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Name: 20221116_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 16, 2022
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Alex Jones from InfoWars covers diverse topics like election integrity, media censorship, globalist agendas, medical assisted death and alternative healthcare solutions. He promotes products from InfoWarsTore.com and advocates for free speech, independent media, and supporting uncensored platforms. The quote suggests that making enemies is a result of impactful actions, so if one desires to have enemies, they should pursue meaningful goals.

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I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
Thank you, Chris.
Thank you.
All of you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Wednesday, November 16th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Obviously a very important broadcast today.
Trump last night announced he is running for president and then gave a lengthy speech.
It's now official.
The Republicans have won the House of Representatives, but narrowly.
Roger Stone's going to be joining us to talk about all of this here in just a few minutes.
I went on air when it was being announced that Russia had launched a cruise missile at Poland that had blown up a grain silo and killed two people with no evidence.
And I said, and even the fellow running the boom said, we were talking during a break,
I bet, he said, I bet that it's an air defense missile.
Because if you know war, you know most cross-border attacks are accidents in a war zone.
And the most common is an air defense missile.
Where do you think a giant air defense missile, a SAM missile, a service-to-air missile goes when it misses its target?
Well, it goes somewhere and crashes.
So why on earth, when Russia is trying to de-escalate things, would they attack Poland?
Only fools would take the bait and believe that.
Well, Zelensky came out and said, Russia has attacked us, confirmed it within minutes with no evidence, lied to the world, and called for NATO to attack Russia, and we'd be in World War III right now.
Probably nuclear war.
Probably a lot of us dead.
These people are out of control.
They're recklessness.
They're lies.
They do.
So here's CNBC News.
Here's the Associated Press.
NATO chief says Poland blast likely caused by Ukrainian missile but not Ukraine's fault.
Poland, NATO say missile strike wasn't a Russian attack and that was early this morning.
Now they're confirming it and we have pictures of the Ukrainian missile that we'll be showing you on screen.
Here's a shot of it right here.
Ukraine fired a missile at a Russian aircraft
It missed.
They didn't care which direction they were shooting it.
They didn't think about the trajectory.
Because reportedly the Russian jets had already gone over and were going close to Polish airspace.
And they still fired at them.
Knowing their missiles would go into Poland.
And knowing a lot of hotheads would then call for nuclear war.
How's the song go?
Thank God the Russians love their children too.
Meanwhile, Biden asked for another $37 billion in Ukraine aid.
They've already got over $100 billion.
Congress needs to say no.
I agree with that red state headline.
So that's what I wanted to start the broadcast with today is that tomorrow's news today.
I told you probably an air defense missile.
Well, the madman, the literal Nazi leader, Zelensky,
Lied within minutes of a missile hitting Poland yesterday and blowing up a grain silo and killing two farmers and said Russia had fired a cruise missile.
They knew that Russia had done it and that NATO must invoke
The particular article and attack Russia, which will lead to a nuclear war.
Well, today, NATO and Poland confirmed that the missile was fired at Russian aircraft by Ukraine, despite the fact that we're flying along the Polish-Ukrainian border on the western side of Ukraine, knowing their missiles would then rain down if they missed the aircraft on to Poland.
Absolutely criminal, incredibly dangerous.
Here I am yesterday predicting that it would be an air defense missile because the Russians don't have the motive.
We know the Ukrainians are firing air defense missiles all over the place that fall on Ukraine and Russia.
I mean, they've gone into Belarus, you name it.
Now they've hit Poland and they don't care if they fire one tomorrow when it goes into Poland.
They'll still blame Russia and try to get a nuclear war going.
Here I am yesterday predicting it was an air defense missile fired by Ukraine, now confirmed.
All right, this news broke about an hour ago, but I wanted to do some more research before we covered it, and sure enough, it's what I thought.
It was first reported at least two dead after Russian missiles land in NATO state of Poland on Ukraine border.
In Poland, two stray rockets fell in a village near the border with Ukraine.
They hit grain dryers.
Two people were killed.
There are police, prosecutor's office and army on site.
Now the Pentagon saying no evidence that Russia fired missiles in.
Looks like it was errant missile defense systems being fired at the Russians.
But the point is you just can't believe anything when you first hear it.
So there you go.
I just wanted to point that out.
I think it's the big election news.
Roger Stone here in a moment.
Here's Zelensky, literally a half hour after the attack, saying they've confirmed that the Russians did this and that NATO should invoke its articles of war and immediately attack Russia, including, he's been saying, with nuclear weapons.
And then you've got that idiot Sean Penn running around giving him Oscars and things.
I'm sure it'll give Zelensky a Peace Prize next.
Here it is.
President Zelensky, while we were just in that briefing alley, has just put out a statement.
So he confirms the earlier numbers.
He says there were 90 Russian missiles.
They targeted power systems, enterprises, residential buildings, including two right here in Kyiv.
But then he goes on, and this is the first statement that we have from the Ukrainian government about this Polish incident.
So, Zelensky basically is like a chimpanzee with a flamethrower.
Running around inside a fireworks factory about to burn down our world.
Again, I don't support the Russian war.
I don't support what happened.
I don't support what Putin's doing.
I also support not having a nuclear war that Zelensky and his money laundering friends at the FTX, the Democratic Party, are engaged in.
Stop it!
Stop it now!
We need a peace deal before these maniacs kill everybody!
Now that said, the big news and joining us is Roger Stone.
I want to play several clips here and then go to Roger.
This is Trump last night making the big announcement.
He is running for 2024.
We told you months ago that he had told people very close to the president and very close to this show that indeed he was running.
The only question was when.
So we are tomorrow's news today yet again.
And then Trump says we will take America back.
And we will put a stop to these electronic systems immediately.
Demand voter ID, same-day voting, and only paper ballots.
Here is the President announcing in his key statement.
I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
We will do whatever it takes to bring back honesty, confidence, and trust in our elections.
To eliminate cheating, I will immediately demand voter ID, same-day voting, and only paper ballots.
Only paper ballots.
Bravo, bravo to that.
He then went on to say we need amnesty for everybody they tried to forcibly inject and that nobody should be forcibly injected and they shouldn't be pushing it on children so he's now coming along in that fashion more and more and I'll say this
I've been on the fence about Trump-DeSantis because I see it as a civil war and a distraction.
But seeing all the neocons and the Democrats in the deep state and Ivanka and Jared come out against her own dad really makes me like Trump more.
And watching the entire media pile on
Really makes me like Trump more, just reminding me how much the power structure absolutely hates his guts.
We're going to talk about all this with Roger Stone.
It's now being reported that Republicans have officially taken the House of Representatives.
We'll look at some of the major election fraud evidence as well here in the next 45 minutes with the one and only Roger Stone.
He's obviously challenging history, Alex.
Only once in our American history has a president.
Grover Cleveland was elected in 1885.
In 1888, it was stolen from him in a disputed election where he clearly, by the way, got a majority of the popular vote.
And then he came back in 1893.
The energy in the room last night reminded me of 2015 and 2016.
It was the old Trump, the old anti-establishment Trump.
He was very disciplined.
He was very much on message.
He did contrast his record with the Biden record.
For those who say, oh, you need to lay out your vision.
Well, there's our vision.
Energy independence, abundant food.
Zero inflation, 1% under Donald Trump.
Close our borders.
Stop the flow of fentanyl.
Stop shipping billions to this Ukrainian Nazi, as you put it.
If you want to see the Trump agenda, it's really not that hard.
Look at everything Joe Biden's doing to this country and reverse course.
I saw an incredible clip the other day in which
Biden has asked about the inflation rate, and he says, yeah, but look what we inherited.
What you inherited?
You inherited the most robust economy and the lowest inflation rates in American history.
So I really was pumped up last night.
I stayed up a little too late, so I apologize for sounding a little raspy.
But it was an exciting moment.
It was a recapture of 2015, and you're absolutely right.
Look at the interests who are lining up against him.
It's Wall Street.
It's the corporately owned media.
It is the globalists like Ken Griffin and Paul Singer, Rupert Murdoch.
They weren't for him in 2016 either.
They were either grudgingly for him in 2020 or they were secretly against him
A man is known by his enemies.
And in this case, Trump has a high mountain to climb, but I think he's the only one with the kind of the courage, the strength, the cojones, if you will, to pull this off.
Perfectly said.
We're going to go over some of those headlines when we come back, but I saw where Rupert Murdoch reportedly called Trump like he did six, seven years ago and said, if you continue to run, I'm not going to support you.
I'm going to support a Democrat.
Well, I mean, he did that before and then flip flop back to Trump later.
So I see this as a feather in Trump's cap that he's got the establishment lined up against him and not good for DeSantis having them lined up for him.
That does not bode well for DeSantis, even though I really like DeSantis.
We can come back and talk about it on the other side.
I think Ron's done a good job, but he's 42 years old.
He did vote for TPP.
By the way, he appointed yesterday the father-in-law of Stephanie Murphy, the red Chinese communist-controlled congresswoman from Orlando, to a state board.
What's that all about?
Well, we know as big administrators, people can make a lot of mistakes.
My gosh, I've got a decent-sized crew and they're great, but we make bad mistakes here sometimes, but I hope it is just a mistake.
We'll be right back.
Well, the race is on.
Things are just getting more and more wild by the day.
And President Trump had the election stolen from him.
They tried to set us up on January 6th.
Now they're trying to put him and all the rest of us in prison.
They've just stolen a major election.
All the evidence is overwhelming.
And we absolutely must get
On the ball, not allowing them to have the new normal of weeks and weeks to decide who the winner is and in always the same key districts in Arizona, Nevada.
Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, have them steal it the same way over and over again.
We're going to look at the House of Representatives, reportedly now going to the Republicans, what's happening in the Senate, Roger Stone's predictions on that, what we can do to continue with the small beachhead we have to not give up and push forward because surrendering means the Great Reset and our energy being cut off, borders completely dissolved and things 10 times worse than we're currently living under.
But getting back to Trump and his announcement, I've said, look, start coming out more against the shots.
Start coming out and saying no mandates, which he's already done, and really hammer stay away from children.
And now more and more Trump's doing that.
So he's moving in the right direction.
Here he is last night.
I will get Biden's radical left ideology out of our military, and I did.
I did.
And in the first day, they put it back.
They signed an executive order and they put it back.
It was gone.
We will abolish every Biden COVID mandate and rehire every patriot who was fired from our military with an apology and full back pay.
Thank you.
And they deserve an apology and they deserve full back pay and they'll get it.
And unlike Biden possibly getting us.
Now, let me add another good point.
Trump looks great.
Put that photo up from last night with Roger and his wife and Trump.
You guys all look great, but man, Trump looks like he's lost 60 pounds or something.
I mean, you can't hide that in the face.
It seems like he's been energizing himself, Roger.
How is the real president doing?
You're absolutely right, Alex.
He's kind of trimmed down to fighting weight.
I mean, I've known him 40 years and he looks terrific.
He really, he has been really pushing for this.
The truth is, he actually wanted to announce his candidacy a bit earlier.
A number of advisors talked him out of it.
I think that was the right decision.
Had he done so before the election, they would have blamed him for what happened in the election.
Oh, wait a minute.
They did anyway.
How come nobody discusses the incredible victory of JD Vance in Ohio?
Or MTG by 66 percent, 30 plus point win.
When they say that all the Trump candidates lost, it's a damn lie.
It's a complete lie.
If we're going to blame somebody for the loss of the election, let's blame the people who are really responsible.
Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.
Why would Mitch McConnell shift $9 million from the Arizona campaign of Blake Masters
Up to Arizona, up to Alaska, to try to bail out Lisa Murkowski, who wasn't even elected to the term she's in now as a Republican, who bolted the party and ran as an Independent, but then voted to organize with the Republicans in the Senate.
What will be very interesting, Alex, and people don't really understand this, so it's a good opportunity for us to reveal it for the Info Warriors.
The caucus vote in which Kevin McCarthy was selected over Andrew Biggs is essentially meaningless.
It does not make McCarthy speaker.
The only vote that makes him speaker is the vote of the full House in early January.
At that juncture, he has to have at least 218 votes to become speaker.
Now, Congressman Matt Gaetz has said publicly that he has the votes to block that election.
He doesn't need but a handful to block that election.
And all eyes are going to be on Matt Gaetz.
He's a pretty good politician.
So why is Trump endorsing, and I really didn't like that last night, fawning all over Kevin McCarthy?
I mean, I agree.
I find that problematic myself.
I've argued against it.
Look, I can't explain Trump.
He is a force of nature and sometimes he's wrong.
But to go back to the point you made at the very top, and I want to be very clear about this, his position on vaccinations is identical to that of Ron DeSantis.
If I need to bring you the video of Ron advocating the shot and saying it will protect you from infection, I can do that.
No, no, I remember Trump and DeSantis being wrong.
It's just that DeSantis has been coming out against it more and putting that good
I don't, Roger.
All I'm saying is today, both of them oppose mandatory vaccinations.
Both of them oppose vaccinations for those in the military.
Both of them oppose the masking of our children.
Their positions are identical.
Rhetorically, you're right.
The governor has been more aggressive about it.
But at the end of the day, their positions are identical.
So if those who are
We're pushing DeSantis towards a candidacy.
His wife, the billionaires, Jeb Bush, Meghan McCain, Paul Ryan... It really is troublesome.
Very troubling that the RINO Republican...
If they think that's the wedge issue, I think that they're going to be unsuccessful.
I really hope the governor will fulfill the next four years of his term here in Florida.
To think that this state is still not on the knife edge just because we want a giant election.
The left here is more energized than ever.
The Clintons are about to take over the Democratic Party.
I want him to continue the job he's doing as governor, where in the last two years of his term, he's been very strong.
He's 42 years old.
He's got plenty of time.
I say it yet again, if he wants to run, it's his prerogative.
I think he clears the field.
I'm not sure he can sustain a longer conversation.
He's very good in a controlled environment.
He's very controlled.
He's very good when he controls of a microphone, but in a wide open, free fighting debate with a brawler like Donald Trump, you know, I think Trump has personality.
He has, he has presence.
He's got some, he often has a self-deprecating humor.
The governor's kind of charming.
I think?
Well then you know you're doing something right.
Well, there's a lot of calculus goes into this, but also a lot of discernment.
And Trump is far from perfect.
None of us are.
But I got to tell you, he's got the New World Order scared of him.
They've been persecuting the living hell out of him.
And I love it when Jared Kushner, who we know is a villain, him and his 666 Fifth Avenue building and Trump's daughter, now that they are openly attacking Trump and distancing themselves, that means the knives are out for Trump and they're coming after him.
And so if we don't support Trump now, we don't support free and fair elections, we don't support the president that we voted in and the deep state stole it from us.
Donald Trump announces 2024 presidential run to make us great and glorious again.
As Trump announces 2024 White House run, GOP mega donors back to Santas and other Republicans.
Trump seeks White House again.
GOP loses legal probes.
Murdoch reportedly tells Trump his political career is over, threatens to back opponent in 2024.
Christie applauded after bashing Trump at GOP governor meeting.
Broadcast networks take a pass on Trump campaign announcement.
New election, same result.
Most incumbents win 2022 rematch.
It goes on and on and on.
So that's where I basically stand on this, is the issues.
And that's what I'll continue to hammer, regardless of who's in the White House.
But Trump running on stopping election fraud, I think is really central.
He also talked about border security, backing the police and not defunding them, and a lot of other things that resonate with Trump's base.
But we know that the Jan 6th Committee came out and said they don't care if there's a
It's a normal rule that you don't prosecute somebody when they're running for president because it's obvious political persecution, but it's a rule that we shouldn't have had the lady that ran the elections running for governor and now winning by fraud, obviously, in Arizona.
They're doing whatever they want, not because they're strong, but because they're weak.
They're cornered rats.
Culturally, politically, the world is turning against the New World Order.
The question is, can America get out of its coma and realize that before it's too late?
Roger Stone.
You raised the single most important issue here, Alex, and that is, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day, whether we nominate former President Donald Trump, or whether we nominate Governor DeSantis, or who we nominate, if we can't have free, fair, honest, transparent elections.
What's just happened in Arizona is an abomination.
The ballots that were tested the night before the election are the correct 19 inches long.
On election day, the paper ballots that are sent to only Republican precincts are 20 inches long.
The machines are specifically made not to accept them.
In one case, an election judge I spoke to said a person tried to get the tabulator to receive their ballot
Fifteen times and it was rejected.
Well, it's rejected because the trays inside the tabulator are not made to take that paper.
Now, this wasn't done by accident.
This was done willfully.
The ballots that were used to do the tests the night before weren't even done by the printer at the polling place, as required by law.
They were printed at a central location.
If we're going to have fraudulent elections, does it matter who we nominate?
Does it matter how we illustrate the issues?
Does it matter if our candidate wins in the presidential debates?
You cannot tell me in an election in which if you added the vote that went to all of the Republican candidates for Congress,
There's between 3 and 5 million more people voted Republican in the last election, yet we're expected to believe that they retained the Senate.
We're expected to believe that we only narrowly won the House.
This is the single most important issue for Trump to address.
If this issue is not fixed, well then there's no point in having an election.
As I have said on this
And there's no consequences for stealing that car.
That person is going to go out and steal another car.
I would say this for the for the globalists, the Democrats and their handmaidens in the mainstream media.
They had between 2020 and 2022 to perfect their stealing.
One of the problems they had in 2020 was making the total number of ballots cast match the number of ballots that they reported.
Now they've found a way to do that.
But if you were voting in Arizona, in Maricopa County, in the morning, the odds were overwhelming that your ballot did not go through the tabulators, and therefore they say to you, oh, just throw it in this box, box number three or door number three, and we'll count it later.
We don't know the
Those votes were even counted, even though an election judge signed off on each batch of them.
It's very hard to understand how Florida and Texas, much, much larger states than Arizona, all of them on machine, all of them with mail-in ballots, unfortunately, just like Arizona, can have all their elections wrapped up by about an hour and a half after the polls close.
But in Arizona, it's a week later before they finally enacted the big steal.
And they elected a woman who, in the campaign style of Joe Biden, spent most of her time in the basement during this campaign, who didn't recuse herself as Secretary of State.
So she overlooked her own election and the fraud there.
I really think that Carrie Lake has a significant constitutional legal issue, which is the disenfranchisement of all those people who tried to vote in the morning.
We cannot give up on election integrity.
We cannot give up on the fight for honest elections.
In fact, it must be the centerpiece of Trump's campaign if he is going to succeed.
Well, you're right, Roger.
I mean, this is classic Fox is watching the hen house and only key Republican districts have the machines fail and turn off.
Only Republican districts are given basically fake ballots that don't work.
Only Republican districts all over the country and key battlegrounds are given black sharpies, which the machines don't then read.
I mean, they are openly engaged in racketeering fraud with the same scams in this key battlegrounds as two years ago.
And if we don't have some mechanism to stop them, they're going to keep doing it forever.
And now the Democratic Party is calling all their political opposition terrorists and white supremacists.
And the ADL coming up next hour is giving an award to Pfizer and saying basically censor and shut down anybody that doesn't want to take injections, experimental injections.
So you're now anti-Semitic if you want control over your body.
Meanwhile, it really disturbs me to see Elon Musk, who I really, based on everything I see, I really like.
Why is he meeting with the ADL in order to come up with a definition of hate speech?
This is really simple.
Anything that the ADL disagrees with, they call hate speech.
That's not free expression.
That's not free speech.
Why would you even meet with these people?
They're the ones who want to limit everyone's free expression.
So Twitter remains the sewer that it is, the toilet that it is.
I'm really praying that Elon Musk will clean it up, will allow people like you and I and President Trump and so many others to return to that platform.
But I'm not betting on it, to be honest with you.
I'm going back to Parler, which I must tell you, I'm liking much better.
I'm finding traction again on Parler that was missing.
So I'm still working the alternatives.
Gab, Telegram, True Social, of course, Getter, to a certain extent.
I still want my voice out there.
But I'm not clear on what Elon Musk is doing, but transparency and getting back our voice to demand free, fair elections is an absolute important element of this whole fight.
It's key for us to stop obsessing over Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and getting back on there.
We're good
We're good to go.
Because we are all building our own infrastructures, and we the people, that's you the great listeners, are spreading the word about Roger Stone's weeknight show, 5 p.m., and my broadcast, and Harrison Smith, weekday mornings, 8 a.m., and Owen Schroyer with The War Room, 3 p.m.
The only way, though, the dog hunts is when you let us out.
You open the gate, we'll fight the New World Order.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, hour number two, jam-packed with a ton of breaking news I haven't even gotten to yet that's beyond critical.
Dealing with the ADL and who's behind that.
It's connections to FTX and Pfizer.
Wait till we lay out the rest of the story.
But I was talking to Roger Stone about what do you want to hit next?
What's front and center for you during the break?
Because he has so much to talk about.
He said, really, I'm worried about World War III and these Reichstagian type events that lead to these wider wars.
What you were talking about earlier.
He's mentioning what I've said at the start of the second segment about 45 minutes ago when he first joined us.
And that's that Ukraine's been firing large SAM, service-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, all over the place.
They've been hitting Russia.
They've been hitting Belarus.
They've been going into the edge of Poland.
And when we first saw this yesterday, I said, I would imagine it's a service-to-air missile fired at Russian aircraft.
Now that wasn't in the news yet.
I was just statistically in a war zone like this.
Russia has no motive.
Why would they do this?
But Zelensky went on TV and said it was a cruise missile and that Russia had fired 90 of them and that many had gone into Poland and he wanted Article 5 invoked by NATO and that's a NATO attack on Russia.
So he's a maniac.
Absolutely out of control and everything comes out of his mouth is basically a lie.
Doesn't mean I'm against the Ukrainians.
Doesn't mean I want this war.
It's just a fraud.
So here I am yesterday giving you tomorrow's news today.
All right, this news broke about an hour ago, but I wanted to do some more research before we covered it, and sure enough, it's what I thought.
It was first reported at least two dead after Russian missiles land in NATO state of Poland on Ukraine border.
In Poland, two stray rockets fell in a village near the border with Ukraine.
They hit grain dryers.
Two people were killed.
There are police, prosecutors, office and army on site.
Now the Pentagon saying no evidence that Russia fired missiles in.
Looks like it was errant missile defense systems being fired at the Russians.
But the point is you just can't believe anything when you first hear it.
But here we are a day later and they're still saying it's a Russian missile.
The mainstream media here is after NATO and Poland say no, it was a Ukrainian missile.
And Zelensky just came out and got in NATO's face and said, no, it's the Russians, now attack them.
This guy is very, very dangerous, Roger.
Alex, this is really quite extraordinary.
Look, I got up late today because I was up celebrating the historic announcement of Donald Trump.
And therefore, when I went to bed, I heard that Russian missiles had attacked Poland.
Then when I came on your broadcast, I saw you laying out the truth.
Then I went online, figuring that, well, everybody else will probably be saying the same thing Alex is saying.
And you know what, Alex?
Nobody other than InfoWars by and large is reporting the truth.
This underlines the importance of InfoWars and why they are so desperate to take you down.
This underlies the importance of InfoWars and why I so value this platform and
And this forum, because I know whenever there is a concerted effort at propaganda, regardless what the issue, whether it's Donald Trump or whether it's Governor DeSantis or whether it's the situation in Ukraine or whether it's what the Red Chinese are up to,
The safest place to go to find out what is really going on, and it's put out there fearlessly, and with the knowledge that we're going to be attacked as conspiracy theorists and nut jobs and extremists, and this one always makes me laugh, white supremacists, all of which is false, is InfoWars.
All of these efforts to destroy you legally.
How much do you owe now, Alex?
I think last time I checked it was $4 trillion.
Let's see if we can get another trillion out of him.
All of this stuff is about shutting down and silencing InfoWars, and FrankSpeech.com, and Breitbart, and Jack Posobiec, and so many others out there who are truth-tellers.
So when you make the
Pitch for the Infowars.com store, or you make a pitch for your own legal defense fund.
Folks, I can tell you this firsthand.
It's not because Alex Jones is greedy.
It's not because he wants to make money.
He worships God and country.
That's why he does this.
None of us would do this otherwise.
We're not here for the glory.
We're not here to be famous.
In fact, I found out that being famous is a pain in the ass.
I'm tired of being threatened in restaurants and airports.
I'm tired of attacks on my family.
I'm still outraged about the guy who attacked my wife outside my home two Christmases ago.
No, I can't get over it.
We're here willingly.
We're not complaining.
We're not whining.
We're not bitching.
All we're asking for is your support.
Whether it is going to InfoWars.com's store, or whether it is going to the StoneDefenseFund.com, or whether it's watching my show, StoneZone.Live, every day at 5 o'clock at StoneZone.Live.
We're here because we love the country.
We're here because we're down for the battle.
After what I went through, and Alex, you've been through a similar scalding experience,
My children, my grandchildren said, why don't you hang it up?
Just retire to the beach, write some historic books, lay as low as possible, stop going on InfoWars.
Every time you go on InfoWars, there's a controversy.
Grandpa, stop going on InfoWars.
No, I'm not going to do that.
I'm sorry.
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
And that's why it's vitally important that people realize what's really going on around them.
It's vitally important that they give us the support we need.
I totally agree with you.
All we're asking for is this fight's gone so long.
We've seen so many victories and so many defeats and we know it's for the children.
We're simply asking people to keep us in the fight by spreading the word and by supporting what you're doing and by supporting what we're doing.
Roger, you've got a lot of great websites.
What's the best one for people to visit to find everything Roger Stone?
StoneZone.com is my new completely revitalized website.
You can go there to get your very own Roger Stone.
This is a stone that I have personally signed.
You can use it as a paperweight or a good luck charm.
Some women carry it in their purses.
You can get your very own signed copy of my presidential pardon, a great Christmas gift.
I will personalize it to you.
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All right, Roger.
We love you and we appreciate you.
Be safe.
We'll talk soon.
God bless you, Alex.
Keep up the good fight.
I'll try, brother.
Let me say something about what he just said.
We're not backed by the Republican Party, by the Democratic Party, by George Soros, by Bill Gates, by Pfizer, by the ADL, by the New World Order, by nobody but you.
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And so, please, you're not going to get the information we're about to cover next hour anywhere else.
The euthanasia of children has now begun, even healthy ones, in places like Canada, and it's already starting here.
We've got two powerful special reports on that.
It's even worse than I was reporting on yesterday.
I'm going to start the next hour on that.
They need air superiority with no one challenging it.
So they can gaslight us with all this garbage.
This broadcast reaches millions and millions and millions of people a day thanks to the hardcore minority of people that actually buy the products and share the articles and videos.
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Coming up, hour number two.
Stay with us.
The globalists are in an absolute panic right now.
They are attacking, and suing, and censoring, and spying on, and engaging in bullying, and physical attacks against populists, conservatives, and Christians, not just in America, but worldwide.
And their number one most hated enemy in the media is Infowars, because we know the globalists' number
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Hold on, my friends.
The children and our entire future species is counting on us now.
We should be honored to be in this position and persecuted by the most evil forces in the history of this planet.
Their covert operations have now been drawn out in the open.
The process of them trying to break us will be the process of their downfall and destruction.
It has been foretold.
And now, we see it all beginning to manifest.
As the mind of man is made in the image of God, what we envision, over time, we are able to realize.
That's why they feed us ugliness and death and destruction and tell us we're trash, so we manifest the dystopic system that Hollywood spreads.
But we will manifest the blueprint that God has given us and our stairway to heaven.
All right, I want to do this.
Some stations don't carry this segment, and this is some big news.
So I'm going to come back in.
With the latest developments on the next big rollout they've been beta testing and that is forced government intimidated social credit score suicide.
And exactly as I told you in Endgame, made in 2007, we talk about that, it's now here exactly as we said because we're going off our own blueprints.
And so that's coming up next segment.
I also intend to open the phones up this hour.
Steve Quayle is going to be joining us.
We've got a lot of global government news that we're going to be getting to as well.
Shocking clips out of the big UN summit that just ended.
Incredible announcements of censorship, world government and tyranny.
And the quarterback at Worldwide, the ADL, will be in charge.
They're in charge of policy and then government then empowers them and tells big tech and the corporations to follow their orders.
So this is truly a mafia, truly something that would make even some of the worst totalitarians blush by how massive this is and how incredibly widespread it is.
So we're going to be laying all of that out.
We're good to go.
It's one of the reports and then globalist push mass suicide.
This will take until the bottom of the hour to get to all of this.
Then I'll hit the massive ADL news and then we will take some phone calls.
I only have time today to take about 10.
So I asked the folks taking the calls in there to just put 10 on the board.
I don't want anybody else to not get on air.
And I'm getting better and better.
We're good to go.
Multi-hour live call-in shows and with special guests but mainly calls and analysis and you can look for those in the evenings.
Our speech is so vital the enemy hates the fact that we're doing it so much.
There's really a premium on it and so if they don't want me to do it and they don't want me on air well then I've got to do that don't I?
I've already promised a year ago to start doing more of that.
I've been doing more of it.
We're about to double or triple the amount of that that you have been seeing and a lot more.
If we had more funds, we'd have even more talk show hosts, more reporters, everything else.
But right now we're in a stabilization, attack formation mode and having a great effect thanks to all of you.
We're going to come back with the first report on this and I'll fill in some of the backstory and the targeting of our children, the next level evil, murdering children.
We are live.
It's hour number two of the most censored broadcast in the world.
Big Pharma, owned by the big banks through the UN, the WF, is promoting government extermination of the mentally ill and the physically disabled, calling it liberal and trendy.
Bill Gates' death panels on steroids.
Here is a critical Gregory's report and I'll give you the rest of the story.
The film Soylent Green was made in 1973 and set in a dystopian world in the year 2022, where the government is secretly feeding the people food made of people.
And the most pleasant experience one can have is state-assisted suicide.
While government-run media pushes the idea of cannibalism, government-assisted suicide is officially now a thing in 2022.
Before COVID, you could always count on modern medicine to keep you alive, so long as you had the money or insurance to pay for it.
But these days, the hospitals seem more likely to liquidate you.
And in Canada, they will help you kill yourself, even if you don't really want to die.
Amir Farsood has applied for medically assisted dying, known as MAID.
He lives in constant agony due to a back injury, but has started the process for end of life because his rooming house is up for sale and he can't find anywhere else to live that he can afford.
He barely survives on Ontario Disability Support Payments, which are just over $1,200 a month.
He doesn't want to die, but being homeless is not an option.
I know in my present health condition I would survive it anyway.
Farsood meets the criteria for MAID.
Physical suffering due to disability that cannot be relieved.
His doctor, who knows Farsood's real reason for MAID is his fear of being homeless, signed off on the application in August.
Farsood needs a second to do the same.
There's a 90-day waiting period.
He believes he could potentially access MAID in about a month.
I don't wish to be dead.
Even with the pain, even with the meds, I still want to be here.
According to the Canadian government, they are getting several requests for suicide from children, who they refer to as mature minors.
And they are seeking to amend the laws so that these children can be euthanized
They have saved 90 million dollars.
So, I mean, that's like four missiles flying to Ukraine.
The government has infinite money for refugees and for, you know, foreign aid and for
We're good to go.
Average Canadians, sorry.
Sorry, it's time to suicide.
It's time for death.
After 6,465 individuals committed suicide with the help of MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying,
The Canadian government saved $86.9 million, about $13,000 per person.
That's what an individual's life is worth today in Canada.
The Economists running Canada concluded that the savings from Maid are so far negligible, but the suicide program should continue.
Bullets don't cost that much.
I mean, we could really be ramping this up.
Maybe you could have people pay tickets
Like maybe, maybe this is a solution.
Maybe in Canada, you pay like 10,000 bucks and you get to kill somebody.
This is the predictable outcome of big government.
When unnecessary jobs are created and given to lazy idiots, then economists and bureaucrats inevitably sort everything out.
And they only see us as a resource, which turns civilization into a meat factory.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Here is Jon Bowne's report on the same evil subject and I'll break down what's really behind it all.
The third difference, which we see in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is the fact that the winners take it all.
Contrary to the previous industrial revolutions, it's very difficult to copy.
So if you are First World,
You are the winners.
And this will determine global competition on a national, but also on a business level to a large extent.
And I hope in a not too hostile way in the coming years.
It really is true in a social Darwinistic fashion that is, we present all this that's very accurate and documented,
And the general public does not rally and awaken and say no and bring the perpetrators to justice, that really they've all been given ample warning and deserve what they get.
And that's why the globalists target adults with deadly shots and assisted suicide and all the rest of it, because metaphysically in the natural law of the universe, if you can get somebody to hurt themselves out of their free will, even if you pretty much trick them, you still got to give them a hint, then
It doesn't come back on you metaphysically as bad.
And what will happen to politics in your country in 20 years when somebody in San Francisco or in Beijing knows the entire medical and personal history of every politician, every judge, and every journalist in your country, including all those sexual escapades, all their mental weaknesses, and all their corrupt dealings?
Will it still be an independent country?
Or will it become a data colony?
When you have enough data, you don't need to send soldiers in order to control a country.
So they're definitely involved in a spiritual alchemy, and they understand the laws of the universe.
But when they cross the Rubicon of trying to euthanize children, trying to sterilize children, trying to wreck the brains of children,
That God will not put up with and will destroy us.
Originally it was pericarditis and I was then told just before Christmas actually it's perimyocarditis.
So it's actually worse because I've got pericarditis and the myocarditis damage.
So I have scarring on three parts of my heart and still the lining and muscle of my heart has got the inflammation which constricts it.
So that's when my heart rate goes up.
That's what's constricting my heart and stopping me from breathing.
And the other team we're fighting knows that, and that's why they try to get us to go along and sanction the killing of children, whether it be abortion, or assisted suicide, or transgenderism as a form of genetic suicide for the people that actually get sterilized.
And so, they're trying to get us to lower our shields.
The depopulationists dream.
A 3D printed suicide machine.
Or in other words, a modern day gas chamber.
The Sarko capsule, a high tech death machine explicitly built for killing yourself, was just 3D printed.
The Sarko capsule is being touted by depopulationists as a way to efficiently and effortlessly kill oneself.
Amir Farsood has applied for medically assisted dying, known as MAID.
He lives in constant agony due to a back injury, but has started the process for end of life because his rooming house is up for sale and he can't find anywhere else to live that he can afford.
Once inside the pod, the user will have to start the fatal process themselves.
They will have to press a button which will reduce internal oxygen levels.
The pod, which is biodegradable, can then be detached to be used as a coffin.
When a Canadian veteran picked up the phone and called Veterans Affairs Canada to get treatment for his combat-related PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, he expected help getting better and getting his life back.
Instead, he got an unexpected and unwanted offer to help him end it through medically assisted death.
This is all being done by design.
Well, the globalists say they're destroying the country by design.
This is a pro-death, pro-tyranny cult.
All right, the rest of the story when we come back.
I'm going to explain how they're going to try to force everyone into this in phases.
The future of the world will be laid out straight ahead.
You might want to tune in.
All right, I'm going to give the toll-free number out specifically on Trump announcing he's running for president.
And on the euthanasia, the forced killing of the population now taking place across the Western world, the so-called assisted suicide, which we always warned you would become something they pressured you into.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
But boy, there are so many clips from the last week of the big UN summit in Egypt, Cairo, that are just incredible.
When you watch these events and these other Davos Group slash UN events, you see that Klaus Schwab is in charge in these videos directing the world leaders and walking around the world stage with them.
He's the former head of the Bilderberg Group.
So they are flaunting this in our face, but notice this video.
We played this earlier this year out of the World Government Summit held in Dubai.
2022 is now being blocked on YouTube because the ADL says it doesn't exist.
So on the screen, in a 60-foot tall wall, it says, World Government Summit.
But they go on to say, we're blocking this because this is a conspiracy and doesn't exist.
You go, well, that's crazy.
Well, no, it's called gaslighting.
They tell you they're doing it all.
They tell you the shots don't work and kill you now.
But if you criticize it, you're also banned.
And the ADL is the group that organizes and runs it all, with all the other censors and fact-checkers.
Whether you're in Australia, whether you're in Europe, whether you're in the US or Canada, it is the international ADL on record.
And now they say, if you criticize elections being stolen, open borders, forced injections, anything, it's all the same policy as Biden.
It's the same policy in Germany, same policy in New Zealand, same policy in Canada.
This is global government.
So now,
We have the ADL giving their highest award, like they gave Tim Cook when he censored me a few years ago for censoring me.
They gave him the award and said so.
We're honored to welcome Dr. Albert Bourla next at Never Is Now.
Dr. Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, will be receiving the much deserved 2022 ADL Courage Against Hate Award for his work in the public health sector from beyond.
So Joseph Mingala did forced medical experiments on people that killed a lot of folks.
He's known as the Angel of Death.
Of all the Nazis, he's like right below Hitler in the whole, you know, Nazis are the most evil thing on earth lexicon.
And I agree, they were bad.
But nothing compared to these people on the scale of what they do or the covert sneakiness of it all.
And so just on this topic, you have this guy with a forced injection, given secret liability protection, saying he owns your body, saying he wants to put chips in your body, and the ADL is now running around censoring anybody
It says I own my body and saying that's Nazi.
And that's in the 2021 June document that Biden put out saying it's terrorism to say you don't want these deadly shots.
And I played Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
yesterday pointing out that intelligence agencies are openly saying you're a terrorist if you don't want them to give you a deadly shot.
Well, of course, they're coming to kill you.
We have captured eugenics, depopulation, death cult governments.
If they can't kill you in the womb, they'll try to sterilize you through transgenderism later, or get you to commit suicide, or make you commit suicide with a social credit score, which they're now saying they have.
We're honored to welcome Dr. Albert Bourla.
And it goes on here.
He responded, he's honored and humbled to accept the Courage Against Hate Award at the Never Is Now Summit for the ADL.
It's high time we raise our voices against anti-Semitism, racism in all forms and deliberate spread of hatred, which means not wanting to take the shot that grows prions in your body and kills you.
Honored and humbled.
Isn't that just sweet?
And then we have FTX run by Harvard, the Democratic Party at MIT.
We're good to go.
You name it.
Ivermectin be banned.
All the same organization.
All the same group.
Literally trying to keep you from getting vitamin D3 or IV vitamin C to save you.
And wanting to inhibit you and murder you with a ventilator.
And then with weird crazy people going, you're a Nazi if you don't let us put this in your body.
You're a Nazi if you don't open borders.
You're a Nazi if we can't take your guns.
Don't be a Nazi America!
Don't be a Nazi!
Alex Jones is a Nazi!
And when George Soros was selling Jews out to Hitler, both my grandfathers were in the Army Air Corps and both of them almost died.
I almost don't exist because of World War II.
And then the very people that we saved, their grandchildren claim we're Nazis and have to be censored and have our rights taken and have things forced on our bodies by Joseph Mingala 2.0, Albert Bourla.
Screw Joseph Mengele and screw the ADL and screw Pfizer and screw the New World Order!
I'm not your property and you're not gonna kill me!
You psychos!
You crazy people!
The ADL is now the Society of Joseph Mengele, literally!
Where's the ADL on euthanasia?
Where's the ADL on killing old people?
Where's the ADL on Bill Gates saying kill an old lady and hire 10 teachers?
They're nowhere.
Where's the ADL on the persecution of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel?
Because they're quarterbacking the whole thing.
Because no one would expect to have Nazi policies out of a supposed Jewish organization.
That's about as Jewish as Adolf Hitler's mustache.
Has nothing to do with it.
They go, well, what do Americans not want to be?
They don't want to be Nazis.
Well, we'll do all the Nazi policies and actually have the grandson of a Nazi war criminal run it all, who says he wants to depopulate everybody.
And then when they don't like it, we'll call them Nazis.
And then we'll block their therapeutics and kill their asses.
And then we'll ask, well, why is this weird, strange genetic mutagen in all the so-called shots?
Oh, well, Jeffrey Epstein developed it.
He wanted it in the shots.
That's mainstream news.
It's all about raping you and whatever they're doing to our genetics and attacking our DNA.
Toxic vaccine ingredient SM-102 has connection to Epstein Genome Project.
Why are you putting that in my shot?
Well, it's liberal.
It's loving, it's trendy.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
And let's get to this clip.
They admit, NATO and Poland, admit that it was a Ukrainian missile.
That hit Poland and blew up the grain stall, the silo, and killed two people.
And so now Lloyd Austin's toddled out and said, ultimately responsible, that Russia's ultimately responsible, even though Ukraine did it.
So anytime Ukraine attacks another country, it's now Russia's fault.
That's leftist mind control.
That's leftist murder of logic.
That's leftist gaslighting.
Here's the clip.
We're still gathering information, but we have seen nothing that contradicts President Duda's preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland.
And whatever the final conclusions may be, the world knows that Russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident.
Russia launched another barrage of missiles against Ukraine, specifically intended to target Ukraine's civilian infrastructure.
This tragic and troubling incident is yet another reminder of the recklessness of Russia's war of choice.
No, you're reckless starting a war with Russia and overthrowing their elected government and giving our troops deadly shots, you Joseph Mengele!
Lloyd Austin is Joseph Mengele.
He is Adolf Hitler's son, spiritually.
I'm going to go to your phone calls here in a moment, but I wanted to play Klaus Schwab at the big global government UN summit they just had announcing world government talking about we need a great reset for the world.
He went on in other clips I have to say China is the model of the world and the fourth industrial revolution.
I want to finish up on the euthanasia and what's going to happen very, very soon as they roll this out according to their timeline with government forced suicide or murder coming up in just a moment.
Then your phone calls.
Here's Klaus Schwab.
Of course, if you look at all the challenges, we can speak about a multi-crisis.
An economic, a political, a social, an ecological, an institutional crisis.
But actually, what we have to confront is a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world.
And this will take some time.
And the world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process.
Politically, the driving forces for this political transformation, of course, is the transition into a multipolar world
which has a tendency to make our world much more fragmented.
And for these reasons, events like this one, the G20, and so on, are the very important connectors to avoid a too great segmentation.
Of course he goes on to praise China as the model of this great reset and this new alignment and this multipolar world.
For China is the model, for us here in America it declines as a power.
That's the process you see going on with the destruction of our nation at every level.
Here's Klaus Schwab.
We have now a window of opportunity to create this global reset which we all need.
This global reset is necessary because we have seen that our policies, which we pursued before the coronavirus struck us, that those policies do not create the necessary inclusion of society necessary for harmonious societal development.
I think?
Those technologies have been very much advanced by the pandemic.
We know that many of the world's problems can only be solved if we apply new technologies.
And I'm happy to see China putting high importance on developing its four industrial revolution capabilities.
We have a great opportunity at this moment, like we had after World War II, to have in some way a new beginning in our global cooperation, in globalization, in managing our global affairs.
And that means private corporate interests doing it with robots and drones and total control.
All the hell you see in China, he is saying, is the model.
Now Trudeau gave a speech and said, we're going to censor everything as bullying and hate.
And basically the ADL will run our lives.
I'm not going to play that clip.
It's a time I want to go to your calls.
But I've got Xi Jinping.
I want to play this clip just yesterday, dressing down Trudeau publicly because they had a private meeting and Trudeau basically is a communist Chinese agent.
He said that.
He said, I want to be a dictator like Xi Jinping.
And he lets Chinese troops train there.
He's taking the guns.
He's outlawing speech.
He's censoring.
He's got forced injections coming.
I mean, the guy is a freaking monster and says China's the model.
But then his boss, Xi Jinping, dresses down the little pretty boy.
Everything we discussed is indeed to the paper, that's not appropriate.
And that's not all the way the conversation was conducted.
Let's create the conditions first.
So he just slapped him around and again that's a yesterday's event but they have G20 coming up so they have an advertisement there on the back for G20 all these globalist events where they all get together with the corporations and sell out humanity.
Now there's another really key clip I want to get to that's John Kerry clip 6.
Where he explains we've got to get the money into this and we've got to use government to direct money into the carbon taxes into this new economy to shut down the old economy.
And they're very close to that.
Once they fire this up, it moves very quickly.
Once they get us in this position of having our energy cut off, which we're almost in, here it is.
The idea behind the launch of the First Movers Coalition is pretty straightforward.
We needed to create demand signals in the marketplace where they didn't exist, which takes boldness.
It takes courage by these executives who have made the decisions to be part of this.
And we modeled it somewhat on the experience of what happened with vaccines.
The government said, you know, we'll pay for it, build it.
And the same thing with SpaceX.
If you build it, we're going to use it, and we'll pay for it.
And so people who were putting capital at risk knew that they could get a return on that capital, or at least cover their expenses, in the case of something like vaccines, where human life was so at risk.
Where human life is at risk now, in the context of the challenge of the global climate crisis.
So give government guarantees to investments for profiteering to do it.
And here's another WEF panelist boasting about individual carbon footprint tracker, which will be the basis of surveillance, control, and selective shutdowns of all industry they don't want to exist.
Here it is.
We're developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.
What does that mean?
Where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, individual carbon footprint tracker.
Stay tuned, we don't have it operational yet, but this is something that we're working on.
Think carbon rationing, think death panels, think euthanasia, think artificially cutting off resources, and then the government telling you, sorry, you've got to opt in to kill yourself now, and we're not going to give you any free welfare anymore, but we'll give you all you want for a year, just sign up to be killed at this point, and then they come and force you to kill yourself, they murder you.
Here's Bill Gates a decade ago, selling teachers on, if we kill an old lady, you get ten jobs.
That's not how it actually works.
We build societies to help each other of complexity and of compassion.
That actually builds a world worth living in.
We have unlimited resources as long as we decide to value human life.
But this whole exercise of euthanasia and transgenderism and all of it is about not valuing human life and destroying human life, productivity, and fertility.
Here it is.
of very, very high medical costs.
And a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
And then they laugh after that.
We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come right back with Charles and Casey and Trent and AJ and Saleem and everybody.
Jefferson, Mary, Donna.
We're gonna get Jay.
We're gonna get to all of you coming up.
Don't forget, we got a mega blowout sale.
Even though these products we sold out for months, I'm still keeping them.
50 to 60% off with promo code 7076.
DNA Force Plus, X3, Vitamineral Fusion, Body's Ultimate Tumor Formula, all 50 to 60% off.
Selling out at Infowarshore.com.
We'll be right back.
We're about to go to your phone calls.
And then Steve Quayle's coming up on our Spurs.
Anybody that's left with him as well.
Big developments.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Thanks for calling.
Charles in Maryland.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I'm a big InfoWars supporter.
Also a big supporter of Steve Quayle, he's coming out.
So I've gotten, in the past year, nine of the coins you've launched.
I've got two of each, at least.
I have the gold business card that came out.
Electra Pure Water.
So you're the guy keeping us, you're the guy keeping us, you're the super supporter, Charles.
You're the guy keeping us on air.
I tried, yeah, yeah, Reset Wars, I buy many of your products, many of them, you know, I place a lot of orders with you.
I wanted to talk to you about that, because when you reintroduce the shipping charges this year, that's fine, I know you need the money, but I noticed the more I order, the higher the shipping goes up.
So like my last order was out on 300 bucks, it was almost 30 bucks shipping.
Well let me tell you this, we have just made, let me just give you a big announcement.
Starting in less than a month, we have a new shipping system and a new shipping deal, and shipping is going to go down by 50%, and we're going to go back to free shipping next year for orders above $50.
So, I don't want to get into the backstory of how we've been persecuted, and how we've been targeted.
No, no, no.
We have to pay in full or 5% credit cards.
Because we got deplatformed off regular banks.
We have to pay basically double shipping by the system raping us.
But that's because we're persecuted and sanctioned.
But we've gotten around that.
And so I apologize to listeners about shipping going up the last six months.
It's about to go back down.
So go ahead.
Well, I mean, that's fine.
I know you need to ship it.
I just wanted to let you know about Memorial Day.
No, no, I understand.
That is being fixed.
Go ahead.
You got it all figured out.
So, anyway, I gotta say, my heart is troubled right now with this whole Trump thing, Alex.
We need to have, I'd like to have a real debate on Donald Trump, because this subject in particular is really, really bothering me.
I'll tell you what, you got it, you got it.
And John, don't forget, John, don't forget.
Put him on hold, get his name and number.
We will do...
How many guests do I have tomorrow?
Let me check this, make sure I'm not going to say this wrong.
Got a bunch of guests, I'm not sure, but we'll do, in fact, I already meant to do this.
We'll do at least two hours.
Of calls on is Trump good or do people support Trump and should we support Trump?
Because I have mixed feelings as well, okay?
And I appreciate you.
Get Charles back on tomorrow.
We will take tomorrow, even if I need to move over the guest host that's in the fourth hour.
We will do, in fact, I'm hosting the fourth hour tomorrow.
Okay, so Martin Armstrong, he's a great economist.
Okay, when is he on?
Okay, so we will take calls on Trump in the second hour and the fourth hour.
We have Martin Armstrong in the third hour.
So we will... Yeah, just move him.
Move Paul Watson.
He's great, but just move him.
Because this is important, and I already meant to do this.
Thank you, Charles.
And Charles will be the first caller.
He'll have plenty of time to be able to talk about that when we get to it tomorrow.
I don't want to just bifurcate that or cut it short.
Casey in South Carolina.
You're on the air, Casey.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just want to let you know that I've already made my Black Friday sales purchase and I plan to make more.
Thank you.
As you said, you're welcome.
As you said, I am from the great state of South Carolina and I have a little bit of homework for your researchers to do, your crew.
We have two of the worst rhino Republican senators here in my state and I want them primaried out.
Tim Scott, in his victory speech last Tuesday, he actually said, we don't need to look
Oh, that's him signaling to them that he's on board with them.
Yes, I heard him say that and I literally said, what the, you know what.
So, I would love it if you can show it on your show today, if you have time, or Owen's show later.
Find that video of his victory speech and the great resetting actually comes out of his mouth.
Alright guys, look up Rick Scott victory speech.
Senator Rick Scott and calls for great reset.
Very powerful point.
Anything else?
Tim Scott.
Tim Scott, yeah.
South Carolina, Tim Scott.
I know you're talking about Tim Scott.
I get the names mixed up.
Okay, well, thanks a lot, Alex, and I love your show, brother.
Thanks for telling me about that.
I actually saw a headline like that and forgot to get to it.
Thank you, Casey.
Trent in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Go ahead, Trent.
Thanks for calling.
What's going on, man?
A big-time supporter.
God bless you.
I just want to know...
How in the world are you even considering throwing your weight behind Trump when there's how many children are being stacked up in bodies, old people stacked up, more and more are maimed every day from these shots?
And you say that he's backing off from these shots?
Yeah, when I watched that Full Send interview or podcast, he said it was his greatest achievement of his administration.
Well, that was like six months ago, but listen, I don't think Trump's perfect.
DeSantis was for the shots at first, too.
I'm just glad he's backing off of him.
So, do you think DeSantis is better, being backed by the old Deep State?
No, I think we need to get a whole brand new face up in there.
I think all of them need to be charged with the RICO Act, treason, and hung on live television.
Who do you think is a good Republican or populist person to vote for?
I mean, maybe Rand Paul, but still, he's been in there for how long?
He's still part of the problem.
We've gotten here by... No, no, I agree with you.
We should draft Rand Paul and support him above Trump.
I agree with you.
I would do that.
Because I'm not a lesser of two evils guy.
I don't sit there and go, oh, I'm a lesser of two evils.
I don't.
But at the same time, I don't believe in Biden or Michael Obama running.
So, I mean, that's where I'm at.
Of course not.
Of course not.
I mean, we still can't vote for a guy that's not being open about these children being maimed from these shots.
Hey, I put the ultimatum out to Trump.
I put the ultimatum out.
You're absolutely right.
That's why I'm very, very torn about this situation.
And I got to tell you, most of my listeners do not support Trump now.
And I understand that.
I never go off what my listeners alone think, but I certainly respect it.
And I'm very, very torn.
Very, very torn.
I appreciate your call, Trent.
Thank you so much, sir.
in Salem, wherever that is, maybe Massachusetts.
Go ahead, A.J.
No, Salem, Oregon.
We just had the election over here, and it's a small margin.
The Democrat won.
But anyways, I use Lung First during the wintertime.
You know, we got a lot of
I don't know.
We're good to go.
That's where I tend to lean towards Trump because the system doesn't like him.
They don't want him.
That's genuine hatred.
They're trying to put him in jail.
I don't think Trump's a bad person.
I think he's misguided.
I think he's pig-headed.
But he's been our pig-headed guy.
It really is a paradox because if we don't have somebody better, then what do we do?
Second, you crunched the numbers.
Trump has so many hardcore supporters.
He's the way to go.
I'm hoping he comes around with the vaccine.
I'm hoping he surrounds himself with Roger Stone, Steve Bannon,
Well, AJ, I'll promise you this and the earlier caller that raised all this.
We're not going to screen your calls, and you're going to have a place to voice your opinion to millions of people about what you think.
And tomorrow, I'm going to have the phones up for multiple hours on this one topic.
So we don't normally screen calls, but when it's on one topic, it means it's on one topic.
What do we do with Trump?
And what is your view?
Because I'm normally very decisive, but on this, I'm still trying to figure it out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Chuck Schumer just came out and endorsed replacement migration.
But if you say you don't want it, the ADL kicks you off the internet, takes your bank account, and prepares you for a prison.
And if you're not doing work at the prison, you get euthanized.
Great replacement.
Schumer calls for blanket amnesty of millions of illegals to offset declining U.S.
Incredible Jamie White article live on InfoWars.com.
That's coming up next segment.
Right now, let's go to Mark in New Jersey.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
How are you, sir?
Man, I'm not backing down.
I'm in the fight only because of the grace of God and your support.
You're a pit bull.
You're a pit bull, man.
You're a pit bull.
And I want to, first off, say God bless you, your crew, and your family, and you'll have difficulties.
You are in the gravel pit every day, and people should take their hat off to you once a day, because you are a warrior, man.
I'm trying.
Hey, we're with you.
You're standing on the shoulders of millions of listeners, and we're with you.
Now, that being said, I'm a big supporter of your products.
I think you have the best of the best.
But you don't like Trump.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Listen, let me just say this.
X2, X3, you know, stuff like Supermail.
The only thing I've found that that Supermail doesn't work with.
Is that judge that you had during the trial.
This is what we are doing here!
Ron Jeremy and Evanna Viagra couldn't have overcome that.
I don't know how you did it.
Oh, that's a very funny joke about the judge.
You know, they made memes of her as the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.
Pretty funny.
Man, she makes every man a fear infernal.
That's all I'm going to say.
Now, all joking aside, with regard to Trump,
I want to be behind the guy in the worst way.
I've been to the rallies.
I voted for him.
It's the shots, man.
It's the shots.
And if we could just get him to stop being pig-headed, which is his greatest quality.
I mean, being a bull at a china shop makes him who he is.
It has made him successful.
Reroute his course there would be shocked and the pride that comes with that.
But I get it.
I understand where he's coming from.
I get it.
It was a monumental feat.
But with that being said, I think one of the concerns there is I think he got rope-a-doped by people around him who are not working in his best interest or the world's best interest.
And it kind of harkens back to something that you played a clip of earlier with Noah Harari.
Basically talking about blackmailing leaders, but the new currency in the world is going to be information.
I hear you brother, I hear you.
I gotta get more calls in.
Thank you so much.
Jay in Minnesota, you're on the air.
Can you hear me okay?
I can, go ahead.
Okay, so here, first off, let's just start with Trump.
There isn't going to be a 2024 if we don't wake up soon.
There is no 2024.
We don't even have time for that.
I mean, this is all over.
But I called for one specific reason, and it's like, before COVID, before the vaccines, the one thing that started this whole thing was the SSRI drugs, the meds.
For these people.
Meds have dumbed down society so hard that people don't know how to think.
Because what those meds do is they take away your empathy.
And when you have no empathy, you can't think with your heart.
So you basically just think with your head.
And when you only think with your head, then you believe what anyone tells you.
So the problem is these meds.
People gotta stop taking these meds, because that's what's killed our country.
No, and I think you're the best caller we've had today, because you're right.
This Trump-DeSantis thing is a distraction.
World government collapsed the planet.
Trumps can't save us in two years.
There's not time.
We've got to get engaged, involved, and ready now.
Thank you so much.
Alright folks, we'll be back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Chuckie Schumer has officially come out and endorsed replacement migration.
Some of the ADL says you should be put in jail if you talk about it.
I'm pointing my finger at you.
And I'm also pointing it right back at myself.
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You forget to take your vitamin D3.
You forget to take your Brain Force Plus.
You forget to take DNA Force Plus.
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Please continue to support and I love you and I thank you.
1776 at InfoWarsTore.com.
He was on with us one month ago and he repeatedly said they will use an errant missile out of Ukraine to blame Russia with a false flag and escalate the war and bring NATO in.
Steve Quayle joins us today.
He was already set up a week ago.
This is synchronicity, serendipity of the Lord at work.
I want to get to that with him.
I want to get to FTX and how I can bring down the whole house of cards.
I agree with him and his expert analysis on that.
We'll get that.
There's only a few people out there that expose the New World Order at a greater level than I did before I did.
It's not about the credit, but it's about understanding who was awake first so we can understand who has the discernment.
And it was Steve Quayle and David Icke.
Both great minds, both ahead of their times, and both living legends, and Steve Quayle obviously needs no introduction.
He's here with us for the rest of the hour today.
But the first thing I wanted to hit was this.
Two years ago, they had the official ADL Summit in D.C., and Sacha Baron Cohen, who made his money off absolutely horrible, disgusting comedy, some of it's funny, some of it's just really disgusting,
But all granted, he's funny sometimes.
Free speech allowed him to do it.
He called for my arrest for talking about replacement theory.
Well, it's not a theory.
The UN has an official plan of the replacement migration program since the 60s, and they admit, and French presidents talk about it, and British prime ministers, and American presidents, and I have all the UN documents.
This is why they sell euthanasia, abortion, sterilant chemicals in the food and water so we can't have children.
So poor third world populations can be brought in as a permanent underclass.
So now Chuckie Schumer came out today, this just broke an hour ago, and calls for amnesty for all 11 million undocumented migrants in the U.S.
because the American population is not reproducing on its own at the same level as it used to.
So direct replacement migration statement, we'll play the clip in a moment.
Jamie White powered out
A quick article on this.
Great replacement.
Schumer calls for a blanket amnesty of millions of illegals to offset declining U.S.
Here's another article we wrote five years ago.
Revealed U.N.
planned to flood America with 600 million migrants for replacement migration.
Their word.
It has the documents in it.
But don't believe me.
is pushing the dangerous replacement migration conspiracy theory.
The U.N.
On their website.
And here is the actual documents, ladies and gentlemen.
Population, Division, Department, Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, 2000, and that was in the year 2000.
And there's a bunch of others.
So, the ADL says if you criticize forced injections, you're a Nazi and should be banned, debanked and arrested, literally arrested.
All of this, FTX is involved, blocking therapeutics and helping run censorship with the ADL, same deal.
So it all ties together, ladies and gentlemen, is a big deal.
Here is Chuckie Schumer literally announcing replacement migration, but if you talk about it, you get destroyed.
These people are incredible.
Here it is.
Now more than ever, we're short of workers.
We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.
The only way we're going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the dreamers, and all of them.
Because our ultimate goal is to help the dreamers, but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many undocumented there are here.
I think?
Well, Alex, I think the topic of obviously Schumer's request to we're not reproducing ourselves just because they're they're basically the government is killing off American citizens through, in my opinion, obviously, vaccinations, obviously,
Through abortion, infanticide.
But most importantly, I think the people in this country have got to understand this.
Liberty once lost is lost forever.
And that was John Adams.
And this is the bigger issue.
Because liberty, we used to have freedom of speech.
And I would say this, that anybody who thinks that is still in existence, really has been mind controlled.
And what this whole theater of the political realm, in my opinion, I just make it kind of like pig Latin, but it's politicus distracticus.
Because they just are distracting and obviously preoccupying the American people with, I would call this, trivial pursuit.
Trivial pursuit is how can anything change in the midterms?
And as you know, I'm on record, I said the midterms will change nothing because the same forces that stole the presidency would steal the midterms.
No offense, but that couldn't be any more accurate.
Hold on, you just had a Freudian slip.
You called them the mid-chains.
Which is, the chains are still on.
Of election fraud.
Well, and here's the thing.
Again, people are looking for a political solution to a spiritual problem.
It's my contention that obviously the United States has declared, the Democrats specifically, and the Republican whores, have declared war on God.
They've declared war on everything that made our country great.
The destruction of the family, the destruction of a grateful nation versus the one that's basically, we're in a rape, pillage, and plunder.
The United States has been taken under.
And you know, when we watch what's going on, the heartbreak, why is it all these immigrants come in and they get huge amounts of government stipends, yet we have veterans sleeping and dying on the streets.
And more so now... And being encouraged in Canada and the U.S.
to kill themselves.
Yep, and ladies and gentlemen, you know, the nation, and I want to say this, I'm responsible, don't get mad at the Alex's, but we are watching a nation that is dead on the inside expecting to change things on the outside.
We have lost our gratefulness to the living God.
We have lost our freedom, liberty.
And again, John Adams nailed it.
Liberty once lost is lost forever.
But again, the political distraction, if you will, what I used to call circus ridiculous.
We've got three rings going on continually, and that's to keep us off guard because we just have the most evil assemblage in the world at COP 27 in Egypt.
And I think, Alex, everybody forgets what you've done, what I've done, all the those of us who have been around for decades on talk radio and obviously podcasting, broadcasting now.
But we've quoted ad nauseam.
These guys want to deliver the planet from pretty close.
Ninety five percent of the people you and I covered.
And this is important.
Covered the Deagle Report.
You can see the acceleration to get to 2025 in the Deagle Report.
And explain from insurance corporate actuaries of a massive depopulated America.
Tell people about the Deagle Report they don't know.
Well, the Deagle Report was put out by John Deagle.
It's like a think tank, but it was a Rockefeller-controlled and Rockefeller Foundation-controlled mouthpiece.
And by 2025, they're showing the population of the United States of America, and they've been doing this now for the past four or five years, maybe even longer than that, but by 2025, the American population would be brought down to a hundred million or less.
A hundred million or less.
Ladies and gentlemen, that means 260 million plus people have got to be done away with.
And what's problematic and provocative is when you understand that the zero population people and what we're seeing that just took place in Egypt
We're seeing, in my opinion, the absolute Luciferian introduction to globalism to destroy every nation-state, obviously United States, Western Europe, obviously big-time Russia, and they hate Russia the most because Russia believes in their own country.
I wish we would be as jealous for our country as all of these
Disgusting politicos seem to want to help everybody else but make war on us.
And how is it, Alex, seriously, how is it that with the FTX, and this is important, that the kleptocurrency, forget crypto, it was kleptocurrency, that tied to the Democratic Party, $37 billion.
By the way, that's only face value.
That's not, that's notional value.
That's not the derivative value.
Within days, there's a new cry to give Zelensky in the Ukraine another $37 billion.
And so, what I think people have got to understand now, they no longer want to withhold the pillaging.
It's going on, and people don't think anymore.
Stay right there, stay right there.
I think what you're saying is, we're not in beta, they're in operational now.
We're inside the New World Order now.
It's like that old Johnny Cash song, you're in the jailhouse now.
Look, Steve Quayle here on the Alex Jones Show on this November 16th Wednesday broadcast is not here for praise.
He doesn't care about that.
But it's very important to note that this guy is the trailblazer of trailblazers that predicted before anybody else exactly what we're now living through.
A man way before
It's time.
A man in the wilderness.
So I want to get into FTX.
I want to get into the war in Ukraine.
I want to get into the missile strike.
They admit Ukraine launched.
The Pentagon says it's still Russia's fault.
Incredible clip.
I want to get into Trump versus the Santas.
What do you think is coming next with the Globalist?
Obviously, we don't have two years to get Trump in.
All of it with you.
You'll be 15 minutes with us in the next hour.
Then Kate Daly takes over ahead of Owen Schroer at 3 p.m.
Central with the War Room.
But you were getting into FTX.
Take your time here because this is so big.
Upwards of $100 billion leverage capital to Ukraine, money laundering, all of it going on.
Money goes to Ukraine from the Treasury with Biden, comes back through FTX, the Democrats, and then Patriots online and a lot of others that were exposing FTX the last few months.
I see this as a big victory that it's been exposed.
They've tried to recycle it now and say, oh, we need to regulate all cryptocurrencies if it's all bad.
No, what they did was bad, using it for money laundering, in my view.
Steve Quayle, what's your expert view?
Well, FTX is a great example of what I would call a private railroad for ill-gotten gains
Grease the palms of all those that were in the money chain.
And obviously, the poster child isn't interesting, Alex.
His name is Bankman Fried.
And this thing has the potential, his middle name and last name, has the potential to fry all the bankmen, just like when Bernie Madoff did what he did.
He basically made off with everybody's money.
And this is way bigger than Madoff, though, right?
Oh, absolutely.
This is beyond huge, because so many people were tied in to FTX, because let's face it, most of the techno billionaires, not all, but the majority of them are, are like, they have a tight communication channel.
So they were using their holdings and FTX to leverage, you know, and when you've got a little bit of money and you can use a whole lot of leverage, you can get yourself a whole lot of money or a whole lot of trouble.
The true actuarial state of what FTX's meltdown means is being hush-hushed, and you know this, Alex, nobody is really dealing with that, because when you're dealing with the world of derivatives and what you're talking about in derivatives,
Are just basically liar's paper that everybody is packaging somebody else's debt and trying to sell it, clip coupons, and now I believe this has the potential and really to bring the whole system down because prior to FTX, and this is what's critical,
Remember, the sleight of hand, the magician keeps you occupied with his left hand, does the trick with the right hand, so you don't see what's going on.
And we're watching now the revulsion and the repelling, if you will, of the American dollar being set aside.
And that is the absolute straw that breaks the camel's back.
We're watching just absolute, how should I say this,
Financial decimation.
And somebody said, well, how do we pay all this money back?
The point is we don't.
The point is they don't care to.
They know they can't.
So now we hear about a central bank, U.S.
Digital Bank, 12 major banks are going to give, you know, basically a programmable digital dollar.
Who's going to trust them?
Who's going to trust them?
And now behind the scenes, Alex, there are a lot of people making claims against their T-bills, T-bonds, U.S.
Treasury bills.
They want something real.
They want commodities.
They want farmland.
They want our natural resources.
But what most people can't understand is that when you see $100 billion, you brought the number up, you know, that would bring our total support for Zelensky to $100 billion.
Can anybody put two and two together and say, and I don't believe, I believe your listeners can, our listeners can, but the bottom line is, is that where is the disconnect that we're being raped and pillaged and plundered as the American taxpayer, and they're throwing money away, and then you come to find out the whole things of Ponzi scheme.
Now I'm being told, and this is exclusive to your podcast today, broadcast today, is the fact
That they're already setting up another vehicle, another crypto, and I call them kleptocurrencies.
Somebody, I didn't make that name up, but Alex, we're watching the cryptocurrencies turn into kryptonite for the financial systems.
Everybody who's cross-collateralized, AOs, BOCs, CD and EO, FG and H, and on down.
Just like the 2008 crisis, anything that this is involved in, it infects it.
Absolutely, and that's a great word.
This is a financial doomsday infection.
That's a great word.
And the financial doomsday, and I want people to understand, what happens when the world says, we don't want your dollars anymore?
We're watching that with the BRICS Nation.
We watched, again, we watched... No, I totally agree.
What is your intel on what brought this down?
Because I saw some of the other more legitimate exchanges and groups attacking FTX last year.
It built a crescendo of them saying it was Democrat front.
Was it some good group striking or just the Internet's common sense?
I mean, it obviously hurts the deep state that FTX has fallen.
Or was that part of their larger plan?
That's part of their larger plan.
Because again, ladies and gentlemen, remember this.
In the crypto world, there's a lot of people that were common that got onto it and saw it in an early stage and bought into it.
But now, remember, they don't want just something.
To quote a Schwab, they want it all.
They're going to own it all and you'll own nothing and be happy.
Well, you'll be dead.
But the point is, is that the bigger picture is this.
The complete
Destruction of national currencies, and this is why the war against Russia, when President Putin, listen this is fact, when President Putin backed the ruble with gold, he took the infinite ability to print U.S.
dollars away.
And notice the ruble is the strongest currency next to the dollar in the world.
It was a weak currency previous to that one move.
That one move.
And then, and I want to share something, and then with the brilliance of a chess master, look, I wouldn't want to play chess against him, but the President Putin recognized one thing, that he's, and look, I'm not an apologist, okay?
And because you tell the truth, that commodities ultimately, Alex, are the basis of all trade power.
Sure, you're being a realist.
Fiat stuff is only bound to real tangible energy and real products.
And again, you know, here's this, ladies and gentlemen, the great reset.
Just get rid of that Bravo Sierra.
It's the great destruction.
It's the total destruction of nation states.
Because again, I want to say this, Alex, COP 27 in Egypt, people don't understand this.
But they rewrote the Ten Commandments and evidently, you know, they thought they could do a better job than God, making literally the creation their God, worshipping the creation.
But in the meantime, they're doing stuff behind the sight of the common man.
By the way, 400 private jets.
You know, 400 private jets going to Mount Sinai.
By the way, the one they went to wasn't the real one.
The real Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia.
But where they went to have their meeting, Alex, I'm being told, I don't think anybody said this publicly, but I'm being told by people that know that
I don't know if you've addressed it, but how is it
That people think that elections in the midterms would not be stolen like they were in the presidential race, and how is it that we're going to see any change?
And now I hear a same mind control... Hold on, stay there, stay there.
You brought up the event, they called for world government, global currency, we'll get to Russia, we'll get to the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, straight ahead with Steve Quill.
Well, in the case of Steve Quill, we got a lion by the tail.
He was getting into the whole global attack, the world government being announced.
And so at the big UN event that's just now ending with 400 jets and all the new world order there, say you can't have food or water, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll be dead, you'll love it.
They are again announcing what's already being set up.
G20 to adopt vaccine passports using WHO standards.
Let's have a digital health certificate acknowledged by the World Health Organization under the UN.
You've been vaccinated or tested properly.
Then you can move around.
This is their holy grail, the mark of the beast.
Here it is.
So let's have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO.
If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around.
So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people 100%, which clogged the economy globally, you know, you can still provide some movement of the people.
Indonesia has achieved
G20 country has agreed to have this digital certificate using WHO standard and we will submit into the next World Health Assembly in Geneva as the revision to international health regulation.
So hopefully for the next pandemic, we can still see some movement of the people, some movement of the goods and movement of the economy.
So they hold you hostage with a shot that makes you sick and doesn't work, and say next time we'll just give you a passport and make sure you take it.
Steve Quill, that's exactly what you were getting at.
Please continue.
Well, first of all, they want to control all travel.
They want to control all, all issues of your life.
And that doesn't get any more provocative and clearer than the gentleman making that statement.
And I got to tell you something.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, they've taken away everything.
The United States, we once had
Pre-lockdown, no longer exists.
There's nothing in the food chain.
But getting back to his idea, a global ID is the mark of the beast.
It's right out of the book of Revelation.
People can say, I don't believe all that stuff.
Yeah, well, you just had the most powerful Luciferians.
In Egypt, telling, in essence, we're going to write the Ten Commandments because you're going to be a god.
And that's the same lie that was told to Adam and Eve in the garden.
But going further than that, they have a plan and it doesn't include most.
All they want is worker bees.
Because when you're talking about killing off 95% of the world's population, remember, King Charles' father, Prince Philip, was on record as saying he wanted to come back as a virus to destroy a world's population, talking about reincarnation.
Well, Alex, you know this.
They're going to vaccinate.
They're going to assassinate.
They're going to continue on.
And right now, the story's breaking.
That Ebola is breaking out in Uganda.
Now Tanzania is shutting down.
And the U.S.
is preparing plans for Ebola.
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
Years ago, years ago, decades ago, the whole idea of Ebola being cultivated, it was actually portrayed in the movie.
I want people to understand this.
Hollywood again telegraphed in the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo the shenanigans that go on the bioweapon earring.
And for the record, Alex,
One of the biggest cover-ups in history are the U.S.-funded biolabs that are not only race-specific, not only haplogroup, genotype-specific, but individual-specific.
In other words, bioweapons have redefined, they've gone from a shotgun approach... And you've been saying that for 25 years, and now it's the source of James Bond movies, but it's in the news, it's real.
It's in the news, it's real.
So what is... I think that people have to understand something.
They have to get involved with their own desire to live.
You know, you've spent your life, I've spent my life, the majority of it, trying to warn people.
But the toughest thing is, is that when people choose that, well, it'll just get better.
We'll just vote the right man in.
You've got to, what you're saying is key.
Find your life force.
Find your connection to God.
Realize you're under attack.
It's real.
It's biblical.
And you're in a war.
Realize you're in a war.
Realize we're in a war, but again, people think it's only fought with guns and bullets and bioweapons and nuclear weapons and all that.
But there is an insidious control.
This is the question I get asked more than any other one.
How is it that the whole world goes into lockdown at the same point?
How is it that the economy shut down at the same point?
And the answer to that is simple.
This is a world government test of power.
So it's not just info wars.
It's not just money wars.
The key is spirit wars.
It is spirit wars.
And again, you know, people are having all types of interactions with cryptids, strange creatures, everything from incubus, succubus, all kinds of the veils being rent, Alex.
And again, Hollywood prep people
And when you've made this bizarre world, not you, but they have made this bizarre world where they told you in advance what they're getting ready to do.
And ladies and gentlemen, there's one goal, and this is one goal only, and it's interesting.
Both Lucifer and all of his minions share it.
The complete destruction of the human race.
When you, Alex, and I started walking and talking about transhumanism, most people thought that was a movie that came out at the same time as Transformers.
No, the title was really provocative, but what we're watching now is every area of the planet in political, religious, sociological, and the scientific world converging to control all narratives so that the word truth never existed.
I remember when I first met... Hold on, let's expand on that.
We've got to go back, and I've got archives, but...
They only go back 15 years.
If you've got archives of you 25, 30 years ago, everything you said, because you were my guest frequently, literally now happened.
So people think Alex Jones stuff's incredible 20 years ago coming true.
We've got to find, I know it's in your books, but we've got to find, or maybe you can highlight your books, I've got them around here somewhere, and come on about it because people really pay attention to something 20, 30 years ahead.
I mean, you laid this out.
Well, again, we're at right now, ladies and gentlemen, it's not a just a what's the word I want?
We're not just trying to tell people that, oh, in the future, it's going to be bad.
Everything that we warned about is now.
It's not future oriented.
It's now.
Importing 11 million people because our birth rates are down by the very people that introduce xenoestrogens into the drinking water.
American males have been, in essence, chemically castrated, lowest sperm count.
But everything, injecting children with the vaccination from hell, all of this stuff, 15 people at the Center for Disease Creation, and that's what it's been.
I've never called it anything else, in my opinion, but all of them vote to vaccinate
You know, infants, what, six months on.
I don't think that the ability of people to put cause and effect into the same sentence or thought process... This is genocide, this is depopulation, this is forced euthanasia.
We're not invaded, we're not operational.
We're going to come back and talk about some key ways to protect ourselves and get into what's coming next, and the Russia situation, and them blaming the missile attack on Russia, even though they admit Russia didn't do it.
But Steve, at the end of the day, lead us in a minute of prayer before we go to break.
Because you don't do this a lot, but lead us in a minute of prayer, because God's the answer.
Well, Lord, I ask that you've given Alex the platform, you've given me the platform.
I pray you take the veil and the scales off people's eyes and hearts, even those who are agnostic, even those who are atheistic.
God, this is the time.
This is the time your Bible has declared your word, Lord, that it would be in the end times, in that period.
Just that's presenting itself now, Lord, prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Lord, I ask your protection over Alex.
I ask your protection over all InfoWarriors, the people that are hungry for the truth.
They cannot get away from the fact, Jesus, you are the truth, the way, and the life.
And Lord, I pray for your protection over every single one of the listeners and viewers and those who are fighting for freedom, because God, you are the ultimate source of freedom, you are the ultimate source of liberty, and God, you are the ultimate protection, because outside of you, Lord, we can only do what we can do, but you can do the impossible.
Thank you, God, for this opportunity to pray and believe
For a miracle, Lord, in turning this whole situation around, not only with Alex, but Lord, for exposing all the evil, and then people can see the choices they have to make.
I'm into that.
All right, we're going to come back.
We're doing 50 minutes to the next hour.
Kate Daly takes over.
We'll jam in.
Jefferson and Eric have been holding patiently as well.
This is such an insane time.
We're going to look at Russia that we talked about up front.
The insanity of blaming Russia for an attack they had made Ukraine launched.
Well, the one, the only, Steve Quayle is our guest here on the Alex Jones Show going into the second hour with me.
It was Steve Quill a few years ago got me in touch with some really amazing people that have the highest quality lowest price you're gonna find anywhere high quality satellite phones but they've got satellite phones available right now for a limited time they're sold everywhere else but they've also got
This is
A relationship with God, cash, herbal food, water, friends you can trust, self-defense, and communications.
And so, this system with the dongle from m4warsphone.com, that just takes you to the biggest company, Patriot company here in the US.
You can get your free iSat-2 satellite phone.
All you do is pay for the minutes.
They also have the bivy stick dongle that turns any cell phone into a satellite phone.
Just amazing systems at InfoWarsPhone.com.
I want to get back into Russia and the war and the missile and the Pentagon saying, yeah, Ukraine launched it, but it's really Russia's fault and we're all that's going with you.
But spend some time, because you're really the guy that's been the expert on this, about these amazing products at InfoWarsPhone.com.
Well, first of all, we're watching what happened to Florida on two occasions where the power went out.
We're watching the communications realm be interfered with all over the planet.
Cyberattacks, even last night, there were multiple cyberattacks.
The neat thing about the bivy stick and the satellite phones is you're not dependent upon land-based uplinks or downlinks.
You can go satellite to satellite.
For instance, Alex, you just put up the image of the bivy stick.
When things go just all the way down the tube, thank you, I can communicate with you through a bivy stick to the satellite and the only thing your cell phone does is it becomes the transmitting type, you know, you're putting your information, data input and data reception.
But you're not linked to the cell phone towers.
You're not linked to global power grids.
So this is one of the most critical devices.
And I think the satellite phone store has just knocked it out of the ballpark in three ballparks.
Because in essence, they give you the baby stick, the phone, and you know, you have to sign up for a monthly deal.
And I know the owners.
I've known the owners of this company for
And here's a quick analogy.
Because they've got amazing, very inexpensive, high-quality solar little panel handheld systems.
So you're totally off the grid.
They've got great batteries.
They've got hundreds of great products.
They supply the Border Patrol, you name it.
But my analogy is, remember old-fashioned TV?
You watched it.
It didn't watch you.
You picked up a transmission.
It's the same thing with these.
You're communicating, but they're not tracking you.
This is really great.
Well, and communication is the number one thing.
Keeping our brains focused, and when you can communicate and get information.
Listen, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest trafficking in the world is private data.
Data trafficking, everybody's selling everybody's data.
And imagine they've telegraphed the World Economic Forum, the next thing is a cyber shutdown that they'll obviously launch, blame on some group of the Russians.
Imagine with no real communication how much they can control us.
Right, and that's the key.
If you cut off communications, this is a military maneuver.
Control, command and communication.
We're watching this going on and hearing bits and pieces of it over in the Ukraine, in the atmosphere.
When you lose the theater of war, when you lose your ability to communicate, your brain starts to play games on you.
So that what's neat about the bivy stick and if you your friends you can you can receive messages from your friends and the satellite phone source is ready to basically get these into everyone's hands and they love and by the way the owner of it loves the ability to be able to get people to stay in communication.
You know this is a neat thing you talked about too.
Solar panels.
They make the neatest solar powered generators that you can charge your
Bivy stick or your satellite phone with and it's it's the most self-contained and people and I want to say this people don't understand what it's like to go without any type of communication.
I mean I go crazy when I don't have the internet to go on and get my communications emails and stuff.
So everybody needs to have an alternative form of communication
That is not dependent on the power grid or the whims of those who can track you.
By the way, everybody that got arrested on the January 6th, you know, fiasco, they were all placed in proximity by the tracking of their cell phones.
That's right, so let's expand on this.
This plugs into a regular cell phone that gives you satellite communications that aren't tracked.
The level of this is so important, and they're pre-telegraphing that they're going to have cyber attacks and shut down communications.
Gut level, what's the time frame?
How bad do you think it'll be?
I know we don't obviously know what their exact plan is, but they've telegraphed they're about to do it.
I mean, this is insurance everybody needs to have right now.
People need to get it.
They need to learn how to use it.
It's very easy.
I've got them at my house.
I use it.
I've got them at the office.
This is critical.
Well, I think that we're already seeing its value right now, because especially when Florida had the problems they had with the hurricane.
By the way, that was weather warfare against Florida, both on the East Coast and West Coast.
West Coast first, East Coast now.
And what I think that most people are lacking is this.
Alex, communication, and again, the ability to communicate, but the ability to get you the latest information on what just happened.
Let's say a nuke, when it goes off, goes off there, we'll know it, those of us who are able to communicate, but in essence, you're watching the destruction
I'm good.
Different communication people that will have these a lot of hams are getting the baby stick a lot of hams are getting satellite phones So in it's always important for people to understand once you begin to lose it up here and you start to worry and fret and it's it's the mindset of Knowing what's going on takes away from the uncertainty that initiates panic
And that's a powerful statement.
People should go to InfoWarsPhone.com.
That takes you to the big satellite store, and we get the sponsorship and the credit, so it's a win-win for all of us to stay on air, plus you get ready.
InfoWarsPhone.com, and you get the free satellite phone, the free bivy stick, whatever you choose, but you simply pay for the monthly subscription.
And again, calls to your SAT phone are free.
It's the calls you use that you get the monthly deal on.
You can also call 941-955-1020, 941-955-1020, 941-955-1020, and also talk to the great operators.
They can answer all your questions, 941-955-1020.
But this is one of the
No brainers.
You need a gun.
You need storable food.
You need a relationship with God.
You need water filtration.
That's all the best things.
You need friends and family.
And you need a baby stick or a satellite phone right now.
Steve, just final comments on this.
I want to come back and get into Russia and the missile and where you see all that going.
Well, first of all, again, as we're talking right now, we are seeing things that are absolutely off the charts when it comes to attacks, cyber attacks.
There is no secure databank, FTX, OK?
Those of you who have cryptocurrencies, you want to be able to access your wallets.
And you want to be able to have a form of communication, and you've got to be able to know what's going on in one part of the world.
So there's only one answer, and that is the satellite phone or the bivy stick.
The bivy stick has greater freedom in that it's just text.
You don't get pretty pictures.
But Alex, you can go up to a thousand characters, and quite candidly, it's just like going back to the old bulletin board system when the computers, you know, two-way communication between computers came out.
So ladies and gentlemen, this is the satellite answer and the bivy stick answer to go satellite to satellite, person to person, and completely avoid the necessity for ground-based cell towers or also power stations when the power goes out.
Infowarsphone.com takes you to the satellite store, and then it helps the broadcast.
But folks, this is something everybody needs.
Infowarsphone.com or 941-955-1020.
Satellitephonestore.com will also take you there.
Now, I want to get into Russia and the missile and the insane statements by the Pentagon.
We come back.
We got 30 seconds to break.
What else you want to hit when we come back, Steve Quayle?
Well, right now, I think people have got to watch the extreme weather warfare, and I want to tell everybody, I think one of the most important things for you to watch, and it's going to affect communication, is the amount of reverberation of all the weather modification and control weaponry being used by multiple countries against each other.
And we're watching it, and it's only become more problematic, and there's a reverberation factor, Alex, where everybody who's using weather war against each other, there's the HAARP in Gakona, Alaska,
Hold on, stay there.
Also talk to Jefferson and Eric.
We're going to hit it all.
Stay with us.
Weather, weapons, and more.
Straight ahead.
You know, Steve Quayle's also made the now-huge film Megadrought, explaining how the weather weapons work.
He's going to join us again either tomorrow or maybe Friday, but he's agreed to do that.
We really appreciate Steve Quayle of SteveQuayle.com.
We sell the film Megadrought at InfoRestore.com.
And that's how you keep us on air, plus you know what's going on.
Two calls real quick for Steve Quayle and myself.
Jefferson and Virginia, Trump and Kevin McCarthy.
And I want to get Steve Quayle's take on Trump.
DeSantis, what do you think of that?
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Jefferson.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Yeah, I think Trump, much like Michelle Obama, says she doesn't want to be president, but she has Secret Service detail for the rest of her life.
Trump is saying he doesn't want to be Speaker of the House, and he's backing McCarthy to basically hold the position open so Democrats can't vote for McCarthy and put him in the position.
What do you think of that, Steve?
Well, what's your take on Trump, DeSantis, all this stuff?
Well, real quick, in a nutshell, I don't believe that
The political solution is going to work, ladies and gentlemen.
I think it's a theatrical distraction.
Look at all the time and energy spent by people saying, oh, they're going to steal the election, which they did.
We're watching the total criminalization of truth.
We're seeing the politicization of lies.
And I've got to say this.
I have no hope or expectation in the political realm.
And then the former President Trump, I only want people to understand this.
There's nothing in the government of the United States, whether Congress, Senate, the judicial, the executive, any of the government agencies that are going to help him even if he were to be elected.
And I don't think he's going to be elected.
That's my own personal opinion.
I think you're right.
I tend to agree with you.
We should work through it.
We can, but don't count on it.
Jefferson, anything else?
I think that's why he becomes speaker.
If he becomes speaker, he's two heartbeats from the presidency.
That's how he gets in office, not through elections.
All right, appreciate your call, Jefferson.
I've been hearing a lot about this speaker thing, and I just don't see it happening.
Eric in Houston, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me good?
I can.
All right.
First of all, Trump, I've been calling him the Great Depopulator.
He needs to ditch the vaccines.
FTX sure gave a lot of money to WinRed, that little thing that text messages you every day saying to give money to the Republican Party.
They got a lot of the FTX money, according to FTC filings.
Also, you've inspired me.
I've hit the streets.
I've been at Trump rallies singing about the poison vaccines.
I went to the Beto Abortion Rally and sang about the poison vaccines.
And I recently crashed Lizzie Fletcher's town hall on Veterans Affairs to ask her about what y'all were saying with how Elon Musk was told $6 billion to end world hunger.
And then we voted $40 million for Ukraine.
Steve, overall, do you think Trump's a good guy or a bad guy?
Let me say this.
I believe he is not the man that people
I have no political expectation, nor do I believe the answer is political in any way, shape or form.
I totally, you're just incredible, Steve.
You say what I'm thinking on a spiritual level, on a gut level, it's just, it doesn't matter.
I look at Trump, he's irrelevant.
I look at DeSantis, irrelevant.
We try to celebrate it, hope it's going to save us, but changing our lives, getting right with God, speaking out, not submitting to tyranny.
It's going to be us that changes this with God working through us.
Back in 60 seconds, I want to get to the Russia false flag, globalist false flag, and then I want to hit, I want you to talk about weather wars and the unprecedented droughts that are definitely taking place.
They tell us, oh, global warming's coming, it's your fault, everybody's gonna starve, but they use weapons to shut the water off.
We'll be right back.
Kay Daly's about to take over in about 10 minutes.
She's got a special guest that was just at the big global government summit in Egypt.
They're in Cairo.
That's all coming up.
But final segment, Steve Quayle will be joining us again either tomorrow or Friday to get more into the weather weapons and the controlled economic collapse of the third world, the lockdowns and the droughts to flood the first world.
The film that he's made is at InfoWars.com or you can get it at SteveQuayle.com.
Doesn't matter.
Just watch the film.
But Steve...
Look at these headlines.
You mentioned this, so let's get to it.
NATO chief says Poland blast likely caused by Ukrainian missile, not Ukraine.
That was this morning.
Now Poland, NATO confirmed, look at the serial numbers, everything, that it was a SAM, service to air, anti-aircraft missile.
We predicted yesterday it would be, that they fired at Russian aircraft that then went into Poland.
Poland, NATO agreed deadly Polish border Russian attack was errant Ukrainian missile.
But how does the Secretary of Defense, there's a picture of missile parts, how does the Secretary of Defense respond?
He says, okay, yeah, Russia didn't shoot the missile, but it's still their fault.
Talk about mind control.
Here is Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense.
We're still gathering information, but we have seen nothing that contradicts President Duda's preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland.
And whatever the final conclusions may be, the world knows that Russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident.
Russia launched another barrage of missiles against Ukraine, specifically intended to target Ukraine's civilian infrastructure.
This tragic and troubling incident is yet another reminder of the recklessness of Russia's war of choice.
That is a lesson in gaslighting.
Russia didn't launch it, but we blamed them, but it's still their fault.
Absolutely incredible.
With Zelensky demanding NATO attack Russia, and most of the media still saying Russia launched the attack, what does this really signify?
Because you were on a month ago, harping on, they're going to launch a false flag with missiles over there, they're going to blame it on Russia as a pretext.
Well, blame Russia is the narrative because they want to do the same thing to Russia.
And what's interesting to me, Alex, is they want to control the narrative.
They want to absolutely and they want to make the Russians the boogeyman.
And what's important is I would categorically challenge the Secretary of Defense who just made that statement.
Tell me how you can blame the very people that you are equipping and oh by the way, where's a hundred billion dollars?
You know and weaponry gone that the point is is this is all the globalists and the globalists are the Luciferians don't make it clear when I say globalists I mean Luciferians these are people that swear their allegiance to Lucifer and they are willing to kill without numbers so
Back to the false flag.
They knew the minute those S-300 missiles left the launch tubes that where they were coming from.
People, any missile fired any place in the world is picked up by whatever side satellite is monitoring.
But Zelensky immediately jumped on the bandwagon wanting to invoke Article 5 of NATO Charter.
By the way, they're not members of NATO.
Alex, the thing is, it's so plain.
This is so scripted.
This is a nuclear war that all of the globalists want in order to destroy, destroy nation-states so that the Antichrist, that means in place of Jesus Christ, comes on the scene.
And I don't know who your next guest is, but COP 27, the thing in Egypt, they supposedly crowned the guy.
They didn't say, look at him,
And here he is, but the people in the know, and the ones that were there, isn't it interesting?
Everybody who hates mankind enough to say, you've got to get rid of the carbon footprints.
It's just like soil and green is people.
Carbon footprints are people.
And ladies and gentlemen, the extinction of the human race, I used to catch a lot of hell from saying that, because when I called my book Genetic Armageddon,
We're watching the footprints leading up to the false Armageddon.
The real Armageddon is the one that appears right before Jesus' second coming.
But they need a false World War III, Alex, to bring upon the man of peace.
And when you control all of the players on the global stage, as Lucifer does, when they all swear allegiance,
No, we're not, ladies and gentlemen.
You can go on geoengineeringwatch.org, and I want to share this, Alex.
In my opinion, that's one of the most important websites on the entire web.
Dane Wigington, geoengineeringwatch.org.
All of the absolute science behind weather warfare, weather modification, geoengineering.
And you're a major filmmaker.
Talk about your new film.
You're going to be joining us either tomorrow or Friday.
We're going to talk to you after the
Talk about the new film.
Well, it's actually not a new film, but it's relevant right now.
More relevant than it was, you know, when people won't believe what you warn them about.
And you know this from your own personal experience.
They won't believe what you warn them about until it's on them.
And they say, well, gee, I just didn't believe you then.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're watching the entire world, the biggest rivers in the world.
Mississippi and the United States.
Obviously, you can see the Nile having problems, the Amazon having problems, the Yangtze River in China having problems.
Water, water that used to be so freely accessible.
And guess what?
The globalists behind the scenes are trying to buy
All known aquifers, and by the way, that's another reason why they're after Russia.
Russia has 25% of the world's freshwater in Lake Baikal.
And again, how are the sanctions working?
Alex, sanctions, and I call them suicidal sanctions, there's not one person who's better off since our sanctions went on against Russia.
People are starving.
They're being told, even in, I think, Sweden, you know, build a tent in your living room and cuddle.
That's insanity.
So how is it that every single Western nation is willing to sacrifice the welfare of their people for this global globular cluster of snot called the Great Recession?
Yes, kill your children, transgender, euthanize people, all to get us to go against our life force and decide we're bad, so we roll over and die.
This is not to save the earth.
This is a sick death cult on huge palatial mansions and estates with private jets, with carbon footprints a thousand times bigger than the average, say, African, telling us we should roll over and die.
We need to recognize them as the enemy.
Right, and I think that there's no way to make it clearer.
I believe only God can open the eyes of people that choose to deny this.
The human race is the target.
Transhumanism, transgenderism, transnationalism, everything that is used in the word of France, the prefects of France, means to change from one state to another.
One condition to another.
So you're watching what the Obama nation of desolation said, the transformation of America.
You know?
America is the greatest nation in the world and we intend to change all that.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's happening before your eyes.
There is no political solution to a spiritual problem.
On the topic, and we'll do it another show Alex, weather warfare and weather modification.
There are so many patents, again, Dane Wakington, 300 of them on his website, geoengineeringwatch.org, and I don't think there's a more important source for everybody, you know, to go and to see what's going on.
Well, they now admit they're doing weather modification to, quote, save us, but they admit the details are secret.
Oh, we're spraying chemicals in the air to block the sun.
We're vindicated yet again.
Steve Quayle dot com.
You've written so many books, made so many films.
They're all there.
Steve Quayle dot com.
We're going to put you on hold.
I'm going to end this segment and hand the baton to the guest host and their special guest, who was just at the big UN global government meeting in Egypt.
But again, let us know whether you can join us tomorrow or Friday.
Friday would be preferable.
Thank you so much, Steve Quayle.
Steve Quayle dot com.
Thank you, Alex.
But it is a great deal, a win-win.
So go to InfoWarsPhone.com.
InfoWarsPhone.com or 941-955-1020.
All right, Kate Daly's got a big guest on.
She takes over.
In 45 minutes, Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
Great job, crew.
God bless.
It's November 2022 and that means our historic biggest sale of the year is now live at nfowarstore.com.
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This is the Linus Pauling formula.
You want it, InfoWarsTore.com, and the list goes on and on.
We're good.
Hey everybody, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be with you.
Alex Newman, my guest, had to run.
He'll be with me next week.
He met with the religious leaders over at that Climate Summit
Give me a break.
And Alex has a lot to tell us about next week, because I'm sure, I'm sure even after he asked John Kerry some questions, I'm sure he's got a lot of info for us.
I cannot wait to hear.
But let me just tell you, I've got a couple of things on my mind.
So apparently really big new developments this week, as you're well aware.
You've been listening to this show today.
But I am a proud election denier.
Is that really the new phrase?
And I'm a climate sinner.
I'm a real climate sinner.
I am.
I sin all the time.
Don't have my paper bags.
Don't have my straws.
I'm just a horrible, horrible steward of the earth, right?
But we're told that we're going to be looking at Mother Earth in a whole new way.
So I do want to talk about that.
I do want to talk a little bit about their Ten Commandments.
I also want to talk about the Marriage Act.
This is a big one, and I don't think we realize what's coming out of this Marriage Act, but wow.
And then, of course, digital currency is on my mind.
So is election fraud, of course.
But you know what?
It's been on my mind a long time.
We've had a lot of election fraud.
It's just getting more obvious.
That's the deal.
And we're the new conspiracy theorists, I guess.
And instead of being a conspiracy theorist now, you are the, I don't want to talk about what's going on right in front of my face.
I want to talk about it, but I can't because of persecution.
That's the next step in this whole phase is to persecute those who bring up anything regarding any race.
You're supposed to just shut up and take it and never mention it again.
And you know what?
I'm looking at that race with Carrie Lake.
I'm looking at all these races and it's so obvious to me that they basically strung it out for a week.
So we'll start here.
They strung it out for a week because they could have done what they were going to do very quickly.
Why did they do that?
Well, I think it was definitely because they wanted to really, I don't know, they wanted it to be so obvious and really look like
They wanted you to know they were stealing it.
So why not?
Why not have it so that you realize that all the rest of the votes are coming in from red cities, red counties.
And then what?
And then what happens?
Oh my gosh, election stolen.
That way you absolutely, without a doubt,
No, that the election was stolen.
So why do they want it so obvious?
What's the point?
Obviously, you know, yes, well, last week I said, you know, this is going to be whether if they, if they, if they turn this to obvious, obvious fraud, it means they're ready for more chaos.
And I was right because look at what they're doing.
They're about to roll out the pilot program for digital currency.
If they wanted to placate us a little bit, they would have just, you know, made it seem like there's no election fraud.
And then, of course, we would have had a little more complacency.
Maybe this is a good thing.
And when I was interviewing Chrisanne Hall, the constitutional expert and attorney, she made a great point.
Maybe there's a very, very big liberty undertow at foot right now.
Maybe there is.
And maybe this will kind of cause people to finally come to grips with what's right in front of our face, and that is the stealing of the elections.
But this has been going on.
This has really been well documented throughout time, right?
In every kind of race you could ever imagine, even a student body president race, there's a lot of rigging.
And you have to kind of look at it this way.
Has our voting done us any good in the direction of liberty for the last, say, 40 years?
Has it done any good?
You get the same players, you get the same people, running the same excuses, and the same nonsense, and the same BS.
So, is it going to do any good?
Probably not.
So where should the focus be?
The focus should then be locally.
Because local people, they don't hide as much as our Congress, our Senate, and those in D.C.
We concentrate way too much on the federal races.
We're good to go.
If they don't do what's right, not what we want, because that's mob rule, but if they don't do what's right and they don't stand by and execute our own constitutions of our state, right?
So if we concentrate locally and kind of forget about some of these bigger races, they want you to think there's fraud.
They want you discouraged.
Don't be discouraged.
It's that simple.
Just don't be.
And you know what?
We just need to be a lot more vigilant in looking at local, our local issues.
Because locally, think about the lockdowns.
Locally, that is where your life was either majorly screwed or you had some freedom, right?
And so they honored that.
And I happen to live in a place where they honored that.
In fact, Fox News did a story on us and said, oh my gosh, they're the only county in America that doesn't know that a plague is happening.
Anyway, so make sure you're one of those counties early on.
I also wanted to talk about that whole FTX thing too.
The FTX thing to me was a major diversion.
If money was channeled, and we all know money laundering happens in the Ukraine, I think that's kind of a well-known fact, right?
So here's the deal with that.
It was a diversion to tell you that money was the reason that these elections were won.
Oh, they were well-funded.
It was money laundering.
So we have a place to direct our anger.
The problem with that is it was still fraud.
It was still F-R-A-U-D.
It was not money.
But they're going to tell you that.
Or they're going to tell you it was Mitch McConnell not doing his part.
Does anyone care if Mitch McConnell gets behind somebody?
Does money really win races at this point?
Not really.
In fact, they have to conduct so much fraud that in order to win, that's why it's so obvious, is because I don't think the majority of this country loves the way this country is going right now and voted to keep all of that in.
So we know that there's just obviously immense amount of fraud happening.
They met at that climate summit and I have to say that it was really interesting to see what they chose as the statue at that climate summit.
I'll talk about this more when I come back and then I'll get into the religious, to the, well, it really is religious or not.
Respect for marriage.
Give me a break.
But listen to this.
They had the statue that was the Hindu Vishnu statue, right?
And it's a hybrid.
It's a hybrid.
What's wrong with that?
A mix of eagle and human features prominently displayed.
Prominently displayed.
All of them walking in on the red carpet.
It was rather creepy actually.
And so, why that statue?
Well, I have my thoughts on that, as you can probably imagine.
But, you know what?
They came up with their Ten Commandments.
They, of course, spit in the face of God, wanted to do it on Mount Sinai, and they came up with some commandments of their own.
I know, you're probably wondering, gee, what would they come up with?
Well, worshipping Mother Earth.
God has nothing to do with it, right?
If you're going to spit in God's face,
Okay, so I'll get back to that and I'll talk about those commandments that they came up with.
It's unbelievable actually and also what this group is all about.
Then I want to tackle the marriage debacle right now because I know that you're probably wondering what in the world there's a lot of churches
So, of course, I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the rest of the hour.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
So, let's talk about these 10 commandments that just happened for the climate cult or room full of Greta crazy, however you want to look at it.
So, here they are.
You're going to be stunned by this.
We are stewards of this world.
That's destiny.
It's like gobbledygook.
Everything in life is interconnected.
You think?
Do no harm.
That's my message for them.
Do no harm.
Look after tomorrow.
Rise above ego for our world.
I don't know.
Do you think they will?
I direct that toward them.
Change our inner climate.
Repent and return.
No, no, no.
Not repentance for God.
No, no, no.
Repent for Mother Earth, for your climate woes, your flatulence, your, you know, whatever it is.
You must repent for that.
To the Earth.
Maybe lay on the Earth.
I don't know.
Maybe put, I don't know, dirt in your mouth while you're doing it.
I'm not quite sure how to do it.
Every action matters.
And use your mind.
Open heart.
You can tell who wrote these, right?
They're insane.
They're crazy.
They're a cult.
Okay, so I have to say this because they wanted to do this on Mount Sinai and when they met together and they all flew in on their big jets.
No irony there.
They wanted to frame them as the Ten Commandments.
Really, really, like really spit at God on this one.
But they realized that they were going to get some backlash for that.
You think?
So they reframed it as the 10 principles of climate repentance.
I can't make this up.
This is from Alex Newman.
So these bizarre ceremonies
They were organized by the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development.
That means globity globity gook, okay?
And they were originally scheduled to take place there on Mount Sinai.
Well, the key organizer called for climate repentance.
He's dubbed the Green Patriarch.
So they issued a public statement denouncing the abuse of nature and the exploitation of its resources.
Okay, you mean the infinite resources we all have?
Oh, okay.
And as a sin against God, they actually mentioned him once, and the gift of creation.
So then they said, maybe this will inspire people to act modestly and carry out actions for climate justice.
Okay, what is climate justice?
I'm just, I don't know.
I have these visions of the 1971, remember one of those ads that kind of kicked a lot of this off for the Mother Earth?
And it was the Coke commercial.
It was like a picture of the UN and they were all standing on the hill and it looked like a UN picture.
They were all in their own country's garb and they were just talking about drink a Coke together because of the world.
Yeah, that's what started all this off.
So, I picture the people that wrote this standing on a hill, maybe drinking a Coke, I'm not sure, but actually really, like, I don't know, just getting into this lovely book that they're trying to spin out here.
So, they partnered with the Interfaith Center, which was a self-proclaimed Ouija board, no, Elijah board, sorry, Ouija board of world religious leaders.
I guess it's Elijah.
Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders.
And this outfit says that they're bringing together people from prominent religions from everywhere, and it's a peace department.
Did you know we had a peace department?
And it's a U.S.-based nonprofit.
I wonder how much money they get.
This is where it gets weird.
Page 60, UNEP report, because they talk about this, that they want to lead people according to new moral codes and enhance cooperation.
We're already cooperative.
And it gives more, I don't know, thought to the future.
Then it gets weirder and it talks about the fact that the UN and its supporters may somehow be related to the non-human entities.
I'm sorry, what?
What non-human entities?
I mean, he's not talking plants, he's not talking animals.
What do you mean non-human entities?
That's kind of weird, right?
And how we're going to get along with them in the future.
Boy, how fun.
I wonder what, I wonder what they're actually talking about.
Well, it's all written.
I read it myself.
It's, uh, they distinctly write non-human entities.
Are they talking about extraterrestrials?
Are they talking about robots?
Who knows?
But they seem to just really have this stronghold about making sure that it's listed, it's talked about, and then, of course, the significance of the push for the new moral code, the unification.
Oh, I'm getting just like warm and fuzzy, aren't you?
The world's religions cannot be overstated.
Why do we need unification?
Why is that?
Oh, that's right.
The One World Religion thing is opening up, right?
Yeah, that's right.
It's opening up over in the Arab world.
I forgot about that.
Yes, and in fact, they have their opening exercises pretty soon, I think.
And so this is all under the guise of saving Mother Earth from humanity's climate sins, you little sinner you.
I know you were thinking like it was hard enough to get through just regular sin that we all do, right?
No, no, no.
It is Mother Earth's gift to us is that we must get on our knees and repent for being, I guess,
Bad stewards of the land?
I don't know.
What's funny is if you ever ask any of these people how exactly climate change has affected them, they could not give you an answer.
And they all flew on their jets to tell you about this and to tell you how they're going to change this world.
I'm a little scared.
So back, let me talk about digital currency for just a moment.
We all know this is happening right now.
It was a little weird to read it in a headline to tell you the truth.
But, back in January they said, uh...
A digital dollar is years away as the U.S.
Fed kicks around the issue, just simply kicking it around like a can.
I had that visual in my mind because of the great wording from Reuters.
Thank you.
Nice little image there.
And then, of course, so that was in January.
And then, of course, in March, all of a sudden, Biden orders government to study digital dollars.
Ooh, so we knew it was going to come a little sooner, right?
Not years away, not kicking the can down the street, you know, this was actually going to happen because, you know, King Fraud-A-Lot ordered it.
So, like a king, you know, you just, you just order it.
And, uh, and then of course, now we know we're starting this 12 week digital dollar pilot.
We have some issues with this.
Um, it's not just a pilot.
It is the, it is the program now.
We're good to go.
People went through and they got a little too much flack for it.
And so now we're finally rolling this out and it's a really scary proposition because you know, everything is going to be tracked now.
Every single thing.
Also in some of their drills, especially the one in last October that they had in 2021, they talked about the fact that on a banking holiday, that's a Monday that just so happens to be a Monday, kind of like Christmas of this year.
That's interesting.
Um, that they were suddenly going to have a big hacking at the banks.
Yeah, absolutely.
Stretched on credit, right?
It's just kind of interesting and I'm not even saying you should take this to heart.
It's just that
In the drill, it happens on a Monday holiday, banking holiday.
That just so happens to be Christmas this year as the federal holiday is Monday.
I'm just saying, I'm just saying, I just thought the timing was a little weird, okay?
They come out, they tell you, yeah, we're starting this pilot program all of a sudden.
And with just enough time to get it rolled out with, ooh, ouch, a crisis, wow, what's the solution?
I can't imagine what that solution is.
Well, we already have it in place.
We're so lucky for the timing, right?
Isn't that how this all works?
We have a whole theater production going on, and then, of course, they provide the very solution that they came up with in the first place when we hit the crisis.
How fortunate for us to be able to have that sitting right there and ready.
Oh, my heart sank when I read that.
And I know yours did, too, because you know it's coming maybe a little faster than you thought it was going to.
We'll be right back for Alex Jones.
I'm Kate Daly.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
Alright, a couple things to talk about actually.
Number one, I wonder if the coins, you know, having some of these coins, I have one, Alex talks about one.
You know what?
That might be a sign in the future.
Maybe, I'm just going to throw this out here real quick, but if we ever got to a place where freedom of speech is completely annihilated, you can't really talk about what you feel, what you believe in and those things.
If I ran into somebody that had a coin and I knew that they probably thought the same way I did, it might make conversations more comforting.
I'll just throw that out there because I just think that sometimes, you know, that commonality when you know that somebody else might think like you do without even having to say a word or communicate that.
That might be a good idea.
I'll just throw that out there.
That's all.
So let's talk about the Disrespect for Marriage Act.
All right.
We had the Defense for Marriage Act in the 90s.
The Defense for Marriage Act was basically just defining it as a man and a woman getting married.
Pretty normal stuff.
That's the definition, right?
So, I know you know that it's a pretty normal thing, man and women, that's marriage.
You call somebody your spouse.
So what exactly did they just do?
And I'm really glad that Mike Lee came out against this and is really warning about some of the dangers because there is some dangers here.
It was very ambiguous.
The first thing that caught my eye was the word celebrations.
They weren't really saying weddings.
It was really interesting.
It was saying that celebrations, that churches wouldn't be forced to do celebrations.
Well, what about weddings?
Hmm, interesting.
So, as I was looking into it, what happens is, is basically, if you gut man and woman out of the picture, if you gut what a spouse is, then what happens is, is any marriage goes in any state, defined any way, and then what you can do with that is you can say, well, in California, they allow you to marry a 12-year-old.
And so, federally, you have to honor my relationship going into this
If you challenge it, I can take you into district court.
That doesn't sound like a whole lot of protection.
And if what I'm saying sounds a little strange, oh they would never do that.
I never thought we'd be sitting here with such obvious election fraud and also with the way our culture is going and we have men in lingerie wanting to get close to your kids and calling it reading time.
I'm a little perplexed that we wouldn't think it was going to go there and that there wasn't a reason they wanted to do this.
The characters behind this are all Democrat.
I would imagine that a lot of them could care less about the sanctity of marriage and that they wanted it gutted for a reason, right?
So there's obviously motives behind this.
And it really isn't respect for marriage, it's actually disrespect for marriage.
But all you have to do is go into the imbecile, idiotic comments that these people make that aren't true, complete and total lies like Ms.
Jackson Lee.
When she presented to Nadler and said basically, I'm proud to rise in support of this HR,
8404, Respect for Marriage, and it would repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act.
The Defense of Marriage Act was just to bolster up what the definition of marriage is, universally, for a very long time.
Should government be in our marriage?
No, they don't really need to be.
At the same time, it's a definition of what marriage is, okay?
So basically, this gal went on to say that people in interracial relationships went to sleep confident in the legality of their marriage.
And now they don't feel so much ever since the abortion thing got gutted.
It wasn't gutted.
All the states for 50 years could have done exactly what they wanted to do.
There was never a federal law, but they use this as an excuse to open the door to this.
Oh, we went to bed and now we're afraid because, oh my gosh, my interracial marriage in the year 2022 is somehow going to be penalized.
Are these people just complete morons?
I mean, I used to, I don't know.
I've got a lot of thoughts, but
Between the ears.
It's ridiculous.
And then of course, she went on to say black and brown people had to grapple with the possibility that the legality of their marriage might be, yes, violently stripped away.
She really said this.
And that we are going to, that we need to pass something that protects them because now they're just waking up all in a stir about this every day.
That it's going to be violently stripped from them.
Also, went on to say, there are countless acts of violence against those who are seeking reproductive freedom and countless acts of violence against the LGBT community.
I'm just asking for a friend.
Where are the acts?
Where's all the violence?
Where is that going on?
And by the way, if you want an abortion and you want to kill a baby, you can do it.
That hasn't changed.
Isn't that interesting?
But the overblown dramatics, theater of all of this, with this kind of language?
So, she went on to say, listen to the violence against transgender parents, just trying to help their children.
What violence?
Everyone's catering to you.
I mean, my gosh, what violence?
I would love to know where these acts are.
In fact, I'll bet you if you went from city to city, county to county across America, the police would be like, no.
No, we're not really seeing anything.
So when they say violence and when they use this as an excuse to gut marriage and disrespect what marriage is, it's almost, it's just amazing to me.
It's amazing to me that they wanted this to be federal law that absolutely denied the states to do what the states want to do.
What happened to states' rights?
That's what's getting lost in this.
States' rights.
So any evil, anything they come up with is going to be considered a marriage.
It's going to be considered a legal binding marriage.
What it did was it made it extremely generic to fit anything and everything.
I mean, this is just insane, right?
And also, went on to say, the gentlewoman used the word violence, right?
And of course the GOP stood up and said,
Well, my gosh, I don't.
There's violence against pregnancy centers.
But here's the deal, though.
Is the GOP letting them kind of get away with this?
I don't know that we're actually coming up with any good arguments, that we actually even said anything about it, that we're actually bringing up the truth behind the lies of their arguments.
This is insanity.
It also what it's going to do is threaten, threaten the religious because, you know, you knew this was coming to look who's behind the bill.
The Romneys, just the utter crap of Congress and the Senate is behind this, right?
And of course, the Respect for Marriage Act, the Disrespect for Marriage Act, it embeds a false definition of marriage in the American legal fabric.
It's anything goes, doesn't matter.
And I'm sorry, but I don't see anyone protecting kids, especially the left.
The left is annihilating these poor kids into thinking that everybody is transsexual.
So I don't see any protection going on there.
And here's the deal, too.
We already have this in the Constitution.
We already have religious
Freedom and religious protections in the Constitution.
So every time they want to pass an act, you must know that there's something kind of nefarious in that.
Otherwise, why would they need to do it?
It opens the door to federal recognition of a lot of different things.
It jeopardizes the tax-exempt status.
A lot of churches are going to say, well, it protects our tax-exempt status.
I'm not quite sure that's actually true.
I'm not quite sure that actually extends to the kind of protection that we think we're going to get.
And it endangers faith-based social service organizations by threatening litigation and liability risk.
There's a lot here to unpack and it's not good.
It's really not good.
Anytime they move to write a bill to make themselves some sort of motive-driven new entity or gut something, when we have those things in our Constitution,
That's what I want to know.
And we're going to see churches get behind this, but they don't realize what that outcome is going to be.
And it's really sad and unfortunate.
And I don't like this going on.
This is not good for our society because we're going to open a lot of floodgates.
It was so generic that we're opening up the floodgates to include everything.
Everything that you can imagine.
And we don't normally think in those kinds of nefarious terms.
But you can bet that they've got some nefarious things up their sleeve with this one.
That's why they left it so generic.
I mean, it totally makes sense to me why they wanted to push this through and on the grounds of complete and utter lies.
I mean, did they go to bed really wondering about this?
Give me a break.
For the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kay Dally, and thanks for spending the rest of the hour with me.
We're in a fight for America's life and the world's life and a fight for our children, literally, against these satanic forces.
I want that to sink in for people and really just understand that history's happening now.
You can't wait till later.
You've got to be vocal.
You've got to pray.
You've got to be engaged.
You've got to be involved.
And you've got to fund this operation.
And I guess God loves to keep me hungry.
But man, he keeps me right in the red, right in the black.
We are right there in the edge of the black.
I want to expand, not just stay on air.
And I don't want to contract and implode.
So please.
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And so I went ahead and pulled up the video from four days ago of Klaus Schwab giving his address to the World Government Summit.
And no joke, this movie from 1981 parallels Klaus Schwab's speech almost word for word.
History is truly at a turning point.
Since our last meeting, we've made tremendous progress.
The global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide, and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage.
Our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
Politically, the public has lost total confidence in any form of government.
The threat of universal war is a daily possibility.
What is also needed is a summit like this one to go beyond crisis management and to look into constructive ways we can build our common future.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause.
In reviewing this year's progress, let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems.
A little bit uncanny there.
I mean, especially the part where literally they list in the same order, the same things that are happening, the food, the energy and the supply chain.
Of course, when you look at what's actually happened to the energy, food and supply chain in this world, you can see that they've all been destroyed.
They've all been collapsed all on purpose by decisions of people made at the World Economic Forum.