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Name: 20221113_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 13, 2022
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In a recent broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the collapse of FTX, the ongoing struggle for freedom and prosperity, election fraud, voter fraud, and the importance of local politics. He criticizes the media as "pathetic" and "either trance or propaganda." He expresses his disappointment with Republicans in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Jones emphasizes that Democrats are trying to secure states like Georgia and Nevada for their own gain, but Republicans must not give up. The FTX crypto scandal has revealed corruption in the crypto industry and potential for money laundering. It highlights that many businesses operate over-leveraged and the entire global market is likely over-leveraged as well. The ultimate goal of cryptocurrency is to empower people by removing government interaction from pricing decisions through a peer-to-peer exchange, but central bankers and globalists are against this concept as it undermines their control over fiat currency. The speaker discusses the current political climate in the US, expressing concern about the potential actions of Democrats towards opponents. They mention a guest who may be targeted by Democrats for their stance, and warn that freedom is at risk due to the corrupt nature of the Democratic party. The speaker believes that humanity wants to be free and prosperous and places their bet on this, stating that Americans will eventually realize the truth about the Democratic party. Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks about the importance of local politics in influencing national politics. She discusses how voter fraud and election manipulation occur through mail-in voting and tampering with inactive voters, which allows Democrats to win elections in key states. Guilfoyle urges people to get involved at the local level by attending supervised elections, questioning the use of electronic voting machines like Albert, and supporting candidates who advocate for electoral reform. The speaker talks about how Republicans should start having rallies where they register people to vote and have a place for them to vote right after. They discuss how the Democrats are stealing everything from elections to money, and how the Republicans should clean up the system entirely or play by the games that the Democrats set up. The speaker mentions Alfie Oaks and Farm Seed to Table in Naples and talks about how people need to fight fire with fire. The Gateway Pundit has released new evidence of voter fraud during the elections, as poll pads in Texas were caught adding hundreds of voters in real time while the polls were closing. The Republican leadership has been largely silent on these issues, which has led to suspicion regarding their intentions. In some cases, Republican candidates have claimed victory, only for the Democrat candidate to miraculously gain a significant portion of remaining votes. The lack of fight from Republicans in Georgia and Nevada is disheartening, as it seems that nothing will be done about these issues. However, there might be some pushback in Arizona, where Republican candidates had large rallies with or without Trump's support. It remains to be seen whether any significant change will come from the ongoing investigations into voter fraud and election irregularities.

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[Gun cocks]
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say,
"I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was the largest donor to the Democrat Party, second to George Soros for the spurious
2022 midterms.
Nearly $40 million, which reportedly came from crypto donations to Ukraine.
FTX was partnered with the World Economic Forum as one of Klaus Schwab's stakeholders.
FTX's founder reportedly used a secret backdoor to steal over a billion dollars from the customers of the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange.
But there's more to the story than Sam Bankman-Fried and a money laundering slush fund for the failing Democrat Party.
The CEO for FTX was Caroline Ellison, whose father is Glenn Ellison, head of the MIT Economics Department.
Glenn Ellison hired Gary Gensler to head the Cryptocurrency Department at MIT in 2018.
And in 2021, the Biden administration nominated Gary Gensler as the chair of the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission, who has been laser-focused on gaining control of cryptocurrency.
While the SEC has been routinely combative towards cryptos, they have treated FTX like family, causing many to argue that FTX was being groomed and set up by the SEC to monopolize the crypto market.
FTX was an exchange that had a bright sheen on it.
It was led by a CEO that was often on Capitol Hill and being photographed with regulators and lawmakers.
And so there was this sense that the exchange was very buttoned up.
Cryptocurrency has the potential to strip power from the central banking system, and that makes it a major threat.
As this story unfolds, don't be surprised if this mess becomes the catalyst for government overreach into cryptocurrencies.
The Journal reporting the CEO allegedly using customer money from FTX to fund risky bets at his other company, a hedge fund called Alameda.
Many people believe that this will definitely set back the crypto industry for years.
You know, this is a tale as old as time to some degree.
Some young charismatic guy in Bermuda shorts with the floppy hair charmed the 20 best investors in the world.
Rebecca, the big question here, was this a mistake by the founders or a crime?
Well, that's a question the regulators will ultimately have to answer here.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, November 13, 2022 broadcast.
Mike Adams is about to be joining us to break down why FTX is the absolute straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to the New World Order.
It was openly run by the Democratic Party.
By the Securities and Exchange Commission and by the Justice Department, so they could funnel tens of billions of dollars out of the country and then launder it back to themselves, not just the Democratic Party, but across the board.
Then as they implode it, they're openly using it to go after all the other cryptocurrencies that are based in reality.
Yes, you can speculate.
Yes, there's pump and dumps.
Yes, there's scams.
But independent outside free currencies of the future, not governmental, centralized digital currencies they can program and control.
It's all coming up today with Owen Schroyer, with Mike Adams, and so much more.
And I'll be chiming in as well.
Please stay with us to spread the word.
This could bring down the globalists.
Well, what an honor and a privilege here to be hosting the Alex Jones Show on this Sunday, November 13, 2022, because...
We're in...
An interesting time as InfoWarriors together.
We're in the time where we have been completely vindicated and now it's not just the rest of the news cycle catching up to InfoWars or even what I now see as the thrust The populist movement inside the Republican Party starting to catch up to where InfoWars has been all these years.
And I don't want to make this a pat on the back moment because that just doesn't come off well and we need to be as welcoming and opening to all as possible here to join us in the cause using the First Amendment to save America, save freedom, save prosperity in the West peacefully and politically.
So this isn't a let's pat ourselves on the back moment as we're more vindicated than ever and and and now it's just a matter of watching the rest catch up to us.
Is it going to be in time or is it going to be too late?
But you should not be feeling down.
As we watch our elections get stolen, you should not be feeling down as the Democrat Party goes for full control, totalitarianism, one party rule in this country.
You should not feel down.
You should feel like you're exactly where you belong and you're exactly where you knew you would be long ago.
It was always going to get to this point.
And now you're in your period of total vindication.
And what we do from here is really the question.
We will continue to be tomorrow's news today, but it's time for it to become today's news today.
But that's just depending on what the rest of the country wants to do, what the rest of the media wants to do, what our politicians want to do, and if they finally start to realize how serious all the stuff we've talked about here really is for years.
Oh, don't worry.
Most people saw what happened in the midterms in the last week and have their questions.
Most people saw what just happened in Nevada and Arizona and then some of these house races in the dark of the night and they don't believe it.
And they're seeing the outright corruption.
And then you have this FTX story like a giant elephant dropping right on top of it.
Icing on the Democrat steel cake.
It just couldn't be more obvious.
So you've been in a sense of urgency.
You've known that we were in this period of corruption.
Now the rest of the world is waking up.
So I'm going to be interested to see how the rest of the media responds to this.
I'm going to be interested to see who has the spine to not just Question the results of our elections, but even doubt them and call it a blatant theft And I'm gonna be interested to see who is willing to finally make the connections between FTX Ukraine and the Democrat Party and how that applies to the bigger issue of Using foreign wars to launder money and now using the crypto crash to regulate cryptocurrency
When the entire FTX story was an example of corruption within the Democrats and within the left-wing ideology, not an example of why crypto needs to be regulated.
And so you're going to take a loss on all these issues.
I'm just going to tell you.
You will take the loss.
We will take the loss on all these issues.
The Biden administration will move in and regulate crypto after this.
Doesn't matter the blatant crimes that were committed.
Won't matter.
Won't matter.
It won't matter that seemingly beyond against all odds, the Democrats are going to pull off not just taking the Senate, now it looks like they're going to take the House as well.
Nobody could believe it, but they're going to do it right in front of your face and the media is going to go along for the ride.
Do not feel down.
Do not feel out.
It was always going to get to this point.
So we have to go through this test, we have to go through this trial, and only through it will we actually get a true result of do we deserve to be free anymore?
Does this country deserve to be free and have prosperity?
Because look, There's going to be a period of time where things are going to get so bad in the inner cities, some of areas they already are, and you're going to have the choice.
You can abandon the life that you know, whether it's a metropolitan lifestyle or even the suburban lifestyle, and you can abandon that and just get out into the woods, go out into the country, live in a very population scarce area and you'll be able to stave off a lot of this.
You'll be able to get property and house at a reasonable price and avoid most of the crime
and the violence and even drown out most of the political noise.
And it'll kind of be like the second wave of non-religious, if you will, wave of the
Amish people who saw this whole thing coming from a light years away and just decided to
just completely check out of it permanently, but you notice that the government's coming
after them too.
So there'll always be ways for you to avoid this, but I don't think that this is a time for us to be depressed and upset because we haven't learned anything new here.
If anything, we should be feeling good that people are finally starting to see how corrupt it is.
And now we get to see who's willing to fight it and who's not.
So here's what's coming up.
I got all the latest election news that I'm going to get into.
We've got all the FTX news with Mike Adams that we're going to be getting into.
I've got some other news as well.
Some other video clips we'll be getting into.
But we'll play the clip.
And it's I don't even know how to really explain it.
Other than It just shows how pathetic the American media is.
And that's truly what it is.
The American media is a joke.
It is a joke.
99% of the American media is in a complete state of either trance or propaganda.
And therefore, most of the American people are as well.
And that video they just put on the screen is an example.
Where this reporter went out to polling places in Pennsylvania and asked, oh, what are you excited about?
And you listen to these Democrat voters, and again, I'm not trying to be mean, but they're literally mentally retarded, folks.
And so you have people that are completely mentally ill, completely brainwashed, completely propagandized, wouldn't know the difference from their ass in a hole in the ground, and they go vote Democrat.
And they say how proud they are to vote Democrat.
They don't know any issues, they don't watch any debates, they have no clue what's going on.
They've just been force-fed the propaganda, Republicans bad, and so you better vote Democrat or else.
And they did!
And they did.
And they'll watch their entire world collapse around them, and they'll scratch their heads as things get worse, and grocery prices go up, and energy prices go up, and gas prices go up, and availability goes down, and the supply chain crisis truly hits, which I think we're on the brink of now after the midterms.
It's been synthetically kind of kept under wraps.
I think it's about to come to the surface now.
And they'll be shocked, and they'll be disoriented, and they won't know what's going on.
But the American people have been through tough times, and we've made it out before.
So we better be praying for God to help us.
We better be praying for God's wisdom.
We better be asking God to light the path.
Because we all see where things are going, and it's not just about this country.
Selfishly, we'd all like to see America go on forever, but it's really the whole planet that's about to go under the corporate Global government with the unending soulless humanless bureaucracy running your life every breath you take.
And I for one would like to avoid that.
That's just where we stand here at InfoWars.
My guess is most people feel that way too, once they understand the issue.
So when we come back, I'm going to cover all the political news.
But folks, remember, they don't even want us on air.
Us being on air is a total victory.
And that's thanks to InfoWarsStore.com.
We don't have big billionaire donors.
We don't have crypto scams like Democrats running FTX to launder millions of dollars back to their party. No, we have you
shopping at info war store dot com getting the great supplements like brain
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on air so get the great supplements at info war store dot com right now
so I don't really like doing the self praise here on air
because as somebody that listens to talk radio it's always been kind of a turnoff
for me personally when hosts do self praise
So this isn't about self-praise.
This is about affirming to you that you are in the right place.
This is affirming to you and the crew and the audience and everybody that's ever helped InfoWars throughout this process, fighting for truth and justice and freedom in this country.
You are in the right place.
You bet on the winner.
We have been vindicated.
We are the winners.
We know what's coming.
We are the most accurate.
And I say we, that's all of us.
I just happen to be the one in front of the camera, behind the microphone, with the voice.
But it's all of us.
A collective people that love freedom and truth and want to see it into the future with prosperity in the West as an example for the rest of the world.
So this isn't to do self-praise here.
I find that a little off-putting as well.
It's just to let you know, you're in the right place.
We are next year's news today, next month's news today, next week's news today, whatever you want to say.
So this is from Friday's War Room, where in the middle of the show I said, I'm going to crunch the numbers and tell you what's going to happen in Nevada.
This is from Friday.
Here's how it went.
I was crunching some numbers in Nevada, and while these are obviously rough numbers, because we don't get the exact numbers, but with the numbers that I have available to me, if the trends continue to the close of the counting in Clark County and in Washaw County, Masto is going to overtake Laxalt and win by less than 10,000 votes.
That's where the numbers and the trends are right now.
So unless something changes, looks like they may flip Nevada and it may go blue as well.
Alright guys, now go ahead and put the graphic on the screen.
So there you go, so that was from Friday.
Go ahead and pull that down.
And so, there you go!
What do you have here?
Oh, Masto overtakes Laxalt and wins with 5,000 votes.
How did I know?
How did I see it coming?
It's really not that hard, actually.
And I kind of feel bad for the true believers that still think Republicans are going to have victories in Arizona.
I mean, maybe if they do audits and recounts and have dozens of lawsuits, which might happen.
But no, you're not going to have any victories for Republicans in Arizona.
Sorry to tell you.
Not going to happen.
Lake's not going to win.
Masters was never going to win.
Fincham wasn't going to win.
Hamade wasn't going to win.
They were never going to let you win.
The Democrats and the Republican establishment were never going to let you win.
And that's too bad.
It really is.
Blake Masters was a phenomenal candidate and a true class act.
Carrie Lake, great candidate.
Could be the future.
Fincham and Homiday were going to set standards of how you operate as the Secretary of State and Attorney General.
You really think the Democrats were going to let them get in?
You really think the establishment Republicans were going to let them get in?
We're going to let the populist wave set a standard in the state of Arizona?
You really thought that?
I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you if you did.
It's just, we knew better here.
And that's why we were warning you.
And that's why I said, if there's a fair election, Republicans will take 52 seats If it's rigged, Democrats will take 52 seats and it looks like that's exactly where we're going.
And let's be clear the message that the Democrats have sent to the Republicans that they better find a way to respond to quickly.
The Democrats own Pennsylvania.
You understand me?
The Democrats own Pennsylvania.
They own it.
I don't care how much money you spend.
I don't care how many people vote Republican.
I don't care how bad the Democrat candidate is versus the Republican.
None of it matters!
The Democrats own Pennsylvania.
and as long as they can get three to one, four to one, five to one people to vote
democrat supposedly in Philadelphia, the Republicans will never have a statewide victory in Pennsylvania.
Zero percent chance.
You're about at that same level with Michigan and Detroit.
You're on the brink in Wisconsin.
But Wisconsin is truly a red state now, so they were able to overcome the fraud in Milwaukee.
And now you have the new phenomenon that the Republican Party better wake up to, and fast.
And that's the Democrats trying to stamp Georgia as their own, which I'll pretty much go ahead and tell ya, they already have.
It's over.
Walker's not gonna win, I'm sorry to say.
Now, if you're in Georgia, you should still get out to vote.
That doesn't mean give up, because the practice of voting is important.
You know, somebody asked Owen, you always rail on how elections are rigged, so why go waste your time and vote?
Here's why, because it's all about the integrity, and it's all about the belief in the system.
Yeah, you know what?
I might not trust the voting system.
In fact, I don't.
But see, I still have the integrity to go out and do the practice of voting in the belief that this is how we can continue to maintain peaceful transitions of power and peaceful transitions of influence and peaceful transitions of policy.
I still believe in that system.
And so I'm going to be a man of integrity and continue to express my belief in that system When it comes voting day, even if that system has been corrupted.
So it's more about expressing belief in the system so that we maintain it into the future.
Because you understand, if you give up on voting, and if you give up on the system of voting, there's not going to be a vote, the Democrats will cancel the vote, guarantee you.
They won't have elections anymore, they'll cancel them if you quit showing up.
So it's important to vote.
But no, the Democrats are about to show you they've stamped Georgia as their own, just as they've stamped Pennsylvania as their own.
Now they're in the process of stamping Nevada and Arizona as their own.
I do believe there will be fight in Arizona.
I do believe that.
I do believe the Republicans in Arizona have fight and a backbone and that that's going to be a battle there.
Nevada, I'm 50-50 on.
There was some good grassroots boots on the ground.
Republican movements in Nevada, but they were nowhere near as energized and influential as they were in Arizona.
So I'm not sure about Nevada, but from what I've seen, the Democrats are about to stamp Georgia as a blue state, when of course it's not, it's a red state.
But it doesn't matter when you have the tri-county area in Atlanta, same thing as Philadelphia, going 4-1, 5-1 Democrat, with the populist overwhelming the rest of the state's will and votes.
And they're about to repeat that same formula in Arizona and Nevada unless they're stopped.
And I broke this down last Friday as well.
You need to understand something.
If the Democrats own Pennsylvania, if the Democrats own Georgia, and if the Democrats own either Arizona and Nevada, then you can pretty much just forget about a Republican ever winning a presidential election ever again.
Never gonna happen.
If the Democrats own Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, or Nevada, it's done.
It's done.
It's signed, sealed, and delivered.
They have the electoral votes already in the bag before any presidential election starts.
With their ownership of those states, which they clearly have, plus New York.
So, I mean, there are ways to...
Mitigate this.
There are ways to fight back against this peacefully and politically.
And we'll cover some of those coming up.
I'm sorry I didn't get any of the news here.
But I'll come back.
I promise I've got election news.
I'll get to the next election news headlines.
But when we come back, the big developing story...
And again, the American people have a choice.
Do you want to see the corruption and accept it for what it is or continue to bury your head in the sand?
What just happened with the FTX crypto Democrat Ukraine scandal is massive.
Is massive.
And joining me on the other side to discuss it is Mike Adams.
No one knew how much risk was in that system.
Bilateral, spook, non-reported transactions.
No one knew how much risk was in that system.
Repackaged and re-leveraged again and again and again and again.
No one knew how much risk was in that system.
Bilateral, spook, non-reported transactions.
No one knew how much risk was in that system.
Repackaged and re-leveraged again and again and again and again.
So there you go, and it's now being reported that the FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Freed has been detained in the Bahamas.
This is just recently breaking.
And so, I mean, honestly, just trying to keep up with all the news has been nearly impossible because it's breaking so fast at this point.
But Mike Adams joins me now to try and make sense of all of it.
I've got all the headlines and all the stories in front of me, Mike, but you know, Crypto is never a big issue for me.
I mean, I cover it because I cover news every day.
So I wasn't really following this story out of the gates.
But when I'm trying to catch up to it now, it was so obvious from the beginning.
I mean, this was like, I mean, this was so obvious that this is exactly what was going on from the very beginning with the characters involved, with the activities involved.
How did how did nobody see this coming?
How is it that it had to actually break like this?
Except I think we know the answer, Mike, because they're going to use it to regulate crypto.
Mike Adams joins me now from Natural News.
Mike, take it away.
All right.
Thank you, Owen.
Great to join you.
And just a reminder, I'm going to be hosting the second hour of the show tonight, the Sunday Night Show, and I'm bringing on an expert, John Perez.
And we're taking a deep dive into this issue.
So that's 7 p.m.
Central, right after your hour hosting the show as well.
My voice is a little raspy.
I've been screaming on the phone for the last couple of days with a lot of people about some of what's going on here.
Not in an angry way, but just, well, let me say it this way.
We've only just begun to see what's about to go down in the crypto space.
And the big, big story here is that, yes, this was a setup and it's a setup to take down or an attempt to take down unregulated crypto.
So this whole thing, if you look into Sam Bankman fraud, is what I call him, and who set him up and who funded him and where the money came from, this is a network of deep state money, and they have begun to achieve what they wanted, which was to cause billions of dollars in losses to bring in massive regulation of the centralized exchanges.
And this is the gateway to central bank digital currencies that they are going to attempt to roll out.
So it was also, by the way, a slush fund for Democrats.
So they use this exchange that Sam Bankman ran to produce, what, about $40 million in donations to Democrats in this election cycle.
And they had anticipated donating about a billion dollars or up to a billion.
That was reported by CNBC.
Two Democrats in the 2024 election.
So the downfall of FTX has massive contagion risks that have only just begun.
I'll share some details with you here.
I've been following this very closely, but I just want to set the tone, Owen, and say that.
I'm not anti-crypto.
I favor decentralized systems that can compete with the central bank, but I believe ultimately this is a central bank-run sting operation of sorts to bring down FTX, bring down unregulated crypto, and force people into digital wallets.
Maybe not a sting, but Kind of a crypto false flag operation.
So we can jump into details wherever you want, Owen.
Well, let's get more into the weeds, maybe in the next segment or two, even, if you want to stick around.
But I know you're going to come back really breaking it on the second hour of Sunday Night Live later this evening.
Because I want to just kind of echo something you said and then just lay out the basics of this for people that might not have been following.
I am in agreement.
I am pro crypto.
I'm pro anything that decentralizes currency.
But more importantly, takes controls away, takes the control mechanisms away from a centralized group of people or any individual group of people.
And then we the people get to decide how much is crypto worth.
We the people get to decide what the market value is.
And so that to me is the real big winner when it comes to crypto.
And I've always warned people, and quite frankly, I think the big disfavor that the crypto community has done over the years, that I've been very critical of trying to warn people, is the big disservice that the crypto community has done to the concept of crypto, is sitting up there telling everyone, it's the be-all end-all, it can't fail, it's the greatest thing of all time, everybody buy crypto, it's gonna save your mom, save your dad, save the future, save everything.
Hey, whoa, hold up!
The concept maybe in the future could help us out big time, but don't tell people that this is a fail-proof system.
Don't tell people they can't be taken advantage of because, Mike, now that they have, it's going to be used against them.
And now all of these, who I think are great people, as far as the crypto commentator community is concerned, I think they're good people.
They're freedom lovers.
But they sold the bag so high, and they told people it's so foolproof, and a lot of people lost a lot of money.
And so now, instead of warning people, hey, This is a system that could work for us in the future.
This is a system that could empower humanity into the future.
But let's be careful of bad deeds and let's continue to maintain the concept.
Forget about how much money your crypto is worth.
Let's maintain the concept of it's about decentralizing power when it comes to currencies.
But no, it was always the be all end all.
It can't fail.
And so now they've been totally set up for failure.
Where people that once believed in crypto are now going to feel like they've been stabbed in the back and they're going to look to the government for justice.
Well, I can tell you, Owen, I agree with everything you just said.
I can tell you there are already efforts underway.
A wave of lawsuits are coming against crypto influencers on YouTube who made money off of FTX sponsorship.
The lawsuits are going to fly by the thousands, and there are many so-called very successful people, so-called very wealthy people on YouTube, influencers, who, like you said, they meant well.
They didn't knowingly lie to people, but they did not exercise discernment.
And they got paid.
Some of them made $50,000 a month, even more in some cases.
Some of them accumulated tens of millions of dollars in apparent wealth, although most of that was in crypto.
And they created the presentation that they were wise and wealthy and had discernment.
And sadly, as we're finding out now, they are falling over themselves to apologize to their audiences and to distance themselves from FTX and BlockFi.
And there are also new questions raised in the last 12 hours about Crypto.com that we also need to get into.
And it appears that there is a coordinated, ecosystem-wide effort to cause what I'm calling a crypto bank run.
And if you think about it, FTX was essentially brought down by the gleaning of information that showed that they did not have the deposits that they claimed to have, and that they had raided their own user funds and shipped them over to Alameda Research.
which claimed its deposits were FTT tokens, which were created out of nothing by FTX itself.
So well, let me just let me just kind of let me just pause it right there to try to make it a little more layman for
the audience.
Sorry, man. I'm already. No, no, it's OK. It's OK.
Because you're you're getting into the extreme details here.
I want to kind of lay it out for the layman people.
So basically what FTX did was they sold you, call it a commodity or call it an asset cryptocurrency.
and they were selling it.
They were making billions of dollars in transactions.
And what they did was they took in the dollars.
So you, let's say, made $1,000 for a Bitcoin.
I'm just making up numbers here as an example.
So you give $1,000, you get a Bitcoin.
Well they're making millions of these transactions, acquiring billions in actual currency wealth,
not cryptocurrency, and then funneling it through their own accounts, funneling it through
their own systems into different countries, even through Ukraine, and then right back
into the Democrat Party.
So that $1,000 that you spent to get your cryptocurrency, $800 of it ends up going back
to the Democrat Party.
$200 of it gets, you know, kind of festered out over here, over there.
And then you're sitting there with the crypto that you were told was worth $1,000, now is worth a dollar.
Well, yeah, that's the beginning of what happened, but it goes much deeper than that.
Remember, FTX creates its own tokens called FTT tokens, and then they raided their own user deposits and used those deposits as leverage to ship off to their sister company, one of which was Alameda Research.
There are 130 companies, remember, that are associated with this that filed bankruptcy on Friday.
And the bottom line is, Owen, they simply did not have the deposits that they claim to have, and they did not care for the user assets that they claim to be caretakers of.
Now, of course, CZ over at Binance was able to bring down FTX with just two tweets.
That shows you how vulnerable some of these exchanges are, and it shows you that the exchanges now cannot be trusted.
Everybody right now is taking their funds out of the exchanges and moving them to cold storage across the entire ecosystem.
All right, Mike, let's get into some of the weeds of this on the other side.
And actually, I think there's a larger story here about how the entire market is over-levered, and you're just getting a taste of it with what happened with this FTX deal.
Folks, the entire global market is over-levered.
I've already got a full show for The War Room tomorrow, on Monday.
I mean, that's how stacked up we are with breaking news right now and all the developments.
With the midterm elections, what's going on around the globe, the FTX Democrat money laundering operation that's now been totally caught.
Which really, Mike, I think there's a bigger story here that it's kind of just a Overall story where they look at FTX and they say, oh, it was over leveraged.
They never had the money.
I mean, that's basically any business operating, quite frankly.
I mean, I would guess half the corporations are probably operating in the red the entire year.
But they have credit.
They have over levered all of their assets.
And if they actually had to liquefy, they probably wouldn't have the bottom line they claim.
But that's a separate issue that other economists and people talk about.
We don't have to get into that now.
But what do you think is going to be the ultimate story dealing with the FTX Democrat money laundering operation?
Elon Musk has called it out as a Democrat money laundering operation, which to me kind of opens the gates for a lot of other commentators to accept that as the truth and to talk about it as well, how influential he's been on the crypto markets.
But I mean, is it going to matter?
Is it going to matter that they laundered it through Ukraine?
Is that going to change public opinion?
Is it going to matter that it was laundered right to the Democrat Party, even $5 million of it, right to Joe Biden?
Is that going to open people's eyes to see how corrupt the Democrat Party is?
What do you think the real story and real fallout out here is because we know what the deep state wants it to
be, we know what the globalists want it to be, oh you can't have crypto or it needs to be
Not the obvious story which is, hey you were money laundering through Ukraine to the Democrat
That should be the real story.
So there are two big stories here and they're happening simultaneously and you're right
about the first one there.
This was a slush fund in order to fund Democrats with a lot of dark money that definitely some of it was laundered through Ukraine.
So the U.S.
government sends money to Ukraine.
Some of it gets donated to FTX.
FTX then turns around and makes donations to Democrats, including Fetterman, by the way.
Fetterman received money from FTX, and that's one of the reasons why Fetterman supposedly won.
But, of course, we have rigged elections happening, you know, as we saw in Nevada.
You know, you've covered it extensively, Owen, so you know exactly what's going on there.
The count goes on, and the longer the count goes on, the more the rigging goes on.
But it was a slush fund, but then it was designed to detonate, okay?
So this thing had a fuse on it.
It was designed to detonate and to try to take down the entire crypto ecosystem with contagion so that then the Janet Yellen's can come in and she's already gone public now and said, oh, well, gosh, look, we need to regulate crypto now.
Look at this.
Look at these horrible losses.
Which, by the way, for the record, is something I predicted would happen back in 2014, believe it or not.
I knew this day was coming, just didn't know when it was going to happen, but it's here.
So we're going to have extreme regulation coming in the next few months.
The exchanges are going to be regulated, and it's going to cause the value A lot of these cryptocurrencies to to really be suppressed in the United States because the utility of them will be reduced.
You won't have as much privacy, you know, you're not going to be able to just exchange unless you want to go underground and do it illegally, you know, because it's going to be all these new laws in place.
So crypto prices will probably be suppressed after that regulation comes out, but it also makes the case for more privacy coins like Monero and others and also, you know, ripple.
has done a great job in building a system that could be used for global trade, by the way.
And Ethereum has done a lot of brilliant things like switching over from proof of work to proof of stake.
So the truth is that the private crypto geniuses have actually solved a lot of these problems.
And the government feels like that's competition.
So the government and the deep state is trying to take them down so that the government can run their central bank
digital currencies to enslave the masses from here forward. So it's a war to
see who comes out on top.
Well, and I don't want to get too conceptual with it, but I mean, to me, the real value of crypto is the concept that
it gives people control of pricing.
I mean, that's basically, to me, what it's all about.
And that's why I never really got into the crypto hype of, oh, it's worth $60,000 or $15,000 or whatever, because the monetary value tied to the dollar shouldn't even matter.
What should matter is the goal ultimately is that we all buy into a cryptocurrency market where we decide the price.
The vendor decides the price.
The seller, the buyer decides the price in a peer-to-peer exchange, removing the government interaction from the picture altogether.
And that empowers the people.
So of course the central bankers don't want that to happen.
Of course the globalists don't want that to happen.
The centralized currency, the fiat currency, is their number one control over Mankind right now.
I mean, it might be their number one control over us, controlling the currency.
And if that comes to an end, well, they lose all control.
So, of course, at some point, they were going to have to come after crypto and they were going to have to scare people off of it and scare it out of existence, if you will, because it challenges them.
Because to me, here's what the crypto geniuses, as you call them, have realized.
There is essentially at this point, other than confidence, There is no difference between a cryptocurrency coin or a dollar.
They print dollars at will, folks.
They make it up.
There's no value there.
They just did $50 billion to Ukraine on a whim.
Where does the money come from?
It comes out of their ass.
The cryptocurrency people say, hey, you're already in a fiat currency with made-up value.
Why not come over to this fiat currency with our made-up value, where we decide what it's worth and we're not tied to a central bank currency?
Now that might be getting a little theoretical and conceptual, but to me it's that concept that has the central bankers scared.
Well, you make a really important point, which is that the corrupt government doesn't want any competition when it comes to looting money from the people.
So, there are two things here.
Number one, yes, the dollar is backed by nothing since 1971, and they print dollars, they print trillions, and it causes dollar devaluation, and right now you're losing about 2% per month of your purchasing power of the dollar.
But simultaneously, what FTX and the collapse has demonstrated, and a lot of other shenanigans, is that the crypto system cannot self-regulate.
There's too much greed in the system.
There's a lot of deception.
There's a lot of deposits that are being passed around in order to try to prove that you have a certain amount of money in your exchange with audits.
And then those coins are sent to somebody else so that they can prove they have the same money.
There's a lot of shenanigans, and the damage has only just begun.
We're going to see a lot more exchanges fall, by the way.
Believe me, over the next 10 days, you're going to see major, big exchanges probably crater because people are pulling their funds out.
But if everybody were just using cold storage and offline wallets, then the centralized finance systems of the exchanges would not be a problem.
And there are decentralized exchanges that already solve this problem.
The issue is that most users are very basic users.
They don't understand cryptography.
They don't understand public keys, private keys.
They don't understand the technology that they're using.
And so they can easily get caught in these systems, which is what just happened.
Billions of dollars in valuations have been wiped out virtually overnight.
So unless users become more sophisticated or the crypto ecosystem becomes more self-regulated, then this problem is not going to be solved.
And none of us want government regulation because that means that's annihilation, frankly, of this system.
But that's probably what's coming.
So we have to brace ourselves for it.
And to just kind of re-evaluate the whole thing without getting into the weeds.
And I've got the headlines here.
I'll get into the weeds later.
I know that when you're hosting the second hour of Sunday Night Live, you're really going to dive deep into this too.
But when you look at this, clearly this situation was a setup from the beginning.
I'm sorry to say, but you take one look at the parties involved in this.
Sam Bankman-Fried and his little gang of bandits.
Folks, these are incompetent boobs.
I'm sorry.
Take one look at the guy.
He doesn't even know how to comb his hair.
Take one look at these people.
Do they really look like the type of geniuses that are going to be running a successful system like this?
They were set up from the very beginning.
And now that you see all of the different connections that they had to the deep state,
to politically connected people, to big corporation people, these people were obviously set up.
Brinkman, Freed, and his gang of bandits were obviously set up.
Who knows if they even knew that this whole thing was going to be used to run a giant
scandal and they thought maybe they would just skim off the top.
But at the end of the day, these morons got used by the Democrat party and by the deep
state to steal millions of dollars from people, mostly Americans, to steal, it's what it was,
straight up theft, and give it right to the Democrat party.
That's what it was.
So whether Bankman Freed and his little merry gang of bandits, that I don't think look that smart to begin with, knew that this was going on or not, they have now successfully been used by the Deep State and the Democrat Party to steal hundreds of millions of dollars Funnel it back to the Democrats, and guess what?
They're going to be the ones that take the fall here, Mike.
Not the ones that were running them.
And I don't know if they'll even have a clue how to save themselves legally at this point.
They thought flying away on a chartered jet would help.
No, they're still getting arrested.
Well, remember they gave $40 million to Democrats and only $200,000 to Republicans, so they knew exactly what they were doing.
And yes, they got caught.
Will they be held accountable?
Probably not in the way that we wish, because of course they were giving money to Democrats and everything's rigged.
But we need to ask, all those Democrats that took money from FTX, will they give it back now?
Will we have new, redo elections?
I mean, they took dirty money.
They took money stolen from other people.
I didn't know you were doing comedy today, Mike!
Yeah, I know, I know.
It's gonna be a clown show, that's for sure.
Alright, so who do you have coming up here in the second hour of Sunday Night Live?
I'm joined by John Perez, the crypto Nostradamus.
He's joining me.
Looking forward to that coming up in just an hour here with two hours later with Mike Adams.
We'll be right back.
I'm pointing my finger at you.
And I'm also pointing it right back at myself.
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Now, folks, one of the biggest problems we deal with is dumb people voting.
And while it was considered a progressive thing to allow more people to vote in this country,
and that's because there were obvious issues there as far as, you know, equal rights or whatever is concerned.
But, you know, I think we may have made a big mistake because we have completely brainwashed morons and idiots voting now that cancel out informed votes.
And let's just be honest, that's what happens.
So do you want to get voted into slavery by people that don't even have a clue how the world works or what goes on in the country they live in?
Because you're on the brink of it now.
Here's the perfect example.
A reporter, Riz Flex, goes out at a Pennsylvania voting place.
And this is just one example.
There's a handful of these examples, but I'm just going to pull one example.
Here's Democrat Donna.
Do you think this Democrat voter sounds informed, or do you think she's under the propagandized trance of the liberal media?
You tell me, here it is.
Donna, Donna, is there a particular candidate that you are excited about today?
I'm excited for Fetterman, and I'm excited for Shapiro.
Anyone on the Democratic ticket at this point.
I just don't like what's been going on with the other party.
Because, when you think of some of the underlying groups that are involved in that party, I'll say it, KKK, or whatever they want to call them now.
She believes that.
Is there a particular candidate that you are... Alright, so that's good.
So that's fine.
That's all I wanted to do.
But again, there's a bunch of these clips.
She goes out and talks to people.
I mean, we have such a challenge ahead of us, and I believe we can do it, and I'm willing to bet on the American people.
In fact, I've really bet my life on it, folks.
I mean, hell, we're just a few months away from who knows what the Democrats will do with this totalitarian control they have.
I mean, my next guest, Alfie Oaks, they may just go shut down his business, arrest him, disappear him forever.
They may raid this news organization right here.
They may just decide to arrest me, just throw me away forever, and you'll never hear from us again.
That's where we're at in this country.
That's very serious.
That's a very serious threat that we stare into every day when we come on air here and tell the truth.
Every day when Alfie Oaks opens his business.
You don't think that Communist Democrats are frothing at the mouth to shut down Alfie Oaks?
You don't think that Democrats are frothing at the mouth to shut us down and arrest us?
Of course they are!
You are dealing with the most corrupt political party in U.S.
But you have to understand.
We're betting on you.
We're betting on the American people.
We're betting on humanity.
I believe humanity wants to be free.
I believe humanity wants to be prosperous.
I believe that people want the truth and want justice even though they've been deceived and put into a trance to be aimed against just that.
Aimed against their own prosperity.
Aimed against truth and honesty and integrity.
And you see it with these voters.
But I believe, I'm going to place my bet that humanity wants to be free.
I'm going to place my bet that Americans want to be free and prosperous and will somehow shake out of this trance we're in and the Democrat Party will eventually be no more.
Because as that woman says, Donna the Democrat, the Republicans are the party of the KKK!
Well, clearly Donna has not done her research, because if she had, she would know that it was actually the KKK that formed the Democrat Party, and it was actually the first Republicans in Congress were black Americans, freed slaves, who formed the Republican Party against the likes of the KKK Democrats.
But see, Donna doesn't know about that history.
Donna doesn't know about the history of Joe Biden and Richard Byrd and the KKK because she's in a trance from the liberal media.
And so this is the challenge, folks.
We have to get these people out of the trance.
Even if we can just save 1% of them, it'll be worth it.
But we have to get these people out of the trance.
And we have to do something about our voting system.
We have to do something about the rigged voting system.
We have to go back to just straight-up paper ballots.
No more mail-in ballots.
Straight-up paper ballots.
Vote the day of the election is the only way to solve this problem.
But if Democrats want to continue to do these shenanigans, boy, the Republicans better catch up.
Republicans better plan rallies on every college campus.
And every Trump rally, they should have a voting booth.
I'm not even kidding you.
That's what Democrats do.
They should have huge Trump rallies with 50,000 people and then just have people early vote right there at the rally.
That's what the Democrats do.
Why not us?
Alpha Eops is now with us in the great state of Florida, now potentially the reddest state
in the Union.
And you can either attribute that to the great leadership of Ron DeSantis, cleaning up the voter rolls, having fair elections, maybe attribute that to the Latino vote, I'm not sure, but Alfie Oaks joins us now.
Big victories for Florida.
I'm even proud of Texas, to be honest with you, as well, despite the negativity that we saw from the midterms.
Obviously, nobody can trust our elections anymore.
They just keep counting until a Democrat wins in half of these states.
But Florida did well.
Texas did well.
I'm sure you're proud of Florida, just as I am proud of Texas here.
Well, I'm incredibly proud of Florida.
The reason Florida did well is we really stopped a lot of the election crimes that were occurring here, and there was still quite a bit in Florida, but not as you've seen with double-digit leaves, not enough to overcome.
Here in Collier County, The liberal newspaper here, believe it or not, even in the most red area of Cuyahoga County here, we have a liberal Gannett newspaper, and they came out and said that now Cuyahoga County is a dangerous place because of all the Alpioaks candidates.
We went 11 for 11.
We got all America First people on our school boards.
We got America First people running our Cuyahoga County Commission now.
We have the majority in all of those, and I made it my passion because I told them back, you know, two years ago, like, you have a chance here to keep your jobs.
And we followed through on what we said we were going to do.
But Florida was great, and that's because of the steps that Ron DeSantis took to clean up election fraud.
This insanity that we're watching happen all over the country right now, it's not surprising to me, because most of these states, they didn't do anything to change.
So why are people surprised that we're seeing exactly what we saw back in 2020?
You know, it's the same states, the same actors, the same plays, and some people seem to be shocked about it.
But how?
We didn't fix anything.
You know, one of the things that really, you know, I've had hundreds of people call me today, one of the things that really disgusts me is how so many people within our party are making a big deal about, well, Trump and DeSantis.
Listen, the enemy, there's one enemy, the globalist cabal, That has set up all this fraud, all this election fraud that's happened all over our country, is the only enemy.
And of course they would love to have us all bickering about something as ridiculous as that.
The truth is, if we don't fix this, Donald Trump can never get elected ever, DeSantis could never get elected, Jesus couldn't get elected.
It's not going to happen if we don't fix it.
The good news is, is I do think that people are paying attention more, I think that there's You know, there's some really good things happening in Arizona that's going to give us a better legal basis to fight in the Supreme Court on, I believe it's November the 18th.
There's likely to be a case that they're going to be taking that's really going to expose a lot of this machine corruption.
And so I'm optimistic.
I'm never giving up.
We've got to continue the fight.
But we've got to, you know, the main thing that I'm begging people to do is Right now, we have to, like, loudly let everyone know who the enemy is.
The enemy is most of the Republican Party, unfortunately, and the Democrat Party, but we know all the bad actors, and we've got to start calling them out for enemies against our great United States here.
Well, and I don't want to go down this trail right now, because I want to talk about what you're doing locally that's so important, but You know, part of this gaslighting of the whole January 6th deal is that they want to scare Americans into not talking about rigged elections.
They want to make Americans so scared and afraid of executing their free speech, executing the First Amendment right, that you're either going to be disappeared, go to jail, be raided by the FBI at 2 a.m.
in the morning.
They want to put that fear into the hearts and minds of Americans.
This is the liberal media and the Democrat Party.
That if you dare question their rule, if you dare question their supremacy over you, that you're going to end up on a terror list or be just arrested in the middle of the night with no rights.
And so I understand why people are going to be afraid to talk about the rigged elections.
Believe me, nobody wants to get arrested by the Democrat Party.
Nobody wants to get put into the D.C.
gulag like a lot of these January 6th defendants.
But I mean, this is where we're at.
But Alfie, you've done a lot locally.
To get these people, good people, on school boards and local government.
You know, this is something we probably don't talk about here at InfoWars enough, but that's okay, we have a national audience.
But talk about the importance of local government, what you've done to help take control with good patriots of the local government, and how others can reapply this across the country.
I always say if there could be a seat at the table in every county, we could change the whole country.
But we use this as a platform to get the truth out because there is more people that love this country, that are paying attention, but a lot of times they don't have the proper guidance to know who the right candidates are.
Because oftentimes the candidates that spend the most money win.
And believe me, the campaigns that we fought here, there was There's blatant lies.
I mean, you can't even believe that, you know, the lies that come out in these mailers and it's totally legal to just, you know, make total fabrications.
So, it's so hard for the voter to really know who the right person is unless you really have an intimate relationship with them or unless you have a place like Seat at the Table where we bring the candidates in, we vet them, we, you know, we dig in and we let our, you know, our base know, you know, who to get behind.
And it worked better than I could have ever imagined.
I did personally get involved.
I put in hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money because it was that important to me.
But General Flynn always says that we have to solve this problem starting Local, what we do locally here has a national impact and eventually it will because we're changing now.
We're getting all the CRT out of our schools.
They're not ever going to mask us again.
We're bringing the right curriculum back into the schools because we got the right people running it.
So now I kind of look at the place we're at right now is it seems that with every election cycle the awakening gets a little I don't want to use bigger, but it gets a little more momentum, it gets a little more leverage, and we're not really seeing it represented because the globalists and the liberals control the media, the globalists and liberals pretty much control the results of our elections, so we don't really get fair representation.
But it feels to me every election cycle, specifically since 2016, I mean maybe you could even go back to Obama's second term when liberals started abandoning the Democrat Party then, realizing all of Obama's fraud and failed promises, But to me, with every election cycle now, the awakening ramps up.
It ramps up a little bit.
After Trump, it ramped up.
After 2020, it ramped up.
And now after this, America's watching more so than even 2020, and they're saying, so what is this game we play?
What is this game we play in California, in Colorado, in Arizona, in Nevada, where we just keep counting votes until the Democrats are ahead, and then we stop?
What is this game we're playing?
I mean, everybody's seeing this.
Everybody's seeing this.
So do you see another level of the awakening now?
Another move of more momentum for the populist movement?
There is a level of awakening and people are pissed off right now because we're watching it, you know, it's stolen at every angle.
And it's done, like you said earlier, it's done through the mail-in voting.
Many people, you know, I've never even been on a platform this big where I've discussed it.
I worked intensely with the Lindell team.
digging into the 2020 server and there is something called Albert, shamefully named
after Albert Einstein, I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but it's a piece of malware,
it's a hardware device that's malware that's hooked up to almost all the supervisor of
elections in the whole country.
And through that is the vehicle they use to go in there and basically go into the voter
rolls and take, and I could go into more detail but I know we're limiting on time.
But what happened is they're going in the middle of the night.
They're taking the inactive voters and moving them up to the active voter within six months before the election.
And they just keep ramping up.
And then all those mail-ins go out.
And that's how a lot of this fraud is occurring.
And it's happening all over the entire country.
And, you know, I've went to our local Supervisors of Elections, and we're holding them accountable.
Now we have theā€”our commission is going to We're going to make them get rid of Albert here locally.
We don't want that trash hooked up to our system here because unfortunately, I don't trust Homeland Security.
Homeland Security came up with this in 2006 and they started with a handful of counties back then.
Guess what counties were some of the first ones to use it?
The three counties in Delaware where Joe Biden, you know, Back in 2008, I was working on a campaign with Christina O'Donnell running against them, and back with her running against Chris Coons in 2010 in Delaware.
I have stores in Delaware as well.
And to continue this on the other side, come back on the other side of this break, because what you're saying is so key.
I don't want to talk about how cleaning up the voter rolls is so important, but, I mean, folks, we've seen it.
The mail-in ballots, the counting ballots till the Democrat is ahead.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Anybody that thinks this is above board, you're just lying to yourself.
And you're lying to everybody else.
You know, before I get into the news again here with Alfie, it sounds like there's a concert raging behind you at the store.
Is the band live right now?
Always, we have live music here every night.
I'm right, right, it's right out, you know, not too far outside the office here, but we're, we're always jamming at Seed the Table.
There's about 500 cars in the parking lot right now.
You know, we, we were like this the whole way through the pandemic.
We never, we never stopped.
I mean, it's just, it's so ridiculous to me.
They, they lie about you, they lie about your political activity, and it's just like, how can people not I love what we're doing.
You're having a great time.
Live music.
The drinks are flowing.
The smiles.
The cheers.
The families.
The fun.
And they come in.
They went, we don't like Alfie Uggs.
We don't like him.
Why do liberals hate fun so much?
Alfie, I don't get it.
They hate fun and freedom.
They hate all that's good in the world.
It really is.
It's amazing to see.
You know, they were losing their minds during the COVID insanity when we just obviously, you know, no one was wearing masks.
We were hugging each other, partying, enjoying ourselves.
And it really made them crazy.
But we continue, you know, we're going to continue on that.
Back to what we were talking about.
The main message I want to get across to everyone is get involved locally.
Go to your supervised elections.
Talk to them about the Albert.
This is a device that was created by Homeland Security.
We already know the Patriot Act, that they took away more of our freedoms than anything.
This Albert system is no good.
We don't need it.
Two days after the election, we had the biggest, obviously, you know, we won everywhere in Collier County and Florida massively.
So I had a press conference here and I had a gentleman from the newspaper come out and I was telling him, I still want to get rid of all the electronic voting machines.
And I'm telling you now, two days after we had the biggest victory ever, because I don't want you to think that I'm you know, crying over a loss.
It's not, we just had a victory.
But I still don't trust those machines at all because I know what's going on there.
So, and he said, well, you know, he said, we don't use, I told him that we need to,
we had, he's basically saying that we have to use these up-to-date machines because, you know,
he said, we don't use phones that are rotary dial phones anymore, we have these cell phones.
And I'm like, well, hell yeah, but I guess, you know, back then when I had a rotary phone,
I felt a hell of a lot more secure on my phone call than I do when I do with this smart phone.
And with this election, it's all about security.
And like you mentioned, we can do it over in other countries in Europe.
They do hand counting, it's done that that day.
You know, Florida, we did a great job.
We got a lot of the supervisor elections off the Albert machine.
And that's why we had results that were more true to the people that are actually voting.
Well, and I think, too, if you're the Republicans, that you really have two options at this point, because this is going back to what you said in the last segment.
Folks, you have to understand, with the Democrats running Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, and Las Vegas, they own those states.
Forget about it.
It's over.
It doesn't matter.
Like you said, you could have Jesus Christ for your presidential candidate as a Republican.
He's never going to get in if the Democrats own Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada.
You're done.
There is no mathematical way for you to win it.
So to me, the Republicans have two options moving forward, and we'll see how real they want to get.
I mean, that's what we're about to find out.
If we have a real movement in the Republican Party, or if Mitch McConnell is going to squish us into non-existence and dictate policy from his high tower down, which I think is coming to an end, quite frankly.
But to me, there's two options.
You either do Same-day voting, in-person voting, paper ballots, or the Republicans have to start using the Democrat tactics.
They have to do mail-in voting, and they have to do early voting, and they have to have these rallies, which this, to me, actually, Alfie, I think this would be the ultimate end to all the early voting.
If Republicans started having rallies, let's say Trump, starts having rallies where they get 20, 30, 50,000 people to show up, and then they say, okay, we've got a place for you to register to vote right over there, and then you can go vote right over there!
And you can pile 50,000 votes into a single early voting location in a single day.
So I mean, to me, that's the option.
Either Republicans have to play by the games the Democrats are putting out on the field, or they have to clean up the system entirely.
If they don't take one of those two routes, Forget about it, Alfie.
Yeah, no, I mean, we got to start fighting fire with fire.
And this is going to, we're going to even further, we're going to find out who are the good, who the people that will really stand for this country and who won't.
And sadly, the majority of them, 535 won't, but there's, you know, even during the revolution, it only took 3% of the people that made it happen.
97% of the people were standing back to see what's going to happen.
So I feel optimistic that we're going to get there, but it's, it's going to be a, You know, a little tougher road because they're just stealing everything out in front of us right now like we expected.
But we do have some great lawsuits coming and some great things that I believe headed our way for us to overcome this.
Yeah, and there's so much information right now, too.
And we'll get into DeSantis rejecting the DOJ in Florida, monitoring the polls.
Yeah, monitoring my ass.
Alfie Oaks, great stuff.
Get back to the party over there.
Go enjoy the party you guys are having in Florida.
Big results for Florida.
Big day for Alfie Oaks and Farm Seed to Table out there in Naples.
Thanks for joining us, Alfie.
Grab me all and keep the faith, man.
Of course, of course.
All right, there goes the great Alfie Oaks.
See, folks, I'm telling you, look, people are kind of confused because normally InfoWars is kind of the more dark commentary in these times and maybe even a little bit of downtrodden just because of the reality we present.
I'm not feeling that way.
And yes, I'm riding high on Texas, knocking Beto out yet again.
Yeah, that feels good.
And I'm riding high watching The Awakening despite the theft and everything.
It's just...
We've known this was coming and now we really are going to have a chance to see if the American people want to take the country back and we're really going to get a chance to see Just how much the media hates you.
Just how much the Democrat Party hates you.
Just how much the Republican establishment hates you.
And it's all going to be out on the table.
There's going to be no misnomers.
There's going to be no confusion.
It's all there, folks.
It's all going to be laid right out for you.
Like a buffet.
And the American people are going to have to make the choice.
But I don't think it's 3%.
I think we have at least Honestly, I'd say at least 10%, maybe even 20% of the American people know exactly what's going on in this country, and are sick and damn tired of it.
So, that's why the big push to steal this election, that's why the big push for the Democrats to steal the Senate, and folks, if they steal the House, I mean, come on.
But of course they will!
Why wouldn't they?
Who's stopping them?
They're going for full totalitarian control.
Haven't you figured it out?
The Democrats are totalitarians.
But man, I gotta say, you look at Alfie Oaks and you have admiration for everything that he's doing, plus running such a successful business, and you say, wow!
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All right, here's the deal.
I've got an hour and a half left with you tonight before Mike Adams takes back over.
I am going to start digging into the news and pile driving through the headlines.
But folks, remember, if you like what we do here at InfoWars, you like our guests, you like our news coverage, this is the ship you built by shopping at InfoWarsStore.com.
So keep it in orbit by continuing to shop there.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
God is really giving us Americans like a fifth, sixth, seventh shot here.
I mean, folks, the Democrats are stealing everything.
They're stealing your elections.
They're stealing your money.
They're stealing your future.
It's right there as blatant as a gigantic bolt of lightning striking the tree in your backyard.
It's shaking the house.
It's rocking the house.
It's blowing the power circuits.
It's that obvious now.
So, we the people have a choice to let them steal this country or not.
And we will see how the fight goes from here.
Of course, whoa, be careful now with the Democrats.
Don't even say anything that might be interpreted as violence because they're going to come arrest you and disappear you, especially when you're Owen Schroer.
So, no, we're not calling for any violence.
We're going to peacefully and politically dismantle your system of propaganda and control over the country, no matter how bad it gets.
But that's how bad it is getting now, where they just keep counting votes until Lauren Boebert is out of office.
The election's been over, Lauren Boebert won, and they're saying, no wait, we've got more votes!
More votes to count!
More votes to count!
Until the Democrats are ahead, then they're all in!
Same thing happening in Maryland.
Same thing happening in California.
Same thing happening in New York.
And then you're going to wake up a week after the election, and the Democrats are going to have the presidency, the Senate, and the House.
You watch!
Of course they were going to steal it.
They steal everything.
They steal your money.
They steal your elections.
They steal your future.
Hell, they steal your kids and chop them up!
Of course they were going to steal it.
So there you go.
By the way, and it's just like, I mean folks, it's just, as far as all the news is concerned, you know, the docket is 30,000 news stories high, where I can barely even get to half of them, or even dig into half of them, where you had the Department of Justice sent out to monitor all these different voting locations, and on my last review, it just so happened, all the polling locations that the Department of Justice sent monitors to, all went Democrat, including Maricopa County.
I'm sure there's nothing to see there.
And by the way, to those out there thinking, well, you know, Nevada wasn't so bad, even though Laxalt didn't win and they stole it from him, we still got the Republican Governor Lombardo.
Are you missing the picture here?
Did you sleep for the last six years?
Do you know who Joe Lombardo is?
The sheriff that covered up the Vegas shooting?
You think that's a victory?
You really think the globalists would let the Democrats steal the Senate seat, but then give Republicans the governor's office?
Well, you've got something to learn.
Joe Lombardo, the sheriff that covered up the Vegas shooting becoming your governor, is not the good news you think it is, but okay.
You keep believing that.
Let me start to get into the news headlines here when it comes to the elections.
Poll pads caught adding hundreds of voters in real time as poll is being closed.
Folks, this is wild.
This is coming out of Houston, this is coming out of Dallas, and now this is coming out of Georgia.
The Election Oversight Group has been investigating and documenting Georgia's election problems since the 2020 general election, in conjunction with county citizens defending freedom, and has provided the Gateway Pundit with more evidence that our election systems should not be trusted.
This time, it's direct from Texas, but has implications and evidence of occurrences in many other jurisdictions.
And they even have videos of this.
In a shocking video that seems to confirm many of the things we knew but couldn't prove, poll workers in Dallas, Texas captured the number of checked-in votes on their poll pads jumping higher and higher right before the polls closed.
And this is such an obvious one.
I'd never asked myself this until this election round.
And it seems so obvious, but even myself never had this thought.
Come across my mind until this election season, and that's, you know, the easiest thing to do now with mail-in ballots and all of that, it might not be as easy, but there might still be some levels of checks and balances.
There needs to be a more transparent attendance, let's say, a more transparent attendance statistic So that you can sit here and see, okay, a million and a half people voted in Maricopa County, but there were two million votes counted.
You see what I'm getting at here?
So, it'd be a really easy way to tell if they're adding votes totals to specific candidates if you had some sort of an attendance marker, or like a turnstile marker, or like somebody clicking how many people are actually voting.
Now, I'm sure that that data is supposed to be available somewhere, but you never hear much about it.
Because then you hear stories like this!
Another Democrat miracle!
Maggie Hassan wins 1,100 votes from a town with a population under 700.
This story repeats itself.
This happened a dozen of times in 2020, where you had more votes than people actually registered to vote in those districts and counties, and every single time they went for Democrat.
And in the Gateway Pundit article here, they highlight all of those different anomalies, if you will, dating back from 2019 even.
So how do we know that that's legitimate?
Well, of course, no, it's not.
Because, just as we predicted, the Democrats were going to steal the Senate and the House.
Why wouldn't they?
Nobody stopped them after they stole the presidency.
10,000 unexplained votes dropped on Friday morning gave Maryland U.S.
House seat to the Democrats.
Yep, another one where they just keep counting and counting and counting and counting until the Democrat wins.
And then they stop counting.
And this is in Western Maryland that is a heavily Patriot area that they just Stuffed and stuffed and stuffed the ballots till the Democrat had the victory.
And then you're distracted watching them steal Nevada.
You're distracted watching the race in Arizona.
You're distracted watching the narrative with Trump, DeSantis, and everything else that, oh, oh, oh!
They keep just piling ballots over here in Maryland.
Just piling them, piling them, counting them, counting them, and then, oh, the Democrat's ahead!
Let's call the race!
The number of House seats continue to dwindle as GOP leaders remain silent and ignore reality.
Yeah, it's amazing the silence from Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel, isn't it?
Deafening, almost, the silence from the Republican leadership.
It's almost as if they want to lose.
Laxalt announced Democrat opponent would have to get an impossible 63% of remaining ballots to win.
The next day she got that exact number.
It's a psychological phenomenon that I can't really fully understand or explain myself other than to say people just don't live in reality.
And I understand not wanting to accept the dark reality that you might not have fair elections in this country.
That's a dark thing to accept.
And that really draws so many other questions to follow up that understanding.
I understand why people don't want to go there, but it's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
I have nothing against Adam Laxalt.
I think it was a fine candidate who should be the Senator.
I think he won.
But the joke nature of these Republican candidates to sit here and think, oh, don't worry, we're gonna win, we've got the votes.
You don't get it yet!
You don't get it yet, do you?
How many times do you have to watch this play out?
They keep counting votes until the Democrat is ahead, and then they stop.
So it's comical to me that Laxalt, who I think won his race, it's comical to me that the Republicans in Arizona, who I think won Arizona, sit back and they say, oh don't worry, we have the votes, we're going to win.
Are you really that naive?
But see, they denied what happened in 2020.
And so now they're going to deny that it's happening to them again.
Until they don't.
But by then it might be too late.
So we'll see.
I don't think there's going to be much of a fight for Nevada.
I think there will be a fight for Arizona.
I don't think there'll be much of a fight for Georgia though.
And that's bad news.
That's bad news for the Republicans or the populace moving through the Republican Party.
Nothing to see here.
Just counting votes until the Democrat wins.
That's all.
If this happened in any other country, the UN would be moving in and declaring it a false election.
But not here in America.
We just are forced to take it.
Because you have to destroy America.
You have to destroy the idea of self-government.
You have to destroy the idea of the citizen being empowered in order for the corporate world government to be successful.
That's what this is all about.
Now again, I don't see any fight from Republicans in Georgia.
Warnock's gonna take that seat, is my guess.
And I don't see any fight from Republicans in Nevada.
And with your governor being Joseph Lombardo, who covered up the Vegas shooting, we still don't have answers on that.
He wins governor.
You think you're going to have any fight there?
Don't be so sure.
But Arizona might be different.
And I don't know if I want to read the entire message here from the Republican Party of Arizona, but it's
pretty powerful and it shows that there's going to be at least a stand made
By the likes of Kelly Ward and Carrie Lake and Blake Masters and Fincham and Hamadei who are all gonna lose
Folks it's look there might not be a better example because There really wasn't much excitement for Republicans across
the board in this midterm cycle unless Donald Trump was behind it.
I mean, let's just call it what it is.
If Trump had a rally for the candidate, there'd be tens of thousands of people showing up.
If not, it looked like any other normal election season with maybe a little bit of an attendance at a rally.
Except in Arizona.
Cary Lake and Blake Masters and Fincham and Hamaday were having huge rallies.
And Cary Lake was having big rallies.
Katie Hobbs couldn't get 100 people at an event.
So it's just the same story from 2020, except a smaller example of that in Arizona, where Republicans had massive rallies with Trump or without Trump, didn't matter.
They had massive rallies and still the Democrats who don't even have rallies somehow are able to win.
So I think there's going to be some pushback there.
And that might be why the Democrats knew they had to steal the Nevada seat, because just the outside chance that maybe they find massive voter fraud that flips the election to Arizona for Republicans, or who knows, doing it in a re-vote, they knew they had to secure that seat in Nevada, not taking any chances on Georgia, before that runoff comes around.
But regardless, you're not going to know anything about that for months to come anyway, and you know Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party are going to try to put a wet blanket on any fight that the Republicans in Arizona have.
But yeah, there's a rally in Arizona, not a Trump rally, that's a Carrie Lake, Blake Masters rally in Arizona with thousands of people, and Katie Hobbs couldn't get a hundred people at an event.
Gateway Pundit files federal civil rights lawsuit against Maricopa County officials.
You can read that at the Gateway Pundit's website.
But I'm telling you, I think the Hoffs realized what we realized here.
The only place where there's going to be any fight is going to be in Arizona.
Forget Nevada, forget Georgia, there's just no fight there.
I don't know why.
It's just not going to happen.
Here's Abe Hamaday.
He was running for the Attorney General seat in Arizona.
Remember, 72 plus percent of the votes on Election Day in person were Republican.
When you have 30 percent of the tabulating machines failing, causing people to leave the lines and give up, this is voter suppression targeting a political party.
I'm not doubting that that went on, but that's the lesser of the story to me.
The real story is just the ridiculousness when it comes to counting, the shutting down of the machines, the shutting down of the security cameras.
I mean, it's just all of it.
I mean, folks, it's so ridiculous.
All the polls were leaning Republican.
Even Vegas.
That is about as accurate as predicting things in the gambling market as anything else had Republicans winning the Senate and the House.
And on election day, they had it 80% Republicans were going to win the House and 72% they were going to win the Senate.
So what happened?
Well, we all know what happened.
We all know exactly what happened, but I think the only place we may get any idea of a solid answer is in Arizona.
They're continuing to count votes in Lauren Boebert's district in Colorado.
This is hilarious, folks, I'm telling you.
They are not going to stop counting votes in Lauren Boebert's district.
I think she's, what is she, District 3?
Let me see here.
In the story in front of me.
Well, I don't want to sit here reading it until I get it.
Yeah, District 3, thank you guys.
So, uh, the votes are all in.
It's already 100% of the vote in.
Lauren Boebert wins by a small margin.
And they just say, wait, we've got 10,000 more votes!
Wait, we've got 5,000!
Wait, we've got more!
No, it's not over!
And so, I think they're going to keep counting Colorado until Lauren Boebert is out.
I mean, it's ridiculous!
This is ridiculous!
This is like...
I mean, people, most people think the NBA is rigged, or at least to some extent.
There have been major books written about it.
I've interviewed Tim Donahy, the former referee that got caught gambling on games.
I've read Brian Toohey's books and interviewed him on all the fixing that goes on in NBA games.
And you know, the theory was the NBA wanted Michael Jordan to win, so they changed rules to get Mike to win or whatever.
And then Kanye West this weekend said that Michael Jordan's father was sacrificed, but I won't go into that, sorry.
So, but no, this is like, this is like if the Utah Jazz were beating the Chicago Bulls in the 96 finals, and the Jazz are up two points when the time expires, and then the referee says, no, wait!
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
There's still 30 seconds left!
Or there's still 10 seconds left, and it's the Bulls' ball!
You say, oh, what?
What, what?
The clock's at zero.
The Jazz won by two.
No, no!
No, there's still 10 seconds left!
You're like, well, okay.
All right, I guess there's 10 seconds left.
And then the Bulls inbound the ball to Jordan, and the referees set a screen so that Jordan can shoot a three and make it at the buzzer.
And then, oh, the Bulls win!
Jordan wins!
Well, okay, if you saw that, you'd say, well, that's obviously cheating.
Somebody just rigged that game.
That's what's going on in Colorado.
All the votes in.
Lauren Boebert's ahead.
She's a popular representative in Colorado.
It's a conservative area.
Farmers, country boys, you get it.
And they're just gonna keep counting votes till she's out.
They're just gonna not stop counting the votes till she's out.
100% Lauren Boebert wins.
Not so fast!
We must count all the votes, even the fake ones!
Once again, another Democrat takes the lead after four days of delayed ballot counting, and a race is immediately called.
That's Nevada, we all watched it.
But so now folks, here's the new crucible.
Here's the new crucible, and I gotta be honest, so far, I've actually seen a positive outcome.
Now the problem is, Most conservatives in the media who are real people and not bad people and not controlled people are still going to be afraid to say election fraud and elections being rigged.
A perfect example might be Trace Gallagher at Fox News, who basically with a wink and a nod, has to tell you that they stole Nevada.
But he can't say it in so many words, so he kind of throws out the evidence, and throws out the story, and then with a wink and a nod says, but we don't know for sure!
It's like, that's the most hardcore you're going to get as far as a thrust against the election theft at Fox News, other than maybe Tucker Carlson.
But the point is, it's there, they're realizing it, and their audience knows it's there, and so they're not going to be able to bury that bone forever.
And others, though, like Molly Hemingway, I think, are not going to be so cautious.
Molly Hemingway explains how Republicans must adapt to new voting practices, and this is what I mentioned earlier.
You want to stop early voting?
Here's what the Republicans should do.
Donald Trump, forget about whether he wants to run or not, Donald Trump should have rallies in all of these battleground states.
And have it right next door to an early voting location.
And then have a booth set up with people registering people to vote.
And so Trump gets $10,000 at a rally.
Conservative speaking, let's say he gets $10,000 at a rally.
And then you register the people that aren't registered to vote, you register them right there on the spot, and then you say, hey, by the way, now you can go vote right across the street.
Just like that.
Because as I told you, that's what the Democrats have been doing for the last year on college campuses.
They have rallies on college campuses multiple times.
They have early voting stations on college campuses.
I mean, it's the playbook that the Democrats won, and then they brag and they say, look at how great the youth turnout was.
Yeah, because you had rallies on college campuses, you registered them to vote right after the rally, and then you sent them across the block to the early voting station to vote.
All there, right there, within a two-hour period.
The Republicans can do that too, except they can get a better turnout if they get Trump involved.
And that might be what they have to do.
Alright, this does it for the Alex Jones Show.
I'm doing the first hour of Sunday Night Live on the other side.
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