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Name: 20221031_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 31, 2022
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In a recent episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones covers various topics including politics, media censorship, health issues, and alternative treatments for cancer. He criticizes the medical industry and claims that doctors know vaccines don't work but are forced to promote them. He also accuses entities like Obama's administration, deep state actors, and big tech companies of working together to control information and suppress dissenting opinions. Jones calls for support for free speech platforms like InfoWars and encourages viewers to purchase products from InfowarStore.com that fund the fight against globalist censorship. In another episode, he discusses topics such as the attack on Paul Pelosi, child abuse by a cult, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Elon Musk's involvement in Twitter, power struggles among global powers, and legal battles faced by InfoWars. Jones urges viewers to support InfoWars through donations and purchases to keep the platform running.

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Biden in Syracuse yesterday.
When I took office, the economy was in ruins.
No, you put the economy, attempted to with your lockdowns, the Democrats ran, Trump went along with it.
But since you got in, it's gotten 10 times worse.
And now he's got the nerve to say it was in ruins, but now it's strong as hell.
Everybody knows that's a bald-faced lie.
So what are they trying to do?
Create unrest, create hunger, create fear.
Have new lockdowns.
Say we'll give you money if you take a shot.
That's what this is.
They need to get you so poor they can dictate the terms of our surrender.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
We're live.
It's Monday, October 31st.
The official president of the United States has warned the world they will face Armageddon if Russia uses tactical nukes in Ukraine.
And when the Russian president said that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is senseless,
The Biden administration reversed the no first use and sole purpose policies regarding nuclear warfare, meaning that the U.S.
will now consider first strike nuclear attacks against non-nuclear threats.
In a surprising break from projection and gaslighting, U.S.
Congressman Jamie Raskin recently explained the truth behind the current U.S.
policy with Russia.
Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional social values.
And for that reason, it must be destroyed, no matter what the cost to us.
So this is not a conventional war.
This is a jihad.
Jamie Raskin said that out loud, but many in Washington agree with him.
In both parties, they would like to see World War Trans immediately.
On the surface, that's what this is.
World War Trans.
That is what the United States has become.
To the rest of the world, America has become the land of abortions, castrations, death, and lies.
Meanwhile, our diesel fuel is set to run out before the winter, and our leadership could care less.
What are we doing to increase the supply of diesel given that the Energy Information Administration said as of October 14th the U.S.
only had about a 25-day supply?
You have the Northeast and New York already rationing home heating oil.
What are we doing to prepare for the winter and to ramp up the supply of diesel?
I'll take the question on the diesel, because I just don't have the data on that in front of me.
So let me take that and we'll get back to you on that.
But writ large, the president has been working very, very hard to make sure that not only are we ready for fluctuations that could come, and of course the prices are going down, and we think that's important.
The President has cut off our fuel and given away our emergency reserves.
Without diesel fuel, the entire nation comes to a halt.
And at this point, nothing is being done to stop it.
The problem is, at this point, there may not be an answer, because there may not be a way to avoid a disaster.
Diesel fuel is not just low in this country, it's low in every western nation that has aligned itself with Ukraine.
All these nations preparing for World War Trans are running out of diesel fuel.
While millions may be scratching their heads over World War Trans, too afraid to speak against it, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently explained what it's all about, and how Russia has already been there.
He said, after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks also said that they would change existing ways and customs, and not just political and economic ones.
But the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society, the destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family.
All this was proclaimed progress, widely supported around the world back then and was quite fashionable, same as today.
Parent number one and parent number two, birthing parent instead of mother,
I repeat, this is nothing new, and they made such a mess, it still makes one shudder at times.
President Putin says America should do what they want, but leave Russia out of it.
They've already been there.
And seeing as how Americans have become nothing but submissive spectators, it seems as if the United States will be going there as well, starting this winter.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The quickening is here.
We have crossed the event horizon.
The planets of historical chaos are now in alignment.
Thank you for joining us on this Monday, October 31st, All Hallows' Eve.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We'll be here for the next four hours ahead of the War Room at 3 p.m.
Central with the great Owen Troyer.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Let me just do it this way.
Let me just read you some of the headlines.
The United States has moved hydrogen bomb loaded B-52 bombers to Australia preparing for open nuclear war with China.
Much of Ukraine's capital without power and water after new Russian missile strikes.
The world's most heavily armed governments are becoming explicitly hostile towards one another.
Massive protests in Europe to get out of NATO as prices explode and the lights go out.
It goes on and on.
That's just part of the global military crisis.
Then obviously we've got diesel set to run out according to the Department of Energy within several days of the 16th.
They say we'll be completely out by the 19th of November, just 19 days away.
Completely out of diesel.
Of course, everybody knows that over 70% of everything that's shipped in this country, from food to medicine,
To machine parts is shipped by 18 wheelers that are diesel.
And across the country, even most of the charging stations for electric cars are powered by diesel generators on site.
Absolutely incredible.
Even bigger news.
Remember what broke three weeks ago that Boston University with the same old suspects Fauci, Bill Gates and others had produced last year and this year multiple strains of super COVID that kill 80% of the humanized mice that are part human chimeric clones.
So that has the exact same effect on them as it has on humans.
80% kill rate
That's just one of 60 plus articles on the COVID takeover I have in the stack.
We have obviously the David DePapa story.
Now the police confirmed two men in their underwear in the bedroom.
The window smashed from the inside out.
It's all in the 9-1-1 tape.
The official story we were given the first three days with Democrats, that he was a right-wing extremist saying, where's Nancy?
Like right out of The Shining.
Here's Johnny, where's Nancy?
It was all a lie, as usual.
But if you try to challenge it, you'll be taken off the internet.
Biba Fry, the well-known popular online lawyer, he has a practice also, very successful in Canada, but very successful online, co-host with Bob Barnes, he was suspended on Twitter.
We're good to go.
Obviously, they are doing that as activists inside Twitter to purge as many people as they can before he gets his managers in place.
He just fired the head censor lawyer and the CEO Thursday evening.
So I have a small crew here, and if they weren't behind me and working hard, they could sabotage this place in minutes, and I would know who did it.
Imagine a giant company like that.
So people have got to give this time to see what's happening.
We've got some big news on that.
The European Union says they'll criminally charge Musk.
They'll fine him millions of dollars if he doesn't keep the censorship going.
He's got a lot of hurdles to get past.
May not be able to surmount them.
But left-wing EU commissioner warns Musk, the bird will fly by our rules.
Close quote.
That's what we're dealing with.
We also have the ADL that decides who can talk and who can have a bank account and who can live.
They decide if you go to a gulag or not, both digital and soon physical.
The ADL's come out and threatened Elon Musk.
ADL melts down over Trump.
Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, may return to Twitter, said would lead to dire consequences.
So that's what we've got going on there.
Bolsonaro, in most polls, was 5 to 10 points ahead, but polls don't matter because Bolsonaro never got control of the regional bureaucracies allied with the communists and the drug dealers who were celebrating in the streets.
Brazil's Bolsonaro yet to concede after Lula's election victory.
Bolsonaro is still silent after election defeat as world leaders congratulate Lula.
Lula defeats Bolsonaro in Brazil election.
Stop the steel leader.
Ali Alexander calls for a military coup in Brazil.
Intervene in the presidential election of Bolsonaro defeat.
He did not call for that.
When you actually read the quote,
He said people need to peacefully investigate the election, and that the military needs to be standing by to stop any type of giant violence, which is going on.
You have the truckers and the farmers blocking the roads, saying they don't buy it, that Bolsonaro won, and you've got the drug cartels running around shooting police and blowing things up and firing machine guns in the air.
Saying they're so happy that the Communists, it looks like, are back.
Just like the left here is allied with God's children, as Nancy Pelosi called MS-13.
So we have that news coming up.
A lot of election news with only eight days out from this incredibly critical midterm situation.
The big national poll out, 8 out of 10 Americans say things are out of control, and the majority blame Democrats and want change.
But again, the Democrats have something very special called all the mail-in ballots, and already in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Arizona, they're saying,
It may be a few days now, just like last time, until we know who the winners are, because they've got to figure out how many of those absentee ballots and how many of the fake ballots and how many of the ballots dead people voted on or folks that moved out of the state have got to be crammed into the system.
We've got all of that news coming up.
We've got a bunch of pedo news all over the world.
Pedos don't dress up like grandma, the old parable of the
Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing or Little Red Riding Hood.
Now they dress up like babies or children and demand to be identified as children and have access to your children.
We've got some shocking videos of that coming up.
Also, largest group we've ever seen, swarm of illegals invade Texas Ranch.
We're going to be laying that out.
This is going to be a big, big broadcast.
Judge Joe Brown is also going to be joining us to cover the election, the mounting censorship, the insanity in the streets of America and around the world, the situation escalating out of control in Ukraine, and so much more.
By the way, I didn't get to this yesterday on the Sunday show, but we'll get to it today.
Have you guys re-pulled that out of yesterday's stack?
The incredible footage shot and released by the Ukrainians of drone boats that are about 25 feet long, loaded with explosives.
They use Starlink to target their attacks.
That drive up the side and sunk one frigate a few months ago and damaged a minesweeper and another frigate over the weekend.
On Saturday, there was a ceasefire in a key port area, an agreement signed in July between Russia and Ukraine, brokered by Turkey, that they would not attack ships at that port, allowing the Ukrainian grain out to the world.
But being a terrorist, Zelensky, of course, is taking credit.
We're not just blowing up the bridge, but now attacking the ships in the harbor with torpedoes.
Drone torpedoes.
It's all coming up.
Tomorrow's news today.
Welcome back, my friends.
What we're facing is megacorporations directing authoritarian takeovers across the world, unifying it under the rubric
of the COVID virus.
And obviously I have met with Bolsonaro's son, who is a member of the Congress.
They're big supporters of the broadcast.
They're big patriots.
We have a lot of connections to Bolsonaro.
I was invited down there to interview Bolsonaro, but have just been too tied down to do it.
We reached out to one of his personal friends, one of his best friends, who's a national media figure, and said, can you come on?
And he just told us, I cannot come on.
We are having to evacuate Brazil.
Not Bolsonaro, but they're gonna target and try to put in prison Bolsonaro.
He's gonna stay and go down with the ship.
But that's how serious this situation is, ladies and gentlemen.
So, this is not a game.
Bolsonaro's already been brutally stabbed, you name it.
Wildly popular, probably won by 20 points.
But he got control of the drug gangs and
Shielded resilience from the deadly shot to a great extent.
The UN's been trying to indict him over that, calling it a crime against humanity to not give him poison experimental shots that violate the Nuremberg Code.
And so now they're openly saying they're going to put him in prison.
He doesn't have any shot but either escaping or he can go with the military and stand up to this communist takeover.
I notice Democrats want to overthrow every election.
They said when Trump won, they would never accept it.
That's what the New York Times said.
It's what Rahm Emanuel said.
It's what Hillary Clinton said.
They were all in the New York Times saying it.
Pelosi was on TV saying he will go one way or the other.
We'll just have our own inauguration somewhere else and say that Biden's the president.
But then when we question clear fraud, oh, we're crazy conspiracy theorists.
We're terrorists.
We're evil.
Now the focus is on the fraud in Brazil.
Team Biden bragged about rigging Brazil election against President Bolsonaro before election day.
It's a coup.
Says stop the steel leader, Ali Alexander, that joins us next hour.
And they indeed did brag and said on Friday that the United States, meaning Biden and Obama, will not tolerate anyone challenging an election.
Only they are allowed to do that.
But Bolsonaro is not conceded yet, so everything is still up in the air.
Meanwhile here in the United States, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats have taken to the airwaves, the videos on Infowars.com, and said that if Republicans win the House and or the Senate, that it is fraud
And that the election has been stolen.
Video DCCC Chair defends Hillary Clinton declaring next election may be stolen.
Appearing on CBS Face the Nation Sunday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair John Patrick Maloney defended Hillary Clinton's baseless assertion that right-wing extremists are plotting to steal the next presidential election.
So, talk about true double-think here.
You can't question trucks the middle of the night arriving, ballots only marked for Biden, all of them for Biden, running the same stacks over and over again on surveillance video, postal workers going public and others saying they had whole trucks, whole vehicles full of nothing but
Biden ballots being shipped across state lines to places like Pennsylvania.
All the drop boxes with hundreds of people per drop box with sometimes dozens and dozens of ballots putting them in.
All the illegal ballot harvesting.
As we highlighted last week, Hillary claimed that right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.
And they're not making a secret of it.
Adding that the right-wing-controlled Supreme Court may be poised to rule on giving state legislators the power to overturn presidential elections.
Just think if that happens in 2024.
But they're also talking about it happening here in just the next few days.
Almost 8 out of 10 Americans say things are out of control.
CBS News Battleground tracker poll finds 79% think the country's out of control.
Majority blame Biden.
This is a big, big deal.
So we'll continue to track and monitor the situation in Brazil, but you notice they're trying to arrest the populist political opposition to the globalists.
Let's roll with audio some of the video of truckers blocking roads protesting, the farmers protesting.
That Bolsonaro is having the election stolen.
Meanwhile, the drug cartels and criminals are celebrating.
Here, let's...
Let's jump ahead to the Narcos celebrating.
You notice the communists have guns.
It's not the general public, but Bolsonaro is changing that, and they don't like it.
Only the communists and the drug gangs that work for him get the guns in communist areas around the world, in blue cities, in America.
Wow, all right.
In a few minutes we're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back and drill into the diesel shortage and how huge that is.
I mean, words can't describe it.
And then more labs, we learn, in the West have weaponized cobra that kills 80% of humans that come in contact with it.
They're just reporting it like it's no big deal.
This is so illegal, so criminal, so insane.
Now, let me just tell the listeners, we have been so busy and so overwhelmed here that
We have not ended the biggest sale of the year yet, but we have to because a bunch of these items are about to sell out.
A few of them have sold out.
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I'm going to cut new ads today.
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It is 60% off with promo code 1776.
Brain Force Plus, 60% off.
The evidence of organized election fraud in key regions
Against Bolsonaro and his populist movement are coming in.
We'll get to more of that coming up.
But first, I want to hit the big immediate crisis, not just here but around the world, but it's going to hit Americans so hard.
Already, the average price of diesel is over $5 a gallon.
In some areas, it's approaching $9 a gallon.
That will pass on massive increases in prices of everything.
But never in U.S.
history have we had no diesel.
And it is estimated by the Department of Energy and the Department of Transportation that we will be 100% out of diesel on the 19th.
This is direct sabotage.
Shutting down refineries.
Shutting down pipelines.
Shutting down drilling.
Shutting down imports of Russian diesel, which was still just a few percentage points of what we got, but that's enough to cause the chain reaction, when we've been running for decades on just enough, just-in-time delivery.
And what has Biden been doing?
His third administration.
Draining the Strategic Oil Reserve as well to the lowest point it's ever been.
We are being maneuvered into total collapse.
And remember what I started telling you two and a half years ago?
I said next they're going to have climate lockdowns and say for the earth you're not allowed to leave your house unless you have a carbon ration on your smartphone.
How did I know that?
Because the World Economic Forum and the big globalist universities like Oxford and Harvard and the rest of them had been proposing for decades a carbon credit with a carbon ration score.
I don't predict this stuff.
I'm following their battle plan.
And within a year of me telling you that was going to happen, the London Guardian, the New York Times, the Australian, all of them came out and said the lockdowns have been good for the earth and we need the equivalent of a COVID lockdown every two years to lower carbon.
And even India in major cities has had days we are not allowed to drive.
World needs equivalent of pandemic lockdown every two years to meet Paris carbon emission goals.
And now, here they are.
And it's not my opinion.
What did Booty Judge say?
The head of the Department of Transportation.
What did Granholm, the head of the Department of Energy say?
They've said it over and over again.
So has Biden.
They said this is a transition.
So have the Clintons.
So has Bill Gates two weeks ago.
This is a healthy transition to make us go electric, even though there's not enough rare earth minerals in the world to make all the cars be able to operate off batteries.
It's all a fraud.
They're giving you this excuse for the shell game of, oh, this will replace it, but there's no plan to replace it, and they can't replace it.
How the diesel shortage is being felt globally.
Big NPR article.
The diesel market is a perfect storm as prices surge, supplies dwindle ahead of winter.
Fuel company issues diesel shortage warning, says conditions rapidly developing.
Diesel shortage update as prices skyrocket, fears supply could run out.
It's not a fear.
The Department of Energy says it will be gone.
They will be out.
And then it's almost impossible to scale back up quickly because it's mainly trucks that are delivering the diesel.
Yes, a lot of diesel gets delivered by pipelines, but then it has to be broken up in the pipeline in the big tanks and then delivered to the stations.
They don't have the infrastructure at the tank yards to fill the 18 wheelers.
Guys, just search engine.
Last time I checked it years ago, it was 70 percent.
It's up 72 percent.
Let's see what it is now.
Search the term.
What percentage of freight is moved in the United States by 18 wheelers, by trucks?
20 percent, 27 percent rail.
A small part is canals and the rest is all 18 wheelers.
So that number still holds.
I haven't checked it in a while.
And 70% of everything is delivered by trucks.
And even the stuff delivered by canal, by river, or by train has to be broken up at the warehouse and put on diesel trucks.
What does that tell you?
And we've already got supply chain breakdowns.
Here's the original article.
Diesel supply down to 25 days left.
But the Rockies are in good shape because they've got stockpiles.
So that's where our country is right now.
Massive diesel shortages are already here.
Okay, I said 70% from memory.
I apologize, that was incorrect.
What are the four main types of freight transportation?
There are four major types of freight transportation available for shippers to use in the world of freight shipping.
The primary ones are ground, road, rail, ocean, and air.
But it's all going to be broken up by trucks.
What percentage of goods is transported by road?
But I think that's smaller vans and stuff's the other 7%.
It's still 70 last time I checked.
So, 77%, 70% by 18 Wheeler.
I don't just spout people say, I just spout stuff.
That's a memory, see?
I don't know what he's talking about.
I got a pretty good memory.
The point is, it doesn't matter.
70 plus percent
Is delivered by 18 wheelers.
Can you imagine what's going to happen, ladies and gentlemen?
Oh, but the big companies, they've already stockpiled diesel.
It'll be the small operators that will be shut down, just like the COVID shutdowns killed the small farmers, the small ranchers, the small businesses, the small auto repair shops, the small restaurants.
And what did Germany say this year?
They said, oh, we're getting rid of small businesses.
They're bad.
We have a fetish for small businesses.
And we are getting rid of it.
We've heard similar statements I played three weeks ago of a Council on Foreign Relations Trilateral Commission member at the Cato Institute saying, we fetishize small businesses and factories because it makes white men powerful.
It makes the average person independent.
And if you look up who owns small factories per capita, who the biggest owners are, it's Asians.
But that doesn't even matter.
It's just a total red herring.
Hey, we're shutting off all your jobs.
We're going to get the white people!
They've already shipped most of our jobs to China with one-sided trade deals.
And now they're coming into crisis again, turning off our gas, restricting our
Gasoline, our natural gas, and cutting off our diesel.
That's called warfare.
We come back, the latest on Brazil.
Oh, interesting numbers coming in.
Turns out, Bolsonaro won by huge margins.
In almost every part of the country, except one.
And that's the big area controlled by Lula and the Communists, and just magically
That counterweighed all the other regions in the country and pushed Lula over the edge with 69% of the vote in that key region of Nordetest, if I'm pronouncing that right.
Isn't that just interesting, ladies and gentlemen?
So we're going to be covering all that.
As we watch that very closely, but I want to shift gears into the big enchilada.
Just to let you know, again, who's behind the next thing?
The New World Order.
Who made the virus?
Who's cooked it up to kill 80% of us?
And now we learn more labs it's in.
These are some really nice people, aren't they?
But the ADL on the left points the finger at me and says, I'm the bad man, because I don't believe a damn thing comes out of their mouth.
We're going to beat these people together, and we are winning.
They're going to strike back.
Freedom, baby!
All right, I want to get into the globalist depopulation plan, going into high gear ahead of Judge Joe Brown, Ali Alexander, and so many others joining us here today.
But I wanted to talk about something that it was big news a week ago, but that I never really responded to.
And I need to respond to it here, so I'm going to respond to it briefly because it affects everybody.
You saw the show trials run with the Democratic Party and they now admit big PR firms with judges finding me guilty, then not letting me put on evidence to defend myself, then allowing fraudulent evidence to be put on to these kept juries to decide how guilty I was.
And so they ruled in Connecticut
Their verdict was guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty down the line.
$965 million, or almost a billion.
But then, there were other damages and other charges they made that I was lying on air, as they found me guilty of, as the judge did, for selling products that I supposedly lied about by questioning Sandy Hook.
When the rest of the public was questioning as well, to make money.
And now the lawsuit against Kanye West, they're saying, well, he said George Floyd had enough fentanyl in the system to kill him, and the coroner said that might have killed him, which is true.
So we're going to sue you for 200 and something million, because you're making money off of it.
That's not even in the law.
But I told you, look for the judge to hit me with something even bigger.
Now, why are these numbers so large?
I said 900 and something million might as well be a trillion.
Might as well be a quadrillion or a Googleplex.
Might as well be infinity.
All money on earth, past and present.
It's meant to crush our resolve, make it sound like an insurmountable mountain decline.
Because it's a joke.
The way bankruptcy law works, the way things work, is that you've only got to pay what you got.
And guess what?
They know, because in the record discovery, they got my finances and went and did subpoenas and found out it was all true.
They know I don't have $10 million or $5 million or that fake expert they had up in Texas saying he's worth $400 million.
And off what he said about me, if you go online and type in my net worth,
I'm worth $260 million and my company is worth $140 million, which is $400 million.
And they told the jury he's worth $400 million.
And the jury later told Reuters, well, we gave 10% of his wealth to each of the plaintiffs.
There were two in Texas, so we gave them $50-something million.
They believed I had $400 million.
But I don't have $2 million cash.
Barely enough to have as our operating budget.
So it is a joke.
They made it a joke.
They made it a fraud.
And when they came out two Fridays ago, a week and a half ago, and Bloomberg reported what they asked the court for, and they did, they asked for $2.75 trillion under the Cutma Unfair Trade Practices Law.
$2.75 trillion, the biggest verdict ever by
I mean, it's just totally insane.
A hundredfold.
When you see companies that kill hundreds of thousands of people with their drugs, they pay a few billion.
I didn't kill anybody.
I just questioned something that looked synthetic and political, and so did the general public.
The public demanded I question it because it just didn't look real.
Now, that said, they put all of that out there
The $2.75 trillion, that's $2,750,000,000.
That's $2,750,000,000 for thousands and thousands and thousands of times what the previous verdict by the jury is.
The plaintiff's lawyers have asked for $2.75 trillion.
That's why I made the joke back when the first verdict was being read for a billion bucks.
I said, I expect a trillion!
I want to be number one here!
And again, that's meant to demoralize people and scare people.
I've also gotten a lot of calls and people on the street and family, you name it, going, Man, so you have hundreds of millions of dollars?
And people calling up wanting me to loan them money and stuff because still, the number is so high, people imagine, well, he's got to at least have something big for them to say that.
No, it's all a joke.
It's all chutzpah.
It's all fraud.
It's all arrogance to crush your will.
It's a joke!
It's the Wizard of Oz, man behind the curtain, projection.
And if the big wizard's 100 feet tall and that doesn't scare you, they'll make him 1,000 feet tall.
And if that doesn't scare you, he'll be a million feet tall.
But it's a projection.
It's a hologram.
It's a fraud.
Right now, I can walk out this door and go do a show in a studio that reaches the same amount of people.
But I love our infrastructure, our crew, and the special reports and things we do.
And so, we're keeping free speech on air, and we're going to continue the show, and that's the way it is!
Because under Chapter 11, Subchapter 5, Emergency Reorganization, whatever extra money we have is paid to them for five years, and everything else goes to run this operation with the crew and the rest of it.
And that's how that works.
Plus, we're appealing for two years, all that.
But we're already in bankruptcy, put our cards on the table, and we don't have any money.
That's why they knew this six months ago.
They had our own financials, but then found us in defaults and we gave them nothing.
That's why they said, just shut him down.
Our goal is to shut him down.
That was always their goal.
It's not money.
They want to shut you down.
They want to silence you.
So 2.75 trillion, that is the GDP of France.
That is the GDP of India.
The gross domestic product, that is 10 times the amount of money the US spent on World War II.
That's bigger than the COVID stimulus packages.
That's over three times bigger than the yearly Pentagon budget.
And when I laughed at it, the million dollar verdict, and then I laughed at this last week, just when I called into the show, they had headlines, Jones defies the court, arrest him, he refuses to pay the 2.75 trillion.
Well, if I get a checkbook out, and I got a million bucks,
In the bank account, and I write a check for $2.75 trillion, isn't that bouncing a check?
Isn't that a crime?
So, this is basically them just trying to run a PSYOP on people, and it's disgusting, and they just want to scare everybody else.
They're all over Twitter, all over Instagram, all over CNN, all over MSNBC, all over every single channel, saying,
We're now going to get Dinesh D'Souza.
We're now going to get Tucker Carlson.
We're now going to get everybody.
And all we got to do is say somebody hurt our feelings.
We're not going to sue Elon Musk because he tweeted, you know, was this guy really a visitor as some are saying to the House and Pelosi's.
Oh, well, now if that isn't correct, though, it is increasingly like it is.
Then he owes trillions too.
This is how they do it.
Rig courts that find you guilty, tell a jury you're guilty, and then the jury sits there and does what they're told, because they're being told by a judge, this person's guilty.
And they've so dumbed down a lot of the public, especially in blue cities, that they don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
And they don't understand that a judge isn't supposed to find you guilty.
They don't understand that the other side is supposed to put on evidence.
They just get in there and feel good and feel righteous and say, all right, we'll give you a billion dollars.
And then the lawyers are like, that's not enough.
We want $2.75 trillion. $2,750,000.
Billion dollars.
And let me just finish with this.
When they did that last week, the worm totally turned.
It went from the majority of people saying this is BS, this is targeting free speech, he didn't get a fair trial, he didn't do anything wrong, he hardly covered Sandy Hook, you guys are a fraud, to almost everyone saying we apologize, this is absolutely fraudulent, this is a total scam, this is the end of the First Amendment.
And that's what the EU is doing, threatening Elon Musk with $100 billion fines if he allows free speech on Twitter.
It's the same thing.
It's these bureaucracies, these authoritarian regimes, local, state, federal, international, coming after everybody's free speech.
So listen, we're going to stay on the air as long as the good Lord allows us, and we don't just have a plan.
It's 100%.
If we can just pay the bills, which I've told you we're close to not being able to for the last few years, with the supply chain breakdowns and the problems, then we will do the Chapter 5, we'll be out of it by February, and then, okay, any profit these guys get, which is not very much, and then they're openly saying, no, we don't want the money, we want him off air.
Well, sorry, that's not how federal law works.
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It doesn't work like that.
So all you gotta do is go to InfoWarsTore.com and get products you already need that are amazing and keep spreading the word about the broadcast that everybody's tuning into now.
It's totally backfired on them.
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I've extended and extended it because we've been so busy.
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I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore.
The enemies of humanity are obsessed with silencing us.
They know the truth about their globalist operations is exposed.
It's game over.
And all over the planet, humanity is awakening and peacefully fighting back.
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God bless and thank you all for your support.
Okay, I got a few more things I want to say about the 2.75 trillion garbage.
That's been mainly focused on war and...
Inflation, the economy imploding, open borders, pedophile drag queen time, all of it.
In the next segment, I'm going to drill into more labs in the Western world with weaponized COVID that kills 80% of humans.
That's coming up next segment ahead of Ollie Alexander joining us.
The latest on Bolsonaro, the latest on the diesel shortages.
This is going to be a jam-packed next two hours.
Judge Joe Brown's coming up and then the great Gerald Cilente.
But I wanted to speak.
I wanted to talk.
About how these globalists operate and how they're always trying to play mind games with people.
So they default me, they rig these court cases, won't let us put on evidence, have a jury in Texas say 50 million, a jury in Connecticut in a literal kangaroo court.
See you next time!
Excuse me, $2,750,000,000.
It's hard to get numbers like that right.
That is meant to demoralize you, to break your will, to think that we've got to give up, that it's all over.
It's the opposite.
It totally woke up almost everybody and blew up in their face spectacularly.
And the big Democrat Party PR firm that now admits they ran the whole show is running around like a chicken with their head cut off, saying, well, we didn't really want 2.
$7.5 trillion.
But they did ask for it.
And they've already got their quote billion, which they'll never get because I'll never make $100 million profit in my life.
Never did.
It's just insane.
And the media spends it.
You're saying you won't pay.
Yes, because I can't.
Because it's made up.
Because it's a fraud to intimidate and scare everybody.
And they know on appeal, it's going to be overturned.
So the bankruptcy's there just to show the world we don't have all this extra money.
And it's an emergency reorganization.
Then there's two years of appeals.
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So hiding in plain view is the biggest crime against humanity ever committed and they're just rolling it out there and plausibly setting up the deniability when they release.
A weaponized COVID that kills 80% of humans that come in contact with it.
And they're even telling people where the bioweapons are at universities.
So when they release it, they can claim some terrorists did it.
It's their plan.
The last three years is just a drill for when they really kill everybody.
You know Alex Jones is almost always right, folks.
We don't even mean to tell you this.
We're going to lay it all out.
Congress has warned about it.
But why is the FBI not raiding them?
Why are they not taking it to Fort Detrick and incinerating it?
Why are they not getting rid of it safely?
Why are they not arresting the people doing it?
Because the eugenics death cult is in control.
And remember, to be able to carry this out, they've got to have us off the air.
Remember, first they came for Alex Jones.
We're going to play this short special report, and then we're going to go to the biggest news ever.
Alex Jones has been ordered to pay Sandy Hook victims' families nearly one billion dollars!
A billion dollar verdict.
Almost a billion dollars in damages.
965 million dollars in damages.
965 million dollars.
A billion dollars.
100 billion dollars.
This is actually a larger warning for other liars and conspiracy theorists in our society and our politics.
It's a rebuke and a punishment that we believe, according to a lot of legal experts, will set this new precedent.
The mother of George Floyd's daughter now filing a $250 million lawsuit against Kanye West.
Kanye West made, quote, false statements about the manner of Floyd's death.
He says the family could sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress, citing the recent Alex Jones trial as an example.
Alex Jones is patient zero.
Take him out.
Now what does this mean?
Lying and conspiracy theories part of their business model or politics.
Fox News is clearly watching this closely.
They are facing this suit by Dominion Voting Systems for over a billion dollars.
You heard that right.
Billion with a capital BYE!
This is not a trial.
There was no jury trial in this case.
No judge in U.S.
history has ever told somebody what they can and can't say.
Everybody knows you're supposed to get your day in court.
Yet the one person who is being denied any day in court is Alex Jones.
Alex Jones didn't kill anybody.
You were clear in that you had a change of heart, or you believed that you were wrong, or you believed you made a mistake, which I think is admirable, and I think the fact that they want to browbeat you after that is what is so scary, and I think that people out here would do well, if you're watching, to understand that apologies do nothing with these monsters.
The whole purpose of the First Amendment is to keep the government the hell out of the business of speech.
Totally disregarded by the Connecticut courts when they decided to write their Alex Jones rule.
This judge, Barbara Nellis, is a disgrace to the rule of law, a disgrace to the judiciary, a disgrace to the justice system.
So the regime has come for Alex Jones.
They always start with Alex Jones when it comes to these things.
You don't have to be an Alex Jones fan to understand that he is most definitely being made an example of.
The law-industrial complex, in collusion with the media, can work in harmony to completely obliterate somebody financially.
That's a billion dollars for expressing an opinion, which under the prevailing Supreme Court case law, is absolutely protected.
The question is, do they really care about what Alex Jones said, or do they want to destroy Alex Jones?
Do you now believe that the First Amendment is absolute, or do you believe that the First Amendment has limitations?
I believe that the First Amendment
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
Most countries don't have that.
I think the United States is the only country that has this, right?
This enshrined freedom of speech in our highest law.
That's what they want to take away.
This is our rights being taken.
This is a Hollywood production.
I'm not saying Sandy Hook didn't have it.
I'm saying the production of what I supposedly did and how big it became and this huge event.
I'm not the Sandy Hook guy.
I'm the guy that wrote the number one best-selling book in the world, The Great Reset and the War for the World.
That's why the globalists hate me.
It's because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
The real reason they want to software is for what we do.
We expose their plans.
I told you first that they made it in the lab.
I told you that they were going to kill you with the shots.
I told you they'd bring out a world ID.
And I told you that they were developing stuff far worse.
Then the first COVID-19 they released, it was a beta test, and now they admit at Boston University a month ago, or three weeks ago, that they cooked it up in the last year that kills 80% of humans.
Well now, the reports on Infowars.com, it links to mainstream news in the UK, report potentially lethal new super strain, just like the one that they admit kills 80% of humans,
At least four labs on two continents have now constructed
Non-natural, lab-generated viruses that retain the high immune escape of Omicron and acquire higher severity than Omicron, and that, as such, are reasonably expected to increase transmission or pathogenicity in humans.
So they kind of whitewash what's happening in the UK, but it's the same mix to create the super strain that kills 80% of those that come in contact with it that was made in Boston.
Outrage as Boston University creates Omicron strain that has a 80% kill rate in humanized mice that act the same as humans.
Quite the sign a protester had.
If my dog got three rabies vaccines in a year and still got rabies, I'd start to ask questions.
Good news, the Representative Roy, Chip Roy, and colleagues call on Republican leadership to investigate CDC's politicization of COVID-19 child vaccine.
We even have Ben Shapiro coming out saying he was lied to and shouldn't have taken the shot.
Talk about a rat leaving the sinking ship.
How much money was he paid to push those lies back when he said the vaccine's 95% effective at preventing you from getting the virus and also mitigates the severity of the disease.
99% of those who actually get COVID-19 will survive.
None of that's true.
He was responding to Elijah Schaffer saying your immune system, this was two years ago, has a higher success rate at combating COVID-19 than the actual vaccine.
And he said, in other words, get the vaccine dopes.
Think of all the brainwashing and all the fear-mongering and the psychosis they put the public under when it was the shot that was going to kill you all along.
Now these are the people calling you a conspiracy theorist.
Very, very sad.
And we've got clips of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and
Rachel Maddow, all saying it's 100% effective, you should be made to take it, because if you don't take it, you can spread it to other people, but if you take the shot, you can't spread it, you're protected.
And they said, well, you're not protected, but then you can't spread it.
Oh, well, actually, you spread it more, and you're more likely to spread it and get it and get sick and die.
All of that now admitted.
Meanwhile, the Chinese government began COVID-19 vaccine research in 2019.
Oh, yeah, really?
Think so?
Bodybuilder that challenged everybody and said he was taking the vaccine to prove it was safe, died of a heart attack.
And it goes on and on and on.
The Holy Grail is a global QR code ID system where you can't leave your house, buy or sell without it.
They beta tested it in China and Australia and Canada and Italy.
And now it's coming here.
It's a big, big deal.
All right, we're going to look at the midterms with a great political analyst, a good friend of mine, Ali Alexander.
We'll also look at what's happening in Brazil.
He's been demonized for pointing out the evidence points towards this being another major steal.
We know the Biden administration was involved.
We're good to go.
Absolutely breaking their conditioning at a massive, massive accelerated rate.
So we have only begun to fight.
Infowars.com is the tip of the spear.
You are the resistance.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We just got hit with a bioweapon and now our enemies are telling us that they've cooked up weaponized strains of COVID in England and the United States that are
In major universities, it'll kill 80% of us.
This is an exterminist depopulation cult that lied to us and held us hostage until we accepted the shots.
And then as many people could be forced into it, did it.
The rest of us didn't.
And now they're hoping we just forget about what they did so they can do it again with a more deadly virus in the near future.
This is a ticking time bomb.
The entire civilization is on the edge of a precipice.
Do not forget what people like Rachel Maddow and Bill Gates and others told you that it was totally effective and would protect you when it was the opposite.
It destroys your immune system.
It makes you get sick.
It makes you die.
Remember who the real disinformation criminals are when they point their filthy fingers at us.
Here is Maddow.
Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person,
Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
If we just go faster.
So there you go.
We just submit to them.
It'll get us to the end of it.
Just take the shot.
You go back outside.
The reason I played this is we'll get into Bolsonaro and the U.S.
midterms and all that next segment.
One of the smartest political analysts I know, Ali Alexander, and also we're in the same
Class of people targeted by the Deep State for destruction because we're loyal Americans.
How vindicated are you and I and others, and it's not about being vindicated, it's about we were right, people better listen to us, about how deadly these shots were, how it wouldn't work, and how discredited is the political system with all the numbers from around the world coming in that establishment, big pharma, UN-connected leftists are reviled everywhere
At an accelerated rate and their whole attempted COVID takeover backfired on them in my view.
What is your view on the state of the world and just the trust the people have for the system?
Because I think, in fact I know, it's completely gone.
Yeah, I think that we're in Act Three of their play.
I think that they intend, by any means necessary, to usher in a Great Reset.
Like I said, I think that we're going to experience a crash, not just a market crash, not just a famine, but maybe a World War Three.
And how we bounce back from that, how we equip our neighbors with calls to get back to the basics instead of like a new, new deal, you know, an international new deal.
That is how humanity survives.
So when I'm looking at all these crises, I've never seen a greater opportunity to wake up people to stand against the elites in a peaceful and patriotic way.
And I welcome the contrast.
I mean, the hour is late, but I welcome the contrast.
And we are entirely vindicated.
An illegitimate election led to massive inflation, the rise in food prices, an energy crisis that is going to kill Europeans, and like I said, the potential of a nuclear war.
And now they're doing the same thing in Brazil so that they can collapse South America and hand it over to the CCP.
We'll talk about that next segment and how you're being demonized for pointing that out by Business Insider and other establishment mouthpieces.
But pulling back, the globalists admit they need all these crises to bring in their new world government, their new cash flow society, their new universal basic income based on the CCP, as you rightfully say.
How do you think
Their attempt at imposing this Great Reset is going.
From my perspective, it's not going well, but that's only making them double down that much harder, which makes the situation that much more explosive.
Yeah, that's my analysis too, is that I, and I've said this before, we're dealing with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these kind of malevolent oligarchs, but at least those oligarchs were competent as they were redrawing the world and dividing and conquer.
These people like Boris Johnson and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Barack Obama,
I agree.
You know, good faith liberals, which is frankly dwindling, they're under attack from the Marxists and Progressives, the Antifa, and frankly now, you know, out and out Luciferians doing unbaptisms.
You know, it's remarkable that they're revealing their hand.
And people are waking up and we're using the internet to communicate what their plans are.
So I agree with your analysis exactly is they are being defeated.
We are winning.
We are pushing back.
We are developing martyrs, unfortunately, on our side.
But that's causing them to double down.
And I have said, I've declared in December, they're going to push for a false flag so that an aid package for Ukraine is actually proposed under the speakership of McCarthy, not Pelosi.
Because they need to cook and compromise
McCarthy and a bunch of Republicans early.
This way it cuts off Donald Trump and he's having to run against his own party effectively in the narrative.
And so look for a false flag in December because January and February they are going to do a coup d'etat with the narrative.
I've also noticed that the left, major think tanks, Democratic Party groups now admit they ran the whole Sandy Hook show trials against us.
They are in full panic mode to get us off air, but not just us.
To get everybody, because they know if we're here challenging the narrative, if you're there, it's game over.
That's why listeners have to really let it sink in, that you have all the power.
Only listeners and viewers can take our information, Ali Alexander's information, Steve Bannon's information, Roger Stone's information, Donald Trump's information, and get it past the censors.
You're doing a great job.
Text messages, emails, word of mouth, take clips, re-upload them yourself.
Realize that whether you reach 10 people or a million, it's changing the world and keep doing it, and understand you've got to send people to our URLs.
Hey, Alex Jones is still on air!
Oh, really?
I want to hear what he has to say!
And we're getting massive new numbers of new people tuning in.
And also, support Oli Alexander and his great work and the shows he does.
Find him on Telegram, t.me forward slash Oli Alexander, olialexander.org, and Gibsongo.com forward slash Oli Alexander, because he's been through hell.
He was the only guy that had the courage to go and not take the fifth, which was a smart move, I think, for myself.
But he eloquently exposed the whole fraud, that it wasn't a staged event, and the grand jury knew that was the truth.
He went before the grand jury, everything.
So, Ollie, you just did an excellent job telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and you did just a superlative job, my friend.
Well, I really appreciate that.
You know, and I was talking with a mutual friend today, you know, Jason Jones, and he said, you know, tell Alex he was right.
He was right.
He was right.
And only Bob Marley beat him to describing what we are actually facing.
And I'm just happy to be in the foxhole with you, with InfoWars and the InfoWarriors who are spreading these links, spreading our messages, funding our legal defenses, buying products, and we're winning and they're losing.
That's right, and by the way, I was listening to Bob Marley again the other day.
I was on a Bob Marley Jag, and I'm like, this guy was Alex Jones before I was born!
We'll be right back.
It's a powerful song.
He goes in to talk about the technocracy and the scientific elite wanting to kill humanity and destroy our children.
Every song's poetry.
We're the survivors.
All right.
Ali Alexander is definitely a survivor.
For the balance of this hour, I'm trying to give you the floor, my friend.
Get into the midterms here.
Bolsonaro, I mean, they're saying they're going to arrest Bolsonaro if he lost and people are having to flee now.
Will he stand and fight?
Will the military stand against the election fraud?
We know that there's a lot of evidence of that.
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's quite amazing, right?
Because here you have a headline that doesn't really match the story and certainly doesn't match the source material which you can find at my Telegram and my Truth Social account and, you know, Gab and all the other social networks that haven't kicked me off.
These are patriot networks, but all I called for is what Brazil's constitution allows and really compels.
We don't understand it here in America, but because the judiciary and socialists and Marxists and other military crews have happened in South America, it's developed very differently.
And the Brazilian constitution allows and gives the military kind of oversight power at balancing the checks and the balances between the various branches of government.
For example, even have like a court system there that has a military arm, a Praetorian Guard of sorts.
And so what we have is that the national military there needs to conduct an audit.
Apparently they've already done a report
On the previous, the first round of election, this was round two, and they haven't released it yet.
And so all I called for was a simple audit.
And that is that the AP, the Associated Press, and you know, kind of the Anglosphere's intelligence agencies, they don't get to certify elections.
Government-certified elections, and that includes the military.
So I called for a peaceful military intervention.
I did not call for a military violent coup.
The press knows this, and yet they ran it on Yahoo, they ran it on AOL, they ran it on Business Insider, and then they used a bot army against me.
It's the State Department and the CIA using a bot army on Elon Musk's Twitter to amplify, you know, these
Let me stop you.
We said that years ago when Obama left.
Stay Behind Network's in there under Trump and with millions in funding.
They now admit that even when Trump was in and now under Biden, they are have the CIA and State Department coordinating with big tech on how to censor.
Totally illegal.
Totally, totally illegal.
And Alex, while I was prepping for your show, right before, I think right when I was coming live, The Intercept dropped a piece.
I'm telling you, you know, this lid is about to blow wide open, okay?
You know, I think that there need to be people like you, and need to be people like me, who are dismissed from Twitter, and we tell Elon Musk, we're not looking for a financial remedy, we're simply looking for evidence
That's good.
We know that they were.
We know that DHS was involved in this, just like they were involved in Brazil.
You know, you wouldn't believe it, and I've outlined this in my piece at the Gateway Pundit, that you didn't have mid-level deputies or managers with the Biden administration getting involved with the Brazil election, and they've been involved for months and months and months.
You had the CIA director, you had the Secretary of Defense, you had our National Security Advisor,
I think so.
Or arrest Bolsonaro.
And so I'm very glad that the president, the legitimate president of Brazil, has not conceded.
He has met with political advisors, lawyers, and yes, he's meeting with the military to assess what options need to be done to safeguard constitutionally and peacefully the integrity of the actual vote there in Brazil.
Now the reason obviously they came out and twisted what you said is they're always putting out the narrative that we wanted a coup on January 6 and that we're calling for coups.
It was Pelosi and all the Democrats on the news saying we're going to have the military remove Trump.
We have all the Peter Strzok emails.
They said we're not going to accept the election if Trump does get elected.
So they're the ones pushing violence, the mostly peaceful protest.
I mean, it's a copy and paste like nothing I've ever seen, Alex.
Not only did they, for months and months and months, this international order put pressure on Bolsonaro, which was intended to affect middle-of-the-road swing voters, right?
But they also decided to subvert him with this narrative meme saying, well, he might do a coup.
How are you going to be the head of state and organize a coup?
How are you going to say that there's a coup when you really have a lawless court there in Brazil and all these elites against Bolsonaro and the people?
Bolsonaro had larger rallies than Trump.
They're the largest rallies I've ever seen in my adult life.
You know, maybe the largest rallies ever.
And he's very wildly popular.
And it looks like, again, they use an algorithm.
They used an algorithm, maybe we'll talk about that next segment, that all we want, all we're doing is calling for an audit.
By the way, the Brazilian Constitution says that you need your elections to be transparent, the people need to have confidence.
And that's where I'm going next with Bolsonaro, or Bolasenaro, as you pronounce it correctly.
What do you think he's going to do next?
Well, look, what I think that he needs to do is he needs to choose not to die.
Sure, just like Venezuela.
If the communists get in this time, they're never going to have a real election again.
Never, never.
And they're going to kill and arrest opposition leaders.
I mean, what we're watching is actually a coup, actually a coup against the Brazilian people, against sovereign states.
They want who?
They want the World Economic Forum.
They want the UN to have control over Brazil and take away the one bright light in South America.
And I think that this positions us very, very, very poorly going forward.
And by the way, you're not just saying that.
The UN is hopping mad that he wouldn't do forced injections to keep the lockdowns going so they're trying to get war crime charges against him for crimes against humanity.
It's entirely what their agenda is and they've said it and they're bragging about it just like after the 2020 election in Time magazine they said oh we fortified the election, we fortified the election.
Claims that they had previously said that we were conspiracists for
Alex, again, there's these weird things happening with the winner, again, just like we saw in America.
Lula has small rallies, Bolsonaro has large rallies, and then we see that there's violence in the street by the winning party?
Why are there these BLM Antifa-like looting and arsons happening if their guy won?
There's these powerful videos of jail cells and prisons with them screaming Lula's name.
And so it's a very dark day for sovereign states.
For free citizens and, you know, actual elections that matter.
All right, Ali Alexander, let's look at U.S.
elections only eight days away, when we return with one of the smartest political analysts out there, Ali Alexander.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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Back to Ali Alexander.
All right, let's get in to the domestic side, the diesel running out on the 19th.
Yeah, so, you know, this cycle is interesting, as you pointed out.
You know, you and I have faced tremendous
A law fair by the Biden administration and our federal government.
And so this is the first cycle in my career where I'm not actually working a race.
And it's a little bittersweet, but it also means that I'm not pressing my sources in the more than 35 states that I've worked in.
I think?
We're good.
No, I agree, but why did the Saudis slap down Biden?
Well, I think that the Saudis do not want a Democrat-controlled D.C., quite frankly.
Please continue.
Yeah, so I mean, effectively, I think that, you know, instead of artificially lowering the prices of gas for the Bidens, you know, the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are tearing apart this world.
You know, it's only a matter of time before Taiwan falls and I'm pretty confident that Taiwan is going to fall.
We're going to see a false flag endorsed by the Western world that Zelensky does and
I don't think that the Saudis think that they can be as prosperous in a world that is split between allies and Axis again.
And what you said is so key, because take Trump.
He made the U.S.
the number one energy exporter overnight, stood up to the Saudis, made them lower prices, but they respected that because they saw overall global prosperity.
They respected someone actually talking to them as equals instead of all the sneakiness and manipulation of the Obama, you know, whole New World Order system.
That's exactly right, Alex.
And he built a win-win.
Not only did the Saudi royal family start diversifying some of their investments, they put a lot of money in the United States.
They more normalized relationships with other countries.
So they bet on America, and I'm not lionizing him, it's true.
They bet on America, and now they see Biden betting against their investment.
They're pissed.
Yeah, they are pissed.
And so, you know, I mean, imagine this when you're not allowed to export oil to half the world, or you're in these agreements to track down terror funding.
And then the Biden administration is actually going to use that to hurt, you know, Russia and hurt other countries that are taking a neutral stance towards what the conflict that's happening
And Ukraine's civil war and their war with Russia.
So, you know, it's a complicated world out there right now.
And I always tell people, look, you know, none of these countries are my brothers.
I'm America first.
But where we can find allies for any given amount of time, I'm going to look for allies.
That's why I'm passionate about what's happening in Brazil.
That's why I look at the Saudis as allies right now.
I'm glad, frankly, for example, like Israel.
Although they're on this Ukraine narrative, they're not giving Ukraine the weapons that Ukraine wants, and thereby it's not escalating the conflict.
I was about to say, they see where the escalation goes.
Netanyahu was on TV last week and he said, this leads to nuclear war, this has got to stop.
Even the Pope says that.
Yeah, even the Pope says that.
And Putin has reached out to the Pope and he wants to do some mediation with the Pope.
And I think that there's a tremendous opportunity.
Look, I'm not a fan of the Pope.
I'm not a fan of what Ukraine is doing.
I'm not, you know, I'm not a Putin shill.
But what's happening is so bad that even Israel and the Pope don't want this.
And so look, I think that there are some nefarious players like the Pope and like Israel.
But look, we all got to be rowing together and everyone is standing against the Biden administration.
And that's a good thing.
When our opponents and our enemies and people that we don't normally get along with are standing and saying, you know what, the Biden regime is effectively illegitimate on the world stage.
That is good for the American people.
It's going to be good for us in the midterms.
So what were the globalists thinking doing this?
No, I agree.
Because everything they're touching turns to crap now.
I think you hit it two segments ago.
It causes them to double down, and what we really want, and this is my theory and I'm curious about yours, is I've always been under this since 2020, is that we must spiritually defeat them, we must politically defeat them, and we have other options, if necessary, but aren't options right now.
What that means is that then they go away for 50 years or they go away for 100 years and then they reimplement their plan.
And so I think we have a real chance, Alex, at pushing away the globalists for a century.
And this this next 10 years really determines a lot.
This next 10 years determines the next millennia.
What else is on your radar?
I totally agree.
Well, look, I think that I'm concerned about the fraud, though.
Republicans have not, in any red state, taken out the Dominion machines.
I would have done that if I was an elected Republican or if I was the RNC chair.
Unfortunately, Trump endorsed all of these people.
And so these people aren't serving the public.
Trump has to kind of go along to keep allies because he's being persecuted.
In Pennsylvania, they're sending out ballots.
They're sending out double ballots in some cases to registered voters who don't even live there.
They've codified the pandemic rules, and so there are drop-off boxes and universal mailing of registered voters.
I think that that's going to put us two or three points behind what we're currently polling, and we're only polling in that U.S.
Senate seat there two points ahead.
I think in Nevada they'll give us the governor's race, which I'm not a fan of that rhino.
But they'll try to take away the U.S.
Senate seat.
So there might be some disappointment on election night, but I think that we'll see Hershel Walker in Georgia outperform his polling.
We're safe in Ohio.
I'm not a fan of Dr. Oz, and personally I wouldn't vote for him, but I understand that a lot of
I'll say this, Fetterman is worse.
Fetterman is a Satanist.
And so, you know, Patriots have a tough choice to make there.
So I think that Dr. Oz will also perform.
By the way, Fetterman really is a Satanist.
That guy is super evil.
I've looked into him.
Right, and I was the first person to say it, even though people are trying to take credit for it now.
They don't plan to have him serve out a full term.
They plan to give his seat to his wife, who's even worse than he is.
And so, we're watching a full... Think about this.
Again, I was on the phone with our mutual friend Jason Jones last night, and I said,
We now live in democracies without the consent of the people.
What is that?
He said, well, it's not a democracy at all.
You know, it's a meme.
It's effectively a meme.
And all we're calling for, I think you and I are calling for, is, you know, if the public wants to go left or the public wants to go right, there ought to be a fair debate, not a censored debate, not a deplatformed debate.
We exchange the ideas.
We go to the ballot box.
It's transparent.
We're able to audit it.
And then we go that way and we see if it works.
And if it doesn't, then we go another way.
That's all we want in a constitutional republic.
How big is this Pelosi thing?
We're clear there's two men in their underwear in the bedroom with hammers.
He said he knew the guy when they got there.
Now they're trying to change the subject.
What does that mean?
And then DeSantis Trump with this growing rift.
Is that real or what do you see on that?
Final segment with Ali Alexander.
You can find his website and all his links there at alialexander.org.
He's heavily censored and persecuted.
Didn't back down.
He deserves our support.
We'll come right back and finish up with him and then Judge Joe Brown will cover the waterfront straight ahead.
Hour number three.
Stay with us.
Final segment with Ali Alexander.
Judge Joe Brown's coming up.
Ali, you heard my questions before the break.
This Pelosi situation, what do you really think's going on there?
And then separately, this whole Trump-DeSantis rift, what's happening there?
Yeah, I think with the Pelosi situation, we're seeing an exaggerated hoax.
This is an attempt to obviously paint the Republicans as domestic terrorists or naturally violent or whatever.
Nevermind that, you know, because we were going to repeal Obamacare, they had a Democrat activist, a Democrat campaign volunteer, go down and gun down Steve Scalise and in his pocket,
He had the names of the House Freedom Caucus, the most conservative members of Congress.
Never mind that, you know, that was a thing.
So I think that this is a hoax.
I'm looking forward to digging into it.
I've talked to some other people.
There's going to be FOIA requests that obtain the body cam footage.
And so I'm following this pretty closely, you know, in public.
There's great reporting at InfoWars.com, great reporting at TheGatewayPundit.com.
I hate to say this, the American public doesn't care!
About the domestic violence that's happening because it's mainly been left-wing quite frankly and so the left normalized it and now they're trying to accuse us of it while people are paying a hundred a hundred and ten dollars to fill up their tanks.
They're looking at the prospect of a of a World War three and getting you know supplements to make sure that they can survive you know radiation poisoning.
So, quite frankly, people don't care about domestic disputes or, you know, whatever is actually happening there.
And so I think that it was a hit and a miss.
It was a wrap-up smear by Nancy Pelosi.
That's my view on the Pelosi situation.
What about the reports that are all over the news of an imminent indictment of Trump after the midterms?
And how does that feed into DeSantis?
Don't buy it.
It's kind of weird.
Just like right before the 2020 election, I went to my viewers and I said, for the first time ever, as someone who doesn't guess but tries to forecast events or have no opinion, my head is telling me something different than my spirit.
And this is, again, the second time for it ever to happen.
You know, my head for some reason is telling me that Donald Trump will not be indicted, that the deep state overplayed its hand, and yet my gut, you know, where maybe there's a little bit of fear, says he will be indicted.
But I think that this recent leak
Is actually a push, an internal push by mid-level managers or investigators to try to get him indicted and their desperation is actually a good sign for Donald Trump.
Look, I've said this, you know, I was talking to you about this last year when a lot of people were telling me like, oh, this is going to go away soon.
This is going to go away soon.
I said, I think this is the next two or three years of our life.
And I strongly suspect that they're trying to set up Donald Trump for either a process crime or process crime and then an immediate pardon by Joe Biden to taint him.
And so we're looking at a very complex international coup, whether it's in Brazil, whether it's in the United States, whether it's in the UK.
We're seeing a lot of people with their grubby hands into it.
I'm praying that Donald Trump isn't indicted because of what it will do in breaking this country.
It'll be worse than Watergate.
It'll be, frankly, worse than the Civil War.
And I say that as a black man.
And we can't afford for it.
If they're going to beat Donald Trump, beat him fair and square.
Ron DeSantis and his donors
They're hedging.
They're saying, well, there's a good chance that Donald Trump is going to get indicted, so why don't we wait in the wings?
I think this is sacrificing a little bit of party unity.
But months and months and months ago, I told you, look, I hope that these men sharpen each other.
I hope that Donald Trump sharpens DeSantis' critique against the deep state.
And I hope that DeSantis sharpens Donald Trump on these poison jabs.
Perfectly said.
Absolutely superb.
That is exactly my view of it.
All I know is the general public's the real arbiter here or the real unknown.
The people are engaged and informed and don't take this election for granted and get out there and vote and expose corruption.
We're going to win.
Ollie Alexander, thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you, buddy.
We're doing live election night coverage.
Hopefully you'll join us.
We're going to go until two in the morning coming up next week.
Eight days until the key election.
Judge Joe Brown's schedule.
We'll cover the waterfront with him.
Always amazing.
Stay with us in full wars dot com.
Once a tragedy reaches a level of national significance, American citizens should be allowed to basically question that event in any way that they deem fit.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
I studied the globalists 30 years ago, but only 28 years, and I knew they were planning all of this.
And I warned the public, as a modern Paul Revere.
But I couldn't have done it without your support.
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I've seen the Democratic Party playing down fentanyl, which we know in the blue cities, as I've witnessed it for myself in L.A.
and other areas, they're telling the police to stand down on what's killing over 100,000 people a year we know of.
And here's Jimmy Kimmel making jokes about fentanyl and making fun of Herschel Walker, acting like fentanyl's no big deal.
This makes me want to throw up.
So last night Jimmy Kimmel did a skit on kids and
People have passed away and died from fentanyl.
So distasteful.
People are cancelled on TV for ridiculous things.
This guy's joking about a pandemic, epidemic of deaths in this country by fentanyl in this country.
And I don't see where the humor is from.
Disgusting what he's done, what he said, and there's somebody that should be cancelled.
I'm talking about the death of my daughter and other people that are suffering in this country for the last couple of years with 300 deaths or better a day.
Thanks everybody.
I appreciate it.
Now, let's talk about evil.
They knew that the COVID shots would erase your immune system, give you heart attacks, and make you get sick from COVID.
Everything they said was a lie.
But how long has this been going on?
If you go back to the two anthrax rounds they did in the 90s and in 2000, it conservatively, Congress found, killed over 40,000 people.
That was a beta test to see if this criminal group in our government could kill that many people and then get away with it.
And since they got away with it, now they've scaled up with the shots that have killed, conservatively, 10 million people.
And it's gonna kill more.
But let's talk about chemotherapy that almost never works, and almost always brings the cancer back, and that the doctors get kickbacks from.
Well, the doctors also got kickbacks if they said you were a COVID patient.
If they put you on a ventilator, they got 50 plus thousand dollars.
It's a bounty to kill people, and they're just
Ratcheting up and expanding the level of these operations to have the institutions be mercenary to carry out these crimes and have the doctors and scientists who know COVID was a fraud made in the lab, who know the shots are deadly, go along with all of this and be corrupted.
And now as it all comes out, they're involved in the cover-up, further corrupting them.
Here's a clip of a well-known doctor I've interviewed many times laying out what really happens with chemotherapy.
Talk about cancer a little bit.
Various types out there.
What are some of the things that you've seen in terms of your patients and what some of the things that you've been able to do?
A better thing to talk about in relationship to... Well, I will talk about that, right?
A better thing to talk about, however, is the relationship between profits and cancer in the United States.
There was a study that was published, I believe it was in 1994.
It was a 12-year program, 12-year study.
They looked at adults who had developed cancer as an adult, not childhood cancer, but adult cancer, right?
And this is the main types of cancer that we get here in the United States.
They did a meta-analysis of these people all around the world who developed cancer as adults for 12 years and were treated with chemo.
And they looked at the results.
And they published the results in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
And the results?
97% of the time chemotherapy does not work.
97% of the time it doesn't work.
So why is it still used?
It's one reason and one reason only.
If you go to a medical doctor, an MD, with a sinus infection, and that doctor prescribes an antibiotic, he gets no financial kickback.
Now, if he prescribes 5,000, you know, of that antibiotic in one month, the drug company that makes it might send him to Cancun for a conference, right?
But he gets no direct remuneration.
It's not with chemotherapeutic drugs.
It's different.
Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs that the prescribing doctor gets a direct cut of.
So if your doctor prescribes chemotherapy for you, here's how it goes, more or less.
The doctor buys it from the pharmaceutical company for $5,000, sells it to the patient for $12,000, insurance pays $9,000, and the doctor pockets the $4,000 difference.
And there ought to be a law.
The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it.
It doesn't work.
97% of the time.
If Ford Motor Company made an automobile that exploded 97% of the time, would they still be in business?
This is the tip of the iceberg of the control that the pharmaceutical industry has on us.
Most people have no idea of this at all now.
I wrote a book
It's called the M.D.
Emperor Has No Gloves, right?
In my book, I have a bulleted list of ten questions that every cancer patient should ask their doctor.
Ten questions.
I've had patients kicked out, literally, kicked out of the oncologist's office because the doctor was P.O.'
'd that the patient was asking them these questions.
These are just common sense questions.
Cancer treatment in the United States, we have lost the war on cancer.
We have lost the war on cancer.
Because cancer is not a reductionistic phenomenon.
Cancer is a holistic phenomenon.
And when you try to bring a reductionistic methodology like drugs and surgery to bear on a holistic phenomenon, you will completely miss the boat each and every time.
You cannot do it.
Medical doctors are like colorblind art critics.
They can see that that's a boat.
They can see the black and white outline, but they're completely blind to all of the colors and textures that make up the substance of the thing.
There's no difference with cancer.
The reason that
People get cancer in the United States, and the reason that we have completely lousy outcomes is because medical doctors are driving the research bus.
When women get together and do a 5K run for breast cancer, all of that money, do you think any of that money goes to nutritional research?
Do you think any of that money goes to homeopathic research, or acupuncture, or traditional Chinese medicine, or naturopathic research?
All of it goes to drugs and surgery, which do not work!
Now why aren't those women running for selenium?
If every girl in this country took 200 micrograms of selenium, in one generation we'd eliminate breast cancer by 82%.
That's a big number.
Why aren't we doing that?
Because medicine in the United States is a for-profit industry.
And most people are completely unaware of this.
And most people bow down to the altar of MD-directed high-tech.
I haven't interviewed him in years.
I'm gonna get him back on.
So, they're just upping the scale of the cancer industry and all these other scams they run with COVID.
Of course they know the shot doesn't work, except it makes you sicker.
It's deliberate.
Do some of the doctors not know what they're part of?
And the ones that do know what's happening, like Dr. Peter McCullough, who's done 600 major studies, run FDA major trials, one of the top cardiologists in America, they're trying to strip him of his medical license because he said the shots won't work and they're dangerous, which is all proven correct.
But they can't have him celebrated.
They can't have him proven right.
No, they've got to punish him and say the doctor that said this is bad is being sued and lost his medical license.
You gotta, you have to rally around the people the enemy's attacking and we've been proven right.
Dr. Peter McCullough's flying in Saturday.
We're in a special two-hour broadcast with him next Saturday.
We'll be right back with a ton of breaking news and so much more.
Please stay with us.
Gonna fly!
Freebird, yeah!
Gotta sing a suspicion.
Heaven sounds like this just about a trillion times better.
All the angels playing.
Best part just keeps cranking up right here.
Right into infinity.
Gotta love that hillbilly music.
Just add a guitar.
Or two or three.
All right, let me get really serious here.
This is
Absolutely wild, but it's what we knew was going on.
But it's all being externalized.
It's not being hidden anymore.
We know Obama put several billion dollars in a stay-behind network when Trump got elected, countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act, which was then used by the agencies domestically to attack the American people and censor and control.
And then it was Democrat, deep state, stay-behind groups.
That then coordinated all the attacks and disinformation and election fraud that we then witnessed after that.
And we know that groups like G2, that's a so-called international credit agency based in Boston and others, that have been running the establishment of a secret social credit score operation.
And then now it's coming out that under Obama and even under Trump, because he wasn't running it, it was a rogue group, and then now under Biden it's expanded, that they have the State Department, the CIA, the big banks, with legacy media, they're seen as the professionals, surveilling even your private messages and email.
If you're on Google Mail or using Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you name it.
So they're illegally spying on you, not just the NSA, but they're illegally spying on you, and then they farm out to the minions at the big tech companies who to go and shut down.
It's incredible.
So now the Intercept just came out with a huge bombshell report, truth cops, with these FOIA requests that were honored.
And in it, what's going on?
You have the Department of Homeland Security,
Working with Legacy Dinosaur Media and other federal agencies and JPMorgan Chase and others, surveilling your email, your Twitter, your Facebook, your Google, your bank account, where these leftist activists are given access to everything.
This is just a scandal beyond anything ever known.
No wonder they're so arrogant, because they've got a bunch of leftist SJWs that went and got their college degree and were invoked into the cult of absolute criminal activity.
And they're just normalizing, okay, yeah, we read your email, we read your private messages, and we watch your bank accounts, and we're gonna put you in a frickin' FEMA camp, because the head of the ADL said so, and don't be against that, or you're a Nazi, you're going to a camp, you're taking a forced shot, we're censoring you, or you're Hitler, you're Hitler, you're Hitler, you know, they're the ones that act just like Hitler.
And they've got the emails, they've got the text messages, they've got it all, where DHS is coordinating with the private sector to attack the American people criminally.
It's all coming out.
And then you've got the head of the ADL threatening Elon Musk over the weekend in a letter saying, we want Trump banned, we want Alex Jones banned, and if you do not ban them, we will get you.
And we have the head of the EU coming out over the weekend and saying, we'll criminally charge you, Musk.
We're not just going to spy on people and censor them.
We're going to control and we're going to organize people to attack them.
The left is in control of the technocracy, run by big banks, and they're here to hurt us.
And they will.
If we don't recognize what criminals they are and completely break with them and realize how deep we are in this.
Left-wing EU Commissioner warns Musk, the bird will fly by our rules.
Threatens criminal and civil charges, billions in fines, if they don't follow their rules to censor.
Questioning elections.
Questioning lockdowns.
Questioning forced injections.
Questioning open borders.
Questioning repla- anything!
Because the truth is, Musk, if he's for real, is about to find out how they're in there running it all.
Government agencies, private contractors, leftist groups.
They kind of let the cat out of the bag about three years ago.
They had Humpty Dumpty up there, Brian Stelter on his weekend show, Reliable Sources, with Oliver Darcy.
And they said, yes, we've banned him on all these things, but we're checking with Facebook to see if he has a WhatsApp and to see if he's using it.
Next week they go, well, we found out Alex Jones does not have a WhatsApp.
So, they call up Facebook.
Facebook goes and checks.
It goes, no, Jones isn't on that.
They do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
That's who they are.
And they think they're going to beat us.
They have all the money and all the systems, but everybody hates them.
Everybody knows they're scum.
So I want to play this clip, and I've got to get this living legend back on the show soon, G. Edward Griffin.
We're good to go.
In 1943, the following directive was issued from party headquarters to all communists in the United States.
When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as fascist, or Nazi, or anti-semitic, and use the prestige of anti-fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them.
In the public mind, constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.
The association will, after enough repetition, become fact in the public mind.
And that is exactly where we are today.
And they know they need to cut you off from God to be purely evil, so there's no
We're good to go.
I played yesterday, when we come back, and then the new clips, where I said, hey, at least Paul Pelosi was having, you know, weird S&M sex with a man.
There were no kids there.
The police report, 9-1-1 tape, they go in, draw guns, they're beating each other with hammers in their underwear in a bedroom.
That's what really happened.
Got a little out of hand.
I said, well, at least there wasn't a kid involved.
Oh, sorry.
Unknown person opened the door.
Unknown person let them in.
Who's the unknown person?
Well, Paul Pelosi's attacker, nudist ex-lover, is pedophile who bought sex dolls for their sons and is in jail for raping children.
So, the police show up late last week at one of the Pelosi compounds in San Francisco.
And they suppress what really went on there.
We're told a Trump supporter, hours after it happened, broke in and said, where's Nancy and did all this.
But then we have the 9-1-1 tape already aired a couple times.
We're not going to air it again.
And the police are like, we told he knows him.
His name is David.
He's a friend.
They're in the bedroom.
They're in their underwear with hammers beating each other when the police come in.
That's the police report, the police press conference.
So, two dudes in a bedroom in their underwear beating each other with hammers.
An unknown person let them in.
They won't say who that person is.
And then they go into overdrive to demonize anybody, threaten to sue anybody that talks about it, but it's too late now.
Just like with the Hunter Biden laptop and the rest of it.
So I said on the Sunday show last night, I said, well, at least no children were involved.
Well, Paul Pelosi's attacker, nudist ex-lubber,
Who the media talked to and got involved, who he lived with for a decade, is a pedophile who ran porn sites, all sorts of weird stuff, all sorts of psychedelic institutes, and who got arrested for stalking and trying to sexually pick up 14-year-old boys and bought sex dolls for their sons to use.
That's David DePapa's progressive lover.
So that's who he was set in the records as living with.
You gotta look into this.
But it's just par for the course with these people.
But don't worry, Rob Reiner claims Trump directly responsible for attack on Paul Pelosi calls for indictment.
They're calling for Elon Musk to be arrested for questioning what's happening.
That's the left now.
They go, just like Alex Jones, sue him or arrest him.
You can't question anything we're doing.
And this guy is in all these photos and videos at nudist colonies where children are.
What a group of creeps.
And as I've said over and over again, the big bad wolf doesn't come at the little kid as a big bad wolf.
In that parable, children were always taught to not get molested or assaulted or raped or killed.
He dresses up like grandma.
The serial killer pedophile dresses like a woman in the famous European archetype.
And we got all these videos in Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, it's the same cult, of men dressed up like women going after children at playgrounds as their disguise.
Or now the new thing is as babies.
So here's footage.
Grown man who identifies as a baby gets kicked out of a children's park approaching children.
I'm going to play this clip because that's how they dress as women or they dress as children.
And the argument by the left is, well, if you identify as a child, well, you can be a child.
And you heard the head of Spain's cultural federal agency say, well, children should have sex with adults.
It's a good thing.
Played that a month ago.
So this is a pedophile cult that wants our children.
But the wolf likes to dress up like a child or like a woman so they're not as threatening to the little girls and boys.
So here's the footage of a grown man who identifies as a baby gets kicked out of Children's Park.
Wearing a diaper and a onesie.
This is in the UK.
And they're told this is their identity.
This is who they are.
That's what this is all about.
But this guy is...
Less of a threat than the school teachers giving bounties and the school nurses giving bounties.
If they convince your seven-year-old or five-year-old to get on the fast track to having their breasts or genitals cut off, then it's liberal and loving.
Here's Laura Logan talking about why they're really coming after our children and why they're obsessed with hurting children, period.
That's their goal.
Here it is.
Because one of the things I asked him is I said, I don't, I get it, but I don't get it.
The children.
I still have such a problem with this.
You've got to explain this one to me.
And he said, well, first of all, you're looking at it the wrong way.
I said, what do you mean?
And he said, well, they don't define children the way you do.
They don't define the world the way you do.
The choices that you face are not their choices.
They look at it completely differently.
And I said, well, okay, so how do they look at it?
And he said, for them, everything is defined by their one fundamental, all-consuming purpose.
I said, which is what?
He said, to defeat God.
Because this is the moment, I mean, for them, it's about the real God.
The true gods are them and Satan.
They're, right?
And so he said,
Children are the closest thing on earth to God, because we are created in the image of God.
And as you know, from the moment we're created, we haven't had time to, you know, to be corrupted and destroyed.
So for them, the younger you are, the closer you are to God, the more pain
They can inflict on God.
So the more you can make a baby or a small child suffer, the greater your victory over God.
And that is the only consideration for them.
Outside of that doesn't exist.
And that's why Auntie becomes out-armed when little kids are brought in to give money, in many cases, to convicted pedophiles that steal their laps.
It's a ritual of abomination.
The full video is on InfoWars.com.
Auntie Grimmer activist assaulted when he crashes.
Drag queen pedophile time.
Why is it necessary to give money to a stripper?
Why is it necessary to give money to a stripper?
Why is it necessary to give money to a stripper?
That's Matt Baker, the great patriot in San Diego.
Now they start assaulting him and shoving him out.
As they have a stage, an offering to the God, a man dresses a woman with children giving him offerings.
These people are unbelievably evil.
Yeah, what about history speech?
We need these grown men that are there being part of this.
We know where the evil's at.
It's at these events, folks.
Don't be violent.
Just expose them.
And don't stop.
We're gonna beat them.
They can't help their hunger to go after innocents and hurt the children.
We'll have him on the show tomorrow.
All right.
Judge Joe Brown's always great.
We had him scheduled.
I don't know what happened.
Maybe confusion on the day.
He'll be with us soon.
But that's okay, because I was kind of happy he was here, but I almost canceled him today because I had all this news to hit.
So when we come back...
I want to talk about the war and Ukraine and these drones they're attacking Russian ships with and the grain shipments being cut off and how that ties into diesel.
And more on Elon Musk.
Is he really running Twitter?
Is he really censoring people?
There was a big purge of conservatives over the weekend.
People were saying Elon Musk did it.
Well, I know who did it.
I don't know if Elon Musk is a good guy or not, but I know it obviously wasn't him.
The left's throwing a fit that he's trying to take control, so they're trying to get their legs in while they still can.
So that's all coming up on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
And we're only running two more days and it's over.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Isn't it interesting you can't swing a stick around these Democrats and not hit a pedophile?
Nudist ex-lover of Paul Pelosi, attacker of a female pedophile in jail for activities against children.
What a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty group of people.
They want our innocence.
They want our future.
They want our children.
And now, we have Russian strikes intensifying, knocking out power in most of Ukraine.
It's not Russia held.
And you have Western powers openly talking about nuclear war in the Pentagon last week, saying, well, we now reserve the right for first strike in a non-nuclear conflict.
We'll hit the targets we want with noose, which then escalates the doomsday clock up even further.
Why are the big central banks doing this?
Because they're losing control.
They know their Ponzi scheme's coming to an end.
The bubble's bursting.
And if anything, they're bold.
They're planning even more crises to get us in line.
And anybody that serves this system that is predatory and destroying all of us is insane.
Much of Ukraine capital without power and water after new Russian airstrikes.
Much of Ukrainian capital and the rest of the countries without electricity or water after the latest round of major Russian airstrikes.
Today, the Russian military announced successful strikes on multiple of the country's vital infrastructure facilities.
The world's most heavily armed governments are becoming explicitly hostile towards one another with nuclear weapons.
A very important Zero Hedge article up on Infowars.com.
Here's another headline out of Vice.
The U.S.
to put nuclear-capable B-52s in Australia as Taiwan invasion fears grow.
B-52s have a combat range of 14,000 kilometers, capable of delivering both nuclear and conventional weapons.
The U.S.
is set to deploy six nuclear-capable F-52 bombers to northern Australia and build dedicated facilities to house them, according to ABC News, published on Monday.
So that's, again, sleepwalking into Armageddon.
Disastrous escalation, NATO to place nukes in Finland on Russia's border.
Again, another massive, massive provocation in all of this.
Let's get out of NATO.
Discontent soars across Europe as Russian sanctions backfire.
Russian sanctions against Russia have been considered a powerful foreign policy tool by the US and EU to paralyze Moscow back to the Stone Age through sanctions against Moscow have entirely backfired, sparking the worst possible living crisis for Europeans in a generation.
And now there's massive protest taking place across the continent.
Russia has now officially come out and accused the British Navy of destroying Nord Stream Pipeline, and they've given specific details of the NATO-led operation.
But the southern border is wide open, and fentanyl is flooding across the border.
The globalists don't care that China's shipping in fentanyl, they love that.
What they don't like is China's not taking orders directly from them when China has been a
Project of that operation.
But look at this footage right now if you're a TV viewer.
This is one of the admitted drone attack boats loaded with explosives going towards a Russian frigate.
You see a helicopter flying around, shooting at it, finally stopping the drone.
Who released this footage?
The Ukrainians!
And why is this important?
They had a peace deal agreed to in July, brokered by Turkey.
That around that particular port, they would not attack anybody's ships.
The Russians haven't done that.
And that's the port bringing grain out, 30% of the world's wheat production, to the planet.
Like the Middle East and Africa and the United States and the places.
That's the breadbasket.
And so now they've attacked a humanitarian mission.
But that's okay, because he's Zelensky.
He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants, any way they want.
And it just gets more and more insane and dangerous from then.
And then we just sit here.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll just open the phones up and talk to truck drivers.
Everybody knows diesel's $5 a gallon on average, but
It runs out by the 19th.
Sure, there'll be a few stockpiles here and there, but the national capacity's gone.
No reserves.
And then they can't keep up, and there won't be enough fuel, and you will have a real lockdown, because 77% in the latest numbers of all commerce
Is carried by 18 wheelers by major diesel trucks in this country.
I've said 70 because that was the number I saw before they looked it up today.
And it's increased the last few years.
So 70 plus percent because they haven't upgraded our rail lines.
Those are falling apart.
What is that going to look like and how was that allowed to happen?
By shutting down refineries?
By regulations?
Biden a year ago shut down the biggest diesel refinery in the U.S.
Just did it.
Because he said it's part of a transition.
We're going to teach you how this works.
Remember what Biden said?
He said he, got the clip right here.
Maybe you guys can find it.
I meant to send it to you.
Biden in Syracuse yesterday.
When I took office, the economy was in ruins.
No, you put the economy, attempted to with your lockdowns, the Democrats ran, Trump went along with it.
But since you got in, it's gotten 10 times worse.
And now he's got the nerve to say, it was in ruins, but now it's strong as hell.
Everybody knows that's a bald face lie.
So what are they trying to do?
Create unrest, create hunger, create fear, have new lockdowns, say we'll give you money if you take a shot.
That's what this is.
They need to get you so poor, they can dictate the terms of our surrender.
But surrendering, if you knew Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer, when he pulled a gun on you in a parking lot and said, get in the Volkswagen, I'm going to take you and torture you for a couple weeks to death, you'd fight back, even though maybe you had a 55th chance of not getting killed.
Because you know that's the only shot you got.
And it's the same thing with these people.
Giving in to them only makes it worse and only ensures our destruction.
That's why we've got to stand up.
That's why we've got to say no.
Gerald Cilente always knocks us out of the park.
He's about to take over for an hour.
And then Owen Schroer, the cuck destroyer, will take over 3 p.m.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And everybody listening, you better grow up!
You are grown up, because if you weren't, you wouldn't be listening to Alex Jones.
But for those people that you know that aren't grown up, it's so important to listen to InfoWars, the people they have on, the things that they say, the news broadcasts that they put up, because we are in a critical time, where all we're being sold is propaganda.
And those of us that don't swallow the propaganda, they call us conspiracy theorists.
And thinking about misinformation.
And I think that word propaganda, they're spelling it wrong.
It should be impropaganda.
I mean, this is terrible what's going on.
And it's only going to get worse.
As you
Recall, I had a big rally up here on July 23rd in Kingston, New York on the Four Corners of Freedom.
The only place with pre-Revolutionary War stone buildings on each corner.
And I had big-name people there.
I had Judge Andrew Napolitano, Scott Ritter, Phil Giraldi, Gary Null, and myself.
Hot damn band, music, food.
About 500 people showed up.
Now the word in the media was called a peace and freedom rally.
Freedom and peace.
Matter of fact, my tenant in one of my buildings, Rough Draft, they despise
Peace and freedom so much that they closed down their place at two o'clock when the rally began.
This is my tenant in a beautiful place that I redid that makes it look spectacular.
And they're doing a great business.
They closed down because they said it was a political rally.
That's how arrogantly stupid
That little warmongering freaks believe that peace and freedom is a political rally.
And they do it all the time.
They buy the government crap.
And boy do they hate you when you won't swallow government crap.
Who's your favorite crap head?
Yep, there's the rally.
There's Gary Null.
Progressive Radio Network.
A real man of men.
This guy knows about health, fitness and nutrition.
He got me started on it.
Back in the 80s.
Top, top guy.
Not one word, not one peep from the little prostitute girls and boys that sell fear and hysteria about natural healing to fight the COVID war.
Oh, and by the way, that's what they called it.
The COVID war.
They called it the war.
And that's what people do.
They easily march off to war.
You go back to the quotes, from Trump to Johnson, to one little clown after another, politician, calling it a war.
It wasn't a war, but they get people to believe in war, fight for war, and hate all of those who fight for peace.
And Infowars fights for peace.
So do what you can to support InfoWars, because we have to defeat these pieces of crap.
We'll be right back.
Hey, thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
I very much appreciate being here.
And I support what InfoWars does, what they're giving you.
Very, very few do.
Nobody, hardly anybody.
There are a number of us out there.
The kind of whole program, I think.
And again, if you want to know the trends, there's nothing like the Trends Journal, our magazine, TrendsJournal.com.
And again, just like supporting Infowars, the more people we get, the more we do, you know, the more the voice we have out there.
We're giving it everything we have.
Again, there's no magazine like it in the world.
But going back to I was talking about selling war.
So they sold COVID as a war.
And all the gutless little people follow their leaders and followed them off to war.
And they hate anybody that won't swallow their crap because they're gutless and they believe little crap heads.
Who's your favorite crap head?
I like Lindsey Graham.
No, I'm a demo crap.
I like, I like Chucky Schumer.
I like Mitch McConnell.
I like Mickey Mouse.
I like Donald Duck.
I like Goofy.
I'm a repulsive kid.
I'm a Democrat.
I'm really stupid.
I follow my leaders.
I can't think for myself.
I'm not a man.
I'm not a woman.
I'm a follower of freaks.
I am a good subservient.
And we hate you, Solenti.
We hate you for having a freedom and peace rally.
How dare you?
Oh, and the day hate me back in July of 2020, when little Andy Cuomo closed down everything.
The little arrogant daddy's boy, like his little brother Chrissy.
Oh yeah!
Born on Third Basin, thought they had a home run.
You'd be shoveling crap if it wasn't for your daddy!
But we'll follow him, and we hate you, Salenti, for having a huge rally.
Of peace and freedom in July 2020 when everything was locked down.
And the little clown newspaper over here, the Daily Freeman, Daily Morons!
The next day they read a thing like, 15 cases in Ulster County.
100,000 people, 15 cases?
After the rally?
Oh, it had nothing to do with the rally, the cases came a week before.
But they put it in there to make it look like that.
I mean, I died from the rally.
And we all died.
Everybody that was there died.
Yep, there it is.
Back then.
Peace and freedom aren't allowed.
I'm mentioning this because it's much more important that we understand the dimensions of what is going on.
The cowardly little freaks
Follow their leaders to war.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, a Yankee Doodle do or die.
Do or die?
For Woodrow Wilson?
The murderous Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs, and club member?
The guy that gave us the Federal Reserve?
The arrogant clown boy?
That gave us federal income taxes?
The piece of murderous crap that got us into World War I?
Oh yeah!
I'm a Democrat!
I follow them!
I'm a really stupid person!
They hate people...
That fight for freedom.
Boy, I'm one of the most disliked people here, from the little libtards of the area, than anybody!
You know why they hate General Cilenti?
Because Cilenti is a fighter!
He's a warrior!
For the Prince of Peace.
And these little pieces of crap, that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, hate Cilenti.
Because he won't swallow the Kingston crap!
Oh, the little mayor?
A little crap boy of nothing.
He used to run a kiddies zoo.
But his daddy, he's in the family, so he got the job.
A little nothing of a clown.
They hate Solenti because he has peace and freedom rallies, and freedom and peace rallies.
How dare he!
How dare he not be a coward like the rest of us!
Oh, and the little boys hang their little flags in the Ukraine?
Oh, we support Ukraine!
Go over there and fight!
Go send your money!
Or shut your mouth!
I'm an American!
I am a believer in the founding fathers, you little freaks!
Oh, a guy named George Washington.
Oh, Washington crossed the Delaware.
No, he didn't go over the bridge.
They didn't have him back then.
You know, like they rode across, right?
And he fought.
Oh, can you imagine Obama fighting?
Oh, but I'm going to get that guy Qaddafi out of there.
Oh, I'm getting Assad out of there.
Oh, oh, oh, little Bill Clinton, a fighter?
A fighter?
Every time that guy got caught with his pants down, he's murdering people all over Iraq.
Look at the freaks running our show!
Biden loved every war he loved!
I got a deferment for the Vietnam War.
Three of them.
Yep, they got a one why.
Oh, a little blinking boy.
Yeah, another arrogant little boy.
Warmongers, I'm mentioning this to you to show you how people follow into war and believe what they're told, and we are at a crisis point in our lives as they're normalizing nuclear war.
And remember what I keep telling you.
When all else fails, they take us to war.
And the economy is in the toilet with all these crap heads that flushed us into it!
If we don't stop this, it's going to be hell on earth.
Oh, who's that?
Little pinkin' boy?
I went to Dalton!
I went to Harvard!
Don't you know what my daddy was?
I'm born in the club!
I'll tell you what to do!
Anybody that wants to sport Ukraine, pack up your crap, take yourself, your wife, your kids, your genders, everybody, go over there, leave the charge, or shut your... Oh, and take your money, because I don't want you stealing mine anymore.
No foreign entanglements!
No foreign entanglements!
Stop the wars!
Stop the wars!
This is deadly stupid crap, you morons!
Oh, I believe Petraeus!
Oh, that guy Petraeus, who they keep quoting!
Oh, the general that had operation over there in...
Afghanistan, the troop surge?
And you kept saying how we're winning?
And now he's telling you what to do?
Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, came off the Board of Directors of Raytheon, the second largest defense contractor?
You gotta have a brain as small as the little brains in Kingston, people, to believe this crap.
There he is.
Betrayed us.
Oh, look at all, look at all the draggy little ribbons.
Oh, look at the ribbons I got.
Look at all the ribbons I got.
Ah, get out of here, costume.
These are costumes.
Oh yeah!
But the people, they love it!
And they even salute me when I walk by!
Yeah, I salute!
That's for you, warmonger.
That's the way it is.
Support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, do everything you can to support InfoWars.
Like Alex said, you know, they just want to get rid of everybody.
And that the New World Order doesn't
Fields is going to disrupt their order.
And again, you know, I, um, the bigs have taken over everything and they've taken over our lives.
I keep saying when I was a young guy, you know, we had grocery stores and stationary stores and hardware stores and, and drug stores and now they're all chains.
The chains have taken over everything.
They put the mom and pops out and the his and hers.
And the hus and hos and his and hises.
They put everybody out there.
These are very rare.
They own everything.
And they own the media.
What is it, four companies control something like 91% or something, four or five?
You know, so they, and again, you could thank, you could thank the slime ball murderous little clown, arrogant scum, Bill Clinton for that.
Federal Communications Act, 1996.
We deregulate everything.
The same guy that deregulated with the Glass-Steagall Act, the banking, so the banksters could gamble as well.
Investment bankers and gamblers, take it easy.
I'm not six years old.
Shove it.
Oh, we're investment.
It's one big club.
Six corporations control 90% of the media outlets.
That's it.
So that's why you need InfoWars.
Now, of course, that's why you need the Trends Journal.
We tell you what's going on, what it means, what's next, and what you may want to do.
And it's just control.
They don't care.
They have agendas.
Again, I quoted InfoWars in other places.
You know, they say, oh, the woman running Fox, you know, they don't do anything to hurt the conservative audience.
Play by your audience?
MSNBC plays a liberal audience?
You mean libtard audience?
You don't play to an audience, you play to the truth.
And we give you the truth in trends and InfoWars gives you the truth in news.
So going back to what I was talking about before with war, I'm very concerned about this.
Again, they hate me up here.
A lot of people, a lot of people like me, of course, but I have that hate crowd because I fight for freedom and peace and peace and freedom.
And I also started the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice, and I keep asking, where are the Catholics, where are the Muslims, where are the Seventh-day Adventists, where are the Baptists, where are the Episcopalians, where are the Jews, where are all of these religions?
How come they all got lockjaw about peace?
Stop this nonsense of war!
Get this in your head, everybody!
There are no war winners.
Everybody loses.
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine being a Ukrainian?
And he got a comic that took your country to war because he wouldn't make a peace deal?
And there were avenues for peace on this?
Including NATO wouldn't move one inch further.
And they have.
And Ukraine wanted to go in.
The Crimea incident.
The Donbass region.
No peace.
Now you're Ukrainian.
Isn't life wonderful now?
As air raid drills are going off all the time and about 40% of your electricity is gone.
Isn't it wonderful?
We're gonna win to the end!
We're gonna fight!
Where are the people saying stop?
Let's make a deal.
Could you imagine living your life like this?
It's going to be worse than this when they launch the nuclear war and we go to war.
What people don't understand is we have mentally ill people
That people call politicians.
Very, very few.
Massey, the guy in tennis in Kentucky, he's a sharp cat.
Very few.
Very few.
.0001 out of all of the Congress.
And a guy, I'm a guy that was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I was right on the inside.
At a young, at 26 years old.
Worst job I've ever had to watch grown men growl to suck their way up to the top.
Hey, look at the freaks.
Who's your favorite freak?
Let's go down the line.
Let's go up and down the line.
Stand six feet apart.
Put on your mask.
Look at this.
A freak.
These are the freaks to follow?
So what I'm saying to you is that
The gutless follow their leaders.
This was from the shot.
The gutless follow the leaders.
And this has been going on forever and ever and ever.
There are no winners to war.
We must stop this and stop it immediately.
The new numbers that are coming out, it's going to be $115 billion of our money that's going to bloody the killing fields.
And again, the people buy it because just like the gutless little people here bought the COVID war, they buy fear.
This is from RFK Jr.'
's movie there, The Real Fauci.
I'm listening to this thing and he goes on to say, RFK, about the COVID war.
He doesn't call it the COVID war.
We called it the COVID war when it began.
He said there was tremendous fear
In our country, that was generated by the press and the medical cartel.
You know, the drug dealers.
When people get fearful, their capacity for critical thinking gets disabled.
And it's a human inclination to look for reassurance and leadership from their leaders.
He said it perfectly.
When people get fearful, their capacity for critical thinking gets disabled.
And that's what you have.
These aren't critical thinkers!
They're crap swallowers!
We swallow crap!
We swallow crap!
I like ABC!
I like MSNBC!
I'm for Fox!
I'm for Fox!
I got my crap!
Hey, from crap food to crap heads, alright?
Junk food to junk heads.
RFK nailed it perfectly.
When people get fearful, their capacity for critical thinking gets disabled.
And it's a human inclination to look for reassurance and leadership from their leaders.
Follow the leaders.
Mickey Mouse.
Donald Duck.
Clown Show.
And the clowns are running us.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars.
They got great products there.
Do what you can.
They got good sales going on.
Because if we don't keep the truth alive, we're gonna die on Earth in hell.
Because the mad women and mad men are taking us to war.
So we must stop this.
So go to InfoWars and we'll be right back.
Hello everybody.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
There you got it.
Happy Halloween.
Here we are.
We got the freaks and Halloween running and ruining our lives.
Tricks, no treats.
Nuclear war on the horizon.
You know, to show you the hypocrisy of the stuff and how they sell fear and propaganda.
You know, this is the headline of the toilet paper record, the New York Times.
They have the arrogance to call themselves the paper record.
And all the news that's fit to print.
All the crap that we tell you to swallow, that's what it should be.
Who are you to tell me what all the news is to fit to print?
Who the hell are you?
I'm... I'm Time.
New York Times.
Yeah, we saw the light.
Saddam Hussein was getting them aluminum tubes, the weapons of mass destruction.
That's us.
Anyway, the front page, the big, big picture here about what happened in Clockwise and Top Memorial on Sunday for the victims of a crowd surge in Seoul.
You know, a hundred people, fifty people died.
Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible.
But why isn't the front page picture of the hundred plus, plus people that were just slaughtered in Somalia?
Ah, we have only Somalians.
What's a Somalian?
Is that like a Yemen?
Oh yeah, you get a Somalian on top of a Yemen with a little bit of bacon in between and you make it a sandwich.
What's a Somalian?
That's how stupid the people are.
They don't have a clue.
But they could keep selling all the fear that they want to keep selling.
They don't tell you what's going on in Myanmar.
Is a Myanmar like a Somalia and a Yemen?
What's a Myanmar?
Ask the people who find Ukraine on the map.
Oh yes, it's a... yeah.
But anyway, this is what I'm trying to tell you, is what they're doing here, is they keep... don't tell you about how bad it really is and what's going on in the world and why I keep saying we have to have peace.
And by the way, the slimeball, lowlife, scum piece of garbage, murderous crap,
Bill Clinton, yeah, he started getting his heavy duty into Somalia when he became Presidente of Los Estados Unidos back in 1992.
Oh yeah, and now it's bombs away.
Oh, we got some ISIS guys a couple of weeks ago.
Oh yeah, we killed them over there in Somalia.
We're doing a great job!
Yeah, Clinton got brought China into the World Trade Organization and took all our jobs away.
The slimeball, low-life, piece of scum, garbage crap Bill Clinton that gets paid like, you know, like $300,000, $400,000 an hour to speak to the Goldman Sachs gang?
You can hear this guy BS for nothing.
Oh, you mean because he deregulated the Glass-Steagall Act and all the other deals that he did?
No, no, no, it had nothing to do with that.
Oh, you mean the Bill Clinton that had NAFTA?
That, I remember in New York, we had all the, making televisions and all this stuff.
Go to Mexico, get that cheap labor.
Oh, so cheap that the Mexicans keep coming up, oh yeah!
That, that Bill Clinton.
One crapster after another, destroying our lives.
They don't talk about his wars.
Here's the guy that started Somalia.
One after another.
Yugoslav War.
Another illegal NATO bombing.
Oh, but it's okay.
We don't like them, the guy running the show over there, so we're gonna destroy the joint.
Again, Madeline, not all that bright.
Former UN ambassador under Clinton, when asked by Leslie Stahl, is the life of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5 that died because of the sanctions Bill Clinton put on them worth it?
Yes it is.
So what I'm saying, there was going on.
There she is.
I did a gig on the QE2 and she was the lead-off speaker.
Back in 2002, it was top marketing executives around the world.
But she looked like the Queen of Tarts up there on the stage.
Big red dress.
Took 15 minutes, 15 minute introduction.
Now, Lenore Bright's father was this and her mother was that and she went to this school and went to that school and honored and this and that and served and this and that and that and that.
So the next day,
I'm the lead-off speaker.
And they introduced me, you know, Gerald Cilenti appears on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America.
This is what The Economist says about the Trends Research Institute, The Wall Street Journal, Gerald Cilenti's forecasts, his books, Trends 2000, Trend Tracking, Far Better Than Megatrends, Time Magazine, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And the guy finishes, and I say, thanks for that introduction.
I said, that was very nice.
I said, but I feel short-changed after
Here's Madeleine Albright's introduction last night, and the crowd broke up laughing, because everybody goes, what's going on over here, right?
And then I said to what you also didn't mention, is that I didn't graduate with honors from PS-76 in the Bronx.
That's how they pump up these clowns.
That the people follow their leaders.
So we're going through very, very, very trying times now, and that's why I'm talking about peace.
Because there are no winners of war.
And remember what I said, when all else fails, they take you to war.
What followed the Great Depression?
World War II.
What followed the dot-com bust?
The Nasdaq was down 66% before 9-11.
Little Georgie Bush's ratings started going into the toilet where he belongs.
9-11 happened, 88% of the people were so stupid.
We're going off to get that guy's
Again, war.
Osama Bin Laden dead or alive.
We're going to get Osama Bin Laden dead or alive!
And people swallow the crap.
And that's what I'm trying to tell you.
COVID war.
Ukraine war.
World war.
People follow the COVID war.
Just like that brilliant quote I read to you from RFK Jr.
Please repeat this in your mind and tell everyone.
Talking about COVID, there was tremendous fear in our country.
That was generated by the press, was I call them the prostitutes, media whores that get paid to put out by the corporate and government whore masters.
And the medical cartel, which I call drug dealers.
Quote, when people get fearful, their capacity for critical thinking gets disabled.
And it's a human inclination to look for reassurance and leadership.
From their leadership of authority.
So that's what the people do.
So I'm telling you, we must stop this war.
And there are no winners in war, so everybody get this in your head.
I mean, World War II ended what?
You know, 77 years ago?
It's not ancient history.
World War I to World War II, 20 years later?
It was the Hundred Years War, and then the Peloponnesian War, and like, yeah, well, roses, my favorite, so colorful.
You got mentally ill people that are power hungry.
Again, imagine if your life was destroyed and you had nothing.
So, I want to go into the economy.
Today, or on, I should say on Friday,
The head of the European Central Bank.
Before being the head of the European Central Bank, she was head of the International Monetary Fund.
Christine Lagarde.
Vladimir Putin is a terrifying person.
Unlike George Bush, unlike Obama, who's killed many, many, many, many, and Clinton.
Yeah, and Bushy Bush.
Who killed millions combined.
It's a terrifying person.
She said.
And that.
He was not as sick as he is today.
Unlike the mentally ill from before.
But she goes on to say.
She's very concerned about where the economy is going.
And they don't have a clue on what to do.
And when we get back, we're going to tell you where the economy is going, what we see, and what you might want to do.
So stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
That was the new world disorder that they just showed over there.
And again, you know, it's a happy Halloween.
Tricks, no treats.
Yep, that's what it is.
Mad men and mad women in charge.
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Again, do what you can.
I said about the economy.
This is global and it's serious.
Germany's inflation, worse than expected.
This is the headline today.
Inflation in Germany is expected to peak 10.4% in October according to preliminary figures released by the country's National Statistics Authority.
What was it over there in the UK?
Like 9.1 or 10.1 then went down to 9.9?
Was it 8.3, 8.2 in the United States?
And look where wages are?
So when they come out with this data about
You know, gross domestic product growing and sales growing.
That's a lot of BS.
It's costing people to buy, to pay more to buy less.
October looks to be the second consecutive month where the EU economic powerhouse will see inflation in double digits.
You ready for this?
Energy prices were 43% higher in October 2020.
22 in this time last year.
Wonder why?
Oh, it couldn't be because, quote, we're going to punish Putin, end quote, with the sanctions that BS Biden
And the NATO freaks followed to put on Russia to cut off their energy supply into Europe, which gets some 40% of their energy.
They used to buy it from Moscow, from Russia, Russian sources.
And over 50% from Germany.
Brilliant, brilliant move.
Really, really smart.
And then you guy was talking about the arrogant clown.
Again, as I keep saying, I'm tired of this crap, you know, if only women were in charge.
Good and bad comes in every race, creed, and color, so take it easy.
Inflation came from nowhere, Christine Lagarde said.
Again, before she was this, she was the head of the International Mafia, a monetary fund, and now the European Central Banks, which had
You know, negative interest rates, what, eight years?
And now they're bragging that they brought them up to one point, you know, 5-0 when you have inflation skyrocketing.
So anyway, European Central Bank has doubled its key interest rate, blah, blah, blah, blah.
In October, the inflation rate in the Eurozone
Reach 10.7%.
So going back again on investments, to me, and I don't give financial advice, and the motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
To me, gold, silver, and bitcoin, gold number one, the top safe haven asset.
Because this thing is going to collapse big time sometime.
And when wars break out and stuff, gold is the one.
It's the top.
You want to buy your freedom, you buy it with gold.
And that the prices are this low, you know, for me is, you know.
You can see Russia, they have it right there, and China may be preparing for new gold-backed currency.
The safest currency today.
The only reason the dollar is the safest currency is because the other ones are so weak, as InfoWars makes clear with this article they just put up there.
And so the dollar is strong because the other ones are so weak.
You got inflation skyrocketing again in Europe at 10.7%.
You got a 1.50% interest rate.
And they used to say they're going to raise interest rates when they hit 2%, so they're lying freaks.
They denied it would ever happen.
So again, talking about the freaks that are in charge, in an interview with the state broadcaster RTE on Friday, Lagarde said, quote,
We do what they're doing, raising interest rates, because we are fighting inflation.
No, you're not fighting inflation when inflation's at 10.7% and your interest rate is down there.
So you're not talking to a sixth grader.
Yeah, maybe they are, but I'm not.
And then she goes on to say, you ready?
That inflation pretty much came from nowhere.
I'm not making this up.
The energy crisis, she writes, was caused by Putin, who has decided in an unjustified way to invade another country.
Oh, she's French, huh?
You never invaded another country.
You did a great job down there in Algeria.
That was just going on into the 60s, yeah?
Vietnam before the Americans got there.
Oh, all your other colonies all over the place?
Well, let's go back to the facts.
Again, we write about him in the Trends Journal, but maybe you're too stupid to read.
Go back to our Spring 2014 issue, when it used to be a quarterly, then it went to a monthly, now it's a weekly, and how the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, and on and on and on.
But anyway, she said,
That's what he, Putin, is trying to do, cause chaos and destroy as much of Europe as he can.
The energy crisis is causing massive inflation, which we have to defeat.
Number one, the inflation was coming before the energy crisis.
You denied it, you said it wasn't real.
Number two, it's not Putin that caused it, it's
The Europeans that caused it by putting the sanctions on Russia.
You closed it down.
But this is the propaganda that they're selling.
And that's why you need to go to InfoWars, and that's why you need to read the Trends Journal.
We put the facts down and give you the forecast.
So do what you can to support InfoWars, and subscribe to the Trends Journal at TrendsJournal.com.
We're giving you everything we can.
The newest show will be out tomorrow.
And again, Happy Halloween.
No tricks.
No treats, ball tricks.
These are very critical times, so do what you can to support peace.
Go to OccupyPeace.com and do what you can to spread the word of peace, because we don't want to die in war.
Thanks for tuning in.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means
Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it, and at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
Then sharing the articles and videos and links from InfoWars.com and Band.Video to be the Paul Reveres of your era and to get amazing products that God gave us through Mother Nature to empower our stamina, our energy, our libido, everything else including our immune systems.
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