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Name: 20221219_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 19, 2022
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In this InfoWars episode, Alex Jones discusses the US-Mexico border crisis, January 6th hearings, and the recent omnibus bill passed by Congress. He criticizes politicians for not addressing immigration issues and expresses concern over inflation due to the omnibus bill. Jones also talks about the economy, warning of a potential crash caused by hidden facts and a rigged system. Additionally, he covers the negative impact of the banking system on people's lives, rising living costs, falling building values, and the effect of remote work on office buildings. He urges listeners to support InfoWars in their fight against globalists.

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This is the ultra, ultra, ultra hardcore information we cover and why they want us off the air and why they've got their algorithms and their AI dialed down as strong as they can to suppress InfoWars.com forward slash show and banned on video.
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You want to win this fight?
People call in all day saying, how do we win?
The enemy has done their analysis.
They believe this broadcast can bring them down with our guests, our callers, myself, and the whole team.
We're seen as their kryptonite.
But we got to move the kryptonite up against the enemy if we're going to be able to deal with them.
You got to get it on them!
You got to get it on them!
You got to go up against them!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Like giant pools of molten magma beneath the surface, humanity's great desire for liberty and freedom is striking out to the surface and nothing the new world order can do in the end will suppress our drive for liberty and freedom and justice and our love of God and our families that God gave us.
Thank you for joining me on this live Monday broadcast.
I'm only doing part of the broadcast today, because I've got to be in my personal bankruptcy court stuff coming up, which is going to be very, very interesting, as under penalty of perjury, folks find out that I have almost no money, contrary to the total fake news you've been hearing for years, that's total fraud and total lies out of the mouths of these devils that run the system.
But that's a side issue.
We have got a huge transmission lined up for you here.
I'll be here for the next hour or so.
Then Owen's going to take over and I'll be back hosting the show 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
throughout the week, God willing.
Look, I know I keep harping on the shots, but it's because now coroners around the world, including the U.S., the U.K.
and Australia, are doing autopsies on children.
And the U.N.
and the W.E.F., directed under Fauci, really tried to get coroners Not to do autopsies, that's come out.
And now it's in the news, and they're doing the autopsies.
And even the BBC says, okay, these COVID shots are causing little kids to have heart attacks and die on a mass scale.
Wow, it's actually all coming out.
That is huge, huge, huge.
Got a big stack of that.
I mean, just current, every day, more prominent deaths, autopsies coming in.
And remember, they probably do an autopsy on one in a thousand that get killed by this.
So, the so-called unexplained deaths are now becoming explained.
Print me that last article, because I've seen a bunch of those too where they refuse autopsies, and that's the big scandal.
From the beginning, they've been censoring, they've been blocking therapeutics, they've been doing fake trials of the shots, that's all come out, and then suppressing autopsies.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That mother of three that was 34 years old, you got her mom on, a year ago, who was a nurse and took the Pfizer shot, and her organs liquefied in a week.
They said, hey, let's not look at that.
That's what's so amazing about this weapon is it's designed to hit different parts of the body of different people.
So one person gets a liquefied liver, one person gets a heart attack, one person gets a blood clot in the brain.
But most folks just get sterilized, but it's got to be strong enough to attack the testicles and ovaries.
And so the side effect is death.
And they made it a little too strong, which of course they meant to do because now they can test our response and see if they're able to cover it up.
This is the ultra, ultra, ultra hardcore information we cover and why they want us off the air and why they've got their algorithms and their AI dialed down as strong as they can to suppress InfoWars.com forward slash show and banned on video.
but that's why you, the human intelligence, the battle between humans and machines
on the ground in this matrix, can overpower them with brute force
by sharing the link and saying, the forbidden truth lives at infowars.com/show
and Band.video.
You wanna win this fight?
People call in all day saying, how do we win?
The enemy has done their analysis.
They believe this broadcast can bring them down with our guests, our callers, myself, and the whole team.
We're seen as their kryptonite.
But we gotta move the kryptonite up against the enemy if we're gonna be able to deal with them.
You got to get it on them!
You got to get it on them!
You got to go up against them!
Well, the border is completely dissolved.
Title 42 is gone.
The Border Patrol estimates 10 million illegal aliens.
I misspoke yesterday.
I want to explain something.
When I said we talked to Border Patrol whistleblowers earlier this year and then just a few weeks ago down at the border, They said they estimated 10 million would come across the Texas sector alone.
Excuse me.
The estimates are another 5 to 6 million in the other sectors put together.
Arizona, California, you name it.
Senior advisors can't say why Biden hasn't visited border.
Democrats dismiss crisis at the national level, but not at the local level.
We are in urgent need for help.
New York City Mayor starts freaking out over impending wave of illegal aliens.
Same thing in El Paso.
Same thing in Denver.
Same thing in Chicago.
Same thing all over the place.
And the good news, Texas Governor Abbott seeks criminal probe of the UN NGOs aiding illegal immigrants crossing the border that are actually in charge of the Border Patrol.
We've been spotlighting that and spotlighting it hard.
The same European NGO that ran the open borders the last decade in Europe was hired two years ago or about a year and a half ago by Biden.
Absolutely insane.
We'll be drilling more into that.
Huge Russia escalation news with Kissinger saying it's time for negotiated peace in Ukraine to avoid a nuclear war that is becoming imminent.
Also, we've got the big Elon Musk Twitter situation.
Look, I know it's interesting, like a big soap opera, to see who's let back on and who isn't, and to constantly talk about Elon Musk all day, but at the end of the day, it is a big distraction from all the giant events going on.
And so, I saw it right when the poll went live last night, right as I was going off air, handing the baton to Owen Schroeder, I saw the poll go live, it only had like 20,000 votes, got like 18 million last time I checked.
It had just gone live, Twitter-wide poll, saying, do you want me to step down as CEO and If you vote, I will abide by what you want.
Well, he knew they were going to use bots.
He knew they were going to do whatever they wanted.
And he knows Twitter's mainly leftist.
So he obviously already has his CEO lined up.
I walked in here and told Owen about it and said, watch, he'll probably tweet soon.
But don't worry, he's got a new CEO.
He loves those little jokes to watch them celebrate and then say, yeah, I'm not going
to officially be doing this.
I've got other things like space programs to run and brain implant chips and electric cars and flamethrowers and, you know, everything else.
And sure enough, five minutes later, he tweets, I don't worry.
Look out what you wish for to be a new CEO.
Ha ha ha ha.
So he's beyond a mega troll.
I know I've been called a troll.
I'm not trying to troll the globalist.
I just want to confront them and expose them.
But Musk really plans all this out.
Really creepy watching him hang out with Jared Kushner, though, at the big soccer game.
Speaking of that, Argentina beat France, of course, and the U.S.
media, CNN, Washington Post, others, said it was racist that the team was white and brown and there were no black players.
We watch an NFL game where some of them are 90% black.
Nobody gets mad about that.
They're the best players in that country.
Believe me, they had black players there that were better.
They'd be on the team.
They just beat basically an all-black team.
But the whole point is, what does it have to do with it?
They're just projecting race on to everything for divide and conquer.
But I do find it hilarious that Argentina then won.
So that's a very, very interesting.
I know Owen Shorter is a big Argentina fan, so he was really, really excited yesterday.
When we see an all-black team from France, we don't ask, why is the whole team black from France?
Well, in France, they've got a giant African population there, and they are overall the best soccer players according to the free market.
And there's a bunch of good soccer players that are in Argentina because they like their country and they don't want to move somewhere else, so they've got a home team that happens to be brown and white.
Big deal, but just the idea of white people existing is evil.
That is the race-based system of the ADL and the New World Order, and really, they show their ass how they're the ones promoting racial division.
And control through that racial division.
And then of course we have massive vaccine news.
And I keep saying the biggest shit, the biggest shit, because every day bigger shoes drop.
More information comes out.
Suddenly governments and others are doing autopsies.
Despite the fact that you and the WF said don't do them.
Of the children and others dying of heart attacks and blood clots.
And surprise, surprise.
It's not regular blood clots.
It's protein blobs.
Of the spike protein growing and replicating and creating sludge that kills you deader than a hammer.
Absolutely incredible.
We're going to be getting to that actually next segment and playing those clips because this is really the end of the system if all this comes out.
And it is coming out.
We've got some new FTX news.
You know, these new JFK documents have come out showing the government had CIA involvement.
Of course they did.
I interviewed the head of the operation before he died.
We played the interview with E. Howard Hunt that his son got.
I interviewed a lot of the other people who were involved.
And it's well known.
All of this is extremely well known of who the hit team was.
But before he died, he gave the deathbed confession.
And then of course we also have the famous admitted mistress of JFK, who I interviewed weeks before she died.
She was all there when she died.
She had heart problems.
And she lived at the Driscoll with LBJ for years.
For over 20 years.
She was his Austin mistress.
He had other ones in DC.
And she's on record being his mistress.
And she said that he came in and said, I'll never deal with that son of a bitch anymore next week when he comes to Texas.
We're going to kill his ass in Dallas.
He came in happy as a clam a few days later and said, yep, took out that son of a bitch.
So, I mean, I've interviewed the woman in the bedroom with him that had a son with him.
I've interviewed the famous CIA hitman who was in Dallas.
I mean, it's on record.
So we're going to be getting into that as well.
I mean, the national polls, 92% of Americans know the government killed Kennedy.
So the Epoch Times says, has American democracy been a hallucination for nearly 60 years?
And the answer is, yeah, that was their beachhead.
But now the globalists have got pretty much full control, and you see their mission wreck and destroy the country.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, we are tomorrow's news today.
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We'll be right back with massive news.
Remember, when I cover this stack of news, these are real people that are dying.
These are real people that are sick.
These are a lot of people you personally know.
When we open the phones up, and I'm going to do it again later this week, We can take three, four hours of calls and nobody calls in and had good experiences with the poison shots.
And then the stories they tell aren't just anecdotal.
It's in the global statistics from the insurance companies and governments.
And now it's coming out that Fauci and the UN and the WEF went in and said, don't do autopsies when these people drop dead of heart attacks and blood clots.
So folks on Twitter asked the question, the vaccine doesn't stop transmission and it doesn't prevent infection.
So what does it do?
That's all admitted fact right now, but look at the latest articles.
I see them everywhere.
New York Times, why those that took the shot died at a lesser rate than those that did.
Those that took the shot had a lower rate of death than those that didn't take it.
That's just not true.
Just like they lied about crime statistics this year and said crime's down 2% nationwide, From two years ago.
It's up massively, but they just didn't count 800 plus cities and towns.
They cut out where all the crimes exploded.
And then said no crime there, so obviously it went down because they weren't even averaging in where most of the crime is.
But they think you're stupid.
And it just continues on with Biden saying there is no border problem.
So here's some of the headlines.
This is the BBC of all places.
Admitting COVID.
Jack Lass died as a result of AstraZeneca vaccine, says the coroner.
Direct result of AstraZeneca COVID jab.
They all create spike protein.
Not just the mRNA.
He died just weeks after he took the shot.
Okay, that's just today.
I didn't like go back and pull these up.
This is just latest news.
Here's a clip.
Eight-year-old boy develops mycotarditis after his second vaccine.
The doctors admit.
So here's the key.
We've known this for just before they even gave the shots.
The CDC documents predicted it, but now the mainstream media is reporting it.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
A second grader in Kaohsiung developed a fever and chest pain after getting a second Moderna dose on June 17th.
Doctors say the boy had myocarditis that may have been triggered by the vaccine.
The boy is in stable condition after treatment.
Meanwhile, a 68-year-old Chai resident died just hours after getting his fourth Moderna shot.
Whether the two incidents are related remains to be clarified.
Taiwan began administering second Moderna doses to children between 6 and 11 on June 17th.
In Kaohsiung, a boy developed a fever and chest pain two days after getting his second shot.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm not going to go into the rest of it.
So we have millions and millions of deaths.
Conservative estimates 10 million.
The big estimate is 20 million dead.
That's just short term.
But we know around 1 in 40 to 1 in 100 deaths or adverse reactions even get reported to the VAERS.
It's similar around the world.
But you heard the big lie there.
He's fine now, he's out of the hospital.
It causes massive heart scarring, and normal children that get rare viral myocarditis from a virus, you can get it from the flu or cold, it's very rare, half of them are dead within a year.
Did you hear me there?
Think about that, and there's a lot of evidence showing that this is the worst form of myocarditis, because the spike protein has the viral effect in the heart.
So a lot of these children that are getting myocarditis are going to be dead very soon.
And I forget the exact statistic.
I think it's within five years, something like 69%.
You can pull it up.
I've had Dr. Mercola on.
We've shown the studies at Nauseum.
Just look up what I'm saying.
Percentage of young people, of children that die after myocarditis.
Because you usually live, they do stuff like heart ablation, where they literally cauterize out the heart and stuff.
I mean, you can't run, you can't jog.
You have like a heart of an 80-year-old person.
Think about how sick that is.
He's like, oh, the boy had my good eyes on the shot, but he's fine now.
Yeah, he's really fine right now.
Here is Dr. Malone and another scientist talking about how Fauci told the government, this is a government official they're talking to, with Dr. Malone, to not do autopsies.
Here it is.
So what's happened to the autopsy, Ryan?
Well, Anthony Fauci told our government to tell people don't do autopsies on COVID patients.
You cannot find that for which you do not look.
I have a post-vaccine nine-year-old on my desk.
I don't want to see one more child post-vaccine ever on my desk.
Are the autopsies starting to happen?
You bet they are, finally, because people are saying, well, why wouldn't we do them?
And in that same town from which this nine-year-old died, a healthy 22-year-old wrestler, after his third shot, is now also coming to be on my desk so I can determine the cause of death there.
We're told don't do autopsies, don't look, and that's what your government is giving you for data.
Don't ask, don't tell, don't look.
These are not the droids you're looking for.
Everything is safe and effective.
Go jab up the children with a shot that doesn't work for a virus that isn't here anymore, for a virus that most of them are already recovered from.
Safe and effective?
Don't do science?
Don't ask a question.
Destroy the careers of those that do ask a question that are only in it for humanity.
Valid questions to ask yourself.
Premeditated mass murder.
There's Ernest Ramirez.
His son didn't drink, didn't smoke pot, played basketball, was skinny.
He took the Pfizer shot.
And a week later was playing basketball with his father and friends and dropped dead.
He wanted an autopsy and they said, no, you don't want that.
Dropped dead.
No heart defects, no nothing.
That was over a year ago, and the murder continues.
Now they're going after the newborn babies.
Only the U.S.
has authorized six-month-olds and up, but now they're going after the newborn babies and, of course, shooting up the pregnant women.
Here is super successful IT computer engineer inventor.
With tens of billions of dollars of sales of his inventions, that's really what he is, a prominent scientist.
But journalist, turned journalist, Steve Kirsch, testifying, so you killed 150,000, that's a very low statistic of what's in VAERS, in order to maybe save 10,000 lives.
Here he is talking about it.
So you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives.
And that's if the actual variant matched the vaccine, which it doesn't.
So in other words, and for kids, by the way, the risk-benefit is even worse.
We kill 117 kids to save one life.
Because everybody is focused, laser focused on how many lives can we save from COVID.
And they're not focused on how many people actually die from the vaccine.
Because it's all covered up, because the doctors aren't allowed to talk about it.
Because they will lose their license or they will be fired if they talk about it.
We just showed you the New York Times caught lying, saying that the vaccine protects you from hospitalization and death.
They fake the statistics.
They fake the crime statistics.
Another report out now.
CDC pressured by gun control zealots to bury stats on guns used in self-defense downplay firearms stopping crime.
They're rigging everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, and it's getting worse.
More on that in just a moment.
We're going to tie it into the latest battles at Twitter.
Now we have the new documents out where the FBI was actually running Twitter and even the leftist executives thought it was illegal because they were being ordered to actually target and harass people.
You see, it's a lot worse than everybody thought or knew.
You notice when I confronted Oliver Darcy that I got banned for on Twitter, not Sandy Hook.
It wasn't even the radar, wasn't talking about it.
Nobody was talking about it with me.
They just hyped up stuff out of context.
It's like, oh, he's a Sandy Hook guy.
He got rich off Sandy Hook.
But I got banned off Twitter for confronting Oliver Darcy, the so-called CNN journalist, the minion of Brian Stelter, and saying, you're involved with the government and intelligence agencies.
At Twitter and Facebook and Google with mainstream media coordinating with the Pentagon and the FBI to censor and harass people.
That's why they crapped their britches.
In fact, we've got to find the full confrontation.
It's like five minutes long, and I say it's gonna come out.
It's going to come out that you work for the Department of Defense and the FBI.
I know you're the liaison with Brian Stelter.
Every one of these companies has a bunch of liaisons, because I tracked what they were saying, watched what they were doing.
I saw the coordination, and I knew about the Defense Authorization Act that Obama put in before he left office.
Funding this, and now you see it everywhere.
Oh my gosh, the FBI and the CIA are involved with big tech, censoring and surveilling and harassing.
Obama put it in the damn legislation!
That's how I knew!
I know Owen's going to take over later.
Rob doing them can find it.
I want to find, because there's a great shot.
Nobody puts it out where it was on my camera, right in his face.
And I just want the whole stream, the whole thing.
It's like five minutes where I say, I know you're working for the Justice Department, the CIA.
I know how you get your orders.
I know how it's liaison.
It's all coming out.
And I was telling members of Congress, going up and down the halls, I confronted the head of Google.
I've got their number.
We are next year's news today.
Yeah, that's the whitewash from a few days ago.
Now it's confirmed that they were commanding it and surveilling people and harassing people, not just in contact with Twitter.
And it doesn't just end with Twitter.
It's all the big tech.
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Don't plug it.
I'm going to come back here in a few minutes and I am going to go through all of it in a giant news blitz straight ahead on Twitter.
Elon Musk, what happened with Argentina and their soccer team.
The New York Times in a crossword puzzle for Hanukkah with a swastika on it.
Why do they do that?
We'll explain it.
We're also going to get into the situation unfolding in Ukraine and how serious that is in the latest developments.
Also, five antifa protesters in Atlanta held on terrorism charges after police find bombs, flares, and weapons in their camp.
What are they gearing up for?
What's getting ready?
The January 6th kangaroo panel is set to come out And call for Trump to be indicted today.
That is all coming up and more but the good news is the people are waking up on a mass scale and the people now know these shots are poison and now doctors have the courage and the cover to come out and tell the truth and so the New World Order is in a lot of trouble but they got tricks up their sleeves this morning.
I woke up and a well-known podcaster friend of mine Uh, sent me this link and said, Oh, I, I'd forgotten about this.
I'd forgotten that when they were on Joe Rogan show, the head lawyer and Jack Dorsey.
That they said in their own file, the lawyer brought it, why I was banned from Twitter.
Nothing about Sandy Hook.
That wasn't on the radar.
Hadn't talked about it in years.
They made that a big issue to sue me later.
It was because I confronted Oliver Darcy, lined up to go in a committee room about internet censorship where they went in and denied it was going on.
Four and a half years ago when this happened, they were still denying that censorship was even happening.
But we had the Defense Authorization Act and the Countering Foreign Propaganda Disinformation Act that said the FBI and CIA would work with legacy media to create these secret boards that would then watch and advise and order big tech on who to censor.
Now the sixth Twitter drop came out on Friday And as the FBI commanding Twitter.
Now again, it's not just Twitter as Congress is now reporting.
So that's why they got so upset.
So I haven't had time to go find the full conversation.
It was like five minutes long.
But I remember in it, I said, you're involved in racketeering.
I know you're getting government orders.
I know it's part of this.
I know it's the Defense Authorization Act.
And that's when they got really freaked out and really scared because nobody else had put that together.
And it's not about credit, folks.
It's about understanding.
I don't make this stuff up.
And if Trump would have listened back then, we could have done something.
I even told Trump about this personally.
I said, sir, it's three billion dollars in funding.
Two billion, another billion.
They're stay-behind networks.
Moles inside your administration.
Here's some of their names.
And that's why they went completely ape and had headlines.
Our main job at the White House is keeping Trump away from Alex Jones and Infowars.
Remember, I said he was being spied on.
I said they were censoring people.
I said the government was involved.
And if he'd have got control, it would have been game over.
But instead, they kept control.
And now here we are.
I'm going to tell you the rest of the story coming up in the next segment of what they're doing now and what's coming next.
But I first wanted to play, this is a funny compilation.
I'm going to have the crew find the full confrontation that will air later in the next hour.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to a little short clip where I confront him and then it cuts back and forth to the Joe Rogan Show with the head lawyer and the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey at the time on the show.
Here it is.
Look at this right here, the guy that goes around policing and calling for censorship and then claims that Trump's wrong, there's no censorship of conservatives or patriots.
You are incredibly shameful.
How are you doing, Alex?
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Eyes of the Rat.
Even more evil looking person.
He is just scum.
You're a virus to America and freedom.
Smelling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
Eyes of the Rat, even more evil looking person.
He is just scum.
You're a virus to America and freedom.
Smelling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
Caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
Caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
Caught doing some really, really nasty stuff.
That's enough?
That's hilarious.
All you people that have an inferiority complex and think you can take the greatness of America
and dominate it, that you might actually be somebody as you project your own loathing for yourself
on everybody else, I'm a winner.
I love myself.
I love who I come from.
Victory and strength and honor.
You are the definition of dishonor.
And one day in the encyclopedia Britannica, encyclopedia Galactica, it will have your face
What do you hope to accomplish here?
I'm just showing people just the survival nature of the bottom of the barrel of these dying news corporations that have to dredge up from the front lines to attack the First Amendment.
You're the equivalent of like the Hitler youth being put on the front lines to stop the advance of the Allies.
So you came here to attack the media?
You're not the media.
You are fake news.
You are the criminal news network.
You engage in racketeering trying to shut down real news, real information.
You engage in lying and fraud in your audience on a premeditated continual basis.
You got some damn evil eyes, son.
So they have found like a 12 minute.
I thought it was like a five minute confrontation.
And so we'll have that next hour.
But but it's really important.
I remember I specifically went in to the stay behind networks and the government running it and the Obama funding.
And of course it's all true.
Of course it was all true.
Because it's in the damn bill.
That's what's so frustrating.
I talked to the president so many times.
He'd go, you're a great man, Alex.
Appreciate you.
Keep the work up.
Just wanted to check in, see how you're doing.
Pat me on the head.
I'd be like, listen.
Fiona Hill's a mole.
This guy's a mole.
You gotta stop him.
There's a Stay Behind Network.
Three million in funding.
Here's the name of it.
Please write it down.
Okay, okay.
And then just a moment, he'd come back.
Oh, this is important, isn't it?
Yes, it's important.
It's called the Countering Foreign Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
And it's what they're doing against you, sir.
And of course, he started to figure it out by the end.
But we have the intel.
We know how to stop it.
It's totally illegal what they did.
It wasn't Russian election meddling.
It was the Deep State Democratic Party with the neocons, and they totally stole the last two elections in front of us.
With just the meddling alone, blocking information is election meddling.
Not to mention the machines and the mail-in ballots.
So here's the headlines.
Elon Musk's Twitter poll ends with users seeking his departure.
Of course, that was his master troll.
Now he says, oh, he already had his new CEO ready.
He'll still be in charge of it.
So he knew they'd vote against him.
He goes, okay, I'll give you what you want.
But he said, careful what you ask for.
Elon Musk makes a poll asking if he should step down as head of Twitter.
57% say yes.
Elon floats plan to step back from Twitter after meeting with Jared Kushner.
Twitter files even chief censor feared FBI was breaking the law helping US intelligence engage in domestic operations and that's all come out in the documents and of course even the head of their censorship thought it was okay to put nine-year-olds on on Grindr that is a gay hookup site But that, that was okay with him, but, well, I can't get direct orders from the FBI to surveil and censor and shut people down.
I thought you'd just tell us what you want.
That's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
It's a link to the Daily Mail.
So, Elon Musk set a step down as Twitter CEO, but not leave Twitter.
Here's the Twitter files, part six.
Twitter is an FBI subsidiary.
Big, giant, thick article breaking it all down with Matt Taibbi's information.
It's 28 pages long.
I suggest you go read it for yourself.
Social media coordinated with DOJ and FBI is not limited to Twitter.
Devin Nunes.
Yeah, no kidding.
It's like you catch one fish out of a lake.
You go, that was the only fish because I pulled it out and I know it's the only one because I can't see the other ones.
Elon lifts Twitter suspension of lepti journalists the people have spoken.
Oh, but when they had polls, for me, the vast majority wanted me reinstated.
He didn't do it.
But, you know, it's kind of uncool to even be on there.
And again, Trump is a day late, a dollar short.
Trump vows to ban the feds from targeting misinformation if elected.
Think about how preposterous that is.
All news has a bias.
All news isn't 100% right because none of us are omnipresent, none of us have all the answers.
But the idea that they tell you what's true, the big corporations, the government, with the worst track record of lying by design and putting out official talking points, it is beyond disgusting.
And of course, Musk has angered the system.
Exclusive probe of Musk's Neuralink to scrutinize long-criticized U.S.
animal welfare regulator.
That's Reuters.
Hooking all these microchips and wires up into monkeys' brains.
And I'm not defending what he did, but he's not the only one.
And it is really expanding and accelerating right now.
We're going to start the second hour here in a little while.
And I am going to get into a big article by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market that's posted on Infowars.com.
Leftists aren't capable of surviving economic collapse.
Here's why, and then why are they supporting them?
The Great Reset and their own destruction.
Meanwhile, the New York Times put out a Hanukkah crossword puzzle that's a swastika.
Why do they do stuff like that?
Imagine if you or I did that.
Well, it's about we can do it, but you can't.
Well, don't worry.
I don't want to put out a swastika on Hanukkah.
But it's all they fetishize doing evil things, doing weird things, doing bad things.
and that they're the ones that are allowed to do it, but nobody else can.
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There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently...
(upbeat music)
Russian scum!
Alex Jones.
Scum, Russian scum.
The worst comes to mind.
Reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat in UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
Here's the secret of Soylent Green.
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
That is the secret of Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing they'll be breeding is like cattle for food.
You gotta tell them.
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They have found the full 12-minute clips, we'll air about 10 minutes of the next segment of me confronting Oliver Darcy about how specifically Obama was running secret disinformation boards with the Justice Department, the Pentagon, liaisoning with dinosaur media to censor the American people criminally and illegally.
So we're going to play that clip here in just a moment guys, so cue that up.
But then the full clip We'll be next segment.
Again, nobody else was saying this.
I was telling Tucker Carlson and others at the time what was going on.
That's why Tucker two weeks ago said, Alex Jones broke this.
And it's not about, oh, I broke it, I'm great, you know, give me a gold medal.
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A 360 win.
Coming up next segment, I'm going to air a large portion of it.
And I'm going to, by the way, have it re-uploaded to Band-Op video, the full 12-minute confrontation.
I thought it was five in my memory.
It's 12 minutes.
But here's a short clip where I nail it four and a half years ago in the halls of Congress to the CNN deputy censor-in-chief under Brian Stalter.
That's what wants to run your life, folks.
If you don't start running your life, he's going to run it.
He's already thinks he's got scalps.
He's one of the main progenitors in this whole operation.
You don't think we don't know about Obama's countering disinformation propaganda?
You don't think all that's going to come out who's funding this?
And your little ID card and all the rest of it?
You think we're stupid?
You think, uh...
You think we're playing games, huh?
You think we don't know a thing or two, son?
That's illegal, what Obama set up.
Call him to come down.
You think because you've got some Democrats and some committees and some stay-behind networks, like the 37 angry Democrats in the Justice Department trying to shut down Trump, you think because you've got a rogue group operating inside those agencies that you're going to be able to shut down the free press in America?
We are here.
All the beer is here.
The American people are watching, and they're not going to let you win.
You're gonna see the raw footage that hasn't been out in years.
They took off YouTube and everywhere else in a few minutes.
This is why they're so scared.
me to be taken off here. That's all you've done. That's what you said needs to be taken down.
Why aren't you taking it down? You said don't. That's enough.
That's all you've done.
Why didn't you do it in your tweets?
You're going to see the raw footage that hasn't been out in years. They took off YouTube and
everywhere else in a few minutes. This is why they're so scared. I was advising the
president. He fired some of the moles because of us.
They literally put the CIA on our ass after that.
That's why they filed the Sandy Hook garbage.
Ran the whole defaults.
Now they want to shut us down.
Don't let them.
So you get what's coming next.
Let's get to it.
Leftists aren't capable of surviving economic collapse.
Here's why.
There is one factor that constantly stands out of the absolutely essential to a person's chances of surviving a crisis event.
That factor is mindset.
But they're trained to be victims.
They're trained to not be self-sufficient.
They're trained to let the predators tell them what to do in every actuary.
Experience and training are highly valuable.
Having proper tools and preparation on hand is a huge advantage.
But in the end, without mental toughness, the ability to adapt to the most prepared person in the world will still likely bite the dust.
And it's such an important article, getting into the left and all the numbers and how they are undermining our entire society, including our military, to bring us down and collapse us from within.
In 1980, you might be able to find a large number of mentally tough people that considered themselves Democrats.
Today, you will not find anyone.
And they give a bunch of great examples.
Leftists thrive on crisis, but die out during collapse.
Leftists are anti-preparedness.
Leftists have an aversion to hardship.
Leftists have no practical skill sets.
Leftists rely on government to fix their problems.
Man, this article is so key, and it's absolutely on target.
And statistically, the left are more apt to steal, more apt to lie.
7 to 10 times, depending on the study.
7 to 9 times.
But then they're cheerleading the collapse of society.
They're cheerleading poison shots because they're the captured minds that think just complying gets them ahead.
Yeah, it gets a pat on the head from corporate media.
And the left, they may even give you some functionary job while you are destroying your own future.
Meanwhile, the Fed Chairman Powell admits, I don't know what we'll do in 2033.
They said they've got to stop the inflation's growth, so now they're going to kill the stimulus that will cause a depression.
Why central banks will choose recession over inflation.
Excellent article from Zero Hedge.
Meanwhile, SPF changes by an extradition to the U.S.
It's now been picked up.
It's about to be on a flight to the United States as we speak.
Will he be Epstein, well he's got Epstein's lawyer.
I think that tells you all you need to know.
But as scary as all of this information is, The left's going to have to answer for their election fraud, and their open borders, and their pedophilia, and their human smuggling.
And now the governor of Texas has opened a criminal investigation of the UN-run NGOs that Biden has put in charge.
When you go to the border, you see the little bureaucrats, literal pink sweater-wearing blue hares, green hares, Antifa, commanding the border patrol.
And the little children being disappeared and handed off to complete strangers.
These are crimes against humanity.
They can and will be punished.
They can and will be stopped.
We do not have a choice.
We've got to do it.
The children are counting on us.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with the Oliver Darcy confrontation.
And listen, everything I say, you can now look at it in the news today and it's all come true.
It's all been admitted.
It's all exactly what I said.
The secret disinformation boards, because we know the enemy blueprint.
We know how to beat them.
And if you decide to share the articles and videos, if you decide to take this Oliver Darcy video and have it go viral, oh look, Twitter censored Jones for exposing their connection to the FBI and the government and Obama.
Imagine how important this is today.
More important than when I said it four and a half years ago.
That's what wants to run your life, folks.
If you don't start running your life, he's gonna run it.
He already thinks he's got scouts as one of the main progenitors in this whole operation.
You don't think we don't know about Obama's countering disinformation propaganda?
You don't think all that's going to come out who's funding this?
And your little ID card and all the rest of it?
You think we're stupid?
You think we're playing games, huh?
You think we don't know a thing or two, son?
That's illegal what Obama set up.
Look at this right here, the guy that goes around policing and calling for censorship and then claims that Trump's
wrong, there's no censorship of conservatives or patriots.
You are incredibly shameful.
How are you doing, Alex?
You're just, look at you, you are literally an anti-American, anti-free speech coward.
You're going to go down to History Books at the Criminal News Network.
This is one of the main people right here who thinks you have no memory, who sits there and lobbies.
Show him.
It sits there and lobbies people to take other news off.
Claiming they're fake when CNN is the fakest WMD.
Gulf Arab State Dictatorship funded.
Hey, come on over here Drew.
I want to get this content.
This is unbelievable.
I was literally saying I don't see the criminal news network here.
But indeed we do.
Right there at the front line of the trough.
To try to get in there and try to shut down conservative, libertarian speech.
And of course, he comes from the loins of Glenn Bay, the king.
I mean, look at those eyes, folks.
If you want to see the eyes of a rat, Look at those eyes.
Look at that slobbering of the system and the criminals of CNN, all their war mongering and death, all their fake news.
And then running around trying to police the internet and trying to shut people down.
And then you think people are so stupid.
On CNN a week later, you say no one's censoring anybody.
No one's pushing for censoring.
And then you say that Trump is the one attacking the press, but only does it stand up to your lies.
Just look at this guy's eyes.
That is who will rule your life.
Even people like Stelter.
That is who want to... Look at that smile.
Alex, Alex, you know, I'd say... So I've known Oliver quite a long time.
Good to see you again, Oliver.
Good to see you, Chuck.
Good to see you.
You know, he's from Fresno.
And he knows that now.
Because, you know, in Fresno, we actually believe in free speech.
And here he is censoring people and doing... Policing people.
He's a thought police.
That is the thought police.
Beforehand, he worked for CISAC.
And of course, I and many other people in the conservative movement helped his career along.
And now he's decided that now that he works for CNN, he's going to go and try and shut down Voiceless.
Look, I mean, he's even more evil looking in person.
Think about the decisions that you made.
You don't even respond because we're just scum.
You sit here at CNN with no viewers, no followers, everyone can't stand you.
And no matter, you shut everyone down on Earth, no one will like you.
You understand that?
You'll never have billions and billions of fans and followers.
You'll never have people that love you.
Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us?
You are a dishonorable liar who would never even dare have me on your little tiny shows when you and Stelter called me a virus.
You are a virus to America and freedom.
You are authoritarianism.
Just look in those eyes.
The hunger to silence America.
The hunger to extinguish the First Amendment.
The hunger to deceive.
But he can't do it because the fire of liberty is not going to be knocked out.
I want you to know I'm starting to come up here a lot.
We've seen a lot of each other.
Just so you know.
Always good to see you.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Oh no, you don't talk back to me as slaves.
You just act.
Calling everybody's sponsors to get them to dump you.
Working with Media Matters and the Nazi collaborator George Soros.
Smiling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You've used that one several times.
That's what you look like.
You need to come up with something.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really nasty stuff.
In my view.
You're a public figure too.
You'd probably go to Twitter and say, he's bullying me.
I'm only trying to be platform everywhere and celebrating it and then insulting my viewers a week later saying no one's doing it.
How dumb do you think your viewers are?
Do they have no memory like Dari from Finding Nemo?
You can't respond.
All you do is deceive.
Your job is to be a disruptor.
This is not a... Are you saying the left isn't trying to be platform conservatives?
This is not a... I'm not doing an interview with you.
There you go.
Just look at it.
Look at that person.
Just stare at it.
Look at that.
He thinks he's going to beat America.
He wants to politically mount a set of laws.
He thinks he can deceive Oliver Darcy.
That's like...
What was that?
Anything to say?
No, I have nothing to say to Alex.
Good seeing him here.
Yeah, all he wants to do is silence everyone so he can then lie about it and get away with it.
You're broadcasting on Twitter right now, I think, right?
Well, we're on a lot of places.
You're being really silenced?
Yeah, you've been trying to silence me there.
You keep asking why I'm there and then lying about what I said.
You're a shame.
It's blown up in your face.
It doesn't matter if the New York Times says our viewers are down by half.
It's not true.
Record traffic and record support.
Which you guys don't have.
You have to be propped up by kingpins and corrupt corporations and foreign Gulf War dictators who launch fake wars in the Arab Springs and back ISIS and John McCain and all those other crip keepers.
And you and your boss, Flynn Beck, are charlatans and everybody sees right through you.
It's been good.
No, no.
We're talking to you about how you hate America, how you hate the First Amendment, and how you think people are stupid.
you think people are stupid.
This is literally the equivalent of the Stasi.
This guy literally goes around making stuff up, lying about what people said, putting
it on the platform, and then gets up there on TV and goes, "You know, Trump may have
a point, but Google's too powerful."
We need to regulate it.
That's backing Senator Warner, who's threatening Google with censorship if they don't roll over to them and steal the midterms.
Hey, I'm part of the establishment.
Hey, I finally have people that want me.
Hey, I'm like Judas Iscariot.
Oh, there he is.
Look at the skinny jeans, too.
They all love communism.
They got their, you know, thousand-dollar phones and all the rest of it.
You hate America so much, man, you make me sick.
Hey, you ever talk about China?
You ever talk about China?
You ever talk about China and how Apple and Google are all moving over there?
Or just how mean I am all day?
Build straw men.
Because you know what you are?
You know what you are?
You are literally, literally a sociopath.
And you think it's funny.
You know other people have emotions and care.
So you play on it.
You must be an incredibly empty person.
Empty person?
Yeah, you are the definition of a punk.
You're the definition of a fraud.
You are a charlatan that goes around lying about people to destroy the First Amendment.
I haven't lied about anyone, Alex.
Yes, you are a congenital liar.
And CNN is a giant fraud it hated the world over.
None of what you're saying is true?
No, yes it is.
You are a liar.
You think you can gaslight people and call for censorship and then a day later say you aren't?
We've got all your statements.
We've got everything.
We've got you all over the place.
Lobbying to have media taken down.
That's not true.
Lobbying to shut people down.
That's not true.
Asking people why they're not shut down.
That's not true.
Yes, and engaging in all that.
It's all true.
We have all the clips of you saying it.
Listen, everybody knows who you are.
Look, as you and Stelter get force-fed by Twitter, you get like a hundred retweets.
Because CNN's a joke.
CNN's like government cheese.
It literally is just force-fed to everyone everywhere.
Everyone's sick of it.
It's force-fed to public schools.
It's force-fed in bars, in hotels, making you sit there and watch it.
Does Indy help?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, they sure do.
Just like they lied about the Asian incubators and the WNDs that killed a million people.
And just like the public has a right to question things.
And you've got the New York Times lying about WNDs.
And the New York Times lying about WNDs that killed millions.
But you don't really care about kids.
You care about your fake moral high ground.
And gun owners are sick of being blamed for what other people on Prozac do, who get guns illegally.
That's all you got.
You're gonna fail, just like Hillary failed.
We're gonna win these midterms.
We're gonna take this country back.
And all you people that have an inferiority complex...
Alright, taking over from here, with a ton of news to cover.
But, I wasn't really planning on covering the January 6th stuff today.
In fact, I didn't even know they were having this hearing.
I had some January 6th news in my stack because Republicans, some Republicans, are saying they're going to investigate the investigators.
They're going to try to get down to the actual truth about January 6th.
Federal agent involvement, prior knowledge of that day's potential events, That Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser and others had.
But I'm watching Liz Cheney open the January 6th hearing today where they're expecting some big announcement.
The Democrats have been building this up like they're going to have a big announcement today or maybe even criminally refer Donald Trump.
We'll see if that happens or if that's just hype.
Because quite frankly, there's no interest in the January 6 hearings.
People aren't interested anymore.
They know it's all politics.
They know January 6th was, if anything, a little out of hand at worst.
And it was Trump supporters that died that day, not the police officers like you've been lied to about.
But I'm watching Liz Cheney open the hearing and I'm just sitting there and I'm like, man, If you are an uninformed American and you're watching this and you're taking it at face value, you're just sitting there getting raped by propaganda.
I mean, you are just sitting there getting your mind raped by disinformation.
And it's... You know, it's a gut blow because I know she's lying.
Liz Cheney, that is.
I know she's lying about everything that she says, but...
It's not just the lies that she tells in her little presentation.
It's in the presentation itself.
It's in these assumptions that you're supposed to make based off of what she's saying.
You're supposed to, for example, it says Liz Cheney the Republican.
Liz Cheney's not a Republican.
What about Liz Cheney makes her a Republican?
Because her dad was Dick Cheney?
Because she puts an R conveniently next to her name?
She doesn't vote Republican.
She doesn't vote Republican values.
She doesn't represent the constituents.
In Wyoming, nothing about Liz Cheney is a Republican, except, oh, they say, Republican Liz Cheney, and then they put the R behind her name.
And so if you're watching this and you're ignorant, you're thinking, oh, wow, well, this must be an honorable Republican to look into her own party and look into her own voters.
She must be a good person to do that.
Glad she's a head of this committee.
Just right there, with the presentation, with the assumption, you've already been propagandized, you've already been misinformed.
Then she goes on to say, so it's already, it's lies layered on top of lies framed in a frame of lies.
Just everything about it is totally fake.
You know that, you can sit there and watch it.
Most of America probably knows that, sitting there and watching it.
That's why they don't watch it anymore, because they know it's BS.
Then she goes on to say, Something like this has never been done before.
We've never had an election denier before.
We've never had a president deny the election results.
We've never had a group of people... And it's just like, again, that is just an outright lie.
She knows she's lying.
She knows that Democrats have a long history of contesting elections.
But why doesn't she bring that up?
Because she's not a Republican.
In this case, she's a Democrat.
Now, when she's running for election in Wyoming, she wants to be known as a Republican because that's how she gets in.
But she's not a Republican.
Now that she's already in and she's got to do the political bidding of the deep state, who does she really represent?
The Democrat Party.
So she says, nobody ever did what Donald Trump did, causing an insurrection.
Remember Donald Trump's tweets from that day?
You can actually go find him now.
He called for peace.
He said, go home.
Oh, what an insurrection.
The DC, I don't know if it was the mayor or the police, decide they're going to send out an emergency notification to everybody within five miles of the Capitol.
And then as soon as everybody's phone goes off, Everybody leaves.
By the way, it's funny.
A little bit of a side note to just show you the power that the government has.
You couldn't even get service that day anywhere.
You could not get service.
You couldn't make a call.
You couldn't get a text out.
But man, they got that emergency alert on everybody's phone like they just overwhelmed the whole network.
That's amazing.
But that's just a side note.
No, the Democrats have contested elections multiple times.
In fact, the Democrats have contested every presidential election that they've lost this millennia.
Whether it was Al Gore or Hillary Clinton.
The Democrats contested it.
The Democrats denied it.
The Democrats pled to Congress saying we can't count these electoral votes.
I mean, I'm not going to sit here and play the footage over and over again of Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer and all the other Democrats saying this election was stolen from Al Gore.
We all remember it if you were there.
We all remember the election if you were alive for it.
You can even go back deeper in history.
In fact, there was one time the Democrats actually pulled off or tried to pull off what the Trump supporters wanted to happen on January 6th, and that was a congressional review of the electoral votes.
To say they can't be certified, they're illegitimate for reasons X, Y, and Z. And so the case that Trump was trying to make was all of these illegal votes, the mail-in votes, the early votes that were all placed in under color of law in the name of COVID, no actual law, they were illegal votes.
That's why Donald Trump said, hey, you've got 200,000 illegal votes right here that aren't constitutionally legal.
They shouldn't be counted.
That's bigger than the margin of victory.
This should be an issue.
No, the Democrats actually did do that.
I forget when it was.
I wasn't planning on covering this today.
I would have tried to look it up.
But no, I think, what was it?
Was it the 1940s?
I can't remember.
There was a presidential election that the Democrats lost where they did the exact same thing.
They presented their arguments to Congress.
They said, we cannot certify this election.
We cannot certify these electoral votes.
And here's why.
So no, it has been done before, Liz Cheney.
But see, that's my point, is that The whole thing is just a lie.
It's a lie on top of lies, framed in a lie, boxed in a lie, with a bow on it that's a lie.
And if you don't know any better and you actually take it at face value or believe that Liz Cheney or the rest of the January 6th Committee are trustworthy, you're just getting raped.
You're being mentally raped, psychologically raped, smashed by political propaganda.
It is information warfare.
It is a propaganda campaign.
And it's stunning.
I'm just sitting there getting a cup of coffee watching this and it really does make you angry, doesn't it?
That Liz Cheney is such a unmitigated liar and that she's not even going to be punished either.
She will face no punishment for what she's done to this country.
She will face no punishment for the lies she tells the American people and yet There are hundreds of January 6th defendants sitting and rotting away in jail cells so that corrupt bitches like Liz Cheney can sit up there on the moral high ground and tell you they're justified.
to propagandize you and they're justified to weaponize the government against the American people because they put innocent people in jail and they lied about innocent people and they called veterans and mothers and fathers and grandmothers and doctors terrorists because they dare stand up and speak their mind and they dare call out the obvious corruption that has been plaguing this nation for decades.
And I don't know where it goes because I just sit there looking at it and I know how the universe works.
And it's not going to end well for them.
The problem that I see here that's a little unsettling is whatever fate the liars in our government Are going to face whatever fate the liars on the January 6th Committee are going to face?
I'm just worried we're all going to end up facing it.
That's what I'm concerned about.
I mean, justice is going to be done may the heavens fall.
I'm just worried it's going to fall on all of us at this point.
I mean, there is no way people like Liz Cheney get away with their lies forever.
There's just no way.
But what's going to come of it?
So Elon Musk supposedly unofficially is going to be stepping down as the head of Twitter.
There's all kinds of rumors abound.
Obviously nothing official about a Twitter poll.
Some people thinking it was a bot fishing expedition.
I don't believe that's the case.
I think he's done plenty of those.
I don't think he needs to run a poll to do that anymore.
Was it a troll?
Was he serious?
Was it something he already planned out?
Nothing has been said since the poll concluded.
With 57% saying Elon Musk should step down as head of Twitter.
Now, of course, again, the rumor mill's churning.
Everybody's got their opinion.
I haven't heard any official statements.
The only thing I would lead any credence to would be the fact he was with Jared Kushner at the World Cup right before the announcement, or the poll rather, was made.
So perhaps maybe some influence there.
But again, we don't know For sure.
And I was thinking more about it last night.
And it's a hard thing in the modern times that we live in to take anything at face value.
And I'll use this as an example.
I've got a My barber is more skeptical than I am, if you can believe that.
He doesn't trust anybody.
And so we started talking about Elon Musk earlier this morning as he's cutting my hair, and he doesn't trust him at all.
He's like, you know, if they tell you who they are, believe them.
You know, look at him wearing the devil's advocate or the devil's surrogate costume.
He uses it as his profile picture.
And my rebuttal is like, well, I think he's trolling, I think I get what he's doing, and I'm not saying he's perfect with all things, and who knows what the technology he's working on, that could eventually be used to oppress us, but I mean, part of me just, kind of like, it's kind of like if you're a gambler, You have to reserve a certain percentage or a certain bet and just say, hey, look, I know that this is going to happen.
I've got to remember, like, I know there's going to be an upset in an NCAA basketball tournament.
Like, you just know that.
So you hold it out.
So you're not going to pick all the favorite seeds.
You got to pick at least one or two underdogs because you just know it's going to happen.
So it's like, that's where I'm kind of at, is Am I just supposed to believe that we can't have any heroes?
We can't have any champions?
Doesn't mean they're going to be perfect.
But am I just, I can't believe that Elon Musk can't be doing anything good?
He is doing good things.
He is exposing the Democrat Party, FBI censorship with Big Tech.
He is exposing Anthony Fauci.
He has called for him to be prosecuted.
They're teasing another round of COVID Fauci drops coming out on Twitter.
We've already had seven Twitter files released.
Another one today, number seven, part eight, apparently going to be about Fauci.
So, I understand Why people don't trust anybody, especially people in positions of high power and influence like Elon Musk.
And so I'm trying to look at all the angles.
And I'm thinking, okay, if Elon Musk is not just organic, meaning he's making up his own decisions, whether they're preconceived or just on a whim, he's doing what he wants.
He's deciding what he wants to do.
I trust that.
Even if he does bad things more than somebody that's being controlled, Even if he makes mistakes.
But I'm thinking... Okay.
You've got all the Twitter files coming out.
Now I've got the FBI declassified documents showing how the government helped assassinate JFK and then cover it up.
I mean, it's like... Whoa!
That's bombshell news!
Like, five alarm fire here!
And it just barely even gets announced!
And I'm thinking, now... If I'm the ultimate skeptic...
I'd say that Elon Musk is doing this to distract us from the JFK files.
But again, it's like, I don't even want to think that's the case.
I'd rather think Elon Musk is his own man doing his own thing, whether it's good or bad, he's not controlled opposition, and he doesn't want to use technology to oppress humanity.
I do believe that.
But it is amazing how that little Twitter poll And anything he does now, he can pretty much just dominate the headlines and distract from anything else that's going on.
And certainly he knows that.
By the way, I'm pretty sure that Twitter shares have jumped up since the poll was put out.
So, I don't have all the answers.
I'm not sure anybody does right now, except maybe Elon Musk or some people he's talking to, as far as what he was thinking when he put out the poll.
Was he serious?
Did he already decide he was going to do that some time ago?
Was it influenced by Jared Kushner?
And, of course, maybe it's all just a distraction.
What's worse?
We have new FBI files showing how the FBI did the political operations of the Democrat Party ahead of the 2020 election to censor Republicans, to censor Donald Trump, to censor any negative news about Joe Biden.
We now know that.
A total violation of the First Amendment, total collusion, total fascism, total corruption.
Okay, or is it the FBI and the CIA working hand-in-glove to assassinate a US president and then working hand-in-glove with the media to make sure that that story never goes to air?
Pretty serious stuff no matter how you look at it and yet Elon Musk's poll, should he leave Twitter or not, was the biggest news story, despite all of that.
And it's not just a news story that people are following.
It's getting more attention from the federal government.
It's getting more attention from lawmakers and Congress.
They're all following what Elon Musk is doing.
They're all ignoring the JFK files.
They're all ignoring the Twitter files.
Will Elon Musk step down after the poll says so?
He said he would.
No announcement's been made yet.
We'll be continuing to monitor this throughout the day.
But here's something that you'll never see going the other way.
Elon Musk lifts Twitter suspensions of lefty journalists.
The people have spoken.
So he put up a poll.
He likes to do these polls.
I don't mind it either.
I mean, the one thing about Elon Musk I think that is fair to say is he's the most transparent As far as any of the big tech heads are concerned.
I don't even think it's close.
So he puts up a poll and says, should these leftist journalists be put back on Twitter?
And of course, they got reinstated.
Because conservatives and Republicans believe in free speech.
And while it's split as far as Some people want them to kind of taste their own medicine and rub their nose in it and celebrate when they get censored just to say, haha, this is how it feels, how do you like it?
That's just a 50-50 split, I think, when it comes to votes or opinion sharing.
But I think even those conservatives or Republicans or patriots that would say, no, suspend the lefties, even they would admit that they're free speech and they're probably just doing that as giving them a taste of their own medicine.
So you'll never have an instant I mean, you could use Alex Jones as the litmus test.
You'll never have an instant where Elon Musk says, I guess it worked with Donald Trump.
But you won't have liberals voting to reinstate conservatives.
You won't have Democrats voting to give Republicans free speech back.
You will only have it the other way, and that's what we saw with his recent poll.
By the way, I've got more on that.
One of the individuals, Taylor Lorenz.
You know, this is a really interesting case study of a female psychology, Taylor Lorenz.
And if there's anything as a witch Maybe that's your example.
I'll explain that later.
The Twitter files part six, the FBI subsidiary, and now we've got more.
They're on seven, eight coming.
Next is going to hit Fauci and the COVID protocols again, but it's just like total red-handed Democrat Party collusion with the federal government to use big tech.
Big media to censor their political opposition and censor negative stories about Biden ahead of the presidential election.
Everything they accused Russia of, all the rhetoric, all the clap trapping, all the shouting and screaming and wailing and whining and investigations, all of it because of Russia, Russia, Russia.
It was the Democrats the entire time.
But we all knew that, didn't we?
We all knew that, didn't we?
The FBI kept busy censoring conservatives instead of chasing crooks and chasing down pedophiles.
Yeah, well, we know why that is.
We know why that is.
Just like the Democrat Party.
They are one in the same.
More interested in taking out their political opposition than stopping actual criminals.
But Devin Nunes has come out and made a statement which we all know is true.
We're just waiting to get the evidence like we have with the Twitter files.
Social media coordination between DOJ and FBI is not limited to Twitter, says Devin Nunes.
and we've got more on that coming up after this short break.
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Two-thirds of voters believe social media engaged in politically motivated censorship and demand congressional action according to New Poll.
So what's the other one-third of voters?
All the above?
It's not a belief.
It's like, oh, I believe it's raining in Austin, Texas today.
I believe it was storming last night.
We've had like 10 inches of rain.
It's crazy.
We've had a complete monsoon here.
Roads flooding, everything.
I believe it rained in Austin, Texas today.
I believe that.
And so do two-thirds of Austin, two-thirds of my Austin colleagues believe it rained.
What do you mean believed?
I step outside, it's frickin' pouring.
I believe it rained.
I believe the Democrats and the FBI engaged in politically motivated censorship on the Internet.
I believe that.
I believe it.
I believe there's water in the ocean.
I believe that.
Now everybody knows it, except the most ignorant Americans, so here is the analogy.
This would be like, and this is why it's so frustrating, but it's not your neighbor's house, it's your house.
But this is like, if you come home, or let's say you step outside to do some yard work at your house, and you see your neighbor's house is on fire, and there's flames shooting out the garage, and then a window busted out, flames shooting out the window, starting to spread to the main house, and you see your neighbor standing in the street, And you walk out and you say, uh, Hey, uh, no, your house is on fire.
And then the other neighbor comes out and he says, yeah, I believe your house is on fire.
And he just sits there and watches it burn.
Whether he denies it's on fire or accepts it's on fire, it doesn't make a difference.
The house is on fire.
The house is gonna burn down if nobody tries to put out the fire!
Like, let's call the fire department!
Let's put out the fire!
That's America!
We're on fire!
Except it's not just limited to the garage.
We are on a five alarm fire right now.
Oh hey, the FBI, CIA kills US presidents and covers it up with the media.
Oh hey, the FBI worked with the Democrat Party to censor their political opposition and it's more important for them to censor Donald Trump supporters than remove child rape from the platform.
Uh, hi, your house is on fire, would you like to put it out?
The FBI has lost all forms of trust and credibility according to almost every new poll.
Congressional approval rating 90% disapprove.
FBI approval rating like 80% disapprove.
That's a major downturn.
So yeah, oh look, the whole neighborhood's on fire now.
Should we do something?
Hey, should we, should we call the fire department?
Well, too late now!
Or maybe that's where we're at.
Maybe it's already too late now.
Maybe we're all just sitting here watching it burn down and we know it's done.
Maybe that's how our government feels.
They've felt this way for a long time, so they just don't care that America's burning to the ground.
They figure, let's throw some gasoline on that fire.
Let's just burn this sucker down even quicker so we can have our Great Reset, Build Back Better, World Economic Forum, Corporate World Government.
Because we've already sold out to that anyway.
So that's what this is like.
Complete Unequivocal, undeniable evidence.
No reasonable doubt.
CIA, FBI helped murder and cover up the killing of JFK.
FBI, Democrat Party censored the truth.
Violated the First Amendment and censored stories about Joe Biden they didn't like on the internet.
Hey, your house is on fire!
The United States is on fire!
Do we want to call the fire department?
Does anybody want to put this fire out?
Or are we just going to watch it burn to the ground?
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There is a border crisis going on and the headlines here are...
Pretty telling.
And it's the same thing again.
Okay, the same same theme here.
There's a theme.
The house is on fire.
The country's on fire.
It's burning to the ground.
So whether it's the corruption at the FBI, whether it's the corruption of the Democrat Party, whether it's the censorship, the violations of the First Amendment, or the southern border, it's all the same.
The house is on fire.
Does anybody want to put the fire out?
Or are we going to let the thing burn to the ground?
Senior advisor can't say why Biden hasn't visited the southern border.
What do you mean?
We don't need a senior advisor.
He told us.
Joe Biden told us why he doesn't visit the border.
Because it's not an issue, is what he said.
It's not an important issue.
It was more important to have a hundred gay people and trans people at the White House to celebrate gay marriage.
It was more important for Biden to have other celebrities at the White House to promote the vaccine.
And also we've got to get the hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine.
We've got to get the new omnibus bill passed.
I mean, there's so many things that are more important than stopping the invasion that is reaching levels.
I mean, folks, even even Democrat leaders, Democrat Party members on a local level are like, OK, this is unsustainable.
And it's, you just extrapolate it out and you realize, oh, oh, it's unsustainable for your cities now.
Oh, it's unsustainable for your areas now.
Ah, now you see how the conservative areas have felt that you've swarmed with these illegal immigrants.
Now you know how the country is feeling and dealing with this invasion that you facilitated at the southern border.
I mean, there should be hundreds of arrests.
If we had an actual Justice Department in this country...
There should be hundreds of arrests dealing with what's going on at the southern border.
Hundreds of arrests for that crime of illegal immigration and human trafficking.
There should be hundreds of arrests when it comes to the censorship at Twitter and Facebook and Google and YouTube and everywhere else with the government and the Democrat Party.
We should be seeing hundreds of arrests for these blatant, gigantic criminal activities.
And we get nothing.
And Biden says there's no problem at the border.
We are in urgent need for help.
New York City Mayor starts freaking out over impending wave of illegal immigrants.
Oh, you have too many.
Oh, you have too many illegal immigrants.
Oh, well, we've only brought in five million this year.
You're a sanctuary city.
Where did you expect them to go?
Where did you expect them to go?
You're not going to take them into your house.
The Obamas with their multiple million dollar mansions, they're not going to take them in.
The Bidens with their multiple million dollar mansions, they're not going to take them in.
So where are they supposed to go?
Yeah, look at this footage from these overcrowded facilities.
By the way, where's AOC?
Where's AOC with the sob story crocodile tears?
You know, the actress.
Where's she at?
Oh, it's a Democrat in the White House now, so those publicity stunts don't work.
I see.
Yes, even New York City Democrat Mayor saying, this is unbelievable, we can't handle this.
Well, you might want to tell the President that, but you're not allowed to do that, are you?
Biden has cucked the entire Democrat Party.
Or is it China?
El Paso Mayor declares state of emergency over border crisis.
New footage shows extreme overcrowding at the Border Patrol Center processing in El Paso.
New York City declares emergency over migrant crisis.
Biden says there's no issue.
Denver Mayor declares emergency.
Says city on the verge of reaching a breaking point amid influx of illegal immigrants.
Yeah, it's the whole country.
The whole country's at a breaking point.
But see, they just say this stuff to the media.
And they just put it out there like, oh, you're just feeding the geese or something.
Oh, I'm just gonna throw you some breadcrumbs.
Uh, no!
There's somebody running this!
Why don't you direct your commentary at Mayorkas?
Why don't you direct your commentary at Biden?
The media already knows this!
The American people already know this!
We already know we've been invaded!
We already know it's a crisis!
You have now joined us!
Quit telling us what we know is going on!
Quit telling us what we've been trying to tell you!
All these Democrat mayors from New York and Denver and everywhere else, they should be directing their commentary directly at Mayorkas and directly at Biden, but you don't ever bark up the Democrat tree, because they're all in the cult.
And that's never allowed.
No negativity about the party is ever allowed.
So they just put out these statements.
The border is a crisis.
The border is a massive issue.
We're on a breaking point.
Okay, who's to blame?
Why don't we do something about it?
Texas Governor Abbott seeks state probe of NGOs aiding illegal immigrants crossing border.
You know, I'm getting a lot of good rhetoric from Governor Abbott.
I'm getting some good ideas, maybe even a little execution.
Nowhere near enough.
Abbott should be leading the way.
Like Ron DeSantis has led the way on so many different issues, this is Abbott's chance to lead the way.
Shut the border down, Greg.
Make the Biden administration intervene.
Send the Texas Guard and say, nobody's crossing our border.
Take over the Texas border.
Yeah, step over the federal government.
Yeah, take over and say, no, we're not letting anybody in anymore.
We're arresting people.
We're not bringing them in.
We're not giving them court dates.
I mean, if you wanted to give a little bit of an out, you could say, we'll take them to a different state.
I'd be okay with that, just to have a little bit of an out, play a little bit of politics, a little bit of give and take, because it just has to be done.
You're never going to have purism.
You're never going to have absolutism.
So this is nice.
Oh, we'll investigate the NGOs.
Will you, Greg?
Will people get arrested?
Will people get fined?
You've said you're going to shut down the border in Texas for years.
You haven't done it.
So you've taken some good actions.
You've said a lot of good stuff.
You're like 10% of where you should be.
See, and it's all strategic, but that's the problem with the Republicans, is they are too afraid of strategy that will lead to results.
Because results leads to pushback.
They don't want the pushback.
So they put out ideas, and never follow through, because that gives them political support, and it gets them support in the media, but they don't actually ever follow through.
And of course it's InfoWars or a few other people out there that actually try to hold them to task.
So no, the strategy is pretty simple here, Abbott.
Stop letting illegal immigrants in, and for the ones that come in, we can have a certain System that says, okay, we'll send you to Arizona, we'll send you to New Mexico, we'll send it to New York.
You're not staying in Texas.
If you come across the Texas southern border, there are two things that are going to happen to you.
Either one, you're going to be rejected, straight up rejected, or two, you're going to be arrested.
and transferred to a different state.
U.S. border cities strained ahead of expected migrant surge.
Yeah, there's tens of thousands coming in, tens of thousands of illegal migrants,
new caravan heading in.
It's easier for them to travel in the winter, folks, because it's not 90, 100 degrees.
It's easier for them to travel long distances with the 50, 60 degree weather.
And so they're coming in.
So another example, the house is on fire, the country's burning down.
We all see it.
We all know it.
Abbott knows it.
He says something.
Will he do anything about it?
I wouldn't hold your breath.
Okay, here we go.
Julie Kelly reporting on the January 6th hearings that are ongoing.
Oh boy, alright.
I just have trouble reporting on this stuff because it's so, it's just so corrupt.
It's just unbelievable how corrupt our government is.
Specifically the Democrat Party.
More specifically this January 6th hearing.
Jamie Raskin, who attempted to unlawfully stop certification of the 2016 election, now announcing criminal referrals.
Again, so this is the same Democrat Party that denied Al Gore lost, that denied Hillary Clinton lost, that tried to stop those elections from being certified, now saying it's criminal activity to do exactly what they did.
So they've now made criminal referrals to Donald Trump on multiple accounts.
Obstructing an official proceeding.
Conspiracy to defraud the United States.
No, that's the Democrats.
That's the FBI.
That's the big tech heads.
It's just ridiculous.
And then they say these criminal referrals should stop Trump from holding future office.
Well, there you go.
I'll tell you what.
To me, the Trump 2024 campaign was flatlining.
Big time flatlining.
But it looks like the Democrats have just put a little life back into it.
We got a little beep.
So, the January 6th committee saying, we have to make criminal referrals of Donald Trump for doing exactly what we tried to do four years before him.
And, of course, 16 years before that, We're going to make criminal referrals to Trump and therefore he shouldn't be able to run, he shouldn't be able to hold public office.
And there it is!
You're reminded how much they fear Donald Trump, you're reminded how much they hate Donald Trump, and you're reminded how much of this is motivated just to get Donald Trump out of the way.
So there you go, a little life.
The Democrats, the January 6th committee breathes a little life back into Trump 2024 where he has been almost M.I.A.
as far as I'm concerned.
Former Trump economist Larry Kudlow, omnibus bill created in the dark will skyrocket inflation.
Yeah, it's totally unprecedented what the Democrats have done with this omnibus bill.
Not just the number of dollars, but there's presidents, there's unwritten rules, and you don't pass an omnibus spending bill after you lose seats in a midterm election.
Which the Democrats just did.
But they're going to do it anyway.
They give you two hours to read a 4,000-page bill.
I think it's like $37 billion or something ridiculous.
And they say, OK, here's two hours.
Read this 4,000-page bill and pass it now.
And the only person I saw saying anything bad about it was Rand Paul.
And now Larry Kudlow, Trump's former economic advisor.
So it's just total corruption.
I mean, we're just...
It's unbelievable, man.
I really do wonder how this is all gonna end.
I really do wonder how it's all gonna end.
Is it gonna be...
1776 2.0, American Revolution 2.0, Renaissance, Great Awakening 2.0, 3.0, whatever you want to say?
Or is this it?
Do our current politicians absolutely crush the United States completely, putting us into indentured servitude with the synthetic debt in a world economy?
Bringing us into the corporate, world government, social credit score, take away our First Amendment right, Second Amendment right, and everything else that follows.
Because this status quo, I mean, there's just, it's something has to give here.
It's just, it can't go on like this forever.
We can't deal with this government corruption, or we'll all end up being killed or arrested by this current government.
And so, you know, you just wonder how it ends.
And we'd like to peacefully, politically restore the Republic.
We'd like to peacefully, politically bring back the American values, ideals, principles that were cemented into our country via the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence.
That's what we'd like to see.
Doesn't seem our government has that in mind, and most of the media not interested in that either.
They're going to continue to run their sham hearings.
They're going to continue to run their sham pandemics.
They're going to continue to force- inoculate you with their sham vaccines.
Just everything is sham.
Sham omnibus bill.
And you almost wonder, did Elon Musk really think exposing all the corruption on Twitter would render any results?
Was he really that naive?
Is Twitter going to have to go into bankruptcy?
What about Tesla?
How's that going?
Because I see a cat-and-mouse game going on here between Elon Musk and the Deep State.
Whether it was always going to be that way and he knew it, or whether that's what it became after he took over Twitter.
We see the government investigating him.
We see the government going after him personally.
We see them going after his businesses.
Whether it's Twitter, whether it's Neuralink, whether it's Tesla, all being investigated by the government now.
So that's that game of cat and mouse.
He's showing the world how corrupt they are.
They're investigating and threatening him for showing the world how corrupt they are.
So has he made his final move and now he's just saying, all right, I've done my thing.
I've invested half of my life, half of my fortune into doing this.
Thought maybe we'd get some results, thought maybe the American people would care more, thought maybe the media would care more, but it all kind of fell flat.
And I don't want to hear about, oh, don't say it fell flat.
People were talking about it.
It was the top story.
So what?
So what?
If everybody in my neighborhood is talking about my house being on fire, but nobody takes any action, and it burns to the ground, I don't have a house anymore!
And guess what?
Everybody knowing about my house being on fire didn't do a damn thing!
Because they let it burn to the ground.
So that's like Elon Musk.
It's like, oh my house on fire.
You call 911.
Hi, I need the fire department.
My house is on fire.
And they never show up.
Or they never answer the phone.
Or they tell you they're not interested.
So, was this always a game of cat and mouse with Elon Musk and the deep state?
Did he genuinely think he could get in there and expose all the corruption, not even realizing that there would be little to no interest from the politicians or the media?
And so now he's just like, okay, well, I mean, I invested half my value and my life savings into this, but I guess Americans don't care that their country's getting stolen from them, so I'll just go on to make more cars and rocket ships.
Or was it a cat-and-mouse game and now he's getting them to back off some of their stuff against him?
But a couple other news headlines coming up regarding that on the other side of this break where Clearly, again, whether Musk intended on it or not, there's been a game of cat and mouse going on between Musk and the deep state.
Because they're threatening to shut down his businesses.
He's threatening to show the world how corrupt they are, which should shut them down.
Except the problem is, he showed the world how corrupt the FBI was.
He showed the world how corrupt the media and the Democrat Party was.
The response from the American people should have been much stronger.
It wasn't.
And so now, Musk is the one at risk from the deep state.
And yet the Deep State is going to get away with all of it, yet again.
Alright, the sham January 6th hearing goes on.
Nobody's paying attention anymore, because it's just... It's joked itself off the stage, but they're still out there doing it.
People just don't realize.
They're still trying to destroy this country, many of them on their last political legs, like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.
Using their final gas, their final run, their final legs to help destroy this country, to help the Democrat Party, and to go after Trump.
And so the select committee votes 9 to nothing.
Oh, shocker!
To recommend the Department of Justice prosecute Donald Trump on four separate criminal charges, aiding or assisting an insurrection.
Oh yeah, he told people to go home.
He said be peaceful.
He had a speech.
He's the president.
Oh, okay.
That's amazing.
The president engaging in an insurrection, telling people to be peaceful.
I see.
Obstruction of an official proceeding.
Wasn't even there.
Literally was not even there.
In the building, in the Capitol that day.
Was not even there.
Conspiracy to make false statements.
Oh, false statements.
Boy, where, oh.
Imagine that applied fairly and equally.
Conspiracy to defraud the USA.
I mean, just all total BS.
So clearly, they're still deathly afraid of Trump.
I mean, that's what this tells you right here.
This deep state, these crooks, these... I'm trying to lower my... I'm gonna lower my... I'm about to get really angry here.
I'm about to blow a gasket.
I'm gonna just calm down here.
These bastards.
These rat bastards.
These sons of bitches.
Clearly still fear Donald Trump.
And you know it's almost comical because we're sitting here like the Donald Trump that we know and love the Donald Trump that we first voted for we don't even know if he exists anymore like we don't even know if Trump is our guy at this point but then here they come to remind you how much they hate him and how much they fear him and you say okay well this is why we supported him this is why we wanted him in there in the first place So what comes next?
Who moves next in this game of chicken?
Will the DOJ move to get Trump before the 118th Congress?
Or will this demand for Trump to be criminally charged by the DOJ fall flat, and then maybe we will see the pendulum go the other way with the 118th Congress?
I still don't have much hope for that, but I do have some hope.
Just a little.
Just a smidgen.
Now, quick programming note.
I'm going to be hosting the War Room today as well.
Gerald Salente is going to be hosting the fourth hour of the Jones Show coming up in about 30 minutes.
And I do intend to take calls.
Your response to the Elon Musk poll and your response to the Donald Trump criminal referral by the January 6th committee.
But we're going to have to wait until later on in the War Room because I do have some other news still to cover.
But just want to give that quick programming note.
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To my morning supplement routine in light of this news today.
All right, here's the rest of that Musk news I was talking about.
EU threatens to sanction Elon Musk's Twitter over temporary suspension of media journalists.
*laughing* Oh man, that's funny.
That's funny.
So when Twitter was censoring hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of journalists, the EU had no problem.
But now that it's their guys, now that it's the globalists, now that it's the liberals, now that it's the Democrats, now the EU has a problem with the censorship.
Oh, that's rich.
That's rich.
That's just hilarious.
Adam Schiff threatens social media companies.
If you'll be responsible moderators of content, we will give you immunity.
Yeah, you tell them, Adam Schiff.
You're the big man.
Big man Adam Schiff.
You're the boss man, aren't ya?
You're big daddy, big brother government, aren't ya?
You little pencil neck piece of...
Oh, Adam Schiff, if you moderate content responsibly, let me translate this for you.
Let me translate Democrat Party propaganda into English for you.
If you censor Republicans, conservatives, and Trump, we will give you immunity.
But if you censor us, we're coming after you.
So that's Adam Schiff to Elon Musk.
Either work for us, or we'll destroy you.
How do you like that from that pencil-necked, bug-eyed freak?
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I'm running out of patience early today.
Get him off the screen.
Thank you.
*clears throat* *clears throat* I am just- I'm already out of patience
today, folks.
I'm not even done with three hours.
I'm already out of patience for these crooks.
I'm just so sick I'm just so sick of these corrupt, lying, criminal politicians crushing us.
Why do I have to deal with Adam Schiff?
Why is this demon goblin?
How does he get away with such a thing?
You better do the bidding of the Democrat Party or we're going to use the power of the government to shut you down?
I mean, what?
SWAT raid this piece of garbage now!
Get him out of office now!
This man is a direct threat to our Republic!
He doesn't uphold the oath of the Constitution!
He'd use the Constitution as toilet paper!
Adam Schiff tells Twitter, do censorship for us to Democrat Party or we'll shut you down.
Oh, Adam Schiff, the guy that told you under oath in a congressional hearing, what did Adam Schiff say?
I have the proof that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.
How many times did he say that?
I have the proof.
I have the evidence.
Well, let's see it, dirtbag!
Let's see it, pencil neck!
Let's see it, shrimp!
Let's see it!
But see, he gets away with all kinds of crimes.
So he comes out with the arrogance to say, Elon Musk, you better use Twitter to do the work of the Democrat Party and the FBI or we're going to shut you down.
Total criminal, total mafia behavior.
Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos invest in Australian-designed brain implant.
Is that a little tit-for-tat against Elon Musk?
Is that a little deep state against Elon Musk?
I'm a little neutral on Bezos.
I think he could go either way.
Gates, we know where he stands on all of this.
But is that Bezos kind of being like, alright, I'll put a little Put a little skin on the Deep State side here.
Let them know I'm willing to play ball.
Shadowy US spy firm promises to surveil crypto users for the highest bidder.
Oh, you know, I should have probably covered this on the War Room, because this is another War Room.
Told you first.
And look, I'm pro-crypto.
I'm not here knocking crypto, but I have to bring a little, a little more leverage or rather common sense.
To the crypto commentators that I get sick of because I think a lot of them are dishonest too.
They told you, crypto unhackable, crypto is, it's, nothing can ever go wrong.
Oh really?
Then you had the FTX scandal and now you've got the US saying they can spy on all crypto purchases.
So yeah, I guess that wasn't true.
You know, who's the president of the United States?
Did you forget?
It's Joe Biden.
What's he been up to lately?
Nobody knows.
But when he does show his face and talk, you know he's lying or sniffing a little girl.
In fact, there was the only thing I saw from Biden last week.
What was this girl's name?
There was some Asian girl who went to the White House.
It was part of the big gay marriage celebration.
I heard there was an orgy in the basement afterwards.
You know, they all like getting that access, doing a little JFK tunneling.
And so, She made a joke, though, how she let Biden sniff her hair.
And so it's like, even the liberals that support this guy know he's a completely perverted creep.
But that's all I've seen from Biden in the last seven days.
So you've got a president missing in action.
Who knows what his deal is?
Is he healthy?
Is he sick?
Is he getting blood transfusions?
Is he in a hyperbaric chamber?
I don't know what he's doing.
But I do know he's lying when he talks.
Everything Biden says is made up.
I was hoping somebody would just straight up put the list out of all the things he's just completely made up.
I'm not talking about political lies or stuff.
I mean just stories he's made up.
Just completely made up.
Yeah, there it is.
Tiffany Fong.
You know, Tiffany, you're a pretty attractive girl, but you're not really Biden's type.
It looks like you're actually over 18.
And so I'm not sure you're really Biden's type.
You may have to actually ask him to sniff your hair.
He probably didn't volunteer that.
But, you know, that's just another story.
Everything Biden says is made up.
He's been a truck driver, a lumberyard worker, a university professor, a gang-busting lifeguard, a rider of Amtrak trains, a civil rights protester, and he even got arrested trying to bust Nelson Mandela out of prison once.
But of course, none of these things are real.
He did it again this weekend, though.
Biden claimed that he's been to Afghanistan and Iraq up to 40 times and twice as president.
But in reality, he went to those countries only half that amount of times and not once as president.
He then claimed he had an uncle who personally, who he personally awarded with a purple heart while he was vice president.
Except he didn't.
He just straight up didn't.
So I don't know how you make that one up.
So this is Joe Biden for you.
He just makes things up.
Just whole cloth.
It's a fun game.
We could all play it.
Yeah, guys, you should have seen me.
I was the... I was the MVP of the... I've had quite a year, actually.
I was the Super Bowl MVP.
I was the Super Bowl MVP in February.
And then this weekend, yesterday, I was actually competing in the World Cup for Argentina.
I won the World Cup yesterday.
I was on the field dancing and celebrating with Lionel Messi and the Argentinian soccer team.
And that's been my year.
I won the Super Bowl and then I won the World Cup.
I've had a hell of a year.
Me and Joe Biden.
Let's talk about Joe Biden's millionth embarrassing gaffe.
Yeah, he's the gaffe president.
He's the disappearing act president.
And everybody knows he just lies about everything.
Or does he lie or does he genuinely have no idea where he is?
Maybe both.
Biden plans to celebrate his so-called great achievements before Christmas.
I wonder what that's gonna be.
What has he got?
He's got less than a week now.
I wonder what the accomplishments will be.
Gay marriage, and he'll say that he lowered gas prices, which he didn't do.
So, okay.
And he didn't do gay marriage either, actually.
Ironically enough, he didn't do either one of those things.
So, he'll claim he got you gay marriage, and he'll claim he lowered gas prices.
He did neither of the two.
Amazing stuff.
Joe Manchin refuses to answer whether he is going to leave the Democrat Party or not.
To me, that means yes.
He would have said no unless he's thinking about it.
How could anybody not want to leave this party?
There's creepy Uncle Joe.
There he is.
Some people don't even think it's the real Biden.
There is no real Biden.
That's the joke.
Republicans fear a McCarthy speaker bid may fumble and disappoint voters.
Oh my gosh, that's... Oh, thank God the Republicans are on top of it, guys.
They haven't... They haven't... They have no idea the temperature of the room.
They have no idea of anything that's going on.
Uh, hi, we'd like some action as far as the election being stolen from Trump.
Oh, I forgot.
You're not allowed to say that.
You're a bunch of cowards, too.
How about some action on the Twitter files showing the Democrat Party and the FBI worked in collusion to censor Trump voters and censor the Hunter Biden laptop story and lie to us about it?
Anything on that?
How about Joe Biden opening up the border?
Five million plus illegal immigrants.
Anything there?
Nothing from the Republicans?
Okay, and then the Democrats continue their big January 6th sham hearing.
And what do we get from our Republicans?
Uh, nothing.
That's what you get.
You get nothing.
I mean, I understand why people want to be a Democrat.
You get all the privileges.
You get liberal Democrat privilege.
You know, this whole white supremacy, white privilege thing is actually a myth.
What you really have is Democrat liberal supremacy, Democrat liberal privilege.
Figure it out.
You be a conservative for a year, see what kind of privileges you get.
Or you be a white person, see what kind of privileges you get.
You go be a liberal Democrat for a year, you'll realize you can do whatever you want.
And you'll be just fine.
Now, there's some noise coming from the Republicans here.
I've got a small hope that it amounts to much.
GOP to release 100 page rebuttal to January 6th.
In the 100 page plus rebuttal, Jim Banks alleges that the Capitol Hill Police and the FBI were underprepared, noting that the January 6th panel has never dealt with such serious issues linked to security at the Capitol that day.
Jim, you're smarter than that.
Not only were the Capitol Hill Police and the FBI underprepared, it was by design.
And not only is the January 6th panel not serious dealing with these issues, they have no interest in dealing with those issues.
They don't want to deal with those issues.
Those are their issues.
So I mean, if that's the pushback we're getting from the Republicans, get ready to drown.
Get ready to be in the middle of the ocean without a lifeboat.
North Carolina Supreme Court rules voter IDs are racist.
Because minority groups don't know how to get IDs, I guess is the argument there.
But of course, North Carolina becoming a strong red state.
So get ready.
I'll tell you right here.
In Charlotte, and probably Asheville, Last I checked, those are the two bluest areas in North Carolina.
I believe they're Charlotte and Asheville.
And you watch, both of those areas will have a significant increase in votes ahead of the next election.
And it will be not your normal percentage.
It'll be an anomaly.
Say, let's say there's an average of 4-5% increase in votes steadily for like the last five years.
It'll be 10-15%.
And that'll be the total ballot harvesting done by the Democrats that they're about to do in North Carolina ahead of 2024.
So, Republicans, hi.
Do you want to see North Carolina become Arizona?
Do you want to see North Carolina become Georgia?
Do you want to see North Carolina become Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota?
Because that's what the Democrats are about to do.
I'm telling you, they're telling you right here.
You want to listen to InfoWars maybe for once in your life?
You know, next year's news today, you know, people years ahead of their time.
So get ready for that.
The massive ballot harvesting operation is about to go down in North Carolina.
They're going to flip it blue and the Republicans are going to write a 100 page memo.
Republican Representative Mike Turner, House Intelligence Committee will seek FBI secret files using subpoena power if necessary.
If necessary.
These guys are so behind it's not even funny.
The Republican voter, like the average Republican voter is now ahead.
The average Republican voter is now ahead.
The average Republican in office is still behind though.
Carrie Lake shows the bastards in the media what they can do with their lies and smears of Donald Trump.
She gives them the old shove it routine.
You know, I'm kind of at a mixed bag on this because I do, like me personally, I like this stuff.
That's why I like Trump.
I kind of like giving them the what for and the how to and the pushback and, you know, telling them to go shove it where the sun don't shine.
Let them know we're not afraid of them anymore.
But do we just completely abandon Any sort of reverence or class when it comes to our political discussions and debates and deliberations, because that's quickly where it's going.
And I don't know if I'm ready for that to be the case, because I don't think that's good for anybody.
That's not the Republicans that did that.
It's the Democrats that did that.
They're the ones that ruined the conversation.
They're the ones that flipped the table over.
They're the ones saying men can get pregnant.
They're the ones saying trans kids is gender-affirming surgery.
So they've already changed the standards.
They've already lowered the bar.
It's already a filthy, disgusting...
Slobber knocker.
Maybe now the Republicans are just ready to actually fight.
Maybe now it's time, hey, not only did the Democrats, the Democrats didn't take the gloves off long ago.
They got the knives out.
They got the guns pointed at us.
Republicans are like barely even getting the gloves off now.
InfoWars secret weapon is finally here.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
No Merry Christmas is allowed!
All right, all right, take it easy.
All right.
Because, hey, it's Christmas time.
And in Christmas time, it's about the Prince of Peace.
That's right, the Prince of Peace.
But not a peep about peace.
You know, there was an article in today's Wall Street Journal.
Catholic ideological split widens.
So I started reading it.
I was raised a Catholic, but you know, not my trip, man.
But they did to me.
I told you about a nun beating me up in the fifth grade, perforating my middle ear, breaking my eardrum.
I used to go water skiing in the Hudson River.
At 10 years old, with just a belt on, going over the wakes of ships when they had ships going up and down.
On a slalom, almost doing a 180, and can no longer get my ears wet the rest of my life.
But as I say, you know, could have been worse.
Anyway, I want to mention this because U.S.
Catholic bishops elected conservative leaders last month, continuing to resist the push from Pope Francis to put issues such as climate change and poverty on par with bishops' declared priority of opposing abortion.
Okay, hey!
It's Christmas time.
How about peace?
Where are all you Catholic priests out there?
Again, I was raised Catholic, so I could say what I want to say from what I've gone through.
Oh, by the way, Sister Marie Rosea, may she rot in hell, also left me back in the fifth grade.
So I was the stupidest kid in the school, and you could see she was 100% correct.
You know, I amounted to nothing.
Yeah, oh yeah, Jesus Christ would have loved you, Sister Marie Josiah.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, holding me by my little blue tie.
That's why I stopped wearing ties after that, man.
So anyway, where are you, where are the Catholics talking about priests?
Hey, you got lockjaw?
You got lobster?
You don't talk about peace?
Where are all you Catholic priests?
It's Christmas time!
Christmas time!
Birth of the Prince of Peace!
Birth of the Prince of Peace!
But you are pieces of, not the Prince of Peace.
Anyway, moving on.
I was listening to Owen before I went on, and he was talking about the difference between Republicans and the Democrats.
How about the difference, Owen, between the Bloods and the Crips?
I mean, look at it.
There he is.
They just passed a bill, right?
What is it, $180, almost $150 billion for the defense budget?
Republicans voted for it.
Only 11 people voted against it.
How could you look up to the Republicans?
How could you look up to a Mitch McConnell?
A Lindsey Graham?
The whole corrupt, it's a corrupt system of morons and imbeciles telling us what to do.
If little Chucky Schumer came over here and told me what to do, hey Chucky, come over here.
Who are you talking to?
Mitch McConnell.
That guy got more chins than Chinatown.
Oh, how could you?
Oh, and his wife was in on those deals too, making the deals and betting on the markets when things went on.
We need a new third party.
No other way about it.
They got a perfect track record of murdering people all over the planet and stealing our dough to give to them buddies and to give to themselves.
Hey, Mitchie boy, when was the last real job you had?
Don't forget to roll out the red carpet!
Don't forget to roll- and salute!
Yeah, little Chuckie Schumer.
How could anybody with a pair of cojones, bigger than a mothball, take crap from that stupid little boy?
I'm in Kingston, New York.
We suck up to them.
We are proud nobodies.
That's most of the people up here.
Colossal clowns all across New York State, yep, that vote for imbeciles, vote for morons, don't forget to vote, don't forget to vote.
A new third party and I have the solution, I believe, and you will tell me whether I'm right or wrong.
We'll be back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and remember everybody, You better do all you can to support InfoWise because censorship is the word.
Can you imagine that all this big news about Twitter, that we have to rely on a Twitter or a Facebook or a YouTube to put out the information to the general public?
How can we do something like this?
This is terrible.
That we have to rely on these monopolies.
There was this guy that did this article in Consortium News, which is a great source, by the way, and John Lurie is doing a great job.
I forgot his name.
And he mentioned that, you know, we call these people over there in Russia, oligarchs.
They're closing down, they're taking the yacht of the oligarch.
How about Bezos?
Is that an oligarch?
An ugly gawk?
How about his yacht?
Remember in, was it Norway or some Belgium someplace?
They had a, I think it was Belgium.
They, they wanted to take down a bridge so his yacht could go through.
How about that oligarch?
So going back to the Repulsivekins and the Democraps, they've robbed us of our freedom and liberty.
They did away with the Robinson-Patman Act, Sherman Antitrust Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, Glass-Steagall Act, that makes the bigs the bigger.
All we become are plantation workers on slavelandia.
So I don't want to hear a word.
I will go up against anybody, anywhere in the country, of what criminals and low-life scum, the majority, Of the crime syndicate running America today, Republicans and Democrats.
Oh, just passed an $850 billion, $60 billion defense budget.
Yeah, yeah!
We gotta keep killing people!
Hey, you like Vietnam?
I loved it.
Every day I'd wake up, are they gonna get me?
Are they gonna get me?
I like the Iraq War!
Are we gonna get that guy Saddam Hussein?
Dead or alive!
He tried to kill my daddy!
Yeah, dumb enough to believe that crap, how about the Afghan War?
Oh no, I'm sorry.
That was gonna get that guy Osama Bin Laden dead or alive at the Afghan War.
We're gonna get Saddam Hussein because he has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda, we're told a lie, and he tried to kill my daddy.
Gosh, I got it mixed up.
And now we got the Ukraine War.
So, going back and listening to what Owen was saying, here's my solution.
A new third party.
And we could win.
Because Owen also said how about the Republican supporters are different than the Republican Party.
Yeah, they want, they want life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness.
That's what they're fighting for.
But they don't have the representatives to do that for them.
So how do we get them?
And how do we get the true, what used to be called Democrats, that hate war, and hate robbing our money, to give to the bigs?
Here's my solution.
You ready?
Send $29.95 to Solutions.
I'm only kidding.
I'm only kidding.
Take it easy.
The President of the United States, R.F.K. Jr.
The Vice President of the United States, Judge Andrew Napolitano.
That's the way I say it.
Two different guys, Not like the clowns that they play.
Hey, isn't Kamala Harris doing a great job?
Wasn't Pence wonderful?
Yeah, Pence.
I got a pencil, yo, your pencil head.
We got, now we have a judge, Andrew Napolitano.
Nobody anywhere could take this guy out on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
That we've lost.
That these little clown heads, that these little Chuckie Schumers, that these little Mitch McConnells, that these little Lindsey Grahams, that this Diane Notso Feinstein, what a freak show that robbed it from us.
And RFK Jr.?
Oh yeah.
Fights for our freedom.
I was a keynote speaker at Ron Paul's event.
I think it was 2021 in September in D.C.
It was Massey from Kentucky, the Congressman.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, number two.
The fellow from the Mises Institute who runs that.
Well, he was number two.
Napolitano, number three.
I was number four speaker.
And following me was RFK Jr.
This is a guy that his father was assassinated.
His uncle was assassinated.
Oh, they just released some of the JFK papers.
But we, the little moronic, stupid, ignorant people of Slavelandia, this is going to feed us a little bit of the crap.
They won't put the whole thing out.
This guy has lived through something.
Could you imagine your father and uncle being assassinated?
Your father was running for president.
Your uncle was president.
This guy knows things that nobody knows and feels things that nobody feels.
And he came out against the vaxxing people.
So as he's walking off the stage, when we did the talk at Ron Paul's Event.
And there's no man alive, by the way, that I respect more than Ron Paul.
As RFK Jr.
is walking off the stage, you know, he has that voice, you know, broken up.
You said, I'll fight to my death for freedom.
How many people would say that?
I am.
Paul Otano is.
He is.
People on InfoWars are.
Alex Jones, the crew.
There are a number of good teams at Jill Laurie.
I just said Consortium News.
Very few of us.
But RFK Jr.
you live the life that nobody could imagine.
So that's my solution.
You do not expect the bloods in the crypts That people call Republicans and Democrats, that's the way I look at them, the bloods in the cribs, are going to do anything in our benefit.
They're only interested in their own egos and all the money that they could get with ever having to work a day in their life and tell us what to do.
A new third party is the only way to freedom that I see it.
You know, I used to be on all the major media and one of the ways I got on, besides calling the crash of 87, was my book Trend Tracking.
Far better than Megatrends, Time Magazine.
I had forecast a new third party and someone like Ross Perot would be it.
I did that in 1989.
And I told you all the story about how I met John Connolly, the guy, the governor, that took the bullet in the back.
I have a photo of me and him and his wife in front of the book depository because he wanted to meet me.
Two days before the 19- two weeks, excuse me, before the 1992 presidential election.
And Perot was on a- he was on a- phew!
Pat Cadell, a top pollster, was doing the pollster- polling for him.
He was going way over the top.
But he went on 60 Minutes and said the reason he wasn't campaigning during the summer was because of his daughter's wedding and phew!
But he still got almost 20% of the vote.
We can win.
We can win.
We could win for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Three words that the repulsivkins and democraps hate.
They're power-hungry little freaks.
Little boys and girls of nothing.
Of nothing.
And I want no part of them.
And I wasn't put on this earth to take their orders or anyone else's.
I don't give them.
I don't take them.
So that's where I see it.
And that's where I think we have to go.
So I want to hear your comments.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
I very much appreciate it.
Remember, everybody, do everything you can to support Infowars because they're robbing us of our freedom.
I mean, you don't need any more proof.
Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
You know, freedom of speech.
You know, screw you.
No freedom of speech.
Anyway, I was talking about RFK Jr.
This is, I got this, ironically, I just got this framed a little while ago.
See that?
RFK goes home.
Goes home!
11 pages of stories and photos of Senator Kennedy's funeral.
This is from the Sunday Daily News.
And it was the Sunday Daily News and it was 20 cents.
Do you know what I was doing in 1968?
I was still in college.
My last year in college.
That's next to last year.
This is what I was doing.
I was a bartender at Grace's Lucky Lounge.
Then what happened is, uh, yeah.
I even worked at Grace's Lucky Lounge after graduate school.
I didn't want to go to work.
I only went to college to beat the draft in Vietnam.
And I, by the way, I was too stupid.
I believed, I believed the propaganda That if we didn't stop the Vietnamese, China, communist Vietnamese, the commies were going to take over all of Asia and before you know it, it was going to hit the shores of California.
I believed it.
The only reason I didn't want to go in is I'm looking at these pictures of guys walking up to water this high, gun over their head and about 50 pounds of weight on their back getting shot at.
I said, I don't want to do that.
So I only went to college to beat the draft.
I want to know if I'm a delegate tested in Parkchester in the Bronx when I got out of high school.
And I was born at Parkchester Hospital in the Bronx.
It's no longer there.
I go to my father one day.
I said, listen, Pop, they're drafting everybody.
So what should I do?
He said, I don't know.
He said, but I taught you enough.
He said, I got my own problems.
You take care of it.
And I ended up going to one of the only school I could get into.
A greaser from, you know, part of the Bronx.
It used to cost in those days.
Slick black hair, pointy shoes.
They used to call the pointy shoes PFCs.
Puerto Rican fence climbers.
Because when you have the chain-link fences and the cops and somebody's chasing you, you put those toes in there.
Matter of fact, I was chased by a cop one time as a kid.
I was over that chain-link fence and he couldn't get me.
So going back to those days, you know, I don't want to go to work.
You know, my mother passed away.
And we were living in Yonkers at the time, so I quit my job where I was working at Grace's Lucky Lounge.
I had two younger sisters, so I went there to take care of them.
That's how I got involved in the political system.
I don't want to work.
I see this guy who's running for mayor in Yonkers, New York.
We moved to Yonkers.
City about, oh, 200,000 people.
And I moved right to the top real quick.
I've been working all my life, you know, I don't have to teach.
The people that get involved in these political campaigns and politics, these are the dumbest people around.
They're really dopey, stupid people that can't get a real job.
And again, you know, from there, I was running, working on campaigns, the District Attorney, the Senate, Senate State Senator, you know, meeting Mario Cuomo and Lindsey, you know, John Lindsey, the Mayor of New York, and they sent me up to Albany.
I was Assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I told you a story.
I quit my job.
I couldn't stand it.
Watching grown men grovel to suck the whip at the top.
So going back to everything we were talking about, we need a new third party.
And RFK is the person that I see.
And I talked about the Republicans and the Democrats, or as I call them, Repulsifkins and Democrats.
Congress passed this 4,400 page, $858 billion military bill.
Isn't that nice?
Hey, General Miley Smiley!
You haven't won a war since World War II, so shove your crap down your throat!
I'm not gonna take it!
You take it, Salenti!
We're stealing your money from you, and we're giving it to the military-industrial complex, so shut your mouth, or we'll kill you!
Oh, JFK, RFK, yeah.
Propaganda is all they sell.
The Ukraine War, this is World War III.
Because four, when it comes up, will all be dead.
They asked Einstein, what kind of weapons we use to fight the Third World War.
Cater knew a thing or two about You know, Adam Bombs.
He said, I don't know, but they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the 4th.
I want to give you an example of the propaganda on how they're telling us the lies and how they tell us to hate Ukraine.
The Russians, rather.
See that?
See that paper?
Here it is.
Soviet threatens rockets at spy base!
City of Kingston, I found these up in the 1774 Academy in my former tenant.
May 10th, 1960.
So Soviet threatens rockets at spy base.
So looks like they're gonna bomb a new American spy base.
And number one, what the hell are we doing over there with a spy base?
But anyway, let's say we had one in that area.
Like we have them there now.
The Soviets are threatening.
Soviets threaten rockets at spy base.
So here's the story.
Warning made on new tries.
You ready?
Moscow AP.
Premier Nikita Khrushchev warned Monday night that Soviet rockets will shoot down any more spy planes that venture over Soviet soil and his government would take appropriate countermeasures.
Wait a minute.
You mean American planes are flying over Soviet Union?
Yeah, that's right!
But the headline says Soviet threatens rockets at spy bases, which means it says that they're going to bomb American spy bases.
When it says The Soviet Premier also warned that Soviet rockets will be turned against bases in any foreign countries that allow American planes to take off on spy missions over the Soviet Union.
So get those planes out of there and stop going over our country.
How about if the Chinese had them down in Mexico and the Russians had them up in Canada flying over the United States?
We would love it, wouldn't we?
Oh, that's okay.
That's our propaganda.
We have no business This is about life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.
This is not the American spirit of our founding fathers.
So when we come back, we're going to talk about the economy and the future.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And as I keep saying, you know, you go back to the Trends Journal, our magazine, the only magazine, there's no magazine in the world like it.
Tell you what in the world is going on, what it means, what's next, and what you might want to do.
But again, the motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
And we're political atheists.
We don't take a position on anything.
Report the facts and give our trends analysis and trend forecasts.
And the, we wrote a, we've been writing about censorship for a decade and how bad it's getting.
And that was back then.
And now look what it is.
You know, we warned about this.
And so you really need to keep InfoWars on the air.
And that's why I'm here.
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And again, you know, there's a guy that worked at Grace's Lucky Lounge.
You need that testosterone boost.
If you like to Have a lucky lounge time.
All right, the economy.
I'm changing my name to Geraldine.
Haven't taken that testosterone cough.
And it's no longer the Trends Journal.
It's the Trans Journal.
Get lost.
Onto the economy.
You know, before I went on the air, the markets were down again.
And they're going down because of the fear of rising interest rates.
You know, we write it in the magazine in facts, and I've said it, you know, I've read them on the air.
You got this little clown boy that used to work with Obama, a member of the Bankster Crime Syndicate.
Perfect name for the cat man.
I'd be a Gouldsby, because I'm a ghouly guy!
Yeah, he's becoming the head of the Chicago Banksters Organization out there.
I want to get rid of this Federal Reserve!
They can shut with Federal Reserve!
I got this clown, Ms.
Fatsia Brut, Janet Yellen, playing out the Secretary of Defense that came from the former Fed head.
You mean he got the head of the central banksters, is now our Treasury Secretary?
Going back to the Schoolsbee and Janet Yellen crap.
Both of them are saying that inflation happened because of supply chain disruptions and other things that happened during the COVID.
Yeah, it's partially true.
But what really caused it is you.
You, you criminal gangster banksters.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Birth of Jesus Christ?
You mean the Jesus Christ that drove the money changers out of the temple?
The Goldman Sachs gang?
The Merrill Lynch mob?
Little J.B.
Diamonds, great-great-great-great-great-grandfather there from J.P.
Morgan, I'll chase you for all your money?
Hear that, Jesus Christ?
Drives the money changers out of the temple.
Three days later, cats on the cross.
You don't mess with the banksters, Celenta, you got it?
So going back to these clown boys and girls, no, no.
Inflation is up because of what they did with their zero interest rate policy and the United States government under Trump and under Biden pumping in over six trillion dollars of fake money into the economy so they could fight the COVID war and keep you happy.
Yeah, stay home, yeah, here's some money, yeah.
You're gonna get this every month.
Don't worry about it.
Yeah, you got a business over here, your business here, some money for you, just shut up.
And Trump called a national emergency On March 13th, 2020, that began the COVID war in America full steam.
March 13th, Black Friday.
Why you racist, Selenity?
Black Friday, right?
Can't call it.
What's that one?
Black Friday.
That's all you can say to when people go out shopping.
Dim day.
That's what caused inflation.
So all that they're doing now, and they're saying it out loud, we put the quotes in the Trends Journal, they're saying they're raising interest rates so that they could slow down the economy and stop the wage increases.
So the plantation workers of Slavelandia make less money and the Bezoses And the Buffetts, and the Blackstones, and the Blackrocks, and the other hedge funds could get more.
We want more!
We're oligarchs.
That's why they're doing this.
Read the facts.
The facts are in our magazine, trendsjournal.com.
They're doing this to destroy us.
And remember, when all else fails, they take you to war.
Not only are the little Chuckie Schumers, the Nancy Not-So-Feinsteins, The little Lindsey Graham's an arrogant little boy of nothing!
A little clown boy who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag that loves war!
Mitch McConnell!
One after another with the exception of a few like Massey and others.
You take us to war.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And this economy is going down big time.
They've created the Great Recession.
Now it's going to be the Greatest Depression.
And it's worldwide.
What to do?
Well, among other things that we put in the Trends Journal, GCs, 3Gs, guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
Because things are going to get ugly.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
They brought down this economy because of all the cheap money.
And all they're doing now is destroying the lives of we the people.
Welcome to the U.S.S.A.
United Soviet States of America.
We're going to take a break.
Be right back.
Support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And remember, do all you can to support InfoWars and keep that spirit alive.
Men being men, women being men.
I don't mean men, Marlon.
What happened here?
It must be that super male vitality that got me going.
I'm a man's man.
I'm a fighter.
Fought close combat for many years.
I don't tell anybody what to do.
And nobody tells me what to do.
So keep it even.
I'm an American born to be free.
Let's talk about the economy.
Of course, the retail sales fell in November 0.6%.
But when you put in inflation, they don't have that number in there.
It's a lot deeper.
They say inflation is around 7.1%.
But it's really much worse than that, because as you go to John Williams shadow stats, you'll see that it's more like almost 15%.
So sales are going down.
And now with them raising interest rates, it's going to go down even more.
But remember, when all else fails, they take you to war.
World War III has begun.
And it's only going to become official when there's a nuclear exchange or some false flag major event.
So the retail sales are going down and it's going to get a lot worse.
Then this is a quote that was saying about what's his name there?
The Fed head Powell and the rest saying that why they're going to lower interest or lower the slow down the economy by raising interest rates.
This is from Jeremy Siegel.
So this is from CNBC.
Powell's doing an exotic avenue.
Quote, now he's saying there's supply side problems.
Again, that's what I said.
It's not supply side problems.
It's all the cheap money they dumped into the system.
Between the Biden and Bush, Biden and Trump.
And the Fed keeping interest rates at zero.
So the merger and acquisition activity in 2021 with a big buyout, everybody, including houses and everything else, it could become bigger.
Merger and acquisition activity in 2021 is the highest on record.
So going back to this, now we're saying there's a supply supply side problems, meaning power in the labor market that may raise wages.
And we have to crush the wages in order to stop inflation.
Yeah, I wasn't making it up.
I wasn't making it up.
The crooks in charge want to steal our money.
I wasn't making it up.
Hey, you know what I was thinking today?
We need another Robin Hood.
We need another Robin Hood.
We got to change this system.
So that's what they're doing.
They're destroying the economy.
And the Dow's down when I just got off the air over 200 points.
Is the market going to crash?
I have to give you the other side of it.
And how do you get the other side of it?
You go to TrendsJournal.com.
Over the last Since the last 40 midterm elections, 40 midterm elections, the S&P 500 has gone up on average 16% in the 12 months following.
So we just had midterm elections.
So you can't go by the facts because the game is rigged.
They got a thing called a plunge protection team.
Remember the gangsters are in charge.
The gangsters.
You oligarchs!
Ugly gorks!
Ugly gorks!
Call them oligarchs in Russia.
We got the ugly gorks.
All they want to do is make money.
Make money and own everything.
So you can get a job at Walmart.
You can work at Target.
I want to work at Kohl's.
No, Kroger's for me.
Kroger's for me.
CVS, I like Walgreens.
Yeah, when I was a young guy, there were drugstores, candy stores, stationary stores, now there's Staples, now there's CVS, all neighborhoods.
Morley's Grocery Stores, there were two of them in Yonkers.
And you knew everybody, the guys were great working there, young people working there.
The local DiAgostino's Market before, not the chain.
I used to go there Friday nights with my parents.
May they rest in peace.
And the guy behind the counter where they buy the meat, sending me a piece of salami.
And now look what it is.
Every time I go into those places, my heart breaks because I know these people have no future.
Nearly half of young adults in the U.S.
are living at home.
Recent data from the Census Bureau shows that nearly half of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are living with mommy and daddy.
The analyst estimated that around 48% of young adults are living with parents in 2022,
similar to levels seen in the 1940s. World War II.
When asked about the incentives to move in with their parents, 51% of the young adults ...said that it was to save money and 39% of them, 40% of them basically said that it was because they could not afford rent.
Look up to a little boy cook!
Look at the rotten, scummy crooks!
Look how they own everything.
Own all you demo craps!
I love Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer.
Oh, you mean the clown boy that did away with their usury laws so the bankers could charge us, the credit card companies could charge us all this dough?
Oh yeah, that Jimmy Carter.
Yeah, oh, the Jimmy Carter that created Al-Qaeda?
What do you mean?
Oh yeah, it was called Mujahideen back then, when the Russians were fighting in Afghanistan.
And Brzezinski, whose little boy now is an embassy boy, yeah, fought, created the Mujahideen so they could defeat the Russians.
That's Jimmy Carter, who also gave us interstate banking.
That's right.
Interstate banking.
No Bank of America, was it all over America?
It was only in California.
They've taken over.
The banksters have taken over our lives and they've destroyed it.
People have not yet.
Falling building values spur tax appeals.
Oh, look at that, a tax appeal.
Buildings are going down.
We warned this in the Trends Journal back in Watch the April of 2020 that there's going to be an office building bust like you've never seen in your lifetime.
They go on to quote this guy about they want to cut their taxes because they're making less dough.
We're definitely appealing said Oliver Carr.
This is from the Wall Street Journal.
Chief Executive of Carr Properties who estimates, you ready?
Office values are down 15% to 40% depending on the building.
We have higher interest rates and less demand for space.
Hey, did you hear about that space shot?
No, no, not that one.
And we warned about this.
The work at home trend is real.
Remote work is real.
People are not going to be going back five days a week.
Office building sector was already overbuilt.
Oh, and then the interest rates going up.
Ah, the interest rates going up.
Oh, and all these people, these big, the bigs that own all the big office buildings, and you got your variable rates, you're going to have to pay more interest, more money on your mortgages.
Oh, and how about the United States government?
Oh, yeah.
31 trillion bucks.
Oh, and interest rates going up?
So you got to pay more interest on the $31 trillion?
Don't worry about it, Salenti.
We got a solution.
Oh, you do?
You wrote about it, Salenti, in the Trends Journal going back almost three years ago.
Oh, what was it?
Look at the cover of the Trends Journal.
From dirty cash to digital trash.
That's right.
We don't want this money anymore.
It's dirty.
It's filthy.
We're going broke.
We're going to create something new.
It's going to be digital money.
And we'll F you.
That's what we're going to do.
You better get ready.
For the worst, it's coming.
But in the meantime, Merry Christmas.
Peace on Earth.
Goodwill to all.
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