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Name: 20221220_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 20, 2022
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In various radio show segments, Alex Jones discusses topics such as arrests related to the January 6th insurrection, immigration policies, and conspiracy theories. He promotes InfoWars supplements and urges listeners to support the platform by purchasing products from their store. Additionally, he shares stories from callers and criticizes mainstream media for promoting globalist narratives. Jones also addresses recent revelations regarding the World Health Organization's classification of anti-vaccine activism and introduces InfoWars Platinum supplements and The Wellness Company as uncensored content platforms for alternative medical care.

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This show is one of the most important broadcasts in the world for liberty, and it is up to the audience to decide whether we stay on the air or not.
Now, I'm done talking about this today, and I don't want callers.
Please don't bring this up.
I love you.
I love the audience.
I love the supporters.
I'm talking to all the middle class people and all the wealthy people that listen to this show and that sit there on the sidelines thinking, oh, they can tune in for the information But, you know what?
I'm not going to buy anything from Alex Jones.
I'm not going to actually reach out and support him.
I'm not going to go to Infowarshore.com at the top where it says support and make a donation.
No, no, no.
I'm not going to put skin in the game.
I'm going to let other people fight for me and hope it all turns out okay.
We're public enemy number one because we exposed the poison shots.
We told you everything before it happened.
And we've devastated the enemy by the grace of God and the supporters that did support.
And I salute you and everything you've done.
But let me tell you, if we were losing by a long shot and if we were way behind to pay the bills, I could just say, well, it's time to really shut this down or crush it down or move on or whatever.
We've been here 20 something years, 15 years in this building.
But the fact that it's just right there where we're almost where we need to be and we're just almost going to beat these people.
It just pisses me off.
Let me tell you, they're coming through me to get to you.
Trump always says it's true.
They want to come through me because I'm standing up for everybody.
You understand that?
I'll never give up, but I could give out.
Energize us now!
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, listen.
I'm gonna tell you something I'm not supposed to talk about.
Nobody is.
But... But what?
But they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things they wanted.
They just took them away.
Re-education camps.
That's what they call it.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the kind of camps that you all run.
I mean, really.
There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.
And the question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
There are millions of people who believe that the election was rigged.
How do you begin to deprogram them?
Once we educate them, we coach them on how to interact and empower the person to start thinking for themselves.
They are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and we have to be deprogrammed.
Because they've been brainwashed, Joy.
I really believe that they have been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign.
So how do you de-radicalize?
These people.
We probably need to double, triple, quadruple, or increase funding for these de-radicalization programs.
It's 1159 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the Occupied Zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
The FBI has arrested hundreds of people in connection with the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
Capitol and more could be on the way.
Approximately 800 people have been arrested.
Joseph Biggs was indicted earlier this week by a federal grand jury along with four other members of the group with conspiracy to commit sedition.
Joseph Biggs facilitated political violence even if they weren't armed and didn't assault anybody at the Capitol on January 6th.
A couple hours ago, I was informed by my attorney that there is a warrant out for my arrest with allegations involving January 6th.
I will have to turn myself in.
Monday morning.
The DOJ, the Biden administration, announced it's charging a host at Infowars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
Well, that sounds bad.
What did Owen Schroer do?
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
Enrique Tarrio pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges, including the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner As for those text messages, the January 6th Committee is now planning to subpoena them as it looks into Jones' role in the Capitol attack.
The American people are not buying the whole fraud that January 6th was the new Pearl Harbor, or worse than 9-11, all these preposterous assigned things that were set in time.
January 6th was a false flag.
Everybody knows it at this point, from Ray Epps to the pipe bomber.
I mean, it's obvious.
It's all coming out.
It's all being exposed.
We're not going to be the ones on trial anymore.
No, Globalist, we're coming after you.
Nuremberg 2.0 begins now.
We'll be back with us live Tuesday December 20th transmission
If you want to see an example of total and complete gaslighting, the new talking point, ladies and gentlemen, everywhere.
Is that if you say the border is wide open, which it is, you're causing the border to be wide open.
You would be wrong to think that the border is open.
It is not open.
And I just want to be very, very clear about that.
We're meeting here just minutes after, as Darlene pointed out, the... A number for you at this time.
What I can say is that we know smugglers will try to spread misinformation to take advantage of these vulnerable migrants.
But I want to be very clear here.
The fact is that the removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open.
Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers who again are spreading misinformation
And which are which is very dangerous When title 42 goes away as we are as we have to do because
of a court order Which is on Wednesday as all of you know
We will go back to title 8 Which allows a process to make sure that people can make
their asylum claims heard Those who do not have a leave the border wall you talk
about Open borders. I don't think I've ever heard President Biden
say we have an open board and come on over But people I have heard say it are you, are former President Trump, are Ron DeSantis.
That message reverberates in Mexico and beyond.
So they do get the message that it is an open border and smugglers use all those kinds of statements.
So you just heard the press secretary and mainstream corporate enemy of the American people news tell you that there is no open border but the border is open because Republicans said it's open and the American people can see that it's wide open and we see the same UN agencies in command of the Border Patrol who are directing the whole thing.
Now the state of Texas is open to criminal investigation of that.
We've been calling for for almost two years.
But to say that I've never heard Biden Tell anybody to come up here to the border and that if Republicans say the border is basically open that we're making people come here.
No, Biden said that and that's why we saw the giant surge.
Remember he said this right before he stole the election two years ago.
And that's what they do.
That's all they do.
that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Well, that's called brainwashing right there.
And that's what they do.
That's all they do.
If there isn't Title 42 in place, basically everybody's completely legalized who gets here
And they've already been ignoring Title 42.
And then just saying Title VIII means if they say you can't come in, you can't, and they're letting basically everybody in.
We already know that.
In fact, they don't want any screening, because some do get screened.
They want to just load them onto buses, load them onto trains, load them onto airplanes, fly them around with new IDs, sign them up to be voters, sign them up for welfare, sign them up in sweatshops and restaurants to then skim money off the top of this group.
These impoverished people after years of globalist lockdown in Latin America and other parts of the world coming up through Latin America.
They're coming from Asia.
They're coming from Africa.
They're coming from the Middle East.
They're all coming through Central America at the UN Refugee Centers where they give them debit cards with thousands of dollars on them in the Middle East.
And in Africa and in Latin America to then get to Central America from South America and all come in to Mexico.
They've broken the border completely by design and now that the crisis becomes so huge that no one can even deny it anymore.
They say, well, of course the Republicans did this.
And you can say what you want about President Trump.
But he did cut border crossing from what Obama had, something like 95%.
And he really cracked down.
And then made people that had merit able to actually get here legally and made that easier.
The system doesn't want you to come here legally.
They want you to come here illegally so they can keep you as a permanent, invisible underclass that they feed on complete human exploitation on a grand scale.
There's just some recent video the TV viewers can see in El Paso where they estimate 14,000 plus people a day are coming across.
Now they say it's building up to 20,000 is their new estimate.
Border crisis, Title 42 is scheduled to end this week and the rampant chaos is escalating.
We just played you Martha Raddatz following the plot.
She hasn't lost the plot, putting out the talking point.
That she never heard Biden say come to the border.
It's the Republicans that said come here.
We have the Biden press secretary says you're with the smugglers if you claim border is open even though the Democrats openly work with smugglers and other gangs like MS-13.
Supreme Court has paused the expiration of Title 42 saying it's unconstitutional What Biden's doing, but Biden's already, by fiat, done that.
Or should I say, discontrollers.
Texas border towns prepare for migrant wave with shipping containers and razor wire.
The White House says that doesn't mean the border's open, but it's already essentially open.
And they call it a Trump-era law, but Trump only began enforcing it.
It's actually from 1944.
SPLC continued use of Title 42.
Unacceptable mass expulsion must end.
That's really what this is all about.
20,000 migrants, not illegal aliens, were waiting near El Paso for Title 42's expiration report.
As border chaos rages, Biden gives fake interviews and new fake photoshops where it looks like he's 30 years younger.
I mean, this is getting crazy.
They're now using deep fakes in videos they release where they put a younger face on him.
I mean, this is getting... Twilight Zone meets 1984 meets The Running Man.
I mean, this is getting crazy town.
So I want to open the phones up on this situation today.
Specifically, on two topics, and I'm asking callers when you call in, I only do this every once in a while, but when I do, I'd like you to call on these topics.
The border being totally wide open, and where you see this going, and what you think should be done, and I'll give you my views on it.
They're now being adopted by the state of Texas, and should be a long time ago, but they're just now doing it.
Criminal investigations of the UN NGOs in charge.
of the border patrol.
Of course, Congress on that, that's completely illegal.
So many federal laws, it makes your head spin.
Certainly makes mine become dizzy.
I wanna talk about that.
And I don't wanna open the phones up for people to call in with your COVID-19 gene therapy injection stories
of what happened to you.
We're not judging you if you got made to do it or felt you had to or got bullied into it.
We've all done things that are wrong and done things that we didn't understand.
Believe me, I've done far worse than taking the poison shot.
I never took the poison shot, but I've done things far worse, ladies and gentlemen.
And I didn't think I was doing something bad at the time.
Later, I realized it was wrong.
When God convicted my heart.
But the point is, is that I wanna hear from you with your COVID stories, what happened to your jobs,
what happened to your family, what happened to your neighbors.
People need to hear these calls.
So those are two big giant subjects that we are going to be discussing and breaking down today.
Because I know this general audience already knows all about the COVID shot
and where the virus came from, but the general public's just now waking up.
So if we, the original people, that means you, the audience, our guests, myself and others, Don't continue to hammer the enemy.
They're going to get away with it to do it again.
So we have some huge developments on that front as well that are just incredible.
And I'm not even going to get to it until we hit it.
But they say, oh, suddenly all these different bacteria are flesh eating.
And we now have record deaths from flesh eating bacteria.
And it's in the studies.
It's because your immune system has been lowered.
It's not new bacteria.
So we got a big stack on that.
K6 committee votes 9-0 to recommend criminal charges for President Trump.
We've got big global carbon tax, World ID announcements.
I mean, it's all going down in a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy way.
And it's just going to get crazier from here on out.
Wait to hear what they're about to do with the power grid.
Stay with us.
I think the president was also very clear that COVID is not over.
Is the pandemic over?
The pandemic is over.
We still have a problem with COVID.
We're still doing a lot of work on it.
But the pandemic is over.
The COVID is not over.
The president has been very clear on this.
If you notice, no one's wearing masks.
Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape.
So they're like, well, the public's woken up to us.
Let's just...
Claim it's over and then turn it right back on.
Which they've turned all the same fear, all the same lies, back on again.
Probably the worst flu outbreak we've seen in a decade.
There are some places where flu may be peaking, but it's very early data.
But a lot of flu out there, again, the worst in a decade.
There was basically zero flu!
Almost nobody's had flu now for 18 months.
Literally, there was nearly no flu this year in the Southern Hemisphere.
They went from tens of millions of flu deaths to basically zero.
Remember that?
The flu?
You can type in the headlines, the flu is gone.
Why is the flu gone?
Because they counted the flu deaths in 2020 to scare everybody as COVID.
We've taken a very liberal approach to mortality.
And I think they're reporting that those, if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.
Now that they've taken the poison shots and death rates and all these other viral infections and race immune systems are so bad, oh now it's the flu.
We know this virus is constantly changing.
New variants have emerged here in the U.S.
and around the world.
We've seen cases of hospitalizations rise in Europe in recent weeks.
Contagious viruses like COVID are going to spread considerably more easily.
The most important thing you can do to prepare for your holidays is to get your updated COVID vaccine.
And if you get it now, you'll be protected in time for winter holiday gatherings.
Hi everyone!
Thank you for joining the Global Citizen Concert, especially our frontline workers who have carried us through this pandemic.
We're deeply grateful for all that you've done.
The vaccines are safe.
I promise you they're safe.
They work.
Dear Santa, I don't want games.
I don't want toys.
Just get me the COVID vaccine.
Here we are, going into the third year of it, and we are still in the middle of a pandemic with the numbers that you just showed.
In the U.S.
alone, the COVID vaccines have saved more than 3 million lives and helped prevent We've heard figures of around 3 million lives saved globally as a result of the vaccine.
Do you really want anybody that's in a vulnerable situation, an older person, somebody with a high BMI, to hear you talking down the vaccines and then die from COVID?
I mean, here's the thing, Asim.
Surely the COVID vaccine is by definition the most tested vaccine in history, given the fact that billions have had it.
Yes, sadly not, Mark.
And in fact, that figure of 3 million, that isn't based upon any good hard evidence.
I mean, there was a headline about 20 million lives saved from COVID vaccines, but it was based upon the lowest level quality of evidence we can ever have, a modelling study.
In other words, people like John Ioannidis, who I consider the Stephen Hawking of medicine, describe such sort of studies or observational studies as being spurious, in other words, fake.
This is science fiction, not scientific fact.
We have a vaccine that unequivocally is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives.
The Commonwealth Fund has come out with a report just this past week that vaccinations that have been administered over this period of time this last year and a half to two years has saved 3.2
million lives 18 million hospitalizations and approximately 1 trillion
dollars in costs so what's the problem with vaccines it's not a
vaccine It wasn't approved.
It's not safe and effective.
It doesn't protect you.
It erases your immune system.
Everyone knows it.
And he just went back to the lie of two years ago that it's safe and effective and protects you.
You are a lying, dirtbag criminal that produced the weapon and then released it and then gave us the deadly shots.
And you need to go to prison, you little Joseph Mingala.
All right, the full report just went up at Bandot Video.
It's where did the flu go?
We're gonna break down the rest of the story here in a moment and play you clips of Fauci telling even bigger lies.
That's what we do here.
We show you Biden saying, I'm opening the border, come here now.
Everybody's saying, Biden never said come here, the border's not broken.
But suddenly it is, the Republicans just broke it, right as they get rid of Title 42, thinking you're that stupid that right as they completely break the dam, now Republicans did it.
These are some sick, evil people.
And I'm gonna get into the latest COVID news, and I'm gonna move on past that and take your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
First-time callers, long-time callers.
Everybody's welcome, but on the subjects of the open borders, what we do about it, and your COVID stories.
Your COVID poison injection stories.
But if you already called in before, when we did this probably 10 times in the last couple years on air, please let others who haven't had a chance to tell their story call in.
877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
Okay, a couple things.
Infowars has been in a battle with the globalists to stay on air the last few years.
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And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, on this live Tuesday, December 20th transmission.
The phone lines have loaded up.
People want to talk about the poison injections and their experiences.
And if you loved it, why don't you call in as well?
All we ask is you have a clean phone line and ready to talk.
All right, I talked about Fauci.
Here's one of the big lies people don't drill into enough.
He bragged on... It had to be 50 different programs.
I mean, I saw him on at least 50 different shows say that, I decided on the lockdown and I decided on everything and I told Trump to dooz it.
Now he says it was all Trump's idea and was Trump's fault.
No, they ran the policy, they created the virus, they released it, they hugged Wink Trump into going along with it, but the issue is they're still in control of policy.
And they're getting ready for another attack.
So here's Jimmy Dore taking them to the woodshed.
He's gonna tell us that he recommended we shut down not just schools, but the whole country.
Listen to this.
I recommended to the President that we shut the country down.
And that was a very difficult decision.
Because I knew it would have serious economic consequences.
And so here he is now trying to deny it.
You would have to lock down schools if you had to do it all over again.
Well, you know, again, first of all, I didn't recommend locking anything down.
So Dr. Fauci is an unbridled, pathological liar.
Every time he opens his mouth, he's lying.
We've documented he's lied about masks.
He lied about the origin of the virus.
He lied about funding the virus.
He lied to Congress about that twice, which is a felony.
He lied about herd immunity.
He lied about natural immunity.
He's lied about everything at every step.
He's a criminal liar and should be in prison.
He's a criminal liar and should be in prison.
And him and his handlers are in control of bioweapons, far worse than COVID-19.
And they say that terrorists are about to release bioweapons.
I mean, people, you like living, you like your electricity turning on, you like your wife and kids being alive, your husband being alive, your mom, your dad being alive.
You like living, folks.
You better start getting active and start praying as well.
And better start supporting outlets that tell the truth.
And I'm not bitching and complaining, but If anybody watched the bankruptcy hearing I was in yesterday under sworn testimony of outside accountants that the judge wanted appointed that we had to pay for.
Massive New York firm all in here.
This place is on the edge of insolvency.
We are in bankruptcy to try to get through this and try to minimize the bills.
And then a bunch of the audience thinks, well, he's going off air.
I'm not going to support.
No, it's Chapter 11, Subchapter 5.
All we got to do is have a plan, make it through the plan, and we stay on air indefinitely.
And they can't shut us down.
And we get our appeals.
And I'm not bitching, but I'm going to get to that later, because national headlines.
Judge strips Jones of bankruptcy protection in devastating blow to Jones.
We took the stay off on the Connecticut and Texas Sandy Hook show trial cases because we're appealing it.
We put in the motion.
And when you read way down in the Associated Press, it says, Jones's lawyers lifted the stay.
That's the level of the lies.
And I love my crew.
But last night about eight o'clock I get a text message from one of the writers and it's a headline, you know, federal court works with the deep state to strip Jones was bankruptcy.
And I called up the writer and I said, and I love him to death.
And I said, since when do you believe a word that comes out of the mainstream media?
You should have called me, take that article down.
And I said, did you read deeper?
And they said, yeah, but we just went with that.
I said, yeah.
Did you read down there where it says we live to this day?
We got two years of appeals, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in bankruptcy because we're out of money.
And we're doing a reorganization, and then they, with their state courts, can't seize this building and the infrastructure while we do this.
We are literally in a toe-to-toe battle on the verge of winning!
But all you've got to do is buy the products.
Then they spun it.
They said Jones asked for $1.3 million salary.
Do you know why I did that?
The court's making me pay for 50% now of the legal fees.
And the 50% I've paid so far this year was $1.3 million.
So that's the number we're shooting for.
I have almost no money.
I have like $100,000 in the bank now.
Which is fine.
But I have like $100,000.
It's in the federal filings.
There's $130,000.
I think it's less than that now.
I have $130,000 under penalty of perjury.
There's no hidden accounts.
There's nothing in the Caymans.
There's nothing, you know, on the moon.
There's nothing.
There's not secret stuff.
There's not trust.
There's none of that.
There's like trust on my house so the address isn't public, but it's not a trust hiding something.
But see, the media sits there in a multi-hour hearing, hears all of that under penalty of perjury, outside accounting firms telling the judge that, and you get the complete opposite once the corporate media gets to it.
We told the judge, we said, Jones needs this amount to pay the legal bills and he'll have no money.
Which is a liberating feeling.
I kind of feel good in this fight that I'm going to get down to the point where I can't buy groceries.
That makes me feel actually like I've done my job.
I'm actually liking this in a way.
I'm going to see whether the audience supports.
I'm going to see whether God wants this to come through.
And if you don't want to support, we need about $300,000 extra in a month to make it through the appeals and the bankruptcy and all the stuff that's going on that we've done the math, deep accounting.
We get about an extra $300,000 a month in orders in.
We will be able to break even and keep the crew employed to do this.
If not, you'll see very quickly that I wouldn't blow and smoke up your rear end.
Because unlike Fauci, I don't tell lies.
You got that?
That's my secret.
My brain becomes more powerful every day because I've trained myself not to lie to myself, not to lie to my audience, and not to lie in front of God.
So, I'm sorry I went off a little bit of a rant there, but, and I'm not mad at the crew member that went with the AP lies, and the Reuters lies and all of it, because I've done that too.
I remember in 2008, people start calling me and they go, Russia's just invaded Georgia, And I drove into the office, went on air, and said, yeah, the news is all saying Russia invaded Georgia, and it was all over the foreign news that they'd attacked the Russian border and military bases, and the Russians came in because of that.
And I'm not defending the Russians, it's just I went with what they were saying on CNN, and it was a lie.
And you've really got to train yourself, folks, to not go along with the lies.
And I'm telling myself that when I get up here and talk about it.
It's real simple.
Boost your immune system, have better libido, better stamina, better everything with a great cocktail of high-quality nutraceuticals we've got.
Buy a book.
The Great Reset and the War for the World, do whatever you need to, or make the conscious decision that the Democrats couldn't shut us down, and the debunking, and the deep state, and the censorship couldn't shut us down, and all the fake lawsuits couldn't shut us down, but you decided to believe their propaganda, because I've not talked to folks on the street and everywhere else, we get the emails, and you believe we're going under because the lawyers told you we're going under, the Democrats told you we're going under, And you've decided, some of you, to believe that, so we've gotten less support since all those court cases.
Believe them.
And then it'll make it true!
Because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy that this show is one of the most important broadcasts in the world for liberty, and it is up to the audience to decide whether we stay on the air or not.
Now, I'm done talking about this today, and I don't want callers.
Please don't bring this up.
I love you.
I love the audience.
I love the supporters.
I'm talking to all the middle-class people and all the wealthy people that listen to this show and that sit there on the sidelines thinking, oh, they can tune in for the information, but You know what?
I'm not going to buy anything from Alex Jones.
I'm not going to actually reach out and support him.
I'm not going to go to Infowarshore.com at the top where it says support and make a donation.
No, no, no.
I'm not going to put skin in the game.
I'm going to let other people fight for me and hope it all turns out okay.
We're public enemy number one because we exposed the poison shots.
We told you everything before it happened and we've devastated the enemy by the grace of God and the supporters that did support and I salute you and everything you've done.
But let me tell you, if we were losing by a long shot and if we were way behind to pay the bills, I could just say, well, it's time to really shut this down or crush it down or move on or whatever.
We've been here 20 something years, 15 years in this building.
But the fact that it's just right there where we're almost where we need to be and we're just almost going to beat these people.
It just pisses me off.
Let me tell you, they're coming through me to get to you.
Trump always says it's true.
They want to come through me because I'm standing up for everybody.
You understand that?
I'll never give up, but I could give out.
Energize us now!
Welcome back.
I'm going to hit the massive COVID news, then I'm going to go to your phone calls and hit the border news, the economy news, the Russia news, the massive Coming out of the pedophile news, it's all over the place that people are really waking up to.
But I want to finish up with what I just said in that unscheduled, unplanned rant that I just put out there.
I'm going to get to that later.
It's just this, I want the crew to know this as well.
It's not like you're going to order something today or next month and then you don't get it and we close the doors and don't tell you.
We're not doing that.
It's in court.
You'll hear about it the next two, three months.
If it's decided that InfoWars and this operation is insolvent, then we'll say, okay, in two months, the show goes off.
That's like two months after that, so four or five months from now.
And the decision's been made, you'll hear it here on air, for Chapter 7 liquidation, and we're going to close in two months, and we're liquidating anything that's left.
You'll be able to buy those products, get them, we'll shut down.
That's how it works, and then I'll go off to another employer, be on the air somewhere else, but it won't be as hard-hitting, or badass, or historic, or the rest of it.
Okay, so like, we're a big, awesome aircraft carrier in the fight, that's had victory after victory more than any ship in the Armada of Liberty.
You want to keep us in the fight, it's really that simple, but I'm just giving the crew and everybody a status report on where we're at.
And that's it, because we're not supported by Big Globalist or Big Money or any of the stuff.
We're supported by viewers and listeners like you.
And in the money crunch, we don't have t-shirts anymore.
In the money crunch, we didn't have a lot of other books and other things people buy anymore.
We had to kind of crunch down what we had, and that's what the bankruptcy people recommended, but that isn't really what the listeners wanted.
So they've agreed, okay, we'll put all the money we've got forward into t-shirts and other things that'll be in in like a month or so, and hopefully that gets sales up because, you know, we're not making the mark by just a little bit.
And we've actually been able to cut the legal costs down because those show trials are over.
We're in bankruptcy and a bunch of other stuff's happening.
But it's about $200,000 to $300,000.
It's in that range.
The last four or five months that we have gone under on.
And so then we enter a phase where there's not money to buy the products we need because that's how we fund ourselves to be able to then can stay on in the future.
And so you cross that Rubicon.
And we'll cross that Rubicon.
In the next two months or so, we'll know very soon.
And again, it's completely up to you.
And I'm not going to harp on this.
We've got too much life-saving information to cover, too much to get into.
And if the listeners decide we're going off air, it's your decision, and I'm not mad at you, that's your decision.
But it isn't, it's your decision.
And that means God's told you not to support us, and I need a break.
And I'm not telling you please don't support, but maybe that's what needs to happen.
You know, I mean, I just know this.
I put in my all.
I fought as hard as I can.
We need a sense of urgency about the New World Order.
We need to keep mobilizing the people.
The information we put out gets picked up everywhere.
And it will be a major victory for the enemy if they can do this, and you should not give the enemy that victory.
They don't want us up here showing you Biden saying, I'm going to open the border, surge the border, when he says he never said it now.
They don't want us showing you what Fauci said two years ago versus what he says right now.
They don't want us showing you documents and studies and facts.
This broadcast, by the grace of God, all glory goes to God, has been the most devastating weapon against the enemy other than Trump.
And Trump wasn't perfect, and isn't perfect, but they hate him because he was really the president, and he took power away from them, and he controlled the borders and a bunch of other stuff.
That's why they hate him.
They legitimately hate his guts.
So this is an authoritarian takeover we're witnessing, and America is the best house in a bad neighborhood, and we're one of the only hopes in the world.
And Infowars is the strongest light, other than like Tucker Carlson, in the fight against these people.
And they're after him too.
So there isn't many of us left, folks, but as the enemy expands their takeover, we become more influential than ever.
We have giant audiences.
6, 7, 8 million tune in one way or another conservatively every day just on our platforms.
Sometimes we have big guests on 20, 30, 40 million.
But those people are new listeners.
They don't buy anything.
It's the hardcore supporters that are responsible for all of our victories here, because we may be a badass fighter jet loaded with weapons to take out the enemy politically, That's an analogy folks, not literally.
But if we don't have fuel in the tank, the jet doesn't take off.
So it's that simple.
All right, I'm gonna stop and I'm done.
That's so mad I started sweating.
I know we got a lot of phone lines with your horror stories about the shots.
We're gonna get to all of you coming up here today.
This is such an important central topic.
We're going to break it down at every level.
But let me just settle down now and start plowing through this news that I was mentioning because this is so big and this is so serious and people have to really let this sink in, okay?
We predicted with scientists and doctors and top experts Going back two and a half years ago, that these shots, because they'd already done rat studies with similar injections, would erase immune systems, cause infertility, cardiovascular problems, and grow prion-like protein clusters and folding proteins in the body.
You now see all that.
And we have the studies right here, overhead shot, there's just literally hundreds of them, that the vaccines aren't vaccines, and do indeed massively lower immunity to not just viruses, but bacteria as well.
To the opposite of like vitamin D and sunshine.
University of Minnesota.
Immune response fall after Pfizer COVID vaccine data shows.
Science Daily.
How COVID-19 alters immune system, lowering it.
Now, what's happening now?
Two years into this.
CDC investigating apparent rise in Strep A infections in children.
Flesh eating.
Eight children in the UK have died due to invasive strep infection, but it's not a new bacteria.
Their immune systems have been lowered.
They have been vaccinated, it's showing.
Recent surge in Group A strep leukaemia infections among children all over the Western world, but they've taken the shots.
Now, that is such a huge issue.
Court halts Biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors.
Actor Tim Robbins expresses regret for his support of COVID authoritarianism.
Here's a graphic.
By age 6, how many vaccines you're given, not counting the new COVID poisons.
And how many is it?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.
And it just goes on and on and on.
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 42.
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 and it just goes on and on and on 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31 4 we're talking almost 50 shots and your first six years give
me a break and you wonder what's going on Meanwhile, the left says screw your freedom, take the shots, you have no rights, you have no freedom.
Gene Simmons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Stern, all of these evil, degenerate, selfish, cowardly, un-American dirtbags.
Now speaking of un-American dirtbags, this isn't even in the news yet.
Stanford University's guide on hateful language not to be used,
but you can be disciplined for it.
We're going to write an article about this.
This is from Stanford.
Says the word American is hateful and bad and that you should not use it anymore.
You should call it citizen.
How can a country even exist if you can't say what you are?
This is the erasure of our identities, the erasure of who we are.
Can't say mother and father and government documents in a bunch of blue cities and states and places like the UK and Canada.
This is an outrageous cult of total and complete control.
And I misspoke.
I've just seen the document that just gave me more stuff.
It is in the news, good.
This is from Biz Pat Review.
Stanford University Guide of Harmful Language includes calling U.S.
citizens Americans.
Stanford releases guide.
Fox News eliminate hateful language.
Cautions against calling U.S.
citizens American.
Bad words.
California College push students to purge harmful phrases like brown bag lunch.
Just teaching you everything's evil.
And it's right in the report that the term American is prosada non grata.
And it just gets crazier and crazier and crazier from that point.
All right, we're going to go to break here in about a minute and a half.
I'm going to come right back with Jeff and Ed and Freeman and Otis and Steve and Ventura and John and Mike and Jeff and Carlos and Ahmed and everybody else in the order.
Your calls are received.
In fact, let's just jam one in right now.
Let's go to... No, I don't want to cut him with just a minute and a half.
Stay there, Jeff.
I'm going to come back next hour with you.
But I got to tell you, folks, all I want to do is fight these people.
All I've seen in our 27, 28 years on air is victory.
I've been politically involved for over 30.
All I've seen is when we take action, victory.
You've done an incredible job.
And now we're reaching the most critical juncture in the fight.
And that's why we've got to understand that InfoWars is a priority.
InfoWars is a necessity.
We can't give up.
We can't give in.
And that's why I keep telling you, you're everything.
You're the eyes and ears.
You're the word of mouth.
You're the people that pray.
You're the people that financially support.
You're the people they hate that they know are the brain trust that is wide-eyed and understands what the real costs are if we don't beat this.
And man, I got economic news.
About the big mega banks, BlackRock and others buying up and taking control of all the private, controlled, regulated power plants and how they're about to do what Enron did in California on a mass scale, gouging and cutting power off.
Even mainline attorney generals are warning it's criminal.
I mean, it's just open season on all of us because the Justice Department's run by criminals.
They illegally spy on the American people and censor us.
It's all admitted, everything I told you.
Hour number two coming up.
(dramatic music)
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This stuff is the cavalry when it comes to countering the New World Order.
We're in hour number two right now.
Taking your phone calls.
Going right to them.
I asked callers to call in specifically on their Frankenshot stories.
What happened to them personally, friends, family, neighbors.
Reports they'd like to give to the public.
Jeff in Canada, thanks for calling in.
You're on the air.
here go ahead. Hi Jeff.
How you doing?
Oh, good.
I've been a while talking to you and I got some real, I got a real transmission for you today.
I believe it's from God.
I'm going to submit it to you, but I'll tell my stories first.
Got a coworker, 18 year old kid, had COVID and got over COVID.
Then the family said, you can't come over unless you get the shot.
He got the shot.
Then the day later, couldn't breathe, chest congestion, and he's been getting sicker and sicker.
Went to the doctor.
The doctor said to him, I'm seeing a case like you every other day in here now.
And he just got sicker and sicker, had to be laid off, and we can't get a hold of him on the phone now.
We assume he's dead.
Next door neighbor dropped dead of cancer that went viral in about three weeks.
I got people that have cancer on my floor in my apartment that I live in.
Now he's got heart condition.
I got people that have gut problems and circulatory problems.
I live in a town of about 12,000 people and typically there would be one, you know, small page of obituaries.
That has tripled since all of this began.
We're getting devastated here, Alex, in Canada.
One in 30 choose to kill themselves now in Canada through the MAID program and coming up in the new year they're going to legalize every drug.
We are getting completely bombarded and it is coming to your front door.
Canada and Australia are the models of this takeover and it's not just you saying this.
We have the actuaries from the insurance companies.
They're doing it and think of those that survive but are invalids now.
This is designed to weigh down society and make it collapse.
That's exactly right, Alex.
So I have a solution for you that I want to drop off for you.
And first off, I want to say this is a spiritual problem.
If you've taken the vaccines, begin to pray.
And those that haven't and those that have, we need to stick together now and pray to God for the solution to this and for physical miracles in people's bodies.
Well, I mean, I agree and all the studies show Prange really works and it's real, but God helps those that help themselves.
I've talked to a lot of medical doctors and scientists.
If you take things like Ivermectin, even though you don't quote have COVID at the time or you've had the injection, they're seeing a lot of success in it shutting down the spike protein replication of the body.
Yes, that is exactly true.
Alex, I want to drop off an operation that I believe can defeat the COVID nightmare.
It is this.
You have one of the... And you have millions of listeners who are tuned in right now.
This is what I suggest.
You make up a t-shirt to arm the InfoWarriors, to mobilize them, and the t-shirt is this.
A high-res photo of those protein tumors and clots or whatever they are.
Get a high, you know, a high-res photo of it, make a huge shirt on the front of a shirt, and put on the top of it, what is this question mark?
You put, you sell those to every info warrior out there, and imagine this.
Going to city council, and to school board meetings, and to any elected officials, and in the mall, and everywhere, all of a sudden people start seeing this shirt that says, what is this?
I totally agree.
It can create a chain reaction.
And we need a website, too, that's generic, that they can't even censor at first.
Something like, what is this dot whatever, or what are the tubes, or something.
People are already asking about the diet suddenly and about the protein tubes.
And then you can go to City Council and read the studies, even out of major universities, that it is protein globulins and these tubes being produced by the poison shot that are protein prions of the body.
That's a great idea.
Hopefully we have the funding to even print the shirt and do it.
I mean, that's how serious the situation is here, but great idea.
We will do that, Jeff.
God bless you.
We'll be right back with more phone calls in 60 seconds.
Please stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now back live in hour number two.
Well, there have been more missile attacks deep inside Russia, more of the military bases getting blown up.
Henry Kissinger said we're on the verge of nuclear war.
And now, Explosion Rock's major gas pipeline Major Russian gas pipeline explosion has rocked a pipeline in Russia's Chabash Republic, several hundred kilometers east of Moscow, causing a major fire, local authorities have said.
The incident along the route, which is used to transport energy to Europe, killed at least three people and injured another one, while prompting gas prices in Europe to soar.
What do you think that's going to be?
But right now we're taking phone calls on the vaccine that isn't a vaccine, the injections
and all the mass deaths and the insurance company numbers showing a at least 13 percent on average
death rate increase above regular death rates across the western world from Australia,
the United States, from Canada to Germany.
Also, Food Giant says sliding sale volumes flash latest economic warning.
One of the biggest food producers in the country, General Mills reporting record slump in food sales.
Yep, they gave us all that free money and shut down production around the country.
Now they've cut off the money and the stimulus packages and are raising interest rates and it is killing the economy.
That's what's going on.
We've all got to decide what's essential in our lives and support that.
Bill Gates criticizes Elon Musk's approach to running Twitter.
Yes, not enough censorship, he says.
What a little monster.
Of course, it's now come out, more Twitter files dropped yesterday, that the FBI was giving national security clearances to executives at Twitter to conduct illegal activities of surveillance and intimidation.
How the FBI primed execs for Russian disinformation, disinformation, and a Hunter Biden bombshell all run out of the White House by Obama in early January 2017 in a January 5th meeting that I told you about.
Because he signed executive orders in December and early January deploying what happened.
That's coming up.
But right now, let's go to your calls.
And I had the last caller on for four minutes.
He was a great caller, but I can't do more than two minutes of pieces.
I just want to get everybody on air.
A man in New York.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hello, General Jones from New York, man.
We love you out here.
I just want to let you know, don't let anybody tell you differently.
Um, I just wanted to get this kicked off with the testimony that I have with, first, my mother.
She took her, uh, her vaccines.
I'm not sure exactly which one.
Possibly the Johnson & Johnson.
She's stuck in a haze.
She calls it a fog, and I'm sure a lot of people call it a fog.
I think it has something to do with the cognitive, like your, uh, your motor skills.
She's not the same.
My grandmother, 87 years old, healthy as an ox, never drank, never smoked her entire life.
Um, now she suffers from blood clots in her legs.
She has problems walking now.
My father, he's always had a bad heart, but never, uh... How does it make sense you take your second, uh, dosage for Johnson & Johnson, and then you end up in Cleveland Clinic Hospital with the ventilator in your, uh, in your throat for two weeks, and you almost passed away?
And then when the doctors are in there and you ask the doctors,
"Does it have to do anything with the side effect with the vaccines?"
They write it off right away like they created the vaccine.
It's the most amazing thing ever to watch these doctors lie to the families.
And you know that they're lying and they know that they're lying,
but they just hold on this like lie.
Then I have my uncle's son.
He almost passed away on a baseball field.
He plays baseball.
And he went into cardiac arrest.
Seizured out.
Almost passed away.
I have another friend that's next door to me.
His son almost passed away on a baseball field while doing athletics.
I have.
There's a lot of problems with my employees.
They took the vaccine.
I never told them to take the vaccine.
They did it on their own, which I always recommended that everything be done by choice because that's what the country is built on.
It's about your choice and whatever that you want to do with your sovereign rights that are given to you.
And that's what they've taken away from us.
And everybody's just playing this like Oh yeah, it's okay.
We get along with Fauci, even though he's lied, committed perjury.
He said 174 times with Rand Paul, I don't recall, which is the most incredible BS I've ever seen.
Absolutely, incredible caller.
I'm so sorry about your family, but in closing, Ahmed, is any of the family thinking they're not going to take the shot the next time?
Are they putting two and two together yet?
Oh, they're far from it.
They do not want to take anything else.
I always tease them about it.
And it's just because I try to make a light of it, because I've always told them about this conspiracy turned fact.
And now they lean on me basically for the news, which is so important for everybody out there listening to InfoWars.
Do the auto ship, please.
I'm looking for the vitamin D, the liquid vitamin D. It's the winter sun.
I'm waiting on that, Alex.
There's a lot of things that I encourage everybody to be part of, but most importantly, have your relationship with God.
Do not rely on detectocrats and these big giants that just want to suppress the small guy, because the small guy ultimately is the Goliath.
God bless you, man.
I could talk to you for a whole hour, but we've got to get the next person.
And we don't have the winter sun that's high-quality vitamin B12 taken out of the tongue, or high-quality vitamin B3 under the tongue, and vitamin K.
And quite frankly, it's a little better than the D3 gummies with zinc because, with calcium, because you absorb more of it under the tongue than you do in the stomach.
But it's still the same high in vitamin D. So get the gummies and thanks for keeping us on air.
But let me mention this.
Ernest Ramirez was watching live yesterday, and I talked about his son dropping dead.
He was in good shape on the basketball court with no congenital heart defects.
Just a few days after he took the Pfizer shot, He was listening and put a clip up there saying thank you Alex Jones for InfoWars for constantly sharing my son's story.
Well brother, they're going to kill all our kids if we don't get your son's story out.
So I care about you and your son, but this is life preservation for everybody and the rest of our families.
But yes sir, but I'm not doing you a favor keeping your beautiful son in the news.
They murdered him and they're going to murder us if we don't stop them!
So I'm almost as pissed as you are, Ernest, because I have empathy and I know what these people have done and what they want to do to me and my family!
I mean, we gotta get back to understand this is real, folks, and be pissed.
So I'm beyond just caring, Ernest, okay?
You understand that?
The point is, he's been banned on Facebook for talking about his son's death.
They're aiding and abetting the mass murder.
They're running the censorship, they admit it.
And the Justice Department quarterbacks it with the CIA.
I told you years ago, we're targeted by the FBI and the CIA.
We know it's intelligence agencies, we know the names of the people.
I can't get into all of it, but I mean, I have friends that used to work there, folks.
How do you think I know all this stuff?
And, it's just, it's completely out of control.
They're murdering us, and the idiots at the FBI pretend like they're going to get away with this because they're part of the system because they deny it.
All these doctors are coming out all over the world saying, we know everybody's dying, we're getting sick, we're told we're fired if we talk about it.
But when they all start going public, you're not going to be able to stop them, and it's starting to happen.
We are at the verge of pushing this over the top, and all the demon-possessed minions of the system, the lawyers and the corrupt bureaucrats and all of them, they know they're going down.
All right.
I only took two, three calls that segment.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and take four calls next segment.
It doesn't matter how good you are, I'm going to cut you off because we've got to get the next person that's awesome as well.
Ernest is still on Twitter for now.
But Bill Gates doesn't like that.
He's come out and demanded that vaccine hesitancy be taken down.
Vaccine disinfo be taken down.
Because everything he said is a liar.
And he can't stand scrutiny while he makes billions of dollars murdering you and your family.
So we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
On the other side.
But yes, support the broadcaster, support yourself.
If you're not taking Vitamin Mineral Fusion with all the vitamins, all the minerals, amino acids.
If you're not taking a D3 on top of it, it's the most important.
You're crazy.
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This is proprietary.
This is amazing.
50% off Infowarshore.com.
Now listeners, I know you want to support, but no more plugging in products.
Let's just, I need to get to your stories and your reports.
We got a lot of callers calling in about the border as well, but it's like five to one.
Folks are calling in about the poison shots.
I'm taking calls in the order they're received.
Band.video isn't just our material, but hundreds of other band people are there as well.
Welcome back to the most censored man broadcast in the world because evil hates the truth.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'm going right back to your phone calls but first let me say this. Ernest who
lost his son Ramirez sent messages and put up a thing on Twitter thanking me
for remembering his son they murdered over a year ago, a year and a half ago.
And again, thanking me is great, but think about thanking someone for caring that they murdered his son.
My father almost died from the second round of COVID that Fauci made in the lab and released on purpose, and we now know that.
Robb Due almost died, good friend of mine.
I had family that died.
I know a lot of people that died or who are in wheelchairs now and I look at the numbers and the facts and I know they did this and if we don't have empathy for the innocent for the unborn for everybody we have nothing you're supposed to care when somebody else is getting hurt that's a built-in mechanism so that You care for them, and they care for you, and you hang together.
And we've gotten in this position because we're such TV heads, and we're so distracted that we think it's dumb to even care about others.
Meanwhile they don't care about us and the society falls apart.
Now they wanted to test this to see if they could get away with it and they're not.
That's the good news.
And they're really hopping mad right now.
So the good news is they're not getting away with it.
The bad news is they're reloading with something worse.
And here's another reason I'm really mad.
Even if I don't take it or my children don't take it, there's a bunch of studies I've had top scientists on.
We've done this for over a year and a half.
People that take these shots slough it.
They study people that took the shots a year and a half ago.
They're still producing spike protein and still getting people sick.
It's a synthetic virus.
It's in the EcoHealth Alliance documents they created as a synthetic virus.
They spray in the air.
Remember that?
London Telegraph.
Whistleblowers went public.
We've had the whistleblowers on.
So it's a synthetic nanotech protein that they're injecting people with that they produce to supposedly stop them from getting the regular COVID.
And so then everybody else that even take the shots getting sick from it as well.
And you bet I'm mad we're under bio attack.
You bet I'm angry.
But I'm most angry at people that work for the system.
Alex, it's always a pleasure to talk to you.
dying themselves but they're so weak minded and they bought into the evil
they pretend like they're part of the power structure but they're being
destroyed as well and that's what's really insane about all of this
Carlos in Texas go ahead you're on the air thanks for calling and Alex it's
always a pleasure to talk to you I think here for probably the past year and a
I've been calling in about my mom.
She was badly hurt by COVID, but it wasn't mainly COVID.
It was more the remdesivir.
So we've been dealing with her progression of advanced kidney failure, her GFR rate, that 6%.
And, you know, the story about the babies that you guys have been passing, about the vaccinated blood being given, well, mom's been needing, or she's had four blood transfusions Absolutely.
year and a half or so and every time she goes back for one everything gets worse
for her so I personally think that that's what's going on and that's why
she's further and further getting into a much worse state than what she originally
was. It seems like she gets worse. Absolutely, you know they've got some preliminary
studies out, actually got a clip on this from a doctor, but it depends on where
the needle goes in your arm.
If it gets into a capillary bed or into a larger vein or artery, then you're screwed.
It's going to replicate.
You're going to die probably in a day or two.
But if it goes into a fatty area and your body defends it and it doesn't start replicating, then you still have some of it in your body, but it's very small traces.
It never really gets going.
But it's all kind of like where you plant seeds.
You plant seeds in the good black dirt, you know, out in the sun, and it gets plenty of water, it grows.
And well, that's the needle getting into the blood supply.
And so if it's already replicating in your blood, and you give somebody, you know, an entire or two whole IV bags of blood, whoo!
I mean, it's going to replicate in there like hell.
And that's what's been happening, but you know, luckily I used Dr. McCullough and the other doctor from West Texas.
I can't remember his name for the life of me.
But those guys helped me save my dad.
Yes, Dr. Barlett.
He helped save my father's life.
He's a hero.
He's just, that's a hero.
That guy worked 20 hours a day for like two years last time I checked.
And you can see it aging him.
And that guy really worked himself hard.
So back to like the previous caller, I know of two people that were in regression, Alex, and they were forced to take the vaccine.
They were cancer free for almost two years.
They made them take the vaccine in order for them to get checkups, then for them to do all kinds of other tests and stuff like that.
And their cancer came back.
With a vengeance.
Sir, remember when they first started giving the shot a year and a half ago, almost two years ago, they said it's quite normal to get tumors and cancers from the shot, but it's no big deal.
Just get used to it and just move on.
The biggest cancer research facility in Germany a year ago said you should not take the shots because they watch their patients that were in remission take it and then get explosive relapses in the cancer that killed people in sometimes weeks.
Yes, and I mentioned those studies to them before they got the vaccine, Alex, and they thought I was crazy.
They thought I was crazy.
And they still think I'm crazy.
They still don't think that there's a connection between those two.
Oh, it's because, you know, it was bound to come back.
No, it wasn't.
They were free and clear for almost two years, Alex.
Well, it's very sad.
I'm very sad for those friends and family, but they are...
They're just too trusty because they would never do that to somebody.
They can't believe somebody else would do bad.
Most victims of crime, it happens to them because they just can't believe something bad could happen.
I appreciate your call.
Carlos, great points.
Very sad.
Jeff in California, go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
First time caller, a little bit nervous.
First of all, God bless you and God bless everybody that's listening.
Don't ever complain about your rant, sir.
It's how we all feel.
You're God's antenna and it's just broadcasting that signal.
So I love it when you scream.
I love it when you get mad.
It's just, it's that, uh, I like to talk about my father and what your last caller just said was exactly true.
He had non Hodgkin's lymphomatic cancer.
And as soon as he started getting his shots, because He was that guy that was listening to CNN.
He was listening to Rachel Maddow, who I hate.
And we would argue sometimes, and I was trying to explain to him, because I was listening to your show and showing him your clips.
He would not listen to me.
And eventually, his cancer came back.
Of course, they gave him more boosters.
He got sick.
They put him in the hospital.
We couldn't see him.
I couldn't see my father.
My mom would get in there every now and then, all masked up.
And they had him in the hospital for so long and not giving him vitamins, not giving him anything.
I had Ivermectin. I wanted to get that to him. They would not let me in the hospital.
And eventually he passed away. And even the process after that, with dealing with the death and processing the body
and the COVID restrictions, it was just a mess.
And I love that video you guys shared of Fauci back in 2014 on C-SPAN with that panel.
If you guys can share that video again.
Where he says we're going to release a virus out of China to blow up the old system and bring in four shots.
He was actually talking about the ferrets and how they use the nasal spray.
Hold on, stay there.
Remind people.
I'll meet you in a minute more.
I'm going to play a Rachel Maddow clip since you mentioned it.
I hate her evil guts as well.
But understand that she was reading an exact talking point.
They just get a talking point and they read it out and they get their money.
Believe me, they're not taking the shots because they don't like you.
She likes killing people.
If you are receiving this transmission, you're under globalist attack.
You can roll over to die or you can fight back.
All right, I'm going right back to your phone calls, and then the next hour, I'm going to do about 20 minutes of breaking news, the waterfront, carbon taxes come to the U.S.
by stealth, Europe's carbon tax announcement that's passed, their unelected bureaucracy.
I mean, this is all going down.
We're going to be covering that.
But let me tell you about something really exciting.
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And this was a number three bestseller, hadn't had it for over two years.
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Here's a very short history of it.
Six years ago, I go in and I get a big blood work, fancy clinic to get all my hormones checked.
They take like, you know, a whole bunch of blood.
They do over 20 tests.
This doctor is renowned, and I noticed he had his own line.
He's got clinics in different parts of the U.S., but he lives here in Austin.
He's a listener, so I got to see the actual head guy.
And I said, what's this that you're selling up at the front desk?
And he said, it's key vitamins, key trace elements and minerals, but more importantly, it's the preglanone in it.
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And most people don't have the ability to produce it anymore, especially after 40.
He goes, just see what it does for you.
And I remember back when I took a bunch of it, I lost a bunch of weight.
Then I forget and forget to take it.
We've been out of this for years.
I haven't even been taking it.
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Let's go ahead now and go back to your phone calls.
I'm taking them in the order they're received.
Jeff in California was going to finish a point he was making.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Yes, sir.
It was 2014 when Dr. Death and his panel were on there.
It was on a C-SPAN.
They were literally talking about everything they created that in lockstep happened today.
And that was, they were talking about how they gave ferrets this COVID virus, and another one was sneezed on, the other one in the cage.
It's that video.
Please share that video again.
And sir, I got to give you guys a quick plug, even though you're not asked for plugs, because I avidly work out, and every morning I wake up with fizzy magnesium, put my aminos in it, mix that up. I
take a drop of Ultra 12, I take a drop of the Ultra, the, the,
Naovitality, I have Brain Force, I have your Winter Sun, which when that comes back into stock, I can't wait to get.
And then what the magnesium does is that opens everything up to allow all that stuff to come in.
So I also have a saying, I don't embrace excuses, I embrace solutions.
And the solution is if everybody would not go spend their money on Amazon and Christmas and all this other stuff, and they go out and, you know, take their family out, they could just spend their money.
And be a supporter.
That is the solution.
Even if it's $25.00.
No, no, I hear you.
Imagine the world without Infowars.
That's really where we're at.
I hate begging constantly, but I hate the begging less than I hate going off air.
Thank you for the call.
I'm going to go back to your calls right now, but since she brought up Rachel Maddow and
how evil she is, here she is two years ago, and she said it again for a year before she
No, you take the shot, you're totally protected, reading that talking point, a total lie.
It means that instead of the vaccine being able, excuse me, it means for, instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them, but not all of them, and the ones that it doesn't sicken don't know they have it, and then they give it to even more people, because they didn't recognize they were...
Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way, now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
I cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
If we just go fast enough.
But that is not editing.
She actually said that.
It's on record that she said that.
Okay, let's go back to callers.
Freeman in New Hampshire, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Yes, sir.
First time, long time.
I just needed to call in and share my story.
But first, sir, I just need to personally thank you, and I don't want to get too emotional here, but I need to thank you for saving my life, for saving my family's life, my children's lives.
To you, to all your guests, all your doctors, all the way up to President Trump, the people that have been standing up, putting your lives on the line.
And I'm calling here from the Granite State, and it's not just what they find in the ground, it's what they find in our hearts, sir.
And I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And if you ever need a safe place and you find yourself in New Hampshire, you or your crew, you can stand behind me, sir.
Well, God bless you, brother.
Tell us what happened with the shots.
Sir, I've lost my best friend in January.
Two weeks after he took his shot, he had some health issues.
He was forced to take it because of his family.
All the way down to May, I lost my father, massive blood clots, 75 years old.
Uh, you know, even what you guys were just talking about, uh, the last caller about the, uh, post death or after death.
Uh, they said they were going to do an autopsy and magically they didn't do an autopsy.
Uh, It's just the stuff that's happening right now.
And it turned out, all the way from the WEF and the UN, they were running all the response.
They said, don't do autopsies.
They even told the medical systems to cover it up.
Think about the level of evil.
They weren't just censoring and surveilling people online, doctors criticizing and telling the truth.
They were making sure they could commit the murders and cover it up beyond premeditated.
One day after his booster, so his third technical shot, massive clots in his neck, his lungs, his brain.
You know, you put it together.
I'm so sorry, my friend.
But just think about how from day one, the FBI and the CIA with Fauci were enforcing surveillance and control over nurses and doctors and scientists and studies to suppress the truth.
And they're still doing it.
And Ernest Ramirez was taken off Facebook for talking about how they killed his son.
They're still doing it, sir.
Not only that, in these hospitals, they're still forcing the nurses to wear masks, which we know don't work.
They're still forcing them to take the vaccines, or fake vaccines, however you want to refer to them.
My wife was fired from her job a year ago.
Luckily, through the grace of God, she found another job.
I mean, you know, like we've talked about, like everyone that calls in has the same story, and we just need to stand up like you've been doing, and I can't thank you enough, sir.
No, don't thank me.
We're in it together.
Just help us and spread the word about Infowars and never surrender.
We'll never give up.
We'll never surrender.
We can give out.
We are in your hands, listeners and viewers.
We are in your hands.
The truth is in your hands.
Spread the word.
Pray for the broadcast.
And please, buy great products at mFullerStore.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live at the end of hour number two.
I'm going to come in the first few segments of hour three and hit a bunch of news on other subjects we've got ahead.
I don't want to just be a one trick pony on this shot, but it's their takeover.
It's their world ID, but it ties into the carbon tax and banning the cars and the cows and everything.
I got a bunch to hit on that because it's not coming.
It's now just got chills officially here.
I mean, this is just crazy that I sat there when I was like five, six, seven years old.
And those were good people back then that worked at the FBI and the military and all sorts of folks who were friends of my dad would come by and play chess and drink beer and smoke cigars and pipes at the house and I just grew up with these guys talking about the beast computer and digital money and when they do this they'll try that they're gonna destroy the family and they're gonna bring in a world government they're gonna put taxes on all the farmers and shut everything down and you're sitting there hearing this as a kid And that was primed in my mind for it.
Then I go on to be a teenager and didn't think about it.
Then I start going to college and they're just, everything I was told was starting to happen.
Well, those guys were on the inside.
They were what was left of the old good America.
Not that it was perfect, but they were not horrible, evil people.
And again, my uncle worked in Iran-Contra.
And before he died, he told me, you know, why he got out of whatever secret program he was in the army.
And you know tied into God knows what he just said the last straw for me and some of my men was they were
Kidnapping kids out of the orphanages in Central America and shipping them
God knows where what you see now out in the open and I said give me the particulars. He said it's too secret
They'll kill you. I'm not gonna tell you but he goes, you know, you know what it is
So that's how real this is I don't need to read it in a book.
I don't need to.
I can go to the border and see it, what my uncle told me right now.
Where do these children go?
What is going on?
Why are we run by people like this?
And that's what's happening.
And we've got to decide we're not with it and not let it win.
And again, we were supposed to be beaten by now, all of us.
We're not.
Hey there, I'm sorry, let me put my machine down here.
I'm a dang logger.
trying to pump you up with hey everything's fine no we're in deep crap
but our only hope is to stand up and say no. Mike in California go ahead you're on
the air. Hey there, I'm sorry let me put my machine down here. I'm a dang logger. Hey real quick on uh...
I gotta put you on hold see if he can get his phone fixed okay
Because it's overdriven.
I can't understand you.
You've got to get off the headset, whatever you're doing, okay?
Let's go to Steve in South Carolina.
Steve, you're on the air on The Open Borders.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
God bless your family.
And God bless the Infowar crew.
The border is going to be the end of this country, pure and simple.
The replacement migration that you've talked about over and over again.
This is going to destroy us.
And as Steve Quayle said, it's not a political solution.
It's a spiritual solution.
And we all have to pray.
We all have to get back to God.
And as far as the Frankenshot is concerned, you know, when you had Dr. Boyle on in 2020 and Dr. Li-Ming Yang, I think that's how you say her name, the thing that I keep Absolutely!
about is what she said they're going to hit us with hemorrhagic fever.
Well that's what Dr. Boyle and all the insiders, because those guys come on the air and they
don't just predict what's going on.
They've been big head UN chiefs, they've been heads of US departments, so they've got the
sources and they say they've got airborne weaponized Ebola.
Absolutely, and when you hear them explain it to us and then you find out, which you
You have told us, why is China buying up all the antidote?
I think it's, uh, Darzalex is the common name for it.
I can't pronounce the real chemical.
That's right.
This was all a dress rehearsal with COVID.
They're getting ready with hemorrhagic fever next.
And the funny thing about it, I was talking to some friends and I won't go into the personal part of the frankenshots because we've all got the same story with family and friends.
But a couple of weeks ago, We were outside on my early riser, four o'clock in the morning, and here comes one of these big Boeing 727s or whatever it was, and I'm looking at them, and I said, what is that?
I see these lights looking, and by the time it got over the top of my house, I could see the landing gear, I could see the lights under the carriage of the plane, and I says, they're spraying us!
They've got to be spraying us with stuff.
I've never seen a plane that low and we have military stuff going over our area all
the time.
Let me tell you a story.
I've done coast to coast AM like 18 years ago and I've just gone off the air at about
4 AM and to stay up I drink a six pack of beer because beer has a stimulant effect on
me and I'm out in the backyard smoking a cigarette, you know, a little guilty treat.
And, uh, I quit for 14 years, folks, but now I'm back at it again.
I gotta stop again.
And I'm having a cigarette in the backyard, drinking a beer, about to go to bed for three hours and get up to the show.
And here flies a Cessna with spray tanks on it at no higher than 300 feet.
Spraying, and I sit there and smell the smell of pesticides.
Smell the smell of chemicals.
And so I call the health department the next day and they say, oh yeah, we're eradicating the something Chinese beetle or something.
Yeah, right.
There's all sorts of crap going on, brother.
It's insane.
And I just, what are we going to do as a civilization to survive this?
The whole thing, I always, to me, I'm a longtime listener.
I'm a founding member.
What are we going to do?
How are we going to communicate?
Is the satellite system at the phone store?
Is that the way we need to go?
Well, let me tell you, as a founding member, we're like six, seven months behind on that.
Obviously, you guess what it is.
Totally separate from this operation, a communication system, not just a show, but a two-way communication system on the Internet and then also by mail, where at least you get Once a month, sometimes once a week, an actual letter.
We're going to have to go back to that.
So I'm just going to let people know it's almost ready.
And I'm sorry I haven't got everything done, folks.
I'm fighting as hard as I can to run out of energy.
But we've got a bunch of projects almost done.
That's why I'm so angry that InfoWars is having so much trouble because We're like pregnant.
We've got all these operations we've got to launch, all the stuff we want to do, and we just, we just, we just, you know, we just, we're always putting out so many fires and so many attacks, and we've gotten a lot done, thanks to God, but yes, all the founding members of the core people that are going to basically be contacted and be, you know, dialed into the first phase of something, and I'm going to leave it at that.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, let's see if Mike in California, or I guess he left.
That was somebody else.
Oh no, Mike's not the next caller.
I'm sorry, it's John on the border and food and the flood of immigration.
Go ahead, John in Texas, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Quick story.
I had air conditioning problems a couple years ago, and the guy that sent over to fix it, when he was done, we started talking about the situation on the border.
And he told me, he says, I'll tell you what, he says, I'm married to a Mexican girl.
He said my in-laws back in Mexico were big shots in the Communist Party of Mexico.
He said behind the scenes, he said the Communists control everything down there.
And I have no reason to doubt him.
They definitely control four or five states in Mexico, that's official.
And all these people coming from Communist Venezuela, communist cuba, communist nicaragua, communist parts of colombia
and brazil.
Oh no, it's the millis film red dawn happening for real.
And they're coming in here with no checks, no nothing, they're programmed, we're busting them all over the place.
The Texas has got is just helping them out as far as i'm concerned.
No you're right, this is...
This is Red Dawn in slow motion.
And it's not the average person collapsed under COVID lockdowns that's a communist, but their leaders and the UN and Democrat Party chiefs that give them jobs, put them on welfare, they are communists telling them how to vote and what to do.
So yes, this is a giant, globalist, WEF, UN, communist army invading the US.
And last year we had all those four fires.
And the food distribution centers are all getting blown up?
Yeah, no, we're going down.
The power supplies are being cut off?
I mean, they are.
They are taking us down right now.
They're going for gold right now.
Another thing real quickly, Alex, I think the term "citizen"
comes from the French Revolution.
It did.
Of course, what you're mentioning, the article's now on Infowars.com.
New Stanford Guide University says, calling U.S.
citizens American is harmful language, bans the word American.
There's no end to what these scumbags are doing.
Okay, that's all I got.
I'll put it on Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, when the globalist communists take over, that are fascists on the top, it's like a case.
Fascists run it and it uses communism to control you.
When they take over, they tell you being an American is bad.
In the movie Red Dawn, in the re-education camp, they're telling them America is bad.
The word American is bad.
America is a whorehouse of capitalist pigs.
Now it's all run by the big universities.
It's all run by the big banks and Bill Gates.
Hour number three straight ahead.
We're going to be going to Ventura.
We're going to be going to Ed.
We're going to be going to all your calls in the order they're received.
Michael in New York and more.
more. Hour number three and a ton of news straight ahead.
Introducing our new incredible supplement line, InfoWars MD.
Now in 60 seconds, it's hard to tell you how incredible these products are, but all of these products are already sold on store shelves under other brand names for up to twice the cost we're selling it to you.
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InfoWarsMD at InfoWarsStore.com Okay, listen.
I'm gonna tell you something I'm not supposed to talk about.
Nobody is.
But... But what?
But they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things they wanted.
They just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the kind of camps that you all run.
I mean, really.
There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.
And the question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
There are millions of people who believe that the election was rigged.
How do you begin to deprogram them?
Once we educate them, we coach them on how to interact and empower the person to start thinking for themselves.
They are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and we have to be deprogrammed.
Because they've been brainwashed, Joy.
I really believe that they have been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign.
So how do you de-radicalize?
These people.
We probably need to double, triple, quadruple, or increase funding for these de-radicalization programs.
It's 1159 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the Occupied Zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
The FBI has arrested hundreds of people in connection with the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
Capitol and more could be on the way.
Approximately 800 people have been arrested.
Joseph Biggs was indicted earlier this week by a federal grand jury along with four other members of the group with conspiracy to commit sedition.
Joseph Biggs facilitated political violence even if they weren't armed and didn't assault anybody at the Capitol on January 6th.
A couple hours ago, I was informed by my attorney that there is a warrant out for my arrest with allegations involving January 6th.
I will have to turn myself in Monday morning.
The DOJ, the Biden administration, announced is charging a host at Infowars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
Well, that sounds bad.
What did Owen Schroer do?
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
Enrique Tarrio pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges, including the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner As for those text messages, the January 6th Committee is now planning to subpoena them as it looks into Jones' role in the Capitol attack.
The American people are not buying the whole fraud that January 6th was the new Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11, all these preposterous, asinine things that were said and done.
January 6th was a false flag.
Everybody knows it at this point, from Ray Epps to the pipe bomber.
I mean, it's obvious.
It's all coming out.
It's all being exposed.
We're not gonna be the ones on trial anymore.
No, Globeless, we're coming after you.
Nuremberg 2.0 begins now.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
(upbeat music)
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support The Information War at InfowarStore.com.
and never give up the fight.
InfoWars.com (music)
Well folks, you want somebody to take on the new world order, I'm your man.
Warts and all, I'm ready to get in a fight, and I don't stop.
I've been beaten, but I never gave up.
And I kick like a mule, and I bite like a crocodile.
And I know you do as well.
If you'll just get your mind around the fact you're under attack, and learn who the enemies are, they'll be defeated very quickly.
Their power is they attack via stealth.
Our power is we create life and freedom and prosperity and tell the truth.
We're the opposite of the enemy because we love God.
All right, I'm gonna take a bunch of calls this segment and then I'm gonna get to the carbon tax news being announced at this next level and the economic war going on and what's coming next here in the U.S.
Oh, the carbon tax is coming here by fiat.
Let's go to Ventura in California.
You're on the air on open borders.
Go ahead.
You know, I want everybody to go follow my getter right now, VMS underscore talk show.
Alex, I've been trying to get to you.
I'm a 15 year old talk show host here in California battling the Nonsense in these schools, and I've been trying to get on InForce, trying to be a guest on InForce.
I was on Owen's show a month ago, but it's still not enough.
Owen says I'm still Jones-ing, and yes, I'm still Jones-ing.
Alex- Well, that's beautiful, brother, and more importantly, you didn't just get on the show or get on Owen's.
You've started your own show, and that's what really matters.
That's where the new leaders are going to come from, so I commend you.
Thank you.
So maybe if you can follow my getter or we can get in touch somehow, I can talk to the crew and we can get me on your show or something.
Maybe to be a guest host at some point.
I really see a future with InfoWars.
I see a future with me on InfoWars and I'm not going to give up and I'm going to continue to battle the globalists every single day on my show at vmstalkshow.com.
So follow my getter everybody at in all caps VMS underscore talk show.
Yeah, that as well.
Immigration, so my father, he was illegal.
He went through his paperwork, he did all that, he made dumb decisions, he got deported.
I'm not mad about that.
I don't feel like people should get a free ticket to come into this country, bring drugs and etc.
Why is our country having to deal with that?
You know, so I think that It's a problem.
Something needs to be done.
I don't know what can be done, but we can start by getting Joe Biden out of the office.
Well, I mean, here's the deal.
I don't even hate the people that are coming in.
On average, they're just impoverished, fleeing globalist lockdowns.
But they're being organized by the Democrats in the New World Order to undercut the wages and bring everybody down on record.
That's why it's a problem.
Good to hear from you, Ventura.
Ed in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
It's Alex Jones, baby.
Love you, brother.
Go ahead.
Alex, I spread the word and I play your ads in my show as well, the fboardsmedia.com.
Check me out there.
But Alex, I got this shot.
I got this shot and, uh, look, it was the worst thing in my life, you know, and I'm trying to warn everybody now, trying to be informed and, you know, trying to, you know, savor what I got or at least, and I took the Johnson and Johnson.
I hope they didn't take it down because they didn't have a high enough kill rate, you know, but, uh, You know, nothing has happened to me yet, and I have an enlarged heart.
So, you know, I'm battling through it, and I'm partying like Ozzy Osbourne, but, you know, pushing through.
And Alex, I worked for a private company back last year, and we worked in Memphis, in which we took down these warehouse shelving stuff.
We took down, we got a contract from Medline, which is a medical equipment manufacturer, And let me tell you, this place is not state-of-the-art by no means.
It was dusty, it was dead rats in there, and one of your very, uh, studied guys who you had on and showed the, like, blood vessels that clotted up, what was his name?
We've had a lot of scientists on, it's a fact that that's happening.
And that, I can totally count for that because I've seen dust everywhere.
They were putting stuff that was on the floor, contaminated, back in the boxes to ship out.
It's crazy.
They, just like a person at McDonald's, they drop the cheeseburger as long as the customer didn't see it back in the bag.
No, I hear you.
Dirty floors and dead rats is nothing compared to what's actually in the ampoules and the injectors.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Michael in New York.
Go ahead.
Alex, what's up, man?
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm a hardcore listener on and off, and the beauty of being a listener like that is when I tune back in, it's always the same.
That's what a truth teller does, you know?
So anyone who's new, go watch Spars on BandDot Video.
It lays out every single thing that is happening right now, and that's how I turned a lot of people on to you up in my area.
Just tell them to go watch it.
And then you see what's happening.
They say the downfall of the hype.
Well, that's right.
I told Rob Dew Saturday, or I guess it was Saturday, there was a party at my parents who came over there, a Christmas party.
And I said, you know, that Spars thing's got five million views on Bandai Video.
And I said, people really got that got their attention.
We should do a Spars update explaining all that.
In fact, maybe, maybe I'll do a whole show Friday on Spars or something. But the point
is, it's their battle plans. And the former head of defense intelligence, the former chief
national security advisor, saw our three-hour report on Spars and said they're 100%
right. This was a battle plan done before they released COVID of what they would actually
do once they released it.
released it so they could all have manuals on how to carry out the attack and how to respond
So they could all have manuals on how to carry out the attack and how to respond
and how to suppress the people and how to censor but if they got caught with it they'd say oh it's
and how to suppress the people and how to censor. But if they got caught with it,
they'd say, "Oh, it's just a drill." So Spars 2025, 2028, just go to Bandot video and search Spars.
just a drill so spars 2025 2028 just go to band up video and search spars and it is such an
And it is such an important video. And as far as the vaccine goes,
important video and as far as the vaccine goes i live at you know your first caller from canada
I live at... Your first caller from Canada said he lived in an area of 12,000 and death after death.
said he lived in an area of 12 000 and you know death after death i live in a area south of lake
george new york with about 5500 and there are two to three people every day who are dying suddenly
and my wife sees it all over her tiktok because she loves her tiktok and that's the only she'll
believe it on there but she won't believe it she knows i'm a hardcore listener and she has to face
the fact now that this is real this is happening and so many people are asleep still and that's
why it's so important to just run your mouth like i know it all so people will listen because that's
the only way i woke up my family i got my sons when we get together at dinner we all tell my
daughter stop getting the booster Take a look at my mother-in-law.
She's on her fourth shot.
She looks like all the blood's drained out of her.
Her husband, who just turned 80, stopped at his second shot, and just recently, it was her birthday, 80th birthday party, and he said his doctors got pissed off at him because he wouldn't get the booster he could possibly infect his wife.
They're cult members.
They know it doesn't work.
It only works to hurt you.
And these damn medical workers that are following orders are criminals.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Very powerful points.
Michael in Texas on the open border.
Go ahead.
Alex, big fan.
First time caller.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, I live in northern San Antonio, and I just can't believe the homelessness around town.
I mean, it's just amazing.
And as you know, it's the nicer part of San Antonio.
And you go around There's people walking around, sitting in storefronts, empty storefronts.
It's just amazing.
Yeah, America's in a depression.
America's falling apart.
Tens of millions are addicted to fentanyl and other drugs.
They have really run a number on us, brother.
And I just want to put numbers on it.
You said 10 million just in Texas alone this year, right?
That's what our high-level Border Patrol whistleblower told us was projected for the year, yes, in Texas alone.
It'll be added another 6 million on the rest of the border, and then if they steal the election in 2024, that's 16 million times 6, is 96 million people.
And now they're saying, oh yeah, that's how they steal the elections.
Now they're saying, in all these blue cities, the illegal aliens can vote.
They're already voting.
So they always said now they were gonna have illegals vote.
Many Democrat cities like Chicago and San Francisco, the illegals are voting, brother.
Exactly, exactly.
And then, I mean, they're coming at us at all fronts.
Well, they're estimating if Title 42 is removed, the number coming across will double.
That's amazing.
I mean, we just are coming at it all fronts.
And by 20, you know, 2028, Our country is going to be pretty much gone, as far as you know, the global... Sir, they are emptying out all the poor people in Latin America and Africa and pouring them in, and they're just going to be used as cannon fodder and as a permanent underclass.
Oh yeah, this is checkmate.
This is the takedown of the country.
We're going to have to have governors that revolt, legislators that say no, and we're going to have to start mass deportations.
That's why they're so scared of Title 42, because that's the legal trigger To actually reverse this, but it's a serious situation.
Thank you so much, Michael.
Alright, we got loaded phone lines here, as usual.
I love you all calling.
But I'm gonna hit a few segments of news, and then back to your phone calls, ladies and gentlemen.
But yeah, this is globalist war.
It's a new type of war, and we're under it.
Band.Video, share that link.
Find not just my show, but hundreds of other band shows and band on video.
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Alright, if you're a TV viewer, you can see this right here.
Radio listeners can't.
All over the US, all over the UK, all over Europe, all over Australia, all over New Zealand, it's all the same groups.
Antifa, Extinction Rebellion, aren't just blocking roads and sabotaging and derailing trains.
They're not just attacking famous art pieces.
They are now going up to gasoline stations, petrol stations as they call them in Europe, and bashing out the control panels so you can't get gas.
Now, how is that any different but just on a lower scale of thousands of sub-gas and oil pipelines being shut down in the US And Biden is shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.
Or, another one of the main Russian gas pipelines in Europe blown up today.
That's three blown up now.
They're creating a global crisis.
A super advanced complex civilization is very easy to take down.
A centralized system.
So we go back to these headlines.
EU member states agree to details of world first carbon border tax.
So carbon taxes within and everything from beef to fish to cotton to oil.
Just what I put in the Obama deception.
You'll watch that film from 2008, 2009, right when he got in office.
We show the official UN policy plan.
And I list over 50 things they're going to put carbon taxes on.
People watch that and they say, this is ridiculous.
It was their official plan!
So they're going in and wrecking stores, they're going in and wrecking everything.
Even though they've got iPhones, they're wearing designer clothes, they're mainly a bunch of rich kids doing this.
They're attacking civilization.
That's what defunding the police is about.
That's what having the homeless is about.
That's what shipping in the fentanyl is about.
For better or worse, billionaires now guide climate policy.
Washington Post came out with this eight days ago.
It says Bill Gates and other ultra-wealthy men run it, and they all make money from it, but it's for our own good.
And they all fly private jets.
You just can't have a job or food.
Great reset.
State planning to slash automobiles and cattle numbers for Green Agenda.
And it's happening in the third largest food producer in the world, the Netherlands.
It's happening in Australia.
It's happening here.
And it goes on and on.
And now this.
State Attorney Generals sound the alarm about BlackRock and Vanguard, both owned by the Rothschilds, buying large stakes in utilities.
Two biggest financial institutions in the world, quadrillions under their control, and they're coming in and buying up the private utilities that are under federal regulation, just like Enron would gouge billions of dollars a day in California during heat waves.
They turn off the power to make you think it was artificially scarce.
They're now announcing with Warren Buffett and other criminals involved, they're going to double your prices in the next year and give you rolling Blackouts.
Big article on Zero Hedge about that.
You should read the whole thing.
It's long, but it's important.
And that ties into a giant fine against Wells Fargo.
How many years ago did I tell you Wells Fargo is one of the biggest money launderers?
They're involved in all these criminal activities.
But oh, Warren Buffett's a nice old man.
Wells Fargo ordered to pay $3.7 billion over widespread illegal activity.
Unlawfully repossessed vehicles and bungled borrower's accounts.
Improperly denied mortgage modifications.
Illegally charged surprise overflow fees.
Unlawfully froze consumer accounts and misrepresented fee withdrawals.
And the government gives them a slap on the wrist.
They're estimated to have stolen over $100 million the last decade, and now they get a,
gotta pay us a piece, gotta pay us 3.7% of what you stole.
I have a crew member who's a great person, I've known for many years,
but not got a modest house for their family.
I've been there once to have dinner, and they got behind on a mortgage payment
just because the place wouldn't take the process.
Their website was messed up for two months.
They still paid it, paid the back fee.
They've already sold the mortgage.
They're foreclosing on the house.
They gotta go out and get a lawyer and battle it.
That's what these criminals do.
It is a kleptocratic society.
Because we don't stand up for each other, they're making their move.
And now they've got the UN COVID Response Global Pandemic Treaty, written by the WEF.
Bringing this treaty through, the EU is signing on to it.
The EU just signed on to their, again, new tax where everything going in gets taxed, everything internally gets taxed.
But all these special companies are exempt.
If the treaty goes through, you can bury democracy altogether.
European Parliament member Christine Anderson on the WHO pandemic.
Here she is.
People need to understand, if this treaty goes through, you can bury democracy altogether.
It's done with.
They have the right to call out a pandemic.
And once they do, they will seize executive powers of the member states.
So it's now not the government, let's say the German government in our instance, that will impose restrictions on us that we could theoretically fight.
Even that was, you know, hard enough to do.
But how are you going to go against WHO?
I mean, you can't drag them into court.
You can't threaten them to not elect them anymore.
They don't care.
I mean, they're funded by the richest of the super-rich people in the world.
They don't care.
They have all the money.
And they don't care about fundamental rights or democracy.
If they say, you will stay at home for as long as I tell you, you will.
There's always hope.
And there's quite a few things you can do.
It's not easy, but for one, get involved.
You know, take an interest in what's actually happening.
Because that's part of their game.
They've removed this decision making so far away from you, they're counting on you to no longer care.
So they can do whatever the hell they want, you know, without you ever knowing it.
So, get involved.
You know, stay on top.
And I know... Turn off your TV!
I turned off my TV a long time ago, and I will have to say it was very beneficial to my mental health.
Alright, so...
We have a bunch of Attorney Generals that Soros doesn't control saying your private utilities under the federal government's control are being given to BlackRock and Vanguard and they're announcing they're going to double and triple prices and put you on a carbon exchange and of course give themselves the money.
And why not?
They control the Justice Department, they control the Executive, they're getting away with murder, and it's the same program no matter whether you're in New Zealand or the United States, whether you're in Canada or whether you're in France.
It's the same program.
And they told you years ago, welcome to 2030.
I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.
That was quite a stack, and I've got like 15 others.
This is insane.
15 other stacks I haven't had.
I may get to 2 or 3 other stacks, but I'm going to be taking your phone calls straight ahead.
We've got some other breaking news as well, but wow is all I can say.
I mean, if we don't stand up for ourselves, this is what we get.
These predators think they have free reign.
Let's teach them they don't.
Let's light up these cockroaches.
Look, I don't claim to be the biggest badass around.
But, you know, when I get in a fight, I'm going to fight as hard as I can.
And the good news is, when I was a little kid, I was in private school till I was in fifth grade.
In sixth grade, I got dumped into a Dallas school that had a bunch of people that had flunked two or three grades, and they started beating me up some.
And within about a year, I started beating them up even though they were two or three years older than me.
Now I kind of went to the extreme of really enjoying it and you know three or four guys when I was like 11 after the bus stop came over and blacked my eyes and loosened my teeth and did all of it and a couple years later I took a break when I saw one of the guys and beat his brains in and he is in a coma probably dead today.
I put him in a coma and you know I went too far is the point but Everybody's got to stop getting scared of these fights.
These people are the ones asking for it.
I'm not saying go out and beat somebody's brains out with a brick.
Let's politically beat their brains out with the truth.
Non-violently, information war, let's get them.
Let's turn it loose, let's cut the governor off, and just maximize the attack.
And that's what I've been doing, and damn it, I'm not that good.
We have wrecked these sons of bitches.
And I know there's people out there.
Listen, that's why I got excited earlier.
We took calls.
We had two callers in a row calling in plugging their shows.
And I just wish when you plug your show, you'd say it slow and say it clear, because I'm not in competition with you.
I want you to get listeners.
It's so beautiful.
My goal would be have every listener we've got knocking on neighbors' doors, call and talk radio, doing online shows if you can.
It doesn't matter if you reach 100 people or 10,000 or a million.
Everybody should be going to city councils and county commissioners and school boards and speaking about these issues.
And it goes super viral.
And we're going to beat these people together.
So you need to stop being scared of these bullies and realize they're coming for you anyways.
And just go ahead and get right back in their faces.
That's how this works.
Now, there is the issue that if you do get successful with bullies, pretty soon you've got to fight their older brother.
You've got to fight their cousin that just got out of prison.
That's how this is.
But that's okay.
For the best of us that are the best at this, we're going to move up that ladder.
And when people think, oh, this guy thinks he's got a fast draw like the old westerns, it's based on reality.
Everybody wants to have a shootout with you.
I'm not trying to have shootouts with people, ladies and gentlemen, but that's what's happened.
Now, all the big guns in the New World Order want Alex Jones.
I'm the head they want to mount on the wall, and that's a blessing!
Because I'm standing up for women and children, and doing a manly deed.
And I'm not that strong, but my fight's strong, and my will's strong, and I'll never give up!
You understand that?
If they can take Infowars away from us, if they can shut this son of a bitch down, they're gonna absolutely run around and have a big-ass party about it.
And maybe that's okay, like the Mexicans did when they killed everybody at the Alamo.
Maybe that's how God wants this.
Maybe that's what God wants.
All I know is I'm going 110% till the end!
That's it!
No white flags, no quarter, because our children are in the firing line being attacked.
Let's take some phone calls.
Todd in Ohio, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, this is Todd DeBarber from Akron, Ohio.
Love you, brother, go ahead.
Portage Lake.
I need to tell you what happened this past summer, Alex.
I did not take the shots, and I will tell you that I ended up in the hospital in May and all of June.
Well, not the whole time.
My niece was helping take care of me.
Portal vein thrombosis.
And it gave me a blood thinner and I had to go back to the hospital because Eliquis wasn't good enough.
The portal vein thrombosis I found out was from the shedding.
I did not tell the doctors at that time I was too sick, but when I had my CAT scan four weeks ago to make sure the blood clot is gone, I told the tech exactly where I suspected where it came from.
And I need to tell you, on the Died Suddenly documentary, that Lieutenant Colonel Woman Doctor named off a whole bunch of stuff that she was seeing.
Well, unprovoked blood clots in the portal vein was one of them.
And then at the very end of the program, there was a man who had blood clots in his legs and lungs, and his doctor said, Did these doctors tell you that eloquence not working is extremely rare?
So I had two rare things happen here, Alex.
I want these son-of-a-bitches taken down.
I hear you.
I've had all the scientists on, literally 50 of them or more.
We've got these studies.
That's the ultimate thing.
That's what Bill Gates said early on.
I learned his criminology.
He said, six months into 2020, he said, there will be a vaccine, things will reopen, but then the terrorist will release the bioweapon.
He sees us as the terrorist.
So they put the shot in us, then we produce the spike protein.
That's his little sick joke.
You understand?
I know.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is 30 miles north of me.
I'm going to try to get a hold of her facility and see if there's something I can do to get this out of my blood.
Well, I know I'm not a medical doctor.
I'm not giving you advice, but I know what they told me to help families that had long COVID that got over it.
They still had the damage, but they got better.
A lot of aspirin.
a lot of ivermectin, a lot of water, a lot of sunshine, and I'm usually for a pro-protein, high-meat diet,
but from some of the studies we've seen, when you're doing that, it can add to higher protein
and things in the blood that's usually very good for your body, but can actually help it grow.
So I would recommend, I'm not giving you medical advice, Fasting.
So go on water, go on ivermectin, take aspirin for a few weeks, and then I would fast for three, four days if you can.
And that's what I'm getting from medical doctors, is they're saying the fasting can shut these little buggers from growing.
Because if you get a lot of nutrients in your blood, they're able to replicate out of it.
Does that make sense?
So you gotta squeeze them.
You gotta squeeze them.
I got ivermectin down in Amish country here in Ohio.
Well, God bless you, brother.
I'm sorry that happened to you.
Keep fighting.
Johnny X in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Always a pleasure to speak with my history professor.
Love you, brother.
Hey, man, I got a message to all the listeners.
First of all, I want to thank all the listeners.
Y'all keep on sending me those messages about the songs from Alex Jones.
I'll keep on playing them all.
But I got a real important message.
Yeah, Alex doesn't have offshore bank accounts.
So instead of you thinking about when you donate money or when you buy a product, think of it like this, listeners.
Think of it as we are his Cayman Islands that they can't do nothing about.
We're slapping them in the face every time we buy a product, donate even a dollar.
We're the Cayman Islands they can't touch.
His whole entire army.
No, no, I agree.
I totally agree.
And that's what, literally, listen and understand.
They'll decide whether we stay on air or not.
We've been through this long, giant battle.
The enemy is so pissed.
And you are what they can't control.
That's it.
Blisters have to get.
You will decide whether we stay on air or not.
Absolutely, brother.
One other thing, too, Alex.
Man, you know... No, but what you said.
I don't mean to interrupt you.
I'll hold you over if you need me.
Think of it in the info war and funding.
When people buy products and people spread the word, you are literally punching George Soros in the nose.
Go ahead.
We are the Cayman Islands.
We are your offshore bank accounts.
And we're slapping in your face every single one of you globalist maggots.
But on another note, Alex, it's time for you to use me, brother.
When Owen... I was on the show with Owen two years ago when I did that song where I did one of the InfoWars songs and I was on the drum set and I was wearing the InfoWars shirt.
They banned me ever since then, but yet everybody still watches me.
All the influencers from Australia all love me.
We love it.
Well listen, you're overdriving a little bit.
What was the name of your video?
We'll play it next hour.
It's, it's Johnny, dude, it's Johnny, actually.
Your crew in O&F... No, I recognize your voice.
I just can't remember the video.
Freebird Southern Style, dude.
I'm telling you.
Listen, get it, get it, get Freebird.
Freebird Southern Style.
If you can get it, play it at the beginning of the next hour, six after.
Alright, love you, brother.
Thank you.
I kind of feel guilty.
I love taking these calls, but when I told you I got 15 stacks I haven't hit, let's see if that was a guesstimation.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.
four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen
sixteen seventeen eighteen eighteen stacks I haven't hit like when I show
you all these stacks I'm gonna stack here I just covered that carbon tax one.
It was nightmare, wasn't it?
Took 10 minutes to hit it.
I mean, it's just full on, baby.
But you got nothing to lose.
I mean, nothing to lose but to stand up.
These bastards are just...
Unbelievable, I tell you.
I mean, who would do something like this?
Well, look at history.
There's always psychos, and when good men don't stand up to them, you know what happens.
All right, thank you, Johnny X. Wyatt, stay with us.
us we'll be right back with your calls and more.
If you thought Stanford University says saying American is harmful and racist, the word Americans banned, that's on InfoWars.com with a direct link to Stanford University's new list of banned words.
You think that's bad?
Get ready for this.
You've heard about the omnibus spending bill they're trying to pass without any time to read it, without any debate.
You cannot make this up.
Chip Roy out of Congress points out To Leader McConnell, you have declared war on Texas, among others.
Representative Dan Bishop says, it expressly prohibits the Border Patrol and the omnibus spending package from being used to improve border security.
You cannot make this up.
Look at this.
Line 21, Section 3.
To acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology capabilities, except for technology capabilities to improve border patrol processing.
I mean, literally not even letting him have money, but plenty of money to ship illegals into the country.
This is just, I mean, you can't make this up.
You cannot make this up.
Let's go to Wyatt in Arizona.
Go ahead, sir.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, well first, yeah, I just want to say thanks for having me on the show here.
It means a lot to me.
Yeah, kind of speaking on that subject though, I actually just got out of the military this April.
Unfortunately, I had to make what seems to be, you know, a deadly decision now because they were trying to force us all to get the COVID vaccine and something about that was just, it did not feel right to me, Alex.
You know, with all the limited data and, you know, research that we had come out, you know... Well, they're not supposed to give you experimental shots, that violates law.
You can give troops approved shots, they've waived their rights, but you cannot give troops, the Supreme Court rulings, you name it, you cannot give troops experimental shots.
Absolutely, and to touch on that point, actually the last incident this occurred, they actually demanded that, you know, same situation, that the military get vaccinated.
And in a later lawsuit, it was found that the FDA actually had approved it, you know, on a false basis.
So essentially, it didn't even reach the minimum efficacy rate.
It was required.
It was an emergency authorization.
It was not a real authorization.
And so with that, having that knowledge, you know, my knowledge of history, I knew that that had occurred, you know, although I was kind of, you know, I'm younger, I'm only 26.
Going into that, knowing the, you know, the information of what's already occurred, I was like, there's no freaking way I'm taking this.
This thing just came out.
And you know what?
Seeing everyone drop over, it's absolutely terrifying.
It's, it's really terrifying.
But I had to make the ultimate decision of, okay, I'm leaving my career.
I'm getting out of the military.
You know, I joined To serve my country and to defend America, essentially, and here I am watching it crumble from the inside.
It's insane.
Well, you know what they did?
It was a culling.
They had the critical race theory and all the training crap and then the shots to run the good people out.
And they did that successfully.
Absolutely, they did.
And in fact, one day I actually messaged my dad.
You know, I'm an Arizona native.
We're here in Arizona.
And I messaged my dad when we had that stand-down day and they were telling us that America's top threat is white supremacist 3 percenters.
I'm a 3 percenter, because I want to defend everybody's right.
I don't care if you're black, white, brown.
That's right.
They're declaring anybody that stands for the Republic the enemy.
Anything else, Wyatt?
Right, and that's all.
And just one last thing, if I have any patriots in Arizona who would like to basically do a legal protest against the FBI and their collusion with Twitter, you can follow me at Wyatt, that's W-Y-A-T-T, F as in Foxtrot, and 999 at Twitter.
Wonderful, God bless you.
Yeah, that's a whole thing I didn't get to, a whole stack, because we talked about it so long, but now it's all admitted.
FBI, CIA, not colluding with Twitter, running it and harassing and surveilling and censoring people across the board.
Totally criminal beyond the Soviet Union.
Carlos in Las Vegas, you're on the air.
First of all, I want to tell people to look up the vision of Dmitry Dudaman.
It was a Roman pastor that smuggled the Bible into Soviet Russia.
He was captured and tortured by the electric chair.
And when he was close to death, Gabriel, the archangel, came to him and ministered to him.
And by the grace of God, he was expelled out of Romania.
But when he moved to America, he had a vision.
He showed all of California, Las Vegas, Nevada.
New York and Florida would be burned in one day because these cities had become Sodom and Gomorrah.
And he was told that Revelation 17, 18 and Ezekiel 38, 39 talks about the Russian invasion of America, Mystery Babylon, and it would burn in one day.
And that there would be a communist uprising in America so the government would be distracted And then nations that will attack and destroy America are Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two others.
And so I highly suggest people seriously get right back with God.
Repent for your sins.
And people back then couldn't believe a Red Dawn scenario would happen, but look how weak we are now.
Yeah, exactly.
And I mean, like, you can see the communist takeover happening all throughout the world.
It was covert at first, but now it's completely overt all throughout.
People who have children are basically, that are sending them to secondary schools or public school systems, they have an enemy in their house.
You know, they're being told that their parents are the enemy.
They're being just- They're being openly told it.
It's right out of the Communist playbook.
It's coming.
It happened.
It's going down.
Thank you so much and God bless you.
Joshua in Georgia, go ahead.
Hey, good afternoon, sir.
I've got something that might save- might, might, might plug you some money.
Back a year and a half ago, I called Harrison after I saw a video of a- right after the vaccines came out.
A Spanish researcher, kind of like Mike, found that the shots were mostly composed with graphene oxide.
I remember that.
The key is it's nanotech chain programmed graphene oxide to bind with things inside the blood and grow clots, but yes.
And he said the one thing that will counter graphene oxide and degrade it is glutathione.
Glutathione is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that you get when you go outside and play, basically.
Which is... No, you're right.
Glutathione is an amazing thing for weight loss and so much more.
Some of our products have glutathione in them.
You're right.
That's one of the things doctors have told me.
Ivermectin, glutathione.
Thank you for reminding me.
Okay, so now if you could come up with a product and call it anti-vax or whatever you want to call it with glutathione.
I'd call it glutathione cleanse.
Yeah, we can't use the term like it counters the drug is where the FDA works.
But yeah, absolutely.
We need a strong organic glutathione pill.
Or liquid.
I don't know which one's better.
But absolutely, what you're saying is dead on, brother.
Dead on, Joshua.
But if you put it with a bunch of other stuff, right?
Like put it in your super pack or something.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I think with glutathione, from what I've researched, 'cause we've researched this
and I meant to do this, actually, it needs to be a good, healthy dose.
For some reason, I think glutathione's better as a liquid, too, but I'm gonna look into it.
Thanks for the call, amazing point.
Angus in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
I'm here, I'm here.
I'm an ex-white supremacist.
I was with, I knew Mike Delaney.
I know Scott Roberts.
I'm an ex-white supremacist.
I've been shadow banned and shadow shanked by all kinds of people.
I want to talk to everybody in the staff.
All of you.
Robert Dew.
Listening to my voice.
I want Alex Jones to stand up.
To all this crap.
I always thought it was the Jews.
It wasn't just the Jews.
Joe Biden is not a Jew.
Joe Biden is not a Jew.
Joe Biden is white.
He's a pedophile, but he's a white.
I want every one of you to stand up and I want you to be strong because you're making history.
You are making history.
Every day you come into that job, know that you're making history.
You are making history.
Well what made you, because obviously there's different power groups and they're making everything racial, so I don't understand why people get into racial groups, but that's their plan.
What made you wake up and not be a white supremacist anymore?
Well, because it wasn't just white people.
I mean, excuse me, it wasn't just Jews.
It wasn't just the Jews.
You can go to Bitchute and look at Scott Roberts You can go and look at these people.
I know them, okay?
I actually know them personally, okay?
You can go to these people and look at them.
It's because they say it's the Jews.
Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew.
First of all, first of all, the word was Hebrew.
It wasn't Jew.
Well all I know is this, when I had Nick Fuentes on, he said, oh you talk about this inconsequential Bilderberg WF, they don't have any power.
No, they run things.
They write the global laws.
And they're a whole mix of people.
And there's a bunch of Jews in there too.
But I mean, Klaus Schwab and them are all like grandkids of Nazis.
It's evil.
G.G.Ping's evil.
I just oppose the policy and want to bring everybody together.
I appreciate your call.
All right, Jeff and Thumper, last callers, and then our guest host takes over, and then Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room at Infowars.com forward slash show.
All right, we're back live.
I'm committed to finish up with Thumper and Jeff, but man, you've seen where they're arresting pastors in the UK.
and arresting teachers that won't use pronouns will now thought crime charity volunteer arrested
and charged for silently praying their abortion facility in the UK. Absolutely over the top.
Dems attempt to gaslight on border crisis by blaming Republicans.
New Stanford guides is calling U.S.
citizens American is harmful language.
Musk asks Schiff if he approves state censorship, advocates a modern church commission to investigate FBI corruption.
That shows Musk is really smart when he says that.
It was the church commission in the late 70s that actually was the last time the government set up the deep state.
We'll be covering it all.
I'll probably come back and be on the war room with Owen.
I got so much news to bring.
But let's go to Thumper in Michigan.
Go ahead, Thumper.
Hi Alex, I've got a question for you.
I was looking at Obamacare's Affordable Care Act.
2.3% medical excise tax on medical device manufacturers and importers on the sale of taxable medical devices.
Section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes that tax.
If the mRNA tech companies Well, I don't know.
That's a great idea to look into things like that.
It is a medical device.
It's not a vaccine.
It's listed as a medical device.
That's a great point.
And so if we can, or did they do that, impose that to knock out smaller companies so they could take a bigger share of that market coming in.
My other comment was, is we need to keep pushing ahead on the people that watch all the CNNs
and all the different media that they were the person they put the hit on with this vaccine.
Why were they pushing it so much in those jobs?
Usually the police, the firemen, the teachers, they're all pension owners and the pensions
are the next thing to need to bail out.
That's right, they want to call the old people to not pay the pensions.
Right, and so they're going to need a bailout, but why did they push all this dangerous tack
into the pension system?
Sounds very good, Alex.
make them sick. Because they want to get rid of them, they want to euthanize them.
The answer to your own question, incredible caller, thank you Thumber. Jeff in FEMA
Region 4, you're on the air before our special guest from Australia takes over.
Sounds very good Alex. First and foremost everybody in the world is about to change the
calendar and celebrate all of that not knowing really what they're doing
because of the life of one man who's got it in the flesh who came and is coming again
shortly. Looking at you know all of these things are related to one thing that
it really boils down to that we should all know from, should have known a long
This is all in accordance with who our Creator is, right?
And who, and where, and from whence do we derive our rights?
And the Bill of Rights and the U.S.
Constitution are predicated and based upon that annotated organic law, which is called the Declaration of Independence, correct?
Absolutely, it's the kickoff, it's the whole reason.
Well, and there's a lot of arguments about whether or not that, you know, whether it's active law, positive law, or negative law, right?
But states are not welcome into the Union unless there are laws and that they swear allegiance to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and won't violate them.
So, when we talk about legally and lawfully resisting this evil that's here, and is going to start slaughtering and imprisoning a lot of people, we need to know that resisting in accordance with the Declaration of Independence is legal and lawful.
No, it is.
And the French call it force majeure, or force de jure.
I mean, really, possession is ninth sense of the law.
If we roll over, they believe, the globalists believe, that they are allowed to do this.
Divine right.
By the fact that we don't resist.
Well that's right.
Under our republic, we're the kings and God is God.
You know, God is the ultimate king.
If you don't make God the king, you make the state king, and they reserve that power to themselves.
Right, and they say as long as we don't put up a resistance, then we're giving them permission.
That is the international, global, interdimensional law.
You're absolutely right.
Thank you so much for the call.
Alright, she's coming up for the Balance of the Hour.
We've got a little special video for you to start first.
With host Maria Zee of Zee Media straight ahead.
Remember, Australia is the front lines of the fight.
She's got a lot to say.
And then Owen Schroyer in 55 minutes at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
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I've had enough of these people They're a bunch of Christian murderous scum.
And we're giant death factories keeping babies alive.
And selling their body parts.
What more do you need to know about these people?
I go out and face these scum.
And they literally crawl out from under us.
They have green looking skin.
And they run around screaming we love Satan.
We wanna eat babies.
I fucking love Satan, so fuck you!
I kill my kids!
Hillary's in the creepy weird six-step man.
We came, we saw, he died.
She sleeps in the same room with that creepy weirdo woman, whose mother wears a full overhead.
What the hell?
That woman number one is ugly.
Imagine how bad she smells, man.
I'm told her and Obama just stink.
Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.
There's a guy on the radio who apparently trumps on his show frequently.
He said me and Hillary are demons.
Said we smell like sulfur.
Ain't that something?
I have never seen or smelled any woman like that.
People are telling me she smells.
Who could not notice someone who smelled that bad?
Beautiful vampire pot there.
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go Ah, ah, ah We're such self-centered crap We don't even notice and it's self-rising up against us Millions of pointed peepers The very worst type and I'm so pissed We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall We're gonna stab your wife, your son.
We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife.
And then the police chief is gonna say, We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
I was watching Fox News as I worked out this morning, and they had the police chief on making excuses from that town in Minnesota.
And they had the Fox News host, this is the Fair and Balanced channel, going, Donald Trump really stepped in at this time.
He said it was a bombing before it had officially been called a bombing.
and Hillary's on him and she's got some really good points.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z, reporting to you from the testing ground of the New World Order in Australia.
I have some bombshell stuff for you today, let me tell you.
We've got the WHO angling to erase your human rights and dignity.
They've released some disgusting propaganda calling you anti-vaxxers and terrorists.
A Vienna Vax campaign that shows people being captured and taken to be forcefully injected and I want to show you some bombshell findings of nanotech in the injections.
A previous caller was just bringing that up.
You're not going to believe what we found with researchers Shimon Yanowitz and Matt Taylor who are doing this as an international effort with an Australian doctor, Dr Nixon.
My interview with him is up on ban.video where you can actually see robotic arms forming when this stuff is exposed to 5G or even 4G.
It's absolutely unbelievable.
Then I want to talk about what's happening in Australia because it's coming for you and then in the second half of the hour we're going to take some calls because I want to talk to people about all of this nanotech that's being found all over the world.
We know that it's being found.
La Quinta Columna have spoken about this.
Many other researchers, whistleblowers have come forth and said something is going on and we know that there are inconsistencies in the batches as well.
And so I really want to show people some of the footage that's come out of this.
I've sent the team a picture of what looks like a fibre optic cable.
You're not going to believe this when you see it, when the team bring it up on the screen.
This is after months of Dr David Nixon from Australia actually analysing this stuff and exposing it to a router and watching it form under a microscope.
Now, what we've been told Is that these formations under the microscope, have a look at this, look at this, it's frayed on the side, on the right-hand side of your screen there.
It actually looks like a cable, like a frayed cable.
And when Shimon Yanowitz, who's actually an electrical engineer, asked me, what does this look like to you, Maria?
I said a frayed cable.
He said, not just any cable, it looks like a fiber optic cable.
What's happening is that this is not showing up immediately under the microscope.
It takes time.
And these things are over months forming into these complex structures.
In some instances, they even look like cities, like little cities that are forming from the vials.
This is happening with Pfizer.
It's happening with Moderna.
My understanding is it has happened with J&J and it's also happening with AstraZeneca.
But the most that we've seen is from Pfizer and Moderna.
And it's not every batch.
I saw an analysis recently on a popular podcast, I have huge respect for anyone that is analysing this at the moment, but they analysed 100 vials and they said, no, there's no graphene oxide in these vials.
Well, OK, we know from Team Enigma whistleblowers that came forth and Dr Mike Eden spoke about this as well, even in an interview with me.
And he said that not all the batches are the same.
In fact, 5% of the batches are responsible for most of the deaths.
And that's according to the VAERS system.
So they've gone and analysed this and said, well, we can see the contaminants across the batches are varied.
And, you know, some batches have more, some batches have less.
And you can actually see a pattern where the government would have known that one particular batch is causing death.
And then they've gone and they've sent it elsewhere to cause more death.
I mean, this is a pre-planned murder, people.
This is the government looking at this data because it's regularly available for citizens to, you know, analyse themselves.
You can go to, I think it's howbadismybatch.com or .org or howbad.com and you can see this for yourself.
Just by looking at VAERS, open VAERS, you can analyse this and of course, based on those inconsistencies, number one, Dr Yeadon said to me, if there's anything that Pfizer do well, it's mass production of products.
So there's no way that they've got all these batches with different contaminants and they don't know about it.
It's just not possible.
It doesn't matter how rushed it was.
Pfizer specialise in mass production of products and consistency in that mass production.
So this is premeditated murder.
This is premeditated to cause disability destruction.
But the contaminants in these shots are varied.
So one batch may have graphene oxide, another batch may not.
But it is undeniable that some of these batches are responding to what is happening under, sorry, when they're exposed to a router.
If the team can bring up, before we go to break, the video nanotech, I want to talk people through what's actually happening in this video.
Because you can see it.
So right now it's fully formed.
But from the beginning, this is after it's been taken out of a Faraday cage and it actually shrunk.
And then once it was exposed to a router, it started to form again.
Now people have said this could be cholesterol crystals or salt crystals.
Salt and cholesterol crystals do not form just by being exposed to a router, nor do they then unform or shrink.
When you remove the router or when you put them in a Faraday cage.
The key here for anyone that's doing this analysis is you must look at how this stuff is responding to EMF.
You must look at how does it respond to 5G, 4G.
Nanotechnology is an area that many people that are trained in the pharmaceutical industry would never have explored.
They probably haven't explored the quantum physics realm To know how this is actually, because what Dr. Anna Mihaiča, she's fantastic, researching along with Dr. David Nix, and I've also interviewed her.
She says this stuff is disappearing and reappearing, and it seems it can be programmed from afar to do so.
I mean, this is Twilight Zone stuff, guys, but it is happening.
We're going to talk more on that and the WHO right after this short break.
I'll see you soon.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Many of you would have seen Greg Rees's short video that he did on the nanotechnology, the structures that are forming inside of people.
People, this phenomenon of people seemingly looking over their right or their left shoulder and then Looking terrified and dropping in this fit on the ground.
And it's happening more and more all over the world along with this phenomenon of people dying suddenly, dropping suddenly.
And this is an explosion that we are witnessing before our very eyes.
I wish people listened.
It's not an I told you so, it's never an I told you so, but it's, and I wish you listened and please will you listen now before, you know, everyone turns into cyborgs, which is what they're trying to do with this nanotechnology.
And again, I argue that those who have been working within the pharmaceutical industry, many doctors who have been heroes throughout this entire two years speaking out against these injections, I commend their efforts, but I would argue that they don't really understand quantum physics because it's not their area of expertise, nor do they understand nanotechnology because it's not something that they have actually used in treating their patients.
And again, salt crystals and, you know, Cholesterol crystals, they don't shrink back and then reappear and then shrink back when they're exposed to a Wi-Fi router.
That's not how this works.
So we're clearly seeing mounting evidence that this stuff under the microscope is responding to 4G, 5G and God only knows what will happen when we start talking about 6G and 7G.
I mean, this is, like I said, Twilight Zone stuff, guys.
They are trying to turn us into living, walking cyborgs.
And I just want to encourage that people continue the scientific discovery.
You know, we've had scientific debate shut down for two, three years now.
We need to continue the scientific debate and not completely just shut down the idea that this could be happening to people.
We need more analysis.
And it needs to be more than just a few minutes under a microscope.
We need to look at how this is responding to Wi-Fi signals, 4G, 5G.
So I really encourage people to continue doing that around the world.
And please present us with your findings.
Get in touch with me through my website, the contact form.
I want to know more.
I'm going to take some calls a bit later on in the show, in the hour on this topic.
But I want to go into something shocking that has come out this week.
This should be the biggest News in the world but it isn't because the WHO have been meeting in secret.
You would recall that they were talking about their treaty or the amendments to the international health regulations initiated by Joe Biden some months ago and then we got this hashtag stop the treaty trend trending on Twitter.
It went worldwide.
A team in the UK challenged it and they actually put a stop to the treaty at that time or a stop to the IHR amendments.
So what the World Health Organization has been doing since is meeting in secret, of course, them and your unelected selected officials have been meeting in secret to negotiate the amendments to the international health regulations.
Now, they are taking several paths and they're, you know, branding it as different things in their in their media releases.
For example, you've got the pandemic treaty, you've got WHO, CA plus and the IHR amendments.
But here is the most alarming thing that they have written into these amendments, into Article 3 of the International Health Regulations, which by the way are legally binding.
Your country has elected that they will sign up to these legally binding regulations on your behalf.
And there are financial sanctions and punishments, says the WHO, for those that don't comply, for countries that don't comply in the future.
They are seeking total global control through a medical dictatorship.
And listen to what they've written.
In Article 3, it used to say The implementation of these regulations shall be and the WHO and those that have been negotiating this in secret took a line and struck through the following text.
With full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.
That means We're going to go ahead with our treaty and we don't care about your dignity, we don't care about your human rights, we don't care about your fundamental freedoms.
In fact, we value them so little, peasant, that we're going to cross a line straight through your dignity, your human rights and your fundamental freedoms.
Literally telling you, we think of you as ants.
We think so little of you.
Then we're going to cross it out!
I've sent a video to the team of some WHO propaganda if they can bring that up.
Science aggression has now become a major killing force globally.
During the COVID pandemic in the United States, 200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives because they refused a COVID vaccine, even after vaccines became widely available.
And now the anti-vaccine activism is expanding across the world, even into low and middle income countries.
It's a killing force.
Anti-science now kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or cyber attacks.
And now it's become a political movement.
In the U.S.
it's linked to far-extremism on the far right.
Same in Germany.
So this is a new face of anti-science aggression.
And so we need political solutions to address this.
Anti-science aggression.
That's a new term we haven't heard before.
Anti-science aggression.
So let me paint this picture really clearly for everyone.
They're now saying that anyone who's anti-vax, which is, you know, the label that they're sticking with, is a major killing force globally.
They're calling anyone who dare withstand a medical experiment a killing force.
This is very, very dangerous and deliberate language that they are painting people with.
And granted, this is propaganda, and they wouldn't have to release this propaganda if they weren't on their last legs.
I do believe they are.
But they are starting to show their true colours.
We're deleting your human rights.
We're deleting your dignity.
We're deleting your fundamental freedoms.
And now we're comparing you to global terrorists.
This is literally what they're saying.
Anyone who disagrees with us is being labelled a global terrorist.
In fact, they're saying you're responsible for more deaths than global terrorists.
These people are insane.
They're sick.
They're satanic and they need to be stopped.
200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives because they refused a COVID vaccine.
How many lost their lives because of the vaccine?
How many people have lost their lives because of pharmaceutical poison?
How many people continue to lose their lives because they're making us sick through our food, through our water, through the skies?
But we won't talk about that.
We'll just turn this around on anyone who dares to ask a question.
Call them a killing force and compare them to global terrorists.
Can you believe the nerve of these people?
To compare you, a peaceful individual that's standing for your rights, standing for your medical freedom, standing for your right to not participate in a medical experiment, a Joseph Mengele Frankenstein shot experiment, and calling you a killing force for wanting to preserve your life.
It is unbelievable.
Anti-science kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism and nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks.
And they've linked it, of course, to far-right extremism on the far right.
We'll continue right on the other side of this break.
This is unbelievable.
You know, I am so insulted by how little intelligence these globalists think that we all have.
And I'm so insulted by how they think they can just keep labelling us as something that we are just not.
And the reality is, here's the reality, right?
This is for Bill Gates, this is for Schwab, this is for BlackRock, the Rockefellers, this is for all of you, right?
The fact that you have to go to this level of propaganda just proves how weak you are!
You are weak!
You are pathetic!
To have to go and label people as extremists and worse than terrorists because they don't want your death shot?
That just shows weakness.
Maybe you need to come up with some better tactics because what this shows is that the masses are waking up and they are on their last legs having to fight for dear life with pathetic propaganda.
I want to show this video that's just come out of Vienna, and we're going to take some calls about the nanotech and some of these tactics in the next segment.
But check out this video.
It's an official vaccine campaign that's come out of Vienna showing a girl being kidnapped
to go be forcefully injected.
Just absolutely unbelievable.
For the radio listeners, it's a young teenager.
She gets into a taxi.
The taxi driver is dressed as a vaccine.
And then she's shocked and she's trying to get out of the, you know, the, the, the taxi and she's locked in and being taken by force.
Now it's done in a really, you know, cute way with a cute accompanying song.
Uh, but that is, that is how they're, they're painting the future to be.
You don't have a choice.
You need to get our products.
You need to be injected, you know, boosted to your eyeballs till it's coming out of your pores.
And the people, more and more, are saying no.
You know, Bill Gates himself admits, oh, I don't know, the vaccine, childhood vaccine rates have dropped so much, it's a shame if it was due to all those conspiracy theories.
Yeah, it is due to the people that keep bringing the truth, not conspiracy theorists, conspiracy realists, who are reporting and exposing your evil global satanic agenda, you disgusting piece of scum.
And that is what they are.
But you know, you can see where they're angling with all of this.
You can see where they're going with this treaty.
I told you what they crossed out from Article 3 in the International Health Regulations.
I want to bring up what they've actually replaced it with.
Again, it used to say the implementation of these regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.
They've now changed that to based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the state parties taking into consideration their social and economic development.
So, essentially what they're doing here is rewriting social laws.
I've spoken about this so many times.
These people understand the power of words and they're trying to change the definition of words.
Owen's spoken about this.
Alex has spoken about this.
It's about, you know, again, we've referenced 1984 so much, but it is, you know, the un-words, the words that you're not allowed to say anymore.
Here's your new dictionary.
Like they did now in Canada.
I saw a video.
If you search the term psychosis from a Canadian search engine, It actually, you know, tells you it's a mental illness.
And then the example that it gives you is someone who thinks that their government is trying to harm them.
I mean, when was this, you know, the only example that we gave of psychosis?
But no, that's in normal search engines now in Canada.
It's absolutely unbelievable.
And we know that they've said to the doctors in Canada or the psychiatrists, you know, if your patient's anti-vax, it's likely that they need to get on psychiatric medication.
So you can see them squeezing tighter and tighter, despite the fact that people are waking up.
And they will continue to squeeze.
Because people are waking up.
So don't give up, don't stop your efforts, but I'm getting off track here.
So when they say that this is going to be based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and so on and so forth, what do they mean by equity?
This is a financial term.
Well, it essentially just means that you are nothing and all public health considerations will be made in accordance with their version of equity, what they call equity.
So again, my understanding is they're rewriting social laws and they're also referencing the financial aspect, which is the International Monetary Fund.
My understanding also, and I may be wrong on the official figure, but Australia has pledged already about $10 billion into this global monetary fund.
The IMF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of course, are involved because they're genocidal maniacs.
The International Monetary Fund, Is where every country will be pulling their money for this global pandemic fund and pharmaceutical funding will come from that fund.
And so the way that they will cripple the nations is if you don't comply with whatever the World Health Organization does and says you need to do to manage an upcoming pandemic, Not even an existing, an upcoming one, which I'll talk about in a second.
Your country's money that you've pledged into that fund gets seized and therefore will also seize your ability to access other pharmaceuticals, which your country desperately needs.
So we can't do that to the people.
We can't put our people at risk.
We have to comply with the WHO.
It is literally paralyzing every single country by them signing up to this.
And who of us asked for this?
None of us asked for this.
It is absolutely despicable.
So I really encourage everyone, get onto your so-called elected officials, flood them.
This is the biggest news in the world right now.
I mean, there's nothing bigger than the WHO literally deleting dignity from this agreement that they're meeting about in secret.
And in relation to the pre-emptive testing, the pre-emptive injections, all of that.
So they've announced a global pandemic centre and they've said that that will run out of Australia.
This is why I keep hammering about Australia.
I know the world doesn't know a lot of what's going on here, but you need to because so much of what is happening is being tested here.
So this Global Pandemic Centre is running out of Australia and we've released a Pandemic Preparedness Report.
In this Pandemic Preparedness Report it says that everyone must submit to regular testing and surveillance in order to prevent future pandemics.
And they also outline that those future pandemics, they tell us which ones they'll be, they've given us five.
And they also say, which is, you know, one of them is a respiratory virus, of course, which is in line with the recent war game that they did on a catastrophic contagion.
And they say in order to prevent these, we need to do regular PCRs or whatever testing they want to do, DNA samples, you know, whatever they tell you next.
And people need to be placed under surveillance perpetually.
And at any point, this could change because of climate change.
It's pathetic.
It is such bad science and anyone with, you know, a smidgen of a brain can see it.
But what they're doing now to condition us for this is they've just proposed that all Australian students before, in the new year, will need to undergo regular testing to prove they're not sick in order to go to school.
They're testing it on the children first.
And it's still in the proposal stage, but again, it's in the pandemic preparedness plan.
So this is what they're doing.
Parents need to stand up against this.
The whole world needs to stand against these IHR amendments.
It cannot be allowed to continue.
And I know people say the government's compromised, this, that, the other.
OK, give them something to do.
If you flood them in millions with phone calls, with texts, with emails, maybe not texts, you don't have their direct numbers, but you know, with emails, turn up at their offices, demand that we exit the WHO.
The whole world needs to do this right now.
It's top priority, in my opinion.
We're going to take some calls about the nanotech.
I really want to hear from people and what their thoughts are in the next segment.
The number is 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
I really want to hear from people about their experience with the nanotechnology inside the injections, what their thoughts are, if you found anything new that the world needs to be aware of, and this news about the WHO.
Alright, we've got quite a few callers.
I'm going to do my best to get through all your calls, so I'm just asking whoever's online, please keep it short and sweet to get through as many people as we can.
This is a really, really hot topic.
Andrew in New York, you're on the air.
N4, 1776 Worldwide.
Hopefully get rid of Morrison in Australia and Ardena in New Zealand.
Um, but... We have Albanese now, Andrew.
He's even worse.
Do go on.
Oh, okay.
But, um, mRNA, I think, like, one of the big problems with it is the spike protein that keeps, like, reproducing in the blood.
And they were showing, like, the coroners were having, um, these big, like, stringy, like, tubes, like, throughout people's, like, bodies that no one has ever seen before.
So it's, like, basically just producing, like, Vaccine, it's not even a vaccine, it's a gene therapy, gene therapy bioweapon I would call it.
Yes, absolutely.
And the long stringy cloths that you're talking about, it's so crucial that people investigate that more because what we're finding, Andrew, and for everyone listening, is the technology or these structures are appearing and disappearing.
So even if a person potentially appears healthy right now, maybe with exposure to EMF, they won't appear healthy later on.
So, you know, it's a crucial topic.
You're so right.
Yeah, they're definitely planning it.
They have Event 201 and all these tabletop exercises and stuff.
And even COVID-19, it stands for a Certificate of Vaccination ID.
Oh, we know that absolutely.
The whole goal is to get everyone hooked up to digital ID, eventually leading to the Mark of the Beast.
You're on it, Andrew.
You're a smart man.
Thank you so much for your call.
We'll go to Jordan in New Jersey.
Hi, Maria.
I just want to commend you for your courage in the eye of the storm there and really being a front line out there.
So, thank you for that.
Thank you.
And I wanted to alert everybody.
I call in quite often.
I was a former pharmaceutical rep for about 10 years in R&D, vaccine development.
And in February of 2021, my wife took the Moderna shot, had strange neurological side effects.
And I left the field and then I started pulling together research.
I called InfoWars, they urged me to make a website.
That website's been up now for quite some time.
I offer it to you as a resource, as well as everybody else.
It's peer-reviewed literature of these people, these psychopaths, of these mad scientists.
It can be reached at www.coronized.com, which is C-O-R-O-N-A-I-Z-E-D.
Um, and you can find hundreds of these people's papers.
Um, all of this is true.
It's completely verifiable, um, through scientific evidence.
I've done, um, recently a podcast on the Powder Monkey podcast called Coronaized.
Um, and I also have a Bitchu page.
And I urge everybody to become very aware of what's happening, because this is the real plan.
The plan is what Klaus Schwab said in Harare, which is to have recording of all molecular information in human beings.
And not only that, but access to neurons.
And a very important feature of this that everybody's forgetting about is a person named Charles M. Lieber, okay, who developed nanowire technology and something called injectable electronics.
And these so-called clots that are being brought out by these coroners and so forth are not clots.
These are organoids and or 3D cyborg tissue, which has been developed by the likes of Charles Lieber and all his adherents, many of whom are Chinese nationals.
And this has to tie in with his whole arrest and everything else.
Everything you're saying is true, Jordan.
Can you just one more time repeat the website for everyone?
www.c-o-r-o-n-a-i-z-e-d.com Thank you so much, Jordan.
I encourage everyone to do some more research on that.
That's awesome.
Can we go to Seth in Pennsylvania?
Seth, you're on the air.
Hello, Maria.
Hey, I just want to tell you, follow you on Rumble.
I love what you're doing.
Thank you so much.
You're doing a great service for the world.
Appreciate you, Cole.
Seth, talk to us about the Nanotech.
OK, so I obtained a Pfizer jab and I have the lot number and everything like that.
I examined that over the last year.
I did some of the testing next to the Wi-Fi tower, pulling it away, heating it up slightly on the stove.
I've noticed several different things.
I have tons of imagery.
I would love to get to your team.
I've also been collecting geoengineering.
When they're spraying heavy here, I've been putting out dry slides and been finding very similar things.
I found self-assembling thread.
I found crystalline structure, bimetallic nanostructures.
And you can go to NIH.gov.
And, you know, type these things on, bimetallic nanocrystals.
I've referenced all of the stuff that I've seen on NIH.
You know, I think this goes along with the National Nanotechnology Initiative Plan signed by Biden in October of 2021.
It's in the food.
They're putting it in the supplements, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide.
It's, I mean, we really need to check the ingredients.
Of, you know, anything that you're putting into your body.
I mean, you can't help it.
You're absolutely right, Seth.
What I'd ask you to do, because I am reporting on this often, you know, head to zmedia.com.
There's a contact form there.
You know, if you find anything that's really damning, we want to see it on Share A Story.
You know, we try to get back to absolutely everyone that we can.
As you can imagine, we get so many emails.
But this particular topic is something that I am focusing on because we need to get to the bottom of it.
Really appreciate your call, Seth.
I want to go to Johnny in Denmark.
That's a call from Europe.
Hello, Johnny.
Oh, hi, Maria.
Thanks for doing a great job.
Basically, I see this is a perfect evil storm of The way I like to think about it is double-D, double-P, and double-T.
Double-D being dumbing down, as in the deliberate dumbing down of the world.
Double-P being predictive programming, and double-T being totalitarian tiptoe.
And I mean, this idea of a depopulation has been around for a long while.
It goes back at least as far as 1790 with Jabario Ortez, O-R-T-S, having written a book and wanting...
And he was the originator of the expression "a carrying capacity of the earth."
And his was one billion and it's just been going down steadily.
And there was a book written, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," but it's gone worldwide.
And Andrew H. Warris Carter at the beginning of the COVID-19 nonsense said that it was 9/11 worldwide, which it really
And people look, you know, for example, a little bit back to...
Donny, I'm going to pause you because I've got a whole list of people calling specifically about the nanotechnology.
Everything you're saying is right.
This is pre-planned.
This is DPOP.
The World Economic Forum just released some propaganda about the fact that they predict that 500 million people will be plugged into the metaverse by 2030. You'd think
that the metaverse would have a much bigger uptake than half a billion people. So my view is that they
predict that the world population will be much smaller by then, but I really want to focus on
the nanotech today. Thank you so much, Johnny, for your call. We'll go to Jayden in Texas about
gene editing.
Hi, Maria, can you hear me? I can. Awesome. So I just want to tell you something real quick,
because I know you're in a hurry.
What the guy at the, a couple of callers ago was talking about is actually very important.
It's called optogenetics.
And especially today, your viewers need to watch out for blue light.
Optogenetics is a neurological science that was discovered or rediscovered in 2015 by Karl Dostoevsky.
And it's hard to believe this, but if they mutate your genome, and then they shine blue, red or yellow lights at you in a certain pattern that's blinking at hundreds and thousands of milliseconds or times per second, They can control your mind.
They can control you through your neurons.
I think that's what the guy was referring to originally.
But like I said, I really need to emphasize blue light in particular.
Your audience, if they have been vaccinated once, especially if they've been vaccinated twice, then they absolutely need to avoid any form of blue light.
That's really, really great advice, Jayden.
And you're right.
In fact, that's why all of the smart cities have these sophisticated light systems, because they contribute to the mind control.
I'll talk about this more in the future as well.
Thanks for your call, Jayden.
Rick, you've got about a minute left.
Rick from Illinois.
It's nice to, uh, Merry Christmas, I would say real quick.
Um, also I had a, uh, family, close family friend who had three vaccinations and, uh, she died quickly after that.
Like, uh, two, two months after that, her husband had to get up with her day and night, um, after she had their third vaccine, my mom had COVID and a few months after she developed triple negative breast cancer.
And, um, She's doing better now, but she went through chemo and all the other stuff.
And I wanted to talk about some of the, what I think is a giant experiment was The COVID vaccines, some have saline in them, some have lipid nanoparticles like you were talking about, and some have mRNA, some were a big giant experiment.
You're so right, Rick.
I'm so sorry to cut you off.
We've got 10 seconds left.
I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, but God bless you.
I'm glad that she's doing better.
This is an experiment.
All of them are different.
The batches are different and we need more investigation into this nanotech.
Thank you all for joining me today.
God bless you.
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