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Name: 20221127_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 27, 2022
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There have been fires in more than a dozen major Chinese cities in high-rises.
Most of them live in high-rises.
Stacked one on top of another.
And predominantly poor areas are the ones that get locked down.
It's not for COVID.
It's a test of control.
And they've been locked down for over a hundred days.
In one of their regional capital cities, over 100 million have been locked down for over 100 days, and this fire last week baked everybody alive in the building, and the police would not let the firefighters through to save them.
We have all the videos of them welding the doors shut, all the rest of it.
Now again, almost no one's dying from the virus there.
The virus was made there.
The virus doesn't last more, it doesn't incubate more than two weeks.
Why would you be locked up in your house for a hundred days?
Because it's all a giant, raw exercise of power.
So we have these footage.
Never comply.
Pray for the persecuted in China, says Elijah Schaffer.
We've got this video right here that just shows, and then they pull back, tens of thousands of white-suited thugs covering their faces, attacking peaceful people that have refused to be locked down and just starved to death in their homes.
And now, suddenly, the white-clad paramilitary, because the world saw the military locking people in their houses and doing this, and people said, that's terrible, China's bad, but oh, they're medical workers, it's okay.
Now they're carrying machine guns.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
So here's the bottom line here on the Alex Jones Show.
And if you let this burn into your brain, it'll save your life.
If you don't listen to me, you're going to be in lockdown, too, very soon.
And it's going to be a lot worse than the first one.
And then after that, the big one comes.
They're just testing, locking us down before they release the real bioweapons and actually kill billions.
Now don't be dying in your house a year or two from now wishing you'd listen to me.
This is all real.
I'm telling you exactly what I know is going on.
You don't need me to tell you.
You can see it being prepared everywhere.
So, Anthony Fauci, Joseph Mengele, Angel of Death, war criminal, 2.0, following every national, international law you can imagine, lying about the shots, everything.
He was deposed because it's come out in court documents and emails.
But he was quarterbacking, we already told you this, but now it's admitted.
With Big Tech, with the media, with everybody, through the UN.
The UN said it's gone on national TV.
We played it a month ago and said, yeah, we tell Big Tech and the media what to say and what to do and what's allowed to be said.
Not just by people online or talk show hosts, but by their own employees.
Like one NBC reporter locally reported what the police said that
The wife of Pelosi, the husband of Pelosi, opened the door and let him in and they were both in underwear.
He got suspended.
Turns out it was true.
He just reported what the cops told him.
But he didn't take his orders.
About John, the husband of Pelosi.
John Pelosi.
So that's how controlled this is, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why they can't have us on air.
They can't have anybody able to say anything that countermands or goes against the ridiculous narratives they're giving us.
So Fauci is in a deposition over all this with two attorney generals.
They combined them, Missouri and Louisiana.
And here's the headline.
Louisiana AG slams Fauci for not answering questions during deposition about his handling of COVID-19.
AG Jeff Landry of Louisiana says, wow, it was amazing to spend seven hours with Dr. Fauci, the man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S.
economy based upon the science, only discovered that he can't recall particularly anything dealing with his COVID response, and doesn't remember coordinating the media to block treatments,
Or to block news that any of it was a fraud.
So that's a big deal.
Let's move on from that.
Pfizer's CEO who says I'm the quote most evil man on earth last week and that I'm quote an agent of evil has gotten a lot of trouble by regulators for making misleading statements about children and vaccines and saying they're safe and effective and protect you.
That's the London Telegraph.
They got a EU criminal investigation of him going right now.
Another study finds heart inflammation higher among Moderna vaccinations versus Pfizer.
Because all the Moderna is, is the equivalent of four Pfizer shots.
So it's four times stronger than Pfizer, the exact same injection.
And of course, it's worse for you.
Really, didn't know that.
Told you that two years ago.
COVID-19 researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine.
Robert Kennedy Jr., Robert Barnes are involved in the lawsuit.
It's now confirmed that they covered up the deaths and illnesses in their study, but even their fixed study admitted more people died that had the shot than didn't have the shot.
Huge, giant, major news.
The British Medical Journal, that's what this is,
Has come out with a bunch of studies the last two weeks confirming that the vaccine isn't a vaccine, destroys your immune system, causes all sorts of blood clots, creates nanotech, basically prions, that's what causes mad cow disease in the body.
It goes on and on.
That's the British Medical Journal.
I got literally like 50 of these.
I can't go over them all.
Operation Lockstep doubles down.
That's a powerful John Bowne report on their new lockdown plans coming out.
To bring in the whole global digital currency control grid.
That's coming up last segment.
You know what?
Actually, next segment, I need to... Yeah, yeah.
Next segment, I'm going to hit the China rebellion that's going on in the Soviet Union.
Last segment of this hour, I'm going to hit this and so much more.
As an oncologist, I'm seeing people with stable cancer rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster.
We have a year-and-a-half-old study by Germany's top cancer research institute, based at their biggest university, where the director of the institute had cancer in remission, lymphoma, took the shot, it came back really bad, took the next shot, killed him in two weeks, but before he died, he wrote a study how it killed him.
But this is another oncologist.
I mean, there's just literally hundreds of studies that this thing grows cancer.
But that's okay.
Another big report goes along with the John Bowne report, a Greg Rees report.
It's up on Band.Video.
Canadian Psychiatric Association triggers anti-vaxxers.
Canadian Psychiatric Association targets anti-vaxxers.
They all need to be arrested.
There's no problem.
The shots work.
Anybody questioning it should be locked up in a mental institution, even though the facts are all in.
Medical Journal claims anti-vaxxers cause deadly clots in vaccinated people by scaring them about vaccine dangers.
Yes, that's why the blood clots are exploding.
It's psychosomatic.
It's placebo.
military biological activity is a threat to the world.
Says Russia.
And it goes on and on.
SASC woman dies allegedly after COVID booster.
Daughter in shock.
But Buttigieg, the head of the transportation department, is back in the news.
He says in this video clip I'm showing TV viewers, he says
That it works 100% and protects you and you can't get sick if you have the shot.
So they're back to the same lies of two years ago.
Why not?
They're getting in trouble for it.
Meanwhile, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, who retired a year before this all happened three years ago, three and a half years ago, has now looked at all the data and he says in early 2020 after the lockdowns, people were being admitted to hospital and dying in large numbers.
I think they were being murdered.
Then he goes over all the evidence.
Teams death three weeks after Pfizer vaccine triggers investigation.
There's another headline.
Even Washington Post admits that COVID is now a pandemic of the vaccinated.
But don't worry, they now have their new COVID-19 Influenza A and B Antigen Test Kit, where it won't tell you if you have the flu or COVID.
Remember, there was basically no flu worldwide during the first year of COVID because they were counting flu as COVID to scare people into the shot that actually causes COVID and makes your body actually grow the spike proteins that make you sick.
But now the main antigen test counts flu as COVID and they tell you on the box it does.
Fraud upon fraud upon fraud.
Half a million UK workers drop out of workforce citing long-term illnesses, most of them quote vaccinated.
Now that's just one stack on the COVID.
I've got three more.
But when we come back, Klaus Schwab tells it all and says China is the model of the global government takeover and what they're about to set up and we're going to look at the huge massive demonstrations against dehumanization and mass death.
People are locked up to 100 plus days starving to death inside these buildings who aren't even sick.
Everybody knows the virus is only effective for like two weeks, but they don't care.
It's all about a raw, crazy exercise of power.
Why is Xi Jinping doing this?
It started one month before he was declared dictator.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
In the modern world, where they convince a woman to get a job, the man to get a job, they inflate the currency so nobody can exist any other way because it's too expensive.
The parents are out working all day.
The school and the internet and the matrix raise your children.
Your children go to school all day and be told things that you may not want them to learn.
Then they sit on the internet and read things and watch things you may not want them to watch.
You talk to them for 10 minutes at the end of the day, they go to bed.
You're fighting with your 10 minutes against endless hours of the most entertaining programming or the most forceful programming.
In school, it's forceful.
On the internet, it's entertaining.
Convincing them of ideas that you perhaps don't agree with.
I've seen it myself on YouTube.
I've seen a guy in America driving his car and his kids were in the backseat and he was arguing with them about an issue.
And he was like, where did you hear that?
He's like, why did the school tell you that?
That's not true.
And his own children are arguing with him because they learned it in school.
Have you ever tried to take your children out of school?
You'll get fined.
You'll get in trouble.
No, your kids have to go to school.
You have to give your kids away to the school.
If you don't give your kids away to the brainwashing, you'll get in trouble.
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I think there's a whole bunch of men in the world who understands my value and if men grow up to be like me, you're going to have a whole bunch of people with no criminal record, dedicated athletes,
So, there is a world financial collapse designed to get rid of all the major currencies and bring in a global digital currency
That is programmable and tracks what you buy, where you go, what you do, and that can turn your money off, turn it on, devalue it, increase its value, in their own words.
They call it the Central Bank Digital Currency System, and as Tucker Carlson said Friday night, they get this in, it is game over.
That clip is coming up next segment.
But here's Klaus Schwab this week.
This is a new clip.
Saying that China should be the role model for the world.
And that the Chinese model is the model.
Now, how many times have you heard me call it the Chinese model?
That comes from the Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard, and the Trilateral Commission.
I've been reading that for 30 years.
I've been working full-time on this 28 years, almost 29 years on air.
Since the early 90s.
And this is their plan.
This is their program of total absolute control.
Because once they get rid of the cash, you think they debank you now?
You think they censor you now?
You think they surveil you now?
This is child's play compared to what they're going to be able to do.
So here's Klaus Schwab with China's social credit score and all of it, and their medical ID saying they're the model.
Then we'll look at what's currently happening in China.
So we have to define how the world should look like, which we want to come out of this transformation period.
I respect China's achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years.
I think it's a role model for many countries.
But I think also we should leave it to each country to make its own decision what system it wants to adopt.
And I think we should be very careful in imposing systems.
But the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.
So Klaus Schwab is the former head of the Bilderberg Group.
He's still on the steering committee.
He set up the Davos Group, WEF, World Economic Forum, as the mouthpiece of it.
And his minion, he says his favorite pupil, we've played the clip probably a hundred times, I'm going to play it again, is Justin Trudeau.
And he explains that
Trudeau is the model.
They've penetrated the cabinets.
Well, what did Trudeau say just two years ago?
We put that clip over 200 times.
I'm not going to play it again.
He was asked by a group of preening women, what is your role model?
And he said, communist China and Xi Jinping.
A dictatorship.
A basic dictatorship.
They know how to get stuff done.
That's a quote.
Pretty amazing, right?
Well, you just heard his mentor say China is the model.
Now, dude, I need to tell you what China does.
Human animal cloning, tens of millions in death camps, forced organ harvesting, killing of Christians, forced abortions, one-child policy.
I mean, it's a frickin' hellscape.
You run over by a car, people just leave you dead on the road, magnets eat you.
There's just skeletons on the side of the road.
No one cares.
Absolute satanic system.
And now we've got the biggest demonstrations as humanity wakes up over there that they have had since the communists took over in the late 1940s.
And our media for the last two plus years, almost three years,
Has been defending for 30 plus months what they're doing.
But finally, we're seeing cracks in the facade.
So radio listeners, I'm laying this out for TV viewers.
Let's just roll some of the B-roll.
But what really started this?
Well, not just one fire.
There have been fires in more than a dozen major Chinese cities.
In high-rises.
Most of them live in high-rises.
Stacked one on top of another.
And predominantly poor areas are the ones that get locked down.
It's not for COVID.
It's a test of control.
And they've been locked down for over 100 days in one of their regional capital cities.
Over 100 million have been locked down for over 100 days.
And this fire last week baked everybody alive in the building, and the police would not let the firefighters through to save them.
We have all the videos of them welding the doors shut,
All the rest of it.
Now again, almost no one's dying from the virus there.
The virus was made there.
The virus doesn't last more, doesn't incubate more than two weeks.
Why would you be locked up in your house for a hundred days?
Because it's all a giant, raw exercise of power.
So we have these footage.
Never comply.
Pray for the persecuted in China, says Elijah Schaffer.
We've got this video right here that just shows, and then they pull back, tens of thousands of white-suited thugs covering their faces, attacking peaceful people that have refused to be locked down and just starved to death in their homes.
And now, suddenly, the white-clad paramilitary, because the world saw the military locking people in their houses and doing this, and people said, that's terrible, China's bad, but oh, they're medical workers, it's okay.
Now they're carrying machine guns.
We have Dr. Ryan of the UN Global Emergency Response Unit two years ago saying, this is our pretext to arrest our political enemies, to take the children out and raise them separately.
We need to get people used to having us come in their homes and break up their families.
So that's what this is all about.
What is China getting ready for?
It wants to be locked down and in control because they've already crashed their real estate market.
They've already crashed their currency.
Now they're bringing out their central bank digital currency.
Gold's being outlawed.
No one's allowed to have their own business anymore that's small.
They're going back under hardcore communism.
So they're getting them used to being locked down and in martial law ahead of the collapse.
And that's what the last two plus years of beta testing
Has been about is getting you ready for the communist Chinese model where you drive down the road, small roads, big roads, highways, and drones fly over with a QR code.
You've got to get out and scan and then it tells you pull over to the side.
You're taken away and if you're political dissident, you never come back.
People say, where did Chin go?
Or where did Bob go?
No one knows.
It's all a cover for the martial law worldwide run by the United Nations.
And then we can show you these camps.
Some of these camps hold 200,000 people.
They've built hundreds and hundreds and hundreds in China.
They're building them all over the world with the same specs and the same designs everywhere.
Getting you ready for the control.
All directed by the U.N., all centralized.
We have incredible footage of what happens once you obey and live in these things, how they bring you food once a day.
But that's the lucky ones that get locked up in the camps.
The rest of the people get whole neighborhoods, just get locked down.
We've got the footage of which neighborhoods get locked down.
It's where the robots and the troops come in and order everybody to stay in their houses.
When they don't, they come at night and weld them into their houses, and then snipers shoot you if you try to climb out a window.
This isn't some science fiction movie.
This isn't some zombie apocalypse.
This is reality, and this is what CNN and The Washington Post are defending.
And on Twitter, the left calls for firing anybody that doesn't agree and go along with this.
But suddenly, even the Associated Press and others are saying, wait, this is dangerous.
This is wrong.
Have they found their souls?
Or are they just now criticizing the Communist Chinese under their same globalist controllers because they're getting political points for it?
Because there is a fissure now where Communist China is even breaking with the globalists and trying to take over the New World Order itself.
It was set up to de-industrialize us, take all our jobs, be a model of tyranny.
But tyrants, just like Stalin and Hitler, had a deal the first two years of World War II, but then turned against each other.
When you get down to the endgame, the different sides start slitting each other's throats.
Crowd angered by lockdowns called for China's Xi to step down.
COVID lockdown protests erupt in Beijing, Xinjiang, after deadly fires.
It goes on and on.
But I want to look at what's at the heart of the biggest demonstrations ever in China, and what's coming here next with the central bank, digital currencies.
And in Tucker Carlson's own words, they get this in, we're done.
Everything is stopping this.
Everything they've done is to get us ready to accept it.
Anybody going along with it is a fool.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Hour number two is coming up here in about 13 minutes.
This segment is going to be really important as we towel this together.
So there's a global
Corporate scientific mad scientist takeover happening.
It's not a lot of the Communist China, but there's a rift there.
And it wants to take full control of the entire human biological system.
Wants to get rid of the old upper mobility system of trying to be wealthy and successful.
It wants to get rid of the Renaissance and basic Christian society and replace it with a social Darwinistic predatory system in their own words.
That as an end goal,
We're good to go.
But if you look at who the globalist are, they're the very worst of humanity and should not be in control of a dictatorship.
I'm not endorsing dictatorship.
That's the whole point of dictatorship.
Not working is the very worst.
We're always in control of it.
So let's go ahead and get into this.
This is the biggest news here.
Japan dumping record U.S.
China's selling.
The Fed is selling.
The Social Security Trust Fund is selling.
At the biggest dump of U.S.
Treasuries in world history.
Right as they reach all-time prices.
So that's another bubble that they are now popping.
To again, in their own words, I played the clips, the head of the EU Central Bank, the head of the private Federal Reserve Bank here, all of them the last month, saying we're coming to an end.
The central banks will lose control unless they launch their central bank digital currencies, which they have ready.
But to launch those, they've got to get rid of the old system.
They've got to have something to blame it on.
They're blaming it on COVID collapsing the world economy, which they purposely already collapsed themselves because they want to control the collapse.
Key point here.
Under no circumstances are we going to accept their digital ID and the CBDC, Centralized Bankster Digital Slave Currency.
Here's Tucker Carlson, Friday night, explaining what the CBDCs are.
The cryptocurrency exchange FTX blew up in spectacular fashion.
It looks like fraud.
But in the wake of that, rather than thinking through, like, why did regulators let this happen?
There's a new effort underway to regulate every single financial transaction that occurs in this country through something called the Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC.
If that happens, we're done!
They can control you with the flick of a switch.
So you should know what they're planning and how we might be able to stop it.
I want to wish Tucker Carlson a great Thanksgiving.
I was visiting Florida during Thanksgiving and I just want to wish Tucker a great Thanksgiving.
I bet he had a great Thanksgiving.
I know I sure did.
It's always good to spend Thanksgiving with your friends.
Oh, and here's one of the clips I played last week.
The G20.
So let's have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO
If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around.
So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people 100%, which clogged the economy globally, you know, you can still provide some movement of the people.
Indonesia has achieved, G20 countries have agreed to have this digital certificate using WHO standards, and we will submit it to the next
The World Health Assembly in Geneva has the revision to international health regulation.
So hopefully for the next pandemic, we can still see some movement of the people, some movement of the goods, and movement of the economy.
Oh, the next pandemic they're planning and gearing up.
And I got a few clips I'm not gonna play, but...
Klaus Schwab, can you imagine in 10 years when we're sitting here and we all have implants on our brains?
He goes on, you'll be forced to take the implant if you want to be able to buy food or have a job.
It's real simple.
Once they have you with a digital currency and track and control everything you do, now they can make you submit to whatever they want to have access to it.
He goes on to brag he controls half the world leaders already.
So it's a pretty, pretty big deal.
And they couched all the neoliberalism about helping the third world and helping the children and all the rest of it.
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Here's a special report and we'll start our number two.
Operation Lockstep Double Down.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
The best way, I believe, to counter misinformation and disinformation is to spread good information.
To spread science-based information.
To have trusted voices.
So, I started my comments by reminding everybody that America's physicians, like the real leaders of American medicine, the people you trust for your cancer care and your heart care and your pediatrics care,
People are out there telling you you need to go get a vaccine.
You can decide to trust America's physicians, or you can trust some random dude on Twitter.
Like, those are your choices.
People are right to question whether this virus actually exists.
But we now, in Europe for the first time, have the scientific proof that it does not exist.
And this is thanks to a Department of Health
A letter that has been received following a request by a citizen in the UK, which he actually had to appeal.
But he requested the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom to give him scientific proof of the existence of a virus called SARS-CoV-2.
And they confirmed that the Department of Health and Social Care does not hold any information on the isolation of a SARS-CoV-2 virus.
In other words, it does not exist.
Millions of people in China are once again under collective quarantine as the country faces the new surge of the COVID-19 virus.
In Beijing, workers in protective suits have installed metal barriers in some neighborhoods where coronavirus cases have been detected.
People can only go out to buy food or receive medical treatment, and to do so they must scan their health QR codes.
The Communist Chinese hellscape is the blueprint for what they plan to bring forward against us.
But I wanted to be specific about where we're at and where they're going to take us with this system and how we can stop it and say no to it.
You have the UN, you have the big corporate mouthpiece, the World Economic Forum.
The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.
For decades, they've said they want to use a viral scare.
The Rockefeller documents, Operation Lockstep, the list goes on and on, to bring in a world medical ID that will really be the world ID that will have carbon controls, not just viral controls, on where you can go, what you can do.
They'll have digital money, by region, that'll be programmable.
They'll decide where you can spend it, when you can spend it, how you can spend it.
They can devalue it or upvalue it whenever they want.
A Swedish company specialized in microchip implants promotes the use of their device to carry the COVID pass, saying that the chip makes the data more accessible even if a person doesn't have their phone with them.
The chip implant is placed in the arm and programmed so that when the chip is read by a smartphone, it opens up a PDF file, which contains a person's COVID passport.
This makes it easier for different entities to check the health status of the individual.
And it's directly tied and administered to the surveillance over in live time by corporations, bureaucracies, and criminal think tanks, like the ADL, who will then reward you or punish you
Off of your social behavior, and then they will program it and incentivize it to spend it with their companies, their businesses, their systems.
The ultimate brainwashing, the ultimate gaslighting, as they announce all this tyranny, then they say, but we can't talk about it, it doesn't exist, while it publicly exists.
So here it is.
G20 leaders issue joint declaration promoting global health passport to facilitate international travel.
A world ID to buy, sell and travel even outside your house.
The social credit score you will not leave one half foot out of your home unless you're authorized to.
They've now built emergency centers all over the world under UN directives that anyone that does not submit to forced injections and lockdowns in the future
...will be sent to these centers.
They have now admitted in Canada and in Australia, but they're also setting them up here, and the UN is directing it again, that officially the camps aren't just for people they claim have COVID with their fake PCR test, but now it's for anybody protesting the future lockdowns as they gear up for their next big push.
While saying they want amnesty from us and for us to not sue them or organize into groups that are saying no so they can sucker punch us again,
Oh, son of a bitch.
We'll be back with hour number two, folks.
Stay with us.
One of the biggest news stories lately has been Elon Musk purchasing Twitter at the hopes, for many, that free speech would be restored on the platform.
Elon Musk has hinted at this himself, but when he spoke out against returning Alex Jones to the platform, there were obvious concerns.
Now, what I think might be going on, Elon Musk is making a business decision knowing that if Alex Jones is allowed back on the platform, Twitter might get removed from the App Store.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party, the European Union and the Justice Department and CIA moles that Congress had hearings on last week are inside of his company right now and are literally trying to sabotage it, not just externally with threats of lawsuits and censorship and criminal charges from the EU, but they're also threatening to sabotage the company and the actual systems that make it operate.
He hit the panic button and basically came out and attacked me so that he can get the left off of his back and you know that it's it's it's fine to me that he did that except he went too far and compared himself to Jesus and the whole
Bring the children to me.
Suffer the children to me.
And if you offend one of these, if you're mean to one of these kids, it's better for you to kill yourself by tying a big bowl to your neck and throwing it in the ocean.
That's just outrageous.
That's absolutely outrageous that I'm supposedly the worst guy in the world because of media hype that massively has misrepresented what I really said about Sandy Hook.
If Elon loves to quote Christ so much in between dressing up like Satan, he should quote Christ's most famous quote.
Let he without sin cast the first stone.
But that story will carry itself out.
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