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Name: 20221215_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 15, 2022
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including cruise missile attacks inside Russia, potential escalation in war due to attacks on Poland, sexualization and mutilation of children by the Democratic Party, persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, conquest of Constantinople 500 years ago, Elon Musk being stalked by Antifa members, predictions about a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, criticism of the healthcare system in America, a Wellness Company as an alternative healthcare system for COVID and post-COVID world, leftist populations' increased debt, depression, and crime rates compared to conservatives or Christians, Planned Parenthood's foundation and its connection with the Rockefellers, Adolf Hitler, and British intelligence, financial incentives in the medical system for performing transgender operations on young people, eugenics and sterilization practices targeting children, slippery slope of gender identity issues leading to more extreme ideologies, InfoWars MD products offering up to 50% off top national brands under the InfoWars label, support for InfoWars keeping it on air, amping up military tensions between Russia and Ukraine, seizure of assets of the Russian Orthodox Church by Ukraine's government, general deaths worldwide during the pandemic, urging listeners to warn others against taking forced shots while supporting Republicans in Congress to stop providing deadly shots to military personnel, ongoing efforts to bring those responsible for promoting COVID-19 vaccines to justice through Nuremberg trials, encouraging listeners to support InfoWars financially via their website InfowareStore.com, climate lockdowns, Moroccan soccer fans' unrest, enforcement of COVID and climate lockdown measures, mainstream media denial of the existence of climate lockdowns, a poll conducted by electricity company EDF which found that nearly 40% of respondents across 30 countries on five continents believe that climate change is natural rather than man-made, cost-of-living crisis caused by higher energy bills due to net zero policies, and proposed climate reparations for third world countries.

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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We're returning you now to your regularly scheduled program.
Well, the Pentagon has publicly greenlit the cruise missile attacks inside Russia that have been going on for a week
and a half.
We can see a Russian tank, we can see a Russian APC, we can see a Russian missile get launched, and that information gets fed to the Ukrainians, and they could actually act on it almost immediately, which is something I think the Russians never contemplated.
Well, if Putin didn't contemplate that and his intelligence services didn't contemplate that, they're idiots.
Because I knew it, and I told you that.
Oh, the spin is, when the Russians fire a missile, we give them a lifetime.
Like when Ukraine fired those missiles into Poland to blame it on Putin and try to get a nuclear war going?
A month ago?
This is a very dramatic potential escalation obviously because Poland is a NATO country.
There were ongoing cruise missile attacks being carried out in the west of Ukraine close to I'm not pro-Russia.
I'm pro-non-nuclear war.
Shall we play a game?
these projectiles landed on Polish territory.
It is conceivable that they are Russian missiles.
I'm not pro-Russia.
I'm pro-non-nuclear war.
Shall we play a game?
How about global thermonuclear war?
And Russia's got its problems and has committed its crimes.
But compared to the New World Order, they are amateurs, ladies and gentlemen.
But they've got a giant nuclear weapons arsenal.
They're being pushed into a corner, and now Putin's threatening nuclear war.
Russia might as well be fighting Martians right now.
The technology's 30, 40 years in advance.
Can Russia deploy tens of thousands of one-man team launched?
One guy can put two switchblades on his back, and those switchblades can go out and take out multiple Russian vehicles.
Over-the-top dangerous.
The Pentagon is greenlit.
You've been seeing for two weeks, or 12 days, almost two weeks, daily cruise missile attacks into Russia.
Blowing up military bases.
So Putin goes, OK, I may do a first strike with nukes.
I said I wouldn't, but now I may.
I mean, this is just huge.
And now we have strikes at at least three bases inside of Russia.
And for him, that is very worrying because now he knows that Ukraine could hit.
I mean, we're talking about very close to Moscow, right?
This is the center of the Kremlin and the center of Russian economy and power.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the year 2022, and everything else, quite frankly, pales in significance.
Now, now, why has war already started and why is more war coming?
Because they're at the end of a currency bubble.
They need a big global emergency to be able to basically make us forget that this is a giant Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff and FTX and the tulip mania that, you know, happened hundreds of years ago, pale in significance.
Do you hate America?
You know, in fact, knowing many inmates, I figure out we're sharing way more common.
Maybe America is Very much similar.
Look, it's the same size.
They have a... It's the same kind of this.
And when you talk to them, there is nothing there even to biff about.
We are naturally, you know, born not to be enemies.
And whenever there's conflict, it's elites.
You know, every, you know, American I met in the prison, who is from rural area, was very easy to deal with.
He has no problem with Russia, and he was curious about Russia, despite all propaganda.
They're losing their Christian values.
They're losing their families.
They're losing, literally, their countries.
You'll be laying in your bed one night, we're gonna be driving down the highway after work, and there'll be big flashes, you see, and then 10 seconds later your car's gonna be overturned, probably on fire, and then life as you know it's over.
You won't get back to your family.
There'll be mass starvation and death, and there'll be a new, literal Dark Age, with enough dust in the atmosphere to cause a mini Ice Age, and they estimate 7 billion people will die in a nuclear war.
There'll be maybe 500 million left, which is what these death cult people fetish all day long.
Alright, we're kicking off the mainline Thursday broadcast.
Stay with us.
It's Thursday, December 15th.
The year is 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored that you have joined us here today.
Alright, we've got a very special guest, a lawyer that's gotten a whole bunch of whistleblowers, including Dr. Huff.
Who's the head scientist at EcoHealth Alliance to go public and expose the origins of COVID-19 and the fact that it's the UN global government plan to take over society, bring in a cashless society and more.
That's in the third hour, but I'm not going to get into COVID and the huge developments, the minute to minute developments until he's with us in the third hour.
We've been doing a lot of coverage on that, but it is central and important.
In the first two hours before he joins us, I want to open the phones up and take a ton of your calls on any subject, anything you want to raise.
I love...
The wild card, random nature of it, and so many interesting points get brought up.
I'd obviously like you to call in, as well if you'd like, on some of the topics I'm going to raise, things that I think are important, but I'd really just relish some of the amazing calls we have.
All the calls are good, but some are just over-the-top amazing, and so we're going to have open phones throughout the broadcast here today.
Let me tell you what we got on the plate.
To say the Democratic Party, along with other globalists around the world, Have a central tenet of sexualization and mutilation and targeting of children for destruction is an understatement.
But man, they've had some congressional hearings.
I've got like 15 clips here.
I don't know how I'm going to get to them all.
But they are insane.
Pedophiles are good people.
We shouldn't call them pedophiles just because they want to have sex with children.
This is their coming out.
They need to have access to your children.
Maybe your children want to have sex with them.
I mean, it is just...
Even unbelievable for me how much they're trying to normalize it quickly because they know at some point the Jeffrey Epstein list, another list of pedophiles and governments coming out.
So this is a desperate Desperate desensitization operation by this cult.
And I want to hit that first here coming up, starting at the next segment and then going to your calls.
They didn't just outlaw the oldest and arguably the largest, it's definitely the second largest church in Ukraine.
That's the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that started Russia.
It was Orthodox Christians led by, translates out to Slav the Wise a thousand years ago.
that held back the Huns and then the Muslims and the rest of them, and so Russian cultures founded in Ukraine.
They have not just now banned those churches, they are now seizing the churches and their bank accounts and the
property of those convents and monasteries.
Just we have video of the military storming them, arresting the priest.
I mean, this is just next level persecution on any scale.
This is Al Qaeda type stuff.
I mean, this is just really, really, really Really bad.
When Mamet the Conqueror took over Constantinople 500-something years ago and turned it into Istanbul, he didn't kill the Orthodox priests and people because they had respect for them.
They didn't arrest them.
That's going on today by the so-called Ukrainian Government it just over the top criminal also over the top criminal, you know, they're getting rid of title 42 That basically creates a totally open border.
Senator Josh Hawley has said Biden doesn't want a border.
That's true We have that this as share of Americans living paycheck to paycheck rises to 63% of homes.
Here's how I That's going to basically play out.
I'm going to be laying that out.
Elon Musk being stalked by Antifa type folks that have been stalking his young son and jumping on the hood of the car.
Elon stood up to the reported man that was doing it and the left is saying this is a thought crime of the highest proportions that Elon is doing this.
That's amazing.
So we're going to be getting into all of that.
We also have son of Pelosi's alleged attacker, Damon DePape, saying that his dad's a liberal and that his dad would never do this and that he believes his dad was lured to the house and was being held as a sex slave.
And now we know that they're admitting Pelosi let the quote man in at his back door.
So God knows if he was a, for all we know, he could have been an Uber or something or Uber Eats delivery driver.
Definitely a cover up going on there.
That's downbreaking.
Son of Pelosi's alleged attacker has broken his silence.
And to believe that Democrats have sex slaves, that's like believing that bears live in the woods and fish swim in the sea and birds fly in the air and that Well, the Democratic Party are perverts.
So we're going to be breaking all of that down here today.
And I meant to get to this yesterday.
I knew about it three days ago.
But it really is important.
So at some point, I'm going to air about a six minute clip with Tulsi Gabbards on her show with Tucker Carlson on the broadcast.
I think I'm going to get Tucker on my show.
He's been on a few times.
Time to try to get Tucker back on.
And he talked about his dad.
Uh, who obviously wasn't just the head of Voice of America, but did a lot of other stuff.
And how the government knows who he is, and how he was secretly listed as a Russian asset to be harassed.
And, uh, bad things happened to him.
He got really pissed off.
And it just shows what they've done to a lot of people.
They've done this to me.
Saying that I must be a Russian agent so I deserved all the disinformation attacks on us.
No, it's the globalists that are destroying America.
They're the anti-Americans.
That's all going to be coming up today as well and so much more.
Crime is exploding.
There's just all of this intense insanity.
There are now caravans of 14,000 people a day slamming into just one South Texas town I mean, can you imagine what this is like?
We've got videos of that, and this country is being dissolved.
This nation is being completely destroyed from within, and the globalists are just getting started.
Obviously, they stole the election.
All the polls show the American people are against this, and by the time we wake up to that, I really am concerned that it's going to be too late.
But regardless, We're going to continue fighting on, knowing that submission and rolling over only make things worse, and God's watching.
It's about what we do, not even the outcome.
It's about us doing the right thing.
That's what Life on this Planet is about, is that big test that God gives us.
Now, that said, InfoWars is treading water.
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[Outro Music]
Your children are mine.
It's just a matter of time.
And I'm not just gonna rape them.
We're gonna cut off the breasts.
We're gonna cut off the balls.
We're gonna kill, kill, kill them when they're small.
Too many people Alright, let's get serious here
(upbeat music)
Dehumanization, sterilization, death is the goal.
And the trans movement targeting children, taking away the parental rights, putting them on a fast track to be chemically or physically sterilized, surgically, is next-level pedophilia.
It's actually destroying their future, stealing their fertility, stunning their growth, giving them all sorts of serious health problems.
This is the weaponization of the medical system.
It's all directed the same whether you're in Australia or Germany or the United States or Canada.
You're not taught reading, writing, and arithmetic.
You're taught how to take poison shots.
You're taught how to wear a mask.
And you're taught by these organizations flooding the schools with pedophilic literature and all the rest of it that your kindergarteners told they're going to be a different body.
They're really a boy or they're really a girl.
It is psychological warfare of the next level and we just sit here and put up with it when parents go and protest at the school boards while the FBI is called.
Why, that's terrorist!
So here's Joe Biden saying anyone who criticizes surgeries that are performed on children Is anti-semitic, racist, homophobic.
It's all connected.
Yeah, anybody that doesn't go along with your pro-death agenda is anti-semitic.
Okay, so if I don't let the evil, sick Department of Education run with the Carnegie Endowment and the CIA, literally, sterilize the children, then I'm bad.
Here it is.
Excuse me.
Because they support LGBTQ children and families, we have to speak out.
We must stop the hate and violence like we just saw in Colorado Springs, where a place of acceptance and celebration was targeted for violence and terror.
We need a challenge.
The hundreds of callous, cynical laws introduced in the states targeting transgender children, terrifying families, and criminalizing doctors who give children the care they need.
We have to protect these children so they know they're loved and we will stand up for them and say I can seek for
Racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, they're all connected.
But the antidote to hate is love.
This law and the love it defends strike a blow against hate in all its forms.
And that's why this law matters to every single American, no matter who you are or who you love.
This shouldn't be about conservative or liberal, red or blue.
No, this is about realizing the promise of the Declaration of Independence, a promise rooted in the sacred and secular beliefs, a promise that we're all created equal.
Well, he could actually talk a little bit there because he gets so excited when talking about children.
His daughter said she had sex with him in the shower.
But that's okay.
That's love, right?
A celebration.
Let us have access to your children.
Let us unannounced have a drag queen pet pedo time at your public school or library.
Let us give your children books showing them children having sex with adults.
Or you're not loving.
You're not good.
Turns out the guy that shot up the bar And it's no longer just a gay bar.
It had, you know, weird stuff going on with kids there that shot up the sex pervert center.
I'm not glad they got shot up, but it should be investigated.
All of this should be.
Was an ISIS sympathizer who'd been a leftist.
So, again, oh, let us have access to your kids, and if you don't let us, why you're causing violence against us.
And that's what they say in these congressional hearings that go on and on and on, saying you can't call people pedos, that's a mean term, just because they want to have Access to your children.
And even if they don't want to have sex with them, they want to screw them up and tell them they're something else, and make them obsess on becoming a boy when they're a girl, or a girl when they're a boy.
Or vice versa.
Absolutely evil and we know what it is.
It's the transhumanist agenda to get us ready for microchips and human animal clones and all this stuff being rolled out and they take little children to the quote gay pride parades that are now nothing but giant pedophilic sexual baptisms of the children into a totally destructive lifestyle and then all these leftists adopt children now or have children And you'll see statistically in areas like Seattle and other areas, a third of the children are transgender.
In a decade?
Oh, you're all transgender now!
And the parents like it's an attention getter.
Though, oh yes, our daughter at two knew she was a boy, or our son at three knew he was a girl, and now you've got the head of Planned Parenthood saying, no, in congressional testimony last month, children know when they're born, and only the special high priest of transgenderism can come in and say, this is really a girl, or this is really a boy, and then they start that in the file that follows your child, so they're targeted, put in special classes, Cut out from the rest of the kids and destroy it.
I had a member of parliament on who's actually a liberal, like a decade ago, talking about in England that is the most advanced in this evil.
That in England, over half the kids that they are sterilizing are autistic or mentally retarded.
So really, you see, they're doing us a favor.
They're getting rid of the infirm.
But if you sterilize people like eugenics did in this country, in the UK and Germany, By the millions before World War II, the U.S.
and England let it.
Hitler learned all he knew from us from the health department set up about 120 years ago in New York and other major cities.
Those health departments would go out and grab people who had B-pluses but were from single-parent homes.
If you had a B-plus, there's even PBS documentaries back when they thought something like this was wrong in the 80s and 90s about the last state to even stop doing this in the mid-80s was what?
Washington State and Oregon.
Until the 80s, they were still grabbing 12, 13-year-old boys and girls, black, white, you name it, but poor, and taking them and not just snipping their tubes, not just giving them vasectomies, but with girls, removing their uteruses.
And boy, they do it sloppily too.
It's in the back of a clinic at the health department.
Imagine the sick freaks that like doing that.
Because they see us as stray dogs or stray cats.
While they bring in the low-educated, half-starved-to-death third-world populations that they've cut the food off, they then flood us with those folks while they bombard who's already in the country with sterilization.
This is all eugenics, repackaged, and you've got an army of pedophiles that want access to kids, but those above them just want to sterilize them and have total control over our bodies.
And just like the poison shots are a crime against humanity and violate the Nuremberg Code, all of this is flagrant, giant, massive crimes happening out in the open, hiding behind their medical badges.
The worst tyranny in the Soviet Union first came from the medical doctors and psychiatry.
The worst tyranny in Germany first started from the medical doctors and psychiatry.
It's in the textbooks.
It's in the history.
And they're doing it again.
They're taking people's kids in Brazil, the leftists, who were part of the protest saying it's mentally ill to protest Lula.
They're saying if you don't take your shots, you're mentally ill and causing more car wrecks.
It's all made up criminal crap by this death cult!
So we have international statistics from around the world of leftist populations.
They are the most alone.
They are the most in debt.
They are the most depressed.
They statistically rob and steal seven to nine times more often.
They give the lowest levels of charity.
But they virtue signal many, many times more than conservatives or Christians that they are giving to charity.
They're idiots.
And I don't look at these masses of dumbed-down schmucks and feel superior.
Oh look, they're a bunch of idiots and I'm not.
I feel horrible because they've been organized into giant zombie-like mobs of evil.
Ladies and gentlemen, you know Planned Parenthood was set up by the Rockefellers and helped set up Adolf Hitler on record.
That came out in the Nuremberg trials.
You know Planned Parenthood's job was set up to kill mainly black people.
That's in their founding documents and charter.
That's mainline news.
Look it up.
You know that they are set up with British intelligence who first hatched the plan in the 60s The Tabastock Institute to sell sterilizing children as a cool thing by taking away parental consent and tricking the children to think it's fun to be sterilized, that you become a superhero.
It's like, oh, take the COVID shot.
You'll become a superhero.
Remember all those ads?
So now they brag.
That just in the first year of a transgender operation on a girl, just getting them into the system at age 7, starting puberty blockers and the counseling, they make $20,000 because there's government funding, state and federal and corporate.
And they estimate that by the time that person graduates high school and has either been chemically or medically, surgically transitioned into a eunuch, they're not really a man now, they're not really a woman now, they're a eunuch, that they will make, wait for it, over half a million
dollars on that person.
Remember it's a $51,000 bounty to incubate, intubate, not incubate, not putting an egg in an incubator,
to intubate somebody and even more if they die.
So, these are bounties in the medical system, and most medical systems won't be part of it, but they're all going to be phased out, because they can't compete with all the money that the big medical centers and systems get.
Whether you're in Australia, or whether you're in France, or whether you're in Canada, or whether you're in the U.S., or whether you're in Austin, Texas, or New York City, it is the same global policies that are setting and directing this.
The same brochures.
The same language.
A different name on the brochure, a different foundation, a different government agency, but it's all centralized.
And it wants to convince little girls to have their breasts cut off.
Lena Jolie pushes it for the UN.
And to have little boys' testicles and penises cut off.
And then when they complain later and say, I didn't want this to happen, I'm 15 now, and they cut it off when I was 11, I can never get it back, I'm suing, they say, sorry.
We're passing indemnity and liability protection.
You really are a girl.
Sorry we cut your penis off and threw it in a trash bag.
Imagine ten years ago if you'd hear the occasional story of a crazy psycho that would kidnap a kid and cut their genitals off or a crazy dad or mom would do it and they'd give them the death penalty.
And we see all these cases around the world, from Brazil to the United States, where particularly lesbian couples, and I'm not saying all lesbians are bad people, I'm saying that's the statistics, adopt little boys and then start torturing them to death before they cut their genitals off and slit their throats.
And every time I talk about that on the Media Matters article, Jones claims lesbians are doing this!
You can go pull it all up!
But hell, You know why?
One of our reporters a few years ago quit working here.
It's because they couldn't work here anymore and be around us anymore.
And it was because their sister, I'm not going to say it's a man or woman, their sister's a nurse in Houston.
And over and over and over again, and by the way, her sister was a liberal.
Over and over again, I said I wouldn't say the sex, Came to them and lesbian couples would demand that they set up a surgery to cut their three, four, five, and six-year-olds penises and testicles off.
Look, I don't blame people not being able to handle this and fight this and deal with this and have to just leave the big city and go move to a small town somewhere.
Sounds great.
But they're gonna come get us in our small towns.
They're never going to go away until we stand up to this.
So I said I have 15 clips.
I do.
He'll take the next hour to actually get to them all, so I can't play them all, but that's just what they're currently doing.
I got Naval Noah Harari talking about how they're gonna take our bodies over and force us to take chips under our skin under the new COVID surveillance system.
We already knew that, but this is the WEF officially pushing this.
These are the bad guys.
They're evil, death cult, eugenicists, Nazi 2.0.
And that's the stuff Hitler pushed.
And that's why it's so shameful for anybody that supports or pushes Hitler.
Hitler was not the opposition to this.
Hitler was what they call an aberration or a bad son.
You know, in trees, like oak trees or any other tree, they drop their seeds.
And a lot of little trees grow up every year.
And in gardening, or in arbory, that's called getting rid of the bad suns.
And they are literally coming after our children with eugenics, with sterilization, with living death.
And they're making unbelievable amounts of money on it in the process and we just sit here and we put up with it.
Damn us to hell if we act like that and if we let this happen.
This is the line in the sand.
Here's a clip from Vanderbilt with their head of their medical operation bragging about the good news to the alumni and to the investors that we're making a lot of money cutting little girls Breast off and you're like, well that's a college, that's adults.
No, no, no, no.
It's their medical center.
It's their medical center.
Girls as young as 10 having their breasts removed, their uteruses removed.
You like that?
And the same people now say, hey, we're going to do it to newborns.
These should be debates about should you choose the sex of a baby or designer kids in the future.
Well this isn't just designer kids, this is taking them and chopping them up when they never had a choice to do it.
If you're 18 years old and you want to go have your testicles and your stuff cut off, you want to have your uterus cut off, you want to have your breast cut off, I think your friends and others should intervene, you should get some mental help, but if you Are not?
I think you are mentally ill, but if you want to do it, you've got a right to do it.
People can commit suicide if they want.
Shouldn't be the government forcing it.
Shouldn't be pressured euthanasia.
That's where we're already at.
And so again, this is just all death, all destruction, all evil.
We're going to go to break.
Long segment coming up.
I'm going to play the Vanderbilt clip and then all these new clips where they're in Congress saying, yeah, of course, pedo's no big deal.
Yeah, we got to be nice.
The pedos are good people.
So they want to grab your kid out of the backyard and rape him in a van.
Big deal.
I mean, kid, huh?
In fact, here's part of the Vanderbilt clip right now as we go to break.
On January 1st of 2017, according to the Affordable Care Act, insurance carriers are mandated to cover medical expenses for trans folks.
Some of our BUMC financial folks in October of 2016, so already a couple years ago, The cost of how much money you think each patient would bring in, and this is only including top surgery, this doesn't include any bottom surgery, and it's a lot of money.
These surgeries make a lot of money.
So, female to male chest reconstruction can bring in $40,000.
A patient just gotten routine hormone treatment, who I'm only seeing a few times a year, can bring in several thousand dollars.
That requires a lot of visits and labs.
It actually makes money for the hospital.
Let's stop right there.
Everybody knows the clip.
But $40,000 to cut a woman's breast off.
You go to a plastic surgeon, they do it for $5,000.
But see, it's, oh, you're now a male, so it's more.
It's all rolled out with superbly executed psychological warfare.
Just like you put the frog in the pot of cold water, slowly turn the heat up, and they will sit there until they die.
You throw a frog into boiling hot water, it jumps right out.
But it was at first, oh, let's just be nice to gay people.
Oh, let's just allow gay marriage.
Come on, let's be friendly.
Let's show we're open.
Hey, let us teach your kids about tolerance.
Hey, let us talk to your child about maybe they're a different sex.
Let's sign them up with the local Planned Parenthood or other organization to take control of their reproductive future and to make sure they don't have children.
Let's make it popular and cool.
Just to sterilize them.
And so you had Caitlyn Jenner and all these people in the last decade as heroes, as stunning and brave, that all just cranked up in the last decade.
And well, okay, he's a famous Olympian.
He wants to be a woman.
You know what?
Stunning and brave.
We're not against you.
A rich man wants to say he's a woman and put lipstick on and do his hair.
I don't want to hurt that guy.
I don't hate that guy.
I'm not his enemy.
Just don't.
Get around children.
And now Caitlyn Jenner agrees with that.
But Bruce Jenner was only used to get us to accept that, so we would accept the next increment, and the next increment, and the next increment, and the next increment.
The most conservative societies come out of times of incredible decadence and the people that establish those societies don't establish them because they haven't seen it or done it or been around the block a hundred times.
They know how incredibly destructive it is and how it's a slippery slope.
And now we're here and it's being done by design by big corporations to get us into artificial wombs, make all women have cesareans.
Make humans being biologically independent obsolete.
That's their admitted holy grail.
That's not our opinion.
And so you see the head of the Young Turks saying he believes that bestiality is a good thing.
And that he would like to, you know, pleasure animals.
If he was the dictator of the world, he would pass a law that he would, you know, have a special bureau that oversaw the animals and made sure that it was only giving the donkeys and the horses and the cats and the dogs pleasure.
By the way, if you're a new listener, I'm not joking about that.
And you ask yourself, well, why is he saying that?
Because that's what's encouraged.
If you'll accept a creepy dude on TV talking about pleasuring donkeys or sheep and getting really excited about it, you will accept anything.
So now they're in Congress saying, well, of course we've got to be nice to people that are minor attractive persons.
Don't call them pedos.
That's a new hate word.
And groomers, don't call it that, because that's what they're doing is they're grooming it.
And you look at Hollywood, something like 20% of the super couples, they're boys or girls, they're...
Girls are boys, and they think it's so cool and so avant-garde, and the Hollywood stars, you know, the new hot stars that are, you know, making money, why they dress up as women and walk down the red carpet, and it's so cool, it's so great, but all of our real rights are being taken.
We're being bathed in 5G.
We're being chemtrailed.
We're eating GMO food.
They're pushing poison shots on us.
But don't worry, we're free, because we'll pay for a 10-year-old to have their genitals cut off, or their breasts cut off.
And that's what they've done.
So let me give the number out for the next hour to take your calls on any subjects you want to raise.
Thursday open phones, first-time callers, long-time callers.
I want to hear from you all.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Now, we just called in the last few weeks.
Please don't call in, but if you haven't called in a while, love to hear from you as well.
Alex, that is coming up next hour.
But let me start getting these clips, because I mentioned them, and you just got to see these for yourself.
We just played Vanderbilt saying, yeah, we make 40 grand cutting little girls' breasts off at our hospital here.
Let's go ahead and play a clip.
Let's play somebody countering it.
This is an anti-woke immigrant mother, Ashira Nawani, calls out lepers to their faces at House Oversight Committee.
Let's play that.
Here it is.
So my name is Asra Nomani.
I came to the United States at the age of four.
I was an immigrant to the great state of New Jersey and I grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia, a mostly white state.
I was affirmed, I was supported, and I was able to grow up a girl who knew not a word of English when I arrived to become a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
I am sitting here before you today Apparently, the face of white supremacy.
I am wearing a shirt that my father made.
My father survived, literally, white supremacy in India.
My father is 5'3", because when he was a boy, the white supremacists that were the British rule in India Literally funneled food away from the people of India and my father starved.
And so he grew up to be a young man who came to the United States of America because he believed in the values and principles of this great nation.
My father made this shirt for me, inspired by the gown that Representative Ocasio-Cortez wore to the Met Gala.
And it says on here the names that we the parents of the United States of America have been called, including in the video that you featured, Chairman Raskin.
Things like domestic terrorist, white supremacist, QAnon moms.
What is it that we, the parents, have dared to stand up against in the United States of America over the last couple years?
It is a divisive ideology expressed through this book called Critical Race Theory.
It is a book that is taught in law schools, but it is translated into our school systems with books like this, Not My Idea, a book about whiteness.
The trickle-down effect of the demonization of any human being because of their race is books like this.
Where does this book take us as an idea?
It takes us to this very simple idea.
An idea that is a new hierarchy of human value.
There is no doubt that the hierarchy of human value that was about white supremacy is illegitimate.
Every single person is opposed to the idea of white supremacy.
But we cannot replace an old hierarchy of human value with a new hierarchy of human value that demonizes children with this book.
Whiteness is a bad deal.
Signing a contract with the devil.
What is the message in this?
The message is the shaming of human beings.
No child should be shamed.
And why is this a threat to our democracy?
Because we then have posters like this one in the Los Angeles school district.
What does it say?
F America.
With KKK replacing the C. Because the idea is that our nation has become a white supremacist nation.
And that is not true.
That is not the reality.
And we can see exhibited here today this poster also.
F the police.
This is an ideology that I call the woke army.
It is an ideology of activists who are going through America's school districts and our communities and what they are doing is a threat to democracy.
What is the greatest threat that our children face today?
It is the learning loss that has happened in our school districts.
The Department of Justice declares clearly The characteristics that lead any human being to extremism include having less education.
Chairman Raskin, I don't know if you know it, but the reading level in your school district, in Montgomery County schools, is at 32% of kids that are reading at grade level.
Math is at 30%.
Congresswoman Tlaib is here.
In Detroit, it's 18% and then 12% for math.
It is a failure.
This is a system failure.
White supremacy must be defeated, as must all extremism.
This is our mandate as adults for our children.
Our children are in a crisis today and the idea that we the parents are now the agents of white supremacy is unacceptable.
All of these books that I have here today are the indoctrination that are being put into the minds of our children instead of the fundamentals that are critical to make them educated, enlightened citizens that protect our democracy.
That is our greatest mandate.
And it goes on, the full video.
Is on Infowars.com, but the point is, she's acting like they don't know because she's not evil.
And she has all the other books pushing pedophilia and transgenderism and sterilization.
She goes over that.
She goes, don't you know this is happening?
Of course they know.
They're the ones that brought in all the new curriculum to dumb everybody down as part of their plan.
And we're exposing that plan here today.
These aren't liberals.
This is a transhumanist death cult.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Your phone calls.
I'm going to get to the really hardcore clips where they're promoting pedophilia in Congress and more.
Then we're going to go to your phone calls.
Hour number two starts right now.
To everybody you know, whether it's a local radio station or listening on the internet, you are the real power of this broadcast.
Share the links now.
Infowars.com/show and please shop at Infowarsstore.com.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Infowars and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The last economic reset occurred in 1944 with the creation of the Bretton Woods system.
The U.S.
dollar replaced the pound sterling as the new world reserve currency and was convertible to gold at a fixed rate of $35 an ounce.
Nations of the world entrusted the Federal Reserve Bank to hold their gold in return for market liquidity.
This trust was good up until President De Gaulle of France pointed out that the United States was printing more money than they had in gold reserves to pay for the war in Vietnam.
And in 1971, sent a warship to New York, demanding their gold back.
Days later, President Nixon took the world off the gold standard altogether, allowing the war machine to print endless amounts of U.S.
In 1974, the United States offers use of its war machine to Saudi Arabia in return for their oil to be sold exclusively with U.S.
This becomes known as the Petro dollar and ushers in a new era of endless warfare.
Andy Schechtman of Miles Franklin has been trading precious metals for over 30 years
and lays out the evidence that the world is going back to a gold standard.
In 2017, Germans Bundesbank made headlines when they demanded the return of their physical
gold by 2020.
Within weeks, the Bank of Austria, the Bank of Hungary, the Bank of Turkey, the Czech
National Bank and the Bank of Poland all quietly began repatriating their gold as well and
began buying more.
These banks bought more in 2018 than they had bought in the last 60 years combined, and they doubled that the next year.
In 2019, the Bank for International Settlements classifies gold as a Tier 1 reserve, rivaling the U.S.
dollar for the first time in 80 years.
In 2020, the International Monetary Fund publicly announces a shift towards a new system to replace Bretton Woods.
Also that year, a new major buyer suddenly appears, anonymously labeled as Other, and begins draining the Comex and London Metals Exchange of precious metals to an extent never seen before.
In August of 2021, Saudi Arabia signs a military cooperation agreement with Russia, directly challenging the U.S.
petrodollar agreement.
This is immediately followed by the U.S.
military's abrupt departure from Afghanistan.
In 2022, Russian banks were removed from the SWIFT system.
This weaponization of the banking system inspired a massive sell-off of U.S.
treasuries, as Russia and China announced a new commodity-backed World Reserve currency.
Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran begin selling oil to China for bonds that are immediately convertible to gold.
BRICS membership is now nearing 90% of the world population and all these countries are dramatically expanding their gold reserves.
China's Belt and Road Initiative is moving towards connecting nearly three quarters of the world population into its centralized system with the digital Chinese Yuan.
And the U.S.
government is left holding a bill they can't pay and a war machine they can't afford.
The U.S.
Mint is making it difficult for citizens to buy gold and silver, as if they want everyone at their mercy when it all goes to zero.
Their only solution seems to be total control.
This is at least one of the reasons why Elon's Twitter files are spread out like a Netflix series.
To keep Americans busy while their entire life savings are swiftly turned to zero.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, we got loaded phone lines, we've got massive coming out of the pitos, and what's really behind it, a scientific dictatorship, and the end of the human family as we know it.
It's all coming up straight ahead.
We can stop these monsters.
Alright, we're going to take your calls throughout this hour.
Please remember, the enemies of freedom are literally working around the clock trying to shut this operation down so they can silence you.
And they see this operation as one of the main Focal points of Global Awakening to the tyranny that is taking place and I am extremely honored to be in the position
That we're in of being seen as public enemy number one.
But more important than that is the mission continues.
Our important work continues.
And I have to explain to you again, just so you realize how important you are, that we are in your hands and you are in my hands.
We are in this together.
And I humbly request that you continue to commission us in the fight against the New World Order.
We have the information.
We have the courage to carry it out.
But we need the funds to be able to continue this entire operation.
So please go now.
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Let me finish up this segment with some of the congressional hearings about the violence and we can't let people criticize sterilizing children or taking kids away from their parents and you still live with your parents but the state now controls the cult you're in and puts you in the transgender cult and then starts you on puberty blockers that are so toxic and then finally starts cutting body parts off.
I mean it's just all peer pressure and they want to intimidate us to go along with it and just submit to it but we're not going to.
So let's go to some of these clips.
Here is one of the key clips here.
This is anti-LGBT violence at the hearing.
Misuse of the term groomer on social media is leading to violence here at us.
...receptive to that message, take it to heart, and it reinforces their prejudices.
In their minds, trans people either become victims to be saved from ourselves or villains to be punished.
One example of this inaction is the misuse of the term groomer.
Anti-LGBTQ activists have appropriated this terminology used by survivors of childhood sexual abuse and used it to slander LGBTQ people and our allies as predatory, harmful toward children.
In reality, trans people are significantly more likely to be the victims of sexual abuse than perpetrators of it.
And now, this misused terminology has become part of the political discourse around trans people, and is invoked as a reason to further restrict our rights in the name of protecting children.
Okay, that's enough.
I can't look at it anymore.
The point is, is that give us access to your children, let them brainwash them, or you're causing violence.
Absolutely insane.
It's hard to watch this stuff.
Representative Katie Porter, Democrat California, says that groomer and pedophile terms are bad and should be gotten rid of.
So they want to ban new words to describe what grooming of children is.
Here it is.
It's an allegation of groomer and pedophile.
It is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because
of their identity.
And pause, start it over.
Start it over at the start.
This is all about these systems coming into the schools of literature and their high priests
that dress like clowns, usually big, fat, giant men, saying, "Fat man dressed like a
clown is a woman."
So these killer clowns come in, and they want access to your children, and they're doing horrible things, and I've got a whole stack of news here with...
California schools putting on sex parties with kids at the schools.
I mean, it's just insane.
We all see what's going on.
We all know what's going on.
And they're saying, oh, you're being violent to trans people because you don't want them grooming kids.
No, we call groomers people that say, we're going to groom your children.
We're going to recruit your children.
We are grooming the next generation.
You know where people got the term groomer?
This show.
I'm credited by the enemy.
Of saying it's transhumanism and it's depopulation for 20 years.
And in the last decade, I played clip after clip here.
I'm not trying to get credit for no reason.
It's to know we're successful at telling the truth.
And I have countless clips, countless compilations that we've aired.
In fact, last time I checked, just the last two years, we got five compilations of the groomers.
And why do we call them groomers?
They go in Louisiana.
And Texas.
And New York.
And California.
We have all these clips.
And it's men dressed like clowns.
It's a cult.
And they say, we're here to groom the next generation.
Your children are ours.
We're going to get them.
The San Francisco LGBT Men's Choir.
All of it.
We're grooming your children, we're going to get them, we're going to take them to the homo parades, and we're going to sit there at the pedo parades, and we're going to sit there and dance around naked and piss on each other in front of two-year-olds.
I mean, I can show you all the footage, folks, but our TV stations that carry us will not allow it.
And I agree with them.
Adults should not be watching this on broadcast or cable TV.
But I can show you hours of men having sex and defecating on the ground and peeing on each other in front of little kids.
Hours of it, without even looking for it.
It's everywhere, as it's the best thing since sliced bread.
Children can be shown this, but it can't be on television.
I said I'd go to your calls, and I'm just ranting.
It's just a total misrepresentation of this.
This is pedophilic.
It is destroying children.
It's about dehumanization.
It's about sterilization, and they're not stopping.
Go ahead and play the club.
This allegation of groomer and pedophile, it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their identity.
Hey, pause it again.
Start the video again.
If someone comes up to your five-year-old daughter or son at the park and says they want to talk about their genitals, you call the police, that person's called a groomer, a pedo, a pervert.
That's who we're calling groomers.
The ADL, the Southern Primary Law Center, Planned Parenthood are all pushing programs to groom children in the schools and force it on them and force not sex education but literal sexualization of our little children.
That's what a groomer is, you disgusting, ugly witch.
Go ahead and play the clip.
This allegation of groomer and pedophile, it is alleging that a person This is a penal lobby.
somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their identity, their sexual orientation,
their gender identity.
So this is clearly prohibited under Twitter's content, yet you found hundreds of these posts
on the platform.
Your team filed complaints about these posts, correct?
And how often did Twitter act to take down these posts which violated its own content
Very rarely.
Alright, that's enough of this.
And by the way, I've got the name of the organization she's talking to here.
Their official mission is to reach out to children and unlock their LGBT trans system.
So, their whole thing is to reach out to elementary school kids, adults, about their sexual future.
That's called grooming.
You are groomers.
You are groomers.
The children don't belong to you, you disgusting people.
Your calls are coming up in a moment.
Remember the guy that looks like he's an alien from Mars Attacks?
Because that's what women look like.
They don't just steal women's identities, they then steal what a woman is.
Sam Brenton, who's now been indicted for stealing all this expensive luggage, Now been booked in, we've got his disguise off.
Now he's not trying to dress like a woman.
We've got his mug shot.
He was in charge of crafting model school policy, keeping parents in the dark about kids' gender changes.
And in fact, let's play clip one right now.
A witness at the House hearing on anti-LGBTQP violence, that's for pedophile, said that parents have no right to know, including their elementary students, if their children are going through sex changes at the age of consent.
But they want to lower the age of consent down to 10.
And that's what the non-profit is pushing.
But they're targeting elementary students, and it came out in California and other states to not tell parents when the elementary students are being indoctrinated.
This is beyond criminal.
Here's the clip.
We are constantly filing reports of abuse and neglect because of parents not seeing young people who they are.
It sounds like you're deflecting the question a little bit.
I understand cases of abuse.
There's laws to protect.
By the way, hit pause.
Back this up.
Yeah, it's abuse or neglect all over the world.
They take children from parents as young as five if they tell their five-year-old daughter or son, no, the school shouldn't tell you you're in other sex.
That's wrong.
Then they take the children from them.
This is a damn cult, people.
Start it over.
It sounds like you're deflecting the question a little bit.
I understand cases of abuse.
There's laws to protect the abuse.
I mean, schools actually are legally obligated to report cases of abuse, same for churches and the like, anyone who deals with young people.
Do parents have a right?
Should they be informed about what's going on?
Do they have a right to know what's going on in their kids' lives?
So I think, again...
Those of us who are protecting and supporting young people are there and trusted with the information of the things that they are.
They're there, they're trusted, the parents aren't.
She looks like the Prime Minister of New Zealand, doesn't she?
Just a rubber face, a demon up there, just arrogantly knowing she's got the full backing of the Fortune 500, the banks, the governments, the media, coming for your kids, coming for your medical freedom, coming for your bodies.
Here it is.
In terms of parents' rights to know at schools, I mean, here in Colorado, parents don't have the right.
If a young person is questioning their gender or their sexuality, there are laws in place that say that they have the right to process that with their trusted counselor and so forth.
So you do a significant amount of your work with kids even starting at age 13?
What would be the age of consent then in your mind?
In our community, the age of consent to mental health therapy is 12 years old.
So we have laws that enable young people to connect with trusted adults who can support them.
That is just so important.
It prevents suicide.
And so we serve young people at 13 because we know they come to us.
They're all freaks, folks.
They all got that same Jaws smile.
Sam, Brenton, all of them.
It's a clown cult.
They're not human anymore, folks.
They've given in to the dark side.
Unbelievably evil.
Absolutely disgusting.
All right, I'm going to start going to your phone calls.
I love your calls.
I'm going to give each person about two minutes because we've got to get to the next person.
I respect and appreciate you all.
We're going to go in the order they received.
Corey in Wyoming.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I wanted to propose the idea of information arts to you as a way to do some fundraising.
If you could do like a Bob Ross once a week painting and then kind of paste on undeniable facts into the art as well.
Do you like a 24 by 36?
Do like a Fauci, do a Klaus Schwab, just put all the quotes up there and do an Alex Jones original art painting with it and then sell it for a profit.
Don't pre-order it, just have a printer do a dropship for you so you're not holding on to inventory.
I one trillion percent agree.
I've been wanting for decades, and Bob Ross is exactly the model,
where I would sit there and talk for like five minutes in part of the time I'm painting,
and then also have that be a digital discussion about the piece of art,
and then maybe have each painting be one of 100, and then have 100 that are drop shipped from a printer.
You are, everybody's been requesting it, it's the way to go, and I totally agree with you.
Yes, not even original, just do reprints of it too, so everybody can have that piece of--
That's what I'm saying, is you'll have the original, and then like 100 prints,
and we have a new one every week, and everybody's been requesting it,
and it can fund the operation.
You are absolutely right, that is what I want to do next.
Thank you so much, because people, into the future, they can destroy all your digital work, but if we have these posters of undeniable truth on them into the future, even it could last through an EMP attack.
Your book is fantastic on that.
I agree, and then also have maybe a paragraph statement at the bottom of each painting.
Yes, but people will love to see it and see you do the art and then have it on their wall as well.
And this could easily last way further into the future than any of your digital information.
And just put their own quotes up there.
Just paste it on there with a piece of paper or something, you know?
And do it nice, soft talking while you're doing it and the crew could run Videos in the background. What I need to get is like a
conservator I need to create the art division hire a couple people to
handle it to update it and do it And I've just never gotten around to it. I'm so busy, but
that is one of our main Things we've been planning for a very very long time. I
really appreciate anything else Cory Yes, I have I've been clipping your
Your videos and put it on a rumble organic humans is my channel and I put together one that's
Talking about the abortions and that Peter night guard clip and I put in some South Park
clips in it as well as It's called Alex Jones' Most Shocking Video Ever.
It's pretty disturbing.
Okay, so if we go to Rumble and type in most... Organic Humans.
Go to Organic Humans, and the name of the video is Alex Jones' most shocking video ever.
Alex Jones' most shocking video ever.
And I will definitely check that out, okay?
Yeah, it's South Park with Christopher Reeves sucking juices right out of the fetuses and stuff.
It's pretty bad.
A juxtaposition with Peter Nygaard.
That video with him and the black ladies, the supermodels.
Oh yeah, where he's talking about sucking the essence out of the children.
Ooh, you could cut in some dark crystal with that.
You could.
Alright, God bless you sir, great job.
Alright, that was an amazing caller.
Now, Xander, Josh, Nick, Fernando, Robert, Josh, Cody, LJ, Keith, we're gonna go bam, bam, bam to your calls when we come back on the other side.
But yes, people want original art, they want original things.
I'm about to end in about a week.
The signed copies of The Great Reset and the War for the World, they're done at InfoWarsTour.com.
But I am working with a collectibles place.
Funny you say that.
I've got to create a little piece of art to be big enough to fit in the book.
So it'll probably be about eight by six.
And I'm going to do a piece of art over Christmas.
We're going to print up like a thousand of them.
And then we're going to have the signed book, limited edition available with that art inside of it.
So I'm definitely on what you're saying and I will get it done.
Thank you so much, sir.
God bless you.
Look, it's very simple.
The forces of evil know that humanity has an incredible destiny in the stars and beyond.
They want to control that and dominate that because of the amazing majesty and power of it.
And there are a lot of minions that serve it who all have their own little particular evil things they want to do.
Who have joined with evil with the promise that they'll be given more power and more control.
But it's been good people deciding not to stand up and speak out who have allowed all this to take place.
And people that they can hide from it, they can run from it, you can't.
And so we're going to get to the point where it's so overwhelming, it's so in your face that you're going to have to resist it.
We're taking your phone calls on this live Thursday edition.
We're taking your calls in the order they're received.
Xander in Wisconsin, thanks for calling.
Hi Mr. Crystal Vision.
A couple things you were touching on the LGBTQ stuff.
I think it's also highly related to like a breeding program where the genetic material is being like prepped for a different culture than Christianity and also with like Weinstein and Epstein connections.
How Epstein had the breeding and cloning ranch.
Oh yeah, they're totally giving issues to clones and animal humans and trans this and men can have babies and oh now corporations are making humanoids and chimeras.
Absolutely, they're just blasting out everything where we will accept anything.
Yep, and connected overall to a greater depopulation and removal of Christianity.
You can see the war in Russia, how it's been amping up, where, according to Russian military, they have allocated over $145 billion just for next year.
And that's with Russian military equipment, which is one-third to one-sixth the cost.
Plus stuff has been amping up in the Balkans between Kosovo and Serbia, where the Muslim Kosovo people have been going into Serbian Christian Orthodox areas and fighting.
And Alex Soros is down there importing from Afghanistan Muslims.
Absolutely, that's all on record.
Soros as usual trying to overthrow Russia.
And you know, Russia's close with Serbia because of the orthodoxy and I could imagine NATO and Europe at large and even America.
Yeah, what do you make?
I've actually got the articles right here.
Overhead shot.
Biden sending U.S.
troops to Ukraine to quote track weapons.
Yeah, right.
Under orders of Zelensky, Ukraine seizes the assets of clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Zelensky justified the raids and seizures by declaring, we will never allow anyone to build an empire inside Ukrainian soil.
So the Orthodox Church founded Ukraine over a thousand years ago, but now that's going on.
Big breakdowns on that.
Here's a U.S.
News & World Report.
Ukraine orders punitive measures on clerics with Moscow links.
They're raiding the churches.
And taking the churches over, and our media is putting up with it, absolutely insane.
And you know, the Orthodox Church is by numbers the largest single amount of Christians, and you know, it's a very large group of people worldwide, and it seems like it's spreading to, you know, a general overall war with Christianity, as you can see here stateside, you know, with all the anti-Christ Uh, stuff anti-Bible stuff, uh, being spread satanic stuff.
Yeah, isn't it funny?
It's world government and Market the Beast and casual societies and the takeover of children.
Everything Revelation told us, they're going after the church, the real church.
You know, the fake church is like a country club and a feel-good event, but the real church is under attack.
Thank you, Xander.
Let's talk to Josh in Iowa.
Josh, go ahead.
Hey, am I on?
You are!
Oh my God.
What a day.
What a day.
All right.
So first off, I want to start off with, uh, I got some stuff about my buddy's aortic valve blowing up in his chest after he got the clot shot.
And, uh, somehow he's still surviving in a hospital in Des Moines.
Pretty, pretty crazy about that.
But I also got a buddy who works at Principal Financial Co.
They do insurance.
And I was asking him about, you know, Have you seen any increased death rates in people ages 18 to 45?
And he said he's been seeing a lot of blood clots causing death.
Oh yeah, American tragedy.
Baby boy dies of massive blood clot after hospital refused non-vax blood transfusion.
So what we saw happening in Australia is now happening here.
Pure evil.
Pure shit going on right now.
Pulling calamari cloths out of people's bodies and legs.
We're being taught that we are a commodity, brother.
And if we let them turn us into a commodity, we are a commodity.
But again, our children don't deserve it.
How do we stop this clottage?
How do we stop people getting this vaccine?
Brother, that's why I have guest after guest after guest on Thanks for the Call.
That's why we just hammer it and hammer it, and we're starting to get Stephen Colbert came out and attacked the Santas last night and said he's insane.
Oh, the shots are totally safe.
Everyone loves it.
It's totally great.
Why are people attacking Fauci?
And the talking points Colbert gave are word for word the talking points that Fauci gave yesterday as well.
So it's a unified fraud.
Oh, it saved millions.
Oh, it stopped 18 million hospitalizations.
All a lie.
And remember, people like Stephen Colbert, Get their talking points directly from the Democrats in Deep State.
They are aiding and abetting this.
And when there's a Nuremberg 2, Stephen Colbert should be hauled up on charges.
Alright, Nick in Ohio, go ahead.
Hey Alex.
Actually, I've prayed about talking to you about this.
So I've went down an interesting rabbit hole concerning our currency.
As you know, you know, it's made by Freemason.
Do me a favor, talk right in your telephone.
Okay, can you hear me now?
Yeah, go ahead.
Concerning our currency, though, this is... I got something to add to it after this.
But if you fold it into a certain way, you know, it depicts towers, the towers falling, and so on.
If you fold a hundred dollars bill into a certain way, it depicts waves going through buildings.
And I've, uh, found an article On Fox News concerning a Russian submarine that has a drone capable of generating a radiated nuclear wave, tsunami wave.
Yeah, that's been out for a while that you can detonate nuclear weapons or hydrogen bombs at key areas where there's a certain slope up to the beach where you can then generate it where it causes a massive tsunami.
Yeah, now the reason I mention this is because of the escalating war in Ukraine that we are a part of.
So, we're the ones sending weapons, we're the ones sending money and everything.
I try to put myself in Putin's shoes, you know, looking at Yes.
And, you know, I see the culture war going on at Affiliate that we talked about.
You know, it's a culture that's trying to use the LGBTQ culture as an umbrella for its infiltration.
This is just my observation.
No, I hear you.
It's only a matter of time where things escalate.
Putin's talking about using nuclear weapons now.
This is out of control.
Thank you, Nick.
Fernando in South Carolina, go ahead.
Hey, yes.
Shout out to the products.
You know, they're already the InfoWars products.
They're sterilizing us with, you know, poisons in our food and water.
And it's like, well, at least we can use the products to sort of give a hedge of protection on us.
Well let me explain that.
If your body has deficiencies, not just the mainline vitamins and minerals and things, but trace elements, it can't repair itself.
And so so many of the problems are deficiencies.
That's why with the debased food, debased stuff, everybody should be supplementing with the best supplements out there.
It's what all the elites do, it's what Elon Musk does, they all do it.
We should all be doing it and we've got the best.
And that's what sucks because it's like we're getting At this point, we kind of have no excuse, but we gotta support InfoWars.
We have to buy these products.
I mean, they help us.
They... Absolutely.
What you calling about on the COVID vaccines?
At first, it was about the fact that, you know, how a lot of people have... I'm surprised my family hasn't had too much of an adverse reaction.
My little brother, he took it not because he wanted to, but my mom basically forced him into it.
But, you know, As soon as he got it, he just started moving very slowly.
He felt like he was getting paralyzed.
Thank God it didn't last less than two days, but he was fine after that.
But what I wanted to talk about... Hold on, stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
Stay with us for a minute, though.
Alright, let's talk facts.
We know worldwide it's between 11 and 18 percent increase in just general death.
That never even happened during World Wars.
They're killing us.
We're being depopulated.
Look at this story on Infowars.com before I go back to your calls.
This poor little baby Alex never knew what hit him.
American tragedy baby boy dies of massive blood clot after hospital refused non-vax blood transfusion.
And the family talks about how they had other family members die after taking the shot as well.
It's the same story over And over again.
And they just follow their orders.
Safe and effective.
Though it's not.
It's all a lie.
They have Stephen Colbert up there making jokes about it.
But Fernando, you're saying you had a younger family member take it and got sick but luckily got over it.
Hopefully that happened.
A lot of folks take Ivermectin and other things to mitigate it.
The prions are growing in the body.
But You don't know there's heart damage in young people for
So those that get hit really hard die right away, but then others are finding massive heart damage,
which they knew I had Dr. Peter McCullough on yesterday in their previous studies of mRNA
vaccines for similar viruses to COVID that it did cause this in rats.
So they knew they did it on purpose.
They're mass murderers.
Go ahead and tell us what happened to your family member.
Well, we don't know the long-term effects of what's going on.
I mean, he plays sports.
So, every single day, I go and I think to myself, oh my goodness, is he going to have a heart attack someday and we don't know?
And, of course, we do know what it was.
It would have been a shot.
No excuse for a young person to suffer from stuff like that.
Especially a perfectly healthy young man.
Sure, but you got caught off by the break.
What happened to him when he took the shot?
Okay, so basically, for a couple of days, as soon as he got the shot, according to him, he felt like his body was on fire.
He felt like he was getting paralyzed for a couple of days.
So, fortunately, he got over it.
But they're just hitting us on...
Oh, oh, I know they are.
And so it's his job and your job now to warn everyone you know and never submit to the new four shots that are coming and to support Republicans in Congress to stop giving the deadly shot to our military.
And then now we've got to have Nuremberg trial twos and bring them to justice.
And that's begun with the grand juries in Florida.
We're going to do this.
We don't have a choice.
They will pay.
They have to.
The children are counting on us.
They will pay.
Thank you, Fernando.
But folks, you've got to keep us on air.
We are the tip of the spear here.
You can't let the enemy shut us down.
You can't overlook this critical operation.
I thank you for your support.
Do your Christmas shopping now there.
This is an information war.
We need funds.
And I'm desperately telling you, like the Alamo, I need support.
If you don't give it to us, that's fine.
That's up to you.
I'm not guilting you.
I'm just saying, I think we're critical.
Don't you think so?
Robert in Colorado, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, hi Alex.
Real quickly also, I had the pleasure to meet you on the beach in Siesta Key over Thanksgiving, building a sandcastle with my boys, so that was great.
I remember meeting you and a lot of folks.
Man, I gotta tell you, I had nothing but positive stuff in the week I was in Siesta Key for Thanksgiving.
Just folks from all over the country absolutely awake.
It was beautiful.
Yeah, yeah.
And yeah, again, really great to meet you.
I just want to say quickly, what really grinds my gears is the state of how many congressional people have taken the vaccine.
Why don't we know Why are they mandating other people when the hypocrisy is up good?
Oh, I'm glad you raised that.
It's the same in Australia, the UK, Europe, here, Canada.
The government officials and their employees are exempt.
Oh, but the military isn't.
Doesn't that tell you something?
And it turned out in Japan they have the numbers.
Only 9.7% as of a month ago of the Japanese government took the shot.
What's that tell you?
Including the health division.
Yeah, it says everything.
I couldn't agree more about Colbert.
He's doing a disservice to this country and the world.
And finally, I just want to say I'm a Hebrew and I'm all for you.
So, I hope I'm right behind you every step of the way.
Well, God bless you, brother.
I love you and I appreciate you.
It's good to meet you.
Let's talk to Josh in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Josh.
So, I'm a 25-year-old small business startup.
I do HVAC.
I'm near Scranton, PA.
One thing I'll mention real quick is I've noticed Google is censoring positive reviews for my business because I'm very outspoken about my beliefs and I'm definitely against vaccines, the poison shots.
They're not even vaccines, as we all know.
And, you know, all things along those lines.
I speak truth publicly.
Um, I just want to thank you.
I know you don't like being thanked, but I want to thank you.
Well, brother, it's not that.
I appreciate you thanking me, but we're all fighting for our lives.
I want to thank you.
So, so yes, sir.
Thank you.
Thank me.
I mean, that's great, but I'm going to do a whole show soon on AI.
Because I've talked to a bunch of top people and they say the AI is way more advanced for being told, the censorship is way more advanced than we even know.
But anyways, I'm interrupting you, but the point is, yes, it's AI censoring you.
It's not some Google employee because of the things you say and do doing that to you.
It's the social credit score through AI is already penalizing people.
So what I do when I'm driving on a road trip through a small town, Ten years ago, if you just had a business or a gas station or a restaurant or a tire repair place, it would show every business on the highway.
It was a great service.
Now, if you don't pay Google, or you're not part of the right group, or you don't buy your product from the right group, you may not know because you're buying your restaurant food from the right chain.
You know, the right food supplier, the right restaurant company, that suddenly you're listed.
But you are because you buy it from the right group.
And so it's the real discrimination.
Well, they've got us fighting with each other over black or white or all this stuff.
They are literally having AI pick winners and losers, including elections right now.
So you're dead on.
I agree, and I was a poll watcher.
I'm very aware of AI and some other things, underground military bases in the area.
I can't speak too much about that.
I'm just going to blow through my talking points here real quick.
Go ahead.
I hope everyone heals.
I think the pedophiles and the Satanists in control.
I think everyone has a little bit of evil and darkness in them.
I myself have done evil things, I've done bad things in my life, and I've repented.
So that's the difference.
I hope that they have a realization and they reconnect with God, and I really do hope that even the most evil people on this planet find a place where they can heal.
I know they've gone so far from God and so far from what's good, but I really do hope that they can reconnect with what's good, and I hope that they can heal and do good for the world.
I'm not going to count on it.
I'm not going to bet on it.
Speaking on that, I know that your job is to put out all the news.
Your job is to cover all the news, good and bad.
And I respect that.
You're fighting a literal war, and I'm there with you.
I'm sharing every day that I can.
One thing that I would really love to see is I would really love to see InfoWars put out positive content showing people who are in grassroots communities doing positive things in the local level, like local politicians Really grassroots movements.
I would love to see you guys covering more of that.
I totally agree because the enemy suppresses all that.
And if I had the money for five or six crew members just to do reports on that and only focus on the positive, I would do it.
You're right.
We tend to focus on the negative too much because we're exposing it so good people will rally against it.
But we should show more examples of people having success against the evil.
Amazing points.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, Cody, LJ, Justin, Joe, Keith.
We'll get to all of you.
But I have the lawyer coming on, who I knew filed a bunch of suits and has had some big success against the bad guys, but when he was on like two years ago saying, and I've got the Wuhan whistleblower and he's about to come out and he was the head scientist, but the name wasn't public.
I'm like, we'll see if this is true.
He got him to come public, a bunch of them.
So my BS meter didn't go off, but I'm like, wow, there's so many, you know, lawyers that are full of hot air out there.
That I was like, you know, really watching.
And I've known he's for real for over a year and a half, but he's just totally getting on all cylinders.
And that's Tom Renz.
So he's going to be joining us, Renz-Law.com.
He was on with Harrison Smith with the Wuhan Chief Scientist, head whistleblower, just unbelievable, Vice President, World EcoHealth Alliance this morning.
Powerful interview.
I've asked him to put up the top of my handout video to share.
He's going to be on by himself coming up to talk about these issues.
And this is a big deal.
And I know listeners, you already know all about this, but there's a lot of new listeners tuning in that don't.
So if we don't warn people, they're going to keep killing everybody.
And then they're gonna normalize this and come for everybody.
So we gotta save all the dummies out there, okay?
Believe me, I get mad at the dummies too, but if we don't save them, we're screwed.
We'll be right back.
We're in the hour number three.
And out of all the incredible lawyers out there battling the deep state, our next guest is the most effective.
After that, it's Robert Kennedy Jr.
And these people are doing God's work, because let me tell you, the clock's ticking for the next virus.
Bill Gates has already geared it up.
And I can feel it in my gut and I just intellectually see it.
So, my spotter sense is redlined constantly.
I know yours is as well, so we better get our acts together real fast.
I'm working really hard to stop this, folks.
Really hard.
I'm not even doing any defensive positions myself.
I'm just 100% staying at the front of the line because we got a really good chance of stopping this.
I'm getting chills right now.
People make me so freaking angry.
We've had so much victory against them though, and the success we've had.
The last caller wanted to hear about success.
And I got loaded phone lines.
What I'll do is have the guest on.
If you want to hold, I love you.
I'll get to you after the guy's gone.
I'll take some of the next hour.
But let's just talk about success.
And again, when I say this, the enemy knows all this, okay, and more.
Because they got AI watching it all.
But I know for a fact, we I'm not a great pool player, but I've had some games back when I had time to play.
I got a pool table.
I play with my wife.
Where I just like hit like almost all the balls in the first first round.
But other times where I'm terrible.
But you ever like broke the balls and you like knock like four in?
You used to do this badass break.
It's just like whoa.
Folks, we this operation has Just grievously hurt the enemy bad.
I mean, they're bleeding out.
And it's the guest, it's you, it's all of us.
This whole thing is one operation.
So when you're calling and thanking me, you're thanking yourself, okay?
I mean, we have devastated the enemy.
And if I tried to go over all the things, in fact, I try to stay focused on the attacks and how to beat the enemy and the next information in front of me, not what we've done.
But more and more, I sit back.
It gives me a lot of solace for what we've gone through and what we paid for this.
And it's been cheap.
I mean, it's been cheap.
Thank God that God put me in this position.
And all the tribulations I've gone through only made me stronger to be able to understand what's happening now.
Because if I hadn't gone through all this, if we hadn't gone through all this, we wouldn't even know how to deal with the next attack.
We're getting stronger, they're getting weaker, that's why they're attacking.
And this broadcast is hands down, worldwide, the most effective transmission.
And it affects not just this grassroots audience, and not just the clips that go out, but the intelligentsia in the European Union resistance, in the U.S.
government resistance, in the intelligence agency resistance, in the Wall Street resistance, in the academic and ecclesiastical resistance, in just everywhere.
I mean, I get told this by Senators, House members, Presidents, foreign leaders, and they just say, listen, I want you to know that when we survey the people waking up at these meetings and events, they say, who do you think is the most effective?
What woke you up?
What got us to this point?
They say, Alex Jones.
And it's not Alex Jones.
It's you.
It's this crew members.
It's the audience.
It's the guests we have.
It is us.
Because no matter what happens to me, I don't want, if they kill me or something like that in the near future, which I hope doesn't happen, and I'm certainly not suicidal.
So if I get killed, that's... But I'm not... If I get killed, I didn't kill myself.
I'm not naive.
And we're entering the endgame.
But if they kill me or set me up or whatever, folks, don't let that be a defeat.
Just champion the information I've covered.
Champion the emergency alerts I've put out.
And just let the work I've done, which is all God, through working through me, continue on.
But I know the power of humans.
I know the power that God's given us.
I know because I, working with other individuals, we have moved mountains together.
And now we're going into the main assault, okay?
They are attacking us.
They're admitting they're pedophiles.
They're admitting they're devil worshippers.
They are poisoning us.
They are starting nuclear war.
They are out of control because they know we've got God's promise.
They know we've got the birthright.
They know we're going into the future.
They know they made a bad deal.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
They are overturning the chessboard.
They're throwing a fit.
Like when Harrison Ford Deckard shoots the replicant, and it knows it's dead, and it's just... That's what they're doing.
We're watching death throes.
So just... Hold strong, stay the course, believe in God, we'll be right back, stay with us.
The devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows his time is short.
This is the death throes of Satan's kingdom on this planet.
And they're coming for our children, they're coming for us, because they're throwing a fit, they know they've lost.
Well, Tom Renz for two and a half plus years has been battling the tyranny, the lockdowns, the poison shots, all of it.
And I knew early on he was really having a big effect with his lawsuits.
But he'd be on air like two years ago saying, well, I've got the big whistleblower.
We'll release the name soon.
And they were the high, high level inside the whole operation.
And then it comes out, it's the vice president of World of EcoHealth Alliance and the chief scientist.
And now the books out there, The Truth About Luan with Dr. Andrew Huff, both of them were on this morning.
Harrison Smith, I didn't have the time to do it, but I ended up sitting there in my office for like 40 minutes watching it and going, man, this is really a good interview, really powerful.
So we're blessed to have him on with us today.
I'm glad he could come on my show to talk about this because this is smoking gun stuff, okay?
And the death numbers worldwide by the insurance companies, smoking gun, And we talked about it a year and a half ago, about the insurance numbers, but now it's mainstream news.
And now there's talk of grand juries, and grand juries are being paneled statewide by the Supreme Court.
You know the governor's going to be successful getting those going.
So, big success.
Praise God.
Thank all those that God worked through.
That means people that called, people that wrote Congress, people that supported.
That means this audience.
That means everybody.
We have really gotten off our flat feet and into a fighting stance here to not just go quietly into the night.
And the system is in a chicken-with-the-head-cut-off, absolute panic mode show.
Attorney Tom Renz, my BS ticker didn't go off, thought he was really credible, looked him up, saw he was doing great work, but I'm like, he's got The former chief scientist?
And it was true!
And so many other whistleblowers.
So it isn't about credit.
He doesn't come on here about credit.
But we need to celebrate the people that have had the courage to take action and tell us what was coming next.
Because now he can tell us what's coming next after this and his predictions of what the enemy is going to pull because we are really winning.
God bless you, sir, for your great work.
I'm going to try to let you Pretty much just have the floor here and just cover the waterfront, but man, this is just a crazy time to be alive.
Boy, you got it, Alex, and I got to tell you, it's really, and I mean this sincerely, and you know, I sat with you in your studio, so you've looked me in the eye, so you know when I say this, I mean it.
I am truly honored to get that kind of praise from you.
I mean that.
You've been fighting this, and you've stood through hell that most people wouldn't even think of.
And it is 100% God.
It is 100% faith.
We have families.
We have our future.
We have our country on the line.
And we either stand together and fight for this or we lose everything.
So we will win this.
God is my witness.
I'll stand against the gates of hell if I gotta.
We will win this.
We've stood pretty damn close to it right now already.
Yeah, yeah, so I wasn't pulling your chain at all when I told you I had some pretty big whistleblowers.
Andrew is an amazing guy, and not only is he a whistleblower who worked there, But you gotta look at his credibility.
Combat vet, Master's in Security Technology, PhD in Environmental Epidemiology, worked at Sandia National Labs, had uber top secret clearance.
I mean, this guy is rock solid credible.
And if that's not enough, remember, when we released the initial report that included his declaration that he gave me under oath, under penalty of perjury, When we released that, we also included 130-some citations in a separate report that didn't cite anything he said.
And let's remember, they came to his house and shot at him.
I mean, that's how real this is.
You have no idea.
It took months before I could really believe some of the stories Andrew was telling me.
His house is literally in the middle of nowhere.
I'm not going to say it to anybody where it is, but I'm going to tell you that this guy lives off-grid, remote.
It couldn't be more out there.
I actually went to his house and spent a full day going around looking at his evidence, looking at what had happened, and personally checking everything out.
I was gone.
It was a two-day trip to get there.
Well, what do you expect?
He was the vice president and the chief scientist.
They were in full panic mode.
He's blessed even to be alive right now.
Oh, they're still, they're actually in bigger panic mode now.
And you know, the thing is, is they don't even know, like they don't know some of the other whistleblowers I've got.
I've got whistleblowers that are showing the conspiracy in the hospitals to murder patients.
I've got audio recordings.
I've got papers.
I got so much stuff.
These guys are, this is a warmup.
We're just getting started.
We will have accountability.
I cannot wait to see it happen.
And I'm going to tell you, we've been so careful.
And so, so diligent about making sure... Well, you've been led by God.
Because everything you've done has been devastating the enemy.
You definitely have the Holy Spirit's hand on you.
Well, I absolutely will tell you, the big man has shown me a lot of favor.
A lot more than I probably deserve.
But, you know, I try to earn it every day.
I'm never worthy of it.
But we have huge stuff coming.
You've got to understand, the thing that really gets them on this, and I'm going to tell you, I want to stress this, the thing that scares them more than anything else that I get the most blowback on.
Okay, so get ready for the signal to go down, right?
The thing I get the most blowback on Is the tie-ins between the intelligence community and DoD on this?
See, no one wants the Congress to investigate the DoD and Intel communities, but they are 100% involved.
We've got the receipts.
And when I say we got the receipts, I mean we got the receipts.
And that's where I was going next.
They had the neocons come out today with a report saying the Chinese released it.
I hate the Chinese communists.
They're horrible, but we know it wasn't the Chai-coms.
So they're so desperate now, they're admitting it's man-made, vindicating everything we said, but blaming the Chinese.
That's panic mode.
Oh, yeah, it is.
Yeah, it is.
I haven't even seen that report yet.
I have to take a look.
I'll show it to you right now in a minute.
Keep talking.
I'll put it on screen.
So I'll tell you, Alex, they're trying, trying like hell to make sure we don't look at DoD and Intel community involvement on this, because, you know, this is just absolutely unquestionable to my mind.
You know, we have we have and just put this in common sense term without sharing the evidence that I have.
Let me put this in common sense terms.
We have a situation where a U.S.
entity sponsored by a government agency who oversees biological weapons and weapons development and security issues, partnering and giving the technology to a communist foreign state that's an avowed enemy of the United States, To do gain-of-function research, which is the key to bioweapons development, in a lab with known ties to the CCP bioweapons program.
Are you going to tell me that we transferred that technology, that we funded those programs, and that our DoD and Intel community didn't know?
If that's the case, we have the least competent intelligence community on the planet.
But that's not the case.
I don't believe that for a second.
Plus, when you start throwing in the evidence we have that the CIA was involved with or had knowledge of or was working with EcoHealth Alliance, there's no question.
But, you know, it's a tough one, and I want to give the Republicans an out on this.
One of the things that I do agree with the Republican Party on is I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, support the heroes that are our military.
So, you know, we have a lot of the neocons in the Republican Party that just, yes sir, no sir, whatever the military needs, and that's good that they're supporting the military, but this isn't our soldiers.
This is being done by the intel community, by the brass, by the people that are sitting their butts in the Pentagon, not the heroes who are on the battlefield.
This is shady, nasty stuff being done by the intelligence community, and being done by the DoD, and they were involved with the vaccine.
This is globalistic.
They rolled out the vaccine.
This is globalistic control of our military, directing an attack against their own people.
The question is why?
Well, you got to look at what's happening, and they've told us why.
And this actually, I mean, so this is a perfect time for me to share this.
So, I'm doing a bunch of work and I just released a very short video and I'm going to be releasing a bunch of stuff on Twitter related to the Arizona elections deal.
What's that got to do with this conversation?
Well, let me tell you.
This is critical.
You have to understand that COVID was the cornerstone of the Great Reset.
We know that.
Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, all these psychopaths.
One thing about these psychopaths is they can't help but talk about what they do.
They're so proud of their own view of their own genius that they have to share their genius
so that everybody can appreciate them.
So these guys keep telling us.
Yeah, we're staying there.
Let's come right back.
Tom Renz, stay with us.
All right, Attorney Tom Renz, the very tip of the spear, bringing forward all these huge whistleblowers
and more is our guest.
I'm going to try to shut up now and just cover the waterfront.
All the big things that are going on.
You got cut off getting into Arizona and what's coming out there.
And then, you know, back to what the enemy is going to do next.
These new war games with Bill Gates, saying another virus that targets kids are coming out.
The governor of Florida moving forward with criminal grand juries.
So much is happening.
But instead of me asking questions, you're really the expert as you're right in the middle of it.
Just give us a briefing on what's going on.
Yeah, so before the break, I started talking about the ties.
I said, well, what does Arizona have to do with COVID?
So you have the World Economic Forum.
You have a bunch of people.
And by the way, Biden's a member.
All these people, you look around the country at the number of governors and politicians that are part of the World Economic Forum.
These guys are all tied together.
The Gates, all the people that you've heard of on the bad guy list, all part of this, right?
They're telling us they want a global reset.
Their words, not mine.
You can look at the video.
You can see Harari saying, you know, this is where surveillance goes under the skin.
This is where we do this, we do that.
Let me explain to you what happens here.
You launch COVID.
You inflate the hell out of the dangers of COVID and you prevent early treatment so you can drive up to the death numbers.
As that's happening, you use that fear to steal elections by promoting things like ballot drops and things where you can harvest ballots right and left and really screw the numbers up.
And that goes without even talking about, you know, whether they were into the machines and things like that.
So, they're using COVID to steal elections.
They're also using it to destroy our economy.
You got a shutdown.
You destroy small business.
You destroy this.
You destroy that.
We're getting ready for an economic meltdown, right?
So that's happening to promote the central bank digital currencies, which they want to use to try and control us even further.
We know this because they're telling us this, okay?
So when I say this, you've got to understand something.
I have always been disciplined about saying I'm speculating or I have evidence.
We have them on video saying that this is what they're doing, okay?
This isn't complicated.
This is just you've got to dig and listen.
So, COVID was at the corner of all this.
By the way, I'm jumping ahead of myself, but when we talk about the next pandemic, get ready, we're getting some intel on that.
Now, it's not confirmed, but what I'm hearing is that it's going to be time to come out.
We'll have something going on health-wise where we need more lockdowns on a global scale around the time that the WHO treaty comes back.
That's coming.
But in the meantime, One of the things that we've got to do right now is we've got to also look at the Arizona elections.
Well, if you care about COVID and you care about stopping the globalists, there's a lot of things that have to happen and we have to cut them off in more than one direction.
Now, I'm not leaving COVID until we've got Anthony Fauci and a whole bunch of other people in jail, but I have to understand what my enemy's doing.
My enemy's attacking us from a lot of directions.
And in Arizona, you've got Carrie Lake, who has filed, to my mind, the most credible and strongest lawsuit that's been filed in the history of election lawsuits.
This suit is rock solid.
And really what's on trial here is the credibility of the courts.
This case is good.
The Arizona law is rock solid and super clear.
When you interpret law, you start with the text of the legislation, and it's very clear that she's got standing.
She's got allegations of injury.
She's got everything she needs to move forward with this challenge.
So we should, if there's any real justice here, Have a full access to discovery.
Why does that relate to COVID?
Why is that so important?
Well, let me explain to you.
See, if you've got someone like Carrie Lake in there, much like Ron DeSantis, she's a disrupting factor in this.
You only need one instance of truth that people see before fraud starts falling down everywhere.
You can only convince people that the sky is red if everybody says the sky is red.
If someone says you're an idiot, it's blue.
Well, that kind of goes, it goes away then because, oh yeah, I guess you're right.
So this is a really important thing.
Carrie Lake's position on this is critical and more just as importantly, or more importantly, this case is so strong that I'm going to go on record and say that it's my opinion that if this case, if this challenge doesn't move forward into a full investigation, I don't, as a lawyer, know that I could file an election case to challenge anything else because I don't think you could have better evidence and better information.
So, you know, to my mind, this case is going to be one of the most determinative cases in terms of election outcomes in American history.
It matters because if we can't get good candidates to represent us, how do we ensure accountability on the political side, right?
Because my role as an attorney is to facilitate the interpretation of law as it pertains to a specific set of facts in the court.
Okay, so I can't go to the court and say, Your Honor, I think this person should go to jail.
And they say, Why?
Well, because he did something bad.
And they say, Well, what's the law?
There isn't any.
Well, I can't do that.
It doesn't do any good, right?
So I've got to have the laws to work with.
We've got to have the legislation to work with.
The other side has spent years, decades, changing laws in very nuanced ways to make it very difficult for a guy like me to go to court and get a win.
That's why you see so many difficult things on the election suits, which I haven't done a whole lot of election suits.
I've done work behind the scenes.
But if you look at the suits that have been filed, You know, the reason they have so much difficulty is because of all the changes.
Same thing with COVID laws.
That's why you've got immunity for these manufacturers of these death jabs and everything else.
So, you've got to understand, this is the same people and part of the same playbook and just another tier of the global reset and the global takeover.
We the people have got to stand on both fronts and right now they've got major hearings on Monday, Tuesday, I believe of next week in Arizona.
So we got to make sure that the people of Arizona are hearing this truth and standing because you've got Katie Hobbs down there who not only abused her power refusing to recuse herself on an election she was a part of, but she actually went out and asked social media companies to censor her opponent.
Are you kidding me?
That is so far beyond illegal.
Then, on top of that, as if that's not enough, I would think that's more than enough, but no, no, she actually threatened to have county officials arrested, something she doesn't have the authority to do, if they didn't fall in line and certify her bogus election.
She essentially strong-armed or blackmailed these guys into saying, you're going to certify me governor or you're going to jail.
Are you kidding me?
There is no greater example of abuse of power.
This is insanity.
We cannot stand aside and allow this.
And trust me, if we do, you don't have a whole lot of options left in the courts.
This one's got to go right.
So this one's critical.
And it ties back in.
Because if we can't have real candidates, Win elections?
Then how do we change this?
How do we change this through the system?
If the courts won't ensure that justice is fair and even, if the elections are garbage, how do we change this?
My intent and my purpose is to try and make sure that we can change this peacefully and through the system and properly.
That's why this is so important.
If our courts dodge this, if our politicians dodge this, if we keep letting this go, there's no system to fight it through.
Do you think we the people are going to stand for this forever?
No way.
No way.
So we've got to do this peacefully, but we've got to get out there and do it right.
Well, that's right.
Stay there.
We'll come back and talk more about this next segment.
The woman who is stealing the election runs the election, and then she wants censorship, and then the courts don't step in.
There's just no end.
They're certifying their ability to steal elections right now in Virginia, right now in places like Pennsylvania, places like Michigan, places like Arizona, Nevada.
But as you said, Arizona is really the heart of where it's all going down.
This is a criminal takeover, like Venezuela, a permanent dictatorship.
We'll talk about how we stop it straight ahead.
I'm not going to tell listeners who showed up at the office today, but I'm more excited about it than when Kanye West was here, or even Donald Trump on the show.
It's good to see old friends.
What a crazy time to be alive.
You know, I wish I was wrong about the New World Order and all their evil plans, but we've all been completely vindicated.
And I would actually have rather been proven wrong, but we're not.
We have the documents.
We have the proof.
What a time to be alive.
So finishing up with Arizona and the codification around the country of election fraud and getting back to this whole COVID rollout and Fauci having new drills and stuff that kills kids and just all of it.
They're definitely reeling now.
Things didn't go the way they wanted them to.
But my question is, will they double down or how will they regroup?
Attorney Tom Rents.
Yeah, so that's the real question right now, Alex.
I mean, you know, listen, we're beating them hard on COVID.
We're going to beat them on every front, because that's what we do.
And God's got our back.
But what do you do?
And so it's an interesting thing, because you know, Alex, when I came on your show at first, and you know, you talked to me, I said, I'm a nobody from Ohio.
And we've continued to grow and develop a platform because we do things with integrity and honesty.
And we have people now, so we have sources, we have intel, we have all sorts of information.
But I want to premise this with this is not something I can prove, but this is what I believe is coming.
So right now, what we're hearing out of D.C.
is there is abject panic.
The D.O.D.
crew does not want any investigation.
None of the spy agencies want looked at.
They want nothing to do with this.
They want to figure out who they're going to hang out to dry and they're going to be the last people.
But by the way, it's not your opinion they're in full panic mode over the Fauci and the criminal investigations.
That part's not speculation.
No, we can see that pretty clearly.
What we're seeing, though, is Kind of this breakdown.
So Fauci and his crew and some of the globalists, they're hung up on continuing to push death shots and vaccines and other such things because they need it.
They need this, right?
So the question is, when and how do you roll these things out?
Now, they're doing more gain of function, more war games, and what we've heard, and this is what we've heard.
I can't prove this.
I don't have papers.
But we've heard that the plan is to have something big hit around the time that they get the support necessary to move forward with the new WHO treaty.
They want to get that new WHO treaty, which is really just a rehash of the same thing.
They want the WHO to have power to take over the world.
Okay, so that's a cornerstone piece of what they're doing, and they want to do whatever they got to do to get that in.
The problem is, is that our fight, particularly here in the U.S., has been too powerful.
Guys like McCullough, you know, I've had a little part in it and all these different people who are pushing this.
We've had a voice.
We've made a voice thanks to people like you, Alex, who've let us let us talk.
And so there's a problem, you know, because it's politically it doesn't look sustainable here in the US.
And the other side of this is that if they lose, they know that there's a real likelihood if people realize how many millions of people these guys have killed, that they're going to end up at the end of a rope.
You know, people aren't going to be okay with that.
So, you know, there's this kind of breakdown.
You know, are we actually going to move forward with another pandemic?
Or are we just going to say COVID's real bad?
You know, which I welcome saying that because I'm happy to point to the fact that it's bad because people keep getting jabbed and that destroys their immune system and makes them sick.
And by the way, tyrants always go too far and end up at the end of a rope.
People think they're just invincible.
They're not.
They always want to kill people.
They always pull the same type of crap.
It's just a high-tech version.
They've got to end up at the end of a rope because that's justice for who they killed, but also to let other little Joseph Mingolas know that they're not going to get away with it.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, they do everything they can to try and scare us and intimidate us into shutting up.
That's what January 6th was about.
That's what the FBI raids were about.
That's the bullcrap that you were dealing with, Alex.
It's all about trying to intimidate us and shut us up.
But, you know, at the end of the day, we're winning.
We're winning, especially on COVID.
And, you know, I'm personally branching the fight out.
I'm going to be helping on everything because we're going to have to hit them in some of these other angles.
But we're winning in a big way.
And I'll tell you privately, when we were doing a strategy session with my team and my other attorneys that I work with, probably last summer, I believe, is when I did this.
I said, guys, it's time for us to make a change.
They said, what do you mean?
I said, well, we're going to shift our position.
Instead of trying to determine whether we can win this now, we've won.
We've already won this.
And the reason we won it was because guys like you, Alex, helped us get the truth out.
And we had created a situation where enough people said no about getting this jab that there was a control group.
So it was a guarantee that the control group was going to be there and you're going to have what you have now.
You got a group of people who are part of the died suddenly crowd and you got another group of people who are healthy as can be, not getting COVID, not having any issues.
They're the people who are unjabbed and that's really coming out now.
So we've won.
The question was this, how quickly can we win and how many lives can we save and how many do we have to lose during this fight?
Because, you know, my goal is always about saving as many lives as possible.
So, we shifted that footing, and it's proving true.
I mean, we are.
We are absolutely seeing this collapse.
It's going to continue collapsing.
We will get to accountability and that's part of the reason that we're broadening the fight
and hitting these guys in some other areas.
I want to get to broadening the fight here, but you're absolutely right.
I told Joe Rogan last summer, I said this summer the back got broken.
They didn't know it would go this way.
It blew up in their face.
They want amnesty now.
They want to stop talking about it while they still implement their control, but they're
in panic mode.
We're not up here tooting our horns saying, "Oh, we've won the whole war," but the enemy
is devastated right now.
So what do we do next to press the peaceful attack to bring them to justice?
So that's it, right?
And that's part of the reason that we have to broaden this.
Because right now, what they're going to do, in my opinion, is the enemy's going down.
They know that the COVID thing is going down.
They know that that truth is coming out.
And so you've got no loyalty amongst thieves.
None whatsoever.
So what they're doing is they're trying to decide who they're going to throw under the bus.
The problem is, is when you throw a guy like Anthony Fauci under the bus, Anthony Fauci knows where the bodies are buried.
So Anthony Fauci is going to play hardball if he thinks he's getting thrown under the bus.
They've got this really nasty situation then, where what do you do?
Because we don't want to get our rear ends in trouble with him, but if we don't throw him under the bus, We lose our credibility.
So it's a it's one of those things where they're in a real bad situation and That's why I mentioned a couple times, you know broadening the attack because if we can dilute their focus if we can effectively hit them because one thing that I Praise God.
This is 100% him.
You know, I just kind of show up every day But we've been effective We've been very effective.
If we can take that same strategy and apply it in these other areas, then we can make them have to defend some of these other areas.
We've got to have the election, so we've got to bring them to justice.
What are other areas we've got to dominate in?
We've got to get the central bank digital currency as a real threat.
I've got a whistleblower, and I'm not ready to say anything more about this, but we have some legitimate evidence that the attacks on the food supplies were actually organized, and they were orchestrated.
Well, yeah, the UN, and they're officially shutting down the third largest food producer in the world, the Netherlands, they're shutting food production down everywhere, officially admitting it.
Yeah, well, but I'm talking about the burned down buildings.
No, no, I understand, you've got internal stuff, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So we've got some interesting stuff there.
That's an important issue.
The energy thing is an important issue.
Um, and, uh, I would say that those are the main issues.
You know, we've got to finish COVID because these jabs are unbelievable.
I mean, what's happening there?
That's got to be stopped.
And so we're only, we're not done with COVID by any means.
We've got a long ways to go.
Just because we're winning doesn't mean we've won.
And if we take our foot off the gas, we will.
It's a multi-pronged attack.
You've got to attack every, every attack they're running.
Yep, yep.
We've just got to find ways and we've got to ask God to give us more hours in the day so we can fight from more directions because there's just too many bad guys.
One of the things I've talked about, I actually was at a meeting this weekend and someone was asking me about what we've got to do to win this.
I said, well, one of the things you've got to understand, I bill for almost none of my time, Alex.
I don't know if you know this.
I almost never bill for my time.
Let's come back and talk about that.
It takes money to win wars, folks.
We'll be right back.
If God rose me up to fight tyranny, and I'm nothing special, I know God's raising up a lot of other people.
And God is.
And evil knows it's going to lose.
The question is, how bad is it going to get until we turn the tide?
All right, Tom Renz, attorney, getting all these great whistleblowers to go public, devastating the globalists.
You were getting into, I'm just guessing we're going to cover next, the fact that we all need funding.
InfoWars needs funding.
You need support.
Not just sharing the articles and videos.
This is a war.
We don't have George Soros backing us.
We don't have the new world order backing us.
We have the people backing us.
And if the public ever figures out how powerful they would be, if they actually got more in the arena of support, it'd be game over for evil.
Well, that's it, right?
Many hands make light work, and I'd rather have a million people give me a dollar a month than one person give me five million, because the one person that gives you five million will try and control you and undermine you and get you to do things that you don't agree with, and I'm not up for sale.
There is no amount of money.
I'll work for free.
I don't bill for most of my time.
But here's the thing.
I don't bill for most of my time, but I need more lawyers and I need to be able to support them.
So our strategy going forward is not something I mind sharing.
We've got to raise money to support more lawyers, right?
I can't ask them to work for free.
They just won't do it.
The more money we got, the more lawyers we can get and the better we can do.
We've got to have the lawyers.
The other thing we've got to do is we've got to work on continuing to expand the message.
So, yes, donate to InfoWars, but also share InfoWars.
And while you're at it, share the stuff I do.
And go to rims-law and make a donation there, because you've proven you're hitting on all cylinders.
You've got a lot going on.
Yes, sir, I do.
An awful lot.
And actually, next week, I believe next week, the 21st, I'm going to launch, I'm going to start doing a one-hour-a-day talk show on America Out Loud Network, a radio show, because we've got to educate the people.
We've got to activate the people.
See, the thing that people don't understand is that if I file a lawsuit, but I don't do anything else, we'll get the New Zealand effect.
Early on in New Zealand, there was a young lady who had a massive win at the Supreme Court related to this COVID corruption.
The next day, they changed the laws in New Zealand.
So we had to educate the public.
We had to get people going and engaged.
People being engaged is the ultimate power.
The one thing tyrants truly fear.
You can shoot me.
You can shoot Alex.
You can shoot a couple people.
But you can never silence all the people.
They fear we the people more than anything else.
And you know the work that I do It has been effective, praise God, but part of the reason it's been effective is because of the public support we've been able to garner for it.
That's had a huge impact.
That's why, Alex, do you know what I did a few weeks ago?
I took a page out of your book.
So I do the reawakening tour with Clay Clark, right?
And they were on the tirade about those evil Christian nationalists, right?
So I stood up on stage, and the Washington Post was there, The Beast was there, there were a bunch of left-wing papers that were covering this.
I went up on stage, I put a presentation, a slideshow up there, I had a big slide up there talking about how proud I am to be a Christian nationalist.
I am, and I am proud of it, because I believe that Jesus teaches me to love everyone, treat people with respect and equality, and love your neighbor.
And as an American, I believe in the nation that freed slaves and created suffrage and allowed prosperity on a level that no one's ever seen before.
And so my question is, which part of my Christian nationalism do you have a problem with?
So I said that on stage and went into great detail on it.
Do you know I couldn't so much as get a hit piece done on me?
Because the mainstream fears what we do.
They know they can't turn it on us.
We have no shame.
I don't care what you call me.
I don't care what they say about me.
I got no pride.
So they're afraid of us.
So we've got to get the message out farther.
And since they're censoring the hell out of me, Praise God for guys like you.
We got to do everything we can.
Well, that's the thing they do.
They demonize us.
They don't understand we're committed to the mission.
We know we're right.
It means nothing.
In fact, it's a good thing when they're attacking because that means we're over the target.
And that really freaks them out because as leftists, they are so prideful and so into what the system's saying.
You don't want the system endorsing you, but they're looking for that.
They're such losers.
Yeah, it's all they care about is approval of others.
I care zero, right?
My loyalty is to God, my family, my country, and my friends.
I don't care one bit.
Someone told me early on, So I went through phases as an attorney on this.
The first phase was the buy-off phase.
They tried to buy me off to shut me up, and they told me, oh, you could get some appointments.
You know, you might make a good judge if you would just drop this stuff.
I said, yeah, I don't care about that.
Then that didn't work out, and they realized I didn't care about their cocktail parties, which, I mean, I can't think of a greater wound to inflict on me.
A cocktail party for me is a PBR and a campfire.
That's what I like.
Uh, then, so then they did the death threats, you know, I mean, you know about those, those are ongoing and whatever.
And, uh, then they tried to cabin on me and, and just smashed me in the breast and I didn't care about that either.
So they went back to censorship because I don't care about any of it.
You got to be willing to take some bullets if you're going to get into this fight.
And if you're in it for the cause, you don't worry about what they say about you.
I can only imagine now that we're hitting on some of this election stuff, what they're going to say.
I'm pushing the hashtag, by the way, hashtag election liars.
They all want to call us election deniers.
Hashtag election liars.
I want that to trend everywhere.
I want everybody to be talking about hashtag election liars, because the election liars keep pushing the sheep to call us election deniers.
But the only thing we're denying is their lies.
And it's garbage.
So, you know, we're hitting this on all fronts, and we gotta, we gotta, I'm gonna tease you Alex, we got another top secret project we're working on within a year or so, I hope to launch, that I think is going to, what we're going to do is we're going to start holding the people that are running our country accountable to the people that are voting for them.
And we've got a plan on that.
So I intend to bring political accountability, too.
Not a D, not an R, a freedom thing.
Beautifully said.
We've got to get you back again soon.
But just back to the COVID situation, because that's the one area we can really have a big effect.
You know, they may start a nuclear war in Russia.
We're trying to stop that, but who knows?
Are they going to throw Fauci under the bus?
Because he's so insider.
They're trying to defend him right now, which is only blowing it up bigger.
So the super secret stuff happening behind the scenes of this.
We're trying very hard to ensure that they do throw him under the bus because I really want to see him in orange.
Um, they're trying to save him because he's got a lot of dirt on a lot of people.
He does know where the bodies are buried.
So I don't know.
My intention is to make sure that before I I'm done with this and before that guy dies, he's an old man.
He'll probably die before me.
I'd like him to spend the rest of his days in jail.
Uh, that may sound cruel, but you know what?
He's murdered millions.
So, uh, I'd like to see that guy in jail.
And we're trying very hard and it's really, uh, we're, we're, we're moving over here.
They're moving over there.
And I don't know for sure.
It's, it's a, it's a tug of war right now.
We're pushing for accountability everywhere.
They're trying to preserve as much as they can.
They're definitely not arrogant anymore.
They got fear in their eyes.
They better.
They better.
They're right to fear because we aren't stopping.
We got God at our back and like I said, we'll stand against the gates of hell if we gotta.
I'm really concerned with Bill Gates' new bioweapon drill he did.
I agree with you.
I think they're warming that sucker up and I think they're getting ready to release it.
It's just, I wonder how many people that work for the system that know we're telling the truth still try to hedge their bets.
The only safety is defeating these maniacs.
You can't just, like Boston University has a super COVID that kills 80% of people.
And then they're going to submit that.
It's like a threat.
Like, we got a weapon that'll kill all of you.
Yeah, well, you're not going to get away with it if you do that.
I mean, they got to know that now anything they do, it'll just make the next wave against them bigger.
So that's kind of the Mexican standoff.
They release the next bioweapon.
They have their big distraction, but it backfires bigger the next time.
Now that people know it's them, any further assaults by them only make it worse for them.
I mean, that's a pretty simple equation, isn't it?
It is, but you know, I mean, the Boston University is just one of many.
I mean, we've got, listen, Fauci actually dug up some people up in the Arctic that died way back from the Spanish flu and reconstituted the Spanish flu.
He's also, he's working down, you know, down in Texas, Texas of all places, in Galveston, they're working on gain of function on Ebola.
That's right.
Complete maniacs.
Illegal stuff going on in Galveston.
They're just mad scientists.
People say, why are they doing it?
Why Jeffrey Dahmer do it?
Why Hitler do it?
Because they're evil.
They like it.
Tom Renz, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Look forward to speaking to you again.
Thanks, Alex.
Folks, go there and support what he's doing.
Please support us.
Do your Christmas shopping with us.
We're barely still on air.
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We don't want the enemy to have a big win.
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More calls are straight ahead.
Folks ask, who's going to fight the New World Order?
Where are the men?
Well, here we are.
We're doing the best job we can, and if you keep us in the fight, we salute you.
Joe is a retired military on vaccines and mandates from Maine.
Beautiful Maine.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, thanks for having me on.
First, I just want to say something.
I know you don't like to be thanked, but as a leader, which you are, you provide a lot of information and knowledge to people, and all of us, as your If you want to talk to Borden, if you will.
Appreciate that, because that's what keeps us coming back.
Well, I appreciate you, brother.
Go ahead, finish up, because your phone's ringing.
I've been trying to talk closer to the microphone.
All right.
Hold on a second.
Let me.
All right.
Can you hear me better now?
Crystal clear.
Go ahead.
All right.
Listen, so just a little back, I guess, back story.
If you will, I'm retired, senior enlisted, actually retired from the Coast Guard.
I am un-vaxxed, and unfortunately, due to the way everything goes about, and I guess what brought me to this, and I'm not making sense because I got a lot of things on my mind right now.
No, go ahead, get them all.
You know, my mom taught me when I was growing up, never, you know, never say anything, you know, if you don't have anything to say, don't say anything at all.
I kept, I kind of kept my mouth shut about all this.
And, you know, I tried riding off into the sunset in peace, so to speak.
And when I heard, and no offense to Senator Paul, but when I heard him talking about,
hey, we're not gonna pass the NDA until we wipe out, get rid of this mandate.
Problem is, is that how many people that are currently in are vaxxed?
I can give you numbers, at least with regards to my service.
Um, well, I can give you approximate numbers.
Um, and how many people in the population, you know, so... So you're saying it's a day late and a dollar short?
Yeah, in all honesty, it was kind of a fluff piece, you know.
It was kind of like a feel-good, if you will.
Like, hey, we're doing something for you.
But really, you know, yeah, exactly.
A daily dollar short.
I understand that, and they bowed during the main hype.
We didn't.
But believe me, the globalists are pissed.
They want to keep these poison shots going.
So we'll take what we can get, but I hear you, it's not enough.
So, you know, one thing, and you talked about it, a lot of people, and trust me, I know this, I've talked to many people across the board that worked for me, that didn't work for me, and I will say, everybody I ran into that got it before it was mandated, the one and only reason that I ever heard anybody say they got it was because they wanted some of the stuff that they were being restricted from back.
Meaning they didn't want to wear masks.
They wanted to go on leave.
They wanted, at one point, the cutters, when they would pull in the ports, if you're unvaccinated, you couldn't go in on that port call.
Yeah, it's totally Pavlovian to train us to give up our rights and let them take over our bodies because they want to depopulate us.
And it's all a giant test.
Thank you so much, Joe.
I appreciate your call.
A lot of great points.
I'll take calls again tomorrow, but Paul Joseph Watson always does a great job from the UK.
He's about to take over.
So, LJ, Justin, and Keith, if you want to give us your name and number, we will, we got your name, your number, we will call you tomorrow on the Friday show, another big broadcast tomorrow.
Paul Watson takes over for the rest of the hour, the next 55, 56 minutes, and then Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
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We are live.
It is the Summit News Hour on this December 15th, 2022.
Not long to go until 2023.
It's flown by once again.
Gonna cover a raft of news on the show today, including absolute bedlam in France, in Brussels, Belgium, following Morocco's exit from the World Cup last night at the hands of France.
Suffice to say the celebrations in terms of the Moroccans turned a little bit sour.
First though I want to talk about this because last time I was hosting the show I talked about it.
It was one of the biggest stories in the United Kingdom, still is in my view, and it's about climate lockdowns.
Now of course we know back during the Covid lockdowns, which are now proven to have been a complete outrage based on phony science, totalitarian mind control and overt fear-mongering, It was celebrated how quiet, how peaceful it was, and global warming climate change activists said, why can't we do this again for the planet to save Mother Earth?
Then of course India actually went ahead and did it in some of their major cities.
They said you can't drive into the city on this day because we have bad pollution on this day.
On the very same day they announced that, Sky News and all these other legacy media outlets came out and said, climate lockdowns are a dangerous conspiracy theory, anyone talking about it is insane and we're going to ban and censor anyone who does.
And of course that is the purpose of the fact-checker industrial complex.
It's not a separate organization movement from legacy media, it's all part of the same borg.
Now I talked about the traffic plan, as they're calling it in Oxfordshire last week, This is a de facto climate lockdown.
Basically what they're saying is you're going to get government permits 100 times a year for 100 trips a year, which by the way is only two a week, where you're only allowed to drive out of your allotted region within Oxford.
By the way Oxford's not even a big town in comparison to some of the other big cities in the United Kingdom.
The government will give you permission via a network of automatic license plate scanning surveillance cameras where you're only allowed to leave your climate region within Oxford 100 times a year or twice a week.
Obviously they're going to have exemptions for NHS, health workers, delivery men, people like that, but for the majority of people, indeed the vast majority of people in Oxford, say you work on the other side of the city, you're only allowed to travel outside of your little region twice a week.
So if you're going to work on the other side of the city five times a week, you're screwed because the government will only give you 100 permits per year.
The rest of the time, every single time you violate that climate region lockdown, you're going to get fined £70, the equivalent of $100 a pop every time.
Now, we're living through a cost-of-living crisis here in the United Kingdom, as many are across the West, where people are having to choose between eating and heating this winter.
They're having to refire old coal plants because renewable energy is completely useless and unable to meet demand, as we said all along.
It's about reducing people's living standards, getting them under the thumb of this climate control agenda, And so they're not going to be able to afford the $100 fines multiple times weekly.
So is it a climate lockdown?
This is the big argument now with the fact-checkers claiming that they've debunked this because the council who are enforcing this scheme, first with a trial and then later across the entire city, well they don't call it a climate lockdown so then it's not a climate lockdown.
Okay, how was the COVID lockdown enforced in the United Kingdom back in March, April, May 2020?
Did they snatch people off the streets who violated COVID lockdowns and put them in prison?
So how did they enforce COVID lockdowns?
Anyone caught violating a COVID lockdown, and in some cases it was literally people sitting on a park bench eating their lunch, They literally taped off park benches so you couldn't sit on them.
They taped off children's play areas.
Anyone caught outside without a justifiable reason, going to buy food, going to the doctors, out on their hourly allotted government exercise run.
How was the lockdown enforced?
It was enforced by fines!
So if the Covid lockdown was enforced by fines, was that a lockdown or not?
Yes it was!
This climate lockdown is going to be enforced by onerous fines.
So yes, it's a climate lockdown.
There are ways around it, but you've got to pay through the nose.
There aren't going to be physical barriers up stopping you from going from one area of the city to another, but there'll be automatic license plate scanning cameras, which will automatically deduct the money from your bank account, because you have to register your car with the local authorities.
So for them to come out the fact-checker industrial complex, as they have over the past week, and claim this is all conspiracy theory, there is no climate lockdown, is absolute bunk!
If you're enforcing it the same way you enforce the Covid lockdown, what else could it be but a lockdown?
AP headline!
Traffic plan in Oxfordshire, they called it a traffic plan, so it's just a traffic plan!
Traffic plan in Oxfordshire, England isn't a climate lockdown, despite being exactly the same as the Covid lockdown.
And again, bear in mind, they run these fact checks so they can then relegate the story, the outrage, the real scandal, in social media algorithms.
Some of that's getting better with Twitter now, obviously, but this is what they did for the lab leak theory.
This is what they did when top doctors came out and challenged the safety of the vaccine.
This is what they did when top scientists and sociologists came out and said lockdowns are going to kill more people than the virus.
They called it all a conspiracy theory, falsely working with the authorities, working with some of the same people, Fauci and his crew, who worked with the lab in Wuhan, to bury that information under the guise of a fact check.
This is how they bury legitimate information.
This is how they censor legitimate scandals.
Via the Fact Checker Industrial Complex.
Says claim, the County of Oxfordshire, England, which includes the City of Oxford, is imposing a climate lockdown which will confine residents to their neighbourhoods.
Well again, were you confined to your neighbourhood during Covid?
If you went to a different part of the city, in London for example?
They didn't snatch you off the street.
They didn't bundle you in the back of a police van and take you home.
They fined you and it was still a lockdown.
Says AP's assessment false.
Oxfordshire has approved a plan to put traffic filters on some main roads, restricting drivers access during daytime hours and freeing up space for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.
Oh, that's the other thing they say.
This won't apply between 7pm and 7am, therefore it's not a lockdown.
Even though the vast majority of traffic is going through these areas outside of those time zones.
But car owners can apply for day-long permits to bypass the new rules, and many other vehicles are exempt.
Yeah, they only get given a hundred passes per year, two times a week.
They want to go outside their little climate zone more than twice a week, they get hit with a hundred dollar fine.
So no, you can't just apply for a permit and avoid it.
You'll be fined once you exceed that rationing permit limit.
Goes on to say, local leaders in Oxfordshire voted to try a new traffic reduction system in order to reduce congestion, so then they hide it behind, oh, it's just a traffic filter scheme.
And then they talk about how people drew attention to this.
Climate lockdown trials, wrote one Twitter user.
But it says Oxford's traffic filters will not block access to any part of the city of Oxford or the rest of the county.
Let alone lock people in their neighbourhoods.
No one ever said they would physically put up barriers to prevent people getting to a different part of the city.
It's enforced by fines!
There weren't physical barriers to stop people walking around during Covid lockdowns, were there?
It was enforced by fines.
It was still a lockdown.
Everywhere in the city will still be accessible by car, said Paul Smith, spokesperson for the Oxfordshire County Council.
Yes, but if you violate the rules, you will get fined.
Nobody will need permission from the County Council to drive or leave their home.
You won't need permission.
They'll just fine you every day when you violate the rules.
We'll talk about this more.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
So this AP fact-check again tries to deny, tries to debunk the fact that it is a climate lockdown.
It's a lockdown enforced by a system of fines the same way that the Covid lockdown was enforced back in 2020.
The article goes on to say, the traffic filters are license plate recognition cameras, not physical barriers.
Oh, that's okay then!
Just because there weren't, you know, police physically stopping you from going outside, did that mean the lockdown was okay?
No, it was an outrage.
From 7am to 7pm, drivers in private cars will be automatically fined.
They admit it there in the article.
Will be automatically fined if they cross through the filters without a permit.
So it's not as if you agree to pay a certain charge, like on a toll bridge or something like that.
Automatically fined, and that brings at least a civil criminal type of application, doesn't it?
You're not agreeing to something when you're being automatically fined.
If they cross through the filters without a permit.
Motorists who live in Oxford will be able to apply for 100 day-long permits to drive through the filters per year.
Again, that's only two a week.
If you work in a different area and you have to drive there five times a week, you're fined three times a week.
Absolutely incredible.
And by the way, there was big uproar at all the council meetings when they were not discussing this but imposing it.
One of the local officials basically came out and said we know people don't like it but we're just going to go ahead and do it anyway because they need to milk the public for more revenue generation despite the fact that everyone's going broke because they can't even afford to pay their own heating bills because of the current thing.
Goes on to say the 15-minute City Club, that's what it was referred to by some people on Twitter, and because the 15-minute City Club is a different scheme, then this whole climate lockdown thing is a conspiracy theory, it doesn't exist!
Just because some people on Twitter called it the wrong thing.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, Telegraph reports Police called in over abusive reaction to Council's climate lockdown traffic scheme and this is what they do every single time.
Whenever there's legitimate outrage about something being imposed on people, they select the few threatening abusive messages that were sent to Council members and then that becomes the story.
Draconian plans to divide Oxford residents into six climate zones have led to Council Chiefs calling in the police over extreme abuse.
So yeah, the solution to this is not to abuse the council members, it's to protest against it and it's to not comply with it when they try and put it in, just as people didn't comply with the Covid fines and basically all of them got kicked out of court because there was mass non-compliance.
There's also a lot of non-compliance with the climate change agenda.
Global Poll finds 4 in 10 people believe climate change is natural.
This was commissioned by electricity company EDF via Ipsos.
They asked people in 30 countries across 5 continents to give their views on what they thought was causing climate change.
37% of respondents said they believed it was, quote, mainly due to the kinds of natural phenomena that the Earth has experienced throughout its history.
So again, despite all the brainwashing, all the social engineering for a period of decades now, people aren't buying it.
And in fact, those numbers have increased by six points over the last three years.
So climate change skepticism, despite the intense wave of propaganda and social engineering, to the point where it's now in, you know, scripts for soap operas, it's in the adverts, it's everywhere.
The message.
Fewer people believe in it.
Their propaganda is failing.
Meanwhile in the UK, and this brings us to our next video, back in August we had so-called record high temperatures measured on the tarmac at airports with jets running around, and that was supposedly proof of global warming.
Well, is this current cold snap, where snow is still on the ground and has been for a week, sub-zero temperatures, Is that proof of global cooling?
Let's ask the question in this video.
They don't count.
Here it is.
Remember back in summer when they said the UK recorded its hottest temperature ever?
Let's just brush aside for the moment the fact that the measurements for the hottest day ever were taken on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport.
We were browbeaten for weeks about how high temperatures were an ominous harbinger of out-of-control global warming by the very same people who tell you weather isn't indicative of long-term climate trends.
Apart from in the summer when it bolsters their narrative, Then it is apparently.
Well people across the UK enjoyed the hot weather because boy is that a rarity here.
The Met Office was running around in a blind panic declaring a national emergency.
So if high temperatures in the summer are a sure sign of global warming, what about low temperatures in winter?
No, they don't count.
The UK just recorded its coldest day in 12 years.
Almost the entire country has been blanketed with snow causing absolute mayhem.
It's colder than a polar bear's toenails around here.
Global cooling?
No, that's just the weather.
But wait, you said in summer the weather that we had was proof of global warming.
Yeah, but that's different because... Because... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Maybe someone should check on him!
Or maybe it's not good for optics when you're whining about global warming in the middle of a bone-shivering cold snap.
Meanwhile, a new global Ipsos poll finds that nearly 4 in 10 people believe climate change is natural across 30 different countries on 5 different continents.
37% of respondents said climate change was, quote, mainly due to the kinds of natural phenomena that the Earth has experienced throughout its history, and that climate scepticism has grown by plus six points in the last three years.
The poll was commissioned by energy company and net zero advocate EDF.
They said the results were, quote, unexpected.
How can they not believe us?
We control all the institutions, all the transnational corporations, all the banks, the media, the entertainment industry, the law, all of which have relentlessly pushed The message about climate change.
And they still don't believe us?
Just think about that for a second.
After all the social engineering, all the constant bombardment of the message, there's still a huge chunk of the population who simply don't buy it.
I mean, one wonders why they're so surprised.
People across the West are being forced to choose between heating and eating this winter.
They're suffering through a chronic cost-of-living crisis which is being exacerbated by higher and higher energy bills, which in turn are exacerbated by the mad march towards net zero.
Now they expect us to start paying climate reparations to third world countries too.
Nope, sorry, we're not doing that, can't afford it.
So yeah, don't be too shocked when people value being able to stay warm and feed themselves over some utopian feudalist agenda to empty our bank accounts and permanently reduce our standard of living.
Now again, going back to that poll, it really is incredible that climate change scepticism is growing when you have social engineering to the degree where here in the UK basically every television programme or online broadcast that goes out has to be approved by this weird shadowy environmental group called ALBA.
And you'll notice their influence because the Albert footprint carbon footprint symbol flashes up on screen in all these programs and it basically means that those broadcasters that program has signed on to the message that it's a sustainable production and that it's going along with the narrative so they're literally putting television programs through purity filters to ensure that they've signed on to the climate change message that they will be used as an orifice to push the same propaganda And it's still not working.
Huge numbers of people remain sceptical.
Arctic Summit.
Sea ice has now stopped declining.
That's just come out today.
The House of Cards really is beginning to tumble down.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
Well, the World Cup is finally coming to an end on Sunday with Argentina and France competing in the final.
Which of course meant the exit of Morocco last night in the semi-final with France.
And once again, after every single win that they've had, Moroccan fans have rioted across European cities.
You'd think that maybe in defeat they'd be a bit more humble and that they wouldn't cause absolute bedlam once again.
Well, guess what?
They caused absolute bedlam once again!
Telegraph reports, Boy 14 run over and killed as France celebrates World Cup victory over Morocco.
Yes, there was an actual fatality.
The celebrations in France after its World Cup victory over Morocco were marred by tragedy on Wednesday night after a 14-year-old boy was run over and killed in Montpellier.
Let's go to this video now to set the scene for all this.
We're going to play this up until the 3 minute 14 mark and then I'll come back and talk about what France is experiencing In terms of this Moroccan migrant occupation, basically now, of some major French cities, and what that says about multiculturalism and diversity being a strength, this video is called Chaos.
Let's roll it.
Every time Morocco won in the World Cup, their fans staged violent riots in major cities across Europe.
So given they were beaten by France last night and knocked out of the tournament,
how do you think they reacted?
Maybe they'd stay home this time, nice cup of tea, early to bed.
No, they staged violent riots in major cities across Europe.
And this time it ended in tragedy.
A 14-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a car in Montpellier as a wave of unrest once again swept across France.
Shocking footage circulating on social media shows Moroccan fans attempting to steal a French flag from a car.
The driver then panics and runs over multiple people, including the boy who later died in hospital.
The incident was one of multiple violent clashes between Moroccan and French fans.
The Bedlam unfolded in several different ethnically diverse cities, including Avignon,
Paris, France,
and Lille, where rioters set fires in the street [sounds of rioting]
and gangs of youths attacked police [sounds of rioting]
Conservative politician Eric Siot said his city of Nice had been plunged into urban guerrilla warfare as Moroccans fought running battles with riot cops.
Hooded men shouting "Arabs out" and "We are home" also confronted Moroccan fans in Nice.
There are multiple videos which I can't even show of people carrying French flags being brutally beaten by Moroccan fans in the streets.
Around 115 arrests were made in the greater Paris area.
And all this happened despite France deploying 10,000 police officers and gendarmes in anticipation of the unrest.
France's Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, reacted somewhat bizarrely by tweeting his gratitude to authorities who, quote, allowed those who wanted to celebrate the victory of France and the beautiful course of Morocco to do so.
So, yeah, strange form of celebration, isn't it?
[crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
But the chaos wasn't just limited to France.
In Brussels, Belgium, where earlier this year leftist leader Conor Rousseau admitted that
multiculturalism had failed, similar scenes of pandemonium unfolded.
But remember people, diversity is our greatest strength.
Well, there you have it.
Again, the non-natives are restless.
Of course, France has had multicultural migrant riots for decades now.
Some of the bigger ones occurred in the early 2000s and we see them more and more often.
Before the Champions League final in Paris back in May of this year, we saw many of the same types of crowds, migrant youth mobs, robbing and violently attacking Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters.
And France itself has a lot of problems with this migrant population in particular, where there are 700,000 Moroccans now, Moroccan migrants, dual nationality, in France.
And it leads to incidents like this.
This happened on Monday, just a few days before that bedlam in France.
And bearing in mind, as I said at the start of that video, after every single game Morocco play, They riot, not just in France, but in Belgium and in the Netherlands.
On Monday in France, this is a headline out of Remix News, five injured in little supermarket stabbing spree by Moroccan national armed with knives and an axe.
He basically just started randomly attacking shoppers, trying to slash them, trying to chop them down as they fled.
One man lost his finger.
A couple of people were seriously injured, others with minor injuries.
Again, just a few days before this bedlam.
88-year-old French man dies after brutal beating from brothers Mohamed and Hicham.
Good old French names.
An 88-year-old man was brutally attacked by brothers Mohamed K and Hicham K.
In the cellar of his apartment building in France, he died of his injuries.
Another story out today from Remix News.
Moroccan migrant jailed for raping 59-year-old victim at knife point.
I kind of see a pattern here.
We of course had Lola, the 12-year-old girl who was abducted, tortured, raped, murdered, stuffed in a suitcase by an Algerian migrant who was in the country illegally.
The border force apprehended the individual, should have deported them, but didn't.
But according to President Macron, mass migration is part of France's DNA.
Yes, he actually said that.
Again, this idea that it's always been completely normal to have this scale, this accelerated rapid influx of migrants in a European city, when it's never been normal.
Of course, Macron made those comments after he acknowledged that half of crimes in Paris were committed by foreigners, by the government's own numbers, and that they also account for 70% of violent robberies.
Again, government figures.
So for him to say mass migration's natural, we just have to accept it, it's always been the case, is absolute bonk once again.
In the UK, meanwhile, Breitbart reports great replacement UK government considers rural visa for migrants amid declining native populations.
There are now over 400, I think it's 418 hotels, many of which are four and five star, many of which are in prime central tourist locations in British towns.
Where they're, at a cost of 7 million dollars per day to the taxpayer, housing migrants who show up in boats from France.
About half of those migrants are from Albania, a completely peaceful country not at war.
And it's absolute chaos.
They have nowhere to put these migrants.
They're putting them up in hotels, causing massive problems in the surrounding areas where people live.
Sexual assaults, violent attacks, the usual fruits of diversity.
Well now, rather than implementing policies to enable families and boost the native population, the government is considering creating a rural visa to incentivise more migration to rural areas of the country.
Bear in mind, under the supposedly conservative government, over the past year alone, a million migrants, legal migrants, have come into the country.
Our population is expanding rapidly.
These illegal migrants are getting access to free healthcare in many areas where you phone up the doctors, you phone up the NHS at nine o'clock in the morning.
It's a lottery to even get a doctor's appointment.
Giant waiting lists because of the outrage that was the COVID lockdown.
People can't get major operations.
They can't even get appointments to see their GP.
You come in on a boat from Albania, some of whom are criminal drug smugglers, Not only do you get free accommodation, free money, you get free healthcare, all at taxpayer expense.
They're taking the piss, and it's completely out of control.
We'll be back.
It was tragedy yesterday in the UK, teenager among four dead in migrant boat tragedy, thankfully
many of them were rescued, but again, you empower the criminal people smugglers to bring
these people across in the first place.
You give them the red carpet taxi service to get them on shore.
You incentivize it all with free healthcare, free money, free accommodation, and tragedy is going to happen.
When Matteo Salvini in Italy completely disincentivized the migrant route to Italy, he halved the number of migrants drowning.
So disincentivizing it actually saves lives.
The UK government isn't disincentivising it.
UK government arrests just 0.3% of illegal boat migrants.
They passed a law that makes it a crime to arrive in the UK without proper permission.
Why wasn't that a law in the first place?
But fewer than 100 people across the English Channel in small boats have been arrested for arriving illegally in the UK, reports the BBC.
So the government is so pathetic.
They gave themselves the power to arrest all these illegal immigrants, and they've arrested 0.3% of them.
Absolutely incredible.
Now they're just saying they're going to spread them out into the rural areas, because people in towns and cities are getting sick of the social dislocation, the crime, the sexual assaults, the violent attacks.
So now the government's solution is, well, we'll just make towns and cities the entire country.
Great idea!
Because they paid France to stop them getting on the dinghies in the first place, said we're going to increase the payments to France.
As I predicted, that did absolutely sweet FA.
Meanwhile, Zero Hedge reports get woke, go broke.
Washington Post staff meeting erupts into chaos as layoffs announced.
They've lost half a million subscribers in the past two years and they didn't expect, you know, any collateral damage after that.
Absolutely incredible.
Maybe it's stories like this which tell you why the Washington Post is going broke.
Washington Post corrects op-ed conflating lack of black Argentinian footballers with history of black erasure.
So this far-left professor at the University of Texas had this Washington Post op-ed published, asking the question, why doesn't the team have more black players?
Well, that's because Argentina has a black population of far less than 1%.
So of course the Argentinian football team not going to have many black players if your black population is a fraction of a percentage.
It's quite funny because actual Argentinians then got onto Twitter and said, we're not a Disney movie.
We don't do diversity hires for elite level sports competitions.
We pick the best players.
And in a country where 99% of the population is white, those best players, guess what?
They're gonna be white.
But the Washington Post was forced into issuing an embarrassing correction pointing out that far less than 1% of the population of Argentina is black.
Meanwhile, Another team to be knocked out of the World Cup over the past week was England, which brings us to our next video.
It's called They're Going Home and it explains how England players taking the knee and genuflecting to all these message narratives didn't really help them in the competition.
This is called They're Going Home.
Let's roll it.
Is it coming home?
No, England were knocked out of another major tournament after being beaten by France on Saturday night in the World
Maybe they should have worried about Kylian Mbappe as much as they worried about LGBT armbands.
England players started on their knees and ended on their knees.
During the group stage we witnessed the bizarre spectacle of England players taking the knee before their game with
the United States.
While zero players from the country where "take a knee" was born chose to do the same gesture.
While England repeated the same cringe performative stunt in the second round, still absurdly claiming it was a
generic anti-racism gesture, when in fact it's intimately linked to the Black Lives
Matter organisation.
No players from Senegal, whose team is entirely black, took the knee.
Are England getting knocked out of tournaments solely for taking the knee?
Obviously it would be stupid to say that's the only reason.
But as sports psychologists will tell you, any mental advantage you can gain over the opposition, even if it's just a fraction of a percentage, can be the slim margin between winning and losing.
I mean, think of the optics.
You're literally on your knee displaying inferiority to the other team.
In England's case, right before their biggest game of the tournament against the best team they've faced, France didn't take the knee and they didn't get involved in any of the virtue signaling politics.
Their goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, said he respected the host country Qatar's wishes when it came to displaying support for the Rainbow people.
England chose to get embroiled in all of that, as did Germany, who didn't even get through the group stage, losing to Japan after staging this cringe photo-op before the game.
I mean, the New Zealand rugby team does the hacker before games for a reason.
It intimidates the opposition and it gets inside their heads.
What does take a knee achieve?
All it does is make you look weak and pathetic.
You're already psychologically on the back foot before you even kick off.
Now the speculation turns to wokest in chief, manager Gareth Southgate.
After failing to win three major tournaments with possibly the best England team ever, will he keep his job?
Would any Premier League team take Gareth Southgate as their manager?
No, because he's not a particularly good manager.
He's a yes man.
A politician.
A safe pair of hands when it comes to talking about racism, diversity and inclusivity.
A loyal servant when it comes to amplifying regime messaging.
You know, all the important things to consider when you're trying to compete in an elite level competition.
There's still a mystery as to why Southgate chose black players to take crucial penalties during the Euro 2021 final with Italy.
Seemingly ignoring better options, players who had experience of taking penalties at club level.
Despite hardly any other teams taking a knee at the World Cup, and with the Premier League having largely dispensed with the gesture, Southgate insisted it was important for his players to just keep doing it.
And yet again, instead of it coming home, the team is coming home after another abject failure.
But hey, if the winners were decided on who best pushed the message, England won.
Now, talking about weak and pathetic, let's go to Prince Harry and this final video because the final three episodes of Harry and Meghan have dropped on Netflix today.
This video is called, well, this is awkward because the reaction to it hasn't been quite what they expected.
Let's roll the clip.
Harry and Meghan Netflix docuseries hasn't exactly gone to plan for them, has it?
On the surface, the numbers actually look quite good.
It's Netflix's most viewed documentary in the first week of release ever.
More than 28 million households watched at least part of the series.
But the real measure of sentiment comes via a new YouGov opinion poll.
It was carried out between Wednesday and Thursday last week.
So after all the trailers dropped and on the first day that the first three episodes were released, and for Harry and Meghan it's not Pleasant reading.
Just one third of Brits, 33% now hold a positive view of Prince Harry, while 3 in 5, or 59%, hold a negative opinion of him.
This represents a 13 point drop since November, his joint lowest score since YouGov began tracking royal favourability in 2011.
Meghan Markle has a favorability rating of minus 39%, down 7%.
If she keeps going, she's gonna give Prince Andrew a run for his money.
The main talking point of the second trailer was Meghan Markle, the actress, fake crying on camera.
Is this finally a sign that Brits are beginning to see through the scam that is emotional incontinence?
Harry and Meghan's entire shtick is formulated on the premise that overtly emoting alone is enough to prove victimhood.
That constantly playing the victim card and crying on camera is sufficient evidence enough to establish wrongdoing by the adversarial party, in this case the Royal Emotional incontinence has been weaponised by bad faith grifters for years.
It's an integral core component of identity politics.
And it's particularly odious for Brits.
Because our entire national character is based on a healthy distrust towards people who overly emote.
Stiff upper lip isn't just a cringe cliche.
That kind of strength against adversity stoicism is what built this country.
So to see Harry and Meghan try to deliberately subvert that in pursuit of their poor me pity party PR campaign is pretty insidious.
Fact is though most people aren't buying it.
A 100 million dollar Netflix docuseries from the people who just wanted to be left alone has spectacularly backfired.
Fewer people like them and this has advanced the movement to strip Harry and Meghan of their royal titles entirely.
And that day can't come soon enough.
So this pair of narcissists still can't accept the fact that it's not about racism, it's not about, you know, institutional identity politics, it's about the fact that nobody likes them because they're fundamentally unlikable people.
In the last three episodes he's now basically whining about his brother, screaming and shouting at him, throwing his own brother under the bus after throwing his father under the bus in the previous episodes.
But again, people aren't buying it.
Report NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC have spent just 14 minutes combined covering the Twitter files.
Again, more important news to cover than literal coordinated collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech to censor key stories which obviously affected the outcome of the presidential election.
I'm not going to get to these final news stories, Drag Queen Biden invited to White House.
Previously tweeted, kids are out to sing and suck D. Those are the kind of individuals that are going to the White House now.
Dem Rep says term pedophile is discriminatory.
All those stories and more though are up on Summit.News.
That's going to wrap it up for the show coming up next.
War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Keep it locked in.
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