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Name: 20221102_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 2, 2022
2320 lines.

Alex Jones claims World War III has begun as the US admits it is at war with Russia. He reports that government documents reveal DHS coordinated with big tech, banks, universities through NGOs to carry out illegal actions such as censorship of election fraud and gun control. The operation is called "the biggest crime in U.S. history" and compared to the January 6th insurrection falsely accused of trying to overthrow the government. In the show, Yvette Hernandez discusses her experience being attacked while reporting on a needle exchange program. Topics include Soros-funded District Attorneys, midterm elections, censorship, California's transgender law, manipulation of election results, potential gas and oil shortage solutions, electric cars and the neocon agenda, concerns over World War III, investing in automobiles during economic struggles, the Great Reset agenda, and ways to fight against it. The speakers emphasize free speech, the truth, and individual preparation in the fight against globalist forces.

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Since October of last year, the U.S.
troops have been directly, not just training Ukrainians in Ukraine, but also in Poland, with all sorts of high-tech class-A weapons, but they've also been in the field commanding them and directing them and piloting short-range drones.
But now, because the losses on the U.S.
side are starting to become quite large, they're going to go ahead and admit that the U.S.
is officially at war with Russia, and that's being admitted.
I have a stack of news on that front.
So, we're going to be covering it all here today, and so much more, but World War III has already begun.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Well, it's happening everywhere.
And I mean everywhere.
Everybody's saying Alex Jones was right.
And I always knew this day would come, if the Globalists were successful in launching their actual attack phase of the New World Order, that everything I said was going to come true.
And if we could just stay on air and hold on long enough, once we pass that event horizon,
You may have a real good shot at beating you guys.
And we have.
And now you're scared.
Because you should be.
You got a tiger by the tail, you evil bastards.
And you're gonna go in the ash heap like all the other control freak devils in history.
Because I, and many other good men and women, are gonna make sure that happens for our children.
You're not!
Then a win.
Because we're not locked in here with you.
You're locked in here with us.
This attempt at anti-human world government is doing nothing but kindling the fires of a far too long enslaved humanity.
And like a volcanic eruption, the fire we see on the horizon
He's only a harbinger of an even greater awakening to come.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got a big transmission lined up today.
Despite all the enemy operations, thanks to you, we are still in the saddle.
Obviously, the big news is something that I told you a few years ago, and I told you intensely last October, a year ago now.
And I told you very intensely the last few months, not just because I have sources on the ground on the NATO side, but because I can also look at the funding mechanisms and the weapon systems that have been transferred to Ukraine.
And so for eight years, the U.S.
has been in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.
Just like we were in a proxy war in Indochina backing up the French in the late 50s right into 64 when they had to stage the Gulf of Tonkin so that the mounting numbers of US troops dying as quote advisors could be officially admitted to.
That's the same thing here.
A lot of US active duty and
Folks that have signed out of the military into this multinational force that they can deny as U.S.
or deny as NATO, but it is, can carry out military operations against the Russians.
And so, since October of last year, the U.S.
troops have been directly, not just training Ukrainians in Ukraine, but also in Poland, with all sorts of high-tech class A weapons, but they've also been
In the field commanding them and directing them and piloting short-range drones.
But now because the losses on the US side are starting to become quite large, they're gonna go ahead and admit that the US is officially at war with Russia and that's being admitted.
I have a stack of news on that front.
So we're going to be
Covering it all here today and so much more, but World War III has already begun.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
We have major world leaders and economists going public and pointing out that we are officially in World War III with the Russians.
So that's obviously the first order of business today to cover.
And I talked about this some yesterday, but it's really a big, big deal because Atlantic Monthly isn't just owned by Steve Jobs' widow, who basically lived in Epstein Island.
Very nice people.
They're the mouth of Satan.
And more so than the Financial Times of London.
More so than the New York Times, the Washington Post, who are also the mouths of this enemy, but they are the direct mouth of these individuals.
They have come out and said it's time for COVID amnesty and time to be nice to the people that lied to you and put masks on you and forcibly injected you and did all this.
Please be nice to them.
That's being done because they know
Around the world there are criminal investigations.
They know that the victims are in the tens of millions of dead, hundreds of millions sick, and they know that their propaganda didn't work and their attempt to censor and shut down the truth failed.
So it is a big, big deal and it will help stop their next lockdown, their next viral release, if we continue to press it.
If we do not bring them to justice, if they are not exposed, they're going to do it again with viruses far worse and injections far worse.
This is their plan.
Total depopulation.
You're seeing that rolled out so it's time to declare a pandemic amnesty is their big headline and Cernovich knocked it out of the park when he commented and said abusers always seek mercy when they lose power remember
That this is emotional gaslighting, and in many cases the abuse was physical due to compulsory injections.
These are evil people.
There is no reconciliation without restitution to all those they harmed.
And that means not just money, but you need to go to prison, Globalist.
There's a larger plan to actually bankrupt the governments when all this came out.
That was part of the plan, but it got a lot worse than they thought it would when it came to the public awakening to what was going on.
You murderous hypocrites!
Outrage ensues after the Atlantic suggests amnesty for pandemic authorities while they prepare to launch new lockdowns and new forced injections, including the federal government
Saying they want compulsory injections for preschool through college.
So they're not backing down, they're not going away.
In Europe, in Canada, in blue cities, blue states, they all announced last week, more lockdowns coming, more injections coming, more viruses coming, and they've cooked up in the US, in China, in the UK, they admit, weaponized COVID that kills 80% of humans.
Absolute, psychotic, depopulation cult in your face.
This is not a Netflix science fiction movie.
This is not 12 Monkeys.
This is real.
Real as death.
Real as life.
Real as it gets.
So, they know we've organized against them.
And then it's spilt over to exposing the WEF and the UN and Big Pharma and the whole New World Order combine.
And they can see where this is leading their defeat.
Nuremberg too.
And so they're in full panic mode.
We have that ultra-massive important information.
Then we've got this stack right here.
This stack right here.
Government documents, declassifications, admissions.
Because what I do is not what everybody else seems to do.
Even our own good people that are awake do this, and it's very irritating.
They will look at one big article out of The Intercept that's excellent, that is only about one tranche of documents with DHS coordinating with big tech and banks and universities with a group of, quote, trusted non-governmental organizations, NGOs, to carry out government orders illegally.
It even says it's illegal and they've got to keep it secret.
To have government censorship of election fraud, open borders, lockdowns, gun control, forced injections, the Afghan withdrawal, Biden's health.
It's all in here.
But we have the funding by Obama for it.
We have it operating under Trump with him never getting full control of the government, not shutting it down and working directly against him.
And then we have it exploding the last two years under Biden.
And it is the biggest crime in U.S.
history by the government against the people.
I mean, it is, it is, it is a coup.
It is election meddling.
It is, it is total fraud.
It's everything they claim we tried to do, they claim falsely on January 6th.
We tried to show our numbers and say you didn't really win this election.
We want an investigation, under law, by the Senate, a 10-day hearing.
Here's the evidence.
So we can't just look at this as one big huge story when we have the whole lineage of it and how it was done and how it's not just DHS with 60,000 agents behind the scenes coordinating this with your churches and your universities and your businesses and your media outlets and infiltrating their people with spy course training into companies.
You have to understand, folks, we've caught them trying to insert actual CIA special operations people into this operation and stopped them.
I'm not going to get into it.
It's going to come out at a certain point.
But you have to understand, this is how real this is.
And it's not just us they're doing it to.
They're infiltrating members of Congress, governors, police departments, everywhere.
Remember the ADL got caught?
In the early 90s in San Francisco, breaking in for years and having police officers they had inside stealing all the data on the public out of police files.
That's old-fashioned way of doing this.
Now the ADL is the leading tip of the spear on this enemy attack on us, but on you and your family.
And in the documents they coordinate under government directive
The plan is not just to censor you and surveil you, but to debank you, to get you fired, to literally put you on the street.
And then they built all the emergency COVID centers, which they now admit will be for political dissidents in Australia, in the UK, Canada.
They're all saying, oh, actually, we're going to lock people up in these that are against the next lockdown.
It's all UN directed.
So they built all these camps everywhere, including the US.
And the CDC says that they control rents and housing and are going to reorganize people during a collapse, you see?
That's the cover story.
Viruses, collapse, economic destruction, war.
But it's the cover to come after you and your family.
And the ADL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and these university think tanks as well, coordinated and run by the folks at the Atlantic, who are literally a deep state consortium,
Are preparing to make a move on you and your family and your children and your business.
The reason they're so confident is the crime they've committed is so ultra-massive.
The bravado, the chutzpah, the hubris, the arrogance, the audacity.
It's just so hard for an American, thinking you're still living in a free country, to come to full grips with the full might of the banks and big tech and legacy media and government and thousands of DAs and county attorneys.
That openly swear allegiance to George Soros and the death of this country.
And whether you're in Australia, or whether you're in Canada, or whether you're in the U.S., or whether you're in China, they built the giant FEMA centers, the emergency centers, the camps, everywhere.
And then they have drones that cue our checkpoints.
You put your phone out, it scans it.
It directs you to the side of the highway, men in hazmat suits, disguises, grab you throwing your vehicle, you're driven away in a van and you're dead before, if the QR code gives them an order, you are strapped down and lethally injected.
Before you ever get to the facility.
You're dumped into an acid bath.
You never existed.
Now, in other cases, they've got your DNA type already in the database.
They'll do a blood test and scan to make sure.
They'll keep you sedated.
You'll be kept in a coma until your organs are harvested at the death camp.
They'll be overseen by the ADL.
They will oversee the death camps.
I know we're covering a lot of shocking information, but the enemy is hoping that
It's so shocking you can't prepare yourself for it because it's just too unbelievable to be able to face.
But if you do face it and realize that all the preparations have been made to shut off the economy, to turn off the power that's already begun, and to claim there's a new virus and start literally rounding up all their political dissidents,
During the next lockdown, you understand their battle plan, and they now admit, under the UN, all over the world, that they're going to get political dissidents that resist the next lockdown, and that the facilities are for political dissidents.
And then you're going to die of the new disease in the facility.
And it's not even going to be regular police and military that take you to these.
It's these armies of millions per country of political operatives that do normally have law enforcement or military training who are leftists.
And who have a real hunger for blood and death and attacking this country.
You know how much they hate us.
And they've got their people in place everywhere.
So think about how they rolled out a virus they released from a lab on record, suppressed the true origins of that for as long as they could, though they failed.
Now we know they've got COVID that kills 80% of humans all over the place in labs waiting for plausible diability when they release it again.
And they're openly saying, anybody that supports the Constitution, Second Amendment, veterans, national sovereignty, Bill of Rights, is a Nazi, and needs to be put in jail.
That's what they're now saying.
Got articles all over the world saying that, but also the left saying it here.
So, this is where they're going, and this happens throughout history.
In different cycles.
And so, the tyranny we're witnessing is more common than freedom.
Way more common.
And so the giant lockdowns of tens of millions of people all over China, and the mass drills of millions being hauled out of their homes in just a few days and taken to these giant camps.
This is the proof of concept for the globalists and what they're doing.
And it's all being directed by the same central globalist battle plan.
And then you've got the NGOs
In Europe and here in the US, all similar organizations that have the same coordinating boards who are the go-between of government illegal surveillance and illegal hit list and illegal censorship as the go-between to carry this out so the rest of the compartmentalized government and military and police and judges don't know what's happening.
And then when it does come out, it's so shocking
But the courts in many cases say, yes, you can't do force injections, yes, you can't do lockdowns, but the bureaucracy is saying, we don't care what the courts even say, we're going to go ahead with all of this.
So we're in a real fight with these people, and what they've done is totally evil, absolutely illegal.
It should be their Waterloo.
It should be their Valley Forge.
But if the public cannot wrap their minds around just how serious this is and what this really is, we don't have a hope.
If we do, we have more than a hope we will win.
But we're distracted with a foreign war escalating into full-on war.
We are distracted by the economy and all these other serious issues, but at the heart of it is the globalist criminal cabal, the mouthpiece, which is the World Economic Forum.
And organizations like The Atlantic, who have coordinated all of this garbage.
And while they're calling for amnesty, that we not be mad at them, their minions are simultaneously calling for new lockdowns, more forced injections, and engaging in pro-China rants, like Jim Cramer just did.
So remember, this is all behavioral psychology.
Once you understand it, you see they're following exact formulas.
That's why there's hundreds and hundreds of different compilations, not just here but all over the world, where you can have the exact same talking points in Australia, that are in Germany, that are in France, that are in the US.
It's written by the globalists, we even have their battle plans.
Battle plans they wrote decades ago and five years ago are word for word then put together in their announcements.
And it's a unified world corporate government attack.
And they're now prepping for their next phase.
Cyberattacks, power outages, collapsing borders, famine, diesel fuel running out, mass crime in the streets, breakdown of society.
We have lived to be inside the New World Order.
And when I tell you we're already at
War with Russia, that is admitted.
When I tell you World War III has already begun, that's what all the top analysts agree to.
So as crazy as all this sounds, I'm telling you what's really happening and you can see it in front of your eyes.
There is a mass awakening happening.
There are anti-New World Order, anti-globalists getting elected as governors and premiers all over the world, from the U.S.
to Canada to Australia to Italy to Sweden.
And we've got a fighting chance, but the enemy knows that, and it's gonna try to close the door on us very, very quickly.
So I want to talk to people in the middle.
Those that have been passive, those that haven't believed this, those that knew something weird was going on, but come on, Alex Jones is too extreme.
I'm the most demonized guy in the world, hands down, other than Trump, and now even more so than him, because I know the enemy.
This is all I do.
And it's here.
So people ask, how am I handling this?
I mean, I'm quite frankly just worried about everybody else because we're all interconnected.
And I'm worried about people that haven't gotten right with God and don't know what they're facing.
I mean, look at some of these headlines.
United States military personnel operating in Ukraine to track weaponry.
Guesses advisors to run the attacks.
I specifically told you this for years.
Because I know the folks over there.
And you know, these are good guys, signed up to the military, they mean well, they're following their orders.
They definitely got courage.
And the U.S.
military seeing some of the most intense combat it's seen since Vietnam and Korea right now, over there with the Russians.
One of the top economists out there, Nouriel Roubani, I had him on years ago, I always say his name wrong, Roubini, says World War III has already effectively begun.
A new world war is practically underway, certainly in Ukraine and cyberspace, economists explained.
The New York University professor was interviewed by Der Spiegel and said we are already in World War III.
Pentagon confirms U.S.
boots on the ground in Ukraine.
Biden administration confirms U.S.
weapons inspectors sent to Ukraine.
Yeah, weapons inspectors.
Washington Post.
It's official.
And of course Biden lied and said no boots on the ground.
We had, NATO said two weeks ago, we had also a week and a half ago, General
Well, it's
Given the Russians a serious bloody nose and the Russians are going to double down, you know where that leads?
All right, so the globalists have decided there's too many people in the world, they want a manageable 500 million, that's official.
They want to kill at least 7 million people.
They've got to organize it where they think that you'll go along with it, where we think they're the saviors.
And that's what all this is, was a big beta test going into operational now.
And when you read all the enabling documents of Obama and now Biden, with these spy networks and these surveillance grids and these censorship social credit score systems they're putting in that would make the Communist Chinese blush, everything you see in China is the model.
Drones flying along with QR code scanners, robot dogs with machine guns.
If you're a new listener and you're driving down the road listening to this, it sounds crazy.
I have video of all this.
I played it in the last two days.
And this is all pre-programmed for the design collapse, again with them using the collapse as the smoke screen for mass starvation, mass roundups, and this whole new system absorbing what's left of the old free systems that were operating, not perfectly, but still operating in a utopian way compared to this dystopia that they are rapidly ramming down our throats right now.
Think of it this way.
Imagine if you found out the government on your street of, say, 30 houses, secretly hired five households to get into your mail and to read your mail and report it back, or take your mail, or break in your house and plant a camera in your bedroom.
It would be an international scandal.
It would be all over for that government.
But this is the federal government illegally, secretly, they admit it's illegal and secret, with billions of dollars going out and interfacing as their bosses.
You have to understand this.
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, are their advisors on who to surveil, who to censor, who to control.
Then it's the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and these other groups they list,
That then go out and file the complaints with Big Tech to take you down.
Because you can't have government telling Big Tech directly to do it.
That's illegal.
But it's even more illegal to covertly, in a racketeering, organized crime fashion, to go out and to direct the think tanks.
Again, the think tanks direct the policy.
The government then gives the illegal government authority
To the think tanks and to the NGOs who then give the orders to the banks and to big tech and to the universities and to the businesses to carry out the bullying and the social credit score just like Hitler did when he got into 33 within a year.
He started not letting Jews have businesses, not letting them live wherever they wanted to, made them identify who they were, started surveilling them, made them go into ghettos.
Within three or four years, then started making people be shipped off to work camps, where they could be happy and taken care of.
And then you know what those really were?
Death camps.
And so when you look at what's going on here, with the COVID camps, with all of it, that's exactly what they're establishing.
But they know there's massive legal, lawful, opposition, gubernatorial, legislative opposition, not just here but around the world, and they're losing the normalization of this to hit us with the next big attack that I'd say will be ten times worse.
And then after that comes the final attack, and I've been saying this for decades, the third bio release will be the biggest, and that will kill four or five billion people.
The next attack, it'll be a real virus, very deadly.
It'll kill hundreds of millions.
And then the shot they roll out will kill hundreds of millions more.
Again, they'll just normalize it.
Everybody's dropping dead.
Everybody's dying.
If you speak out against it, you'll be arrested.
You'll be disappeared.
And then everybody's really locked down after that.
And a year or two after that, they hit you with the mega weapon.
And it's bye-bye.
And they're setting up the processing centers with the acid baths in the news.
27 states passed laws to allow people to be dissolved in acid baths and the government's paying and big money's paying to build acid baths.
We're good to go.
Why do we never believe them?
They tell us they want to kill us, but why don't we believe them?
They are killing us.
These people know.
These people know.
Who knows?
The governments know.
This has been well planned.
This is Agenda 2030.
This is the Great Reset.
Somebody mentioned to go on to Google and go into the news section and then type in died suddenly.
And lo and behold, here's a whole listing of people, of articles, of people within that last week who died suddenly.
Older people, but a lot of younger people throughout, around the world.
And then you find out they were vaccinated.
And so it's like, okay, so it's the vaccine might be causing this.
Most people don't want to know what's in the vaccines.
But yet, when we open it, almost two years into this, we find that it still says, intentionally, blank.
In fact, nobody wants to know what's in the vaccines because, look, if people understood what was in the vaccine, they'd go apeshit.
It's just there's something different about the blood.
Something's causing this and something needs to be said.
Somebody needs to look into it.
I talked to other embalmers that have 30, 40, even 50 years of experience.
Have you guys ever seen this stuff before?
And the answer was always... I've never seen anything like it.
Why is Bill Gates involved in public health?
And why does public health spend the first part telling you how the world is overpopulating?
And at first glance, this is a bit scary.
life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all-cause deaths among 18- to 49-year-olds.
That's a 12-sigma event.
1 in 800 years.
12 standard deviations above the mean.
No one's even calculated that.
It's apocalyptic.
I thought she was protected with that visor.
There's a huge part of me that feels a responsibility for everything that's happened.
I'm so sorry.
The doctor after a while came out and said, your son's dead, you can go home now.
Who knows?
It's this.
Young people are dying.
I said to Mr. Hirshman, this is different, this isn't normal, is it?
And he said, absolutely not.
The dead can't speak for themselves, so therefore, I have to speak for them.
We're connecting dots here.
You know, there's no way that that type of obstruction would not cause stroke, heart failure.
My sister died.
She was 58, and she died suddenly on Friday of a heart attack.
They will do with you what they feel like doing to you.
It's the new bullet, it's the new missile, it's the new form of warfare.
I wanted people to understand that we're in a fifth generation warfare for the heart and the mind.
This is the greatest orchestrated die-off in the history of the world.
There's most definitely evil in this world, and evil like we could not possibly imagine.
The United States is now at war with Russia.
Most top analysts agree, World War III has already begun.
And all across the world, the UN, the Communist Chinese and the globalists that run our country are setting up both secret and public intimidation, spy networks and their own brown shirt Antifa brigades to intimidate and attack anyone that tries even peacefully protest against the evil.
We know what tyranny looks like.
This is the worst case the planet has ever seen.
But take heart.
Humanity strong and God's on our side.
And the awakening has begun.
All right, I want to hit some of the poison shot news here today.
But first, let's look at some gaslighting.
Here is Joey Behar of The View, who is out there with a talking point that Biden and all the rest of the surrogates of the Globalists are putting out that the crime actually has gone down 5, 10, 15, 20 points, they'll say.
And they're going off FBI statistics that were released last month from last year.
They're always about six months behind, eight months behind.
And they did not count the hundred largest cities in the country.
Just did not count crime data from those cities where the majority of the crime is.
And then said that crime had gone down in the rural areas.
Because it has in some areas, because folks are carrying guns and shooting people.
But in the areas where the guns are restricted, they're not.
And we all know that.
We all know crimes exploded.
We have local numbers, though, by the police departments in places like Portland.
Where crime has more than tripled.
Crimes like armed robbery, murders doubled there, and it's the same numbers around the country.
Cities that have seen the least increase have seen about 50% increase in violent crime.
So everybody knows that.
You've all seen it on local news, but nationally, they're telling you that everything's wonderful.
And you don't need to watch the news to know that everybody's had their car broken into.
Most folks have their houses broken into.
You hear about carjackings in your neighborhood, even in nice areas.
I mean, we all know what's going on with the crime in the cities.
Believe me.
Austin, Texas used to be very low crime.
It is a war zone, and it's better than most.
So here's Joy Behar saying that crime is not on the rise.
It's actually going down under Joe Biden.
There is no both sides here.
And a lot of them like to say it, including Ted Cruz when he was here.
And I'd like to remind everybody that it was the Democrats, the not-the-Democrats, who stormed the government that day and tried to kill the Vice President.
And the Republicans now, coming up to the next election, which is next week, by the way, all they do is talk about crime, crime, crime.
Well, I looked it up.
Murders in major cities have fallen by 4% so far in 2022, compared with the same period a year ago.
So crime is not on the rise, it's actually going down under Joe Biden.
Crime is going down under Joe Biden?
Remember they were telling you there was no inflation a year ago?
Then they said it was low inflation, they said it was good for you.
Here's a short compilation, I'm going to play hours of this, of leftist politicians calling for crime, calling for violence, under Trump.
You get up and you create a crowd!
Get up in the face of some Congress people!
The domestic enemies are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress.
I think Democrats are ignoring this problem.
The NYPD is reporting 28 shootings from just over the weekend.
That's a 600% increase.
We're seeing the same thing here in Los Angeles.
Our homicides have been up 32%.
I applaud Eric Garcetti for doing what he's done.
We've got four blocks in Seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party.
We had two murders, multiple shootings, rape, robbery, assault.
We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.
We need a revolution in order to overthrow this system, bring a whole new communist world into being.
Fundamentally transform our country.
We ain't about to wait until the next election.
We're about to go get that motherf***er.
The very same leftists that want to disband the police want war with Russia.
And then, if you look at our border, millions a month are coming across.
Most are not going back.
I talked to Border Patrol agents earlier this year that in the Texas sector alone, they estimate 10 million came across last year.
Gotta get back down there and get you some more numbers.
10 million in the Texas sector alone.
Do you hear me?
10 m-m-m-m-million!
That was in August of actually last year, and then earlier this year we went, and they'd already seen 7 million come across.
They're estimating it'd be 10 million by the end of 2021.
And the numbers are even worse this year.
They're reporting numbers double what they saw last year.
Here's some footage from yesterday.
Provided by an activist, the scene shows incidents in El Paso where the Border Patrol had to fire pepper balls at groups of Venezuelans running across, yelling with giant Venezuelan flags surging across the border.
And all the Border Patrol does is grab them, give them IDs and information and a welfare pass, basically the Democrats, and turns them loose or puts them on planes or buses.
But they don't even want to be stopped, so here they are just surging across.
If you're a radio listener, they have a flag that is at least 30 feet tall and 40 feet long coming across the Rio Grande with it and fighting with the police.
That's coming up in a minute.
They start shooting them with pepper balls.
So, this is a military invasion.
There's footage of thousands coming across in camo.
So this is a lawless collapsed border, but we have Joe Biden saying that the border's never been more controlled, that it was horrible under Trump.
In fact, I saw this meme out there that has a bunch of good points.
They're all true, but they even think of the worst cases.
It says, how many recent mainstream media hoaxes did you fall for?
Russia collusion, Trump called neo-Nazis fine people, Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace garbage pulled, Tubbington Kids, Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot, Kavanaugh rape, Trump PP tape.
COVID lab leak was a conspiracy theory.
Border agents whipped migrants.
Trump saved nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago.
The Steele dossier, Russian bounties on U.S.
soldiers in Afghanistan.
Trump said drinking bleach would fight COVID.
Muslim travel ban.
Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation.
Andrew Cuomo's COVID leadership's the best.
Trump built cages for migrants.
Austere religious scholar.
Overfed koi fish in Japan.
Build back better, will pay for itself.
Trump tax cuts benefited only the rich.
Cloth masks prevent COVID.
If you get vaccinated, you won't catch COVID.
SUV killed parade marchers.
Trump used tear gas to clear a crowd for a Bible photo.
Don't say gay was in the bill.
Of course it wasn't in the bill.
Putin's price hike.
Ivermectin's horse dewormer.
And it's not for humans.
Well, Rolling Stone said it killed thousands.
Mostly peaceful protesters.
Trump overpowered Secret Service from the wheel of the beast.
Officer Sicknick was murdered by protesters on January 6th.
January 6th was an insurrection.
Trump mocked a reporter's disability.
BYU students hurled racist insults at Duke volleyball player.
And I could add hundreds and hundreds of these.
Two men can have a baby.
Biden won 2020.
Crime is down.
The border's fixed.
I'm gonna open the phones up next hour ahead of Savannah Hernandez with huge news in the third hour on what are other big lies they've told that we didn't list here.
There's quite a few.
We should talk about that and what's going to happen in six days in the midterms.
You're worried about more false flags and where do you see the economy and the diesel running out in just 18 days or
17 days.
How do you see that affecting things?
What do you think about the fact we're at war with Russia and most experts are calling it World War III and saying it's already begun?
What do you think of all of that?
What do you think of the giant information coming out that DHS is coordinating with leftists
NGOs to surveil and target and harass and censor the American people totally illegally.
And the government, the document admits it's illegal, but says they've got to keep it secret.
What do you make of all the dead and dying from the poison shots?
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
Time callers, we're going to take a ton of your calls.
And I told you yesterday that yesterday would be the last day of the 60% off 1776 sale.
But I had a bunch of emergencies around here and I did not get those changed.
At 2 o'clock when I'm off today, I'm going to go cut the new ads for the new sale, the new special.
It's a great new sale, but it's not as extensive or as expansive as this one, and it's not 60% off.
So you want Vitamin Mineral Fusion, you want X3, you want DNA Force Plus.
By this afternoon, it will be down, because I'm going to cut the ads and finish the write-ups myself.
There's a guy that normally does it, his wife, and he just had a baby, so I understand.
I'm going to get that job done.
That is coming up today, by 4 o'clock, we'll have the new special up.
But right now, still take advantage of the 1776 sale.
Additional 10% off the promo code 1776.
Once a tragedy reaches a level of national significance, American citizens should be allowed to basically question that event in any way that they deem fit.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
I studied the globalists 30 years ago, but on air 28 years, and I knew they were planning all of this.
And I warned the public, as a modern Paul Revere.
But I couldn't have done it without your support.
And now, because we've been so successful warning the population of the planet, honest America, we're public enemy number one when it comes to the globalist agenda.
That's why it's more important than ever to realize how successful InfoWars has been because of your past support.
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1776 is the promo code.
The destination is InfoWarsTore.com, and I thank you all for your support.
All right, your phone calls and a ton of massively important news is coming up next segment.
But Greg Reese has filed a new report that is so incredibly important.
We'll be talking about more in the third hour.
California is now castrating children from all 50 states.
Let that sink in.
That's not some fever dream or a Clive Barker novel.
That is actually happening.
That is actually the reality.
So we're going to get to that and then so much more.
A lot of big breaking news straight ahead on this live Wednesday, November 2nd transmission.
Here's the report.
This summer, Chloe Cole spoke out against California's passing of SB 107, testifying that both her and her parents were manipulated and bullied by the state to undergo destructive, life-changing surgeries.
And while Florida bans puberty blockers and so-called sexual reassignment surgeries for minors, California Governor Gavin Newsom
Signs a bill allowing children from any state in the country to go to California for transgender medical procedures without parental consent.
California is being hailed by the death cult as a transgender surgery sanctuary state.
Now providing chemical and surgical castrations for all of America's children.
According to this new law, California can take emergency jurisdiction over any child from anywhere if there's a disagreement between the parent and the state of California over how to treat a child's gender distress.
SB 107 states that taking a child away from the child's parents is justifiable if it is done to pursue gender transition procedures in California and allows for the state to wage child custody claims against out-of-state parents.
SB 107 forbids health care providers from providing medical information related to gender identity procedures to a child's parent, even if sought under a subpoena.
After permanently mutilating her own adopted child, Kathy Molig has been working full-time for California non-profit Trans Family Support Services.
Where she reaches out to hundreds of children all across the country, luring them to California to castrate themselves.
She often does so without the parents' knowledge.
I work with a lot of youth.
Before they tell their families and helping them in shaping what that looks like.
Her work focuses on conservative communities where parents may not approve of having their children castrated.
We have kids coming from all over the country for our virtual groups.
We also opened a chapter in Huntsville, Alabama.
Because the people in red states really need as much support as they can get from us allies, in particular in states like California and Oregon and Washington.
For whatever reason, people are allowing this incredibly evil attack against their own children.
And recently, Laura Logan interviewed a UN insider who explained to her why children are the biggest target.
I get it, but I don't get it.
The children.
You just, you gotta, I still have, I have such a problem with this.
You gotta explain this one to me.
And he said, well, first of all, you're looking at it the wrong way.
I said, what do you mean?
And he said, well, they don't define children the way you do.
They don't define the world the way you do.
The choices that you face are not their choices.
They have, they look at it completely differently.
And, and I said, well, okay, so how do they look at it?
Everything is defined by their one fundamental, all-consuming purpose.
I said, which is what?
He said, to defeat God.
For them, the younger you are, the closer you are to God, the more pain they can inflict on God.
So the more you can make a baby or a small child suffer, the greater your victory over God.
And that is the only consideration for them.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back after a 60-second break.
Stay with us.
We're now into hour number two on this Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 transmission.
We are six days out from this incredibly important midterm elections.
We're going to open the phones up.
We'll be taking your calls throughout the hour.
Savannah Hernandez will be popping in with big breaking news in the third hour on the State of Our Republic.
Some of the shocking footage she's been gathering around the country, and she got physically attacked.
There's footage of that.
It's all coming up.
Okay, so there are so many articles
Pouring in, minute by minute, that just in the last three or four minutes, I was given three new articles about prominent people dying after they took the so-called COVID vaccines.
And I've got stacks of doctors and scientists and young people and kids dying, but I don't need all that anecdotally.
I have the insurance company data that we've had for over a year and a half that's tracking the same worldwide a year and a half later of 40 to 42 percent increase in death in the U.S., in Canada, in Germany, in France, in the Netherlands, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Singapore, in Israel.
Where you take the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca, they all do the same thing.
They create the poison spike protein that creates blood clots throughout the body and kills you.
40 plus percent increase in death in one demographic, 18 to 63.
And here's just what came out in the last three minutes.
These all went live on InfoWars.com.
Pouring out so fast, I can't even read them all.
NFL coach and former Vikings co-defensive coordinator Adam Zimmer dead at 38.
He was found dead in his home.
No details.
Oh, that's always the same, isn't it?
Here he is with his twins.
But daddy's dead now.
At 38.
That's the Bengals assistant coach.
Vax-boosted food writer, 49, who relished anti-vaxxers mask, dying in legions, dies suddenly from cardiac arrest.
Not even overweight.
And she bragged that she'd had four of the shots.
Hell, the head of the CDC just took her fifth shot.
And that's COVID for the fifth time.
Here's another one.
Leaked hospital email reveals explosion of stillbirths following COVID vaccine rollout.
Big article on InfoWars.com by the great Jamie White.
But it's not just this information out of a hospital.
All over the world where they took the shots.
We have the documents.
The New England Medical Journal reported an 82% increase
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Not an increase.
That'd be bad enough, an 82% increase in stillbirths.
No, no, no, I'm sorry.
82% of women that took the Pfizer or Moderna shot in the first or second trimester had a miscarriage.
18% in the third trimester.
Babies a little tougher by then, though they're born a lot of times with their skin eaten off and their organs already failing.
That's hardcore.
And it's just out in the open, they're killing us and testing to see what we, the slaves, do.
And the Atlantic knows we're mad, that's the enemy mouthpiece.
They said, stop, you're mad at us, we're sorry, we're killing you, we love you, we're liberal, but we're not at Jeffrey Epstein's Island raping children.
Let's read over some of this article and then start going to your phone calls.
Leaked hospital email reveals explosion of stillbirths following COVID vaccine rollout.
We've had all these virologists, all these epidemiologists, all these pathologists, coroners, write down to nurses and funeral home directors saying, we've never seen these weird clots, these weird long strings we pull out.
It's in kids, it's in adults, it's everywhere.
The cemeteries have said, yeah, we've got more dead than we've ever had, double or triple the number of people being buried at our
You go to the cemeteries and there's just dug up dirt everywhere.
There's lines of new people dead.
And they're 7 years old, they're 18 years old, they're 78 years old, and they're 41 years old.
But they've all taken that loving liberal shot.
And for TV viewers, there we are just putting statistics in 2021 up.
The new numbers haven't come out yet.
And right after the booster shots are given, mass illness, mass death.
And the morbidity this year and last year are way above what it was supposedly at the peak of COVID.
This is clearly an extreme danger signal.
The statistical probability of this occurring by chance alone is zero, says OBGYN physician.
Well, I'm sure they'll have their medical license taken like they're doing to Dr. Peter McCullough who's in the studio with us this Saturday coming up.
How liberal!
A leaked email sent out to hospital staff at a Fresno, California hospital reported an increase in stillbirths that is expected to continue.
The leaked email to the Epoch Times by a staffer who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job explained that this week that the stillbirth rate has skyrocketed from the pre-COVID-19 vaccine average of 1 in 2 every 90 days in her hospital alone.
So now they have a doubling of stillbirths.
There were 22 patients in 2022, which ties the record that they had in 2021.
And so far in September, there have been seven.
It's only the eighth day of the month.
A managing nurse wrote, adding, she hopes the trend does continue to intensify, or definitely.
And that's babies that made it.
They were very smart when they made this weapon and recommended it to pregnant women that it kills them in first and second trimester so it doesn't get counted as a stillbirth.
Very well designed weapon.
Lovingly prepared for you and your family.
While every globalist says they want to get rid of people, there's too many of us, they really want you to take a shot because they care about you.
And again, they're on screen as I've shown it over a thousand times in the last two years.
October 2020, FDA safety surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines draft working list of possible adverse events.
Guillain-Barre, myocarditis, heart attacks, deaths, everything that happened because it was a well-planned, loving, liberal operation to save us from ourselves.
Thank you for killing and maiming us.
You're so liberal.
Thanks for starting World War III.
Thanks for all the currency devaluation and inflation.
Thanks for drag queen pedophile time.
Thank you for all the fentanyl.
Thank you.
Thank you for all the surveillance.
Thank you ADL and Homeland Security for illegally spying on all of us.
Thank you for being the good people and dealing with us bad Nazis that just wanted to live.
Especially those Nazi babies that are all dying in those modern ovens in their mommy's tummies.
Thank you, ADL.
Thank you.
You're such good people.
You murderous hypocrites!
Outrage ensues after the Atlantic suggests amnesty for pandemic authorities.
And they go on and say, we didn't mean the lockdowns or the shots and we didn't mean it all and we were sorry and just be nice to us.
Let's be friends.
This is like men that beat their girlfriends and wives and black their eyes and knock their teeth out and they tell them, baby, I'm so sorry I broke your ribs.
I'll never do it again.
Let's have an amnesty and let's promise it never happens again.
I promise, baby, I won't ever knock you upside the head again.
But they do it again, and again, and again.
But now, just like in Saving Private Ryan, and a lot of that stuff actually happened in war, where the American soldiers got the advantage over the German soldier,
And he's driving down the dagger to kill him.
And the German says, I give up, please let me go.
And he lets him hesitate.
The German flips him over and drives the knife into him.
They're saying, oh, let's be friends.
And that's all.
We love you.
We love the children.
Particularly, we want to give them shots.
Don't be mean to us here at the Atlantic.
We really care about you.
That's why we're building death camps for you.
We'll be right back.
Your phone call is straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I remember in the year 1982,
We would go to church at least three days a week as my parents taught the young adults singles Bible study on Monday nights.
We went to church on Wednesday nights and on Sunday mornings to a, I guess you'd call it evangelical church in Dallas.
And I remember
On a Wednesday night, they had two auditoriums, and we went and watched a movie that I guess had come out a year before.
And I'd forgotten the movie, because they made a lot of movies in the 80s and 90s about the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, and world government.
And I remember later in life thinking, well, when the Mark of the Beast comes, what effect will all these movies have that exposed it?
And now here we are, way into the future.
40 plus years later and it's actually being rolled out.
So I'm going to get into this now and then into your phone calls for all the great folks that are patiently holding, will be getting to.
But first we're going to play the longer clip and the shorter clip that's an adaptation adding Klaus Schwab to it from our current timeline.
This is early warning 1981.
I remember watching this in about 82.
On a projector.
In an auditorium.
And... The old projector's on reels.
And... This is just one scene from the movie.
I gotta watch the whole movie again.
This is the one world government scene.
Where they're secretly gotten in the ventilation system and recording the Globalist at one of their secret meetings.
This is from 1981 and now we're living it.
Since our last meeting we've made tremendous progress.
And I'd like to say that most of the credit goes to our extremely efficient International Research and Development Committee.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause.
In reviewing this year's progress, let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems.
The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide, and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage.
Our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world.
Financially, the dollar is being devalued even faster than we could have hoped.
Politically, the public has lost total confidence in any form of government.
The threat of universal war is a daily possibility.
As you know, we ourselves do not need to hold any visible office of leadership.
As a matter of fact, it's better that we do not.
If we control the finances, news media, food, transportation, energy, we control everything.
It is important that you, as world leaders, keep our program before your countrymen.
With our World Bank and computer program operational, we now have the capacity to control the financial affairs of every human being on Earth by giving each person his own computer number.
Anytime his number is used, we would know his financial situation at once.
He could not buy or sell anything without his computer number.
It will simplify their lifestyles tremendously.
The end result will be a one-world monetary and government system that we alone will control.
What about the people who forget their number or their cards are lost or stolen?
We've made provisions for that.
By using this laser imprinter, we can painlessly and permanently affix the person's number to the back of his hand or his forehead if he so desires.
The numbers would be easily read by this new ultraviolet scanning equipment.
For the purposes of demonstration, I've had such a number imprinted on myself.
Once this number is imprinted, it cannot be lost nor can it be changed.
Now, are there any questions?
What about the individuals who refuse to have this number implantation?
We expect some minor resistance, especially from highly motivated religious groups.
But eventually, hunger will cause even the most zealous to conform to our program.
History is truly at a turning point.
Since our last meeting, we've made tremendous progress.
The global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide, and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage.
Our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
Politically, the public has lost total confidence in any form of government.
The threat of universal war is a daily possibility.
What is also needed is a summit like this one to go beyond crisis management and to look into constructive ways we can build our common future.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause.
In reviewing this year's progress, let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems.
You know, I'm going to direct my whole crew, Greg Reish, John Bowne, Darren McBreen, everybody that puts together video compilations to go get the film, early warning, and to make one minute, five minute, ten minute, whatever you want, comparisons to what they say to what's currently happening.
It's exactly what's going on.
Because this is a satanic plan and God has literally given our people the discernment to know the enemy plan way ahead of time.
You watch that first two-minute clip, the war, the food shortages, the disruption in supply chain to make you accept all this.
And we have the UN and Klaus Schwab.
What the crew threw together this morning for Harrison Smith was great in just a few minutes.
But, but, I mean, we've got Schwab saying, the food will go, they will accept the new system, the pain will be great, we are running it all.
I mean, we have clips of him saying, you will take microchips so you do not lose your code, you will have to buy and sell, we will make your life simple, we will control everything you do, we will, I mean, literally, they're following this to a T.
To an absolute complete total tea.
All right, we're gonna go to break here in a moment and come back and get right to your calls.
I promise I'm gonna go to your calls quickly.
Bam, bam, bam.
And we're gonna get Savannah Hernandez on about 15 minutes the next hour.
So I have time to get to at least the first 12 calls that are here on hold.
Ignacio, Jessica, David, Rick, Don, Joey, Todd, Ben, Russell, Daniel, and others.
I said yesterday was the last day, because it really should have been.
It's not a sales gimmick to say the last day is the day the sale ends.
I've just been so busy, we haven't done it.
But by four o'clock today, the 1776 Super Sale, 60% off, with promo code 1776, will be gone.
Because most of these items are actually on the verge of selling out.
Some of them have already sold out.
So we've got to stop the sale.
But I would take advantage of it to get Vitamineral Fusion.
Yes, sir.
It will end.
It will end today, because I just got so busy yesterday I didn't get it done, but I will get it done today.
So that sale ends in just the next few hours.
Please take advantage of it and thanks for your support.
Broadcasting worldwide, you are the resistance.
You're fighting for your life.
It's a covert world government depopulation takeover.
They wanted to be able to roll this out without silencing their opposition because that's too obvious, but now because we're beating them, they're taking the gloves off, which we expect and we're ready for.
I signed up for this because I will not aid and abet this enemy.
I will not get on the wrong side of God.
Better make your own decisions.
It's an honor and a blessing to be persecuted and attacked by these people.
It's an honor to be here with you today.
All right, man, I got a lot of news to hit, but I want to take your calls.
And so I'm not going to thank each caller.
I want to thank you all up front.
You don't need to thank me.
Let's just get to your topic, get to your point, because you're holding.
I appreciate you calling.
I want to move the next issue.
So let's just do it right now.
David in Nevada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, good morning or good afternoon to you.
Quick question.
About 45 minutes ago, you were actually mentioning a fourth
You know, I don't remember what I specifically was talking about in context.
What did I say?
Uh, well, that's a funny thing.
I had just come into my office to start working and I heard you say that you were talking about the fourth government.
I don't know if it was like maybe the fourth turning or...
What you were on, but I'm always interested to hear because you've been right a lot.
And a lot of people think that Daniel Chapter 7 is a direct parallel to Daniel Chapter 2, the big statue with the head of gold and stuff, which I would strongly oppose.
And I think it's a last days for government system.
So I thought if you were touching on that, I would want to plug into that to see what your intake or your input was on that so that I could keep that in my Rolodex.
You know, unfortunately, I specifically do not know what you're getting at that I said earlier, but I certainly do think that I know that Daniel ties into Ezekiel, ties into Revelations.
I mean, it all ties in together, and I appreciate your call, David.
Thank you so much.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ignacio in Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I just caught you again, American!
You visited Band Dog Video!
Mark Zuckerberg gonna be angry at you!
Do not watch Band Video!
I have to hate you!
The best!
The absolute best!
Anyways, I know you said not to thank you, but I want to thank you and all the crew.
From you guys to everybody that, you know, sends the goods in the warehouse to our homes, we have your back.
We're going to continue ordering.
Uh, so yeah, I want to salute the crew real quick.
Uh, also wanted to say the most powerful move, uh, that the deep state and the globalists hate, is anytime you and Steve Bannon connect.
That's the absolute best.
I want to salute you guys for doing that as well.
Absolutely, brother.
Yeah, I don't know how much time left I got, but I am Venezuelan.
I was born in Venezuela.
Our family was ripped apart by communism.
I came here when I was 13, became an American citizen.
Super stoked about that.
But anyways, if I do have time, I wanted to touch on the border, given that earlier you were showing the Spanish Venezuelan flag.
All right, let's get into it.
First of all, there's plenty of good people coming in, including a person I befriended.
This kid is extremely talented when it comes to martial arts and all around very hard.
We all understand that there's plenty of good people, but man, there's also, you know, a bag of snakes.
See, I said don't thank me, and I don't want to say I love you, but I do love everybody.
I just want to get to the actual topics, though.
Julio in Colorado.
Another call from Colorado.
Go ahead, Julio.
Alejandro, great to hear from you.
Quickly, 1360 a.m.
in northern Colorado.
That's K-H-N-C.
They air your show, so it's nice to hear you off the GCN app from time to time, so that's pretty cool.
Yeah, those are great people.
That's the Lion, isn't it?
The Lion, yeah, K-H-N-C, so for you truckers or for you people hitting the slopes this winter, listen to Alejandro.
Yeah, those are, I've known those folks, they've carried us off and on for 15 years, they're awesome people, they know what they're talking about, they're really the best there is.
So I left Illinois to come here to Colorado.
Beautiful people out here.
I'm Venezuelan as well, so it's nice to hear another Venezuelan from Colorado living out here.
Alright, quickly, Alejandro, Election Day coming up.
They tried this with the Paul Pelosi situation.
More people are hip to
The lies, the BS that's going on in corporate media.
Being a media guy myself and knowing what's going on, it's great to see people catching on to all these lies.
So, Election Day, I am concerned that across the country, say, Pennsylvania, say, Florida, say, Arizona, say, New York, I'm concerned we're going to see some very shenanigans.
Not just voter fraud per se.
But I think we're going to see, oh I don't know, FBI type situations going on in these particular states.
So everyone be vigilant, come election day, record your TVs, do everything you can, because I just have a gut feeling something bad's going to happen on election day.
With the diesel shortage, with the southeast, all over the southeast, just type in diesel shortage southeast, they're reporting on this.
I don't know.
Five-year plan on solar radiation management.
Solar radiation management is going to be cooling.
We're going to see this all over the country.
I see this right now in Colorado.
They've now announced official chemtrailing to save us from the sun.
Jet spring, these chemical vapors to block the sun and create nuclei in the atmosphere.
It's just all out in the open.
They're rolling it all out.
God bless you, sir.
Since you mentioned, Julio,
The situation with the election.
Here's a little snapshot.
New York Democrats call in Kamala Hillary in for last-ditch effort for Kathy, the unelected governor, Hochul there in New York.
Panic button.
Lee Zeldin takes lead over Hochul in key New York race.
Ten points ahead.
And then look at this.
Arizona judge bans cameras at ballot drop boxes.
The fraudsters and Democrat ballot traffickers will be given free reign.
Here's another one.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders update wrongly dated ballots to be counted.
Again, Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders undated or wrongly dated ballots to be counted violating the law.
So the fix is in, ladies and gentlemen.
But there's such a landslide, such a red wave, will they be able to block it with their fraudulent election seawall?
Todd in Missouri, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, long time listener from way back in the Bilderberg and 9-11 days, long time customer.
I'm calling in because I want to know what exactly we can do.
We can't hitch our wagons to these weak Republicans that aren't getting anything done.
There's a few good ones, but overall they're just a bunch of uniparty clowns.
I'm not worried about myself particularly because I have got a personal relationship with Jesus Christ since three years ago.
I know I'm going to heaven, but I'm concerned about family, friends, and the country as a whole.
What exactly do you suggest we do?
Well, we got a lot of bad rhinos and neocons, but there's a big enough...
Alex, you don't really have faith in the turtle and McCarthy, do you?
I know.
They need to be removed from the leadership.
I'm just simply saying we'll have a lot more to work with than the Republicans not controlling Congress and the Democrats controlling Congress and the executive.
I mean, that's what I'm getting at.
Well, I'm a little pessimistic as far as the Republican Party goes.
No, I hear you, Todd.
I'll try to elaborate on that.
I appreciate your call.
I'm pessimistic, too.
I'm just, we don't want to put more Democrats in.
That's all I'm saying.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
The last caller was making some good points, and he seemed frustrated that I was wanting to get Republicans elected.
Look, I don't put my faith in these Republicans.
A lot of them are great people.
A lot of them are bad.
But the people are manifesting their will and saying, we don't want the New World Order, we don't want abortion, we don't want open borders, we don't want gun control, we don't want enslavement.
And the New World Order is pulling out the stops, trying to stop good Republicans from getting elected, and they're fighting like the devil.
So obviously we need to get them elected and then hold their feet to the fire, just like Democrats are starting to do their own candidates, going out and saying, not just candidates, but elected officials, we don't want you launching war, a nuclear war with Russia.
So, put pressure on the entire system, identify that it's being run by the globalists, cut that off legally and lawfully, promote our values and culture, and dig in and get ready to protect ourselves and our families in case we can't turn this around.
Yeah, we're in a lot of trouble, but I am hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
All right, let's go back to your phone calls.
I'm going to the order they've been received here.
Russell in Oregon.
Go ahead.
Alex, God bless you, man.
Thank you for all the work you're doing and leading the charge.
I just wanted to bring up some points about Kanye West that I feel like haven't been addressed.
You guys have covered him a lot.
In the Tucker Carlson interview, on at least two occasions, he talked about Ray Kurzweil and the singularity.
In fact, going back to 2018, he tweeted photos of his laptop where he had a window open of Ray Kurzweil's TED Talk about the singularity.
I think that he might be an operative for this transhumanism agenda cult.
Talked about Steve Jobs.
He's talked about how Elon should be consulted on every presidential decision.
We saw Elon two nights ago on Halloween dressed up as the Devil's Champion wearing a Baphomet logo on his armor costume with an upside down cross.
You know, reflective of Revelation 13 and the false prophet, the beast of the earth.
I'm curious what your take is.
I mean, we haven't addressed these issues.
Kanye West also talked about creating monasteries for children where he would be in charge of grooming them and raising them to his specifications.
These are kind of the things that went under the radar, and I think that we should actually be paying a lot of attention to this.
He's saying his stuff out in the open.
Well, let me go ahead and just drop this on you.
There's nuclear war news and there's mass illegal surveillance using private companies and think tanks to spy and surveil and censor the American people.
So I've been mainly focused on that because I always go with what I think is the most important news.
Not that Elon Musk as the devil's champion isn't important.
Not that it wasn't in my stack.
Not that what's going on with Kanye is important.
It's that
For me, in the list of things that were front and center, they didn't make it to that level.
So let me go ahead and thank you for your call.
Let me go ahead and respond to you.
I know Elon Musk.
I talked to Elon.
I don't know Elon Musk.
I know Kanye West.
I talked to Kanye West a lot.
And I don't think he's working for the establishment.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
I don't think he's mentally ill.
I think he's very eccentric.
A lot of the things he says are really, really smart.
A lot of the things that he says, I don't agree with.
And so I've had a lot of phone conversations with Kanye West, and I'm just not at the point that I want to talk about it.
Because I just I don't think Kanye's a bad guy.
But at the same time, I think that there's a lot of different things going on with him.
And I can tell you this, and I'm just going to leave it at that from personal experience.
There's nobody telling him what to say.
And he has no one around him.
He wanders around in Los Angeles by himself.
And just literally just walks the streets and just goes around talking to people and does whatever he wants.
And there's nobody telling that guy what to say.
I can tell you 100% from personal experience, and I'm going to leave it at that, okay?
I know Kanye pretty well, and I've spent a lot of time talking to him, and I've not ever said this until now.
I mean, I think he's a tortured soul.
I was talking to him right before this interview the other night.
I guess this was on Saturday night.
I was talking to Kanye right before he walked out there and gave his press conference.
I mean, talking to him in depth.
And... Yeah, I'm not going to say anymore.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
As for the Elon Musk thing, I've not been talking to Elon Musk.
The whole Elon Musk discussion, the reason I haven't covered it is, it's a complex issue and I know what he thinks he's doing and I know exactly what he is doing and
I haven't budgeted the time to cover the Elon Musk situation and the problem is I need to sit in a room for like 30 minutes because it's a big important thing.
People won't know my view.
I need to kind of write out the notes of the things that I brainstorm about so I can crystallize it and really put it out there and really talk about the good things Elon's done and the bad things and then explain exactly what Elon Musk is really doing because I know what he's doing.
And I think it's, I think it's very dangerous.
And it is definitely next level in this whole thing.
So these are such big topics.
I'll tell you what I'll do, and I'll promise I'm going to do this unless there's some emergency or something comes up.
I'm already coming up here Saturday morning to tape a big special Saturday show.
Dr. Peter McCullough is flying in.
I'm interviewing him for at least an hour and a half, commercial free, to really break down the waterfront and what's happening, how we've been vindicated, and how they're trying to take his medical license, and where he sees this going next, and their calls for amnesty for those that attacked us, and all the rest of it.
So that's my big central interview.
But I'll write some notes up.
Tomorrow and Friday, on points I want to make about Musk.
And then I'll do 30 minutes on Elon Musk.
And you know what?
I'll also do 10 minutes on Kanye West.
But I'm gonna call Ye.
It's really mad if you don't call him that.
I'm gonna call him first.
We talk all the time.
And I'm going to
Just run some stuff by him first, before I talk about what I really think about Kanye.
I think he's a good guy.
I think he's misled in some ways.
I think he's very eccentric, as most geniuses are.
And he's really, he's setting himself up to be destroyed.
And I don't like that.
And I've really straight-talked him, and not told him what he wants to hear.
And we've gotten in some arguments.
I don't think so.
And it'd be top news in the world if I got into it.
I'm not going to.
I'm not going to.
But I've got to have a discussion with him about the fact that I am going to go ahead and just tell people what I think.
And does he have any input on that?
He wants to come on the show, which I haven't even pushed that hard.
But then at the last minute, repeatedly over a long period of time going back,
Three, four years.
He just, at the moment he's about to come on, he doesn't come on.
And he can't explain to me why he does that.
That's fine.
To the point that I don't even ask him to come on anymore.
So, look, I got a lot of calls to get to.
You got your Kanye comment.
You got your Elon Musk comment.
The Elon thing is bigger than Elon Musk.
And so when I explain it, if you understand this, you understand the Illuminati.
You understand how they tell you through Hollywood how the Illuminati really works?
Like, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, it's like a cosmology of this.
He's supposed to come to unify the force and destroy the Sith, but...
He actually comes in and purifies the Jedi and kills a bunch of them and then destroys the Sith and basically destroys all the orders that came before.
And that's really what the really dark Illuminati is all about is full spectrum dominance where it is the left hand path and the right hand path.
And it's a dialectic.
I don't operate in dialectics.
I operate in straightforward programs.
That's how God does things.
I try to understand that.
There's no waves to it.
It's a direct operation Genesis program that builds nothing but success.
Everybody else is testing, manipulating a bunch of systems together to build what you want out of that.
And it works to a certain degree, but in the end, it always goes bad in the final stage.
It doesn't work.
Uh, and so, yeah, no, these guys are all chasing the dialectic.
I am the anti-dialectic.
Hour number three.
Your phone calls and more, straight ahead.
I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore
We're good to go.
I think so.
InfoWars got a big interview with Laura Logan with Christy Lee.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Their day is done.
Laura Logan slams Globalist Champions.
A better future for our children.
Exclusive interview.
We also have a big interview we did yesterday that I'm really proud of.
It's powerful with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Biden administration, big tech collusion, is fascism, is criminal.
Both articles and interviews are live at InfoWars.com.
I suggest you share the hell out of them.
All right, I don't want to go off anymore on the Elon Musk Kanye West situation, until I have time to sit down and write some notes and really get to all the different facets of it that I want to get into.
I just want to give people that start going in the right direction benefit of the doubt, but also talk about things I disagree with, and then that way there's an open dialogue.
But let's be 100% clear, they don't influence me, I influence them overall.
And I'm not saying that as a dominant thing, it's just a fact, okay?
That they don't sit there and sway me.
I mean, look, I've been very blessed that God put me in this position, all glory goes to God, that I'm at the top of the communication system.
So I've talked to presidents and former presidents, world leaders, former intelligence chiefs, current high-level people, and all these other folks.
I could pick the phone up, and I can get on the phone any of these people I want, okay?
And I don't even sit there and try to call them, okay?
It's not about, oh, I'm so big, oh, I'm so great.
That's just the position we've gotten to with your support, what we've done over the years.
And I genuinely want a pro-human future.
I genuinely love Jesus Christ, and I'm genuinely trying to fix things.
I think Kanye is going in a direction that's going to really destroy him, and he's only listening to himself.
I don't think he's a bad person.
Elon Musk, I don't fully know yet.
The jury's out, but I know what he thinks he's doing.
So I'm done talking about that.
Saturday, I will do a whole... Hell, I might do an hour on Elon and Kanye, you know, coming up.
But I'll tell you who I know is good.
Tucker Carlson.
And I'll tell you who I know is good.
Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan knew everything I knew back when I knew it 25 years ago.
I've known Joe 25 years.
I've only been on air like three years, four years, when I got to know Joe.
That's why I got mad at Joe four years ago, because I know damn well he knows all this.
And then he's going in the right direction.
He thinks he's balancing it out.
He's not perfect.
People do that.
They just can't help it.
But I'm not my brother's keeper, and I'm not going to sit there and try to regulate what Joe does.
I do what I do, and if people want to listen to it and dial into it and understand it, they do.
But that's where I'm at.
And I am extremely blessed that if I want to talk to Trump, or I want to talk to basically anybody, I can get on the phone with them.
And behind the scenes, I think I've been more effective with what I've done than almost on air.
So the Lord works in mysterious ways, as the Bible tells us.
Let's go to Daniel in North Carolina.
You're on the air.
Thanks for rolling.
Hey, thank you for bringing me on.
I wanted to talk about BRICS, the alliance going on around the rest of the world.
And I'm well aware that they have their negative sides.
I'm not blind to that.
But let's take a look at some of these good things.
But it's good to have a unipolar world.
You don't want one central power.
Yes, they are working on humanitarian efforts.
They're fueling Europe right now.
We are too.
They're working on developing Africa in exchange for their resources, which is something that they've asked for.
They're working on a lot of good things.
They've actually prevented transitions of power, which implies that they're listening to you.
Well, not just me.
I mean, look, let's be honest.
These other big predatory power structures want to control the globalist system that's been built.
So there's a battle over the power.
But our founders called that separation of powers where they had three branches of government tied down battling each other so we'd never get a dictator.
So that's really what's happening.
We need diversity.
We need different nations.
We need different ideas.
That is a firewall against tyranny.
Well, the globalists put enough pressure on themselves, I think.
I bet all it would take is for somebody to talk the bricks with some respect and make a peace offering, and we might get to keep our borders and Constitution afterwards.
Yes, their project of world government's in trouble, but they're going to keep doubling down, just as the Bible says, until they lose control.
They doubled down too far, man.
The UN just requested to nuclearly disarm Israel, but not
I ran, and they're getting called out for anti-Semitism, man.
What's the second order on that?
That's a good point.
All right, sir, I appreciate your call.
By the way, Benjamin Netanyahu just got re-elected.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
Come right back in 60 seconds with your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We are taking your phone calls on this Wednesday, November 2nd transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're about to go right back to your phone calls.
The great
She is great.
Savannah Hernandez.
Everybody's great in this operation.
She's going to be joining us with big news coming up next segment.
A lot of the big breaking news we're going to be hitting as well here.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Jessica in New Hampshire.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks so much for taking my call.
Thank you.
I just want a quick question for you.
I'm not sure if you've covered this in the past or not, but my family and I were talking about the lead, the big lead-free campaign and taking it out of the
You know, paint and whatnot for homes, and just the amount of radiation that we're getting, and it just seems like it's just one more evil plot.
Well, there are studies, there are studies that lead paint lasts 10-20 times longer than regular paint, and it does have a reflectivity of different types of radio waves and other systems, and so there is some truth to that.
Yeah, so like obviously when you get an x-ray right at the dentist, they
Well, I've seen a lot of studies that unless children ate the paint chips, you don't get really any lead from lead paint.
And so, absolutely, there is I think some truth to that.
I think they've left us a little unprotected.
That's all.
Well, Jessica, I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
Let's go to Ben in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Ben.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to bring to your attention that HEAL has announced that they are going to take military action against North Korea, who has fired more than 23 ballistic missiles in their direction.
Yes, there's giant, the biggest drills ever with the U.S.
and allies with South Korea, and Seoul is threatening military action.
Again, this is the time when World War starts.
Starts with regional wars, it almost always escalates.
Basically, every analyst that has a good history of being accurate says, more than a 50% chance nuclear war is going to break out very soon.
I think North Korea is going to take over South Korea so that way they can shut that door on the United States so we can't enter that way.
They're going to lock Taiwan down with their nukes and Alaska may also receive nuclear warfare also to keep us from that jump point.
Well, I don't know the North.
I mean, look, nukes are going to get used on the North if they do that.
I don't know if that's the case, but definitely nuclear war is on the table in Europe.
And yes, the U.S.
is moving B-52s in to strike China, moving those into Australia.
So things are escalating quickly.
Yes, very.
It's progressed to an even further dimension now.
I appreciate your call.
Yes, sir.
Let's go to Rick in Texas.
Go ahead, Rick.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Yes, hi.
I'm a first-time caller.
I've been listening since 2001, when I heard you bullhorning about fluoride and 9-11 at the Capitol in Austin.
I'm going to keep it quick and to my point, my call is in the direction of what's going on today in schools and against Christians.
I follow an anthropologist on YouTube by the name of Robert Seffer.
He has a great woke Bolshevik Revolution video and I sent in a small snippet of that that revolution video to Showtips and... Well do me a favor, just tell me the name of the video and we'll look it up.
It's not, it was removed from YouTube.
He was, you know, it was removed from YouTube.
I think it's only available on his Patreon.
What's the name of it?
Um, but I sent in a short snippet.
It's the woke Bolshevik revolution.
The woke Bolshevik revolution.
All right.
When did you send the show tip?
Um, earlier today, about two or three hours ago.
All right.
We'll look it up.
What else on your mind, brother?
Um, in that video, he has a clip from what looks like a seminar or something online, like a private teaching from a Jewish professor, and he speaks on the topics of the Wolf Bolshevik Revolution and how, um, and Hitler and his Mein Kampf book and how the Jewish, I guess the Jews were responsible for, or the forefathers of,
The left, Marxism, communism, Leninism, the end of the family, the end of values and the end of religion in a lot of different countries throughout the history.
And I just, you know, looking at what's going on today, you know, seeing a lot of key aspects falling in line with that.
Well, there have been a lot of groups and organizations that want to overturn the existing orders.
The Jacobins and the French Revolution wanted that.
There's been a lot of people, but there's also been a lot of conservative Jews, orthodox Jews that have been speaking out against that.
But there's no historical doubt that leftist Jews were instrumental in developing the kind of the communist doctrine.
That's gone on worldwide.
I mean, that's just a historical fact.
But, you know, Hitler himself saw himself in competition with those groups, and he didn't like Christianity, and he had his own system that he wanted to bring in, kind of a neo-paganism.
Also mixing in some Tibetan Buddhism, but that's all definitely something people should look into.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Don in Iowa.
Don, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Man, I just want to first-time caller tell you thank you for being there for us and giving us, uh...
Some witness accounts of what's really going on.
You're somebody who could be acting as though you're like Nostradamus and you just keep it real.
You tell people, you're reading their playbook.
I think that's so awesome because you could be really trapping people if that was your mentality.
So I think you're real spiritually a solid dude.
Coming from somebody who, you know, has been a fighter their whole life, just a tough person,
I changed my life and gave it to Christ at 18.
I switched everything around to how I looked at humans, and now I look at them as spiritual beings.
We're all fragile, both sides.
These people don't know who they're working for.
They're just doing it.
We all know who we're working for, so we're all witnesses for Christ.
If we stay as witnesses,
That's all we have to do.
We win.
That's right.
And whether you're a Buddhist or Jewish or a supposed mainline Christian or an agnostic or a Satanist, whoever you are, I want you to find Jesus.
Not the Jesus in the fake charges, but the real spiritual Jesus that the system's at war with.
And Jesus will set you free.
Thank you, Don.
Joey in Illinois.
Go ahead.
Hello, thank you for taking my call.
So, I'm just calling on behalf of, I appreciate everything you do, and appreciate everything, but I want to ask is why we're not calling out for mass debate.
Like, we should be calling, well since Twitter is now switched, we should be calling on, why are we debating, let's get some people, high-ranking people, you should be calling, let's debate.
Put it all over, all over everything.
Well, I mean, most of the establishment won't debate.
They only regurgitate propaganda at us, but I mean, I'd love to debate all these globalists, but they won't debate us.
It's like Piers Morgan and, and what's that other guy's name?
Cuomo wanted me on their shows, but they wanted to tape it.
And I go, wait, but your shows are live.
You want to be able to edit what I say?
Put me on live, coward!
Which I understand that, which is completely, but if we get it out there and we show them that they just will not debate anybody, which is,
Yeah, that's like Pennsylvania and Arizona, where the candidates for the Senate and the governorship there will not debate.
Yeah, and on top of that, I still think it's going to be Republican is going to win.
I'm neither left or right.
I'm just down the middle.
I want what's best for my family and America and God and Jesus first, you know?
We've already shown that the voting system is already a fraud, and we already know that nothing is going to change unless we sit there and do something about it.
Sure, but they can only steal with voters that are registered.
So they use the names of dead people and folks that moved out of state.
And they've got a limited number they can steal with.
So if we're 10, 20 points ahead, they can't steal it.
They can't block landslides with our system.
And that's that's their real Achilles heel and that's why they're in panic mode because they're going to try to steal it in six days and we're going to be here live until like 2 a.m.
I don't know.
All right, we're getting Savannah Hernandez dialed in right now.
She's on the street in American City.
We'll talk to her here in just a moment.
Please remember, we are listener supported.
We're only on air because of you.
And we are very close to being shut down and we don't get funding.
But we're actually, you know, right in the red, right in the black.
God just keeps us right there.
So it's all in God's hands.
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But I wanted to get to this while we're getting Savannah connected.
I wanted to get to Charles Barkley, because I've always liked Charles Barkley.
He's a likable fella, and back when I had time to watch the NBA growing up, I would watch Charles.
So I've had a lot of pleasure watching Charles Barkley.
I think he's a funny guy, but he's also a sellout.
And he's attacked Kyrie Irving, along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who I think is a horrible person and a big globalist leftist, and attacked him
For putting a clip out that I talked about 20 years ago about global government, the new world order, how they use food as a weapon, how they would come and force inoculations, how they would release viruses.
Which is all true.
And so he attacked Kyrie and said he should be kicked out of the NBA or suspended indefinitely for attacking somebody's religion.
When all Kyrie did was put out a link to a book
And that's made into a movie about how a lot of North African black people, it's in the Bible, it's in the Old Testament, King Solomon, are Jewish.
And there's a whole bunch of black Jews in Israel.
I mean, the Jews don't deny that in Israel.
There are a lot of black folks from Ethiopia.
You name it, they can do their family lines.
I mean, they've got Jewish last names.
I mean, they are, they are Jewish.
And so the fact that
The original Israelites, if you read the Old Testament and even the New Testament, had dark skin.
Now, not all of them were African, but a lot of them were part African and some were basically pure African.
And it was that whole melting pot going on that were in that tribe.
The Bible talks about all the tribes of Judah.
And so, that's in mainline history books.
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, Revelation describes Jesus
With dark hair and bronze skin.
So that's all he did.
But even if Kyrie Irving was wrong, he has a right to come out and say what he wants.
But all he did was link to a video.
So they're really coming after him.
He lost $100 million.
He would take a poison shot.
He should sue them for that.
Now he's been vindicated.
And also I want to ask,
Charles Barkley, hey Charles, we have NBA team owners saying screw the Uyghurs, 3 million in death camps in China.
So you guys are supporting death camps and let the CCP run you, and then when you're so dirty, you sit there and you point your finger at Kyrie Irving and act like he has done something wrong.
So here's a clip of Charles Barkley crapping the bed.
I think the NBA dropped the ball.
In what way?
I think he should have been suspended.
I think Adam should have suspended him.
First of all, Adam's Jewish.
You can't take my $40 million and insult my religion.
If you're going to insult me, you have the right.
But I have the right to say no.
You're not going to take my $40 million and insult my religion.
I think the NBA, they made a mistake.
We have suspended people and fired people who have made homophobic slurs.
And that was the right thing to do.
By the way, hit pause.
Hit pause.
Back it up five seconds.
So, since they've already violated other people's free speech, what they said off the court, now let's do it to everybody else.
Charles, they had black people as slaves in this country.
So just because they already had some slaves, was it okay to have it going forward?
No, it wasn't.
That argument's a load of BS.
It's a First Amendment chunk.
The cunk?
Go back to it!
I think him acknowledging the Alex Jones thing should have something should have happened with that too because that dude's crazy and
I can't believe that we ain't talking about that we're talking about this idiot and when you say when you if I say hey I'm agreeing with this movie this book or whatever I'm agreeing with it I'm not gonna put first of you know I don't do any social media but when you're somebody as great as basketball like him
People are going to listen to what you say.
And there are some French people out there.
But like I say, I blame the NBA.
He should have been suspended.
And their conversations are continuing with the Brooklyn Nets, with the NBA.
It's too late now.
But they're also looking at, look, they're looking at how do we move forward.
That's enough.
So then they go in and let's start censoring people.
Move to North Korea.
And if Shaq agrees with you, he can go too.
You guys are un-American.
It's disgusting.
And it's dangerous.
Alright, we got Savannah Hernandez connected now.
New technical problems.
We'll be right back with her.
On the other side, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
But yeah, Charles Barkley is worshiping that New World Order ding-dong.
We'll be right back.
All right, the great former InfoWars reporter now works at Truth Social, Savannah Hernandez.
She's also teamed up with Drew Hernandez, no relation.
They've been getting videos with 10, 20, 30 million views.
And even in the age of censorship, they have been kicking some butt.
And Savannah Hernandez joins us live from the street.
She'll announce where she's at.
She moves around so much, I'm not even sure where she's at.
She just showed a bunch of drug addicts and got physically attacked.
I want to get her view on the midterms, the whole world, where everything's going.
Savannah, you're all over the U.S.
I can never tell where you're at.
Where are you at right now?
So Alex, I'm currently in Philadelphia because of course, as we know, ahead of the midterms, Pennsylvania is a battleground state.
So I thought it would be very important to highlight what is actually going on in this very blue state in this Democrat-run city.
So that's why I'm in Philadelphia right now.
Well, you've got the floor.
We got you on a bit late because of technical difficulties.
Want to hit the midterms first or what you witnessed around the country or what just happened to you?
Where should we go first?
Let's go ahead and talk about the midterms.
Sure, Alex.
Now, I was just in Portland, Oregon, and the reason why I went over there was because I wanted to highlight the fact that in the entire state of Oregon, you do have drugs that have been decriminalized.
Now, these are hard drugs, right?
We have heroin, meth, um, fentanyl, of course, a very big issue over there.
So I went to highlight the reality of these progressive policies and the Democrats in charge, what your cities could turn into both nationwide and here, um,
You know, in specific cities.
So, sorry Alex, I'm a little bit frazzled right now because again, I'm in Philadelphia because we do have a very tight Senate race.
And the Democratic leadership has completely deteriorated and destroyed this city and it's absolutely horrifying.
I've been across the country to San Francisco, Skid Row, again Portland, Oregon, New York City.
I was in the Bronx.
And you have people that say that they've been voting Democrat for their entire life, now set to vote Republican because of how horrific these cities have deteriorated.
We're good to go.
I don't think so.
And what's incredible, Savannah, is, as I've seen footage, there's a ton of it on your site, we'll play some of it coming up next segment, you just go out there peacefully.
You're like 50 yards from people trying to show what's going on.
They come over and physically attack you, but that's saying a lot.
You've been all over the country, and you're saying Philadelphia is the worst you've seen.
Alex, I'm not going to lie to you.
I'm horrified being on these streets.
This is my third day on the streets of Philly.
Earlier, we had a guy throwing rocks at us.
He's been very violent.
On the first day that I was here, I almost had somebody try to abduct my friend and I on the street.
I've been talking to a couple of the addicts who are a little bit more friendly, and they were sharing that this is a regular occurrence.
They said, hey, don't be over here at night because no
Nobody's going to help you.
The city has descended into chaos and lawlessness.
I've never seen so many open needles.
I actually just finished an interview.
You're going to love this one, Alex.
It's absolutely crazy.
They're giving out emergency packs.
This is a government-funded organization called Prevention Point.
They give out these emergency packs for these drug addicts.
They give them pen needles.
They give them a rubber band for their arms so they can shoot up properly.
They give them water to mix their drugs with.
So I watched the man the other day mixing fentanyl and cocaine.
He showed me how to shoot up.
I had another woman mixing up fentanyl talking to me about how the mayor in this city is actually circumventing the law because it is illegal for them to have this drug paraphernalia.
But the organization here, again government funded, is giving these addicts these cards that basically allow them to
I remember the same groups are handing out crack pipes around the country which they tried to deny.
So is it fair to say this is like an organized road warrior collapse of civilization scenario we're seeing?
Absolutely, Alex.
I really do feel like I'm in Mad Max, right?
We have zombies on the street.
And it's very sad because a lot of the people that are out here are genuinely suffering from mental illness or drug addiction.
And instead of helping these people, the city is emboldening them.
The city is allowing them to physically rot on the street.
A lot of the people here have lesions because they are injecting elephant tranquilizer.
I think?
They want the fuel.
There's no more fuel.
They've cut the fuel off.
There's been a collapse in energy.
I mean, we are literally entering Road Warrior for real.
It's terrifying, Alex.
And again, I have gone all over America to really try to get the consensus of how Americans are feeling.
And lifelong Democrats are like, we are done with the Democratic Party.
We are tired of the lawlessness.
We are tired of the crime.
We are tired of... I was speaking to a Portland resident who was saying that the homeless will just come and crawl through people's windows.
And they have this app called Nextdoor.
And on that app, it's the different neighbors basically saying, oh, I guess it's my turn to have my house broken into.
I guess it's my turn to have my car stolen.
This is just normal commonplace for these types of people in these areas.
And again, this is a public park.
Alex, it's 2 p.m.
in Philadelphia right now, and it's absolutely terrifying.
We have drug users behind us, and a lot of them very high on drugs.
It looks like they're dead on the street.
We actually have children walking around this area, too.
That was my next point.
Imagine trying to be a family living in these places.
A lot of families are moving out of these areas.
Remember in New York that parents were having to take their children to therapy because they were so terrified by the drug users on the streets?
When I go to New York, I can barely walk through the subway because it smells of feces and urine, just like the streets here.
You're seeing the open drug use.
And again, the fentanyl really overtaking these streets.
And that's directly correlated to our open border, which again, directly correlated to Joe Biden's administration.
So a horrific state of our country.
And then we've got the zombie
Well, let's talk about inflation because that's a big concern for voters.
What do you think the biggest cause of inflation is and should the Biden administration be doing more?
No, I just do.
I think that simply is also, we have this talk about the trillions in massive tax cuts to the corporate tax structure as well.
You know, trillions of dollars that have added to the deficit.
I mean, he doesn't know what planet he's on.
Exactly, Alex.
And of course, that would be the perfect candidate for the Democrats because he can't think for himself.
He genuinely is a puppet that needs to be told what to say and what to do because he has no idea what's happening.
Fetterman reminds me of a lot of the people here on the street using drugs just, you know, out of their minds, have no idea what's going on.
So it would kind of be perfect to have that person representing Pennsylvania, right?
But of course, we do not want that to happen.
He's a zombie senator for a zombie state.
And the paradox is, some of the smartest, most well-spoken people I've heard against the New World Order, and the biggest Trump rallies are in Pennsylvania.
So it's really a paradox.
Yeah, Alex.
Actually, a lot of the residents in more of the suburban areas are very, very right-wing.
Like I said, they're tired of their city being deteriorated.
They're tired of not being able to raise a family and be prosperous.
They want Donald Trump back in office.
They want strong Republicans back in office.
Not even Republicans, right?
Just America First candidates who care about the country, who care about the constituents that are voting them into office, and who understand that they are not leaders, but they are there to speak for their citizens.
Savannah Hernandez, we'll do another segment with you, then I'll come back and take calls and hand the baton to our guest host.
You're on Truth Social at SavSays, S-A-V-Says, and Instagram, SavWith1N, website, SavSaysOfficial.com.
Wow, and you and Drew Hernandez have been hooking up too, knocking it out of the park.
We'll be right back with Savannah Hernandez.
Don't forget!
In about an hour and 20 minutes, Owen Schroyer takes over with The War Room.
It's a powerful show.
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I want to thank all the listeners for their continued support, keeping us on air.
She's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the key battleground states.
She's Savannah Hernandez, here on the Alex Jones Show on this Wednesday edition.
I'll play a few clips here and get her take on it.
Savannah Hernandez approached by Lib Zombie telling her she cannot film Philly needle exchange program on a public street.
Then Savannah is attacked by drug addicts for filming the needle exchange.
Here are those clips back to back.
I'm really sorry, but before you take, please, no, you are not allowed to film.
So we're being told that we cannot film in front of Prevention Point.
This is a public street.
We're trying to highlight here the drug exchange program, not drug, needle exchange.
I apologize.
Here, we're being told that we're not allowed to film what's happening on the streets of Philadelphia.
To protect the anonymity of our participants and our patients, we ask that anyone do not... So we're not going into the building.
This is a public street.
So, you can interview with me here, but I'm highlighting what is happening on a public street here, on the streets of Philadelphia.
This is the needle exchange program that is currently happening in front of Prevention Point.
Yeah, there's nobody's faces in this.
We're highlighting what's happening here in Philadelphia, and you should be allowed to do that.
I'm here at a prevention point in Philadelphia.
I've been physically attacked twice now because I'm trying to report on the needle exchange program.
My camera was taken by a drug addict, thrown on the ground and smashed.
And then one of their security officers went ahead and took my microphone, smashed it as well.
I have this woman right over here.
Who has been making sure to tell me that I'm not allowed to report on a public street.
So this is a public area.
What they're doing behind me is a needle exchange program and they do not want this exposed on the streets of Philadelphia that they are allowing drug addicts to
Exchange dirty needles for clean ones.
Again, I've been attacked twice now.
Thank you so much.
The security guards took this.
Again, this is my smashed equipment.
I've been attacked multiple times here.
So this is what's being allowed to prosper on the streets of Philadelphia.
Again, prevention point on K&A.
So all the research shows that this is basically euthanasia centers.
They're not giving them clean needles to protect them and save them.
The government allows the drugs to be shipped in.
They leave these open-air pits.
And it is basically a place for people to come and die en masse.
And as they do this, we see the abuse level and OD levels ten times what they were 20 years ago.
This is a design crisis.
You have all these weird leftists
They go out and get degrees to manage the homeless.
They farm them and they milk them.
It's a perfect place for them to play savior while they also try to violate the First Amendment.
Savannah, please continue.
Yeah, Alex, I mean, I'm sure that the video, you know, is pretty self-explanatory there, but we were trying to show what is happening on the public streets of Philadelphia with this needle exchange.
I actually spoke to one of the drug users, you know, on the street today, and he was telling me that if you bring in a hundred dirty needles to Prevention Point, they will give you 200 clean needles back.
They do this every Tuesday and Friday.
I was doing some research into the statistics of this organization,
They gave almost 10 million needles away just last year.
And of course, that has led to an uptick in overdose rates and deaths.
Oh, absolutely.
It's not stopping the drugs.
They're not trying to decriminalize drugs.
They're trying to mainline drugs, quote, literally and figuratively.
Exactly, Alex.
And again, too, I have to thank you.
You know, you're one of the pioneers for this type of journalism.
When people try to shut you down and censor you in the real world, you say, no, I'm going to expose what's going on.
And then, of course, the liberal left cannot handle it.
They process them out.
They get so angry.
And then they attack the people that are genuinely trying to help those that are being taken advantage of by governments and programs just like this one.
So that's what happened yesterday.
Really trying to highlight how disgusting this city is, how much it has degraded and how America will
It would look like this if we continue to allow Democrats to come in and destroy everything.
Well, remember earlier this year and last year it came out they were handing out millions of crackpipes.
Then folks went to their health departments and got the crackpipes.
They tried to deny it because they don't want the public knowing this is going on.
Exactly, Alex.
And I was genuinely shocked, too, by this user today showing me his goodie bag.
It was a paper bag.
He had the needles.
He had all of these tools that he would need.
And I asked him, too.
I was like, you know, are they actually helping you with your addiction problems?
Can you even go and get services for that?
He said, yeah, of course you can.
And they would try to help you.
This is not something that they're trying to help people heal from.
They're trying to embolden it.
They're trying to, uh, you know, it's a big money-making process here when you're able to fund this type of activity on the streets, make areas unsafe.
We're also hearing that the youth here are very involved with the crime.
So, it truly is just from, you know, the standpoint of- Well, exactly.
Soros, getting all those DAs in to legalize violent crime.
It's designed to destroy confidence and collapse society.
Exactly, and that's the DA here in Philadelphia, right?
Larry Krasner.
He's a Soros-funded DA.
He's very soft on crime, and people are currently trying to impeach him because of how horrific the city has gotten.
So, we are seeing a lot of pushback now.
Sadly, it had to degrade this badly for people to push back.
No, I haven't heard anything on that yet, but I mean, you know, the people here in office are basically directly tied to the administration, and they've heard similar rhetoric from Biden.
Sure, sure.
I mean, I was being sarcastic.
You're getting a lot of good in crackpipes.
They admit they do it in Boston, D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, New York City, where they hand out the crackpipes.
I mean, that's just crazy.
No, it's really heartbreaking, but I honestly do have a lot of hope after being out on the streets of America, from the East Coast to the West Coast, for November 8th.
I do see a lot of, again, pushback.
A lot of people who are finally saying, you know what, enough is enough.
We're tired of these illegal... I mean, all this is is cut our energy off, cut our culture off, get rid of the borders, bomb us with drugs.
I mean, this is an attack.
Exactly, and it's actually really funny, Alex, because, you know, speaking about, like, our diesel fuel crisis, right?
We have Kamala Harris saying, oh, we're going to spend a billion dollars in funding for EV school buses for children in California.
My uncle's neighbor is actually a part of the public transportation in California working with the electric vehicles.
He said that batteries right now are on back order 8 to 12 months.
So this is already an issue.
I'm going to go uncover this story here in a couple of weeks.
And it's so hilarious to me that, of course, they're trying to make that big push for electric vehicles.
They're trying to ban gas vehicles.
And why is that?
Just basically to handicap us, to handicap the citizens and further implode our economy.
Savannah, what is your gut level view on what's about to happen in six days?
Because the polls all show a Republican landslide, but we also see them doing the same mail-in ballot scams.
Exactly, Alex.
I mean, it's very similar to what we saw in 2020, right?
You had the media coming forward and trying to let people know ahead of time, hey, we're not going to know the election results on election day, which historically we've never seen before.
We're already seeing that propaganda from big tech.
I signed into Twitter yesterday, and it was basically that on top of one million voting mistakes.
So we're seeing all the same propaganda.
We saw what just happened in Brazil.
And, you know, I feel like if we do have more stolen elections, because keep in mind, 2020 was a stolen or fortified election, if you will.
I totally agree with what you're saying.
The globalists wanted to create the unrest and all this in their own admissions, but not get to blame.
But now because the Deimos group and the UN and the Atlantic group and the Atlantic Council's getting the blame, they now are like, oh, we want amnesty.
Forgive us for the COVID shots and the mask.
We're sorry.
But they're just going to come back and attack us again.
So this isn't going the way they wanted.
People are identifying the New World Order.
We're seeing leaders elected in the U.S.
and all over the world that are anti-globalist, identifying Klaus Schwab.
Very exciting things happening, as bad as the situation is.
Exactly, Alex.
And that is why they're asking for amnesty right now, because they are very aware that we are about to take power again, and we are about to take back the House, the Senate, everything.
We're about to take back this whole entire country, and they are fearful of the fact that they targeted us, they discriminated against us, and they want us to
That's why we're seeing such big censorship campaigns by YouTube and Instagram right now.
Luckily for us, we do have Elon Musk taking over Twitter and trying to bring back free speech and that scares the left so much because when push comes to shove and you actually hold their feet to the fire, they cannot hold up any portion of their argument because you go out on the street and you show the reality of their failed policy.
They can't argue for this.
They can't argue that this is a good thing.
They can't argue that meals on the streets are safe for American citizens.
They're going to lose.
They're very afraid.
That's why the censorship is ramping up.
And that's why we have to keep pushing harder than we ever have before.
I totally agree.
Savannah Hernandez, what's next for you?
I'm going to be heading to New Mexico on Monday, actually.
We have a couple of rallies over there that we're going to be covering at some universities.
And then, of course, more midterm coverage.
I'm wanting to go back to California, highlight San Francisco.
Even more, just really hone in and, you know,
Show people what is going on in the streets of America.
So, more on-the-ground work, Alex.
All right, Savannah Hernandez, incredible job.
We pray for you.
We appreciate you watching what you and others do.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, Kate Daly's about to take over, and she's always an amazing talk show host.
She hosts once a week for an hour.
Kate Daly takes over katedalyshow.com.
I'm Alex Jones with infowars.com.
Owen Troyer will be here in one hour, 3 p.m.
Central, with The War Room.
Remember, only way the dog hunts is you let it out.
Share those links, share those articles.
God bless.
We'll be right back with hour number four.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
This summer, Chloe Cole spoke out against California's passing of SB 107, testifying that both her and her parents were manipulated and bullied by the state to undergo destructive, life-changing surgeries.
And while Florida bans puberty blockers and so-called sexual reassignment surgeries for minors, California Governor Gavin Newsom
Signs a bill allowing children from any state in the country to go to California for transgender medical procedures without parental consent.
California is being hailed by the death cult as a transgender surgery sanctuary state.
Now providing chemical and surgical castrations for all of America's children.
According to this new law, California can take emergency jurisdiction over any child from anywhere if there's a disagreement between the parent and the state of California over how to treat a child's gender distress.
SB 107 states that taking a child away from the child's parents is justifiable if it is done to pursue gender transition procedures in California and allows for the state to wage child custody claims against out-of-state parents.
SB 107 forbids health care providers from providing medical information related to gender identity procedures to a child's parent, even if sought under a subpoena.
After permanently mutilating her own adopted child, Kathy Molig has been working full-time for California non-profit Trans Family Support Services.
Where she reaches out to hundreds of children all across the country, luring them to California to castrate themselves.
She often does so without the parents knowledge.
I work with a lot of youth.
Before they tell their families and helping them in shaping what that looks like.
Her work focuses on conservative communities where parents may not approve of having their children castrated.
We have kids coming from all over the country for our virtual groups.
We also opened a chapter in Huntsville, Alabama, because the people in red states really need as much support as they can get from us allies, in particular in states like California and Oregon and Washington.
For whatever reason, people are allowing this incredibly evil attack against their own children.
And recently, Laura Logan interviewed a UN insider who explained to her why children are the biggest target.
I get it, but I don't get it.
The children.
You just, you gotta, I still have, I have such a problem with this.
You gotta explain this one to me.
And he said, um, well, first of all, you're looking at it the wrong way.
I said, what do you mean?
And he said, well, they don't define children the way you do.
They don't define the world the way you do.
The choices that you face are not their choices, right?
They have a, they look at it completely differently.
And, uh,
And I said, well, okay, so how do they look at it?
And he said, for them, everything is defined by their one fundamental, all-consuming purpose.
I said, which is what?
He said, to defeat God.
For them, the younger you are, the closer you are to God, the more pain
They can inflict on God.
So the more you can make a baby or small child suffer, the greater your victory over God.
And that is the only consideration for them.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Hi there, so good to be back with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
So glad to be with you.
Today we're going to be talking about possible diesel shortage, we're going to be talking about peak oil, we're going to be talking about left-right politics, and I've invited my friend Eric Peters from ericpetersautos.com.
On with me, and I'm so happy to have him because, let me tell you, his website, at the very top of his website, it explains it all, okay?
Motorcycles, automobiles, and libertarian politics.
And so he's always got a good feel for what's happening in the world, what's going on in politics, and then gives his views on that too, and describes automobiles, cars.
This is the guy.
This is the aficionado.
This is the guy to go to if you ever have a question about engines, about cars.
And so I cannot wait to talk to him about diesel fuel, about diesel fuel shortages.
It's very, very interesting that we got told there were 25 days left, which would hit around Thanksgiving, that there were 25 days left before the elections.
Kind of weird timing, don't you think?
You think that would be something that they would maybe, I don't know, wait until after the elections to pounce on people if this was true and we were going towards this diesel shortage.
It was almost like
Man, they're just trying to take it down in a fury, and they're just trying some things on us that are kind of interesting.
We'll get into all of that.
But let me introduce Eric Peters.
Eric's had this site for a long time, and let me tell you, I've had, gosh, I probably met you maybe seven, eight years ago, Eric.
I'm so happy to have you on the show.
How are you?
Isn't it strange?
I'm good.
I'm a guy who writes about cars that actually doesn't hate cars.
Yes, that is strange.
You're the go-to guy.
And you know what?
I hope people visit your site because I'm telling you, you have so much information there if you're looking or whatever the case may be.
So we got told there was a diesel shortage and so I want to get your take on whether or not this is true because I've been talking to a lot of truckers.
Truckers aren't buying it.
They're saying that diesel shortages and if you do
Well, if you look in the news, you'll see a lot of shortages, a lot of claims and so forth.
And they're saying the 10 year average, there's usually about 33 days worth of diesel.
And so 25 days isn't like a huge, maybe a huge problem.
But I want to get your take on this because there's a whole nother side to this that we are seeing the inflation.
We are seeing the things that tank the United States and they are doing it on purpose and it is manufactured.
So how far will they go?
Well fundamentally this is a supply constraint issue and I titled my article about this peak oil which I think sets the predicate for it.
You know for the past 50 something years they've been telling people that we're about to run out of oil.
Anybody who's older than 30 will have heard the term peak oil before.
Of course the problem is
We're good to go.
Yes, we are.
We're good.
And I think, you know, the more I roll this around in my head that what they may be attempting to do here is to drop a bag of poo, if you will, in the lap of the Republicans after the midterms.
I think they, I think they foresee that even with all the jiggering that they're probably going to try
So what then?
Well, a couple of weeks after that, all of a sudden people are finding the shelves are becoming bare and it's hard to get things and the price of everything is going up and the Democrats and the leftists, they're going to say, look what you did.
You elected these awful Republicans and now they're cratering the economy.
I think that that's what this is all about fundamentally.
And the raise in prices, the high gas prices for no apparent reason, the blaming on Russia, which was ridiculous from the start, and most people could see through it.
Even those on the, I think, the most leftist progressive could see that this was a sham on the high prices.
Is it a payout for oil to switch to the green agenda quietly and silently?
Is this the way they pay like the prepayment for oil to just not halt what's coming and move over and maybe pay?
Are we paying for that move over in our high gas prices?
It may not be anything that sinister.
It may simply be this general corporate polterunery, this fear of being seen as not on the right side of woke.
The people with the highest echelons of corporations are desperate to show, even to the extent of undermining their own business, that they agree with all these shibboleths of the left.
I posted an article earlier today that
We're good to go.
It's kind of peripherally, sort of.
You see a Volkswagen car in the commercial, but they don't tell you anything about why you should be interested in buying this car.
It's all about peddling to you this agenda, you know, to signal the virtue that, look, we're all for gay couples with sheep.
You know, not so much as, hey, this is a great car.
It's got a lot of room.
It's got a great engine or whatever the selling point is.
They're not trying to sell you a car.
They're trying to virtue signal.
And that may be exactly what's going on with real companies too.
Hmm, maybe.
Because I feel like there has to be a reason.
There's a reason, of course, they want to cause inflation.
They want to cause a shortage.
And so all of this is very manipulated, but very real to us.
So when I say manipulated, sometimes people I think don't understand.
It's manipulated, but it's real to us.
So it's
We're good.
The money's being paid.
There's also a $30 trillion trough sitting there.
I think money that's been hijacked and laundered out of the United States that could go towards keeping oil companies very comfortable in their move over.
Because normally you would see, you would see them up in arms over all of this, but you're not seeing that at all.
They're very, very silent on the matter and reaping huge benefits at our expense right now still.
Well, that could be a function of their having been browbeaten into submission.
These corporations are absolutely terrified of coming out and
I think so.
And it is odd, a diesel shortage, that that's being parceled out.
Because, you know, when they make diesel, the whole process of that, we're going to go to a break pretty soon, but the whole process of that, if people understand, that is a strange thing to parcel out as a shortage, don't you think?
Well, again, it depends.
You take a certain quantity of oil, take a barrel of oil, and then the refining process is essentially a distillation process to get different grades of fuel out of it, with diesel and kerosene being the easiest thing to distill.
Then you go all the way up to gasoline.
And it's allocated according to at least it used to be in the past.
It was allocated according to what it was estimated the market required.
I don't know what they're basing their allocations on now.
So, you know, there's just a lot of balls up in the air.
And I think we're going to we're going to see them come down in the next couple of weeks.
My guest is Eric Peters from ericpetersautos.com.
That's two S's in there, ericpetersautos.com.
He's got a great site.
And that commercial that he brought up, we need to talk about that a little bit more after the break, too.
Because that commercial, honestly, it really was.
It was two guys walking around with a sheep, two guys with a sheep in the car, two guys with a sheep at home.
I mean, it was very odd.
That they're trying to sell a car like that.
And so I think Eric is right on about the virtue signaling of a lifestyle.
They're selling a lifestyle.
They're not selling a car.
And anyway, the Tiguan.
Anyway, so I think it's bizarre.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show.
Be right back.
Welcome back.
Love to be back here with you and of course talking about cars, talking about diesel, talking about peak oil, talking about all kinds of things today.
And I'm talking about those things with my friend Eric Peters from ericpetersautos.com.
It's like car logic and insight and politics insights.
And so I love Eric's take.
I do want to mention, too, with elections being next week, look, there are no tight races.
It's virtually impossible to have a tight race when actually a majority of the country is pretty conservative.
So the tight races that they're having and we'll get back to cars in just a moment.
But I just wanted to mention this just because the election is next week.
The races are not as tight as they portray.
And it's polling that has taken us down, and a very dark, deep road.
Because polling doesn't reflect what Americans think.
It sways what Americans think.
Because it's constantly asking you to think like your neighbor.
And the problem is, is that we believe the polls.
And the polls are usually fake when it comes to maybe saying that we have these tight races.
Very, very tight races.
The reason for the tight races, I believe, is because they're about to perpetuate fraud.
And if they can get people to believe that it was a tight race, and, ooh, just lost by a hair!
It was razor thin!
Then we won't complain as much when somebody is installed that you didn't want, that you didn't vote for.
And so there, I think there's a lot of this going on right now in the country.
Every race seems to be that razor tight.
Give me a break.
It just can't happen that way, especially after, uh, after blow vid and everything else that's happened in the last several years.
There's no way you could have races that tight, but again, they're going to try to do that.
And so we'll talk about left, right politics, but I want to get your take on that, Eric.
I think you're right.
And I think one of the facets of that is that at one moment in time, this country had Democrats.
Now we've got leftists.
And I think there's an important distinction between the two.
And leftists, I think, are a considerable minority of people in this country, whereas Democrats were once, you know, a significant portion of the population.
And these leftists have worked night and day to convey to us, to try to persuade us that their worldview is
The world's view.
Everybody is non-binary and has blue hair and has a sheep in the backseat.
You know, that's the image that they want to portray so that people will think, I guess I'm, you know, maybe I'm a weirdo.
Maybe everybody is like this.
I'll jump on that bandwagon too.
So true.
So don't believe the polls.
But you know what?
This is a good opportunity.
I would blast away on social media your voting.
You know, conservatives typically do not put out there what they vote, who they vote for.
But when you see a smattering of who I voted for kind of messages throughout the state of people that you're close to in community, it's kind of hard to for them, I think, to hide some of the fraud that's happening because it's obvious.
You can't have these razor-tight races.
They just don't happen like that.
And so, especially to repellent people like Evan McMuffin, the breakfast sandwich.
You know, liar, liar, liar, CIA liar.
And was back when he was running for president.
And the guys never stopped.
And so, they try to portray a race like that as razor-tight.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
But we still have to make sure that we
I think it's our conscience.
I think our conscience would say at least cast the vote.
What they do with that vote is on their shoulders but at least you're casting one.
So let's get back to gas and oil.
So does the shortage happen in your estimation and in your perspective?
Do you think we're looking at a shortage or the milking of prices even further?
What do you think happens?
Well, I think if the numbers are accurate, and you know, these days you can't trust any numbers coming out of the federal government, but nonetheless, assuming that the numbers are accurate, yeah, I think it's inevitable that there is going to be a shortfall over the next couple of weeks.
And that's going to be felt economy wide.
You know, most people don't appreciate the importance of diesel macro in the economy, because most people drive a gas powered car.
They don't understand that everything that they buy
Pretty much is shipped from where it was made or where it was grown via a diesel powered heavy truck and was involved diesel powered machinery to produce it agricultural machinery.
Yeah, sadly.
I have a diesel and it's not pretty.
What can people do with those diesel engines though?
We do have alternatives.
Well, yeah.
Actually, you and I talked about this briefly the last time we got together, and one of the really nice things about diesel vehicles, at least most of them, not some of the new ones, there are exceptions to this because of all the federal folder role and the equipment that they're saddled with.
But older diesels in particular can burn biodiesel, waste vegetable oil, homebrew.
So, you know, it's possible for an average person to produce their own fuel in a pinch.
And if they can't produce it, there's probably somebody in their community who can.
Whereas gasoline, forget about it.
You have to have a refinery in order to produce gasoline.
So there's a real big advantage there with having a diesel.
Is it hard to do?
Is it hard to come up with those recipes?
Is it difficult to make it?
No, you know, I mean, the diesel engine itself was designed to literally burn things like grapeseed oil.
Any kind of oil, practically, will combust inside a diesel engine.
So, you know, it's just a matter of procuring the necessary vegetable precursors and then making oil.
If you can make oil, you can make basically diesel, because that's what we're talking about.
Good to know.
See, somebody like me, I'm not that into cars.
I don't know enough about them.
This is why I rely on Eric to come on and talk about this.
So, you were talking about the Tiguan, too, and the selling of lifestyles.
We're seeing this more and more.
And we're also seeing the urge to go, they're trying to get us to go buy electric cars, although they've got up 60%.
For the cost of them knowing I think and you correct me if I'm wrong But I think this is a deliberate attempt to to say go get an electric car because they absolutely know it will never work The people will never want them in droves and they know that it's a dead end on purpose I really feel like that but I want to get your take on the electric car the selling of what they The electric car to the American people because Americans aren't having it
Well, the electric cars that are available for the most part, almost all of them, are fundamentally, at minimum, entry luxury cars in terms of their price.
So, you know, no matter what you think about the virtues of electric cars and leaving aside all of their functional liabilities,
The bottom line is that most Americans cannot afford to spend $50,000, which is the entry price for something like a Tesla 3, and that's a Honda Civic sedan-sized car, and it's not really viable for a family.
You know, from there on up, it's just economics.
You know, leaving aside the range problems, the recharge problems, where's the electricity going to come from?
You're talking about increasing the cost of a car by about 30% to 50%, depending on the model.
And that's in an economy where the buying power of our money
How does that pencil out?
How does that work?
How can you turn effectively the entire car market over into a luxury car market?
Well, what you're doing is reversing the entire progression of the last 120 years.
When Henry Ford brought out the car, his Model T, what he did was to make cars available for the masses, whereas previously they had been largely hand-built and were for the rich elites.
But what's happening now is through these government regulations and mandates and all that other stuff,
That whole thing's being upended and vehicles are being made once again into the indulgences of the affluent.
That's what we're talking about.
So I see electric cars as the vehicle for getting you and I and the other unwashed deplorable masses out of cars and into a government-run bus, train, or a bicycle.
And this is exactly why we have Agenda 30.
It was to implement all those bike trails you see everywhere and all of those modes of transportation and a lot more buses being paid for.
We'll be right back on the Kate Daly... I'm sorry, on the Alex Jones Show!
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for Alex Jones.
The great Alex Jones will be right back.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host, katedallyradio.com.
Eric Peters is my guest, from Eric Peters Autos, and before we leave today, we have to have a little fun.
I've got to ask you, the best investments in automobiles for those struggling with the economy, you know, they get the best bang out of their buck.
I'm going to be asking you about that, Eric, because I know you know.
And also, just talking a little bit about this, all these things that are happening before the election.
We have the whole Pelosi scandal, and Pelosi's friend.
And then we have...
Yeah, well, his buddy.
And we have the whole, you know, the diesel shortage alert letting us know that this is going to be happening.
We've got the economy, we've got all Biden's king fraudulence gaffes, you know, all present, all accounted for, always in our face.
They don't try to hide it.
And I look at all these things and I wonder if they're purposefully, again, moving us to the right.
Because maybe World War III is kind of in their line site and they make a lot of profit, a lot of money off of continuous wars, more wars.
And so maybe there's a purposeful tanking to get us to move to the right to then adopt a little bit more of that view.
When I say right, I mean neocon right.
I used to be one of those, you know, 12 years ago.
So I get how they're thinking.
No longer, once you do a little homework, you're no longer a neocon.
But I want to get your take on what do you think has been going on the last few years moving into this election and so forth?
Where are we headed?
Well, let's see.
Among the many facets of this, I think that their arrogance may prove to be their undoing with regard to your comment about their in-the-face, in-our-face attitude.
I think they are so
No longer have to worry about pulling their punches.
They can just be very overt about what the agenda is.
This morning I read, and I haven't confirmed this, but you may know more about it than I, that something like 6,000 American troops are now on the ground in Ukraine.
Did you hear that?
Yeah, and I haven't confirmed anything, but yeah, we're sending more and more troops.
There's more and more troops, so yes, on the ground.
You know, I don't understand how it benefits the Ukrainian people, no matter how sympathetic you are toward what might be going on over there, to initiate World War III, because the first place that's going to get nuked is Ukraine.
And then the rest of us are going to get nuked after that.
And I think that there's a degree of historical amnesia.
You know, if you go back a hundred and something years, ask people whether they thought World War I was worth fighting over Sarajevo.
And ask them today, well, you know, if that wasn't worth it, however many people were killed in World War One, something like, I don't know, 30 or 40 million people died in that conflict.
How many people are going to die in a potential nuclear conflict with Russia over Ukraine?
It is.
I mean, it is halting.
I can't even sometimes come up with the words to discuss it because it's just that literally crazy.
On the other hand, maybe it's not because, you know, the best thing that they can do in terms of maintaining their position is to have the country be under siege and threatened.
Well, in World War I, they convinced us that Germany was going to take over the world.
They couldn't have, they wouldn't have, but we were convinced of it enough to go into World War I when we were very against war, and now they're doing the same thing with Russia.
Russia's been the bad guy threat for over 80 years.
Still, we have yet to be nuked because we have more firepower than anybody.
And so to have these enemies, it's absolutely just asinine at this point that anybody still believes what's happening.
And usually at the helm is us perpetuating an event and then blaming another country.
And I'm not talking about us, the American people.
We wouldn't have that.
We wouldn't be doing this.
It's people that do things in our name, and it's usually those that are running the country, and those in the CIA, and those in Naval Intelligence, and all these different groups that are doing things like this, or perpetuating them from the administration level.
And it's just sickening.
I wish people could finally figure out that this is happening in our name.
Because when you were talking about wrapped in the flag, I mean, we are good people here.
We would never condone this, but we're somehow
And we get we get sort of thrown into this emotional triggering.
It's just insane at this point.
So the theater, the theater of war, but I can see them moving us to the right.
Why would they be purposely tanking the country and then showing us how much dementia Biden has?
I mean, it's absolutely you have to kind of look at now.
Why is all this happening before the election?
Wait a second.
It's almost as if they're doing it on purpose.
And then saying, oh my gosh, we had a red wave.
I mean, it just, and when we have a red wave with so many neocons in, are we actually doing anything with the red wave?
That's my biggest concern too.
I don't know that we are.
A really good point.
I think that, you know, gosh, I've been waiting for this my whole life.
If there is a red wave and they don't do anything with the power that they get, then I think the Republican Party will have proved that it's useless and
I don't think that the people who support the Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, all the people on our side of the aisle are going to tolerate it if all they do is talk, talk, talk and go along with whatever the left wants.
Again, it's just not acceptable.
It can't happen anymore.
So, you know, I see a number of good trends as bad as things are, and that's one of them.
Another, I think, is that reality is beginning to bite, as us Gen X people would say.
You know, for a long time, for decades,
We're good.
Right, absolutely.
Too many neocons like Romney's and then too few stand apart, stand alones that will actually stand up to the system.
And that's why, you know, I'm a registered Republican, but I'll tell you, it's been really tough.
It was tough to watch under Trump when we had the House and we had the Senate and we did nothing.
We still have a socialized medicine.
We still have Obamacare.
And if that hasn't hit home, it should have in COVID-19 because the only people that were dying were dying at the hands of the ICU.
Thank you.
And so here we are.
We've got everybody sitting there.
They've got cars.
They're struggling to get to work.
They're struggling to pay groceries.
And it might get worse is what we're saying.
It's going to get worse.
I think it's actually going to get worse.
Preparing is probably the key right now.
And what would you be doing right now as far as preparing?
Well, there's a number of things you can do.
I myself have made provisions to assure that we don't freeze this winter by having plenty of firewood, making sure that the propane tanks are full, so if the power goes off, at least we'll be able to keep warm.
Having an adequate supply of necessities around the house for yourself and for your family.
And fuel, too, is not a bad idea.
To get back to diesel, one of the other virtues of diesel is that it stores far better than gas.
If you buy a five-gallon jug of gas, unless it's sealed really tightly and has fuel stabilizer in it, you probably aren't going to want to use it if it's been sitting there for four or five months.
Diesel, on the other hand, as long as you put algaecide in it, it will last for years in a jug.
So it might be good if you have a diesel-powered car.
To go ahead and stock up on some diesel for just in case so that you can get around.
Diesel fuel, by the way, is the best fire starter on the planet.
I don't know if people have realized this.
I'm sure a lot of you guys out there know this.
What's that?
It's safer because it's not as volatile.
You know, if you take some gas and throw it on the wall as a match, you might, you know, roast off your eyebrows.
That's not going to happen with diesel.
Oh, that's very, very true.
Look, you know, we have a lot coming and we're telling you, prepare, prepare.
Buy supplements, make sure you have your food storage intact.
Make sure you're doing those things weekly because there's a very short window right now as to acquiring things at these prices.
I would definitely, definitely prepare as much as possible, store as much as possible.
And it's the only way to go.
We'll be right back.
More with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos.
He is my guest in this hour on the Alex Jones Show.
Be right back.
We're back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
I spend every day talking on the air for three solid hours about all of these things that we're talking about right now.
And I'm talking about these things with Eric Peters, my guest, from ericpetersautos.com.
And here's the deal.
You know, we talk about the Great Reset.
Alex wrote a great book, actually, about the Great Reset.
And they want us to be confined to cities.
This is obvious.
This is why they've implemented all the bike trails, the city transportation.
They put so much money into that.
They upped considerably the amount of money that they were putting into Amtrak.
And when I noticed that in the last bill they put forth, it was curious, right?
Why the money into Amtrak?
No one even hardly thinks about having travel in that direction.
It's ridiculous.
I think.
As we're fighting it, because we still need to fight it, Eric, as we're looking forward, I mean, what would you do as a smart move?
Because knowing the direction they're going in, knowing that oil is being very silent on this as we move into the love of Mother Earth, I guess, to replace God in this country is really what they're trying to do.
The love of Mother Earth, all things done for Mother Earth, even though it means nothing does nothing, and has never affected us at all.
In my lifetime, that I've been told there was climate change, at the end of every decade we would die.
That never happened, and I can't even tell you one, in one way, that it's ever actually affected me.
So, with everybody understanding that, what is it, what would be smart, everybody wants to know, what's the smart move then?
Do I get an electric bike?
Do I, what do I, how do I deal with this?
We're good to go!
And you can use that as a means of getting around and getting to the store when you need to and hardly use any fuel at all.
If you have a couple of ten five gallon jugs of gas that will provide you with transportation for a pretty long time as opposed to a car.
So that's one thing you can do.
But I think just more fundamentally, this is about refusing to accept the diminution of your liberty and your mobility and snatch it back.
And do not accept being gaslit and cowling into a corner and agreeing, oh yes, I'm just spoiling the planet.
I'm helping to change the climate.
No, we're not.
You know, we're dealing with a potential disaster here.
All you have to do is say no to these people and they'll fold.
That's the key to everything.
Say no, I'm not doing it.
And why should I do it?
Thank you.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so here's some ideas, you know, the states should be, we have plenty of resources in America.
We all know this.
The 70s shortage was absolutely fabricated.
And when they started to go around the country to talk about the fact that we had more resources than we knew what to do with here, of course, people were fired quickly and the EPA was brought in and everything else.
So here we are.
As states.
The governors are very silent.
They're not going to be offering the fact that, hey, my state can control the oil and gas within my state.
Because we do have a whole country full of unlimited, really, resources here that we never tap into or talk about.
The other thing, too, that I'm not seeing cities do.
Cities have an awful lot of your money because we're being taxed at close to almost 50% when you put it all together.
So why aren't they stockpiling diesel for you?
Why aren't they stockpiling gas for you?
Why aren't they doing these things?
Because you're never hearing cities talk about this.
But we need to press our cities and press our states to get separated from the feds because everybody believes the feds have to control this.
And they love it.
The feds love this idea.
And so what do you think about cities stockpiling in states?
Well, once again, you know, you're right.
People have been conditioned to think contrary to the whole foundational premise of this country, which was federalism, which was the idea that you had a central authority for a few specific functions, but by and large, most of the other functions devolved to the states and the states dealt with these matters.
And it was a key and important thing, not only as a check on federal power, but also because it gave people options and alternatives.
You know, you could go to this state here, for example, had more liberty, more freedom, lower taxes, rather than the states you were adjacent to.
And that applied pressure on the state that wasn't so free to, hey, you know, maybe we need to do this because people are leaving, business is leaving.
We need to get back to that.
There's absolutely no reason why states that have within their own borders energy resources can't make use of them.
Affordable, abundant energy means general wealth for average people and general wealth means that they're not terrified and living in fear and dependent on the government.
And that is what this thing is all about.
Amen, Eric Peters.
Amen to that whole statement.
That's exactly what this is.
And so people need to be pressing their cities.
If they're going to create a shortage, then the cities need to get in right now and start stockpiling for their folks.
The folks, the very folks they're taking taxes from.
And make sure that people are covered.
Also yourself.
So I'm not going to put everything on cities and states.
It's us.
It's us as an individual that needs to prepare
But man, we do not take advantage of some of the things.
We could really lean on our cities and counties right now to do the right thing, because heavens knows they're doing many of the wrong things.
So I can't leave this hour without asking you.
People are in a crunch.
They can hardly afford anything right now.
What kind of car do they drive?
What lasts the longest?
What's the most reliable?
What's the best way to bank your money on a car right now?
Boy, that's a tough one.
Well, certainly I wouldn't
Yes, absolutely.
In some way.
I think so.
We're good to go.
I've been updated in 12 years!
People love these cars, and you know why they love them?
Because they're big American rear-drive cars with V8 engines.
That's what people want, and that's what they're trying to take away from you.
Anyway, so, you know, if you can find a vehicle that's still new and has a new warranty, but doesn't have a lot of the cloying, parenting, insipid, safety technology... I always use that voice to articulate that point.
I would recommend snapping one up if you can.
What year do you go back to to find a car that does not have the technology that if the grid went down it wouldn't be affected?
That really depends.
Generally speaking, if you want to be free from most of the worst of it, the telematics, the connectedness, you know, that plugs you in literally over the air to the hive mind, kind of like the Teslas.
But, you know, people don't know that it's not just the Teslas, it's a lot of the new cars, the non-electric new cars too.
You probably need to go back to around 2005 as a general rule or before.
I was thinking like 80s or 90s.
If you want to get something that's completely divorced from electronica, that you can still adjust and tune and largely take care of yourself, you're going to want a pre-computer car, a pre-fuel injected car.
And that's going to mean something generally built before the mid-1980s that will have a carburetor, will be a simple mechanical thing that you can take care of if you can read a basic owner's manual.
Right, right.
And I can drive stick, so I'm all in that.
Okay, I think that's true.
I got a lot of stick shifts back then.
And Toyotas, those kinds of cars, like the 4Runner, things like that, are those still kind of the top of the, you know, you're going to put your money in and it's going to last?
Like, one of my favorites is, you know, the Toyota Tacoma?
And the 4Runner, which is the SUV version of the same thing.
Those are 300,000 mile vehicles.
Really excellent vehicles.
Can't say enough good about them.
And the Toyota Corolla, too.
You know, you speak to me regularly.
We've got to go.
Ah, darn it.
All right.
Thanks, Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos.
Really appreciate you.
I'm Kate Delly, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks a lot.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to and Joe Rogan, Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the
Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast.
That means follow what the beast says or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab of the WEF said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
Then sharing the articles and videos and links from InfoWars.com and Band.Video to be the Paul Reveres of your era and to get amazing products that God gave us through Mother Nature to empower our stamina, our energy, our libido, everything else including our immune systems.
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The biggest sales up to 60% off in the history of Infowars at InfowarsStore.com.
Thank you so much and join us during this important part of history.
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They finally got them back in.
They also have this amazing bivy stick dongle that turns any phone into a sat phone.
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The electrical grid is and also the cell phone communication grid.
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You mentioned that.
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