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Name: 20221122_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 22, 2022
2119 lines.

The speaker discusses various issues related to COVID-19, including election fraud in Arizona, questions regarding the origins of COVID-19, legal cases against vaccine mandates, government handling of the pandemic, and the importance of standing up for individual rights. They also emphasize the significance of maintaining election integrity and questioning claims of election fraud.

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I'm not for Russia going into Ukraine.
I'm not for the war.
But I'm also not for lies that escalate the war and bring us into a nuclear war.
And so all of us should be very threatened and very upset by this.
And the good news is more and more people across the political spectrum realize this isn't even political now.
This is about survival.
This is about common sense.
This is about realizing how much danger our planet's in.
If you go research even mainline patents and mainline press releases, there are hundreds of biotech and big pharma nanotech companies.
They're all basically the same.
They're all merging together and have cross disciplines.
They're now putting mRNA into goats and sheep and cows and horses and chickens and all these different plants and animals and just infecting our whole civilization with synthetic genetics.
And out of the gates, they're bringing us poisons and toxins to undermine civilization.
If they were really smart, they'd roll this stuff out and it has a lot of good benefits with some side effects.
They've decided they're losing, they've decided humanity's waking up, and so they're trying to accelerate the collapse of civilization, depopulation, in an attempt to stop us from peacefully having a renaissance of awakening and taking back civilization through better culture and better ideas, and of course, most importantly, a rediscovery of God, country, and family, and rugged self-individualism.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live, original, Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 Global Transmission.
Owen Schroer and other great hosts and guests are going to be coming up live today, like Drew Hernandez and more.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, about to file several key reports here on Airline and the Baton to Owen.
Well, the good news is the Associated Press has fired the reporter
That regurgitated Zelensky's lies a week ago that almost started World War III, quote, confirming that Russia had fired missiles into Polish territory.
And then Zelensky attempted to bring NATO officially into war with Russia.
This story has completely blown up in the deep state's face and the entire political system.
With clear evidence of fraud going on and massive voter suppression.
And again, Owen's going to have some special guests on covering that a little bit later.
But the first big story that needs to be hit ties in with Elon Musk and the real reason he's come out against me in an attempt to basically have his cake and eat it too.
Claiming he's against censorship while actually promoting some of the worst forms of it.
And as I segue into that, I want to hit the big news, and that is Albert Bourla last week got an award from the censorship kingpins, the ADL.
He's the CEO of Pfizer that helped quarterback the lockdowns, the forced injections, the experimental shots, and the cover-up of the mass deaths and illnesses that have been caused that's now collapsing.
Borla is working with the World Economic Forum and the UN and others to create a global UN controlled body that will enforce censorship.
And if you think the UN isn't powerful, the consortium that basically controls it is.
They set it up in the last few years where the UN actually directs the policies to Big Tech and others that then implement the censorship that is then basically watchdogged and enforced.
by the ADL.
So Borla in a speech, I'll play excerpts of next segment, came out two nights ago and said that Alex Jones is an agent of evil.
He singled me out by name.
The only person he singled out
By name, he didn't misrepresent everything I've said, everything I've done.
And he talked about the power I have to create fear in the public when they're the ones that use the virus they released and the insane fear over that virus to terrorize the public into taking the deadly, experimental, mutagenic, gene therapy, frankenshot, clot shot injections.
But before we go to break and come back and cover this, I just want to say that I'm extremely honored
I think?
That now, even more than Trump, I am the globalist's number one enemy.
We've got to ask ourselves, why is that the case?
So obviously, I'm in danger.
Obviously, in full words, he's to be prayed for.
Obviously, we are at the highest levels of the conflict with these people.
And all of this is in God's hands.
But God works through individuals.
God works through you and I. So I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers.
I think?
Reach out to me just in the last month, including today, this morning, and just say that they recognize this and understand this and that they've now shifted their paradigm to understand that the globalists are a world government, are a corporate fascist system, and are attempting to set up a total control grid for a forced depopulation.
So the good news is humanity is waking up.
The bad news is the globalists are totally committed and aren't giving up.
So it's the immovable object comes into the unstoppable force.
And you know what happens when that takes place.
The good news is we're on the trajectory to win, but the worst is yet to come until we come through the clouds into the open blue sky.
Ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you very much for joining us here today on this live Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 edition.
We stand at the precipice
At the crossroads of the future of humanity.
Powerful multinational corporations want control over our bodies, over our very bodily autonomy.
And out of the gates, they are hitting us with a very poisonous, toxic substance that colonizes our bodies with prion, self-folding, replicating proteins that attack every organ and tissue in the body.
This has been done knowingly,
So that they can get the general public to buy into it, and then once it's clear that it's causing mass death, they believe that the general practitioners, and the nurses, and the doctors, and the lawyers, and the culture will not want to admit that they were wrong, and will go under mass Stockholm Syndrome, and will actually leave.
Work again actively work To suppress those of us that are resisting this and speaking out This is a classical historic form of corrupting a nation Corrupting a planet under the authority of the private corporations and the WF the control
The UN.
So it is with great honor today that I talk about the fact that one of the worst people on the planet, Albert Bourla, who helped Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab quarterback this medical, biomedical raping of the population, was given an award by the sinister ADL last week.
He gave a speech while accepting the award two nights ago and said that I am an agent of evil, that Alex Jones is basically the worst person
Not all the war criminals, not the rapists, not anybody out there.
It is Alex Jones that is the big enemy.
Alex Jones that is the big threat.
He then talks about misinformation.
And disinformation.
Two plus years ago and so they were 100% effective.
Then they said 91% effective.
Then they said 86% effective.
Until not effective, you're actually more likely to get sick, get hospitalized, and or die.
Africa, on average, is 6%.
I think?
And listen to the irony of someone that said the shots are 100% effective at South African trials, 100% effective at American trials, and then they slowly walked that back when now the different heads of federal agencies involved admitted they always knew it didn't work.
The head of the CDC, all of them.
So they're the ones involved in disinformation.
They're the ones that have been caught lying on a massive, massive historic scale.
Then they have the nerve to turn around and say that it's I, Alex Jones, that is the real threat.
If they're so powerful in telling the truth, why are they so worried about our broadcast?
Because they're worried about what you represent, the listeners and viewers.
Not just populists in America, but populists across the world.
Because the truth is rising.
And people are waking up more every day.
And it's only just the beginning.
The truth is we're dealing with desperate, desperate criminals that know their backs are against the wall.
So yes, I expect to be attacked.
I expect to be demonized because we're the tip of the spear.
That means all of us, this audience, this operation, we are an organization that they see as their awake populist resistance.
And so literally,
If you're watching or listening to this broadcast, you are the resistance.
Now here's Albert Bourla spewing his disinformation and his fraud and his lies.
And we'll come back with more analysis and some other big news on the other side.
In thinking about the words of this award, Courage Against Hate, I found myself reflecting on the causes and consequences of hate.
And I was struck by the central role of disinformation.
Now, I'm not talking about misinformation, which is false information regardless of the intent to mislead.
Misinformation is damaging, but it can be innocent.
Disinformation, on the other hand, is false information knowingly and intentionally spread.
It is always malicious.
It is never benign.
And it is never acceptable.
We need only look to the battle against COVID-19 to see the impact.
Malevolent disinformation about the virus and vaccines.
And the gross politicization of COVID had to let the unnecessary and preventable suffering and death.
As close as I am to that situation, you need not take it from me.
Highly regarded scientific and medical experts have said the same thing.
No less an authority than former NIH Director Francis Collins lamented the tidal wave of disinformation we have seen during the pandemic.
In a recent interview, he said, we were basically outgunned dramatically by lies and conspiracies in social media.
We should have had our own version of flooding the system with truth.
When people use disinformation to create fear, they become agents of evil.
And not only against Jews.
Whether it is the disinformation about the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, when we were encouraged to fear certain people instead of the disease.
Or the January 6th attack in the United States Capitol.
When lies and conspiracy theories threatened the peaceful transfer of power and resulted in the death of five police officers.
We know that intentional spreading of false information leads to fear, which in turn leads to tragic outcomes.
History is rife with illustrations of the high cost of disinformation, of the harm that can be inflicted when people in positions of power knowingly lie.
Now, there are bright spots amid this darkness.
Just last month, a jury in this country awarded close to a billion dollars
To families of those who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook massacre.
Because one man... Because one man with a microphone spoke disgusting and disgraceful lies.
The jury flat out rejected his lies.
I made an unambiguous statement that such evil is not acceptable.
And as a business leader, I was encouraged recently to see companies and organizations quickly sever ties with celebrities and athletes who sprue hate, even though these decisions could result in lost revenues or lost games.
This is as straightforward as it gets.
Something is true or it isn't.
Truth is not a state of great.
And we have an obligation to do our part.
When the history of our era is written, what will be said of us?
Will it be said that when challenged, we cowered?
Gave in to fear?
And allowed the forces of evil to spread?
Vicious, hateful, malicious lies that advanced a dark, deadly agenda?
Robbed us from our freedom?
And in many cases, our very lives?
Or will it be said that we were resolute in our insistence of the truth?
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to this Tuesday edition.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
I want to get into a few other big stories before Owen Schroer and his other guests take over.
But right now I want to drill back into Pfizer, which again took its directives
From Bill Gates, from the WEF, and from the National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Fauci on record.
So when he quotes them saying that we're all full of disinformation because they're the fact-checkers, remember that when you actually go to the facts, everything they told us about the shots, about the virus's origin, every single bit of it is a lie.
And it's come out the last two months that Fauci and the NIH and CDC have been funding weaponized
Well, I'll tell you who the bad guys are, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the ones that are engaged in the type of behavior that's on the front page of Infowars.com.
This is such a critical report.
I hope everybody gets this out to everyone you know and saves lives.
Disturbed and ashamed.
Disturbed and alarmed.
66 doctors, clinicians, and scientists call for stop to COVID vaccination of pregnant women over serious safety concerns.
Again, disturbed and alarmed.
And it goes to the studies and the links and what they're actually seeing.
There's the New England Medical Journal that came out a year ago finding an 82% rate, not increase, rate, 82% of women in the first two trimesters
Have stillbirths or miscarriages when they take the shots.
And people sit back and they see the boldness of this and they say...
How could this be possible?
This is so crazy.
I mean, this is such a lie that this is good for you or protects you when it destroys your immune system and creates prion disease and blood clots and heart swelling and heart attacks and strokes and everything else.
Why are they doing it?
Well, they've got to do it at some point.
They say they want to depopulate us.
They say they want death panels.
They say they want to euthanize perfectly healthy people.
They're doing it in Canada and Europe and starting it here.
This is a death cult.
That's why the biggest banks, the biggest insurance companies, the biggest oil companies, the biggest tech companies, the biggest big pharma companies fund Extinction Rebellion and all these anti-industrial civilization groups because they want control over everything.
And they want control over resources to turn them off, just as they did during the two years of lockdowns that took place in Africa, Latin America, and other poor areas of the world, where more now than 60 million extra people starved to death in the last two and a half years.
They are taking a wrecking ball to civilization.
That's what George Herbert Walker Bush, with Agenda 21, signed on to in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, was Agenda 21.
Then by the year 2000, they officially went into Agenda 2030.
And by then, you own nothing, you have nothing, and they've already begun the depopulation of the planet.
So, they believe there's too many of us, they believe we should just roll over and die, and they're targeting pregnant women with a shot that makes their baby have an autoimmune response and the body have an autoimmune response, and then the body ticks out the baby because the baby is producing toxic
Nanoparticles that are self replicating and the body doesn't know what to do and the baby doesn't know what to do.
And to call these people monsters is an understatement.
So when you're sitting there watching an ADL summit, or a Southern Poverty Laws summit, or a WEF summit, and they're talking about the number one threat is disinformation, yes, it's the number one threat to them being able to carry out their operations.
So I know you as an audience of activists know this, but I want to burn into your brains, and into your bones, and into your soul, that you are the only hope of these children.
You're the only hope of these pregnant women.
You're our only hope.
We are each other's only hope, collectively, coming together and realizing what we're up against and what's happening.
And look,
Just a week ago, it looked like NATO was about to attack Russia, all based on lies that Russia fired missiles into Ukraine, or missiles at Ukraine that went into Poland.
And of course, now it turns out none of that was true, and they fired the AP reporter and others that put out the lie at the behest of Zelensky, who is a true madman, a very dangerous man.
But what about Zelensky?
If the AP reporter and others that are putting these lies out are disgraced,
What does it mean about the true agents of disinformation and misinformation and outright lies that are people like Zelensky?
I'm not for Russia going into Ukraine.
I'm not for the war.
But I'm also not for lies that escalate the war and bring us into a nuclear war.
And so all of us
Should be very threatened and very upset by this.
And the good news is more and more people across the political spectrum realize this isn't even political now.
This is about survival.
This is about common sense.
This is about realizing how much danger our planet's in.
If you go research even mainline patents and mainline press releases, there are hundreds of biotech and big pharma nanotech companies.
They're all basically the same.
They're all merging together and have cross disciplines.
They're now putting mRNA into goats and sheep and cows and horses and chickens and all these different plants and animals and just infecting our whole civilization with synthetic genetics.
And out of the gates, they're bringing us poisons and toxins to undermine civilization.
If they were really smart, they'd roll this stuff out and it has a lot of good benefits with some side effects.
Some deadly when it's done right but instead they're rolling it out deadly to begin with to test the cover up and see what they can get away with next.
So the escalation curve.
In their takeover, it's so incredibly dramatic that we have to know that they've decided they're losing, they've decided humanity's waking up, and so they're trying to accelerate the collapse of civilization, depopulation, in an attempt to stop us from peacefully having a renaissance of awakening and taking back civilization through better culture and better ideas, and of course, most importantly, a rediscovery of God, country, and family, and rugged self-individualism.
So again, to all the viewers and all the listeners and all the activists of this broadcast, you are the reason the enemy is so upset.
It is your word of mouth, it is your prayer, it is your financial support that is bringing their juggernaut of evil to a standstill.
We are beginning to turn the corner because of you and your actions.
So I ask you again, share the word about the broadcast, share the articles.
Share the links.
Keep doing what you're doing, but intensify your efforts.
You are the main engine, the mind, the guts, the soul, the blood, the brains, the tissue of this thing.
You are the spirit of resistance.
You're the spirit of victory, and please get great products now.
I don't
We're good
We're all going to have to take a stand at some point.
The globalists and their minions are never going to stop until we stop submitting to them.
And a great parallel or example of this is Ice Cube, one of the most successful rappers and black actors and filmmakers of our lifetime.
And Ice Cube, late last year, already had a contract for a major movie, nine million dollars, he was being paid, and they kicked him off the film and took his money because he wouldn't take the shot.
Think of the rape that that is.
Think of the invasion of somebody's body.
Think of the Joseph Mingle level of an experimental deadly shot trying to fire somebody and take their money, which they did, because you don't submit to them.
I'm about to play a clip of this.
Expletive-laden analysis of what he's saying is dead on, but here's the one problem with Ice Cube.
Ice Cube, your instinct not to take the shots right.
Your co-host talks about on the podcast how it's a pandemic, absolutely, but don't just sit there and say no.
Take legal action for them trying to violate your bodily autonomy and trying to take control of your medical life.
There's major laws and HIPAA and so much more that we're talking about here.
And get on the bandwagon to save the men, women, and children, and firefighters, and police, and medical workers that have been forced or lost their jobs.
They don't have hundreds of millions of dollars like you.
They were getting $50,000, $60,000 a year, these firefighters, and police, and medical workers.
And they lost their jobs because they took the same heroic stand you took, Ice Cube.
So don't just be somebody that's a rebel and stands up for what's right and protects your own body.
Now go to the next level, Ice Cube, and fight back against the people that tried to do this to you and others.
And I know you're a champion of the black community.
Stand up for your community, because they're being particularly targeted.
I know you have stood up for your community, I commend you, but they have been particularly targeted with all this medical tyranny, going back to Tuskegee and the syphilis and all the rest of it.
So it's so important that we all be like Ice Cube and say no, but then take it the rest of the way and become fighters to expose this medical tyranny.
Here's a clip of Ice Cube and then Owen Schroeder takes over.
I turned down a movie because I didn't want to get the motherfucking jab.
You know, I turned down 9 million because I didn't want to get that jab.
And fuck y'all for trying to make me get it.
So, you know, I don't know how Hollywood feel about me right now.
You know what I'm saying?
But you know what?
It ain't just Hollywood no more, dawg.
You can go through the streaming.
Streaming ain't got nothing to do with it.
That's Hollywood, bruh.
Is it really?
You think so?
It is.
It is.
They on some s***, but you know what I mean?
Me too.
I'm on some s*** too.
I'm working on it.
I'm hustling.
Let's put something together like the weather, man.
I got a few dollars.
You dig?
I'm worried about nothing.
It's going to happen.
Got a lot of things up my sleeve.
Fresh out.
Turned down nine million.
I didn't turn it down.
Them motherfuckers didn't give it to me because I wouldn't get the shot.
I didn't turn it down.
Oh, okay.
They just didn't give it to me.
Oh, because you wouldn't get the COVID shot?
Yeah, the COVID shot.
The jab.
The jab.
The jab.
During the pandemic.
He wouldn't let them poke him.
I didn't catch that s**t in the pandemic.
At all.
You didn't mean it?
F**k him.
I didn't catch it at all.
Yeah, I didn't need that s**t. But he pulled it about four or five times.
Well, you know, circumstances.
I got lucky.
Yeah, me too.
Ain't gonna take no s*** I don't need.
Well, see... You know, it's really amazing.
Isn't it?
The chasm between those that live in reality and the American left.
And we've reached this strange point.
The vaccine is one kind of demarcation line.
It might be a little more nuanced, might be a little more open for interpretation, but you would think on an issue of sexualizing kids, well, this is open and shut, right?
You see, it's amazing watching that clip
Of Ice Cube and he's sitting down at a folding table.
A $20 folding table with like maybe a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment.
And he's out there just chopping it up, telling the truth.
And that's the essence of the new media and this is the essence of The Awakening.
And it hasn't really had its moment of coalescence yet.
But I think that's coming in the near future where we realize we have more in common with each other than we have differences.
And it's just time to sit down and matter-of-factly just lay it out like it is.
It was a plandemic.
It was made and released out of a lab in China.
And then they brought to you with a fake emergency use authorization
A completely unnecessary vaccine that was neither safe nor effective and has actually been deadly and a disaster.
And so here you are, that's the reality.
You know it.
Ice Cube knows it.
Anybody living in reality knows it.
It's not a complete liar or completely brainwashed knows it.
And then Anthony Fauci, an absolutely
I don't even have the words in the dictionary to explain how evil this man is.
This little man.
This evil gremlin, this evil goblin, this little Satan's minion here.
And he goes out in his final speech today after being the highest paid member of the U.S.
government for the last 40 years.
And that's not even the shadow money that he won't tell us about when he's brought in for questioning during hearings.
And they ask, how much money did you make from these special deals?
And he says, I don't have to disclose that.
It's hundreds of millions, folks.
He's made hundreds of millions of dollars.
And it will probably all come out with Rand Paul, and that's why he's stepping down now, because it's about to be exposed just how corrupt Anthony Fauci is, was, and the corruption and greed he brought to the government's healthcare medical wing.
From the AIDS disaster where his protocols killed tens of thousands to the COVID disaster where his protocols killed hundreds of thousands.
That will be the true legacy of Anthony Fauci.
And he goes up there in his final speech and says, I just have to say on my way out, everybody get your COVID-19 shot.
The devil on his way back to hell telling you to sin.
The devil
On his way back to Hades telling you to commit all the sins.
But that's what's so incredible is we know the COVID jab not only is not safe and effective but deadly.
You know that, everybody knows that.
And Fauci somehow has the unmitigated nerve to go up there and lie to you one last time ahead of his retirement.
And then you have mainstream news like MSNBC and others.
I don't even know how to quantify it.
We're used to liberals blaming Republicans for everything that they've caused.
We're used to liberals blaming conservatives for every time there's a violent gun crime that they want to cover.
Not the violent gun crime that happens in Democrat-run cities every night.
Every night, with dozens being killed, they don't cover that.
They cover it when it's at a club and they can blame gun owners or Republicans, or it happens at a school and they blame Republicans or conservatives.
And then they make the whole issue about how you, a Christian conservative, don't like men dressed up like women sexualizing children.
And they say, this shooting is your fault because you don't like men dressing up as women sexualizing children.
And you just... It's so ridiculous.
It's so stunning.
How do you even respond to it?
How do you even, how do we even move on together?
And that's what it is.
I forget who said this the other day on the radio, I think.
Maybe it was Paul Ryan in one of his anti-Trump rants saying, you know, we need to compromise.
You know, I'm all for compromise.
I agree we need to compromise.
But let me explain something.
There is no compromise with somebody that wants to destroy your country.
There is no compromise with somebody that wants to force you to take an experimental injection that's deadly.
There is no compromise
For a group of sexual deviants that want to groom children.
Or do we compromise with that?
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Free gifts with every single order.
So again, whether you
You know I want to be jovial and positive here as it is Thanksgiving week but we're just at this point now where
We're in the world that InfoWars has been warning about for so long, and we're not fully into it yet.
They haven't fully gotten the Technotronic control grid set up yet, but you can see it being formed, you can see it being built, you can see it being promoted.
But when it comes to the government corruption, the mainstream media lies, the false flags, I mean, it's all so obvious.
And so you kind of just sit back and you say, okay, well,
We're here now.
What are the people going to do?
Oh, it looks like people made the decision they're going to try to vote their way out of this.
Well, how'd that go in Maricopa County?
How'd that go in Harris County?
How'd that go in Georgia?
How'd that go in Pennsylvania?
So you're just sitting here with stories like this all day long.
Doctors baffled after 16-year-old football player and wrestler suffers stroke and blood clot in his brain.
They're baffled!
We don't know!
We don't know what's going on!
We don't know how he went from...
0.001% of young athletes having blood clots and strokes to 1% of young athletes having blood clots and strokes now.
We just have no idea.
Sure, it was post-vaccine and they've all got the vaccine, but we don't know anything.
It can't be that.
Anthony Fauci told me it was good.
He wouldn't lie to me.
Not Anthony Fauci.
He's won awards.
He's been working for the government for years.
He's the good guy.
He wouldn't lie to me.
That might have been the average American's response, but not anymore.
Now they realize, wow, he would lie to me.
He did lie to me.
Reporter collapses live on air at United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Yeah, you got reporters just collapsing live on TV, including the ones that are there to promote the vaccine.
They get the vaccine, then they say how great it is, and then they collapse.
Truly evil, sick stuff.
What about what they're doing to the kids?
So, let me just pause right there and kind of hit the reset button.
We've got Drew Hernandez coming up in the next hour at 1230.
We've got Michael Schaefer, and we'll be talking about the grooming of kids that Drew Hernandez is protesting, not to mention the border that Mayorkas says is secure.
Drew Hernandez has been down there.
We'll ask him if that's the truth.
Of course, we know it's a lie, but we'll go through the motions.
And then Michael Schaefer,
Who is analyzing the data coming in from Maricopa County on the votes and some of the machine errors.
And so he'll be joining us at 1 to discuss that.
Now I also would like to take calls all day.
But I'll be hosting the War Room too, so we'll have plenty of time for calls.
So, let me just try to get the news off the desk, but here's the clip.
It's just, it's just unbelievable.
I mean, I don't know.
Does this make you, if you can't stand up for children being sexually abused, if you can't stand up against child abuse, if you can't stand up against sexual grooming of children, is all hope lost?
Again, I don't want to be pessimistic today.
I want to be hopeful.
I want to be positive.
But this is just ridiculous that they can get away with this on NBC News with Ben Collins.
So they just love it, folks.
They love Drag Queen Storytime for kids.
They love sexualizing kids.
They love dildo ring toss for kids.
That's a real thing.
They love the rainbow dildo butt monkey for kids.
That's a real thing, too.
They love showing kids pornographic.
Books in the classroom.
And then you say, Ron DeSantis says, okay, we're banning pornographic material from the classroom.
And they say, oh, you're burning books!
You're burning books!
So here it is.
In case you didn't know, NBC News goes full pro-drag queen time for kids.
How significant are those two dates?
Yeah, and also hours before what they call an all-ages drag brunch, which is probably the number one target of these anti-LGBTQ events recently.
Pause it right here.
Pause it right here.
Okay, okay, okay.
Drag queen story time for kids is the number one target.
Now, there have been no violence at the Drag Queen Story Time for Kids events, just journalists showing up and filming the sexual abuse, the child abuse.
But, okay, see, guys, what do we do here?
Let's take logic, let's take liberal logic and apply it universally.
You quickly find out it's not logic, it's propaganda.
Okay, so you believe the number one target is Drag Queen Time for Kids, and so what do you do?
You show up at drag queen time for kids with guns.
Remember that?
So you see, they don't want the schools to be protected by guns, but then they'll show up at drag queen story time for kids that they say is the number one target of conservatives with guns to protect the drag queens and the kids being sexualized.
So if guns are good for protecting the drag queens and the kids they're being exposed to at the drag queen time for kids, why wouldn't that be good and proper protection for the school?
Because it's not logic, it's propaganda.
They want to run their propaganda and tell you conservatives want to attack drag queen time for kids.
They don't, they just want to film it and expose it.
Then they say, so, oh, but they want to attack it so we have to be armed and we have to have armed guards out there to protect the kids and the drag queens.
Then a school shooting happens and they say, we need to stop guns, we need to get rid of the guns, we need to protect the children by getting rid of the guns.
So you see, it's all propaganda.
Use the school shooting to take the guns
Use the threat of violence at Drag Queen Storytime to say conservatives are violent, which is propaganda, and then you protect those kids with guns because you say there's threats of violence.
See how that works?
It's not logic if it can't be applied universally, it's propaganda.
Let's go back to Ben Collins, a big advocate of drag queen time for kids.
One protest, any drag brunch, any drag story hour, anything that a child might go to meet a drag queen, just to show them that they're human beings and people.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
Uh, it is not some hypersexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And these spaces have- Yeah, pause it.
Pause it.
Uh, okay, let's play this game now, guys.
Let's play this game.
This is not a bag of cough drops.
This is not a bag of cough drops.
Just because you say it's a bag of cough drops, just because it is a bag of cough drops, doesn't mean it's a bag of cough drops.
Man, I can play this game all day!
Guys, put on a... put on a classic, search on YouTube a classic Thanksgiving football day game, and we'll put it on the screen, and I'm gonna explain to you that this is not a Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game.
Drag queen, dance stripper type for kids where it says it's not going to lick itself, and they go to strip clubs, and they go to gay bars, and they hand them dollar bills, and they teach them how to shake their butts, and they play dildo rainbow, rainbow dildo ring toss.
That's not a sexualized event.
And this is not the Dallas Cowboys versus the Minnesota Vikings on Thanksgiving.
This is not NFL football on the screen here.
The Minnesota Vikings do not wear purple uniforms and hats with white pants.
And the Dallas Cowboys don't play football on Thanksgiving.
The Dallas Cowboys don't wear white uniforms with silver pants and have a star on their hats.
And that is not a Dallas Cowboys touchdown reception.
You see?
So let's play this game, guys, when we'll come back.
Let's play some of the footage from Drag Queen Story Time events, and let's play the Ben Collins game, guys.
Let's show the footage from Drag Queen Time events for kids, and let's explain how this is not sexual.
With their signs that say it's not going to lick itself.
With their rainbow dildo ring toss.
With their handing over dollar bills to half-naked men dancing in front of children.
It's not sexual, guys, and that's not a gaggle of turkeys behind me either.
There it is!
Oh yeah!
This isn't sexualizing kids!
This isn't sexualizing kids!
This isn't... This isn't hyper-sexualization!
This isn't sexual events with kids involved!
Come on!
I'm Ben Collins, NBC News!
Listen to me!
Now, I gotta tell ya...
That's good.
That's good.
The crew, uh, that's pretty funny there, guys.
Because, you know, I'm sitting here and I'm like, how much time do I spend on the liberal left denying what they're up to?
Because then it becomes the issue of, well, why are they covering it up?
Why are they denying it?
Are they really that evil?
Are they really that sick?
Do they really want access to children that badly?
And this is leading a lot of people to the conclusion of, is this the main streaming of pedophilia?
Is this the main streaming of minor attracted persons as they like to be called now?
Is that what we're dealing with here?
Is that why the denial?
Is that why the cover-up?
Are they finally coming out to play?
And they just want you to accept it?
And I sit here and I say, how long do I have to show you all the clips of the hypersexualization of children with Ben Collins from NBC News in the background saying, this is not hypersexualization of children?
That's why I do the joke.
I say, this is not a gaggle of turkeys on the screen behind me.
This is not a video clip of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game because it obviously is.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
But that's the world we live in.
They want us to live in a ridiculous fantasy land world that doesn't exist.
Men can have babies.
Trans kids.
The border's secure.
I mean, I've got clips of Joe Biden sniffing children at the turkey pardoning.
So let's go ahead.
So here's Ben Collins again, telling you there is no sexualization of children happening at Drag Story Time events.
Just to show them that they're human beings and people.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And these spaces have become dangerous places of real-life information warfare.
There's Proud Boys showing up on one side.
Sometimes people, like local Antifa members, show up on the other side as a way to... Oh!
It becomes a place where kids aren't safe... Antifa exists now!
But because of this culture war that's been propped up.
Oh, kids aren't safe!
Alright, alright.
There you go, that's good.
Oh, kids aren't safe!
But guys, cue back up to the clip.
Maybe we got past it.
Cue back up to the clip where he says, these are not hyper-sexualization events.
I think we may have skipped past that.
Oh, we just want to protect the kids.
And then a half-naked dude in a bikini shows up with his
Genitals bulging, dancing for children, and he says, this is to protect the kids.
I mean, how much longer do we have to deal with this?
I mean, seriously.
I mean, it just becomes a point where you just say, OK, you know, this is not going to go on forever.
Do we just get out of the way?
Because, see, here's the problem.
This is the ultimate logical conclusion that you reach here.
Eventually you put your hands up and you just say, okay.
Do we just let this thing play out until it's done?
However that works itself out.
I mean, you're not going to be able to engage in this child abuse and this sexual abuse forever.
I mean, I, you know, I don't know where you think this goes from here, but it obviously has a finite timeline.
It obviously has a conclusion eventually, but see,
When you say, okay, do we just let this play itself out?
Do we just get out of the way and let this conclude itself?
Here's the problem.
Those children are innocent.
Those children are innocent and they don't deserve any of this.
They don't deserve this.
They don't deserve the, where they say, oh, it's gender affirming surgery and it's the exact opposite.
I mean, this is total Luciferianism.
This is total Satanism.
And they go on mainstream news and they say, this is not the sexualization of children.
And it's literally the sexualization of children.
So how much longer do we have to live in this clown world with these people?
Because the children is where we draw the line.
We'll let you guys live out your little weird timelines, but leave the kids alone.
Alright, I need to move on and I'll come back to this subject with Drew Hernandez, who's protested these child abuse events.
Oh, don't call us child abuse!
See, and this is the big trap.
Is they go out and engage in the sexualization of children.
You say stop doing that.
Someone goes out and engages in violence and they say this is your fault.
It's a trap.
They've set a trap for us.
And the only way out of this is logic, reasoning, common sense.
But those things are pretty scarce these days in case you haven't noticed.
But here it is.
So let's play Ben Collins from NBC News, and I'll move on and cover other news, but let's play this clip, guys, and then just roll the B-roll of everything you were showing in the last segment.
So here's Ben Collins telling you this is not the sexualization of children, and then we'll show you the footage of what he's denying is the sexualization of children.
This is the total clown world.
This is the total upside-down world.
And so, I don't know if Ben Collins doesn't know what's going on or he's just a complete outright liar, but here you go.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And these spaces... Yeah, yeah.
In fact, let's do this, guys.
Just put him on a loop.
Can we just put that on a loop with all the... Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's perfect.
These spaces have become... They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And these states, it is not some hypersexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
It is not some hypersexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And they, you know, they have breakfast.
It is not some hypersexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
They have breakfast.
It is not some hypersexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And these spaces have become dangerous.
Places, you know, they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
It's spread by a drag queen and they, you know, they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
Spread by a drag queen and they, you know, they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
And they, you know, they have breakfast.
Uh, it is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's... So, I mean, should I just do this all day?
I mean, you know, that's... It's like, do I just play this for three, four hours?
I mean, what do we do?
How do we... How do we defeat this nonsense?
How do we defeat this propaganda?
How do we defeat these lies?
That's what's so frustrating is you realize that, genuinely speaking, the American left has no interest in living in reality.
They've completely abandoned all truth and reasoning, and they just do not care, and they've weaponized it all against you.
So that's what I'm saying.
I can sit here and play Ben Collins on a loop saying, oh they just read books, they just have breakfast, it's not sexualization, and then just play hours and hours and hours and hours of the sexualization that he says isn't happening.
But it's the same thing.
It doesn't matter whether I'm talking about drag queen story time or whether I'm talking about the vaccines.
I can sit here all day long and I can show you thousands of stories of vaccine injuries, thousands of stories of vaccines deaths.
I can show you the VAERS reports with the tens of thousands of vaccine deaths, all from the COVID-19 vaccine, and they will sit up there like Anthony Fauci and say it's safe and effective.
So what do you do?
What do you do?
What do you do?
When an entire group of people either consciously want to lie to you or just refuse to live in reality, what do you do?
What do we do as humans in this situation?
How do we properly address this?
Because I gotta be honest with you, I get to this point
And I meditate on this, and I don't like dehumanizing people.
I really don't.
Even our political opposition, I don't like to dehumanize.
But you almost wonder if these people are even human.
You'll wonder if these people are even human.
This is not any human behavior that I can recognize.
This is not any human behavior that I'm familiar with.
This is not any human behavior that has ever crossed my mind.
I don't recognize this.
I don't recognize men dressing as women sexualizing children.
That's not human behavior.
And then supposed reporters going on TV defending it, saying this isn't sexualizing children.
That's not human behavior.
That's alien.
That's demonic.
Lying to you about a virus, lying to you about a vaccine, and then still doing it two years later?
That's not human.
I don't recognize that.
That's not human to me.
That's demonic.
That's alien.
So it really just makes you wonder, doesn't it?
It really just makes you wonder.
Who are these people?
What are these people?
What is inside of them?
What motivates them?
What drives them?
Why are they like this?
And that's why I try to talk about the psychology of the left so that you understand what goes on in their mind.
You have to understand that this is ritualistic abuse.
You have to understand that this is ritualistic torture.
You do have to go into the mind of these freaks to know why they operate this way.
If a pedophile wanted access to your kids, how do you think they would do it?
Oh, drag queen story time for kids?
Sounds wonderful!
Sure, I'll get dressed up like a fairy tale princess and dance in front of the children.
Yeah, they can bounce on my lap, too.
Yeah, rub my belly.
Yeah, rub my butt.
I've got a scratch, little Johnny, right there.
You think you can help me out?
This is not human, folks.
This is alien.
This is demonic.
And the children deserve defense here.
And that's why we can't just let this go on.
It's one thing with the vaccines at this point.
Look, you want to inject yourself with this poison?
Just leave the kids out of it.
They won't.
They always go after that innocent.
I mean, for the love of God, it's Joe Biden again in the White House sniffing and grabbing children.
And you watch this and you say, you know, if Joe Biden did that to a woman, the common response would be, this is sexual assault.
The Me Too response would be, this is a white man showing you his white privilege, sexually assaulting a woman and getting away with it, but he goes up to a strange child and sniffs him.
I mean, I just, and the parent sits there and lets it happen.
I mean, where is the basic instinct?
Where is the basic instinct to recognize a predator and to feel a predator's presence?
Unbelievable stuff.
I'm just at a loss at this point.
But we know what it is.
Demons are real.
Satan is real.
Demon possession is real.
Satanic agendas are real.
I don't know how else to describe any of this.
I just don't get it.
So, I've got all this news and I just, I can't even cover it.
And this is huge political news, so I need to come back and cover this out of Drew Hernandez coming up.
What the Democrats are doing, see that's what I'm saying, it's like we've got the political corruption and that's one thing I can sit here and cover it, but if I don't even sit here and make a fuss about them sexualizing and grooming and abusing children, then what good is cleaning the political system up if we're just feeding children into this monster beast
Liberal world order under the guise of LGBTQ rights, and we just normalize child abuse now.
But I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna cover all this important political news.
It's just sick stuff.
Just our country's in a really sick corrupt place.
Oh boy, I'm trying to be positive today too, but when you have to stare at this all day long, it makes it a little tough.
All right, let me focus on some of this political corruption.
And we'll get back into the issue of the child groomers with Drew Hernandez and Kevin McCarthy hinting that they're going to try to impeach Mayorkas.
Well, this is a joke.
He lied under oath.
He said the border is secure.
I mean, okay.
Yeah, the border's secure.
All right.
Thank you, Mayorkas, for your openness and honesty here.
Thank you so much.
I just, oh boy, oh boy.
Biden Department of Justice wants reduced sentence for leftist lawyers who used Molotov cocktails to target police van during protests.
Now this was the headline from June.
So just to give you a little context here.
You had two liberal Democrat lawyers that Democrat fundraisers, funders, activists, you name it.
Driving around during the George Floyd riots with Molotov cocktails, throwing them into buildings and whatnot, and they threw one into a police car.
Now, the police car happened to be empty, but imagine if it wasn't.
They didn't know if it was or not.
They might have actually thought a police officer was in there, and they threw the Molotov cocktail in it and burned it.
Could have been attempted murder.
Pretty serious stuff, right?
Well, the Biden administration, knowing they were loyal Democrats, stepped in.
Female Molotov cocktail lawyer sentenced to only 15 months in jail.
Former lawyer who threw a Molotov cocktail at a New York police vehicle during police brutality protest has been sentenced to 15 months in prison.
Seven federal accounts.
Use of explosives.
Explosive to commit a felony.
Arson conspiracy.
Use of a destructive device.
Possessing and making a destructive device.
Pled guilty.
And the Biden Department of Justice stepped in and said she will only get 15 months.
Left-wing lawyer firebomber gets light sentence after intervention of Biden Department of Justice.
Now folks, you think it's bad enough that another Democrat leftist terrorist, violent terrorist, that was supposed to get 45 years in jail,
Instead gets 15 months thanks to Biden.
You think that's bad enough?
This is the exact same Department of Justice that has had non-violent January 6th protesters in jail for more than a year.
The exact same Department of Justice that has non-violent offenders from January 6th in a jail for more than a year just stepped in to make sure that an actual terrorist
Somebody that actually tried to harm people only gets 15 months.
It's so criminal.
It's so corrupt.
It's heartbreaking.
It's devastating.
It's evil.
No other way to put it.
It's Liberal Democrat Supremacy.
They're better than you.
They're above the law.
And if you haven't figured out that they are exhibiting that belief every day, you still don't get it.
You walked into January... They just sentenced a girl!
They just sentenced a girl who walked in to the Capitol on January 6th, didn't harm anybody, didn't steal anything, but filmed video, and they just gave her like 46 months.
Again, didn't hurt anybody, didn't bring any weapons, just shot a video in Nancy Pelosi's office, and she just got like 45 months.
This person throws Molotov cocktails all around the city of New York, including in police vehicles, she gets 15 months.
How much longer do we have to put up with this?
Or is it?
You know, because that's the thing too.
Because that's the thing too.
And you know what?
I shouldn't even say this.
But you can't help but wonder.
I mean, is it done?
Is this it?
Is America over?
Is it done?
Is it time to give up?
Is it time to get out?
Is there some other country we can go to?
Does any country on earth care about freedom or justice?
Is there any country on earth not run by corrupt psychopaths?
Is there anywhere for me to go?
Is there anywhere I can go and not be afraid of my government?
Is there anywhere I can go and actually have justice?
Is there anywhere I can go and actually have free speech?
Or have the Democrats officially ruined it forever?
Is there any chance of saving America when right in front of the entire nation...
The exact same Department of Justice steps in to take an actual violent terrorist Democrat sentence from 45 years to 15 months, and that same Department of Justice has non-violent criminals that never heard a fly sitting in jail without trial for more than a year.
Is it time to be realistic and just say, we're done?
We're cooked?
It's over?
Or is there a chance we can still save this country?
Is there a chance we can still stop this corruption?
Is there a chance that we can still get back to common sense and truth and justice?
It gets worse.
Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith's connection to Michelle Obama explained.
Oh yeah, you know that new prosecutor that they just appointed to investigate Donald Trump again?
Yeah, he's a total died-in-the-wool Democrat.
Merrick Garland appoints special counsel for Trump investigations.
Newly appointed special counsel Jack Smith is married to a documentary filmmaker who worked on a 2020 film about First Lady Michelle Obama and donated to President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign.
I'm sure that'll be a completely fair and non-bias investigation, though, because we all know all these Democrat investigations into Trump are totally legit.
That's what's so frustrating is you sit here and you deal with the hard core!
Democrats are HARDCORE!
In case you haven't realized it yet.
That's the one thing I envy about the Democrats, is they're actually hardcore.
They're actually burning buildings to the ground.
They're actually murdering police officers.
They're actually sexually grooming children.
They're actually locking up their political opposition.
They're actually forcing you to take a medical procedure.
Democrats are HARDCORE!
They love it!
And I have to sit here and deal with Kevin McCarthy, who's like, maybe we'll impeach Mayorkas.
Attorney General Merrick Garland's son-in-law revealed as prolific Democrat donor.
Fun super PAC behind the squad.
They are hard core.
And then Mitch McConnell takes money from FTX and gives it to Lisa Murkowski so that they can keep the Trump-endorsed Chewbacca out of office.
Manhattan District Attorney probing Trump's role in hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.
Oh, let's bring that one back up.
Let's bring Stormy Daniels back up.
Meanwhile, FBI paid out $42 million a year to confidential human sources, including thugs who set up Trump, Whitmer kidnapping hoaxers, and others.
Your tax dollars, stolen from you, given to Democrats to set you up and put you in jail.
And they did it.
And they're gonna do it again.
Because they are hard core.
Oh, and by the way, did you know that Joe Biden's granddaughter, Naomi Biden, had her wedding at the White House over the weekend.
First time ever.
And Joe Biden was wandering around sniffing people the whole time.
Did you hear about that one?
You know, the crew makes a joke in the break.
They're like, you know, that might be interpreted
As you're calling for violence, and I'm like, I don't remember calling for violence that segment.
Well, you said you were jealous of the left getting to burn buildings and attack Trump supporters.
And I didn't even realize that that's the way it might have been interpreted.
But it is pretty ironic, though.
Drew Hernandez is joining me now.
Drew, it is kind of ironic, and I kind of like this form of reverse culture jamming, where you promote leftist liberal democrat values, and then you force them to tell you how bad they are.
So yeah, I mean, I should come on here and say, we should take over Austin's capital and call it the CHOP!
We should throw Molotov cocktails into police vehicles!
You know, I mean, like, I could promote all the activities the left does, and then they'd call me violent, even though I'm just
Doing exactly what the left does.
But that's the irony.
Drew Hernandez, where do you want to go?
I wanted to cover the sexualization of kids.
Ben Collins saying, no, it doesn't happen.
Mayorkas says the border is secure.
Obviously it's not.
You've been down there.
I mean, where should we start today?
Let me piggyback off of what you just said.
It's always an honor to be here with you.
Thanks for having me, Owen.
You know, dude, like, it's kind of like a, like a reality confirmation when you do something like that, you know, cause at this point we have to jujitsu these people and we're not really calling for violence, but it just kind of proves the point.
Like when you say something like that, they turn around and pretty much admit that they're the violent ones.
I mean, you can go to Twitter right now.
They're calling for the death of Shia Raycheck, the owner and creator of Libs of TikTok.
They're trying to pin on her the Colorado shooting, and while they're doing it, they're going on Twitter and showing their true colors and taking the mask off of their face, literally calling for her to be drone-striked.
These are quotes.
They're calling for her to be drone-striked, to be firebombed, and to be killed for a change.
Now, I think it's pretty clear, we know that these are the Antifa, the BLM, Radical Domestic Terrorists, but to go to your point, yes, when you say something like that in public, and they turn around and try and pin it on you, it just kind of confirms the reality that they're actually the real violent ones, and they're too stupid to even realize it, to be honest.
But at the same time, they are the masters of propaganda, and they'll just use it against you and me, and it'll never end.
It'll never end.
Well, and here's the problem.
You know, it'd be one thing if we still had sanity or just any semblance of justice in this country, but seemingly we don't.
When a Democrat lawyer can throw Molotov cocktails at people and buildings and police cars and the DOJ steps in to give her 15 months, but a lady, a young lady who walks into the Capitol on January 6th, doesn't harm a fly, gets 46 months.
I mean, there's no justice there.
I mean, you have to kind of like determine who's defining all this because in their terms and their commie language, that's justice to them because they're... Well, exactly.
That's what's so dangerous.
They define everything.
They redefine everything.
And then they have the masses believing this garbage because they get to set the terms.
I actually think the mega Republicans thing is sticking with them and their base, obviously not with us and the viewers, but there are still millions of like mindless people out there that hear the term mega Republicans and they're kind of low IQ, they're low information voters, they really don't research anything, they just kind of open up social media and whatever is the main talking point, I guess CNN is saying or Nancy Pelosi is saying, I guess that's what is to be believed.
There are still a lot of people like that out there and I think the mega Republicans thing is sticking the right are the domestic terrorists are sticking so I mean these people they operate through phobia that's why everything's a phobia everything's a fear and they emotionally manipulate a lot of people in order to control them they've done it through COVID they've done it
We're good.
No, it's totally insane.
Well, and you mentioned Klaus Schwab.
It's like they'll run around saying, Trump Nazi, Republican Nazi, you're Nazi.
Eugene Schwab is Klaus Schwab's father, was a literal Nazi!
There's pictures of him in his Nazi uniform.
I mean, it's a joke!
But see, here's the problem.
You think about it.
It is a mental jiu-jitsu move.
And here's a perfect example.
Guys, if you can pull back up the footage of all those people smashing the police cars that you had on a second ago.
Here's the mental jujitsu that the globalists have pulled on the anti-establishment left that they just haven't figured out yet.
Most of the human consciousness, I think, has realized, in some way, shape, or form, that you are still a slave to the government or you are oppressed by the government.
I mean, there's some form of an understanding there, just inherently, when you know you're not free, you know you're getting taxed, you know the wars are fake, all of this stuff.
And so the jujitsu that they pull is, okay, so they go out and they smash police cars, and they go out and they vandalize police cars in government buildings because they feel, oh, this is the government, this is me going up against the oppressive government, this is me going up against the corrupt government.
No, you're missing the picture.
You're going after local law enforcement that is just maybe like a bottom wing of the corruption that you may have had to face.
No, the real corruption is in D.C.
No, the real corruption is all these funding groups that run the media and run the politicians.
That's who you're up against, but they've done the jujitsu and they think, oh no, the cops are my enemy.
Yeah, but Owen, they take it a step further because it's a cult.
When you're in a cult, you just ride with the wave any way the cult decides to go.
Whatever the doctrine is for the moment, that's what they go for.
Whatever they're told to believe is what needs to be believed for the moment.
That's what they go for.
That's why the same people you just described are all the same people post-January 6th that are praising the FBI and tagging the FBI all over Twitter.
All of a sudden, they love the FBI.
They love the deep state.
They love law enforcement.
We're good to go.
But the activists and all these SJWs on the street, these people are robot NPCs.
I know we've said that for years to kind of like, you know, really joke around and like make these people look retarded, but I mean, they are controlled.
These people are literally controlled because they have no idea that there are powers that be that are using them as the useful idiots on the ground to do their bidding.
That's exactly what the 2020 race riots were.
Well, and that's why earlier I played the clip, I don't know, have you heard the clip of Ben Collins on NBC saying, oh, they don't sexualize kids at these events?
And we can play the clip for you in the next segment, or maybe they can cue it up, but I play the clip where he says, they're not sexualizing kids at these events, and then I have the video rolling over it of all the sexualization of the kids at the events.
The strippers, the dildos, it's not going to lick itself.
And that's what I'm saying is like, I don't want to dehumanize because that, that, you get into a real dark place when you start to dehumanize.
But how is that even human?
How is Ben Collins a human going on television saying they don't sexualize kids at these events when everybody knows that's exactly what they're doing?
What are two things, right?
And the first one is benefit of the doubt.
Maybe this guy is so disconnected from reality and what's actually taking place, you know, because he has an elitist mindset or an elitist lifestyle, doesn't really know what's going on.
Or, and I'm kind of more on the side of believing the second one, B, it's sinister.
He knows exactly what's taking
We're good to go.
Because they want a New World Order, and you gotta attack the children in order to have that, because if you don't attack the children and control them, you will not have a population to control in the future and into the future for decades to come.
That's why they are targeting the children so harshly, and they're slaughtering humanity, even having kids slaughtering their genitals.
It's just, it's so psychotic, but at the end of the day, like you always say, Owen, and Alex always says, this is an agenda.
This is an agenda from the top down.
I want to play this clip for Drew Hernandez on the other side because he's been to these events and maybe we should invite Ben Collins to one of these events and we can find out for sure how he feels about it if you know what I mean.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
They go there and they read Dr. Seuss there.
They read regular books, but it's read by a drag queen and they have breakfast.
It is not some hyper-sexual event, but that's what it's viewed as on the far right.
Okay, so that's Ben Collins on NBC News just either completely lying to you or completely inaccurate.
But I think we have the solution here, Drew.
I think maybe the next time you or I go out to...
Maybe we should invite Ben Collins out, and we should say, here Ben, here's the events where you say they're reading books and eating breakfast.
I don't see crumpets in literature anywhere, but hey look, there's a stripper, Ben!
Oh, and a kid handing him a buck!
What do you think about that, Ben?
I mean, maybe that's what we should do, because you're right, either they know that this is going on and are lying about it, meaning they like it, or they have no clue this is going on and they go on air and talk about something that they haven't even looked into for themselves.
I mean, there are countless videos, there's countless documentation of these all-age drag shows.
I mean, so many of them have gone viral.
I would be shocked if this dude hasn't seen anything like that.
But we know, right?
What do we know, Owen?
We know that the Left, Deep State, the Rhinotypes, all these people, the elites in power, they love children.
They love to sexualize children.
They love pedophilia.
They love to see children with their clothes off.
I mean, this is out in the open.
Everybody knows this.
So it's no surprise to me you have some elite hack on TV just trying to tell the public, oh, none of this is going on.
It's not going on at all.
And I'll tell you this.
I'll tell you this, Owen.
If you do go to one of these things,
You have to go undercover.
You want to know why?
Because if you go there just out in the open and you pull out your phone and you start documenting what's happening, they freak the hell out.
They start to scream at you.
They start swatting at your phone and telling you you can't film because they're afraid of what's going to be revealed.
These books that they're reading to these kids are filled with pornography.
They're sexualized themes.
They're teaching the kids about
Homosexuality, transgenderism, like, little kids!
We've documented this!
So, I would be willing to say this.
This guy probably knows exactly what's going on, but he probably has his own skeletons in his own closet, and I'd be curious to see what those are.
I'll just say that.
So, and here's the trap that they've set.
They hold these events that are clearly hyper-sexualizing children, then they go on TV and they say, oh, it's not happening,
But then, oh, by the way, you out there who are filming this, you're the ones that caused the shooting in Colorado.
So it's like this, it's this circular logic trap that they have where they say, no, this isn't happening, but by the way, you filming this and showing it happening is what's leading to the shooters like in Colorado.
And then they blame Trump and they blame Lauren Boebert and they blame, you know, the media for reporting on it.
And of course, what's the real origin story?
We don't like children being abused.
We don't like children being sexualized.
We don't want children being exposed to pornographic material in the classroom.
That's our problem.
And then somehow, you're to blame, because you don't want children being abused, you're to blame if some psychotic, who was already known to the FBI, already known to the FBI, goes and shoots up a nightclub.
Well, I mean, take a look at this, right, Owen?
Some of the most classic depictions of the devil, Baphomet, right?
The half beast, man, woman, naked body, all that.
Some of the most classic depictions of that are drawings with Baphomet with children to the side.
Little children looking up at Baphomet just fully with breasts hanging out and a male body and a half
That's exactly what you're seeing.
You could take one of those images.
I don't know if the crew could find one, but there's tons of them on Google.
You could take one of those depictions, put it right up against what's happening with these all-age drag queen story hours.
It is the exact same thing.
This agenda is satanic.
It's demonic.
It's been around for thousands of years, by the way.
The exploitation of children and taking children and making pedophilia normalized in society is
Happened and it's gone through cycles through the Romans, the Corinthians.
This has been going on for thousands of years.
And here we are in 2022 in the United States of America, where we are the most powerful we've ever been.
In my opinion, I think we continue to move forward.
Things might look bad right now, but we should be able to be in a place where we are at the most advanced we've ever been.
At least that's what they claim, right?
But here we are going backwards.
We're morally going backwards, where we're sexually exploiting our children, where they think we're going forwards as civilization.
Just because we move forward technologically doesn't mean that we're moving forward civilly or morally or socially on a societal level, because you could take that temperature, you can determine where we are as a civilization by how we treat our children.
We're slaughtering our children, we're chopping their genitals off, chopping their penises, their breasts off, trying to call it normal like it's the same or the equivalent to going and getting a tattoo or getting a hair
I think so.
All we can continue saying is that Jesus was right and that God was right.
He's always right, because it always ends up being the case.
Well, that's what that's because I reached the same logical conclusion.
It's just like, OK, I mean, God, do your work here.
Like, I can call it out.
I can say it's evil, but Lord, you're going to have to go to work here.
But then you realize, wait a second, there's innocent children that are in the crosshairs.
There's innocent children that are being victimized by this.
I can't sit on the sideline and let this play out.
We have to do something to protect these children.
But when you see this stuff, you can't help but think the worst of people.
You can't help but think the worst of these groups of people that would do this to kids and then lie about it.
And I do believe this ties into the open border because now you're thinking, okay, the same people that push for the open border are the same people that are out here pushing for children to be sexualized in libraries and schools.
And you realize, wow, half a million unaccompanied minors have come across the border since Biden has been in the White House.
Where do they all come from?
Where do they all go?
They have to realize there's obviously human trafficking, sex trafficking going on, and yet no interest in stopping it.
And then Mayorkas comes out and says, oh, no, the border is secure.
So I'm sorry.
You're lying to me about the border.
You're lying to me about sexualizing kids.
What is really behind all of this?
It's like, people don't even want to look behind that curtain, and I don't blame them, but, I mean, we're talking about industrial levels of human trafficking at the southern border that they allow.
We're talking about openly hyper-sexualizing children that they promote and allow, and we're just supposed to sit here and accept it.
Well, really think about it, you know, I mean,
All roads, I've been saying this on my show over and over and over and over again, is that all roads lead to the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, New World Order, right?
Klaus Schwab is on record.
Anyone can just, with a simple Google search, okay?
They don't even try and hide this on Google.
Oh, and you know this, right?
With a simple Google search, you can Google Klaus Schwab talks about revamping
Countries, not just the United States, revamping the social and economic structures of countries.
That's including the United States of America.
So as you watch, systematically, all of our social fabrics be inverted and overturned, where once we valued the innocence of children, as we should, according to God, right?
But now we've turned it backwards and we sexualize children, we murder children in and outside of the womb, and we botch and mutilate their genitals.
Everything you've ever known about America is being turned upside down.
Law enforcement, the border, law and order, patriotism, nationalism.
As an American, everything you've ever known is being turned upside down because there is an agenda out there to do just that.
They use non-profit organizations.
We're good to go.
This is just normal now.
Why are right-wingers having an issue with these drag shows with kids and stuff like that?
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
I mean, it's 2022.
They're all used to bring this social change in the United States of America, which is pushing us toward pedophilia, which is pushing us toward murder, which is pushing us towards open borders.
And by the way, people can go.
You could check the UN documents.
Alex has covered this for years.
You could Google World Economic Forum.
How immigration has changed the world for the better.
2016 they put this out and they clearly talk about that because of having a problem with repopulating countries, that is why we need mass migration.
And it causes more money and more revenue for these countries in the trillions of dollars.
All of this is by design!
It's not a conspiracy!
So when you see the open borders, when you see the pedophilia, when you see the mass destabilization of our social fabrics of this society and the economy, know that it's coming from an entity, the World Economic Forum, the NWO, and at the heart of that is Lucifer himself.
That is Drew Hernandez.
Drew, do one more segment with me on the other side, a five minute short segment, and I want to ask you really the ultimate question that I'm just faced with myself today, staring at all of this, dealing with all of it, trying to awaken the people to all of it.
I'm going to ask Drew Hernandez the ultimate question that I think we're all asking ourselves on the other side of this break.
Now, I'm in a position, a lot like Drew Hernandez, where it's part of our work to have to stare at this crap all day long, deal with the propaganda, the child abuse, the lies from our government, and it's just on and on and on.
And it does wear at you.
But that's not what I'm here to discuss.
It's to explain how we've reached
I'll speak for myself how I've kind of reached this blockade, this wall, this logical conclusion of the question I ask Drew Hernandez now.
Drew, how much more of this do our people have to take?
How much more of this do our people have to take?
The lies from the government, the sexual abuse of the children, the lies to get us into war, the two-tiered justice system, the liberal supremacy, the just over-the-top blatant evil.
How much more must our people take, Drew Hernandez?
I think when you take a look at history, I think the answer to that question is clear.
I think whenever there's real tyranny taking place, you're going to see an uprising in humanity because the spirit of freedom, it transcends culture, it transcends language, it transcends race.
It transcends throughout humanity because the spirit of freedom was given to us by God.
That is why the Founding Fathers clearly made it clear that these are inalienable God-given rights.
When you see that become violated and where some serious tyranny is taking place in societies, you see an uprising in humanity.
And I think right now when it comes to the pedophilia and when it comes to what's taking place with all these agendas unfolding with the open borders and everything taking place with the World Economic Forum literally imposing this on our country through policy like that.
That's why people like Chuck Schumer are coming out and saying they want to legalize 11 million plus, right?
While saying that it's a repopulation problem.
That is World Economic Forum talking point.
So what I want to see, number one, is our so-called elected leaders, right?
Anyone that's America First, I've been saying this for the past year, anyone that's America First or that claims to be a patriot or that claims to care about the United States of America or its well-being or our children, if they're not calling out the World Economic Forum, if the name Klaus Schwab is not in their mouth, if they're not calling out these people that are clearly offshores, in foreign lands,
I don't
I take huge issue with you.
I think anybody, whether they're in office, in media, in some kind of position of power or influence in our culture right now in America, that is not calling this out and actively working against it, in my opinion, is a threat and a part of the problem.
I think that's a start.
You know, and that kind of brings us to the inevitable
I totally agree.
And I'm not quite too sure what's going on between Trump and DeSantis.
All I know is that Christ said this and made it very clear.
A house divided amongst itself shall not stand.
The base, and you know what I'm talking about, right, Nolan?
We have the Republican Party, we have the right, but then we have America First, we have Make America Great Again, we have the kind of departure of the establishment, which came from Donald Trump.
I think splitting that right now is going to cause some serious issues for us moving forward, and I think that's by design as well.
So I think we need to stay unified as much as possible, but at the same time, we need to call out anyone that is a part of the establishment and get them out because they're going to become a bigger problem in the future.
Drew Hernandez, great stuff.
Tell everybody where they can follow you in 10 seconds.
You guys can follow me on Twitter at Drew H. Live.
Check the link in the bio to my show and all that good stuff.
Thank you, Owen.
Great stuff as always from Drew Hernandez.
Alright folks, big news out of Maricopa County on the other side.
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Alright, Michael Schaefer has been looking into some of the anomalies leading up to and during the election in Arizona, specifically Maricopa County.
And he joins us now to discuss what it is he's found.
And I do believe, like I had been saying, there will be a little bit of a fight in Arizona.
Definitely Carrie Lake's campaign pushing back, but other investigative journalists, analysts are finding some odd stuff too.
And that's why right now, they've even said there were so many problems, they're going to pause certification.
So, Michael Shafer joins me now.
I mean, Michael, all the anomalies, the voting machines shutting down, the people being turned away.
I mean, what is the biggest story right now from your perspective out of Maricopa County?
I think the biggest stories, Owen, and thank you for having me, are ones that can lead to the nullification of the elections, not only in Arizona, but as many as 34 other states that support the Help America Vote Act, known as the HAVA Act.
I think the solutions, the path there, is the most important thing we can be talking and hear about.
So talk about that, because that's not something that I really hear much about.
Appreciate that.
So I happen to own a laboratory which is accredited to the ISO standards, the same standards that the test labs receive an accreditation to.
They have another accreditation that pertains to the HAVA Act and the EAC, the Election Assistance Commission.
And if we go back in time, 2018, their accreditations had expired when the voting machines were certified.
So if you're not accredited, you can't certify.
If your accreditation has expired or you don't have an accreditation, it's just like if you and your girlfriend go to your neighbor and say, will you marry us?
And he's not an ordained pastor or chaplain, you're not married.
Pretend you're married.
You may think you're married, but you're not.
So it's like an expired driver's license, kind of?
Yes, you can't drive.
If your police badge is withdrawn, you can't go do police work.
It's like anything, but realtors, if you lose your license, you can't sell real estate on and on and on.
We understand that very well.
And so these labs had expired accreditations and they
I'm not sure how they represented themselves, and I'm not sure why our Secretary of State didn't figure this out, but... You're talking about Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State?
Oh, how convenient.
That's Secretary of State.
Yeah, I don't know how she didn't figure it out either.
Well, going back to 2018, she ran against a man by the name of Steve Gaynor, who also recently was in the primaries for a governor seat.
So the two of them ran this race.
Those machines were not certified.
They cast the boats through the machines and Steve Gaynor won the election the night of the election.
Ducey, the governor, congratulated him according to the story that I've heard.
And he woke up the next day to find out that something very unusual had happened during the course of the evening.
Ballots came from somewhere and changed the election from Steve Gaynor to Katie Hobbs.
That show, she won her first election and became Secretary of State.
So, fast forward into 2020.
The labs had not updated their accreditations, but what had happened, and we have a team of great people that have been keeping eyes on this over the years, these published accreditations, interestingly, had changed information.
So they went from a two-year to a three-year accreditation.
The problem with that is the law and the rules under the VSTL manual in accordance with NIST are two years.
So you can't have a three-year accreditation.
Over further time, if you look at and investigate this, there were signatures that signed the accreditations that, according to the manual, were not allowed to sign those accreditations.
And so the facts have changed over the period of time to try to go back in time and make what was right, or sorry, what was wrong, right.
And you can't go back in time, according to the maxims of law, change something in the future and make it apply backwards and make something
That happened that was unlawful in the past become right.
So if you just connect the dots, so machines are not accredited because the accreditation labs were not accredited at that time.
So they're technically not certified.
So if you have an uncertified machine and you put a ballot through it, is there some way an uncertified machine can create a certified vote on the other end?
You cannot.
And so if these are uncertified ballots, you cannot certify an election.
People may go through the motions, they may play an act, but lawfully it's an uncertified election.
And this is serious business, not only in the state of Arizona, but with every state across the United States that has adopted the HAVA Act.
Permeates across the United States.
And this is something that I believe can change not only our election, but other states elections.
But people have to take a look at the laws.
And in the case of Arizona, it's Arizona revised statute 16-442B as in Bravo.
16-442B as in Bravo says that the voting machines must, not shall, must
They must be certified.
They must be certified.
Well, by who?
By an accredited test lab.
An accredited test lab.
Not an expired accreditation, but accredited.
And these labs were not.
And this can turn into, I think, a great blessing for our country.
And we pray that this information gets out, people come to understand it, and we'll do something about it.
And the people need to stand up.
It can't be just five guys on the front lines.
The people have to stand up about this fact and bring it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I think that there's certainly some fight in Arizona.
I don't know anywhere else right now.
But Arizona, it looks like there's definitely going to be at least a little bit of a fight there.
But I don't want to rehash the past.
It's just I listen to you say all this stuff and it just reminds me.
This is essentially, without the exact details, but overall, it's essentially the exact same thing that happened in 2020, where all these different states basically illegally changed, unconstitutionally changed the way that they can accept and take ballots from the mail-in ballots to the drop boxes, all unconstitutional, but they just said under color of law, under color of law and COVID, that we're going to be taking these ballots.
That's right.
We're good to go.
The head of the House, or Senate rather, we've had it in front of Rusty Bauer, the head of our House here in Arizona.
It's been read on the floor of the House in Arizona.
It's been submitted into the documentation of both the Senate and
The House in Arizona.
We've taken it to and approached the sheriffs, who we asked to, on the basis of this, investigate it.
And if you need to, seize the voting machines.
They've not been willing to seize the voting machines, which are tools and instruments of a stolen election.
So we have gone up and down.
We think the gamut has gone in front of the courts for six times.
Daniel Woods was a candidate that has brought the suit multiple times along with some other team members.
The suit's been rejected from the courts.
The judges do not want to hear it.
And to your point before is that if the government
is not doing their job.
They work for the people.
They are our servants and constitutionally, they, we, the people need to decide that they need to be removed and have an opportunity to reform a government at every level.
And I think that this is where the skill is going for the people who have to stand up to make these changes.
Let me ask you after this break.
We'll be right back.
Four minute break.
Let me ask you how you think this might apply or apply it to nationwide with the voting systems.
Michael Shaver is with us breaking down why the Arizona elections need to be contested and these are basic, I mean we're not even talking about conspiracy theories here or shenanigans on election days, but just straight up law where the lack of certification of these machines, I mean this isn't a conspiracy theory, I mean I don't know how you would try to explain this to people, this is just
It's just basic law.
I mean, and they don't even, they don't even use it.
But you're also talking about how this could apply to other states as well.
So just kind of recap how this is just basic law not being followed.
Not conspiracy theory, not voter problems during the election day or any of that stuff, but just basic law not being followed.
And then get into how this might apply to other states that may be doing the same thing.
Yes, this is just a simple element of law.
If I
Drive too fast?
I break the law?
I have a penalty to pay.
In this case, a law was broken.
The voting machines must be certified by an accredited test lab.
They weren't.
Simple as that.
We have the evidence to show that.
So the votes can't be certified.
They're uncertifiable.
And like it or not, it's a nullified election.
Then it's a re-vote, and it's a hand count.
It's a very simple solution.
Nullify, re-vote, and hand count.
I think?
We're good
So I encourage you all to investigate the HAVA Act, whether or not your state has it.
And if it does, then what we're doing, you can do.
This is happening down in Cochise, where the Secretary of State's office says, don't worry, it's all certified.
Don't worry about it.
Well, Cochise said, well, timeout.
Bring us the evidence, bring us the evidence.
And so we're looking forward to seeing what evidence is brought at that point in time about these voting machines.
So tune in to Cochise County, Arizona, a meeting on Monday, 10 a.m.
Arizona time.
Also available on Zoom.
If you search the Cochise County meetings, you can find that on the web and just determine what Zoom meeting.
If you want to participate, you can come in and see what's happening there.
You can also contact us, email 2020
is nullified at p.m.
dot me at p.m.
Papa Mike dot me.
Mike echo.
We have a website 2020 is nullified.com.
You can check in there.
And we'll try to keep everybody informed as to what's happening here.
They're they're boots on the ground here, trying to assimilate pull this all together to support and, you know, we intend us to bring this
Um, into the courts again.
And we just prayerfully ask that these judges do their jobs and listen to what's happened here in Arizona and make decisions for the people.
Otherwise they're in violation of our constitution.
They're in violation of the oath of their office and their duties and responsibilities.
And we have a right as a people to overthrow such government that's not doing their job.
So we appreciate your time and attention today.
We hope you've taken some notes.
We hope that we can help you in some way.
And we are convinced that this can change the outcome of the elections across the United States and potentially even go backwards to earlier elections that were similarly approved when they were in fact nullified.
Well, thank you for laying all that out, and folks, that last, you know, 60 to 120 seconds that he just laid out is so important.
Take that information that he just gave you, how to reach out, how to get involved, and share that far and wide so that we can at least get some more eyes and more ears and more attention on this, and the right decision can be made here.
And so, what I like to do, though, is whenever I'm kind of trying to ballpark these things and get my foresight,
I'll ask myself, if I'm a gambling man, what do I think will happen?
Because, you know, you tend to forget your biases when you're talking about, you know, putting skin in the game.
Michael, if you're a gambling man, how do you think this goes?
Well, it's been an uphill battle, and I'll tell you why.
What's missing, not only all the legislators, the sheriffs, the judges, what's missing is the people.
When we go to the Board of Supervisors, as I did last week,
Thank you.
Pastors have got to inform and educate your church, your people.
Our people have got to come to these things.
If we have a Trump rally in town, there's 50,000 people.
If we're going to nullify the election, there's 15, 20 of us.
We have got to stand up, people.
This is your country.
This is our country.
And if we don't do something about it now, there's nothing that's changing in these future elections.
We've got to fix this election.
We have to nullify it.
And we have to re-vote.
It's been done many times in the history of the country.
You can look up re-vote elections and find cases where this has occurred.
You have to, you can't contact our legislators.
They're not doing anything.
The sheriffs are not doing anything.
The judges are not doing anything.
And we just pray that the hand of God's on us as we come together in his name to affect things here in our country, to save our country, like our founders did from the British.
Well, we'll be praying for you and and we'll be praying that you get the people support you need to hopefully right this this terrible wrong and then use that as a as a precedent and a case example of how it wasn't just limited to Arizona.
Michael, thank you so much for joining me today.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Huge information just laid out here.
What's unfortunate is that.
That is not going to get enough coverage.
Michael Schaeffer and his call to action that he just made is not going to get near enough coverage.
And it's good that InfoWars is still here on air to bring you this information and hopefully get the peaceful political activism.
But this is why they have us censored, folks.
This is why they try to kick Alex Jones off of the Internet.
And keep these shows off the internet because of stuff like that.
That if we could unite around and rally around, we could actually have some true grassroots activism successes.
More so than we've seen in the past, absolutely.
But that's why they censored this transmission, folks.
And you just don't get it like this anywhere else.
Now as part of Thanksgiving, you see the turkeys behind me, it is the Thanksgiving season and so we are giving thanks to you in the audience for all your support keeping us on air.
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And we're now joined by one Robert Barnes, famously known in a famous court case as Bobby, Bobby Barnes, Bobby Barnes!
We had some fun with that.
He joins me now.
I mean, look, there's so much clown world behavior going on, and I want to play this Karine Jean-Pierre clip, but I mean, how clown world is it that Anthony Fauci, in I guess what will be considered his retirement speech I suppose today, in his final words, just shilling for Big Pharma, just letting you know who he really is, a big pharmaceutical shill,
In my final words, I just want to remind everybody to take your COVID-19 vaccine!
Thank you, Anthony Fauci, for telling us who you truly are in your final words.
I mean, how ridiculous is that?
Well, as ridiculous as probably his whole career and tenure, and reflective and representative of who and what he always was throughout his tenure.
This is someone who is about promoting the concentration of medical power in the hands of the federal government and big corporations, including especially Big Pharma.
He's someone who not only managed to go decades without successfully resolving many of the public health crises that he said he would solve and resolve,
Whether that was, and in fact, along the way, almost always, caused more harm than good.
He will go down, I think, as one of the worst public health officials in world history, not just American history.
Someone who inflicted far more harm, you know, the rule, you know, the first rule of doctors, first do no harm.
This is someone who caused more harm than he resolved or solved or helped cure or prevent or protect against.
He was someone who enriched himself, enriched his family, empowered himself, empowered other bureaucrats within the government at the expense of the interest of not only the public, but the interest of public health.
That's reflective.
There's no better example.
He couldn't better sum up his career than his exiting on promoting the most dangerous drug disguised and relabeled as a vaccine in American history.
A so-called vaccine that has done more damage than all the vaccines before it combined in American history, according to the government's own Vaccine Adverse Event Report system.
And so it's it's kind of emblematic.
This is a guy who is trying to tell his public career started by telling people they could get HIV in their kitchen.
And it finishes with telling people to take a drug disguised as a vaccine that inoculates against nothing.
And that is neither safe nor effective.
That is more likely to cause the average person harm than it is to cause them benefit.
So nothing better sums up his career than the COVID-19 vaccine and the disaster and debacle of Anthony Fauci is representative of the disaster and debacle that our public health authorities and big pharma have been for the last half century.
And perhaps this final moment with Corrine Jean-Pierre is just the perfect representation of the complete debacle that she is as well with Fauci.
Here's a clip from earlier today.
It is not your turn!
It is not your turn!
You can take a press briefing.
You need to call from people across the room.
She has a valid question.
She's asking about the origin of COVID-19.
I hear the question.
And the fact she's the best person to answer that.
I hear your question, but we're not doing this the way you want it.
This is a disrespect.
It is.
I'm done.
Simon, I'm done.
I'm done with you right now.
You were done before you got started.
So this is incredible.
So, I mean, I'm almost...
Enthused about this from the press gaggle in there, actually wanting a question asked and answered?
What has gotten, it's like, what has gotten into the water?
Are they pumping pure oxygen into the press room now?
I mean, what is going on?
The media is actually demanding real answers to real questions, and they're standing up for one another when they don't get it!
But just so people understand, they were asking about the origins of COVID-19 to Fauci.
Who lied about that?
We know it came out of a lab.
We knew it the whole time.
Fauci lied, lied again, lied again after that, and then Karine Jean-Pierre and the Biden White House continued to lie about it.
I mean, so what do you make of this, where...
It's reaching this point now where it's just too obvious that they lied to us, not just about the vaccines, but the origins of COVID and all of it.
And then you see the White House press secretary saying, we're not answering these questions.
We're doing this our way.
Oh, really?
That sounds like authoritarianism to me.
Well, remember when Trump merely had people take a mic from someone who was trying to hog it and give it to someone else?
They called him, you know, all kinds of authoritarian, dictator, etc.
The Biden administration does this on the regular and very little is said about it in the press.
But the entire aspect is representative.
It's sort of a parallel.
The history of the origin of COVID.
And it's cover-up by Anthony Fauci, who helped orchestrate it while he was running our public health policy in America, is emblematic of the other aspect of both AIDS and vaccine.
Which is, if you look at the book The River, a French journalist had gone into great detail to research and review the origin of AIDS and HIV.
And what they found, as the most plausible explanation, was that it was a vaccine experiment gone AWOL, a polio vaccine experiment gone AWOL, in West Africa in the Belgian Congo.
And in fact, there was extraordinary ties they were able to build in the actual geography of the origin of AIDS.
It didn't come from apes or monkeys, as was talked about.
The most logical explanation was instead, this was a rushed vaccine that led to one of the great public health disasters in the last century.
In the same capacity here, we have COVID likely being created as part of the bioweapons research that's not supposed to happen, the gain-of-function research that's not supposed to happen.
That the Obama administration promised the U.S.
was no longer involved in it in 2014, and instead what Fauci did is he outsourced it, and the deep state outsourced it, and it led to U.S.
officials being involved in creating COVID, potentially, in Chinese labs.
Chinese labs that were receiving money directly or indirectly from Anthony Fauci himself.
And when there was public discussion about this as it arose, people right away in the medical community were saying this does not look like a natural occurring virus.
This looks like a man-made virus.
And Fauci went to great lengths to cover that up.
Got the press to suppress it and censor it.
Got Twitter to censor it.
Got YouTube to censor it.
Got Facebook to censor it.
The big social media magnates all conspired to hide this truth from the American people.
And who knows what the public response to COVID would have been had people known it was a deliberate bioweapon that was created with the help of Anthony Fauci and the Chinese government that conspired to cover up its origins and its original sourcing as being part of what Francis Bacon and others have warned about.
Yeah, Francis Boyle have warned about, which is that this is what happens with bioweapons research.
You do bioweapons research, you get these kind of outcomes.
And they just did the mass medical experimentation on the whole world in response to it to see whether they could get social and political and individual compliance, elevate public health authorities at the expense of democratically elected officials, get people to not to arrest themselves and arrest their own family members in their own home.
To have mass house arrests, strip people of their businesses, deny them their property, deprive them of their freedom, not allow them to sing in church because somehow that would be dangerous, not even allow them to go to church because somehow that was more problematic than going to a bar or going to other places that, in many contexts, the gyms, yoga places, some of those were left open but churches closed.
It was a mass social experiment that Anthony Fauci is a principal culprit for propagating.
And that will always be his legacy and nothing he says and no answers they dodge will ever evade that truth.
I would say if there's two bookends that are the true story of Anthony Fauci, it's the AIDS epidemic where his protocols killed so many people that they made a movie about it called the Dallas Buyers Club, to now the promotion of the vaccine with his final breaths as the highest paid government employee promoting a big pharmaceutical product that has killed tens of thousands of people on record so far.
Bob Barnes with us here on the Alex Jones Show, and of course, Bob, you've been involved with a lot of the litigation, the lawsuits, pushing back against the vaccine mandates and everything else.
Where does all that stand right now?
What do the victims of vaccines have as far as the legal system is concerned?
What leverage do they have?
What traction do we have?
And where are your lawsuits going right now?
So right now, one of them is the Children's Health Defense case against the Food and Drug Administration that is pending before the Federal District Court there in Waco, Texas, the Western District of Texas.
And the suit was brought to stop the FDA and the government from continuing to lie about these vaccines to kids.
So in particular, what the government has gone out and done, there's the Administrative Procedures Act is a waiver of sovereign immunity that allows you to sue the government when an agency takes an action that has a detrimental impact on you or your organization.
So here, Children's Health Defense plus a number of parents brought suit because the agency action at issue was the FDA promoting a drug as a safe, effective vaccine to little kids
Saying it was safe for kids, saying it was effective for kids, calling it even a vaccine for kids, and claiming there was an emergency that kids faced from COVID-19 that allowed them to do and promote it the way they were.
This included using Big Bird to promote the drug to kids.
This included using Elmo to promote the drug to kids.
This included having drug companies in collusion with the FDA actually run ads calling children, telling children, ads that target children.
They can be a superhero today if they go and take this so-called vaccine.
The problem, of course, is that the drug is not a vaccine.
It's not a vaccine in the common understanding of the American people, which is the most relevant and pertinent and material legal test.
But it is also not a vaccine by the FDA's own definition up until a year ago or so.
The FDA went in and changed the definition of the word vaccine itself so they could mislabel and lie to people that this drug was a vaccine.
The drug, of course, does not inoculate against disease.
Either it's either you infection or transmission, which is what people understood and historically is supposed to be the definition of the word vaccine.
But even worse, this drug is neither effective nor safe.
We know that now without dispute and controversy from data and information around the world.
Indeed, it is increasingly the vaccinated that are getting sick.
It is increasingly the COVID-vaccinated that are getting hospitalized.
It is increasingly the COVID-vaccinated that are dying.
Indeed, the excess mortality data from a wide range of states and countries around the world
Reveal that the biggest surge in excess deaths wasn't during COVID, but has been during the mass issuance of this so-called vaccine.
And so it's not a safe drug.
It's not an effective drug.
It's not even a vaccine.
There is no emergency facing children from COVID.
Kids face a higher risk from the seasonal flu than they do from COVID.
So these are big lies.
Four or five big lies, depending on how you define the agency action.
So we brought suit to stop the lie.
To say that the court should enjoin them and declare these statements are lies and not allow them to keep lying.
Their response was to say that they were above the law.
Their response was to say, we're the Food and Drug Administration, we're the Center for Disease Control, you ordinary people cannot sue us on this.
And instead they claim, and their excuse for this,
First was a doctrine called standing, and that's just whether or not there's a case or controversy under the U.S.
Their second argument was even if there was standing to sue, then they are immune, as sovereign immune, because everything they did was in emergency power.
And under their emergency powers law, they can't be sued under the APA, according to them.
So we had an oral argument just last Friday before the federal district court in which we explained that in fact all of these people have been injured.
Children's health defense has been injured because it has had to expend and divert and drain its resources extensively in order to try to rebut the vicious effect of these lies on families, parents, and kids all around America.
The parents have been injured because they've been lied to.
And like any false advertising claim, and like life in general, lies have consequences.
When you breach the trust of the American people, the American people now don't know who to trust.
They know they cannot trust the FDA.
They know they cannot trust the CDC.
They don't know which vaccines are good, which ones are not, which ones are effective, and which ones ain't.
Which, or anything else the FDA or CDC or federal public health authorities say.
That is its own constitutionally cognizable injury sufficient to confer constitutionally cognizable case or controversy jurisdiction on the federal district court.
On top of that, we responded to their sovereign immunity claim by pointing out that the government doesn't get to just say everything it does as an emergency power and thereby escape and evade judicial review and citizen action.
Because indeed, none of what they did was a lawful exercise of any statutory authority, of any emergency power.
There is no emergency power that lets the government lie about whether a drug is safe.
There is no emergency power that allows the government to lie about whether a drug is effective.
And there sure ain't no emergency power that allows the government to lie and call a drug a vaccine when it doesn't inoculate against infection or transmission and ain't a vaccine.
So the for our response was that these were not emergency powers.
This was a misuse and abuse usurpation of authority that they did not lawfully have.
And consequently, we asked the court to let us get to the discovery stage of the case and to get past this motion to dismiss.
The court said it will be issuing a written ruling sometime in the next several weeks.
The same time the Brooke Jackson case, the biggest whistleblower case ever brought, arguably in American history, she is the one who saw the horrible things going on in the Pfizer labs and clinical trials that show that there was no way that Pfizer could honestly and ethically and professionally and scientifically say that this drug was safe, say that this drug was effective, say that this drug was a vaccine, say that there was anything about this drug that we should be giving it to
Normal, healthy people on a mass level.
She brought her action.
The Pfizer has moved to dismiss on the grounds that the government would have written the check anyway.
This is what's called a False Claims Act claim, or a TTAM Act claim.
The legal authority for the court to resolve it goes all the way back to after the Civil War, when a lot of government contractors lied to ordinary Americans.
And they said ordinary Americans should have a right to sue for the harm caused to the taxpayer.
This, of course, would also unmask everything else connected to Pfizer and the COVID vaccine, including what they knew, when they knew it, what they hid, and when they hid it.
All of it.
So it is a billion-dollar case that would have extraordinary impact on the American people and public health globally if the case is allowed to move forward to discovery.
Here again, Pfizer, the big drug company, like the FDA in the other case, doesn't want discovery to happen.
The Biden administration doesn't want discovery to happen.
They want the case to be dismissed, and their grounds is, hey, the government would have written a check no matter how many lies we told.
Effectively, it's an argument the government was in on it with them, at least the Biden administration.
And consequently, they should be immune and outside of and unable to be sued, even to the point of discovery.
That case has been fully briefed and is now pending before the Federal District Court, also in Texas.
And those two cases, those twin cases, will have extraordinary effect and impact on the public health of America, the protection of our children, and the legal rights of ordinary people to stand up to both wayward and rogue governmental actions, and wayward and rogue and corrupt big pharma.
It's important to note Pfizer is the most criminally fined company in the history of America.
That's who this company is.
They've admitted now before European authorities they didn't even test for whether it could be called a vaccine because they didn't even test for whether or not it could cause transmission.
So we were given a bill of goods based on lie after lie after lie.
And as the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System concludes, beyond any doubt, there have been more injuries reported.
And let's remember, all the studies show that what's called the VAERS system, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,
Under reports the number of injuries and the number of deaths and the number of disabilities caused by a vaccine by a ratio as high as more than 10 to 1.
If that ratio is applicable here, then this so-called vaccine, this drug, has injured more than 15 million Americans.
And it's killed more Americans than have died overseas in wars in the last 20 years, too.
Bob, quickly, just in the last 50 seconds, so if Pfizer does end up kind of throwing the government, Biden administration, Fauci, under the bus, what happens then?
Then the case moves forward to discovery.
If they would actually allow the case to proceed, we would find out what they knew, when they knew it, what they hid, and it might be the end of Big Pharma in America.
It might be the end of Pfizer in America, and at a minimum, it would be the end of this COVID vaccine nonsense where they're trying to force it on children with adding it to the schools list, adding it to the kids list, and all the rest.
It's so dangerous.
And for Fauci to go out there and promote that in his final words, just show you what he's really all about.
Bob Barnes, great stuff as always, Godspeed, and have a happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and the InfoWars audience.
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Thank you so much for your support.
God bless.
Good afternoon and welcome to this Tuesday 22nd of November broadcast of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee, hosting the fourth hour.
I'm going to talk to you about the social experiment that is going on in Australia and Canada at the moment that is coming to every single country if we fail.
We know we failed last time.
Through our compliance, and I'm bringing my good friend and guest on today in the next segment, Chris Sky, who I think is the number one advocate for ensuring that the world stops complying.
The answer was always to just say no, and it will always be to just say no.
But just to cover a few of the headlines that are happening at the moment in Australia and Canada, we have
We're being told that masks are coming back.
They tested on us a little while ago with a cruise ship and now there was an outbreak on a cruise ship right at the start of the pandemic and now they are saying that on cruise ships in Australia you have to have masks again.
They're talking about it in
Health settings, hospitals, you have to be masked.
Mask mandates returning to certain settings are the headlines that we are seeing.
We're seeing a very similar thing in Canada, in Ontario, in one of the counties there, mask mandates have returned.
This really is a social experiment to see how people are going to go with the social credit system, making sure that you are complying with everything that daddy government tells you to do.
The BBC has also reported, and I want to make mention of the documentary that was released yesterday, Died Suddenly.
If you haven't seen it, you need to see it.
It's pretty much being blasted on every single platform right now.
Over 2 million views in just 24 hours.
Everyone needs to see that.
But the BBC posted an article about lab-grown blood given to people in a world-first clinical trial.
Why is that happening?
Well, that's happening, and they actually said that they've discovered a new
Type of blood, which is ER blood.
I wonder what that is.
And that's happening because as you've seen on this broadcast, when Mike Adams came on, looked under the microscope, saw the structures growing inside of people, analysed them.
There is also a follow-up report on that on the Health Ranger Report website, Natural News.
It's unbelievable that we're finding tin and all sorts of other conductive metals inside of people, according to Mike Adams.
And it's no wonder that we have to have lab-grown blood given to people in a world-first clinical trial, because the blood of the people who've been injected is contaminated.
So we're dealing with these devastating deaths.
All around the world, people dying suddenly at every single turn.
I mean, the headlines are more than daily now.
Sometimes we're seeing multiple headlines a day of people dying suddenly.
And these guys are telling us that now we need lab-grown blood.
Meanwhile, while all these people are suffering irreparable damage from these injections dropping dead constantly, and it is devastating, it's devastating.
I'm sorry to put it so bluntly for everyone because I know that a lot of us have loved ones who've been injected.
But the reality is people are dropping dead.
I wish that they listened.
I wish that they listened and I wish that they'll listen now when we're warning about all of the other things that are coming.
For example, the social credit score system through digital IDs.
And this is exactly what they're ramping up towards in Australia and Canada.
I mentioned last time I was on the show.
That we're launching a traffic light system in Queensland that's now being put forward in other states in Australia, literally like the China style social credit score system.
So they're killing you off.
These things are growing inside of you.
And on top of that, they want to push for more.
And why do they want to push for more?
Well, as the World Health Organization, sorry, at B20, as the Indonesian health minister declared,
They want to go ahead with the World Health Organization's treaty.
And again, I've mentioned this interview so many times, but my very first interview, it's available on zmedia.com with Karen Kingston.
If you go to interviews, search Karen Kingston.
From the patents themselves, she shows us that every single injection approved by the WHO is a lifelong cycle of injections.
This is never going to end.
That's why your non-compliance is so crucial.
We'll be back right after this short break.
And we'll have Chris Sky on in just a moment, reporting to you from Canada.
Welcome back.
I want to discuss this article.
I'm pretty sure I brought it up last time, but this is Windsor News, windsor.ctvnews.ca.
This is County of Essex making masks mandatory at indoor facilities.
This is happening in Canada as we speak.
County of Essex is once again requiring that masks be worn in county facilities.
This is all facilities, really.
It talks about the Civic Centre, County Library branches, ambulance bases, road depots.
It also includes a Sun Parlour home, but it is already governed by guidelines for long-term care homes.
The same thing here in Australia.
And why I keep harping on about this is because
The very similar tactics were used in Australia and Canada when we compare the Western societies that were attacked by their governments.
And of course, we were all subject to lockdowns, we were all subject to mandates, all of this.
It was a lockstep approach.
But the violence of the government against their citizens
The explosion of camps, the explosion of legislation to write into legislation to be able to put people into quarantine camps and forcefully inject them is so much more prevalent in Australia and Canada and the reason for that is very simple.
We are very compliant people.
Australia and Canada are very similar people.
In Canada you had horses trampling innocent protesters
I was talking to a friend of mine, Rob Primo, in Canada at the time, and he was saying that they were taking protesters, putting them into the back of vans, it was freezing outside, putting them into very, very hot police vans into the back of the paddy wagons, basically cooking them and then releasing them back out into the cold without even charging them.
In Australia, in Melbourne, you had police shooting rubber bullets at protesters.
I know we were all subject to tyranny, but two Western nations that went through a very similar thing are now going through a brand new social experiment.
And again, I'm going to repeat, if they're successful this time, it will come everywhere else.
They're just working out, through their tactics, how they're going to subdue the people once again.
In Ottawa, Ottawa citizens reporting that the children's health crisis is happening with the Ottawa school board to vote on mask mandate.
Premier has been hammered again for not wearing a mask.
Meanwhile, Trudeau doesn't wear one anywhere.
Trudeau flies around on his private jet emitting CO2 everywhere at every turn.
400 private jets arrive at the climate conference to tell you about how you can't eat meat and you can't freely travel around while they are laughing in our faces.
When you look at even the health officials, they're extremely, many of them are obese.
They look unwell.
Rachel Levine is coming out there and trying to talk to us about about children's health.
I mean, these people are actually at the point where they're laughing in our faces.
They don't even care anymore about trying to seem credible.
They just don't care.
And the reality is that there was a point maybe at the start where we could have said maybe some public health officials are ignorant.
Maybe some of them don't know what's going on.
But at this point, at this point, when all of these people are dying and it cannot be denied,
That every single day we're seeing headline after headline of people dropping at young ages, dying suddenly.
Diagnosed with cancer, dropped a month later.
Are you serious?
And the public health officials, instead of saying, right, we need to pause and investigate what's happening to people, no.
They just keep hammering on the MSM.
Get vaccinated, get boosted.
There is not a chance that those people are not aware.
We'll see if Chris is coming on right now.
He should be with us in just a moment.
And I will, there we go.
Chris, welcome.
How are you?
It is good to see you, my friend.
Chris is joining us from Canada.
If you don't follow Chris Sky, you can find him on chrissky.com.
He's also on Telegram under Real Chris Sky.
You would have seen, I've been talking about this social experiment right now that's happening between our countries, Chris.
Yet again, you and I spoke a lot during the lockdowns, during the protests, and it seems like they're using very similar tactics on us again.
Talk to us about what's happening in Canada.
Well, first of all, everybody needs to remember where we were at this time last year.
If you were in Canada or most of Australia, you couldn't leave your country if you weren't JAD.
You couldn't work in your country if you weren't JAD.
You couldn't go to the gym or go to a restaurant or go to school if you weren't JAD and math and all the rest of it.
And then they were pushing to the point where they actually wanted to start taxing or arresting us.
And that's all because people complied.
People listened to the government.
And it reached a fever point with our trucker convoy and that sparked movements all around the world where people finally just said no.
And we achieved global united non-compliance.
That's the only reason the masks, the mandates, the jabs all went away.
Not because our government decided that COVID wasn't dangerous.
Not because our public health officials got any new data.
No, it was because the people said, enough is enough and we're not going to go along with this anymore.
And then they gave us a bit of our freedom all summer.
And I ended up going on the tour all over the world.
And the one I want to talk about is England.
Because when I was in England, it was the same weekend that they were burying the Queen.
And that weekend, over 500 world leaders, including Biden, including the leader of Australia, including Trudeau, were all there.
And that's when they were discussing their next phase of this plan.
They still have the exact same Great Reset plan for us.
They just realized they couldn't impose COVID mandates any longer without too much public pushback.
So they decided they're going to try a global worldwide recession combined with climate change laws to try to impoverish us to the point where they can still get their universal basic income, their digital identity, their digital currency, ban cash, and have their technocratic control grid.
But, at the same time, now that they know, people know about this, they are now trying to re-institute the COVID fear, the COVID division.
Because that fear and division were the most powerful weapons they had to subdue humanity.
And they're trying to do it again.
They're trying to do it in Canada and Australia for one reason.
We are seen as the nice countries.
And I just talked about this Saturday at the Worldwide Rally in Vancouver.
And when I said that Canadians are really nice, everybody cheered.
And I looked at them and I said, no, that's not a good thing.
You don't want to be seen as nice.
Because nice people are easily taken advantage of.
Nice people are naive.
Nice people won't fight back.
And that's what we need to get into everybody's head.
Stop getting this idea that you want to be seen as nice.
You want to be seen as good.
Good people, not nice people.
Nice people will put on a mask because someone told them to.
Nice people will take a jab because somebody told them it's for the greater good.
Nice people will do whatever they're told and they will not stand up to evil.
Good people will stand up to evil.
Good people will not put on a mask and rather go to jail to make a point.
And those are the kind of people we need to become in these countries.
Because like you said,
Every single headline is showing the predictive programming of where they want this to go.
Two weeks ago, it was, oh, mask mandates are out of the question, everybody.
Now, every 20 minutes, there's a new headline of a new agency that they just made up, or a new public health official, or some new school board is all asking for mask mandates back.
They even made fake polls saying that 75% of Canadians want mask mandates back.
That, it's like you said, they can lie right to our face because they have such little respect for us, that they can literally tell you, they're pissing on you, and tell you it's raining, and the average Canadian will say, yeah, you're right.
That's how ridiculous it is.
There's no way in hell the majority of Canadians, or Australians, or anyone around the world wants mandates of any kind.
Nobody is afraid of COVID anymore, but they're trying to make you afraid because they know, they know that if Christmas time comes, and I want everybody to pay attention to this, Christmas is very important in everybody's family.
It's a time of year where family and friends come together all over the world.
And the last two years were the biggest division in the world's countries.
Nothing divided the people more than a Christmas where some people said, oh, you can't come to my house unless you're wearing a mask, or you can't come to my house if you're not vaccinated.
And they want that again, because they know if you invite your family and friends over who last year you wouldn't allow because they weren't jabbed or they weren't masked, they come over unjabbed, unmasked, healthy as shit,
And you're all going to start making jokes of how stupid everyone was the last few years for taking five jabs, for wearing double masks.
And guess what?
Nobody's going to ever fall for this crap again.
And they know if they lose it now, they lose it for good.
So that's why they're ramping up this massive fear campaign.
Because they want to create the division where a lot of people don't spend time with their family.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
Crucial points right here.
Stay with us.
We'll be back right after this break.
I want to really tap into what you just said.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're here with Chris Sky from Canada, the world's leading activist and a good friend of mine.
Chris, you just before this break, you just said something that was so crucial, which was they were so successful in their division.
And what they want to do now is separate families again at Christmas because God forbid the uninjected come into contact now with the injected because we are at the stage where we can come together and not be arguing as we were at one stage.
God forbid they come into the same room and all of the people who refused the injections now have
Stronger immune systems aren't getting sick with COVID or whatever it is, you know, have been able to still survive and thrive and get their jobs back and all this other stuff.
So if they come into the same room with all those people whose immune systems are now destroyed, they've had COVID, I don't know, 29 times a month because they're boosted to the eyeballs.
It is going to be so obvious.
So they really want to destroy not only to break morale, but to destroy people coming together yet again, because that is what has worked in the past.
When you look at communists, you know,
That's exactly right.
And the easiest thing everybody's got to do is simply not comply.
And in this case, it's even easier than not putting a mask on and not taking a jab and being threatened with your job.
In this case, all they're going to be able to do is tell you, don't invite those family and friends over that won't wear a mask or won't take the booster because they're bad people and they're going to make you sick.
And at this point, that's not going to work on the vast, vast majority of people.
And I believe that the people now have the knowledge, the people now have the courage and the lack of fear to actually disobey the government.
And I believe that we've actually trained everybody, all of us, all of us that have been speaking out all around the world, have literally trained everybody and elevated their consciousness to the point where the vast majority of people realize that the world's governments are not their friends, but are in fact their enemies that are trying to impose this control grid upon them.
And they are not, they're using this as a secondary distraction because at the same time, for all of those that don't believe that they're trying to force a universal basic income, a digital identity, a digital currency, and then eliminate cash, the best way for them to do that at this point is to simply make everything you need to survive that you buy every single month more expensive.
Every month.
And that's exactly what's going to happen.
So for any of the naysayers, all the people that have been complying, all the people that trust the government, all the people that are jabbed, masked, watching the TV every day and doing everything that we're told, I want you all to take a copy of what your gas bill, your grocery bill, your electricity bill, your natural gas bill, and all the other fixed costs you have.
Keep a copy of them today.
Then revisit them in six months' time.
The governments around the world, especially under the Klaus Schwab dictatorships, understand that the vast majority of you are on a fixed budget income.
So if your expenses go up 30-40%, how much percent of the population will simply not be able to make ends meet without government assistance?
And then, when they're in tandem with this,
Raising interest rates in countries like Canada and Australia where the average person is spending way too much in debt on their house with really high mortgage payments they can barely pay.
When those mortgage payments get too high because they raise your rates a couple percent and you can't make your ends meet without the government assistance, how many of you would rather than sell your house and downgrade your family, simply download a digital identity app, upload your iris, your fingerprint, your voice, your facial recognition,
Just so you can get that extra money per month.
For the lower end of the spectrum, just so you can survive.
And for the so-called middle class, so you won't have to downgrade your lifestyle.
That's what the government's counting on right now.
They're counting on causing as much destruction and as much pain in your life, like death of a thousand cuts, over and over.
Slow enough that you can feel it, but you still feel paralyzed to do something about it.
And the best thing we can do, and I've asked everybody this, and this is what I was talking to you about, the app I helped create with a good friend of mine, is we said the only way this could have ever happened is because we did not have strong men in this society.
If we had strong men in this society, the last thing they would have ever done is put a mask on themselves, put a mask on their wives, put a mask on their children going to school.
And force an injection into themselves just to keep their jobs.
The men of old would not have done that.
It took decades and decades of weakening men.
And then COVID made it way worse for everybody.
It killed all the healthy routines, all the healthy habits that people strive to spend years building up in their life.
COVID put everyone into survival mode.
Everybody stopped training.
Everybody stopped meditating.
Everybody stopped eating healthy.
And what did we have?
We had a massive mental health
What we also had was women that tear down men being elevated in the media and this has been happening over such a long time and I'm allowed to say this because I'm a woman, this toxic
Feminism is disgusting and you know what?
Men are allowed to say it too because it is disgusting and it doesn't matter what gender you are, and there are only two of them by the way, you're allowed to call something out if it's wrong regardless of your gender.
So, you know, the clear attack on men over the generations, but particularly over the past two years, is just unbelievable.
I can see it from a mile away.
Do go on.
Yes, we went from men that would literally fight and die in wars to protect individual freedoms, because individual freedoms were paramount to a successful and happy society, to men that willingly gave up their rights and freedoms because they were convinced they were selfish and also convinced that compliance and not questioning authority is the new virtue of the day.
That is a complete opposite of reality.
And I used to say the only way that I believe men could get stronger is by going through another round of this suffering.
And I ended up meeting with a good friend of mine, Jekov.
He's a freedom fighter.
He's living in Mexico.
And he's like, no.
He's like, like you've been training people, we can train people.
We can train men and women to be physically stronger, mentally stronger,
Spiritually stronger and more healthy in all those regards.
So when the next time the government tries to take advantage of them, the next time anybody tries to take advantage of them, they're prepared to fight back.
So we created an app that we call Aesthetics Academy Pro, and it combines fitness, nutrition, and all different types of retraining the mind.
Because just like the government spent decades reprogramming men, and then the last two years,
Traumatizing the entire world.
We need to deprogram the people from what they were artificially taught.
They were provided with lies and false information and it trained them to start acting in ways that were not beneficial for them, not beneficial for their families, not beneficial for society.
So we decided the best way to stick it to the friggin globalists is retrain an entire world into an army of
Good people.
Strong people.
People that will stand up for what they know is right.
People that will stand for their fellow freedom fighters.
And that's what this app is all about.
It's about creating strong men and women, stronger communities, and raising the health and well-being of virtually everybody that has access to it.
I think I gave you a link.
That's amazing, Chris.
Well, I was just about to say we'll ask the team to pop the link in the description below so that people can check it out.
And I want to talk a little bit more about how it's actually backfiring in their faces.
For everyone that's waking up, the persecuted get stronger.
And this is this is a pattern in history.
When you persecute people and continue to persecute them, they actually get stronger.
It's about to blow up in your faces.
We'll be right back after this break.
We're back live on the Alex Jones Show with Chris Sky.
Chris, you were just talking about getting stronger mentally, physically, spiritually.
These things are so crucial and the one thing that one of my taglines, my favourite taglines, is do not let the tyrants rule your mind.
It's like the harder they push me, the harder and more determined I become
To not let them affect my life.
You know, I look up in the skies these days, Chris, I don't know what it's like in Canada, but here in Australia, our skies are covered every single day with GT stripes and it's gloomy and we're in, to give you an idea, we're about to start summer and it's, where I am at the moment, it's 12 degrees.
So, it's just unbelievable how much they're messing with our weather.
I recently interviewed Dane Wigington, that interview's up on zmedia.com, that's z-e-e-e-media.com, three e's.
I interviewed Dane Wigington, geoengineering expert, and he said La Nina is a manufactured weather crisis.
They are actually doing this to you and he really explained how they are manufacturing this and so it's like they're coming at us from every single angle, through our food, through the economy, through our health, through the skies, in every single way they're coming at us and yet people like you, and I can say personally people like me, our resolve has gotten stronger.
How do you achieve that Chris?
Because when you put yourself in a mindset and you start actually training your body, mind and soul, when they try to do this stuff to you, just like you said, it increases your power.
It's like a knife being sharpened.
So when you're ready for the fight and you know you're in a fight,
You're going to get smarter, you're going to get stronger, you're going to get faster, you're going to get more efficient with all the propaganda methods they're throwing at you.
And you're going to be quicker to adapt.
It's only the people that either deny that they're in a fight in the first place, or that don't get themselves in that mindset.
They allow the government to break their resolve.
They allow the government to make them feel isolated, to make them feel hopeless.
Because if you feel hopeless,
And you feel helpless and you feel alone, then you're much more likely to comply because you're just going to give up.
But if you add that mindset that you're going to constantly evolve and you're never going to give up no matter what and you apply yourself in the right ways and you nourish your body in the right ways, you'll be stronger, you'll be healthier, you'll be more mentally effective and you'll be more spiritually ready to handle everything they throw at you.
Because like you said, they're coming at you from all angles.
So you need your defenses up in all angles.
It's that simple.
And if you're one of those people that can recognize that, acknowledge that, and works on that, then just like you, just like me, just like all the other freedom fighters around the world, we just constantly become better and stronger versions of ourselves, and we outpace the methods of propaganda and the methods of subversion
That the government can use.
They only have so many tricks in the bag.
And that's why they keep repeating the same ones over and over because, hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
But you can't fool all the people all the time.
And we've gotten to the point where they're not fooling enough people enough of the time.
And so we just have to literally train millions and millions of more people to be like us, to literally just say no to the government and not comply when they know it's not in their best interest.
It's really that simple.
And if the government wants it to be in people's best interest, it's really easy to tell.
The government will give you the choice, because that's how you'll know it's in your best interest.
They'll allow you to choose for yourself.
Free will is the cornerstone of every single religion on planet Earth.
No religion, and even atheism, which is non-religion, will tell you to simply do as you're told by someone who gives themselves a perceived version of authority.
Am I wrong?
No, absolutely not.
I want to talk about people continuing to be strong in the face of adversity.
Canadians, this happened to Canadians, bank accounts were frozen.
Trudeau brings out the Emergencies Act, never before used.
I've been following some of those discussions around that, Chris.
He had to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.
That was his excuse for bringing in the Emergencies Act, that never before used.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
But they've done a similar thing in Brazil now, where they've frozen the bank accounts of the protesters.
Not only individuals, but also businesses, large banks are freezing their bank accounts, and yet people are still going.
You know what happened here, Chris, in Australia?
We had our largest protest, I think, ever, that I can remember, in Canberra.
Right at the Parliament House, there was a minimum of 150,000 people there.
I'm being very conservative here.
Most think that it was closer to half a million.
And they brought out energy weapons against people and it made people very disheartened.
And it really, you know, there was a real lull of the freedom movement in Australia after that because people just said, well, nothing's working.
But what the people did do after that was
Individually, say, right, I have to prepare for the worst.
And Mike Adams said this to me a while ago.
He said, preppers are the most positive people.
And I don't mean just preppers when it comes to food or gold and silver or whatever it is that you're doing, you know, water.
I'm talking about preparing also, as you're saying, your mind, your body, your soul.
Because those people plan on surviving, not only surviving, but thriving on the other side of whatever these psychopaths do to us.
So it is crucial to be strong.
It is crucial.
And I always say, prepare for the worst.
Hope and pray and fight peacefully, lawfully, for the best.
This is what we must do.
And that is what being a good person, as you said, is about.
Yes, being a good person is confronting evil.
The old saying is, all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
Well, nice men will do nothing.
Nice women will do nothing.
Good men and women will stand up.
That's why we created that app.
I wanted to say the name again.
It's called Aesthetics Academy Pro.
We have a special link that you can click on to get a free trial of it.
And you can also download it from Google Play or Apple Store.
And I believe it's a
Very effective tool for getting people into the mindset where they need to be.
And just like you said, they're unrelenting.
You mentioned Chrystia Freeland and you mentioned them freezing bank accounts.
I just want to show you exactly how much they put behind their own puppets.
Chrystia Freeland is a WEF puppet.
Chrystia Freeland used to be a Ukrainian exchange student who got investigated by the Russian Secret Service because her grandfather was a high-ranking Nazi.
Everybody can look this up.
So everybody knows she's very pro-Ukrainian.
Meanwhile, she's got so much clout in Canada, and it was not elected, all appointed, all given to her.
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, which allowed her to freeze people's bank accounts.
And why am I mentioning this?
Because now globally, she's the number one candidate to be the next Secretary General of NATO.
And if they put her in there, her primary objective will be to try to get Ukraine to be the newest NATO member, which will have a 100% guaranteed effect of escalating the war in Russia.
And that's another thing they want, because it's just another way they can have distraction, and it's just another excuse where they can blame on inflation and all the rising prices.
So this is the kind of power these globalists have, that they can get one person, one woman, and put her in all these different positions where she can cause so many detrimental effects, not just to Canada, but not just to your country, but to virtually the entire world if she becomes one of the heads of NATO.
Just wanted to point that out.
Well, and the Ukraine situation is being used
They're creating a recession, Chris.
And we've just been told in Australia that we're going to adopt Biden's inflation plan here in Australia.
The very inflation plan that's driving the economy into the ground.
We want to do it here because apparently this is going so well in the United States.
People can't afford gas.
They can't afford to eat.
It's going so well in the United States.
It's going so well in the United States, they literally had to change the definition of a recession.
Everyone knows their definition of a recession is two straight quarters of negative growth.
And then they had two and a half, three straight quarters like, well, no, no, we're not in a recession.
A recession doesn't mean what it generally used to mean.
And I would like to say one thing, because you said a lot of people feel helpless and a lot of people feel like there's nothing they can do, especially when the government comes out heavy handed.
Well, when I went to Netherlands as part of my world tour,
Stay with us, Chris.
We've got to go to a quick break.
Stay with us.
I really want to hear this right on the other side of the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're here with Chris Sky for our final segment today.
Chris, you were talking before the break about what you were saying to the people of the Netherlands.
Huge food supplier for the world.
Please continue from where you were at.
Well, everyone knows Netherlands is the largest food supplier for Europe and that's one of their main industries at home.
And under the guise of climate change and under the guise that nitrogen is going to kill us now, not even CO2, nitrogen, even though it's over 70% of the atmosphere, they're saying the number one producers of nitrogen in the world are agricultural and farming.
So, under that guise, they put forth this law that would basically eliminate 30% of the food supply of the Netherlands by 2030, while increasing the population of the Netherlands.
So when I went down there and I spoke, I talked about that and I talked about the manufactured energy crisis where they're literally just raising people's gas rates, whoever they don't want to be in business.
And I actually burnt the gas bill on stage and I said, all you have to do is not pay.
All you have to do is not comply.
Simply don't stand for it.
And they already had a movement going because of our trucker convoy.
And after I showed up there and we left, I just found out in the last couple of weeks.
The guy that puts forth those climate change policies was fired and those policies have since been rescinded.
So we have the effect.
We make the difference.
So everybody needs to look around the world and see that when the people of that particular country stood up, stood together, did not comply, they got the result they wanted.
I'm still fighting.
I'm still smiling.
I love your attitude, Chris.
Everyone that watches you always says they feel so encouraged by you and you really do spark courage and that's the thing.
Courage will spark courage and being the example for others then gives others the courage to be the example for others.
Tell us again where people can find your app again and we're going to put the link in the description below.
I'm going to ask the team if they can do that for you.
You can find me on Telegram.
Real Chris Sky, all caps.
The one with 66,000 followers.
It's censored, so you can't get the app from Google or Apple Store.
You've got to get it from telegram.org or you won't find me.
Surprise, surprise.
I believe I'm the most censored man in the world.
You can't even hashtag my name on TikTok.
You can't even put the words Chris Sky in a TikTok description that says contain banned words.
I'm banned on Twitter.
Well, let's get this out to Elon Musk.
Why am I still banned on Twitter?
Reinstate Chris Sky.
Hashtag free Chris Sky.
Elon, I know you know who I am.
If you can reinstate Kanye, Andrew Tate, you can reinstate Chris Sky.
Thank you very much.
Well, he won't reinstate Infowars.
He won't reinstate Alex.
He's spreading, you know, the mainstream narrative around why he won't reinstate Alex.
And I'm very, I mean, I'm not disappointed because I don't really expect
A lot of people do expect Elon to do the right thing, so he should do the right thing.
He says he believes in free speech, but he doesn't support certain speech because it was so egregious that that person should never be allowed to speak again.
That's literally the antithesis of supporting free speech.
You could say, I could come up with the absolute worst possible thing imaginable and say it, and you should still support my right to say it, no matter how much you disagree, no matter how disgusting you think it is, even if you think I should go directly to hell for saying such a thing, you should still defend my right to say it.
And I don't think he has that excuse with me.
I don't think I've said anything except supposed COVID misinformation that actually just ended up being stuff that came out to be true a few months later.
So I would love to see my Twitter reinstated.
And I would love everybody to get the app Aesthetics Academy Pro.
That you can get at the Google or Apple store because it hasn't yet been censored.
And you'll have access to me and access to Jekoff.
And I believe it will change your life permanently for the better.
And secretly, it's my way of recruiting new freedom fighters.
Well, Chris, we thank you so much for everything that you do, for your time here today.
I appreciate you and keep up the good fight.
We really thank you for your time.
I'd love to come to Australia.
I'd just like to say that.
One day soon I want to come to Australia because I love you guys over there and I've never been there in my life.
So I'm putting that out there.
Well, we'd love to have you.
I can assure you we would love to have you.
Thank you again for your time, Chris.
Thank you.
Well I'm so grateful for all of the people that are standing up courageously all over the world.
These tyrants will not stop as long as the compliance, at the slightest sniff of compliance, they will keep doing this to us.
And this is why every single person that watches this broadcast, that watches other independent media,
is so crucial.
You are the soldiers of today.
I am not exaggerating this.
You literally are in a war and you are the modern day soldiers and you're needed.
And here's the thing, they would love nothing more than to wear you down.
You see what they're doing here in Australia and Canada, that we have the opportunity to say, oh, not again.
Don't do it to us again.
Why would I beg my oppressors to stop oppressing me?
Oppressors don't have mercy.
That's why they're oppressors.
I'm not going to appeal to my oppressor.
In fact, they're not even my oppressor.
They can proclaim and think that they're my oppressor all they want, but I am a free
Human being, my freedom is God-given.
No one will take that from me.
And I will stand up and fight till my death, if need be, for that right.
And the people all over the world need to grow that resolve.
That no matter what they come at us with, see, if this social experiment right now that's happening in Australia and in Canada,
If every single public response, every single person's public response to their social experiment is absolutely not, you're not doing this again, you can forget it, and people actually do that with some backbone and some courage, they won't do it.
But if the comments on social media are flooded, if people are turning up and saying, oh please don't put us back into a lockdown again, these people thrive.
Of you begging them for mercy.
I'm going to beg them for mercy?
They're killing people!
I'm going to beg someone that's a mass murderer, genocidal maniac, bringing out death shots to the whole world and continuously lying on camera, safe and effective, safe and effective.
I'm going to beg them for mercy?
Absolutely not.
This is and always has been about the people.
The power is with the people.
The power is in the people saying no.
And the power to say no comes from when you understand the depth of the agenda and the depth, my friends, is this.
They want you dead.
They want you dead.
Can I say this any clearer?
There is no regard for human life.
They consider you worthless.
Now this isn't designed to make you feel worse about yourself.
The truth hurts.
But when you accept the truth and you say, right, what do I need to do about this?
There are murderers out there that think that I'm worth nothing.
What do I need to do about this?
So whatever sphere of influence you have, whether you're a mother in a community group, whether you are in school boards, whether you have community groups set up for families or even individuals,
People need to start to gather now, mobilize and help people.
There are other people at a local level.
You need to start forming groups that will help one another and then get out there and somehow get the message out.
I don't care if people have to go on the streets and, you know, evangelize anti-New World Order messages.
Whatever it is, people need to do more.
And I know that so many that watch this broadcast and so many from my audience are already very active and I thank those people.
You are all so crucial and I was reminded of that last week when I was on and the callers rang and they were just amazing people.
They really were.
Every single person who's on the right side of truth is an amazing person.
You wouldn't believe the truth if you weren't.
You wouldn't be able to accept the truth without being offended if you weren't.
That takes courage and that takes character.
Something the left and the climate cultists and the Covidians have none of, unfortunately.
But we must break through.
Not everyone is beyond repair.
Not everyone is beyond saving.
And the world is depending on those who are watching this broadcast now.
Head to zmedia.com for all my latest interviews.
I will be putting up a video about smart cities called The Final Lockdown right here on Bandop Video today.
Support this broadcast.
Support Alex and this amazing team that makes sure that you are informed and empowered every single day with this life-saving information.
And it is!
Because if you didn't know that killers were coming after you,
That you may be subject to their attack, but because of this broadcast and others, you're able to stay strong and withstand their attacks.
God bless you all.
It's been an honour to be with you here today.
Thank you.
One of the biggest news stories lately has been Elon Musk purchasing Twitter at the hopes, for many, that free speech would be restored on the platform.
Elon Musk has hinted at this himself, but when he spoke out against returning Alex Jones to the platform, there were obvious concerns.
Now, what I think might be going on, Elon Musk is making a business decision knowing that if Alex Jones is allowed back on the platform, Twitter might get removed from the App Store.
And the Southern Primary Law Center, the Democratic Party, the European Union, and the Justice Department and CIA moles that Congress had hearings on last week are inside of his company right now and are literally trying to sabotage it, not just externally with threats of lawsuits and censorship and criminal charges from the EU, but they're also threatening to sabotage the company and the actual systems that make it operate.
He hit the panic button and basically came out and attacked me so that he can get the left off of his back and you know that it's it's it's fine to me that he did that except he went too far and compared himself to Jesus and the whole
Bring the children to me.
Suffer the children to me.
And if you offend one of these, if you're mean to one of these kids, it's better for you to kill yourself by tying a big bolt to your neck and throwing it in the ocean.
That's just outrageous.
That's absolutely outrageous that I'm supposedly the worst guy in the world because of media hype that massively has misrepresented what I really said about Sandy Hook.
If Elon loves to quote Christ so much in between dressing up like Satan, he should quote Christ's most famous quote.
Let he without sin cast the first stone.
But that story will carry itself out.
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