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Name: 20221109_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 9, 2022
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The speaker discusses the impact of fixed elections on American politics and criticizes mainstream media for promoting authoritarianism. They emphasize the importance of a multipolar world and express hope that Democrats will join the fight against tyranny. They also discuss their dissatisfaction with recent election results, predicting chaos like inflation and viruses. Their new project, Plandemic 3, aims to expose ongoing agendas behind current events. They encourage facing reality and attending events for solutions. They warn about the implementation of a World ID system based on China's digital social credit score, funded by Canada and Bill Gates' foundation, expressing concern over privacy and autonomy loss. They promote InfoWarsPhone.com for emergency communication services using satellite devices."

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The Deep State is desperate.
Their massive theft and blocking the huge red tsunami of populist awakening will only backfire on them.
But that means they're going to go to the full authoritarian model.
There's now an MSM.com headline calling for the United States to become an authoritarian nation for our own good.
Merging corporations with government to enforce the edict.
democracy slides towards competitive authoritarianism.
It's time to get rid of the Constitution.
The Bill of Rights, states the New York Times and Washington Post.
It's all happening right now.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
On the eve of the US.
elections, Kim Dotcom published a thread of important questions that every American should be asking.
He wrote, The U.S.
proxy war in Ukraine is not going well.
Let's ask some important questions and see if you have the answers.
Feel free to reply.
How long will people in the West accept sending billions to Ukraine while they have a major cost-of-living crisis?
Now that large parts of Ukraine are without power, how many millions of additional Ukrainian refugees can Europe support?
Winter is coming.
Russia prepares a major offensive this winter with up to 500,000 fresh troops.
How will Ukraine stop them with their depleted army?
The Russian economy is fine despite Western sanctions.
Russia now sells oil and gas to China and India, with Turkey becoming the new energy hub to Europe.
Meaning Russia can afford this war for as long as it wants.
Are Western taxpayers prepared to spend a trillion in Ukraine?
Russia is now mass-producing $30,000 kamikaze drones.
They destroy NATO weapons systems that cost millions.
While Russia is fighting a low-budget war, it preserves high-end arms for a confrontation with NATO.
How long until NATO is running out of high-end arms to defend itself?
Russia is winning because it has the clear strategic advantage.
Time is on its side.
The longer this conflict takes, the more likely the defeat of the West becomes, no matter how much money and arms they send to Ukraine.
What then?
NATO troops in Ukraine?
Nuclear war?
Or peace?
The U.S.-EU propaganda is failing.
Most people can see the reality of this U.S.
proxy war.
It's all over the Internet.
Ukraine flags on social media have disappeared.
And as with past U.S.
wars built on lies, this one is also running out of steam.
Who still supports this nonsense?
Now ask yourself the most important question.
The U.S.
proxy war in Ukraine only serves U.S.
interests to prevent BRICS from ending USD dominance.
empire is bankrupt.
Time to accept that.
Let's go multipolar.
This is not the issue for which humanity must end in a nuclear war.
Kim.com is correct.
President Vladimir Putin's suggestion for a multipolar world is the only reasonable solution.
1776 worldwide.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support The Information War at infowarestore.com.
and never give up the fight.
InfoWars.com Well, they did it.
They stole this election at a level even more naked and more brazen by orders of magnitude than 24 months ago.
Thank you for joining us on this Wednesday, November 9th.
2022 transmission, we've got a bunch of expert guests.
Jim Hoff, Gateway Pundit, Roger Stone, obviously expert on what just happened, as well as Darren Beatty and more, working on getting Steve Bannon and others.
We'll also open the phones up on what you witnessed on the critical election day yesterday, and ongoing in many areas like Arizona, Georgia, And, of course, Nevada.
We've got all the numbers on that.
It looks like George is going to decide whether the Republicans get a one-senator majority in the Senate.
Hershel Walker could save the Senate.
A great guy.
They've definitely targeted and demonized.
But we're going to get to all of that with Jim Hoft coming up in 30 minutes.
We're going to get to all of that with Roger Stone coming up in 55 minutes.
We're going to get to all of that throughout the day and look at the numbers and go over the facts.
But here's the big takeaway I want everybody to really let sink in here.
The globalists are cornered rats.
They've painted themselves into a corner.
Their house is on fire.
We're in it with them is the problem.
And the fact that they stole the election two years ago caused a seismic shift against them in all the polls and studies and numbers.
We're going to go over those.
And then this latest theft that was completely naked and brazen, and we have the smoking guns, we'll go over, like exit polls that showed massive, massive Republican swing by Democrats.
And that's what I see on the ground, not just in Texas, but around the country as well.
Everybody's witnessing it, where Tulsi Gabbard becomes an independent Republican, Joe Rogan becomes a Republican.
I mean, it's everywhere.
It's absolutely everywhere.
Everybody's waking up.
It's how woke are they?
Are they going from being a Republican to an anti-globalist like Tucker Carlson?
There's Alex Jones on one end of the true woke, you've got the totally mind-controlled that support the corporate fascist model that operates using communism on the other end.
And so all the societal cultural numbers worldwide show a surge towards populism and capitalism and family and basic stuff that works that God gave us.
But there's a surge worldwide of absolute election theft financed by the big central banks and quarterbacked by the criminals that run the Central Intelligence Agency that are in the U.S.
news bragging two years ago they helped steal the election.
Big Time Magazine article about that.
And they're bragging today how they did this with big tech.
And there's many ways they do it with voter suppression, with 95% of the links going to Democrats, with blocking their bad policies.
I mean, there's that suppression.
Then there's all the key battleground counties and cities.
That we're swinging wildly to the Republicans from Texas, to New Jersey, to Michigan, to Wisconsin, to Georgia, to Pennsylvania, to Nevada, to Arizona, to New Mexico.
In come the cavalry and the machines malfunction in the most red districts and red precincts inside blue cities.
And as you don't worry, just put your ballots here, we'll count them, wink, wink, wink, for the next few days and weeks, and then you know the rest of the story once they get their hands on them at the special tabulation center in Maricopa County, Arizona, run by...
The lady neck and neck with Carrie Lake.
Yes, her opponent is running the election!
Her own election!
And then you wonder why the Republican areas that we're surging with, we're talking 70-80% voter turnout, the biggest ever by Republicans in a midterm, but despite the fact we have higher Republican turnout, they admit, oh magically the Democrats We'll probably get the Senate, just like last time in Georgia with a runoff two years ago, and maybe ten House members.
In the House of Representatives will be Republican over the line, and so you'll have a narrow majority, but controlled by a bunch of neocons.
Exactly what I've been predicting would happen with this giant red tsunami being blocked by the seawall.
I tried to be optimistic, but Owen Schroyer and Harrison Smith early yesterday called it.
They said, no, it's the same thing two years ago.
I said, it looks like it, but let's be optimistic.
And by 11 o'clock at night, it was very, very clear what had happened.
They threw everything they had at this.
So let's just pull back here, because there's a lot to unpack.
And it's not just for this audience, obviously, that's massive and important and incredible.
It's for everybody else tuning in today that's not normally part of the audience.
They need to understand your birthright's being stolen.
And under the New World Order, you're going to be poor and destitute if you're even allowed to live.
So understand that and wake up.
But you know, they did wake up.
Exit polls on places like CNN and ABC and NBC all found 70 to 85% in that spectrum.
Most of them in the mid-70s.
I've got literally more than 20 exit polls for different regions here.
Found that the vast majority were against the collapsing economy, against the prices exploding, the inflation, against the open borders, against the war in Ukraine, and almost 75%, 74% blame Joe Biden and the Democrats.
So Democrats are coming out saying, I voted Republican the first time in my life.
The majority of them in these video exit polls and scientific exit polls, and they're saying that they blame Joe Biden, but they voted in a landslide?
Because it was a Democrat landslide in opposition to the Republican tsunami.
So it was massive voter turnout.
Who really believes that?
No, the smoking gun Is the exit polls, coupled with the key districts, having the computers go out all day long in different areas, and all in the specific key, not just states, we said it would happen, but in the very districts and sub-districts and precincts that had the highest Republican turnout.
No problems in all the Democrat areas.
And the same thing happened in Houston.
Same thing happened in Dallas.
Same thing happened in San Antonio, almost no news coverage.
And then you find out who they hired around the country to run all these computer failures, and they're all well-known, discredited, famous Democrat operatives who've been caught and disgraced, is the headline, in other botched, oh, it was an oopsie, oopsie, It was all just a big accident to help the Democrats steal it over and over again.
They'll just be sent to another state, another city, to do it all over again.
So, here's the big takeaway.
They stole the last election.
They just stole this election.
Republicans should have gotten 54, 56 seats in the Senate.
An extra 60 plus seats.
Bringing them to 40 something seats over the line with a big majority in the House.
But they didn't.
And yeah, a lot of that was the Republican leadership, blew the money, didn't support new candidates, because they're part of the establishment.
The RINOs, the neocons at the top that are battling in their own civil war for control of the Republican Party against the populist movement whose figureheads are Donald Trump and Mr. DeSantis.
Governor DeSantis.
So, there's that, but they've now painted themselves into a corner, causing even bigger political realignment.
It's not going to dissuade people from voting, it's going to make them vote more.
Like I said two years ago, this election theft won't make you vote less, it'll make you vote more to go and prove it and show it.
So you don't give up, you go with even bigger numbers until you finally get 70% of people that vote who are registered voting Republican.
There's no way to steal that number.
But the Republicans only got In most areas, into the 60s.
And so they were able to do it.
And this is what I learned covering elections for 28 years, and actually working elections in Travis County that's famous for election fraud here in Austin, is always at 1 a.m.
they steal it.
And they'll have a few token Republicans in there, but Democrat big city machine systems never go red again.
They just don't do it.
Republican districts can flip because they're not engaged in organized crime and fraud.
I know Republicans.
They're not perfect, but on average they are a whole different animal compared to Democrats.
They're afraid to speed, run red lights, you know, anything.
They're not risk takers, and they don't want to commit crimes.
They see it as valuable if they're a good person.
And the left just laughs at us.
And I'm not saying we should be criminals like them, but what are we going to do?
I'll break it down when we come back.
This is huge news.
Stay with us.
The deep state is desperate.
Their massive theft and blocking the huge red tsunami of populist awakening will only backfire on them.
But that means they're going to go to the full authoritarian model.
There's now an MSM.com headline calling for the United States to become an authoritarian nation for our own good.
Merging corporations with government to enforce the edict.
democracy slides towards competitive authoritarianism.
It's time to get rid of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, states the New York Times and Washington Post.
It's all happening right now.
Now, we're going to go through all the evidence of fraud, the exit polls after the polls closed, the middle of the night when the counting had supposedly stopped, trucks in Michigan In a replay of two years ago, all the same tools, all the same scams, but with targeted machine outages in Republican precincts and key battlegrounds.
Not smattering in random places, a few big cities, a lot of small towns, not some Democrat outages, some Republican area outages, but precise outages where Republicans were seeing massive swings in, not just for Statewide elections, not just federal elections, but in key city elections where the machine needs to keep their local Democrats in charge so they can steal it for the state Democrats and the federal Democrats.
So we saw theft in senatorial, theft in gubernatorial, we see theft in the congressional.
It's all happening.
And it's very simple, and you can use the example of Oklahoma City, where General Partin, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, saw columns way back at the back of the building blown off with perfect blast points on it from plastic explosive, and the truck bomb was only the secondary, distractionary explosion.
Pillars right up by the truck weren't blown out or even damaged, but ones back in the back were blasted off.
Of course, you see this talked about in fiction in Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope, when they come across the land crawler that Luke Skywalker's uncle had bought the droids from that have the Death Star plans, and all the Jawas are dead.
He says, I've never heard of sand people hitting something this big.
He says, that's because they didn't.
Look at these blast points shooting out perfectly the gears of the machine.
Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.
And their footsteps, their paths, are side by side.
It's all in your face.
Here's a blast from the past.
And these blast points, too accurate for sand people.
Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.
Too accurate for sand people.
What we're dealing with here is...
A New World Order that thinks we're stupid, but we're not.
And the more they steal elections, the more they engage in this type of behavior.
It's only going to, again, make people be forced to wake up.
But the globalists know that, so they're bringing in the authoritarian, deep state, homeland security, cashless society, social credit score model.
And you're going to have a lot of Republicans and people in the establishment that are going to play along as ceremonial individuals.
So the illusion of a two-party system, a two-party state is there, but really this is the uniparty.
As Laura Loomer said very early last night, everybody was celebrating thinking it was a big red tsunami and it made it through the censorship wall.
When all that was coming out, when all that was being laid out, she said, "No, they're going to steal it tonight
and into tomorrow.
They've got their warehouses full of their so-called mail-in ballots,
and whatever they need, they're going to then produce.
And they're going to do it over and over and over again, as long as they control the Justice Department and as long
as they control the corporate media.
And then that means all of their other agendas are going to be carried out after that."
And it is a hellish agenda that they are establishing and setting up for us.
But the good news is, the average Democrat that's been going along with this, all the numbers show, are breaking with the Democratic Party and awakening.
And so there's only a matter of time, no matter how much totalitarianism and authoritarianism they try to put on our backs, no matter how much of that is pushed on us, it's not going to work in the end.
The intimidation never works.
And so this tyranny This group of criminals will fall.
This shadow puppeteer marionette system will go down.
The question is, what are we going to build on its ashes?
And they intend to bring down the old corrupt governments of the old order with the Great Reset to build back better and bring in a technocracy even worse.
So we have to culturally, intellectually, financially, spiritually expose that and oppose that while also building a better system in our homes, in our businesses, in our churches, in our lives, in what we do.
Getting back to God, getting back to what's truly enriching us and enriching others.
And that very example of us and our excellence And our truthfulness and our honorableness will then be the light in that gathering darkness.
So we are repeating history in a big, big, big way right now.
I want to play a clip, a very short clip of Tucker Carlson last night at 7 o'clock predicting that they cannot lose because they've committed so many crimes, they know they're all going to go to prison, and really predicting what did indeed happen.
So here's Tucker Carlson calling it.
Not since the men of ancient Athens scratched their preferences on pottery shards has a democratic election been freer or fairer than the one we saw in this country two years ago.
That's what you have heard a lot.
Joe Biden got more votes than any president ever.
81 million at least.
And every single one of those votes was entirely real.
There was no cheating of any kind.
Every mail-in ballot belonged to a real person who voted just once.
No drop box was stuffed.
Nobody coached dementia patients in nursing homes to vote the Democratic line.
Even Vladimir Putin somehow decided to stay out of that election.
Tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg did get involved.
He spent $400 million to control the mechanics of the election, but for the very best reasons.
Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep voters safe from the deadly coronavirus.
His reward is in heaven.
And above all, in case you were wondering, voting machines around this country recorded the legitimate results with flawless precision.
The machines counted each cast for each candidate and awarded those votes accordingly.
Can you see the software that would prove that happened?
Well, no, you can't.
As with the body cam footage from Nancy Pelosi's house, you don't have the necessary clearance to see it.
But you can know that electronic voting machines are 100% safe and reliable.
That's why government officials have told you again and again that... All the numbers, all the exit polls, everything shows a huge societal awakening to the globalist and the left.
And an exodus to the populist arm of the Republican Party that is not just a beachhead, but is taking that party over.
And so my prediction was that much of the red tsunami would be blocked.
Some of it would get over the top.
And at this point, it looks like maybe they get 10 extra seats in the House, giving them a small majority.
Maybe Hershel Walker wins in a runoff coming up in Georgia.
Maybe the Republicans get a slim majority in the Senate.
But this should have been a giant political realignment.
The exit polls, everything showed that.
We saw key Republican areas of key battleground cities and states.
The machines going out.
Again, in all the key battleground areas, and specifically the areas where they'd want to block that.
We saw the 2 a.m.
delivery of trucks, just like we saw in Michigan two years ago.
The exact same replay of that.
Just as Trump said, watch Michigan and as Tucker Carlson said in his full report that's up on Infowars.com last night, predicting what happened, he said the Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections.
And that's why, with that in mind, they already are preparing us for the theft, which is if you don't want a civil war, you must passively accept.
And that's what I've been saying for weeks.
They've been pre-programming this, and now we're supposed to just accept it.
Now they wanted to steal a majority.
but they were unable to do it so far.
Now this is painting them into a corner, it's only going to wake more people up.
That's why they're bringing in the whole Homeland Security January 6th.
All our opposition are terrorists.
We should outlaw the Republican Party.
The Republican Party is going to put you in camps and kill your children.
These are real talking points, because this is a desperate, dug-in bureaucracy that sold the country out and knows that
we've woken up to it.
Jim Hop joins us.
He heads up one of the most important organizations in the world, August America.
He's doing a reduction, the Gateway Pundit, gatewaypundit.com, and he's with us now to give us his expert take with his ear to the ground, his eyes to the horizon on what he thinks is most important about what happened last night and what's about to unfold in Georgia and in places like Arizona and Nevada.
Jim Hop, thanks for joining us.
Hi Alex, it's great to be with you.
Thanks for having me on.
I think your boildowns on Gateway Pundit are better than I could say.
I mean, this is a victory for tyranny, a victory for communism.
It just shows that they'll go to any lengths.
But now it's even a mainline Republican understanding that theft is systemic.
There's so many angles.
What do you want to get into first?
Well, you know, it is interesting, Alex, and you know this better than anyone, I would say, in the whole United States, that is that, you know, once these communists get a toe in the door, they keep coming at you.
You know, they keep going at your jugular every day.
They don't ever back off.
They don't ever strategize, take a breath, regroup.
No, they just keep going at you day after day after day.
They work out there, they humiliate you.
We saw Pelosi going to her Asian trip and she takes her son with her who's tagging along in the background the whole time cutting deals.
I mean, when the communists are in charge, this is the kind of stuff they do.
They shove it in your face.
They humiliate you.
They don't care what you think.
They don't care if it looks bad.
They just keep coming at you.
And that's what they did in this election last night, in my belief.
I think it's tragic.
It was a gut punch, obviously.
We thought, and everyone thought, That Republicans would have 30, 50, maybe 60 seats in the House, would flip over and hear, you know, they're going to squeak out maybe 5 or 10, maybe, you know?
None of that makes sense.
And in the Senate, you know, we have wonderful candidates like Blake Masters.
I don't care what people thought of Dr. Oz.
I liked Dr. Oz.
I don't care.
I thought he was great.
He's America's doctor.
Very popular.
I think that would be a nice addition to the Republican Party.
I'm sure I wouldn't agree with him on everything, but I thought he was an excellent choice.
He loses to a guy who can't string together a sentence.
I mean, I agree with you that he was coming over our way and getting better over time, and that Oz is a trillion times better than what we see with Fetterman.
But isn't Fetterman and Biden emblematic of the rotting corpse that is the corrupt democratic entitled system, that that's the new model, is a literal flesh puppet?
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
Flesh puppet is right.
This guy is just there to take up a seat.
Horrible candidate.
Horrible person.
Sits in his parents' basement for several years.
Doesn't have a job.
Then runs for mayor in a small town.
Then he's lieutenant governor.
Now he's U.S.
I mean, none of that makes sense and he can't talk.
I don't know.
Is it the demise of the Democrat Party or the demise of our republic?
Maybe it's a larger sign for America.
I am heartened to see this morning, Alex, it looks like Ron Johnson, they finally called it for him.
He squeaked out a win over another Radical Marxist.
He wants to open the prisons and throw a bunch of people back out on the streets.
Makes no sense.
Never should have been close.
Ron Johnson is a great senator.
Does a lot of good work for America.
He should have won that by 10 points.
But they did allow him to win.
So he won his race and in Arizona, I saw that Blake Masters just put out a tweet that said, you know, the numbers look good.
We're going to win this race.
So I hope Blake is right.
He's a phenomenal candidate.
I've met him.
Nice person, you know, really down to earth.
You could go up and talk to him.
I love that about him.
And he's very bright, obviously.
He worked for Peter Thiel.
So I do hope that he's able to beat this fraud, this liar, you know, Mark Kelly.
I don't believe Americans today, I don't care what state you're in, I don't believe Democrats can come and play this game they've always played.
When they go to Washington, they come back home, and they run as moderates.
I don't think it's playing out real well.
I think Mark Kelly was exposed.
He's a complete fraud, like I said.
He's far left.
He votes for the Marxists every day of the week, and yet he comes back and pretends like he's for the people.
I mean, they've got a wide open border in this state.
He doesn't do a damn thing about it.
I don't know how people could vote for him.
I don't believe if he does win.
I just won't believe that it was a fair election.
And obviously it wasn't when we saw 20% of the tabulators and the machines not working in Maricopa County yesterday.
So anyway, I do have hope though that Blake Masters will be able to pull it off.
And Keri Lake is coming back strong.
So again, she should have won.
It should have been over at midnight.
What is it, Alex, that we have some states where the elections are not stolen or in controversy like Ohio, Florida, Iowa?
These are the bellwether states traditionally in our country.
They went overwhelmingly for Republicans last night and in 2020.
But then you have these other states where the elections are lost and the Democrats are stealing.
And it takes them forever.
Oh, it's the old big city machine areas, like the Daily Machine, where no matter how bad Chicago gets, the Democrats will always be in charge because they're never going to let their power go.
And so that's why America is at a stalemate.
I'd call this election pretty much a stalemate right now.
And a lot of the Republican leadership did a civil war with the Trumpist and the DeSantis types and with their own base.
So, you know, they basically didn't put up much of a fight.
But I think What you're saying is true.
This is going to enrage the American people more, commit them more, and going to cause even more Democrats to walk from the Democratic plantation realizing that the fix is in.
So the system's painted themselves into a corner.
I want to come back and talk to Jim Hoffman, the Gateway Pundit, on where you see all of this going and what you think Biden's going to pull next.
Because Biden, who we know is the third administration of Obama, Has said, if you protest these elections, you're a terrorist.
He's been predicting all this violence is coming.
Well, where is it?
Jim Hoff, the Gateway opponent, probably the best site when it comes to analysis and politics out there.
We're going to come back and talk to him.
There was one person that did predict what happened last night.
We'll talk about him when we come back.
His name is Michael Moore.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Wednesday edition.
And as the Democrats promised us in key battleground areas, the machines went out.
So they stacked up all the ballots and now in places like Arizona, the woman that Carrie Lake's running against is the one counting the ballots.
Can't make that up. So look, big picture is this. Jim Hoff, GatewayPundit.com
is here.
And I want Jim's take on this. I don't know if he agrees, disagrees, or wants to add to it.
I imagine he does agree, because I read his stuff five, ten times a day. I live on the site.
It's like I live on Infowars.com. And we look at the national polls.
45% of Americans, including the large portion of Democrats, think there's a shadow corrupt government running things.
70 plus percent say that they blame Joe Biden for the inflation of the Democrats.
But then we're to believe that the Democrats just beat the biggest Republican turnout in modern history in a midterm.
It's just preposterous with all the exit polls showing this.
Your view on that, and then Michael Moore, who is a big insider, rubs elbows with the top politicos.
He consistently is right.
He said Donald Trump's gonna win.
Six years ago, he did.
And then you add to that, ladies and gentlemen, that he came out two weeks ago and said,
"You watch, the Democrats are gonna win the Senate and maybe might lose a little bit of the House."
And he's been proven right because they knew what they were planning.
I'm deadly serious.
My filmmaker, Michael Moore, is confident of a Democrat midterm win.
And coming back from a massive tsunami that should have been the biggest political realignment
in history, which has actually happened in our hearts and minds,
this is a win for them if they don't lose the Senate and barely lose the House.
What do you say to all of that, Jim Hoff?
Well, it looks and smells very fishy, doesn't it, Alex?
And, you know, I did notice that Pelosi was saying the same thing that, oh yeah, we're going to keep the House and we're not worried.
And you see the same reaction you saw from these same people, you know, two years ago during the election when they were running Joe Biden from a basement.
Didn't even campaign.
The guy beats Trump with the largest turnout ever.
So, yeah, maybe Michael Moore has better context than we do, because he nailed it, it looks like.
And we don't know how the Senate's going to go, but it's terrifying to think if they do win back the Senate.
That's really some scary stuff, especially if they get a majority there.
I agree.
You know, there's so much The Gateway Plot is covering, and a lot of times we kind of follow you on the politics because you're even faster than we are, and Roger Stone is doing a great job.
He'll be joining us next hour along with Darren Beatty and many others, but you've got so many articles showing Democrat officials in Pennsylvania, other states, inside the polling area, electioneering, federal crime.
You also have the same replay of Michigan, middle of the night, illegally, trucks arriving with boxes and ballots.
Talk about some of the big stories you're covering and tracking.
Yeah, well, right now we're of course watching for the Arizona results because we love those candidates there.
They're exceptional candidates.
They all should have won by double digits.
And now we'll see if the regime lets them squeak a victory out there for these Republicans.
We're watching that.
We're also, of course, covering the fraud.
We had some friends in Michigan who followed some Kivsky trucks From the election center in Detroit a few days ago, and the Penske truck went down to this empty warehouse.
There's a lot of empty warehouses in Detroit between the election center and the former TCF arena where they count ballots.
They stopped there.
It's right across from the company that prints ballots.
They were doing work there.
We had people staked out.
On the street there, you know, I don't know what the heck was going on, but we have people who are willing to, you know, put out some affidavits.
We have hopefully some film on that.
But, you know, it's the same old tricks by these Democrats.
And hopefully, I, you know, I really believe, Alex, that we're going to find out how they're doing this.
This isn't, you know, any mathematician in this country could put, you know, could look at these numbers, could look at the odds, And I think we're going to find that out.
You know, I think they can't hide this forever, especially in this day and age.
And so we will find out what they're doing.
It's obviously probably a combination of several things.
I don't think they can get away with this forever, and when we do find it out, we're going to find the true number of Democrat voters in this country, and I suspect it's going to be probably about 20% smaller than what they're recording every election, and about the same percentage smaller as the percent of tabulators that went out yesterday in Arizona.
That's the numbers we see over and over again.
And they know they're a fraudulent party.
They know they're criminal.
And now, as Tucker Carlson said last night, predicting they would steal it, they have nothing to lose.
That's what makes them so incredibly dangerous.
And we have all the Democrats, when they lose elections with no evidence saying Republicans have stolen it, that's okay.
And in case they couldn't steal it last night, they said, oh, Republicans are going to steal it.
So they can't talk out of both sides of their mouth and say you're a terrorist, you're a criminal, the FBI needs to investigate you because you're an election denier, when they famously run around challenging elections.
One of the great examples is Stacey Abrams, always challenging elections, but then saying Republicans can't challenge Democrat elections.
Just no one's buying it.
All the national polls show the American people, including Democrats, know the fix is in.
And, you know, speaking of Stacey Abrams, boy, that's a curious case, isn't it?
Figure it out.
Somebody's trying to figure out Georgia.
For all the candidates there, win by about 10 points.
The Republicans, you know, from 6 to 10 points, including Brian Kemp, a big Trump hater.
And yet, Herschel Walker, who's running against this radical Marxist, who spews anti-white rhetoric from his pulpit and runs over his wife in his car.
And and Herschel Walker, one of American hero.
Everybody knows Herschel Walker.
They love Herschel Walker.
And he's he's down to this guy.
I mean, try to figure out Georgia.
It's one of the states that we will probably never figure out until they get rid of those.
Well, I'm not a big fanboy for sports.
I like sports.
I've played sports.
I watch it.
But as I got older, I spent all my time fighting the Globalists.
But I've only owned like two football jerseys growing up.
Of course, I had a Roger Stahl back when I was a little kid.
When we go to the games, that's how old I am.
And I actually, in junior high, I agree with you.
Yeah, so we'll see.
Walker jersey that I would wear because I like Herschel Walker. Such a gentleman,
such a great guy, and again only two people ever own a jersey. That's Roger
Stalback and Herschel Walker. He would be so great in the Senate and damn it we
know he's really winning by 20 points, but I have a bad feeling unless we have
just total massive turnout, everybody watching the polls, that when they have
the runoff they're gonna steal it from him. They're just they're just scared of
him. He's too all-american. I agree with you. Yeah, so we'll see. Hopefully,
hopefully we're wrong here, but at least they let Herschel get to the to the
runoff, but it's unbelievable. There's no way this Marxist is ahead. Georgia
didn't go from a Trump state by six points and then six years later go to
Thanks so much Alex.
re-electing Marxists into the U.S. Senate.
It didn't happen.
It doesn't happen.
Things like that never happen in politics.
That's right.
Jim Holt, I'm going to be watching Gateway Pundit very closely and of course Infowars.com
and some of the other great sites, but there's not many out there as big or as informative
as you.
And so we salute you and just look forward to having you on again very soon.
God bless.
Thanks so much, Alec.
God bless.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Come back with Roger Stone and I'm going to really get into all the meat and potatoes
But they're going to try to outlaw their political opposition.
That's what's happening.
Bolsonaro and his family are looking at having to leave the country, because when he leaves office on January 1st, they plan to arrest him.
So when a country gets to the point America's at, or Brazil's at, and we're pretty much where they're at, you're in trouble.
I mean, this country's long in the tooth right now.
We need a very big reboot.
All right.
Owen Troyer last night was the MVP.
He knocked it out of the park.
And he's going to be on with us.
In the three o'clock hour, excuse me, in the third hour, the two o'clock hour, from 1 p.m.
right into the 2 p.m.
So look for that today.
He's gonna be in the other studio.
We'll be simulcasting, breaking down all the latest developments and the battleground areas that are still taking place.
So look for that coming up.
At 1 p.m.
today, right into the fourth hour as well, and then he'll go back in the studio at 3 p.m.
for his own war room.
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We'll be right back.
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I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
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I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore.
The enemies of humanity are obsessed with silencing us.
They know the truth about their globalist operations is exposed.
It's game over.
And all over the planet, humanity is awakening and peacefully fighting back.
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The fight starts at InfoWars.com and the support of the fight starts at InfoWarsTore.com.
God bless and thank you all for your support.
It was so amazing.
They showed up at the polls early this morning, only to be told the election equipment didn't work.
Two minutes in, two minutes into voting, we had people being told, well you're gonna have to put your little ballot over here into another box.
The fake media back there tried to tell us we were wrong for asking questions about our elections.
Guess what?
We are going to win this.
We are going to win this.
How many of you remember a couple months ago, August 2nd, the primary election?
Wasn't that long ago, we came out and they said, oh wow, they're 10 points down.
The fake news was asking us to concede.
And we kept climbing, climbing, climbing.
We turned 15 points around and we won by 5 points!
I just want you to know, it's early.
It's very early, and if we have to take this fight through, we will.
If it takes hours or days, we will.
But the great news is, every single drop of election ballots that have come in the last
three drops have shown us up 85%, 87%, 81%.
I just want the propagandists back there to know, don't embarrass yourselves.
Don't embarrass yourselves.
Don't do it again.
You've done it too many times.
But what I want you to know is that the same movement we had last night at that rally in Prescott, the same movement we had at that rally in Scottsdale, the same movement we had at the rallies we've had before with record people is the same movement we have right this second.
Nothing has changed.
And I want you to know we are going to monitor the ballots.
We got to work in the system that we have right now.
And as they continue to come in and our numbers go up, up, up like they did last time,
when we win, first line of action is to restore honesty to Arizona elections.
Now God did not, God did not, God did not put us on this fight because it was going to be easy.
Not one thing that we've had to go through has been easy.
We beat back billions of- we beat back a billionaire in the establishment, okay?
Let's just be frank.
We have had everyone come against us, tens of millions of dollars in spending coming against us.
Nothing has been easy.
When corruption has risen to the level that it's at right now, it takes tough, strong people.
Are you tough and strong?
Gary Lake's full speech last night is incredible.
Everything she says is true.
This is the fight of our lives.
They're cornered rats.
They've had to openly try to steal this election again.
And it is causing, all the numbers show, a massive exodus away from them.
And this theft will then also be blamed on the Republican leadership that needs to be removed.
And it looks like right now the neocons do not have the votes to keep their guy in if they take control of the House of Representatives.
So Roger Stone, one of the smartest political brains out there, will be joining us coming up at the start of the next segment.
But don't be demoralized by this.
We're forcing them out in the open, and as she said, we are building the movement of Americana and liberty, and it's bigger than ever.
And I don't say this to brag, okay?
You'd think all the fake lawsuits, all the demonization, the tens of thousands of articles, the thousands of TV programs tagging me, I would be hated?
I am mobbed at liberal trendy restaurants.
I mean, my wife can tell you, literal women coming up and just, particularly like I'm Elvis Presley now, okay?
So, I'm just letting everybody know, it hasn't worked.
You know, back under Trump, they were able to project the hatred of Trump onto Roger and I, and we got attacked, and you name it, and so did Roger's wife.
But all I'm getting is 99% love now, at levels never before seen.
I mean, just absolute, it's blown up in their face.
Liberty is incredibly popular.
You know, most of you out there are not famous.
And by the way, that's a positive thing, being famous as a lot of negatives.
And I didn't do what I've done to quote be famous.
I wanted to fight the globalists.
But things got bad when Trump first got in and threw it.
I got attacked many times, threats, you name it.
There's been a lot of persecution.
But for every You know, 50 hands I shook, I would get an FU.
You've seen the videos of Roger and I walking down the street in Austin, Texas, or DC, or wherever, and cars stop and go, FU Russians, we want to kill you, you know, you name it.
And that still goes on, but I gotta say, the love is 10 times what it ever was, and it's 50 to 100 times anything negative.
And I bring that up as a bellwether, because you're not famous viewers and listeners, so you don't know how awake America is.
I live in leftist Austin.
And all I'm getting right now is 99% love.
Well, it was more like 90-10 just six months ago.
So that's just a gauge that people have broken with the system.
Despite all the demonization of myself and others, now people see that we're demonized by mainstream media, people think, oh, they must be good.
And I was talking to Roger during the break.
He said the exact same thing has now happened to him in the last six months.
So he's gone from mainly positive, some negative, to almost nothing but positive.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, there's been a big shift in the minds of the people.
The numbers show exit polls all blame Democrats.
74% hate Biden.
But magically, in key demographic areas, where key Republicans were going to be able to win these races, magically the machines mess up.
All the rest of this garbage going on.
Ballots being delivered in the middle of the night.
It's clear they were running the same play.
Alex, I couldn't agree with you more.
years ago, but I wanted to just come out with the positive news that they've painted themselves
in the corner with what they've done because I predict it's only going to make people that
much more hungry for freedom.
Roger, what do you think?
Alex, I couldn't agree with you more.
I mean, there's this new phenomena in which, you know, strangers come up to me and thank
me for what I'm doing for the country.
You know, it was not always like this.
There was always a larger number of patriots, a larger number of Christians, a larger number of people who would say, I'm praying for you, I'm praying for your wife and family, than the haters.
But the number of haters has dropped, whereas the number of people who realize the country is in a struggle, who realize that guys like you and I have been out there in the forefront talking about it, fighting the fight, At great expense to ourselves, I might add.
I'm not complaining, because I was born for a time like this.
As you know, I really believe that my life was spared for a specific purpose, for this purpose, for the fight for America.
But last night, you know, you can see how our supporters may be dispirited today.
It's completely understandable.
All of this media hype about a red wave, which turned out to be a red drizzle at best, and you're exactly right.
With the globalists, with those who have control of the machinery, shamelessly, openly manipulating it.
Yet again, these results in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, in Nevada, they're not credible.
You can't have 73% of the people say they're unhappy with their current conditions.
You can't have every national poll telling people, telling us that inflation And gas prices and food shortages outrank any other issue and then have people go in and vote overwhelmingly for the people who caused all those things to happen.
It's an anomaly that makes no sense whatsoever.
What do you think the Democrat kingpins are thinking right now versus the Republican establishment?
And honestly, I don't even count Trump and DeSantis as that.
They're the real populace.
They're taking over the Republican Party with our support.
But what do you think the Republican leadership in the House is thinking?
What do you think the deep state Dems are thinking?
Well, I mean, look, if a man steals a car and there's no consequences for stealing that car, then the man will go out and steal another car.
The Democrats completely got away with voter fraud in the last election.
There were no consequences, not by the judiciary, not by any legislative body, not by any regulatory body.
So it was kind of obvious.
We're going to do this again.
I've said it here on your show, you know, over the last two weeks, don't be so sure about the red wave, the overconfidence among our people, combined with the fact that they continue to control the machinery.
And most importantly, you still have The complete control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States.
I appreciate that Elon Musk seems to be saying all the right things, but I have no confidence level that Twitter is going to be restored to being a platform in which everyone, everyone can speak.
I just haven't seen that yet.
I don't, but I do see their hysteria about it.
Which leads me to the larger point that we can never have clean, honest, fair, transparent elections until we have free communications in this country.
Right now we can barely speak to each other, never mind everyone else.
If it were not for InfoWars and FrankSpeech.com and Tucker Carlson in his show and a few rare other platforms, We still have no ability to communicate with those who agree with us.
And by the way, Roger, you harp on this because you should.
And I'm not bitching at listeners.
I appreciate them.
Our love level on the streets, the best ever.
So we're winning culturally, but we are heavily embattled.
People need to understand that we need your word of mouth and we need your financial support because we are in the lion's den.
So let me ask you this question.
How does this affect 2024?
Does this open theft and manipulation disparage?
I think, as I predicted two years ago, even bigger voter turnout as people understand they've got to engage the process to show what's happening.
As you warned over the last month several times on air, We need a giant tsunami to make it over the seawall of fraud.
Don't be overly confident.
I gotta tell you, a lot of Republicans I knew were just drunk on this idea that we had total victory, so they didn't go vote.
And so that may not push us over the top now, because they were too confident.
That is a disease of overconfidence.
I went and voted yesterday, 45 minutes in line, because I knew it had to be done.
And people need to stop, stop just counting on somebody else to do it.
I actually think, unfortunately, the results last night add to a growing frustration.
What disappoints me is the number of people who tell me that after the last election, they just tuned out anything political and stopped paying attention.
I mean, their attitude is, it's broken, it cannot be fixed.
You know, I'm going to go to my kids' Little League game and hope that they're not letting boys play girls' sports and vice versa.
That's right.
You can't hide from this, folks.
They're going to destroy us.
You can no longer stick your damn head in the sand.
And I know our audience isn't doing that, but man, I am so pissed.
You're right.
The silent majority sits there just saying it can't be stopped.
It's because you won't get up and get involved.
I think that's exactly the truth.
So, if anything, the deep state is now emboldened.
Look, Mike Lindell, I really think, has turned up absolutely empirical evidence of these massive voter drops at significant times.
They're just not normal.
They're irregular.
They're illogical.
In some cases, they're even mathematically impossible.
Well, what happens?
He gets derided as crazy pillow man, just bitching again about the outcome of the election.
And unfortunately, no mainstream media outlet will take this empirical data seriously, even though it's there for all to see.
I mean, Alex, we elected a guy who lives in the basement with his parents and who can barely string together a sentence.
He is so mentally impaired to the U.S.
In one district in Pennsylvania, they reelected a Democrat who was dead.
The guy passed away, but he still won.
And it was unrealistic for the party establishment to think that this was going to be some romp to victory, if there is a silver lining.
It is the fact that if we win the House, which incredibly is still, you know, in the middle of the day and the day after the election, that question is still an open question.
That is in itself a statement.
We were talking in some quarters of winning by 35 seats.
Some people said 40 seats.
I never thought that was possible.
But if there is a silver lining... Hold on, tell us the silver lining when we come back.
Final segment with Roger Stone, Professor Darren Beattie is joining us, and of course Steve Bannon.
Owen Schroer is going to break down all the battleground races that are still ongoing, coming up in the third and end of the fourth hour with me, riding shotgun.
Roger, you got cut off by the break, hard breaks with satellites.
StoneZone.com is your awesome website.
Roger, you're getting to the silver lining of this fiasco that we're still living through right now.
Yeah, Alex, we talked about this last week and it's coming true.
If Republicans do end up winning the House, it appears to me like it will be by a very narrow margin.
So let's say you have control by five seats, just hypothetically.
Well, then all you need is six America first, you know, patriots, people who put country above party to hold together, and they can have a disproportionate amount of leverage and influence on the leadership, and therefore on the agenda, and therefore on the direction of the country.
Had we had a blowout tonight, Last night, had we won the House by 30 seats, have we won the Senate by five or even seven, then there'd be no chance.
The leadership would be in firm control.
So I'm going to be watching very carefully to see what our ending margin is.
All you need would be, you know, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a few others to hang together and not succumb to the offers of, you know, committee chairmanships or additional office space or additional staff money.
All these other inducements that the leadership tries to use to keep people in line.
And maybe you can have a more aggressive agenda in the House.
If the Republicans get numerical control of the House and they do not introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, then there's something tragically wrong.
I mean, the evidence is absolutely there.
For Democrats who say, oh, impeach him for what?
How about 10% to the big guy?
How about that?
How about that for a start?
I mean, terrific journalism outside the country, in the UK Daily Mail, outlining numerous white collar crimes that Joe Biden was directly involved in.
If things are close enough, Then that prediction you just put up on the screen may be absolutely true.
McCarthy may not have the votes to become Speaker.
And that could provide leverage for Gates and Green and Jordan, if he will now break with McCarthy, and a small group of rebels to take control.
Some disappointing things have happened along the way.
Laura Loomer was cheated out of her election to Congress.
I have personally examined the documentation.
That primary was stolen, Alex.
That's not a conspiracy theory.
I'm not just saying that because I like her.
I'm not just saying that because she's my friend or a friend of InfoWars.
I'm saying it because I, with 40 years experience, have examined the actual documentation.
It appears to me like Joe Kent will lose in Washington State, a state that is 100% mail-in ballots.
They don't even have polling places, Alex.
It's unbelievable.
So, a lot of good people, men and women, got chopped down early in this red drizzle, and it is very important.
Whether the House Republicans with a narrow majority Have the strength to go on offense regarding the abuses of the FBI, regarding the epic corruption of the first family, and to tell the American people what really happened on January 6th.
How do you have a January 6th committee hearing That doesn't examine the murder of Ashley Babbitt.
How is that even possible?
Or Ray Epps, or the Democrats blocking Trump on the National Guard.
But you mentioned Mike Lindell.
There's a big story on Infowars.com by Don Salazar going viral.
you said Mike Lindell got the actual voting statistic numbers last night and it was a
replay of what we saw two years ago.
They went for the complete steal.
Dems used Biden bump strategy to secure crucial races and you can see on the graph as they
dump the new ones in, it doesn't follow an organic graph like the Republicans.
It is an absolutely artificial one.
They don't even try to find to hide it.
This is what statisticians looking for fraud look for is these type of linear lines here
and it just goes on and on state by state.
I mean, Roger, this is outrageous.
The full video, the full analysis is on Infowars.com.
Everybody needs to go to Infowars.com right now and they need to look at this for themselves.
This is ridiculous.
You don't get this type of stuff unless there is fraud going on.
To his great credit, Mike Lindell was extraordinarily well prepared for last night, unlike 2020
when they snuck up on us.
And we saw this in Pennsylvania.
We saw it in Nevada.
We're now seeing it in Nevada.
We saw it in Arizona.
We saw it in state, after state, after state.
You can't fake this stuff.
You also can't slough this off and say, oh, that's just, that's crazy Peloton man.
No, I think he's absolutely nailed it.
Nailed it.
And the stone cold proof is right there.
The real question, of course, is, is it like a tree falling in the forest?
I mean, but for InfoWars and Frank Speech and Real America's Voice and OAN and sometimes Newsmax, there are no outlets that are getting this information to the masses.
That's why the continued success of InfoWars is so vitally important.
You know, Alex, when we say we're the tip of the spear, and look, I'm proud of my association with InfoWars.
I worked there for 18 months.
Alex, as you know, Owen Schroeder and I did some great stuff together.
You and I did great stuff together.
If InfoWars goes down, folks, then there will be no place to put out the absolute unvarnished A stone-cold truth, if you will.
And by the grace of God, over and over again, eight times out of ten, we first put the story out, then picked up by Tucker and everybody else, and we see the great fruits of it, and it's our awesome audience, not just our great guests and analysis, that are the people that carry that forward, and it's the audience the globalists hate.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for the time.
Please join us again tomorrow, and as we track the ongoing stolen election.
Above all, Alex, every single one of our followers, everybody out there listening, prayer.
Prayer is more important now than anything else.
God will not let this country go down.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you.
There goes Roger Stone.
All right.
Professor Darren Beatty joins us, and he's got a lot to talk about with the election, and he does want to go after McCarthy.
He's absolutely right.
We need new Republican leadership.
They are in there.
Basically, taking a dive, and people should be mad at them.
They're just as bad as the Democrats at the end of the day, and they don't support our Patriot candidates.
And as Roger said, if we got a bunch of new great candidates elected, that'd give us a beachhead in Congress to keep expanding our liberty movement, our anti-globalist movement, our pro-America movement.
But when there's a tiny majority, it's like Mnuchin in the Senate is that key swing vote.
He's really kind of like an independent.
Well, it's the same thing with these Patriots we've got.
Unlike Mnuchin, that's not a patriot.
With just a few votes, they'll be able to really have a lot of power.
So this is very, very interesting times.
There's more than one way to skin a cat, but we've only begun to fight, to quote the founder of the U.S.
Navy, John Paul Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
Dr. Darren Beatty joins us for one segment and Steve Bannon for another segment after that.
But Owen Schroer just blew us away last night with his analysis.
He's going to be in the studio going over the battleground operations that are still happening in Arizona, Nevada, and of course Georgia and more.
So look for that.
He'll be riding shotgun with me.
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So please donate to the Legal Defense Fund at SaveInfoWars.com.
I want to thank those that have donated.
I encourage everybody, this is a critical place to go.
Well, he heads up Revolver News.
He doesn't need any introduction, and they're always on the cutting edge, so I'm going to give him the floor for the balance of this segment, Revolver.News.
Wow, I could ask a hundred questions, but front and center for Dr. Darren Beattie, former Trump advisor and speechwriter.
What in the world just happened, and where do you see this going?
You know, it's a wild election with mixed results, and it really, I think, defies any easy explanation.
There's a piece that we ran that was visible in the shot that you showed about the steel.
Is the steel on?
And we drew attention to various states that made some changes to the election laws and others that didn't.
And that's an important piece to look at.
And we always want to be vigilant about ensuring that votes that are made are votes that are counted.
However, I think it goes beyond sort of the traditional understanding of fraud as this kind of from some kind of malicious context of rigging machines and so forth.
I think much of the election shenanigans that we saw yesterday, I think a lot of it, frankly, can be attributed to a different kind of fraud, and that is the fraud of Third world incompetence.
I really think that third world incompetence is in making encroachments and inroads into our country in a way that people don't fully appreciate.
I want you to elaborate on that.
But I mean, just Google directing over 90% of traffic to Democrats, blocking Republicans and covering up Democrat corruption and blocking Hunter Biden's laptop and the Ministry of Truth.
I mean, they admit that swings elections.
That's election meddling right there.
And that's why I think that discussion of election fraud, election meddling, can sometimes be counterproductively narrow.
Because yes, there's the issue that people look at and say, okay, are there Are they stuffing ballots?
Are they, you know, are there mules?
Are the machines somehow hacked from somewhere?
It's not to say that we shouldn't pay attention to those things, but there are different forms of quote-unquote fraud.
There is the massive manipulation of the entire information ecosystem, the information war, the info war, if you will, that has a tremendous effect On how people not only vote, but how people process reality at the most basic level.
So it goes beyond even politics.
That's something that is profoundly important.
The construction of political machines.
And again, there's cheating, but then there's the game itself.
The Democrats have managed to position themselves very, very strongly in terms of the game itself, in terms of making their machines even more robust in light of the post-COVID era.
And the Republicans have not done that to their detriment.
So I think there are other things like this that we need to focus on.
No, you're right.
If they don't focus on the technocracy and the Ministry of Truth that we've now confirmed through Intercept is still operating illegally with the CIA and DHS spying, surveilling the Democrat think tanks.
I mean, big tech with big corporations, the Democratic Party and with the WEF around the world, they are establishing a digital dictatorship.
And that should be the main focus.
Absolutely, that's that's the main focus, and it really transcends Politics in the narrow sense in terms of its importance because once you're able we're so integrated into our machines now.
We're so constantly managing our electronic devices, using our devices, and those devices process us on such a deep level that to be able to control the information flows through those devices is really nothing short of being able to create and manipulate people's very Reality.
And this is just a very dangerous Rubicon that I think has already been crossed in terms of the level of power that can be wielded by the technocrats who have sort of the inside access to how those algorithms work and what exactly they're doing with it.
So, Doc, what comes next?
I mean, I see this enraging people.
I see it waking people up faster.
I see exit polls showing Democrats say that they 70 plus percent hate Biden and were voting for change.
I mean, they did have key areas where the machines got shut down to suppress stuff and midnight and 1 a.m.
deliveries in Michigan of the ballots.
I mean, obviously, there's classic Democrat machine stuff, but you're right.
That's secondary to fill up any holes.
90% of the attack is the technocracy.
What do we do?
Because the Republican leadership, most of them are on the big tech payroll.
Most of them don't even have any technical understanding.
So they're basically like blind men, you know, trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Yeah, it's very discouraging, but it's also sobering in a certain way.
You know, there's talk about like the hacking of machines and election machines, but really, so many people's minds have been hacked, such that they're unable to really process basic reality.
I mean, just think of the fact that New York has basically dwindled into a kind of Mad Max-like, crime-infested free-for-all, and Zeldin didn't even win.
I mean, that's a remarkable thing.
Think of the fact that John Fetterman, who can barely speak, a human cyborg, basically a dinosaur-type character from Jurassic Park, Some creature like this is going to be in the United States Senate?
How is that possible?
In some ways, I like to focus on Fetterman because he's symbolically such an imperfect embodiment of what our quote-unquote democracy Has become.
Now who knows?
Maybe there's a grand strategy to this.
Maybe Elon, our pal Elon, will hook him up with Neuralink and he'll become Fetterman X and rise as America's new Caesar.
So we know it's really the model of the future.
Total flesh puppets that can't even comprehend the the orders they're being given and their chief of staff is actually the globalist representative.
I mean this is I mean, Biden, Fetterman, it's all emblematic.
And then Hochul, you know, won by what, 70-something percent?
I mean, it's just... Or she won by 52 percent in some districts over 70.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
So even self-preservation is being driven out of these people.
And again, this isn't fraud.
This is just...
The state of our quote-unquote democracy is that so many people are in such a state of zombie mode who are so unreflectively and zealously attached to whatever Thank you so much, Dr. Darren Beatty.
Thank you.
Steve Bannon's coming up.
default with the assistance of a robust turnout machine that the Democrats have
for the lowest information. They're able to win.
All right, Revolver News, Revolver.News, thank you so much Dr. Darren Beattie.
Thank you. Steve Bannon's coming up. All right, Owen Schroer is gonna be in the
other studio next hour with me. He does a great job.
He used to be a sports broadcaster.
Going over all the numbers and all the boards and all the facts and what happened last night, what's happening today, what's happening in Arizona, what's happening in Nevada, what's happening in Georgia, and what the real numbers are in the House and Senate.
This is so important.
That's coming up.
We've also got some excerpts of Mike Lindell's analysis with the actual numbers showing how they were manipulating the election.
We've got some excerpts of that coming up next hour, the big article.
is on InfoWars.com by Don Salazar.
They want you to not look at this information.
Well, we are going to be covering all of it coming up next hour.
But while we're waiting for Steve Bannon to get the chair, please, listeners, understand.
On my children, on my soul, on everything, I am out of money personally, and InfoWars is doing okay in a Chapter 11, Subchapter 5 bankruptcy.
But We have to be profitable to be able to continue on, and then they cannot shut the operation down, which they admit is their goal.
And then we can do the appeals for at least two years, and then after that, InfoWars continues on.
Alex Jones is under attack.
Alex Jones won't have any money.
I don't care about that.
So, InfoWarsStore.com.
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But whatever you do, continue to spread the word about the few independent media outlets that have got the enemy's number and know how to win.
Like Steve Bannon and his war room.
Owen Troyer's war room.
This show.
Mike Lindell.
Gateway Pundit.
There's not a lot of folks that are hardcore.
Even, you know, Newsmax has gone sideways.
I understand why.
They come after you.
Alright, we've got him.
He's a very busy man.
I was on his powerful broadcast last night.
We were both simulcasting.
Steve Bannon, who needs no introduction.
He joins us to give us his take on what we are witnessing.
I've got a lot of questions, but I'm just going to sit back, sir, and give you the floor to cover what you think is front and center and run the waterfront for us.
Well look, we fired Nancy Pelosi.
The job before us right now is to make sure we close 10, 15 of these House seats that are out there that we're trying to close right now that are going to make the difference between being a 220 to 215 or 230 to 205.
So we've got a lot of work to do.
These are all on the knife's edge, everywhere from Connecticut and New York out to Washington III and Alaska.
We've got a ton in Arizona.
We've got a ton of work to do on these things to close them.
Also, in the Senate, look, Kerry Lake and what's happening in Arizona, I think Blake Masters could pull this out.
There's, I don't know, 500,000 plus votes.
Still outstanding.
They're all game day votes.
These are all MAGA that listen to people and say, just vote on game day, just vote on election day.
Kerry's winning those now.
I think 70-30.
The way the math works out, if she just wins the remaining ballots by 52-48, she'll be the governor.
And I think Blake Masters has almost 100,000 to go, could actually pull this out.
And of course, if that doesn't happen, Laxalt's going to win in Nevada.
It means that Alex, on December 9th, 30 days from now, will have an election with Hershel Walker.
You know, a devout Christian to take the direction of the Senate.
Was last night perfect?
No, it's not perfect.
It's a very imperfect world.
We gave it our best shot.
MAGA candidates went all over the place.
Some of it took it on the chin.
But right now, the work in front of us is to close these House seats, to close these Senate seats, make sure Kelly Chewbacca wins up in Alaska, get everything counted, hopefully drag Palin across the goal line if that's possible, and make sure we close in Arizona.
In Nevada.
And then it's, you know, it's upon us next week.
And I want everybody to know, Monday they come back and they're going to lay out some of the oversight and Judicial Committee's going to lay out the framework for going forward on Hunter's laptop.
And then the next day on the 15th, right now, theoretically, you have President Trump making some announcement.
Whether that's going to take place or not right now, I don't know.
But you're going to have the leadership election.
I mean, Mitch McConnell is going to, you know, put forward to be voted in to be majority leader.
Or be majority leader subject to, if Blake hasn't won, to be majority leader subject to Hershel Walker winning.
But they're going to pick the most important, which is Speaker of the House, who's going to replace Nancy Pelosi.
At the same time, they're going to be back here for the biggest orgy This town has ever seen probably the biggest orgy since Imperial Rome, which is going to be the lame duck session.
Because remember, Pelosi and these guys, she's on a plane right now, Alex, which you followed.
She's heading to Egypt.
You know, Punchbowl is reporting she's heading to Egypt to go to COP 27, at which the COP 27, the global reset plan over there is to have America start playing massive reparations to third world countries.
for climate change. So she's heading there, she knows she's not gonna be back in this town really.
For you know, she's gone. A lot of this corrupt leadership is not coming back for a decade or
more. They're going to cut all kind of deals. This, this lame duck session is going to be an
orgy all in the middle of the Hershel Walker campaign. So for your audience, understand 2023
is going to be the most intense year I think in living memory in American politics. And its
preamble is the next couple of days of these knife fights for these House and Senate seats
and governorships. Then next the leadership elections next week in the kickoff of the
lame duck orgy topped 30 30 days from now with Hershel Walker's monumental campaign in Georgia to really talk about the direction of the nation.
So and then you kick right into 2023, which will be all hands on deck.
This is not for the faint of heart.
You know, you're not an entertainer, and I'm not an entertainer.
People want to be entertained.
They've got so many other choices they ought to go.
This is hard work.
A lot of it's not exciting.
You know, what the base has done, what MAGA has done, what America First has done, knocking on these doors, ringing doorbells, getting people to vote in a place like Arizona, as formidable and hostile an environment as that is, the desert and everything like that.
It was just monumental what Cary Lake has pulled off.
This is why we're going to win.
We can outwork everybody and we're not going to quit.
And look, last night, did I want 50 seats?
Did we have the possibility to get 50 seats?
It was right there in our grasp.
Did we pull it off?
We did not.
But we fired Nancy Pelosi and now we have to see is Kevin McCarthy got the stones to take the helm here and really shut down the Biden regime.
Let me raise this point.
It's seen as bad sportsmanship to talk about fraud and machines going on in key districts, mainly Republican precincts and ballots delivered again at 2 a.m.
in Michigan and a replay.
people look there's only a couple years looking 16 was bad enough is only a
couple years ago look at Florida what a disaster that gets cleaned up and listen
they're going to continue to steal look at Maricopa County well that's where I
was going is we don't we don't deny the steals there we work even harder and
override it and so despite everything they threw at us we are still gonna get
some major victories out of this and they've painted themselves in a corner
more Democrats are defecting every day all the numbers show it exit polls
showed that people were really voting Republican we would have had those 50
seats Go ahead.
Hey, you told people you got to outvote the fraud.
You told people you're going to have to outvote the money and outvote the fraud.
Maricopa County is exactly, listen, to know that we have all our people voting on game
day now, right?
Because remember that state was like 80%, 90% people vote by mail, particularly because
of the demographics of the population.
You told people you're going to have to vote on game day, you're going to have to outvote
Maricopa County was absolutely voter suppression.
This is why I think Blake Masters, and remember Blake Masters is kind of far behind Kerry, but if Blake Masters loses, he's got to go into court.
That was absolute voter suppression, there's no doubt about it.
So if you're in the Deep State, Steve, I don't think the Deep State's very happy right now.
Like you said, a lot of the old guard is going to be removed of the House, there's going to be a battle over Republican leadership.
We have the initiative right now.
Hang on, hang on.
You and I have talked about this.
Do you think it's a random coincidence that Zelensky, on the eve of the election, says he's finally ready to sit down with Putin, and that a conditioned precedent to that meeting is not that Putin has to be removed as head of the Russian government?
Because he understood that this anti-Ukraine war madness, right, that there was enough of a bloc in the Republican Party, that was coming to an end.
They can do the math.
They understand we were going to take the House and shut the whole thing down and zero it.
The MAGA and America First have had massive impact already against the Administrative and Deep State, and they ain't happy about it.
And like you and I was talking about, they're not going to sit here today and say, isn't this a great idea?
Alex Jones and Steve Bannon did their broadcast last night, and look, Carrie Lake, who they're so high on, and Blake Masters, and JD Vance, and all these guys that they support, they're in power.
Isn't that terrific?
They're going to come and try to rip your face off.
Look, for you, they've tried to put you in basically financial bondage.
So that you couldn't even be, I mean, how many votes did we not get because Alex Jones wasn't free to do his broadcast every day like he normally does for six weeks or nine weeks leading up to this, right?
Your trials weren't just, you know, randomly... And the Democrats even admitted that they did that as a political set piece, not to just take me out of the game, but to make it a major political deal.
I know you've got to go.
We've got a two-minute break.
Do five more minutes with us on where you see this going, what's going to happen with this Trump-DeSantis Split is starting to happen.
And just what else viewers and listeners need to do to win the war to restore the republic?
Because as hard as it is, the road of submission is much worse.
We've got to take the country back and then take the world back.
We'll be back in two minutes with Steve Barron.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Mission Imperative, not Mission Impossible.
You've already seen what two years of Biden's life.
They admit it's a transition to bring us to our knees.
It is a global, corporate, hostile takeover.
And Steve Bannon has been a field marshal, above all others, in the fight, heavily persecuted.
I don't envy the fact that he's an even bigger target than I am, but he is right up there at the very tip of the tip of the spear.
In the five minutes we've got left, I brought up the topic of this Trump-DeSantis thing.
The media is trying to drive a wedge.
You were telling me off air it's pissing you off.
How important is this?
I think, look, it's as important as you want to make it.
I think that we need, we have so much before us.
2023 is so important.
There's not going to be a 2024.
There's not going to be, it's not going to unfold like you think it's going to unfold.
So if people want to spend their time, you know, having these, uh, really college, uh, you know, uh, BS sessions, late night BS sessions about, is it Rhonda Sanders or Donald Trump?
They can have that.
We have so much work ahead of us right now.
But listen, we have the debt ceiling problems.
We have to take the house.
You have these investigations.
You have, which I think these investigations will lead to impeachment.
You're going to have so many financial and economic issues and matters that have to be dealt with, particularly when a guy like Mitch McConnell looks like he's going to be the leader of the Senate.
We have a divided government on our side.
We could spend all of our time talking about the horse race in 2024 or you can get the work done today.
If you don't get the work done today, it's not going to matter.
I agree.
We've got to fight the battle that's in front of us right now.
So what is your advice to Trump and to DeSantis?
I think they should have a unity rally or something and that'll energize everybody and just not let the media manipulate them into this.
I think that'd be great.
I think the probability of that happening is less than zero.
I just think because I think both, particularly I think DeSantis has moneyed interests like Ken Griffin and Paul Singer in back of him right now.
It's obvious they're pretty, they're bragging about it.
It's in the media all the time.
They've also got all these consultants and advisors are making a lot of money to make sure that he runs for president.
If they could reach above that and do it, it'd be fantastic.
I don't see that happening.
But I think Here's my advice to Trump.
He did a great job trying to green light everything to help people.
He got snuck another shot.
with that we're gonna deal with this and let's deal with this.
I totally agree. Here's my advice to Trump. He did a great job trying to greenline
everything to help people. He got snooker another shot. He needs to come out at
least partially against it. But even if he doesn't do that, I've looked at the
numbers, I've talked to my listeners, they're the heart of the country.
Everybody wants Trump 2024.
So DeSantis is getting too big for his britches.
Even though I like DeSantis on many things, I just really think that it needs to be Trump.
Look, let it play out.
President Trump had the second, look, he won twice, had it stolen.
He's got a plan for the third time.
Governor Santos has been terrific.
He's been a great governor.
What he did the other night in Florida is really incredible in the way he's cleaned the place up and attracted.
He's a bastion of this movement.
Right now we have, so he has work to do as governor and I know things he wants to do.
President Trump has a lot of work to do.
What we have to do is focus on the work ahead and this thing will work itself out.
I totally agree.
In the minute and a half we have left, what are the first things we need to do when the Republicans take the House?
Change the leadership?
Or if we can't do that, we have to citizens force the agenda to begin the impeachment of Biden?
If we, when we take the House, but I got to tell you, we have something to do before then.
It's the lame duck.
If we allow them an unlimited raising of the debt ceiling without us taking ownership of the Federal Reserve, I'm saying, hey, it should be no increase to the debt ceiling without massive Cuts in spending, and that's not Social Security and Medicare, but we have to do that.
We have to have massive cuts.
In addition, we have to take ownership of the Fed.
The 24 banks, the prime brokers, can't own the Federal Reserve.
This system can't go on.
If you're going to touch the debt ceiling, the trade-off has to be that the Federal Reserve, the currency of our country, goes into a public trust.
Well, like you always say, signal, not noise.
That's what you get with Steve Manin, forum.org.
Steve, thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Alex, honor to be on here.
That was powerful.
And speaking of the war room, Owen Schroer hosted three to 6 PM.
He's about to come up with us next segment in the war room.
He is going to lay out what happened last night and then the current big four races
that are still being fought around the country and again, Arizona, Nevada,
Georgia, and more.
It's all coming up.
Pray for Herschel Walker.
Ladies and gentlemen, we need Herschel Walker.
Herschel Walker.
Imagine the country's future literally hangs in the balance with Herschel Walker.
What a great guy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
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The Deep State Democrats, backed by the WEF New World Order, had to steal last night We predicted it.
I hope for the best.
I don't want to discourage people.
But last night, that six-minute clip of his opening monologue is so important.
We played it earlier, only part of it.
After Owen leaves us, I'm going to have to play the whole thing here, maybe the whole 16, 18 minutes, but the first six minutes, six minutes, 52 seconds is the most important, where he said, they got to steal it tonight.
And they did.
But they threw everything they had at it, and they weren't completely successful.
Whereas we didn't have a giant turnout, They would have won every race.
These people don't care.
They're going for broke.
They lie to you about the poison shots.
They lie to you about inflation.
They lie to you about everything.
Of course they're going to steal elections.
Their PCR test, 90 plus percent false positive.
They knew that.
Everything they do is a scam and a lie.
And yes, the zombiosis of some of the public is the reason there's still 30, 40 percent of people that don't know what planet they're on.
But we've all got to reach out to these zombies and wake them up and explain to them why their future is being destroyed.
Because if not, they're going to be used as lemmings to drive us over the edge of a cliff with them.
Now, I just want to say something right now.
I am so proud of this crew.
I am so proud of the coverage last night.
It was better than Fox News, better than CNN, and I mean obviously our content is truthful and insightful and multifaceted and we're going for the truth, which is a big leg up on the enemy obviously, but last night I was sitting here Watching Owen Schroyer and the rest of the crew and our guest and Harrison Smith, everybody.
And I was just so proud because it was amazing.
And Owen was already a great sports broadcaster before he got into politics and then got hired at InfoWars seven years ago.
But man, we've got to get Owen, because I designed these studios to be able to have a war room and people in another studio and, you know, not just cover elections, but cover news in a stand-up way.
And I've done it some myself.
It just takes more preparation and more energy, you know, when I get out in front of the console and kind of do PowerPoints.
That's what I really want to do soon, and we've developed it, just haven't launched it yet.
Is at least a weekly two-hour PowerPoint where I get up and do all that.
Very popular, very effective to tell the truth.
So I want to encourage Owen and Harrison Smith more and more.
We'll still be doing the live shows tailored for talk radio.
That's key to reach millions that way.
But we got to use a lot of our energy on what he did last night.
It's just, it's a 100.
He absolutely knocked it out of the park.
Let's go ahead and let's just go ahead and get this going here.
And let's hear Tucker Carlson.
I'm going to go to this report right here.
It's very important.
I was already talking about it.
Democrats absolutely cannot lose this midterm election.
And with that in mind, they're already preparing us for election theft, which is if you don't want a civil war, you must passively accept.
So here I am saying last night was so incredible.
And then, of course, the wheels come off.
But that's OK.
We're going to go to this report and come back.
Not since the men of ancient Athens scratched their preferences on pottery shards has a democratic election been freer or fairer than the one we saw in this country two years ago.
That's what you have heard a lot.
Joe Biden got more votes than any president ever.
81 million, at least.
And every single one of those votes was entirely real.
There was no cheating of any kind.
Every mail-in ballot belonged to a real person who voted just once.
No drop box was stuffed.
Nobody coached dementia patients in nursing homes to vote the Democratic line.
Even Vladimir Putin somehow decided to stay out of that election.
Tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg did get involved.
He spent $400 million to control the mechanics of the election, but for the very best reasons.
Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep voters safe from the deadly coronavirus.
His reward is in heaven.
And above all, in case you were wondering, voting machines around this country recorded the legitimate results with flawless precision.
The machines counted each cast for each candidate and awarded those votes accordingly.
Can you see the software that would prove that happened?
Well, no, you can't.
As with the body cam footage from Nancy Pelosi's house, you don't have the necessary clearance to see it.
But you can know that electronic voting machines are 100% safe and reliable.
That's why government officials have told you again and again that the 2020 election was, quote, the most secure in American history.
Believe it.
By the way, if you don't believe it, our advice is to shut the hell up, unless you want to be sued into bankruptcy or have the FBI interrupt your breakfast.
So that, in summation, is the official media-approved view of our last election.
It was perfect, don't ask questions.
So given that, we were a little surprised when we pulled up Politico this morning.
Politico is the publication that helps control the rest of the media on behalf of the Biden administration.
We're surprised to discover that actually voting machines are not safe at all.
Electronic voting machines, Politico told us, are in fact easily hacked and manipulated, which is why real countries like France have banned them and used paper ballots instead.
Quote, there are real risks, Politico told us, that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday's vote.
According to Politico, that's entirely possible because many states, quote, use wireless modems to transmit unofficial election night results to their central offices.
These modems use telecommunications networks that are vulnerable to hackers, and malicious actors could exploit them to tamper with unofficial vote data, corrupt voting machines, or compromise the computers used to tally official results.
Rigged voting machines?
Fake vote totals?
Underground tunnels to subvert modems?
Isn't this the release the Kraken talk?
Well, it is.
And as of yesterday, it would have been regarded as insane, possibly criminal.
It would have been an assault on our democracy.
But things have changed.
24 hours before Democrats were expected to lose in the midterm elections, Politico is letting you know that elections are fake.
And not just because of rigged electronic voting machines, by the way.
There's an even bigger problem.
Somehow, despite the best efforts of Google and Facebook, some of Joe Biden's critics have been allowed to speak in public.
And that means it's possible that their dangerous opinions may have infected the minds of some confused and mentally enthebaled voters, tricking them into not loving Joe Biden.
This is known in the business as misinformation.
If left untreated, it can develop into a condition called disinformation.
Watch CNN explain the difference.
We know there are different kinds of falsehoods out there related to Election Day.
Some of them set to go viral on that day.
And this is one of the reasons... Alright folks, we'll be right back with Ellen Schreier.
Every move they make, every breath they take, we'll be watching the New World Order.
And more and more people know about Klaus Schwab and the globalists.
They know about the penetration of the governments.
The penetration of the cabinets.
And we know they want to depopulate us.
We know they want to kill us.
In their own words.
Owen Schroyer is going to lay out the next few segments.
What happened last night, what's currently happening in the battles, and where this is all going.
He was the guy, early yesterday, saying, by like 5 o'clock, they're gonna steal it, they're gonna steal it, it's a replay.
And I said, well that's what we thought they'd probably do, but it's hard to believe they can steal something this big.
But it really is a stalemate.
Looks like the Republicans will probably get a little majority in the House.
Who knows what the Senate, Steve Bannon's being a little more optimistic about it all, but we're gonna be here chronicling it live.
Weekdays, 8 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central with my show, Owen's War Room, and of course, Harrison Smith's American Journal, the special weekend shows as well.
So, Owen, please continue.
Well, and let's remember, too, that there was a special election in Georgia after 2020, and we thought, there's no way they're going to steal it again after what we saw with the presidential election.
And then, sure enough, that's how Warnock got in, and it was the same path.
The Republicans were up all night in Georgia, and then, bing!
Right before they blew the whistle to call it, Democrats get the perfect amount of votes.
So we're kind of now living in that same space where we've got four Senate seats up right now.
Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.
And we're going to see.
We're going to see how aggressive the Democrats are going to be, how committed they will be to what we view as election theft.
Because Ron Johnson was up all night last night in Wisconsin.
He is still up right now, but they will not call that race for Ron Johnson.
And I'll get into some of the specifics of that Momentarily.
Then you have the Georgia race.
This was up and down all night long, all night long, up and down.
It's hard to believe that elections can be so close, but that's what we're supposed to believe, that Warnock and Walker were basically within a couple thousand votes of each other all night long.
And of course, one of the big narratives forming today is the fact that in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, the number of votes that the third party Libertarian candidate got would have been enough, assuming, not all, but assuming the majority would have gone to the Republican candidates, would have been enough to get Oz and Walker over the hump.
So that's another narrative forming.
But so that's probably going to be a runoff unless the Democrats magically find I think they'll need at least 50,000 votes for Warnock to avoid a runoff.
So that's most likely going to go to a runoff.
Then you have what happened in Pennsylvania.
Now this is another interesting thing we saw specifically in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, which was kind of the reverse play of 2020.
What did we see in 2020?
Well, In the five states, Trump was winning all day and all night long.
Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.
And then what happened in the wee hours of the night, or the morning, the next day, you might say, you had what we call the vote Viagra for Biden, where it just goes straight up.
And everybody's seen these graphs.
We put these graphs on display at the Stop the Steal Tour.
Donald Trump did a similar thing on his own channels at the time, showing the numbers from the White House, the anomalies.
Well, what happened this year was right out of the gates in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, you had the Democrats going straight up.
So it was almost as if they had a handicap out of the gates with all of these votes coming in.
Now, you might hear people saying, Those are early votes, or those are mail-in votes.
Okay, well, I might buy that, except for the fact that the media has been telling us, oh, we've got the mail-in votes yet to be counted, and we won't count the early votes until days later.
So what is it?
Is it that the Democrats got all the early votes, and they had to vote Viagra before the...
The tabulations are even coming in?
Or are the mail-in votes and the early votes not counted until afterwards?
Which one is it?
You can't have your cake and eat it too.
But so now here's what we're dealing with in Arizona and this is... This one is really going to be interesting because unlike in Pennsylvania...
Unlike in Georgia, and unlike in Nevada, no offense to those states, but the Republican Party will have no fight for you there.
They won't.
So, if the Democrats, I mean, they took Pennsylvania, there's not going to be any pushback from the Republicans.
We'll see what happens in Georgia, but the Democrats will probably take that.
There'll be no pushback from Republicans, just like in 2020.
And if they overtake Laxalt in Nevada, there'll be no pushback from Republicans.
I don't think there's any fight there either.
But in Arizona, it's different.
I think there is a fight in Kerry Lake.
I think there is a fight in Blake Masters.
And even though I know they haven't given up on this race yet and haven't conceded, no matter what, I think there's going to be a battle here.
Because what went down in Maricopa County is absolutely outrageous.
And now that the margins are so thin, with the Democrats just barely ahead, and the Masters and the late campaign actually believing they have the votes coming in to win those races, well let's just see if that's allowed to happen after all of the malfeasance and problems we had with Arizona.
But here's what's so interesting about Maricopa County.
And I don't know if you guys have the 2016 and 2020 elections ready to go, but I'd like to reference those, because here's what happened in Maricopa County in 2016.
Donald Trump pulled Maricopa County.
And by a pretty good number, too, actually.
As you can see right here, he beat Hillary Clinton by about 50,000 votes.
So, a close race, but hey, that's a decent margin for Trump in Maricopa County.
Traditionally more red than blue, but can go either way in a big city area like Phoenix.
Now you jump ahead to 2020 and you had the exact same trend in Maricopa County all day long, which was Trump ahead, Trump ahead, Trump ahead.
And then in the middle of the night, we got the vote Viagra for Biden and Biden takes Maricopa County.
If you guys, um, Zoom in here to Maricopa County.
You'll see what we're dealing with.
It should be somewhere.
Well, I don't know.
You guys have these down to smaller districts.
But the point is that in Maricopa County, it went blue for Biden after the vote Viagra comes in the middle of the night.
Well, now.
Republicans never lead in Maricopa County because the Democrats get their little handicap or early votes or mail-in votes or who knows maybe it is maybe it isn't they are not consistent with that messaging and so boom right out of the gates you had the Democrats in Arizona Just skyrocketing to a lead.
It's just straight up and now Lake and Masters have been slowly but surely chipping away, chipping away, chipping away.
So, those are the four races that are currently still up.
And Lake and Masters, I think both still believe that they can win.
Now what's interesting is, you had Meghan McCain, in I think a since-deleted tweet, basically say that's what Masters and Lake get for messing with the McCain family, with some curse words included in I think what has been a since-deleted tweet.
So is this the ghost of John McCain now, working for the Democrat Party in Arizona to keep Lake and Masters out?
And I'll just say this before we go to break here, Alex.
I think that there's a theme here, and it's the McCain wing leftovers of the Republican Party, the Bush-McCain wing leftovers of the Republican Party, that people like Kevin McCarthy want to suck up to, and people like Mitch McConnell have been in bed with, that We're never going to fight for these midterm elections.
And I, in fact, think that they wanted Republicans to struggle or even lose seats so that they could blame Donald Trump and hopefully then put Donald Trump politically out to pasture.
And so that's why I don't expect to see any fight ever anytime soon from the Republicans.
Maybe in 2024, but I don't think so.
But that's going to be the things to watch now, Alex.
What's going to happen in the final numbers when we come down to these four states?
What is the Republican response going to be?
How they could possibly fail with everything favoring them in these midterms?
And then the debate that you and Steve Bannon had earlier is going to be, obviously, Trump-DeSantis.
Who is the leader of the Republican Party moving forward?
And there's a fair argument on both sides, I think, right now.
And we'll be back with more here on the Alex Jones Show.
Perfectly said.
All right, Owen Schroeder and I are going to be co-hosting right into the next hour, and then Kate Daly will take over some of the hour, but she understands sometimes we preempt.
She's amazing.
She'll have a lot to say as well.
And then Owen's back 3 p.m.
Central in an hour and a half with the War Room.
But let me just say this right now, because I stay focused on the news and information, but if there's not support for the platform, none of that happens.
And so we're in a fight for America's life and the world's life and a fight for our children, literally, against these satanic forces.
I want that to sink in for people and really just understand that history's happening now.
You can't wait till later.
You've got to be vocal.
You've got to pray.
You've got to be involved.
You've got to be engaged.
And you've got to fund this operation.
And I guess God loves to keep me hungry, but man, he keeps me right in the red, right in the black.
We are right there on the edge of the black.
I want to expand, not just stay on air.
I don't want to contract and implode, so please.
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All right, Owen Schroeder, continue with your excellent analysis.
All right, so we're obviously going to be watching the four states where the Senate seat is still up.
And I mean, you could say that there's actually hope here for Republicans.
They should win Wisconsin.
Looks like they're going to win Nevada.
So that's going to at least be 50 states.
I mean, there'd have to be blatant, obvious shenanigans for Johnson and Laxalt to not end up as the victors in those two races.
But then you're dealing with Arizona.
And you're dealing with Georgia, where we obviously are having problems.
And I think there's one main question that we're going to have to ask ourselves after last night in Georgia and going into the runoff, and that's, how is it that Brian Kemp did so well in the governor's race, and yet Herschel Walker did not?
How is it that Kemp easily carried a simple majority and Herschel Walker did not?
That is a serious question that I'm really not sure the answer to that.
Are you trying to tell me that Kemp who stabbed Trump in the back that most Republican voters in Georgia held their nose to vote for while they were enthused to vote?
For Herschel Walker?
Where are the Herschel Walker votes going that didn't go for him but went for Kemp?
The difference wasn't even there in the Libertarian vote.
So there's some numbers there that don't add up.
Does anybody believe a racist communist is beating Herschel Walker, a badass, well-spoken, beautiful American?
It's a load of crap.
Who just so happens to be a Georgia legend with what he did playing football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs as a running back for so long before joining the NFL.
So that's going to be questions that need to be answered.
But again, the Republicans, I don't think, really care.
They don't mind losing this midterm.
They really don't.
They'd love to blame it on Trump and then say, see, we need to politically put him out to pasture.
And you call them Republicans, you mean the globalists that pose as Republicans.
Sure, the RINOs you might call them, Conservative Inc., the Establishment Conservatives, Establishment Republicans.
We all know the taste, we all know the flavor.
It's Mitch McConnell, it's Kevin McCarthy, and quite frankly, sadly at this point, I think it's Ronna McDaniel as well.
All three of them need the ouster.
We need to give all three of them the McOuster, because they're not doing anything for the Republicans right now.
Even Jim Jordan's starting to suck on the neocon weenie.
Well, you just have to wonder, how is it that you have exit polls that are showing no support for Democrats?
How is it that you have polls showing 60% of voters now, not just Republicans, 60% of voters think Biden's victory was illegitimate.
70% of Americans polled say the country is going the wrong direction.
You always have a balance out in the midterms.
It's traditional in American politics.
How did the Republicans basically swing and hit like a soft ground ball with that?
Sitting on the T for them.
And so, you know, this is a Republican leadership problem in my eyes, and sadly, the civil war between Trump and DeSantis, it looks like it's building, I don't think it's going to do us any favors.
The commitment to destroy Trump and get Trump out of the Republican Party, I think is a bigger commitment by the leadership in the Republican Party than it is winning elections.
And I like Trump, but his refusal to not disavow the vaccine is a real turd in the punchbowl.
Well, and we can, let's not get into that debate now, and let's now think about what's going on in Arizona.
Let's assume that the Democrats are not going to pull a major sheist in Wisconsin and in Nevada, where they should probably declare those two Republicans the winners, Johnson and Laxalt, but we'll wait and find out.
So, okay, now you're looking at Arizona is actually in play for control of the Senate.
And what happens in Georgia will happen, but if we reach a situation where Arizona is in play for control of the Senate, meaning Republicans can get 51, I don't see the Democrats giving it up, Alex.
I really don't.
I don't see any fight from Republicans in Georgia.
Who knows if Republicans will even go out and vote in a runoff, quite frankly, without, I mean, you could say, kept pulling Walker's numbers up, considering he was more popular in this election than Walker, if you believe that.
That's what the numbers say.
So I don't think there's going to be any Republican fight there.
So now you're looking at Arizona and you're saying, OK, Arizona looks like it's going to be the battle to control the Senate.
We know all the shenanigans that happened in Maricopa County.
Blake Masters and Kerry Lake are not going to go walk away from this without crying foul, no matter what the results are.
Whether they win or lose, I think they're going to cry foul.
Specifically what happened in Maricopa County.
And you know, Alex, here's the problem.
Here's the problem that it's a sad thing to admit and accept, and it's even harder now knowing that the Democrat Party will label you as a terrorist and try to destroy your life if you say this, but if Republicans want to get smart, You're going to have to start asking some of these tough questions.
And you're going to have to start asking about voter fraud.
And you're going to have to start asking about election fraud.
And you're going to have to start being serious about it.
Not one-liners on TV.
Not tweets.
Not little ballot issues that you want to talk about.
No, no, no.
You've got to really start taking it seriously and asking serious questions.
And really, they should have started with the 2020 election, but they all wussed out on that.
That would have been the one to do it.
So now you've got one sitting out there in Maricopa County that should be highly scrutinized, highly questioned, highly contended, no matter who wins it.
And we as a country, with the leadership of the Republican Party, they need to own this issue now, need to say, look, Nobody trusts our elections at this point.
That's been proven.
Democrats don't trust them.
Republicans don't trust them.
None of these numbers make sense.
Do the voting machines even work?
Half the time now, they don't.
So, we need serious election reform.
And it's not that difficult.
It's not that difficult.
I mean, look at France.
And the national polls almost 80% think there's election fraud going on.
We'll be right back with that one.
Schreuer, Laura Limmer, who predicted yesterday early this would be a fraud.
She's popping in as well.
We'll continue into the fourth hour.
Now listen up!
There's a corporate world government coming in to eat our lunch.
It's announced there's too many of us, and they're gonna kill us!
But I know this.
Once humanity gets off the bench and realizes there's a war for their very existence, I'm gonna bet on you.
Oh, and we got Laura Loomer here with us.
We're gonna ride shotgun into the next hour.
You got more analysis on the races and what you're predicting is coming up.
You've been dead on and so has Laura.
We're going to go to Laura Loomer here in just a moment.
But first, spend a few minutes with continued analysis on other states.
What about Nevada?
What other areas are you looking at, Owen Schroer?
Well, look, there's a trend.
with American elections that I don't know what the solution is and what the politicians try to do is gerrymander to favor themselves but the problem is New York might be the best example I forget the numbers but it was like 40 counties for Lee Zeldin and 10 for Kathy Hochul, and she becomes the governor.
And so, this phenomenon, whether legitimate or illegitimate, with votes in the inner cities, all run by Democrats, overwhelming the entire state's population, something has to be done about this.
And the founding fathers wrote it into our election system, The kind of nullification of that with the Electoral College and the way that breaks down, so a gigantic state with a huge population, you know, basically the popular vote can't just overwhelm the rest of the country.
Now this drives Democrats insane.
That's why they talk about getting rid of the Electoral College, because they see the success they have at the state level without that obstacle, and they would like that to apply to the presidential elections as well.
That's why Republicans are going to probably take the House, it looks like, with a small margin.
But you'll see that Republicans were much more successful in House races this year than with the Senate.
And let me just kind of draw back again from all of this, Alex, and let's not get lost in the sauce of what happened last night and what may happen in the coming days.
We knew things in this country were going to get worse before they got better.
We know how corrupt our politicians are.
In fact, we might be very well living in the most corrupt times in American history.
We probably are.
So all of this was always going to be inevitable.
It sucks to swallow this pill in the real time while it's happening.
But really, we all, I think, anticipated this deep down.
And all that's going to happen now, Alex, is you've had so much invested over the years in America and American politics, more than most people, specifically in media, with your skin in the game.
So you've been thrashing about, upset about what's happening in this country because you've got skin in the game and you see where it's going.
Well now, others, the same phenomenon is starting to happen, you may notice Alex.
Whether it's Steve Bannon, who's been in the fight for a while, or it's new people throwing some skin in the game like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard.
Well now they feel like they maybe have been cheated.
Maybe they feel that they're not getting a fair shake.
And so there's going to be a new mass awakening.
There's going to be a new mass energy energy after this.
And so whatever the results are, those two things are not changing.
We're still in the most corrupt time in American history.
But the energy is going in our favor when it comes to the people.
No, I totally I totally agree with you as long as we don't give up.
We will win.
Evil always fails.
The end was bringing Laura Loomer.
She wasn't being a killjoy.
She ran the Republicans in backers.
She almost won the primary.
Look what happened to the person that stole the election from her.
Roger Stone doesn't say elections are stolen.
Even there's a lot of proof he won't say it.
He said, no, Laura was robbed.
And Laura, you were on when it looked like the Republicans were going to red wave everything
and the fraud wouldn't stop them.
You said they will steal it.
The Republicans probably won't even get the House.
You were very pessimistic last night.
You've been proven right.
How did you know this was coming, Laura Loomer?
Well, anybody who's intellectually honest about the broken state of our corrupt and feckless Republican Party knew that there was not going to be a red wave.
So a lot of people say that I'm a pessimist and that, you know, I'm bitter and that I'm just upset because my election was stolen.
But the reality is, is that how did anybody actually think that we were truly going to have a quote unquote red wave when the Republican Party completely failed to address voter fraud in the aftermath of the stolen 2020 election?
To this day, Ronna Romney and Kevin McCarthy, GOP leadership, have refused to issue an official statement admitting that the 2020 election was stolen.
You have no lawsuits filed by the Republican Party, RNC, against any of the machine manufacturers for machine ballot fraud or mail-in ballot fraud.
Look what's happening in Arizona.
This is just an example.
I want to show people how incompetent the Republican Party is.
Because right now what you're seeing, Alex, is Unfortunately, a lot of Republicans now are starting to get on this establishment, rhino, never Trump, anti-Trump hysteria as a result of what happened last night.
And you have the establishment blaming Donald Trump for last night's results.
Uh, and saying that Ron DeSantis is somehow going to be the new savior for the Republican Party.
Well, I just want to remind people that for the last two years, Donald Trump has not been in office.
We have a dementia patient sitting in the White House and the Republican Party has failed to learn, right, from the stolen election of 2020.
And so if anybody needs to take responsibility for the disaster that happened last night, it's Ronna Romney and Kevin McCarthy.
And I would expand on that.
They go, well, we don't have the votes to get an impeachment.
It doesn't matter.
They could have put him on the hot seat for the laptop and the corruption and the Russian money and all of it, but they didn't do it.
They didn't want the political victory because they're the Republican establishment that is part of the Uniparty that behaves and acts like they're opposition, but they're not.
They're part of the establishment and they are really on the hot seat now.
All the numbers are showing, Laura.
Yeah, and I also just want to bring people back down to reality.
You know, you see the establishment talking about this so-called historic victory by Ron DeSantis last night in Florida.
It's really honestly not that historic.
Ron DeSantis would be nothing if it wasn't for Donald Trump.
So before people start taking out the daggers and trying to replace Donald Trump and bring DeSantis on board for 2024, let's take a look at the numbers, okay?
I actually have calculated the numbers for all of the Trump haters.
In 2016, Donald Trump got 4,617,886 votes in Florida.
In 2020, Donald Trump got 5,668,731 votes in Florida.
617,886 votes in Florida.
In 2020, Donald Trump got 5,668,731 votes in Florida.
Which means that from 2016 to 2020, Donald Trump got over a million more voters to
turn out for him in the state of Florida.
In 2020...
2022 just now, Ron DeSantis had 4,598,154 votes.
So where's this delusion coming from that Ron DeSantis is more popular than Donald Trump?
Donald Trump got over a million more votes than Ron DeSantis.
We know Trump is the guy.
I only went after Trump using the Santas to get him to come out against vaccines, hoping Trump would then use his ego to do that.
He didn't do it yet.
But no, I'm getting a little- I was moving my needle towards the Santas, but now with Jeb Bush and others endorsing him and him meeting with all these globalists, I'm getting a little concerned.
And I'm telling you right now, Alex, we can.
We just have to force Donald Trump to stop, you know, pushing the vaccine and finally admit that the vaccine is killing people, that the vaccine and Operation Warp Speed was not as good as he thought it was going to be, and that he can absolutely decimate Ron DeSantis if he has the nerve to run against him in 2024.
And I say this as a very popular American First Republican candidate here in the state of Florida.
I voted for Ron DeSantis in 2018.
I volunteered to help him get elected.
I participated in the recount.
Rush Limbaugh credited my investigative work with actually saving Ron DeSantis' election in 2018.
And I voted for Ron DeSantis yesterday, but the reality is, is that I don't want Ron DeSantis as my president.
I want Donald Trump.
And the reality is, is Donald Trump created Ron DeSantis.
Ron DeSantis needs to check his ego, okay, and he needs to understand that he would be nothing without Donald Trump.
You know, I think that he would be wise to listen to Donald Trump and get rid of this delusion that he has in his mind that's being fueled by billionaire donors like- Well sure, I don't want a split, but the split is there.
Earlier we were covering races, but Owen, what is your take on this?
We can't ignore this is going on.
Where do you see this going?
I think that this is the intellectual dilemma that we have to be honest about right now.
Donald Trump, does he deserve a revenge slash redemption tour?
If you believe that he had the election stolen from him in 2020, does he rightfully deserve that second term that was stolen from him?
And so, okay, let's assume you say yes to this.
Well, here's the other question you have to ask yourself.
Is Ron DeSantis not currently the better candidate?
I think the answer to that is also yes.
And so this is the intellectual dilemma that we're facing right now is DeSantis might be the better candidate, but Trump still might be the one in line.
It might be his rightful place to be in line to run for president again.
And I'd hate to see a fracture of the Republican Party leading into this.
However, if that does happen, I don't think it's necessarily as bad as people might make it out to be.
Iron sharpens iron.
Trump went through a miserable primary process in 2016 too, so it's gotten ugly before.
But I think that this is the intellectual question that we have to ask ourselves moving forward.
And let's not get ahead of ourselves yet though.
Let's wait to see what happens if and when Trump announces And then see if DeSantis is going to say, OK, Trump, you have your go at this.
I'll come in after you.
That's my proper place.
All right.
Owen Schreier, stay there.
Hour number four coming up.
Laura Loomer, final comments from you.
Straight ahead.
But Laura Loomer has been on target over and over again about the censorship, the racist, everything.
And she is way under supported in the liberty movement.
She should be absolutely back.
Someday we will force her into Congress.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I can see.
The establishment has painted itself into a corner.
There's no way they get out of this now.
As you look at the steps ahead, they've got to double down on the tyranny.
But how do we stop their fall from crushing us?
That's really the big question here.
But I look at the Q movement, which, it was the strangest thing.
I mean, I would go out to, like, rallies, and people would walk up and go, I learned from Q the Federal Reserve is private, and I learned you're with the enemy.
And I learned Trump doesn't like you.
I'm like, look, I talked to Trump last week.
He didn't tell me that.
Yeah, right.
Trump is Q, and he don't like you because the message board said it.
And we're going to win.
I don't even need to vote.
They're going to arrest everybody on election day.
Now, that's not as bad as the Q thing, but this, so many Republicans I know didn't vote because the corporate media told them you're going to win in a landslide.
So if we're this dumb, we basically deserve what we get.
Laura Limer, I know there's election fraud and we saw it and it's going on, but the bigger fraud is the PSYOP, a big tech surveilling and blocking links and 95% of the links go on to liberals or whatever, but also Republicans believing when the media told them, you're invincible, you're a winner, they want to believe like the Q thing, like everything's handled, we won, it's like mind control.
What do you say to that?
Yeah, I agree.
And just to kind of pivot back to what we were talking about with Trump and DeSantis, because I just don't want to let this go.
You know, you just brought up Big Tech, okay, and Big Tech election interference.
Ron DeSantis went on national television on Tucker Carlson's show and literally lied to everybody watching when he said that he outlawed Big Tech election interference in the state of Florida.
His tech bill was the weakest tech bill I've ever seen in my life and it was intentionally designed to be weak and they rejected the amendments to make the bill retroactive that I had originally proposed when my legal team read and actually advised them.
I testified in front of the Florida legislature regarding the tech bill and the reason they didn't make it retroactive is because I pointed out that They needed to make it retroactive to ensure that candidates like myself and Donald Trump, the only two candidates that have been permanently banned on social media and would have had future elections, would still be denied access.
So, Ron DeSantis' bill was intentionally designed to screw Donald Trump.
I told Donald Trump this when I saw him at Mar-a-Lago, too, so he knows.
And then secondly, Ron DeSantis supports people that want to lock up January 6th patriots.
He endorsed Joe Odea, who Donald Trump said that he would never endorse.
And the reason why Ron DeSantis decided to endorse Joe Odea, who luckily lost his election
last night.
And even though he's a Republican, I'm glad that he lost his election because he's a rhino and a traitor to MAGA.
And he said that he was in favor of January 6th Patriots being locked up in jail and that he would campaign against Donald Trump in 2024.
And that's what motivated Ron DeSantis to run robocalls for Joe O'Dea.
The fact that he said that he wanted to keep Alright, I get it, I get it.
You predicted the fraud that just happened and you really don't like DeSantis.
So do you think DeSantis is a new allure operative or just misguided?
Not that I don't like him.
Like I said, I voted for him, but I think that he's incredibly ungrateful and he's aligning himself with RINOs.
I've been told and my sources have told me that he's actually looking to utilize Mitt Romney's presidential team from when Romney ran against Obama.
Oh yeah, he touches Mitt Romney.
I don't like him.
Laura Loomer, you're back on The War Room, 4 p.m.
Central, today in two hours.
Thank you so much.
There goes Laura Loomer at Loomer.com.
Owen, I want to come back and finish up with your analysis, other key parts of the races, the battles that are coming, and then we'll hand the baton to Kate Dowling for the rest of the hour before you get ready for your show at 3 p.m.
Central and takeover.
We'll be right back with Owen Schroyer.
Please don't forget, we're backed by you, not the New World Order.
We are the People's Engine of Liberty.
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Well, the video's coming up in a moment.
It's on InfoWars.com.
King Charles pelted with eggs.
Police attacked in Greece with Molotov cocktails.
It's all coming up.
Owen Schroyer, though, you did a great job last night.
You're coming up in about 55 minutes with your own show, The War Room, here on InfoWars.
What else do you want to talk about concerning this historic election?
Well first of all, it appears though they have finally admitted that Ron Johnson has won Wisconsin.
So that's good news for the Republicans.
And so now you've got three states left where the Republicans in Arizona are really making headwind right now.
I mean, I think Laxalt won Nevada, so I don't know what kind of shenanigans they may try to pull in Clark County.
That's where we're going to have to be on the lookout for Clark County.
That's Las Vegas.
So we'll be monitoring that.
But you notice, look at the state of Nevada here, Alex.
There's only one county that goes blue.
Yeah, that would be Clark County down there.
So it's the same phenomenon we see across the country, where one Democrat City can overwhelm the will of the entire state.
That's what the Electoral College was designed to do at the national level.
Maybe we need something similar at the state level now, seeing this trend continue.
Of course, Democrats would never get behind that.
Oh, there it is!
So now, actually, they're saying he overtook Laxalt.
Okay, that's just Clark County.
Okay, actually, guys, give me the full picture just so I can see.
Okay, here we go, yeah.
So this is within about 20,000 votes here.
just over 20,000. So they're going to contest this, but right now Laxalt's still ahead.
So, hey, look, if anything, maybe have a good attitude here, because Republicans are back
at a shot to get 52 seats, potentially, if they can get Nevada and Arizona and Georgia.
Now, we'll wait on getting the good news there, because I have a feeling the Democrats aren't
going to give it up so easily. And the Republicans are kind of wanting to lose the Senate to
blame Donald Trump, I think, at this point.
So that's going to be interesting to watch.
But Alex, I want to go back to something you said in the last segment, because we were talking about fraud.
And I think one of the biggest frauds that the American people are about to learn the hard way about is the fraudulent economy that we've been living in under Joe Biden for about the last eight months.
What am I talking about?
Folks, our economy is in a complete disaster right now.
It is a complete and utter disaster.
The supply chain is on the brink.
The energy supply is on the brink.
And they've been synthetically keeping prices down, Alex, like a beach ball under the water in the deep end of the pool.
And now that this election is over, I think the pressure is going to release.
And so I was talking about this last night.
I can't remember if it was with you or Ali Alexander or Harrison Smith, but we were talking about how I expect gas prices to immediately skyrocket in the coming weeks.
20, 30 cents a gallon.
I'm expecting your energy bills to go up.
I'm expecting grocery bills to go up.
The Democrats have fraudulently and synthetically propped up the economy leading up to this midterm.
Hoping, obviously, it would help them, Americans not going to the polls in complete shambles economically, which is where the economy actually is right now, Alex.
And people just don't realize it because they've synthetically tried to prop it up with the emergency petroleum reserves being released.
All of these tax holidays, you know, oh, we're going to give you free money for college tuition and all this other BS.
It's all been synthetic.
And I'm afraid that we're about to get the reality, the dose of reality soon with how bad the economy actually is under Joe Biden.
All right, Owen, great, great job last night.
And today you'll be on in about 50 minutes at Infowars.com forward slash show stations across the country.
Owen Troyer in the War Room.
Thank you so much, Owen.
Thank you.
All right.
I gotta hit this.
I'm gonna throw the baton to Kay Dally, who's about to take over.
She's loaded for bear.
With all the latest developments.
King Charles III is at the head of the New World Order.
He is a depopulationist.
He is a globalist.
He literally says we need to kill, like his dad said, at least 80% of the world population.
Look it up.
Prince Charles calls for the duty of depopulation.
Prince Philip calls for depopulation.
Viruses equal 80% of us.
But he wants you to take a shot because he loves you.
And so here we are at this crossroads right now.
And the media is like, oh, you're in a Walgreens, you're in a Walmart, you're in a wherever.
There's just nothing but royalty magazines at the checkout.
Our country was founded in not being part of this.
They're not even British.
They don't represent England.
They're at the highest levels of the spider's web.
And so, the videos on Infowars.com, there's a bunch of different angles.
I'll only play a few of the clips.
Watch King Charles pelted with eggs, one man detained.
And people are like, oh, how dare you be mean to the king.
And you know, there's eggs, they're missing him and hitting him.
But the whole point is this guy wants to depopulate you.
He wants to cut off your resources and now they're acting like it's a terrorist attack that somebody threw eggs at him.
We have to realize that these people are not our friends and they need to know they're not going to lead comfortable lives and not be exposed while they're trying to do this to us.
They have this nice, affected, you know, British accent, and gentlemanly.
They are psycho psychos.
Here's a few of the clubs.
Beyond sycophantic.
And the media is acting like this is asteroids hitting the earth and killing all of us.
All right, Kate Daly, Seneca Talk Show host, ready to take over.
She's got all the latest developments.
Thank you so much, Kate.
Thanks so much, Alex.
Such a great point about the little stubby fingers, Charles.
So we're being trolled in this nation with how amazing royalty is every five seconds.
I love that great point.
Wouldn't we all like to pelt him with tomatoes?
Just saying.
Anyway, look, I was super excited to basically end democracy, as Biden put it.
End democracy.
Uh, last night, super excited because we know we live in a republic.
That's why.
And, uh, that's not what happened.
And I want to have a real, real conversation, uh, with you about this and give you some thoughts of mine because I'm seeing, I'm seeing this whole thing.
Yesterday I talked about, uh, I talked about what would happen.
I said, they're going to rig the selection.
They're going to do it.
And whether they do it for the reflection of the real votes, okay, they actually show you that, or they do it for the leftist progressive globalists, okay, they're going to do it, but there's a reason why.
And I'll get to that in just a moment, for sure, in the next segment.
But I feel like we're all sitting around waiting for, I don't know, it's like waiting for a divorce court so we can see who gets custody of us.
Don't you feel like that right now?
That is never how we were ever supposed to feel in this country.
Because we're not King Charles.
What a doink.
Anyways, we're not, we're not Britain.
We're not supposed to be anyway.
We got a lot of ties to Britain, unfortunately.
But we're not supposed to be them.
And there are reasons for that.
We fought a revolution to get this republic.
We did.
So I want to talk to you about some of the things that happened and In our discussion today, we need to talk about the fact that if you can have a guy like Sling Blade win Pennsylvania... He reminds me of Sling Blade, sorry.
The character of Sling Blade, the movie.
If you can have a guy that resembles Sling Blade, then that means that you're intentionally wanting to pretty much mock us and put somebody in like that.
He was inserted.
You and I both know it.
We all know it, right?
This is a joke, right?
So when you're looking at somebody like this, and the left is all slobbering all over him, and he can't utter a single sentence, fracking!
I love fracking!
Fracking's good!
Fracking's good!
Good night, everybody!
I mean, when we look at somebody like this getting in, then you know there's no doubt in our minds That we were robbed, but it's much more than being robbed is what I want to talk about because I think there's a plan, you know, obviously at stake here.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host, but let me just tell you, there's a lot to talk about here.
Why did they, why did they not give the red the chance?
Why did they not do it?
Hey everybody, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the hour.
Mickey Willis will be joining me in the final segment today.
And let me just tell you, we have a lot to talk about when it comes to elections.
I've got a lot of thoughts about this, as you can imagine.
Yesterday I said they were going to rig the election.
And I meant it.
And you know they're going to.
Did we all think we were going to show up at the same exact machines, in the same exact voting manner, in the same exact way, and get anything, like some kind of magical different result?
Of course not.
It was never going to happen.
So, what are the reasons?
That's what I want to talk about with you.
What are the reasons they're doing this?
What's the bigger picture?
So, I also wanted to talk, too, before I get there, about the races.
Everything is razor tight right now.
I mean, it couldn't be tighter.
I mean, like, what is it?
Like, 10,000 votes?
5,000 votes?
It's ridiculous.
Now, we have a conservative majority in the country.
When you're looking at state races, and when you're looking at federal races, there is no way that can happen.
There's just no way that can happen.
It's statistically, mathematically impossible, okay?
But they've been doing this for quite a long time, quite a few decades, in telling us that, oh man, it was tight, you just need to work harder next time.
You just need to convince a few more people next time, and then you'll win.
So the whole thing is ridiculous, the whole thing is played, and it's pathetic.
But let's talk about how and why.
Christy Noem, they even said, won in a landslide.
She was the only landslide they talked about, okay?
And still, when you look at her state, the state is mostly all red, okay?
Almost the entire thing is red.
So they put her at 62%.
That would be more like 80, 85% if you were really looking at the state, okay?
So they put it at 62, and I actually believe that number was a lot higher.
But that's the only landslide you're going to probably hear about today.
And of course, what were the headlines?
What were the headlines?
Republicans in shock!
House control is close!
Dems holding Senate and my favorite, toxic Trump and MAGA meltdown.
So we are now the MAGA Republicans, as King fraud a lot has referred to over and over.
Press is referring to it because they're told to.
And now we're having this situation where we're shocked.
No, we're not shocked.
The reason that they would swing it to, if they were going to swing it yesterday, they had two reasons, I think.
Number one was if they were going to swing it to the Democrats.
Okay, let's just say, you know, they swung it to the Democrats like they're doing right now.
That would mean that they were ready for the Great Reset.
It would mean that they were ready for more chaos.
It would mean that the chaos is coming quickly.
The food shortages quickly.
More inflation quickly.
That's what that means.
It means they're more ready.
It means we have enough satellites up, we have enough 5G up, that they might be able to also get us into digital currency quickly.
That means they're just more ready for it.
If they were going to give us the red wave, which would have actually reflected what the country was feeling and thinking, because you know it and I know it, everyone knows it, right?
If they were actually gonna do that, what they would have done was,
they would be basically saying, "Well, we need a little bit more time.
"We need a little bit more time.
"We'll make you guys complacent.
"You'll think you've won, okay?
"You'll think you've won a something.
"What did you win, Bob?
"A set of Ginsu knives, that's what you won."
Basically, we're getting a set of Ginsu knives, 'cause we're not gonna get any liberty back,
I can assure you.
So, they would have had gridlock, and they would have done these monstrous things
to show you that nobody can get along, and everybody just needs to be kind to each other,
which you and I both know is total BS, because what that means is,
be silent, or no one's really fighting.
It's like a fake fight.
Gotta love fake fighting.
It's like a fake wrestling match, okay?
So basically, they would have needed time.
They would have needed some time.
And they obviously don't.
Because you and I both know, look at the Carrie Lake race, okay?
Carrie Lake was up in every single race.
Katie Hobbs, that hot mess.
She didn't even come out of her little hole.
She didn't even campaign.
You never saw her.
She wasn't around.
It was ridiculous.
It was ridiculous.
It reminds me of King Fraud a lot, right before the 2020.
So for her to win would have been asinine.
But they're going to carry her to a win.
She already knew the race was fixed.
And what was she in charge of?
To make it even worse.
Okay, so why are they doing this?
Why are they putting Sling Blade in?
Why are we seeing these races that you absolutely know that there is no way, there is absolutely no way they could have won?
I think when they did the 2020 election, they were at a point where so much was already facilitated and ready to go that they didn't care at that point.
They were almost mocking you.
They were basically mocking us.
I should say that.
Because they knew that Biden was a total troll and he was hated.
They knew that he was aloof.
You know, he was like this, this thing that hung around Washington for 45 years.
And they knew that we would know that we would never vote for that guy.
The nation was never on board with him.
Nobody ever showed up to anything he ever did.
And these leftist progressives have to use like the, uh, the screens to show you that they can't fill an arena.
They've got to block it off.
Black screen.
Just to make it look like there's a crowd, right?
So there's a lot of shenanigans that happen.
But they wanted you to know that they were going to put in the doofiest, most trolliest, most pedophile-ish president of all time in a spot.
And then on top of it, tell you that he got the most votes of any president in the entire nation.
Now that's going pretty far.
So what this means to me is, they're just not afraid anymore.
They're not afraid of you believing in the elections.
Just like believing in currency.
Belief is what has carried us.
Belief is what has carried the money.
Not actual gold.
And in elections, they're finally at the point now where they will put and install a Federmen in.
I can't call her anything else.
Or her molly in, okay?
They'll put these people in.
Gretchen Wormwood.
I just, that's what I call her.
You know, she's a hot mess.
Her state hates her.
They really do.
But they put her in.
In my state, Utah, oh my gosh, we got a slime ball.
A slime ball parading around as a conservative, completely liberal.
I wish she'd come out of the liberal closet, right?
Or any glove, whatever, but all I'm saying is, is they don't care if you believe it.
Are they beyond reproach?
And what I want to talk about too today is what can we do?
Because there is something we can do and it doesn't require a revolution.
It actually requires a reclamation and a reclamation is something very, very different.
But how are we going to do that?
We don't need to fight a revolution.
We already won the revolution.
We already got our Constitution, and it's still hanging by a thread.
The problem is, is that they, and this is why they're pushing the Article 5 Con Con, they want to change it to fit what they're doing now or in the future.
But the Constitution still stands, which means that there is a way that we can fight this, if you're willing to, if we were willing to.
And it actually is really, really simple, but it's going to be It's going to be having to really talk to people to get them on board to do it though.
And that's the hard part is getting people to do something in mass, right?
But even if we had a little bit of a mass working in our favor, it has never been the majority that's been awake.
It's always been the minority.
And we are part of that minority.
And we need to strengthen the minority.
Don't ever expect the masses to understand everything or even want to.
But the minority can.
And the minority is always one out.
So when I come back, I want to talk to you about what we can do.
Because they're obviously going to rig every election.
And we better be ready for it.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
So here's the deal.
They want to steer us to the right.
You've detected that.
I'm sure.
Haven't you?
That's why they're letting King Frodelot's gaffes go in the news every day.
If they wanted us to respect him, we would be taught to respect him.
We're not.
We're told these people are a joke.
We talk about it.
We see the gaffes.
If they didn't want us to see it, they simply just would not show it to us.
So, really what's going on here is They're steering us to the right.
You don't see anyone joining the party going from right to left.
Why would you?
The economy's a crap fest.
The blue is the party of genital mutilation at five years old and censorship.
Who would join that right now?
And I know there's a lot of hardcore Democrats out there that are not on board with some of the leftist progressive stuff they're doing.
But the party's been hijacked.
So you'll get some blue, some Democrats going over to the right just to restore the economy, okay?
But why do they want to move us to the right?
Why are they telling us to go to the right, basically?
And I think it's for two reasons.
Number one, it's to create such a fiasco with voting, and they are deliberately stealing it in order to bring on blockchain, voting by blockchain.
The more open we are to blockchain, the more open we'll be to digital currency.
Because it will provide transparency, they'll tell us, but that's not actually what it's going to provide.
It's just going to provide more control.
But that's going to be the lie.
So they're gonna start ramping up blockchain because they know people out in the country are furious right now.
And they used to just take Team A and Team B, we'll put in the Republicans for a while, then we'll put in the Democrats for a while, then the Republicans, right?
That's how they do it.
They swat us back and forth.
Even in 08, they moved us toward Obama, didn't they?
Oh yeah, he's the guy for both sides.
Remember how he talked about NSA spying, he was gonna end all of that?
A lot of Republicans actually fell for it, right?
So we're very easily manipulated, but they really want World War Three, because there's a lot of rhinos that are going to profit from that.
And they really want blockchain for voting.
It'll soften us up, butter us up for the rest of digital currency to happen.
I truly believe that, that that's the track we're on right now.
Because they want you to be ticked off.
They want you to know that Fetterman got in when I don't think he had the support at all.
So they want you to think that Katie Hobbs won Arizona.
They want you to think Gretchen Wormwood won her state.
They want you to think this.
And there's always a reason why.
And even when you look in history, there's been, what, since 1906, three midterms in which the party and the president actually gained House seats, right?
I think 34 and 98.
There was 2002.
But that wouldn't happen now because things are even worse than they were in the recession of 08.
OK, so that wasn't going to happen.
And we all knew it.
There were Democrats seriously voting for anyone else just because they wanted to put an end To this economy madness.
And how sad.
You get to the point where you're only voting for economy, not liberty.
I mean, it's a joke, right?
But they gave us some wins, Texas and Florida.
And why did they do that?
And of course, Evan McMuffin lost.
But here's the deal though, they do that because sometimes, and the first thing I thought when Evan McMuffin
was running against Mike Lee was, oh, they're just trying to get money for the party.
Because, you know, otherwise you think it's a lock, right?
In a conservative state like mine.
But they run these people and then they make it look like, well, you got something.
So you can leave the party feeling like, well, you got a party gift.
Or a partying gift, whatever.
Look, there's a couple of things we can do.
They used to be able to swing this 30 to 35% if they felt like you believed in the result enough, okay?
Or believed that it was tight enough where they could pull that over, the wool over your eyes.
So now they're doing it deliberately.
So now we have to do things more deliberately.
I say that if there were millions of people out there that did paper ballots, that showed up and did actual paper ballots, There is no way they can't throw out legally a paper ballot.
So if you had millions of people doing that, and they were really reflective of the rest of the country in voting, and we did not use their machines.
Because remember, they always tell us it's the machines, it's the machines, it's the machines.
Well, of course it is.
It's the software.
And it's not about the vote going in.
It's not about when you cast the vote.
It's when the vote data is transferred on the back end, is where they hide the fraud.
And they also hide it in counties showing up in record numbers of 50%, 100%.
That's never happened in the history of America, nor will it ever.
So it's a joke, right?
Okay, so there's a lot of fraud.
Then you have the mules.
Then you have the mules stuffing ballot boxes.
But what about paper ballots?
What if you showed up in person and did a paper ballot?
Uh, when I went to one of the speeches Mike Lee gave, he said, you know, fill out your ballot, get it in the mail.
The audience said no.
And he said, well, what gives?
Why would you say no to that?
And they all said, because we want to, we want to vote in person.
We want to vote in person.
And he was shocked.
He was generally shocked.
People out there know, they know they're getting hijacked.
So what if we did paper ballots?
But we did them in such record number, they couldn't ignore them and they can't throw them out.
What we need is a reclamation.
Do you know what the definition of a reclamation is?
Not a revolution, a reclamation.
It's the process of claiming something back or reasserting a right.
It also means that it's the reclamation of our shared history.
Our shared history is the Constitution.
You know, if we were smart, not only would we do paper ballots, and it really wouldn't be tough to do, right?
You just have to get people on board.
The other thing that we could do is billboards.
It's the only medium not owned by the mega corporations, right?
Or the leftist globalists or those that run the country.
Because those that own the media, I don't even think they're really... They're not the Democrats.
It's actually the people running the world is running our media, right?
So you're never going to get anywhere with the media.
You're never gonna, you just can't.
And you can't get people to listen to your message, like say, talk radio, when you know they're not going to because they're extremely leftist.
So what are we to do?
If we bought property near freeways and we're able to house our own billboards and put those up and create accounts to do that, we could message the rest of the country.
You could give messages to make people think.
You could give messages that really spurred thought as far as what the situation we're in.
Not to turn everyone, because you never will, but to strengthen the majority or the minority, right?
Because the majority you're never going to get.
But you could strengthen the minority and it would help.
The billboards are the only way to get somebody who would never listen to you as a captive audience to have to listen to you.
Wouldn't they?
You can't escape it.
You're in a car.
What else are you going to do?
We have to look at these messages.
If we were smart, we'd be putting money in those, like immediately.
We knew this election was never going to save us.
We knew that.
And I never expected it to because I knew that the same mechanisms were in place because no elected officials, even on our right, would do anything about this.
There was nothing that was going to be, it reminds me of the Lucky Charms coming, magically, magically delicious.
We knew when we walked in that we were never going to get the results, right?
You knew that.
You knew that they were going to monkey with us, right?
Of course they were.
Look, there are things we can do.
You can work within your local races, your county races.
You can work hard to get people to do paper ballots, which they cannot, they cannot legally throw away.
And what we need in this country is not a revolution.
They would love for us to have a revolution.
That way they could just put us in jail.
They are the ones that are treasonous.
They are the ones that are violating the Constitution, not us.
So they're walking away from the Constitution.
So what we need to do is be smart enough to do some moves to get it back.
To actually put feet to the fire and actually make them adhere to it.
So if we did a couple of things like that, if we realized right now that they gave us a couple of wins to restore our faith as much as they wanted to in these last results.
But you and I both know this should have been a red windfall, and not that the red was going to save us.
Because when they have the power, they don't generally do that.
We've never had anything repealed in all the years, over 120 years, nothing has been repealed.
We were never even going to get rid of Obamacare.
It wasn't even in the talking points.
So we know that, right?
So as long as we're all on the same page, then let's work with some of the things we do have at our disposal.
I'm going to come right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I've got Mickey Willis and we'll talk a little bit about Pandemic 3.
Be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for this hour.
And my guest is Mickey Willis, of course, Plandemic.
Of course, author and filmmaker.
So happy to have you on the show with me.
And we have a huge, you know, red pill event happening, Salt Lake City and all kinds of things going on.
Mickey, so good.
So good to have you.
How are you?
Thank you so much.
I'm happy to be here and I'm wonderful.
How are you?
I'm good, I'm good.
You know, I was just talking about the fact that if they were going to do this with the machines, I said this yesterday, if they were going to gear it toward these leftists and let us know that it was very obvious that election fraud was going to take place again, of course it would because nothing has changed, so we shouldn't expect anything else, that Then they're ready for a little bit more chaos, and I suspect that everything gets ramped up.
Inflation, more mystery, viruses, whatever the heck they want to bring, they're going to bring it.
And I think that the chaos that will ensue from this point on is going to get stranger.
And so all the more reason, talk about this new, the latest project of yours, because I want to hear all about it, if you will.
Well, Plandemic 3 is called The Great Awakening, and it is to address really the big picture.
There's a lot of people out there who think that all of this began with COVID, but COVID was simply used as leverage to further fulfill an agenda that's been going on for decades, if not a century at this point.
And we've been dealing with enemies, foreign and domestic, From within our country is under attack and it has been for a number of years and there have been a lot of historical warnings dating back to the 50s and 60s.
An early film, people doing lectures, people like G. Edward Griffin, who is the founder of the Red Pill Expo that I'll be speaking at this weekend, who went out very brazenly in the 60s, when it was very dangerous to warn the world, they all thought he was crazy, and reading from communist manifestos, he told everyone what was coming, and a large part of Pandemic 3 is using his work And as he reads a chapter from Communist Manifestos to show that whatever it is they said they're going to do is completely fulfilled and they're doing it right now in the United States.
And it's pretty amazing when you see this back-to-back from historical warning to what's happening now.
And the people that thought he was crazy 50 years ago are no longer holding that opinion because they actually realize that He had some of the most, I wouldn't even call them predictions, because he didn't really express his opinions.
He simply reported on what they said their plan was and is, and is now in full bloom here in our great beloved United States, which is kind of unbelievable, but here we are.
I just barely interviewed him and what a phenomenal interview he is.
He's in his 90s and he'll be in Salt Lake City, but he's the one that brought us Creature of Jekyll Island, exposing the Fed, exposing cancer, exposing so many things, so many documentaries, exposing how our Department of Education was hijacked in 1907, starting in 1907 by the Carnegie Foundation and some other foundations.
Of course, the Rockefellers always involved.
But he was, he was saying those things early on and what's so fascinating.
I mean, I hope he feels some vindication now.
I know that's not going to be a lot, but to feel because all the way along, I'm sure he got a lot of barbs and hits for what he was speaking about.
But when you're on the side of truth, you just have to speak out.
And that's what he was talking about.
You must speak out when you know the truth.
And so I'm really, I'm just, it's wonderful.
He does understand now.
He actually expresses that in the interview that I did with him for The Great Awakening.
He didn't know how accurate his warning would be in the 60s, but he knew that it was significant.
And he's just delighted to know that his work will be memorialized and his legacy will be memorialized in a film that will be seen by millions of people.
He was even the one, there's a lot of people I'm sure, your listeners are aware of an incredibly important interview that was done with a KGB defector named Yuri Brezhmanov.
And what a lot of people don't know is that's also G. Edward Griffin.
He's conducting that interview.
And so that's also in the movie.
I'm really honored to say that Ed Griffin sent me all of his masters and so we have just transferred all of his original movies and I'm kind of a custodian of the legacy of his work right now which is really a great honor because he is a living legend and a man who has received very little acknowledgement for the work he's done but that's all about to change.
I'm so, I'm actually really excited to see this.
These movies are waking people up.
You must be really proud of the work that you're doing to contribute to that because it takes a lot of people to wake people up.
And of course, Ed Griffin is just a legend, right?
He's a complete legend.
And I love his work.
I just love that you're doing this and showcasing this.
It's really important for people to understand the bigger, broader picture.
These are well-laid plans.
This is not something that just I'm not a coincidence theorist, you know, I understand what's going on.
Not everything is a coincidence and he definitely points that out.
So I'm loving that you're doing this.
He does too and in reference to something you said earlier, I wanted to kind of circle back to that because we are looking at a few more years of craziness and as much as I would love to say, let's go back to some some form of sanity.
The truth of the matter is, especially after digging deep into the psychology of what's happening, the mind control programs, the mass formation, the mass hypnosis and all of that, the reality is, just like they say when someone is addicted to drugs, I've had a couple of friends when I was part of Hollywood that got addicted to drugs and I tried to help them, tried to save them, and I had people that were far more educated in the world of addiction warn me that you can't do that until they hit rock bottom.
And they were right each time.
And so because they just end up relapsing and coming back and there's a particular bedrock that you have to hit till you say, okay, I'm ready for change now.
And in this in the same kind of using that as a metaphor, it's it's actually necessary that we experience another couple of years of hell.
Because there's so many people in this nation who are still in denial and haven't seen it yet.
And the only way to learn right now is through direct experience.
So there were so many people in San Francisco two years ago that thought all of us were crazy that we're sending the warnings and now they're seeing it when they walk out of their front door and they're moving.
A lot of people in California in general are doing that.
And so unfortunately, because there's so much misinformation and disinformation online and people don't know who to trust, which was, you know, Literally, one of the former CIA directors said, we'll know that our disinformation agenda is complete when the American people, everything they believe is not true.
And so we're kind of reaching that point right now.
The next couple of years will show the rest of the cities, the blue cities, as they get worse, as the homelessness gets worse, as the fentanyl addictions get worse, as the crime gets worse, as their children are further attacked.
Unfortunately, I wish people didn't have to experience that.
But that will be the catalyst for a greater awakening that I think will serve us big time in 2024.
Oh, I think you're right on the money.
I mean, 100%.
I'm with you on this.
Red Pill Expo and these different expos that come up, these are really important.
There's a lot of great information there.
This one's in Salt Lake City this weekend on the 12th and 13th in Salt Lake.
I hope people go because the speakers at these events, they can do so much.
Bring somebody that doesn't know what we're talking about because that's the audience we need to get.
It's so true, and I will say that after the release of Plandemic 1 and 2, I was on tour for about a year and a half in multiple locations all around the country and beyond.
And honestly, my favorite event to date was when I spoke once two years ago at the Red Pill event.
The caliber of speakers, the education, the variety of information that was there.
Everything from investment to gold and silver to how to protect yourself with preparation of food and mental stability.
There's just such an incredible variety of information and Ed is very careful about who he allows to come and speak.
There's a lot of events that will just choose people with large followings because they know that they'll put butts in seats and they'll help promote.
But Ed's about keeping it small, you know, down to about seven, eight hundred people.
And just it's really about, you know, quality over quantity.
So I highly recommend if anyone's on the fence about going and if you have a choice between a couple events to go to this year, this is the one.
Red Pill, Salt Lake City this weekend.
And of course, Plandemic 3.
Really excited to see this.
This is going to wake people up.
And like you said, we are going to hit rock bottom.
There's more crazy and expect it.
And also, I mean, always expect it.
I can't believe we thought anything else.
I mean, that's why yesterday, they'll rig it.
It just depends on for what reason they'll rig it either way, because they have that kind of control.
That's the America we have right now.
So we're going to hit rock bottom, but we're going to do this together.
And hopefully when you go to Red Pill, Events like this, you've got solutions and they do.
There's a lot of solutions.
It's just if people are willing to do them.
Very well said.
Thank you so much, Mickey Willis.
I appreciate all the work you're doing and the movies have been outstanding.
I really love the information and we need this kind of information right now.
So it's fantastic.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for your voice and for your work and your support.
Appreciate you.
Well, look, don't expect anything else today.
Of course we knew it was going to be rigged.
Of course we knew it was going to happen, right?
There's only one way it was going to go.
There's a lot of players in the theater.
There's a lot of actors.
There's a lot of players out there running for office.
Just make sure you're aware of them.
That's all.
Be well.
And for the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally.
You know we're the CIA, 10/10, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to, and Joe Rogan, Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's News.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast.
That means follow what the beast says or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue, that they can then dictate to you, through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout, but with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it, and at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
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