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Name: 20221212_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 12, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses a range of topics on InfoWars including Elon Musk's fight against the deep state, border security, Rand Paul's statements on transgenderism and eugenics, Russia threatening nuclear war, free shipping at InfowarsStore.com, U.S. scientists achieving fusion energy breakthrough, mental health crisis affecting children, big pharma promoting obesity, US election concerns, COVID-19 impact, destabilization efforts by powerful central banks and criminal organizations like FTX, and incidents of segregation on university campuses. He promotes CBD oil products at various price points, encourages new listeners to research topics he discusses, and addresses the current state of cryptocurrency markets, upcoming hearings involving FTX, potential for NFTs in the future, negative attitude towards cryptocurrency during bear market, recent scandals' impact on the industry, fallout from the FTX scandal, supporting InfoWars by visiting their website and using promo code 1776, globalists planning for a long time, importance of supporting alternative healthcare systems like The Wellness Company, trend forecaster Gerald Solente's perspective on the current crisis, Big Tech's role in amplifying misinformation during the pandemic, and his new supplement line called InfoWars MD which offers high-quality products at lower prices due to a direct connection with suppliers.

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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
InfoWars Tomorrow's news.
But where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.
Don't bother, they're here Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career.
Where are the clowns?
There ought to be clouds Well, maybe next year
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.
It's Monday, December 12th, 2022.
I am your embattled host, Alex Jones, but wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
We've had such devastating effects on the New World Order and their criminal planetary takeover and depopulation plan.
We are fighting back together and I salute And thank you all for joining us here today.
All right.
I'm not going to sit here and have the ongoing debate.
People are welcome to call in if they want, and guest hosts can say whatever they want.
But I don't want to just have the ongoing debate about whether Elon Musk is a good guy or a bad guy.
What matters is his actions.
And I don't trust him.
But his actions speak louder than words and he is really devastating the deep state and he legitimately has them on the run very scared with the last three Twitter drops he did and the fourth one that he says, we already know this from behind the scenes stuff that's already leaked, that Fauci was coordinating censorship of thousands of doctors, thousands of nurses and scientists Well, I say thousands, tens of thousands around the world, not just here.
And then he lied to Congress about that.
And he lied two weeks ago, or a week and a half ago, to the Attorney Generals of Missouri and Louisiana.
And 260-something times said he didn't do something, or he didn't remember, he didn't recall.
So this is a big deal, and that's why all the globalists are crawling out from under their rocks.
And defending Fauci right now and all the horrible criminal activity he engaged in, like suppressing all of the different therapeutics out there they already had studies on that they knew would knock these viral infections in the dirt.
And that's just one area of the crimes they committed.
So this is just super good news.
Very, very positive information.
We're going to be going all through that coming up next segment.
Then we've got the border situation with Title 42 set to expire and deportations down 90% this year compared to last year with Biden and massive caravans.
here's a new one coming across at El Paso, 24/7 as services are cut off to the
American people and we're told to go without.
The very same globalist policies have fully collapsed.
Many areas of the third world, and now they're flooding them here.
This is the U.N.
If you're a radio listener, you can't see this, but shocking footage of just a massive, massive caravan.
They estimate to be more than 10,000 people.
For hours, after hour, after hour, after hour, after hour flooding into Texas.
and being taken by the Democrats, signed up for welfare, which the Democrats then skim.
And they're also then put in basically sweatshops.
So they're exploiting these people.
Let's get that straight.
I don't hate the poor folks.
Trying to get a better life, though they're being used as a weapon against us all.
This is a nightmare scenario.
We've got that situation.
Rand Paul's come out with some powerful statements about the eugenics movement
through the trans movement targeting our children.
Russia's threatening nuclear war at another level now.
It's all coming up today.
It's Monday, December 12th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And do we have an incredibly jam-packed broadcast lined up for you today?
Here's some good news.
You are stupid.
to announce fusion energy breakthrough today.
The Department of Energy plans to announce today that scientists have been able for the first time to produce a fusion reaction that creates a net energy gain, a major milestone for the decade-long multi-billion dollar quest to develop a technology that provides unlimited cheap clean power.
Free energy.
Now the word is from my sources that they had successfully done this in the 70s.
But now because the Japanese and the Chinese and the Russians are set to make their announcements, the Deep State over here is making theirs.
You saw a month ago the Chinese off their coast launched an artificial sun into the atmosphere that lasted 20 minutes.
By the way, it's very dangerous to create those on the planet, obviously, because they could get enough Purchase in the atmosphere to be able to start expanding and then you can destroy the planet or potentially large parts of it, depending on how bad the explosion got.
Similar problems with the superconducting supercollider or the megacyclotron, CERN, that spans multi-nations in Europe, in France and Switzerland.
to announce fusion energy breakthrough.
Wow, that is a really, really big deal.
I notice they're giving us windmills that don't work and batteries that take more carbon to produce and to charge and to use than gas cars.
They've been really suppressing a lot of these new technologies for decades that the establishment calls disruptive technologies.
But I'd be all for electric cars if we had enough of the rare earth minerals to replace them, but they don't have, they admit, with discoverable resources, enough to make 10% of the cars on earth battery-powered.
Then the batteries only last five years on average, and then you don't have any more batteries.
So it doesn't matter how much free energy you've got, where are you going to store it?
Because they can't put a nuclear fusion reactor in a car, These things are the size of a town.
So, again, that's the issue.
And they're now, by the way, in the news admitting this.
The U.N., the Club of Rome, the Naboscriptor, like, Klaus Schwab, she does go, there is not enough cobalt and enough lithium for the batteries.
We need to get people out of their cars.
No more used car!
So they behave like, oh, everything should be electric, oh, that's why we're getting rid of the gas.
No, they're getting rid of the general public having access to cars.
Obama told Africans, before he left office, if you remember, seven, eight years ago, we played the clip probably a hundred times, he said, you can't have air conditioning in your car, the earth will burn up!
So they can have all their private jets and oceanfront property, because they say, you know, by 2017, we'd be two feet underwater, but they knew that was all a lie.
So yes, you can create these nuclear fusion reactors.
They don't blow up on you.
And you can power the electrical grid.
But you've got big problems storing the electricity.
You know, most the electricity electrical grid is not stored.
It's all being produced as they need it, as the computers estimate usage.
And so they are not building the infrastructure at any level
that we need [BLANK_AUDIO]
To transfer ourselves over to this new system.
They're promising all this magical technology but not deploying it, not developing it for public use or public good while they cut off all the resources to the general public because the vast majority of people and their progeny are not supposed to go into the future.
And that's what the euthanasia and the infanticide and the death panels And the transgenderism is all about, in the fine print, depopulating.
Well, how do you sterilize kids?
You teach them it's cool and trendy and take away parental rights when they're 5, 6 years old and put them on the path when they're 10.
To have their genitals actually cut off, or their breasts actually cut off, or when they're six to start taking puberty blockers, and now children's books and boxes of cereal in the schools are all there 24-7, over and over and over again.
When a child is five or six or seven, they are asexual.
Meaning not sexual, to a great degree.
Because their hormones have not kicked in.
So a little girl doesn't think of herself as a little girl.
A little boy doesn't think of himself as a little boy.
They think of themselves as little creatures learning from adults and society and culture.
Just like a baby deer doesn't think about sex until it goes into puberty.
Or a baby dog, a wolf, a cub, a pup.
A baby bear doesn't think about sex until it goes into puberty.
And then all those instincts and everything kicks in.
So they go to try to artificially come in as social engineers with an army of pedophiles who do their bidding, who want access to children, to have children be confused and say, maybe I am a boy when you're a girl, or maybe you are a girl when you're a boy.
And then they create a relationship with you in the state, in a computer, to now cut you out, put you in your own classes, put peer pressure on you, to then sterilize you, and then Have you celebrate that?
And now we've got footage all over the country of the so-called gay pride parades that are now basically pedophile coming out parades that we can't even show you.
This is mild compared of children being paraded in front of men who are completely naked and people urinating and defecating
on each other.
If somebody came up to your child in the park.
A man or woman and said, I want to talk to you about your sexual preferences or I want to talk to you about your body and maybe you're not really a girl or a boy.
You'd call the police and they'd go to jail.
Or they'd be investigated.
But nowadays, if it's state sponsored, government sponsored, sponsored by Disney, sponsored by Wells Fargo, sponsored by Bank of America, sponsored by Goldman Sachs, sponsored by JPMorgan, who do sponsor it worldwide, well then you take your children in an offering to it to show how you submit to the system and then in some cases men with erections with only glitter on their penises have little boys and girls sit on their genitals in front of everyone and the women all get these wild looks in their eyes because they know it's degenerate, they know it's sick, they know it's extremely taboo because it's bad and horrible and ruins these children's innocence.
But they say, we don't care.
We're here to groom your children.
We're here for the next generation.
You will not stop us.
Because they have the full backing of the power structure.
And Senator Rand Paul has come out and said, Republicans are not perfect, but they are not pushing your child to have surgery to remove their genitals.
I'm going to get to that clip first and talk about the culture wars.
Then I'm going to get into the fourth drop of the Twitter files that's imminent.
Because we already know from documents that leaked elsewhere that Fauci and the rest of his crew were censoring millions of people and tens of thousands of scientists and doctors in live time, shadowbanning or blocking or full-out banning, and then going out and not letting people talk about therapeutics or studies about vitamin C or vitamin D or hydroxychloroquine.
It just went on and on.
Or they'd suppress you if you exposed that Randesivir would turn your kidneys off.
And we didn't protect you.
Or when they would admit in the files two years ago that, oh, these shots really won't help you, they'll erase your immune system.
If you tried to publish a study showing that, you'd get banned.
That's criminals from the beginning suppressing the knowledge and censoring.
But we overpowered them together.
And now the Davos Group admits if they can't censor the people of the world, they're going to lose their new permanent lockdown they're preparing.
And China's had to just snap its fingers and end its lockdown because the public finally revolted.
Thomas Jefferson was asked, what tyranny will man live under?
And how bad will tyranny get?
He said, tyranny will get as bad as you let it get.
Because there's always a tyrant worse than the last who will push the envelope.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
So earlier I pointed out that they're not bringing out electric cars so that they can replace all the cars with electric cars.
It's all a lie, they admit that.
And now the World Economic Forum has come out and said it's calling for an end to private car ownership, period.
You will own nothing and you will like it.
But I wanted to get to this stack because Greg Reese has done a really powerful report breaking this down and you have to understand the Tabastock Institute in the 60s developed the transgender issue and then rolled it out and now in the last decades of pushing it hard to again train people to sterilize their children that it's a cool fun thing.
It's all mind control.
So Senator Paul came out and said Republicans are not perfect But they're not pushing your child to have surgery to remove their genitals.
And more and more people that were brainwashed and told when they were young that they should take puberty blockers or be sterilized are now filing lawsuits and going public.
Chloe Cole looks to me like a nuclear missile aimed at the gender industrial complex.
And it's supporting ideology and its profits.
In her lawsuit, it's passed the initial motion to dismiss.
Things will get very interesting, very fast, and many others will file.
And it's already beginning.
Meanwhile, mainstream corporate media is saying classic beautiful women in swimsuits or in tight clothes are bad and is anti-woman.
So the left doesn't want the image of women powerful and beautiful and their classical femininity.
But they want to say fat ugly men dressed like clowns who call themselves admirals and who run major federal departments are good.
They know exactly what they're doing.
They're also promoting extreme obesity.
Look, I'm a little overweight.
I'm not against people that are overweight.
I don't hate them for it.
But when the media says and the corporations say you should celebrate it and you should get fatter and fatter and fatter and then collapse and die, It's again another nihilistic attack.
Here's Senator Paul talking about the true evil of the Democratic Party, and it's the same with leftist parties worldwide, with big money, big pharma money, trying to come in and literally mutilate children.
Here it is.
Thank you for having us now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
Senator, good to see you tonight.
This mental health crisis that our children are suffering from now, given everything that you've seen in your medical background, what are the main culprits here?
Well, there's no secret who was involved with the lockdowns, and I think the lockdowns have had an impact.
In June of 2020, three months into this, I said we gotta go back to school.
That it was a mistake to take the kids out of school because they weren't becoming ill with COVID and they weren't dying from COVID.
Sweden took this advice, kept their schools open, and not one child died.
That was going to school.
They actually didn't wear masks in school and still not one child died in schools.
The teachers didn't get any sicker than any other profession.
So the lockdowns was a big part of this.
But also you have to imagine that the and and who's responsible?
Dr. Fauci.
He continued to press for these.
But he was also responsible for telling a four-year-old that we need to talk about their gender and whether they're in the appropriate body.
Who's talking about giving picture books to six-year-olds with illustrations of surgery to remove their genitalia?
It's Democrat politicians and woke left-wing people.
There's not one Republican.
Look, Republicans are not perfect.
But Republicans are not pushing your child to have surgery to remove their genitalia as early as elementary school.
No Republican is pushing this.
These are crazy left-wing Democrats.
It was also crazy left-wing Democrats who were for the lockdown across America.
I know you're more of a libertarian, Senator, but the weed industry and the effect on our children is undeniable.
Psychosis and schizophrenia directly related to consistent and persistent high THC marijuana use by young people.
It is exploding in Colorado, in California, in Connecticut, in New Hampshire.
What of that?
How does this play into it?
Well, I want to be clear that I'm not an advocate for using marijuana, particularly not an advocate for children to use it.
I agree with you that it's more potent than it used to be, and that I think there are some psychiatrics or disorders associated with it.
You have to remember there also that schizophrenia begins about 18 to 21, so some of these may be unrelated to the drug use.
But I'm not an advocate for the drug use.
Alright, let's stop right there.
Absolutely, I have been for decriminalization of marijuana for 25, 30 years since I've been in public.
If you remember back during my divorce trial and custody battle, now seven years ago, six years ago, it was national headlines.
In a deposition, they said that you smoke marijuana.
And I said, very rarely.
It's so weaponized now.
George Soros funded some groups to make it so strong.
It's a hundred times stronger.
And since George Soros weaponized the marijuana, I might smoke it once a year just to see how powerful it is.
And the media all made a big national joke about that, but I was reading the studies and the different national groups, international groups he'd funded.
And now they admit that it's caused an explosion in psychiatric problems.
Yes, if you already had proclivity to be schizophrenic or to have delusions or psychosis, I personally know five people in my life, two of them that worked here, who literally went insane from smoking weaponized marijuana.
And I remember one of them literally, literally was having delusions.
And I'd known this person for many years before and they weren't like that.
And I said one night, I said, let me smoke some of that pot.
I know you've been smoking out in the parking lot.
I took two hits of it and couldn't get out of a chair for three hours.
Blasted off my butt.
Now, I know there's different strains, and it's different, and all the rest of it.
And look, marijuana is an amazing plant.
God gave it to us.
If you take the THC out, all these different cannabinoids it's got in it, and all these different oils are just... CBDs are incredible.
You know, even George Strait's promoting those these days.
I mean, they work.
For pain, you name it.
But young people particularly need to know, just like the transgenderism and the fentanyl and all of it, weaponized marijuana is being pushed on you, and all these different derivatives, synthetic ones, that is causing massive paranoia and schizophrenic type effects.
And I know five people that had their lives ruined by it.
Absolutely ruined by it, who were good people.
And I'm not going to tell any stories.
It's private.
But it's very, very painful.
And I know you've seen it yourselves.
And friends and family and people in your community.
So we shouldn't lock people up in jail for smoking weaponized marijuana.
But as a culture, people should put pressure On the developers and those that are genetically engineering it to make it so strong.
And the public should really understand that just like you don't go out and buy Everclear when you're going to have a wedding.
You go out and buy champagne.
If you bought Everclear and put it in the punch, people might die of alcohol poisoning because they can't taste it.
They don't know how strong it is.
And it's dangerous.
So you know, don't buy Everclear.
And it's the same thing.
Regular marijuana is like a beer compared to 200% alcohol that's 100%, 200 proof alcohol.
So it's the same thing.
There needs to be labels on these things.
And people need to understand that it's extremely dangerous.
It has a lot of great effects for people.
It just depends on the person.
A lot of high-strung people wouldn't be alive today, they'd be dead from heart attacks, if it wasn't for marijuana.
But, on average, it is wrecking our youth.
We'll be right back with huge news.
Stay with us.
Well, words really can't describe how good the news is that the general public, world leaders, prominent members of Congress, governors, the general public are awake to Fauci and the poison shots.
That's what they tried to say.
Let's have an amnesty.
Let's back down.
China stopped what it's doing for a while because they want us to all kind of forget and go back to sleep.
It's not going to happen.
I'm telling you, it's reached critical mass.
They're in a lot of trouble.
And the whole deep state's coming out from under its rocks to defend Fauci right now.
So that's coming up.
Got a lot of other really big news that is just so criminal.
And it's so key to understand what they're really building and how we can stop it.
Did you know colleges in California, Michigan, and New York alone, that's happening in other places as well, are forcibly, racially, and religiously, and sexually, segregating students with ID badges and QR codes and not letting white students have access to large areas of campus.
Think about that before I get to it, and let's connect the dots in all of this.
But just think about what I just said, and I'm going to show you mainstream news reporting it like it's a good idea.
Currently happening.
And, oh, we're going to ban not just gas cars, but all cars.
And, oh, we're going to all of it ties together.
We're going to get to it in just a moment.
But it's the sabotage of society at every level and classical tyranny with a high tech facelift.
Being brought in.
Everything tyrants have done before, they're now bringing forward 2.0.
But let me make a huge announcement right now that is so exciting on so many fronts.
Nietzsche, the German philosopher, famously said, that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.
And it's true.
If you know you're under attack and you don't submit and you innovate and resist, you get stronger.
It's like lifting weights, your muscles get bigger.
Or studying science and mathematics and literature, your skills get better and your brain weight makes more connections and you put your mind through a lot of stress, it becomes more powerful.
So in the last two years, it wasn't just supply chain breakdowns that caused us to not be able to get a lot of our high quality products in.
We were shooting for California standards that are almost unattainable for the cleanest supplements available.
Almost all our supplements pass California standards.
Almost no one else's do.
That was part of the issue.
And the other issue was, during the lockdowns, we had six different suppliers for our supplements.
Four of them got bought out by companies, and two of the biggest suppliers, we later learned, got bought out by leftist corporations that would Not ship us our product or mess with us and just do all sorts of weird stuff to us.
And we later found out, with one big company in particular, they just said, we don't want your business.
But in that process, I sent some of my crew around the country to meet with top developers, top companies, got a lot of doors slammed in our faces.
But by the grace of God, we didn't just find one, we found two, who are right in the top five, Not just national, but international producers of high-end supplements.
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I'm talking $10 million in sales a year.
I mean household name products, both prescription and over-the-counter.
That supplies Walgreens, you name it, with their main products.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Turns out the gentleman is a listener.
Then, as soon as we had that deal over a year ago, but it took much time to get it cranked up and to get the funds in to buy the products, we got another person, another group in the top five, who also don't like what's happening to us.
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All glory goes to God.
Thank you everybody for your prayers.
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Everything the left is doing worldwide is funded by the most powerful money laundering central banks that control criminal organizations like FTX right now to the grassroots organizations like MS-13.
And everything they're doing is to destabilize and bring down civilization in their own words and make you give up and go bankrupt to put you on a universal basic income so you will then have to culturally do what they tell you to, including at some point agree to be euthanized or you will not get funds.
I've been telling you this for a decade that they would start saying, particularly in Europe and Canada, as the beta test, you can live for two more years and we'll pay for your health care and pay for your free house and pay for vacations and let you have some fun, but to save the taxpayers money, we're going to then need you to sign up to be euthanized in two years.
And people are already doing that in Canada.
And just like we predicted, they take them to the beach, they take them on trips, they glorify them, they tell them how smart they are, just like they do little kids who they get to sign up to have their genitals cut off.
Imagine if somebody wrote a novel, a science fiction dystopic novel 30 years ago about the things that are happening now.
You'd read that novel and you'd say, that'll never happen.
But it is happening.
So now in public universities across Europe and the United States, you hear about these days.
Hell, it even happened in Kansas a few years ago, and Missouri of all places, in the Midwest, where the teachers walk up and say the whole campus is, no whites allowed for the weekend.
And then the Asian guy and the white guy say to the white woman, I guess that was in Missouri, that case, famously.
Well, you're white too!
She goes, that's different.
I'm part of the faculty.
And then she goes, get me some muscle over here to stop them.
That guy's search engine, that.
Probably still on YouTube.
Professor says, get me some muscle to throw whites off campus.
Get me some muscle over here!
And then you see Evergreen College.
On the West Coast, a few years ago, said, yeah, whole areas of the school, whites aren't allowed to go on it.
So why would they want to artificially segregate people?
To control them?
To brainwash them?
To turn them against each other?
Just like a prison will have a warden that will encourage a white supremacist group, a black supremacist group, a Hispanic supremacist group, and then everybody is housed in those areas.
And then they use the gang leaders that are racially based to control them.
Great job, crew.
They actually found an article about it.
Put it back on screen.
Missouri professor who called for some muscle at a protest is charged.
It was actually physically assaulted people.
So, back then, that was 2016.
That was six years ago.
Back then, you weren't allowed to do that.
But now they've got some special muscle because you're used to the QR codes for menus, QR codes to get on campus, QR codes to leave.
A lot of campuses said you can't leave for the semester or you'll be expelled because of COVID.
It's all about psychological warfare, a giant Milgram experiment or a Stanford prison experiment to see what they can get you to put up with.
If you're a new listener, write down things I say.
I don't just say things to sound smart.
Look up the Milgram Psychological Experiment.
Look up the Stanford Prison Experiment.
Then you'll know what I'm talking about.
We're not just saying things here.
These mean things.
For new listeners.
So now, all over the world, the colleges are saying you're gonna have to have a QR code.
You're gonna have to have a tracking system on your phone and a badge to be on campus.
And whites aren't allowed to go certain places because you're inherently bad.
And groups that say they're LGBTQP, or groups that say they're black, they will then get their own area and they're encouraged to be racial.
They're encouraged to be sexist.
They're encouraged not to like straight people.
They're encouraged to discriminate.
Here's just one example.
California College approves electronic security system to ban white males from non-white safe spaces.
And it goes on to say, to access the lounge, an ID is required in order to attain one.
Each student must complete a form which requests his or her identity group.
So now they're making you like Jews having to wear symbols and others having to wear symbols of Nazi Germany.
Now you've got to do it.
The security system was approved by the administration last month.
Claremont SOCA announced a much on Instagram and it goes through announcing
you must have the badge or the QR code to be able to go into any of these areas.
And they use the excuse of being nice to minorities to make them feel safe by making
you mark yourself as a bad person when white males are the minority.
They're now being singled out for discrimination.
Think of the magnitude.
Meanwhile, there's countless videos out there on Instagram and everywhere else of seriously obese people saying, I'm fat.
I love it.
You're not going to stop me.
We're the best.
And look, I don't dislike these people because they're so obese.
The point is, is that there is a celebration of it and the system in corporate America celebrating it, not trying to help people eating their poison GMO, but making them think it's cool.
That their life expectancy is going to be cut by 50-60%.
Let's roll just one of these videos.
*music* So let's continue.
If you criticize that on these platforms, you're kicked off.
I legitimately thought this was John Candy, then whisper my name as they start to get
So you wanna party with a fat bitch, even though in comments you're a fat bitch?
Okay, that's enough.
So let's continue.
If you criticize that on these platforms, you're kicked off.
World Economic Forum, WEF, is now calling for an end to private car ownership.
I'm going to come back next hour and play that, but I wanted to go to some of these
other articles.
A generation of no-car ownership is around the corner.
Dutch government attempts to forcibly close 3,000 farms, saying plants and animals are bad because they're carbon.
See how insane that is?
With the green agenda.
Rebel farmers are pushing back on climate action.
This is why.
Yahoo News.
Good news though, Vanguard quits Climate Alliance in blow to Net Zero Project, Financial Times of London.
People are seeing through it.
The agenda is a fraud.
It's falling apart.
It's about cutting off resources to control people.
You know, I've seen different graphics out there.
I've got to show it on air.
But it shows Karl Marx at the middle and then around it, these bubbles.
And at 12 o'clock, it says communism is a utopia.
And then it just goes around where you put in communism, restrict, take over the land, people start starving to death, there's mass tyranny, death camps, and then they say, well, we didn't really implement communism right, let's do it again, it's a utopia.
And it's that cycle over and over and over again with ultra-rich elites controlling it because they don't want competition, they want to centralize control.
Here's another example.
Beyond Meat is struggling, and the plant-based meat industry worries.
Eighty-plus percent plunge in their stocks.
Eighty-three percent.
Everything falling apart.
No one eating it.
People discovering that it's really, really toxic and full of estrogen that make people super unhealthy.
On and on and on.
They've weaponized everything, and the minute we figure that out and become aware of it and start saying no, Instead of submitting, we start pushing back and that makes us stronger and makes them weaker.
It's an animating contest.
Get in the fight and you'll feel alive again.
Stop submitting.
You're unhappy and depressed because your subconscious mind knows you're not doing what you should be doing.
So, pray to God.
Go to the park.
Hike in the woods.
All of us should do this more.
Eat healthier.
None of us are perfect.
It's a goal.
Reach out and help others.
Realize you're an eternal being made by God.
Realize the globalists are falling on your enemy.
And don't let them depress you.
Don't let them control you.
That you are going to transcend them with God's help and realize that God is watching you.
We live in this beautiful, timeless, incredible universe on this amazing planet with wonderment all around us and that just that understanding and opening that channel up to God and saying, God, I want to be purified.
I want to be sanctified.
I want to be better.
I want to be stronger.
We'll begin that interdimensional, energetic, Beyond the third dimension connection that will then begin to displace the evil and push it out and make you stronger and stronger and more happy and more successful.
But you have to first decide you're beautiful and you're amazing and you're powerful.
And that means you weigh 400 pounds.
Your soul is beautiful, but you shouldn't celebrate the unhealthy things the globalists have encouraged you to do.
You should recognize that and make the decision to pull away from it.
We'll be right back with our number two.
Please stay with us.
All right, this next hour is going to be jam-packed.
With your phone calls, and with a ton of news on the Fauci files that are about to drop, and the moves to take your cars away, shut down farming, and what the world will look like if we don't stop them.
So I'm going to open the phones up and give the number out next segment.
Specifically, I'd like to hear your views on the Fauci files and Elon Musk delivering so far and where you think this is all going.
But first, let's hear an incredibly important report that Greg Reese has put out dealing with this super creepy evil Canadian government euthanasia ad.
Here it is.
If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that the topic of suicide has been on the rise lately.
Take, for instance, Canada's MADE program.
A macabre play on the French word, m'aider, meaning, help me.
Stories abound of doctors grooming the disabled into the dark program... You know, let's stop right here.
I rarely make big mistakes on air, and it's fine.
I'm so used to Greg Rees reports on the page, that...
One of our other great Reese's did a video that I haven't seen yet and so I haven't haven't played it yet and so we're going to play that later in the broadcast just because I introduced that wrong and I want to be able to watch it now because I'm an Eric Reese's really smart guy.
It looks looks powerful but I need to be able to actually watch that and come back and talk more about that later.
I was already on the fence but I wanted to get that report out regardless.
There's a lot of other key reports we've got as well like sleepwalking into Armageddon What will you do when they come for you?
And so much more here today.
So let me do this.
Let's go ahead and fire up the phone system.
And I want to give first-time callers a chance to get on board.
I really ask the other callers to let new folks get on sometimes.
Because a lot of people can never get on board.
We love to hear from new listeners who are very special.
And people agree if they disagree.
If they have a question, a comment.
I would love to hear from new viewers, because new viewers are people that a lot of times might just be just now waking up.
Of course, the most precious people are the long-term, hardcore supporters, and you know who you are.
And so, we'll also have a lot of days where we take calls, and it's obviously a free-for-all, but I would like to hear from new listeners about, not as Elon Musk, good or bad, a broken clock's right twice a day.
But he is starting to go really fast in the right direction.
As you can go back and see him question the vaccines and say he was for them and say, well, is he a good guy or bad guy?
Well, regardless, he's releasing the files on Fauci and we know from other documents what they are.
Just already come out.
But these are specifically even more hardcore showing how he knowingly.
Was in there censoring the public when he's told attorney generals and the federal government, state attorney generals and the federal government, that he did no such thing.
So he's definitely in the perjury area.
And you know he's in danger because the deep state is coming out of the woodwork to protect him at every level.
So I do want to give the number out.
I want to take your calls.
For first-time callers, the toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
Also, I didn't get to this on the Sunday night show.
Because I'm really sick of talking about Sandy Hook and getting into it.
Also, I didn't get to this on the Sunday night show because I'm really sick of talking about
Sandy Hook and getting into it.
But AP even came out with a report saying I got railroaded and that it was probably
going to get overturned because there'll be no more due process if they don't.
And they were interviewing lawyers on there, prominent lawyers saying that.
I already know that, but what does it mean that AP is doing that?
Well, why is Elon Musk releasing all these files?
There is a major war inside the deep state that controls corporate media.
And you're going to see more and more of this coming out as it gets exposed just because the globalists aren't all powerful.
They don't have total control.
So guys, I know it was in yesterday's stack.
Reprint me the article about that and put the video back on my list because I need to be able to Get to that later today if we have a chance because it just shows that when I get up here and tell listeners, we're going to stay on air, we're going to win these appeals, we're not going away, so don't think, oh I'm going to stop supporting because Jones it's over and they say he's been shut down and he'll be shut down and nobody can stop him.
When none of that's true!
Only people that can shut us down is you.
If you decide to not buy products at InfoWarStore.com, and if you decide to stop listening, and if you decide not to share the articles and videos, we're done.
So I'm in your hands.
And I appreciate your support, and I think the work we're doing is very meritorious, and I think it has merit, and I just humbly ask you to keep us in the fight.
Spread the article, spread the videos, share the live feeds, by word of mouth, by text message, by email, call international shows, plug the broadcast, and I thank you.
The World Economic Forum is now looking to reduce ownership of private vehicles.
Yes, the forum claiming that this is a way to reduce global reliance on critical metals like cobalt and lithium as they make a push toward green energy.
Dagan, give up your car!
Why don't ya?
Yeah, the World Economic Forum sponsors that little get-together, that boondoggle in Davos every year.
Why do major private CEOs even go to that thing?
These are the policies that the World Economic Forum are espousing.
They're essentially saying, trying to take away your free will.
Oh, you can't drive a car.
And again, trying to apply the ideas out of Europe onto the United States.
Europe has a lot of mass transit.
It's a very small continent.
And North America, not so much.
So stick that idea where the sun doesn't shine.
Well, I have gone to Davos for 20 years for the World Economic Forum and it's always been an incredible opportunity to hobnob with the leaders of the world.
It is incredibly well attended every year.
So, for some reason, everybody's getting together globally.
It has been the place that all of these people meet every year.
You're right.
Leo, your thoughts?
What are your thoughts on the ideas of going green and taking away your private vehicle?
Well, obviously when we think about the history of motor vehicles, cars and other transportation, it has lifted millions, hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and has changed the dynamic of how we all live and the quality of our lives.
So yes, while we all want a clean economy and we want a climate that is sustainable, the reality is that a collapsing economy It isn't the answer.
So, there has to be a balance, and unfortunately, in today's bifurcated world, we get a little bit too much extremism.
So, hopefully, we can bring some sense back into it.
Yeah, and by the way, those CEOs that go to Davos, many of them, they go on their own private jet.
Now, that's only a two-minute, 19-second clip, and I could teach a college course on the New World Order and how it operates just analyzing that clip.
And how they responded.
Why does anybody listen to Danebos?
Because it's the private arm of the Bilderberg Group and the major finance banks and those big companies don't get the loans and government regulators come after them if they don't do what they're told.
That's why almost every motorcycle manufacturer has announced they're phasing out gas motorcycles and are going to electric.
Did you know that?
That's why, whether it's Ford or Chevy, owned by GM, they're announcing a phase-out by the end of the decade.
No more gas cars.
No more diesel cars.
And of course, you heard the Davos Group, we've told you a hundred times before they announced it, are going to say, oh sorry, there's not enough material for batteries, and batteries are toxic, so you just can't have cars.
Tomorrow's news today, yet again.
And of course, all the studies show if people have cars taken away, it'll make them isolated and much poorer.
That's what they want.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing, and you will like it.
Dodge will phase out gas-powered Charger and Challenger in 2024 to make way for EVs.
No more Dodge Charger.
No more Dodge Challenger.
I've driven both.
Splendid vehicles.
Beautiful, inexpensive, super fast.
The base model goes 200 miles an hour.
Spacious four-door with the charger.
American classic and gone.
But even the little tiny cars that the Japanese have that get 50 miles a gallon, sorry, bye-bye.
And what do the Japanese say?
Because they're engineer engineers.
They've come out with Toyota and with Nissan reports, dozens of them, and said, battery cars don't work.
They use more carbon to make the car, more carbon to make the battery.
They don't work.
It takes more carbon to make the electricity to transfer it to them.
They're a fraud.
Look at that beauty.
And they're just getting rid of all of it, not to replace it with something better, but to get rid of cars, period.
So when you hear, we've got to get carbon down to net zero, they're talking about you, and now they admit they are talking about you.
I want to play a report here by one of our great reporters.
Euthanasia ad contains dark symbolism linked to teen suicide trend.
Here is the InfoWars special report.
If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that the topic of suicide has been on the rise lately.
Take, for instance, Canada's MADE program, a macabre play on the French word, m'aider, meaning, help me.
Stories abound of doctors grooming the disabled into the dark program are thankfully coming to light, yet the psyop of state-funded assisted suicide seems to be gaining steam by the week.
Additionally, a horrifying commercial from Canadian clothing retailer Simons pitches the subject of assisted suicide as a bohemian live-laugh-love reflection on life's beauty.
Or something.
Last breaths are sacred.
When I imagine my final days, I see bubbles.
I see the ocean.
I see music.
Even now, as I seek help to end my life, there is still so much beauty.
You just have to be brave enough to see it.
Watching this not-so-subtle attempt to move the Overton window is shocking in its own right.
But wait a second.
You missed something.
Look again at the blue whale.
Also new this morning, a warning to parents from Charleston Police about the Blue Whale Challenge.
It's called the Blue Whale Challenge.
Some people just are tired of living and don't really know what else to do.
Craving a connection, suicidal teens are the target of a new game.
A 50-day challenge that, if completed, ends in death.
Buckle up.
The Blue Whale Challenge is an online dare that preys upon depressed, suicidal teens.
It's a series of daily tasks that are meant to slowly wear down the player's physical and mental well-being over the course of 50 days.
The entire challenge is overseen by an anonymous curator who messages and guides the subject through the daily challenges and holds the player accountable.
The first few tasks are fairly innocuous, like drawing a picture of a blue whale and taking a photo as proof.
But then they slowly escalate towards acts of self-harm and other dangerous situations.
On the 50th and final day of the challenge, the subject is asked to commit suicide.
So this random person on Instagram, they just messaged me saying, would you like to play a game?
And I was like, sure, what game?
He was like, first, You need to type in, I am a whale, and I did that, and I was like, okay, what's next?
He said, cut F57 in your leg, and I was like, do it.
Okay, well, I actually did.
By the way, hit pause.
I didn't do anything.
Back this up 20 seconds.
I'm going to come back from break and play it from there.
You understand how powerful this is?
One of our crew members.
First name's Reese, but he wants to remain anonymous.
December from Greg Reese.
We'll put this together, he goes by PsyOpCop.
And I hadn't seen his report yet, I was aware of all this information.
And it goes on, they put other suicide symbols all over these government-sponsored and apparel-sponsored programs.
Targeting the young people, teaching them how good it is to hurt yourself or kill yourself.
What do you think happened to Ted Cruz's daughter last week?
Massive cuts all over her.
This is so sick, and this is the mind control, and this is a PSYOP test going on.
Pedophilia, kill yourself, government push euthanasia, absolutely at every level.
We're going to post this powerful report on the front page of InfoWars.com.
Great job, PSYOP cop.
And we're also going to post it on the live show feed.
Euthanasia ad contains dark symbolism linked to teen suicide trend.
Again, the message is depopulate, make things as ugly as possible.
I told you I sent an InfoWars representative five years ago to one of the biggest film festivals, Sundance, and he got into meetings with some of the top producers and stuff and they said, all we've been told is make things ugly and depressing and out of control and scare everybody and just totally destroy civilization.
And that's why everything you see is that.
And we're going to come back with the rest of this report.
Stay with us.
All right, we just joined us.
We're playing a bone-chilling report that I posted the front page of Infowars.com and on the live show feed dealing with government-sponsored ads produced by clothing lines in places like Canada.
There's a whole bunch of these ads, but here's just one of them.
Creepy euthanasia ad contains dark symbolism linked to teen suicide trend.
And this is all test of mind control run by these bots, run by these psy-op groups to again kill you.
The shots, the lab-created virus, the weaponized marijuana, the fentanyl, the human sex trafficking, the smuggling, all of it is meant to make you depressed and die.
That's why the Pentagon has psychological systems that they Give counseling to the troops for PTSD that actually make them depressed, put them on drugs, and they know statistically makes them commit suicide.
So you see the suicide rate go way up because that's what they're being told to condition them to do.
Now even the average psychologist doesn't even know that the information they've been given and the programs they've been given are causing this.
But when you pull back, you actually learn that those on top do.
We're gonna go to your phone calls after this, but let's finish up with this report.
The entire challenge is overseen by an anonymous curator who messages and guides the subject through the daily challenges and holds the player accountable.
The first few tasks are fairly innocuous, like drawing a picture of a blue whale and taking a photo as proof, but then they slowly escalate towards acts of self-harm and other dangerous situations.
On the 50th and final day of the challenge, the subject is asked to commit suicide.
So this random person on Instagram, they just messaged me saying, would you like to play a game?
And I was like, sure, what game?
He was like, first, you need to type in, I am a whale.
And I did that.
And I was like, OK, what's next?
He said, cut F57 in your leg.
And I was like, OK.
Well, I actually did cut it in my leg.
He said that if I didn't do anything that he could track down where I lived and stuff.
And that kind of freaked me out because he said that he could call people and they could kill my family.
The man who supposedly created the game, a Russian by the name of Philip Budaykin,
was caught and imprisoned for successfully convincing two teenage girls to commit suicide,
though he claims to have convinced far more than that.
He's quoted as calling his victims biological waste and said that his project is cleansing society.
Despite many outlets such as Forbes waving off the challenge as an internet rumor, there are plenty of families reporting having lost loved ones to this suicide grooming ritual worldwide.
This is basically saying goodbye.
And this is basically saying goodbye as well, with the blue whale.
And this is in Russian?
This is in Russian, it's not in Bulgarian, yes.
Did you know that she knew Russian?
So let's go back to this abomination of an ad here.
Was this blue whale used as a calling card for online suicide groomers?
I don't know about you, but it seems a bit deliberate to me.
How about the, uh, spirals drawn in the sand right there?
You be the judge and let me know in the comments below.
Despite its grim overtones, the ad gets the core message right.
Life is beautiful.
But it's also too short to fall for tone-deaf, dystopian psyops like this one.
Consider ads like this as dark foreshadowing for things to come.
If you can, get out of Canada now.
It's about to get ugly.
This is the Psyop Cop for InfoWars.com.
Very important report at InfoWars.com and Ban.Video.
It's up to you folks to get this out of the young people.
You understand this is a war and notice these are eco-terrorist extinction rebellion types that have a thrill of controlling, a thrill of death, and have bought in that they're the high priest of getting us to commit cultural suicide, acting out at the low level what the globalists are instilling from the top.
It is a deliberate Operation to depress you and show you so much ugliness and to make you so guilty that you're a human and you're killing the blue whales that you're gonna now kill yourself in a heroic act.
And the people training the kids to do this see them as human garbage.
They don't kill themselves. No, no, no.
They're the psychopaths like Bill Gates who are going to oversee our death, our destruction.
And now they're trying to give newborn babies the shot.
They had to fire three FDA boards because they wouldn't even give it to teenagers.
Now it's down to six-month-olds.
Now they want to give it to babies.
Woman featured in pro-euthanasia commercial, wanted to live, say friends.
That's the National Post.
That's the liberal paper admitting it.
But they intimidated her into letting him kill her.
It's a death cult.
I remember from a source I had inside PETA, a full 10 years before it broke, Who was in the highest levels of PETA who said that they were really a euthanasia death cult and that they were really run by Peter Singer and that they would go up in the top of the building and eat steaks and laugh and make jokes.
They would make the employees in Norfolk on the East Coast bring them animals daily and that the head of PETA This woman would sit there with a needle injecting puppies and kittens and getting off on it.
Now, I was told that information, and I thought it was unbelievable, and then many years later, it turns out that that same person's information was given to private eyes for the beef industry.
Thank God they were fighting back.
They staked out the facility and caught them killing hundreds of dogs and cats A week, and dumping them in a dumpster.
And if you remember, that's what basically damaged PETA even today, and a bunch of its people that actually believed in animals got mad and said, what are you doing?
But, I'm gonna leave it at that.
Uh, because it's, it's, it's, it's, it's personal, and, you know, I had a family member that I did not know all this was going on with them until later, and they later confided in me in this, Regnerly Publishing reached out.
I guess they knew who they were.
They gave them an interview but did not say their name.
And that information was used by Regnery to basically annihilate PETA.
It's another just bizarre thing about my life that I've been so close to all these things.
And I remember she was offered a lot of money to put a book out.
And I said, if what you're saying is true, these people are so crazy, no one's going to believe it.
And I I basically did not go along with the book being published.
This was like 20 years ago now.
And it was just insane.
I mean, and I found it really hard to believe.
And then it all came out, this is going on, what type of people pressure in a big high-rise, you know, they were in a big building, but all the subordinates weren't allowed up on the top floor to then Order their subordinates to go out and get dogs and cats and bring them to them, and then they would kill them, and they'd ask, why are you killing them?
They said, well, it's abusive to have a dog or a cat.
It's abusive to have a dog or a cat, not naturally in an environment.
They're leading horrible lives.
Well, they love their lives.
But really, it was a vampiric need.
They couldn't get kids.
That's what Peter Singer wanted, was to abort kids after they're born.
Remember that?
They couldn't get kids.
And so it's like Renfield in the Dracula book.
He wants rats and bugs and he says, one day, Dracula, will you please make me a vampire and I can actually have kids?
And so the writer of that famous novel was basically telling you what's really going on, what those people are like, and you run into this, and it just sounds too hard to believe, and then it's just right there.
It's unbelievable.
Your phone calls are coming up.
Allison, Roger, Glenn, Emmett, QC, Jonathan, Ty, Jason, your calls are all coming up.
Stay with us.
And we are back.
A BitBoy, one of the number one cryptocurrency talk show hosts, is going to be in studio with us.
Coming up in the next hour, look for that to talk about FTX, the economy, the future of cryptocurrencies and more.
But I want to get through these calls to the folks that called in as we speak.
Elon Musk has released three tranches of documents.
He says he's going to release information on Fauci and that Fauci should be arrested for what he knows.
Well, we already know what they've done from other documents in other areas, but this is reportedly even more hardcore.
We're taking phone calls on that subject.
Musk just released something else, I'm told, by the producers, but it's not the Fauci stuff.
The floodgates are open.
We'll be covering that as it comes in, as all of it unfolds.
But they stole the election.
The election meddled.
They secretly spied.
They secretly worked with the FBI and government to suppress people.
The government and Biden told them who to censor.
I mean, just incredible criminal activity.
And now even more is coming out.
Let's go to Roger in California on Elon Musk and this whole situation.
Regardless what people think about Elon Musk, he's delivering right now.
This is devastating to the deep state.
Alex, love you totally.
You saved my life.
You saved my girlfriend's life.
If I hadn't found you, we would be shot up to the gills.
And without you, I don't know what I would have done.
So I'm really, really thankful.
Well, let me just say this.
Let me say this.
Just like they're trying to teach kids how to commit suicide and it's all a giant death cult or sterilize themselves.
All I ask is that you save others now.
Tell everybody about the broadcast.
Take clips out of the show.
Share them with people.
Start your own show.
Do whatever you can, sir.
Just be as vocal as you can.
You're thanking me.
I'm begging you and thanking you for caring and tuning in.
And I'm begging you now to save others and then tell them to save others.
We're unstoppable together.
We either come together or we're going to fail.
You understand that?
I send out your links almost every day.
My girlfriend sends out your links almost every day.
And so we're just trying to spread the word as much as we can.
On to Elon Musk.
So I'm in L.A.
I work in the film business.
I'm a digital artist.
So I've spent the last 20 years refining my skill set to be to create like the most incredible artwork for these films that It creates these worlds.
And what I gotta say, what I think Elon Musk is doing is he's trying to position himself to control the New World Order because AI is going to take over all our jobs.
And I was talking about that film industry stuff.
Text-to-image AI is about to invalidate 20 years of my experience in image making and art creation.
It is the most insane thing I've ever seen.
And if you haven't heard of ChatGPT, which is that For folks that don't know, for folks that don't know, and I've talked to a lot of top people, high level, they said, Alex, they don't let you know on Siri or these other systems, AI, how good it is.
It's dumbed down.
The public doesn't know how super advanced it already is.
And it's listening and watching everything.
I'm literally scared for my job right now because, and we're at the very edge of this digital kind of work that we do, so I'm looking at it going, I don't know if I'm going to have a job next year or within the next year.
And explain what that means to people.
The AI is so good that you can tell it what you want, and then it's able to create art that is beautiful and powerful, and again, that's the real mark of intelligence.
So it's called Mid-Journey.
Mid-Journey is one of the different AIs out there, and these are available to everyone.
You type in four or five words, say, you know, I want a beautiful castle on a hill with a sunset, and I want it to be as high resolution and gorgeous as you can make it, and it will give you infinite versions Of this image.
And that's what I do for a living, all day, every day.
It took me 20 years to get good at doing this kind of work.
But you know why it's powerful?
Because it's hooked into all of us, stealing our art, our culture, and then only giving it to you at high speed.
And so the key is going to be trademark and copyright with this AI, because what it's doing is stealing.
So again, it's only good at showing us what our mind already has.
It's basically like a subconscious.
Because our subconscious is thousands of times more powerful than our conscious because we can't dive into all that and process it through the cerebral cortex that is our limited focus.
And so this is like looking into the subconscious.
And so what I think Elon is doing is he knows that this technology is so powerful.
So he's trying to position himself to be in control of literally everything.
He can control the AI.
He said that he wants InternetX where everything's under his control and he knows the open free Internet is what will get everybody to him.
So he's acting like he's the savior.
We'll get everybody to come to him.
But in the process, he is still exposing the old dinosaurs.
So he's performing a service right now.
It's like it's a double-edged sword.
I mean, what he's doing is great right now, but he could turn that other edge on humanity at the very same time, so it's very dangerous.
Last thing I gotta say... But just remember, we can then create art and literature and culture that's anti-globalist, and what's been proven is the AI can't help but then become our slave, no matter how they program it.
So remember, they're still got a tiger by the tail.
That's a great point.
That's an absolutely great point.
I gotta say one more thing.
I did a food cleanse years ago.
I got really sick while I was cleansing out and I woke up out of this fog and I thought, food is mind control.
So this was like 10 years ago.
I went into YouTube.
I said, food is mind control.
I found you.
And it was so hard to listen to you back when I was in the Matrix.
And then slowly what happened is I just went down the rabbit hole with all your videos.
And at this point now, I'm 49, I do jujitsu.
Without your supplements, I could not compete with like these 20 and 25, 30-year-olds that I have to roll with every day.
Thank you, Roger.
A beautiful call.
Great points.
I got to get to more of these callers.
And BitBoy's coming up.
But if I have to, after BitBoy goes, I'll go into the fourth hour and take your calls.
But I want to take like five, six calls next segment, but I want to get to this right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Cavalry's here for our funding, and the Cavalry's here for you.
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Thank you, Alex.
I'm a new caller.
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Massively discounted.
Infowars Platinum, infowarsstore.com.
BitBoy Crypto in studio next hour.
Then I'll host into the fourth hour with Gerald Cilente and your calls.
I'm going back to your calls right now.
Allison in the great state of Texas.
Welcome and thanks for calling.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm a new caller.
I've never called you before, but I'm from Texas And I've been with you since white go time.
You know, since back then.
So you've been listening since the mid-90s?
Yes, yes I have.
You know, back when it was Prison Planet and all that.
But I love you, I love the crew, I love the products.
The iodine's really good for a toothache, by the way, if anybody's having a problem with that.
But I called you about the The Four Horses of the Apocalypse, and I want to talk about the last horse, which is, in English it's referred to as pale, but it's actually the word chloros, which is green.
It's a green horse, and death rides on the green horse.
And you know, we hear the word green 50,000 times a day, you know, if you listen to the media.
And the Green Movement is the human extermination, depopulation, transhumanist movement.
Absolutely right, the green horse.
And even on your little image that you show sometimes of the apocalypse, you know, the fourth horse is green, you know, on your screen.
But this subject came up of suicide, and my son was a gunny sergeant in the Marine Corps, and he was one of the 22, you know, he committed suicide about five years ago.
And forgive me, I'm getting a little shook up.
PTSD is brainwashing, and no one will ever be able to convince me that that's not what it is.
You know, they call it PTSD, like post-traumatic stress, but it's brainwashing, and he would tell me things, and then he would go off into this gibberish, you know.
He would try to tell me what had happened over there, but it would go off into this gibberish talk, and I tried not to freak out, you know, but I knew, like, where it was headed.
I saw it coming, you know, because Yeah, the last person he talked to was a CIA psychiatrist.
And these people showed up at his funeral.
Now, when it was all going on, I was so shook up, of course, that I didn't realize.
But I walked right up to these people.
At the funeral, they were all lined up down the side of the church, or the chapel we were in.
And I thought they were funeral directors.
They all look like men in black.
And I'm sorry.
Well, there's no doubt that what they're teaching is causing suicide.
Instead of teaching people to overcome it and help others and help themselves, and they teach them to be victims, they teach them you do have a problem, you're ruined, your life is over, and it's definitely contributing to the suicide.
They tell us now that we're the enemy of democracy and all that.
That's what they tell them.
They beat it into their head however they do it.
whatever they, however they do their brainwashing, that they must
kill the enemy.
That's the thing, you must kill the enemy.
Then when they get out of the service, they start talking to
them and telling them, you are the enemy.
He told me that.
Well, that's right.
He told me that.
What it is, is it's not all the government psychologists, but it's a large contingent of leftists sitting in there, just like they trick the little girls to commit suicide and cut themselves.
They go in and tell them, you are a bad thing.
You're part of a bad thing.
You're part of the patriarchy.
And they basically teach them, you're bad.
So they will destroy themselves.
Like after a war, they'll spike a cannon or decommission a weapon.
They want these men to kill themselves.
They're teaching them to kill themselves.
And I'm sorry to hear that happen to you.
God bless you.
But yeah, that's what they're doing.
Ty in Tennessee, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for all you do, man.
I appreciate it.
I got a question for you.
Me and my wife just found out a couple weeks ago that she's pregnant with our first child and I've just been trying to sift through all the information on Um, you know, which vaccines they should get and shouldn't get.
I'm just curious about your recommendation on... Well, I mean, vaccine science is 100% real and 100% effective if it's not tainted or if it's not been jacked with on purpose.
And when I say 100% effective, I mean, as a group, you give somebody a tetanus shot, they're not going to get tetanus if they step on stuff that's got tetanus.
The problem is, is all the side effects.
Will you survive that?
So there's always side effects they lie about.
How bad they're going to be is up for debate.
Depends on your physiology.
But the so-called new shots are not vaccines.
They're gene therapy, very experimental.
That's why they couldn't get them approved.
They just got executive order to put it through.
So I don't trust the system.
Nothing's better than clean food and water.
Supplementation, sunshine, and exercise.
And so I personally, none of my children, I've got four of them, and they all look like movie stars.
I'm not bragging, it's just true.
All four of my children have never had any shots.
And I had very, very few when I was young.
And so my grandmother's doctor told her she got polio from the polio vaccine.
Told my grandmother that back in the 50s.
So, there's been a long line of carnage from these.
And so, vaccines are real technology, but you just can't trust the system at any level to take them, is my view.
That really, that helps me out a lot, man.
I mean, Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate the world, and he's got his fingers in almost all the vaccine makers.
So what's that tell you?
For sure.
For sure.
The only other question I'd have is, I've really kind of started reading some scriptures and stuff, and I'm just curious on your recommendation on what Bible do you read?
You know, I don't claim to be the big theologian.
I sat in a lot of Sunday school, and a lot of times I'll flip through the channels and watch preachers on TV, and I've read a lot of the Bible.
But, you know, I personally just have a spiritual relationship with God and discernment from the Holy Spirit.
And so, I basically operate off of that, and basically, if I just follow the Spirit, it has all the answers.
It's never wrong.
It's when I don't want to follow it that I have issues.
That's why I do have issues.
Like all of us, I'm fallen.
But if I was you, I would read the first three books of the Bible.
I would also read Exodus.
I would read the three Gospels and all the red-letter stuff with Jesus.
And then I would read Daniel, I'd read Ezekiel, and I would read Revelation.
And then I would, you know, we should get more trusted theologians on and people that know what's going on to walk through all this, but it's all crystal clear once you understand it, once you see it.
I was just curious if there was a version of the Bible that you think is more historically accurate?
You know, all of them have been manipulated.
None of it's perfect.
But they did get the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it was pretty much very close to what's in the King James Version.
The issue is, is that the early churches Including the Orthodox and the Catholic, pulled some of the books out.
And so there are books of the Bible that are not there that people should read as well.
It doesn't mean it's all, you know, perfect.
You need to use the Holy Spirit to discern it when you're reading it.
But I personally like a King James Version.
Thanks so much for your help, man.
I appreciate everything you guys do.
Thank you, brother.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to James in California.
James, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Alex, during 9-11, I had a trading desk set up in my apartment in Dana Point.
I was all over the internet for the five-year period following 9-11.
I was all over drudge during those days.
It wasn't until 2010 that I got a copy of the Obama Deception that my son gave me.
I listened to it and watched it.
And I recognize your voice, but I had never heard your name, Alex, in all those years of being all over the net.
I grew to hate Charlie Sheen because 9-11 was an inside job.
I grew to dislike the Dixie Chicks because they were talking about things that they should have been talking about, supposedly.
So what it shows me, Alex, is how much censorship It was going on in the internet during that period and how much mind control I was truly under and I've been listening to you now since 2011.
I've been following almost everything you say and I just want to tell you I love you to death.
Well, I love you too, brother, and we're all imperfect vessels to carry forward the information, but you're absolutely right.
The censorship's always been there.
Now it's more intense.
It's out in the open because the enemy is losing the fight for hearts and minds.
We are winning.
The question is, what will the globalists do to try to grab a victory from the jaws of defeat?
That's the big question.
That is the question, you know, and thank God for Matt Drudge in 2010 and 2011 when he started Well, that's why I don't bash Grudge.
You know, he got Trump elected more than anybody else out there other than Trump.
He did such a great job for decades.
And the best I know is when he asked the Republicans for support when he was under covert attack, they didn't help him.
and didn't support him. So he said screw you and basically leased it to a consortium run by CNN.
And you know he just gave up I guess. But I don't dislike Matt Drudge and I admire Matt Drudge
and he's a really smart person and you know I mean I can't, whatever they had on him,
whatever they did to him, I mean I forgive him because none of us are perfect.
Right on Alex. I love Matt Drudge and I love you and I don't go to Drudge
anymore at all because it's CNN owned and that's the way it is Alex.
Yep, it is.
It's CNN.
A subgroup of CNN leases it.
They up the lease every year.
We'll be right back.
And we are back!
BitBoy in studio coming up.
Your calls continue after that.
But right now, Rick in Oklahoma wants to talk about transgenderism and FEMA.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, it's a pleasure to speak with you.
I've been listening to you for a long time.
I really appreciate your information.
I appreciate you, brother.
I was just going to mention that years ago, I mean, back when Paul Harvey was still on the radio, back in 79, I think it was, Paul Harvey had mentioned something about the Gay Bomber, the Sunshine Project, and never really stuck with me until some of the stuff that we see going on with the whole transgender movement started taking place.
Well, that's right.
That's even in the BBC.
You guys click web and type in Pentagon developed gay bomb, a chemical they spray on men
that basically manipulates their olfactory nerves and makes some men attracted to men.
Go ahead.
Well, anyway, yeah.
So I think what we're seeing right now is just like the Sunshine Project 3.0.
The way it feels to me.
You know, I watched that interview with you and Ye the other day, and he had mentioned something about porn being a drug.
And I think that it probably is.
It opens the door for those kind of proclivities, if you will.
Who knows what they can pump through the TV and the media that we're visually looking at right now.
I watched a movie here a long time ago called Videodrome.
Yeah, with James Woods.
James Woods.
That's a Cronenberg film.
It's excellent.
It is.
It's loosely based off a true story where they were using, you know, The visual effects through video to brainwash people that would choose to watch that kind of stuff.
I think it was Netflix in the movie, but anyway, that was really all I had.
I mentioned to your guy that let me on that recently I just saw some of those big black coffins that you were talking about years ago.
Yeah, FEMA stockpiling coffin liners everywhere.
Yeah, I saw some of those road food down there the other day.
Truckload of them.
Well, there's a lot of dead people, brother.
A lot of dead people with the shots.
Got a big study right here.
Thank you so much for the call, Rick.
Let's talk to Johan in Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Hi there!
Go ahead.
Hi there.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Okay, I want to let you know I'm wide awake since 1969.
Well, that's awesome.
I know everything about Deep State, like Dr. Huff.
He was so interesting.
He was a surveyor.
We were surveilled for decades, our family.
Because East Germany and West Germany.
Because we had really higher ups in East Germany, like Erich Milke, the Stasi head one.
His niece was married to my mom's brother.
And we were surveilled all the time.
Well, I believe it.
That's what the Stasi did.
Oh, and don't forget, I think 30,000 Spousies were here in America for decades.
And they were surveilling people.
Well, you know, the Democratic Party hired Marcus Wolff before he died to help surveil
the American people.
Oh, and Vanna von Braun, my cousin's husband, he worked side by side with him in the Nazi
So are you a German immigrant to the United States?
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I'm out of time.
My mom is all German and my dad is Canadian.
And we know everything.
And the Build-A-Bear group.
Yeah, my dad was, had a Build-A-Bear,
he was invited to the Build-A-Bear group.
Because, I don't know if you know Percy Rock.
Well listen, I appreciate your call.
I'm out of time, and thank you for calling.
Open phones, folks.
Taking your calls.
Everything's coming through here.
We got our special guest in the studio.
And if people hold, I'll get to you after our guest leaves.
If not, I understand.
You can hang up.
Love ya.
We'll be right back.
InfoWars.com is tomorrow's news today.
We got a special report in the air.
And then, BitBoy Crypto is in studio.
Stay with us.
This is the end of a free society.
It's the total New World Order plan.
It's Operation Lockstep.
This is everything.
That's why I keep hammering the shots, hammering the lockdowns, hammering the persecution, because they just think we're going to go to sleep for a while.
We'll give them some type of political, cultural amnesty, and then we all just quietly go away.
I mean, look at this footage.
If you've ever seen a Pied Piper in the real world, that's it.
One white-clad Judas goat in a paramilitary medical tyranny outfit leading thousands and thousands and thousands of Chinese who all got told they were red-coated with no evidence and had to go to the camps.
It's perhaps the biggest quarantine in human history.
Millions of people worldwide have been quarantined.
Millions of people in China are once again under collective quarantine.
In the industrial city of Chanshou, 6.6 million residents have been ordered to stay indoors.
Workers in protective suits have installed metal barriers in some neighborhoods.
China is reportedly putting suspected COVID-19 patients in metal boxes.
Well, they're erecting sometimes shipping containers.
We've seen a couple of tents as well.
More than 200 million people in China are in lockdown.
And are banned from leaving their home, even to buy food.
Long winding lines of buses can be seen in a street which are taking people to COVID-19 quarantine camps.
25 million residents ordered confined to their homes.
They're using bicycle locks and padlocks just to keep people in.
This video on your screen shows officials dragging a man into a quarantine center where the conditions are appalling to say the least.
These people locked up in quarantine camps being treated worse than prisoners.
Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them.
The judge has ruled for guardianship of this four-month-old baby to be placed into the court.
He needs life-saving surgery, but his parents don't want him to receive blood from those who have been vaccinated.
So, this is all about the states, the same worldwide you indirected, taking control of your bodies, And now saying we're gonna put blood product to people that have a growing prion or spike protein in your body.
We have all the medical reports, the governor of Florida has criminal investigations going, a big pharma lying about this but they're still doubling down.
We don't want blood that potentially could have spike protein.
We don't want that.
We know that that is, you know, he's got a compromised heart.
What's happening here is just the beginning of An authoritarian takeover, and it's coming for all of us.
This type of tyranny is coming to New Zealand.
It is coming to Australia.
It is coming to America.
It is coming to the entire world.
Chinese-style COVID lockdown tyranny is on its way.
For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above.
It's absolutely mind-boggling that you could hold healthy, law-abiding, fully vaccinated citizens in these kind of conditions.
We have now a window of opportunity to create this global reset which we all need.
This is what communism looks like.
This is what totalitarianism looks like.
Your child is not yours.
They will continue to try to restrict and limit and vaccinate to all of the other things that we're seeing done in China.
It's just a matter of time.
And as their algorithms get more sophisticated, the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab I respect China's achievements, which are tremendous.
humanity the freedom that we so clearly desire.
I respect China's achievements which are tremendous.
I think it's a role model for many countries.
This is the Social Credit Score.
This is breaking you down, locking you up, training you to be a slave.
They'll only let you out again later as long as you follow all the orders they say.
They get progressively more tyrannical.
Where'd Bob go?
I don't know.
Went to a coven camp, never came back.
They're just training you to get used to seeing people grabbed and rounded up all around you.
Super hardcore tyranny.
The model of the Great Reset and the New World Order.
And we're going to be here fighting it big time.
All right, well, I've watched his show before and seen his work and Mike Adams was talking about a few weeks ago and I said, well, let's get BitBoy, one of the biggest crypto news reporters out there, to come on the show.
And he said, I'll come in studio.
So he and his crew have come here.
I'm not going to go over his whole background.
You can find him at BitBoy Crypto and on Twitter at BitBoy underscore crypto on Facebook at BitBoy Crypto, BitBoyCrypto.com.
And he's got a whole news division and a lot of big stuff so we couldn't get a better person in here to talk about FTX and the future of crypto because I totally support crypto and think we need alternatives to the central bank digital currencies they want to bring out and I kind of see FTX as an attempt.
To blow up the crypto market while the deep state laundered a bunch of money.
Maybe you disagree.
I'm gonna get your take on that.
Sam Bankman-Freed testified before Congress remotely.
He's quite overbooked.
So we've got all that.
So first off, BitBoy, good to have you here.
I appreciate you being in studio with us.
And so where do you want to start?
With FTX and all the rest of it?
Yeah, I mean, you gotta start with FTX right now.
It's a very big week this week, as you said, Sam is overbooked, so he can't appear in person at the hearings.
He's currently in the Bahamas.
For people that don't know, FTX was one of the largest exchanges in the world, and it was insolvent, and nobody knew.
And we started figuring out, you know, maybe a few weeks before everything, you know, unwinded, CZ from Binance sold 500 million FTT, it's the token of FTX, and basically crashed the market overnight, and it's had a really hard time recovering.
But the fact is, $8 billion at least, some people put that total estimates up to $50 billion if you include all their investments, just gone.
And it's the biggest insolvency I think we've ever seen.
And, you know, Sam Bateman Freed just continues to go on this, he was the CEO, on this tour saying, oh, I didn't know anything.
I had no idea.
And even the New York Times acts like it's no big deal.
But what I see is them saying, let's use this to try to take over all the private crypto when he had deep state and the government regulators all over him supporting him.
So I think this is a very interesting conversation because, you know, when you look at how everything, you know, happened.
There's one name that everybody thinks when you think of like gigantic democratic scandals, right?
It's Clinton's.
How high does it go?
Does it go to the Clintons?
I don't think this is true this time.
And the reason is because if you actually look at what happened, how it imploded overnight, If the Clintons were involved, that would have never happened.
You've got politicians everywhere having to make excuses for why they took money from him.
And they're trying to distance themselves from Sam Bateman Freed because he is toxic right now.
Something like that.
I think what you'll find is the further we get into the story, the sloppier these people become.
This was not a clean operation from the very beginning.
They kind of just went off of intimidation and like mafia type tactics.
Like, oh yeah, you won't say anything or else we'll destroy your project.
That was a common thing they would say.
What finally brought them down?
Them trying to take over that big Canadian exchange?
Well, what actually brought them down was a whistleblower.
That's ultimately what happened.
There was an insolvency hole that kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
This had a lot to do with the fact that they were creating counterfeit coins on the exchange.
And then what was happening is they would just allow more people to short.
Their short versus long ratio in letter trading was out of control.
At one point it was like 99% shorts.
That doesn't even make sense on exchange.
So what happened is customers would withdraw the real assets.
And they would just create more counterfeit tokens on the site, and that insolvency hole just got bigger and bigger and bigger.
Then they had to crash Terra Luna, crash Voyager, crash Celsius.
That sounds like a microcosm of the rest of the economy.
Yeah, I know, right?
It sure does.
But, you know, they were trying to fake it till you make it.
If they could have got all these acquisitions after they crashed those companies, nine-figure payouts for some of the moves they were making, They could have eventually got enough real assets to kind of counterbalance everything out.
Well, sir, just from a dumb level, I'm not an expert like you, but anybody else would already be swat team by the FBI.
Oh, he can't come to Congress.
Doesn't want to come to the US.
He's quite overbooked.
He says he didn't even know this was going on.
He lies in big TV interviews saying, I didn't know money was going to his other company.
I mean, this guy is a crook.
Yeah, he's something.
And, you know, there was a time where I was trying to maybe give him the benefit of the doubt because, seriously, there are bigger players here.
His parents and Dan Friedberg.
These are the most important people in this entire situation.
Oh, I agree.
He looks like a front guy.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
But he also knows stuff.
So, you know, him coming to this tour of like, you know, New York Times obviously with their puff piece in his
interview there.
There's a lot of connections between FTX and New York Times and some sketchy dealings there
as well.
But the fact is, is that this guy, he just pretends like he doesn't know anything and
then two months ago he was the boy genius that knew everything about.
You mean that guy's not trustworthy?
Let's put him back on screen.
Oh, golly, that is the scariest thing I've seen since Count Chocula.
He looks like Count Chocula.
That's his new code name.
So what is the fallout of this when we come back from break?
What is the fallout?
What's going to happen to cryptocurrencies?
Because now the central banks say they're going to move in.
It seems like perfect timing for them.
Yeah, I mean, I think when you look at CBDCs coming down the road, this is certainly going to be something that, you know, Congress tries to piggyback on and tries to roll out these CBDCs and stablecoin regulation.
I don't think there's any doubt about that.
Stablecoins feel pretty safe right now compared to, you know, the volatile crypto markets.
Well, let's say there's anybody saying that cryptocurrency is fiat.
It's all fiat.
At least this has some basis in reality.
We'll be right back.
Well, Bitcoin Boy, one of the top Bitcoin analysts and broadcasters of his own network, is here in studio with us.
You are getting into the future of Bitcoin itself, cryptocurrencies, the central bank digital currencies, where all this is going.
Yeah, I think definitely digital currency is going to be something that's going to take over our lives for sure.
Right now it seems like a little bit of a novelty, and you look at the prices, the volatility, and people get scared by that.
But then when you look at the real-world application of the CBDCs, while there are a lot of terrible things about them, they are going to be much more convenient for people.
And we know, you know, people tend to choose convenience over anything else, hence... Sure, so this is the future.
People should become experts in it so that they can't be controlled.
Yeah, I think that's something that you have to do.
I mean, one of my biggest mistakes ever in crypto was buying Bitcoin in 2012 and not understanding what I was investing in.
And that's why I set out on this channel, to educate people, to help them to learn, you know, the ins and outs of this industry.
Because when you really grasp it, you know, this is the only way we save ourselves from a great reset.
Let's talk about that, but let's go back to that 12-year graph, guys.
That looks totally controlled to me.
Where anywhere do you see a six month completely basically flat line?
That looks that looks totally manipulated to me.
Well, I understand why you would say that.
But you have to understand Bitcoin operates off of something called the four-year cycle.
I'm a Bitcoin four-year cycle fundamentalist.
What that means is, I believe that every four years, the same general thing plays out.
It all has to do with Bitcoin mining.
There's something called the halving.
Every four years, the amount of Bitcoin being produced on a daily basis through mining gets cut in half.
Literally cut 50%.
And so what happens is when that event occurs, you get a supply shock.
And then you have a dramatic upswing for Bitcoin.
That's when we get the bull runs.
Then it gets overhyped.
Retail comes in.
They get wrecked.
And then you have the one year of straight down action, which is right where we're at
right now.
We're kind of right, time-wise, on the cusp of maybe the bottom of the market.
And then the next year and a half will be very slow accumulation.
And there's some volatility built in it as well.
In 2019, for instance, Bitcoin went all the way up to $14,000.
It is an outlier, but in general, when you really understand the Bitcoin halving, like, that's the most important thing that people need to understand when you're looking at the prospects for where Bitcoin's going.
So you're bullish on the future of Bitcoin?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Very bullish on the future of Bitcoin.
I do believe that Bitcoin eventually becomes the world reserve currency.
I just think it's like 25 to 50 years, and then it backs assets like gold used to do.
Who do you think really created it?
I did.
No, I believe Hal Finney was the creator of Bitcoin.
Satoshi Nakamoto, obviously, is the moniker that was used.
A series of cypherpunks were involved.
Craig Wright was probably involved.
Julian Assange was probably involved.
Nick Szabo was probably involved.
There's a lot of people that were involved with it, but ultimately, I think Hal Finney is most likely the answer for who the main guy was.
Folks, I don't know who Al Finney is.
Yeah, so he actually was a computer programmer and goes back to the libertarian days of cypherpunks and wanting freedom and financial sovereignty and privacy in your transactions.
And this is a guy who didn't really like the spotlight.
The interesting thing is...
Is he dead?
Not suspicious.
He had a disease.
I can't remember which one.
Maybe it was Lou Gehrig's disease.
But it just shows how innovation is what blows away power structures, entrenched elites, you name it.
Because they're definitely scared of it.
Oh yeah, they're terrified of Bitcoin.
I mean, when you look at the prospects of what Bitcoin can do for the world, It's really scary to the people like Klaus Schwab that want a great reset us.
Even the head of the European Union, unelected, she said, oh, this will destroy us if we don't have our own system.
Christine Lagarde?
Yeah, they're going to continue to say things like this in cycles, in new cycles, based on where the price is.
So, you know, when everything is going down, you know, they want to pile on it and say it's dangerous, it's dangerous.
But when the price is going up... Well, she was saying if they don't get their own, it'll destroy their power.
Oh yeah, so CBDCs are something that is the counterbalance to Bitcoin because Bitcoin is open and permissionless and CBDCs are going to be closed and permissioned.
But don't they get that'll drive everybody to Bitcoin?
They're not going to want to be in the controlled system.
There's not a better advertisement.
for Bitcoin than when you look at a CBDC.
I do a lot of work with, we have a bill right now that we're going to be making public later
this month trying to solve some regulation in the crypto world.
But one thing that we need to start thinking about is these CBDCs are going to become a
reality is we got to make sure we put in some regulation to stop social credit scores from
happening before they even happen.
And that's what they're trying to push them for.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, you're going to be able to spend your money.
So the governments are doing this.
We need to stop the social credit score now.
Yeah, I think that's something that's very important to do because, you know, nobody's talking about this.
Everybody's seen the episode of Black Mirror where, you know, you can't rent a car unless you have a certain score and things like that.
So it's terrifying.
Somebody's got to put their foot down and say, let's get ahead of this and stop this before it actually becomes a problem.
That's why we've got to educate people.
Yeah, absolutely.
I remember just like four years ago still, Congress would have Google hearings.
They'd go, Do you track users?
No, we don't.
They would just lie, knowing the Congress had no idea, like... Yeah, yeah.
Shadowbanning doesn't exist, you know?
That's what Jack Dorsey said, and... I was in that hearing when he said it.
Oh, were you?
Oh, wow.
You know it exists.
And I was already shadowbanned.
I was already... He's like, no, it doesn't exist.
We don't censor anybody.
You know, that's their favorite phrase.
Let me ask you this question.
We're gonna do everything you want coming up.
You're the expert.
Who do you think gave us eight million dollars in Bitcoin?
Which we was saved the company, but we have no idea.
Gave you eight million dollars.
So you didn't know about that?
No, I didn't know about that.
Yeah, somebody earlier in the year did that.
Well, you're welcome.
Yeah, I mean, I was already a Bitcoin supporter, but boy, I tell you.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's good.
There's a lot of money floating out there.
There was recently a guy who just got arrested and he's on trial.
I think he's going to plead a very low charge.
He had 51,000 Bitcoin from Silk Road.
He created this way that he could Go on to Silk Road back in 2012 and basically send transactions through so fast that he could like quadruple every amount that he asked to withdraw.
And he had like, was it $3.6 billion?
He was just giving away Bitcoin like it was out of control because, you know, 100 Bitcoin was nothing to him.
So $8 million to somebody like that, to a whale, it's just not that much money because they've had it forever.
They literally saved this operation.
We'd be shut down now if it wasn't for whoever that was.
Well, you know, they had like, I think 300, Something like 300 million in Bitcoin sitting in the account.
That's amazing.
And I think what is happening... They never touched it, by the way.
It was created in 2016.
It just sits there.
The only money they ever spent was on us.
The rest just sits there.
Well, I think it's a very important conversation to look at, you know, kind of what you've been going through is the new way to cancel people is through...
Canceling them financially.
And that's something that Bitcoin fights against as well.
Bitcoin doesn't put you in the social credit score, it gets you out of it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And people have got to wake up to that.
And look, this EVDC is coming very fast.
I believe it's going to be here in three years.
I believe USDC is going to be backed by Circle and Coinbase.
It's going to become... For those who don't know or are new listeners, the Federal Reserve announced it's coming out with a digital currency.
Yeah, so they have FedNow, which is kind of a middle-of-the-road program, but ultimately they are doing one.
In 2020, Jerome Powell said that they were open to using a private company to work with to create the digital dollar.
Well, obviously Circle and Coinbase, they already have USDC, and that was kind of a dog whistle that that is going to ultimately become, you know, what we're all going to be using.
And it's something where you're not gonna be able to fight it, but it is going to basically be a walking advertisement for financial privacy and Bitcoin.
Why can't we fight it?
Why can't we say no to central bank digital currencies?
Well, it's digital money.
They're going to implement it, and they'll do programs where they give it away at first.
Well, at the invention of dynamite, it's not going to be stopped.
I think people have to understand the bigger play here.
The bigger play for the CBDC, for the digital dollar, is to kick the can down the road in another 20 to 30 years on inflation and on the fiat.
That's right, it creates a new fiat bubble.
Yes, because what it does is all of a sudden we've got a big demand problem because our supply problem is out of control, right?
Hold on, let's talk about it.
Well, the mighty BitBoy is here in studio with us.
I've been asking a lot of questions.
I'll try to give you the floor to cover the range of the latest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, central bank digital currency, SEG future we're looking at.
Yeah, I think the most important thing for people to understand Is that this market is cyclical?
And I talked about a little bit ago about the four-year cycles.
Right now, we're in a time where we should be on a downswing.
And we had FTX, the gigantic debacle, right?
Well, every single time we have a bear market, we have these debacles.
We had what we call the hash wars, a war between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV and Bitmain back
in 2018.
You go back to 2014, you had Mt.
Gox, which is something that 90% of all Bitcoin transactions were running through Mt.
It got completely hacked.
Still dealing with the repercussions of that to this day.
So every bear market, it might look a little bit different.
Right now we're dealing with what we call the contagion, which is all the fallout from
I tend to believe that we're getting close to the end of that if we haven't already seen
the bottom as well.
Because something to think about is all this Bitcoin is locked up on these insolvent exchanges
and nobody can sell it.
So where we might see the downward action of Bitcoin go a little bit further to $10,000 to $14,000, you know, I think there's a chance we bought them because nobody can sell Bitcoin because it's locked up.
Well, once something gets this big and all the governments and corporations are trying to adopt a copy of it, or a system they can program and control that's not an open free system, I mean, I don't see how it goes away when it's the original real McCoy and still the open and most free system there is.
Yeah, absolutely.
Bitcoin is not going anywhere.
And this is something that a lot of people are confused about who first get into crypto and start hearing about these CBDCs.
They'll say like, oh, well, you know, these CBDCs are going to take over crypto.
There's no reason to invest money in it anymore.
It's going to go away.
No, no.
CBDCs are completely separate from normal crypto.
People are still going to want speculative assets, including Ethereum or Cardano, some of the other altcoins as well, to invest in.
That's separate than us using basically a stablecoin, using a dollar.
The way we use dollars- Absolutely.
I mean, what is a government's worth right now?
Not very much, you know.
currencies, they're going to be able to up them and down them while they're in your
wallet so they're really not stable.
Having a government backing it is the opposite of being stable now.
Absolutely, I mean what is a government's worth right now?
Not very much.
So I think that when you look at what's coming with them expanding the digital dollar, we're
going to see the world reserve currency go from the U.S.
dollar to the U.S.
digital dollar.
I think the death of America's financial superpower has been foretold a little bit too early.
I think China is not really that big of a threat to us financially.
I think moving to a digital dollar as the world reserve currency That's going to open up the demand insane.
It's going to be the way that they're going to be able to turn the money printer back on a digital money printer now and be able to kick the can down the road.
They have to.
The fiat system is going to collapse at some point, but we're not there yet.
So how do people position themselves to be educated about this and really be experts in it?
Because, I mean, whether I want to know about this or not, I'm going to have to know about it because that's where the future is going.
Yeah, well, this is a great time for me to plug my book because the fact is we have a book, Catching Up to Crypto.
It actually publishes on January 12th.
We're doing a big book tour.
We're going to 14 cities.
Oh, good.
Well, come on.
Once it's here, I want to read it.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
So the situation is what I've learned through doing YouTube is that what we consider to be beginner content, it's not actually beginner content.
It's still above most people's heads.
So what this book Catching Up to Crypto does is it basically takes my 10 years in the crypto world and gives it to you so that you're caught up to a point where you can then go watch YouTube videos or read other books or get into different niches and really understand all the elements and essence of not just Bitcoin but crypto in general and blockchain as well.
We look at it as filling the gap between the person who comes to crypto and then being a true beginner.
Well, governments are admitting they want so-called stable coins that they can manipulate the history of, they can make things, quote, secret, so it really won't be a real blockchain.
It'll just be this whole rig deal where they can frame people really easy with those.
Yeah, well, you know, what's legal today might not be legal tomorrow.
You know, you got to keep that in mind when it comes to, you know, basically what's coming in terms of, you know, the future.
You never know what the world is going to look like, right?
Like maybe eating meat will be against the law at some point, and they can retroactively go and find all the times the UN had an iceberg through their permission blockchain.
So it's different.
It's not open source.
It's not a free system.
But it is something I've always said, Especially looking at China and the CCP and all the stuff that they do.
Blockchain is meant for good, but that doesn't mean it's going to be used for good for sure.
It's Pandora's box that we can certainly use for negative and control and power and just kind of continue the greed of man, I guess you could say, or we can build a different system.
Money that's completely trackable.
So expanding on that, what are the good coins?
What are the good systems?
Is everything bad except Bitcoin?
Well, you know, I'm a big proponent of altcoins.
I like a lot of altcoins.
I like Ethereum.
I like Cardano.
These are two competing, what we call Layer 1 platforms.
They're going to try to basically become the decentralized version of the internet.
And what I mean by that is there's not one point of control that can be taken out.
And when you look at Bitcoin as digital gold, which is really what it's become, the fact
is that there's only so many people out there that want to invest in a hedgeable asset,
Like I know in your world, you know people that own precious metals.
The average person, they might know a couple of people that own gold, right?
But Bitcoin's more exciting, so a younger generation wants to get in it.
But the fact is, is that the decentralized internet has more value.
And I think that's something to really look at.
So anything that's a layer one platform, like Cardano, like Ethereum, I think they're absolutely huge.
We're big on XRP.
We love XRP because the SEC has gone after them and we hate the SEC for sure.
But the whole thing is they do work with banks to make international cross-border settlements much easier.
It's actually kind of similar to Bitcoin in terms of it's a network of value, not a network of information.
The current SWIFT system that we have, the International Bank processes, it's basically,
"Hey, let's move this here and then we'll actually move the money down the road."
It's a big long process.
It takes a week.
With XRP, when that on-demand liquidity hits for all the banks that sign it up, and of
course the SEC case goes away, now you're looking at settlements in like 30 seconds.
It's going to make the world economic system a lot faster.
And so- How's that going to keep people like Bloomberg out with all
their flash trading?
Well, I mean, that's a great question when it comes to the traditional stock market bros,
I'm not big on stocks.
I don't really care about stocks.
I just like crypto.
You know, my experience in stocks is I own Peloton and Coinbase, if that'll tell you anything about how bad I am at stocks.
But we want to keep these kind of like traditional finance people out of crypto.
You're Kevin O'Leary's.
We want those people out of crypto.
You know, you're Sam Bingman-Fried's.
Everybody he's connected to.
We want these people out of crypto because we cannot let these people turn what's meant to be an open decentralized system into the same old thing.
Well sure, anytime Harvard gets involved, that's really the State Department CIA.
That's the deep state.
Well you know it because anytime you ever met someone who went to Harvard, that's the first thing they'll tell you.
Yeah, I went to Harvard.
A lot of the folks that went there, but it's a certain core group of every race, color, and creed, but it's a Harvard mafia we found.
Well, I mean, I don't doubt that at all.
There's a stand for mafia too, including, you know, Sam Bateman Freed's parents.
So what's the other big crypto news right now?
I think one thing that people are looking at is Binance and Tether.
Binance is the biggest exchange in the world.
Tether is USDT.
It's a competitor of USDC that we were talking about a little bit earlier.
And there's a lot of questions about the solvency of these two entities.
One is a stable coin and one is an exchange.
And I think really what you're seeing is people want them to fail the most.
And it's like this really negative attitude that's very, you know, apropos for a bear market.
Here's the truth.
No company in crypto that has been around for more than five years is completely clean.
It was an emerging technology.
People made decisions.
It's a Wild Wild West.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Wild Wild West.
And I think that to judge a lot of these companies for the way they built their empires now that they're solvent and now that they've, you know, basically faked it till they made it, I think it's just counterproductive.
I think what we got to do is looking forward.
How can we keep This from happening again to where we have companies that have a lot of questionable practices rising up now.
That's why I think, you know, regulation is going to come in for sure.
So I think really when you look at Tether specifically and you look at Dell Tech Bank and you look at Moonstone Bank, these are some very, very sketchy things with some very, very sketchy pasts.
But ultimately, I think they have all the technology is sound.
But just because anything big and huge is going to have weirdos in it.
Yeah, I think that's a good way to say it.
Basically, this is a cutting-edge technology and you're always going to get a certain type of person that wants to be interested in that, including people that like Ingo.
Well, I know one of the reasons you're popular, I know who you are for years, is because you've made some accurate predictions.
I want to get the actual technicals and numbers from you when we come back with these graphs on when you think Bitcoin is going to start going back up and what you see even in the long-term future with BitBoy.
Stay with us, follow him on Twitter at BitBoy underscore crypto.
All right, we're back live talking about the future.
The future is now with BitBoy Crypto, one of the top talk show hosts out there covering crypto.
I could ask a lot of questions, but you're the expert.
What else do you want to impart to the audience?
I think it's really important that people understand what these hearings are this week that are going on.
We are going to see basically the new CEO of FTX as well as Sam Bingman Freed appearing remotely in these hearings led by Maxine Waters.
Now, say what you want about Maxine Waters, and I certainly have in the past.
She has been on this situation.
I've never heard a politician answer a question the way she answered it about political donations.
Basically Sam Bateman Freed had given so much money to the Democratic Party, she was one
of the people that gave it to her, they gave to, and she was asked on an interview, "What
are you going to do if this money turns out to be bad?"
And she's like, "Well, I guess we're going to have to pretty much do something about
it because it's not good money."
Like admitting that there was a problem with the money that came in.
And I can tell you this, Maxine Waters and several of the other politicians, they are
I think that's what people don't understand for these hearings.
A lot of people are thinking this is a big setup and you know, they're going to play patty cakes with Sagan, Bainman, Freeh and stuff.
All of the politicians in Washington that took money from FTX, they are pissed.
his they're going to be out for blood uh... going after him because he's made them all look
absolutely terrible so it's a really interesting to see what happened this week
and i can say this we actually directly gave a gigantic a packet of evidence
uh... for all the wrongdoings for uh... you know from f_d_x_ and same himself directly to the the finance committee
there so they've got some a lot of stuff that we've been sitting on
for months uh... it's gonna be interesting if it comes up because
there's no there's no wriggling out of
telephone calls that are recorded and videos that are recording them admitting crazy stuff.
Didn't it blow up in their face, the Larry David ad, where it shows all the inventions?
He says, oh, the wheel's no good.
Oh, the printing press is no good.
Oh, the light bulb's no good.
And then he says, oh, yeah, FTX is no good.
It turned out it is no good.
Yeah, that one aged like fine wine, I guess.
I think when you look at what they were doing, you know, they had a $135 million deal with the Miami Arena for the naming rights.
They didn't even have an accountant.
They did not even have an accountant when they made that deal.
They just printed new coins.
Yeah, they just printed new coins.
Flywheel tokens is what we call them.
Sam actually made or created a video maybe a couple years ago where he explained how you can create tokens out of nothing and then prove their value by trading them against other coins you created.
And it really is just amazing that we all just sat there and like, You know, ignored all this.
What about NFTs?
Because I know there's a bunch of scams, people overvalue them.
But for me to have a piece of art, and then you create a digital copy that allows you to certify that it's a real piece of art from that person, for me that has a value.
And then to make variants of that has a value.
Because, you know, everybody's always used art as an undercover kind of black market currency, so that seems kind of next level.
I think they abused it, it went too far, a lot of the art was crap.
But it's just a shame that they've discredited NFTs so bad.
Well, once again, we're in the down part of the cycle.
NFTs will be back.
I think they'll look a little bit different coming up in the next bull run, whereas you won't see as many of what we call generative trait NFTs, which are like your board apes or your crypto punks.
It's really a combination of, you know, factors that go into making one piece.
You might get a hat, you might get a shirt, you might get a monkey, whatever.
That was all the rage in the last bull market.
That's going to die out some and some of those winners are going to come more to the forefront like bored apes.
I'm very interested to see where gaming NFTs come because my kids love Fortnite.
You know, they love to play Fortnite.
Well, they don't get to take their costumes with them anywhere.
So once that stuff starts getting on the blockchain, it can be resold on a secondary market.
I think that's going to be really big as well for NFTs.
I think what you said about the art world, I mean, you know, we know the art world is one giant money laundering scheme, right?
So if you ever watch Billions, they show you exactly how it works there.
So I do think art has its place though, you know, when it comes to NFTs, there are more and more upper echelon kind of artists that are doing these kinds of NFT selling one-of-ones.
A friend of mine, Jessica Ragzi, she was on the show Lego Masters.
She's created like three one-of-one sets.
Oh, that's what I like.
And you also get a physical copy or just one digital or both.
That seems very real.
Yeah, well what she did was really cool because she actually created a physical piece of art that was like an apple with some aluminum foil on it and some screws.
It's supposed to like be a commentary on technology.
But you got the digital version of the NFT, but there was actually a real, you know, sculpture that might not be... Sure, that's what I'm saying.
Because we thought about putting out NFTs, but they were all original, like a hundred of them, and each was an original piece of art I did.
And then I saw the market going crazy even before it crashed.
I said, no, I'm going to wait till later.
Because all people say, hey, this is original Alex Jones art.
Here's the NFT digital, but here's also the physical.
So we're going to have all our stuff be physical and then a one-off digital.
Yeah, I think that's really smart.
Any way that you can create something in the NFT world that's unique, or has got kind of like, you know, a different kind of story with it, it's going to do much better than just, hey, let me put out 10,000 pictures of monkeys.
And I think people are really, you know, understanding the full potential of what you can do with NFTs.
And I think it's going to be big in the next bull run.
Further away, but NFT is going to come back for sure.
Absolutely, because it could be like an original piece of art you get for joining the country club, and it's a 10-year membership, so along with that little NFT you have, it's also a membership.
It's an added thing.
Let me tell you something we're doing, which is kind of cool.
We've been working with an artist from ICP, which is Internet Computer Protocol, to do some NFTs.
We're actually going to sell these NFTs later this week.
to help fund getting people down to a protest we're going to do in the Bahamas at some point.
And what it is, is it's generative art, so it comes with a sign, it comes maybe with
a background.
The signs are literally going to be the signs that we hold at the protest.
So number one, it's a fundraiser.
And so it's a piece of history.
It's going to fund getting people down to the Bahamas to be able to protest because they lost all their money.
That's a great way to get people to go out and protest.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then you actually get a physical sign that comes with it, too.
I think it's really cool stuff that we're going to be able to see over the next... And we've got all these different chains as well.
You've got Cardano, you've got Ethereum.
Well, that's another reason I didn't get involved in a lot of the offers we had.
It seemed speculative and they wanted us to offer all this stuff, but we had to deliver it.
I just wasn't up to the amount of volume.
Well, you should have called us.
We'd help you out.
Well, I am about doing one-off art or like things like a protest or things where it's very real.
Yeah, these real-world applications are going to be the thing that's going to take NFTs from being kind of a joke in meme culture right now back to reality and like, oh yeah, this stuff really does have, you know, value, digital ownership, be able to track it forever.
So, you know, blockchain is open and you can see everybody who owned it before and I think it's a really cool concept.
Now, I think it's a little too far.
Like, Quentin Tarantino was trying to sell, like, one specific still from Pulp Fiction or something like that, and then it turns out he didn't even have the rights to it.
The studio had the rights.
It's like, I think it could be carried too far.
Like, how much do you really want to own one moment of a movie?
I don't know if that's very cool, but, like, if you were able to own a physical copy of the original film, along with NFT, like, that would be cool.
Absolutely, that's just crazy.
So, what else?
There's so much questions I could ask, but what else do the listeners know?
Yeah, I think that we're continuing to see the fallout of FTX.
One thing that's really interesting is if you look at FTX, do you know who Dan Friedberg is?
I remember the name, yeah.
So Dan Friedberg was the general counsel of Ultimate Bets.
And this is a kind of cool story if people don't know.
I mean, it's a terrible story.
But Dan Friedberg was also the general counsel for FTX.
Ultimate Bets was a $40 million poker scam back in the early 2000s before Black Friday.
And he was involved in it and didn't even lose his license to practice in the state of New York.
They just redid the whole entire scandal on FTX.
So if you look at it, one thing Dan Freeberg did as well is create architecture and shell companies.
So creating the architecture behind FTX where everything's very confusing, you don't know where any of the money is going, that was one of the hallmarks.
The poker scam was, they created something called God Mode, right?
Where you could see the other players' cards.
The people that worked at Ultimate Bets would call up some of these professional poker players and say, hey, come play heads up with me.
Not knowing that they could see the cards and they would just take money from them.
Yeah, that's exactly what FTS did.
Of course, in the old days, you'd get, in a real card game, blasted for that.
Yeah, absolutely.
I've been dealing with cards myself.
But that's the danger of the nerds now becoming the tyrants because they just feel like it's their right to do this to everybody.
Yeah, but if you look at seeing the cards, well, Alameda Research could see everybody's trades on FTX.
They saw where their liquidations were.
So they could manipulate the market even more.
Which gave them that incredible arrogance.
Yeah, absolutely.
So what finally brought them down?
Well, what ultimate bets are FTX?
What brought them down is, you know, CZ dumping the fake FTT token and, you know, getting into it with Sam.
Sam and CZ have been going at it for months, you know, kind of behind the scenes.
But there was a whistleblower who actually gave a bunch of information to CZ and to Coindesk about a potential insolvency.
And that's really what happened.
If you really want to get technical, What kicked all this off and started this was, uh, we sent our bill, which we were going to find out later this month, to FTX for funding.
Because, you know, we need... Oh, hold on.
Do five more minutes with us.
You were behind it.
All I know is, when is Sam Bankman Freed going to get arrested?
Well, hopefully when we go down and protest in the Bahamas, people in the Bahamas will at least arrest him.
But I think you're going to see him arrested, you know, probably by the end of January or February, I believe.
What's going on here on screen?
That's my guy, Lincoln Bain.
Oh, let's go right back.
So, BitBoy's here, final segment, and then Gerald Celente's coming up after I take a few of your calls next segment, hit a few other news items.
So we have SBF, as he's known.
You were predicting during the break and on air, he's going to get arrested.
Yeah, well what I was saying is our bill that comes out at the end of this month, hopefully, I don't know the exact time, we're registered and funded and stuff like that, we sent that to FTX for potential funding when we were trying to raise money, and that bill getting sent to their policy department, we believe, after I've talked to the whistleblower, is what actually led to this all coming out.
What Sam wanted to do is create a federal bit license.
That was what he was doing.
He tried to steal one of our politicians that backs our bill from us.
And it became personal between me and him.
And what happened is he rushed to try to create a centralized regulation with the DCCPA in the Senate.
And there were people there that did not like what he was doing there because they like crypto, they like decentralization.
It wouldn't be the end of decentralization and peer-to-peer transactions.
So he was trying to become the master of it all?
Oh, absolutely.
That's what he'd been positioning the entire time.
And when you look at the political donations and the Russian money laundering or Ukrainian money laundering, it's a whole other subject.
What you find is they built this infrastructure to be able to control politics in America, really, for as long as they wanted to.
But it blew up overnight, thankfully.
So the Democrat Party's little secret Piggy Bank just got liquidated.
Yeah, that's a good way to look at it.
Of course, they were giving money to Republicans as well, anti-Trump Republicans for the most part.
But I think when you look at that system, yeah, that's what they wanted to do.
Anything that would keep Sam in power over regulation is what he wanted.
What we're trying to do in regulation is create a space where crypto has a seat at the table and can determine its own future, at least to some extent.
And what is this footage we're seeing on screen?
That's me at DelTec Bank, actually.
That is DelTec Bank, the banking partner of Tether.
They would not come out and talk to us.
We wanted some answers, and so we put on our Twitter spaces, and eventually we walked to the old bank, and I actually took a picture with the vault there.
But someone came and talked to us, and they're supposed to still be answering questions for us sometime soon.
So, I don't know, maybe the people at the bank will see me a little sooner than that.
And where is this, the Bahamas?
Yeah, that is in the Bahamas.
That's very close to the Albany and Island Brothers, which is a restaurant where a lot of people from FTX.
We didn't get into Caroline and some of those other crazy people that work there at FTX.
Is that real beauty?
Well, you know, I don't want to say nothing about her.
I've got a wife, you know.
Yeah, she's not real beauty.
She's in New York.
She's flipping, by the way.
Oma's guaranteed.
She did the Queen of the Day tour where she went out and took pictures publicly so people know that she's in New York.
That was a message to Sam.
Hey, I'm flipping.
Because Sam has been trying to throw her under the bus saying, well, Alameda, you know, they did everything.
It wasn't us.
It wasn't us at FTX.
We had no idea what was going on with the company that I own 90% of.
Uh, so, you know, definitely a lot of interesting... This New York Times interview is just pathetic.
And the other ones, one was Stephanopoulos, where he says, I didn't know money was being given from FTX to Alameda.
He's like, well, you transferred the money.
I mean, it's like... I mean, this guy's a total idiot to think that we're going to be, you know... Yeah, but so many other scammers like him end up ruling the planet because they don't get stopped.
No, he's dumber than them, I think.
He's not doing a good job of trying to hide what he knows.
He makes himself look worse and worse and worse.
Sure, he comes off like a very sneaky snake.
So, in closing, Midboy, when do you think We see a rebound in the crypto market.
Yeah, so I tend to believe, not guaranteed, not financial advice, I tend to believe we've already seen the bottom.
We've been calling for a bottom between November and December all year.
And so I think we might have got that, you know, after this collapse.
It is going up a little bit right now, aren't we?
Yeah, it is going up a little bit, but it's going to stay pretty low over the next year.
So people are going to have plenty of opportunities to get in dollar cost average or, you know, get into other altcoins.
We are targeting December of 2024 to be when Bitcoin hits a new all-time
So, in the middle of April, March of 2024, things just start going up slowly.
2023, we call it the doldrums.
We just went through the bear market, crypto winter.
Everything's bad, it's dramatic, but it's news and there's attention.
Unfortunately, where we're going next for a long phase of accumulation, that's when people really start tuning out.
All right, well BitBoy, thank you for being here.
You're going to be on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
Central, coming up in 55 minutes.
All right, awesome interview.
Thanks for coming to town.
We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next few days.
It's secret, we won't say what it is.
Coming back, I'll finish up with your calls as Gerald Cilente takes over, and then Owen Schroer with BitBoy, 3 p.m.
Okay, Glenn, Jamie, Mike, and Andrew, I'm going to hit your calls in this final segment, where I'm hosting and the great Gerald Cilente takes over in T-minus 10 minutes.
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All right, let's talk to Glenn in Florida.
Glenn, thanks for holding.
You're a trooper.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I'm fighting to stay on air, brother.
We love you.
Hey, listen.
Is it just me, or does the W-E-F backwards spell FEW?
Ooh, it does.
I never thought of that.
Yeah, it's amazing.
But anyway, this country still has a constitution, if I recall, and we can't let them destroy our constitution because, like that one caller said a couple of weeks ago, for the first time in history, we have a constitution that says, you know, Oh, we have a right.
And I'm really, I'm a little phone shy.
I apologize.
But anyway, the, uh, I just, I just want to say, uh, uh, Elon Musk is, I don't know about the guy.
I, I, I gotta, it seems like these guys are, uh, propped him up.
A pretty boy face, and I just, I really don't trust the guy.
I don't either, but he's doing a lot of great stuff.
But listen, don't apologize for being phone shy.
That's a great point.
WEF, World Economic Forum, backwards, says few, and all they want is a few people.
Boy, that really tells you, doesn't it?
It does, it does.
And, you know, we have to, you know, it's a chess game, so I hope, you know, The good guys are, you know, us and the good guys are playing a few, I got a few steps ahead of these guys.
Glenn, excellent points.
God bless you.
Thank you for calling.
Jamie in California, go ahead.
Oh, Jasmine, I can't even read.
I'm so sorry, James.
So Jasmine, go ahead.
I'm a first time caller.
I just want to let you know my grandpa turned me on to you about five, six years ago.
Listen, everything for cattle people.
I just wanted to make a point.
I think it's so important that we're teaching our young adult children to be prepared.
As a mother, it's really hard, but you have to do it.
You have to teach these kids to be prepared for what's coming in the future.
My daughter is a straight-A student athlete.
cattle and she put her foot down in high school about not being vaccinated about
not being tested three days a week and they left her alone.
She put her foot down about they made this huge deal about raising money for
Ukraine and she's the president and she said I'm not doing it she wasn't
rude but she said I don't believe in that why don't we raise money for the kids
that don't have shoes here why don't we raise money for our fire department that's
closed there's kids out there they're putting their feet down I'm so proud
of them we got to keep that up. Well sounds like you're an awesome mom
Jasmine. Oh thank you.
We try hard.
We're not rich or anything.
We have a cattle ranch and we do try hard.
But as parents, it is hard and it is heartbreaking that they're going to have to go through this when we're not here.
But if we teach them to be strong, stand up for what's right, help people that need help, we will be okay.
They will be okay.
Beautifully said.
Thank you so much for calling.
Anything else?
All right, she's gone.
Powerful mother calling in.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to say I've been listening to you for 20 years.
First time caller with you.
I talked to Owen before.
I appreciate you having me on.
Yes, sir.
And I just wanted to call in and talk about the Elon thing.
I have an angle I would like to get your thoughts on.
Right now, I believe we're seeing a war for control of the planet between traditional nationalist tyranny and globalist tyranny.
And I feel like Elon is hedging his bets with the people and nationalism and the populist movement and marketing himself to be against tiering when he and his colleagues have their own vision for us to live in a dystopian, AI-controlled society.
an AI-controlled society where we have the illusion of national sovereignty as opposed
to a lockdown-style global government in an actual society that's linked to AI hive minds
that Elon wants to link us with with Neuralink and his satellites. And I kind of wanted your
thoughts on that. I 100% agree with what you just said.
All his actions are, he's a competing New World Order force.
He knows freedom is popular.
So until he gets in full power, he's going to advertise he's for freedom.
He's going to knock out his existing foes.
I agree with you, and for callers, conservative allies and libertarian allies out there that support him, I just want people to keep in mind he has the infrastructure in place with satellites.
He owns one of the largest social media platforms on the planet.
He wants it to be like WeChat in China.
So your payments, your shopping, everything is done through it, and this could also be used to usher in a social credit score here in the United States.
And the other tech companies went with China.
So I think part of our deep state that's not totally pro-China is behind him.
Very powerful.
Thank you, Mike.
Andrew, don't hang up.
We'll get your number.
I promise.
Don't forget, guys, we'll take calls tomorrow.
Call Andrew back.
I want to hear what he has to say, but I can't keep Gerald Cilente holding.
He's got so much to say.
He's always off the chart.
Mondays, the Great Trends Forecaster.
Gerald Cilente takes over right now.
Thank you so much for tuning in, folks.
Gerald Cilente, straight ahead.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was listening to some of those callers for that woman, the cattle rancher boy, her daughter.
It's great.
It's, you know, fighting for freedom.
And that should be one of the top trends for 2023.
The spirit of 1776.
the spirit of 1776 and you have those 1776 bargain deals too at Infowars of course
and that's what we're really fighting for this is We're in a revolution.
And they're robbing us of our freedom in every way imaginable.
And the other caller talked about the Constitution.
What Constitution?
There's no Constitution.
I'm the little mayor from Kingston.
I'll tell you what to do.
A little boy of nothing.
I'm little Gavin Newsom, an arrogant little boy in California.
You stay home while I go dine up at the French Laundry with my friends at, what, $400 a plate dinner.
And don't forget to put your mask on and stand six feet apart.
What constitution?
Look at the warmongers taking us to war.
No talk about peace.
Hey, it's Christmas time.
Oh, Prince of Peace?
There he is.
One freak after another telling us what to do.
There is no Prince of Peace anymore.
They don't talk about the Prince of Peace at all.
The only thing they talk about during Christmas time... Hey, how did the Christmas sales go?
Hey, Hope Target did alright.
I was really concerned about Walmart.
Boy, I hope their profits went up.
No talk about peace.
No talk about the Prince of Peace.
No talk about the meaning of Christmas.
I want to talk about the economy.
We are going into the worst geopolitical and socioeconomic crisis in modern history.
Brought to you by the freaks running and ruining our lives.
And among them, pictures speak a thousand words.
Look at them.
These clowns.
And again, you bet I'm angry.
And people tell me to calm down, calm down.
Because if you're not angry when it's just cause for anger, it's immoral.
Because anger looks to the good of justice.
And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as unjust, said St.
Thomas Aquinas.
So going back to the anger and the freaks, and pictures speak a thousand words, look at the clown.
Look at the arrogant clown That's playing the role of our Treasury Secretary.
Janet Yellen.
Janet Yellen.
Headline on Drudge.
Yellen something Santa.
Yellen that inflation's going to go down.
Janet Yellen speaks.
All the stupid little morons.
There he goes.
Santa Yellen.
Inflation will be much lower.
All the little low-life freaks bowed down.
Suck up and swallow the crap that's shoved down their throat by the officials.
The official pieces of crap.
Hey, I'm your Treasury Secretary.
Janet and I are the same age.
Marona me.
I hope I don't look as bad as she.
Miss Fatshah Bruton.
Look at that.
Look at that.
You're telling me?
Oh, so the big news was she was on CBS.
And that was 60 minutes.
60 minutes of crap.
As inflation hovers at a 40-year high, the pandemic lingers, and a war with Ukraine rages, a growing number of economists, CEOs saying the U.S.
is ready for recession.
Oh, wait a minute.
Not the pandemic lingers.
Not the pandemic lingers.
Some low-life pieces of crap called politicians put on mandates that destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people around the planet.
The Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, right?
Essentially, the nation's chief financial officer.
All right.
That's how bad it is.
Fatsia Brut is the nation's chief financial officer.
Oh, yeah.
I put all my trust in you.
I put all my trust in you.
I'm a plantation worker in Slavlandia.
You're my boss.
Yes, ma'am.
Do what you tell.
Do what you tell me.
All right.
Yellen, now this is the crap they shove down your throat, CBS.
Yellen is an economist with over 50 years experience and a former chair of the Federal Reserve.
Hey, wait a minute.
Being the Federal Reserve, the banksters, if only women were in charge, the banksters are now our Treasury Secretary?
Hey, grow up!
All you morons that don't tune into InfoWars or subscribe to the Trends Journal.
It's a crime syndicate.
The banksters are in charge.
The Fed head, now our Treasury Secretary.
Oh, Christmas time?
Jesus Christ?
Oh yeah, the Jesus Christ that drew the Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase.
Great, great, great, great, great, great.
Grandfathers out of the temple?
The money changes?
That Jesus Christ?
On the cross three days later?
Yeah, that one.
50 years, Federal Reserve, the U.S.
central bank is in charge of American interest rates.
You ready?
She knows better than most about the delicate balance of trying to... What do you mean, she knows better than most?
I will put my track record up in trend forecasting.
Selenti to call the 1987 stock market crash.
The dot-com bust.
Took out the domain name, the panic of 08 in 2007.
Oh, and she's smarter than me?
And we can go back to the facts and we can keep moving into them.
She goes on, they go on to say, uh, this is Nora O'Donnell.
What is 2023 going to look like for the average consumer?
So I believe inflation will be lower.
Oh, you do?
Hey, Ms.
Fatsia Brut, May 2021.
That's right.
Go back to your Trends Journal.
We quoted you.
My judgment right now is that the recent inflation that we are seeing will be temporary.
Hey, timeout!
That's not the only time she said that.
Kept saying it.
Two and a half years.
Oh, then it became transitory.
And now in the woke world, it's transgendatory.
Let's really be dead.
And again, we're changing the name of the Trends Journal to the Trans Journal.
And my name is Geraldine.
So there you have it.
I. A.S.
and I hope it will be short-lived.
We learned a lot of lessons.
A lot of lessons.
From the high inflation we experienced in the 1970s.
And she blames shipping costs, delivery lags, etc.
All total BS.
Why is it BS?
When we come back, we'll tell you.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do everything you can to support InfoWars.
They have great products.
So you're helping yourself and you're helping InfoWars.
Because we're in a crisis of a lifetime.
Again, I just turned 76 years old.
I've been around, you know?
If you haven't been there, don't tell me what it was like.
You know, Monopoli Tano, born in the Bronx, and I got a history, you know.
I've been in trend forecasting now since 1980.
Best-selling books, Trends 2000.
Trend tracking, far better than Megatrends.
Time Magazine.
Trends Journal, been publishing since 1991.
My work is to look at the trends shaping the future.
And we are going to hell on earth if we don't reverse these trends.
They're right in front of our eyes.
I'm just showing you the clowns that are running and ruining our lives and how the people obey them and do what they're told.
Again, we were the first to come out with the COVID war and saying what a farce it was, who was dying and why, only with the facts.
Cover the Trends Journal going back to January 28th, 2020.
106 dead in China.
Our next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
Now, why are you telling me this stuff?
And then it hit the West Coast, Kirkland, Washington.
What's a Kirkland, Washington?
You mean the old age homes that they hit?
You know, killing the elderly that already had pre-existing comorbidities?
And then... What happened?
Big Tech?
The little geeks, these little geeky freaks, they suck the joy and beauty out of life.
Hey, tech sound is as good as a cat playing the trumpet or the trombone or the saxophone.
Anything, you know?
Oh yeah, it's good, yeah.
And dressed like a Zuckerberg.
What color t-shirt you gonna wear?
They were the first to close down.
But boy, they made a lot of money doing it.
So again, I've been at this a lot of years, and I see where the future is going.
And if we don't reverse these trends, World War III has already begun, and it's going to get a lot worse.
There's going to be a false flag, and all the people will unite around the baloney and the lies, just like they did for the Iraq War.
Over, excuse me, 80% or 88, it might even be 88, percent of the American people believe the little daddy's boy with a pair of cojones, smaller than a mothball, George W. Bush, that we gotta get that guy, Saddam Hussein, not Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive in Afghanistan.
Oh, he lied about the Saddam Hussein one too.
But the people swallow it.
Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 80% of the people were against World War II.
Nobody knows why they bombed Pearl Harbor.
No, forget about that.
The Americans didn't know what was going to happen.
We won't talk about that.
We won't talk about the United States shutting off all the oil supply going into Japan.
We won't talk about that.
We'll talk about everything leading up to the war.
It didn't start with that.
It was leading up to it.
And the same thing is going on now.
I want to go back to Yellen screaming about inflation and what they said on On 60 Minutes.
Gas prices are way down, she said.
Oh yeah?
Gas prices are down, but fuel prices and gas, natural gas prices and others, oh, they're up all over the world.
Yeah, they went down from their highs.
But they're not very low and they're going up again.
And with the war heating up in Ukraine, watch them go up again.
And a winter coming, also watching go up again, but we won't talk about that because I don't want to be yelling like yelling.
So, Janet Yellen, well, I believe the end of next year, you'll see much lower inflation.
It's going to go down, but still way high from where it was before.
But many families who are paying, paying more at the grocery store in 2023 comes around.
Do they need to be worried about a recession?
There's always a grist recession.
The economy remains prone to shocks.
But look, you have a healthy banking system.
Hey, isn't that nice?
The banksters are healthy.
Isn't that wonderful?
Healthy banking system?
American households lost about $6.8 trillion in wealth over the past three quarters of 2022, according to a Federal Reserve report on Friday.
Oh, but the banking system is so healthy.
Little Jamie Dimon is just doing fine.
Hey, Dimon, you can keep all your money.
All of the bankster power you got, you couldn't pay me!
You couldn't pay me to look like you, man!
One freaky cat after another.
Oh yeah, but we got money!
We got money!
Yeah, you got money in a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball.
Anyway, she goes on to say, yelling, well economic growth is slowing substantially.
Oh yeah?
And business see that.
Well, good.
Look, we had a very rapid recovery from the pandemic.
First of all, it wasn't a rapid recovery from the pandemic.
It wasn't a pandemic.
It was politicians.
So shove that pandemic crap down your throat and up your you-know-what.
And number two, it wasn't a very rapid recovery.
It was totally artificially inflated.
With negative and zero interest rates policy in the US and the EU.
Totally artificial and the government's pumped in over six trillion dollars.
So shove your baloney that we had a very rapid recovery from the pandemic.
And it was a surge in hiring.
Put people back to work.
We got people back to work.
We closed the gap.
We have a healthy labor market.
You ready?
To bring down inflation, and because almost everybody who wants a job has a job, growth has to slow.
Isn't that nice?
Growth has to go.
So all you plantation workers of Slavelandia, with the wonderful job you have driving an Amazon truck, Working at Walmart.
Checking out at Home Depot.
Packing bags at Kroger's.
You're going to be losing your jobs.
You think it's bad now?
It's only going to get a lot worse.
But we don't care because we're the bankster class.
We fly better than first class.
We got private class.
And you're just a nothing.
Again, A caller earlier talking about the Constitution.
How about a Declaration of Independence?
Life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness?
This economy is going down big.
As it went on the air, the market's up over 400 points.
Hey, but gold is down almost 20 bucks.
How come?
Well, they say they're going to raise interest rates on Wednesday again.
50 basis points.
So how come the market's up?
Because the market's a totally rigged game.
It has nothing to do with reality.
They got a thing called the Plunge Protection Team.
Isn't that a nice name?
For the gangsters that rigged the market?
We'll give it a proper name and we'll teach it from in college.
And the stupid little morons that are paying all this money for an education and brainwashing will repeat the crap we feed them.
Why are gold prices down?
When Yellen yells that economic growth is slowing substantially.
Oh, I know why.
The goal, what was it?
JPMorgan Chase, convicted, convicted of a felony of rigging the precious metals markets.
Oh, 70 now, come on.
You're such nice people.
Yeah, you put your money in the bank, they charge you high interest rates, but they pay you nothing.
All right, we're going to be back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
It has to cover the Trends Journal, so yeah, you know, stop, you know, complaining and do something to fight for the freedom.
You know, I was going over some, doing a search, and I was writing the Trends Journal, you know, looking for something that I'd written in the past, and this popped up.
This is from November 12, 2015, Trends Journal.
There's a full-scale war being waged against natural health advocates.
And we go on.
For example, projected $3.2 million, approximately $10,000 per citizen, will be spent this year on health care.
This is back then.
These enormous, profit-hungry medical and big pharma conglomerates saturate every aspect of American healthcare system.
You know, the first book I worked on was called Natural Healing, and I have an honorary doctorate for the work I've done in it from the National University of Health Sciences.
So, I just don't talk about this, I practice it.
And InfoWars has great products, and the sales that they have now are going to help you in these very difficult times.
As I keep saying, people ask me, what can I do?
To change things.
So first of all, you have to get in the best shape you can.
Physically, emotionally, spiritually.
And on the physical side, it's also about, I take, I take a whole, I take 18 vitamins and supplements each day.
And they have great ones at InfoWars and they have this great InfoWars sale now.
The Infowars MD.
It's a new premium supplement line.
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So, here you go.
Going back to Janet Yellen, they then asked her about the Ukraine war.
Do you see any evidence that it ends in sight?
We're doing everything we can to bring this war to a conclusion.
Of course, we are providing considerable help to Ukraine, both militarily and economic.
Oh, militarily and economic?
You're stealing our money to give to the military-industrial complex.
And it's none of my business this war.
It's been going on between Ukraine and Russia for over 300 years.
They're taking down a statue of Catherine the Great because she created Odessa and they don't like her.
And he made it Ukrainian.
And you're telling me I should be involved in this?
America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.
To John Quincy Adams.
Yell it!
You want to go send money over there, send your own dough, send the bank's dough, don't keep stealing mine.
And by the way, with the year ending and you got to pay all these taxes to give to the war machine, you know, you get a cut in your taxes when you donate to a non-profit.
So you might want to donate rather than paying taxes, To FreedomPeaceJustice.com, FreedomPeaceJustice.com, or OccupyPeace.com.
So going back to the warmongering Yellen, how dare she say this?
Then you got this other little arrogant boy, a little clown of arrogant nothing, Stoltenberg.
Who's the head of the NATO, the Secretary General, Secretary General.
Here's Secretary, sit on my lap over here, Secretary General.
Piece of crap.
I hate these titles they give these little clowns.
So Friday he said, I fear that war in Russia will get out of control and spread into major war between NATO and Russia.
As we've been saying with the cover of your Trends Journal two days before Russia invaded.
COVID war, Ukraine war, world war.
Got it!
Maniacs are in charge.
Mentally ill people are in charge.
They could care less about us.
Just like Yellen yelled out, you could go and lose your jobs.
A recession is coming.
We don't care.
And we'll blow your brains out.
We're crazy.
We've been doing it for centuries.
We'll keep on going.
And the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, repeated what I have been saying now for months.
Again, in your trends journals right there.
He said that both the U.S.
and NATO, quote, are directly participating, end quote, in the war in Ukraine.
Meaning that Russia has the pretext for strikes on NATO if NATO keeps sending them money and weaponry and intelligence and training.
We're at war.
It's Christmas season.
How about we all Pray and celebrate the Christmas holidays in a spirit of peace on earth, goodwill to all.
This is very serious what's going on.
Very, very serious.
Stoltenberg said that NATO countries should continue arming Ukraine.
And that the best way to deter Russia is strengthening the alliance position in Eastern Europe.
Stoltenberg said Russia's President Vladimir Putin quote quote knows it's one for all and all for one.
And now the New York Times reported that Washington has given Ukraine tacit endorsement To launch attacks inside Russia.
This is very serious what's going on.
The economy's ready to collapse.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
People's mind will be off it.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
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