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Name: 20221124_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 24, 2022
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The video discusses Balenciaga's recent incident of posting disturbing images online and connects it to the Supreme Court case Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition, which ruled that producing synthetic child pornography was legal under the First Amendment as long as no actual children were harmed in its production. The video claims that internet sleuths found more disturbing images on Balenciaga's official website before they were removed and an apology issued by the company. These images have been downloaded by the public who are now examining them further and finding even worse content. The video suggests this is part of a larger globalist cult that uses trauma-based mind control to break human spirit and will, and that such shocking imagery serves as a way to condition people into accepting horrific acts like child abuse, torture, and murder. It calls for people to understand the psychological warfare being waged against them and withdraw support from big tech and Hollywood. The video ends with a promotion of discounted products in InfoWars store.

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Fashion label Beyonciago gives us a window, a doorway, into the religion, into the power cult that rules our planet today.
The occultists and so-called fashion designers, as well as filmmakers, celebrated by one of the top fashion brands in the world, profiting tens of billions of dollars a year, is at the heart of Aleister Crowley, black magic, human sacrifice, torture, and the destruction of innocence.
This story has taken the internet by storm and the world is awakening.
This story is a thousand times bigger conservatively than WikiLeaks and the entire Pizzagate scandal that was 98% true.
But the corporate media, New York Times, CNN, focused in on a pizza place that did have some of the art but did not have a dungeon to then try to discredit everything else that was in the WikiLeaks documents.
We're about to go into this huge breaking developing story now.
Infowars, the most banned network in the world.
This is part of a larger trend, and the trend is this.
Adults crossing the line, and it has always been a bright line, into deep involvement with the sexuality of children.
And here is a high-end retailer promoting kiddie porn in an ad on Instagram, and nobody notices.
There's no boycott, there's no front page New York Times editorial against it.
And of course, Instagram let the advertisement run endorsing kiddie porn.
And by the way, if you have an alternate explanation for what this was, let us know.
A child with a teddy bear in a bondage outfit and a Supreme Court decision striking down a kiddie porn law displayed on the table?
What is that?
Are we jumping to conclusions?
Don't think so.
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Our story starts as most of these investigations do.
Just regular people on the internet, namely Twitter and Instagram, noticed that Balenciaga, head of a Paris fashion show, last week posted images from a new photo shoot with what appeared to be depressed, drugged-out children holding bondage teddy and panda bears.
Panda bears and panda eyes, again, are a code word For people that have been seriously tortured in dungeons.
Look it up for yourself.
But there were the children standing on beds with all of this different accoutrement in front of them in bondage outfits.
And in part of the same shoot, they showed a purse on the desk And under the purse were court filings from over a decade ago, Ashcroft versus the Free Speech Coalition.
And in that case, the Supreme Court ruled that you can produce synthetic child porn.
That as long as actual children weren't raped, you could, under the First Amendment, depict children being raped, tortured, and even murdered.
So as Internet Sleuths began to go to their official website of Balenciaga, they found even more.
That's when the fashion designing company pulled thousands of images off of their website and issued an apology claiming the whole thing was an innocent mistake.
This is their coming out, their externalization of the hierarchy.
In the types of ancient black magic they are practicing, they go back to Egypt and even before, it is critical to not just conduct your rituals in private or secret.
But as you build towards your societal takeover, you then must have a moment of emergence, or revolution, where you force the, quote, transformation of humanity by shocking humanity using what is nothing but ancient forms of trauma-based mind control.
Whether it's Maria Abranovich, or Michael Bormans, or countless others producing the similar so-called art, They are all in league, openly working together and being celebrated by everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jay-Z to Barack Obama to Prince Charles.
They all pay homage and including in many cases, buying this art for millions and millions of dollars as a form of tithing to their satanic anti-human cult.
From a societal perspective or a social Darwinistic angle, it's easy to understand why the ruling class is promoting such a satanic predatory system and trying to externalize the method to the general public.
They must break our will, they must break our spirit, they must train us to accept the most horrible barbaristic things.
Like sex with children, their torture, and even murder.
Because if we will put up with our young being attacked, if we will put up with the system coming directly after our children, then they know they've won.
They've broken our will.
They are openly working in concert to condition the public not to value human life.
Not to stand up for each other, to be selfish, to be corrupt, to think that evil is funny, so that we can all be isolated and picked off one by one.
This is the heart of the New World Order transhumanist takeover of the world.
The World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Extinction Rebellion are all lockstep with the corporate media, Hollywood, the fashion industry, and leftist leaders across the planet teaching humans to hate ourselves.
Teaching us that we're bad for the earth.
Teaching us that we should have forced euthanasia.
Teaching us that we should kill babies up until nine months and even after they're born.
Teaching us that transgenderism and mastectomies of little girls cutting their breasts off and little boys cutting their genitals off isn't something out of a Clive Barker novel, but something that's altruistic and loving and brought to us by the psychological, biomedical, big pharma combine for our own good, when all of it leads to destruction and genetic death, when all of it leads to depopulation.
They are purposely making the world ugly.
They are purposely trying to depress us and isolate us for total control.
And they publicly admit that's their plan.
All of this is designed to engage in complete dominance or physical, psychological, and spiritual assault on the body.
The shots, the transgenderism, the mutilation.
The abortion, the infanticide, the forced euthanasia, all of it is this death cult planting its flag of victory on us and saying, we control the future.
We control your children.
And we're openly going to celebrate not just your death, but your children's death in your face.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
But there is something we can do about it.
They are desperate.
The world is waking up to them.
That's why they're trying to accelerate the revolution of revelation of the method, so we become desensitized before we fully awaken and bring this death cult to justice.
The reason they hate me, the reason they hate him for worse, It's the same reason they hate you.
They see your spirit.
They know you're good, that you love God, that you love children, that you love justice, that you love prosperity and freedom and security.
And that stands in their way of total, absolute domination of our bodies, of our bodily autonomy.
This is the transhumanist revolution against every man, woman, and child on this planet.
What can we do about it?
We can understand the psychological warfare.
We can understand the history of trauma-based mind control.
We can educate others and we can withdraw all our support from Hollywood, big tech, and a system that is trying to force this down our throats.
But first, we have to cry out to God to give us discernment and to lead God and direct us to be leaders in our areas to stand against this evil.
Because as the Bible tells us, when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
And once evil is confronted, it will always flee in the end.
Again, as the Bible tells us, the wicked flee when none pursue.
And they are now surely going to flee because we are in pursuit.
Just last week, Elon Musk attacked me and implied that I was the devil.
And he quoted Jesus when Christ said, suffer the children to come to me.
It is better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself in the deepest ocean than to harm one of the children.
Think of the evil of that.
Just a month ago, he was dressed up as the devil's champion, as Baphomet, on Halloween with his mother and other women dressed up in the similar black robes that this cult loves to adorn themselves with, pointing his finger at me, And saying in the words of Jesus Christ, that I have a front of the children and that I have attacked the children.
But the reason this cult hates me is because I see them and I know who they are.
And I am rallying the public worldwide against their entire anti-transhumanist system that Elon Musk is helping to lead.
So if you want to stop these people, learn how they operate.
Learn why they fear you.
Learn why they're trying to break your will.
And don't blacken your heart and just become desensitized to all this evil.
Let it hit your heart, let it hurt your heart and let it energize you to cry out to God and to become more empathetic and more loving and then God will lead God and direct you with the Holy Spirit in ways you've never known to be able to expose peacefully and lovingly these corrupt devils and bring them to justice so that our children will no longer be molested, attacked, tortured and even killed by this cult.
I'm Alex Jones.
I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to say great job to everybody on the internet spreading the truth because the awakening is accelerating and exploding and we are on the march.
The satanic empire is on the run.
Now share this critical emergency Thanksgiving report.
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