it.
But I'd rather be on air all the time covering news and information that you're not going to get anywhere else.
But it's just the nature of it.
And in the process of surviving, it's made us stronger.
And I've learned a lot about how business works and how the world works.
All these things that have been really hard to deal with, in hindsight, have made me smarter and made me more resilient and made the crew more resilient and smarter.
And so, no weapon formed against us shall prosper.
But I do humbly ask all the viewers and listeners to really understand that
We're having a fundraiser right now because we're having about a $230,000, $250,000 underage each month, the last six months.
And I put in all my savings, everything, all my money's gone.
I have like, I think $50,000 in my private bank account now.
I don't have any extra bank accounts.
I don't have trust or anything.
There's nothing there, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, I have like my house in a trust, so the address is in public and things like that.
My children, I put like $200,000 in their accounts when they were kids and they've now grown up and they've gotten that money.
So I'm just telling you, there's nothing there.
And I understand you'd be happy if I was wealthy and had a bunch of stuff and that'd be fine with you, I get it.
But I'm just telling you, when I tell you that I'm on E, on my children, which I don't like to do, but on my children, and before God,
I have put 98% of my resources, other than my home, into this fight.
And that's it.
I'm totally committed.
And what's so frustrating is we're right there.
With an audience this big, it's not hard each month if people just say, hey, I really need vitamin D3.
I really need PQQ and CoQ10, DNA Force Plus.
I really need to take nitric oxide for my heart and my lungs and my body.
I really need to check out products like Turmeric 95, that's just bodies under another name, with a 95% curcuminoid, from a new supplier that we're actually buying our turmeric for before.
Under the new banner, InfoWarsMD.
So, I am in your hands.
And I know the economy's bad.
And I know stuff's crazy.
But we've really tightened up around here.
We've done a lot.
And I've put everything I've got in where I've got an accountant in this bankruptcy that's a well-known bankruptcy accountant.
I was talking to him two days ago and he said, my God, we've got to get you some money.
You were out of money.
You agreed in the last year and a half, even before the bankruptcy, to not be paid by free speech systems.
What were you thinking?
And why did you keep some of that Bitcoin money when you got given $8 billion in Bitcoin a year ago?
And I said, because I told people when I get that money, it's going into this operation.
But yes, I had to start asking a few months ago for legal, because the court makes me pay 40% of the legal, even though it's for free speech and everything.
I don't have it.
And there's this idea that I have hundreds of millions of dollars because the media lies and puts fake people on the stand and just pulls stuff out of their ass.
And I had people come to me in the stores and go, I didn't know you were a billionaire.
And they just believe
And I see these articles going, man, the Sandy Hook families are about to be really rich.
They're going to get that billion and a half dollars.
Like, if they make a judgment, it mints money, and there's money minted in imaginary bank accounts that they then get.
It's just so frustrating.
So insane.
So crazy.
And there's a lot of confusion.
I'll get back to the news, but keeping this on air is paramount, folks.
And every time I explain this, we suddenly see more support.
So I need to just keep telling the audience, because new folks tune in every day and old wizards tune in here and there, that we're not going away.
We're not in liquidation.
We're not shutting down because we're in bankruptcy or I'm in personal bankruptcy.
We're in Chapter 11, Subchapter 5, that is a reorganization so they can't come in here with their fake rulings and grab the equipment and padlock the doors.
We now go into the federal courts, begin that process so we have time for our two to three years of appeals.
And the appeals are much less expensive than all the kangaroo courts and all the depositions and the crap we've gone through.
So we've made it over the hill of the main legal cost and
We have a two to four year plan in appeal, even if they rig that and almost every expert says we're going to win.
Even AP says these were show trials.
Even AP said this was a fraud.
People are starting to go, oh my God, if we let him have all his rights taken, we'll all lose ours.
So it's not the Democrats, it's not the deep state that are going to decide whether we're on air or not.
It's you.
You hold InfoWars in the palm of your hand.
You decide whether we're going to stay on air or whether we're not going to stay on air.
So I know a lot of you are supporting and I thank you and I appreciate you.
But all these people have been on the fence over the years or maybe you ordered something a long time ago and liked it or whatever but you know just you're too busy and well you already know about the New World Order and so maybe you think InfoWars has served its purpose and if that's the case
Then I guess we will not be on the air in the future.
Because maybe I am passé.
Maybe I've been proven right so much now that it's time to hang up my spurs.
We have new people tuning in all the time that are waking up at record levels.
We have millions of people every week that are new listeners, millions, who are finally getting this is going on and the blinders are coming off.
And I know we're becoming more influential in the halls of political, cultural thought than we've ever been.
And so I know we need to stay on air.
I know it's an important mission.
That's why I've put everything I've got into this fight.
Is because I know that I've committed to you and committed before God and my family.
And it's also a challenge to the New World Order that I'm never going to give up.
So I'm asking you, please help me continue to fight.
Go to SaveInfoWars.com.
It takes you right to the front page of InfoWarsStore.com.
A couple months ago, I said, I don't have money to pay my legal bills.
You came through, you gave $300,000.
That almost paid it all.
Now I've switched that from Give, Send, Go.
All went to the lawyers.
And now I've pointed SaveInfoWars.com at InfoWarsStore.com right to the page where you can make a one-time donation or a multi-time donation.
You can make a recurring donation, cancel anytime.
It's all there at InfoWarsware.com.
So please, make the decision to fight back.
Make the decision to not give up.
Because as Trump always says, they're trying to get through him to get to you.
They're trying to get through me to get to you.
They're coming after everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, I'm going to stop this plea here.
It's just that as of Saturday afternoon,
The attack is not on the site.
You can get to Infowarsstore.com.
You can make a donation.
You can buy a book, buy a film, buy some great supplements.
They're amazing products.
Just please go to Infowarsstore.com.
And make that commitment.
And even if you don't have a dollar, pray for the broadcast.
That is the most important thing.
And then word of mouth, tell people that, hey, the forbidden show you're not supposed to talk about?
Find out what's really being discussed at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Right on the back of a cocktail napkin, on the back of a card.
Print up flyers, go to the mall, put them on the windshields of cars.
This is how we're going to win.
Because I know this is the most effective broadcast out there.
We're having the biggest effect.
And the things I talk about I know are real and I know are the globalist plan.
They tried to recruit my father to join the eugenics cult when he was top of his class in high school.
My grandmother thought he was being... they told him it was NASA.
He was part of that Eisenhower whiz kid program.
I think the stuff, when my dad was 14, they shipped a 18-wheeler with a giant ruby laser to his house in East Texas.
He had the top test scores, and that's what Eisenhower was doing.
And then it was JFK.
It was all over.
And he built the laser.
And they said, that's it.
Because they didn't even give him the plans of the laser.
It was a bunch of pieces.
And then they came out from Houston and looked at the laser in operation.
And by the time he got into college, he got out of it.
My grandfather, my mother's dad, worked on secret weapons for the government.
We don't know what he worked on other than they were like combat robots.
That was in the 50s and 60s.
He decided the government was evil when he was about 55 and quit.
Never told us what it was, but believe me, he was Alex Jones before I was born.
I used to sit around the coffee table with him or the kitchen table.
He was just going for hours about
Just you name it.
You know, Werner Von Braun and the Secret Space Program, and the New World Order, and just everything.
And the reason I'm telling you all this is, I know what I'm talking about, okay?
I know what I'm talking about.
And you're not gonna have to sit here and have me tell you what's coming next anymore, because it's coming down on everybody.
Then my uncle was in Iran-Contra.
Told me about it.
You know why he got out?
The U.S.
government was trafficking children out of Central America through orphanages.
He was one of the guys down there in charge of a bunch of stuff.
I can go further.
And then these fools online, when I tell these stories on air, they go, well,
They go, Jones is one of them because some of his family worked for the system.
Dr. Robert Malone is a hero.
He invented mRNA.
He's been exposing it before the shots even began.
And people go, oh, he can't be trusted.
He's one of them.
Or Dr. Huff, that ran EcoHealth Alliance as their vice president, was their head of medical operations.
He went public and exposed everything and is probably going to send Fauci to prison.
People say, oh, we don't trust him.
He was in Special Operations, and he was in the military, and he had a top-secret security clearance.
Yeah, and he's going public.
You judge a tree by its fruits, but none of that even matters.
You are now staring down the barrel of this thing, and you're going to have to decide whether you're going to speak out and fight back.
And there's no better place to speak out and fight back than supporting InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com.
So go there, and don't let these people win.
And literally, in the information war, the analogy is you are taking a ball-peen hammer, non-violently, this is an allegory,
To George Soros' head.
We don't want to physically hurt George Soros, turn him into a martyr.
We want to take the ideas of Bill Gates and George Soros and Peter Daszak and...
Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.
And we want to take a hammer to it.
We want to expose them.
We want to get criminal investigations of them.
We want them indicted.
And those balls are rolling.
And those balls are rolling all over.
Patriots took down FTX.
Patriots are taking them down.
There are good people at every level of corporations and private life and the government.
that are fighting these monsters hard.
InfoWars is just a focal point of that resistance and you need to know a lot of people have made major sacrifices you don't know about to bring you this information.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
I'm talking about people have died to bring you this information.
People close to me have died to bring you this information.
I've paid an extremely heavy price to bring you this information, but I've done it because God's watching, and I know we can beat these people, and the children are counting on us to do this.
God's watching.
This is a test.
And if you don't do what's right, and if you don't stand against this,
You got God to deal with.
And listen, if you don't want to support InfoWars, go support somebody else that you think is telling the truth and is doing the best job.
Or start your own show.
I'm just saying, go speak at city council, or the county commission, or the school boards.
Look how scared they are of that.
I'm just saying, get active, raise the alarm, the people are ready for the truth, and we have seen the new world order go from beta to operational in the last year, and next year is going to be insane.
I tried to write notes last night and this morning of what I predict is going to happen next year, and it's such a big subject, and it's so hardcore, and it is so nightmarish.
It's such a big subject that I don't even feel worthy of telling you what I believe is going to happen next year, because it's so important.
I don't want to make a mistake.
And I really, really, really, really need to lock myself in a dark room for about six, seven hours with a little map light on with a pad of paper.
And I really need to look at all the information and then try to put the pieces together and look into the future.
Because I've already got a really good idea of the stuff they're going to pull.
But if I get in that zone, which I have been able to get into in the last few weeks,
I get in this zone where it's like all the pieces, the equations there, and I can see exactly what they're going to do, and then the different projects they've got, and then how we can stop them with critical information.
Because believe me, you've seen it.
This broadcast has blown so many of the New World Order's operations that it's just astounding.
It's historic.
We've also been manipulated and lured into traps, and we've failed.
And they've beaten us many times.
Like January 6th.
Walked right into that one.
Because I advocated authority to Trump and to the system, thinking, well, surely they won't try something as obvious as a false flag here.
I mean, I said it was a danger, but man, Ray Epps now confessing to, quote, orchestrating it and everything.
It's just wild.
And that news just broke yesterday.
We can't just let that be a footnote.
That story's up on InfoWars.com.
So, let me do this.
Let me move on from that now into the news.
But when I tell you that we are in your hands and that it's your decision whether we stay on air or not, that's the truth.
And I'm asking you to really think about the fact, is there really a question of whether or not you're going to support the broadcast?
I mean, really?
You want to give up to these people?
Because that's what it is.
And you know, I think I'm smart, but I've got a lot of blind spots.
And I'll tell you about that, because this is important.
Until about five, six years ago, I didn't understand that if I exposed the New World Order and their criminal activities and how they worked, I just thought almost everybody would turn against it and want to fight it.
And a lot of people did.
What I didn't realize was that so many prominent people were compartmentalized and said, oh, that's how I'll get ahead and learn how things really work, not to help people, but to go use the tricks to get higher up in the power structure and screw people.
What those fools don't get is when you screw somebody,
And then nobody stands up for them, and then nobody stands up for you later when you get screwed.
It's not a good world for our future.
But that's the difference between good and evil.
Plus, most of these evil people just downright enjoy doing bad things.
They think it's dominant.
They think evil's powerful.
They think screwing people over and playing mind games and not being straight shooters is a good thing.
Well, that's not who I am.
And that's why they always say I'm a mastermind.
They always say I'm not for real.
And they always say I've got some big calculation and big plan.
When all I'm trying to do is understand their plan on how to stop it.
We're tracking their plan.
We've got the best approximation of their plan.
Because they're not even sure how their plan's going.
There's all these different projects and different systems and some fail and some are successful and some are super successful.
And there's different competing factions and the globalists are always trying to figure things out and organize it and keep control.
It's like the cartoons where Tom and Jerry are cleaning the kitchen and
The cat's got like 15, 20 plates and bowls in his hands, and the mouse is throwing more plates up there, and he's trying to balance it all out, so when mom gets home, he doesn't get thrown outside and doesn't get dinner, because all the plates are broken.
And then pretty soon, there's just too many.
And then when I got approached by the Rothkop, head of the Kissinger Group, to come up there to New York and meet with them and work with them,
They said, Jones, don't you understand?
You see things.
You know how our plans work.
Most of our people can't even understand all this.
And the nuances and the different layers and the complexity and the different dimensions to it, we're not all bad.
You're going to find that it's not just two groups splitting apart.
It's not those becoming more good and more caring and more intelligent and those that are becoming more decadent and dumb.
No, it's really a circle.
And then we all just learn that we're all the same.
No, we're not.
It's not a circle.
Yes, I can think about evil.
I can know how evil operates.
I could have done evil things when I was younger and stupid and wasn't conscious.
But I recognize God and justice and freedom.
And I recognize I want to be into justice and freedom.
And I want to be strong.
And I want to tell the truth.
And I want to become more pure and more God-like and stronger as I get older.
And it doesn't mean I'm some goody two-shoes.
It's why I don't sit up here like a Pharisee and tell you how great I am.
I tell you I drink.
Sometimes I quit for a while.
I tell you that I lust after women.
I don't lie about those things because it's important to be completely honest.
People say, why the hell would you tell people you paid for a bunch of abortions when you were in high school and a little bit into college?
Because God can forgive you.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I'm sorry.
It's terrible.
I love my children more than life.
I wish I never would have done it.
I have nightmares about it.
I tell you that because I don't want to sit up here on some pedestal like I'm the... No, I've murdered my children.
I've beat people's brains out.
They started it.
But the point is, is that we have to be honest about who we are.
And that's the real power we've got against the enemy.
And we've got to be genuine.
And it's being genuine at the end of the day that people are going to end up looking for and wanting.
And the process of people becoming more delusional, more buying into fraud, more buying into every scam, they're going to accelerate their collapse and we're going to accelerate our awakening and our transformation into the genuine article.
The real McCoy.
The real thing.
And it doesn't mean it's a perfect thing, but it's something pointed at God, and something that loves justice, and something that wants a better world, and something that doesn't get mad at your neighbors because they have a nicer house, or a cooler car, or a sexy wife.
You can appreciate that wealth that God gave us all, and celebrate it together, and then have your own success, and your own wealth, and none of that's a bad thing.
But you can never put it ahead of the truth, and standing up for justice, and fighting bullies and scum.
I don't
Begins to, in their words, infect other people.
It's game over for them to turn us into robots and play God and give us all these orders and tell us how to live and tell us what to do.
And so that's what this is really all about is your ability to have free will that God gave you and they're trying to take that away.
And that's why I oppose them, and that's why I fight them.
And they act like, oh, they understand the universe, and they're bringing balance to it.
No, they like to hurt people, they like to destroy children, they like to steal people's energy, they like to see people in miserable situations, because it makes them feel good, because they hate themselves.
Why do all these psychopaths they catch, you know, go and stab and murder and kill people and torture them like this latest guy they just got?
And they've got composites online, I was looking at it on Twitter this morning, where it just shows hundreds of different serial killers and psychopaths.
And whether they're black, white, or Hispanic, or Asian, they all look the same and their eyes have the same weird, dead look.
And beyond a dead look, they look scared.
Not just because they're in a mug shot, they look like they're captured.
Because those aren't people, ladies and gentlemen.
That's not a person anymore.
There's something in there driving it.
Better believe it.
It's like you can broadcast something out of a cell tower and it picks up on your cell phone.
That's how energy works.
Your brain is a giant electrochemical transceiver.
It receives and transmits.
And let me tell you, you can dial your brain to any channel you want right now.
With my free will, I can dial to the Satan channel in two seconds.
I can go into that bathroom in there
And look right into my eyes for about two seconds and decide to let something else jump right into me in the driver's seat.
And that something could absolutely tear people's arms out of their sockets.
That thing could give me all sorts of evil inclination and understanding, but only how to hurt people.
And so when you look at the New World Order and Bill Gates and people like Fauci, let me tell you folks, there is a system of anti-God, anti-human inside that body that's running that body, and that's a biological android with one mission, and that is to humiliate you and cut you off from God before they kill you.
And that's all this is, is people turning the dial.
And how do you turn the dial to Satanism?
You kill people.
You hurt children.
You molest children.
You put poison in people that breaks their DNA.
They've now confirmed in more than a hundred studies that this mRNA with a spike protein goes into the cells for generations and is passed on to the children and causes mutations.
They are turning people into mutants!
Now, don't think God didn't put a little something in us that'll deal with that.
No weapon formed against us will prosper.
But it is electrochemical, and it's a transmission.
So we need to turn the dial to the Holy Spirit, the big broadcast.
And obviously, if you've been turning the dial the other way, you're not going to want to turn the dial.
It's not going to feel too good to turn the dial towards God.
But if you don't want to be cut off from the creator of the universe forever and be with these things who have free will and decided to be these things, then you better take that dial and you better turn it to God and you better then put a sledgehammer and break that dial off where you can't even turn the damn dial.
And I finally got to that point in the last few years where I cannot even turn on the Satan dial.
I've not even tried, but it can slip into Satan mode.
Anybody that's experienced it knows what I'm talking about.
But, I don't even think I've got that switch anymore.
And that's a good thing.
It's like, rear view mirror, it can't even see it anymore.
Oh, bye-bye Satan, get behind me!
That's what Christ was saying.
Get behind me.
I got a mission.
I'm going someplace.
I'm on a path.
I'm on a trajectory.
I want to get in line with the Holy Spirit and then move to the future.
I want to be teleported to the next dimension.
Oh, yes.
And God's like, oh, you want that?
Here, have that.
And I'm right there, right now, just, oh.
I just feel the presence of God right now.
God said, you want it?
Here, I love you.
Come to me.
Yeah, I just, see, I just turned the dial.
To see my dial's not turned all the way to God.
And the more I stand up against evil, the more I go through persecution, the more I can turn the dial.
And then it becomes a good thing.
The more I'm attacked, the more I'm lied about.
The dial keeps turning further and further and further.
I keep getting stronger.
Sure, my body looks weaker, but it's just a vessel, and it's sign of its vigor and its pain is a symbol of the strength
I got a lot of year-end review stuff.
I want to try to talk about what's coming next year.
It's got to be done.
It's got to be done.
I can't procrastinate on this.
Let's do this.
The prison grid's here.
It's not coming, it's here.
So let's play these clips back-to-back.
I played part of this one yesterday, but I want to get to the rest of it today because it was so important.
It's Sky News out of Australia.
With Ronan Dean.
Seven minutes long.
It's the best summation of what we're dealing with.
And then... First I want to air AJ Explains Genocide Plan in five minutes from about a year ago.
And then I want to play...
The clip from Sky.
And then I want to play clip 8.
And then later I'll play clip 10, where he breaks it all down.
15-minute cities and the right to travel by Gregory.
So this will take about 15 minutes or 12, 13 minutes to get to all this.
But this is really important.
And again, it's not just about Alex Jones telling you about it.
Or, you know, all old patriots.
I mean, I remember, like, 30 years ago, before I was even on air, going to events and listening to these old men, like G. Edward Griffin and stuff, who's still alive, and all these other guys.
I mean, they knew exactly what was going on.
They knew exactly what was going to happen.
They were just so far ahead of it.
And they were all confident and strong and classy.
And you could feel that presence that these were real men.
I mean, I wish those guys, because I've been trying to get Griffin on.
It was only a year ago.
I saw him do one interview a few weeks ago.
But I wish I could be around all those guys today.
I wish they were here fighting with us today.
And a living legend like Griffin.
But man, so many of them.
And I'd sit there and listen to all this.
So many of them.
And I'd go home and talk to my dad or talk to my uncle or talk to family.
They'd say, no, that's exactly how it is.
No, that's exactly right.
That's exactly.
I said, well, we can't let this happen.
You can't let this happen.
We've got to fight this, folks.
Look, I look at my five-year-old daughter every day, and I get not angry, I get a commitment in my heart.
When I look at her and how innocent and good she is, and I think about how new lockdowns are coming, more attempts at four shots, we've just barely backed them off.
And I want to back them all the way back to hell.
I want them dealt with.
I want them in prison.
I want them punished.
I want our people safe.
I'm not going to sit here and watch these Satanists try to kill everybody.
And I understand the general public's lazy and dumbed down, and so am I. And I understand we've let a lot of evil go on, and so we deserve to be destroyed, and God lets evil destroy us.
But our children do not deserve it, and I will not roll over to this!
And I know God's Spirit wants me to fight this evil, so God doesn't like what's happening, but God wants to see us get skin in the game!
Skin in the game!
God helps those that help themselves, it's been said.
Trust in God, but tap your camel.
Pray to God, but row away from the rocks.
Different ways of saying it, folks, but let me tell you, this is real as a heart attack, and everybody knows it.
There is a satanic, dark, destructive force.
There is the all-powerful, creative force.
There's God, and you better decide which side you're on.
I'm not trying to be a preacher here at year-end, but this is what it's all about, and believe me, all these people that keep denying God's real and keep saying they're either completely captured by this or they're brain-dead.
But most of them know
That the evil's real and they're scared of it through Stockholm Syndrome and have made a decision to grovel to the evil, hoping it'll destroy them last.
These are unbelievably unhappy, pathetic people that serve evil.
I've been around them.
And just being around them, you don't feel the presence of God.
You feel emptiness.
You feel dishonor.
You feel despair.
You feel pain.
You feel betrayal.
All right, let's go to these reports because here's why this is important.
This is all out in the news now.
I can play dozens of reports just this week from mainstream news about the New World Order and global government scams and central banks and how it's a prison.
So the good message is to the populist and conservative and Christian movements of the world, you as an audience have supported this broadcast to now allow this to go completely mainstream and now there's major resistance forming everywhere.
And we're fighting back, and so it's a beautiful thing.
And so that's really the big message of 2022 is, the battle is raging.
Good's having victories, evil's having victories, and we've got to push even harder and go over the top next year.
Because they plan to have 80% of us dead by 2030.
That's why all their minions are, the world ends in 2030!
Yeah, they mean for us!
They're giving you the self-fulfilling prophecy that everybody's going to be dead within 8 years.
Within 7 years!
The clock's ticking!
I want to be here in seven years.
Backed them up.
Defeated them to a great extent.
They're still going to be there at some level, obviously.
That's just the nature of man.
And people say, oh, Jones said we'd all be dead in 2030.
No, I said they're telling you we'll all be dead by 2030.
And it's the end of the world with climate change as they do all these things and they create these plagues and as they release all these attacks.
They are getting everybody ready for it in the movies and the culture and everywhere.
They're the ones saying it.
I'm trying to stop it.
I'm not saying we'll all be dead in seven years.
But they're maneuvering us into prison cities and hell on earth, and we can't let them put us in the damn cage.
Here's another analogy.
There's lots of stories, you know, and it comes out in the court, all the details of Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer that would drive around in his yellow Volkswagen because it looked non-threatening.
And he'd see an 18-year-old woman coming out of the mall after work, and he'd say, Hey, you wear a nice suit.
Hey, let's go get a coffee and have dinner.
What's your name?
I think you're really nice.
Oh, I'm a medical student.
Why don't we go over here to McDonald's?
And then he'd lock the car doors, put a gun to their head and say, put these handcuffs on.
He finally got caught because one woman did run.
But the point is, is that all the rest of them did what he said, and then he took them to a farmhouse in a basement and put electrical tape on them and tortured them and raped them for days until they were used up.
And as soon as they weren't begging and pleading and crying and he wasn't getting demonic power out of their, out of the horror, as soon as their eyes went dead, he'd go ahead and strangle them.
Bite big bloody chunks out of them.
You know what?
I ain't getting in the yellow Volkswagen and I ain't putting your handcuffs on.
And metaphorically, I'm going to bite your nose off, Ted.
You're not going to win.
We're not in here with you.
You're in here with us.
So metaphorically, New World Order, I'm going to pull your teeth out with pliers, and I'm going to gouge your eyeballs out.
And then I'm going to stomp your guts out.
You like that?
You like hurting kids?
I like hurting you.
So let's get serious, people.
No violence against these scumbags.
Murder them with the truth.
Murder their credibility.
Assault them with the data.
Destroy them, and then they will rot in prison!
You're so close!
So close to getting our hands around their political necks.
Mass murdering serial killer Fauci is a hundred times more evil than Ted Bundy.
Look at his eyes.
Look at his actions.
He loves killing children.
No country in the world is authorized for six months up and up.
But now he wants it to newborns and pregnant women are miscarrying.
He loves the death.
He's powerful.
He's in charge.
He's gonna kill you because he's God.
A miserable, demonic, maggot of hell!
Look at that man!
If you have any discernment, if you have any spirit of God in you, you know that is Diablo, Satan, the old serpent, the devil, right there!
That's an accomplished psychopath though that's been doing it for 45 years and gotten away with it and thinks he's God.
And he knows not to open the eyes up with the satanic look of the Ted Bundy.
No, no, no.
He just gives you that look of, I am a psychotic and I have killed millions and I'm going to kill millions more.
And you're not going to stop me.
Your children are mine.
I'm going to murder them slowly.
I'm gonna snake a ventilator down your grandma, and I'll let you see her while we kill her, and while we ship in COVID patients to infect her, and we'll murder logic right in front of you.
Let's go to the, uh, New World Order lockdown prison city reports.
We'll be back.
So there's a couple things we need to get out of the way here.
The collapse that has been initiated is now irreversible.
The word is irreversible.
There's no putting the genie back in the bottle.
Now, it could be 10 or 20 times worse if they get what they're actually looking for.
And we're talking $6 billion plus debt by 2030.
That's the official plan.
And I told you two plus years ago, they would start environmental lockdowns once you were trained to live under the viral lockdown.
And now, India and Italy have announced lockdowns, rationing, electricity only certain times of day to quote, save the earth.
And because quote, the resources have been cut off from COVID, which wasn't COVID, but was the global is using that as the pretext to destroy the global infrastructure.
The globalist
We're a corporate system that took control of the international order and of the global order and of the idea of community of man and humanity working together to put their grid into everything so that they could take the grids down.
And now they're all over every media outlet you can imagine saying that the earth's carrying capacity has been reached and that billions are going to starve to death in the next few years and that you're going to live in a highly surveilled ration system where your smartphone tells you where you can go, what you can do, and what you're allowed to buy and sell.
And as the resources dwindle, a lot of people will get on board with the authoritarianism saying, just do what they say and they'll stabilize the planet.
But of course, the more you submit, the worse it's going to get.
And that's why you see martial law drills in Canada and in blue cities in the U.S.
and in China and all over Europe and everywhere.
This is the globally directed beta test that has now ended.
Censorship is just the beginning so they can carry this out.
Then there is the debanking, there is the persecution, and there is the arrest and enslavement and execution of anyone opposing this planetary takeover.
It should be very easy to defeat if we're able to model it, break it down, chronicle it, and then get leaders who are compartmentalized to wake up.
It could have been stopped.
But now the collapse is unfolding and so now it's even more desperate that we warn everybody so they understand that those initiating the collapse and admitting they're doing it in their white papers are now the ones that are going to preside over the crisis and pose as the savior and just put out the cover story to the dumbed-down public.
The very simplistic public, the one-dimensional public.
Oh, there's deadly viruses because of global warming.
Oh, there's collapsed the food chain because of global warming.
We've got to do all this because of you're bad.
Humans are bad.
And then they have the organized, collapsed population and total transhumanist takeover of whoever's left at the end of that beyond dystopic system that they have initiated.
This is a coming out of evil.
This is hundreds of years of preparation and waiting and training and building their networks while they were rich and powerful presiding over humanity.
And now that we're entering the genesis of our next level, super technology, life extension, secrets of the universe, they want to dumb everybody down further, kill everybody, so that the general public does not have access to this because they know time and time again, out of the mass of the public, which on average is simple and dumbed down,
Super geniuses come out of those groups that innovate and always overthrow the previous elites.
Then they become decadent generationally and the cycle continues.
The globalists call this, and Obama talks about it, the end of history.
Where there's a corporate total control over biological reproduction, over your mind, surveilling everything you do, so that the human system as we know it is ended
Because the Carnegie Endowment that runs the CIA today, at the end of World War I, in the League of Nations, was given the charter to end war.
And the answer was, end men and women, end the family, end all of human competition, and create a corporate, medical, biomedical tyranny over the public, where humans are produced that are even allowed to live, that are not purely human, but are
Chimeric species, corporately owned.
And you see that, of course, in Brave New World, published in 1931.
The brother of Huxley, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley's brother, goes on to create the UN, run the UN for two decades, create the transhumanist movement, launch the Tavistock Institute, the transgender system, all of it.
And this is it.
But if we expose the globalist agenda,
Then they're not going to get away with their final goal of using this collapse to totally depopulate and enslave us forever.
It'll be their Waterloo and a new awakening and renaissance.
We must fight this.
Infowars.com, chronicling the apocalypse.
Stay with us.
This is the plan that I have repeatedly warned about, to take the tools of oppression used to tackle the coronavirus and use them all, lockdowns, forced business closures, exclusion zones, isolation, we heard Angela Marsden earlier, businesses shut down, isolation at home, all of that, all of those measures, including destroying private property rights and private income in order to tackle the climate crisis.
Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the real virus, but to shape the system.
The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call.
It is imperative that we reimagine, rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world.
Rebalancing investment, harnessing science and technology, and advancing the transition to net zero emissions, all elements of the Great Reset, are fundamental to building the future we need.
And that last one was the clown Guterres, who was at the Climate Ambition Summit, telling us the world is going to cook by three and a half degrees or something by the end of the century.
Yeah, right.
This Great Reset is as serious and as dangerous a threat to our prosperity, to your prosperity and your freedom, as we have faced in decades.
With these powerful bodies, including the World Economic Forum, the United Nations,
The International Monetary Fund and even Prince Charles boasting, yes boasting, that within a few short years, yes, their words, you will own nothing and you will be happy.
Remember, this is not me saying this, this is them.
They are even running ads for the Great Reset.
A handful of countries will dominate.
I wonder which ones they might be.
A terrifying coalition of big business, big tech and left-wing totalitarians are so confident and so brazen, I mean they just stole the US election so I guess they're feeling pretty chuffed with themselves, that they are now promising you will own nothing and you will be happy.
What they should have added is, added is, and we the very rich will own everything and be even happier!
Of course they will.
The great tragedy here is that Prince Charles is involved in this fascist, corporatist, global push and is thereby putting our entire constitutional monarchy at risk.
Queen Elizabeth, please give the bloke the punt.
It is critical and I urge you to write to your MPs over the holidays to insist
That no Australian public servant or member of parliament, no individual on the Australian public purse, attends the World Economic Forum in Lucerne in May, which is where this obscenity is scheduled to begin.
Please write to your MPs and tell them.
And you think I'm just imagining this stuff?
Crazy old Rowan with his conspiracy theories?
Think again.
This garbage is already deeply embedded into our state and federal governments.
I've spoken before about the insidious phrase, Build Back Better, which sounds like common sense, but is in fact just one of several slogans for the Great Reset.
Another being the Orwellian phrase, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Here's old Klaus again, minus the white cat on his knee, telling us all about ze Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The fourth industrial revolution will impact our lives completely.
It will not only change how we communicate, how we produce, how we consume, it will change actually us, our own identity.
And of course gives life to such
Policies and developments like smart traffic, smart government, smart cities.
What we will see is that everything will be integrated into a ecosystem driven by big data and driven particularly by close cooperation also of governments with business, civil society.
And this revolution will come at a
Brace-taking speed.
It will be like a tsunami.
Like a tsunami in the forced industrial revolution.
You will own nothing, but you will be happy.
That is an order.
The World Economic Forum are now blatantly saying capitalism needs a dose of Marxism.
It gets worse.
As I say, it's not like they're hiding their sinister intentions.
I was horrified when an outsider fan last week sent me this document from the Australian government.
Quote, preparing for the future.
Industry 4.0 test labs in Australia.
A strategic initiative of the Prime Minister's Industry 4.0 task force.
Section 1.
Significance of the fourth industrial revolution.
So, may I respectfully remind the Prime Minister, there is nothing in the Great Reset that is in Australia's national interest.
Australians did not vote for a dose of Marxism in our capitalism.
Speaking of Marxists, on this show this year, we also brought Dan Andrews' insidious Belt and Road dealings with Communist China to national attention, thanks to my exclusive interview with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which led, as I predicted last week, to the passing
Again, congratulations to the Prime Minister and the Government for that one important piece of legislation.
Possibly even next year.
But if he is seduced by the siren voices of the virtue signalers of the international forums, of the global warming alarmists and their doomsday predictions of the greedy renewable investors within his own party, who fraudulently claim that they are saving the planet when all they are doing is enriching themselves at the expense of the poorest among us.
Indeed, if he puts the interests of the elites over the basic everyday interests of the average Aussie,
It will not end well.
But I am an optimist and I believe Mr Morrison understands that Australia rejects the reset.
It's at the end.
What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities.
No, mate.
Not in Australia it won't.
Rack off, Klaus.
Smart cities are no longer a thing of science fiction, but how we collect and use citizens' data responsibly and sustainably is the big next hurdle.
To help tackle this, the Smart Cities Mission India joined the G20 Smart City Alliance shared by the World Economic Forum.
Refuse central bank digital currencies?
Now you might say, well, how am I going to do that?
Well, I don't know yet, because we don't know what form it's going to take.
But others cleverer than me will have talked about central bank digital currencies.
I only learned recently there's a critical difference at the moment because people always say to me oh Mike we've been using digital money for 20 or 30 years what are you going on about?
When you pay for something using a debit card or a credit card the merchant's computer only asks is this card holder good for the money?
They don't send all of the inventory of what you're buying up to a central computer and ask for an authorization.
They simply ask, has he got $90 or £100 for the transaction?
If so, then they will sell it to you.
And in fact,
All of the separate clearing banks of NatWest, Lloyds, Santander and so on, they don't do the transaction in real time.
They do a reconciliation, I think it's an overnight run, and they reconcile net debts to each other and to the central banks who act as the guarantor of last resort.
So it actually would be very, very, very difficult to control your individual purchases in your individual location.
In aggregate with other transactions you've made, say that month or that year, with current technology, it may not actually be possible at all.
Whereas, if you get given a new CBDC card from NatWest, it would look probably identical, maybe with a little logo in the corner, I don't know.
You know, some Nazi symbol or something.
And it'll look and feel the same.
You beep to the merchant, but this time they're not just checking whether you're good for the new credits or whatever they're called.
They're checking, has Mike Eden already had three sausages this week?
Is he too far from his home?
Has he said bad things about the government?
And it can be done in real time, which is why 5G and its bandwidth and speed is required.
A completely different
So, when people say we've been using digital currency, what's the big deal?
The two systems are chalk and cheese, alien versus human.
So, one way or another, I urge you, if you're offered one, and maybe it will be offered initially as a, you know, a cool thing to have, I would say, don't apply for it.
If you get sent one, cut it up.
Just, you know, do not let these things take root in your lives.
And then finally, almost finally, not a very good list, is it?
Fight the withdrawal of cash.
There is no legitimate reason for the executive to remove cash, in my opinion.
They can have any electronic systems they want, like we have had for the last 30, 40 years.
No one's removed cash.
Most people don't use it most of the time, but it's your guaranteed on-wrap.
Thank you very much.
You're meager 1% cash back on your card, which is the bribe to keep you hooked into that system.
So you use cash for absolutely everything.
Also regard it as throwing a handful of sand in their eyes.
They do not know, as Carstens, the head of the Bank of International Settlements says, he holds up a note and he says, we do not know what is being done with this expression of central bank liability.
But with CBDCs, we will, and we will have the power to control it.
And that's the point.
That's what he says.
So when I hold up a £20 note, expression of Bank of England's liability, which is what it is, I can keep it in my pocket.
I can give it to the gardener.
I can buy a beer with it.
I, you know, give it to my daughter.
And then when services and goods are acquired using it, no one knows who acquired them, where they were,
I think?
And fraud is just that.
I point out to you that in England, for example, I think cashless purchases up to, I think, £100 now.
So if I drop my wallet, a thief can just run around the shops and spend certainly several hundred pounds.
So the idea that removing cash will reduce fraud, it's just absurd.
When it comes to smuggling people or drugs,
The smugglers will simply use whatever means of exchange they require.
And I bet they don't use cash right now.
It's probably lorry loads of cigarettes or girls that being, you know, trapped across Europe for sex rings, whatever.
They don't use cash.
So it's just lying to you.
If they give you either of those reasons, fraud or terrorism, they're just lying.
There's no legitimate reason to get rid of it.
If we can keep cash, I believe they can't take over.
They're going to get rid of cash.
Don't let them.
You want to beat the New World Order?
You want to stop their globalist agenda?
Well, so do I. And I've been the most effective individual in the fight against the globalists, and I've got their number, and I know how to bring them down.
But ladies and gentlemen, I can't do it without your support.
And the good news is, we're only under about $200,000 a month.
The bad news is, the enemy is intensifying their attacks on every front, but I'm not going to back down.
And I'll never give up, but I could give out.
So please, keep me on the field.
Keep me on the front lines against the enemy while getting great products at the same time that will empower you and your family.
InfoWarsTore.com for the best supplements and more, or just make a straight donation, big red banner at the top of InfoWarsTore.com, and that way all the money goes towards the fight, not part of it going towards product cost.
But I thank you all for your support.
Please commit now to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get great products and make donations.
I thank you for your support.
Now take action!
The globalists are counting on you not taking action!
Tomorrow's news.
Now there are so many other powerful clips that just came out this week of the UN admitting their plan, the WF admitting it, Prince Charles, and all the resistance forming.
I just wanted to get to a few of those because this is their big rollout, it's happening, and if we simply go to the city councils and county commissions and state legislatures like we did with critical race theory,
Or drag queen pedophile time?
It's going to get stopped in its tracks.
But if we just sit here and accept it, these criminals will literally put us in the next level of the prison that they've already built in communist China.
Now, let's go to this special report, then I'll hit all the other news.
This is 15-Minute Cities and the Right to Travel, Greg Reese's latest report that just came out today, Saturday, December 31st, 2022.
Here is that report.
The 15-Minute Cities that everyone is talking about now is the Great Reset's trendy new name for open-air prison camps.
The idea is to corral everyone into neighborhoods small enough to walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes.
Everything you need within a half-mile radius so that you'll never, ever have to leave.
These Dutch cities are banning petrol and diesel delivery vehicles to tackle air pollution and climate change.
From 2025, all deliveries must be made in electric vehicles in 14 cities across the Netherlands.
It will prevent CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 216,000 cars off the road.
And businesses will get to help make the switch with grants of 5,000 euros towards an electric van or lorry.
The cities implementing zero emission zones include Amsterdam and Tilburg.
Other areas around the world are
We're also banning exhaust fumes.
In the U.S., Santa Monica has set up a voluntary zero-emission delivery zone.
The U.K.'
's first zero-emission street has opened in central London.
Beat Street will be closed to polluting vehicles for 18 months.
The scheme could expand into London's financial district in 2022.
What's your city doing to encourage cleaner, climate-resilient transport?
Brought to you by people who want to keep you in a 15-minute prison city.
The World Economic Forum.
I'm the tyrannical list.
While the post-edit tyrannical lisp voiceover is satire, it still reflects the truth.
The Great Reset is pure fascism, hiding behind an effeminate homosexual veneer.
Perhaps this is because some people see it as harmless, and others are rendered silent out of fear of being called homophobic.
Or maybe fascism is just queer.
Whatever the reason, there is nothing harmless about the Great Reset.
The perpetrators of this outrageous plan are marketing it with a gentle tone, telling you that you will eat healthy, stay active, get around, and enjoy the outdoors in your tiny little open-air prison camp.
These organizations are telling you that there isn't enough room for you because you are the reason that Mother Earth is sick.
This is the subtext convincing people to not have children and persuading them to castrate the ones they have.
Comfortable lies for the fearful.
And those with the courage to see the truth can see that this is just an accounting issue.
We the people are seen as livestock, looked down upon as useless eaters by godless psychopaths who want a more manageable herd to exploit for their own selfish desires.
Who want us to own nothing and be happy and eat ze bugs.
This plan was officially announced in 2015 and made actionable in 2017, with the goal of accomplishing most of it by 2030.
Paris is being celebrated for leading the charge on the trendy new 15-minute city prison camps.
But they are not alone.
Melbourne, Australia, is building theirs.
And in America, New York City, Los Angeles, and Cleveland are doing the same.
The right to travel is not in the Bill of Rights.
In the past, the courts have ruled that this presumed right is firmly established in U.S.
But things have changed.
Today, we are at risk of losing it all.
And if we don't stand up for our own freedom, then who will?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
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Let Fenton and those masters know the American people and others will not bow to their tyranny, and humanity is awakening, and we're going to defeat the New World Order together.
Oh, no, no, I don't even know what this is.
How did you get here?
I just caught you, American.
You visited Bandar Video.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you.
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you.
It comes from China.
You're listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, I'm just going to go about another 30 minutes or so in this special year-end emergency broadcast.
It'll be streamed out until 4 p.m.
tomorrow when we do the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Then Owen's back in 6 to 8 with Sunday Live.
So that's four hours of live, teleprompter-free, pro-human, patriot, God-fueled analysis.
Hope you'll tune in.
Hope you'll share it with others.
That's what the enemy hopes you won't do.
But we just spent a lot of time on the lockdowns, the control grids, the climate lockdowns.
We told you we're coming because they told us they were going to do it and they're in charge of things.
So they're unelected, they're completely evil, they're absolutely psychotic.
Most of them are pedophiles and devil worshippers.
They're all psychos and sociopaths.
And do you really want to just roll over to these people?
Yeah, they think they've got the power.
They're not.
They think they're invincible.
And they're running scared now.
So what happened this year?
Russia was enticed into going into open war.
Now we're 10 seconds away from nuclear war at any minute.
And even Henry Kissinger says that.
So we should pray for peace and an awakening there.
And we've got the economy going into free fall.
We're going to be getting into that.
But the awakening is huge.
There is a statewide criminal investigation by the governor's office of the Supreme Court in Florida looking at the vaccine makers, their fraudulent advertising, the fact they knew the shots wouldn't help people.
They're investigating the deaths.
The German government's begun a major investigation spurred by the, sparked by the vice president, who's a very prominent person in the EU, one of the top people.
He's seen as probably the next German chancellor.
So this whole thing is coming undone.
It would take hours.
We covered it in the last week, but so many new prominent scientists, so many prominent new doctors, not just the thousands and thousands led by Dr. Michael Yedon and Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough and, you know, just the list goes on and on.
But now heads of universities, heads of major watchdog groups, deputy heads of governments, presidents, president of Italy.
I mean, it's all starting to happen.
And so I can look at this.
I know you can look at it, engage it, and it's out of control for the New World Order.
I mean, they are in trouble.
I remember about a year and a half ago,
Joe Rogan put a clip of myself on his show out whenever the media was saying, Bill Gates never said 80% of people in studies of this vaccine get sick.
Alex Jones is a liar.
Well, Bill Gates just said it himself.
So Joe Rogan showed that clip and it got more than 10 million views on his Instagram and 99 plus percent.
I mean, he would read 300 comments.
I spent hours several times looking at it.
We're good to go.
We're good.
We kicked your ass in this round.
Yeah, you killed a lot of people.
Yeah, you maimed a lot of people.
Yeah, you made hundreds of billions of dollars.
Yeah, you're regrouping to do it again.
But you just found out we're not as easy to run over as you thought we were!
It's everywhere.
Even people I know that are friends of mine that are still idiots.
I tell them they're idiots.
But I love them.
It's people you've known for 30, 40 years, and they just are pig-headed.
They're like, well, I guess you're right, the shots didn't work, and it's made me sick, and wow, I can't believe this is really going on.
Wake up and admit what's happened.
Stop believing that the social contract is still in place.
The social contract is to kill your ass now.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
What's the slogan?
They want you dead.
Go watch the film, made in 2007.
It's free.
It's on Bandot Video.
Share the hell out of it.
It's more important than ever.
We've got to raise the alarm and not just become comfortable with, well, this is all going on, but I'm going to go out and eat some barbecue tonight and go watch a movie and just not care.
Go eat your barbecue.
Go watch your movie.
Go play pool like I did last night.
Do whatever that you want to relax, but spend a few hours warning people and get involved because it's about self-preservation.
It is not work, ladies and gentlemen, to engage these people.
It is like breathing.
It is what keeps us alive.
It is a process of life and we've got to do it.
I think what I'm going to do is this.
And I'm not copping out here.
And I'm not trying to have suspense here so you tune in tomorrow or tune in Monday.
But I'm gonna have to call my wife today and tell her I'm not gonna come home till late tonight.
I need to go lock myself in my office.
And get on the computer.
I'm better with a pad and paper.
And I really need to predict what's going to happen next year if we don't stand up and what the different probabilities and possibilities are.
Because I can tell you a lot of really important stuff right now.
I think you've got your own understanding as well.
It's probably more advanced than mine in many ways.
And I think all next week we should just open the phones up with key stuff that happened last year, 2022, and what the enemy's going to do this year and how we stop them.
We really got to get this audience of activists, and myself included,
Really focused on where the best resistance there is, and we really do have the ears and eyes of the world, especially in intelligentsia, especially in the military, especially in the intelligence agencies, and especially in the high-level corporations.
Because what we do is we decompartmentalize people.
Most people in the military are great.
Most people in the government are great.
Most people, but they're compartmentalized.
They are.
And so, whether you're in academia, or the ecclesiastical, whatever, or education, wherever you are,
People can really see the pieces of this and we need to show them where it's going if they don't take action.
So you've got my commitment.
In fact, you know, I'm going to do something even bigger.
I'm going to take off a couple days starting tomorrow.
I'm going to take off.
I don't know if it's going to be a day or five days or what.
And I am going to go to the country.
I'm going to go to the mountains.
Because nothing makes you think clearer than hiking 5,000 feet up a mountain and thinking, I'm going to go to the wilderness.
I'm going to go to the mountain.
When I'm ready, I'm going to come back and lay out what's going to happen next year.
And you know, I build it up because I need to build it up for myself, how important this is and how I need to really focus and really get in that zone when all the pieces come together.
Sometimes it happens when you're at the gym because blood's racing through your brain, or sometimes it happens when you're taking a jog, or sometimes it happens when you're driving the car.
I need to really immerse myself by myself.
By myself.
In the woods.
In the hills.
And in a cabin.
And then I'm going to come back.
And I'm going to tell you what I believe they're about to pull next and how we stop them.
Because it's only in that deep, deep focus, that deep, deep thought, that deep, deep discernment.
And I'm going to ask God, I'm asking God right now to give me the discernment.
I know I've been given all this.
You've been given everything.
We've all been given everything.
And I'm going to return to the broadcast.
When I have written this report.
In fact, I'm going to write a report.
Probably just be 10 pages long.
With just bullet points.
Because that's what the enemy doesn't want me to do.
They don't want me to break down what they're going to do next.
And I know what they're going to do next.
Right now I could talk for two hours about it, but it's so important that I'm not just going to do it here off the cuff.
But I can feel my mind accelerating into position to really just first sit back for hours and just meditate about the world and what we've been through and what's happened and what the enemy wants and how their minds operate so I can get into that zone where I know what they're going to do.
You know, I went on air in July of 2001 and did dozens of shows up until September 11th saying they're going to blow up the World Trade Center.
They're going to blame it on Bin Laden.
They're going to use it as a pretext for domestic control and to bring in their control system.
And then in the future, they're going to use that anti-terror apparatus against the American people and against gun owners and patriots and Christians.
And people said, how did you do that?
I got in the zone.
And it's almost like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
And I'm not saying that's what's happening here, but it's an allegory where the aliens are sitting on a psychic transmission.
Everybody's kind of building the mountain.
Everybody's feeling guided to the mountain.
The government's having their meeting with the aliens, but the aliens actually want to meet with the people themselves.
The aliens are sitting in transmission out psychically, come to this mountain, come here, meet with us.
You know, this is gonna happen.
You're like building the mountain.
You're doing the thing.
And that's really the allegory here is that
I need to really get in that zone because in 2000, I would have intense understanding and just intense thoughts of what they were going to do.
And I then had dreams of the burning buildings of the World Trade Center.
And I understood it was a key
Signpost of where we were going.
And so there was a lot of interdimensional power going into the future.
Because you see, time-space continuum, information's going out, possible futures are there, our actions decide much of what those futures are going to be.
But it's like sonar or radar, those big events that do happen, they send back a signature of what's happening in the future into the past.
And so it's a radar.
It's an interdimensional sonar.
Sonar is a better word, as I would describe the space time continuum, like a waterfall or energy flowing.
And so 90% of it is data and research and history and criminology and the New World Order and how they operate.
But then the last 10% is discernment and
You could almost call it esoteric Gnostic is what they would call it, but it's really just spiritual interfacing to be able to really nail it.
And I feel, I know that I'm about to nail it.
And I don't want to just nail it on one topic.
I want to nail it on dozens of issues.
And I want this next year, no matter what happens to me, I want to have that on the record.
That we just nailed it like we've never nailed it before.
I feel that.
I'm pregnant with that understanding and this burgeoning that the answers are all there and I have it, just like you know you have it as well, and that we've got to get to that point.
And so, I'm going to commit.
I'm going to pray.
I'm going to try to get in alignment with God.
As much as I can to receive the discernment of the transmission.
So that's some news there.
I've been made that decision while we're here on air as I was just burning my mind thinking about
What they're going to do and how to lay it out and what we can counter and the different possible scenarios and futures.
And I know you're at the same place just like I am right now.
We're going to beat this.
We're going to do this together.
We have the human intelligence.
God gave it to us.
We have the tools we need to defeat the enemy.
God has given it to us.
God has promised us that and I've seen God come through every time and so that's where I am right now.
And what else can you say at that point?
I can cover the different things that are unfolding, different news, give you my angles on that.
But really here at year end, it's really about assessing history, assessing the current, looking forward to the future and just how serious all of this is.
Because so much of this is will.
You know, I was not really paying attention last night.
My wife likes to play pool.
We got a pool table on the back porch.
And I was playing her for a couple games and she was beating me.
And because I wasn't really paying attention.
And this is a simple thing.
That's not magic.
And then I just decided, I said, I'm going to knock all the balls in, in two moves.
After she breaks the balls.
And I'm going to put the eight ball in that corner over there.
It was just a split second decision.
I said, you will do it.
And I did exactly what I said I would do.
Before, I was playing like a dumb 8-year-old because I wasn't paying attention.
I wasn't setting my will to it.
And my wife was sitting there with her mouth hanging open when I did all these trick shots and everything else.
And I'm not even that good of a pool player.
But I am a good pool player.
Just like you are.
That's why the best Olympic athletes, they put them under hypnosis.
Because their body doesn't believe it can lift that weight.
Their mind doesn't believe it.
But once you tell your subconscious you're going to do it, you do it.
And you can do it over, and over, and over again.
That's like when you're shooting a rifle at a thousand yards.
And you want to hit the bullseye.
And even with the air, and the bullet, and everything, there's no way you can hit the bullseye, because every bullet's different.
Every trajectory's different.
But people that are the best shots in the world will tell you, there's like something magic happens that takes them over, and they just will it.
And that really is what we're talking about here, ladies and gentlemen.
And the enemy knows that and is using that against us.
We have to start dialing into God and using that against them.
All right.
And they call it hypnosis.
It's only getting in tune with your actual programming, your actual control mechanisms, your actual control panel.
And then you realize it's all spiritual.
Does God get the control panel?
Or does Satan get the control panel?
And God won't take the control panel over.
God wants you, like a husband and wife, the groom and the bride, to come together in an organic relationship in the future of life.
God wants a relationship with you that is described as sexual in the New Testament.
But it's not sexual.
It's beyond that.
So it's not forcing you.
It's not telling you what to do.
It's getting in sync and coming together.
And that's the secret.
And so everything is how do you get in sync with that?
How do you merge with that?
How do you get as close to that until you are one?
But not through forced AI and brain chips, as the enemy wants, which is the opposite of that.
It claims it's going to give you that, but it gives you the opposite of that.
But no, oneness, collectivism through free will, collectivism through decision, real decision.
You know, there's a creepy, and I know Keanu Reeves, and I've had dinner with him a few times and talked to him quite a bit when I was a consultant on The Scanner Darkly.
When he even reached out a few times through his producer and through his assistant over the years, he liked my films and they ordered more of them.
And they even invited me out one time.
I never got out there.
I never did it just because it's not important.
But I got to tell you, this is a really creepy Keanu Reeves clip.
It's clip three.
I want to play this.
And they cut it short, so I'm wondering what he said after.
But he says it's amazing and really cool that a little girl at a director's house he was at said, I don't care if things are reality.
I don't care if they're real.
Well, that's the whole thing about the Matrix, is that's where they're taking us, is a false reality where they can control the input and try to manipulate us spiritually to make false decisions.
That's how they believe they short-circuit and defraud free will.
And so there's Keanu Reeves, who doesn't give interviews very often and, you know, people say he's stupid because they don't actually know him.
He's really smart when he actually opens up and talks to you.
He doesn't talk to most people.
This is a very dangerous clip.
Because they're a child.
I mean, one thing if you're an adult and a philosopher and you decide you want to be in the Matrix, you decide you want to be in a fraud, but children can't differentiate.
That's why they can't have sex till they're 18.
That's why they can't join the military till they're 18.
They can't buy cigarettes till they're 18.
They can't buy liquor till they're 21.
Because we've made a decision that statistically it's good to protect them until they're able to make those decisions.
It's like you're suiciding people in Europe and the UK and in Canada who are mentally ill.
The state is their ward and the state convinces someone who's mentally ill to commit suicide and sign a paper when someone who's mentally ill in their care cannot make that decision.
And so you have that sacred honor as their ward, as their
Protector With their power of attorney and you decide to kill them and their childlike Mind You didn't guide them.
You didn't save them.
You didn't empower them.
You didn't lead them to God you Took that guardianship and used it to be the grim reaper and to pretend you're God So that child
Oh, the Matrix sounds fun.
I don't care if it's real or not.
I don't care if I'm in some tube hooked into an AI system that wants to play God.
No, no.
I don't even want to know if there's something real.
As long as it's there, I just want to think that's real.
You can be on 10 hits of acid on a 50-story building and think you're a butterfly and jump off of it, but you're going to hit the bottom and die.
You can think you're invincible and pour gas on yourself and light yourself on fire.
You're going to die.
Or wish you were dead.
So, it just shows where all of this is going.
And... Maybe I'll try to get a hold of Keanu Reeves.
And just ask him, what'd you really say in the clip?
Because I don't want to judge what you said off a clip, because I don't know the context of it.
But this is creepy as hell.
Here's the clip.
I don't know, I was having dinner at a friend's house, this director, and he had some kids, and there was like a 13-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 17-year-old, and they hadn't seen the film The Matrix.
And so the director's like, well, why don't you just tell them it's about?
So I start to say, well, there's this guy who's in a kind of virtual world and he finds out that there's a real world and he's really questioning what's real and not real.
And he really wants to know what's real.
And the young girl was like, why?
And I was like, what do you mean?
She was like, who cares if it's real?
And I was like, what?
You don't.
You don't.
Did you catch that right there?
That was a jump cut.
Play that again.
Play the clip again here in just a moment.
Where it jump cuts, and then he says it's awesome.
I don't think Keanu Reeves said that that's awesome, that she doesn't like reality, and that she wants to be in the Matrix.
I think he said something about a film, or something he's doing is awesome, or something else he said was awesome.
That's another deception.
In fact, my gut tells me, knowing Keanu Reeves, that that's fake.
Here's the clip again.
I don't know.
I was having dinner at a friend's house, this director, and he had some kids, and there was like a 13-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 17-year-old, and they hadn't seen the film The Matrix.
And so the director's like, well, why don't you just tell them it's about?
So I start to say, well, there's this guy who's in a kind of virtual world, and he finds out that there's a real world, and he's really questioning what's real and not real, and he really wants to know what's real.
And the young girl was like, why?
And I was like, what do you mean?
She was like, who cares if it's real?
And I was like, but you don't, you don't,
Care if it's real.
She was like, no.
It's awesome.
You think it's awesome?
I mean it's awesome.
I mean it's awesome.
This is what the deceivers do.
You saw they spliced that tape.
And so I'm gonna try to get a hold of Keanu and find out the truth.
But the issue there is that's what the left does.
They deceive.
So let's show you something Keanu didn't really say or we don't know he really said it.
And let's make him say what we want.
Let's get rid of his free will.
Let's actually capture his identity and then misrepresent what he really said.
And let's do it not with a deepfake but with an edited video
And let's do it right in front of your face.
And that's what they just did with that piece.
Okay, let's hit some of the news here.
I want to play clip 9 because if you go to Twitter and you see this clip, it's vicious microscopic life.
And it's titled, Watch a Cell Bite and Kill Another Cell.
And it's under an electron microscope, and it shows another cell go over, excrete some enzymes, and burst the membrane of the cell, and then the other cell, an amoeba, starts eating the guts, the mitochondria,
Of the cell, it's just kilt.
As its guts spill out.
Now, if you go to Twitter, I read like a hundred of the comments this morning.
Or more.
Oh, poor cell, it's so sad, it's so mean, it's terrible.
Oh, this shows why we need the vaccine to save us.
Oh my God, these horrible things are inside us.
We've got to be protected by Fauci.
And they show all this compassion
For the cell, but not the compassion for the unborn baby.
So you watch the cell puncture the other cell, eat its guts, run off the big pile of mitochondria, it's gobbling.
And you watch the other cell bleed out.
And people have empathy.
But they don't have any empathy for the children or themselves because they've been trained not to care.
There you can see the other cell gobbling the guts up.
See its mouth?
See its opening?
And how are the globalists attacking you?
They don't want you to get the vitamins and the minerals and the trace elements.
Your cells' guts need to be healthy and to get rid of the toxins, the PQQ, the CoQ10, the vitamin D3, the iodine.
And so people get upset about another cell killing another cell, but then they don't even actually want to know how their cells work, or that with all the so-called COVID vaccines, it makes your cell create a toxic spike protein within it
And then to replicate that into the body that cuts the DNA, destroys the mitochondria, and fundamentally, permanently destroys the DNA inter-generationally.
And I have a clip on that, clip 5.
Here's Dr. Peter McCullough, these are in major studies, warns vaccine genes are passed down to children of the vaccinated.
That's what the spike protein does.
You ought to see what it does to cells.
It pops them.
It destroys them.
It's not even a cell.
It just produces a bunch of jagged pieces that go around busting membranes of other cells.
How does it produce?
Some cells produce them.
Then they bust open.
Disgorging the spike proteins, the nanotech, and then it just toxifies and kills everything.
And then some cells don't get killed by it.
They start reproducing more of it.
And they tell you that's how they cure you of it, is showing your body how to defeat it.
But that's not what the spike protein does.
And that's in all the studies.
Not debated.
Absolutely going on.
And the poor leftists care about the cell, they don't care about the baby, and they don't care about their own cells.
And that's how you dehumanize somebody.
That's how you control somebody.
Yeah, there's one of the comments.
In fact, I'm glad you guys found it.
I didn't give you the tweet.
Go to the top of the tweets when you show people the headline.
They want to go read the comments.
And there it is.
Cell explodes after getting bitten by another single cell organism.
Video by Jams Germs.
8.4 million views.
Okay, so here's Dr. Peter McCullough.
You can look the studies up yourself.
That indeed, they knew this in rats years ago, 10 years ago or more.
That it keeps replicating forever intergenerationally and passes the spike protein on and on.
That's why so many mothers that get the vaccine or have had COVID, their babies are born all bloody and lesions everywhere and with heart attacks and blood clots because the little babies are factories of this.
Because their cells are so healthy.
They're so new.
And it's so much worse for a fast growing human to come in contact with these shots.
Designed to target the youth.
That's why they're in the news saying, oh, record numbers of children dying of, oh, bacteria and viruses.
Oh, it's not COVID, but we don't know why they're all dying.
Because even though they don't take the shot, they're getting the spike protein from sloughing, which is all confirmed.
We had scientists gone two and a half years ago saying it would happen, and now it's happened, and they just continue to do it.
Think about the magnitude of the murder.
Here's Dr. Peter McCullough.
There's been a paper published from Almo, Sweden, senior author is Yang Di Marenis, that showed that the genetic code for Pfizer gets installed into the human nucleus of the hepatoma cell line very rapidly, within a few hours.
And experts believe the entire code is actually installed into the human genome.
This paper has not been challenged by any other lab.
We're looking for confirmation, but this is disturbing now.
Since the messenger RNA for Pfizer, in a study done by Stanford, by Rolken and colleagues, is permanently in the lymph nodes, at least as far as they've looked for several months now.
So the genetic code, once people take these vaccines, is long-lasting.
It may indeed get into the nucleus, change the human genome, and then pass down to daughter cells.
That means that this could actually be passed down to the progeny of vaccinated
And see, for those that don't know, and I'm not a biologist but I've read all about it, so go read about it for yourselves.
It's super complex, but interesting.
Fascinating is not even a strong enough word.
You have
The genetics of the man and woman and all of their genetic lines that splice together when you have a baby.
When a baby is created with a zygote, the sperm and egg come together.
But then there's an entire other cellular background and structure in the hard coating in the mitochondria.
And that's controlled by the mother.
And the ancients all knew this, whether it was the Jews or whether it was the ancient Chinese or everywhere.
People knew that whatever tribe you were, if you intermarried in tribes, they would count who your mother was off of what tribe you were.
That's why if your dad's, say, a German who's a Catholic, but your mom's Jewish, you can go to Israel.
And in fact, when you have kids, if you're a woman,
You're considered Jewish because it's a woman.
And it's the daughter cells.
And what does spike protein attack?
The mitochondria.
What was that amoeba eating?
Like it was at a buffet.
Gobbling it up.
And what does the spike protein attack?
It attacks the mitochondria.
That's the guts and the engines of the cell.
It spits out all the other material and all the rest of the stuff and it goes after those circles you see inside the cell.
That's what it wants.
It runs through all the guts and all the goodies and then piles up mitochondria in front of it and starts just gobbling.
The other cell just got bit.
It's a mitochondria.
It's an amoeba.
See its little
Flippers there on the back.
Propelling it.
It's trying to get away.
It just got bit.
Nope, sorry.
It's party time.
I'm gonna get in your guts.
Then now it knows it's got a bunch of mitochondria, so it runs off with it.
Then it gobbles that, it comes back for another meal.
And I know I probably butchered a lot of that for biologists watching, but
Just go check it out for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen.
It's very, very intriguing.
So it's the year-end broadcast 2022 as we plunge into the year 2023.
And you look at the CFR, and the Bilderberg Group, and you look at all the WEF, its spokesperson, and you look at the Economist Magazine, at the Rothschild Zone, and you see what they tell you is the most important events of the year.
Then you go look at what they say is the most important events of the year on CNN, and it's like the Johnny Depp trial, or the Alex Jones trials, and all this other stuff.
No, it's Russia war in Ukraine.
It's the COVID lie collapsing and falling apart.
It's the worldwide financial meltdown that's consolidating control.
But here's the Council on Foreign Relations.
Number 10 is turmoil rocks British politics.
Number 10.
Number 9.
A trio of crises buffet in Pakistan.
Number 8.
Humanitarian crises deepens in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
I think that's probably number one.
Number seven.
Latin America moves left.
I mean, the CIA and a bunch of groups fund leftist takeovers.
Number six.
Iranians protest.
Number four.
Inflation returns.
It's always there.
Climate change intensifies.
Number three.
U.S.-China tensions grows.
Number two.
Russia invades Ukraine.
Number one.
Still a pretty good list, but they're literally the ones behind almost all the problems.
Now look at this.
Top 10 events of 2022 that shaped or shook or brightened the world.
This is out of the federal.
Queen Elizabeth, the longest-serving British monarch, passes away.
Not important.
Brazil shifts to the left.
Yeah, still in election number nine.
World population crosses 8 billion.
Yeah, that's a big deal.
COPE 27 Landmark Compensation Fund.
Yep, global taxes.
Number six, Elon Musk takes over Twitter.
Yeah, what he's done there is big.
Number five, UK gets its first Indian-origin Prime Minister.
That's just more tokenism.
Number four, Iran's uprising against the hijab mandate.
Most of these things are not the most important things, in my view, going on.
The global awakening to the tyranny is the most positive thing.
But who else died this year?
Well, on the last day of the year, Ratzinger's funeral mass on January 5th, 2023, and the number 23 in Illuminati synchronicity.
We're going to try to get Leo Zagami on the show the next few days.
We tried today, but he didn't answer.
It's a holiday.
I get it.
Number 23 is seen by many.
He breaks it all down.
But the Pope Benedict has died in Vatican City.
Benedict, first Pope to resign in 600 years, dies at 95.
Barbara Walters, trailblazing TV icon, dead at 93.
Who cares?
If you compare her to current so-called journalists, I guess she was a good person.
But that's not saying much.
What about Leslie Stahl in 60 Minutes?
Is killing 500,000 kids with your tripling of sanctions a good price to pay to Madeleine Albright?
It's wonderful.
These are mass murders.
We'd do it again.
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell met with FTX's SPF in February of this year when the Fed was examining a federal digital currency.
They were looking at him, the Democrat-controlled system, as the model for America's new currency.
That's the big takeaway.
That is a huge story in 2022.
That that was a deep state globalist front, the world exposed it, the Patriots online exposed it, and blew up the giant piggy bank of the deep state, the Democrats, that was giving hundreds of millions of dollars per cycle to their political funds, but also being prepared with Sam Bateman Freed to be running the whole thing, running your wallet, programming where you can spend your money and what you can do with it.
Bahamas seizes 3.5 billion FTX assets of a risk of imminent dispensation.
So think about that.
This guy was being looked at as the model for the new U.S.
central bank digital currency that's programmable, that tracks what you do, that controls what you can buy.
But really, Sam Bankman Freed is just one more of this same ilk.
Birds of a feather fly together.
That's who they are, just con men scammers.
The whole New World Order is based on that.
FDX founder reportedly cashes out $684,000 after being released on bail of stolen money.
The court said he can't take out or use $100,000 or more without court approval.
He doesn't care because he's got Bill Clinton's favorite judge he put in, who ran the Jeffrey Epstein cover-up, and so much more.
And he's got Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
SBF was meeting with senior White House officials shortly before FDX collapsed.
Virgin Islands claims JPMorgan Chase turned the blind eye to Jeffrey Epstein's trafficking ring.
And it goes on and on from there.
Let's look at some of the financial numbers.
Joe Biden's most historic year.
Record crime, record inflation, record illegal border crossings, record gas prices, worst market losses since 1871.
But he's just a puppet.
That's his job.
Take the blame.
Stocks fall in 2022's final trading session as Wall Street wraps up the worst years of 2008.
Amazon lost half its value this year as tech stocks got crushed and recession fears grew.
New Fed research flags rising risk of U.S.
We're in a damn recession.
The housing market's imploding.
Yeah, that's the reality.
And that's why I know when I get up here and I say, InfoWars is critical.
Our work is critical to get ahead of this, to expose this, to create the understanding what the enemy is going to do that's now listened to by leaders and in prominent people and common folks everywhere.
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Look, uh, I got a few other stories I'm going to hit, and then I'm going to end this broadcast.
And they'll be back tomorrow night, 4 p.m.
Central, InfoWars.com.
I appreciate you all putting up with me.
But, uh, let's do this.
I don't want to attack Governor Abbott, and I don't want to attack the Arizona governor because they're trying, but they've really had a very, very bad tactic.
And they've not been honest with the people because they don't want to look impotent.
And so
I want to explain something here in a moment, then I want to hit a few final news stories here.
But I wanted to just sit back here for a moment and let us all just let it soak in and cogitate on the fact that we've been through hell.
All of us.
Whether you live in India or Africa or the U.S.
or Chile.
Or Mexico, or Canada, it doesn't matter.
We got hit with a bioweapon attack three years ago.
We got hit with a total PSYOP of fear and shutdowns to destroy the economy, and the mask and all the poison shots, and we've just been through hell.
And we're not victims, we're overcomers, but we're all veterans of a biological weapon war.
And so realize what's really important in the world, and get right with God, and boost your body's natural defenses, because let me tell you,
The enemy's going to strike next year, I believe, with another bioweapon.
That's part of what I'm going to talk about next week.
And just get right with God, because this has been hell.
And it's been rough.
And it's been rough for the crew.
It's been rough for our supporters.
And I know what you've been through.
And I salute you, and I thank you.
And I couldn't do this without you, and I'm very, very humbly wanting to just say that I, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate what this family of viewers and listeners have done.
Because I know sometimes I'm not easy to put up with or listen to.
But sometimes we really do a great job.
But we're always trying to do a great job.
And in the end, we love God, we love justice.
We're trying to tell the truth to the best we can.
And overall, we're doing a pretty damn good job.
We like to do a lot better.
So I'm just very, very humbly thankful to all of you.
Now, talking about this.
Every year or so, the governors will deploy the State Guard or the National Guard to the border.
They stand around with machine guns and they direct illegal aliens that flood across by the millions to just go get on buses and trains and airplanes and be brought around the U.S.
I don't blame the military.
I don't blame the Border Patrol.
It's the Biden administration.
It's the policy.
It's the illegal activity.
It's the human smuggling.
It's the NGOs giving the orders.
So I see these articles all the time, and I know it makes Owen mad too, this is one of his best rants when he talks about this, but Greg Abbott implements cheap yet effective plan to stop the flood of illegal migrants, red state.
And it says with shipping containers.
All they do is walk around the shipping containers, and then the military captures them, and then orders them into tents, and then they're given debit cards from the NGOs that command the military and the Border Patrol, and then they're shipped into the U.S.
So, these articles from Fox News and Red State, and I'm not attacking Red State, I'm just saying, they're crap!
They're crap!
They have the Border Patrol go out and arrest people illegally coming across and then they're not allowed to ship them back unless they're literally an axe murderer.
I was reading about when MS-13 leader's been deported three times.
They just caught him again on the East Coast last week.
I mean, so it's catch and release.
They catch him.
You see that.
And then Abbott sends some guys with guns down there in camo.
They just stand there and look.
And then the Border Patrol sits there with NGOs and loads them on buses and ships them in.
It's fake news.
It's not real.
It's a fraud.
And Abbott wants to look like he's doing something instead of saying, hey, it's in the Constitution.
The federal government does three things.
It issues the currency, it has a navy, and it controls the borders.
The federal government is derelict in its most basic duty.
Greg Abbott should be calling for Joe Biden's impeachment.
He should be calling for the impeachment of the Republican leadership in the House if they don't immediately start the damn impeachment operations.
This is a policy issue.
I think?
That the military's taking them back to wherever they came from, and that's not happening for 98% of the people.
The Border Patrol's on record saying 90-plus percent, like 91%, they estimate the Texas sector never even get caught!
So the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again.
The lockdowns caused the third world collapse.
The UN's organizing them at refugee centers around the world to ship them here.
Arrest the NGO heads.
Cut off the UN funding.
Re-empower Title 42 that they've really gotten rid of, even though they say they haven't gotten rid of it.
Prosecute the NGOs for human trafficking.
The Senate report, before Trump even got in, confirmed Obama knowingly transferred hundreds of thousands of women and children, including tens of thousands, into known sex trafficking.
Many of them got killed!
These are open crimes!
And when the governors, and when the bureaucrats, and when the Republicans in Congress do nothing, they are now aiding and abetting in this activity.
But what really happened this year that's positive?
Well, we exposed the poison shot and so much more, and broke the back, currently, of their rollout of those lockdowns.
They moved to climate lockdowns.
But the Twitter files have confirmed, again, the conspiracy theorists are not crazy.
But we were never conspiracy theorists.
We had the documents.
We knew.
Zelensky gives his government powers to restrict media, block websites, order big tech to censor.
You've already banned opposition parties.
You've already banned the largest church, the oldest church in the country.
This is tyranny, folks.
And increased levels of tyranny always follow levels of censorship like this.
Alright, last show of the year.
I want to thank the crew for a great job.
I want to thank the viewers and listeners for your incredible support and your word of mouth in everything you do.
We're good to go.
That's it for the final broadcast of the epic, insane, wild year of 2022.
And I'm here to tell you, 2023 is guaranteed to even be more insane.
And we'll be here dutifully fighting as hard as we can, clinging on to dear life.
We hope you keep us on air.
God bless.
And I'll see you in the year 2023.
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