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Air Date: Dec. 29, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to the Great Reset, including 15-minute cities, vaccine passports on phones, COVID shots erasing one's immune system, and birth rates dropping due to vaccines. He also criticizes wearing masks forever and Australia labelling anti-vaxxers as terrorists. Jones promotes InfoWars Platinum supplements and other products that fund the fight against tyranny.

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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We're returning you now to your regularly scheduled program.
We are now in the final days, the final hours of the incredibly insane year of 2022.
We are now rushing into the year 2023.
The Great Reset and the attempt to have the organized, forced depopulation of humans on planet Earth.
As the globalists attempt to complete their quest for total world government, advanced technology, and eventual immortality.
Bad scientists playing God.
We're good to go.
I had not taken any allergy medication or my pollen block and had a pretty big headache on air.
Should have just gone off air, but stayed on air.
We ended up doing a decent show yesterday, but I feel a lot better today.
I might sneeze, but other than that, I am in the saddle.
I am focused.
I am ready to lay out the enemy's operations.
And I literally have over a hundred articles and videos and documents on Agenda 2030 and its official rollout of locking the cities down and the climate
So what I'm going to do is hit some of the national news, the economy news, what's happening with the airlines, the latest on FTX and more, the latest January 6th information.
I'll do that the first few segments after this.
At the bottom of the hour, I'm going to drill deeply into the operational phase of locking us down inside the towns and cities we live in with total
What's now unfolding across the world and how we stop it.
Klaus Schwab bragging about it decades ago.
More and more videos of him are now surfacing how long they've been planning this total takeover of every facet of human civilization to then carry out their endgame of forced depopulation.
But first, I thought I'd play a short clip.
A political activist, Chris Sky, who in just two minutes knocks it out of the park, describing these so-called 15-minute cities.
Here it is.
The Great Reset is just moving along so quickly.
The World Economic Forum is now advertising their brand new initiative, 15-minute cities.
Oh, what does that mean?
That means everything you're going to need to live, work, survive is going to be within a 15-minute walk.
Of where you live.
Because you're not going to be able to have a car.
You're not going to have the time or money to go further away from your home.
And they want you to be confined to that 15 minute area from where you live for virtually your entire life.
I'm going to send you a video about how wonderful this is and I'll send you to the website that explains to you.
They actually have like seven different websites set up to explain all the different aspects of this and how amazing it's going to be for you.
This is literally, literally the you will own nothing and be happy great reset where you literally live in a little building and you don't get to leave your building
For 99% of your life.
And you're going to stay on that same block for 99% of your life.
And once they get you like that...
International travel, all the things that you used to enjoy, those are going to be a pipe dream.
The little peasants like you, you're not going to be able to enjoy that kind of stuff.
You're going to be living in your 15-minute city.
You're going to be making no money.
You're going to be riding the bicycle that you're renting from the government, and your life is going to suck so bad, you're probably going to wish you were dead.
And you're not going to be able to say anything about it because if you talk shit, then they'll just take away the little that you already do have.
Just like they're doing in China.
And you'll be fucked.
So, 15 Minute Cities.
This is what I've been warning you guys about for years and years and years.
And here it is, with all the wonderful propaganda to tell you how amazing it's gonna make your lives.
15 Minute Cities, another name for prisons.
We'll be right back with all their secrets.
It's Thursday, December 29th, 2022, and the last final hours and days
of this insane year.
We have a particularly informative and, quite frankly, horrifying trawl of globalist developments and activities today.
So let me just tell you what's coming up.
Bottom of the hour, you see these hundred plus articles right here?
Each one of these I could spend a whole hour on.
But instead, we're going to give you the big data dump and go through all of them in just 30 minutes.
Coming up in about 25 minutes.
And it is important because it is not on the drawing board anymore.
It is not globalist academic theorem and blueprints.
It is actual operationals.
The war is on against humanity.
It is spectacular.
I'm going to deep dive on this because a lot of listeners in the last few weeks have been saying, why aren't you covering 15-minute cities and their plan to lock down cities and their plan to make you have a
Vaccine passport on your phone being announced by the UN worldwide.
Why aren't I covering it?
It's like when I get calls sometimes saying, why don't you talk about the Federal Reserve being private?
I just made films and wrote books about it.
I cover it ad nauseum.
And yes, in my first film in 2000, first film on the New World Order total takeover would be 2007.
But in my actual first film, which is on the UN world government takeover 2000,
I mean, I made a bunch of films, but my first film was in 1997.
2001, 2003, 2005.
America Destroyed by Design.
But it is true that it's a big, hot topic now, 15-minute cities.
That's the name of the UNWEF, Larry Fink, BlackRock, rollout of this, where they're actually going operational.
So we're going to be looking at all of that
Coming up at the bottom of the hour.
And the latest developments there.
Then, of course, we're going to hit this first here in a moment.
The major university studies and governmental studies are pouring out, confirming what we told you almost three years ago the so-called experimental shot would do, before they announced the experimental shot, because we knew that they already tested it on rats.
The University of Texas under Fauci's control, under Obama,
So we knew exactly what the play would be before it was even announced, and we said it'll erase your immune system.
That was the whole business model.
Well, now it's major, major studies out of major universities and organizations confirming, and even government watchdog groups, even major organizations and government are coming out saying, don't take the COVID shots.
Well, it's a little too late for that for four billion people
That got scared or bullied or forced into it.
Absolutely insane.
So we've got that giant stack and we've got Benjamin Netanyahu.
I didn't know he'd gone on Jordan Peterson's show.
And talked about how the whole country of Israel are guinea pigs.
And how lucky they are that Israel was basically forced to take the injection and how wonderful it all is.
So I guess Benjamin Netanyahu is now, who's just been re-elected in the Knesset to be the head of Israel.
I guess he's the closest thing Israel's seen since it was founded to Joseph Mengele.
And I'm not even an anti-Benjamin Netanyahu person, but you gotta be against this stuff.
Just like, I love Trump, but I mean, come on, he's still promoting the poison shot, and I just can't.
Can't be involved in it.
So shame on Benjamin Netanyahu.
Because Trump didn't do forced injections.
Trump didn't push half as far as Netanyahu or Biden is.
And it's disgusting.
Absolutely disgusting.
So that clip's coming up, start of the next segment.
We'll get all that news.
Folks are digging up
Lauschwab clips, not just recent ones, but old ones from 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago.
We've got quite the collection of new ones here that I'd never seen.
I'd read the Globalist Policy Report, so they admitted all this, but man, it's incredible.
Some of these quotes are just amazing.
He said that the WEF is taking over all the major educational systems of the world.
With major corporate funding from folks like BlackRock, so that we can introduce and indoctrinate the children with our ideology at an early age, which is the transhumanist, eugenics, radical environmentalist, death cult operation funded by the big corporations.
That's just one of the clips.
Old Klaus Schwab at the WEF is going viral for a clip where he talks about revolutionizing education
By indoctrinating the children into the W.E.F.'
's ideology.
This is an old clip, but he talks about with the United Nations.
Well, four months ago, the U.N.
had a big vote of the Secretariat, not of the General U.N., but the actual dictatorship part that really runs it.
The EU has an elected parliament that's ceremonial.
But then they have the actual unelected EU that's been operating since 1957, the Treaty of Rome, and they say in there that they're establishing a dictatorial system, and here is Klaus Schwab admitting all of that.
But four months ago, they had a vote, and the WEF, the unelected WEF that
People tell you it's just, you know, just guys having a conference at a hotel.
They don't have any power.
Yeah, right.
As they set world policy that the WEF merged with the UN Secretariat and the UN Security Council and is governmental now and is co-equal to them.
So quite the big deal on that front.
And then we've got lots of other interesting news here.
Alleged crypto fraudster Sam Bankman Freed is given judge who oversaw Jeffrey Epstein case and let Kevin Spacey walk.
So he's got Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer.
He's got the same judge.
Notice how all this works?
And he's walking free.
And it gets more interesting after that.
But we should just let these type of folks give us digital currency where they can watch everything we do and control what we can buy and sell and devalue our currency anytime they want.
Let's give this crew, this mafia, total control over our lives.
I'm sure it's a great idea.
And he was working with his mommy and federal regulators to create that global currency.
Federal prosecutors,
Aren't too worried about that, though.
They're busy investigating Representative-elect George Santos, who told 1-100 the lies of Biden.
And I'm not defending Santos, but all the Republicans feeling good about themselves trying to bring down Santos.
But you just can't seem to muster any energy to go after the Democrats, because, well, you know that that's just accepted that they're corrupt, but we can all feel good about ourselves going after this guy.
Meanwhile, emails reveal Sam Bankman freed courtship of federal regulators.
Times, yeah, he was buying them off.
They set him up to run the scam.
SEC announces departure of Dan Berkovitz, Megan Barbaro, named General Counsel.
All because of their involvements with FTX.
So we're going to be looking at all of that coming up.
We also have Governor DeSantis sending a warning letter that topless bars aren't allowed to have children as part of the shows, and neither can the pedo networks.
And so Drag Queen Christmas time, a pedo time event, they're saying they'll be arrested if they try to take their clothes off in front of children.
Which I absolutely agree with.
I don't care if you're dancing in front of heterosexuals or homosexuals.
If they're trying to sexualize children, I say put them in handcuffs.
And if they're a convicted pedophile that rapes a child, I say they need to be executed.
And I'll be happy to be the executioner once they're convicted if you want me to pull the lever for the lethal injection.
It's time to start protecting our children.
We'll be right back.
Benjamin Netanyahu is not stupid.
He just got re-elected yesterday to the Knesset to be the leader of Israel.
And I just so happened to come across a clip of him from a few weeks ago that I hadn't seen when he went on Jordan Peterson's podcast.
We'll play a clip in a moment and it's only two minutes long.
And it's filled with lies.
He says Israel has this national ID card that tracks everything our citizens do health-wise.
That's true.
But he says that way we could, you know, make sure it was safe.
That way we could track what it was going to do.
That way we would know what the health effects of the shot were.
But they've used that database and the claims of that database being there as the pretext to say then later that it was totally safe when Israel had the worst adverse reactions of any country in the world.
Look it up.
We've shown the statistics from the UN, from Israel, from the United States, from Canada, from them all.
Israel had amongst the highest injection rates of the so-called shot in the world that was experimental and doesn't protect you and erases your immune system.
And it is a huge, huge controversy in Israel and the Israelis are pissed off and rightfully so because there they are locked in that country.
And remember, the government tried to roll out vaccine passports, tried to say it was forced, tried to make people take it.
I was telling you at the time, it'll be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 shots a year because Bill Gates had said it two and a half years ago that you'll have to have these on a routine basis because it'll lower your immune system.
Bill Gates said that!
Scientists at Pfizer and Moderna said that.
They giggled and laughed and said, the stock's going to go way up because you're always going to have to take this now.
And the more you take it, the more you get sick.
And then there's Benjamin Netanyahu saying,
I used my country like a lab experiment, meaning he used the Israeli people, the Jewish people that live there, and the Christians and the Muslims and others, as a lab experiment.
Well, I'm not a lab experiment.
And people in Israel are in a lab experiment.
And when this was done to black people, was Tuskegee, it was illegal.
And what was done here, and when our troops were made to take it, the federal courts have ruled that was illegal, because you can't make troops take an experimental shot.
So what our government did was illegal, what the Israeli government did was illegal, what the UK government's done is illegal, what the Australian and Canadian and German government, and all the rest of them have done, is absolutely illegal.
And they used Israel, like China,
Shame on Benjamin Netanyahu!
And shame on the evil leaders of Israel that went along with this and used their people that believe they're there for their protection and safety that have come there fleeing persecution in many cases to only be persecuted at an even greater level.
Than what Joseph Mengele did.
Joseph Mengele reportedly did tests on over 50,000 people, killed more than 10,000.
He's known as the Angel of Death.
How many Israelis got forcibly injected or intimidated into it?
How many got sick and died?
How many are sick and dying now?
So the test sites were Israel, Italy, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Communist China.
And that's all this was, was a giant exercise in tyranny.
The Israeli people and the people of the world are all being targeted by the same global world government operation with Albert Bourla and Bill Gates at the head of it.
And Benjamin Netanyahu is nothing but their little pimp.
Here's the clip.
The necessary vaccines to get us out first from the COVID.
And the reason I could do that is because we have a database.
98%, a medical database.
98% of our population has digitized medical records and little card.
And anywhere you go in any hospital in Israel, North, South, doesn't make any difference.
Boom, you punch it in and you know everything about this patient for the last 20 years.
I said, we'll use that.
To tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people, not individual people, not with their individual identities, but statistically.
What does it do to people with, you know, with meningitis?
What does it do to people with high blood pressure?
What is it?
You know, you want to know that.
So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer.
And that's how we did it.
We got out and we gave the information to the world, not only in publishing medical magazines and so on.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, a biotechnological industry that is unheard of right now.
Unheard of.
Unimagined, even.
And these are just the examples.
We can become, stave off Iran, become a light unto the nations in groundbreaking.
A light unto the nations.
By using the people in Israel, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, as guinea pigs under forced injections, lockdowns, with a genetic database to see what the mucinogenic injections do to the host body.
And of course, a lot of the big companies that are pushing all this are based in Israel, so they're sacrificing that population to set the precedent to be able to test GMO deadly gene therapies on the public so the elites can actually get some of the breakthroughs for themselves while testing on humans instead of testing on rats and pigs and other animals.
And that's just evil.
Out in the open, calmly said, very cavalierly, very proud of what he's done.
And they're all just doubling down.
Albert Bourla, Bill Gates.
You know, in fact, I'm going to continue along this line.
I've got an Albert Bourla clip talking about the four shots you're going to be made to take every year.
And we got Bill Gates's 2023 announcement where he tells you what's coming in the future.
And then...
I'm going to get into the lockdown of the cities and the climate lockdowns that they're now calling 15-minute cities or 15-minute prisons.
They'll have actual fences and gates around them.
You can't get out.
We'll be right back.
Do we have to expect a prolongation of the pandemic or at least the epidemic?
How would you foresee the future?
I may immediately ask a second question.
Should we be afraid of another virus?
What does it mean?
How do we create the necessary resilience personally, nationally, globally?
On the first question, I don't think that the virus will disappear.
We are not certain about it, but most scientists agree that the virus will be around forever.
But the real question that everybody is asking is not this.
It is, can we get our lives back?
Can we leave normal economic activity, normal social activity with a virus presence?
And the answer is yes.
I think we can.
Absent a variant that we have not foreseen right now that can happen, but it's not the most likely scenario.
I think we have the means right now, very effective vaccines, as the various
As the virus mutates, we have the ability to follow up and, let's say, update the vaccines and to have treatments.
With that, people should not die anymore, even if we are not following the way that we are following the social measures in the past.
Now on the second question, shall we be afraid of a new, very different virus that would come, and we have now all these examples with the monkeypox.
I don't think we should be afraid, but I think we should be prepared.
And that should, even the little fear that we have, that should ease it.
And if we are prepared, I think science will win.
Now, some people may argue you have now these new treatments.
Some people may argue, why should I get vaccinated if there is a treatment?
Well, how would you respond?
Because I think the goal is not for you to get sick and then treat you.
The goal is to prevent the sickness.
And that will maximize your chances to do well.
It's a long clip, they go on for 45 minutes telling lie after lie after lie.
If you just joined us about 10 minutes ago, we played Benjamin Netanyahu, who just got re-elected to be the leader of Israel, saying, oh, they made the decision with Albert Bourla, the head of Pfizer, you just heard speaking with Klaus Schwab, that we would use the Israeli population and others that live there as guinea pigs, as the new science center of the world, making people take experimental shots,
To see how these shots affect them.
Well, they already knew from rat studies what these shots would do.
They'd cause blood clots, heart attacks, and more.
We've gone over that ad nauseum.
But now, there are more studies out.
This is from Peter A. McCullough, MD.
More evidence that frequent repeated failed boosters is weakening the immune system.
Many reasons to get off the train, recover, and let the natural immune system do its job.
And this is the Chongqing Medical University study.
Current COVID-19 booster is erasing the human immune system.
Extended STARS COVID-2 RBD booster vaccination induces humoral and cellular immune tolerance in mice, meaning the immune system gets turned off.
Oh, and you know what happens when that happens?
You get cancer, amongst other things.
Here's the actual medical university study in current
Study of the vaccines that aren't vaccines.
Meanwhile, New Yorker magazine just came out and said the case for wearing mask forever, despite the fact that all the government and private studies show that masks do absolutely nothing.
Top White House COVID advisor, Dr. Jha, finally admits on the record on a Zoom call that there's no study in the world that shows that masks work.
Cue that clip up.
We're going to play that clip.
Here in just a moment.
So all we're told is lie after lie after lie by these people.
And then I've got some astounding clips out of Japan that are just incredible.
They're subtitled.
They're up on InfoWars.com.
But two major medical university heads have done their own
Studies of people that have been taking the shots in Japan and have confirmed, quote, taking the shot, Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, or AstraZeneca, makes you more susceptible to getting sick, catching the virus, and dying.
Which we already know, but now, that's Japan.
There's a headline, the dam is breaking in Japan, two more professors speaking out against the vaccine professor.
Manaka Nago from Hiroshima University School of Medicine.
We believe the VAX is related to immune abnormalities.
There's a bunch of other professors also, including two heads of the medical schools, saying things just as serious, saying the same things, basically.
And we've got these headlines.
Something weird's happening with birth rates in all the countries that took the shots.
They're the lowest ever recorded, falling off a cliff just two years ago, exactly with the shots.
And what do the CDC documents in October 2000 say?
Infertility as well.
But it's okay.
Because Benjamin Netanyahu says you're just lab rats and that's just the way it is and Israel's taking the lead making their people lab rats so that they will submit.
Let's play that short clip with the White House medical advisor admitting the masks don't work.
I want to play back-to-back with that a clip of Bill Gates giving a little prelude of what he's planning next year in 2023.
I actually think this is probably the most important long-term thing we can be doing for schools, for office buildings, for nursing homes.
Indoor air quality has just not gotten the level of attention it deserves.
Most experts believe that if we make some basic investments in indoor air quality, we can reduce all respiratory infections by 30, 60, even 80 percent.
I mean, the notion that you could cut respiratory infections, there's no study in the world that shows that masks work that well.
So you're never going to get the kind of benefit from mandatory year-round masking as you would from making substantial improvements in indoor air conditioning.
I just published my Year Ahead 2023 letter looking at what's going to happen in the next 12 months and beyond.
Life is changing.
I'm about to become a grandfather.
I reflect on the challenges we have right now with climate change getting worse, the Ukraine war, tough economic cycle.
But it's hopefully uplifting because I also share great innovations.
A great example is gene therapy.
Could cure HIV.
A AI-powered ultrasound machine that will help save lives of moms and newborns.
Climate technologies that will make it so the emissions from buildings go down quite dramatically.
I'm excited that we can get back making progress on tough issues.
I hope you'll take a few minutes to read why I think we can make the future a lot better than the past.
You can check it out at GatesNotes.com.
What a nice man who literally created COVID-19 and ran the whole lockdown operation with the Communist Chinese and the whole world program to force things into your body, destroy your medical autonomy.
I'm going to do this, because I said I'd take calls the entire second and third hour, but I've got more I want to hit.
So when I start the next hour, I'm going to hit the whole agenda 2030, smart cities, carbon lockdowns, under the guise of the WEF's 15-minute cities initiative.
That's now operational.
And then we'll go to your phone calls.
I will give the number out, though.
We get your calls lined up at the start of the next segment.
So we'll open the phones up at the start of the next segment.
I want to come back and play.
Klaus Schwab openly talks about brainwashing children and running the education process basically worldwide.
And why is this so important?
Because when Bill Gates or the WEF say they want something, it's done.
And it's standardized policy worldwide.
We're already deep into world government.
And the leading edge of it, the tip of their spear, is the medical tyranny.
That's why we hammer this and hammer this and hammer this.
Because they already tried to bring new lockdowns back.
They already tried to bring new forced injections back.
And everywhere they're being turned back.
They're being defeated because the people are waking up.
But if we go back to sleep, they're going to come right back.
So we're barely winning right now.
Continue with the criminal investigations that have now started in Germany and the U.S.
and everywhere, and we've got to bring these criminals to justice in the court of public opinion and the courts themselves.
And then they do deserve the death penalty for what they've done.
Crimes against humanity that dwarf Joseph Mengele.
Kim trails over the country club.
Perfect allegory of how we live in La La Land while the global depopulation extermination operation goes into high gear.
All right, I'm going to get back to the global government's announcements of the medical prison that they're building for us.
Before I go any further, there are ways to combat this and strike back and fund this operation.
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Okay, let's get back to what I was breaking down.
You have Albert Bourla, you have Klaus Schwab, you have Benjamin Netanyahu saying, you're guinea pigs, we're making you take shots to see what it does to you, we're going to innovate science because we're using you as guinea pigs.
It's just next level classical authoritarianism.
Well here's Klaus Schwab saying our education initiative, we have Cisco, we have particularly all the big names, we will revolutionize education, we will retrain the teachers, we will put new curriculum in place so that we can indoctrinate, that's brainwash, the children with our ideology at an early age.
So they penetrate the governments, they put in the presidents and prime ministers, they put in the governors, they put in the DAs.
They fill the Justice Department and the other federal systems around the world and they brag openly how they're in control.
And what founded?
The Deimos Group.
The Bilderberg Group.
And documents have come out of Bilderberg that they literally run almost every major corporation in the world.
And they're setting up world government.
And their biggest funding mechanism is BlackRock and Vanguard.
And they know exactly what they're doing, and they create all these horrible globalist policies I'm going to be covering next hour, with the 15-minute cities coming to a town near you, and the lockdowns, the climate lockdowns, and then they sit back when we criticize them and say, we must censor the conspiracy theorists that claims we are taking over.
You will eat the bugs, you will own the nothings, you will like it.
And they just say it with a straight face, with their psychotic eyes.
Look at Albert Morlow.
Look at Klaus Schwab.
Look at Benjamin Netanyahu.
They're Bond villains.
Look at Obama, a Bond villain.
And then they've got their puppets like Biden that do whatever they're told.
Here is the clip of Klaus Schwab talking about indoctrinating your children.
We put emphasis on what I said before, public-private partnerships which we accompany.
So when we define a project like our global educational initiative,
I just described it in a second.
We have under the leadership of Cisco and many other companies, practically all the big names, we try to revolutionize the educational system of Jordan, Egypt,
And now Burundi, by working together with the local authorities, we work also together with UNESCO, not only to equip the schools, but to put, to retrain the teachers, to put the new curriculum into place.
So we work together, we see, we accompany those companies.
We do not.
That's the difference to the Clinton Initiative, which mainly, and which is a good thing, which asks companies to pledge some money to make a commitment and some to come back and to report.
We are with the initiative from the beginning to the end.
But there's one other difference.
So, they indoctrinate the children with the ideology at an early age.
Now, what are some of the other ideologies?
Not just that euthanasia is good, or forced abortion is good, or forced injections are good, or medical apartheid, or worldwide vaccine cards, and carbon taxes, and universal basic incomes, and the end of the family, and the end of the single family home.
And the banning of fireplaces and the banning of beef and you know all what they push and suddenly they say it, it happens.
Governments click their heels and go into motion all over the world, including the U.S.
They say Canada and places like that are their models.
Doing the best job implementing the whole program as it penetrates the governments.
But what else does Klaus Schwab push?
The whole MI6, Tabistock Institute, trans agenda, go to their website and they say, we need more gay characters in the comic books and the children's shows.
We need to teach the children to be gay.
This will help with the population.
Type in W-E-F, calls for more gay characters in movies.
And then you go look and they're the ones getting the Disney money and getting all the big Time Warner money and all the Black Rock money to go in and teach these initiatives and sexualize their children.
They're involved parenting your children, Klaus Schwab is, more than most parents are.
And the private schools are on board because they're getting grants.
Y-O-B-T-T-Q representation should be a priority for businesses and the media.
W-E-F Forum.
Who funds the racial division?
Who funds Black Lives Matter?
George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates.
This is an organized program against humanity, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, what we're showing you from these super creepy drag queen story times is not the stuff that we can even
Show on air.
It gets far worse.
Pulling their breasts out.
Shaking their asses.
Artificial penises.
Simulating men having sex with each other.
And it's all Klaus Schwab.
A creepy, psychotic, whose grandfather was one of the top Nazis, producing weapons for Hitler, including flamethrowers.
And boy, they're flamethrowing our children with depopulation agenda.
We're going to cover when we start the next hour.
You want the deep dive?
On the climate lockdowns, on the 15-minute cities, on what's coming, you are about to get it.
And then I'm going to take your calls.
We're opening the phones up in the second hour.
The phones are now open at 877-789-2539.
First-time callers on the subject of the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, the New World Order.
There's a hundred topics within that, but I want a discussion of the New World Order agenda and how we stop it at 877-789-2539.
All right, coming up next segment, I'm gonna drill into the lockdowns, how they're gonna roll out the so-called climate lockdowns, but a perfect intro to that is the new document piece
News report put out by Gregory's.
A digital presence being built around you right now.
Aman Jabi has worked in Silicon Valley for 28 years.
His background includes work on deep technologies that are involved in the new digital prison system being designed by Big Tech.
In 2020, he moved to Montana and became a whistleblower warning the public of the very real threat about to be unleashed upon us all, known by many as the Mark of the Beast system.
Aman explains how accepting the digital ID is the basic premise behind it all.
So by default, a digital identity implies that you are always in a digital prison.
Since you have a digital identity and you're in a prison, you are by default a criminal.
So we don't trust you.
Just like the old system, this new one is also voluntary.
And you are supposed to know that it's a digital prison that you are voluntarily signing up for.
And the reason for this is because in this new system, having a digital ID will be proof that you are a criminal.
Because having a digital ID means that you are in a digital prison.
And because you accepted it, you must be a criminal.
Because of this, there is a new protocol being introduced with this system, known as Zero Trust.
How is Zero Trust going to be used?
Here's a lady, she wants to go and buy some beef, but let's say her carbon footprint or her beef footprint for the month has been exceeded, that door won't open.
This digital prison is sneaking up on us all.
There is no need for an implanted chip, because everything is being done with facial recognition, which is already plugged into the entire system.
America already has more cameras per capita than Communist China, and our social credit score is already being logged.
All we need at this point is a series of events that lead us all into having to make the choice of either accepting the new digital ID or saying no.
Since the COVID lockdowns, new state-of-the-art LED lights have been replacing street lights in cities throughout the West.
Amman explains that this is all part of the plan.
These lights will be connected to everything, including your phone and your car.
And in new cars, that includes 16 different cameras with LiDAR and sonar.
These lights are being outfitted with LED incapacitators, which is a light technology that was first announced 15 years ago, back when it caused enough brain damage to make a person sick.
Another strange weapon in the final stages of development is able to mount an all-out barrage on the optic nerve.
The LED incapacitator was developed under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.
For the purposes of creating what we call a non-lethal defense system.
And this technology consists of a bright set of LED technology, light emitting diodes, that is designed to create a sort of temporary blindness, meaning temporary ability to not be able to see the person who we're trying to protect.
If aggressors caught in its bright pulsating glare don't shield their eyes or turn away quick enough, temporary blindness isn't the only effect they'll feel.
The first time I saw the LED I was in a darkened room and within three or four seconds I had reached forward and grabbed a hold of a lab bench because I was feeling a little bit dizzy or disoriented.
The device's combination of different colors and random flashes can induce psychophysical effects including vertigo and possible nausea.
It's been nicknamed the puke light.
It's been 15 years and our Silicon Valley whistleblower believes that this technology is now capable of killing people.
Ultimately, we can say no to this.
But if there's a critical mass that doesn't sign on to the digital ID, then this agenda gets weakened substantially.
But we will have to first unify and come together.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I first reported on this 25 years ago, and now it's gone everywhere.
It's not a theory.
Those LED lights actually communicate with sensors on the cars and the smart grid.
They're being put in inside government buildings worldwide.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
All right.
A lot of people have been talking in the last month.
It has been officially announced in India.
It's been announced in the UK.
It's been announced in China.
It's been announced in Canada and some cities in the US.
We're good.
Motorcycles or other vehicles get into the city centers and even medium-sized towns like Oxford are being broken into a whole bunch of different zones starting this year going operational in about a year from now and I say this year 2023 it was operational 2024 basically already in 2023 here in two days as you know and so
I've been covering pieces of this, obviously, for 20 plus years.
It's in my first film, America Destroyed by Design, from the UN documents.
But then it was their theoretical plan and their goal, under Agenda 2021, to have this in place and ready to go by 2020, and then have it completely in place by 2030.
And to describe it is quite a litany.
But you see the announcements all over the world.
They're going to ban most of the farms and ban most of the ranches and the Netherlands is the third biggest food producer in the world and they've got to cut the number of cows they have by 2030 by 90% and this year, starting next year, it's 30% cut right away.
That's why they're protesting.
I mean, this is not coming.
This is here.
And they put out UN maps in the early 1990s when George Herbert Walker Bush signed on in Rio de Janeiro.
To the Agenda 21 UN Treaty, but Congress did not ratify it because the maps starting in the year 2000 went through the year 2030 and it then shows the areas that humans aren't allowed in.
Now if you're a TV viewer you can see the simulated reserve and corridor system to protect biodiversity is recommended by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.
Wildlands Project, UN and U.S.
manned biosphere programs, and the World Heritage Program as a vital step in attaining sustainable development.
Now that's the map that they wanted by the year 2020.
And they've already mapped these out.
They've already got them all set up.
That's why if you go anywhere on that map today, physically, you will notice they put up long cable barriers so you can't get off the roads.
They're shutting down the dirt roads.
They're blocking everything off.
And they're giving grants, federal grants, to state legislatures to close these roads and do this.
So if you put that back on screen, over half the country is a human no-go zone.
And already large parts of national parks
People are being told you're not allowed to now go into those areas as well.
This is about corralling us into these control zones.
Now, when they go forward to the year 2030, the red is even smaller on the maps.
The map the crew pulled up is the interim map.
The final map is almost the entire country in yellow, green, and blue, meaning absolute no-go zones.
Red is core reserves and corridors, little to no human use.
Buffer zones, highly restricted use.
And then you've got the other sections, military bases, Indian reservations, and others.
But again, as you expand that in the year 2030, almost the whole map is red.
That is an interim map with around half the country off limits to any humans.
And then you've got all the surveillance and the control that goes with that.
And a model of this
There's a famous city slash state park.
It's two different parks right across the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco that was just the most incredible.
I think it's like 15,000 acre city park.
The more was the state park.
And if you look at it now, they've closed it the last 15 years and no one's allowed into it but government bureaucrats who actually took over the hundreds of homes and cabins within it.
And the government uses it for itself and its guests.
Imagine the Hunger Games.
Where you've got the different sections of the country.
And only certain areas are allowed to be industrialized.
All the rest are not industrialized.
This is really the reverse of that.
You're just not allowed in the rural areas under this new map.
And before Obama left office, he signed an executive order putting millions of dollars in to this program to accelerate the shutdowns of rural areas, the shutting down of roads, the blocking of highway exits to small towns.
All of this is about keeping us off the land and killing small towns and stopping the exodus
I don't know.
Not just in Asia or Latin America or Africa, but including in the Western world with paramilitaries protecting the rural corridors where no humans are allowed to be.
Here's the Future of Nature and Business World Economic Forum report.
If you want to read all about this.
Instruments, false solutions, and private interests take over Global Biodiversity Summit.
Even the liberals are pointing out this is a dangerous tyranny over at CommonDreams.org.
Well, you see leftists, they always ran it.
Continuing, the homeschoolers attacks that are taking place, we'll get into some of that.
Also, the Home Ownership Society was a mistake.
The Atlantic.
Here's another one.
Out of Forbes, The Atlantic is right.
Homeownership society was a mistake.
They want you absolutely in a coffin apartment, totally controlled, totally surveilled, with no family, so you're isolated under their control.
Bah humbug!
How insects could become the backbone of your Christmas dinner.
Sky News.
This is just the latest stuff on this front.
And it continues on.
From there, Canada's death cult grows as its government promotes assisted suicide, an activity book for little kids.
We have that activity book, we'll show you in a moment, teaching children as young as six how great it is to commit suicide to save the earth.
Again, anything to break down society, anything to create depopulation, anything to herd us into compact cities for easier control that are really prisons.
A veteran wanted a wheelchair lift installed.
Canada offered her assisted suicide instead.
Just showing you who these folks are.
Canada is going to allow assisted suicide for healthy people with mental illnesses beginning in 2023.
Canadian retailer made a viral ad promoting assisted suicide.
So a Canadian church hosted an assisted suicide ceremony for a member getting ready to kill herself.
Talk about a death cult.
Here's the Medical Assistant in Dying Activity Book for Children.
Go read it for yourself.
We could spend a whole hour just on this chilling report.
They have the kids go through the different scenarios of when and how they would kill themselves.
Think of the diabolical, over-the-top nature of that for a moment.
And it goes on
And on and on.
Think through the process of killing yourself.
They started death education in the U.S.
in 2000.
Suicide amongst the young exploded, obviously.
What about the militaries killing themselves?
They're put all through the same workbooks on how good it is to kill yourself.
And finally, at the end, you write an essay on how it would help people to help kill them and help kill yourself.
This is a death cult.
These people mean business.
Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045 because for some reason the chemicals in the food and water are sterilizing not just us but the plants and animals.
That's the London Guardian.
I'm trying to hurry here folks.
I haven't even gotten into the agenda 20
31 agenda.
I haven't gotten into the 15-minute cities.
I just got through half of one stack, but we've just got to cover all this and tie it all together, which we'll do on the other side.
But this is their horrible plan.
This is their nightmare vision.
And anybody part of this is joining a satanic death cult.
How can you not look at this agenda and call it anything else?
All right, we're back live.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're laying out the globalist blueprint for a prison planet.
It's being established to carry out the forced depopulation of at least 90% of the earth.
And to do that, they're not just grooming children to spy on their parents and grooming children to be sterilized or have their penises or testicles or breasts cut off.
They're not just grooming children for pedophilia.
They're grooming children in Australia, Canada, and the UK, or the tip of the spear for this, with workbooks on how to commit suicide, how great suicide is, and how to prepare to commit suicide.
So when Klaus Schwab, last hour we played it, said that they're taking over the schools and indoctrinating the children, he means business.
So I suggest you go read the Medical Assistance in Dying maid activity book being taught to Canadian elementary students and middle school students.
You want to be blown away?
Here it is.
And then continuing, this is a meme put out by Gays Against Groomers.
The people who warned of the slippery slope were right, and we'll never forgive the radical mob that proved them to be so.
It's our job to reverse it, and we will.
They put out this graphic that shows a man having a gun held to his head, and the gun, the arm, are a rainbow-colored montage.
And it says, what slippery slope?
It will never happen.
1995, love is love, we just want acceptance.
2005, we want equality.
2012, bake the effing cake, bigot.
2016, say my pronouns or go to jail.
What's happening?
2022, let kids watch drag shows and mutilate their bodies.
Now, we've gotten into some of the social control, teaching you to hate yourself and hate life and commit suicide for the earth.
Now let's get into the actual control grid.
And to do that, we can play a clip from 1997, my film, America Destroyed by Design.
You can still find free online and at Bandot Video.
Hope you share it.
People watch it, they're blown away.
But let's play a clip from 2007.
In-game blueprint for global enslavement, directly from their own UN documents.
Here's from the intro to the film, two and a half hours long.
We then go into the specific documents and how they would roll out the lockdowns and ban the combustion engine and put you in 200 square foot coffin apartments.
Back then, none of this was being done.
Now it's everywhere, including Austin, Texas.
Half the new high-rises they're building, by city ordinance, have to have 250 square foot coffin apartments.
It's all being done.
It's all a global plan.
It's all here.
It's a nightmare.
And the deeper you get into it, the harder it is to get out.
But the basis of it, the platform, the foundation,
The face-sucking system is the smartphone and the face scan and the hand scan for the digital prison to track and control everything you do.
So, here's a clip from Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement 2007.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite.
The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind.
Countries are a thing of the past.
Every form of independence is under attack.
With the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction.
Close to 80% of the Earth's population has been eliminated.
The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live within highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities.
Travel is highly restricted.
Superhighways connect the megacities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones.
No human activity is private.
AI supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action.
A prison planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks, whose power can never be challenged.
This is the vision of the global elite, their goal.
A program of total dehumanization, where the science of tyranny is law.
A worldwide control grid designed to ensure the Overlord's monopoly of power forever.
Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future unless the masses are awakened to the New World Order master plan and mobilized to defeat it.
Erected by a secretive group, the Georgia Guidestones are a testament to the Elite's plan for a world religion, global laws, with a global court and army to enforce it.
And set in stone, it is written that the population never rise above 500 million.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
They want you dead.
Now you're not hearing about the endgame.
You're living in the first stages of the operations.
So now let's move through these.
And I had like 10 clips yesterday, four or five today.
There's no way to play them all.
But now, thankfully, it's happening.
So you can go look at these cities.
They're setting up the first part of the prison grid, the old Robert Mueller Airport by downtown Austin.
That's run by Google.
They're setting them up in towns all over the U.S., all over Europe, all over the world.
It's all the same system, 5G everywhere, total surveillance, just absolute hell.
Biometric scanning to buy and sell, and everybody else isn't allowed in, and you're not allowed out.
You get so many passes to leave and so many passes to come in, and of course they can restrict the passes as time goes on.
Oh, you get to leave your 15-minute city 100 times a year in Oxford.
But after that, you get penalized on your social credit score.
World Economic Forum to lead G20 Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance.
Ah, the smart cities and technology governance.
A net zero carbon future for cities, not allowing you to have any carbon, banning fireplaces, space heaters, everything.
Chief, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, run by the Davos Group and the UN on Wikipedia.
Go read about it for yourself and they're all about the plan, all about capturing democracies, all about the UN control of the cities.
About C40.
C40 World Mayor's Summit.
They take your mayors and pay them off, and they're now UN representatives.
Tools of the technocracy, smart cities, excellent article from truthtalk.uk.
They're really prison cities.
Governments are about to introduce climate change lockdowns.
Disguises 15-minute cities under the UN Agenda 2030 Directive and WEF Great Reset Plan.
And we've got the clips, maybe I should play a few clips when we come back, where it's put out by the Davos Group.
Not just saying you'll own nothing and like it,
They explained, this will save the earth.
You will only be allowed to leave your country three times in a lifetime.
Just bizarre tyranny.
Bath locals say new traffic management plans would be commercial suicide.
The new traffic management plans don't let cars into the city.
That's out of the UK.
Oxford City Centre, Sunday, 8th of January, 2023.
They're fighting back.
Business owners say it will kill their business.
Below nothing can be happening.
These 15-minute cities mean that there's no one in the countryside to produce food.
All of it will be done corporately in some chemical plant.
This is being a slave and a prisoner.
And it goes on and on.
Sustainable cities.
It's from the UN's own website, un.org.
And human settlements.
See, the humans are only allowed in their settlements, their reservations, their prisons.
More on this straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
The shackles are going on.
The chains are going on now.
But we can say no.
We can rally.
We can fight back.
It's our right.
It's our duty.
The children are counting on us.
What we're witnessing is a new type of warfare.
It's using the supply chain and the surveillance systems to control and dominate and brainwash and slowly poison and kill the public.
Now, I could get in the mindset of the globalists who've taken over the world, who are filthy rich, they see a lot of lazy people watching Netflix, going to football games, and they say, why are these fat slobs needed?
Well, it's the large population that built this technology, and you don't have a right to come in and play God.
And you guys have the worst track record of starting wars and just engaging in evil.
And so you don't have a right to do this.
They're not trying to empower humanity, they're trying to grease the skids of our collapse.
And I know our audience understands that, but we have to get in the mind of the enemy and understand they are going for broke, ladies and gentlemen.
And if I made a film in 97 about this, if I made a film in 2007 about this, if I made films in 2011 about this, in 2012 about this, and you see it all happening now, can you imagine my frustration in reading their documents and seeing them beta tested and know this is all gonna happen?
And now I'm just sitting here,
Inside the operational phase of this, and they're turning on the 5G.
They're giving people poison shots.
They're putting nanotech in the food.
Last year, the FDA just said, we're not going to regulate nanotech in food.
And they just start spraying nanotech in all the food.
It's madness.
And you see the neurological disorders and the cancer and the infertility off the chain.
So our case is proven.
We've been vindicated, but it's not vindicating if we don't stop it.
So Chris Sky says, I woke him up when he was 13 years old.
He's a well-known activist in Canada.
And I think in two minutes, he has the best boil down of these 15 minute cities.
And again, that's just the rollout name of the climate lockdown cities, Klaus Schwab admits.
So I'm going to get to that clip of him in a moment, but first,
Ladies and gentlemen, the cavalry is here.
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Vitamin D's one of them.
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All right.
Your calls are coming up next segment, right through the whole next hour.
But right now, let's go ahead and get back
To the control grids.
It's not just face scanners and hand scanners and internet IDs to get on the web and social credit scores via the vaccine passport being rolled out everywhere.
It's not just QR codes for your menus.
All of this is admitted training.
It is locked down cities with no cars allowed where you get taxed to go in and go out and within those cities you have absolutely no rights and it's designed to choke off the rural communities and choke off those within the communities to make you absolutely dependent and not self-sufficient.
That's called domestication.
You domesticate animals for slaughter.
So stop acting like domesticated animals and don't let them build this control grid.
Here's Chris Sky, Canadian activist, laying it out.
The Great Reset is just moving along so quickly.
The World Economic Forum is now advertising their brand new initiative, 15 Minute Cities.
Oh, what does that mean?
That means everything you're going to need to live, work, survive is going to be within a 15 minute walk.
Of where you live.
Because you're not going to be able to have a car.
You're not going to have the time or money to go further away from your home.
And they want you to be confined to that 15 minute area from where you live for virtually your entire life.
I'm going to send you a video about how wonderful this is and I'll send it to the website that explains to you.
They actually have like seven different websites set up to explain all the different aspects of this and how amazing it's going to be for you.
This is literally, literally the You Will Owe Nothing and Be Happy Great Reset where you literally live in a little building and you don't get to leave your building
For 99% of your life.
And you're going to stay on that same block for 99% of your life.
And once they get you like that...
International travel, all the things that you used to enjoy, those are going to be a pipe dream.
The little peasants like you, you're not going to be able to enjoy that kind of stuff.
You're going to be living in your 15-minute city.
You're going to be making no money.
You're going to be riding the bicycle that you're renting from the government, and your life is going to suck so bad, you're probably going to wish you were dead.
And you're not going to be able to say anything about it because if you talk shit, then they'll just take away the little that you already do have.
Just like they're doing in China.
So, 15 minute cities.
This is what I've been warning you guys about for years and years and years.
And here it is, with all the wonderful propaganda to tell you how amazing it's going to make your lives.
But here's one, here's clip 15 from the World Economic Forum.
Those little two-minute videos they put out, minute videos where you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you will eat the bugs, you will drink the sewage.
Here they are bragging, oh look, Dutch cities are banning petrol and diesel delivery into the cities.
You're not allowed to have any gas stations or gasoline or diesel cars.
They're only one step ahead of California.
This is coming everywhere until we admit it's happening.
You know, in the Obama deception, I show documents
Well, they were gonna start taxing beef and then ban beef.
People thought, that's crazy, that'll never happen.
It's their documents!
And now it's happening!
They're doing it at every level.
I know the audience knows this, but I'm gonna explain this.
It's like a prelude.
It's like you go into the symphony, you hear they're warming up on their instruments, and you hear that...
You know, great sound.
And then the symphony starts.
It's boom!
The symphony has started.
The symphony of destruction is on like Donkey Kong.
Go ahead and go to clip 15.
These Dutch cities are banning petrol and diesel delivery to tackle air pollution and climate change.
In 2025, all deliveries must be made in electric vehicles.
In 14 cities across the Netherlands,
It will prevent CO2 emissions equivalent to 216,000 cars off the road.
The business will get help to make the switch.
Oh, money!
With grants of up to 5,000 euros towards an electric van or lorry.
The city's implementing the zero emission zones including Amsterdam and Tubing.
Other areas around the world are also banning exhaust fumes.
Santa Monica has set up a voluntary zero emission delivery zone.
UK's first zero emission street is open in central London.
Each street will be closed to polluting vehicles for 18 months.
The scheme could expand into London's financial district in 2022.
What's your city doing to encourage cleaner climate?
It's all about surveillance, all about control.
The Global Mobility Coalition.
That's what's going on.
Callers, Kevin, and Jordan, and Kareem, and Travis, and Brian, and Wes, and Mark, and everybody else, your phone calls are coming up.
But I need to finish up on this, so I'm going to race through more of this when we come back and tell you what cities in the U.S.
are about to switch to this.
Because again, the U.N.
flies them off to the Davos Group, flies them off, gives them business deals, buys them off, and you're sitting there with a U.N.
government, like we have here in Austin, not even knowing it.
It's like the U.N.
runs the Border Patrol now.
Go to the Texas border.
is in charge there.
The U.N.
Alright, I already spent most of the hour on the Great Reset agenda.
2030 and beyond.
I want to just sum up where it's all going.
Hit a few other articles and then go to your calls.
There's no way to get to all these clips to cover all this.
People are going to experience the war for yourselves.
You already see it.
But compliance is death.
Resistance is victory.
Resistance is life.
Now whether
You're in Australia or the United States, it doesn't matter where you are now, if the globalists control your country, it's the exact same policies.
And they cut the resources off, they collapse the society, they ship the jobs overseas, and then they herd you into compact cities, and make you go on universal basic incomes, where you then have to go for weekly psychology meetings with your local political minder.
And if you make the political decisions they want up front, and the cultural decisions, you get sterilized, you don't have a child,
At first, you'll get credits, but as more people go along with it, once they clamp down, you're gonna get less and less for complying.
It's a trap.
And so, once you get to that point,
There's not much hope for those that have complied.
There's a lot of hope for those that have gone and formed communities near the Amish, or the Mennonites, or others, and gotten self-sufficient, and have a community that will support each other, that won't back down.
You'll have a better shot, obviously, than people inside the Plandopolises.
In fact, let's play a clip from one of the Plandopolis programs, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN, 12 years ago.
Four school children in the UK, telling them what the future would look like in 2025-2030.
And it's exactly what you now see happening.
Because it's an exact plan.
It's authoritarian.
It's horrible.
It should be easy to beat it, because it's so illegal, it's so criminal, it's so painful, it's so hurtful, it's so dehumanizing, it's so murderous.
But you've got to admit it's happening.
You've got to admit it's going on.
Before it gets too intense, which it's coming up on.
And anybody serving the system thinking, well, I'll get ahead by complying, you're fools!
This will screw almost everyone.
This is so bad.
It makes my head spin.
So, just like you see in Canada, oh, you want a new wheelchair, just commit suicide.
And they pressure you to agree.
Well, in one year, when your funding runs out, just agree to kill yourself.
And it's in the news.
They're pressuring people to kill themselves.
That's the social credit score.
Kill yourself.
And as they cut the resources off everybody else, the general public will be like, yeah, kill grandma.
Kill that middle-aged person.
Kill that homeless person.
But the globalists set the climate up, the political cultural climate, the godless climate, to put people in that position so the rest of us would go along with the evil because that's what they want is us to make the bad decision.
They want us to join with evil because they want to cut us off from God because the ultimate currency is our souls.
God creates prosperity and milk and honey and freedom.
The satanic system creates the opposite.
So let's play a clip from, and again there's more than 10 of these cartoons, they're all nightmarish, a planned opulence shown more than a decade ago to school children in the UK.
This is shown to fifth graders.
Here it is.
Forum for the Future.
How will people travel in the cities of the future?
Megacities, on the move.
Your guide to the future of sustainable urban development.
One of four possible scenarios.
In a world of fossil fuels and expensive energy, the only solution is tightly planned and controlled urban transport.
Smart cars.
Global climate change deal imminent.
Joint venture.
Mega cities.
Everything approved.
Global Food Council set up by the UN.
Welcome to Plandopolis.
A day in the life of V.
Oh, hi!
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm V. I'm looking forward to showing you around Plandopolis today.
By the way, hit pause.
Most people aren't allowed out of their house.
You've got to get an AI agreement to even leave your home.
Everything's done with virtual.
The whole VR world.
Oh, hi!
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm Vee.
I'm looking forward to showing you around Plandopolis today.
My husband works from home.
He's a virtual engineer working on one of the city's desalination plants.
He controls the robots who do all the important maintenance.
I think he basically plays computer games for a living.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
Switch off brain and go to work.
With this many people around, I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge.
We are so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice so I can drop them off on the way.
It saves on our calorie ration.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard, so I'm sure they'll get something good.
Pause again.
The government tells you what you're gonna be.
You have a calorie allotment on your carbon tax.
All officially announced now.
All officially announced.
So I'm sure they'll get something good.
I don't know if there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market.
Pause again.
Carbon scrubbers.
We're made out of carbon.
All carbon is bad.
See the sick joke?
Everything, every word is weaponized hate.
Kill yourself.
Murder yourself.
It's all over.
Carbon sucks.
You suck.
Just everything is hate, hate, hate.
On the menu this month.
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
I think it's probably easiest to walk from here.
You barely see a car in the city centre nowadays, unless you're rich.
Well, the state knows they just aren't practical anymore.
All the elites will still have their cars, still have their private jets.
You'll just be locked up in a city while they're partying in the countryside.
That's the official plan.
You saw it during the lockdowns.
Let's continue.
So much better for getting around our neighborhood.
And why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food?
I don't care what you say, Alex.
They don't deserve to live in that ghetto.
They are completely disconnected.
No high-speed transport system, no new internet.
They miss out on jobs and many essential services, too.
Hi again.
What a day.
They even make it dystopic because they're showing this to children to normalize the synapses in their brain when they actually live under this.
You see some of their family lives in a ghetto because they won't take the chip.
They won't take the control.
They live in a ghetto.
They're locked in the ghetto.
Let's continue.
What a day.
I had to make an emergency visit to the cry-freedom ghettos.
I mean, I miss my sister like mad, but I'm glad they went when they moved to New Amsterdam.
They're safe from climate change on the floating city.
That must be her now.
It's much easier to meet up with friends virtually now.
So many cities have banned cars in central areas.
Hey, pause again.
See how they trained you?
Twelve years ago, the children, you only talk virtually, and again, the city centers banned cars years ago.
Now happening, 15-minute cities.
Twelve years ago, telling you the exact plan.
But adults weren't shown this on the news.
Children were shown this.
Just like children are targeted by the pedophilia, and our TV affiliates, and I understand why, have threatened to dump us before when I show the actual Drag Queen Story Times with men's erections out, with glitter on their penises, with little kids on their laps.
The station owners call and say, hey, we like you, show it again, you're off.
I go, I understand, but you know they're showing children, elementary students, men with their penises out.
And they go, we understand, Mr. Jones, don't show it again.
And I agree with that.
But see, show the children the brainwashing but the adults can't see it because we're not supposed to know what's going on.
Let's continue.
Find out more about how we may live and travel in the cities of the future.
And it's sponsored by the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.
Can't make this up.
All right, I'm going to go to your calls now.
I'm going to go to Kevin first when we come back, and then Jordan, and then Stephanie, and then Corrine, and then Travis, and then Brian, and then Mark and Wes.
I'm going to go right to your calls.
When we start the next hour, I did an okay job at getting to some of this.
I got to half the stack, but maybe later after I take calls, I'll hit the rest of it.
But this is just diabolical.
And that's why I'm so frustrated is, this is not my opinion.
And we've had major inroads against the enemy because of your support.
And we could stop this easily.
More governors involved, more legislatures, more criminal investigations of the New World Order, criminal investigations of Klaus Schwab.
Everything they're doing is illegal.
Again, NGOs under Biden run the Border Patrol and command them.
I've been there.
We've listed the names.
There's a criminal investigation now.
We told you two years ago.
The UN runs the open border in Texas and California and Arizona.
The UN main NGO.
This is so simple.
This is illegal.
This is crazy.
This is bad.
This is destructive.
This is horrible.
Hour number three and your phone calls, bam, bam, bam, are coming up straight ahead.
And I got tons of other breaking news and stuff, but it's all on InfoWars.com.
Please don't forget, we've got the new InfoWars Platinum line, 1776 testosterone boost, pain MD, and HGH match boost.
There's been some big breaking Jeffrey Epstein news, the biggest yet.
I'm going to cover it.
It's up on InfoWars.com at the bottom of the hour.
But right now, I just did over an hour analysis of agenda 2030 and how to stop it.
Kevin in New York, thank you for holding.
I really appreciate you calling.
You're talking about the New World Order, the Great Reset, and fighting back against the unwoke.
Go ahead.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
Thank you for so many years of being in the forefront.
And to go along with that Great Reset and New World Order, we know we don't want any of it.
It's amazing how many of the zombie sheep that we have that are lulled to sleep, and we can't seem to wake them.
And what's got them to sleep is if anyone who drank the Dem juice, their minds are just numb.
The Dem juice?
Well, that's MSNBC, that's CNN, that's mainstream media, that's the New York Times.
That's really a minority of people.
It's the big majority that are just tuned out and don't even know what's going on is the big problem in my view.
Yeah, and so you're right down the line with that.
If Hillary had have gotten in, we were so lucky that she wasn't, because Donald 45 helped to expose a lot that I didn't know.
I didn't know the stuff about Obama.
Trump wasn't perfect, but he helped draw the U.N.
and the New World Order out and really get their covert operations out in the open.
Yes, sir.
And that's pretty much what I'm adding there, but we need a plan.
The plan has got to be coordinated.
What is a plan to get out to wake people up?
They're going to wait for it to come bite them in the butt when they're going to have a gun pointed at their face saying, you go this way.
We're trying to stop it before it gets there.
That's why we've got this show.
It's why people are making films.
We're trying to warn people.
We're influencing a lot of influencers.
But really, it's an information war.
I appreciate your call.
Okay, let's go to Mark in Louisiana.
Mark, go ahead.
Well, Alex, I'm going to honor your request and just say kudos.
Long-time listener, first-time caller.
My description really should have been a railgun.
I'm going to just run through some things real quick.
Last couple weeks, you mentioned the X-Files show.
One of the things I wanted to call and talk about back then was the fact that, A, it was a great representation of InfoWars and the tenacity that you guys show.
We're good to go.
Much like X-Files' predictive programming leads us to the Purge movies, where we live in a country that's overburdened, can't afford to pay its entitlements, can't afford to support people, therefore, now you enter the Albert Pike territory of the Third World War, releasing the nihilists and the atheists to basically eradicate most of the civilization, until that minority is wiped out by the majority.
And the last caller said was that they could wake him up.
Well, in their plan, they wake him up to the Luciferian doctrine.
The last point I wanted to make about the vaccine
There is a way to beat it, people.
I actually beat a lawsuit in Washington State.
Literally, I couldn't take it because I didn't know the ingredients.
I lost a job, got fired.
Went to court and actually proved that I had an allergen to Pertussis, which is the whoopie cough vaccine.
If you have any allergy to any ingredients in these vaccines, the court will side with you.
Make sure you get that and document it.
That's right.
All you gotta do is declare you have allergies.
Great point.
You're absolutely right.
It saved me 10 grand, Alex.
And the last point I want to make, Schwab coming out about indoctrinating the children in the video you just played about 12 years ago, that's my generation.
I was growing up in 2006 in college doing English 101 comp papers, proofreading essays on building baby from the gene up.
I've still got my textbooks talking about the medical ethics of euthanizing conjoined twins.
Everything we're seeing now has been brainwashed into the students in primary and secondary school the last 20 years.
That's how we know they're playing because it's all laid out there and now we're living it.
That's right, guys.
Watch the Purge.
Read that Albert Pike letter.
Get with your doctors, y'all.
Build this defense up and stay tuned.
You're not going to have a choice.
Absolutely, folks.
The world's going to get so crazy and so out of control, you will move to protect yourself at a certain point.
And obviously, folks tuned in here are already ahead of the curve.
That's why I salute you.
We'll be right back.
Well, the New World Order isn't just some corporate, globalist, academic plan for a technocracy in total control to carry out the 4C population.
We're now living deeply into the first stages of it.
We're going to continue with your phone calls, and then
We're good.
Yeah, Alex, I've been talking or listening to you for a long time, and I just wanted to know what your thoughts about Dr. Pucinich.
You know, he would say Russia double-crossed China, and then they would join forces.
Who said that?
Dr. Pucinich.
Oh, I was talking about Steve Pucinich.
Steve Pucinich, yes.
What did he say?
Didn't he say that the World War III would start with the United States and Russia starting a war?
And then Russia would double-cross Turner?
Well, Pchenik says a lot of things.
I didn't particularly hear that from him, but what's your view on that?
Well, yeah, I mean, he said that a long time ago, and the way the New World Order is pushing Russia into a war, like, they don't even care about nukes.
Do they kind of, like, maybe know that they're on the same side?
That's why they don't really care?
You know, I don't think that's really going on.
There's definitely back channels on both sides, but Russia's been driven into China's arms now more than ever, and I don't see Russia and China having a conflict.
I know that General Flynn wanted to work with Russia and cut off China.
That was a good idea, but that plan was killed.
Anything else?
Uh, nope.
I just wanted to know what your thoughts were on that.
Well, look, Russia doesn't want to be in this conflict, but the West overthrew the Ukrainian government nine years ago.
They've been attacking Russian assets in the area.
The West is now bombing inside Russia.
So these things are escalating very, very quickly.
I think the fight between the West and Russia is extremely real and extremely dangerous.
I appreciate your call.
Great, great question.
Jordan in Minnesota, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, long time listener, big fan.
Listening to your show, it's like when
Rowdy Piper puts on the glasses and they live.
People listening, they get to see the corruption, the veil around them.
Did you know we even interviewed Rowdy Piper one time?
Oh, really?
He was a big listener.
Looked super healthy when he was on the show, died and had like a heart attack a year later after he was on.
Yeah, unfortunately it seems like the demise of all wrestlers, but yeah.
So, uh, yeah, I just want to talk about the two types of currency that allows the New World Order to survive and ultimately thrive, keeps people enslaved, and ways we can fight back against it.
First system, obviously, is the fiat system, which has been rigged in their favor.
You know, all the banks and just the devaluing, all the inflation.
But there are ways we can fight against it by just doing a research on
Where we spend our money.
I'll spend it on companies I actually care about.
Terrible people.
Where you spend your money is so important.
And if you can, have a job in town, but have a little farm.
Grow your own food.
Can your own food.
Sell your own food.
Creating those micro-economies is checkmate to the New World Order.
And people supporting the farmers markets, or going out and directly buying from farmers.
You know, I buy produce from farmers.
I buy whole raw milk from farmers.
And that just scares the hell out of the system.
And as more of us do that, it's game over for the New World Order.
Right, and it brings us closer together as a humanity, too, and we don't have a middleman that we're going through, we're going to our neighbors.
Yeah, real wealth is not going to a football game or going to Las Vegas or partying.
Real wealth is being self-sufficient and not being part of the system.
And the system's going to force everybody to make a choice.
Join with it, give up all your rights, give up control of your body, let them put poisons in you, let them kill you, or start building the new future today.
Then just the second type of currency they have is attention.
They want us to pay attention so they can keep us in a state of fear and push their satanic agenda by color-coding it and just normalizing it.
That's a great point you make.
Our attention is a form of worship.
Our attention is the ultimate currency, and that's how they still dominate us.
That's why I almost don't like my show.
And I want to focus more on the solutions, but we also got to expose the bad, because we are still giving them attention, even though we're exposing them.
Yeah, we have to see the problem before we can fix it.
That's what you're doing for sure, and hopefully people are out there fixing it.
You're a smart guy, Jordan.
So fiat currency, the new digital currency particularly, surveils us, controls us, an absolute nightmare, and you're right.
The other way is they get our attention.
Yeah, that's two things that people need to be aware of and ways to fight back anyway.
Can you just say, we're Motel 6 and we'll leave the light on for you?
InfoWars is definitely the tip of the spear.
Ever since I woke up to the corruption, InfoWars has been there for me and just telling me what's going on.
I do my own research on the side, too, and everything turns out to be true.
Even if it's five years down the road, people start talking about it on mainstream media.
I mean, I don't know.
By the way, I wasn't making fun of your great accent.
You sound like the guy that... Remember the old Motel 6 ads?
Yeah, that's what people are saying.
I have a deep voice.
You sound just like the Motel 6 guy.
Say, welcome to InfoWars and we'll leave the light on for you.
Welcome to InfoWars.
We'll leave the light on for you.
I love you, Jordan.
Thank you, buddy.
That's fun.
Let's talk to Travis in New Hampshire.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Man, that guy was a dead ringer for the Motel 6 guy.
Yeah, that's funny.
Hey, I just wanted to real quick just say, um, as far as like, obviously we, the biggest issue, like you just mentioned is waking up the vast majority of these people that are just, no, not even including anything.
Um, two points would just be to like have put together, it'd be nice to have sort of like a cheat sheet.
Cause like these people have done so much heinous stuff.
It's hard to remember all the stuff these guys are doing and to be able to try to, you know, state it clearly and,
Get the information out to people, I think it would help out a lot.
No, I agree.
The next book I'm thinking about writing is The Globalist War Against Humanity, and just have it be like a hundred points, and like each point's like three pages, and it's just like, here's how they're attacking you here, here's how they're attacking you there, and here's how to counter it, just so people can look around and recognize how they're attacking us, and they even brag how they're doing it!
Well, what's crazy is this is all admitted.
They admittedly want pedophilia.
They admittedly want forced euthanasia.
They admittedly want overrun borders.
I mean, these people are bad.
The other point quickly was to try to put together something to start kind of getting the youth aware of the stuff, too, because I know when I was a kid, you know, the things that everything was like, you know, mainstream, it really wasn't as popular.
So the more that
You know, you get it out in the open that what is actually going on and they're setting these kids up for it, they'll take care of it on their own and wake up just like, you know, like how you did with me when I was a kid.
Well, that's the most important thing listeners and viewers can do is remember how they got woken up and continue to tell people about InfoWars.com or different articles or videos.
That's how we override the sensors.
That's how we override the AI.
Anything else, Travis?
No, thank you guys.
I love you guys.
Take care.
We really appreciate your call.
Love you, Travis.
Alright, we got a lot of calls that segment.
When we come back, Corrine, I think is how you say it?
And then Stephanie?
And then everybody else in the order your calls are received, Brian and others.
Call a free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
The phones are loaded, but as soon as your caller hang up, that's your chance to call.
And I'd love to hear from you, 877-789-ALEX.
And yeah, it is just crazy to be inside the New World Order and still on the air.
They've tried like the devil to shut us down.
But thanks to you, we're still here while it's all going down.
So every day is a blessing.
I've already completed my mission.
We exposed it long before.
Most of the big thinkers fighting it that are awake now admit I woke them up.
You woke them up by your support.
And so we've already done revolutionary, legendary work.
All praise goes to God.
But I know our greatest work is still yet to come.
And that can only happen if you financially support and get great products at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
So please go there now.
Anybody who's asking, why are there so many evil people in control?
It's very simple.
When good people don't stand up and an evil get in charge, for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years, they recruit more and more evil people in, and then when they retire or die, the next group's even worse.
So you always get the very worst, the worst in control, until it just makes absolutely no sense.
Again, why did Jeffrey Dahmer kidnap gay men and torture them to death?
Because he liked it.
Why did John Wayne Gacy do that?
Why did Charlie Manson want to kill Sharon Tate and cut her baby out and hang the dead baby around her neck?
I mean, you and I don't want to do that.
But we're not in command because we don't want control.
These people want control.
And I've interviewed, I forget her name, the famous psychiatrist who was, she's still around, who's the best-selling author.
Who's the psychiatrist of serial killers?
Guys, type in the psychiatrist of serial killers.
And she goes and spends sometimes off and on years with these people.
And she was on the show like 10 years ago, we should get her back on.
I heard her on Coast to Coast once, got her number from George Norian, got her on.
And I said to her, you know, I've read some of your books, but you don't get a lot into it.
Aren't most of these people really Satanists?
And she said, yeah, they believe demons control them.
And they're only happy when they're murdering and killing.
So see, there's that entire psychotic nature to this, that they only get a thrill out of doing something bad.
Like, you know, a lot of child molesters don't want to just have sexual kids.
They want to hurt them.
It's a vampiric, psychic vampire effect, and those of us that aren't into that, because we don't resonate with that, just don't think it exists, because why would you pull up
In a rural area or a town, and there's a 7-year-old or 5-year-old or 4-year-old playing on a swing, and you say, hey little kid, I've got candy and a puppy here in the van.
And then you get them in the van, you tie them down, you gag them, and you take them to a barn, and you rape and torture them for two weeks and kill them.
Well, you would never do that.
You would never think of that.
But they have a compulsion
Klaus Schwab has a compulsion to put poison in your body.
He has a compulsion to slowly kill you.
So does Bill Gates.
Their actions show they're psychotic killers.
But also just the way they act and they look makes the skin on your back and the hairs on the back of your neck crawl.
Because your body is repulsed by them.
You'd never have Bill Gates babysit your five-year-old daughter or son.
You wouldn't let Tony Podesta around your children or John Podesta.
You wouldn't let Bill Clinton around, but they run your life.
They run my life.
And they should not run it anymore.
But we have to know who they are, we have to expose who they are, and we have to go through the pain and roll up our sleeves and fight them.
And yeah, I've been attacked for fighting them.
I've gone through some hell.
But my cells, my guts, my spirit loves what I'm doing.
My body, my soul tells me, God tells me, through my cells, through the Holy Spirit, that's broadcasting through all time and all dimensions, that you are doing what you're supposed to.
You are on the path.
So they like to kill kids, we like to fight them.
I'm gonna go back to your calls and hit this big Jeffrey Epstein news, but remember, we can't do what we do here on air without you, and we make it so easy to support.
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Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Now I'm done plugging for the rest of the show.
And I'm going to come back.
And I'm going to hit the Jeffrey Epstein News.
And I'm going to then go to Corrine, Stephanie, Gary, Brian, Tammy, Lauren.
J.D., Chaz, Mike, and everybody.
I will get to every single call before we end the broadcast today.
Maria Z from Australia is taking over from Australia.
Always has a lot of key intel because they're the testing ground, just like Israel is for tyranny.
I'm going to take 15 minutes of the hour she's got because I've got other news I'm going to hit next hour as well.
We haven't gotten to this breaking as we speak, but I'm coming right back with the Big Jeffrey Epstein news and your call straight ahead.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Oh, I almost forgot.
InfoWars Platinum is now available at InfoWars Store.
You've got to look into InfoWars Platinum.
1776 testosterone boost and more.
All right, so the chickens are coming home to roost.
FTX was run by the same globalist
Mi6 CIA Mossad mafia that ran Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Bill Gates' operation.
Bill Gates was heavily involved.
So now the story's up on Infowars.com.
It's getting almost no corporate attention.
Needs to go viral.
Virgin Islands sues JPMorgan Chase, claims bank pulling the levers of Epstein trafficking network.
Did you hear that?
We pointed out two years ago in a special report with whistleblowers that they're still running the Epstein airline out of New York with stewardesses that look like they're 12 years old that advertise sex with the clients.
lawsuit also accuses Bank of turning a blind eye to Epstein pedophiles.
Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit on Tuesday accusing banking giant JPMorgan Chase of covering up child sex crimes committed by the disgraced and deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
Filed in the Manhattan District Court, the suit accuses the bank of knowingly providing and pulling the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid.
And that was the main bank he used
You can see the video, you can see the lawsuit, and more.
The new lawsuit explicitly states that Epstein used his home on Little St.
John's for sex crimes.
In June, Epstein's former girlfriend Gisely Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for trafficking minors for sex.
Epstein's first became a client of Chase in 1998.
There have been numerous reports since his death that the bank's executives sought to keep Epstein on the board due to his connections with some of the richest people in the world.
One section of the lawsuit reads, human trafficking was the principal business of the accounts Epstein maintained with J.P.
Epstein's accomplices, Ghislaine Maxwell, will serve 20 years again.
Tie that together, ladies and gentlemen.
Alleged crypto fraudster Sam Bankman Freed is given judge who oversaw Jeffrey Epstein case and let Kevin Spacey walk.
Look at that guy.
Those special districts in New York and D.C.
and Austin, they have special judges in charge, special people.
And it gets worse.
Federal prosecutors are investigating representative-elect George Santos' finances.
And yeah, he lied.
He admitted he lied.
I'm not saying he's a good guy.
But look at all the lies that Biden and all of them have told about their resumes.
Oh, conservatives, don't get too upset about that.
Emails revealed Sam Bateman freed courtship of federal regulators, and now top federal regulators are having to step down because they were in business with him.
SEC announces departure of Dan Berkowitz.
Because of FTX.
How high does it go?
Asks Robert Malone.
Goes all the way to the top.
Meanwhile, breaking.
January 6th committee withdraws Trump's subpoena because there was nothing there and no plan to attack the Capitol.
Let's go ahead now and go back to your phone calls.
Corrine in Massachusetts.
Thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
I've been listening since 2016, and I am a financial supporter ever since.
Thank you.
I'd like to promote your nitric oxide product.
I actually market a competitor for 20 years.
I've done over $30 million in that product, so I know a little bit about nitric oxide.
And I'd like to say that it's nitric and not nitrous.
You're right, I mispronounced everything.
You're right, you're right, I mispronounced it.
Nitric oxide is laughing gas, and nitric oxide is the key signaling molecule to the entire cardiovascular system.
So I think every one of your listeners should be buying that product, because it protects the ACE receptor, which is exactly the problem here that we're having, is the ACE receptors
You're right, and I always mispronounce everything.
People gotta forgive me about that.
It's nitric oxide, and all the studies show producing nitric oxide in the blood makes the heart, the muscles, everything a lot healthier.
And I've read the studies that so many of these famous marathon runners that drop dead do it because their body runs out of nitric oxide.
You say you've studied this.
Tell us more about it.
Absolutely, I would love to.
It is, according to the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1998, it is the key signaling molecule to the entire cardiovascular system and it is used by every single cell in the human body.
And the reason that we can't generate as much as we get older is because the lining of the arteries, the endothelial lining, gets damaged and that's where it gets generated.
So when you're taking nitric oxide, all the other products that your listeners are taking work better because it's like putting a pump in a fish tank.
Everything circulates and it regulates the whole arteries and the arterial system.
So I would have every one of your listeners
Absolutely, it's Nitric Boost from InfoWars.
We're good to go.
I would like to put out a theory to you, and that is that Trump Derangement Syndrome runs both ways.
Mr. Donald Trump, do you remember him telling us that he was going to cure cancer in 10 years?
Yes, he was going to expose the FDA for blocking a lot of treatments, yes.
I disagree.
I think that he has been in on mRNA from the beginning, and that he was not fooled at all.
When he first went in, he hired loyalists, and then he fired them all, and he hired the swamp.
Like, JFK Jr.
got out, and then he got in bed with Fauci.
And I think, you know, there's like 300 different vaccines in the pipeline right now.
They're all mRNA-based.
And I think they told him he was going to cure cancer.
And why else would he say that?
Oh, he definitely got on board with it, and I was excited when he first said that right before he got elected.
But it's true that he's pig-headed and won't admit he was wrong.
And no, I don't think you're speculating.
You're on record.
He's on record saying, I'm going to get rid of all these blockages of people trying to stop drugs getting approved quicker.
I think he called it the Right to Fight Act, so that people that are already terminal can take any drug they want.
Well, I agree, if someone wants to take a risk, they should be able to take any experimental drug they want.
But it doesn't mean it should be forced and mandated, and Trump came out and agreed to that.
So, he's a lot better than Joe Biden.
And don't blame Biden for mandating it, because you can't mandate something that doesn't exist, okay?
And if he had not pulled together the military, pharmaceutical, industrial complex, and bankrolled them, and brought this forward nine months, none of us would be taking it.
No, you're right, and I was going for memory.
It's not the Right to Fight Act, it's the Right to Try Act.
About hydrochloroquine and when it was about ivermectin.
He could have said, listen, we have a right to triact.
But he didn't.
I think he's been in on it from the beginning.
How in the world could he not come out against it at this point?
I hear you.
I hear you.
Well, I mean, all we know is he's not coming out against it now, and DeSantis is.
DeSantis has criminal investigation now officially launched by the state of Florida, authorized by the Supreme Court.
It's a beautiful thing.
The German vice president's launched a criminal investigation.
So the globalists had better be worried, and these are big victories.
Everybody should be very satisfied, but keep pushing harder.
All right, thank you so much for the call.
All right, we got to move fast through calls now.
Stephanie, you're up next.
When we return, on the other side, then Brian.
And so many others.
Straight ahead, your phone calls after this quick break.
Stay with us.
Banned.video is full of not just our videos, but hundreds of other banned people posting banned material.
And only you, the listeners and viewers, can get the genie out of the bottle.
Only you can make the dog hunt.
Only you can share this transmission.
Only you can break the back of the censors.
And you see, as we told you, international spy agencies, corporations, surveilling and censoring people in a mass scale.
And now the real battle's joined.
This is a true info war.
Stephanie in California, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I want to bring you to a Senate bill in California.
It's going to take effect in a couple of days.
It starts in 2023.
But I also have an idea to possibly stop these shots dead in their tracks.
But really quickly, let me just touch on this Senate bill.
And that's to give the UN NGOs the power to be police.
Yes, I'm aware of the legislation.
Pretty crazy.
Yeah, they're going to start.
Our law enforcement are quitting because of problems due to the shock.
So they're going to slowly lead in UN troops and Chinese nationals that are in UN positions and in the troops positions into our law enforcement position.
Well, they already got Chinese communist police stations set up across the country.
Again, you can't make any of this up.
Yeah, this is how they're just, they're reading it in and it's going to spread out through the entire country.
They literally don't have to attack us.
They're literally just moving the enemy right into these positions, right out, right under our noses.
But really quickly, when it comes to the shot, I applaud, you know, Thomas Renz and going through all the courts and everything to try and get these shots stopped.
But the problem is that the doctors in the VA system only reports like 1% of the deaths
And the doctors are being silenced because they're being threatened to tell them that, you know, you can't report these deaths.
But the thing is, they can't silence the patient.
We have over 100 million people jabbed in the United States.
What I want the jabs to do is to go to their doctors and ask for an AIDS test and a blood clot test.
I think there's a micro-clot blood test called the D-Gymer test.
That's right, and we've had doctors on about that.
A lot of people that have taken the shot are testing positive for HIV now, because it has the spike protein, it's from the HIV, and they're also testing positive for blood clots.
In fact, they've done studies in Canada, the U.S., all over, where people take the Moderna or Pfizer shot and don't have a D-dimer positive, and then days after they have a blood clot positive.
So you're absolutely right.
Great points.
Thank you for the call.
Really smart caller, folks.
You've got to listen to her.
Brian in Idaho.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I wanted to ask you about something Kanye said on your show about the Committee of 300 and the book that Dr. John Coleman wrote in the early 90s, which the CIA posts in PDF on its website.
Hey, Alex.
How accurate is that book?
How does it tie into the World Economic Forum?
And where is Dr. Coleman today?
Thank you, Alex.
I don't, thank you.
I don't know if Dr. Coleman's still alive.
I interviewed Dr. Coleman probably six, seven, eight times.
I think the last time I interviewed him was like 15 years ago or so, and I was never able to get him back on.
Last time I heard he was sick.
That was a long time ago.
But the Committee of 300's dead on.
If you look at the Trilateral Commission, or you look at the CFR, or you look at the Club of Rome, or you look at the WEF, or you look at the Knights of the Royal Family in England, and if you look at who is on the boards of all these different globalist groups, it's the same hundred people or so that are on all the boards of the key chairmanships.
I read his book 25 years ago.
Conspirators Hierarchy, The True Story.
Put it back up on screen for me, thanks.
Conspirators Hierarchy, The True Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman.
And they put that back up, crew, great job.
I guess they found one of my interviews with him.
Infowars.com, John Coleman.
And let me guess, is that still on YouTube?
Where'd you guys find that?
Yeah, let's show the YouTube channel.
Because a lot of old stuff, 10, 15, 20 years old, is still on YouTube.
Everything 10 years and back has been erased.
So go ahead and take the bug down so I can see the view count.
John Coleman breaks down the 300 on Alex Jones Show, Greg Barry's channel, and only 1,400 views.
Very, very important.
And yeah, see that's, last interview with him I guess was 13 years ago then.
I said 15 years, 13 years.
So there you go.
Great call, great point.
Let's go to JD in Indiana.
Go ahead.
How's it going, Alex?
I want to talk about beating the new world order.
I definitely believe, in my opinion, it's the youth.
We have to take back the culture of our children.
I watched as a kid, every single kid that was in my class was on some kind of medication.
They were all crazy, no matter which school I went to.
And even my uncle was on those medications in the 60s and 70s.
And Ritalin fries the brain, retards growth, causes heart problems.
It's just a crime.
Yes, absolutely.
And I think, you know, the one thing that we have to do, my 13-year-old daughter, she loves it.
She wears her InfoWar t-shirt to school.
And so I think it comes down to the youth.
We have to take back our youth.
And they've put in a long-term goal.
We have to have that same long-term goal.
We have to look at our children that way.
The real fight is for the hearts and minds and souls of our children.
Absolutely, because if we don't do that, if we don't take back our youth, if we don't take back our kids, they're going to keep corrupting them.
Because, like I said, if my mother would have put me on those same drugs, I would be just as bad.
I mean, imagine where I would be.
A lot of these guys are all drug addicts.
None of them that I know are not drug addicts because of what they've done to them.
And I'd like to add one point about Jay Stig's ballot.
I started this thing, man, everybody should wear a pair of handcuffs.
On one side of their wrist until they send everyone home.
Because it was terrible for them being locked up for Christmas.
That's right.
They are setting the precedent for political prisoners and kangaroo courts with what's happening with the J6 political prisoners.
Great point, sir.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
All right, let's talk to Mike in New York.
Mike, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I just wanted to bring up years ago there was a Star Trek episode.
I believe Pike was the captain even.
And they speak about eugenics and a vaccination and exterminating the human race.
Do you know the episode?
I've watched most of those episodes.
Uh, yes.
And there's also the episode with Khan, uh, where there was a nuclear war and they created genetic engineering and yes.
He actually says eugenics.
So I was just wondering, so at what point do we reverse any of this?
Because from what I understand the, um,
Actual mRNA gene splicing is actually like a high school level, biological level.
So how do we get some real scientists involved, you know, McCullers and these guys, and switch this around?
Because as far as I see it, we're almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.
What do you think?
I like that.
You kind of shifted gears real quick.
I'm kind of confused.
Well, no, I'm just saying in general, how are we going to reverse this?
How are we going to bring it back?
Well, I mean, look, they admit Star Trek was total conditioning for the UN takeover.
Sounds great, everybody's going to buy the Star Trek Starfleet symbol as the UN symbol.
And so they sold everybody on this utopia of world government.
But you're right, they've got mRNA technology and stuff that actually does cure cancer.
They're not going to give us that.
They give us spike protein blood clots day one.
Exactly, the venom, the snakes, blood clots, the veins.
Alex, you've been right all along.
What are we to do next as a human race?
Brother, it's what we're doing.
We've got to care about each other.
We've got to learn about the new world order.
We've got to build our own new systems.
We've got to warn everybody out there that, hey, they're going to cut the power off.
They're going to take your resources.
They're going to get you under their control so they can
Dictate your surrender.
That's really all this is.
Thank you, Mike.
And believe me, places like Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand are the front lines of the tyranny.
The exact programs they're testing there, they're trying to bring here.
So we're not just trying to free our brethren in other countries, we're fighting for our future here as well, and learning about what the enemy is doing.
The world's a small planet, a small globe.
We're all in this together, or as Benjamin Franklin said, we will hang separate.
We put emphasis on what I said before, public-private partnerships, which we accompany.
So when we define a project like our Global Educational Initiative,
I just described it in a second.
We have under the leadership of Cisco and many other companies, practically all the big names, we try to revolutionize the educational system of Jordan, Egypt,
And now Burundi, by working together with the local authorities, we work also together with UNESCO, not only to equip the schools, but to retrain the teachers, to put the new curriculum into place.
So we work together, we see, we are companies.
We do not.
That's the difference to the Clinton Initiative, which mainly, and which is a good thing, which asks companies to pledge some money to make a commitment and some to come back and to report.
We are with the initiative from the beginning to the end.
But there's one other difference.
Special guest host coming up here in just a few minutes.
I'm finishing up with your calls right now.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Chaz in North Carolina, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex.
Go ahead.
I think 1776 is the answer to a lot more than 1984.
It is the answer to the WEF and the CFR and the EU and the WHO and Bill Gates and
Klaus Schwab, and as soon as our politicians and our corrupt generals, if they would decide that they're gonna let blue helmets and foreign invaders come out here, and they want to utilize that little map and section us off into no-go zones, the answer to that is 1776.
As far back as I can go, on my paternal side of my family, a man named John Nutter
Thought side by side with General George Washington, and he helped found the town of Bridgeton, Delaware.
And on my maternal side, I've had grandparents flee the Bolshevik Revolution, Polish Jews and German Jews, and their children went back to Europe and fought.
And I'll be daggone if some lunatic in a suit with a big fat bank account
is gonna cooperate with foreign entities and tell me I don't have rights and I don't own a piece of dirt.
I was here first.
You know?
Sir, you're absolutely right, and we just have to declare our new Declaration of Independence, and I love the point you make.
The answer to 1984 isn't just 1776.
The answer to the WEF is 1776.
The answer to Bill Gates is 1776.
The answer to forced injections is 1776.
The answer to open borders is 1776.
The answer to the pedophile rings is 1776.
The answer to them trying to take our guns is 1776.
The answer to their tyranny is 1776.
And I've only got one more thing to say with a short plug.
Out libertatum, out mortem, me he die.
That means give me liberty or give me death.
And I just want you to know that your turmeric product in combination with those high quality fish oils, when you have curcumin in your body,
It allows the uptake for DHA and EPH or whatever it is.
It allows for a higher uptake past the blood-brain barrier.
And when you have curcumin and those compounds in your body, it allows for your brain to stimulate new neural growth.
It repairs old neurons.
And it allows for a higher synapsis function inside your brain.
The fish oil, the krill oil with the Turmeric 95 is incredible.
I hope folks get it at InfoWarsMDProducts and InfoWarsWars.com.
All right.
Great call.
Thank you, Lauren and Gary.
I'm going to have a few final stories and hand the baton to our guest host, who's taking over in the middle of the next segment.
Please stay with us.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Now into our number four, Owen Schroyer and the War Room takes over 3 p.m.
All right.
Oh, it's taking some deserved time off right now since the great Harrison Smith sitting in, or at least that's what he was doing yesterday.
3 p.m.
Central coming up in about 52 minutes from now, 53 minutes from now.
All right, now let's go to Lauren in California.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm really excited, but I'm kind of nervous.
Been listening to you for 15 years, first-time caller.
I just wanted to do a product plug and let everybody know again who hasn't bought anything to buy.
Years ago, I loaded up on the X2.
The X2 is amazing.
I think it kind of helps with weight, keeps weight down, keeps you a nice slim figure.
The Super Female Vitality is great.
I work in a wine tasting room, so I'm pouring wine for tons of people.
The Brain Force, the B12, those are my go-to.
People always ask me, how do you remember this?
How do you remember this?
And I tell them, Brain Force, InfoWars.com.
Being here in California, I'm able to buy local produce.
That's one thing.
I saw this article that said they're going to now start shooting up beef with the mRNA vaccine.
Oh, they're not going to start.
They're already vaccinating cows all over the world with the poison.
So now we're going to be eating spike protein in the beef.
And what are you going to do?
I'm lucky enough to live in a very Aggie community.
Just split half a cow with my family.
If you look at the, it seems like a lot of money, but you save a lot.
I mean, hell, when you actually buy from the farmers, you get it for like a third of the price.
And, and we've got all this and I had a roast last night.
It was just totally killer.
Um, but basically that's it.
I just want to promote that to people to tell them, you know, there's a farmer's market everywhere.
Go to your farmer's market.
People need to like learn how to cook again because
You know, when you're going to a farmer's market, you're getting local produce, seasonal produce.
It's like, what do I do with the butternut squash?
That's right.
None of this is an option.
It's got to be done.
And the more we support farmer's markets, the more we do this, the more we become healthy, and the bigger the market gets.
I remember when I was a kid, I'd go visit my grandmother in East Texas, probably three weeks out of the year when my parents would go on vacation to Europe or Mexico or wherever, they'd put me at Grandma's house, and my grandmother
We're good to go.
Black-eyed peas, or green beans, or squash, or whatever, and then we'd go home and cook that.
And that's what she'd do, just stop at people's houses and buy food, and there was dinner.
And so that's what people are supposed to do.
And that's normal.
I mean, chickens.
Like, one of the easiest things you could have.
Chickens, fresh eggs, meat.
It sounds scary and intimidating, but once you start doing it and living that way, it makes a lot of sense.
I love you, I'm so glad you're around, and I support when I can.
I'm lucky enough to stay home with my daughter right now, so we buy when we can, but I love you, Alex, and listen every day!
Well, I love you too, Lauren.
Thanks for the call, thanks for holding.
Gary in Illinois, last caller before I hand the baton to our guest host.
Hey Alex, I want to talk about a couple things.
First, and most important, is keeping you on the air.
Back when I was listening in the early 2000s, I wanted more and paid the extra to be able to get the TV version of it.
Are you hearing me?
You're talking about PrisonPlanet.TV.
I am.
And as soon as bandwidth costs went down, we made it free.
But yeah, the full archive of decades of shows is at PrisonPlanet.TV, still to this day, for free.
Well, I mean, I'd be the first one to sign up for paying eight, ten bucks a month for anything, you know?
No, I hear you.
Our model has always been trying to give it out for free, but we're looking at making documentaries and special reports and special shows again that are going to be for subscribers.
So believe me, brother, if you want it, it's coming back.
Because you get a million people that signed up on there and they just get a little something.
Oh, we'd have no problem funding ourselves with that, Evan.
And another thing was I had this password that I could
Witness the people with the password and I was able to let eight people watch on my account.
Well, the subscribers of PrisonPlanet.tv finance so much of what we've done, and then things got really good for us in 2015.
We had plenty of money.
I said, well, it's free now.
I don't need money.
Now, today, we're barely on air, so that's why we made PrisonPlanet.tv free.
But yes, we are planning on bringing a hybrid program back, where like an hour or two is free, then a couple hours with special guests and a subscriber.
I mean, I've got a bunch of offers on other networks and other things.
I'm trying to keep him forwards on the air.
So we're doing this as best we can.
But if the enemy thinks they're going to shut us down, they're gravely mistaken.
They got to kill me or put me in prison or completely shut the web off.
They're not shutting anything down.
Thanks to your support, brother.
It's you, the viewers, that have decided to keep us on air.
We really appreciate it.
Anything else, Gary?
Oh yeah, it's great research stuff.
I'd like to see a squad of generals in the military start fulfilling their roles and maybe take a few platoons around the world and start military private business or just taking care of business.
Well, I mean, that's where things are headed.
So we do have Nuremberg 2 getting fired up in Europe with the German Vice President.
We do have criminal investigations in Florida.
But we do have a Declaration of Independence.
And I'm not calling for violence at this point.
And I'm not going to offensively start anything.
But yes, we have the Second Amendment as an emergency backup for a reason.
And the idea they're trying to demonize that is because the tyrants know they're planning on pushing stuff so bad
They're trying to force us into violent confrontation.
That's why I think we should keep our powder dry, my friend.
Thank you so much for your call.
All right.
I really want to thank the viewers and listeners for tuning in today.
Lord willing, I'll be back at 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
I'm very humble and very blessed to have been so successful against the enemy.
All of that
Credit goes to God and the viewers and listeners of this show that have made it possible.
Maria Zee at Zee Media, with three E's, zee.com, takes over.
She's a leading light in Australia battling tyranny.
We're going to break in two and a half minutes, but I wanted her to take over now and give people a prelude to what she's about to cover.
Maria, thanks for being here.
Thank you so much for having me, Alex.
And isn't it amazing to see the power of truth all around the world?
People are gathering to tell the truth and listen to the truth.
And this is why the globalists are fighting so hard to shut InfoWars up and to shut all of us up.
There is some really amazing news that's come out of Australia where they are now referring to us as terrorists.
Alex covered this just the other day and I want to talk about what actually led to the police talking about monitoring online conspiracy theorists accounts and how they're actually
Painting anti-vaxxers as terrorists.
Similar actions that have happened in New Zealand and something that's coming out of China, which I think is very, very strange.
You know, the mainstream media talking about the worst pandemic ever out of China.
Millions upon millions of cases.
But yet China's opening its borders and we're going to start getting people leaving China again, coming into different countries.
Is this their way of trying to create a new pandemic?
We'll dig into that a lot more later on in the show.
But just to touch on that truth,
You know, I was reflecting on the first time that I appeared on the, that I actually hosted the Alex Jones Show, and I'm so grateful to the team and to Alex for connecting people all around the world like this, connecting me with their viewers, connecting other people with their viewers and their listeners, because this is a globally coordinated plan.
It's a global takeover that we are witnessing.
And so it is so important to hear from the tactics from every different country, because what happens here first will come to you if it's successful.
You know, Alex was just speaking about the fact that people are starting to become aware of 15-minute cities.
When I first hosted the Alex Jones Show, I came and I spoke to everyone about the Melbourne Experiment.
The United Nations boasting about how the Melbourne lockdowns were so great for the climate and they're going to use it in future for climate lockdowns.
To build your digital prison.
We'll talk about that a little bit as well, but I'm just so grateful.
I'm so grateful that people around the world are starting to realize what is happening and that's what we've needed from the beginning.
We need worldwide resistance to this global takeover and I believe it's happening.
I'll be back with you right on the other side of this break to talk about that more.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host, Maria Z. Now, the last time that I was on here,
I spoke about the propaganda that the WEF released and the WHO and it was a doctor talking about anti-science aggression and the fact that anti-vax aggression now is a killing force globally saying that it is responsible, and I quote, according to them, for more death than gun violence and global terrorism.
So they've started to compare anti-vaxxers, what they call anti-vaxxers, which is people that want to withhold their participation in a Frankenstein medical experiment,
They're calling them terrorists.
And it's not the first time that we've heard this term.
New Zealand's been doing it for a little while.
I'm going to go over that.
But it's coming for every country.
Canada started doing this as well.
As Alex said the other day, it's happening all over the world.
But what sparked this particular video that I'm going to show you in a moment from Australia was a story that we heard in the mainstream media about two crazy conspiracy theorists, three, sorry, living on a property.
And apparently, you know, police went in to initially conduct a welfare check, then we were told that they went to investigate a missing person, then we were told that they had a warrant for these persons' arrest.
Because a police officer, months ago, listen to this,
Caught this saw this person crossing a border when unvaccinated people were not allowed to cross a border.
They thought this person had weapons.
He had a gun license, but apparently he had more weapons than he was permitted to have.
But they didn't do anything about it at the time.
So later on,
They got a warrant for his arrest something like 12 months later.
What they're doing is talking about tighter border controls now to make sure that unvaccinated people, if we have a situation like that again, unvaccinated people can't travel, you know, can't be traveling borders like that.
And they've painted these people as these crazy off-grid living in a remote location.
So I'm just telling you the official narrative that's changed about 400 times a day.
Since the story came out.
And of course, I'm exaggerating here, but you understand what I mean.
They've told us that they're part of some cult.
They've also said, you know, that they were Christians, Armageddon type, you know, apocalyptic type.
I think so.
Things that a lot of people talk about online.
And they've said that, you know, these people are living off-grid in a remote location, you know, crazy off-grid, so trying to scare people away from living off-grid.
And the house backs on to a school, apparently.
So that's not really this insane remote location.
And, you know, interestingly enough, we've heard reports that the property was trying to be bought up by the government for some time because there's a crucial gas line there that the property's on, and apparently the family was being harassed for quite some time by police, who later on admitted that they'd been there several times.
And, of course, you won't hear this on the mainstream media,
And, you know, two inexperienced officers apparently have gone in.
There's been a shootout, and we've been told that these people were crazy, insane killers.
Now, I'm not supposed to talk to you impartially about this situation, because me applying my critical thinking means I'm a terrorist according to my government.
I'm not allowed to pick apart this story and pick apart
The parts that the mainstream media just don't make sense about, which is anything that they report, because they're liars, because they're funded by Bill Gates.
You know, The Guardian has the goal!
To ask for donations on their page, saying that they're independent and they need funding to keep going, when they received $10 million, over $10 million, reportedly, in grants from Bill Gates to report on how great the COVID-19 injections are.
And you want to put up a, please pay me to keep reporting, to keep shilling for Bill Gates.
These people can't be trusted and so what the Australian police have responded with, if the team can queue up that video right now of the Australian police, I want to show you how they're painting people right now and how they're trying to scare us from even talking about this.
I'll let the video go.
So they're skilled at looking at things like religiously motivated extremism, ideological motivated extremism,
Issue-motivated extremism, grievance-fuelled violence, and even pathological-fuelled violence.
Are you broadly concerned, I guess, after seeing something like this, an attack on police and the rise and kind of conspiracy theories of the start of COVID?
Is that something that police are concerned about?
Of course, of course.
Right across the country.
I mean, part of my role is in counter-terrorism and we meet nationally with the Australian New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee and discuss these issues regularly.
We do investigate and monitor people who demonstrate and we know show concerning behaviour.
Or if it's anybody out there that knows of someone that might be showing concerning behaviour around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police, conspiracy theories around COVID-19 vaccination as what we're seeing with the Train family, we'd want to know about that.
We want to know about that.
And you can either contact police directly or go through Crimestoppers.
What we can see is sentiment displayed by the three individuals, the three trained family members, that appears anti-government, anti-police, conspiracy theorist type things.
So in all of the social media postings we'll be looking at who are the other people posting material, who are the people that own those sites, where are they located, and then we'll go and speak to them.
Now, I'm not saying that this family was innocent.
I'm not saying that, you know, some of what the mainstream media has said about this story is not true.
I mean, who knows?
The point is you cannot trust the media.
And as much as the government would like me to not say these words because apparently that makes me dangerous, you cannot trust the government.
And they're ramping up
Trying to make people afraid to speak or think critically or pick apart a situation and, you know, allocating counter-terrorism teams to monitor anti-vax conspiracy theories which they regard as concerning behaviour.
So, you know, like we showed from the WHO, they're saying that this anti-vax aggression is a killing force responsible for more death than gun violence and global terrorism.
And now the Australian police are calling for people to report anyone that is anti-government, that is, you know, what did they say?
Anti-government or anti-police to Crimestoppers or their local police station.
Because you have questions about the people, public servants, that reportedly serve you, who are paid by your taxes to serve you and to answer to the public.
You're not allowed to do that anymore?
Well then I'd like my taxes back please.
We'll be right back after this break.
Welcome back everyone.
We're talking about how the globalists are labelling us as crazy, terrorists, conspiracy theorists and extremists and how this all started in Australia.
The reason I told you the backstory of what happened here was because
Basically, we're being treated as though we can't talk about this and we're crazy if we do.
You know, even in Canada, if you look up the term psychosis, it gives the example of someone who thinks that their government's trying to hurt them.
And so the globalists are trying to make us afraid to speak the truth and I simply refuse to back down.
I refuse to be afraid to tell the truth because the truth is so powerful and it started
You know, this particular broadcast off with that.
It really is.
The truth doesn't need to defend itself, as in, it doesn't need to justify itself.
It defends itself.
And the truth cuts through the lies and it cuts through their BS.
And that's all this is.
It's just BS.
It's fear tactics.
It's trying to scare you.
But they are, and I cannot deny, they are operating in lockstep.
And I want to talk to you about New Zealand.
You know, Jacinda Ardern, I like to call her Jabscinder.
This woman is a real psychopath.
She is a very, very talented actress.
Fooled a lot of the world into thinking she was a good woman, particularly with how she dealt with the Christchurch situation.
But just like we saw with 9-11, just like we saw with what happened in Christchurch, and just like we saw with what happened recently with this shooting in Australia, there are more laws calling for, for example, with the Patriot Act,
In 9-11.
In New Zealand, they're talking about how they're going to combat extremism following the Christchurch situation.
And in Australia, you know, more gun reforms.
We've already got incredibly strict gun laws here.
But they want more gun reforms.
And so New Zealand security services launched an initiative recently to help the public identify warning signs of violent extremism.
This was in October of this year, and they said that their Secret Service is launching an initiative to help them identify people who may have been radicalized.
The guide is Know the Signs, a guide for identifying signs of violent extremism, details dozens of indicators that a friend or family member could be planning a terror attack.
I mean, the stuff that's in this guide, I don't know if the team can find it while I'm talking.
I've got it up here, but I'm just going to read some of it to you.
The mindsets and ideologies, it's called Know the Signs New Zealand.
Mindset and ideology consumes violent extremist videos, media, music or messaging.
But what is it that they consider violent extremist videos, media, music or messaging?
Well, they consider conspiracy theories
Violent extremism.
They consider it a global killing force.
They consider themselves at war with the people who think that these injections may be harmful.
Who dare to say that out loud?
Who dare to say, hmm, maybe this story here that the government is using in order to bring in more laws and monitor conspiracy theorists doesn't really add up.
Identifies with a violent extremist cause?
Well, we know from what they've told us that they think that anti-vax activism is an extremist cause.
Oh, so I am against people being killed by this death shot, so now I'm an extremist?
Look at that face.
That is the face of evil right there.
What a, oh, I can't stand looking at her.
Develops a hostile us-versus-them worldview.
I mean, this very broadcast, everything that I'm saying could be perceived in that manner.
No, I'm not against government.
I'm not against police.
I'm against corruption.
I'm against a global takeover, I'm against government officials getting up in the media every single day, reading us cases that mean nothing because the PCR test cannot distinguish between a simple cold, a sniffle and COVID, whatever that is, and telling us that we need to go and get injected or we can't leave our houses.
And then,
Denying or refusing to talk about the excess mortality rates as a result of those injections.
That's what I'm against.
I'm against murderers doing that.
And that is what they are.
Supports the use of violence to further their cause.
Well, every single broadcast that I listen to, and including my broadcast, have never once called for violence.
We just, we just want justice.
The right way, lawfully, peacefully.
We want justice and criminals to be held accountable for what they've done.
And expresses a willingness or desire to die on behalf of a violent extremist cause.
I've heard many people say, this is the hill that I'm going to die on.
And that could easily be misconstrued by these people.
You know, something that is actually quite noble.
And it is!
To fight against a globalist terrorist organization that is the New World Order by standing up to them with truth.
If the team can queue up the video of Jacinda Ardern declaring that we are at war with the people.
But we'll also be an advocate to address the weapons that are new.
After all, the face of war has changed.
And with that, the weapons used.
This is no longer a hypothetical.
The weapons of war have changed.
They are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.
And surely we can start with violent extremism and terrorist content online.
We're also focused on prevention.
Understanding the interactions between online environments and the real world that can lead to radicalization.
As leaders we're rightly concerned that even the most light-touch approaches to disinformation could be misinterpreted as being hostile to the values of free speech that we value so highly.
After all, how do you successfully end a war?
If people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble, how do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists?
How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?
The weapons may be different, but the goals of those who perpetuate them is often the same.
To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves.
To disband communities.
To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together.
Thank you.
She got a standing ovation there.
For telling the world that we are at war with the people, with those that spread what they call misinformation, with those that deny climate change, repeatedly saying that we are at war, we are at war.
It's them declaring war on us, not the other way around.
They are the ones who declared war first when they released a bioweapon.
And then they released a bioweapon shot.
Which made people sicker and made people drop dead at every corner.
That's why we have defibrillators on the streets in Australia because so many people are dying.
And yet she wants to get up in front of the United Nations and say, we are at war with people that would deny that we are telling the truth.
And everyone in that room got up and gave her a big round of applause for her spewing lies.
About radicalization from online content.
You're the radical!
You're the radical!
Who looks at people in the eye and tells them to go and get an injection that you know is going to kill millions.
You are the radical and we are well within our rights to call you out for it.
You disgusting human being.
These people are insane.
And they're willingly insane.
And now we have this situation out of China.
And we have the timing of the treaty or the IHR amendments.
And I believe that it is all tying together.
And this is exactly why they want to shut us up.
More to come right on the other side of this break.
You don't want to miss this.
Overwhelmed emergency wards, queues outside crematoriums, terrified people refusing to leave home is apparently what's happening in China right now and yet they've eased all their restrictions and they're opening their borders and China's open to the world again in January.
What is going on?
If the team can just get the footage out of China ready and just play it on mute, I'll talk people through what's actually going on over there.
I've got four clips for everyone to have a look.
So what we've seen is footage emerge out of China of these body bags that look extremely uniform.
I don't see the shape of a human body in these bags.
Honestly, they look like they're filled with potatoes or sand or something.
Again, they just look extremely uniform, but we're being told that bodies are just piling up.
We've got this footage of body after body in crematoriums to the point where apparently Chinese people have to carry in their loved ones and line up outside of crematoriums and carry them themselves
To the crematoriums because they're just dying en masse.
And the official story is that China's changed their COVID death statistic reporting so that you actually have to die exclusively from COVID for them to call it a COVID death, which should be the case anyway, might I add.
This is people apparently wheeling their loved ones to the crematoriums.
Here it is.
Where are they getting body bags
And beds.
Where are these people getting these body bags and these beds, these gurneys, to take their loved ones into the crematoriums?
How do regular people get access to this many beds and body bags?
I mean, the propaganda that's coming out of there is insane.
But there's a reason for it.
There is a reason for it.
We've got the World Health Assembly.
Working on these international health regulation amendments where they're erasing your human rights, all of the above.
This, actually this footage, I'll pause here.
This footage is interesting because it says that Xi has released, loosely translated, Xi has released a new bioweapon, or the CCP has released a new bioweapon.
This is apparently graffiti in China warning the world that a new bioweapon has been released.
So, I want to talk about a couple of different things that may be happening here.
First of all, this is the mainstream media's propaganda around this.
They're saying that there was something like 300 million cases one day last week, and all these deaths, but China's not reporting the deaths because they're not dying exclusively from COVID, they're dying from other causes, so they're not reporting them as COVID deaths.
Well, why all the body bags then?
Is it a 5G attack?
Is it something that's happening from the injections?
Is it nothing at all?
Is it just propaganda footage like we saw at the start?
You know, do you remember when people were dropping dead on the streets?
I, to this day, have not seen one person from COVID drop dead on the streets.
I have seen people pass out and go into a fit from the injections.
But we don't know exactly what's going on.
What we do know is that China is saying that they're going to open their borders in January
They're not reporting deaths.
The mainstream media is saying there are countless deaths.
This footage, you know, they say eyeballs can't be censored.
This is what they're saying.
Oh, so now you don't want a censor, do you?
Now you want information to get out there because you're telling us the truth all of a sudden.
Lying scum.
Cues of hearses can be seen stretching through civic centres.
Yellow and red body bags are clearly stacked in the halls and outside the entrances of funeral homes.
So what is actually going on in China?
Are people dropping en masse from the injections?
Have they launched a 5G attack?
Has the CCP created a new bioweapon, as the graffiti told us over there?
Or are they doing all of this exactly as they did at the start, releasing all this propaganda out of China, opening their borders in order to say that the virus or this deadly pandemic, because the headlines actually say here in Australia, the worst of the pandemic, the worst nightmares, our worst fears, all of the above, are happening now as we speak in China.
I don't know how that happens.
You know, lockdowns didn't work to contain the virus and nothing changed after you unlocked the world.
What happened was the injections are what actually caused, are causing all of the issues.
But I want to talk about this, this last point, which is that
The United States is requiring people to, they're imposing mandatory COVID testing for travellers from China, right?
Fair enough!
If the PCR test or the RAT test is the gold standard, and this is my point I was trying to make in Telegram last night, which by the way, if you're not in my Telegram, jump in there.
It's Z Media with three E's.
Fantastic group of critically thinking individuals in there and around the clock news.
So, Australia is resisting international moves to test Chinese tourists for COVID, right?
It's saying that Albanese, our Prime Minister, who was selected, said that he would rely on medical advice, which is to keep the borders open.
Okay, hang on a second.
Let's dial back a minute.
You told us that the gold standard was lockdowns, social distancing, not traveling between states, so on and so forth, especially if you're unvaccinated.
And you told us that the PCR was the gold standard to make sure that we can identify tests.
But our Prime Minister is saying, no, no, we're going to keep the borders open, which is fine.
There's no problem keeping the borders open.
But all of a sudden, the medical advice doesn't include your gold standard of testing that is apparently just the most reliable thing on the planet.
Which can't tell the difference between a sniffle and, you know, a respiratory virus.
And so why?
Why is this happening now?
Why is China opening up with this kind of so-called outbreak?
Why is the mainstream media reporting this outbreak?
Why is the Prime Minister responding to this and saying, even though the situation in China is so bad, we're going to keep our borders open?
The situation may not even exist, and I doubt that it does, because this is the nature of propaganda and this is the nature of the globalists.
It's scare tactics.
My point is, our Prime Minister is responding as though the situation exists.
The US is responding as though the situation exists.
They are responding as though the worst outbreak on the planet is happening in China right now, and yet they are bringing in people from China to our countries.
And not testing them with their gold standard test.
Well, they need to get through.
The International Health Regulations amendments where they've erased your dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.
They need your consent to get away with their treaty.
Dr Francis Boyle was just on here the other day warning about this.
I've warned about this.
Alex has warned about this.
The treaty is the most dangerous thing facing us to date.
This is a global medical takeover.
And I really, really think, and I've got this hunch,
So much so that I reported on it on Christmas Eve.
That something is happening with the China situation like we saw at the start.
You know, pretending that China is hiding an outbreak.
The media getting onto it, finding them out, investigating.
Oh, China's responsible because someone ate a bat.
Remember that nonsense?
And then China spreading it to the world.
And it's easy to pin it on China.
Because they've demonized them so much in the media.
Whether wrong or right, a lot of the world easily blames China, just like a lot of the world easily blames Putin.
Meanwhile, they're setting up all this infrastructure, and if you saw Greg Rees's video, if you haven't seen it yet, please do go and watch it.
He includes an interview from me and Aman Jabi on Smart Cities.
That interview is actually up on Band.Video, the full interview.
On the Z Media tab, you can watch it.
This is the infrastructure that they're setting up, your digital prison, while all of this is going on.
And this situation and the amendments to the IHR are going to aid in setting up that digital prison because it calls for constant surveillance of citizens.
It calls for constant monitoring of citizens in order to be pandemic ready.
And maybe this time they'll say, because we didn't have the system set up, because we didn't have the treaty signed, this is why China got away with it again.
I don't know exactly what's going to happen with the China situation.
But something is very, very fishy there.
And that's why I'm talking about it.
And as much as I've tried to look away and say, that's just propaganda, something smells very, very off.
I want to thank everyone for tuning in today.
Thank you to the InfoWars team for all their hard work.
Continue to support this broadcast and independent media who are giving you life-saving information for you to share with the world.
God bless you all and I'll see you all very soon.
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