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Name: 20221118_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 18, 2022
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The speaker discusses the decline of society due to the actions of the New World Order involving masked parties and vans disappearing people. They argue that each crisis results in further loss of rights, freedoms, and control by those in power. Acid bath facilities for disposing bodies and a dystopian future with combat robots and drones are mentioned. The video features Alex Jones thanking his audience for supporting InfoWars, guests sharing their experiences, and discussing topics such as Elon Musk, eugenics, free speech, the Biden family's connections with Chinese intelligence, conspiracies, transhumanism, the Russia-Ukraine war, central bank digital currencies, PsyOps, the FTX scandal, nutrition, and organized crime in large corporations.

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So, I know the listeners of this broadcast already know about the World ID, the New World Order, the IMF, the World Bank, the Cashless Society, the Social Credit Score, the Carbon Taxes, the Universal Basic Income, the Communist Chinese hell model.
Hellscape is the blueprint for what they plan to bring forward against us.
But I wanted to be specific about where we're at and where they're going to take us with this system and how we can stop it and say no to it.
So, you have the UN, you have the big corporate mouthpiece, the World Economic Forum.
For decades they've said they want to use a viral scare.
The Rockefeller documents, Operation Lockstep, the list goes on and on.
To bring in a world medical ID that will really be the world ID that will have carbon controls and not just viral controls on where you can go, what you can do.
You'll have digital money by region that'll be programmable.
They'll decide where you can spend it, when you can spend it, how you can spend it.
They can devalue it or upvalue it whenever they want.
And it's directly tied and administered to the surveillance over in live time by corporations, bureaucracies and criminal think tanks like the ADL, who will then reward you or punish you off of your social behavior.
And then they will program it and incentivize it to spend it with their companies, their businesses, their systems.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Well, last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL, who controls speech in the entire Western world, came out with a new statement, or statements, openly saying that if you talk about world government, or world IDs, or world forced injections, you are anti-Semitic.
And you should be censored, you should be shut down.
In fact, if you show the different world government summits being held by the G20 and by the Davos Group, they will actually say it is not real and you are a hateful, bad person.
And they admit that the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL take direct orders from the UN.
The head of the UN Information Bureau bragged a few weeks ago that they control the internet and what you can and cannot say The head of the European Union just came out two weeks ago and said, oh, we'll just arrest Elon Musk.
We'll just fine him.
You're not going to have free speech anymore.
These are really the good guys, aren't they?
What tyrants?
So the ultimate brainwashing, the ultimate gaslighting as they announce all this tyranny Then they say, but we can't talk about it, it doesn't exist, while it publicly exists.
So here it is.
G20 leaders issue joint declaration promoting global health passport to facilitate international travel.
A world ID to buy, sell, and travel even outside your house.
The social credit score you will not leave one half foot out of your home unless you're authorized to.
G20 pushes vaccine passports for all future international travel as a beginning, but they go on in their own document to announce it'll be a domestic passport, just like you saw in New Zealand and Australia, and now in Italy.
Biden stands behind pledge for a global vaccine passport system.
Global government, mark of the beast, in Your face.
Viva Frye, the Canadian lawyer, says, ever so discreetly, buried in item 23 of the G20 Bali leadership's declaration, details Alex Jones was right.
And then right here, they've got the statement about how they are establishing this.
So we're going to be reading over all of that here today.
It dovetails with all this news.
Canadian bank launches credit cards linked to carbon emissions.
So do European Union banks, Australian banks, U.S.
banks, and then soon it will be mandatory, surveilling and controlling everything you do.
Then, of course, we have the FBI director getting grilled on declaring people that talk about such things as terrorists and censoring them.
Even though it's all out in the open, and just like we've seen in Europe and Australia and Canada, now here in the US and in Brazil, when you protest stone elections, that's one of the big no-nos that Biden said last year will be illegal, not in law, but by executive order in their new terrorism directive.
That if you question elections you will be censored, you will then have your bank account taken, and then you will be sent, of course, to jail.
They've now built emergency centers all over the world under UN directives that anyone Anyone that does not submit to forced injections and lockdowns in the future will be sent to these centers.
They have now admitted in Canada and in Australia, but they're also setting them up here, and the UN is directing it again, that officially the camps aren't just for people they claim have COVID with their fake PCR test.
But now it's for anybody protesting the future lockdowns as they gear up for their next big push.
While saying they want amnesty from us and for us to not sue them or organize into groups that are saying no so they can sucker punch us again.
Far-left Brazilian Supreme Court orders banks to block funds of businessmen who supported the protests in mass democracy rallies.
You can't have that.
We're the liberals.
We'll take your bank account.
And it just goes on from there.
What the cashless society, central bank, digital currencies really mean.
The holy grail of enslavement and control.
We're going to lay it all out on this live transmission.
InfoWars.com Well, people aren't going to have to wait and see if everything I've talked about is going to come true or not.
Now the dominoes of tyranny are falling very quickly against humanity.
And the real private corporate government of the world, the Davos Group, that openly now is in command of the UN and of the G20, and of world policy illegally. It's a kleptocratic technocracy
in their own words. Even Bloomberg a few years ago said we need a dictatorship of the technocrats
and that's exactly what we see is Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates up there lecturing world
leaders who they prepared and trained and coddled and funded into power to now openly brag about
their power over all of us and what their policies are going to be taking away red meat, dissolving
borders, breaking up the traditional family, forcing deadly shots on you, sexualizing your
That's where we are.
Right now, ladies and gentlemen.
So they told you a few years ago, by 2030 you'll own nothing and have no privacy and that life has never been better.
They say all these openly dystopic things because at some point they have to emerge with their attack, emerge with their totalitarian takeover.
So we're going again from the beta exercise mode into the actual New World Order control grid, whose endgame is at least 90% Forced depopulation.
Run by a bunch of psychotic mad scientists.
We're going to be laying it all out here today.
G20 pushes vaccine passports for all future international travel.
When you read the fine print, it's during lockdowns to leave your house or go to the grocery store.
Biden stands behind pledge to create global vaccine passport system.
We're going to be looking at this very, very closely because, like I told you yesterday, it's not coming.
It's here.
And how will they precipitate The initiation of this program.
We're going to lay that out coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Couldn't be a more important subject to understand the future and how everything in the future is going to be stopping this program from going into place, or if it gets into place, everything's going to be about getting us out of it.
And it'll be much harder to get out of it than it will be to stop it.
But don't you have a feeling they're going to get it in place?
I mean, the Bible says they are, but then things get really bad and people finally wake up.
What's it gonna take?
They've already hit us with a soft kill weapon.
They've already killed 20 million people with the poison shots conservatively.
It forms prion blood clots.
Very similar to what causes spongiform encephalopathy or Mad Cow disease.
I've had top scientists on major studies.
Infertility off the charts.
82% increase in miscarriages in women that have taken the Pfizer or Moderna shot.
That's just the hors d'oeuvres.
That's just the prelude.
That's just the openings.
That's just the opening salvo.
Ladies and gentlemen, in this whole operation, And so the good news is we're learning that they've captured our governments, we're learning they've gotten control of our societies and our civilizations, and just in the process of learning about
Their operations, it's the beginning of the end.
Because they are the ones creating the crises.
Exacerbating the crises.
Using natural crises to get more control.
They're the ones that say they hate humanity.
They're the ones that say we're worthless and scum.
I should step aside for them to control the future.
And so we have to identify them as the monsters, as the totalitarians, as the control freaks, and their minions as fools who have, as mercenaries, some wittingly, some unwittingly, have gone along with their own destruction.
Let's go ahead and air back-to-back some of these really amazing Interchanges that happened.
The first one is clip 10.
Senator Josh Hawley, who has a lot of courage, grilling DHS Secretary Mayorkas.
And then he also then grills and destroys FBI Director Christopher Wray.
So let's go ahead and air those clips back to back.
I think the last time that I got to visit with you was back in August, August 4th of this year.
You were at the Senate Judiciary Committee.
and have free and fair elections and control our borders and stop the FTX crime rings.
We're going to have to get control of our Justice Department and our justice system
that's been weaponized against us.
Here's some of what transpired in hearings yesterday.
I think the last time that I got to visit with you was back in August, August 4th of
this year.
You were at the Senate Judiciary Committee.
You remember that, I assume.
We had to cut that hearing short.
We were supposed to do two rounds of questions.
You said you had to be somewhere, so we cut it short.
Republicans were not able to ask a second round, as we had been informed we would.
The press reported shortly thereafter that the reason that the hearing had to be cut short is because you were flying on a Gulfstream jet for a personal vacation in the Adirondacks.
Please tell me that's not accurate.
Senator, the hearing was not cut short from my experience.
We had agreed beforehand on the time and length of it, and I was very surprised to find that the Indian Mountain Committee was surprised.
As to how I fly, I am required, not only permitted, but required to fly on an FBI plane wherever I go.
So you were going on vacation?
I was, yes.
So you left a statutorily required oversight hearing in order to go on a personal vacation to the Adirondacks?
I took a flight to go visit my family, as had been previously arranged, in conjunction with the leadership of the committee.
The ranking member, Chuck Grassley, asked you during the hearing, he said, I assume you must have other business.
You said, yes.
He then said, if you have a business trip, you've got your own plane, can't it wait a while?
He then said, Chuck Grassley, we only just heard half an hour ago that now you have to leave.
We were going to have a seven-minute round followed by a three-minute round.
I've got seven people on my side of the aisle, that included me, who are waiting for this additional round.
Is there any reason we can't accommodate them for 21 minutes?
And you said you had a plane to catch.
You had somewhere to go.
And now we find out it was for vacation?
The reference to other business was not a reference to that day, it was a reference to the following week where Senator Grassley and I were going to see each other in Iowa, when I had other business in Iowa, and I did in fact see him then.
Wait, you had to leave the hearing early because you're going to see him later in Iowa?
In a week?
No, I had to leave...
When I said I was going to have to leave as had been previously organized with the leadership of the committee.
You left an oversight hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee required by statute so you could vacation with your family.
I find that absolutely unbelievable and frankly indefensible.
Senator Hawley, you're recognized for your questions.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
Thanks again to the witnesses for being here.
Mr. Secretary, nice to see you.
I didn't get to visit with you last time, so let's start with you.
I think my colleagues have established, given what we're seeing on the southern border, the massive increase in illegality there, that that's clearly not a priority for your agency.
So let's talk about what appears to be, and that is spying on Americans and censoring their speech.
You have turned your agency into a censorship machine.
Now, you said earlier this year that you disbanded the Disinformation Governance Board, which I thought was totally unconstitutional, but that turns out to be, at best, misleading.
That's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you're doing.
Your own quadrennial review, which was just reported in the press, says that disinformation is going to be the new focus at DHS.
The Quad Review says that DHS plans to target, I'm quoting now, inaccurate information domestically on a wide array of subjects including, quoting, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S.
withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S.
support for Ukraine.
You know what, this is so important, hit pause.
I'm going to come back and play the rest of the clip.
In fact, I'm going to go back to the beginning of it.
Josh Hawley should be the next president, quite frankly.
Who else is bringing up the illegal federal government spying with the ADL and other groups on you and saying their main focus isn't the border, isn't crime, isn't MS-13, isn't fentanyl, isn't massive child kidnapping and murder going on.
Their main focus is disinformation and SJW critical race theory crap.
And let me explain something.
I have DHS on my ass behind the scenes.
So they're coming after the American people.
This is 101 tyranny.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
We know that we're repeating history in a very dangerous way right now.
If you remember Richard Nixon had a 123 names of memory serves in his safe that he was considering
and got caught on some of the recordings that he made of himself in the White House
sticking the IRS on 120 something people.
He never did it, but it was one of the reasons they were pushing to remove him from office, and he stepped down.
Now, under Barack Hussein Obama, they targeted over 100,000 conservatives and Christian and pro-gun groups.
With audits and with taking away their 501c3 and other designations for tax-exempt and they refused in the eight years of Obama all but a half dozen requests for 501c3s and other tax-exempt designations.
So they denied the law And the rights and the benefits of citizens.
They harassed over 100,000 people.
They indicted and imprisoned thousands of people politically.
Tea party groups, you name it.
We were targeted at the time.
I didn't make a big deal about it.
I know I'm going to be under attack.
I understand that.
You have to understand, it was the Department of Homeland Security that listed us four years ago as a hate group that got us debanked and made our credit card rates go up.
And made major software companies refuse to do business with us.
Literally like Hitler did with the Jews, taking their rights to commerce and to business away.
In the first few years, he got into office.
So this is a program of control.
The reason I raise that, on an order of magnitude of one to a million, what Nixon did was about a 15.
What Obama did was about a 200.
And what the third administration of Obama and the deep states doing is a 950 on a chart of a thousand.
I mean it's it's it's pedal to the metal almost as bad as it could get.
Where the official policy of anti-terrorism directive since June of last year is questioning elections, questioning open borders, Questioning lockdowns or forced injections, or now we learn in the new documents, questioning the Afghan withdrawal, now questioning the proxy war in Ukraine.
These policy groups, CFR and ADL, get together, they decide what's the new group we're going to outlaw.
That's the point of first they came for this group, then they came for that group.
I did nothing, I wasn't in that group.
Finally they came for me, there was nobody left.
They're doing it.
And it should have been the number one story in the country.
For three weeks, I have hammered and hammered and hammered the DHS documents they confirm are real, where they say their main mission is taking on white supremacists that they define as anybody that questions anything they're doing.
And the things I just listed.
Any populist movement, any anti-war movement, any movement that wants to control the border, any movement that questions the election, You're a terrorist.
And almost zero news coverage of the biggest story ever that they were secretly saying it's their main mission, but that it had to be kept from the public.
That's in the documents.
If you remember when it first broke three weeks ago, I spent every show for a full week harping on it, hoping it would break into the news, and it maybe got picked up on Tucker Carlson and a few other shows.
And finally, Senator Hawley has Mayorkas in front of him, DHS, And the majority of their 60,000 agents not there to deal with crime or drugs or murder or kidnapping or human smuggling, but to deal with the American people secretly with an entire leftist agenda.
So you heard last year how they wanted to sick the FBI and did on parents protesting critical race theory and transgenderism pedo-garbage at the public schools peacefully.
Checking the FBI and other federal agencies on moms and dads at the PTA, at the school board meeting, and then now we learn it's everybody they're coming after.
And their plan is debanking with a ID that you use to get on the internet, or have a job, or travel outside your house.
Which Biden says is his main priority.
They're putting the authoritarian, totalitarian chains on us right now.
So, Nixon's a 15.
Obama's a 500 on the scale, and now what they're doing is a 950.
Remember, 1,000 is the top.
It's just arresting all of us and putting us in death camps.
I mean, that's where this always leads.
That's the process.
And guess what?
They've built all these camps around the world.
UN directed, for anybody that doesn't go along with the new forced inoculations and new lockdowns coming, they've now announced, oh, guess what?
Political dissidents that don't go along, like a truck rally in Canada or a truck rally in Brazil, you'll have your bank accounts taken and your leaders are going to be thrown in jail for demonstrating.
That's Tiananmen Square level oppression and control.
That's a thousand.
See, Tiananmen Square is a thousand.
Tanks running over people in death camps.
They've now got us, administratively, with the gun locked, loaded, the trigger off, finger on the trigger, at a 950.
Now all that's left is to pull the frickin' trigger.
They've already pulled it on a lot of us.
So here is Josh Hawley talking to Mayorkas about this criminal activity they're involved in.
Senator Hawley, you're recognized for your questions.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
Thanks again to the witnesses for being here.
Mr. Secretary, nice to see you.
I didn't get to visit with you last time, so let's start with you.
I think my colleagues have established, given what we're seeing on the southern border, the massive increase in illegality there, that that's clearly not a priority for your agency.
So let's talk about what appears to be, and that is spying on Americans and censoring their speech.
You have turned your agency into a censorship machine.
Now, you said earlier this year that you disbanded the Disinformation Governance Board, which I thought was totally unconstitutional, but that turns out to be, at best, misleading.
That's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you're doing.
Your own quadrennial review, which was just reported in the press, says that disinformation is going to be the new focus at DHS.
The Quad Review says that DHS plans to target, I'm quoting now, inaccurate information domestically on a wide array of subjects including, quoting, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S.
withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S.
support for Ukraine.
This is what you're devoting your agency's resources to.
So, I guess my first question is, is an American citizen who criticizes COVID mandates now to be treated as a domestic terrorist?
Of course not, and I'd like to say three things since you have three inaccuracies in the question you posed to me.
Number one, border security is a priority of ours.
Number two, the department does not censor speech.
And number three, we did not publish a quadrennial review.
Does it exist, the Quadrennial Review?
I believe it is being worked on.
Well, it's been published in the media.
Will you make it public?
When it is final, it will be public.
You see, we got the secret document three weeks ago.
It's real.
But I don't need to read their documents.
The key to intelligence is observing in the field what's happening.
If I didn't have these documents, I'd know.
That's what I told you 25 years ago it was coming.
But it ain't coming no more.
Baby, it's here.
It's here.
And they are mobilized against us.
All that's left is the false flags, the power outages, and they're going to start the Civil War.
They want war, folks.
We don't want it.
But it's coming.
These people are criminals.
They work for Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
We'll be right back.
So, publicly and in internal documents, DHS's main mission is spying on and surveilling everything the American people say, and then working with big tech, private corporations, major banks like JPMorgan Chase is in the documents to harass and debank and stalk and criminally racketeer against us.
And I've been explaining this is all run by DHS and CIA for years.
We have the documents.
So why do they gaslight like this?
It's very simple.
If you're getting ready for a world ID, you're getting ready for controlled power outages, you're getting ready to try to ban meat, you're getting ready to try to break up families, you're getting ready to bring in these control grids, you're getting ready to launch your public spy force and start disappearing people, while you're building it and training people and preparing the pretext to launch it, you don't want opposition to know about it or form larger opposition against it.
You want to catch people flat-footed.
So everything we do here is to make sure you're not caught flat-footed.
Most people that actually wake up that are, let's just say, in the power structure, join evil when they learn this is going on because they get scared.
Most people in the power structure don't even know how things work.
They just go along to get along.
But I thought decades ago when I'd wake people up that it would only have positive effects.
Actually, I've learned Sadly, by talking a lot of them off record, that I woke up people in high power positions to become even more powerful, using our knowledge of the enemy to actually excel to the heights of it, because the top people in it don't teach their minions all the different tricks and secrets.
So, it's an overall positive what we do, but I never imagined that a large portion of people that wake up to this would then say, wow, that's a great business plan.
I'm going to join with evil.
It really does not show in history documents.
But what we do know is that anyone that serves evil, when you're entering the final phase of a real evil takeover, a real spasm, a real blooming of corruption, will be destroyed in the process.
And that serving evil, when it goes into these orgies of death and theft and corruption, is the most dangerous place to be.
The most dangerous place to be, where we're at societally, is on evil's side.
And evil is going to double down, and double down, and quadruple down, and quintuple down, trying to keep power and control, while acting invincible, acting imperious, filled with their humorous, their chutzpah, their bravado, their... Oh, what's the right word for it?
They're conceited attitudes.
Their conceit for everyone is really their shield for their weakness.
So they're in the end of their life cycle politically, culturally.
They're in the end of their big run.
Like a big fish running out on a line.
The end of the line is now about to happen, it's starting to happen, and they're exhausted.
And so they're going to double down with their arrogance, double down with their bravado, double down with their hiding in plain sight, their con game.
Because we've been here, you've been here, exposing their larger plan.
Knowing it was coming.
And so, basically everybody now knows this was coming, now they see it happening, and a lot of people will say, well, it's not going to be that bad, let's see how bad it is.
And when you see how bad it is, even though you serve the system, then you're going to realize for self-preservation that the only thing you can do is fight.
The only thing you can do is say no to this evil.
And that's our job, and that's why InfoWars, thanks to your support, your word of mouth, and your prayer, has been undoubtedly, hands down, the most valuable player on Team Freedom versus Team Demon.
All glory to God, who, working through you, did this.
So all glory to you, the viewers and listeners.
And I mean that.
You need it to burn into your mind.
Burn into your psyche.
Burn into your very soul how important you are, and how recognizing evil and resisting it, and more importantly recognizing God's supremacy, is the key to this test we're all experiencing.
But yes, they are officially saying in Homeland Security documents, Questioning lockdowns, open borders, forced injections, pedophile time, critical race theory, Afghan withdrawal, Ukrainian war, any of this.
If you care, if you're good, they're saying we're the bad guys and we're organizing the law enforcement and judicial and legislative systems against you.
But the crack in the dam starts with us.
Here's an example of why this operation is so precious.
The enemy knows this.
I want you to know it.
We were the first to break, because Rob New was ferreting around and poking around, that FTX was involved running the poison shot rollout and suppressing any treatments that actually protected people and therapeutics.
Now that's all over the news.
That story actually hit, Megan, it's everywhere now.
We broke that.
We did that.
You, the audience, did that.
Big victory this week.
I would have thought three weeks ago, when I harped on it and harped on it and harped on it, It'd be a bigger deal that more Homeland Security documents confirming the public statements and documents that they're literally preparing what can only be described as a communist Chinese or Hitlerian style police force against the American people.
And finally it's starting to break.
Finally it's starting to come out.
Another great example of the gaslighting is Chuckie Schumer saying over and over again and Democrats saying White people are bad, we need to get rid of white people, and white people shouldn't have children, and we're gonna bring in foreigners to replace the white people, and here's our UN plan, replacement migration.
We go, man, that's really racist and terrible, and a horrible thing to be like that, we don't support that.
And they go, it doesn't exist, the ADL said so, we're gonna censor you or take your bank account.
Then he goes out two days ago and gives a speech, saying we gotta replace the white people with foreigners who aren't white.
So see, we've gone past the point of they were in beta, they're in operational now, and so they've got to admit what they're doing but put a spin on it.
And because you and I and all of us were here exposing this, they're not going to get away with it.
Now I want to get into the whole rollout of the World ID and what the World ID will be implemented as, how it'll look, and how it'll be used, the different phases of the rollout when we come back.
And you ask, well how do you know this?
I mean, I see people all the time on Twitter and Instagram, people send me clips going, Jones has got to be CIA.
You know, how does he how does he know all this decades before?
Did you know people in the military and people in the CIA are some of the most compartmentalized people out there that actually don't even have access to open source information or don't spend their time on it?
99% of what's going on, you can go out from open source and know it.
And that's what's so frustrating.
If I can learn all this stuff from the enemy's own admissions, you can know it too.
They've said what their plan is in their councils.
They've released all the different documents we know.
But people hear me predict it, and they think it's magic when it's not magic.
If I go to a play, And they give me a program that tells me the three acts of the play.
And they tell me who is playing who.
I know that play, even though I've never seen it, by the program.
And we have their playbook.
We have their program.
We have the script of what they're doing.
And it is a very horrible place they're taking us.
So I suggest we all grow up and admit the real playbook.
How did I know Q wasn't real?
Not against those that got into it.
I get you wanted to think everything was fine.
It isn't.
Because I've studied history.
And Operation Trust that the Communists ran in Russia.
And how do I know so much?
Because I actually study history of the enemy, and I know their playbook, and I know how to beat them.
And we can do this together, but we're going to have to get very, very serious and very, very focused about it, and understand what's real and what isn't.
And you can see what's real.
You can see what's happening.
And there's no magic secret group in the government that's going to save you.
I know you want to believe that.
There are good people we can work with, but they're asking for you to stand up and step up.
Just like in V for Vendetta, when the police captain, the head investigator, is talking to V doesn't know he's talking to me.
He says, why didn't you do this before?
Why didn't you expose it before?
And he said, because I didn't have somebody like you yet that was willing to talk to me.
The change came from the grassroots through the system, not the other way around.
That's why it's called grassroots.
It grows up.
Fire goes up.
We'll be back.
There are good people in the universe.
In fact, there's more of us than there are evil.
I know because I'm good.
I love God.
I have courage.
And I was given insight and discernment and extreme determination and will and strength by my father, who art in heaven.
But I can't take on the enemy without you.
That's why I've reached out to others that have been made black sheep and been demonized by the system and have joined forces with them.
I've got a lot of big projects that will be announced very, very soon.
Some of them are folks like Andrew Tate, the most Googled man in the world.
I want to get into the Cash Flow Society and how it's here and what it's going to mean and how we're going to fight it and what it's going to look like if we don't stop it here in just a moment.
But we are now rolling out and working with Andrew Tate with a new supplement line.
I've gotten to know Tate good.
He's come here several times.
We've hung out quite a bit over the years.
He's good friends with Paul Joseph Watson.
He's four-time world heavyweight and cruiserweight kickboxing champion.
He's about to fight Jake Paul.
It's got a lot of news.
And he wants to be where the fight is.
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But he wasn't corrupting them, he was inspiring them to challenge authority.
He was inspiring them to think for themselves.
When you have the youth, the masculine youth of the world, thinking for themselves, that's pretty scary to authority.
Because it's the masculine youth of the world that is, one, the revolutionaries, and two, also, that's the backbone of the slave force.
If you need people to go die in a ditch in Afghanistan, you need them.
More than you need the feminists and the liberals, you need the real men to go out there to purport and prop up a system.
And if enough of these men stand in one place and say, this is enough, that's when a revolution happens.
So this is the most dangerous group of the demographic that the matrix and the people are
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Okay, let me do this.
I don't want to say I'm exhausted, because I'm not exhausted.
I feel really good today.
But when I make a claim like, I'm going to tell you what the Cash Flow Society is, I'm going to tell you how it's going to be implemented, I'm going to tell you what's going to happen if you go along with it, and I'm going to tell you how to stop it, there isn't anything more important than this, temporarily, on this planet.
Getting right with God, and being under God's protection, and signing up with God is number one.
But number two, is this information I'm going to lay out.
And so, let me tell you who we got coming up today.
We've got great filmmaker and author in his own right, and obviously the son of Oliver Stone, Sean Stone, with huge news on how to break the matrix, the third hour and Jade Iron the fourth hour.
And I also want to try to take your phone calls.
So I'm going to take phone calls at the bottom of the next hour, but I'm going to Getting a Zen focus here.
I can't do it in the next five minutes to break.
And I'm gonna come back next hour, and I'm gonna lay out what they're doing, what's admitted, what the plan is, and what they say they're gonna do once they implement this.
Which, by the way, they're very honest about it.
And it's kill you and your family.
So when I say that, it's not to shock you.
This is as real as a heart attack.
And Henry Kissinger trying to hire me In front of John Harmon.
15 years ago, it was as real as a heart attack.
I can only tell that story because the head of the Kissinger Group said it in front of John, and it wasn't off record.
I've had at least 10 other meetings, well more than that, with Bilderberg Group attendees.
With Bilderberg Group members.
I've had meetings with representatives of Klaus Schwab, okay?
Because I'll have those meetings with them and tell them they're going to lose and tell them they're going to be destroyed and they're insane and all the rest of it.
They're so full of hubris they don't listen.
But they're a little bit scared at the end of the day.
So I've had a lot of official meetings with them.
I've had informal meetings.
I've had run-ins with them.
You've all heard the story of the first class flight to be on The View 15-16 years ago and one of the biggest bank heads of the top three banks was there and I was on a three and a half hour flight with him from Austin to New York.
Off record meeting, but he said I could talk about the details.
Just don't say who he was.
He told me what they were going to do.
I mean, I mean, God has put me in this position.
It's not Alex Jones doing this.
I turned my life over to God a long time ago.
And that doesn't mean I go around and tell you how holy I am and wear robes and sit there and do Gregorian chants and all the rest of it.
I mean, I literally was drafted by the Holy Spirit and I literally signed on and I've been chosen because for whatever reason God thinks, and that's the only hope I've got, that I've got the metal to take this.
And I'll tell you, I'm going to ask you for more persecution.
Persecution does nothing to me now.
It's all God.
It's the Holy Spirit.
I wish I had the surety and the confidence now.
The confidence I have now, I thought I had confidence 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 10 years ago.
I have beyond confidence now because I am with God and I'm on a mission and it's bigger than me.
It's infinity big.
It's beyond infinity.
And I know I'm on a mission to save innocence and on a mission to stop the destruction of our species.
So I'm not just fully committed.
I am energized.
I am fulfilled.
I am complete.
But I can't do it without you, and I can't do it without your support, and that's why I'm so thankful to the listeners and viewers, and the guests and the callers and this crew.
Because this is real!
And good is real, just as evil is real, and we have proven this together.
So I'm all about the mission, I'm all about the issues, I'm not about politics, I'm not about putting on some preacher act that I'm holier than thou.
The truth is, I love women, and I love fistfights, and I love being a big old mean devil.
But I refuse that, and I throw that off, because I want to be close to God, and God chose me, just like God's choosing you, because you've got what it takes to take on the evil.
But to get that straight, I'm not saying I'm some holy man.
I'm saying I'm an instrument of God to bring absolute resistance and destruction to the New World Order and they know it.
I am a sword forged for their defeat.
Until about 150 years ago, cultures all over the world believed that people got sick and
died in many cases in the winter because of something called vapors.
They associated these poisonous vapors with cold weather.
Of course, it wasn't the cold weather or catching a chill that killed people.
What was killing people was a lack of vitamin D3.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWar and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you ought to fight!"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The film Soylent Green was made in 1973 and set in a dystopian world in the year 2022, where the government is secretly feeding the people food made of people.
And the most pleasant experience one can have is state-assisted suicide.
While government-run media pushes the idea of cannibalism, government-assisted suicide is officially now a thing in 2022.
Before COVID, you could always count on modern medicine to keep you alive, so long as you had the money or insurance to pay for it.
But these days, the hospitals seem more likely to liquidate you.
And in Canada, they will help you kill yourself, even if you don't really want to die.
Amir Farsood has applied for medically assisted dying, known as MAID.
He lives in constant agony due to a back injury, but has started the process for end of life because his rooming house is up for sale and he can't find anywhere else to live that he can afford.
He barely survives on Ontario Disability Support Payments, which are just over $1,200 a month.
He doesn't want to die, but being homeless is not an option.
I know in my present health condition I wouldn't survive it anyway.
Farsood meets the criteria for MAID.
Physical suffering due to disability that cannot be relieved.
His doctor, who knows Farsood's real reason for MAID is his fear of being homeless, signed off on the application in August.
Farsood needs a second to do the same.
There's a 90-day waiting period.
He believes he could potentially access MAID in about a month.
I don't wish to be dead.
Even with the pain, even with the meds, I still want to be here.
According to the Canadian government, they are getting several requests for suicide from children, who they refer to as mature minors.
And they are seeking to amend the laws so that these children can be euthanized They have saved 90 million dollars.
So, I mean, that's like four missiles flying to Ukraine.
that suggest this might be true, which shouldn't surprise anyone.
The quality of life for Canadians is at an all-time low, and the motive for helping Canadians kill themselves
is allegedly to save the government money.
They have saved $90 million.
So, I mean, that's like four missiles flying to Ukraine.
The government has infinite money for refugees and for foreign aid and for Democrat campaigns
and for waging war in Ukraine, but no money to keep people alive.
That's too expensive.
This is the plan how they're gonna save money.
Sure, they're gonna welcome in a couple million foreigners every year,
put them on the free healthcare ticket, but average Canadians, sorry.
Sorry, it's time to suicide.
It's time for death.
After 6,465 individuals committed suicide with the help of MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying, The Canadian government saved $86.9 million, about $13,000 per person.
That's what an individual's life is worth today in Canada.
The Economists running Canada concluded that the savings from Maid are so far negligible, but the suicide program should continue.
Bullets don't cost that much.
I mean, we could really be ramping this up.
Maybe you could have people pay tickets It's like maybe, maybe this is a solution.
Maybe in Canada, you pay like 10,000 bucks and you get to kill somebody.
This is the predictable outcome of big government.
When unnecessary jobs are created and given to lazy idiots, then economists and bureaucrats inevitably sort everything out.
And they only see us as a resource, which turns civilization into a meat factory.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, it's official.
The Mark of the Beast World Government's here.
It's all been publicly announced.
We're going to lay it all out on the other side.
Stay with us.
I know the listeners of this broadcast already know about the World ID, the New World Order, the IMF, the World Bank, the Cashless Society, the Social Credit Score, the Carbon Taxes, the Universal Basic Income, the Communist Chinese Hell Model, Hellscape is the blueprint for what they plan to bring forward against us.
But I wanted to be specific about where we're at and where they're going to take us with this system and how we can stop it and say no to it.
You have the UN, you have the big corporate mouthpiece, the World Economic Forum.
For decades they've said they want to use a viral scare.
The Rockefeller documents, Operation Lockstep, the list goes on and on.
To bring in a world medical ID that will really be the world ID that will have carbon controls and not just viral controls on where you can go, what you can do.
You'll have digital money by region that'll be programmable.
They'll decide where you can spend it, when you can spend it, how you can spend it.
They can devalue it or upvalue it whenever they want.
And it's directly tied and administered to the surveillance over in live time by corporations, bureaucracies and criminal think tanks like the ADL, who will then reward you or punish you off of your social behavior.
And then they will program it and incentivize it to spend it with their companies, their businesses, their systems.
Microcosm example is they tried to put the last year synthetic, estrogen laden, poisoned Meat, in the hamburgers, on the store shelves, all over the Western world.
It was unanimously, I mean, they lost billions of dollars, total failure, tastes horrible, makes you sick.
Just one of these burgers that one of the big chains was selling had something like 20 plus times the amount of estrogen that an estrogen shot.
Some of these people becoming trans don't just take pills, they take shots.
It had 20 plus times what a estrogen injection has.
a weapon. So that's just one tiny little window into this.
Or Canada, or Brazil.
All announcing, you protest on election, your bank account is turned off, you get put in jail and we can get you.
That's in my stack today.
So, everything they do in Canada, or Brazil, or Germany, or America, is for everybody else.
And obviously, if you submit and go along and are a big leftist, get your breast cut off, chop your son's testicles off, you'll get a higher credit score for a while.
But then, as the resources shut off, under this whole carbon regime, people are going to be encouraged to commit suicide.
But then quote, raise money for their family, or you get to have fun for a year before you kill yourself, you get lionized, you get worshipped on TV.
This is the whole plan to push the Silent Green model for real.
And so now Joe Biden got questioned by the press the last two days and said, you signed an agreement.
Congress hadn't ratified it, but the bureaucracy doesn't care, just like the G20 Meetings they've had previously, or Agenda 21 in 1992, or Agenda 2030 last year.
They don't care.
The bureaucracy implements it.
Which is a way to stop it.
It's illegitimate.
It's a fraud.
And they sent letters to the White House, they press conferences, I've got the articles, and Biden said, yes, we're creating a world ID directed by the World Economic Forum that the last five years created the model with Communist China that created the software that the UN last year recommended be the new operating system for the world.
So a Communist Chinese made system designed by the World Economic Forum and the megabanks Is now officially rolling their control grid out, and they admit, through this, we're going to control your carbon, your social credit score, and once you can't make a living, cloud and piven, your new universal basic income.
But you can only spend the credits where we say.
On the bug protein food.
On the synthetic meat.
On that sex change sterilization.
On getting euthanized.
On that leftist psychologist.
At that megabox store.
The lockdown was just an assault on local businesses, small farms and ranches, and small factories.
But this is incorporated to where through the SGC system, SEGs, you won't even be able to invest or spend money or buy from a mom and pop.
Because they're not part of it, unless they force bugs on the menu.
This is total dog training, absolute enslavement.
So the G20 comes out and announces their vaccine passport for all future international travel.
You go into the details of all these plans, officially set up the airlines.
Everybody's ready to add carbon taxes now through this new digital ID, where you think it's just an ID to show you've had the poison shot, which doesn't protect you, erases your immune system, makes you very sick, but doesn't kill you.
But then along with it comes The social credit scores.
So the little vaccine cards and the QR codes everybody put in, because they got ordered to by their local business associations, they got ordered to by their national and international associations, to... Oh, we don't have paper menus anymore.
You've got to scan your phone for the menu, and we're going to track what you actually ate and what you did for your carbon score.
See, it's all admitted.
It's all train-a-monkey behavior.
So now Biden has come out.
Here's the town hall article.
Biden stands behind pledge to create global vaccine passport system.
To protect us from the next pandemic that he says is imminent.
To build on the success, the success of creating the virus, releasing it, giving people deadly shots, destroying the economy, causing mass suicide.
They're going to build on that success.
Because it was successful for them.
To hurt you.
To consolidate power, to double and triple the average billionaire's wealth.
And put the average person, 66% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, 60% of Americans are on the verge of bankruptcy.
But all the rich people, the really rich one, not the guy that has three cars and a big house and, you know, a pool and his wife's got a big boob job and you think that's the rich guy down the street because he's making $300,000 a year and you're making $100,000.
No, no, the people that print the money, the people that control the money.
Biden, the puppet president, signed On to a communique of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on Wednesday agreeing to build on the success of existing vaccine passports.
And it goes into a world ID to protect us from the next pandemic that will also be tied into the new carbon taxes and more.
And it continues, ladies and gentlemen.
Canadian bank launches credit card linked to carbon emissions and all the other big banks around the world are launching them as well.
While we have the FBI director and others announcing people that protest this are terrorists.
Far-left Brazilian Supreme Court orders banks to block funds of businessmen who supported protests in mass democracy rallies.
Same thing with the trucker rally run by the WEF as the response shutting them down was.
Exact same response in Brazil.
It's a global government with a global control system.
But a centralization is its strength, but it's also its weakness because it's illegitimate, it's totalitarian, it's anti-human, it's depopulationist, it's exterminist, under Memorandum 200 of the State Department at every level.
And it goes on from there.
Example, after example, after example.
Now when we come back, I'm going to talk about where they'll go in the future with this and how we stop it.
By the time the general public figures this out in the next few years, it will be very hard to make the transition.
I have told you that I'm in a rear guard action, staying here in Austin and not really making preparations for myself.
But if I was a selfish person, I would already be gone.
To the countryside, the middle of nowhere, behind a hill, living in a shack, at a subsistence level, with a very low profile.
Low signature.
But I know we have a chance to buffer this and deaden this assault that's still gonna come, this wave, and so I've decided to stay on the front line.
And I say that not to be heroic, I say it to understand that you staying and challenging and being as strong as you can and fighting the agenda is much better than running and hiding.
If you have the money to have a backup emergency plan, I suggest you get it.
But the real defense is stopping this before it gets into place, and building the future movements that will bring it down.
We'll be right back.
So, the lockdowns the last two and a half years, the QR codes when you go in the grocery store, or you go into a restaurant, all of it, in their own admissions, is to train you to accept the cash flow society.
Buying and selling with the phone first, then face scans, then hand scans.
The forehead of the hand.
Prophecy being fulfilled.
And the churches are rolling all this in.
Everybody's going along with it because we love to adopt technology, but it's a Trojan horse.
Now, here's an example.
Lockdowns began in early 2020.
They told you you'd be locked down for years because no vaccine would be available.
They already had the vaccine made and ready to roll.
It wasn't a vaccine.
And they manipulated Trump into saying, I want to get things open.
Let's warp speed it.
It was all basic psychology, basic manipulation.
We said that at the time.
We're not saying that in hindsight.
We predicted it and it came true.
Just pointing out we know what we're talking about.
And so, some parts of the country stayed locked down for over a year.
Some areas of Latin America and Africa and the third world for over two years.
But in blue cities, they were locked down for over a year.
But finally, when they let it open back up, after lockdowns for two, three weeks in Austin, six, seven, eight months a year in California and New York, if you went in anywhere to get a slice of pizza or hamburger or whatever it was, They wanted you to scan the QR code.
Oh no, paper menus are allowed.
We can't touch those and spread the virus.
But it was the IMF and World Bank through the World Economic Forum and the UN that set the global standard to the International Association of Restaurants and Hospitalities and Hotels.
Here's the policy so the lawyers won't sue you.
It was really about control.
So it's very simple.
They created global policy and whether you're in Australia, In Sydney, or whether you're in New York City in New York, or whether you're in London, England, or whether you're in Baden-Baden, Germany, or whether you were in Moscow, whether you were in Durban, South Africa, whether you were in Mexico City, Mexico, whether you were in Puerto Rico, it didn't matter.
It was unified worldwide with a QR global program created by the Communist Party China, look it up, and sponsored by the UN and the WEF to train The hospitality industry to make you scan when you come in.
So that once they roll out the global ID, starting with the airports and trains, then it's to go in a grocery store, then it's to go in a business.
They're already trying QR codes in areas of Canada and areas of Italy and Singapore and communist China.
And China is where it's already fully in place, where you drive down the road and a drone barks orders at you.
With a QR code hanging down, you've got to get out and scan it.
It tells you whether to drive over here and get taken to a camp or it tells you whether to drive on.
And when folks see people being grabbed and disappeared, it becomes normal to see that and nobody stands up and resists.
And the UN admits that's the cover for mass arrests and mass roundups and purges happening around the world.
So if you want to know what's coming to your town in Canada, in Mexico, in Germany, in France, in South Africa, Look no further than the highways and train stations and bus stations and grocery stores in Rome, Italy.
Or in Beijing, China.
Guys, pull up that drone from a few weeks ago on the highway, everybody having to scan the QR code.
And again, it's all based on a fraudulent PCR test that they can rig however they want, where they program in your name, when you scan, it says you're sick, you disappear.
And then what did Australia say?
What did New Zealand say?
What did Germany say?
What did Canada say last year?
They said, well, now if you protest the lockdowns, and when the police call you in Australia, you have 15 minutes to scan your face or call them back on FaceTime, or you get arrested and put in the quarantine center.
So they're training everybody like we're a school of fish.
Where'd Bob go?
I don't know.
Let's stay in our school.
So this person gets picked up by a van.
This person gets picked up on the highway.
This person gets picked up at work.
This person comes back.
This other person doesn't come back.
What happened to Bill?
What happened to Jane?
What happened to Sanchez?
What happened to Mario?
What happened to Chin?
Oh, they died of the COVID or whatever the new thing is at the COVID Center and you don't want to protest it and say it's wrong because your social credit score will get lost or lowered or you'll get banned off the web or you'll get picked up too.
And it's just this normalization like the UN said.
The head of the UN's Global Emergency Response Unit, Ryan, Dr. Ryan, said in all those speeches, the end game is going into the homes and breaking up the families and taking the children.
So China is the beta test to perfect the model with a bunch of masked men.
And what do they show in movies like The Purge?
You wear a mask when you go out to commit crimes.
You wear a mask when you go under mob psychology, mass psychosis, mass formation events.
So you have the masked party of the New World Order with the men in the bunny suits, the women in the bunny suits, and the vans, and the general public all covered up so nobody knows who's who as they get disappeared Ladies and gentlemen.
And again, they tell you, just go through this emergency, things will come back to normal.
But they don't come back to normal.
Each time there's a new emergency, more rights are taken, more freedoms are taken.
They're more entrenched.
They're more in control.
Then once they've collapsed the major cities and starved hundreds of millions to death, then the TV ads and the web ads will start.
It's the people in the rural areas that didn't comply.
They've got food.
They've got water.
These rich people, these kulaks, you might just be in a family farm of 20 acres feeding yourself.
And then they send out the armed paramilitary troops several years into it to come in and nationalize your farm.
And they come in with guns, just like they did in Cuba.
And they say, sign on to our agreement, give the majority of your food to us, go under this commune, hire these people we said, or we're gonna take you away.
And you say no, they don't shoot you in front of your family, they grab you, they put you in a van, and they take you to a special facility, where you're taken into a contained room, they flip a switch, the oxygen's sucked out of the room, you're killed.
Your organs are harvested.
And they're building acid baths.
Facilities all over the United States, mainstream news, legalizing a new way to dissolve bodies.
Not cremation, not burial, but liquid acid baths are being built that have giant capacities, way above people opting in or wanting to do it.
They're just building them.
Seattle built a giant one last year.
Denver built a giant one.
New York built a giant one.
They're building giant acid bath facilities that look like the factory in Soylent Green, where they just dump your bodies into green goo.
It's on TV, look it up.
It looks just like Soylent Green Factory.
And they say the acid turns the bodies into protein which they then feed to farm animals or use as fertilizer.
Soylent Green is made out of people.
So this is the dystopia.
This is the plan.
This is what they're going to do.
And then society just crumbles and implodes.
And each step you give over more freedom.
You become their slave.
You comply.
You work at a death camp.
You kill people to try to stay alive.
But you're going to die in the end too.
And more and more at the death camps.
Combat robots.
Drones will be in control.
Until finally there's only a few technicians at these camps.
And 100,000 robots killing a million people a week.
And then, the globalists are obsessed with cannibalism.
The communist Chinese did this.
They had huge banquets on the flesh of their enemies.
Our enemies will then dine on our children like little suckling piglets.
Our children will come out of the ovens with apples in their mouths, literally, and will be eaten by people like Klaus Schwab.
All right, I want to take a few calls this segment and next.
I meant to give the number out earlier, but I'm going to give it out now.
Sean Stone's coming in studio to talk about how to defeat the New World Order next hour.
He'll take some calls in as well.
What do you make of Biden announcing a New World, UN, WEF, Communist China-designed and controlled ID card to spy and track on everything you do and cut you off if you don't submit to your leftist masters?
It's not coming, it's here.
877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX is the number to join us.
First-time callers, long-time callers, people that agree, disagree.
We don't screen your calls.
Just have a good phone line and be ready to talk.
Love what the callers bring up.
You know, Andrew Tate is really on a war to empower men and to warn families about the brainwashing of their children.
That's why he's been banned and blocked and attacked.
But now, he is absolutely not backing down.
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The parents are out working all day to school and the internet and the matrix raise your children.
Your children go to school all day and be told things that you may not want them to learn.
Then they sit on the internet and read things and watch things you may not want them to watch.
You talk to them for 10 minutes at the end of the day, they go to bed.
You're fighting with your 10 minutes against endless hours of the most entertaining programming or the most forceful programming.
In school, it's forceful.
the internet is entertaining, convincing them of ideas that you perhaps don't agree with.
I've seen it myself on YouTube. I've seen a guy in America driving his car and his kids
were in the back seat and he was arguing with them about an issue. And he was like, where
did you hear that? School? He's like, why did the school tell you that? That's not true.
And his own children are arguing with him because they learned it in school. Have you
ever tried to take your children out of school?
You'll get fined.
You'll get in trouble.
No, your kids have to go to school.
You have to give your kids away to the school.
If you don't give your kids away to the brainwashing, you'll get in trouble.
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All right.
So, I just spent the last hour, really, with the Cashless Society Control Grid that's now official, now going into place.
You'll run every fast of your life.
That's why we're trying to build our own infrastructure while we still can to stay on air through this to try to stop it.
And now we're taking your phone calls.
Let's go to Kim and Kimberly and Mike and Sean and Jay and Carlos and Mary and many others.
Kim in Wisconsin, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Love you.
I don't understand why we would send kids back to school anymore.
Are you there?
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, I don't understand.
Now that the kids will be out for the holidays, we have to stand up for the children.
We have to draw the line for the children.
No more school.
Well, that's right.
Even if your children go to most private schools, they're all trained in the same corporate colleges and literally brainwash them and will ruin your children.
So the biggest revolution is not having your children be part of their system.
My children don't have anything to do with me because they think that I'm nuts, that this is not happening, and I have two grandchildren I don't even get to see.
Well, take Tim Kennedy, a good friend of mine, Army veteran.
He's done the right thing.
He went and started a school that just teaches Americana and basic skills and reading, writing, and arithmetic.
It got overflowed within the first few months.
Now they're radically expanding it.
So a real revolutionary act, and our forebears knew this, would be founding new independent schools.
That's really what we need.
My wife's cousin Their family had gone three generations to a school, a private school.
During the lockdowns, the mask got taken over by communists.
They ended up getting a space a mile down the road.
The first year, it was filled.
Now they've doubled the space.
And now they've got more students from the old school at the new school.
And now they've got a waiting list.
And now they're about to build a new building.
So again, this is how you do it.
This is the real revolution.
Can you put that information up so that states and people can start taking that information and doing it themselves?
Well, sure.
I mean, I'm not really an academic or good at starting schools.
I was just mentioning how everybody else is going out and doing it themselves, and it's immediately a big success.
And so, I mean, I can't decide for parents what the right school is for them or how they should set up a school.
But I'm just saying, a real revolutionary act is creating new independent schools, and there's a major hunger for it.
I appreciate your call.
Great point.
Sean in New York.
Sean, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex Jones.
It's Clarence Carter, my senior reporting for duty, sir.
I just wanted to let you know I have, uh, the 12 days of, uh, InfoWars Christmas.
Well, tell me.
Okay, well, on the first day of Chinese Christmas, my ex-girlfriend texted me a meme that Alex Jones is right.
On the second day of Chinese Christmas, my ex-girlfriend texted me two chicks with a Prix are sinning and a meme with Alex Jones is right.
On the third day of Chinese Christmas, my true ex-girlfriend sent to me three stooges beamed to Star Trek.
One chick's with... Ah, I messed it up.
But anyway, it goes on at the... Four callers calling in for wars with products.
Five boosters still don't work.
Six Gregory specials play playing.
Seven drain the swamp, but they're still swimming.
Well, I mean, I share negativity with what you're saying, but we can't give up, can we?
list, 11 vaccinators swinging, Operation Waxination, and it goes on. I gotta fix it. When I fix
it, I'll call you back.
Well, I mean, I share negativity in what you're saying, but we can't give up, can we? It'll
only be worse if we give up.
I'm not giving up, Alex.
I'm out here fighting every day.
I go to all the rallies in the city.
I bring out my CO2 carbon dioxide tester that I use at work, that I'm certified by OSHA, certified by my union.
I try to show to people.
I did it in front of the health department, and the cops saw me do it, and they took off their masks right then and there.
I showed them my licenses.
I showed them that this is the machine that OSHA has referred to.
It is a forensic detector, M8060, something like that, which is the one that they refer to in OSHA's standards Well, you said the police listen to you.
Explain to people, I've read depending on the mask, they lower oxygen up to 40% on average over 25.
up at that bird anymore brother. Well you said the police listen to you and
explain to people I've read depending on the mask they lower oxygen up to 40% on
average over 25 that's enough to cause brain damage and that's what our kids
are wearing still. Alex I try to explain to people if you put this on your child
just go to the CDC website Under Holiday Recommendation, it says children under 2 do not put a mask on because it can cause asphyxiation.
Also, if you saw alarms going off inside of the school like they do with the mask test when I do the CO2 test, would you send your kids into a school that has alarms blaring everywhere?
No, but I try to show people within 10 seconds that this thing starts to show deadly levels of carbon monoxide, parts per million, It's a thousand dollar machine that I use for work and, you know, I work in a confined space with welding and people just think it's a joke.
I try to explain to people, you're brain damaging your kids, you're brain damaging yourself.
Over time, you're causing the hemoglobin not to carry the oxygen to the blood to your brain and you're becoming stupid.
And that's what I think happened, Alex.
Between the nanoparticles in the food and turning the frogs gay, you were right all along.
Alex Jones is right.
Well, you're right, Sean, to warn people, and it sounds like you're having a big effect.
So keep it up.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you so much for the call.
We love the callers.
We're going to go to break and talk to Mary and Tyson and Kimberly and Zach and Matt and everybody else straight ahead.
Sean Stone, filmmaker, patriot, author, is going to be in the studio, and Vivian Kubrick is here making a documentary, and I guess she wants to come on, which I'm happy to have her on.
He wants her on.
They're both sons and daughters of famous filmmakers.
He's the son of Oliver Stone.
She's the daughter of Stanley Kubrick.
Doesn't get better than that, does it?
So, always have some insightful things to say with us in studio in the third hour.
Right now, let's go back to your phone calls.
Matt in Ohio.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, how's it going, Mr. Jones?
Good, sir.
I just wanted to talk more about that cashless society.
You were right, it's leading to the market abuse system and people really need to wake up.
They need to quit living in these bubbles of entertainment, you know, and being distracted by everything else going on and they need to really focus on the things that's currently going on.
Even the G2 summit you were talking about, they were literally over there creating a new Ten Commandments.
They were going up to Mount Sinai.
I don't know if you've seen that part.
The Pope was even involved in it.
Oh, I did.
And remember the Georgia Guidestones that just got blown up?
It has its Ten Commandments.
It's the same cult.
Exactly, so it makes you wonder what those Ten Commandments are going to tell you.
They're probably going to tell you things like, you cannot go here, you cannot do this, etc, etc.
It's just another way to monitor you, and it's just crazy how they're trying to replace the biblical Ten Commandments.
If that doesn't show people we are in the end times, I don't know what's going to happen.
Oh, they are fulfilling prophecy themselves.
Klaus Schwab says the final thing will be a chip in your skin, or a face scan, or a palm scan to buy and sell.
This has all been announced.
I can play the videos.
And also, are you aware of the mysterious purple lights that have been appearing in places?
The street lights?
They're saying they're blaming it on malfunctions.
I think that's a way for them to track, you know, the people that got the jab.
That's personally my belief.
Buddy, they're doing all sorts of wild experiences and weird experiments on us.
Thank you so much, Matt.
Let's talk to Kimberly in Washington.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Kimberly.
Alex Jones, huge fan, very honored to speak with you.
Real quick, so with all this cashless society, do you not think that people are going to go back to a barter and trade system?
People just unwilling to participate in this?
Well, that's the solution.
I meant to get the solutions and I didn't, of course.
We need to take over local governments, create barter societies, go back to micro-farming in the city and rural as well as urban, and we need to understand this whole system's coming, and as many of us as we can, maybe part of your family moves to the country, and you have a place there, no matter how quaint or how small, and then you've got your place in the city where you've still got to work within it, but people should be Absolutely, 100%.
I just wanted to bring that up because I'm one of those people where my kids aren't going to starve.
And so I'm already thinking ahead, like, well, if this is going to happen, what are we going to do?
Because I think there's a lot of people that just aren't going to put up with this.
And I've even been talking to my husband about distilling alcohol.
Alcohol, you have to have something to barter, I believe, in the future.
Oh, in fact, I was about to, I'm looking for, there's a few books on it, but in the future, alcohol will be an incredible currency, so will mom and pop, you know, natural herbal medicines and things.
And instead of just selling these products, we need to get to the point where people know how to produce them themselves.
And you're right, in any subsistence farming situation, grain alcohol, knowing how to make things like that will absolutely feed your family.
Because that's the thing, you don't need to have ten crops or five crops.
You can have, say, pigs or cows and corn, or you can have tomatoes and things that you, you know, and pickles, things that you, and then everybody shares in a community, and that's really what we're designed to do.
It's fun, it's amazing, and I gotta tell you, in the Great Depression, my family in East Texas, they're still all rotting stills out there, they stayed in business, they didn't go bankrupt, selling moonshine, baby.
So, absolutely.
Okay, and real quick, Alex Jones, I just gotta tell you about X2 real quick.
I actually have a vaccine-injured child.
And the X2, unbelievable help with seizure control.
I just wanted to thank you for that.
Well, you know, the biggest deficiency in the world, the UN admits, 2.3 million people have brain damage, cognitive problems, and or epileptic type issues because of iodine deficiency.
And so it won't cure a lot of problems, but it will certainly have been proven to be mitigated.
Most people are iodine deficient.
What did you see once you started having your son take the iodine?
My daughter.
Well, like you said, it took a little bit to kick in, but we went from Very uncontrolled seizures, multiple a week to maybe once or twice a week now.
It's amazing.
You wouldn't believe it.
So, I mean, what percentage reduction in seizures would you say you observed?
Off the top of my head, I don't know, but I was seeing about 10 a week and now we maybe see 2.
Sometimes she'll go a week without any.
Well, you know, electrochemically Iodine is the key in cells.
If you don't have that, cells can't operate.
Thank you for the call.
Sorry to hear about your daughter being damaged by the deadly shots.
Jay in Tennessee, you're on the air, go ahead.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
What's up, brother?
I take about 20 of your supplements every morning, and I run like a crazy man.
Anyways, I'm a truck driver, so I'm looking forward to the turbo force coming back, but okay.
I know, that's been sold out a while and I apologize.
Thank you for the support.
I'm not mad.
I got all of your coins and the gold and I got everything.
But anywho, past all that, I'm hoping when Mr. Robert Bonds was, you know, talking constitutionally how maybe this could happen and that can happen before January 6th and none of it happened, it got kind of depressing, you know.
These midterms, I never anticipated anybody Really making any big mocks with the Republican Party, which like I think is mostly a bunch of rhinos.
But now, there's been a couple of inquiries with this FBI guy, Christopher Wray there, and then that other guy there, the bald-headed guy, looked, I don't know, I don't like him at all.
You showed his video today.
You talking about Mayorkas?
Yes, America is waking up to the fact that we have a seized, controlled executive law enforcement branch, and so that's good news.
So we only got to go up from here.
What I'm hoping is, and yeah, I'm mad at Trump, but I voted for him twice and I would vote for him again, but I'm hoping that he's got I'm hoping that he's keeping it on the down low, that maybe he will become the Speaker of the House if they allow that to happen.
And I'm hoping that Lauren Bovitt out there gets the ability to stay in her seat in the House.
Well, she's declared victory.
They're having a recount, but it looks like she's going to win.
Great point, sir.
Thank you so much for the call.
Carlos in Canada.
We've got about three minutes to break.
He wants to talk about weapons to fight the New World Order.
Carlos, how do we fight the Castle Society rollout?
Go ahead.
Okay, very straightforward.
You will own nothing and you'll be happy.
Okay, well I have shares in stocks and I'm telling you, I'm not giving them up.
I'm a shareholder, I'm a stakeholder, and every American, everybody in the world, Canadian or otherwise, can go and you have shareholder rights.
These individuals that control thousands of corporations because they have majority shareholding
or because they have their money under management are telling the United Nations, you know Prince
Charles was saying it, you have more money than governments.
Alright, well I'm a shareholder, I have the right as a shareholder to stand up on a board
of directors meeting or to stand at a meeting of shareholders and say, hey clearly, ladies
and gentlemen, you are subject to the corporation that has registered in my nation, in my country,
You do what you're supposed to do, sell widgets, and stop running my world.
And let me stop you, Carlos, because I said I would get into solutions, and this was actually the main one, and I did, and I'm so glad you're smart, and you called, and I want you to elaborate.
They call themselves shareholders because they're globalists, meaning at an event, maybe a hundred of them.
But the real shareholders are the literal shareholders in the companies and then local governmental regulators
have something to say.
So just like the EU is trying to bring in tyranny against shareholders, we can exude resistance
to what they're doing, just like BlackRock having millions and billions leave for their activities.
So yes, that one of the biggest ways is for shareholders to put pressure on these companies going along
with the SCGs and the New World Order.
They show up at the Vatican with 20 trillion dollars worth of power.
You know, Lady Rothschild, she tells the Pope, hey, these are my guardians.
Here we are because you wrote Sui Fratelli, you know, you're your brother's keeper.
And we want to really make sure that we're doing the job.
And the Pope said to her clearly, hey, do the job and then come to talk to me about Sui Fratelli.
So don't think for one minute that these guys can bamboozle us like we're dummies.
We're not.
Number two, you have a problem.
You're going to have a World Economic Forum breastfed by Klaus Schwab, who is a young global leader, governor of the state of California, Gavin Newsom, run for president.
And you're going to see what's going to happen if he becomes president.
Well, we're seeing what happens with Xi Jinping and Trudeau and this new idiot running the UK.
Incredible points, Carlos.
With 30 seconds left, other solutions to stand up against this world government takeover?
Well, very straightforward.
The final and the most straightforward solutions that we have is to basically make our children to listen to people like Andrew Tate.
Because by developing yourself, by taking care of others, that's the future.
That's the vision that the American people had.
If you take 8 billion people, Alex, and you put them all in one concert, in one place, all of them, let's say you did, let's say they would not fill, they would all fit in an island, in the smallest island in Hawaii.
I hear you.
We don't need to depopulate.
Thank you.
The globalists are in an absolute panic right now.
They are attacking and suing and censoring and spying on and engaging in bullying and
physical attacks against populist conservatives and Christians, not just in America, but worldwide.
And their number one most hated enemy in the media is InfoWars because we know the globalist
number, we know their operation, we know their modus operandi, and we know how to take them
down peacefully.
We've got great products that fund the operation that also are incredibly powerful and the
the highest quality for your immune system and more.
We have the biggest sale of the year going right now.
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Biggest sale of the year.
Promo code 1776.
Up to 60% off.
Take action now and empower your body.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
The third difference which we see in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fact that the winners take it all.
Contrary to the previous industrial revolutions, it's very difficult to copy.
So if you are a first mover, You are the winners.
And this will determine global competition on a national, but also on a business level to a large extent.
And I hope in a not too hostile way in the coming years.
It really is true in a social Darwinistic fashion that if we present all this that's very accurate and documented, And the general public does not rally and awaken and say no and bring the perpetrators to justice, that really they've all been given ample warning and deserve what they get.
And that's why the globalists target adults with deadly shots and assisted suicide and all the rest of it.
Because metaphysically in the natural law of the universe, if you can get somebody to hurt themselves out of their free will, even if you pretty much trick them, you still got to give them a hint.
Then it doesn't come back on you metaphysically as bad.
And what will happen to politics in your country in 20 years when somebody in San Francisco or in Beijing knows the entire medical and personal history of every politician, every judge, and every journalist in your country, including all those sexual escapades, all their mental weaknesses, and all their corrupt dealings?
Will it still be an independent country?
Or will it become a data colony?
When you have enough data, you don't need to send soldiers in order to control a country.
So they're definitely involved in a spiritual alchemy, and they understand the laws of the universe.
But when they cross the Rubicon of trying to euthanize children, trying to sterilize children, trying to wreck the brains of children, Oh, crime!
That God will not put up with and will destroy us.
Originally it was pericarditis and I was then told just before Christmas actually it's perimyocarditis.
So it's actually worse because I've got pericarditis and myocarditis damage.
So I have scarring on three parts of my heart and still the lining and muscle of my heart.
I've got the inflammation which constricts it.
So that's when my heart rate goes up.
That's what's constricting my heart and stopping me from breathing.
And the other team we're fighting knows that, and that's why they try to get us to go along and sanction the killing of children, whether it be abortion, or assisted suicide, or transgenderism as a form of genetic suicide for the people that actually get sterilized.
And so, they're trying to get us to lower our shields.
The depopulationists dream.
A 3D printed suicide machine.
Or in other words, a modern day gas chamber.
The Sarko Capsule, a high tech death machine explicitly built for killing yourself, was just 3D printed.
The Sarko Capsule is being touted by depopulationists as a way to efficiently and effortlessly kill oneself.
Amir Farsood has applied for medically assisted dying, known as MAID.
He lives in constant agony due to a back injury, but has started the process for end of life because his rooming house is up for sale and he can't find anywhere else to live that he can afford.
Once inside the pod, the user will have to start the fatal process themselves.
They will have to press a button which will reduce internal oxygen levels.
The pod, which is biodegradable, can then be detached to be used as a coffin.
When a Canadian veteran picked up the phone and called Veterans Affairs Canada to get treatment for his combat-related PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, he expected help getting better and getting his life back.
Instead, he got an unexpected and unwanted offer to help him end it through medically assisted death.
This is all being done by design.
Well, the globalists say they're destroying the country by design.
This is a pro-death, pro-tyranny cult.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
For beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
Mr. Scarron!
Please, listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand,
then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Shut up and stop.
Your necks, please!
Your necks are in danger!
Please, listen to me!
It's something terrible!
Your necks, here they are!
They're already here!
Your necks!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
Get you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
science fiction, Embarrassing Street,
Invasion of the Body Sages, Land of the Walking Dead,
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, the planets have aligned.
Sean Stone was just happy to be visiting in town.
We talked and said, why don't you come on the show?
And Vivian Kubrick is here making a documentary film.
Both you guys are filmmakers in your own right.
And of course, you're an author, Sean Stone, as well as a TV producer.
And both your fathers are some of the most famous directors in history, Stanley Kubrick.
And of course, your dad needs no introduction.
Oliver Stone and your dad's an expert on this over you on what's happening over in Ukraine
that's leading us towards World War III, the whole false flag missile attack, the world government
cashless society being announced, stolen elections, just mass psychosis, they're planning for new
lockdowns. I mean we really are stepping into the dystopia.
I hate being vindicated being on air 28 years reading their own documents. I wasn't predicting, I
knew they had power, they were planning this, I tried to stop it. Now we're in it but
people are halfway awake. This is, how would you describe, first Sean Stone and then Vivian
Kubrick, the moment in history we're in right now? It's like being in a dream.
It's like being in a dream where everyone is in a sense experiencing their own realities.
And it's almost difficult to get us on the same wavelength, the same page here.
Because as you said, there are these forces that we can identify and we can point to and
obviously it's manipulating the media, the news cycle that's put out there.
We can really tell the agenda very clearly based on the news cycle.
But as far as our experience of it, it is so different, right?
I mean, life has broken down into that place where maybe that's the point.
The beauty of it is if we can reclaim some sense of how reality in Los Angeles is 180 degrees different from what it is right now here in Austin, from what I experience and live in Florida, right?
And maybe that's the beauty of it, is getting back to the States.
And I think that, if anything else, my only hope right now is looking at the elections and going, okay, great.
They did their rigging.
We've drawn out these ballots for days and weeks and it's disgusting, obviously, what
can be done now with the rigging.
But look at least at Florida's totally red and Texas obviously didn't, you know, they
didn't get Beto in here.
There weren't, you know, it wasn't like there were some major tectonic shifts that took
So if you go to the state levels, there is still a fight going on and there is still
resistance going on at the state levels and there is still opportunity, I think, for people
to say, "Well, I can't deal with California politics anymore.
I'm leaving.
You know, we've seen that, obviously.
And I think it'll just continue, and it'll continue in the coming years, because the more that they force down our throats these policies, the more the human spirit just rejects it and says, no, that's not my reality anymore.
I'm leaving.
I totally agree with you.
I told my wife a few days ago, I said, I even cut a little promo this canary next week where I give Thanksgiving.
I'm more thankful now than ever because good versus evil is so clear before it was under the surface.
Now it's been forced out in the open and the forces of enslavement who are anti-free will are more desperate than ever.
So this looks really bad, but it's forcing the infection.
to the surface and as you said the paradox of being in one state like it's another country
versus one that's still under the mind control is night and day and it just it shows there's a way
out and as people in those more enslaved areas see those of us in less enslaved areas we become
an example to them. Vivian Kubrick how would you describe the place we're at right now worldwide
and also here in America? Well I feel like people are being challenged unlike any other period of
history to actually interface with their true selves to not operate from being you know
inculcated with you know lies and the psyops and In fact, Sean and I were just talking about this before we went live on air.
That people need to understand how the PSYOPs work.
That's going to really help them emerge as their true selves.
Because PSYOPs are weird.
They really do affect you.
They affect me.
And it's so... God, what's the right word?
I can't think of it.
It begins with I. That's the only thing I can remember.
Anyway... It's very surreal.
Well, it's very surreal when you actually start to see, like I was saying the other night, the mainstream media cut together all the talking heads and then this super sinister alignment of everything they're saying is the same sentence.
That is so terrifying to me.
And if only people could just see 30 seconds of those kinds of videos, they're going to go, wait a minute, nobody's actually independently reporting the news.
You've got ABC, CBS, NBC, all of them in the exact same script.
That's when you're in a tyranny.
Or a tyranny trying to take over.
Well, so I had this conversation recently about you, Alex.
It was funny.
I was in L.A.
and I was talking to a filmmaker there and he was basically giving me the talking points as to why you were being sued because you had incited people to digging up graves and terrorizing the Sandy Hook parents and I said, Well, I'm not sure if that's true, but if that is true, if he's guilty of incitement, think about the consequence of that.
And it's like only then that I actually catch him.
He's like thinking about it.
Think about that.
So you say something that incites me, and I go over there and I rob someone or I kill someone, and now you're responsible?
Actually, I just want to say something.
That takes everybody else's freedom.
But that's the whole point.
We've lost responsibility if we're guilty of incitement.
My father got sued for this in the 90s.
Natural born killers, right?
Well, wait a minute.
I just want to say, with Cloaca Corenge, people at the time, people were raping and killing and robbing and then they were saying, oh, I did it because I saw Cloaca Corenge, which I doubt was ever true.
But anyway, Margaret Whitehouse, I think that's her name.
I can't remember now.
Anyway, she was a big kind of like, you know, moral compass for the conservative world, you know, said that my father was responsible for these things and it became so bad That my father actually said, right, that's it.
I don't want Clockwork Orange to be shown in England again as long as I live.
Because he was being... I mean, literally, I couldn't... And of course, the film makes you not want to be violent, and it's anti-violence.
Well, this... I mean, like... You know what?
This is what we were talking about last week, about the audience contributes to the film.
So if the audience is at a very low level consciousness, what they're going to contribute and understand about the film, it's going to be very different than how you and I did experience it.
I just must tell you a hilarious thing.
A guy, big tech guy in California, in Los Angeles, Hollywood, he said to me that he loved Clockwork Orange because he thought Alex was living such a great life.
And I sort of went, I sort of went, what?
I said, that's a very interesting interpretation of Clockwork Orange.
When really the novel in your dad's film, it's obvious the state's corrupt and evil and it's reflecting down to the grassroots.
And that's what it's saying.
Well, that was exactly the point of Clockwork Orange, which inspired Natural Born Killers in some way.
Did it?
Well, it was involved.
I mean, I know that my father, when I was in the film Natural Born Killers, as the little brother of Mallory Knox, right, the Julia Lewis character, he had me wear the Clockwork Orange makeup in homage to that film.
And of course, it was about the violence of society, right?
That's what Natural Born Killers was trying to reflect, was how violent my father conceived of the media portrayal of violence.
It's a fascination with violence.
It's like they promote mass shootings, they know it causes more.
Well, it's like they promote the mass shootings.
Look at Netflix right now.
I mean, most of Netflix's shows are about crime, serial killers, Dahmer, it's, you know, cannibalism.
It's like, it's a very brutal, dark perspective of reality, right?
That's what's feeding, that's what we're basically being fed.
This is powerful.
Sean Stone, Vivian Kubrick, stay with us.
Let's come right back to this topic.
When we come back, stay with us.
Sean Stone, Vivian Kubrick, in studio here on the Alex Jones Show.
So you got caught off by the brakes, Sean and Vivian.
You're talking about your dad makes a film against violence.
Your dad makes a film against violence.
It's obviously somebody that is empathetic and smart.
It's obviously horrible.
Makes you hate violence.
And it's obviously the state has created a process that creates these creatures and then hires them as their police later.
You know, the novel is powerful as well, Clockwork Orange.
And then they turn it around and say, you're promoting violence when it was Both your fathers in those films exposing that the system in studies is actually creating the violence loop.
Right, right.
I mean that's, well at least that was the intention of Natural Born Killers as well as Clockwork Orange.
But with Natural Born Killers, you recall there was a lawsuit that was brought in the 90s against my father by Grisham and Company because of a person that was seriously crippled.
She was crippled by a shooter.
Who basically said that this guy went out there and he said, I saw Natural Born Killers a hundred times on plush rooms or whatever.
And he wanted to role play basically and play Mickey, you know, Mickey and Mallory.
And they shot people up.
And so the idea was that the lawsuit was against Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers as making a faulty product, right?
Like they inspired these shootings and it's like, but that's the problem.
It's you can't go down this path of saying, Well that's what they did with me.
They misrepresented what I said, took it out of context, made it a huge issue, claimed I made it a big issue, judge found me guilty, and then now they call it the Alex Jones precedent where they can claim if anybody does anything we claim encourages somebody else to do something, then I'm at fault for someone digging up someone's grave that it turns out never even happened.
But you know, you're both talking about a key issue about us as humanity.
Is that, are we going to be responsible for ourselves?
Or are we always going to have big nanny and big nanny in our head going, well, I must take care of humanity and make sure that I never put anything out which might cause them to go and strangle somebody.
Why wouldn't we expect for humanity to go, well, strangling people is bad.
Even though it's in this film, I'm not going to do it because it's terrible.
And it's just like you were saying, you know, earlier though, the system knows full well that that's not the case.
They never criticize their product that's actually designed to do it.
They criticize those that are trying to stop it.
You know, again, it's gotten to a very dangerous place when you let go of individual responsibility, because that's what we've seen the last two years, right?
I mean, the whole thing with the pandemic was like, I remember seeing this quote recently, it's like, no one is safe until everyone is safe.
Oh, God.
And it's like, what does that even mean?
You're never going to be safe.
I'm sorry.
And now we know it doesn't protect you and is a fraud.
So what did that director say when you pointed out you're next?
Who's that?
You said you were talking to a filmmaker and you said once they get Alex Jones, now you can be blamed as well.
Right, well that was actually an interesting moment.
I think that we did then get to a more common ground because he was so agitated against you, personally, and that's the point.
Sorry, which director?
I'm not going to say who it was.
The point is that, you know, when people are so personally, you know, we've gotten to this place, right, where it's about, you know, if Trump says it, it doesn't matter what it is.
The sky's blue, he's wrong.
You know, we don't like him.
And we've turned this into an inability to hear what's being said because we so are ready to attack whoever says it, right?
So if Alex says it, then it must be bad.
But if, you know, if I say it and all of a sudden it's like, huh, oh, maybe that actually makes sense, you know, because maybe I'm not as controversial.
Or Democrat Congress members incite violence against Republicans and say it's good that Scalise got shot or good that Rand Paul got his ribs broken and lung pierced.
That's good.
But then they lie and say, I invoked violence when I didn't.
But that's, again, I mean, even if they did say that was good, you know what, they have the right to say that.
I agree, they do.
And we acknowledge that.
We acknowledge that freedom of speech.
And that's what's just, it's so difficult for us to fathom, you know, Vivian, you've been, you know, alive a little longer than I have, but like just going through these decades of watching how society has tried to normalize, you know, the idea that free speech is not inherently free, that we should be, you know, censored.
So Vivian and Sean, What is the process the social engineers are in trying to restrict the general public speech?
I see it as a sign of weakness.
Oh, it's without question of weakness, because they don't want to be challenged in any way.
But I think that that's the nature of bullies and criminals, is that they only know how to crush in order to achieve their ends.
And I think what we have to understand is there's nothing more important than having dialogue, exchanging ideas, defending our position, but also being willing to listen.
But that would be the mark of maturity.
And right now they've tried to, you know, Create infantile populations who, you know, look to the government to, you know, be saved or look to the government for the truth and won't do anything unless they're given a go-ahead.
It's terrifying.
Absolutely agree.
Can the general population be saved?
Because if they do get brainwashed into an animal form, now they're a howling mob that can be used against us.
I don't want to kill them.
I don't want to put everybody in prison.
But it's really an alchemy that's happening where I've had globalists tell me, they say, look, the public's a bunch of animals, they're going to get everybody.
You'll be on our side soon enough.
They say they're hastening the process of societal collapse because they believe it's going to collapse anyway, so why not just get it over with?
You know, I saw today's study validating a lot of the stuff you were talking about with the drop in male fertility and sperm, right?
And it's like, I saw it was up, down a drop in 60% in the last 50 years.
So we've gone past the 50% mark into the 60 plus percent mark.
And obviously we know that the shots, the COVID shots are designed to, to affect.
The ovaries and they're affecting, obviously, female periods.
I think that 2021 was the first year I saw no one really caught that.
They said in America there was really no increase in population for the first time.
It was really interesting.
I mean, I'm not, I don't know about the immigrant or the migrant issue.
But that's for sure, the point being that we are now going to go into this collapse, at least in the West.
Now, a lot of the Eastern world didn't get the shots, right?
A lot of Africa, a lot of Asian countries, a lot of poor countries didn't necessarily do this.
Well, the globalists say it's the first world producing the most, so they hit us first.
Right, right.
And this is going to be really what's so interesting to see how this plays out in this coming time period, right?
The overall, you know, fourth industrial revolution, right?
They want a centralized, controlled population in cities that are sort of sterilized, that basically go like Brave New World.
You know, have a child, you go into the doctor, and you basically go choose your, you know, your ovary.
I guess you choose the ovary, you choose, you know, the sperm.
And they're admitting that's their plan, and we're just trying to have a debate about the world they're building.
Right, and then, yeah.
Sorry, I must just say something.
Let's just acknowledge the fact that these people are insane, they're psychopathic, they have no empathy, and what they're trying to create is so diabolical that to describe it as anything like they're planning this, they're planning... No, this is the act ...of kind of computing psychotics.
They've got the ability to be brilliant, but they have no ability to be human and... They're in love with the... I call it the science of tyranny.
Well, actually, yeah, I think I mentioned this the last time, but anybody who wants to look at the most absolutely gobsmacking, incredible fact, Aristotle, 2,400 years ago, in his book on ethics, wrote about, if you want to create a tyranny, this is what you do.
It's about two or three pages long.
I invite everyone to go and look at it, because you will realize how ancient this playbook is.
Oh, and Plato is their model.
No, Aristotle.
Well, I suppose he was his student.
Tell me the particular Aristotle derivatives so we can look that up.
I remember, we'll try to find it during the break, but yes.
Just look up Syracuse and Persia.
If you do a word search I think it'll get you straight to it because he talks about these women who are spies and I think they're called the Whores of Syracuse or something.
Guys, look up Aristotle the Whores of Syracuse.
Well, Syracuse, just as a word search.
Anyway, it's probably, it would take about, you know, five minutes to read it.
You will be absolutely shocked to see that if you want to run a tyranny, it's always been run the same way.
2400 years ago, they're doing exactly what they're doing now.
Well, you've got right to the root.
It was Plato that wrote up these plans.
Well, I mean, the Republic and how he imagined society being run in fashion.
Actually, can I just say something?
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah, I gotta break.
The trees were still on the radio stations.
I know they're annoying.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
People have asked me what I think of Elon Musk, and I've kind of told you, but it would take an hour to really break it down.
It's important.
He's the next level of the New World Order.
He plays both sides.
He says he's pro-humanity, but he also goes along with their whole agenda.
So I don't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy.
I'd say the tree bites fruits.
But I told everybody this.
I'm not worried about getting back on Twitter.
He's under such attack, even trying to make it quasi-free, they're destroying it right now.
But he did respond to folks asking him today, what should Twitter do next?
And a lot of folks said, bring back Alex Jones.
His response was, no.
So that is kind of a litmus test because that's a bridge too far, but that's part of that process.
Now, Vivian Kubrick's here, so is Sean Stone.
We've got a lot to talk about, a lot of big issues, but you were getting into philosophy and going back.
To the Greek philosopher Aristotle and his mentor.
And of course Plato put out two, three sides to everything.
But he was the first to say that the plebes are crushing the breast of Mother Earth.
We need to ban poor people breeding.
We need to have breeding programs to make better people.
What he talked about later got picked up by the Romans.
Then it got picked up By Malthus, then it got picked up by Francis Galton, then it got picked up by the eugenicists in England, and then Adolf Hitler.
So when we see the transhumanists, they all hail from that same school, the discoverer of DNA, you know, saying blacks are subhuman and all that.
It's really the same group, but now as you talked about Bertrand Russell, it's all wrapped in a liberal, neoliberal packaging.
Vivian, please continue.
Well, I was just saying to Sean, actually, in the break, you know, you can't reinvent the wheel, really.
And to have a tyranny, you basically have to do the same thing.
So I just want to say, if you want to read about Plato, really ironically written by a eugenicist and whatever, Bertrand Russell, if you go to the History of Western Philosophy, Chapter 14, I think it is, you'll see described there, Basically the blueprint for the globalists.
And I would say that to put it in a nutshell, whatever it is that determines somebody's state of consciousness, what's consistent here is that they have contempt for others.
And it seems like...
What's really astonishing is they always have the same old playbook and they... Total, total conceit.
You've got a quote.
Tell us where it's from.
So this is from Aristotle's Ethics and this is how to have a tyranny, a successful one.
As to tyrannies, they are preserved in two most opposite ways.
One of them is the old traditional method in which most tyrants administer their government.
Of such arts, Persian of... Sorry.
Peridot, I can't read that, of Corinth is said to have been the great master.
And many similar devices may be gathered from the Persians in the administration of their government.
They are firstly, the prescriptions mentioned some distance back.
Sorry, this is all.
Lead up.
Some distance back.
For the preservation of a tyranny, in so far as this is possible, that the tyrant should lop off those who are too high.
He must put to death men of spirit.
He must not allow common meals, clubs, education and the like.
He must be upon his guard against anything which is likely to inspire either courage or confidence amongst his subjects.
He must prohibit literary assemblies or other meetings for discussion, and he must take every means to prevent people from knowing one another, for acquaintance begets mutual confidence.
Further, he must compel all persons staying in the city to appear in public and live at his gates.
Then he will know what they are doing.
If they are always kept under, they will learn to be humble.
In short, he should practice these and the like Persian and barbaric arts, which all have the same object.
A tyrant should also endeavor to know what each of his subjects says or does, and should employ spies like the female detectives, sorry not whores, female detectives of Syracuse, and the eavesdroppers who Hero was in the habit of sending to any place of resort or meeting.
For the fear of informers prevents people from speaking their minds, and if they do, they are more easily found out.
Another art of the tyrant is to sow quarrels amongst the citizens.
Friends should be embroiled with friends, the people with the notables, and the rich with one another.
Also, he should impoverish his subjects.
He thus provides against the maintenance of a guard by the citizen and the people.
Having to keep hard at work are prevented from conspiring.
I mean, it goes on.
But that's 2400 years ago.
You know, the concept of the cancel culture, I see it, is very much like the old, like the spy network in the old days, you know, and the idea of being found out for what you said and being found out for thinking in a way that could be construed as dangerous or different, right?
And so how it's, now it's self-imposed cancellation that occurs, right?
You don't allow yourself to say what you think.
You don't allow yourself to be heard saying something that can be attacked and targeted.
You self-censor.
That's right.
And if you look at that model, all of it has now been compounded and we see it being done today.
It's all before our eyes now, right?
And that's what's the crazy part, right?
Things that are in front of our faces, we can't talk about, right?
I mean, even to the place now that finally the Congress is hopefully going to do something with this Hunter Biden story, right?
And the corruption of old Joe.
But the point being that even to this day, people are being accused of conspiracy theory for talking about it.
What's with this, it's a conspiracy theory, can we just finally say out loud that the CIA came up with this terminology in order to... They weaponized it.
They said you have to slander the conspiracy theorists.
Well your dad made JFK, which is an excellent film, it won't really happen, but it came out a few years after that the CIA said, people questioning, we just call it conspiracy theory, so that we can ridicule those without looking at the actual evidence.
Yeah, it was very clear how they targeted anyone that questioned the Warren Commission.
But the point is that the government uses conspiracy all the time.
So I try to say to people, look at RICO Acts.
The government uses conspiracy when it goes after drug dealers, when it goes after, you know, even, you name it, Trump, you know, they go after these things on conspiracy, right?
The January 6th stuff.
I mean, it's like, it's all government usage of conspiracy that no one questions.
Why is it that if I say conspiracy, you know, everyone's, Big Tobacco, that was a conspiracy.
The government went after them on conspiracy.
And here's the control, though, when you pull back.
I have articles right here where Biden got questioned about the new congressional investigation to his son.
He said that's a conspiracy theory that's been debunked.
And they censored everybody two plus years ago during the campaign that tried to raise it, even though they now admit it's real.
But in the audio and in the video, they're taking orders from the head of Chinese intelligence.
So they make it about Burisma and gas companies and 10 percent for the big guy.
That's a diversion from him saying me and my dad take orders from Xi Jinping, which is true.
That's really the big enchilada.
Yeah, that's a big quote.
Well, I'll tell you, my honest opinion is that there isn't a political system, there is just gangsterism.
That's how this planet works.
No, I agree, it's a group of gangsters.
Yeah, so I mean, anything that you've learned about the Mafia, just apply it to government and all of the so-called diplomatic... I'm sure that... Well, that's another big psy-op, that Italians invented organized crime, and they're the only ones that do this.
I mean, the globalist Mafia, it's the real Mafia.
And ancient.
Thousands of years.
Thousands of years of mafia.
Rulership of empires and then all of a sudden it becomes, you know, democracy so-called.
You could write a book on the secret mafia.
The real mafia.
Well, I don't know enough of those old families.
I think, Vivian, you don't need those old families?
This is what I know, is that it takes a certain kind of human being and they exist all over the place.
I was about to say, they'll use any group or any organization.
It's a cult of philosophy.
It's a cult of criminal beings.
It's like Soros working with the Nazis.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
It's just what they do.
By the way, if anybody hasn't seen this, you need to find this.
George Soros gave this interview, probably about, I don't know, 25 years or 30 years ago, where he just matter-of-factly, which is so classic of psychopaths, admits that he helped the Nazis, and he suggests, I would do it again.
If I didn't do it, who else?
Someone else would.
Yeah, and it was the happiest time of my life.
It shaped his psychology, which is what's so important to understand about Soros.
But now you can't, you know, Wikipedia, you know, is all Soros agents.
So that's why so much is scrubbed on.
Soros is a good person.
This is the ridiculous of the time, though.
You say something against Soros, you're anti-Semitic.
I mean, it's like, that has nothing to do with it, too.
He hides behind that.
It's like saying somebody, you're attacking someone who's being a gangster, and you're saying, well, you're anti-Italian.
It's like, just because that person's a gangster doesn't mean they're racist.
This is the great trick that they're playing on people, and you've got to, like, stop getting into this, people.
You need to recognize that there are Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheists, Buddhists, who are evil people.
This is a big set.
Hold on, this is key.
Let's come right back.
We got some Clockwork Orange music bringing us in here.
Vivian Kubrick, you got caught off of that break, I'm sorry.
We'll try to take it out of context.
Go back to what you were saying and complete the statement.
Alright, so I'm sick of Jewish criminals, Christian criminals, Buddhist criminals, atheist criminals, whatever you are, you're a criminal.
But in this whole thing, the Jewish issue of, you know, claiming people are anti-Semitic if they attack a Jewish criminal.
There are plenty of Jews.
There are like 15.2 million Jews on this planet.
I don't think they want to be associated with George Soros.
George Soros is a criminal and a psychopath.
You only have to listen to his interview where he claims that it was the happiest time of his life when he was handing Jews over to the Nazis.
So he is a nut job.
I have no hesitation in describing him as a criminal, an arch-criminal, and he cannot hide behind anti-Semitism when he claims that it's, or people claim that it's anti-Semitic to say that he's a horrific criminal.
And just as you, you know, there are Christian criminals, if you say that... Yeah, none of them should be able to hide behind a religion or an ethnicity.
But these people are good at making it about that as a diversion, and there are plenty of groups that are out of control that hate people because of what group they've been part of, and that's terrible too.
Well, actually the only group that I think the left won't criticize now is Satanists.
I think that's the protected class, I think.
The most protected group, I think.
That's a good point.
I really think so.
That is a terrifyingly good point.
No, it's true.
Why do you think that is?
Why do you think it is?
I mean, my docuseries, Best Kept Secret, got into all this, right?
The whole dark cabal and how, you know, how this is an inversion agenda.
I mean, if you really think about what's happened in our reality and, you know, left is right and up is down and black is white.
I mean, that's all...Anton LaVey was talking about that back in the 70s.
That was his quote, you know, freedom is slavery.
I mean, there was a complete inversion of reality.
And to get to this place now where we are, in a place where kids can't drink, but they can have a sex change, and permanently castrating themselves, that's normalized.
I mean, you can have abortion up until birth, if not after birth, in California.
It's just horrendous!
I mean, things like this, it just was like, it was so far, like so far from our culture.
This really is a satanic revolution.
It's a really fascinating thing to watch.
That'd be a great book or film, The Satanic Revolution.
Oh don't, you'll encourage them.
Well no, we've exposed them, they'll be in our film.
Sean Stone, Vivian Cooper and Alex Jones in the new top film, The Satanic Revolution.
Oh they'll probably go, oh this will be worth watching.
They'll think it's about them in a really nice way.
But explain how they're being set up to be alone and cut off being selfish and how you think the devil's hot cheerleaders or whatever.
But it's not, it's impoverishment, it's betrayal, it's death.
But Alex, this is the most key thing about understanding, let's say, the devil or Satan.
Let's say it's not even a question of this actually being a real being that lives.
Let's just say... The archetype.
That what you're dealing with is half-truths.
The only way you can persuade people is if you actually have half of the truth, and in that way you can enslave them, because that's how you... I mean, con artists, the government, the CIA, they always try and hang on to... When you're catching a bass, there's a real live worm on the hook.
There has to be something there that's real.
Otherwise you're not going to capture people.
And then what you do is you just keep putting them off.
You just keep navigating them away from the truth.
And then it's only when it's too late and they're caught in a trap or they're so deluded that they don't know.
I agree.
What I've noticed is that people who buy lottery tickets are degenerate gamblers.
They're being abused by it, but they keep doubling down because they've invested so much.
Well, that's a real crazy part of humanity.
I mean, the human condition is that the attempt to be right is so powerful that the defensiveness that comes over people when you even remotely go at the things that they're hanging on to is the truth.
I'm sorry, banging my mic here.
Yeah, is that they get very defensive.
That's why it's a real art to enter into a conversation with, for instance, people who have been fully PSYOPT and gently, you know, get them back into a place where they can differentiate.
And the thing is, I've had this conversation with someone who is very progressive and said, oh, it's not true what you're saying, that they were going to kill babies at birth.
And I said, look, here is this woman.
Here's the legislation.
Well, here's the legislation.
I sent him that.
I said, here's the woman speaking to the court, and the judge says to her, so you're saying that you would actually end the life of a baby after it's born?
And she kept iffing and uffing.
And then he said, well, yeah.
Yeah, that would be what it is.
And the guy said to me, oh, she's just not good at expressing herself.
And I went, what?
She absolutely clearly said yes we would consider...
That's right, they have like a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
Is it even worth it to try to save those people?
Instead, get the people that are awake just to stop complying?
We have to, I mean we have to do something here.
That's clear, right?
And again, I don't know that you can do it with this system the way that it's rigged currently.
Right? I mean that was the most disheartening thing of the last
few weeks was just watching 2020 happen all over again.
With these drawn out mail-in ballot schemes, right?
That's taking days and then obviously, you know, just seeing it, it's inevitable, right?
As you said, you're optimistic because there's a lot of awakening worldwide.
But it's paradoxical as it's also getting worse, so...
It's extreme.
For every action, there's an opposite or equal reaction.
Newtonian physics.
John Stone, how do you see this playing out?
Just gut level, a gestalt of the future.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I mean, there has to be a bifurcation coming here, right?
I mean, this splitting off of those that want to be in the cities.
I mean, I'm very concerned about things like the graphene oxide in the food also, not just in shots.
They're bombing everything with nanoparticles.
Right, I mean, exactly.
It's in the food supply, the processed foods.
I mean, it's just a question of, look, we've watched them for decades putting these toxicities, spraying it into the air.
People can't even see anymore what chemtrails are.
They just look at the air and just go, oh yeah, it's just clouds.
No one remembers what the heck clouds are supposed to look like.
They just assume that chemtrails are normal.
It's a dwindling spiral.
The more they get poisoned, the more they get separated.
So they're normalizing it.
They're normalizing, exactly, the poisoning that's taken place of decades, you know, to the place of obviously the opioid epidemic.
I mean, it's just, it's depressing, it's depressing.
And why do they want to kill us?
I guess it goes back to 2001, Arnold C. Clarke and your dad's great film, they just feel like they have to act as God and they have to call us off, but they're the worst of us.
It's like, Yeah, but that's what I was saying before.
These people are insane.
They're psychopathic.
I think spiritually they are bankrupt.
And they're projecting their will to kill themselves onto us.
How do we get them to look in the mirror and just kill themselves?
But I don't want Klaus Schwab to kill himself.
I wish he'd wake up, but obviously he's too far gone.
How do we get Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab to say, it's projection, you need to kill yourself?
Well, actually, I'd be quite satisfied if they just became ineffectual, because everybody knew how evil they are.
My terror is that I still see people going, Bill Gates is so wonderful, he cares about us, look at the... Ignoring the fact that 500,000 children in India were maimed and paralyzed by his polio vaccine.
Yeah, and those gruesome photos of him squeezing God knows what into a little black baby's mouth made me want to... So do you think with their whole rollout, their lockdowns, their poison shot, they got what they want?
Because I see it being rejected way worse than I thought it would.
I think it's been a defeat for them.
It's terrible for all the sick and dead people, but I don't see it going well for them, Sean.
It's not going well for them.
At the same time, it's like what they do is they make their big push and then they roll it back, you know, to about 30% of what it was.
And then it's just like, it's a gradualism, right?
That's the whole point of progressivism.
It's progressive takeover of humanity.
And so this has been a hundred year plan as we know now that the place of digital currency.
the digitization of everything. So the transhuman thing is inevitable.
That's why even you mentioned about Elon Musk, it's like, well he gets it, he's
obviously doing the Neuralink.
Do I think that he's evil? Is he trying to put in everyone?
No, but I think he also he's playing, in a sense, he's playing with it because he
Plus the technology's not bad. If I'm in a car wreck and paralyzed, I hope he invents something to give me my legs
We just don't want the software that controls us in it.
Well that's the point, exactly, is that you know...
It's like, if you lost your legs, of course you want to be able to replace it.
But do we want to then ultimately be the robots that they are envisioning of as far as the transhuman thing, where, oh, I'm going to genetically splice my child and alter my child because that's going to make a perfect human?
No, this doesn't work that way.
Which takes us back to Childhood End and Arthur C. Clarke, a top illuminist, where, yeah, you're going to live forever, but you're going to give your body up, and we're going to be controlled by us.
Well, I don't even think that they'll achieve it.
I think that the technology will never be perfected because you're playing with nature, which is much more perfect, right?
Nature understands things that this human alteration can't.
So the more that we play God, as we know, it creates monstrosities, right?
It's inevitable.
And then the big, you can't say a man can't be a woman in the future when they claim, oh, he's uploaded his consciousness, Bob's still alive.
If you say that's not really Bob in the computer, you're hurting his identity, you get arrested.
But really, Bob didn't live eternally.
The corporation sold him that, but it's a fraud.
I think it'll be a fraud.
I don't think that you can take the human spirit and transmit and put it into a robot.
I don't believe that.
Well, I've met with top globalists and they admit that's their end game, is that we're going to live in computers and that we're going to have to accept that.
Yeah, to me it won't work because the spirit is connected to the body.
Physical, natural, physical experience.
It's an electrochemical machine that it's in.
Right, exactly.
And all we are is really an antenna to the dimensions.
This is just an antenna.
So they can't make the antenna, the antenna's just dialing in.
Yeah, no, even with the silicon machine or graphene oxide or whatnot, it's not going to be Connected to spirit using exactly this biochemistry.
Or all the ancient DNA that goes back as a continual electrical pulse, which is what I call the time machine.
We think of ourselves just being alive now, but all our answers go back.
That's the genetic code time machining through space.
And it's an instant.
It's one communication.
We'll be back with our number four straight ahead.
Two more segments and Jadar takes over.
Stay with us.
But think about the power of that, that you are all your ancestors going back into the unknown eons, and you are the leading edge of all their consciousness and their will.
And obviously their energy lives on in other dimensions, but we're not just conduits here personally now, we are part of a great genetic and psychic and spiritual and energetic trust.
Can I offer a little bit of a clue that maybe they can get into a machine?
Alright, now wait.
So, if any of you have watched paranormal shows, you'll see that there's all this extraordinary evidence of disembodied in another dimension communicating either as apparitions in front of people or when they're recorded, it's called electronic voice phenomena.
So, maybe they know a lot.
We all know the CIA did, like, remote viewing, as did the KGB, or whatever it was, training people to do remote viewing.
So they obviously believe in spirit.
So, is it more to do with them defying God and wanting to be, you know, more powerful, and they're going to demonstrate to God that they can, like, outperform Him?
Or are they actually taking something that's real, but because they're psychopaths and insane, they're doing something horrendous with it, which is like, you know...
No, I agree, they're trying to be God.
Yeah, and they're inviting people to commit suicide, saying, hey, it'll be really great, you know, you've got a really screwed up body.
Well, you can upload your mind into this thing, and I just feel they're using that as a way for people to knock them, you know, kill themselves.
To make their free will to go into that dimension.
They're not even really in the machine, but that's more like an archetype and a symbol of them in a ritual agreeing to go with that energy.
Well, and to kill themselves, because this seems to be like the death cult of all death cults.
They want to kill little babies, they want people to commit suicide.
What they don't want you to do is pass on your genetic information, absolutely.
Because they know it's going to end up creating something beautiful they can't stop.
Oh, yes, that is a good, good answer.
I mean, control is very much the endgame, right, of what these sociopaths or psychopaths are after.
They want to control this dimension completely.
That's why I think we were talking about the poisoning of the environment, you know, using the chemtrails, the chemicals, the heavy metals that are being sprayed, right?
It's an assault on the third dimension.
Well, it's an assault on the third dimension to be able to basically, the more you can metallicize it, the more you can then broadcast whatever frequencies you want, like, and they live, right?
Metallicize, yeah.
Yeah, that's what the nanotech is, replicating everybody.
Right, right.
They're putting the plugs into us.
So, Sean Stone, how do we beat them?
Get back to nature, connect to, you know, detox your system, keep, you know, cleaning out your mind and your body and your spirit and just basically honor the Creator, you know, because that's it.
This creation is of the Creator and we are all expressions of it, living expressions of it.
ourselves and the spirit that emanates through us, that we are divine beings.
To honor that is then to honor others and to respect others.
These beings, talking about sociopaths, they don't love themselves,
so they don't love anyone else.
You see, they don't have respect for themselves, so they don't respect anyone else.
And that's why a lot of these things, a lot of these sexual perversions and stuff,
as you know from these elites, it's like they're all into S&M kind of things,
they want to be beaten or they want children because they themselves are so,
they hate themselves so much, they're so wretched inside.
And it's a demonic energy, ultimately.
It's such a low vibrational energy.
So the more that we that are aware, awakening, can basically come into a place of more self-love,
more self-awareness, more self-respect, then we respect others the same way, right?
Well, that's true.
The revolution is us changing ourselves individually.
That will change the world.
And that's where you have to take responsibility for yourself, learn how to differentiate and examine and expect information that you're being told, and bother to see if there's grotesque contradictions.
I mean, because that's part of their hypocrisy, is they accuse you of the very thing they're doing.
I actually think that's a technique.
But they actually, they try to force you to have an opinion that they give you.
And if you're not on your guard, you may actually take on that opinion.
It actually takes work to be a responsible being.
You actually have to really go, wow, I'm not going to immediately jump when they say jump.
I'm going to look at this, which is what I did when this whole COVID thing began.
And by the way, I want to really acknowledge this.
Alex, you and your guests, I would guess, saved millions of people by giving them the right information.
Let's talk about that because the next attack is coming.
Alex Jones here back live, final segment with our guest, Sean Stone, Vivian Kubrick, and then the great Jay Dyer to better research for the New World Order.
He takes over in about 10 minutes, 15 minutes or so.
But yes, the audience, the crew, our guest, this whole operation deserves the credit.
She was getting into that.
Of being the very tip of the spear exposing the virus out of the lab, the lockdowns being a fraud, the poison shot, which is why it's so important we stay on air.
This whole community, it's not about credit, it's about recognizing we've been right and that they're trying to do new lockdowns, new injections, world IDs, global passports to travel, even leave your house.
And so Vivian, finish up your point.
Well, I think it's incredibly important because this is what we're pushing back against are the lies about Infowars and the lies about Alex.
Is that Alex, his guests, his crew, everyone here have a mission.
A mission to set humanity free and to get the people that are criminally crushing humanity, killing them at this point, culling them.
You're not going to get the information that you need in order to protect yourself and to understand what's being done to you, probably from anywhere else that has such a vast audience as InfoWars.
So I believe that I know that when Covid happened, I just moved back from Florida to Texas and I was just wobbling around.
I wasn't paying attention.
I walked into the supermarket and everything had gone.
And I said, what's happened?
They said, haven't you heard about Covid?
And I went, no.
And I turned on Alex.
And then immediately you were talking to Francis Boyle, Dr. Francis Boyle, Professor, Doctor, whatever, Francis Boyle, and from the moment that you started reporting about it and having guests, you completely educated me.
It let me go and find the documents myself.
It let me think about what was going on.
And then when I went to the supermarket and people were standing obediently six feet apart and having hysterics if anyone like pulled their mask down, It gave me the freedom to observe what was happening instead of getting pulled into the hysteria.
And the one thing they want people to be is hysterical and frightened and waiting for the next disruption.
Well, that's right.
Well, the enemy is... This is our real brain trust with our guests and the whole family.
Is that we did dead-on 100% nail what they were doing from previous research, which shows we can beat them again when they try it again.
But that wasn't us.
That was just studying the globalists who think we're so dumb they admit.
Why do the globalists admit Sean Stone of so much we're going to do before they do it?
Predictive programming, because I think there's two aspects.
You touch upon this a lot, where everything has to be disclosed at some level, right?
There has to be a certain level of transparency, even if people don't believe it, right?
Because if sometimes you say, hey, I'm going to punch you, and then you actually do it, people still don't believe it.
They say, oh, no, wait a minute, that must have been something else.
But there is this sort of spiritual law around revealing things, and then there is the predictive programming, which you could say is also designed to get people to To respond the way you want them to respond, right?
So you put out movies like that Soderbergh film that was ridiculously bad about the pandemic, right?
It was done a few years ago.
What was the name of it?
Do you remember?
Soderbergh made it with, uh, anyway, with Jude Law and all his people and how the CDC is racing to save everyone from this deadly new virus.
Oh yeah, they even had a movie right before it came out that showed it, yeah.
Well, it came out a few years ago, and then the point was that, like, when the lockdown started, all these people were going, oh, it's trending on Netflix, everyone's gonna watch this movie again, you know, because it's basically telling you how they want you to respond, how they want you to perceive the CDC as the savior, they want you to perceive the government as the good guys, right?
And that's a lot of the films in general that we've seen across time, right?
It's consistently this idea of, You know, the good guys in the UN or whatever, and the good CIA, and then there's the one rogue bad CIA guy, but the CIA generally is good, right?
I mean, this is the same narrative that gets pushed across over and over to just get people to really be docile in a sense, to not think for themselves, to not realize that the government is not their friend, and again, has become this beam.
You know what's interesting about the federal government?
It's about 40% of our GDP.
Do you realize what that means to our reality?
The federal government is 40% of our GDP as a nation.
Think about that.
All the spending, all the military, industrial complex, so-called, but it's everything.
It's pharma.
Everything is spending money from the government.
So in closing, let me raise that.
The big front and center threat is Zelensky.
I don't like the Russians invading.
I'm not choosing a side.
NATO started the war.
They overthrew the government eight years ago.
We all know that.
Your dad made great films exposing it way before predicting it would all happen.
But now, they fire a missile 100 miles out of bounds.
I say it's an anti-aircraft missile.
They later confirm it.
The Pentagon says it doesn't matter.
It's still Russia's fault.
And Zelensky calls for Article 5 to be invoked and NATO to attack Russia, which will lead to a nuclear war.
These people are out of their minds.
Yeah, well, we know this.
I mean, why haven't they gone for peace?
I mean, the point was that we could have had a peace deal pretty quickly during, you know, right after the invasion.
There was opportunity for peace and Zelensky and company pulled out, right?
And so, and the U.S.
has not pushed for peace since that time.
So here, you know, even Russell Brand is making fun of Biden going, this guy is sitting there like an old man on the side of the porch going, you know, if we stay on this course, there's going to be a nuclear war.
And it's like, why don't you do something about it?
Maybe, you know, maybe move towards peace.
Why don't you?
It's, they're insane.
And people take it as a Russian loss.
They've got 100,000 dead troops, reportedly 100,000 dead Ukrainians.
This is a real giant war in Europe.
This has got to stop.
I mean, without question, war is slaughter.
War is what they need when they want to create chaos and do more controlling, and another way to disguise the central bankers and their incredible, irresponsible debt ocean that they've created for mankind, and they want to keep hold of control, so that's why they're going to try and bring in that central bank digital currency, which will be A control system that I think would be the closest thing to being driven insane by how you have no more freedom anymore.
Unless you're willing to sort of run around the woods and spare rabbits and live in a tree or something.
And even then they'll probably like send a drone and put a bullet in your head.
By the way, I just want to really say it again, or say, expand on this.
You've got to teach yourself about the technology of PsyOps.
Because unless you understand how it works, you're going to be vulnerable to it.
And there are certainly many places that you can find information about PsyOps.
But if you also look at the history of psychiatry, And Edward Bernays, and the ways in which spies are taught how to be spies.
You're going to understand more about how you're being manipulated, so that you can catch it when it happens.
I mean, most of us are kind and good-hearted people.
That's right, if you're not aware that there's a war on for your mind, you're basically going to lose.
That's right, that's right.
Which is another reason why InfoWars is so incredibly important.
Well, I appreciate you guys.
What I'm happy about is I see so many great new talk show hosts and other talk show hosts really waking up that now, you know, because Sean's been doing this forever, so have I. You've obviously been awake a long time, Vivian, but there's so many new people popping up.
I don't think their attempt to shut this down is going to work.
No, it's like every time they take one out, a hundred are born and it metastasizes, right?
And that's the beauty of this thing.
It's like the more that, oh, we censor one, a thousand, you know, you end up with, look, Rumble and BitchTube have popped up ever since YouTube started banning, you know, conspiracy theorists, right?
So it's just the inevitability of human consciousness that the more they try to target and censor, the more it actually leads to more people waking up and going, hey, maybe Kyrie is right.
You know, maybe Kanye is right, right?
And that's the key, is evil always loses.
And it doesn't mean we're perfect in our resistance to it, but we're trying to be good, trying to find a real future for everybody, and we're not going to be happy until we do that.
Sean, you've got best-selling books, you've got films, everything.
How do people find all your great work?
That's the best place to go.
Best Kept Secret is a must-watch docu-series.
If you want to talk about PsyOps, it's in there.
And your book about the Anglo-American establishment couldn't be out at a better time.
The New World Order is available.
I think you guys have it too from InfoWars.
And everything is available through SeanStone.info.
And Vivian, you're quite the enigma.
I mean, I've been a big fan of your dad.
Before I ever met you, I knew you worked on a lot of his films and the music for Full Metal Jacket.
Getting to know you in the last 15 years has been great, and so I'm very honored that you come on my show and Sean's show.
Isn't that about it?
Sorry, what?
I mean, how many shows do you do?
You only go on a few shows.
No, I think I can count it on one hand, and most of it is with you.
Well, we're very honored, we're very honored to have you.
Jay Dyer's about to take over, Vivian.
30-second closing comment?
Uh, just that if you want to find me, I'm on Gab at V-I-K-U 1111.
So, V-I-K-U 1111.
And next time you're on, hopefully come on soon, we'll put the lower third up.
Say it one more time, people are going to be calling us.
How do they find you?
I'm on Gab because I got chucked off Twitter for saying that COVID was 97.7% non-lethal.
Although, I now recently got a letter saying that I'll never be allowed back on because I broke too many rules.
And they're never going to speak to me again and they're never going to answer my emails.
Well, they sure taught you.
Now you're on the air reaching probably 3 million people watching right now.
So Vivian Kubrick, search her on Gab.
All right, the great Jade Eyre takes over straight ahead.
Sean Stone, Vivian Kubrick, thank you so much.
Bye, everyone.
All right, everybody, have a great weekend.
and Owen Schroer comes up in 45 minutes.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
As I was listening to Vivian and Sean give their analysis of the way that we understand how the global power structure works, I was really happy to hear them referring to organized crime and the structure of organized crime.
I gave an interview this week on one of the largest true crime channels on YouTube, Sean Atwood.
Shout out to Sean Atwood.
We had a whole 30-minute discussion of the history of organized crime, how that ties into the assassination of JFK, most likely.
That's one of the prevalent theories that seems to have the most evidence behind it.
Of course, I think there's other power players as well behind the assassination of JFK, including intelligence agencies, including foreign governments, as well as organized crime and the mob.
And I wanted to review a little bit of that because that's one of the first things I discussed in the fourth hour two years ago on the Alex Jones Show, having been hosting the fourth hour now for two years, a little over two years.
Because this week it was big, big, big news.
this huge dynamic scandal bigger than Enron now, right?
This FTX, Sam Bateman, Freed scandal.
And the more that you dig into this crazy rabbit hole, what you find out is that not only was this, you know,
a big scam and they were stealing money, it was also funneled 40, $30, $40 million
to the Democratic Party for Biden.
And we noticed that FTX as a platform popped up, you know, out of nowhere, seemingly about three years ago.
And of course there were already large crypto exchanges that already existed like Binance, Coinbase.
And then we have this sudden emerging thing on the scene with the face of the quasi autistic,
Afro-minded man boob figure of Sam Bateman Freed, who's supposedly this genius that nobody, you know,
he's way beyond everybody.
He sleeps on a beanbag in his office and he's got floppy hair.
He just happens to be best friends with Bill Clinton and they're so close and it's just all going to be wonderful with all this crypto.
And then what do we know?
It's a big, huge, bigger than Enron scam.
And he's still tweeting.
He's still trying to explain himself as this altruistic billionaire who wants to give all of his money away.
As he lives together with a goblin-faced creature, supposedly his, quote, girlfriend, that they all sleep together in a giant orgy with 10 people living in an apartment complex.
I mean, come on.
Does anybody really believe that this guy was running this?
Well, it turns out, as if you listen to BitBoy's interviews, BitBoy has dug really deep into this.
I think Owen had BitBoy on, and they talked about the background to this whole scandal.
And over on BitBoy's channel, he's gone into depth with Other people who this Friedberg character who was involved in a famous early 2000s online poker scam.
And so it seems like they sort of recruited in these people who had a history of running high level scams.
And this was pumped up to the nth degree with all of these Hollywood people, all of these stars, all these famous people pointing out how amazing FTX was, FTX token, all this stuff.
And it was and people are shocked At how fraudulent and fake all this is turning out to be.
Yes, there you go.
Would you like to join these two in a round of coitus?
I know everybody's tempted in the audience.
Try to hold back your temptation there.
Let's go take a cold shower real quick if you need to.
If you're giving in to your base passions right now, but I'm just joking.
This is no shocker, because as I'm listening to everybody talking about, it's a Ponzi scheme, it's a rug pull, there's nothing behind the tokens, it's fiat, they're taking all the money.
That's exactly how the Federal Reserve works.
It's like, everybody's shocked.
We'll wait till you find out that the Federal Reserve is the same scam system.
It's a giant rug pull Ponzi scheme.
And if you go back, you know, the creature from Jekyll Island, if you go back to Woodrow Wilson, Colonel Edwin Mandel House, who was the UK banking elite agent who helped get all that legislation through, who helped promote Woodrow Wilson, setting up and weaponizing the Federal Reserve System, which, by the way, is part of the Communist Manifesto.
If you didn't know, you might think that communists don't like bankers.
But in fact, if you remember, we did a whole breakdown of this famous book.
No, in fact, communism has always had billionaire funding, as did fascism.
Fascism has the exact same history as Professor Anthony Sutton has shown in his books.
So it also turns out that there seems to be connections to MIT, the background of FTX, people at MIT, people in the finance department, people connected to some of those Epstein departments, it turns out.
And why is that?
Well, because this is a giant Ponzi scheme.
A giant scam intended precisely to funnel people's money offshore.
And again, if you are shocked by this, I can't stress how shocking it is to you to understand that the dollar is the same.
You understand that they're doing the same thing with your tax money, with the dollar, especially when it moved off of the gold standard.
But even prior to that, Dr. Carol Quigley, everybody knows all the hold up the books.
It's just basically a show and tell book program over here in the fourth hour with me, your librarian nerd who does your homework for you.
Dr. Carol Quigley talks about how the banker notes were always a fiat scam going back hundreds of years.
And they would print up more notes and flood the society with notes.
Beyond the actual gold holdings that they had, and that was part of this gold note scam.
And so the same thing is the model for the central bank that was set up throughout the central bank, such as they set up throughout Europe, throughout the 1800s and the 1900s.
And that became the model for the Bank for International Settlements, which is the World Reserve Bank of World Reserve Banks, the Federal Reserve of Federal Reserves.
It's the central Federal Reserve Bank of the world.
Federal Reserve Banking System.
They all are connected to that hub.
And most people don't know about this by design.
On purpose.
And that's why it occupies a central section of Carol Quigley's Strategy and Hope.
As well as a few other people who seem to have picked up on this over the years.
A few economists and a few people have written on this.
But for the most part, people just are mystified and they think it's like this big onion-layered scheme scam of all of these different, you know, economics and so the GDP and the jobs report and the this report and the that report and it's all a bunch of mystery and smoke and mirrors.
And guess what?
Guess what's behind all that smoke and mirrors?
Well, it's not stacks of gold At Fort Knox, right?
It's FTT scam tokens.
It's the exact same thing.
So if you're mad about FTX or you think that, oh, crypto's a scam.
It's not a scam.
Many cryptos are scams.
But you understand this has nothing to do, for example, with Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is the preeminent inflationary.
It's the hardest asset.
It's completely inflationary resistant.
Because it has the fixed number of coins that can never be inflated beyond the fixed number when the last Bitcoin is mined.
And so it's extremely rare.
And for that reason, it is not like these kinds of proof-of-stake coins that are all just printed out of thin air.
These are all, again, literally modeled on the Federal Reserve System, on the Enron style scam system.
On the coming carbon scam system, when they pull out, roll out the carbon credits and the carbon tokens and the carbon-based cryptos, those are already starting to roll out.
Guess what?
They're the exact same model as FTX and all of the other collapsed scam models.
Luna, Terra Luna, that collapsed, what, three or four months ago?
Exact same scam model, exact same rug pull.
Exact same.
You can earn 30% by staking your coins and it's just printed out of nowhere.
That's all the scam stolen money, right?
And they're gambling with your money that you put on the exchange.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I want to remind you, if you notice there on screen, you'll see that second box there.
It's one of my biggest interviews I've done to date, and that is with Colonel Douglas MacGregor, who was Trump's pick for National Security Advisor.
He did not get that post.
That was blocked, I think.
That involved Mitch McConnell, if I recall.
Colonel McGregor is a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson.
You may have seen him or heard of him, and we did a full hour breakdown of everything from the Great Reset to FTX scam token, Sam Beckman Freed style Federal Reserve stuff, to the Ukraine situation, Russia, etc.
It was an amazing interview.
It's, again, one of the biggest I've done to date.
Be sure and go to my YouTube channel and check that out.
It's getting a lot of attention, a lot of good feedback, so if you're looking for a deeper breakdown from From a high-profile individual, definitely go check that out.
And also, I would add to today, I'm going to be uploading, we had earlier in the last hour, Alex had the children of two of the most famous directors.
I just did an interview with one of the other most famous directors, his son Andre Tarkovsky Jr.
So if you're familiar with Tarkovsky's films, And the amazing art that he put out over the years, films like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., films like Solaris, films like Rublev, sort of capturing the history and the essence of Eurasia and Russia, especially in art and iconography.
We went really deep into the breakdown of Andre Jr.' 's documentary that he put out.
It's now at the Criterion Collection.
Send him a prayer about his father, about Andrei Tarkovsky.
So Tarkovsky, of course, being hugely influential as well in the global film scene, influencing many, many filmmakers in the West, in Hollywood as well.
And so you definitely want to check that out.
I'll be premiering that on my channel this week as well.
It's also already available on my Rockfin channel.
So if you're looking for information like that, that's a little edgier, a little, a little sooner than other stuff, you can subscribe to me over on Rockfin.
I think Greg Reese is maybe coming over to Rockfin as well.
Paul Joseph Watson's on Rockfin too.
So a lot of, a lot of cool stuff over there.
You know, we were talking about this scam model, how the scams work.
And these scams are structured in the way that a lot of intelligence agencies have structured
secrets and cells, secret societies and cells over the years. And so if we think about how, for example,
Organized crime set up the secret societies that they had.
We go back to Sicily in the 1800s, 1700s.
This is the origin of the Omerta, which is a secret oath, a death oath that you make to your Don, to the Don of the local, at that time it was a militia, but the militias are actually, the local militias is where we get the idea of The Sicilian Mafia.
Now, when a lot of the immigrants came over to the U.S., they didn't find a lot of help with the existing local police, so naturally they would continue their model of local neighborhood militia, and that's where we get the ideas of the Don and this kind of stuff.
But the Omerita, the secret ritual, which is actually a copy from certain Masonic rituals and Masonic groups out of Italy, known as the Carbonari, they copied this, and that's because One of the early Italian revolutionaries, his name was Garibaldi, he was influenced by Giuseppe Mazzini, who was one of the most famous, there you go, exactly, this is the Omerta scene in Sopranos, and I'm sure if you've never seen the Sopranos, I highly recommend checking it out, because there's a lot of gabagool, a lot of gabagool!
A lot of gabagool, a lot of goomars, and a lot of goombahs up in the Sopranos, but it's a great show.
We did a whole two-hour breakdown of that show, by the way, if you're looking for a great podcast, getting into all the really insightful elements in that show, including, there's the omerta right there, where you burn the image of the saint, and you sort of take a blood oath.
But there's also references to, you know, the tie-in with organized crime and intelligence agencies.
There's references to the CIA, to Tony having to, at times, collude with the FBI.
All of that comes up in that show consistently throughout.
Yeah, I think one of the best TV shows ever made, honestly.
But it's instructive, again, because as you heard Vivian, I think, mention in the last hour, you know, the organized crime model is really the best way to understand how the global elites run things.
This may sound like, oh yeah, of course, there's organized crime.
Yeah, we all know that.
But people just still can't figure out there's this block in their head, this roadblock between there being organized crime and global organized crime.
They just cannot figure this out.
They cannot figure out that giant pharmaceutical corporations operate like organized crime.
They can't figure out that giant international banking institutions operate like organized crime.
Now, we just had a giant institution that collapsed Guess what?
It's operating on an organized crime model.
And it's not run by nerdy dude with an afro.
He's the face of that.
He's the front of that.
And the face, the front people, they take the fall.
And the media right now is running cover for him.
Mainstream media is running cover for Sam Beckman.
Oh, he's altruistic.
It's not his fault.
It's all these other people.
Well, yeah, maybe.
He's just a front man.
But they're covering up because they know it shows that the giant establishment, leftist, especially Democratic Party system is a big scam.
And it totally exposes all that.
And it exposes that because it's kind of always been that way.
And I'm not saying that the Republican Party doesn't have much of a phonies and con artists as well.
I mean, they're basically the same party for the most part, right, except for A few outliers and people that, you know, people on this broadcast all know about, for the most part, these people are all part of the same big scam.
And crypto was just one of those easier ways to kind of mask the scammery by selling people on the idea that the Federal Reserve model of fiat system.
Oh, let's just put that into crypto.
Do the exact same thing where we can print up infinite amounts of digits on the screen and just say, oh, yeah, well, there's there's a zillion FDT token and we'll just keep inflating the price of the fake coin.
And as people invest, they will take the investor's money and put it into his own betting and investments.
And, you know, again, it's obvious that this is just the exact same model of the Federal Reserve scam debt-based system applied to the crypto world.
And the whole point of Bitcoin itself, Bitcoin, which has nothing to do with any of these things, none of these scams.
Bitcoin exists to fight that model.
That's its purpose.
So, you know, I think a lot of people kind of we were open to the possibility of where Ethereum might go.
Ethereum was for many, many years based on this idea of proof of work like Bitcoin model.
And then it recently switched to, quote, proof of stake and admitted to the censoring.
So, Tornado Cash, these other recent scandals in the domain of Ethereum, have proven that Ethereum is now part of GlobalCoin.
In fact, Klaus even says he likes it now.
He likes Zercerium!
We've been cold with Zercerium!
So, while we might have withheld judgment and been open to the possibility, now it's gone into full-on, it's part of, apparently, it seems like it wants to go in the direction of KlausCoin, GlobalCoin.
Because now they're willing to admit censoring when they're requested to censor at the node level.
And that's not what Bitcoin is.
Bitcoin is not that, you see.
So it's different.
So a lot of people who don't know about this sector, they kind of class it all together.
And every time there's a shakeout, oh, it's because it's all a scam.
It's not all a scam.
That's why all of these other coins are not modeled like Bitcoin is modeled, right?
And so, again, it sort of vindicates Max Keiser in a way, right?
Max Keiser!
Max Keiser!
Bitcoin is vindicated.
Because it's all the Bitcoin people, right?
Michael Saylor, Max Keiser, who had been saying for the last year that these entities are going to start collapsing.
You're going to see, you know, this Three Arrows Capital.
You're going to see Voyager.
You're going to see Terra Luna.
You're going to see, because the same model had been done in the past through exchanges like Mt.
Gox, which got hacked many, many years ago.
BitConnect was another one of these Ponzi scams that collapsed based on Paying people out of money, tokens made out of thin air, basically.
So these are all just scam models.
That's all I'm trying to say.
And that doesn't mean that everybody or everything in crypto is a scam.
That's why it wasn't about Bitcoin.
It was about everything but Bitcoin, you see.
And most of the global elites don't like Bitcoin.
Openly, right?
Bill Gates, I wish we never had Bitcoin, right?
Hillary, get rid of Bitcoin.
They all do not like that because that's one of the ones that they can't control.
Because it's actually decentralized.
These other ones are completely centralized and are based on the print-out-of-thin-air scam debt model.
That is the Federal Reserve model.
And that's why this was all promoted for the last three years with zillions of dollars by all these Democrats and all these, you know, Wall Street CNBC people to pump this up because it was a scam.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I'm just joking, that's my entertained impression.
But welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm your guest host Jay Dyer.
We're talking about the structures of large scale scammery, large scale deception, large scale financial
bamboozlery, and particularly the Federal Reserve System is kind of actually pretty much the same
as the FDX collapse scandal system.
So there's been a lot of these as we pointed out.
And the reason I was bringing in organized crime is that one thing organized crime got pretty adept at
and is I guess still pretty adept at is financial scammery.
So we often think of, you know, mobsters, organized crime as, you know, being involved in a little bit of sanitation,
they take out the dead body, take out a little bit of the trash, a dab of glue.
No, but that's not all they do.
Organized crime is also involved pretty heavily in large scale financial scammery.
And that actually comes up throughout The Sopranos as well.
There's many episodes where Tony gets involved in a big-scale gentrification HUD type of scam, right?
And that's referenced, I think, in season one or two.
Very similar to the stuff that Catherine Austin Fitz had investigated amazingly.
There's a couple other episodes where, you know, Tony gets involved in these high level financial scams that at one point he sets up a front thing that has to do with stock scams, right?
And stock trading and whatnot.
And he puts a couple guys running this and that works for a little while and makes maybe a few million dollars, something like that.
And so, but those are models on a micro scale for what big scale scammers do on a macro scale.
And it's just amazing to me that, you know, people can figure this out at the local level.
They can figure it out that maybe even their governor at a state level, maybe even the president or some government official is involved in a scam.
But they can't figure it out beyond these goofy public official people.
As if there aren't billionaires involved in scams, as if there aren't people, you know, like FTX scale people, multi-billion dollar scams.
Now everybody knows about Enron, everybody knows about Bernie Madoff, and now everybody knows about FTX, but do you think that that's it?
Like that's the only scams that go on, or that's the only deception that goes on?
You don't think that it goes on at the level of the Federal Reserve?
It doesn't go on the level of the Bank for International Settlements?
What about the level of Davos and the World Economic Forum?
Could they possibly be involved in economic scammery?
Or do you think that they're all altruistic people who want to help you, like Sam Bankman-Fried?
Are they just sweet, nice people?
They care about your health.
They want you to be happy and healthy, while they also want you to not be around.
Right, I mean, how can people not figure this out?
I'm mystified by this.
And so my point of this is that, well, how do we understand Sam Bateman Freed and FTX and then the Democratic Party connection there?
Well, it's like mafia.
It's like organized crime.
You got to work for the big boys.
You know, we'll promote you on the global stage for the next three years.
Sam, come work for us.
You'd be the nerdy tech face of crypto because, presumably, from the psychological warfare vantage point, from the market research, the only people into crypto are nerds.
So you're the face of it.
Maybe other Silicon Valley companies with nerdy face people are the same, you think?
You think?
Maybe something like Facebook is something like... I don't know.
What do you think?
I don't know.
What do you think?
Think about this.
Maybe this is a model for other things.
I don't know.
And then you do what we say.
However, if things go sour, maybe you don't pay your dues.
What happens?
Well, you take the fall.
You're the fall guy.
You're the man that is the face of this, and you're the one that caused all this.
Maybe we'll run a little interference for you for the mainstream media, and we'll try to say that you're just this autistic, genius, savant, nerd guy.
But no, ultimately, right, this guy might take the fall.
As if it's just one guy.
And that's another lie the system's always propping up, right?
Like, oh, it's just this one dude.
It's one.
We got one bad apple over here.
We'll root the bad apples.
As if this is not a gigantor scam with obviously a lot of high level connections.
But of course, the high level people, the Dons, Not Don Trump, the Dons, the Don in the sense of the mob Don, right?
The structure of the mafia, if you didn't know this, the reason that it was so successful for many decades in the 30s, 40s and 50s was a cell model where a lot of the foot soldiers, they didn't actually know who was running things.
They might know about the Don, but they might not even meet him very much, right?
So they don't really know it's compartmentalized.
It's a cell structure.
And it was so successful and hard to bust because a lot of the soldiers, they would interact with the bosses, but the boss alone interacted with the Don.
And so that's one way, one model by which this type of thing was so successful.
And that's also portrayed throughout The Sopranos as well.
Because remember, you know, Tony's not really a Don.
Tony is a boss, right?
And he's got soldiers under him.
But, you know, Tony has to interact with and deal with the Dons of the five families, right?
And so every now and then he'll have to drive over to New York and talk to the various Dons.
But Tony's not exactly at that level.
He's sort of below that.
And so he's oftentimes having to get Christopher, the main foot soldier throughout the series, to go and do all these operations and run all this stuff.
But Christopher has to pay his cut.
When he gets made, if you remember in the show, that comes with new responsibilities.
So Christopher, his whole life, he lacks his father figure.
He looks up to Tony.
Tony plays this father figure role when he finally gets made from, you know, being just sort of a thug to a made man.
With status, it comes with all these responsibilities and now he has to give you even more money, right?
Now he owes more money.
He has to do more scammery, more operations to bring Tony a bigger cut.
So all what he thought was all this power and prestige and honor was actually just even further signing his soul over to the devil.
And that's actually a big part of the show where over time, you know, Christopher starts to realize that he's basically made a deal with the devil.
And this ends up in him having an after-death or near-death experience right where he gets shot and he sees himself in hell.
And he relates this, you know, throughout, midway throughout the show.
Anyway, the point is just that this is the model for understanding how the elite in our day run things on a grander scale.
It's the exact same.
And that was the point Vivian Kubrick was making in the previous hour.
So hopefully everybody caught that.
And, you know, Sean Stone was making the same point with secret societies and spies and spy networks and all that.
It's the same stuff with this, right, with organized crime.
And, you know, that's what this is, you know, controlling the black markets, right?
Brzezinski, he made that famous comment that it wasn't just a matter of, you know, in terms of geopolitics, controlling legitimate markets, it was also necessary to control the black markets.
That's a big part of controlling things on the geopolitical grand chessboard, running black markets as well.
And so this is where you get into, you know, a lot of the dark stuff that everybody's heard about and that has come out in the last Several years, right?
And regarding, you know, regarding international black market type stuff.
And this also relates to elections.
If you remember, and this is all everybody's talking about this in the last week because of the midterm elections.
And it's sort of like you can't talk about election fraud or scammery.
You're not supposed to talk about that, even though that is a fact of history.
So facts of history.
And it's even well known that the U.S.
has employed certain people to fix elections in other countries for the last 60, 70, 80 years.
There's people who are fixers who go for intelligence agencies and go and fix elections.
I think Roger Stone even did a whole breakdown of who fixed elections in other countries and might have been involved in Fixing the previous presidential election.
There was a big famous essay that Roger Stone did two or three years ago on that very thing.
Pointing this out, this kind of should be well known, but no, you can't even mention that.
So as the world government is put into place, as gigantic financial scam institutions collapse, you can't talk about it, and you're bad if you do, but also it's not that bad.
So, for years and years and years, there was no global government.
You're bad if you mention that.
You're crazy.
By the way, there is a global government and it's a good thing.
And if you don't like it, it's because you're a bigot and you're a small-minded.
So, it's just gaslighting.
Just like, you know, half of my videos on YouTube have the Great Reset warning from Wikipedia.
The New World Order warning from Wikipedia.
And it went viral on Twitter this week that as you talk about The global government summit that's going on.
There's a warning pops up to tell you that this is disinformation and conspiracy theory.
That there's a global government summit as it is going on.
That is Orwell.
That is gaslighting and hopefully everybody can recognize this.
Hopefully everybody has enough common sense and enough IQ points left.
To figure that out, what's staring everybody in the face?
This is the Alex Jones Show, don't go anywhere.
This is Jay Dyer, Jason Alces.
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