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Name: 20221202_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 2, 2022
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various topics ranging from media sensationalism leading to weakened immune systems, to debates and discussions necessary for free thought. He warns about the dangers posed by globalists who openly announce plans for mass extermination through methods like food scarcity, engineered starvation, bioweapons, mRNA injections, and decentralization of food production. Jones encourages people to support InfoWars as a platform for many individuals in the industry facing censorship. He also discusses societal collapse due to factors such as lack of nutrition, shortages of goods, and a possible depopulation agenda. The speaker emphasizes taking action now to survive by stockpiling food, medicine, and good nutrition. Additionally, Jones talks about food scarcity as a major issue with increasing energy collapse causing people to question their faith in government systems. He mentions FTX as a front for money laundering operations and how it was covered up by the New York Times through excuses for its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. The speaker also discusses managed dialectics as a strategy of warfare and control used by an inner group running the world in a certain way. He references Aldous Huxley's book "Brave New World", where he talks about eugenics as a method to bring down the population through mass drugging and manipulating sexuality. The speaker expresses concern over several best-selling products selling out due to supply chain issues. He urges listeners to take advantage of remaining products at the lowest price they'll find them at InfoWars Store while emphasizing the importance of supporting InfoWars in keeping American liberty alive. The discussion covers historical context, past documents like State Department Memorandum 200 and writings by Kissinger and Brzezinski, influence of British espionage writers, and the connection between Islam and Fabian Society's plans to destabilize society for future objectives.

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So I don't, you can talk about history books all day, I got plenty of examples of Operation Paperclip and how it went on and how every major U.S.
agency from the CIA to NASA was basically founded by Nazis because they'd follow orders and were a cut-out group totally controlled by a breakaway intelligence group.
But that's a side issue.
But before you sit there and look at Ye and say he's the biggest demon on earth, He's rejecting the censorship, he's rejecting the system, and he's saying he thinks this system's the bad guys.
Well, he's right!
The people that have hijacked our system are bad.
And they're trying to steal our elections, and surveil us, and use lawfare, and weaponize judiciary, and all the rest of it to take our freedoms and put in a permanent, bureaucratic, deep state dictatorship.
But what Ye has to get, and what everybody else out there that has these weird Nazi fetishes, What he needs to get is, just because the people running our system are corrupt and bad, does not mean wars we've had with other groups.
If we go to war next month with China, who's bought off our government, manipulated us, the terrible things.
China is way more advanced in their tyranny, way more evil than what Joe Biden and Obama and the Clintons have been able to get done.
I have no doubt if they could get that done.
They're control freaks.
They're evil.
They would love to do what Xi Jinping's done.
But let me explain something to you.
If we have a war with China, it doesn't mean GGP is good just because our government's got problems.
And I've analyzed what's going on with Ye, and that's what's happening.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
Patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
I don't think Hitler was a good guy.
I get the Hugo Boss uniforms.
But, I mean, just because you're in love with the design, you're a designer, can we just kind of say, like, you like the uniforms, but that's about it.
No, we, we, no, there's a lot of things that I love about Hitler.
A lot of things.
I mean, this is, I'm in the twilight zone right now.
Netanyahu, what do you have to say?
What do you have to say to Alex Jones right now, Nick Fuentes and Ye?
It was bad.
It was bad for Trump to meet with Nick and Yank.
I had no idea your voice was gonna sound like that, Netanyahu.
So you don't like Benjamin Netanyahu?
I just, I just heard about this guy two weeks ago since, like, the tweet, and I thought he had a funny name.
I heard he's, like, really into, like, he's, like, a super killer, and I could die for saying this, so... In case this is the last time you ever hear from me!
Well, look, look, look, look, look, look.
My accounts, because they've been frozen by Jewish banks.
So, I need to watch my meals.
Well, CNN says white people are evil Nazis, so... I mean, I disagree with both statements, but I get the... Yeah, I don't like the word evil next to Nazis.
I think we need to look at... Oh my goodness.
Just because you don't like one group doesn't mean the other.
I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.
Oh man, well I have to disagree with that.
But listen, we're gonna go to break.
Do I round up Jews in Nazi Germany?
Do I get love then?
Schwarzenegger said he loved Hitler.
They gave him an award.
I'm just saying, I don't like Nazis, and I don't like what some of the mafias are doing either.
I like Hitler.
My accounts, because they've been frozen by Jewish banks.
So, I need to watch my mails.
Well, CNN says white people are evil Nazis, so... I mean, I disagree with both statements, but I get the... Yeah, I don't like the word evil next to Nazis.
I think we need to look at... Oh my goodness.
Just because you don't like one group doesn't mean the other.
I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.
Oh man, well I have to disagree with that.
But listen, we're gonna go to break.
So obviously there is a German side to World War I and World War II that a lot of people don't know and it's always good to pursue the truth.
That being said, do I think Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were quote-unquote good?
No, I think that whoever's trying to get that ring of power is always going to use deception and force and all that stuff.
You know, do I think there's a pretty high chance that he burned down his own Reichstag?
Oh yeah!
But the German people going towards the truth movement after the false and
bank driven World War I was good and they shouldn't be slandered for that.
You know, the population of Germany was trying to reconnect with family and
truth and getting rid of sin in their society and that's great, but I believe
that once you get to puppet master level of politics, and that even includes Putin,
even though right now, I believe Putin is leading his country well, but I think
all of them are controlled on some level or else.
They wouldn't be allowed to be leaders of countries Jones pimping 33 different kinds of pills and now a book the big win will be when people get past the blame stage and get to the I don't yeah, and I and and you know that's I can see that happening with a lot of people and that the blame stage is, um, the blame stage is hopefully
passing by people quickly.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say,
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen, on this Friday, December 2nd, 2022 broadcast.
We have got so much news.
It is all coming to a head right now.
The political planets are aligned.
You do not want to miss this broadcast.
Everyone you know, tune in now.
Infowars.com, porch slash show at radio stations across the country.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
And it's Friday, December 2nd, 2022.
I know a lot of people are tuned in today.
We have a record audience here today of over 40 extra million people tuned in.
Only the other time we had a bigger audience was election night 2016 when Trump Road in on that massive populist red wave, and that obviously was Kanye West, formerly Kanye West, Ye West, in studio for three hours and ten minutes.
And everybody's shooting in, wanting to know the inside baseball and behind the scenes stuff.
And I do have all that with what happened with him and Elon Musk last night, and Ye being banned on Twitter again, and the aftermath and what really happened behind the scenes and all the rest of it.
And I'll be getting to that.
Coming up in the last segment of this hour, and then some into the next hour, but I've got to tell you, it's important for free speech, it's important to know the behind-the-scenes of what really went on, and it's the top story in the world right now, whereas potential nuclear war with Russia, global currency devaluations, the news coming out that indeed the so-called COVID shots are deadly and are causing mass illness, blood clots, and death, that's really the biggest story, and so quite frankly, I'm almost tempted not to talk about the interview yesterday because we've got this giant audience of millions of new people that never tuned in and what we normally do is not wear GIMP mask on air and talk about how we love Hitler.
It was trolling at an epic level.
I did not know that was going to happen.
I had been told that they wanted to come here and kind of move into some other subjects and other issues.
I said you can cover whatever you want and when the juice stuff started I said, okay, I guess you're gonna do the whole show on this, and I believe in the First Amendment, so I let, you know, Ye do that.
He's left other interviews where they started interrupting him.
So I let him say what he had to say.
I told him I disagree with him.
And you know, Ye is a savant.
There's no doubt.
I'm not even a huge fan of hip hop and rap, but I do like the better stuff.
And his stuff is very, very, very complex.
And he's obviously a very smart man in ways.
But he even said he thinks he's autistic.
Is everybody being mean to him?
Or are people saying, well, even though he's autistic, he's not allowed to say this.
The guy is eccentric as it gets.
And he is autistic, okay?
So, and I've gotten a chance to talk to him on the phone and over the past around him in person.
The dude is autistic, okay?
So, I think he's a nice person.
I don't think he means bad.
He's obsessed with symbols and engineering and things like that.
And obviously the Nazis were as well.
I mean, hell, the whole world's basically adopted their designs and everything they did.
That's how they sold Germans on getting on board with them was, you know, all the things they did.
I'm going to break down what I really think happened and where this is all going, coming up at the end of the hour.
But I need to hit the really big news first that's way more important, quite frankly, at the end of the day.
And I tried to get Ye to get into the poison shots and get into what it's really all about and the human depopulation operation, but he didn't want to do that.
And I'm inviting him back on.
But I said, "Listen, you had your three hours of the whole Jew operation thing.
I really want to get you on about other issues."
And we're also gonna talk about the fact that he has a right to free speech
and he shouldn't be silenced or censored, obviously.
But just because I agree with someone's right to free speech doesn't mean I have to agree
with what they're saying or what they're doing.
Now, he got banned on Twitter last night.
for putting up a image of a sun symbol.
That's what the swastika is.
It's an ancient symbol, at least 6,000 years old, found all over the Near East.
What's India today?
The Middle East today.
And when he put it inside of the Star of David, which is really the Seal of Solomon, he put the Hindu or Sanskrit or Mesopotamian Babylonian sun symbol in there that you see all over temples all over the world, Buddhist and others.
And so They shouldn't ban the swastika.
You shouldn't be banned for putting up a swastika off of Twitter or anywhere else.
A Nazi swastika that's been rotated 90 degrees.
That's the Hitler swastika.
It's a rolling swastika.
This is not even a Nazi swastika he put up, and by California law, it's not even a hate symbol.
And I know what he was talking about yesterday, because he was talking about bringing everybody together and loving everybody, including Zionists and Nazis.
And that's what the symbol is supposed to say.
And so he shouldn't even be banned by Twitter under their rules for that.
Now, the rules are, obviously, that you can't encourage violence against other people.
And I think it's really defamatory to say that he was encouraging violence against other people because he did not call for violence against anybody and has said he's anti-war.
But I'm done talking about Ye for now.
I don't mean that as an insult to say that he is autistic.
You know, a little trick I've been able to do, and I think we're all a little bit autistic in different ways, you know, savantish, idiot savantish in ways, is that I can, especially when I was younger, be given a whole bunch of numbers.
Just spit out at me like 27, 145, 218, whatever, and then I could just almost always say the number if I didn't try.
My brain just knew it.
Now that's a savantish type thing that we'll do.
We'll try to sit down and actually do math, you know, by hand.
I'm terrible at it.
So that's, there's thousands of different savantish things going on, and I'm not giving him a total free pass for things he said that just aren't true.
I mean, I don't just need to read history books about Hitler.
Both my grandfathers were in World War II.
They didn't like to talk about it, but believe me, they were in Europe, especially my dad's dad spent a lot of time in Europe.
First in North Africa, then in Italy, and then right into Germany.
Definitely said that what you've heard about definitely was going on mile after mile after mile of dead people in these death camps.
Mile after mile after mile after mile after mile of people stacked up 40, 50, 100 feet and just the GIs pushing dead bodies with bulldozers into mass graves.
And then that's just what the Nazis hadn't gotten cleaned up by the time they Turn and run at the end of 1949 or evacuated back to Berlin.
So I'm not gonna go over history lesson here, but I'm actually quite a history buff.
On World War II, I probably read 300 books on World War II, something I got into in high school and college.
And so I've read all the main books, and I've also checked it with family.
And Hitler was absolutely horrible, and 22 million Germans died.
They killed 22 million Russians.
That was the real war, 90% of the war.
I mean, the US and England were in the war, but Kind of like third benchers, okay?
It was the Russians and the Germans point-blank for three years killing each other once Hitler snuck attack Russia with Operation Barbarossa.
But see, he doesn't know about Operation Barbarossa.
He hasn't read ten books on Operation Barbarossa.
He hasn't read Julius Caesar's Battle for Gaul like I have.
He hasn't read the writings of Napoleon Bonaparte.
He hasn't read Mein Kampf.
He hasn't read Mein Struggle.
He hasn't read Adolf Hitler's book.
So he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Hitler was a complete psychopathic devil worshipper.
He was not a Christian.
He wanted to outlaw Christianity.
He was an occultist.
It's an absolute fact.
But I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna stop right there.
He was a pedophile.
He had his niece that he was screwing for 10 years, sometimes she was 10 years old, she shot her mouth off, killed.
But, again, he was a meth-head.
He was nerve-gassed twice in World War I, had their Congressional Medal of Honor, first-class Iron Cross.
He was a war hero.
But the point is, is that he got nerve-gassed the second time and thought he was the messiah when he came out of his coma.
But see, that's the frustration here.
I can tell you all about Hitler because I found it very interesting and actually researched it.
So I'm not mad at Ye, he just doesn't know what he's talking about.
Hitler's bad.
I can also tell you who's bad, the ADL would like to be Hitler.
The ADL's anti-American, anti-free speech, lying criminal organization, literally involved in the censorship and control of this country, trying to take over, and they're as big a threat to America as Adolf A. Louis Hitler was.
And so that's the bottom line here, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I said I wouldn't get into this story first, but I'm starting to.
Oh, it's so frustrating.
But Hitler was a competing eugenics model.
The British had their plan.
If you've actually read the writings of Hitler and Goering and Joseph Goebbels, they were competing with who?
Who were they competing with?
Wells and who else?
That's right, Cecil Rhodes.
The Nazis stole their plan for what you're now seeing being rolled out worldwide through the medical tyranny is depopulation and eugenics.
And Hitler basically launched his own program, but against different groups.
The globalists want to poison and dumb down and finally medicalize everybody and kill 90 plus percent of us.
They make Hitler look like a lightweight.
You understand that?
Wells didn't just write science fiction.
He was the top futurist for the British Crown.
That's why he wrote about atomic weapons in the 1890s.
Oh, yeah.
The technology is a lot more advanced, they tell you.
When we come back, though, the biggest news yet on the COVID front, Rand Paul calls out Fauci and says he murdered people, he created it, and he needs to go to prison.
And we are back.
Thank you for joining us on this live teleprompter free transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be back this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
Central with a Sunday show as well.
Don't forget Owen Troyer 3 p.m.
The War Room's coming up today and every weekday morning 8 a.m.
American Journal with the great Harrison Smith.
All right let's uh let me do this this segment because I've been doing it last segment I went on a whole rant about EA and and down to a prelude to what I'm going to be covering a little
bit later in the hour and next hour.
But let's talk about what is coming up today that's so big.
Senator Paul has done what should be done and what I've been calling for and what I called
for last week. We know Fauci created COVID-19.
We have all the documents.
We told you this in February and March of 2020.
We had top biological weapons experts, the author of the U.S.
biological chemical weapons laws, the former top U.N.
prosecutor on these weapons, on to tell you that we have the documents that he specifically created gain-of-function COVID-19.
They had it prepared in 2018.
They called it COVID-19.
They released it.
They came to the Pentagon when Trump was in office and said, oh, we're going to release it to study stuff in caves in China.
And Trump said no.
They're trying to set Trump up with not just getting to push the poison mRNA shots that aren't vaccines, but also to sign on to releasing it in China.
That's London Telegraph broke that a year and a half after we broke it.
So we've got the inside scoop on all this.
So, Paul has come out specifically and said, you gain of function, you lied to Congress, and now we know at Boston University, and at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, not just in Boston, Massachusetts, and also in London, Fauci and the NIH have funded three other gain of function programs with COVID-19, weaponizing it in humanized mice, which have the exact same effect, the pathogens on those mice as humans, they're mice, human, chimera clones.
People go, that doesn't exist, that's 40 years old, okay?
But the point is, is that they then rolled all of this out, and they weaponized it where it kills 80% of the mice.
So not a COVID that kills less than 1% of people, one that kills 80% of those that get infected.
Doesn't mean it kills 80% of people, it means if you get infected, 80% die.
The whole point is you don't want to get infected when you have your immune system boosted and going.
But that's what these psychos are making.
There was a huge scandal that Obama was funding this in 2015 with Fauci.
They just put the Scientist Magazine up there about it.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
So for Fauci to get up there, this was a huge scandal in 2015 that he was doing it and said they've never had gain of function when he ran conferences titled, In Support of Gain of Function Research.
And had C-SPAN discussions about supporting gain of function.
So we have him, but now Senator Paul has come out and said, we have you, we have the proof, we've caught you red-handed, and he also said you will not get away.
So I don't want any political violence, I don't want any extrajudicial violence, I don't want anybody to harm a hair or a whisker on his chinny-chin-chin.
Nobody should harm Daszak or Fauci or Gates or any of them until they've been indicted, until they've been convicted, and then you know what needs to happen to them for biological weapons development and release against the people.
It's more than just life in a supermax.
That's what the U.S.
Code states.
These people need to be in a lot of trouble for what they've done.
So next segment, I'm going to drill into all of that, play part of the interview that Senator Paul did last night on Fox News, and so much more.
Then we've got the British government admitting that there are triple the normal rate of deaths happening in the UK that were happening just three years ago, and it's not COVID.
Of course it's not, it's the shots.
So we're going to be getting to all of that incredibly important information, and then we're going to explain why they're doing it.
Got a stack of articles from mainstream news here, how it's going to be good to depopulate the Earth, and how wonderful it'll be when there's no more humans, and how should we all agree we're a bad species and should be gotten rid of.
Here's Atlantic Monthly, the people cheering for humanity's end.
But if they can't do it right away with a bioweapon, they're going to do it with abortion, sterilization, the transgender movement that is admittedly a system to make it popular to sterilize autistic and other handicapped individuals.
Planned Parenthood's sexual education director claims that all children are born sexual.
We're going to explain how that's a form of birth control that can screw them up early
and what the statistics show and kill their trajectory.
And then that ties into Avatar director James Cameron says testosterone is a toxin men must
terminate from their system.
So that's what this entire agenda is.
We're going to be getting to all of that.
We're going to look at the Herschel Walker race in Georgia and how they're already getting
ready to steal it.
Pre-programming that he's lost, he's failed, everyone's hurrying against him.
They're already pre-programming that and everybody said, we'll look at the actual numbers on
that front as well.
We'll also look at the economy and November jobs reports and what's happening with real
inflation numbers and a lot more coming up here today.
And then we have Mike Adams joining us, investigative journalist of Natural News, breaking some major, major news.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
That's coming up in the third hour.
I also intend to open the phones up here today.
And I'm tempted, I might come in Saturday.
I'm thinking about it.
I want to talk to the crew because they deserve a break.
I might do a three hour live show tomorrow that's internet only and just take phone calls.
Because I do want to hear from all of you on those fronts as well.
And then there's more censorship news we're going to get to.
The second largest church in Ukraine has been banned because it has an association with Russians.
Well, Russia was founded a thousand years ago in what is Ukraine today.
Translates out to, like, Slav the Wise.
That's why they're called Slavs.
That's this one guy.
Russia was founded in Ukraine.
Then it got conquered by the Muslims for about 110 years.
And then there was only one group of Slavs left that had control.
That was the Moscow tribe.
They re-invaded in a multi-year war that killed, estimated, hundreds of thousands of people.
Kicked the Muslims out.
And so that's why the new capital of the Slavs was Moscow.
This is all a Slavic civil war.
But AP reports it like it's no big deal.
Ukraine bans religious organizations with links to Russia.
And it goes on to say, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.
Which was founded by Slav the Wise.
He has a longer name, that's the boil down.
So, the founding church of Ukraine, over a thousand years ago, is now banned.
In Ukraine, boy, isn't Zelensky a Democrat?
Isn't he a nice guy?
Isn't he a wonderful person?
That doesn't mean I defend the Russians, but this is a Slavic civil war and now a proxy war leading into a larger full war between NATO and Russia that could end civilization on this planet as we know.
So that is a big, big deal outlawing the second largest church in Ukraine.
All right, we're going to go to break and I'm going to come back with some other big Financial news concerning not just the economy, not just you individually, but this broadcast.
Some of the biggest news concerning the future of Infowars ever.
On the other side of this break, and our ability to stay on air and be able to cover things and push for things and expose things that they don't want getting out.
And nine times out of ten, we are credited by enemies of freedom and lovers of freedom.
We're credited by George Soros, and we're credited by the UN, and we're credited by Klaus Schwab, and we're credited by all of them as being the vector of the evil populism.
But we're also credited by Tucker Carlson and so many others as being the main progenitor of the major talking points based in truth that are countering the entire globalist narrative.
So I'm extremely honored to be in that position.
But to stay in that position, it takes money to fight a war.
And that's what we're in.
We're in a war.
So I'm not going to just come back and plug some products and tell you to give us money.
I'm going to give you the big financial news about InfoWars and about its future, about my future, and really just let you know that it is 100% in your hands.
Just like your destiny is in your own hands and your soul is in your own hands.
Your decision with free will, whether to love God or not, And it's also in your hands whether we're going to stay on air.
So I have total confidence that it's up to God and working through you.
God works through you that if you want us to stay on air, you will.
But I've got some big news on the other side.
I declared personal bankruptcy this morning.
We'll tell you more about it straight ahead.
So I want to welcome the millions and millions and millions and millions and millions more of new listeners and viewers tuning in at InfoWars.com and radio and TV stations dotted across this fine nation and the world.
Again, I'm your host Alex Jones.
A lot of you are tuning in for the first time, maybe the second time.
What's this all about?
What happened with Ye, formerly Kanye West here yesterday?
I'll get to that more next hour.
But it's important to understand that the battle to take us off the air has nothing to do with Sandy Hook, nothing to do with stuff the media has taken and blown up out of context.
It's about setting a precedent to take everybody off the air that is going to oppose this globalist, New World Order, Great Reset that's now out in the open.
And because we've been vindicated in my 28 years of work, and your work, and all of our work together exposing this, and all the countless guests and experts we've had on, they have to get us off the air because the credibility's gone way up and people are listening.
It's very, very simple.
So here's the long and short of it.
I've never run this show As the goal to amass wealth, though I do like living in a nice house and don't take care of my family, but I would lose all of that today and go to prison or be lined up against a wall and shot if we could snap our fingers and I could give my life, or I'm sure you would do it if you give your life for your children and grandchildren.
I do this because I know it's true and I know the globalists are evil.
I know what they're doing is corrupt and bad, and so that's my main impetus for doing this, though it takes money to operate, it takes money to stay on air.
And so in the last six years, there was a major PR campaign by the Democratic Party that even hired top PR firms.
All just came out in the last two months.
What we suspected was all confirmed.
The main PR firm out of New York that does the UN's PR, the Democratic Party's PR, much of their PR, they did opposition research against Infowars for supporting Trump and said, what has he done that we can really get him on and then say that he's Trump's brain?
And they said, well, out of everything he's done, we can take this out of context, him doing 23 minutes over a few years questioning Sandy Hook like he questions so many other big events.
Not a story we've generated, not a story we first created, but we covered the internet having questions.
It was a non-issue in 2015 and 16 and even 17 to a great extent.
It wasn't even in the news.
When I got banned off Twitter, it was for other reasons.
You didn't even see Sandy Hook mentioned.
So they built Sandy Hook up in late 2016-17, ran national news stories everywhere, coordinated with the Democrats in the deep state to make me the Sandy Hook guy and then sue me But then once they sued me, they didn't have any proof or evidence of what they claimed I did, so they had judges default me in Texas and Connecticut, so they could then say I was guilty, unprecedented, and then have juries be part of their little show trials to decide how guilty I was.
We couldn't defend ourselves, we couldn't put on evidence.
Since then, the judge in Texas just came out two weeks ago.
It was big national news.
They said, despite state law, she says Jones will pay $50 million, though state law says it's capped at $5 million.
And she said, I don't care what the law says.
She had a bunch of other unprecedented stuff as well, saying, well, even though the jury didn't hear these charges, we're going to let the plaintiff's lawyers say Jones is guilty of elder abuse and all this other weird stuff.
She said, yes, the jury finds him guilty of that, too.
So she didn't just find me guilty and then tell them I'm guilty and then have them find me guilty again under her order.
She then said they also found me guilty of stuff they never had put before them in their jury charge.
I mean, this is just the most flagrant, absurd fraud the world could even imagine.
But it's judicial tyranny.
It's the system making a move.
It doesn't mean all the judicial systems and everything are corrupt yet, but this process of globalist takeover is here.
So first it's a nine hundred and something million dollar verdict, almost a billion,
and then the judge adds on four hundred and something million. So it's now up at 1.5 billion
plus. And, you know, just a couple years ago I had an emergency backup of a couple million dollars.
That's all gone.
I've got a couple hundred thousand dollars now in the bank.
That's completely on empty if you're somebody as big as I am with all my bills.
It's actually a liberating feeling because I've told the truth.
I've done my best.
I've made mistakes.
But I'm here targeted by a powerful power structure that's just using PR firms and families as their shield to come after the First Amendment, not just the Second Amendment.
And so, As this progressed, and I did bankruptcy with free speech systems, it was maxed out and basically going insolvent.
And they were lying and saying hundreds of millions of dollars and letting witnesses get on the stand that are supposedly financial experts with no proof and just making up, I've got $400 million and the company's got all this money.
None of it true.
Alice in Wonderland, complete fiction.
And then they still said to the court, even though it was proven not to be true, no, he's got all this money.
Well, I'm officially out of money, personally, and it's all going to be filed, it's going to be public, and you will see that Alex Jones has almost no cash and is, if you add their judgments against me, in the hole for over a billion five hundred million dollars.
Now they put those big numbers out to crush our will, and to crush your will, and to make you think, well, that's so big, he's going off the air, we better just stop supporting him.
And they said, don't bet on Alex Jones at press conferences, don't buy his products, he's going off air, we're going to win.
They don't want us to appeal these cases.
They will be overturned or the company's gone anyways.
They don't want us to stay on air.
They've admitted, let's play the clips, in both cases, they want us off air.
That's their goal.
They don't want money for these families.
Any of this with those claims, they want me off air.
They've said that.
They've repeated it all over the news.
They've done countless interviews.
Well, we're not going to let them do that.
But at the same time, if I am personally completely out of money, and obviously could never even pay these fake debts and these fake judgments, then I have to declare bankruptcy.
And this is a 100% Needed, and probably should have been done a long time ago, but I filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Houston this morning, and now under penalty of perjury and the whole nine yards, it's all going to be right there, that they have misrepresented everything, and you're going to know the absolute truth, and that I told you the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth on my children's souls.
And so they are in a panic, according to what my lawyer witnessed in court in Connecticut this morning.
They are just absolutely flabbergasted, because I believe, they believe, that their own BS, that I had all this money.
So here's my statement on this, and I'm not making further statements on it after this, but here's the official statement.
Earlier this morning, I filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 in Houston, Texas.
The Alex Jones Show will continue as before, but with a greater purpose.
This Chapter 11 will allow for all of the litigation, as well as any disputes regarding my assets and liabilities, to be handled by the same bankruptcy court handling the Free Speech Systems Chapter 11 case.
And the same judge was appointed by the federal court to this.
That's not our doing, that just happened.
While FSS and I intend to appeal the Texas and Connecticut judgments collectively now, more than 1.5 billion dollars, it is my intent to proceed with Chapter 11 in a good faith and to attempt to reach amicable resolutions with my creditors.
As the Alex Jones Show moves forward with greater purpose, so will I. Now, I'm done talking about that, but here's the bottom line.
I know we're in a recession.
I know things are falling apart.
We see all the numbers.
This is very simply put.
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Because that's what it is.
It's chapter 11, subchapter 5.
But we're doing okay.
We'll be able to fund things and move forward.
Thanks for your support.
I personally...
And paid a paltry amount to what I was paid before.
Out of this, that's fine.
I don't care about the money.
But I care about staying on air.
So I'm not quitting, I'm not giving up, and I'm counting on you not to give up as well.
We have a 100% chance of succeeding and exposing this and going through the appeals and staying on air
as long as I'm healthy and as long as I'm able to and as long as the nuclear war doesn't break out
if you fund InfoWars.
So you're the variable, everything is in your hands, it is your decision and I'm not guilting you,
I'm not saying you better do this, I'm saying it's a choice you've got to make
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3 3 1 3 9 I am in your hands you are in my hands we're up against the deep state
the globalist I've got the little guys they've got their globalist funding
we're gonna win thanks for your support well old falchion can run on for a long
time run on for a long time but sooner or later the truth is gonna cut him down
So we need to address this for what it is.
A criminal, out of control, mad scientist group of eugenicists who openly call for depopulation.
Fauci, Bill Gates, that whole coterie.
That whole cadre, they have been doing this forever since the 80s, intimately involved in HIV and drugs that killed people like AZT they knew didn't work.
I mean, this guy's been a villain the whole time.
He lied to Congress, the list goes on and on.
But now, Rand Paul's coming right out and saying, we have the documents, we have the emails, you weaponized COVID.
You killed 7 million people that have died from COVID, and you will be held accountable, and your shots don't work, and they're making people sick, and you should stop giving the military these poison shots, and stop trying to make school children take them.
By the way, Pfizer came out two days ago, and it's in my stack, I didn't see it in my video list, guys.
And they said, actually, Tucker covered it last night.
I told you this two and a half years ago, they're gonna want six to eight shots a year.
It's a gene therapy.
Now, how did I know?
Bill Gates was telling his shareholders, where they make 20 to 1, you know, invest a dollar, make $20, unprecedented.
He told his investors, people are going to take six to eight shots a year.
It's a business plan.
They know it doesn't work.
They know it erases your immune system.
They're worse than crack dealers.
They're worse than people selling Oxycontin and, you know, MIT creating fentanyl.
What a business model where they erase your immune system, and give you blood clots, and then you get sicker and sicker, and they give you more and more of the very shots that kill you.
Well, that's what they did with Remdesivir.
36% of the people that took it had renal failure, kidney failure, organ failure, and they knew it didn't help anybody.
But that's what Fauci recommends, because he's a psychotic Joseph Mingala, and you can't recognize it because you're not Jeffrey Dahmer, you're not Joseph Mingala, you're not Anthony Fauci.
But now the quiet part's being said out loud.
Now the part that we're not supposed to say is being said by a doctor, Senator Paul, and all the documents.
I didn't just come up with this in February of 2020.
I had the experts on.
I called the top people.
They said it's a weapons project started by Obama, that they got exposed in 2015, they moved it to China, but they're also secretly doing it here, and it's man-made, and all these foreign institutions that have CRISPR gene-editing scanners scanned the damn virus and said it's five viruses, chimeras, with the actual gene injection points.
The P2 shuttle jeans and others, just like everybody knows Frankenstein's different parts, because he's got stitches.
It literally has the injection points.
They know exactly how it was made, who did it.
It's like saying a 57 Chevy just appeared in the Mojave Desert.
They just, just sand blew around and made it.
This thing is way more complex than a 57 Chevy.
They made it.
It's artificial.
Like the watch I'm wearing, or the camera filming me right now.
Open and shut.
They made it.
They obviously released it to destabilize things and get rid of Trump.
And now Senator Paul is saying, you are gonna get it.
You're not getting away.
We've caught him red-handed.
He won't get away.
And once we finally start indicting these criminals, the entire house of cards,
like dominoes, will fall.
The entire house of cards will come raining down.
All they've got's their chutzpah, all they've got's their arrogance,
all they've got's their bravado, that they control the media
and they control the Justice Department.
Well, you know what?
You don't control our brains and our minds, and there are medical doctors and scientists
worldwide exposing you, and there are hearings from Australia to Germany
in their parliaments, and criminal investigations have been begun
against Pfizer and Moderna and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci,
and you will be held accountable.
Just like Hitler, and just like Joseph Mingela, his mad scientist, thought they were invincible, they're not invincible.
Stalin, Mao, Hitler, all these people are not invincible, and we're not gonna let Hitler 2.0 in the embodiment of Fauci carry this out.
Oh, he didn't tell you he loves Hitler publicly.
He actually carries it out at a level that would make Hitler blush.
Here's part of that report last night with Senator Rand Paul.
This is important.
Goodbyes are always hard, but as the saying goes, don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened.
But in his final month on the throne of science, Dr. Anthony Fauci is having a tough time saying goodbye to the cameras.
We keep thinking Fauci's done his farewell interview, but then he does another, and another, and another.
The science tells us it's actually more dangerous to get between Fauci and a camera than it is to catch COVID.
Today he stopped by the Washington Post where he left them with one last departing message.
To much of the country you're a hero.
To another significant portion of the country you've become the villain.
How do you hope people are going to remember you?
You're right, there is a dichotomy, and I think if you do the numbers with all due respect to the people who hate me, I think you're outnumbered by the people who feel differently than you do.
Fauci's reading his own press clippings.
I've seen my poll numbers.
They're pretty good.
He wants you to remember him as a hero.
Even though he was wrong on the travel ban, masks, lockdown, school closures, warp speed, vaccine effectiveness, vaccine mandates, and the lab leak.
But Fauci could never admit he was wrong.
Fauci was always the victim.
Ideologies were spilling over into an agenda or a discussion of what should have been purely public health issues.
And being the person who's very visible in that regard, I became the target.
The enemy is the virus.
It's not each other.
And if you look around at some of the things that have gone on in our country, it appears that we are more enemies of each other than we are of the virus.
Well, Philosopher Fauci, where do you get this deep knowledge?
No hero should ever be the target, but every hero should always admit they're not perfect.
Which Dr. Fauci had a tough time doing.
Is there a moment of your career that you wish you could do over?
You know, um, Yasmin, no.
And I know they're going to, people are going to respond to that.
Um, who say, well, what does he think he's perfect?
I'm the first to admit I'm far from perfect, but when you say do over, You know, I really can't see something that I would do completely over.
Senator Rand Paul joins us now.
Don't you love it when someone asks you what you've done wrong in your life and you pause for about 40 seconds and scratch your chin?
Let me count the ways.
Likely, likely there is no public figure or public health figure that has made a greater error in judgment than Dr. Fauci.
The error in judgment was to fund gain-of-function research in a totalitarian country.
Fund research that allowed them to create super viruses that, in all likelihood, accidentally leaked into the public and caused 7 million people to die.
Think about it.
This is right up there with decisions, some of them malevolent or military, to kill millions of people.
This is accidental, but it goes to judgment.
Talk about errors.
You think he might apologize to the world for funding research?
That allowed super viruses to be created in a lab, a lab that was not properly outfitted for safety, that people were already reporting was dangerous, to support that that type of research and then to look the other way and say nothing to see here and to cover it up.
For the last two years he's been covering his tracks but we've got him red-handed and he won't get away.
Historically he will be remembered for one of the worst judgments in the history of modern medicine.
Criminally, this would probably fall under involuntary manslaughter.
But we're not in a criminal court, so I guess it's just politics.
Six million people can die worldwide, and it's, oops, I was probably right.
No one asked me any questions.
You're going to be asking some tough questions in the next couple days.
You're playing a game of chicken, I'm hearing.
The Defense Department is not getting funded unless they hire back unvaxxed military men and women.
How do you think that's going to play out?
You know, our young men and women who volunteer, we have an all-volunteer army, that volunteer to defend our country, to put their lives on the line, they deserve to have their religious freedom as well as their medical choices and freedom to decide what goes into their body.
We know this and this is a scientific fact.
The vaccine does not prevent you from getting an infection.
It doesn't prevent you from transmitting an infection.
And for young people, there isn't significant evidence to show that it reduces the severity or the hospitalization.
The military has become so woke and they're demanding you get a vaccine that you don't need.
So something's got to change.
Hopefully that changes things.
And we'll be following how that plays out.
Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky, thanks so much.
Thank you.
All right.
Hour number two is coming up.
I'm going to hit a lot of big developments.
The inside baseball.
The puppet president's come out and responded and attacked the interview.
That is coming up next hour and so much more.
Mike Adams as well.
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Hour number two, straight ahead.
We are now, my friends, into hour number two on this very important Friday edition because
we have tens of millions of new people that tuned in.
Well, that's an underestimation.
30, 40 million new people tuned in yesterday, conservatively, and we can see from the numbers that tens of millions of them are tuning.
Back in, and most of them popped in for 5-10 minutes to see what it's all about, and they leave.
They're coming to hear about Ye West and, you know, what he did yesterday.
And I'm going to address that in the first amendment, the fallouts, the inside baseball, and some breaking news.
Coming up in about 20 after, I'm going to start getting into that.
We got Mike Adams coming up.
I'm also going to put the phones up.
But I want to get back to Senator Paul.
Politics is a popularity contest, but it really should be a policy contest.
We don't need politicians.
We need statesmen and women who actually stand up for the people.
And I know that's a simple statement, but it's so true.
And Rand Paul really is better than DeSantis.
He's better than Trump.
And I like DeSantis, I like Trump, but I really like Rand Paul.
And I hope when the election cycle heats up next year, I've really done some soul-searching, and I've really thought about it.
We need to draft Rand Paul, and I'm not going to support DeSantis over Rand Paul or Trump.
He's just far superior on every issue, far superior on not being a polarizing figure, and he's just the guy to support.
So I think we should draft Rand Paul, and I think Trump can continue to rally Republicans to do what he does.
And I just, DeSantis has too many globalists backing him.
I like what he does, but the whole globalist patina he's got on him is a big problem.
Senator Paul elaborating on why we shouldn't be giving these dangerous experimental shots to the military. He's
holding up his defense spending until the eugenicists that run the Pentagon stop it. Here's
that report.
We'll come back from break and get into a lot of other big breaking news. Good afternoon.
Our young men and women in the military deserve better.
The Biden administration's vaccination mandate has forced our nation's young patriotic men and women to choose between their faith and their career, between their medical autonomy and their career.
At a time when the military is struggling to meet their targets for recruitment, the Biden administration is firing soldiers we invested in and trained.
Some will argue that the vaccine mandate in the military is not new.
That is correct, but there are several factors unique to the COVID vaccine that make it different than other mandates.
First, the CDC acknowledges that the COVID vaccine does not stop transmission.
So the argument that the mandate will stop incapacitating spread in the close quarters of the military is not applicable.
Second, The COVID vaccine has a risk of causing inflammation, particularly in young men, particularly the young men that comprise over 90% of our military recruits.
In addition, several scientific studies, including a very large one in Israel and another one by the CDC, have shown that a heightened risk of myocarditis for children and teenagers after taking a second COVID vaccine dose.
Israel saw elevated rates of myocarditis after young men were vaccinated, particularly after the second dose.
Because of this scientific evidence, European countries began restricting the vaccine for certain age groups.
Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden all limit their recommendations for vaccines for young people.
Norway, South Africa and UK chose not to recommend or chose to recommend only one dose because of the risk of myocarditis.
Dr. Paul Offit, a former member of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Vaccines, part of the FDA's Advisory Committee on Vaccines, resigned over this policy.
He also said that even though he's pro-vaccine, he's been pro-everything vaccine for 40 years, that he wouldn't give the vaccine to his 24-year-old son.
Third, the mandate ignores naturally acquired immunity.
80% of our young military recruits have had COVID.
By compelling the young people to inject a vaccine into their bodies, they're accepting a risk of myocarditis.
In fact, it is inadvisable to take a vaccine if you've recently had COVID.
Even the CDC admits this.
Our service members have spent their entire lives dedicated to protecting our country and making sacrifices to defend the Constitution.
Congress should take action.
And we're taking action today by saying we will not vote to get on the NDAA, the Defense Authorization Bill.
December 2022 is here, and we are proud and very excited to announce that free shipping is back at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Well, everybody wants to talk about the big Ye interview yesterday and the inside baseball and what's coming next and Biden's response to it.
We will.
Then we're going to get back into some news that is central to understanding the globalist war game for the Great Reset, the fourth turning and the organized collapse they're engaged in.
But here's a few excerpts of yesterday's Ye firestorm.
Here it is.
I don't think Hitler was a good guy.
I get the Hugo Boss uniforms.
But, I mean, just because you're in love with the design, you're a designer, can we just kind of say, you like the uniforms, but that's about it.
No, we, no, there's a lot of things that I love about Hitler.
A lot of things.
I'm in the twilight zone right now.
Netanyahu, what do you have to say?
What do you have to say to Alex Jones right now, Nick Fuentes and Ye?
It was bad.
It was bad for trying to meet with Nick and Yank.
I had no idea your voice was gonna sound like that, Netanyahu.
So you don't like Benjamin Netanyahu?
I just, I just heard about this guy two weeks ago since like the tweet and I thought he had a funny name.
I heard he's like really into like, he's like a super killer and I could die for saying this so, in case this is the last time you ever hear from me.
Well look, look, look, look, look, look.
Do I round up Jews in Nazi Germany?
Do I get love then?
Schwarzenegger said he loved Hitler.
They gave him an award.
I'm just saying, I don't like Nazis and I don't like what some of the mafias are doing either.
I like Hitler.
My accounts because they've been frozen by the Jewish banks so I need to watch my mails.
Well CNN says white people are evil Nazis so I mean I disagree with both statements but I get the... I don't like the word evil next to Nazis I think we need to look at... Oh my goodness just because you don't like one group doesn't mean the other.
I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis.
Oh man, well I have to disagree with that.
But listen, we're going to go to break.
So, we have millions and millions and millions and millions of new people tuned in because of the Ye interview.
I appreciate Ye coming here.
I appreciate the First Amendment.
I respected him and let him say what he wanted to say.
Um, he was part serious, part trolling and everybody's tuned in, wanted to
know what happened behind the scenes.
And I know he was going to do that and all the rest of it.
Now, um, the fake president Biden has responded.
It is undoubtedly still 24 hours in the biggest news story in the world, which
I really don't think it should be.
Yay's big.
It's important.
What he said was outrageous.
I disagree with almost all of the Hitler stuff.
I disagree with all the Hitler stuff, but I agree with him on free speech issues is what I'm getting at.
And people want to talk about this.
They want to discuss this.
But it's only...
Good to cover it if it's a teaching moment as they call that and we can really get a 35,000 foot view of what's happening here by drilling into it and by talking to it.
Do we get all the true history about World War I and World War II?
Has the West done horrible things like drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki when it came out years later the Japanese had tried to unconditionally surrender two weeks before?
Has America done secret experiments on poor whites, blacks, and Native Americans that would make Nazis blush?
But just because our government's had criminals in it at different levels at different times, and just because we've got mafias and corrupt systems here does not then mean, well then Hitler must be good.
That's like saying Hitler attacked Stalin.
Well, just because Hitler didn't like Stalin and Bolshevik Communism, which was horrible as well, another super evil ideology, doesn't mean he's good.
It'd be like if Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, two serial killers that kidnapped and murdered young gay men, got in a cage fight with each other.
It's not like John Wayne Gacy's good or Jeffrey Dahmer's good.
They're both bad.
But that's this black and white world of polarization, the way people work.
I mean, a lot of what we're told about Hitler in pop culture isn't really true.
When you actually dig into it though, it's even worse.
So everything we see in Hitler is what we see with the dehumanization and the depopulation
and the medical tyranny and the Nuremberg Code.
Violating actions where we executed a bunch of Nazis and had a year-long trial before we did it, in 1946, over what Hitler did, and the main way they fried them was the medical records, and the mad scientists that were haunt showing, that were commanding, that were field marshalling, that were captaining.
Those operations, that now if you pull back, my goodness, the British government, the Canadian government, the US government, the Australian government, they've all got the same weird mad scientist running them, the South African government, the Israeli government's done weird secret testing on their own people, look up the ringworm children, they would radiate little kids to death, in some cases half the death, depending on how much radiation they were given.
So, the tie that binds, or The string, the unifying field here is that there are mad scientists all over the world that have the same mindset and find social Darwinist eugenicists, whether it's the Japanese imperial family, or the British imperial family, or the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, the Nazis, or the Cold Springs Harbor Rockefeller Foundation in New York.
To do secret experimentation and treat humans like animals and create a cadre of a medical corps that will do lethal experiments on people and cover it up because then you know you've got the intelligentsia of the country if you've got the very cream of the cream of scientists inducted into a eugenics cult.
And if you go to the University of Texas Biology Department, or you go to the Harvard Biology Department, or you go to the MIT Biology Department, or you go to any of these, I don't care whether it's a Catholic university, I don't care if it's a government university, a public university, I don't care whether it's a Protestant university, you go to Any of these universities and the majority of the scientists, the majority of the professors believe in eugenics and believe in world depopulation and believe you're dumb animals.
And Mike Adams has got huge breaking news next hour on this subject.
Wait till we cover it.
I remember my dad telling me about this experiment and how the globalists are modeling their whole system at many levels on this.
And now they believe collapse is inevitable, so they are helping orchestrate and engineer that collapse in a controlled way instead of being in an uncontrolled way.
That's their excuse to play God.
That's their excuse to come in and do all these things.
And this is going to be, for 99.999% of people, hell on earth.
And history shows it will finally, in this unquenchable black hole of evil and control, destroy the very elites that are trying to control and run everything.
So that's where we are.
And so to look at Ye up here saying he I think Hitler's been given a bad rap in many ways.
And they're asking about historical events and things.
He doesn't understand them.
He doesn't know them.
99% of people don't.
It'd be like if a Martian landed and you tried to teach him how a football game worked or something.
And when I say, yeah, he's like a Martian, I mean, he is obviously savannic, autistic, and I'm not putting him down, we all are to a certain extent, and is at a different level.
I don't want to say a level above or a level below, just a different perspective, but my issue is, you can't point a finger at him and say, that's the bad man, that's the worst guy on earth, when he's saying, I love the Zionists, I love the Nazis, I love everybody, in some unified, you know, Christian, Christ-like idea that can be taken out of context.
The issue is, is he doing secret medical experiments?
Did he inject black people with syphilis into Skaggy?
Is he putting up 5G?
Is he starting World War III?
Is he devaluing your currency?
Is he promoting pedophilia?
And the answer is no.
The system is.
So what's behind the system?
What's its operating system?
Why does it have this attitude?
Well, we've cracked the code.
We know.
We're going to cover it when we come back.
Stay with us.
So, this corrupt, out-of-control world corporate fascist system that literally just spawned Mao Tse-Tung and Xi Jinping wants to point its fingers at Ye or Alex Jones and say, we're the most evil people on earth and we don't deserve speech and we should all be shut down.
And I got to tell you, you know, Hitler can't hold a candle to what these people have done.
I don't like Hitler.
I called Ye out for that yesterday.
I got my free speech.
I defend his free speech, but it doesn't mean I got to agree with him.
But that said, this is now the biggest story in the world, hands down, top trend on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, national news.
The puppet in chief Biden has toddled out on the Twitter and also I'm told went to a press conference.
He said, I just want to make a few things clear.
The Holocaust happened.
Hitler was a demonic figure.
Yeah, it takes one to know one.
And instead of giving it a platform, our political leaders should be calling out and rejecting anti-Semitism wherever it hides.
Silence is complicity.
Oh, oh, perfect!
You say you're not going to make a comment on the hundreds of days of lockdowns and the police state that has nothing to do A hundred and something days in your house?
The virus only stays in the body 14 days.
They're only communicable less than 14 days.
Why are you keeping them locked in their houses for 130, 140 days?
Why are you killing people, putting them in camps?
Why don't we talk about the 3 million innocent Uyghur minority in Western China in slave factories, literally working at iPhone factories, Foxconn, with suicide nets around the building?
Because they're so desperate, they go up to the 4th story and jump off.
Oh, silence is complicity.
Yes, it's complicity about how the so-called vaccine isn't a vaccine, doesn't work, causes blood clots and all these problems that erase your immune system.
And silence is complicity on the now part two of the Veritas report out of the kidnapped human smuggled children as young as six in sex slavery in Austin caught on video.
No national news, corporate media covering it up.
Silence is complicity.
Over and over and over and over again, silence is complicity.
Cutting off our Keystone Pipeline, destroying our economy, silence is complicity.
Germany blames Russia for the power price increases, but Germany bans farmers from properly fertilizing land, so does Belgium, so do the Netherlands, following a UN edict to cut carbon as if plants and nitrogen is bad.
They're cutting off the food.
The Netherlands is one of the biggest food exporters.
It's in the top five in the world.
And they turn around and blame Russia.
If Russia was to blame, I'd blame them.
But it's the globalists doing it again.
I just want to make a few things clear.
Well, I don't count any life over another, whether it's a black person, a brown person, or a white person.
Whether it's a Muslim, Or whether it's a Christian, or whether it's an agnostic.
So my only beef and concern with the Hollywood industry and the Holocaust centers, and the school kids being taken on tours about it, is that's great!
Can we have some communist genocide or Holocaust museums about communists killing 200 million people in the last 100 years?
Could we have one of those?
Because, you know, I think Hitler probably did kill Millions and millions and millions of Jews.
Nobody really knows the real number.
There's different estimates, but I mean, he had the final solution in 1943.
He put the orders out to take the people out of the forced labor camps and kill them.
It's in the frickin' orders.
They had trials.
It's called Nuremberg.
You can argue over the numbers.
So they find a serial killer.
He's got 25 dead bodies buried in his backyard.
And the FBI goes, we think there might be more.
So the FBI exaggerated and said we dug up 100 bodies in the backyard.
And the whole debate comes, well there wasn't 100, there was only 25 dead bodies.
But that's not what happened.
So whether it's 4 million or 7 million, nobody knows, ladies and gentlemen.
Nobody knows, okay?
But my grandfather saw it.
Bodies dead as long as you could look And I had other family
Who work for the U.S.
government and they never told me the specifics but how disgusted they were having to babysit Nazis at U.S.
military bases in the 50s and 60s.
They weren't directly involved in it, they were just, there were Nazis everywhere.
30 plus thousand taken here in Operation Paperclip alone, and they were all over the place, and they were arrogant, and they openly bragged about what they did, and they thought they were superior.
So I don't, you talk about history books all day, I got plenty of examples of Operation Paperclip and how it went on and how every major USA, even the CIA to NASA, was basically founded by Nazis because they'd follow orders and were a cut-out group totally controlled by a breakaway intelligence group.
But that's a side issue.
But before you sit there and look at Ye and say he's the biggest demon on earth, He's rejecting the censorship, he's rejecting the system, and he's saying he thinks this system's the bad guys.
Well, he's right!
The people that have hijacked our system are bad.
And they're trying to steal our elections, and surveil us, and use lawfare, and weaponize judiciary, and all the rest of it to take our freedoms and put in a permanent, bureaucratic, deep state dictatorship.
But what Ye has to get, and what everybody else out there that has these weird Nazi fetishes, needs to get is just because the people running our system
are corrupt and bad does not mean wars we've had with other groups. If we go to war next
month with China, who's bought off our government, manipulated us, the terrible things. China is
way more advanced in their tyranny, way more evil than what Joe Biden and Obama and the Clintons
have been able to get done.
if they could get that done. They're control freaks. They're evil. They would love to do
what Xi Jinping's done. But let me explain something to you.
If we have a war with China, it doesn't mean Xi Jinping is good just because our
government's got problems.
And I've analyzed what's going on with Ye, and that's what's happening. When I sit there and
I tell him things that are undisputed, that came out of Adolf Hitler's mouth,
He goes, no, that's not true.
[ Silence ]
Because he's operating like this is a comic book.
And there's Superman and Lex Luthor.
That's not how this works, ladies and gentlemen.
But it takes study, and it takes research, and it takes a lot of commitment to know how this stuff really works, and that's what we do here, and that's why the establishment is so scared of this broadcast, because they tune in, and they go, my God, this guy knows our whole game!
He knows more than most of our top people, because most of them just follow orders and compartmentalize.
That's why Henry Kissinger tried to get me to go to New York, in front of my producer, John Harmon.
Years ago.
Sixteen, seventeen years ago.
And that meeting was not off record.
That's why I talked about it.
The other offers, there have been over a dozen of them, were in confidence.
They had asked me to commit crimes, but they wanted to meet with me.
They did meet with me.
I'd met with Bilderberg group members.
I'd met with household named billionaires.
I'd met with representatives of these agencies and of these groups.
And they said, look, because you understand this, you need to join us and you can help lead the Liberty Movement.
And you'll get some of your input in our councils.
Just join us, Alex.
And I don't tell you that to impress you, but you already see, advising Trump, all the stuff we're involved in.
We know what we're talking about here.
So when you hear me talk about this stuff, you understand I'm not just getting this out of books.
I have had them over and over again try to hire me.
And of course, they stopped in the last few years because they know I'm not going to sell out, and you see what I get.
They're attempting to destroy me.
But you can keep us on air.
We got big breaking news on the other side.
Stay with us.
Yes, my friends, we're stepping into the Twilight Zone.
So, last night, Ye put out his 2024 presidential symbol, which the minute I saw it this morning and saw that he was banned on Twitter, Over like 5 a.m.
and a bunch of texts were like, oh, look, yeah, you got banned.
Text from, yeah, you name it.
And I went, that's the Raelian space cult symbol from the 1970s with Rael out of France.
And immediately I looked at it and I said, the Hindu and a bunch of other ancient cultures had it.
Regular swastika is flat.
It's just, it's sitting there.
Hitler Rotated at 90 degrees.
But the point is, is it shows how every ancient culture had sun symbols.
The Vikings carved swastikas on things.
The ancient Indians, you know, what are the, you know, Hindus and folks today, that's on their temples.
And people all the time go to, like, India and they get really freaked out and go, oh, there's swastikas!
And they all freak out and they go, no, no, no, that's a 3,000 year old temple, sweetheart.
That's a thousand year old temple.
So Ye put out a Hindu swastika inside a Star of David saying he wanted to unify everyone.
And it wasn't him saying he liked some of the things Hitler did that got him banned on Twitter by Elon Musk.
It was the symbol because Elon knew the public wouldn't even understand that.
And wouldn't even know what that meant.
And then it's like, oh my God, he put a swastika on the Star of David.
So again, he's putting out an art piece.
This stuff is all over the world.
There's even ancient examples of combining swastikas with the Seal of Solomon.
It's not the Star of David.
It's the Seal of Solomon.
And if you know about the Bible, You know about ancient history, you know about the Masons and all of it.
That's the symbol God gave him when he conjured all these demons and he married all these foreign wives.
And then the Bible says, I'm not even sure if God accepted him, King David's son, because he was the wisest man to ever live.
But he got overrun with these demonic things he was doing, if you believe the Bible.
You believe ancient history.
And then he was given the seal of Solomon to be able to seal and control the demons.
So it is a black magic symbol.
So, I mean, you want to know where it comes from and what it is?
It is a...
Symbol used in black magic and they believe that the seal of Solomon is amongst the three most powerful sigils In the occult and I will tell you what Alistair Crowley said if you're into that stuff just so you know the left follows it the V symbol He he promoted and pushed and said was an ancient symbol that could countermand Hitler's sigil of the 90-degree turned rotating clockwise swastika meaning action So you have the seal of Solomon, you have the swastika, and it's not just black magic, it's all these occult ancient groups, but you have the seal of Solomon, you have the swastika and all its permutations, and then you've got the V for victory symbol as the West adopted it.
And the V is not an evil symbol, Aleister Crowley just said it was his.
And a swastika is a symbol of the sun that ancients came up with.
And the The Seal of Solomon is about completion and balance and order, and it's a beautiful symbol.
The swastika is a powerful symbol.
The V is not that powerful, but you still see it in iconography.
It's probably not the most powerful of the three.
You can debate whether the swastika or whether the Seal of Solomon is the most powerful symbol, and those things are debated in the occult areas.
And of course you know the most popular, what everybody's heard of, overhead shot please, and that's called the pentacle.
And the pentacle is the star, and it's the symbol of a human.
And Leonardo da Vinci and all that talked about that and wrote about that.
Now what happens when you invert that?
The classical battlement symbol of the Satanist, which is inversion of God's plan for humanity.
So that's a lesson in symbols.
Is a star bad?
But when you invert it, and what's another powerful sigil?
I said, what's the most powerful?
I threw these questions out there.
We know the most powerful.
It's a cross.
And all the geometrics and everything else that comes out of it.
So they get you scared of that, where you can't even use symbols or know how symbols work, because you've been so hobbled.
We've been so hobbled by it.
And then you take the cross, a symbol of different powers converging, And you put a man, the Son of God, hang on it, in a sacrifice to humanity, and that is the Christian symbol.
Now they've been putting people to use the cross for wrong.
Does that mean we stop using the cross?
No, we use the cross.
Kanye should not have been suspended, yay, should not have been suspended, if he put up a Nazi swastika.
Because if they can take his right, we have the famous Supreme Court rulings and there's so many others about letting Nazis march and letting Nazis put ads in the paper and letting Nazis broadcast.
And in the old days, the ACLU sat there and they defended things like that.
But if you've actually got death camps running and you're in China, Biden won't even decry that.
But he says silence is complicity.
But then he'll point at a black man who's clearly on the spectrum and say that's the bad man to make him the good man.
And that's what Ye's saying.
And I see what Ye's saying.
And I support his right to say it until he hurts somebody, which he hasn't.
But here's a piece from decades and decades and decades ago.
I guess this ruling was what, back in the 70s, if memory serves?
On the 78, on free speech.
Here it is.
If you've been following the curious and disturbing story on the Nazis and Jews in Skokie, Illinois, the Nazi march appears for the moment to be on again.
A federal court in Chicago ruled today that attempts by the village of Skokie to stop the march are unconstitutional.
The federal judge, Bernard M. Decker, said the court was acutely aware of grave dangers posed by public dissemination of doctrines of racial and religious hatred, but he said ordinances to stop the march violated the First Amendment protection of free speech and the Fourteenth Amendment right of equal protection.
The judge also quoted the opinion of Justice Holmes, that the constitutional principle of free thought meant free thought not for those who agree with us, but freedom for the thought we hate.
Now, if you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
For radio listeners, I'll describe it.
You got the newscaster off to one side, you got a TV behind him with a graphic.
This is the ACLU and the Nazis.
And there's an American flag, and one of the stars is a swastika.
Does that mean that the talk show host is a Nazi because he's illustrating that?
So see, Americans knew that then.
But Ye puts out a swastika in the middle of a Star of David calling for unity, which was a Hindu swastika, not the Nazi swastika, and it still gets him banned.
So are they going to ban NBC or ABC News because they showed a swastika?
This is the superstition of information and ideas they're creating.
But look at the real symbol in the picture.
All of it means something.
You've got the red in the flag for the blood of patriots that fought for the nation.
You've got the white.
And the symbol of the purity of ideas and the bandages to cover the wounds.
Give the blue sky for space and God and infinity.
And of it, each state, former colonies as a star representing the people.
Why do the police wear a five-pointed star?
Because the sheriff's elected by the people.
And they're supposed to represent the people.
They have a symbol of a man on their chest saying, I am the representative of you to carry out and execute this operation.
And this is a legal document.
This flag is a contract of our commitment to be pure and strong and to bleed for God under the night sky as beings made by the Creator.
So while Joe Biden lectures the world and says he's a great guy, all the human smuggling, sex slavery confirmed by Project Veritas, Senate reports, all the other crimes he's committing, the evilest person on earth is Ye, and oh, silence is, silence is complicity.
Well, do you support, listeners, the Chinese people under an unelected Chinese Communist dictatorship that they admit have killed 100 million of their own people since Mao Zedong took over in the late 1940s?
And now all over the country, people locked down for hundreds of days, their houses burning up, their high-rises burning up, no one coming to help them, robots flying around barking orders, QR codes, leave your house if you're even allowed to.
You get a yellow code, you're not gonna leave where you're at, you just sleep on the street, sometimes for months?
Giant camps built everywhere?
What are they trying to invoke?
What are they trying to do?
Do you support the Chinese people that got sick of the COVID camps?
Oh, where'd Chen go?
Oh, he disappeared.
He's gone.
He died of COVID in the camp.
Yeah, right.
That's the new secret police uniform is the white.
Bunny suits.
Do you support the Chinese people burning these facilities down?
Because there's been reports of it in the last year, but now there's footage.
Let's roll it.
Covid isolation camp in Lanzhou, China.
Set on fire by the locals so they cannot send them there anymore.
GG Ping recently said, don't mess with Chinese people or it won't end well.
I'd imagine Biden's probably sending the FBI over to help GG Ping
arrest people and round folks up.
Seriously, under Obama, the CIA ran black sites in China.
That's come out in the news.
We first broke that before it was in the news.
We got all the other footage of people's houses beating them up because they were Caught online supporting protests.
How dare them?
How dare them do that?
How dare them not stay in their house 120, 130 days where they weld the doors shut and then starve to death?
They admit that.
Again, I'm going to say it again.
No one in or out.
The virus doesn't incubate and is not communicable for any longer than 14 days.
Usually it's about seven.
Why would you lock people in their house for 130 days?
Because it's all a raw exercise of power by the dictator of China.
And why would he want to be a dictator?
Because he wants to!
Because he likes power!
Why did John Wayne Gacy lure young men to his house and torture them to death and kill them and bury them in the basement?
Because he liked it!
And when we get authoritarians in control, they set up totalitarian regimes and they do this over and over and over again and that's the issue that Google And Facebook, and Twitter, until Muster coverts.
Still remains to be seen what he's going to do.
They all helped suppress these demonstrations.
These peaceful demonstrations, and our own president won't even decry it.
But he will decry, yay, on the Alex Jones Show, and say silence is complicity.
Because Ye is rejecting this whole system so he thinks who this system is used as this bad guy must be a good guy.
That's Ye's problem.
But did Ye do all these things?
Did Ye hurt anybody?
Did Ye kill anybody?
And I'm not here to defend Ye.
The point is he's not the villain in a scale of villains.
I disagree with some of what he said.
Here, let's say on a scale of 1 to 100.
one to a hundred. Where's Ye? Well let's make him a fifteen.
Hell, I'm not perfect either.
Let's make me a 20.
There's a 30, and there's a 40, and there's a 50, and there's a 60, and there's a 70.
On out to 100.
Didn't leave enough room there.
So, so, where's Hitler's?
Well, he killed like 35 million people over all those actions, so let's say he's a 70.
And then Mao Zedong and the Communist Chinese, they killed the most, they've been a hundred million people.
Let's say they're about a ninety, you know, they're like way over here.
And Joe Biden won't say a word about them.
But he'll say something about, yay, oh my God, let he without sin cast the first stone.
On and on and on and on and on and on and on.
All right.
Mike Adams, when he contacts me, he's usually hard to get on the show.
You can't get him on the show.
But when he's got a big story, and he wants to come on, I never even ask.
They go, Mike Adams wants on, he's got a big story.
I go, I'm not even asking what it is, though I want what it is.
Yes, he wants on, he gets on.
He says this is huge.
And so this morning, I'm like, oh, I said last night, get Mike on when he wants on.
I didn't, I got busy, I didn't look.
What's he want to cover?
They brought me the story, and I was like, oh, I know about this.
I've only mentioned this a few times in 28 years on air, but this is one of the central things my dad, when I was a little kid, explained to me about culture and society as a study that the establishment really believes in and really follows, and it's sealed rat colony studies.
And it's one of the biggest studies ever done, and there's film footage of it.
And we're going to describe it next hour.
But let me tell you what happens.
They build up the rat colony, giving it all this food, and they know in studies, I'm not comparing this to rats, but whether it's what drugs we use or what things we take, rats have the closest physiological response to humans as any other animal except for pigs.
And we're not really that related to rats or pigs that closely, but the point is, is that rats and pigs are The closest, not just in drug tests, or chemical tests, or poison tests, but also in societal studies, how we operate.
And when rats get herded together, and locked in, even if they have enough food, they start becoming transgender, they start killing their babies, they go crazy, and a bunch of other things happen.
And then you look at what the globalists are doing on every level, they are trying to artificially create an atmosphere or an environment that mimics the study with the megasystems and the megacities and the rest of it.
So, yes, this is a very important study.
And we're going to be looking at it next hour to understand the rat maze we've been artificially put in, and why we're smartly, instinctively, spiritually, at a gut level, exodusing to the countryside, and the globals are coming in with all their carbon in control to shut that down all over the world.
Whether you're in Venezuela, or whether you're in the Netherlands, or whether you're in the UK, or whether you're in Canada, the US, or Australia, the policies are shut down, self-sufficient local communities, don't let them happen.
Make everybody go into high-rise, stacked on each other, systems, then turn the police off and watch what happens.
Modern cities are extermination, collapse, kill grids.
And China is just five years ahead of us.
Everything you see there is directed by a world secretary of scientists and their technocracy as a test.
Can they get their own people to go against their own interests and do this to their fellow humans?
And then the concentric levels of successive approximation slowly turn up the heat of the control until you normalize the mass psychosis and the mob psychology.
Now, we're going to go to break.
Come back with Mike Adams.
We have a lot of big announcements.
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Me personally, it'll be put up and shut up.
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This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
Listen, please listen.
of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
For beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand,
then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
They're coming!
Alex, please!
Your legs, they're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
Something terrible!
Your legs, they're in the air!
They're already here!
Your legs!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
We'll get you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
Embarrassing the street.
Invasion of the body slashers.
The land of the walking dead!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alice Jones.
'Cause that's what Americans do now.
They're always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security.
What we have now is a completely neurotic population obsessed with security and safety and crime and drugs and cleanliness and hygiene and germs.
There's another thing.
Where did this sudden fear of germs come from?
In this country.
Have you noticed this?
The media, constantly running stories about all the latest infections, salmonella, E. coli, hantavirus, bird flu, and Americans, they panic easily, so now everybody's running around, scrubbing this and spraying that, and overcooking their food, and repeatedly washing their hands, trying to avoid all contact with germs.
It's ridiculous, and it goes to ridiculous lengths.
Fear it, germs!
Why, these fucking p***ies!
Hey, where's your sense of adventure?
Take a fucking chance, will ya?
Besides, what do you think you have an immune system for?
It's for killing germs!
But it needs practice.
It needs germs to practice on.
So, so listen.
So listen.
If you kill all the germs around you and live a completely sterile life, then when germs do come along, you're not going to be prepared.
And never mind ordinary germs, what are you going to do when some super virus comes along that turns your vital organs into liquid sh**?
I'll tell you what you're gonna do, you're gonna get sick, you're gonna die, and you're gonna deserve it,
'cause you're f***ing weak, and you got a f***ing weak immune system.
You know what I'm saying?
Let me tell you a true story about immunization, okay?
When I was a little boy in New York City in the 1940s, we swam in the Hudson River, and it was filled with raw sewage.
We swam in raw sewage.
You know, to cool off!
And at that time, the big fear was polio.
Thousands of kids died from polio every year.
But you know something?
In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio.
No one.
You know why?
Because we swam in raw sewage.
It strengthened our immune systems.
The polio never had a prayer.
We were tempered in raw sh**.
Mike Adams has huge news straight ahead.
Everybody you know, tune in now.
This is critical to understand the globalist.
So an authoritarian world government is in place.
It's shutting down farming, shutting down fertilizer, locking down the third world to starve them to death so they collapse and flood us.
And when you actually read the different books written by top globalists and Obama's science czar and others, They tell you the plan.
Herd us into compact cities, cut off the resources, and then watch us kill each other.
While the globalists are going to live in rural areas, in special elite reservations where they believe they're going to be protected.
But by being aware of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, we can beat it.
That's why if you watch my film, Endgame, made in 2007, I talk about this rat study that we're about to cover that the globalists are obsessed with.
And Mike Adams has done a great job writing a big article about it for NaturalNews.com.
We're going to post the article up on Infowars.com as well.
In the live show feed, we're going to post the main page of Infowars as well.
Calhoun's mouse utopia experiments are now coming true for humanity as self-annihilation and fantasy and gender distortions become commonplace.
But my issue with this is the globalists are doing everything they can To create this scenario and then admitting they're doing that.
They believe a collapse is coming.
They want to have an organized, controlled collapse up front.
Red Adair, over a hundred years ago, figured out, the biggest oil-filled fire company in the world, for decades after, up and even to today, how to get rid of an oil well fire or a gas fire.
They'd load up a wheelbarrow full of TNT, have somebody roll it in, and the huge explosion would knock the oxygen out and put the fire out.
Well, it is the exact same thing here.
And so their argument is they've got to depopulate, they've got to create the calamity, they've got to go ahead and have the artificial war and systems they control to get our numbers down.
There was even a Star Trek episode in the 1960s where they come to a planet where they're constantly having nuclear wars with each other, but they're not real nuclear wars.
When one country fires at the other with their missiles, people just get in a disintegration chamber so infrastructure's not destroyed.
It's an allegory of the neutron bomb that only kills life, not the infrastructure.
So this is a big, big deal, a big, big window into these people.
I'll play a few clips coming up at the bottom of the hour from in-game,
but I'm so glad that Mike has really burrowed into this big report.
It's so important.
And of course, we'll also get into the politics in the world a little bit later.
And we'll talk about the EA interview as well.
And so much more with Mike Adams.
But this is understanding how the technocrats think, why their eugenicists, why their social Darwinists.
If you understand this study, it's one of three or four they follow.
There's another study where they put bacteria in a Petri dish.
They bloom, they eat through the cuter or the supply of food, then they eat each other, then they die.
But we have systems to stop that from happening, but they're creating an artificial system to actually carry that out as their pretext for total domination of human life and playing God.
So Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com, thanks for coming on with us about this fascinating study.
Well, thank you for having me on, Alex.
And may I offer an observation about yesterday that I think is... Let's do this.
I almost brought up Ye First with you.
And then, yeah, let's next segment get back into the rat study.
Let's get into Ye, everyone.
Okay, I want to mention that you, the way you handled it I think was brilliant because you have a platform and here was your guest saying some things that you and I find abhorrent and that I think your audience finds abhorrent as well and yet you did not de-platform.
You didn't boot him off your set in real time.
Had you done so, It would have been like you were trapped in approving the logic that Big Tech has used to boot you off their platforms.
So what you actually demonstrated is that censorship is not the answer.
Let's listen to what people say, even if it is abhorrent, and understand that in that segment yesterday, Ye did not convince anybody to follow what he was saying.
He was not convincing or persuasive to anyone.
People were watching it and hearing it.
The world did not end, and yet, We were still able to preserve the philosophy of free speech, which means we are able to hear speech with which we strongly disagree.
So I just want to point that out.
I think you handled it perfectly.
Well, that's a great point, and I didn't talk to you in the last few weeks, but I think we're basically of the same mind.
We're both immersed in this.
They act like just because something isn't true, or something might not be right, or something is abhorrent, they should have a right to say it.
Once you have that logic, then by that logic, anything they list is bad, even though it's not to be banned.
So, you've got to support the unpopular speech, or things you disagree with, or your speech will be taken.
That's level one.
Level two is we need to hear the bad ideas so we have debates and aren't afraid of having a discussion and telling somebody how they're wrong and then educating people.
And then he's also seeing it black and white.
Well, the West is really bad or screwed Germany over.
Well, then he's okay.
No, that's how Hitler sold the Germans on doing what they did.
Yeah, they got screwed over in World War I. Yeah, the West started World War I. Yeah, they assassinated the king of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Crown Prince.
We all know that!
The point is, it's not like, well, Hitler's good, or the other group's good, or Hitler's bad, the other group's bad.
It's way more complex, and so that's why I tried to... He also wasn't going to come here and get into that.
I didn't tell him he couldn't.
Then once they got off on it, it just became like a... It's just an obsession, and it just went on and on.
Yeah, well, look, we all pray for Kanye to get whatever help he needs to get right with what's going on with himself.
I mean, we want to bring God and Jesus into people's lives.
So I'll just say that and end it there.
But here's the thing.
There are mass murderers who are living today who I believe have murdered or they've been complicit in the murder of far more people than Hitler did.
And those people are guests on CNN, by the way.
And in my opinion, this is my opinion, I believe Fauci is complicit in the mass murder of millions, even tens of millions globally, of human beings.
And so why is it okay for the mainstream media to have that kind of monster of society, a monster against humanity, to have him and celebrate him and give him awards And then they would condemn the speech of someone like Ye, which of course, again, we found his speech abhorrent, and yet Ye himself has not killed anybody to my knowledge.
So we need to keep that perspective in mind as we hear these words and we think about who the media is celebrating.
The media is celebrating mass murderers every day, in my opinion, Alex.
And so we should hit that first.
Rand Paul just gets better and better.
He says, look, Fauci created the virus.
We're going to get him.
He's red-handed.
He's going to prison.
That's the truth.
And we'll talk about that in a moment.
But since you mentioned it, here's Madeleine Albright.
For those who don't know, Clinton tripled the sanctions that George Herbert Walker Bush put in.
They estimate his sanctions killed about a half million.
The sanctions carried out by By the Clinton Crime Network, killed over a million and a half, over 500,000 children.
She said she'd do it again.
It was a good price to pay.
They lauded her like she was Mother Teresa when she died last year.
That's how sick it is.
I'm bad for questioning a shooting.
She's good for killing 500,000 children.
Here's the clip.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
Okay, so I don't want to hear that Ye's bad or I'm bad or anybody's bad, when these are Hitler-level statements, but because it's a woman, it's like, oh, well, it's a woman.
It's like Hillary said, yeah, we made Libya fail and killed hundreds of thousands and laughed about it.
It's like, what, because you're a fat woman in a suit, you're allowed to kill everybody now?
Yeah, this is the thing.
We live in a world of globalists who are openly announcing mass extermination of humanity at levels that are orders of magnitude worse than what Hitler did in World War II.
You know, think about it.
Six million Jews were annihilated according to the historical records.
Well, these globals today want to kill six billion or more human beings.
That's a thousand times more people.
This is a thousand holocausts that they are attempting to carry out with food scarcity, engineered starvation, engineered energy destruction, plus the bioweapons, the mRNA injections, the infertility, the myocarditis, all of it, right?
So we're talking about a thousand holocausts that the media is ignoring.
And they pretend that's not happening.
So they have no pedestal from which to lecture people like you or me or frankly Ye or anybody else for that matter until the media comes clean with their complicity in this mass genocide against humanity.
I'm going to try to shut up when we come back and give you the floor to get into the study so much more.
Hopefully you'll see us a little bit the next hour because we need to catch up on a lot.
Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
Be sure and bookmark that and share it.
Everybody already does.
And InfoWars.com as well because people are really hungry for the truth now.
Now's the time to be on InfoWars.com and Man.Video and NaturalNews.com.
We'll be right back.
A lot of new people are tuned in to find the forbidden information.
Thank you all for joining us.
I tell you, if you find this information to be helpful for liberty and freedom and your future for yourself, all of us together, I hope you'll share the links for InfoWars.com and Bandai Video with your friends, family, and neighbors and perfect strangers and tell them to share it as well and trigger the chain reaction of awakening.
Mike's agreed to stay 15 minutes to the next hour in the New World Order Historian Jay Dyer will host 45 minutes so we can get into the next segment.
I want to go back to Mike and what the current globalists are doing, what's happening with Fauci.
We're getting real traction on him creating the virus and the gain of function and what Senator Paul is saying, quote, we will get you, we've caught you red-handed, you won't get away with it.
You're going to go to prison.
Rand Paul's got a lot of courage for folks who don't know.
Very dangerous for the power he's got and the respectability to do that to the globalists.
So, he's putting his life out there on the line.
It is a really, really big deal.
And so just covering the waterfront in this segment, all the other big developments and things that are happening.
Mike Adams.
Wow, well, just to kind of tease up what we're going to talk about in the Calhoun segment coming up next segment, I gotta tell you, Alex, the entire theory of overpopulation is wrong.
And a lot of that theory was based on this particular study.
Turns out it's not overpopulation that destroys societies.
There aren't too many people.
What happens is we've turned our world into a welfare state where people have lost the ability to transfer knowledge to their offspring or to even have viable offspring that know how to navigate the world and navigate challenges.
And that's exactly what they're implementing.
So hold your powder, because I want to, as one big congruent report, this is so important, I want to really Have you go through this?
This is so revolutionary, and extrapolating this clearly from your researchers, scientists as well, they're using this model to artificially do this today.
Well, yes, exactly.
So they are using that, they think it's true, and they're using that to say to themselves, the globalists, saying that they are saving the future of humanity by depopulating the world and carrying out genocide.
So that's why then they unleash the engineered food scarcity, the energy destruction, the culture wars, the destruction of the family, and so on.
Because, again, they tell themselves they're saving the world, but they're not.
They're actually complicit in the destruction of the world.
And we're going to expose all of this and turn this around.
And, you know, look, the truth is that our planet can support far more than 8 billion people, by the way.
I mean, we just crossed 8 billion.
We can support far more.
But we're going to lose, I think, 1 to 2 billion people, Alex, in the next decade because of what the globalists have already set into motion.
I literally think we're going to lose at least 1 billion people.
And it's not just the vaccines.
It is the starvation.
Look at what's happening in Europe.
The energy has been cut off, partly because of the Nord Stream pipelines, as you know.
But in addition, the European culture of the government there has said, we are not allowing you, the people, to extract resources from European land.
So they are basically trying to dissociate humanity from the herd.
Including basic farming.
They put the head of the Netherlands, who's cutting off their farms, in charge of the whole system to shut down farms worldwide.
That is direct genocide.
That's not cutting off pipelines to cars.
That's cutting off the food pipeline to humans.
That is the definition of siege.
Well, yes.
Alex, I'm telling you, they are going to unleash another massive pandemic to try to put people into camps when the uprising gets bad, which is going to happen sometime in 2023, especially in Europe.
So people are going to freeze and starve to death.
People are going to lose their jobs like never before.
There's a deindustrialization of Europe that is accelerating.
Shutdown of so many companies, all the metal smelting operations.
Listen, I'm going to just stop you, then I'm going to stop interrupting you.
I want people to understand, this isn't your opinion, this is their plan, and when you said we're going to stop them, we have senators, we have Rand Paul, we have world leaders listening to you and I and this audience.
So when we tell the audience this show and your show and others is beyond critical to the future of humanity, that's not bragging people, this is life and death.
We know their battle plan, we know how to beat them, and we're getting traction.
That's why we're so important and we need your support and your word of mouth.
This is a total war.
It's coming.
I have children.
I want to stop this.
This is not a game.
Well, not at all.
Actually, I appreciate you interrupting because this is a back and forth and you add emphasis and new questions that I hadn't thought of as well.
So interrupt.
I mean, it's your show.
Do interrupt any time you want.
I don't want people to get how much trouble we're in and how real this is.
This is a world collapse plan.
We've got to stop it.
But I was speaking face-to-face with international war correspondent Michael Yan yesterday.
I encourage you to have him on if you haven't yet.
Michael Yan told me point-blank, he said, look, I've studied famines, I've studied war and pandemics and collapse.
He's an avid reader.
He's studied hundreds of famines throughout the history of Japan and Thailand and Asia and Ireland and so on.
He says, look, in every famine, There are certain local communities that survive with zero losses, while other communities are wiped out around them.
And the difference is that the leaders of those local communities taught Decentralization of food production.
So they were teaching people to store food and to learn how to grow food.
And as a result, even when famines wiped out huge percentages of populations, in some cases 30, 40, 50% of the existing population, there were pockets that were 0% lost.
And say what you want about the Mormons, they have been dead right on this.
Well, exactly.
And a lot of other groups and preppers have been proven right again and again.
So here's the bottom line.
Yes, the globalists are going to kill billions of people.
We're hard to kill.
Right, so your listeners, you and I, and the people that we know, the people we run with, we are very hard to kill.
We are going to be able to survive this even though the oblivious masses sadly as much as we try to warn them
They refuse to prepare and let me make this announcement now and i'm gonna give you the floor when we come back
But this is important. This is what i'm that's what I think about nine percent of the time
We're not going to be able to save things now folks We can back it off.
No, we're not.
Make their plan be terminated later.
But the collapse they've already initiated, the first phase, we're not getting out of it.
So I'm now shifting from trying to save things and stop the whole thing to people should now spend 50% of their time getting ready to protect yourself.
The other 50 trying to mitigate how bad it's going to get.
But we've passed the point of being able to stop this now.
So people just better get ready.
Completely agree.
We're past the Rubicon on this.
There are billions, again, at minimum one billion, maybe more, who will not make it.
That's my opinion.
And by the way, Alex, I'm sorry about my video quality is not the best.
We're trying to set up a new studio here with fiber optics and everything.
We're trying to make progress to have a better broadcast.
But anyway, we're in the process of that.
Thank you for your patience.
You're doing great.
It looks great, Mike.
Well, you know, we don't have the lighting figured out.
Everything takes a year longer than it should and you can't get parts and things like that.
So you know how that goes.
But the point is, we are going to make this through.
I want to be clear, your listeners are going to make it through when they've taken action.
And you have to, I say, not only stockpile food, you need to stockpile nutrition because, in all seriousness, You take InfoWars store products, for example.
Some of those ingredients, you've had so much difficulty getting them over the last 18 months.
There's going to be a day where they're not available.
And it's not just the ingredients, it's the parts.
You know this.
Your manufacturers know this.
The lids, the bottles, the labels.
We are looking at like a nine-month backlog on labels for supplements right now.
The lids, like spray bottles, squeeze bottle tops, all of these things are just gone from the supply system.
So you've got to have backup supplies, and if you don't have good nutrition, you're not going to be able to heal yourself from the insults that are coming as the collapse kicks in.
When you face starvation and a lack of emergency response medicine, and other people are getting sick and dying around you, you need the best nutrition possible.
I remember, Mike, you were on in February and March of 2020.
Months and months before they even said lockdown saying the lockdown is coming it will be here because you had the intel so do we.
We're not lying to you people.
We know what we're talking about.
This is not a game.
This is life and death.
I'm being really stern with people right now because I'm being stern with myself and my family.
We've got to get ready.
Get ready or get dead, folks.
It really is that simple.
But the good news is that surviving this is very possible.
Just take action now.
You can do it.
All right.
We're going to start the real interview when we come back.
We're going to get into the studies, the big picture.
Mike Adams, straight ahead, stay with us.
Mega cities designed to carry out the deprivation and disintegration That was documented in rat studies.
Mike Adams, big report on it coming up in a moment.
Here's just two minutes from my intro from the seminal film Endgame 2007.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite.
The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind.
Countries are a thing of the past.
Every form of independence is under attack, with the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction.
Close to 80% of the Earth's population has been eliminated.
The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live within highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities.
Travel is highly restricted.
Superhighways connect the megacities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones.
No human activity is private.
AI supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action.
A prison planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks, whose power can never be challenged.
This is the vision of the global elite.
Their goal.
A program of total dehumanization where the science of tyranny is law.
A worldwide control grid designed to ensure the Overlord's monopoly of power forever.
Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future unless the masses are awakened to the New World Order master plan and mobilized to defeat it.
Erected by a secretive group, the Georgia Guidestones are a testament to the elite's plan for a world religion, global laws, with a global court and army to enforce it.
And set in stone, it is written that the population never rise above 500 million.
All right, Mike, start over, break it all down.
This is literally the skeleton key, the Rosetta Stone, to understanding their plan for us.
Break down this very important study, Calhoun's Mouse Utopia Experiment.
All right, so a scientist named Calhoun ran these experiments in the late 1950s and the early 1960s, and it was written up in major scientific magazines and even the Smithsonian at the time.
And here's what it was.
He built a little mouse city.
I mean, it was actually maybe 10, 12 feet across.
And created unlimited resources for the mice that he put in there.
He started with eight mice, had unlimited food, unlimited water, and essentially unlimited space.
And of course, the population took off initially.
And the population doubling time was very short.
They were able to have offspring and, you know, again, unlimited food.
So it was a giant welfare state for mice.
This was also repeated with rats, by the way, with the same results.
Now, long story short, Within a few generations, it was population zero.
The entire population of mice or rats collapsed.
And as the final stage was emerging, before the collapse, they began to see homosexual behavior and transgenderism and pedophilia.
In the mice.
So you would have adult males mounting young mice.
You would have female mice taking on the roles of male mice.
And then at one point, you had females losing all interest in reproduction whatsoever, which is some of what we're seeing in society today.
For example, in Japan, there's not a lot of couples having babies in Japan.
Not comparing them to mice, I'm just saying that this is a universal process of many, many different biological systems, okay?
Right now, today, we are in the final stage before collapse of human society.
We're in the collapse, the beginning stages of it, and the things that we're seeing in terms of transgenderism, the pedophilia, and grooming operations, these have been seen before in the Calhoun experiments.
And importantly, Alex, what it shows is that If you give people unlimited food, unlimited money, money printing, stimulus checks, universal basic income, you don't help them.
You create a welfare state that causes the loss of skills and knowledge that's normally transferred from one generation to the next.
And you end up with new generations.
Of mice in this case, or humans in our case, who don't know how to navigate reality and cannot function in the real world.
And then they lose all interest in reproduction.
The family is gone.
Yes, mice have families too.
The family gets destroyed, and within a few more generations, it's population zero.
Total collapse, even though they had everything available to them, including plenty of nesting space.
So they didn't run out of space, Alex.
They didn't run out of anything.
Their culture collapsed because of a lack of knowledge transference.
That's what happened and that's what's happening today when we send our children to colleges and universities.
They don't learn things in many of these locations.
They get indoctrinated and then they engage in, you know, LGBT propaganda, child mutilations.
We have infanticide and abortions and all of those things we're seeing also in the mouse populations in the Calhoun experiments.
So that's kind of the nutshell, Alex, of what this shows.
But it was misinterpreted by mainstream scientists who said, oh, population is the problem.
Population is not the problem.
The problem is lack of knowledge and too much free stuff for everybody.
Well, of course they knew that.
I mean, this was done by globalist eugenicists.
The input was giving them everything free, compact.
And then now they're trying to artificially take everything in the study and prime the pump with this study, with the transgenderism and the drugs and the free food and all this, to basically accelerate this model in their own words.
They're trying to hasten the collapse.
Well, that's right.
So, part of the attack on the family is pushing these behaviors that they observed in the mice.
They can push them more aggressively through transgenderism and LGBT propaganda.
And they can break apart families and they can make mothers not care about their young.
So, what Calhoun was reporting is that some of the mice mothers, they would be carrying one of their young and they would accidentally drop the young mouse and they wouldn't even bother to pick it up.
They would just keep going and that young mouse would die.
Because there was no caring for the children.
Well, what do you see today?
People throwing their children at the state and saying, you raised them.
They're your children now.
And look at China, where they don't take care of people that are hurt or in a car wreck.
And the Chinese that do care, they're trying to beat it out of them not to care.
Yeah, exactly.
So instead of scientists learning from this experiment of how to not have things go, They use it as a weaponization to figure out what they should do, what they want to do in their globalist depopulation efforts.
So, again, they ran the experiments to find how they can weaponize it against humanity, I believe.
And then now here we are, we are living in the so-called mouse utopia right now.
And that's what they call a mouse utopia.
Everything for free, everything provided, and yet total collapse, population zero.
There were no survivors in that scenario, Alex, because they lost the skills.
But you know what the upshot is?
As long as you maintain skills and you teach your children and you homeschool your children, And you teach them how to do real things in the real world, you won't reach population zero and maintain your fertility.
Elon Musk wants us to have universal basic income.
That's the holy grail of the globalists.
They know exactly what that'll do.
Go to any of these parks in the U.S., Japan, anywhere, where they feed the birds, they feed the squirrels.
In Japan, they feed the monkeys.
The monkeys become obese, lazy, and hateful as well, and do things they never did before.
Yeah, that's right.
In fact, it is free market competition that is critical to the survival of the human species.
And it's also socialization skills, which were taken away from a generation of children due to the COVID lockdowns and the masks and the isolation that we just saw over the last two years.
They are, in fact, implementing the socialization destruction that was witnessed in the Calhoun mouse experiments.
They're implementing that in the schools, even in places like California, continuing to this day.
Masks are still required in many places.
So, that is the socialization destruction.
And when you destroy socialization, you destroy the ability of a new generation to be able to reproduce and to have families, to choose mates, and to have healthy offspring, and to teach those offspring the skills of survival.
And what's crazy is the average leftist goes along with this, but even mid-level leftists now know they're bringing down society.
They believe to build this utopia, but they've been set up by eugenicists that I wouldn't even call liberal or leftist, but are beyond Hitlerian, who are setting them up for this process.
And so they're literally victims of this brainwashing, but they still love the servitude they've been put into.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And you and I would be like the mice in the simulation, screaming to the other mice, hey, teach your children, protect your children, maintain your fertility, don't take the jab, learn where food comes from, right?
This is what the mice, if they had known that, they would have died.
Let's break out of this enclosure we're in.
There's a bigger world outside this, you know.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, climb this, jump out.
Let's free the other mice, you know, get out of the matrix.
That's what we would have been doing.
Stay there.
Let's talk more about this when we come back.
Mike Adams is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going a little bit to the next hour and it's another big national, international news with him in a moment.
I want to finish up with the social engineers.
We read their books, we read their papers, we all know this is real.
We're sitting there telling people what's coming next.
They see it happen because the globalists are predominantly in control of the world.
They're not in full control and we say no and don't comply.
They can't When?
And if we all start trying to become more self-sufficient and educate others, they will fail.
And they admit in their own white papers they are failing.
More opposition is coming, but they keep doubling down.
What elite!
Those aristocrats of old weren't perfect.
There were different groups of them.
Some tyrants.
Some were good.
But understand, build up humanity.
Build libraries.
Make people be healthier.
Give people style.
Give people class.
Develop culture.
Develop jobs.
Develop a worth ethic.
That's a better world for the elites.
Kids to live in as well with our children.
And competition.
That's what America was about.
It wasn't perfect.
Imagine trying to come in and get rid of all that.
So you can manage people better, so no new opposition forms to you, you accelerate the bad tendencies of collapse, and then are delusional with Yuval Noah Harari, a totally creepy dude of medieval studies, as the high priest saying he's gonna be a god, and Ray Kurzweil says that, they're gonna merge the machines, and they're gonna get rid of all of us.
In the process of imploding things, they get rid of their own due process, their own chivalry, their own protections, their own safety net, and they're going to turn loose men and people way more evil and corrupt than they are, and also others who have their backs against the walls that will just remove these people like a joke.
So they vestigially hang on to the old vestiges of the free republic and free nations and are protected by those very Bulwarks that they themselves are removing, believing it's about to give them incredible power.
These people are the biggest morons of all!
And of course they have a God complex, but they believe that they're going to put in place the end of the era of biology as vessels for consciousness.
This is really critical to understand.
They believe, for whatever reason, yes, they're totally insane, they're criminally insane, but they believe they can transfer consciousness from the human body into a machine.
And the reason they believe that is because none of them believe in God, so they don't understand that consciousness is an expression of the Creator.
And that consciousness is not just whatever's sitting in your brain, it's not just Bits and bytes that can be read and digitized and so on.
And by the way, when Elon Musk says things like, "Oh, we're going to be able to implant your brain with a
neural link and we're going to be able to read your memories
and digitize and archive your memories or your dreams."
I think Elon is wrong about that.
You're not going to be able to read memories because memories
are an expression of the holographic nature of how neurology interfaces with non-material consciousness,
non-physical consciousness.
In other words, who you really are is a non-physical, non-material being that is attached to your brain and your body and your physiology, but that is not you.
The physical stuff isn't you.
And as a result, scientists will never be able to locate, like, where is consciousness?
Where did it come from?
Is it this part of the brain?
Is it that part of the brain?
No, it's not in the brain.
It transcends the brain, because again, consciousness is a gift from God, and by the way, philosophically, that's why we must have free speech and individual freedom, because God gave us the gift of life and the gift to choose.
And let's expand on that.
All the science, all the real numbers, all the quantum mechanics coming out proves that.
And more and more of the globalists even admit they know that's true.
They're selling the pop culture that, oh, grandma didn't really die.
She's uploaded this hologram and you get to talk to her.
Yeah, it's her voice print.
Yeah, it sounds like her.
Yeah, it has her sayings.
Yeah, it has a whole AI thing that can fool you.
But it's like having a photo of a Bengal tiger versus actually having the Bengal tiger and under their whole transhumanist system.
I predicted this 20 years ago, but now they're saying it'll be against the law to claim one of these holograms isn't really a person, and then they'll claim they have voting rights and everything else.
So this is the ultimate fraud of the next level.
So we'll accept the fraud of two men having a baby, well, we'll accept that, oh, where's grandpa or where's dad?
Oh, he's here with us.
Let's have him at the kitchen table with us, or maybe we put him into a new body or whatever, but it's really not grandpa.
And if you think about it, the mRNA injections are really a digital instruction set to dismantle the biological systems that currently maintain consciousness.
So this is a cyber attack on the human body, the human culture, the human mind, and the human spirit.
Now this this attack is from the globalist point of view it's succeeding in in those who keep taking the jabs but it is not succeeding overall which is you know because so many people are saying no to the vaccines and thank God for Senator Rand Paul and others who are rejecting this and working to protect our military troops.
So Globally then, this is why, and you know, you've reported on this so many times, but this is why they're accelerating the 2030 and the 2050 agendas, because the vaccines did not succeed at the level that they had wanted.
So now they have to just starve people with brutality.
Now they have to, you know, release cyber warfare attacks on the power grid.
Now they have to collapse the money supply.
All these things are going to happen.
But it's because they did not achieve the death that they wanted from the mRNA injections themselves.
Absolutely, so they're going back to old-fashioned, cut off the power, like how is Putin trying to beat the Ukrainians?
Keeping their power off.
What's Biden doing to us?
Turning our power off.
Turning down all of our energy systems.
Here's Tucker Carlson last night.
They're now saying six boosters.
Now, how did you and I know two and a half years ago it'd be six to eight shots a year?
Because Bill Gates actually said to his investors, they knew day one it would erase your immune system.
We've played the Pfizer executives.
We've played the doctors on air.
So it's not like we have crystal balls, folks.
That's what's so frustrating.
They were planning it the whole time.
And now, two and a half years later, here they are.
And it doesn't matter whether you're in Australia or Germany or America.
It's the same lie.
Now you've got to have six shots.
Here it is.
So, in order for people to believe the science, the people explaining the science have to be honest and consistent.
Otherwise, no one thinks any of it is real.
So it's important.
And with that in mind, the Biden administration has been telling you for quite a while now that the COVID vaccine protects you for a full year.
Well, that's not true.
The vaccine does not, unfortunately, stop you from getting COVID.
The majority of people who've died recently from COVID have been vaccinated.
But they're still telling you to take it every year.
But then suddenly, with no explanation, that recommendation has changed.
The HHS secretary, Javier Becerra, just made this announcement, quote,
"If it's been over two months since your last dose, make a plan to get one now."
In other words, you need to get a new COVID shot every two months, six times a year. Huh?
Who thinks that's a good idea?
Well, Bill Clinton.
He just tested positive for COVID, but despite that, he said he's, quote, grateful to be vaccinated and boosted.
Because he'll say anything, as you know.
I can't go to Google because they're totally rigged now.
Bing's somewhat rigged.
You go to DuckDuckGo.
A few others are a little bit better, but if you go search 2020, you'll find Mike Adams and Alex Jones saying they're going to be giving you six to ten shots a year because they said so, Mike.
It's in the documents.
Elaborate on that.
This is such an open fiasco.
Well, yeah, they manipulated the public into this, but the key is they had to manufacture consent into vaccine-assisted suicide and multi-generational infertility.
So those who don't die from the clots or the myocarditis or the neurological problems, If they try to have children, the males are affected by drastically lowered sperm production.
It's down 62% over the last few years, or since it was a few years ago.
It's almost two-thirds reduction in sperm.
And in addition, the spike protein circulates into the ovaries and female reproductive organs.
So, remember that when a woman is pregnant with her female child, that the ovaries that that female child will carry for her life are also being formed during the gestation period when that female child is in her mother's womb.
And so, that means that what's circulating in the mother's body affects her daughter and her granddaughters.
And they're particularly pushing it on pregnant women.
Because they know that this will kill fertility.
For most likely the next generation, but if you're lucky enough to resist and have a child, that child won't be fertile.
So remember how Bill Gates said that reducing population, he publicly said he wants to do it slowly by, you know, women's health initiatives, which is murdering babies and causing infertility.
And it was Bill Gates also, by the way, that was funding or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding the ultrasonic male infertility Technology.
This is patented.
It was an ultrasound machine that wraps around the man's scrotum and blasts the scrotum with ultrasonic energy, causing infertility, loss of sperm production for six months.
That's the kind of tech that Bill Gates was funding before.
Well, they found a better tech, right?
It goes to the sperm.
I mean, it goes to the testes.
It reduces sperm.
It goes to the ovaries.
It goes to the spleen, the liver, the brain, the heart, the organs, all throughout the body.
This is their utopia, the globalist utopia.
They finally found a weapon system that's a self-replicating depopulation and infertility system that they can convince people to want to take.
People who are oblivious.
That's the sad part.
Do 15 more minutes with us, naturalnews.com.
I want to tie into this new incredible announcement of Planned Parenthood that we should sexualize
children at birth.
We told you it was coming.
This is a pedophile revolution.
The pedophiles like to rape kids, but the globalists, they like to ruin their fertility
and their future.
That's why the Atlantic says the people cheering for humanity's end and says we should just
get rid of all humans.
It's so beautiful.
Avatar director says testosterone should basically be outlawed.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a clear anti-human agenda.
They turn men against women, women against men.
They're targeting us all, black against white.
It's all a lie.
It's all eugenics.
Hour number four is coming up.
And Jay Dyer's coming up in 15 minutes.
A few more segments with Mike Adams.
Don't forget, store-wide free shipping is back at InfoWarsTore.com.
We need your support.
So Mike, I want to cover other big news stories that you're focused on right now in these next two segments.
This is a short segment for folks who just joined us.
What else is front and center at National News?
Well, I think we're going into the winter here and we are facing energy scarcity in the United States.
We are facing what is mainstream reported 25% of the American people may be facing rolling blackouts.
And in Europe, those blackouts could extend for many, many days or even weeks in some cases.
And I think that People are not prepared for this, generally speaking, but this could be an important wake-up call to let people know that the infrastructure that's promised to them is not reliable.
So, people are losing faith more and more in government.
They're losing faith in the FDA, the CDC, the FBI, the DOJ.
When the power grid starts to fail, this is when people are going to really question, why do they have faith in these systems even more?
And then when food scarcity worsens, which will happen throughout 2023 and 2024, and people realize there are fewer and fewer choices in the grocery store, and the food items cost a lot more than they were anticipating, and they don't have enough money to pay energy and food together, and put food on the table for the families, you're going to have more uprising potential forming through the population.
That's when they're going to hit us with the next big pandemic.
And the WHO treaty is going to be signed by Joe Biden sometime in the first half of 2023.
Once that treaty goes in place, and I know you've interviewed Dr. Francis Boyle about this and many other topics, that treaty has language in it that is designed to supersede national sovereignty as well as state sovereignty in the United States.
So a state like Texas, Absolutely, and my people that doubt this, they always put up this lie that the UN is incompetent and it's a bunch of idiots.
local doctors, hospitals and clinics to lock you down and vaccinate you on command from
the WHO regardless of what your state wants to do.
Think about that because that's coming Alex.
That's coming soon.
And my people that doubt this, they always put up this lie that the UN is incompetent
and it's a bunch of idiots.
Well when they get all the nations begging for food and help, that's all a joke.
But the National Security Council, the International Security Council, the UN Security Council
Security Council, plugging into the central banks are all on record that they're in control.
We have the head of the U.N.
Information Bureau a month ago You know, telling the national television, telling TED Talk, oh, we tell big tech what to do, and we tell the U.S.
government what to do, and they do.
But the corporations tell them what to do, and then we go under U.N.
control because it's unelected, just like the E.U.
was never elected.
They have a parliament that's elected, but it's ceremonial and advisory.
So we are well down the road here of being under U.N.
Yeah, and think about how easy it's going to be for them to push people into the central bank digital currency system when they engineer food scarcity and then they collapse the fiat currency debt-based system.
People will beg.
They will beg.
What I've said is that your slavers, that's the globalists who want to enslave you, your slavers will pose as your saviors.
They will say, oh, we're your gods.
We're your solution.
Come to us.
We'll give you free money.
You just have to have your thumbprint and your iris scan and your DNA scan and join the Mark of the Beast system.
But people who don't know what's happening, they will thank their slavers for enslaving them and annihilating them.
They will thank them for it.
And Alex, one of the things that concerns me is that I know people who are very close to,
for example, Governor Abbott in Texas, and the people surrounding Governor Abbott,
as much good as he has done, his people are not aware at all of the genocide, the depopulation
efforts, the dangers of the vaccine, the food scarcity that's being engineered, and all of this.
They are not aware and they are not prepared.
And the reason I'm saying this publicly is not to criticize Governor Abbott because, again, he's done a lot of great things, but just to say you need to get up to speed on what's happening here because Texas is going to have to fend for itself when the world is trying to bring down humanity and Joe Biden has signed on to that world treaty.
It's going to be individual states that are the sanctuaries for human life.
That's right.
Mike, I've got a few other big issues I want to hit with you when we come back.
I'm going to kind of cover the waterfront, but wild card, what else do you want to hit when we come back?
Well, I can go anywhere you want, but I think the financial collapse is the big issue that we all need to be facing.
And even if we don't take it seriously enough, Alex, you and I, we're going to lose everything.
I agree.
I was going to ask you about FTX and all the incredible things there when we come back.
So that's what I was going to ask first.
With Mike Adam, FinancialNews.com.
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The point is, we're not in Kansas anymore.
And you saw judges find me guilty and then tell juries to give billions of dollars to people that sued me.
I never even said their names except one person.
And they put out these big numbers, make you think we're done, it's over.
But we still have laws and things to protect us.
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So Mike Adams, you've been really one of the best analysts out there on FTX, even before it collapsed.
A deep state, we now confirm what you first thought Slush funding to Ukraine and back, a money laundering operation spending tens of millions a quarter on paying for fake media, suppressing COVID truth, putting out fake studies.
I mean, this is really just a puppet of the globalist.
And now that's all come out.
And the New York Times is trying to do facelifts for FTX, this little monster that was just the front man for it.
But to me, that's a canary in the coal mine.
Big picture.
What are the real economic numbers we're seeing right now?
Well, first of all, I want to give credit to those who know a lot more about this than I do, and they've done a better job.
BitBoy, for example, was a guest on your platform.
BitBoy, shout out to him.
He's doing amazing work exposing all of this.
There's also a guy on YouTube.
I don't know him.
I've never interviewed him, but his name is CoffeeZilla, and he does a lot of investigations into crypto, and I think he deserves a lot of credit.
You and I both should probably invite him on to see if he wants to talk about I was just telling my producer while you were talking, I was just texting him saying get both these guys on.
Okay, awesome.
Yeah, we got to bring in more minds on this, right?
Because you and I have big picture stuff.
A lot of people have a lot more details on this.
But I would say that you look at Sam Bateman Freed and how he continues to be, in my opinion, delusional about his role in vaporizing billions of dollars of other people's money.
And the way he talks and the excuse making that he has, to me, it smacks of the kind of talk Transgenderism it's this artificial reality where people think that because they say something that makes it real and they don't have to pay attention to accounting or co-mingling funds or risk aversion strategies like using stop losses for example which you know Alameda Research famously the gal there his girlfriend who was running that it was saying we don't use stop losses you know a risk what's risk right
Which caused everybody in Wall Street, caused their heads to explode.
Because if you don't control risk, you're going to get wiped out.
Just completely wiped out, which is exactly what happened.
But he's, in my opinion, he's making excuses and still framing himself as the hero in this story.
The guy that I think should be arrested, he should be imprisoned, and he thinks he's the hero.
But doesn't that remind you, Alex, of so many leftists who think that they're saving the world while they're the worst monsters on this planet?
It's the same thing.
Such delusion.
But if we don't start to correct these kinds of things as a society, to say, no, wait a second, accounting actually matters, right?
Numbers actually matter.
Like, for example, Alex, if you go to your bankruptcy management group and you say things that Sam Bankman Freed said, like, oh, we didn't know about commingling funds.
We didn't know that mattered.
Money, money, numbers, what numbers?
They're going to, they're going to smash They're saying they don't know where tens of billions went.
of the numbers so that you can continue to operate your business and work out possible solutions
with so-called creditors and so on.
You have to be on top of the game.
You can't give them SBF kinds of excuses, right?
It would never let you get away with that.
In the real world, numbers matter.
Accounting matters.
Oh, you're saying, they're saying, "I don't know where tens of billions went."
And the media's like, "It's okay, you're a liberal trendy.
"You got bozo hair, you're allowed to."
Yeah, wouldn't it be great if accidentally 1.4 billion found its way over to you
to pay off the creditors?
I mean, that's a joke.
I'm just joking.
But, you know, they were playing around with billions of dollars.
And part of the process there is that it makes juries think that a billion dollars is nothing or a trillion is nothing.
You know, look at Dr. Eric Napudi.
He's being sued by, I think it's the DOJ and the FTC, for half a trillion dollars.
500 billion dollars in fines because he promoted vitamin D as a treatment for COVID.
Say that again.
That's real news.
And again...
Why are the numbers so big?
It's to scare everyone.
Folks, I don't have a million dollars, much less.
It means nothing except to make you give up.
Same thing.
Don't tell people to take vitamin D, even though on record it literally stops the virus.
We'll get you for half a trillion.
It's all Wizard of Oz trying to sign the Great and Powerful Laws!
Yeah, that's right.
And the bizarre thing is that Dr. Naputi, everything he said about vitamin D has been confirmed by the government.
This is too important.
I interrupt and start over with the case because I barely mentioned it two weeks ago.
It's so huge.
It doesn't even sound real.
It's real.
Take some time on this.
Well, yeah.
So Dr. Dupoutis is a chiropractor in the St.
Louis area and he was recommending vitamin D, which we now know prevents all kinds of infections, boosts the immune function.
It's a wonderful nutrient for people.
It's been recommended by the late Zev Zelenko and Peter McCullough and so many others.
But there was something in the emergency use law, I forgot the name of it, that there's a sentence in there that this was signed In 2020, I believe, a sentence in there that says, well, it's illegal to promote something if it doesn't really treat COVID.
So when he was recommending vitamin D, then the government came down on him and said, well, we're going to fine you.
X amount of money for every time you ever mention this on social media, and every impression, every exposure, and it comes to 500 billion dollars.
Half a trillion dollars, which is larger than the GDP of most nations.
Which on record, there's thousands of studies that if you have enough vitamin D, viruses cannot replicate.
It is almost everybody that had high vitamin D survived, and they literally, I mean, it's like he's selling Oxycontin, or shipping fentanyl, and he's saying vitamin D that our damn skin makes.
And vitamin D supplementation reduces hospitalization and it improves outcomes of COVID patients.
And that is, those are government published studies.
PubMed, National Library of Medicine, it is the science, the real science.
They want to suppress him and shut everybody down and use that as an example to silence everybody from talking about vitamin D because, of course, they can't ban vitamin D very easily, although they may try.
But if you add to that zinc and quercetin and so many other things that are effective, you know, ivermectin, for example, you know, you covered this a thousand times.
So they're just trying to shut it down.
But they're using these massive fines now, you know, $1.4 billion to you, actually more now, and then half a trillion To Dr. Neputi and who knows what's coming next.
Maybe it'll be a gazillion dollars for somebody.
Oh, you said that you're born with an immune system.
You have to pay a gazillion dollar fine.
And it's just, it's absurd.
I don't know what they expect people to do with these kinds of fines.
That money doesn't exist in the world.
For most nations of the world, I should clarify.
So you can't come up with this kind of money to even pay these fines, and the fines are ridiculous in the first place.
Well, I mean, here's PubMed.
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with COVID-19 positivity and severity of the disease.
And I've got John Hopkins reports, I've got Oxford reports.
It is a fact.
It is a fact, but they don't want people to know that.
Yeah, exactly right.
And of course, it's a suppression of knowledge that helps humanity.
So if you think about the overall theme of what you and I do and your guests and Jay Dyer you have coming up, he's brilliant.
He knows so much.
I love his work.
But we are trying to give humanity solutions to survive and thrive, have healthy children, teach our children, and build a society where people are free.
Because we're all in this together.
The average leftist has been shown in studies to be like nine times more likely to steal and not care, but virtue is so good they are.
Don't they get when you screw everyone you get screwed too?
They go, why do you want to help people?
Because it's going to affect me, you morons!
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And by the way, wealth means nothing in a world that is enslaved.
If you're one wealthy person in a city of a million impoverished, desperate masses, your wealth doesn't mean anything.
You don't want to walk out the door of a mansion into a city of desperate people.
Well, that's what Henry Ford did.
He was the first guy to triple people's pay, and he said, how are we going to sell all these cars if they don't have money to buy the damn thing?
Mike Adams, great point.
It's naturalnews.com.
Thank you for all your time.
We track all your great work.
Come on anytime, and thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Alex, take care.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and I was watching the wild craziness that went down yesterday, and I just had to think, man, who turned on CERN, right?
Somebody turned CERN back on, and we're in the weirdest alternate dimension Thought about doing a takeoff on yesterday's event.
I was going to wear a pantyhose over my head, but I decided against it.
I started thinking about raising Arizona where he says, son, you got a panty on your head.
Today, I'm just going to bring the straight facts.
We're going to be spitting facts with one of my favorite researchers, one of my favorite historians, Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope.
He is a whistleblower since 2003, media producer, documentary filmmaker since 2006, forensic historian, educator, And lifelong learner, Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope.
We work together now producing a philosophy course that will be available, I think, in December or January.
And I want to talk about the managed dialectics that's out there.
And I just did a podcast the other night with Dr. James Lindsay and a high-powered Pentagon consultant, Stephen Coughlin, and we went deep into how managed dialectics is a strategy of warfare, a strategy of control.
Now, I know everybody has probably heard of that.
Well, yeah, we know the two party system and all this kind of stuff, but we need to understand that it's an actual technology.
It's an actual strategy.
And it also involves people who are initiated into an inner group that run the world in a certain way.
And I'm going to give you a couple examples before we go to Richard, because Richard knows this material very, very well.
At the beginning of Brave New World, the famous book by Aldous Huxley, he has an introductory essay.
And in this introductory essay, he says, I want you to understand that this novel, this fictional presentation is based on reality.
And he mentions at the end of this that what we're going to do with eugenics is that we're going to take this study of so-called racial science, and we're going to apply it so that we can bring the population down.
And he says that this process will utilize mass drugging of the population.
It will utilize the enforcement of every odd form of sexuality, not because of anything to do with freedom and liberty and rights, but to reduce the population.
Simply put.
He ends this chapter by saying that what you read in this fictional book is not a made-up story.
It's actually order out of chaos.
Order out of chaos.
And then I want you to understand that another famous person who was not a fiction writer, but was very much a high-level strategist, the big name Brzezinski, he wrote a famous book called Strategic Vision before he passed away.
That was one of his last books.
And he goes into the very beginning talking about the Cold War.
And he says, if you want to understand the Cold War, he says, you have to understand dialectics, managed false either-ors, false choices.
Because the real system that's going on is outside of this false choice.
And so within 30 pages he says that the Cold War with the West versus the Marxists in the East, not saying it wasn't real in the sense of a real on-the-ground disagreement over ideology, he says this is a higher level game being played that he says is Manichaean dialectics.
Now, Manichaean dialectics is an old kind of weird esoteric sect that dealt with dualism, right?
The whole world is running on this proposition of dualism.
Good, evil, light, dark, etc.
And he says that this is a managed dialectic of order out of chaos, and this is one of his strategies that he used to help end the Cold War.
He is one of the architects of bringing the Cold War to a synthesis, synthesis of these choosing positions.
The synthesis is what they always wanted out of this Cold War.
And he actually says that this dialectic of false left-right, he says, Zbigniew Brzezinski, right?
Long-time Pentagon national security advisor, Obama advisor, big super architect of what we live under, technocrat, right?
He wrote another book about Between two ages about technocracy and how we would go into the technocratic age between two ages, right?
Well, in this book, he says that the dialectic of the false left right out of the French Revolution is the same that's in the American system.
Brzezinski says that in strategic vision.
And so I want to bring my good friend Richard Grove on because I know he knows this very well.
You know, I think that when we look at somebody like Ye, When you first wake up to a lot of this stuff, there's always a danger of kind of going down false rabbit trails, false leads.
And, you know, I know there was a lot of trolling going on, but at the same time, you know, the system of eugenics that was promoted in Nazi Germany is really no different, ultimately, than the system of eugenics promoted by the socialists.
Did you know the Fabian socialists also adopted and accepted eugenics just as much as the Nazis did?
And so the British establishment, as an example, the Royal Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they're the ones that prior to any of this stuff with Hitler or any of that, or the socialists, they're the ones that actually had the social Darwinist philosophy of Malthusian depopulation.
Richard, are you there?
How you doing, Jay?
So we're going to move from Ye's Balenciaga victimhood over to eugenics and Fabian socialism.
That's a good transition.
I think it's a good investment of time.
I've got Zbigniew Brzezinski's Between Two Ages on the shelf back there, but I really wanted to key off of what you said with Huxley.
Huxley's Brave New World Chapter 1 starts out with the incubator room where the government grows its children so that there's no pesky parents in between.
And if you've seen the 3D printed pod story in the past week, where now you're going to be incubated in the pod and you can also die in the pod.
They have the euthanasia pods out there.
So this whole theme of Well, it starts with Malthus and the preservation of the favored races that's followed with Darwin.
That's the subtitle of Origin of Species.
Preservation of the favored races.
Sounds like an institutionalized racism type of idea.
Maybe we should look into these people.
Darwin's bulldog was a guy named T.H.
Huxley and he had a son named Leonard Huxley.
Leonard had two kids that are prominent, Aldis and Julian.
Julian Huxley became the World Eugenics Foundation lead person as well as UNESCO, which ties in the United Nations that Mike and Alex were just talking about in the last segment.
So this idea of globalism, it spans back to the British Empire wanting to take over America.
The British Empire then picked up allies along the way.
There's other factions out there that would like to see America destroyed.
essentially the creation of Soviet Russia, Communist China were facilitated
by these same robber barons who also funded the Third Reich back in World War
Two and before that they got Hitler to adopt eugenics and the Cold Spring
Harbor ideas of Eastern elites and also British eugenicists were along for the
ride as well. Yeah, exactly.
I think, you know, you can go way further back, maybe even to the old caste system, and which I think was kind of adopted out of the, you know, ancient Hindu system of evolutionary scales of lesser evolved people and more evolved people.
I think that's where Darwin, I think his granddad had adopted some of this weird esoteric philosophy out of Hinduism, which they got from Some of these secret societies, and I'm glad you mentioned Brave New World, because on page 17, if you have this copy of it, Huxley goes on to say in the story that in this future scenario, not only are you grown in a test tube, everyone is inoculated by mandate at birth.
Typical workers, the working class, start by being inoculated at meter 150, he says.
We immunize them against all diseases.
Now, diseases, of course, this is just part of that process of creating the slave class, creating this tiered system, which you might think, well, I thought the revolutions were about getting us equality, right?
I thought social justice, it's about equality.
The odd thing is that in this Brave New World scenario, it's a rigid hierarchy based on genetics that are controlled.
And there's another guy who wrote about this.
His name was Jonah Salk, and he wrote a book called Survival of the Wisest, and he says that the inoculations are an experiment.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be right back with Richard Grove.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know if you follow my work you know I've been lecturing through a lot of texts that deal with the history of the Fabian Socialist Society and their connection to Bolshevism and who was funding a lot of these socialists and these revolutionaries and these communists and of course I did cover the well-known book, Wall Street and the Bullshit
Revolution by Anthony Sutton.
And we've gone into a lot of depth with the Ratu book on the Fabians and Lord Milner.
But there's another book that Sutton did that's really important that relates to
recent material, recent controversy, which is Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.
And that's what I'm trying to demonstrate.
And Richard knows this so well, which is that there's a higher level game being played.
And in the modern era, those older systems of Fabian socialism,
national socialism, and even to a degree, monopoly capitalism, which I think still has
a lot of power and control. That's kind of the thing that's still here sitting over all this
debt-based world global capitalism.
That debt system is manipulating these other systems and you have a lot of people like Bertrand Russell coming out of the Fabian Society, H.G.
Wells, talking about how they would do these experiments in these other countries.
So Bolshevism is an experiment in Russia.
National Socialism is an experiment in Germany.
And National Socialism wasn't the first to have that eugenics-based policy.
It was the UK, and as I think Richard was alluding to, Kaiser Wilhelm.
Prior to Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm already believed in a very hardcore version of eugenics.
So it precedes Hitler.
It actually goes back to the British Empire, as we've said.
And one more point before I go to you, Richard, which is that I'm glad you mentioned that UNESCO, philosophy of UNESCO, Because if you read the document at the beginning, Julian Huxley, brother to Aldous, who did Break a New World, Julian says, eugenics is not popular anymore.
We're going to have to rebrand this, right, due to World War II and Hitler.
Let's just rename this biometrics and health, right?
And so he says, we'll go under the cloak of health and culture and we'll just do the same eugenics and disgenics program.
Through rebranding.
I'll throw to you, Richard, if you want to comment on this.
There's a lot of rebranding going on.
I mean, let's go back to the British Empire.
Cecil Rhodes, Alex mentioned about an hour and a half ago on the show, was a colonizer on behalf of the British Empire.
He had a best friend.
His name was Rudyard Kipling.
If you go back and look at Kipling's books, there's an interesting sun symbol on the edge of all of Kipling's books.
Eventually, that group, along with Prescott Bush and some people from America, they decided to prop up a regime during their hyperinflation phase.
A lot of American capital went overseas during our Great Depression phase and helped to prop up a guy who's not so popular in American culture or world culture because of how that war ended and the things that went on during that war.
But there's also some other atrocities.
I brought a couple books.
I have the history of the Fabian Society, if you want to talk about that.
I have the Molecular Vision of Life, that's Caltech, Rockefeller, and the new eugenics that they branded after World War II.
But I also have Operation Paperclip, where the people who funded the Nazis in the first place brought back their best and brightest to conduct experiments in the United States.
They also took some of those and put them in their Soviet experiment over in Russia.
And this is all very well documented by Anthony Sutton.
And if you read Zbigniew Brzezinski's Between Two Ages, in a footnote on the right-hand
page he says, "For impressive history of Western technology being inserted into the Soviet
Union, reference Anthony Sutton's three-volume series on such."
And then Sutton wrote another three-volume series more for the public, Wall Street and
the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and Hitler, Wall Street and FDR was the last one.
So there was a combine of finances behind the scenes of World War II.
And then I also have a book here by the guy who led MI6, who says that they got America
into the war kind of unfaithfully.
They knew ahead of time about Pearl Harbor, but they needed America into the war.
So there's a lot of British Empire history that I think was left out of Kanye's perspective, for instance, yesterday.
But it's always more to learn.
I'm a learner every day.
Jay, are you muted?
One of the texts that is really important that I've worked on, or worked through and lectured on,
over the years in passing, is this very dense, very hefty, History of British Intelligence by Stephen Doral.
This is a must-have text because, as a mainline historian, And Doral is really just giving the 20th century from.
Not just the British Imperial perspective, but from the intelligence apparatus, from their perspective.
What were they really doing?
What were they really up to?
And as you read this text, he goes through most of the things that we consider or think of as conspiracy theory as just obvious, well-known admissions.
For example, he talks about staging false flags.
He talks about the biowarfare programs at Porton Down evolving out of the British version of MKUltra.
He talks about Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg as if Well, yeah, of course, as if they're givens.
They're not conspiracy theories to this level of people and to this level of research.
They're common, obvious things that people on the inside know about, but they're counting on people on the outside, the public, not knowing this thing, knowing this stuff, because of the dumbing down of education.
Yeah, they're not supposed to know about Cecil Rhodes.
You're not supposed to know about a book like the New World Order by Sean Stone that clearly on the cover shows America being overtaken by the British Empire.
It's an unassailable history, but you need to understand the grammar, the individual players of Rhodes, Lionel Curtis, the people that were in that milieu of Anglo-American establishment-ness to remove the sovereignty of America, to drag our reputation through the mud, to inherit as property managers hundreds of bases around the world that we didn't initiate.
There's the Anglo-American establishment by Quigley.
So he was so scared of the whistleblower story that he got in 1948 that that book wasn't published until 1981 after Quigley died.
And in the New York Times article in 1976 with Rudy Maxa, Quigley can be heard in the audio tape.
You can listen to it for yourself.
When Rudy Maxa asks him about Lionel Curtis, the progenitor, the people who carried on Cecil Rhodes' Last Will and Testament, Quigley's like, don't talk about that unless you want to lose your career.
And that's where the tape ends.
They had a nice conversation about how Macmillan and company conspired and lied to Quigley about the destruction of the plates so that they couldn't publish Tragedy and Hope, the big 1300 page book anymore.
And so that underground censorship built up a following of why does this book have to be censored?
And so this story should be well known, especially to Americans, who are the target of the plot of a group of international conspirators, of which David Rockefeller, Brzezinski's mentor, was one of them.
Nelson Rockefeller, his... I'm sorry, David mentored Kissinger, Nellie mentored Brzezinski.
No, I got those backwards.
David was Brzezinski and Nelson is Kissinger.
They're so hard to keep them apart, those two.
If you mess up, I will have you assassinated.
You must get it clear.
He's still kicking, isn't he?
Kissings are still out there all around.
Brzezinski has departed.
But between the bookends of the brothers Rockefeller and their political statecraft over the past 60 or 70 years, David is an admitted internationalist, a proud internationalist.
He says so in his memoirs.
So I'm just a fan of of history books and these quotes that illustrate a narrative outside what people consider to be real and outside that narrative of what they consider to be real.
They label everything conspiracy theory.
Where do you think you're going to be in 10 years if you don't enlarge your world and look at the facts that exist outside the narrative?
Where are you going to be if you don't realize that CIA document 1035-960 concerning criticism of the Warren Commission report was a pejorative connotation of the conspiracy theorist genre or use of that phrase because of Edward J. Epstein's book, Inquest, questioning the nature and how the Warren Commission made their decision.
So they had a problem with the journalist.
They made up a phrase, and now that phrase limits people's capacity for what reality is.
I just simply point out convenient pieces.
It's like, here's Rockefeller, Caltech, and the new eugenics.
Read it.
It's from MIT professor Lily Kay, who's also departed.
There's a lot of good books out there on these topics that are being discussed, but no one's kind of bringing the history, the context, and smashing the unrealistic claims into their reasonable realities of the evidence.
Yeah, I mean, and to be clear, I don't want people to misunderstand.
I'm not saying that if you read a book like this, like, oh, we're saying that it's the British Empire secretly that is still running things.
It's not really the British Empire per se, but the British Empire, in my view, was kind of a cutout, kind of a front for An inner click the Rhodes Milner roundtable groups that was running the British Empire and then getting the US back under that umbrella back into interventionism into internationalism which the US previous to that had a you know isolationist stance that's been demonized as well that was all the purpose of the CIR was to CFR was to demonize the idea of isolationism and to get the US back into this internationalism and policing the world which is what these
oligarchs really is the best way to describe them had as the plan for the for the US to come back and
They use a lot of British intelligence assets and agents to get the US back into that
That's who set up the OSS and the CIA this the deep state so to speak
The website is tragedy and hope his podcast is grand theft world over at Rockfin. My website is Jason else's don't go
anywhere This is Jay Dyer with Richard Grove
Welcome back to the auction I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and I am here with my good friend Richard Grove of TragedyandHope.com and of the Grand Theft World podcast.
Richard's been killing over there on Grand Theft World with some of these interviews that he's been doing with people like Whitney Webb, and I noticed they went into a lot of depth.
in regard to the blackmail and the espionage and all of that.
And that's because a big part of how the system works is understanding the intelligence apparatus.
And as we were talking about the British Empire, I was reminded of this excellent book by Dr.
Richard Spence, which is the Crowley, right?
So everybody knows about Alistair Crowley as this, oh, he's the famous Satanist.
He's the most evil man in the world, all this stuff from the 20th century.
Pop culture, Hollywood, you know, everybody.
Speaking of Kanye, not Kanye per se, but you know, Kanye used to be hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and they're big promoters of Crowley over the years.
And what's fascinating is that a lot of people don't know that Crowley was actually an asset of British intelligence.
And he was used in a lot of propaganda and sort of co-opting other people in various missions.
You know, why would Crowley be useful in that regard?
Well, Crowley had a philosophy where he said the slaves will serve.
And what he meant by that was that he was essentially adopting an occult version of the dehumanization philosophy, which is thus this operating system of the Malthusian British imperial system, right?
That there's a giant mass of the population are essentially slaves that don't have any capability of thinking beyond just being sort of animals.
And so they're dehumanized into being viewed like animals.
That is ultimately the social Darwinist system.
And that's the operating system that the U.S.
adopted, you see.
If you look at things like State Department Memorandum 200, if you look at the writings of Kissinger, if you look at the writings of Brzezinski, right?
The American intelligence establishment, the planners, the big-scale planners, they adopted wholesale this system.
And that is the key to understanding what is being pushed with the Great Reset, with transhumanism, with Klaus.
And so Richard, again, I know you've got Klaus back there.
I got my Klaus right here with me.
Would you care to comment on that?
It's the same system, it's just kind of given a high-tech overlay now.
For sure.
Let me start at the beginning.
Grand Theft World podcast is on Bandai Video.
Thank you, Bandai Video.
We did four hours of interview between Whitney Webb's two volumes of her books.
It's impeccable.
It tells a very important story that carries back into BCCI and Iran-Contra.
And I also brought for you The Predicament of Mankind, the 1970 document that led to the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab's 1973 Davos Manifesto with Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, a former SS officer, And also Prince Philip, a former eugenicist who wanted to come back as a virus to kill everybody.
And that whole movement picked up by the Club of Rome into the World Economic Forum precipitates down on us today as the Great Reset.
So, if we don't understand what's going on in the past, you're not going to understand their agenda for the present or the future they've already planned for you and you can just read about in their documents.
It's not conspiracy theory.
It's actually what literate people do if they want to stay free in a society kind of hell-bent on taking away freedom.
Yeah, in the past century it was called The Great Game, right?
And, for example, there was a book that I read many years ago by a CIA analyst guy who then went on to write about fiction.
And it's an important book because... Well, Kipling coined The Great Game, I think, Jay.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
And the reason I'm bringing up the fiction is that you understand that the British espionage writers 100 years ago realized that one of the better ways to program people was through stories.
And so that's why you read books like, you know, Brave New World, right, which is basically giving this idea that this is a necessary future, this must come to be.
And that's part of the great game, which I said, is managing the dialectic in terms of narrative or story.
So rather than looking at the facts of what went down...
The control system thrives on giving a story that limits the perception in terms of a false dialectic that Brzezinski talked about in Strategic Vision, of a false Manichaean either-or.
So you are kept within the circle, within this box.
You have two false choices.
And it doesn't just apply to Democrat and Republican.
It applies to all of the events and narratives that come out in the mainstream media.
They have to be told in a false either-or.
And you see it in the programming of the fiction, and that's what I'm trying to get at with books like The Great Game.
Well, and also H.G.
Wells and some of his non-fiction works.
I mean, he wrote a book called The New World Order.
He wrote a book, The New Machiavelli.
He wrote several books on his capacity, but he discloses it in his experiment on autobiography, where he says he's hanging out with the Fabian Socialists, and he confirms much of what Quigley had attributed to Alfred Zimmern and the other whistleblowers who brought forth that information that ended up in Tragedy and Hope, the big book, and Anglo-American establishment.
So there is a long history.
It's all in English.
Fortunately, the people trying to do this, they also speak the same language.
So it's pretty easy to read into their documents and their plans for the future and the things they said they'd do in the past.
Like, Agenda 21, back in 92, seemed like far off.
And by Agenda 21, they said they were going to eradicate polio.
And so here we are at Agenda 2030.
That's still a thing.
So, not everything that they plan to do gets done, but it is interesting to see their continuous planning for the future, and the United Nations plans also match up with the DCDC Strategic Trends Program that the UK Ministry of Defense rolls out, and they've been predicting the future decades and decades out for decades and decades now.
You can go back and read 2007's report about 2030 and see if it matches up with the 2030 United Nations and World Economic Forum Great Reset Agenda.
There's only so many people on the planet.
It's a small group of people that want to ruin freedom and they work together.
It's not a secret.
They tell you about it.
Yeah, exactly.
I did a fourth hour here on that UK Ministry of Defense document was declassified that deals with transhumanism.
And one of the things that after all the transhumanist stuff about, you know, chipping everybody and all this kind of stuff, the surveillance, there's a specific section where they go on to talk about how the way they'll bring this in is by telling stories and changing narratives.
And so they actually talk about narrative construction.
And of course, what did Klaus just put out?
The Great Narrative, right?
One of his new tacks.
And that's because they want to tell the story.
It's this book here, the blue book.
And next time I'll work in book camp so I can show you these things more in depth, but I know we're in a tight schedule today, so I'll just keep it that.
Yeah, I mean, and another thing I wanted to bring out was about Islam.
You know, one of the books I've been lecturing through is The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy by Ratiu, and he goes into the history of the idea of bringing Islam into Europe and into England.
He goes back to the Fabians.
It was specifically the Fabians, and particularly Bertrand Russell, who said that we will use Islam as a tool to destroy the existing society so that it can go into the future order.
And he's not the only researcher to come to this.
In fact, Royal Society researcher Mark Curtis, who I lectured through this book many years ago in his book, Secret Affairs, He goes into Britain's longtime collusion with all forms of
Islam to bring about some further future goal, right?
This is what I'm trying to say is that it's not a conspiracy theory. It's actual geopolitics another American
researcher Robert Dreyfus He wrote a similar book devil's game where he looks at it
from the American establishment perspective So both the UK the American is particularly just the
Eastern Seaboard elites They have this strategy of utilizing religions to change the existing society, not because they're altruistic, not because Tony Blair as a Fabian said many years ago, oh I love Islam, I want more Islam, because he actually is altruistic or cares about religion.
It's a tool to change the existing society for where they want to go in the future.
Miles Copeland says that very thing when he talks about changing Egypt.
It's not because he doesn't like Islam and he wants to modernize Egypt.
If you read in his book, Game of Nations, at the end of it he says the purpose of the modernization of Egypt has nothing to do with good or bad.
It has to do with the end goal of population reduction and changing the existing societies for the technocracy.
I'll try to wrap it all in a bow in one minute.
Kipling wrote a book called Keep in Memory.
It's to train kids to be spies.
Sinjin Philby's son, Kim Philby, who was a famous spy, was trained and named after that method.
Sinjin Philby helped to create the Saudi royal family.
He was an MI6 agent, was getting paid well after they said he left, and that proves everything that Jay was just telling you about with the Kipling great game Yeah, exactly, and Operation Cyclone, that was really the mastermind of Brzezinski, right?
and had a headquarters in London in 1996 and MI6 supported it and so did CIA
Operation Cyclone. So Anglo-American establishment, learn more
about it every week at GrandTheftWorld.com. Yeah exactly and Operation Cyclone that
was really the the mastermind of Brzezinski. Brzezinski was the guy
who was telling the White House Here's what we'll do.
We'll wind down the Cold War by getting the Soviets bogged down in this conflict.
We'll come out the victor.
But at the same time, he also had the strategy of controlled and managed chaos in the post-Soviet bloc countries, right?
So the Soviet bloc had to be then managed by controlled and managed chaos to bring it
into a neoliberal order, not because he cared about free markets or anything like that,
but because the long-term goal was, as Brzezinski said, technocracy, to transition the entire
world into a technocratic slave system.
That's exactly what Klaus says in The Shaping of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Thank you so much, Richard.
Richard is, of course, over at Grand Theft World on Rockfin and on Bandai Video, and he is at Tragedy and Hope.
And anything else you want to leave us with, Richard, before we go?
No, I think that next steps could be read the appendix in that book you just showed,
Fourth Industrial Revolution, appendix called Deep Shift.
And Klaus says implantable techniques and neural links for you and your family by 2025.
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