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Name: 20221101_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 1, 2022
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses how the FBI is misrepresenting crime statistics by excluding data from major cities. He also talks about vaccine risks and urges listeners to make informed decisions. The main focus of his broadcast is on a governmental corporate big tech coup that he believes is controlling the United States in conjunction with the European Union. He addresses the Pelosi October surprise and warns of increased political violence following the midterm elections. David DePape, a Canadian illegal immigrant, attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi. The incident has sparked debates about conspiracy theories and political figures promoting them. There are concerns about the security measures in Nancy Pelosi's home as police allowed DePaupe to continue assaulting Paul Pelosi after they arrived on scene. Spy networks have infiltrated various institutions such as churches, businesses, universities, and charity organizations to gain access and control over different facets of society. The speaker encourages resistance against this organized criminal group and warns about the dangers of complacency. Infowars is currently running its biggest sale of 2022 with discounted products that fund the InfoWars platform. FEMA has been recruiting pastors across the country to train their flocks to turn their guns in, go to FEMA camps and take forced inoculations. The ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are listed as bosses in DHS documents, indicating a coordinated effort by the government to control the private sector and impose martial law. Alex Jones ends with a reminder that the First Amendment is crucial for preserving freedom of speech, press, assembly, and redress of grievances. It's important that people stand up against government overreach and defend their rights.

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For all intents and purposes, America is dead.
The Republic is gone.
But unlike a human, when they die, they're dead.
An idea or a system can be rebooted or resurrected from the dead.
But if you don't admit the country is gone, and what's left of it being sacked and looted in a hostile, globalist, World Government takeover, you're a fool.
And if you don't recognize that as above so below, the attacks you see on the wide scale against our infrastructure, our culture, our families, our very lives, is directed directly at you and I on the bottom.
All right.
This is undoubtedly the biggest news since the founding of the country in 1776.
And the plan they're running here in America is being duplicated across the world.
Except for Communist China that's even further ahead than us and our controllers are duplicating what China's done.
Now we have congressional documents, we have leaked documents, we have four-year documents that have all come out in lawsuits and in other ways confirming that under Obama, big tech, big banks, big media with foundations right down to the grassroots have set up
Spy networks in churches, in businesses, in universities, in charity organizations, so that they have access and placement, placement and access in every facet of life.
They're motivated.
They believe they're on a winning team.
That's why you see the coming out of the pedophilia, the coming out of
All of the incredible tyranny is because they have gone operational.
They are at war with everybody.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
What life?
Are you suggesting this is a knife I have in my hand?
Have you gone mad, my sane husband?
There was a knife, but I lost it.
Remember what the FBI did last week?
They said crime has gone down in the last year and a half by 2%.
Of course, crime on average is up about 50% around the country.
Some areas it's up four-fold, some of the blue cities.
Everybody knows that.
There's a crime wave.
In fact, in July, transit crime was up nearly 57% compared to July of last year.
The FBI just doesn't count crime in America's largest 50-plus cities.
So they don't process the crime numbers from Chicago or LA or New York.
Or Miami.
Or Houston.
Or Dallas.
Or Detroit.
Or San Antonio.
Or Oakland.
Or Seattle.
Or Portland.
They just say right there, oh big headline, crime's actually down.
Then you go read
Since Biden got in.
The fine print, they go, we no longer process statistics out of the largest cities, which is where the majority of people live, and where the majority of the crime's happening.
That's as big a gaslighting as Daryl Brooks saying, I'm not Daryl Brooks.
Mr. Brooks, you are well aware that the reasons documents are being... Billions in taxpayer money in America alone, exact same program was run in Europe, and the UK, and Australia, and Canada, and New Zealand, all the same coordinated UN control.
This is a time for science and solidarity.
Yet, the global misinformation epidemic is spreading.
Harmful health advice and snake oil solutions are proliferating.
Falsehoods are filling the airwaves.
Wild conspiracy theories are infecting the internet.
Hatred is going viral, stigmatizing and vilifying people and groups.
The world must unite against this disease too.
And the vaccine is trust.
I remember last year, a college athlete in great health had myocarditis and a heart attack and had to have a heart ablation and almost died.
I am in the hospital right now with heart complications from the COVID-19 vaccine.
And I want to inform as many people as I can about the risks from taking the vaccine that I wish someone would have told me.
And the doctor at the hospital said the shot caused it, the Pfizer shot caused it.
And they censored him and took him off Instagram when his video had 5 million views.
And then the UN was quoted in Yahoo News, and they said, well, we're the UN, we're an advisory panel, and we told them to take his channel down, even though what the young man said is true and his doctor told the truth.
So the UN is in control.
Biden's Health and Human Services and CDC paid screenwriters and comedians to mock unvaccinated and to call for violence against them.
How we're murderers, how we're killers, how we should be denied medical care.
Remember all that?
I wish we put in jail.
I wish we put in camps.
This was their big authoritarian rollout.
Their big attempt to take over.
And people woke up and backed them off.
Now they hope you just forget and go away and don't call for their prosecution and don't sue them.
For most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need.
And if you get it, you're protected.
And if you don't, you're putting yourself and other people on necessary risk.
Get the shot.
$5, $10, $20 off your drugstore grocery purchase or grocery purchase next time at the same time you get the shot.
But you don't have a choice.
People act like you have a choice.
It is Tuesday, November 1st, 2022.
Seven days from the incredibly important historic midterms.
I am not doing this for dramatic effect.
All right.
But I'm going to air a special report right now so that I can calm myself and really try to come up with proper statements that will address the true magnitude of this.
I've been on air 28 years, and we've broken thousands of major stories.
And the story that's now broke, we know is true.
We first broke it, along with Zero Hedge, six years ago.
And of course, other pieces of it before that.
But this news proves a governmental corporate big tech coup is in control of the United States and works directly with the European Union and is absolutely completely criminal and illegal at every level and will be the enforcement for the social credit score that is the Mark of the Beast system.
So I'm going to air this special report on the Pelosi October surprise.
And then I'm going to go write the headline for the live show because I was just here last night and this morning and I'm for the show reading more of these documents that have come out via FOIA request and lawsuits and it's just
The holy grail of evil.
And we knew this.
When you hear me lay all this out, you'll go, well, Alex, we've heard this a hundred times, a thousand times.
But this is all confirming exactly how they do it.
We'd already reverse engineered it.
It's exactly what we said, except it's worse.
And it is Obama
And the CIA and the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller foundations running the whole damn thing.
So here's a special report.
We're going to come back and I'm going to hit the biggest news ever.
Stay with us.
In the wake of breaking news with little details, it was only a matter of hours before the Democrats' Mockingbird Media had begun to politicize and twist the narrative of the attack regarding Paul Pelosi.
The story tonight, a new warning from law enforcement of a heightened threat to the midterm elections and the safety of elected leaders.
Investigators say DePappy had planned to tie up Paul Pelosi and wait for the Speaker to return home.
Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital.
Representative Pelosi's office tells us he underwent a successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands.
Tonight's bulletin from the FBI warns of a heightened threat fueled by a rise in domestic violence extremism driven by ideological grievances.
Potential targets include candidates running for public office, elected officials, election workers, and others.
The FBI warns the threat will continue even after election day.
Clinging to the far-right January 6th boogeyman myth in order to desperately forward a campaign of stochastic terrorism.
We have to understand that this attack was most likely done because of that rhetoric being spread.
That's my prediction, is that we're going to find out that this was someone with very far-right motivations and someone who follows people like Tucker Carlson, like Ben Shapiro, like Matt Wall.
That's my prediction here.
Learning such things in school.
As the clock runs out on the 2022 election, an outcome which could not only bring a response to the corporacratic neo-Marxist cancer festering in the American body politic, but also result in prosecution for a host of Democrats that had avoided scrutiny, including the President of the United States.
The October surprise was imminent.
If you're poor, it's the same chant.
Was used by this guy they have in custody.
That was used on January 6th.
The chant was, Where's Nancy?
Where's Nancy?
Where's Nancy?
This is despicable.
There's no place in America.
There's too much violence, political violence.
Too much hatred.
Too much vitriol.
And what makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax, there's all a bunch of lies, and it not affect people who may not be so well balanced?
What makes us think that it's not going to corrode the political climate?
The alleged attacker, David DePappe, a Canadian illegal immigrant, had spent his time in Berkeley, California making hemp jewelry and contributing to Bay Area nudist activism at a residence replete with a rainbow flag and a Black Lives Matter sign.
However, they dared to deny the implausible narrative of 9-11.
Not exactly the far-right extremist Nazis they would have us believe DePaupe was a product of.
According to KTVU, DePaupe had supposedly had with him a manifesto that contained anti-government COVID beliefs and a list of other politicians he planned to target.
Additionally, the media had immediately derided De Pape's online writings detailing COVID vaccine danger, the Great Reset, and the epidemic of pedophile normalization as crazed conspiracy nonsense, just buzzwords to be feared.
The problem is, people keep egging these people on.
There are people on the television, across the street from us, that egg these people on, talking about cabals and stuff, and people secretly running the world, and this guy doesn't like women either.
So, that's happening right now.
And then on top of it, you have political figures.
You have the previous President of the United States, you know, posting about QAnon on his social media platforms.
You don't know this is a game to these politicians, or going to take it out on real people.
Oddly, DePape hadn't posted anything online for 15 years, until reappearing in August of 2022, just months before a forthcoming October surprise.
But the real questions, per usual, open up gaping holes in the Pelosi-DePaupe narrative.
For instance, how and why does a man wearing underwear carry a manifesto with him?
And what about the possible depravity of Pelosi's alcoholic husband?
Was DePaupe there for another reason?
Why did Pelosi tell dispatchers DePaupe was a friend?
Questions that come to mind after others in the California Democratic Party, within the circles of the Pelosi's, have revealed their true colors.
There are at least two counts of providing methamphetamine to a victim that resulted in death.
Four additional counts of providing methamphetamine.
One count of using his West Los Angeles apartment as a drug lair.
And two counts of paying for interstate travel for the purpose of prostitution.
All of these are significant charges.
He's been found guilty in all of them.
There are maximum sentencing.
It is likely that 66-year-old Ed Buck will spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.
Anyone would assume that at the very least, Nancy Pelosi's multi-million dollar home in crime-riddled San Francisco would be outfitted with an equally expensive government-funded security system to protect the third in line to the presidency and her expensive ice cream freezer.
And why would police allow DePaupe to continue assaulting Paul Pelosi after they arrived on scene?
Furthermore, why was DePaupe injured?
Details that could certainly clear some things up, but continue to remain a mystery.
Of course, we have been here a thousand times before.
The left despises questions.
Because the truth is lurking, and there is nothing more frightening for those invested in lies than the emergence of the truth.
John Bowne reporting.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zones.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776!
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
For all intents and purposes, America is dead.
The Republic is gone.
But unlike a human, when they die, they're dead.
An idea or a system can be rebooted or resurrected from the dead.
But if you don't admit the country is gone, and what's left of it being sacked and looted in a hostile globalist world government takeover, you're a fool.
And if you don't recognize that as above so below, the attacks you see on the wide scale against our infrastructure, our culture, our families, our very lives, is directed directly at you and I on the bottom.
All right.
This is undoubtedly the biggest news since the founding of the country in 1776, and the plan they're running here in America is being duplicated across the world
Except for Communist China that's even further ahead than us and our controllers are duplicating what China's done.
Now we have congressional documents, we have leaked documents, we have four-year documents that have all come out in lawsuits and in other ways confirming that under Obama, big tech, big banks, big media with foundations right down to the grassroots have set up
Spy networks in churches, in businesses, in universities, in charity organizations, so that they have access and placement, placement and access in every facet of life.
They're motivated.
They believe they're on a winning team.
That's why you see the coming out of the pedophilia, the coming out of
All of the incredible tyranny is because they have gone operational.
They are at war with everybody.
And so, if you go back to this broadcast 25 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, they were just putting footage on screen from 15 years ago, where we showed you documents and reports where the federal government had infiltrated secretly and taken over most churches, and they give them the scripts of what to say, both Catholic and Protestant.
That it's not our government, it's the criminals that are in charge of our government.
And they're training them to be constitutionalist, gun owners, Christians.
Veterans are the enemy.
Unless they adopt the anti-human culture of the left.
So, this is a cult.
And so the big news here is, more documents have been made public, which the federal government admits are real.
That going back the first week of Biden being put into office two years ago, or 22 months ago, within a week of him in office, they had press conferences declaring war on the American people and gun owners and veterans and people that question elections and forced inoculations and the rest of it.
But they then set up through a federal office, a secret office of Disinformation Governance Board that still had money in it from when Obama left and put it into the Defense Authorization Act and the Countering Disinformation and Foreign Propaganda Act, but pointed at the American people.
The Disinformation Governance Board.
Now, in these documents, that are also transcripts of the communiques and battle plans, remember they go way further than even this, and this is complete felony, absolutely criminal, they should all be arrested now.
But they do even more on the ground, because we've been the victim of it, we've learned a lot of intelligence dealing with their operatives on the ground.
Which again, every weapon they turn against us, every weapon they use against us, shall not prosper.
No weapon formed against us shall prosper if we just stay focused and don't quit with God's help.
But this is such a huge issue because this is an authoritarian spy grid takeover, and in the documents they coordinate the federal government, Homeland Security, with big tech, with banks, with universities, with philanthropic organizations, with everybody, and they give battle plan orders
That so the public doesn't know it's the government or Biden or Obama running this that actually says this, we're going to put you in charge with our case officers that are at the ADL, actually says it, Southern Priority Law Center, and our agents in the military.
They're agents in our military.
They know they're like Spectre.
This is like a James Bond movie.
And even local police.
That's why they're purging the police to get the good ones out and put in their people.
So this is a total criminal takeover.
Now, I'm not at liberty to get into all this right now, but I will at a later date.
And I've foreshadowed this before, but we've dealt with at least three waves of attempted infiltrations.
Everybody that works here gets contacted by the national media and by these think tanks and they get offered money.
A lot of the crew sitting there in the control room has been called by and they've told me.
Then they start digging into your past or trying to threaten you but you can't be intimidated by this because this is an organized criminal group and if they win it's all over for everybody.
It's a cult and
Where are the Republican leadership on this?
They know all about this.
If I knew about this 20 years ago, they know about it.
If I made films about it 15 years ago, they know about it.
Police State 4, my last Police State film, is just about this.
And so it's been going on a long time.
And at first they built the network saying, oh, it's to stop violent Muslim extremists.
That's why I want everybody to be spies in the infrastructure.
But just like Indiana Jones, the Raiders of the Lost Ark, where he's putting the sand where the idol is, they took Islam off the lever and they've now moved the American people onto it as the bag of sand.
We're the target.
The training dummy for the attack dog was the Muslims.
But now, as I warned you 20 plus years ago, the real target was always red, white, and blue, hardcore Americans that wouldn't roll over to this criminal takeover.
So, they're removing Bin Laden off of the pedestal and putting us on it as the new target.
And of course, the left going along with this, they'll be the next target as well.
First they came for Alex Jones, then they came for everybody else.
This is a tried and true formulae.
I remember under Obama, they hired Marcus Wolf, the former head of the East German Stasi, to come and work with big tech and the federal government to set up the embryonic system of what we're now witnessing.
That was in the Washington Post, like it was a good thing.
Google in Germany moved into the former headquarters of the Stasi.
Can't make this up.
They do all this on purpose.
So when you listen to this broadcast, you need to understand, I'm not gonzo journalist writing myself into it.
I'm their number one enemy because I've been understanding them.
When I would have conversations with Trump and he was telling me, oh, you're a great guy, pat me on the head like politics and say, listen, sir, there's a stay behind network.
There's $3 billion in this fund.
They've got infiltrators in here in the White House.
Here's their names.
And here's the people inside running this disinformation operation that's really there to remove you from office.
It's very interesting that all hell broke loose because that gave those reports to the President.
We'll be right back.
Let's go ahead and play the clergy response team clip.
Now remember, before this became national news, we got the secret documents from pastors who've been recruited by FEMA.
We posted the secret documents with FEMA phone numbers.
Train your flocks to turn their guns in.
Train your flocks to go to FEMA camps.
Train your flocks to take forced inoculations.
People didn't believe us, just like they didn't believe the MIAC report.
Then, suddenly local news began reporting it, but like it was a good thing.
Now listen, will martial law ever be a reality?
And the preachers are there, being paid by the government, faith-based initiative now, continuing under Obama, to tell their flocks to do what they're told by the authorities, and the government's biggest threat is the American people.
That's a quote.
So, this is specifically the pastors getting ready for us to go to FEMA camps.
And there's thousands of pieces of evidence like this, and Glenn Beck's saying it doesn't exist.
Here it is.
Will law ever become a reality in America?
Some fear any nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on U.S.
territory might trigger just that.
NSK SLA News 12's Jeff Ferrell discovered that clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem.
From my cold, dead hands!
Charlton Heston's famous declaration captures a truly American value.
The overarching desire to protect our freedoms.
But gun confiscation is exactly what happened during the state of emergency following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
troops also arrived.
Something far easier to do even now, thanks to last year's elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.
That forbid U.S.
troops from policing on American soil.
If martial law were enacted here at home, like depicted in the movie The Siege, easing public fears and quelling dissent would be critical.
And that's exactly what the Clergy Response Team, as it's called, helped accomplish in New Orleans.
Jeff, the primary thing that we say to anybody is let's cooperate and get this thing over with, and then we'll settle the differences once the crisis is over.
Such Clergy Response Teams would walk a tightrope between the needs of the government versus the wishes of the public.
In a lot of cases, these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they're helping to defuse that situation.
For the clergy, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or obey the law is the Bible itself.
Specifically, Romans.
Romans 13.
Because the government's established all the law.
And that's what we believe in the Christian faith.
You know?
That's what's stated in the scripture.
Civil rights advocates believe the amount of public cooperation may depend largely on how long they expect a suspension of their rights might last.
So they've been beta testing this for a long time.
They've got most the big preachers.
They've got almost all the heads of universities.
They've got almost all the police chiefs.
They've got the Justice Department, the FBI.
They've got almost the complete control of big tech and the big telecoms that have purged the military and police to put their people in.
And they are infiltrating every facet of society with actual seminars and spy training, starting with Antifa.
Now the Antifa you see on the streets is just the cutouts they pay $20 an hour to be there and carry out violence.
But there are professors above them, and then government operatives, and then FBI above them.
It came out this year that the FBI was coordinating the summer of rage and coordinating Antifa and the murders around the country.
So yes, the government's completely taken over at the top.
The few Republicans that aren't completely sold out, are scared and isolated, and are being physically attacked, and people are coming to their baseball games, shooting them.
They are coming after everybody.
And they already had their lockdowns, they're planning new lockdowns.
They had new announcements today in Australia, and in Canada, and in the U.S., that they're looking to bring back new lockdowns.
We have those clips.
But the ultra-massive news is that the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, are listed in these government documents, DHS, as the bosses.
Homeland Security, through an InfraGard system, signs up executives in the private sector, but also in government, to have their own little police identification, federal
Disinformation board badges.
They've got other badges.
Started with infrastructure protection, InfraGard.
And they talk about all that in here.
It's in my film, Police State 3 and Police State 4.
It's in those films.
And they describe in there how they're then going to have martial law.
And you just saw that on local news telling you how great it is.
Now it's of the Lord.
And quoting Romans 13 out of context.
Hitler's favorite Bible verse.
Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, the things that are God's.
Because the Pharisees were trying to set Christ up and saying, hey, you don't want to pay your taxes to the Roman governor?
And he said, no, that's his system, that's his coin.
It's got his face on it, correct?
Render to Caesar what's his, and to God's what's God's.
And don't bring Caesar's money into the temple.
Separation of church and state.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Let's put the First Amendment on screen.
For the freedom of the press.
For the right of the people to peaceably assemble.
For a redress of grievances.
First Amendment comes out of Jesus' mouth.
Go read that chapter in the Bible.
In the New Testament.
It's in three Gospels.
It's important.
Congress shall make no law respecting and establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedoms of speech or the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
That's the First Amendment.
Number one, the most important, after it's self-defense.
Because the founders knew the pen's mightier than the sword, but if they take the pen away, well, you gotta draw your sword.
I know I'm on the right side of history.
I can be an honorable man in the eyes of my ancestors and my peers, but I know why most people roll over to this, because they're up against organized government, offshore, megacorporation crime, and they go scoop up in the universities with the psychological test and programs these people that aren't going to get jobs
In the private sector, they're going to get jobs running our lives as our commissars, as political officers over us.
And when you read these documents, I'm going to start covering that segment, they're bone chilling.
The government says, so they don't figure out we're illegally doing this and controlling big tech and the universities and the schools and the media and running all this.
Democrat hijacked government.
We will give the directives to our officers and our agents in NGOs.
And the NGOs are, as I've told you, the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the list goes on and on.
Black Lives Matter, you name it.
So they all wear multiple hats.
But your Antifa leaders, your Black Lives Matter leaders, they're all government agents of a hijacked, rogue government state.
And they've been promised power and control once this takeover is complete.
And they're all around us.
They're everywhere.
And it's a real problem.
But they don't have the moral high ground we do.
They're the criminals, not us.
Leaked documents outline DHS plans to police disinformation.
The Intercept broke the big story.
A secret disinformation governance board.
Set up for the war on terror, but always for the American people.
Chilling Conversations Uncovered, it tells DHS collusion with big tech to censor speech.
Town Hall.
You see the corruption on the surface, but it's the tip of the iceberg.
And I've been fighting these people for decades.
I've been down here in a submarine, and I've seen it, and it's bad.
So horrible, it's hard to even admit to myself.
Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security FBI to quote police disinfo, plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions.
Tim Pool says this may be the biggest story of our lives.
It is our lives.
It is.
They've taken them over.
The direct violation of law.
And the Constitution on a scale designed to subvert our elections and control the populations.
Here's the actual CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee that has a secret bureau called the Disinformation Governance Board.
You might want to go read this massive document for yourself.
It's a lot worse when we come back.
I'll show you directly in the document where they say the ADO is in full command.
Full command.
Watching you, listening to you, tracking you, and preparing to take your bank account and put you in a death camp.
We'll be right back.
So in the year 2022, it is out in the open that a consortium of leftist think tanks that are really CIA, FBI on record,
Are directing the banks, the universities, big tech, the military, most of the police departments.
Soros has put in thousands of DAs and county attorneys.
He's got 22 state attorney generals under his control.
We talk about death camps, they're building emergency COVID centers all over the world under UN auspices, all of the same specifications.
They already sent tens of thousands of old people in New York alone to their deaths on ventilators under orders to kill them.
This is all a test for total power and total control.
Leaked documents outline DHS plan to police disinformation with a secret Disinformation Governance Board.
And remember,
What they just announced two months ago that was already set up, it turned out.
A ministry of truth.
A ministry of countering disinformation in the federal government.
Joe Biden's ministry of truth.
There's the Hill's headline.
This is it.
We're in an authoritarian high-tech dictatorship that's just mopping up what's left of the country.
Cutting off the pipeline, shutting down the oil drilling, shutting off the diesel.
Shutting us down with the lockdowns to break the economy was just the start.
They're at total war with you.
And I'm really sad to have to report this to you, my friends, but I have
Personally experienced Democratic Party and think tanks and the intelligence agencies rigging trials against me, finding me guilty with judges, not letting us put on evidence, then announcing trillions in money they want because it's all meant to break our will.
It's not going to break our will because we know how bad it's going to get if we don't turn this around and quickly.
So here's more of the subsections of the documents that folks are pouring through.
Tim Pool's rights, the biggest story of our lives, direct violation of the Constitution, federal law, state law, on a scale designed to subvert our elections and control the population.
And that's really, out of all this, the biggest issue.
They admit it's to subvert the 2020 election.
These are documents, most of these documents are before Biden got in, and then there's more after.
Where they were working, the federal government that Trump didn't get control of, because it's their people, they just ignored him.
He didn't know how bad it was.
And the same ones gave him bad medical advice, did everything else.
That's what these people are doing.
They are ruthless criminals.
And they've stolen an election, even if they didn't physically steal it with mail-in ballots, which we know they did.
They stole it by suppressing and censoring the internet.
Remember the FBI Zuckerberg said?
Called him up and said, don't allow this Hunter Biden story.
It's Russian disinfo, even though it wasn't.
And he said, oh, they told us all the time what to do.
He was covering his ass because he knows all this is coming out.
The other big question is, where's Senator Paul, Josh Hawley?
I mean, we've seen Ted Cruz that goes along with most of this, but acts like he's against it.
He's been out speaking out.
This is the number one issue with seven days of the midterms.
That's what these people are doing.
And here's the document, one of the documents, the CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
Judge Joe Brown's power went out yesterday.
That's why he couldn't come on.
He is coming on today.
We have some other big guests as well, but I'll be asking him about this.
FBI agents, it lists their names, for communication directly with Facebook every day, telling them what to take down and what to do and what to suppress.
It's the documents where they were giving the orders!
But they go on to say, but don't take your order from me, we're gonna have the ADL and other groups send you the order so they don't know it's us.
Actually says it.
The emails, document,
Show close collaboration with the DHS and private sector.
And the head of Twitter, VaginaGabda, or VagetaGabda, VaginaGaday, met monthly with DHS to discuss censorship plans.
Microsoft execs tested DHS platforms have got to get comfortable with the government.
And their secret disinfo governance board.
But none of it's secret.
We see where the rubber meets the road.
Pre-discussional, deliberative, unclassified, for official use only.
You can read all their plans to shut you down, all their plans to censor you, all their plans to illegally surveil you.
Subcommittee members return to the recommendation for the CISA
To amplify trusted information and discuss designated a point of contact as clearinghouse for trusted information such as Mr. Hill suggested designating the ISAC as the clearinghouse for information to avoid appearance of government propaganda.
They go on to say to then use third party NGOs like the ADL and others.
To avoid it being known the government was illegally running it.
Representatives from JPMorgan Chase attended virtually all DHS meetings about federal government efforts to censor disinformation on social media.
Are they laying the groundwork for debanking to become an even more mainstream strategy?
I think so.
Just in behind closed doors, U.S.
government has reportedly used its power to shape online discourse, DHS to expand censorship on topics like origins of COVID, efficacy of vaccines, racial justice, Afghanistan withdrawal, and more.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
We'll talk to Judge Joe Brown about this coming up.
It's just, I mean, Nixon thought about using the FBI against his political enemies, and he was called the greatest criminal ever.
But they're actually doing it on a scale never before done.
I mean, this is as bad as Communist China, and it's just going on out in the open.
They should all go to prison.
It's an illegitimate government.
They stole the election.
They meddled in everything.
They suppressed you.
I'm going to air a special report in the short next segment, long segment coming in.
We've got Judge Joe Brown and then we've got Judge Andrew Napolitano today to respond to this in the third hour.
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The official president of the United States has warned the world they will face Armageddon if Russia uses tactical nukes in Ukraine.
And when the Russian president said that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is senseless,
The Biden administration reversed the no first use and sole purpose policies regarding nuclear warfare, meaning that the U.S.
will now consider first strike nuclear attacks against non nuclear threats.
In a surprising break from projection and gaslighting, U.S.
Congressman Jamie Raskin recently explained the truth behind the current U.S.
policy with Russia.
Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional social values.
And for that reason, it must be destroyed, no matter what the cost to us.
So this is not a conventional war.
This is a jihad.
Jamie Raskin said that out loud, but many in Washington agree with him.
In both parties, they would like to see World War Trans immediately.
On the surface, that's what this is.
World War Trans.
That is what the United States has become.
To the rest of the world, America has become the land of abortions, castrations, death, and lies.
Meanwhile, our diesel fuel is set to run out before the winter, and our leadership could care less.
What are we doing to increase the supply of diesel, given that the Energy Information Administration said as of October 14th, the U.S.
only had about a 25-day supply.
You have the Northeast and New York already rationing home heating oil.
What are we doing to prepare for the winter and to ramp up the supply of diesel?
I'll take the question on the diesel, because I just don't have the data on that in front of me.
So let me take that and we'll get back to you on that.
But writ large, the president has been working very, very hard to make sure that we're, that not only are we ready for fluctuations that could come, and of course the prices are going down, and we think that's important.
But that we are also doing what we can to help our European friends and partners who are also going to be facing a long cold winter.
We have doubled our commitment.
The commitment you made in March for natural gas exports to Europe, we've doubled that commitment.
The President has cut off our fuel and given away our emergency reserves.
Without diesel fuel, the entire nation comes to a halt.
And at this point, nothing is being done to stop it.
The problem is, at this point, there may not be an answer.
Because there may not be a way to avoid a disaster.
Diesel fuel is not just low in this country, it's low in every western nation that has aligned itself with Ukraine.
All these nations preparing for World War Trans are running out of diesel fuel.
While millions may be scratching their heads over World War Trans, too afraid to speak against it, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently explained what it's all about, and how Russia has already been there.
He said, after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks also said that they would change existing ways and customs, and not just political and economic ones.
But the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society, the destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family.
All this was proclaimed progress, widely supported around the world back then and was quite fashionable, same as today.
Parent number one and parent number two, birthing parent instead of mother,
I repeat, this is nothing new, and they made such a mess, it still makes one shudder at times.
President Putin says America should do what they want, but leave Russia out of it.
They've already been there.
And seeing as how Americans have become nothing but submissive spectators, it seems as if the United States will be going there as well, starting this winter.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We're now in hour number two on this live Tuesday, November 1st, worldwide broadcast, seven days out from the midterms.
And we already had Judge Joe Brown set up to talk about the election and the censorship and all the tyranny, but it's a perfect day to have him on.
We also have Judge Andrew Napolitano joining us next hour to discuss, look at the headline of our show today, Deep State Coup Alert.
A secret disinformation governance board is actively surveilling, censoring Americans in coordination with big tech, banks, and leftist NGOs.
And the documents state, and they admit these documents are real, that the NGOs are really secret CIA, FBI cutouts run by Democrats.
Surveilling even your private messages, spying on you, and planning to de-platform the average conservative even out of banking.
It's a secret disinformation governance board set up under Obama, stayed in effect during Trump.
He didn't know about it.
That's what worked against him inside the whole government.
This is literally a coup.
And then they admit that they manipulated the election and suppressed what the American people could see and do for Biden.
It's all in the documents.
The CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
This is a bureaucratic big tech...
Cyber security, homeland security, coup.
Just like you see in most third world countries where the military takes over.
Well, this is the bureaucracy taking over.
It is unbelievable.
I just covered all the documents in the last hour.
Judge Joe Brown, I'm sure you've already been seeing this.
We've already seen a lot of this before.
Now it's out in the open.
That we know they use military propaganda in the COVID fear.
I've got all those articles.
We have where Obama put this into law.
The last week he was in office in December of, in early January of 2017, the Countering Foreign Propaganda Disinformation Act.
But it's actually pointed at the American people.
Judge Joe Brown, with your history as a judge and a journalist and a commentator of the Judge Joe Brown Show dot com, on Twitter at Judge Joe Brown TV.
I mean, this makes Nixon look like an angel compared to these people.
This is so illegal.
It doesn't just violate the First Amendment.
You've got government not just coordinating censorship, that came out in the last year, but actually secretly running it and saying in the documents, we can't let the public know we're in charge, so you take orders from the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter and actually list more than 100 NGOs that are trained and run by a
A coup, a breakaway gang, a cabal, a putsch inside the federal government.
I mean, this is just beyond anything America's ever seen.
This is beyond 1984.
Your views on this, sir?
Well, I experienced this back in the 60s.
Let's just say I was an activist back then when I was in college.
But the technology has gotten so profoundly different since then that it's frightening what they can do now.
Back then, you didn't go along with the approved methods or the approved party line.
Well, they invaded your mail.
They tapped your phones.
They followed you.
They had people taking shorthand notes then so they could find out what you were saying.
Now, they don't even have to have anybody nearby.
And I've been looking at it up close and personal for the last week because I announced that I was running for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee in 2023.
That's October.
And we still have an election coming up in a little while, this midterm, and they're focusing on that.
So they were, the media around here, trying to pick two free nobodies and avoid me.
So the last several days I've had what looked to be government vehicles parked out in front of my house while
Binoculars are being used to see what I'm up to inside.
And that's all because I said we have to bring this country back to the people.
We have to bring the city back.
We have to have manhood in the hood and in the hallways so that we get what we need.
And let's be clear.
You know this.
They're there to let you know they're watching you.
They're trying to intimidate you.
Yes, but it doesn't work with me.
This thing is going on and I find it interesting in that 14 years ago, the Department of Justice under the Obama administration put up the money to replace every single voting machine that we have in this county because it was their finding that the things are hacked and the elections are controlled.
So we have selection, not election.
And for 14 years that money has not been used to replace those machines until right now for the first time in 14 years after multiple elections.
It's claimed that these machines will be used for the early voting and the voting on the day of the election for the first time.
And I'm glad you raised that.
The main push in this is election meddling.
They admit that the government, still under the control of the Democrat Party, under the
The presidency of Trump was not just trying to impeach him, not just saying he worked for the Russians, but literally manipulating the elections like they do foreign elections illegally, like they just did in Brazil.
This is outrageous.
What can we do about this?
We can make it very difficult for those people that we supposedly elect to represent us to allow this to happen.
We need representation in Washington.
We need representation in the state capitals and in the city halls.
And we don't need someone in there who is a surrogate for somebody else.
We need somebody in there who is a representative of the people, who has the people's interest at heart, who can do something about it.
So how do we stop the WEF from getting state and federal level control, and then these FBI, CIA groups getting local control?
They're putting their surrogates in everywhere.
You just said it.
That's right.
It's like, in fact, the latest little fear that came up is because I was asked at a young Democrat function that I crash just to be heard.
And they wanted to know, since there was a black woman that might be running, why wouldn't I withdraw in her favor?
And I don't even know who that person is.
So what are you supposed to be?
That's misogynistic.
Yeah, it's misogynistic.
Misogynist, it's racist, and it's sexist.
Like a woman can't run in a straight-up election where the voters get to decide you're supposed to stack the deck by withdrawing so she can get in.
And I also have been talking about the next mayor of Memphis needs to be someone who can be
Hands-on, face-to-face, up close and personal with the problem and not just throw money at some kind of program sitting at a desk.
So I did that when I was a judge.
I got down in the hood to deal with violence that was going on and has resurfaced again.
We had 15 shootings, 6 murders and
A lot of nasty assaults that went on just over two days in this last past weekend here and somebody needs to be able to go down and talk to all of the people that he's supposed to represent.
So I suggested with an answer that a 19 year old young lady had given me and some of them seem to have been very offended by pointing out that there are men who don't mind protecting women
And trying to make it safe in this world and in this city and in this country.
Well you just said it, they don't want classic warriors, no matter what color they are, men, standing up and creating civilization.
And one of them, who was the chairwoman for the Young Democrats, actually said, we don't need protection.
How dare him say he would protect us.
That kind of thing.
Well, that's what got him in trouble down there where they're trying to... Well, we gotta get you in there and it's a perfect microcosm.
Sir, let's come back and talk about all this and more with the one and only Judge Joe Brown.
Wow, stay with us.
Speaking of shamelessness, Kathy Hochul just went on Al Sharpton's show to claim that the crime wave, the one that you're watching, the one that may have hurt you or killed one of your neighbors, it's all fake.
In a statement that is crazier than anything Alex Jones has ever thought...
...going all across America to try and convince people that in democratic states they're not as safe.
Well, guess what?
They're also not only election deniers, they're data deniers.
The data shows that shootings and murders are down in our state by 15%, even in New York City, down 20% on Long Island, where Lee Zeldin comes from.
That's just a lie, actually.
New York is so dangerous that people are leaving.
Rents haven't gone down because foreign investors are buying up a lot of the buildings, but people are leaving New York in droves, of course.
But according to Kathy Hochul, in a claim that is truly crazier than anything Alex Jones has ever even thought, in the shower to himself, Kathy Hochul is telling you that the data are fake.
So here you have a city in which, New York City, subway ridership has dropped by 40% over the last two years.
Now according to Kathy Hochul it's not because subway riders are being pushed in front of trains, people are being attacked by mentally ill homeless, no.
It's because apparently millions of New Yorkers are watching Fox News and they've been fooled by right-wing propaganda into thinking the subway is dangerous.
That's what she's suggesting.
This is too stupid.
This is a lie.
Voters know it's a lie.
And when Democrats get crushed in next week's midterms, it'll be in part because people who live in cities and states run by liberals understand that what happened to Paul Pelosi could very well happen to them.
And no one would care.
Morning Joe would pretend it never happened.
And of course, Hogel's telling the truth based on a lie.
Last week, the FBI put out crime statistics for last year.
They're always a year behind.
And they didn't count America's 100-plus biggest cities that have had the crime explosion.
So then they said crime went down.
That is idiotic.
Everybody I know has been robbed, their car broke into, muggings.
I mean, it's exploding off the charts as bad as it was in the 1980s.
Judge Joe Brown, what's really going on here?
Why did the left think defunding the police and setting criminals loose would be a good idea?
What's their problem?
Well, they want to deny the truth, because if the truth is out, it's a condemnation of their failed policies and what they have set in place in the major cities of this country over the last half century.
We've taken manhood out of the equation.
Womanhood has been attacked.
Childhood is being trying to convert.
They're trying to convert that into a recruitment ground.
The schools don't teach character.
You can't put God in the schools, but you can put something else in there where people just become indecent.
We have to return back to the ways of strong people and
What we're seeing right now is bad.
Right here, Memphis, we're becoming the murder capital of the United States, and one candidate in here is talking about the most important thing is to improve the downtown skyline, and another wants to sink three quarters of a billion dollars into changing a football arena into a soccer arena.
And brags about he took Nathan Bedford Forrest's statue out and got rid of it and Jeff Davis's statue out and meanwhile crime soars and everybody I know including self has been victimized this year.
Hell, I had one window in my car broken out and glove compartment jimmied because of this thing they have with put your pistol
Somewhere else other than taking it in with you to a restaurant.
So they just go around, jump out, and the chief of police even got a gun stolen from her, which is just absolutely ridiculous.
But, you know, mine wasn't in the glove compartment.
We've got a constitutional carry state, and this bunch doesn't like it.
They want to defund the police, get rid of reasonable bonds, and... What are you predicting for the midterms?
I think it's going to be a bloodletting.
I'm seeing some really bad things.
I note that even CBS did a poll, and it's showing that 84%, well, 64% of the independents are now going to vote Republican.
It's got an astonishingly high proportion of people.
Well, 8 out of every 10 Americans are saying that the country is going way wrong right now.
So, that is just- Well, that's right.
8% said the country's out of control, and almost 70% blame the Democrats.
Yeah, and that's a bad report card.
Let's face it.
This administration had its chance, and all they've done is fail.
Again and again and again, and they have this clown show up in D.C., the January 6th thing, which is just a showpiece trial.
And you look at it and you say, OK, what are they talking about?
How did this thing get out where it is?
And see, I was the judge on a mock trial that
Fox put on, and it's streaming now, went on for a week, and we were looking into Hunter Biden's laptop.
We had the individual that he left three of them with, not one, but three, and
The question was, is there probable cause to believe that this should be investigated for a FARA violation?
F-A-R-A, Foreign Agents Registration Act.
And the jury, which was selected randomly, we had four women, two of them were black, two of them were white, two men, black, and their
Decision was, there's probable cause.
Somebody should look into this.
And it does indeed reveal a lot of criminality that the American public would be astonished by.
But typically, when somebody's trying to run a game on you, you can find a lot of hypocrisy.
In other words, what I do and say is okay, but what you do and say we have to suppress.
And the most important thing as a people that we have
Is free speech.
And when you try to clamp down on free speech, you are going toward the National Socialist Workers Party angle.
And the acronym for that was Nazi.
That's fascist.
That's un-American and it's unacceptable.
And in my lifetime, I've never seen anything like this, even back in the 60s.
When there was this great uproar over the Vietnam War.
But right now, your freedom and liberty are in high jeopardy because there are some people who want to put you behind the eight ball so you go along like sheep.
It's... How would you describe it, Judge?
We're a little minute to break.
I mean, this is a classical authoritarian takeover with a high-tech overlay.
Yeah, it's Orwell's Animal Farm.
All animals are equal, but the pigs are more equal than others.
And if you categorize yourself in that category of pigs, then you're supposed to be more equal.
So if you are on that far left, we'll save you from yourself by keeping you in a crib all your life instead of letting you grow up.
Then, while we whoopee, we have the solution for you.
Wow, Judge Joe Brown's our guest.
I've got so many questions, but what do you want to hit when we come back?
Anything you want, sir.
Well, I want to talk about the war on our children.
I want to talk about the war in Ukraine.
I want to talk about just what's going to happen with Biden and just everything else.
I've got so many comments.
And then I just can't get over the admission, these documents.
Yeah, the federal government's illegally working with think tanks and private groups to spy and surveil and debank people.
I mean, they're a gang of criminals.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Judge Joe Brown's our guest.
So, Judge Joe Brown said he'll go wherever I want, but let me bring this up then.
We'll show you the background of this.
Countering Foreign Propaganda Disinformation Act, Obama signed into law right before he left office six years ago.
And then here's examples of it, not just here, but around the world.
Canadian military saw COVID pandemic as a unique opportunity to deploy propaganda on their own population.
Then it shows the U.S.
doing it, Germany doing it, France doing it.
The biggest psychological experiment in history is running now.
They admit they did it, that they worked with military psyops.
Well, now they come out with documents.
And they say, well, Homeland Security, even when Trump was in office, was working against him.
With censorship.
And then even worse, since he got removed from office.
And it's just such a big deal that they list, don't question the Afghanistan withdrawal.
Federal government involves suppressing Americans and censoring them without them knowing illegally.
Or don't question these shots, or lockdowns, or crime, or open borders.
They list it all right here, and then Democrat Party connected and funded think tanks
Are given surveillance power over people.
This is so criminal in my view.
They can claim big tech has a right to censor their own platform but violate section 230.
But what is it judge when you've got...
That's exactly what happened.
We have, you know, my comparison of this January 6th committee is what happened after the Reichstag got burnt down.
In 1932, in Germany, and it became an excuse to put in draconian restrictions on the German people, which allowed the takeover to occur and it backfired on everybody.
We have to be vigilant against that.
I may not agree with what you say, what you want to say, but I will defend to the end your right to say it, because your right to say it is also my right to say something the contrary.
And when you put opposing ideas against each other and you get into them deeply, the better ideas will prevail in the end.
We call it also, by the way, consensus.
But right now, we have people with an agenda who want it imposed at all costs.
And they should be very careful with what they do because when you do that, it's a two-edged sword.
It swings both ways.
One of the things I'm just absolutely tickled about is seeing what's going to happen after this election
And the midterms revealed the bloodletting that's going to get a reversal.
So we will get red rather than blue in charge.
And they set the precedent by going after President Trump the second time with impeachment proceedings after he was no longer in office.
Well, from what I saw on that laptop, laptops, those laptops, there would be ample precedent
Well, not ample, it's already there, but it's going to be a disaster if they decide to go after Biden for what he was up to when he was vice president.
So the three grounds for impeachment and conviction are bribery, treason, and crimes in office.
Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution.
It's very strict.
It dictates how many witnesses, what they have to speak to, and what the evidence has to be.
But bribery?
That's in those laptops.
Other crimes?
Well, see, there's another thing, too.
Fox was responsible enough, we were responsible enough not to even get into certain things that compromises the security, that compromise the security of the United States of America.
Some of that, I'm not talking about Hunter Biden's porn activities that are all through there, but I'm talking about the emails and exchanges and there are even some White House tapes and how a crackhead gets his hands on White House tapes.
I don't know, but there are some really frightful things in there.
Listen, I started looking at it back during the election six years ago.
I guess it came out a few years before 2020.
And I couldn't look at it.
I told my crew, we shouldn't even look at this because it's so criminal.
I felt dirty even looking at it.
Well, it's bad.
And it's very bad.
So it can come back to bite them.
How much of it did you look at?
Because there's so much.
There's a lot, but
We didn't cover a lot because we just focused on Foreign Agents Registration Act and whether there was any likely violation of that but some of the other stuff came up so we looked into it but I don't even want to go there because it's just not proper.
I was about to say I mean I mean it's just unbelievable.
Yeah some drug druggy doesn't need to even if he messed up we don't need to take the opportunity to mess ourselves up any further by getting into some of what's in there that's just somebody needs to look at that and I think it's absolutely criminal that no one has there should be a special prosecutor appointed on behalf of the United States
Outside of the Justice Department who gets into that seriously and does something to protect the interest of this country.
We are not being protected now.
We were being and are being fed forcefully a 1984 type thing that is very, very bad for the country.
We are conditioning a generation of Americans to think it's all right to oppress free speech.
We are raising a generation of Americans to think it's all right to suppress the free exchange of ideas because somebody's feelings are hurt.
We are raising a generation that is being taught
That shame is bad and guilt is bad.
Shame and guilt control inappropriate human behavior and they are good things.
We don't want them overloaded, but we don't want them wiped out.
We don't want someone being able to use this kind of censorship and oppression to stack the deck.
And that's what people are doing, Hank.
They're doing it down here in Memphis right now.
This is like I've never seen it all the 50 years I've been in Memphis.
You're talking about the mayor's election, which is more than a year away, and you still have an election that isn't over with right now?
Give me a break!
Well, they're scared of you!
I mean, you'd make a great, not just a great mayor, you'd make a great governor or president.
All right, thank you for that.
I'm getting a little old for it, but you know, I've got to go out with a little bit of hint of trying to be righteous.
In fact, one of our senior officials, who was a woman who's always been about decency, was in her 90s and still holding office and dealing with what she had to do for the interest of the people.
She recruited me and set up
An exploratory committee and was on my campaign committee until things happened to her a couple of months ago and she passed a couple of weeks.
That's Mrs. Barbara Cooper.
Who has always been a strong woman, who has been about advancing the interest of the people.
We're going to break here, final segment, but I don't want to always just say older generations are better, but they were compared to us.
That's what worries me.
So many iconic people quietly have held society together and they're dying.
And that's a big problem because I'm really worried about the young people, including myself, compared to a lot of my ancestors that were so good.
We'll be right back with Judge Joe Brown.
Stay with us.
There's a takeover happening of America by multinational ruthless corporations, but if we're aware of their operations and their surrogate operatives at every level, not just the WEF but the stay-behind networks that the globalists set up, we can beat them.
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That's what they're trying to censor us so hard.
That's why when you go to infowarestore.com and buy books and films and high quality supplements, you're keeping us on air.
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You are a big... Let me tell you what just happened to you.
Previously, the largest judgment ever taken in American legal history was against Exxon Valdez.
That's that oil tanker up in Alaska.
That got set aside because of some technical matters, so that didn't stand.
The next biggest one, which until your situation, was the largest judgment taken in American history, was obtained by
A friend of mine, Willie Gary, down in Boca Raton, Florida, and that was affirmed on appeal in 1984.
Wow, interesting year, but yours is now the biggest judgment taken against anyone in the history of the United States, and the basis for that is you hurt someone's feelings.
And that sounds extraordinary in terms of all of the actual wrong that has been done over the years.
Physical harm, death, endangerment of the public, and ideas now become
The most damaging thing?
Well, Oxycontin killed hundreds of thousands.
They paid $6 billion and change.
And now the plaintiff's lawyers are asking in this unfair trade practices deal for $2.75 trillion.
$2,750 billion.
Judge, I don't have $2 billion.
Oh, I understand.
You see, there's frustration involved here and they want to punish someone.
This administration and its preceding cousins
in power have turned this country into an unsafe place.
And I'm not talking about guns out on the street, it's character.
I mean, myself and some other individuals I know who've been taking martial arts for a half century, we can kill most people with our bare hands without a weapon.
So what do you do?
Gonna register us?
No such thing.
So why do you think they did this?
Because they defaulted me lying.
I gave them all the discovery.
They showed all the discovery, twisted it.
We couldn't put on a defense.
The judge said yes, no, or I don't know answers.
They had a five-week memorial service for the children and told the jury I was guilty.
I mean, this is a lot bigger than me, obviously.
Now the Democrats say they're going to do default judgments everywhere and shut everybody down.
They admit this is now their authoritarian, totalitarian plan.
Well, yes, it is.
It's the same thing they did to Dr. Bill Cosby.
I said, in fact, I told you way back when, I said, this isn't going to stand on appeal.
Somebody just trounced all over the Constitution.
You did say that.
You did say it.
And folks, it was a fraud.
The media lied.
The whole thing was a fraud.
Yeah, well, I think
Personally, I think you're going to have a pretty good chance on appeal if they apply the law.
And one of the things is that somebody on some of these appellate benches gets the idea that there is a bigger picture, which is the interest of all of us when it comes down to being able to avail ourselves of free speech so this country can keep on its journey.
Of something else to a beacon of democracy.
Well, that's why we have appellate court.
Somebody's looking over somebody's shoulder.
One of the things that I do not like today is this thing of, son, let's say you're in the ninth grade.
Yes, I want to be a judge just like you.
Well, do you know what that means?
What do you know about life?
What do you know about the law?
Are you good at it?
Are you wise and experienced in the ways of the law and learned and wise and what's going on with people?
Do you know anything about that?
They don't know, don't care, and
We select people for particularly some of these new openings on appellate benches who have never dealt with people law.
They haven't had a client on the other side of their desk that's a real life person and not representing a mega corporation or they have been confined throughout their careers to academia where they don't deal with reality and they don't get it.
But there are still a few remaining
And I'll say this, during the last administration, fortunately, some judges got appointed who understand the Bill of Rights.
You see, the Bill of Rights is what got this leftist bunch in a position to be able to speak out and be heard.
And now that they have been able to take advantage of that situation, they want to
Shut it down.
They're pulling the ladder up.
Yeah, it don't go the other way.
But that is a dangerous type of thing because that leads other places.
Now, I had a professor back in the 60s.
I was a teaching assistant for the lady.
And she said America is in grave danger of becoming a fascist country.
Not for many jackboot-wearing, goose-stepping, uniform fascists.
Political thugs, but as she put it, from some pink panty-wearing, long-haired beatniks who will impose the methods of fascism on the country with clean hearts because they think they will be protecting the country from itself.
That's kind of what we've got here.
It's not good.
We are adults.
We need to be raised to become effective adults, not pampered and protected so we never grow up and remain children the rest of our lives with somebody, big brother somewhere, playing the parent role.
Frankly, I think parenting stinks anyway, so.
Judge Joe Brown, thank you so much for the time.
I want to invite you back anytime you want to come on, sir.
We love you.
Judge Joe Brown TV on Twitter, JudgeJoeBrownShow.com.
Check out his amazing hot sauce.
I've already had about 10 bottles of it since it came out.
Find that at JudgeJoeBrownShow.com.
Judge, thank you so much for the time, sir.
Yes sir, good luck on that case.
You're not the United States government.
The United States government would be a little hard-pressed to pay that for any one thing.
So, you know, I'm really sorry for what happened to their families.
There are bigger issues.
A lot of us have parents.
A lot of us put ourselves in, or our parents, our relatives, or our ancestors, or the people of this country put themselves in peril of death, mutilation, and worse, to get the right to have free speech, or maintain it, or advance it.
And some happily
Say okay.
Let's throw it away because our feelings are hurt.
Absolutely, and they misrepresent what I said.
Judge Joe Brown, thank you so much.
Have a great week.
We'll be right back.
Hour number three.
Stay with us.
Once a tragedy reaches a level of national significance, American citizens should be allowed to basically question that event in any way that they deem fit.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
I studied the globalists 30 years ago, but on air 28 years, and I knew they were planning all of this.
And I warned the public, as a modern Paul Revere.
But I couldn't have done it without your support.
And now, because we've been so successful warning the population of the planet about East America, we're public enemy number one when it comes to the globalist agenda.
That's why it's more important than ever to realize how successful InfoWars has been because of your past support.
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1776 is the promo code, the destination is InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
The U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now, this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things, integration, global social score, complete command and control system.
With traitors inside the major security agencies blocking Trump's resistance of the program and attempting to stop us from removing the tentacles of the Chai Com slash Big Tech banking combine emergency situation.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a murderer of children.
And then they built me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems.
...and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
Well, I've been wanting to get Judge Andrew Napolitano on in the last week, and I'm glad that today's the day he can come on, because it broke yesterday.
And so much of this has already come out, but now we've got not just the skeleton, but the full body and the full blueprint of this.
Going back under George W. Bush, they set up Homeland Security and InfraGard and infrastructure protection, putting spies in all the industry to look for radical Muslims under the Patriot Act.
And we always said, and Judge Andrew Napolitano at the time on Fox News 22 years ago said, mark my words, I know I put him in my documentaries, he said this will be used against the American people.
Well, yesterday, The Intercept released all these documents that are confirmed to be real, where during Trump's administration, there were stay-behind groups set up by Obama, which we have articles from six years ago where he set them up, but now we know the details, coordinating to undermine Trump and remove him from office, and then they manipulated the 2020 election to not criticize anything that was going on.
Not just calling up Facebook and saying, don't have the Hunter Biden laptop,
As on Joe Rogan's show over a month ago, Mark Zuckerberg admitted, but controlling, questioning lockdowns, open borders, election fraud, all of it.
So this isn't just big tech censoring, this is Homeland Security doing it.
And Homeland Security, I'll show you the documents of Judge Napolitano in a moment.
They say...
Because the government isn't supposed to be involved in censorship and propaganda, we're going to use trusted leftist NGOs, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, that we'll give orders to that are our agents.
This is an intelligence operation to then go in with big tech and interface and also dinosaur media.
They say respected, trusted media, New York Times, Washington Post.
So they're not just censoring you and ordering who's censored.
They're spying on you, including your private messages.
It's the CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
It's all over the news today.
They're trying to desperately spin it.
And here they are in the documents talking about we have to have a clearinghouse that's a fence so there's no appearance of government involvement or propaganda.
This is the Rosetta Stone of what they've done.
Tim Pool says this may be the biggest story of our lives.
Oh, this makes Richard Nixon thinking about spying look like an angel.
They've got battle points, everything.
This is unbelievable.
It's a secret.
Agency Disinformation Governance Board with billions of dollars put in place by Obama before he left office.
This is incredible.
I'm not a lawyer.
I'm not a famous judge.
I just study these things and this looks completely like the Godzilla of tyranny and totally illegal.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, what in the world?
I mean, we're learning more and more every day.
This is insane.
Alex, it's a pleasure to be with you.
You've been on my mind with all you've been going through in the past couple of weeks.
I have talked about you on my podcast.
I wrote a piece called Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech, which, thanks be to God, got tremendous coverage and made a very plain and basic free speech argument before you in your behalf.
I guess we can talk about your own situation.
At a later time, because the issue that you raise now doesn't affect just Alex Jones, where the state of Connecticut changed its laws retroactively to censor and punish you.
Oh, yes, sir.
I wanted to get you on about my case.
It affects everybody as well.
But I just this is breaking and you're the perfect timing.
I mean, am I underestimating how bad this is?
No, no, you're not, because this is this is a government trick.
Now, this goes back to George W. Bush.
Who, of course, brought us the Department of Homeland Security, which is basically 60,000, 60,000 federal cops.
There are only 8,000 FBI agents, but we have 60,000 federal cops in the Department of Homeland Security.
They don't direct traffic.
You don't really see them.
They do the types of things that you are quite properly and quite courageously warning your audience and the American people about.
So when the Department of Homeland Security or any government engages a private entity to do the government's bidding, so it looks like it's the private entity, it looks like Facebook is censoring you, but they're really doing it because the government hates you,
Then the private entity is engaged in what the courts call state action, which basically means the private entity and the government, I'm putting my fingers together, become so intertwined with each other that the limitations that the Bill of Rights imposes on the government will be imposed on the private entity.
Stated differently, if Facebook or Google
Or Twitter or any of them are censoring as a favor to the federal government, then the Bill of Rights will be applied to Facebook or Google or Twitter.
And they won't be able to do this on the basis of content.
And they can be sued for doing it, just as the federal government could be sued if it censored you or me on the basis of content.
So they were a little too cute.
They thought, the Feds that is, they could hide behind Facebook, but because these documents have been revealed, it is now obvious what they were doing, it is clear what the law is, and Facebook and Google and Twitter and whoever else is doing this will be exposed to mammoth liability by becoming spies and censors in behalf of the Feds.
And not just in U.S.
history, but in history, where are the parallels?
Because this technology didn't exist before.
I mean, this is, you said mammoth.
It's gargantuan.
It's just total admission.
You're the lawyer.
You're the expert.
You're the judge.
How illegal is this?
Well, it is profoundly illegal, A, because it
It has a private entity standing in the place of the government.
The Fourth Amendment prohibits the government from doing this.
So when Edward Snowden, for example, revealed that the NSA was spying on everyone, he revealed
What was up to that time the most massive federal violation of constitutional liberties in the post-Civil War era, again instituted by George W. Bush, which was capturing every keystroke on every desktop and every mobile device in the United States.
The Total Information Awareness Network that you first exposed.
And when you and I talked about this, we were ridiculed.
We were ridiculed by the mainstream media.
We were ridiculed by my colleagues at Fox.
We were ridiculed by the government.
We were ridiculed by a lot of people who said we were extremists, we were alarmists.
We weren't.
We were stating the facts, and it has taken 22 years for the American public to come around to an understanding of the fact that our warnings were correct.
All of this started with the give Bush whatever he wants attitude that occurred right after 9-11 when they enacted the Patriot Act with 15 minutes of debate on the floor of the House of Representatives and next to no debate on the floor of the Senate and it eviscerated the Fourth Amendment by allowing one FBI agent to give another another FBI agent a search warrant even though the Constitution says only judges can do that on the basis of a probable cause.
All of that led, in varying steps, to the Department of Homeland Security, to more massive spying, to a doubling and trebling of the amount of agents that work for the NSA, so there's now, it's the same number as the DHS, 60,000
American spies.
This is not the same 60,000 that work for DHS.
This is another 60,000 who work for NSA and all they do is spy on America.
So this is getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
But what was revealed yesterday was far more duplicitous than what even Bush was doing.
Bush was having, and Obama before this, was having the government directly interfere with your constitutional liberties.
What we now know has happened under Obama and Biden is the federal government hiding behind big tech
And pretending it is Big Tech that is censoring us when in reality it is Big Tech doing what the federal government wants.
Now why would Big Tech do this for the federal government?
Great question.
Easy answer.
Because there's a statute that immunizes Big Tech from being sued for the consequences of what Big Tech posts.
So the statute says
Hold on, stay there, stay there and explain this, but it's simple.
They're indemnified, so now the federal government gets indemnified from surveillance.
Unbelievable racketeering.
We'll be right back.
Remember James Clapper, now about seven, eight years ago, former head of the NSA, saying, we've never spied on a single American citizen.
Total lie!
Came out, they're spying on everybody.
But imagine the controversy now with DHS, with NSA-like powers, through big tech, and the banks, and the universities, and NGOs, farming out government orders on who they want censored, who they shut down.
That's why Zuckerberg a month ago, and Joe Rogan, is getting ahead of this.
He knows it's coming out.
He's like, yeah, the FBI told me don't cover Hunter Biden.
It was Russian disinfo.
And you read this, it's total election meddling.
They admit it's about the elections.
So Trump got in for four years, but he wasn't really in because these bureaucracies were still operating.
So it was really bad under Obama.
Trump gets in, they're still operating undercover.
And then now under Biden, it just spikes.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of the top brains when it comes to constitutions here.
You should definitely check him out on Twitter at JudgeNap and on the website, JudgeNap.com and his amazing podcast and shows that I watch on a routine basis, at least twice a week.
And I did see your big defense of me and laying out the law, which we'll do later.
In the hour, but obviously this is this is even bigger than the weaponization of the judiciary.
You got cut off by the break, Judge Napolitano, when you were getting into why the federal government wanted to use these cutouts of private industry.
Well, the real question is, why would private industry cooperate with the federal government?
Because the feds have enacted a statute that declares that big tech is really a bulletin board.
So the view Facebook as a bulletin board, some crazy person could post some harmful
Uh, information there or some private information and an innocent individual harmed by it.
That innocent individual cannot sue Facebook.
It can only sue the person who posted it, who may not be somebody you can find, or may not be somebody with any assets.
And so that's Section 230.
So, Section 230 of the Federal Communications Act, which regulates this stuff, gives Facebook and the others absolute, uh, immunity
Or the consequences of what's posted there.
So probably during these negotiations, the feds have said, you like that immunity, right?
Of course we do.
It saves us a fortune.
You want to keep that immunity?
You're now working for us.
And if you don't work for us, there's a lot of Republicans and even many Democrats who want to get rid of that immunity.
That will force you to buy very expensive liability insurance, which will force you to start charging people for using
Facebook and Twitter and Google and all the others.
I'm not picking on Facebook.
I'm just using it as an example.
There are many of high tech businesses that we use and take for granted that we don't pay directly for using that are protected by this section of the federal law.
Do I know that this threat occurred?
Of course not.
I wasn't in on those conversations.
You and I are not the type of people... No, but we saw the Democrats on air saying, if you don't censor more, we'll strip 230.
They said that.
So the Democrats are on the other side of this.
The Democrats are threatening to strip the immunity that's granted to Big Tech if Big Tech
Fails to censor.
The Biden administration is saying to them, we're censoring, but we're going to pretend it's you.
And if you don't go along with this pretense, we will strip this immunity.
So you have pressure coming from both sides.
Republicans hate big tech because they believe that there should be some censorship and they don't like that Trump was censored and others weren't.
So you have massive pressure from the federal government.
You said the key.
That's what allowed this all is the Republican establishment, including who I like, but he's bad on this, Clarence Thomas.
They see the horrible excesses of media and say, OK, let's do some censorship, but it's going to be selective.
Well, you know, it's wrong.
I'm holding up my iPhone.
What's in here?
Financial, medical, legal, personal, professional.
Banking, almost everything you can think of.
When Donald Trump nominated
Brett Kavanaugh, and he asked me what I thought.
He said he doesn't believe in the Fourth Amendment.
I said, what are you talking about?
I said, well, here's this opinion, Mr. President, if you want to have one of your people read it.
In Kavanaugh's opinion, you don't need a warrant to get into an iPhone.
The government can just go in there.
Even though it's the most personal papers there are.
It is literally like a colonoscopy.
So you have so-called conservative Republicans on the court, appointed by conservative Republicans, agreeing with liberal Democrats, appointed by liberal Democrats, that the Fourth Amendment is meaningless when the federal government claims its favorite claim, national security.
Yesterday, when the Supreme Court oral argument over affirmative action, one of the justices said, well, why does West Point get to use racial quotas and Harvard can't?
And the lawyer for the federal government said, national security.
And the court laughed.
It has nothing to do with national security.
But the government will always claim it's national security.
And in their minds, and regrettably, even in the court's minds, that Trump's
The personal right to privacy, which is supposed to be protected by the Fourth Amendment.
So the bottom line here is the government is spying on us, but it's hiding behind Big Tech so that we won't know it.
Because Big Tech is a private entity that can censor whoever it wants.
But when Big Tech does the government's bidding, then the Fourth Amendment is applied to Big Tech.
And they can be sued for what they do and exposed for what they've done.
So is this not election meddling, illegal spying, government closure of private corporations, the mother of all civil rights violations?
How bad is this?
Is this not the worst thing I've ever seen?
And where should we go from here?
Well, it is probably worse than what Snowden revealed because it's all being done behind the shield of private enterprise.
I mean, this is the worst form of, I'm going to use a word you're not supposed to use, fascism.
That the United States has seen.
So the definition of fascism is private ownership but government control.
Which is exactly what we have.
I mean, Facebook is owned by its shareholders.
Oh yeah, the left uses fascists, but Judge, you're right.
This is the definition of fascism.
Yes, yes, it literally is.
Facebook is owned by its shareholders, but the government is controlling it.
And the same with any other big tech that the government is using to hide behind.
So this began under Bush, was done below the radar under Trump, because he never would have gone along with it, but it happened on his watch.
Sorry, began under Bush, exacerbated under Obama, below the radar under Trump, exacerbated now again under Biden.
This stuff that came out yesterday, these are Biden-era documents, so they're less than 18 months old.
They are simply reprehensible, and they are a nightmare, and they are what you and I and our colleagues predicted 22 years ago.
Well, you are completely vindicated, because I learned much of this from you, watching you.
When you said all this, you said it'll be used against citizens.
You watched, you said in a few years, and now here we are.
When we come back, let's shift gears into my show trial.
I'd love to hear your view on it.
You're an expert.
We're pounding on it.
And then I want to get into midterms, the war, whatever Judge Andrew Napolitano wants to cover.
And folks, if you don't watch this podcast, you're crazy.
Find all the details on his website right now and on Twitter at JudgeNap and website JudgeNap.com.
Incredible stuff.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So as negative as all this is, we are bringing the evil, the authoritarianism out in the open.
And Judge Andrew Napolitano is our guest.
So Judge, I could ask a thousand questions about the midterms, my show trials, where this country's going, the situation in Ukraine, just all of it.
The red wave we see.
What do you think is most important front and center that I haven't talked about?
I think the efforts to silence you and others
Is the most important thing.
I mean, this judicial demonization of you, this Orwellian declaration that your opinions on matters of public interest were non-opinions because they didn't like what the opinion was.
Okay, so I'm going to shut up.
I'm going to shut up because I've watched your show and you did a good 20 minutes on this and let it all out.
So I'm going to try to be quiet until the break.
So you got the floor.
As a judge, as a famous commentator,
With respect to legal analysts, what did you make of these trials?
Well, the trials that occurred in Connecticut were at the hand, you were at the hands of a judiciary which hated you and hated your message and was determined to find a way to silence you.
The judges and justices in Connecticut are popularly elected.
And so there was obviously a wave of sympathy amongst the public.
For the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook.
And because you resisted that, you became public enemy number one.
But in reality, all you were doing was expressing your opinion on a matter of public interest.
The matter of public interest was the killing of children in a school by another young person who took a rifle that was lawfully owned by his parents.
So you have
The right to keep and bear arms, you have school safety, you have mental health, you have freedom of speech.
These are all matters of material public interest.
In matters of material public interest, now, you're not expressing an opinion on the color of my shirt.
That's not a public interest.
You're expressing an opinion on the most critical ideas of our day.
Public safety, freedom of speech, right to keep and bear arms.
You can express any opinion you want, as long as you give any reasons for the opinion.
Your reasons can be wrong, your reasons can be bizarre, your opinion can be bizarre.
But because it's an opinion, and because it's on matters of public interest,
It's absolutely protected by the Supreme Court.
You had a great lawyer whom I interviewed at length and who pointed me to the documents in the case, which of course I read before I wrote my piece, Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech.
Norm Pattis is absolutely and utterly fearless.
And totally and completely devoted to the protection of our civil liberties.
But he was not permitted to make the arguments that needed to be made because the judge simply decided, just like George Orwell in 1984 predicted, that Alex Jones's opinions were really non-opinions.
And because they were non-opinions, they're not protected.
So the Supreme Court has said this, in a unanimous opinion in 1969, you know this case, Norm Pattis knows the case, the judge in Connecticut avoided the case, called Brandenburg versus Ohio.
In Brandenburg versus Ohio, Mr. Brandenburg, a Ku Klux Klan leader, suggested that Jews and blacks, and he used derogatory terms to refer to them, had taken over Washington and should be taken out.
And we should march from Hamilton County, Ohio to Washington, D.C.
to take them out.
He was convicted of criminal syndicalism, basically encouraging people to commit a crime in public.
That conviction was upheld by an Ohio appellate court, upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court, reversed unanimously by the U.S.
Supreme Court, saying the speech is protected.
And the rule is this.
All innocuous speech
Is absolutely protected.
And all speech is innocuous when there is time for more speech to challenge it.
So if the parents of these children did not like what you said, they had the opportunity, and they took that opportunity, to go on television and challenge you.
That's the remedy for speech that they find offensive.
There is no right in America not to be offended.
You're an American, you have free speech.
With free speech comes offense when you hear it.
You don't like what people say.
Put your hands over your ears.
There's no right not to be offended.
But there's a right to say whatever you want about matters of public interest.
And there's a right to challenge what people say about matters of public interest.
There is no right for a judge
To deny you, Alex Jones, and I'm not saying this because you're my friend.
I'm saying it because you're a human being.
These rights are personal to your humanity.
To deny you your right in court.
The public needs to know there was never a trial on whether or not you defamed anyone.
The courts denied you that right, because a judge decided that your opinions, in her mind, were so off the wall that they were non-opinions.
And there's no basis for the courts to do that.
And then the Connecticut Supreme Court, by a vote of seven to nothing, in a very, very short opinion, which was just conclusory, it wasn't analytical, upheld what this judge did.
I believe
And your very fine lawyer, Norm Pattis, believes that the Supreme Court of the United States will reverse what happened to you in Austin and what happened to you in Connecticut.
For all of the faults of this present Supreme Court, the John Roberts Supreme Court has been superb on free speech.
And once this case gets there, and it's got a bunch of steps to go before it gets there, Alex, but once it gets there, you will be vindicated.
And the Alex Jones case, which now stands for suppressing free speech, will be one of the great cases of all time that law students will study and lawyers and judges will rely on as the great protection of free speech.
Unless the authoritarians are able to set us a precedent and erase our entire country, and I just want to be clear, they took stuff out of context, barely ever covered it, misrepresented it, said I was the first to say it, all of this
I don't think so.
I hate that.
I disagree with it.
But the Supreme Court said they have a right to do it.
As long as they're not on the property in their face.
So, as long as they're not trespassing.
So, that's the Supreme Court saying you can do that.
Well then, how can I then not question something, because the internet was questioning it.
It's just insane.
And people say, will you please stop covering it.
I've barely ever covered it.
The Democrats looked at my whole history, chose that, blew it up, and then made me the Sandy Hook man.
Flabbergasted at now their demands of $2.75 trillion, $2,750 billion.
Look, Alex, you are, you are the, you have the biggest microphone in the world, bigger megaphone than the networks.
You are the government's most effective and articulate and fearless critic.
And they did their best to silence you.
Now, they won't succeed in silencing you.
A, because even if this case is not overturned, you are entitled to legal protections, which will allow you to continue to express the freedom of speech.
But B, this case will be overturned.
Because it is profoundly un-American, and it was written by judges and justices who were pandering to the public because it's an elected system, and they were afraid of their own shadows.
The federal system!
Hard to believe you and I have been such critics of the federal government!
But the federal system where the judges are life-tenured will vindicate your natural human right to speak freely, which is utterly and totally protected by the First Amendment when it comes to matters of public interest.
Again, we're not talking about private matters.
We're talking about matters of public interest.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, stay there.
And that's the federalist system.
It doesn't mean we're only for the federal government.
It means there's a division of power, so one can get out of control.
And I've experienced that state courts, on average, are worse than the feds, if you can believe that.
We'll elaborate on that when we come back with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Please stay with us.
Alright, final segment with the great Judge Andrew Napolitano.
I'm your host Alex Jones, Royce White, former NBA player and great talk show host, and MMA fighters coming up next hour ahead of the War Room at 3 p.m.
Central with Owen Schroyer.
But I always tell people what I really think.
I've been right, I'd say, 95% of the time.
I've been wrong 5% of the time.
Or they take something out of context and twist it.
And, you know, all's fair in love and war.
But I want listeners to know, as negative as the things we are that we cover,
We're winning.
Humanity's waking up.
We're seeing evidence everywhere.
And it only gets worse if we lay down, so why not stand up and speak up and not submit?
And I use the example of having a cracked tooth.
Your body's telling you there's pain, not because you're giving up.
It's telling you to do something.
So you go to the dentist, you get it fixed.
Or in the old days, you'd pull it out or whatever.
Have a witch doctor do it.
But the point is, is that
Things don't get better rolling over and denying these problems.
And the good news is we see a huge red wave coming in.
We see big awakenings happening.
The power structure is scared.
And that's why they're coming in with billion-dollar verdicts and 2.75 trillion requests, is to intimidate people like the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain.
That's how I see it.
So I'm actually optimistic in many ways, but also very negative in other ways.
But people shouldn't see covering negativity
As being negative, it's believing in you and betting on humanity that if we know there's a problem, we're going to deal with it.
That's why there's the internet saying that's so popular, I quote every day, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
If the situation was hopeless, they wouldn't be trying to censor us.
It's because we do have power.
Can you speak, Judge Andrew Napolitano, just to your overall gravitas and worldview about where humanity is today?
Well, sure, Alex, to follow up on your saying, if you weren't effective, they wouldn't have come after you.
And if they can do this to you, who has the largest audience in the country, bigger than any of the networks, the biggest megaphone in the country, then they can do this to anybody.
That's why the demonization of Alex Jones
The destruction of your due process rights as well as your First Amendment liberties should be of profound interest to everybody all across the board, even progressives.
I think Norm Pattis might be a progressive.
I don't know.
Even progressives should agree with this.
The left should agree with this.
Only totalitarians will rejoice in the demonization of somebody with whose speech they disagree.
If they weren't fearful of you, they wouldn't be coming after you.
You know, Thomas Jefferson once said, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
But when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
The government fears Alex Jones and people who speak like him, and they will
Go after those people because the thing the government fears more than anything else is losing its power.
Well that's right and Judge let's bring you into this because I know some of the inside baseball and a lot of it came in the news.
You were targeted for over a decade for removal at Fox.
All sorts of threats behind the scenes.
They also want Tucker now.
So people need to know folks that tell the truth even on Fox are paying a high price.
Yes, I'm gone from Fox.
I miss those days, and I wish Tucker well.
He has a huge audience like you do.
It's not as big as yours, but he has the biggest audience.
I don't know.
It's pretty big.
Also, I'm up there with Joe Rogan, and Tucker thanks the audience, but yeah.
We're kind of the three-headed dragon.
But the big audience gives you a cushion, because the audience pays the bills.
And Fox is not dumb.
They know that.
But Tucker is as fearless as you and I are.
I hope to be back in the media soon.
I have my own podcast, as you know, Judging Freedom.
When you're on it, the numbers go through the roof.
Or Colonel Doug McGregor or Scott Ritter are on it, or Ron Paul is on it, the numbers go through the roof.
And I'm deeply grateful for all my YouTube followers.
Well, you seem better than ever with your podcast.
I mean, I literally watch it at least twice a week.
Well, that's very gratifying, and I know it's gratifying for you to say that to your huge audience, and I hope they watch it as well.
I try to inform as best I can.
A little bit of breaking news as we're speaking.
The Supreme Court of the United States has just denied the petition of Senator Lindsey Graham to be relieved from the obligation to testify before a grand jury in Atlanta.
So the criminal investigation of whatever
Trump's people attempted to do in Atlanta moves forward and Senator Graham is now a reluctant and involuntary witness.
This is not a big deal, but in the Supreme Court world, it's a big deal.
No, no, it is a big deal.
That was my next question.
I'm not wedded to Trump.
I think he means well.
I know you've been very close to him, but also had issues.
The shot issue.
I mean, even DeSantis has gotten away from the shot, as his Surgeon General has.
Everybody's turning against it, even Ben Shapiro's coming out against it.
Trump is still up there pushing it.
Why is he doing that?
Listen, I say this as somebody that's known him for 35 years, and I've been with him many times alone.
Even while he was president.
He has an enormous ego and is determined to wrestle the White House back.
I think he's going to be indicted.
I also think if the Republicans nominate him, they're crazy.
Because then the issue becomes his personality and his character.
He energizes Democrats.
He energizes Democrats.
Yes, he does.
The issue in 2024 should be the blatant, utter, total incompetence of the Biden administration.
If Trump is the Republican nominee, it doesn't matter who the Democrats nominate.
The issue will be Trump himself.
And his personal behavior is, quite frankly, indefensible.
If half of what the federal government has on him is provable, it's criminal and he should be indicted.
Well, let's give him some inside baseball.
I'm loyal to people.
I think Trump means well.
I like Trump.
But let's just get down to brass tacks.
Even Tucker at a certain point broke with Trump because of the, they were talking every day, you at some point broke with Trump, and there's just people, Drudge broke with him, and I don't like the word direction, Drudge went, he went to the other extreme, which is shame on him in my view.
Listen, we were all staunch supporters of him.
When I revealed that the Obama administration used the British spies to spy on his campaign, I was excoriated.
I took tremendous hits for him.
You almost lost your job for that, you were right, it was true.
I believed in him.
And then four British spies, five, went to the Guardian of London and said, that judge in New York that everybody's ripping apart, the one that's defending Trump, he's right!
We were involved in it.
So the point is I have come from a staunch defender of him to a person who believes he is by character and intellect
Not appropriate to be a public official.
Let him run his company, let him make all the money he wants, let him build all the skyscrapers he wants, but keep the levers of government power away from him.
What do you think of DeSantis?
I think DeSantis is Trump without the baggage, Alex.
I mean, I don't agree with him on anything, but I think he can rally Republicans and independents behind him.
Um, uh, to an effective degree and defeat whoever... What are your problems with him?
The skull and bones thing?
Or what are you concerned about with DeSantis?
You know, I don't agree with what DeSantis has done to suppress LGBTQ rights, and I don't agree with what DeSantis did with respect to shipping immigrants who are here legally from Texas to Martha's Vineyard.
Aside from that, and those are not huge issues to me, DeSantis could very well save the Republican Party and save us from Trump!
Well, I know this with my listeners, and I don't do what my listeners tell me, but I listen to him and I have the same feelings.
They're just getting madder and madder about him not coming out against the shot when they admit it doesn't work.
I mean, even the Democrats are in the news.
The Atlantic, the voice of the Democrats says, you know, oh, let's have an amnesty.
Let's forget COVID.
No, we're not going to forget the lockdowns and the attempted four shots and all the rest of it.
Gretchen Wilmer, the governor of Michigan, is in the run for her life because of her draconian lockdowns, and she may very well lose.
That governor, whose picture we see now, did not impose any lockdowns.
The governor of New Jersey won by the skin of his teeth in a state that the Democrats never lose because of these lockdowns.
We all know
That the vaccination does not prevent you from getting sick, and it does not prevent you from transmitting the sickness.
It may, in some people, temper the force of the sickness, but it doesn't prevent transmission.
There was no reason to force this upon people.
There was no reason to close the schools.
There was no reason to close businesses.
There was no reason to fire cops and firemen and EMS workers who declined to take it.
It's about time Trump acknowledged that.
All right, you got to join us more often, not just every few months.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, I'd love for you to host the fourth hour some days if you would like to.
God bless you, my friend.
I'd be thrilled to do it, Alex.
I'm going to be in Austin for a wedding in January.
I hope I can come into your studio when I'm there.
You better come in the studio for all the shows.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, thank you so much.
All the best, my man.
Thank you.
My family, the country, and then good leaders.
I mean, I'm sorry.
Children trump Trump.
Big time.
In my deck of cards.
That's where I'm at when it comes to these shots.
I'll continue to support him on the good stuff he does and I'll continue to go after him on the shots.
Don't let the globalist monsters and their mercenary minions be successful at silencing you.
And the Globalist's number one mission is to silence InfoWars because they rightly see us as one of the main beacons of resistance alerting the people, not just of America, but the world to the threat of the Globalist and their censorship and tyranny.
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All right.
Royce White, always kicking ass, is going to be taking over.
But I got some big news we're about to hit in a moment here ahead of the War Room in one hour with Owen Schroyer.
Look, we've already covered this, but now there's more statements from the Pentagon and the Washington Post.
Last week, last Friday, the Pentagon said we may use nukes first on Russia for non-nuclear confrontations against non-nuclear forces.
Just gigantic escalation.
And now we've got the Washington Post today.
The official who spoke in addition to anonymity to provide a military update would not say where the inspections are taking place or how close the battlefields the U.S.
troops are getting.
The officials of the U.S.
personnel can't do inspections close to the front lines, but they are going where security conditions allow.
So they admit U.S.
troops, which you already knew, are on the ground.
They've been there since before February, battling and fighting Russians.
military now doing on-site weapons inspections.
That means training.
That means advisors.
Like, we got into Vietnam War in 1960.
They didn't really officially announce it until the Gulf of Tonkin in 64.
So they're just letting you know now we're at full war with Russia.
Continuing here, Saudi Arabia.
on high alert after warning of imminent Iranian attack.
Saudi Arabia assured intelligence.
With U.S.
warning of an imminent attack from Iran on targets of the Kingdom, putting the American military and others in the Middle East on elevated alert, Saudi officials have said in response to a warning, Saudi Arabia said the U.S.
and several other neighboring states have raised the level of alert for their military forces.
The officials said they didn't provide any details of the Saudi intelligence.
We are living in totally, absolutely dangerous times.
And it's only going to get more insane from this point on.
Now let me hit some of the COVID stack I didn't get to earlier, because this is important.
I mentioned this, but let's drill back into it.
You murderous hypocrites!
Outrage ensues after the Atlantic suggests amnesty for pandemic authoritarians.
The mouthpiece, owned by the widow of Steve Jobs, who basically lived at Epstein Island, is, give us amnesty, leave us alone, sure we lied to you, sure we gave you a poison shot, but that's okay, it's for your own good.
And everybody marbles at a clip
From myself in 2002 predicting an authoritarian global government, UN regime with forced inoculations and lockdowns.
There's countless other clips of me in the last 20 plus years laying all that out from their own documents.
But there's a clip going viral that will air on the other side of this break before Royce White takes over of David Icke in 1997.
We're going to play this clip when we come back and then hand the baton to Royce White.
Let me just throw this out there.
We're going to stay on air indefinitely.
We got two years of appeals against these ridiculous judgments.
You heard Andrew Napolitano and you heard Judge Joe Brown say they will be overturned if the country's gone for totally illegal or frauds.
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It's Tuesday, November 1st, 2022.
About to hand the baton to the great Royce White.
But I wanted to get to these clips before I
We're good to go.
The reason I raise the point is not to say I don't follow David Icker.
Listen, David Icke, I do.
The point is, is that we're separately studying coming to the same conclusion just like you will once the blinders are off.
Here he is talking about the coming medical tyranny because we see Kyrie Irving and others putting on a clip where I predicted it all.
That was in 2002.
Here's David Icke five years before.
They were going to create
New viruses in laboratories that were resistant to drugs, that they were going to use that to cull the population, that they were going to use vaccinations to cull the population, and also that they were going to change the way that health care treated old people so that more and more old people died and didn't go long into life because from their
Extraordinarily sick perspective.
Old people are useless to them.
And what we're looking at now very clearly is this attempt to play that card of mass global immunization.
With a excuse of this manufactured virus to get access to the bodies, the body computer systems as I would say, of almost everyone on the planet.
And they're not doing that because they want to protect people from anything.
The force that's saying be vaccinated is the force that created the virus which they're saying be vaccinated against.
They're doing this to get access to the global population for very, very malevolent reasons.
And what people need to realize is that these families do not come from the same perspective of life and respect that we do.
They see humans like cattle, nothing more than cattle, and most humans see cattle.
They therefore have no empathy with the consequences for the human population of their actions.
So if people say, they'd never do that, mate, no, no.
You'd never do that.
They do it all the time.
And 25 years later, exactly what he said happened.
Here's a clip of me a few years later laying it out.
Facts and common sense are in.
Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
Yes, they manipulate.
Yes, there are secret societies.
Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.
And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny.
Where human beings are absolutely worthless.
There's six and a quarter plus billion of us, and the globalists have said it many times, there's too many of us, we're causing a problem, we need to be culled at the tune of 80%.
It's amazing to talk about that, but it's the globalists, the UN, their own public statements, and they've convinced a lot of
Liberals and elitist conservatives and others, that by going along with this, that we're intelligent members of society.
It's the ultimate Malthus worldview.
It is this radical, virulent form of social Darwinism.
It's the excuse of tyrants.
And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health.
And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.
The only thing about our death rate in 2020
That was unusual, was that it was at a seven year low.
These are facts.
This makes a joke of provisional approval granted for injections out of urgency.
There was no urgency.
Once the injection rollout started, there was a spike in deaths.
It must be noted correlation is not causation.
The link between the cause, vaccines, and the effect, death, injury, and suffering, must be proven.
Well, it has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
At my second COVID-19 under question inquiry in August, many highly qualified medical professionals from around the world established that link, providing evidence the injections were responsible for many more deaths than a health technocrat admitted.
And then late last month, the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology published an article entitled COVID-19 Vaccines and Australian Review.
Authors are Connie Turney and Astrid Leffringhausen from the University of Queensland.
Published journal article.
This article details the medical science behind the wide range of medical harms being inflicted on Australians as a result of the hubris, the criminal negligence of health technocrats.
I promised to hound you people down and now science has done that for me.
The issue of vaccine harm must be referred to a Royal Commission today.
These criminals must be brought to justice.
This report is reproduced on my website and anyone who reads this report and still defends the fake vaccines is as guilty as the companies that made it.
It's no surprise that COVID has spiked in correlation with the rollout of the fake vaccines.
ABS data is not yet available for 2022, although Australian actuarial data is.
In the first four months of 2022, deaths from all respiratory diseases—the flu, pneumonia and COVID taken together—are still at normal levels.
Yet deaths from cardiac and pulmonary events are up 11 per cent, and unexplained deaths are up 13 per cent.
At this rate, an extra 10,000 Australians will die in 2022.
10,000 extra!
Anyone reading the journal article I just referred to will know exactly why this is happening.
I am your guest host for the rest of the hour.
Royce White here from Minneapolis, live from Minneapolis, the Belly of the Beast.
The Belly of the Beast, one of the outposts of globalism.
Thank you to Alex Jones for allowing me to host again in such a legendary time on such an iconic platform.
Long-time viewer of Alex Jones and InfoWars, and I say that unapologetically and unabashedly.
I also want to thank the InfoWars team,
Or for always thinking of me to be able to come and help Alex out and guest host when I can.
Really is an honor and a privilege.
A lot of things to discuss today.
So much going on.
You know, we got the election in Brazil.
We got
Old-faithful politics and sports.
I always say never say that you want to keep your politics and your sports separate because they're never separate.
Politics are sports and sports are politics and the politics are never off and we haven't seen a political hit job in my lifetime like the one that's being done against Kyrie Irving.
I mean week after week
Wave after wave, the mainstream media establishment is trying to crack Kyrie Irving and back him into a corner and pressure him into saying something that they can then justify.
Probably suspending him without pay and, you know, and then eventually just getting him out of the league.
And then they'll say, hey, he's too old.
He's not good enough anymore.
There's some other young guards that are better than him.
And there's so many people at home that don't even watch sports close enough or don't even care enough about injustice that Kyrie would fade into the background.
Although I do believe that Kyrie has the spirit and the intuition and the desire to stay in the fight for truth and would use all the resources at his disposal to continue to wage war back against these people.
And then you got, you know, the ripples of the Kanye West.
We're good to go.
We have to be able to say Asian people.
We have to be able to say Latinos and Hispanics.
We have to be able to say white people, although I'm murky on what the white definition is, and we can talk some about that over the course of the segment.
But we have to be able to say Jews, the Jewish community.
We have to be able to talk about people and their culture and their traditions in order to be able to talk about where we are in society today.
And we're going to do that live from here in Minneapolis.
Stay over to the other side of the break.
I'm your guest host, Royce White.
Thank you.
I'm Royce White, your guest host for the hour, live from the belly of the beast here in Minneapolis.
And that's it, ladies and gentlemen.
What you're watching right there is the real reason why they went after Kanye West.
They can't fool me.
They can't fool me and make it be about Donald Trump.
They can't fool me and make it be about fashion or Balenciaga or Kim Kardashian or any of these other little, you know, side stories, side shows that they want to make it be about.
I know the truth.
I know the truth.
I came from the black community.
I grew up in a black community, a real black neighborhood where you had all of the things that a black neighborhood comes with.
You had people who were hard working.
You had people who were not working.
You had people who were homeless.
You had people who were on drugs.
You had people in gangs.
You had people who shot each other.
You had people who loved each other.
You had the influence of hip-hop.
We had the influence of the church, all of it right there in one small, one tightly cramped up community.
And Kanye West is one of the few individuals in our society and maybe in history that can take black musical talent,
Black culture and convert it into a ministry and gospel and what you saw right there with the Sunday service choir Was an example of just how good Kanye West can be at that and how powerful is that?
I mean, you know people want to make it be Political it's not political.
It's spiritual the political is downstream from the spiritual and and how powerful is What was that clip?
You know, I knew right away when Kanye West decided to make a career shift or a brand shift to Jesus Christ that he was going to have a big issue.
And here, you know, I want to piggyback off of where I left last time and talking about this question of Jew versus anti-Jew.
Because this is, you know, obviously, outside of us going to nuclear war, an election, and I don't know.
What's really being done to undermine the Jewish identity is to suspend the Jewish identity in a World War II and Holocaust context.
And by doing that, you delegitimize or invalidate one of the single greatest historical records that we have of the covenant between God and Abraham.
And the Jews were the stewards of that covenant, which is why they made great effort
And they take very serious the scribing of the Torah.
The young Jews who grow up observant of the faith and learn Yiddish and learn Hebrew actually scribe the Torah by hand.
And that's a cultural tradition that goes right back to the high rabbinical court of Moses himself.
And it can't be, you know, anything that is upheld over 5,000 years must be respected for the commitment, just the basic commitment that that takes.
I knew that Kanye West was going to have a problem.
And look, when you can't talk about people and their culture and their traditions, you can't talk about people.
I said it at the top of the hour.
And I want to reiterate it here.
Because there is obviously a concerted effort by a group of people who call themselves Jews to take Kanye West off of a platform that they can
Undoubtedly be said was given to him by them.
And that is the case.
It is the case that there are a group of secular, elite, anti-Jews that run the music business.
And they run basketball and pro sports to an extent too.
And they also run Hollywood.
But the music business, especially the hip-hop music business specifically,
It's certainly run by these anti-Jews.
And why is that important?
What is the implication of making the distinction between who is Jewish and who is anti-Jewish?
And I think it's important because, and I really think it's important for black people to stand up and articulate.
Because the post-World War II Holocaust narrative around the Jews is one that is very similar to the post-slavery narrative that is used for black people.
And both of them are used to first justify and rope off and protect people from within our own communities that mean to exploit their own identity.
And that is what the anti-Jews have done.
The anti-Jews have used the Jewish identity as a cover and a shield for their corrupt practices, both in politics and in business.
And they say, well, we're Jews.
And my claim is, no, you're not.
If you don't believe in God, if you reject God, if you reject everything that is Judaism, you're not a Jew.
And as a matter of fact, if you say you're a Jew, but you reject all the fundamental tenets of being a Jew, that makes you an anti-Jew.
Like, if I'm a Christian and I say I don't believe in the existence of God, that would make me an anti-Christian.
Now, there are many Christians who say they believe in God but don't act as though they believe in God, and that's something different.
That would make you a Christian in name only.
And that's an important distinction to make.
The same thing could be said of the Muslims.
You know, there are many Muslims who are not observant of the Muslim faith or don't behave as though they believe in the Muslim faith.
And you can look right at the Saudis if you need an example.
And I think the Saudis are the best example.
They are the globalist Muslims.
They are the Muslims in name only.
And there are others as well.
And there are others across culture.
There are all kinds of people who say they're one thing, but their actions don't align with that.
That's not what we're talking about.
What we're talking about and what Kanye West has tried to allude to is who are these people in these positions of power in this industry who I can't even say by name?
And we're going to talk a little, we're going to go even deeper into this in the next segment because I want to unpack this even further and the info war that has been played on the broad swath of American people who just read headlines and are given their narratives with their morning coffee and their cereal and whatnot and why it's so strange to look out and see people shill.
Or that mainstream narrative and there's, you know, very subtle, very, very distinct tricks that were played in the historical narrative to throw people completely off.
But all Kanye West is saying, who are these people that I can't name?
We're perfectly fine talking about black people as a community.
We talk about white people with impunity, even though I don't know what people really mean when they say white, to be honest.
We'll get to that later as well.
We're okay talking about Asians.
We're okay talking about Muslims.
We're okay talking about Arabs and Middle Easterns or Hispanics and Latinos or anybody else.
But you can't even say the word Jew.
And that's something that we can't allow to have an honest and open dialogue about where we are in society today.
And when we come across on the other side, I want to go a little bit deeper and talk about the roots of communism.
Let's just go right back to the beginning.
Stay tuned.
It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper.
For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence.
On infiltration, instead of invasion.
On subversion, instead of elections.
On intimidation, instead of free choice.
On guerrillas by night, instead of armies by day.
It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic,
Ladies and gentlemen, Kennedy himself,
So, you know, when you see this narrative that all of these people who have started to speak out against this establishment across, you know, this globalist establishment,
One common thread.
They're all crazy.
They're all conspiracy theorists.
Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist.
Steve Bannon is a conspiracy theorist.
The Minister Louis Farrakhan is a conspiracy theorist.
Now Kanye West is a conspiracy theorist.
Kyrie Irving is.
And the list goes on and on and on and on.
And, you know, these people mean to mock you.
You got to understand.
That it's not enough for Satan to be able to pull you in to evil and wickedness.
The ability to be able to mock you as he does it is just as valuable, is just as satisfying.
And that's what they've set up.
They've set up a society where people are so worried or concerned or busied with their own physical lusts and passion, with jerking off and getting high, let's just be honest, that they can mock you as they lie to you.
They actually have people believing that all of these ideas are conspiracy theories.
Well, here's JFK, somebody who they actually idolize, or who they say they idolize, in any way they treat him as he's an iconic political figure, and he comes right out and say there's a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy.
Now, if you accept that there's a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy, where do we go from there?
Well, okay, it's widely accepted that JFK, in that speech, was talking about the threat of communism.
And I tend to agree with that, although you can make the case that he may have actually been talking about New World Order and the prominence of a communist sort of ethos or spirit that is driving the New World Order.
But in the same speech, he also made reference to the military-industrial complex, and he warned that in trying to fight the communist threat,
We would be, we would be unwise, we would be idiots to give up our freedom to a surveillance state in order to combat that communist threat.
So he was very, very aware, very conscious and very unabashed and outspoken about his fear of the military-industrial complex on our own side of the world basically swallowing up, you know, the whole fish in any effort to thwart communism.
And, you know, let's take communism and
Go back a second, because we know we live in a society where communism is at our door, despite what the neoliberal mainstream media establishment machine tries to tell us.
We know that the ideals of communism are right at our doorstep.
In fact, they're not at our doorstep.
They're in our homes.
And the policies are in our homes.
Look, there's the tacit truth that we aspire to be China.
That we see nothing wrong with this sort of communist totalitarian government style of organization.
I mean, many of our political leaders, they openly gawk over China and what they've been able to accomplish through communist authoritarian means.
But let's go a layer deeper.
70% of our college professors identify as Marxist.
And when you talk about communism, or when people talk about communism or socialism, many times they leave out that communism derived directly from Marx.
And they make the argument that people lived in a commune way before Marx.
In other places around the world, but that's dishonest to begin with because the communism that was bred and derived from Karl Marx is the communism that is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in multiple places around the world.
And so why is it that people fail to identify Karl Marx with communism?
And to take it a level deeper,
To circle back to the last segment, why is it that we can't talk about the fact that Karl Marx was a Jew?
And again, Karl Marx wasn't a Jew, he's an anti-Jew, but that's a spin, that's a distinction that I'm making in the here and now.
Karl Marx is somebody who historically, you know, was born into a patriarchal lineage of rabbis, and his father converted to Christianity to assimilate in the times, and then he completely rejected God.
And like I said on the last time I was able to guest host, liberalism, communism, and globalism all have the same aim.
The removal of God from the organization of man.
And when you do that, the government becomes the highest rule.
And you can see that.
You can see that with their efforts.
And there are people out there who want you to believe that any inference that liberalism, communism, and globalism are working in accordance across our society is completely crazy.
But look at the evidence.
Look at the neoliberal machine that was erected in the post higher learning education system that came to be infiltrated with Marxist professors and look at the dragon in the east that both have come to serve.
Or you could say the crown in Europe that we still serve.
And let's circle back to Zionism
And you know, of course this might get me deplatformed or banned or whatever.
Who cares?
I mean, we're at that point now.
We just got to stop pulling punches.
Nobody's saying round up the Jews.
Nobody's saying round up anybody.
If anything, I'm going to call for a truth commission so we can figure out what actually happened here.
How did we get to this place?
Because most of what we're having to do is piece together information with huge gaps in it.
Like Kennedy said, these initiatives were done in secret.
It's monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.
But let's go to the Zionism question.
Many of the black hats in Israel and many of the black hats around the world, the observant, faithful Jews, the real Jews, the Jews that I call kin, these people are openly
Openly admit that Zionism itself is a rejection of God.
Now, I believe in the preservation of Israel.
I don't think that what's happened there since 1949 is okay.
And you can make the argument that the inception of Israel itself was illegitimate on a geopolitical basis.
But Israel should stay because it's been
But let's be honest, Zionism is a rejection of God.
Zionism is a rejection of the Jew, the Jewish identity, the Jewish ethno-religious identity that they cling to in a post-World War II context.
And if we talk about Zionism, and if we talk about the Jewish identity or the anti-Jew identity, let's go back to the sine qua non.
Let's go back to the banking and the Rothschilds and the Crown.
Nobody wants you to be able to talk about it.
You can't talk about that.
They treat it as though the Rothschilds are a mythological beast, like they're a unicorn or a sasquatch.
They're not.
There's a Rothschild that's alive today.
I mean, David Rothschild is still living to this day.
And he's still in the same spot of the financial institution that he's always been in and that his family has always been in.
And their wealth is unbearable.
Unquantifiable and they've sat in service to the crown which they were initially instituted to be in service of or the monarchies the European monarchies and and yeah And who was in who we talked about the crown the Freemasons another conspiracy theory really?
Really go look at the Grand United Lodge right now.
Who's the Grand Master the Grand United Lodge Prince Edward of Kent?
It's not by accident that the Freemasonry and the International Zionist Conspiracy is regarded as a conspiracy theory from the outset.
We're going to talk more about this on the other side of the break, but I have to get to this.
Thank you.
Gary, while we're on the topic of promotion, why did you decide to promote something that Alex Jones said?
That was a few weeks ago.
I do not stand with Alex Jones.
Position, narrative, court case that he had with Sandy Hook or any of the kids that felt like they had to relive trauma or parents that had to relive trauma or to be dismissive to all the lives that were lost during that tragic event.
My post was a post from Alex Jones that he did in the early 90s or late 90s about secret societies in America of occults.
And it's true.
So, I wasn't identifying with anything of being a campaigner, a campaignist for Alex Jones or anything.
I was just there to post.
And it's funny.
It's actually hilarious because out of all the things I posted that day, that was the one post that everyone chose to see.
It just goes back to the way our world is and works.
I'm not here to complain about it.
I just exist.
And to follow up on the promotion of the movie and the book... Can you please stop calling it a promotion?
What am I promoting?
We're good to go.
And shut it down and move on to the next question.
But Kyrie, you have to understand that by posting... I don't have to understand anything from you.
It's not me.
By posting what you did... There's no people that you're making up, bro.
Move on.
But by posting what you did... Move on.
Next question.
Next question.
Do you guys have any more questions for me?
And they're going to say... Do you guys have any more questions?
Does he have anti-Semitic beliefs?
Because this is going to be a clip.
This is going to be a clip that he's going to marvel at.
Is this any more questions?
But you're not answering the question.
This is another answer to your question.
Oh my God.
Let's make another Instagram clip so we can be famous again.
Next question.
Kyrie, basketball related.
That's awesome.
Kyrie Irving, what a hero.
I mean, you know, it's it's incredible.
It's it's incredible that he has the courage.
And maybe I shouldn't say it's incredible.
Maybe it's just rare because, you know, the times make the warrior.
But it's it's certainly impressive that he had the courage to stand up there under that line of questioning and say, yeah, I was referencing the Alex Jones video from 2002 about secret societies and cults.
And it's true.
And, you know, I know Kyrie personally a little bit.
And he's somebody who is definitely trying to see beyond beyond the veil and is willing to speak out on these issues and has continued to show that he's willing to speak out on these issues.
Now, I hope for and I hope to be able to facilitate him getting to know Alex Jones a little bit better or meeting Alex Jones at some point, maybe coming on the show or something of that sort so that he could understand who Alex Jones really is in totality, what Alex Jones has come to represent in the world of information in the most broadest sense, not just around that one particular video, because that one particular video
Obviously, for all of us who are part of the InfoWars audience and the InfoWars family knows that that's what Alex Jones has represented for the vast majority of his time on the air.
And yeah, they want to take the few mistakes that you make and use that to hang string you up on a cross.
That's biblical, but we know the truth.
And I'm glad that Kyrie's speaking out on it, but
You know, right there, right there towards the end, you heard them pop it up.
That's anti-Semitic.
And obviously he was referencing from, I think it was from what's from Hebrews to slaves, from slaves to Hebrews or something like some black Israelite documentary that that I didn't watch it really because it just wasn't that good to me.
The point is, why can't he have the conversation?
Why can't he pose the question?
Who gets to say what we can and can't talk about?
This is America.
This is a country based upon free speech.
This is a country based upon the convincing of others of our ideas with oratory and composition.
Right, a dialectical progression of thought.
Who are these people who say that we can't ask certain questions, or we can't say certain words, or we can't mention certain parts of history?
And now, you know, again, why is this conversation about Jew versus anti-Jew so important?
Is it because the Jews are the only people behind this entire global circumstance?
Of course not!
Nobody reasonable is saying that!
And the attempt to make it seem like anybody who mentions any conversation about the Jewish elite, the anti-Jewish secular elite in pro sports or in America or in Hollywood or in banking, they're just showing themselves to be shills for the very movement that they're trying to rope off.
And they make it worse because the immediate question that any reasonable sane American citizen is going to have is, why can't I ask this question?
Um, right.
And like I said before, and like Kyrie, Kyrie is alluding to, he said, don't dehumanize me up here.
Why is it that you think that you can just cut me off and not even allow me the chance to answer the question that you've asked?
Well, you know, you know, and these white liberals.
And the people who have come up under this white liberalism, you know, they show that sort of grandiosity, that sort of superiority complex when they're in these conversations about political ideas or political issues.
And that's exactly what he tried to do to Kyrie Irving in that instance.
And Kyrie just, you know, he just basically de-bowed him and said, hey, next question.
I got the microphone.
I'm in control up here.
I'm Kyrie Irving.
Who are you?
And I love that.
I love that.
I think more people need to stand up like that and stop letting these mainstream media shills bully them.
But to go back to this, so I went to go, I got to thinking, and I'm sitting at home and I'm going, if we're talking about masonry,
Right, which is the oldest secret society on record now.
This isn't a conspiracy theorist.
They're the oldest secret society that we know of today that's in public existence.
So I started thinking about Freemasonry and this whole conversation about conspiracy and it dawned on me that Solomon's Temple or the admiration of the Great Pyramid of Giza is not an admiration of
Master building or craft.
It's an admiration of slavery.
And then right away, you'll hear people say all the pyramids weren't built by slaves.
That's been debunked.
The pyramids were built by 44 farmers who couldn't farm their land.
So they had the time to be, you know, independently contracted to build the
Build the pyramids another another anti-jew story another way to invalidate the exodus from Egypt Which is really the central motif in the Torah It's really the central idea of the Jewish faith that God's people had favor and a promise from the days of the covenant with Abraham and that it was fulfilled when Moses Rose up and came from within the within the elite and stood with his people out there
We're good to go.
I don't
One of the central pieces of cultural identity that the real Jews have carried across 5,000 years.
That's anti-Semitic!
I mean, to take what a people have written and passed down for 5,000 years and go, that's a lie.
That's just garbage.
It doesn't get any more anti-semitic than that.
I mean, there are people who take real criticism or even questioning, you know, let's say, the music from black rappers.
And they go, and people will say, hey, you don't get to question that.
That's their art.
You know, are you anti-black or are you racist?
But you can take the Torah and completely erase it from history at will.
Why are we even talking about this?
Because there are no people who we can't or shouldn't be able to talk about in a cultural and political context to diagnose where we are here in society now.
And we are in a crisis and it is a monolithic crisis.
We do need to diagnose and we need every tool possible to be able to uncover the secrets that lie therein.
And it's not just the Jews, the anti-Jews.
I have just as many questions about the Crown, and about the Masons, and I have just as many questions about their relationship with China, or their acceptance of China, or maybe a war in secret that we don't quite see going on between them and China, which is one of the oldest wars, the Opium War.
All of these things have come into question.
All of these things need to continue to be questioned.
Thank you to Alex Jones and the Info Wars team and family for allowing me to host.
I'm Royce White, live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast.
Stay true.
Stay honest.
Walk with God.
Thank you guys.
See you next time.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to, and Joe Rogan, Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's News.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the
Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast.
That means follow what the beast says or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue, that they can then dictate to you, through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout, but with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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