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Name: 20221214_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 14, 2022
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On his show, Alex Jones discusses current events such as election fraud, globalist agendas, and Brazilian President Bolsonaro's fight against corruption. He encourages people to support InfoWars for alternative news and The Wellness Company for healthcare solutions. The narrator explains how a lack of vitamin D3 due to modern lifestyles causes health issues and introduces Alpha Power supplements as a solution to increase testosterone levels and energy. Alex Jones discusses various topics with listeners, emphasizes supporting free speech systems, and promotes new products from InfoWars MD at discounted prices. He attends the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where religious leaders discuss climate change and collaboration with the UN under Agenda 2030. The speakers then shift towards parasites' role in causing chronic diseases like MS and criticize mainstream healthcare systems for overlooking these infections while promoting products to support overall health and well-being.

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Look, obviously the big news today is the escalation in Russia, and I just keep every week reporting how the escalation gets worse, and we're out of control, and we're officially at war with Russia, and the U.S.
is helping bomb Russia, and Russia's now readying its mobile nukes.
This is a global emergency alert.
Russia readies ICBMs, threatens to nuke West after U.S.
Green Line's missile attacks on Russia.
This is insanity.
But why am I spending so much time on the poison shots?
Because it's the globalists that are the dominant power group in the world, allied with the chi-coms at one level, that are rolling these deadly shots out to collapse civilization, and if we can stop that aspect of the attack, we derail their whole operation.
It's very hard to get the public that's grown up Relatively safe and free, compared to what we're about to be, about nuclear war and, oh, a war in Russia, a war in Ukraine, in Central Europe, in Eastern Europe.
What's the big deal?
It's like another planet, but it's not another planet.
It's only 4,000 or 5,000 miles away.
So, I've been hammering the poison shots because at some place we're getting something done.
The situation with the United States and our troops over there fighting the Russians for years, but now it's official, is something that really makes me have anxiety.
And few things do.
Because it's so dangerous, it's so needless, it's so reckless, and the corrupt, decadent people running our world Get off on this and they enjoy the brinksmanship and the danger.
That's why people go and they gamble.
They like to see the roulette wheel and they like to see the cards dealt and it gives people excitement and it releases dopamine in the brain.
And as long as you're not a degenerate gambler and you do it for fun, it's not a bad thing.
But we know it has a dangerous side.
Well, war just goes from bad to worse and it's the ultimate drug.
We need to warn everybody we know about the situation.
We need to lay out how serious it is and the history of it and where it's obviously going.
and we need to get right with God.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's News.
That Putin would then activate his mobile ICBMs that are on trains and trucks and begin moving them around at least twice a day.
That way they can't be targeted by satellites and then first truck.
In a sneak attack nuclear attack.
So Russia is now publicly prepared for a NATO U.S.
led nuclear sneak attack.
China is saying they're going to respond with nuclear weapons.
Obviously, if the war escalates in a nuclear war, if anybody attacks them, things are deteriorating very, very, very quickly and the average person cares about what's going on on cable TV or on Netflix.
This is how you sleepwalk into absolute Armageddon.
So this goes way beyond saber rattling.
The Russians have rolled out their ICBMs that come back into the atmosphere at Mach 7, almost impossible to shoot down.
The reentry devices, when the warhead pops open or the shell of the missile pops open, fires between 5 and 20 different warheads, some of them dummy decoys, some of them real, carrying thermonuclear payloads.
And obviously the United States has all this stuff as well, but that's why they call it Mutually Assured Destruction.
Total, complete insanity.
That's coming up.
Then obviously we have a lot of border collapse news as they announce the end of Title 42.
The Feds admit they're expecting a total collapse, quote, calling it catastrophic, but it's being ordered by the same people cutting off our energy supplies and bringing us into World War III and injecting the public with these poison frankenshots.
And that's why we're going to hit the poison frankenshots first.
We come back from break and some stations join us.
Dr. Peter McCollough completely vindicated back on Twitter.
And so many other scientists and doctors now confirmed to be suppressed by Big Pharma and Fauci, criminally also suppressing many of the natural treatments and other therapeutics that were there.
So I really appreciate Dr. McCullough joining us right at the main kickoff of the show here in about four minutes when we come back from this short break.
Separately, we are listeners supported.
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Right back with Dr. Peter McCullough.
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Well, the global big pharma mafia that's trying to take over medicine is trying to bring back new viruses, new lockdowns, new moves to take control of our bodies.
And there have been so many prominent scientists and doctors and medical workers that have valiantly Expose what's happening, whistleblow, you name it.
But out of all of them, Dr. Peter McCullough, a very respected, already well-known doctor and researcher, has been the very tip of the spear in the last two and a half, three years, exposing this.
He was already going to join us in studio next week, and I believe that's still going to happen.
He's in Texas as well, but he's on the road.
He shoots symposiums and events, and Senator Ron Johnson's Hearings he's been having, but I wanted to get him on because he's been restored to Twitter, absolutely vindicated, and we now know what was going on behind the scenes.
Illegal, mass-coordinated censorship with Big Pharma and the government with Big Tech.
So it doesn't get more criminal than that, and now Governor Ron DeSantis has impaneled a criminal statewide grand jury To begin to investigate the crimes of Big Pharma, government officials, you name it.
Rand Paul just three weeks ago called for Fauci's arrest.
I've been calling for him for years.
We now know this was premeditated.
There's a clip I'll play a little bit later, but he's going to leave us here in about 20 minutes, where Dr. Peter McCullough made the point that this is going to go down in history as the biggest biological, pharmacological safety disaster in the history of mankind.
So to give us a quick synopsis, he's usually here for two hours and covers the waterfront, of the current state of things, these big developments, is Dr. Peter McCullough.
Thank you, doctor.
It's safe to say you and many others aren't as vindicated This is blown up in the Deep State's face.
Well, Alex, first I'd say that you're vindicated.
Man, you made the right call.
I've known you now for three years through the pandemic, and you've made the right call all the way.
And just the developing breaking news now occurring almost every minute is stunning.
Two days ago, I was invited to go onto a Twitter chat.
I think it was Sebastian Gorka who invited me on.
I saw him as one of 6,000 people on the chat.
I uploaded a survey that someone had done.
98% of people wanted me back on Twitter.
And so I submitted it, and then within a few hours, I'm back on Twitter, and I've requested for now dozens of times that they stop the blacklisting, the unfollow, and the shadow banning of my account, and just let my account Just be a natural account like anyone else's and you know what Alex overnight I had a hundred thousand new followers My following now is skyrocketing.
I've always tweeted graphical abstracts in advancements that's going on today.
I've retweeted Andrew Bridgen.
Andrew Bridgen is a Conservative Member of Parliament in the UK and he's calling to pull all the vaccines off the market, Alex.
Pull them all.
This is a Member of Parliament, well respected.
We're going to see this worldwide.
And we actually have that video.
I'm going to play it after you leave us.
Some kind of Retroactively create a video bibliography of what you're breaking down, but he also talks in his speech to Parliament about how he's talked to high-level whistleblowers that have confirmed that they've been ordered to cover up the evidence of heart damage caused by these shots.
It's coming out.
We recently had a chance to spend time with UK leading cardiologist Asim Malhotra.
And so we had a program in the Dallas Arboretum for the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
And then I appeared in a Malibu private event with Robert F. Kennedy and Malhotra, who's a very thoughtful young man.
It's a tragedy that his father took the vaccine.
His father's a very prominent doctor and died as a consequence of taking the vaccine.
Malhotra did his own research, published two very high quality peer-reviewed manuscripts, looking at all the data and concluding that the vaccines are simply unsafe for use and they don't work.
They don't stop COVID-19.
We see other people stepping forward.
European Member of Parliament Christine Anderson, who is calling this entire COVID-19 vaccine program a fraud.
We have Member of Parliament Roos from the Netherlands who's called out the Pfizer executive, who now admits under testimony in the European Parliament that Pfizer was never tested to see if it would stop transmission of the virus.
And so we have a situation now, Alex, as you called it.
It's imploding.
It's imploding worldwide.
And we put a punctuation mark on this on December 7th, 2022 in the U.S.
Special panel held by Ron Johnson.
How big is this to have?
Governor DeSantis impaneling a statewide task force of grand juries to investigate every aspect, the government, the censorship, the big pharma lying.
I mean, they've all obviously committed crimes.
It's open and shut, just like with Sam Bankman Freed.
It's just open and shut.
What do you make of that A and B?
What do you think the deep state's response is going to be?
I tell you, the deep state has to be extremely worried because there are state actors involved, those that are not government officials, but many of the people involved will be government officials.
And it goes to show when a state has a strong attorney general, my colleague, Joe Ledepo, MD, PhD, Harvard trained, is DeSantis' right hand man on medical affairs.
You know, in Texas, Alice, we don't have a surgeon general.
And I think it's a giant mistake for a state to have no doctor in charge.
It's ridiculous.
Yeah, and LeDapo has been terrific.
He supported DeSantis and it's now clear They're going to go after areas of wrongful advertising.
We can just take that one.
Advertising for pharmaceuticals is governed by the Landman Act, the U.S.
Drug and Cosmetic Act.
And they even advertised it before it was emergency approved for children.
They advertised ads on Sesame Street.
That's illegal, isn't it?
Yeah, it's illegal.
And matter of fact, you know, you know, when any drug is advertised on TV, there's all the disclaimers of the side effects, but they're not giving any of the disclaimers of the side effects on the COVID-19 vaccines.
Everybody should view that as being illegal.
And you know, in the state of Kansas, they've already taken action and pulled all the vaccine ads off TV.
We know now, Alex, this is a stunning revelation that the US Health and Human Services and the White House had a program called the COVID Community And that program infused over $13 billion to 276 agencies.
It's on their website, COVID Community Corps.
And there, the money flowed to all the medical societies, the American Association of Pediatrics, American College of Pediatrics, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Medical Association.
It flowed to churches, black and Hispanic groups, Hollywood, The sports teams like the NFL, these are massive amounts of money.
And so this is the largest government bribe in history.
And that explains why obstetricians and gynecologists went along with vaccination in pregnant women.
They were bribed by the U.S.
I want to continue with the 35,000 foot view.
We're still a few minutes to break, but just continue with the 35,000 foot view.
The whole world's waking up and turning against this.
How do you see this unfolding now?
What we're going to see is we're going to see continued pockets now of leadership.
I mentioned Senator Ron Johnson, who's been absolutely the leader in the United States, holding yet another Senate panel.
December closed session was December 6, open session December 7.
I moderated.
You see me sitting on Johnson's left.
Esteemed panel of expert doctors, vaccine consultants, lawyers, patients, and others.
And the title of the program was COVID-19 Vaccines.
What are they?
How do they work?
And what are the safety concerns?
And we got it all out in the open.
The conclusion, and I gave it for the panel, conclusion was pull the vaccines off the market, Alex.
They should have been pulled off before February of 2021.
It's gone on too long.
And these pockets, by the way, it wasn't just Senator Johnson, Senator Roger Marshall from Kansas joined us.
So Johnson has helped.
We've seen now a new Prime Minister of Alberta, Canada.
She's clearly breaking rank.
We've mentioned Andrew Bidgen in the UK, Malcolm Roberts in Australia, and former Member of Parliament Craig Kelly.
I'm going to go visit.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough, please stay there.
We're going to come up with one more segment with you, drpetermcculloughmd.com.
I believe you're going to be able to be with us on the 19th or the 20th in studio once you're back in Texas, but I want to come back in the next segment and look at all these deaths dying suddenly and the public really waking up to that and more.
Stay with us.
Final segment with the completely vindicated, tip of the spear, Dr. Peter McCullough.
Then, coming up, ladies and gentlemen, the economist, the stock trader, so well known, Edward Dowd, can document Not just that there is global mass death from these shots, but also that there is a coordinated worldwide economic collapse.
We'll single out who's doing it and what's coming next and how to stop them next hour.
I'm gonna get into Russia threatening new levels of nuclear war, the U.S.
streamlining attacks inside Russia.
It is just completely insane.
Coming up next segment after I play a few of the videos that Dr. McCullough mentioned after he leaves, but I want those on the record.
It's such big news.
I was asking Dr. McCullough wanting to get to next and he said, let's talk about how unprecedented three journalists, not that old, dying at the World Cup.
They first said, oh they must be supporting gays is why they're dead.
No, we're now getting the coroner's reports.
Exploding arteries, exploding aortas, heart attacks.
One of them, sports reporter Grant Wall, died of an Aortic, that's your big artery coming on top of your heart.
Aneurysm at World Cup.
So, Dr. McCullough, we're seeing a lot of this, aren't we?
We are.
It's in my sub stack that there can be what's called aortic dissection and rupture after COVID-19 vaccination.
We know that the vaccine does induce tremendous surges in blood pressure, vascular strain.
I mean, this is a young man.
This is not the picture of someone who would die of an aneurysmal rupture.
This In my view, just like the other two that have died there, it's due to the COVID-19 vaccine until proven otherwise.
And so it's pretty clear that if the family wants to clear it up, they can come out and tell us if they haven't taken the vaccine, we can rule it out.
But now that autopsy study after autopsy study shows that in fact, the vaccines are the cause of death.
A recent one by Schwab and colleagues from Heidelberg, Germany, Showed that in people who died within 20 days of taking the vaccine, they were found dead at home.
Alex, 71% had a clear, uh, agreed upon vaccine induced cause of death, heart damage, a blood clot, neurologic damage.
These are not controversial.
The FDA says they can happen.
The autopsy study are showing that it happens.
And when people die after taking the vaccine, it is due to the vaccine until proven otherwise.
You were on my show two and a half years ago, even before the CDC put the document out, warning of heart attacks and blood clots.
We know from the research of similar vaccine trials or mRNA shots in lab rats and other things that this was happening.
So if you knew, if the CDC knew on their own website, why did they then roll this out?
There's obviously a premeditated nature to this.
I know privately a few years ago, you confided that that's where you thought it was going.
Now you've been a lot more bold about the master plan, the 50,000-foot view on this, Doc.
You know, we have records now.
Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the most knowledgeable person on coronavirus, also the quietest person over the last He was a DARPA and BARDA consultant and researcher, had won millions of dollars in grants.
He showed in 1992 that beta coronaviruses given in high enough dosage could cause myocarditis in animal models.
So that's the reason why we knew COVID itself could cause myocarditis and that's the reason why the NCAA Big Ten had a myocarditis screening program in 2020 with COVID.
So did the military.
They found very few cases of myocarditis.
So they packed up their screening programs and once the vaccines were started, that's when the damage really happened and no one was looking for it.
You know, this is a tragedy what's gone on now.
Two papers, one by Mansoukian and the other one by Lepesek show that about 2.5% of people who take a vaccine develop heart damage.
50% of the time they can't feel it and the first manifestation is sudden cardiac arrest.
Two points in timeouts, usually during sleep from three to six a.m. and during sports activities,
and that's where there's a surge in internal adrenaline, which is the trigger for sudden cardiac death
in someone who's had subclinical myocarditis.
There's so many points to hit.
You'll be with us next Tuesday.
Actually, remotely, we'll cover the waterfront.
But I know the general audience listens to you.
They know about all this.
They're like, why are you telling us again?
Well, because a lot of people still don't know, and they're going to try to push this whole agenda.
They're still trying to make the military take it.
Blue cities are still trying to make the children take it.
This fight is far from over.
We're starting to win.
We're getting major traction, but don't we need to push harder than ever?
We do.
It's clear.
You know, I gave a press interview outside my hotel in Washington before I testified in the Senate.
And, you know, one of the workers who worked at the hotel, she came up to me, she goes, what's all this about?
I said, we're, you know, we're concerned about the vaccines that cause blood clots and heart damage.
And she goes, I took two of these.
I had no idea.
So Alex, there are still people out there that have no idea.
They're just, you know, in their usual walks of life.
And our government has betrayed them.
Our government is not warning people what can happen with these shots.
And the same people doing this, even if somebody's a sociopath that doesn't care about folks getting hurt, just because you know it's hurting you, you don't do it, it's going to break down society.
The same people doing it are going to expand this.
They're going to make it forced.
They already are.
We've got to stop this now.
In the last three minutes we have left, I know you wanted to hit on how big the Twitter files are and why Fauci is really so scared.
And now the White House is saying he's sacrosanct, cannot be criticized.
So he says he's science.
I thought the nature of science was challenged.
Fauci's really concerned right now.
What do you expect to come out of these Twitter files?
The Twitter files are going to be a bombshell.
There's no doubt about it.
We learned through American First Legal that the CDC was actively meeting with Twitter Figuring out which accounts to censor, shadowban, how to channel information to give a message that's only positive on the vaccines, that is to suppress any information on treatment.
Look at 98% of people want to be on Twitter, Alex.
It's clear that I was giving the world a fair, balanced analysis of what's going on.
And you're right.
Yesterday, Anthony Fauci said that Twitter is a, quote, cesspool of information.
Well, I can tell you the CDC was taking Twitter very seriously.
It wasn't a cesspool at all.
In fact, it was a valuable source of scientific information.
And then finally, I've had my day and I'm back on Twitter.
I'm going to help other scientists go on.
Jay Bhattacharya, who's in my frequent contributor group at Fox News, Jay was invited to go into the Twitter headquarters.
And hopefully he made an impact.
I think he did.
Now, Jay has been one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.
He's really been focused on public health measures, lockdowns, masks, and just appropriate precautions for our seniors.
But Bhattacharya has been directly attacked by Fauci.
Bhattacharya must have made the case to let myself, other eminent scientists, back on Twitter.
And I'm going to continue the same, just bringing the world the truth And, you know, I reflexively do it across all the platforms.
I've built up Getter, TruSocial, Substack, and Telegram.
All right, well, regardless, if Musk isn't letting me back, he's still a hero for what he's doing.
I cannot deny the fruits of the tree.
And I like the direction he's moving in, so we should all support him in exactly.
Meeting with prominent, respected scientists.
And then freeing the other prominent scientist is critical to freedom on this planet.
Dr. Peter McCullough, I really appreciate you.
People can find you at drpetermcculloughmd.com.
I know you've also launched with some prominent folks a one-stop online medical consultation and prescription system that I know we're really promoting.
How do people find that?
It's the wellness company.
It is a nationwide alternative health system platform.
Go to TWC.health.
Sign up.
It's $10 a month for the cell phone app, access to doctors, medications, exemptions from taking the vaccine.
This is what a lot of people are looking for.
Alex, your show has been a wonderful supporter.
That's right.
The truth will set us free.
Thank you, doctor.
Talk to you next Tuesday.
Thank you.
When I grow up, I want to bring down the New World Order.
We now take you live.
Let that sink in.
We're the best there is.
And I say that very humbly, because I'm not that good.
But we're all we got.
I know you're...
Humble as well, but you understand, as viewers and listeners of this broadcast, you are the heart of the awakening.
You are the heart of the knowledge of how to address the New World Order, how to stop the New World Order, and how to build a new, better future for our species with God's divine intervention.
Look, obviously the big news today is the escalation in Russia, and I just keep every week reporting how the escalation gets worse, and we're out of control, and we're officially at war with Russia, and the U.S.
is helping bomb Russia, and Russia's now readying its mobile nukes.
This is a global emergency alert.
Russia readies ICBMs, threatens to nuke West after U.S.
Green Line's missile attacks on Russia.
This is insanity.
But why am I spending so much time on the poison shots?
Because it's the globalists that are the dominant power group in the world, allied with the chi-coms at one level, that are rolling these deadly shots out to collapse civilization, and if we can stop that aspect of the attack, we derail their whole operation.
It's very hard to get the public that's grown up Relatively safe and free, compared to what we're about to be, about nuclear war and, oh, a war in Russia, a war in Ukraine, in Central Europe, in Eastern Europe.
What's the big deal?
It's like another planet, but it's not another planet.
It's only 4,000 or 5,000 miles away.
So, I've been hammering the poison shots because at some place we're getting something done.
The situation with the United States and our troops over there fighting the Russians for years, but now it's official, is something that really makes me have anxiety.
And few things do.
Because it's so dangerous, it's so needless, it's so reckless, and the corrupt, decadent people running our world Get off on this, and they enjoy the brinksmanship and the danger.
That's why people go and they gamble.
They like to see the roulette wheel, and they like to see the cards dealt, and it gives people excitement, and it releases dopamine in the brain.
And as long as you're not a degenerate gambler and you just do it for fun, it's not a bad thing.
But we know it has a dangerous side.
Well, war just goes from bad to worse, and it's the ultimate drug.
We need to warn everybody we know about the situation.
We need to lay out how serious it is, the history of it, and where it's obviously going.
And we need to get right with God.
I want to get back to the poison shots, then I'm going to get into this news on the Russia-Ukraine escalation.
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The Great Recent War for the World.
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Edward Dowd that's coming on.
And all of this.
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All right, I'm going to hit the Russia news, the economy news, and then our special guest joins us.
Please stay with us.
Welcome back my friends.
I want to say something about nuclear war here and then I'm going to finish up with the medical news and get back into that.
Then get into the global economy being imploded by design with a real expert who's got the numbers and the facts been proven right.
I am not a fearful person.
I'm a person who likes to be prepared, likes to face things down.
And earlier at the start of the next segment, I remember when I was about 16, the first time I had an anxiety attack.
I probably only had 10 of them in my life.
And you feel like you can't breathe and everything's crazy and you're sick, something's wrong.
I remember the first time I'd had like four or five cups of coffee when I was a teacher's aide when I was 17.
In the first period, I just drank too much coffee that day.
I got up at like 4 a.m., jogged, lifted weights, ate breakfast, done some of my homework that was late, got to school at like 8 in the morning, drank more coffee, and I had an anxiety attack from too much coffee.
My mom said, hey, how many cups of coffee you had?
I said, I had five.
She said, you can't do that.
Next time I went to a cafeteria that was all you could eat, drank about six glasses of iced tea, had an anxiety attack.
So I learned not to get too much caffeine or I could have that.
I never really had any since then.
And now I only have about one cup of coffee a day or so.
But lately with this nuclear war stuff, I have been having anxiety attacks.
I started having one, started the last segment, when I looked at the news and was about to cover it, I just couldn't do it.
Because I have children.
And I'm pissed off.
And there's a really good chance we're all gonna die.
And I'm tired of this, and I'm sick of the New World Order, and I'm sick of the criminals that run Washington.
And I tell you, it's because I'm not turning this desk over and I'm not smashing stuff.
Because that's what I really feel like doing.
But instead of doing that, We need to take a deep breath and just pray to God to cause a global awakening, which is starting to happen, and that we just have peace.
And I know things aren't going to be perfect, and we know what Revelation looks like, and they had a big poll out this week, I didn't get to it yesterday, where upwards of half of Americans think we're in the end times.
Well, Nineveh was about to be destroyed, but God sent Jonah, and Nineveh was given a hundred year reprieve because they repented.
And so, God has ordained, God has set things up that are going to happen, but God also lets us choose our own adventure.
You know those little books for teenagers where they have three or four different endings and you choose your adventure by what page you turn to?
And so it's set what's going to happen, starting history, but it's also up to our will and what we do.
God gives us options.
And I can tell you at a gut level, a spiritual level, not just an intellectual level, not just a military level, but at a gut level, I can tell you this situation with Russia, and I don't think you need me to tell you this, is very dangerous and is ticking towards thermonuclear Armageddon.
And God said next time he'd destroy much of the earth, not with water, but with fire.
And so that's where we are. And it's what you expect to happen when they have drag queen story
That's a nice Shodom and Gomorrah signpost, or like a light on the oven telling you that, you know, the turkey's done.
And of course, the drag queen people that were at the White House are on record, there's an article on Infowars.com, I'm not going to quote it here on air, talking about sex with children.
Of course.
That's what goes on at the White House.
And you got mass smuggling going on by Biden, and now he's completely dissolving the border, getting rid of Title 42.
We are a cursed nation.
Let's just admit it.
it we turned away from God and look where we are now.
So it's a bunch of maniacs that want our children.
Now, I said I'd get to this first, so let's play these clips.
One is the Santas, one is a leading British MP, and then another A group based out of the UK, but represents 70 grassroots organizations all over the world.
Dr. Malhotra is one of the leaders of this group.
Let's just play clip 15, five and seven back to back.
Here they are.
A group based out of the UK, but represents 70 grassroots organizations
all over the world.
Dr. Malhotra is one of the leaders of this group.
The World Council for Health on June 11th, 2022 issued a pharmacovigilance report.
They analyzed all the vaccines, 39 safety systems, four big ones in the world, and they're all consistent.
There is an alarming signal of excess death after taking the vaccine.
An alarming signal.
Looking backwards, these vaccines should have come off the market in early January of 2021 for excess mortality.
People dying early after the vaccines, now dying late after the vaccines.
And this report is comprehensive.
It's about 20 pages long.
And I encourage anybody to say, listen, show me some evidence that the vaccines are harmful.
You know, don't do it on your own.
Just go to the World Council for Health.
This is a wonderful synthesis because it's all over the world.
And I can tell you in total, many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions of people have lost their lives with the vaccine.
This will go down as the biggest biological pharmaceutical safety disaster in the history of mankind by a mile.
This will go down worse than most wars in terms of mortality.
You know, part of this issue and other issues with COVID, you know, goes back to an attempt to enforce one acceptable narrative on all these issues.
And, you know, you saw it with the censorship of Dr. Bhattacharya with Twitter.
You also saw it with Dr. Fauci and some of these people saying that they needed to go after these people who wrote the Great Barrington Declaration.
They wanted to not contest the ideas in that.
They basically wanted to smear them because they didn't want to have any criticism.
Of their lockdown policies.
And so part of the reason I think it's been a bad response is because from the very beginning you had a lot of arrogance that it's our way or the highway and anyone that offers any type of a dissenting opinion.
And they were censoring from day one.
People that would write anti-lockdown things in March of 2020, April 2020,
some of those would get taken down off some of these big tech platforms.
And so we saw that over and over again.
And I think that ultimately, you know, your policies or your positions or
your analysis of this medical science should stand on its own.
And if it's not able to accept criticism, if you can't defend the policy against
valid criticism, then maybe you need to be looking in the mirror.
But that's not what these elites wanted to do.
They wanted to just cocoon themselves from any criticism and
to try to denigrate anybody that had a different way of thinking.
So I think with the Twitter, what Elon Musk is doing, I think there's gonna be a lot more that comes out with
And I think that that's very important.
But I think it's also important to say, you know, Twitter is not even close
to most of the censorship what was going on.
They're a much smaller company than like a Google or YouTube or some of these others.
And I guarantee you everything that was going on in Twitter is going on in these others, if not even more so.
And we got a sense of that when they went after us, uh, for, for having the, um, opposing the masks.
Having the experts oppose the masks for these young kids.
That's right.
Huge, organized, government-corporate combine censoring, persecuting, attacking, and calling for our arrest when we question things.
And wanting to arrest anti-vaxxers and all the rest of it.
So Dr.
McCullough exposed what's going on.
Governor DeSantis exposed what goes on.
A member of Parliament in the UK, Andrew Bridgen, also has been talking about what whistleblowers are telling him.
But we've known this for years and years.
You heard the key that DeSantis laid out there.
He said day one they were suppressing everybody because they knew what they were doing.
And that's why this is life and death.
We're going to be in a permanent biomedical tyranny where they kill us with shots.
And where it's normalized that people just die everywhere and we just get used to it.
And then everybody just goes along with it because no one wants to admit it's happening.
Mass Stockholm Syndrome, that's their attempt and goal.
Remember I met with a top globalist once.
I was on an airplane with him for three hours flying to New York.
And I recognized, you're the head of the major bank.
Yeah, this is off-record Alex, I'll tell you.
And he just said they're gonna adapt to being slaves.
You don't get it.
You think they're gonna adapt and overcome like you do?
You should join us because you overcome.
They don't overcome.
They're gonna submit to whatever we do.
Well, no we're not!
No we're not!
And I'm not signing on to mass murder!
As if anybody's gonna be safe in this future system with you people.
So we'll end the clip with a Member of Parliament and then start the second hour with our special guest that you, believe me, do not want to miss what's coming up in the next hour.
Go ahead and play this clip.
Madam Deputy Speaker, it's also been brought to my attention by a whistleblower, from a very reliable source, that one of these institutions is covering up clear data that reveals the mRNA vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries.
They are covering this up in fear that they may lose funding from the pharmaceutical industry The leader of that cardiology research department has a prominent leadership role with the British Heart Foundation and I'm very disappointed to say that he has sent out non-disclosure agreements to his research team to ensure that this important data never sees the light of day.
This, Madam Speaker, is an absolute disgrace.
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a true 360 web.
Well, the Pentagon has publicly greenlit the cruise missile attacks inside Russia that have been going on for a week
and a half.
We can see a Russian tank, we can see a Russian APC, we can see a Russian missile get launched, and that information gets fed to the Ukrainians, and they could actually act on it almost immediately, which is something I think the Russians never contemplated.
Well, if Putin didn't contemplate that and his intelligence services didn't contemplate that, they're idiots.
Because I knew it, and I told you that.
Oh, the spin is, when the Russians fire a missile, we give them a live time.
Like when Ukraine fired those missiles into Poland to blame it on Putin and try to get a nuclear war going?
A month ago?
This is a very dramatic potential escalation, obviously, because Poland is a NATO country.
There were ongoing cruise missile attacks being carried out in the west of Ukraine, close to Poland's border, at the time that these Shall we play a game?
on Polish territory. It is conceivable that they are Russian missiles.
I'm not pro-Russia. I'm pro-non-nuclear war.
Shall we play a game?
How about global thermonuclear war?
And Russia's got its problems and has committed its crimes.
But compared to the New World Order, they are amateurs, ladies and gentlemen.
But they've got a giant nuclear weapons arsenal.
They're being pushed into a corner, and now Putin's threatening nuclear war.
Russia might as well be fighting Martians right now.
The technology's 30, 40 years in advance.
Can Russia deploy tens of thousands of one-man team launched?
One guy can put two switchblades on his back, and those switchblades can go out and take out multiple Russian vehicles.
Over the top dangerous.
The Pentagon is greenlit.
You've been seeing for two weeks, or 12 days, almost two weeks, daily cruise missile attacks into Russia.
Blowing up military bases.
So Putin goes, OK, I may do a first strike with nukes.
I said I wouldn't, but now I may.
I mean, this is just huge.
And now we have strikes at at least three bases inside of Russia.
And for him, that is very worrying because now he knows that Ukraine could hit.
I mean, we're talking about very close to Moscow, right?
This is the center of the Kremlin and the center of Russian economy and power.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the year 2022.
And everything else, quite frankly, pales in significance.
Now, now, why has war already started and why is more war coming?
Because they're at the end of a currency bubble.
They need a big global emergency to be able to basically make us forget that this is a giant Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff and FTX and the tulip mania that, you know, happened hundreds of years ago, pale in significance.
Do you hate America?
You know, in fact, I'm knowing many males.
I figure out we're sharing way more common.
Maybe America is very much similar.
Look, it's the same size, they have a... It's the same kind of this.
And when you talk to them, there is nothing there even to biff about.
We are naturally, you know, born not to be enemies.
And whenever there's conflict, it's elites.
You know, every... You know, American I met in the prison, who is from rural area, was very easy to deal with.
He has no problem with Russia, and he was curious about Russia, despite all propaganda.
They're losing their Christian values.
They're losing their families.
They're losing, literally, their countries.
You'll be laying in your bed one night, we're gonna be driving down the highway after work, and there'll be big flashes, you see, and then ten seconds later your car's gonna be overturned, probably on fire, and then life as you know it's over.
You won't get back to your family.
There'll be mass starvation and death, and there'll be a new, literal Dark Age, with enough dust in the atmosphere to cause a mini Ice Age, and they estimate 7 billion people will die in a nuclear war.
There'll be maybe 500 million left, which is what these death cult people fetish all day long.
Alright folks, Edward Dowd is about to cover the most important issues, the economy, the poison shots, and more.
Stay with us.
Well, in the last few years, Edward Dowd has made a lot of predictions that have come absolutely true, unfortunately.
And he has become a very, very well-known, respected analyst who's already a big Wall Street analyst and stock picker.
He's an ex-Wall Street professional, worked at HSBC, Donaldson, Lufkin, and other, BlackRock.
He's worked all over Wall Street, the sell side, the buy side, export and fixed income and equities capital markets.
He's currently working with folks around the world and major whistleblowers that he said will be coming forward and are now statisticians.
Top statisticians saying we're seeing between 11 and 18 percent in the Western world and countries that took the shots increase in mortality bigger than we even saw in World War II and just On Friday, the big actuary government-slash-corporate consortium in Australia came out and said a 13% increase in death.
Unprecedented in history.
The previous ones were 3-4%.
Those are seen as massive.
So there's no doubt this is going on.
The question is, how bad is it and what's coming next?
Because we don't yet know the long-term effects.
Similar mRNA killed a lot of the mice up front, but definitely cut the other lives short.
Usually about 50%, depending on the studies we covered here, that Fauci, by the way, conducted at the University of Texas in 2012 to 2015 and continuing on.
So, we have grand juries being impaneled at the state level.
In Florida to investigate this.
We have so much happening.
So to give us the latest numbers and data and what he testified in Senator Ron Johnson's hearings on is Edward Dowd.
And he's also going to get into the controlled worldwide recession, depression that's being carried out in the Great Reset and what he believes is coming next.
Now we can prepare for it.
So Mr. Dowd, thank you so much for joining us on Twitter at Dowdward or on Getter at Edward Dowd.
And so he is joining us now.
Thank you so much for coming on.
Thanks for having me again on Alex, appreciate the time.
Twitter still banned, got banned in June, still not reinstated.
So I'm not on Twitter, just on getter at Edward Dabb.
Yeah, I testified last week for Ron Johnson, and I just recently wrote a book called Cause Unknown, The Epidemic of Sudden Death in 21 and 22.
It's now available in hard copy at Skyhorse Publishing and Amazon.
Basically, the book is for the marginal mind.
We stay away from the who and why.
We just establish it's true and it's happening, just like you said.
It is happening.
It's devastating.
My thesis in the book is that it's the vaccines.
If anybody else has another explanation, I'd love to hear it.
But what we do know is there's crickets from our health authorities, not just in the U.S., but globally as well.
But here's the bottom line.
Let me tell you what I told Senator Ron Johnson.
And let me just interrupt you because I wanted to get you on.
I talked to Tony at Skyhorse, and then the main reason you're on is about the book, but I've been trying to get you on for a few weeks, and then I get off into all the other subjects.
Take some time.
The book is so critical.
Tell people about Cause Unknown.
This is so important.
Well, I can wrap the book into current events as well.
So, the bottom line is the book establishes my curiosity into the anecdotal evidence that started popping up for me personally in March, April of 21.
I started seeing, you know, illnesses and deaths in my friend circle.
And then, of course, I was seeing early on the sudden athletic deaths all over the globe.
And the book basically establishes that The sudden athletic deaths, the most elite fit amongst us, does not happen at the rate that we're currently seeing, okay?
The bottom line is before 2021, there was a study called the Lussain study that over 38 years determined there were 29 sudden athletic deaths under the age of 30 globally.
We can't go without a month We'd be lucky to get a month with 29, just 29.
We have months now with 90, 100, 110, 120.
We have thousands and thousands of these cases now.
We just had three reporters die and now they've confirmed one of them is aorta blue and he was in shape.
So this is just at the World Cup.
And it seems to be accelerating at a pace that we can get into later on in our discussion about what I see going forward.
But the bottom line I establish in the book, is it true?
Yes, it's true.
Is excess mortality on the rise across the globe?
What is the big change?
From 2020, most of the old people died of COVID pre-vaccine.
In 2021 and 2022, there's been a mixed shift to younger folks.
I establish that in the book.
My thesis is the vaccine.
We have Forward by Bobby Kennedy and afterward by Gavin De Becker, who was the man who pitched me the book with Tony Lyons.
And he was also my editor.
And it's a great compendium of facts, figures, data, Wall Street, a way to look at this via the Wall Street viewpoint, which is mine.
And we also have news that you might not have seen.
So this is a primer for those that don't know what's going on.
It comes at it without getting into who and why.
so we don't assault their worldview.
We just want them to know it's true, and if they have a better explanation, love to hear it.
But this is devastating.
And let's expand on that, 'cause a lot of people, humans are designed,
when we get attacked, to actually get over it and move on, move forward.
That's one blind spot conservatives and hard workers have, is we're like, yeah, we know we got it, let's move on.
No, this is the opening salvo, and you bridge the two in the Great Reset,
in your analysis.
That's why this is so important, is this is just the beginning of their war against us,
So we better get dialed in right now.
And, you know, because the global health authorities are not admitting to this, in my book I conclude with this.
Forget the who and why.
They see the data we see, and now it's a global cover-up, and especially in the U.S., no action's been taken.
At least Denmark, who was devastated by the vaccine, stopped their vaccination program under 50 while I was writing the book.
That's in my book.
And the bottom line is they saw excess deaths rise every year for over 2020.
2021 was over 2020.
2022 is over 21 across all age groups.
They're one of the most vaccinated countries.
And they said, Quote, it's better to get COVID than to take the vaccine under 50, which is a Orwellian double speak for the vaccine will kill you more than COVID would.
So let's pull back.
I don't want to give you the floor to walk through all this ties and economics, what's happening financially, but.
Obviously, the deep state social engineer, Big Pharma, did this as a test to see what they can get away with.
I think they failed the test.
I think they're really scared right now as all these top people call for their prosecution and grand juries are opening up.
I mean, if you looked at this as a sick, sudden death football game where people actually die, I think we've been losing the first half.
We're now going into the end of the third quarter and we actually have the ball and have actually surpassed the enemy.
But now this thing is very, very close.
I agree.
When I was with Senator Johnson last week, I told him personally that I think this is a national security issue because the bottom line is this, the data that we've amassed and it's in the book, it was detrimental to your health to be employed in 2021 and 2022.
Bottom line.
End of story.
The data suggests that.
Two different data sets.
I can walk through that real quickly, but the bottom line is the most able-bodied amongst us seem to be dying more and getting disabled more than the general population, which has, of course, those who weren't vaccinated.
So the general population is usually much less healthier than the employed population of the country.
And just 2 numbers, 2 different data sets.
The side of actuaries came out with a report in August, not my numbers, they verified our numbers that we had in March, but they said 40% excess mortality in their specific subset of the population, group like policyholders from ages 25 to 64.
They're generally speaking a more healthy population than the general population, and the society has done studies to prove that.
They die at a rate of about a third that of the general population in any given year.
In 2021, that flipped.
Their excess death, as I said, was 40%.
And the general population was 32.
So boom, that's smoking gun number one.
You go to a different data set, U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is monthly surveyed as the employment report.
Disability was running around 29 to 30 million for the prior four or five years.
It shot up beginning around February, May timeframe of 21 to about 33.2 million as of September.
It's come off a little bit with an October, November data.
But when we when we delve into the data, what do we find?
We find That the employed population, their rate of disability increased 26% as of September, and the general overall population increased 11%.
Again, that shouldn't be happening.
We also saw the rate of change, year-over-year rate of change was, in Wall Street speak, a three standard deviation event, which in my world doesn't happen all that often.
Happens 0.03% of the time.
So something happened and it was, you know, obviously in my humble opinion, the vaccines.
I'm 100% sure of that.
I'm convicted.
Edward Dowd, stay there.
Let's come back and talk about what this means to civilization and so much more.
For folks that don't know, if you don't have 2.1% replacement rate, society collapses.
They want the planet for themselves, my friends.
And if we're so stupid we let them kill us, we deserve it.
Except the children don't deserve it, do they?
And I looked, and behold, a pale horse.
And he that sat on the horse was named Death.
Another translation is, I looked, and behold, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
The Book of Revelation.
Very serious times to be alive, folks.
They're not just doing this as a one-off.
This is the beginning of the rest of our lives.
This is our fight.
And I'm proud of humanity.
The Globalists even admit it's leaked.
They're very upset that they're losing and that this hasn't gone the way they thought it would.
They are licking their wounds.
They're going to come back.
The Empire's going to strike back.
Edward Dowdy, we're getting into the actuaries, the government numbers, the facts that are undisputed now.
Years after you first was warning of it, that indeed this is directly correlated to these shots and they know it and they're covering it up.
Please continue.
Yeah, so the bottom line, it's true.
It's happening.
What we need to know is this, it's crickets in the mainstream media, it's cricket from the global health authorities and global governments.
So it's the biggest cover-up in crime that I've ever seen.
And the mission now for everybody out there that's, you know, you know, in the choir already, is to convince the marginal mind of what's going on.
And, you know, this is what I call the greatest asymptomatic, asymmetric information gap of my lifetime in my financial career.
And so about 10-20% of us know what's going on, the other 80-90% don't.
And we tip and win when everybody first realizes that this has happened and it's true.
We can figure out who did what later, so a lot of people can't accept that something this evil might have happened.
But just convince them it's happened, and they can buy down to the fact that there's a cover-up.
And that, you know, pharma companies aren't there to help you.
They've been accused of crimes in the past.
So the clarion call is to convince the marginal mind.
Everyone has to get off the bench and out onto the field.
Well, they've not just been accused.
I mean, people like Bayer knowingly gave millions of people HIV and hepatitis at Factor VIII, knew it was happening, and just didn't care.
And other companies knew that Vioxx killed millions around the world, and they just didn't care.
In fact, they like it.
Sorry, go ahead.
But Pfizer was found guilty of, I think, sales tactics that went against the law and they had to pay like a $2.2 billion fine in the early 2000s.
I forget the drug.
But, you know, pharma is not your friend.
Their job is to sell new patented drugs and not push forward over-the-counter drugs or repurpose drugs.
And that's what they do.
They're there for the bottom line.
They're not there for your health.
They treat symptoms.
They don't treat the root cause.
They don't want to cure anything.
Goldman Sachs wrote a research report about this several years ago saying that curing the disease
is not a good business model because once you cure the patients, the cash flow stops.
So it's about treating symptoms, not root causes.
We know this and they're not your friend.
And for some reason, through the propaganda campaigns done on us by pharma, the media companies,
and the government was involved, it looks like there was a military grade sign-off
to get people to take these jabs.
You gotta break the spell.
And the spell is this, it's happening, it's true, and it's going on.
And this is what I'm offering in my book and at our finance technologies website,
the Humanity Project, it's phinancetechnologies.com, Humanity Project.
We have all the data, we have every country there.
We're offering you the missing information, the information that your global governments
aren't presenting to you.
And if they were normal and they weren't corrupt, this would have ended probably in January, February of 2021
when Dr. McCullough and the other doctors saw the bear signals fire off.
You know, the swine flu in 76 stopped after 25 deaths, the swine flu vaccine fiasco, 25 deaths.
Here we have, reported in VAERS, I think north 15,000 now.
This is a disaster.
And the under-reporting factor in VAERS is, you know, some people have calculated it as 40.
So, you do the math on that, and it's a disaster, and it's happening globally.
I'm at the point where I know the fight we're in.
I know what my job is.
My job is to continue to get the message out, knowing that, you know, this is a grind and it's going to be a slow grind.
It happens faster if everybody gets involved.
It can't just be those of us like you, Alex, and others talking.
Everybody has to grab someone and show them what's going on.
And my book is a good Christmas present to do that because it's just the facts, ma'am.
It establishes that it's true.
I don't assault people's worldviews.
You know, I have a theory of the case of why this went down, but that's not in the book.
We made a decision to kill that in the book because we wanted to reach as many minds as possible.
But let's talk about your well-researched motive or key bono of who and why they did this.
Yeah, I mean, this is again my speculation, but my speculation makes a lot of sense to a lot of people.
I did a speech at the AFA, American Freedom Alliance Conference, October 1st, and there's a video on Rumble that has been flying around Wall Street, and a lot of people on Wall Street have reached out to me quietly and say that they agree with me.
So the theory of the case is this.
We have a global sovereign debt problem.
After the great financial crisis, all the fraud from the banks went onto the balance sheets of the central banks, and the global government spent like drunken sailors.
So we've kind of been in a zombie economy globally for 12 years, where asset prices rose due to money printing and whatnot.
And, you know, those who are the closest to the printing press, Like CEOs and CFOs, you get stock options, hedge fund managers, real estate developers, and obviously government politicians did quite well.
And everybody's kind of been left behind.
And the problem now is it's a debt-based dollar system.
And that means that you need constant credit creation.
And eventually, the global U.S.
dollar debt scenario has reached every, you know, the four corners of the earth and it needs constant growth.
Well, it stopped growing in 2019.
We're about to go into a global economic recession.
And then, mysteriously, COVID comes along.
Again, we can get into whether that was planned or used as an excuse.
It doesn't really matter.
But the bottom line is this.
COVID gave the Fed and central bankers cover to print unprecedented amounts of money.
The Fed printed 65% money, the greatest money printing fiasco ever seen.
And that's only kept the system afloat for two years.
Now we're collapsing again.
And we can talk about that.
We can talk about the vaccines and how they're going to play into the economic situation for years to come.
But the bottom line is.
I woke up when I saw Federal Reserve President.
James Bullard speak on Face the Nation, you know, a couple weeks after the lockdowns, I think it was April 3rd of 2020, and he talked about reopening the economy but with surveillance technologies and immunity badges and testing, which was a precursor to the, you know, vaccine passport and the vaccines.
And I said to myself, why is the central banker even talking about this?
And then it dawned on me that if you're gonna have a global sovereign debt collapse,
wouldn't it be nice to have a control system to herd the population through fear,
prevent protests, to use them as excuses to clamp down on the population.
And all you need to look to is China.
China is imploding economically.
They reached a demographic wall in 2020.
My partner Carlos Alegria at Finance Technologies wrote a book on this, Economics, Demographics, and Global Debt.
And they hit a wall in 2020.
And now they're on a population decline and that affects their economy.
Their growth rate is going forward.
Alright, Edward Elst, stay there.
This is the key to everything.
Why are the globalists doing this?
It's all right there.
When you actually read what the World Economic Forum is saying, they basically admit it.
We'll be right back.
And Edward Dowd.
Now, we have a huge audience, millions of people, and I love you all.
And I know that in the old days, I covered a lot of serious topics, but I also had fun and played clips of leftists acting like idiots and crime scene stuff and things that I thought was interesting, too, because I wanted to have fun on the show.
We don't do really any of that here.
And, you know, maybe I'm wrong.
But I just can't help but hammer, let's stop nuclear war, let's stop the border implosion, let's stop the poison shots.
Let's understand we've got a really criminal, predatory, global bureaucracy that is going to the military industrial complex and saying, fix our problems.
We've got all these old people, how do we euthanize them?
How do we set up death panels?
How do we normalize this in the public?
We just can't afford it.
And that's really what they're doing.
And it's, of course, they're not cutting any of their carbon footprint.
They're not going to live on carbon rations.
They're not going to eat bugs.
You are.
So this is the authoritarian threat of all threats.
And you got caught off getting into your colleague's book on China and why they're in so much trouble and why they're on board with this whole globalist operation.
So, Edward Dowd, please continue where you left off.
Yeah, sure.
No problem.
The bottom line is that China is demographically imploding, which is going to drive their economy through long-term growth rates of 2% to 3% GDP.
to 3% GDP. They've been growing 12%, 10%, 7%, 8% for the last 30 years, and that is
basically what's kept them afloat.
They're now in an economic nosedive.
Their debt is coming due.
They have real estate debt problems, cities, ghost cities, infrastructure that leads to nowhere.
And that's coming home to roost, and they can't employ their people.
And that's what we're seeing with these riots that started becoming public recently.
The riots have been going on for a while, and their zero COVID policy is cover.
It's covered to prevent those riots.
Yes, some of the protests are against the lockdowns, but when you get enough people that are unemployed and can't feed their families, they all start to talk to each other and they come into the streets.
So that's really what's going on in China, and it's very dangerous for the rest of the globe.
It has geopolitical implications.
When you're a power like China, and I learned early on in the early 2000s when our energy guys were going to visit China, because energy was a big part of China's growth, They came back and they said one of the things that the Chinese authorities fear the most is their own people.
And their number one goal is to keep jobs growing so they can keep their people from, you know, protesting against the, you know, the authoritarian ways.
If you keep them fed and happy, you can stay in power.
Right now they're worried about staying in power.
So they're going to have to create a global boogeyman and create the other enemy outside their own borders so the finger can't be pointed at them.
And if you don't think the DoD knows this, and they had the same analysis that I have, you know, you're naive, because...
I've had someone from a three-letter agency approach me after I talked on Bannon about the zero COVID policy and what it was really about, and they were curious where I got my information.
And I said, no, it's just analysis.
This is analysis of history and how the world works.
You've done this your whole career, Alex.
You and I and others, we can put together the dots, come up with a theory of the case that's pretty close to the truth.
So, what I'm telling you about COVID lockdowns, I think is dead spot on.
It's a system of control to prevent internal populations from rioting.
End of story.
And to train them to have less resources and to think even being let out of their house is a new freedom.
So it's a lowering of expectations in civilization.
It's basically a lowering of standard of living and a cover for depopulation of the old people and others.
So if you agree with me and I agree with you that their plans not going too well, China just suddenly turned off
their lockdowns because it blew up their face.
It went the opposite direction.
How is this global combine, different organizations, different groups, but all testing the same sciences of
What are they going to do next then?
Well, I guess I just found out this weekend that there was a tabletop exercise
called global contagion where at this time the virus affects and kills children.
It was run by the same folks that brought you Event 201.
So maybe they release, or you know, mysteriously, coincidentally, some other deadly virus that we now have to be in fear about again.
I suspect regional wars, tactical nukes will probably go off at some point.
I don't think they're going to launch the ICBMs, but I expect war in the next 12 to 24 months.
I mean, you have to cover up what's going on.
Like you said, it's being exposed.
My book is basically just showing what just happened globally.
We poisoned about 5 billion people.
I'm not saying that everyone is going to die.
I think there's a lot of ways to reverse these processes, and the human body is an amazing thing.
But once people discover that they've been poisoned by their own governments, either on purpose or inadvertently, and propagandize into taking these shots, I think there's going to be a lot of What I call chaotic disruption in all our institutions and it has to happen.
It's going to happen.
Does it happen peacefully or does it happen violently?
I don't want people to go into the violent mode.
We're going to do this the old-fashioned way, blocking and tackling to the legal system.
And that's why the information war is critical.
Everybody's got to become an activist.
Speak at the school board.
Speak at the university board.
Speak at the county board.
Speak at everything.
Call into C-SPAN.
You may think that's just a little thing, but there's billions of us.
If we all do a little, it will just absolutely stop them.
And I think that's really the good news at the end of the day, is they admitted that they were going to try to have a controlled collapse, so the big collapse that's coming, they can pose as the saviors.
But instead, they're now getting the blame.
The globalists are in trouble.
And so now they're not in a position to really carry out the next phase of this.
But even Bill Gates said two years ago, they said, well, what comes next?
He said, well, I believe this is just a test.
Said it on NBC News.
He said, I believe terrorists are going to release a new weapon.
And when he talks about terrorists, he's talking about Himself and them and so yeah, they love to brag very Esoterically, but you could I've learned how they operate over the years that when they say something you can bet they're planning it They usually carry it out, but the more we can get in their face and start prosecuting them I think that will back them down from the next event
I agree.
I think they're losing badly.
The narrative's collapsing.
You know, Governor DeSantis has got the state's Attorney General looking into this, and that's how we defeated Big Tobacco with their lies.
There were a lot of individual suits and cases.
They all got dismissed because they couldn't prove a causation of smoking and the death.
But what the state's AG's did is once they got on board, they started to get discovery.
And I think what we need is discovery.
We need to shine light on what's been going on.
And I'd like to see other states join Governor DeSantis in probing what's going on at Pfizer.
And you said something earlier on your show, I was listening before I came on, that if we break And expose this vaccine issue, it pierces the veil for a whole host of other things.
So that's why I'm solely focused on bringing this to a halt in an end.
And once the general population wakes up to what just happened to them.
that opens their mind and then they start to question many many things.
And that's right the big domino is this we because other stuff we want to stop nuclear
war may not be able to like you said at least tactical because the globalists want it but
something like this the public's understanding it we can push this domino over and then it'll
knock the others down. Exactly.
I call this their bridge too far.
I don't think they understood that, you know, there's a lot of people in the system who are unwittingly serving the system.
They don't know what they're doing and they were forced to take these jabs or even, you know, ran to go get them.
And once they realize they've been betrayed, the trust in all institutions is going to evaporate.
It's going to be chaotic.
It's going to be lots of Chaos, financial chaos.
But, you know, if you keep your head and wits about you, stay healthy, you know, focus on your spirituality and your mindset.
We're going to get to the other side.
It's going to be a renaissance.
We're going to build a new world.
Now, I don't know how long, you know, the chaos period lasts, but the quicker the average marginal mind wakes up, the quicker the chaos ends.
Edward Dowd, I'm very impressed with you and the silver lining in this whole evil is I get to meet all the great people like you and Peter McCullough.
And countless others.
We're going to find out who's who, currently and in the near future.
And I agree with you, a new renaissance is ahead if we can just defeat these nihilistic depopulationists, globalists who don't believe in humanity.
Edward Dowd, the new book from Skyhorse Publishing, Cause Unknown, The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths, 2021-2022.
Ed Dowd, congratulations for your great work and I'm just blessed to know you, sir.
Blessed to know you too, and thank you for all you've done in exposing what's going on.
And if it wasn't for people like you and other independent news, you are the news media.
I have hedge fund managers tell me they watch War Room and InfoWars because the other channels, there's no signal there.
It's just noise.
Thank you so much, Edward.
We'll be back with news.
Folks, I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm just trying to get you ready.
And I'm right here with you.
I'm not ready yet either.
And through all my anger at the New World Order, it doesn't even show up on a Richter scale, that I'm here because I love my family.
And if my family's going to live in a good world, that means your family's got to live in a good world.
And I love your family as well.
I have a lot of empathy for everybody.
And we're going to make it through this.
But if you study history, time and time again, really evil, corrupt groups From time to time, get control.
And they just want to kill people, and starve people, and mind control people, and do bad things.
And the good people out there, who actually have a conscience to care, brings tears to my eyes thinking about my family.
We got a job to do.
And we're going to do it.
And I know how powerful humanity is.
We're built by God.
We're made by God, in God's image.
And I know we can do this.
We don't have a choice.
And the only question is, how bad is it going to get until we cry out to God?
How bad is it going to get until we finally realize the devil's real?
How bad is it going to get until we realize this is a spiritual battle?
Now, when we ended the show yesterday, we had seven, eight callers still on hold, and I don't like leaving folks on hold.
So, a lot of them gave us their names and numbers.
We're going to call them right now and get them on the phone system, but don't start calling yet, because we've got to have the phone system open to call these folks back.
And then as soon as we get those callers back online, I'll give the general number out for everybody else in the third hour into the fourth hour today.
So, let's talk about the real issues here.
Ron Paul says the mother of all economic crises will lead to social unrest and violence.
Yes, that's true, Ron Paul.
And the WEF admits that and admits they've been engineering that.
How do you defeat that?
You stop their policies.
But the policies they get through, we blame on them because they did it.
They cut the pipelines off.
They shut down the economy.
They opened the borders.
This is a blame game, folks.
Because if we don't blame the people that did this, they're going to pose as the saviors.
And I know you know that, but you better go tell your city...
The audience calls in and thanks me, and the reason I say stop that is we're all in a lifeboat together, and we've got a leak, and we can fix the leak together.
We don't need to thank each other for it.
Let's just fix it.
We're surviving here.
We're trying to prevail here, and it is not correct to thank me for what I'm doing.
I just want you to help me.
And I want you to realize how important you are, and how there's millions of you listening right now, and if you just take action, in little ways, we'll fix all this.
It won't be perfect, I'm not offering a utopia, but it'll certainly be the opposite of what we got, people trying to collapse civilization on purpose.
We have to recognize them, we have to expose them, we have to stop them, and we have to prosecute them, not out of some vengeful thing, But because they need the fear of God put in to them.
People ask me, how do you go through the attacks?
How do you go through the demonization and not be fearful?
Well, it's because I am fearful.
Because I know God's watching.
And I don't want my family destroyed.
And I don't want you destroyed.
And I am naturally concerned about the globalists are doing, and I realize only countering them, only fighting them, gives us any chance.
This is not some heroic action here, like, oh Alex Jones is battling them, that's special.
You'd have to be a crazy person to go along with this.
I'm coming up for air, folks.
I'm doing the default position of what you're supposed to do.
What Alex Jones does is not some wondrous, magic, pat him on the back thing.
If you wake up at night and your house is on fire, you get your kids out.
It's not heroic to get your kids out.
And our house is on fire.
We're in a lot of trouble.
And until we wake up to that fact, we don't have a hope.
But it's the minute we wake up, we have more than hope.
We have guaranteed victory still.
But as things progress... Winston Churchill, I butcher it, I paraphrase it, it's in one of his books, I read five or six of his books, I forget which one, but he said there's... Most people in their life are run over by history.
And by big events.
And most people get run over by it and get up and dust themselves off and forget that it happened and just decide to ignore what's going on.
But a minority of people, what you call great men and great leaders and great women, are people that get hit by that adversity, and hit by that tyranny, and run over by that thing in history, and they decide to actually do something about it.
And it's those people that history and all the good things we've got rest on.
Well, we got to put money back in the bank for our children.
A lot of folks put a lot of stuff in the bank for us and went through a lot of sacrifices for us.
And now we're going to have to do it again right now.
And here's the great part about this equation.
As the tyranny grew and the corruption grew, but there was still so much liberty in the gas tank, you know, 30, 40, 50 years ago, you could say it was heroic to battle tyranny back then, because you were going to get persecuted, you were going to get attacked, because it was taken over then.
Now it's been in charge a while.
It's already eaten through almost everything.
It's already ruined everything.
And so now, battling tyranny is self-preservation.
Battling tyranny is the only option you've got, other than I guess some people I've learned from the show, They don't decide to fight the New World Order.
They don't decide to fight tyranny.
They don't decide to do anything.
For the good guys, they decide to join with evil because, well, if it's taken over and it's that bad and I can get ahead of I work for it, they go and they join with it in the final phases.
Well, if you don't care about losing your soul, Then yeah, if you joined evil 30, 40 years ago for power, you got a lot of power and money and control out of it.
But you still lose your soul.
You still sided with evil.
You still resonate with that force.
That becomes what you are.
But now at the end, no one should be going along with this.
It's a bad bet.
It's a scam.
It's a fraud.
We're going to start the next hour.
We're going to give the phone number out.
We're going to take your calls.
I've got a ton of news and clips and just so much I'm going to get to, but I'm going to get to your calls.
I'm going to get to a lot of them.
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Your phone calls in more.
Straight ahead.
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When you have U.S.
Senators in both parties saying we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia first, and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before, what do you think that makes the Russians do?
at m4warrestore.com u_s_ senators in both parties saying we may need to go
ahead and nuke russia first and the russians are aware that's almost happened
mode I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
before what do you think that makes the russians do? Well it makes them go into war
Only one level above that on their DEFCON, just like our system, and that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems they can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
That's a Pentagon lie that Russia developed systems that we don't have.
It's on record the U.S.
has those systems.
The point is, it's called mutually assured destruction or MAD for a reason.
Because anyone that would violate the MAD doctrine is insane.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
Especially when Russia's not starting a fight with us.
And especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia, when that was all a giant lie.
the globalists are the outside evil force.
Merry Christmas!
It's called the Great Reset, tough guy.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta's about to have nuclear war.
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out, yeah.
This is real.
This is not... This is not a freaking game to me, man.
People are already starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
You know, you never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God.
Yeah, God can do it.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be the truth.
I'm upset.
I'm really... I told you last night.
I said, what's wrong with you?
Really freaked out.
I'm like, yeah, I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out.
You see, because this is real.
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real.
And we're going into a time now where we're not gonna be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the gaudalas... I mean... We won't be here in six months.
You won't be here in six months.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars comes to mind.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Nice guy.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who InfoWars is.
Look at this joke over here.
That's why the de-platforming didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back and take your calls.
We accept the truth and buck the system and the group collective.
Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the InfoWar.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with your phone calls in 60 seconds.
That's right, we're in the belly of the beast here, coming to you from embattled Texas.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, look, I got so many clips, so many news items, so much amazing stuff to cover, but nothing's more amazing than the wild card of taking your phone call, something they hate, the people being able to dial into a show and talk conservatively, millions, several million listening every 15 minutes, millions, millions, five, six million tuning in every day conservatively.
And so, this is what it's all about.
We're talking to Tyler, and Daryl, and David, and Aaron, and Mason, and Here to Read, and Gary, and Eben, and Rob, and Bone Crusher, and One Card Monty.
Calls from Hawaii to New Jersey, from North Carolina to Kentucky, from California to Illinois.
Your calls are coming up right now, and I want to go to A caller in New York first, because the globalists love to tell you what they're about to do, and they go, soon the power will go out.
Terrorists are going to hit it.
And that sounds more like Schwarzenegger than Klaus Schwab, but the point, we penetrate the governments, so your power will soon be out, and we will take over, and don't get used to having power anymore.
Cyber outages will make COVID look like a happy time.
These are basically quotes.
And so, yeah, they're losing, but they're in control of the infrastructure, and they've got the general public domesticated, including me.
I mean, I know how to skin a buck, run a trot line, I know how to grow a garden, and I'm, like, way more woodsy than, like, 90% of people.
But if you compared me to, say, my grandmother, or my grandfather, my dad's parents, or their parents, I'm an idiot.
So, a country boy can survive.
Because you can't starve us out and you can't make us run.
Because these old boys are raised on shotguns.
We say grace, we say amen, and if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
But let's come to the next segment with that.
I got two versions in there.
I want to cut right to the best part of the song.
I don't want to play the song from the start.
Play it from right to that little part of the stanza there.
I think that's what they call it.
So, yeah, we need to be having our head on a swivel right now and getting as prepared as we can.
So Tyler in New York, you want to talk about that?
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I read an article a couple days ago.
I can't remember who it was from.
I remember reading that from January to August of this year that we had, what they thought was intentional, over a hundred attacks on our electrical grids and substations.
And then I know that we had that big one in North Carolina.
And in Washington and all over the place.
Yeah, Pacific Northwest and that one in Washington.
I know they kind of just wanted to blame on Trump supporter terrorists.
How many times have I said they're going to blow the power grid up and say Trump supporters did it?
And so I wondered, because it just kind of seemed to get memory hole, and I don't really see anyone talking about it.
And I know there's a lot of other stuff going on, but... Well, it was globalists cut off most of the pipelines in the country.
And yeah, they're going to cut off a few pipelines soon and say, we did it, to blame the total collapse they've already caused.
You understand?
Oh, the thousand pipelines we shut down, or plus, didn't do it.
It was this one got blown up by some Trump supporter.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, so I just kind of noticed that no one's really been talking about it, and it seems like a big deal.
But Klaus Schwab's talking about it.
He's priming everybody for it, isn't he?
So I just wondered if maybe you were looking into it, or... I mean, they are salivating over the power grib.
They want an excuse to cut off the main internet and claim terrorists hit it, so they can then only push their message on the web.
Quote, Obama's internet kill switch.
That's what this is.
and there's just degrees of the kill switch. So the surveillance, the censorship, the control,
the blocking of websites, that's just phase one. And then they can do a total outage and rewire
and reroute if they want all websites in any region they control like China does,
they can reroute everybody to their message. Yeah. Yeah, I was just curious if maybe you
knew more about it or why things are.
Good points, Tyler.
Thank you so much.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mason in California.
You're on the air.
with vaccines but that seems pretty important to kind of just not really be
talked about seems to be going on. Absolutely brother good points Tyler
thank you so much let's go ahead and talk to Mason in California you're on
the air go ahead. Hey I just want to talk about some of these zionist lies.
So, I'm not trying to be controversial, but the Holocaust was fake.
You don't murder six million Jews that could be used as labor while in the middle of a world war.
And the Holocaust lies didn't be addressed because it was important for brainwashing new generations after World War II into being blind towards race to the point we left foreigners Who are mostly Jewish, control American policies at the detriment for white Americans who are here for generations.
And this racial division is just code for anti-whiteness created by Zionists, and the proof is in the amount of anti-white headlines in media or anti-white entertainment.
Both industries are my high-level Jewish people, and white people can't be too afraid to look at this because we are currently going to be genocided if we don't turn back.
Also, Nick Fuentes is a patriot and a genius, and mainstream conservatives should stop denouncing him.
Thank you.
All right.
I appreciate your call.
When those guys call and they talk really fast, like they think they're about to be cut off, and they're like, oh, they're like, big, big secret.
I appreciate your call.
You know, I think that was a good debate we had with Nick Fuentes yesterday, but the big thing that stood out for me that I'm really concerned about is Nick's like, you talk about this esoteric, this nothing, you know, Bilderberg, WEF, it doesn't have any power, and That's the actual globalists, the actual people, the actual ones running things.
On record.
And it's like, oh no, Alex distracts us all with the World Economic Forum and with the Bilderberg Group and all that.
I mean, just come on, people.
So, all Jews are bad, but let's not look at the WEF, let's not look at the Bilderberg Group.
So just average Jews, you know, driving a bus, or a school teacher, or whatever, or a doctor, you know, they're bad.
I'm not saying Nick's saying that, but that's the whole overall bent of this.
But then, oh, Bilderberg Group?
World Economic Forum?
I mean, those guys, like a conference at the Holiday Inn, I mean, those guys don't run anything.
Okay, that doesn't, that doesn't hunt.
That dog doesn't hunt.
Let's go to David in New Jersey.
David, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey brother, honor you for what you do.
You're great.
I love you too, brother.
What's on your mind?
Hey, first of all, I'll pray for great leadership.
That's where we start.
And my proposition is that the Brazil-style protests are the next thing we need.
And I wonder if you agree and if you have any thoughts about how you get there.
How would you organize to get that going?
Well, I mean, Brazil just had their own January 6th false flag.
They caught the Feds trying, you know, the globalists trying to oppose these violent people, trying to oppose his Bolsonaro supporters.
And this is, it's the same playbook of the State Department to overthrow governments.
I mean, you know, is Brazil even successful right now, stopping the election fraud?
I get their people are more energetic.
They're in the streets, tens of millions of them.
But that is a question.
Why aren't Americans more vocal?
Well, we saw the election being stolen on January 6.
We went to peacefully demonstrate against it and call for a 10-day Senate hearing, which is lawful.
And then they provocateur to set us up and call us all terrorists and throw a thousand people in jail.
Yeah, they've had some success.
intimidating the American people, the Brazilians aren't as easily intimidated.
Yeah, they've had some success. Apparently the military is pushing back against the
judicial system which is corrupt. Well they already certified the vote on
Monday and we're hearing the military is going to push back and they went and killed
some of the cartel leaders that are the muscle of the communists.
And Bolsonaro said, I'm the leader of the military, and he hinted he's going to do something, but clearly they stole that election.
What do you think Bolsonaro should do?
I think what he needs to do is what Americans need to do.
He needs a coalition of leaders.
He cannot be the focus.
Trump cannot be the focus.
He needs to share power.
There needs to be more targets.
That's how guerrillas fight.
You don't want one target.
You want 50.
You need 50 leaders and you got to keep going exactly the way they're going because they're not scared of Trump's campaign.
They're not scared of a lot of pundits on the radio.
You know, although they certainly you have a big impact, Alex, but Sean Hannity is not scaring these guys.
They're scared of the people.
but the leaders need to know how to organize.
I hear you man, we're trying as best we can brother.
And I appreciate your advice, we'll try to, I'll try to do a better job, I hear you.
Appreciate your call.
Yeah, we're trying as hard as we can, I really, I was there on January 6th,
helped mobilize the folks, tried to stop the violence, I'm just going to keep working as hard as I can.
Look at this headline, it's on InfoWars.com.
Leftists aren't capable of surviving economic collapse.
Here's why.
It's a big, thick article by Brandon Smith at alt-market.us, and it's a very important story.
They are the most domesticated, the most dumbed down statistically, the most unself-sufficient people there are, and they're clamoring to have their resources taken away and be slaves.
They have Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness, So the biggest thing you can do to protect yourself is remove yourself from liberal areas.
I know, you're like, what are you doing sitting in Austin, Texas?
It's where my mother's from.
It's where I've been since high school.
Grew up in Dallas.
They took over all the cities here.
It's where the crews are.
We're fighting inside the enemy fortress.
So I'm giving you advice from within the Matrix.
Because I'm here and I see it.
But you want to get away from them.
They are dangerous.
They are evil.
They are stupid.
I'm sorry to say it.
They are godless.
Let's go ahead and take your phone calls.
We should read that article.
Leptis aren't capable of surviving economic collapse.
Here's why.
It's at InfoWars.com and share it.
All right, let's talk to Daryl and then Aaron.
Daryl, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Shakespeare said, a coward dies a thousand deaths.
The valiant died but once.
I want to offer to you You know, you got your RV.
If it hits the fan, you're gonna take off.
If you're anywhere near North Carolina, I've taken all your advice, man.
I got a thousand gallons of propane.
I got the gardens.
I got a lake.
I've got everything.
If you're anywhere near, you and your beautiful family, you're welcome here.
I'll give you half the house.
Brother, I wish I was as ready as you are.
I bet you're feeling good.
How long ago did you get awake and what made you get ready?
From what I've heard is the process of getting out of the city just makes people high as a kite.
It just feels so good.
Well, I was living on Maui about eight years ago, started listening to you and of course, you know, a couple of the guys, Quayle and Adams, and I said, you know what?
It's time.
And I ended up out here in North Carolina.
I'm from Arizona originally.
And I just, it's taken me a good four years to get where I'm at as far as ready for it.
I think it's going to happen pretty soon.
Let me give you a quick story.
So I like to do theater.
I'm a live theater performer.
I haven't done it in years because, you know, they want everybody to be fully vaccinated.
So, a couple days ago, I get the call that, hey, we're going to let you do a play, even though you're unvaccinated.
Everybody else there has three or four shots.
But just don't say anything to anyone.
So, I'm in this play, right?
And I'm sitting around, looking at everybody, talking with everyone.
Let me tell you, there's a difference between people who have four jabs and someone who doesn't.
It's a mind difference.
It reminds me of what I did.
Oh, they got prions growing in them.
They got mad cow disease.
They got sludge in their veins.
Yeah, it reminds me, I was in Germany, you know, about 20 years ago.
I was fascinated with how the German people went along with Hitler and all this stuff.
And so I went to these camps, Auschwitz and the other ones, and I walked around the neighborhoods and I talked to some Germans.
They speak pretty good English.
I said, how did they do it?
How did the Nazis do it?
They all said, drug and mind control.
They drugged the water and they used intelligence level mind control on people.
I'm going, well, gee, that sounds familiar.
That's kind of what they're doing today.
So my thinking is that everybody that's got this poison in them, and they're spraying
the air as well, they're going to get invited into these FEMA camps.
That's what's going to happen.
Oh, that's how they normalize the FEMA camps is the COVID camps, which the UN admits is
to break us up during economic collapse.
Edward Dowd has top hedge fund people advising him.
He's brought up major whistleblowers like he said he would, and they all know this and they're scared too.
I mean, no one is going to do well in this, even the globalists that are doing it.
They're doing it, they think, to protect themselves.
They are destroying the free society that did protect them.
Amazing call.
Thank you, Daryl.
Aaron, in Kentucky, you're on the air.
You got the best statesman in the country right there in your state, the great Rand Paul.
Aaron, go ahead.
Thanks, Alex, for taking my call, brother.
We do have great representation here, both with Thomas Massey and with Rand Paul, so we're very excited that we have some kind of stalwarts there for the Constitution.
But, you know, the reason I was calling was because the other day on Harrison's show, he talked about that German molecular biologist that revealed that concept of the artificial womb facility, and they talked about incubating up to 30,000.
They said all humans will be basically corporate-controlled, corporate-made.
That's their endgame.
You know, I got to thinking about that.
Why would they want to be doing that if they're always worried about overpopulation?
So I got to thinking, it dawned on me that they could create these labs and essentially
create tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of children that they can then
use for their sex activities, for sex trafficking, and then completely eliminate...
It turns humans into a commodity.
They can remove certain genes, create a humanoid that's not really a human, and then they're
going to say under transgenderism, that's really a human, it's got to have rights.
On top of that, they can also use those children to harvest for adrenochrome, they can use
them for child sacrifice.
But the bigger key is, we will be basically sterilized by the radiation, the electromagnetics, and the chemicals and biologicals, so you'll have to go to a lab to even have a kid, see?
And you don't know what they do in the back doors.
It's like an iPhone has back doors.
Trojan horses, you don't know what they're supposedly doing with the child you think you're getting.
Exactly, so they're going to move us all to the sperm counter down as you've covered on the show before.
Children aren't going to know how to actually procreate, so they're going to have to do all this in a lab because they're going to be so confused.
They don't understand where children or babies come from anymore.
So it's going to be a massive confusion for everybody and I'm just, I get to worry about this because even though those children are created there in a lab, they still have to be created with a woman's egg and a man's sperm and that is a soul, a creature that has a soul, a person that is
created in the image of God.
So if these children are being created and harvested and used for the purposes of the elite,
they're still people with souls, and they're going to be used for torture and for sex activities.
That's completely take off all the attention of the sex trafficking that's been brought up.
Yes, turning humans into animals, turning us into commodities.
Yeah, and they can go in there, they can pick what child they want, they can pick what gender they are.
but not gender i'm sorry we don't have that important they can take the
No, they want a factory farm humanoids.
And you're right, they're going to grow real humans in these, but they're already, remember, like, oh, Boston creates weaponized Cobra that kills 80% of humanized mice.
Those mice are part human.
And they're trying, when you think of it, it's all a part of the dehumanization process as well, because if we're created in the image of God and we're supposed to be engaging in sexual intercourse to have children, but they remove that dignity from us, now everything goes to the government, and the government then steps in to the place of God.
No, that's it, and that's why they want to teach us drag queen story time, and two men can have babies, so we accept all this idiocy, and now accept factory farmed humanoids.
Great point, thank you so much, amazing call.
Alright, when we return...
In the order the calls are received, One Card Money, Bone Crusher, Rob, Evan, Gary, Road to Reed, Here to Reed, Robert, Carlos, Barry, your calls are all coming up.
Remember, it's a revolutionary act.
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Infowars.com forward slash show.
Band up video.
Take clips of the show.
Share it.
Tell people word of mouth.
Use your human power to override the matrix while there's still time.
Everything you do now is going to have huge effects throughout history.
We'll be right back.
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All right, let's go to One Card Money in Hawaii.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Thomas Paine wrote a great book called "Common Sense."
And if one would have had an autographed copy of it, like your autographed copy of "The Great Reset,"
it would fetch a pretty penny, that's for sure.
That's not the purpose of my call.
This might be one of the biggest scoops out there.
There's a direct line of transmission between Robert Maxwell through Ghislaine Epstein and Bankman Freed.
That line of transmission is Robert Maxwell had a Mossad business partner, business, okay, of Mossad named Samuel Pizar.
Samuel Pizar is the adoptive father of our sitting Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.
So the old Biden Well, I can confirm what you're saying.
I know those names.
I know they're interrelated.
Robert Kagan, the peanut crowd is a direct line of transmission through Bankman Freed
and that's a headline about as fresh as the morning dew.
Wow, I can confirm what you're saying. I know those names, I know they're interrelated.
I mean it's clear to say and it's true that the FTX situation
is a Mossad/Deep State Democrat Party operation.
Bankman Freed is in terrific danger.
They're going to give him a roll of Kevlar toilet paper and the poor man will be harping with the angels.
He's got Patsy written all over him.
Wow, you're a smart caller.
I totally agree, One Card.
What else do you want to add?
You know, Zogami had a wonderful segment, and I love the man.
He mentions the Hollywood, the Aleister Crowley, the Jimmy Page connection, Anton Levi.
Few people are aware, if they look up the birth name of what sounds so very German as Karl Marx, we find that he was entered the world as Mordecai Levi.
Karl Marx, that is.
So, the Khazars, Ukraine that is, were known as the name-stealers, or the hospitalers, giving hospitality to travelers, and then stealing their documents, their travel papers, assuming their identity, and going on to their destination, posing as the original person, astride the Silk Trade Routes, which were actually the opium routes, Okay, we might go back to Brown Brothers Harriman and the Shanghai Shack heroin connection that was being run by General Claire Chennault Flying Tiger Airlines.
Big Hawaii overtones.
Shout out to Edward Dowd, Maui resident, doing a great job over there.
And as you are too.
Wonderful, wonderful work.
Well won card money really powerful points. Thanks for holding to cover that sir
Wow bone crusher in femur region 10 you're on the air Yeah
Yeah, i'm fired up today alex All right
I just want to say that alex you've been fighting the globalist longer than nick flint is has been outside of his
daddy's testicles, okay
But I mean, I'm not in competition with Nick.
I just, I just, you know, I'm like, why did Hitler attack Poland?
He goes, well, they attacked Germany.
No, they didn't.
It was declassified.
The Germans did a false flag.
Why would Poland with horseback troops attack the biggest military in the world?
It's just, I just like this, this fetishizing Hitler.
I don't like it.
No, I know it's and I get it and you know you had Nick on the other day again and he's he's okay he's got his points of view and stuff but he's not not exactly my guy but you should you got to get Ye back on that's what everybody wants to hear from and Nick is just kind of trying to ride Ye's coattails and I don't blame him that's great and all but Kanye is somebody that's got he's got fashion lines he's sold millions of hit records He's the guy that went on live TV and told everybody that George Bush doesn't care about black people.
Like, this is the guy that everybody wants to hear from.
Nick Fuentes was best known for being like a nose picker or something like that before he met up with Kanye.
Well, I'm not trying to get in the middle of all of it.
I just...
Hey Alex, this is Rob.
where he wants to be on air, he didn't want to be on air.
But I think in a few weeks, we'll probably get him back on air.
So I would definitely look for that.
I appreciate your call.
Let's jam in one more call in the next minute and a half.
Rob in FEMA Region 10. Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, this is Rob.
I wanted to give you my thoughts on Elon, since it's been a heavy topic lately
and I'm driving cross country with my lady and she wanted to know,
is it imminent or is it going to come soon when we're going to finally crush Fauci?
I mean, no, people are pissed that Lobos launched a bio-attack.
The world's awake.
I mean, Fauci's in a lot of trouble.
He's under criminal investigation, state and federal, so I don't know.
Yeah, she's the only one vaccinated at her work, and she's the only one not vaccinated at her work, and she just sees everybody around her falling for it and not understanding the danger.
Tell you what, Rob, don't hang up.
Let's go to break.
I want to talk to your lady when we come back.
I want to finish up with you, and then we're going to go to, uh, here to read, that's an interesting caller name, and everybody else, Carlos, Patriot, you name it, Barry, all your calls here today.
But just remember, folks, evil is not invincible.
Look at all the opposition to Fauci and Bill Gates all over the world.
I mean, good things are happening.
So as negative as they are, things didn't go well for the New World Order.
They thought we would all just Stockholm Syndrome out and just accept them raping us.
But that's not happening.
Good is real.
Evil's real as well.
But when good people take action, evil fails.
That's why they say that all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
Thomas Jefferson was absolutely right.
We're going to go to break and come right back with Rob.
Welcome back.
Well, today's Wednesday, December 14, 2022, and the announcement is now official.
From the private, globalist-owned Federal Reserve.gov, Federal Reserve updates FedNow service timing to mid-2023 marks the beginning of full-scale pilot testing of the new central bank digital currency for America.
Quite a big deal.
Alright, Rob in FEMA Region 10, I guess that means you're on the West Coast somewhere.
You're there with your lady, and you guys had some comments about Elon Musk.
Go ahead.
Yeah, my lady wanted to ask about when Fauci was gonna get crushed, that she's the only one not vaccinated at her work.
You said you wanted to speak to her.
Yeah, and she was, have her tell us what's happening to folks at work, what she's seen.
Please put her on.
Okay, one moment.
Hi Alex, how are you?
I'm great.
Tell us about yourself and what you're seeing at work.
My name is Stephanie and I work somewhere in Washington at a shelter and a lot of my friends, family, co-workers are vaccinated but me.
I just think that they don't understand and they don't believe the danger of the vaccine.
I just, I don't know.
I think there's something needs to happen before, I think, before they believe or before they change their mind.
Well, yeah, I would send them the Edward Dow interview last hour once it's archived and banned on video.
I mean, because they don't believe people will try to hurt them in the system, but that's actually what's happening.
Yeah, I really don't know what to say, what to think for them anymore because my daughter, my son, They're all vaccinated and they just basically nod their head.
I don't know how to convince them, you know?
Well, what do you think should happen to Fauci as all this news comes out?
I think something needs to happen.
He needs to go to jail.
He needs to pay for everything.
People need to show, need to show that, you know, he is at fault.
And this is all bad.
Everything is bad.
No, I agree.
And as the dominoes fall, he's the top domino to first fall.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Here to Read, interesting caller name, from FEMA Region 6.
I'm in Texas.
That's FEMA Region 6.
We are under the 10 FEMA regions, folks.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hey Alex.
Real quick, can we, uh, can we scream together before I do my thing?
Everybody loves that.
Everybody loves the old Alex Jones Show.
I ended up taking about like I'd say about six, nine months it started to clear it up.
And I want to thank you for that.
I mean, I've tried, I've tried like countless other products.
Well brother, the UN admits that over 2 billion people have serious skin problems, health problems, mental problems because of lack of iodine.
Most iodine is bound in the soil or in what you're eating.
So yeah, this is a big game changer.
I wish we had X2 and X3 in stock.
It's sold out, but yeah, you can get it from higher quality Himalayan salts.
There are other places to get the iodine.
It's not as good as X2 or X3.
Ours is purified, atomic.
Okay, what I wanted to get at today was regarding Nick Fuentes.
Iodine is the secret. In fact, my iodine got taken off my desk.
Somebody bring me a bottle of that. I've been wanting some the last week.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, what I wanted to get at today was regarding Nick Fuentes.
I think I have some insight into what Nick was getting at with crossing the Hitler line.
You know, why our godless morality nowadays is centered around this man,
who is like from 80 years ago.
This sacred cow needs to be slaughtered in order for it to go back to Christian morality as a nation.
Well, Hitler was actually anti-Christian, on record.
And they go, oh, Hitler's a Christian.
No, he wasn't.
And just because the globalists act like he's the boogeyman when they help create him, doesn't mean he's then good.
Well, Alex, it's not the blood of Hitler.
It's the blood of Christ.
That's the only thing that's going to cure the sickness in this nation.
We've got to stop worrying about this dude from so many years ago.
He doesn't affect our lives now.
We're living in the now.
Let's worry for today.
Well, I agree with you here to read that Hitler is not a good guy.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Evan in California.
Evan, go ahead.
Hey, it's great to talk to you today, Alex.
Hey Alex, I want to point out that, and I'm not looking for trouble today, but the people like Nick Valente and Milo, they've got one thing in common, and it's that they all say they're Catholics, even though the Catholic Church is probably the greatest funder of NGOs trafficking kids across the border.
We've got billions coming from our government going to... No, you're right.
There are a lot of great Catholic people, but the Catholic Church is working with Biden to smuggle millions across the border, including children.
There's no doubt they're doing it.
Yep, and I was essentially, you know, born and raised a Catholic, and then I came to Christ when I needed to.
And I just want to point out, and I hope I don't get you mad at me, that you're the closest thing we got to Batman.
Brother, you can say anything you want, I got thick skin.
Andrew Tate is the New World Order's attempt to hijack the Alex Jones message and the message of truth.
We've got a guy who was essentially promoting fans only pages.
He's part of essentially the degrade yourself ladies world.
And then he's a tough dude.
He's got a lot of things going for him.
But and then he talks and he says a lot of things that you're saying.
And then all of a sudden he says, hey, look for having five girlfriends, America.
Look for having a Bugatti.
But he then denies Christ.
I wouldn't doubt if you got a free Bugatti to deny Christ.
There's there's billionaires, trillionaires that will pay you to do stuff like that.
I want to point out.
I want to point out, Alex, to you.
I'm Evan Knight.
I have a jcwm1.com Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministry.
I'm a man with no budget.
I do what I can.
And I pointed this out a few months ago.
There's Christians calling... There's people calling themselves Christians that believe Jesus existed.
Every demon in hell believes Jesus existed.
And even Jesus told the demons, don't mention my name.
Because every demon in hell knows of Jesus.
Everybody knows that Jesus is in their heart.
And I believe the New World Order is trying to put enough pressure on you that you have to endorse an Andrew Tate vitamin when, frankly, you're ahead of the curve.
This is your gig.
And I believe... No, I mean, I like Andrew Tate.
He came up with some vitamins and he's a sponsor, so we're selling this.
It's good quality products.
I mean, he's not perfect, and I've seen some of the things he's done, and I'm not, you know, I'm not my brother's keeper, but I hear what you're saying.
No, no New World Order didn't call me up, just like Nick Fuentes said, oh, I bet the Little Hats called you or whatever.
That's not going on, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go to Gary in Illinois.
Gary, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, you keep on mentioning fighting demons and what not and how you're out of the battle between good and evil, right?
I'm trying there, yeah.
Yeah, you are.
You're doing a good job.
Keep it up.
It comes down to, on that particular topic, it comes down to you gotta understand how the universe works.
If you know anything about the double slit experiment, you'll understand that.
For me, I've dedicated my life to two things.
One is free energy.
Figured that out.
And anti-gravity.
Within the process of doing that, I have figured out, you know, how the universe works, per se.
I'm listening.
Love is the most powerful force there is in the universe.
It is the most powerful.
You've got to understand what is a true reality.
You are based in a true reality.
Everything you do talk about is a true reality.
If you go to someone who talks about there's different genders and all that stuff that goes along with that, they are in a false reality.
They're living in fantasyland.
It is a false reality.
So therefore, the more you understand How things, you know, are in a true reality.
There's sunlight and there's darkness.
You got true reality.
They're trying to put us into a false reality.
Getting us to accept frauds and scramble our brains.
I appreciate your call.
All right, we're going to start the next hour and I'm going to get to Carlos, Barry, Patriot
and Robert and then Kate Daly's going to take over.
Ahead of Owen Schroer, in about an hour and five minutes, Owen Schroer will host The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central today.
What a great host.
What great calls, great guests, everything.
You know, tune in to that 3 p.m.
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All right, hour number four.
Four more callers and then Kate Dowley takes over.
We'll be right back in T-minus two minutes.
Again, the coordinates of Liberty are band.video@infowars.com.
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All right, Keith Gatley, set to take over, but I want to finish these calls up and a few final news items.
The crew's given me this story three times the last two days, and I should cover it.
It shows the absurdity of the vaccine cult.
We'll hit that at the start of the next segment.
Let's talk to Carlos in Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Carlos.
Thank you, Alex.
Just want to draw a line which people really should keep in mind when they're pursuing the current abuses of the mRNA vaccines on people.
Donald Rumsfeld was the chairman of a company called Gilead Sciences, largest shareholder.
Donald Rumsfeld was behind the Tamiflu medication that didn't work, but which was given to people who received the H1N1 virus, the SARS-1.
SARS-1, SARS-2, SARS-3 were in fact three programmed releases.
After Donald Rumsfeld, there was a man by the name of George Soros who incorporated a company called Wuxi in the Caribbean.
Check his, uh, portfolio holdings and you'll find that it was there.
And then Wuxi did a joint venture with Gilead Sciences, the company that manufactures Remdesivir.
Now doesn't that sound familiar?
Now if you look through the SARS-1, SARS-2 chronology and you look at their shareholdings
of the various people behind this, then you find your agencies coming right through
to what is the old story of creating a disease and then finding a cure that you can sell
to everybody that's dying of the disease.
Basic story.
Why it wasn't stopped in 2007 is why in 2020 you had SARS-2.
We must now stop it so that there's no SARS-3 coming down the pipe.
Because it's all about making money and, you know, the old story, the medicine's own work.
Quebec, province of Quebec, paid two billion dollars to buy this medication and Canada is the largest holder of this new medication that we bought forward to the year 2024-25.
They want control over our bodies, Carlos.
Great point.
Thank you, Alex.
Another point is that technology should not run the world.
You know, the human brain is not a digital computer.
All these technologies, one day you and I will talk about this.
It's a failure.
Yeah, they want to turn us into machines.
The computers are only powerful because we interface with them and give them power.
All this AI art is our art scrambled together.
Motherhood will defeat any efforts to make children out of test tubes or bypassing the uterus.
It's failure based upon failure.
It will.
They will fail.
Thank you, Carlos.
Robert in Thailand, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, I'm so excited they announced the fusion energy breakthrough.
There's no way that they had that suppressed technology before.
Yeah, it was in the literature 30 years ago they had that.
Well, you know, similar to you.
You know, I have a little bit of exposure to this.
My dad actually touched the Hubble telescope.
He was in the labs with the security clearance over there.
He had to wear a glove, of course, but he worked in Rocky Flats in north of Brunman, Department of Energy, and gave me a lot of insights growing up.
And I didn't necessarily listen to all of it, but some of that stuff is coming to the forefront now.
And I wanted to talk about Werner Von Braun and his deathbed confession and then his other prediction, I guess, about Elon, which I just found out about recently, which is really, really weird, where he talks about, you know, you have to have a bad guy to keep everybody in control.
There always has to be an enemy to attack or to be afraid of.
He said it would progress from one thing to the next.
I'm sure you've heard of this one.
And then ultimately, he would say, oh, my God, UAPs, they're A big threat to us.
Not as though they could have wiped their butt with us by now if they wanted to, because they're so far ahead in technology, which obviously means they're really, really restrained, and they're really, really easygoing, because we've been shooting them down!
We've been shooting them down!
Why would they, you know, sit around waiting if they were violent and a threat?
I think people need to look out for that and not listen to that narrative when it comes out.
Don't hang up, Robert.
I want to come back and have you finish up your points about Wernher von Braun and Elon Musk, because I know there's a whole Elon situation that I'm going to finish up with Patriot.
And Barry, got to go quick, though, because Kate Daly always has an amazing show with huge breaking news and incredible guests.
She's taking over in like five minutes.
I'm going to come back, finish up with you callers, and throw the baton to her.
Stay with us.
And we are now five minutes, six minutes into our number four, Kate Daly, set to take over.
But Robert in Thailand, quantify and kind of bring together your comments, because I know about this.
Werner Von Braun, the Nazis, Elon Musk.
Kind of quantify what you're saying.
Well, you know, I mean, there was this deathbed confession apparently that Von Braun made when he, you know, was about to die.
And he said, well, you know, there's, uh, what's going to happen is they're going to create, to continue the fear-based mind control.
There's going to be various threats, including a nuclear threat and then an alien invasion threat.
And, uh, you know, obviously he was really close to, you know, high clearances and all, had a lot of sight to that.
The next thing was, apparently he predicted that somebody named Elon would be taking us to Mars.
I just found out about this in the last few days, and that's just why I couldn't help but call him.
And, uh, so it's really interesting to look at.
And when you look at his narrative versus kind of like... Well, he wrote a science fiction book where a dictator takes over Mars is called Elon, yeah.
Yeah, and it's really weird, too, because you have this Greer versus Elizondo debate where Elizondo's making people afraid of the UAPs and Greer's like, no, that's bullcrap.
They're using it to make us afraid.
I think that's an interesting narrative right there.
I hear you.
Great points.
Thank you.
Barry in Kentucky, then Patriot in Texas.
Last callers.
Go ahead, Barry.
Hey Alex, I just want to say something real quick here, and it's easy to start with.
It's that Obama is responsible for the degradation of the modern-day man, and at one time and period, America was the complete owner of all the machine tool manufacturing technology.
During COVID, most of these companies were bought up.
They were liquidated by Italian, Japanese, Chinese companies.
And we are now going to see the hurt from that.
What that involves is empty classrooms for machining.
We need to get kids involved with it.
We need to get back to a point in America where we can produce the machines that produce machines.
We are hurting because of this fact, and the truth is our technology was stolen.
Obama is responsible for most of it.
I agree.
Just like they're shutting off our power supply, our borders, our pipelines, America is under economic attack.
Amen to that, brother.
There was a time where America was the leading machine tool manufacturer, and we need to get back to that.
Hell, we were just four years ago, two years ago, the number one oil producer, energy producer.
Now we're not.
We are being shut down.
Anything else?
Yeah, I just want to say, you know, God bless everybody.
You know, let's just do what we can, keep our heads high, and keep one another close to each other that respect each other.
God bless you, Barry.
All right, Patriot in Texas, last caller.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Yes, sir.
I'd like to say that we live in the end times, and we live in a time of false profit.
And I think they're kind of cutting everybody off section by section.
You can kind of see it in real time with the CNN boomers.
CNN used to be, had some good interviews and some good people.
Uh, I think they interviewed Orwell.
So they, they get trust from all these people and they just change on a dial and, uh, start shooting their propaganda.
But they're so loyal to the old news.
They used to be truthful that they stick around.
Same thing with Fox.
I mean, people are so loyal to it cause it said some truth and they're turning on them and you know, people are stuck with their loyalty.
Same thing with Trump.
Everyone, you know, he had great rhetoric, taking down the swamps, did great things, but we see where his interests are with the Pfizer backing, with the Israeli backing, and, I mean, he's the creator of warp speed.
So, you know, we got to be open to this information, but also don't be loyal to any of these people because they're false prophets.
I agree.
We got to be loyal to the truth and promote the truth.
And don't promote them when they change, you know.
Be able to change with them.
Hey, I like the Santa's peddling criminal grand juries on the vaccine makers.
Thanks for the call.
All right, Kate, I'll let you take over.
It's Christmas time.
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And I thank you all for your support.
Now, syndicated talk show host Kate Daly takes over.
Thank you, Alex.
Really appreciate you.
Okay, I've got two incredible guests.
We'll get right to them.
My first guest is Alex Newman.
My second guest is Pam Bartha.
And so we have so much to talk about.
Two incredibly different topics today.
Alex Newman, award-winning journalist.
You know who he is.
Educator, author, consultant with the New American and a multitude of media outlets.
So a few weeks ago, he attended what I call the, I just call him now like the 666th Global meeting of evil and so I don't know what else to say anymore I mean they keep meeting and they keep making well-laid plans for us Alex attended in person and I cannot wait to hear what happened with the interviews of the religious leaders and Afterwards and what happened at this event welcome Alex Newman.
How are you?
Doing great.
It's so great to be here.
Thank you so much Ben Thank you so much, Alex, really appreciate it.
So you have to tell me about this meeting.
Let's sum this up and talk about the attendance.
You know, what is it like to attend one of these globalist thug meetings?
I have to know.
Yeah, it's I actually finished my major article just first person.
You know, what is it like to attend one of these late last night at about three in the morning?
So that'll be in the next issue of The New American.
But the whole time I'm there, I've got this circus music playing in the background.
I mean, it is so ridiculous.
The problem is it's also, you know, terrifying circus situation.
You've got presidents.
I mean, you have over 125 presidents and prime ministers are there, including Joe Biden.
You've got John Kerry running around like, you know, Santa Claus on crystal meth, throwing around American money and promises for bigger funding streams.
And it really is like a cult-like environment, Kate.
They had over 40 religious ceremonies there where they say they're bringing together the religions of the world.
They unveiled a new Ten Commandments.
The UN actually called for, before this meeting, a new system of ethics and morality to try to take into account taking proper care of Mother Earth.
And they wound up with another one of these huge agreements that for the first time ever
commits Americans to pay climate reparations.
Basically, John Kerry pled guilty on our behalf.
Every hurricane, every storm, every drought, every flood, it's your fault because your
grandpa had a car and ran trains and things like that.
So, hugely significant meeting.
Kate, Americans were kept totally in the dark about it, I think, because if they knew what was happening here, they would revolt and pull the plug on this thing.
But it really is, it's a combination of, you know, scary and hilarious to be at these things.
It's very bizarre.
I can't even imagine.
Tell me a little bit about the religious, the meetings with the religious leaders.
What was said?
Yeah, I think that was really the most significant part of this whole meeting.
That, for me, was the big takeaway here is that, you know, they've already got all the governments of the world on board.
Klaus Schwab is, of course, bringing, through the World Economic Forum, bringing the business leaders of the world on board.
And Peter Drucker, the management guru that trained people like Rick Warren, right, the mega church pastor out in California.
He always said that if you want to have really significant, major global changes, you've
got to have the three-legged stool.
So governments, business, and the religions of the world.
And so that's what was happening.
You had this huge interfaith movement there where they brought together leaders of, you
know, self-proclaimed leaders of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism.
They flew in a shaman from the Amazon rainforest to represent indigenous spirituality.
They had all these different denominations of Christians.
You know, the Vatican had an emissary there, different evangelical branches.
The Orthodox were well represented there.
And they're basically saying, you know, we all kind of believe the same thing, especially about Mother Earth.
So we're going to usher in these new Ten Commandments.
And as fate or coincidence or divine providence would have it, whatever you choose to believe, I ran into the ringleaders of this thing, the people that actually walked up to Mount Sinai and smashed the New Ten Commandments and got an exclusive 40-minute interview with them.
I encourage people to check it out.
But one of the things that one of the organizers told me, the CEO of the Peace Department, he says, you know, yeah, we got some bad publicity about the New Ten Commandments.
So we're actually, this is an addendum to the Ten Commandments, not a New Ten Commandments.
He said, we're working on the third covenant and we're going to usher in heaven on earth.
We're going to come right back a little bit more with Alex Newman.
I've got to hear more about this.
I mean, you just can't believe it, right?
This is insane.
And coming up with the New Ten Commandments, I guess I don't even, that doesn't even shock me anymore because these people are so crazy.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My first guest is Alex Newman filling us in on the meeting.
What did they pen it this time?
United Nations COP 27 Climate Change Summit.
And of course, they had the audacity to do this on Mount Sinai.
And so, you're there, you're talking to these religious leaders, Alex, and I want to hear more.
I'm sure you were probably, I'm sure they had shocking things to say.
There's no doubt in my mind.
They really did, and you know, this CEO of the Peace Department, when he said that this addendum to the Ten Commandments was the prelude to, they said they're working on the Third Covenant, and that this was going to allow us to usher in the real Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.
I mean, to me it sounded like nails on a chalkboard, right?
And then as they're continuing, I had all four of them here, and the next one tells me, yeah, we've got to mobilize religious communities, as if our religions are just tools for these
people to bring us on board the UN climate bandwagon.
And again, they had almost 40 religious events at this COP 27 summit with major representatives
from almost all the world's major religions.
And what's happening here is a process that's been underway for a long time.
The UN has actually been funding a lot of this.
So has our State Department.
They have an organization called Religions for Peace.
And this is again funded by the UN, funded by George Soros, funded by the Rockefellers, by the US State Department,
et cetera.
And in 2019, they came up with this agreement.
It got almost no attention at all, but it kind of laid the foundation for what came.
That they're gonna create an alliance of virtue where all religions basically have the same ideas
and virtues and beliefs.
And so we'll focus on what unites us.
And they actually said that we commit to human development as outlined in UN Agenda 2030,
sustainable development goals.
And so this was the big theme at the COP27 conference.
All the religions of the world need to join up with the UN to save Mother Earth.
What I found out as I was digging into this, all these different shadowy groups that are involved in this, Kate, they're being funded by foundations that everybody should know about.
One of them is the Fetzer Institute.
This is a foundation that was established by a very wealthy individual, a disciple of Alice Bailey, who is the, of course, the founder of the Lucifer Publishing Company, etc.
She's very, very popular with UN elites.
In fact, the guy who wrote the World Core Curriculum, Assistant Secretary General Robert Mueller, He said that the World Core Curriculum, he's the father of global education, he said this needs to be taught in every school in the world.
He said it's based on the teachings of Alice Bailey and this demon that she was communicating with, she called it an Ascended Master.
And I know this stuff sounds bonkers, okay, but this is what Alice Bailey believed.
She was channeling these spiritual entities that were telling her about the coming new age and the one world government and the one world religion where everybody was going to be unified.
Another one of the big funders, Was the Henry Luce Foundation.
They are one of the big financiers of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, which was one of the key organizers of all this.
And also of the Elijah Institute, the World Religious Leaders, as they call themselves.
And Henry Luce, for those who don't remember, was the founder of Time Magazine.
Founder of Life Magazine, one of the major players in the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA was putting journalists, well, journalists on the payroll and having them propagandize and lie to the American people.
He was also a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society that John Kerry was a member of, that George Bush, actually Bush is going back several generations, and he was called, get this, and this is in the mainstream media, he was called by his fellow bonesmen Bale, which is of course, you know, the demon god of the Canaanites that likes child sacrifice and these types of things.
So you don't have to dig very far, Kate, to find a really nasty, diabolical underbelly to this whole One World Religion, New Ten Commandments movement.
And it was really on full display at this conference.
Well, they're not afraid to show us who they are for certain.
And that is really telling.
Everybody should take that in.
My grandmother used to say, when they show you who they really are, believe them.
And they have no problem showing you the crazy, the freak flag, and telling you what they believe in.
So really the only unifier for all the religions, which makes no sense, is the love for Mother Earth, the worship for Mother Earth that replaces God.
That's exactly right, Kate.
And one of the rabbis who was one of the leaders of this, he was purporting to represent Judaism, although I know plenty of Jews who were absolutely aghast at this.
But he gave me, on camera, a copy of his eco-Bible.
It's the eco-perspective on the Hebrew Scriptures.
And he actually quoted Genesis for me.
And again, it was like nails on a chalkboard.
He said, yeah, God put the human being in the garden to serve it.
God didn't put us here to serve the God.
So I looked up every major English translation.
There's no translation that says God put people here to serve the creation, much less to worship the creation.
But this is the kind of ideology among these UN people and religious people that think we all need to come on board with saving Mother Earth and ultimately worshiping the creation rather than the creator.
I can't even imagine the amount of darkness that was there.
I can't even imagine what you were feeling when you were there.
It's so thick, Kate, you can cut it with a knife.
You know, you can't explain it to somebody who hasn't experienced it.
Like, you just feel it's oppressive, it's dark, you know, it's wicked.
And, you know, a lot of these people are true believers.
They're quite literally drinking the Kool-Aid, right?
I mean, they are fully on board.
board and they think that yeah we need to start you know bowing down to the
creation and saving mother earth by enslaving human beings and putting the
UN in charge of basically every aspect of our lives. They really believe this
stuff and it's scary I think they are really being deluded they are under this
mass delusion but you know what's really ironic Kate is that
The cult leaders themselves, you know they don't believe this stuff.
And you can prove this very simply.
If they truly believed that carbon dioxide was this dangerous toxic pollution, which of course that's the gas we exhale, CO2 emissions from human beings is less than 1% of all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
But if they really believed that this was going to destroy the planet, the last thing in the world they would want to do is shut down American industry, shut down European industry, and ship all our jobs, ship all our manufacturing over to China.
China already emits like 300% of all the CO2 that all the Western world combined emits.
A unit of economic production in China emits drastically more CO2 than that same unit of economic production in the United States.
And yet all these clowns are celebrating and toasting because they're shutting down our industry, shutting down our factories, and moving them to China.
That's how you know that they don't believe this lie themselves that really underpins this entire fraud case.
As they flew all their jets in?
That's right!
Hundreds of private jets!
They're throwing Greta to the curb and now they have Sexy Sophia, the millennial, to sell this messaging to us.
You know, Greta and her little, you know, you're ruining my childhood!
And so it's really amazing what they're putting out there.
But what they're putting out there is truly who they are.
So believe every second of it because this is, they have no problem showing us.
And I hope people don't put their heads in the sand anymore on this, and I hope they realize what we're up against.
If you have the audacity to form a new Ten Commandments and want to go to Mount Sinai, not just rules for your convention, but ten new commandments, we have a problem, don't we?
We really do, Kate.
And when you really boil it down, their moral system, and again, the UN Development Program put out a major report right ahead of the conference as a preparation for it, saying that the ethical and moral system that evolved with mankind is no longer adequate to saving the planet.
So they actually said in plain English, we need a need a new moral code to live by.
And when you look at the essence of this moral code, it really is a total inversion of the
real moral code that God delivered to mankind through Moses at Sinai, etc.
They regard population control and abortions and lowering the population of people on the
planet as a godly thing to do because it saves Mother Earth.
They want to undermine our private property rights and take our wealth, which of course God said down shall not steal.
It's really a total inversion of true morality and yet they are, you know, pedal to the metal as fast as we can.
Let's take away people's freedom and we got to watch out.
This is incredibly significant.
Alex Newman, thank you for joining me.
Go to The New American for more on this.
He wrote a wonderful piece.
Thanks, Alex.
Really appreciate you.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
A big thank you to Alex Newman.
My next guest, I had to bring her to you today because her information is so fascinating, so helpful and so mind-blowing, really.
In fact, we've been doing a lot of work on and I've been exposing a lot on so many things with the medical cabal, right?
We're hearing about this a lot and in the wake of the last three years, the one good thing that's come out of this, if there is a good thing, is that we are now realizing what a cabal it truly is,
And it never fought the socialization of it.
And what a horrid organization it now is in our lives.
While so many of us are in illnesses that only came about from, you know, the last few decades,
and so many of us are suffering.
Pam Bartha is my guest and she's got amazing information.
She is a wellness champion, founder of LiveDiseaseFree.com and wellness expert from British Columbia, Canada, a coach, a speaker.
So glad to have you on, Pam.
How are you?
Thank you so much, Kate.
I'm so honored to be on your program.
Well, you know Alex's program exposes a lot of truth and I'm happy about that and happy to share you because you talk about parasites.
You were diagnosed with MS really early on in your 20s and you went on a discovery on a journey to find what was wrong.
Talk to us about parasites because I don't think people realize how crucial this information is.
Right, so I was 28 years old and I thought I was a really healthy young mom, never been sick in my life, just had regular checkups with your doctor.
I was raising a young family and then one day I started to lose all the vision in my left eye and within three days it was like I had a black patch on my eye because it was such a severe case of optic neuritis.
I was rushed to the University MS Hospital Clinic, the best in Canada on the west coast And there they diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis and I didn't even know what it was.
We didn't have any family members and so you think you're so healthy and then all of a sudden one minute you are and the next minute you're not.
And that led me on this journey.
That's where it started and at first I was told by the experts there was no hope for me that I would be completely disabled in time.
That they didn't know what caused multiple sclerosis.
This was 34 years ago and today they still are no closer to knowing what causes MS and there is no cure.
So long story short, my mother-in-law gave me a book on integrative health.
There were actually doctors over 34 years ago A few of them that wrote books about how parasites in the body can cause all chronic disease, not just multiple sclerosis.
So that started my journey because I had never heard about that.
And just to be clear with parasites, it's not just worms.
It can be different types of fungi.
It can be different types of protists and different disease-causing bacteria.
And of course, worms, big and small.
Through 34 years of research and journey, we learned about Candida years ago.
Many of your listeners probably know about Candida.
Then we learned about the Lyme infections, definitely chronic Lyme infections being part of chronic disease.
And more recently, we've discovered that there are many other parasites, like different sizes of worms.
There's research with multiple sclerosis that they're finding little roundworms in the spinal fluid of every MS patient that one pathologist studied and he also found developing tapeworms
in the central nervous system of MS patients. So the really good research
and there's not a lot of it but the good research is showing that we have dysbiosis.
The sicker we are, the more out of balance we are and infested.
So those of us that have MS, PLS, Parkinson's, all of those horrible chronic diseases, we're infested.
We're kind of late stage.
And so you can't just treat one parasite.
You have to use a holistic approach and you have to treat the parasites.
As you mentioned, our health care system a long time ago decided not to treat parasites.
They decided there's a lot more money in immunosuppressive drugs to suppress our immune system, to keep us on these drugs forever.
So this is the world that I've been living in for many years in understanding just...
You've been helping people all over the world and we're talking cancer.
Dr. Lee Merritt has talked about this lately too and so many diseases that sort of attack and they say there's no cure to them.
They don't know what to do for all these endless decades.
Here we are in the year 2022 and they still don't know.
It's such a big mystery.
We all have parasites in us.
All different kinds of parasites from what we eat and everything else that is coming at us.
And other countries, they do cleansings of parasites and we even deworm our dogs, right?
You know, once, twice a year.
But we're never taught to do this.
We don't even think about this.
And the doctors, if you mention this to doctors, they have a blank face.
It's like they don't know even what to say about it other than to just dismiss it.
It's insane.
It's a situation where our practitioners, even integrative, they're not really skilled at recognizing, identifying.
They don't have good tests.
All of them are told that you have to go to an underdeveloped country to get a parasite, but they're all around us.
They're in our soil.
They're on the produce that comes.
They're in our pets.
They're passed from person to person, even eating in a restaurant if somebody's preparing your food.
You can't avoid them.
You have to learn how to live with them.
And if you are sick, you have to restore balance and that's how you can recover from chronic disease and not have to live on these horrible immunosuppressive drugs.
You help people at LiveDiseaseFree.com and I want to keep giving that out because I want people to get help and I want them to think, hey, you know, this might be something that they need to do.
It affects so much.
We didn't have chronic fatigue before we had the vaccine program.
We didn't have all of these diseases that suddenly cropped up in the 1950s and onward and all this autoimmune going on.
And your feeling is that parasites, there are many parasites that can be behind this, right?
Yes, there's many different, thousands of different types of parasites that can be involved in chronic disease.
So it really depends when we lost our natural defense.
So many of us, including myself, we were on a lot of antibiotics.
They can save lives, absolutely.
But the overuse of antibiotics is probably the single greatest factor that really disrupts our ecosystem inside of us, that health-promoting microbes that protect us, that act as our natural defense.
Then we are susceptible to whatever parasites are in our environment and we don't know that this is happening and so then we just carry on with our life and we have high stress and we eat lots of carbs and so many environmental factors bring us to the place of chronic disease.
And we have a horrible diet.
We're over here in America where they don't ever talk about this.
This is never even mentioned at your nearest hospital, right?
That you might have parasites that are causing these things.
Parasites in the brain.
Parasites all over.
And there's all different ways to cleanse different parasites too.
But they don't offer this up.
So I'm thinking about the American diet.
I'm thinking about how unhealthy and really fat we are, right?
Because everybody's fat.
And I'm thinking, we're never going to look at the truth of really what's going on in our bodies and be able to heal what's happening.
What we're doing is we're suffering, we're going in for chemo to annihilate our body even more, right?
And we're buying into pharma, pharma, pharma.
And it's a very deceptive industry because they want a lifelong client.
And we are certainly serving that up.
Cancer went from one in three to one in two now.
We are not going in the right direction and if vaccines were helpful and all these things were helpful, we would have been.
We would have been going in a great direction.
We're not.
There's solid proof of that and I've talked about that a lot on this show.
But this is huge.
This is interesting.
If you're suffering from these things, I would get some help from Pam and I would look into the parasites because There's so much that they can do with the kinds of parasites and that's what you've been working with for years with people is to try to help them understand the kinds of parasites they're dealing with and we don't realize there's thousands of them right in our bodies.
Yes, and some parasites like to live in different parts of the body.
So, we can't just start treating them.
We first support the body.
We first want to be feeling better.
And diet, as you mentioned, is really important.
The North American diet is so high in processed carbs and that is their favorite food.
It's like putting gas on a fire and that's what causes our symptoms.
And we're going into the holidays right now and so people are going to be loading up on sugar and sweets.
And then they feel so horrible after and they don't know why.
And sickly.
Everybody's getting sick and they wonder why.
And everybody thinks they're catching something.
I disagree.
I think that this is one of our biggest issues and we don't even realize it.
If we're going to go deworm our dogs, why don't we deworm ourselves?
My gosh, it's like insanity once you start thinking about it.
I'm going to come right back with the great Pam Bartha from LiveDiseaseFree.com.
Stay with us on the Alex Jones Show.
You're going to love this.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
So glad to be with you and these two remarkable guests.
I'm so glad we can get filled in on both topics today because let me tell you, this topic is huge.
The great Pam Bartha joins me from livediseasefree.com where you can go get some help with this because she's a really caring person and I love this because if there's anything that has come out of 2020 and the big COVID blow vid lie, is the fact that they're showing themselves, right?
We get to see now, first hand, the lying.
And so, I hope that drives people to the truth even more than it ever has before.
So that might be the great thing that comes out of the last three years, is finally understanding
how much has been suppressed.
There have been medications suppressed for cancer, all kinds of things going on.
And there are things that you wouldn't be able to say anywhere else, right Pam?
I mean, because there are many forums that I think wouldn't even have you or let you say these things
that have been suppressed.
You can say them here though, and I love that.
So, talk to me about that.
And I just really want to thank you so much, Kate, for helping.
You're such a truth teller and so is Alex and InfoWire, your whole team.
And I appreciate it so much because there has been such great suppression to keep this information from the general public, to keep this information from our practitioners.
And it's time, it's time that we need to bring this out.
There is so much suffering going on.
We cannot financially sustain our healthcare systems.
We don't want our current healthcare systems.
We need holistic approach.
We need to treat the cause.
We need to allow people to get their health and their life back because healthcare is actually quite simple.
It is not as complicated as the system that we have in place right now.
So true, so true.
And there have been the suppression of things.
We have noticed that through the years.
All you have to do is a little research.
It's really easy to find.
There are many, many things that the minute they were understood, boy, those people were run out of the country and went in fact to Brazil.
I wish we could be a little more Brazil right now with everything going on.
But I'm looking at our whole medical institution and this cabal.
Everything's coming from the NIH.
When you go in and you say, hey, could it be a parasite?
Could it be this?
I've talked about poisoning on the show.
I've talked about chemical poisoning.
I've talked about all kinds of things.
Things that it can actually be seen under a microscope and this is one of them.
You have a lot of parasites in your system and some more active than others and some on an active journey to destroy you, right?
And so you see these chronic diseases become more and more debilitating.
And why do we not think that that could be a parasite and maybe even addressed as a parasite and actually do that?
It couldn't hurt us.
So it's interesting when people finally find this information, isn't it Pam?
It's like being set free.
It just, a light bulb goes off and they're like, oh my gosh, finally, this makes so much sense.
And this affects everything.
It in fact affects infertility.
It affects mental health.
It affects migraines.
It affects like even weight gain and obesity and just living at our ideal weight.
It affects every aspect of our health in different ways, depending on which parasites we have, how out of balance we are.
You know we accept things.
You brought up, when we talked before, you brought up menopause and you brought up all these things and we accept the suffering that goes along with it.
And you said, you know, we accept suffering that I don't think we have to accept.
There could be other answers.
And so when people treat these things, when they go after the actual parasites causing it, they are not a mystery.
And this is why this information is so vital today for so many listening, because I don't think they think about it.
I don't think most people do.
I didn't think about this.
And could it be that parasite that's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and invading invading invading and that is why you have this degenerative process for years and years and years that becomes worse with absolutely no answers.
But we accept suffering we don't have to accept a lot.
That's absolutely true.
Our body is a miracle.
It knows genetically how to operate and all we have to do is support it in very simple ways.
Make sure we're getting enough nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.
But the one piece that's really missing for most people is how to correct the microbes that live in their body, how to restore balance.
And that's really the key that really helps us.
And you actually have to treat these parasites.
They don't go away.
They love living in our body if we end up with them because It's warm, moist, lots of food.
And so it's perfect grounds for them to grow and thrive.
And so we actually have to do a little bit of work at knocking them back, bringing back the good microbes, and then managing that.
And that's why I've been able to live 34 years MS-free.
That's amazing.
Really and truly.
I hope people are stopped in their tracks by that.
And how long does it take to cleanse?
How long does it take for that process?
It depends on the person.
If somebody is pretty healthy and they have gut issues, it might be that three months and they're also treating three to six months and they've restored enough balance.
Again, we can't sterilize ourselves from these parasites, but we reduce them enough in our body so that we are symptom free and we have a lot of energy and we have a lot of vitality.
For somebody who's been in a wheelchair for 30 years or 20 years, Like, I can never promise full recovery, but sometimes after a year of treating, they're starting to come out of their wheelchairs.
We've had a lot of people that have been able to come out of their wheelchairs, no longer using scooters, going back to work.
It's so incredibly exciting.
So, I wish we could get more interest in studying this and helping our practitioners to treat the parasites because there is so much recovery that we can have that we didn't know was possible.
Oh, it's such good news.
It really is.
And when you look at these things, you know, I know that a lot of people are saying, what is the drug, Fembenzanol?
They use this with animals, but there's, I think, human versions too, right?
But that only goes after one parasite, one kind, right?
People are desperate and there's forums where they're trying a couple of different parasite drugs and that is not a smart approach.
Number one, you have to use the right treatment for the parasites you have and you want to use an effective dose.
If you're using very minimal doses, you can make these parasites resistant and then that treatment is no longer going to help you in the future.
And so you want to use them A short term and at the right dose and in a cycle so that as they're laying eggs, some of these roundworms can lay 100,000 eggs in a day.
So you want to cycle through.
Yeah, and you need support because these are medical drugs.
Like we found that we cannot recover well enough, especially with chronic disease.
Just using the herbs.
And so we use a holistic approach, like all the lifestyle things important in diet, but then we use antimicrobial herbs, we use parasite drugs, the ones we test well for, and oxidizing agents like oxygen type therapies.
So those three things work really well together.
The things that you can see under a microscope, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and it's interesting to me that they shy away from those more and then just go after virus.
The virus is invisible unless you mix it in a vat with disease in order to see it.
Now tell me if that makes sense.
So, but everything is a virus.
Everything is a virus.
Ever since Johns Hopkins took over our medical cabal, that is the answer for everything.
And I do hope people rethink their health.
I hope they look for avenues like this.
I hope they go after parasites.
I hope that they are willing and open to investigate other options because I don't think it's right for the medical cabal to say, well it's a big huge mystery and we have some drugs To address the suffering you'll even get more side effects and we can't cure you and you know that's it and we're in the year 2022 it makes no sense.
Nothing has changed in 34 years.
We still don't know what causes all chronic disease.
There is still no cure.
And just even in the MS world, the newer drugs are like $100,000 per year.
So we have these big medical industries where there is so much money involved and people are suffering so terribly.
It's got to stop.
It has to stop and that's why I wanted to have you on today, Pam, because if we can get this information, if we can understand a little bit more about our bodies and what's going on and what's causing these things, it makes perfect sense to me.
All the stuff we digest, all the things in those vials with those shots, I mean, come on!
We don't know what's really in it, do we?
I can't imagine ponying ourselves up for more shots, more flu shots, all of these things, and not really understanding what's in it.
Even Dr. Judy Mykovitz was warning that, hey, all regulations are off now.
They can put anything in it, and if we can understand and address our health in a better way, then this works for people, and this information is vital.
LiveDiseaseFree.com is the website, correct?
Yes, it is.
Okay, I love this.
Pam Bartha, you're a warrior in health and I love my warriors in health because those are the people I trust.
You know, I got my husband out of the hospital very, very quickly after that third day.
You say no to experimental drugs like remdesivir, you say no to their shots, obviously they're causing what they're causing and we start looking for the actual issues and problems in our health.
Pam Bartha, you are fantastic!
Thank you.
I just love good information.
I love truthful information.
Thank you, Pam.
Really appreciate you coming on the Alex Jones Show today.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Kate.
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