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Name: 20221103_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 3, 2022
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"Alex Jones discusses various topics including Kyrie Irving's Instagram post about the link between Africans and Jews in North Africa, the history of European slave trade, and the 2020 US election. He criticizes Biden for claiming that there is no such thing as election fraud while Republicans are all doing it. Jones also addresses the issue of Nancy Pelosi not wanting the surveillance footage from the Capitol riot released and criticizes Biden for his hypocrisy in stating that violence has no place in democracy."

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We've almost taken the Republican Party over and the power structure is in abject, total, complete panic about it.
So we're not the minority, we're the diverse majority of Republican voters, upwards of 80% even in studies, are identifying with Trump, identifying with Alex Jones.
That's why they panic in Media Matters and CNN and go, why the mainline Republicans are defending Jones now and they're echoing his talking points.
Yeah, exactly.
Because they're not my talking points.
I'm on your criminal asses and I read your white papers and I study you filth.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and King Charles and all you people.
And I bet on humanity and I believe in humanity.
You bet against us and you watch.
I may not make it to see the victory.
But you're going down, and you can feel it in your dirty, filthy, globalist bones.
When I think about pedophile armies, and world government, and nuclear war, and devaluation, and old people starving to death, and all this crap, I get pissed.
Like, if you walk up and slap me in the face, I could be sitting there asleep.
I'm gonna jump up and beat your ass.
It's the same thing.
We need to all have the same attitude of, this is serious.
That's why I'm so damn animated.
My God, they're getting ready to steal the election in five days.
You're not pissed about that?
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
This lady, Veja Gade, if I'm saying that right there, quote, Chief Counsel, she tells super whopper lies that I got kicked off for beating up a kid.
So what was it that made you ban him?
So there were three separate incidents that came to our attention after the fact that were reported to us by different users.
There was a video that was uploaded that showed a child being violently thrown to the ground and crying.
So that was the first one.
So then I guess the question is what was the video context of the kid being thrown to the ground?
Was it newsworthy?
We obviously didn't think so and depicting violence against a child is not something that we would allow on the platform.
Even if it's news content?
Um, if it was, uh, there are certain types of situations where if you were reporting on, um, you know, war zone and, and things that might be happening, we would put a interstitial on that type of content that's graphic or violent, but we didn't feel that that was the context here.
Well, so here's a video that's been going around that was going around a few, well,
Before five weeks ago, the one where the the girls were yelling at that big giant guy and the guy punched that girl in the face and she was like 11 years old.
I saw that multiple times on Twitter.
That was one of the most violent things I've ever seen.
This giant man punched this 11 year old girl in the face.
And that was was that removed from Twitter?
I don't know.
That's enough!
That's hilarious.
I understand.
So we took the totality of this, having been warned that we have rules against the abuse and harassment of individuals.
We saw this pattern in practice.
One strike, two strike, three strikes, and we made a decision.
Here are the Twitter executives.
Being fired, they don't look too happy now.
And a lot of people are saying, Jones, when are you going to challenge Elon Musk?
I don't know if Elon Musk is the guy we want to piss off.
Are you scared of Elon Musk?
I'm not scared of him, no.
You sound like you're scared of him.
I'm not scared of him.
The thing is, this is not a technological problem.
I mean, if you have a technological problem, yes, you need a tech genius.
Global warming?
No, I'm talking about taking over Twitter, for instance.
Oh, OK.
This is a problem of politics, of sociology, of human psychology.
I'm not sure that he's necessarily the best one to address it.
I mean, his view of Twitter, he often says it's like the town square, that we need to protect the free speech there.
But Twitter is not the town square.
I mean, Tristan Harris recently said that Twitter is actually the town's gladiator arena.
The world population is waking up at record levels.
And the globalists are completely and totally, absolutely desperate right now.
Despite the robust protections of the First Amendment, the federal government is making every effort to pressure social media companies into punishing speech.
Now, according to The Intercept, Facebook maintains a special portal for law enforcement to make requests that content be removed from the platform.
Indeed, the portal exists here.
We were able to find it, and requires law enforcement credentials to access it.
According to The Intercept, the FBI's Laura Demlow briefed a cybersecurity agency on the spread of misinformation, warning that, quote, we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.
Excuse me?
Another DHS report obtained by The Intercept explained that its coming priorities are preventing, quote, inaccurate information on a wide range of topics, including, quote, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S.
withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S.
support to Ukraine.
God gave us all this technology to use and to build our future, but it serves us, not them.
That's a prime rule.
In my rules, I think the future should be run.
Ladies and gentlemen, have you thought that speech five weeks ago with Biden with the red background on the Marines declaring war on their political opposition, saying they want to arrest all of us was bad?
Last night was even worse.
His Hail Mary to say, hey, I'm the most
Properly elected person ever.
My election was the cleanest election that we've basically ever seen.
But, oh, in these key battleground states, the same ones they stole last time, we're not going to know for a few days who really won.
And we'll explain how that scam works.
I mean, it went on and on.
And that, you know, Democrats don't handle things by violence or burning things down.
That's the Republicans.
Everything he said was upside down world and now the Pelosi's don't want the footage from their surveillance cameras that the Congressional Capitol Police, where they've expanded offices around the country,
Turns out they've got HD video of all this, but they don't want the footage released, ladies and gentlemen.
They just don't want to talk about two men in their underwear with hammers in a bedroom.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
We're going to open the phones up throughout the broadcast today, all three hours.
We're going to be taking your phone calls on all these issues.
So let's go ahead now and plow directly into the outrageous speech last night.
Biden sends a stark warning about political violence ahead of midterms.
We can't take democracy for granted any longer.
This is the Democratic Party that said that Russians got Trump elected by fraud and had fake impeachments and fake dossiers and we now know the FBI and DHS interfaced with big tech and corporate media censoring stories and censoring the American people and having meetings with major banks about taking bank accounts away from anybody that criticizes the Afghan withdrawal or forced inoculations or open borders.
Why the list grows all the time!
Don't question transgenderism!
They're spying on us.
Government, illegally, working with corporations and think tanks, all in their own documents, saying, we can't let the public know about this, it's illegal.
That's why we work for the ADL and the Southern Primary Law Center.
And Kyrie Irving just paid a $500,000 fee, a fine, to the ADL and announced he will, quote, be re-educated by the head of the ADL.
You know, that's what the gun grabbers, Democratic Party groups that sued me in these kangaroo courts told me in mediation.
They said, we want you to come out against the Second Amendment.
We'll drop all this.
Oh, I can be sitting in your lap?
And then you'll be nice to me, you oily, gross lawyers?
I am happier and more alive than I've ever been being under savage attack by the scum of the earth.
You could put a gun to my head, you filth, and I wouldn't back down one inch.
And I'll never back down as long as God keeps me alive and God works through our listeners.
To support us, ladies and gentlemen.
All Kyrie Irving did was put a link up talking about how a bunch of Africans in North Africa are related to Jews.
That's in the Old Testament.
Ethiopia was founded by black Jews.
And then it talks about how many of the Jews that lived in Portugal and Spain, not Ashkenazi, but Sephardic,
I don't know.
We're indeed owned by rich European Jews.
They were owned by a lot of other folks, too.
But it's just ridiculous.
Look, own the fact that most white people that are European had some ancestor that had slaves.
I'm sure I had some ancestor back 300, 400 years ago that probably worked on a slave ship.
I mean, they had the press gangs in England and France where they would go to country boys' houses, teenagers' houses,
In the country, and literally conk you on the head, put a bag over your head so you didn't know where you went to get home, because most of the farm boys never left their house, or their farm, and then take you to the coast, 500-300 miles away, and load you on an impressment ship.
I'll guarantee you, I bet I had ancestors that were pressed on the British ships that were loading up black slaves.
I don't know that, but I bet money!
And if somebody wrote a book about
England or Spain or Portugal, because Spain and Portugal were the real slaving countries.
They were the first to do it on the European angle, on the Gold Coast of Africa.
They weren't the first to have slaves.
The Arabs kind of started the black slave market, but the point is the whites sure got involved.
I mean, if somebody said, hey, we traced back your lineage,
20 generations back and you had a great-great-great-great-grand-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather that was a captain of a slave ship.
I wouldn't go, I'm banning you.
I want you to pay me $500,000.
You're gonna be taken off the air.
You are a criminal and you hate all Jews.
The vice president of the Confederacy was Jewish.
In the Civil War.
Does that mean all Jews supported slavery then or today?
But the bar for criticizing anything that the left is doing is just over the top.
And I didn't mean to go off on a jag about that.
It's just anybody that studied history knows that
Jewish publications brag how they basically ran the Confederacy.
I mean, it's a fact that one of the largest contingents in the Southern government of Jefferson Davis was Jewish!
I mean, that's in the Washington Post!
Does that mean Jews are bad?
No, it doesn't!
Bugsy Siegel was a Jewish gangster that killed people.
Does that mean Jews are bad?
You got the Gambino crime family out killing people.
Does that mean Italians are all gangster murderers?
It's an insane benchmark.
But it's the same thing.
You support freedom, you're a terrorist.
And the ADL, you question an election, they're going to say you're a Nazi.
And then now the government's going to come after you.
And the government's spying on you.
And it's ridiculous.
It's absolutely preposterous.
And I'm going to go to break here in about three minutes.
And oh my gosh, Wikipedia better get shut down.
If Kyrie Irving had to pay $500,000 to the ADL for putting a link out, a documentary of black folks documenting Jews involved in the slave trade, well then, put it up there.
I want Wikipedia taken down!
The Jewish Confederates!
What is Wikipedia doing promoting a best-selling book about the Jewish Confederates?
See, this is idiocy, ladies and gentlemen.
This is absolute, total, and complete moronic idiocy.
If Kyrie Irving put out an Instagram talking about Britain and the slave trade, and I've got British ancestors, do I then get mad at Kyrie Irving?
I'm interested in that.
No, it's history.
It's important to understand that.
I've sat up here and talked about how blacks were enslaving blacks and selling them the slave trade.
Does that mean all black people are bad?
So, it's just absolutely insane, ladies and gentlemen, and the wheels are coming off.
We're going to go to break.
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Well, Joe Biden really showed his hand last night.
Well, I'm the most legitimately elected person in U.S.
Don't question elections.
The Republicans are going to try to steal it.
Don't question elections, but they're trying to steal it.
And in these key battleground states, where we stole it last time, well, it's going to take a few days to decide who the winners are.
Because they rattle all the dead people that they have ballots filled out for, folks that moved out of the state, they have computer programs that Facebook and others paid $300 million to give them databases of.
They just sit there and fill them in, then have their mules go deliver them right there to the drop boxes, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how they operate.
So let's go ahead and go to Biden.
We know that more and more ballots are cast by early voting or by mail in America.
That means in some cases we don't know the winner of the election for a few days.
Then they go on to list the states which are the key battleground states.
We know that more and more ballots are cast in early voting or by mail in America.
We know that many states don't start counting those ballots till after the polls close on November 8th.
That means in some cases, we won't know the winner of the election for a few days after the election.
It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner.
It's always been important for citizens and democracy to be informed and engaged.
Now it's important for citizens to be patient as well.
That's how it's supposed to work.
So back when we only had paper ballots until the 80s, they had the precincts count them up.
Everybody looked and made sure it was accurate, and it was pretty hard to steal.
They'd still have a few people vote repeatedly.
The Democrats are famous for running scams.
It's their bag.
It's their bailiwick.
It's their wheelhouse.
It's their arena.
It's their M.O.
It's their signature.
It's what they do.
Okay, like ducks quack and have feathers.
Well, and you know wolves got long hair and like to eat sheep.
And pedophiles like to rape children.
Democrats like to steal elections.
They've been doing it forever.
I think they own the country.
They launched a civil war.
It's who they are.
We're scum.
And what about the leadership of these people?
So then we have Biden saying that the great irony of 2020 election is that it's just the most attacked election
In our history, and yet it was no election in our history that can be more certain of its results.
So he's saying his election was absolutely without question.
But again, now, with all the computers, they just can't tell you when somebody won though, because they've got to bring in the inputs that are the fake ballots.
Here it is.
The great irony about the 2020 election
Is that it's the most attacked election in our history, and yet, and yet, there's no election in our history that we can be more certain of its results.
Every legal challenge that could have been brought, was brought.
No, the Senate could not attend the investigation.
The courts would not look at the evidence.
And that's all on record.
So let's go ahead now and go to Biden accuses extreme MAGA Republicans of trying to suppress the right of voters.
So there's no such thing as election fraud, but Republicans are all doing it.
Here it is.
He's trying to succeed where they failed in 2020.
To suppress the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself.
That means denying your right to vote and deciding whether your vote even counts.
Instead of waiting until an election is over, they're starting well before it.
They're starting now.
They've emboldened violence and intimidation of voters and election officials.
It's estimated that there are more than 300 election deniers on the ballot all across America this year.
So you talk about trying to suppress the vote.
Elias, Hillary Clinton's Democrat Party lawyer, has tried to block more than 30 people being able to run for office, like MTG and others, because she did question the 2020 election.
So, we're not trying to take your vote.
We're just trying to not even let you vote for incumbents or people you're supporting if they question the election.
And they're trying to disqualify Trump from running again.
So they're trying to disqualify our popular candidates, but they're not election meddling at all, in no way.
Then he spent a lot of time about Nancy Pelosi, who doesn't want the surveillance footage that it turns out Homeland Security and the Department of the Capitol Police is now nationwide.
They don't want that footage released.
They say it's a conspiracy theory.
We're not releasing why there were two naked men or men in underwear with hammers in a bedroom that Paul Pelosi said he knew and was a friend named David.
So here's Biden on the Paul Pelosi attack.
He woke him up.
He wanted to tie him up.
The assailant ended up using a hammer to smash Paul's skull.
Thankfully, by the grace of God, Paul survived.
All this happened after the assault.
And it just, it's hard to even say.
It's hard to even say.
After the assailant entered the home asking, where's Nancy?
Where's Nancy?
Those are the very same words used by the mob when they stormed the United States Capitol on January the 6th.
Release the footage!
All this is so scripted.
You'd have to be a moron not to see that.
I mean, I'd give it a 95% chance that
They had that guy drugged up, didn't even know who he was.
Turns out he's part of a hallucinogenic cult.
He's all connected to pedophilia.
His girlfriend's in prison for pedophile behavior.
And he's all over the place with the Democrats.
Turns out that state senator in California that tries to legalize pedophilia and everything says, oh, he knows.
He knows who the attacker is.
He's known him for a long time.
So then you get this leftist, wacko space cadet, Looney,
With pedo credentials all over the place, literally showing up, and then, no, we're not releasing the footage.
Here's Biden, says, we don't settle our differences with a riot, we settle them peacefully at the ballot box.
Oh, with billions in damage and hundreds of dead, dozens of shot police and citizens, mostly peaceful protest.
I mean, everything they say, and Scalise shot, and trying to kill the baseball team, the Republican baseball team.
Here it is.
We don't settle our differences, America, with a riot, a mob, or a bullet, or a hammer.
We settle them peaceably at the battle box.
The ballot box.
I love how Obama's been doing this, too.
Everywhere he gets heckled by his own supporters for being a warmonger.
He says, hey, wait a minute, you get your speech, you'll get to talk later, have your own rally.
Yeah, build your own internet, build your own banking, as any platformist.
But they tell their people to go out and take over events, but when we go and bring up points, oh, we're trying to deny democracy by having our voices heard.
And they do it over.
And over again.
And then they've got DHS illegally surveilling and spying to manipulate elections in their own words.
Or any Americans that didn't like the way the Afghan withdrawal was done.
Or Americans that don't like open borders.
Or Americans that don't like lockdowns.
Or Americans that don't like forced injections.
Or Americans that don't like censorship.
Or Americans that don't like Biden's health!
You'll think it's a lie!
Those are the big list we've got in this DHS data dump where they're trying to block you and intimidate you and manipulate elections, and then he's got the nerve to sit up there and tell you he'd never do that while they're trying to disqualify the candidates he mentioned.
Well, they can't run.
I mean, they questioned elections.
I mean, you do that, you go straight to the gulag.
All right, we've got
A bunch of other big news to hit when we come back.
Stay with us and we're going to take your calls as well.
He has been clear, democracy is under assault and we cannot pretend otherwise.
The president will continue to call attention to the threat to democratic integrity and to public safety posed by those who deny the documented truth about election results and those who seek to undermine public faith in our system of government.
Unfortunately, we have seen mega, MAGA Republican officials who don't believe in the rule of law.
They refuse to accept the results of free and fair elections and they fan the flames of political violence through what they praise and what they refuse to condemn.
It remains important for the president to state strongly and unequivocally that violence has no place in our democracy.
Everything they're saying is an inversion of what they're actually doing.
Welcome back to Alex Jones Show.
All right, I want to open the phones up throughout the entire broadcast.
Drew Hernandez pops in a little bit in the third hour with big breaking news, but I just want to take a ton of calls, five days out from the midterms.
We're going to be here next Tuesday, right through to probably two in the morning, but they admit they're going to try to steal the battleground states.
So we're going to be here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, right through with what's happening.
I got to tell you, all this talk about violence and imminent Republican violence and
Republicans are going to pull something big.
That signals major false flag or provocateur operations, which is a big staple that governments use all over the place.
They try to demonize me for popularizing the term false flag, but now the State Department has press conferences about Russia, they claim, staging false flags.
So, it's beyond legitimate.
It's extremely essential to look at two benefits and ask the question, qui bono.
As the ancient Romans did.
And ask, who stands to gain blowing up the North Stream Pipeline?
Who stands to gain in a mass shooting that's almost always connected to DHS with some drugged-up provocateur?
So that's what we're discussing here today, and I want to give the toll-free number out in a moment.
Again, for first-time callers on the midterms, on the spy networks that they now admit the government's running through Big Tech and the big banks and the ADL illegally surveilling and censoring and debanking you.
I mean, this is so dangerous and so evil.
I want to get your take on all of that.
I want to get your breakdown on the situation in Ukraine.
There is a lot of huge subjects that we're going to be covering today.
More on carbon taxes spreading around the world and attempts to ban cows, not just in the Netherlands or the UK or Canada, but now in Australia.
It's all coming up.
But again, here's Biden, clip eight, says extreme MAGA Republicans are trying to succeed where they failed in 2020.
And instead of waiting until the election's over, they're starting well before it.
They're starting now.
Meanwhile, we have them dead to rights, suppressing, trying to overturn Trump's election in 2016, stealing in 2020, suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's just one FBI operation.
They now admit it's everything.
The FBI, the DHS, in their live time, censoring the American people.
Again, if your neighbor censored you in some way, it'd be a huge deal.
But when the government does it illegally, and they admit it's illegal, what do we do about this?
I'm going to turn the phone system on now, and we're going to take your calls here.
The first round will be first-time callers.
Then after that, after we've gone through about 15 calls that are first-timers, blow up the phones up for everybody.
And look, to me, that speech was, I know you know I'm illegitimate.
I can't get a crowd of 50 people.
Trump gets crowds of 100,000 or more.
Don't question it.
We're about to steal it again.
It's going to take days and days to count these ballots in battleground states.
Just get used to it.
And the Republicans are trying to steal it.
But if they say we stole it, that doesn't exist as terrorists.
And we need to come together.
But half the American people are our enemy.
So it was divide and conquer, and then on top of it saying let's all come together.
Absolutely disgusting.
Here's Biden.
Yet now, extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections, but elections being held now and into the future.
The extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party, which is a minority of that party, as I said earlier, but it's this driving force.
It's trying to succeed where they failed in 2020.
To suppress the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself.
That means denying your right to vote and deciding whether your vote even counts.
Instead of waiting until an election is over, they're starting well before it.
They're starting now.
Now, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, has been pumping out that white people are inherently evil, white people commit the most crimes, now that's true, and that white people are the problem.
You see it everywhere, you don't need to play club 7, you know that's what they talk about, like parrots on methamphetamine.
But then he comes out and talks about, we need unity, and not to see each other, or the political lines, we need to come together.
So he just demonizes opposition, but now we need to come together.
All of it, again, is gaslighting.
All of it is Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness, and it's not working.
But think about what he's really saying here.
You're not supposed to question what we're about to do in five days.
The play worked before two years ago.
They're about to run the same play yet again.
So when he says we need to start looking at each other again, seeing ourselves as we the people, not see each other as entrenched enemies.
But who's been bullying?
Who's been attacking?
Who's been censoring?
Who sicked the IRS on hundreds of thousands of conservatives?
That was under Obama.
And it's all just intensified.
And they have the nerve
To now have the Atlantic Monthly come out and say, let's all just have an amnesty for what we did with lockdowns and shots.
We're sorry while they still push for shots on our most vulnerable, our children.
There's Biden about starting to look at each other again.
Remember that democracy is a covenant.
We need to start looking out for each other again, seeing ourselves as we, the people,
Not as entrenched enemies.
This is a choice we can make.
We must vote knowing what's at stake and not just the policy of the moment.
But institutions that have held us together as we sought a more perfect union are also at stake.
And then he goes on to say, oh, crime's really bad.
Well, wait, I thought you had the FBI put out fake crime statistics saying it dropped.
Joy Behar and all of them said that crime's way down and inflation's way down and Santa Claus is real.
Here's Biden.
There's a lot at stake in these midterms, our economy, our safety, our streets, our personal freedoms.
But there's something else at stake, democracy itself, when everything they're doing is classical tyranny.
I know there's a lot at stake in these midterm elections.
From our economy, to the safety of our streets, to our personal freedoms, the future of health care, Social Security, Medicare, it's all important.
But we'll have our differences.
We'll have our difference of opinion.
And that's what it's supposed to be.
But there's something else at stake.
Democracy itself.
I'm not the only one who sees it.
Recent polls have shown an overwhelming majority
Now, let's play one more big lie when we come back.
Biden brags, instead of his surrogates, that he gave the biggest Social Security increase to Social Security recipients of their money in history.
But it's automatic in the law.
He had nothing to do with it because we have record inflation!
Yes, you did give people, with your inflation you gave us, the biggest increase, and they estimate it's only half of what you actually need for the increase in cost of living.
Anybody out there trying to buy stuff knows that.
So, just everything is a load of fraudulent garbage out of this filthy, demonic, pedophile mouth!
Your calls are coming up.
InfoWars.com, stay with us.
It is mind-controlled to tell you that inflation didn't exist a year and a half ago, then say it's low, then say it's good, now say it's bad, but don't worry, Biden gave Social Security recipients the biggest increase ever when it's already pre-programmed in the law since the 1990s, that as the cost of living goes up, it's added, but they manipulate it to only about half of what it should be.
I don't need to tell people on social security that your social security won't buy you dog food, or won't buy you fuel, and that the little increase they had that is the biggest in history is not anywhere near what you need to live.
And that's the basis of a universal basic income.
That's what it is.
It's feudalism.
It's how the Romans controlled Rome for the general poor masses was to keep them in a subsistence goal.
Not enough to live, but enough to control them.
Here is the press secretary, if you call it that, the gaslighting puppet clown, and she doesn't know how to answer the embarrassing tweet the White House put out yesterday that, oh, Biden gave you the biggest increase ever.
You're doing really good.
Yeah, because he gave us the biggest inflation ever.
Here it is.
We're good to go.
So it was look the tweet was not complete usually when we put out a tweet we posted with context and it did not have that context so in the past we've pointed out that for the first time in our in over a decade seniors Medicare premiums will decrease even as their social
So the Republicans are threatening your savings.
And I'll say Republican establishments have gone along with all of this and they do get a lot of the blame.
Let's not be deceptive about that, but when Biden said earlier that the MAGA Republicans are a minority, but a dangerous minority to their agenda, that part was true.
Not the minority part, we're the majority, but we are dangerous to their agenda and we are driving the Republican Party.
Because you go to any Republican event or any rally or look at any statistic or number,
80% of Republicans are now populist, anti-New World Order folks.
And the globalists give InfoWars and our audience the credit that we helped wake people up.
They call it radicalization.
Trump then energized it and took it to the next level.
Whether you like Trump or not, he did a great job at energizing it.
And now we've almost taken the Republican Party over
And the power structure is in abject, total, complete panic about it.
So we're not the minority.
We're the diverse majority of Republican voters, upwards of 80% even in studies, are identifying with Trump, identifying with Alex Jones.
That's why they panic in Media Matters and CNN and go, why the mainline Republicans are defending Jones now and they're echoing his talking points.
Yeah, exactly.
Because they're not my talking points.
I'm on your criminal asses and I read your white papers and I study you filth.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and King Charles and all you people.
And I bet on humanity and I believe in humanity.
You bet against us and you watch.
I may not make it to see the victory.
But you're going down and you can feel it in your dirty, filthy, globalist bones.
Alright, hour two and three are only minutes away.
I'm going to take calls throughout both hours.
The great Drew Hernandez, one of the greatest on-the-ground investigative journalists out there.
He'll ride shotgun with us, but we're going to take your calls when he's on as well.
He's been confronting Obama.
He's been confronting OC.
He's been one of the few guys out there that can still rack up tens of millions of views, even in the establishment media, because he knows what he's doing.
He is coming up.
And we're going to hit a bunch of other news on the economy, on the world, the war, globalists have engineered a financial collapse to pave the way for a new economic and political and military world war.
Excellent article.
A live site news that I totally concur with.
We're going to be getting to as well.
Coming up in the next hour.
And again, we've got Ryan and Joseph and Derek and Tim and Kamen and Aaron and Don and David and Jared and Jim.
And as soon as you hear a caller hang up, that's your shot, I'd love to hear from you, to call 877-789-2539.
I wanted the first group of callers to be first time so they can get in.
Now everybody else, it's a free-for-all and you can get in, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
We're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back and take your calls.
And people ask me,
Before I go on air, some of the crew over the years will see me sitting there reading articles, tired.
As soon as I go on air, they go, did you go in the... Did you go in the closet and sort some cocaine?
No, I hate cocaine.
I hate amphetamines.
Yeah, I've tried amphetamines a few times, cocaine a few times back in high school and a few times in college.
I hate it.
When I think about pedophile armies and world government and nuclear war and devaluation and old people starving to death and all this crap, I get pissed.
Like, if you walk up and slap me in the face, I could be sitting there asleep.
I'm going to jump up and beat your ass.
It's the same thing.
We need to all have the same attitude of, this is serious.
That's why I'm so damn animated.
My God, they're getting ready to steal the election in five days.
You're not pissed about that?
Once a tragedy reaches a level of national significance, American citizens should be allowed to basically question that event in any way that they deem fit.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
I studied the globalists 30 years ago, but on air 28 years, and I knew they were planning all of this.
And I warned the public, as a modern Paul Revere.
But I couldn't have done it without your support.
And now, because we've been so successful warning the population of the planet, not just America, we're public enemy number one when it comes to globalist agenda.
That's why it's more important than ever to realize how successful InfoWars has been because of your past support.
So I salute you and I thank you, and I ask you now, at the critical juncture of the battle, to redouble your efforts by visiting InfoWarsStore.com and getting amazing products that keep us on air.
1776 is the promo code, the destination is InfoWarsStore.com, and I thank you all for your support.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
This summer, Chloe Cole spoke out against California's passing of SB 107, testifying that both her and her parents were manipulated and bullied by the state to undergo destructive, life-changing surgeries.
And while Florida bans puberty blockers and so-called sexual reassignment surgeries for minors, California Governor Gavin Newsom
California is being hailed by the death cult as a transgender surgery sanctuary state.
Now providing chemical and surgical castrations for all of America's children.
According to this new law, California can take emergency jurisdiction over any child from anywhere if there's a disagreement between the parent and the state of California over how to treat a child's gender distress.
SB 107 states that taking a child away from the child's parents is justifiable if it is done to pursue gender transition procedures in California and allows for the state to wage child custody claims against out-of-state parents.
SB 107 forbids health care providers from providing medical information related to gender identity procedures to a child's parent, even if sought under a subpoena.
After permanently mutilating her own adopted child,
Kathy Moelig has been working full-time for California non-profit Trans Family Support Services, where she reaches out to hundreds of children all across the country, luring them to California to castrate themselves.
She often does so without the parents' knowledge.
I work with a lot of youth.
Before they tell their families and helping them in shaping what that looks like.
Her work focuses on conservative communities where parents may not approve of having their children castrated.
We have kids coming from all over the country for our virtual groups.
We also opened a chapter in Huntsville, Alabama.
Because the people in red states really need as much support as they can get from us allies, in particular in states like California and Oregon and Washington.
For whatever reason, people are allowing this incredibly evil attack against their own children.
And recently, Laura Logan interviewed a UN insider who explained to her why children are the biggest target.
I get it, but I don't get it.
The children.
You just, you gotta, I still have, I have such a problem with this.
You gotta explain this one to me.
And he said, well, first of all, you're looking at it the wrong way.
I said, what do you mean?
And he said, well, they don't define children the way you do.
They don't define the world the way you do.
The choices that you face are not their choices, right?
They have, they look at it completely differently.
And, and I said, well, okay, so
Everything is defined by their one fundamental, all-consuming purpose.
I said, which is what?
He said, to defeat God.
For them, the younger you are, the closer you are to God, the more pain they can inflict on God.
So the more you can make a baby or a small child suffer, the greater your victory over God.
And that is the only consideration for them.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright folks, your phone calls are 60 seconds away.
They're literally luring children, kidnapping and cutting their genitals off.
Can't get more evil than that.
These people are Satan.
And we are crashing to the lies and disinformation.
A full frontal kinetic attack with the truth.
I expect to go where the fight is, and I expect to go there fast, and I expect to go all the way.
Every day above ground's a good day.
My destruction, if that's what God chooses, is not a defeat, it is a victory.
The children, they're under unprecedented attack by poison shots, transgender mutilation, and the rest of it.
Are begging for God to save them.
But God works through us.
And if we don't heed that call, we'll be damned to an eternity cut off from the living God.
We're all now in the danger zone.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
I'm going to move quick.
I love you all.
No need to thank me.
I'm not going to thank you.
Just move to the next person.
I want to hear the great points and topics you want to hit and cover here today.
Let's go to Joseph in Australia, where they are one of the main epicenters of COVID lockdown tyranny.
He wants to speak to that.
Joseph, thanks for calling from the land down under.
Oh hey Alex.
First of all I have to say you're doing the Lord's work and thank you so much for it.
And as well you were completely right with COVID.
At the moment they've just started putting on the news that there's going to be a wave coming out, they're predicting waves weeks and months before.
They're talking about putting back in restrictions as well as
The Australian Health Breakthrough Agency is the registering doctor.
And Trudeau's doing that in Canada, and Europe's doing it, and the Democrats are planning it here.
They're planning a comeback with the same assault.
Two more points as well.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Two points.
With the corruption, for example, in South Australia, here in Adelaide, judges are involved in shipping in drugs.
Even deeper than that, and I think it involves the spy agencies as well.
And it's also why you see there's a rise in youth crime across Australia.
And these young people also are threatened with violence, and some to escape that in their own lives.
And as well, up in the APY lands in South Australia, where the British military
I've never tested nukes back in the 60s.
I can't remember exactly.
It's primarily just an indigenous population.
And I've talked to indigenous people up there and they tell me about all these things they see and all these experimented things flying in the air and they believe it's God, but it's clearly technology that is not of this planet and we have no business touching it.
Very interesting.
But what is the backlash in Australia?
From what I've seen, the people are getting really angry and awake.
So, for example, my neighbours and the older people know exactly what's up.
They knew from the start something was wrong, but pretty much every young person is completely brainwashed, which is just sad to see.
There have been protests.
In Adelaide, it's quite a small city, so they haven't been too big, but they're pretty much dismissed by the media.
Um, as loonies and crazies like, of course, I would.
But now you've been fully vindicated.
The shots don't work and make you sick.
God bless you, Jones.
Appreciate the call.
We're taking calls in the order they're received.
Tim in FEMA Region 9.
Tim, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This is Tim.
Long-time listener.
First-time caller.
Good to have you here.
I wanted to mention, you know, I looked up the so-called Pelosi attacker.
Just did a quick search online.
And, you know, the guy is 42 years old.
It looks like he's a pretty hefty guy.
And I just think it's kind of laughable that they would put this story out that a feeble 82-year-old alcoholic could bend somebody like that off.
They would be able to stop him at all.
Well, the police say, in the police report, they came in and both men were in their underwear with hammers, beating each other with hammers.
And that's on record.
Yeah, it's just laughable that they think that we're that gullible.
I doubt they'll ever release the body cam footage because that would show the size difference and age difference and just how
Impractical that whole situation is.
Yeah, Alex, with Biden's speech last night, I mean, why would you tactically follow up the Philadelphia speech, which was so badly received, with this speech last night and sprinkle in some, hey, it's going to take us some time to count the votes, OK?
Unless you knew you were going to have a steal in place.
He was prepping everybody not to question the steal, and saying that he was elected totally fair and square, the cleanest election ever, and then demonizing his opposition, then saying that they're going to try to steal the next election.
That's what he said.
Nothing about how the country's going, nothing about how the change, how badly things are going, not one word about that.
No, everything is Paul Pelosi in his underwear with a dude with a hammer.
One reason I don't believe that is because, like, with the, uh, where's Nancy, where's Nancy, that just seems like, you know, there's no way that would happen again like that.
And then they directly tied to January 6th.
That was the whole point of whoever wrote up that script.
I hear you.
What do you think is going to happen in the next five days, Jim?
Well, I mean, I don't have the faith that something's not going to happen.
Like I say, but last night, their attitude, they doubled down on everything.
Even their own party will say, I'm going to take a different road.
They don't do that.
They go down the same road.
They don't change at all.
And then when there's a big mass shooting or bombing, they can say, see, we told you so.
I mean, that's what I thought watching it last night and this morning.
I thought, he is signaling massive false flag.
I mean, that's exactly my take, because he didn't mention anything.
Why even be on there?
I was surprised the networks didn't run it last night, because if they did, you know, the Republicans should get an ad on the networks.
So I guess that's why the networks didn't run it.
I agree.
Have you seen the videos of his hands with all the needle marks?
They've got him hooked up to drugs every day.
Appreciate your call, brother.
Great points.
All right, up next is Aaron in Wisconsin.
Aaron, welcome.
Hey Jones, I just wanted to make a quick point and share a battle roar with you if I could so you can make a commercial out of it.
But look, with all these narratives that they craft, it's not people like you and people like me who want to build narratives.
We want straightforward.
I want to obliterate you with my ideas and my speech and embarrass you so you go away and your ideas are wiped off the stage.
No violence.
None of that.
We don't need that.
And just so you really know how I feel,
That's right!
Let's go!
So what do you think they're going to pull?
What do you think they're going to pull?
What did you think of the speech last night?
I mean, it's like you said earlier.
If you can't see these narratives getting constructed, I mean, now we're getting out ahead of the election and we're going to cheat before it even happens.
It's obvious these people are backed into a corner.
They've got no choice.
I mean, that makes them dangerous, so they deserve that respect.
I live, you know, I vote in Milwaukee.
And this is one of the places, you know, that was really highly contested in 2020.
And you can't put anything past them.
They're dangerous.
They're in the corner.
They're all going to prison or worse.
That's the point is they have nothing to lose.
Great point.
All right.
Jared in Michigan.
Go ahead.
Hey, so the Liberal Democrats, they just, you know, how they, they tell us what they're going to do, and they keep, you know, like, stealing the elections, all this stuff.
So we go and vote, but they're still telling us they're going to steal it and do all this crap, and they just do it in front of us, but there's nothing we can really do, or you know what I mean?
Like, what happens when we vote and they just steal it again, you know?
I get that a lot on the street, and just everybody asks me, well if there's election fraud, why vote?
Because they have to use the names of dead people.
And they have to use the names of people that have moved out of state.
So they have a limited pool that they've got.
That's why they're picking certain states they're going to try to steal in key battlegrounds.
And so, a massive tsunami, here's a dumb way, a simple way of saying it.
If there's 350 million Americans, and let's say 300 million are voting age,
Or 270 million, whatever it is.
If they all voted Republican, they couldn't statistically say Republicans lost, because it isn't possible.
So it's a smaller margin than that, but that's basically what's happening.
Jared, love ya.
Alright, I'm taking BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, your calls!
I'm Alex Jones, your host, BAM.video.
We are back live taking your phone calls on this live Thursday, November 3rd worldwide broadcast.
Let's go ahead and talk to Derek in Montana.
Derek, thanks for holding her on the air.
What an honor.
Last night's speech I thought was just a call to action.
Prepare the ballots and prepare the propaganda and take as much time as you need.
Yeah, that was it.
The talking point is, we're going to steal the election, and when they challenge it, they're criminals, but they're going to steal the election, and we're going to take all the time we need to steal the election.
It was the exact same thing we saw two years ago.
People say, well, why are they running the same play?
Because it worked.
That's right, and now we can't question before, during, or after, or you're a terrorist.
So what do you think we should do, Derek?
Well, I think you've got to use the Virginia model and just make sure that as many people as possible are in there watching the process itself.
And, you know, if they feel it, they're just going to show their cards even more than they did last time.
Well, you know, that's really the thing.
Callers constantly calling, we've already had two today, saying, why are you promoting an election if there's fraud?
Well, why are the globalists in there trying to steal it so bad?
That's where the fight is.
Obviously, there's fraud.
We've got to watch it.
We've got to expose it.
They call it election meddling when we expose election fraud and when we stop it.
So the battle is over, our electoral process, and we know it's been taken over.
And so we can't just say, oh, well, screw this, it's a fraud.
We've got to engage, and a bunch of states have passed laws against the fraud.
We're actually starting to climb out of this.
And it doesn't mean there's ever going to be some perfect place we're going.
It's a process.
Yeah, and like myself, I think more people will just awaken to it, even if it is a slow process.
Like, I've only been listening to you for a year now, maybe a year and a half.
And I think more and more people are just becoming awake to what's really going on.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Derek.
Don in Florida.
Don, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Long-time listener, first-time caller.
Thank you.
I believe I'm a critical thinker.
I have a PhD, so I just don't follow anybody for any reason.
And I believe that we will win the election, but we have to be vigilant, because they are going to try to steal it, as we saw today on InfoWars News, that a judge in Arizona is stopping the Mule Watchers, which is ridiculous.
We need the Mule Watchers out there.
And I have bought X3 in the past.
I have not used it yet.
I'm saving it in case of a nuclear war, and I have
Bought the InfoWars crew t-shirt and InfoWars mask before.
Since I'm not vaccinated, even though masks don't really work.
Thank you.
And you are my hero, and Jesus is, too, as my dad used to be my hero, but he was a World War II veteran.
I hope Jesus and your dad are way above me on the hero scale, brother.
Well, God bless you.
Ten years ago, but I've been bedridden for three years.
I have a polynoidal cyst that hasn't healed, and I needed my hip replaced three years before that.
And, um, if I could have a prayer from all the listeners out there to help me, because my general surgeon can't do anything more for me for this system.
I hope, folks, that people pray for Don in Florida, and we love you, Don.
And it really honors me to say that I'm right up there as your heroes, Jesus and your dad.
Your dad and Jesus are way... Jesus is way up here, and your dad's way up here, and I'm way down here.
I'm just in this fight with you, brother, and I love you, and I appreciate your call, Don.
Wow, such great people out there counting on us, and I'm trying to come through for you.
I'm trying to be as strong as I can, folks.
I'm not perfect.
Let's talk to J-Ro in Georgia.
Hey, Alex Jones, what's going on, my brother?
How you doing today?
Man, I am living inside the New World Order.
Living the New World Order nightmare.
Man, I'm trying to tell you, look, I spoke to you about a week ago, I don't know if you remember, and I prayed for you live on air, and we talked about possibly doing a spiritual segment.
I remember your call, yeah.
Amen, yes, sir.
So I'm not in here really to call, but like I told you, for some reason, I've been a 16-year listener.
I've only been able to get in through to you about three times.
This is the third time, and today is my birthday on top of that, which is amazing.
Well, that's beautiful, brother.
Lead us in a prayer.
Yes, sir, we're going to do it.
Father God, I just thank you right now for Alex Jones, the Info Warriors, the Patriots.
I thank you for our nation.
God, I thank you for the love that you've bestowed upon us, the power of your Spirit.
God, I thank you that the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us and give us the power to overcome these Luciferian demons at the highest levels who have infiltrated our government.
We're good to go.
Send your angels, God, to protect the Infowars.
Protect the institution of freedom and righteousness and real information for us.
Oh God, I pray for a move of awakening upon your Infowarriors.
God, upon your people.
God, that we stand against this tyranny.
We stand against this demonic force that is trying to destroy humanity.
And at the highest levels, God, we know that these people have infiltrated, but we know you're greater.
We know your spirit is awesome.
We know your spirit is powerful and God I pray that you will bring your people together for such a time as this.
Put the spirit of revival in the men of this great nation that the men would stand up in the name of Jesus against this tyranny.
That we would be a voice in the wilderness of God crying out that the glory of God is coming.
Jesus is coming back, warriors.
He's coming back.
And in the name of Jesus, I pray that, God, you use people like Alex, and you are, like myself and other warriors out there who are sounding the alarm against this tyranny.
I rebuke that spirit in Joe Biden and this administration.
I rebuke that spirit of destruction set on course that they were trying to destroy our nation, Father God.
And I pray that your spirit move and raise a standard in the presence of our enemies.
In Jesus' mighty name.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you so much, J. Roe.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go to Angie in Ohio.
Go ahead, Angie.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Cincinnati loves you.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
There's a big red wave coming, and I really have good feelings about the election, even though they're going to try and steal it.
I don't think they're going to get away with it.
Everybody's watching them, and they just... Well, anyways, I can't wait to see what they do.
No, you're certainly right that we forced the corruption out in the open, and now we're going to make them steal it in front of us again.
That's just going to cause an even bigger awakening.
So people say, well, who's going to steal it again?
That'll just make people more mad.
That's what I'm saying.
I think the deep staters are going to let the Republicans win the House, maybe even get a few seats in the Senate, but they're going to mitigate this massive realignment that just happened.
And so, because they know stealing two in a row is too much, then they're going to have a partial theft.
I just, everybody is so fed up that I just can't, I can see everybody just hitting the streets.
I mean, if it gets too crazy, you know, we're just fed up with it.
Everybody's awake that I talk to.
I wear the Alex Jones is Right t-shirt when I go, you know, when I go out to the store, everybody's always talking and everybody is awake.
I mean, they know what's going on.
Well, I have to say this for a fact.
I go out to dinner, business meetings and stuff, and I'm more mob than ever, and basically nothing but support.
So all their show trials and everything just blew up in their face.
It's not really translating into actual financial support.
That's still... When I grow up, I want to crush the New World Order!
We now take you live to the very front lines of the fight for a pro-human future.
We now take you to the broadcast that the pedophile Satan-worshiping scum hates above all others.
Now the next caller
Because we only asked your name and where you're calling from.
If you want to give us a topic, it's fine.
He said midterms, Democrats will let Repubs win, blame game.
And that's something I've been thinking.
There's a huge red wave.
They have trouble stopping it.
But the more powerful groups behind all this are like, well, we'll just blame Republicans for all the inflation and the war and the border collapsing once Republicans get control of Congress.
That is definitely what they would do in the past.
I don't know, with this beachhead we've got a populism in the Republican Party, if they're going to let that happen because they're so scared.
But that's certainly a very astute, historical discussion to have.
John, your take on it?
Hey Alex, I have something I'd like to donate to your legal fund and I'd like for you to put me on hold after a call because I have actually a Picasso and Warhol that I'd like to donate to your legal fund.
So that's pretty amazing, a Picasso, Warhol.
Well make sure we call this fellow back and talk to him because we need the funds.
That would be beautiful brother.
What I was calling about, Alex, is, you know, I really think the Democrats are going to let the Republicans win both the House and Senate in these midterms.
And the reason why is because of what, you know, I hear on your show, not only on your show, other people are picking up about the diesel fuel shortages, about the coming food shortages.
And, you know, our country's a mess.
So you really think Biden and the Democrats want the blame?
No, they're going to probably, you know, let the Republicans win the midterms so they can blame the Republicans.
And that's exactly what I think is going to happen.
So, and you know, they already said, well, the Republicans plan on stealing the election.
The Republicans, you know, plan on doing this and that.
So this is Joe Biden's perfect chance to blame the Republicans.
And then what's going to happen?
They're street soldiers and we know who they are.
They're going to be out there looting and rioting and just burning cities down all across America again.
And what Biden's going to do?
Blame the Republicans.
And this is unfortunate, but I think this is going to happen.
I mean, I think that's definitely in the cards.
How do we counter that?
You can't really counter that.
I think the Republicans need to speak out now about, you know, where this country's really going.
I mean, the seriousness, even our currency crashing into bricks.
Well, for those that don't know,
There is a global political financial takeover happening.
And it's a lot bigger than America, or Brazil, or France, or Germany, or the UK, or Russia, or even China, or India, or African nations.
This is their big takeover.
There's a worldwide destabilization happening.
There's an excellent article from LifeSiteNews.com on that posted to Infowars.com.
Globalists have engineered a financial collapse to pave the way for a new economic world order.
And they're all saying that.
So you're absolutely right.
There's a lot of big stuff going on.
I just wish you the best, Alex.
I mean, I feel like I'm talking to one of the two angels that's in Revelations, in the Book of Revelations, in the end, that get persecuted.
And I believe you might be one of those angels at the end time.
Well, if I'm an angel, we're in a lot of trouble.
I'm just somebody that wouldn't roll over to tyranny, brother.
I'm just like you.
I just happened to get a talk show.
And I really appreciate it.
I'm going to put you on hold.
And yeah, that's a great idea with listeners.
Anything folks want to donate, we should create like a donate at InfoWars.com.
Where you could send us emails of what you want to donate.
And you've got my pledge.
If you donate a truck, or sell it, give us the proceeds, or you donate a painting, 100% will go to fund this operation.
Now quite frankly, I agreed to a deal, I'll just be honest with listeners, where I'm currently getting paid $40,000 a month to work here and I could live off that.
I don't need a bunch of, I got a truck and I got a car and a nice decent house with a little pool in the back and I just, I'm a suburban guy.
But the bankruptcy court said I've got to pay 40% of the legal bills.
Well, we had over 60 Democrat-funded lawsuits.
We've knocked them down to two that aren't tried yet.
You just saw the Sandy Hook show trials.
They say it'll be overturned on appeal.
That cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars each appeal.
They got one more Sandy Hook show trial.
And you just add it all together, it's millions of dollars that I don't have.
That'll cost $304,000.
I don't have up now in the accounting a couple days ago.
I'm right at about a million dollars in the bank.
And people go, that's a lot of money.
Well, yeah, if you're a regular person, I have to have that as emergency funds for things.
And so I'm going to be out of that money very, very soon.
And the way they positioned it in the bankruptcy, $40,000 a month is not paying the bills.
And so my legal bills personally are over $100,000 a month.
And I'm not bitching.
I'm not complaining.
I'm not a victim.
I always trust in God that people are going to come through.
When we got that big Bitcoin donation, I hadn't had proper accounting done, and it turned out that we were insolvent $6 million in the hole in the last year.
And literally, the amount of money, whoever it was, I don't know who they are, was literally the amount of money we needed to pay off the past debts.
We had like multi-million dollar bandwidth bills that were like six months old, I hadn't really been told about.
Thank God the big groups didn't leave us with that.
And then we had $2 million extra that we used to buy product that you're now buying that has a markup in it.
But they were just telling me during the break, they said, hey boss, we can't do 60% off on all these.
We're losing money on two of the products.
And I said, raise the price.
He said, well, that looks like you raised it to lower it.
We just got to not say it.
I said, OK, well, after this sale, then if it's costing us more to buy something, I'm going to have to increase it 10%.
You know, everybody gets the inflation.
So that's the thing we're dealing with.
And I don't want to spend all my time on the business end.
I'm not complaining.
But I spend half my time now or more not on air jacking with the money to fund this place.
It would be a great blessing.
And I could do more on air and fight the globalists more and do more interviews if we had the money.
But I'm not complaining.
I don't even know how insolvent we were a year ago.
The money came in.
God will provide again.
Or it's time, in God's plan, for me to downsize or not be on air.
And I don't want to quit.
I'll never quit.
But I'll keep fighting as hard as I can.
And then if God decides that I'm not supposed to have the support working through you, if you decide, God working through you, that means you, if you decide to take me out of the game,
I don't know.
We need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get Alex's War, or get Endgame, get a DVD, get a book, get Great Reset.
And I don't like coming on here and just, give me money, give me money, support me, but worse than me sitting here begging, and I don't like begging, is giving in to these people.
So every time I'm like, I can't.
Push anymore.
I can't.
I don't want to do this.
I hate spending all my time on business.
I'm not a business guy.
Then I go, Oh, give in to the new world order, the ADL and the Democrats and the Satanists.
I'm like, ah, give me money.
Give it to me.
Give it to me now.
So please give me money.
I mean, I don't want to give in to these people.
My God.
And I'm just telling you, I'm not complaining.
I'm just completely maxed out.
You know, I never had big donors.
I actually know a few people I could probably get some donations from.
And it's not even a pride thing.
It's just I've never done it.
I don't want to call up and say, hey, I need a million dollars or whatever.
I'd rather just come to the audience and say, just go to mfullroystore.com.
And just, these are great products you already need.
And just get them.
Or go to 1776coin.com.
We got some of the Teddy Roosevelt.
1776, man, the arena of fundraiser coins left.
Or get a signed copy of The Great Reset at mfullroystore.com.
Anyways, I'm going to come back with your phone calls.
I'm going to stop complaining.
I'm not complaining.
I'm just telling you, this is a real knock-down, drag-out, 12-round heavyweight boxing match, and we're in the 12th round right now.
So I'm just swinging with everything I got.
Alright, Drew Hernandez has been really confronting Obama and a bunch of globalists, going viral.
He'll be riding shotgun with us, taking your calls next hour.
Let's rampage through your calls right now.
Joshua in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Hey there, Alex.
I just want to let you know that you are the last great American and you are the modern day Rush Limbaugh and we thank you.
Well, brother, I'm trying my best.
What's on your mind today?
Democrats in the midterms?
Yeah, I just want to say I have never found an issue that woke people up quicker than this COVID mandate vaccine issue.
And I don't know why we're going into the midterms.
Why every candidate who is running for Senate or Congress, Democrat- It's called Big Pharma money, but the ones that are are the best that are exposing it, absolutely.
The Republicans should be driving this issue.
Yeah, I have never seen so many people wake up to the New World Order agenda than what they saw happen during COVID and all these mandates getting pushed.
And why the Democrats don't have to defend it now when we're one week away from the election.
Everybody just forgot about COVID this entire last six months.
Hey, from your mouth to God's ears, and that's what I've been saying to Trump and everybody else, is get against this shot.
It's the unifying issue.
Democrats hate it, too.
Almost all of them.
They're now targeting our children.
What the hell?
Let's go after this.
That's why the mouth of the New World Order, Atlantic Monthly, is like, let's forget it.
You know, give us amnesty.
We're sorry what we did.
While they're still mandating it for kids, they're not stopping.
Everything they do is in bad faith.
They pushed this on the American people and exposed them, and now they have to own it.
And the big media is covering for them.
And everybody's forgot about the COVID vaccine mandate.
Everybody's forgot about the shutdown.
Everybody's forgot about what these Democrats really are.
And I really think that there is no other issue that's exposed the New World Order like what they did to Hillary Clinton.
I totally agree.
Everything you said is the key to everything.
Again, I've met with globalists, and people say, why'd you meet with globalists?
Because I've met with them, it was off record, many times.
And I've also run into them, and they always tell me, the public has no memory, kid, you're going to lose.
They bet everything on us not having memory.
Well, I got a memory, and our audience has a memory, and I think the public has a memory, too.
And look, they are.
Even if the politicians aren't making the deadly shots an issue, the public is saying it's the lockdowns and what happened, and crime, and open borders.
And inflation, so regardless, they're losing, which again, Joshua, makes them dangerous.
I'm worried about a false flag the next five days.
What do you think?
Well, I'm aware of it.
I think that the threat is real.
I think they definitely want to gin up a lot of violence.
They want to say how dangerous Republicans are.
Republicans love this country.
Republicans want a law and order.
Republicans don't run this country.
Republicans built it.
Republicans do all the damn work.
We all know it.
And they're black, and they're white, and they're Hispanic, and they're old, and they're young, and they're Asian, and they're everywhere, and everybody knows real business people, real hard-working people, are Republicans.
We're not perfect, but it's the best party we've got in this country, and we're taking the Republican Party over.
We've almost done it.
So that's the good news.
I appreciate your call.
Frank in New Hampshire, thanks for holding, which the Senate race is about to go to Republican there.
I mean, we could have 54 Senate seats, folks.
Go ahead, Frank.
We're on the ground, Alex, and I just want to say, long-time listener, and just thanks for everything you're doing.
I appreciate you taking my call.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, and I had two quick points, and then there's a big macro point that I'd love for you to talk about.
I think it's really important.
So, you know, everyone needs to listen to this show.
They need to watch 2,000 Mules.
They need to understand the dynamic between Bannon and Alex when they talk.
You have a micro and a macro strategy there.
It's a perfect balance, but
And this kind of ties into the last caller who was really spot on.
And this goes to the show.
Do you remember back in around 2010, the documentary you guys did with Alan Watts called Understanding the Control?
This documentary is bombshell.
It needs to be shown in every school.
You guys, I think he flew to his site on location and filmed this.
I think he passed away in 2010.
We shot it over two weeks in Canada.
I forgot that.
Say the name of it again.
We've done so much I forget the name.
Yeah, I think it was 2010.
Understandable Control.
He had the top hat on, the tweed jacket.
Yeah, we'll do this.
Alan Watt, Understanding Control.
We will re-stream that and re-post that on the Saturday Special Show.
But Dr. Peter McCullough is coming in.
Guys, don't let me forget.
Go tell Do.
He's good at remembering stuff.
Make sure I have that today so that it's ready for me.
I don't forget Saturday.
We'll tape like three hours on Saturday.
Might even have Kanye West.
I'll just throw that in there.
And then we'll throw that interview on there.
That is a powerful interview.
He died a few years ago.
He was a great patriot.
It is incredible.
You ever talk to your friends, Alex?
Oh, fantasy football.
Oh, I'm watching sports.
He lays it right out in the interview.
He says, people didn't even do sports until the advent of the television.
It was for children.
Now you have adult men.
Oh, fantasy football.
I watch football.
Who cares?
There's a reality out here you need to be involved in now, not some superficial thing that doesn't matter.
It's incredible.
That document, you guys, I'm going to tell you, man, you guys are just, you're killing it.
Well, for those who want to see it, when we plug it, they'll take it down.
But it's on lectures.
Put it back up for me, guys.
It's from... Thanks for bringing that up, Frank.
Appreciate your call.
Guys, punch that back up.
And of course, YouTube will take it down since I'm plugging it, but whatever.
Alan Watt, Understanding the Control, 2010, Lectures Beyond Beyond, has it posted, and it's a nice little documentary that we put out for free, and yeah, absolutely, it's a very, very important talk, and again, you'll see him in a bunch of different positions, different places, as we interviewed him over, actually two trips to Canada.
Two trips to Canada.
Really, really smart guy.
It's a real loss not having him.
Let's talk to Rick in Arizona.
Rick, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, you're the man.
I got this clown world idea here.
You guys are in Texas and Louisiana, Texas, Louisiana, they have all the refining capacity, right?
For diesel and distillates.
Now, this hysterical nonsense that's going on about us running out of diesel, yeah, if diesel production has stopped, then I guess we're in deep doo-doo, but as far as I know, production has not stopped for diesel, so... No, it hasn't.
So explain what's causing the bottleneck.
I think petroleum companies want to make windfall profits out of fear and panic.
Well, I mean, I agree that the main driver is inflation, but when Biden occasionally tells the truth, he says, I'm going to go after the oil companies.
They're definitely globalists, and they're definitely part of the whole problem.
Well, yeah, they intend to stop.
Well, I mean, look at the regulations.
They've shut down half our refineries in the U.S.
Well, you know, I think the state should take control here.
You've got refineries in Texas, refineries in Louisiana.
Tell the federal government to take a hike.
I totally agree.
Texas can do it.
Well, let me expand on that, because I have family that owns cattle, and we've been in the cattle industry for 200 plus years here in Texas, or about 200 years.
When you pull back from that, the average beef producer makes record low money and basically breaks even, like we do.
But since they shut down 90 plus percent of the meatpacking companies, there's only four big companies really about to be three.
That's where they all the price gouging goes on.
We have plenty of oil, plenty of gas, plenty of coal, but they've just shut down the refining and production and use of it.
So it's the same way.
And so that's where the problem is.
Beef should be incredibly cheap and you still have good profits for the producers.
But the producers get almost nothing and the meatpackers, they get all the money.
And I don't mean the meatpacker working in a meatpacking facility.
The companies that own that.
Talking on your phone again?
You believe that the production of diesel has been stopped then and they're not making any new diesel at all?
No, when we say, if you do the numbers, it planes out to they will not have any new supplies and it'll be behind schedule and major shortages starting in like 12 days.
And it's been done because Biden shut down one of the biggest diesel refineries.
That's crazy.
He curtailed it with regulators and a bunch of others.
They've shut down a bunch of delivery systems.
There are supply problems.
I mean, I've talked to oil company folks that work at every level of it.
A lot of my family works at every level, from roughnecks to plant managers to delivery companies, you name it.
And they have been scavenging
Under the last three years under the lockdowns and control for oil well and gas equipment and parts to plants.
And so a lot of the parts aren't made here and so they can't get the parts and the plants are breaking down.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it kind of makes me want to scream like my screaming goat here.
Hey Rick, I appreciate your call brother.
Thank you.
Look, it's a supply chain breakdown.
And a lot of this is people don't realize that a lot of companies have their set prices, and so they kind of keep those there for their customers.
Because you have less money and there's inflation, so you want to keep prices the same.
This morning I had a meeting and they go, hey, you can't offer 60% off.
We lose 5% on that.
I'm like, oh, okay, well, we should raise prices.
Well, then people won't like that.
Well, but you're caught in that.
We'll just lower, we didn't say this, but other people just lower quality.
We haven't done that.
But I mean, this is the position we're in.
We're running out of everything.
We are in deep trouble.
I don't say it to be negative, but so we can get ready.
I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore
The enemies of humanity are obsessed with silencing us.
They know the truth about their globalist operations is exposed.
And all over the planet, humanity is awakening and peacefully fighting back.
It's game over.
And our main tool is free speech.
I think so.
Tomorrow's news.
This lady, Veja Gade, if I'm saying that right there, quote, chief counsel, she tells super whopper lies that I got kicked off for beating up a kid.
So what was it that made you ban him?
So there were three separate incidents that came to our attention after the fact that were reported to us by different users.
There was a video that was uploaded that showed a child being violently thrown to the ground and crying.
So that was the first one.
So then I guess the question is what was the video context of the kid being thrown to the ground?
We obviously didn't think so and depicting violence against a child is not something that we would allow on the platform.
Was it newsworthy?
Even if it's news content?
Um, if it was, uh, there are certain types of situations where if you were reporting on, um, you know, war zone and, and things that might be happening, we would put a interstitial on that type of content that's graphic or violent, but we didn't feel that that was the context here.
Well, so here's a video that's been going around that was going around a few...
Four or five weeks ago, the one where the girls were yelling at that big giant guy and the guy punched that girl in the face and she was like 11 years old.
I saw that multiple times on Twitter.
That was one of the most violent things I've ever seen.
This giant man punched this 11-year-old girl in the face.
And that was, was that removed from Twitter?
I don't know.
That's enough!
That's hilarious.
I understand.
So we took the totality of this, having been warned that we have rules against the abuse and harassment of individuals.
We saw this pattern in practice.
One strike, two strike, three strikes, and we made a decision.
Here are the Twitter executives.
Being fired, they don't look too happy now.
And a lot of people are saying, Jones, when are you going to challenge Elon Musk?
I don't know if Elon Musk is the guy we want to piss off.
Are you scared of Elon Musk?
I'm not scared of him, no.
You sound like you're scared of him.
I'm not scared of him.
The thing is, this is not a technological problem.
I mean, if you have a technological problem, yes, you need a tech genius.
Global warming?
No, I'm talking about taking over Twitter, for instance.
Oh, okay.
This is a problem of politics, of sociology, of human psychology.
I'm not sure that he's necessarily the best one to address it.
I mean, his view of Twitter, he often says it's like the town square, that we need to protect the free speech there.
But Twitter is not the town square.
I mean, Tristan Harris recently said that Twitter is actually the town's gladiator arena.
The world population is waking up at record levels.
And the globalists are completely and totally, absolutely desperate right now.
Despite the robust protections of the First Amendment, the federal government is making every effort to pressure social media companies into punishing speech.
Now, according to The Intercept, Facebook maintains a special portal for law enforcement to make requests that content be removed from the platform.
Indeed, the portal exists here.
We were able to find it, and requires law enforcement credentials to access it.
According to The Intercept, the FBI's Laura Demlow briefed a cybersecurity agency on the spread of misinformation, warning that, quote, we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.
Excuse me?
Another DHS report obtained by The Intercept explained that its coming priorities are preventing, quote, inaccurate information on a wide range of topics, including, quote, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S.
withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S.
support to Ukraine.
God gave us all this technology to use and to build our future, but it serves us, not them.
That's a prime rule.
In my rules, I think the future should be run.
Drew Hernandez, riding shotgun with us for the rest of the hour and taking your phone calls from David and Chris and Carlos and Bart and Summer and Cody and JP and Antonio and Chris is one of my good friends and one of the best talk show hosts out there, not just journalist and political activist, Drew Hernandez.
At an age of censorship, he's still able to break through.
I think he's probably had, I saw, 50 million views of his reports the last week.
Wow, confronting AOC, Barack Obama, you name it.
Talk about enfuego.
That is the definition of Drew Hernandez.
Find him at DrewHLive on Twitter and the website DrewHLive.
But Drew, before we get into all your latest exploits, you're one of the smartest political analysts I know, just from a street-smart sense, like me.
He joins us now.
I'm not some fancy-pants politico.
I just go with my gut and common sense.
Midterms, five days out, that insane speech last night.
Total inversion in my view.
Oh, these certain battlegrounds, we won't know who won again.
The Republicans are going to steal it, but if they say we stole it, they're terrorists.
What did you make of that speech last night?
What's your gut tell you?
What are you seeing as you crisscross the country, my brother?
Well, Alex, thanks for having me.
Obviously, I learned from the best, which is you, people like Owen Schroyer and others and the InfoWarriors.
Shout out to all the InfoWarriors watching on Getter and the livestream and everywhere worldwide.
Share these links now because this is what they want to stop and censor.
I'll say this, Alex, is before we get into the Barack Obama clip, we'll do that one first, but I'll say this is it's interesting how
They're already setting the stage.
Right now.
They're already setting the narrative.
Twitter is coming out with their propaganda.
Right when you open Twitter, you may have not seen this on Twitter yet, or people that are on Twitter, but I saw it on mine and I put it on my own Twitter.
Right at the top of the page, Twitter right there is saying, hey, just letting you know, come election day, it's gonna take a few days to count all the ballots.
They don't even say the legal votes.
It's going to take a few days to count all the votes, not the legal votes.
It's going to take a few.
So they're already preparing people.
Joe Biden is giving speeches saying the same thing, preparing the public that it's going to take a few days to count the votes during this midterm election.
I mean, here we have foreign countries that conduct their elections in one day.
And here am I. Here are we in the here.
Think about it like this, Alex.
Here are we in 2022.
We are probably as advanced as we've ever been as a country, the United States of America, a superpower for now, and we cannot conduct an election fairly and securely in a single day?
And what you're saying is completely key and central and paramount.
Biden said last night, it's the way we've always done it.
It always takes days or longer to know who won.
No, that didn't happen until now.
Back when we had paper ballots, the local precinct counts it in the 60s and 70s and 80s.
Everybody combines it.
We had pretty free elections then.
Now there's these machines and mail-in ballots.
Now we don't know.
This is ridiculously obvious.
Since you mentioned it, here's Biden last night in his latest declaration of war against America.
We know that more and more ballots are cast in early voting or by mail in America.
We know that many states don't start counting those ballots until after the polls close on November 8th.
That means in some cases we won't know the winner of the election for a few days until a few days after the election.
It takes time to count all legitimate ballots.
In a legal and orderly manner.
It's always been important for citizens and democracy to be informed and engaged.
Now it's important for citizens to be patient as well.
Yep, be patient while they have their rat holes, dead voters and people out of state so they can target and use the pools of fake votes they've got.
They are running the exact same blueprint of two years ago.
How do we stop this?
Or what do you think is about to unfold, Drew Hernandez?
Alex, I'll say this is, I mean, in the perspective of propaganda, right?
Number one, the elites, they view themselves as higher, more intellectual gods of the universe.
So these people come out and they say what they're going to do before they do it preemptively, because number one, for the sake of propaganda, because they need to put out this narrative one week ahead of time.
And at the same time,
They're literally jailing the true-to-vote leaders that were behind the 2000 Mules movie, that exposed through geo-tracking what was going on during 2020.
Oh, how convenient!
They're shutting them down, they're censoring all kinds of people on social media, while at the same time, simultaneously, simultaneously, they're preparing the narrative for people to accept the fact that this upcoming midterm is going to take days, possibly
We're good.
Whatever they say goes in the future.
I'll say this as well.
When I was at Barack Obama's rally last night in Phoenix before I trolled him, one thing that I heard continually and consistently throughout all the Democrat candidates, they're making mail-in voting some kind of trendy thing.
It's kind of cringe, but at the same time, because their base is so stupid and low IQ and doesn't think anything through, they just believe whatever they say.
They've made mail-in voting like some kind of new technological trendy thing that everyone should just be a part of and doing.
It's really weird how they've done that.
Let's explain all that and what Biden said last night.
He said, we've always done this.
Sure, absentee, that's on record who you are.
No, we haven't.
No, these are huge pools of votes they can grab and manipulate.
They know exactly what they're doing.
They play on people's laziness.
They play on people's low IQ because they're naive.
They don't think these things through.
And like I said, these people know exactly what they're doing.
Joe Biden, the Democrats, all of these people in unison, Barack Obama, all of these leftists that you see that are coming out and saying what they're going to do preemptively.
They're very organized and they know exactly what they're going to do before they do it because they know that they can.
But right now,
No, I think, listen, at the same time, why do you think, Alex, I know you know the answer to this, but why do you think that they're trying to demonize?
That's going to be the next thing.
I'm going to call it out right now.
It's already starting to happen.
The next thing that will be extremely demonized and declared as domestic terrorism, OK, is going to be a mailbox, a voter box watching.
OK, ballot box watching.
Multiple states are already, Supreme Court's are saying you can't have cameras at the mailboxes.
Oh, yeah.
That's going to be the next domestic terrorist.
They're going to come out and start saying people are being threatened.
Biden said we're trying to intimidate people by documenting the fraud.
Again, they're setting the narrative because it's going to become a mainstream narrative.
Right now, they say things here and there.
They kind of test it out.
They try it on the public.
They get all the stupid people and the mindless lemmings to believe this stuff.
And I'm telling you, it will be full force that this will become a thing.
And you know anybody that actually videotapes the fraud will be jailed.
Jailed, indicted, cancelled, targeted by the FBI, targeted by the three-letter agencies, declared a domestic terrorist.
This is what they'll say to you.
A threat to democracy, right?
Being an individual that cares.
And it doesn't matter whether you're on the right or the left.
This is what the left doesn't understand.
If you care about your voter process and you show up watching a ballot box throughout the night, they'll come after you and accuse you of being a domestic terrorist and a threat to democracy.
This is what the left doesn't get.
It's not about left or right.
It's about the regime at the top that wants to control all of us because these globalists and satanists are real and they want to control elections because they want to control the people.
We have no democracy.
They're always talking about democracy, Alex.
Democracy, democracy, democracy.
Okay, well what about Klaus Schwab?
Who the hell elected that guy?
What about Bill Gates?
Who the hell elected that guy?
What about the World Economic Forum making decisions on behalf of the United States of America in the West on foreign soil?
What about them?
Is that democratic?
Is that democracy?
Of course it's not!
Because all these Democrats are in the palm, in the palm of the World Economic Forum and these globalists.
Even some right-wing rhinos are as well.
And I'll say this, Alex.
I'll say this.
Anybody, whether on left or right, that is not calling out the World Economic Forum is a threat to the Republic right now.
And I'm not talking about responding with violence.
I'm just saying it needs to be addressed.
All right, woo!
Drew Hernandez on fire, as I said!
We'll come right back and show his confrontation with Obama and AOC.
On the heels of O'Biden's speech five weeks ago, his Hitlerian Darth Vader speech with a red background declaring war on his political enemies.
He now gave another speech last night and said, the Republicans are trying to steal the election, but they're horrible criminals and they say we try to steal it.
That doesn't exist.
Total oxymoronic gaslighting.
And it was all about, they're about to be violent, they're about to attack, they're about to do all this with no evidence in the whole weird Pelosi case.
Gut level looking at this, Drew Hernandez, investigative journalist.
What do you think they're getting ready to pull?
Because for me, that was a big tell of where they're going.
He said, don't question what we're about to do with the election.
What do you think they're about to pull?
Or are they out of bullets?
I mean, what do you think is going to happen?
I think it's a continual controlled demolition from within of our society.
And the number one thing that takes down a society, a democracy or a constitutional republic or any functioning, you know, group of people on planet Earth is a voting process.
When you take that away, that is the voice of the people.
And when you begin to sabotage that, that is taking away the voice
So these people know that.
They're far, far advanced enough to understand that this is how it works in foreign countries that are communist, that are globalist, that are socialist.
They know that the only way to truly take away power from the people is to take away their vote and also to take away their voice.
That's why censorship is
And election meddling and fraud and tampering go hand in hand for a totalitarian regime because those two things need to be functioning simultaneously in order to have a healthy society or a healthy group of people here on planet Earth.
These globalists, these people, they know this because they're all energized by Satan and Lucifer.
What I mean by that is Lucifer, Satan, has been around longer than us for a very long time, has studied human behavior for thousands of years, has studied how to manipulate the human mind, has studied how to manipulate human emotion, has studied how to manipulate societies to do
I think?
It's the same thing, same spirit, that has been going on for thousands of years, and they're successful because people do not learn from history, and they do not learn from the mistakes of the past, and they don't speak up, and they're not willing to make sacrifices that are necessary to protect those God-given rights.
What's happening right now is, I'll say this, okay?
People want a solution.
You gotta continue to move forward, speak out for what is right, get cancelled as much as you possibly can, get censored as much as you possibly can, show up to a political event, be peaceful, let these people just look psychotic and go after you, so that the world can see.
Because when persecution comes, Alex, when persecution comes, it has a effect.
And one of those effects is
The watchers and the viewers that see that happening to an individual, they wake up.
They wake up to the reality that something nefarious and evil is taking place.
The more that that continues to happen in this country, the more that more people are going to wake up.
That's one way.
That's one way to wake up the public that
May still be able to wake up right now here in 2022.
But I think right now what we need to continue to do is we need to humiliate these people.
We need to put a flashlight on these people.
And again, I go back to what I said on the last segment.
RINOs, people that are not willing to expose who these people are and go on the offense legislatively, okay?
Because we have some genuine cases.
There are Democrats and right-wingers right now that are RINOs that should be in jail, Alex!
You know this!
You know this!
We have genuine evidence on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the Biden crime family.
We have genuine evidence that the FBI should be going after, that the CIA knows what's going on, and the right-wingers are not doing anything.
These so-called legislators, these... This is what I'm saying.
I'm proposing
After 2022, if we do have a majority in the Senate or the Congress, by God's grace and by some miracle, I need to see, we need to see conservatives and Republicans that claim to be America first going on the offense and going after people genuinely, legislatively, that deserve to be prosecuted and indicted.
They're going after you.
They're going after Steve Bannon.
They're going after all of their political opponents.
I'm not saying we should do the same over lies.
I'm saying that we should do the same over genuine cases that should be prosecuted.
That is why the deep state is powerful because that is hard to debunk.
But I think right now we have an opportunity if by God's grace we get some legislators that can change this stuff.
But they need to start acting immediately and go on the offense because that's what the people want.
Absolutely, brother.
I want to take some calls.
They'll be all over the map, but I know you're a well-versed guy, smart guy, so you can give your take as well when I do it.
But we got four minutes or so to break.
The globalists are losing the hearts and minds all over the world, not just here, but they're resorting to election fraud.
When we look at Lula and Bolsonaro, it's the same story again.
If it wasn't fraud, I'd say, man, they're dumb in Brazil, but they're not.
Only in one capital district did they suddenly have all this magic vote that defeated him.
How do you see a power structure striking back when there's such an awakening happening?
Well, I think what they're going to do is they have to double down, right?
I mean, you take a look at history.
What do they do?
What do the fascists do?
What do the communists do?
They triple down.
They double down.
They quadruple down.
Because what is this all about, Alex?
You and I both know.
That the core issue for these people is not democracy, it's not freedom, it's not inclusivity, it's not diversity, it's not wanting people to be able to participate in our constitutional republic or electoral process.
That's not what these people want.
They want one thing!
Power and control over your mind, your life, your existence, your bank account, your family, your future, your all in all.
These people, this is why they're anti-Christ, they want to be God.
The devil wants to be God and worshipped as God.
And that is who these people are.
That is why they think they can dictate your speech, they can dictate your bank account, they can dictate your vote.
That is why they believe they can dictate your mind.
Because they believe that they are superior and God-like enough to do so.
And that they are the ones that know better than you, that can think better than you,
That could literally function better than you when it comes to every aspect of your life.
So what I expect from these people, Alex, is for them to double, triple, and quadruple down because this is about power.
This is about control.
And they will not let that go.
They will not let that go without a political fight.
They will not let that go.
They will give their dying breath to hold on to this because these people hate you.
They want to control you.
And they don't want to let you go.
They're psychopaths in power, and this is exactly why we're seeing what we're seeing.
So I predict that these people, yes, they are losing, but they will double down because they don't want to let you go.
They're psychotics, Alex, you know this.
We're going to go to break and come right back with calls.
I'm going to ask you about the huge Intercept article that broke over the weekend, which they're not denying.
It's all real.
Worse than we thought.
Homeland Security with the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and other leftist groups, including Chase Bank.
Surveilling and watching people with big tech and censoring them.
And the government admits in the documents it's illegal and they're using private groups to do it.
By the way, steal the election from Trump and now the midterms.
I mean election meddling, criminal activity right there admitted.
Drew Hernandez is our guest.
Tomorrow's news today at Drew H. Live on Twitter.
We'll be right back.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776!
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
Hernandez is our guest.
We're about to go to your phone calls.
David, Chris, and many others here in just a moment.
We have some breaking news here I thought I would hit.
Here's one from ABC News.
Oh, of course it's going to take long to count the ballots.
To take longer, Colorado authorities investigating suspicious substance found in mail-in ballots.
Officials say it appears to be an attempt to disrupt
The election process.
Authorities in Colorado are investigating a suspicious powder substance found in a mail-in ballot to the Adams County Elections Office.
And what they say has meant unit paramedics and firefighters and other law enforcement agencies were called to the county offices after the ballot was received Wednesday.
Initial testing of the substance was negative for explosives, biological agents, and narcotics, Adams County Clerk said.
So we're going to have lots of that.
And then give you another example of fake news in live time.
I said at the start of the show a few hours ago that the Democratic Party that ran their show trial hoaxes against me told us in mediation, we just want you to come out against the Second Amendment.
And I said, hell no.
And I said, you guys, your Democratic Party can put a gun to my head, I'm not going to come out against the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, you name it, or I'm not going to be pro-abortion, you can't get me to change my mind.
They run the headline, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook families, say that, then the quote, can put a gun to my head and I wouldn't back down one inch.
That's how deceptive these people are, folks.
Using these families to go after the First and Second Amendment.
Let's go to phone calls right now.
We'll talk to Chris in a moment.
But first, David in Florida, an Army vet.
Let's talk about the midterms, the Santas, and the attacks that's going on.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you, brother.
I appreciate you guys so much.
You are the general in the U.S.
Army Signal Corps war on the terror that they're exerting upon our country.
So God bless you, sir.
I just wanted to say that I'm a proud Floridian, native Floridian.
Love DeSantis.
By the way, I have the water filter, air filter.
I've got pretty much everything InfoWars stuff.
Ultimate Krill Oil is like on another level.
If you take that before bedtime, about an hour before bedtime, it's like you take an intergalactic trip and never leave the farm.
It's great stuff.
I just wanted to say, this isn't just a topic that people don't really talk about and discuss.
Of course, I think DeSantis is going to take it, and rightfully so.
He's a fantastic governor, and I'm a big-time Trump supporter.
I sat six feet from the president when he came to the Tampa rally here.
But I just want to say, this is a subject that nobody talks about.
This is what happened to me as a disabled veteran and a patriot, a conservative patriot.
I speak out a lot.
I've been banned off Facebook.
I've been banned from everywhere.
Finally got Facebook back, but you know how that is.
They watch everything I do or say.
I put anything on about InfoWars, you know, they automatically kick me off, but I still do it anyway.
Make another account, do it again.
But what you do is you just link to other people promoting it, yeah?
Roger that, sir.
Yeah, but the thing is, the leftover operators from Obama derailed the Trump Organization, and now the leftover communist laws are derailing the Santa's efforts for a free Florida here.
The Florida Department of Revenue and Child Support Enforcement are completely out of control.
They suspend your driver's license, business licenses, fishing and hunting licenses, making it nearly impossible for a non-custodial parent to make a living here to support yourself and your children.
No one wants to talk about this, and I think something that DeSantis, Ron, if you're listening,
Uh, I think it's something that he needs to look into or do something about because I think that would bring a lot of people under his tent that would normally be there because, dude, this is, it's not DeSantis' fault.
This is some leftover archaic communist laws that they've had in place.
31 states in the United States make it illegal to take away a man's driver's license because
I mean, especially when you live in a rural community.
For child support, it's draconian, extrajudicial, and has no due process.
It should absolutely be fixed.
There's a lot of work to do.
Thanks for the call.
You want to comment on that, Drew Hernandez?
Yeah, real quick, Alex.
I just think it's clear.
Again, it goes back to these people targeting your livelihood.
If they could grab you by the balls there, if they could shut down your ability to live, they will control you.
If they could control your bank account, they could control the food you put on your table, if they could control the water that you drink, if they could control every aspect of your life financially.
They will have that over you.
That is why PayPal is coming out and is going to start fining everybody.
First they backed off.
Now they've gone back to it.
They're going to fine you $2,500 if we have a political disagreeance with you.
And again, it's always the same thing.
We determine what that really means.
So it's across the board.
This is why they're pushing for a centralized system, because it would be easier to just control everyone at the push of a button.
That's right, they want arbitrary extrajudicial power.
Chris in Pennsylvania, you're on the air with Drew Hernandez.
Next segment, his latest confrontations.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Hey, I'm a big fan.
I've been listening to you every day for like 12 years.
Drew, love your work.
I think that earlier when you were talking about the mail-in voting and the deaths and the people that move, I think we might be looking in the wrong place.
Like, I think they want us to look there.
If it were me, it takes a few days to count the mail-in ballots because they're probably sending in ballots for the voters who never actually voted.
So there could be like 10 to 15 percent of people who never actually physically voted and they're not even aware that a mail-in ballot went in.
Oh no, that's exactly how it works.
They just hold them and then fill them out for the number they need.
That's exactly what, it's the same formula.
So we gotta find a way to stop them.
We gotta find a way to have a check and balances.
And no, like, oh, this person didn't vote, but he's got a mail-in ballot.
And by the way, people say, oh, where's the proof?
In Pennsylvania, they had a postal delivery driver that thought it was suspicious across state lines.
They put like 20-something boxes in.
He looked in them.
They were all marked for Biden.
He calls the FBI.
They threatened to arrest him.
I mean, so we've caught them doing it.
We know what they're doing.
So, moving forward, two things.
If they were to allow the right to win, I don't think that's going to happen.
I think the ball is rolling.
If they were to allow the right to win, I'd be highly worried about, like, dark horses on the right.
And I think, real quick, the Nancy Pelosi thing, to me, is kind of worrisome.
Because if they do take this election, and they do steal it, and they start removing the politicians that were involved, they're going to blame it on us.
You follow me?
I mean, brother, they're going to pull every dirty trick they've got.
The good news is almost no one buys what they say now, so that really disempowers them.
But that only makes them, again, intensify because it's like a heroin addict.
It takes more and more and more to get high.
Will they kill the whole Bali politic in the process?
Thanks for the call, Chris.
Drew Hernandez.
I totally agree.
Like I said, I think they're going to double down, triple down, quadruple down.
They'll use every avenue possible to hold power and violate our freedoms.
So I totally agree with that.
There's all kinds of avenues.
We got to deal with the machines.
We got to deal with trucks nefariously going, crossing state lines, just dropping off ballots.
There's so much that needs to take place.
And that's why I've been saying some serious legislation needs to be done at the federal level, at the local level as well.
If by some miracle we make it through this election and we make it, like I said, a lot, a lot of electoral process legislation needs to take place to fix this stuff.
Our elections are a mess right now, Alex.
Well, absolutely.
And look, I don't want to be
Alarmist here, but we're in a crazy world.
That speech last night said false flag.
And they're in deep trouble.
They'll do anything.
And as you mentioned, and as I mentioned, that famous truck that came across, you're obviously not in a truck full of ballots all filled out for Biden in another state.
That's the Holy Grail.
That's a fraud.
But it just gets shut down.
Well, here's the number one thing when it came to this 2020 election.
The number one red flag.
Yes, all the stuff that came out in all of these states, all of it that was being exposed, all of the videos, all of the hearings, all of that.
The number one thing that stuck out to me the most was how aggressively the left attempted to silence it and shut it down.
That alone let me know that there's something nefarious going on, because if there wasn't, then why can't I look into it?
I think that tells you everything you need to know.
That's right.
I want to show your latest conversation last night with Obama, the one last week with Superviral, AOC, and more.
A few final calls, Drew Hernandez.
Then, Jason Burmess always does a great job.
He's got a big presentation for you next hour.
Please don't forget, listeners, we're going to have a live election night coverage Tuesday, right through Wednesday and Thursday in this insanity at the Coordinates of Liberty, InfoWars.com, forward slash show and band on video.
I want to invite Drew Hernandez.
I know that we're going to have Steve Bannon and so many others.
We're going to get Jack Posobiec, everybody, for that big election night.
Roger Stone, you name it.
Coming up next Tuesday, right through Wednesday and Thursday, The Coordinates of Liberty to Promote.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
So Drew, let's get into, you're going out confronting Obama, you're going out confronting AOC.
You're in control.
Tell us which clip you want to play first, what story you want to cover first.
And the fact that your videos are getting 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million views shows real hunger for folks to go out and confront them.
And Democrats have been confronting the warmongering Democrats.
Those have been going viral as well.
They're really fearful of this.
Every time Obama gets confronted, he goes, hey, you got your free speech, really?
You censor us online.
You spy on us with Homeland Security.
You work with big tech.
No, you've been siling us.
There's nothing more American than confronting that little globalist.
The term free speech is an illusion with these people, and we all know that.
Let's run that Obama clip.
I want to rip into this guy real quick.
Yeah, roll the Obama clip.
It's very good for folks at the very top, but not always so good for ordinary people.
Like you, Obama!
Communities where too many kids... Are you going to start yelling at me?
You know, you have to be polite and civil.
When people are talking, then other people are talking.
And then you get a chance to talk.
Set up your own rally.
A lot of people worked hard for this.
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs discriminates against black people!
Katie Huggs
Here we go!
Here we go!
We can't talk about Katie Hobbs!
We can't talk about Katie Hobbs!
We can't talk about Katie Hobbs!
Like I said, Alex, I learned from the best, man.
I'm not the one that, you know, first started doing that.
I grew up watching InfoWars and Alex Jones.
We're just continuing the legacy.
That's why we need you and that's why they want to shut you down.
Because you influence people to engage and go on offense.
That's what these people hate.
As long as you're always on defense, you're okay.
Because if they're always on offense, they know they could beat you because they control the levers of power.
But Obama!
Obama is a disgrace, okay?
I know for a ton of reasons, but I'll pick this one.
Obama is a disgrace to minorities across the entire globe.
He's the token black guy of the Democrat Party because he thinks in his superiority that he's the first black president of the United States of America, some kind of superstar.
No, you were installed there, Barry, because you're on the plantation of the Democrat Party and you wouldn't be there if it weren't for them and they control everything you say and everything you do.
You are their puppet.
Because the Democrats have always controlled black people up until this very day.
Drew, why do you say that?
Do you really believe that?
Look what he's doing!
He's campaigning as a black man for a convicted, twice convicted racist, Katie Hobbs!
That had to pay out millions of dollars, this by state-funded taxpayer money, because she discriminated against a black woman, and now we all in Arizona have to pay for it, and there's Barack Obama, on that damn stage, campaigning for the white woman that discriminates against black people, and he doesn't say a damn thing about it.
And notice he's only got a few thousand people that claim he's so popular.
Trump's got crowds 50 times bigger.
But the point is, Alex, is even Barack Obama is on the Democrat plantation campaigning for the white racists in their party.
How do I know?
Because he's up there and he doesn't acknowledge it and doesn't tell any of those black people in that room the truth of who Katie Hobbs is.
Because he's a puppet and he is literally their token black guy and he's controlled by them.
Obama is a disgrace.
It's the same thing.
Do we have that?
Do you guys want to air that real quick?
Yeah, we do.
Tell us where it was.
Set this up for us.
It was on Twitter.
I was in California.
She was speaking at a university with a bunch of leftist morons and trying to virtue signal and just lie to the people.
Here's the clip.
AOC, what about the migrants?
What about the migrants, AOC?
What about the little kids being raped at the southern border?
What about the migrants, AOC?
What about the little girls getting raped?
AOC, you're a disgrace!
Talk about the little girls!
Talk about the little girls, AOC!
What about the red team?
What about the open border?
Denounce Joe Biden!
Denounce Joe Biden!
Denounce the human struggle agency!
Bring up the little kids being raised at the southern border, AOC!
What about the southern border?
It's your party!
It's your party that has the open border!
The blood is on your hands, AOC!
The blood is on your hands, AOC!
The blood is on your hands, AOC!
Where's your photo op now?
I mean, Drew, this is an important clip.
And I think it went super viral because people want to do more of this.
They should go out and do it themselves.
But that's not one of your most powerful clips.
Why do you think it got 50 million views?
I think because right now,
AOC's a race grifter, and we know that, just like a bunch of other Democrats.
But in particularly, okay, in the Latino community, you have someone like AOC that's coming out claiming to care so much, crying at the southern border, staging a photo op and a video op, pretending to care about the migrants that are locked in gauges.
Where the hell is she now?
Where are you?
Why are you not down at the southern border acknowledging the crimes against humanity that you and I have both exposed, Alex, and we got demonized for doing because we're exposing the literal human slavery and human trafficking of Latinos at the southern border that's being facilitated by Democrats.
She's not down there because she doesn't give a damn.
She's not down there staging a photo op because it's not politically acceptable, because it doesn't make Trump look bad.
These people do not give a damn about Latinos, black people, white people, humans in general.
They hate everybody!
They only use you and view you as a political pawn.
That is why so many people view clips like that.
And they love watching these people get roasted and obliterated and wrecked for their hypocrisy.
You're right.
Let's play a clip of the pathetic actress Anne Hathaway saying abortion can be another word for mercy.
Killing babies is good and merciful to them.
This is how much they hate life.
Here it is.
This is not a moral conversation about abortion.
This is a practical conversation about women's rights.
And by the way, human rights, because women's rights are human rights.
And the freedom that we all need to be able to choose and build our lives and have access to excellent health care.
May I just say one other thing, and just without going into too many details, my own personal experience with abortion, and I don't think we talk about this enough, abortion can be another word for mercy.
We don't know.
It's not a world in which... We know that no two pregnancies are alike, and it follows that no two lives are alike, that follows that no two conceptions are alike.
We don't know.
So how can we have a law?
How can we have a point of view on this that says we must treat everything the same?
These are the most selfish, greedy, evil people we've ever seen.
It's totally sick, Drew.
Human rights for women and abortion, if you don't even give them the chance to even be born and have a shot at life.
All these woke women do is repeat the Margaret Sanger, eugenicist, literal depopulation, okay, agenda narrative, that if a baby's not gonna be able to be financially successful in life, then you just gotta kill it!
You just gotta end its life!
And they've just decided your whole life, they've just given you a death sentence for nothing.
Because they believe that they are God.
Final segment with Drew Hernandez.
Stay with us.
Final segment with Drew Hernandez here on the Alex Jones Show.
Ahead of Jason Burmas taking over.
Then in one hour, Owen Schroer.
Don't forget, next Tuesday, live coverage right through to 2 a.m.
or beyond.
With this critical midterm election that's taking place right now.
So, Drew Hernandez, you made a lot of great points today.
I wanted to give you a chance to close out the last five minutes.
Any other key pieces of intel?
I just think America needs to understand we are in a very, very dark hour in American history where our freedoms are being attacked.
With speech, with the elections, the Second Amendment, our children and their innocence.
We're murdering babies.
Millions of people in this country, they not only advocate for it, they celebrate it, they praise it, they worship Moloch, they worship Baphomet.
That is literally what the trans movement is, that is going after children right now.
Satan is working overtime.
And people need to understand that this is not just political issues, especially even the church and pastors.
If you're around people right now that are just kind of like wanting to sit on the sidelines and say, oh, you know, I just think I don't want to get political.
I don't want to get involved with that.
Well, well, these people expect you to be like that because they know that that's where they need you to be.
So you're ineffective and you're a sitting duck and you don't become a problem.
That is what these regimes want.
They don't want problems.
And problems to these people are people that come out, speak out, and they expose certain things.
That is why they go after everyone in the movement.
That is why they go after everyone in America, anyone on the globe that is simply effective and that causes problems and breaches the matrix.
And who these people are like Alex Jones, InfoWars, the list goes on right now in 2022.
That is why they want to shut down InfoWars.
That is why they want to shut down Alex Jones, because they know here we are with upcoming elections and how effective this network has been.
They need to shut it down and they need to shut down anyone else.
That has an effective voice.
This is why they will continue to shadow ban.
This is why they will continue to propagate and demonize slander and attempts to cancel anyone that comes out and speaks out against this regime.
Because they need to control every single one of you right now.
Do not be afraid.
Do not be scared.
Do not lose hope.
Do not lose energy.
Do not lose strength.
And I'm speaking to you too as well, Alex.
I look up to you, man.
A lot of people do.
I know it gets hard.
I know you're losing a lot of
You know, a strength to move forward.
But if God is for us, who could be against us right now more than ever?
This is where we push forward.
This is where we get louder.
This is where we get stronger.
And this is where we get more unified as a people because we will not go down without letting these people know that they cannot take away our spirit.
They cannot take away our freedom.
Even if they kill us!
I'm not calling for violence.
They cannot take away our spirit and our freedom.
And that is what they want, Alex.
And they will never take that away.
No matter how much money you get sued for, no matter how many times they cancel us, no matter how many times they censor us, they will never take that away.
And that is the one thing that they wish they could.
Drew, let me expand on that.
Quite frankly, people see them put out numbers like 2.75 trillion and a billion to intimidate us and make us feel like we've lost.
I'm getting more support on the ground and more people saying that we were right than ever.
When it comes to finances, we're barely on the edge of being able to operate.
That's up to listeners to support us at InfoWarshaw.com, but I'm actually the happiest I've ever been.
I'm a little burnt out, a little tired.
I'm really tired of focusing on the globalists, but I know I have to do it to stop them.
It's really paradoxical for Newtonian physics.
The worse it gets, the better it gets as people really wake up.
But I appreciate your spirit and what you're doing and what you see.
And just in closing, in 30 seconds, what are you seeing on the ground in America?
Is there an awakening or what's happening?
I think we're going to see both.
I think the more that the pressure comes down, more people wake up to the reality that these people are coming after their children, their bank accounts, and their entire livelihood, their freedoms.
You can only do one thing but wake up.
Yeah, you could join the regime, but we see how history turns out, they end up turning on you.
So at some point, a lot of people are going to continue to wake up and that's the hope that I have and the prayer that I have every single day.
Amazing job, Drew Hernandez.
Look forward to speaking to you.
Please join us during Tuesday's live coverage.
We're going to go until past midnight of the election.
Will you join us?
You got it.
There goes Drew Hernandez.
All right.
The great Jason Bermas takes over.
Then, Owen Schroyer in one hour.
Don't let the globalist monsters and their mercenary minions be successful at silencing you.
And the globalist's number one mission is to silence InfoWars because they rightly see us as one of the main beacons of resistance, alerting the people, not just of America, but the world, to the threat of the globalists and their censorship and tyranny.
That's why it's so essential today, now more than ever, to share links for InfoWars.com and to also financially support InfoWars.com at the most critical time on our fight by using promo code 1776 at checkout to get an additional 10% off.
These people are coming for your birthright.
They're coming for your First Amendment.
They admit, once they've silenced us, they're coming for you.
I'm in your hands, and I'm asking for your support now.
You have my commitment to never give up or back down, but I could give out without your support.
Thank you for all your past support, and I'm encouraging you now to redouble your efforts at Infowarstore.com with promo code 1776 for an additional 10% off on the already big sales and huge discounts.
Hey, everybody!
This is Jason Burmess.
The fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
And what I really want to do here was delve a lot deeper into this whole collusion with big tech and the Biden administration and show that this isn't just the Biden administration.
This has been something that's been running for 20 plus years that we know about.
That's aside from programs like the CIA's Mockingbird within the media, but
Big tech companies and that's really what social media is now.
It's a merging of these big tech communication companies and the media.
All right, so you have Mockingbird, but as we're going to show you in a second in a film produced by Alex Jones and Infowars.com and put out over a decade ago that Norris Insight Systems with the NSA were what?
Entwined into all digital communications, all phone calls, and directly bringing them there for keyword searches.
Now this is pre-911, this is pre-Homeland Security, this is pre-Patriot Act.
Alright, so when people bring up Alex Jones, I want people to understand the gravity of that.
It was Alex Jones
Who was out there saying that the NSA and the government was spying on the American people pre-911, way pre-Snowden, way pre-Snowden.
And Snowden's revelations really didn't go as far back as this.
So first clip here, guys, is going to be from Invisible Empire, a new world order defined, but
The other aspects of this article, Truth Cops by The Intercept, that we're going to get into is how did we go from what I'm going to show you with Norris Insight Systems, into Homeland Security, into Fusion Centers, and into now Signature Reduction that works hand in hand with Big Tech.
We're going to take you the whole way.
We're going to show you some of these reports via these Fusion Centers that are over a decade old.
And how in 2008 when they were talking fusion centers, domestic terrorism comes up once by 2021.
Okay, they have entire pamphlets that are half the size of this report.
I think the original report something like 72 pages.
This thing is like 32 pages comes up almost 200 times domestic terror, domestic terror.
You're bad.
The evil is within and as they bring out this
narrative on a large scale, they have to have further and further surveillance of the people to literally induce a world of pre-crime and thought crime.
So, let's go to this clip right here.
This is Invisible Empire, A New World Order Defined.
And even a phony environmental movement.
So it should come as no surprise that they have been tracking, tracing, and databasing our lives for years.
Many people are aware that the Bush administration engaged in warrantless wiretaps on American citizens.
What they don't understand is that it's come out in court that all the major telecommunications companies have been secretly storing every piece of data received from our phones and our computers and handing them over to the National Security Agency.
You heard about the government secretly listening in on phone conversations without a warrant?
But there is evidence that your email is also being tapped.
This is just a small part of the picture.
As AT&T was not the only company involved and emails were not the only issue.
The NSA was installing Norris Insight Systems, which are capable of monitoring billions of bits of internet traffic per second.
It was also able to monitor any calls trafficked through its system, all websites visited, all instant messaging, and separate types of transaction records.
The secret room at AT&T contains gear which enables the government to look at every individual message on the internet and analyze exactly what people are doing.
Here's another document.
It mentions a company called Narus.
Narus makes computer software that can swallow and analyze 10 gigabytes of information every second.
That means it could go through all the information in all the books in the Library of Congress in a little over 15 minutes.
I want to say this right now.
Think about how much further technology is, not only from this report that was years old by the time that I put this film out in 2010, but where it is now.
That's the blink of an eye.
15 minutes.
Probably 15 milliseconds at this point.
The documents Klein and others were able to produce were then censored by the NSA.
Bankston isn't allowed to talk about the documents in detail.
The government has since had them sealed.
But he says what is in there boggles the mind.
We are talking about a substantial portion of all the communications traffic in the United States.
The policies have been shielded by the Obama administration and continue to this day.
Attorney General Holder has publicly stated lawsuits be thrown out of court.
And after several attempts, Klein and other cases were thrown out as well.
Once again, citing the national security of what used to be a constitutional republic, not a massive corrupt slave state.
Now, Mark Does does a good job here of talking about living in the New World Order.
I want to skip ahead a little bit to this subsection.
Where we get to the MIAC report, okay, and they were talking about what?
People that believed in the Constitution then.
People that were Ron Paul supporters then.
They were going to films like Zeitgeist and America Freedom to Fascism.
Those were the potential terrorists laying those seeds down over a decade ago.
...of Homeland Security is targeting citizens who discussed the New World Order.
People with a Christian identity or sovereign citizens who argue that the government has gotten away from the intent of the Constitution and are strong states' rights advocates.
People who are anti-immigration, stating extremists will argue that immigrants are taking the jobs of U.S.
citizens during times of high unemployment and without paying taxes.
People who oppose the Federal Reserve banking system.
People who display constitutional party or libertarian material.
People who support Ron Paul.
And those who have bumper stickers containing anti-government rhetoric.
So, again, the establishment is allowed to talk about, what, a new world order.
They were going after Christians, again, laying that groundwork as they were putting these fusion centers all over the country.
There's more fusion centers than there are states in this constitutional republic.
So this stuff is not new.
It is not new whatsoever, and I want to show some of these documents right here.
So, as I said before, state and major urban area fusion centers.
This is back in 2008.
72-page document, domestic terrorism, just in there once.
But the way that they define terrorism
After 9-11, via the Patriot Act, bringing in their little uber-mention-driven Deutschland security, right?
It's those social Darwinists at the top, the transhumanists at the top, the people that think they're better than you, both socially and genetically, right?
It's whatever they say, and you go against that narrative, right?
It could be a politically motivated individual.
That's the terrorist.
And we see it more and more and more.
National Counterintelligence Strategy 2020 to 2022.
So it goes across administrations.
You get down to page 8 here.
And so important because it shows you that, again, we are all the terrorists.
Anybody that would stand up to the establishment narrative, that's it.
That's who the bad people are, everybody.
Take a look.
Let's see.
We got to get down one more.
Here it is right here.
So it tells you about the number of actors targeting the United States is growing.
Oh, is it?
There are other state adversaries such as Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.
Non-state actors such as Hezbollah, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda, those ones were getting old, right?
As well as transnational criminal organizations and ideologically motivated entities such as hacktivists.
They pose the significant threats.
That's why they went after WikiLeaks.
That's why they create false narratives like Russia, Russia, Russia.
Because when you put out real information, you expose the big boys out there.
Well, they got a new word for that.
It's malinformation.
We're going to get into malinformation and so much more on the flip side of this ad.
But guys, let's be real.
They're coming after free speech.
They're trying to criminalize thought.
And InfoWars.com has been at the forefront for well over a decade.
Support them financially right now.
And we are back.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Before I show you that white supremacy and anti-government rhetoric was already on the table for Deutschland, aka Homeland Security, from the get-go, and that it's been empowered, I think it's really important to understand
That now the thought police, the narrative controllers, okay, the people that are help running the quote-unquote post-truth world.
That's what we're living in folks, the post-truth world.
Before we do that and get into that documentation, I think that it is important to define what malinformation is.
Because when I started seeing malinformation, especially in social media,
via YouTube and others, I knew that we were in trouble because they admit that all's malinformation is is factual information.
They don't like you sharing.
And malinformation, factual information shared, typically out of context.
So in other words, they put that in there to try to save their mind out of context.
And it's typical.
So not always out of context.
With harmful intent that allegedly threatens U.S.
So not the government, not the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the people, U.S.
Now, here's my demonetization on YouTube.
It's been about three years now.
This is why I'm demonetized, guys.
This is the one line we have.
Harmful content, there's that word again,
Content that focuses on controversial issues and that is harmful to viewers.
Now, in my mind, I should be able to sue these people into the ground because I have never tried to hurt anybody.
I'm Paulie Piesnik, right?
I'm Gary Let's Get Along.
That's who I am.
I'm Teddy Let's Talk It Out.
All right?
I think that
My greatest tool and our greatest tool as not only Americans but as a human species is the ability to speak freely and disagree with one another and have different ideas and debate one another.
That's numero uno.
That's how everything is built out of discussion and ideas.
Especially everything positive, right?
The more light that's out there, the more you empower humanity as a whole.
But now, malinformation is you sharing info that you think is good info, and it might be factual, but it goes against those U.S.
interests that are ever-redefining.
And to show you guys again this white supremacy narrative,
Is nothing new.
I want to read the first couple of paragraphs out here.
And again, narrative control in general is nothing new.
So this is out of the Missouri Fusion Center.
This is the MIAC report.
And again, very important that people check these documents out in full because they're just so eye-opening.
The militia movement began in the 1980s and reached its peak in 1996.
This is a 2009 document.
Several social, economic, and political factors contributed to the surge in militia participation in the 90s.
The primary motivator for the movement was the farm crisis of the 1980s, which caused the destruction of three quarters of a million small to medium-sized family farms.
Overall, 11 million Americans lost their job during this time period.
So they're trying to equate people that joined a militia as people that lost their jobs.
Not true.
And they're also trying to equate it
To basically industrialization and overseas trade coming in and less and less of that farm agro lifestyle, right?
That's also not true.
What was actually happening is people were visually seeing that the United Nations and globalism was gaining power.
And that even people like George Bush in the early 90s who were supposed to be Christian conservatives were promoting a new world order.
All right.
A new world order.
But here's the first sentence.
It gives it away.
Oh, those academics.
Again, those authoritative sources.
Those blue check marks of yesteryear contend that female and minority empowerment in the 1970s and 1960s caused a blow to a white male sense of empowerment.
This, combined with a sense of defeat from the Vietnam War, increased levels of immigration and unemployment, spawned a paramilitary culture.
It's the bad white man!
They're already framing it for racists.
You get it?
This caught on in the 1980s with injects such as Tom Clancy's novel, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and movies such as Rambo that glorified combat.
Too much toxic masculinity!
Now, what was really going on there
Was that was the military in the Defense Department working with Holly weird to project narratives on those military agendas.
So they use this as a tool again and again in different aspects.
2009 all the way up to the point that you end up getting this in 2021.
All right.
This is now a little over a year old, almost a year and a half old.
National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
And it's got all the buzz phrases on the side.
This is a project that should unite all Americans, right?
When the poopy pants zombie J puppet is up there last night barely being able to speak again, can barely speak.
And we got to expect that this guy is not only running the country, but he's a unifier, right?
It's only unification when you go with their narrative.
Together, we must affirm that domestic terrorism has no place in our society.
No shizzle.
Oh, really?
Domestic terror has no place in our society?
No kidding.
And they want to label everything terrorism.
Because then you have no due process.
You're not a citizen of this country.
You don't have a Bill of Rights.
In fact, you're less of a human being anyway in these people's eyes.
That's what the social Darwinism aspect of this is.
And before he was just a zombie, poopy pants puppet, right?
He was Joey B, gangster puppet.
I often talk about this, this idea of a new world order, right?
You're not supposed to in the MIAC report.
You're a bigot.
You're a racist.
We're going to expand.
We're going to talk about the expansion of that into signature reduction on the flip side of the next break.
But how I learned to love the new world order, an op-ed by Joe Biden in the Wall Street Journal in 1992.
Now, this is just after and around the same time that George H.W.
Bush, see right and left,
Both the same thing, guys.
Both the same thing.
All right?
Have that same idea of why don't we breathe life into the UN Charter?
Why don't we build a new world order?
Where's our place going to be in that?
It's all right here.
Okay, so this spans administrations.
This spans even presidencies.
You want to talk about cabals or the deep state?
It's the continuity of government within the executive branch.
That utilizes that military-industrial complex and then you have the transnational corporations then working with that military-industrial complex for these narratives that basically use lobbies to bring this agenda to guys like Biden within the government and then that's parroted by people in the media like Maddow or Dan Rather back in the day.
Dan Rather is one of the worst on Twitter.
I mean he is absolutely
So when we get back, all right, we're going to bring it into signature reduction because it's not just collusion with big tech for malinformation.
We're talking about false personas online and beyond with no accountability whatsoever.
Well, if you want to be accountable, if you want free speech, if you want to stand up
To what?
These great narratives?
This authoritarian future?
Consider going to InfoWarsTore.com right now, making a purchase of the new book, making a purchase of the supplement, or maybe just giving a donation to Alex Jones for all he's done over the past few decades.
We are back.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
I do a show, Reality Rants, 8 a.m.
Eastern Time, Monday through Thursday.
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And what I don't think most people understand is that these big tech operations that we're seeing have been co-opted, if not just created outright, if not just nurtured outright.
by the military industrial complex and they get those contracts sometimes out in front but then they have those backdoor deals.
When you look at this future strategic warfare document from 2001 in NASA, what they refer to these things are Trojan horse civilian systems at the bottom there.
Trojan horse civilian systems.
You notice
It's inexpensive for them to do.
Wage information, internet, and psychological warfare on the enemy.
Got news for ya.
The enemy is us.
The enemy is us.
And I wanna just go, I read this so many times, but this whole article really needs to be read.
Inside the Military Secret Undercover Army.
Just the first paragraph.
The largest undercover force the world has ever known.
is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade.
Again, no oversight whatsoever.
Many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called Signature Reduction.
Not even an official name.
That's an art form that they decided to go with in some of these documents.
Now, these are through FOIAs.
As far as I know, the authors never shared them with anybody either.
The force, more than 10 times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic, alright, domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover in real life and online.
Alright, think about that.
This is the biggest undercover force ever.
It's in our country.
This isn't supposed to be Nazi Germany.
This isn't, again, this isn't the CIA, this isn't the NSA, this is something different.
So again, they are in real life and online, so beyond just bots, they actually create real identities for some of these people.
They have backdoor access into so many of these digital infrastructure networks that can give us IDs, right?
Sometimes they're hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies, those Trojan horse civilian systems.
And well, why are they doing this?
Well, it's because this is a very, very real agenda of command and control trying to bring you into a virtual age of enslavement while having the peasant class, the serfs, under a social credit score carbon-based system.
Well, again, you're encouraged to be on VR.
You're encouraged to have the brain chip, right?
To be transhuman.
And they try to use biological technology as a technological fountain of youth for them to live forever.
And that's why this transgender agenda is so big.
Because it's not about transgender, it's about transhuman.
And you no longer associating with nature, your biology, the idea of a god.
That's what this is really about.
And because of that,
I want to play my presentation, my From Transgender to Transhuman presentation over at the Reawaken America Tour a couple weeks ago.
Clay Clark doing a great job over there and actually has one tomorrow over in Branson, Missouri.
I'm not going to be there, but so many other great speakers are.
So let's just get to this.
From Transgender to Transhuman.
In past presentations here, I've talked about Elon Musk being a front for the military-industrial complex and the transhumanist agenda.
I've talked about the spiritual aspect of this, and although I'm going to talk about those briefly, what I want to discuss with you is how the transgender movement is really about transhumanism.
And to show you that, I want you to take a look at this book.
And this is a real book by the most powerful transgender person on the planet.
It was written in 2011, and it is from transgender to transhuman.
And in the very beginning, they discuss billions of sexes.
They say that your biological sex is in fact an accident.
And labeling somebody a boy or a girl at birth will be viewed as being labeled white or black in South African apartheid.
This is written by a person named Martine Rothblatt.
Martine Rothblatt also wrote the books in the late 90s.
Unzip jeans!
Where they advocate for no longer having natural childbirth and instead having to license your children to be genetically created.
Wrote a book in 2015, Virtually Human, The Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality.
And the symbol that you see in the middle is actually the symbol for this person's religion that they started called Terasim.
It cannot be
This is supposedly the most well-paid woman CEO in the world.
This is a person that started Sirius XM Radio.
This is the person behind United Therapeutics.
And Martina's in the middle with wife Bina who has been replicated as an android robot in this religion.
Also the CEO of United Therapeutics, because transhumanism is really two different things.
They want us to merge with the machines and use this technology to enslave humanity.
While the wealthy utilize this technology to try to biologically stay alive forever.
Now, the next clip's gonna be the longest one.
It's about three minutes long, but I want you to meet Martine Rothblatt at a conference called Transformers, put on by Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post, and the good people at Lockheed Martin.
...is also the recipient of this year's Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative Award, which is devoted to LBGT issues, and puts her in an interesting issue because she has a company, or part of a company, is based in North Carolina, which, as you know right now, she might get arrested for going to the bathroom if the governor had anything to do about it.
Ladies and gentlemen, Martine Rothblatt.
Martine, one of the basic concepts that you're interested in, it's not just improving life, but it's actually immortality.
That we're all going to live forever.
And Martine, I might mention, has founded a religion, as one does, known as...
As terrorism, it's based on transhumanism.
And you have the idea that we're not just going to live a long time, but we're all going to live forever.
Tell us your concept of immortality and how that actually would work.
Thanks, Nealey.
It's a great pleasure to be here.
The idea is one that has been percolating up from lots of people in the information technology industry for a while.
Perhaps Ray Kurzweil, who is a prolific inventor, is best known for the idea.
That as our abilities in the information processing industry Computer software Storage of more and more of our thoughts and our ideas outside of our body Let's just stop it right there because we got about 90 seconds left in this segment What's being discussed right here at this point?
Is again, not just the track trace database society, the metadata, the social media monitoring, that type of control.
They're talking internet of bodies, our thoughts, our feelings, our biology.
Ray Kurzweil gets mentioned here and we go into it.
Hopefully we're going to be able to finish the whole thing.
On the flip side of this, I want to remind people.
That we need to have open discussions.
I just said right there, Elon Musk is a front for the military-industrial complex.
I'm not a fan.
I'm not a fan.
I haven't seen a huge change in Twitter, and even if I did, I'd still be questioning why he wants to put brain chips in people with DARPA-driven technology, why he has military-industrial complex contracts with SpaceX via Starlink, and the ride-along program for DARPA's Blackjack.
And Starlink's highest concentration is in Ukraine, and it's hooking into death showers from above via sidewinder and ghost drones.
We get to talk about that here on InfoWars.com.
That's why InfoWars is so important, because we have to have narratives that go beyond left, right, liberal, conservative.
Yeah, I'd love to see a red wave too, but is a red wave gonna save us?
Even if we had legitimate elections?
Probably not.
Support Alex Jones.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
Let's not waste any time.
Let's jump right back into it from transgender to transhuman.
It becomes easier, more automatic, less expensive.
That ultimately we're going to have sort of digital doppelgangers of ourselves that are stored in the cloud and are able to present themselves to any manner of devices.
And that as thousands and thousands of software coders and hackers and people in the maker movement work to make the software that runs these digital doppelgangers ever more lifelike, ever more human-like, there'll come sort of a tipping point when people begin to claim that these digital doppelgangers have achieved what we call consciousness, an ability to have a sense of themselves, hopes, fears, and feelings.
And at that point, I think the activity will move to the legal arena as to whether or not these digital doppelgangers really are conscious, really do have an independent legal identity.
And kind of the trend of progressive thinking is once there's a scientific consensus,
And in this case it would be the science of psychology, that being the science of the mind, that these digital doppelgangers are in fact cyber-conscious.
Then they'll begin to acquire the sorts of rights and protections that... So as you can see, after there's a scientific consensus, because we all should trust the science,
They will be conscious.
They will have rights.
And at that same conference, you have this individual here, who's already gone through transhuman surgery.
And immediately, they talk about the transgender movement, and how these type of surgeries were done in the 50s and 60s underground, just like the transhuman experiments are being done now.
That humans don't have.
So we are in a stage in history that we can actually design what species we want to be.
I consider myself a trans species because I'm adding senses and organs that other species have.
And you can add many many more senses that other species have and organs that other species have.
And we'll start seeing this in the 20s because it's now growing.
It's happening underground.
There's already
Many surgeons that are willing to do the surgery anonymously in the same way that in the 50s and 60s transgender operations were being done a bit underground.
Now cyborg surgeries are being done a bit underground.
But in the end, bioethical committees will also accept that cyborg surgeries should be allowed for everyone that wants to extend their perception of reality, at least to the level of other species.
And that's where we see this going.
Now, it's being promoted by the World Health Organization and the UN that are now telling you there is a multitude of genders.
This is not just to sexualize your children.
This is to end the idea of God and nature and actual biology.
Okay, and the person best known for this is Ray Kurzweil, which Martine Rothblatt is a disciple of.
Behind me you will see the books, The Age of Spiritual Machines, which we'll show Kurzweil talking about, The Singularity is Near, and then the cover story, Can Google Defeat Death?
Well, Ray Kurzweil has been trying for over a decade with Google with their immortality division, Palico.
And guess what?
Ray Kurzweil also has a female alter ego.
Who is Ramona?
Well, this is a project that started a number of years ago.
She's a
We're good to go.
Then it'll feel like you're in that virtual environment.
Your body doesn't have to be the same body that you have in real reality.
A couple could become each other, for example.
And so I wanted to demonstrate how you could do that.
Well, in virtual reality, you can be who you want to be.
And you can be where you want to be and with whom you want to be.
In virtual reality, you can be someone else.
You don't have to be the same boring person all the time.
I mean, you all have these personalities inside you that don't quite fit with your bodies in real reality.
So basically, most people just, like, kill them all off.
Some people don't actually keep any of their personalities, which reminds me of some of my old boyfriends, but that's another story.
Mr. Kurzweil.
So this is actually a serious project.
So it is a serious project, and he is hoping, and this is back in 2006, that Ramona will be the first to pass the Turing Test, and that's the test where you can no longer tell whether you're dealing with an AI robot or an actual human being.
Here, Kurzweil discusses the age of spiritual machines all the way back in 1999, where he admits
That these things may not be conscious, but these entities that we create will convince us that they are conscious, and they will get rights themselves.
So we're not going to throw our mind file away just because the hardware crashes, or as we go to the next very personal computer to embody our bodies and our brains.
We'll copy them, and we'll retain that information.
There's a little fly in the ointment from my perspective, which is just because there's this entity that thinks it's Ray Kurzweil because he has that memory, that snapshot of all the memories and knowledge that I've accumulated over the last several decades that have been on this planet.
I'm still, the old Ray Kurzweil, which is me, is still here in my carbon cell-based brain and
So my consciousness hasn't really been transferred over to this new entity.
In fact, you could have scanned my brain while I was sleeping and go and create this copy.
I wouldn't even necessarily know about it.
So I'll just probably end up jealous of this guy because he'll share my ambitions and dreams, but he'll be in a much better position than I am to fulfill them.
So basically he's saying, yes, they're going to copy consciousness, but it's not really going to be alive.
Doesn't matter, because they want to get rid of carbon-based life, another thing Kurzweil talks about.
We're going to skip over a couple of these because of time.
And right here, this is the other aspect of transhumanism.
So instead of merging with machines, using biology, xenotransplantation, to live forever.
And this is Jared Kushner discussing this.
So, while that occurs,
They are now grooming us all to go into the metaverse, this virtual universe pumped by the World Economic Forum.
And they will continue to pump this because they want societal value and governance in this virtual world to disassociate you from your biological reality.
What you're looking at here is a future strategic warfare document from NASA where they predict
That the bio-nano era will begin in 2020.
Again, the shots, bio-nano technology began injecting people in 2020.
And that they are going to genomically design and repair the human species.
The man who wrote this was the chief scientist at NASA then, has been around for decades, and is still the chief scientist at NASA.
Let's hear what he has to say.
Humans are now becoming cyborgs.
We have cochlear implants to hear, artificial retinas to see, artificial hearts to live, artificial limbs to move, artificial organs to function, and brain chips.
There's a couple hundred thousand people wandering around with brain chips now.
It affects congenitally defective brains, and increasingly it affects memory and other things.
DARPA's working on brain chips for super soldiers.
And people are now working, thanks to Musk and other people, funding direct machine brain communications.
It's not us versus them, us versus the machines, we're merging.
And this is the human evolution of the humans.
There is no more natural evolution of anything.
People are convinced that the
Human evolution of everything is 10 million times faster than any natural evolution.
And so this is just part of the human evolution.
And at the end of the day, what do we end up with?
We end up with human contaminated machines.
I don't know about you folks, but that's not where I want to see humanity headed.
This all ends up with uploading into the machines.
And instead of us versus them, humans versus the machines,
Folks, I'm gonna fight against us becoming human contaminated machines.
I'm gonna fight for humanity against this predator class that literally wants to bring in this transhumanist nightmare.
And one of the guys, if not the guy, that got me started was Alex Jones.
That's why InfoWars.com is so important.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Store.com right now.
Make the donation.
Make the purchase.
Get the Man in the Arena coin.
Get the signed book.
This is what we need to do in this very real information war.
I am Jason Bermas.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you so much for joining me.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means
Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip
To buy and sell in the near future, and now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life with a carbon tax, through the social credit score.
through universal basic income as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses making you sign on for government handout but with that handout comes all of the rules of the game
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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