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Name: 20221030_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2022
1240 lines.

In this speech, Alex Jones discusses various topics including censorship, surveillance, COVID-19 vaccines, and global control. He warns about the dangers of mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, criticizing those who promote these measures while spreading misinformation. He also highlights the use of drones for surveillance in countries like China, suggesting that similar tactics could be employed elsewhere soon. The speaker encourages his audience to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their store, emphasizing the importance of fighting against the New World Order.

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It's Sunday, October 30th, 2022.
We are live.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, October 30th, 2022.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones, and you have found it, the tip of the spear in the fight against globalist anti-human tyranny.
All right, I was already planning today, last night and this morning, to come in here on this special Sunday broadcast.
And every broadcast is special.
This is particularly special.
And just talk about why there's a war on children and why the real currency
of this satanic global elite and their minions is hurting and killing children.
And then this afternoon, when I was going through clips and doing research here about three hours ago at the office, I saw a clip of Laura Logan, the famous investigative journalist, who they're really demonizing and attacking now for coming out against the poison shots and the globalists.
And she was talking about why they target children
As an affront to God, and that's really what it's all about.
And then they're given basically evil rewards by the God of this world for what they do.
And it ties into the massive studies, there's just so many of them, but new ones came out this last few days, of incredible numbers of death and illness in small children right through to old people taking these poison shots and how the system knows it.
I don't
The medical systems, who've now been part of the corruption, actually go after the good doctors and scientists like Dr. Peter McCullough, who they're trying to strip of his medical licenses right now, even though he's been vindicated and proven absolutely right.
They need to send a message to other doctors, you don't stand up, you don't tell the truth, or you will be destroyed.
We will all be destroyed, not just physically, but spiritually, if we do not take right action against these truly, truly evil, wicked people.
Also, we have the ADL that is openly the arbiter with big tech and the censors on who can be online, who can basically in the future with a social credit score even have a job.
You're going to be put into ghettos and then into camps under their admitted plans.
The head of the ADL put out a letter attacking Elon Musk and saying you will not reinstate President Trump.
He is a danger and a terrorist.
And they went on to say Alex Jones is the other big enemy, and he must not be allowed back on Twitter.
Now a lot of people are saying, well, when are we going to see you back on Twitter?
Musk hasn't gotten control of the company yet.
He's firing a bunch of people.
They have the EU trying to have huge fines or criminal charges against Twitter if he allows free speech.
So he's got to create one of those boards and official policies and challenge all the different laws.
I'm not worried about trying to get back on Twitter.
I am worried about the social credit score, the debanking that's coming for everybody in the next phase of this.
Real tyranny.
You talk about clear and present danger.
The Anti-Defamation League is just a mouthpiece of the globalist.
And he is doing everything he can to literally bring in an iron curtain of tyranny that would make Joseph Stalin blush.
These guys are very hardcore anti-Americans.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday October 30th 2022 worldwide transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next two hours and then Harrison Smith comes in to host Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
Central Standard Time here on the embattled tip of the spear InfoWars Pro Human Network.
All right I have
Election news.
I have massive Ukraine war news.
I have huge economy news.
Diesel is set to run out somewhere around the 15th of November.
So we're talking in about 16-17 days.
All diesel reserves and all diesel gone.
That's what they estimate, including at the local filling station.
They will be out of diesel
By the 15th.
That was reported by the federal government over a week ago, so now we're talking about 16 days, 17 days out.
Depending on how you look at it, the 15th or the 16th of November, right after the midterms elections, diesel's already on average $5 a gallon in the United States.
Some places as high as $9 a gallon on the West Coast.
This is the purposeful deindustrialization shutdown of the United States.
This is economic war against the people of America.
But the first thing I want to hit here is, why all this is happening?
Why do they roll out poison shots they knew didn't help you, that would give you heart attacks and myocarditis and blood clots and cancer and everything else that the CDC admitted in October of 2020 was going to happen?
In their own documents that we've shown over a thousand times here on air.
We'll show it again.
They want the precedent to kill us when and how they want.
And depending on the insurance actuary, we're looking between 6 and 20 million people extra that have died from these injections alone.
The numbers do not lie.
And the United States is the only country in the world that is pushing it on six-month-olds and up, and now they want to, quote, authorize it for newborn babies.
They want to make it mandatory to go to public school.
This is absolute criminal activity.
But if you research the Aztecs or the Mayans, or you research the ancient Egyptians, you know, it's in the Bible, but they've now found the big stone tablets where Ramses
The first and then Ramses II and others ordered all of the Israelite firstborn boys to be put to the sword.
You know, you watch Charlton Heston and the Ten Commandments and you see that.
It's not just a Sesame DeMille's masterpiece.
That really happened.
So why, in all these different cultures, were particularly firstborn boys ordered to be killed?
This is something that pops up in every culture, and the globalists want the power to kill us, and then have it out in the open, and have the medical system that went along with it be involved in the cover-up, and then the corruption is complete, and then they get their World Vaccine ID, Digital Cashless Society out of it.
And that is the holy grail of the WF, the UN, the Communist Chinese, the Australian tyranny.
It's the same unified plan worldwide.
I've got stacks of articles showing that today, that this is now currently being rolled out.
But the first thing I want to play is just Laura Logan.
And you can laugh at this if you want.
She's a former national top investigative journalist, still is, but has been purged off of all the different stations she was on.
For exposing that there is a satanic lust and drive to hurt the children.
Well, she's done a recent interview where she lays out that it is about hurting God.
And what she said and what she said that she was praying that she received from God is totally true from my own research of what the occultists throughout history have said they're doing this for.
So we've got to get in the minds of these people and ask yourself,
A low-level psychopath goes and kidnaps men, women, and children, but usually children and women, and then tortures them sometimes for months on end.
And they describe it to the psychologists and psychiatrists when they're on death row as evil spirits told them to do it in almost every case.
And that they only seemed alive when they were torturing a child and quote, using them up.
So if they can't kill a baby in the womb, they want to put them on a bunch of Ritalin and Prozac, they want to screw them up, they want to have mastectomies and cut their breasts off, cut their genitals off, they want to make sure they're totally alone, so that they can have their energy sucked by these people that literally are a cult of hurting innocents.
Because Mahatma Gandhi said, in each child is the seed of the universe.
Well, that's what Laura Logan's saying.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what this is.
You have to know your enemy.
Here she is talking about it.
One of the things I asked him is I said, I don't, I get it, but I don't get it.
The children, you just, you've got to, I still have, I have such a problem with this.
You got to explain this one to me.
And he said, well, first of all, you're looking at it the wrong way.
I said, what do you mean?
And he said, well, they don't define children the way you do.
They don't define the world the way you do.
The choices that you face are not their choices, right?
They look at it completely differently.
And I said, well, OK, so how do they look at it?
And he said, for them, everything is defined by their one fundamental, all-consuming purpose.
I said, which is what?
He said, to defeat God.
Because this is the moment.
I mean, for them, it's about the real God.
The true gods are them and Satan there.
And so he said, children are the closest thing on earth to God, because we are created in the image of God.
And as you know, from the moment we're created, we haven't had time
To be corrupted and destroyed.
So for them, the younger you are, the closer you are to God, the more pain they can inflict on God.
So the more you can make a baby or small child suffer, the greater your victory over God.
And that is the only consideration for them.
Outside of that doesn't exist.
They believe in the raw exercise of power against our own instincts that God gave us as strength and as them becoming gods, deciding who lives, deciding who dies.
And when we come back, I'm going to play the latest Gregory's Report, World War Z, and what this deals with.
But we have Raskin, another Democrat leader, saying, we're going to have nuclear war with Russia because they won't let us cut their little girl's breast, their little boy's penises off.
That's what he says.
You're like, that sounds totally psychotic.
That's who these people are.
And that all ties into Pelosi's husband.
We have the 9-1-1 tape.
It's not a right-wing rumor.
Both men were in their underwear.
The police held it up till today.
They released the 9-1-1 call on Friday, but it got no attention.
But today, the San Francisco police released the fact that Mr. Pelosi and the man half his age, who is a hippie,
From a nudist colony, not a right winger.
We're in his bedroom.
Both in their underwear with hammers when someone else let.
The police in.
And they have the 911 call where Pelosi said.
I'm here with a name, the man, my friend.
He's attacking me.
So Pelosi is circling the toilet bowl.
Very, very quickly, 80-something years old, and you got two dudes in their underwear in a bedroom with hammers.
And they are desperate to try to call this the new January 6th.
It's incredibly illustrative of exactly how these people operate.
And they put up fake websites Friday saying he was a right winger.
It turns out those are fake.
I guess those are fake news, too, that Pelosi got arrested drunk.
These people are just absolutely slaves of the system.
That's coming up as well.
We've got so much today, but I want to get into the war on children.
The ADL has come out ordering Elon Musk not to reinstate Trump, calling Trump a terrorist.
And then they attacked yours truly.
I'm extremely honored to have such an evil, un-American organization as the ADL.
See me as one of their chief enemies.
Because I stand against their fascist, Nazi ideology.
They are the Nazis.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for joining us on this live, unfiltered, uncensored, Americana transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored to be here with you.
We're under massive attack, massive demonization, massive lies.
But because we haven't let the globalist mind trick us into giving up, thanks to your support and your continued word of mouth and your prayer, InfoWars.com and this broadcast is bigger than it's ever been.
I have done hundreds of interviews in the last month and hundreds more I didn't have the time and energy to do.
And all these different big broadcasters saying, we apologize.
You were right.
The New World Order is real.
They want to forcibly inject us.
They're coming after our children.
They're building COVID camps.
What do we do?
And so I want to thank the listeners and viewers and the crew for being so steadfast in this fight, because we're being vindicated and we have a good chance of stopping the globalists together.
And by the day, more and more people shift their perspective
From being a nice, good person, which you still are, but to thinking like a globalist and reading their own documents and understanding just how evil they are.
And it's hard to get your mind around, but once you see things through their eyes, there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.
So there's been a war on children, a war on innocence in pagan and occultic cultures in every place in the world.
Whether you're black, whether you're brown, whether you're white, whether you've an Asian background,
Every culture develops, builds, hits a golden age, and then these evil cults arise that always demand the blood of children, or always want to attack and destroy the innocence of children.
It's a very small group of people that are influenced by evil, but they then take control of government, get yes-men into positions under them, will follow orders, and then they always go after the children.
And now they've crossed the Rubicon
With millions of children having their breasts and penises and genitals cut off, and Democrats and leftists all over the world passing laws in different jurisdictions that parents can't say no when the school starts convincing their seven-year-old to get on the fast track to sterilization.
It is just unbelievable.
If you went in to a doctor's office and said, I want you to cut my 8-year-old's or 10-year-old's arm off, they'd call the police or call a paddy wagon to send you to the local mental institution.
But when it's the state and the left and the bullying Hollywood culture and the judges, well then, step back and let them have our children.
Let them go after their genitals.
We know having sex with them is evil and wrong.
We know torturing them is wrong.
But if you call it gender reassignment, then it's okay.
Very powerful report that needs to go viral at Banned.Video.
And remember, we built Banned.Video because they ban people all over the place.
We have hundreds and hundreds of great contributors.
We're reaching millions of people a day, not just with our videos, but the other videos are getting millions of views a day in the aggregate.
Some of the videos get 4, 5, 6, 8 million views apiece.
On average, my videos get about 100,000 views, dozens a day.
Greg Reese's about half a million on average, but the point is, it's there for you to share the truth and get it out to folks.
So here is a extremely important report titled, World War Trans.
Where the left openly admits they want to attack any Christian or Orthodox nation that isn't going along with their targeting of children and their in-game goal is our children.
So I'm going to have World War Trans posted under the live show feed, under our live show feed today, so you can find it easily and share it or it's the top video at band.video.
Here's the report.
We'll come back and cover the latest news.
The official president of the United States has warned the world they will face Armageddon if Russia uses tactical nukes in Ukraine.
And when the Russian president said that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is senseless, the Biden administration reversed the no-first-use and sole-purpose policies regarding nuclear warfare.
Meaning that the U.S.
will now consider first-strike nuclear attacks against non-nuclear threats.
In a surprising break from projection and gaslighting, U.S.
Congressman Jamie Raskin recently explained the truth behind the current U.S.
policy with Russia.
Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional social values.
And for that reason, it must be destroyed, no matter what the cost to us.
So this is not a conventional war.
This is a jihad.
Jamie Raskin said that out loud, but many in Washington agree with him.
In both parties, they would like to see World War Trans immediately.
On the surface, that's what this is.
World War Trans.
That is what the United States has become.
To the rest of the world, America has become the land of abortions, castrations, death, and lies.
Meanwhile, our diesel fuel is set to run out before the winter, and our leadership could care less.
What are we doing to increase the supply of diesel, given that the Energy Information Administration said, as of October 14th, the U.S.
only had about a 25-day supply.
You have the Northeast and New York already rationing home heating oil.
What are we doing to prepare for the winter and to ramp up the supply of diesel?
I'll take the question on the diesel, because I just don't have the data on that in front of me.
So let me take that and we'll get back to you on that.
But writ large, the president has been working very, very hard to make sure that not only are we ready for fluctuations that could come, and of course the prices are going down, and we think that's important.
The President has cut off our fuel and given away our emergency reserves.
Without diesel fuel, the entire nation comes to a halt.
And at this point, nothing is being done to stop it.
The problem is, at this point, there may not be an answer.
Because there may not be a way to avoid a disaster.
Diesel fuel is not just low in this country, it's low in every western nation that has aligned itself with Ukraine.
All these nations preparing for World War Trans are running out of diesel fuel.
While millions may be scratching their heads over World War Trans, too afraid to speak against it, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently explained what it's all about and how Russia has already been there.
He said, after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks also said that they would change existing ways and customs, and not just political and economic ones.
But the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society, the destruction of age-old values, religion, and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family.
All this was proclaimed progress, widely supported around the world back then, and was quite fashionable, same as today.
Parent number one and parent number two, birthing parent instead of mother,
I repeat, this is nothing new, and they made such a mess, it still makes one shudder at times.
President Putin says America should do what they want, but leave Russia out of it.
They've already been there.
And seeing as how Americans have become nothing but submissive spectators, it seems as if the United States will be going there as well, starting this winter.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
So last week, America's biggest coalition of rabbis wrote an open letter calling for the head of the ADL to resign or be removed.
And the reason they did that is, you can read their letter, is they said, you know, anti-Semitism is a real thing and not a good thing, and people should oppose it, and I agree with that.
But what you're doing, going after President Trump and Tucker Carlson and others that are good people, is discrediting the ADL and discrediting groups that are against anti-Semitism, and it's a lie!
In fact, I forgot to send you guys
Um, this report, which I'll just pull up on my, on my phone here from the largest coalition of rabbis.
Here's the actual headline.
It's loading here.
This is the Coalition of Jewish Values, rabbinic group, largest in the country, calls for CEO Greenblatt's resignation after ADL tweets minimizes the Holocaust.
Because he said, Tucker Carlson is a Nazi and is as bad as Hitler.
Tucker Carlson's dangerous to tyrants and the ADL is basically just a group the globalists rent to go out and call anybody that's for freedom a Nazi.
And this major rabbinical organization said, what you're doing is evil.
It's incredibly evil.
And so the good news is here, people across the board are done with the ADL.
The bad news is the Anti-Defamation League is completely globalist, completely leftist.
It defends radical Islam while attacking basic American values and attacking Christians and creating dissension.
But that's what the left does.
That's what they're all about.
And so when Elon Musk finally, after months and months of fighting, got control of Twitter, they sent out this desperate letter saying that if Trump and Alex Jones and Steve Bannon returned to Twitter,
would quote lead to dire consequences of violence when we're not calling for violence.
It's the left burning down billions of dollars of cities and killing hundreds of people and calling it mostly peaceful.
It's just preposterous that a former president who had the election stolen from him was taken off Twitter when he said peacefully march the Capitol and the left had provocateurs there and then they falsely claimed that Trump ordered people to attack the Capitol.
That's a fraud!
And they go on to attack yours truly.
And then Andrew Tate, he's a misogynist.
He can't be allowed on either.
Who died and made the ADL our controllers?
Because the closest thing I've seen to Nazis in America is the left and the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center and their vaccine passports and their lockdowns and their bullying that violates the Nuremberg Code trying to make us take experimental shots.
And the social credit score that'll take your bank account and your job if they don't agree with your political views, that's already happening?
It's been tested on myself and Laura Loomer.
So this is dangerous.
The closest thing I've seen to what the Nazis did is being executed by the left.
And if you look at who commands the censors and the think tanks and the so-called fact-checking groups that tell big tech what to do,
It's the Democratic Party on record illegally coordinating it with the ADL.
And the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, they're just as bad, are interfaced with big tech, surveilling and watching what you say and do, even in private messages.
Worried about Communist China setting up illegal police stations across the U.S., which they are.
To intimidate Chinese dissidents and Chinese American citizens.
But what about the ADL?
It's outrageous what they do.
In the name of leftism, they're cutting little girls' breasts and little boys' penises off, the leftists.
And in the name of being liberal, they're surveilling and censoring people and lying about us and calling us Nazis.
Hoping people carry out violence against us.
So ADL melts down over Trump, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, returning to Twitter.
Would lead to dire consequences.
Here's the actual letter.
Five things the ADL is watching following Elon Musk buying Twitter.
They went on to say Elon Musk is dangerous.
The head of the ADL has gone on Axial TV to say it.
They go on to say, in addition, other high-profile dangerous individuals, that's the term Facebook uses, written by the ADL, may be allowed to return to Twitter.
White supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.
White nationalist Nick Fuentes, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, misogynist Andrew Tate.
So I'm going to say this right now and then hit all the other huge economy news, Russia war news, Pelosi, what really happened at the attack at the House.
It wasn't an attack.
It was some type of bondage trust gone bad.
It looks like another drug-fueled
Type operation.
All the evidence is leaning towards.
We're going to hit all of that coming up and more.
I want to just tell the listeners something.
The viewers something.
You want somebody to take on the Democratic Party?
You want somebody to take on the deep state?
You want somebody to take on the ADLs in the private law center?
And take on the big media?
Big tech, all of it?
We're doing it.
We are recognized by the globalists as the biggest threat to their criminal enterprise.
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Well, we've been predicting an October surprise right before the election.
Doesn't mean they're going to actually stage something.
They could just use an event and spin it the way they want.
And we've seen Paul Pelosi
The embattled husband of Nancy Pelosi and the billions, not hundreds of millions, they've made off insider trading deals, reportedly attacked late last week by a man with a hammer.
But they held up the details of it for a while and said, well, he was in his underwear.
And then, well, the glass was knocked out from the inside out.
And then somebody unnamed let the police in the building
And the police didn't tell us until today that they found both men in their underwear in Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi's bedroom.
She was off in D.C.
So I guess when the cat's away, the mice play.
And this is looking more and more like some type of homosexual interlude or rendezvous.
And I'll give it to Paul Pelosi.
At least it wasn't the kid that was in there.
The 40-year-old man.
So, my issue here is how they've spun the whole thing, put up fake websites that he was a right-winger when he was a leftist, nudist, big Democrat supporter on record.
That's all been confirmed.
And the websites put up Friday saying he was a right-wing QAnon person are not true.
So, maybe they weren't gay.
They were just hanging out in their underwear with hammers.
And then, here's the most important point.
When Paul Pelosi called 9-1-1, we're going to play that tape for you here in a moment.
He said, I know the man and listed his name.
So he knows a man and lists his name, but then goes, oh, and tells him, actually, I don't know him.
When he figures out how that sounds.
And the police are obviously controlled by Democrats there in San Francisco.
They won't even respond to regular crime.
And so they waited until Sunday to release today that Pelosi is refusing to release surveillance footage to them.
And Paul Pelosi was in his underwear in a bedroom with him.
And that he'd gone in the bathroom and called the police, but then come back out and join the man.
Then they began to hit each other with hammers again.
And the police aimed guns at him and said, put your hammer down.
And the younger man did not put his hammer down and continued to try to attack Pelosi, but they didn't shoot him because they could obviously tell this was some kind of weirdo stuff going on.
This has come out now from the police, but it's getting almost zero news coverage.
But here
What they've released so far.
They haven't released what Pelosi said.
It's just the dispatcher telling police what Pelosi told them.
We need to get that full tape released.
Here it is.
Our officers observed Mr. Pelosi and the suspect both holding a hammer.
The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it.
Our officers immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him.
Northern 4 car, A priority 910, 2640 Broadway, cross of Scott and Normandy, 514 network copy.
stated that there's a male in the home and that he's going to wait for his wife.
stated that he doesn't know who the male is, but he advised that his name is David.
And that he is a friend?
Sounded somewhat confused.
Unit Code 3 to 2640 Broadway for 14 hours.
Code 3.
Everyone call the Victim's Physician Unit on scene 2640 Broadway.
Special call, special call Medic 66.
Location 2640 Broadway.
Cross of Scott and Normandy Terrace.
This is Code 3.
That's a second medic for a second patient.
Special call for RC1.
RC1 location 2640 Broadway.
Cross of Scott and Normandy.
So, what do you want to bet this never hits court and this gets quietly handled?
Two men in their underwear with hammers in a bedroom.
There's a full police press conference on this, but you've got to really dig to find it.
We can play the whole thing if you want.
The police have guns on them.
Both men.
Paul Pelosi has police aiming guns at him.
The police come in to the bedroom and there's two men in their underwear with hammers.
And the police say, drop it!
And the younger man doesn't and continues to try to attack Pelosi.
What in the hell is going on here?
This is not someone breaking in and saying, where's
Nancy Pelosi.
I'd give it about a 99% chance this is some kind of weird, wacko stuff going on.
But that isn't the issue.
These are two adults, and I'm against violence.
I saw all the lefts celebrate, literally, I got clip after clip, when Rand Paul got six ribs broken, a lung punctured.
And they said, good, too bad this guy didn't kill him.
Senator Paul comes out and says, this is terrible violence.
It's a bad thing.
And the left says, too bad you didn't die again.
We're against this.
Mostly peaceful protest.
And so all over CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, he is a right winger!
It's the new January 6th.
Well, they said January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9-11.
Peter Strzok said on TV two weeks ago that 9-11 doesn't even compare to January 6th.
Yeah, 3,000 dead.
January 6th, four dead patriots, no dead cops.
9-11 doesn't even compare to this.
Well, then I guess they'll probably say 9-11 doesn't compare to Paul Pelosi in his underwear with some dude with hammers in their bedroom.
And who is the unnamed person let in the police?
If I had to speculate, and it's not hard to speculate if you've studied the lifestyles of these folks, they were both on cocaine or meth.
And they were going crazy doing God knows what to each other.
And one of them got pissed off at the other one.
And things went haywire really, really, really quick.
And if you question that, you're called a conspiracy terrorist.
Well, all they do is lie to us.
All they do is have a history of fraud.
So we would be insane if we didn't question what's going on here.
Here's some of the memes that came out.
You can see the full...
Press conference and listen to the 9-1-1 tape if you want at Infowars.com.
Police dispatch, Paul Pelosi said he doesn't know who the male is but advised his name is David and he's a friend.
Paul Pelosi attacker lived in Berkeley hippie nudist colony.
NBC News, David DePapa.
Was able to get into the Pelosi bedroom where Paul Pelosi was.
Third person was at home.
Elon Musk fact-checked Hillary about the truth of Paul Pelosi attack and Elon is right.
And then here's some of the memes.
Paul Pelosi crime scene video.
I love this spirit Halloween costume meme that just keeps giving and giving.
Home invader includes two hammers, underwear, gay pride flag, Berkeley stands united against... and lube.
And of course you've got from the shining little scene with the adult teddy bear with the aristocratic man in the bedroom, is this release footage from Pelosi's house before things got crazy?
That's called satire media.
We're not being serious.
Rex Chapman calls Rand Paul a little bitch for wishing Paul Pelosi a speedy recovery.
And it goes on and on and on.
All right, we're going to start the second hour.
Let me tell you what's coming up then.
I want to get into the New World Order master plan, why they're doing lockdowns, why China's got new lockdowns, why they want to bring lockdowns back here, and what the digital world ID, social credit score, cashless society is going to mean.
That's all coming up.
And then
We're good to go.
Pushing against vaccinations and promoting Alex Jones, Kyrie Irving doesn't care about the impact of his words.
He's just a wealthy, entitled individual who wants the benefits of existing in a society without responsibilities.
And so they're demonizing him.
He's responded to tweeting.
This video that I can't even count up how many views it's got.
I mean, some versions have 15 million views.
There's dozens of versions with millions of views.
It's safe to say this has got 100 million views.
And it's 20 years ago, a minute and a half clip where I just lay out the future that would be unfolding.
So I thought we'd actually play the clip everybody's talking about.
And that Kyrie Irving did not apologize for
Posting on his Instagram.
That's all coming up.
And then the Biden administration's done something very special.
Biden administration accuses Arizona officials of trespassing.
We're trying to secure the border.
The illegals aren't trespassing, but they are.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Send the live links out from Infowars.com.
We're on the march.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm only going to air part of this very important seven and a half minute piece by John Ballin.
It's on Band Off Video.
The Pelosi's October Surprise.
Then we're going to come back and I'm going to plow into the latest COVID news and the whole cashless society, endgame of this and how we stop it.
And then all the new pushes for censorship, war and more.
But here is a part of the report that is again at man.video that is so critical.
Only way it gets legs, only way it's birthed into existence and reaches other people in the info war is you.
The Pelosi's October surprise, here's part of it.
In the wake of breaking news with little details, it was only a matter of hours before the Democrats' mockingbird media had begun to politicize and twist the narrative of the attack regarding Paul Pelosi.
Investigators say DePappy had planned to tie up Paul Pelosi and wait for the Speaker to return home.
Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital.
Representative Pelosi's office tells us he underwent a successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands.
Tonight's bulletin from the FBI warns of a heightened threat fueled by a rise in domestic violence extremism driven by ideological grievances.
Potential targets include candidates running for public office, elected officials, election workers, and others.
The FBI warns the threat will continue even after election day.
Clinging to the far-right January 6th boogeyman myth in order to desperately forward a campaign of stochastic terrorism.
We have to understand that this attack was most likely done because of that rhetoric
Is that we're going to find out that this was someone with very far-right motivations and someone who follows people like Tucker Carlson, like Ben Shapiro, like Matt Walsh.
That's my prediction here.
And Tucker Carlson has one of the largest platforms in this country that spreads his white nationalist message to millions and millions of impressionable viewers every day.
You know, the right-wing wants you to believe that public schools are an indoctrination center for communist theory.
I wish they were, but actually people are not.
Learning such things in school.
As the clock runs out on the 2022 election, an outcome which could not only bring a response to the corporacratic neo-Marxist cancer festering in the American body politic, but also result in prosecution for a host of Democrats that had avoided scrutiny, including the President of the United States.
The October surprise was imminent.
It's reported that the same chant was used by this guy they have in custody.
That was used on January 6th.
The chant was, Where's Nancy?
Where's Nancy?
Where's Nancy?
This is despicable.
There's no place in America.
There's too much violence.
Political violence.
Too much hatred.
Too much vitriol.
And what makes us think that one party can talk about
Stolen elections.
COVID being a hoax.
It's all a bunch of lies and it not affect people who may not be so well balanced.
What makes us think that it's not going to corrode the political climate?
The alleged attacker, David DePappe, a Canadian illegal immigrant, had spent his time in Berkeley, California making hemp jewelry and contributing to Bay Area nudist activism at a residence replete with a rainbow flag and a Black Lives Matter sign.
They dared to deny the implausible narrative of 9-11.
Not exactly the far-right extremist Nazis they would have us believe DePaupe was a product of.
According to KTVU, DePaupe had supposedly had with him a manifesto that contained anti-government COVID beliefs and a list of other politicians he planned to target.
Additionally, the media had immediately derided De Pape's online writings detailing COVID vaccine danger, the Great Reset, and the epidemic of pedophile normalization as crazed conspiracy nonsense, just buzzwords to be feared.
The problem is, people keep egging these people on.
There are people on the television, across the street from us, that egg these people on, talking about cabals and stuff, and people secretly running the world, and this guy doesn't like women either.
So, that's happening right now.
And then on top of it, you have political figures.
You have the previous President of the United States, you know, posting about QAnon on his social media platforms.
You don't know this is a game to these politicians.
They're going to take it out on real people.
Oddly, DePape hadn't posted anything online for 15 years until reappearing in August of 2022, just months before a forthcoming October surprise.
But the real questions, per usual, open up gaping holes in the Pelosi-DiPape narrative.
For instance, how and why does a man wearing underwear carry a manifesto with him?
And what about the possible depravity of Pelosi's alcoholic husband?
Was DiPape there for another reason?
Why did Pelosi tell dispatchers DiPape was a friend?
I have a 14-hour copy.
Harpy stated that there's a male in the home and that he's going to wait for his wife.
Harpy stated that he doesn't know who the male is, but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.
RV sounded somewhat confused.
Questions that come to mind after others in the California Democratic Party within the circles of the Pelosi's have revealed their true colors.
There are at least two counts of providing methamphetamine to a victim that resulted in death.
Four additional counts of providing methamphetamine.
One count of using his West Los Angeles apartment as a drug lair.
And two counts of paying for interstate travel for the purpose of prostitution.
All of these are significant charges.
He's been found guilty in all of them.
There are maximum sentencing.
It is likely that 66-year-old Ed Buck will spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.
Anyone would assume that at the very least Nancy Pelosi's multi-million dollar home in crime-riddled San Francisco would be outfitted with an equally expensive government-funded security system to protect the third in line to the presidency and her expensive ice cream freezer.
And why would police allow DePaupe to continue assaulting Paul Pelosi after they arrived on scene?
Furthermore, why was DePaupe injured?
Details that could certainly clear some things up, but continue to remain a mystery.
Of course, we have been here a thousand times before.
The left despises questions.
Because the truth is lurking, and there is nothing more frightening for those invested in lies than the emergence of the truth.
John Bowne reporting.
So we have real live thought police, not in a book like 1984, not in the old Soviet Union, but here in America and in Europe, run by the ADL, run by the socialist parties, funded by the big corporations, that want to silence their political opposition, that are saying no to the tyranny they're pushing.
And so ten years ago, Sandy Hook happened.
The internet didn't believe it because it was all political and a lot of it looked scripted.
I looked at some of the evidence and said, yeah, it could be staged.
It was never a big issue for us.
It's staged a lot of stuff.
We barely covered it.
Then, four years ago, they sue us.
The judge is fine as in default.
And then once I saw what happened, it was all organized like a big machine with the media and PR groups and think tanks and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and just all of them, Beto and Biden, all attacking me.
Alex Jones.
And what he did to the poor children's families and how he sent people to harass them and none of it was true.
So they couldn't have a real trial because that would be shown.
So they found me guilty and then had a five week
In Connecticut, two week in Texas, show trial.
And so Kyrie Irving, well-known successful basketball player, months ago puts out a tweet that was already viral with tens of millions of views.
Now it's approaching God knows what, all the different versions out there.
Where I, in 2002, did a video podcast.
Where I exposed what they would build in the future and how they would use release viruses to take control of society.
And so Kyrie is asked a few days ago in a press conference, now viral, with tens of millions of views, well, why'd you do this?
And then, oh, why'd you post some anti-Semitic thing that was just simply talking about a bunch of northern Africans who were Jewish?
But that's on record.
Ethiopia, you name it.
He says, listen, I'm just putting out links that are interesting, just like you're asking me about this very same topic.
Are you now bad bringing it up?
And I get it.
Kyrie's under a lot of attacks.
He says, you know, I don't agree with Alex Jones hurting and traumatizing people that lost kids.
I didn't.
They got political.
They got involved with Obama.
They came out against guns.
People all saw it and thought something is weird here.
He's like Jussie Smollett.
But that's not the issue.
The issue is they want the control, whether you are Ye, Kanye West, or whether you are Kyrie Irving, or whether you are Tucker Carlson, to demonize you.
What's Tucker Carlson talking about?
Oh, the federal government says by the 15th of November, we'll be completely out of diesel fuel and over 80% of freight and
Systems, energy, you name it.
Electronics gear.
Is delivered by trucks.
By AT wheelers that are diesel.
That's what he's talking about.
And the ADL says he is Hitler.
He is a Nazi.
Oh, I don't want open borders.
You're a Nazi.
I don't want to be forced to take a shot.
You're a Nazi.
I question the election.
You're a Nazi.
It's ridiculous.
And major national Jewish groups and the largest rabbinical organization in America have put out letters to the head of the ADL saying, stop it!
You're turning everybody against us.
It's not Nazi to be against Diesel running out.
It's not Nazi to be free speech.
Stop it!
But the left doesn't care.
They want to list all their enemies as Nazis.
And then outlaws.
So before I play the Kyrie Irving press conference clip, let's actually play the clip that he tweeted and you decide for yourself from 20 years ago how evil this really is.
Or is it really good?
Is it really the truth?
Here's the viral clip.
Facts and common sense are in.
Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
Yes, they manipulate.
Yes, there are secret societies.
Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.
And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny.
Where human beings are absolutely worthless.
There's six and a quarter plus billion of us, and the globalists have said it many times, there's too many of us, we're causing a problem, we need to be culled at the tune of 80%.
It's amazing to talk about that, but it's the globalists, the UN, their own public statements, and they've convinced a lot of
Liberals and elitist conservatives and others, that by going along with this, that we're intelligent members of society.
It's the ultimate Malthus worldview.
It is this radical, virulent form of social Darwinism.
It's the excuse of tyrants.
And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health.
And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.
And I've got to find the full clip because I, about a few months ago, somebody found like 30 minutes of this and I'm doing everything that's going to happen.
How they're going to do force injections.
How they're going to lock us down.
But, but you, you, you get the drift.
This is dangerous because it's true and it shows it was a plan.
So here is Kyrie Irving being confronted.
This particular Twitter version has 6 million views.
This is the one with 10 million views.
This has gone super viral.
And they just keep attacking him and talking over him.
Here's what happened.
Kyrie, while we're on the topic of promotion, why did you decide to promote something that Alex Jones said?
That was a few weeks ago.
I do not stand with Alex Jones' position, narrative, court case that he had with Sandy Hook or any of the kids that felt like they had to relive trauma or parents that had to relive trauma or to be dismissive to all the lives that were lost during that tragic event.
My post was a post from Alex Jones that he did in the early 90s or late 90s about secret societies in America of occults.
And it's true.
So, I wasn't identifying with anything of being a campaigner, a campaignist for Alex Jones or anything.
I'm just there to post.
And it's funny, and it's actually hilarious because out of all the things I posted that day, that was the one post that everyone chose to see.
It just goes back to the way our world is and works.
I'm not here to complain about it.
I just exist.
And to follow up on the promotion of the movie and the book... Can you please stop calling it a promotion?
What am I promoting?
But I'm promoting it?
Do you see me doing?
Do you see me in front of the title?
Yeah, I put it out there just like you put things out there, right?
Yeah, bro.
Move on.
Move on.
Next question.
Next question.
Do you guys have any more questions for me?
Do you guys have any more questions?
Because this is going to be a clip.
This is going to be a clip that he's going to marvel at.
Is this any more questions?
But you're not answering the question.
This is another asking you a question.
Oh my God.
Let's make another Instagram clip so we can be famous again.
Next question.
Well, let's talk about what Kyrie Irving is wrong about.
You see thousands of articles a day, hundreds of videos a day for years about Alex Jones, Sandy Hook.
And I get it.
And people walk up to me on the street and they go, man, would you stop talking about Sandy Hook?
I never even hardly talked about it.
They kept their gun control alive and their anti-free speech movement by picking a few things out of context with me and attaching themselves to me and then acting like I'm getting rich or covering Sandy Hook.
So I'm not with Alex and his whole thing on Sandy Hook, you know, that is his big thing.
It's not my big thing.
It's their big thing.
They've manipulated you with a magician's trick.
But then separately, here's the reporter bringing up the clip that he knows will get a bunch of views.
But Kyrie Irving is bad for putting the clip out to begin with that was already viral.
And it's what I said.
Notice there's no debate about what I said in the video 20 years ago.
It's not the late 90s.
It's 20 years ago.
So they don't want a discussion about what I said, because it's true.
They want to just say, oh, Sandy Hook.
Hey, you know, I think we should have open borders.
Sandy Hook.
They shouldn't take our guns.
Sandy Hook.
I don't want you to force me to take a shot.
Sandy Hook.
Sandy Hook.
I want my First Amendment.
While they lie about WMDs and kill everybody everywhere and say Madeleine Albright's great, she said, yeah, I killed 500,000 kids.
I'd do it again.
The left are using psychological warfare against you.
They hate you.
We are back here on the Alex Jones Show, Sunday night.
Coming up in 40 minutes, Harrison Smith for two hours live, Sunday live.
Thanks for taking your calls, covering the news and more.
So anybody that turns on mainstream corporate media hears white people the devil.
Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic Party because of their race-baiting.
It's so incredibly obvious.
And the group mainly running all of this racism and racial division is the new Nazi Party in America.
You'd never expect it.
That's why it showed up that way.
The Anti-Defamation League is now the closest thing to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party we have.
I'm not just saying that for effect.
I mean, think about it.
They use racial politics.
They want censorship.
They want to take the bank accounts and jobs away of anybody like Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones that disagrees with them.
And they want the 45th President of America banned and put in prison.
And what is the outcome of their brainwashing that Obama and the globalists have pushed?
Here's a clip.
Do white lives matter?
This is what New Yorkers had to say.
And this is white people and black people who've been brainwashed into racial identity saying, I don't care about white people.
As if white people get penalized, you get ahead.
But if they can sell one group to hate the other group and take their rights away, we all lose our rights.
And there is the sickening evil
ADL at the very heart of this with big tech, the Democratic Party ganging up on us, with the Republican leadership sitting there with their thumbs, you know where, doing nothing.
Here's the clip.
Do white lives matter?
White lives?
Uh... It's a bit of a tricky question.
Um, no.
Not in the slightest.
They tried to censor the truth!
Why not?
Black lives matter.
I really don't give a f*** about white lives.
We're gonna get really political.
I don't want to go there.
All lives matter.
It's just... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
All lives matter.
I'm glad that brother put that out there because he started a whole bunch of constant conversation.
Man, you're hard to talk to.
Because you're making me think that all my answers are wrong.
There's no right or wrong answer, it's just your opinion.
Is that minute almost up?
So the good news is the ADL's failing.
Only a few of the white people and black people bought their racist garbage.
All lives matter.
And if we don't stand together, we fall separate.
As Benjamin Franklin said, nasty, nasty, nasty people that think all of us
Are stupid, but we're not stupid and we're coming together.
And we're waking up.
I want to hit the latest COVID tyranny news.
There's really their centerpiece of their takeover.
But first, let's look at it from the angle of control.
And then next segment.
I'm gonna get into a big article.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Dealing with how the globalists plan to use drones to control us.
And it's on Infowars.com.
But guys and gals, I mixed up all my articles.
So will you reprint me the
Infowars.com, QR code, Chinese drone.
Headline, there it is.
Video, Chinese drone.
Barks orders and demands QR code scan at checkpoint.
All those the QR code isn't approved are taken away to COVID facilities, which are really death camps.
It's the same run by the U.N.
all over the world, the same beta tests, the same training wheels to get you ready for this system.
It's not coming.
It's here.
So I'm gonna be hitting that next segment.
But first, let's hit the Holy Grail.
Why in Canada?
Why in blue cities in the U.S.?
Why in Australia?
Why in New Zealand?
Why in the U.K.?
Why in Europe?
Did they roll out the exact same program of QR codes to order food or get on a train or a bus or any of this?
They're training you for a digital world ID that Bill Gates and the UN are funding.
And in China, they've gone through every major city in the country and done month after month of lockdowns, sometimes six months of lockdowns, where you can't leave your house and people jump out of buildings and commit suicide until you submit when you come back out of your cave
To scan your phone with QR codes to get on a bus, a train, to go in a restaurant, to go in a grocery store, to go anywhere.
And now in China, if you're walking down the street, a drone flies up and says, present your phone with your QR code.
If it doesn't match, you were to get on your knees and the police come or the drone armed with a machine gun kills you.
Or it drops a little robot dog.
I'm going to show you footage this next segment.
It drops a robot dog with a machine gun that kills you.
I told you 20 years ago, this was coming from white papers and documents we read on air that had been leaked and declassified.
And now it's here.
So when you see this, you understand what it's about.
It's slave training.
After you're locked up for two, three, four months, you'll be happy to come out
And now scan to go to the store, scan to walk to your job, scan to go to the park.
And again, if you don't submit, a drone drops a robot dog with a machine gun and it kills you.
And this is all being announced.
On screen is a drone in China, put up with the government, dropping a robot dog with a drum fed machine gun.
All right.
This isn't a movie.
This is reality.
This is the year 2022 and the AI global takeover.
And China's a laboratory.
America's a laboratory.
We're all in different laboratories testing this rollout.
So Wuhan plunged back into lockdown almost three years after first COVID case with 800,000 in quarantine amid spiking cases.
But China all total has 200 million in lockdown right now.
Now what's really behind it?
Canada launched digital ID together with the World Economic Forum.
The initiative removes the need for physical passports.
It can also be used to combine vaccine passports and will fit well with the CBDC social credit score.
All for your safety, of course, and that is the Canadian Broadcasting Company reporting all of that.
Here's another one.
Rishi Sundak, the new Prime Minister, owns a social credit score company, partially owned by the World Economic Forum.
And he's announced QR codes to buy and sell and a carbon tax officially as his first act in office.
Another clip of Yuval Noah Harari, advisor of the WAF saying, total biometric surveillance.
We need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what is happening under the skin.
Corporations, governments are collecting data, where we go, who we meet.
We will inject you with nanotech and control you.
And all these fools are collaborators going along with this.
So the lockdowns are all dog training to get you ready.
And the tip of the spear of tyranny is communist China and globalist control by the
King Charles III is an exterminist, a eugenicist, a depopulationist.
He'd make Hitler blush in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
They're rolling it all out.
So what you see in China and what you see in Australia and Canada is their admitted plan for you with the UN and the WF in control of the New World ID coming out with the ADL in charge.
Saying, you don't have a job.
You don't have a credit card.
You're going to go to a forced labor camp, the ADL says.
A literal gulag.
A death camp.
The ADL's setting up death camps.
Death camps for you and your family.
And they'll put you in them.
And they love it.
Think about that.
My God.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So when you look back the last two and a half years of this total tyranny takeover, and we see all the people that believe blindly in these shots, and now even Ben Shapiro comes out and says, I was lied to!
I'm angry!
I took two shots!
My wife took three!
I was lied to!
It didn't protect me!
It didn't just not protect you!
And you didn't just attack people that refused to take the shot and say we were evil, but it erases your immune system and causes massive blood clots.
But you went with the establishment.
And now I notice the talking point is take Alex Jones off the air, keep him off the air, to keep Donald Trump, you know, from being able to communicate.
But, oh, let's get Ben Shapiro now, they're saying, because you, Ben,
Are a bootlicking establishment worm, and you thought you'd be protected, and you'd be left as the vestigial controller of conservatives, but they don't want anybody having any influence but them, so now they're coming after you.
I could air hours of this, but remember two years ago when the poison shots started?
All the celebration, and how they were cool, and how they were winners?
97% efficacy.
Then it was 80% and 70% and 60-something percent.
Oh, actually, it triples your chances of getting it and doubles your chances of dying and on and on and on.
We've got some new numbers on that.
Let's play a few clips of these very sad, empty souls who believe they finally attained their heart.
You know, like the Wizard of Oz.
Or they finally attained
Their physical body, like Pinocchio, finally a real boy.
Here they are.
I didn't post when I got vaccinated.
So, technically I didn't get vaccinated.
So I just wanted to tell everyone, I am vaccinated.
Here you go.
Vaccination card.
What did I get?
What am I?
I got visor!
Hee hee hee!
I'm a visor girl.
And here's my little pin that I got.
I'm officially vaccinated!
This girl is on Pfizer!
This girl is on Pfizer!
She's hopped up on Pfizer!
This girl is on Pfizer!
So the average leftist doesn't just love surveillance and tyranny and war and nuclear war and censorship.
Now they love Big Pharma and the most corrupt pharma company in history, and that's saying a lot, on record, Pfizer.
And that's the sick dichotomy, as you can argue, like the Globals do.
Well, they deserve to die.
We're doing you a favor.
We're getting rid of the dumb people.
Yeah, but you're targeting us, too, and it's wrong to do that to these people.
But that's the attitude of Bill Gates.
These people deserve to die.
I don't agree with him.
But imagine, Gates knows his target audience.
He knows who he's going after.
Understand, once they've done the voluntary people, they want to make it mandatory, which they're already pushing.
And Bill Gates hedged his bets two years ago.
He said, we don't know if this will work.
It's experimental.
But if you saw the ads of the U.S.
and Australia and all over the world, it was, hey, the virus caused the lockdown, but let's beat the virus.
Take the shot, you can go back to your regular life.
But they were the ones that shut down the regular life.
Locking people down didn't protect people from a virus.
They cooked up in a lab.
So here's a clip.
An Australian government-funded poison shot masquerading as a vaccine commercial.
Here it is.
COVID has affected each and every one of us.
But now we have a shot to get our lives back to normal.
This is our shot to protect our communities.
This is our shot to keep our borders open.
To explore the world again.
To welcome friends back to our shores.
Our shot to get back out there and amongst it.
Our shot to keep the crowds coming.
To fight this thing for good.
To tackle it head on.
To keep live music alive.
This is our shot to look out for each other.
To keep businesses open.
To keep people in jobs.
To keep healthy and safe.
This is our shot to say goodbye to quarantine and to bring Australians home.
Our shot to get everyone together for Christmas.
This is our shot.
To help save lives.
This is our shot.
Our shot.
Our shot.
This is our shot.
I've had my shot.
This is my shot.
This is my shot.
This is my shot.
Come on Australia, let's get the job done.
Start a conversation with your doctor about your shot.
Come on, Australia!
Let's get that job done!
Let's get that blood clot.
Let's get sterilized.
Let's get that cancer.
And once we get old value to sign on, people start dying, people will be part of the cover-up, and now we've fully corrupted them.
Let's do it, Australia!
They don't want you watching those clips now.
They want you to move on from the last attack.
Forget about it.
So they can hit you with the next attack.
And we've got all these clips of world leaders saying, if you take the shot, you're protected, 100%, don't believe the conspiracy theorists, and now you're more likely to get sick, more likely to be hospitalized, more likely to die, on purpose, because the shot gives you, at a much worse level, what COVID does, which I told you almost three years ago with top experts.
But they've got all these media whores, they pay.
To go out and tell you how great it is.
And most of them are getting sugar water shots, or saline shots.
But a lot of them aren't, they're dying.
The numbers are there.
But they feel like they're part of the establishment, so they'd probably do it all over again.
So there's one lesson we can take away from this crisis, is that the head of the WEF should be arrested, and all their different minions they put in political positions of power should be removed.
Here's Klaus Schwab two years ago telling you, take this shot, you will be protected.
Here it is.
I think one lesson which we take out of this crisis is this notion of mutual interdependence.
Because even as individuals, we had to take care not to infect someone else and not to be infected.
It's the same we have to apply now on a global level.
As long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe.
You know, I know it's in Chinese, it's in Mandarin, but let's just play
Back to back for TV and radio listeners.
Drones at checkpoints where you've got it in your car.
Put your phone out and scan it.
And if it says stop, they put you in a camp.
If not, you go on.
Whether you're in Australia, the U.S.
Whether you're in New Zealand or China, they've built the FEMA camps, and this is all just beta testing that folks just disappear.
If the QR code says you've got a problem at the bus station or the train station or the subway or the airport or walking down the street, it's, oh, where'd Bob go?
Well, his QR code said he had something.
It's all fraudulent PCR tests to begin with, but, oh, now your QR code says it.
So play.
Clip 16 and then play back to back all the other China tyranny clips.
Because this is important.
And there are a lot of these.
So play clip 16 in the way I sent them to you.
Then it's clip 28, 29, 30, 31 and more.
Just play all the China clips.
These are real clips.
Attack drones dropping robots from the air with machine guns.
Checkpoints scanning the system to get on a train.
All of it.
This is the system.
It's not coming.
It's here.
Here it is.
You know, hit pause, hit pause.
Let's start over.
I'm going to narrate this when we come back.
Train stations, bus stations, highways.
Drones flying over you, hanging a banner.
You scan it.
And it decides whether you can go forward or not, if not, it directs you to a camp.
And then where'd Ching go?
You know, where'd Jones go?
Where'd, uh... Where'd Ramirez go?
Oh, we don't know!
They just got sent and they died of COVID.
Robots, scanning you, ordering you where to go.
This is their takeover.
And I told you decades ago, from their own battle plans, that's why they want us off air.
They're getting ready to kill everybody.
Are we really gonna let evil do this to us and our children?
Are we really gonna roll over to this?
Not me!
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
If you're a radio listener, I kind of envy you because you don't have to watch this as viewers at Infowars.com are, but I could play 50 hours of this.
I mean, cities locked down for months, wailing at night with robots flying around, ordering people to stay in their houses with guns trained on them.
This isn't the Matrix.
This isn't some Hollywood movie.
This is happening, and everything being beta tested in China
Is what is already coming here.
So let's start going back through just some of the clips today.
Just the clips I saw today of combat drones with attack dogs.
They drop with machine guns and barking orders and at checkpoints.
And if your QR code says pull over, they take you away.
And where'd you go?
Oh, he had COVID.
He's never seen again.
It's just a cover for everybody being rounded up as they pose as the savior.
And then they're building these camps all over the Western world.
And now the left's saying, arrest people that are politically incorrect.
The ADL's up there smiling.
I mean, bone-chilling wickedness.
Now you know this isn't fairmongering.
Now you know this is real, folks.
And I bet on you, and I believe in you, and we're gonna beat this together.
Alright, let's start rolling the clips.
Start over.
This is at a train station.
Oh, sorry!
You're not allowed to travel.
By the way, back that up.
Notice you can get a 5 score, but they're only a 4.8.
They're bad.
So, this isn't the Black Mirror episode.
This is real.
So you're at 50 feet in the air or 40 feet in the air is a drone with a big banner with a QR code saying scan and then if it doesn't let you through you pull over to the side you're taken away.
Robot dogs giving you orders.
There's a combat drone delivering a robot dog with a machine gun with a barrel of ammo, 100 rounds.
And we have footage that's so bone-chilling of cities at night, big black towers, high-rises, people screaming and yelling and wailing for help.
And there it is, dropping the combat robot.
The delivery robot drops its carrier.
This is not Terminator.
This is real.
Combat robot activates with its barrel of ammunition and its weapon system.
Preparing to terminate humans.
Launch operation.
And that's what 5G's all about.
Well, let's roll that footage.
There's hundreds of these videos of cities wailing and crying at night, people jumping out of buildings.
They've got suicide nets in the buildings and robots flying around laughing at everyone.
And this is where we're going.
Go ahead and roll it.
All right, no big deal.
Can we turn the audio up, Gus?
And again, this is just one of the videos.
Some of them are jumping out of the buildings.
It's just, it's just, it's beyond dystopic.
This isn't a Netflix dystopic movie.
This is happening.
This is real.
Meanwhile, look at this.
People are fighting back.
Representative Roy and colleagues call on Republican leadership to investigate CDC's politicized COVID-19 vaccine child vote.
Meanwhile, they are openly now admitting that a large percentage of babies taking the shot are getting sick and dying.
The Surgeon General of Florida has come out and pointed to a major study showing that.
There that is on screen.
Of course, it's now admitted they've created a super-COVID that kills 80% of humans at Boston University.
That's been out.
That's mainstream news.
And then we've got this clip.
We're going to play a clip here in a moment of Ben Shapiro throwing a major fit and freaking out and saying, I was lied to because he knows his whole audience is turning against him.
He's lost half his audience reportedly.
Just like Trump's being destroyed by this.
Because he was too dumb to come out against it two years ago.
Just like Trump wouldn't come out against it.
They're destroying themselves.
I'm not against Ben Shapiro.
I wish he'd join us.
I'm not against Trump.
But they continue to go along with it.
So now he's like, my wife's a doctor.
She took three shots.
I took two.
It doesn't protect me.
They lied.
It does more than not protect you, you dumb, arrogant Eddie Munster.
It hurts you.
It kills you, jackass.
Now here's Ben Shapiro flailing after advocating COVID-19 vaccine for over a year and a half.
Ben Shapiro says he was deceived.
We were all lied to.
Yeah, by you that tried to bully people.
Here it is.
We were lied to by the scientists.
We were lied to by Pfizer.
We were lied to by the government.
We were lied to by the Biden administration.
We were lied to!
I don't like being lied to.
I don't know about you.
And it makes me not believe these people.
Now, as I've spoken out before, I got vaxxed twice.
I got double-vaxxed.
My wife being a doctor and seeing vulnerable patients is triple-vaxxed.
But, knowing now what I know then,
Knowing then what I know now, rather, would I have actually gotten Vaxxed based on the information that my actual chances of death from COVID were exorbitantly low and I wouldn't be preventing my parents from getting it?
That was really what I was concerned about.
We were bubbled with my parents.
Would I have gotten it?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I think maybe not.
Because again, my personal risk when it comes to the vaccine was extremely low when it came to COVID.
I'm a young healthy male with no pre-existing conditions.
What a fool thinking he can join Satan and get ahead.
Here's his original tweets as he attacked Elijah Schaffer.
The vaccine's 95% effective, is preventing you from getting the virus and also mitigates the severity of the illness.
99% of those who actually get the COVID-19 shot will survive.
He was attacking Elijah Schaffer saying, your immune system has a higher success rate combating COVID than the actual vaccine.
This is two years ago.
But it's okay, he's an anointed one.
He's smarter than everybody.
You need to listen to him.
Meanwhile, the blast from the past, people doing a water aerobics class with plastic screens in front of them.
All an exercise in mental illness.
All an exercise to see what you'll put up with and what ridiculous hoops you will jump through.
So far, this flu season is more severe than it's been in 13 years.
Yes, everybody's dying from the shot.
15-year-old girl died suddenly, this is of the major news of Wales, from COVID complications a day after her vaccine.
She died of a heart attack from myocarditis, but they're saying it's COVID, even though she took the shot a day before.
How liberal.
And no one wants to admit they got attacked.
Medical examiner, coroner, finally claims fully vaccinated bodybuilder, who suffered from cardiovascular disease, died of COVID-19 infection, not the COVID vaccine.
Though he said, I'm taking it.
See how healthy I'll be.
And he died days after.
This is the person calling you a conspiracy theorist in their moronic idiot bubble.
These are the people that want to roll over and die.
But we're not rolling over and dying!
We're fighting!
And the human millennia is about to come!
God bless you all!
I'll be back tomorrow at 11am.
Harrison Smith takes over for two hours with Sunday Live Now!
It was a rough day for the despicable and ridiculous Alex Jones today.
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A billion dollar verdict.
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965 million dollars.
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