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Name: 20221222_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 22, 2022
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The show discusses various topics including a construction worker's call about an art piece in the FBI building, a caller's belief on electromagnetic nature of humans, controversy around Jeremy Clarkson's comments about Meghan Markle, and criticism over free speech. Additionally, it covers outrage against Clarkson, the police dismissing accusations against him, and double standards in addressing serious issues. The show also mentions a church replacing religious lyrics with queer people in a carol service, law enforcement focusing on catching harassers rather than solving serious crimes, and Stanford University's Orwellian Elimination of Harmful Language initiative. Discussion includes the development of AI for eliminating microaggressions and concerns over its potential use as censorship. Lastly, it covers the European Union introducing new carbon taxes and their potential impact on consumers, and a crisis in masculinity caused by kidult activities."

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So everything he says here is again a fraud that Ukraine is fighting the war.
No, the globalists are empowering Ukraine and they overthrew the government nine years ago and started the ongoing war against Russia that triggered this.
That's the facts.
Here's Zelensky.
I believe there should be no taboos between us and our alliance.
Ukraine never asked the American soldiers to fight on our land instead of us.
I assure you that Ukrainian soldiers can perfectly operate American tanks and planes themselves.
Pause, pause, back in 5 seconds.
He's on record asking for NATO to come in.
He's on record asking for troops.
He's on record, just everything he says is a lie!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's News Today.
It was just two and a half years ago, when we had the most secure border in decades, under President Trump, doing four
Remain in Mexico, Title 42, end catch and release, and build the border wall.
That's what President Trump did and we had the lowest border crossings since last century.
Now under Joe Biden, we have far more record-setting numbers of people coming across the border than ever before.
It's all because of Joe Biden's policies.
I love how they keep saying, oh, Biden's done a great job.
The corporate media, the White House press secretary, he really has controlled the border.
It's the same as it's ever been when it is basically gone.
What Americans should know is that the president has done the work to deal with what we're seeing at the border since day one.
People have been spotted emerging from manholes in the Segundo Barrio area again.
Neighbors saying this is not new.
They're coming in groups, I want to say maybe eight, ten.
The location where the video was recorded Wednesday night is just half a mile away from the U.S.-Mexico border at the Rio Grande.
What appears to be a drain outlet in the river is located in a straight line southeast.
You can even see a border patrol vehicle there.
Yes, we've seen numerous videos of people coming through manholes, people running across the border highway up here by UTEP as well.
They're not using the river anymore.
You know, they're using the water, the water tunnels to come in.
Zapia snapping this picture of what appears to show a man standing over the manhole and another emerging from it.
They're coming out of these manholes at that intersection over there, this one over here, the one by Circle K, and they come in the 30s, 10, 3, From nine o'clock, midnight, any time of the day or night.
Where do they go?
And the answer is, God only knows.
But we have a pretty good idea.
We know where a lot of them go.
And we know what happens in Europe.
We know what happens here.
It's the guy that ran the whole implosion of Europe the last 10 years for the UN and works for Soros, runs the whole Texas sector.
The Border Patrol takes orders from NGOs the last two years since Biden stole the election.
3,600 pesos was the last payment I received.
Uh-huh, and does that go into your bank account?
Oh, let me see.
And they have built giant processing centers that can process 20,000 people a day, and they've built up, what is it, eight, nine of them that I know of?
This mobile processing center is seeing an average of 1,500 migrants a day, about half of them from Venezuela.
How does that change the equation for you?
Well, unlike the Mexicans and Central Americans that we can process under the CDC authority of Title 42, we are having to process the people coming from Venezuela and Cuba and Nicaragua under our Title 8 authorities.
Meaning, they're usually released and allowed to request asylum, a process that typically takes years to complete.
El Paso's getting 14,500, they were saying, a day flooding in, where there's just no controls.
Officials have ramped up processing, but we were even able to see, as of last night, a lot of migrants just crossing, and migrants I spoke to this morning saying they haven't had any interaction with U.S.
immigration authorities.
They just walked right in.
Title 42 is about to go away.
We know smugglers will try to spread misinformation to take advantage of these vulnerable migrants, but I want to be very clear here.
The fact is that the removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open.
Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers who, again, are spreading misinformation.
It's just total lawless crime.
They use them as cutouts for the money laundering, for the drug dealing, for the sex slavery, just for everything else you can imagine.
And then the Mexican drug cartels then put their money in U.S.
banks controlled by Democrats as well.
That's why Pelosi calls MS-13 God's children.
The wages of sin is death.
It's here.
Whether it's California, Arizona, Texas, you name it.
Every day.
Tens of thousands at every sector.
Just pour across.
Gold to come by Biden.
What I would do as president is several more things because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
To be exploited, to be controlled.
Thank you for joining us on this live Thursday edition.
The globalist Ukrainian dictator Zelensky said America has not given him enough.
Money yesterday, the hundred plus billion is not enough as we accelerate into World War III.
Disgusting standing ovations, fawning by both political parties as they launder back, of course, most of the proceeds into their own pockets as we learn that the FBI criminally, with the CIA, spies the American people and manipulates and controls elections.
The good news is All of this evil, like a sore coming to the surface, is erupting and the population is waking up very, very quickly.
The question is, can we organize non-criminal elements of society and private society and government and reverse this before the fall of our republic is complete?
The borders are again completely wide open.
All hell is breaking loose, not just here but around the world.
We're going to be laying it all out on this live Thursday edition.
And we're going to, of course, be taking your phone calls.
There is so much to get to.
But here is Zelensky entering Congress before he gave his 20-minute speech last night.
There he is.
Yes, that was President Zelensky, dressed in his traditional fatigues.
What we see him wearing when we see him appearing on television frequently.
Frequently from Ukraine.
There he is.
You can see a number of members of Congress.
Again, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
The Republican Leader Mitch McConnell there, seated on opposite.
Sides of the aisle, and as we say, you can't stress enough, it's one of the rare moments when the two sides are in some agreement.
So here he is, he's greeting Vice President Kamala Harris.
And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
So, and receiving what is clearly a warm welcome from both sides of the aisle in the House.
And again, they're in the House chamber.
These are House members, but also members of the Senate.
And like trained SEALs, they gave him over a two-minute standing ovation at the first of it, and then continued to give standing ovations.
Like they were about to be thrown rotten fish out of a bucket that they were performing at SeaWorld.
Over the top.
There is Zelensky, says PBS anchorwoman, wearing the traditional olive fatigues.
So, foreign leaders that have outlawed all political opposition, including liberals that support him, Taking total control of the media, torturing people to death, started the war with Russia, with massive NATO backing, firing missiles into Russia, and now, oh, he's wearing his traditional fatigues, like Fidel Castro, or Adolf Hitler, or Kim Jong-un.
Yes, folks, when you have people Strutting around in military uniforms, you got a problem.
And by the way, just like Hitler, he is only wearing one symbol on his military uniform.
In a dictator tradition, head dictators, their adjuncts, their minions, will have a whole bunch of fruit salad on their chest, but he only has one symbol, the symbol of Ukraine on his chest strutting around being worshipped and addressing Congress and I guess kissy-kissing Pelosi when Pelosi turns around during a speech like she's an eighth grader at the middle school football team's homecoming rally.
This is simply insane, ladies and gentlemen.
And the clock ticks faster and faster, tick-tock, tick-tock, towards thermal nuclear war.
But the corrupt criminal political establishment loves to hide behind the latest thing, that's Ukraine, the latest thing to destroy human civilization and most life on the surface of the planet overnight.
Even Henry Kissinger says we've never been in such danger of nuclear war.
And no one is supposed to question what Ukraine's doing.
Everyone is supposed to get behind the nine-year program of George Soros, who bragged on Fareed Zakaria's show four years ago that he got $5 billion of State Department money to overthrow the government there and start the ongoing civil war and the ethnic cleansing of the Russians in the East, leading to the manipulation of Putin's disastrous blunder to go into Ukraine, into the jaws of a NATO Deep state trap.
And that is exactly where we are right now.
And Russia is only doubling down in the face of tens of billions of dollars of high-tech US weapons every month being shipped in and billions of dollars of other high-tech weapons being shipped in by other nations.
But the United States is giving more military aid than all other countries Combined, I want to open the phones up again today specifically on this war that's not just a proxy war.
The United States isn't just in a proxy war with Russia now.
We are in a war.
troops are on the ground.
troops are advising.
troops are targeting weapons.
troops are Identifying where the missile attacks are going to go, and artillery attacks, and U.S.
soldiers are, again, dying in this conflict, and they're having a party over it!
It's so exciting, it's so much fun, and all the Hollywood trash, like Sean Penn travels to make homage, and to make pilgrimage to Zelensky, who's an actor, and who was installed And who has declared dictatorial powers and now addresses our dictatorial Congress in a military outfit.
So that is what Armageddon looks like.
That's what the prelude or the eve of destruction looks like.
And if you can't feel the danger, Not just politically analyze it, then you're dead.
Everybody I know says, man, I don't know why I'm having so much anxiety.
I've never had this much anxiety.
Well, we're losing all our rights.
We know we have a government that's rogue, but starting massive wars with the second most powerful nuclear state in the world.
We know that many Americans have been converted into criminal operatives of the New World Order, working hard to bring this country down and the world down.
And I've got more clips of Bill Gates and others calling for depopulation we're gonna be getting here today.
We have the January 6th committee.
Guess what they did this morning?
They released select parts they wanted to, like my deposition, but they didn't Release the whole report or their research or data.
In fact, it's sealed for 20 years.
And they say they may seal it like the JFK files for 50 or 60 years.
And that includes the 14,000 hours.
That's how many cameras they had in the Capitol.
The 14,000 hours of footage.
But just the footage we have, we know there were provocateur groups stirring people up, helping lead people in.
They undermanned the building that day.
They refused Trump's security request for National Guard.
And now documents have come out showing that Pelosi was working behind the scenes to make sure that happened.
Her daughter and a film crew were there that day so they could hype up what happened.
They wish it had been a lot worse, but myself and others were able to stop most of the crowd from getting in.
I got there once, already 300, 400 had gotten in.
I was able to stop thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands more from getting in.
And for that, the corporate media has continually pushed for my indictment.
Owen Schroyer has been arrested.
Other members of our crew have been arrested and are still facing trial for being on the Capitol grounds and trying to stop what happened that day.
What we did is out in the open.
But what Pelosi did and what the Deep State did and what the globalists did is secret.
So remember that.
They have sealed their investigation.
Why would you do that?
InfoWars.com is jam-packed with critical news.
You won't get anywhere else.
Please share those links and tell folks to tune in now.
The most forbidden broadcast in the world at InfoWars.com forward slash show and on the local stations you're listening to.
We'll be right back.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Really appreciate you all tuning in to this broadcast today.
Bodies are Friday from 11 a.m.
3 p.m.
I'm right here on the InfoWars Network.
We have a lot of other great shows as well with Harrison Smith, Owen Schroer, and more.
Find them all at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show and share the information.
That's what the globalists hope you won't do.
You are the resistance.
You are the power.
All right, let me do this.
I went off on Zelensky, but let me just tell you what's coming up.
Then I'm going to give the number out.
We're going to take a ton of calls again today.
Folks really like that.
I like that.
Love the different angles everybody takes us in.
We're going to hit the Zelensky stack with more detail.
We're going to hit the January 6th so-called conclusion as well, because again, they're saying we're going to minimum seal 99% of it for 20 years.
Why would you do that?
Well, including the 14,000 hours of surveillance footage, because they did provocateur.
It was a provocateur false flag, period.
We'll also look at what the left is doing around the U.S.
and in Europe.
Church erases Jesus and Nativity and Christmas Carol, replaces them with queer people.
We're also going to be looking at the FBI's latest response to the new Twitter files, where they were paying millions of dollars to Twitter to censor and control, and giving them national security clearances.
The FBI says it's all a conspiracy, none of it's true.
Even though it's all on record.
That's like Biden saying, I never said I'm getting rid of Title 42.
I never said surge the border.
We're not getting rid of Title 42.
It's the courts doing it, not me.
No, you just filed the court cases in jurisdictions you control with an Obama judge.
I mean, it's like saying, like Hitler saying, I don't know who the Nazi Party is, or a Christian saying they don't know who Jesus is.
I mean, the level of the ridiculousness It'd be like if Biden got up and said, traffic lights in the United States are not red, green, and yellow.
You'd say, that's a ridiculous lie.
Stop signs are not red in the United States.
Yield signs are not yellow.
The sun is not yellow.
Grass is not green.
Birds do not fly.
Fish do not swim.
Black is not black.
White is not white.
And if you read 1984, Written by the number one propagandist for British intelligence explaining what they wanted to do and why he decided they were authoritarian and went against him, George Orwell, because he wrote nonfiction essays about it.
I suggest you read them.
He explained that they want to train you to hear asinine BS and then punish you if you don't go along with it.
It's like, we want a world government and you're going to own nothing and have nothing and we're going to forcibly inject you to sterilize you.
You're like, well here's the clips and here's the documents with the very people running this program, admit the plan.
And they have headlines, Jones is insane, claims there's a world government and a plan to forcibly inject you.
It goes on and on and on and on so we've got those clips of the FBI and then more of what's in the files and this is exactly what we knew was going on from operations they ran overseas before that they found were so evil this came out on OAN last year they had a former high-level CIA operative go public how he wrote the algorithm program To run total disinformation in Afghanistan, and it was decided that it was just too criminal to do.
It was just, it was so deceptive and so evil.
So, they're using that same program here.
And it's very complex, but the first thing it is, is just two men can have a baby, pedophilia is good, just absolute upside down world, we're going to ban your cows to save the earth.
It's just flooding you with total attacks everywhere.
And then weaponizing the media to just lie about everything until people just give up and basically tune out instead of analyzing the lies.
And I see examples of this in my own personal life every day.
We filed a motion Monday to suspend the stay in my bankruptcy, both corporate for Free Speech Systems and for Alex Jones, yours truly.
We filed it.
The other side agreed, so we can go ahead with our appeals, but the bankruptcies go on.
Headlines everywhere!
Judge strips Jones of bankruptcy!
Jones's bankruptcy fails!
Just total 180 lie!
And friends and family call up and say, man, really sorry to hear that happen to you, and I'm just sitting there going... Folks, the media didn't lie that bad 5-10 years ago.
I mean, they lied a lot, but it was on key stories.
Now they lie almost about everything, and if you don't know the backstory, Then you can't analyze it, and that's really why this show is so important, because I'm so immersed in the news for 30 years, 28 years on air, almost more now, that I just have the background, the inside.
I know the ongoing programs, and I know the lies that they use to cover up those programs, but I know the specifics, how they operate, how the spy networks operate.
And, you know, I've got contacts and people that have run these programs that give us information because they don't like what's happening and they resigned out of this.
And people always say, oh, you had that whistleblower on that exposed Wuhan.
He had a top-secret security clearance and ran these projects while he's deep state.
And Dr. Huff said, yeah, I am deep state, and I'm an Army veteran, and I'm a patriot, and I'm going public.
What do you expect them to do?
Well, we got a lot of other whistleblowers and a lot of other people.
I mean, I've got one source who, on record, super highly decorated, came up all the way through the military, from the lowest levels to the highest levels, and used to run major PSYOP campaigns.
And he doesn't give me the details of those super-secret PSYOP campaigns.
I've talked to people that know him, they're like, that guy ran major operations.
He just sits there and says, you're dead on here, you're dead on there, you're dead on here.
And he says, we don't know how you know all this.
You know something that only, like, top people know.
Because that's all I do, is study this.
And so what I'm telling the public is, I don't need these sources, okay?
They can just verify my information because I'm already so immersed in it, I know the enemy battle plan.
And when you hear some of the callers, almost all the callers are amazing and teach me a lot.
Some callers are a little bit goofy, nobody's perfect.
But you hear the callers and they know what's going on because you are immersed in this as well.
And what I'm saying is, it's like becoming streetwise.
Once you understand this, there's no going back.
Once you've taken the red pill, there's no going back.
So let me tell you what else is coming up.
We've got the big giant budget, the fight between McConnell and With the Republican leader of the House as well.
We're going to be breaking all of that down.
We also have a lot of other news on this big super winter storm, or what they're calling this winter vortex bomb, which we're going to be going over quite a bit here today as well.
But I wanted, before I get into all that, and also clips of Trump.
Boy, did he predict what would happen.
They were able to throw him out of office right before he left office.
We're going to play some of those clips coming up in the last segment of this hour and so much more.
But before I do that, we're going to go to break and I'm going to come back and play a very important clip of a very respected scientist and medical doctor and pathologist.
Pathologists, again, decide how people live, how people die.
They track what affects the body.
Coroners, you name it.
Dr. Ryan Cole and Dale Bigtree on what live blood does when the so-called Pfizer and Moderna shots, because they're both the same thing, are put into the blood.
And it is unbelievable to watch the mad cow prions, it's what it is, form rapidly.
We're going to show you that when we return on the other side.
Stay with us.
All right, welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to give the phone number out here in just a few minutes, but first I wanted to hit the latest poison injection news and give everybody news alerts on that front so we can save more lives and bring the criminals that did this to justice before they do it again.
I'm taking a little five minute clip or four minute and a half minute clip.
The Dale Bigtree put together with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, who is a renowned, very respected Medical doctor, scientist that studies what affects the body.
That's what pathologists do.
That's what coroners are.
That's what the FBI has in their crime lab.
That's who runs their crime lab.
And they've built their own big lab and Dale Bigtree had him there to take fresh blood and put the mRNA Pfizer-Moderna shot in.
It's the exact same shot, just the Moderna's four times stronger, into the blood and it instantly begins to do horrible things, including creating giant protein blobs under a microscope.
Now, they knew full well what they were doing.
They did this at the University of Texas and the University of Baylor in Waco in 2012, 13, 14, 15 under Obama funding.
Directed directly By Falchi.
His name is on the top of the five-year study in rats of mRNA coronavirus vaccine that creates spike protein.
And you can look at the different studies they did, but the majority of rats were dead very, very soon.
With blood clots all over their bodies.
Now a rat obviously doesn't live as long as a human, but they're very physiologically similar to us.
That's why they do it with rats and pigs.
Again, rats and pigs have the most similar effects as humans, just look it up, you don't believe me,
that's why they use 'em.
And many of them died in just a few days, but almost all of them that survived
had their life expectancies cut in half because protein crystals began growing in their tissues,
particularly in the cardiovascular area, because that's where they began to form first.
So we know, and there's all these other studies out, but here it is under a microscope, and a bunch of other scientists did the same thing in Spain.
They started the shots there two years ago, a few months before us, remember?
And top scientists at a major university showed the exact same stuff under a microscope with human blood.
They duplicated it with cow blood, pig blood, mice blood.
It's all the same.
And it depends on how your blood reacts.
But everybody grows a bunch of spike protein.
Everybody gets implanted.
But in some people, it grows so fast and causes a response and a viral-type infection and the heart goes out.
The heart goes crazy.
But not before it beats itself to death, especially in young people, and can take up a week of horrible pain to die.
They describe myocarditis at that level as like a week-long heart attack.
That would go in and burn the heart muscles, called ablation, to try to stop it.
Now, they are knowingly now injecting six-month-olds and older.
We're the only country that's legalizing it in the world.
And now they're trying to get FDA approval for newborn babies.
Let's go ahead and go to this report with a little intro of Bill Gates and from the movie, The Thing.
Here it is.
By the way, this video is now a pan-dot video.
We'll put it on screen.
I suggest everybody share it like your life depends on it.
This seems to go mega-viral now.
Tomorrow's news.
You know, is there something to worry about with medicines?
That is, might some of them have side effects?
Do we need safety testing?
I mean, and we're taking things that are, you know, genetically modified organisms and we're injecting them in little kids' arms.
We just shoot them right into the vein.
You watch the 1980s Thing movie and it's actually what the Spike protein even looks like that.
And it goes in and takes over your cell and then makes it start reproducing more of the poison.
But it also has interaction with the protein in your blood and creates protein crystals.
What causes spongiform encephalopathy.
Or the cause of Mad Cow Disease.
It's an assimilation of our bodies.
In our face.
Now here's the doctor talking about it.
The pathologist.
Look at that.
Holy cow.
It changed immediately.
Didn't it?
Holy cow.
Instantly cleared.
I've never seen anything do that.
And I don't mean to sound sensational, I just... Right.
I haven't.
Never seen anything do that.
Never seen anything do that.
Look at that.
Wow, Pfizer.
That's the Pfizer, right?
Both of them.
Look at that.
Okay, so we'll first take the normal one.
This is the regular without anything on it.
You can see little platelet clumps up in here, throughout, and then a couple of white cells in the background.
So that looks pretty decent.
Like you're gonna live forever, Del.
Alright, you know.
Alright, let's see what the derna looks like.
So again, we'll start kind of out at that thicker edge first.
And we'll work our way towards, which should be the thinner portion of the prep.
The question is, where'd all the cells go?
They're gone.
I pushed them back into a big giant clump over at the edged clump.
And again, is that the charge on the particles?
I don't know.
But where we put that drop, there are no red cells there.
I was gonna say, as they come out, it's almost like they're, you know, getting leathered, bleached and clear.
Bleached and clear, some of them are folded, and some are, what do we call, crenulated, a little crinkled.
But yeah, I mean, that whole edge is, like, bleached.
So this is the J&J.
That's totally different.
It doesn't matter.
It's like a nuclear bomb went off.
Yeah, it's disordered, isn't it?
And then there's a little more of that stacking, that rouleau here.
And again, look at all this clumping here out on the edge of it.
It just, yeah, like you said, like a nuclear bomb went off.
It just congealed it.
And again, that's not spike, that's just the lipid nanoparticle.
So these are becoming more spherical, and you're losing that donut in the middle of your red cell.
What's happening here is slightly from the outside of the cell in, causing those cells to balloon up slightly, because now you've got a subtle osmotic shift here.
And all of these are supposed to be, you know, Again, isotonic.
These are supposed to be balanced with the pH of the body.
You shouldn't be seeing this kind of reaction.
It shouldn't be damaging to the cells of the body right away like this.
So here's that first visor.
And these were the ones where we just put a drop on and the whole thing just cleared.
This is where all that fluid went.
And again, like that J&J, just caused immediate dispersion and clumping.
And those don't look very red to me either.
Oh, and look at this.
Those little spikies.
Those are called echinocytes.
So, it instantly changed the pH interior.
These are little blobs of protein on the membrane of the red cell, because the red cell has involuted, and then those proteins on the surface, they don't have room to go.
It's like flattening a ball of some sort, and it's kind of all baggy, but, you know, so all these little fingers, that is not spike protein.
So that's another myth I wouldn't mind dispelling.
I mean, it's crazy, because it's done it to so many.
We didn't see that on the other ones, right?
No, we didn't see that on the other ones.
So that's fascinating.
You can watch this video in its entirety right now at Band.Video.
And they get into it more.
It's not just creating the spike protein.
It's collapsing your cells, making their own protein globs.
It dissolves your cells into protein globs.
It is a death shot.
It is to murder you slowly and painfully.
All right, I'm going to give the toll-free number out to join us.
For first-time callers, we've done three days of...
Free for all.
We're going to do the first round of first-time callers on any subject you wish.
Questions, comments, you agree with me, you disagree.
We don't screen your calls other than good clean phone line, ready to make your points.
I love you.
I appreciate you.
I want to hear from you.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
is 877-789-2539. 877-789-2539. 877-789. Alex, we'll get you on the air.
We're doing a really good job taking phone calls.
We took about 30 phone calls yesterday.
I'd like to take 50 today.
Because we just get so many neat people.
But that means no matter how amazing you are, and it's hard to hang up on some of these calls, I gotta give you two minutes.
And I gotta give a 30 second comment, but plus I want to intersperse a lot of news.
So let me finish up with that very conservative analysis by a very well-known pathologist that he's never seen anything instantly coagulate blood and make the cells clump in on each other into protein blocks.
But that's what the studies actually show it does.
And if you are unlucky enough for them to put it into a capillary bed or God forbid a small vein or artery, you're going to be dying probably that day.
Because it's going to go straight in and create a massive clot before the local cells absorb it.
And that's what the studies show.
It all depends on where it gets in.
And we know it passes the blood-brain barrier because they put these patented lipids, or these synthetic oil particles, over the spike proteins to get them into the cells.
So, a little newsflash.
If they can get something into a cell, they can get it into your brain.
And that's what's happening.
And the studies show women get more strokes, it seems to get into women's brains worse, and it tends to hit men's hearts worse.
But it's also killing a lot of women via the heart and the lungs.
And what did the rat in my study show?
Annihilation of the heart tissue, the arteries, the veins, starting with the smaller capillaries.
Annihilation of the heart tissue.
Simply incredible.
And then we have empty suit, horrible, just disgusting people like Sean Penn, the warmonger, who called for nuclear war.
I played the clip a month ago.
He said, told CNN, well, we got to be ready to have nuclear war.
Can't have nuclear war off the table.
We need to go ahead and nuke Russia.
I got an idea, buddy.
If you're so into nuking yourself, how about you go jump off a cliff or go buy a wood chipper and climb into it, OK?
I don't want to die in a nuclear war, you piece of dangerous garbage, you little satanic monster.
And he's back at it again.
Yes, there's video of it.
Noam Chomsky shamed himself saying the same thing.
joke not being vaccinated against COVID-19 is criminal and anti-vaxxers should stay
home and not have jobs. Yes there's video of it. Noam Chomsky shamed himself
saying the same thing. We're taking genetically modified organisms and we're
injecting them into children's veins not knowing what they'll do. Bill Gates.
Funeral homes sounding the alarm. Massive increase in deaths. Yeah look at the
obituaries in small town.
Used to be three or four names.
Now it's three pages.
This cartoon says it right.
I'm glad you got your booster.
You having a heart attack?
Yes, it's climate change.
And by the way, they came out last week Canada did and said people that don't take the shots are 76% more likely to have car wrecks with no evidence.
They just made up some asinine sounding thing to scramble your brain.
That's psychological warfare.
And the Democrats came out yesterday and said black people are getting more COVID because of racism because it stresses them out.
I mean give me a break folks.
No black people on average need more vitamin D3 because They need more sunlight to produce it.
That's a scientific fact.
Your skin produces it.
And especially black folks living in these urban canyons in these big cities aren't getting any sunlight and no one's telling them to get vitamin D. So that's why they're twice as likely to die.
And I guess it is kind of racism because the globalists make sure the media won't tell them.
So I guess the headline's kind of true, isn't it?
Isn't that sick?
And it just continues on from there.
there. We've got a lot of news on that front that I'll get to later, but I
wanted to just remind people that this war is ongoing and this war is extremely
real and extremely serious.
And as angry as I got at Trump going along with the poison shot, the globalists hate him and tried to set him up on January 6th and stole the election from him because he was actually trying to be the president.
So here's a clip of Trump in 2020.
Talking about what would happen if Biden was able to steal the election.
And has it not all come true?
Here it is.
They want to have open borders.
People will pour in like they have been for years.
Just pour in.
They could be criminals.
They could be murderers.
They can be rapists, drug addicts.
They can be drug dealers.
They want to pour in.
They want to have open borders.
And Joe Biden has said he wants to take the wall down.
I don't even believe it.
I don't even believe it.
And for radio listeners it shows a montage of the border being completely, totally open.
(dramatic music)
And the mass of human smugglers.
Now the Democrats have got more needy, desperate people coming to a nation that's already falling apart and doesn't have jobs, that they can feed off of, and control, and sign up for welfare, and have vote.
It's the UN plan to take down the Western world.
It's the replacement migration operation.
All right, we are loading the phone lines up with a ton of callers.
Robert, Agent Ike, Michael, George, Robbie, Dave, and many others.
Your calls are coming up when we start the next hour.
Interspersed with a ton of news and key breaking information.
But I want to just thank the listeners for really coming through in the last few days.
InfoWars has gone back into the red.
We are battling to stay on air.
We have a plan to stay on air.
Two years of appeals.
We've just got to get through those.
We've got to have the funds.
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It'll be in a few months, hopefully.
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I mean, some of the products that have natural healthy stimulants in them do.
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To be able to counteract all the different things they're bombarding us with that really try to separate us from the bodies and the chemicals and the natural things that God gave us.
This stuff is the cavalry when it comes to countering the New World Order.
All right, folks, I don't want to do it to you, but I got to do it.
And I'm not going to hear the whole 20 something minute speech with all the disgusting standing ovations, but I'm gonna roll a few minutes of President Zelensky in his little military outfit.
Up there addressing the political horrors we call Congress people.
Then we're going to go to break.
Some stations join us and we'll go right to your phone calls for everybody that's patiently holding like Jordan and Jonathan and Michael and Dave and Robbie and Jerome and Michael and Agent Ike and Robert and everybody else.
In the order your calls are received, we're coming right out of the break and going right to your calls because again I love the wildcard nature of the great points and great angles and great topics that you bring up.
It's wide open phones on any subject you want to raise but It's this feeling of like just walking into a nightmare that we're already at war with Russia.
It's public.
Our government's helping send missiles into Russia.
It's escalating completely out of control.
Henry Kissinger says we're on the verge of nuclear war.
I agree with him.
And we're still just giggling and laughing and clapping and marching into this.
I mean, even if you think the war is a good thing, people shouldn't be acting like it's a frickin' Thank you so much.
Thank you.
It's too much for me.
All this for our great people.
this power structure is and how it wants to be seen as like movie stars or something.
Zelensky is a movie star. Zelensky is a puppet. Here's a few minutes of him.
Thank you so much. That, thank you, is too much for me.
All this for our great people. Thank you so much.
Dear Americans, in all states, cities and communities, all those who value freedom and justice, who cherish it as
strongly as we Ukrainians, in all our cities, in each and every family, I hope my
words of respect and gratitude resonate in each American heart.
Madam Vice President, I thank you for your efforts in helping Ukraine.
Madam Speaker, you bravely visited Ukraine during the full-fledged war.
Thank you very much.
A great honor.
Thank you.
Great privilege to be here.
Dear members of the Congress, representatives of both parties who also visited Kyiv, esteemed
congressmen and senators from both parties who will visit Ukraine, I'm sure in the future.
Dear representatives of the diaspora, and dear journalists, it is a great honor for me to be at
the U.S. Congress.
Congress and speak to you and all Americans.
Against all odds and doom and gloom scenarios, Ukraine didn't fall.
Ukraine is alive and kicking.
And it gives me good reason to share with you our first joint victory.
We defeated Russia in the Battle for Minds of the World.
He goes on to demand more money and says this is not charity, basically give me more money.
Well, we have all lived to see it.
We are now inside the New World Order takeover phase of the planet.
They're coming after our farms.
They're coming after our factories.
They're coming after our children.
They're coming after our guns.
They're coming after our cows.
They're coming after the combustion engine.
They're coming after our privacy.
They're coming after our free speech.
They're coming after our due process.
They're coming after it all, like tyrants have done over and over again.
And what history shows, if we bow and roll over to it, it'll be far worse.
But if we stand up and say no to it, and offer the American way, and promote good decent Christian values, the public will realize that and will reject this tyranny.
We will win.
Do not let them demoralize you.
Do not let them break you.
Okay, I want to open the phones up and take a ton of calls now interspersed with a lot of news that we haven't gotten to yet, but the callers bring up the news.
We've got Robert.
We've got so many others we're going to be getting to here in just a moment.
I noticed that almost no one has called in, which is fine.
It's open phones.
About Zelensky demanding hundreds of billions more, not just $45 billion, and saying it's not charity, and the U.S.
green-lighting strikes inside Russia that have been going on for a month, longer than that really, and how dangerous this is, and how do we get out of this, and how do we stop this?
Because again, I've laid this out a lot, but I don't like Russia invading.
I said I thought it was a trap.
And I knew that US forces were over there, and there were a lot of high-tech weapons over there, and I knew the West was going to coordinate the Ukrainian weapons, and the coordination that the West has is way beyond anything the Russians could even imagine, with all these AI, drone-controlled, robot-controlled systems, autonomous systems.
So, I understand that the Globalists overthrew Ukraine nine years ago.
I understand that they were probing into Russia.
I understand they manipulated Putin into going in.
And I blame George Soros, and Bill Clinton, and Victoria Nuland, and all the rest of them.
But regardless of what side of this you're on, this is bad for the planet and bad for our children's future, and is incredibly costly while our nation goes bankrupt.
And so I'll also ask the callers, callers that call in after this raft of folks, How do you think we stop this?
What do we do?
And where do you think this is going?
Because it just keeps escalating.
There's only a few steps left until all-out nuclear war.
The phones are loaded right now, but as you hear each caller hang up, that's your chance to call in.
I'd like to get some calls on that subject as well.
You know, I don't mind talking about Elon Musk.
He's very interesting.
But at the same time, he kind of sucks the oxygen out of the room when I go to Infowars.com or anywhere else and have stories there about him.
And again, I talk about Elon Musk too, but to me, the war and the open borders and the dollar devaluation, for me, that's paramount.
But let's talk about Elon Musk.
Robert in Florida wants to talk about Elon Musk.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
How are you?
All right, brother.
I'm really worried about all of our futures.
Exactly, yes.
A couple points that I wanted to make.
Elon Musk, I think, is evil destroying evil.
I don't think he's any good for us.
He's going... Yeah, I got what you said at the start there, then your phone had a little bit of a problem.
Oh, sorry about that.
Elon Musk, I think, is getting people to trust him for Starlink.
Evil destroys evil.
I don't think he's going to do any good for this country, and if he does, everyone knows nothing's going to happen.
If the GOP doesn't go after everybody and do anything, we all know it's just another thing to get us sidetracked on what's really happening.
Another thing I want to promote is your testosterone.
I actually am 47 years old.
I've been feeling like crap.
I actually went and got my testosterone levels checked.
I'm not even on the charts.
I recommend anybody over the age of 40, especially men, You know, go out and get your stuff checked.
Makes you feel great.
Buy Alex a supplement.
The problem that I'm having on my account at your website, I can't change my address.
I moved from Washington State to Florida.
If I order products, I think they're going to get shipped to Washington State.
I don't know who to talk to.
I've called.
I've sent emails.
I can't get anybody to respond back.
I'll tell you what you do.
Give me your name and number right now, and I promise you that you will get a call in the next hour.
Get his name and number, folks.
I'm going to give it to customer service right now, and it will get handled, sir.
In fact, give him my phone number.
Give him my cell phone number.
Give that caller my cell phone number.
I'm going to make sure this happens.
But also give me your number, sir.
I'm going to make damn sure that happens.
Here, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's talk about testosterone.
The testosterone of somebody in the 1950s was about three times what it is now in the studies for an average 40-year-old.
Now, why is that?
Why is the sperm count down over 90% in some areas, on average 67%?
Big studies on that.
Look it up.
Why is this happening?
It's the chemicals in the food and the water, ladies and gentlemen, and the high soy diet is able to go in and make your body think you're menopausal as a man.
And men don't have menopause the same way as a woman, but you can trick your body to lower your levels.
And I gotta tell you, the most important thing anybody can do is naturally boost testosterone.
It's absolutely something that the Globals are at war with.
James Cameron just came out and said he thinks we should just basically have war on testosterone and remove testosterone and that's why they want to give little boys puberty blockers and the rest of it because they don't want us to become men.
And there are so many ways to naturally boost your testosterone level that are out there or to get your body to turn back on.
I would just encourage people, before you go the medical route, to do what I've done and to go the herbal and supplement route, and it is dramatic what goes on with exercise.
Now that said, everybody needs to drink lots of water, everybody needs to be taking aspirin every day, especially, and I'm not your medical doctor, that's my opinion, if you're 40 or more, but I've looked at all the studies.
If you're not drinking enough water, and there's all this spike protein out there, even if you haven't taken the shots, testosterone will produce more blood, will produce more platelets, and will make your blood thicker.
And so, you need to be taking aspirin, you need to be drinking a lot of water.
And when I say that, I'm pointing at myself here, because I remember to drink 15 glasses of water a day, just get used to it, enjoy it.
You want more and more water, the more water you drink.
When you don't drink enough, your body protects you and makes you think you don't need it, and your thirst actually goes down.
Just start pounding water.
And I would take a 200 milligram aspirin every night when you go to sleep.
And it is just so important.
I went and had my heart checked, and I'm overweight and super stressed.
I had my heart checked, had like 80-something blood tests done about three or four months ago,
and they said, "You've got the testosterone "of a 30-year-old, you've got the heart of a 30-year-old,
"your blood pressure is perfect, what are you doing?"
And I'm like, "I exercise a little bit, "I take these supplements, and I try not to eat fast food."
Everybody gets busy and you do it sometimes.
So I'm certainly no pantheon of health and have all the answers, but I do look at all the news and the studies and talk to the experts and yes.
1776 Testosterone Boost is an already number one best-selling brand made by a pharmaceutical company for over-the-counter.
This is our name.
They said, you can private label it.
We don't do this for most people, but the owner is a listener.
And so this sells for $100 all day in stores, has very expensive compounds in it.
And so for the price you're getting it at $59, you cannot beat it.
Now, does it compete with Alpha Power?
Does it compete with Supermobile Vitality?
No, they're all different formulas, different compounds.
They're known to do the same thing.
And different products are going to be better for different people.
Everybody's different, folks.
Like, most people, you know, they give people Ritalin who are hyperactive and it burns them out and makes people, you know, less hyperactive.
So most people get depressed if they drink alcohol.
It's depressing.
I drink alcohol as an opposite effect.
It has like an amphetamine effect.
And they know medically that about 5-6% of people are like that.
The point is it's different strokes for different people.
All right?
And I'm telling you testosterone boost is amazing.
1776 testosterone boost is the Infowars Platinum line.
I'm going to go back to your calls, but I'm going to make this point and I'm done plugging.
HGH Max is incredibly strong.
It isn't advertised as a sleep aid, but what it does, rebooting your cells, makes most people super tired.
So for the deepest, craziest sleep I've ever had, take HGH Boost Max, be ready to sleep like 10 hours and only take about a quarter of the first dose.
Listen to me.
This is the top rated HGH Boost on the market in the United States for a reason.
Now private label by us at InfoWarsTore.com.
All right, we are back.
I was a bad boy.
Santa's gonna leave coal under the Christmas tree here in my stocking.
I guess Grumpus is gonna come visit me.
I didn't take but one phone call last segment.
Let's do better this segment.
Agent Ike in New York.
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
I'm all right, brother.
Go ahead.
Thanks for calling.
Oh, first I got a comment and then two questions.
My first comment is I thought it'd be a good idea to have the Info Warriors and yourself take our vitamins and minerals and pills before every episode starts right at the beginning.
I thought that'd be kind of a clever idea.
You know it is because here's what happens when I remember to take all the supplements and my aspirin I'm so healthy and feel great and then sometimes I'll take them for a couple months religiously and forget like two months goes by and it's like why can't I remember and it's like oh my wife took the lazy susan off the kitchen table because it's cluttered and and so I just I fight with her about that about keeping it out on the table she goes can you remember over here by the cupboard can I put it in the cupboard and I just I can't remember if it's not there so I think I'm gonna put all my supplements on my bathroom uh counter Well, we could do a live on air, it'd be like a sacrament.
You know, it's so important to do this, people really should.
What else is on your mind, brother?
First, I was wondering, and your thoughts, not looking for financial advice, but being that the economy is the way it is, selling the 401k, is that a good idea to try to take advantage of the money that we have now to use to our advantage?
You know, even the head of the Federal Reserve who's running all this, and who's a bad guy, said he doesn't know what's going to happen with interest rates increases.
And so, things are so volatile and so crazy in the bond market and the stock market that I really cannot give you an honest answer.
I think the most important thing is to be healthy, have a relationship with God, have good friends and family you take care of.
I certainly can give my own personal health advice, not because I follow it very well, but because I study it constantly and know what the reality is.
But when it comes to financials, man, I mean, I, you know, it's 6-1 what happened, I mean, like, do you want to buy defense stocks?
Do you want to buy stocks that are corrupt, like Pfizer and stuff?
I mean, clearly, if they maintain control, they're going to only get more powerful and more money.
But if they do tank, then you'll be screwed.
Plus, would you want to invest there?
Look at big tech.
Their stocks are basically all down except for Apple.
And so we're in a very, very volatile time.
They've raised interest rates to lower inflation.
It's not working.
So we're getting inflation and higher interest rates and a slowing economy.
That's supposedly impossible until the 70s.
It never happened before.
They call it stagflation.
So I'm going to be completely honest with you.
Things are deteriorating.
And if I wasn't doing this as a talk show host, and if I had the money to long-term just disappear, I would move to the most rural, middle-of-nowhere area that has a lot of farmers and a diversity of farming and ranching.
I mean, if I was not going to stay here on air, I would exit society immediately.
happens you can trade with them and I would just absolutely live you know down
a dirt road behind a hill in a shack I mean I mean if I was not gonna stay here
on air I would exit society immediately I mean because I have children and I
care about them but instead I'm staying on air in the hopes we can mitigate how
bad this is as the best action But if I was not on air, I would be exiting society and going low profile as quickly as possible.
And my last question is just wondering if you have any more information about the weaponization of the IRS?
They've hired, what is it, 70-something thousand new people to, quote, target average people, even though average people only pay about a third of the total taxes.
And so they want total harassment to bankrupt the average person, to make you give up and go on the social credit score, universal basic income, which is just welfare for everybody, but that comes with societal strings attached.
So, yeah, I mean, they just gave a 25% budget increase to the ATF.
They just gave basically a doubling of funding to the IRS.
Every agency they can to squeeze the American people, they're basically giving them steroids right now.
So, yeah.
I mean, I think you answered your own question.
It's already weaponized.
Everything we saw under Lois Lerner, I think it's about to get three or four times worse.
Well, thank you, sir.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
You know, I wish I could give you more specifics, but I just cannot lie to you and tell you that I know what to do about the stock market or your 401k's.
I'll just say this, if I had stocks and bonds and a bunch of money, I would be completely diversified.
I would have crypto, Bitcoin, I would have gold and silver, I would have some of the best performing farming stocks, I would have high tech stocks, I would have nanotech stocks, I'd have big pharma stocks, I'd have defense stocks, but I just morally, and I'm not on some high horse, I just feel so bad Being connected to anything that's doing evil, that even though most of what Pfizer does is good, but that one thing they do is super evil, you can't be involved with it.
But I'm not going to sit there and blame or judge people if they're making money off the system and then fighting the system with the money.
That's up to you to make that equation.
But it's a very complex equation and it's up to each person to make it.
But I am just not enough of a financial expert On the wide spectrum of money.
I do know how central banking works.
I do know how fractional reserve banking works.
I do know about derivatives.
I do know about all the pump and dump scams.
I do know how the ultra-rich give themselves unlimited money, then pass us on the debt and the devaluation.
I know how the scam works, but to try to pretend that I can sit here and pick winners for people.
I mean, here's an example.
Joe Rogan told me six months before it hit the news that he'd done a contract with Spotify, but not to tell anybody.
And I didn't.
Didn't tell my wife, didn't tell my neighbors.
I mean, I knew that their stock would explode and it basically went up 60-70% in the week after he did that.
So if I would have done that, but I didn't do it because I've made a decision not to get involved.
And there's also another thing.
If I have a crooked toenail, they're going to put me in prison.
And so in my position, I learn a lot of insider knowledge.
And so if I use that knowledge, it really becomes a form of insider trading.
Now, Congress passed a law where they can insider trade so that I wouldn't be tempted.
I mean, look, here's the deal.
I don't like to go to topless bars because I'm attracted to women and I'd probably leave with one.
I'm not mad at guys that go to them.
I'm not judging you.
Do what you want.
I stay out of topless bars because I don't want to cheat on my wife.
It's like putting a dog in a butcher shop with a bunch of meat hanging off the walls.
But it's the same thing when it comes to stocks and all the rest of it.
I just stay out of it.
Not because I'm saying it's overtly evil.
It's just that once I got involved in that, I would obsess on it and I'd be very successful at it.
I'd know every facet of it.
Instead, I've just stayed away from it.
I'll look at the 35,000 foot view.
I don't really study the view at two inches away when it comes to those things.
And I'm just being honest, folks.
I'm being completely honest.
All right, I got to one call that segment.
I'm out of control.
I'm back to the old Alex here.
But it's going to stop.
I'm going to have them affix a shock collar on me.
I'm joking.
But if I don't take five calls the next segment and five the next, I'm going to have big Scott Bronson, the producer, come in here and punch me right in the nose.
How about that?
Well, we'll get to your calls, but it's hard to answer complex questions like that easily.
So, Dave in Virginia, and then Michael, your calls are straight ahead.
Please remember, there's a lot of news I'm not covering, because we're taking your calls.
I had one of the crew members ask, why aren't you covering all the Democrats that just got busted being pedos?
And I said, well, I mean, I'd be on air all day, every day, if we covered who was being busted being pedos on a daily basis.
I mean, my goodness.
But yes, I do have those pedo articles.
I have churches everywhere desecrating Christ for the LGBTP movement.
And so I'll hit that next hour, as promised.
But right now we're taking your phone calls.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Please stay with us.
Infowars.com and Band.video.
I'm going right back to your calls here on the Alex Jones Show, but first a little excerpt of Zelensky in his little dictator military outfit last night being celebrated.
Saying it's not charity to give him money that they'll fight the war, but the U.S.
is fighting the war and is helping coordinate the attacks and so now Americans are being targeted by Russia with nuclear weapons.
So everything he says here is again a fraud that Ukraine is fighting the war.
No, the globalists are empowering Ukraine and they overthrew the government nine years ago and started the ongoing war against Russia that triggered this.
That's the facts.
Here's Zelensky.
I believe there should be no taboos between us in our alliance.
Ukraine never asked the American soldiers to fight on our land instead of us.
I assure you that Ukrainian soldiers can perfectly operate American tanks.
Ukraine never asked the American soldiers to fight on our land instead of us.
five seconds he's on record asking for NATO to come in he's on record asking
for troops he's on record just everything he says is a lie go back to
this guy Ukraine never asked the American soldiers to fight on our land
instead of us. Bullcrap. I assure you that Ukrainian soldiers can perfectly
operate American tanks and planes themselves Yay, let's have all the Russians in a slot.
But oh, we've got $150 million for Ukraine.
standing ovation for that.
You know they hate our military.
Giving poison shots.
Financials, it's- Hit pause again, back it up.
Our military is on record level food stamps right now.
But oh, we've got $150 million for Ukraine.
Financials assistance is also critically important.
And I would like to thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for both financial packages you have already provided us with and the ones you may be willing to decide on.
Your money is not charity.
It's an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.
He's banned his political parties.
All his opposition.
All other parties.
Banned the oldest church in the country.
It's just mind-blowing.
Everybody wants me to talk about the Kerry Lake trial of election fraud going on.
And yeah, they put on total evidence of it.
I'll get to it next hour.
But we already knew what happened day one.
In all the Republican precincts, they gave them 19-inch ballots so that they would then go through and not work.
Or if they did, they were realigned and voted, in many cases, for Democrats.
And then they sent the Republican votes to their central tabulation centers to finish their magic.
They stole the election.
Of course they did.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
David, Virginia, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
The federal government has been involved in weather modification for 75 years, and they admit it in U.S.
Senate documents.
There's the U.S.
Senate document, the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, May 1978, which says in Chapter 5 at the beginning, quote, the federal government has been involved for over 30 years in a number of aspects of weather modification.
And they admit on page 402 of this document some of the damages that this weather modification is doing.
For example, Franklin County, Pennsylvania suffered crop production losses of 50 million.
East Coast rainfall was reduced by 30 percent.
Emphysema tripled.
Cancer increased.
Losses in agriculture and related industries were in the billions.
Forest trees and orchards are dying and there is damage to the atmosphere.
And there's also a U.N.
treaty about the weather weapons, 1979, and all the evidence shows we are under weather war attack right now.
Two years ago, they said once in a generation, now another once in a generation storm hitting as we speak.
Right, and the reason I brought this up is I think you need to get Dane Wiginton on your program to explain how the current event is being engineered So that your listeners will understand that this is not an act of God, this is an act of criminal weather warfare.
I totally agree.
Let's get Dane Whittington on tomorrow.
So if we can get him on, we'll get him on sometime soon.
Great points, thank you so much.
Let's talk to the next caller.
Let's talk to Robbie in Florida.
Robbie, thank you.
Hey Alex.
I originally intended to call in about the vaccine.
Long story short, I have two family members that are mid-aged men, athletic.
They mysteriously grew blood clots after the vaccine.
Now, they were told by their doctors they have blood clots, but what's that matter when you're on the verge of a nuclear war?
I remember you predicted the invasion of Ukraine before the war kicked off in February.
Do you anticipate any type of major offensive by Russia or NATO in 2023?
Oh yeah, there's a good chance it'll go to theater area nuclear war, perhaps full nuclear war.
There's a good chance Putin's going to triple down and launch an invasion out of Belarus from the north because Kiev is only 50 miles inside the country.
And so yes, Putin's not being given an exit strategy.
He's not being given a deal.
He's not being given any security guarantees for the almost 100% Russian population in the east.
And so this is the unstoppable force comes into contact with the immovable object.
Yeah, I saw Putin pulling out the big guns, pulling out nuclear weapons out of the ground, and I just think, you know, we're just sleepwalking our way right into this morning.
Well, you know why they put the missiles on mobile launchers?
Because starting a month ago, the U.S.
coordinated cruise missile attacks on their nuclear bases.
So the United States is directing attacks on their nuke bases.
Yeah, they're back to the wall and they have no option.
And that tells Russia, hey, we're getting ready to nuke you.
When the United States, through a proxy, coordinates and directs the attacks on the Russian nuke bases, 150 miles inside Russia, what message does that send?
I mean, he said that anybody that interfered with, you know, the war between Ukraine, that he would retaliate, and he pretty much discarded his word.
Now you see where it's brought us.
Just a matter of time.
do you think Zelensky visiting sends now?
Just a matter of time. Sadly and very scary.
Yeah, this is like waving a red cape in front of a bowl.
And I have no doubt that "US" could destroy Russia, but we'll be destroyed in the process.
What's the Globalist want?
I appreciate your call. God bless you. Great points.
All right, Michael in Mass. You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, dude, I actually talked to you like a year ago.
We talked about, I don't know if you remember, we talked about Prometheus, connection to the globalists.
I don't know if you remember.
But anyways, yeah.
I mean, I just want to ask you, why do you think the Democrats hate Russia so much?
I think they were going to do this in 2016 if Hillary got in, but obviously Trump like kind of derailed their plan.
Well, that's it.
They were going to use Russia as the Pretend enemy instead of China that really is an enemy as the pretext for all the surveillance all the control and to bring in the new global currency Hillary said the quote she would attack Russia if she was elected I plug the clip probably 300 times or more And I think you answer your own question.
Tell us what you think's happening Well yeah, if you look at it from like a strategic standpoint, right?
I mean, say we were doing this with Taiwan to China, I mean, that would be smart foreign policy, I think, for the United States.
But if you look at it from the Democrats' perspective, they're obviously basically Satanists, and they're going up against a Christian country, so they're using Ukraine to deplete Russia's military without even- Michael, I don't want to cut you off.
This is important.
Stay there, we're going to go to break, come back to you, and I'm going to just say this now.
I'm not a Russophile, but I'm also not a Russophobe, and I've studied history.
It's very interesting.
I know a lot about the Russians.
Imagine if the Russian government financed a coup nine years ago in Mexico and then decided to move troops up against our border and then started killing any Americans in Mexico.
I mean, the United States would attack.
You can bet your bottom dollar, back when it was run by Americans.
So, the globalists are attacking America, they're attacking Russia, they attack America with crime and fentanyl and open borders and devalued currencies and pedophilia and, you know, all of it.
Then they attack Russia with just straight-up stuff, straight-up military.
But I want to talk about what he raised.
Why do the left hate Russia?
They've told us why.
And we have the answer to that.
So we'll go to break and come back to Michael to finish up with that point.
And then Jordan and Florida and many others will be right back.
Please share the links to band.video.
Well, it looks like most of America is going to get a white Christmas with this mega storm.
I wish everybody a great Christmas and be safe out there.
At least we haven't totally turned our power off like they've done in Europe.
By the way, I have the big German economy minister saying, get used to not having power.
We're going to have climate shutdowns, power shutdowns to save Germany.
We're going to lock you in your houses.
That clip's coming up next hour.
And so much more, an update on the election fraud.
But I want to go back to Michael in Mass.
Democrats and their Russian narrative.
But there's not just using Russia as a pretext for control and censorship and for money laundering.
There's something else.
Why does Hollywood and the Rob Reiners of people hate Russia so much?
I'll give you my research on it in a moment.
But first, give us your take, Michael.
I mean, well, yeah, Putin keeps talking about they're trying to set up a multi-polar world order.
I know you heard him.
Oh, yeah.
Wait, one more thing.
Alex, I know you know this, but like something that needs to be restated is like Putin right before the war said, listen, if you guys guarantee me that Ukraine will not join NATO, I won't invade.
And then the next day, Kamala goes to, I think she was in Poland or Germany or something, and she was like, we want Ukraine to join NATO.
So, I mean, the Biden administration deliberately provoked this conflict.
I mean, I'm sure everybody already knows that, but just to restate it.
But anyway, yeah, so, I mean, Putin keeps talking about we're trying to set up a multi-polar world order, and then I see the Saudis meeting with the Chinese, and you see the Democrats really accelerating the collapse of the country.
So, I mean, I think that's what's going on.
That is absolutely what's going on.
And then you've got the left that had Russia for 80 plus years, breaking up families, banning the churches, turning into a leftist, you know, hate crime controlled system.
And the fact that it's now becoming Christian and right wing, and it really is, and rediscovering its roots and loving its heritage, being proud of their culture.
You hear white people are inherently evil by the media because they want to balkanize everybody.
Well, they don't want a country that's sovereign and that's predominantly white, but it's also very tolerant of everybody else.
They want the division.
They want the control.
They want the LGBT pedophilia taught to children at birth.
And that's why Hollywood hates Russia's guts.
Go ahead.
You know what else?
I think, I think if the Democrats didn't do all the FBI, like the, uh, Dale Dawsey, all the Russia stuff, I think Trump, not that Trump was controlled by Russia, obviously we know he wasn't, but I think he was actually trying to set it up so we could be allied with them and have a whole NATO-Russia-U.S.
bloc against China.
I think that was Trump's master plan if he got in for the second term and if he didn't have the Democrats really, really... Well, we know that's what he was wanting to do.
I appreciate your call.
All right, let's go to Jordan in Florida.
You're on the air.
Yes sir, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you?
I'm alright, brother.
I wanted to ask you about... I wanted to ask you about... I called yesterday about the FTX Sam Bankman Freud thing, man.
Yeah, his girlfriend has now turned on him and saying it's all big money laundering fraud.
Of course it was.
It's a total scam.
Yeah man, it's really crazy.
I mean... My big question is to you is do you think in your honest opinion that he is going to come out and really I think like pretty much nits on everybody that's involved
because well we know his parents and and the head of the Federal trade commission all of them were running this guy.
He's a front guy. So I think they'll probably break his neck
I mean, he's even got Epstein's lawyer Uh, Gislaine maxwell's lawyer. I think they're gonna they're
gonna murder him Really you think so, I mean, I don't know man
Do you think he knows, like, all of what's really going on?
It seems like his parents are his handlers, but do you think he really knows the depth, or do you think he's just, like... Oh, absolutely.
Here is absolutely 100% run of Ponzi scheme.
Wow, man, it's unbelievable to think that this is what the country has come to, man, in 2022.
I mean, it's really scary to think about, man.
Yeah, I don't think they wanted it to go down.
A lot of people exposed it, and it was the Democrat Deep State's piggy bank, so it's a big defeat for them.
And I think they'll break his neck.
I think he'll be committing suicide real fast.
I've seen Maxine Waters came out and said some stuff about it, man, which is kind of crazy.
I forget who said that, but I had seen something about Maxine Waters Oh yeah, they're getting ready to break his neck real good.
But hey, like you know, no big deal.
Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and the Easter Bunny's real.
Anything else Jordan?
No, sir.
That's it.
You have a good day, Alex.
Thank you for everything you do, sir.
No, thank you, brother.
And if you want to thank me, I want to thank you for spreading the word about the broadcast and your support.
That's what's powerful is you, The Listers.
You're everything.
You decide to share the articles and videos, to tell folks to go to the Forbidden Site, InfoWars.com, and then tell them if they get any good knowledge, to share it to others.
Tell them to share it.
Tell them to share it.
It's game over, folks.
That's all you got to do.
All right.
Let's go to Jerome in New York.
Jerome, you're on the air.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your family, and all your crew there, Alex.
You too, brother.
I want to take a minute and run this by you about Ukraine.
When it first started, that activity started over there, I got interested, real interested in it, and I wanted to see, well, what's going on?
What's causing all this?
And somehow or another, I found it through, believe it or not, a professor of economics.
His name is Michael Hudson.
Michael Hudson.
I don't know if you've ever heard of his name before.
I saw him on an interview with Max Kaiser one time, but I didn't understand what the heck he was talking about.
I've heard the name.
What's he saying?
Oh my God.
It's beyond... It's mind-boggling.
You can't begin to believe it, Alex.
It's too much.
You've got to put one of your bulldogs... Okay, well give us a synopsis of what he's saying.
Well, he's saying, well, what they want to do is they want to bust the country up.
That's what the IMF and World Bank want to do?
Is he claiming Russia controls the IMF and World Bank?
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
and privatize everything and strip the wealth out of the country there.
Well that's what the IMF and World Bank want to do. Is he claiming Russia controls the IMF and World Bank?
No, no, no. No, no, no. He's saying that the World Bank and IMF wants to go into Russia.
They want to do the same thing they're doing to us.
That's on record.
That's not even... We're living through the death of an empire right now.
Just like, you know, I don't know if you're aware of that or not.
No, that's right.
The rebels want to bring America down and Russia.
And so they're playing us off against each other.
Guys, will you guys get the Chinese fighting fish intro clip from Russia With Love, where This professor, like I was saying, he's a professor of economics.
Like I said, when I found this man, I've been studying him ever since I found him the first part of November.
other comes in and kills it. That's exactly how this is working. Really,
really great points. Anything else? This professor, like I was saying, he's a
professor of economics. Like I said, when I found this man, I've been
studying him ever since I found him first part of November.
I hadn't put him down yet.
Sure, sure. So tell me his name again, we'll get him on.
Michael Hudson.
He's an elderly person.
He lives up here in Manhattan.
We'll look into it.
I appreciate you.
Yeah, Michael Hudson discusses economic war.
Well, this is definitely what this is.
They admit that's what it is.
All right.
We'll try to get him on.
Thank you.
Great points.
We got Jonathan.
We got Jordan.
We got Debra.
We got Matt.
We got Michael.
We're gonna get to you all.
Kim, Ruben, and the order that your calls are received.
And Let's jam in one more call. Let me just tell you this. We're
listed for support. We need your support. Plus we got great products
You need vitamin refusion is selling out despite that 50% off
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50% off info war store comm and the new in fours platinum line as well 50% off info war store
All right, let's jam in Jonathan in North Carolina. You're on the air
Hey Alex, I'm super stoked to be talking with you.
It's not only my first time calling your show, but first time calling any radio show.
So just forgive me, I'm a little nervous.
No, we are very blessed to have you taking your biggest step into a larger world.
Go ahead.
Alright, so I want to talk about spiritual warfare, Alex.
We all know we're in a big spiritual battle right now, and I believe I have the missing link that we've all been looking for.
I want to lay the groundwork.
We all know God is one supreme being.
He's three persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
And if people don't know, the Holy Spirit is just basically the energy that is created between the love of the Father and the Son.
The missing link, Alex, is Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.
And how is this possible?
It's because Obviously, she's the mother of God through Jesus, right?
We all know that.
but she's also the bride of God through the Holy Spirit.
And I can tell you this is true because, let me quote Luke 1:38, "And Mary said, 'Behold, I am the
handmaid of the Lord; let it be done to me according to thy word.' And the angel departed." That,
Alex, was literally the marriage rites that she gave to God. Sure, and Christ said, you know, "I'm the
groom, you're the bride."
It's a microcosm of us literally in a relationship with God, being married to God.
And to Rush too, because she said to the apparitions at Fatima, if Rush was not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, the errors would spread throughout the world.
Alright brother, I appreciate your call.
Stay It's a secret weapon for your immune system, for your stamina, for your energy, for your way of life, for your libido, and it also keeps InfoWars on the air.
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A true 360 win.
The awakening from the darkness of deception into the light of truth.
The so-called Great Awakening has really been going on forever.
And before MAGA and QAnon, the consensus was that the banks were at the top of the criminal pyramid structure.
And while many of us assumed that a hidden hand was pulling their strings as well, we realized that their main goal was a digital currency and a cashless society.
It was the subject of several documentaries.
The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is the goal to create a one world government run by the banking industry, run by the bankers.
There'll be no more cash.
And this is getting me straight from Rockefeller.
So this is what they want to accomplish.
And all money will be in your chips.
And if you're like me or you, and you're protesting what they're doing, they can just turn off your chip.
And you have nothing.
You can't buy foods.
You can't do anything.
It's total control of the people.
And that ship's connected to a database that has your purchasing records, what you do, what you sell.
Everything is in there.
And it was also commonly discussed that they'll likely use Big Pharma to get us there.
Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
Yes, they manipulate.
Yes, there are secret societies.
Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.
And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny.
And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health.
And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.
But now it's as if everyone has just accepted it and found something else to fight about because the cashless society is being rolled out right now and very few people seem bothered by it.
In November of 2019, right before COVID, the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School had a live tabletop exercise called Digital Currency Wars.
Which looked at how the United States can continue to leverage economic power in a world of national digital currencies, such as the Chinese digital yuan, which is already heavily competing in trade against the U.S.
dollar and seems to be at the forefront of centralized digital currencies.
And it has an expiry date.
If you don't spend it by then, it becomes worthless, so people can no longer save money.
The Bank of International Settlements has announced that the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations, and will have technologies to enforce it.
The Central Bank of Brazil is planning to launch their centralized digital currency in 2024.
Israel is about to launch theirs.
And the Bank of England is now preparing a UK digital currency.
Italy's new Prime Minister, Meloni, is speaking out against the cashless society.
But she seems to stand alone on the world stage.
In the Federal Reserve's digital currency scheme, it appears that Hedera and Quant will be used on the technology side.
They are already connected to everything.
The cashless society is here, but everyone is talking about Hunter Biden's laptop.
The goal was never to put an old senile puppet into the presidency to run havoc.
The goal was to create a cashless society.
And so while bringing Joe Biden to justice may feel like a victory, the tyrants are still getting exactly what they wanted.
And once it's all said and done, then who will save you?
And if you're like me or you, and you're protesting what they're doing, they can just turn off your chip.
And you have nothing.
You can't buy foods.
You can't do anything.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, the FBI's come out and made some incredible statements.
Coming up next segment, then your phone calls.
Ho, ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!
(upbeat music)
Merry Christmas!
Alright, we're now into hour number three on this live Thursday edition of the Transmission.
And I'm going to go back to your phone calls, but I wanted to hit the story I mentioned in the first hour.
FBI statement on Twitter.
Now, they denied this.
It's in the emails that they're supposed to keep it secret.
The Twitter executives, it's just Twitter that's been exposed because of Musk.
It's all the big groups.
The executives think it's illegal what they're doing, spying on people, censoring people, suppressing people.
And so the arrogant Pretorian guard of the New World Order, FBI leadership, comes out and says, the correspondence between the FBI and Twitter show nothing more than examples of our traditional, long-standing, and ongoing federal government and private sector engagements.
InfraGard, set up by Bush, but it's way beyond that.
That involves numerous companies over multiple sectors and industries, as evidenced in the correspondence the FBI provides critical information to the private sector.
Kind of like New Zealand saying we're spying on anti-vaxxers.
In an effort to allow them to protect themselves and their customers, the men and women of the FBI work every day to protect the American public.
Listen to that obfuscation.
It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists, a term created by the CIA after the Kennedy assassination, and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.
The agency that took the fake Steele dossier and put it out that Trump was a Russian agent.
The agency that covers up for all the real child trafficking and money laundering going on on the border.
The agency that suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop that was real, but they told the media it was fake with no evidence.
We're not the ones putting out fake information.
Here is Fox News covering a short clip.
Now we are getting our first response from the FBI to the Twitter file dumps.
The statement reads, the correspondence between the FBI and Twitter show nothing more than examples of our traditional long-standing and ongoing federal government and private sector engagements, which involve numerous companies over multiple sectors and industries.
As evidenced in the correspondence, the FBI provides critical information to the private sector All right.
There you go.
them to protect themselves and their customers. The men and women of the FBI
work every day to protect the American public. It is unfortunate that conspiracy
theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the
sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency. That, just in. Don? All right.
Noted. The White House certainly defined a coherent message on it. There you go ladies and
gentlemen it's just business as usual drag queen story time It's just business as usual, The Fentanyl.
Just business as usual.
And once Soros gets all the county attorneys and secretary generals, there'll be nobody.
They'll have the Justice Department, they'll have all the states, and then the real fun begins.
Here it is.
New York City artist who identifies as non-binary queer charged with trying to have sex with a nine-year-old at a rape party that he'd established.
Oh, but it's okay.
He didn't like Nazis.
He didn't like Trump.
Surprised he's not running the US-spent nuclear fuel stockpile.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse from there.
They have a kleptocratic, out-of-control elite that protect themselves and that see the American people as the enemy.
Michael in Virginia, thanks for calling, you're on the air.
Hello, yes, Alex.
You know, we're standing at the forefront of victory in one way or the other, in more than one way than the other, because they're breaking up their parts.
They're throwing everything at us.
We have one side against the other.
There are those of us who are informed.
There are those of us who are on the inside letting leaks out.
There are those of us in different places who oppose this certain rule by these authorities.
These people want to have rulership and control over humanity.
So we have to, we eventually are breaking them up into smaller pieces.
They are fighting each other.
And that's good for our victory because we will attain victory by our
aptitude, our awareness of, of, of how to govern.
And our perseverance.
George Washington lost 90% of the battles the first six years, but finally won through perseverance.
You're absolutely right.
I need to make that point more often because I cover the bad, but not the good.
I can depress people, including myself sometimes.
It's important to pull back and realize that they're revealing themselves.
We're making them show their hand.
They're getting trounced right now.
And so we just got to keep persevering.
Please continue.
Yes, sir.
And because of that, we are making headway toward a final battle where they will be trumped.
At least we should retain victory for at least a few hundred years ourselves.
We will have a ruler, a leader.
We'll have someone, not necessarily that we bow to, but like they want us to come to them to elect a leader.
And then that would be because of them, who are supposed to protect us, that we give up our sovereignty to them.
But we're on the verge of taking that victory back where people themselves have rulership.
And again, that lasts for at least a few hundred years.
We can do that.
You're victory.
You're in the spear.
You're the tip of the iceberg.
of the victory.
Retain that.
I know that you will.
And God bless you, my brother.
God bless you, my brother.
I really appreciate your encouragement.
We are all the tip of the spear.
Everybody listening is the tip of the spear.
Make no damn mistake about it.
And we don't sit there like, oh, we're the tip of the spear.
It's like, man, we're the tip of the spear.
We got a job to do.
This is serious.
And it's a nightmare situation, but we're in it.
So we got to deal with it now.
Let's go to Reuben in New York.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
It's an honor to be on the phone with you.
Honor to talk to you, brother.
What's on your mind?
Wow, Alex, I want to apologize to you because a few months ago I was speaking to Mr. Harrison Smith on air and I explained to him that I think you're part of the elite.
And I told them that you're their Bible.
And I do apologize because I see what you're going through.
I was wrong.
I'm so sorry, Alex.
Listen, it's okay.
But the people standing up for God are the elite.
You're the elite calling and caring about freedom, brother.
You're the elite out of 8 million people.
There's 4 or 5 million folks tuning in today that really care the most.
So you're the elite, brother.
Here's the thing.
We have to get ready to be leaders.
We have to get ready to start winning.
We have to get ready to have more whistleblowers and defectors and win.
We have to believe we can do that.
Does that make sense?
Yes, sir.
And I also have another thing I want to say.
Can I speak?
No, go ahead.
I'll shut up.
Okay, no.
You're going through all this court stuff.
Now, let's say, hypothetically speaking, if the judge would have told you, Mr. Jones, would you like to dismiss this case because it has no merit?
What would you have said, Alex?
You would have dismissed it.
Now, guess what I said to the judge when they said that to me?
I said, no, keep going.
I don't know, Alex.
These people mess with our brains.
This is a United States patent.
The number is 3951134.
It's called Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.
The inventor is Robert G. Malick, Plainview, New York.
Assigning is Dawn And Margolin Inc.
Bohemia, New York.
Bohemia, New York.
Now I have to truly believe I got remotely monitored.
They did this to me.
Because I did not dismiss the case.
When I left that court, I said to myself, why did I not dismiss this case?
I don't understand what's going on.
Now it's gotten worse.
They making money out the ether.
You understand?
I actually know about that patent.
There is a ton of microwaves.
There's the Havana Syndrome, where the CIA is getting hit by this stuff too.
And it's not just getting sick and throwing up.
People will just pull a knife out of a butcher block and start cutting themselves open.
There's all sorts of evil stuff they've got, brother.
I mean, they've got electromagnetic manipulations.
Patented that can remote control rats with no brain chip.
They just aim these waves at a rat, and the rat does what they want.
So, I don't know if they're doing that to you, brother, but I know the stuff exists.
Listen, am I so crazy?
You call me crazy, I don't know what it is.
No, no, I don't think, listen, brother, all I'm telling you is TV and culture and all of it is mind control.
Yeah, there's the patent you're talking about right on screen.
Reuben, we're going to break.
Thank you so much.
Have a great Christmas, brother.
You're up next when we come back.
Boom, boom, boom.
We're getting to the calls.
They're all bringing up really interesting things.
And yeah, there's the patent for the remote control mind control device.
All right.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Sounds like Elon Musk's Neuralink, doesn't it?
Well, I promise to take a lot of your calls.
We're doing it right now.
So I'm going to take like four or five again and then I'm going to come back, cover a bunch of breaking news and then back to your calls on this Live Thursday Worldwide Transmission.
Let's go to Debra in Boston.
Debra, welcome.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I actually got through like a month ago and I had the I am Spartacus idea.
Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about that.
Actually, you know what?
I want to talk to everybody that's listening, not you.
If we just think about how much money could be raised, like $5 at a time, I saw a tweet by Chris Ruffo.
You know him, right?
A couple months ago.
And somebody was accusing him of getting big money from so-and-so, and he actually said in a tweet that he only That he had 2,500 people donating small amounts.
And I just found that really surprising and kind of sad.
I wish there were more people that would kind of get together and just donate $5 a month.
It's not a big deal.
Um, you know, because of your show and the people you've introduced me to, I give a lot of different people actually about, you know, whatever, $5, $10, $15 a month.
Attorney Renz, Dale Bigtree, RFK, whatever.
So I just want to encourage everybody that's never bought anything, doesn't need any vitamins, whatever.
I mean, if we, if everybody listening gave $5 right now and committed, I mean, what if you could just have like $5 million a month?
Just like nothing.
Well, that's really the issue.
We need to make it simpler to donate.
We kind of hide it at InfoWarsTore.com.
If you go to InfoWarsTore.com, up there it says support, and then you click that link and people can give $5, $10, whatever.
Small town newspapers and things have gone all off the air everywhere, been shut down.
Local radio stations, when they need almost nothing, you know, to stay on air.
But just the insurance and the legal and the cost, the electricity, all of it, for a small newspaper in a small town, it's like three, four million dollars a year.
Well, they don't have the money, they just shut down.
Now you don't have local news.
And it's the same thing for local radio stations.
Well, it's the same thing for something like this.
We have millions of dollars of bandwidth cost a month.
We're very successful reaching people.
It's just we have a certain nut to crack.
So the good news is our accounting is about $250,000 a month we've been losing the last six months.
And so if I get a few sponsors and got great products and if listeners just buy some more products and make some donations, we'll be able to stay on air and do these appeals and overturn all this fraud.
And so they're so pissed out there, but it's not the globalists that can take us off air right now.
It is the listeners, if they don't realize how serious it is.
And I get it.
I've been on air for years saying, help me, help me, please buy products.
We need funds to stay on.
That kind of gets old.
It gets old for me to say it, but it's true.
This is like a football game that starts at the beginning and goes for four quarters where both teams are neck and neck the whole time.
Or it's like a Muhammad Ali, George Foreman fight.
where it goes into the 12th round and they're just beating the hell out of each other.
But that's how it is everywhere in these fights.
So it is toe to toe, it is neck and neck, and it's really in your hands and I appreciate
your support.
Anything else you'd like to say, Debra?
I want to encourage everybody to get as healthy as possible.
And I want to tell people that the health information that we've been given for the
past, I don't know how many decades, you know, counting calories and running like crazy is
how you lose weight.
It's all from the government and it's all wrong.
There are doctors that you can find on Twitter, you know, mostly like low-carb, it's all a spectrum, but there are doctors curing type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, MS, just by changing diets.
So, you know, it's very empowering, you know, to get your health under control.
You know, a lot of people obviously have awakened with COVID and realized how You know, corrupt, but then they continue taking their, you know, their pills, their pharmaceuticals.
I thought it would be a good idea maybe to have somebody like Dr. Mercola as a guest again just to talk about like the very, very basics.
I just want people to know that it is so much easier than you think.
I'm, well, 53.
And I eat meat and potatoes.
I just do not eat processed food.
I minimize sugar.
I do intermittent fasting, which Ed Dowd actually mentioned on your show one time.
Oh, there's no intermittent fasting is so good for you.
And again, I'm not the perfect healthiest guy, but I know it works.
I know what's out there.
And it's so healthy to just, you know, eat at 10am, be done eating by 6pm.
And your life is so much better.
And of course, I'm the worst is still eating at like midnight when I'm up working or whatever.
And you're absolutely right.
And look, Fauci and the globalists wouldn't be trying to suppress vitamin D3 and all these things if it wasn't the answer.
That's why they're so scared.
Thanks for the call.
Kevin, Wisconsin.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Merry Christmas.
It's been an honor.
I would love to do the battle cry with you, please, first.
Oh, now?
Well, we haven't had women do it until yesterday, and now more and more are doing it.
So let's hear a powerful female battle cry.
That's so loud it overdrove your phone.
Maybe back off your phone and do it again.
Love it.
Um, I love it.
I have an idea.
The video that you started the show with with those slides and the shot killing the cells and damaging them instantly.
If everybody around the world took that video and the video of the clot and walked into every doctor's office Every pharmacy, everything, and demanded that they look at it and then call the head of the nurses, you know, of the counties and just demand.
And if everybody does it every day and don't, you know, somebody says, oh, someone did it yesterday, so what?
You know, keep pushing.
The people just got excited and took action.
It was put up last night.
Pathologist reveals what's really in the COVID vaccines.
And it just instantly blood clots him like nothing he's ever seen before.
It's terrifying.
It's at band.video, the coordinates of resistance, and you're right.
When people get excited, millions watch it.
Look, that video is conservative.
They've got other scientists showing it where it's even worse what it does long-term, or in human blood, how it grows all these weird, what looks like microchip-type structures.
I mean, it is crazy.
Yes, but the thing with them, when they show it on the slide and they first do it, and it shows how it kills it instantly, I think that would really shock people.
Because it's not something that, oh, that's right, right, that's growing, but when they... That's right, he says, I've never... That queued up in the video, it's like a minute in, guys, where he goes, man, look at that, I've never seen something do that.
It's just insane.
All right, well thank you so much, Kim.
I really appreciate your call.
All right, I got some other news I want to hit here, and some other videos I want to get to, but I also want to continue with your phone calls.
So we're going to do that on the other side of this break.
We're going to talk to the callers in the order they're received, like Sarah, and then Rob, and we've got Robert, and so many others straight ahead on the other side.
But yeah, These are a giant medical experiment that is taking place.
This is a giant test, and we know it kills a bunch of people, and we know it grows blood clots, but what else does it do?
It's our job to warn people so they know what's happening.
It's our job to protect the children.
They're giving it to six-month-olds and up.
They're giving it to pregnant women.
Now they want to give it to newborn babies.
We can't let them do it.
We've got to get out of our comfort zone and expose it.
We'll be right back.
Merry Christmas.
Man, it's really crazy watching what's going on, isn't it?
Well, lots going on this Christmas.
This story is from Paul Joseph Watson on InfoWars.com.
Church erases Jesus and Nativity in Christmas Carol, replaces them with queer people.
God rest your queer and questioning, your anxious hearts be still.
Believe that you are deeply known and part of God's goodwill.
For all the lives in one in peace, the global dream fulfilled.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comforts of joy.
This is capturing Every institution and making it about sex people have.
And that's all it is, is just the conquering.
Non-binary queer artist featured in Vogue for LGBT art arrested for arranging rape of nine-year-old boy and sharing child porn.
North Carolina professor files lawsuit claim he was fired for criticizing critical race theory.
That creepy whiskey commercial, the non- Clown World version.
That's right, J&B scotch is all about an older man who becomes a trainee.
Again, people that want to drink scotch want to drink scotch.
They don't want to hear about how cool it is that dad is now a woman.
And the point is, this is all force-fed by the corporations to destroy our society.
It's not some Unrepresented group that's being bullied, standing up for itself.
It's a group of people that want to dominate and control our children.
Oh, for Christmas, let's turn your little boy into a girl.
And let's have creepy grandpa do it.
I mean, this is all Hellraiser stuff.
This is Jeffrey Dahmer stuff.
This is also ultra creepy.
And J&B won't care if it tanks their stock.
They won't care if people don't buy their crappy scotch anymore.
It won't matter, because it's a weaponized system, the whole thing, to bring down culture and society.
That's why Russia's being attacked, because it won't turn its boys over to be castrated.
Here's the clip.
Oh, Grandpa takes you locks the doors.
This is awesome.
I'm gonna make a call to listeners.
We need to do IMDB, find out this JMB ad, and find out who that boy is.
Listen to me carefully.
I just had a thought here.
Just had a little inclination.
My gut's never wrong.
I want listeners to investigate who that supposed boy is.
He's probably an adult that looks like a boy.
But find out what this was we just saw.
The whole family crying because their son is now a girl and everyone is so proud of him.
We've got drones to fight the wars now, son.
We're so proud of you.
We're so glad Grandpa locked the door and put makeup on you.
Now you're going to drink your scotch.
Man, this is total, complete, watch.
And I don't know the answer to this.
I just had a gut level deal with this.
I'm like, we need to look into who that is.
They're gonna end up being some exploited youth who's been in Drag Queen Storytime previously, or God knows what.
Look into the name, folks.
Look into the name.
Because you can look at that kid and look at those eyes and tell that person's been in slavery, in my opinion.
I just picked up Slave.
I mean, this whole thing is absolutely out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, there's another ad?
Oh gosh, there's more?
more? Here, go ahead and roll this one.
Oh, it's so avant-garde, a creepy old man putting on makeup.
It's all a joke on us.
And then he's like... He's ashamed of the fact he wants to be a woman.
So he's recruiting kids, he's locking them in buildings, he's doing... He's cleaning up his makeup.
It's his little guilty pleasure.
He's hiding his makeup.
But don't worry, a grandson comes over.
I mean, this is like a horror movie.
I mean, if I was going to cast somebody to look like a pedophile, I'd cast Brian Stelter first, but if he couldn't do the job, this guy.
I mean, this is like, sir, he wants you to drive around in a white van in a movie and kidnap children and do medical experiments on him.
Now he's looking out the window at his grandson and saying, hey, I'll get him.
And I guess the segues to this, just turn it off.
The CIA, with the German government, placed hundreds of thousands of children with convicted pedophiles, as young as three, to be raped, quote, quote, create the new family.
And they had a Netflix show host, one of these drag queens come out as a man in a woman's outfit, and say, we're here to destroy the family.
That's their goal.
That's their program.
That's their operation.
That's what they mean to do.
Let me just say something to the listeners here.
We've been through COVID.
We've been through the lockdowns.
We've been through everything.
InfoWars has been through supply chain breakdowns.
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We'll be right back.
Sarah in Canada, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
Can you hear me, Alex?
I sure can.
Oh my god, I'm actually talking to Alex Jones.
So, your discernment is right, sir.
I heard you talking about the trans confusion.
But, you know, you gotta think, your health minister, Levine there, is a dude in a dress.
And same with Canadian, our Canadian health minister.
No, no, our health minister isn't just a man in a dress.
She's an admiral!
Oh my god, okay, so yeah, in Theresa Town, in Canada.
Oh, and the other guy runs the nuclear stockpile.
It's all about them capturing us.
Exactly, it's just to confuse us.
Did you know, in New York, 80% of Spotify's training?
I mean, it's like, it's a cult, and I don't hate individuals that are into that.
It's a cult of men dressed up like women as a gang, taking over and saying your children are ours.
Well, not only that, they're taking away all the women's rights, right?
Because of the, you know, the athletics and then the women's washroom thing.
Yeah, they're beating women up in boxing matches and wrestling and everything.
It's all just a sick joke.
And we sit here and put up with it.
Oh look, some men showed up dressed as women.
Let's let them take over.
Yeah, I have a granddaughter who thinks she's a boy.
Yeah, now the Marine Corps may drop ma'am and sir, because you can't have men and women, because it's an attack on humanity.
Well, I'm a nurse.
But first they put a woman in charge, bossing the women.
Now they're getting rid of that.
It's all a cult.
Yeah, it's very, well, like you said, it's confusing.
And it all blends into the, or merges into the transhumanism, right?
And I'm a nurse.
I just got fired a year ago in Canada because I didn't take the poisonous shot.
Not only that, they won't give us employment insurance if we don't take the shot.
It's absolutely ridiculous here in Canada.
So basically, you don't take the shot, you don't have a job, but I've had a career for 23 years as a public servant, and I can't... Sorry, I have laryngitis right now, and I can't even collect employment insurance.
It's total economic war against men and women and children.
There's only men, there's only women, there's only children.
Leave the children alone.
If a man wants to cut his dick off, he has a right to do it.
He doesn't have a right to convince a kid to do it.
And it's the same thing.
We don't hate you because you're mentally ill.
Just leave our children alone, you monsters.
Thanks for the call.
Rob in FEMA Region 10.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, it's Rob.
I just wanted to talk about the Twitter files that Kim Iverson covered on her YouTube channel for the preview for her new live show to start January 2nd.
She mentioned that the tweets were going out that FBI agent Mr. Baker or something got hired in after many, many years in the FBI.
And then he brought in multiple other agents and they created a private Slack channel to bring in even more FBI agents.
And then I went on the website and looked.
The number of Twitter employees increased from like 5,000 to 7,500 between 2020 and 2021.
Yeah, I know.
It's a revolving door with the intelligence agencies loading up all the big tech to surveil, blackmail, traffic and criminal activity, everything.
It's just a giant criminal organization.
Yeah, and all these people that came in from the feds, they have multiple, multiple years of leadership experience and real world experience.
And what they do is they're spying on the private chats of all the celebrities and government officials.
Well, and they're leading all these tech slubs that just come right out of college brainwashed and know nothing.
They just fall in line behind these agents.
And basically, it's a propaganda arm of the government.
It's in all the emails.
Everybody's a Russian agent.
Surveil them.
Take their rights.
Spy on them.
Rob them.
Harass them.
We're liberal.
It's okay.
And it's all a bunch of cold-blooded lawyers.
With FBI agent badges doing it.
No, it's the Gestapo.
It's the Nazis.
It's, you know, while the ADL is telling you, oh, look, this person doesn't open borders, they're a Nazi.
Literal Nazi tactics are being used.
Thank you for the call.
All right.
Let's talk to Harold in Alabama.
Harold, go ahead.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
I'm a construction worker up here in North Alabama, and I worked on two of the FBI buildings.
We've got two FBI buildings here, one of them over a billion dollars.
But these people, when I was a kid, FBI buildings are like a five-star resort.
They've got baristas, gyms.
I mean, I was appalled at how these things were so lavish.
But what I was calling in about is that they did this new art in the lobby of the FBI building, and it's up on the wall.
It's like a concrete thing.
You really can't tell what it is until you step back.
And I looked at it and I was appalled because it was a picture of a demonic demon's head on the FBI lobby wall up here in Huntsville, Alabama.
Hey guys, type in FBI headquarters Huntsville, Alabama mural.
Huntsville, Alabama FBI headquarters mural.
Let's see it.
on the wall in the lobby and when you can't really tell what it is because it's one of these new age
things but if you step back you can see it and I brought other people in I said look right here
and they were just amazed you know why would they put that on the wall of the FBI building?
Why would they defend and protect pedophiles?
They're totally captured is what I'm thinking.
No, they are, brother.
They are bringing in... Because, look, if you get control of a country's executive police force, federal police force, it's game over.
And they've almost got it.
And Soros has almost got all the cities under his control.
That's why this is happening.
Yeah, you know, the thing about it, Alex, is that these people are supposed to work for us.
You know, I'm a construction worker.
You know, we got porta-potties.
We're eating in our car out there.
And they've got this lavish... I mean, who wouldn't want to work for the government the way that they're treating themselves?
I mean, at public expense, it's unbelievable.
Like, the spa in here is like a five-star spa.
Well, they're in there committing crimes against America, so they've got to be rewarded and petted and told how great they are.
And they're, you know, people say, oh, there's still some good ones.
Well, obviously.
But at the top, it is rotten to the core.
God bless you, brother.
Let's jam in another call.
Shrimp Dog in Dallas.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
Yes, sir.
I tell you what, brother, I want to start by telling you I was born about a month after you.
On the Vernal Equinox.
In what the Chinese call the Year of the Tiger.
And we are the electromagnetic, telekinetic, morphogenetic, say it with me now, transmitters and receivers.
And I love you, brother.
I thank you for taking my call.
I feel like I'm a kindred spirit with you.
I hear you.
You want to get into the Hebrew-Israelite-to-the-Yay interview?
Go ahead.
I do.
I do.
I was on hold a lot of times and never got- Well, you're on air now.
Go ahead.
Alright, so, here's the code.
Crew, go to DuckDuckGo and pull up- search this phrase.
Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt.
Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt.
This is the cheat code.
You don't want to learn this truth!
Everybody's... You're yelling so loud it's overdriven, so I won't hear what you have to say.
Just back off a little bit off the phone and tell us the cheat sheet.
Go ahead.
Oh, I wanted... I wanted the crew to get involved and go to DuckDuckGo.
I know, sir.
We don't... Listen, listen.
You're on air right now.
Tell us.
Go ahead.
All right.
If you go to DuckDuckGo and you search this phrase, Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt, and go to the images tab, you will see wall paintings and carvings They show that the Egyptians and the Hebrews were the same shade of black.
So that's the hidden secret.
So, I agree with James.
No, no, I hear what you're saying.
It shows black Egyptians with black Hebrew slaves.
That's it!
And, you know, Hollywood wants to show... Yeah, put that back on screen.
The rulers are black and the slaves are black, which is saying the Hebrews are black.
That is a fact that cannot be unproven.
Archaeological evidence, real time, just transmitted to the universe.
That's it.
So, get off of Ye's back.
Get off of Kyrie Irving's back.
Because... Adam was black.
And, uh... Listen, I'm not on anybody's back.
I just don't like Hitler.
Not you.
I'm talking about to the world right now.
You gave me this platform.
That's why I support this platform.
I don't agree with you on everything.
I appreciate you, brother, and I love you.
We're out of time.
Listen, we've got our next guest host, Paul Joseph Watson, taking over in one hour.
We've got Owen Schroeder of the War Room, 3 p.m.
Please support my friend.
He does a great job.
He deserves to be heard by a lot of folks.
And he is heard by a lot of folks, but Owen is really doing as good a job as I am.
This show needs your support.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Owen Shorter coming up in one hour.
Paul Joseph Watson does a great job as well.
He's coming up.
And I'm sorry to the other callers, Matt and Brad and Corey and Robert, you got to call me back tomorrow for the Friday edition.
Got some big special guests tomorrow.
tomorrow's news today.
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Directly from the manufacturer to your door at prices up to 50% in some cases 100% lower than what they're sold for in stores.
InfoWarsMD at InfoWarsStore.com We are live it is the Summit News Hour on this 22nd of December 2022 edition Ton of news coming up over the course of the next hour.
We're going to tell you about the biggest outrage in the United Kingdom, probably of the year, maybe of the decade, maybe even of the century.
And if you guess that it's somebody who said some mean words in the form of the written word, then you'd be right.
Yes, that's a bigger outrage than anything we've seen over the course of the last century.
It's Jeremy Clarkson's comments about Meghan Markle.
Going to get into that.
We're also going to get into Meghan Markle herself being caught red-handed in a brazen outright lie once again.
We're also going to get into the lyrics of a Christmas carol at a church in England which were changed to completely erase Jesus and the nativity.
We'll tell you what they were replaced with under this new religion that we've been introduced to.
Stanford University wants the word American added to a harmful language list.
A lot of articles, a lot of news stories this week about the control of language, which of course is about the control of reality itself.
If you can get me that show clock up, by the way, producers, that'd be a great help because I can't see it at the moment.
We're also going to tell you about the Story out of the EU, which again should have been one of the biggest stories of the year, of the week at least, and it was the announcement that the EU is imposing a carbon tax on individuals that outright came out and admitted it.
They said it would probably cause mass continent-wide riots across the EU and that gas prices, home heating prices would certainly rise over the course of the next few years.
They're going to delay it a little bit by two or three years.
While the current thing, the war in Ukraine, calms down so they don't get that instant backlash.
But they openly admit it's not just a border carbon tax as it's being presented and reported on by the media.
It's a carbon tax on individuals themselves.
And we're going to get into that.
Also going to get into an astounding revelation, which again went completely unremarked on by the vast majority of the media.
That was a Deutsche Bank research note which was actually written back in January 2021 but only came to light recently.
The absolutely alarming comments, but as we'd expect the comments to be, which were contained in this Deutsche Bank research report.
So we're going to get into that as well on the other side.
Also going to talk about CBS News claiming climate change worsens air turbulence.
The eco-activists themselves are out in force doing themselves no good whatsoever once again, decapitating Christmas trees in Berlin.
We're also going to talk about the new generation of kiddles.
We've got new figures out showing that now half of young Americans are living with their parents.
That's up 38% from numbers from the year 2000.
It's increasing every single year, it seems like.
And just by coincidence, the US toy industry is basically surviving because one-fourth of its entire annual profit is down to adults, mainly adult men, buying toys.
Buying things like, you know, Star Wars action figures, Bonko Pops, Lego sets, And to be honest, most of these men aren't even living with their parents, they're just stuck in a permanent state of adolescence.
And it speaks perfectly to the crisis of masculinity that we've seen in recent years.
Also going to talk about the wonderful benefits of diversity as they're being enjoyed in Germany, where the rape rates, the violent attack rates are increasing, but the main problem It's not the increasing terror attacks, the increasing sexual assaults on women.
It's the fact that Berlin police officers aren't using discrimination sensitive language and now they're actually telling them you can't even use the word refugee.
You have to explain that a refugee is from an area where there's war, where there's strife, that they're trying to escape those areas even though the vast majority aren't that.
They're economic refugees.
We are back.
It is the Summit News Hour and I want to set the scene for the biggest outrage, as I mentioned before, in the United Kingdom, perhaps of the millennium, perhaps of the entirety of human history, at least UK history, and that is the Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson Making a joke about Meghan Markle.
I'm going to come back after this video and talk about some of the latest updates on this story of the century.
But first, let's go to this video.
It's called Stupid Beyond Belief.
Let's roll it.
Let's check in on the latest phony, contrived, clown world outrage.
TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson wrote an article in the Sun newspaper in reference to Meghan Markle, which said, quote, Meghan though is a different story.
I hate her.
Not like I hate Nicola Sturgeon or Rose West.
I hate her on a cellular level.
At night I'm unable to sleep as I lie there grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she's made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant shame and throw lumps of excrement at her.
Oh no!
Anyway, the flinging poo joke is in reference to Cersei's walk of shame in Game of Thrones.
It's a joke based on a scene in a fictional TV show.
The rest of it is just Clarkson's usual acerbic hyperbole.
Is he actually gonna make Meghan Markle parade naked through the streets so he can throw crap at her?
Because it's a joke!
Remember those?
But because we live in a supremely idiotic time, this is the outrage of the century.
Ipsos confirmed today that this was the most complained about article ever.
17,500 complaints as of 9am today.
Every has-been celebrity and professionally outraged.
Grifter is jumping on board to decry Clarkson's vile misogyny.
Claiming, based on no evidence aside from their own hurt feelings, that it's going to lead to actual violence against women.
Interesting, isn't it?
The media can spread vicious, damaging propaganda about lockdowns and vaccine mandates for years.
Lies which grease the skids for the imposition of the biggest and most draconian outrage in living memory.
Deceptions which led directly to real world horror.
And virtually no one complains.
Clarkson writes a snarky insult in a tiny section of a newspaper and everybody loses their minds.
Who cares?
It's just some words.
He's got untold number of excess deaths a week.
People dying all over the shop from untreated illnesses because of lockdown.
All of it exacerbated by odious lies published in national newspapers.
Because they're more upset over a famous TV presenter insulting another famous woman.
Who gives a shit?
Now 65 MPs have demanded the Sun take action against Clarkson.
Don't you have anything better to do?
Who voted for you to waste time patrolling jokes and newspaper columns?
We want Clarkson to be banned from all television forever.
This idiot reported him to the police for a hate crime.
Then the police told him to go away, pointing out Clarkson's mean joke had nothing whatsoever to do with Meghan Markle's ethnicity.
This is why people can't get seen when they're burgled, because people like you attempt to tie them up, dealing with hurty words.
Yeah, record crime in England and Wales.
Record number of crimes going unsolved.
And this clown's wasting their time because his fee-fees were hurt on behalf of someone else.
And in case you were thinking this whole farce couldn't get even more painfully absurd, Clarkson's own 28-year-old daughter went public to say she stands against everything her father wrote.
Woman moment.
Oh, the joys of social media and narcissistic dopamine culture.
Children denouncing their own parents, like the kiddie Starzy.
More stupid still was Clarkson apologising.
Because as we know, this only emboldens the mob's demented witch hunt.
No, Jeremy Clarkson, not on any level, in any circumstances is it okay to write this stuff about any woman.
But Meghan Markle is a woman!
You can't say anything bad about a woman.
How's that equality?
Is Meghan Markle inherently unlikable?
Yes, that's an objective fact.
And it's got nothing to do with her race or biological gender, has it?
It's an opinion shared by a clear majority of the British people.
She's unlikable.
I mean, some women are great, fantastic total angels.
Some women are completely insufferable.
And the same goes for men.
You know why?
Because they're all humans.
Because some humans are great, some humans lie somewhere in the middle, and some humans are detestable.
The fact I even have to say this rocks my own brain.
The fact that this is the biggest outrage of the year, after everything that's happened, every real outrage, underscores the utter derangement of the permanently offended mob.
Now, this is all happening, of course, Amidst a debate over toxic masculinity, over vile, dangerous misogyny in the United Kingdom, specifically since the deplatforming, the banning of Andrew Tate.
Now, of course, that was back in the summer, but since we've had laws passed in the United Kingdom dealing with misogyny, dealing with attacks on women in the street, and actual police resources being devoted to Police going undercover and going after people who are supposedly harassing women on the street.
I'm going to get to that, but again, some of the fallout from the Clarkson controversy.
The biggest controversy that the United Kingdom has seen in years.
MP demands Jeremy Clarkson face permanent ITV ban after Meghan Markle naked prowl.
Now, of course, they're claiming this is about slavery, this is about the race.
It's nothing whatsoever to do with her race.
She's referencing a scene out of Game of Thrones where one of the characters gets poo-plonked at them as they're marching through the streets.
It has nothing to do with the history of slavery.
It has nothing to do with her skin colour.
It's a fictional reference.
It's a joke.
But now, not only do they want him banned from TV, they want him arrested and jailed.
In fact, Reverend Jesse Alsharp, the latest to wade into this controversy, God knows why it's a UK issue that has nothing to do with the US.
This is from Trending News.
Reverend Alsharp slams Jeremy Clarkson's racist megabottle column amid police plea.
Again, he didn't even mention a race.
It's got nothing to do with race.
civil rights pioneer Reverend Al Sharpton has criticised Jeremy Corbyn's racist rant against Meghan Thatcher's Sussex for the Sun newspaper.
The next judge has asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate.
Forget the record numbers of crimes that can't get solved because the police don't have the resources to respond to burglaries.
The police don't have the resources to solve more than 0.5% of car thefts.
Major department stores in London have stopped bothering calling the police when they get robbed.
Because they don't turn up.
But all these top public figures are calling on the Metropolitan Police of London as violent crime skyrockets.
Stabbing skyrockets every single day.
They're calling on Clarkson to be jailed for his speech crimes.
Again, Reverend Al Sharpton criticised Jeremy Clarkson's racist rant.
The National Action Network and I join many others in condemning the appalling comments published by Mr Jeremy Corbyn in The Sunday Speak against the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, why he's wading into this controversy.
He knows we condemn these racist and inhuman actions of the strongest terms.
They represent the worst angels of our society and should not find any shelter in the media.
We join in calling on all people of good faith in the US and abroad to do back this condemnation and demand accountability.
Nothing whatsoever to do with race.
Of course, when a left winger at the United Nations comes out and makes a joke in the context of a violent insult against someone on the right, call that comedy!
Why can only the left, why are only the left allowed to be offensive?
Then it's comedy.
When the right's offensive, well then it's vile, dangerous misogyny and it's going to lead to women getting attacked on the street.
It's all complete bollocks!
Telegraph reports what the Jeremy Clarkson for all tells us about leftist bias, hypocrisy and free speech.
They make this point in the article where Jo Brand is a fat feminist comedian in the United Kingdom.
In 2019, I'm referring to Nigel Farage being physically violently attacked with a milkshake, insulted,
that's what it is, you go around throwing milkshakes at people, guess what, you've committed
assault. She said about him, "Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some
battery acid?" That was fine, because it was a joke. Apparently what Clarkson wrote wasn't
a joke, even though he literally made a reference to a fictional TV series, and he's
obviously not going to go flinging poo at public figures. It was a joke. They also pointed to Miriam
Nordliles, who in 2020 said, "I wanted Boris Johnson to die."
When she got called out for those comments, she downgraded her desire for mere castration.
So again, it's okay when we do it.
They're calling for Clarkson to be kicked off TV.
They want him put in prison for making a joke about Meghan Markle.
This is the vile misogyny, moral panic that we're experiencing now.
The grooming gang scandal which the government all covered up, targeting women and young girls.
That's nothing.
Nobody's outraged about that.
We'll be back.
We're live and I'm still talking about Jeremy Clarkson because this controversy, this actually came out last weekend and it's still one of the biggest stories if not the biggest story in the United Kingdom.
There's no outrage over the malicious lies published by newspaper after newspaper which justified the lockdown, which justified the demonization of quote anti-vaxxers, people who wanted to make their own medical choices.
Which justified what we now have, which is excess deaths through the roof, waiting lists longer than ever, people dying of untreated illnesses.
All those weaponized lies which were told in concert with the government to justify lockdown.
There's no outrage about that.
The investigation into that won't even focus on that.
There's no outrage about the grooming gangs which have plagued this country for the past 30, 40 years.
The investigations went nowhere.
Of course, the local authorities in many cases were responsible for covering up the grooming gangs, targeting young women, predominantly young white children.
No outrage over that vile, dangerous misogyny, but Jeremy Clarkson makes a rude joke about Meghan Markle in a tiny little column inch of a newspaper article, and everybody loses their minds.
Reverend Al Sharpton has waded in for God knows what reason, And also, people on Twitter were actually reporting him to the police.
Yeah, they should be arrested for wasting police time, given the problems we've got with spiralling violent crime throughout the United Kingdom.
Again, record high crime levels in England and Wales over the course of the past year.
But these morons on Twitter were so offended, so offended on behalf of someone else, Meghan Markle, the serial lying grifter, that they literally reported him to the police.
And to their credit, You know, perhaps they'd done doing the Macarena at the Gay Pride Parade for the day.
The police took the time to tell them, this isn't a hate crime.
Even with our stringent hate crime laws, which of course are very different to what you've got in the United States with your First Amendment, where you can basically say anything so long as it's not an imminent incitement to violence.
They, even they said, and bear in mind these are the police forces who will go out and arrest people for posting limericks about transgenders on Facebook, making fun of them.
They'll literally go out and handcuff people.
They'll arrest pregnant women in their own kitchens for making jokes about Transgender people on Mumsnet and all these websites.
They'll do that, but even they came out and said no.
Whatever Jeremy Clarkson wrote was not a hate crime.
That didn't stop the morons from reporting him, then, to the Metropolitan Police over London.
This article continues out of Trendsnet.
Again, headline, Reverend Al Sharpton slams Jeremy Clarkson's racist Meghan Markle column So they cite the fact that this has been reported to the police.
His comments come as Peter Herbert, a former judge and Black Society of Lawyers chair, has written to the Met urging action against Mr Clarkson over his column, arguing it incites racial hatred.
Again, doesn't mention her race.
It's nothing to do with her race.
It's to do with the fact that he doesn't like her.
He basically says, you know, remember that scene out of Game of Thrones?
Wouldn't it be funny if she got poo flung at her in public?
It's a joke.
Get over it.
And then the police came back and basically said no.
There's no hate crime here.
So this is the true outrage when it comes to dangerous, violent misogyny against women in the United Kingdom.
Forget the grooming gangs, forget the actual sexual assaults and abuse of women.
No outrage over that.
What's really outrageous is catcalling in the street.
Daily Mail reports man who catcalled woman in the street is one of the first in UK to get £100 fine For sexual harassment after he was caught in undercover police operation.
This is what they've got resources for.
You get burgled, they're not even going to respond, they're not even going to investigate it.
They said that themselves.
The chief of police in the UK in 2015 said, tough luck, we're not going to respond to burglaries anymore.
But they've got crack teams of undercover cops.
They patrol the streets, listening for sexism.
Wolf whistles, cat calling.
A man who catcalled a woman on a London street, in London, where all the real crime's happening, has become one of the first in the UK to be slapped with a £100 fine for sexual harassment after he was caught in an undercover police operation.
The offender, who was not named, he'll probably be publicly shamed later on Twitter by the mob, was issued a fixed penalty notice for harassing a woman in Ilford Town Centre last Friday.
And again, You know, I get it.
There are creeps who chase women down the streets, who harass them, who try to talk to them when they're not interested.
I get it that it's annoying.
It's wrong.
They have all these campaigns in this country saying, don't sexually harass women on the street.
Don't rape women.
You really think criminals and rapists and weirdos and perverts Are gonna see a little advertisement on the tube saying, don't harass women, and then go, oh alright, then I won't.
No, they're criminals.
Arm women with tasers!
That'll stop them, won't it?
Women aren't allowed to own tasers in the United Kingdom.
They're not even allowed to carry pepper spray.
Legally, in the United Kingdom, women, if we're so concerned about women getting harassed, sexually assaulted, then yes, it is a problem.
I've had girlfriends who, you know, every single one of them have said, you know, they've been chased down the street, cat called, you know, what's your phone number?
What's your Snapchat?
Go away, I don't want to talk to you.
They just continue doing it.
It is a problem.
So why not let them carry pepper spray?
No, that's banned.
You can't have pepper spray.
They can't, they're not allowed to defend themselves.
But apparently we can hire teams of undercover cops to go around major cities trying to catch people who catcall them.
That's the solution when we have a police resource crisis to the point where they can't even respond to burglaries.
In what world does that make any friggin' sense?
The fee was handed to the offender using the council's public space protection order.
Does working with Met Police as part of a special covert operation They make it sound as if, like, they're casing terrorists.
You've got actual terrorists and murderers roaming around the streets of London, by the way.
Striking out on a regular basis.
But this is the special covert operation of the Metropolitan Police, going after wolf-whistlers.
This culprit, this deadly misogynist, was ordered to pay a £100 fine within 28 days.
If he doesn't pay the fine, he faces a potential prison sentence.
Redbridge Council leader Jaz Athwal, good old British name, said we're supporting covert police operations in the borough to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.
He says this fine is a strong start and will serve as a statement of intent.
We will not tolerate harassment of women and girls unless they're being harassed by large groups of Pakistani and Bangladesh men.
And then not only will they turn a blind eye to it, they'll cover it up and make sure the perpetrators walk free!
But these wolf whistlers, these cat callers, well they are now shaking in fear because all the police resources are being devoted to catch them.
As they're patrolling wolf whistlers and cat callers, in the Church of England, they're patrolling language.
Church Erasers Jesus and Nativity and Christmas Carol replaces them with queer people.
This is a church in Loughborough, All Saints Holy Trinity.
They held a carol service on Monday.
And one of the trainee priests, a woman named Rachel Brinserch, who later locked down her Twitter account and basically tried to scrub all proof of her identity, but she was proud of this, she released her name originally, lauded how the church had changed the lyrics to the classic carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
And on the other side, we're going to tell you how they erased Christ, how they erased the nativity, and what they replaced it with in this new World War.
I was talking about it before the break.
This church in England, under the Church of England, they held a Christmas carol event on Monday, and they replaced Jesus.
They scrubbed references to standing up against Satan.
They scrubbed references to the nativity.
And they replaced them with the verbiage of the new religion, the religion of the Alphabet People.
So this was, uh, trainee priest Rachel Bryn Search.
Again, lauded how the church had changed the lyrics to the classic carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
She said, flipping, love my church!
The new lyrics included the following two verses.
God rest you also women who by men have been erased.
Women are raised by men.
Through history ignored and scorned, defiled and deplaced, remember that your stories too are held within God's grace.
And it says, God rest you, queer and questioning, whatever that means at this point.
Your anxious hearts be still.
Believe that you are deeply known a part of God's goodwill for all to live as one in peace.
The global dream fulfilled.
The globalist dream fulfilled.
The verses replace the actual lyrics of the carol which talk about the nativity and how Christ came to save us all from Satan's power.
Now it is very much evident, isn't it, that Satan's power is being exercised over this very church.
Sam Margrave, member of the General Synod of the Church of England, Responded by saying, when they say we aren't ordaining political activists, show them this.
Absolutely disgusted that an act of worship to our Lord and Saviour is being used to push political ideology.
Well again, that's the point, isn't it?
Wokeism isn't just a political ideology, it's their new religion, so they are going to hollow out your religion.
And as somebody else responded, commented, it's very important for the new religion to try to wear the skin of the old.
Not only does it need to replace the old religion, it needs to defile the old religion.
Bryn Such, whose Twitter profile, bear in mind this is the trainee priest, this is how far the church has been completely taken over.
This is why many people have stopped going to church, this is why the church is dying, and the only people going now are basically these Woke, ordained religious leaders who are taking it out, hollowing it out and wearing it as their new skin.
Her Twitter profile included her pronouns and LGBT flags.
Interesting that, isn't it?
She responded to the backlash by claiming the lyrics were appropriate because representatives of refugee charities were in attendance.
So because, you know, denizens of the ordained Humane charities, the refugee charities, and that is the new form of worship, isn't it?
Worshipping illegal boat migrants because they're very special people.
Because they were there, then somehow it was necessary to amend and erase Jesus Christ out of the carol and replace it with queer people.
She said, my faith informs my politics.
I think that's the other way round, actually.
And I will never be sad or mad or apologize for attending a church which challenges me to think about them more and the policies being legislated for in our name.
Typical intersectional gobbledygook nonsense.
And of course it turns out that this church is part of the inclusive church movement.
Which obviously doesn't include the biblical teachings of Christianity.
They're not quite up to date, so they've been kicked out.
Which pushes regime narratives and progressive stances, which are about as far removed from Christian teachings as you can get.
Back in July, the Church of England refused to define what a woman was.
They still oppose same-sex marriage, but expect that to change very shortly.
More response to this in the form of this Breitbart headline.
Stop rewriting Christmas carols to be woke, Cardinal tells Church of England.
Catholic Bishop has said that Christmas carols should not be rewritten to suit fleeting political and social mores, after it emerged that woke individuals have reworked one song to promote LGBT ideology.
Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, who serves as the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, has waded into a debate on the rewording of the Christmas carol.
He said, I think what Christmas does, it tells us the importance of ritual.
And ritual helps us to step outside our own little bubble, connect with something that we have received, inherited, and that we hope to pass on.
He said, I think those values of continuation, musical rapport, the ability to sing together, looking at rituals that have been fashioned over the centuries, basically said, again, they're trying to eliminate the ritual entirely.
They're trying to subvert it.
They're trying to hollow out the religion and make it A worship of their progressive, demented, liberal ideology.
And of course, anything that challenges that goes very quickly by the wayside.
Stanford University wants the word American added to a harmful language list.
Stanford University is proposing adding the term American to a blacklist, which are the harmful words reasoning that it is too US-centric and not inclusive enough of other countries.
University's targeting the label as part of its Orwellian Elimination of Harmful Language initiative that seeks to police language by memory-holing words and phrases it deems to be not woke enough, so you're not allowed to use the term American now.
Again, this isn't about sensitivities.
This isn't about protecting people's fee-fees.
It's about seizing control of language.
This is about the raw lust for power.
If you control the language, if you control the definition of words, you control reality and you eliminate any reality that you don't like.
That's why they do it.
They're malevolent bastards.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Biden admin funds AI to police online language.
Why are they so obsessed with policing language?
Because language dictates reality.
It allows you to enunciate truths.
If they take that away from you, they're basically metaphorically cutting out your tongue.
That's why they do it.
They're malevolent bastards!
Government spending records have revealed the Biden administration is dishing out more than half a million dollars in grants To fund the development of artificial intelligence that will censor language on social media in order to eliminate microaggressions.
Now of course it's not been going too well so far because what tends to happen with the AI is that it's at its current embryonic stage very prone to the people who program it.
So when they put an AI online and invite people to go in and have conversations with this AI online it tends to get Bombarded by, let's say, some very edgy people.
And the AI turns out to be racist.
That's what's happened all along.
So they've had a lot of problems with that because it's been bombarded with people who are going on there and trolling and making the AI become racist.
Well, apparently that's going to be solved by this new funding package.
The Washington Free Beacon reports that the funding was part of Biden's 1.9 trillion American rescue plan.
I'm rescuing America by controlling language and censoring it.
And was granted to researchers at the University of Washington in March to develop technologies that could be used to protect online users from discriminatory language.
Again, complete bollocks.
Just another front for censorship.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton compared the move to the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to censor speech unapproved by the state.
Of course, that is the origin of political correctness.
At its origin, at its embryonic stage, it had nothing to do with protecting gay people, protecting minorities.
Politically incorrect speech was politically inconvenient speech when it was about the regime in communist China, communist Russia.
That was the origin of political correctness.
It was to censor criticism of the state.
It had nothing to do with protecting the rights, sensibilities and feelings of minority groups, but that's how it's being adopted in the West.
The report notes the researchers are developing machine learning models that can analyse social media posts and correct any language that could cause offence to marginalised groups.
And of course when they control big tech, that works in a similar fashion to how their Fact-check algorithms work, so any apparatchik of the regime, of course now we've seen the revelations, Twitter working directly with the US government, Facebook the same, pre-Elon Musk of course, you have those state apparatchiks, once they define what has been fact-checked, what's debunked, what's a conspiracy theory,
They feed that into the AI, that goes into the algorithm, and then those stories get censored in the algorithm, they get relegated, so very few people, or none whatsoever, see those stories.
That's what happened with the Hunter Biden story.
They malevolently and deliberately manipulated the outcome of an election by censoring that story before the election.
And they did it in a similar way to how they're going to deploy this machine learning AI to censor your social media posts before you're even allowed to make them.
So they won't even need to have a human analysing them afterwards.
If you use naughty words in a certain order, the AI will detect it, the post will be blocked before it's even allowed to go online.
That is the next phase.
Summit.News will be back.
Don't go away.
We're live, this is the final segment and I want to get to these two final videos because again this should have been one of the biggest stories of the month, if not the year.
The announcement that the EU is launching a carbon tax which will be targeted against individual citizens, this is unprecedented, the first of its kind in the world.
And it was barely even reported.
This was reported as an EU border tax against foreign countries importing goods into the European Union that they would be hit by carbon taxes.
Of course, that's going to be passed on to the consumer.
But within this agreement, which is going to be voted on by the unelected EU, they're basically just going to rubber stamp it in January or February.
It has a direct carbon tax on citizens and they admit this is gonna cause yellow vest style riots across the continent.
This video is called This is Scary.
We're gonna play the first 3 minutes 40 of it.
Let's roll it.
Here it is.
This is easily one of the biggest developments of the year, if not the past 30 years.
And it just slipped out with virtually no one grasping its true implications.
Last night the unelected totalitarian EU just announced the world's first direct carbon tax on individuals.
How is everyone not freaking out over this?
EU approved CO2 tax on heating and transport.
A new carbon price will apply to petrol, diesel and heating fuels such as natural gas.
Beginning in 2027, they're going to start adding on carbon tax whenever you pay your heating bill or fill up at the pump.
The new scheme will entail higher prices at the pump, up to 10.5 cents for a litre of petrol and 12 cents for diesel according to a study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate research. Heating fuels like gas, heating oil and coal will
see their prices increase as well. AFP confirms the agreement also aims to
make households pay for emissions linked to fuel and gas heating from 2027.
Of course they'll start off small to get everyone used to it. "Oh just a tiny
bit extra to save the planet." Then it's the slippery slope to an enviro-feudal
hellscape. They're also imposing more of this on industries and energy companies,
which will then just pass their costs on to the consumer. Dutch media outlet NOS
confirms citizens and companies will have to pay for the co2 from the exhaust
and the chimney.
This goes for energy companies and pumping stations. They have to pay for
emission rights and then charge the costs to the customer who comes to fill
up or turn on the gas heater. Michael Bloss, a green lawmaker who took part in
the final negotiations, said this "citizens in the EU must expect higher
co2 prices."
They admit the talks were dragged out, quote, because of the political sensitivity of introducing what many will perceive as a new tax.
But it was approved even against the advice of the chairman of the EU's own environmental committee, Pascal Canfin.
Canfin said the proposal was, quote, politically suicidal and risked triggering a European-wide protest movement similar to the Yellow Vests in France.
The Yellow Vest Uprising began in rural areas as a revolt against fuel tax hikes, and ended up paralyzing the entire country.
The technocrats themselves admit that this new carbon tax is so onerous and odious, they fear the reaction to it will be continent-level riots and civil unrest.
What happened in the Netherlands is just a taste of what's to come.
Authorities fired live rounds at Dutch protesters including a 16 year old boy.
The clashes ensued after nationwide former protests against drastic green agenda nitrogen cuts which would see their livelihoods devastated.
In order to comply with globalist technocratic rules on climate change cuts, farmers would be paid by the government not to produce food, while 30% of farms would be forced to close down for good.
This war on farmers is also playing out in Germany and other European countries.
To make this new carbon tax quote politically acceptable, the EU has promised a social climate fund to help with the costs.
Something that will obviously be later withdrawn once everyone is acclimatized to their new surfdom.
And even the same technocrats behind this new carbon tax admit that this social climate fund won't be enough to soften the burden on households.
And Americans, sorry to alarm you, but you're next.
Climate reparations paid to the third world.
So back on the loss and damage fund though, I mean...
Is there going to have to be U.S.
taxpayer money that helps the United States?
Presumably the United States is going to have to be one of the nations that contributes to this.
Well, it'd be great if there were some.
Now, that is what has been announced this week as a result of this vote that took place.
It wasn't even a vote.
They just announced it.
They're going to have a rubber stamp vote in January.
Then we had another revelation a couple of days later, which brings us to our next video.
This was admitted way back in January 2021.
Published by Deutsche Bank in a research report and wait until you find out what they said would be necessary to achieve this net zero agenda by 2050 under the guise of global warming hysteria.
This is called hidden in plain sight.
Let's roll it.
Sometimes the true agenda behind net zero slips out.
Because these technocrats can't help themselves getting all giddy about what they're really doing.
The latest example was discovered in a document first released last year by Deutsche Bank Research.
The document reveals what the EU must do to achieve climate neutrality net zero by 2050.
And guess what?
It says they're going to have to impose an eco-tyranny dictatorship.
But it's for the planet!
So totalitarianism can be a good thing.
Right, the document talks about the need to change the consumption habits of the ordinary citizen.
Even on minutia, such as how often you use electronic devices.
And that quote, climate policy comes in the form of higher taxes and fees on energy, which make heating and mobility more expensive.
How you travel, how you heat your home, how much meat and even exotic fruit you eat.
We'll all be under scrutiny.
Quote, if we really want to achieve climate neutrality, we need to change our behaviour in all these areas of life.
That means that carbon prices will have to rise considerably in order to nudge people to change their behaviour.
And here's the kicker.
I know that eco-dictatorship is a nasty word, but we may have to ask ourselves the question whether and to what extent we may be willing to accept some kind of eco-dictatorship in the form of regulatory law in order to move towards climate neutrality.
Eco- Dictatorship.
Right there in black and white.
That's them admitting it.
I don't really have to tell you what the word dictatorship means, do I?
Remember what Stanley Johnson said about net zero.
And if that means actually some of us are told, well you can't go on a plane, that's fine.
That's part of the national plan.
Hidden in plain sight.
It's all a massive con.
They just want absolute technocratic control over your every activity.
Shockingly, since people started drawing attention to this research paper, it's mysteriously crashed and no one can see it anymore.
Just a coincidence, I'm sure.
I'm sure the guy who wrote this paper, Eric Heyman, has been sufficiently reprimanded.
Eric, don't tell them what we're actually planning to do!
People might start waking up quicker!
They might begin to realise the agenda and start doing something to resist it!
We can't have that!
Now, these eco-activists, who of course, as I've explained many times before, I'm talking about Just Stop Oil, I'm talking about Extinction Rebellion, they're the foot soldiers of the globalist technocrats.
They're all pushing in the same direction, it's just the eco-deranged mentalist activists want to go there a bit quicker.
They claim they're part of the rebellion, they're actually a fundamental integral part of the establishment.
They're out annoying people once again, because again, Doesn't matter what public approval they have.
They don't need the public support.
They're shock troops for the establishment.
They're out there to try and convince people that this is a climate emergency.
They're out there to gin up the hysteria and the moral panic.
They're out there to be a visual reminder, just like the masks were the visual reminder.
For the pandemic, for people to stay in their lane, to not question anything, that's the role that the eco-climate protesters serve, is to be that visual reminder that we're supposedly in a climate emergency, when we know that that, of course, is all bollocks.
The Earth's climate has always changed.
It will continue to change, whatever humans do.
Eco-activists decapitate landmark Christian tree.
This is in Germany, where climate protesters lopped off the top of a Christmas tree at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday.
The group responsible has led a month-long campaign of traffic disruption and vandalism, but again, they don't care about it because they don't need public support.
The US has spawned an entire generation of kiddos that simply refuse to grow up.
50% now of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are living with one or both parents.
That ties into this story.
Of course, part of the reason for that is crippling student debt, the fact that homes are unaffordable, but it's not the only reason.
There's a general crisis of masculinity where people are remaining in permanent adolescence into their 30s and 40s because they don't have any good masculine male role models anymore.
Adults are buying toys for themselves and it's the biggest source of growth for the industry, reports CNBC.
One fourth of the adult toy industry is now being supported.
Nine billion dollars a year by kidults.
These are adults buying action figurines for themselves and again, You know, if you want to buy an action figurine of one of your favourite shows or something as a one-off, that's one thing.
But when you have wall-to-wall friggin' Funko Pops, when you have adult Lego sets, adult colouring books, and your entire identity is predicated around Marvel and DC comics and superheroes in the cinema, That's a bit of a problem, isn't it?
And we're seeing this kidult trend grow and grow and grow as masculinity becomes more and more derided, more and more vilified, more and more monstered by the establishment, by the institutions, by the culture.
And it's a crisis that will continue to be exacerbated.
That's gonna wrap it up.
War Room is next.
Summit.News, don't go away.
Thank you.
We'll be back.
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