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Name: 20221226_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 26, 2022
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"In recent InfoWars broadcasts, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as globalist agendas, election fraud, COVID-19, and alternative healthcare systems. He emphasizes fighting against tyranny while promoting uncensored information platforms. In another podcast, he critiques Elon Musk's actions on Twitter regarding free speech and censorship. The speaker argues that Musk's intentions may not be about truth and freedom but rather taking over the deep state."

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When we survey the people waking up at these meetings and events, they say, who do you think is the most effective?
What woke you up?
They say, Alex Jones.
What got us to this point?
And it's not Alex Jones.
It's you.
It's this crew members.
It's the audience.
It's the guests we have.
It is us.
Because no matter what happens to me, I don't want, if they kill me or something like that in the near future, which I hope doesn't happen, and I'm certainly not suicidal.
So if I get killed, that's, but I'm not, if I get killed, I didn't kill myself.
I'm not naive.
And we're entering the endgame.
But if they kill me or set me up or whatever, folks, don't let that be a defeat.
Just champion the information I've covered.
Champion the emergency alerts I've put out.
And just let the work I've done, which is all God, through working through me, continue on.
But I know the power of humans.
I know the power that God's given us.
I know because I, working with other individuals, we have moved mountains together.
And now we're going into the main assault, okay?
They are attacking us.
They are admitting they're pedophiles.
They're admitting they're devil worshippers.
They are poisoning us.
They are starting nuclear war.
They are out of control because they know we've got God's promise.
They know we've got the birthright.
They know we're going into the future.
They know they made a bad deal.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And we are back.
Midboy in studio coming up.
Your calls continue after that.
And right now, Rick in Oklahoma wants to talk about transgenderism in FEMA.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, it's a pleasure to speak with you.
I've been listening to you for a long time.
I really appreciate your information.
Appreciate you, brother.
I was just going to mention that years ago, I mean, back when Paul Harvey was still on the radio, back in 79, I think it was, Paul Harvey had mentioned something about the Gay Bomber, the Sunshine Project, and never really stuck with me until some of this stuff that we see going on.
With the whole transgender movement started taking place.
Well, that's right.
That's even in the BBC.
Guys, click web and type in, Pentagon developed Gay Bomb, a chemical they spray on men that basically manipulates their olfactory nerves and makes some men attracted to men.
Go ahead.
Well, anyway, yeah, so I think what we're seeing right now is just like the Sunshine Project 3.0.
The way it feels to me.
You know, I watched that interview with you and Ye the other day, and he had mentioned something about porn being a drug, and I think that it probably is.
It opens the door for those kind of proclivities, if you will.
Who knows what they can pump through the TV and the media that we're visually looking at right now.
I watched a movie here a long time ago called Videodrome.
Yeah, with James Woods.
Yeah, ironically.
James Woods.
That's a Cronenberg film.
It's excellent.
It is.
It's loosely based off a true story where they were using, you know,
The visual effects through video to brainwash people that would choose to watch that kind of stuff.
I think it was Netflix in the movie, but anyway, that was really all I had.
I mentioned to your guy that let me on that recently I just saw some of those big black coffins that you were talking about years ago.
Yeah, FEMA stockpiling coffin liners everywhere.
Yeah, I saw some of those road people down there the other day.
Truckload of them.
Well, there's a lot of dead people, brother.
A lot of dead people with the shots.
Got a big study right here.
Thank you so much for the call, Rick.
Let's talk to Johan in Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Hi there!
Hi there.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Okay, I want to let you know I'm wide awake since 1969.
Well, that's awesome.
I know everything about Deep State, like Dr. Huff.
He was so interesting.
He was a surveyor.
We were surveilled for decades, our family.
Because East Germany and West Germany.
Because we had really higher ups in East Germany, like Erich Milke, the Stasi head one.
His niece was married to my mom's brother.
And we were surveilled all the time.
Well, I believe it.
That's what the Stasi did.
Well, you know, the Democratic Party hired Marcus Wolf before he died to help surveil the American people.
So are you a German immigrant to the United States?
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I'm out of time, but thank you for calling.
We're gonna go to break.
Open phones, folks.
Taking your calls.
Everything's coming through here.
We got our special guest in studio.
And if people hold, I'll get to you after our guest leaves.
If not, I understand.
You can hang up.
Love you.
We'll be right back.
InfoWars.com tomorrow's incident.
We got a special report in the air.
And then BitBoy Crypto is in studio.
Stay with us.
This is the end of a free society.
It's the total New World Order plan.
It's Operation Lockstep.
This is everything.
That's why I keep hammering the shots, hammering the lockdowns, hammering the persecution.
Because they just think we're going to go to sleep for a while.
We'll give them some type of political, cultural amnesty.
And then we all just quietly go away.
I mean, look at this footage.
If you've ever seen a Pied Piper in the real world, that's it.
One white-clad Judas goat in a paramilitary medical tyranny outfit leading thousands and thousands and thousands of Chinese who all got told they were red-coated with no evidence and had to go to the camps.
It's perhaps the biggest quarantine in human history.
Millions of people worldwide have been quarantined.
Millions of people in China are once again under collective quarantine.
In the industrial city of Chanshou, 6.6 million residents have been ordered to stay indoors.
Workers in protective suits have installed metal barriers in some neighborhoods.
China is reportedly putting suspected COVID-19 patients in metal boxes.
Well, they're erecting sometimes shipping containers.
We've seen a couple of tents as well.
More than 200 million people in China are in lockdown and are banned from leaving their home, even to buy food.
Long winding lines of buses can be seen in a street which are taking people to COVID-19 quarantine camps.
25 million residents ordered confined to their homes.
They're using bicycle locks and padlocks just to keep people in.
This video on your screen shows officials dragging a man into a quarantine center where the conditions are appalling to say the least.
These people locked up in quarantine camps being treated worse than prisoners.
Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them.
The judge has ruled for guardianship of this four-month-old baby to be placed into the court.
He needs life-saving surgery, but his parents don't want him to receive blood from those who have been vaccinated.
So, this is all about the states, the same worldwide you indirected, taking control of your bodies,
And now saying we're going to put blood product to people that have a growing prion or spike protein in your body.
We have all the medical reports, the governor of Florida has criminal investigations going, a big pharma lying about this, but they're still doubling down.
We don't want blood that potentially could have spike protein.
We don't want that.
We know that that is, you know, he's got a compromised heart.
What's happening here is just the beginning of
An authoritarian takeover, and it's coming for all of us.
This type of tyranny is coming to New Zealand.
It is coming to Australia.
It is coming to America.
It is coming to the entire world.
Chinese-style COVID lockdown tyranny is on its way.
For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above.
It's absolutely mind-boggling that you could hold healthy, law-abiding, fully vaccinated citizens in these kinds of conditions.
We have now a window of opportunity to create this global reset which we all need.
This is what communism looks like.
This is what totalitarianism looks like.
Your child is not yours.
They will continue to try to restrict and limit and vaccinate, do all of the other things that we're seeing done in China.
It's just a matter of time.
And as their algorithms get more sophisticated, the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab
I respect China's achievements, which are tremendous.
I think it's a role model for many countries.
This is the social credit score.
This is breaking you down, locking you up, training you to be a slave.
They'll only let you out again later as long as you follow all the orders they say.
They get progressively more tyrannical.
Where'd Bob go?
I don't know.
Went to a coven camp, never came back.
They're just training you to get used to seeing people grabbed and rounded up all around you.
Super hardcore tyranny.
The model of the Great Reset and the New World Order.
And we're going to be here fighting it big time.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, well, I've watched his show before and seen his work, and Mike Adams was talking about a few weeks ago, and I said, well, let's get BitBoy, one of the biggest crypto news reporters out there, to come on the show.
And he said, I'll come in studio.
So he and his crew have come here.
I'm not going to go over his whole background.
You can find him at BitBoy Crypto and on Twitter at BitBoy underscore crypto on Facebook at BitBoy Crypto.
To blow up the crypto market while the deep state laundered a bunch of money.
Maybe you disagree.
I'm gonna get your take on that.
Sam Bankman-Freed testified before Congress remotely.
He's quite overbooked.
So we've got all that.
So first off, BitBoy, good to have you here.
I appreciate you being in studio with us.
And so where do you want to start with FTX and all the rest of it?
Yeah, I mean, you gotta start with FTX right now.
It's a very big week this week, as you said, Sam is overbooked, so he can't appear in person at the hearings.
He's currently in the Bahamas.
For people that don't know, FTX was one of the largest exchanges in the world, and it was insolvent, and nobody knew.
And we started figuring out, you know, maybe a few weeks before everything, you know, unwinded,
CZ from Binance sold 500 million FTT, it's the token of FTX, and basically crashed the market overnight.
And it's had a really hard time recovering.
But the fact is, $8 billion at least, some people put that total estimates up to $50 billion if you include all their investments, just gone.
And it's the biggest insolvency I think we've ever seen.
And, you know, Sam Bateman Freed just continues to go on this, he was the CEO, on this tour saying, oh, I didn't know anything.
I had no idea.
And even the New York Times acts like it's no big deal, but what I see is them saying, let's use this to try to take over all the private crypto when he had Deep State and the government regulators all over him supporting him.
So I think this is a very interesting conversation because, you know, when you look at how everything, you know, happened.
There's one name that everybody thinks when you think of like gigantic democratic scandals, right?
It's Clinton's.
How high does it go?
Does it go to the Clintons?
I don't think this is true this time.
And the reason is because if you actually look at what happened, how it imploded overnight,
If the Clintons were involved, that would have never happened.
You've got politicians everywhere having to make excuses for why they took money from him.
And they're trying to distance themselves from Sam being freed because he is toxic right now.
Something like that.
I think what you'll find is the further we get into the story, the sloppier these people become.
This was not a clean operation from the very beginning.
They kind of just went off of intimidation and like mafia type tactics.
Like, oh yeah, you won't say anything or else we'll destroy your project.
That was a common thing they would say.
What finally brought them down?
Them trying to take over that big Canadian exchange?
Well, what actually brought them down was a whistleblower.
That's ultimately what happened.
There was an insolvency hole that kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
This had a lot to do with the fact that they were creating counterfeit coins on the exchange.
And then what was happening is they would just allow more people to short.
Their short versus long ratio in letter trading was out of control.
At one point it was like 99% shorts.
That doesn't even make sense on exchange.
So what happened is customers would withdraw the real assets.
And they would just create more counterfeit tokens on the site, and that insolvency hole just got bigger and bigger and bigger.
Then they had to crash Terra Luna, crash Voyager, crash Celsius.
That sounds like a microcosm of the rest of the economy.
Yeah, I know, right?
It sure does.
But, you know, they were trying to fake it till you make it.
If they could have got all these acquisitions after they crashed those companies, nine-figure payouts for, you know, some of the moves they were making,
They could have eventually got enough real assets to kind of counterbalance everything out.
Well, sir, just from a dumb level, I'm not an expert like you, but anybody else would already be swatting by the FBI.
Oh, he can't come to Congress.
Doesn't want to come to the US.
He's quite overbooked.
He says he didn't even know this was going on.
He lies in big TV interviews saying, I didn't know money was going to his other company.
I mean, this guy is a crook.
Yeah, he's something.
And, you know, there was a time where I was trying to maybe give him the benefit of the doubt because, seriously, there are bigger players here.
His parents and Dan Friedberg.
These are the most important people in this entire situation.
He looks like a front guy.
Oh, I agree.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
But he also knows stuff.
So, you know, him coming to this tour of like, you know,
New York Times, obviously, with their puff piece in his interview there.
There's a lot of connections between FTX and New York Times and some sketchy dealings there as well.
But the fact is, is that this guy, he just pretends like he doesn't know anything.
And then two months ago, he was the boy genius that knew everything about... You mean that guy's not trustworthy?
Let's put him back on screen.
Oh, golly, that is the scariest thing I've seen since Count Chocula.
He looks like Count Chocula.
That's his new codename.
So what is the fallout of this when we come back from break?
What is the fallout?
What's going to happen to cryptocurrencies?
Because now the central banks say they're going to move in.
It seems like perfect timing for them.
Yeah, I mean, I think when you look at CBDCs coming down the road, this is certainly going to be something that, you know, Congress tries to piggyback on and tries to roll out these CBDCs and stablecoin regulation.
I don't think there's any doubt about that.
Stablecoins feel pretty safe right now compared to, you know, the volatile crypto markets.
Well, let's say there's anybody saying that cryptocurrency is fiat.
It's all fiat.
At least this has some basis in reality.
We'll be right back.
Well, Bitcoin Boy, one of the top Bitcoin analysts and broadcasters of his own network, is here in studio with us.
You are getting into the future of Bitcoin itself, cryptocurrencies, the central bank digital currencies, where all this is going.
Yeah, I think definitely digital currency is going to be something that's going to take over our lives for sure.
Right now it seems like a little bit of a novelty and you look at the prices, the volatility, and people get scared by that.
But then when you look at the real world application of the CBDCs, while there are a lot of terrible things about them, they are going to be much more convenient for people.
And we know, you know, people tend to choose convenience over anything else.
Sure, so this is the future.
People should become experts in it so that they can't be controlled.
Yeah, I think that's something that you have to do.
I mean, one of my biggest mistakes ever in crypto was buying Bitcoin in 2012 and not understanding what I was investing in.
And that's why I set out on this channel, to educate people, to help them to learn, you know, the ins and outs of this industry.
Because when you really grasp it, you know, this is the only way we save ourselves from a great reset.
Let's talk about that, but let's go back to that 12-year graph, guys.
That looks totally controlled to me.
Where, anywhere do you see a six month completely basically flat line?
That looks, that looks totally manipulated to me.
Well, I understand why you would say that.
But you have to understand Bitcoin operates off of something called the four-year cycle.
I'm a Bitcoin four-year cycle fundamentalist.
What that means is, I believe that every four years, the same general thing plays out.
It all has to do with Bitcoin mining.
There's something called the halving.
Every four years, the amount of Bitcoin being produced on a daily basis through mining gets cut in half.
Literally cut 50%.
And so what happens is when that event occurs, you get a supply shock.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, built in as well in 2019, for instance, you know, Bitcoin went all the way up to $14,000.
It is an outlier, but in general, when you really understand the Bitcoin halving, like, that's the most important thing that people need to understand when you're looking at the prospects for where Bitcoin's going.
So you're bullish on the future of Bitcoin?
Very bullish on the future of Bitcoin.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I do believe that Bitcoin eventually becomes the world reserve currency.
I just think it's like 25 to 50 years, and then it backs assets like gold used to do.
Who do you think really created it?
I did.
No, I believe Hal Finney was the creator of Bitcoin.
Satoshi Nakamoto, obviously, is the moniker that was used.
A series of cypherpunks were involved.
Craig Wright was probably involved.
Julian Assange was probably involved.
Nick Szabo was probably involved.
There's a lot of people that were involved with it, but ultimately, I think Hal Finney is most likely the answer for who the main guy was.
Folks that don't know who Al Finney is.
Yeah, so he actually was a computer programmer and goes back to the libertarian days of cypherpunks and wanting freedom and financial sovereignty and privacy in your transactions.
And this is a guy who didn't really like the spotlight.
The interesting thing is...
Is he dead?
Not suspicious.
He had a disease.
I can't remember which one.
Maybe it was Lou Gehrig's disease.
But it just shows how innovation is what blows away power structures, entrenched elites, you name it.
Because they're definitely scared of it.
Oh yeah, they're terrified of Bitcoin.
I mean when you look at the prospects of what Bitcoin can do for the world,
It's really scary to the people like Klaus Schwab that want a great reset us.
Even the head of the European Union, unelected, she said, oh this will destroy us if we don't have our own system.
Christine Lagarde?
Yeah, they're going to continue to say things like this in cycles, in new cycles, based on where the price is.
So you know, when everything is going down, you know, they want to pile on it and say it's dangerous, it's dangerous.
But when the price is going up... Well, she was saying if they don't get their own, it'll destroy their power.
Oh yeah, so CBDCs are something that is the counterbalance to Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is open and permissionless, and CBDCs are going to be closed and permissioned.
But don't they get that'll drive everybody to Bitcoin?
They're not going to want to be in the controlled system.
There's not a better advertisement for Bitcoin than when you look at a CBDC.
I do a lot of work with, we have a bill right now that we're going to be making public later this month, trying to solve some regulation in the crypto world.
But one thing that we need to start thinking about is these CBDCs are going to become a reality is we got to make sure we put in some regulation to stop social credit scores from happening before they even happen.
And that's what they're trying to push them for.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, you're going to be able to spend your money.
So the governments are doing this.
We need to stop the social credit score now.
Yeah, I think that's something that's very important to do because, you know, nobody's talking about this.
Everybody's seen the episode of Black Mirror where, you know, you can't rent a car unless you have a certain score and things like that.
So it's terrifying.
Somebody's got to put their foot down and say, let's get ahead of this and stop this before it actually becomes a problem.
That's why we got to educate people.
Yeah, absolutely.
I remember just like four years ago still, Congress would have Google hearings.
Do you track users?
They'd go,
No, we don't.
They would just lie knowing the Congress had no idea.
Shadowbanning doesn't exist, you know.
Yeah, yeah.
That's what Jack Dorsey said.
I was in that hearing when he said it.
Oh, were you?
You know it exists.
Oh, wow.
And I was already shadowbanned.
And he's like, no, it doesn't exist.
We don't censor anybody.
You know, that's their favorite phrase.
Let me ask you this question.
We're getting everything you want coming up.
You're the expert.
Who do you think gave us $8 million in Bitcoin, which saved the company, but we have no idea.
Gave you $8 million.
So you didn't know about that?
No, I didn't know about that.
Yeah, somebody early in the year did that.
Well, you're welcome.
Yeah, I mean, I was already a Bitcoin supporter, but boy, I tell you.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's good.
There's a lot of money floating out there.
There was recently a guy who just got arrested and he's on trial.
I think he's going to plead a very low charge.
He had 51,000 Bitcoin from
I think so.
They literally saved this operation.
We'd be shut down now if it wasn't for whoever that was.
Well, you know... They had like, I think, 300... something like 300 million in Bitcoin sitting in the account.
And I think what has happened... They never touched it, by the way.
That's amazing.
It was created in 2016.
It just sits there.
The only money they ever spent was on us.
The rest just sits there.
Well, I think it's a very important conversation to look at.
You know, kind of what you've been going through is the new way to cancel people is through
Canceling them financially.
And that's something that Bitcoin fights against as well.
Bitcoin doesn't put you in the social credit score, it gets you out of it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And people have got to wake up to that.
And look, this EVDC is coming very fast.
I believe it's going to be here in three years.
I believe USDC is going to be backed by Circle and Coinbase.
It's going to become... For those who don't know or are new listeners, the Federal Reserve announced it's coming out with a digital currency.
Yeah, so they have FedNow, which is kind of a middle-of-the-road program, but ultimately they are doing one.
In 2020, Jerome Powell said that they were open to using a private company to work with to create a digital dollar.
Well, obviously Circle and Coinbase, they already have USDC, and that was kind of a dog whistle that that is going to ultimately become, you know, what we're all going to be using.
And it's something where you're not gonna be able to fight it, but it is going to basically be a walking advertisement for financial privacy and Bitcoin.
Why can't we fight it?
Why can't we say no to central bank digital currencies?
Well, it's digital money.
They're going to implement it, and they'll do programs where they give it away at first.
Well, at the invention of dynamite, it's not going to be stopped.
I think people have to understand the bigger play here.
The bigger play for the CBDC, for the digital dollar, is to kick the can down the road in another 20 to 30 years on inflation and on the fiat.
That's going to create a new fiat bubble.
Yes, because what it does is, all of a sudden, we've got a big demand problem, because our supply problem is out of control, right?
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the mighty BitBoy is here in studio with us.
I've been asking a lot of questions.
I'll try to give you the floor to cover the range of the latest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, central bank digital currency, SEG future we're looking at.
Yeah, I think the most important thing for people to understand is that this market is cyclical.
And I talked about it a little bit ago about the four-year cycles.
Right now, we're in a time where we should be on a downswing.
And we had FTX, the gigantic debacle, right?
Well, every single time we have a bear market, we have these debacles.
We had what we call the hash wars, a war between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV and Bitmain back in 20...
You go back to 2014, you had Mt.
Gox, which is something that 90% of all Bitcoin transactions were running through Mt.
It got completely hacked.
Still dealing with the repercussions of that to this day.
So every bear market, it might look a little bit different.
Right now, we're dealing with what we call the contagion, which is all the fallout from FTX.
I tend to believe that we're getting close to the end of that if we haven't already seen the bottom as well.
Because something I think about is all this Bitcoin is locked up on these insolvent exchanges
And nobody can sell it.
So where we might see the downward action of Bitcoin go a little bit further, at $10,000 to $14,000, you know, I think there's a chance we bought them because nobody can sell Bitcoin because it's locked up.
Well, once something gets this big and all the governments and corporations are trying to adopt a copy of it, or a system they can program and control that's not an open free system, I mean, I don't see how it goes away when it's the original real McCoy and still the open and most free system there is.
Yeah, absolutely.
Bitcoin is not going anywhere.
And this is something that a lot of people are confused about, who first get into crypto and start hearing about these CBDCs.
They'll say like, oh, well, you know, these CBDCs are going to take over crypto.
There's no reason to invest money in it anymore.
It's going to go away.
No, no.
CBDCs are completely separate from normal crypto.
People are still going to want speculative assets, including Ethereum or Cardano, some of the other altcoins as well, to invest in.
That's separate than us using basically a stablecoin, using a dollar.
The way we use dollars-
I mean, what is a government's worth right now?
Not very much, you know.
So, I think that when you look at what's coming with them expanding the digital dollar, we're going to see the world reserve currency go from
dollar to the U.S.
The U.S.
digital dollar.
I think the death of America's financial superpower has been foretold a little bit too early.
I think China is not really that big of a threat to us financially.
I think moving to a digital dollar as the world reserve currency, that's going to open up the demand insane.
It's going to be the way that they're going to be able to turn the money printer back on a digital money printer now.
And be able to kick the can down the road.
They have to.
The fiat system is going to collapse at some point, but we're not there yet.
So how do people position themselves to be educated about this and really be experts in it?
Because, I mean, whether I want to know about this or not, I'm going to have to know about it because that's where the future is going.
Yeah, well, this is a great time for me to plug my book because the fact is we have a book, Catching Up to Crypto.
It actually publishes on January 12th.
We're doing a big book tour.
We're going to 14 cities.
Oh, good.
Well, come on.
Once it's here, I want to read it.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
So the situation is what I've learned through doing YouTube is that what we consider to be beginner content, it's not actually beginner content.
It's still above most people's heads.
So what this book Catching Up to Crypto does is it basically takes my 10 years in the crypto world and gives it to you so that you're caught up to a point where you can then go watch YouTube videos or read other books or get into different niches.
And really understand all the elements and essence of not just Bitcoin, but crypto in general and blockchain as well.
You know, we look at it as filling the gap between the person who comes to crypto and then being a true beginner.
Well, governments are admitting they want so-called stablecoins that they can manipulate the history of, they can make things, quote, secret, so it really won't be a real blockchain.
It'll just be this whole rig deal where they can frame people really easy with those.
Yeah, well, you know, what's legal today might not be legal tomorrow.
You know, you got to keep that in mind when it comes to, you know, basically what's coming in terms of, you know, the future.
You never know what the world is going to look like, right?
Like maybe eating meat will be against the law at some point and they can retroactively go and find
All the time.
The UN had an iceberg through their permission blockchain.
So it's different.
It's not open source.
It's not a free system.
But it is something I've always said, especially looking at China and the CCP and all the stuff that they do.
Blockchain is meant for good, but that doesn't mean it's going to be used for good for sure.
It's Pandora's box that we can certainly use for negative and control and power and just kind of continue the creative man, I guess you could say.
Or we can build a different system.
Money that's completely trackable.
So expanding on that, what are the good coins?
What are the good systems?
Is everything bad except Bitcoin?
Well, you know, I'm a big proponent of altcoins.
I like a lot of altcoins.
I like Ethereum.
I like Cardano.
These are two competing, what we call Layer 1 platforms.
They're going to try to basically become the decentralized version of the Internet.
And what I mean by that is there's not one point of control that can be taken out.
Thank you.
Bitcoin's March signing, so a younger generation wants to get in it.
But the fact is, is that the decentralized internet has more value.
And I think that's something to really look at.
So anything that's a layer one platform, like Cardano, like Ethereum, I think they're absolutely huge.
We're big on XRP.
We love XRP because the SEC has gone after them, and we hate the SEC for sure.
But the whole thing is, they do work with banks to make international cross-border settlements much easier.
It's actually kind of similar to Bitcoin in terms of it's a network of value, not a network of information.
The current SWIFT system that we have, the International Bank Processes, it's basically, hey, let's move this here, and then we'll actually move the money down the road.
It's a big, long process.
It takes a week.
With XRP, when that on-demand liquidity hits for all the banks that signed up, and of course the SEC case goes away, now you're looking at settlements in like 30 seconds.
It's going to make the world economic system a lot faster.
How's that going to keep people like Bloomberg out with all their flash trading?
Well, I mean, that's a great question when it comes to, you know, the traditional stock market bros, as we like to call them.
I'm not big on stocks.
I don't really care about stocks.
I just like crypto.
You know, my experience in stocks is I own Peloton and Coinbase, if that'll tell you anything about how bad I am at stocks.
But we want to keep these kind of like traditional finance people out of crypto.
You're Kevin O'Leary's.
We want those people out of crypto.
You know, you're Shane Bingman Freed's.
Everybody he's connected to.
We want these people out of crypto because we cannot let these people turn
What's meant to be an open decentralized system into the same old thing?
Well sure, anytime Harvard gets involved, that's really the State Department CIA.
That's the deep state.
Well you know it because anytime you ever met someone who went to Harvard, that's the first thing they'll tell you.
I went to Harvard.
Yeah, I went to Harvard.
A lot of the folks that went there, but it's a certain core group of every race, color, and creed, but it's a Harvard mafia we found.
Well, I mean, I don't doubt that at all.
There's a Stanford mafia too, including, you know, Sam Bateman Freed's parents.
So what's the other big crypto news right now?
I think one thing that people are looking at is Binance and Tether.
Binance is the biggest exchange in the world.
Tether is USDT.
It's a competitor of USDC that we were talking about a little bit earlier.
And there's a lot of questions about the solvency of these two entities.
One is a stable coin and one is an exchange.
And I think really what you're seeing is people want them to fail the most.
And it's like this really negative attitude that's very, you know, apropos for a bear market.
Here's the truth.
No company in crypto that has been around for more than five years is completely clean.
It was an emerging technology.
People made decisions.
It's a wild, wild west.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Wild, wild west.
And I think that to judge a lot of these companies for the way they built their empires, now that they're solvent and now that they've, you know, basically faked it till they made it, I think it's just counterproductive.
I think what we got to do is looking forward.
How can we keep
This from happening again to where we have companies that have a lot of questionable practices rising up now.
That's why I think, you know, regulation is going to come in for sure.
So I think really when you look at Tether specifically and you look at Deltek Bank and you look at Moonstone Bank, these are some very, very sketchy things with some very, very sketchy pasts.
But ultimately, I think they have all the technology is sound.
But just because anything big and huge is going to have weirdos in it.
Yeah, I think that's a good way to say it.
Basically, this is a cutting-edge technology, and you're always going to get a certain type of person that wants to be interested in that, including people that like Ingo.
Well, I know one of the reasons you're popular, I know who you are for years, is because you've made some accurate predictions.
I want to get the actual technicals and numbers from you when we come back with these graphs on when you think Bitcoin's going to start going back up, and what you see even in the long-term future with BitBoy.
Stay with us, follow him on Twitter at BitBoy underscore crypto.
All right, we're back live talking about the future.
The future is now with BitBoy Crypto, one of the top talk show hosts out there covering crypto.
I could ask a lot of questions, but you're the expert.
What else do you want to impart to the audience?
I think it's really important that people understand what these hearings are this week that are going on.
We are going to see basically the new CEO of FTX as well as Sam Bingman Freed appearing remotely in these hearings led by Maxine Waters.
Now, say what you want about Maxine Waters, and I certainly have in the past.
She has been on this situation.
I've never heard a politician answer a question the way she answered it about political donations.
Uh, basically St.
Bateman Freed had given so much money to the Democratic Party, and she was one of the people that gave it to her, uh, they gave to.
And she was asked on an interview, what are you going to do if this money turns out, you know, to be bad?
And she's like, well, I guess we're going to have to pretty much do something about it because it's not good money.
Like, admitting that there was a problem, uh, you know, with the money that came in.
And I can tell you this, Maxine Waters and several of the other politicians, they are pissed.
I think that's what people don't understand for these hearings.
A lot of people are thinking this is a big setup and, you know, they're going to play patty cakes with Sagan, Bateman, and Freeh and stuff.
No, no.
All of the politicians in Washington that took money from FTX, they are pissed.
Telephone calls that are recorded and videos that are recording them admitting crazy stuff.
Didn't it blow up in their face, the Larry David ad, where it shows all the inventions?
He says, oh, the wheel's no good.
Oh, the printing press is no good.
Oh, the light bulb's no good.
And then he says, oh, yeah, FTX is no good.
It turned out it is.
Yeah, no good.
Yeah, that one aged like fine wine, I guess.
I think when you look at what they were doing, you know, they had a $135 million deal with the Miami Arena for the naming rights.
They didn't even have an accountant.
They did not even have an accountant when they made that deal.
They just printed new coins.
Yeah, they just printed new coins.
Flywheel tokens is what we call them.
Sam actually made or created a video maybe a couple years ago where he explained how you can create tokens out of nothing and then prove their value by trading them against other coins you created.
And it really is just amazing that we all just sat there and like, you know, ignored all this.
What about NFTs?
Because I know there's a bunch of scams, people overvalue them.
But for me to have a piece of art, and then you create a digital copy that allows you to certify that it's a real piece of art from that person, for me that has a value.
And then to make variants of that has a value.
Because, you know, everybody's always used art as an undercover kind of black market currency, so that seems kind of next level.
I think they abused it, it went too far, a lot of the art was crap.
But it's just a shame that they've discredited NFTs so bad.
Well, once again, we're in the down part of the cycle.
NFTs will be back.
I think they'll look a little bit different coming up in the next bull run, whereas you won't see as many of what we call generative trait NFTs, which are like your board apes or your crypto punks.
It's basically a combination of, you know, factors that go into making one piece.
You might get a hat, you might get a shirt, you might get a monkey, whatever.
That was all the rage in the last bull market.
That's going to die out some and some of those winners are going to come more to the forefront like bored apes.
I'm very interested to see where gaming NFTs come because my kids love Fortnite.
You know, they love to play Fortnite.
Well, they don't get to take their costumes with them anywhere.
So once that stuff starts getting on the blockchain, it can be resold on a secondary market.
I think that's going to be really big as well for NFTs.
I think what you said about the art world, I mean, you know, we know the art world is one giant money laundering scheme, right?
So if you ever watch Billions, they show you exactly how it works there.
So I do think art has its place though, you know, when it comes to NFTs, there are more and more upper echelon kind of artists that are doing these kinds of
NFTs selling one-of-ones.
A friend of mine, Jessica Ragzi, she was on the show Lego Masters.
She's created like three one-of-one sets.
Now that's what I like, where you also get a physical copy or just one digital or both.
That seems very real.
Yeah, well what she did was really cool because she actually created a physical piece of art that was like an apple with some aluminum foil on it and some screws.
It's supposed to like be a commentary on technology.
But you got the digital version of the NFT, but there was actually a real, you know, sculpture that might not be... Sure, that's what I'm saying.
Because we thought about putting out NFTs, but they were all original, like a hundred of them, and each was an original piece of art I did.
And then I saw the market going crazy even before it crashed.
I said, no, I'm going to wait till later.
Because all people say, hey, this is original Alex Jones art.
Here's the NFT digital, but here's also the physical.
So we're going to have all our stuff be physical and then a one-off digital.
Yeah, I think that's really smart.
Any way that you can create something in the NFT world that's unique, or has got kind of like, you know, a different kind of story with it, it's going to do much better than just, hey, let me put out 10,000 pictures of monkeys.
And I think people are really, you know, understanding the full potential of what you can do with NFTs.
And I think it's going to be big in the next bull run, medicine further away.
But NFT is going to come back for sure.
Absolutely, because it could be like an original piece of art you get for joining the country club, and it's a 10-year membership.
So along with that little NFT you have, it's also a membership.
Well, this is an added thing.
Let me tell you something we're doing, which is kind of cool.
We've been working with an artist from ICP, which is Internet Computer Protocol, to do some NFTs.
We're actually going to sell these NFTs later this week.
It's a piece of history.
It's a piece of history.
It's going to fund getting people down to the Bahamas to be able to protest because they lost all their money.
That's a great way to get people to go out and protest.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then you actually get a physical sign that comes with it, too.
I think it's really cool the stuff that we're going to be able to see over the next... And we've got all these different chains as well.
You've got Cardano, you've got Ethereum.
That's another reason I didn't get involved in a lot of the offers we had.
It seemed speculative and they wanted us to offer all this stuff, but we had to deliver it.
I just wasn't up to the amount of volume.
Well, you should have called us.
We'd help you out.
Well, I am about doing one-off art or like things like a protest or things where it's very real.
Yeah, these real-world applications are going to be the thing that's going to take NFTs from being kind of a joke in meme culture right now back to reality and like, oh yeah, this stuff really does have, you know, value, digital ownership, be able to track it forever.
So, you know, blockchain is open and you can see everybody who owned it before and I think it's a really cool concept.
Now, I think it's a little too far.
Like, Quentin Tarantino was trying to sell, like, one specific still from Pulp Fiction or something like that, and then it turns out he didn't even have the rights to it.
The studio had the rights.
It's like, I think it could be carried too far.
Like, how much do you really want to own one moment of a movie?
I don't know if that's very cool, but, like, if you were able to own a physical copy of the original film, along with NFT, like, that would be cool.
Absolutely, that's just crazy.
So, what else?
There's so much questions I could ask, but what else do the listeners know?
Yeah, I think that we're continuing to see the fallout of FTX.
One thing that's really interesting is if you look at FTX, do you know who Dan Friedberg is?
I remember the name, yeah.
So Dan Friedberg was the general counsel of Ultimate Bets.
And this is a kind of cool story if people don't know.
I mean, it's a terrible story.
But Dan Friedberg was also the general counsel for FTX.
Ultimate Bets was a $40 million poker scam back in the early 2000s before Black Friday.
And he was involved in it and didn't even lose his license to practice in the state of New York.
They just redid the whole entire scandal on FTX.
So if you look at it, one thing Dan Freeberg did as well is create architecture and shell companies.
So creating the architecture behind FTX where everything's very confusing, you don't know where any of the money is going, that was one of the hallmarks.
The poker scam was, they created something called God Mode, right?
Where you could see the other players' cards.
The people that worked at Ultimate Bets would call up some of these professional poker players and say, hey, come play heads up with me.
Not knowing they could see the cards and they would just take money from them.
Of course in the old days you'd get, in a real card game, blasted for that.
Yeah, absolutely.
I've been playing cards myself.
But that's the danger of the nerds now becoming the tyrants because they just feel like it's their right to do this to everybody.
Yeah, but if you look at seeing the cards, well, Alameda Research could see everybody's trades on FTX.
They saw where their liquidations were.
So they could manipulate the market even more.
Which gave them that incredible arrogance.
So what finally brought them down?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, what ultimate bets are FTX?
What brought them down is, you know, CZ dumping the fake FTT token and, you know, getting into it with Sam.
Sam and CZ have been going at it for months, you know, kind of behind the scenes.
But there was a whistleblower who actually gave a bunch of information to CZ and to Coindesk about a potential insolvency.
And that's really what happened.
If you really want to get technical,
What kicked all this off and started this was, uh, we sent our bill, which we were going to find out later this month, to FTX for funding.
Because, you know, we need... Oh, hold on.
Do five more minutes with us.
You were behind it.
All I know is, when is Sam Bankman Freed going to get arrested?
Well, hopefully when we go down and protest in the Bahamas.
People in the Bahamas will at least arrest him.
But I think you're going to see him arrested, uh, you know, probably by the end of January or, uh, February, I believe.
What's going on here on screen?
That's my guy, Lincoln Bain.
Uh, Ray... Hold on, let's go right back.
The products in front of me are so powerful that I want to just say up front, consult your healthcare provider, read the literature, and be careful.
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To be able to counteract all the different things they're bombarding us with that really try to separate us from the bodies and the chemicals and the natural things that God gave us.
This stuff is the cavalry when it comes to countering the New World Order.
We're in hour number three.
And out of all the incredible lawyers out there battling the deep state, our next guest is the most effective.
After that, it's Robert Kennedy Jr.
And these people are doing God's work.
Because let me tell you, the clock's ticking for the next virus.
Bill Gates has already geared it up.
And I can feel it in my gut, and I don't know if he'll actually see it.
So, my spotter sense is redlined constantly.
I know yours is as well, so we better get our acts together real fast.
I'm working really hard to stop this, folks.
Really hard.
I'm not even doing any defensive positions myself.
I'm just 100% staying at the front of the line.
Because we've got a really good chance of stopping this.
I'm getting chills right now.
People make me so freaking angry.
We've had so much victory against them though, and the success we've had.
The last caller wanted to hear about success.
When I got loaded phone lines, what I'll do is have the guest on.
If you want to hold, I love you.
I'll get to you after the guy's gone.
I'll take some of the next hour.
But let's just talk about success.
And again, when I say this, the enemy knows all this, okay?
And more.
Because they got AI watching it all.
But I know for a fact, we
I'm not a great pool player, but I've had some games back when I had time to play, I got a pool table, I play with my wife, where I just, like, hit, like, almost all the balls in the first round.
But other times where I'm terrible.
But you ever, like, broke the balls, and you knocked, like, four in?
You used to do this badass break, and it's just like, you're just like, whoa.
Folks, we, this operation has
Just grievously hurt the enemy bad.
I mean, they're bleeding out.
And it's the guests, it's you, it's all of us.
This whole thing is one operation.
So when you're calling and thanking me, you're thanking yourself, okay?
I mean, we have...
Devastated the enemy and if I tried to go over all the things in fact I try to stay focused on the attacks and how to beat the enemy and the next information in front of me not what we've done but more and more I sit back because we want a solace for what we've gone through what we paid for this and it's been cheap
I mean, it's been cheap.
Thank God that God put me in this position, and all the tribulations I've gone through only made me stronger to be able to understand what's happening now.
Because if I hadn't gone through all this, if we hadn't gone through all this, we wouldn't even know how to deal with the next attack.
We're getting stronger, they're getting weaker, that's why they're attacking.
And this broadcast is hands down
Worldwide, the most effective transmission.
And it affects not just this grassroots audience, and not just the clips that go out, but the intelligentsia in the European Union resistance, in the U.S.
government resistance, in the intelligence agency resistance, in the Wall Street resistance, in the academic and ecclesiastical resistance, in just everywhere.
And I don't just...
I mean, I get told this by Senators, House members, Presidents, foreign leaders, and they just say, listen, I want you to know that when we survey the people waking up at these meetings and events, they say, who do you think is the most effective?
What woke you up?
What got us to this point?
They say, Alex Jones.
And it's not Alex Jones.
It's you.
It's this crew members.
It's the audience.
It's the guests we have.
It is us.
Because no matter what happens to me, I don't want, if they kill me or something like that in the near future, which I hope doesn't happen, and I'm certainly not suicidal.
So if I get killed, that's... But I'm not... If I get killed, I didn't kill myself.
I'm not naive.
And we're entering the endgame.
But if they kill me or set me up or whatever, folks, don't let that be a defeat.
Just champion the information I've covered.
Champion the emergency alerts I've put out.
And just let the work I've done, which is all God, through working through me, continue on.
But I know the power of humans.
I know the power that God's given us.
I know because I, working with other individuals, we have moved mountains together.
And now we're going into the main assault, okay?
They are attacking us.
They are admitting they're pedophiles.
They're admitting they're devil worshippers.
They are poisoning us.
They are starting nuclear war.
They are out of control because they know we've got God's promise.
They know we've got the birthright.
They know we're going into the future.
They know they made a bad deal.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
They are overturning the chessboard.
They're throwing a fit.
Like when Harrison Ford Deckard shoots the replicant, and it knows it's dead.
It just... That's what they're doing.
We're watching death throws.
So just... Hold strong.
Stay the course.
Believe in God.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
This is the death throes of Satan's kingdom on this planet.
And they're coming for our children.
They're coming for us because they're throwing a fit.
They know they've lost.
Well, Tom Renz, for two and a half plus years, has been battling the tyranny, the lockdowns, the poison shots, all of it.
And I knew early on he was really having a big effect with his lawsuits.
But he'd be on air like two years ago saying, well, I've got the big whistleblower.
We'll release the name soon.
And they were the high, high level inside the whole operation.
And then it comes out, it's the vice president of World of EcoHealth Alliance and the chief scientist.
And now the books out there, The Truth About Wuhan with Dr. Andrew Huff.
Both of them were on this morning.
Harrison Smith, I didn't have the time to do it, but I ended up sitting there in my office for like 40 minutes watching it.
Man, this is really a good interview, really powerful.
So we're blessed to have him on with us today.
I'm glad he could come on my show to talk about this because this is smoking gun stuff, okay?
And the death numbers worldwide by the insurance companies, smoking gun.
And we talked about it a year and a half ago, about the insurance numbers, but now it's mainstream news.
And now there's talk of grand juries, and grand juries are being impaneled statewide by the Supreme Court.
You know the governor's going to be successful getting those going.
So, big success.
Thank all those that God worked through.
Praise God.
That means people that called, people that wrote Congress, people that supported.
That means this audience.
That means everybody.
We have really gotten off our flat feet and into a fighting stance here to not just go quietly into the night.
And the system is in a chicken-with-the-head-cut-off, absolute panic mode show.
Attorney Tom Renz, my BS ticker didn't go off, thought he was really credible, looked him up, saw he was doing great work, but I'm like, he's got
The former chief scientist?
And it was true!
And so many other whistleblowers.
So it isn't about credit.
He doesn't come on here about credit.
But we need to celebrate the people that have had the courage to take action and tell us what was coming next.
Because now he can tell us what's coming next after this and his predictions of what the enemy is going to pull because we are really winning.
God bless you, sir, for your great work.
I'm going to try to let you
Pretty much just have the floor here and just cover the waterfront.
But man, this is just a crazy time to be alive.
Boy, you got it, Alex.
And I gotta tell you, it's really, and I mean this sincerely, and you know, I sat with you in your studio, so you've looked me in the eyes.
You know when I say this, I mean it.
I am truly honored to get that kind of praise from you.
I mean that.
You've been fighting this, and you've stood through hell that most people wouldn't even think of.
And it is 100% God.
It is 100% faith.
We have families.
We have our future.
We have our country on the line.
And we either stand together and fight for this or we lose everything.
So we will win this.
God is my witness.
I'll stand against the gates of hell if I gotta.
We will win this.
We've stood pretty damn close to it right now already.
Yeah, yeah, so I wasn't pulling your chain at all when I told you I had some pretty big whistleblowers.
Andrew is an amazing guy, and not only is he a whistleblower who worked there,
But you gotta look at his credibility.
Combat vet, Master's in Security Technology, PhD in Environmental Epidemiology, worked at Sandia National Labs, had uber top secret clearance.
I mean, this guy is rock solid credible.
And, if that's not enough, remember, when we released the initial report that included his declaration that he gave me under oath, under penalty of perjury,
When we released that, we also included 130-some citations in a separate report that didn't cite anything he said.
And let's remember, they came to his house and shot at him.
I mean, that's how real this is.
You have no idea.
It took months before I could really believe some of the stories Andrew was telling me.
His house is literally in the middle of nowhere.
I'm not going to say to anybody where it is, but I'm going to tell you that this guy lives off-grid, remote.
It couldn't be more out there.
I actually went to his house and spent a full day going around looking at his evidence, looking at what had happened, and personally checking everything out.
I was gone.
It was a two-day trip to get there.
Well, what do you expect?
He was the Vice President and the Chief Scientist.
They were in full panic mode.
He's blessed even to be alive right now.
Oh, they're actually in bigger panic mode now.
And you know, the thing is, is they don't even know.
Like, they don't know some of the other whistleblowers I've got.
I've got whistleblowers that are showing the conspiracy in the hospitals to murder patients.
I've got audio recordings.
I've got papers.
I've got so much stuff.
These guys, this is a warm-up.
We're just getting started.
We will have accountability.
I cannot wait to see it happen.
And I'm going to tell you, we've been so careful.
And so, so diligent about making sure that we've got things off.
Well, you've been led by God.
Because everything you've done has been devastating the enemy.
You definitely have the Holy Spirit's hand on you.
Well, I absolutely will tell you, the big man has shown me a lot of favor.
A lot more than I probably deserve.
You know, I try to earn it every day.
I'm never worthy of it.
But we have huge stuff coming.
You've got to understand, the thing that really gets them on this, and I'm going to tell you, I want to stress this, the thing that scares them more than anything else that I get the most blowback on, okay?
So get ready for the signal to go down, right?
The thing I get the most blowback on is the tie-ins between the intelligence community and DoD on this.
See, no one wants the Congress to investigate the DOD and the intel communities, but they are 100% involved.
We've got the receipts.
And when I say we got the receipts, I mean we got the receipts.
And that's where I was going next.
They had the neocons come out today with a report saying the Chinese released it.
I hate the Chinese communists.
They're horrible, but we know it wasn't the Chai-coms.
So they're so desperate now, they're admitting it's man-made, vindicating everything we said, but blaming the Chinese.
That's panic mode.
Oh, yeah, it is.
I haven't even seen that report yet.
Yeah, it is.
I have to take a look.
I'll show it to you right now in a minute.
Keep talking.
I'll put it on screen.
So I'll tell you, Alex, they're trying, trying like hell to make sure we don't look at DOD and Intel community involvement on this, because, you know, this is just absolutely unquestionable to my mind.
You know, we have we have and just put this in common sense term without sharing the evidence that I have.
Let me put this in common sense terms.
We have a situation where a U.S.
entity sponsored by a government agency who oversees biological weapons and weapons development and security issues, partnering and giving the technology to a communist foreign state that's an avowed enemy of the United States,
To do gain-of-function research, which is the key to bioweapons development, in a lab with known ties to the CCP bioweapons program.
Are you going to tell me that we transferred that technology, that we funded those programs, and that our DoD and intel community didn't know?
If that's the case, we have the least competent intelligence community on the planet.
But that's not the case.
I don't believe that for a second.
Plus, when you start throwing in the evidence we have that the CIA was involved with or had knowledge of or was working with EcoHealth Alliance, there's no question.
But, you know, it's a tough one, and I want to give the Republicans an out on this.
One of the things that I do agree with the Republican Party on is I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, support the heroes that are our military.
So, you know, we have a lot of the neocons in the Republican Party that just, yes sir, no sir, whatever the military needs, and that's good that they're supporting the military, but this isn't our soldiers.
This is being done by the intel community, by the brass, by the people that are sitting their butts in the Pentagon, not the heroes who are on the battlefield.
This is shady, nasty stuff being done by the intelligence community and being done by the DOD and they were involved with the vaccine.
This is globalistic.
They rolled out the vaccine.
This is globalistic control of our military, directing an attack against their own people.
The question is why?
Well, you got to look at what's happening and they've told us why.
And this actually, I mean, so this is a perfect time for me to share this.
I'm doing a bunch of work and I just released a very short video and I'm going to be releasing a bunch of stuff on Twitter related to the Arizona elections deal.
What's that got to do with this conversation?
Well, let me tell you.
This is critical.
You have to understand that COVID was the cornerstone of the Great Reset.
We know that.
Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, all these psychopaths.
One thing about these psychopaths is they can't help but talk about what they do.
They're so proud of their self
Their view, their own view of their own genius, that they have to share their genius so that everybody can appreciate them.
So these guys keep telling us.
Yeah, we're staying there.
Let's come right back.
Tom Renz.
All right.
Attorney Tom Renz, the very tip of the spear, bringing forward all these huge whistleblowers and more.
Is our guest.
I'm gonna try to shut up now and just cover the waterfront.
All the big things that are going on.
You got cut off getting into Arizona and what's coming out there and then you know back to what the enemy's gonna do next.
These new war games with Bill Gates saying another virus that targets kids are coming out.
The governor of Florida moving forward with criminal grand juries.
So much is happening but instead of me asking questions you're really the expert because you're right in the middle of it.
Just give us a briefing on what's going on.
Yeah, so before the break, I had started talking about the ties.
I said, well, what does Arizona have to do with COVID?
So you have the World Economic Forum.
You have a bunch of people.
And by the way, Biden's a member.
All these people, you look around the country at the number of governors and politicians that are part of the World Economic Forum.
These guys are all tied together.
The Gates, all the people that you've heard of on the bad guy list, all part of this, right?
They're telling us they want a global reset.
Their words, not mine.
You can look at the video.
You can see Harari saying, you know, this is where surveillance goes under the skin.
This is where we do this, we do that.
Let me explain to you what happens here.
You launch COVID.
You inflate the hell out of the dangers of COVID and you prevent early treatment so you can drive up to the death numbers.
As that's happening, you use that fear to steal elections by promoting things like ballot drops and things where you can harvest ballots right and left and really screw the numbers up.
And that goes without even talking about, you know, whether they were into the machines and things like that.
So, they're using COVID to steal elections.
They're also using it to destroy our economy.
You got a shutdown.
You destroy small business.
You destroy this.
You destroy that.
We're getting ready for an economic meltdown, right?
So that's happening to promote the central bank digital currencies, which they want to use to try and control us even further.
We know this because they're telling us this.
So when I say this, you've got to understand something.
I have always been disciplined about saying I'm speculating or I have evidence.
We have them on video saying that this is what they're doing.
This isn't complicated.
This is just you've got to dig and listen.
So, COVID was at the corner of all of this.
By the way, I'm jumping ahead of myself, but when we talk about the next pandemic, get ready, we're getting some intel on that.
Now, it's not confirmed, but what I'm hearing is that it's going to be time to come out.
We'll have something going on health-wise where we need more lockdowns on a global scale around the time that the WHO treaty comes back.
That's coming.
But in the meantime,
One of the things that we've got to do right now is we've got to also look at the Arizona elections.
Well, if you care about COVID and you care about stopping the globalists, there's a lot of things that have to happen and we have to cut them off in more than one direction.
Now, I'm not leaving COVID until we've got Anthony Fauci and a whole bunch of other people in jail, but I have to understand what my enemy's doing.
My enemy's attacking us from a lot of directions.
And in Arizona, you've got Carrie Lake, who has filed, to my mind, the most credible and strongest lawsuit that's been filed in the history of election lawsuits.
This suit is rock solid.
And really what's on trial here is the credibility of the courts, okay?
This case is good.
The Arizona law is rock-solid and super clear.
When you interpret law, you start with the text of the legislation and it's very clear that she's got standing, she's got allegations of injury, she's got everything she needs to move forward with this challenge.
So we should, if there's any real justice here,
Have a full access to discovery.
Why does that relate to COVID?
Why is that so important?
Well, let me explain to you.
See, if you've got someone like Carrie Lake in there, much like Ron DeSantis, she's a disrupting factor in this.
You only need one instance of truth that people see before fraud starts falling down everywhere.
You can only convince people that the sky is red if everybody says the sky is red.
If someone says you're an idiot, it's blue.
Well, that kind of goes, it goes away then because, oh yeah, I guess you're right.
So this is a really important thing.
Carrie Lake's position on this is critical and more just as importantly, or more importantly, this case is so strong that I'm going to go on record and say that it's my opinion that if this case, if this challenge doesn't move forward into a full investigation,
I don't, as a lawyer, know that I could file an election case to challenge anything else because I don't think you could have better evidence and better information.
So, you know, to my mind, this case is going to be one of the most determinative cases in terms of election outcomes in American history.
It matters because if we can't get good candidates to represent us, how do we ensure accountability on the political side, right?
Because my role as an attorney is to facilitate the interpretation of law as it pertains to a specific set of facts in the court.
Okay, so I can't go to the court and say, Your Honor, I think this person should go to jail.
And they say, Why?
Well, because he did something bad.
And they say, Well, what's the law?
There isn't any.
Well, I can't do that.
It doesn't do any good, right?
So I've got to have the laws to work with.
We've got to have the legislation to work with.
The other side has spent years, decades, changing laws in very nuanced ways to make it very difficult for a guy like me to go to court and get a win.
That's why you see so many difficult things on the election suits, which I haven't done a whole lot of election suits.
I've done work behind the scenes.
But if you look at the suits that have been filed,
You know, the reason there's so much difficulty is because of all the changes.
Same thing with COVID laws.
That's why you've got immunity for these manufacturers of these death jabs and everything else.
So, you've got to understand, this is the same people and part of the same playbook and just another tier of the global reset and the global takeover.
We the people have got to stand on both fronts and right now they've got major hearings on Monday, Tuesday I believe of next week in Arizona.
So we got to make sure that the people of Arizona are hearing this truth and standing because you've got Katie Hobbs down there who not only abused her power refusing to recuse herself on an election she was a part of, but she actually went out and asked social media companies to censor her opponent.
Are you kidding me?
That is so far beyond illegal.
Then, on top of that, as if that's not enough, I would think that's more than enough, but no, no, she actually threatened to have county officials arrested, something she doesn't have the authority to do, if they didn't fall in line and certify her bogus election.
She essentially strong-armed or blackmailed these guys into saying, you're going to certify me governor or you're going to jail.
Are you kidding me?
There is no greater example of abuse of power.
This is insanity.
We cannot stand aside and allow this.
And trust me, if we do, you don't have a whole lot of options left in the courts.
This one's got to go right.
So this one's critical.
And it ties back in.
Because if we can't have real candidates,
Win elections?
Then how do we change this?
How do we change this through the system?
If the courts won't ensure that justice is fair and even, if the elections are garbage, how do we change this?
My intent and my purpose is to try and make sure that we can change this peacefully and through the system and properly.
That's why this is so important.
If our courts dodge this, if our politicians dodge this, if we keep letting this go, there's no system to fight it through.
Do you think we the people are going to stand for this forever?
No way.
No way.
So we've got to do this peacefully, but we've got to get out there and do it right.
Well, that's right.
Stay there.
We'll come back and talk more about this next segment.
But the woman who is stealing the election runs the election, and then she wants censorship.
And then if the courts don't step in, there's just no end.
They're certifying their ability to steal elections right now in Virginia.
Right now in places like Pennsylvania, places like Michigan, places like Arizona, Nevada.
But as you said, Arizona is really the heart of where it's all going down.
This is a criminal takeover like Venezuela, a permanent dictatorship.
We'll talk about how we stop it straight ahead.
I'm not going to tell listeners who showed up at the office today, but I'm more excited about it than when Kanye West was here or even Donald Trump on the show.
It's good to see old friends.
What a crazy time to be alive.
You know, I wish I was wrong about the New World Order and all their evil plans, but we've all been completely vindicated.
And I would actually have rather been proven wrong, but we're not.
We have the documents, we have the proof.
What a time to be alive.
So finishing up with Arizona, and the codification around the country of election fraud, and then getting back to
Yes, so that's the real question right now, Alex.
I mean, you know, listen, we're beating them
Hard on COVID.
We're going to beat them on every front, because that's what we do, and God's got our back.
But what do you do?
And so it's an interesting thing, because you know, Alex, when I came on your show at first, and you know, you talked to me, I said, I'm a nobody from Ohio.
And we've continued to grow and develop a platform because we do things with integrity and honesty.
And we have people now, so we have sources, we have intel, we have all sorts of information.
Well, I want to premise this with this is not something I can prove, but this is what I believe is coming.
So right now, what we're hearing out of D.C.
is there is abject panic.
The DOD crew does not want any investigation, no spy agencies want looked at, they want nothing to do with this, they want to figure out who's there going to hang out to dry, and they're going to be the last people.
But by the way, it's not your opinion they're in full panic mode over the Fauci and the criminal investigations, that part's not speculation, continue.
No, we can see that pretty clearly.
What we're seeing though is
Kind of this breakdown.
So Fauci and his crew and some of the globalists, they're hung up on continuing to push death shots and vaccines and other such things because they need it.
They need this, right?
So the question is, when and how do you roll these things out?
Now, they're doing more gain-of-function, more war games, and what we've heard, and this is what we've heard.
I can't prove this.
I don't have papers.
But we've heard that the plan is to have something big hit around the time that they get the support necessary to move forward with the new WHO treaty.
They want to get that new WHO treaty, which is really just a rehash of the same thing.
They want the WHO to have power to take over the world.
OK, so that's a cornerstone piece of what they're doing, and they want to do whatever they got to do to get that in.
The problem is, is that our fight, particularly here in the U.S., has been too powerful.
Guys like McCullough, you know, I've had a little part in it, and all these different people who are pushing this, we've had a voice, we've made a voice thanks to people like you, Alex, who've let us talk.
And so, there's a problem, you know, because it's politically, it doesn't look sustainable here in the U.S.
And the other side of this is that if they lose, they know that there's a real likelihood, if people realize how many millions of people these guys have killed, that they're going to end up at the end of a rope.
You know, people aren't going to be okay with that.
So, you know, there's this kind of breakdown.
You know, are we actually going to move forward with another pandemic?
Or are we just going to say COVID's real bad?
You know, which I welcome saying that because I'm happy to point to the fact that it's bad because people keep getting jabbed and that destroys their immune system and makes them sick.
And by the way, tyrants always go too far and end up at the end of a rope.
People think they're just invincible.
They're not.
They always want to kill people.
They always pull the same type of crap.
It's just a high-tech version.
They've got to end up at the end of a rope because that's justice for who they killed, but also to let other little Joseph Mingolas know that they're not going to get away with it.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, they do everything they can to try and scare us and intimidate us into shutting up.
That's what January 6th was about.
That's what the FBI raids are about.
That's the bullcrap that you were dealing with, Alex.
It's all about trying to intimidate us and shut us up.
But, you know, at the end of the day, we're winning.
We're winning, especially on COVID.
And, you know, I'm personally branching the fight out.
I'm going to be helping on everything because we're going to have to hit them in some of these other angles.
But we're winning in a big way.
And I'll tell you privately, when we were doing a strategy session with my team and my other attorneys that I work with, probably last summer, I believe, is when I did this.
I said, guys, it's time for us to make a change.
They said, what do you mean?
I said, well, we're going to shift our position.
Instead of trying to determine whether we can win this now, we've won.
We've already won this.
And the reason we won it was because guys like you, Alex, helped us get the truth out.
And we had created a situation where enough people said no about getting this jab that there was a control group.
So it was a guarantee that the control group was going to be there and you're going to have what you have now.
You've got a group of people who are part of the Died Suddenly crowd, and you've got another group of people who are healthy as can be, not getting COVID, not having any issues.
They're the people who are unjabbed, and that's really coming out now.
So we've won.
The question was this.
How quickly can we win, and how many lives can we save, and how many do we have to lose during this fight?
Because my goal is always about saving as many lives as possible.
So, we shifted that footing, and it's proving true.
I mean, we are.
We are absolutely seeing this collapse.
It's going to continue collapsing.
We will get to accountability.
And, you know, that's part of the reason that we're broadening the fight and hitting these guys in some other areas.
And I want to get to broadening the fight here, but you're absolutely right.
I told Joe Rogan last summer,
I said, this summer, the back got broken.
They didn't know it would go this way.
It blew up in their face.
They want amnesty now.
They want to stop talking about it while they still implement their control.
But they're in panic mode.
I mean, we're not up here tooting our horns saying, oh, we've won the whole war.
But the enemy is devastated right now.
So what do we do next to press the peaceful attack to bring them to justice?
Yeah, so that's it, right?
And that's part of the reason that we have to broaden this.
Because right now, what they're going to do
In my opinion, is the enemy is going down.
They know that the COVID thing is going down.
They know that that truth is coming out.
And so you've got no loyalty amongst thieves, none whatsoever.
So what they're doing is they're trying to decide who they're going to throw under the bus.
The problem is, is when you throw a guy like Anthony Fauci under the bus, Anthony Fauci knows where the bodies are buried.
So Anthony Fauci is going to play hardball if he thinks he's getting thrown under the bus.
So they've got this really nasty situation then.
Well, what do you do?
Because we don't want to get our rear ends in trouble with him.
But, you know, if we don't throw him under the bus, we lose our credibility.
So it's one of those things where they're in a real bad situation.
And that's why I mentioned a couple times, you know, broadening the attack, because if we can dilute their focus, if we can effectively hit them, because one thing that I
Praise God, this is 100% him.
You know, I just kind of show up every day.
But we've been effective in fighting the COVID lies.
We've been very effective.
If we can take that same strategy and apply it in these other areas, then we can make them have to defend some of these other areas.
We got to have the election, so we got to bring them to justice.
What are other areas we've got to dominate in?
We've got to get this.
The central bank digital currency is a real threat.
I've got a whistleblower, and I'm not ready to say anything more about this, but we have some legitimate evidence that the attacks on the food supplies were actually organized, and they were orchestrated.
Well, yeah, the UN, and they're officially shutting down the third largest food producer in the world, the Netherlands, they're shutting food production down everywhere, officially admitting it.
Yeah, well, but I'm talking about the burned down buildings.
No, no, I'm saying you've got internal stuff, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So we've got some interesting stuff there.
That's an important issue.
The energy thing is an important issue.
Um, and I would say that those are the main issues.
You know, we've got to finish COVID because these jabs are unbelievable.
I mean, what's happening there?
That's got to be stopped.
And so we're only, we're not done with COVID by any means.
We've got a long ways to go.
Just because we're winning doesn't mean we've won.
And if we take our foot off the gas, we will win.
It's a multi-pronged attack.
You've got to attack every, every attack they're running.
We've just got to find ways and we've got to ask God to give us more hours in the day so we can fight from more directions because there's just too many bad guys.
Yep, yep.
One of the things I've talked about, I actually was at a meeting this weekend and someone was asking me about what we've got to do to win this.
I said, well, one of the things you've got to understand, I bill for almost none of my time, Alex.
I don't know if you know this.
I almost never bill for my time.
Let's come back and talk about that.
It takes money to win wars, folks.
We'll be right back.
Alright, Tom Renz, attorney, getting all these great whistleblowers to go public, devastating the globalists.
You were getting into, I'm just guessing what you're going to cover next, the fact that we all need funding.
InfoWars needs funding.
You need support.
Not just sharing the articles and videos.
This is a war.
We don't have George Soros backing us.
We don't have the new world order backing us.
We have the people backing us.
And if the public ever figures out how powerful they would be, if they actually got more in the arena of support, it'd be game over for evil.
Well, that's it, right?
Many hands make light work, and I'd rather have a million people give me a dollar a month than one person give me five million, because the one person that gives you five million will try and control you and undermine you and get you to do things that you don't agree with, and I'm not up for sale.
There is no amount of money.
I'll work for free.
I don't bill for most of my time.
But here's the thing.
I don't bill for most of my time, but I need more lawyers and I need to be able to support them.
So our strategy going forward is not something I mind sharing.
We've got to raise money to support more lawyers, right?
I can't ask them to work for free.
They just won't do it.
The more money we got, the more lawyers we can get and the better we can do.
We've got to have the lawyers.
The other thing we've got to do is we've got to work on continuing to expand the message.
So, yes, donate to InfoWars, but also share InfoWars.
And while you're at it, share the stuff I do.
And go to rims-law and make a donation there, because you've proven you're hitting on all cylinders.
You've got a lot going on.
Yes, sir, I do.
An awful lot.
And actually, next week,
I believe next week, the 21st, I'm going to launch, I'm going to start doing a one-hour-a-day talk show on America Out Loud Network, a radio show, because we've got to educate the people.
We've got to activate the people.
See, the thing that people don't understand is that if I file a lawsuit, but I don't do anything else, we'll get the New Zealand effect.
Early on in New Zealand, there was a young lady who had a massive win at the Supreme Court related to this COVID corruption.
The next day, they changed the laws in New Zealand.
So we had to educate the public.
We had to get people going and engaged.
People being engaged is the ultimate power.
The one thing tyrants truly fear.
You can shoot me.
You can shoot Alex.
You can shoot a couple people.
But you can never silence all the people.
They fear we the people more than anything else.
And you know the work that I do
It's been effective, praise God, but part of the reason it's been effective is because of the public support we've been able to garner for it.
That's had a huge impact.
That's why, Alex, do you know what I did a few weeks ago?
I took a page out of your book.
So I do the reawakening tour with Clay Clark, right?
And they were on the tirade about those evil Christian nationalists, right?
So I stood up on stage, and the Washington Post was there, The Beast was there, there were a bunch of left-wing papers that were covering this.
I went up on stage, I put a presentation, a slideshow up there, I had a big slide up there talking about how proud I am to be a Christian nationalist.
I am, and I am proud of it, because I believe that Jesus teaches me to love everyone, treat people with respect and equality, and love your neighbor.
And as an American, I believe in the nation that freed slaves and created suffrage and allowed prosperity on a level that no one's ever seen before.
And so my question is, which part of my Christian nationalism do you have a problem with?
So I said that on stage and went into great detail on it.
You know I couldn't so much as get a hit piece done on me?
Because the mainstream fears what we do.
They know they can't turn it on us.
We have no shame.
I don't care what you call me.
I don't care what they say about me.
I got no pride.
So they're afraid of us.
So we've got to get the message out farther.
And since they're censoring the hell out of me,
Praise God for guys like you.
We got to do everything we can.
Well, that's the thing they do.
They demonize us.
They don't understand we're committed to the mission.
We know we're right.
It means nothing.
In fact, it's a good thing when they're attacking because that means we're over the target.
And that really freaks them out because as leftists, they are so prideful and so into what the system's saying.
You don't want the system endorsing you, but they're looking for that.
They're such losers.
Yeah, that's all they care about is approval of others.
I care zero, right?
My loyalty is to God, my family, my country, and my friends.
I don't care one bit.
You know, someone told me early on,
So I went through phases as an attorney on this.
The first phase was the buy-off phase.
They tried to buy me off to shut me up, and they told me, well, you could get some appointments.
You know, you might make a good judge if you would just drop this stuff.
I said, yeah, I don't care about that.
Then that didn't work out, and they realized I didn't care about their cocktail parties, which, I mean, I can't think of a greater wound to inflict on me.
A cocktail party for me is a PBR and a campfire.
That's what I like.
So then they did the death threats.
I mean, you know about those.
Those are ongoing and whatever.
And then they tried to Kavanaugh me and just smashed me in the breast and I didn't care about that either.
So they went back to censorship because I don't care about any of it.
You got to be willing to take some bullets if you're going to get into this fight.
And if you're in it for the cause, you don't worry about what they say about you.
I can only imagine now that we're hitting on some of this election stuff, what they're going to say.
I'm pushing the hashtag, by the way, hashtag election liars.
They all want to call us election deniers.
Hashtag election liars.
I want that to trend everywhere.
I want everybody to be talking about hashtag election liars, because the election liars keep pushing the sheep to call us election deniers.
But the only thing we're denying is their lies.
And it's garbage.
So, you know, we're hitting this on all fronts.
And we got a we got a I'm going to tease you, Alex.
We got another top secret project we're working on within a year or so.
I hope to launch that I think is going to what we're going to do is we're going to start holding the people that are running our country accountable to the people that are voting for them.
And we've got a plan on that.
So I intend to bring political accountability, too.
Not a D, not an R, a freedom thing.
Beautifully said.
We've got to get you back again soon.
But just back to the COVID situation, because that's the one area we can really have a big effect.
You know, they may start a nuclear war in Russia.
We're trying to stop that, but who knows?
Are they going to throw Fauci under the bus?
Because he's so insider.
They're trying to defend him right now, which is only blowing it up bigger.
So the super secret stuff happening behind the scenes are this.
We're trying very hard to ensure that they do throw him under the bus because I really want to see him in orange.
They're trying to save him because he's got a lot of dirt on a lot of people.
He does know where the bodies are buried.
So I don't know.
My intention is to make sure that before I'm done with this and before that guy dies, he's an old man, he'll probably die before me, I'd like him to spend the rest of his days in jail.
Uh, that may sound cruel, but you know what?
He's murdered millions.
So, uh, I'd like to see that guy in jail.
And we're trying very hard and it's really, uh, we're, we're, we're moving over here.
They're moving over there.
And I don't know for sure.
It's, it's a, it's a tug of war right now.
We're pushing for accountability everywhere.
They're trying to preserve as much as they can.
They're definitely not arrogant anymore.
They got fear in their eyes.
They better.
They better.
They're right to fear because we aren't stopping.
We got God at our back and like I said, we'll stand against the gates of hell if we gotta.
I'm really concerned with Bill Gates' new bioweapon drill he did.
I agree with you.
I think they're warming that sucker up and I think they're getting ready to release it.
It's just, I wonder how many people that work for the system that know we're telling the truth still try to hedge their bets.
The only safety is defeating these maniacs.
You can't just, like Boston University has a super COVID that kills 80% of people.
And then they just admit that.
It's like a threat.
Like, we got a weapon that'll kill all of you.
Yeah, well, you're not gonna get away with it if you do that.
I mean, they gotta know that now, anything they do, it'll just make the next wave against them bigger.
So that's kind of the Mexican standoff.
They release the next bioweapon.
They have their big distraction, but it backfires bigger the next time.
Now that people know it's them, any further assaults by them only make it worse for them.
I mean, that's a pretty simple equation, isn't it?
Oh, it is, but you know, I mean, the Boston University is just one of many.
I mean, we've got, listen, Fauci actually dug up some people up in the Arctic that died way back from the Spanish flu and reconstituted the Spanish flu.
He's also, he's working down, you know, down in Texas, Texas of all places, in Galveston, they're working on gain of function on Ebola.
That's right.
Complete maniacs.
Illegal stuff going on in Galveston.
They're just mad scientists.
People say, why are they doing it?
Why'd Jeffrey Dahmer do it?
Why'd Hitler do it?
Because they're evil.
They like it.
Tom Renz, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Look forward to speaking to you again.
Thanks, Alex.
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Just look at the Preglanone that we've got that's in this product.
Do you support the Chinese people's right to protest?
Do you think it's problematic to do business with the Communist Chinese Party when they suppress human rights?
Have you reached out to them as a matter of national security since we obviously have national security concerns with China who they seem to be aiding in this process?
Sure, I don't have any communications to speak to specifically with Apple executives.
So, when I've told you over the decades that large multinational corporations, allied with the dictatorships of the UN, run the leadership of the CIA, that's not my opinion.
And now the Carney Endowment former head publicly runs it, and it's come out in the news the last few months that the CIA specifically, illegally, with the Justice Department, is meeting with big tech
Corporate dinosaur legacy media and major corporations to set up a social credit score that's already being implemented by stealth.
To basically debank you, harass you, and later imprison you if you don't go along with them.
So this is a real totalitarian takeover.
Our democracies on both sides of the ocean are being shaken by the same doubts as to our ability to be sufficiently strong and effective when it comes to the challenges we share.
Hate speech, false information, and today's fears.
To me, the best way to counter the dissemination of misinformation
We've got to be out there, people who you trust, who are trusted messengers, to get out there and put the truth out.
I don't usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I got every single word and fact, scientific fact, correct.
Before you inject your child,
A decision that is irreversible.
I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the RNA vaccine technology I created.
The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your parents' cells.
This gene forces your child's body to make toxic spike proteins.
It just seems to me, I didn't do a study on it, but from what I'm seeing from my experience is that
The people who are spreading misinformation and disinformation seem to be relentless in their pursuit.
...of spreading misinformation.
And if you watch corporate media, you'll see a CIA analyst saying, screw your free speech, it doesn't exist.
Elon Musk is allowing some freedom on Twitter as a Russian agent.
Putin is going to be all over Twitter.
If there's no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts, the rest of it, this is a great opportunity for him.
And so when he's talking about the popular voice, Musk, he's really talking about Russian intelligence.
Controlling what we can say is a means of controlling what we think.
Anyone who doesn't understand the importance of protecting all speech, including speech we find reprehensible, is an enemy of America.
Do you think that users have a right to freedom of speech, even if what they're saying is wrong or offensive?
I think...
That one human being should not decide how millions of people communicate with each other.
One human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide, oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn't.
That's not how it should work.
It says, Twitter provides a global communication platform which encompasses a variety of users with different voices, ideas, and perspectives.
As a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users.
This is all just the First Amendment law.
And they say down here, if you believe content or behavior you are reporting is prohibited in your local jurisdiction, please contact your local authorities.
This is the sleight of hand that the establishment has done, is they've equated free speech with hate speech.
So if you're for free speech, you're against minority groups because then people will be able to hurl hate speech at them.
And so you should be against free speech because it hurts minority groups.
The only thing minority groups have is their speech.
Words can be weapons.
Hate speech online can lead to cruelty and violence in real life.
The UN report says ban people's speech because it might make somebody do something bad when they flood our countries with third world populations filled with hate for us.
If you criticize it, you get arrested.
Markets like actually
Totalitarian governments where you have a understanding of what's out there and obviously we're the whole dimension is changing now with as you said a democratization of countries and and democracies are very messy as we know in the United States you have opinions changing.
So this is the control ladies and gentlemen.
Well you have found it the undoubted undisputed tip of the spear in the fight for human liberty against the new world order.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And I wanted to get Hotep Jesus on, a really smart commentator.
I wanted to get him on today because there is just so much to talk about, so much to break down.
Dealing with the Kanye West interview that happened on Thursday that undoubtedly has probably a billion views out there or more.
It's been on every TV station.
Basically, every commentator's talked about it.
Everything from Saturday Night Live to CNN.
And they misrepresented a lot of what was said.
I'm not defending some of the things that Ye did say here on air.
But the issue is, is that our own government brought 30-plus thousand Nazis back in World War II to help set up the modern system in Eisenhower, warned about the military-industrial complex.
And we have infanticide and humans smuggling across the borders and all this going on.
And obviously, Ye did it to be provocative and to really
Hey, thank you, man.
Let's start right here.
There's no such thing as hate speech.
Full stop.
There is no such thing as hate speech.
Speech needs somebody to interpret it.
Therefore, hate speech is subjective.
Cannon Hotep spoke about this on his feed today.
And really what it takes is on one side, somebody says one thing, somebody dislikes it, but there's probably a group of people on the other side who agree with it.
When we look at speech hurled at black people, people might describe me as a black man, African American, etc, etc.
And let's say this is some white nationalist group, Nazi, or whatever they identify as.
And they have some gripes with my people, people like me, people of my skin color.
I care!
I care about what they have to say, because I truly understand that their problem isn't with me.
There's some sort of shortcoming happening in their life, and I happen to be the scapegoat.
So let's look at Ye last week and his comments.
Ye, if you watch the beginning of the series with Hugh, and then you watch the end of that broadcast, you see two different people.
What happened when Ye went to other platforms?
They were cutting him off, they were silencing, they were disagreeing with him, but they weren't allowing him to get what he wanted off of his chest.
What you often find is, if you give people room to breathe, give people room to vent, what happens?
They start to capitulate.
They start to even out.
They start to be a little bit kinder.
And we saw that with Ye, where he's, you know, he basically was spreading a message of love by the end of that interview.
This is what happens when you let people speak and you find out that it's not hate speech, it's actually venting.
Do we really want to get to the core of what's wrong?
For example, when we look at racism in the South, although I don't condone it and the acts of that that have been done against my people, I do understand that certain concessions were made after the Civil War that angered whites, especially poor whites, and they saw some sort of unfair treatment.
Really, what we're dealing with is, there seems to be some arbiter.
Some people call it the government, some people call it deep state, whatever you want to call it.
I don't know.
I don't live on that level of this building.
But there's some arbiter, and this arbiter is the one who's defining what hate speech is.
Hate speech does not need, I mean, speech does not need an arbiter.
When we talk about the First Amendment, the First Amendment was absolute.
And it was created to protect so-called hate speech.
If we didn't have the ability to vent our gripes with groups of individuals, nobody would know it.
So, for example, we talk about white nationalist or so-called hate groups.
What happens when you don't allow them the space to vent?
Well, they go into hiding.
That's the last thing you want somebody who has vitriol to do, is to go into hiding someplace where you can't see them.
Now they start plotting, and then you have terrorist events, etc, etc.
However, if you said, listen, we hear you, you have some certain gripes towards certain people, why don't we give you a platform to express those gripes?
And then we open up conversation.
You see, the same thing happens in relationships.
You often find that relationships between men and women and, you know, marriage, whatever it may be, they tend to fall apart when there's a breakdown in communication, zero communication or lack of communication.
However, if both sides truly vent what their problem is, and the other side wants to listen, this is the other part of this argument that needs to be had.
One side needs to vent, and the other side needs to listen.
They probably teach this in marriage counseling.
What happens is, one side vents their side, and the other side wants to vent their side, and now you have two people yelling at each other, two groups yelling at each other.
One side needs to vent, and the other side needs to listen.
And that's what people in America have a problem doing.
What happens is they react to these things with their emotions and not their mind.
They don't really analyze.
They don't use logic when people speak.
All they do is say, I don't like what you said.
My feelings are hurt.
We saw that with the left.
You know, the right had certain opinions, certain ideologies.
Trump said certain things, and all we heard was wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
Then, yay, gets on Alex Jones' platform, the greatest platform on earth.
And what happened?
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
From everybody, all across the aisle.
I was surprised to see so many people who claimed free speech, all of a sudden weren't for free speech.
Now, before we dive down that rabbit hole,
The First Amendment was supposed to protect us from the government.
The government is supposed to say, you have the right to speak.
But you know what?
Today, government's not the problem.
We are.
You are.
I am.
Well, definitely not me, because I'm a free speech absolutionist.
But when people speak, we're ready to respond with vitriol.
We're ready to condemn.
We don't listen anymore.
When I see people get on the internet and they spread their opinions, whether I agree with them or not, it doesn't affect my life.
It doesn't take food out of my children's mouth.
It doesn't affect me.
So I say, oh, well, that's that person's opinion.
Why do I need to express my opinion on somebody else's opinion?
That's what I want to know.
Why is it when Ye speaks, everybody has to pick up their phone and say something?
Do you realize that he would be impotent if nobody reacted?
This is the lesson he's trying to teach you.
He's like, you guys can't help but to react.
So what do you think his main goal was coming here and doing what he did?
He wants people to look in the mirror and see how hypocritical they truly are.
You are a hypocrite.
He wants people to see that
On one hand, right?
What happened?
Oh, I wore the White Lives Matter shirt.
And everybody said, oh, yay, we love it.
Let him speak.
And then he said something about another group of people.
And now all of a sudden we have to cancel them.
This is hypocritical.
This is bigotry.
And he wants to point that out.
He wants to point out how easily people are disturbed.
I think his real goal is to filter out who's with him and who's not.
He went to the White Lives Matter side.
We're good to go.
The things that they say.
We've got to go to break, but I want to tie this into Elon Musk and now the Twitter files coming out that prove the government illegally election meddling all of it.
But, you know, Elon said, I'm a free speech absolutist, but now he's not with myself or Ye or anybody else.
And then he supports the Azov battalion, literally doing Hitler rituals on Twitter.
I'm going to show this when we come back.
But then, Ye puts up a Raelian symbol of unification of the swastika and the Star of David, and he gets banned for that.
I see it as very hypocritical.
Hotep Jesus, our guest.
We'll be right back with Hotep on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is an important discussion.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So what's really going on with Elon Musk?
He says he's for free speech, a free speech absolutist.
I wasn't banned off of Twitter for Sandy Hook.
I wasn't even being discussed when I was banned.
They just hyped that up and basically exaggerated it, made it all up before they sued me with a big PR firm they hired.
But he said, no, no, Alex Jones is the worst.
He didn't get to come back.
And then with
Ye, formerly Kanye West, he posts a picture of a starved able with a swastika in the middle.
It's a New Age Raelian flying saucer cult out of France's symbol as just a test and he gets banned on Friday night.
And so what's really going on with Elon?
Here's a short clip of Elon having a chat that was public but wasn't promoted, Saturday, where he talks about wanting to punch Kanye for, I guess, not just posting the symbol, but what he said on my show.
It was like, you know, where that was my decision.
But I think it's important that people know, okay, that was my decision.
Because at a certain point, you have to say, what is incitement to violence?
Because that is against the law in the US.
You can't just have a, you know, form a club, let's go murder someone club.
You know, that's not actually legal.
So the question is, what is incitement to violence?
I think, you know, posting swastikas in what is obviously not a
You mentioned in a good way.
Well, no.
It's just that, like, there could be, like, an analysis of the Second World War or something, you know.
That's a history drama or whatever, you know.
It's contextual.
Yeah, it's like, okay, you know, like, let's live on a battlefield or something, and that's got, you know, this, you know, some sort of, you know, war history thing.
Yeah, something like that.
I don't know.
Then that would be okay.
Yeah, it has to be conceptual.
I mean, if he's posting it in a way that is trying to rally people to anti-Semitic views, then yeah.
Yeah, I mean, it can also, like, say, like, okay, well, let's look for added context outside of Twitter to say, like, well, what's this meant?
Alex Jones
But I want to get into some sort of huge like this could easily get derailed into
Yeah, we should talk more about the file.
So, you mentioned that you gave it to Barry.
Okay, so, I want to be clear.
My disagreeing with Ye, where he's being provocative, is different than wanting to punch him in the face, which I didn't want to, or censoring him.
So, what Elon just admitted was he banned him for off-platform activity on my show.
And then he put out a symbol of a swastika with a Star of David and said that was incitement to violence.
This is a fraud what Elon just said.
Ho-Temp, what do you say?
Yeah, totally.
Again, this is what Ye wanted to expose.
He wanted to expose a hypocrisy where somebody is being applauded for being a proponent of free speech.
And yet here we have a guy who won't re-platform Alex Jones and de-platformed Ye.
Let's look at Elon.
Some of the decisions that Elon is making regarding this shows me how powerful Elon is not.
He's powerful enough to buy Twitter.
He's not powerful enough to run Twitter how it should be run.
The symbol that Ye posted, like you said, from a Raelian association.
Therefore, Elon never did any research on to, you know, that symbol to see what it represented.
Also, what are you going to do?
Are you going to cancel Buddha because he's got a swastika on his stomach?
Is that where we're at right now?
Are we going to ignore the history behind this symbol outside of the idea of it in World War II?
Are we going to ban yin-yang next?
So there's that piece, but I think this might have been personal.
I think because
Elon is saying, how dare you challenge me in front of the world and putting me on the spot.
Elon is feeling the pressure of the powers that be.
He's not fighting them.
If he was fighting them, he'd be managing the platform differently.
For example, when we look at the Twitter files, I was very unimpressed by the Twitter files, let's just be honest.
Some things did support some of the arguments we were making about collusion between the government and big tech.
Yes, we know about this.
We have the evidence now.
However, you know, we didn't have we didn't have the full string of emails.
Why wasn't this stuff exposed WikiLeaks style?
Why was it given to one journalist?
And I think, you know, Matt did a good job, you know, making this thing into a story type thread for the masses.
No, exactly.
Why doesn't he just dump them to the whole public?
Why didn't he dump him to the public?
Remember what Fredo said?
Remember what Fredo said to interrupt?
Fredo, Chris Cuomo on CNN said like five years ago, journalists can look at WikiLeaks, you're not allowed to as a public.
How condescending, and that's exactly what Elon just did, was to Chris Cuomo.
Well, that's exactly it.
Okay, so Matt, he brings it out storybook style, but this is an insult to our intelligence, basically saying we have to feed this to them like Dr. Seuss.
Why not give it to us WikiLeaks style like 2016 and allow all the journalists, all the independent media to go and dive into the files.
However, I know there may be some sensitive things in there, but your team should have gone through, redacted some of the sensitive materials, but did a full dump.
When I heard the title, so this was marketing, right?
When you say Twitter files, but we don't get Twitter files.
What we got were Twitter screenshots.
You should have called
We get it filtered through Matt Taibbi.
What we got was filtered pap.
It was filtered.
And I was unimpressed and people said, how could you say that?
I'm like, you're insulting my intelligence.
I want the full dump.
I want the full emails.
So if I were to figure out why didn't Elon give us the full dump?
Well, it's probably because he's scared.
It's probably because he's afraid to upset the deep state.
What some people have speculated in my Twitter feed is that this was more of a blackmail type situation.
I agree.
I got this.
Don't mess with me.
I can do a full dump.
But he didn't want to do the full dump yet.
So this isn't about the truth.
This isn't about the people.
This is about Elon saying, you guys are attacking me and my platform.
I can attack back.
This is a personal thing between Elon and the deep state.
It has nothing to do with freedom and truth.
I agree.
And I think Elon's horning in on the deep state.
I think he's not trying to free things overall.
I think he's trying to take it over.
Yes, but also look how Trump's name was implicated in this situation.
So Matt decided to put that one thing about Trump called in.
So this is also destabilizing Trump's platform.
This isn't about freedom.
This isn't, you know, bipartisan.
This is an Elon thing.
All right, Hotep Jesus.
HotepJesus.com is where you find everything he's doing.
It's amazing.
We're going to come back and cover the waterfront here and play that clip where Twitter promotes the Azog Battalions.
And folks, if there's any real Nazis in the world, they're in Ukraine.
I mean, these are the real deal.
That's not some Klan guy living in a shack by the railroad tracks.
This is a real deal.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
And Hotep Jesus riding shotgun with us.
I want to show this tweet here that really was probably the thing that got Ye banned.
It's, uh... Emanuel, the big Hollywood kingpin on a yacht, this year spring.
Elon off, uh, there, and... Let's always remember this is my final tweet, said Ye.
Is that really what's going on?
Is that really what has angered Elon?
But I want to play this because a lot of people pointed this out.
The Azov battalions are the main shock troop military of Ukraine.
For those who don't know, World War II got fought, a lot of it, between the Russians and the Nazis, once Operation Barbarossa started, in Ukraine.
And so the western part was Nazi, the eastern part was Russian, and that was some of the biggest battles and millions dead there.
And so Zelensky got questioned earlier this year about the Nazi affiliation of the Azov battalion.
He said, yeah, they are who they are.
That's because they all have swastikas and twin thunderbolts on them.
They hail Hitler.
They worship Hitler.
And Hitler was not a Christian.
He was an occultist.
Kind of followed kind of a Norse religion.
And they had a blood and soil ritual.
Where they would cut themselves and go into a false grave in the soil and bleed into the ground and put all their blood into it.
And that was a ritual the SS did.
And so you go to the official Ukrainian websites, or government websites on Twitter, they actually show their rituals of them hailing Hitler.
We're going to show you footage of this with audio, guys.
I'm going to play it here in a moment.
It's only 44 seconds of them worshipping Odin, which I'm not saying that's bad if you like Odin.
That's not Nazi.
But it's a blood and soil ritual.
Carving runes in their arms of twin lightning bolts and going into a grave and putting their hand in all the other blood of others.
We're good to go.
And using the swastika for the symbol of their flag going into war, which is violence.
So, here's what Twitter allows versus what they did to Ye.
Here it is.
Defend the rice!
Defend yourself!
Defend the rice!
Defend yourself!
Be here!
Be here!
One more time, one more time.
Glory to the defense!
Glory to our heroes!
Glory to the defense!
Glory to the defense!
All right, so back that up 10 seconds.
Show the guy putting his hand on Odin with the big swastika on his arm.
My point is, these are real Nazis.
A government-run military in a war.
Leftovers of World War II.
Like, you don't get more Nazi on the whole planet.
It's like saying, well, that's a purebred Pit Bull.
That's a purebred German Shepherd.
That's a purebred Chihuahua.
Like, this is the real McCoy.
Okay, it's like saying Tom Brady's the quarterback.
Like, who's the best NFL quarterback?
Tom Brady.
Like, this is the purebred.
This is what it is.
And like, just like Jordan Soros actually rounded up Jews, but he's loved because he's a Jew that rounded up Jews.
It's sick!
So they point at Ye and say he's the ultimate Nazi.
I think his point was to call all this out.
What do you make of this, Hotep?
Reminds me of World War II.
When you had corporations like Standard Oil giving out the hydrogenation process to the Nazis.
You had Wall Street backing the Nazis.
So what do we have in a day?
We have the same money, guys, controlling communism.
Because Germany dealt with socialist uprising, communist uprising, just like Russia did.
So it's the same playbook, same game plan.
And what they do is, these money manipulators use communism.
And now, the communists, what they're saying is, you gotta support the war in Ukraine.
Everybody's rocking the yellow and blue flag, and that's the consensus.
Support Ukraine.
If you don't, you're a bad person.
Just completely ignore those Nazis.
Forget the point.
Be mad at Ye, who's not an actual Nazi.
But these Nazis over here?
Oh, let's send them javelins.
Let's send them money.
Let's send them war material.
That is the common consensus now, and this is what Elon
is subject to.
Elon has to follow the mainstream narrative to a certain extent.
At some point he can deviate, but he knows where that line is drawn.
See, right now we have the Azov battalion still exists on Twitter.
They want to completely ignore it.
If you go look at the previous publishing by mainstream media before the war started many years ago, they say there is a Nazi presence in Ukraine.
So what's the long game here?
Well, the long game here is they're going to arm them, just like they armed the Taliban, Al Qaeda, all these different organizations.
They're going to arm them.
And then a few years later, they're going to come back and say, oh, man, there's Nazis in Ukraine.
We have to go back in Ukraine.
We have to get rid of the Nazis.
This is the long term game plan.
That's what's going to happen.
And then we'll be back in that war and everybody... And then what they'll do is they'll even ignore the fact that everybody warned them and said, you know, we're arming Nazis, you know, there's Nazis.
Everybody's gonna act like we didn't know this.
Everybody's gonna act like this wasn't said.
And then they're gonna make everybody support a war in Ukraine that's anti-Nazi.
And then you recycle, rinse and repeat and turn this into a new land for some other people.
So what do you make of yesterday?
Cruise missiles fired out of Ukraine and now admitted attacking Russian military bases a hundred plus miles inside Russia.
A major escalation.
Let's roll it with audio.
Here it is.
Missile flies over.
You see the explosion and then seconds later the sound comes back.
See the explosion?
And then now here comes the sound.
So now our media is cheerleading Ukraine firing missiles deep into Russia.
Why is this not a good idea?
Or maybe it is a good idea, Otep?
You know, I couldn't answer that question.
I'm not exactly sure.
What I can say is Ukraine can do no wrong.
The media who controls the general narrative is going to spin things however they want to see it.
They spun the last two years into being something that it wasn't.
It turned out people died suddenly.
Ukraine can, for example, when we dealt with what was named Nord Stream Pipeline, right?
You know, your one hand you got Biden saying, hey, yeah, we can shut this thing down whenever we want.
And then the thing gets shut down.
And everybody's like, oh, no, Putin did it, right?
So it depends on who controls the megaphone.
And that is the narrative you got to go along with.
What I suggest people do is
Study history because all these things have parallels.
All these things are like reruns.
And then make the decision up to yourself.
But if the media says go left, you probably want to go right.
And if they say go right, you probably want to go left.
I agree.
So let me ask you, the last segment's coming up and we have some time left.
What about culture in general?
Are you hopeful?
Are you white-pilled?
Are you black-pilled?
Are you red-pilled?
I mean, where are you on this?
I'm white-pilled.
I'm white pilled.
You know, these people are sloppy.
Look at the whole Hunter Biden situation.
They couldn't keep that under wraps.
Look at the last two years.
They couldn't keep that under wraps.
They couldn't keep the WikiLeaks situation with Hillary under wraps.
They're sloppy.
Also, if you look at the last two years, that massive push to push an agenda extremely fast and accelerated.
To me, it was a signal of panic.
They had to accelerate their control.
I agree.
So that's why I'm white-pilled, because what I don't see are people who are in control.
What I see are people who are trying to make sure they maintain control or increase their control, but the last two years were so sloppy and done at such an accelerated rate, it proves that they're in panic mode.
I suggest everybody else out there be extremely white-pilled.
We will win.
We are winning every single day, and there's nothing they can do to stop us.
I agree with you.
In fact, I'm going to take this last-minute clip, guys, when we post this interview, a video of Hotep right there about he's white-billed.
I want that up front.
Except, there's a bad side to this, and I'll explain when we come back.
What about, I'm going to introduce a term, dead-billed.
Talk about dead-billed.
We'll be right back.
Alright, what is dead-billed?
A term I just invented.
Well, you got white-pilled where you got a good vision of the future.
Black-pilled where you've given up, you think everything's over.
Red-pilled means you're awake to what's going on.
They kind of say, once you become red-pilled, are you going to be black-pilled or white-pilled?
And I'm overall white-pilled.
But that's if people keep waking up and keep standing up and if we can get the establishment to realize how crazy they are as well and back off.
Because they're going to keep doubling down
We're good to go.
That's going to work against them.
That is absolutely going to work against them.
So, for example, when I speak about black folks, you know, the one thing I say is it's easy to organize a small amount of people than it is a large amount of people.
And there's a lot of black people on this planet when you consider the diaspora in Africa, etc, etc.
So therefore, it's really hard to organize even on the African continent because there's so many different views.
If they were to reduce the population of the United States or the world, it's going to work against them.
And in fact, this is like the whole Thanos theory, right?
Like you reduce the population and things get better.
That's actually what'll happen.
If they reduce the population, things will get better.
In fact, I always said, in order for people to really get red-pilled, you're gonna need to cut off their... So for example, United States, we have this, what do you call it?
Standard of living, this high standard of living.
Once that's threatened,
Oh, you can expect a lot of people to be red-pilled.
Once that TV stops working, you know, once the supermarket isn't stocked, you're gonna have people start to organize.
Like, what's the thing that stops people from being organized right now?
Isn't it media, sports, and entertainment?
So, if the NFL stops, NBA stops, etc., etc., people have no choice but to start organizing.
What the people with these big organizations, the three-letter agencies, etc, etc, have over us is that they're organized and the people are unorganized.
So if they try to reduce the population, all they'll do is they'll push us towards, um, towards organization.
So instead what they do is they try to chop their heads off the snake.
They try to chop the head, like for example, yay, Alex Jones.
These are the heads of the snake and they want to chop their heads off.
You are 100% right.
Because a lot of their attacks are counterintuitive.
They want to dumb down mass disturbance, but they need us to operate even robots in certain places.
But then they also have these dumbed down decadent masses that are totally brainwashed and worthless for them.
And we know that the Black Plague killed half the population of Europe and caused the Renaissance after that, because it shook up the establishment, knocked out the elites, and made human labor more valuable, but also made the survivors get together and be more hardcore.
I mean, look at my brand, for example.
You know, if it wasn't for the bosses that deal with me, Gutfeld, Alex, Tim Pool, Rogan, if it wasn't for you guys, nobody would know who I am.
I'm severely de-boosted on Instagram.
Facebook has banned me from advertising.
I can't even give Facebook money.
And the funny thing is, I don't use Facebook, so I don't even know why I'm banned.
But they said I broke some rule, but I'm like, I don't use your platform, how am I banned?
So obviously somebody up there didn't like who I am, and then shut off my account.
So I can't even boost posts there.
Well yeah, but they're also banning people talking about you, so that's what that ban means.
Well yeah, absolutely.
So they're not just censoring you, they're censoring other people's opinions by the millions of you.
So let's do this.
Who I really feel sorry for, because I see what they've done to all the impoverished communities.
We know the black community, they admit it's a model of what they're doing to everybody else.
I love seeing black folks break free, because that's the real canary in the coal mine, and I love everybody.
Because I understand if we don't all win together, we're going to fall together, as Benjamin Franklin said.
But this whole movement of be obese, be unhealthy, commit suicide, be as nihilistic as possible, why would the system push that on a population?
Because all it's going to do is create another group that sees it and gets more hardcore, as you said, and then wipe out their own supporters.
Here's a few of these clips of just the most saddening mind control ever.
Here it is.
Just a reminder that I am very fat and very sexy.
And I am 100% glorifying obesity.
Hi, you are not body positive if you are not anti-racist.
You can't be body positive if you're not anti-racist.
If you want to engage in and benefit from and profit off of this space and you want it to just be about loving your roles and cellulite and stretch marks, you are at the tip of the iceberg and you've missed the entire point.
Body positivity is meant for us to get at the root of the bullshit that we have been taught and guess what?
That phobia is very much rooted in racism.
Like, big time.
Like, seriously.
Also, black women totally paved the way for us in this space here.
So, if you care about this stuff, now is not the time to be silent, okay?
This is not just about you learning to love your body.
This is about all of us dismantling systems that make it impossible for people to just be safe in their bodies.
And that means following up with action.
Okay, so let me analyze that and get your take on it.
I'm a little overweight because I'm a big stocky guy, but I work out and, you know, I have my heart checked.
I actually have low blood pressure for my age.
I'm doing good.
But I could be better.
But to say, body positivity, if she needs to be healthier, people say, hey, weighing 400 pounds, 500 pounds, when you're 5'4", it's not healthy.
She's saying, no, you're being racist to me.
Why is the system promoting it?
And you see these slaves, for their unhealthiness, literally celebrating their slavery.
This is the mind control for me, Hotep.
It's definitely mind control.
In fact, what it is, is it's homogeneity of the mind.
Um, getting people to all think alike.
You see, once everybody thinks alike, then you only have to intercept one group of people with your programming and control and everybody goes along with the mass and the jab and it spreads, etc, etc.
But when you have many different types of groups who think many different things,
At that point, it's much harder to control because now you have to infect thousands of different groups, thousands of different organizations.
But if what they can do is if they can cloud the conversation, for example, if they can say there's no longer such thing as racism.
In fact, fat phobia is racism.
And if you don't like fat people, then you're also transphobic.
And if you don't like trans people, then you don't like black people.
So what they're trying to do is they're trying to lump everything all into the same ideology.
To create that homogeneity and group everyone together.
You know, the whole victim narrative, victim Olympics, etc, etc.
Now, the next part of this is communists need the minority to exploit.
They take a look at groups that are underserved, underrepresentative, and they exploit their problems, and then they weaponize them against other groups of people.
Notice that this fat woman isn't upset at McDonald's for making her fat.
She's mad at us because we don't want to date her.
If you flash back a hundred years, nobody existed with this type of size.
Now you look around and everybody exists like this because of the emergence of synthetic foods.
And people say, oh the FDA approved this and that.
Well the FDA also approves many synthetic foods, fake foods, that other countries would not even take a second
That's what they're feeding is poison to depopulators and they're making the slaves of it love it and say don't tell me to be healthier you're being racist when we're trying to help them.
Yes, but you got to add the part about the homogenous mind.
See depopulation doesn't work unless everybody thinks the same and unless everybody is a victim.
They don't want people to feel empowered.
They want people to feel victim.
So that the Bolsheviks can then be their hero.
And then they look to somebody else.
They look outwards.
People in the self-help area always talk about this.
Are you going to take empowerment of your own life?
Are you going to blame your problems on somebody else?
And they fear somebody taking power of their lives.
They're telling them every affliction we've got that we should try to get out of.
No, no, no.
Celebrate it in another 50 pounds.
This is pure evil.
Hotep, you're a genius.
Really appreciate you.
Join us on a regular basis.
We love you.
Hey, I appreciate you, man.
It's a lot of love.
It's a dream come true to come on this channel.
I've been following you since my 20s, and you do amazing work, and I appreciate you.
But that's the thing.
If you really want to understand what happens in this country or what's happening in this country, you have to go look at
The end of the 19th century and the Bolshevik Revolution and how they exploit minority groups and get money from Wall Street.
You study that stuff, all this stuff will start to make sense.
The biggest, most corrupt money is funding all the wokeism, not to empower people, but to enslave us.
That's right.
Otep, thank you so much.
Hey, I appreciate you, man.
Otep and Bill.
We got a big third hour with Robert Barnes and a ton of news we're going to hit coming up.
Tomorrow's news today may not video.
It's a revolutionary act to share those links in your email and text messages and in person.
We'll be right back.
Why does the establishment spend so much time demonizing InfoWars?
Attacking myself and the crew and our other hosts.
Because they know we're pro-human.
They know we're telling the truth.
They know we've got their number.
They know everything we do is about empowering humanity.
And God gave us, through Mother Nature, incredible compounds that will supercharge our body's stamina, libido, energy, and immune systems.
And we came out many years ago with Real Red Pill Plus that has all the documented compounds like preglanone and so much more to supercharge your body.
Daniel in Texas, you're on the air, welcome.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
I just want to propose an idea.
What about a Rand Paul, Ron Paul ticket?
Yeah, I like Ron Paul a lot, but I think he's a little too old.
Well, I mean, we've got a walking corpse now, so I don't see that being much of a difference.
But I wanted to talk about Elon Musk for a second.
It seems that so many conservatives are being fooled by him.
I want to believe the guy, but I mean, anybody who dresses up as Baphomet's boy soldier obviously has problems.
And 5G satellites and brain chips and...
Stuff like that?
It's all out in front of us and, you know, all of a sudden he's being hailed as some hero because he's dumping information, uh, feeding it to us with a spoon.
Uh, and most of that information is what we already know.
Um, but into the, the Ye and, uh, Elon, uh, have you alluded to the Star of David, swastika, uh, cross symbolism that he had posted that got it banned?
Uh, maybe do a little bit of research and I started noticing that if you search Azov,
We're good to go.
I think he's just playing the game.
Guy is having to act like he's a patriot.
It shows how far we've come, but they've got to put a good cop in there.
So as negative as it is to know that he's pretty much a double dealer, at least he's having to act like he's a good guy.
So that shows you how far we've come.
I agree 100%.
I agree.
And it's just, to me, it's sad to see that a lot of people are falling for it.
Again, I really wish he was, but unfortunately it just doesn't exist.
I want to believe it, but it's just not true.
Thank you for the call.
Great points.
Russell in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Hey, good morning, Alex.
I'm calling from the belly of the beast here in Portland, Oregon.
Just wanted to make some points about your
Episode with Kanye West.
Thought you did a really great job handling the whole situation.
The thing that I don't think has gotten much attention is that he deflected your questions about the biomedical tyranny of the shot at least twice, I think maybe three times.
He won't address that point.
And that's a big cause for concern in terms of what is his real motivation?
Where does he really stand?
That's a good point.
I mean, what's your gut tell you?
Well, my gut tells me that he is some type of agent or operative with the transhumanism because he promotes Ray Kurzweil, he promotes Steve Jobs, he talks about how Apple is the greatest company on Earth.
No, I totally agree with you.
I mean, I think...
He's got a lot of things going on in his head.
I don't think he's consciously trying to be a bad person.
I think he's trying to be a trailblazer and break the system.
I mean, I think that, like Scott Adams said, he's trying to overturn the game because he can't win the game.
I think that's what's going on.
Well, just curious.
I mean, why would he not?
I'm good.
No, I hear you.
It was a disturbing interview.
I mean, I'm just being honest.
I was very frustrated by it.
I appreciate your call, Russell.
All right, we'll get to all your calls.
We have a special guest coming on as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be back in one minute.
I've known Tony Lyons for about 18 years from Skyhorse Publishing since he set it up.
It's now one of the biggest publishers in the world, and they publish independent, powerful books.
And he always gets a little excited about books he's putting out, but he really got excited about this book.
And I haven't read the book yet, but I really want to read it.
And he said, you got to get Dr. Andrew Huff on.
And so he's joining us to talk about the truth about Wuhan.
Here's the new book that's just now coming out, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History.
Now, I've got his bio and it would take 20 minutes to read the whole thing, but combat veteran, you know, MIT, a bunch of other degrees, Homeland Security,
Center for Excellence, Senior Member of the Technical Staff of a whole bunch of major laboratories, EcoHealth Alliance, the list goes on and on that he's been exposing.
And so he's got the inside scoop on how they did it.
And we now see more and more whistleblowers coming out saying that this was an inside job at the lab, including people that worked at the lab.
So he's got a huge bio and a huge background to document this.
So tell us a little bit about yourself and in the book, The Truth About Wuhan, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History by Dr. Andrew Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist.
In fact, that's the thing I should have just said right up front, is that he's the EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower.
Thanks for being here with us.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
Well, you've got the floor.
Tell us what's really going on.
Well, I mean, it's a crazy story.
And, you know, I like to let everyone know I was really groomed to be a leader in national security and biosecurity, bioterror.
Like you said, I worked at Department of Homeland Security Center, Center of Excellence.
I worked on the classified side at a national laboratory in the space.
I wanted to get away from the deep state.
Actually, I got sick of working in it, and I thought I was gonna get trapped working in the national laboratory unless I ditched the security clearance.
And that's how I wound up at Equal Health Alliance.
You know, the strange thing is, though, I left the beast and I wound right back up in it.
So all my work at Equal Alliance was funded by the Department of Defense.
I was successful.
I brought in $6 million of funding.
That funding that I brought in transformed the organization from a technical perspective.
Hired and built a great team, kicked butt.
What do I used to do?
I used to build artificial intelligence, forecasting, and biosurveillance detection technologies for the three-letter agencies, so CIA, DOD, etc.
And I had a first-hand account and view of what really happened with this gain-of-function technology.
It's just incredible that we have the EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower
So, um...
I guess I'll start at the point where, you know, I was hired to Eagle Alliance as a senior scientist to turn around a failing department in quantitative epidemiology, predictive modeling, and forecasting.
I was successful at it, and when I was promoted to vice president, I was assigned to a number of the other programs or projects at the organization.
I specifically asked to be added to what's called the PREDICT program from the United States Agency for International Development, USAID.
And, you know, this big program
And I thought this was the coolest thing in the world.
And I actually wanted to work on that project more than anything, even more than my own work that I was doing.
And once I was added to the project after I was promoted, I got to see under the hood of what was going on.
And I realized, you know, it was one big, big farce.
And because I had previously worked on the classified side of a lot of these programs from the Department of Defense, where they're trying to go out and conduct biosurveillance, you know, and the one thing I want to mention here, it's not all nefarious.
I've looked at some of the papers from the biolabs in Ukraine, which I co-wrote some of the proposals for those biolabs.
It's not all nefarious.
You need to go and collect biological samples to protect the military and the United States people from biological threats.
But that's really sort of not what was happening because they weren't collecting the right data and materials to be able to predict anything accurately.
So, you know, I started to ask myself, what the heck are they doing here?
And to me, it looked like they were collecting intelligence on foreign laboratory capacity and building capacity in these foreign laboratories, which, once again, isn't all bad.
And you fast forward to a weird conversation I had.
Peter Daszak approached me and asked me whether or not he should work with the CIA.
And I was shocked when he asked me about this, and I actually posted this on Twitter over a year ago and InfoWars picked it up right away.
You know, I said, Peter, it never hurts to talk to him.
There could be money in it.
And then over the next two months, he proceeds to tell me that the relationship with them is proceeding.
Well, a number of things happen at Equal Health Alliance.
You know, I find out Peter's sort of a bad guy.
He lies to me about
Part of a way that we are planning to grow and privatize a section of my company.
And I saw the writing on the wall.
I got the heck out of there.
I was happy as I could be to leave Equal Health Alliance.
I never thought that it would amount to anything.
Well, fast forward to the fall of 2019, and that's when I learned myself about the emerging infectious disease outbreak.
In Wuhan, China, I actually found out about it in mid-December 2019 from picking up some chatter, and that's one of the technologies that I developed for the Department of Defense was actually using natural language processing technology to detect these emerging threats when people are tweeting or sending information over the pipeline or over networks.
So I always had my finger on the pulse of these events in order to look for information.
You know, when people start talking about there's some crazy disease event going on in China, I go to validate that.
And one way that I did that, this is actually an analyst technique that I learned.
You can go look for what's called particulate matter data, 2.5.
And what that represents, if you see a little, in a plume dispersion model, if you see clusters of this or you see a high concentration of it, you can then overlay it with the city's infrastructure.
And that's what I did.
And it looked like the crematoriums in Wuhan were operating in overdrive.
Well, this is super exciting, you know, like this is what people like me get really excited about.
And, you know, I start calling up friends, co-workers, colleagues, and, you know, sounding the alarm, like, hey, why isn't the U.S.
government doing anything about this?
And nobody really had a good answer.
Then over the next two weeks, it starts to pick up on other public forums where epidemiologists share information that there's an outbreak happening.
It then trickles into the U.S.
government the first week of January, and they start releasing some communications on it.
And yet,
Everything the U.S.
government tells us in early January 2020 is a lie.
And I quickly put it together.
I'm like, holy crap.
At EcoHealth Alliance, we are doing
All this gain-of-function work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
I actually reviewed the Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence proposal when I worked at EcoHealth.
You know, another interesting thing that happened while I worked at EcoHealth was that we actually pitched the humanized mouse gain-of-function work to make medical countermeasures, vaccines for lack of a better term,
for these coronaviruses to In-Q-Tel.
And In-Q-Tel is probably not known by your audience, but that is the venture capital arm of the CIA and Department of Defense to some extent.
And I have all these documents.
I actually just released all these documents on Twitter today.
If you go to AGHUFF on Twitter, you can go download all these documents yourself.
So this is the big gift that I'm giving to everyone.
I have the original unredacted documents
That proves everything I'm saying.
I mean, a lot of people came out and called me crazy.
Senator Gary Peters, actually, his office chief of staff said I was crazy and I was lying about everything.
But everything I said from day one has proven to be true.
You know, and through 2020 to 2021, other independent scientists like people from DRASTIC and around the world are investigating this and they're plugging in
You know, missing pieces of the story.
So when I come forward as a whistleblower in 2021, the U.S.
government really clamps down hard on me.
They start hacking my devices.
They break into my house.
I find out they're actually working with the Michigan State Police.
You know, they tase my dog, of all things.
I mean, just insanity.
And it was really strange for me personally to go from developing and working on these kind of technologies for the U.S.
Stay right there.
I'm going to come back.
A lot of people are joining us minute to minute.
I'm going to reintroduce you.
This is just incredible.
I mean, I've been wanting to get you on as a guest, and I've been wanting to read the book.
I know it's just not coming out, and I remember all the big things you broke from behind the scenes.
No wonder they came after you.
Now you're going.
Ladies and gentlemen, this guest is huge.
This guest is so important, and he's a very humble person, combat veteran.
Who joined up in September 11th, went on to earn degrees in psychology and security technologies and geographic information systems and the doctrine of environmental health science and the emerging infectious diseases, specifically track PhD at the University of Minnesota.
After graduation, he then continues education at MIT in complex modeling and analysis.
He also worked in research, fell the Department of Homeland Security, Center for Excellence, a senior member of the technical staff,
He's the big whistleblower that was quietly exposing the crematoriums that first said, hey, we got a virus that's out.
And then it all dawned on him later, wait, I used to be the vice president just a little bit before.
ECO Health Alliance, obviously a CIA cutout, they're trying to recruit him.
Hey, so we work with the CIA?
And, you know, all the intel and gathering intel on these so-called virus research labs that are really dual use.
And then he begins to expose it, and they come after him.
Well, now he's written a book, and now he's going public, and he is taking the world by storm.
The Truth About Wuhan, I can't wait to get it from the great people at Skyhorse.
The Truth About Wuhan, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History, Dr. Andrew G. Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist.
So, you've given us some background, you're getting up to the harassment point.
But just condensing it down, then we'll walk through a lot of the key points in the book.
I've got some talking points here, some questions.
Just the boil down for people that only got five minutes to hear what's happening.
I want to take this out later and post it so they get the big picture because you really are the insider that can, I think, testify in Congress with Senator Paul.
I mean, I think you could bring this whole house of cards down.
No wonder they've been harassing you.
And the funny thing here is I actually delivered all my documents to the House Intelligence Committee, various members of the Senate.
You're absolutely right.
Attorney Tom Renz and I actually published a report that's all based off my information, my documents, and a recorded deposition that I did under oath with penalty of perjury.
I've actually
I think so.
To negate the things that I've been saying.
And, you know, frankly, they can't do it.
Dr. Anthony Fauci now all of a sudden has a case of amnesia.
During those last deposition, he's telling everyone that, well, I can't, you know, I don't really know this Dr. Ralph Baric guy.
I don't, you know, I don't know if they got into Dr. Dasik.
But, I mean, do you know how ridiculous it is that the leader of NIAID, the guy who funds all the gain-of-function work, doesn't know who their best world-famous virologist is, and he can't remember who he is?
I mean, this is the insanity of what we're dealing with.
And, you know, we're really dealing with a big problem in our country.
It's the unit party.
You know, Democrats and Republicans do not want to touch this.
It's toxic.
You know, and a big reason why they don't want to do that is here's another fact.
The SARS-CoV-2 agent and the mRNA medical countermeasure, the vaccine, as they call it, it's not a vaccine, were co-developed.
That's in the book.
It was patented by Ralph Baric, Moderna, and a number of other U.S.
government scientists.
So you have to ask yourself, you know, when the hell is this insanity going to stop?
I mean, we have to do something about it.
That's why I wrote the book.
And, you know, I realized the PSYOP that's been going on against the American people is this.
They tried to confuse this whole discussion about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID by talking about this detailed minutiae of virology.
So I actually became friends with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
He called me up and it was a really interesting conversation.
He said,
I heard that you're from the Ecolith Alliance, you worked in all these places.
I hear that you're getting harassed by the CIA.
My family and I have really interesting history with the CIA.
And it blew my mind.
And so he sent me an autographed copy.
He was about to tell me to read it.
You know, he covers everything so well there.
I realized they've been bogging everyone down with the detailed technical minutiae of virology.
So nobody can understand it.
I mean, people at my level can barely understand a lot of the technical detail.
It actually takes me some time to read through these virology papers.
So what I do in this book is I break it down in layman terms so that a high school student can understand
What has happened here?
And I firmly believe if we can make every American understand, and you know, I'm an educator, I love teaching, I want everyone to be able to understand, then we can prevent this from ever happening again.
And that's really my goal here.
It's just incredible.
And you've got so much courage.
But what I get from this at first, you were just trying to be helpful.
And then they came after you and described some of that harassment for folks that don't know what this is like.
Yeah, it was really strange.
I mean, so the first thing that happens is that military-grade quadcopter drones are hovering around my house, and I get really freaked out about this.
I mean, I live in a remote area, and my driveway is a mile long.
I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
It's one of the most remote areas of Lower 48.
Everyone, you know, speculates that I moved here to run from the Deep State, and the reality is I'm still connected to a lot of people in the Deep State.
I mean, I worked with these people for years.
Some of them are great scientists.
Not all the bureaucrats are bad.
Some are terrible, obviously.
Um, so that's what's happening.
And, you know, I go to law enforcement, we call it up, call up the local sheriff's department, state police, and they verify seeing all these weird drones out here, people out hunting in my neighbor, see all these drones.
And it just continues to escalate.
Then I start getting followed, followed by teams of people.
Everywhere I go, complex tailing operations, five to 10 vehicles.
And, you know, there's a crazy moment that happens and it's in the book.
I think it's around December 12th is a specific date.
The U.S.
government hovers a Coast Guard helicopter over my house.
I snap a picture of it and I started laughing because at first I thought maybe I'm like, this is, you know, contractors, you know, hired by the Chinese or what happens in these situations is that the U.S.
government will sometimes work with foreign intelligence agencies to conduct illegal domestic operations.
This is well documented.
But no, it's actually the US government doing these things.
And, you know, I started experiencing hacks on my devices, my wife, every...
We started experiencing these hacks probably at a rate of every two weeks.
So I'm spending a fair amount of time just trying to keep a computer, you know, a network operational, devices operational.
They try to delete and wipe all my Equal Health Alliance records, which I just posted on Twitter.
I saved it for this big moment so I could release those today.
So you should go check those out and download those if they want to see the original.
The ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Google Foundation, Welcome Trust.
I mean, it's just some really damning stuff.
Metabiota, which has ties to Hunter Biden.
Everybody on radio, tell people your Twitter address.
And let's scroll through that to show viewers.
There it is.
This is incredible.
Please continue.
So, you know, it continues to escalate.
So I finally realized that my only way out of this, because I actually really feared for my life.
I didn't know whether or not they were going to try to put a hit on me.
It's just hard to know because you can't figure it out.
So I'm contacted or approached by a number of people.
Some are probably intelligence assets.
Actually, some of them I identify.
You know, so I can trace some of this back to the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security.
I mean, I'll have a little bit soup of agencies they went to and they actually actually partnered up with the Michigan State Police.
Fast forwarding through this story, that harassment just continued to escalate.
They actually backdoored my security system on my house, and I figured out how they did it.
It was a closed system.
I put it in after all this harassment started happening.
They did some real petty stuff.
They dumped acid in my wood boiler.
I had a new high-efficiency wood boiler installed.
They dumped acid in the tank.
Stay there.
This is incredible.
And then let's come back and talk about what it is you discovered and how you've reverse engineered what really happened.
This is incredible.
We got to get you back again too.
Because we need to really promote this.
This is huge.
We'll be right back.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we have the former vice president and the head of their operations, Dr. Andrew Huffon.
This is the whistleblower of whistleblowers, and so much of the intel we got the last two and a half years came from him, but he was behind the scenes and went through incredible harassment.
Now, he's got a book that is now out, The Truth About Wuhan, from Skyhorse, destined to be a bestseller.
How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History, Dr. Andrew G. Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist.
This is the
Guy that sent the document reports to the Senate committees.
This is the guy that got massively harassed for it, and now he is standing tall, fighting harder than ever.
So we're finishing up with the harassment, then let's get into what they don't want us to know.
How you reverse engineered this, working in these labs, what you know they really did, and where this is all going, Doctor.
Well, I didn't reverse-engineer anything, and that's the whole stupidity of this situation you're in.
This is what the book looks like for the people who want to buy it.
Nice and shiny.
You know, and it's sad that it got to this point.
So, there are a number of peer-reviewed publications that came out recently that look at this from like a Bayesian or statistical approach, which say, what's the probability of this occurring in nature?
And there is no chance, it's highly improbable, it's one in the billions that this could emerge from nature.
Now, if you go back, then you look at some of the other publications that came out over the past year, really, since, you know, they started clamping down on me.
So, the funny part here is, if they would have let me come forward a year ago, this story wouldn't have been as big, because other scientists who did some great work proved that certain aspects of the genetics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus had been patented by the likes of Moderna, NIH, and Dr. Ralph Baric.
So, think about this.
They go out and they surveil and they look at, scientists look at the disease that's circulating the planet, okay, after it emerges, and then they look at the genetics of it using something called BLAST, and then they find perfect matches to specific sequences that have also been patented back in 2015, 2014, and that tells you everything right there.
It shows that the agent SARS-CoV-2
And the medical countermeasure, the vaccine, were co-developed together.
And that's typically what happens in bioweapons programs.
I get that question a lot.
People ask me, is this a bioweapon?
Well, not in the traditional sense.
So when you want to use a bioweapon, if you're a state-sponsored actor or military, you want to use it to knock out, debilitate your enemy.
I don't think so.
And why that's so interesting is that, you know, people come to me like, oh, this is all a big part of the master plan.
Well, maybe some people had this as part of their master plan, but I don't think all the players were on board, and that's why they have this event 201.
You know, one thing I talk about in the book is that the epidemiology of this disease is clear.
This infectious disease emerged in late August or early September,
That was months before the U.S.
government told everyone what was going on here.
And I didn't do that work.
Other scientists did that work.
It's excellent.
But I went and looked at it.
And it was replicated.
And other people independently did different studies, which were correlated or validated the other people's work.
So this is all rock solid scientists that had been done by science by the global community.
So, you know, a lot of scientists, you know, we weren't all bad.
Some of us really did the right thing.
So give us the bottom line then.
I mean, obviously it was made of a composite of chimeric virus of a bunch of already patented strains.
They've been lying about it.
Senator Paul's on it.
He's got your information.
What do we need to know about this and where this is going?
Well, I don't know where it's going.
Hopefully, you know, I'm sending, you know, hopefully what happens is we're sending Dr. Anthony Fauci to prison.
Hopefully we send Dr. Ralph Baric to prison.
I hope we send Dr. Dasik to prison because that's where they all deserve to be.
I mean, this is the biggest, biggest scam, travesty that's ever happened to humanity.
And I can understand why the Chinese government, the Communist Party, the U.S.
government tried to cover this up because it's terrible.
But if you want to have these key people making stupid decisions one after another just to fuel their own greed, we wouldn't have millions of deaths around the planet.
We want to have these lockdowns.
And the fact that our governments then go along with these globalist type people like the World Economic Foundation, Klaus Schwab, these maniacs.
I mean, it's just insane.
The whole premise of our freedoms being restricted and taken away to prevent this disease from spreading was ridiculous.
And this is why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration early on.
You know, I actually helped work on some of the national pandemic preparedness plans for different agencies.
And they talked about lockdowns.
We actually modeled and simulated these to see when to use them.
And actually, it does make sense.
When they first came out and said, we need to lock down for two weeks, that was actually part of the plan.
But when they said, we need to lock down for another 30 days, we need to lock down for another 60 days, we need to keep extending these emergency relief acts, it's all nonsense.
And really what they've done is they've created a whole biomedical military industrial complex around this gain-of-function work, which is nonsense, and the medical countermeasure of a vaccine that doesn't work.
And to show you how, like, you know, to explain this to your audience how I've come along and how I evolved, when this first came out, I was pro-mRNA jabs.
I said, everyone should go and get this, you know, I trust the government.
And then I started to see the histopathology data, the pathology reports coming out, and then that added with the fact that I read the clinical trial reports of the tests that they conducted, and it was clear that the jabs were not preventing transmission.
In fact, they were causing the new variants to emerge.
The more you jab people, the more variants you get.
Then you get to the point where you realize, okay, well this is having no impact.
It looks like it's having no impact on the burden of disease.
And, you know, it might actually be hurting people.
There's no informed consent.
So here we are, the government, or our government, is still recommending this poison to people.
It doesn't make sense to me.
And the problem, it's a slippery slope.
You know, you go, as a scientist like me, I worked for the government for a number of years.
Everyone thinks I'm deep state.
I'm deep state.
But they violated my trust too.
And through that process, I now question everything that they tell me.
You know, what can you believe from these people?
A simple fact that I like to point out to the naysayers, you know, on Twitter about this is that the vast majority of scientific research in medicine and psychology cannot be replicated.
They call it the replication crisis.
There's a reason for that.
If it can't be replicated, it's not valid.
But they don't want you to know that.
The government doesn't pay to replicate studies.
And this problem has been going on for years, and now they're just pushing this product on people to basically keep a new economy going.
Well, that's right.
And we ended the last segment with the harassment, with them breaking into your new security system to finish up with the harassment.
Has the harassment stopped now because it didn't work, or what's happening?
Well, yeah.
I mean, basically, I beat these guys.
I mean, the height of it is I actually got in a gunfight with these guys on my property.
I reported it to the Michigan State Police.
Nobody showed up.
There's witnesses to this, my neighbors, my wife.
It was a prolonged engagement.
That's what we call it in the military.
Describe that story.
Tell us about that.
Well, it was simple.
So, I was sitting in my house, actually in the room next door, and there was a man hiding in the bushes who was armed, operating a small drone around my house.
Well, who cares about the small drone?
But I have an armed guy trespassing on my property.
So, I did what any American would do.
Out in a rural area, this is a standard ground state, I grabbed my firearms and I went after him.
I called the police first.
I told them there was an armed trespasser on my property.
When I went after him, they shot at me.
Actually, he turned at me with a firearm in his pocket, and that's when I started to shoot at him.
And then they started to return fire back across the swamp.
I own 200 acres in a remote area.
You know, the whole thing is... Which is a lesson, everybody.
You fired back at the real... You know, people say, oh, you work for the Deep State.
Yeah, we should be ready to have defectors back to America who were never bad and wake up and tell the truth.
The key to bringing them down is going to be people like you and Edward Snowden.
It's going to be insiders.
So when you finally shot back at them, they went away after that.
They ran away and they actually, I had them pinned down so bad.
This gentleman deployed what's known as a tactical rescue beacon.
I hadn't seen one of these things in the military and I laughed.
Well, I mean, I was sort of happy that I had on top of this guy, but this guy actually deployed something into the sky that made a sonic noise and emitted
I'm guessing other technology to rescue vehicles would come to his location.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
The rescue vehicles actually came down to the front of my driveway.
I have a mile-long driveway, and they were waiting to pick this person up.
When I came back, I had my wife call the Sheriff's Department again to find out where the heck they were.
I reloaded.
I went back to the point where I thought this person was escaping, and the Sheriff's Department actually went by my driveway with their sirens on at about 100 miles an hour, and I couldn't believe it.
I mean, I was just shocked, and I did an interview with Majid Nawaz after this shortly happened with my wife, who's a professor at Michigan State University.
I mean, and she was a first-hand witness to all this.
I hear you.
Just stay there.
It's just incredible what they do.
Their intimidation backfired.
Final segment with our special guest, and then loaded phones, your calls, one after the other, in the third hour.
Dr. Andrew Huff's The Truth About Wuhan.
We're going to tape a special hour-long commercial free show this Saturday at noon, later about two o'clock or so.
I was going to add a bunch of documents and clips to it, but that'll be out Saturday, but we're live right now.
The book, The Truth About Wuhan, available on Amazon.com, Skyhorse Publishing, you name it.
And everything he's saying is documented.
He was the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance.
He did release all this info that turned out to be very accurate.
And now he's got this book coming out that's going to be a bestseller.
In the nine and a half minutes we have left here, you go through a lot of stuff in the book here about what were the potential goals of the program, how has it helped the globalist agenda, the gain of function.
As you pointed out earlier, the asinine-ness of Fauci with two attorney generals, Louisiana and Missouri,
Within a seven-hour deposition, he doesn't know who his best friends are for 30, 40 years and the heads of people he runs projects with.
It'd be like Obama saying he doesn't know who Joe Biden is or Batman saying he doesn't know who Robin is.
I mean, this is crazy.
Oh, it's absolutely crazy.
But I think it's going to happen here in the near future.
I believe and I hope that Congress fully investigates.
You should question everything that I'm saying.
And I like that type of scrutiny.
We should be questioning.
This is a big deal.
My allegations, what I said, are, you know, they're inflammatory.
It's massive in terms of the type of impact it could have on geopolitical relations.
Go ahead, question everything that I'm saying.
But when I'm proven to be right about all these things, and I continue to be proven right, we need to hold these people accountable.
This whole idea that we're doing gain-of-function work, where we're enhancing the virulence, the pathogenicity, the infectivity, we're making so these diseases can survive longer in the environment, increasing their environmental persistence.
It's nonsense.
I mean, to evolve an agent to 150,000 years into the future and then make a vaccine which isn't a vaccine, you know, the mRNA platform to treat these Frankenstein diseases that we create makes no sense.
It's a huge waste of taxpayer money and
Because we created this massive economy, we have to do something to stop it.
And otherwise, my fear is this is just going to continue into the future.
This could be another reason to oppress humans around the planet, actually.
This is a global fight.
I mean, this isn't just an American one.
This is the same fight that's happening here, and I think you were showing clips of it earlier.
Do you really believe that the only city that has this disease is Wuhan?
But the only information that the Chinese government are putting out is, well, we have this contained in Wuhan, we locked down Wuhan, the disease isn't going to spread.
I mean, that's insane.
It's going around the rest of the planet, but, you know, Wuhan's the only place... Well, obviously, they're training people for a global social credit score, the red code, the yellow code, the green code.
Telling everybody to randomly stay in their house over 100 days, that doesn't stop a virus locking you in 130 days in a high-rise when the virus only lasts a few weeks or whatever.
I mean, it's all so incredibly obvious that it's a giant exercise of power.
Yes, power and grab for money.
If you look at these organizations, the WEF and some of, you know, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, even though they're not directly tied to my story, they're all around it.
And you ask yourself, well, what do these people have to gain from what's happening?
And they want to create, in my opinion, it feels like they want to create a world that's good for them to live in, where we have to then change the way that we live so they can have their lifestyle.
That's right, we stayed locked down so they can go out and enjoy themselves.
I mean, look at this video of the Pied Piper, just came out today in China, of one medical tyranny worker leading thousands of people to a camp who came up red coat.
I mean, this is all just an exercise in total control.
Oh, absolutely.
And it makes you wonder, could that kind of thing ever happen in the United States?
The worst fear is that that kind of thing could become a reality, but it won't as long as people stand up and fight, and that's what I encourage all of your audience to do.
And not just, you know, actually fight.
I'm not talking about guns here, but you also have to be politically active.
People always say, well, I'm not going to get a lot of, you know, traction with my congressman, who am I, or my senator, but, you know, when they get inundated with letters, phone calls, you show up to rallies, or their
The places that they're appearing and talking, and you get loud and vocal, they hear you.
And they're terrified of not being heard.
No, I totally agree with you.
By the way, they should make a Hollywood movie about you, because it's all on record this happened.
And you finally, you know, they brandish a gun, you start shooting at them, they run.
And so what?
The harassment stopped after you did that.
Well, a couple things happened.
So I started working with Tom Renz.
Tom Renz files a billion-dollar lawsuit against these clowns.
Equal Health Alliance, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Ralph Baric.
There's a thousand does listed.
What that means is we can expand the case out to anyone that is brought in through depositions or testimony, and that's what we plan to do.
We hopefully get to people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the people behind these people.
That's really our goal here.
So when that lawsuit was filed,
A couple other things happened.
I caught the Michigan State Police trespassing on my property with who I believe to be the FBI.
They were pointing what's called a long-range acoustic device at my house, and I caught them red-handed.
But who do I have to call?
Who's going to investigate the State Police and the FBI trespassing on my property, playing loud, annoying noises at my house?
I mean, you just can't make this stuff up.
And how petty the whole thing was.
Well, it is the same thing as the Branch Davidians.
They were trying to make you crack up.
Yeah, I think so.
I mean, the whole funny thing is I actually thought that was part of their playbook.
Just by, you know, I'm not a super religious guy, but there's a few times where I prayed my life, and one was in combat in Iraq, made out of that alive, and another time was through this craziness.
And I came to the conclusion, like, maybe they're trying to make me look crazy.
Just by a twist of fate, the local VA Medical Center here happened to have my psychologist working there that I saw at the VA when I was a young man when I had pretty bad PTSD when I first got back to my rack.
I saw him for a number of years, made great progress.
And he had been promoted up to the Chief of Counseling or Psychiatry at my local hospital.
So I gave him a call up, I went down there and saw him.
And Dr. Strum asked me, will you write a letter saying that I'm not crazy?
After I told him this whole story to him, he's like, I believe everything you're saying.
I've actually posted this to Twitter too, because I've been completely open on this.
He wrote me the letter.
And then I sent a copy of this letter off to the Michigan State Police and the FBI, along with a lawsuit being filed, and it all stopped.
Oh, beautiful.
You're a real hero, brother, and we appreciate you, and it's good people that have been in the government like you, and these private corporate systems coming forward, they're going to stop this.
Dead in its tracks.
I can't wait till Saturday.
We'll tape for an hour, commercial-free.
You'll be able to go over all the exhibits.
Anything you send us, we'll put it up there, because there's so much of your story you haven't had a chance to tell yet.
Here today, the truth about Wuhan, how I uncovered the biggest lie in history, Dr. Andrew G. Huff.
I'm going to buy a bunch of the books from Sky Horse, because we also sell my book published by them, The Great Reset and the War for the World, and then fullwarshore.com.
We're going to sell your book.
I can't wait to read it, and I can't wait some time for you to come to town.
Listen, Joe Rogan's known in 25 years, good friend of mine.
He has a pet peeve, though.
He doesn't like me recommending guests to him or anybody else doing it.
Though I did get Dr. Peter McCullough on and a bunch of other guests.
I hooked up with Joe.
So I'm going to break my rule.
Let me get your number and info to the producer.
When this show's over in an hour, I'm going to take calls.
I'm going to call Joe and say, you've got to get this guy on.
Only thing you've got to do, though, is when you come to Austin, come in studio with us.
But I'm going to call Joe Rogan today and say, hey, buddy, you need to check this out.
Incredible job.
We'll talk to you soon.
God bless you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
All right.
So that's a big deal.
Because all his work, I follow it.
That's a real deal.
It's all documented.
I've had some of that stuff go on over the years, but it stopped as well.
I've not even told these stories, people wouldn't even believe them.
But let's just say one time it didn't go too well for him.
But it wasn't with guns though.
But all the power I've got is through God.
And it all goes to God.
And God works through you.
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