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Name: 20221211_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 11, 2022
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"InfoWars" host Alex Jones discusses the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as other global events such as vaccine mandates and conspiracy theories related to vaccines. He emphasizes the importance of staying informed and supporting alternative platforms that challenge mainstream narratives. Jones promotes various products related to health and wellness, suggesting they can help listeners protect themselves from alleged dangers posed by the globalist elite.

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All right, my friends, thank you for joining us on this Sunday night.
We are live December 11th, 2022.
We're going to be here live for the next two hours and Owen Schroer takes over 6 to 8 p.m.
Central with Sunday Live.
Well, the Pentagon has publicly greenlit the cruise missile attacks inside Russia that have been going on for a week and a half.
Elon Musk threatens to expose Fauci and send him to prison for lying to Congress.
He has all his internal private messages with Twitter directing all the fraud, suppressing therapeutics, pushing the poison vaccine and more.
That is just spectacularly, absolutely wonderful.
Good news, but it's really overshadowed By the Pentagon, green lights Ukrainian strikes on Russia.
The Times of London reports major war between Russia and the West could break out over Ukraine, warns NATO chief very, very soon.
It's already broken out.
It just continues on from there.
Vladimir Putin sends nuclear threat after Ukraine gets green light for drone strikes in Russia.
Then an incredible clip of Raytheon CEO on CNBC touting his company's stock.
Saying the United States and the defense industry is coordinating all of the attacks inside of Ukraine and Russia.
Now I don't get up here and tell you this to go look I'm so smart I'm so great.
I actually dial into the real world and publicly available intelligence and sources I have and that's how I was able to tell you in October of last year that Russia would invade in a counteroffensive into Ukraine by the end of February because that was their drop date for when the famous black soil of Ukraine that's so fertile, we're talking 20 feet thick, that tanks just bog in like Hitler and others have and Napoleon have, that they would have to launch their attack well before that began to thaw in March.
And of course you saw the attack happen on the 24th of February 2022 just as I said it was.
China was also planning to invade Taiwan but they backed off and I said it's not 100% but they're planning to at first have Russia invade Ukraine and then a couple months after that the Chinese are going to go into Taiwan.
They did a bunch of drills and things around Taiwan and said they might invade but they didn't.
So when I tell you these things I said it's not 100% but it's probably going to happen.
I'm not just saying that because it's fun to say on air, okay?
I really try to get things right.
We're right about 98% of the time.
We're wrong plenty of those.
We cover thousands of topics a week.
That said, we're already at war with Russia officially.
Pentagon said that, NATO said that, Russia said that the last few months.
And now, the globalists, the whole NATO New World Order system is launching attacks inside Russia.
And so Russia's going to escalate.
We are now off to the races.
The next level of escalation has begun.
And we should get Dr. Francis Boyle on about this because he's one of the leading experts about what comes next in that whole Pentagon ladder of escalation is what they call it.
And it was the Pentagon head futurist Back in the late 50s and early 60s that developed the ladder of escalation, and he was the character that Stanley Kubrick used with Dr. Strangelove.
In fact, this is a nice background today, but can we go back to the Dr. Strangelove War Room, which they later approached Stanley Kubrick and said, how'd you know what our war room looked like?
Well, he was just able to guess what these megalomaniacs would have it look like.
And he basically nailed it.
So that's, that's what's going on.
And I'm told the current war rooms look very, very Very, very similar to this.
So we are living the doomsday scenario envisioned by Stanley Kubrick back in the early 1960s.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the year 2022, and everything else, quite frankly, pales in significance.
Now, why has war already started and why is more war coming?
Because they're at the end of a currency bubble.
They need a big global emergency to be able to basically make us forget that this is a giant Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff and FTX and the tulip mania that, you know, happened hundreds of years ago, pale in significance.
It's a big, important broadcast.
It's Sunday, December 11th broadcast.
Stay with us.
Well, we have a lot of really important, quite frankly, earth-shaking news to cover tonight.
And the most important piece of news is the Pentagon and Raytheon and NATO confirming what I told you eight years ago.
The United States has overthrown the Ukrainian government with NATO, is in a proxy war with Russia, and the Russians began in the last two years losing the proxy war.
In eastern Ukraine with NATO, so they sent in over 100,000 troops on February 24th of this year.
Almost 10 months ago.
And now the Pentagon has green lit what you see Ukraine already doing missile strikes.
With long range and medium range missiles.
Into Russia, hitting Russian nuclear attack bases.
So, you can put up on screen here for TV viewers.
I have the 19, what is it, 63, 64, Dr. Strangelove, War Room background, where the United States actually launches an attack on Russia, because a psychotic general, modeled after a composite of Curtis LeMay, The head of the Air Force and also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, L.L.
And those two men are a composite.
You've got the Nazi scientist, Dr. Strangelove, that's a composite of the Operation Paperclip, and the fact that the Pentagon brought 30-plus thousand Nazis into the U.S.
and basically were fellow travelers with them, wanting to Finish the war with Russia that Hitler never completed in Operation Barbarossa.
And so we're refighting World War Two and unfinished business.
It was Patton that, of course, had to be assassinated because he did not want to stop the war with just the Nazis.
He wanted to go on and beat the Russians.
But he, of course, was assassinated because he wouldn't go along with that.
There was a lot of sympathizing, not so much with the Nazis, but with wanting to defeat the communists.
And so I'm not defending the idea of having a war with Stalin at the end of World War II.
It's just the fact is, that's why a lot of people were supporting it, and why there was a big fight, not just at NASA, but every major agency, like ARPA that became DARPA, to get as many of the Nazi scientists, because they were recognized as some of the best in the world, if not the best, over to the United States.
And so it's admitted now in mainline think tanks that the same battle lines that ended in 1945 in Ukraine, with Eastern Ukraine being Russia and Western Ukraine being pro-Nazi, are the new battle lines of what you could really call the beginnings of World War III.
And in fact, we're not really in the beginning of World War III anymore.
We're now at the end of the beginning.
And we're actually going into the acceleration of escalation.
And that's not just me saying it.
That's the Rand Corporation.
That's NATO.
That's Putin.
That's all the sides.
This is unequivocal, undebated.
We have now walked directly into an official war with Russia in the year 2022.
And you can stick a fork in it yesterday with the Pentagon announcements that, yes, indeed, we are not just Greenlighting the Ukrainians, who they're giving tens of billions of dollars a month to, officially, billions and billions unofficially.
We're not just giving them all those weapons.
We are directing their weapons and we are telling them to attack hundreds of miles inside Russia.
Now you had the Ukrainians attack already inside Russia and attack bridges and pipelines.
And so Putin escalated to meet the threat escalation point, and now we're just going up that ladder towards absolute total commitment, full-on, worldwide, doomsday, Armageddon, thermonuclear war.
I could play you all the clips on the news admitting this now too, but just remember, I told you this was coming.
And so my sense of dread is beyond palpable.
And I have a continued sense of guilt that I've not gotten my wife and children together and hauled ass to one of the fallout zones in the mountain, inner mountain region in the western part of the Rocky Mountains.
So, I mean, we are all in the bunker now, ladies and gentlemen.
And it is official.
Now, I didn't just have sources telling me the Russians were going to invade in February back in October last year, and I'm on record saying that.
Guys, get that prediction for new viewers.
Just think, I'm not making this up.
I also know a lot of people in the military.
They didn't tell me anything secret, but I could see what was going on and look at the weapons being shipped in, the switchblade drones, the rest of it, and knew that those are all satellite-directed.
They're not Wi-Fi.
They're not radio-directed.
They're satellite-directed.
And so I knew that the Pentagon didn't just overthrow the pro-Russian leader eight years ago or nine years ago, and George Soros bragged about it on CNN with Reed Zakaria.
They're all on record.
I could look at the weapon systems and look up those weapon systems and know that they were being satellite directed, not by conventional civilian satellite, but by military GPS.
Well, now the head of Raytheon has come out and admitted all this.
We're going to play that clip here in a moment, but here it is.
The Times of London.
Oh, they broke it.
Give them a Pulitzer Prize for it.
Pentagon gives green light for drone strikes inside Russia.
Kim.com says, let me spell it out for you.
Proxy war.
And that's exactly what this is.
Here's the article on Infowars.com.
Pentagon greenlights Ukraine strikes on Russia.
The Times.
Major war between Russia and the West could break out over Ukraine, warns NATO chiefs.
Now he's telling you what they've already had break out and so you wouldn't protest and fight it.
They've sleptwalk everyone incrementally into it.
Vladimir Putin says nuclear threat after Ukraine gets green light for drone strikes in Russia.
Now says Russia may preemptively use nuclear weapons and matches NATO-US policy.
That's the Daily Mail.
And here's the clip I was mentioning of Greg Hayes, Raytheon CEO, says the U.S.
provides real-time intel on the battlefield in Ukraine.
We see a Russian tank and information gets fed to the Ukrainians.
You mean to the devices you've given them.
That's something the Russians never contemplated.
The U.S.
is now in a direct confrontation with Russia.
And it's true.
That the Russians do have high-tech ICBMs and cruise missiles, but they have a very primitive military direction system, meaning they have very centralized military.
They've had like 20 generals killed, and so they're very command and control.
Whereas the New World Order has pumped in probably 150 billion, they admit 110 billion,
of autonomous drones, killer robots, flying killer robots.
And so, all the Ukrainians do is go to a place they're told, the Azov Battalion, they're not hiling Hitler, and launch these.
They're just told on their smartphone or on their tablet device, it's a sat phone, sat controlled, go here.
And then they just launch it, and then it goes a mile, 10 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles, and goes out and kills people.
And it's all directed by People sitting in huge command centers and in thousands of trailers out in the Nevada and Arizona desert with the satellite uplinks.
You know the drone operators?
But it's not just Predator drones and Reaper drones.
It's all different shapes and sizes and tens of thousands of little drones.
They've got a pound of plastic explosive.
In their nose.
And so the Russians have probably had 150,000 troops killed, it's estimated.
So they're putting in hundreds of thousands more.
They're not giving up.
And so now the Pentagon says, well, we'll just start raining cruise missiles down on you.
And that's inside Russia.
So that's where we are.
And we're officially at war with Russia.
And so we know Elon Musk and exposed Fauci.
That's big news.
But, oh boy, the Cowboys are about to play.
It's so cool.
But at the end of the day, this is where we're at.
And the average person is not even having a discussion about this.
We'll play the Raytheon chilling clip confronting everything I told you coming up.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So the very globalists shipping in fentanyl and murdering us and giving us forced injections and poisoning us and promoting drag queen pedophile time everywhere and defunding the police and cutting off our pipelines and committing all these other crimes like imploding our border and giant human trafficking child kidnapping scams.
They are openly escalating a war with Russia and they are firing cruise missiles daily into Russia, bombing military bases 100-150 miles inside.
They're hitting Russian nuclear forces, which is meant to make the Russians think there's about to be a nuclear attack.
When you start hitting people's nuclear bases, you think, well, they're preparing to go full DEFCON.
And so that's where we are.
We've been manipulated into this whole thing because the currency bubble is coming to an end.
The World ID is being announced.
Bill Gates has announced a new drill like he did months before the release of COVID.
We have the whistleblowers inside the lab.
They released it on purpose.
We have that coming up next segment.
Catastrophic contagion.
Bill Gates, John Hopkins and the WHO, the UN, conduct another pandemic simulation for a deadlier virus that targets children.
That's coming up next segment.
And so all of this is to bring in the New World Order and the depopulation.
And the globalists are trying to push Russia into a nuclear war, something Joel Skousen said they would do between 2022 and 2025, 15 years ago on my show.
Now he says, well, it's coming later.
He's a few years off.
No, I think he was dead on.
And so here we are.
Now we have the Raytheon CEO on CNBC touting their stock, bragging how, oh, they, along with the Pentagon and NATO, are coordinating and directing the attacks.
Well, we know that by the weapons they're sending over.
These are satellite Pentagon GPS delivered.
There's two GPS systems the U.S.
government put up.
One's civilian, one's military.
The military one is down to an inch.
The civilian one is down to three feet.
So the civilian system can send a cruise missile into a small cabin and shoot it through a window or a front door.
The Pentagon GPS can hit you between the eyes from space Or from a land-based system or a sea-based or air-based system.
And the Russians walked right into this.
And I told Putin on air, I told everybody, I said, don't go in, starting in October last year, in November, in December, in January, February.
I said, don't go in, Putin.
Don't go in, Putin.
And even Putin-connected national TV hosts were on the show.
Saying, no, Alex, we're not building up.
No, we're not about to attack.
And I'm like, the Pentagon knows you're about to invade.
Don't do it.
And some of the folks online that hate our government, which is controlled by globalists, but then think, oh, Putin must be perfect.
They're like, Jones, don't be pro-New World Order.
Putin's going to go in there.
And Colonel McGregor said, he'll go in there in a month and he'll clean it all out.
Putin's going to win.
That's not what's happening.
Russia might as well be fighting Martians right now.
The technology's 30, 40 years in advance.
Can Russia deploy tens of thousands of one-man team launched?
One guy can put two switchblades on his back.
And those switchblades can go out and take out multiple Russian vehicles.
So this, this is what's been done.
This is where we are.
It's totally and completely insane.
Oh, but for the Raytheon people, it's all cute and it's funny.
Well, they're the ones deploying the system to destroy our culture.
We were run by the New World Order.
They want to run Russia.
Russia's the enemy because the globalists don't completely run Russia.
Doesn't mean Russia's perfect.
Doesn't mean Putin's perfect.
But the point is, they're not the new world order.
But the Chai-coms and the globalists are allied together.
And this is a big, big deal.
So here's the Raytheon CEO admitting that the West is directing the robot army, and that's what it is, a robot flying army, that the Russians are facing.
Here it is.
About 238 separate clearances at last count for the different programs.
But the fact is, you know, we do work with the government to provide real-time intelligence on the battlefield in Ukraine.
I'll leave it at that.
And what's been amazing to me is the ability of the US military to provide Ukrainians with real-time information to deal with the real-time threats.
So we see, you know, we can see a Russian tank, we can see a Russian APC, Well, if Putin didn't contemplate that, and his intelligence services didn't contemplate that, they're idiots.
Because I knew it, and I told you that.
which is something I think the Russians never contemplated when they invaded Ukraine.
Well, if Putin didn't contemplate that and his intelligence services didn't contemplate
that, they're idiots.
Because I knew it and I told you that.
All the spin is when the Russians fire a missile, we give them a lifetime.
Like when Ukraine fired those missiles into Poland to blame it on Putin and try to get
a nuclear war going?
A month ago?
I'm not pro-Russia.
I'm pro-non-nuclear war.
And Russia's got its problems and has committed its crimes.
But compared to the New World Order, they are amateurs, ladies and gentlemen.
But they've got a giant nuclear weapons arsenal, they're being pushed into a corner, and now Putin's threatening nuclear war.
So here's Victor Boot, the so-called mass evil arms dealer in the right wings, although how dare them trade this basketball player and all this stuff.
But here's what he actually said after more than a decade in U.S.
Do you hate America?
You know, in fact, knowing many inmates, I figure out we're sharing way more common.
Maybe America is very much similar.
Look, it's the same size.
They have a... It's the same kind of this.
And when you talk to them, there is nothing there even to biff about.
We are naturally, you know, born not to be enemies.
And whenever there's conflict, it's elites.
You know, every, you know, American I met in the prison, who is from rural area, was very easy to deal with.
He has no problem with Russia, and he was curious about Russia, despite all propaganda.
They're losing their Christian values.
They're losing their families.
They're losing, literally, their countries.
It's not anymore the same country.
We knew America, who used to be a model for entire world, and lead, and be an example, you know, like they say, a shiny town on the, you know, sparkling town on a hill.
And this is, of course, pity.
It was a strong, country who was really a, you know, industrial mind, you
know, this one, and look for 30-40 years, deindustrialization, drug problem, crime waves.
You can understand, and I feel more empathy to American after this experience than I would feel any hate.
What would you consider as the most important event of the years that you have spent in prison?
Well, doesn't matter.
Maybe international.
Oh, okay.
Well, it's, I guess, would be in the history as a turning point.
It's a turning point of Russia.
Finally stand up on their knees.
Proud, strong.
14 years ago, when you were, if you would have known that it's gonna happen with you, I mean, you're gonna spend 14 years We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
from your motherland, would you have, would you do something differently in your life?
It's difficult to live on the callings of your heart.
But if you listen in your heart, no, yes, you're gonna, sometimes you get into trouble,
but you never betrayed yourself.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
So our compromised, occupied, collaborator-run, New World Order, Chi-Com-influenced government
overthrew the government of Ukraine nine years ago.
And it's since been a proxy war with the Russians that has now escalated into full war.
The head of NATO says we're basically at war with Russia.
Biden is stumbling around, doesn't know what planet he's on.
China is flexing its muscles to go into Taiwan.
This is over-the-top dangerous.
Over-the-top dangerous.
The Pentagon is greenlit.
you've been seeing for two weeks or 12 days, almost two weeks, daily cruise missile attacks into Russia,
blowing up military bases, hitting their nuclear sites, which tells the Russians, okay,
the US is directing with NATO attacks on our nuclear bases.
So Putin goes, okay, I may do a first strike with nukes.
I said I wouldn't, but now I may.
I mean, this is just huge.
But instead you turn on the news and it's all about, we've got to teach five-year-olds
how to chop their testicles off, or it's good to have an open border,
or fentanyl's not that bad, like Jimmy Kimmel says.
It's just reeks of doom.
And doesn't the average person sleepwalking into this, I guess they don't, they're sleepwalking, realize how fundamentally insane it is to cut off U.S.
energy and devalue our currency?
Everything they're doing to us, they're doing to the Russians.
The difference is the Russians just aren't rolling over and taking it.
You'll be laying in your bed one night.
We'll be driving down the highway after work.
And there'll be big flashes.
You see, and then 10 seconds later your car is going to be overturned, probably on fire, and then life as you know it's over.
You won't get back to your family, there'll be mass starvation and death, and there'll be a new literal dark age with enough dust in the atmosphere to cause a mini ice age, and they estimate 7 billion people will die in a nuclear war.
There'll be maybe 500 million left, which is what these death cult people fetish all day long.
And out of that 500 million people that are left, who do you think it'll be?
Because even in the Southern Hemisphere, we're not going to get nuked.
It's all going to break down.
It's going to all fall apart because this advanced, just-on-time delivery, complex civilization is amazing, but it's very easy to disrupt and bring down.
And if you bring it down, 95% of people in America are not self-sufficient and don't know how to skin a buck or run a trot line or grow crops.
And for the 5% that do, it doesn't matter because in a collapse, these populations will act like zombie hordes that will eat everything in their path like locusts or army ants.
So I've already gotten ready for what's going down.
And I'm not going to turn tail and run and just wait this out.
There's a chance to stop it.
But there's no words to describe how much danger we're all in.
That's why friends and family say, Alex, aren't you freaked out by billion-and-a-half dollar judgments of being attacked on every channel every day, and them saying they want to put you in prison?
And I'm like, no.
That's not even on the Richter scale.
That's not even on my radar, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones under attacks way down here.
Nuclear war with Russia, and Bill Gates preparing the next bioweapon.
That's up at the top.
And I've got that information.
I'm about to cover it now.
Like, I got all these calls from lawyers and crew today.
They're like, oh my God!
The Associated Press came out with one of the most respected lawyers in the country.
And said you were railroaded and your trials weren't real.
And that Alex Jones has options and Alex Jones isn't going off the air.
You know the CIA runs AP, right?
I don't think the big famous LA lawyer they had on knows that, but why do you think suddenly Elon Musk is releasing stuff on Fauci?
Why do you think suddenly AP's like Alex Jones got screwed over?
There's a battle in the intelligence agencies going on right now for the future of the country.
I don't work for him.
I don't get orders from him.
Because I'm actually full-time studying this.
I give the orders.
And I don't say that arrogantly.
I put out the ideas.
And say, I believe this is what's important, and I hook up the doctors and the scientists with people like Joe Rogan and others.
And that's why Tucker Carlson's come out every night the last month, or once a week at least, and said Alex Jones broke that Twitter was run by the government and so was the rest of Big Tech.
Alex Jones told me that the CIA was running operations against Trump, which is not admitted, because I study it.
It was in the Defense Authorization Act of Obama.
I didn't need to get some secret document.
It's all there.
It's in the Rockefeller Foundation.
So when I get up here and I tell you That out of all the people in the world on the good guy's side, I've been the number one person creating truthful talking points to anyone that's not insane and doesn't want to die in a nuclear war or a bio war so we can survive.
Until Elon Musk came.
And he's an opportunist and maybe he wants to have a populist future world.
Hopefully that's true.
He hedges his bets.
He's invested in all the worst New World Order stuff and he's doing all the best stuff.
He's a paradox.
But now he's out saying Fauci's gonna be arrested.
Fauci's a criminal.
Wait till the COVID info comes out.
So, suddenly AP says Alex Jones was railroaded.
The full video's on InfoWars.com.
You think that just magically happened?
There's a battle inside the government right now trying to stop war with Russia.
Trying to stop total insane asylum craziness.
And you're seeing all the signs of it of sane people listening.
So I'm more than happy that Elon Musk has now eclipsed me when it comes to fighting the New World Order.
And you can't deny what he's doing is fighting them and messing them up and they are pissed.
And Brennan and all the deep staters are coming out against Musk right now.
Whether he was bad before or is playing both sides, you can say whatever you want.
Point is, he's doing some big stuff right now.
And I gotta tell you, I'm like a man that's been swimming who got, you know, in a shipwreck.
The ship goes down in a storm and I've been swimming three miles to an island and I'm just happy to get to the shore and lay on the beach and gasp for air.
I don't want to be the leader.
I don't want to be in charge.
I don't want to be at big fancy dinners.
I don't want to be part of the New World Order.
I don't want to be part of their peacocking operation.
I would love it if Elon Musk was for real.
But I'll tell you this.
We don't have to sit around and hope Elon Musk is for real.
You know you're for real.
You know you love justice.
You love prosperity.
You love a future of security.
And I'm with you.
But yes, folks.
I don't get orders like Nick Fuentes is going to be in studio on Tuesday for a friendly debate.
He made the joke when I said I don't like Hitler and said I'm ashamed he said that.
Because I've got clips of Nick saying he doesn't like Hitler.
We're going to play him.
And he said, oh, Alex got the call.
Let me explain something to you, Nick Fuentes.
I don't get the calls.
I make the calls.
I'm in command.
I'm in charge because of honesty and truth and justice.
And I'm just in charge of influencing other people to not be nihilistic and suicidal and want to destroy their futures.
I'm just here saying, let's not have a nuclear war.
Let's not teach pedophilia.
Let's not dissolve the borders.
Let's not kill civilization.
Let's go to the stars.
I believe in a prominent future and I'm leading by example.
But yes, yes, I don't get the calls.
I make the calls.
Let's get that straight.
When I've been in the councils of government, and when I've met with subsects of the Bilderberg Group, I do most of the talking.
I tell them what I think is going on.
That's why they invite me there, because I'm trying to get them to not sign on to their own destruction!
So I don't tell you that stuff to impress you.
It's the opposite.
Why are they after me?
Why do they hate me?
Because I'm influential.
Because I'm having an effect because of you.
You are smart as well.
You know what's going on as well.
You have the Holy Ghost as well.
You want a future as well.
And you're tuned in promoting what we're doing.
This would all be like a tree falling in the forest and nobody sees it.
Nobody hears it.
Doesn't make a sound.
So they hate me and they hate you.
You're giving the orders.
You're the population.
You're in command!
Not them!
And as soon as you realize that, their control is over!
Now, Bill Gates is gearing up a new bio attack.
We know their whole methodology, how they do it.
That's coming up.
Elon Musk going after Fauci.
It's beautiful.
We'll talk about it.
All right.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
And the point I was trying to make last segment is just the truth, and I'm not going to sit here and deny it.
You built this.
You did this.
The reason we have this power, we respect it.
The enemy fears it.
I don't get orders.
I give orders.
No one tells me what to do except the Holy Spirit.
And people are listening.
Common people that are so important.
Leaders of major nations.
They're tuned in.
They already know the choice and they see it all manifesting in front of them.
I was way ahead of the curve, but only because of God's Spirit.
And so we are now at the precipice.
Of nuclear war.
We are now at the precipice of worldwide financial collapse.
We are now at the precipice of nightmares that will make World War II look like a walk in the park.
And we don't want to go there.
You don't want to sit there later and say, man, he really was right.
I've already been right about enough.
I don't want to be right about the rest.
Because I'm not right about it.
It was their plan.
It was there.
Again, I use the analogy if I went to see Phantom of the Opera, that my 14-year-old daughter did at a local school, she did.
And I've already seen Phantom of the Opera, but I have the program.
And it tells me who's playing in each scene, and what comes next.
And I know the program.
It's not just like having a playbook in football, because you don't know what play they're going to call when.
You have the program.
You have the plot.
You have the script.
You have what they're going to do, and you know what they're going to do, and you're sitting here watching it happen.
And I'm not going to sit here on the sideline while all this goes on and all this evil happens.
And why are all these evil forces doing this?
Because there isn't a total world government yet.
They don't have total control yet, and they're control freaks.
And they want a worldwide social credit score that monitors everything you do and where you go and controls you and tells you what to do.
They want that.
They want that power over people.
And all of this is about going after anybody, the Midwest, Christians, conservatives, nationalists, Russian governments that won't do what they want.
And don't think the Russian government doesn't want power and isn't trying to build their own crap as well.
The Chi-Coms have their own competing system.
The point is, the Anglo-American establishment, what's left of the British Empire, that merged with America and the Nazi scientists, is the most advanced system.
It is the most far-reaching.
You always hear in these fake TED Talks that China has 25-year and 50-year plans and the United States has no plan.
They don't want you to know about the plan.
The New World Order has a 200-year plan, and we're coming to the end of the plan.
All funded by the British Crown.
I'm not bashing the British people.
The damn leadership over there isn't even British.
They're not even German.
They're Transylvanian, for God's sakes.
You can't make it up from the House of Dracula.
Can't even make that up.
Truth is so much crazier than fiction you can't even believe it.
But I do hail from Albion.
And I do care about the future of the world.
And I am trying to slay the dragon.
But I can't do it without your help, ladies and gentlemen.
So, the times you're about to see unfold, as I told you three or four years ago, is that you're going to look back on this time in the next few years as a cakewalk.
The future is going to be so horrible that you're going to look back on today and think of it as the good old times, unless we identify these people and expose them and say no to what they're doing.
Now I want to hit this other news I mentioned.
Gates is rolling out a whole new program and you have to understand when he does it with the Rockefeller Foundation and John Hopkins, it's the plan.
You say, why would they publish a plan?
I'll explain in a moment.
But the new virus has been prepared.
They're preparing to roll it out.
We're going to start covering it now and get more into it in the second hour tonight.
Again, there couldn't be a more important situation.
We're going into nuclear war.
We're already in biological war.
We're already in electromagnetic and radiological war.
We're in culture war.
We're in economic war.
We're in it all.
We're not going to be here if we don't get financial support.
I'm not bitching.
I'm not complaining.
But there's not a place you can spend money better to get great products at the same time that will keep truth and hope alive.
And where this broadcast isn't just reaching the general public, it's reaching the intelligentsia of the planet.
And it's recognized as one of the most bright spots against this tyranny.
And that's because of your support.
That's not to my credit.
That's to you.
So recognize your investment and what you've done and double down on it.
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and I'm in personal bankruptcy, all my cards are on the table, all my chips are in. When we file
this stuff on Friday, the enemy is going to be so blown away because they're just going to see I've
been truthful about the whole time. I wish I had $10 million. I wish I had a million dollars. I
don't. I'm out of money. But as AP reports, we have a patent stay on air if we just get the funds in
to do the appeals and continue these bankruptcies.
You'll see the AP says Alex Jones has a lot of options and Alex Jones was railroaded and Alex Jones wasn't given a fair trial.
What do you think that is?
What do you think Elon Musk coming out and saying Fauci basically created a bioweapon and lied to Congress and we have all his internal messages?
What do you think that is?
It's one group Inside the power structure battling the other.
I'm simply someone who's outside of that trying to get people who are sane in the system to say no to what's going on for their own self-preservation.
I've said to a lot of the sociopaths that work for the system, I say listen.
You might sell out the power structure if it hurts a bunch of innocent people, but gets you ahead.
But what if it destroys you, and the money you've got, and what you've accrued, most of it through fraud, gets destroyed and worthless?
Do you really think a world like this is a good place for you to be in?
And a lot of sociopaths...
And a lot of other people are going, who work for the system, because my message isn't just for the general public, it's for the power structure, are like, you know, he's got a really good point here.
This is not good for business.
Yeah, none of this is good for anything unless you're like Hitler that loves burning cities and piles of dead body and destruction.
If you love the trenches of World War I and want to reenact that on a grand scale like Hitler did, or Stalin, or any of these people, if you are in love with that wickedness, if you are in love with death, then you should be on board with what's happening.
But you're going to starve to death, too.
You're going to be destroyed, too.
You're going to be hit with a bioweapon, too.
You're going to be killed, too.
So no one who wants prosperity and security and basic life on this planet should serve the new world order.
It's very, very simple.
And I'm here to make sure everybody has that choice.
Because God works through men and women.
And I know God's been working through me for 30 years.
28 years on air.
I was hit by a thunderbolt 30 years ago on this mission.
And then 25 years ago, another download, a transmission.
And I've been following that transmission.
And it's been real.
Everything God's showed me has now unfolded and has been real.
We are interdimensional.
We are grand.
We are amazing.
We are connected to God.
We're made by God.
We have a bigger mission.
But we've got to be champions for liberty and freedom in that mission, or God will not recognize us.
So I'm going to start the second hour.
And it all ties together.
The war with Russia that's now full-blown.
With Elon Musk coming out saying, hey, Nazi's going to prison when I release these documents.
And he is.
He's got to go to prison, or they're going to release the next bioweapon.
And now the globalists are scared?
And so they've now announced Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, John Hopkins, have now announced the next attack.
It's going to kill the children.
And it's much worse.
The last weapon, gain of function, prepared.
And they're terrorists.
They're like, why would they tell us?
Well, what happens when a terrorist gets caught?
He grabs the kid, puts a gun to their head.
Let me out of here.
I'm going to blow their head off.
So we've now reached the hostage situation where we know who they are, we know what they're doing, we know their plan, and now they say, fine, a bioweapon is about to be released that will kill the majority of children that come in contact with it.
And we're holding you hostage with nuclear war with Russia and the dollar.
Wouldn't it be so easy for smarter people in our government industry to get together and just decide to end this now?
Stop these people now.
We need Operation Valkyrie 2.0, but it needs to succeed in a peaceful, loving way.
We'll be right back with hour number two.
Stay with us.
This is the end of a free society.
It's the total New World Order plan.
It's Operation Lockstep.
This is everything.
That's why I keep hammering the shots, hammering the lockdowns, hammering the persecution, because they just think we're going to go to sleep for a while.
We'll give them some type of political, cultural amnesty, and then we all just quietly go away.
I mean, look at this footage.
If you've ever seen a Pied Piper in the real world, that's it.
One white-clad Judas goat in a paramilitary medical tyranny outfit leading thousands and thousands and thousands of Chinese who all got told they were red-coated with no evidence and had to go to the camps.
It's perhaps the biggest quarantine in human history.
Millions of people worldwide have been quarantined.
Millions of people in China are once again under collective quarantine.
In the industrial city of Chanshou, 6.6 million residents have been ordered to stay indoors.
Workers in protective suits have installed metal barriers in some neighborhoods.
China is reportedly putting suspected COVID-19 patients in metal boxes.
Well, they're erecting sometimes shipping containers.
We've seen a couple of tents as well.
More than 200 million people in China are in lockdown.
And are banned from leaving their home, even to buy food.
Long winding lines of buses can be seen in a street which are taking people to COVID-19 quarantine camps.
25 million residents ordered confined to their homes.
They're using bicycle locks and padlocks just to keep people in.
This video on your screen shows officials dragging a man into a quarantine center where the conditions are appalling to say the least.
These people locked up in quarantine camps being treated worse than prisoners.
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them.
The judge has ruled for guardianship of this four-month-old baby to be placed into the court.
He needs life-saving surgery, but his parents don't want him to receive blood from those who have been vaccinated.
So, this is all about the states, the same worldwide you indirected, taking control of your bodies, And now saying we're going to put blood product to people that have a growing prion or spike protein in your body.
We have all the medical reports.
The governor of Florida has criminal investigations going.
A big pharma lying about this, but they're still doubling down.
We don't want blood that potentially could have spike protein.
We don't want that.
We know that that is, you know, he's got a compromised heart.
What's happening here is just the beginning of It's an authoritarian takeover, and it's coming for all of us.
This type of tyranny is coming to New Zealand.
It is coming to Australia.
It is coming to America.
It is coming to the entire world.
Chinese-style COVID lockdown tyranny is on its way.
For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above.
It's absolutely mind-boggling that you could hold healthy, law-abiding, fully vaccinated citizens in these kind of conditions.
We have now a window of opportunity to create this global reset which we all need.
This is what communism looks like.
This is what totalitarianism looks like.
Your child is not yours.
They will continue to try to restrict and limit and vaccinate.
To all of the other things that we're seeing done in China, it's just a matter of time.
And as their algorithms get more sophisticated, the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab are not just going to sit back and allow humanity the freedom that we so clearly desire.
I respect China's achievements, which are tremendous.
I think it's a role model for many countries.
This is the social credit score.
This is breaking you down, locking you up, training you to be a slave.
They'll only let you out again later, as long as you follow all the orders they say.
They get progressively more tyrannical.
Where'd Bob go?
I don't know.
Went to a coven camp, never came back.
They're just training you to get used to seeing people grabbed and rounded up all around you.
super hardcore tyranny, the model of the great reset and the new world order and we're going to be here fighting it
big time.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in existence.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to lay out the huge news right now.
But I want to give people some basic history of why I know about this from researching what's happened over and over again, not just with criminal elements in our government, but other governments and private corporations that operate kind of like Spectre does in James Bond, creating disasters, creating plagues, creating huge crises that their corporate subsidiaries, because they control the media, make money off of.
That's a hypothetical James Bond script, but it's the real world.
And Ian Fleming, who was number two in the OSS and then MI6 before he died, basically said, no, these are real scenarios that we've wargamed.
A lot of this has actually happened.
So you've got these organizations that want power and control and money to consolidate control.
And they want to stage attacks.
They want to stage wars.
They want to release bioweapons.
They want to crash energy markets.
They want to steal pension funds.
They want to crash currencies.
Everything George Soros is famous for.
But they need to be able to be seen as the saviors when they do it, and they need control of the federal police in any nation they're doing it to.
Example is our corrupt, captured Justice Department.
So people ask, why would the Rockefeller Foundation in 2011 lay out the exact blueprint of what they did in 2000, 2001, 2002?
You read that document, people find these clips, they've got hundreds of millions of years, you've seen them.
Where I go, and they're gonna lock things down, you're gonna wear a mask, they're having forced injections, they're gonna have an ID on your smartphone, and they're gonna... And people are like, Jones, he's just psychic, or he's Nostradamus, or he's one of them.
Uh, no, I read their public report.
And a bunch of other reports.
So you ask, well, why on earth would they admit what they're gonna do, and then do tabletop exercises months before they release the virus, In 2019, early 2020.
Because they've got all these bureaucrats and all these people that just follow orders that are going to have to run all this once it happens.
So they've got to drill them and make sure they're going to follow orders.
And they're so unconscious, they don't even put two and two together, that it's a war game.
A war game isn't just a war game, it's an attack plan.
That's why former head of defense intelligence, former top national security advisor said a year and a half ago, we released our analysis three hours long on SPARS 2025-2028.
And he said, Jones has cracked the code.
This SPARS operation, again, John Hopkins, the UN, Bill Gates, all the normal suspects, is the blueprint battle plan to execute this.
But you can't tell all the minions and bureaucrats we're going to do this.
You just give them the plan.
That you then execute 100% the way the plan says.
And then when it happens, they all just follow the orders and never think, well, why are we given the exact plan?
But it's more important than that.
You don't have people at internal meetings.
Running around with an actual plan for like 12 monkeys to release a deadly bioweapon.
They'd go to prison.
The NSA would pick it up.
The bureaucrats would learn about it.
People would say, hey, I'm part of the system, but I'm not going to go along with a bioweapon.
You'd go to prison.
You'd get caught.
So you call it a drill.
You call it a simulation while you're walking around with the Death Star plans of what you're about to do.
So here's the good news.
Elon Musk has come out.
And says Fauci's going to prison and he's got all the internal documents that he lied to Congress and did suppress therapeutics and didn't control the media and did lie about gain of function.
And that's great.
But what do you think Fauci and his controllers like Bill Gates and those above him,
the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment that runs the CIA,
what do you think they're going to do when we bring them into check?
Before we take them into checkmate, they are going to overturn the table.
And how do you do that?
With a new, more deadly bioweapon.
And of course, John Hopkins and the Rockefellers and Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN, just like they did Event 201 and SPARS 2025-2028 and Operation Lockstep, all the same plan being tweaked as they get ready to go with it.
They have now announced, and Bill Gates ran the drill, we now learned just a few weeks ago, of the new super weapon to be released that is far more deadly than COVID and kills kids.
So they're like, oh, you're gonna get loose from the UN takeover?
You're gonna get loose from the corporate takeover of your body?
No, you're not.
No, no, no, no.
You're gonna have hearings about us?
You're going to charge us, you're going to release documents on us.
You know what we're going to do?
We got all these bioweapon labs and all our operatives and all our eugenicists and all our death cults, psychos and sociopaths working on them.
And so now we just ran the drill in December, just like they did three years ago to the day of the new weapon.
And now everybody's going to respond and the new lockdowns.
They just launched the weapon.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
It's already out there.
Oh, this new RSV and kids can't breathe and kids are dying at 10 times the rate before and everybody's dying.
What's going on?
Oh, it's the shot they already gave you that makes you produce a spike protein and destroys your immune system.
And they're going to call it this new virus that they've got out there.
They've already hit us.
By the time they tell you, they've already hit you.
Let's play a short newscast.
dealing with this.
It's called Operation Catastrophic Contagion.
Here it is.
Officials in two Latin American countries alerted the WHO of several outbreaks of a new infectious disease that's mysteriously appearing across the region.
Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025.
Over the past six weeks alone, there have been 500 confirmed or suspected cases reported.
The virus could cause a severe pandemic if early containment and mitigation efforts are not successful.
The pandemic in this type of situation and trend would be a risk for the global health security.
Pandemics are inherently political, financial, and so much broader.
We have not spoken on the leadership.
In country.
And I think that we need to be also very careful.
We cannot decide a lot of things without the leaders be involved and agree on that.
There is no substitute for national leadership.
It's important to support the local response and the national response.
Training those that are in these areas first, enabling them with the tools, protecting them, and if need be, regional solidarity first.
At this stage, communication is key.
And communication should include not just scientists with data, but also social, religious and political leaders.
This is an essential issue.
And trust was broken among countries, between populations and healthcare systems, between healthcare systems and governments.
I'm very sorry to say that In 2025, we need to strengthen the health system.
WHO needs to be a voice for the voiceless.
No one is safe until all of us are safe.
As of today, there have been an estimated one billion cases worldwide,
with more than 20 million deaths, including nearly 15 million children.
Countless millions are alive, but left with paralysis or brain damage.
The most successful countries are those which invested in preparedness
and trained for this moment years in advance.
This included having full-time pandemic preparedness and response teams.
So you wonder how they'll take over. You now see it.
Just like Jim Jones had his cult do Kool-Aid drinking drills.
When they finally put the sign on it, they all drank it.
And so they say it's imminent, it's coming, it's gonna happen.
Just get ready for it.
Roll over and give up once it comes out.
When they cooked up the last virus in a lab, I had a major whistleblower on yesterday.
The vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance.
Their chief scientist exposing it's all a depopulation plan.
World government.
He said that on the show.
It's archived at Bandai Video.
More straight ahead.
We're going to beat these people.
So, you're in the year 2022.
Epic things are happening.
Incredible things are unfolding.
And Bill Gates says they're wargaming a new virus that is going to kill the children.
If you study his previous operations, he's done this over and over again, but he's just the front man.
So it's a big deal.
Catastrophic contagion.
Bill Gates, John Hopkins, and the WHO conduct another pandemic simulation with deadlier virus that targets children.
And you notice we played that UNWF clip last segment.
They're like, We want to care about local governments.
We want nations to be in charge, which means nations aren't in charge.
Shot onto the new UN treaty to give them full control that's in Congress right now of your bodies.
Doctors and victims to tell massive death and adverse reactions from COVID vaccines.
You know what?
Let's just play that.
Let's play a clip from Senator Senator Ron Johnson's event on public health titled COVID-19 vaccines what they are and what they're doing.
Here it is.
What also is concerning in the Scandinavian data which I was sharing with you is that when you start mixing them In 2020, when we had the massive assault with COVID-19, we didn't have an increase in stillbirth.
Pfizer and then a Moderna or something like that, that data was more concerning.
The odds ratios were higher in those.
In 2020 when we had the massive assault with COVID-19, we didn't have an increase in stillbirth. That stillbirth
rate actually dropped, dropped down to 5.73 from about 5.83 per thousand.
births, which was the aggregate of the three prior years.
So again, in your field, you didn't see that impact in terms of health outcomes from the
Only until the vaccine was rolled out?
That's correct.
In 2020, the massive assault of COVID-19 on everybody, including my pregnant mother, I did not see this rise.
The rise was not seen until after the vaccine.
And I have vital statistics of our national, vital statistics to prove that.
It's blank.
There it is.
It says intentionally blank on it.
That's the data that pharmacists and physicians are basing on giving the injections outside of mainstream media recommendations.
I would like to make this point for anyone who is considering getting their children vaccinated.
We've had a hard lesson learned.
We've had soldiers who have gotten vaccinated, who've been destroyed.
You've heard victims up here who've been destroyed by this vaccine.
An EUA product means you have no legal recourse.
You could give that vaccine to your child, they could drop dead the next day, or end up in a wheelchair like Mattie Gray.
And you have no ability to sue the pharmaceutical companies, just like my soldiers.
They said it was FDA approved, yet they have not produced any FDA approved vaccines with corresponding lot numbers.
And it is the lot number off of that vial.
It doesn't matter if the EUA product and the FDA approved product have exactly the same ingredients in that vial.
It is the lot number.
That corresponds to either an EUA product or an FDA approved product that gives you the ability to legal recourse.
And once this vaccine was put on the childhood vaccine schedule, the pharmaceutical companies have complete and permanent indemnity from legal recourse.
Should anything happen to you or your children.
But it's not a vaccine.
Our soldiers have been forced to take an EUA product even though it is illegal to mandate service members be injected with an EUA product.
The excess mortality has shifted so much so that it's pretty phenomenal what you see here in the charts before you.
This is not my data, this is the Society of Actuaries.
In 2021, in ages 25 through 64, the employed people of our nation, covered under group life, they experienced a 40% excess mortality.
As quoted by a CEO of an insurance company, just a 10% increase in excess mortality is a three standard deviation event or once in a 200 year flood.
So 40 is off the charts.
What's interesting about this is that the general overall population Experienced 32% excess mortality.
This group life policyholder subset is much healthier in general than the overall population, as done by previous studies.
They experienced mortality 30 to 40% back of the general population.
So something flipped in 2021 by eight points.
Go on to the next slide, please.
Um, for disability, uh, this is next data set is the U.S.
Bureau, uh, U.S.
Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics.
It's pretty simple here.
We saw disability take off in May of 2021 above averages.
On Wall Street, we follow statistical deviations.
There was this three sigma event, three standard deviation, rate of change year over year.
And what we found particularly interesting was that the employed of our country experienced a 26% increase in the rate of disability versus the general population, which experienced 11%.
To put some numbers on this, We're being very conservative on our start date.
The number is probably much higher, but 1.2 million additional Americans in the employed segment of our population left the workforce or didn't leave the workforce.
They got disabled.
That is the size of the state of Wyoming and Vermont combined that disappeared from the labor force.
So if you're seeing labor shortages all around the country, this might be one of the explanations.
You see something like 10 to 15 percent excess mortality continuing as recently as the past few months.
And so, you know, that's very troubling.
But if we roll to the next slide, you know, the senator asked us to show just the one chart that tells the entire story.
This is that chart.
The UK government until this summer was reporting a data series that showed the relative mortality rates for the vaccinated and unvaccinated by the number of doses of the vaccine.
We've done what we think is really professional work with this, and we think it simplifies down to a conclusion that says that through the last available data set, the people in the UK who took the vaccine have a 26% higher mortality rate.
The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate.
And worst of all, The people who only took one dose of the vaccine have approximately 145% worse mortality rate.
That last data point is on its face confusing, especially because it seems like there's more and more, you know, it just doesn't make a ton of sense unless you realize That what's going on with this really is that the people who took the dose, the first dose, in the United States, that's about 12% of people, but then stopped taking any other doses.
Those people, through their choice to stop, Disproportionately the ones who were harmed.
And so what we're concluding is that if you happen to be an unlucky person who was in some fashion even moderately injured, with a minor injury and decided not to continue, the statistics, the best statistics we have, show that you're going to have, at least through today, maybe it'll get better, you know, and obviously we're all here because we're hoping to find treatments and cures.
Alright, the full video is on InfoWars.com.
You're being murdered.
It's here.
It's real.
They think you're too dumb to realize it.
This is bioweapons.
This is happening.
Fauci says he wants you to die.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're to the end of the line here, together.
And you read about Mao Zedong killing 65 million of his own people for fun, you go, why'd he do it?
Because he liked to.
Read about Hitler, read about Stalin, you read about all this stuff, you go, why'd they do it?
Well, you're living it again.
And Big Pharma is globalist run, they're doing it to everybody.
I only played a few minutes of it, there's hours of it, of this Senator Ron Johnson report at InfoWars.com.
Doctors and victims to tell massive death and adverse reactions from COVID vaccines.
But it's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy.
It's what they've done to us.
It's the reality.
And now they're getting ready to release more pathogens into the environment.
Fauci, tough to say if we advise states to stay closed for too long.
Arguable whether shutdowns should have been longer or shorter.
Old Fauci.
New York City health officials urged New Yorkers to wear a mask amid rise in new cases.
Not a COVID, but everything else.
But I had the Former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist on Dr. Andrew G. Huff yesterday in the Saturday emergency broadcast that's posted at Bandot Video that everybody should watch and share.
And he was there watching them.
He says it's a globalist plot for depopulation to collapse society and take over.
That's the main whistleblower that Senator Paul and everybody else got their documents from.
On InfoWars.com right now.
On BannedOutVideo.
A lot of listeners are like, we already know that.
But do your friends and family know that?
Only way this information gets out is you share it.
They're all over the news saying, oh, the Arctic ice caps are melting.
Super viruses are coming.
The ice caps are the thickest ever recorded.
Oh, the bioweapons are in the jungle.
They're coming to get us.
It's all lies.
They're getting ready for the next attack.
And that leads us to this.
I've said I don't trust Elon Musk.
And I'm not saying he's our savior.
But what he's doing exposing Fauci has got the deep state incredibly upset and coming after him.
But that only shows Musk is dialed in and knows there's a battle within the deep state for the future of humanity.
And if the public just gets on the right side, we have the cultural gravitas and the weight to push it in the right direction.
Elon Musk teases damning new Twitter files release.
Makes shocking statements about Anthony Fauci.
says his pronouns are prosecute Fauci wow
Sunday Live, Elon Musk threatens to expose Fauci and Twitter COVID censorship.
It's beyond that.
It's lying.
It's suppressing.
It's suppressing therapeutics and treatments.
He's a mass murderer.
You see, Fauci told Congress that he never worked on gain-of-function, though he ran conferences and labs called gain-of-function programs.
And Fauci told Congress and told the Attorney Generals of Missouri and Louisiana two weeks ago, he said, I cannot recall or I never talked to anybody about censorship and suppressing people and they're about to release all the files.
And then Barack Obama's handler, Crawls out from under a rock and Red State gets it right.
They say you know you're over the target when John Brennan goes after Elon Musk over Fauci.
And who else is crapping their britches?
Alexander Vindman is in the middle of a mental breakdown screaming about Goebbels and Elon Musk.
Yeah, don't release those documents.
The first Twitter files We're admitting collusion to suppress a Hunter Biden laptop, and the FBI running Twitter, and all the other big techs the same, to suppress election news of their criminal activity, and being Chi-Com spies.
And then the next data dumps were blacklists of millions of Americans that they were secretly blocking.
And then the next data dump was Trump, and how they banned him so he couldn't politically speak.
And now next it's Fauci suppressing treatments and lying and censoring doctors and scientists that told the truth.
What a giant big deal.
I'd be a liar if I didn't say Elon Musk is doing an incredible job on all of this when he's not sending out 5G satellites and running brain chips and saying Alex Jones is the worst person in the world.
But that's, that's where we are here on December 11th, the Sunday broadcast.
What an incredible time to be alive.
And it just gets crazier from this point on.
There are different camps in the New World Order.
There are a lot of corporations and groups that have gone along with the different scams and everything.
But now the New World Order is preparing open war with Russia.
Hell, it's already here.
They're preparing energy cutoffs, power outages.
New plagues, new lockdowns, and a lot of people in the power structure are saying, man, we really shouldn't go along with this.
Not because they're even good people, but they figure out, how am I gonna have new process?
How am I gonna be protected with all my wealth if there's no checks and balances at all in the political system?
So we've reached that come to Jesus moment in culture.
And in society, where people go, oh my God, this really is an evil agenda.
This really is depopulation.
This really is bad.
And do I really want to try to join this and think I'm going to be safe?
Because at a psychological level, an intellectual level, a computative analysis level, you know That going along with this is pure death.
You know going along with this is a lie.
It's an evil transmission telling us as a culture, as a society, as a species, as a race, commit suicide now.
Give away your birthright to the stars.
advocate your responsibility, decide you're ugly, decide humans are bad,
decide we're bad with the environment, and roll over and let a bunch of crazy mad scientists
have control of the entire future of what's left of our species.
There is still a life force.
There is still a survival instinct.
There is still that spark of ingenuity and understanding in humans, and we can get reconnected to that.
But they know if broadcasts like this reach people that are looking for the truth, will cause a chain reaction, will cause a new renaissance, will cause a great awakening.
And then their power is over.
And that's why they're so desperate to suppress this.
And that's why I tell you the answer is you getting active.
What did they do a year and a half ago when Biden got in two years ago?
Their number one threat was people at school boards not wanting pedophilia and racism being taught in schools.
And they wanted to intimidate you and say Homeland Security is coming after you and you're a terrorist because if you get off the bench and don't let them have your children.
If you get off the bench and spend your money wisely with groups that promote freedom,
if you shift your mind before they get full control into that battle space,
it's game over for these cult leaders that cooked up the virus and released it
and gave us poison shots and put us through the mask and the plastic barriers and the lockdowns
and the six feet of separation and all the cult programming to try to force us into their cult.
The minute you realize that and break with their cult, it's game over.
The minute you begin to analyze what they're doing and say no to it, it's game over.
The minute you begin to share the articles and videos of them telling the truth, it's over.
So share this live feed right now, prevent force.
All right, Sunday live starts at 6 p.m.
Central in about 12 minutes with Owen Schroer.
We only have like six minutes of ads an hour just for local stations.
It's a big show, always jam-packed, your calls and more.
Please continue to tune into that and share those links.
Owen has been knocking it out of the park for many years, but he gets better and better.
Look, we already covered Russia and the war and the fact that the people that run our country and NATO are directing attacks inside Russia and Russia's threatening nuclear war.
It's so dangerous.
And now Fauci's in deep trouble.
Lying to Congress, totally arrogant.
And here comes Elon Musk saying, I'm going to release all your documents.
You lied to the attorney generals of the states.
You are censoring.
That is huge.
And you've got Bill Gates saying a new bioweapon.
You know is is being released.
It's going to kill the kids.
Give us all your rights when it hits.
This is all pre programmed.
This is so dangerous.
And you've got right on cue.
All over the world, the deep states from New Zealand to Europe to the UK to Australia to the US.
They're saying we need to have new lockdowns.
We need to wear a mask again.
This is the only thing that will keep you safe.
It's insane.
Now we've got some big guests in the studio this week and some major breaking news.
And I just got to tell you, I had that whistleblower, Dr. Huff on, the Vice President of Ego Health Alliance that was involved in all this, exposing it.
That's at Band.Video.
That needs to be seen.
That needs to be shared.
That's Saturday Emergency Broadcast.
Wuhan Laboratory whistleblower confirms gain-of-function research.
If that gets out, it's over for these people.
There it is.
Emergency Saturday Broadcast.
Top Wuhan whistleblower exposes globalisty population plan.
It's got 388,000 views.
It needs 50 million views.
Our SPARS report doesn't need 4 million views.
It needs 500 million views.
We can win.
We have the knowledge.
We know the enemy program.
We can do it together, but not if people don't take this serious and realize this broadcast has the enemy number and we know how to defeat them, but only together.
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Here is a John Bowne report.
sleepwalking into Armageddon and Owen Troyer takes over.
They came out on ABC News and said, "Oh, now you gotta take six COVID shots a year."
The new Pfizer booster is cleared for anyone over 12 and Moderna's for anyone over 18 and two months out from their last shot.
How do we say six COVID shots two and a half years ago?
Because Bill Gates said to his investors that this shot gets rid of your immune system and people have to take six of them to eight of them a year.
So when I tell you this stuff, understand it's real.
You know, being able within six months to make enough for the world, I think that should be our aspiration.
Is it possible to prevent the next pandemic?
Yes, if every country does what Australia did, then you wouldn't be calling it a pandemic.
A lot of people want to forget the lockdowns, forget the masks, forget the checkpoints, forget all the garbage that's ongoing in places like China and New Zealand.
You are a criminal!
You are a criminal!
And so are you!
And so are you!
You know our baby has just been medically kidnapped.
Thugs have come in wearing police uniforms and they will rip the baby out of his bed and violently taken him out of the room.
They've threatened to arrest us all if we even pursue our baby.
So let this be a lesson to the entire rest of humanity is The takeover has actually started and it started in a hospital ward with a baby.
I call on humanity to arise.
So we gotta get ahead of this and keep discrediting it.
If we don't, China is our future.
So let's get into it.
In Israel, the Ministry of Health in Israel is actively hiding critical information on the side effects It's quite known that Israel was Pfizer's laboratory.
Pfizer's request to the FDA to approve the booster was to a great deal based on the Israeli data.
and destroys immunity.
It's quite known that Israel was Pfizer's laboratory.
Pfizer's request to the FDA to approve the booster was to a great deal based on the Israeli data.
But what the world did not know was that actually for the entire year in which almost the whole population
was vaccinated, two or even three doses, Israel actually did not have any functional
monitoring system.
The monitoring was really dysfunctional.
I have all this information.
On my cell phone.
Not just because I'm a minister, but because we have a centralized digital system.
The Minister of Health, the whole time, just lied.
Not just to the Israeli population, but also to the FDA.
And many researchers actually were very, very concerned.
In Germany.
And so one of the aims of the Nuremberg trials was to spend 139 days In trial, going through the law and medical ethics and the public conscience, trying all these people against those benchmarks and finding them guilty or not guilty, depending on the evidence.
But what came out of it was what the excuses were.
And when you hear the nurses' excuses, it's all the same.
As what's being said today, I had a job.
I had elderly relatives to look after.
I was being bullied.
Oh, it was a terrible environment at work.
You know, you couldn't do anything to challenge any of the doctors.
And we basically just did as we were told.
Thinking, that meant that they were left off the hook.
That's exactly the same narrative that's being promulgated today.
In the UK.
There have been more reported deaths and adverse reactions following mRNA vaccination in 18 months than there has been to every conventional vaccine administered worldwide for the last 50 years.
In Canada.
So the OAG report points to $13 million of a certain million doses who would have been destroyed outside of Canada.
So that was in large part due to AstraZeneca's doses which couldn't be used inside Canada.
As of now there are approximately 10.8 million doses of vaccines of all sorts that were either destroyed or have expired in Canada.
In the U.S.
The bottom line here is the vaccine does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission.
So why would we make anybody take it?
The pathway to preventing more harm is all the vaccines need to be pulled off the market and withdrawn.
That needs to happen immediately.
All the vaccine mandates should be dropped immediately.
Vitamin C. My hospital would not allow me to use vitamin C. We're talking about basic safe drugs.
And it's an outrage.
What they wanted me to use was remdesivir.
Where Remdesivir, we know, and this is not controversial, we know according to the WHO, Remdesivir increases your risk of kidney failure 20-fold.
All over the world, you have the government boards, you have the most prestigious universities assigned to research it saying the shots don't work, they erase your immune system, And they give you blood clots and infertility, and then the top Japanese doctor that runs the science department at one of their major universities in a government board meeting says, and they're all nodding their heads in Japan, that this is basically depopulation, and that they're going into the next phase of the diagnosis, and then it gets worse after the blood clots for those that even live.
You should have started from the beginning with the proper scientific light.
So, immediately disband the ridiculous Vaccine Casualty Evaluation Committee.
Instead, set up an Investigation Committee to investigate all cases.
And to do so, you need to get proper statisticians and some decent experts.
You understand?
Then do some tests and investigations.
As Dr. Sono said earlier, if you have samples of tissue, consider the process of spiked protein.
Rand Paul comes out, and he says Fauci's gonna go to jail?
Fauci created COVID and the shots are deadly and he's going to go to jail for what he did.
He quote will not get away. We caught him red-handed.
Likely there is no public figure or public health figure that has made a greater error in judgment than Dr. Fauci.
The error in judgment was to fund gain-of-function research in a totalitarian country.
Fund research that allowed them to create super viruses that, in all likelihood, accidentally leaked into the public and caused 7 million people to die.
Think about it.
This is right up there with decisions, some of them malevolent or military, to kill millions of people.
This is accidental, but it goes to judgment.
Talk about errors.
You think he might apologize to the world for funding research?
That allowed super viruses to be created in a lab, a lab that was not properly outfitted for safety, that people were already reporting was dangerous, to support that that type of research and then to look the other way and say nothing to see here and to cover it up.
For the last two years he's been covering his tracks but we've got him red-handed and he won't get away.
Historically he will be remembered for one of the worst judgments in the history of modern medicine.
On and on and on.
Does anybody feel safe in a country or a world where the government doesn't just allow this but helps it happen?
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