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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2022
2025 lines.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Saturday, December 10th.
The year is 2022, and this is an emergency transmission.
I'm asking all of you to take the streams of this from 4words.com and Bandot Video, and the archive of it once it's Bandot Video, and share this Saturday, December 10th, worldwide emergency transmission.
We are about to interview the
Global Health Alliance, Wuhan whistleblower, the former chief scientist, the vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance that ran the whole operation with the COVID development and the rollout.
This is absolute smoking gun information.
We're interviewing him for an hour, commercial free, coming up in 20 minutes.
Dr. Andrew G. Huff.
We're good to go.
Coming up in T-minus 20 minutes, then Steve Quayle to talk about the Russia escalation, what's happening with the currency, the economy, and so much more today.
And I know the heart of people, the core of people that tune in regularly are super informed, some of you more than I am.
But remember, our main job, my job, I think it should be your job if you show to take this mission,
Is to get this information out to as many people as you can.
So take clips of the show.
Cut it up.
Re-upload it.
Share it.
Share the live feed.
I don't care what you do.
Just get this information out, because the public is so hungry for the truth right now, and their minds and souls are so open for the truth, and so our most important work, even though we've all done incredible work together, this is one family, pro-human family, our most important work is now happening and is to come.
Okay, let me just give you a prelude of what's coming up.
With Dr. Huff.
Huge article and key video clips on InfoWars.com with Senator Johnson's ongoing hearings.
Doctors and victims detail massive death and adverse reactions from the so-called COVID vaccines.
Super critical report with Dr. Peter McCullough and others right there for you.
Just devastating.
Meanwhile, undercover video.
World Health Summit member admits global lockdown's not based in science.
No, it's all about control.
It's all about power.
That's also on InfoWars.com.
And then all the different illegal gain-of-function going on.
Even Forbes says, gain-of-function experiments at Boston University create a deadly new COVID-strained virus.
Who thought this was a good idea?
That's all coming up.
Well, the depopulationist thought
That this is a good idea to give them total power and control on their road of depopulating us.
Now, I want to hit how they're getting away with all this by information control.
And now that information control is now being massively exposed as well.
And it's some other news before we go to our two guests today.
And here is Margaret Johnston.
On China's hesitancy to use mRNA vaccine technology at Senator Johnson's hearings.
Here's that clip.
Can you share that with the committee?
Your point of view on where China could be going?
Well, I'm very concerned about where China's going.
I have many good friends in China, and I look at the zero COVID policy and the effect that's had on human rights of people being forced to stay home for months on end.
The Uyghurs have been home since August without adequate food replenishment.
And so I've been concerned about that.
Now we're seeing that the National Health Commission is starting to ease up on some of the COVID restrictions.
That's good to see in terms of the zero COVID constraints.
But the really concerning thing is that they haven't got vaccines that will protect their population.
Most of their seniors are not fully vaccinated.
The vaccines they are using are less than effective.
And it seems that they, it's been offered to them, but they have not accepted to accept the mRNA vaccines from the West.
Xi Jinping is very much invested in his zero COVID policy.
And doesn't want, it seems, to take vaccines from the West.
They're going to have to do it or there are going to be millions of deaths and it's really going to put a big strain on their hospital system.
Okay, so I confused a bunch of other clips I've got from Senator Johnson's hearing with hearings in Canada where they're pushing shots saying you've got to have them or you're not safe even though they admit they want you to take six shots a year that erases your immune system and doesn't offer protection.
But there she is saying China won't take the shots, and Xi Jinping won't give the mRNA shots, which she's saying, well, their shots don't work.
None of them work.
It's a prion crystal growing in the body.
And we see the footage, we'll air this in a moment with audio, of them dragging elderly people out of their houses to forcibly inject them, and in many cases just take them away to camps.
Here's a clip.
I don't know.
Yeah, they're not stupid.
They know what's going on.
They're not dumb.
They know what's happening.
Remember Joe Biden telling us it's 100% effective and everybody should be forced to take it.
He's getting tired of the unvaccinated.
Everybody's sick.
That's also what Rod Stewart said.
Now his son got the shot.
Well, we know what happened.
Jill Biden, the most important thing you can do to prepare for the holidays is get your updated COVID vaccine.
It's not a vaccine.
Let's go ahead and play that clip.
The most important thing you can do to prepare for your holidays is to get your updated COVID vaccine.
And if you get it now, you'll be protected in time for winter holiday gatherings.
So we just showed you the vaccine police forcibly dragging people off to be injected in China.
We know this is all UN run.
They've tried this in Australia.
They're trying it in Canada.
They're trying it here.
But us pesky Americans didn't bend over as bad as everybody else and as
Limbing-like and sheep-like, as we've become in many respects.
We're still the best house in a bad neighborhood.
But here's a chilling mainstream media ABC News report out of Chicago.
School calls police on boy with autism for missing vaccine records.
So they're implying it's the law to take shots, which it's not in any state in the country.
Supreme Court rulings.
But they act like not having the records can make you truant, so then they kick you out of school, but then they trigger truancy laws.
So here they are bullying an autistic young man, probably has it from previous shots.
Evidence is overwhelming that's the main cause of it.
We're good to go.
In Baltimore and Chicago, we've had guests on over the years.
You've seen the newscast.
It's everywhere.
But they'll say, at school opening today, the police were there to make sure people follow the law and give their children the shots.
Because many of these parents didn't give the shots.
They'd have police dogs there and scaring everyone and telling them it's the law.
All color of law, criminal activity.
And the health departments don't get their funding and the schools don't get their funding unless they're 97%
So they incentivize bounties on their heads, just like if you intubate somebody with a respirator, which kills you when you have COVID.
Does it help you?
Well, you get $50,000 plus as a bounty to kill.
Well, thousands of dollars of federal funding to schools, up to $3,000 on average, is directly tied to the quote, immunization records.
None of this has anything to do with infectious diseases.
It's all about population control, with the sperm counts plunging, the cancer rates exploding, and Bill Gates, who says he wants to depopulate us, running the entire operation.
Here's the Chicago News Report.
Cheryl Robb, the parents of the 8-year-old boy tell me their son has all of his shots and it was just a matter of getting the paperwork transferred over to the school nurse.
But they say the school took an extreme measure, calling the police on their son for not having his shot records.
Shanita and Timothy Rhodes say they moved to Country Club Hills to give their children a good life and solid education, especially for their youngest son, Tamir, who has autism.
Tamir was diagnosed with autism right before the pandemic started.
He's very loving and kind and he makes a friend wherever he goes.
I try to give him a better life, a normal life.
But this couple says October 17th was anything but normal for Tamir at Meadowview Intermediate School.
Mrs. Rhodes says she got a call from the school nurse requesting her son's vaccine records.
She says she informed the nurse that her son's previous school was within the district and that they should have all of his shot records on file.
Can you just call over there, call the nurse, and obtain his record?
And to my dismay, she said, no, that's not my job.
Mrs. Rhodes says she had planned to call her son's former school that day to get his medical records faxed over.
But she said she had to step into a work meeting first.
While she was in that meeting, she says she got a call from a Country Club Hills police officer who was at her home.
He said to me that I was called here because of a case of neglect.
And I said, neglect?
You know, in awe, and he said, well, ma'am, I can see that it's not a case of neglect, so can you just call the school district and, you know, work out the matter?
And I said, okay.
Mrs. Rhodes says she called Tamir's former school and his pediatrician to have the record sent over.
At that point, she says she thought the issue was resolved, but when their nanny arrived to pick up Tamir from school, he wasn't there.
So I'm in disbelief, because I'm like, he's not there.
And so she says, well, they said something about the police picking him up.
And I'm like, the police?
Mrs. Rhodes says the school called Country Club Hills Police to pick him up and send him home.
The reason?
Tamir was now considered a trespasser.
Tamir was dropped off by police and retrieved by his older brother.
This is the total weaponization of the bureaucracy, the breaking of the social contract against the people.
And it's happening all over the world.
Color of law.
No law to take the shot in the U.S.
No law to take the shot in Australia.
No law unless you're in the military.
And that's been found to be unconstitutional.
It's experimental.
New Zealand government kidnaps the baby with bad heart to prove mRNA blood won't hurt him.
We talked to the family today.
They're going to be on Monday.
They're exhausted.
They kidnapped the baby, did the heart surgery that they found out was needed.
The hospital didn't even know it.
And then they supposedly gave him the tainted blood, but the family's got an idea.
They actually gave him safe blood because they know the world's watching this whole situation.
They want control of our bodies.
They want to dominate and run our lives.
All right.
Finally, let's talk about in this whole poison shot debate, because it's not vaccines,
About the fact that in the UK, in Europe, in the US, the numbers are very similar.
Only around 10% of government bureaucrats have taken these shots.
You saw that in the Japanese government hearings that we played last week, where the head of the science department at the Kyoto University's in the government meeting and says they have the vaccine program, national program.
This is killing everybody.
It's making them sick.
Everybody's getting sick.
We have the reports around the world.
We have our scientific studies.
And only 10% of the government's taking the shots, but you're trying to mandate them for us.
It's the same thing.
The government people aren't doing it, except for the military, or low-level people like custodians of the federal government are told they have to.
But there's a list.
Congress and its employees.
The FBI, the Justice Department, all the major science research groups, they don't have to have shot records, they don't have to take shots, because the shots are for us!
The shots aren't for them!
Yeah, it's poison shots, folks, and they're not taking it.
And the 10% roughly worldwide.
See, it's all the same.
Same death numbers, same numbers taking it, same government actions where they're not taking it.
They know, folks, not just all the actuaries and the death numbers and the confirm that it's not a vaccine and all that proven, they won't take it either.
Oh, but Biden gets up there and takes it over and over and over again.
If you think he's really taking it, I got a bridge in Arizona I'm happy to sell you right now.
In fact, I got a bridge in New York I'm happy to sell you.
I got some oceanfront property in Montana I really want to sell you right now.
So let's talk about the type of people that are exempt from this.
Well, he's now been, a felony warrant's been issued.
Because now the serial reported luggage thief, Biden's nuclear official, over the nuclear stockpile said Sam Brenton is wanted on a felony warrant for stealing more luggage, this time in Las Vegas, weeks after being charged with the same crime at the Minneapolis airport, stealing expensive multi-thousand dollar luggage and women's things inside.
Imagine the type of freakazoids they put in, because yes, someone that wants to dress like a woman with a shaved head with bright lipstick, who teaches bondage classes, and all these other people are being put in, ladies and gentlemen, because they can be compromised and controlled by international and globalist assets.
Let's play the clip.
An Energy Department official is accused of stealing luggage from Harry Reid International.
The 8 News Now investigator is learning a felony warrant has been issued for Sam Brinton, a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Biden administration.
Sources tell us Brinton is caught on video stealing the luggage.
Brinton is accused of similar crime in the Minneapolis-St.
Paul airport.
This is a criminal group, and again, I told you a decade ago, these aren't even men like Bob Hope joking around, dressing up like a woman.
That's hilarious for comedy.
You know, Police Academy, where the cops are dressed up, you know, on the stakeout with beards as women.
Or if somebody's a grown adult and wants to stick their woman dress like a woman, do that.
I don't hate you.
Stay away from kids.
Stop promoting pedophilia.
But there is the folks with the shaved heads and the clown makeup, that is the uniform of the pedos.
And they go to city council meetings, they go to school board meetings, we played it, and they say, guys that look just like that, they say, we are going to groom your children, they're ours.
And it's men stealing the identity of women, saying a woman is a dude in a clown outfit.
Or the undersecretary of
Health and Human Services, Levine, saying he's an admiral and he wanted to have the federal government triple funding to sterilize little kids and he wants access to kids to sterilize them.
He didn't want to just, you know, have sex with them.
We don't know he wants to do that.
But we know he certainly wants to chop their testicles off and their breasts off.
This is Hellraiser!
It rubs the lotion on its skin!
I mean, in Hollywood movies where they want to get kids and cut their genitals off, it's a horror movie.
But when they do it, they're dressed up in an admiral outfit.
Well, if you're in an admiral outfit, or if you're in a clown outfit, it must be totally fine.
Let's do that by all means right now.
There's a lot of good news, though, compared to all this bad news.
GOP congressman calls for investigation into Facebook and Google's role in suppressing free speech, because you know they're all doing it just like Twitter was.
But we don't even need an investigation.
It's already documented.
We already know all of this.
We already know it's about sucking the energy out of the children.
We all know it's a form of psychic vampirism, ladies and gentlemen.
And the sooner we begin to understand that, the sooner we're going to be able to turn things around and not be under the psychotic demon's control.
But it is just that simple.
Wake up to the fact of what we're facing.
Understand it.
Deal with it.
Look at this guy.
Who is Jim Baker, former top FBI, fired for after Elon Musk's Twitter files?
Again, who is Jim Baker, former top FBI lawyer, fired by Elon Musk over Twitter files?
He was sent in there to liaison with the FBI Homeland Security to spy on people and censor them and control them to manipulate the election.
We have a weaponized Justice Department against the American people.
And it's all coming out of this.
Tucker Carlson said last week, Alex Jones was right.
Alex Jones was the first to expose this.
And we really were amongst the first to expose it.
That's why this broadcast is so valuable.
It's what we do here is so important.
Is because we understand how the New World Order works.
We know how to stop them.
We have the expert guest on.
We have the callers.
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And we're going to come back and cover the new book set to be a bestseller, The Truth About Wuhan, with Dr. Andrew G. Huff, the whistleblower of whistleblowers.
This is so important to stop the New World Order's next phase.
This just cough-and-nails their operation.
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We'll be right back with our special guest.
You do not want to miss this interview with Dr. Andrew G. Huff.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this story couldn't be bigger.
Please take notes and share it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
This is a real emergency, as Dr. Paul in the Senate has said.
Anthony Fauci has been on record for decades running
biological weapon operations under the guise of vaccine development.
It's all come out in the documents.
It's all come out because of whistleblowers.
And he's lied to Congress.
And he's told them that he's never been involved in any of it, even though he's hosted gain-of-function conferences.
And it just broke two months ago that Boston University, also under his direction, has developed a weaponized COVID-19 that kills 80%
of the humanized mice that come in contact, showing what would have a devastating effect on humans, being many, many times more dangerous for us than the first version.
Now, obviously, it didn't escape from a lab very early on.
Major universities scanned the virus.
It could see how it had been combined and was artificial.
And then we began to see information coming out from whistleblowers confirming that, indeed, Fauci, Daszak, and others had been quarterbacking the operation.
Well, now we have one of those whistleblowers, the main whistleblower, on the broadcast.
He has been through hell.
And this information, again, could not be more important because, as Senator Paul and many others have said, any time now, another one of these similar man-made viruses could get out by accident or on purpose and wreak havoc in our civilization again, as we've just seen.
So we're going to walk through the history of it, what really happened, and then what our expert guest believes is really going on and why this happened.
The Truth About Wuhan, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History, Dr. Andrew G. Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist.
And that is the health alliance that was used as the front group by the Bill Gates money, by the Defense Department money,
Ed Fauci's direction and we've seen the emails come out.
We've seen the evidence of this really the last two and a half years.
And I would give about 90% of the credit.
There's been some other major whistleblowers as well, but the real smoking guns from Dr. Andrew G. Huff.
It's a whole nother part of the story.
The harassment they put him under.
So again, he would sound crazy when he talked about the harassment.
Similar things that they did to Hemingway.
But we now know, thanks to all these data dumps from Twitter, thanks to Elon Musk, that there's been massive censorship and harassment going on, being coordinated by the Justice Department and the State Department.
And others.
That's who runs the CIA.
Absolutely huge news.
Congress has launched an investigation into the State Department funding of third parties that censor online speech and more.
So when you hear State Department, that means the folks commanding the CIA.
So he joins us to cover all of these issues.
We had him on earlier in the week during the regular show, but we didn't have enough time with him.
And I just want to impress upon listeners that you know most information you know about this, thanks to Dr. Huff.
And now he's here to tell all at great risk to his life.
He is a combat veteran and was trained at some of the top universities, including MIT.
He went on again to be the senior scientist for this worldwide organization and worked in these labs around the world.
So he is the insider, the thing they fear the most coming forward.
Because he said earlier in the week, he didn't do this to be evil.
There's a lot of folks working in the government that are great people.
And as he saw corrupt bad things, he did what he was supposed to.
He went to Congress, then they came after him.
So now he's come to the public.
Sky Horse, The Great Patriots have published my number one New York Times bestseller that they didn't give number one status to, but they admit was number one.
The Great Reset and War for the World have now published this book that should go to number one as well, The Truth About Wuhan, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History.
So, Dr. Andrew G. Huff, thank you so much for joining us for the next 50 minutes.
I'm going to try to give you the floor as much as possible to walk through all this and then what you think should be done to stop them allowing a leak or causing a leak or releasing a virus in the future for more power and control and what we should do in the future as well to safeguard against these bioweapon programs masquerading as vaccine programs.
So again, we salute you and thank you.
Well, thank you so much for having me.
And Alex, I think due to appearing on your show, the first production run of the book sold out in three days.
So thank you so much for helping me get the message out.
Without platforms like yours and the other people that helped me over the past two years, I don't think the message would have ever gotten out.
So my story is unique as a scientist.
I began my career actually in the military.
I served as an instrument in Operation Enduring Freedom in Central America and in Operation Iraqi Freedom during the height of the war in 2004 and 2005.
I thought I was going to be a career officer, and I really had to change hard after my second combat deployment.
So, I decided to focus on science.
I thought I was going to be a psychologist first.
My first degree was in psychology.
I started managing mental health outpatient clinics for the U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs.
Decided that I had a terrible bedside manner and I hated counseling.
Bought some time, so I got a master's degree in engineering and security technology and geographic information systems.
And my master's degree was heavily national security focused.
So at the end of that program, I finished top of my class.
My advisors, who were all sort of tied to the deep state, the national security complex, really impressed upon me that I should go on and get a PhD.
In public health, emerging infectious diseases, and specialize in bioterrorism and biowarfare.
They said go talk to this research center director, his name was Sean Kennedy, at the University of Minnesota, working at the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, which is a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.
I went over there and they basically gave me a dream offer.
I spoke with Sean, spoke with Dr. Jeff Bender, who was one of my advisors, and it was like, you know, a six figure salary plus full scholarship, plus having data handed me directly from the Department of Homeland Security.
And because of my national security experience, my experience in the military, having a secret clearance, you know, not a top secret yet, but that really made me uniquely positioned to move upward quickly as part of this new biomedical security state.
I became an expert in poisoning people through the food supply.
So how can we cause mass casualty events?
How can we kill 200, 300, 400,000 people in one event or one attack?
So my research was really successful.
I had all my research published within my first two years of my PhD, which is almost unheard of.
And I went on to present this research at Alphabet Soup of government agencies, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, FDA, HHS, and then I started becoming a regular meeting attendee of different, what they're called, government coordinating councils for national security in different domains or areas of national security.
So, mainly public health and food and egg.
Well, I made a lot of friends.
My research was pioneering.
Nobody outside the government really understood it, but
When I completed this program, it made me uniquely positioned to accept any position that I wanted.
I was being recruited into the State Department, which could have been the CIA.
I didn't really understand that at the time.
I would call it naive for being a smart person.
And my advisors came to me and they asked me, you know, where would you like to work?
And Colonel John Hoffman, who wrote on the back of my book cover, he was my mentor.
He actually helped stand up the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security Bioterror Division with Dr. Tom McGinn.
So these are some people who are really well connected.
And I had befriended two different scientists from the Sandia National Laboratories, where they primarily make nuclear weapons, but they're involved in a lot of other national security research.
80% is nuclear weapons, 20% are other things.
I thought these guys were the coolest guys in the world.
They basically had Dr. Strange love-type jobs.
When there are national security emergencies or disasters, they would be called upon to help solve these catastrophic problems with science and engineering skills.
Oftentimes, though, there's not disasters happening, so they're working on other things.
So, I asked to be placed, essentially, at this company or this national laboratory.
They were quite receptive to me wanting to go there.
It was actually one of the most difficult interviews of my life.
I went down there and I interviewed.
But shortly thereafter, I had a job offer and I was relocating down to New Mexico.
I worked at this laboratory for just short of a year.
So, it was interesting.
Really quickly, while I was working there rapidly, my work was being increasingly classified.
And through that process,
I was worried that I was going to be stuck at this National Laboratory forever, so I had a top-secret clearance.
I was giving high-level presentations to all the different government agencies on my areas of expertise, so pandemic preparedness, intentional contamination of the food supply, and bioterror and biowarfare.
So, all my work is increasingly getting classified, and as a scientist,
If you ever want to leave, you cannot do that because you can't communicate the results of your work outside of that body.
So I started looking for other work.
And it only took me probably three or four days of when I made that decision to come across an organization called Eagle Elk Alliance.
So Eagle Elk Alliance on its webpage had this really neat or interesting mission.
The way that it was described is that by engaging in conservation activities, they could reduce the risk of emerging infectious diseases and thereby epidemics and pandemics, which has some face validity to it.
Anytime that you can reduce the exposure risk of people going into the environment and being exposed to new novel diseases, you decrease the risk that that pandemic or that initial outbreak will occur.
So I thought that was exciting.
They were looking for a senior scientist in data and technology.
It was neat.
So they wanted somebody who had modeling and simulation skills.
So that was, you know, that was one skill set that I had.
Machine learning or also artificial intelligence.
That was back in 2014 or 15.
That was a hot growing field.
I'd been working in that.
We were just coming off using Markov chain models, which was the latest, hottest thing.
And they also wanted someone who was an epidemiologist, had some lab skills.
I mean, they wanted, basically their ask was for an impossible person or position, and I fit it exactly.
So, I was flown out to Equal Health Alliance, I interviewed, and I was offered the position within just a matter of a couple of days.
This all went very quickly, and this is, now we're in the fall of 2014, so September-ish.
And so, I move out to New York City from New Mexico,
And I begin the job, and I quickly learn that things are not quite like I was led to believe.
So, Eco of Alliances is doing some defense work, and the department that I'm taking over has a failing defense contract.
My predecessor left for similar reasons that I left, too.
His name's Dr. Nico Preston, and we can get back to that in a little bit.
So, I began working, I began turning the department around.
I'm successful at that.
I bring in an additional $4.5 million within my first year.
And to put that in perspective, so I'm in my early 30s at this point, and I've already brought in $6 million of money to a grunchy granola-type research organization, which is huge.
I'm able to transform the office in terms of technology.
So, new office equipment, new computers, new systems, new cloud computing, all these things.
I dramatically increased the size of my staff.
Plus, the work that I'm doing is high impact.
So, at that point, I was developing signals intelligence platforms, which is also known by biosurveillance.
So, the idea is that, how do we detect emerging infectious diseases?
Like that diagram you just put up.
The second that a person gets sick or an animal gets sick,
How can you detect that?
So, we actually use digital disease detection methods.
So, you can take a lab sample, for example, from an animal and then put it into a computer.
And when that information is transmitted, it now becomes a digital signal.
So, I developed methods to actually detect all these digital signals to make for public health intelligence purposes.
And a lot of this stuff was highly predictive.
My one, I guess, feather in my cap was that I predicted the spread of the Zika virus globally a priori, meaning before it happened.
And I was so confident in how well my model performed, I actually had this published in the New York Times.
I'm one of the few scientists to ever do it.
And really, it's just by using good data and good models and methods and sticking to it.
But that aside, because of all the success, I'm promoted to Vice President.
At EcoEarth Alliance.
So when I'm promoted to Vice President, I asked to be added to the Predict Program, which was a large multi, I'd say multi-center, multi-company project between UC Davis, MetaBiota, and MetaBiota's been in the news with the links to the Ukraine labs and Hunter Biden's investment into those companies, and my organization, EcoEarth Alliance.
And what we were actually doing was we were going around the planet
Hunting for coronaviruses and a few other types of viruses, but mainly coronaviruses.
And then telling everyone or communicating to everyone that through this process, we were going to predict and prevent pandemics and then also develop medical countermeasures or vaccines based on this work.
Well, the program manual for PREDICT, when you get back to the screenshot in my hand, it's probably three or four inches thick.
It's a big, thick manual if you actually go read through all the scientific work that's going on, because it's in 30 countries, thousands of projects, multiple people involved, and it's very scientifically dense and broad.
So, after I'm promoted, I take it upon myself to actually take the time to read all these documents and I get into it.
And then I realize, I'm like, holy crap, this PREDICT program, it can't do what it's saying.
They weren't collecting the right types of data.
They weren't collecting the right types of samples at the right sample frequency.
The sample sizes were too small.
And then when I'm assigned as a country coordinator to both Sudan and Jordan, I receive my budget.
This is also heavily tied to the State Department and the diplomatic missions in each state.
I'm like, wow, what they're asking us to do is just scientifically not possible.
So then I started naturally asking the question, you know, what is this in the back of my mind?
But all of this is going on at Ecolith Alliance.
I mean, there's a lot of strange things that sort of happen when I start working at Ecolith Alliance.
So, one, my boss, Dr. Peter Daszak, comes to me and he asked me to build a collaborator report.
Collaborator reports are typically documents that scientists send to validate or verify the work that the U.S.
government has given them.
I'm asked to submit one for what's called the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency.
So that in itself is not so weird, but IARPA
It's part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
It's like the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, but for intelligence.
It's like DARPA.
And of course, you're a really smart guy and have all these degrees, but came from the bottom up.
If you went and studied some of the deeper history, which you were discovering once you were in there, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're going right to the top because it's actually
Arpa and then DARPA and all these groups that formed after World War II with Operation Paperclip and you name it, that are really the heart of the deep state.
From my deep research and interviewing top experts around the world, the real heart of the deep state is a scientific technological elite that Eisenhower warned about.
So you were, I guess, unknowingly shooting right to the top.
Oh, absolutely.
I was being groomed to be a Dr. Anthony of National Security or Bioterror.
And I was aware of that as a PhD student.
When they come to you when you're a PhD student, they say you can be placed anywhere in the U.S.
government that you want to work in this field.
I mean, I
I've never heard of that.
There's very few students that receive full scholarships plus a six-figure salary to get a PhD.
They had to offer that to me to lure me away from my other career prospects, which were in industry with salaries probably double that, but also not the potential to grow or expand my career within national security.
So that was clear to me at a young age.
But even then,
I was probably naive to a lot of things.
And then once you start to, you know, once you see something, you can't unsee it.
And that's sort of the journey of my story and my life going through this.
So, I'm asked to submit this IR Collaborate report specifically only to my portfolio work doing this machine learning advanced prediction of disease detection work, which is actually now used by a bunch of the three-letter agencies, probably to this day.
That's something that I'm asked to do.
Well, what happens when I'm promoted to Vice President, I get to start sitting in all the different executive meetings.
So, there's usually typically at EcoHealth Alliance, two or three executive meetings a week.
One could be general, where we sort of go through all the different functions of the company, including finance.
We can have project-specific meetings or other programmatic-type meetings.
This is all very common for C-suite-level-type executives.
So, once I started to see the books, though, at Equal Health Alliance, I realized that there was no funding from IARPA for the collaborator report that I submitted.
And I found that to be really strange, because typically, in a project proposal or a grant or a contract awarded from the government, there would be some strong, specific requirement that I would have to report back to IARPA.
My contracts were from the Department of Defense Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which is completely unrelated.
So, I found that to be odd.
So, other things I found to be odd.
So, the PREDICT program was a big, big farce.
So, we're running around telling everyone around the world for, you know, $200 million, we're going to predict and forecast pandemics.
When I looked at it, my honest assessment was, we're just running around the planet collecting coronaviruses.
Another strange thing happens when I work at EcoAuth Alliance.
So, my boss, Dr. Peter Daszak, comes to me and he asked me to put together an investment pitch deck
To be presented to In-Q-Tel.
So, In-Q-Tel is, and I was aware of this before, and I was actually unsure if my boss, Peter Dasik, knew what he was getting into.
Like, I had, my sense of Peter was that he was a great writer.
I loved working with him, actually, when I was a new employee.
He has great strategy and great prose.
Sometimes I thought he was too much of an opportunist and didn't understand quite what he was getting into at times, but that could be inaccurate.
It's just my perception.
So anyways, he comes and asks me to help him put together this In-Q-Tel report.
In-Q-Tel is the venture capital firm for the CIA, and then also sort of the DoD at times.
Most famously, In-Q-Tel invested into Google Maps, or Google Earth, which was a huge success.
In that proposal, we actually present using Predict to go out and collect
Coronavirus samples to then do humanized mice or mouse gain-of-function work to make medical countermeasures.
And this is in 2015 when we assembled this and it's presented.
This is also verified by In-Q-Tel's quarterly earnings report to the investors that this presentation takes place and there's also another, I guess, document or
What's a good way of phrasing this?
Announcement newsletter to their stakeholders that Peter Daszak was presenting this work to them.
So it did, in fact, take place.
Whether or not Ecolabs received the investment?
Publicly, to my knowledge, they did not.
But In-Q-Tel also invests into companies discreetly and sometimes does not announce it.
Dr. Huff, we've got about 35 minutes left, 30 minutes left, and you've got to go.
You're telling an incredible historical story, and it's so important.
I know there's a lot more to tell, so maybe at some point you can just boil it down for people, and next time we can have you on for two hours if you've got it, or we can go two hours, but I know you don't have the time.
Because people need to understand, but basically, because I've already read articles about your book, haven't read the book yet, I've got it ordered, but you start to figure out that really this is like a bioweapons front, or what was it really?
Sure, we can stretch the time a little bit if we need to, and I can talk a little fast.
No, no, you're doing great.
I just wanted you to know.
Just continue.
Please, take your time.
So, EcoHealth Alliance, I really believe it was two things.
You know, fast forward through this.
So, the important thing to know is I leave EcoHealth Alliance as being a top-performing employee, but Peter Dask and I have a terrible falling out.
And actually, the CFO dies in the process.
You can't make this up.
I think it caused the poor guy to have a heart attack because I caused so much stress during a meeting.
But that aside, I leave EcoHealth Alliance, and to me, it sort of looks like it's one giant intelligence collection operation.
And that also having some kind of tie to the pharmaceutical industry.
That's my opinion in 2016 when I leave.
I couldn't quite figure it out.
You fast forward to COVID, COVID's emergence, and the facts as they were portrayed to us, which turned out to be lies from the U.S.
government, and all the other documents that I have in my possession,
There's two things that I'm fairly certain about EcoAuth Alliance.
One, it's in this gain-of-function game where they're going out and collecting rare or unique viruses to edit and splice together for gain-of-function to develop medical countermeasures.
This is being financed heavily by the National Security State, the Biomedical Security State.
Interestingly, Dr. Robert Malone at Senator Ron Johnson's roundtable this week said the same thing.
And I haven't asked Dr. Malone about that yet.
We have spoken.
But he has a different take on it, and I'd like to know what he thinks.
The second side is that I like to explain to people is that the Senate, especially people like Senator Rand Paul, keep accusing NIH of being responsible
for this gain-of-function work.
Well, actually, the gain-of-function work begins under the USAID PREDICT program before NIH has even given them a dime.
So, these plans happen before NIH is involved.
That's right.
It's coming right out of the Defense Department, and if you expand on that, because I've studied it in depth and had a lot of other experts on, correct me if I'm wrong from your own perspective, but basically what they do in biowarfare is they cover up biowarfare labs, saying that they are treatment
Preparation for emerging bio threats or natural emergencies, but really they create the new bioweapon and then they create the so-called vaccine to counter it which then for big corporations and the military industrial complex is a giant moneymaker and a power center where they can actually create the new pathogens but also have the cure which they can also use societally for total control to take control and basically take us off of a carbon-based
I don't
We're good to go.
Well, Alex, it's hard for me to challenge you sometimes because you've been right more times than you've been wrong over the past few years.
I used to be a huge skeptic of yours, and I've sort of come to the other side based on your accuracy and, I guess, visionary perception towards the world state, if you want to call it that.
The Rockefeller Foundation did fund EcoEarth Alliance.
The point that I was about to make, though, is that
The Chinese did not need $600,000 of U.S.
funding to do this gain-of-function work.
And when you step back and you look at it, why would the Chinese allow Westerners into their bioweapons laboratory to
Presumably snoop around and see what's going on.
So how this all starts, this relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is that in the contract of the understanding the back coronavirus emergency risk proposal, and this is what Rand Paul was talking about at this point I was getting to, you know, they say that, hey, for $600,000, we can do this work with the Chinese.
And that's why the Chinese want to do this work with us.
I mean, it's completely asinine.
Well, no.
The Chinese do not need $600,000 of our money.
They don't need $5 million of our money.
They don't need $10 million of our money because they loaned it to us.
So, what did the Chinese have to gain here from this?
And the one thing that they had to gain, and the thing that they wanted, was the advanced biotechnology from Dr. Ralph Baric's laboratory at the University of North Carolina.
Also, the technology from Dr. Ian Lipkin's laboratory at the University of Columbia.
So, the thing that happens underneath this PREDICT program and this Back Coronavirus Emergence proposal is that we actually train and give this advanced biotechnology to the Chinese.
And without doing that, we wouldn't have SARS-CoV-2.
I mean, that's so critical.
And so you have to ask yourself, well, why would the U.S.
government do this?
Why would we not, you know, stamp some kind of expert control on this?
Because usually the State Department's all over this.
Well, I firmly believe that the reason why we were doing this was so that we could actually collect intelligence
On the Wuhan Institute of Virology's bioweapons program in exchange for the advanced biotechnology.
I can't figure out for any other reason on the planet why we do this.
Sure, and we know the Chinese put spies in our universities and research labs as well.
And you talked in the earlier interview how you'd also gone and seen what was going on with the Ukrainian labs and all the rest of these.
So give us, before you get into
Now what you know and the points you make in the book exposing this whole thing and these key bullet points that you've sent us that I think are dead on, just a 35,000 foot boil down of why you went public and
Basically what you've said since because I think you obviously agree with Senator Paul and others that we've got to stop this because even if they didn't release this on purpose, which I think the evidence, the motive, the timing, the pre-programming, the media rollouts says they did to bring in this whole new great reset.
But regardless, with these labs everywhere, it's only a matter of time before more of this gets out.
And it was obviously man-made.
We know that from, as you said, the scans of the virus.
All these other procedure scientists have said it's conclusive for over two years.
So, you know, to me, this is the sword of Damocles hanging over all our heads.
Yeah, so the 35,000 foot view here is that there is a lot of old, deep money tied into the scientific model of health care, which has been adopted.
The clinical trial system has been completely corrupted.
You have other whistleblowers like Brooke Jackson coming out and stating that, you know, she was a witness to the fraud that took place in these clinical trials.
If you go look at the mRNA clinical trial reports themselves, they've, you know, they redact the most harmful damning parts out of the clinical trial results and they won't give it to us from Pfizer.
So, I mean, you have to ask yourself what's going on here.
Now you have the epidemiology data
From the SARS-CoV-2 jabs which were co-developed with the agent.
So that's the other thing I didn't bring up.
So I have the proof of that in the book.
So the agent and the jabs were co-developed together.
You step back and you look and we've created this huge biomedical industrial complex where the wealthiest people in the country have massive, or the world I should say, have massive financial incentive.
It's really weird when you think about this because if you look at what are the biggest problems facing the planet right now, the number one problem in my opinion is the energy crisis.
We've hit peak oil.
There's more out there but it's getting more expensive to extract.
And I feel like this
This gain-of-function work, this work of pushing out the jabs, is also a distraction to serve as a limiting factor on natural resources on the planet.
We do have finite natural resources.
We could argue about climate change.
I'm not a climate change denier, but on the other hand, I know that if a volcano erupts tomorrow, we could be thrown into a mini ice age.
So I'm very practical about these things.
But what they stand to gain, the people who are in power and control,
From these, from the draconian lockdowns, from the restriction of our liberties, from pushing ineffective, harmful drugs onto patients, I mean, that part just, it's mind-boggling to me.
At first, to show how objective about this, when it first came out, I'm like, well, let's trust the government on the mRNA jabs.
And then, you know,
Four months into it, I'm like, well, these don't prevent transmission.
It's actually causing new, they're causing new variants to emerge.
And it looks like it's harming some people.
And then another four months after that, I went to completely the other camp.
I'm like, these things are completely ineffective.
They don't work.
They look like they're harming people.
Why are we giving these to people?
Why are we mandating that people receive this?
And it's hard not to go to the, to the basically to your, your point that you just said that this is some kind of top-down driven control to, to harm us all.
And I think that is a fair,
Fair point to make if a fair logical point to make or argument to make because I can't really make sense of it otherwise.
And then doctor if we add it to the equation Bill Gates and Melinda when they first actually started their foundation.
30 years ago it was called the World Population Control Foundation, and about 25 years ago they changed the name just to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
They give each other awards and they're all calling for depopulation and saying there's too many people, but now they really are funding all these deadly pathogens and then funding shots that don't even make us safe and are linked to all these serious health problems.
It's just really interesting when they're calling for death panels and euthanasia.
We're good to go.
Well, it is quite the fact pattern.
I think that's the term they'd use in law.
It does seem to add up.
So maybe we should get into the so-called pandemic and then the shots.
And you were trying to allude to, you start to go public, you start to try to talk, you give reports to Congress and it's just incredible what happened to you.
I've had some similar things happen, not quite as dramatic or as compressed, but over the years, you know, I've, I've seen them, you know, try to make me go crazy or,
Make me sound crazy, but you've been able to document, actually, what happened to you.
And we can see why they were panicking.
Here's the former chief scientist and major whistleblower with a great pedigree and a great record and a top-secret security clearance coming out day one and warning of this stuff.
And you've, of course, been vindicated now.
Yeah, it doesn't feel very vindicating.
I mean, the book selling always helps me, I guess, personally or financially, but I never did this for the money.
I was just trying to get the truth out.
And it was an interesting period.
So, in 2020, I spent most of that year trying to convince my friends, colleagues, peers, professionals that this was a lab leak.
And I think I convinced most of them that it was, without even having to go into the documents or the information that I was sitting on.
I intentionally did not point to that information, just trying to make
Arguments based on the data that everyone had access to.
Well, in the summer of 2020 and then all the way through 2021, I started leaking information to, and not really leaking, but providing information to famous journalists like Miranda Devine from the New York Post, Jan Jekielek from Epoch Times, Dr. Brett Weinstein with his podcast.
And Alex Berenson.
And all of these organizations run publications.
I also speak with Catherine Eban.
I later from Vanity Fair, I later find out just a few weeks ago or a month ago that they were paid to run interference by FTX via ProPublica.
So it just, you can't make this stuff up.
But I was trying to do the right thing.
I was getting the information out there.
And in late fall of 2020,
21 or maybe early fall, something like around November 1st, people started flying very high-end drones around my house.
And really, it freaks me out at first, and then after, you know, a few days, you realize, you know, well, they're just trying to screw with me.
But then it escalated.
They started breaking into my house.
They dumped acid into my wood boiler, so I live in a rural area, and I try to heat our house off wood, so we have this high-efficiency wood boiler.
So they start doing things like this, and it's costing me financially.
They start tampering with my cars.
During one of the break-ins, they tased my dog, and I've actually posted photographic evidence of all of this to prove to Twitter.
They shot a hole through my mailbox, so they opened up the door.
You know, in a rural area, it's not so strange to have your mailbox shot, but they actually opened up the door, and they shoot a, it appears to be a 9mm bullet through the back of it, and if I had to guess, it's probably a government issue.
And this just really progresses, so they start then proceeding to follow me around everywhere.
Simultaneously while this is happening, I had been put in contact with FBI agents that I used to work with.
One is Agent Jody Stanley.
She's the Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator for the State of Michigan for the FBI.
And I went to the local FBI office when this starts happening.
And I report this to Agent John Fortunato.
He tells me not to tell anyone that the FBI is helping me.
So, simultaneously, though, I don't necessarily trust them.
I hired a private investigator then to basically verify everything that they were telling me.
So, one of the things that the local FBI asked me to do is, hey, when you get the license plates of these people who are following you, send them to us and we'll see if they're bad guys or not.
Well, through that process, I started running the plates through a private investigator and the FBI simultaneously.
And the private investigator tells me that one of the vehicles is an undercover law enforcement vehicle.
And the FBI agent tells me it's nothing.
So, that's about four or five weeks into this whole ordeal.
So, I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
December 12th comes, the U.S.
Coast Guard hovers a helicopter over my house.
I mean, it's just sort of funny because it doesn't harm anything.
Like, I used to actually be on helicopters in the military.
Actually, I spent quite a bit of time on Blackhawks.
So I, you know, I think this is funny, but I mean, this is the extent that they're going trying to harass me and intimidate me.
Then they start—they escalate a little bit more.
They start pointing what's called a long-range acoustic device at my house from the highway.
And I have a mile-long driveway, which it's winding to get there, so I can't see from my house from point A to point B. But my wife is a witness to this, and my neighbors, and, you know, my poor two-year-old son has to live through this as well.
And this is actually—so, a long-range acoustic device is a crowd disturbance technology.
It's actually also used in prisons.
In the military, we actually use these, too, for riot control.
Is that an LRAD?
Yeah, an LRAD.
Yep, so they're pointing this at my house, and it's just annoying.
I mean, it's not so loud where it's deafening, but it's just enough to, you know, sort of irritate you continuously.
So that goes on for a while.
And I'm reporting this, though, because my attorney Tom Renz comes into my life, and I report all this to the FBI.
I just keep reporting it to the FBI.
And eventually, the FBI doesn't want to do anything.
They don't want to investigate anything that I'm telling them.
And simultaneously, I also reported this because a former top-secret clearance holder
I'm required to report any of these activities to the Department of Energy, which granted me my clearance, then also Sandia National Laboratories to counterintelligence because they sort of watch people like me the rest of our lives in case someone, the Chinese or someone, tries to espionage us.
Anyway, so I go through all the right channels, I do everything by the book, I report it.
The FBI tells Sandia that they're investigating
The FBI has been harassing conservatives, nationalists,
We're good.
Multi-year funding and so we even know the years of funding that this has been going on and now since Biden's got in they slammed on the accelerator and it's far worse than it's ever been.
It is just total turning inward the whole national security military-industrial complex on the people.
So first it was aimed at the Russians in the Cold War then it was aimed after 9-11 at radical Islam and then now it's been swung right back around against the American people.
Yes, it has, and I've been on the receiving end of it, and the one thing I can tell you is that they're still more scared of us.
It's sort of a gang-stalking style tactic that they use, and it's much akin to an old FBI program.
I think it's called COINTELPRO.
Yeah, so that's very much what they're doing.
I actually had the FBI agent that ran the COINTELPRO program for four years on.
He was tapped to be the director of the FBI, but he was seen as too conservative, and that was Ted Gunderson.
See, he told me about this 25 years ago, the COINTELPRO.
He ran it against Martin Luther King, and he was on my show about a week before he died of cancer via hospital bed, and he apologized to Martin Luther King for it.
And then a couple years later, the documents were actually released, and there it was, Ted Gunderson.
Well, I don't know if I'll ever have that same kind of vindication, but the peak of this is, though, so I have about 180 acres.
I have swamp on almost four sides.
The only way to get my house is the old railroad grade up to my house on the hilltop.
Very thick swamp, heavy forest where I live.
And I look out the door and I see an armed guy sitting up on a bridge on the outside of my house, probably about 100 meters west of my house, armed.
So I call the Sheriff's Department immediately.
Where I live, the law enforcement responsibilities are split between the Sheriff's Department and the state police.
And I arm myself and I'm going to go stop this person.
So I run out the door.
Um, after this person after my, um, after we call the sheriff's department, my wife and I, and this person turns and starts running to the swamp.
And actually, I was trying to flank the person to begin with.
So he ran right where I wanted him to, and they had created a path.
So humans are when they're scared or startled, they, they're creatures of habit, and they'll go where they're comfortable.
And that's exactly what he did.
He went into the swamp, he turned at me with a firearm, and I proceeded to fire at him, but it was at a distance of probably 60 or 50 meters, and it's middle of summer, and it's heavy vegetation.
I continued to fire into the swamp, where I think this person is,
And then someone across the other side of my swamp, which is probably half mile, three quarters of a mile, starts shooting back in my direction.
So, I began receiving incoming fire from across the swamp.
So, I'm having to lay suppression fire in two different directions.
I'm sort of having a good old, you know, infantry Iraq kind of flashback here in a way in terms of what the experience is like.
I've actually sort of felt like I was back in the military again.
Very strange on your own property.
So, while I have this person pinned down with gunfire, he deploys a tactical rescue beacon.
I haven't seen a tactical rescue beacon used since I was in the military, so I made it very clear that this was some state-sponsored actor, this person.
I could probably identify them.
And I run back to the house after about 30 minutes of this engagement, ask my wife, and she hears all this craziness going on.
She's, what's going on?
I'm like, I'm in a firefight with these guys.
And she can't directly see because it's just far enough outside of her view.
And call back to the Sheriff's Department and ask where the hell are these people?
She's doing that, I reload, I go back out and I determine that the person is maneuvering east through my swamp to get to my driveway so they can exit.
I quickly move over to that location and I look down my driveway and there are rescue vehicles on the state highway waiting to presumably extract or pick this person up.
After about 20 more minutes of this same kind of activity going on, there are two law enforcement vehicles.
I hear sirens coming and I'm like, oh, thank God.
So I actually, I lay my firearms down on the dirt because I don't want them to respond and shoot me.
And they do probably about 120 miles right past my driveway.
And I'm in disbelief.
And I know this, I have this person pinned down in the swamp, could be wounded.
Maybe if there's more than one, maybe there's... So were they pulling up trying to stop them or just being told to move on?
Well, no, they were pulling up and stopping at the end of my driveway.
And then, you know, so one vehicle was like a late models GMC pickup with heavily tinted windows looking down my driveway.
So there you are seeing law enforcement basically picking up the shooter.
So the police go basically, the police cars, the marked cars go by flying past my driveway though.
And I can't believe it.
So I lectured the person, you know, out in Swampy basically say this is the most unpatriotic bullshit
I'm not going to sit there and wait forever for this guy to come out of the swamp.
Go back, call the Sheriff's Department again, and then the dispatch, and the dispatch tells us that they were diverted for a car accident.
So, I don't know in what world where a car accident takes priority over a gunfight in a law enforcement's mind, but that's what happened.
And so, accelerating through this, though, suddenly they start leaving you alone.
Yeah, so, well, that moment right there, they quit trespassing on my property.
So, thank you, Second Amendment and American rights.
It saved my butt.
I wonder who gave them the orders to especially go to a veteran's house and run around in the woods with guns and be doing all this.
It sounds insane.
But it shows they're totally politicized.
We have the vice president bailing out rioters that try to burn down federal buildings.
I mean, the vice president bails out rioters.
I mean, these people are communists.
Yeah, well, I asked myself the question, and it depends.
The people that they're sending out to my house to do these things, I don't think they are the smartest people in the world.
I also think they're low on the ladder.
Well, I agree.
They're just following orders.
And then you have the mid-level management that want their next promotion, and they believe everything that their superiors tell them.
And I think this has been very enlightening for the local law enforcement in my communities, because all the harassment pretty much stopped when two things happened.
When I finished my book and sent it off to the publishers, the harassment stopped.
Tom Renz files a billion-dollar lawsuit against these people.
And I figured out early on that they were trying to make me look crazy.
So just by a twist of fate, a psychologist that I saw in 2006, after I had actually pretty bad PTSD after I came back from Iraq,
Yeah, absolutely.
And he's like, Andrew, I believe everything you're saying.
He's like, I will gladly write this letter.
So it was the ultimate trump card to put back against the government, because here I have one of their best clinicians in this field writing a letter to say that I'm not crazy, because I foresaw that that's what they were trying to do.
Which is exactly what, in 77, they admitted in the Senate Frank Church Committee hearings about COINTELPRO, that it was designed in the manuals to make people sound crazy.
Yes, absolutely.
And that's what they're trying to do.
And it became a big joke to me.
I started laughing at it.
Once I had it all figured out, it was just annoying to have your house broken into repeatedly and, you know, and have my devices... They call it bumping you.
So let's explain.
You're getting bumped a bunch.
Now, let's condense the 50 minutes we have left.
And I want to ask you back again, but I want to do this commercial free.
Now let's talk about
Who the real villains are.
What needs to happen to stop the gain of function.
What you think Congress should do.
I think they should have hearings.
Since we don't control the Senate, the Republicans should have them in the House immediately.
I know Paul can call witnesses.
You need to be in the Senate as well.
Who else do you think should testify?
What do we do here?
Because Fauci's been caught lying.
They've been caught cooking this up.
It's a clear and present danger.
It's dangerous as nuclear weapons.
It needs to stop.
And the poor fools coming and harassing you and your wife and tasing your dog need to really realize they're on the wrong side.
And we have a runaway Justice Department, a runaway CIA at the top, and they're bringing in more and more woke ideologues that'll do whatever they're told.
I've experienced it.
They tell these agencies and groups things about me that are 100% not true, and they believe them.
They believe I'm Lex Luthor criminal mastermind.
They believe I have billions of dollars.
I have $200,000 in the bank.
They literally tell these agencies this stuff, and I've been around these people when we catch them doing stuff, and they're shaking in fear around me.
They literally think I'm Lex Luthor, and I'm a guy that has trouble balancing his checkbook, and I think they probably did the same thing, you know, with you, told them, oh, he's really a Russian or something, because that's what I've experienced when they come after you is, oh, they're a Russian, or they're a Chinese spy, or they're this.
So now that you've been through this, your book's out.
Let's give us a big picture here on what you think as an American citizen who's had all this inside knowledge, I think, by the grace of God, where God put you in your path to now what needs to be done.
Well, everyone has to remember that all politics are local.
That old adage still applies.
So, you need to be involved with your community.
You need to be talking to people.
And with COVID, you know, the one thing it did is it really split apart the American family and the American community.
So, get engaged back with your community.
I went out and I made friends with my neighbors, found like-minded people.
And once they, you know, it helped me once they validated
All the craziness that they saw happening around my world and in my life, and you know, I needed witnesses to testify.
So that's important.
You know, we're Americans.
You have to have community.
Don't sit at your home on your computer all the time.
Get out and meet people.
Now you go one step higher.
The state governments need to start taking action.
Everyone keeps talking about Congress and the Senate.
I say, you know, not screw the Senate and Congress, but don't count on them to do anything.
State AGs and state governors where there are people who are like-minded need to start taking action independently as states and we need to start pitting the states back against the federal government.
I hope there's a constitutional convention.
There's been some talk of that.
I think it really needs to happen.
I think it would solve a bunch of the problems that we're having in our country.
The next thing is, Senate and Congress needs to investigate.
I've heard a lot of lip service from Congress, the House Intelligence Committee, and also from the Senate.
You know, they say that they're going to investigate this stuff.
I'm more than welcome, more than, I'd be delighted to help with an investigation and testify in both places.
I've offered to do both those things repeated times.
Now, at the international level, we have another issue, though.
We need to get people like me and other experts and other people that are, I guess, part of the movement to testify in places like the EU Parliament, Australia, and Japan.
I mean, these people are our allies and they're experiencing the same thing in their countries.
And really, this is a global fight of patriots versus these globalists.
Absolutely right, because we have Klaus Schwab, who's a consortium for these corporations that are taking over the world, working with dictatorships like China, that I see as the main threat, along with these corporations that are anti-free market, that are monopolistic, and have made
Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars and gotten so much control over our societies and then persecuted not just thousands of scientists and whistleblowers, but hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and medical workers.
It's all come out of the Twitter files.
We know what's going on in the other agencies.
It was Mike Cernovich first released a lot of this stuff five, six years ago that Google had these secret portals with Homeland Security in there controlling Google.
So it's not about who gets the credit, but I was sitting back thinking,
We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good
I think it is the issue.
It's the only issue.
We can't tackle any of the other policy objectives or goals that are important to our country until we get this under wraps.
But what about the people making money off this, and all the people going along with it, even at the top?
You can't play with fire like this.
What do you think of Boston admitting that it killed 80% of the mice, humanized mice, with this new super-COVID?
And as usual, Fauci and all of them have their fingers all in it.
Why the hell would you do something like that?
Well, there's big money in it.
The scientists that have been involved in this gain-of-function work, and more specifically the field of virology, the way that I like to explain to people is that if gain-of-function goes away,
This whole field of virology pretty much shrinks to nothing overnight.
Virology, the study of viruses, is pretty much going out and finding and cataloging and characterizing viruses.
Well, let's face it, there's more virologists around the planet than we have viruses to catalog and categorize.
So if you're not doing this gene editing work,
There's just simply not that much virology work to do.
So the scientists, researchers, and research institutions are heavily invested already, and they want this work to keep happening.
Simultaneously, the pharmaceutical industry needs new treatments, new drugs, which are profitable.
Patents expire and they need something new to push to make their money off of.
I mean, this is classic if you look at the emergency use authorization for the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA platform.
They actually lied about all the different effective drugs.
I mean, the craziest thing is how I'm tied into this.
There's a doctor that I used to work with when I was a professor at Michigan State University.
His name is Dr. Zervos.
Dr. Zervos is the chief epidemiologist at Henry Ford Medical, which is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.
He's a phenomenal epidemiologist, and he actually published a study showing that hydrochloroquine was effective for treating COVID.
This became heresy, this publication.
I think President Trump actually quoted or cited this study.
I'm glad you raised that to add insult.
They don't just cook the virus up.
They don't just release it.
They'll just bring out a deadly shot that doesn't protect you and erases your immune system.
They also then suppress all sorts of therapeutics and censor people talking about their success and mainline studies.
I mean, this is just a wall of evil.
Oh, completely.
And one of the next books I'm thinking about writing is actually talking about this because it's actually permeated with something in the academic world or the public health or medical world that's called the Academic Health Center.
And this is the modern model of how we train veterinarians, medical doctors, and public health doctors like myself.
We're all sort of co-trained together and depending what your specialty is, you have more classes in one thing or the other.
And the Academic Health Center model functions basically like a soft money research institution by running a lot of medical and clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry, being financed or managed in a sense by the federal government.
That's how the whole program is set up.
That's how all the medical schools are set up.
They are training a lot of students to not be critical thinkers to only do to execute experiments in a way that
Show efficacy of one treatment versus another without negative controls.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
So I can count on one hand the amount of negative control arm clinical trials that I participated in as a scientist and the number is zero.
They do not want those types of studies.
They want to do inferiority studies where they're trying to figure out which drug performs better than the other.
But that's all just trying to shape the discourse in the academic or scientific literature as being, this drug A is better than B. And that's exactly what Eisenhower warned about.
People always hear the military industrial complex takeover warning, but he said before that, buy a technological scientific elite, because if 90% of the funding is only going through a few government agencies, they're going to create a monopoly on science, which we know is very dangerous, because the opposite
Of real science is monopolistic systems.
I know you've got to go.
Two-minute closing comment.
The book is going to be a bestseller, as you said.
It's already sold out, the first printing, but a new printing's there.
People can order it right now.
The Truth About Wuhan, How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History.
And we don't normally say buy stuff off Amazon, folks, but with Skyhorse, they're great people.
They published my book.
We're good to go.
Thank you for having me.
Your old son.
Oh, your son.
So I'm going to let you get with him, because I know he wants to hang out with Daddy.
But next time you come on, they say, oh, the new viruses are global warming.
They're your fault.
They're coming out of the jungles.
But we know they're making them.
And now they say, oh, we're digging up all these deadly flus at the North Pole because the ice caps melted.
But they didn't.
So they're already pre-programming the next big deadly things coming.
And when it comes, it's for your own good to get locked down.
I think this issue you're involved in is the number one issue.
I couldn't agree more.
Medical freedom is the new landscape of where they're going to try to restrict our liberty.
And by attacking medical and health freedom, it's a clever tactic or strategy from their perspective because it pulls at what everyone pulls at the heartstrings of what everyone wants most, and that's to live a healthy, vibrant life.
I was talking with Tom Renz this morning in text message.
It's like modern day healthcare has become the new religion of where they're promising people eternity, but there's no eternity to be had.
The thing that you keep on purchasing is more drugs which could harm you.
It doesn't have to be that way.
I think we're going to win this fight.
I think the battle is just ramping up.
It's really a fight versus good versus evil, and I never thought I would feel that way until I had to go through this myself.
And that's the thing about tyranny, is it's going to force a lot of people to admit reality.
A lot of them are going to be highly capable, smart folks who are insiders, and the corrupt force's biggest nightmare.
Well, everybody should get the book today, ladies and gentlemen, and get my book, The Great Reset and War for the World.
The book is The Truth About Wuhan, How Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History by Dr. Andrew G. Huff.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Happy Holidays.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, there goes our guest.
We're going to go to break here for a moment and come back with our next guest to cover the waterfront, ladies and gentlemen, and that is Steve Quayle, the global
Reputation of the dollar under Operation Sandman, the end of the petrodollar, the ultimate draconian control of central bank digital currency, the change in Russia's nuclear posture and why Putin is wanting to use his advanced weaponry in the first strike against the USA and NATO.
Simple answer, he's taking both the U.S.
and Western Europe apart piece by piece, first as repayment for what the West did to Russia during its breakup.
Steve Quayle has got absolutely critical intel straight ahead, but let me talk about this right now.
I've got an update to make.
It's not really a correction because I wasn't wrong when I said it.
It's just that I've been given new information.
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Where else are you going to have a show that told you, let me see, it'll be two years in two months.
No, no, three years in two months.
So in February, in early February of 2020, we already told you worldwide lockdowns are coming.
The so-called vaccine is going to be a poison.
They're preparing you for a world ID.
We laid it all out because we've got all the Rockefeller Foundation documents.
We've got their damn playbook.
The Illuminati was planning to take over Europe in the 1770s.
And a horseman in Germany got struck by lightning, a mail carrier, and the police got the satchel, and in it was the blueprint to overthrow Europe, and they were able to stop the Illuminati over there.
Well, I mean, it's the same thing here.
We have their damn blueprints.
But only if we can stay on air can we get the blueprints out, and it takes time for the experts to finally realize we're right.
Like you just heard that top expert say, yeah, I thought you were crazy, now I know you're dead on.
That's why they cherry pick a few things out of context, make it a big thing I did like Sandy Hook.
They never even talked about Sandy Hook until right before they sued me.
I hadn't covered it in years and years and barely even questioned it.
But they make that up to distract from all the hardcore stuff we're doing from the source documents.
So we need funds, plus you need to boost your immune system with all the people that are sick and shedding viruses and all the crazy crap going on, especially our darling little children.
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And we do have a lot of new products coming in next year.
A lot of exciting stuff too, but we've got to make it through this leg of the battle.
We're starting to turn the tide.
We're starting to win the war, and it's life and death.
We're going to stop the gain of function.
We're going to bring the criminals to justice.
We have no choice.
Our future, our children, everything.
But we've got to come together to expose these Dr. Strange loves that want a doomsday so they can rule the new world that is the old collapsed world.
These people are nihilists to the max.
They want total power and control, and they're incredibly dangerous.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
We're going to come back with Steve Quayle on the other side.
Please stay with us.
It's hard to believe sometimes that we are still live on air, broadcasting free worldwide.
And it seems quite real that things can change in an instant.
Things are getting very weird, and it's definitely more difficult than ever to even know what's going on.
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And we wish you a very peaceful, happy, and merry Christmas.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
There is a deep state global war against humanity.
The Forstein population has begun.
Steve Quayle is an expert on the New World Order and there's nobody out there who predicted exactly what would happen decades before like he's done.
Not even myself or David Icke.
So we're going to be getting into the global
Repudiation of the U.S.
dollar, Russia's new nuclear policy, they're saying they're going to be announcing a first strike, and so much more.
Also, this huge maggot storm coming out of the Pacific.
Even meteorologists, I was watching it earlier today, said they're never seeing anything like it.
Steve is an expert on weather weapons.
He's going to be laying all that out as well.
But we just had Dr. Andrew G. Huff, the big whistleblower,
The former chief scientist at World Eco Health Alliance and also the Wuhan lab documenting that they are making these viruses by design.
They are releasing them.
They were behind the COVID.
virus that were behind all the shots for a globalist world government takeover.
And he has a top secret security clearance.
And there he was confirming everything that we've been laying out for almost three years with Steve Quayle and of course, Dr. Doyle and just you know, so many others that have been here on air with us, laying all of this out.
Dr. Boyle, you name it, the list goes on and on and on.
So many good people coming forward.
So we're going to be going over that first with Steve Quayle and how they're telling us, oh, the global warming is going to make the deadly viruses come out of the jungle and kill you, it's your fault, and oh, the ice caps melted so deadly viruses are coming out to kill you.
I'm going to show some of these headlines and then go to Steve Quayle.
Scientists warn long-frozen zombie virus is public health threat amid thaw that just came out a month ago.
Zombie viruses are thawing and melting permafrost because of climate change.
Washington Post.
And then meanwhile, why is Boston University scientists experimenting with even deadlier COVID that kills 80% of humans it comes in contact with?
Inhumanize my studies.
Boston University COVID strain explained.
NBC Boston.
Gain of function experiments at Boston University.
Created a deadly new flu virus.
Who thought this was a good idea?
Gain of function experiments at Boston University.
And it's going on all over the place.
Totally illegal.
And then Fauci gets up before Congress and says,
We don't know anything about any of it.
It's all made up when he's all over the documents.
And we just had this major whistleblower on.
So they're gearing up.
The last viral release was just a dress rehearsal.
Even Bill Gates admits that now.
He says the big one's coming.
He says terrorists are going to release it.
Well, he's the terrorist.
He's the depopulationist, transhumanist, Satanist.
So Steve Quayle of SteveQuayle.com, bestselling author, bestselling filmmaker.
On the air, 30-plus years, Trailblazer Maverick.
Thanks for being on with us, Steve Quayle.
Well, Alex, it's really important that people understand they are in the target.
You and I have spoken about this for decades, but gain of function just means the effective kill ratio has to be increased by all means.
Death by lethal injection.
And there's going to be perpetual vaccines for perpetual bio releases.
And again, very few people when we first started talking about this gain of function,
Would use the G word and that's genocide.
And now I want to just kick people into our reality shake up.
We're talking about the annihilation of the human genome with messenger RNA, with all the different stuff they're putting in the vaccines.
And ladies and gentlemen,
They, the globalists, the W.E.F.ers, they all look at us as human mice to be experimented on.
And Alex, I want to address all of the what I would call binary viral weapons, from the Ebola pox to mouse pox to monkey pox and every other pox.
And by the way, Bill Gates, and I say this, Bill Gates literally opened the gates of hell.
And the gates of hell are absolutely now coming at humanity.
Listen, the Georgia Guidestones, before they were, let's say this, taken down by whoever's means, and re-established, by the way, in Egypt, or re-erected, but the point is maintaining the Earth's population of 500 million, these people are genocidal maniacs.
And you will know Harari is the number one mouthpiece, quote, the big thinker.
And ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how to tell you any clearness.
They're going to starve us to death.
They're going to inject us to death.
They're going to freeze us to death.
And the end of the story is everything they're doing, Alex, is resulting in death.
Gain of function is a B.S.
Let's just talk about this.
An enhanced bio weapon with a greater lethal or kill rate than anything before the permafrost thing.
That's an old story.
They were taking Spanish flu out of permafrost
Twenty years ago.
But what everybody's missing is that even in the Ukraine, the fact of all the bioweapons labs that the United States was funding in Ukraine are horrific.
They're just horrific.
And ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to this entire narrative, I want you to understand something.
They will do anything and everything at their disposal to make sure we as human beings go down the disposal.
So it's it's critical that we we tell people and you've got to resist.
You've got to resist because they want the big lockdown.
The big lockdown will be
Basically, followed by the great knocking on the door.
They're going to scare everybody to death.
I believe they're going to use a hemorrhagic fever, i.e.
Ebola pox, Ebola in smallpox.
And listen, all this stuff has been out there for 20 years.
And what they're doing, Alex, is just recycling the, how do I say this, old information to put fear into people because they're telling you they're going to kill you.
That's the problem.
They're telling us they're going to kill us.
That climate narrative is a total fraud.
All of the biggest Luciferians, globalists, and satanic scum have made the carbon footprint as human beings.
And so the point is that they are talking about
Killing everybody because under the guise.
Oh, look what we did the environment.
Yeah, go read the Air Force report 2025.
It's called weather as a force multiplier.
We own the weather.
Excuse me.
The amount of information, data, patents and everything Dame Wigington absolutely nails it.
Ladies and gentlemen, they have weaponized everything they can against humans.
And now we're talking about basically chimeric viruses.
Chimeric viruses would be, if you will, animal, humans.
They're doing everything they can to destroy God's wonderful creation of humanity and the world around us.
So I want people to understand, when you're listening to Alex, when you're listening to Mike Adams, when you're listening to me, others who are telling you this, you've got to understand we're fighting for your life.
And so you can no longer be a spectator.
You have to be an active participant and standing against it.
And when you hear some bogus bovine swine in a city or county commission talking about this, that or the other thing, especially in phony health departments, you go in there and you raise your constitutional legal authority.
Because ladies and gentlemen, we watched our elderly murdered.
But even even our elderly who were not anyway, you know, dealing with it, they were moved into situations where they would die.
Over the cold.
What we saw was eugenics beginning.
Now we're seeing it in babies being injected.
And I got to tell you this.
These people are Lucifer in blood thirsty monsters.
And Alex, I think that's too tame.
I agree.
When you talk about, you all know Harari, who they admit is their high priest.
He just parrots what is in their white papers, but it makes it look cool.
He says, the future's not human.
By 2047, no one will be human but cyborgs.
You won't be able to live unless you let big tech take over your bodies.
So they're saying, we're going to release stuff that kills most people.
And then make it where you have to be artificial to even stay alive.
It is a corporate takeover of the human body.
An attempted corporate takeover of the very soul.
And they admit that.
And they admit they want to depopulate us.
So how will we listen to anything they say on public health with their history of being a bunch of depopulationists?
Well, also, they've never told the truth.
And here's the thing.
Yuval Noah Harari said the statement that he said, we've killed God and next we're going to kill his body.
The thing is, you're talking about outright Luciferians who pledged their allegiance to Lucifer.
They said, you're going to own nothing and be happy.
Yeah, that's because you're going to be dead.
And Alex, people must understand they must never lose track of this.
And no matter what they do when they begin their day, somebody wants them dead.
That's not for paranoia's sake.
That's for practical applications sake.
It's because they don't want to compete with us.
And technology is so powerful now that if they don't suppress us and get us out of the way, they won't be able to control the future.
This is total selfishness.
By the way, the first very unusual creation by British Telecom of an A.I.
chip was called, ready for this, Alex?
The Soul Catcher chip.
That was 20 years ago, I think, 15, at least 20 years ago, the Soul Catcher chip.
So what is it that when you have the world's leading technocratic elite making war against the human species?
Because again, as you know, transhumanism and you and I spoke years ago about this.
You had me on talking about genetic Armageddon.
I'm the one that coined that term.
And the thing that's important for people to understand is Armageddon is the last battle.
And they are after your genetics.
Everything from, you know, the graphene oxide, that's the least of what they're putting in.
The sperm counter-plunging, cancers exploding, and now all these government and university and corporate actuaries confirm between a 13 and 18 percent increase worldwide in excess death, the biggest since they had record-keeping.
I mean, they are slaughtering people with a shot.
Well, and it's slaughter.
And I think that's what... And again, slaughter isn't even inclusive enough, Alex.
It's got to be understood, in my opinion, until the... People want to use the weasel words, and you don't, I don't, and we don't, but there are people that won't use the G word, genocide, and they don't want to talk about the A word, annihilation, because what we're watching is, even from the Georgia Guidestones,
Everyone knew those things existed for the past 120 years, but they never asked the basic question.
Well, how are they going to get the world population down that far?
We're watching right now.
And this is really important.
The direct provocation of World War Three by the Illuminati, the globalists, and the global chess masters.
Remember, I don't know who said it, but one of the international bankers famous for statements is this, they make more in one day of war than a year of peace.
Now, what's important for people to understand is the entire Russian narrative is wrong, has been wrong.
61 people who are in intelligence, FBI, all of the judicial branch of government, spies, counter-spies, they all lied.
They all basically swore to the Russian collusion.
The Steele dossier, that was total, excuse me,
Bogus, and it was also proven to be wrong.
Well, since you're going there and I want to get into the dollar and all the big issues you want to cover, because I agree they're the most important right now, how big is it?
Because we know what's going on at Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and everywhere else, and Apple, but what do you make of it coming out that the State Department was directing it with the ADL and the FBI, meddling in elections, suppressing millions of people, and the fact that that's all coming out, and that it's Elon Musk that's bringing it out.
What do you make of that?
Well, first of all, it was all about containing the truth, destroying the truth, not allowing any narrative that was true into the false narrative.
That's why they use the term.
By the way, conspiracy theory was invented by the Central Intelligence Agency.
They would vilify, nullify, and destroy anybody who told the truth.
You talked about this.
I talked about this.
A lot of us talked about this.
But the point is, it's incredulous to me that it's now in retrospect that not enough people cared about the mass destruction.
I want to tell you something.
The VAERS report is fake.
The global death count mortality rate is fake.
If the truth were known, what people sat by by their silence and acquiescence to the entire false narrative and the lockdown and shutdown and destruction of our economy, we were co-complicit in our own destruction.
And now, as the shelves go bare, everything they're doing, Alex, is to kill humanity.
And we are dealing with some very evil.
Now, look, if you look at Elon Musk, he's got the bafflement on his chest.
You know, if you want to throw back the picture, he's got an upside down cross.
And a house divided against itself can't stand.
But what's happening is everything's designed to keep people in a state of confusion because is he a good guy?
Is he a good guy?
Wait, you know, what's going on?
And I think it's important that at the end of the day,
There's a lovely trio at the end of a day.
People understand that we are in a spiritual battle with supernatural evil personages.
And we are right at the time where I believe, in my own opinion, that they need a World War 3.
We'll get to that in a minute.
They need World War 3.
By the way, the neural link will lead
To the ultimate implantation of the literal mark of the BC antichrist.
And we're so close to that now that I don't think people if they could take a deep breath and they count to 10 and they're exhaling, they you probably I probably don't realize how close it is, because, again, what we're watching is one globalist at war seemingly with another globalist, the richest guy one day, the second richest guy, the next.
But at the end of the day, you've got to look at the fruit, not people just go, oh, yeah, Twitter is going to come back under a good guy's control.
Twitter's already done its damage.
We are no longer the nation we once were.
And Alex, I got to tell you, someone who's fought for this country, I don't mean in the military, but trying to get people to understand
What the lateness of the hours!
The hour is now upon us and people are still scratching their heads why they go to a grocery store.
Let's talk about that because we've had hundreds and hundreds of food processing plants blown up here in Europe.
I go to restaurants I've gone to for 20 years.
And the portion is half the size it was.
The prices have doubled, tripled.
Inflation is way worse than they're saying.
And they admit it's all part of their plan.
What does this lead into now, in the next six months to a year?
Then let's get into what they're maneuvering the dollar into, China making this deal with Saudi Arabia, and how Russia is right at the center of that.
Let's start getting into your main points that you've joined us today to cover.
And thank you for humoring me and covering those other important subjects.
Well, it's not humor you.
They're all related.
OK, it's like it's like an octopus.
You've got the head, which is Lucifer and the Illuminati, the globalist.
But then you've got the tentacles and all of the tentacles are out there touching on everything.
So let's talk about the forced starvation of humanity.
Most people don't know that the United Nations plans to dole out based on a social credit score system, calories allowable per person per day.
Your calorie allotment.
Notice what I'm saying.
Your calorie allotment will be dependent on are you a good servant of the state?
Well, nothing sadder, Alex, than to watch hard men, hard working men, hard working women who can't pay their bills and can't feed their families any longer.
The destruction of food will also manifest in the destruction of families.
We're going to see the apocalypse that would make Stalingrad and the end of World War II in Europe, where anybody would sell anything, including their children, including themselves, into prostitution to simply feed their families.
And this is what is referred to as a zombie apocalypse.
And that's why evil wants that, to put us in such a desperate position that we'll do whatever they say.
You got it.
But before that time, what's the end of all this stuff?
The end of all this stuff, the stuff we're putting on on the screen and just right now, is the destruction of humanity.
The carbon footprints are you.
It's like Soylent Green in Charlton Heston's movie.
Soylent Green is people.
Carbon footprints are people.
When they say zero net carbon, they mean zero humans.
You got it.
And this is the hardest thing to get across.
The human extinction is what is absolutely underway.
Digital trading can reduce industrial carbon.
You know, can I tell you something?
It's interesting that even we came out with just recently, not we, but they came out with a story that chemtrails going on, blah, blah, blah.
Weather modification is responsible for everything that's going on, including starvation, drought,
Famine and destruction.
How is it that Texas and how is it that Florida get hit with anomalous weather patterns that have never been seen before?
Well, I can tell you why.
And I think Florida is a good example.
If I said Texas, I meant Texas and Florida.
Florida, basically, I think Governor DeSantis said Biden wouldn't give him a dime for reparations.
And I really want people to understand this, Alex, that
Desperate people do desperate things.
You know, Gerald Solente, God bless him, what a great statement he had.
And I misquoted, but the gist of it is, is that, you know, when people run out of options and run out of time, they basically will do what's necessary.
Remember his statement?
I'm sorry, it scares me right now.
You know, the idea is this, and that was from Soylent Green.
It's all designed to get us on a universal basic income that Elon Musk has also called for so they can track everything we do with the SEGs and with the central bank digital currencies and with the social credit score not give us our credits and we don't submit.
They admit all this and now it's here.
Yeah and you know years ago that would have been called conspiracy theory.
So let me just tell you what's going on last week according to my sources.
The bankers have been all over the world making sure that they can cover up the FTX fiasco long enough to get themselves out of it.
Nobody realizes, and we'll go back to Neuralink if you want, but nobody realizes
How devastating that was.
Now, also, ladies and gentlemen, the majority of FTX funds, and let's just call them the stolen funds, are up in the, you're going to hear me right, $80 trillion.
And so everybody's worried about covering their tracks of who was associated with it, the Democratic Party.
The key in understanding FTX and, you know, I call that guy Mophead.
By the way, his name is, what, Bankman Fried?
It's just like he fried the banks.
They're going to portray him as this poor, dumb guy or, oh, I didn't mean, gee, I didn't know.
That's all bogus.
The entire FTX was set up as a money laundering undertaking globally, worldwide, and the numbers in the derivatives, people don't understand maybe what derivatives are, really easy.
Derivatives are debts.
In other words, you package the debt of, let's say, what a cryptocurrency is worth, you price it multiple times of what it's
Currently worth.
People then repackage that and sell it to the market.
It goes on and on and on.
The total exposure of derivatives in that case approaches a quadrillion dollars.
A quadrillion.
And most people don't know what that means.
It's a thousand trillion.
Because at so many levels, so much cross-investment, so much of that
I'm told they are scrambling, Alex, because that amount of money can take down the entire global financial system.
And by the way, for people that aren't informed on this, this happened in 2008, where we found out that they'd sold millions of houses 10 times, 20 times.
Hundreds of thousands of houses, up to a hundred times, and it was all derivatives selling the same house over and over and over again.
That's a simple way of putting it.
That's how the globalists have all the money in control.
They use it all to buy everything up and then leave us with the debt and the inflated currencies and the collapsing civilization.
Now they're ready to bring down the whole bubble and bring in their new central bank digital currencies.
That's absolutely correct, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to tell you about Operation Sam Man.
This is really critical.
Sam Nan, that's the name, is the statement of the, if you will, the OPEC nations, or let's see, yeah, OPEC, oil, petroleum exporting countries, and also the idea that
dollar has lost so much value, so much debt, can never be repaid, that behind the scenes, Alex, this is what I'm told, watch it play out.
The U.S.
At the time I was told this, there were only two countries pretty much joining with Russia, and that would have been China and Iran.
What Operation Sandman is, is the collective
Denial of using U.S.
dollars for any trade, accepting them for any projects or products.
And in essence, the U.S.
dollar will die at a certain point.
And I mean, this is planned, OK?
Yesterday or the day before, Egypt just signed on.
BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
And also Iran is in that Brazil, India, Iran, China.
But now you can add to it Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia holds more U.S.
Maybe China could equal them.
And behind the scenes, Alex, these people don't want any more U.S.
They're holding literally quadrillion.
Of dollars that are worthless.
They know the United States can't pay.
They know that force majeure of the dollar is coming in play.
And if you look at this, you've got basically just between Z on the end and the Indian Prime Minister, you've got basically what?
Close to 3.5 billion people, and you've got Brazil in the middle, and what's in South Africa on the end.
But there's more than this.
So imagine this, Alex, let me paint you a picture.
Imagine that an agreement's going on in the background right now.
This is called Operation Sandman.
Imagine that people are watching the claims of specific countries going on behind the scenes demanding to be paid in commodities for all the US dollars.
There's no US dollars.
To pay.
There's nothing, excuse me, there's no specie backing U.S.
There's no gold.
Only thing we had was oil and gas, and we were the number one producer under Trump, but that's been stopped with them shutting down our energy.
So it looks like people running our country act like they're for the dollar, but they're doing everything they can to drive people out of the dollar.
Here's the deal.
They're a bunch of bloody carpetbaggers.
I don't care if they're spineless Republicans, rhinos without spinos, or demon rats Democrats.
The bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, this is why I've said all these years, rape, pillage, and plunder, the U.S.
is going under.
And everything we've known, liberties, freedom, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, everything that people say they can't do that they've done.
Henry Kissinger made it really clear.
He said, the illegal we do right away, the unconstitutional takes time.
And Alex, people are denying what the ramifications of that are.
Here's the ramifications.
If overnight the U.S.
dollar loses worldwide acceptance, and it's going to,
If overnight, actually it'll be over a weekend, what would everybody do?
Just hypothetically, what will everybody do?
They go to sleep, let's say on a Thursday, Friday they're going into a weekend.
And when Monday comes, every nation has repudiated, and they'll do it on public TV, we will not take the U.S.
dollar anymore.
I think it's going to be pretty astonishing, because this is why the central bank digital currency that the Beidensteins are doing, and that's Frankenstein, they're trying to create an alternative that they control.
The joke is there's nothing in the grocery shelves at that point to buy.
The entire supply chain is disrupted.
They can print $100 bills and put, you know, anybody.
Here's the key, Steve.
Everything you're saying is happening, and they're trying to destroy the supply chain, cut off the raw resources.
Our own government is, our own globalist-controlled government, our own New World Order-occupied government
So clearly they want this, it's all going in this direction, but they're doing similar things.
Take the head of the European Union, the unelected head of it.
She said a month ago, we played the clip, she said the European Union will basically cease to exist in the near future if we don't roll out our central bank digital currency programmable tokens now, because China and everybody else is about to do it, there's about to be major changes in currencies worldwide.
So there's a race when this goes down for what the new system will be.
How long do you think it will take?
How bad is it going to be?
Could it be stopped?
Well, first of all, she's ignorant of both Russia and China's central gold holdings, okay?
She's ignorant of the fact that when President Putin, one of the most genius moves in history, was when he put a floor on the price of gold at $50 U.S.
per gram of gold, $1,600 an ounce.
Then he added to that the statement that he was going to put in wheat and he was going to put in commodities.
In essence, ladies and gentlemen, what President Putin did was re-establish just measures.
Now look, this is a biblical principle.
People want to trade stuff of value for stuff of value.
And they're no longer going to take any value.
In the future, everything's going to be food, so the national directive for everybody to start making them the number one exporter and producer of organic food, while the UN has the Netherlands shutting off the food, Australia shutting off their food, the Netherlands the third largest producer in the world for folks who didn't know, and saying in the future they're going to artificially cut off the food, Russia's ramping up food production, so is China.
Well, absolutely, and Russia, here's something that's interesting.
I want people to understand the same vilification of the false narrative against the Russiagate, the whole thing against Donald Trump and stuff.
The absolute identical policy is going on against President Putin.
President Putin, listen, I'm not a Russian agent, but what I am is a student of history, and what President Putin did, he re-commoditized
Necessities of life.
By the way, Russia's got 25 percent of the fresh water of the world in Lake Baikal.
That's a big deal.
Russia's grain, I'm sorry, the grain harvest this year are absolutely off the charts.
They're strategic minerals.
And the whole point, let's just cut through the BS.
The whole point in attacking Russia by the United States, using surrogates, whether it's Ukraine, Western Europe, you know, to inform the lady you have put on the screen, they're going to cease to exist.
They're going to cease to exist.
The sanctimonious sanctions that have been placed on Russia have backfired against the West.
So what do you do if you live in Germany?
Well, basically, you starve and huddle in your living room, seriously, and hope that you can, you know, get by on 60 degree weather.
And ladies and gentlemen, the madness that you're seeing in Western Europe and the United States
I'm pretty much in Australia and Great Britain.
It's like the West turned off a light switch and just decided, hey, we're going to get rid of our people as fast as we can.
That is my opinion.
But you cannot deny it.
Look, people can just say, oh, that's so emotional.
That's so scary.
No, it's happening now.
And again, Alex, the amount of
Listen, the Saudi Arabians don't want any more petrodollars.
They want commodities.
They want technology.
They want natural resources.
And when, I was going to call him Osama bin Biden, but when Biden basically, in essence,
How do I say this nicely?
Torqued off Mohammed bin Salman.
By the way, if you're comparing the intelligence of the leader of Saudi Arabia to Biden, you can't even put that statement.
Immediately, immediately, Mohammed bin Salman, MBS, went to China.
They just signed a deal immediately.
Russia is making more money than they ever made.
And meanwhile, Europe, which is self-defeating with that stupid statement, killing food and produce.
And here's the bottom line.
I'm sorry.
The bottom line is you kill food, you kill people.
The bottom line is you mess with the weather, you mess with water, you cut off water, you cut off agriculture, you cut off the normal weather patterns and all you've got is devastation.
And there's nothing in the supply chain to rebuild.
I don't know what it's going to take to rebuild Florida, but it's interesting, isn't it, that two
Hurricanes in a relatively short period of time crossed at actually almost a contact point.
That's because they were directed that way.
Who's making war?
Guess what?
The American government is absolutely at war with the people.
And I'm sorry to say it,
But ladies and gentlemen, when you're told to shut up and starve, it's time to tell them to shut up and get the, you know, out of there.
China and Saudi Arabia signed strategic partnership.
Z is all over the world offering offering the if you will, not only technology, but offering
China's infrastructure.
They have the building.
They have the amount of population to go in and build railroads, can go and build buildings and everything.
Everything we should have been doing.
But unfortunately, Alex, the last state of the takedown of the United States is underway.
And I don't believe that we make it, obviously, to 2030.
Twenty twenty five legal report, 260 million people dead and you can't achieve that.
You achieve the kill ratio in the legal report.
A Rockefeller Foundation by starvation, by inoculation, death by injection and by basically weather modification.
You freeze people to death.
You do everything you can.
And I guess this is what is astonishing to me.
People, there's no political solution.
This is a spiritual problem.
This is absolutely a judgment, in my opinion, upon the United States for all of its
It's a hideous child trafficking, the ancillary deaths, you know, collateral damage, bombing here, bombing there.
And it's interesting, Russia named their SAMR, S-A-M-R-T missile, actually ICBMs, Satan-1 and Satan-2, and they're aimed at the U.S.
And I think people better understand something, Russia's change in nuclear posture
Well, they used to say, they used to say that, well, we won't use nuclear weapons until attack first.
We are watching attacks on Russian missile, I'm sorry, Air Force bases.
In the last two weeks, there have been a bunch of cruise missile attacks out of Ukraine on Russia.
Yeah, let's stop right there.
Putin came out four days ago, as you know, tell the viewers, and he said, the West has moved nuclear weapons up to our borders.
We haven't.
And the West has said that they may first strike.
So we may change our policy to a first strike.
And we're very close to nuclear war, the closest we've ever been.
And that was almost no coverage in the US media.
Talk about sleepwalking into thermal nuclear Armageddon.
Elaborate on that.
Well, first of all, the mainstream MSM, mainstream media, I call them MSATM, Mainstream Accessories to Murder.
Ladies and gentlemen, what we are seeing by their lack of non-coverage is the, if you will, the offering up to literally the forces of death of the American population.
When you start attacking Russian strategic nuclear bases, hey, if they did that to us, I think everybody would read between the lines.
But they're not stupid.
And it just came out that Angela Merkel just announced, this is critical, Alex, that they lied, Western Europe lied to the Russians all the way through on Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreement.
And ladies and gentlemen,
You've got to understand, Russia is not a third-rate nation to be raped like some, you know, floating pirate ship in the ocean.
So let me ask you this.
How do you see the events unfolding?
Everything you've said is on record, and is there any... I understand you're saying there's no political solution.
I mean, I think that's right, other than some refuges that have good governors and other things.
And then I want to ask you the big question.
How do the globalists think they're going to carry this out and protect themselves?
I know it's all over the news what you reported 20 years ago, but now they confirm they've built bunkers up near the Green Line, close to the Arctic Circle in northern Canada, hundreds of miles away from even small towns.
They've built armored redoubts in Kauai.
They've built armored redoubts in very remote areas of New Zealand and Australia.
I mean, the globalists are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
Then there are minions who aren't worth billions but worth tens of millions and hundreds of millions.
They're building bunkers all over the place in mountainous terrain and other places.
They're all scurrying.
Then the people that are building those for them are building bomb shelters for themselves because they know it's coming down.
Why did they orchestrate it?
Why did they maneuver us into a position that destroys their use of all their money?
Well, we know why.
There's a spiritual need to kill and destroy because they're being demonically controlled
By the father of lies.
But I know a lot of them now, even high level, who aren't consciously being evil, are now having to admit to themselves they were brought into a trap.
That's one of the biggest threats to the globalists, is people in their own systems realizing that their only way out is to oppose the New World Order.
Well, I think all of those things you said are accurate.
Obviously, bunkers are being built all over the world.
That's why a lot of guys buy the biggest shots they can and look for the safest harbors to moor in.
That's why you're seeing a scramble out.
Everything that you just defined as being the position that the billionaire and
Oh, we know that the main Google founders both have private islands in the South Pacific that are supplied by aircrafts.
I mean, I've had some meetings with some of the high-level people looking at that.
They were telling me about what they've done off-record, and a lot of folks have gone to the Southern Hemisphere.
They asked me if I was going to go, and I said, I don't have the money to do it, plus I'm not abandoning ship, but there is a race for the Southern Hemisphere.
You might want to explain to people why that is.
Well, first of all, it's like the old movie On the Beach.
The Northern Hemisphere is where the majority of missiles will be fired.
Obviously, you're going to see above the equator, you take a look at where Russia is, you take a look at where the United States is, you take a look at where Great Britain, NATO are.
We're above the equator.
The Windsor loft and the secondary fallout patterns will favor the southern equator.
So anything below the southern equator.
That's why so many people are going Alex to the Paraguay.
They're headed to Argentina, the barrel
But everything if you just take the earth and you basically draw a line around the equator, which is there, the point is, is that you see the majority of light and and wonderful graphics.
But that's why they're all headed to the south, south of the equator or the far north.
And the south of the equator is going to be more favorable for a lot of reasons, but earth changes, the density and population densities are less there, and the fresh water of, you know, I just talked about Russia, but some of the most powerful political figures, even ex-presidents of the United States, have property, I think it's in Paraguay, which has got one of the largest underground aquifers in the world.
So at the end of the day, water will rule.
The planet and they who own the freshwater will have water to feed, sorry, to be able to give to people and feed them, obviously.
And so this is why they're headed absolutely to anything that's South Equatorial.
And that's why Australia, before the weather modification, was considered one of the safest places.
Same thing with New Zealand.
But New Zealand has a big problem.
It's called some of the most active volcanic regions in the world.
Lake Taupo, Taupo, Macquarie Island.
They're going to have real problems because they're already becoming active again.
And here's the ultimate statement I think that I can make on this.
You're going to watch everybody everywhere that knows what's going on.
As things get tenser, watch the people that move to different places.
Montana now has become a readout.
We have one of the most wealthy enclaves up in our mountains in Gallatin Canyon.
And there are people building, you know, 25, 50 million dollar homes up there with bunkers, etc., etc.
But what's important that I think the average man understands is that, ladies and gentlemen, there is going to be a civil war.
There is a communist takeover and takedown.
And it's the left, Alex.
It's not you.
It's not me.
I've never called for a civil war.
But when you tell people there's going to be one, and yet the left is saying, get ready for civil war, civil war, civil war.
I was tracking at one time, and almost every, I'd say, ten to one mentions a civil war was by, quote, left sides.
Well, when everybody's starving, it's a dog-eat-dog.
It's the law of the jungle.
And in essence, the entire military protocol for zombie apocalypse, most people don't know this, there's actually a military manual for it, is that anybody who's above ground when all of the infrastructure... By the way, slow down, slow down, because we have the new listeners that tune in.
And conservatively, we tape a lot of shows on Saturday and we air them, they get about 2 million views just at Man.Video alone.
Then I re-air it on the main broadcast, it reaches 4 or 5 million.
And you cover so many incredible things.
I remember hearing you 15 years ago, no, it was more than, it was like 16, 17 years ago, on my show, say the military is drilling, so it doesn't freak out the public that sees this, in urban areas to mow down crowds when they're trying to take over critical infrastructure like nuclear reactors or what have it.
That's right.
We're good to go.
So if you guys love to click web because it's so old, but type in Army trains for zombie apocalypse.
Type that into Bing.
Google may be blocking it now.
Type it into DuckDuckGo because folks, Google's totally fried now, but Google might have it too.
But type in military trains for zombie apocalypse.
They are literally training for the total collapse and then have the role players dress up like zombies.
So, again, the troops don't go.
We're training to mow down citizens en masse.
They go, oh, it's like a joke, but it's not.
So, there you go.
Headquarters, United States Strategic Command, Counter-Zombie Dominance, APR 2011.
So, see, I told you it was like 16, 17 years ago.
I already talked about it.
And there it is, 12 years ago, it actually being drilled.
See, my memory's pretty good.
Again though, you can actually find that ABC, NBC, CBS.
We're not joking.
So now start over with the zombie apocalypse.
This couldn't be more important.
And all the zombie movies and the culture getting you ready to see masses of people World War Z mowed down.
Because when you're in an urban center and 5-10 million people are starving to death, they act like locusts or army ants.
Explain what happens when civilization breaks down.
Well, when civilization breaks down, all norms, all mores, everything goes away for one thing.
To eat, to stay alive, and you'll fight to stay alive.
And what's interesting about the zombie, if you will, the entire zombie protocols are absolutely in, I would say, already in op plans, operational plans.
But if you look at the
The television series, like The Walking Dead, and all of the spin-offs of The Walking Dead, Alex, the Illuminists, the Globalists, the Luciferians, always want to signal what they're going to do.
It's kind of like Satan likes to rub the noses of human beings in their own demise and then get them to go along with it.
It's a principle.
I don't know how it all works, but it works.
So even some of the viruses.
And you remember this?
Well, it was a couple of years ago.
Your memory is better than mine.
You know what?
You've got a you've been gifted with a wonderful memory.
The issues of some of the drugs that were being seen on the streets of Miami were people were literally eating the faces off people.
Do you remember that?
And they were blaming it on a bad dose of drugs.
Well, maybe they should understand something.
This is what worries me.
A four-star general who used to be a spec ops out of Austin.
That was my next question because you'd said so much that had come true that I knew you weren't lying.
I thought you might have been a little nuts because you said a top former general told you this and then five years later it was in the news exactly as you'd said.
Tell us what that source told you.
Basically that
Human cell tissue.
And this is one by his own men.
They said, Steve, this is the bravest man.
I knew him.
I know him.
We broke off communications for a number of reasons.
He's still alive, by the grace of God.
But he said,
Tell the people they're putting human genes into the different foods and different nutritional supplements.
They are turning a nation into the very zombies that they are intending on fighting.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, that wasn't a guy who had a top secret clearance, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
This was one of America's elite
I believe that it's critical that people understand that
I don't have anything to gain by telling you this stuff.
If I would have had my druthers, I would have basically probably, you know, gone photographing around the world or something.
But God's calling on your life, Alex Jones, on my life, on those who have been sounding the alarm is simply this.
God released people that would tell you, tell me, tell Mike Adams, tell all of us who are telling the truth, what should have been stated in the pulpits.
That's why you've got so many dumb-to-death Christians.
Look, if you're a follower of Jesus, stand up for Jesus.
Don't let those scumbags mock him.
Don't let them denigrate the God of Heaven.
Stand up!
Because, again, what's... I say this, just put up one of those articles, whoever does it, that you just put up on fetal stem cells.
You know, ladies and gentlemen, we're being, we're being hybridized.
We're being absolutely dehumanized.
And even Bill Gates and others have talked about they want to get rid of the part of the human genome that relates to the living God.
And Jesus said, if he didn't shorten the days to be no... By the way, I saw a new study, mainline scientific study, that 5G and magnets can manipulate and block the area of the brain connected to higher consciousness and contact with God and trigger violent and destructive behavior when those waves block that.
Just like they tell us in the Kingsman, where they send the sequence out through the cell phones, through the 5G, everybody starts killing each other.
They tell you what they're going to do.
And what's what's interesting, you know, they try and all of these, you know, fact checkers.
I mean, really, you tell me Newsweek or Time or Scopes or, you know, Snopes or whatever.
Snopes is for dopes, by the way.
Or you kidding me?
There are people that, the same people that denied all of the flavor enhancements based on fetal stem cells are those, Alex, that denied that COVID was a viral weapon.
Well, they also denied that there are full genomes of people with immortal cell lines put in these shots, but later it was admitted.
So again, here's what I'm saying.
And maybe you can answer this question for me.
You spent your life on podcasting, broadcasting, trying to get people to understand the lateness of the hour, the madness of the minute.
But even knowing all this stuff and seeing it ahead of time, what is it, do you think, that keeps people from acting, you know, at essence in their own best interests?
You know, they've killed God.
I can't feel God.
My soul is dead.
Remember what I said at the start of your program, Alex?
I said the very first AI chip
That would interrogate human thought processes was called the soul catcher.
And somebody wants to look that up in your staff right now.
It's important that people understand that.
We don't have to make anything up because the reality of the moment is all pointing to that.
We have been programmed.
We have been basically reprogrammed.
They want to absolutely get us.
And this is something that people have got to see.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This first came out not in June 2019.
This came out in the BBC, I think, 2010 at least, maybe even before that.
But again, the soul catcher chip, even science fiction movies of saucers.
I forget what it was, but one of them where they they have a beam and they take your soul.
The Freddy Krueger movies.
I don't watch those, by the way.
I'm just familiar with the plots.
The point that I'm trying to make, ladies and gentlemen, you are the target.
Your families, your wives, your wife, I better make it clear, wife, your wife is your children are their targets.
And if we sit back and allow those murderous bastards, the bastard when I use the word bastard,
It's literally the one that God used in the Book of Enoch to define the offspring of the fallen angels having sex with earth women, which became the Nephilim.
So the point that I'm trying to make is this.
Now we're sitting back unanimously watching the Center for Disease Creation.
We're going after six months old.
There's going to be a vaccine for everything.
AstraZeneca, not AstraZeneca.
I correct myself.
Basically, now they're up to the sixth booster.
Let me make it clear.
There's no end to the release of biological pathogens.
There's no end to the targeting of you as an American citizen to die.
They plan for 260, 70 million of us to disappear.
And to put that into perspective, go into any place, count the people and remind yourself, everyone's dead but me, or one person's alive and we're all dead.
So Alex, we're fighting for number one, the human race.
I want to make that clear.
Most people are sitting around and the mainstream accessories to murder, not all of them, but they just report what I call bio phlegm.
OK, it's just nothing but, you know, the precursor to vomit.
We're talking about zoonotic transmission, origins of pathogens of novel coronavirus.
You know, come on.
We know gain of function.
We know who hand carried this stuff to China.
We know the payoffs.
We know what's going on.
And you know what?
I mean, maybe there's a few people starting to figure it out.
Anybody, I want to make this clear, anybody who listens to mainstream media and thinks that they are absolutely getting anything that could be remotely related to the truth is deceived and it will cost them their life.
They have to research, they have to come to their own conclusions.
All we can do at the end of the day, Alex, is provoke people with facts and say, you go search it up.
All right.
Well, Steve, you've made incredible points.
You spent almost an hour with us.
God bless you for your time and your energy.
I wanted to talk about a few things here at the end.
Any other final points you want to hit?
But also you put me in touch a few years ago with some great folks and it's really been great in my life.
It's been great for some of the listeners.
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And I got to share something.
They're the most amazing company because when Florida had the issues, Tina, one of the owners of the satellite phone store, was sending her people out to basically allow people to come into contact with their loved ones.
Alex, communication is the
It's an important point in a crisis situation.
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And then you can send like up to a thousand character text.
So what's
Critical about all preparation.
I know a little bit about the field because I was one of the guys that founded a long time ago.
And the thing that's important is communication is peace of mind.
And when something bad happens, it plays with your mind.
You can go to go to InfoWars, ladies and gentlemen, because Tina has been supportive of the alternative news media.
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But you can also
She bought Alex a substantial amount of solar cells, solar panels, you know, both folding and fixed.
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And I've got my sat phone right here.
They've got big ones, they've got small ones, they're all cutting edge, really good prices.
People need to get prepared.
That's right, you weren't just a person 30 years ago, first predicting a whole new world order, the forced injections, putting human-animal genomes into us.
You also trailblazed people getting prepared.
And that's what's scary, is that if 90% of people during the Great Depression were rural, about half of them they say were fully self-sufficient.
So we're looking at 40% or so.
We're good to go.
And so that's why everybody should be thinking about trying as quickly as possible to get to a rural area and get prepared.
But whatever you do, we need satellite phone service so that when the cell towers go down, you are able to operate.
Well, I'm actually we're going to change from holidays to howling days when the tragedies of the China lockdown was human beings screaming out of madness because they were locked in their homes or apartments in that case.
And I'll never Alex, forget the sound of the howling dead.
So we're going from holidays, which were in the holiday season to howling days.
And ladies and
Get to where you can get as soon as you can get there, because there comes a point.
And this point is this.
I can't tell you time.
I can't tell you date.
But I can tell you, watch for the talking of repudiating the US dollar.
Watch for more countries joining with the BRICS nations.
And to my knowledge already, I think it's up to 50 or 60 that are signing deals.
I think, you know, and that's up 140.
Ladies and gentlemen, get what you can get, because we're going to see a time where Alex just made the most important point.
There's nothing to eat in the cities.
And Francis Schaeffer wrote a book decades ago, 40 years ago, I think, Death in the City.
So please, ladies and gentlemen, understand when the lights go out in the city, things get not so pretty.
And you could add another
Able to live a quasi-normal life.
There's no, the word normal, Alex, never exists.
The word peace will never exist from that point on.
And you'll be fighting for your life and you'll be fighting to stay alive.
But God himself will fight for those who are covered by the blood of Jesus.
And look, I make no apologies about that.
The safest place for anybody to be is hidden Jesus Christ.
You need that discernment.
You need that global intergalactic
GPS, the Holy Spirit gives you a discernment.
I want to have you finish your point.
Go ahead.
No, and that's the point.
People say, well, it's so scary.
It's not scary if you're having your fears diffused.
And let me tell you what my GPS is telling me, my spidey senses, they say.
All this intellectually we can see, we see the global shutdown happening.
They're toying with us.
They're preparing.
They've got different fake cyber attacks to take down the power wars.
All these threats are going up because they're bringing in their new system and they're forcing population.
But my gut, my spirit,
Tells me, you know, hey, I love the Austin crew.
I love what we're doing here.
We're going to keep this here.
But I mean, everything tells me none of these attacks matter on me personally, all this other garbage.
What matters is staying on air and getting prepared to go to the country in the middle of nowhere with people you can trust and ride this out as long as we can, because gut level, instinctive level,
I can barely sit here in this chair and not be heading to the woods right now with my family.
But I'm here in place to warn people as much as possible.
Steve's really smart.
He's already been for 30 years, you know, in a very rural, safe area.
And Steve, we've got to have you back again, just on your preparedness understanding.
Because I've had Joel Skousen, who's really smart, and others on as well, but you are one of the biggest experts on that as well, to talk about preparedness and people getting ready.
You can find all his films and all his books.
They're incredible.
Big tabletop books that are unbelievable.
His films are incredible.
You can find a lot of his films and books as well at InfoWarsTore.com, but the place to get them is SteveQuell.com.
Steve, thank you so much for your time, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, there he goes.
Thank you for spending time with us on Saturday, Steve Quayle.
All right.
This is a tape show, so it's like 2.20 right now.
And I want to post this at Mandot Video and post it to Infowars.com and stream it.
By four o'clock today.
So I've already taped with the whistleblower from the Wuhan lab, the chief scientist, pretty big deal, supposing it is on purpose, gain of function, that I just taped with Steve.
I'm about to go tape 20 minutes of hardcore news analysis up front.
So when you're watching this later, you've already been able to see that.
And then we're going to put this in the hopper to go out to the people.
And every day we're still on air.
Is so precious.
I know people know we're telling the truth.
I know folks now go, Alex Jones was right.
But we're not passe though.
Now is the most important point.
When you know it's true, you've done your own research to warn others that don't know.
Because they're going to be very dangerous when this all goes down, if they don't know who did it.
Because they're going to get mobilized by the globalists to come after all of us.
So we're affecting the quote, future battle space is what it's called.
Educating as much people before things go dark, if we're unable to stop this.
And I'm trying as hard as I can to hopefully have members of the elite and others be smart and pull out of this before it's too late and get the public to make enough noise so the globalists realize how much danger they're in and also back down.
So in closing, get supplements, boost your immune system, get healthy.
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I want to thank the crew.
Thank everybody for a great job.
We're going to end this transmission.
It'll be restreaming at InfoWars.com.
Now share the full Saturday emergency broadcast with the doctor and with Steve Quayle like your life depends on it because it does.
We're never going to get out of this until we prosecute and confront the people that have done this.
Here's the clip of the poor business owner who they're trying to bankrupt.
I own a restaurant, and as you guys know, food costs are sky high.
How restaurants are surviving right now is by alcohol sales.
You guys just doing your job is facilitating what's going on in this country right now.
You're shutting down a man's livelihood for not following COVID mandates that didn't do anything
Anything to prevent COVID and it was actually detrimental to the community.
I spent a lot of my adult life overseas fighting against dictatorships and the last thing that I was going to do was come home to my country and allow a dictatorship to rule right here.
The reason that we're in the situation we're in as the United States of America, you're part of the problem, sir.
I realized early on that these COVID mandates were more about control than they were our health and safety.
It set our kids back so many years, these mandates.
It set small businesses back so many years.
It destroyed small businesses, man.
It destroyed them.
I did the only thing I know how to do, fight back by not complying.
And that's when, fast forward to last Friday, the ABC agents and the Virginia State Police raided my restaurant and took everything from me.
And that's how we got to where we're at.
So you can't complain about what the President's doing.
You can't complain about the state that the country's in right now.
You can't complain about how screwed up it is.
You're part of the problem, sir.
You're just doing your job.
So many people were just doing their job for Hitler back in Germany.
You as well, sir.
That goes for you as well.
That goes for you as well.
That goes for all of you.
Once they suspended my health department license for not following COVID mandates, that automatically suspended my ABC license.
So that's how I lost it.
Anyway, we went to court for my health department license, and I beat the Virginia Department of Health in court.
They asked the judge to shut me down, and the judge ruled in my favor.
It destroyed families.
It destroyed our communities.
And it destroyed our country.
And nobody in here gives a damn about that.
They're just doing their job.
I'd be lying if I told you it was easy.
It's not easy.
I mean, I'm going into my third Christmas now, not knowing what's in store for me in the future.
So you're part of the problem, man.
I want you to know that.
You're part of the problem.
You're part of the problem.
You're part of the problem.
You're part of the problem.
Everybody in here, every one of you, man.
What's going on in this country right now?
What they're trying to do is beat me into submission and make me kneel in that corner and kiss their ring and give up.
But I'm not going to.
I don't care how much it costs me.
I don't care how much time it takes.
I will continue to fight.
And I promise you, if you fight with me, we will win.
We'll eventually come out on top.
And we will save Virginia.
And in turn, we will save the United States of America.
But please stop complying with these unconstitutional and illegal mandates.
That's why it's important to support little businesses, and it's why out of all the places to support, it's us, folks.
I'm in personal bankruptcy, so is InfoWars.
We can stay on air, but we need funds to go through the bankruptcy and stabilize, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a reorganization to stay on air, and they can't shut us down.
Their goal is to shut us down.
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I need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
I need you to get great product shortage today.
And I really appreciate your support.