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Name: 20221111_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 11, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses Republicans winning in Arizona and Nevada despite attempts by state officials to steal the elections, as reported by InfoWars. He also covers topics such as the globalist agenda, media censorship, experimental gene therapies, and the alleged manipulations behind the COVID-19 task force with Kent Hickley. Jones urges his audience to support alternative media platforms, conservative and Christian individuals, and purchase products at InfowarStore.com using promo code 1776 for additional discounts.

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The returns coming in from Clark County, which is mostly just Las Vegas, have remained consistent.
Masto has expanded his lead a little bit.
He's got about a 40,000 vote lead.
93% of the vote in, the returns have favored Masto out of the hallway, so I don't expect that to change.
But when we go up to Washaw County and the Reno area, this is where the shenanigans went down.
Laxalt was winning the entire race up until Maybe 24 or 48 hours ago, all of a sudden, Masto started taking over, and ever since then, most of the incoming ballots have been Democrat.
They say 86% of the vote is in there.
That's all they need is a few jurisdictions that have big populations to steal any election, so we've got to take every city back.
It's a tall order, but it's better than being slaves to these people.
We don't have a choice.
Stay there.
I want you to finish up with Nevada, look at some of the other key races, and then get a big picture how they're successfully starting this Trump versus DeSantis civil war, instead of us targeting the Republican leadership to be removed and get patriots in.
Owen Schroyer, stay there.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
worldwide in defense of human liberty. It's Alex Jones.
the races in Arizona and Nevada despite heat state attempts to steal them.
But we're not out of the woods yet.
Stay with us for this live emergency broadcast.
It's Friday.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Friday, November 11th, 2022.
And the tectonic forces of liberty are now like volcanoes beginning to explode above the surface.
And the enemies of freedom are in a full panic and have thrown everything they've got at us, but they still weren't able to suppress the takeover of the House, and it looks like the Senate.
Owen Schroyer has been doing excellent analysis of all this.
He joins us from the War Room Studios in the next segment, and then we have a raft of other special guests today.
Gavin McGinnis, Kent Henschen-Lively, Jay Dyer, and others, and I intend to also jam some of your phone calls in.
That said, there's a lot of other big news we're going to be hitting.
You know, in the last 20 years, They've used mRNA technology in hundreds of studies with volunteers, not just here but around the world that we know of.
And in every case, a large portion of the individuals that have it tested on them die horribly painful deaths.
Their brains rot, their livers liquefy, their blood coagulates.
And it's happened again.
New York man dies while being treated with experimental gene editing technology CRISPR.
What do you think they just did with the mRNA shots to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, if not over a billion people that took it?
And I've got a bunch more news on that.
So, they had one person sign on and got FDA approval for this experimental test.
Killed him.
Just like that.
One person.
Don't look at the other cases over the last 20 years, we've covered them.
The most common thing is organ failure, starting with your liver.
You're not supposed to edit genes.
I mean, hell, they even know that in movies like Blade Runner back in the 80s, because they based that on real scientific studies.
The movie was an update on new androids, Dream of Electric Sheep, written by Philip K. Dick in the 70s, but they updated it and talked to genetic engineers in the 80s for the movie, and they said, you can't change the genes of somebody once the egg and the sperm have come together.
You can't go in and edit them.
They go through and explain what they'd already done back then to try and manipulate genes.
And they think, I guess, if they give enough people, a billion people, that they'll find some that survive and find the secret there.
This is all mass experimentation.
This is insanity.
So that's coming up as well.
And boy, a bunch of globalists have come out and announced world government.
We've got that for you.
And so much more.
But when we return, We are going to get right into all of the election news.
And boy, we suspected fraud Tuesday night.
But now the evidence is overwhelming.
You've got the Trump-DeSantis civil war kicked off by Trump.
Got mixed feelings about that.
Maricopa County in Arizona to take up until next week to process 400,000 ballots.
It worked once, why not twice?
Here are the five ways Democrats are cheating and stealing 2022 election like they did in 2020.
Lauren Boebert wins Colorado.
Also Arizona and Nevada, solid GOP wins.
Delays are media anti-Trump narrative engineering efforts.
I agree with Conservative Treehouse's analysis.
That's Steve Bannon's as well.
We'll be back.
It's Friday, November 11th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're about to dive into the ongoing battleground developments in Arizona and Nevada, as well as some of the other key races in Colorado and obviously the runoff coming up in Georgia, but we now know what's going on.
The deep state's trying to extend this out as long as they can to try to produce and stuff ballots so that they can steal Nevada and Arizona.
And they also don't want Republicans to have a victory.
They want to depress us.
They want to demoralize us.
We're going to be laying all of that out here today in great detail.
Also, we're going to be looking at what Trump said last night on his true social, coming out and attacking Governor DeSantis.
Not a good idea.
It's exactly what the corporate media wants.
They've had CNN, New York Times, Fox News, all of the establishment media, other than a few exceptions like Eric Carlson, have come out and have praised DeSantis and attacked Trump and said that Trump's the reason we didn't win bigger in the midterms and all this made-up garbage to get us fighting with each other.
And Trump, with his ego as big as the moon, has taken the bait.
You know, I love Trump.
And come out and attack DeSantis.
When DeSantis has never attacked Trump.
And so now it's not about a stolen election or an attempted steal.
Now it's not about Biden being 80 and a geriatric patient.
It's not about Fetterman being a mentally, you know, destroyed giant zombie goblin leader.
It's none of that.
It's all about Trump, DeSantis, and Trump is the reason Republicans didn't win bigger.
Total distraction from reality and Trump has waded straight into it and is attacking DeSantis.
I wish he would just stop.
He's also set to announce his run for president.
I'm mad at Trump over the shots.
Wish he would have come out against him like the Santas did.
But overall, the globalists hate Trump more than anybody.
He's anti-New World Order.
He's obviously better than the Democrats.
But it's just we need to not be fighting with each other, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to not be battling with each other.
It really is that simple.
Statement by President Donald J. Trump for the President of the United States of America.
He goes in to talk about Fox News is basically boosting DeSantis and not him for president.
And he made DeSantis and DeSantis has all these neocons fluttering around him that he's meeting with, which is true.
I don't like Jeb Bush hanging around.
I don't like Mitt Romney hanging around.
But you know what?
Trump's hung out with all those guys too, until they triple stabbed him in the back.
The jury's out on that with DeSantis and I'm not going to get in this beauty pageant of Trump's better or DeSantis is better or Trump's worse or DeSantis is worse.
I'm just not going to do it.
And people need to stay focused on inflation, the open borders, the exploding crime, the war in Ukraine, the poison shots, how they're trying to come back out with more forced injections and lockdowns in the future.
All the pedophile drag queen story time garbage going on.
We need to be issue oriented.
And instead of making it about the Democrats trying to steal the election and blunting the victory, instead of making it about how we need to get rid of the Republican, neocon, rhino, corporatist leadership like Mitch McConnell and others, instead of that, it's all about Trump and DeSantis.
And that's why the Republican establishment is weighed in with the liberal media to try to create a Trump-DeSantis rift.
And old 45 has taken the bait like a big old bass you put a purple worm in front of.
So Owen Schroer is riding shotgun with us from the War Room here in the M4 studios in Austin, Texas to give us his take on this and then some of these battleground races.
Some are already calling it for Lauren Boebert in Colorado.
But the mainstream media is saying that that's not a fact yet.
There's so many different angles to hit here.
Also, Gateway Pundit's been doing a great job laying out all the evidence of fraud that's there.
And we have a lot of Republican officials at the state level, like in Houston, Texas, giving press conferences going over those incredible anomalies.
That's coming up as well at the bottom of the hour.
Owen Schroer, what are you going to hit first?
Well, just quickly, let me respond to what you opened the show with today.
There's no doubt that the Democrats, and perhaps even the Republican establishment in their own blindness, want to make the 2024 presidential election all about Trump instead of the failed policies of Biden, like you're mentioning with inflation, the open border, but that debate will obviously come.
Let's talk about where we stand right now.
I don't like what I'm seeing in Arizona, and despite the confidence that Lake and Masters still have that these late-night, last-minute ballot dumps are going to favor them, I'm just not seeing it, Alex.
They're not getting the returns they thought.
They thought they were going to be getting about 60, even 70 percent of some of these last-minute returns coming from more conservative areas.
They're just not getting it.
They're just not getting it.
In fact, Katie Hobbs' lead was actually extended last night.
With the late-night, last-minute ballot drops still coming in, they say 82% are in.
So, this is going to be a miracle comeback at this point, I think, for Kerry Lake.
And then even farther behind now is Blake Masters to the incumbent, Mark Kelly.
That will take a miracle at this point.
for masters to pull this one off i don't know how he does the returns are not
coming in favorable right now for republicans and it's been shown that the
incumbents did really well in this go around so i don't see the republicans
getting at the arizona senate seat that they so desired with blake masters
but really the issue is going to become this because i would
i would guess that hobbs is going to win i would guess that kelly is going to win
and i forget the name of the attorney general there that's beating a bit
uh... homiday but looks like he's gonna win as well even though that is the tightest of the races and so this
was a This was a three-headed monster, if you will, or a trifecta of the new brand of conservative, the fighter, the one that takes on the media, the one that takes on the establishment, the one that's not afraid to back Trump or give him trouble if they have to.
And so we were kind of looking at this race in Arizona saying, This could be a determining factor of what the future of the Republican Party looks like.
If we have big wins in Arizona, this new breed of Republican that Lake and Masters and Hamaday represent is going to be the type of person the Republicans may want to put forward.
Well, they're not winning.
You're not hearing much from the GOP establishment as far as what's going on over there with the Voting machines shutting down right out of the gates with the election tabulation taking days, maybe weeks, maybe months, who knows how long.
And so that to me says that this, what the Republican leadership, what the Republican establishment is doing right now is setting it up.
Trump is their number one enemy.
Trump is their number one priority, not even to win at this point.
They don't even care if they lose the Senate at this point, which I think they actually are going to.
Because when you look at what's going to happen in Georgia on, I think, December 4th or December 7th, they have early voting there too.
So you're going to have two or three or four days of early voting, then the election day in Georgia.
You think Democrats are going to let that seat go?
You really think Democrats are going to let that seat go?
You really think Republicans are going to try to push Herschel Walker over the edge?
Let me ask you, what are they doing right now?
Oh, you don't have an answer because they're doing nothing.
Meanwhile, if you are in Georgia, you're getting blown up from Warnock's people.
You're getting mass text messages.
They're already doing mass fundraising.
They already have boots on the ground.
And what do we have?
We have Ted Cruz and Herschel Walker going on Fox News.
That's it.
So, I don't like what I'm seeing right now as far as the Senate seats are concerned.
Now, the one hope is Laxalt in Nevada, who continues to lead, even though the margin is small.
He does continue to lead, but here's the problem, Alex.
It looks like we may have a similar story if we go down to the map here.
The returns coming in from Clark County, which is mostly just Las Vegas, have remained consistent.
Masto has expanded his lead a little bit.
He's got about a 40,000 vote lead.
93% of the vote in, the returns have favored Mastow the whole way, so I don't expect that to change.
But when we go up to Washaw County and the Reno area, this is where the shenanigans went down.
Laxalt was winning the entire race up until maybe 24 or 48 hours ago.
All of a sudden, Mastow started taking over, and ever since then, most of the incoming ballots have been Democrat.
They say 86% of the vote is Democrat.
Because all they need is a few jurisdictions that have big populations to steal any elections.
So we've got to take every city back.
It's a tall order, but it's better than being slaves to these people.
We don't have a choice.
Stay there.
I want you to finish up with Nevada.
Look at some of the other key races, and then get big picture how they're successfully starting this Trump versus the Santa's Civil War, instead of us targeting the Republican leadership to be removed and get patriots in.
Owen Schroer, stay there.
It's the second American Revolution, and this time it's for the whole world.
The globalists take this country over.
We're going into total world government and their operations to depopulate us forcibly.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Owen Schroeder is in the war room giving us the latest analysis.
You were right in the middle of breaking down the U.S.
Senate race between Adam Laxalt and the Deep Stater.
Please continue.
Well this is really the only hope I see that Republicans have of having a chance at the Senate or having a shot that the Democrats are not going to completely control the Senate with that rat Chuck Schumer as the majority leader and that is the race in Nevada where Adam Laxalt has been leading the entire way but his lead continues to shrink now just 9,000 votes and with the trends coming in and Washaw County There is a shot that he could be overcome.
And so with 86% of the vote in, it's going to be, I mean, it's going to be razor thin.
But as they continue to count votes in Clark County, Las Vegas as well, the addition that the Democrat advantage has there might be enough to put Masto over the top.
And so the question then becomes, what are the Republicans going to do?
If that happens, are they just going to take it laying down?
Are they going to trust the result and say, oh, of course, of course, Laxalt was winning the entire time, but then the votes that were counted four days after the election put the Democrat over the top to win.
Okay, yeah, we trust that.
That's what's really going on.
That's where we're at right now.
So Laxalt is the best hope Republicans have to maintain the Senate.
If he loses, I don't think Masters is going to overcome the lead that Kelly has.
And so, boom, the Democrats now have 51 seats in the Senate, and then the runoff would just be like...
gravy for them if they can get that in Georgia, which sadly I kind of expect them to win at this point.
I'm not sure what the Republican plan is for Georgia. If they think going on Fox News is the key,
if they think going on Sean Hannity is the key, then they're going to lose.
Period. That's it. End of sentence.
They have no boots on the ground.
They have no plan.
Nothing from McConnell.
Where is McConnell, by the way?
Anybody heard from McConnell these last couple days?
No, he's hiding in a hole.
He's loving what he's seeing.
He wants to lose the Senate.
He wants to lose the Senate so he can blame it on Donald Trump and then make his number one initiative From now till 2024 is to get Trump out of the party, no matter what you, the voter, think.
This is what it's all about.
This is the new battle for the GOP.
Are Republican politics and policy going to come from the voter up to the leadership?
Or are Republican politics and policy going to come from the leadership dictating what's going to be done to the voter?
That's what is at stake here.
Mitch McConnell wants to be in charge.
The Republican establishment, the GOP, want to dictate policy from their thrones, as they see it, instead of listening to the American voter.
And it's hurt them so far in this Midterm, but they don't care because their number one priority is clearly to get rid of Donald Trump So when you have it's three or four days of early voting for the runoff in, Georgia
And then I think it's December 7th is the actual day.
You know the Democrats are going to stuff those ballots.
The Democrats have already launched their ground game.
The Democrats have already launched their digital game.
They're already fundraising millions of dollars.
They were way ahead of this deal, where all I've seen from the Republicans is, let's get on Fox News.
Let's get up on television.
That'll do it.
Well, I got news for you.
Most people in Georgia that you need to vote for Hershel Walker are not watching Fox News.
They're just not.
So that's not going to help you in Georgia.
You need boots on the ground.
You need Walker going to Athens.
You need him going to Atlanta.
I mean, you can hope that enough Republicans show up in these other areas, but if you don't do something about Democrats in the Tri-County area in Atlanta getting over 70% of the vote, if you can't even take Herschel Walker to Athens, Georgia, where he was a Heisman Trophy winning athlete in college, to do something about 71% for Warnock, you are not going to win Georgia.
But we'll cover that when the time comes.
Getting back to Arizona, just to look at these splits again, folks.
I'm not liking what I'm seeing.
And I think this is going to become a major story in the coming weeks and months, because I don't think that Carrie Lake and Blake Masters are going to go quietly here.
Probably not Abe Hamaday either.
Because they were expecting here in Maricopa County that this gap was going to close.
They were expecting with the new ballots and votes coming in that they would be favoring the Republicans.
They haven't.
In fact, Hobbs has extended her lead now with 86% of the vote in.
So you're talking about in order for Lake to recover any ground here, there's going to have to be a complete switch of the trend we've seen in the last 24 hours.
And Lake is probably going to have to get 70%, if not more, 70% of these votes coming in at Maricopa County.
I just don't see that happening.
I don't think that that number is possible.
And so therefore, I think that Hobbs is going to end up being the governor.
But that's really just where the fight should begin.
How do you have all of these disastrous anomalies and machine shutdowns and everything else going on in Arizona when the Secretary of State who's in charge of overseeing the election is on the ballot for governor?
You thought that would go fair and square?
You trusted the Democrat to run the election that she's in fairly?
Are you serious?
And again, where is the Republican leadership?
Where is Ronna McDaniel?
Where is Kevin McCarthy?
Where is Mitch McConnell?
They love watching this!
They don't want Kerry Lake to win!
They don't want Blake Masters to win!
They don't want Hamede to win, because they listen to the voters!
And they represent the brand of the Republican Party that's gonna send Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and Ronald McDaniel to the curb or the trash bin where they belong!
This is where they belong!
Right here!
In this trash bin!
But see, You're already seeing it playing out.
You're already seeing it playing out.
Get Trump!
That's the story.
Trump's the reason why we lost.
Because Trump's been playing golf!
for the last two years.
You begged Trump to do rallies for Republicans ahead of the midterms, and guess what?
Trump did more for the Republican Party ahead of the midterms than Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Ronald McDaniel combined.
Owen, you are absolutely right, and that's why we cannot take the bait.
And get into this DeSantis versus Trump, Trump versus DeSantis garbage.
And Trump is really taking the bait.
And we care about Trump, but you're absolutely right.
We need to focus on the Republican leadership and on this election fraud and on issues.
We've got to get that talking point out.
There are millions of listeners right now and viewers can do that, folks.
Don't take the bait of this Trump-DeSantis garbage.
We've got to stay on McConnell, Kev McCarthy.
We've got to stay on these elections.
We've got to stay on the issues.
So I don't think Arizona is going to go away, even when they declare Hobbs and when they declare Kelly the winners.
I don't think this is going to go away, Alex.
And now you're going to see the new phenomenon of what can Lake, what can Masters, what can Hamade do without any support from the Republican Party?
Trump has already kind of tested those waters and been successful.
But can they do it in Arizona?
That's going to be the question.
Hold on.
Stay there.
I want to come back with some of the big election fraud evidence with Owen Schroeder and Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
A lot of things happened.
Republican overconfidence that the media put out there.
Oh, Republicans are going to win no matter what.
You don't have to vote.
But we know there was the same playbook of fraud in the key battleground states we saw before.
The unexplained ballot drops in Georgia and Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Colorado.
And we've got a really powerful video that's up on Infowars.com.
Harris County GOP leader lists all of the anomalies on Election Day that specifically occurred in Republican stronghold polling locations, like the machines going out.
Same story all over the country.
That's coming up after our guest.
Leave us.
We have several other big guests today.
We have Roger Stone, former host of The War Room, co-host with Owen Schroer.
We have the current host of The War Room, Owen Schroer, in the original War Room studio, riding shotgun with us to add commentary during these segments.
Obviously, Roger's here also about The attempt to cause this GOP civil war between Trump and the Santas, instead of it being about getting rid of Kev McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.
Absolutely disgusting that so many people are taking this bait.
And quite frankly, you know, I really like Trump, and I'd love to support him for president, and I do, but he's really taking the bait, coming out against the Santas here, making this the issue.
I wish he would have attacked the Republican leadership themselves.
Roger Stone, what do you make of this?
Well, Alex, first of all, I'd have to say that everything President Trump said in his posts last night is true.
However, we didn't know that the party and the country was going to be in this place today.
Actually, if you go back and watch our broadcasts here on InfoWars prior to the election, virtually everything I told you was going to happen has happened.
We didn't have a red wave.
We had a red drizzle.
And you're absolutely right, the same manipulators of the elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, are up to the same exact tricks.
I saw a terrific segment you did with Mike Lindell.
Mike Lindell spent a lot of his own money to be able to show In real time, these illicit ballot drops in which the votes in those states were manipulated.
So at this moment, we don't know that there even is Republican control of the House, although it looks likely.
And even if that is true, it'll be by a very slim majority.
That gives rise to a strategy that I laid out on this show in which a small subset of America First patriots, men and women who put country ahead of party, men and women who are not going to give in to the inducements by would-be Speaker McCarthy for committee chairmanships or better office space or larger staff budgets to stand up for America.
I think That there may be a coup attempt against the House leadership to replace it with leadership that would be more aggressive.
I can get more specific about this and I want to.
Scott Perry from Pennsylvania, head of the Freedom Caucus, sent a list of demands to Kevin McCarthy prior to the election.
In that list of demands were articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for various issues, including corruption.
Articles of impeachment against Kamala Harris for her failure to fulfill her responsibilities regarding sealing our southern border.
Investigations into Hunter Biden's laptop and all the data there, which is a window into massive corruption, including payoffs to the sitting Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden.
A real investigation into what happened on January 6th, not this fraudulent Kabuki theater that the House Democrats put on.
Perhaps even an investigation into the actual origins of the Russian collusion hoax, which if John Durham did nothing else, he exposed that this was a corrupt cabal between the federal government under Barack Obama and the Clinton campaign.
McCarthy, expecting the luxury of a huge supermajority, ignored that letter, hasn't responded to it.
Now McCarthy's speakership is actually in peril, Alex.
Exactly as we predicted on your show, a small handful of patriots here could change the course of history.
That's right.
You said that a few days ago.
Now the New York Times, the Washington Post, today are all panicking, saying exactly what you said first, that because it's so close, it's going to give incredible power to the MTGs, to the Matt Gaetzes out there.
And that is, look, that is what we have to be praying for at this moment.
In the meantime, it's clear to me that the corporate wing of the Republican Party, Rupert Murdoch, of course, with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Fox News, in concert with billionaires like Ken Griffin, who recently said that the Republican Party needs to get back in alignment with the multinational corporate world, and admits to wanting to stop the populist movement.
That's you and I they're talking about there, Alex, in conjunction with Paul Singer, another globalist billionaire.
These are the people propping my governor, Ron DeSantis, up for a presidential bid.
And I think Donald Trump has had enough of it.
No, you're right, because they're not just meeting with him, they're all getting behind DeSantis.
Which, even if they're able to cut Trump out, they're going to then turn on DeSantis later.
These neocons don't support Republicans, they only fund them early to control them.
Owen, amazing points Roger Stone's making.
You got any questions or comments for Roger?
Well yeah, I mean I would just say I think Roger is spot on.
You're seeing kind of the corporate media conservative establishment, you know, tee the ball up or lob the ball up for eventually, I think they're hoping Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ronald McDaniel will come out against Trump.
Or even the voters.
Now I don't see that necessarily happening.
The only person that can separate Trump from his supporters is Trump himself.
And with some of these, what people view as egomaniacal diatribes aimed at other Republicans on his true social account, that might be what's doing it.
So he is taking the bait.
But right now it's the corporate press that are trying to push this message of let's get Trump out.
And why haven't we heard from Kevin McCarthy or Mitch McConnell or Ronna McDaniel this week because they're hiding and they're hoping that Trump takes the bait or that the voters take the bait that the corporate press is putting out there to start this feud between Trump and DeSantis as we're now going to be quickly entering the presidential race period.
It feels like we're already in it just days after the election.
But let's be clear about something here.
Let's be clear about something.
The Republicans used Donald Trump for the last two years.
Every email they sent out for fundraising mentioned Donald Trump.
They begged Donald Trump to do rallies for Republicans, which he did and got massive turnout.
That would not have happened if Donald Trump didn't do any of that.
Sure, absolutely.
They're blaming him for their failure and not funding races right.
And that's very, very clear.
My question is to Roger Stone and then to you when we come back.
Roger, how do we extricate ourselves as the populist bulwark trying to save this country by taking over the Republican Party?
How do we not let the establishment distract us with a DeSantis-Trump civil war and actually focus on getting rid of the neocon leadership of the House and Senate?
Well, first of all, we need to focus on trying to get control of one branch of government.
We still don't know who won this U.S.
Senate race or the governorship in Arizona.
We still don't know who won the U.S.
Senate race in Nevada.
We're going to a sudden death runoff, I think, Uh, in, in Georgia.
Right now, what I'd like to see, in all honesty, is Governor DeSantis has got $150 million in his federal PAC.
How much is he sending to Hershel Walker?
Donald Trump has got tens of millions of dollars in his federal PAC.
How much is he sending to Hershel Walker?
That's what I was saying earlier.
We should see the Republicans all behind Hershel Walker right now.
We're hearing almost nothing.
Meanwhile, Raphael Warnock, who's an extreme leftist, you remember him, the guy who ran over his wife with a car, but then accuses Hershel Walker of being mentally unbalanced, that guy's taken in $50 million since Election Day.
$50 million.
No, we need to focus on the short-term battle ahead.
Right now, the House and the Senate are up for grabs.
We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and focus on that.
At the same time, Trump's no fool.
He sees Ben Shapiro, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Frank Luntz, Meghan McCain, Rick Wilson.
Suddenly, they're all cheerleaders for Ron DeSantis.
What's that all about, Alex?
No, I agree.
It doesn't look good.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
A couple years ago, going to an event, Roger Stone was T-boned and almost killed.
And it happened again going in Memphis to a big event and Frank Speech TV.
That's how crazy this is getting.
So Roger just keeps getting T-boned in the middle of nowhere.
But he's definitely got guardian angels because he ain't dead yet.
And folks, you have to understand, as Roger harps on this, and so does Owen Schroer, if they take out our communications, they win.
And they're just as obsessed with taking us off air as they are stealing elections.
It all goes hand in glove.
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Let's roll that B-roll again.
Roger, weren't you, I remember you were T-boned just a few years ago.
This is getting a little bit suspicious.
Tell us what happened.
Well, Alex, I'm glad you raised it because I know my wife posted something about it on Instagram, and I have been overwhelmed by people wanting to know if I'm okay.
First of all, I feel blessed.
I clearly have the protection of the Lord.
I've now had miracle number five in my life.
I was on my way to the Frank Speech Studios to do my regular four o'clock Central, five o'clock Eastern show, The Stone Zone, which people can see by going to stonezone.live.
And I was with two security guys in a SUV supplied by the folks at Frank's Beach.
They took a left-hand turn and some guy in a pickup truck blew a red light at about 55 miles an hour.
T-boned us.
Fortunately, the driver of my car saw this early, jammed on the brakes, and they didn't hit the rear passenger door on the right side where I was sitting, or perhaps I wouldn't be with you on InfoWars today.
So I thank Jesus Christ once again for protecting me.
I'm fine.
There's no reason to believe a political motive.
The guy wasn't wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.
They didn't find a copy.
I was longer than that and of course we never learned who that was.
In other words, whoever struck the car didn't do so much damage to their own car.
They were able to back up and pull away and the local police were never able to identify who had done that.
So it remains unsolved.
To say the least.
In this case, I don't think there was a political motive, but I really feel really blessed to be alive.
Airbags went off, the car was completely totaled, the two security guys I was with had minor injuries, had to be stitched up, there was quite a bit of blood, but I didn't have a scratch, I didn't even have whiplash.
Well, good thing they took one for the team and slammed on the brakes.
Getting back to where you were, and I want to get Owen's take on the Trump-DeSantis rift that the Republican Party and Democrats are trying to create.
And I get why Trump weighed in at this point.
The whole system's getting behind DeSantis.
I like DeSantis and his actions, but it's pretty creepy to have the whole establishment, including the Lincoln-Pitot project, getting behind him.
Yeah, I can understand this from President Trump's point of view.
People need to be reminded of history.
Ron DeSantis was a completely unknown congressman who was not the choice of the Republican establishment.
And every single Republican county chairman, all 67 in Florida, endorsed Ron's opponent.
Every single Republican state legislator endorsed Ron's opponent.
Congressman Matt Gaetz, I think, played an instrumental role in convincing President Trump to endorse Ron DeSantis.
Notably, Congressman Gates has made it very clear in a DeSantis-Trump contest, Matt Gaetz is for Donald Trump.
So I think it is an act of disloyalty.
For those who say, oh, Stone, you and your friends are all creating this.
No, there was a debate.
The question was put to Ron DeSantis three times.
Are you going to fulfill the four years of your new term, or will you run for president?
And he ducked.
I've been in politics long enough to know when someone's evading the question.
Okay, well let's get a final take from Owen, then I want to get back to what you said about we need to focus on the races they're trying to steal for control of the Senate right now, with a limited time with Roger Stone ahead of Gavin McGinnis and others coming up.
But Owen, you've got some other points or questions.
Well, let's just get back to what we're seeing moving forward here with these races.
If the Republican Party does not address what we all saw as the issue ahead of these midterms, it doesn't matter who's going to run.
It doesn't matter if it's Trump or DeSantis, they're never going to win.
Because until the Republican Party ...focuses in and figures out what the hell is going on in Philadelphia, what the hell is going on in Atlanta, what the hell is going on in Phoenix, what the hell is going on in these major cities, Chicago, you name it, where Democrats get 70%, 80%, sometimes in New York, 90% of the vote.
Until Republicans address that issue and try to mitigate those margins, I don't see them winning anything, quite frankly.
I just don't see how it happens with these margins that are coming in from these major cities.
Do they trust the results?
Is that just because Republicans just have abandoned the major cities?
They don't even bother?
Is it voter fraud?
Is it election fraud?
I don't know.
They won't look into it, and so they never have a chance.
And then in these state elections, they just get overwhelmed.
I mean, New York is a perfect example.
If you take out New York City, the state of New York is red!
And it's not even close!
Absolutely, Alex Treuer, host of The War Room, 3 p.m.
Great job.
Thank you so much for your continued analysis.
Join us again coming up throughout the next few days and next week with the latest numbers.
So getting back to what you said earlier, Roger, what do we do right now with them trying to steal these key battleground areas in Arizona, in Nevada, Georgia coming up?
What do we do?
Well, first of all, Georgia, we need to fight it out.
I mean, this is unbelievable, Alex, but Governor Brian Kemp, the Rhino, got a higher percentage of the African American vote.
Than Hershel Walker did.
That's because Hershel Walker's campaign made no effort among African-American voters, which is crazy because he's a sports legend and he could have done better.
He didn't go to black churches.
He didn't buy any urban or gospel radio.
I mean, that's insanity.
So we need to refocus on persuasion, not just turnout in Georgia.
I'd like to see Governor DeSantis and President Trump Focus the millions of dollars they have on hand to pulling Herschel Walker, who I think, by the way, really took a lot of hits and kept right on pushing forward across the finish line.
He can win, but we have to watch the machinery again, and we have to be prepared to go to court more aggressively.
Mike Lindell's done a fabulous job of documenting the theft.
Secondarily, I must tell you, I don't have high hopes for Adam Laxalt, who I like very much in Nevada.
The outstanding votes we haven't counted are from Harry Reid's stronghold, Clark County.
Last time I saw Adam Laxalt was up by a hair.
Michelle Fiore, a good friend of mine, City Councilwoman in Las Vegas, running for State Treasurer, she was up by about 8,000.
How coincidental that Joe Lombardo, the Republican candidate for governor, the sheriff who covered up the Las Vegas shooting, excellent reporting by Laura Loomer, among others, about that.
He's a machine creature.
Why is he running so much further in all these Democratic strongholds than Adam Latzall?
I don't have high hopes for Nevada.
And lastly, I really do believe That Carrie Lake, and there's the future of the Republican Party, Carrie Lake, and Mark Fincham, the candidate for Secretary of State, that controls the machinery in an election, and Blake Masters running for the U.S.
Senate, I do believe that they will finally, when all the votes are counted, pull out victory in Arizona.
But Alex, why is this taking so long?
Why is this taking so long?
In France, they can count all the paper ballots and they're done in a day.
Why can't we do this here?
The answer is fraud and corruption.
And Owen is absolutely right.
If we don't fix the system, it doesn't matter whether the Republican nominee is Donald Trump or Governor DeSanctimonious.
They're going to deny us Michigan, they're going to deny us Pennsylvania, they're going to deny us Arizona, and I can't come to 270 electoral votes without any of those states where I believe there is an America First majority in every single one of them.
So, we need to keep fighting for reform of the system.
Tucker Carlson said this better last night than anything else.
Communications are the reason why we didn't well.
That's why InfoWars.com is so damn important.
That's why they're so desperate to take you off the air, Alex.
People need to get behind InfoWars, get behind TheStoneZone.com, get behind Frank Speech.
This alternative media that we work so hard to bring you is vitally important.
We need more of this communications, not less.
Roger Stone, thank you so much.
Continue to join us as we track this in the days and weeks to come.
Thank you so much.
God bless you, Alex.
I'm just happy and blessed to be alive.
Yes, sir.
We're very glad you're still with us.
Alright, we're going to come back with Gavin McGinnis, a ton of breaking news, and I'm
going to play a little five minute clip of Harris County, Texas and the fraud.
The globalists are in an absolute panic right now.
They are attacking and suing and censoring and spying on and engaging in bullying and
physical attacks against populist conservatives and Christians, not just in America, but worldwide.
And their number one most hated enemy in the media is InfoWars because we know the globalist
number, we know their operation, we know their modus operandi, and we know how to take them
down peacefully.
We've got great products that fund the operation that also are incredibly powerful and the
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Biggest sale of the year, promo code 1776, up to 60% off.
Take action now and empower your body.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Investigating the facts and as those facts are developed we will if those facts support what we believe to be the truth file a lawsuit and We will have a day of reckoning in the courtroom for Administrator Tatum and all of his folks Why would it be?
that the only places that our investigation has shown thus far to not have enough paper to vote is Republican stronghold precincts?
One would think if it's just a simple administrative screw-up, we don't have enough paper for the entire election, that that screw-up would be all over the Democratic precincts as well.
And yet, so far, we've found 23 precincts that didn't have paper.
Guess what?
All 23 are Republican strongholds.
That ought to tell you something.
That makes me suspect that this wasn't just a colossal failure.
This was intentional.
And we're going to take this investigation wherever it leads, and we will file the appropriate paperwork.
Now, I want to turn our attention to what happened today.
We had a hearing in front of the judge.
We're talking about mail-in ballots.
We're told that there are about 200 mail-in ballots that have yet to be counted, and we talked about the process by which those should be counted.
We have another hearing tonight in front of the judge, set at 8 o'clock, and if necessary, we'll be back in front of the court again at 9.30 in the morning.
So stay tuned on what's going to happen with those mail-in ballots.
I want to make the public aware, though, that there is something coming up that is colossally important.
To the outcome of these races, it's called provisional ballots.
Provisional ballots are for voters who show up and for whatever reason they get flagged.
There's something wrong with that particular voter's credentials.
And so rather than just turn them away, they're allowed to vote, but they vote provisionally.
Then what happens is the early voting ballot board will look at those provisional ballots one by one to decide should they count or should they not count.
Well, unfortunately, the administrator, Mr. Tatum, has found a way to screw that up too.
So he went to court.
And he asked the court to allow the additional hour of voting from 7 p.m.
to 8 p.m.
on Election Day.
Every single one of those persons is supposed to vote provisionally and within about an hour the Texas Supreme Court spanked That request that Tatum had made and said that is not what the law says.
You're supposed to do it the way the election code requires.
And now you're going to have to segregate all of those ballots.
We're talking about thousands and thousands and thousands of ballots that were cast after seven o'clock.
Well, what does that mean for the candidates whose political election stakes Are going to be governed by that decision.
Here's what I told the judge in court tonight.
We need to create two piles of provisional ballots.
One pile is everybody who voted before seven.
The other file is everybody who voted after seven.
and then once those are looked at and for the and it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war
and say I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this but you wanna fight
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Gavin McGinnis is joining us coming up in the next segment of the breakdown, the incredible midterm fiasco we just
witnessed and so much more.
Other special guests, but I wanted To keep people focused on who's actually behind all of this, before we look at the latest extremely shady behavior in places like Maricopa County, where they put hundreds of sheriffs on the roof, barbed wire fences up, drones flying around harassing journalists, and cameras go dark at Vote County facility in Key Nevada County.
And now in other counties.
In the middle of the night.
They don't just put up the boards over things.
The cameras go out when the special trucks pull up.
They're doing it again.
But it's important to realize what's happening at the grassroots is being directed publicly by the Bilderberg Group, which is the secret global consortium that we first blew open worldwide thanks to our listeners getting the intel and sharing it.
Jim Tucker and others first broke it decades and decades ago and did an incredible job, better than us, being the real trailblazers.
But it was this audience and Drudge Report, back when Drudge was on the team, blowing it open and making them admit Bilderberg existed.
The World Economic Forum is founded out of the Bilderberg Group.
Klaus Schwab's been on their steering committee, and it's the mouth of these people.
So whether it's Bill Gates, or whether it's Jordan Soros, or whether it's Klaus Schwab, they're all the same people.
King Charles III, known as Prince Charles, all of them.
Here's a few of these key clubs to give you some background on this.
Here's globalist, kingpin, George Soros, who openly admits he wants China to lead the New World Order.
Donated $128 million to the Democrats this year alone that we know of.
Here it is.
This would be the time because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, financial world order.
World order.
Financial world order with the Cashless Society.
All of it run by them.
But notice they're already double crossing each other, so now Soros says China's Hitler.
Well, China's pretty bad, but it didn't actually work for Hitler like you did, buddy.
Carbon is moving very quickly into a system where it's going to be very close to a currency.
Next, we start thinking about putting prices on water, on trees, on biodiversity.
How do we start tokenizing?
So, computer scanning and tracking everything you do, a total prison.
Selectively deciding who can have businesses, who can't.
They'll all be above the law.
This is Michael Sheeran, former Bank of England top advisor.
Currently at the big global government summit in the Middle East, in North Africa.
They're in Egypt that Biden's at.
We've got some more clips of that in a moment, but here he is.
So central banks are also starting to understand nature has real value.
Carbon, we already figured out.
And carbon is moving very quickly into a system where it's going to be very close to a currency.
Basically being able to take a ton of absorbed or sequestered carbon and being able to create a forward pricing curve with
financial service architecture, documentation. I just came out of a meeting this morning
how we're trying to accelerate that.
To be quite honest, not to get very boring that we're on financial topics and things,
but they're going to be derivatives and you need is the documentation if you want to trade a
derivative in the marketplace and all this actually matters for nature as well.
Oh, yes.
I'm going to quickly hand off, but again, I want to talk about value one more time, because the southern part of the world has value far greater than large elements of the northern part.
And we start thinking about and putting prices on water, on trees, on biodiversity.
We find where does that sit?
I'm doing a lot of work out of Asia, and I say that my next-door neighbor, Indonesia, is the left lung of the world, and obviously Brazil's the right.
And Africa, absolutely critical.
And we need their natural capital as a system-based world more than we need that 66 billion we've got sitting in the basement of the Bank of England.
So how do we, and I'm hoping this discussion today, at least from a central banker's point of view, on how do we start tokenizing?
How do we start building systems that actually create, not only the value, but transfer that value around the world?
Oh yes.
Oh, they're transferring money to the third world that they control to the IMF and World Bank.
And now they count for the trees and the animals.
They vote for them.
You don't have a vote anymore.
That's their admitted plan.
And then they list all of these things that are life-giving, like carbon dioxide, as a poison.
So they can regulate it and surveil it, as he said, and control it.
What a nightmare!
Situation they're pushing.
Here's Larry McDonald, who's a super patriot, Democrat by the way.
Final interview before they forced his plane down and executed him.
The plane was shot down over North Korea and over Russia.
Here he is on National News talking about the New World Order.
The John Birch Society considers communism only one arm of a master conspiracy in which socialist American insiders are plotting to establish world government.
Now, it also says, and here's director John McManus, that's your public relations director, Saying that former Secretary of State Alexander Haig and CIA Director William Casey are two of these master conspirators who are plotting to establish world government.
Now, what do you say?
You know, that kind of silly, asinine statement is what makes people laugh at the John Birch Society.
Well, Tom, I'm sure being a long-standing member of the Rockefeller apparatic, and as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations of long-standing, you're fully aware that there is an elitist core in this country that has seen value in subsidizing communism or protecting communism.
It has?
You're accusing me of subsidizing communism?
No, no, I'm saying that there is... Because I happen to belong to a... No, there is an elite core.
I'm a political study group.
No, no, wait a minute.
There is an elite core in this country that has dominated American society.
Well, I'm not one of them.
A trilateral commission.
A trilateral commission.
Council on Foreign Relations.
Well, let's face it, they have dominated the State Department for 40 years, and pretty much openly so.
All right, but what are they trying to do?
Well, their objective is to try to bring about a gradual transition in our society A dissolving of sovereignty and a moving steadily to the left on the political spectrum.
Who are they?
The elitist groups that I mentioned, particularly key individuals and policy makers and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Is the International Monetary Fund part of this?
Well, I would say the International Monetary Fund has certainly been set up for the purpose of facilitating that transfer of sovereignty and transfer of wealth on the road to something... Well, we elected Mr. Conservative... Let me just finish the point, because otherwise we're going to have a lot of unanswered questions, that you are looking at a group that has worked to bring about a dissolution of national sovereignty on the road to world government.
So you just heard the Bank of England guy say we're going to transfer all the wealth out of the north to the south because there's more life in the south and it's all about control.
Take your money and enslave them.
disagree is that we've worked to keep it a secret.
So you just heard the Bank of England guys say we're gonna transfer all the
wealth out of the north to the south because there's more life in the south
and it's all about control take your money and enslave them and now
Biden's bumbling around at the new Paris Agreement 2.0 promising all of
this to transfer our wealth to the globalists not to the poor people who
have had under lockdown for years Here's a few of the clips that came out today.
Against this backdrop, it's more urgent than ever that we double down on our climate commitments.
Russia's war only enhances the urgency of the need to transition the world off its dependence on fossil fuels.
But our significant climate investment will, quote, help turbocharge Turbocharged the emerging global clean energy.
Turbo means fuel.
I was reading their quote, sorry.
Inject it with air.
John, your commitment, your passion and your diplomatic expertise have been absolutely critical, absolutely critical to delivering incredible progress on climate issues over the past two years.
I thank you, pal.
I thank you for being my friend.
We immediately rejoined the Paris Agreement.
We convened major climate summits and re-established climate dictatorship with total surveillance.
I apologize we never pulled out of the agreement.
Total depopulation is the plan.
Well, that was a jam-packed segment.
How green means to murder you and your family.
How the carbon tax will surveil every area of your life and literally put you in a prison.
We'll be right back with Gab McGinnis.
Stay with us.
And we are back live on this Friday, November 11, 2022 broadcast in defiance of the censors trying to silence us.
Gavin McGinnis is our guest for the Balance of the Hour to talk about the midterms, the fraud we witnessed, this new rip between Trump and DeSantis, the carbon taxes, the New World Order, the open borders, the war in Ukraine, the insanity going on.
He is the host of a very popular show at Censored.TV, the founder of Vice, and so much more.
Needs no introduction.
Gavin, thank you so much for being on with us, my friend.
We didn't talk before you came on.
I threw out kind of a plethora of things to hit, but what's front and center for you, my friend?
A new phenomenon I'm calling terrorism.
It's terrorism from a chair.
I had a show in Rutherford, New Jersey last night, and Antifa found out about it.
They just terrorized, with their thumbs, the venue owner, the chief of police, the mayor, and they don't have to show up.
No one left their chair for any of this, but the mayor got spooked.
He called the chief of police, who told the venue to shut it down, and they did.
Everyone capitulated.
With just tweets and texts and messages.
And these people are not even from New York or New Jersey.
They're from all over the country.
So Antifa is terrorizing people from their chairs.
And these pussies are happily folding.
Remember you were on the list of 12 people three years ago when Facebook came out after our purge five years ago and said there are now people called dangerous persons who you're not allowed to say nice things about or you're going to be censored but you're allowed to call for violence against them.
That's a quote in their rules.
It was Louis Farrakhan, Gavin McGinnis, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and a few others.
What an elite group.
Now they're expanding that out and the ADL's on the news saying Anybody we call a dangerous person will have their bank account taken.
So you talk about the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, this is it.
Well, at least in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, there was some pushback.
Like, the right is just happily taking it.
I said to the venue owner last night, Chuck, the place is called The Well, I said, dude, what they're doing is illegal.
You can't shut down someone's constitutional right for free speech on the premise of public safety.
Well, that's racketeering when the mob would say, you better pay me extra money or somebody's going to burn down your nightclub.
You don't give in to them.
This is mafia tactics.
That's exactly what I said, and I'm suing the city of Rutherford, so Antifa's making me money.
We're going to do the show tonight on Long Island, but my anger isn't really at Antifa.
They're mentally ill, lonely people, fat, ugly girls with purple hair and bad tattoos.
They're always going to want to wreck your fun.
My problem is with the mayor and the chief of police in these venues that fold like that.
From tweets, I go, I said to the cop last night, the chief of police, John Russo, I said, dude, your boss is a fat girl's thumbs.
And he said, yeah, it's a sad state of affairs.
I go, sad state of affairs?
You're the affairs!
You're the guy!
You know what Rudger Kipling said, when you feed the pirate once, he always comes back over and over again until the price is too high.
Don't they get, you don't give in to terrorists?
It's pretty logical.
I mean, you don't have to look up any books, you don't have to look at any historical references.
If someone sends a tweet that says, I'm gonna get you, you don't go, okay, well then I'm shutting down everything.
Remember that movie, The Interview, with James Franco and Seth Rogen?
They're making fun of Kim Jong-un in it?
There was an email sent that may have come from Kim Jong-un.
He never qualified it.
So Hollywood panicked and pulled the film?
Hold the film.
We're at the behest of an email.
This is the same thing.
Like, you should have had the National Guard at theaters and made sure that movie, even if two people showed up, that movie should have been seen.
Oh, I mean it should have been on every channel in the country if it was true that a dictator said don't air it.
That's America!
But not now.
Now we have a mayor, I was shocked to see the mayor as a man, too.
A man with an Italian name, a Frank Zanutto or something.
We have men, men who fought for this country, brave men, the police, the mayor, they're supposed to have our backs, and they're at the behest of a fat chick in Portland with nervy, with twitchy thumbs.
Where do we go from here?
We just have to keep fighting, you know?
Like a woodchuck, just keep... If you domesticate a beaver, he'll just start eating your furniture, because that's what beavers do.
We're just going to keep fighting.
We're going to keep gnawing away at the wood.
The show is going to happen tonight.
I'm suing Penn State.
Did you hear about this?
Alex Stein and I had a talk at Penn State.
He goes outside and they spit on him.
They attack him.
Proud Boys show up.
They don't fight.
They do the civil rights thing.
Proud Boys getting pounded in the face.
The radicals are pepper spraying.
They're attacking cops.
Acting like complete lunatics.
And the Penn State says, you're causing too much trouble.
You're too violent.
We're canceling the show.
And it's a public university.
So I'm suing Rutherford, New Jersey, and I'm suing Penn State.
Antifa's making me tons of cash.
It's crazy what's going on.
What's your take on the midterms and this whole Trump-DeSantis rift?
Well, with the midterms, I'm a real chatty Cathy.
I talk to cab drivers and painters and the guy on the street.
It takes me like an hour to get to go buy a coffee because I'm talking to so many people.
And amongst the sort of working class New Yorkers, the general consensus is, look, Carrie Lake, Walker, that's politics as usual.
We lost.
It's disappointing.
It's like being a Mets fan, whatever.
But Federman.
Like, you just have to go up to people in a MAGA hat and just say, Fetterman.
And they look back at you and go... Like, we're all gobsmacked.
What the hell?
Is this the monarchy where they have, like, Little Lord Fauntleroy, a 12-year-old, as king?
I think there was some guy who made... I think it was Nero, who made a horse.
His horse.
It was Caligula who married his horse.
Like, that's where we're at now.
No one on Earth, or even outside of Earth, would see Fetterman and go, yep, he's the one who made the horse the head of the Senate and married it.
Yeah, that's where we're at.
Are they gloating?
Like, I don't understand.
I think they are.
I mean, nothing against disabled people, but Fetterman is literally like a Mad Max character.
He's literally like King of the Mutants or something out of Escape from New York.
Dude, if he was your Uber driver, you'd say, oh, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
It's actually right here.
I'm right here.
I gotta get out here.
Like, you jump out at the next stop sign.
I'm not exaggerating.
And have you seen all the videos on MSNBC, CNN, where the women get all excited and say, he needs to be our next president?
That's the new prerequisite that you can't talk.
That's all part of the head shake.
Like, they're not even going, oops.
They're going, yes, that was great.
Let's keep running him.
Let's run him and his neck bulge all the way to the White House.
And you're like, I, the other ones I'm very dubious about, but this is like unprecedented.
We've never had a mentally, I mean, Joe Biden is clearly has dementia, but we've never had someone with a brain so rotten.
Like even with Biden, with the debates with Trump, he wasn't terrible.
His brain has gone in the past since he's become president.
We've really seen the decay.
Federman ran on decayed mind and won by a landslide.
What is going on?
Look, you and I should be happy.
It's good content.
No, it certainly is.
I've got a lot of questions, but I've thrown it out there twice.
You haven't responded.
So when we come back, what do you make of the Republican Party joining the Democrats trying to create this Republican civil war between Trump and DeSantis?
It seems very cynical.
It seems demonic.
It seems evil.
And then the New York Post is all on board.
And they're often wrong about things like they wanted Eric Adams.
I don't understand the rift.
And this whole idea that he ruined Oz and everyone he endorses becomes an anvil in the water.
I don't... I mean, maybe I don't know enough about politics, but...
When I see the polls, I see Trump at 50 and DeSantis at 11.
So why are we ignoring our frontrunner?
Why are we throwing him out?
Trump energizes the base.
I'm mad about the shots, but what he does there is so good.
The numbers are he's still overall a plus.
The system doesn't want Trump because he's coffin nails for them.
And everyone assumes DeSantis wants to run.
I don't think he wants to run.
I think he'll run in maybe 10 years.
Yeah, I think they're trying to draft him right now.
This whole process is.
Let's talk about that more with Gavin McGinnis.
And we'll also just talk about all the rest of the leftist insanity and so much more.
Stay with us.
So it was about six years ago.
A little more than six years ago, Trump was about to be elected and Gavin McGinnis was on with me in a marathon show and I said, what is the peak of SJW leftist insanity?
And he said, I don't think there is any peak.
They just go on till they destroy everything or we stop them.
And now we see that with pushing nuclear war.
Pushing pedophilia, just anything nihilistic and destructive they go for, and then the rest of us that are productive and leading normal lives, we just sit here trying to compartmentalize ourselves.
They're not going to let us do that.
So he wants to get to the border, the crime, the attack on the police, and also what's next.
Let's ask Gavin in the break, what do you want to hit next?
Well, I want to talk about what's coming next, because what are they going to do next?
That's the big question, Gavin.
I think we have a really crazy time coming up.
I'm confident that we get the Senate after the special election in Georgia.
So December 9th, we have the House and the Senate.
I don't think DeSantis is going to run.
Trump is going to run, but I think Biden might beat him because Women voters, sorry, but they're too emotional.
They're going to get hung up on abortion, and they're going to go, I know Biden has dementia, but I want to give him a second term, a second chance, and I don't want my daughter to have to keep the baby, so let's give Biden another run at it.
So that's the bad news.
The good news is, we'll have the House and Senate, and this polluted mind of Joe Biden will be relatively feckless.
But when that happens, the left is going to go nuts.
I mean, just like you said before this, that they have no limits.
Imagine, remember when we heard about radical Islam and we go, oh, they genitally mutilate their children.
They give them clitoral circumcision.
And in Saudi Arabia, they don't want any gays, so they force them to have sex changes.
And we would go, ugh, what a horrible culture that is.
That's nothing now.
That's us.
We are okay with a double mastectomy for a 14-year-old girl.
And that's not like, you know, cutting off your finger.
There's a lot of machinery in there.
It's a very complicated operation.
You look at the scars and they look like cesarean scars.
It's depraved what we're doing and I think they've only just begun.
I agree, so only just begun.
What does that signify?
We've seen in other regimes they control what comes next and I think China is the model.
What we see in China is what's already coming here and what we're going to become.
You know what we see in China is a total lack of love.
We see a total disregard for the family.
have kids, they give them to the grandparents, and then they're gone 10 months of the year.
Chinese New Year is the only time parents see their kids.
They take like a month or two off.
But 10 months a year, they're working seven days a week nonstop like drones.
Maybe Mao, with the Great Leap Forward, killed everyone creative and romantic and nice.
And now it's just these attack of the clone wars drones, and that's what the elites want from us.
They want us to eat bugs, live in the cube, separated from our children, not have children ideally.
And that seemed far-fetched, but now like, sorry to go back to Islam,
we said these Muslims are torturing their children.
Now we have Muslim immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan, going to school meetings and saying,
stop with the porn in the schools and stop making my little boy or girl, you are depraved.
So radical!
Female circumcisors are now saying, whoa, slow it down, America.
You guys are committing child abuse.
And now with open borders, we're going to have no limits to the cynicism.
We've got people who have no standards, meaning the left, and then they're inviting in the worst of the third world to carry out their bidding.
I mean, dude, I think we're looking at an apocalypse where every city is worse than Philadelphia.
And every rural area is like the white farmers in South Africa, just gilded to the max with razor wire and guns.
Can't believe we got here.
Well, that's what we've seen in the third world.
So you said it, a merger of Communist China with, say, Venezuela.
I think that's kind of what we're looking at.
Yeah, I see a lot of South Africa, too, with the affirmative action in the New York City Police Department.
Oh, I agree.
That's the real mix, exactly.
I mean, the top brass of the police department is all black, and they're not black because they were hard working, they're black because they know Eric Adams.
He actually, Eric Adams, our New York mayor here, he asks for 8x10s with every resume.
He probably doesn't even read.
He just goes, "Oh, black person, black person, black."
I mean, you look at the cabinet now or the top brass at NYPD and it's like, "Shoot the
Shoot to kill."
We are living in Soweto now.
And they're all incompetent too.
Like if Lee Zeldin had won, there was hope for New York.
You should see the subways here in New York.
No one has their airpods on.
No one's looking at their phone.
Because the one thing a lot of black liberals really aren't racist they go along with the
whole narrative of divide and conquer.
But with the mayor of New York he literally is a black supremacist and then I mean the
stuff he does is just insane.
Crime here is insane.
You should see the subways here in New York.
No one has their airpods on.
No one's looking at their phone.
We're all like this.
We're on our haunches.
Our backs are to the wall.
I was reading that ridership on it's down almost 40%.
I mean, it literally is a hellhole.
Would you rather spend a little bit extra on a taxi or be thrown in front of a train or get sliced?
There's knives everywhere.
And these guys know they're not going to jail.
So why not?
I think the only person that would go to jail would be the Bernie Getz who pulls out his gun to defend himself.
I had him as a guest once.
So let's talk about that.
People ask why Soros put in all the DAs, why they're in this, to collapse civilization.
If they're able to do it, what do they build on top of it?
Will they build back better?
They really have no regard for the cities.
They've just given up.
The cities are like prisons now.
It's just, it's like escape from New York.
All of Manhattan is just Rikers now.
And the elites are fine with that because they don't really go to New York City.
They're in Chappaqua with the Clintons and they're in the Handins.
Yeah, so Martha's Vineyard.
So they just sort of see the cities as breeding grounds for drones.
Well, that's a great point.
I mean, when only like 50 illegal aliens got shipped to Martha's Vineyard, 10 alarm fire, oh we love you, but they bust them out the next day.
And you know what's crazy about that?
If you ask someone from Martha's Vineyard, they'd say, yeah, the right tried to terrorize us and we took them in, we embraced them, we fed them, we clothed them, and we blew it up.
We showed them that they can't try to trick us.
And you're like, so you see it as a win?
Because I see it as a win.
I see it as I exposed you.
You sent them all to a military warehouse to sleep on cots after, what, 30 hours.
And they're like, no, we took them in, we fed them and clothed them, and it went great.
That's the crazy thing about this Soros division.
We both look at the same thing, and we both see it as a success.
Like Federman!
I think that's a great example of how the left has no idea what they're doing.
Just like AOC's a clown, but they embrace her!
They love her.
They think she's doing really well.
They love Biden.
And I'm not even mad at this point.
Like, when I see a Biden bumper sticker, I speed up.
Because I want to look in and see the person.
I'm fascinated by them.
Who are you?
What planet are you living on?
No, I do the exact same thing.
And they usually look like an evil spider sucked their soul.
They usually look like some kind of bizarre zombie.
I mean, these are scary people.
And, you know, a lot of this, too, is the media's fault.
Like, if you only heard about Fetterman from MSNBC, they don't show the clips where he calls the Statue of Liberty the Liberty of Statues.
They don't show, they don't focus on the fact that he said, hello, goodnight everybody.
They get all that out.
First thing he says in the debate, goodnight, and then he also sits there and says, I support getting rid of Roe v. Wade.
That's my main mission.
I mean, he literally doesn't know what planet he's on.
Which is why he's the model of the future, like Biden is, because these forces are behind him, the puppet gets the blame, and the globalists never get in trouble, and they just put up more and more... So I think they'll probably start having, like... They may start running people in comas for office.
Well, the bright side of this is, if you're remotely curious, and you look up something, you can quickly see that the narrative is light years from what you've been told.
And once they get a hold of that one thread, it unravels the whole sweater.
Like, there was this girl, Naya something in Oakland, and she was mouthing off to some mentally ill career criminal, so he stabbed her.
And then he was arrested.
Okay, horrible story.
Watch who you're talking to and someone could be psychotic and have a knife.
The story became Proud Boys went hunting young black children.
They killed a 13-year-old girl for fun.
And now they're going to a bar to celebrate.
We should shut down that celebration because what they did was wrong.
Like, the reality and what the media is telling you are so far apart.
So if you were to look up, say, that one story, and you go, wait, what?
That's not even close to what happened.
Then they start digging into other things.
Hold on.
Stay right there.
This is important.
How we get people to start thinking.
All right, sensor.tv is his website, his great daily show.
Got a lot of other great people on there with him.
Gavin McGinnis is our guest for one more segment.
We have another special guest coming up next hour and a bunch of breaking news.
Gavin, I've got a couple other big questions for you, but let's get back to what we talked about before the break.
How do you go to a leftist who's brainwashed by corporate media, who's an establishment shill, when the whole New World Order on record wants to impoverish them, depopulate them, dumb them down, all the evidence is they're out to get them, they admit they're out to get them, but they're convinced they're on the winning team.
How do you convince them that they've been manipulated?
How do you rehabilitate them?
Or do we just triage and not worry about them and try to motivate populists and conservatives and free market people and common sense folks?
What do we do?
We gotta cut some people loose.
I talked to a guy who worked with Troubled Youth in Philly, and he said, some guys I can help, and he goes, some of them I can just tell, you're just a bad egg, and I cannot help you.
I gotta cut you loose and focus on who I can help.
And I think with the left, the incurious have always been there.
They've always been oblivious.
They're Puritans, they're not interested, it's their faith.
And right now, the faith of the Puritans is in the liberal causes.
Biden can go and rape kids, do whatever he wants.
They will never leave him.
He is their Jesus.
They've replaced religion with the DNC.
Let them go.
There are some curious centrists, though.
And the good news is, like that crazy story I told you before the break, if you look that up, you see the truth and you start looking at other things.
And unlike, say, even 20 years ago, This information is there.
It's easy to find.
So things have never been better for the curious.
The incurious, yes, they're cursed, but they've always been like that.
That's nothing new.
Let me get to a perspective with a globalist.
They say the public are dumb animals, that because the world doesn't have enough pressures on them with an actual selection or enough predators, or wars that they're doing us a favor getting rid of the
dumb people.
But while the globalists work to dumb everybody down on top of it, well their answer is,
well that's natural pressure we're putting on you, but really it's just an excuse
for them to act however they want. But at a certain point, I'm stuck between the new world
order crushing me and the general masses that won't wake up.
It makes it really hard to not join the globalists, which I'll never do because it's a
spiritual decision and they're so horrible and worse than some of the unwashed masses.
But there is that paradox where it's frustrating to know what we know.
We can easily have jobs with the enemy.
I mean, you've had some of the biggest publications.
You create advice.
I know I've never asked you, but I guarantee you've been approached by the system, you know, to sell out.
I've been approached countless times.
It's frustrating that we're right, we know what we're talking about, we're trying to save people, and a lot of them don't want to be saved.
So how do we deal with that paradox?
Well, the good news is nature's on our side.
You look up the future of these people, like those girls who thumbed their way into the mayorship of Rutherford, New Jersey, last night, and the chief of police.
They're not having kids.
Our children, Rex, isn't going to have to deal with these people, because they're not having kids.
They're done.
Future generations are not going to have these people.
You look at secular Jews versus Orthodox Jews and Hasidic Jews.
The secular Jews are mostly liberal.
The Orthodox and the Hasidim tend to be right wing.
Only the Orthodox and the Hasidim are having kids.
And they're having a lot of kids.
The secular, I call them "Jinos", Jews in name only, they're not having kids.
And that little microcosm is true of the entire country.
The pro-family people are having families.
The anti-family people are self-committing ethnocite.
I'm glad you raised that because I see Kanye West and I see Kyrie Irving,
and they all have the right to free speech, and they make some points.
If you pull back, the idea that the liberals push that the Jews are one unified group, or any Semitics push or whatever, anybody that's actually studied history or knows anything knows the leftist Jews, especially in Israel, are literally persecuting the ultra-Orthodox, as they're called, whether they're Hasidic or just ultra-Orthodox.
And the older Orthodox are actually voting like 95% populist, conservative, pro-gun, pro-nationalist.
So this Jew bashing doesn't make sense because I actually study politics and ethnic groups and subgroups.
I mean, the Jews...
are a religious ethnic consortium but they're actually in a bigger fight than Americans
are over left versus right.
I mean Israel's giving the Jews all the poison shots too.
If they're supposedly the grandmasters and everything, why are they not getting an out
on lockdowns and brutal injections?
No, they're being targeted by other Jews.
And I also say to these people, I go, "Hey, hey, don't be so stingy with your hate."
Spread that hate around.
That's wonderful, your hate.
I love your hate.
Spread it to Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post.
It's not the Jew, York Times.
Arthur Salzberger is an atheist.
You're not Jewish if you don't believe in God.
George Soros, not only is he an atheist, his father was an atheist.
Soros worked with the Nazis.
Jews are not your enemy.
Elites are your enemy.
And elites, especially white liberal elites, Have this bizarre genetic trait where they want to destroy themselves.
And that's what I was getting at with the birth rate.
These leftist loonies are their own worst enemy.
In their utopia, they're extinct.
Like, I remember when I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there was this guy walking around with a clipboard and he said, hey, we're signing a petition to stop the gentrification of this neighborhood.
And I was like, I'm the gentrification of this neighborhood.
And wait, so are you.
Are you right?
You have a petition to get rid of yourself?
And he goes, well, I mean, we certainly don't need more people like me around here.
And notice the left is externalizing.
They're their own internal projection.
They hate themselves.
They want to die.
They're saying, too many humans, cut off the pipelines, extinction rebellion, destroy civilization, but they want us to do it first.
I'm like, no.
Walk the plank, hang yourself, burn yourself, blow yourself up, if you want to.
I'm not saying do it, but kill yourself first, then I'll respect you.
And they will happily do that.
I mean, you have women all over social media talking about how they're not having kids because they want to save the world.
And you go, good.
I'm glad you're ending your particular legacy because you suck.
So I'm pretty optimistic about the future.
Although right now we have this bizarre globalization where, you know, cities are becoming hell holes and everyone's retreating out to the suburbs, which the liberal locusts are then slowly destroying town by town as they go up from New York City through Westchester to Connecticut.
That's right, they moved, they've already destroyed Austin, so now they're moving on from here.
So let me ask you this, Elon Musk, I balance it, I don't like some of the AI stuff, but he's saying have a bunch of kids, we need a pro-human future, watch out, don't take that shot, we don't need censorship, we'll see if we can actually carry that out.
He's in an uphill battle, battling just to not have the company go under right now.
Just in two minutes, what's your quick take on Elon Musk?
Love him.
Great guy.
Twitter is, for better or for worse, has taken over the American conversation, and it is complete trash.
If you... I read it every day.
So let's give him a chance and see what he can do.
He's trying to clean out the Aegean stables here.
This is the thing about the left.
They're unified to a fault.
They'll take in any loony, tranny, pedophile that got their back.
They got Biden's back, they got Fetterman's back.
We have the opposite problem.
If someone has one imperfection, if Trump is too braggadocious, if Elon Musk talked to the ADL, if Ben Shapiro doesn't support Nick Fuentes, we shut everyone down and we're all divided.
That's not me.
I'm a hippie, man.
If you want less government and free speech, then I'm with you.
We gotta unify these anti-government groups because the left is winning.
Powerful. 60 seconds left. Censored.tv. Gavin, closing comment.
We need to wake up, please.
We gotta get back to our ideals.
You know, 20 years ago, we were all basically on the same page.
We wanted less government.
We all believed in strong borders.
Bill Clinton, Obama said we need strong borders.
We all knew gay marriage was a farce.
Hillary Clinton was talking about how marriage is between a man and a woman.
With abortion, we all used to be on the same page.
Let's just try to get it down to viability outside the womb, 27 weeks or whatever it is.
The argument was there.
And then, and I blame Obama for this, everything shattered.
And now we're back to talking about race like it's 1940.
The borders are open, killing babies.
We've just become unhinged.
And we need to get back together and narrow our differences.
Because if you were to get really drunk with a liberal, I bet you, you would agree on most things.
I don't know how we got here, but now I'm looking at a gold and a green dress, and you're looking at the same dress telling me that it's white and black.
It's insane.
They have definitely broke with reality a mass psychosis.
Gavin McGinnis, thank you so much.
Cheers, buddy.
We've got another big guest coming up.
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Evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight.
A lot more than half of the entire population of the entire state of Arizona lives in Maricopa County.
The cities of Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and largest of all, Phoenix, are all within the county's borders.
If you want to win statewide in Arizona, you have to win Maricopa County.
Unfortunately, as of tonight, we still don't know who has won Maricopa County, either in the U.S.
Senate race there or in the Governor's race in Arizona, because officials are not even close to finishing the count.
48 hours after the voting stopped, there are still 633,000 ballots still uncounted in Arizona.
More than 400,000 of those are in Maricopa County.
You're seeing it on your screen right now.
When will we know the results?
Last night, election officials claimed they'd have a new tally for us by 8 p.m.
Eastern, the beginning of our show.
But the deadline came and went.
By the end of the night, they had finished counting fewer than 70,000 more votes.
Then they said they'd have final totals by Friday, tomorrow.
But no.
Today, the county officials said they don't expect to announce the results of the elections until next week at the earliest.
When do you anticipate the votes will be counted, in total, those 400,000 plus votes?
Well, we will be going into next week.
There's some onesie-twosies, again, pursuant to Arizona law.
But I think that we'll see the lion's share here wrap up by early next week.
Early next week?
Can you give me a day?
Are we talking Monday?
As long as you won't hold me to it.
Can you tell us, Mr. Official, Mr. Election Official, when we might learn who won the election?
Maybe, as long as you don't hold me to it.
That was the chairman of the Maricopa County Supervisors.
Notice what you did not hear in that exchange.
You did not hear an apology.
The guy in charge of election results never said sorry for not providing those results.
It's hard to understand this.
It's not a resource problem, certainly.
The budget of Maricopa County is about $4.5 billion a year.
For perspective, the entire Hoover Dam cost $890 million to build.
And yes, that is in adjusted dollars.
So for the price of five Hoover Dams, Maricopa County can't even count the ballots in a single statewide election in a country that claims to care about democracy.
They can't even manage to let people vote on election day.
On election day, according to the county, 70 of 223 polling places suffered major problems with voting machines.
Machines the county paid millions for just recently.
And their failure disenfranchised mostly Republican voters who wanted to cast their ballots in person.
One poll worker reported that 25% of ballots were being rejected.
Now you would call that third world, but actually it's beneath third world.
Most third world countries have serious elections.
They require voter ID.
They don't wait days for election results in Ghana.
In Venezuela, whatever you think of it, they tally their ballots within hours.
But suddenly we can't manage to do that?
Clark County, Nevada, the home of Las Vegas, says there are still tens of thousands of ballots left to count.
Therefore, we're not going to know what happened in the election until Monday, We hope.
We're going to talk to Adam Laxalt about that in a minute.
He's running for Senate there.
Officials in Clark County are clearly overwhelmed.
They're too busy to finish the one job they are paid to do.
And yet, strangely, they still have time to attack Donald Trump on social media, which they've been doing all day.
First things first.
But it's not just Nevada and Arizona.
Key House races all along the west coast of the country, in California, Oregon, and Washington State, are still unsettled tonight.
They're saying they haven't counted the votes.
What is this?
Is this fraud?
We're not sure.
And on some level it doesn't matter what it is.
What we know is that the mechanics of our elections are not working, almost exclusively in states and cities run by Democrats.
Are they cheating?
Are they disorganized?
Again, not relevant.
The system is obviously out of control.
It's flaky.
And systems like that cannot be, by definition, reliable.
Would you let a Maricopa County elections official fly your aircraft?
Probably not.
That's a disaster.
Democracy is a faith-based system.
You have to believe in it in order for it to work.
But who could believe in this?
So our news media, in case you haven't noticed, has spent the last several years, quote, defending democracy, insert trademark here.
All right.
So you'd think that democracy defenders would care.
16 minute videos on Infowars.com, but Tucker Carlson is literally knocking it out of the park.
I've got some other big breaking news on the side of this break.
And then we have a special guest, Kent Heckenliebly in studio.
You're going to really like this guy.
Stay with us.
We are drugged out.
We are following other people's opinions.
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have You need some crazy motherfuckers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776!
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
When you see all this insanity around you, it's meant to just get you to turn off and just give up and
roll over.
And then things only get worse from that point out.
Remember a month or so ago, the horrific footage of a shop teacher wearing giant fake breasts and engaged in bizarre behavior in Ontario?
With the students?
Well, the school board rules to allow a male teacher to wear a giant prosthetic breast to school.
It's meant to make the whole system a joke and collapse.
Here's another one.
I'll play a clip of this in a moment.
Transgender biological male who weighs like 400 pounds wins local Miss America beauty pageant.
It's about desecrating the beauty of the goddess and us setting women on pedestals for how smart they are and how well spoken they are and how physically beautiful they are.
Oh, you're not allowed to have that because they're taking all of that away, all the different territories, all the different classical roles that humans are designed to fill.
Meanwhile, we have Germans are trying to dance the cold away amid Europe's energy crisis as part of an initiative called Let's Move, which translates to Warm Up by Dancing.
And France is doing the same thing.
Can they get you to wear a bubble when you go out?
Can they get you to wear a mask when you swim?
Can they get you to take a poison shot that doesn't protect you and erases your immunity?
It's all an exercise in how stupid you'll act, believing if you just follow the carrot, you're going to get ahead.
Here's a clip of the transgender Jabba the Hutt that just won the beauty pageant.
Can we skip to the good part?
And nothing against fat people, I'm a little overweight too, but it's a fat day with a wig on.
With all these gorgeous women around him, and saying, we don't recognize you, we're rigged judges, we're going to decide this is a woman.
And all they do is make jokes out of their organizations.
It's like the new Lord of the Rings thing that cost a billion dollars, failing, and it's like Jennifer Aniston came out and said, no one likes Hollywood anymore, there's no superstars anymore, everybody hates us.
Yes, it's over.
And now you're just publicly being the poison you've always been trying to bring us down.
Absolutely disgusting.
Let's play a few clips here.
I've got two of them.
One in Germany, one in France of the new initiative where they're going to try to pipe heat out of nightclubs into apartment buildings saying you don't get carbon but we can use human heat to power it.
Again, training you.
It's trendy and cool to eat bugs and have nothing and own nothing.
Here it is.
The Germans are trying to dance the cold away.
While World War 3 starts on their doorstep.
I'm in Europe's energy crisis.
It's part of an initiative called Let's Move.
Which translates to warm up by dancing.
Ha ha ha!
They meet at this concert house every week to rave incredible cold temperatures together.
Look at these useful idiots.
We're going to get rid of the carbons, goods and... We are submitting to whatever we're told.
We love it, it's so good.
I'm good and trendy, baby.
Go to bed with me tonight, huh?
idiots. We are submitting to whatever we're told. We love it, it's so good. I'm good and trendy, baby. Go to bed with
me tonight, huh? Yes, we dance to stay warm.
As professionals help guide participants through the steps of being idiot Stockholm syndrome victims.
Ah yes, you get no power now, so liberal, good for you!
Like in North Korea, you get no power!
That's a good idea.
It's positive for the crisis.
We love them cutting our power off, it's so fun!
Do what Fjord says, he saved us, right?
The class has proved popular.
The program will expand throughout the winter.
And the government won't give you power.
There are warming stations.
There's France.
Harvesting the body heat.
The nightclub where dancing creates green energy.
The nightclub and music venue in Scotland.
It's also in France.
So, it's all, you will eat the bugs.
You has lovesits.
UL loves it.
All getting you to act like complete idiots and complete morons.
Like the band practices all over the world with people in bubbles.
All of it a lie.
And it goes a long way in a room like this and is then captured in these cassettes above us and literally piped back through a plant room into boreholes in the ground which are out in our community garden.
But none of this is new.
In ancient Europe, everybody kept on the first story of their house cows and pigs and horses who would heat your house.
Gets transported out to here, which is the community garden.
But now you're the animals.
In the subterranean basement.
And of course, that's enough.
None of this is meant to actually ever give you a solution.
It's been like, oh we're taking your power away, we're taking your car away, we're taking your future away, we're taking your food away, but you can go dance at the nightclub and be trendy even though there won't be one of those in your area.
Supposed to get young people to feel like they're part of the new idiocy because they've been so cut off from the land, so cut off from the real world.
New York man dies while being treated for experimental gene therapy using mRNA.
He's only one person in the test, and it killed him.
The sole volunteer in a trial to test experimental and controversial gene-editing therapy has died.
And it goes on from there, as all the other different big tests did with this as well.
But now they do it en masse, causing record numbers of deaths.
But again, it's a minor footnote in the news.
We're not permitted to make the connection.
Social worker shares aftermath of COVID vaccine injury.
She gets sick.
Her clients get sick.
But you're not allowed to talk about it.
And then there's Sotomayor.
It's okay because she's not white.
So she's good.
We can trust her.
The state court said no, you can't force injections on New York workers to go to school or be cops or firemen or sanitary workers.
She doesn't have to take it.
She's given an exemption.
But she says you must take the shot.
How liberal!
How loving!
Supreme Court's Sotomayor denies New York City's workers bid to halt Vax Mandate.
Will the full Supreme Court take it?
But the good news is we're investigating them with Senator Rand Paul being elected by a landslide.
That was a subpoena every last document Dr. Fauci has gained a function.
But remember this!
Remember the 2012 Olympics with the big Grim Reaper coming out of the sky and the COVID virus killing all the children, everybody wearing masks?
They love to throw it in your face and get you all ready for it.
Striking correlation between the autumn vaccine boosters and excess deaths in England as the total of excess deaths explodes to all-time historical records.
So roll up them sleeves, take those shots, get those blood clots, and get ready to have massive heart attacks and strokes and clear off the planet for the globalists.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will still be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Well, Kent Heckenlievely is our guest in the studio for the Balance of the Hour to talk about his book,
bestseller Presidential Takedown, and also talk about the midterms, what we're witnessing.
He's an attorney, science teacher, and two-time New York Times bestseller.
He's best known as co-author of the Plague Series, Plague, Plague, Corruption, and Ending Plague with Dr. Judy Megibetz.
And it just goes on from there.
We really appreciate him coming on with us today.
And he didn't want to talk about this, but we're going to talk about it.
Because I told everybody, I didn't just put this book together myself.
I sent him a ton of material.
We worked on it a lot.
We had to cut it down a lot.
We're probably going to write more books on it.
But he really helped me write The Great Reset and The War for the World, which has been offered on a number one bestseller.
It's been the bestseller with the New York Times.
Ignored that.
You can find the book at Infowarstore.com.
So Kent, congratulations.
It's good to meet you in I look forward to having you on many times in the future.
I've been following your work for several years, and it's a very, very small world that we're here together with all the work we both do.
What do you want to hit on first?
So the first thing I'd like to hit on is my new book, Presidential Takedown, which I co-wrote with Dr. Paul Alexander, who was the senior pandemic advisor.
And it really is a you are there book.
So every one of us sat and watched on our couches, those COVID-19 task force meetings, and we listened to what Fauci said, we listened to what Deborah Birx said, we listened to President Trump.
And what this book does is it pulls you through the television.
And you go behind the scenes to find out what was really going on.
You get to be a fly on the wall.
And I could see it in the fire they were setting him up.
And I'm not trying to just defend Trump.
It's true.
Because they had pre-bragged years before how they were going to use a crisis to blow up the old system.
And then they set Trump up.
Yeah, and so I think a lot of us, Alex, had that sense that when we watched those presentations, some of us were comforted by it, some of us were skeptical, and others just didn't know what to make of it.
But you've documented how they set it up.
Yeah, and so what was really great for me was to get Dr. Paul Alexander, who is one of the world's leading experts on evidence-based medicine, to hand me over all of the documentation about the emails and articles that he wrote.
Just to be clear, he was He was there when this was happening.
Yeah, so basically... He's a whistleblower basically. Yeah, Dr. Alexander was there from approximately May of
2020 till September of 2020 when he underwent a terrible You know scandal. Basically, they ran him out of town
Please continue. Yeah.
I know it's shooting up the charts.
Yeah, so there's a lot to say about this book, and I'm not here to be on the side of Team Red or Team Blue.
This is about Team Humanity, and we need to know what went on Behind the COVID-19 Task Force.
And like I said, in this book, you're a fly on the wall because Dr. Alexander had so many amazing experiences.
For example, he helped prepare Fauci on what they call the murder boards for Fauci's presentations before Congress.
And if you thought that Fauci fought with Rand Paul and Senator Ron Johnson, well, he was fighting behind the scenes when Paul Alexander was really going after him hard, so that's all covered in the book.
I think probably one of the most hopeful things of the book is that Dr. Alexander tells a story of how on his second day working for the COVID-19 task force, his boss told him to go to a restaurant on the National Mall and wait for some people to meet him.
So three people approached him.
They took off their masks.
One was Republican Senator.
The other was a Democratic Senator, and the third person was a Democratic Congressperson.
And they told Paul that the reason he had actually been hired was to write a report on the CDC because a bipartisan group of politicians had realized that the CDC had become a political agency.
They wanted to tear it down to the studs and rebuild it.
And Paul was the one who would write that report.
Now, by the time he got fired... So he was drafted in because he was already a whistleblower.
Well, he was drafted in because they believed that he was an honest... His integrity.
They believed in his integrity.
And now, Senator Paul, if we hopefully get the Senate to try to have a big investigation, that's why this is so critical to blueprint what really happened.
Yeah, and so here's what I would say that people should think about this book as.
I think that they should look at this book as the blueprint for a Senate or Congressional investigation into what went on with the COVID-19 task force.
Now, Paul was there for a significant period of time, but we never say that we know everything about it.
But the story that he tells is really shocking.
Um, and I think probably one of the most amazing things about it is he talks about, and this is just culture, you know, how do these people think?
And I think that's really important to get across.
And so as the senior pandemic advisor, he got to be at the executive, uh, lunchroom for health and human services with all these top officials.
And when they were together privately, they would always use this expression.
We in the bureaucracy thing.
And no, that's kind of a terrifying idea to me, because we think that it should be, we the people, not we the bureaucracy.
This is literally the deep state.
Yeah, this is the administrative state, and it's important not to say that these are evil people, but just to say, this is the way they think.
Plus they get a corporate directive from Big Pharma, and then they all parrot it.
So they're not really thinking, they're saying, this is what we've been told to do.
Yeah, and so one of the things that Paul had was he was literally one floor below Operation Warp Speed.
He basically had to walk a couple steps from his desk, take a stairway up, you know, of course it was guarded.
Stay there!
So this book could really be inside Operation Warp Speed?
I can't wait to read it.
I want to read the synopsis.
It's amazing.
We're going to talk about it because, folks, the whole future is this.
If you don't know the past, you're doomed to repeat it.
We are going to expose this deep state.
We've got to read the book.
I know our regular audience knows the shot's poison, knows it's a bioweapon, knows the whole history.
But remember, there's millions of folks that tune in every week that are just tuning in for a couple times, or it's their first time, and they're shocked by this.
They don't get the depopulation agenda, the New World Order, that the globalists gotta play God, and their cosmology.
But it is so central, not just for America, but the whole world, to expose where this virus came from, what the shots are doing, how these central corporations and banks controlled all the major responses to it, and how they controlled President Trump, and then on after that point.
So Kent Tekken Lively is here.
He is a best-selling, two-time New York Times best-selling author.
He is here.
He's got the new book.
Dealing with what really happened inside of the White House with a major insider, whistleblower, Dr. Alexander.
Presidential takedown, great name, because that's what they've done with Trump.
They used this to shut down the economy, have the mail-in ballots.
I mean, it was all based on that.
And remember what Fauci said when Trump was first elected in early 2017.
He said Trump will be challenged by a major virus, by a major new pandemic.
And he looked very, very satisfied.
There it is.
Just days before Trump inauguration, Dr. Fauci claimed that the Trump administration will face a surprise outbreak.
We'll play that clip in a moment, but Kent, please continue.
Yeah, so one of the things that I think is really important about this book is that Dr. Alexander was intimately familiar with the entire Operation Warp Speed program and What he detailed to me is that how there were government scientists there, government bureaucrats, and military people, but then this other group of people that
He couldn't figure out who they were, and the only answer he could come up with is that they were intelligence people.
And so when he was at Operation Warp Speed, talking to all the doctors, talking to the scientists, talking to the bureaucrats, because he was basically supposed to be the evidence-based medicine expert, he really saw that the line of authority was not civilians controlling the military, controlling the intelligence communities.
It was Big Pharma controlling the government and the intelligence agencies and so... And that's what Dr. Peter McCullough said Saturday for two hours, wrote a big article on it.
It's confirmed just last week, a big document came out that before they even released COVID, they had a whole shadow government group ready to roll it out.
Yeah, and so, you know, like I say, you know, every person gets to see a piece of the truth.
So, this book is about Dr. Alexander's piece of the truth.
Now, one of the really important things that I think People need to understand is how much power people like Francis Collins and Tony Fauci have over the scientific establishment.
And I think that this is something that's confused people because they don't really understand it.
How does the mechanism work?
Well, let me tell you.
The simplest thing that you can do is you can Google how much money does the NIH give out every year in research grants, okay?
It's 30 billion dollars, okay?
Tony Fauci and Francis Collins sat on top of that research pyramid because what they've done is they have really kind of changed science over the past 30 years.
So instead of you having groups of scientists trying to figure out what should be done, where money should be spent and everything, instead we've got these generals, okay?
So Fauci and Collins should be looked at as the generals and unquestioned generals.
So $30 billion a year they have to give out.
More generals in command.
Bill Marshalls.
Yeah, and so let's think about how much does it cost to elect a President of the United States?
Well, that answer from 2020 is both sides spent $5 billion, okay?
Both sides spent $5 billion, okay?
So every single year, Fauci and Collins had $30 billion at their disposal, and that's
how they gained control of science.
Say that again.
That's so huge.
A whole presidential election is $5 billion.
This is $30 billion a year.
That is six times.
Yeah, so basically $5 billion to elect a president over six years, $30 billion, is $180 billion.
Oh, you're right, a president's every four.
It's not 30, it's 100.
Oh my, I was doing my math wrong.
Wow, it's not six times.
So, basically, Fauci and Collins, during the four years of the Trump administration, were able to hand out $120 billion in walking around money.
You know, science money.
It's supposed to be for our benefit.
Well, for inflation it's $180 billion.
I heard $120 billion.
That's still huge.
Yeah, yeah.
That's an immense amount of power, especially when you consider it only costs $5 billion to elect a president.
Both sides spending that money.
And so they get all their yes-men.
Well, look how they had three different FDA boards they had to let go until they finally got FDA boards but go out for the kids with the shots.
So even with all that money, they're still doing the right thing until they go through a process of getting their yes-men in.
Yeah, exactly.
And so, you know, I think that the public, and this is something that I try to be really gentle in saying this, but I think lots of us believe that what happens in science is that, you know, disinterested groups of experts get together, go through the data, Figure out what the priorities are and then spend that money and that would be wonderful if science worked that way But it's not when you have these field marshals who are in charge of 30 billion dollars a year going out to science 120 per cycle just the way you put it's incredible
Yeah, well, I think you need to understand the structure of it, because I completely believe, because I've been studying Fauci for the past ten years, because he was kind of the bane of Dr. Judy Mikevich's existence, so I've been aware of how he has been a part of creating this system where, you know, people like him are in charge of more and more research money.
and you know and disenfranchising regular science.
Oh so let's go back to Eisenhower.
Guys I know I said get the clip and you found it.
Fouch we'll play it next segment.
But just get the clip where he says military industrial complex Eisenhower.
But the full 21 minute speech he says there is a technological elite with grant money
by big corporations that's already got control of almost all science ideas and is killing
natural science and is creating an authoritarian scientific dictatorship.
The full 21-minute farewell address is getting exactly what you just said about the military industrial complex.
Yeah, so if you want to characterize me, I would consider myself an Eisenhower Republican.
Let's just change the structure.
I will go after people who are corrupt, as I believe Fauci is, but I think it's important for people to understand that there is a corrupt system in place, and this corrupt system would do the same thing to a Democratic presidential reformer as it did to Trump.
Yeah, what happened to liberals?
They used to be good on anti-war and good on controlling McFarland and controlling Monsanto.
Now they love it all!
Well, you know, I kind of consider myself a child of the late 1970s where you could be anti-big business, anti-big military, anti-big intelligence, anti-big government.
And it seemed like those were liberal positions in the late 1970s.
And it's kind of strange to me how it's flipped.
And now suddenly I'm a right winger, where if you went back to the 1970s, I would be kind of on the liberal side.
So if you had to define with real terms, not some Machiavellian name or Orwellian name, what are modern liberals?
Just conformists, corporate bots, consumers that just take orders?
You know, I wish I understood it, but I think there's this great tension in the human soul between wanting to follow authorities and collaborate with other people and being an independent thinker.
And I always jokingly say I think 75% of the people would kind of do whatever those in charge wanted them to do, and about 25% will really consider what's said.
So I think this is...
For lack of a better way of saying it, I feel like the corporate powers have psychologically manipulated the left to believe something that 40 years ago would have been completely anathema to the left.
Perfectly said.
In fact, this is a live show, but take that little last minute, put it up front, we'll put the clip out, because you're absolutely right.
Again, Kent, you are knocking it out of the park right now.
We'll talk about some of the other books you've written as well, and look at this election straight ahead.
Kent Hecken-LivelyBooks.com.
Stay with us.
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
There will be a surprise outbreak.
There will be a surprise outbreak.
Ruthless Eugenicist, bestselling author Kent Heckin-Lively is our guest.
He helped write The Great Reset and The War for the World, and he has written two other New York Times bestsellers that he wrote.
And the way he took all my recordings and condensed notes and what we're doing and condensed it down was just masterful.
I really appreciate him.
And he's here with us in studio.
So big picture, how do you see the struggle for humanity for freedom versus the scientific technological elite that controls the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of?
Where would you say team humanity is right now?
Your view on the midterms, Biden, all of this garbage?
I think what's really, you know, hopeful right now is that so much of this is coming out.
With presidential takedown, what I'm trying to convince the public of is the danger of this administrative deep state.
This administrative deep state would have gone after a President Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
just as much as they have gone after President Donald Trump.
Okay, it's important to understand that we are not in control of our government.
This administrative deep state is.
Exactly, and whether Trump or JFK were good people, they weren't perfect, they wanted to be president, that was their crime.
They wanted to move humanity forward.
So we've got really good people who want to move humanity forward, but they go into this government and they find it's much worse than they ever imagined.
And I think what was great about what Paul detailed in the book is just how much trouble there was getting the slightest Good bit of good science in.
So one of the things that everybody is talking about right now is the drop in student test scores.
Did we have to close down the schools?
So what Paul detailed for me was the arguments that he was making in the summer of 2020.
So this virus hits and let's leave aside the question of where it came from and everything, but just say, You know, for most people, it's a novel pathogen, and they really didn't know.
You know, maybe it was going to be like influenza.
Maybe it was going to spread easily among the young.
So, you know, maybe closing down from March to June of 2020, maybe that's justified.
But by the summer of 2020, it was really clear that the only way the virus could gain entry to the cell is through what's called like the ACE receptor.
So you need to think of it like It's like a flower, okay, that needs to bloom and open in order for the bee to land on it and get the pollen.
But what was clear is that in kids, this ACE2 receptor is not really active, okay?
So the kids may get an infection, but they're not coming down with serious symptoms.
They're not passing it.
And it was so clear.
Really love about the book and this is how I try to put all my books together is to have them abundantly cited and footnoted is Paul provided to me the emails that he sent listing all of the information about The fact that kids were fine.
If anything, the kids should have been in school and the teachers should have been in masks, but only when the teachers were meeting with other teachers because there was no threat from the students.
And so what Paul also details is how, of course, his emails got leaked and they took out four words From a long email, a long detailed scientific email, and those four words were, we want them infected.
And use that as the narrative to create this story that Dr. Alexander was somebody who wanted children to die, okay?
That's why- But the mainline science shows the best community is getting it, and I mean, we want the children.
I mean, we want to get through it.
Now the studies show locking us down made it worse.
Yeah, and he was making that argument using information from Dr. John Ioannidis from Stanford University, the Imperial War College model.
So he's sending this to the people in the government trying to get a good policy.
They leak it to the media.
Yeah, and not only do they leak it to the media, but they misrepresent it to the media.
And that is just, it's frightening because... So this is Dr. Alexander's, sorry to interrupt, this is his revenge.
Well, I think it's Dr. Alexander's accounting of what went on.
Because as I say, I consider this book to be a first draft of our recent history.
Does that mean it's the final draft?
But this is the most authoritative draft Currently available on what went on in those early months of the COVID-19 task force leading up to President Trump losing the election, okay?
And so you have to ask yourself, well, if it's really clear to the scientists in the summer of 2020 that students should be back in school, What is the reason you keep them out of school?
To me, the most likely explanation is that they knew it would upset parents and they would take out that frustration and anger on the president.
It was a destabilization effort and they admitted that later.
They have moved heaven and earth with big tech, we have the documents now, to suppress therapeutics, truth about the virus, all of it.
That's why books like this are so revolutionary, because they want to rewrite history as a fraud, but I think they're losing the fight to have their fraud be history.
I think the evidence is we're winning thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., yourself, countless others.
Yeah, and it's kind of comical that The Atlantic comes out and says, oh, maybe we need an amnesty for all the people who are pushing lockdowns, masking, mandatory vaccinations.
That's just nuts.
But what it shows is it shows that we're winning.
Because, you know, at the height of all of this, people like me were banned.
People like Dr. Majkovic.
I mean, she had 175,000 followers on Twitter.
So, you know, we're still here.
We're not going away.
We're going to keep writing books.
And they're going to have to keep dealing with the fact that our books sell incredibly well.
How bad do you think the real Anthony Fauci hurt their system?
Because of everything I've seen, Dr. Peter McCullough, Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, our work here, that one particular book grievously wounded the lie.
It was a fabulous book.
I got to read it in its draft form, and it's just great.
And, you know, here's the thing.
As Americans, we're going to have different opinions, okay?
I don't believe the same thing as Robert F. Kennedy on every political issue.
But here's what I know about Robert F. Kennedy.
He is an honest broker.
He's moral, he's real, he's a good guy.
If Kennedy says something is true, It's true.
He checks his facts.
We may disagree on interpretation about things, about what should be done, but I think that everybody across America needs not to look at everybody else through the lens of politics.
But look at each other through the lens of character.
Track records!
Do you have integrity?
Do you tell the truth?
The thing that kind of gets me about the books that I've written, and I've also written books about big tech, I wrote Google Leaks with a Project Veritas whistleblower, Zach Voorhees, I wrote Behind the Mask of Facebook with Ryan Hartwig, is what happens is There's this great silence with my books.
I generally don't get viciously attacked.
They just act as if it doesn't exist.
So, I am pleading with the audience, not because I wrote this book, but because this is an amazing story of a man with remarkable... We need to send a hundred copies to the Senate.
This is a blueprint to bring him to justice.
We know what they did.
We just got to give a blueprint to Congress.
Yeah, and you know, I just want to say this really quickly.
You know, with plague of corruption, we always talked about God's divine timing that it came out right in the middle of the pandemic.
Well, this book comes out on November 15th when Trump is going to make a big announcement.
So I'm hopeful that the mainstream media will literally attack this book and Trump at the same time, because that's how we win.
That's right.
The book's not even out yet, but it's shooting up the charts.
All right, we'll be right back with our special guest, and then we've got another co-host joining us.
Kent Hickenloeble is our guest.
They found the clip from Eisenhower's full speech that nobody ever plays.
We're going to hit that next segment, and then J. Dyer takes over.
But we kick that break.
Just talking about the state of the world.
How do you think the deep state's doing right now?
I mean, they're on internal documents.
They're really upset.
They're really scared.
They're trying to act confident.
And then what?
Do you agree with that or disagree?
What do you think they're going to do next?
I think the deep state is really concerned.
And, you know, I think that a lot of times people are scared of these large, powerful entities.
But when you go behind the curtain, you see that they may not be as smart as you fear they are.
So I think it's so important that we just keep fighting.
And that's why when I was given the opportunity to help with your book, I just, I jumped at the chance.
I said, yes, even though there was so much going on in my life, I just felt like somebody like you needs to be supported in the wonderful work that you do.
You really helped condense it down.
Great job.
Yeah, and I just, I kind of feel like we all need to come together to support each other, to support our right to question things, to, you know, I'll be the first to say, yes, I write these books.
Yes, I abundantly document what I say.
But I am the first person who is willing to have a conversation with the other side.
I would Would welcome the opportunity to sit across the table from Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, any of these people, talk to them.
I would have, you know, the book I wrote about Facebook, I would sit across the table from Mark Zuckerberg.
I would sit across the table from Sundar Pichai.
But what happens is they avoid these conversations.
So, you know, I'm here.
I'm friendly.
I want to have a respectful debate about these issues.
But they don't want that because they don't see us as players.
No, no, they don't.
And, you know, all I'm going to do is keep offering and making it so clear that they are ducking these fights and these conversations.
And the American public is getting tired of them not coming out and debating us.
They do it with Robert Kennedy.
They've done it with you.
They've done it with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
They've done it with Dr. Judy Mikevitz.
They've done it with James O'Keefe, Project Veritas.
I mean, why isn't James O'Keefe on every single news broadcast?
I totally agree.
So what do you think they're going to do now that they're so cornered?
I wish I knew.
I think we're in a dangerous phase because I believe they are cornered.
And so I think it is just incumbent upon all of us to stay vigilant because we have the capability to stop their plans.
They really don't want an informed public.
So maybe it's just 10% of the population.
That really needs to be informed, and that 10% can be leaders for the rest of the population.
So I think we're at a real critical moment.
I think that this is a wonderful time for humanity, because as much as it's, you know, difficult to hear these terrible things, what we're also seeing is that the light of truth is being shown on these things.
And I think that You know, it looks terrible in the moment.
We're going through a storm, but we're going to get through that storm and get to the other side.
The answer is, we've been in a storm for 30, 40, 50, 60 years.
Getting deeper into tyranny.
We were asleep.
Now we wake up and the ship's in all these big waves and storm and everything.
We're almost out of it.
You can actually see sun up a few miles ahead.
And we're like, oh my God, this is horrible.
But actually we learned there were still some folks actually awake at the wheel.
And so as more people come awake, we have more hands on deck.
Yeah, so I'm excited.
You know, it's interesting that I am starting to get recognized for my books.
I will talk to people and mention the books, and they're familiar with the books.
So I think it's really a fabulous, fabulous time.
Ira, there's a new renaissance happening, and the power structure is going to try to suppress us.
But as long as we're not intimidated, they will fail.
I want to play that Eisenhower clip, final comments straight ahead, and then Jay Dyer takes over.
Stay with us.
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All right, I'm about to hand the baton to the great researcher Jay Dyer, author in his own right.
We have a special guest here that helped me write The Great Reset and The War for the World, Kent Heckin-Lively.
He's also written his own new book dealing with what really happened with COVID.
And more.
But the 21-minute speech of Eisenhower and his farewell address in early 1961, before John F. Kennedy took over, is something everybody should watch.
It's online.
Just type in, full farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
And he talks about how powerful corporate interests with money were taking control of government grants through ARPA and then DARPA, and how it was creating a technological elite in control of the military-industrial complex.
And that's what Kent was getting into earlier.
$120 billion per presidential election cycle versus $5 billion to elect a president.
But the big pharma being funded by these special interests getting $120 billion.
And that's how they've got control of society.
And that's where the globalists are going with the medical tyranny takeover.
So the tip of their spear is this technological elite using the biomedical system for control.
Here it is.
Akin to and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial military posture has been the technological revolution during recent decades.
In this revolution, research has become central.
It also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly.
A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of the federal government.
Today, the solitary inventor Tinkering in his shop has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields.
In the same fashion, the Free University, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research.
Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.
For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever-present and is gravely to be regarded.
Yet in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, As we should.
We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.
It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, Okay, so when that came out, the media immediately said military-industrial complex, which he then in the next minute says is the subordinate of the technocrats.
They call themselves technocrats.
So, if we don't understand this, we understand nothing.
And so here's Eisenhower, pro-America, you know, not anti-establishment, he just didn't want monopolies controlling everybody.
That's where we are, and that's what you're exposing in your book, and that's exactly what we're talking about.
Yeah, a presidential takedown is nothing more than the metastasization of that cancer, okay?
So everything that people have been saying, the critics have been saying for 30, 40, 50 years, came to fruition in COVID-19.
And so that's why- It's coming out, it's takeover.
Yeah, it was- It's offensive.
It was the takeover, and we need to fight back, fight to get our freedom back.
Just as Hitler invaded Russia, this is their Barbarossa.
Yeah, presidential takedown is the counter to this move.
That's why it's so important that people get it, they read it, to understand this is not about Team Red or Team Blue, this is about Team Humanity.
And let's expand on that.
He said, a scientific technological elite We'll censor and control everybody else and create a monopoly of ideas and that's a great danger.
And now we're told science is not questioning, it's doing what we're told, exactly what Eisenhower warned of, the opposite of science.
Yeah, 100%.
That's a smart guy!
Very impressive.
He wrote that speech.
He wrote a speech.
That's not some speech writer.
If you read the biographies of Eisenhower, it is clear that he was a brilliant man.
Well, he had some of the people in the Manhattan Project and others coming to him and bossing him around to him.
He was like, who do you think you are?
I represent the voters.
Yeah, so I think that this is something for all Americans, because we like to believe that when we go and vote, then the bureaucracy of government responds to the will of that elected leader.
And as Paul Alexander details, that is not what's happening.
In fact, the government bureaucrats, they don't believe in we the people.
Their frame of reference is we in the bureaucracy, and that is terrifying if you're on the right, if you're on the left, if you're in the middle.
And if we could get this clip out, we have our own big audience, but we're captured here like in the Phantom Zone.
If we could get that message to liberals, they might wake up, but they are literally in a mind control box.
All right, great job helping me write the great recent World for the World.
InfoWarsTore.com, get a signed copy as well.
Help keep us on air.
Can't wait to read your new book.
Already going up the charts as a bestseller, even though it doesn't come out for another three days, four days.
Thank you so much, brother.
Thank you so much.
All right, great job.
Look forward to working with you more.
All right, another great Patriot.
Jay Dyer is about to take over, but I'll just say this quickly.
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For the next 46-7 minutes, Jay Dyer takes over, then Owen Schroeder, 3 p.m.
Jadier. Welcome back to the oxygen.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I want to talk to you about the big news coming out about Kanye and his celebrity handler.
We have, in the world of alternative media, for many, many years, people have speculated, people have theorized, people have talked about the possibility that, in fact, a lot of these celebrities are handled, that they might even have sort of deep state shadow government people in the background, maybe telling them what to do, what they can and can't do, maybe part of their contracts.
And in the last year, we've seen two of the biggest celebrities out there, Put out information that in fact suggests that this is the case now first there was Britney Spears who in the last as we know year year and a half maybe even two years it's come out about her conservatorship and that she's kind of in this sort of prison situation and
A lot of people have speculated that her bizarre outbreaks of weird actions and all the stuff she does on her Instagram, and perhaps even going back many years to the 2000s when she had that famous breakdown and she shaved her head and all this kind of stuff, that this had to do with her being under some kind of control, some kind of mind control.
So this was speculated for a long time, but there wasn't hard evidence other than Various researchers saying that, you know, they might be sent back to psych wards and mental institutes for reprogramming.
And what do you know?
We find out from Kanye's tweets that he shared, allegedly from his personal trainer, that there was this threat that he would be sent back to the psych ward and he would be drugged into zombie land.
And then we had other celebrities, you know, sort of chiming in and talking about this with Kanye, who then ended up soon passing away.
I don't know the details of those of that passing away, but it's just all the timing.
It's all what's going on with the celebrity.
So today I want to give a little bit of a background on the history of the deep connections between the deep state.
And Hollywood celebrities.
And this goes beyond just a trainer, you know, something like this.
This has to do with many celebrities being recruited into spy work and to be assets.
I'm not saying that Kanye is a spy or Britney Spears.
I don't know that.
I'm just pointing out that we do know in the cases of many past A-list celebrities that they were recruited to do espionage work.
And this is maybe a context for explaining and giving some insight into what might be going on in the case of Kanye, Britney and other stars who have their careers destroyed after they say and divulge certain pieces of information that are not supposed to be out there or how Hollywood is controlled.
So don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're covering this murky, amazing, backwater discussion of the history of Hollywood intelligence agencies spying and celebrity mind control.
Now, this has been relegated, as we've said, for many years to the kooky, crazy land, and it's just wild.
It's out there.
And yet, In the last year, we've had two of the biggest celebrities out there come out with claims that they have been mind-controlled, that they have been put into a state of being psychiatrically committed to being drugged, forcibly drugged perhaps even, and that this is in some way, you know, controlling them and what they can and can't say and where they can and can't go, especially in the case of Britney Spears.
So, I know that, you know, we don't really, I think people are wising up to Hollywood and the music industry and how controlled this is and It's not the most important thing, but the reason it does matter is that it demonstrates a long-term relationship between two seemingly disparate worlds that are actually connected at the hip.
And so this is part of what prompted me to write two books on the history of Hollywood.
And, you know, these shadow government connections and the history of spying and famous celebrities.
So let's look at some of that, because it also applies to the music genre as well, right?
It's not just that it's in Hollywood.
Also, obviously, the music industry has similar connections in this way.
And it also extends it to the sports domain, professional sports.
Now, I'm not that knowledgeable of the domain of professional sports.
And I can't speak too much to that, but I do know about the history of Hollywood and the history of the music industry, and we are being vindicated.
You know, this is something that people really made fun of for a long time.
This is one of the key reasons why I was a crazy tenfold hat lunatic was that I talked about celebrity handlers and mind control and all this kind of stuff.
And it turns out it's pretty, pretty well vindicated.
And why would that be?
Why would we have this relationship?
Well, if you remember in Edward Bernays' book, Propaganda, he says that We in this so-called democracy are controlled by an invisible group of people that most people have no idea of.
That's the first page of propaganda by Edward Bernays.
In one way, one of the most powerful ways that Bernays later points out in that book is that Hollywood is one of the greatest engines of propaganda the world has ever known.
And this was realized a long time ago.
And so a lot of adept admin and psychological warfare guys and people in the OSS and all these different, you know, wartime entities figured out That they could utilize stars and celebrities for propaganda, for product placement, for all these kinds of things that most people are probably familiar with.
But maybe not a lot of people don't know that a lot of the celebrities, especially A-listers, were actually recruited into spying.
In some of the famous cases, we go all the way back to, you know, even the early Hollywood, the 1930s and 40s.
It's pretty well documented that Errol Flynn, for example, was a spy.
Who was more or less favorable to a tiny mustache man, Hitler himself.
And as a result of the possibility of certain people in Hollywood favoring potentially the fascists or the Nazis, there were other people in Hollywood recruited to spy on other people in Hollywood.
Cary Grant, for example.
Harry Grant was asked by MI6 and the OSS to spy on potential Hitlerian allies in 30s, 40s Hollywood, and that included him informing on Errol Flynn.
Director John Huston, for example, was famously a member of the OSS.
If we think about Julia Child, the famous TV cook, she was a member of the OSS, the predecessor to the CIA.
If we think about people like Marlene Dietrich, the famous actor, she has a long, wild history of sort of flip-flopping and being suspected by both sides of being a spy for both ally and Axis powers.
And she offered to spy for the US, for the West, and they weren't that interested in her.
And ironically, then the FBI began to investigate Marlene Dietrich.
At the same time as the FBI was investigating her and was suspicious of her, she then was giving secrets to the OSS.
So there's this amazing history of all of these famous A-listers, and you think, well, why would this be?
This sounds crazy.
Well, it's not crazy if you think about it, because what does a celebrity have?
A celebrity has tremendous access to places that most people don't have access to.
Celebrities are invited to galas and to dinners and to social events and to meet royalty and to meet presidents and, you know, the richest people in the world.
So it makes perfect sense that celebrities potentially would be high power recruitment subjects.
If we look back to the time of the Cold War, we can note that Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Stewart was actually looking at history.
He was kind of actually a badass.
Jimmy Stewart flew a lot of combat missions.
He was raised to the level eventually of two-star general, which is something that I don't think anybody else in Hollywood even came close to.
And not only did he fly all these bombarding missions during World War II and afterwards, he remained for many, many decades a reserve member of the Air Force.
And throughout that time, Jimmy Stewart worked very closely with the FBI.
In fact, he even put out a whole movie about the FBI called The FBI Story.
He's involved in a lot of propaganda footage from Laurel Canyon Studios, where he was up there sort of promoting and noting that the FBI was this great entity that was going to save everybody from communism.
And I'm not doubting his sincerity and courage.
I'm sure Jimmy Stewart was really sincerely wanting to keep America free from communism and all that, and that's all noble.
But it still is illustrative for, you know, one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood history up there with Cary Grant, you know, was so closely doing spying work for the FBI.
The same with Walt Disney.
Walt Disney was working very closely with the FBI throughout that entire, you know, Cold War period.
And this partly explains why Walt was able to get the land in Disneyland that he got.
And he was actually given a lot of help from the CIA.
The CIA is actually who helped Walt Disney get that land and set up Disney and all that in Florida.
And so there's a fascinating history with that.
And again, I'm not knocking these people as if I'm saying that, oh, they're bad because, you know, they were, they're always recruited for the purpose of patriotism.
And remember that, you know, most people who go into Hollywood or who go into, especially at this time, you know, they didn't know how the world really worked.
They didn't know that there was all these, you know, oligarchs and power players that were trying to manipulate people.
They're just actors trying to get work, trying to get a job.
And then they're usually recruited on the basis of patriotism.
Don't you want to serve your country?
Well, we might need you to inform on people.
And again, this is this is well known in the history of Hollywood.
Think of also of famous people like Coco Chanel, right?
Coco Chanel is one of these people who was a sort of a famous celebrity from the modeling and perfume world and fashion world.
And of course, she was, I think, pretty well documented to have been a spy who had Nazi sympathies.
So all throughout Hollywood we have all these people recruited, people famously involved in espionage work.
This also is the character of Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey Hepburn was actually involved in espionage work because I think for a time she was exiled and underwent a famine, I think in Belgium or somewhere at one point.
And then this led her to inform and give information and pass secrets to the resistance during World War II against the Nazis.
So even Audrey Hepburn had a role to play in espionage at that time.
A lot of this has only recently come out.
So keep in mind that what was speculated and said to be the case, you know, in the 90s, 2000s, 2010s by a lot of alternative researchers and theorists and even mainline historians has now been vindicated.
This has all come out.
Much more on the flip side.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about this murky history of the relationship between Hollywood, celebrities, music industry, And intelligence and deep state handling and operations.
And is this well documented?
Do we have a good basis to say this?
Is this just wild speculations and theories?
Well, we've been through several of the most famous people in classic Hollywood.
But what about outside of America?
What about outside of Hollywood?
Well, there's quite a few famous people that were also in other countries recruited into spy Work there's this character.
I didn't even know about this until fairly recently.
There's a new movie that came out a few years ago.
It's a it's a foreign.
I think it's a film from Norway or Swedish film and this is about the the a-lister.
Sweden and Greece her name was Sonja Vigert and Sonja Vigert was the biggest celebrity out there in regard to probably in Europe.
Maybe at the time and her story is that at the time of World War Two.
She was recruited by her government To spy for the allies against the Nazi high command.
Now, that might sound like a, you know, a noble thing to do, but the problem is that her government expected her to, uh, become basically a Nazi thought.
She was supposed to sleep around with the high command.
And, uh, she was cajoled into this, actually.
She didn't really want to do this.
She was happy being an actress who wouldn't want to be a, you know, A-list celebrity or whatever.
And now, now you have to spy and sleep with these people.
And of course, she was more or less forced into this.
I think her dad was arrested by the government to sort of cajole her into it because she didn't want to do this.
And she got a really bad reputation.
This pretty much ruined her film career.
And of course, all of her native country folk just thought she was, you know, hoeing around with the Nazi high command, you know, to be sassy and lascivious.
And it's only recently come out, I guess, now that a lot of this has been declassified, that she was forced into spy work.
So we have to be careful, I think, when we, you know, make judgments on a lot of the celebrities and these, because a lot of these people are, number one, they're damaged, they might be brought up in abusive situations or homes that sold them into the machinery of celebrity stardom, because a lot of parents are also partly guilty for that stuff.
And at the same time, we don't know what these people are being forced into doing.
So we have to be careful, I think, in making these judgments, because Sonya Weigert's a great example of somebody who, you know, this really wasn't her fault.
She was forced into this kind of stuff.
And her case is fascinating and interesting, and it makes for a really good film.
It's on, you know, out there at a rent.
If you've never seen it, it's just called Spy, the story of Sonya Weigert.
I do recommend it.
It's a very well-made movie that relates to what we're talking about.
And she's not the only example that also there's also in the Soviet Union there was the famous actress maybe not as famous as some of the other people but she was she was known by according to Hitler as the one of the actresses of the Reich and her name was Olga Chekhova and Olga Chekhova was was forced into espionage work most likely it's not a hundred percent but it seems that way to spy for Stalin so she was actually I think Russian by birth but She somehow made her way into the Hollywood scene.
She was actually in one of Hitchcock's films.
She was a leading lady in a Hitchcock film.
And then she ended up spying for Stalin on Hitler.
So again, we find that this World War II time was especially rife with espionage work on the part of Hollywood people.
And you know, these are only the stories that have come out.
I mean, there's probably dozens more people.
Who were involved in this kind of work that we don't even know about.
Hasn't even been declassified.
Hasn't even come out yet.
In regard to, let me see if I've covered all the old people.
Oh, we can't forget the Christopher Lee.
All right.
Christopher Lee was famously a Royal, I think Royal Air Force RAF assassin.
And we don't know all of his missions, but he did eventually disclose this.
It came out in the British press that, again, one of the most famous British actors of all time, Christopher Lee, Count Dooku, right?
Saruman was involved in basically assassinating people and there's a funny clip on YouTube where he's talking to Peter Jackson when they're filming and they're talking about Saruman getting stabbed in the scene in Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson says well I want you to scream out and Christopher Lee says well of course you won't scream when you're stabbed And he says, well, how do you know?
And he says, well, because I was an assassin.
He says, when you're stabbed in your back, you gasp for breath.
So allegedly, and again, it came out in the British press that Christopher Lee was involved in espionage work as well.
So again, multiple people, especially back in the 40s, 50s time period, were recruited into this kind of stuff.
Yeah, there's the clip where he's talking about it.
I mean, of course, we can't forget the famous examples of Ian Fleming.
I won't rehearse that because I've gone over that for, you know, multiple live streams, multiple podcasts and talks, even here on the fourth hour where we've talked about.
You know, Ian Fleming having this deep connection with Naval Intelligence, Special Operations Executive, and then going into, you know, Hollywood in the sense of writing screenplays and stories that would become big, you know, Hollywood screenplays and whatnot.
So that's an obvious connection there.
Uh, and then also John Wayne.
I'm not, again, I'm not accusing anybody of being bad or saying that they were, again, this was all during a period when pretty much everybody was asked to do this for their country in some degree.
If you were a big celebrity, I would, I would suppose.
Um, in the case of John Wayne, there was some connection that he had with the OSS, although we don't know exactly what that was and to what, to what degree we know he really wanted to, but a couple other, uh, older famous figures, Frank Sinatra, I think probably most people are aware of Frank Sinatra having a pretty close connection to Both the FBI and organized crime being a kind of a go-between in that capacity.
And that also by extension seemed to implicate Marilyn Monroe to a degree.
No, I don't know.
It's not confirmed that she was spying per se, but she's kind of in the fringes of this world because it does look like, you know, she was involved in sort of entrapment operations, presumably with the Kennedys, and she was sleeping not just with the Kennedys, but also with Sam Giancana or Momo, one of the most famous organized crime figures of that time.
Uh, who presumably then had some relationship to the G.I.K.
assassination as well as the intelligence agency.
So, um, there's a, there's a deep connection there.
And in fact, uh, Marilyn Monroe turns out was investigated by the FBI because they thought she might be a Soviet.
And again, that's probably not true, but, uh, she was dating, uh, Arthur Miller at one point.
Uh, they may have, I can't remember if they were married or just dating, but, um, I think he was suspected of, uh, you know, communist leanings.
And so that, that then led to her being Suspected as well.
Another famous figure who had a connection is Lucky Luciano.
Of course, Lucky Luciano was working with Western intelligence to provide secrets to the Navy.
And I think also had obviously Hollywood connections too.
So again, the whole world of organized crime and mob, that ties in as well.
I've done talks on that in the past too, so I won't go into that.
But today we're covering a lot of figures that most people don't know about.
And one more figure that has recently turned up is a new book that just came out.
And this is the world of fashion and modeling.
And this is the character, her name is Aline Griffith.
And Aline Griffith is the subject of a new book called The Princess Spy.
And she was a model from New York who was recruited into being a spy for the OSS and then later for the CIA in Spain.
And I'm not exactly sure if she was asked to marry the Count of Romanones in Spain, or she wanted to, but he was apparently one of the wealthiest men in Spain and suspected, I think, of having Axis power leanings.
And so she spied on, you know, the elites in Spain to make sure that they weren't leaning, you know, towards tiny mustache man.
So, again, over and over and over, we see that these stories come out about people from the fashion world, from the modeling world, from Hollywood, the music industry.
They are recruited into this kind of work because of their power, because of their access, because of their status.
And it's not out of the ordinary.
When you know about this, it makes perfect sense.
And this helps us to understand what might be going on in some of these cases of some of these Celebrities who end up destroyed in the media or who end up having so-called breakdowns, right?
Maybe there's something more going on than just, you know, having a drug addiction, right?
We're always told, oh, well, they're just on, they're all on drugs and they're all having meltdowns.
And while that may be the case, it may also be the case that there's more going on in the background.
So again, many, many of these figures that we've covered were recruited and there's many, many more.
I'll touch on a couple more when we come back of more recent Hollywood people that have admitted to having these kinds of relationships.
And if you enjoy this, be sure to support InfoWars.
Go to the InfoWars store and get those products.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we were talking about this long time, deep, dark marriage between Celebrities, music industry and the deep state and the intelligence apparatus.
And we've covered many, many figures who famously sort of openly discussed this eventually, or it was declassified or it came out in their biographies, you know, long after their death.
And, you know, this relationship continues into the modern period.
Obviously, I don't know all of the who might be a spy in modern Hollywood, but a few people it's kind of come out and they've been kind of open and frank about this.
And we can think of examples like Jennifer Garner, Who, uh, when it, when, when she was doing the show Alias, which is all about recruitment into the spy world.
And this, this was a J.J.
Abrams, a spy story.
That was fairly popular.
I think it ran for about six seasons.
And, you know, after that period, she then, and that show was, by the way, consulted on by the CIA, she went on to do public CIA propaganda and promotional work, PR work.
You know, if her relationship was deeper than that, I don't know, but she did in some capacity go on to work in that domain.
The same is the case with Angelina Jolie.
She went from Training and having a CIA operative as her handler, Melissa Malet, from the movie Salt.
To then apparently being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and sort of being public about this relationship where she then went on to do UN work.
And I think a lot of the people in Hollywood who have that kind of a relationship where they kind of move up that ladder, they have these CIA handler trainer friend people that help out their career and consult and give them training.
Then they tend to go on to work at the CFR or the United Nations.
That was the case.
With Audrey Hepburn, who, you know, after her giving of secrets and information to the resistance at World War II, she then went on to become a big United Nations person.
And that's the same, I think, in the character of Angelina Jolie.
She's also been involved in that kind of a role in something similar with the character of George Clooney.
George Clooney appears to have had a lot of the similar patterns and background in terms
of his work.
And then going on to doing that kind of work when it comes to, I think he was the face
of the Darfur, if you remember back several decades ago when it was the U.S. needed to
have an intervention when it came to Chad and Darfur, that was a big thing that George
Clooney was the face of.
And a lot of these people who end up recruited into being in the CFR and whatnot.
I mean, I think that kind of goes above even eventually the level of CIA.
But this also demonstrates the point that we're making.
And again, like with Jennifer Garner, we have the character Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck, amazingly, was very open about this.
Where he basically said in an interview that's been around for many many years still public is still out there.
He said I think that in fact many people in Hollywood are also CIA and they're basically the same.
Both sides of the same coin basically and that was in relationship to the close connection that intelligence agencies had with his movie Argo.
And so again that led to a very open statement from from him.
That movie was basically made with, you know, intelligence agency consultation.
And in fact, in that interview, he revealed that his relationship to this, this, uh, Hollywood CIA, uh, marriage goes all the way back to, uh, some of all fears back in 2003, which was a, you know, war on terror style thing.
I think, uh, he's playing Jack Ryan at that time.
And, um, in that, in that case, he, uh, says that that's where I was really introduced to that, that, uh, level of propaganda in Hollywood.
And we see the same thing with movies like Zero Dark Thirty.
These are famously openly C.I.A.
consulted movies.
The same is true with other films like The Recruit with Al Pacino and I think Ryan Phillippe or somebody like that.
This is many, many years ago.
Those are all movies made with open C.I.A.
consultation and giving basically the narrative that they want those movies to have.
And although I'm not positive of the CIA directly, there's also declassified documents for requests in the last several years that showed that dozens and dozens and dozens of movies, TV shows for decades have had this deep level of propaganda and consultation and putting messages in, right?
Basically, um, so that's now verified, right?
So, uh, what all the degrees of that are, whether it's all, uh, you know, what we call predictive programming, that's a further theory that, you know, they're, they're sort of putting events, uh, that they intend to do in film.
I think there is a substantial evidence to prove that, but the FOIA request documents are mainly about propaganda.
And so the, the idea there would be movies or TV shows that give messages about recruitment, that they give messages about, you know, future U.S.
conflicts that they want to, You know, pre-prepare and program, I guess you could say, people to accept kind of the propaganda.
So we know that that's all the case.
The further leveled discussions of putting the future planned events is a little more speculative, but there does seem to be a significant amount of information for that as well, which could relate to or could explain a lot of the Simpsons predictions or the Family Guy predictions that, you know, kind of everybody on the Internet knows about.
Well, this is again a very close relationship, a very close marriage that has existed for many, many years, and we really only touched on some of the key examples.
We didn't even really go into the world of literature and authors, where many people from the world of literature, many famous authors, Graham Greene, you know, Mogham, T.E.
Lawrence, you know, many of these famous writers were also directly connected to the intelligence world.
And again, I'm not implicating them all as having bad motives, but it illustrates this point.
And I don't have any doubt that as we get further up into the modern period, modern-day writers also have all those same, perhaps, connections.
And desires and influences, you know, to try to explain or to turn the narrative.
And there's even a classic clip of, I think, John le Carré, where he's in an interview and he's talking about this relationship as well.
So he's one of those famous, you know, espionage writers.
He's sort of the anti-James Bond writer.
He's the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, if you think about it, that's from Le Carre.
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold with Richard Burton, famously, that's another Le Carre story.
And if you go and watch that, you'll notice a lot of the parallels in that film as well.
In The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, the character of Richard Burton is given a cover story, he's given a legend, and he goes and he tries to spy on Marxists and Communists who run an occult bookstore.
And it turns out the occult bookstore is a front.
It's a cut out.
And so I, I, my suspicion again, I think what well-founded is that Le Carré was pulling from his own experiences, right?
Because I'm pretty sure if I recall, he had an intelligence background as well.
And a lot of people have pointed out the parallels between Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and, you know, the famous story of the fifth man of the Cambridge Espionage Ring, which a lot of people have pretty much maybe figured out who some of those, uh, the fifth man or those moles, other, there may have been more than that, not just the fifth man, but others as well.
It's kind of come out now.
People know who was probably involved in that.
So we see that there's always been this deep, dark connection between the world of spying and the world of Hollywood celebrity status in the music industry.
There's no telling how many music acts, you know, have been involved in this as well.
For example, it famously came out that when, I think was it, is it Tesla?
Take me to the magic of the moment.
The winds of change.
That was organized by the CIA for Tesla to go and play.
When the wall came down, that was all a CIA operation utilizing a band for sort of global propaganda.
Now it's famous, admit it, it's on The Guardian, it's famous Guardian, it's all over mainstream news.
Now we've talked about that for many, many years, and then mainstream media covered it, I think, a year or two ago, maybe three years ago.
And so now it's safe.
You can talk about it now that mainstream media has talked about it, even though people in our sphere had talked about that for, you know, at least a decade.
Or more.
And so, you know, this is the reality of what's going on in the world.
This is how the world really works.
You've got these power players in organized crime, in intelligence agencies, government, you know, high power players that CEOs, billionaires, zillionaires, it's really more like a Bond novel, I guess you could say.
We have these Bond villains like, you know, Klaus Schwab and whatnot.
And these compromisers who utilize, you know, people to compromise people like Jeff Stein McEffrey, if you remember that guy.
So here's the real world.
This is what's really going on.
I'm not saying everybody in Hollywood is a spy.
I'm not saying everybody is.
I'm not making any outlandish, outrageous claims.
Just that the evidence that has come out proves in many of these cases that this is.
Uh, what's going on?
And that does give us a context to understand what might be going on with Kanye, Britney, and don't forget the other stars who've had famous breakdowns, right?
Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan or, uh, you know, on and on and on.
The list goes on and on and on of the celebrities.
If you want more on this, I did write two books.
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And so I went ahead and pulled up the video from four days ago of Klaus Schwab giving
his address to the world government summit.
And no joke, this movie from 1981 parallels Klaus Schwab's speech almost word for word.
History is truly at a turning point.
Since our last meeting, we've made tremendous progress.
The global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide, and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage.
Our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
Politically, the public has lost total confidence in any form of government.
The threat of universal war is a daily possibility.
What is also needed is a summit like this one to go beyond crisis management and to look into constructive ways we can build our common future.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause.
In reviewing this year's progress, let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems.
A little bit uncanny there.
I mean, especially the part where literally they list in the same order, the same things that are happening, the food, the energy and the supply chain.
Of course, when you look at what's actually happened to the energy, food and supply chain in this world, you can see that they've all been destroyed.
They've all been collapsed all on purpose by the decisions of people made at the World Economic Forum.