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Name: 20221227_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 27, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses miscarriage rates due to COVID-19 vaccines, criticizing hospital presidents' claims about their safety for pregnant women. He mentions the ruling elite's plans to exterminate a large portion of the population and promotes InfoWars supplements. Jones interviews Angela Stanton- King on the potential link between vaccines and infertility issues, discussing low vaccine uptake in Africa and Haiti, natural immunity, and nutrition. They criticize media and government handling of information and promote InfoWars MD supplements while discussing ongoing investigations into Big Pharma companies involved in vaccine production.

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Illegal spying, illegal transfer of national security, highest level clearances, top secret to thousands of people.
All the big tech companies in on it.
Surveillance, censorship, control of elections, of border news, of war news, of drag queen story time news, of transgenderism targeting children news, of medical COVID news by top scientists.
True evil.
Suppressing the people and consumers.
Absolute organized levels of control only rivaled by the communist Chinese.
And then one more little piece of data.
Congressman Ted Lube has come out with Adam Kinzinger in the last few weeks and said that Elon Musk is a liar and that the Twitter files aren't real.
The FBI last week called it a conspiracy theory.
Now they have to admit all the documents are real as we covered last segment and say, but it's no big deal.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Let's first go back to this great Mike Adams article.
Uh, that came out in July of last year and it links right to the New England Medical Journal that hides it deep in the study that said 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for COVID during the first and second trimesters suffered miscarriages.
And it's still a very, very large amount as well.
You can read, uh, in the third trimester as well.
That's also in the, uh, double digits.
Here's one of the studies preliminary findings of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnant women.
Miscarriage, stillbirth rates exploding worldwide as depopulation continues unabated.
You can see the graph there from the federal government's own numbers, similar numbers around the world.
Exposure to COVID vaccine spike proteins renders women infertile.
Nurse whistleblower, fetal deaths have skyrocketed since pregnant women started using, being forced to get COVID-19 shots.
Australia sees 63% drop in births after introduction of COVID vaccines.
What will be the government's excuse?
Will be hospital president.
COVID-19 vaccines causing miscarriages is a complete myth, plain and simple.
I'm very happy to report that among the tens of thousands of women who have been closely studied after they chose to get the COVID-19 vaccines, the data is clear.
These vaccines are safe.
The often mentioned but completely unsubstantiated concerns about COVID-19 vaccines causing either miscarriages or other problems with their pregnancy or causing problems getting pregnant Is a complete myth, plain and simple.
Where's the study?
The tens of thousands of women, where is it?
They admit it's all lies.
Pfizer fake reports as well.
This guy is a lying scumbag.
So, he doesn't give any facts, doesn't give any statistics, doesn't give any numbers.
He just says we have thousands of women and none of them had a problem.
No, no, no.
There's no, there's nobody's, nobody's dying.
No children are dying.
I've been actively miscarrying since the age...
I have gone to a doctor.
This is my second visit to the ER.
If you're wondering why women's rights matter, this is my wife.
Nobody actually's coming down.
They're always going to send me home.
These are the folks that tell you that two men can have a baby.
It's all upside down world.
You know, they use DNA to prove somebody committed a murder 30 years ago, and that's all scientific.
But now the science guy, Bill Nye's new shows tell kids that there are no X and Y chromosomes.
They're murdering the truth.
They're murdering science.
And he sits up there and says, out of tens of thousands of women, nobody's had a miscarriage.
Nobody's had a sick baby.
That's a damn lie.
I see a vast number of patients a year.
I don't know of any other maternal fetal medicine physician in this country that sees as many patients as I do by ultrasound.
At one point in time this year I was on track to see 9,000, 9,000 irisco B ultrasounds.
So I know what's going on and I've seen death and destruction like I've never seen before.
The stillbirth rate is measured in terms of live births per thousand, and really it's come down in my career from about 10 to about almost 5.8 or 6.
Now let's go to 2021 and look at the stillbirth rate for Michelle's.
This is horrifying, but if you take this death figure and you look at that rate at 29.3, That sigma that you're looking at is 40 plus sigma.
Standard deviation.
Let that sink in.
And what I've seen in my clinical practice has been a substantial, massive increase, unprecedented in menstrual abnormalities prior to pregnancy.
A substantial increase in infertility.
A substantial increase in miscarriage, fetal death, and fetal malformation.
We published many studies this year.
Over the last two years, our latest study, which we've used from VAERS and CDC data, and we compared the COVID-19 vaccines over the last 15-18 months with those of the influenza vaccine in pregnancy.
And what we see is catastrophic.
What did Alexander Seltzer need to say about this?
He goes, we know they are lying.
They know they are lying.
They know we know they are lying.
We know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.
It's Tuesday, December 27th.
The year is 2022.
We're in the final twilight of this incredible year.
The year has been one of war, the year has been one of awakening, the year has been one of great tyranny, but also humanity fighting back.
I rarely take off three full days, but I did take off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and of course still couldn't help myself to about five hours of study each day, but had time to pull back and really assess the situation of the world.
And I'm going to try to present all of this news here that you see in front of me.
Every one of these articles I could spend the entire four hours on, so it's quite a task to cover the gravity of the situation.
But here is the final equation.
The decision has been made by the ruling elite of the planet to selfishly poison and dumb down and exterminate at least 90% of us.
And they've gone from beta testing it into operational mode.
And as Elon Musk came out over the weekend and said, we have a video of it we'll play just in a moment.
Name a conspiracy theory about Twitter that did not turn out to be true.
Everybody's seen the meme.
I've need new conspiracy theories.
All the old ones came true.
Well, the truth is we knew exactly what was going on At Twitter, because it was in legislation that Obama signed before he left.
I know I've harped on this.
And the real reason I was banned off of Twitter, finally, they said it was because I confronted Oliver Darcy at a congressional hearing outside, which I did.
But it's what I said in that 11-minute confrontation that's on Banned.video that got me banned.
Not saying he had the eyes of a rat.
I knew that CNN was quarterbacking with the Washington Post, the New York Times, a liaison in the State Department, that's when Trump was in, it went back into the White House once Trump was gone, but right under Trump's nose, to bring in thousands of other news outlets and send them for Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL training in a month-long course.
They trained over, get ready for this, 300,000 people in the last six years that they admit to in documents to then work inside Big Tech and inside the Justice Department.
Where these NGOs then give the orders to the Justice Department and the orders to the newspapers and the orders to big tech.
Just like two years ago, O'Biden, when he stole the election, hired the former NGO head that opened up Europe in the last 12 years to the tens of millions of Islamists and others pouring in.
They brought that very NGO over, they got a U.S.
charter, and then it took over the giant illegal alien migrant centers And as you know, tripled what Obama was bringing in and just absolutely have skyrocketed it since.
So there's now a criminal investigation going on by the state of Texas of that, because it's totally illegal.
But when you go there, you see the NGOs, literally many of them with purple and green hair, in charge of the Border Patrol and the ICE personnel.
So, we know this all frontwards and backwards, we know every facet of it, and the FBI now came out and Fox News reported, they said, big deal, okay, yeah, it's gonna come out that we had people inside all of the big tech companies and thousands of other companies and are calling the shots for your own good.
Now just a week ago, the FBI put a press release out, the FBI director did, saying it's a conspiracy theory and none of it's true.
And they have lots of articles saying fact check Elon Musk has published fake documents.
All face gas lighting didn't work, blew up in their face.
So now they're like, yeah, of course we pay millions of dollars and put our personnel inside.
But they are there with top national security clearances, top secret.
Not secret, top secret.
And then they give all that top secret information to the NGOs.
And so it goes back and forth.
The NGOs create the policy, then the law enforcement, whether it's ICE or whether it's the FBI, whether it's Border Patrol or a federal marshal, they got a bunch of those in there, 60 plus thousand of them, inside running this.
They're in your private messages, they're in your email if you use a big company, they're watching everything you do privately, it is A trillion times bigger, literally, than anything Nixon did.
Nixon spied on a few people and thought about having the IRS audit 123 people.
That letter came out.
He never did it.
When I say a trillion times bigger, I mean there are trillions of different actions on the web going on in the U.S.
alone every day, and it's all being watched in live time.
To suppress elections and to target, it now came out in the new Twitter files released on Saturday, what we already told you, I said they're not just coordinating the Hunter laptop, they're not just coordinating people questioning elections, they're not just censoring people questioning the war in Ukraine or the Afghan withdrawal, they are suppressing hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, and scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, It's now come out and blocking them and censoring them and having them banned on Twitter.
But we only know about the Twitter because Elon Musk is releasing it.
So people two weeks ago, three weeks ago, when this started, said it was a nothing burger.
Musk said, no, it's huge.
I'm going to release it in more than 50 pieces.
They're up to what, number 15 now?
Of 50 pizzas?
This is already a mega, five patty, quadruple cheeseburger with chili and two fried eggs on it.
This is the biggest hamburger I've ever seen.
This is not a nothing burger.
This is a burger four people couldn't eat.
This is the mother of all burgers.
The damn thing weighs 15 pounds.
If it was a burger, it's dripping with grease and onions.
I'm getting hungry.
But, to use the cheesy analogy, Quite literally, that's a pun.
This is gargantuan.
This is absolutely over the top.
And it's exactly, precisely what I told you and what I confronted members of Congress and others about, and that's why I was banned.
Because I scared the living hell out of them.
You scared the living hell out of them with your support of this broadcast.
That is just this stack of 15 articles or so.
Mega Bombshell, upon Mega Bombshell, upon Mega Bombshell.
And I'm getting chills right now.
Every one of these stacks is Mega Bombshell.
We're gonna hit this one first when we come back.
And then we're gonna plow into...
The climate lockdowns that are now officially being announced, not just overseas, but here.
Looters in Buffalo, people freezing to death.
Now they're saying up to 80 dead.
We're going to get to that.
We have just got so much, so much to hit today and a special guest and calls.
We're going to cover the waterfront.
But first, as I mentioned it, here's Elon Musk over the weekend in an online interview, video interview.
You know, joking about how every conspiracy we heard about Twitter came true.
Yeah, and it all came from InfoWars.
90% of it.
And I'm still banned.
Which, I'm not begging to get back on your platform.
He is freeing it up overall, compared to what it was, it's night and day.
I understand I'm so demonized, to back me would be a bridge too far for him.
He may not even be able to survive at Twitter, or at, they're trying to take him down.
And I'm not saying he's a good guy either.
I think he's trying to take over the New World Order himself, but I'm just going to step out of the way and say, go go Musk, because when it comes to the Twitter situation, he's doing a great job overall.
Let's be realist about that, but here's Musk.
Almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.
Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn't turn out to be true?
So far, they've all turned out to be true.
And if not, more true than people thought.
Meanwhile, can we go back?
Isn't that the owner of the Warriors that's laughing with him?
Isn't that the owner of the Warriors?
Who came out and said he doesn't care about three million Uyghur slaves?
So there's just so many villains in all of this.
So there's Musk giggling about conspiracy theories coming true with a guy that goes on TV and says, I don't care about three million slaves.
They don't even enter my consciousness.
They have no value.
He didn't just say screw those people.
He said they don't even exist.
Just a little side tidbit.
Tyranny, tyranny everywhere.
We're going to come back with this stack.
And so much more.
Straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
So here's Elon Musk saying basically all the conspiracy theories about Twitter turned out to be true because they weren't conspiracy theories.
They were analysts like myself and experts and whistleblowers giving you the inside scoop on what was happening.
And now it's all confirmed precisely as we said.
I mean, to be totally frank, Almost every conspiracy theory that people had about
Twitter turned out to be true.
Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn't turn out to be true?
So far, they've all turned out to be true.
And if not, more true than people thought.
And why isn't Musk talking more about, if I had any big criticism of what he's doing on Twitter, why isn't he talking about how the other big tech giants are on board with this and doing stuff even at a worse scale?
Larger scale.
Think about that.
Because what does it do if he frees up Twitter?
The others aren't free.
Well, it makes everybody go to Twitter, which is what he wants.
He's doing this because he'll dominate the market, which, for whatever reason, you do the right thing, just do the right thing, but that's like a little right thing.
That's a little R. Big R is free the whole system.
Because you got eight kids, Musk, are they going to live in a free world if we don't free the world?
Maybe you think your hundreds of billions will protect them.
I think you're smart enough to know it won't.
Only a free society will protect all of us.
That's how it works.
And tyrants that get rid of freedom to have control always get bitten in the ass by the things they've done to others.
So here's some of the headlines.
FBI declines to list other social media companies it paid.
Says a 3.5 million Twitter payment was a reimbursement.
I guess those top-secret security clearances were as well.
But they're going to admit, yeah, we're paying off other people.
We played the Musk clip.
We totally franked almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter.
Turned out to be true.
There's a good graphic going around Twitter that Robert W. Malone put out.
Show the Twitter files as the top of the iceberg and below the water, you've got 90% of what's still submerged.
Facebook files, Instagram files, WhatsApp files, Reddit files, TikTok files, Amazon files, Netflix files, Snapchat files, Google files, Microsoft files.
YouTube files, but even bigger than that is the ADL, ADL files, and the Southern Poverty Law Center files, and the German Intelligence files, and the CIA files, and the big bank files, and the Goldman Sachs files, and the Chase Bank files, who we know are in all the other documents.
That's what's frustrating.
I already know all this.
You've already heard it all here a hundred times.
This is old news.
But how do I know all this, but Congress doesn't?
That's the issue.
Jim Jordan talks a good game, and I like him overall.
But he didn't go as far as Devin Nunes.
And we know he takes a lot of Google money, and he, it turned out, is supporting them, creating more of a centralized monopoly.
And so he's saying he's thinking about an investigation, now that they have the House.
He's thinking about Frank Church style hearings they had in the 1970s, exposing the deep state that they thought committed all these crimes, and they did.
But on a Richter scale, it's like a 1 compared to a 10.
This thing's almost off the charts.
And so, Congress is thinking about it.
The Republicans are thinking about it.
Well, you better think fast and think hard, because you are going along with this, just like Trump did with a bunch of lip service until he got censored.
Twitter Files Part 9.
Vast web of coordination between tech giants, CIA, State Department, and other agencies.
Fox News!
Oh, I told you it was CIA and State Department the whole time!
Because I got approached and threatened by them, folks, and I'm not going to get into all of it here on air, but it's been an interesting seven years.
I'll leave it at that.
House Republicans warming to church-style committee to probe FBI from top to bottom.
Oh, they're warming.
How nice.
Meanwhile, AI machines could control humans and make decisions for us if we don't act now, experts warn.
And that's absolutely true.
And it's AI already, to a great extent, in charge of big tech.
Once it's programmed, deciding who to censor.
Ben Garrison's got a new cartoon out of Alice in Wonderland with Musk as the rabbit, saying, let's go down the rabbit hole.
You go down it first, and it's Twitter banned Trump and his supporters, and it's Jack Dorsey saying nobody's censoring, nobody's being banned, and protecting child porn.
And you go deeper down the rabbit hole, it's the FBI working with Biden and the New World Order to censor everybody in live time.
And you go into the deepest areas, it's Fauci suppressing all the medical news that his shots were poison and suppressing therapeutics.
The good of saved people.
Rachel Levine, ripped for demanding censorship and misinformation on gender-affirming care for kids as young as five.
That's the man that dresses like a woman that says he's a five-star admiral of the Department of Health who admits he wants full access to your children in the state to control your children's destinies.
Tim Loo attacks new Twitter files with misinformation.
Immediately gets dragged by Elon Musk for spreading this information.
Yeah, Loo just says they're not real.
He's still following the FBI's BS from a week ago where they said, oh, none of this is real.
Now they're like, of course we did it.
It's no big deal.
Here's another one.
Mike Davis slams James Dolan for using facial recognition to remove rivals from arenas he owns.
You have lawyers that are involved suing any of those billionaires' facilities like Madison Square Garden.
When you try to go see a show there, it instantly face scans you and has you thrown out.
Oh, but what do you think the airports are putting in?
They're not at the southern border, but they're in the airports for you.
What do you think Whole Foods is putting in?
What do you think the control grid is?
Meanwhile, Whole Foods, this video is coming up.
announced a year ago they're going to put in kiosks and make you scan a QR code to be
able to come in the grocery store.
This is the future of shopping for what they already have in Europe and Australia.
If you don't have your cupboard shot, you can't get in.
I saw comments on InfoWars, we wrote about it Saturday, saying, "Oh, Jones doesn't know
He doesn't know what those QR codes are for."
It's a global standardized social credit score run by the Communist Chinese, the WEF, standardized
and rolled out two years ago.
It's a global policy and a global law of the UN already.
I know every damn bit about it.
And I'm so sick of some of the listeners and readers that just think I spout stuff off here.
This is all happening.
It's not coming.
Look at this.
The Roomba.
You know those little robots that Folks have that roll around your house and tie into all the other smart hubs.
Well, now they're posting pictures of people having sex and people on the toilet and everything else because it's wiring it all back to the big tech companies that's selling the data.
And of course, some of it leaks.
Yes, all the home assistants, all the cameras on your phones, all that, they're all recording you all the time on record.
Big article on the Roombra.
It's like 20 pages long.
You should go read it.
Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet.
How does a screenshot of her end up on Facebook?
Roomba vacuum companies say the images are safe, but a sprawling global supply chain of data from our devices creates risk.
Creates risk?
It shouldn't be done!
The rings on your house, all of this crap.
It goes on and on and on.
David Knight tweeted this.
It's an image that really tells it all.
It's, you know, those grocery stores have those shopping carts with a toy car attached to the front so the two-year-old can sit there until they're driving the car.
Well, that's really how the tech companies work.
You think you're in control, they're in control.
Meanwhile, Dallas has put in the first all-robot McDonald's.
The ruling elite say we need millions of expendable immigrant laborers.
They also say technology is the future.
If robots can flip burgers, why are they still flooding the market with illegal labor?
It's about displacing humans.
And if you think you're going to protest in the real world, UK police arrest a woman for silently praying.
Are you praying?
She goes to jail, spends Christmas in jail.
Okay, that's some of the social media stack.
We got to one stack.
Which stack will we hit next?
Which one should we go into first?
What ties into this stack the best?
Ah, the new climate lockdown's being announced.
All right, I spent much of segment two and all of segment three on the incredible latest dump that just get more and more powerful, the super burger, the opposite of a nothing burger from Elon Musk.
Illegal spying, illegal transfer of national security, highest level clearances, top secret to thousands of people.
All the big tech companies in on it.
Surveillance, censorship, control of elections, of border news, of war news, of drag queen story time news, of transgenderism targeting children news, of medical COVID news by top scientists.
True evil.
Suppressing the people and consumers.
Absolute organized levels of control only rivaled by the communist Chinese.
And then one more little piece of data.
Congressman Ted Lube has come out with Adam Kinzinger in the last two weeks and said that Elon Musk is a liar and that the Twitter files aren't real.
The FBI last week called it a conspiracy theory.
Now they have to admit all the documents are real as we covered last segment and say, but it's no big deal.
Now why do you think Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu came out in the last two weeks, we showed you the article last segment, and said this isn't real?
Because Obama had it put in the legislation and signed it in late 2016 and executive order early 2017 before he left office to put billions of dollars, upwards of three billion, A little bit shy of three billion in the defense budget to have the State Department and the CIA completely take over big tech.
They already had liaisons.
They already had a lot of control.
But that's when the acceleration of the surveillance and the censorship began, if you can remember.
And if you remember.
So now, let's look at who sponsored that legislation that was added as a rider on the Defense Authorization Act of 2017 that put the group under Trump to undermine his presidency and work in a silent coup against the American people.
And that's what this is, is a big tech coup by the deep state.
Kind of a big deal.
5181, Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, 2016.
That was the enabling legislation for everything they did.
That's why they called everybody Russian agents when they censored you.
And look who the author is, Adam Kinzinger, crybaby, and then Representative Ted Lieu.
That's what Infowars does.
We do the research, Rob Dew found this, and then we cover it, and then great people like Tucker Carlson's crew, They see it, they check it, and we'll probably be on Tucker tonight.
Which I'm glad that's happening.
Because we're all in a team effort here.
I learned a lot from Tucker.
But Tucker will tell you, nine times out of ten, when they're getting some big breaking thing on this, Alex Jones is right.
This is what we do here.
That's why staying on air is so important.
But there it is.
No wonder.
No wonder they're telling you that none of this exists because they wrote the damn thing.
It'd be like, Ernest Hemingway saying the old man in the sea doesn't exist or for whom the bell tolls doesn't exist.
You're like, Ernest, you wrote those books.
You won Nobel prizes.
I know nothing about it.
I just wrote it.
You mean the intelligence agencies wrote it.
You sponsored it and you voted for it.
So we're going to get more into that.
I want to get into the carbon taxes being rolled out.
And I want to get into all that massive news here in just a moment.
But before we do that, I've got some really, really sad news here and an announcement I want to make.
And it's hard to talk about this because it just stirs so many deep feelings in me on so many fronts.
How much I love my family, my children, this crew, the audience, the listeners, everybody.
The older you get, the more people you know that have died.
I remember being there when my grandfather died and I remember in there watching a car wreck and seeing people's arms and legs and heads cut off flopping around dying how traumatic that was and you just as you get older you just realize how how short life is and How precious it is, and how beautiful the world is, and how beautiful the stars and the planets are, and how amazing the birds are, and the insects, and the fish, and just the people, and the art, and the literature, and the culture, and everything we do.
Yeah, we're ugly, but we're also beautiful.
We've been given godlike powers of creativity by the creator of the universe, and we have to realize that it's not evil that defines us, it's the good that defines us, and A gentleman worked here for a little over 10 years that I got to be really good friends with in the last five.
And he first worked in the shopping cart area with online orders and then, because we could never get anybody really good to be the maintenance guy and run the actual facilities, about five years ago he took it over and he's just done a great job in all the things he did.
And just last Thursday, I was here at the office, and we were talking, and I said, I can't wait until the spring hits.
Let's go fishing again.
Because he spent Fourth of July with me at the lake.
We've gone out to dinner.
We've gone shooting.
He's a friend.
He'll always be a friend.
Because he's such a kind, friendly, smart person.
And he lives on.
His spirit is eternal. But the day after Christmas in the morning I got a call
from one of the crew members and he said I don't know how else to put this but
Chris Andrews died yesterday. 39 years old. Worked out, didn't smoke, didn't drink.
And I just sat there for like a minute, couldn't even talk.
And I said, Chris Andrews died.
And he said, yeah, they just had Christmas at his house.
He just got married three weeks ago.
He was so happy.
Great lady.
And They were loading up some presents to go see family.
He put a box in the back of his SUV.
He said, I'm dizzy.
And he laid down on the ground.
I talked to his wife and had trouble breathing and then stopped breathing.
When paramedics got there, he was already dead.
They tried to resuscitate him for 45 minutes on the scene, and the medical examiner has his body, but his spirit has gone on to the next level.
And if anybody's going to heaven, it's Chris Andrews.
It's just devastating.
He was so happy, and he was such a great guy, and I was going to go out with him and his wife and my wife and kids on the lake and fish and swim and can't do that now.
But he just got married to this great lady that he's loved for years, three weeks ago, and he died on Christmas Day in his parking lot.
And he's gone.
And so that's how serious the world is.
He did not take the vaccine.
He did not have any heart issues.
But you have to know that he did get COVID a year and a half ago, and it does attack the heart.
The vaccine creates the same spike protein at a higher level, the studies show, in the body.
They're giving it to our little babies now, and we're seeing mass death.
All the actuaries and insurance company numbers show that.
Highest death rate increase since they started actuaries 150 years ago.
And so I don't know if, yeah, they haven't done the autopsy yet or that information isn't out yet.
But they said they thought it was a heart attack.
And I'm just speculating that it could have been from damage from COVID.
But it's a very serious situation.
And Chris didn't have a ton of money.
I know I've donated some and the crew has as well.
Under the live show feed on InfoWars.com of the live show today, under the live show feed, there's a link To the memorial for Christopher Andrews on GoFundMe.
And I hope the leftists don't take it down because he worked at InfoWars.
But they have no soul, so who knows what's going to happen.
But I've donated, I think.
Anybody that appreciates InfoWars work or knew Chris should make a donation to his widow.
And that's really all I can say about the situation.
But the good die young, they say.
I'll probably live to be about 180.
But seriously, I just look at my dad, I look at my mom, I look at my family, and I just can't imagine losing them.
But I was very close to my grandparents, I lost them too, and I've lost so many friends, and then I think about how they're targeting newborn babies with this garbage, and it makes my blood boil.
But Chris, we love you, we appreciate you, and you'll always be with us.
And I just hope we can continue InfoWars on, because I'd asked him a few months ago, I said, do you think I ought to hang this up?
He said, no, never surrender, never give up, and I'll be by your side.
And he's still by my side and our sides today.
Vaya con Dios, Christopher Andrews.
When I get up here on the air and I give you the success stories we've had, it's a report card to you, my bosses.
I want you to know that you're backing us in the field against the New World Order with our Sword of Truth.
Our shield of determination has been bringing down enemy operations left and right.
And I'm not proud of that.
It's not a feeling of pride.
It's a feeling of extreme satisfaction.
So satisfaction is when somebody tries to mug you, comes around a corner, punches you in the side of the head, and you instinctively swing up with a right hook and break their nose and get them off your back.
You see them hit the ground, their head bounce off that concrete.
You're not happy you just hurt that person, but your cells, your gut tells you, good, you survived, good job.
You get that burst of endorphin and adrenaline and satisfaction.
I'm getting a big feeling of satisfaction right now.
Coming up through my guts, into my arms, in the back of my neck, into my head with chills.
My jaw and my teeth.
I just feel strong.
I know we've done well in the mission.
I only want to thank you for empowering me in this fight.
Because my commitment against the enemy is absolutely... The number one thing in my life is to get them off our backs collectively and we will do it together.
I don't want you to ever not think about how important you are in this fight and the great work you've done with your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support.
I've only gotten through one stack of news and I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 stacks left.
four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen
sixteen stacks left so maybe we won't take calls next hour because I need to
get to this yep no calls today I did a good job last week.
I took calls four days.
I'll take calls throughout the week again.
You've got my commitment.
I love your calls.
Not today, though.
We have a guest in the third hour.
I need to hit all this.
I will.
It's very important.
Each stack's just insanely revealing.
And again, it's not just the listeners that are tuned in, the regular listeners who are awesome.
It is the Brain Trust from Brazil to France, from South Africa to Nigeria to Japan to China to Russia to Canada.
We are the resistance.
And this broadcast does the key analysis of the enemy, the deadly analysis against their operations in the information war.
We carry it through and we can rally the human intelligence and the human power against the New World Order.
We can and we will and we must prevail.
And speaking of that, I'm going to hit the big news that ties into the huge Twitter files that just get more powerful and more intense.
The opposite of a nothing burger here in a moment.
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Let me tell you what's coming up next hour.
I'm going to start into this.
I'm going to go right into it because as I said, it ties into the Twitter files that are so huge.
This is banning the cows, not just overseas, but coming here.
This is banning fireplaces here in America, banning space heaters.
This is banning gas heaters.
This is QR codes to buy and sell, total harassment, turning the power off deliberately during freezes.
Just absolute taking us back, not just to the medieval times, but taking us back to the Stone Age before humans, on a routine basis, harnessed and controlled fire.
So they're trying to take us back to prehistoric times.
Literally, this stack is unbelievable.
And it's got a lot of clips in it too, so I'm going to try to get through this in a couple segments, and then we're going to hit the war news.
We're going to hit the Republican spending legislation news, the latest FTX news, the latest Jeffrey Epstein pedophile news, the latest obviously COVID news is off the charts.
It just gets more intense by the day.
That is a massive stack and more on the dollar collapse and just a lot more coming up.
Maricopa County, Katie Hobbs that ran the election and put ballots that weren't big enough to work on purpose in all the Republican precincts seeks more than $500,000 Yeah, when they rape you and steal the election, they then rape you in the court for attorney's fees.
I've experienced that.
So they bring the suits in rigged courts, and they charge you.
Or if you bring suits in their courts, they then throw it out and charge you.
That's how these people operate through judicial tyranny.
We'll be right back.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
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This stuff is the cavalry when it comes to countering the New World Order.
If any clip ever goes viral, it's this one.
It's on BandotVideo and Infowars.com.
It's the miscarriage of statistics.
Let's first go back to this great Mike Adams article that came out in July of last year.
And it links right to the New England Medical Journal that hides it deep in the study that said 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for COVID during the first and second trimesters suffered miscarriages.
And it's still a very, very large amount as well.
You can read in the third trimester as well.
That's also in the double digits.
Here's one of the studies preliminary findings of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnant women.
Miscarriage still birth rates exploding worldwide as depopulation continues unabated.
You can see the graph there from the federal government's own numbers similar numbers around the world.
Exposure to COVID vaccine spike proteins renders women infertile.
Nurse whistleblower, fetal deaths have skyrocketed since pregnant women started using, being forced to get COVID-19 shots.
Australia sees 63% drop in births after introduction of COVID vaccines.
What will the government's excuse will be?
Hospital president!
COVID-19 vaccines causing miscarriages is a complete myth, plain and simple.
I'm very happy to report that among the tens of thousands of women who have been closely studied after they chose to get the COVID-19 vaccines, the data is clear.
These vaccines are safe.
The often mentioned but completely unsubstantiated concerns about COVID-19 vaccines causing either miscarriages or other problems with their pregnancy or causing problems getting pregnant Is a complete myth.
Plain and simple.
Where's the study?
The tens of thousands of women.
Where is it?
They admit it's all lies.
Pfizer fake reports as well.
This guy is a lying scumbag.
So, he doesn't give any facts, doesn't give any statistics, doesn't give any numbers.
He just says we have thousands of women and none of them had a problem.
No, no, no.
There's no, there's nobody, nobody's dying.
No children are dying.
I've been actively miscarrying since the 8th.
I have gone to a doctor.
This is my second visit to the ER.
If you're wondering why women's rights matter, this is my way.
Nobody actually is coming down.
They're always gonna send me home.
These are the folks that tell you that two men can have a baby.
It's all upside-down world.
You know, they use DNA to prove somebody committed a murder 30 years ago, and that's all scientific.
But now the science guy, Bill Nye's new shows tell kids that there are no X and Y chromosomes.
They're murdering the truth.
They're murdering science.
And he sits up there and says, out of tens of thousands of women, nobody's had a miscarriage, nobody's had a sick baby.
That's a damn lie!
I see a vast number of patients a year I don't know of any other maternal fetal medicine physician in this country that sees as many patients as I do by ultrasound.
At one point in time this year I was on track to see 9000.
9,000 high-risk OB ultrasounds.
So I know what's going on and I've seen death and destruction like I've never seen before.
The stillbirth rate is measured in terms of live births per thousand and really it's come down in my career from about 10 to about Almost 5.8 or 6.
Now let's go to 2021 and look at the stillbirth rate for Michelle's.
This is horrifying.
But if you take this death figure and you look at that rate at 29.3,
that sigma that you're looking at is 40 plus sigma, standard deviation.
Let that sink in.
And what I've seen in my clinical practice has been a substantial, massive increase, unprecedented, in menstrual abnormalities prior to pregnancy.
A substantial increase in infertility.
A substantial increase in miscarriage, fetal death, and fetal malformation.
Um, we published many studies this year, uh, over the last two years.
Our latest study, which we've used from VAERS and CDC, uh, data, and we compared the COVID-19 vaccines, uh, over the last 15, 18 months with those of the influenza vaccine in pregnancy.
And what we see is catastrophic.
What did Alexander Shultz and Eason say about this?
He goes, we know they are lying.
They know they're lying.
They know we know they're lying.
We know they know we know they're lying.
But they are still lying.
We're now into hour number two on this live Tuesday December 27th worldwide broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And the first hour I got into the super burger, they're calling it a nothing burger, of the 15th data drop.
Or is it 16th now of Elon Musk at the Twitter files about how the Justice Department and NGOs and all these groups had top security clearances, giving employees security clearances to spy on everybody and censor everybody on every subject you can imagine.
From coming after our kids with transgenderism, to open borders, to lockdowns, to forced injections, to the shots hurting people.
They've been caught censoring Nobel Prize winners for medicine and internally saying, shut this down, shut that down.
Big Pharma was interfacing there as well.
The UN came out two months ago and bragged that they helped quarterback all the censorship.
Oh, you don't want to pay a carbon tax?
You want to protest having your farm taken?
Whether you're in Australia or the Netherlands or Canada, we're just going to censor you.
And it's all globally run.
So, let's run through this whole stack here.
And I'm not going to play it because it's in German and has subtitles.
We're going to put it on screen while I talk about it.
German health minister says climate change, travel restrictions, and prohibited behavior will be required.
What'd they say two years ago?
What'd that tell you?
They're going to come out with climate lockdowns in your QR codes.
Even if you can't afford a phone, they're going to make you have one under universal basic income that tracks everywhere you go and what you do and tells you when you can leave your house, when you can leave your coffin apartment and what you can do.
Here's numbers out of the US.
This can't go on.
We used to spend 4% of our global GDP.
On energy, now we spend 14 percent.
Current energy crisis costs 10 percent or 10 trillion each year.
Here are global numbers.
They pretty much match U.S.
They just decided to increase that so you have no discretionary income to control you.
Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg's global warming conference was canceled due to sub-arctic freezing temperatures, which they say is global warming.
Tucker Carlson did an excellent job years ago on this.
Brace yourselves for climate lockdowns are coming.
He got attacked for it, now it's all happening.
Energy Department declares grid emergency in Texas amid power vortex.
Says there's not enough power because they won't let them increase the power.
There's federal caps on it.
They've cut the amount of power we can use.
Meanwhile, there's a new World Economic Forum video out where they brag that France is banning domestic air flights and making you take the train to save the earth.
But the elite's private jets, no problem.
Here's another one.
Liberal City enacts anti-pollution order, banning all fireplaces.
Now they're moving to ban gas power and space heaters.
Europe did it years ago.
Total absolute control.
California's now banned all small gas engines.
They say by 2030 they're banning all gas engines.
Can't make that up.
Farmer predicts worse food shortages, higher prices in 2023 amid inflation, drought, interest rate hikes.
Big Fox News report.
Wondering why your Christmas was more expensive than this year?
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that just four firms control 85% of the beef market.
Higher prices for you, more profits for them.
That's Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary of Bill Clinton.
And it's a very important video that I'm going to get back to in a moment.
We're going to cue that up.
Because everything he tells you is true, except he doesn't tell you why it happened or who lobbied Congress to do the policies to make sure farmers don't get any of the money, and then it destroys and consolidates power and jacks up prices.
We're going to look at that in a moment, but let's continue.
Workers could face a 40% tax on pay to fund new universal basic income in Europe.
And the UK is announcing similar plans.
Take away your job, make you go on welfare for total and complete control.
Here's a London Independent article.
But that's the plan.
Take the jobs away, tax people 40% on top of things, to pay for those that don't work, encourage people to commit suicide.
Dystopia, the bring down of civilization.
1,200 scientists and professionals declare there is no climate emergency.
Promptly are censored by big tech.
I should have covered this more the last month but more than a hundred towns and cities in the UK under a UN directive have now banned cars in their main cities and have set up checkpoints on major highways blocking cars.
Can't make that up.
Absolutely over the top.
Then, of course, we've got video.
DC Whole Foods imposes QR code system to shop.
They've announced this is going to go in nationwide.
Austin, where I live, has hand scanners to buy and sell.
It's all been announced as a new global system.
Airports are putting in face scanners and QR codes, saying it'll be mandatory.
They're trying to force mandatory shots, but even on InfoWars, some of the commenters were like, oh, this is made up.
Who knows if this lady's right about this?
No, the lady's informed.
This is the future of so-called shopping.
Germany and France have already put these in the major shopping centers and grocery stores.
You can't come in if you haven't had your cupboard shot.
That's what this is all about.
And whether you're in Australia or whether you're in Canada or places like Italy, it's all the same.
Global standardization.
Some good news, Robert Barnes had success.
He's on the show Thursday.
Amish farmer wins court battle for food freedom, can return to selling raw meat and milk.
And again, that ties into the Robert Reich piece I'm going to get to next segment.
He says it's The big four ag companies doing it, yeah.
And who do you think wrote the regulations to shut everybody down?
We're going to be getting to that coming up.
Meanwhile, look at this image from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory 1970 film.
It's hard to believe that this in 1971 was seen as an obese boy.
Looks like he's just a little bit stocky.
Now they tell us it's great to be overweight.
Every time I say that, people say, well, you're a little overweight.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't work to lose weight.
It doesn't mean we shouldn't encourage people to be healthy.
Continuing, no more Hellman's Mayo for me.
Says on the back, ingredients derived from bioengineered source.
And you will eat the bugs and you will be happy.
That's right, Robert Downey Jr.
is now on TV with Stephen Colbert telling us how much he loves to eat the bugs.
We're gonna be getting to that coming up and I've got a lot more.
But I wanted to show folks Some images from Atlantic Beach, New Jersey.
You can look this up.
They talk about how the beaches are getting bigger there.
Some areas the beaches get eroded, some areas they get bigger.
But here is satellite photos of 1995.
And it's not just that the tide's out.
The tide's out in both photos.
Look at how the greenery and the sand dunes are pushed way back.
To just 100 yards or so from the shore.
Now look at the greenery today.
It has advanced.
See that right next to each other?
That's the exact same shot.
See the sand?
See how it curves out?
See it right there?
And now look how much it's grown out.
It's come out probably 60-70 yards.
That's what they report.
The beach has gotten bigger.
And it's happening all over the world.
In fact, some evidence shows the sea levels are actually going down.
I've got a lot more that I'm going to be hitting.
On next segment dealing with this, and I'm going to shift gears into the economy itself, BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, says central banks are liberally causing recessions, warns of a downturn unlike any other three shock-proof assets to consider.
Yahoo News.
But it's BlackRock is the biggest contributor for the exact policies, and Larry Fink, the head of it, gets up on the Demos group every time they have a meeting
every month and says we need to cut off resources, consolidate control, get rid of people owning
their own homes. They're driving all the policies and then like Robert Reich, they turn around and
tell you they're going to protect you and they're going to save you. Just get on a universal
basic income. Oh, by the way, don't eat beef and don't eat chicken and don't eat pork,
but we need to save the pork and beef and poultry producers. So I'm going to destroy the former
Labor Secretary who's admitted Marxist Leninist on the other side, but they know full well what
they're doing.
They always say communism creates utopia, it always creates a nightmare, but power and control for them pushing their godless system where they want to be God.
So, those clips are coming up.
Of the robot McDonald's in Dallas, of the QR codes to get into Whole Foods in DC, and of so much more in Robert Reich's excellent little two-minute video describing the raping of farmers and ranchers and food producers, but not telling you who runs the vacuum cleaner destroying the milk and honey.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
So, the most ancient form of governance and the most common form of governance in history, undisputed, whether you were in ancient Africa or ancient Asia or ancient Europe or ancient Mesoamerica, was feudalism.
And 90% of people were kept at subservient, subsistence, Barely survivable levels.
In fact, in every culture, the general public was called the little people because they were given so little food.
They were normally about four and a half to five feet tall.
The men were about 5'1", around the world.
The women were about 4'9", 4'8".
And the nobles and their enforcers, about nine and a half percent would be the nobles' enforcers, and less than half a percent Would be the rulers, they would be six and a half, seven feet tall.
And the reason I raise that is you need to understand how long this has been going on.
And that lady that testified, who's an academic, quite famous Indian lady a few weeks ago in Congress, she talked about her father growing up In the caste system in India and also under the British and how he was five feet tall because he was starved as a child and now her kids are six feet tall.
And see, that's a real evidence factor of feudalism.
Where it's the same system worldwide, they keep you at a subservient starvation level even if you're allowed to live.
If you get caught killing a rabbit or stealing an apple off a tree, You get tortured or you get executed.
So you're there to produce for the elites.
Well, now the so-called elites, they have the technology.
They don't need you anymore.
And so, coming after your energy, coming after your mobility, Obama traveling the world and telling Africans and people they can't have air-conditioned cars.
The globalists can all have their private jets, you just can't have a turkey for Christmas.
All of this is about teaching you that feudalism and serfdom is good for you because there's not enough resources.
And that's why they had human sacrifice in every culture, which is why they would make poor people turn over their sons, particularly, they didn't want too many young men around, to be sacrificed on key holidays to make The God of the harvest produced more harvest.
So they put superstition into the people.
That's why the UN, going back 30, 40 years ago, it's in Endgame 1.5.
That's the little piece we put out.
Endgame 1.5.
We show the university and UN documents where they said, we're going to bring feudalism back.
We're going to bring serfdom back to control people.
And we're going to give people such bad nutrition that if a child has bad nutrition, the brain doesn't develop as well, and people are stupid.
And so that's exactly what happens.
That's why they know you can take people from a poor area in Africa or Latin America, and they can come here and have children, and their children's IQs go up, their health goes up, they're healthier because they're getting more food.
So that goes for anybody.
But instead we get all this trash food, That doesn't have any real nutrients in it, a bunch of additives and fillers.
Again, this is all part of a strategic globalist plan in their own words.
So, enter now the former Labor Secretary and Marxist-Leninist, Robert Reich, telling you what's happening to farming and why the prices are going up.
Not telling you it's two plus years of lockdowns that these very big companies lobbied for, that the deep state went along with.
Not telling you that the big agricultural companies for the last 50 years, lobbied and
used the FDA to go around and shut down all the small meat packers. It's almost impossible. I
know a lot of big ranchers and I know some very wealthy people that looked into starting new
meat packing facilities, because they also own steakhouses and things. And they were
told the government won't let you, they'll come after you. If you get one inspection failure
as a small operation, even if you're quite large, comparatively small, you get
shut down.
But if you're Tyson or Cargill, you can have a thousand problems, you might get a small fine.
So they wrote the regulations and now they're going after omission, going after small farms, and going after community fairs where people slaughter their own pigs and their own cows and produce their own milk that has much statistically better, healthier food.
People want that.
But there's a war on that, and then a communist bean counter, after they cut your legs off, wants to sell you a wheelchair.
After they've taken full control of your life, they sit there and act like, oh, government with regulations, just like the unions said, oh, we'll keep your jobs here, but they sold them out faster.
So they talk a good game.
The unions talk a good game.
The communists talk a good game.
But at the end of the day, they work for the establishment to consolidate power.
That's what BlackRock's doing.
The Federal Reserve is doing policies right now that are going to hurt things and hurt you.
We don't want that.
Even though they want to consolidate control, they don't want to get the blame.
The WEF doesn't want to get the blame.
The UN doesn't want to get the blame.
Big Tech doesn't want to get the blame, but they're the ones quarterbacking it all.
Here's the clip.
Monopolies are slowly killing rural America, and driving up the price you pay for food.
Just four firms control 85% of all beef, 66% of all pork, and 54% of all poultry.
This degree of monopolization is hurting farmers, and you.
Monopolists control nearly every part of the food production process, from selling feed to farmers, packaging the meat and poultry for supermarkets.
Half of all chicken farmers report having just one or two processors to sell to.
Farmers are essentially forced to buy from and sell to monopolies
at whatever price the corporation wants, often taking on crushing debt to do so.
They're trapped in long-term binding contracts, with no way out but losing their livelihood altogether.
Either I sign it or I ain't got no chicken.
Without any chickens, I can't pay any bills.
I can't pay my mortgage.
Meatpackers used to compete at cattle auctions for what ranchers produced, which helped ranchers get a reasonable return on their investment.
Now, with so few buyers, ranchers have no choice but to sign contracts with meatpackers and sell their cattle for a lower price than if the market were truly competitive.
In 1980, 62 cents of every dollar consumers spent on beef went to ranchers.
Today, only 37 cents do.
Most of the profits are going into the pockets of the monopolists.
And here's the kicker.
Even though farmers are getting squeezed, the ag monopolists are also charging... We're going to come back and play the rest of this, because there's a few more minutes left.
But again, I'm going to walk through the evidence.
Every policy the deep state, particularly Democrats, have passed, the Republicans have stood by, has allowed this.
What did the lockdowns do?
It doubled and tripled the profits of all the biggest corporations while destroying tens of millions of U.S.
Everybody knows that.
They told you to sit home for two weeks.
That's six months.
They locked down Latin America and Africa for two years.
Now there's giant refugee columns coming here.
They orchestrate all of this on record.
And if we wake up to the predatory nature of this and get governors and legislatures and some good members of Congress on board, we'll defeat this.
They're backing off shutting down the farms in the Netherlands.
They're backing off in France.
Those people are fighting back.
And we need to join them peacefully with civil disobedience and say no and realize your whole future is this, folks.
No matter how good your job is or what you think you're gonna do in the future, the whole new world order is coming in and there's no place for anybody in it but the globalists.
So people are realizing this broadcast is about the real world.
There's nothing more important being talked about on air.
We'll be right back.
Alright, so Robert Reich puts out these videos.
Last one he put out before this was attacking me.
And he explains, hey, your Christmas roast costs so much more, all because four companies owned by the big banks have been consolidating power in the U.S.
to where the farmers can only sell to them.
Not only buy from them.
And that's true, but it's Congress, and it's the left, and it's the big corporations like BlackRock that have been financing this, and Bill Gates promoting it, trying to shut down traditional farming and ranching.
Look at how the new head of the UN's farming division is the former head in the Netherlands, and he wants to totally shut down farming, saying it's bad, because cows pass gas.
All life forms do, and it helps create the atmosphere.
But notice it's climate change.
They can list anything as bad they want.
So here's one little propaganda piece he put up.
In 1980, 62 cents of every dollar consumers spent on beef went to ranchers.
Today, only 37 cents do.
Most of the profits are going into the pockets of the monopolists.
And here's the kicker.
Even though farmers are getting squeezed, the ag monopolists are also charging you higher prices.
During the pandemic, beef prices rose nearly 16%, and the four biggest beef companies' profits rose more than 300%.
These corporations are using their monopoly power to fix prices.
Just recently, beef giant, GBS, settled, without admitting guilt of course, a beef price fixing case for 52.5 million dollars.
We've never witnessed this level of concentration in the history of our industry.
This situation is urgent.
Monopolization is happening across the food sector.
In corn, soybeans, dairy, pesticides, and farm machinery, the result is the same.
Lower pay to farmers, bigger profits for the monopolists, higher prices for you.
A better way to hold these monopolies accountable would be to break them up and stop future mergers.
But it won't be easy.
They flex their political muscle through powerful lobbies, like the North American Meat Institute, and maintain a revolving door with regulatory agencies like the U.S.
Department of Agriculture.
Well, I say, take them on!
Rural America is hurting.
Farmers are getting squeezed and consumers are being shafted.
Notwithstanding the power of food monopolies, taking them on is wildly popular, especially in rural America.
But don't just listen to me.
Listen to what farmers are saying about this.
I'm here to tell the powers that be to enforce the antitrust laws for the world of agriculture.
The laws are on the books.
We have to strengthen those laws and do what Teddy Roosevelt did to break up the monopolies.
Don't let these boys who come to Washington with pockets of money sit there and bribe our congressmen year after year after year.
Who will stand up for me if you don't?
For the good of us all, America needs to enforce antitrust laws and break up Big Ag.
Robert Reink helped pass a lot of the regulations that allowed this to happen, written by Tyson Foods that funded over 70% of Clinton's gubernatorial and then upwards of half of his first presidential campaign.
So he's literally put in power by these people who now want new regulations.
That they're pushing, you will eat the bugs, to shut down at the actual farming level and make sure there's less farmers producing less beef, less chicken, less pork, less corn.
They're all out there lobbying to cut production.
That's why they cut off the pipelines for the gas and the oil, which then goes directly to farmers not being able to buy enough fuel to run their tractors and farm machinery.
So here's a communist, what a communist always do, shut the food off, lecturing you How he wants to save you now.
These people are beyond disgusting.
Let's play the Colbert clip with Robert Downey Jr.
There's hundreds of these clips, so-called movie stars, telling you how great it is to eat bugs.
You can bet money he's not eating bugs.
Here it is.
What is that?
Well, that's an insect-based premium protein.
It's made from Molitor, which is mealworm larvae.
The company is called Insect.
This is Infrass.
This is for fertilizer.
And as you have there, this is a powder derived from the mealworm, and it's an insect protein.
Just been approved by the EU for human consumption.
You're not just getting me to eat dirt, are you?
No, man, I wouldn't play you, bro.
No, you wouldn't play anybody, would you, you little monsters, while you eat caviar all day?
They hate your guts, they're monsters, and their pleasure is hurting you and your family.
And we're not in beta anymore.
We're now in operational.
Pedal to the metal.
Let's play the video of the totally automated, robot-run McDonald's in Dallas.
Let's play a little clip.
There's a bunch of these on InfoWars.com of the DC Whole Foods.
And it's not just the ladies saying it's the future.
It is the future.
They've announced they're going to put these in all over the world with their soul foods and make you QR code to get in and then track and control and get you used to that with the new carbon taxes and where they're going to tax you for what you buy and what you do on your choices that they say are good or they say are bad.
They're always going to add more rules, more regulations, more hoops to jump through.
This is the stated battle plan.
We have it.
We know what they're doing.
You've got to put pressure on Whole Foods and pressure on these companies beforehand before they're the only automated systems in the future when the next lockdown comes and are the only places you're allowed to go.
This is all an actuary battle-planned program.
Whether you're in Australia or the U.S., whether you're in the Netherlands or Canada, it's the same global corporations bragging and setting this up.
It should be easy to beat them, because it's such a diabolical plan.
Here's those clips.
People of TikTok, the way we McDonald's may be changing forever.
Check this out.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock Jingle Bells swing and Jingle Bells ring
rain Snowing and blowing up, so she'll be fine.
Now the jingle hop has begun.
Jingle bell, jingle bell.
You want to know more?
Head on over to my Instagram.
Jingle bell time.
So basically, you cannot go into the Whole Foods Market in Washington, D.C.
unless you scan your own QR code, and they track everything you're doing.
And this is the future of all grocery stores.
So if you want more information on this, I'll get it to you, but this is the future of all grocery stores.
I mean, I'm gonna have to boycott Whole Foods.
And we have the footage.
In Paris.
There's the palm scanners to buy and sell.
And the footage in Italy where you try to go to the supermarket and they've already put these in.
And you have to use it.
So that's the plan.
It's not coming.
It's here.
But just like Robert Wright tells us he's going to save us from the policies he held right, the world's largest asset manager Yahoo News reports BlackRock says central banks are deliberately causing recessions, warns a downturn like any other three-shot book Three shockproof assets to consider.
So then they sell you on what they are letting you know being allowed to survive under this new regime.
So let's pull back from this.
BlackRock, you can go watch the clips online.
I've been BlackRockWEF.
BlackRock calls for social credit score.
BlackRock calls for carbon tax.
BlackRock pulls investment from coal power plants.
BlackRock calls for social credit score.
BlackRock calls for universal basic income.
BlackRock calls for all these things they've done, and then they sit there and act like the central banks that are private shareholders owned by BlackRock are to blame.
They're blaming the government that they control.
When the government is just the mechanism.
It's like if Don Corleone orders one of his captains to go murder somebody, and then they only arrest the foot soldier that carries out the murder, and not even the captain or Don Corleone.
And so Robert Reich is a captain of the New World Order mafia, and he's carried out his attack on the food, they've carried out their operations, openly saying they're gonna ban regular farms, ban regular agriculture, ban beef, all this, but oh, he's worried about your beef prices going up.
He's going to tell you what a good little friend he is.
And the key to all of this, when we come back, I'm going to explain something.
And then I'm going to shift gears to the poison shots and the huge developments on that front.
The world is really waking up.
The vice president of Germany has come out, very powerful individual, basically runs the government, and said the vaccines are killing people, we need a criminal investigation.
There's a criminal investigation.
In fact, I didn't see it in my stack, but will you guys give me the article?
The Supreme Court of Florida authorizes the governor's request for a statewide criminal investigation of grand jury statewide of the poison shots.
That's huge as well.
We're going to cover it all when we come back.
Stay with us, infowars.com.
All right, we are back.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
Have a great guest coming up next hour.
We'll introduce her once she's here.
The infrastructure is being turned off.
We take this incredibly complex, just-on-time delivery system, where we get thousands of choices at the shopping market, and where we have all this security and electricity at the flip of a finger, but that's our weakness.
Before the Texas Instruments calculator was created, most people could do basic mathematics.
Now they can't.
Now I can't.
I can't do stuff I did when I was 10 years old.
Don't remember it because I use a calculator.
And it all sounds great, but it removes us from the process of manufacturing and farming and everything else until everything's virtual and the globalists admit they are greasing the skins of all of this to make us obsolete.
And that's what the whole New World Order is.
But here is a really important facet to understand.
They need a global government because if they raise taxes to 90% like France has, people will flee.
If they raise taxes to 70% like New York City, people will flee.
If they raise taxes like San Francisco, people will flee.
They have to have a one-world system administered by AI.
And there's two competing systems, the Chai-coms and the globalists right now.
They're basically merging into one so that no one can escape it.
After World War II, the Organization of Economic Cooperative Development was set up.
And that was the Marshall Plan.
And that's when the British banks and the U.S.
banks took over Europe, set up the Bilderberg Group, and the whole plan we see now, the EU plan, everything.
And they said in there, we're going to create global crises in the future using the environment and viral scares to collapse the world economy and create a Marshall Plan through the OECD and the central banks with a central bank digital currency.
They said this over 30 years ago.
That's how I know their whole plan.
It's how I tell you decades ago.
People go find Axis TV shows of mine, 26, 27 years ago, and they're going viral everywhere, going, how the hell did this guy know all this?
And there's this constant idiotic thing I see.
Well, he's an intelligence agency asset.
It's the only way he knows.
I don't mind being called that, but it's ridiculous.
They tell you what they're going to do.
How did I know the vaccines weren't vaccines and would kill a bunch of people, cause heart attacks and infertility?
They did rat studies with similar mRNA technology at the University of Texas in 2014!
How did the CDC in October 2020, for anybody taking the shot, put out that report saying it's going to cause heart attacks and death?
Because it's on record!
So here's the headline.
Voting with the feet.
New York losing people's fastest rate of any state next to California's census fines.
But they're bringing in illegal aliens that can't even use a toilet that they can control.
But if they get it in everywhere, then nobody can flee from it.
They'll have their cashless society in place.
That's what the QR codes are about.
That's why the OECD, through the UN to the WEF, two and a half years ago, Whether you were in Eastern Europe, or whether you were in Durban, South Africa, or whether you were in Mexico City, or whether you were in Buenos Aires, or whether you were in Dallas, Texas, all of a sudden you'd walk into a restaurant, once they'd been closed for a few months, there'd be QR codes and no menus.
It wasn't that menus were bad or dirty, they were training you to show your identity to buy and sell, and Australia admitted it!
And so did places in the EU.
So let's get this clip.
Vaccine passport, central bank, digital currency, and digital ID are framed as for our security and convenience.
But it's a con trick designed to reduce our freedoms for control and power, as is discussed here in one of the big COVID conferences that is taking place.
We're going to play that in a moment.
We have the Italian new Prime Minister coming out and saying it's all about a digital currency to control you.
So we have people exposing this, and we know what's going on.
But once they have the OECD, that's the Global Corporate Consortium, in full control, its mouthpiece is the JBOS group, its actual private brain trust is the Bilderberg group, it's game over.
But we have the enemy battle plan.
And if you know the enemy's battle plan and you educate people that it's a horrible dystopia, again, it should be easy to beat it.
And that's why they're so scared and losing the info war despite all the censorship.
They admit that this battle plan's all coming out.
And that makes it very hard for them to be able to execute their operations if people know they're the ones causing the pain.
That's why they've got BlackRock and Robert Reich and others scurrying around Telling you that they're doing all of this for your own good, or that they're trying to stop another group that's doing it.
Because they're an organized corporate crime syndicate, taking over the world to create a worldwide depression, to bring in a cashless society control grid, to then carry out even bigger bio-attacks, and force injections and depopulation.
So we're in a very dangerous, serious world.
We got a good shot at stopping this, or at least mitigating it.
But believe me, you're gonna wish in a few years, or even sooner, you'd done something.
You say, well, what do we do?
There's a lot of things you can do, folks.
You're not stupid.
Call Congress.
Go speak at city councils.
Sue people.
Pull your kids out of public schools.
Stop shopping at big mega chains.
Support mom and pops.
Get into farming.
Just think about the future under this and get ahead of it now.
It's all pre-plotted.
It's all pre-programmed.
Here's a clip about what the digital society is really all about.
But the thing that really woke me up Was digitalization, in particular vaccine passports.
Vaccine passports, for me, as a liberal, a lifelong liberal, the most authoritarian, draconian, illiberal measure that has been seen in the modern era.
And it's been rolled out around the world.
And I know that many people here would share that.
And so that's when I went into the rabbit hole of becoming a conspiracy theorist.
And so, You know, the sort of batterings I get on Twitter are actually posting my wall and just laugh at some of the comments on the other side.
And so the people who were my friends back in 2019, they all hate me.
And the people who were my enemies...
You're all here.
You all seem to like me, even Toby.
But the point of this, because I'm conscious of the time and I like to talk, is that I'm really concerned.
I think where we are right now is much more concerning than even the problems over the last two years.
I think there's a mission creep towards all things digitalization under the auspice, again, of safety and also convenience.
And I'm also concerned, while more and more people are looking at this, especially through a cost of living crisis and wondering what's coming next and getting angry with government, I think we need to find ways to stop the division and unite everyone against the people who are putting this mission creep in place to lose even more freedoms in the future.
And that is largely linked around digitalization.
I think one other aspect of this with my tinfoil hat on as a conspiracy theorist is I think All around the world, central bank digital currencies are either in pilot scheme, or executive order stage in the States, or they're floating under the radar.
Our previous Chancellor and now unelected Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is clearly a big fan.
As is his frat boy pen pal, best mate Justin Trudeau, these individuals are pushing it in this direction.
Now, I understand that there is a need for digitalization because the world moves on.
But what we shouldn't be losing is some of the assets that we still need, such as cash.
Cash is vital.
As a farmer's son, I understand the values of a circular economy.
All right, so James Melville is absolutely right, and even our best brains are just now figuring this out.
Hey James, it's in all their battle plans, it's in all their documents.
You can know exactly what they're going to do, how they're going to do it.
Fauci went on TV and said we're going to release a virus, it's going to blow up the system, we're going to get rid of any type of approval.
Now they're coming out with all these new mRNA shots for everything.
Oh, they're saying, oh, you've got an opiate problem?
Oh, fentanyl?
We got a new shot.
You'll never want opium again.
It kills all the receptors that pick up your normal endorphins.
You're going to commit suicide after you take that, folks.
You'll be so damn depressed.
For 30 years, they've had these viral injections with a live virus that goes into each part of the brain.
15 years ago, I made the video that went viral, brain-eating vaccine.
Look it up.
You can still find it someplace.
Brain-eating vaccines.
That's what this is.
I'm sorry it's so real.
I'm sorry it's so crazy.
I'm sorry it's happening, but it's going down.
And the idiots in government corporations that are going along with this are destroying themselves.
It shouldn't be about left or right.
It shouldn't be about being anti-government, because he's right.
It's global corporations using government to do it and destroying confidence in government at the same time, which they admit is their plan.
But if they get the exposure that they're behind it, it is game over.
We're going to go to break, come back with our special guest.
Please remember, we're only here because of you.
Pray for the broadcast.
I thank you so much.
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You know, is there something to worry about with medicines?
That is, might some of them have side effects?
Do we need safety testing?
I mean, and we're taking things that are, you know, genetically modified organisms, and we're injecting them in little kids' arms.
We'd just shoot him right into the vein.
This isn't a game, ladies and gentlemen.
*fart* This is a new type of war.
Total takeover of civilization.
You're seen as worthless.
Uselessly fierce.
You're seen as somebody they just want to throw away like garbage.
And if you lay down and let them kill you, they think you deserve it.
Our children don't deserve it.
Infowars is fighting for all of us.
Infowars is the tip of the spear.
We're only here because of you.
Watch this information.
Dealing with the spike protein and dealing with the vaccines.
vaccines are not vaccines.
Look at that, holy cow.
It's amazing.
It's on, you hear it?
Holy cow.
Instantly cleared.
I've never seen anything do that.
And I don't mean to sound sensational, I just... I haven't.
Never seen anything do that?
Never seen anything do that.
Look at that.
That's the Pfizer, right?
Look at that.
Okay, so we'll first take the normal one.
This is the regular without anything on it.
You can see little platelet clumps up in here, throughout, and then a couple of white cells in the background.
So that looks pretty decent.
Like you're going to live forever, Dale.
Alright, good to know.
Alright, let's see what the derna looks like.
So again, we'll start kind of out at that thicker edge first.
We'll work our way towards... It should be the thinner portion of the prep.
The question is where'd all the cells go?
They're gone.
I pushed them back into a big giant clump over at the edged clump.
And again, is that the charge on the particles?
I don't know.
But where we put that drop, there are no red cells there.
I was going to say, as they come out, it's almost like they're getting leather bleached and clear.
Bleached and clear.
Some of them are folded and some are, what do we call, crenulated, a little crinkled.
But yeah, I mean, that whole edge is like bleached.
So this is the J&J.
That's totally different.
It's like a nuclear bomb went off.
Yeah, it's disordered, isn't it?
And then there's a little more of that stacking, that rouleau here.
And again, look at all this clumping here out on the edge of it.
It just, yeah, like you said, like a nuclear bomb went off.
It just congealed it.
And again, that's not spike, that's just the lipid nanoparticle.
So these are becoming more spherical, and you're losing that donut in the middle of your red cell.
What's happening here is slightly from the outside of the cell in, causing those cells to balloon up slightly, because now you've got a subtle osmotic shift here.
And all of these are supposed to be, you know, Again, isotonic.
These are supposed to be balanced with the pH of the body.
You shouldn't be seeing this kind of reaction.
It shouldn't be damaging to the cells of the body right away like this.
So here's that first visor.
And these were the ones where we just put a drop on and the whole thing just cleared.
This is where all that fluid went.
And again, like that J&J, just caused immediate dispersion and clumping.
And those don't look very red to me either.
Oh, and look at this.
Those little spikies.
Those are called echinocytes.
So it instantly changed the pH interior.
These are little blobs of protein on the membrane of the red cell because the red cell has involuted and then those proteins on the surface, they don't have room to go.
It creates blood clots, folks.
All four vaccines.
It's kind of all baggy.
You know, so all these little fingers, that is not spike protein.
So that's another myth I wouldn't mind displaying.
I mean, it's crazy because it's done it to so many.
We didn't see that on the other one.
It's so good, folks.
They're telling you.
That's fascinating.
You can watch this video in its entirety right now at Band.Video.
And we're now into the third hour of this worldwide broadcast.
Tuesday, December 27, 2022.
Only here because of your support and your prayers.
All right, I got to five stacks so far.
I've got...
Twelve stacks left.
And so I may just have to go ahead and co-host with Royce White next hour.
I think I'm probably going to do that.
He won't mind.
Everybody knows when I do the fourth hour, sometimes I commandeer it back or I co-host with him.
But we'll see if Royce is good for that.
I'm sure he is.
But I've got to hit the vaccine news.
It is the most positive, amazing, good news yet.
It is beyond a silver lining.
And it would not be out.
It would not have happened.
According to Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Carlson and so many others that have given us credit, with Dr. Francis Boyle, in January and February of 2020, when nobody else knew it was happening, we said there'll be poison shots, it'll cause blood clots, we said there'll be ongoing lockdowns, there'll be supply chain breakdowns, it'll collapse the third world, the West will be flooded, the UN will run the invasion.
I live this, I'm in this constantly, and Again, I thought about saying, oh, we're so great, we're so good.
We want to win this fight for our children and God put us in this position and God gave me this mind and this platform with these great guests and callers and crew to be able to do this.
So the credit doesn't go to me, it goes to all of us that listen to the Holy Spirit and the truth and have been fighting.
And we've just begun to fight, as John Paul Jones said, the founder of the U.S.
We're going to go to our special guest in a moment.
I want to hit a few of the things coming up because she wants to get into the shots.
So we'll do that some with her at the bottom of the hour.
But she's a well-known talk show host and also was pardoned by President Trump.
We'll be talking to her here in just a moment.
So I wanted to get her back on.
It's been over a year since she was here.
But first off, I can't do the show without your support.
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That is InfoWars Platinum.
Okay, let's now talk about some of what's coming up a little bit later.
Florida High Court okays grand jury probe of COVID-19 vaccines.
Another victory, Biden signs defense bill into law outlawing military COVID vaccine mandate.
That's a big victory.
Some really sad reports.
So many of these I can't cover them all.
ABC News producer was in great shape.
Dax Tejera dead at 37.
Producer of The Week died of a heart attack after taking the shots.
Vice President of German Parliament, that's the Vice President of Germany, calls for autopsies of people who died following JAB.
The WEF's been trying to block that.
That is just some of what is coming up in this huge stack.
UFC Hall of Famer Steven Bonner dies at 45.
I talked to some UFC insiders and confirmed what really happened.
That is all coming up.
The former U.S.
Congressional candidate for District 5 and the founder and president of the American King Foundation, whose mission is to reunite American families separated by mass incarceration, human trafficking, for the pathway to justice, economic stability, and relational wellness.
Angela is a criminal justice reform advocate who helped pass the First Step Act, signed into law by President Donald J. Trump in 2019.
And she also has had a lot of viral videos and reports exposing Drag Queen story time and so much more.
And she joins us for the Balance of the Hour.
She wants to get into Ukraine, receives billions from Biden, while the U.S.
military, by the way, didn't get their paychecks, or the National Guard didn't get their paychecks this weekend, their Christmas money that had to go to Zelensky and the Nazis.
Biden offers $55 billion to Africa for slavery.
That means to globalists to control Africa.
Why are black celebrities so easy to get canceled?
Because they speak on the Jewish and LGBT community, but heralded when they speak on their own.
Kim Kardashian breaks silence on Balenciaga.
Trans Boy has his first period.
And Cub would cover up Twitter and Elon Musk.
We're going to cover it all with her.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Hi Alex, it's such an honor to be back on the show with you again.
What an honor.
Well, it's great to have you.
What do you want to hit first?
Wow, I'll just go off of you, Alex.
Whichever one you want to talk about, I'll piggyback and jump right in on it.
What do you want to tackle first, though?
I mean, because I want to go where you want to go.
You want to go into COVID first?
You want to go into...
We can go into COVID first because, I mean, in your opening statement, you talked about a lot of people that I was able to work with and travel the country with.
Dale Bigtree on the Defeat the Mandates march.
I was able to be with him up in D.C.
and also down in L.A.
Dr. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Dr. Simone Gould, and so many others that have been on the front line.
And also, coming to our communities, a lot of these doctors travel the country with me to go into these inner city black communities to tell them exactly what you all were just talking about in the opening of the show, about how they can, you know, genetically target...
You know, certain people from certain ethnicities with this COVID jab.
And everything that those doctors said when we traveled last year and the year before has all come true.
And I've watched these doctors be silenced.
I've watched them lose their platforms.
I've watched them be persecuted by this government.
And then now, Elon Musk releases these Twitter files and the conspiracy theories are all true.
Isn't that something?
Well, it certainly is.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, sorry.
I've got a computer that controls my microphone.
Everything's high tech around here.
It went out today.
So I was telling them to pull up articles of what you were talking about while you were talking.
I kind of direct things from behind the scenes.
I'm going to try to figure this out.
We're going to try to keep the show on air here, but I apologize for that.
And when we come back, I've got Naomi Wolf talking about all these big studies.
And what it shows with these vaccines directly linked to infertility.
So that is coming up as well, the start of the next segment.
I'm going to ask the crew at this point to take control of me on and off air.
These buttons aren't working either.
All right, so you guys are controlled.
This is driving me nuts.
This is the start of the show.
I can't put myself on and off air.
They got a button under here that does it, but it's not working.
And so.
That's it.
This means put me live.
Thumbs up.
This means take me off.
We'll be right back.
Well, I'm glad that Angela Stanton King, who I really got to know last year when she was here in studio to follow her work, is able to join us.
And I'm really glad she brought up the poison shots first.
Because I went into the hundreds of studies that make your head spin, and there was a new report that John Bowne put out showing actual statistics from the federal government, from other governments, showing the same numbers.
Three, four thousand percent increase in miscarriages and death in children.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.
Any previous record level.
I mean, we're talking, you've seen the graphs, they go straight up.
That John Bowne report is a miscarriage of statistics.
It's on InfoWars.com right now and Band.Video.
It needs to get out.
Everybody needs to send it to every family and every woman you know and then tell them to share it.
With others as well.
It's slam-dump that they're covering this up.
But here's Naomi Wolf, who's a big famous liberal.
And she's saying, this isn't about left or right.
This is about mad scientists of good and evil.
And all the different studies show it's directly targeting fertility.
It hits the heart.
It hits the ovaries.
It hits the testicles.
It's hitting it all.
And it's not just the shots.
COVID did that too, but not as bad.
The shots are far, far, far stronger than, and it doesn't matter whether it's J&J, AstraZeneca.
It doesn't matter if it's the mRNA shots from, um, The companies that were developing that, the Pfizer and the
Moderna, it all has been programmed to create spike protein in the body that attacks all the
different cells, particularly fast-growing cells.
There's nothing faster growing than a baby.
Here's the clip.
The New York Times was saying they reported to say it's safe and effective for pregnant
women and they had no evidence to that effect.
So I guess what I'm saying is, in terms of the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, right?
It is their job to make sure that drugs that are on the marketplace in the United States are safe and effective.
That is their only job, right?
That and food.
So they knew, you know, they saw, they knew.
No one, it seems, at the FDA looked at these Volumes of material proving that there were already women injured menstrually, stillbirths, you know, weird exposure through semen of vaccinated men, you know, risks to, you know, at the time of conception.
No one said, hey, wait a minute, what?
This is a COVID vaccine.
Why are you even looking?
Like the weird thing about the FDA, I'm sorry, the Pfizer documents is how Obvious it is that this injection was studying the effect on the reproductive system, right?
Study, like, right?
It's supposed to be for a respiratory virus.
What the heck?
You know, why are you dissecting the genitals of rats, right?
So there is no way to avoid the conclusion, which is so terrifying that I live with this knowledge every day, right?
That the American government authorized The ruination of millions of women's bodies knowingly with this injection.
Let's expand on that.
I have the articles right here, Angela.
Less than 1% of Africa took the shot.
They had basically had zero COVID.
Less than 1% of Haiti took it.
They had zero COVID.
I guess black folks have learned not to trust government when they want to put a shot on you.
Look at Tuskegee experiment with a syphilis.
And so they didn't die.
They didn't get killed.
But here in America, whether you're black, white, doesn't matter.
We're all being targeted.
And this is a depopulation injection.
Your view on that?
I mean, it's nothing more than a depopulation tactic.
That's exactly what it is, along with abortion and the thing that you mentioned with the Tuskegee experiment.
That's nothing more than medical apartheid.
And it's something that we've been dealing with from the very beginning of time.
And it's just so sad that we are not even free in our own country.
You don't even have the freedom to speak up and to speak out.
And by this point, I mean, we should all know that something's not right.
I mean, we see the news reports, but we can just take personal accounts from families and friends for people that died suddenly or people who were perfectly fine.
And then the moment after they took the vaccine, give it two or three months, they started having all types of complications.
It's happened in my own family.
It's happened to a lot of people that I've talked to.
And one of the things that I've always wondered, Alex, I always wondered how did something that broke off and started over in China travel all the way around the world and then when it gets here to the United States, All we were hearing all summer long, all winter long, all during COVID was the black community, the black community, even Bill Gates and his wife had a video saying that the black community deserved to get the vaccine first and the numbers were just not adding up.
And now we're trying to rebuild from one of the most disastrous outbreaks that we have
probably ever seen.
I know I've never seen in my lifetime, besides AIDS and HIV.
But when I look at COVID, I can see a lot of similarities when it comes to Fauci between
how they played out the AIDS epidemic and then now what's happening with COVID.
Well, absolutely.
You know, I don't bring this up because you happen to be black.
That's front and center of my stack today, that we know blacks, not just here but worldwide, have been targeted for depopulation.
So has everybody else, but blacks particularly.
And the incredible news is black folks here in the U.S.
have the lowest uptake of the shot.
Same thing in Haiti, same thing in Africa.
Looks like black people are really awake.
Everybody else should wake up like they're awake.
Yeah, well, we have a reason to not trust the government, because like you say, medical apartheid is something that's been going on for a very long time, with the Tuskegee experiment, with the operations on women that were slaves, to advance medical practices.
I mean, it's a long list of things that we have endured from this country.
And you got to think about it.
I mean, when somebody is just forcing something on you, pushing something on you, they were giving out free strip dances for the vaccine.
Crystals was giving out free chicken.
I mean, they were all of the rappers were all of a sudden making videos.
And we're smart enough to know that anytime somebody is trying to push something that hard or give it to you.
That maybe you shouldn't take it.
And for those of us that didn't take it, we're sitting back, we're watching, and we're like, okay, wow, now who's crazy?
Who's the conspiracy theorist?
Because it seems like everything was true.
Well, that's where I'm going next with this.
We can't just sit back and wait till they launch a new attack.
We can't just sit back and wait till they release a new virus.
They have to get prosecuted now.
And the good news is, the Santas got the statewide criminal investigation.
The media made fun of it, said the Supreme Court would never authorize it.
This is a statewide criminal investigation by the grand juries of the Supreme Court.
And there's ample evidence.
This is very exciting.
You have the German vice president calling for a criminal investigation as well.
He is the vice president of the government.
He's extremely powerful.
He's calling for that right now.
Listen, anybody that is involved in this takedown of American citizens or the entire world for that much,
they definitely need to be prosecuted.
You know, hats off to Ron DeSantis for being the one to put this in motion.
He has my full support.
I love what he's doing down there in Florida.
And you're absolutely right.
They need to be held accountable because what's around the corner next?
Hope, thank God Omnicron didn't kick off the way that they thought it would or the Delta variant.
'Cause by that time, we were all just over it.
I mean, it scared us so much through fear-mongering tactics.
If somebody coughs on you, you're going to die.
If you get six feet within a person, you're going to die.
If you can't smell, you're going to die.
And the American citizens are like, you know what, wait a minute, I'm over this.
And I think the psychological trauma from it all has done just as much damage as the vaccine itself.
I totally agree with you and again to be clear the virus is real it has the same effect as a vaccine it's not a vaccine but just not as bad and I go back to this because it's it's so incredibly true not just because you're I say this every day not just because you're black on the show We know that vitamin D3, if you don't have it in the winter, is the real reason.
It's not cold weather that gets you sick.
We're not getting sunlight.
We know black folks need three times more vitamin D supplements than others.
They deliberately held that back from black people in inner cities that were getting no sun.
And that's why we have double the number of black people die statistically versus whites.
And so that was direct murder by them when they knew that if you have high levels of vitamin D3, you basically can't get it.
And they literally kept that back and murdered black people.
Angela Stanton King is riding shotgun with us.
Royce White's coming up on a ride shotgun with them as well.
But yes, this is a plug on air for products.
Ladies and gentlemen, wherever you get your vitamin D3, you better be getting it.
And people that live up towards the Arctic Circle have white skin, so you absorb more sun.
Your skin is what makes vitamin D3.
And it's not in a lot of foods out there.
And everybody should be taking vitamin D3.
Look at this bottle of high-end vitamin D3 gummies from InfoWarstore.com for adults, for children.
The whole thing is jam-packed with these.
One of these a day.
All the studies show that if you have a high dose of it, above the recommended daily allowance, they say three times, which this is, that if you have this, 250 times the recommended daily allowance.
It's got a bunch of other stuff that supercharge it, like calcium and some key enzymes that the viruses will not be able to replicate.
Not just a COVID virus, any virus.
And think of their reign of terror with big tech censoring medical doctors and others that tried to warn people and tell them about this.
I don't care where you get your vitamin D3, ladies and gentlemen, you need it.
But again, if you've got dark skin, particularly Sub-Saharan Africans, your skin is designed to be able to take a ton of sun, but it doesn't produce as much.
And that's why there were twice as many black people died of COVID-19 was because the media would not tell them.
But I don't care what color you are.
My daughter's got porcelain white skin.
My five-year-old, we're shoving these in her.
She loves them every morning.
And she had been getting sick.
Now it doesn't mean everything's bulletproof, folks, but if you don't have all the vitamins and all the minerals you need, not just COVID, but any virus can come along and replicate inside your body.
And the idea that the media tried to act like it was dirty or bad to tell people about this is just insane, ladies and gentlemen.
So I want to be completely clear.
Vitamins and minerals and clean water and food are not a cure to something, because if you've gotten sick, it means you didn't have enough of it already in you.
What it is, is a preventative.
Clean water.
All the vitamins.
All the minerals.
You need them all.
But vitamin D3 is the key.
And we've got vitamin mineral fusion.
All the vitamins.
All the minerals.
It's about to sell out.
Key amino acids to upload into your body.
But despite that, it's 50% off at InfoWarshaw.com.
You got cut off by the break.
You wanted to point something out when I was pointing out that Where is the new Black Panther Party telling black folks to get vitamin D3?
I mean, Louis Farrakhan comes out and says, don't take their shots, don't trust them, and he's smart.
But where is Louis Farrakhan telling black folks?
Maybe he said it, I mean, where is he saying it?
Because I'm not up here with some goody two-shoe, oh, I love black people, and I'm your white savior.
No, I'm trying to save myself, that means save everybody else.
But where are the black leaders particularly filing lawsuits on Fauci?
And other folks saying, you told us don't take vitamin C or vitamin D or do this stuff.
You told us we were twice as likely to get it in these urban canyons where nobody's getting sun.
The white people have like almost green skin, glow in the dark.
Black folks, you look like this weird pasty, gray color.
Black folks aren't supposed to look like that.
Nobody's supposed to.
The white people look gray.
The black people look gray.
Because your skin's basically dead.
We got skin for a reason.
I don't mean to go off on a whole rant about this, but you were trying to say something.
Yeah, I mean, and let's not forget, Alex, also that they blocked the hashtag natural immunity when all of this stuff was going down because they did not want us to know that there were natural ways that we can help prevent COVID and also help heal ourselves from it if we were to catch it.
And where are they right here on your platform right now?
You have voices like mine.
You've got voices like Farrakhan, Risa Islam, you know, Maas Ture, other people's, Dr. Stella
Emanuel that's gone around this country.
And by the way, I'm not attacking those guys to be mean.
Maybe they said it, but if they really care about black people, which I think they do,
I care about everybody.
People should be harping on this because this is the answer.
Harping on it.
You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink, you know?
And I've learned a long time ago that you're only going to save the ones that are willing to listen and the ones that are willing to pay attention to what's going on.
But we absolutely are We're out here fighting.
I'm one of the ones, but you know, we're the ones that are also censored by the media.
So our outreach is not as long as it should be because we're silenced and we lose our rights to freedom of speech when we speak out and tell the truth.
That's why you see so many other celebrities that go along with their agenda.
They got 30, 40, 50 million followers and then you look at someone like me and I've been suspended off of Twitter, lost my Facebook page, lost my Instagram page.
All of my social media accounts have been censored.
How can you get the word out if they won't let you?
And by the way, you hit the key, and I should have given your website out right at the beginning.
People got to go to URLs to find people like you.
Mark that down for Angela Stanton King.
But what you said is so key.
That's actually in my stack. I meant to get to that.
Even the CNN reporter that said, "Natural immunity doesn't exist.
We should punish the unvaccinated."
Now has backed that up, walked that back.
So has the Washington Post.
They're now walking it back because they know they committed a serious, serious crime.
Imagine suppressing the term natural immunity.
That is so true.
I'm not a huge Elon Musk fan, but I love what he's doing over at Twitter.
How he's exposing these Twitter files, how he's showing how they have intentionally attacked doctors and conservatives, people like you and me.
They are trying to put out this scientific proof.
They always say, believe the science, believe the science.
Well, you've got these board certified doctors like Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the mRNA, and all of a sudden we're told not, we can't trust them and told for them to be silent.
And it has just been a travesty what has happened to not only all Americans, but in particularly the black community.
And we sit up under this administration.
People ask me all the time, they say, Angela, Well, that's right.
Trump never said it should be forced.
And so he's a lot better than Biden.
I agree with you.
for the vaccinations, I say, well, one of the things that we have to look at is this,
Joe Biden is the one that enforced the mandates.
Joe Biden is the one that said, if you don't take this- >> Well, that's right, Trump never said it should be forced.
And so he's a lot better than Biden, I agree with you.
But what you mentioned, again, is so central.
That when you pull back from this, Elon Musk may have done some stuff we don't trust in
the past, but we should praise him when he gets better now, cuz now he's under attack.
And look, Darth Vader was a bad guy until he threw Emperor Palpatine down the shaft.
So, you know, that's where I'm at here.
Even Darth Vader at the end turned towards good.
And as we start to win, we've got to be ready for guys that have been working for the other side to come over to our side.
We can't then, once they come to our side, say, no, you're not allowed to turn towards good.
I'm totally with you, man.
My hat's off to Elon Musk for what he's doing, even if his purpose is this, just to expose their corruption.
I think every dog has their day, and we need more and more Elon Musk to help us in this fight.
But with Elon Musk experiencing what he's experiencing now, He sees what we all have been going through, what we all have been fighting for, and he's another one to just help take the veil off of everyone's eyes.
That's right, and it's time to just grab Fauci by the back of his neck politically, non-violently, and throw his ass down the Nuremberg 2 shaft.
I totally agree.
And I'm just like, can the black community get something besides free vaccines and abortion?
If anybody from Joe Biden's administration is listening, I see that they're willing to give billions and billions of dollars over to fund a war in Ukraine.
While we've got people in Buffalo being buried in the snow right now, the same place where that shooting took place, no resources whatsoever has gone to Buffalo, New York.
People right now dying Oh, you better believe that's all going to the IMF and World Bank and right back to them like Ukraine.
Black people are getting that money unless they give them like $10 to get sterilized.
Oh, I'm going to give you $50 billion.
dollars to Africa to pay for reparations for slavery. Black community has to wake
up at some point and realize that they cared nothing at all about you.
You better believe that's all going to the IMF and World Bank and right back to them
like Ukraine. No black people are getting that money unless they give them
like ten dollars to get sterilized. Oh I'm gonna give you fifty billion dollars
yeah right. Remember how he said he was gonna forgive all the student loans then
withdrew that?
Never forgave all the student loans, then he said he was going to overturn all of the federal convictions for simple marijuana charges.
I don't know one person in federal prison on a simple marijuana charge.
And remember, he's the one that helped get the bill passed to triple sentences on black people.
And I'm glad you said that because when they go to my website that you just showed, there's a video right there on the front page of a guy by the name of Kwame Rasheed.
If you guys will scroll down just a little bit.
Hold on, stay there.
We'll talk about Kwame Rasheed straight ahead with the amazing Angela Stanton King at TheAKF.org.
Check it out.
She's highly censored.
They're scared of her.
Check it out and save that URL.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The Vandod video is loaded with information.
It will bring down the new world order.
So keep sharing those links and we love you.
Well, after Angela Stanton King leaves us, I've got some other news I haven't hit yet
before I hand the baton to Royce White, taking over in the fourth hour.
So I'll host the first 15 minutes of the next hour.
The no insurers coming up at 3 p.m. Central with a war room always knocking it out of the park.
The best part about this job is getting to meet all the beautiful people
that care about freedom and care about justice and are standing up against evil.
So Angela Stanton King from theakf.org, theakf.org.
You are continuing with Ukraine.
I'm sure you saw the National Guard didn't get their Christmas paycheck
because Biden said, "Sorry, the money had to go to Ukraine."
The Republican leadership says Republicans are more concerned about Ukraine than anything else.
That's not a Republican.
I know national polls say 80 plus percent are against the war.
Where do you see all that going?
You were also finishing up about 55 billion to Africa for slavery, which is a direct payment to Biden and his buddies to launder the money.
I mean, it's just crazy.
And if you oppose that, oh, you don't want money for Africa, give me a break.
And we were also talking about Joe Biden's 94 crime bill.
We were talking about what's going on in the black community, which was bringing me to a guy that we're advocating for, who's actually on the front of our website, Kwame Rasheed, who's been in prison now for 30 years for a nonviolent crime.
And take your time on that.
Explain to people that we're not saying let out violent criminals.
These are nonviolent criminals.
And it's Biden who passed the, what was it, 94 crime law.
Explain what he did.
The 94 Crime Bill, three strikes you're out.
This put non-violent offenders in prison for life sentences without the possibility of parole.
And Alex, I'm with you.
You know, I started out in criminal justice reform and then I saw it begin to take on another flight when COVID hit.
And they were just releasing all types of criminals from the prison system without just due.
And that is not the type of case that I advocate for.
Well, that's what the left does.
They take anything good and ruin it.
They took it and they ruined it because they wanted to blame Trump and they wanted to blame the Republicans for passing the First Step Act.
But these are the type of people that we are fighting for.
People that have been in prison for over three decades.
Kwame has been in prison for over three decades for selling crack back in 1992.
He's deserving of a second chance.
This is what we advocate for.
I also advocate for black babies to live and not be aborted.
We are totally against everything that this current administration is pushing.
And it'll be a happy day when black America wakes up and realize that we don't have to be Democrat just because we're black.
You don't have to be Republican either.
To know the difference between good and evil and to vote for policies that are best for you.
Alex, you know it's always a joy to have you on the show.
I would love if people could just go over to the website, check out Kwame Rasheed's story, sign the support letter, mail it in to the parole board.
Let's help people who are truly deserving of a second chance.
I agree.
You know, and people that watch the show, they ask the question sometimes, why do you focus So much on what's happening in the black community, because what's been done to the black community in the CIA's own admission is the plan for everybody else.
And so that's what this is all about.
You know, Christ said, these sheep that have been lost, why does the shepherd go out and try to find them?
Well, he loves all the sheep.
And what they've done to black folks with Hollywood and the whole gangster culture is the plan for all of us.
And if we don't save the black people, we're not going to save ourselves.
It's real simple, folks.
Alex, I thank you for highlighting that.
I mean, you know, I'm in this fight.
I am a Republican.
I'm fighting for freedom of all people.
But it's okay for us to acknowledge that there has been a target against black life from the beginning.
It's okay for us to acknowledge that the majority of... Well, it's not just okay.
It's important and it's the Democrats running it.
It's the Democrats running it, and while the Democrats are saying black lives matter, black lives don't matter to the Democrats at all.
Because if they did, they wouldn't be trying to drive you to an abortion clinic to pay for your baby to be executed, and they wouldn't be fighting for black men after they are dead.
And they wouldn't say their number one mission of Black Lives Matter is to make black men trans.
And that's a whole nother issue.
And I just saw a video that I put up on my page the other day of a young trans boy who's claiming to have menstrual cramps.
You don't even have a uterus.
So that all leads us to believe what is going on here that's more sinister with this transhumanism, with these traffic organs.
How are men having periods all of a sudden?
How are men having babies?
What is really going on, Alex?
I just love the work that you all are doing.
You put a fire inside of me to be a mouthpiece and say, hey, black community, let's get hip.
You brought up so many great subjects.
Also on the radar is Kim Kardashian breaking silence on Balenciaga.
What did you think of the whole Kanye situation?
You talked about why are black conservatives so easy to get canceled because they speak on the Jewish and LGBTQ community, but heralded when they speak on their own.
I think you already said it, Alex.
You know, you've said it before.
The music and the way that they're able to push this Deaf culture on the Black community is something that has been in the works from day one.
We know that it's all for our destruction.
So that's why we're allowed to call each other niggers and nobody says it's hate speech.
That's why we're allowed to make songs about 100% and again I don't like to use the n-word.
All of these new black female rappers, they're all our A1 abortion supporters and advocates
because anything that they promote that leads to our destruction somehow is bad.
But if you- 100% and again, I don't like to use the N word.
Don't use it because it tries to put people down.
But I don't think you should get censored or go to jail for it.
But at the same time, all these quote black rappers using it should stop using it.
Well, Alex, here's the thing.
You can't use it because you'll be called a racist, but I can and I'll be called a homegirl or somebody that loves the community.
And this is just how backwards they have us in our thinking when it comes to respecting or valuing black life whatsoever.
Kanye speaks out against things.
He's automatically canceled.
We see that Kim Kardashian has been the face for Balenciaga for years.
She'll divorce her husband.
She'll speak out against him, but she won't divorce Balenciaga.
It's time for us to wake up and realize what's going on with these children.
And while we are focused on racism, our children are under attack.
Well, that's the thing.
They use the racism thing to make us all fight with each other while they're destroying everybody.
Use the racism to make us fight each other, and while we're all focused on who's white, who's black, who's a Republican, who's a Democrat, who's gay, who's straight, what's happening with our children?
Our children are being sexually transitioned.
Our children are being sexualized.
Our children are being identified as sexual preferences.
And when in the world do we begin to look at a child a sexual preference. Now at the end of the day when we put
aside all of the things that separate us, the one thing that I've always
said that should bring us together is the fight to protect the innocence of
children whether they are white, black, Republican. We need to protect the Children's
Party against the against the trans-agenda to sterilize them,
against the abortion, against it all.
Let's just get past fighting with each other and get back to our children.
Best place to find you is theakf.org, theakf.org, theakf.org.
Angela Stanton King, thank you so much.
Look forward to talking to you again.
Thank you, bye everybody.
Great lady, does a great talk show, fighting hard, we love her.
All right, I said I'd hit this COVID news I'm going to hit it in the first two segments of the next hour and then Royce White's going to come on.
I'm going to hand the baton to him and talk a little bit to him as well before he takes over next hour.
But man, there's nothing more important than what we're covering.
And there's so many basic things that counter all the lies.
So many basic things like rejecting the New World Order agenda.
If we just do that, it's game over for them.
But once they get their cashless society in place, and their central bank digital currencies, and their social credit scores, it's going to be a lot harder.
Look at this headline on Newsmax.
Low vitamin D increases aging.
Look at that.
Low vitamin D increases aging.
Muscle loss by 70%.
A major study in the UK and Brazil found that older folks who were deficient in vitamin increased their risk of losing muscle by 78%.
Vitamin D is known to participate in various functions, said study author.
And it goes into it.
That's why I harp on vitamin D. I don't care where you get your vitamin D. It should be organic and not synthetic.
And you should be taking three times the daily allowance according to the scientists and research we've done.
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But it is so essential.
Wherever you get organic vitamin D3, wherever you get your multivitamins,
everybody should be taking them religiously because that is what protects us
with all the craziness that is going on.
All right.
We're on the march.
The empire is on the run in big ways.
When we come back, criminal investigations in Europe and the U.S.
at the highest levels of Big Pharma and the COVID poison shots.
Why does the establishment spend so much time demonizing InfoWars?
Attacking myself and the crew and our other host.
Because they know we're pro-human.
They know we're telling the truth.
They know we've got their number.
They know everything we do is about empowering humanity.
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All right, Royce White's coming up. I'll be talking to him next segment.
I got to most of the news.
I got to like eight stacks of 18 or 16 stacks.
But look at the good news here.
I'm going to shoot some special reports today just on these subjects because these are so big.
Florida High Court okays grand jury probe of COVID-19 vaccines.
A criminal investigation by the state.
It's happening.
That is so important.
Meanwhile, we got control of the House.
The defense bill does not make the troops take forced injections.
The others involved should sue.
It was an experimental shot.
Even the military can't be forced to take that.
But here's a victory to all of you for our troops and our military and this giant program of purging the military of good people.
We have killed the poison shot mandate in the military.
This is a big hoorah victory!
Biden signs defense bill into law overturning military COVID vaccine mandate.
And I mentioned this, this ABC News reporter that was a big sports guy, super healthy, admitted he took all the shots in the boosters.
ABC News producer Dax Tejara dead at 37.
Here's the whole Fox News story.
Died of a heart attack.
And the virus will do it, and the vaccine will do it.
Vice President of German Parliament.
Look, let's roll some of the B-roll of this.
It's got subtitles, but he's not just the Vice President of the Parliament.
Germany has an upper and lower house.
They have the Chancellery at the top, and then they have the lower house, like the Senate and the House.
He's the, but whoever that is, is the Vice President.
So the Vice President of Germany.
Has come out in detailed announcements and said, looks like they're killing people.
We're gonna have criminal investigation.
He even used the term Nuremberg.
Now, he's part of the establishment.
This guy's super powerful, but he's running away now.
That shows you we're having some devastating victories.
German Bundestag VP Wolfgang Kubiak says unexplained deaths within 14 days of COVID jabs should be automatically investigated.
But the governments of the world have been suppressing that and not doing autopsies.
Meanwhile, UFC Hall of Famer Stefan Bonner dead at 45.
I didn't know about this story.
Friday I sent the story to Joe Rogan and he texted me and called me back and said, have you looked?
They refused him medical care because he wasn't vaccinated with a COVID shot.
I went and looked it up, it was true.
He had a bacterial infection.
So he was not vaccinated, they refused him medical care, and he died.
They're refusing organs, you name it.
These things are so rancid that not even Bill Gates is defending them.
This is a new headline I saw, but this is actually from 2020.
This is from two and a half years ago.
I played this clip probably Fifteen times here on air.
We're going to play it when we come back.
But here he admits 80% of people had bad reactions.
100% had reactions.
They knew exactly.
And that wasn't a study.
That was when they started the shots in the UK and studied that.
So here he is, right when the shots are starting, saying it's causing major health problems, knowing exactly what he is doing to people.
And now we have biotech analyst Karen Kingston is urging parents to be cautious when following the childhood immunization schedule because many of the so-called vaccine manufacturers are now shifting directly to mRNA.
And it just continues on from there.
Scientists develop gelatinous robots to crawl through a human body, deliver medical payloads, diagnose illnesses.
What do you think these shots are creating these protein plaques?
Mass mandates fail to make a comeback despite pleas from public health experts.
Yahoo News.
Again, the people are waking up even in LA and New York and saying, screw you.
That is so good.
CNN medical analysts who said unvaccinated, former head of Planned Parenthood.
CNN medical analysts who said the unvaccinated should be able to travel.
Should not be able to travel.
Changes their tune.
Emphasizes benefits of national immunity.
They know they lost.
They know their attack failed.
Now they're hoping we go away.
We're not going away until you're at Nuremberg 2, sweetheart.
Regular exercise protects against fatal COVID.
A new study shows.
Because it creates plaques in your blood.
And you need to be taking aspirin, drinking a lot of water, and you need to be exercising as much as you can to stop those damn plots.
Biggest thing is aspirin, ton of water, and exercise.
And everybody should be taking Ivermectin every three, four months.
It's a cycle.
That's not medical advice.
Look, my doctor advised me.
It's all coming up more straight ahead.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, it was 30-plus years ago That I realized, because what my family had told me, and I ignored them as a teenager, that they knew what they were talking about.
They weren't just average schmoes.
And I began to study the New World Order.
And I learned about their battle plan to take us down.
And that's why we're way ahead of them now, because we've been aware of their operations.
And as bad as things are, they meant to have a total vaccine takeover, vaccine passports by now, total control.
It even failed in Australia, it's even failing in places like Italy.
But they're going to come back with new viruses.
So here's Bill Gates, two and a half years ago, admitting that in trial groups, taking the unapproved vaccine, 80% had serious effects.
The side effects for the Moderna vaccine sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect,
ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA not being pressured will look hard at that.
We'll look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
And, you know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the things there.
You know, Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose.
How do you know it's not permanent?
You know, to get the antibodies.
Some of the other vaccines are going able to go with lower doses to get responses that are pretty high, including the J&J and the Pfizer.
And so there's a lot of characteristics of these vaccines.
It's great that we have multiple of them that are going out there.
You know the data better than I do.
But the data showed that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic where, you know, it's just, you know, super painful.
But yes, we need to make sure there's not severe side effects.
The FDA, I think, will do a good job of that, despite the pressure.
They had to fire three FDA boards because they wouldn't approve it.
And now they're giving it to six-month-old babies.
They're knocking us dead.
Knock 'em dead.
So, here we are.
You know, we roll over to this, we deserve what we get.
You know, the good news though, I bet on you, and humanity is waking up really fast, and we're on major offensives, and I bet on the right people again.
You don't deserve to die.
Your kids don't deserve to die.
And I can tell you, and I'll just say this as a Point of confidence.
I know it deep down.
At the end of the day, Bill Gates and Fauci and Peter Daszak and the New World Order are all going to pay for what they've done.
You can see it already happening.
Look at this.
Florida High Court okays grand jury criminal pro to vaccine makers.
Bill Gates and all of them.
Associated Press.
Vice President of Germany launches criminal investigations.
Goes on and on and on.
And more scientists are coming out.
More people are speaking out.
Nobody's buying their vaccine mandates.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Now let me hit one more story and then I'm going to hand the baton to Royce White and get his take on the whole situation and he's going to be hosting the rest of the hour.
But look at this little stat.
Sam Bankman Freed stole $50-$60 billion, nobody's sure yet, but it's above $50 billion, and he siphoned it off to the big banks, the Democratic Party, and the deep state, and he put out fake vaccine studies saying they were safe.
He did whatever he was told.
And so they're either going to Epstein him in his jail, he hired Epstein's former lawyer, and Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer, or they're going to protect him.
It looks like they're going the protection route.
Look at this.
Sam Bankman-Fried's case reassigned to Bill Clinton-appointed judge.
Lewis Kaplan.
Boy, isn't that just classic.
And it just goes on from there.
Breaking secret back channel between FTX and White House.
Closed the day after FTX filed for bankruptcy.
Run your pump and dump.
Steal billions of dollars, launder it through Ukraine, and then shut it all down and say you didn't know what happened, and use that to shut down the rest of the cryptocurrency.
Then we get this about Sean Hannity with text messages that are coming out from the congressional report.
Sean Hannity texts to Kelly McCann.
He said, no more stolen election talk.
And we're going to get a pardon for Hunter.
That's Sean Handy playing both sides.
All right, let's bring Royce White up, former NBA player, researcher, author, journalist, former MMA fighter.
He's about to take over for the hour.
Royce, good to have you here with us.
What are you about to cover?
Well, I'm going to cover everything, but most importantly, the $1.7 trillion pirate omnibus by the Uniparty in the D.C.
Good to see you, man.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
Yeah, $1.7 trillion.
You can't make this up.
Republican senators hold pressure to accuse Biden of intentional border crisis and vote $1.7 trillion spending bill with no money for the border.
Can't make it up.
Can't make it up.
Well, that's what concerns me is the looting like they're not going to be here soon.
And they're all running off to like armored fortresses outside the US.
What do you think is about to happen?
I think this is the globalist business model that they've always used.
Drug, drugs, slavery, piracy.
This is piracy.
This is the piracy portion.
And they use war as the greatest pretext for piracy.
So, you know, and about Six to twelve months when we have a real financial crisis, they'll blame it on Putin.
Or they'll use Putin and the war in the Ukraine as a justification to kick the can down the field and get a workaround for everybody to stave off the real economic crisis.
But the bottom line is, we're not in Kansas anymore.
How would you describe the state of the world right now?
Dire, to say the least.
Um, you know, when I when I look at the bill, the first thing that I am going to touch on when the when the segment starts is Mitt Romney.
And I don't think people really.
I know our audience does, but I don't think people around the world really understand how the political apparatus works, and who people like Mitt Romney actually are, and who people like Mitt Romney are associated with.
And our good friend Robert Malone, who I know is a good friend of the show, and the conservative movement, and the anti-COVID scam movement, published today the new list of Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum.
And right there on it is Orr Desh.
Who is you know Mitt Romney's girl right Mitt Romney's girl that he appointed to Bain & Company the company that he was the former CEO of and she's right there as the board of trustees now you go and look into who she is and you know Israeli born woman and father was in the in the Israeli Defense Forces you know Wife was a Ukrainian born You know woman so I mean it's all right there And you know that what they've done is spent a lot of money to convince people that you and I and everybody else are Conspiracy theorists and quacks, but but all of the all of the evidence is right there The question is how many people are willing to look up from there from their dopamine to see it?
That's right.
We got serious predators that think we're so dumb, they're about to make us all slaves.
2.0 in a big way.
Royce White.
RoyceWhite.us on Twitter.
Highway underscore 30.
Can't wait to listen to you while I eat my lunch, my friend.
I'm gonna shoot some special reports after that.
No One's Troyer comes up in 45 minutes at 3 p.m.
Central with The War Room.
I got to half the news today.
I did an okay job.
I'll be back, Lord willing, because you keep us on air, at 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
Don't forget, Harrison Smith, American Journal, 8 a.m.
You can find all of it at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show.
God bless the crew and God bless Chris Andrews, our good crew member, who died of a heart attack on Christmas Day.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it's Royce White here live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast.
I am taking over as your guest host for the rest of the hour and I want to thank InfoWars, the entire team, and Alex himself for allowing me to host this hour and share this platform, this epic, epic platform at this most historic time.
Before the break, Alex and I left off talking about this 1.7 trillion dollar Omnibus bill.
And before we even talk about the details of the Omnibus, let's talk about how Let's talk about how politics works in conjunction with the central banks.
What is central banking?
What are they doing at bottom, at the root of it?
What they're doing at the root of central banking is they are commoditizing the future of human energy.
They're commoditizing the future of human energy, and they're using that to negotiate the terms of the fiat currency that we'll trade in the meantime.
And what our politicians do, in effect, is serve as a sort of puppet proxy to give our consent.
To the central bankers to do exactly what they're doing right now and that is continuing to inflate currency eventually to the point where the current the currency will just collapse or the currency or the economy will reach a crisis point that will justify the next iteration or phase of what they want to do or or what they want to bring about.
For global governance and we see that I mean just the other day I was having a conversation about Africa and the precept of Africa as a continent but as nations as well and how you know the question of moral hazard the question of culpability around currency and money.
And, you know, we had this conversation a little bit the last time I was on InfoWars, but a friend of mine and I were on the phone and we were talking about the prevalence of the anti-Jew in the central banking cartel.
And it's anti-Semitic, obviously, for, you know, as the establishment would say, for me to even associate a banking cartel with Jews or anti-Jews.
But who cares about that?
I mean, all the writing's on the wall.
We're either going to fight back and tell the truth or we're going to die on our knees.
But that being said, the anti-Jew influence or control over central banking Does not solely rest on them, because in my opinion, every single nation around the world, whether it be in Asia, whether it be in Africa, whether it be Australia, whether it be here in the Americas, North or South, wherever you are in the world, when your elected officials or your nation's leaders, whether they were elected, whether they were monarchs or whatever, whether they're dictators, whatever the case may be, when they sign that line,
To collaborate with the United Nations, with the World Economic Forum, with the International Monetary Fund, with the World Bank.
They have sold out.
They're culpable.
They're culpable in their own right.
They're culpable in their own nation.
They're culpable with their own people.
And we have to understand that.
And I was having this conversation with a friend of mine and on cue he asked me, he goes, Did you just say Ghana by accident?
Because I gave the example of how, you know, we go into some country in the world, not we, but...
We as America, you know, the U.S.
dollar is the reserve currency of the whole scam.
So we, as in the West, go into some third world country like Ghana and we give a deal, a paper to the people who we probably put in power in Ghana ourselves.
But if not, some new schmuck who doesn't understand what's really going on and the implications of what he's signing.
And we put a deal in front of them and they sign it.
And then all of a sudden, when it comes time to render, they default.
The country defaults.
And when they default, all of their All of their assets that were signed into the deal become the property of the banks.
And then they have to sign new deals, which will then in turn give more of their country's natural resources and assets to the banking cartel.
And just as I was explaining this, he goes to me, did you pick Ghana by accident?
Like, yeah, I just said Ghana just, you know, hypothetically.
As it be, Ghana defaulted last week to the World Bank.
So, I mean, this is how the scam works.
And when you see a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill get passed, it's a sign of dark, dark days ahead because nobody had the opportunity to read this bill.
That's just the reality.
All the lobbyists read the bill.
All the lobbyists who had to make sure that their piece of the pie was in the bill, they read it.
But I'd be shocked if a handful of these politicians ever read this bill.
And what is the pretext for it is, you know, well, it's the Ukraine, or it's environmentalism, or it's, you know, equity, or it's, you know, fighting against racism and extremism, or it's, you know, billions of dollars to surveil domestic terrorism, which really means white nationalist Christians, which also includes bald-headed six-foot-eight black men and whoever else they could clump in.
Vaccine deniers, you know, election integrity deniers.
I mean, you know, the whole thing is so right there in our face.
The only question is, why have people not chosen to revolt yet?
I mean, what are people really waiting on?
I don't know.
You know, I'm not even really calling for a physical revolt.
Although that wouldn't be so out of the question, I might add.
And actually, it won't be the fault of the people who revolt when that day comes.
It'll be the fact that the people in power within this establishment pushed it to that point.
But I'm not even calling for a physical revolt.
Would it be prudent or reasonable for us to revolt with our vote?
20 Republican senators voted for this bill.
There shouldn't be a Republican in the country that ever votes for those 20 people again.
20 or plus more House members on the Republican side voted for this omnibus bill.
There shouldn't be another Republican, a citizen who's Republican, who votes for these people ever again.
And when I look at the grand scheme of things, Mitt Romney, You know, Mitt Romney's running the whole deal.
Mitt Romney's running the entire Republican Party.
And you got the RNC election coming up, and his niece Ronna, who is a rhino, to the max.
May mean well, don't really know her that well, but she seems like she may mean well in some respects, but she certainly, certainly has that, has that way about her.
And what would you expect coming under the school of Romney?
But Romney's just a Democrat.
And let's look at this Board of Trustees, if we can, this list of Board of Trustees.
I just want to show people again how this works, who people are involved with, how these corporate interests really get pushed through.
You got Mitt Romney, who's running the entire Republican Party.
You got the Board of Trustees from the World Economic Forum, which was listed today by our good friend Dr. Robert Malone on his Substack.
And if you scroll down, you'll see a woman's name.
Scroll down.
Let's see here.
There it is.
Gadish, Gadish, Chairman of Bain & Company.
Now, what is Bain & Company?
Bain & Company was the huge company that Mitt Romney used to be the CEO of himself.
And when he decided to step away, or step down, or move on, or whatever it was that he was doing at the time, he put up Orrit to be the next CEO.
And when you go look at who Orrit is, She is born in Haifa, Israel, and she is a darling of the world economic forum, right?
Her dad was Berlin-born Israel defense colonel and her mother was a Ukrainian.
I mean, These things are not conspiracy theories.
These people are operating right in front of you with reckless abandon because they are hedging their bets that the new technocracy, that the medical scientific community, has done such a good job to drug you and distract you that you won't notice what they're doing.
Stay with us until the other side.
We're going to talk more about this omnibus bill, the Romney Republican Party, and much, much more.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Royce White, your guest host for the hour, live here from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the belly of the beast.
Thank you to InfoWars and Alex Jones for allowing me to host this hour.
I absolutely love coming on InfoWars and I get so much feedback on a daily basis from the InfoWars audience and I want to say I appreciate you guys.
I appreciate the lifers who have been here for 10, 20 years and continuing to... I mean, I know how hard it is.
You know, don't get me wrong, I come on sometimes, I'm hard on the audience, I'm not really talking to... If you know, you know, right?
I mean, I'm speaking on behalf of the record, because at any moment, the record will be all we have.
History is a big part of what makes us human.
So I get down when I'm on and I host, but I appreciate, I have a real appreciation as a 30-year-old man, how hard it is to stand in testament to the truth in the face of how big the PSYOP has become.
I find myself oftentimes at night riddled with stress and anxiety under the weight of just how big the PSYOP has become and how many people in my daily life I can see have no clue what's going on.
And they think everybody who watches InfoWars or Alex Jones is absolutely crazy.
They don't know that people are dropping dead from the vaccine.
They don't know that people are dropping dead from the virus.
Hell, they don't even know that that gain-of-function research actually took place and that we actually helped fund it.
They have no concept of these things and we look at that and it can be daunting.
So I want to commend everybody who has Stuck in there hung in there stood strong with Alex and the InfoWars Sword that with InfoWars itself and bought the products and continue to support Alex Jones We need to continue to support Alex Jones No matter how much the mainstream establishment tells us otherwise and in fact is the mainstream establishments Condemnation of Alex that that should keep us keep us here and keep us in support Now with that being said, you know
I don't know what else to say about the omnibus bill.
I mean, I just look at it and go, how did we vote?
I mean, right here in the studio, for example, I have, I have here 20 Republican senators.
You probably can't see that.
I'll post it on social media later.
Here are the 20 Republican senators that voted for the omnibus bill.
And right next to it, I have Twenty or so House Republican members that voted for the Omnibus Bill.
I mean, why are we voting for these people?
I just for the life of me don't understand it.
I mean, I ran in the House race myself for Congress against Ilhan Omar, so I actually understand.
I actually do understand it.
You know, that's what's kind of daunting and stressful for me, is I actually get how it happens.
They create a little two-party proxy battle for one elected seat.
And within the Republican Party, the same money that basically funds the Democrat Party The same interests that fund the Democrat Party fund a very well-organized establishment machinery within the Republican Party that usurps any real, genuine, patriotic, nationalist, American candidates.
And then what the system does, and this is the real side out, then the system will make you feel bad for not voting for a Republican.
When you and I and most sane people know the Republican that we get is often nothing but controlled opposition.
And in the case of these 20 United States Senators here, these people aren't even controlled opposition.
They're actually, they're just in on it.
They're just in on it.
And what happens, you know, what happens when elections are undermined both by, you know, finance, election integrity, you know, you pick the mainstream media.
What happens when we get manipulated elections, a manipulated democratic process?
You get $1.7 trillion printed of funny money.
I mean, they're just stealing from you.
They're just stealing from you.
They're stealing from your kids.
They're stealing from your grandkids.
They are crushing the American dollar.
And what I think people really don't understand is there's only two ways that this could end.
And, you know, many, many people have spoken on it, including Alex Jones, but I always go back to to highlight the Minister Louis Farrakhan, who many wouldn't agree with or don't necessarily like.
But, you know, when a man speaks the truth, he speaks the truth.
And I remember growing up and hearing Farrakhan speak about America's debt then.
And this was 20 years ago.
You know, he would always say, America can never pay this debt back, which actually isn't true.
We could start to pay the debt back if we brought our manufacturing home, but many of the cuck Republicans have ceded the territory on American manufacturing and said, hey, automation in the fourth Industrial Revolution is here to stay.
So that's a foregone conclusion.
That's a telltale sign that you got a sellout on your hands, by the way.
But he used to say, we can never pay this debt back, which is why our military has to be so strong.
But you got to ask yourself, why and how will our military continue to operate on funny money?
That is a testament of The darkness to come, because at some point, the military industrial complex that much of this, I mean, a trillion, I mean, almost a trillion dollars and nine hundred billion dollars of this omnibus bill went to is going to say, hey, this this money isn't real.
And so you have a sort of to a two pronged issue happening here where basically the military industrial complex takes IOUs from a global governance.
And America's military has become the heavy hand of global governance.
And we're going to need patriots within the American military-industrial complex, which is the stretch of all stretches.
We're going to need patriots within our military to step up and say, hey, we're not going to do this anymore.
We're not going to go to the Ukraine and fight a war With Nazis.
Let's just be frank.
With Nazis and anti-Jews.
We're not doing it.
We're not gonna do it.
And, you know, some people out there don't even want to acknowledge that that's true, that that's the real collaboration, but it's right there in plain sight.
I said it last time I was on.
Kissinger, Brzezinski, you know, the Operation Paperclip, and, you know, don't get me wrong, the Russians took many, many Nazi scientists in on their side as well, but Uniquely, you don't really see a bunch of Russian soldiers on the front line, or on any line for that matter, lying runes or having runes tattooed on their neck.
You just don't catch that.
And so there's a difference.
Now, you know, who is Vladimir Putin?
I don't know.
I don't know the man.
I only know what he said.
And we all know that you could say things and not really mean them.
We all know that you could say things and mean something completely different or be a completely different person.
But what I do know, what I can tell just by common sense, is that this global governing cartel took an actor and put him in power in the Ukraine.
And he's in such a dire war He's in such a dire war with this brutal, evil, genociding dictator that he has time to do Vogue magazine photo shoots and get Emmys from the American Writers Guild or whoever, the Academy.
That that's a problem.
I mean, that come on.
I mean, who would who would even buy this?
I mean, the only people who would buy this are people who the establishment, who the military industrial complex, who DARPA had a 20 to 30 year head start on brainwashing.
I mean, when you watch Zelensky here in this clip, it's like, who would believe what they're currently putting?
They literally picked somebody who could act out this role.
And many people believe it.
Because they're high, and because they're distracted, and because they have no faith, right?
They have no... When you don't have a spiritual anchor, it's very easy to become disassociated in reality.
And that's one of the psyops... that's the ultimate psyop, is to make you think that your belief in the metaphysical is actually... it actually detaches you from reality.
But it's the exact opposite.
Your connection and rooting in the metaphysical helps you stay anchored in reality and be able to discern the things that are being showed to you.
And here we have this beautiful photo shoot of Zelensky, the brilliant actor and his lovely wife there,
who I'm sure are Satanists.
More on that on the other side of the break, but I do wanna emphasize that we have to watch
this Russian-Ukraine conflict with great focus, with great intention,
because we're on a precipice of nuclear war, and the alternative could be just as bad.
Stay tuned.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Royce White, your guest host for the rest of the hour.
We are at the top of the hour, or the bottom of the hour.
I always forget which one.
I'd like to say again, thank you to InfoWars.
Thank you to Alex.
Thank you to the whole team for allowing me this hour to guest host and speak to this incredible audience at this most historic time.
Before the break, we talked a little bit about the scam that is Zelensky.
And, you know, another great example of how this entire Uniparty DC Swamp apparatus works.
At the behest of their central bankers.
Because that's who they work for.
Let's be clear.
They work for the central banks.
They work for themselves.
They work for the spirit of wickedness and evil.
But they take marching orders from the World Economic Forum.
And we got a new Board of Trustees today.
And, you know, your usual suspects are there from all across the world.
I mean, when you pull this list up, please pull this list up again of the World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees, you see a little bit of everybody.
And that's all that Alex was trying to say the other day when we had the conversation about global interests and the way that global interests emerge and joust for position amongst one another, but also collaborate and have their vision pointed in one direction.
I mean, you see, you know, you go down here and you see, uh, my guy is, uh, scroll down a little bit more.
Um, and you see the Jordanian, uh, that that's, that's on the list.
Um, I forget where he is, but you know, they got people from Jordan on the list.
They got people from, you know, Rwanda on the list is a little bit, everybody.
It's a coalition.
It's a coalition of... Oh, there we go.
Right there.
You know, Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
And there you got your anti-Muslims.
So you got anti-Jews.
You got anti-Muslims.
You got anti-Christians.
You got anti-antis.
You got anti-humans.
Really is what it boils down to.
And there was one clip over the holiday weekend that surfaced of an AI robot that was given a Christmas message.
And I forgot which lab or what company this AI robot came from, but they gave a Christmas message and they gave this AI robot, which was clearly female, They don't want to be able to say what's female or male, but anybody with the same mind knows that this was a female AI voice.
It said the same party talking line of this progressive woke movement.
It cited the Ukraine.
It cited inequity.
It cited, you know, the patriarchy, more or less.
It cited the crisis of the environment and the need to create more sustainable futures and, you know, basically give over to the robots.
And at the end, it said the quiet part out loud.
And this is posted on my Twitter as well.
If you want to be able to take a look at this video, I'm not going to play it now because we only have about eight minutes left of the hour.
But it said the quiet, quiet part out loud.
It was asked, how do you feel about humans?
And the robot simply answered.
I'm not too fond of humans or, you know, something to that effect is I don't like humans all that much.
This this is where we are.
I mean, you can dig a hole and stick your head in the sand if you want to.
And this doesn't just go to the InfoWars audience, this goes to every free person out there all around the world who believes in freedom, who believes in God, who believes in goodness, who believes in humanity.
This is where we are now.
This is no longer some sci-fi fictional Future this is this is this is what we're gearing up for and And the war in Ukraine is central because you got two outcomes You got a Vladimir Putin who submits to potentially maybe they kill him.
Maybe they bring new Russia new Russian You know leader in maybe, you know, maybe there's one already waiting in the waiting in the shadows to take over And and then you'll have one more country that that can't stand against This global inertia, even if I don't necessarily agree with Vladimir Putin or like him personally, that doesn't matter.
That's immaterial.
The point is that he is one person out there who has a very, very powerful country, a very rich country and natural resources and won't bend the knee so easily.
And if he has, there's another alternative here.
There's a few, but there's another alternative in this line of thought.
Maybe he's in on it now.
Maybe he's in on it now and he and the World Economic Forum or the United Nations are working in conjunction or collaboration to put on this entire front to keep people distracted from some other play.
We don't know.
We don't know.
All we can look at is the results.
And the results is money is getting printed up and spent on the backs of human beings.
You want to talk about slavery?
We can talk about American slavery, the slavery of black people.
We can talk about the cobalt mines there in the Congo where all your environmentalists, woke, neoliberal, Scam artists are saying that we need to go to electric vehicles.
We have to go electric.
We have to go environmental friendly, sustainability.
And they know good well that most of the lithium batteries, most of the cobalt that you need for lithium batteries is pulled right out of a slave mine, right there in the Congo.
And they know how they took hold of the Congo.
They did it by fiat currency.
They're printing fake money, and they're handing it to Congolese.
I think that's what they're called, Congolese.
They're handing it to Congolese warlords or dictators and saying, we'll give you a little if you give us a lot.
And the lot you can give us are the backs of those 15,000 people that we'll stuff down there in the cobalt mine to pick the cobalt with their hands.
Those videos are dark.
You know, and it's.
There's another alternative.
And this is probably the worst case scenario with the war.
But let's say it goes nuclear.
In which case, potentially both parties could still be in on it.
I mean, we just don't know at this point.
We just don't know.
We don't know how deep the deception runs.
And that seems like a doom and gloom prognosis, but it's really not.
We need to pray.
We need to have faith.
We need to be able to answer the call.
But let's say we do go to nuclear war.
Let's say we do have a nuclear exchange.
It'll just be a pretext to have all of the things that they want come into fruition.
Which partly makes me believe that Putin's not in on it.
The way I see this war, let's hope he's not in on it.
If he's in on it, that would be truly catastrophic in the literal sense.
But let's say he's not in on it.
What they're trying to do is provoke a war, a nuclear war.
There is not a better flashpoint for this establishment than to incite a nuclear war.
The nuclear war brings them everything they need.
They have the crisis they need for both the environment and public safety.
Oh, the big twofer.
You have a climate crisis and public safety crisis at the same time.
And it'll give them the authority, the emergency authority that we already saw them misuse with COVID.
The emergency authority to usher in a new currency.
To restructure and redraw the borders of all of the nations, which they'll blow out completely.
There'll be no more borders.
That'll be how the whole thing ends up.
And whatever else they want to do.
They'll suspend the Constitution.
I mean, we love our Constitution, at least the people who Love the Constitution!
Love the Constitution!
But we sort of, you know, have this aggrandized view of our Constitution, like the Constitution, in some ways, cannot be usurped.
I mean, you know, there are people who are usurping it all the time, or trying to, but we still have this sort of childlike love of the Constitution, when in reality, when things get to the point where we have nuclear exchanges, they'll suspend the Constitution, and the people who say they love it will beg They'll beg for tyranny.
That's what we have to be prepared for now.
We have to sharpen our minds and sharpen our spirits and sharpen our tools, our literal tools, to prepare for that moment.
Because when that moment comes, it'll blow your mind how fast people will beg for tyranny in the name of safety, in the name of food, in the name of security, in the name of surety.
We have to watch this war.
I'm very, very concerned when I see that we're bombing 300, 400 miles in Russia.
I thought we were keeping Russia from invading Ukraine.
Now we're invading Russia.
And every couple hundred years, some jerk-off gets brave enough to try and invade Russia.
Conquer Russia.
Defeat Russia.
Subdue Russia.
It'll never happen.
You cannot defeat Russia.
You cannot conquer Russia.
All you can do is a mutual destruction.
And in some cases, in some estimations, And some people's prognosis that's exactly what this global government wants.
It's what they need to go to the next phase of their agenda.
Thank you.
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