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Name: 20221207_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 7, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various current events such as election fraud in Brazil, foreign meddling confirmed by Twitter files, promotion of euthanasia including government-forced euthanasia as outright murder, carbon taxes, Bill Gates' plan to decarbonize humans, and a family in Australia whose baby was taken away due to their refusal to allow vaccinated spike protein blood for their child's surgery. He also talks about high death rates associated with COVID-19 vaccines, DeSantis' plans to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable, Senator Paul calling for Fauci's indictment and arrest, excess deaths in 2022 particularly in Australia correlating with countries where people received Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or J&J vaccines, mail-in voting and its potential to steal elections, lies of the New World Order, eugenics, government-sponsored euthanasia, predictive programming, recent missile attacks on Russian air bases from Ukraine, defense of Russia by any means available, a scathing letter from U.S Senators to HHS about sex trafficking evidence, an interview with Ye (Kanye West), a new healthcare system designed for the COVID and post-COVID world, political climate in America, various products promoted for sale on InfowarsStore.com with discounts up to 60%, listeners' opinions and personal experiences related to various topics, possibility of a false flag nuclear war to eliminate dissenters, United Nations’ stance on civilian gun ownership, increase in heart attacks among children as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, recent report on stage four pancreatic cancer after taking Pfizer vaccine, need for people to intensify their fight against the globalist agenda, death rate around the world attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine, Twitter Files revelation about Twitter censoring content based on political affiliations, cost reductions of up to 50% on orders below $50 at InfowarsStore.com allowing for free shipping on various items, incident in New Zealand where a baby was taken away by government authorities for heart surgery using unvaccinated blood, fight against forced blood transfusions containing tainted blood products into their baby Will, and Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves' case about vaccine mandates for their baby who needs surgery with unjabbed blood. He encourages people to support websites like InfoWars that challenge mainstream media narratives with alternative information and perspectives."

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So is it any surprise Vladimir Putin came out and said the risk of nuclear wars rising will defend Russia by any means available?
And yeah, it's on ZeroHedge.com, it's on Infowars.com, but it's almost nowhere else Putin with the second largest nuclear stockpile in the world saying we're on the verge of nuclear war.
You'd think that'd be a bigger news item.
Show him, show him Forbes, you know, there's a Forbes headline.
Putin, the risk of nuclear war rising will defend Russia with all available means.
Emergency line broadcast.
That is an emergency broadcast, isn't it?
We are sleepwalking into Armageddon.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, December 7th, 2022.
A day that will live in infamy.
Putin, risk of nuclear war rising.
We'll defend Russia by all available means after three separate events the last week of cruise missiles being fired Out of Ukraine, hundreds of miles into Russia, damaging Russian nuclear bomber bases.
Kind of a big deal.
As we said last Friday and through the weekend, through this week, that this could lead to nuclear war very easily.
That is just a minor footnote, really not even in the mainstream news, in any of the front of the papers.
Just a little footnote that, oh, Ukraine is firing cruise missiles into Russia.
Then of course we have Democrat Senator Warnock defeats Republican Hershel Walker in Georgia runoff and more evidence of fraud is beginning to come out there.
In Brazil, a consortium of government watchdogs have now filed a detailed report.
With the public and also the Supreme Court of the country documenting unbelievable fraud in that election and foreign meddling by the State Department and the CIA that we know meddle heavily in our elections illegally.
That's all come out in the Twitter files.
Documenting and verifying and vindicating everything that we have been laying out for so long here.
Continuing I have a whole stack of news articles from the United States, Canada, and Europe, Australia promoting euthanasia, including government forced euthanasia, which is outright murder.
We have that whole quadrant of information.
The latest on carbon taxes, American Medical Association, U.S.
health sector should decarbonize, including humans.
Humans are the carbon problem.
Bill Gates' TED Talk a decade ago where he talked to the equation and said we got to get this one down to zero, the human part of the equation, because we're inherently bad.
Carbon's bad!
We're carbon-based life forms.
The whole planet operates on carbon.
Trees are made out of carbon.
Starfish are made out of carbon, birds in the sky are, and so are we, and it's bad.
Don't worry, we'll depopulate you, and it's going to be so liberal, so loving, so much fun.
More news breaking out of The Intercept that a month ago broke what's really coming out on Twitter now.
Leaked documents outline DHS's plan to police its information and fix elections.
But that's okay, while Zelensky's starting World War III and lying about missile strikes in Poland that he launched.
That's all confirmed now.
He's firing missiles into Russia, and the left loves it.
But don't worry, Zelensky has tapped top Balenciaga designer to oversee charity for Ukraine refugees.
That's perfect human smuggling operation, just like everyone's been documenting and pointing out.
So that's just some of the news.
We're going to be plowing through today.
We have several very informative guests joining us on the broadcast.
You know that family?
In Australia that doesn't want the government to force a blood transfusion with vaccinated spike protein blood on their baby?
And who just wants to be able to get a blood donor for the surgery that hasn't been injected?
Well, the state has taken their child.
It's the middle of the night in Australia, but they'll be joining us coming up in two hours.
Then Royce White will join us.
Always informative.
Always on fire in the fourth hour today.
So we've got one hell of a transmission lined up for you.
I only scratched the surface of the news.
The U.S.
Senate's written a big letter to DHS documenting the human trafficking of children into sex slavery by Obama.
That's the real administration.
Biden's responded by saying he doesn't care, the border's not important.
I'm not kidding.
We have a clip of him saying that.
We'll be right back.
It's Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, Pearl Harbor Day.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live here for the next four hours ahead of the great Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central with the War Room here on the InfoWars pro-human, anti-New World Order network.
Okay, we have the family joining us in the third hour.
They had their baby taken just a few hours ago in Australia because they will not allow the government to forcibly put vaccinated prion spike protein blood into their baby with a scheduled surgery.
They just want someone to donate blood.
They have volunteers that has not had the deadly shots that grow the prions in the body of the experimental injection.
And their baby's now been taken by the state.
They're going to be joining us coming up in two hours here.
We also have massive COVID news.
Excess deaths in 2022, incredibly high at 13% the previous high.
To put that in context, that is more than 20 times the death rate that Vietnam War was increasing each year,
or many times what World War II increased the death rate at.
And you have the same numbers, basically it's between 11 and 15% in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
It's the same everywhere.
And the insurance companies, of course, were reporting this over a year ago.
The Australian government should be urgently investigating the incredibly high 13% excess death rate in 2022, the country's peak Actuary body says.
This is the big national slash corporate consortium for their insurance companies saying that this is unprecedented.
They've never seen anything like this.
This is out of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Kind of a big deal.
They're just completely normalizing it.
And yesterday I played a short clip of DeSantis I'd seen the transcript where he said more, but I played a short clip of him saying, we're going to hold the so-called vaccine makers accountable.
This isn't a vaccine.
It's experimental mRNA.
They lied to us that it was tested defective.
And he went on.
Well, actually, the crew found the full clip, not just of the transcript, where he actually says it.
It's very historic, very important.
So let's go ahead and play clip two to Santa's plans to hold manufacturers accountable for alleged severe side effects in the mRNA COVID death shots.
Here it is.
And so, you know, we are going to work to hold these manufacturers accountable for this mRNA because they said there was no side effects.
And we know that there have been a lot.
And so we did a study in Florida and you saw an 86% increase in cardiac related activity from people 18 to 39 from mRNA shots.
And so we're going to be doing some stuff to bring accountability there because I think it's just something where...
We wouldn't let them mandate on you in Florida.
You know, we said, you know, no, because like Orange County wanted to fire firefighters, Gainesville wanted to fire people, but even the corporations like Disney wanted to fire.
So we said no across the board.
So everybody had the ability to opt out of anything they were trying to impose on you.
But there are other people around the country They're not allowed to sue or get any type of recourse when this is not something that they wanted to do.
So this is something that we're going to lead on in Florida.
So we're going to have probably some announcements over the next three or four weeks on that.
But we're happy.
Just think about Just think about all the grief I took when we did things like ban vaccine passports.
You know, we fought the cruise lines and we won in court after like a year and a half to say no discrimination on the basis of Vax mandates or Vax status.
And so now everyone says it was the right thing.
Same thing with the employer mandates.
We said we're not going to allow that.
You know, we got a lot of grief for doing that, but it was the right thing to do.
And so, you know, we've always gotten in front of these things.
So we're going to continue to do that going.
And Senator Paul is calling for Fauci's indictment and arrest, saying, you will not escape.
We know you created the virus.
We know you lied to Congress.
It's all open and shut case.
So we're on the march.
They're on the run.
It's very important to expose this, or they're going to come back and do it again on a wider scale.
And they're going to continue to try to force these shots on men, women, and children, children particularly, and capture groups like the U.S.
But look at this actuary number.
Out of Australia, excess deaths in 2022, incredibly high at 13%, way above any increase ever recorded.
Very similar numbers around the world, where they took the Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or J&J injections.
They all create spike proteins.
They all cause proteins to grow in the blood.
They all cause giant blood clots.
They even cause clots, studies show, when no platelets are found.
They can spin the platelets out and centrifuge out of blood.
Just put the clear plasma in with no platelets and it creates clotting.
It's not the platelets, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the protein sludge in your blood, in your brain.
Just the wickedest weapon ever.
All slowly growing and all those that took the shots.
They've got a lot of studies out that basically no one who took any of these shots a year, two years later in the studies doesn't still have prions growing.
Now, a lot of times it's not that bad, but they're there, and will be slowly growing.
But with some people, they just really take root, and it's bye-bye.
In many cases, it just eats right through your veins, your arteries, your smaller blood vessels in your brain.
People bleed out.
That tends to be something that happens particularly with women.
With men, it's the microcarditis and heart attacks, though it also hits the women.
But men and women are very different, as we all know, physiologically.
And it's just so incredible to see them doing this.
This is just, it's unspeakably evil.
And they did rat studies with mRNA injections like this in 2014 at the University of Texas at Galveston that we harped on two years ago.
warning folks not to take the shot and It was for different cold viruses, but this but in the
similar family and they found the blood clots and the
Sludges and the brain damage and the myocarditis in the young mice old mice young rats old rats
They moved on to guinea pigs And there was a bunch of other studies done
And then, of course, Fauci was running that study at the University of Texas with four other universities, but he was directly in control of the study.
And they said, wow, this works wonderful.
And, of course, we know they then began developing it for you and I and our families to have horribly slow, sickening, debilitating, tortured deaths.
And that's just a fact.
And that's who they are.
And they enjoy it.
And I had a major whistleblower on yesterday who was the vice president of Eagle Health Alliance and did work at the Wuhan lab and did work in the labs in Ukraine and did work in what he basically told you was a CIA operation within QTEL working at bioweapon facilities whose cover was biodefense.
Now he was the head scientist, vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, the chief scientist.
Just like Dr. Michael Yedon was the chief medical scientist at Pfizer over their vaccine division.
Let me tell you, two and a half years ago, this is going to kill you with blood clots.
So we've got studies.
We followed an emergency report in November of, no, December of 2001.
In Europe, at the EU, and predicted everything that would then happen.
Do you understand that?
This is deliberate depopulation.
And it goes in, and it kills some people right away, because the Moderna shot is so strong.
It's four of the Pfizer shot, the exact same thing.
The others go in with virus vectors and use a virus, a whole live virus that goes into the cell and programs the cell to make the spike protein.
But they all do the exact same thing.
Some people fight it off.
Some people don't get sick.
Some people, they find prions in them, but not a lot.
Spike protein prions.
But a certain percentage of people, it causes an all immune response that kills you before you leave the vaccine center.
Most folks die within two weeks that do die.
At least in the short term.
Just some people, it just grows wild in them, and they get to the corner, and the corner just, even in like 20-year-old men and women who are healthy, they just pull out huge, giant sludge tumors out of their arteries and veins, just totally jam-packed, just filled, just a horror movie weapon.
That's who runs our government, folks.
Thanks for tuning in.
I'm going to get back into the insurance actuaries in Germany, Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, you name it.
Coming up in the last segment of this hour, but this really shakes me.
A 48 year old man that has had a pretty rough and tumble life, and I think somebody that has, I personally think of myself as having a lot of courage.
And it's not really fear I have, it's more of sadness and disappointment and anger.
That the public is so gullible and so domesticated and so dumbed down that the globalists are openly saying the post-human world is here in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times.
If you watch any Davos Group meeting, there are literally thousands of clips out there, thousands of them saying the most horrible totalitarian crap you can imagine.
And if you put that in a science fiction movie, say, in the 90s, where in the year 2022, there's a corporate world government poisoning shots and openly saying the end of humans is near and government-sponsored euthanasia is being forced on people, you would see a James Bond villain like Klaus Schwab in the movie saying things on the news like that, just openly, and you'd say, that's a ridiculous science fiction movie.
That would never be allowed to happen.
People wouldn't put up with that.
But you look at what we put up with, and it's in the psychological studies.
We watch so much TV, so much Netflix, so much entertainment, so many video games, that the brain has seen all these fantastic scenarios, and Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, and just all this stuff.
And I'm not saying any of it's bad, but your brain, at a subconscious level, Takes that as real.
So you've seen the Death Star blowing up planets, and you've seen aliens busting out of people's chests, and you've seen all these countless movies about the government secretly putting stuff in shots that takes over people's minds and grows nanotech in them.
That when it's really happening, people can't differentiate.
Because everything looks normal, the streetlights are on, you go to work, yeah, there's more crime, yeah, a lot of people are dying around you.
But incrementally, because the ambient tyranny has been turned up, and the engineering has been quietly accelerated in the background, people boil like the frog in the proverbial pot.
So we've seen all these simulations of weird, bizarre, dystopic futures.
And why do you think Hollywood admittedly pushes dystopic views?
They call predictive programming so that when the real dystopia of government-sponsored euthanasia hits, you will accept it because you've already become comfortable with it, even though you saw it at the time as horrific.
Your mind is designed to make you learn to deal with it so you're not a victim.
You learn to either submit to it or overcome it.
That's why if you watch Insolent Green, made in 1973, set in the year 2022, the euthanasia commercials trying to get people to come in and commit euthanasia are you'll be in a beautiful surrounding of the earth with beautiful sunsets and beautiful oceans And it'll be the best part of your life when the government kills you.
And then now we learn all these people, they put the commercials, I have articles today, were pressured to kill themselves.
I have mainstream news saying, is it wrong the government of Canada pressured this lady to A, be in a commercial, and to kill herself?
And the commercials of them committing suicide look just like the Soylent Green commercials to come kill yourself.
And it's even the same year that it set in.
I was in my mother's belly when Soylent Green came out.
49 years ago.
49 years ago.
And 49 years later, it is a reality.
And you know what else is a reality?
If you read the defense news, you see it, it's almost nowhere else.
Since last Friday, three groups of missiles have been fired out of Ukraine, cruise missiles, hundreds of miles into Russia, bombing Russian air bases with nuclear weapons, held at them.
So is it any surprise Vladimir Putin came out and said the risk of nuclear wars rising will defend Russia by any means available?
And yeah, it's on ZeroHedge.com, it's on Infowars.com, but it's almost nowhere else Putin with the second largest nuclear stockpile in the world saying we're on the verge of nuclear war.
You'd think that'd be a bigger news item.
Show him, show him Forrest, you know, there's, in Forrest's headline, Putin, the risk of nuclear war rising will defend Russia with all available means, emergency live broadcast.
That is an emergency broadcast, isn't it?
We are sleepwalking into Armageddon.
And it just gets more insane from there.
I'm gonna get more to this Putin report, we come back in a few minutes, but we've got a lot of time, we got a break.
Then you've got Project Veritas has put out three reports, they say they've got more, of tracking the children smuggled by people that aren't even their parents across the Texas border with Mexico.
And they follow them to Austin and other cities where children as young as six talk about how they've been put with someone they don't know who sells them for sex with adults.
And they ask, please take me home to my mommy in Nicaragua.
Please take me home to my mommy in Mexico or my daddy.
You'd think that'd be on all the news channels.
Here's a kidnapped child.
SWAT team's raiding them.
But the district attorney, the county attorney, the people that run Austin, Texas, and a thousand other sanctuary cities are sanctuaries for crime and human trafficking.
And now the Senate Republicans have sent a scathing letter.
Senators, Ron, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, Holly, Ron Johnson have sent a letter to HHS about the whistleblower and the evidence of sex trafficking.
And if these claims are true, this is pure evil being committed by your agency.
We always get to that point.
Oh, if it's true.
The Senate report in 2015 found Obama's DHS knowingly placed hundreds of thousands of
people with no identification in the U.S.
Tens of thousands of them were young children, many of which they confirmed were put into sex trafficking.
And Biden's plan is to get rid of any controls at the border at all.
On and on and on.
Does anybody feel safe in a country or a world where the government doesn't just allow this, but helps it happen?
Children as young as 6 up to age 13 about, please help me.
They put me with this man, this woman.
They're not my parents.
I don't know them.
They sell me for sex.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
No, no, we don't help you.
We're liberals.
If we couldn't abort you in the womb or cut your genitals off with a transgender surgery, we're gonna pimp your ass out as a sex slave in Austin, Texas, and that money's gonna get laundered right through the Democratic Party and everything they do.
And Biden's in a new tape saying, I don't care about the border.
It's not important.
I said, why don't you go to the border?
He goes, it's not important.
The arrogance.
This is them normalizing the dystopia.
Normalizing the evil.
And it's only going to get worse until the people serving the system realize they're destroying themselves along with us at the same time.
Alright, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to plow through news and clips.
And then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls, first-time callers, any subject you want to raise.
You agree, you disagree, you want to talk about the EA interview, you want to talk about the aftermath of that, you want to talk about World War III with Russia, you want to talk about all the euthanasia, forced government killing of the population, all the incredible poison shot news coming out, what happened with Herschel Walker and Georgia, the economy.
There is so much to cover here today.
We're going to be getting into all of it.
I'll give the number out at the end of the segment.
We can start our engines.
But getting back to the Russian situation, even Henry Kissinger and the Pope have come out and said that this war needs to stop, and it's a Slavic civil war, and the West overthrew the Ukrainian elected government nine years ago, and they've all bragged about it.
They've all been on TV.
George Soros bragging about it.
And they started attacking Russian ethnic areas.
Half the country is basically ethnic Russian.
They're all intermarried.
It's all basically the same people.
And Russia now fully invaded part of the country.
You know the rest of the story since February.
We told you it was coming last October.
Months and months and months before it happened.
And I've been saying day one, this is going to continue to escalate.
And it's either going to stop or it's going to just go and go and go and go through these different stages, this ladder, this continuum of violence and conflict until it leads to total war.
So here's the headline.
Putin says the risk of nuclear war rising will defend Russia by all available means.
On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a wide-ranging public war update during a televised session of his Human Rights Council, which at least one independent regional outlet said was tightly controlled in terms of the kind of questions criminal officials could ask.
Among the more important topics he addressed related to the now over nine-month-long special military operation in Ukraine, Those future plans for broader mobilization and the prospect of deployment of nuclear assets.
On the latter point, Putin lashed out at the United States and NATO saying Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries unlike the United States.
There was a reference to the fact that some NATO members in Europe, including extending as far east as Turkey, do act as host countries to many of the U.S.
tactical nuclear weapons.
Imagine if Russia had tactical nukes in Cuba.
We'd go to war.
That was the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Importantly, given the ratcheting up of U.S.-NATO arms pipeline to Ukraine forces, which has likely involved transfer of increasingly sophisticated and longer-range missiles, Putin warned that the risk of nuclear war in the world is rising.
Of course, he's alluding to the cruise missiles that are now raining down every couple days on Russian targets inside Russia.
He further took the opportunity to restate Russia's defensive nuclear doctrine, stressing that nuclear weapons would be considered as a response to an attack on Russian territory, while also stating that he stands ready to defend Russian territory using all available means.
According to a translation of Putin's remarks in Sky News, we don't speak about use of nuclear weapons.
Then he said, Russia has not gone mad.
We have the most advanced weapons, but we do not want to wave it around.
But taking a swipe at Washington's nuclear deployments in Europe, he seemed to suggest that it is precisely U.S.
side doing the nuclear saber rattling.
Yes, we do this by various ways and means.
First of all, of course, we will focus on peaceful means, but if nothing else remains, we will defend ourselves with all the means at our disposal, Putin said.
Kind of a big deal.
Well, we're all debating whether Adolf Hitler was a good guy or a bad guy
who died 76, 77 years ago.
Well, we're all sitting around talking about stuff like that.
While the left's busy censoring the American people and creating racial division.
While our borders collapse, while our dollar is devalued, war with Russia is already taking place and it is escalating
very, very quickly.
Now the White House has come out and said they're not enabling or encouraging Ukraine to strike inside Russia.
So they're not just blowing up Russian bridges, they're not just killing Russian leaders, cultural leaders.
Which they've been doing.
They're not just car bombing people inside Russia.
They're now firing long-range missiles into the country.
And it is sheer, absolute, total, and complete madness.
Now, ring up the phones up.
I want to get your take on this and so much more.
But let me tell you some of the other things I'd like to hear from us.
Democrat Senator Warnock defeats Republican Walker in Georgia runoff.
We've got a lot of election fraud news not just there but around the country and the world.
That's this stack.
American Medical Association says U.S.
health sector should decarbonize.
That is a chilling statement when you actually know what that means.
We're gonna be getting to that.
We're getting to this huge new news interview.
Sam Bankman-Fried, I like to call him Fried, has retained Mark Cohen.
Ghislaine Maxwell, or the Epstein madam, the pedo madam, is a lawyer.
Sam Bankman-Fried has retained Mark Cohen, Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer, and he gave an incredibly revealing and transparent interview with Stephanopoulos, who's part of the Democratic Party that basically ran this operation, where he tells incredible whopper lies.
To the ABC News propaganda.
So that's coming up and boy is this incredible.
One of the biggest Ponzi schemes, if not the biggest one that's collapsed.
There's bigger ones like the Federal Reserve, but it's the biggest ever collapse.
He has a lot of nerve, or chutzpah, in the interview.
We're going to be getting this.
and what he's up to as well. And then we've got the regular race baiting by
the left running around a daily basis everywhere on every major news channel
saying things that make yeas statement where he's asked by Gavin McGinnis, "Well
you know we know that crime rates show that blacks commit disproportionate
amount of crime but we don't blame the average black person."
We judge them by who they are, individually.
There's still a minority of blacks that are committing crime.
We don't blame a whole group.
You don't blame the Jews, do you?
All one group.
And Yeh said, basically, yes.
I don't trust them.
Well, you can say that that's a lumping a group in.
That's not very Martin Luther King-ish, but he has a right to free speech.
But on a scale of 1 to 10, he's nothing compared to leftists who run around everywhere saying white people are inherently evil.
And we'll cover this first when we come back from break.
Rutgers professor on national television says we got to take these mother effers out.
She goes on to say white people are inherently evil.
And this is being funded by the big universities, by the big banks.
It's pretty incredible.
So, that's coming up next.
When we come back, the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
First-time callers.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, that's 877-789-2539, first time callers, 877-789-2539.
And when I ended the show taking calls yesterday, there was one person left on hold.
I don't know if we got their name and number, but if we don't get to you, I'd like to try to call you back the next day.
We've gotten a lot better about actually going to your calls and a lot better about moving quickly.
But I'm going to try to do it even faster today, no matter how good your points are.
We'll never get to all those other great points if I don't give you no more than two minutes.
So that means if I want to comment, I'm going to give you a minute and a half, and then I'll make a 30-second comment.
But I just want to encapsulate your thought, move the next person.
I will not censor what you say.
I will not cut you off for what you say, except for the timer.
And if you have a bad phone line.
If I can't hear what you're saying, you'll obviously be cut off.
So, we're going to go to your calls coming up in the second hour.
Then we have, in the third hour, the family from New Zealand.
I said Australia, I mixed them together.
Basically the same thing.
Family in New Zealand who just had their baby taken because they won't let the baby take vaccinated poison blood with a spike protein.
They're going to be joining us.
Stay with us.
All right, the phone lines are loaded up.
Your calls are kicking off at the start of next hour.
We got a brand new Gregory's report that just came in as well.
We're going to be getting to.
But let's drill into what's really going on here with the race baiting by the left and the big corporations trying to have divide and conquer.
And some of the right wing getting into it and buying into it and going along with it.
And I believe in free speech.
And I believe in people like Ye and Nick Fuentes and others that say what they want to say.
And I agree with some of what they say.
But that doesn't mean I have to agree with them.
That's my free speech too.
And so I have talked to Nick Fuentes via text and I have challenged him To come on the broadcast with me and to have a debate.
In fact, I would like him and Ye, and I've extended it, and Kanye Ye says he's interested in doing it, coming back and having a real debate about World War II and Hitler and the rest of it, and then moving into other subjects for a couple hours, because that was riveting radio and TV, and it's good to move the Uberton window, and it's It's good to point out the censorship, and it's good to point out how the left has projected on the American people that we're the Nazis, and they're Captain America, when the left isn't.
George Soros actually helped the Nazis round people up.
And so I get attacked by the ADL.
They want me off the air.
I've been sued.
By this whole mafia.
And so, for people like Nick to say things like this, Alex Jones got the call.
It's one of those little sayings that, oh, if you don't agree with everything Nick Fuentes says, you got the call in, you know, Ye's words to me, by the people in the little hats.
No, I didn't get any calls from people in little hats when you were on my show saying you think Hitler Did a lot of great things, and you think Hitler was good?
I disagree, because I've studied World War II.
Not from a leftist perspective, but I've read a lot of the writings of Hitler.
And I had grandfathers that were in World War II in Europe, particularly my father's father, who told me what he saw, and told my dad a little bit, and didn't like to talk about it.
And he was a tough guy.
And he said, it was worse than what you heard.
Worse than what you heard.
And so, just because Hitler's bad doesn't mean Hollywood and the left are good.
So, you can dislike the globalists, and you can also dislike Hitler.
So he says, MTG and Alex Jones both threw me under the bus to appease Jewish groups.
I don't take it personally, but people need to be aware that they are the definition of controlled opposition.
We know, Nick, you at 23 years old are the only one that knows what's going on and the only one that has any gravitas.
You know, I don't just harp on racial issues of the Jews all day.
That is not where I am.
That is not what I do.
I'm trying to stop nuclear war.
I'm trying to stop these poison shots.
I'm trying to get our industry back and our jobs back.
I agree with Ye and how he's been pushing hard for that.
And I agree with like 98% of what Ye said up until the interview with me last Thursday.
And I was blindsided by the Balenciaga face mask and just all of it.
And so I'm trying to stop all this division.
And I'm working as hard as I can to try to promote free speech.
When Nick Fuentes has been censored, or deplatformed, or put on a no-fly list, I got him a lawyer.
When he was being, when he was taken off the internet, he asked me, do you know people that can actually help me get back on the web?
I put him in charge, in contact with engineers I used.
But do I get any love back for that?
I'm getting orders from Netanyahu.
I'm getting orders from Sacha Baron Cohen.
I'm getting orders from the ADL.
Absolutely preposterous.
But it always kind of feels good to put yourself up on a pedestal and say, I'm the pure one.
I'm the good one.
And if Alex called me maybe Hitler, I like to joke around.
I called him up to his face when he was in here.
Then I got a call.
Oh, hold on.
Ring, ring, ring.
I'm on air live right now with Nick Fuentes.
Calling baby Hitler?
Yes, Mr. Netanyahu, let me get right on that.
Nobody tells me what to say but my conscience.
And so, yeah, Hitler's a bridge too far for me.
And no, I'm not getting any love from the corporate press or Hollywood.
All I'm getting is attack after attack after attack after attack.
Now these type of folks are boosted by MSNBC, CNN, Rutgers University, all of them.
Here's this professor called Crunk.
I think she probably is on something.
She probably is crunking, in my opinion.
And it's a long clip.
It's on Infowars.com.
But I mean, here she is just spewing that white people are inherently evil, that we're villains, that we need to take these mother effers out.
Talk about incitement of violence.
Here it is.
Go ahead and play it.
They fear viscerally, existentially letting go of power because they cannot imagine that there is another way to be.
It is either that you dominate or you are dominated.
And isn't it sad that that is spiritually who they are and that they can't imagine a sort of more expansive notion of the world?
The thing I want to say to you is we got to take these motherfuckers out.
But I know, but like, we can't say that, right?
We can't say, like, I don't believe in a project of violence.
I truly don't.
Because I think in the end that our souls suffer from that.
And I do think that some of this is a spiritual condition.
So here is where I land most days about white people.
And I actually have been helping this by thinking about indigenous people, right?
See, part of the challenge around whiteness is that it It's totally skews our view of everything, right?
I gave this like TED talk about this some years back and one of the reasons I was trying to think about it is like The world didn't start when white people arrived in America and tried to tell all the rest of us how things were going to go.
There were people out here making worlds.
Africans and indigenous people being brilliant and, you know, libraries and inventions and, you know, vibrant notions of humanity and cross-cultural exchange long before white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.
And that's really important because if we believe that history starts for us when white people drag us to these shores, then we can never get outside of the notion that this is going to be our existential struggle.
The idea that only white people are violent or took slaves is preposterous.
Every culture has acted the same.
People are basically the same at the end of the day.
What you hear is a delusional, Wakanda-esque version of reality.
It was the Africans bringing up the people they'd captured to sell on the slaver boats everywhere.
It was the Muslims doing it.
It was the Jews doing it.
It was the Romans doing it.
I mean, hell, if you went back to ancient Rome, their favorite slaves were German.
And there were a bunch of German slaves.
It's just what went on.
So the idea that we blame Italians today, that thousands of years ago, what are Italian people today?
Their ancestors went and captured Germans.
It's just insane.
If my father committed a crime, which he didn't, but I'm saying it hypothetically, And then he went to jail for bank robbery.
Am I bad?
Well, no.
Well, if my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great hypothetical grandfather owned some slaves, didn't, but I'm just saying hypothetically, how am I to blame for that?
It's the murder of logic.
And Gavin McGinnis did a great job interviewing Ye, and brought this point up.
And Ye said, no, I don't.
Not count when I meet a Jew what I think other Jews have done.
I count Jews all as one group.
And I was talking to Ye this morning about it and I said, I disagree with that.
He said, no, I do love the Jews.
That's not what I meant.
So I said, we were texting.
I said, you should come on the show and we should talk about it.
That's good.
I agree with that.
Let's clarify that.
I'm not saying there isn't a Hollywood Mafia.
I'm not saying that Sam Bankman Freed didn't get Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
I'm not saying that that FTX was predominantly, like Bernie Madoff, a Jewish Mafia Ponzi scheme.
We know the Italian groups have a Mafia.
We know the WASP have had Mafias.
We know there's a Russian Mafia.
And there is a Jewish Technocratic Mafia.
uh... working in banking and the securities exchange commission the rest
of it and they all protected him in the protecting him now and that went on
that's real but the average jew is not part of sam bankman's uh...
freed's harvard slash jewish mafia operation i don't think anybody denies that's
what that is you look at the regulators and the mom and the girlfriend
and the whole deal bernie madoff
You know, you don't blame Jews for that, but he was basically a Jewish gangster.
And, you know, different mafias are known for different things.
MS-13's known for cocaine and meth and cutting your head off.
And human trafficking.
And the Italian mob was known for liquor and prostitutes and murder for hire.
Well, the Jewish mafia, going back over a hundred years, is known for bank fraud and money laundering.
And Ponzi schemes.
And so, I mean, that's what's going on.
The Russian mafia is known for being involved basically in everything.
We don't blame the average Russian because that's happening.
So here's a clip as we go to break of Ye.
You know, blacks are overrepresented in violent crime.
But when you meet an individual black person, you don't apply that.
You start with a fresh slate every time you meet someone.
Do you do that with Jews?
This intervention isn't going very well.
It's hard to believe sometimes that we are still live on air, broadcasting free worldwide.
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Well, Greg Reeves has knocked it out of the park again, his reports at man.video and Infowars.com is being posted
as we speak.
The headlines, not very catchy, his headlines usually are, but the reports very powerful,
The headlines not very catchy his headlines usually are but the reports very powerful dealing with the
35,000 foot view of things not a Up close view but but a big picture view of what's really
dealing with a 35,000 foot view of things, not a up close view, but a big picture view of what's
really important and why this country is in so much trouble.
important and why this country is in so much trouble I'll give you though the name
Of the report done won't again posted to info wars.com. It's the Brunson brothers versus the enemies within
So that is coming up very very powerful very very important report
We're gonna go to break come back with your phone calls and get into all this war news economy news
Human trafficking news there is just so much that we're gonna be hitting today. We'll be right back over the
special report We can blame the media for much of our current demoralization
But that would only keep us from looking at our own inaction.
The elections are rigged, and both parties are crooked.
But for some reason, everyone is busy talking about other things.
Things that don't matter.
Because without having a voice in our own government, we are nothing but a slave class for the lobbyists.
If we were a serious people, we would have never left the capital on January 6th.
Instead, we ran home like children.
And when the Canadian truckers stood up, we stayed put in our homes and watched it on the screen, hoping they would somehow make it all go away.
Just like we did when Australia stood up, the Dutch farmers, the Brazilians.
And by the time the Chinese stood up, we stopped caring altogether.
People are now more concerned about who will run in 2024, as if it even matters.
Republicans are openly discussing cheating in all future elections, so that even if they win, it can easily be taken away by their leftist partners.
People don't care about America anymore.
If we were a serious people, then we wouldn't be sitting at home and looking for someone to blame.
We'd be focusing all of our attention on the rigged election system and our criminal Congress.
It's what Carrie Lake is doing in Arizona.
And it's what the Brunson Brothers are doing.
They went through the exhausting bureaucratic process of litigation, and they have managed to get their case scheduled for discussion by the Supreme Court on January 6, 2023.
The Brunsons have accused 388 members of Congress of treason for voting against the investigation of our 2020 elections, and they are asking that all of them be permanently removed from office.
The Brunson Brothers are right, but many roll their eyes and don't want to hear it.
They have lost all faith in the government and either want a revolution or distraction.
But if your goal is to defend the U.S.
Constitution, then there is a proper way to do it.
And while it may eventually lead to violent action, the proper way to get there is first through the courts, and then go from there.
It may not seem as sexy and fun as your favorite distractions, but it is the proper way to start the process of restoring our nation, address the problem, and stay laser-focused on it.
Because it doesn't matter if we have a voice on Twitter.
Our elections are still a total joke.
Twitter is a distraction.
And if we don't wake up, it's the new model for free speech, regulated by our new royalty class.
And so serious people are either busy building solutions or pressing both sides of our crooked government, both the left and the right, while preparing for the worst.
Because these agents of the Great Reset will likely never surrender.
The powers that be may have built the circus tent, but we have filled it with clowns.
And so long as we are content with doing nothing but complaining and fighting one another, then nothing will ever change.
The demoralization is real, and it's time to snap out of it and become a serious human being.
Because if we do nothing, they are just going to fake a reckoning.
Blame it all on a hundred old patsies and put us all back to sleep so they can keep exploiting the human herd.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And what Greg means in his report about stay at the Capitol, like in Brazil, peacefully protest and peacefully occupy, that's what they're scared of.
Well, I'm looking at the board here of phone calls.
Again, we don't screen your calls, only ask that you have a clean phone line.
Tell us where you're calling from.
If you'd like to give us a topic, they put it on the board.
A lot of amazing things that folks want to talk about.
Elections, polls, Georgia Republicans, vaccine injuries.
Reaction to Pfizer's shot.
COVID vaccines, InfoWars, life-saving.
He's an operative, Alex Jones being duped.
I'm not saying that, that's what the caller's saying.
Kyle, Russia, nuclear threats.
Hazy, InfoWars, Alex Jones, COVID information, saving lives.
Democrats versus Republicans, legal election, government lives, government kills, Nazi Germany today.
The system will never change.
Spiritual warfare.
Those are just some of the things that the callers want to get to and we'll go through a lot more callers than just those obviously, but I Did not plug last hour.
No, I don't plug.
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A 360 win.
Okay, let's do it.
I'm going to your phone calls right now.
Each caller gets about two minutes because I want to get to the next person.
That is the goal.
And we go to the order they received.
Thank you for calling Dillon in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Alex, thank you so much for taking my call.
I found InfoWars about seven or eight months ago.
My only regret is that I didn't find you guys sooner.
I'm listening to you guys about every day.
The topic I wanted to talk about was the Georgia election.
Warnock lost by 100,000 votes, but Brian Kemp won handedly.
They won the Attorney General one-handedly.
What was the issue there?
We know the Democrats ballot harvest and do all these illegal things, but Warnock wasn't a great candidate.
And only Ted Cruz and my guy, Lindsey Graham, was there helping him.
There was no other Republicans there helping him try and win.
Why did they let that seat go?
Well, you're absolutely right.
The Republican Party put almost no energy behind Herschel Walker, and that is a very good question.
But listen, we know how the election fraud happens.
Remember a few years ago, the Google expert, the top statistician professor, recognized as the top guy in the country, an expert on digital numbers and on analyzing the larger Internet.
Professor Epstein, not Jeffrey Epstein, the other one, he testified to Congress.
He said, listen, Google sends people with political requests or political searches,
90, I think it was 96% of the time to Democrat sites.
And over 98% of the time, they were putting up negative information when you did follow
the link to Republicans.
And so just by gaming that, he was showing a 20, 30% swing and vote.
So that is proven election meddling.
Then you have the FBI, with FBI agents inside Twitter and in the government, coordinating with the ADL and big corporate media.
Alex, you remember me?
censor and kill real stories that could affect the election.
That is election meddling right there.
We only know about Twitter because that's where the document's been released, but it's actually
come out with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, all of them. So they're all doing it. Great points.
Appreciate your call. Let's talk to Ed in Pennsylvania. Go ahead. You're on the air.
Alex, you remember me? I used to call in twice a week 20 years ago.
Uh, I do somewhat recognize your voice.
What's on your mind, sir?
My dad said we were Russian Cossacks, right where the war is at.
And if people got the guts, they could go look at depleted uranium.
We sent over 100,000 artillery shells and things.
But Google depleted uranium Iraqi children.
The birth defects are horrible.
Essentially, it's a religious war.
The Catholics, the Russians, or Eastern Orthodox, they cross themselves left to right.
The Catholics go right to left.
It's been a war for a thousand years now.
We don't need to be there.
It is a Slavic Catholic slash Orthodox Church civil war.
That's why they just banned the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.
Good to hear from you.
God bless.
Let's talk to Maury in Wisconsin.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, you saved my life, believe it or not.
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, stage four colon cancer.
It went into my liver, went into my My rectum and I had a six inch tumor and I had four or five tumors in my liver and they wanted to keep giving me the shot.
Every day I would go for chemo treatment and I said, no, I don't want it.
Finally, I just lied to them and said, yeah, I got the shot.
And they said, where's your card?
I said, I lost it.
So they just left me alone.
The tumor shrunk and they were able to cut it out.
So your real reason I'm alive today And there's another, um, there's a preacher down in Texas who's really good.
I wish you'd check him out.
He passed away a year ago at the age of 84.
His wife's running it.
I don't know if you've heard of this guy, Thurman Schreibner?
I haven't.
Out of Justin, out of Justin, Texas.
He's got all kinds of YouTube videos on healing and he's the real deal.
He's healed thousands of people.
If you want your people to check him out, And Jesus is working through you.
He really is.
And you need to start a church on Sunday, like an internet church, InfoWars church.
And you need people to donate to that, and you need to listen to this Thurman Schreiber out of Justin, Texas.
And you're going to save millions of people, and they're going to thank you in heaven someday.
Well, brother, I appreciate your call, and certainly I have actually thought about starting a pro-human church that's Christian, but that just promotes the basic tenets of Christianity, and loving your brothers and sisters, and what Jesus taught, and exposing the whole anti-Christ system that is now upon us.
We need a modern church that follows the Bible, but talks about the contemporary things that are happening today, and actually follows its mission.
And so, that is something I've thought about, having some other preachers that are the main preachers that are ecclesiastical and, you know, have degrees in it and, you know, have good records of teaching.
But also a very serious geopolitical understanding in the context of the Bible becoming fulfilled and making it really scientific and showing how it's being fulfilled.
I think that's the message that God's really put on my heart that needs to be done.
So I've really been thinking about that.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Kyle in Washington.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing to light and really showing the true danger that we're in here by Getting involved with Russia and the true nuclear threat that they are.
Zelensky's been trying to get us involved in this war from the beginning.
He's been lying about these missiles going into Poland and... Hold on, don't hang up, Kyle.
I've got to go to break.
This is an important topic.
I'm glad you called in about it.
Because for those that don't know, I covered it first hour.
Putin says we're on the verge of nuclear war.
Ukraine's now firing cruise missiles every few days into Russia.
This is a massive escalation.
Stay there, Kyle.
Welcome back.
We're talking to Kyle in Washington.
He was raising the situation with Russia.
Putin says risk of nuclear war rising will defend Russia by all available means, says the West is moving nuclear weapons up to Russia's borders.
Cruise missiles are being fired into Russia and says that we're now in a greater danger of nuclear war than ever.
So very, very serious situation.
Go ahead and get back to your point, Kyle.
Yeah, I just think it's astounding how our politicians and elected officials just, it really kind of played off like it's not a big deal.
I mean, we are poking the Russian bear.
We are getting involved in this and Ukraine is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Western Europe.
I really just don't think that we should be getting involved with this.
We're not fully understanding the danger and the repercussions from this.
Well, the public doesn't know it, but the CIA's been in there for decades, and Hitler was in there obviously in World War II, exacerbating those divisions, and so were the communists out of Russia, and so they know exactly what they're doing, which shows how reckless they are.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you so much, Kyle.
Let's talk to Hazy in Colorado.
You're on the air.
I just have something very simple to say.
I wanted to thank you for saving my life, my wife's life, and my mother's life.
They're the only people that listened to me.
Everyone else said I was crazy for listening, not just to you, but for saying, you know, that the shots are bad, that, you know, everything COVID was this, that, or the other, fake or whatever.
And you saved my wife's life, but she works in the health industry, so she's telling me now about all these deaths that they're considering strange, and they're happening all the time, constantly, and she thanked me last night for saving her life because she quit a few jobs because they were going to force her to take the shot.
By the way, I covered this last hour, I'm sure you were listening with some warn.
All over the world, the insurance company actuaries are between 11 and 15.
Some areas as high as 18, but the average is 13 percent increase in deaths.
The highest increase in deaths ever, and that's just the first six months of this year.
They're always a few months behind their statistician numbers.
So this is ultra-massive excess deaths.
In 2022, increasingly high at 13 percent.
Says even the Australian's own Bureau of Statistics.
Yeah, and then I got one other thing I wanted to mention to you.
I'm 47 years old, and I watched them pull Tower 7.
I watched it.
They had it on TV.
They watched.
They said it had structural damage.
We're pulling it.
And then I just always hear you say that people don't believe you when you say it.
I watched it.
I watched it on TV.
I don't know, man.
Not to go down, but they just said it on TV.
So you're right about so much.
I'm never going to ever get you for what you're wrong on, because I'm not even sure you're wrong.
But you're such a pure person, and thank you very much for saving my life, my wife's life, my mom's life.
Well, God bless you.
But enough about thanking me.
We're in this all together.
Just please support the broadcast so we can save more lives.
We're doing this together.
Thank you for keeping the show on the air so we can save these lives together.
Let's be clear.
It's not me.
It's the family of InfoWars.
But let's expand.
Tell folks what she's witnessing at the hospital with the hospital workers that took the shots.
Because we have all the numbers.
We know people are dying in mass.
I mean, that's a fact, but it's still anecdotal to actually be able to see the reports from what you're witnessing.
Yeah, what's going on, what I'm witnessing is that my wife tells me all of a sudden, the people she's taking care of are just gone.
They're gone.
And then the other thing is, is that the workers that took the shot, all of a sudden they're gone.
I mean, people are disappearing, man.
I mean, it's like the World's Great Disappearing Act.
And the other thing I wanted to mention, do you think it's possible they would pull a false flag nuclear war to blow up America to get rid of the dissident people?
Well, what you're saying is really important, because if you look at the countries being hit with the poison mRNA shots, it's all of the former British Empire and Anglo-American allied systems in Europe.
And the globalists have said, look, we're going to target the West because it's the biggest consumers.
So they really, quote, want to lower consumption.
They think they're saving the planet.
They're following through and not hitting the third world, who they usually try to depopulate.
They're hitting the first world first.
Because if they can take us down first, there'll be nobody else to stand up for the rest of the world.
Yeah, they created a monster with us.
We're all controlled to buy things, right?
That's how people make money.
And all the rich people, they're the ones selling it.
So they've turned us into this monster and then called us a monster for being turned into one.
You see what I mean?
That's how the devil works.
The devil first gets you to dehumanize yourself and become an animal so that he has a metaphysical right to take your soul and destroy you.
Absolutely right.
And then you accept that you're evil.
Yeah, you accept you are the problem, but we're not the problem.
Thank you, sir.
Matt in North Dakota, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
So, Bohemian Grove.
Very good movie.
Watched it and all your other clips.
Very good work.
I'd like to thank all your staff over at InfoWars as well.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
And I got a question about the Second Amendment.
So, Pearl Harbor, we were We got a sneak attack and many people died.
So I see now the United States is being infiltrated by a bunch of bad actors in our government.
When do we call it out as tyrannical and when do we rise up and exercise our Second Amendment?
Well, here's the bottom line.
Our country was founded when the Redcoats came to confiscate the guns.
And I'm trying to fix this peacefully.
We're actually culturally winning hearts and minds.
That's why they're trying to escalate into violence, so they can discredit us, censor us, and shut down the legal, lawful opposition.
But if they openly come to confiscate the guns, as they did at Lexington and Concord in 1776, we're going to go ahead and see this go into a physical revolution, which I'm trying to avoid at all costs.
But the globalists want to take this country out.
So the civil war that would come out of that gun confiscation, which the Democrats now say they want to take all the semi-autos, Canada's banning almost all the guns, confiscating them.
They've taken the guns, almost everybody, but Switzerland and the United States.
And that's the number one UN goal, is the disarmament of the general public.
The UN famously said that civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state, so there should be a total A total ban, a total abolition of all civilian gun ownership of any type worldwide.
That's official UNIDEAR UN policy the year 2000.
Real quick Alex, all your clips when you go on a commercial, they're very good.
I share them with all my friends the best I can.
I have to use my phone to film them because I can't find them on Bandar Video.
You guys need to put Something on your Bandar video site or InfoWars?
Yeah, I've said that.
You're talking about all the great promo videos we have and all the great little special news reports we do.
Yeah, we have a great crew, but a lot of times they make a video and I'm not even giving it.
And sometimes it just sits there and never airs.
So I try to convince folks that it's not what happens in the building, it's what happens without the building.
And actually putting it out there is what is important.
Don't hide your light under a bushel.
And so that would be quite the project.
We could always start and do it to gather up all the promos and all the special reports and the things we haven't put on the site and maybe have a promo page on Bandot Video.
Great idea, sir.
Thank you so much for the call, Matt.
All right.
Charlene, Texas Skeptic, JB, Craig, Tevin, Shane, Damien, Kayla, Donna, everybody.
Will, your calls are coming up on the other side.
They claim that they're all posted on the hit-breakers side.
I don't know if that's true.
Well, we're covering all the subjects that the establishment doesn't want you to hear.
That's because all we're talking about is common-sense freedom and things they don't want you to know.
Let's go ahead and talk to Charlene in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
God bless you and thank you for all the work you're doing for God's kingdom.
Can I say a couple things?
Sure, go ahead.
Okay, first thing is, Rod Stewart's son is 11 years old and he just had a heart attack.
Wow, I didn't see that.
Guys, print me that.
Wow, yeah, they got 5-year-olds having heart attacks now.
They just say it's totally normal.
Yeah, they're way up.
No big deal.
In fact, they say that us scaring them about vaccines, the U.S.
government said this last week, is the reason little kids are having heart attacks.
Yeah, and I live across the street from the funeral home, and I see a funeral at the funeral home every day, even on Saturday.
Well, we have the national statistics, the worldwide statistics.
Funerals and deaths are all the way up in every group.
The cemeteries are booming.
They've never seen such business.
And the final thing was the main reason why I called in is if the Democrats have made it legal for the mail-in ballots, why don't the Republicans play the same card and do the mail-in ballots also?
Play the same game they're doing.
Well, that's because the average Republican isn't going to be part of a Democratic Party meeting where they get given the names, each person of 10, 15, 20 folks that moved out of state or who are dead.
They're not going to put gloves on and a mask on and go to drop boxes and commit fraud.
That's why.
Well, that's why we keep losing.
Well, I mean, we don't run the Justice Department.
Even if we wanted to organize crime like they do, they're allowed to commit the crime because they're the organized crime syndicate.
And plus, Republicans on average aren't like that.
I mean, I want to expose the fraud and stop it.
I don't want to go meet Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
What's going on, Alex?
and numbers and then and then be given a you know a pile of ballots and then go
fraudulently fill it out and get a thousand bucks for doing that but they've
got enough criminals that are willing to do it so it's definitely an uphill battle.
Thank you Alex, God bless you. Thank you I really appreciate you calling in. Let's
talk to Texas Skeptic from Texas, go ahead. What's going on Alex, I called
about the Kanye, the interview, the Nazis, the Jews, all this stuff. I think Kanye has
come to discredit real questions people have about the Jews at the top of all
these organizations.
And I think they brought him out because there was a growing sentiment over the last year I was seeing on social media, Gab, Telegram.
All these things provoking questions and me trying to look at things objectively, I had to reconsider everything I had been taught.
And one point I wanted to make, I know you had talked earlier, Diascribe, about the Nazis and how Hitler was bad because your grandfather, but I met a kid who said that they threw Osama bin Laden off of his naval boat when they did his official burial.
I asked him if he had saw it, and he said he didn't see it.
They waited until they were all asleep.
But that shows you how... I don't believe that they gave Osama bin Laden an official burial like that.
Okay, but what is... I mean, I agree, bin Laden was already dead years before, and we broke that years before it came out, and obviously there wasn't a body thrown overboard.
That whole thing was staged, and they killed a double that lived outside the main army war college there in Pakistan, and so they killed a real person, but it was a... it was a Osama bin Laden double.
What does that have to do with Hitler?
My point of bringing that up is your grandfather could have been lied to, but what I'm researching, what I'm seeing now, is that in the 1920s, gays and transsexuals and all this was growing in Nazi Germany.
Well, here we are in the 2020s, and we're seeing the same thing.
They're trying to promote gays and transgenders and destroy our children.
Uh, you know, you're worried about Christians being anti-Semitic.
I'm worried about Jews being anti-Christian.
See, this is a problem we're seeing in America where they're propagating the, the, the, everybody that ran COVID at the top of COVID were all Jewish people.
Why, why is that?
These are things that I'm having trouble...
Understanding the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, the Deputy Director of the CDC, the Chief of Staff of the CDC, the Chief Medical Officer Michelle Wolfe.
These are all Jewish folks.
Why are they propagating this poison on the American public, which is mostly Christian?
This is a battle!
Well, I know there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood and banking and things and Harvard.
I'm not denying that.
But are you saying Fauci and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak are Jewish?
I don't know about Bill Gates.
Matthew 10.
This is from Matthew 10.
This is Jesus telling us, Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.
I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
He came to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
So what we're witnessing is a spiritual battle, but we need to figure out who the real, who the people hiding in the smoke is that are perpetrating all this evil against the Christian nation.
I appreciate your call.
I asked you a question about Fauci and Daszak and Gates and a bunch of them being Jewish, they're not Jewish, and you quoted me a Bible verse.
And then Ye is out there basically agreeing with you and then you say he's bad.
So I just get confused by it.
That's why it's a rabbit trail in my view.
It just goes on and on.
And I know it's a hot topic proverbially, you know, perpetually on the internet to just talk about all this constantly.
I'm just fighting the agenda of the globalist.
And I'm not, you know, singling them out for what their religion or ethnicity is.
I'm just opposing Xi Jinping.
I'm opposing the ADL.
I'm opposing Hollywood.
I'm opposing the Democratic Party.
I'm just opposing their whole damn system.
JB in Indiana, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, I was going to try to explain how everything that's happening, everything that ever has happened is all irrelevant to our actual purpose here.
We are here to mature our souls, and the only way to mature a soul is to experience the pain and suffering it takes to appreciate love.
And we don't want to, we don't, that's why nothing, love will never prosper here on Earth because it's not our actual purpose.
Our actual purpose is to produce energy, and that negative energy is what feeds off.
That's what we're being fed off of.
So when we learn to love ourselves first, like V.A. was talking about, he's not saying
that he loves Hitler as what he did.
He loves him because he's a human being.
He knows he lives in fear.
The reason everybody does what they do is because of fear.
The only way to mature your soul is to experience the pain and suffering.
And it's just like the cycle of life.
And we have to respect that.
But that's why nothing is ever going to change.
That's why all this bad stuff happens all the time.
It's because it's supposed to.
And all we can do is be the change we want to see in the world.
And that's the only way to mature a soul.
And yay?
He is not wrong.
Nobody that says they love somebody is wrong because of something they did bad.
Because that person did that bad thing out of fear.
Because they did not know who they were.
Just like Jesus knew who he was.
He didn't believe he was the one.
He knew it.
And when you know who you are, that is the key.
Alright, thank you.
I'm gonna get one more caller in here.
Let's go to Tevin in Illinois.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you doing, man?
Doing a live show here, taking calls.
Well, I just wanted to say, you know, thank you for bringing awareness to, you know, all the people who have been injured by the, you know, the vaccine.
I took one Pfizer shot about a year and a half ago, and I've been dealing with all the side effects since then.
And, uh, you know, despite what anybody says about you, I'm really glad that you, you know, brought awareness to it because it's really affected my life in a lot of negative ways.
What happened after you took it?
Oh, just a bunch of stuff.
Initially, I had like a burning sensation all throughout my body.
And then I had, uh, uncontrollable anger and aggression for about two weeks.
And then it transitioned to me having vision problems, like, uh, twitching, uh, Then over the month I developed fatigue, stomach problems,
and just a bunch of, just a list of negative things.
I've talked to a lot of medical doctors, they say ivermectin, even if you're post viral infection or the blooming from a
shot, doesn't much worse they say than ivermectin.
than an actual viral infection because this vaccine creates the same or the
mRNA shot creates the same thing in the body is ivermectin.
A lot of folks should take cycles of ivermectin. I've had friends have been
really sick after COVID or after the shot and then they took ivermectin and
took them several cycles of ivermectin but I'm glad to hear you're doing okay
now, Tevin.
Yeah, funnily enough I've actually been taking ivermectin.
I actually like ran out of all the options. I have a really good relationship
with my general practitioner but I mean I love her.
Well, that's good, Devin.
Thank you so much.
much more calls straight ahead. Well we had a caller call in about Rod Stewart's
11 year old son rushed to hospital after turning blue and collapsing in a
football match now reportedly with heart problems and you see this every few
minutes another celebrity or their kids or young people and the statistics show
Mass excess deaths in every country that takes the mRNA shots.
And what do you want to bet?
He took it.
Now they've got TV ads and billboard ads saying it's normal for children to have heart attacks.
Yes, they didn't have them before, but now they have lots of heart attacks.
And you ask why would they do this?
It's all a test to see if they can kill us and then get away with it and have us not want to admit we've been attacked and go under mass Stockholm syndrome and then they could turn up the next attack even higher.
The form of human sacrifice.
Rod Stewart's son, 11, rushed to hospital and returning blue and collapsing at football match.
I mean, they had a half marathon in Madrid a few weeks ago and they had a whole bunch of people have heart attacks.
Never before happened.
The Maggie Mae singer was left terrified after her son went blue and unconscious while playing for the Young Hoops under 12s team.
Rob Stewart's 11-year-old son was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at a football match.
The Maggie Mae singer was left terrified after his young son, Aiden, went blue and unconscious while playing for the under-12s team.
The father of eight, 77, initially feared his son had a heart attack after being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
Speaking to 442 Magazine, he said, we thought my boy had had a heart attack.
Of course, we're just going to learn it's myocarditis.
He was going blue and unconscious until he calmed down.
It was scary.
But it turned out to be a panic attack, sure.
A lot of these hospitals say it's no big deal.
The lad wanted to do well, pulled on the hoops in Scotland for his dad.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Who knows what really happened.
Rochester's 11-year-old son was rushed to the hospital for a suspected heart attack.
It's all just normal.
Like the government said last week, it's in your mind when you have a heart attack.
It's in your mind when they pull out giant blood clots out of your arteries when you're 5 years old or 10 years old or 12 years old.
It's in your mind.
And coming up next hour...
Judge Grant's temporary guardianship took the baby of baby Will after parents demand unvaccinated blood for heart surgery.
They join us from Australia coming up next hour.
And look at this.
Kiev continues crackdown on Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Ah, Banning the oldest church in Ukraine.
How liberal!
How loving!
China announces easing of COVID restrictions amid public discontent.
See, the tyrants will push as far as you allow them.
Thomas Jefferson was once asked, what is the level of tyranny the tyrants will take us to?
And he said, the level you will accept.
There's always a tyrant worse than the last one who will push the envelope because it's their nature.
Let's go to Kayla in Canada.
Kayla, thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, how are you?
I'm all right.
Go ahead.
Okay, so I just wanted to let you know about a vaccine problem with my stepdad.
He was after taking the shot, and it wasn't coming up in his blood work, and it's still not.
He's got stage 4 pancreatic cancer now.
And it happened, he's really, he's one of the people that go to the doctors all the time.
And he went for his yearly checkup in February, and nothing came up, and he was having pain in his stomach.
And he found out in April past that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
They took him to Toronto and he's got, he had all the best doctors in Canada.
There's absolutely nothing they can do for him and the doctor pretty much admitted that it was because of the shot.
Well, the Canadian government's not just pushing suicide on people, so it's not just assisted suicide, it's government coerced suicide, it's murder, but they're also celebrating getting rid of the old.
And so this is just a form of government depopulation, and there's literally thousands of studies that the Moderna and Pfizer and AstraZeneca and J&J shots radically accelerate tumor growth, oncology facilities and pathology reports and just all of these All over, all the different medical systems in men and in women, and every different type of medicine is reporting a gigantic, massive increase in cancers.
I mean, I just read major insurance company numbers here, and it's just accelerating after these shots.
Specifically, do you know what shot your family member took?
Yes, he did.
He took the Pfizer shot.
And he was the only one who would listen to anything I said from this show.
I would send him links to his email, and he was holding off on getting it, because he was watching everything that I was sending him to his email from your show.
And my mom was after me, calling me crazy, like whatever, same thing.
But she was at him constantly to get the shot, and he finally got it.
And when she was in the doctor's office, she was like, so Kayla was right then.
And I was like, thank God.
She called me and said you were right.
I was like, well, there you go.
I was a little too late, but...
Whatever, you know.
Wait, wait, wait.
Your dad says you're right or your mom says you're right now?
My mom did, but she was the one that was, like, trying to get him to get it and get me to get it.
He was the one that would listen to me.
Wow, wow, wow.
So she directly correlates the pancreatic cancer that magically appeared after the shot.
So she gets it.
And she got it from, she, the doctor said it to her because she's one of those people that need, like, somebody of a higher authority to tell her.
And he said, like, yeah, that's the only thing that makes sense.
And even till right now, he's been going, he's been getting chemo and everything.
But even though right now...
By the way, say that again.
Your mother's doctor told her that it was probably the shot?
And he's like...
And like, she called me and said, "Well, I guess you were right."
And she was trying to get me and the kids to get it.
And I was like, no, absolutely not.
I was like, I'm not playing with you right now.
And I just hang up the phone.
And my son, he has rheumatoid arthritis, so his immune system is 50% lower anyway.
So I was like, absolutely no.
It was no, no.
Well, Kayla, I'm so sorry for your family, but you tried.
But now...
Your mother and your father should use the time they have to warn everyone you know that monster Trudeau is trying to make it forced, as you know.
And if Canada falls, the U.S.
is going to fall as well.
So we're all in this together.
God bless you.
What a hardcore story.
And by the way, it's not just her opinion.
I have a stack of news right here that I've already covered some of.
Where the major government slash corporate bureau, Australian Bureau of Statistics, mirrors the German, the EU, the UK.
All of them are between 11, 15 to 18.
The average is about 13.
Most of the reports come in at 13, depending on the country.
I've seen 13 over and over again.
I've seen as high as 18 percent increase in death year after year.
They've never seen... During World War II, it was only a few point increase for Europe.
In the first few years.
In the last year, it was really bad, a massive increase.
But this is an increase bigger than any war we've seen.
And it's happening everywhere the shots are, not the other places.
It's 100% what's doing it.
You don't need to be a toxicologist to know you give your dog some cyanide, it flops around and dies in two minutes.
That's cyanide.
It says on the bag, it'll kill your dog, kill your cat.
If you eat a thimble size of it, you're going to die a horrible death of convulsions in about two minutes.
It's the same thing.
You jump in front of an 18-wheeler going 80 miles an hour, and it's going to cream you all over the highway.
You're going to be dead.
Your guts are going to be strewn for 100 yards.
You don't need to be a pathologist to know the 18-wheeler kills you.
But we have the science.
We have the facts.
We know what they've done.
And we know that the injected, the vaccinated, are shedding this intensely for about a month and still for a long time after that.
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God bless.
By opening the floodgates to unfettered free speech, Elon Musk has allowed hate to spread far and fast on
While the left winds out another distraction about Matt Taibbi catering to the richest man in the world, what do the Twitter files reveal about the inner workings of, as Taibbi described, a "Frankensteinian tale of a human-built
mechanism grown out of the control of its designer."
By 2020, requests from the New World Order disciples to delete tweets were routine.
One executive would write to another, "More to review from the Biden team."
The reply would come back, "Handle."
Twitter was acting as a wrecking ball of political tech censorship, catering to the corrupt Washington
establishment, directly impacting and propagandizing a digital town square which affected the general
welfare of the United States, whose lifeblood is protected by the power and freedom of the
First Amendment.
And if it turns out there are a lot of us on this list, where the DNC targeted us, and I will quote the immortal words of Joseph Welch when he attacked Joe McCarthy for the enemies list he had, At long last, sir, have you no shame?
President Biden, all of your These little operatives in the DNC who have targeted American citizens.
Have you, Mr. President, have all of you at last.
No shame.
Taibbi points out that both parties had access to these tools.
For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored.
But the overwhelming amount of leftist Marxist cucks staffed at Twitter ensured that Democrat Party requests took the front burner.
A fact backed up by the overall donations by Twitter to the Democrat Party reaching
99.73% or $165,969 to Democrats while $451 went to Republicans in 2022.
Are you worried about these Twitter files coming out?
What was that experience like, having Kellyanne, who's always in control of herself, siccing this mega trolls on you?
It's terrifying.
When you get targeted in some of these ways, it's hard to differentiate between what is somebody just online trying to rattle you and what's a real threat.
You see in things like Pizzagate that online conspiracies can mobilize very real and very direct offline violence.
I saw those harms, I experienced those harms, and now it was those harms through a mainstream news outlet being held up in the Oval Office by the former President of the United States, and that is deeply terrifying.
What does appear to be illegal, to the point of treason, is that a false narrative of possible foreign hacks, supposedly behind the Biden laptop debacle, was manufactured by Silicon Valley, the media, and the DNC.
Well, we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.
That's been clear for well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.
According to internal emails, there was zero evidence of foreign interference occurring.
What did occur was a meltdown of internal Twitter censorship spearheaded by top Twitter management with the result of ultimately burying a critical story under false pretenses in order to sway popular opinion and alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.
In retrospect, we now know that, as the New York Post reported, nearly four of five Americans who've been following the Hunter Biden laptop scandal believe that truthful coverage would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.
And an even higher number, 81%, said U.S.
Attorney General Merrick Garland should investigate the laptop.
Not only have Twitter employees like Head of Legal, Policy and Trust Vijaya Gadi, and Trust and Safety Chief Yoel Roth proven that they willingly altered the 2020 U.S.
presidential election, but they have demonstrated that Silicon Valley, the Mockingbird Media, and the corruption in Washington is an occupying force and a direct threat to the stability and the future of the United States of America.
This cyber insurrection is what I'm calling it.
It's an assault on this country and it's borderline treason if you think about what the executives did at Twitter.
John Bowne reporting.
I want to first go to a short newscast with the update and then go to them joining us in the middle of the night in New Zealand.
Here it is.
The decision has been made in this case of the four-month-old baby and whether guardianship will be put into the court.
The judge has ruled for guardianship of this four-month-old baby to be placed into the court so that its heart surgery can proceed as soon as possible.
Only a temporary guardianship of the court for this child, a set period of time until the 31st of January.
Now the court will appoint two doctors as its agents for the purpose of consenting to this child's surgery, all decisions relating to surgery including the blood products.
that are used. Now these medical agents will have to keep the child's parents
informed and remember that the parents remain the agents of all other decisions
for this child. Now lawyers in the court at the hearing yesterday said as soon as
a decision was released they would begin preparations here at Starship Hospital
for this baby's surgery to go ahead. They said that that would take about 48 hours
to prepare for, so 48 hours from now it is likely or possible that this child
could go ahead with heart surgery in the usual manner on Friday.
Alice, can the family appeal this decision?
Yes, Mike, they do have the right to.
At this stage, we don't have any indication as it's just come out as to whether that will happen.
However, regardless, this order still has effect until any appeal can be heard.
So lawyers for the family would need to also apply for a stay.
Alex we're going to come back to you later with some more reaction to this but just repeating that breaking news that a gravely ill baby has been put into guardianship by the Auckland High Court.
this four-month-old child their medical decisions now being made by court
appointed agents who will consent to the surgery and allow it to go ahead.
Alice we're going to come back to you later with some more reaction to this
but just repeating that breaking news that a gravely ill baby has been put
into guardianship by the Auckland High Court. More on this throughout the
bulletin. So this is all about the state it's the same worldwide you indirected
taking control of your bodies and now saying we're gonna put the blood product
to people that have a growing prion or spike protein We have all the medical reports, the governor of Florida has criminal investigations going, and Big Pharma lying about this, but they're still doubling down.
Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves, join us, savebabywill.com.
Donations needed at buymeacoffee.com forward slash savebabywill.
We'll put all that on screen for you.
They're up the middle of the night in New Zealand.
We also have the reporters going to be joining us who first broke this travesty so the world would know about this attack on parents on bodily autonomy by these Joseph Mingle asks mad scientist.
So Cole Reeves and Samantha Savage, thank you for joining us.
Tell us what this has been like and lay out what's happened so far and then the latest news about the supposed guardianship of these doctors taking over.
Thank you for having us.
Yeah, I mean it's horrendous.
It's horrendous what's happening and what's happened and what our baby is facing and we're feeling pretty upset by it all as you can imagine.
Yeah, we're just sort of putting one foot in front of the next now.
Yeah, thanks Alex for having us on.
It's a great honour to be able to tell the world what's going on here in this country because it's very criminal.
We're sort of flabbergasted that the legal systems got down to this where they're essentially medically kidnapping our baby and then they're going to perform a medical experiment on him which is now proven To be a medical experiment because it's been proven in the court the other day and all the parties agreed that this blood product that they're offering has got some serious problems.
I mean that was a fact that was brought out in the court and agreed to by the judge and by everyone so we're just wondering how you know how you can sort of justify going ahead with an operation when you know that there's a problem.
Well, you know, the news always condenses it down, only shows one side.
Tell us the timeline here.
When this began, when it became a story?
Well, it began, I suppose, at his birth.
And then, because we are people that haven't decided to take the injection, there was always a lot of fear around us.
So, you know, in subsequent baby scans and things in Sam's tummy, All of what should have been picked up was missed through people, you know, being terribly afraid of us because we're not vaccinated.
So, you know, what should have been a problem that could have been addressed a long time ago was only picked up not that long ago and now it's just blown out into all of this.
Yeah, so basically we've been told that this sort of condition for Will Is something that is often picked up in the antenatal scans.
So I had the antenatal scan and it should have taken two hours and it only took an hour because she was just trying to rush it through.
And then, you know, there's been two echos that have been done once he was born that also missed it.
And the third echo is the one that actually found the problem.
And then it was a big rush after that to try and get the treatment for him.
But you know, again, as a mother knows, I knew that there was something wrong from the
very beginning.
I'm a trained professional myself and I knew that what was happening with him wasn't right.
There was something going on.
And you know, I pushed the nurses and the people that were coming to our home just to try and figure out what actually was going on.
And finally, we found out that it was to do with his heart.
So you with Mother's Intuition said he was sick, it was proven he was sick, and now your research and common science and experimental injections and a huge international scandal that blood banks say people don't want blood that's been contaminated, they mix the blood together, we've had huge scandals with Bayer, Knowingly shipping out millions of doses of a blood product.
They knew had HIV and hepatitis in it.
That famous scandal.
And so this is a big scandal.
This is a legitimate thing that you're saying that you know there should be a blood banks now that are been given the experimental shots and those that don't.
So what you're saying I think is being attacked and shut down because it makes so much sense and it's so legitimate and they don't want any precedent for this.
Yeah, totally.
That's exactly right.
And you know, we've been painted in the media as something that we're not.
You know, we're loving parents that want actually the very, very, very best for our baby.
We know he needs heart surgery.
We've been pleading with the whole medical team here to do it.
But please, we don't want We don't want that.
We know that that is, you know, he's got a compromised heart.
We don't want to put something in that could be cardiotoxic to his heart.
Which by the way, as you know, it's now admitted all over the world, governments admit, the CDC admits here in America, that it does attack young people's hearts.
There's no doubt about that.
And especially males, and he's male.
And he's already got an existing heart condition, you know, that is quite rare.
It's just incredible, but they're arrogantly saying we aren't going to bother looking for anything in the blood because we deem that the blood people are telling us it's safe, so we won't even look into it.
Wow, they have really bitten off more than they can chew.
I want to go to break and give you guys the floor and bring in the reporter, Liz Gunn, that broke this any time.
She wants to pop in, but there's so many facets to this.
I just want to say as we go to break, I want to thank you for standing up for my rights, because this is all a global run thing.
So Australia is America, Canada is Germany.
South Africa is New Zealand.
I mean we're all facing the same big corporate biomedical takeover and we're all going to be faced with this and so you guys are like the icebreakers just because of the time and you know where God put you to be on the front lines saying no and I want to thank you for myself and my family for standing up for all our rights.
People need to go right now to SaveBabyWill.com You can also donate to these folks to help battle and fight this.
Their fight is our fight.
This is so important.
Savebabywill.com or buymeacoffee.com forward slash savebabywill.
These monsters want full control of our lives.
They're targeting our children with these poison shots.
Now they want to put poison blood in them.
Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves.
Our little baby Will's parents.
And there's a lot of background here that I want to get into about your career and what you've witnessed, Samantha.
Let's let you see what's going on.
I see the reports that are even in major studies now that breastfeeding women that have taken the shot, the babies are getting really sick from the spike protein.
This is not debatable now that it's infected the blood supply, that it keeps replicating in the bodies.
This is a very legitimate concern with a horrible history Not just here in the US, but New Zealand, particularly with the Bayer scandal was one of the worst hit along with France.
It's just outrageous.
They're doing this and Cole Reeves.
I want you to be able to just to get out all the incredible points here that that the world needs to know and the timeline here of them trying to force this blood product on the baby.
Yeah, thanks Alex.
Will we?
We, you know, have been in and out of the system for a little while now and, you know, just, you know, with the baby's condition and we, there was a procedure that was performed and I won't go into what, you know, any of that because it didn't work.
And so right there and then we just said, no, be, you know, we have to supply the very best for our child that we can possibly supply, which is, you know, we know that this next procedure that they told us about is going to need to have You know, blood products.
And so, you know, we're onto it, people.
And we decided to, you know, find a way.
And I mean, it seemed simple to begin with.
Find a way to get blood, you know, donated by our donors that we all found.
We found donors, or Sam did.
Sam found them.
She's an incredible lady that's just, you know, over the top.
Well, we found these donors.
We thought that would be a really easy procedure because in the blood website it had, we do direct donor blood services for, you know, if you need that.
And so we got the donors ready and then it seemed like it was the doctor can sign a piece of paper and You get the service.
By the way, I didn't know this.
I was going to ask you this question.
I know a lot of people got concerned about tainted blood with all the problems of so many even famous people getting bad blood and dying of HIV or hepatitis or other things that a lot of people will go out and find friends or family that have the same blood type or a comparable donor and then they will give blood so you have fresh good blood for the procedure.
You had that but still they said no.
Wow, this is just raw power grab.
Well it is, and it all boils down to Will can't have his parents make a decision for him, so the state has just said, no we're not going to even listen to you, we're not going to listen to your concerns, we're not going to do anything, we're going to just take control and we're going to force this product into this baby because we're not even going to test for it because we don't think there's a problem.
Mate, there is a clear problem here, and it's not just the blood, it's actually the state taking control of someone's human right, and it's the state taking control of, well, you know, if they take control of this, what are they going to take control of next?
And then we boil down to, hey, this is so big, it's posing so many questions, but there's, you know, it is Hey, so we've had to make the stand because there's hundreds of thousands of people in this country that didn't want to take the injection.
There's millions around the world and hey, all of those people right now are having to be forced, if they need a blood transfusion, they're going to have to be forced to take whatever blood is put into them.
That's right, there's already a huge global debate about the tainted blood supply and the Clintons being involved, knowing they were putting HIV in with a big company in Canada.
It's just so sick.
Samantha, I'm told that Will was not alone when you gave birth, that he's a twin who's fine, but thank God doesn't have a heart issue, and that you're also a midwife, so you've seen a lot of this up front.
Tell us about those experiences.
Yeah, well, I mean, I was mandated.
When that came in I was escorted out of the hospital I was working in by security through the mandate and I suppose our governing body as midwives has been very Very vocal on their opinions around the vaccination and you know they've tried to sort of keep a lot of midwives quiet.
Well so they're kicking you out of your job, they're coming for your baby.
I mean this, just like Cole said, there's not much more rights to take after this.
Yeah, the hospital has, and the government, has railroaded us as parents.
They've tried to silence the parental voice, which is all wrong.
You know, we're loving parents and we've never once said we don't want the operation.
We wanted it.
We want it.
But we want it with the safest blood and that should be a human right, a basic human right and it should be a basic human parental right.
Since when has the state had the authority to say that I will make those decisions for your baby?
Well, you guys look great for being up in the middle of the night in New Zealand and having twins.
We should all be praying for you as well.
You know, God's the ultimate arbiter here, in my view.
But, wow, just incredible.
Yeah, well, you know, it is incredible.
And like I said before, we were a little bit flabbergasted at the whole procedure.
It's just completely possible to make this happen.
And we just can't understand why they're not making it happen.
So we've had meetings, and they just said, no, we can make it happen, but we're just not going to.
There's no way we're going to do it for you.
In a decent society, doesn't the entire society rally around to make things happen, to make a baby well?
Well, they want to do horrible, out-in-the-open evil things.
Just like China, to set the precedent for power.
And if they own your children, they own your body, they can put tainted blood on you, I mean, what else is there?
Like all the ancient, falling societies demanded human sacrifice.
It's the same thing.
They just want total control over our bodies.
Yeah, well, it's, you know, so our stance is we're never going to be comfortable with this.
Never be comfortable with medical experimentation on a kid with unknown substances.
We got about a minute and a half to break.
We're going to come back with more and the journalists that help you guys break this.
But what is the timeline?
Or you don't know.
He obviously needs the surgery.
They won't let you get a donor that's safe and healthy.
What do you do?
What's the timeline?
Are they going to try to take him if you don't do it?
Or what's going to happen?
Yeah, so they're meant to be doing surgery probably on Friday.
Today is Thursday, so tomorrow.
And they've put security guards on the ward.
They're telling me I'm not allowed to take him out.
They said if I do, they will enforce police or Oranga Tamariki on me.
So it's just disgusting, you know, trying to make us prisoners in a hospital.
Yeah, so Sam is medically imprisoned right now and so is the baby, even though the court documents say otherwise.
So they've come in last night and threatened us and we had to exit them from the room that we're imprisoned in.
Yeah, there's just lies surrounding the entire government case and no need the truth surrounding our case.
So you're basically locked up right now in the facility?
This just gets crazier by the minute.
It just always gets worse, folks.
It doesn't get better until it gets better.
We'll be right back.
So, Fauci, four years ago, in a big C-SPAN interview with a bunch of the different directors of federal agencies, bragged and said, we're going to, quote, blow up the old system, we're going to get rid of approved drugs and products, we're going to force through whatever we want, probably using a novel virus out of China, something like the bird flu.
We played the clip many times.
And now concerted through the big corporations telling the UN what to do.
They are doing this worldwide and the governments run by these World Economic Forum stooges, particularly in the case of New Zealand, have said lockdowns only rivaled by communist China.
Decried by the West, but almost as bad.
And Liz Gunn is a former well-known MSM journalist who's now on the right side of history, starting her own independent media out last year after she wrote a love letter to New Zealand as she watched Prime Minister destroy her country.
She is now one of the leading voices speaking out against the tyrannical government in New Zealand, and was asked by a friend to help Cole and Sam with their baby Will's story.
Free New Zealand along with Counterspin Media have collaborated to make this important story go global as not only is it about baby Will's life, but it also has implications for people all over the world.
We're going to go to her in a moment, but under Stalin's Russia, Under Hitler's Germany.
If you study the history, they first came with euthanasia and forced medical actions, then they started euthanizing people forcibly, saying, oh, they wanted it, and they would come take your disabled child, and oh, they died at the hospital.
And now in China and everywhere, oh, the men in white lab coats, they're really military, take you away.
If any country tried this, there'd be an uprising worldwide.
Not just in the country, but if it's medical, oh, it's medical.
They admit it's about the Great Reset and total power and control.
I wanted to go back and keep them through the rest of the hour, but then go to Liz to get her take on this in a moment.
Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves, who I didn't realize, are locked up in the medical facility.
with themselves and the other twin baby to will, and they're forcing the procedure tomorrow
and won't let them use their untainted blood donor, which is a very common practice around the Western world
that people know that having heart surgery is dangerous 'cause you can get really bad stuff in the blood supply,
and so you have friends or family that have a comparable type that'll work, do it.
They said no, which just takes the level of this to a whole 'nother level of tyranny.
So other comments you'd like to make before we bring Liz Gunn in here, Samantha and Cole.
Yeah, we'd just like to say that--
We know that God is in charge of this.
We're believers.
We've got a great faith, and that is really one of the underpinning things as to why we are standing for this, because it's so much bigger than us.
It's so much bigger than the baby, and God does not want this to be perpetrated on mankind.
He doesn't want it to be perpetrated on the baby.
So, you know, we give him all the credit, we give him all the honour, we seek nothing for ourselves, we just seek, you know, his right way for the baby.
And then, you know, so I'm a bit speechless still, but that's where we stand from.
We stand from a godly point of view that this is not right in any degree that it's been, you know, played out.
So yeah, our faith is what's holding us and keeping us strong and sustaining us and ultimately we know, yeah, that the judge has ruled that the hospital is in favour, you know, but ultimately we know that God is in control.
That's right.
And the good news is this.
China's having to stop their lockdowns because the people hit the breaking point.
They're backing down all over.
They're going to try to come back.
But it shows when we stand up, and you guys are at the very tip of the spear, we have victory.
That's why I want to tell the listeners when they call and thank me on air.
You thank me.
We're all... I want to thank you.
And I want to thank Liz Gunn, who we're about to bring on, because we're all in this together and it's the listeners supporting this broadcast and their word of mouth is just as important as anything we do.
The only way this gets out is everybody having the courage to tell the truth and realize how important their voice is to circumvent the censors, the AI, and the tyranny.
Your own evil Prime Minister that's under the control of Klaus Schwab, you know, has just been caught lying everywhere.
Her numbers have plunged.
Everyone's turning against her.
And so we're really hitting that final point of their resistance.
And you guys are going to take us over the top.
And we pray for your son and you.
Let's bring Liz Gunn in here of FreeNZ.org.
Liz, thank you so much.
I've already followed your work and seen a lot of your work previously being on with us.
Congratulations on what you're doing for freedom.
Give us your expert view on this.
My expert view is this, Alex.
God wins either way now.
God absolutely wins.
Because many, many Kiwis, thousands, I'd say millions are waking up in horror and going, even those who've been asleep, who've been going along with the lies of this Prime Minister, who've been saying, she wouldn't hurt us.
Oh, she was so lovely in the Christchurch.
Ah, shootings.
Oh, she was so trusted.
She was a hero of the world.
And people around the world who used to think, oh, you've got a great prime minister down there in New Zealand.
Messages from all over saying, this is monstrous.
Who is this monster running your country?
How could she stay silent through all of this?
Not one word.
While this little baby, this beautiful little boy who remember there was one other baby, Alex, who was born at Christmas time, who changed the world.
Is this another one of those?
And Will and Sam, baby Will is just such a beautiful, beautiful creature, but Cole and Sam would never make any claim beyond the fact that he's a very sacred little human baby.
But there is something about the energy of this baby that has God's might within him, around him.
And reaching out from him into the hearts of many New Zealanders.
So God wins either way.
And I'll tell you the other side of that, Alex.
The government loses.
They've won the case and they lose.
Because there's no trust for them.
There's no respect for them.
There's no love.
The only thing they're left with is bullying and conniving.
Yesterday morning I was in And Sam was being pursued by two big burly security guys.
She needed to go.
She said to me, I needed to go for a walk, meditate, pray with God, ask for guidance.
I needed time out.
And I went up to the head nurse and I questioned her.
I'm a journalist.
I'm trained in law.
So I'm good at questioning, but I'm also extremely smart.
And I was calm.
I was clear.
I was directed in my questions, but I wasn't intimidated and they didn't like it.
And so what they did was trump up a charge that I had intimidated them.
I think that was what it was.
Came into the room.
At one point, there were up to 17, I think about nine big, burly henchmen and a whole lot of supposedly senior nurses and things, one of whom wouldn't even look at Sam.
And I kept saying, she is the mother here.
Your job is to make this a safe place.
This is not a safe environment for this mother who is still feeding her babies.
She won't have the milk if you don't look after her.
Stop stressing her.
Get out of this room.
Well, they marched me out of that hospital because I stuck up for a mother, because I questioned why they're putting henchmen to follow her, intimidate her.
She will never be broken.
But we are so extraordinarily lucky in New Zealand that we had people of this quality, of this calibre of Cole and Sam to stand up for their baby.
Because I think most other parents would have been broken by the psychological games that have clearly come from higher up.
And we know that this Prime Minister is capable of the most inordinate cruelty.
Interestingly, Alex, all over our 3NZ pages last night were trolls.
And we know they're government trolls because they're sort of bots.
They've got to look.
The pages don't have friends.
They don't have comments.
But they just put up these cruel, cruel comments and laughter emojis.
On a night that for most Kiwis has been a night of grave grieving.
Grieving for the country that we all long for, that we all feel Baby Will is calling us back to.
There were candlelight vigils before the hearing in court.
I'm just shocked at the judges.
There was an admission.
I'll tell you this, Alex, this was incredible.
All the time that I've been engaged with them, right up to the night before that hearing, the doctors in the hospital and the head of NZ Blood Service were arrogantly dismissing the concerns of this well-researched couple saying, oh, the blood's all the same.
What are you talking about?
On the night before the hearing in court, A pile of affidavits were delivered to the lawyers for Sam and Cole, and those affidavits were admitting that the blood service knows at least this.
Hold on, stay there.
We gotta go to break.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for joining us.
Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves have twins.
Saybabywill.com is the baby that the mother discovered had a heart problem, not the medical system, of course.
And then they said, oh, we're going to give them the chain of blood.
She said, well, I'll get a donor.
I'll get people that haven't done it.
They said, no, we're doing it.
So they sent in dozens of police.
They've got them locked up.
They're going to do the surgery tomorrow.
Now, this is a raping of this child.
This is a biological rape.
This is medical experimentation, and they just want to normalize all this, but it's not going to be normalized.
We should all be praying for little baby Will right now.
Liz Gunn, you got caught up on the break.
You were getting into the stack of affidavits that came in just recently with people.
I mean, it's a well-known scandal everywhere, how tainted the blood supply is, much less the huge scandal of the blood crisis in Europe, in Australia, in New Zealand, in the U.S.
and Canada of people not wanting To take blood from people who have been given an experimental mRNA shot they admit continues to grow prions or protein crystals associated with spongiform encephalopathy type disorders, not just myocarditis.
It's shocking and we will really need to focus the lens on New Zealand blood.
It's called NZ blood.
If anybody from anywhere in the world wants to write a protest letter, look up NZ blood and write a letter of extreme protest because it was their lawyer in the hearing that absolutely blocked this.
He said, look, even if the judgment or the decision goes the way of this family, NZ blood will not help them.
Get the unjabbed blood.
That was in effect what this lawyer said.
It was a very dark last part of that hearing.
That's not how they get the people that haven't taken the poison shot.
But you got interrupted by the satellite break.
Their hard breaks were on over 400 stations.
I hate to go to those, but they're hard breaks.
You were talking about those affidavits.
The affidavits.
They came in and in those affidavits, finally, NZ Blood admitted after denying and denying to the face of this family ...into their face that there was any problem.
They admitted that they knew that mRNA remnants remain in blood.
For 14 days, up to 14 days.
That's what they admitted.
So they have been giving New Zealanders blood that has remnants of mRNA, not pure blood.
And they were maintaining this blood was absolutely the same as the blood of unjazzed people.
And of course they released that to cover their butt because later, as long as they admit it, they think they're covered.
Of course, the real studies show in everyone it continues to replicate.
So it doesn't just last 14 days.
And they would have perjured themselves, Alex.
You know, it is just shocking what we've seen.
We've seen Sam locked down.
We've seen her bullied constantly.
We've seen her asked to go to meetings late at night when she's breastfeeding the children when she needs to be looked after.
And now we're seeing this baby taken from.
And for anybody who thinks It's just this.
It's not.
As you said earlier, it always goes one step further.
How far are we now from the state being able to say, oh, we want this newborn baby to have three injections immediately.
And we deem that that's the best thing.
And we've got bought up doctors.
We've got whatever else we need to say that that's the right thing.
So now you parents have no right.
So every single parent anywhere in the world or planned to be parent or grandparent, or should I say human, needs to be horrified at what Jacinda Ardern's government has done here in this decision.
Because ultimately, this lies at the feet of the person leading the country.
With one stroke of a pen, she could say, no, we override this.
It is not just.
It makes no scientific sense because of what they admitted to in court, that there's product in the blood.
So I am going to step in as this heroic Prime Minister.
I love to be seen like that overseas.
I'm going to step in and finally do something that does not brutalize my people.
But she's a slave of the globalists and Klaus Schwab, she can't do it.
We have the parents, Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves here, SaveBabyWill.com, but they're tough, so I'm going to go ahead and just say this, and I'm a parent of four and I can't even, I totally empathetically feel like it's my baby too, so it tears my guts out.
But you use the Christ example, them coming after our children.
is that innocence under attack. God forbid, and it's not going to happen, we're praying to God,
but if this was a Christ-like moment, God forbid the baby does get sick from the blood,
they'll try to cover that up, or God forbid something else happens to the baby, it'll be
their waterloo. So they're really rolling the dice right here with this archetypal Christ figure.
Yeah, well that's right. They're stepping over the line that can't really be stepped over.
Elaborate on that call on Samantha.
What's happening here is just the beginning of an authoritarian takeover and it's coming for all of us if we don't do what Sam and I have undertaken.
And we realised really quickly that we're standing for every person that wants their own human right and their own decisions for their own family.
And everybody that might need a blood transfusion, they don't have any choice.
They're getting what they're going to give them.
And that's not right.
These people have made an informed consent to not have an injection, which is totally their right.
But now you cut yourself and you don't have any rights.
You're just going to get pumped full of whatever they deem is safe for you where it's been proven clearly that it's not safe.
And you're speaking detained with your wife and children in this medical facility now being converted to a Nuremberg violating angel of death operation.
I'm sorry that's what this is.
We just ask that you know Everyone just speak up.
Speak up.
Stand tall with us.
We want to thank you for all the New Zealanders that are standing with us.
Liz and Sue, our lawyer, everybody that's involved in this, Counterspin, all the people that have given hours and hours of their time.
We're just asking, please continue because the fight's not over.
We're still standing.
We're still fighting for our baby.
Unfortunately, we seem to be on the front line this right minute.
Hey, we'd all rather be somewhere else and doing something else and just on the farm, but it's just so It's so wrong.
We've got to continue standing right to the last breath now.
They've decided it's going to be that way.
They could have decided to make it go away and sign some papers and it would have gone away.
But no, they're challenging good people.
They're coming against God and God's will.
And they're coming against Will.
That's our baby's name.
Our baby's name is Will.
He's really important and you know God's using this child to awaken the world to that there's a big problem with blood and we need to have Just blood products available that we're all comfortable with and if people are comfortable with New Zealand's blood service, that's fine, they can have that.
But we're having our rights taken away and we're also having massive deletions from the blood bank's websites that they offered the service but now they don't because we want something that's so controversial and hey, at the end of the day, the question is, well, You know, if we give these people this, then it, you know, poses the question in 6 billion people's mind, what's going on inside me.
And in the free market, everyone will reject their tainted blood, and then that's game over for them, exactly.
You're the first domino to fall, that's why, that's why this is so incredibly important.
Liz Gunn, comments on that?
Yeah, if the decision had gone the right way, people would have said, wait a minute, does that mean there's a difference between the bloods?
Does that mean something was put in my body that is still in the blood system?
Does that mean the Prime Minister lied to me about it being safe and effective, which she said over and over?
And then all the cards would have fallen down.
I'm particularly worried.
Somebody sent me last night something about the judge that he rolled out from Bell Gully, a law firm in Auckland.
He rolled out the government's climate change.
He was in charge of that climate change policy rollout and stepped down from there to become a judge.
Now, I just leave that there as a fact.
I need to investigate that more, but certainly we'll be looking at New Zealand's blood service If we have anybody overseas who can reach out with brilliant ideas, the trouble with this decision is if we go back for an appeal, the actual appeal has to go before the same judge.
It's the way This was an interim hearing on this application.
It wasn't a full trial.
And we thought of going to a full trial and the delays and the stresses that they're putting this family under made me feel that the one option we have is for millions from around the world to contact Jacinda Ardern's office in Wellington.
And say, we see you.
She doesn't like being seen beyond our shores for the cruelty she does.
We see you.
We do not agree with your decision.
You must let this family have the unjammed blood for their baby Will.
That's right.
Will is the example of us all controlling our own bodies and our own futures.
And you're absolutely right.
Do five more minutes with us.
This is so important.
We're going to break for two minutes.
But ladies and gentlemen, this is just pure tyranny.
And they want to just condition us to accept this.
We're not accepting this.
We're not going quietly into the night.
It's not happening.
And she's scared.
Her numbers are plunging.
All of these criminals are in trouble.
Fauci's going to get arrested.
There's criminal investigations in Florida.
We've only begun to fight.
It's very simple.
The behavioral psychologists, the psychological war experts, the globalists want us to give up on our life force, our common sense, our parenthood, our instincts God gave us, but we're not.
So what this family is doing is so beautiful, we should all back what they're doing.
And we should realize this is the front lines of the fight, so whatever happens tomorrow, I know this stuff's going through court.
You want the surgery, but you don't want the tainted blood.
Please join us Sunday.
That's a little bit later in the day, so I guess it'll be later in the morning, so it's not in the middle of the night for you.
Or join us on Monday to give us an update here, because we're obviously all watching this so closely.
So closing comments from Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves, and then of course Liz Gunn.
Hey, we're just overwhelmed with the amount of love and support through Liz, through the legal team, the massive amount of lawyers that have grouped around us, incredible people.
We're just so in awe of their incredible sacrifice to drop everything and then just come to the aid of our baby and they didn't even know us to begin with and now they're kind of like our best friends.
And we just, we're loving on these people because they're just so, they've shown that they're real human beings, not, you know, they've got no agendas apart from to get the baby fixed.
And we're just so thankful for everyone that doesn't know us.
It's a screw ground.
And there's hundreds of thousands of people where we're getting messages and we're getting support.
That's the human instinct is to stick together.
That's civilization.
That's everything.
And, you know, we're just so proud of the New Zealand people for just rallying around us and rallying around this cause and, you know, we just want to thank everyone.
It's not over.
You know, everyone needs to continue to stand and stand with us and fight because this is just the beginning.
It's not over.
Yeah, absolutely.
And these people are people who would love nothing more, Alex, than to be living their private lives, uninterfered with by the state, on their little farm, with their kids running around, that they'd so love and would lay down everything for.
I am begging, I am begging this woman who has shown no heart to us until now, in the last two, three years, Jacinda Ardern, we have no other options.
We actually need you.
As a people, we need you.
To stand up and say, this is wrong.
I know you don't have that naturally, but with enough public pressure, with enough embarrassment, with enough shame from the world's population saying what you are doing to this couple is so wrong.
You could step in because we can't go through the courts, because we have to go back before that same judge.
And who is he?
How could he have made this decision when they admitted there's mRNA remnants in the blood and that the other blood is so pure?
How could he have made this decision that this is for the best interests of baby Will's health?
Do not underestimate how much this little baby and these brave parents mean to the people of New Zealand.
Do not underestimate our spirit and do not underestimate how many people around the world are enraged and standing with us against you, Jacinda, until you back down, do the right thing, stop this operation.
And allow the parents to get the blood they want from the cleared pediatric donors who are unjabbed.
Honour these parents and honour this baby because it will absolutely go bad for you and it's already bad enough.
It will absolutely go bad if you force this operation tomorrow.
We have no other way except to plead.
Help us, Jacinda Ardern.
In the eyes of the world, you are on show now.
It's already Thursday where you're at.
It's Wednesday here.
So I'm thinking like, oh, we'll get them on this weekend.
But you're a day ahead of us.
So come on tomorrow.
Come on Friday.
Give us updates.
I've got a family member having surgery tomorrow.
So I won't be here for the show, but I'll be here later in the day.
And Owen will be hosting the show.
But please come on.
And give us updates and just God bless you and thank you so much.
And I'll say this in closing.
I look at the body language of Klaus Schwab and your Prime Minister, his agent.
They look really scared right now.
They look freaked out and they should be because humanity's awakening.
All right, Samantha Savage, Cole Reeves, SaveBabyWill.com, Liz Gunn.
Please come on tomorrow if you can.
If you can't, I know you're busy.
We're all watching and praying and obviously on the Friday show.
I'll be back to cover it all.
You're in Thursday.
We are in Wednesday here.
You're on the other side of the globe.
God bless you.
We're all praying for your beautiful baby.
Thank you so much.
We love you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, I'm about to hand the baton to Royce White, who's one of the smartest people
when it comes to what's happening in the culture battles for the next hour.
That one's Schroeder.
It takes over at 3 p.m. Central.
Everything I've done in my life has been about liberty and freedom.
I've always loved justice.
I've always hated bullies.
And there are a few times in my life, a little too far, once I already knocked a bully down, that I broke their ribs and stomped their brains out.
But I've learned to back off at the point and to be more Christ-like.
But I'll say this, better to be overzealous in the fight for liberty than to not have that spirit and to not have that will.
That will to stand up for what's right and say no to tyranny.
And we are in the midst of such an incredible time.
I read the actuary insurance company reports.
30, 40 million people have been killed by these shots.
I mean, it's just beginning.
I mean, it is such a nightmare.
But we're going to fight through this together, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to win in the end.
This is the big animating contest of liberty.
This life on this planet is nothing but a test, and we are going through this test together.
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So I salute you, and I thank you.
Now, I know that Royce White's been a critic of some of these people.
He's got his own agenda.
I haven't talked to him other than text a few days ago, so I don't know what he's about to cover.
But I want to hit something in closing and just say this.
I've challenged Kanye West, formerly Kanye West, into a friendly debate with Nick Fuentes.
It's going to be two against one.
To not try to discredit Ye, but to try to educate him from my own perspective.
Because if he says he respects me and has been listening for 15 years, well he should actually listen to me and at least take what I'm saying into account.
It doesn't mean he has to agree with me.
But I see the left pushing racial division, the left saying white people are inherently evil because they're white, and then I see Yeah, come out and say, well, I don't trust any Jew on me because Jews might be bad.
All I'm saying is that's the opposite of what Martin Luther King said.
You should judge people by what they stand for and who they are.
I'm not saying there's not cabals in Hollywood and a Jewish mafia that's out there, but there's other mafias as well.
But I played earlier Rutgers professor saying white people have got to be taken out.
They're inherently evil because they have light skin.
That is disgusting.
It's everybody knows that's stupid to judge somebody off what color they are.
Again, everybody knows you go to a restaurant because it's got good food.
You're not asking who's cooking it.
You know it's a Chinese restaurant, or it's a soul food restaurant, or it's a Mexican food restaurant, or it's a southern cooking restaurant.
You go there because it's good.
You listen to Jimi Hendrix because it sounds great and touches your soul, not because he was black.
Or you listen to Waylon Jennings, not because he was white, because it touches your soul.
It's the same thing, and it takes away our humanity We should be in a group.
We should be Christian.
We should be Americans.
We should be pro-human.
We should be constitutionalists and then unify.
And it doesn't matter whether your daughter's black and brings home a white guy, or your daughter's white and brings home a black guy, or vice versa, or you're Hispanic and somebody brings home an Asian person.
It's their values and what they stand for and what's in their head, their spirit, that really decides who they are.
So I see this Nick Fuentes thing.
And I've just teased Nick a little bit.
You know, on air.
And he called him baby Hitler to his face while he was here.
Because he never told me he loved Hitler, so I got in his face about it.
I don't like Hitler.
And he put this out.
Alex Jones got the call.
With a star of David.
Everybody's like, oh, he got the call!
He's not in the group!
I got the call of my conscience, the call of my history, the call of my research, the call that I know that World War II was more complex than we're told.
I know British intelligence helped put Hitler in.
I know all that went on.
I know about World War I, the Treaty of Versailles, how the Germans got screwed over.
But it doesn't mean at the end of the day Hitler got 22 million Germans killed.
He killed 20-something million Russians.
It was a bad war.
We don't need wars.
We don't need that.
And so these flippant responses about nobody gives me a call and tells me what to say, and everybody knows that.
I say what I believe is right and that is unifying and is good for everybody.
People in Israel are being given the most draconian shots.
They have the highest death rate from the shots in the world.
And I'm not lionizing Israel and saying they're all perfect.
Why is Israel the supposed elite group and they're being given poison shots?
There's something bigger here.
And they're using all this race stuff to manipulate us and control us.
I back free speech.
I back Ye or Fuentes or anybody saying what they want.
But it doesn't mean I then agree with them.
Free speech doesn't mean I agree with everything you say or you put on a flip it call that Alex Jones,
attacked by the whole power structure, everything after me that I supposedly got a call.
Yeah, I got a call when they're trying to kill my ass.
I got a call when these big mafias are suing me.
I got a call when the ADL has their summits the last four years in a row.
I'm their number one enemy, and it's real, and they shake with anger because I know they're race pips, and they're closer to Hitler than even Ye is, and they're using race to control people, but they don't represent Jews.
They're getting Jews persecuted to control and suck off Jews.
I care about everybody knowing how the trick works.
I'm like a guy who tells you how the magician trick works.
And they don't want that, folks.
That's why they hate me.
I'm telling you how the scam works, how they got a card up their sleeve, and who they are.
Because I want humanity to succeed and go forward in the future.
I got the call of the Holy Spirit.
I got the call from God.
I got the call to tell the truth.
I got the call to change the world, and I've done it.
And so I say to all the authoritarians, whether Joseph Stalin, or Xi Jinping, or Adolf Hitler, or any of these people, that I don't support them.
I support Americana.
And I support the new Renaissance.
And I support the real Christian system.
And I support our Founding Fathers, and that's who I am.
Royce White takes over.
Royce White takes over.
Good afternoon, everyone.
I'm your guest host for the next hour.
I'm Royce White, as Alex stated.
The date is December 7th, the year of our Lord 2022.
And I plan to get into a lot of things over the next hour.
After the midterm elections last night are now over, And I ran myself under the Republican Party's banner as an America First candidate.
I think it's time now that we can just get everything out in the open and set the stage for 2024.
Because this is the fight of our lives.
This is the fight for the country.
It's happening right now.
Yesterday was a huge blow and I'll explain why in more depth on the other side of the break.
So strap in, you know, get ready.
Alex teases me a lot, says I'm too subdued on the show when I come on InfoWars, but that's because I respect Alex a great deal.
I respect this InfoWars platform.
I respect this historic time and this legendary opportunity to be able to share my ideas with this audience.
I think this is the most spiritually awake audience in our country and around the world.
But we're going to touch on identity today.
We're going to touch on identity.
We're going to touch on a number of other things as well.
But we're going to drive hard on identity on the other side of the break.
Because there is an identity war, an identity manipulation, an identity three-card Monty that's being played that we as Americans and free people all around the world have accepted from this establishment.
And it has us confused, chaotic, and unprepared to fight.
We are back, ladies and gentlemen, live from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I want to say that this is my first time hosting InfoWars from our new studio here at Free People Radio as a podcast company that we've built for these most historic times, times where we need voices who are genuine and righteous.
So thank you all for tuning in.
Thank you to Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to have this hour and share my thoughts with this great audience.
I want to talk about identity, and on Friday night, Alex and I did an interview together and I said that when you can't talk about people through their identity, through their traditions, through their culture, it becomes very difficult to talk about people and it becomes very difficult to talk about history.
History is essential to being human.
It is the greatest or one of the greatest gifts God gave to us.
It allows us to have knowledge.
It allows us to share knowledge from one generation to the next or past knowledge from one generation to the next.
That is at the heart of much of the chaos and confusion that befalls our society today.
And I want to go straight to the heart of the matter.
Let's talk about the Jewish issue.
Let's just get it out on the table, okay?
The Jewish people have a 5,700 plus year oral and written tradition.
To carry that tradition across 57 plus hundred years is more than many or if not most groups can attest to for themselves as a demographic, as a group of people.
It is responsible for the United States Constitution in many ways.
Yes, Christianity, of course, But Christianity was started by Jews, okay?
And Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
If you do not believe in God, you are not a Jew.
Before the covenant between Abraham and God, there were no Jews.
There was not a Jewish people.
Really, you could argue that there wasn't a Jewish people until Jacob and Israel or maybe even the exodus even people in Israel and and and Orthodox Jews have a sort of disagreement about when to Count the Jewish people as becoming or people based on having a nation So when we talk about this this Jewish issue or the people who have used the Jew identity to shield themselves from criticism Let's call them who they are
They're anti-Jews.
But let's not stop there.
Let's not be so caught up in this, this, you know, childlike petulant animus that we let that three card Monty distract us from the rest of the picture.
And that's what that's what Alex is trying to say.
And I think he's right to say it.
And I think any of you at home would be foolish to let a man who has 25 plus years talking about this establishment and doing more research and homework than any of us care to do.
In fact, we come to listen to him.
Because we don't find the time to do that homework.
Because we traded our freedom for security and materialism.
But we didn't just trade it to an anti-Jewish global elite.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Let's go back to the roots.
Let's go back to the Enlightenment.
Let's go back to the Renaissance.
Let's go look at the ideologies, the philosophical ideologies that came out of the Enlightenment.
Three central ideologies.
Even more so, secularism.
What do we have here today?
We have the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and I'll show you they're all ideologically based.
One, scientism.
That's the death horse.
Two, and I'm using my notes here just to make sure.
Two, communism, that's famine.
We've seen it multiple times.
Three, liberalism, war, the neocons, the neoliberal establishment, the ultimate warmongers.
And number four is conquest, and that's globalism.
We have an ideological identity issue.
And here in America, we're supposed to be the bastion of free thought.
We were supposed to be a safeguard against economic imperialism through a nation of shopkeepers in our Second Amendment that would allow us to defend against these type of ideological wars, these type of ideological hydras.
But we've been too petty in America.
We've been too immature.
We've been too caught up in the WWE of American culture, of American history.
And I'll say it clear as I can here today, because I'm not here to make friends with you.
I don't want fans.
I don't need fans.
I'm a well-fit 31-year-old 6'8 male.
Okay, I'm 270 pounds in and I wear a 34 jean in the waist.
I don't need fans or friends I just want to tell the truth and to be honest I'm doing it for my own salvation when you got people like Ethan Klein saying that they would crucify Christ again I'm doing it for my own salvation so you can listen or you cannot listen doesn't make me much difference I'm not selling you used cars.
Okay, you're either gonna buy it or you're not There is a three There is a three-piece bracket on the American political spectrum right now.
On the far left, you have a radical materialist ideology that reduces everything about our society down to price.
On the far right, the real far right, not the Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, or Royce White far right.
I mean the real far right, which does exist, right?
The Negroes and Jews won't replace us, that sort of psy-op controlled opposition far right, that crowd.
They believe in race superiority.
They have a real, real hard-on for race.
And then we got the middle.
The money changers, the corrupt status quo, the centrists.
What's the common thread between all three brackets?
They don't believe in God.
In the middle, they believe in themselves.
On the far left, they believe in utopian, egalitarian, you know, communism.
And on the far right, they believe in Darwin.
Now what, and this is when the real question comes in of you can get so far right or left that they become the same.
And that's when you see things in four dimensions and not two.
Because what makes you people who believe in Darwin think that you're Christian?
This is the scam that was played on us.
You people who believe in the evolution theory do not believe in God.
Darwin was the railhead.
He was the sine qua non of anti-God philosophy.
He was the sine qua non of anti-God Western education.
Soon as they started teaching everybody in the schools evolution, the Bibles went right out the door.
And you people fancy, you people on the far, far right, you people fancy yourself Christians.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Let's just get it clear.
Because, again, I don't want fans.
I want fighters.
And we, the Christians, this is our doing.
This is our letdown.
This is our lack of faith.
This is our lack of spiritual fortitude.
This is us on the conservative side, on the right, trading God, trading the one true God, selling out the one true God and his only begotten son for tax-exempt status and homosexuality.
This is what we've done.
Let's not talk about Negroes and Jews.
We had the country.
We had the country.
We gave it away.
And we're going to talk more about how we gave it away on the other side of the break.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Royce White, your guest host for the hour, live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast.
And right now we are getting deep on identity and the three-card monte that has been played that we, the American people, have bought into.
And yes, we have bought into it.
We want to get hung up with the Jews or the white supremacists or the blacks or the Hispanics or the Chinese or the blah blah blah blah blah.
Don't think that those of us who really see with clarity don't understand that many from within We The People have used all of this sort of identity bickering as an excuse to get out of having to take action.
Don't think we don't see that.
Don't think we don't see you.
I'm not so in need of adulation and fandom that I can't call people out.
And that's what we're going to get to now.
That's the part we have to get to after last night's election going into 2024.
Where the fate of this country and freedom all around the world is on the line.
Let's just get right down to it.
Who's gonna actually fight?
Who's willing to fight, not bicker, but fight?
Who's willing to throw their ideas in the arena and have their ideas picked apart meticulously like they did when they started this country, right?
When you meet for three months and the best idea wins, who's ready to do that in order to save this country?
Fascism, liberalism, communism, it's all statism.
And there's one common theme.
It's anti-God.
Let me just show you how this works.
You get a group of people from within a nation, like I said on Friday night, who were the working class, they became the bourgeoisie, then they unionized, Then they cut off social mobility and rigged the system, instituted a military state to safeguard their power.
That's who the Nazis were.
That's who the liberals are in this country.
And I was asked on the internet over the weekend, well, where's the 6 million Jews that were killed in Germany here in America?
Planned Parenthood?
Don't think that I don't see the anti-Jew motif and how they've used that identity and weaponized and hijacked that identity to take advantage of other common Jews.
And even in fact, some of them are willing to sacrifice their clansmen, their brethren, in the pursuit of power.
But that's no different than some of you white folks out here.
That's no different than some of you Negroes out here.
All of us, from every group of people, have exhibited the proclivity To sacrifice our own in pursuit of our own selfish ambitions.
I can talk about that because I come from a black community where we sit in the position we do in society.
Dumb, degenerate, and unempowered.
Because many from the black bourgeoisie have negotiated the terms of our contract with the government and the corporatocracy with their own selfish gain in mind.
That's what we live under here.
Let me tell you the difference between liberalism and fascism.
Fascism doesn't hide its state tyrannical ambition.
Liberalism hides it in the corporation.
That's all that's happened here in America.
That's what liberalism hid its tyranny, its long, long game of tyranny in the corporation, in the idea of free markets.
Well, how free are the markets, really?
How free do you think these markets actually are?
Let me show you how it works.
Let me show you how it works when a nation of shopkeepers is undermined by economic imperialism.
You get the banks, like the Fed, to raise the interest rates, and then anybody, small business or middle market entrepreneur, that has a bank loan or a covenant, gets their business liquidated.
When they can't make covenant.
And then the banks and the Fed come in and take all of their shit.
That's called piracy.
And this is one of the three go-to business methods of the globalist model.
Piracy, drugs, slavery.
Here in America, we got all three.
Yeah, are there many anti-Jews that are involved in this practice?
But how about all of us?
How about, let's go back to where this all began.
It was never okay for us to charge interest.
Now we're out way over our skis.
There was something profound in the Bible, in warning about what type of social circumstance greed yields, interest yields.
There's a reason why it was forbidden.
There's a reason why we, us at home, Allowed ourselves to stray away from that biblical teaching for what end?
We were lazy, sloth.
That's what it was.
Oh, this whole heresy begins with the Industrial Revolution, where man thought that we were smart enough to outmaneuver God's curse against us to have to sweat by the toil of our brow.
We said, oh, no, no, no, God, we got a better idea.
We got a better idea for you.
We're going to give you the finger by scientifically mitigating the process of work and food and agriculture.
And then we got so high up on our horse, we said, oh, oh, wait a second.
Oh, we don't have to farm anymore.
We don't have to live with the land.
We don't have to live in the natural way.
Now, let's just see what else we could invent.
And we have this sort of sickness in our minds that scientific evolution, that scientific progress, is in all cases a net positive.
And you know who you get when you think that way?
Klaus Schwab!
Whose influence listed right there on Wikipedia, if we could bring it up, and I hate to ever bring up Wikipedia because I have huge contention about what it means to be an authoritative source.
My Wikipedia you could pull up and it's full of lies.
This guy's Wikipedia he probably hand-wrote himself and if we could please producer pull up Klaus Schwab's Wikipedia.
Right there listed is singular influences none other than Henry Kissinger, sine qua non of the modern post-World War II democratic liberal order anti-Jew establishment.
They're right there together.
And who was Klaus Schwab?
His father was a Nazi.
You people can't accept it at home.
You're too pig-headed to see the scam that's being run on you.
This left-right paradigm is a hoax.
That's where the Infowar is.
That's the actual scam that's being run on you.
That's the PSYOP.
I mean, we could get to the dopamine and the social media and the history of slavery and a whole bunch of others.
The real prominent psyop is that we all must come together under global governance or else Hitler is bound to show up again and kill us all.
And in order to do that, there are all these identities that we must protect because Hitler went after those people.
But nobody talks about America being in on it.
Nobody talks about the crown being in on it.
Nobody talks about these anti-Jews like Kissinger coming after the fact and picking up Nazi scientists like Klaus Schwab, who's an engineer who came from, oh, he came from Switzerland, so I guess that means he's not a Nazi.
Adolf Hitler was from Austria.
So, I mean, you don't have to be German to be a Nazi.
We know that from the Ukraine, right?
When the Jews came across the Ukraine, or, I mean, when the Nazis marched across the Ukraine and the Ukrainians threw the swastika on, see?
Some of us know the actual history.
They killed six million Jews in the Ukraine.
Where did we send the other Operation Paperclip scientists and Nazi Party leaders that didn't come to America or Argentina?
We set them up in the Eastern Bloc in Europe.
Some of us know the history.
Some of us check the records, some of us read the fine print.
You people at home that are stupid enough to actually believe we are sitting in a dichotomy of Jews, powerful anti-Jews on one side and people who believe that white have a superior race on the other side, you people are the controlled opposition.
And how dare you try to, how dare you try to, you know, create this narrative that if, if we say that Alex isn't in the club anymore, he didn't meet the criteria of our white superiority.
That makes you a patriot.
That makes you a Christian.
It makes you a coward.
Come tell it to me.
I like that kind of energy.
Come tell it to me.
And I'll tell you exactly how you've used that as an excuse to get out of the fight that's in front of us.
So you can sit at home on the internet and type away your bickering.
See you on the other side of the break.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, I'm your guest host Royce White live from here in Minneapolis the belly of the beast We've had a great show this afternoon And I'm so thankful to Alex Jones and the entire Infowars team for allowing me to host this hour We've been talking about identity We've been talking about the three-card Monty that we've bought into that keeps us busy and bickering back and forth instead of taking action And we wonder how we got here.
We all want to pass the buck and We all want to pass the baton.
We want to throw it off on somebody else.
Well, the truth is we gave up our freedom.
We did at home.
We thought that security and radical materialism was a better idea.
And if we didn't believe that, then we could change this country in an instant.
There is no power out there.
There is no international or national governing body that has more power than we, the people.
You know where that power comes from?
It comes from the example of Christ, the willingness to lay one's life down to sacrifice oneself in the interest of a higher moral or ethic.
That's what we've lost.
That's why we're losing.
We've been outflanked.
We've been outflanked by the most masterful manipulators in human history.
The single most masterful manipulator, Satan.
But all of his minions have now coagulated into institutions.
And we like to fancy ourselves rebels.
We like to fancy ourselves opposition.
But when does it begin?
When does it begin?
Why did Hershel Walker lose the election yesterday in Georgia?
Well, there's a couple of reasons.
One, the integrity of the elections is surely in question.
There's no doubt about that.
And they've been in question for a long time.
But let's talk about it from a cultural standpoint.
Black people, who have been told a grand lie about the nature of this country's politics and this country's history, went out and voted against Hershel Walker.
And who did they vote for?
Raphael Warnock, who went up on The View, and this is about a year ago, he went up on The View and sang his own praises for being elected with a Jewish senator.
That he was proud that after January the 6th, that Georgia saw its first Jewish and black senators.
Well, there it is, folks.
I mean, that's the nexus right there of social and cultural politics here in our country.
But who's going to fight it?
Are you going to fight it at home?
Or are you going to pick up your Bible and go into the belly of the beast and knock on some doors and tell these black folks who have been lied to, these people are not the true representation of middle and rural America.
See, we thought that we could run from Satan.
We were naive.
We were arrogant.
We were too self-aggrandized.
There's no running from Satan.
The only thing you can do to Satan is rebuke and refute.
The only thing you can do to Satan is have faith.
Demonstrate your faith.
Demonstrate your charity.
Demonstrate your love.
That's what the story of Jesus Christ is about.
It's about love.
So, and I don't say love in some colloquial kumbaya way.
I mean, actually the application of love is a mechanism to find truth.
A truth that we have let be obscured by our own selfish desires.
That's why a bunch of young black people in the inner city actually believe that Raphael Warnock, the communist, has their best interests at heart.
Let's talk about it.
Who was probably behind the Hershel Walker campaign?
Who donated money to the Hershel Walker campaign?
Who probably sabotaged the Hershel Walker campaign from within?
The Uniparty.
The Republican establishment.
The Republican establishment that many of you sit at home and say, Oh, you know what?
I don't want to be involved in politics because the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats.
I'm an independent.
I'm a libertarian.
Oh, give me a break.
Stop lying to yourself.
Stop lying to yourself.
Saying you're libertarian or you're an independent is like saying I'm a far leftist, anti-corporate Marxist.
It means nothing.
It doesn't mean anything.
The politics of this country have surrounded you and swallowed you whole.
You have no power.
Pull up the results of the Senate race here from last night with Herschel, and make sure that you include the third party, the Libertarians, who took 80,000 votes that should have obviously went to Herschel Walker, because anybody with any sense, with any logic, understands that currently in our country, the American political landscape is such that the Libertarians are much closer to the Republicans in almost virtually every way than the far-left Communists, who want the ultimate form of government.
Well, can we please pull up the election results?
80,000 votes.
Herschel lost by, what, 50, 45, something like that.
Who are the independents?
There are no independents.
They caucus with the Democrats.
Who are you if you're saying you're an independent?
You are Bernie's supporter.
You vote with Bernie.
Stop lying to yourself!
Stop lying to yourself at home.
This is a scam that we're running on ourselves that we've accepted.
That we, we in the black community, we've accepted it.
The black community actually, actually wants to believe that there's some, and I'm in this age group, right, at 30 years old where I see a lot of my peers post these pictures on Instagram or wherever it is, TikTok, whatever.
Uh, as though there's some affluent, you know, metropolitan world traveler and they got their own independent business.
And, and, you know, now they're going to become entrepreneurs, which is a great ambition.
And, and I, and I salute that we should have more entrepreneurs and more shopkeepers, but then why would you vote?
Why would you opt for a welfare state?
Raphael Warnock went on The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, another example of the black bourgeoisie and anti-Jew nexus, and bragged about having come from public housing.
That him being elected senator was a symbol of America being a great country because he was able to come from public housing and make his way all the way up to the Senate.
The Democrats plan to expand public housing to the global scale.
You came from the belly of the welfare state, Raphael, Warnock, Warcock.
You came from the belly of the welfare state, and you now govern the expansion of the welfare state.
There's nothing about that that equals prosperity for black people.
There's nothing about that that gives black people equity or ownership.
It makes them permanent wards.
It makes them serfs.
It makes them slaves to a global economic elite.
It makes them slaves to the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank or the Federal Reserve or Davos or the CCP or any number of global institutions.
It makes them slaves.
But it's our fault.
It's our fault in the conservative movement, in the Republican movement, in the Christian movement.
We have allowed them to tell this story and sit at home and bicker about how we're so angry, bicker about how we're so upset.
You don't need the news to spread the word.
You don't need the news or the six major media companies to spread the gospel.
And many people sit at home and watch Fox News like they're not the controlled opposition.
You don't need any of those people to tell the truth.
All you need is yourself.
See, we've been caught up in this.
The real scam of this culture is that they've built this sort of image of heroes and idols and icons.
And we lose sight that God gave each of us a mouth and a spirit and a mind And a will, free will, that we can do with what we will.
What have we chosen?
We've chosen to give our freedom over to a super state in pursuit of radical materialism and security.
And now we sit on the door of destruction.
Now this country sits on the precipice of destruction.
And there's going to be a knife fight.
There's going to be an all-out knife fight.
About who's going to lead this movement, which ideas should lead this movement when the revolution happens and there is a revolution happening right now.
What ideas are going to win?
What ideas are going to be left standing?
Everyone better get prepared at home.
Everybody better get prepared to find it in their heart.
To connect with the one true God and the example of his only begotten son and use that in your everyday life.
To march forward and fight for the future of this country.
Because the future of this country is tied to your future.
If you can't do that, if you want to be caught up in petty culture wars that are a complete look-away and distraction, get ready for the gulags!
And let's see how much bickering you can do then.
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