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Name: 20221204_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 4, 2022
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The podcast discusses various topics such as freedom of speech, censorship, historical events, government manipulation, and alternative healthcare solutions. It features interviews with Alex Jones, Royce White, and Dr. Peter McCullough. The show covers recent developments in Twitter under Elon Musk's ownership, the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and China's protests against Xi and the CCP. Additionally, it highlights the importance of vitamin C and zinc in nutrition and immune defense. The speakers express frustration with double standards and hypocrisy in society and emphasize the need for open discussion and action against those who suppress free speech."

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Do you support the Chinese people's right to protest?
Do you think it's problematic to do business with the Communist Chinese Party when they suppress human rights?
Have you reached out to them as a matter of national security since we obviously have national security concerns with China who they seem to be aiding in this process?
Sure, I don't have any communications to speak to specifically with Apple executives.
So, when I've told you over the decades that large multinational corporations allied with the dictatorships of the UN run the leadership of the CIA, that's not my opinion.
And now the Carney Endowment former head publicly runs it, and it's come out in the news the last few months that the CIA specifically, illegally, with the Justice Department, is meeting with big tech Corporate dinosaur legacy media and major corporations to set up a social credit score that's already being implemented by stealth.
To basically debank you, harass you, and later imprison you if you don't go along with them.
So this is a real totalitarian takeover.
Our democracies on both sides of the ocean are being shaken by the same doubts as to our ability to be sufficiently strong and effective when it comes to the challenges we share.
Hate speech, false information, and today's fears.
To me, the best way to counter the dissemination of misinformation We've got to be out there, people who you trust, who are trusted messengers, to get out there and put the truth out.
I don't usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I got every single word and fact, scientific fact, correct.
Before you inject your child, A decision that is irreversible.
I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the RNA vaccine technology I created.
The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your parent's cells.
This gene forces your child's body to make toxic spike proteins.
It just seems to me, I didn't do a study on it, but from what I'm seeing from my experience is that The people who are spreading misinformation and disinformation seem to be relentless in their pursuit of spreading misinformation.
And if you watch corporate media, you'll see a CIA analyst saying, screw your free speech.
It doesn't exist.
Elon Musk is allowing some freedom on Twitter as a Russian agent.
If there's no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts, the rest of it, this is a great opportunity for him.
And so when he's talking about the popular voice must, he's really talking about Russian intelligence.
Controlling what we can say is a means of controlling what we think.
Anyone who doesn't understand the importance of protecting all speech, including speech we find reprehensible, is an enemy of America.
Do you think that users have a right to freedom of speech even if what they're saying is wrong or offensive?
I think...
That one human being should not decide how millions of people communicate with each other.
One human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide, oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn't.
That's not how it should work.
It says, Twitter provides a global communication platform which encompasses a variety of users with different voices, ideas, and perspectives.
As a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users.
This is all just the First Amendment law.
And they say down here, if you believe content or behavior you are reporting is prohibited in your local jurisdiction, please contact your local authorities.
This is the sleight of hand that the establishment has done.
Is they've equated free speech with hate speech.
So if you're for free speech, you're against minority groups because then people will be able to hurl hate speech at them.
And so you should be against free speech because it hurts minority groups.
The only thing minority groups have is their speech.
Words can be weapons.
Hate speech online can lead to cruelty and violence in real life.
The UN report says ban people's speech because it might make somebody do something bad when they flood our countries with third world populations filled with hate for us.
If you criticize it, you get arrested.
Markets like actually...
Totalitarian governments where you have a understanding of what's out there and obviously we're the whole dimension is changing now with as you said a democratization of countries and and democracies are very messy as we know in the United States you have opinions changing.
So this is the control, ladies and gentlemen. This is their larger plan.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live on December 4th, Sunday edition.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here tonight until 8 p.m.
We just kicked off at 4 p.m.
Central broadcasting worldwide.
We're also here weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central with my show.
Then we have the other great info or shows All the new listeners tuning in from the Kanye West Yay Interview Thursday.
Millions and millions of new listeners need to bookmark it.
No, you're going to get a lot of forbidden information that some very bad people do not want you to know.
They are the globalists.
They are the New World Order.
We name them.
We show you their documents, their own statements.
And when we make claims, we prove it here, unlike them.
The Twitter file is being released, the first of over 20 tranches.
of information by Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, is bringing the deep state to its knees, showing illegal election collusion and mass censorship from everybody from James Woods to Donald Trump to Alex Jones to Tucker Carlson on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of other prominent people.
That's a massive story.
We've also got the huge fallout of the Ye interview where he was openly testing First Amendment and provocateur-ing the public.
I'll give you some of the inside baseball on why he did what he did.
I didn't know he would do it until he did it.
I thought he was coming here to talk about love and coming together and we weren't going to get into those other issues.
I said he could if he wanted to, but he wasn't.
He did.
Now I've got the inside scoop on why he did what he did.
We're going to be talking about it with a special guest.
I'll leave it at that.
Coming up in the second hour today.
That's a huge area.
We also have open, hardcore Nazi rituals.
This is real Nazis, not yay trolling.
In Ukraine, backed by the government officially with the Azov battalions where they howl Hitler on video.
And do blood rituals that Hitler invented called blood and soil.
This is a Nazi ritual.
See them seek highland.
We'll show you close-ups with swastikas on their arms.
This is the main military of Ukraine.
I'll explain exactly what's going on.
Zelensky just banned the second largest church that founded Ukraine a thousand years ago.
The Orthodox Church is banned in Ukraine.
Ukraine, arguably the largest church, if you could argue the Catholic Church is the biggest.
Those two groups have fought with each other for a thousand years.
But they got together to defeat the Muslims and others that invaded over the last thousand.
But now they're back fighting again.
Hitler exacerbated the two sides in World War II as a proxy war.
We're right back to where we were 75 years ago at the end of World War II.
That's all coming up.
We have got huge news on the Globalist trying to turn off the energy supplies and what's really happening with the economy and inflation and what the numbers say for next year with inflation.
This is going to be a very important broadcast.
I've over-prepared.
It's almost shameful how much I've prepared since Friday evening.
Probably 15 hours.
Should have spent time with my family more, but I've spent 15 hours at least in deep study.
And a lot of what I don't get to today we'll cover on the Monday show tomorrow.
But we've just got the waterfront here.
All of this is massive.
Elon Musk has said he's not suicidal, he's got more security because of what he's about to release on the deep state.
I believe him.
This is very dangerous bombshell stuff.
I said on Friday when one of my associates was about to talk to Elon Musk, In a few minutes that he better warn him.
They're going to try to kill him.
He better get more security.
He better really have his private jets checked.
I'm not saying I spurred him to make the announcement, but hours after I told him that through a close associate of his, he did indeed come out and say that.
I was also sent a recording that's not been picked up in the press that was in an online group chat that Musk was in yesterday.
We'll be airing.
No one's broken this.
I thought as soon as he said it, because I was sent the live feed, only had about 50 people on it, that someone would put it out.
When I noticed it didn't come out a few hours later, I went and grabbed the clip.
Jamie White posted it to tenfoldwars.com.
Musk talks about how he wanted to punch Ye in the face.
It's only a two-minute clip out of an hour-plus-long audio chat with Musk.
Again, the whole thing was newsworthy.
Mainstream journalists don't actually do journalist work like sit and listen to a private chat that I got an invite to.
That's again public.
You gotta get an invite.
And I was sitting there listening to this.
It was amazing.
Mark Dice was in the chat as well.
He was listening to it.
He was blown away.
So he reported on some of it, but it's not broken.
He said he wants to punch Ye in the face, but that's not the bigger issue.
The bigger issue is he says, well, Alex Jones is kind of edgy.
But at least he tried to reel in and rein in yay a little bit, so why am I still banned?
And we'll elaborate on all of that.
So these are all huge issues.
I mean, this is just so much breaking news, it'll make your head spin.
And I know our general audience of about 3 million people at InfoWars.com and on our radio stations, conservatively tune in a regular 3 million people every day.
And then a lot of people tune in once a week.
That's another 5 or 6 million.
And then other folks pick up our viral clips.
That's probably 50 to 100 million a week.
Those aren't regular listeners.
We have the numbers.
It's been all the news.
Even NBC News reports it's the biggest media event in weeks.
Over 100 million people have tuned in since Thursday to InfoWars.com, our streams and our videos.
Over 100 million.
And we have millions and millions.
We have over 10 million new listeners on Friday alone.
Tune in and millions extra tuning in tonight.
So, our regular listeners already pretty much know what I'm about to cover when we come back, but the millions of new people tuning in don't.
And they've got Washington Post, NBC News, literally hundreds of articles, I can't even read them all, lamenting that, okay, Jones is right back where he was before his deplatforming right when Trump won six years ago with 100 million people tuning in.
So we're right back at the top.
And so even though I don't agree with a lot of what Ye had to say, he did kind of sneak attack me with that.
I don't think he did it for bad.
He did it to cause a massive debate, trying to bring down the system.
And I think a lot of people figured that out.
He's trying to culture jam.
Regardless, God is going to use all that for good.
So we have millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of new people tuning in right now.
I want to encourage you to check out all the claims I make.
Do your own research.
Write down notes about what I cover.
Notice we actually show you clips and documents for everything we talk about.
Everything I just mentioned is going to be played here on air today.
The next four hours.
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So it's not just me.
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And there's so many other great products, books, films, t-shirts, you name it.
We'll be right back.
All right, last segment, I told you the waterfront and a boil down and a prelude to what's coming up.
But now I'm going to drill into with all this huge news, what is the biggest news and what have I not covered yet?
Now, I know for our regular listeners, you already know all this.
You've seen scientists, top doctors.
You heard us two and a half, almost three years ago, lay out what was going to happen.
Do we have the globalist on documents?
They came out on ABC News and said, oh, now you got to take six COVID shots a year.
The White House announced that on Thursday.
How do we say six COVID shots two and a half years ago?
Because Bill Gates said to his investors that this shot gets rid of your immune system and people have to take six of them to eight of them a year.
I mean, I didn't just imagine that.
He said it.
I've played the clips many times where he went on NBC News and said it.
You only need boosters every few months.
So when I tell you this stuff, understand it's real.
Now, a lot of people want to forget the lockdowns, forget the masks, forget the checkpoints, forget all the garbage that's ongoing in places like China and New Zealand and areas of Europe.
But the globalists admit they plan to bring it back everywhere.
So we got to get ahead of this and keep discrediting it.
Our whole future to stop the UN World Government takeover is to expose where COVID came from, what the shots really do.
If we don't, China is our future.
So let's get into it.
This is so huge.
In Israel.
In Germany.
In Japan.
In the UK.
In Canada.
In the US.
All over the world.
In South Africa.
And I have the articles and videos right here.
We'll play a few of them.
Take hours to play them all.
I'll play a few.
You have the government boards, you have the most prestigious universities assigned to research it, saying the shots don't work, they erase your immune system, and they give you blood clots and infertility, and then the top Japanese doctor that runs the science department at one of their major universities in a government board meeting says, and they're all nodding their heads in Japan, that this is basically depopulation?
And that they're going into the next phase of the diagnosis, and then it gets worse after the blood clots for those that even live.
Okay, and the chief scientist, the chief professor starts cussing, and that's very rare in Japan, and saying to the government official over the new whitewash program, you're gonna go to jail for what you've done if you don't stop this now.
And that the scientists worldwide know what's happening.
Now, it gets more important.
Rand Paul comes out.
Last Thursday night.
And he says Fauci's gonna go to jail.
Fauci created COVID and the shots are deadly.
And he's gonna go to jail for what he did.
He quote, will not get away.
We caught him red-handed.
I played the clip Friday.
That video's on InfoWars.com if you wanna see it.
Gen-like corporate media actually show you something.
I don't just tell you, it's there.
Now here's the next clip.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
It needs to go viral.
Disease expert Blast Japan's Ministry of Health.
Halt vaccine campaign and investigate all VAX injuries.
Says Japan Ministry of Health was taken to the woodshed.
Their spokesperson for refusing to halt the COVID vaccine rollout and was called upon to further investigate the many documented adverse reactions and death.
And that's Professor Masanori Fukushima.
Professor Emeritus Kyoto University in a government meeting with the government officials there and the head of the vaccine research program.
He says you're not going off the data.
You're putting out whitewashes.
Now, why is that important?
I came across this week in 10 mainstream news articles.
In Europe, in Japan, in Singapore, in the U.S.
and Canada, where the same thing's being reported.
Look at this.
There's video of this.
Look at it.
Here it is.
The Ministry of Health in Israel is actively hiding critical information on the side effects to the Israeli public and lying about it while they have the actual data stored and know it's caused mass death, blood clots, you name it, and destroys immunity.
I'm showing you the video.
I'm showing you the research on screen for TV viewers.
Leaked video.
World misled by falsified data.
Whole nother breakdown of that.
So that's why this is so important is this is coming out everywhere.
You idiot!
Dr. Fukushima calls the Ministry of Health Director a criminal to his face.
Here it is.
Moderna vaccine injuries.
Six people in hours at a vaccine center.
That's NBC News reporting that.
I'm gonna play that for you too!
But it's a local NBC.
And it goes on and on.
Scientists who worked at Wuhan blows the whistle, says they deliberately made the virus at the lab.
We already know that in the emails.
But that's New York Post.
A hero nurse in Germany was allowed to walk free after allegedly injecting 10,000 people with salt water instead of the deadly shot.
Well, yeah, if you worked in Joseph Mengel's lab killing people with experimental shots, wouldn't he be a hero to do that?
It's like Schindler's List.
It goes on and on and on.
So let's play this first clip.
The full thing is on InfoWars.com.
This is Kyoto University Professor Fukushima.
To the government's face, we stop the vaccine rollout and investigate all the cases.
You have vaxxed so many people, yet less than 10% of the government will take it.
Just like here, they won't take it.
The government exempts itself from it, plus it's the military.
Here's a clip.
So I am telling you, you got to conduct an investigation.
No doctor can make a medical diagnosis simply by looking at such a piece of paper.
I'm saying that you must look at the medical reports and do a proper investigation.
There's no question about it.
Stop the bad science and do the right science.
That's enough.
Looks like you're trying to destroy evidence.
Do the right thing or you're just going to have a criminal lawsuit.
Enough is enough.
I don't care what you say.
No one is going to be convinced by the process or bullshit things that you are talking about.
Well, of course, we will not only evaluate the results as they are.
We are trying.
You can't possibly have any way to evaluate it.
What you need, clinically speaking, is that you need to look at the medical records properly, look at the data, and do it properly and carefully, one case at a time.
People's lives are at stake.
Yes, sir, we will make every effort to do so.
You idiot!
Enough is enough.
You have so many people here, but you are not getting anywhere.
Lawmakers also came all the way here.
You can't repeat this kind of thing.
You should have started from the beginning with the proper scientific light.
So, immediately disband the ridiculous Vaccine Casualty Evaluation Committee.
Instead, set up an Investigation Committee to investigate all cases.
And to do so, you need to get proper statisticians and some decent experts.
You understand?
Then do some tests and investigations.
As Dr. Sono said earlier, if you have samples of tissue, consider the process of spiked protein.
People are already doing research all over the world.
Japan's prestige is at stake.
You have vaccinated so many people.
And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who are leading the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated.
What the **** joke is that?
First of all, you need to clarify this.
Immediately disband the Vaccine Casualty Evaluation Committee and investigate all the cases.
You must identify all deaths and unreported deaths in the investigation.
Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake.
And one more thing.
We don't have any idea of the long-term side effects of this vaccine.
The nanoparticles taken into the body in large quantity, unceasingly produced by proteins.
People are still sick, still in bad physical condition.
For some reason, suddenly people's blood pressure rises.
For some reason, people suddenly get eczema.
When we diagnose, we find spike protein.
In the diagnosis is moving to the next phase.
We need to stop vaccinating immediately and take care of the health of all cases.
That's what the scientific paper also says.
You bring in people who don't have a proper understanding of the cutting edge of science and Disease expert blasts Japan's Ministry of Health to their face.
Halt vaccine campaign.
Investigate all vaccine injuries.
And all the other scientists agree, the lie's coming down.
Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab are real Nazis 2.0 and they're going to be defeated.
The world's waking up.
Stay with us.
And we are back live because of your support and your steadfast word of mouth and your prayer.
Thank you listeners for everything you do.
You are the reason we're so successful to have a fighting chance together.
All right, this segment I'm going to finish up with the incredible COVID being produced in a lab, the vaccine not being a vaccine, destroying your immune system, giving you all these health problems, just like the CDC document in October of 2000 predicted it would, because they were covering their ass up front because the scientists knew what it was going to do.
They'd already done mouse studies with the same injections.
I just played you a major governmental university meeting with the head of the Ministry of Health and all of it being excoriated by scientists.
And it's not just this chief scientist.
It goes on for hours.
They literally annihilate him and expose it all.
It's up on Infowars.com.
And I have similar clips out of Israel, Singapore, Germany, France, Canada, Australia.
It's all coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all coming out.
Now, I've told everybody this a thousand times.
We've studied it in depth.
Don't take any of these so-called COVID shots.
These mRNA injections of the virus vectors, they do the same thing.
Send a virus in to order your cells to produce a spike protein.
They were told by Gates and Fauci and Peter Daszak what to create.
They got four companies to do it.
China and a bunch of other countries refuse to take our shot.
But here they've tried to force it and they are forcing our military criminally as Senator Rand Paul is exposed and is fighting.
But if you are going to take one of the shots, understand hands down, we've got all the numbers from insurance companies, you name it, going back two years.
The Moderna is the worst.
The Moderna is an mRNA shot, the exact same sequence and program as the Pfizer.
It's the equivalent of four Pfizer shots, not one.
And almost all the time when we see major side effects, I go, let me guess, what's your son that was 13 die?
You take the Moderna?
Well, yeah.
How'd you know?
Well, I mean, it's the strongest one.
So it's like a .50 caliber rifle shell versus a .308 rifle shell.
So it is deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly.
And we've got a clip here.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Need to share this to save lives.
This is an NBC News report.
Vaccine injuries, six people.
Now that's who got sick and collapsed and passed out there.
Moderna vaccine injures six people within hours of Supervax Center opening.
Now remember, it turned out they had special prepared lots they send to certain parts of the country, and major studies have found, scientific studies, Gregory should report a year ago on this, that they're sending them to key jurisdictions because it's a test.
So you may have a whole vaccine center taking these so-called vaccines and nobody gets sick.
And they went and studied the vials because they're saltwater.
They're placebo.
But in certain jurisdictions, particularly conservative jurisdictions, it's mainstream news, it's the most powerful shots of Moderna and Pfizer.
There it is.
You guys are so good.
The crew's just incredible.
Only 1,300,000 views.
Evidence that the U.S.
government targeted red states with deadly vaccines.
By the way, I'm not joking when I say 1.3 million is pathetic.
That should have 100 million views.
We would have defeated these people.
Let's take that report, put it in the bottom of the live show feed today, on the live show headline.
Everybody, it's your job to share that.
Or you're crazy.
Because we're in an info war, and the only way they succeed is the truth doesn't get out about this.
So, they obviously got some hot loads.
Because they're studying different variants and different levels of whatever the hell it is.
Because a lot of what's in there is secret and patented, and they said even government isn't allowed to know.
This is true mad scientist, unapproved crap.
So here is NBC News.
NBC News Reporting on this information, watch it for yourself.
Now people at the vaccination superstation at Petco Park were turned away today after six people there had allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine.
It was the clustering of individuals having apparent allergic reactions that in an abundance of caution they slowed things down to be able to address.
County health officials said it was surprising to have that many reactions within a certain time period.
So to be safe, the lot number of those vaccines, basically that was pulled from distribution.
It's not clear what kind of side effects the people were feeling, but the county says it's expected to happen for any type of mass vaccination process.
Maybe just not such in a short time as it expected.
NBC7's Dave Summers spoke with one of those six people who did experience an allergic reaction today.
Deanna Canizo is at home tonight after a four-hour hospital stay.
She tells NBC7 she has had severe allergic reactions to other medications in the past, but never a vaccine.
How do you feel about the whole experience?
I'm still very unsure about it.
I don't think I'm going to be getting the second dose because I can't go through that again.
I've gotten vaccines my whole life.
I just got the flu vaccine, so I didn't think that there would be any issue.
I have no idea what it looked like, but the second I said something about my ear, they all like sprung into action and they grabbed an EpiPen and they took me from the area where I was sitting at onto a gurney.
Seems like a very traumatic result for someone who just went for a vaccine.
Yeah, I mean, that's putting it mildly for sure.
I mean, of course, immediately I was regretting my decision.
Notice they cut the tape in the middle.
They didn't tell you what happened to her, but I checked the local news.
They were having violent convulsions.
She passed out.
They were ready.
They were doing a test.
The locals aren't part of it, but they see everybody getting sick.
You know it wasn't just six people.
There's the FDA's own report they quietly put on their own website in October 2000 on screen.
Everything that happened later, months after they started the shots.
Narcolepsy, convulsions, myocarditis, heart attacks.
It goes on and on and on.
That's just the first page.
There's three pages of what it does to you.
And exactly what they said it might do, it did.
Oh, but they told you in the fine print on their website.
But they told you safe and effective, 100% protection if you just go take it.
Total criminal liars.
Remember the Japanese Prime Minister who didn't allow forced injections and told Japanese not to take it?
He got shot in the back twice.
Assassinated Japanese Prime Minister, didn't follow WEF orders, didn't mandate vaccines, sent 1.6 million doses back and gave citizens ivermectin.
Just like four African presidents who said no to the shots, all got assassinated and shot or killed as well.
And there it is, New York Post, scientist who worked at Wuhan Lab, says COVID was man-made.
Of course, we already know that.
I know why that nurse in Germany gave 10,000 people saline solution shots instead of the shot, because she saw how many were getting sick and dying from it.
And the government didn't even prosecute her.
And you know why?
Because they don't want her to have a trial where it all comes out why she did it.
And that's why all over the country they have those reports going back two years of like, we don't know why up to half of people got saline shots.
Well, part of it's the test.
They mail out saline in areas they don't want to bomb with the weapon.
But in other areas, the doctors and nurses just wink, wink and give folks saline because they have a soul.
They have a heart.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to talk about how this whole Twitter file ties into this because it was just political stuff being suppressed.
It was people criticizing the Afghan withdrawal, people criticizing open borders, people criticizing election fraud, people criticizing the laptop, Hunter Biden, but also Also, ladies and gentlemen, people criticizing the vaccines and trying to talk about that.
That's in all the documents.
And now I hope Elon Musk releases it.
I hope he's not holding the globalists hostage and just blackmailing them with this information.
But regardless, it's a big deal that's coming out and it shows there's not just evil in the universe.
So that's coming up.
What they don't want you to hear, literally, On the other side, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Share that link on your email, your text messages while you still can.
Fan dot video, the coordinates of freedom and byproducts at InfoWarsTour.com that are amazing to keep us on air.
Stay with us.
Take a journey to the bright midnight.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live Sunday for Voting Forbidden Transmission.
We just showed you articles and documents and videos around the world with the leading universities, leading government scientists saying, this erases your immune system, it hurts you, it kills you.
We've got clips where they say, oh, you need six shots a year now.
We told you that.
And that's why they want us silenced.
Not because we're giving out disinformation, but because we're telling the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why all the attacks, everything I go through, I don't see that as a failure.
Like, I'm just trying to advance myself.
I'm trying to advance us all, because if we don't all have a good world together, none of us have a good world.
I do this for self-preservation.
I do it, quite frankly, out of instinctive selfishness.
Only these psychos and sociopaths screw everybody and destroy civilization and think they're going to have a good future in that.
This isn't some heroic thing to do.
It's the default to fight this.
We're going to burrow into free speech and the attacks and what really happened with Ye and a bunch of exclusive information next hour.
But let's get to this right now.
Elon Musk says there are more smoking gums to come and he's not suicidal.
I am not suicidal.
I'm totally alive.
If they ever kill me and say I killed myself, they murdered me 100%.
I love life.
None of this pressure gets to me.
It empowers me because of the strength and will and determination God gave me.
Very smart comment by Elon Musk, whether he's good or bad, he's taking them on.
And the first tranche he released, he says dozens more, over 20 more things coming.
Matt Taibbi says he has thousands of pages at Rolling Stone, proving the government's manipulated the 2020 election, proving they suppressed information about toxins and poisons in the vaccines.
It's all coming out.
There's Matt Taibbi's thread.
He goes on to say, it's an incredible story from the inside, thousands of pages, dozens of reports coming.
And then we've got the full videos on Infowars.com, an article that James Woods' videos posted in by Jamie White.
It's a 10-minute interview with Tucker, Friday, when James Woods learns what he already knew, that he was specifically targeted in the messages recorded by Twitter executives, that he would be taken off the air because he was too popular getting Republicans elected.
Direct criminal election meddling, everything they told you the Russians were doing, when quite frankly, as you've seen in Ukraine, the Russians have a primitive military.
When it comes to propaganda, they're like a two-year-old.
Compared to the New World Order.
Nothing against the Russians, but as I've been telling you, I've studied it, the Russians are a joke when it comes to comparing themselves to Hollywood and the DNC and the Deep State.
It's ridiculous.
They've got 40-year-old military equipment compared to ours.
You hear our media say they've got all these advanced weapons.
None of it's true, other than they're nuclear weapons.
So, That's the reality that James Woods has now discovered he was targeted.
And Tucker brings up the fact that I was targeted for destruction as well.
Here it is.
I think the whole thing is astonishing.
I'm just, I'm for the first time in my life honestly speechless.
Well it is astonishing, as you just pointed out, civil law is used extensively by the left to really crush people on the right.
Alex Jones just had a billion dollar settlement against him because he said something that he didn't hurt anybody, he said something people didn't like, and they wrecked his life and in the lives of many other people, and they tried to wreck yours.
Is there some kind of legal or civil recourse that you would have against the people who violated your First Amendment rights?
I can guarantee you one thing.
More than anything else you'll ever hear in your life.
I will be getting a lawyer.
I will be suing the Democratic National Committee no matter what, whether I win or lose.
I am going to stand up for the rights that every American, not a so-called celebrity.
I'm not a celebrity.
hardly recognizable anymore because my career has been destroyed by these very people.
And I will sue, and I'm hoping other people will sue. And if it turns out there are a lot of us on
this list where the DNC targeted us, and I will quote the immortal words of Joseph Welch when he
attacked Joe McCarthy for the enemies list he had, "At long last, sir, have you no shame."
President Biden, all of your stocky little operatives in the DNC who have targeted
American citizens, have you, Mr. President, have all of you at last.
No shame.
Yeah, and of course the answer is no, they don't have shame.
But we will be following that, and there may be more.
Clearly they were fixated on you, which I hope you take as a compliment, but also propels you forward to bring justice.
I think it is a compliment, but it's a big price to pay.
It's not a lot of fun.
I loved my career for 50 years.
I was happy to be an award winning and honored and appreciated actor.
And I missed my career.
And these people took it from me.
And they'll pay a price later in my life, you know, but I have to say, I am not going to take it sitting down.
I think these people are vermin for doing this to other people.
Let's not talk about me for a moment.
Let's talk about just simple individuals who put out a tweet, now their lives are destroyed.
You know, casting directors, literally in my business, literally go online and they check every actor who comes in for a part to see what they're following.
If an actor or an actress is following me, they will blacklist them.
All right?
It's about time this is torn open.
And I will tell you this, it's not just me.
But if you take the thousands of people that I'm sure they did this to, and you got a class action suit, they might not be so happy about that.
They've been doing this as a jihad against conservative people.
I was blocked on Twitter for eight months.
You know what I was suspended for?
Quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Can you imagine?
That's how crazy these people are.
And one of the things that I said on Twitter once that has become kind of a meme, scratch a liberal and you'll find a fascist every time.
Let me tell you, these Democrats, and now I can say it because they are now my enemy.
They declared this, not me.
But when they go around calling everybody, oh this one's a fascist and so on, you know who the fascists are?
Scratch a liberal and you will find a fascist every time.
And he goes on to say, I'm coming for you, I'm gonna get you.
I know Owen's going to play the full clip and Glenn Greenwald clip when he hosts 6 to 8 tonight.
So much that we can't get to here is going to be on Sunday Live 6 to 8 p.m.
hosted by Owen Schroer tonight.
So we'll make sure the full clip is played and this very powerful Glenn Greenwald breaks down really what's going on with all of this coming up.
Let's play one more clip here because I mentioned this and I said I'd get to it.
You know, we'll get to this next hour because nobody's picked this up.
It's on Infowars.com.
Elon Musk saying he wanted to punch Ye for what he was saying and doing, but then admitting that I tried to rein him in.
But he still has his free speech.
So Elon, you've got to be an absolutist here.
That's all coming up.
Next hour, Royce White knocked it out of the park with his yay breakdown instead of yay so bad for saying he likes Hitler as a provocative statement.
Well, then what about the U.S.
government bringing tens of thousands of Nazis in under Operation Paperclip to run all the major agencies?
I mean, let's talk about what's really going on here.
It's not that this is a Nazi-run system.
The globalists had created the Nazis.
So you're getting the big secrets next hour.
They don't want you to know.
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During Kanye West's appearance on the Alex Jones show, he praised Hitler while reading the Bible.
He spoke about Zionists, but failed to mention how they worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis to create Israel.
He spoke out against porn, but begged God to allow him his supermodel habit.
And the entire time, he wore a Balenciaga-styled BDSM mask without ever mentioning his close relationship with them.
It was the epitome of cognitive dissonance.
And as the political right praise Kanye as a Christian, the political left attack him as a racist, both sides dancing together in gay fascination with the celebrity.
This is also called idol worship.
And humans have a weak spot for it.
Although few will ever admit it.
Bring in the clowns.
And while satiated with their bread and circus, one of Kanye's biggest benefactors, the CCP, is able to quietly round up thousands of protesters and disappear them without disturbing the sleeping masses.
The China Show on YouTube has been doing a great job of covering this.
The protests are nationwide, and they are directed against Xi and the entire CCP.
Renmin Wansui!
Renmin Wansui.
In China you'll hear Gongchan Dan Wansui, which means like Communist Party, Long Live the Communist Party.
This is Long Live the People.
Long Live the People.
It's things like this that really you would never see in China because the repercussions for doing this sort of thing are drastic in China.
For the first time in decades, we are seeing a united solidarity among the people.
He's saying, "Give me liberty or give me death."
OK, that's what he's shouting.
And you've got people actually chanting along with him, OK, which is normally not the case.
Because people are like, holy crap, if someone's doing that, they're like, he's crazy.
Stay away from me.
I don't want anything to do with it.
But the important thing is what happens when the police do finally arrive.
[crowd shouting]
[woman screaming]
They rescued him.
And I mean, this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this happen in China.
And it's happening all over China.
We have Lanzhou.
We have Chongqing.
We have other parts of Guangzhou which we're already protesting.
We have Beijing.
We have third-tier, fourth-tier, fifth-tier cities.
We have top-tier universities down to low-level vocational schools.
We have people in the streets.
We have officials being kidnapped out of government buildings.
We have people parading through the streets.
We have people tearing down police stations.
We have PLA deployed, People's Liberation Army.
We have SWAT teams.
We have this across the entire country.
The reason we've only seen a glimpse of this massive protest is the CCP's censorship.
They routinely stop people on the train and check their phones for VPNs.
and they jam the signals once a protest breaks out.
They're sending signal jammers into places of protest in order to, you know, stop people's cell phones
so they can't send messages, they can't send videos.
People are coming into massive clashes just right in the street
and people are getting cell phone videos out before the signal jammers can show up.
We're seeing stuff come to a head and then just stop.
And because everyone is required to have their mobile phone apps in order, the police simply switched off the apps where the protests were happening so that nobody could board the train.
Because of the phone apps, they knew exactly where to find everyone.
So they knocked on doors, beat people in their own homes, and dragged them off to the quarantine camps.
While Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates believe Communist China is the model for the world, BlackRock's CEO says that the markets prefer totalitarian government.
And here's how it works.
Gregory's Report, but it's a longer one than usual.
It's at Bandot Video.
It cracks the code.
Needs to go super viral.
It's at Bandot Video.
Go to the left-hand side.
Click on the link that shows you all the providers of the fourth link down.
Get it and share it.
We'll be right back with Critical Intel.
The secret of what Ye really said.
All right.
Kanye West, now gay, was in the studio for three hours and 10 minutes on Thursday, and it was hands down the biggest thing we ever did.
We had up to 60, 70 million people tune in.
On the election in the few days leading up to an election day, 2016, the globalists saw that, came after us 10 times harder.
They admitted, Oh, my God, you know, he had 86 million, 87 million viewers in three days.
We've got to stop this.
And those were people on the site watching the videos, clicking the links, not to mention the hundreds of radio stations.
And so now this thing was absolutely huge.
And I'll give you the inside baseball.
I said, Look, you can talk about whatever you want.
But I really want to get off the juice stuff.
It's a distraction.
If you want to spend some time on that, go ahead.
Oh, no, it's about love and, you know, human trafficking and the election and all this, but...
I've said to him, you're not a Nazi, are you?
And that's where the whole provocateur thing went.
And he means it to shake up the internet and point out the hypocrisy on the side.
He basically admitted that it was a provocateur action.
And he certainly got what he wanted.
Since then, a lot's happened.
I got a call and they said, hey, Elon Musk does these chats that only people that get invited can find and then people share it.
Kind of like Treehouse was a few years ago.
He's on right now with like 50 people.
By the time I got on, it was like 100 and he was talking about he wanted to punch
Ye in the face and how I tried to reign him in, which made me the reasonable one.
We got that clip coming up.
Nobody's even put that clip out.
It's on infowars.com.
So a lot of stuff is in the background here, but I got sent a link Saturday morning,
or I guess a podcast Friday, that I thought, it's like a 10 minute clip.
It's posted on Infowars.com.
We posted it Saturday, but there's a few minutes of it here where Royce White, former NBA player, MMA fighter, and no stranger to the show.
I really respect him.
He's one of the best brains we've got out there, so I've tried to boost what he's doing.
And he's been very prolific for years, but he's really exploding right now, and that's a good thing.
His analysis cut right through to the heart of it.
That is exactly what Ye was doing.
If you're going to say somebody's saying they love Hitler's bad, Or that they love Nazis, but they also love Zionists.
It was tongue-in-cheek.
Well, what about our government?
Now, the only thing Royce got wrong, and he's right, Mainstream News says a thousand-plus high-level Nazis.
Werner Von Braun, Goddard, you name it.
Klaus Barbie.
But Mainline News admits actually 35,000 to 37,000 to 40,000 Nazis were brought in after World War II to help run the deep state.
And that's because Nazism came out of eugenics in England and the U.S.
Not our whole government, but that movement.
That's a historical fact.
And so, in the Cold War, they wanted him here because they'd actually basically picked up globalist ideology, but only done it under Hitler's direction in a little bit different way.
So, Royce points out, before everybody shakes their finger at Ye, it's not about defending Kanye.
It's about, okay, well if he's bad then, we're saying he loves Hitler, how about our government bringing in Hitler-type people that actually were at the heart of Hitler's operation, and then having them run secret programs releasing radiation on poor people in Appalachia, or New Mexico, or on Native American tribes, but white people too, it's poor people they hit, or shooting up 10,000-plus black men with syphilis and letting them then spread it.
So, the Nazis weren't exported here, they were coming home, and He breaks that down, and I didn't see his whole podcast.
He was a guest on the show, but I watched the 10-minute clip that I was sent.
It's on Infowars.com, but here's a few minutes of that.
I'm gonna go to Royce White, because he cuts right to the chase of the PSYOP and the Internet, and the whole culture we're in is a product of these eugenicists and these mind wars, and to sit there and then have them point at Ye as if he's the devil is a total fraud.
Here it is.
Operation Paperclip.
Let's not get lost on Kanye West saying that he loves Nazis, because we, as a country, love the Nazis.
We loved the Nazis, and we still love the Nazis.
Now, who were the Nazis?
That's an important question that we need to answer today.
Who were the Nazis?
What was Operation Paperclip?
Why did we bring 1,600, so they say, could have been 16,000, could have been 106,000, we don't know.
Why did they bring 1,600 of the Nazi Party's top scientists and political figures, not just scientists, but also political leaders of the Nazi Party, why did they bring them into the American government?
See, in there lies the moral hazard that undergirds this entire deal.
They got nothing to do with Kanye.
Kanye doesn't even know about this.
That's not the purview of what he's bringing to the table.
But I will.
I'll ask the question.
Why did we, after World War II, when we made it seem like we went to fight for the massacre of the Jews, take the very people who orchestrated it and assimilate them into our military and government?
Why did we do that?
Why were the people who actually funded the Nazi war machine on the front end from Wall Street then have the ability to reincorporate Nazi science and philosophy into America's government and military?
Because we were more concerned with military power, political power, economic power, than we were the principle We're the sellouts.
Our nation has moral hazard from World War II that we have yet to deal with.
You can't send me off on some blank mission or some side street about Kanye West making some silly, off-the-cuff remark with a mask on to get attention from a theatrical career that he's always lived up to and distract me from the truth.
Who were the Nazis to begin with?
Who was Adolf Hitler?
He wasn't German.
He was an Austrian.
Who was the Austrian Empire?
Who is the crown today?
Who is Saxe-Cobur?
Why was the Saxe-Cobur name changed to Windsor during World War I, when the Germans and the British went to fight each other?
Why does nobody talk about the crown and the monarchy sending British dukes and duchesses
across the European, across Europe to fill the monarch's parts of, the monarch positions
of other countries?
This is the history that we have to discuss because we need to know just how prominent
the Nazi mindset, the Nazi philosophy is in our government today, right now.
So, and so when I look at a person like Milo, who came from Britain and is a homosexual, a reformed homosexual, I start to ask myself, who are these people?
Who are these people and why should we trust they are who they say they are?
And then you got Kanye saying that his trainer was an ex-Canadian security state officer or, you know, employee.
Who are these?
See, we at home, we have not yet accepted the level of deception that is that is Okay, we're gonna hear from the man himself, but you talk about 100% proof, 200% it was alcohol.
You know, that means 100%.
I mean, Royce White is over the target.
And that's what I'm telling people.
The King of England, Edward VIII, had to advocate during World War II because he was pro-Hitler.
And he was used to set up the Nazis and a whole double agent op.
That's in mainline history books.
But yeah, Kanye doesn't know all that.
That's what was so frustrating, is that Hitler was like a...
Frankenstein monster that the British created.
I'm Welsh.
I'm English.
I'm not bashing British people.
I mean, that's what did it!
Because I saw the Young Turks.
Jones hates people in England.
Give me a freaking break, man.
We're talking about big adult stuff here.
We're talking about, yeah, there's the King of England without Adolf Hitler.
So, he was German.
He was Austrian, actually.
Just like Royce White said.
And that's the truth.
Prince Charles says he wants to depopulate the world.
His dad said he wanted to be a virus to depopulate the world.
Prince Philip was in photos with Hitler as well.
Oh, and George Soros helped round up Jews or Hitler, but he's okay and gets ADL awards.
This is a sick joke, people.
Absolutely sick.
And the American people are tired of being called Nazis when we're surrounded by stuff that created the Nazis.
Let's be clear.
It's not the Nazis run America and run the New World Order.
The people that created the Nazis run us.
As their opposition, so they could be the good cop, the liberals, while they created Hitler, but while they carry out all the same policies.
Nuremberg violating forced medication, control, division, all of it is the same program.
Royce White's our guest.
We're going to go to break and come back.
I want him to get fired up.
He's really calm and nice on my show.
I want him to get all mean like he does on other shows and kind of take over here and lay it out because this is the reality.
And I want to get Royce White down here with Ye next time because Ye wants to work with me and that's great.
He wants to start doing shows every week and we're happy to do it.
But I'm going to sit him down and show him all this because he needs to know this.
Imagine us in a big movie theater showing clips to him, showing him documents and making a documentary about that.
We need to do this immediately.
Because this is a lot bigger.
And I've told these stories and I'm not joking around about it, okay?
Well, I mean, I'll get to it when we come back.
But my grandfather worked in secret military operations, had to deal with these damn Nazis, right here in Texas.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm not just saying these things on air.
Like, Kanye West was here a few days ago and, you know...
Trump says I'm an amazing person.
That's not about my ego.
It's about what we've done here together on air.
But my grandfather was a very secretive person.
His son went on to be high-level Army Special Operations and worked for the CIA.
And I never knew all the stuff he did, but my mother told me some of it because he kept it all secret.
But when he got out of World War II, he was on the Army Air Corps.
He got involved in secret projects.
And they were developing basically crowd control robots, remote control, radio controlled.
The technology's old.
And I remember him bitching when I was a little kid about how arrogant the Nazis were and how he didn't want to work with them at military bases and how he couldn't stand them.
But we don't need to believe Alex Jones' story about his grandfather.
You need to listen to me.
They brought 30 plus thousand of them here to be involved in every research project.
NASA was started by him, the Goddard Space Center, all of it.
And the CIA, all of it Nazis, Nazis, Nazis.
It wasn't like some special thing that my grandfather worked with him.
He was an American patriot and got out of it because he couldn't stand working with the Nazis.
And he told me that when I'm like eight years old.
He would just start running his mouth about it and talking about it.
So that's the reality.
I'm going to go to Royce White to talk about this now.
And we got to educate Ye about this.
Royce White, good to have you on.
I appreciate you coming on.
Thanks for having me, man.
I appreciate it as always.
That was a powerful 10-minute clip I saw.
We didn't play all of it.
Lay it on us again.
Get into all the points right here.
Well, first I want to say this.
When you can't talk about people through their identity, through their culture and their traditions, It becomes very difficult to talk about people at all, and it becomes very difficult to talk about history.
We are the historical being.
Human beings are the historical being.
That is one of God's greatest gifts to us.
It allows us to be able to have knowledge and to be able to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next.
This allows us to have some sort of coherence or continuity, mostly as a mechanism to be able to maintain faith, in my opinion, as a Christian.
What globalists and globalism mean to do, in large part, is to take from people their identity, their culture, their traditions, so that they can ascribe you a new one, so that they can give you your history.
Okay, and that's what my problem is with this entire conversation right now, is that there is a history that we've been told, that we've been told in textbooks, that we've been told in documentaries, that we've been told culturally from the establishment, from the establishment meaning our teachers who were Marxists, you know, communists, and disseminate what's in the textbooks for young kids who may not be reading it thoroughly.
The history is the post-World War II Democratic-Liberal order.
And that is the New World Order.
And there's no doubt about that being the New World Order.
The question is how the story of World War II is told, and who they identify as being the Nazis.
And why they're so silent about the Nazi, not infiltration, but acceptance from our government into our military.
which then became a military that then became DARPA, that then created the internet,
that then used the psychoanalysis of rats that figured out that a rat would actually
electrocute itself, okay, to press a button that would give it a dopamine hit
in the experiment.
This is who we've become.
They've turned us into a lab experiment, a scientific experiment.
There's nothing more Nazi than that.
But I think even more importantly is this sort of cultural, philosophical, and ideological prism of what Nazism is, what fascism is, what liberalism is, what communism is.
These are post-Enlightenment, post-Renaissance, post-Enlightenment ideologies that stem back to three central ideologies, liberalism, communism, and neoclassicism.
Okay, they're all from the same fruit.
They're all from the same scientific tree, Descartes.
I think therefore I am.
It was all an anti-God initiative from the beginning.
So for us to be fooled in the present and thinking that liberalism and communism or fascism are these vastly different It's silly, it's naive.
It's a form of good cop, bad cop.
You've got this full spectrum of thought.
They give you communism, fascism, Nazism, a few choices, but they're all different flavors of the same thing.
Think about who the Nazis are, and I like that you say the Nazis aren't really running it verbatim.
I say they are.
I say when you understand the history and you look at it from a societal standpoint,
the liberals in this country, and I use liberal as a wide term to encapsulate everybody from
AOC all the way over to the Bushes and a little bit beyond and maybe even further beyond nowadays.
The liberals are the exact same people that the Nazis were.
First they were the working class that unionized, they became the bourgeoisie, okay, they rigged
the system, they cut off social mobility, and then they created a military state to
secure their power.
And then they went in on the night of Long Nights to kill anybody who came up with them
in order to ensure that there was no opposition.
That's who the Nazis were in Germany.
Royce, I one trillion percent agree and you are so learned and smart.
When I say we're not Nazis, I mean it's not a Nazi thing.
Hitler secretly runs America.
He was a spinoff of the group here and the Nazis were coming home.
I think if you look closely, and this is why the conversation about the group of people who have You could say hijack the Jew identity, because here's my take on it, Alex.
If you don't believe in God, you're not a Jew.
Let's just be clear, okay?
The Jewish tradition is a 5,700-year-old oral and written tradition.
It gave birth, in many ways, to Christianity.
It gave birth to this country, in many ways.
And for those people to carry that tradition across a 5,700-year span is one of the greatest accomplishments in human history.
It's got to be respected, but most of the people that claim they're that today have nothing to do with it.
Most of the people who claim it today don't believe in that tradition.
That's right.
And actually, it is, in my opinion, one of the greatest forms of anti-Semitism to call the one true living God, the Abrahamic God, fake, a fairy tale, a crackpot story.
I mean, there's some deep anti-Semitism in that alone.
Oh, I agree.
Liberal Jews are attacking the heart of Judaism and they persecute the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox major league.
And my point in bringing that up is, in the black community, for example, here in America, we are very okay with accepting the idea that there are people who claim to be pro-black who have been intimately involved in the stalling or suspending black people in a sort of pre-societal maturity, right?
From growth and development, from ownership, from American citizenship, from freedom, okay?
A nation of shopkeepers.
There are black people in America Who aid the system in doing this.
It just happens to be the group of black people that the system props up the most.
So I don't understand why we have such a hard time believing that there were many anti-Jews, like George Soros, who aided and abetted the Nazi persecution of the Jews.
And that continued to carry on with the sort of modus operandi to this very day.
It's completely, it's completely reasonable.
And I know that as a black man, because I could point you to a number of black people who have huge platforms, whose individual behavior is antithetical to calling for any real growth and maturity and security or prosperity of black citizens in America.
Well, that's right.
They don't want any of us to have security and maturity.
Royce White is knocking it out of the park.
Amazing, man.
How do people find what you're doing?
You can follow me on Getter, you can follow me on Truth Social, you can follow me anywhere.
You know, follow my substack as well.
I write about a lot of these things.
Alright, stay there.
We're coming right back, my brother.
This is the truth.
You can feel it.
This is real truth.
This is Veritas.
Coming at you live!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I've decided that I'm not going to commit suicide ever, just like Elon Musk just said.
But I'm going to go ahead and tell everybody in the next few weeks everything I saw as a child that most of it I haven't said yet.
Just to give you an idea of why I'm so awake and why I know what I'm talking about.
When my family opposed all this, from the inside, I can tell you that right now.
Imagine being my grandfather in the Army Air Corps, having come back, involved in secret projects, and being stuck with a bunch of Nazis he had to babysit.
I learned about this when I was a kid and the family was all like, hush hush about it.
It's embarrassing to even work with those people.
But that's our government, ladies and gentlemen.
That's who's been running things the whole time.
They created the Nazis.
Royce White, you are landing on him hard right now with this situation.
A lot of folks are tuning in about the Ye interview.
I don't want to judge him.
I don't know if he's in mind control or autistic or what he means well.
I know it's the biggest thing ever.
It's bringing a lot of listeners to the show.
I'm still ambivalent about it, but I saw those connections you brought up, the things that were said.
I think he is being used.
By some forces.
It's not me.
It's not you.
I want to help him.
You got any comments on Yay or what you would say to Yay?
He's probably watching right now.
And then let's move on to the last two segments, whatever you want to talk about.
I want to invite you back this week for a couple hours on the show to take calls with me.
Of course, anytime.
And you know, one of the things that I respect about you, Alex, that I've seen you do now for 15 years since I was introduced to you in my later teenage years, is that you think In four dimensions.
You think in three dimensions.
You don't allow the establishment to force feed you a two-dimensional frame to put these ideas or discussions in.
And then you end up ultimately coming out wrong.
You get double-crossed and triple-crossed when you do that.
It's too easy for the devil to work and deceive in two dimensions.
So you're somebody that I always respect for that.
I think Kanye has an intuition towards that.
He definitely is an original and authentic sort of voice, but because he comes from the theatrical,
because he comes from the entertainment industry, he has an affinity for the drama.
He has an affinity for a sort of troll-like behavior and he became great at that.
That's how Kanye West separated himself from being a masterful producer and became a very good rapper, but he became a pop culture icon through this sort of troll-like behavior.
And that's okay in some instances.
We are talking about Being black, being white, being Jewish, the history of Africa, the history of Europe.
Yeah, he's in the biggest leagues now.
You can't troll around at this level.
World War I, World War II, religion, race, all of this is at the center of the way our society is currently organized.
And I don't say that in some metaphysical way.
The post-World War II democratic liberal order... I'm going to interrupt you and I'm going to shut up for the rest of the hour, but what you just said is so central.
They don't want us discussing the central way they control us, and how it's organized.
We're talking- I'm telling listeners I'm getting chills right now.
We're telling you how it works, folks.
This is- it's all New World Orders post-World War II.
They admit that.
Bretton Woods, all of it.
They don't want us discussing how it really works.
They want us to fight all the tentacles and all the hydra heads, and not cut right down to the basics.
I'm gonna shut up and start over.
No, all I'm saying is this.
Kanye West, if he wants to come into the political, where the knives are out, where Satan's walking around with his mask off, right, with his pants down, you know, taking a piss where he wants to, this is serious.
There's no time for games here.
This isn't a joke.
And we show a lack of faith in God.
We show a lack of spiritual, we show a lack of spiritual, let's say, fortitude When we believe that we have to resort to Satan's tactics in order to motivate and inspire a Christian faith that can combat him.
Okay, that's my message to Kanye.
If you want to come on and talk about Netanyahu, or satanic agendas, or the contradictions that exist in the cultural ethos, whatever you want to talk about, do it!
But do it with some seriousness.
Do it with people who you actually have vetted and know aren't working for the very government that you say you're fighting against, or the establishment you say you're fighting against.
I don't know Nick Fuentes.
I don't know Milo.
I don't know any of these people.
But all of them are in question right now.
And it's not because of Kanye West, it's because I understand the scope with which the security state and the people who have mastered psychological manipulation on an intergenerational level play.
I understand how these people play.
I'm not sure that Kanye does.
He has an intuition towards it, but the people that he's palling around with, I don't quite understand.
You know how I know I can trust you?
a security state shield, but Nick Fuentes can be trusted.
You know, don't trust me.
You know how I can trust you, Alex?
Besides the fact that I know that you were bringing a story, a conversation that nobody
else would bring, you know how I know I can trust you?
Because the establishment doesn't try and sue you for $2.5 trillion unless you're a
problem, unless you're dangerous.
Unless you're an enemy.
A real enemy.
Not an established oppositional enemy.
A real enemy.
When they try and throw a person, that's how you can sort it out.
So, my question for Kanye is, and this goes back to what I think we should focus on here.
The story we were told is that we won World War II.
We are caught up in a post-World War II victors and losers narrative.
Nobody won World War II.
There were no winners.
There were soldiers that gave their life for an ideal that they thought that their overseers, that their managerial elite, really believed in.
But what we know of wars is that that's not always the case.
There's tons of examples of situations where people who preside over us tell us one story and send us on a mission to execute their agenda.
And by the way, Eisenhower in his federal address said that.
He said, a technological elite is in control of military-industrial complexes taking over.
Nobody won World War II.
There were no winners.
There were two groups of people, and this is what happened in Germany.
The fight between the fascists and the communists wasn't a fight of ideological difference.
It was a fight of brand identity.
It was a fight of a difference in brand identity.
They're the exact same ideology.
By the way, Stalin admired Hitler and even said that in public writings.
That Hitler was just a different brand and he was mad at his own generals that they couldn't be fancy and have great art and great architecture and great uniforms.
He was mad that they couldn't be cool like Hitler.
I'll show you the difference in ideology right here.
The fascists, they want to run, people think, people think that Adolf Hitler was a nationalist.
He was a globalist.
He wanted Nazi Germany to run the world either directly or by proxy under a national banner.
The communists wanted to do it through diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Still totalitarian state power.
It's the same scam.
It's a merger of the state and the corporation, and even more importantly, the medical and scientific elite.
That's what communism and fascism, and the trajectory towards fascism is always the same.
Liberalism, then communism, then fascism.
We have been duped at the highest level.
Even us, within this intellectual political discussion, have a problem with cutting through the noise and getting to the signal.
And I go back to what you said at the start of the segment, interrupted.
You said we're covering the central way the world really works.
Elaborate on that, because you're right.
If you don't know that, you know nothing.
Well, why when we're taught about World War II in school, we never learn about the Bretton Woods Conference?
Why are we never learned how the world was actually realigned after World War II on an economic basis?
Why were we never taught the Wall Street big finance companies or benefactors that invested in Nazi Germany?
Why are we never taught the history of England and Germany's relationship?
There's a smoking gun, that's why!
And the real issue is that we all accept it at home, a lot of us accept it at home, because they've perfected and mastered dopamine.
You could argue that the entire scientific project post-World War II was to make sure that people were so high with dopamine that they would never find the spirit to care enough about any of this.
Explain, we're going to come back, explain dopamine.
Because all the studies with rats and pigeons and everything is, The clicks.
You heard the Facebook whistleblowers come out and say, we're destroying people.
It's a drug.
They know what they're doing.
We're all basically addicted to it.
And they know how to manipulate us.
But we're not like other animals.
We're able to control our environment.
Royce White is on fire.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll be right back with Royce White, who is always awesome.
He's on fire tonight. Welcome back.
So we think of wars as they were fought, the Civil War, World War I, World War II.
But this is a scientific war against our genetics, our bodies, our minds, our dopamine receptors, how our brains work.
And the globalists act like we're animals.
They admit all this in all these white papers.
And they say they're about to call the Earth to save the Earth from us while they cut off our resources.
But while they themselves, with all the genetic engineering and the rest of it, attack the Earth itself.
So Royce White, former NBA player, talk show host, run for Congress.
I think you're a really smart guy.
I really respect you.
And you're an MMA fighter right now.
But I think the most important work you're doing is happening on this show.
And you've been really popular for years, been on Tucker Carlson, been on various shows years ago.
But you're really exploding right now, and you're getting more hardcore, and that's great.
How did you get educated?
How did you get informed?
I know you've been listening to me since high school, but how else did you get so dialed in on what's going on?
Because what you're offering is the truth.
Well, I was fortunate enough to be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at 16, 17 years old.
And at that time, I had to do my own independent research into the psychological data and all of the psychological studies that were being done to try and find some type of relief to what was two or three panic attacks a day.
Now, many people will try and use that ex post facto to discredit me like they would do you or anybody else and say, hey, this guy has mental health issues, so everything he's saying is a conspiracy.
But really, my anxiety was existential.
It was spiritual.
And I didn't really realize that at the time because... No, I agree.
You didn't know... I'm interrupting.
You didn't know your mission and you instinctively, spiritually knew there was a crisis.
But as soon as you figured out the enemy, you got aligned and empowered.
That's what happened to me.
Is that what happened to you?
Anxiety resolved.
Anxiety resolved completely.
And once I... See, what had happened was... I had nothing but anxiety until I got on mission at about 18 or 19, exactly.
But once I got in alignment with the Holy Spirit that was driving me, it all ended.
Sorry, I just wanted to... I wanted to take your thunder and let folks know this is universal.
There's a lot of young men and women, particularly young men watching right now, that don't get this.
You have anxiety because you're not on mission.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and at the time, you know, in order to become a high-level basketball player, you sort of have to lose yourself in the brainwashing of eat, sleep, and breathe.
Well, if you eat, sleep, and breathe basketball, you can't know Christ.
You can't love Christ.
You can't have a relationship with God.
And the devil will use you and put you off on a track that will lead you to do his bidding.
And I was on that track, and I felt the existential angst from that, the spiritual angst.
And then once I Push back against the NBA about mental health policy.
It was the greatest gift I could ever had.
It could have been given by God.
And God is genius in working in that way.
Not only did I resolve my angst, but I was given an insight on the path.
And that insight was, number one, there's a global corporatocracy.
And the NBA is a watering hole for the global corporatocracy.
And I was right up close to it.
I was behind closed doors.
What was your microcosm exactly?
You have anxiety till you take Christ's commission.
Once that happens, the doors blow off, the windows blow open, and now you're given discernment and a mission, and now you don't have any more anxiety, you just have victory.
And I was also needing to look into the psychological data because of the anxiety and I became interested in mental health.
I became interested in the human psychology and mostly my intuition was, what ways has this been weaponized that I don't yet understand?
This was before This was before Big Tech went green, you could say.
Went live.
Right before Skynet went live.
This was like 2013.
It wasn't until, you know, right around 2015-16 that we saw the social media boom.
But Skynet was turning on and so was Royce White.
I know, I've been on the same path.
They were firing up their engines, God was firing up His.
Absolutely, and what I realized was that the biggest drug cartels today are not in Silicon Valley.
I realized it back then.
The biggest drug cartels were getting the lights turned on in Silicon Valley because they have the best drug on the market.
They don't even have to ship it to you.
It's already in your brain.
Your body makes it.
All they have to do is create the circumstance for it to activate, and that's what dopamine is.
It's a neurotransmitter that's responsible for the feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation.
That's why Big Tech says openly, if they can have access to your data, they can literally manipulate you like a puppet.
That data is the gold of tomorrow for this reason, because dopamine is the best mechanism to predict human behavior, right?
And especially human behavior in a morally bankrupt, spiritually bankrupt, radical material society.
Keep laying on us, brother.
Yeah, and so, you know, the dopamine project is sort of, this is why I say that the Nazis are still running the machine, right?
This is a form of Nazis.
You could argue that big tech, that a sort of centralized coagulation of power in a technocratic manner is the wet dream of Nazis.
This would have been the wet dream of the Nazi scientists.
It is the wet dream of the Nazi scientists.
They're the ones who helped us create it.
And we took it as some, you know, we lied to ourselves, free markets and enterprise and yeah, yeah, yeah, connectivity.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
All scam.
Look at the results.
You judge a tree by its fruit.
You're as good as your score says you are.
And what our score says we are, especially when it comes to tech and social media, is that it's a fast track, a highway to hell, a highway to Satan, a highway to lose one's sense of themself.
And that takes us right back to IBM and the Hollerith punch cards machines.
They are reducing us down to a number.
And it was the DARPA Nazis that came up with the Intergalactic Communication Network in the 1960s.
That was the mind control system and the whole plan for the internet. 100%.
This is a Nazi project.
This is what the outcome, this is the moral hazard from a country, a nation, a populace.
Let's not take the responsibility off of ourselves.
A populace that was told a story and we were so absorbed with the idea of victory.
Let's go back to dopamine on that.
The idea of achievement, right?
That's dopamine, that achievement transmitter.
We were so caught up in that and then given the radical materialism Well, the number one thing the internet did for us is show us the lies.
using Nazi technology.
So what is the answer, Royce White, to counter this?
Awaken to the mechanism, become aware of it, educate others, and say no to it,
and wean ourselves off the drug.
But how do we use the mechanism they built?
How do we fight the matrix where Neo still has to plug into it to fight it?
Well, the number one thing the internet did for us is show us the lies.
I think the number one way to use it is to tell the truth.
And I think there needs to be a widespread, dogmatic effort to tell the truth using the internet.
I agree.
They are panicking because they thought it was theirs.
We've been taking it away from them.
And it will continue.
And that is why you see the effort to censor.
That is why you see the effort to silence.
That is why you see the effort to ban people from the internet is because this is ours.
This is for us.
This was for us to brainwash.
It was never intended for you people to be able to have a ministry of truth, to have
a sermon, to speak the gospel.
That was never the intent, right?
Especially not to combat what we're trying to do.
And if you look at China, I mean, think about this.
Everybody wants to skip over the central, you know, the beginning.
What's the connection between the CCP and the anti-Jews?
And I do call them anti-Jews because I don't believe that they're real Jews.
And it's not because of their race.
And that's another trip up that we make.
All of these real far-right white supremacists that believe in race first, race superiority, that's Darwinism.
If you believe in the theory of evolution, you're a Satanist.
That was the railhead of Satanism.
The admitted root of Nazism is Darwinism.
And the left worships Darwinism.
As you said 45 minutes ago at the start of the interview, the left are the original Nazis.
So, what I'm saying is, when you look at where we are right now, the best thing we can do, the best thing we can hope for, is to start to tell the truth about these issues.
What's the connection between the CCP and the anti-Jews?
Karl Marx, he was a German anti-Jew.
His dad's dad comes from a family of rabbis.
He rejects God.
He comes with the Communist Manifesto.
It goes across many revolutionary efforts, lands itself in Communist China.
That's who we're fighting today.
What's the common thread?
They don't believe in God.
They don't believe in God.
They think they're God.
Royce White, you always blow me away.
I got really good gut-level feelings about you.
I learned about you four or five years ago.
It's always blessed to have you.
Get with my producers.
Come on for a couple hours this week.
Talk for an hour.
Take calls.
We love you, Royce White.
Find you everywhere.
Take care, brother.
Godspeed, brother.
That was powerful.
That was very real.
This is all very real.
I care about the future.
I care about children.
I care about you no matter what color you are.
We gotta wake up, folks.
We're gonna do it together.
We're gonna go to break.
Owen Schroer is loaded.
Tons of clips, tons of news, tons of calls.
It's all coming up.
Owen Schroer from 6 to 8 p.m.
It's 5, 57 and 18 seconds here.
We're about to end this transmission and I'll be back tomorrow.
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