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Name: 20221218_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 18, 2022
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"Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics including global political developments, economic issues, personal health supplements, social media censorship, government corruption, and dangers of nuclear war. He mentions the involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in these issues, Twitter files revealing that the platform is controlled by the FBI, collapsing US-Mexico border due to influx of undocumented immigrants, and the call for peace by Henry Kissinger to avoid nuclear war. Jones also promotes InfoWars Platinum supplements urging listeners to support the show by trying out these products. He criticizes Justin Trudeau's autocratic actions in Canada, the Secret Service's initiative to help identify people who may have been radicalized, and the launch of Know the Signs, which lists around 50 signs that could indicate potential terrorists."

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Here we are, right in the center of the fight, live Sunday, December 18, 2022.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news today.
Here we are, right in the center of the fight, live Sunday, December 18, 2022.
I'm your host Alex Jones. I'll be here for two hours and the great Owen Schroeder comes in
till 8 o'clock tonight for another live two hours on radio and TV stations
and of course streaming out at the vaunted and embattled BattleScarred, InfoWars.com and Bandod Video.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what's coming up today.
Everything's becoming very, very clear, and folks are really noticing, wow, that InfoWars over the years has really called where the world would be, because we actually study who runs it, what the real plan is, and cut through all the distractions and B.F.
No matter how entertaining it is, we don't focus on it.
Kissinger says it's time for negotiated peace in Ukraine to avoid World War III, says nuclear war is imminent, and that is definitely true.
And definitely a very serious issue.
That's the Omni Budsman of the New World Order saying it needs to stop.
Meanwhile, U.S.
sends infantry unit to base just miles away from Russian border in Estonia and of course is moving tactical nuclear weapons in to the areas as well.
To say that we are flirting with absolute insane disaster is a complete and utter understatement.
We have that.
Then we have Twitter Files Part 6.
The FBI controls and runs Twitter.
Twitter is an FBI subsidiary.
And of course, Gavin Nunes and others that have been tracking this.
I pointed out what we pointed out that the other big tech groups are just as bad.
We just haven't gotten into their documents yet, but we have all the other documents that we've been exposing over the years that already document that completely.
We also have dozens of cities led by El Paso, Denver, and New York, the Big Apple, saying we are in an emergency.
Declaring an emergency.
I've talked to Internal Border Patrol sources high up.
And they said that this year was tracking to be 10 million illegal aliens coming into the United States.
That's 10 million in one year.
And it's all directed by the United Nations, all directed by NGOs, and I just sit here and point out that's totally illegal.
The Border Patrol, we've been down to the Texas border, the Arizona border, we've shown you the footage, we've shown you the whistleblowers, their blurred out faces.
We show you the names of the groups.
That the UN, the same UN that NGOs that ran the collapse of Europe's borders were then brought in here to actually run them here?
Well, thank God!
Finally, it seems like the Texas governor's getting his head screwed on straighter, waking up.
He's got a criminal investigation going of the NGOs and how they're in command of the Border Patrol.
They're breaking a lot of laws to do this.
And we need to have state prosecutions of that.
Instead of just trying to get Biden to do his job, Still, state grand juries can indict these NGOs smuggling kids with no documents and giving them to people.
They've caught them in sex slavery.
It's been in Senate reports.
So indict them on that.
Indict them on the UN NGOs running the entire operation.
That's completely illegal to have some foreign, non-governmental organization with George Soros funding running it.
We know all the names of the people.
It's ridiculous!
So we've got all of that.
We've got a really out-of-control ruling out of the wonderful state of Connecticut.
Talk about rigged courts.
Court rules against biological females over Connecticut transgender athlete policy.
It says men will compete in basketball against women, in track, in boxing, in wrestling, in everything.
And so now everywhere, the winners of cycling and boxing and MMA are biological men beating the living snot out of women.
So that's coming up.
And then we've got all the economic collapse news that I don't have to tell you we're in the middle of.
What the Federal Reserve's doing, raising the rates, the basis points on lending and more.
There is so much happening and there could be more critical time for InfoWars
to still be on air.
But it's only because you're a word of mouth and your prayer and buying products at InfoWarsTore.com.
We've got a lot of great products at InfoWarsTore.com.
Please go there now or we won't be here.
And please don't let me prove it to you by shutting down.
We're very close.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this live, teleprompter-free, uncensored, raw edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm on the air every weekday at 11 a.m.
until 3 p.m.
Then I return Sunday nights 4 to 6 p.m.
Owen Schroer will be hosting of course Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
this evening with guest calls and so much more after I leave you.
I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for tuning in today.
This is another incredibly important broadcast.
I want to remind you we're in an information war.
And that you are the real power out there, that when you share the local stations we're on, when you share InfoWars.com forward slash show, when you share the local TV stations and cable stations, when you share the articles, the videos, it gets past the censors and changes the world.
All their propaganda and censorship would not be necessary if resistance was futile.
I've got so much to hit here.
Henry Kissinger is one of the top people in the New World Order.
He helped set up the whole Globals program we're in right now.
He is still the omnibudsman of the whole Rockefeller Rothschild Combine.
He came out and said, we've got to have a peace deal right now.
Or the Russians are going to go to nuclear war and this thing's escalated out of control.
That's a true statement.
So we're going to get to that.
We've got a bunch of different mayors around the country declaring an emergency over the border completely collapsing at the end of Title 42.
El Paso's getting 14,500 illegals a day.
They're just sleeping on the streets.
They're everywhere.
14,000 plus people a day, many of them little children who are not with their parents.
There's been some big breakthroughs on criminal investigations in Texas on who's running this and we're very close to grand jury indictments just like you've seen in Florida.
Now with the state level grand juries investigating the drug companies lying about their poison shots.
So that's That's really, really, really, really good important news.
We've got Twitter files.
Twitter is an FBI subsidiary.
So are the other big tech companies.
We've got news on that.
We've got globalist coups around the world in places like Peru and Brazil.
We've got Bill Gates announcing more plans for depopulation operations.
We've got so much to cover here tonight.
But the first thing I wanted to hit, because what you see happening in Canada or what you see happening in New Zealand or what you see happening in Germany or the UK is all run by the Globalist, all run by the WEF, all run by the UN, and they're beta-tests for what's coming here.
We have a tendency to say, well, I don't care what's happening over there, it's not happening here.
Well, it's coming here.
Just like a decade ago, the UN hired NGOs And set up giant refugee centers on the borders of Europe to bring in over 15 million Middle Easterners, Africans, and others into Europe.
And now tourism is down 80%.
Everything's wrecked.
There's just crime everywhere.
Open, defecating in the roads.
Just massive, massive crime.
No-go zones all over the place.
I mean, I've been to Europe recently and it's just, it's just, it's wrecked.
And I've talked to family that's been to places like Paris.
I mean, it looks like an open toilet with just trash everywhere and just people just lounging around all over.
It just goes on and on.
And now you see that with our border completely wide open, Biden saying, if I get elected, immediately surge the border.
You see how just a few years later, the same thing that happened to Europe is happening to us.
So when we look at these stories, understand That this is a beta test.
So I wanted to hit this first.
It's coming out in mainstream news that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine causes blood clots, microcarditis, and heart attacks.
I've got a stack of mainstream news admitting that.
We told you years ago, but here it is.
But the UN has said, going back two and a half years ago, that during future lockdowns, they're going to arrest people that are against the lockdowns and put them in the COVID camps.
And the UK's announced that.
Canada's announced that.
Australia's announced that.
They're all British commonwealths, you notice.
Never got out from under the crown.
And that same globalist system wants to bring that here.
And so when you see these chilling, chilling reports by these Orwellian, even looking people, and they just look like super villains.
New Zealand goes full 1984.
Tells public to report political dissidents as terrorists.
And they say people that don't want to take the shots or have lockdowns.
Well, what is in Biden's June 2001 new National Terrorism Directive?
Counterterrorism Directive.
He says not being for lockdowns, not being for shots, not being for forced injections, questioning elections, or questioning open borders, or later they released new documents a month ago, questioning military operations.
You can't protest or be against the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan or be against the Ukraine, you know, potential nuclear war.
So this is the criminalization of dissent.
I've got a bunch of clips in Canada, in New Zealand, in Australia, where they're saying, we have a digital Newcastle society based on your vaccine passport, which are trying to roll out here as well.
And we're gonna basically spy on you and arrest you and have your neighbors watch you if you protest lockdowns.
And then, of course, Tulsi Gabbard goes into it in great detail and just eviscerates Trudeau.
Up in Canada, who again is the top WEF minion, Schwab says he's the greatest example of what they want for every nation as they take our, quote, cabinets over.
As they penetrate the cabinets.
So let's just play these back to back.
Here's New Zealand, goes full 1984, then Australia, digital ID, link, vaccine verification certificates, no vaccines, you lose everything, bank accounts, social networks, internet access.
And then of course we got Tulsi Gabbards that will play back-to-back here as well, where she pulls no punches in her assessment of autocratic Justin Trudeau.
Here it is.
Our Secret Service is launching an initiative to help us identify people who may have been radicalized.
Know the Signs details dozens of indicators that a friend or family member could be planning a terror attack.
As Adam Hollingworth reports, the move comes as our spy chiefs identify a new and worrying type of terrorism.
Time was when the intelligence services were never seen, never heard.
But now they're loudly proclaiming your country needs you to keep an eye on those you know and if necessary, drop them in.
Recognising a potential warning sign and then alerting NZSAS or police could be the vital piece in the puzzle that ultimately saves lives.
To that end, they're publishing a guide called Know the Signs to help us all identify potential terrorists in our midst.
To pay attention and to be alert so that if they see or hear about something that seems off, that worries them and concerns them, they might have a look at this information to say, does this indicate to me that this person is on the road to actually committing an attack?
The SIS has listed around 50 signs from obvious ones, like writing on a weapon as happened in Christchurch, to... A person who is really developing an us-versus-them worldview.
Authorities say they're usually closely monitoring 40 to 50 potential terrorists.
These people used to be motivated by their white identity or by their faith.
But in the past six months, a third group has emerged.
Those motivated by politics.
And so it could be the COVID measures that the government took.
And so it could be the COVID measures that the government took.
Or it could be other policies that are interpreted as infringing on rights.
And it's what I sometimes describe as a kind of hot mess of ideologies and beliefs.
Fueled by conspiracy theories.
Fueled by conspiracy theories.
The launch of the initiative Know the Signs is an indicator that the security services know that they can't do it alone.
They need the help of the public.
But to some, the guide is a first step only.
How do we upskill those people in our community who are much closer to people who might be potentially radicalised and get them to understand what it is they're saying?
That's our challenge.
Adam Hollingworth, News Hub.
Alright, so they're coming at you with forced injections worldwide that erase your immune system, give you heart attacks, cancer, infertility.
And the literal security chief in New Zealand looks like Dr. Evil's assistant like a dead ringer.
I mean, you can't even make this up.
Look at how Klaus Schwab looks like Blofeld.
He even dresses like him.
They're doing it to throw it in your face.
We're going full tyranny, ladies and gentlemen, and saying it's a good thing.
And watching mass Stockholm Syndrome be triggered as the minions all get in line to submit to it.
Why are they doing this?
Because they're getting ready to shut off the world economy, ready to shut off the fuel and just depopulate.
I mean, 90% of the people going along with this that are thinking they're on the winning team will be destroyed themselves as well.
I'm going to come back and play the Casual Society Club and more when we come back.
And we are back on this Sunday, December 18, 2022 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right.
Let me finish up with the UN Global Corporate Government System and what we're seeing in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe.
It's all the same program, all UN run, all UN certified.
Just other areas are a few years ahead of us, and if they get This is everything in the fight against this program.
your social credit score and the basis of which is the vaccine ID system, they're
going to control every facet of your life in their own words and force injections on
you. This is everything in the fight against this program.
We've got a good chance of stopping it, especially here in the U.S. if we
simply only become aware of it.
But that's why they've got the massive censorship.
That's why they've got the AI control.
That's why they're trying to shut down anybody talking about this information.
That's why Elon Musk can bring back all these other journalists to people.
Because they're not really talking about the big issues.
They're talking about political distractions.
Even if they're conservative.
But we are hammering the heart of the matter.
That's because we're over the target.
So I pledge you, New Zealand's head of the Secret Service saying, if you don't want to take the shots or don't like lockdowns, you're a terrorist.
That's being set up globally.
Biden has said that officially.
But here's a clip in Australia of the digital ID linked to vaccine verification, which I told you two and a half years ago would be the plan because The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates of the UN said they were doing it, and guess who developed the actual software and the program of the QR code they've already adopted?
The Communist Party of China, the CCP.
You can't make this up, folks.
I know most listeners are like, yeah, Alex told us literally a thousand times, but it's here now.
So here is the clip out of Australia.
COVID vaccination could become our future ticket to international travel and possibly even determine where you can shop or eat.
So, how do you prove you've had it?
Nines, Fiona Willem, explains.
Once you get a COVID-19 jab, you can access your vaccination certificate in four ways.
Through the vaccine provider, the Express Plus Medicare app, by contacting Services Australia, or by logging into your myGov account and visiting Medicare, where you'll find it on the Australian Immunisation Registry.
And to make that process more secure, the Government has now linked myGov to the nation's digital ID system, myGovID.
And of course the vaccination certificate that will be available for Australians will be available through myGov and digital identity is the safest, easiest way to access myGov.
The digital ID isn't just for downloading your vaccination certificate.
It can currently be used to access 75 government services online and the plan is to expand it to the private sector so that you can use it to check your bank details or your electricity bill.
It replaces the traditional 100 point ID check that you'd usually do at a bank or Australia Post.
Well, if you want a quick, simple interaction with a government service, you can use your digital ID rather than presenting physical ID.
Two million Australians have signed up for a digital identity and the government wants more people to do it as the vaccination program ramps up to ensure your details are more secure and you're the only person who can access your certificate.
Fiona, thank you.
You're the only person that can access a certificate even though you're going to be using it to leave your house, let's leave it out in Australia, or go to the mall, or go to your job, or drive your car, or get on a plane.
Oh, it's so secure, it's so wonderful, it's so great!
Here's Tulsi Gabbard's Bulls No Punches and her assessment of autocratic Justin Trudeau who again says he wants to be a dictator and admires dictatorship and works directly for the World Economic Forum.
He's trying to put Canada into this as well.
Italy's putting it in.
The first country in the EU.
It's happening now.
Here it is.
Basically what they're telling us is you are an enemy of the state if you pose or even question the president, his administration, or his policies, shut up, step back, fall in line, or we're coming after you.
This isn't some theory.
This is reality.
And this is a reality we're seeing play out in Canada as we speak.
You have the autocratic leader in Canada.
Who's resorted to genuinely authoritarian and tyrannical means to suppress a peaceful mass protest against the power elite there.
Everything that we see happening up north.
Everything from the execution of emergency powers, to the freezing of bank accounts, the seizure of children from parents, the destruction of livelihoods and small businesses.
All of these things could happen here.
So the question I ask myself in confronting all this is, what are they so afraid of?
Who are they afraid of?
You know the answer.
It's simple.
They're afraid of us.
They're afraid of a free people.
They're afraid of a free society.
I've got to believe that Thomas Jefferson was thinking about these cowardly, fearful leaders when he said they prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty.
They're afraid of the freedom that empowers each and every one of us to seek the truth, to speak freely, to question their decisions and their authority.
They're afraid of losing power.
Knowing full well the intent of our founders when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it's the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute a new government.
But instead, the big megabags of corporations to the UN and to the media are taking over society.
This is here.
This is happening.
And they don't want the public to see these type of articles.
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to blood clotting.
It's an Epoch Times article linking right to the FDA admitting, okay, it does cause heart attacks and blood clotting.
Case closed.
Baby given vaccinated, blood infusion, dies within days, a blood clot.
That's in the U.S.
30 years ago, Dr. Robert Wilner accused Fauci of genocide during the HIV crisis.
It's the same story over and over again.
And why are they doing this?
Because they're getting ready to pop the giant Ponzi bubble they've used to shut down all the other industries, to shut down their competition, and then To use the trillions they've stolen to cement and complete their power takeover.
And once they get us in the next position, hell will be released.
You think things are bad now?
You'll look back on this as a good time.
And a lot of folks are afraid to listen and say, well, I just, I'm not going to oppose it.
Well, you will oppose it and people will oppose it once it gets bad enough.
So everything we do now affects what they call the battle space for the mind in the future.
Everything we do now will have huge effects in the future, because people will remember what they were told.
They'll remember they were warned.
They'll remember we laid it all out, as they've already seen what we laid out in the past coming true.
And then folks will understand, oh, submitting this time only makes it worse.
They actually want to kill me.
They want to depopulate me.
And they want people so poor, so censored, so shut down, that when they're burying people all around you, which they're already doing, but it's much worse, people just say, well, you better shut up or they'll come take you away.
The attack's coming to the medical system and the economic system.
And if you accept this digital straitjacket of big tech, it's over for you.
Alright, we got the big economic news, the big Russian news, the big censorship news, and the big emergency news on the border straight ahead.
All right, we're going to look at the emergencies declared across the country as the border has completely dissolved and what that really means and what the next phase of that's going to be.
But there is some good news.
Folks are listening to this broadcast, and that's really what's happening.
And the governor of Texas understands that crimes are being committed that they can prosecute that are also crimes at the state level.
And we're waiting for the grand juries to come to their own aid, to the American people's aid, and do the right thing.
You see the governor getting new grand juries set up at the state level in Florida for the poison shots.
The same thing is now being announced in Texas.
By the governor with the open borders.
We'll explain that here in a moment, but but but first let me talk about this.
OK, I'm at peace with this.
And I've learned a lot of the factors that are going on out there.
I need listeners to understand that I don't want to prove to you.
The fact that we don't have extra money like the media says we do by us shutting down or me canceling Owen Show and canceling.
American Journal, I'm not going to do it right now, but the point is that the facts of not having the money will do that in the near future, and then this show, as you know it, will no longer be here.
All right?
So, I hate to tell folks the details because it lets the enemy know what's successful.
They've already been successful, and so I'm just going to go ahead and tell you, okay?
When they got up four months ago at that rigged trial in Texas for the Sandy Hook thing
and had their financial expert on who had all our documents, had our financials, knew the truth
and he said Alex Jones is worth 160 million dollars and InfoWars is worth more than 200 million dollars.
Immediately we saw a decline in people buying products and supporting.
And I've talked to folks on the street who go, well, I support you, but man, there's no way they just made that up.
I mean, you got hundreds of millions of dollars.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have less than $300,000 personally.
I don't have a bunch of hidden stuff.
I don't have anything.
It's not true.
I didn't set this up to try to just make money.
I don't mind having nice things, but the mission is fighting the globalists and doing everything we can to be a platform for all of the voices that need to be heard.
Like Dr. Peter McCullough said last week, he said we were instrumental in this breakthrough and exposing the poison shots, and this broadcast has saved countless lives.
And that's not just me.
It's not just the crew.
It's not just the listeners or the guests.
It's all of us together.
So... There lies...
About how I made $60 million last year, or I've got all hundreds of millions of dollars, have been somewhat effective.
And it's really sad because I'll be in a grocery store, or I'll be at a gas station.
And I've always had women hit on me here and there, you know, especially when I was younger and really good looking.
But I mean, it's like crazy now.
At the grocery store anywhere, gorgeous women come over and they just get all over me and start grabbing on me.
And they say, you know, I didn't know you were a billionaire.
Because the way the public works is they hear, oh, billion dollar judgments.
Well, I mean, this guy must have billions of dollars.
It's insane.
It's totally insane.
People think I'm a billionaire.
On the street now.
And they think I have all this money because they got up in court and said he has 400 plus million dollars.
And it was just totally lies.
We weren't even allowed to counter it.
We weren't allowed to have witnesses.
They just put them on.
So, that's where I'm at here, is just so frustrated by the level of lies.
Because people expect, well, part of it's lies, but, you know, they say he's worth $400 million, maybe he's worth $50 million.
No, folks, I'm out of money.
And I don't care about the money, I care about staying on air, keeping this crew employed, and the fact that they're trying to crush us more than anybody, because we've got their number and know how to stop them.
An even bigger frustration is this.
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Now the great news is I'm in personal bankruptcy.
And in the next, starting tomorrow at a hearing and in the next week, under penalty of perjury, all my stuff's filed.
People are gonna go, whoa, Alex Jones has less than $300,000.
And Alex Jones, you know, drives a pickup truck.
And Alex Jones doesn't have all this money.
And the media's going to try to spin that however they do and put out more lies.
I'm not worried about that.
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But just do not believe them.
Well, people either think, hey, we have all this extra money, or they think, oh, money that goes here goes to the Sandy Hook people because they've got these judgments.
We have two years of appeals.
And after the end of all that, there's no extra money anyways when you're in a bankruptcy.
So it's all a lie.
But that's why the lawyers got up in Connecticut and said, don't buy his products and don't donate because he's a bad bet.
We're going to get all the money.
That's psychological warfare.
They have top PR firms and then spooks advising them.
Tell him we're gonna get the money.
Tell him resistance is futile.
Tell him he's got extra money.
Put all those lies out and help different groups believe the lies.
Don't believe a word they say.
Believe me, I've told you the truth.
I've never lied to you.
I've made mistakes, but I've never lied to you.
I've gotten so neurotic about never lying that when I got pulled over two years ago and the police officer said, the sheriff's deputy said, have you been drinking?
I said, yeah.
Had a half bottle of wine an hour ago at a Japanese restaurant.
He said, you're arrested.
Because people say you're a dumbass for not lying.
I hadn't lied in years at that point.
Because everybody lies about this or that to your wife or about, you know, you catch yourself in that.
I've gotten so...
into only telling the truth, because when you do it, your brain stops trying to think about what you're going to say, and it stops thinking about the different angles of stuff, and then you just remove deception, and then your brain works way faster and is better.
So, you can see, some can see the fact that I don't tell lies as, like, dumb.
Well, see, why do you think that?
And I understand the military or war, you use deception and things, and that's different, but we don't do that, folks.
We don't do that.
I mean, I've been advised by a lot of high-level people that have been really effective and smart and things.
They said, Jones, you got to stop telling the truth.
Your policy of truth is really hurting you.
You know, you got to, you got to lie some.
And I just, I'm not doing it.
I'm trusting in God and that's it.
So you got the truth here.
That's what you're getting.
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It's a drug.
It's a really good thing.
It's empowering.
And that's why I've not been as effective as I could have been, because I haven't done the work I'm supposed to do, and that's my fault.
Let me explain, then I'll get back to the news.
We're talking about the future of InfoWars that is in your hands.
I knew I didn't have these hundreds of millions of dollars they lied about and said I had.
I knew they had these state courts ready to control who were going to put us in a receivership and close the building down.
I knew that we were out of money, so I declared bankruptcy with Free Speech Systems, and I declared it personally to put my cards on the table.
Now, they're never going to let you see those cards.
They're going to misrepresent, and that's what they do.
They're the father of the devil.
But then, trying to work with the people involved when you're in the bankruptcy system to get clear numbers to tell people So I can come to Lizards and say, I need in the next three months, $2 million or we won't have enough money to buy product in the future and we'll shut down.
That's about the number, but I don't say it because I'm trying to get the final accounting.
So I can come in here and give you a report on air and say, here's the report.
Here's what we're doing.
Here's our plan to stay on air.
We've got a lot of people coming through and a lot of big projects that are almost done.
That should supercharge what we're doing and keep us on air.
But you add to this the economy faltering and the interest rates going up and everything else.
I get it.
And if God's ready to change the future of Infowars and to put us through more tribulations, that's fine.
I don't blame God.
I'm just saying God works through you.
And you have to make the decision or not.
Whether you want to keep this broadcast on air.
So here's what I'm going to say.
And I want the crew to watch this and listen to this because they haven't heard this.
And I don't want rumors about this anywhere.
I know the media will misrepresent it.
Here's what I'm saying.
I don't jerk people's shame.
But have you ever watched a football game?
People always ask me, what football team do you like?
And I don't have time to watch football.
I rarely do.
But back when I was a fan of it, I never really wore the jerseys or rooted for a team.
I like The playoffs and I like the best teams playing and I wanted to see a good game.
And I wanted games that were close and interesting or a game where people came from way behind.
Those are the best games.
So when you hear me the last four years in this game of life, this most important issue, saying, if we don't get funds, we're going to shut down.
That's not crying wolf.
It's like a football game where you sit down with your pizza or your barbecue with the family or friends and the game starts and it is just a battle.
High scoring, low scoring, doesn't matter.
It's close the whole time.
You're on the edge of your seat.
That's what this game's been.
God has done this.
God, God in the last four years, Has literally kept us right there on the edge of red and black and every time I go well God that's it I'm gonna have to start shutting down boom money comes in but it is Nail-biting it is torture and it's all in God's plan But if you look at the numbers because we got clear numbers in the past not not coming up the future yet
It is crazy how it's like a football game where we're tied in super high scoring throughout the entire four quarters and now we're in overtime.
And so that's basically how this works.
Now I know and I'm not going to do this because I still kind of see it as a jerking a chain.
Even though it's not a chain, it's the truth.
But I'm going to get my mind wrapped around it, and I guess I'm doing that now, ear on ear.
I love Owen.
He does an incredible job, reaches millions of people.
I love Harrison Smith, does an amazing job as well.
I love this whole crew.
They're not going to let go this month, or next month, or the next month.
But soon we'll enter a zone where I'll have to tell the crew, okay, three, four months, you better start looking for other jobs.
We're going to have to start shutting this down.
That's the process, and here's what's sick about it.
The minute I go, okay, Owen Schroer's let go, or Harrison Smith's off the air, or no more Greg Reese, or no more John Bowne, or no more Darren McBreen reports that reach millions of people a week and are incredible, the minute that happens, people go, oh, he's serious.
This is real.
And you know how hard it'll be if we just shut this place down?
I just put it in the chapter, whatever, liquidation, and I just walk away?
You know how hard it'll be to fire it back up in the constituted form it's in?
It'll be hard.
Look, I've already got business offers.
I've already got show offers.
I can already...
Go do another show for somebody else and have my autonomy and have a whole crew that doesn't work for me.
And it'd be much easier and I'd personally make more money.
But I don't want them to win.
I don't want them to shut down our ATX command base.
I don't want them with all the guests in the history and so much more to offer with the incredible work we're doing.
To me, it's giving up and it's losing to roll over.
And so you got my commitment that I'm going to ride this horse till it dies.
All right.
That's what I'm going to do.
But it is torture.
Absolute torture to not be able to do things and send crew to things and do things that I know would be huge and to just be in a position of survival.
But America and the whole world is in a crisis.
We're all in that position together.
Whether you recognize you're in that position yet or not, you are.
So it's simple.
We are essential.
InfoWars and its mission has been, by the grace of God and your support, Incredible.
And has had more victories against the enemy than any other operation or team in American history.
And people tell me that personally.
Foreign presidents, top talk show hosts, everybody.
I go out to the store, I went to the grocery store yesterday
with my wife and her mother and I shook 50 hands, black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
And they said, "You woke me up, you saved my family.
"You told me about the shot."
And then my dad took it and died, but luckily we didn't.
I mean, that's what's going on here.
And so we've got so much more important work to do, but I will not sit here and spend 20 minutes
out of an hour begging you.
And it's not because I'm a proud person.
It's because if you don't see how important this is, and you don't realize we're two minutes to midnight, then I guess it's God's plan that whatever's going to happen is going to happen, and maybe I've done my work.
In fact, I'm strongly considering if Infowars shuts down.
I don't even know if I'm gonna take a hiatus or what it is.
But to me, I see that as God doesn't want me to do this anymore.
Maybe you've been warned.
Maybe I've already said it all.
Maybe once you never see me again, everything I said before is going to be that much more powerful.
And that's really where I'm at, ladies and gentlemen.
But I'm going to do more shows.
I'm going to be here.
Because I'm a fighter and I don't know how to give up.
But I've got to tell you.
There's all this big money out there sitting on the sidelines not supporting us.
There's all the nouveau riche out there that's going to lose everything you've got, but you want to sit there on the sidelines and pretend you're safe.
And we're going to lose everything in that process.
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You know, I'm told there's only 400 signed books left at the warehouse.
And we can get some more and do more sign-ups.
Yeah, they're 99 bucks.
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That's what it takes to prosecute a war.
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And the whole web, Infowars MD line.
So, that's it.
I don't like spending valuable time sitting here explaining to you how important we are.
And I'm not mad at you, because I know it's God that runs all this.
But what I need is people to commit, is to spread the word about the show, share the articles and videos.
God knows they're blocked.
God knows they're there.
You're smart.
Get it around the enemy.
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It's at InfoWarsTore.com.
So I'm going to start the next hour.
I'm not going to plug next hour.
I plug so much here and I apologize to the stations for doing it.
But America's fighting for its life right now.
And at the most critical juncture, we have the most credibility, and people are realizing we were right.
We are now right here in the center of this fight, really trying to decide whether we're going to go on or not.
And whether the Globalists can have their capture-the-flag victory of, oh, we took Alex Jones off the air.
But they're not the ones that are going to decide.
I'm going to say it again.
It's going to be you that decide.
And I like that.
It's not our enemies that are going to take me off the air.
And boy, they've tried.
It's going to be you.
Because you believe their lies that I got 400 million dollars, that you believe their lies, that all this other crap, none of it's true, on my children.
And it is our children that are in the breach here, that are being targeted, all our children.
So go to InfoWorksStore.com right now, and get great products you need, and commit to support.
I believe you're going to do it.
I don't believe they're going to win.
At a gut level, I believe God's going to intervene, working through you.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
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Well, get over yourself.
We're not concerned if you agree with it or not.
We're concerned about you making us sick.
So get your COVID shot and prevent other people from getting your stuff.
It's a good point and we're having a debate this morning about that very thing really.
A debate about whether mask wearing should be returned to be mandatory here in the UK.
Restrictions have been lifted.
And I understand you even suggest people who come to your concerts wear them for their own protection.
We are doing the Kiss Cruise shortly, and you will not be able to get on the cruise unless you're vaccinated.
Look, before you go to school, you have to have your children get the flu vaccine and the polio vaccine.
There's no discussion.
And, you know, what about my rights?
Well, you don't have as many rights as you think.
When you get up to a red light, you must stop.
There's no choice.
It's because it's not about you.
It's about the other innocent people going by.
So get over yourself, even You get in your car, you must put on a seatbelt.
Well, you're taking away my rights, and the government's telling me what to do.
That's right!
The government is telling you what to do.
Shut up, be respectful of other people, and get a vaccine.
Put on your seatbelts, stop at the red light, stop being selfish.
In case you missed it, @DCHomecoming on Twitter sums up the latest horror story of our time.
A newborn baby boy named Alex was born in Washington State with a 95% survivable congenital heart defect.
He was also anemic and he needed a blood transfusion.
In 2021, little Alex's parents had a close friend die of a heart attack shortly after she received her COVID-19 vaccine.
By all accounts, their friend was healthy, and her death caused alarm bells to go off about the safety of the mRNA vaccine.
Because of this experience, they wanted to make sure that young baby Alex had unvaccinated blood for his transfusion.
So they found a match through a member at their church, and they paid to have the proper protocol take place for Alex to receive that donor's blood.
However, when it came time for the hospital to initiate the transfusion, the doctors and nurses claimed they were unable to locate the unvaccinated donor's blood the parents had procured.
So, without the parents' consent, they took blood from the hospital's general stockpile.
The doctors and nurses assured the parents that baby Alex would be fine.
And told them babies rarely, if ever, get blood clots.
Shortly after the transfusion, baby Alex developed a large blood clot.
The blood clot ran from his knee all the way up to his heart.
The hospital changed their tune, saying babies get blood clots all the time, and this was normal.
Baby Alex was put on the highest dose of blood thinners possible for his age and size.
But the blood clot didn't dissipate at all.
Just 12 days later, Alex sadly passed away as a result of a blood clot.
And now, the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital that killed him claims there's no record of baby Alex being at the hospital, despite ample evidence, including photographs, medical bills, and his death certificate.
What is going on here?
Just days ago, Cole Reeves and Samantha Savage had their infant child, Will, taken by the New Zealand government to explicitly be given vaccinated blood.
Will is still healthy, and his father suggests the possibility that hospital workers may have disobeyed the government and used clean, unvaccinated blood for Will's surgery.
One can only hope that eventually people will start standing up against this mass murder.
And the sooner, the better.
Because young, innocent children like Alex are being murdered in hospitals all over the world.
And these monsters are still pushing to inject every single child with this deadly poison.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
That scumbag devil, Team Simmons, says, oh, you always take your shots.
No, there are no mandatory shots in free countries.
These aren't even vaccines, you pig.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we're now into hour number two.
Owen Troyer comes up at 6 p.m.
Central with Sunday Live.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Let's talk facts here.
There is nothing more frustrating than having the Senate reports, than having all the documents, than having the state police investigations in Arizona, Texas, you name it, where they admit that millions of underage children Have been smuggled in the last few years under Biden.
Say what you want about Trump, but he almost completely ended it.
And there are caravans of hundreds of thousands a week slamming in tens of thousands per group to places like El Paso, Texas, where they now report 14,500 a day coming into the city alone.
Now I have this headline I run all the time, emergency broadcast.
And if you go back 15, 20 years ago, I would say emergency broadcast maybe once a year.
Kind of like Drudge would put up the red siren when something was really big.
But as the crises intensify, half the time the headline is emergency broadcast.
Tonight it says emergency broadcast.
Because even the top globalist Kissinger says we're about to have nuclear war with Russia.
The peace deal isn't done.
It's escalating into nuclear war.
The U.S.' Greenland attacks inside Russia with missiles has been
going on for three weeks.
So you have the lockdowns for two plus years in the third world.
It totally collapses.
And if you go back 10 years ago, the UN advertised to Africans and to Middle Easterners and others, if you can get to Europe, everything's going to be paid for.
Everything is going to be free.
And the very same non-governmental organizations That ran the operations in Europe.
The very companies have been hired by Biden two years ago to run the sectors on the 2,300 mile border
between the United States and Mexico on our Southern border.
Think about that.
And let that sink in.
And so now, what do the Deep State Democrats do?
As their cities, like D.C., and New York, and Denver, get flooded, and people are like, what the hell is this?
The Red Cross is overwhelmed, the local charities are overwhelmed.
The mayors get up and say, it's the Republicans' fault, they broke the border.
That's what the press secretary said last week, he played the clip on Thursday.
And we just need to totally get rid of the border to fix this problem.
And we need more money.
We don't have money for our homeless people or our vets.
But we're supposed to have money for 10 plus million people a year the last two years.
And now they're saying with Title 42 going away next week, it's going to be five times worse.
They're talking about 50 million.
You know, that's a crazy number.
The U.N.' 's Replacement Migration Program talked about collapsing the third world a decade ago, organizing the U.N.
refugee centers, and moving the people up from Africa and from areas of Asia and the Middle East and from other parts of the world into North America and into the U.S.
So here's the headlines.
El Paso mayor declares state of emergency over border crisis.
New York City declares emergency over migrant crisis.
Denver Mayor declares emergency says city on verge of reaching breaking point amid influx of illegal immigrants.
And they've got an answer.
More federal funding.
Which then the Democrats skim the money off of.
And then they give them jobs on top of their welfare checks and the Democrats steal that.
It's all on record.
So I've done special reports.
I've been to the border many times.
We've listed the UN NGO.
You look it up, running the Texas border.
You go there and it's all a bunch of Soros, purple and green and blue haired liberals telling the Border Patrol what to do with these giant migrant centers on the border.
They're in charge.
They're the bosses.
They're violating all the laws, they're giving little kids away to people with no IDs, all of it's human smuggling, all of it's felonies, and they're just doing it out in the open in front of everybody.
Just like they do everything else criminal.
So I pointed out to Governor Abbott and others here on air, and I've asked listeners to point it out to them, that what are you doing?
You have state grand juries, You know, we always show this footage.
It's not even the bad footage.
We have footage of unaccompanied children being handed over to strangers into cars, trains, and buses.
We have footage.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
Just don't even show any of it.
We're not going to show the hardcore stuff.
It's fine.
You know, just whatever.
It's just, it's all, it's just, you know.
So, you know, the one thing InfoWars is not good at, The live show crew is great, but we have all this other crew.
is compilations of all the incredible stuff we've shot and things we've done.
And just like like like how horrific it is.
But, but I digress.
So now, we have Texas Governor Abbott seeks state probe of NGOs aiding illegal immigrants crossing border.
It's felonies?
Why hasn't the state police, the Texas Rangers, why haven't the grand juries moved forward?
Because almost every city and major town in Texas has George Soros district attorneys and county attorneys and judges and they love it and they like it.
Project Veritas weeks ago exposed child sex traffic from the border up into Dallas, up into Austin, into Houston, and the rest of the country.
Six-year-olds saying, yeah, I don't know who these people are I live with.
They make me have sex with people.
Will you save me?
And nobody's coming to save you because the FBI loves it.
The Democratic Party loves it.
The NGOs and the law firms, they love it.
They think it's funny and cute.
God knows where these children are going, ladies and gentlemen.
But we have the footage at the airports where the same woman all day goes to the migrant center, takes the newborn babies, the six-month-old babies, and then she goes, it's my baby!
And with no paperwork, hands it over to NGOs, and the babies just disappear.
And weird, creepy men pulling up in vans, and they just hand them little kids, six, seven, eight-year-old girls and boys, and they just drive off with them.
Oh, but when you come back from a trip to Europe or Cancun, Mexico, anywhere, oh, let me check your passport, let me run it, let me ask you questions to make sure you are who you say you are.
But when they're doing it on this scale, we just sit there and we take it.
So, all the border states and other states have laws against this.
This is all incredibly illegal.
You know, my sister's adopted.
My mother couldn't have children after me.
She got the Dalkon shield.
contraceptive that was actually a sterilant. She won a lawsuit against them. That's a side issue.
Hundreds of thousands of women dead in the class action lawsuit. So we adopted my sister from South
Korea. It took two years and a whole bunch of red tape and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make
sure we were a good family, to make sure it was all taken care of, to make sure she wasn't taken
from another family. There was a woman wanting to give up a child and that's my sister and I love
her and she's great.
All that vetting to adopt my sister but zero when they just hand these children off and this mass crime is committed We'd go down there three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, and there'd be total corporate media control.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google would not let one bombshell, insane video that we got of crime, of smuggled children coming out, and the good corporate media worked together and they didn't release it.
But you know who else didn't?
Oh, you don't share an InfoWars link, you might get censored.
Oh, you don't promote an Alex Jones link, you might get criticized.
So the general public didn't promote those videos.
The general public knew to just, that's not kosher.
You just don't go there.
So now the general public has aided and abetted the kidnapping and smuggling of children.
Ladies and gentlemen.
So that's where we are.
But at least now they're talking about criminal investigations and grand juries because, I mean, it's open and shut.
Just start arresting these people and it'll all fall like dominoes.
And we are back on this live Sunday show.
I want to make this final point about the border.
You have mass human trafficking, mass sex trafficking, kidnapped children, all of it on record, all of it admitted.
And you have famous UN-run, non-governmental organizations giving debit cards to people in faraway countries to come to the Texas border, to come to other European borders, and to flood into the United States, many of them with kidnapped children in tow.
And if anybody tries to stop it, you're a terrorist, you're bad.
And so yes, I'm calling for the head of the main NGO down in South Texas to be arrested for human trafficking.
They've done it.
They organized it.
They paid people they knew had kidnapped kids to do it.
Arrest them!
We have a bunch of politically correct, sold-out people who aren't part of the trafficking themselves who just go along with it.
So it is good that Governor Abbott's finally talking about this.
Because if he doesn't do something about it, he's guilty of it as well.
Texas Governor Abbott seeks state probe of NGOs aiding illegal immigrants crossings.
They're aiding the crime that violates federal crime.
And now we have a state of emergency.
We are in a major emergency.
We are in an intense emergency.
And then we've got all this news.
Court rules against biological females over Connecticut transgender athlete policy.
Gates and Bezos invest in Australian-designed brain implant.
I'm going to get to that.
An electric car charging twice as expensive new study.
I'll get to that next segment.
But let's go to this right now.
Because there's a great report here.
That really needs to be aired.
This is Neil Oliver, based out of Scotland, who does a great job.
And he talks about how you have MPs, Members of Parliament, coming out with government whistleblowers that know that the shots create blood clots and kill people and erase your immune system.
And when the Member of Parliament's there speaking, warning, no one's there to even listen to him and the media doesn't pick it up.
Again, we're signed on to armed destruction.
Do you think it's not going to get worse if we don't wake up and say, no, we're not going along with this?
Here's part of that report.
What is being alleged about the so-called vaccines is of monumental importance.
What Bridgen and Malhotra have claimed ought to be the biggest story in the country, in the world, and yet anyone interested in familiarising themselves with most of what was said has to go looking for it online.
Bridgen noted withdrawals of those other medical products when their safety was credibly questioned.
That's the world I thought we lived in, where doubt voiced in the face of credible research leads to the pausing of a course of action and a rethink.
And yet here we are, with peer-reviewed research demonstrating one in every hundred people receiving the Pfizer jab suffers a serious reaction, and medical professionals of unimpeachable credentials urging at least a pause in the rollout, if not a full and final stop.
And still, the government-sponsored adverts are everywhere, in the mainstream and online, inviting people of all ages to take even more of the same product.
Dr Malhotra said on this channel last week in relation to the Pfizer jab, quote, the original trial data, which was reanalyzed, suggested one was more likely to get serious adverse effects from the vaccine than one was to be hospitalized with Covid.
What does that mean?
It means if that is correct, which it seems to be, it should never have been approved in the first place.
Questions have been asked all over the world about blood clotting and any possible connection with the AstraZeneca product.
Countries across Europe have stopped using it and it's no longer being given to people under 30 in the UK.
It's worth noting that on Wednesday, Pascal Sauriot, Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, was knighted by King Charles for services to life sciences in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.
All around the world, there is mounting evidence of deaths and injuries caused by the so-called vaccines.
There are more and more excess deaths.
People of all ages dying every day.
Deaths unrelated to Covid.
Pause for a moment to consider the following.
In the United States, in the second half of 2021, 61,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 44 died of causes unrelated to Covid.
The death toll of the same age group during the decade-long Vietnam War was 58,000.
Here in the UK, at the start of the lockdown in 2020, in the week ending 23rd of March, there were 1,379 excess deaths.
In the week ending 23rd of March, there were 1,379 excess deaths.
In the week ending 21st October this year, the figure was 1,822.
There are more people dying every week now of causes unrelated to Covid than at the height of a pandemic.
Daily we were invited to look on in horror at the Covid death toll.
Where is the outrage about these latest deaths?
The round-the-clock coverage?
Dr John Campbell, a regular contributor to this channel, said last month in relation to the ONS data regarding those excess deaths, there is something pretty horrible going on.
Over 1,800 deaths a week, more than we would expect, and it's been going on for a long time now, and we need an explanation.
What we get instead is the relentless continuation of the rollout, the push to get boosted.
Fauci in the US and others here in the UK say we're still in a pandemic.
If that's true, it's the longest lasting pandemic in modern history, much longer than the Spanish flu pandemic at the end of the First World War.
The concern being voiced now by Bridgen and Malhotra has been being shouted from the rooftops by many, many others for years.
For as long as we've had the products marketed as vaccines, there have been voices asking questions, and those were silenced, derided, ridiculed, reputations ruined.
Back in 1995, US physicist Carl Sagan demanded restless inquiry from all scientists.
Science requires an almost complete openness to all ideas, he said.
On the other hand, it requires the most rigorous and uncompromising scepticism.
And so how did we get to where we are now?
When did we set aside uncompromising scepticism and decide to live in a world in which we must, all of us, do precisely what we're told by our governments and their preferred experts, without ever raising so much as a questioning voice?
The chamber in which Bridgen made his speech was all but empty because, with a few exceptions, apparently none of the rest cared to listen to what he had to say about a course of action affecting tens of millions of lives here in the UK and billions around the world.
Let's give the devil his due.
Let's imagine many are daily in receipt of messages raising the alarm, but find their survival in the world of politics means they keep shtoom rather than rock the boat.
I hear from other journalists saying they're in contact with MPs, with medical professionals, with high-profile media types, all of whom have decided now to stay well clear of the so-called vaccines.
Some of those people have taken some jabs, some none.
But the fear of speaking out, the culture of silence in the face of what so many know to be an egregious wrong is enabling the narrative to persist largely unchallenged.
The behaviour of governments and corporations in the last two or three years has changed the world.
It might still look the same, more or less, but in all the ways that matter it has been altered.
Those who are awake to it all perceive a new reality and wonder how on earth they missed the signs for as long as they did.
That all-but-empty House of Commons said loud and clear that the powers that be, the allied powers of governments and corporations, no longer feel the need to be answerable in any meaningful way to the people.
Paradoxically, their absence from the chamber only made them more glaringly visible.
The willful blindness about the vaccines is just the tip of the iceberg.
Soaring excess deaths in all age groups.
The complicated truth of the war in Ukraine still not openly discussed.
The greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.
The wholesale erosion of our rights.
The nudge away from cash and towards central bank digital currencies.
People are freezing in their homes and turning to food banks in what has been a first world country.
Here's the thing, the near emptiness of that chamber was a moment of history, a warning about the future.
If our MPs don't care enough about harms to populations around the world to turn up and listen to one of their own, then it's time we reminded the whole damn lot of them that we are still here.
They might have their hands over their eyes, but we can see them.
They keep their mouths shut, but the silence is deafening.
Look, Trump would always say it, it was totally true.
He said, they're not coming after me, they're coming after you.
I'm just standing in their way.
That's totally true.
My best defence for my family is to save America, save the world, promote liberty and defeat the globalists.
Running off and hiding is not an option.
But, we're rapidly going into that position.
So I'm not going to lie to you.
There's a huge awakening.
We've got a big chance to beat these people, but folks can't become comfortable with the imploded borders, with the pedophilia, with the wars, with the GMO, with all of it.
You've got to start getting upset.
You've got to get angry.
You've got to say no to it.
So the European Union is basically a new communist super state run by the globalists.
They're fascist above it, but they use communism for control.
And they've come out, put the headline on screen, and said anybody flying to Europe by boat or any other way, you're going to pay a carbon tax just to come to Europe.
Not under any legal alien, of course.
European Union reaches agreement to force everyone in EU countries to pay for CO2 emissions, first step, a personal carbon credit, and anyone coming to the EU to pay the tax as well.
Spent a whole show on that.
As if carbon's bad for the planet, when carbon's what makes the planet live.
It's what creates the surface of the earth and the environment for plants and animals to thrive.
Now, you want to bring in something you've got total control over, list life as something bad, and now you can regulate it.
But here's the good news.
They have to suppress info wars.
And my guest host and myself and our great crew and our reports and everything because they're wildly popular.
They admit that.
They have to move heaven and earth to suppress us and spend billions of dollars just to suppress this broadcast with all the hundreds of thousands of articles and thousands of shows and programs and HBO and NBC and ABC and New York Times, everything attacks us.
Because we're not psychotic.
We're not selling out to this devilish system.
They'll destroy us anyways!
We're not dead inside.
And so they spent, reportedly, a hundred million dollars shooting and promoting and advertising.
You saw it everywhere.
AOC's movie.
Just like CNN spent 450 plus million dollars.
Some estimates are 500 million on CNN plus and they had like 2,000 viewers on average.
Any one time.
Obama gives a speech, he's got 5,000 views on YouTube.
Somebody lets me on their show, 2 million views.
With them suppressing it.
So it's not about bragging, oh hey we're really popular.
It's saying the public is not dead yet, they know the truth.
So, here's Fox News.
AOC Climate Change documentary earns $80 per theater.
Huge millions of dollars in advertisement.
Huge budget.
They're saying it's up to $100 million.
$80 per theater.
$10,000 in a week nationwide.
$10,000 in a week nationwide.
So, so, so they spend millions and millions and millions and millions
and millions and millions and millions of dollars and no one goes and watches it.
So, yeah, those of us standing up, we're under attack, because what we're saying is true and it's popular, and if we're allowed to keep doing this, we'll win!
I go back to that Internet saying, nobody knows who said it, but the propaganda wouldn't be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
It's far from that, but people have to get how do or die this is.
All my demonization, all the attacks, I'm more popular than ever on the street.
But the algorithms and the AI is censoring us and crushing us down.
So our popular message of defeating this can't get out.
This is your war.
This is our war.
She puts out a documentary.
With a budget in the tens of millions of dollars.
They run tens of millions of dollars of advertising. They get promoted on every channel and they can't get
10 people in every movie theater.
They got eight people in the average movie theater with all that promotion
because people don't buy it.
People don't want it.
But it's force-fed.
So that's a microcosm of what we're dealing with.
And that's why they force idiocy.
That's why they force oxymoronic garbage with no logic that's not common sense.
In wrestling, and in cycling, and in swimming, and in basketball, and every other great sport.
Where people go to learn to compete and empower themselves, they go, and you're a girl that's in the finals, and you've already beaten over 100 other girls, and you're 15 years old, and you're at the state finals, and you walk out there for your wrestling match, and there's a biological male who breaks your arm.
And they sit there and laugh because they want to sell absurdity to see what they can get away with.
And of course, it's Connecticut.
So liberal.
So loving.
So trendy.
Oh, we're going to let guys play basketball against girls.
We're going to let guys be in the boxing classes.
We're going to let guys go in their showers.
Because if we can do that, we can do anything.
There's thousands of cases you see in the news every few days, but remember the one a few months ago where a convicted pedophile at an Asian spa A South Korean spa where women go with their mothers, their grandmothers, their kids, and they go get their facials, and they work out, and they go get in hot tubs, and they steam, and a dude comes in and starts jacking off right in front of them.
And the news is like, well, he's a woman.
He's allowed to.
Again, it's all about what can they get away with.
Court rules against biological females over Connecticut transgender athlete policy.
A three-judge appellate panel, same one that let the fraudulent trials against me go forward, on Friday dismissed a challenge to Connecticut's transgender athlete policy after a group of biological females said it was unfair that they have to race against biological males who identify as female.
In the decision of the 2nd U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, upheld a lower court judge's dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the policy brought by four female runners opposing letting transgender athletes compete in high school sports from swimming to track to basketball.
According to the judges, the girls lacked standing to sue, saying the fact that they were denied scholarships for biological males, speculative.
How's that empowering women and our daughters to not let them get scholarships so some dude that went and beat them up gets it?
Here's another one.
Oh, it's not just the race for brain implants with old Elon Musk hanging out with Jared Kushner over at the World Cup.
Gates and Bezos invest in Australian designed brain implant.
Billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are betting on a New York-based Synchron to answer to Elon Musk's Neuralink.
But they're carrying it out in Australia.
Founded by Australian professors Tom Oxley and Nick Opie, the company on December 16th announced it had a $110 million signing, see funding round, including Bezos and Gates for their brain chip.
And who are they tapping to be the World Health Organization's Chief Scientist?
The lead UK lockdown advisor, Jeremy Farrer, who promoted all the lies.
He's being promoted right to the top for a job well done.
Well, I hope with a collapsed society, you have some place to spend your money, idiot.
And then this report, and a lot more when we come back.
Electric car charging twice as expensive as gas.
In studies around the world, including Norway.
Because it's not meant to replace the cars.
It's meant to ban the cars that work and give you cars that don't to end the average person having a car.
I've been saying that for years, but now Klaus Schwab said last week, we are getting rid of personal cars.
We have decided no more cars for you.
And if you roll over, you deserve what you get.
We'll be right back.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show Sunday edition.
I have Owen Schroer taking over here in about 13 minutes with Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
All right, I want to talk about, before I hit this final news, what they don't want.
The power structure doesn't want independent media when they stage terror attacks, or they lie about WMDs, or they stage a mass shooting, or whatever it is they do.
They don't want somebody watching and calling them out when it happens that changes the narrative.
They want narrative control for the general public.
Now I've studied 9-11 that happened 20 plus years ago, probably more than anybody out there, other than those that did it.
We're not saying radical Islam doesn't exist.
We're not saying that Bin Laden wasn't a real person.
We're saying there were criminal elements in our government, aiding and abetting at many levels, and that the Chanksville plane was shot down, and that there was a plane that they were trying to send to the Capitol, and that the witnesses all saw a cruise missile hit the Pentagon in no wreckage.
And even CNN reported that.
But see, they can easily cover that up if nobody's calling it out.
They can sweep it under the rug like that day, that afternoon.
I've been on air since it happened early in the morning.
I want a pizza.
It was a pizza place like two miles from my house.
I got in the car and I drove to the pizza place to pick the pizza up by order.
And I listened to CBS Radio back when they still had CBS Radio.
It went away like a year later.
And they said the decision's been made to blow up with a controlled demolition, Building 7, And they're going to blow it up in five minutes.
So I go back on air and I go, well I heard them on air say they're going to blow up Building 7.
And back then they didn't web archive stuff.
And I said that, people thought I was crazy.
But years later they released CNN, BBC, NPR, CBS Newscast saying, we've blown up Building 7 to protect the other buildings.
And they call it a conspiracy theory.
But we have the clips now.
You can find those clips.
They don't want that to exist.
They want to be able to gaslight you for whatever really happened on 9-11 so you never ask those questions.
So here's a clip from the past with the CNN reporter saying he saw no plane hit the building.
Here it is.
CNN's military affairs correspondent, Jamie McIntyre.
Jamie, you got very close to where that plane went down.
That's right, Judy.
A while ago, I walked right up to next to the building.
Firefighters were still trying to put out the blaze.
The fire, by the way, is still burning in some parts of the Pentagon.
And I took a look at the huge gaping hole that's in the sideway.
But from my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in and as I said the only pieces left
that you can see are small enough that you could pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing.
Nothing in a plane.
Nothing to indicate a plane hit.
Now, do we know exactly what happened?
But we know we're being lied to.
I can show you ten clips.
BBC had five of them saying, yeah, they're blowing the building up.
I talked to cops who weren't involved.
The media spun it like, Jones says cops blew it up.
No, they were there and heard the ten-second countdown by the Red Cross.
Yeah, the Red Cross.
That's CIA front group.
So, ladies and gentlemen, This is what we're talking about.
And that's why they don't want us on air, so they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and we won't have memories and be able to call it up when Biden said, when I get elected, surge the border, we're getting rid of the U.S.
Now he's like, I'm controlling the border.
The border is just fine.
There's not an emergency.
We're just going to legalize everybody.
We have him saying he broke it.
They don't want that clip scene that we played it Friday.
See if we can find it.
So that's what they hate about this show, is that we're reminding people that have forgotten and got caught up in what's going on what was said a few years before.
Here's a clip of Biden.
I'm proud to have served with him.
What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
But they said last week the border's controlled and he did not say come here.
But you saw it.
See, they don't want us here to call them out.
That's all we do.
We're not heroic.
We're just like you.
We're sick of lies.
But we're working for you.
We belong to you.
We are fighting for you because we have similar interests.
We care about justice and freedom.
That's why you've got to take the live show links tonight on your email and your text message.
Why you've got to tell random people to tune in to InfoWars.com because they don't let it be promoted anywhere online.
You've got to go to the site.
And tell others, when you tell them to go to the site, that they should tell others to go to the site and tell them to go to the site.
That's how we get around the censorship.
That's how we don't give up.
That's how we win.
And we're so close.
They have grand juries open to indict the U.N.
with the open borders in Texas.
And grand juries in Florida for the poison shots.
And the world's waking up.
We're kicking their ass!
But with our hands tied behind our backs, we can do so much more together.
Now look at this out of Norway, and it's the same here in the studies.
It takes four times the carbon to make an electric car on average.
On average, the electric car does not start using less carbon until 60,000 miles.
But it doesn't matter because carbon's good and makes the atmosphere.
But it's twice as expensive now.
And in places like California, they're saying, don't charge your car today, there's not enough power.
They're not getting rid of gas cars to replace them.
They're getting rid of all the cars for the general public.
As Klaus Schwab said two weeks ago, we're getting rid of private ownership of cars.
You'll own nothing and you'll like it.
Remember that?
Electric car charging twice as expensive as gas in Norway.
Story by Kit Daniels on Infowars.com.
Electric car charging is costing drivers twice as much as gasoline fill-up in Norway due to local government.
And it just goes on from there.
It's a scam.
We've got this article by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.
Leftists aren't capable of surviving economic collapse.
Here's why.
And it goes over in a big, thick article how statistically the average leftist is in debt.
Lives in a high-rise apartment.
Doesn't know how to grow vegetables.
Doesn't know how to fight.
Has no skills.
Has a workless college degree.
And doesn't know what planet they're on!
And believes men can compete in women's sports.
Because they're the brainwashed cult members.
They're the fallen.
We don't hate them.
They're the ones that were weak.
That were susceptible.
But we can't sit there and look at those that fell to the propaganda.
We've got to be the leaders at the city councils and the school boards.
They hate you going to those and speaking.
Those videos go viral.
Whether you reach a thousand or ten million, do it!
You're the leaders.
You are the people that have to take action or we have no hope.
And then I end with this.
I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central Owens about to take over.
I didn't hit the Twitter files and all that, but I will.
Okay, yeah, Twitter's an FBI subsidiary.
We already know that.
So are the other big tech.
The government is illegal.
The government's hijacked.
The government's compromised.
The government's run by New World Order operatives.
And Kissinger comes out and says, we're gonna have nuclear war if the peace deal isn't reached.
This has escalated too far.
Because it has.
And even the media criticizes him and says, no!
We need nuclear war!
As the U.S.
sends infantry unit to the border with Russia.
Sunday live, ladies and gentlemen.
Nuclear war imminent.
Lawrence Kissinger, peace not reached.
That's the reality.
And this is, I mentioned it, here it is.
The Twitter files, part six.
Twitter, the FBI subsidiary.
Big, giant, 30-page article.
With the FBI running Twitter and suppressing people and bullying people illegally.
The government interfaces with corporations to silence the people.
Huge victory is coming out.
Social media coordinated between DOG and FBI is not limited to Twitter, Devin Nunes warns.
Of course it's not.
This is a coup, an information war.
EU threatens to sanction Musk's Twitter over temporary suspension of establishment media journalists.
And then Musk comes out and says, well, Yeah, they doxed my son.
Yeah, they harassed me.
Yeah, they came after me.
Yeah, that's a bannable offense.
It's not free speech, it's harassment.
But since the people voted to reinstate him, I'm gonna reinstate him, okay?
But you don't reinstate me, because you know I'm exposing the whole agenda.
Trump vows to ban feds from targeting misinformation of elected.
But you didn't do it when you were in there, Trump.
Two-thirds of voters believe social media engaged in politically motivated censorship.
They believe two-thirds?
It's all admitted!
They demand Congress take action.
Another great article from Zero Hedge.
The Tea Party, 15 years later.
As negative as this all is, we can track back the origins of Infowars and Ron Paul and more to the whole resistance, not just here in America, but worldwide.
We are spearheading that operation and I know people don't You know, take things for what they're worth when it's right in front of them.
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Owen Schroeder takes over in two minutes.
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