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Air Date: Oct. 29, 2022
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The segment covers various topics related to politics and global affairs. Alex Jones discusses Elon Musk's actions at Twitter and urges listeners to support Infowars through purchases. The show features an interview with Acharya Jee, who talks about the globalist agenda and leadership in fighting against it. The speakers touch upon concepts like authority, natural law, secret societies, and resistance. They emphasize learning natural law as a means for creating a better future by choosing wiser behaviors. The podcast explores control through fear, spiritual degradation, and promoting Infowars.com as a resource to counter the globalist agenda.

Tomorrow's news today.
When I grow up... When I grow up, I want to be a rock star!
When I grow up, I want to bring down the New World Order!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the Resistance, broadcasting worldwide!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We've got one hell of a broadcast lined up for you.
Roger Stone with internals of what Trump and DeSantis are up to.
Ten days out from the midterms.
Then a major researcher on the New World Order that I've known for eight years that is known in some of the more
Informed elite circles, but not known to the general public.
Acharya G will be joining us coming up and then Mark Passio on natural law and his predictions for the near future and the long term as well.
It is all coming up today on this very special
Saturday, emergency transmission that will be posted to VanDot Video and then it will also be restreamed until 4 p.m.
Central tomorrow with a regular Sunday show.
And I got to tell you, we got some very special guests lined up tomorrow night and next week.
You do not want to miss any edition of the Alex Jones Show this week, as if you ever want to miss any of them.
The Globalists work around the clock to make sure you get disconnected from those.
Okay, but let me hit some big breaking news first.
Russia has officially released intel they believe proves the British Navy blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline 2.
Also, we have Nancy Pelosi's husband being attacked with a hammer and them trying to say that he's a Trump supporter or a QAnon person.
But now we have the audio, we'll play in just a moment, the 911 call.
Police dispatch, Paul Pelosi said he doesn't know who the male is, but he advised that his name is David and he is a friend.
He was in his underwear, they were naked.
The stuff was broken inside, not broken into.
And so something very interesting going on there with Mr. or Herr Monsieur Pelosi.
We'll be getting into all of that here today.
And of course, the really big COVID news.
The really big
COVID news that we also have to get to.
But again, in a moment, we're going to play the 911 call.
From Pelosi's husband, not the DWI call, the 911 call, here in just a moment.
And then, after advocating for COVID-19 vaccine for a year, Ben Shapiro says he was deceived.
We're being lied to by everyone.
What, by Bill Gates and the New World Order?
Now he knows everyone's turning against him.
Now he's doubling back and we've got a lot of big
We're good.
I think?
He advised that his name is David and he is a friend.
Here it is.
Northern 4 car, pay priority 910, 2640 Broadway, cross of Scott and Normandy.
May 14, I will copy.
stated that there's a male in the home and that he's going to wait for his wife.
stated that he doesn't know who the male is, but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.
sounded somewhat confused.
Is a friend.
sounded somewhat confused.
Scroll over and back and copy.
All right, his name is David, and he's a friend, but he doesn't know who he is.
Well, I guess a dude would look good if your wife...
If it was Nancy Pelosi, that would turn anybody gay, I would think.
But the whole point is they're trying to saddle, they're trying to frame the American people with this right now.
Some type of attempted false flag.
I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm saying they're trying to blame conservative voters.
They're calling it a new January 6th, but it gets worse.
Senator Rand Paul, who had six ribs broken,
What a group of scum!
That we are dealing with, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let's look at this.
We'll play the Shapiro clip here.
This is Ben Shapiro walks back with support for the so-called vaccine.
He now says, well, he said two shots, and his wife said three shots, and he got lied to, and it's terrible.
But lied to by who?
Big Pharma, the corporate media, and by you, saying it was safe and we should all take it, or we're bad people.
Here is Ben Shapiro.
We were lied to by the scientists.
We were lied to by Pfizer.
We were lied to by the government.
We were lied to by the Biden administration.
We were lied to.
I don't like being lied to.
I don't know about you.
And it makes me not believe these people.
Now, as I've spoken out before, I got vaxxed twice.
I got double-vaxxed.
My wife being a doctor and seeing vulnerable patients is triple-vaxxed.
But knowing now what I know then,
Knowing then what I know now, rather, would I have actually gotten facts based on the information that my actual chances of death from COVID were exorbitantly low?
And I wouldn't be preventing my parents from getting it.
That was really what I was concerned about.
We were bubbled with my parents.
Would I have gotten it?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I think maybe not.
Because again, my personal risk when it comes to the vaccine was extremely low when it came to COVID.
I'm a young healthy male with no pre-existing conditions.
Yeah, he's in damage control on his damage report.
Listen, Eddie Monster.
The CDC's own document in October 2000 said heart attacks, heart swelling, blood clots, strokes, infertility, cancer, death.
And you followed the corporate talking point.
And it's in Spar's 2025-2028 globalist document that they'd hit us with two years of the poison shot and then admit it was wrong to destroy confidence in the government and the system, but not in the UN and the big corporations that did it.
So Shapiro's walking it back, but he's not telling us who's to blame or how it was an evil plan or how much money he got as a little monster to promote all this.
Go watch our report from almost two years ago, SPARS 2025-2028.
It's got about 4 million views at Bandod Video.
Needs a billion views if we want to save ourselves.
And you will be so blown away it'll make your head spin.
It even describes how people would find out it was poison and how they were going to spin that later.
It's beyond Operation Lockstep and the Rockefeller Foundation documents.
The rats are definitely leaving the sinking ship.
Meanwhile, this came out weeks ago, and where's the congressional hearings?
Where's the arrest?
Say it for me now.
Alex Jones was right.
You see they're desperate to silence him.
Boston University creates a new COVID strain that is an 80% kill rate.
And here it is out of the Daily Mail.
Even AP and Reuters admitted it.
But weeks later they want to
Sleeping on the rug kills 80% of humans.
It comes in contact with inhumanized mice that are part human and cloning to have the exact same effect.
Oh, I wonder if Ben Shapiro's worried about that a little bit.
Meanwhile, flu, they said, was gone for two years.
They were counting that as COVID to get you to take the poison shot.
Now, so far, the flu season is more severe than it's been in 13 years.
There's all these deaths of the vaccinated, and they're calling it the flu.
And they've got new lockdowns in China, Wuhan, plunged back into lockdown almost three years after the first COVID case, with $800,000 in quarantine amid spiking cases.
And it goes on, and on, and on from there.
Meanwhile, we've got all these Davos Group, CFR, New World Order people, like the new Prime Minister, Rishi Sundak,
Owns social credit score, he's the new British Prime Minister, with links to World Economic Forum.
And he announces carbon taxes and total control and social credit scores.
And he meanwhile owns the company that'll be making money out of it.
It doesn't matter who you elect if they control all the major candidates.
That's their plan.
That's their operation.
Remember the idiocy in the last three years.
People swimming with masks on, people swimming with plexiglass in front of them.
All of it a sign of how mind-controlled you really were.
Canada launched ID together with the WEF and Bill Gates funding.
The initiative removes the need for physical passports.
It can also be used as a combined vaccine passport
Well fit, well with the CBDC and its social credit score.
All for your safety, of course.
All officially being rolled out now.
But here are the Twitter executives being fired.
They don't look too happy now.
And a lot of people are saying, Jones, when are you going to challenge Elon Musk and demand that you be reinstated to Twitter?
Let me speak to that briefly before we get to these big guests.
Got three of them coming up that are incredible.
I know because my weekday shows, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., are live.
My Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m., is live.
But the Saturday shows are usually taped.
So I'm taping this little news intro after three hours with Roger Stone, with Acharya, who I'll introduce to you, and with Marc Passio.
And this was a particularly powerful broadcast.
So that's all coming up here in just a few minutes.
Let me just get back to the main points I wanted to get to here today.
The wheels are coming off the New World Order.
The world population is waking up at record levels.
And the globalists are completely and totally, absolutely desperate right now.
And that's why I want to encourage viewers to realize, these aren't words when I say this, how incredibly essential you are in this fight.
Now, getting back to Elon Musk, I look at a tree by what fruits it bears.
You know, I used to, before my ex-wife divorced me, have nine acres out in the country, outside Austin, on the Barton Creek.
And we had a couple acres on one side of the creek and like seven acres on the other side.
The folks we bought the house from had an apple, a plum, and a pear orchard.
And we could get more apples and plums and pears than we could ever eat off of that
Seven acres, about four acres of it.
Right in the middle was those trees.
We didn't take care of them.
We didn't prune them.
We didn't do anything.
But I go over there all the time.
Little spillway there at the creek.
So instead of walk through the water, I drive my truck across and I just load baskets with apples and plums and pears.
Some other fruit, I'm forgetting it, but point doesn't matter.
And the crazy thing was, you'd have a little tree next to a big one, but it would have twice as many plums on it, or twice as many pears on it, or apples.
And sometimes you'd have one of the bigger trees that grew really big and strong and looked great, but it would have almost nothing on it.
And that's what the Bible's talking about, judging a tree by its fruits.
Look at this little tree, and it's loaded with apples, where it's almost way down to the ground.
In fact, we had one tree that went down to the ground.
It had so many apples on it, like a hundred apples.
And we were making apple pies constantly and everything, just God's bounty.
And the same thing for a plum tree.
You'd have like a medium-sized plum tree, and then a big plum tree, and there'd be a few plums on the big plum tree, and a whole bunch on the little one.
And it wasn't always like that.
We had a few trees, we probably had 50 of them, that were big trees that were also loaded.
You had to get a ladder up there and get them off.
But that's not where I'm going with this.
People ask me...
What I think of Elon Musk, and I try to be Christ-like.
I don't claim to be very Christ-like.
I try to be Christ-like, but I definitely follow the teachings of Christ.
I certainly respect Christ.
He's my leader and my savior.
But let's just say this, Christ is never wrong.
But when I compare my thinking to Christ, that isn't from an arrogant perspective.
Just be very clear.
But Christ said, you judge a tree by its fruits.
And so when I look at Elon Musk and the things he's done,
We're good to go.
And now saying we shouldn't get rid of fossil fuels, they're a good thing, we need them, alongside electric, while we develop better systems, and that we will collapse if we don't have it.
And just on and on and on, I look at the tree that is Elon Musk, and I say, this guy's getting better and better.
And so, the good side of him way outsides the bad.
But there's more than just judging a tree by its fruits in my psychological, cultural, economic,
spiritual lexicon.
And that is the trajectory.
Because let's say Elon used to be somewhat bad.
We don't know.
And then he gets better and better and better and better and better.
If he starts getting bad again, we got a problem.
We still can't trust him.
But he's not getting he's not stopping his peak.
He's going like this getting better.
Instead of like kind of this, we don't know what he's gonna do.
Well, no, it's this.
And so I had dinner with a lot of people.
I told you about this on the air two years ago, and I told you about it, other sources, and I said, people tell me Elon Musk is a listener.
People tell me Elon Musk cares.
People tell me, watch what Elon's about to do, and Elon wants you to know he's about to do all this.
And then years later, I had dinner with some other folks, pretty close to Elon, I'll leave it at that.
You'd say extremely close.
They basically told me the same thing.
I used to joke about,
Talking to Trump on the phone all the time.
And I'd say, well, I've talked to someone very close to President Trump.
But the point is, is that I'm not stupid.
I didn't sell out to the New World Order.
I'm not selling out to anybody because they're a billionaire or they're powerful.
I already sold out of the truth.
But that's what I said.
I said to these people, I said, well, if Elon Musk is so good, when I was having dinner with one of his chief scientists, a well-known household name,
I said, if he's so good two years ago, let me see first.
Well, now I've been seeing.
So I'm not up here as an apologist for Elon Musk and Gregory said like him and puts out pieces attacking him.
I respect Gregory.
So I think he brings up pertinent points.
We're not running a cult here.
But you can't deny that Elon Musk is doing this, going straight up towards liberty.
While Donald Trump not going against the vaccines is doing this.
Doesn't mean I'm throwing Trump out.
Doesn't mean I dislike Trump.
Doesn't mean I don't support Trump.
But Trump's like this.
Now I'm going down a little.
I'm kind of like, man, I hope he doesn't keep dropping.
If he's making that decision, what else is he going to do?
Because Elon Musk is kind of like me.
He's this kind of sprawly, half-sized tree kind of over here.
Well, there's a lot of fruit on it.
And it's up to you to decide whether that fruit's good or not.
You need to pick some, you need to eat it, you need to see if it tastes good, you need to see if it's poisonous.
You need to find out for yourself whether that fruit's good or not.
And so what I see happening at Twitter is a very positive thing.
Now that said...
Here's my equations.
Crew came to me on Friday, when I got back from a workcation, and they said, are we going to send an official letter to Twitter and say we demand you reinstate us to prove you're for real?
And I said, you notice he's creating this council.
To develop a plan to bring back free speech and new rules.
Because you can't have calls for murder.
You can't have lettuce provocateurs on there.
They're going to be saying stuff on purpose to get him shut down.
Because you know the Justice Department is trying to block him taking it over.
You know Biden is.
You know the EU is already suing Twitter because he just took it over.
So he's got to navigate that.
I'm going to give Elon Musk a little breathing room.
And it's not like I need to get back on Twitter.
I want to see him make the right decision, but he needs to do it in his own time.
So if in six months, we're not back up on Twitter, the weight of him being incredibly good is a little less.
But if he's still speaking out against the shots and world government, AI, and New World Order, and censorship, I mean, he's still good.
The point is he's a lot better than Sundar Pichai at Google.
He's a lot better than Tim Cook at Apple.
He's a lot better than Mark Zuckerberg over there at Meta.
He's lost two-thirds of his wealth, by the way.
He's worth $140 billion, now he's worth $40 billion.
So, that's where I'm at.
But you've got to be as wise as a serpent, as peaceful as a dove.
I can't just go.
And score an easy point of, I tried to re-register on Twitter and they banned me.
He hasn't cleaned the people out yet.
He just fired the CEO and the head lawyer.
But people ask, why would he buy this platform?
There's only five big platforms.
He wants to build InternetX, he says.
It came out in the lawsuit, text messages.
To then have private messaging and video streaming and banking and everything on a platform that doesn't censor you.
Because even if he's not a perfect person, which none of us are,
The whole future is going to be in free open platforms.
If everybody else is censoring and surveilling and ripping off and controlling like PayPal, which he was an early investor in, people go, oh Peter Thiel and Musk, they're bad, they're letting PayPal rip people off.
They haven't had control of PayPal for a decade.
I looked into it.
So let's give them a chance.
Let's see what they do.
And let's not all run around holier than thou.
Because let me tell you, it takes some time to take control of an organization and change the culture.
And Elon Musk has an uphill battle.
But let me say this about Elon Musk in closing.
They say Elon Musk wasn't that smart and just invested in some diamonds.
But he made a bunch of money.
And then he wasn't that smart, he invested in PayPal.
Big deal.
Then he wasn't that smart, he invested in Tesla.
Then he wasn't that smart, and he invested in SpaceX right at the time the U.S.
government dumped it.
And he wasn't that smart, he went up against the censors and bought Twitter and is trying to fix it.
No, obviously he's smart, folks.
And if he can be bold and buy Twitter, he's
A good guy, in my view, to try to change it.
And if he can do it, well, that's something else.
Now, obviously, Elon Musk is engaged, and is smart, and is involved and engaged.
And he's either the next level evil, because he is engaged, and he's reached out, and he's acting like he's a nice guy, or
He is the real deal and wants to build a pro-human future.
Now that said, I've read his writings.
He says, I don't want to make you take a brain chip.
If you want one, we're going to sell it to you.
He just knows where things are going.
So that's that kind of libertarian angle on that.
And I'm sitting back thinking, well, my uncle was in a motorcycle accident and he had epilepsy so bad he was in a wheelchair.
And first he got a vagus nerve stimulator.
Then he actually got a few years ago, a chip in his brain.
And now he feels great, is running around, having a great life, and looks like he's 20 years younger.
A brain chip, in and of itself, is not evil, just like a prosthetic leg isn't evil.
It's who programs it, who controls it, and what you've got to give up to have access to it, and that's what the social credit score is.
If I got hit by a car next week and broke my neck, and they said, we can put a chip in your brain stem where you get to walk again, I'd say put that sucker in, unless
There was strings attached that it would control me.
The technology, like a gun, is not bad.
A car is not bad, but that psycho Daryl Brooks used in Kenosha.
Or the white supremacist scumbag used to kill those black folks in Buffalo a few months ago.
The gun's not bad.
The white supremacist, the black supremacist is who is bad.
And so I'm all about technology, but open source free, that's been tested and that people have a choice on, unlike these nanotech vaccines they're putting in people.
But that said, Elon Musk pushing his Neuralink is creepy as hell.
But it seems like he wants to be involved in everything.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
We'll, we'll see.
But let me tell you, Elon Musk has done nothing but impress me in the last two years.
And I was told, get ready, see what Elon's going to do.
But see, that's the thing about sociopaths and psychopaths.
You'd think they'd do stuff that even helped them in the future, even if it was pro-human.
But most globalists will go against humanity, even if it hurts them.
Maybe Elon Musk is a good sociopath.
I mean, I'm not saying that's such a thing, but he just thinks a pro-human future is the way to go.
People want freedom.
Why not give it to them?
But the globalists, they're not giving you freedom.
They're giving you slavery, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, what's a pacemaker in your heart?
It's a microchip.
It's a system.
It's an electrochemical simulator.
It's robot controlled.
Are you against that?
I ever started having defibrillation problems?
I started having arrhythmias?
I'm going to get a pacemaker.
I've got another family member who waited a long time to get a pacemaker and was in a lot of hell and a heart attack.
Finally got it.
Man, they're climbing mountains now.
That's a great piece of technology right there.
But again, what comes with it?
That's the issue, and we don't want technology programmed by a central system.
And if they can censor what you say on Facebook or Twitter, they can censor what goes into your brain chip, or into your heart chip, or your hip chip, or your back chip, or any of it.
God gave us all this technology to use and to build our future, but it serves us, not them.
That's a prime rule.
In my rules, where I think the future should be run.
And I'm not going to force my rules down your throat.
I'm going to promote them and see if you agree with me.
We're going to go to these interviews now.
I want to hit a few more of these tweets.
When someone accuses you of wearing a tinfoil hat, remind them it's better than wearing a blindfold.
I want to frame that and put it on the wall.
Why is Fox 10 calling the election 12 days before election day?
She said this two days ago.
She's really 10 points ahead, Carrie Lake is, of Katie Hobbs and all the major polls, but Fox always goes for the Democrat.
They're saying she's going to win.
Look how angry the Twitter lawyer was when Elon came in.
Couldn't even hide her disdain of who she worked for and what she was doing.
All right.
Because you're about to get three hours of interviews.
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Tomorrow's news today.
And we are back for the special Saturday emergency transmission.
Three big guests coming up as I promised you.
Roger Stone joins us on the Saturday, October 29th, 2022 special transmission.
With only a few days left, 10 days left, until the historic
Midterms, he is here to give his current analysis.
Will it be a Democrat bloodbath?
How will election fraud weigh in?
The Democrats are now saying Republicans are planning to steal it, while simultaneously saying there's no such thing as election fraud.
We'll also be looking forward into 2024, with more and more evidence that DeSantis is going to run directly against President Trump, or as Roger Stone calls him, the champ.
So, former chief political advisor to Donald Trump,
Roger Stone joins us to cover the waterfront.
Roger, exciting times.
It really is, Alex.
Look, I want to be as clear as I possibly can.
I'm strongly supporting Ron DeSantis for re-election.
In fact, I've already voted, and I voted for him, as is every member of our family.
But everybody here in Florida was shocked in the debate between he and Charlie Crist earlier this week when Crist put the question to him, Governor, will you pledge to serve all four years if re-elected or are you going to abandon Florida to run for president?
And DeSantis hedged.
He tried to finesse that question.
The key point, of course, is that he didn't say yes and give that pledge.
Alex, I had to go to DEFCON 4.
I had no choice because of the history here.
Many people who aren't Floridians may not know that Ron DeSantis was a relatively unknown congressman, a member of the Freedom Caucus, but the Republican establishment here in Florida
Every Republican County Chairman, every Republican State Legislator in the State House and the State Senate, every member of the Republican Congressional Delegation, with the exception of my friend Matt Gaetz, had all endorsed Adam Putnam, the RINO establishment, who was very far ahead in the polls.
It was only a tweeted Donald Trump endorsement that catapulted DeSantis out of obscurity to the Republican nomination and then
Trump came here in the final two weeks of that campaign season and literally dragged Ron DeSantis over the finish line by a mere 34,000 votes.
So, you know, I've been in politics a long time, Alex.
I know you feel the same way as I do in the sense that loyalty is very important.
Gratitude is very important.
I want Ron DeSantis for governor.
He's doing a great job now in his second part of his first term.
He's been great on the culture wars.
He's been great taking on those who try to force
I think it's an open secret among the Republican establishment in Florida that Ron DeSantis is going to challenge the champ.
And since you mentioned the debate and what the challenger brought up to Governor DeSantis, let's go ahead and roll that clip.
And Ron, Ron, you talk about Joe Biden a lot.
I understand.
You think you're going to be running against him.
I can see how you might get confused.
But you're running for governor.
You're running for governor.
And I have a question for you.
You're running for governor.
Why don't you look in the eyes of the people of the state of Florida and say to them, if you're reelected, you will serve a full four-year term as governor.
Yes or no?
Yes or no, Ron?
Will you serve a full four-year term if you're re-elected governor of Florida?
It's not a tough question.
It's a fair question.
He won't tell you.
So you've made a big deal of this, Roger.
You've been saying this for the last year.
Roger Stone warns DeSantis it would be treachery to run against Trump.
You've recently said that again.
Look, people are allowed to vote for who they want, but even national polls still show Trump getting a much bigger percentage than DeSantis.
I want whoever is a good candidate that will defeat the Democrat machine.
Where do you see this going?
I think there's more to the story now, Alex.
President Trump announced two days ago that he was going to have a massive pre-election rally November 6th in Miami with Senator Marco Rubio, who is in a tough but I think winning race for the U.S.
Then Governor DeSantis announced that he would have a rally the same day at the same time in Tampa.
So we have dueling rallies.
Ironically, Sun City Center in Tampa was the exact location where only one year ago Ron DeSantis held a press conference to advocate for the vaccination.
Look, here's what I don't want, Alex.
I don't want a split in the MAGA majority within our party.
I think those who want to put America first should stick together, because if there's a split, I can see a Mitt Romney or even, God forbid, a Liz Cheney or some other RINO candidate taking advantage of that division and trying to launch a campaign to take back the Republican Party.
Why doesn't DeSantis just be Trump's VP?
I know they're both from Florida, but Trump can argue that he still lives in New York or New Jersey or anywhere he wants.
Here's the fundamental problem with that.
Donald Trump does not want to pay New York or New Jersey state income taxes.
Florida has no income tax.
And Donald Trump is now legally a Floridian.
The Electoral College, while it does not
Prohibit the presidential and vice presidential candidate from being from the same state.
What it does is penalize you, meaning you would forfeit the votes of Florida in the electoral college if a Trump DeSantis ticket, in this case, carried the state of Florida.
We can't afford to forfeit 27 electoral votes.
Obviously, the governor of Florida can't move, but Donald Trump, particularly given the harassment of the New York State Attorney General, there's no reason why he wants to go back to paying massive state income taxes.
Let me raise this.
Robert Barnes is a smart guy.
I respect him.
He's right probably 95% of the time.
He, you know, did some work for Trump during the 2020 campaign exposing election fraud.
He says he's talked to lawyers that were in the room over a year ago when DeSantis and Trump were meeting and that the agreement was made that either DeSantis wasn't going to run or he'd run as Trump's VP.
And I said, really, Barnes, you really talked to lawyers that were in the room and said that?
And he said, yes.
Do you think he's being fed a line of bull or do you think he's right?
Yeah, I think that is categorically false.
Now, I like Robert.
I think he's a good guy.
He would never intentionally lie, but somebody is giving him a false narrative.
Look, you know, Ron DeSantis went to Yale, where he was skull and bones.
He went to Harvard.
He voted for TPP when he was in the Congress.
He has $200 million that has been put together by 42 billionaires in a secret slush fund.
He's only going to end up spending about $50 million of that in the governor's race, or less.
He is going to win.
I'm happy about that.
But you saw that deer-in-the-headlights look in the debate.
He's not ready to take on Donald Trump.
And then the warm endorsement of Jeb Bush of Ron DeSantis' re-election, this gives one very real pause.
Okay, look, I understand his pedigree and that makes me have some concerns.
I also see the great things he's been doing.
I want to believe we've got some good leadership here.
You know I could talk five hours about the great things Trump did with the border, bringing U.S.
jobs back, standing up the Communist Chinese, standing up to the left, re-energizing our military.
I think so.
He has been walking back, and his new Surgeon General's been doing a great job saying, don't give kids these poison shots.
So he understands that's a liability as he positions himself to run for president.
What is Trump doing, even when Ben Shapiro that said, take the shots dummies, just take the shots dumbasses.
We can pull up his famous tweet, you know, hey dopes, just take it.
His wife said three, he said two.
Now he admits he was lied to.
So even if Ben Shapiro is jumping ship from the poison shots, Mr. Neocon, Mr. Globalist, what is going on with Trump?
It's a fraud.
Here is the individual we're talking about, Ben Shapiro.
We were lied to by the scientists.
We were lied to by Pfizer.
We were lied to by the government.
We were lied to by the Biden administration.
We were lied to.
I don't like being lied to.
I don't know about you.
And it makes me not believe these people.
Now, as I've spoken out before, I got vaxxed twice, or had double vaxxed.
My wife being a doctor and seeing vulnerable patients is triple vaxxed.
But, knowing now what I know then, knowing then what I know now, rather, would I have actually gotten vaxxed based on the information?
That my actual chances of death from COVID were exorbitantly low, and I wouldn't be preventing my parents from getting it?
That was really what I was concerned about, because we were bubbled with my parents.
Would I have gotten it?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I think maybe not.
Because again, my personal risk when it comes to the vaccine was extremely low when it came to COVID.
I'm a young healthy male with no pre-existing conditions.
Hey, Ben, in October of 2020, months before the shot was rolled out here in the U.S., they already knew it was happening in the U.K.
with the shots.
Massive blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, infertility, cancer, death, autoimmune diseases, the liver liquefying.
Ben knew all of this.
I know Trump's not a doctor, and so I'd be happy if he walked it back.
He did try to get us the good therapeutics.
He didn't ever try to force the shots on people.
And so I'm not trying to hang this around Trump's neck, but Roger, we've agreed for over a year.
They're going to hang it around his neck.
And so yes, I would support Trump over to Santa's.
I've seen the proofs in the pudding.
The deep state hates him.
I am going to support President Trump for president.
But what about the thing hurting him the most with his constituency?
These experimental shots that he got fooled into supporting?
Well, first of all, as you point out, he did come out and strongly say that they should not in any way be mandatory.
I considered that progress in a victory.
Now that the CDC is trying to make them mandatory for school children, I think he has a great opportunity to attack that bad idea.
I'm sorry to hear about Ben Shapiro being triple vaxxed.
Here's a message to the people of the Daily Wire.
When Ben's no longer available, if you need somebody to do his show, yes, I'm available.
You know, look, Ron DeSantis is 42 years old, Alex.
We need him here in Florida.
He is now doing a great job, but we need him to stay and not just run off and run for president within weeks of being re-elected, which is why I have brought this issue to the fore.
Well I agree, I mean it's a reckless thing for him to do because he can guarantee do two more terms as governor totally as a showcase of what he can do for America and then he could be in there in four years or six years, he could be there in eight years, in ten years, in twelve years.
I mean definitely he could build that dynasty like Ronald Reagan and then he could be the president when he's fifty years old.
Well, as you know, Alex, I always get right to the point and I never kind of mince words.
I really think this decision is not being made by Governor DeSantis, but I think it's being made by Lady Macbeth herself, Ron DeSantis' wife.
Now, in the campaign here, they have put Casey DeSantis, who's a former newscaster, she's very beautiful, she's very articulate, they put her up in a lot of ads because, well, their polling shows that Rahm doesn't have that kind of warm, charming, engaging side that Donald Trump has.
Casey DeSantis kind of warms up his imagery, but actually I think she's the one who's made the decision that he should run now.
I think she is the one who is forging ahead, but it concerns me when, for example, in Colorado where
Joe O'Day, the Republican U.S.
Senate candidate, an out-and-out Trump attacking Rhino, says that if he gets to the Senate, he will campaign against Donald Trump.
He would be a solid vote for Mitch McConnell and the Rhinos.
Governor DeSantis is doing robocalls for him, campaigning for him.
The governor is flying to New York.
He's going to go to Long Island this weekend.
I'm happy to see this in the sense that I am for Lee Zeldin.
He's a great guy.
He is America first.
But why would you, if running for re-election in Florida, why would you head to New York unless, of course, it was because you were building a national base to run for president?
The reason that I wanted to bring this up on the show today is many, many, many of the people who like both men just don't believe that this is what the governor is going to do.
But I'm just telling you the plan for him to move forward with an all-out candidacy was revealed in this debate.
That was a great clip.
Charlie Crist, who is, you know, has been a Republican, an Independent, then a Democrat, who was once strongly pro-life, strongly Second Amendment, now favors abortion on demand and wants to confiscate our guns.
It's really pathetic.
I don't
What do you imagine Trump's thinking about Ron DeSantis right now?
Well, last night on Instagram, he put up a promotion for this rally in Miami on Sunday, November 6th, and he specifically said he was campaigning for Rubio and only Rubio.
I think that kind of made the point.
He also put up a picture of Ron DeSantis sitting alone, kind of like Forrest Gump.
So, look, Trump is very clever.
I think that he is sending a message.
I think, in all honesty,
He's very, very disappointed.
I mean, he really doesn't understand this.
He has always been there for Ron DeSantis.
When Ron DeSantis fell short of his fundraising goals when he was elected, Trump did fundraisers for him.
He did two rallies for him, as I say, in the final two weeks.
For a long time, President Trump just didn't want to believe this.
People kept telling him that DeSantis is running around organizing a presidential campaign.
He just didn't want to believe it.
They had a warm relationship.
The only one who has not gone to Trump and said to him, look, Mr. President, if you run, I wouldn't run.
At least the only serious candidate is Ron DeSantis.
Now, Mike Pompeo, you remember him, the CIA director under Donald Trump, the guy who said Julian Assange was a foreign state actor, the guy who laid the whole groundwork for the Russian collusion hoax.
He's now kind of changed his tune.
So originally, he said he was interested in running for president.
He wouldn't run if Trump ran.
Now, seeing the split between DeSantis and Trump, he's slowly changing his tune and said, well, maybe he will run.
He, if you look before his service in the Trump administration, he's got RINO written all over him.
So, my real fear here is that the America First majority within our party is going to get divided and that that allows an establishment Republican to walk away with this nomination and retake the party of Lincoln, the party of Goldwater, the party of Reagan, and the party of Trump.
Now let's just pull back here for a moment and finish up with the shots.
I made a lot of headlines a few months ago when I said I'm going to support DeSantis if Trump doesn't come out against these shots for children.
I don't
Okay, so I really like Trump.
I love Trump.
I think that they stole it from him.
It'd be beautiful to see him back in.
This time he'll know the pitfalls.
He's not going to back down from them.
They're so scared.
I want Trump in.
I want Trump in.
But you understand, I don't do politics, Roger.
I go after issues that I think are the right thing because God's watching me.
And so I still support Trump because of all the great things he's done and all the great Republicans he's getting elected and the great job he's doing.
But except for the turd in the punchbowl, what can we do to get him to stop being pigheaded?
Well, Alex, I think we're doing it right now.
As Donald Trump would say, let's see what happens.
He often says that.
Let's see what happens.
I think the CDC decision to try to force the vaccination on school children puts this issue front and center again.
So, let's see what the President says.
Believe me, Alex, he saw your broadcast.
He has great affection for you.
He's well aware of the pivotal role that InfoWars played in his initial nomination in 2016.
He has great personal affection for you.
He knows you have been vilified because of your support for him.
So, let's see what happens.
In the meantime, however, you raised an important point at the very top.
The efforts of the Democrats to shift
All focus to this attack on Paul Pelosi in his home, claiming that this is an example of the violence among MAGA Republicans, really shows you how incredibly desperate they are about these upcoming elections.
There are three triggers here, in my opinion.
When the Democrats say the Republicans are going to cut your Social Security, they're going to cut your Medicare, and this new effort to reinvent the narrative regarding this attack on the Speaker's husband, this shows you rank desperation.
The numbers are sliding very fast on the Democrats.
The Senate now appears to be within reach.
Herschel Walker, who many had written off for dead, now leading in his race.
If you saw that debate, it was epic.
Warnock raises the questions about Herschel Walker's mental stability, but people have forgotten that Warnock ran over his wife with a car after a domestic dispute.
So who's mentally unbalanced?
Roger, I'm glad you raised the situation with Pelosi's husband and how they're now trying to connect it to QAnon or something.
And then Senator Paul comes out and says, you know, I'm really sorry to hear about how you were attacked.
We should all be against violence, and then Democrats make fun of it and celebrate it.
Rex Chapman calls Rand Paul a little bitch for wishing Paul Pelosi speedy recovery.
So they are just getting so incredibly nasty, and after they burned down, you know, half the United States, nobody's buying into their January 6th narrative.
I agree with you that the evidence shows they're looking at a political bloodbath.
With 10 days left, what rabbits could they pull from their hat?
Well, you can see the way they're trying to reinvent this particular event.
This fellow who attacked Pelosi at 2.30 in the morning, first of all, clearly there consensually.
Pelosi is not the one who called the police, the neighbors called the police.
The glass that is broken is broken from the inside, not the outside, so unlikely that he broke in.
This guy's wife is a woman named Gypsy Taub.
She is an ethnic Russian with lefty connections.
The man, I think his name is Du Pape, this guy makes hemp jewelry.
Does he sound like a right winger to you?
And if you look at his Facebook pages and you look at the writings of his wife, Gypsy Taub, she clearly wrote this.
You can see this.
This is a fugazi, as we would say back in the old neighborhood.
And if this is what they're running on, they're going to lose.
The American people are focused on gasoline prices.
They're focused on food shortages.
They're focused on the epic inflation that's destroying the buying power of the dollar for working families across the country.
They can't understand why we're shipping billions of dollars to the Ukraine, walking us up to the brink of World War III, when we can't spend millions of dollars just to seal our southern border in order to end the crime and drug epidemic in America.
I had dinner the other night with a very prominent former Democrat U.S.
Senator who served on the Foreign Affairs Committee when he was in the Senate, and although he is a loyal Democrat, he pointed out to me that we signed a treaty in 1994 with the Russians in which we absolutely guaranteed and agreed that we would not have Ukraine join NATO.
In other words, we would not put
NATO missiles, Western missiles, funded by the United States, pointed at Russia on the ground in NATO, and that we are now violating that agreement.
If you simply go out and say that, as I have, as you have, Alex, as Tucker Carlson has done, and others, we get attacked as Putin puppets, which is absurd, because in my case, I had members of my family mowed down by Russian tanks in Budapest in 1956.
I have
No illusions.
And nobody's buying that.
So what is your now 10 days out?
What is your quick snapshot, current prediction, the way things are going now?
What happens in 10 days?
I think we're going to take control of the House.
I think that the Senate is really, really close.
We're either going to win or lose by a one or two seat majority.
But our greatest enemy here, Alex, is overconfidence.
Our greatest enemy is believing that there's a red wave in the bag and therefore I don't need to worry too much about it.
They will cheat.
I am a proponent of voting on election day.
I saw a piece yesterday by Dick Morris.
Remember him?
He was the guy who breathed life back into the political career of Bill Clinton.
He says we're making a giant mistake by voting on election day.
The Republicans should be trying to rack up early votes by mail and absentee voter mailing.
Last I heard Dick
Morris was a Democrat, so I don't know why he's giving Republicans advice, but I don't agree with that.
I believe that by voting on Election Day, those who would try to game the system are unable to do so because they don't know how many fraudulent votes to try to steal.
So therefore, everybody must vote.
That's the first and most important thing.
Your friends, your family, your circle of business contacts, your social contacts, every single vote must be cast.
But I'm a strong proponent in complete disagreement with Dick Morris.
I think voting on Election Day is more effective.
This was proven in the Arizona primaries, by the way.
Oh, that's my last question!
What do you make of them trying to say that Carrie Lake had people attack her faltering opponent's election headquarters with no evidence?
It's the same thing with this whole Pelosi-husband thing being attacked.
Again, when the police get there, he's in his underwear, like you said, with the glass smashed outward.
I mean, this is just out of control.
People aren't going to buy this victimhood of the Democrats.
Unless it's something really big, like a provocative terror attack, like the Whitmer situation in Michigan, but with actual violence.
That's what I'm concerned about, Roger.
Yeah, I totally agree with you, Alex.
I think that they are foundering around trying to find an October surprise.
Their big January 6th subpoena for Donald Trump, in which, by the way, the very first paragraph of the subpoena was an attempt to get all communications between Donald Trump and Roger Stone from November 3rd, 2020 to the current time.
Boy, would they be disappointed in that, because there are no conversations regarding January 6th.
Or in the immediate aftermath of the election.
So that was a flop.
That came and went in the media like that.
Nobody's interested in January 6th.
Nobody's interested in the effort to hold Donald Trump to a completely different standard regarding his handling of presidential documents.
We now know definitively George H.W.
Bush, Barack Obama, George W. Bush,
What if they decide to push the nuclear trigger between now and November?
What if they are willing to go to a devastating world war in order to try to rally people behind the Commander-in-Chief?
They are not above that, sadly.
This is my greatest single fear.
Pushing Putin, who's a bad guy,
And Roger, let me...
No, let me just back up in closing what you're saying.
On Friday, as you know, the Pentagon came out and said, we now reserve the right to strike non-nuclear targets even if no one's attacked us, poking and prodding the Russians to escalate.
So, the deep state's very desperate, and so people should not take this election for granted.
We should all be praying, we should all be politically active, we should all be looking for false flags.
Again, the best site for people to visit is StoneZone.com, and Roger, in the next 10 days,
I'd like to get updates from you every single day.
Election night, we are going to be going until midnight here with a special live broadcast.
I'd love to have you co-hosted.
If you're not going to be doing it in Florida, we'd love to have you come to Austin and co-host like we've done before during the 2016 election and others.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for the time.
Alex, it's great to be with you, and I look forward to both of us being restored to Twitter.
There's a bunch of menopausal biddies on there who are critics of mine.
I think they're probably on the verge of suicide right now.
No, I won't say their names.
That would make them important.
But hats off to Elon Musk for returning to the precepts of free speech, and we'll work something out for election night.
That would be fun.
Thank you very much.
We'll talk to you soon, Roger.
God bless you.
All right, we're going to go to a quick break and we're going to come back with a very special guest that I've known for eight years.
And then in the last five or so, I've read several of his books, but I've personally gotten to have dinner with him, like three hour dinners.
And I'm like, man, you got to go on air.
And lay out your knowledge of history and the globalist and the New World Order and where everything's going, because this guy is as articulate and interesting as somebody like David Icke, but outside of his international community he's involved in, a lot of folks don't know who he is.
A lot of prominent people know who he is.
A lot of thought leaders do, but a lot of the general public don't, so I'm going to try to get him to actually flesh out his worldview on the New World Order and the globalist and so much more.
I'll introduce you to Acharya.
On the other side, stay with us.
Once a tragedy reaches a level of national significance, American citizens should be allowed to basically question that event in any way that they deem fit.
The First Amendment is unique in the world.
That's what they want to take away.
Your ability to speak freely.
So they're going to go for Mike Lindell next?
Or are they going to go for Steve Bannon?
Or are they going to go for Tucker Carlson?
I studied the Globalist 30 years ago, but on air 28 years, and I knew they were planning all of this.
And I warned the public, as a modern Paul Revere.
But I couldn't have done it without your support.
And now, because we've been so successful warning the population of the planet, not just America, we're public enemy number one when it comes to the Globalist agenda.
That's why it's more important than ever to realize how successful InfoWars has been because of your past support.
So I salute you and I thank you and I ask you now, at the critical juncture of the battle, to redouble your efforts by visiting InfoWarsStore.com and getting amazing products that keep us on air.
1776 is the promo code, the destination is InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
Tomorrow's news, today.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, about six months ago, I was given a copy by a friend of the Principles of Perfect Leadership
My good friend of mine, Acharya Jee, and I'd read some of his other books and they were interesting and informative, but this one really blew me away the way he cut right to the chase with how we have a crisis of leadership.
And so there's so many reasons I want to get him on.
I've wanted to get him on for years, but now it's happening.
Just his knowledge of history and geopolitical systems and the culture wars and good and evil.
And I've run into a lot of Hindus, both who are Indian or who are European or American,
I mean, look at Tulsi Gabbards, how dialed in and smart she is, who really have a very populist, pro-human, or in many cases, very conservative worldview.
And so I thought it was interesting with the crises between Islam and the Hindus, which they think is one of the main kickoff points for World War III, not just Ukraine and what's happening with China.
And just all of it is so interesting.
So he's only with us about 45 minutes or so, commercial free, and we have another big guest joining us.
But I want to talk about the book.
I ended up leaving it on my kitchen table this morning and forgetting it.
But here it is, The Principles of Perfect Leadership.
You can go to DharmaCentral.com and find all his books or at Amazon.com.
Get The Principles of Perfect Leadership.
But I wanted to get him on because what really
We're good to go.
You sound like this Acharya G author and researcher that comes to Austin and gives speeches.
You know, you'd think at these big yoga facilities and studios it'd be real liberal, and a lot of it is, but this guy's the opposite.
He has big crowds coming out to hear him.
So I went and heard a two-hour presentation.
I thought, wow, I agree with all of that about the world.
So I'm not here pushing any religious system, and neither is he.
I'm just here saying it's important as Americans or as populists or as patriots to hear how other people around the world are thinking.
Now, he's from New York, but he's traveled the world and is very renowned and respected by the Hindu community and others in India and around the world.
So he's definitely a heavy hitter.
But quite frankly, he's the most articulate, I found, actually expressing what they really think politically.
And there's close to, what, 900 million or so of these folks.
So it's important.
You can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a large, large group of people on the planet.
It's important to know what their views are in the world and to know how the left is not really as popular as you think it is around the planet.
So Acharya at DharmaCentral.com.
I'm going to try to shut up here for the next 45 minutes and give you the floor with just a few questions, but we've had dinner.
Five or six times over the years.
And I just, you know, your view and your understanding of the crisis we're in, what's coming, what we can do to stop it, what we can do to, I guess, survive through it is really important.
So wherever you'd like to start, I'd like to talk about the New World Order, the globalists, what they're trying to do versus what we're trying to do.
Well, first of all, Alex, thank you very much for having me on.
I truly appreciate it.
And indeed, we've known each other for approximately eight years or so.
And interestingly, at our first meeting, I told you how I watched many, many, many of your shows for many years, actually, you know, at least a decade before we even met or so.
So I was very familiar with your work.
And let me just say before we begin actually that you are indeed one of these unsung heroes of the war against totalitarianism, of the war against the Deep State, the New World Order, etc.
And for that reason I've always respected you.
Now as far as
Just my own background, my own understanding as far as, indeed, many of the issues that you discuss here on InfoWars.
Indeed, I've been very much aware of the situation of the world for, again, many decades, at least since the early 90s, if not a little bit before then, and how indeed there has been
Yes, I think so.
Because it was during that time especially that indeed our world became, in a way, one world.
You know, it's as a result of colonialism that began happening, oh, in the previous century to that, so roughly 15th century, 16th century, and then finally 17th century.
That Europeans began colonizing, inhabiting the rest of the world, and indeed, for the first time in world history, you could say that the entire globe was connected.
So again, this project of true global domination began really roughly in the 1600s, early to mid-1600s.
Indeed, some people even point to the exact year of 1666, actually, which is very interesting.
And I, for one, also tend to agree that that's really the year that you can look at where this cabal became truly, truly powerful and had the mechanisms at their disposal really for the first time to, at least in theory, but then practically, indeed, unite the world, quote-unquote, but of course, as you like to say, as a prison planet.
See, this is what's interesting, is that
Very well-meaning people.
Really, sometimes very well-meaning people who are very innocent, very naive, they really just don't know any better.
We'll talk about global unity, one world, we want to have one world.
And of course, what they have in mind is something radically different from what the actual globalists, this elitist cabal, have in mind.
When the innocent people talk about one world, well, what they think of are the various dispersed peoples of the world kind of figuratively holding hands and singing together and getting along and there being global peace, etc.
That's what the innocent people think of when they hear this term one world.
However, when indeed these globalist elites talk about one world, oh, the vision that they have in mind is radically different and is dark and is evil.
What their idea of one world is, is indeed a slave planet, ultimately.
A world in which the vast, vast majority of individuals in the world are subservient, are controlled, are told what to do, do not have a voice of their own, do not have the ability to express who they are as unique individuals and peoples.
But rather, who are told from the top down what to do, who they are, etc.
So indeed, this globalist elite, again, there are many names for them, you know, some people call them Illuminati, New World Order, doesn't matter what you call them, they are reality.
Their goal for the world and this idea of one world
is something that is truly demonic.
It's something that is truly evil.
So indeed, this is a project that has been going on for a long time.
We've seen that exponentially with the growth of technology throughout the world, with the growth of communication technology especially, that their grip on power has grown exponentially.
And we have seen this especially in the last, oh, roughly
30 years or so with the explosion of the information age, with the explosion of, of course, computers, the Internet, etc., with these handheld devices that people call smartphones that are in actuality tracking devices.
So what we have seen is that, especially in the past roughly 30 years, the control that this evil elite has over the common individual has grown exponentially to the point where, in one way of seeing this, they've almost achieved their goal, at least on the surface.
They have achieved their goal of indeed quote-unquote uniting the planet, but again in their demonic vision of what that means, but also having complete control over the populations of the world.
Now of course this is surface level.
And as you know, and as people who have followed my work also know, I tend to be extremely white-pilled as far as the future.
So, in other words, oh, I fully understand, probably more than almost anyone on the planet, just how much these people are in control.
They are in tremendous control.
They have a truly evil end planned for us.
This is true on the one hand.
On the other hand,
I am extremely positive about the absolute existential fact that these people, these evil individuals, these Luciferians on top, are going to be defeated, and they're going to be defeated in our lifetime, and decisively so.
They are going to be defeated to the point where it will take them hundreds, if not thousands, of years to recover.
Evil never goes away.
That's the nature of this world.
That's the nature of the material world.
That, of course, we have good, we have evil, happiness and suffering.
It's a world of duality.
So, as of right now, the evil people seem to be on top.
Well, that's going to change.
It's not that evil itself will be eradicated.
There will always be some evil people.
As I like to say, even in a paradise, once in a while, a fistfight will break out.
There's no such thing as a perfect society.
But at the same time, I truly believe that we are approaching a wonderful golden age, and we see this all around us.
When I was saying this one or two years ago, when the world seemed especially darker, you know, with COVID suddenly appearing on the scene, etc., etc., there were some people who were critical of me.
You know, it's interesting.
Oh, how can you be so positive?
Things are going terribly.
Well, now that we've looked over the last several months and we have seen victory after victory after victory of good people throughout the world, good leaders, both in elections but then different instances that have been happening in the news that have woken people up.
Now people don't doubt me anymore, that we have a positive future to look forward to.
Indeed, we have a golden age that we are going to experience in which this evil elite will be destroyed and good people will rise to the surface and will finally lead us.
And indeed, that's why I wrote this book, Principles of Perfect Leadership.
It is precisely because this is what we've been missing.
You know, the reason why... And by the way, let me just interrupt you.
I said I wouldn't interrupt a lot, but
I think we need to carry the book.
When I say I learned a lot from this, you crystallize it very simply but also beautifully.
And I've experienced principles of leadership.
I wasn't really taught them, but doing this 28 years, you learn how to be a leader.
And it's just real truths that people aren't getting and how there is a crisis of leadership and the average good person isn't looking for power.
So we think of leadership as wanting power.
No, if we don't become leaders and help people, evil is going to fill that gap in that vacuum.
We have a responsibility and you explain that.
So let's go through some of the principles of leadership.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, first of all, Alex, let me tell you, you are an inherent leader.
There are some individuals in this world who are just born to be good leaders, and you're definitely one of them, as is attested to by the fruits of your actions over many, many decades.
And as far as leadership, yes, let's talk about this a little bit.
This, what I'm about to talk about now, goes into two things.
First of all, part of the, let's say, modus operandi of the evil individuals, but also addresses some of the crisis that we're experiencing today.
And that is that, indeed, we have been lacking good leaders, real leaders, in society for a very long time.
At least several generations, I would say.
Now, why is this the case?
Well, because as evil as this evil cabal is, they're also extremely intelligent.
They are incredibly intelligent in an evil way, of course, in a conniving way, in a manipulative way.
But one thing that they understood is that if you are going to conquer a people, the first thing that you do is you eradicate their leaders.
So this is something that very quietly they have indeed done for, again, generations and generations.
We don't have to go over the list of individuals who were very proficient leaders, you know, in the 50s, in the 60s, in the 70s, and on and on.
Who were assassinated, who were suppressed in one way or another.
Indeed, one could say that even today, in 2022 and for the last several years, they have been, let's say, verbally assassinating our leaders by censoring them.
You know, this is why some of the very best voices, most of the very best voices, that were available, oh, five, six years ago, on all of the social media platforms, they're gone.
They've been eradicated.
They've been, in a way, through censorship, assassinated.
So, this is the first thing that they understood, is they are to deprive what they perceive as their enemies of their leadership.
Now, as a result of this, indeed, we have not had good leadership.
We've had terrible leadership.
This is true in every field.
This is true in religion, and I'm a religious leader, but I can say honestly, oh, when I look around me and I look at individuals who claim to be religious leaders, they're corrupt.
They are corrupt, many of them.
This is true in culture, in so-called entertainment.
Look at Hollywood.
Individuals who are supposed to be cultural leaders are just vacuous creatures who just are slaves of their masters and just propagate what they're told to say, etc.
They're not leaders, they're repeaters.
We don't have artists anymore, musical artists, visual artists.
What we have are entertainers.
And then of course, oh, let's get into politics.
You know, we have been suffering from corrupt leadership for, again, generations.
You know, this is not something that goes back, oh, just 10, 20, 30 years.
This is something that goes back generations, where we have individuals who claim to represent the people, who claim, as all politicians do, oh, I'm honest, I'm clean, I just want to do what is the best for my constituency, and they're all corrupt.
You know, when I say all, of course, in every field there are always exceptions, and thank God for those exceptions.
Even in politics, there are some good politicians who are there, and indeed, maybe later we can talk a little bit about this, how there are good people who are finally arising, and have for the last several years.
But this is the point, is that, A, we have been deprived of good leaders as a result that people have suffered.
Because, you know, I'm very blunt in saying this, you know, I'm not someone who minces words.
The way that you change society is from the top down.
It's from the top down.
In other words, you can have the well-meaning people, which we do, the vast majority of individuals, they know what needs to be done.
They know the difference between right and wrong, etc.
But without someone to rally them, the people, and lead them, there's nothing that the people can do in the face of this evil cabal.
So, indeed, this is what has been missing.
Now, very quickly, to talk about what we have been missing in leaders.
Several things, and indeed I can talk about this endlessly.
I wrote a whole book about it.
But let me just talk about three principles that have been missing from leaders.
First and foremost, a leader is an individual who is the personification of the very spirit of their people.
In other words, a true leader has to absolutely represent their people.
And again, I talk about this bluntly in the book.
They can't be a globalist.
They can't claim, all people are my people.
I represent the entire planet.
I represent all sentient beings.
You represent your people.
Your people.
Whether that's the nation, an ethnos, a community, a neighborhood, etc.
You represent your people and your people exclusively.
That's what your people desire of you and that's what they expect of you.
So, you're an American politician.
You must represent the American people, not the people of the globe.
You are a British politician.
You must represent the indigenous British population, not the people of the globe, and on and on and on like this.
So that's the first thing, is that a true leader truly represents the very spirit, the very essence of their people.
The second thing is that a true leader must be thoroughly incorruptible.
And, indeed, this is why I call the book Principles of Perfect Leadership.
It's interesting.
It's a bold title.
Not Principles of, oh, good leadership, really wonderful.
Perfect leadership.
We are to expect that if an individual claims, I am a leader, you better be perfect.
And let me explain what I mean by perfect.
It doesn't mean that, oh, you don't, you know, trip over your shoes once in a while.
It doesn't mean that if someone asks you, oh, what's the capital of the state of North Dakota?
Oh, you know, you can't remember it.
This is not what we mean by perfect.
What we mean by perfect is that you are incorruptible.
That is, once you have acquired power,
You don't let it go to your head.
At no point, if you are a leader of your people, do you then, once you have power, do you then use that power selfishly only for yourself and your immediate loved ones?
Once you have power, whether it's on a school board, whether it's as a mayor, as a governor, whether it's as President of the United States, whether it's as Prime Minister of X nation, once you have that power, the only thing in your mind
Is how, as a leader of my people, can I give all of who I am to benefit my people?
That's what I mean by incorruptible.
And now the last thing... Expanding on that, it makes sense.
You're saying you're not a perfect person.
You don't make mistakes.
Obviously, you do make mistakes, but you are executing principles and not compromising on those.
And that is the perfection, is the commitment to doing what's right.
Exactly, exactly.
Right, so what's meant by perfect is, yes, not that you don't get a math equation wrong once in a while.
No, that's petty, that's silly.
What we mean by a perfect leader is that, indeed, you represent your people perfectly.
Sure, and you might get deceived sometimes with information, and then you admit when you were wrong, but you're perfect in your heart, trying to do the best job you can on those principles.
Sure, absolutely.
Perfect as finite beings in the face of God.
So, in other words, yeah, you know, we're finite beings.
You know, we're children of God.
What that means is that, of course, we are imperfect.
You know, we're not God.
We can't, you know, just walk in perfection 24 hours a day.
But at the same time, when it comes to our job as leaders to represent our people, oh, we do that perfectly meaning
At the very least, we are incorruptible.
We truly give of ourselves, honestly, to serve our people.
Take your time, and we'll have you back again.
People need to think about this, and they have to realize you're a leader of a family, you're a leader of a business, you're a leader as a manager, you're a leader of the garden you're planting.
It's realizing the office that God has given you as dominion, but you've got to execute it.
Right, exactly, exactly.
And yes, let me just say this.
There are many, many, many principles of good and perfect leadership, but the last one I want to talk about for now, which is actually extremely important.
A true leader, a perfect leader, an individual who can claim to be a leader of their people must, and without exception, be a spiritual person.
In other words, they must be an individual who has surrendered to God.
And not just for political purposes, not just, oh well, my people are religious so I guess it looks good, I'll go to church once in a while to pretend I'm religious.
I think?
They see their role as a leader as their personal service toward God.
They see themselves as a servant of God and of the people.
In fact, you know, I've talked about this.
There's an interesting bumper sticker that I saw many years ago that states it perfectly, and that is, God first, you second, me third.
That is how the leader lives his life.
But you also talk in the book, and it's
Yeah, this is definitely a very, very important aspect of what it means to be a whole person that we've lost sight of.
And we've lost sight of it, of course, because like with many other traditional values, it's been taken away from us, again, from this cabal.
And you talk about that.
They are waging war on tradition because tradition is powerful.
And notice, almost all traditions are the same around the world.
It's because it's who we are.
Yes, absolutely.
Yeah, it's interesting.
In fact, just to touch on that for a moment before I go back and talk about ancestors, it is interesting how when you indeed research the world, which I have, I've got a PhD in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Religious Studies,
And it's interesting, when you look at the various ancient traditions of the world, they have more in common than they have dividing them, you know?
The core principles, ethical, religious... Well, you've written about the Hindus are very similar in many ways to the Vikings.
I mean, it's all amazing.
Yeah, that alone is something we could talk about for an hour.
Yeah, it's very interesting.
Traditional Hindu principles are principles that actually any European, whether Christian or otherwise, would absolutely relate to completely.
They would understand and relate to.
But it's interesting that, again, when you look at the various cultures of the world, they share many common principles.
And this is one of them, the idea that we are to understand, to honor, to revere, to respect, and to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, of those who came before us.
Indeed, this was understood in the Western world.
This was understood in America up until, oh, 50 years ago or something like that, where people knew their history.
They knew the history of their family.
They knew the history of their surroundings, of their people, etc.
Well, like so many other, let's say, traditional norms that were artificially taken away from us by this evil cabal, this is one of the most powerful ones that was taken away from us, and that is taking shelter of our past, learning from our ancestors, revering and honoring them, etc.
And, indeed, this is something that the power of which was understood, again, by all people in the past.
Can you briefly speak to that?
Because, literally, when I think about my ancestors and learn about them and who they were, it empowers me, but it's more than just psychologically.
It opens some type of gate to a discernment and strength, and you literally then know, it's not just a feeling, you know your ancestors are there with you.
Yes, and it is because they are with us.
They're living through us right now.
That's the thing that is interesting that we, of course, always forget because we've been made to forget.
Everything that we are now, for the most part, everything that we are now
So it's an ocean of wealth and creativity and connection to God?
Yes, absolutely.
Because they're not God, but their powerful connections are electrochemical.
Just think about it.
I am genetically, like a power going down a power line, connected to my most ancient ancestor, however long we believe that goes back or where that came from, that each person had children that were grown electrochemically inside a body and passed on.
It's a continual chain.
It's incredibly, it's a stream or a waterfall.
It's powerful.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, you described it very, very, very well, actually.
And this is the thing that is wonderful, practically, about this, is that we have the ability, even now, to access the wisdom and the strength of our ancestors.
And indeed, again, this has been one of the mechanisms of these evil people, is that they have disconnected us from our ancestors, so thus disconnected us from that ancient wisdom, that ancient strength, that ancient perseverance that was there in, again, our great-grandparents, their grandparents, their grandparents.
We have the ability to access that strength of our ancestors in the here and now.
All we have to do is consciously acknowledge that.
Most people don't.
And the globalists are trying to hijack that, cut in, sabotage it, and create a new biomechanical cyborg system.
Can you speak to what they'd like to do to us if they're successful, Acharya?
Oh, yes, I can.
Yes, I can.
It's horrific.
Actually, what their actual end goal is.
And indeed, many people have some ideas about what their ultimate end goal is, and I usually tell people, whatever is the worst that you can think, it's probably worse than that, actually.
Their goal, first to just state it generally, but then I'll go into specifics.
Their goal, as I said before, is indeed to create a slave planet.
Their goal is indeed to create a two-tiered system, similar to the feudal system of the past, oppressive feudal systems, where the idea is that you have a tiny minority of individuals who are the overlords, who are the privileged ones, who are the people who truly control everything.
They control information.
They control what we do, where we are, etc.
They control the food supply, etc.
Those are the tiny minority on top, which of course they're hoping will be them, and then there is the majority of the rest of the planet that will be subservient to these people, and will be living quite literally as slaves.
Now, they're smart enough, they know marketing very well, of course we won't be called slaves, we'll be called whatever they want.
Citizens of the planet,
But the truth of the matter is that we will be living hellish lives.
And indeed, when you listen to such institutions as the World Economic Forum and Davos and all these various globalist organizations and institutions, they give us very, very clear hints of what they want for us.
They want the vast majority of individuals, first of all, to be living in megacities.
The largest cities of which exist today will seem puny in comparison.
They ultimately want the entire world to consist of a small number of cities of, oh, roughly a hundred million people each, in which people will be living like sardines, will be living in little pods.
You know, they've told us this.
We'll be eating bugs whereas they eat all the richest, most nutritious foods on earth, the most delicious foods on earth.
You know, we will be wage slaves, we'll be, you know, working constantly, etc., etc.
As far as religion, well, they're in the process, they have been for a long time, of creating a global fraudulent religion for us, and that will be our only expression of spirituality that will be available to us, etc., etc.
So, yes, this is the ultimate goal.
Now, as far as how to reach that goal,
How to get from where we are now to what the goal of this evil cabal is, that's where the horror is.
And indeed, you know, many people who have appeared on your show, you yourself have spoken about this.
Yes, they want to cull the planet.
They want to eliminate the vast majority of what they call the useless eaters.
They want to get rid of the vast majority of individuals, because if you have a smaller population, they're easier to control.
And as far as how they're doing this, well, again, we have very, very clear indications for how they desire to cull the planet.
You know, they want hundreds of millions, really several billion people to just die as far as what that timeline looks like.
But it has to be something realistic.
It can't just happen overnight.
But on the other hand, their goal is to have this happen as soon as possible.
That's right.
Something like that, so that we can think well enough to maybe operate machinery, let's say in a factory, but we can't think with the philosophical acumen that's necessary to then question, what is my life about?
Why am I doing this?
You know, so they want to keep us at just that level of intelligence that we can serve them.
They could have robots that did it, but they want to mount our head on the wall metaphysically.
And let's explain.
They want to capture the human species and our development and enslave it like a cat playing with a mouse.
This is their religion, which I find very, very alien.
I don't get into flying saucers and things like that.
I just look and extrapolate it out logically with what's being done to humanity.
Yeah, as far as Harari, I consider him to be a fourth-rate philosopher, personally.
He's a fourth-rate thinker.
But in any case, yes, yes, it's very confusing.
Absolutely, he just puppets what they tell him to say, but what he says is really what they want to do to us.
So that's the next question.
Why do these evil people, these anti-God people, these anti-human people, why do they always have to tell you what they're doing to you?
Because they'll tell you we're setting up world government, getting rid of the family, doing all this, but then they'll say, oh but we want to save you and we love you and we're great.
And they'll attack people that read their own writings on air, saying we're conspiracy terrorists, though we're just playing exact clips of what they said.
Yeah, exactly.
This, interestingly, is part of their religion.
And this gets to the, let's say, more metaphysical slash spiritual aspect of this current war that's going on.
You have very intelligently called it an info war, information war.
It certainly is that.
But more than anything, it's a spiritual war.
These evil elites, indeed, have their own religion.
And this is something that's easy to research.
Again, like you said, you just have to look at their own writings, their own actions, the things that they themselves say.
These people, generally speaking, to use a generic term, these people are Luciferian.
They have their own religion, they have their own quote-unquote spiritual religious principles.
One of these is indeed this principle that
In order to accomplish the evil that they wish to do in a way that in their own mind is quote-unquote ethical, they have this idea that, well, at least before they destroy you, they're going to give you a little warning.
And it's not much of a warning.
It's a warning that, again, only a minority of individuals pick up on.
But at least they can say in their mind, well, but we did warn you.
Before we do X thing, we did give you a little hint that we were going to do an X thing so you can't claim that we are unethical.
So, this is how their mind operates.
Indeed, the way that I've described the religion of the elite, again, this Luciferian sort of religion, and it actually goes deeper than just Luciferianism, that's just a generic term for their worldview.
The way that I've described this is that if you can envision actual religion, that is healthy, whole religion, that has goodness and God in the center, if you can imagine that turned upside down,
So, an inversion of reality, an inversion of the spiritual, an inversion of religion.
This is what these people believe, and this is what they truly practice.
So, indeed, you know, just like religious people, real religious people, have religious rituals, well, these people have their rituals, but they're turned upside down.
Rather than sacraments that are, again, whole and sacred and good, these evil people, their sacrament is blood.
Their sacrament is pain, etc., etc.
And, oh, we can go on and on about this for a very long time, but essentially these people have attempted to turn reality upside down.
You see this also culturally, and what is happening even culturally is an extension of this inversion that they practice, where good is bad, bad is good, etc.
So, now we are, and when I say we, I don't mean you and I, obviously, but the culture, supposedly, is celebrating grooming and pedophilia, etc.
Well, these are things that good people know are evil.
Evil, evil.
And yet, these people are pushing this in the form of, you know, Drag Queen Story Hour, etc.
And, oh yes, let's normalize this, not only in society, but this is how evil these individuals are and how they think.
Not just in society.
But among the children.
You see, this is how we know that these globalists are truly evil individuals.
Is that it's not enough that they want to go after all of the adults in the world.
Explain this, this is key.
That's a red line even for these Luciferians.
Normally, like you were saying earlier, just like legally people post a notice in the newspaper, they're going to seize your house.
Now obviously you're not going to read that little footnote in the newspaper, but they can say, hey we told you it's your fault you didn't know.
But to go after children who we know can't make decisions, can't join the military, can't buy liquor, can't buy cigarettes, but 10-year-olds can have their breasts or penises cut off, to actually do that is crossing a Rubicon.
Yes, it is.
It is.
And interestingly, however, for people who are, let's say, somewhat new to discovering all this, you know, the fact that these people are going after our children, that they seem to have some overall goal that they're going after, etc.
For people who are somewhat new to this knowledge, it's important to understand that this has been one of their goals from the very beginning.
And the reason why is because, again, religiously speaking, because they invert religious reality.
For good people, we honor and love and respect and cherish innocence.
But with the evil cabal,
They hate innocence.
They see innocence as their enemy.
And who represents innocence more than anyone in society?
It's the children.
So this is why it's not surprising, really, for those of us who have known about this for decades, it's not surprising that they're going after our children.
It's because they see innocence as their very enemy.
Is the attack on children, as Mahatma Gandhi said, you know,
In each seed of a child is a seed of the universe.
The attack on free will, trying to destroy children, which even the most evil people in history leave alone, that is a satanic act, really trying to, I see, to get God to turn his back on the world and turn us over to evil.
Because if they know, even if we're not involved hurting the children, if we don't stop them, it then falls on us, and that is an overall ritual to have the whole world fall to a lower dimension.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, you see in the New Testament how Jesus says something to the effect of, oh, let the children come unto me.
You know, so embracing the innocence of children and loving children for who they are because of the fact that they're just... And the next verse he says, hurting one of them, it's better you tie a giant boulder around your neck and drown yourself than to hurt one of these.
Yeah, exactly.
And here we have these Luciferian elitists, of course, practicing the very opposite.
That yes, this is what they want to do, they want to harm the children.
So yeah, it's something absolutely horrifying.
But more, you said it correctly before, this is the Rubicon, this is the turning point.
At this point, this is the good outcome of what these evil people are doing, is that now people's eyes are opening
People can't pretend to just not know anything anymore.
People are awakening now throughout the planet that, oh my God, what is this?
It was one thing when they were trying to pervert culture in general.
Now they're coming after our children.
Now, as a result, we see millions of people, like at no other time, waking up and fighting back.
And, of course, non-violently.
We mean verbally, politically, socially, culturally, etc.
People are now fighting back against this evil elite, this evil cabal.
And this is the thing that's amazing, is that this evil cabal is panicking right now.
They're not accustomed to what they call the cattle, that is all of us.
They're not accustomed to the cattle fighting back.
And actually seeing them for who and what they are.
Now, we are waking up.
The people are opening their eyes.
They're saying, oh my God, what are these people trying to do to our children?
And the people are fighting back.
They're pushing back against even the highest echelons of these evil people.
And Alex, let me tell you, these evil people who are trying to harm us, they're panicking.
And this has not happened before.
This is why this is a turning point, this era that we're in right now.
This is why I tell people, this is why I'm known to be, again, white-pilled, very positive.
We're going to win.
Because we've never seen an era like this, the latter part of 2022, when again, millions of eyes are being opened to the
And people are waking up to the poison shots, they're waking up everywhere.
I know so many liberals, the attack on children is too far for them.
And there are people that say, well why would the globalists go after children when it's going to defeat them?
This satanic force must have the innocence and can't help itself.
It's like a pedophile can't help themselves.
It's the same spirit.
We should quit giving evil like it's already in charge because it's willing to do bad things.
It's like saying cancer
It's superior because it takes over a body.
No, it ends up killing its own host.
It's untenable.
They can't help it.
They are fallen.
We need to stop seeing them as superior.
They're not.
Yeah, exactly, they're not.
You state something very, very fascinating, and this is kind of almost a philosophical aside.
These people's vision of the future is so evil that if they were to succeed, it would even destroy them ultimately, and that's the nature of evil.
The nature of evil is that it cannot create, it can only destroy.
If these people were successful, it would even destroy them in the end.
That's the thing that's fascinating.
Which shows they're slaves of this force.
So, from your own deep teaching going back thousands of years, what is this evil force?
What is it?
It is the demonic spirit.
In every ancient religion upon the face of the earth, this is true for Hinduism as well.
This is true for the Abrahamic religions.
This is true for Buddhism.
A lot of people don't know this.
This is true for the Asian religions just as much as the Abrahamic religions.
It has always been understood that there are, let's say, two spirits in the world.
There are two ways of being in the world.
There is the godly way of being and then there is the demonic way of being.
And let me state this very scientifically, actually, very philosophically.
If you were to look at the totality of human beings,
On the one side of the extreme, a tiny minority are individuals who are a hundred percent godly.
That's a small minority, who they would never harm anyone, they only wish to do good.
That's on one extreme.
On the other extreme, you also have a tiny minority of individuals, again, whether it's one, two, three percent, who are the opposite.
They are the psychopaths, the sociopaths.
They are the narcissistic, demonic individuals who only think about harming people.
And then you have the vast spectrum in between, who are just kind of innocent, and they can kind of lean one way or another.
This has been true from the very beginning of history and regardless of the culture that you're talking about.
So, what these individuals are, is that indeed they fall on the side of psychopathy.
They are individuals who are demonic.
Now, on the one hand, this can be understood in psychological terms, but we need to understand it spiritually.
Many of these individuals, and again the higher echelons of the demonic individuals, in the same way that good people commune with God, with angels, with positive beings, positive people, etc., this evil cabal at the highest elite, they commune with
Demonic beings.
Demonic beings are reality, and indeed, again, every religion acknowledges this, including Hinduism, that there are, let's say, metaphysical demonic beings, beings who are not embodied, they're spirits, but they are evil.
Well, our human cabal of evil people are in direct communion with these evil beings.
They're in an alliance.
There is indeed an alliance, and it's a very real one.
It's not a theoretical alliance.
It's actually quite real.
And again, these very evil people on the top.
Let me put it this way.
Many of the middle echelon deep staters, liberals, etc.
will claim to be atheists.
Let me put it this way.
The evil people on top
Trust me, they're not atheists.
They know that there is God.
They know that there are good beings, evil beings, etc.
The only difference between these evil people and good people is they have chosen to side with the evil.
Well, I mean, take, exactly, take Skull and Bones, and thanks to Charlotte Isserby's dad, who was dying of cancer, and gave her the document.
She just died this year, a great lady.
Or I guess late last year, she released all those to Anthony Sutton, the Chief Archivist of Congress, and they would take their sons, who were not involved in it when they were freshmen in college, and they would bring them in and they would literally do rituals, satanic rituals, orgies, both homosexual, heterosexual, get in vats of feces, and then get in coffins for days until a demon
We're good to go.
This is one of the goals of anyone who follows, oh, let's say, Luciferianism, Left-Hand Path, Crowleyanism, you know, there are many names for this dark, dark occult.
One of their top goals as individuals is to ultimately commune with demonic beings, demonic entities.
And that's what they said in Skull & Bones, the documents, dark angels.
Yeah, exactly.
Many different names for these beings.
And again, you know, I've known Luciferians.
I've known them personally.
You know, they try to attack me all the time.
You know, from the lowest echelon of just some nobody who's dabbling in the black arts to the highest ones, people like Aleister Crowley, to way beyond him.
Their personal goal is to commune with one or another or sometimes multiple demonic beings, and you see historically that they do.
So, you know, Aleister Crowley is one example.
He was one of the high priests of Luciferianism.
We're good to go.
Exactly, exactly.
And it's amazing how so few people know this, but you can literally look this up online and you can see this image.
Yes, the being who communicated to Aleister Crowley, his most important book was a demonic being called Lam, L-A-M, who when you look at the drawing that he himself created, it's a grey alien.
And we're talking about, oh, I don't know, 1912 or something like this, before anybody was talking about aliens, UFOs, etc.
So yes, this is something that is very real.
The occult, dark occult, is something that is truly real, and it is these people's religion.
And this is something we could go into for not just hours, but days and weeks.
And Acharya, we are.
So I finally got you on air.
You're a really smart guy.
I know I'm blown away by this.
I want to have you back in the next few weeks again.
Next time you're in Austin, in studio.
Thank you so much.
DharmaCentral.com, your book.
I've read it.
It's powerful.
I had it on my kitchen table this morning with notes, and of course, forgot it and didn't bring it.
But Principles of Perfect Leadership, find it at Amazon.com.
Acharya, two-minute closing comment.
First of all, it's been my pleasure to be here with you, Alex.
Very good.
This has been really, really wonderful.
Thank you for having me on.
And indeed, this is information that people need to know.
This is the reality of the world.
The reality of the world is not what Hollywood tells us.
It's not what the media tells us.
It's not what Disney tells us.
It certainly is not what the media, meaning the news media, tells us in any way whatsoever.
The world is infinitely more complex and interesting, actually, in both good and bad ways than anyone would imagine.
So let me just say again, you know, I need to congratulate you for the fact that for decades now, you have done everything in your power, given a million challenges and pushback and everything, to try to reveal this knowledge to individuals.
And let me tell you, you personally are responsible probably for the awakening of millions of people.
In this world.
So it is absolutely my pleasure to be on here with you, and I would be very happy to do this again.
I am at your service anytime you'd like to have me back on.
All right, Acharya.
Thank you, because we've talked for three, four hours at a time, and we need to come back and do like a three-hour show.
You can just come on and go through whatever you want, because me interrupting gets you diverted and distracted, but you did a great job.
Acharya, thank you so much for your great book, The Principles of Perfect Leadership, and God bless you.
We look forward to speaking to you soon.
Take care.
Thank you.
All right.
That was powerful.
We got another big special guest coming up on The Nature of the World.
Big predictions, a surprise guest.
We'll tell you when we come back.
Here in just a few minutes, I've got some more news to hit as well.
But again, this is important information, folks.
Evil's real, God's real.
We'll be right back.
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All I can tell you is this has been a powerful broadcast so far.
We're going to end it off with the most important information.
And then this week, believe me, if you want to tune in, you're going to see some fireworks on the Info Wars broadcast.
I'm going to leave it at that for you.
We've got a lot of big, fat, juicy, white-hot irons in the fire.
To quote Ric Flair.
All right, a very requested guest.
He's been big for years, blowing up.
Mark Passio, author, researcher, the guy that really cracks the code on natural law, why everything's going haywire, why there's evil forces that want to break that code, even though it's going to destroy them in the end.
So he's really an esoteric expert.
He knows his stuff because I've done my own research.
I know a BS-er versus somebody that's done deep research.
But I wanted to get Mark on really commercial free here and try to just shut up and let him talk.
It's usually on the regular show and people complain.
Hey, why there's 14 minutes of ads an hour?
Because we're on 400 plus radio stations and that's the standard format for TV and radio.
You know, old line media.
That's why they de-platformed us.
We're still on air because of those and use talk radio to build back up what we've done.
But I promised to do more and more of these podcast formats that are so popular.
Average ones get about 2 million views.
And so I just appreciate you all taking clips out, sharing it, reposting it.
It's commercial, trademark, copyright free.
I want everything we do to be shared to the four winds.
So Mark Passio, author, researcher, WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com joins us.
And I'm going to just ask him up front, what on earth
What on earth is really happening?
You get into why things are broken, but why are they going against natural law?
And what are they going to build if they succeed?
And what do you make of the elections, and the Ukraine war, and the transgenderism, and just all of this?
To know ourselves, we need to also know our enemy.
And so we've talked a lot about the positive, how to transcend them.
We'll hit some of that later in the hour.
But just studying the enemy, because the average person that kind of follows natural law, gets common sense, doesn't want to hurt people, doesn't want to piss in the pool, because other people are going to piss in the pool.
Who are these globalists?
Why are they so wicked?
What's their problem?
Mark Passio, thank you so much for joining us on this special Saturday broadcast.
Alex, thank you so much for having me on.
It's a pleasure to be here.
So yeah, to get into that material, who these people really are, are occultists.
They are people who know hidden knowledge about human psychology and hidden knowledge about the laws of nature.
And in
Knowing all that information at a very, very deep, profound esoteric level about how human psyche functions, how it operates, how it can be manipulated, how all the laws of nature work and function.
And most importantly, how natural law really works, which are the moral laws of creation, the universal, non-man-made, eternal, and immutable laws of behavioral consequence that are completely inherent to nature.
These people are exploiting
The ignorance of the human masses through their knowledge of that information combined with the fact that they are in fact psychopathic, total control freaks, completely immoral, wanting complete control over human beings and ultimately what they really want and what is happening on this planet is slavery.
That is their ultimate goal.
People think that it's just power, influence, money in the world.
Those are means to an end.
They are not the end goal in and of itself.
And I've been telling this to people for about 15 years now.
Their end goal is the permanent, entrenched slavery of all of humanity.
With them being a very, very, very tiny, tiny percentage of the whole human population, ruling that slave class as gods on earth.
This is what their ultimate goal is.
This is what they want to achieve.
And they are beginning the process in the post-COVID, post-pandemic, I call it the post-pandemic psyop,
Uh, time that we are living in what they are moving toward is
An overt form of slavery.
See, we are already living under covert slavery.
I'm sorry.
Yes, we are living under covert slavery.
We are living under occulted slavery, meaning it's hidden from the eyes of the average human being.
They cannot readily see the complete slavery that human beings are already really living under.
It's been hidden from their awareness so that they will not rebel against it.
The perfect slave is one who has been made to not understand that they're already in the state of slavery because they're living in a state of duress.
They're living in a state of implied threat of violence if they do not
We're good to go.
The externalization of the hierarchy, the hierarchy of power, the hierarchy of control, that is going to be externalized now.
They're already beginning to do that.
They've already written white papers and books and just come out on interviews openly and say, we're going to turn people into an algorithm.
We're going to turn them into
A robot that really cannot does not have free will where free will is a complete illusion and they can only respond to the algorithms that we programmed into them and that is the state that they are trying to move the world into at this point.
And there is a subtle war going on between the rulers of the world.
Some of them want to remain in this form of covert or occult control.
And now I would say if I had to make a guesstimate, I'd say maybe about one in five, one in six of them, maybe, wants to move this form of control to absolute
Overt, in-your-face slavery, where they would come out in the open and basically say, we are your rulers, you are our slaves and subjects.
If you do not comply to our commands, we will send our armies, our militaries, our police to simply eliminate you and kill you.
And let's expand on that.
Let's expand on that.
They could just kill most of us and have robots, but they want the ritual of us submitting and bowing.
And we look at Drag Queen Storytime with Pedophiles.
All of it is about the most extreme thing to see if we'll just give up and roll over.
You're absolutely right.
They're going from beta to operational.
Why are they emerging right now?
Is it out of strength or weakness?
I feel that they believe that they have humanity in the mental place exactly where they want them.
They feel that they have prepared us psychologically for slavery and ultimately slaughter.
And you know, as you said, this isn't just even about that.
This is about the degradation of the human soul.
They ultimately want to destroy the soul of human beings.
That is what they want in their ultimate long-term plan.
Their ultimate long-term goal and agenda is to capture the soul of human beings.
Slavery itself is actually a means unto that end, because slavery is the complete destruction of the soul.
There is no lower state of consciousness that a being can exist in, because in that state, what has been removed from the being, and from their whole mental makeup, their whole spiritual makeup, is the greatest gift of the creator of the universe, free will.
Free will is what we have been gifted as a birthright to use to create whatever conditions we wish to create for ourselves and what these globalist satanic occultists want to ultimately do is to destroy the human soul by destroying free will.
That is the lowest state of consciousness that they can put people into through a form of
I think?
There is legitimacy to the concept of human authority.
This is the new religion.
The new religion is that government is God, that authority is God, that their dictates must be obeyed, that we must comply, that we have some sort of moral obligation to comply to their dictates and commands.
And all this is, is a continuation in the modern world of the old religion of kingship.
Authority was always vested in the old world.
The old world order, as many researchers call it, was kingship.
It was one ruler or one family, perhaps a dynastic family, ruling over other people as their subjects.
The people were the subjects and then they called the king or the queen the sovereign, the one who is above rulership.
And there is only one or a small select group of royalty.
And they get to, they are the ruling class, and they get to rule everybody else.
And let's expand on that.
They're trying to go back to that.
So they call it the Old World Order, but really the New World Order is trying to take us back to that.
What would you call the Renaissance and the Great Enlightenment?
Was that a good thing or a bad thing?
And why do we see our revolution in 1776 simultaneously by Adam Weisshaupt's revolution over in Europe?
I see that as two competing factions realizing that the turning point was there.
Great question, Alex, and I'll unpack that a little bit.
You know, again, the old world order, this form of authority vested in one being, the king or the queen,
I ask people to be honest with themselves and look at this from a purely moral perspective.
Was that condition that humanity was often forced to live under in any particular geographic region of this planet in the ancient world, was that situation ever moral?
Could it ever have been moral?
There is no free will involved, there is coercion involved, there is duress involved, and there is violence ultimately involved.
That situation can never be moral, and now they have moved it into the space of creating a new form of this ancient control system, a new form of this old religion, the old world order.
They are now making a new version of it in the modern day.
This is the new world order, or what I call in my research
The Dark New World Order because as you rightfully said there are competing aspects to what can be created in the future for a new world and there I look at it as there's a dark new world order that we can move toward and we already are moving toward that as a species very rapidly actually.
And then there's a light New World Order.
There's a positive New World that we are capable of creating.
So just the term New World Order, in and of itself, I don't see as a negative thing.
And that may horrify some of, you know, the viewing audience because they've been so conditioned to believe that just that those words are just negative in and of themselves.
There can be a positive New World Order if we work to dispel the myth of the religion of authority.
If we can
Understand true sovereignty, not the sovereignty of a king or queen, not the alleged authority of a government that is simply the same extension of the old world order of authority of a king that is just now divested into a few oligarchical, an oligarchical group of people, a few rulers calling themselves government.
Okay, and claiming that they are our owners, our masters.
So why did the Illuminati form as that model?
And why was it selling freedom against the old royalty, but also here in the new world?
And was there a split between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati?
I would say definitely.
The Weishaupt Illuminati, or the Bavarian Illuminati, that was very active in the mid and then late 1700s, was a dark occult organization.
And they originally called themselves the perfectibilists, the perfect ones.
I mean, imagine the hubris, the psychological hubris that you have to have to believe that you are perfected.
That there is nothing else that you can work to achieve except controlling others, and they needed to break down the old world structure.
This was in earnest beginning because of the ideas of freedom that had been seated in
Exactly, that's what my analysis is.
That was the counter-revolution against the human revolution.
Not that ours was perfect, but it had a lot of the right people involved, a lot of good ideas, and they saw it as a threat.
So a few years after ours, they launched theirs.
That's right.
See, you know, the Enlightenment period led to the ideas that originally formed our country, early America.
That's right.
And without those philosophies, and you could
You know rightly call that time period on a cult revival because a lot of the philosophers discussed natural philosophy they discussed natural law which I want to qualify when I use the term natural law has nothing to do with the so-called laws of nature as Darwin is dark Darwinism puts it forward this is not Darwinian
This is not survival of the fittest, survival of the most ruthless.
This isn't social Darwinism.
Natural law is the laws of God.
It's the laws of the creator of the universe.
It's moral law.
It's spiritual law.
And those are the ideas that are ultimately enshrined in early America.
That the people are sovereign beings.
That we are above rulership.
That there is no legitimacy to ruling over other beings.
And unfortunately, you know, the early founders of America and the early philosophers of that time period only took that idea so far.
They still used the old model of, you know, kingship and almost created a monarchy, and then decided that they would create a representational form of government.
Now, I myself feel that that's an axiomatically flawed idea.
It's an axiomatically flawed ideology.
But it's still a big step away from monarchy.
That's correct.
It definitely was a stepping stone, which is why I personally, even as an anarchist, do not crucify the Founding Fathers and the people who originally created the nation that we now know as the United States of America.
I feel that without their ideas, we would not be able to push the envelope even farther and really push for true human freedom.
We've got to look at the time they were in and how revolutionary it was.
And how absolutely.
It was like a powder keg at that time.
It could have gone in many, many different directions.
People will, again, often, you know... Oh, the French Revolution went in the wrong direction.
It definitely went toward a socialist direction that was influenced by dark occultists at the time.
But people want to always beat up on the Founding Fathers and denigrate them because some of them did during their lifetime keep human slaves that were a product of being handed down to them from their family members, their family lines.
And many of the Northern Founding Fathers were absolutely against it and thought that this was a hideous, deplorable practice and worked tirelessly to try to abolish it even in their time period.
Of course, that didn't happen.
They didn't have a mechanism to even free the people.
That's right.
It was so against the law to even attempt to free a slave that the person that would attempt to do that would be executed if they were found to willingly have released the slave into the population.
That is how horrific the time period was and how horrific the laws were at that time.
So, you know, Thomas Jefferson wrote anti-slavery clauses into the original draft of the Declaration of Independence when he framed it here in Philadelphia.
And he was forced by Southern delegates who looked at that as an offense to them to remove it or they were going to walk out of the Continental Congress en masse and let the notion for American independence die in committee.
And there would have not been an independent country called the United States of America.
If Jefferson did not capitulate to having those clauses removed, he did so at the behest of
We're good.
He knew that there were dark occult influences, particularly in the Masonic lodges of his day, and he wrote about it and warned people about it.
And they use secret societies, they use, you know, occult brotherhoods to enact secrecy and to basically network with other people of an occult mindset.
They recruit this way, they plan this way.
This has been done for centuries upon centuries.
So, you know, it's no different now than it was then.
They're still operating through modern occult societies.
What was the force, we know there wasn't one force, behind our revolution versus that of Weishaupt and the Perfected One's revolution?
And why did George Washington write all those letters against the European Illuminati that we have on screen?
Because we know there was a real split there.
Who was behind the European Illuminati from your deep research versus the American Illuminati?
Because let's be honest, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the leaders of the Illuminati, but the American version.
Okay, so, you know, the Bavarian Illuminati I look at as it was a synthesis of occultists that came together because they knew that the old religion was waning and people did not want to live under overt kingship.
They saw it as, why does this one being get to decide the fate of everybody else?
And they knew that that was going to be slipping as a method of holding power in the world.
They knew that they had to create the new world order of doing it covertly through governments where they gave people the illusion of choice through voting and gave them the illusion that they were actually calling the shots and that the people were the government.
Which has never really truly been the case.
This is a psyop in and of itself to create the new world order of government authority and make people believe in that.
Make people believe that it is morally acceptable and morally legitimate.
When it is based upon all of the same axiomatic premises that the old world order of kingship was based upon.
So, it's still based in one class of people considering themselves a ruling class, dictating to other people that they consider their subjects or their slaves, and then ruling through coercion, ruling through duress, ruling through violence if necessary.
But it's always a state of implied violence.
And this is what people have to learn, is that there is no moral legitimacy to the very concept of authority, whether you're talking about the old world authority of kingship or the new world authority of government.
That's the idea that human beings and humanity must transcend.
We must transcend that to understand that we can, it is possible to build a society based in voluntary behavior and voluntary cooperation.
It does not mean that we cannot organize against external potential violent threats.
Come together to organize through self-defense.
It doesn't mean that we can't build monumental engineering projects together through voluntary cooperation.
Organization does not necessarily have to contain or imply authority.
It is simply people coming together to perform a task that is required for their betterment.
That's all that really needs to be done in order to create a voluntary society.
When people suggest an anarchic state of existence, which simply means that there are no rulers, it doesn't imply every world problem is solved overnight.
It doesn't imply
That there will never be acts of violence committed by, you know, individual members of humanity upon others.
It is not a utopia.
It is a very pragmatic, real-world state where many, many, many problems of humanity still exist and would have to be worked toward in a way that is cooperative and voluntary.
So, a state of anarchy does not imply no problems or utopia whatsoever.
As a realist, you would realize those problems would absolutely still be present and humanity would still have to work toward figuring out solutions to all those types of problems.
But what it does mean is that there would be a general moral state of existence because people would not believe that the idea of authority, which in and of itself is backed by violence, would be some type of a morally acceptable condition.
They would understand
By definition, that that is an immoral state because violence is always immoral.
What a true anarchist advocates for, such as myself, is a state where people are not performing violence upon others, certainly not in a wide-scale sense like government allows to take place, like enshrining a government and putting it in power emboldens them to enact upon the rest of humanity.
Well sure, but let me expand on that.
Your system would obviously work.
As Thomas Jefferson kind of predicted in the future, if the public was educated on the tenets of liberty and defended it, and had their own land and produced their own food, he said, you've got to know this and you've got to have your own independence and you've got to know how to take care of yourself, then we create the basic utopia.
But without that, we always produce a new hell.
And expanding on that, when the Jacobin Illuminati failed at the French Revolution, put a dictator in, Napoleon Bonaparte,
Then, out of that, we see British intelligence and others fomenting communism with Marx and Engels, on record by British intelligence, as a new way to con all these serfs in Europe and Russia, and in America, indentured servants and blacks, getting off the plantation.
Well, now there's a new thing where a new communist leader organizes you under their control, the actual antithesis of real human power.
Absolutely, Alex.
You're spot on.
Dead on.
As a matter of fact, when you really start studying the occult underpinnings of such types of revolutions, you'll come back to people like Adam Weishaupt and then his successor, Giuseppe Mazzini.
We're good to go.
I'm sorry, Young Italy.
Young Italy.
And he then became very good friends with Carl Schapper.
And a lot of people don't know who that is, but Carl Schapper
...formed an organization called Young Germany that then paved the way to being the Communist League, which penned the Communist Manifesto under Marx and Engels, you know, authorship.
Now, slow down.
Say that again.
Direct lines to the Illuminati founding communism.
This is on record historically, folks.
This is in mainline history books, but nobody keeps... Start over.
This is important.
Yeah, you can research this anywhere.
The roots of communism directly to the Illuminati and the French Revolution.
Explain it.
Yes, so Chapper formed young Germany, which was patterned on Mazzini's young Italy.
And Mazzini was the second Grand Master of the group that we have been referencing here today, the Bavarian Illuminati that was began by Adam Weishaupt.
He was the second Grand Master after Weishaupt became infirm and ill and could no longer perform the duties of being the Grand Master of the Bavarian Illuminati.
He handed over the reins to Giuseppe Mazzini.
Again, Mazzini formed what you would call the very underpinnings and the basis of what we would call the Italian Mafia or La Cosa Nostra and You know his that was his way of ruling, you know through direct implied violence, you know Running gangs running criminal syndicates, etc.
You can call him one of the original godfathers one of the original capos and You know this organization young
Young Italy was the beginnings of fascism, you know, and then, you know, the opposite wing when when his protege, Carl Schaper, you know, was beginning to exert his influence in Germany and eventually spread it to other areas of Europe, such as England.
He formed the Communist League.
And that is what, as I said, then, you know, the pen men for, you know, modern communism were of course Marx and Engels, but they were doing this at the behest of these occult organizations.
It was a very clear agenda for those who are studied in the occult.
And, you know, it's methodologies.
That this is how they fomented revolution throughout, you know, all of, you know, Eastern Europe and, you know, started spreading socialism and communism throughout the world.
This is the neo-feudalism that they want to create.
That's what communism ultimately really is.
I mean, fascism, of course, is just as evil, but many people always talk about the evils of fascism, but they neglect to talk about the evils of communism.
Communism is just international socialism taken to its extreme where all of the production and distribution methods are in the hands of the state.
And they can control who gets food.
They can control, you know, who is able to live and sustain themselves.
That is ultimately what the goal is, to create a form of neo-feudalism.
Feudalism, and you know, what's the main tenet of communism?
The first tenet of the ten planks is the abolition of private property, right?
That's a serf.
A serf has no right to own property.
He just lives upon the land, he rents the house that he's in, he rents it from the king or queen, and you know, it's a form of
This is what they're trying to create.
You will have nothing and you will like it.
Klaus Schwab.
No property.
All rights are derived from property rights, right?
Without property, there is no such thing as the understanding of rights, because the understanding of rights means that you know what you rightfully own, and you know what you rightfully do not own, and you don't step across those boundary lines of property, so you don't transgress against other people's property, like their life.
Their rights, their free will association, their rights, etc.
This is the basis of natural law.
The basis of moral law in the universe is that you do not steal.
Every moral transgression is a form of theft.
And communists come in and steal whatever they want and it's always super rich people running it.
That's right.
And you know, the book by Gary Allen, None Dare Call Conspiracy, explains this.
It lays it out in an absolutely irrefutable, well-researched way, where extremely influential and very powerful members of society... Pressure from above, pressure below.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's absolutely correct.
You know, these high-level power brokers always want to bring the people into the idea of socialism.
They want to sell them on that because it sounds caring.
It sounds moral.
It sounds like it's just sharing, right?
But ultimately, what you're doing is you're getting the people, again, that's the pressure from above, and the pressure from below is getting the people into a state of brainwashing where they actually want to own nothing.
They actually want to be kept as feudal slaves, living on the land, but actually having zero property rights.
Actually not even understanding the boundaries of property, so then even bodily autonomy doesn't matter.
And your body isn't technically your property anymore.
It's the property of the state.
That's what slavery is, you know?
And then they could just decide what you're going to put into your body at will.
And you have no right to refuse, no free will to even refuse what can go into one's body, the loss of bodily autonomy.
And we're seeing that in the aftermath of the so-called pandemic.
So, this is ultimately their long-term goal, neo-feudalism.
And the prefix neo- means that it existed in the old world.
It's just a new form of it.
The new religion, called government, is just another variation of the old religion called kingship.
It's no different.
And that is the idea.
That is the very
Shift in consciousness that mankind must learn if it is going to continue in its evolutionary development forward.
The sticking point in our evolution as beings in consciousness.
I'm not talking about Darwinian evolution here.
I'm talking about the evolution of human consciousness.
We're good to go.
They are attempting to completely shut that down and stifle it.
They don't want the movement of consciousness forward because if people recognize their own inherent sovereignty and recognize the pure illegitimacy of human authority over others, then
That progress would be made.
That's why they have to keep us in a state of thrall.
They need to keep us in a state of mind control.
They need to keep us accepting that the inherent coercion, duress, and violence of the state, of government, of the idea of government.
So, Mark, you're philosophically laying out the skeleton and the muscles and the guts and the brain and the bones and the skin.
And people don't do that.
But just, I wanted to get you on.
It's important you do that.
You're doing a great job.
But I wanted to get you on specifically just as a human on this planet.
With Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, the New World Order, what next move you think they'll pull?
You're a really smart guy.
Super respect you.
So let's just for a few minutes here.
Humor me.
What do you think is going to happen with this election in 10 days?
What do you think of the Ukraine war?
There's different factions in the globalist.
Who do you think those factions are right now?
Because I really respect your view.
I want to see what you think.
I understand if we get the basics of how they program us, we'll defeat them.
That's important, but people are also very interested to hear your views just on the current wars that are happening.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they're all done to completely destabilize whole regions of the planet.
They're done to waste human resources, to keep people in a state of a basic, you know, baseline subsistence.
Subsistence, I agree totally.
Their goal is to keep us as serfs on the edge of subsistence.
That's right.
And, you know, with the election coming up, I would not doubt that there would be continued, you know, fraud regarding that.
They want to push for a continued dichotomy between left and right here in America, so that people are always at each other's throats on the lines of a political basis, which is like basically saying, you know, I'm going to hate the person next door to me because they're picking a different master.
You know, that's really all it ultimately amounts to.
So, you know, I definitely do not think the solution comes through voting.
I understand that people want to... No, no, exactly.
We shouldn't hate each other over like, well, I know Lester Siebels is a fraud, but I'm trying to pick a better master.
We shouldn't be killing each other over what political party.
And that's what they want.
It's about polarizing people.
It's about bringing people into deep polarization with each other, so that they're always fighting each other.
That's the dialectic.
The dialectic pits two forces against each other, and ultimately a synthesis is created.
So no matter who you vote for, you're voting for government.
You're voting for the continuation of authoritarianism.
And no matter what you do, authoritarianism continues to march.
That's right.
And, you know, this is the entire idea.
That's the pressure from below.
They want the people to support their own enslavement.
They want the people to continue to believe in authority.
They want the people to continue to believe that as long as their political party gets in, they're somehow going to be alright.
And they're going to be cared for and, you know, things are going to work out.
But it's all just a facade.
But then Trump comes along and they totally flip out.
Or was that meant to just energize the left?
I don't think Trump even knows the manipulation he's involved in.
Is the establishment fundamentally really upset with Trump?
Or are they using that as another Hegelian dialectic?
I believe it was a dialectical schism that they were putting in place there.
You know, not to say that perhaps if Trump really did his job that maybe he could have slowed their agenda down a little bit.
Hold places you're dead on.
They created the internet.
They admit to control us and track us.
Now they're upset we're using it.
So they're not God.
They're not all powerful.
If we, like you said, pull back and see the dialectic, we can now not manipulate like they do, but be aware of the construct and it has a
A lot less power.
That's exactly right.
I tell people all the time, when a dialectic is constructed, which means you're creating two opposing forces to ultimately bring about something that you wanted to create as a synthesis all along.
When you do that, unfortunately, only one side really needs to be manipulated, okay?
So you look at the example, perhaps, of World War II, right?
They're going to create fascism in Italy and Germany, and they're going to put... Yeah, put Germans under 20 years of sanctions, piss them off, put in a British intel controlled asset, he attacks you, you don't have a choice to fight back.
But it's the dialectic, but still both sides were being manipulated.
Yes, exactly.
And if one side runs rampant with the manipulation, as Germany did under Hitler, and then starts, you know, destroying, you know, other nations and taking people as his slaves, you can't say, oh, just let that happen, right?
People are going to have to step in and do something about it.
The goblins are good at forcing us into those positions.
Exactly, and that's what they're trying to do.
We don't back the British Empire, we don't back the Democratic Party, but Hitler's blowing us up, so they force us, they conscript us by the situation.
And you know, what can you do?
You know, if you're under attack, you can't just sit back and say, well, they're manipulated, you know?
You know, I look at the example of even just, you know, modern policing, you know, which is an extension of things that, you know,
Human beings learned to manipulate and put people under mental conditions whereby they can't even see that they're really doing harm to other people as was done in Nazi Germany.
What are people to do if a police state is forming?
Just say, well, all these people are manipulated, we just have to lay down.
You know, no, that's not the case.
You know, so a polarization dialectic, unfortunately, is going to work unless both sides see the manipulation and do not fall prey to it.
Even if one, if both sides, of course, it's going to be the most powerful.
You're going to have the most polarization.
Here's a modern example.
They don't want peace because peace doesn't really help them.
They want strife.
They want conflict.
They want division.
And that's why they're manipulating wars.
People have to see that government-manipulated wars, government-inspired wars, are never moral wars.
Ultimately, it comes down to that.
The only kind of a moral, righteous war is one that's truly waged in the name of real freedom.
The American Revolution was one of those wars, what I would consider a righteous war.
And I don't think we've really even had any others other than perhaps World War II because obviously, you know, we needed intervention in Europe and, you know, to stop the spread of Nazism.
So, that's another war that qualifies as a righteous war.
But ultimately, humanity has to stop being manipulable.
I think?
Love my work because I expose that.
And a lot of people don't like it because they'll say, why are you teaching the mentality of the enemy?
Because if you don't understand the mentality of the enemy, how could you ever hope to defeat them?
This is the paradox I run into is that.
I've explained how the New World Order works and their basic psychology from my own layman's perspective, and then I realized some people I wasn't meant to wake up, realized it, and joined the enemy.
But that's a free will choice.
That's right.
Justice be done, may the heavens fall.
We just tell the truth, and then I'm not going to sit there and like just try to make sure everybody follows my view.
That's just part of the paradox.
That's exactly right.
That's all that we can do.
We can de-occult that information and we can put it out there in an egalitarian fashion for people's consideration.
And then they have to take it in, they have to analyze it, they have to make up their own mind about it.
You know, as you were saying before, ultimately, when this country was formed,
You know, people like Franklin and Washington and Jefferson all basically said that this was only going to be a state of existence that could be sustained by a moral people.
Morality is the ultimate building block.
If you don't build upon a moral foundation, everything that you build on top of that foundation ultimately cannot stand.
So, the ultimate choice that we have, as I see it, the time period that we are in is a time period of cosmic judgment.
It's a time period of cosmic justice and consequence.
And we're being given a choice, okay?
In my work,
In my introduction to my podcast series, the narrator says, we are approaching our critical moment of choice.
Words to that effect.
And that choice is here before us now.
The choice is we wake up to the understanding of what true morality is and how authority is actually an immoral illusion.
It is a state that we should not condone because it is based in violence.
It's based in coercion.
It's based in the destruction of free will, which is the ultimate gift of the Creator Almighty.
Okay, and once we decide to make that choice and elevate our consciousness into true moral understanding of natural law, of the laws of the Creator,
We will create a positive outcome.
We will be able to transcend the current human condition.
So we have to be the little examples in our own life, because when I look at Satanists, and people that serve, even if they're super powerful or low-level, they look enslaved, they look disempowered, they look like wraiths.
When I see people like you and others that are awake, you're alive, you're vibrant, you're well-spoken, you're smart, you're amazing.
I mean, judge the tree by its fruits.
This satanic system doesn't pay in the end.
So why are there so many people serving it?
And from your deep research, is there a evil off-world force, interdimensional?
I mean, what is this entity?
Entities, what is it?
So I would say the people become ensnared by the satanic mindset because they have
Internal, psychological, emotional, and spiritual failures that they have not yet developed the spiritual strength to confront.
And that's why they trauma-based mind control children is to break them so they can be programmable.
Trauma is the key to putting people into the underlying satanic ideology.
Which is essentially, I only ultimately care about myself, my own comfort, and perhaps the comfort and well-being of my own, my immediate family members, my friends, and that's it.
And everybody else, be damned.
I'm not going to worry about whether their rights are being taken.
I'm not going to worry about whether they're oppressed.
I'm not going to worry about any issues of
And that's what the left's doing, censoring and corrupting and dominating, and they feel like as minions they're being empowered, even though their own rights are being destroyed.
Could you imagine how much of a degraded husk spiritually one must be to want to silence somebody else's freedom of expression?
What they did to you, Alex, is an absolute travesty.
It's the exact inversion of justice, which is what Satanism wishes to create.
True justice is the ultimate power of the universe.
It is the ultimate, that is the creator's way that it ultimately brings consequence to the entire world of beings that have the capacity for understanding the difference between right and wrong.
That's what cosmic justice is.
And could you imagine
Just picture being the kind of person that says, well, I don't agree with what you said.
Now, we might not agree with radical leftists, communists, Nazis, fascists, etc.
We want freedom.
Of course we don't.
We want humanity to move to the next level of development and build something that we can even scarcely imagine and move on to greatness.
What these people want is to degrade the human condition, to keep it in slavery, to keep people down, to keep people at a base common denominator level and ultimately enslave them.
And I think what you're saying is... Sorry, I'll finish up and I'll have something to add.
Yeah, I was saying even if they endorse those things, imagine us having so little confidence in what we're saying that we say,
We need to shut down their speech.
They can't say that.
Silence them.
Take them... Well, that's exactly where I was going.
This is universal truth.
You know, we didn't talk before you came on about what we would talk about.
Is that I'm confident in my ideas.
I believe my ideas against theirs will defeat them, which they will.
That's why they've got to shut us down.
So theirs is the only option.
Absolutely, exactly correct.
They know that ultimately they do not have a true legitimate argument.
They don't have an argument factually, and they certainly don't have an argument morally.
So the only answer is we have to stop
But it shows how incredibly weak they are, but then it falls to us to not submit and to fight even harder.
And I found when we don't give up and fight even harder, people instinctively get it and we just get bigger.
Without a doubt, and that's why I feel it's so important for people to communicate.
If there's no communication, there's no real learning.
And we have to understand, people need to unlearn things and they need to learn new things that ultimately make sense, that ultimately are based in true justice, that are ultimately based in real freedom.
And the only way to spread those ideas is through communication.
And through modern communication, meaning digital communication, communication over the internet in many different forms of multimedia, is going to be the method that will optimally get that message out to the maximum number of people.
Word of mouth, of course, is okay.
I'm not telling people not to speak to their neighbors or friends or family members.
You have to do that too.
But one of the cruxes, the main tenets of my work in particular, is we have to learn modern communication and become the new media.
We have to become the modern, not only truth seekers, but the modern truth speakers.
We have to put the word out.
Just us learning and knowing all this stuff is not good enough.
That's the first step.
That's the first step.
That's transforming the self, right?
But after the self is transformed, then you have to become an influencer and a person who helps to elevate consciousness in others.
And that is accomplished through communication.
That's why we have to become effective communicators.
We have to become people who can put our word out there in a very
Powerful way in a confident way in a way that is logically expressed and logically oriented for people so that they can easily take it in and understand it.
And we have to know the technology how to do it.
That's the big sticking point for most people.
A lot of people don't want to learn computing.
A lot of people don't want to learn modern digital communication and digital media creation.
We're good to go.
You should try to get involved in media creation yourself, even if it's only to point a phone at your face and hit upload, right?
That's the minimum that people can do.
If we're, you know, learn a little bit more, we can have nice production values, nice graphics, etc.
It makes it a little bit easier for people to take in.
It makes it attractive for them to watch.
And, you know, this is what I advocate for.
This is what I teach.
It's not just learning the moral part of it.
That obviously has to be the foundation.
That has to come first.
But then, it becomes our moral obligation to communicate this out to other people.
And I think a lot of people miss that second part.
They think that just only like certain people and certain influencers have to do that.
Stop right there!
Stop right there!
Because I was about to interrupt you two minutes ago and wrote the note right here.
Little people have to think they're big people.
Because I'm so sick of everybody thinking a leader is going to do it.
When listeners call in and say, Oh, Alex, thank you.
We love you.
I'm like, listen, you donate, you buy products.
I love you.
I'm like a guy thrown in the ocean.
You're a piece of driftwood.
We're together.
Thank you.
I need you to move past just supporting us.
Go speak at city council.
Take the first step.
Or school board.
Or put a YouTube up.
So who cares if it gets five views?
The point is, that's how the journey starts.
And we have to get the general public to realize that just like Thomas Jefferson said, we must get the yeoman farmer
They don't have to save the world, they don't have to be Mark Passio and reach 10 million people a week, or Alex Jones.
They've just got to engage.
And when that happens and the general consciousness gets off the bench, it's game over for the controllers.
Without a doubt.
Well, well said.
You know, people have to step into their own power and realize that they are not powerless.
People will often ask, what can I do?
What can one person do?
And the answer is a whole lot.
Well, you talk about quantum mechanics, which is proven, which they've done thousands of times now at different universities.
I can't believe it.
When they observe a particle, it acts one way.
When they don't, it acts another.
We are literally moving particles at the lowest level.
But again, and then it's like a cyclotron or an amplification.
The more you realize you have that power, it becomes scary how much power we've got.
It's the butterfly effect, as they call it.
We have unimaginable influence if we set our mind to it.
If we decide, I am going to speak, I am going to help others to learn, I am going to be a communicator, I am going to be an influencer.
You cannot imagine what kind of power lies in that.
That's the power of the human mind then sending out the voice to other people.
It's action at a distance.
There is no better definition as far as I am concerned for the concept of magic, literally.
That's what these occultists understand.
That's why they
Do their television broadcast, right?
We're doing our broadcast.
We're casting a influence spell, you could say, right?
It's putting out word for action at a distance.
Think about how powerful it is that we can speak.
That information that we speak into existence can be carried over technology.
And what do they tell us?
Humans are dirty.
Humans are killing the earth.
You don't have power.
You should kill yourself.
You're a worthless piece of crap.
Meanwhile, worship Bill Gates.
Worship Harari.
Worship Klaus Schwab.
They tell us how great they are and this great vision they've got, which is the end of us.
We need to stand up and say, I'm made in the image of God, little g. That's right.
And the Old Testament tells us, and it's true, that what you envision is built.
It may not happen even to this generation, but now we've reached this launchpad where basically whatever we want to do now can be done.
And they know that, and they're so jealous of us being able to actually have the keys to the future.
That's what they want to shut down.
They want to shut down humanity's potentially very, very positive
Progress into the future they want to stagnate that and as I was saying like people have to step into that power and realize what is more powerful than being able to speak have your words carried over some form of digital media of communication and then it reach another person it reach their mind it influences their thoughts it helps them to
Improve themselves and improve their lives.
That is so, so powerful.
It's unbelievably powerful.
And these globalists, these transhumanists, these sick social engineers, these psychopathic, satanic social engineers want to block that.
They don't want us exercising that power because then we're going to realize we're nobody's rightful slave.
We're going to realize we can create a positive outcome.
We can create a positive future.
It is possible.
It has to be chosen and it has to be willfully enacted through an act of our willpower.
We have to stop being lazy about it.
We have to stop being apathetic about it as a species.
We have to get involved.
We have to get on board.
We have to step into the arena.
We have to step onto the battlefield.
We have to be that person in the arena.
And step into that power.
And then we're going to see exactly what we are capable of doing.
And let me expand on that.
You're a guy that never intended to do this and you reached tens of millions, I'm the same way.
And I'm always telling listeners, you could be the next person to break the matrix.
And that's why the globals are so scared of this broadcast and your broadcast, is we're empowering people and saying, you're not ugly, you're not bad, you're not fallen.
They want to keep you in that state only by dialing into their energy or that.
God, the universe that God created has a plan for you, but God's free will, you've got to follow the natural law, you've got to have the will, you've got to not hurt other people in that project, and try to empower people, and it's like a video game.
The more you empower people, the stronger you get.
I mean, I've been on here 28 years, and...
I was reaching millions of people my first few years, and then tens of millions, and then now hundreds of millions, if not billions.
And the key to it all was, I realized it was all a test.
I didn't let it go to my head when they came and tried to buy me off and stuff.
But as long as you're humble and realize it's part of a larger program, it's limitless.
So that's why we harp so much, not to tell viewers and listeners, oh, you're so great.
Oh, you're so wonderful.
No, you really are amazing.
But you've got to get in sync with God, with the natural law.
Without a doubt.
That's the underlying knowledge that has to be the foundation.
If people don't understand moral law, that is the driving force of justice in creation.
Justice is the ultimate expression of God, I would say.
See, if I had to give my impression or current understanding of what the Creator really is,
It's law.
It is law in the universe.
And that's a strange definition for a lot of people because they look at it as a more personalized force.
Many people do.
But that's how the God of the Israelites appeared as the law.
Exactly, you know, and that moral law is going to basically act as the guiding foundation for what we experience through consequence.
I'm going to shut up and give you the last 10 minutes here.
I interrupt you, it's so important.
Not the false courts and system.
Remember, the worldly corrupt system always creates a counterfeit that's a fraud.
People say, the law, that's a fraud.
No, no, we mean universal law.
Explain this to them.
I'm going to shut up.
So I'm not referring to man's law here.
When I say natural law, I mean God's law.
I mean the universal, non-man-made,
Inherent to nature conditions that are eternal, that are objective, that are absolutely immutable, meaning they cannot be changed.
So they're eternal, they're unchangeable, they're non-man-made, they're created by the creator of the universe, they're inherent to nature, they're part of the universe, part of the fabric of creation.
And they govern the consequences of our free will choices.
It doesn't mean we don't have free will.
We have free will to act, but then once we put our actions into effect in the universe through our behavior,
Then we experience either positive consequence if those actions were in alignment with moral law, or we receive negative consequence if those actions are out of alignment and are transgressions against moral law.
So the universe is one huge engine of choice,
Action and consequence.
We choose through what we have in our mental makeup, our psychology, our understanding.
That comes from information that we take in, which is why information flow is so important.
And that's why information has to, we have to have free access to it so we can make informed choices, informed decision making.
Then we choose to behave, we behave a certain way, and then there are consequences attached to that behavior.
And how I word it, I've actually written it as a mathematical equation, believe it or not.
You know, I come from a somewhat scientific background.
I attended an Ivy League university for engineering.
However, I've actually given this a very small equation.
The sum of moral behavior is directly proportional to the sum of human freedom.
That is how what we are experiencing in life, collectively, in the aggregate, as a species on this planet, as humanity, that is how natural law actually functions.
The more moral people behave in the aggregate, the more freedom they have in the aggregate.
As Thomas Jefferson said, only a moral people can be free.
You cannot ever separate the two things.
The goal of all spirituality is freedom and higher levels of expression of consciousness.
And that can only happen if we understand moral, natural law and align our behavior to it.
And then we'll have freedom.
And then freedom is the potential to create, to create ever greater systems, to create ever greater adventures for ourselves as a species.
But we're only going to be able to do that and transcend the current human condition of slavery if we understand objective morality under natural law.
This is the very basis of my main body of teachings.
If people want to learn more about that in particular,
I highly recommend that they watch my seminar called The Natural Law Seminar.
Natural Law Seminar, if you just look for that, you can check that out on my website, www.WaterOnEarthIsHappening.com in the videos section.
I did an entire documentary about this called The Science of Natural Law.
So those are the places that I would recommend that people would start if they want a basic understanding of natural law, moral law principles.
But it's very simple.
As morality increases, freedom increases.
And as morality declines, freedom invariably and inevitably declines.
So then, all you have to do is look at the aggregate picture of the world.
Look at the aggregate picture of humanity.
Are we free?
No, we are not.
What does that then mean?
What must it mean by law?
By law, it must mean that most people are not making the moral choices that they should be making.
And again, you know, we want to encourage people to become good people.
We want to encourage people to do what they know to be right.
It doesn't necessarily mean that everybody lives up to those expectations.
It doesn't mean that they're currently doing the right thing.
So I can get kind of harsh on people, particularly in my podcast.
I generally go a little bit easier in language when I'm on someone else's show out of pure respect, obviously.
But when I'm doing my show... Go ahead and let us all have it.
I tell people that we as a species are not really currently that good of human beings.
If we were very good human beings in the aggregate, truly according to natural law, then we'd be free.
Beings that are not enacting, are not learning, completely taking... There's an old saying my uncle would always give me.
He said, you can't con an honest man.
Only con artists buy into a con.
We put ourselves in the prison.
That's right.
That's right.
You know, for the lie to be sold, people have to be willing to purchase it.
They have to be willing to buy it.
And this is what we are socially engineered and conditioned into.
The lie is made attractive.
It's packaged really nicely, right?
And then they sell it to people over their brand of media, over their controlled, you know, corporate media and state-run media.
And then, unfortunately, people watch it and take it into themselves and make it a part of their thought processes.
This is what has to fundamentally change.
So, Mark, let me ask you this in closing.
It's been an amazing hour.
I know you've got to go soon.
This has been a three-plus hour emergency transmission.
Let me ask you this question, just without getting into natural law, which is amazing, and you're absolutely right.
Big picture.
Humanity's sliding into the abyss, but I agree with you.
But I do see a big awakening happening.
What is your prognosis or your weather forecast for the near future, medium future, long term future?
I know it's all speculation, but you're a smart guy.
I really want your view on this.
Please give it to us.
What do you see happening to humanity?
Well I see nothing as completely set in stone.
We have free will.
We have free will choice to choose our behavior.
Our behaviors are going to be chosen based upon what we know.
So I see two inevitable potentials.
That it can only really go two ways.
So we're at the fork in the road.
We're at the fork in the road.
This is the critical moment of choice, the fork in the road for humanity, for our evolutionary development into the future.
Either we learn moral, objective, natural law,
And we then align our behavior to those moral principles, and we're going to create an incredibly positive future that will become a type one civilization.
If we do that, I've predicted humanity will be a type one civilization on the Kardashev scale of civilizations within one hundred years.
One century.
I predict if we get rid of the ideas and the false religions
We're good to go.
Then, we are going to go into such a degraded state that I would predict, within a few hundred years, we're going to be in a situation as predicted by H.G.
Wells and the time machine between the Moorlach and the Eloi.
The Eloi and Moorlach, yes.
And it will be like that scenario, where we will have a predator class that is literally devouring people.
It will get that safety.
So it's the Soylent Green Program.
It will go there if we don't stop it.
The positive news is we have free will.
We have choice.
We can learn natural law.
It is not undiscoverable.
It is absolutely learnable.
It is discoverable.
We can understand how it operates, and then we can choose more wisely.
No, no, I agree.
And Mark, let me just throw this out there.
I don't say this to toot my horn or anything.
It's just a fact.
I have world leaders calling.
Top people at every level, podcasting, music, you name it.
Tech heads.
I've had dinner with them.
And I don't think they're trying to manipulate me.
I don't think they're there to make me feel important because they're not asking me to do anything.
They're saying, what do we do?
We don't want to be part of this, but we're capturing it.
What's your advice?
The globalists are digging armored bunkers around the world.
They're hiding in underground bases.
They know what they've done is not working, but they don't know how to get off the system.
So I see the fact that so many, even of their top practitioners, are trying to find a way out, show salvation, in the final equation.
It's very simple.
Learn natural law because good behavior results in positive consequence.
Good behavior can turn the situation around.
It means you have to stop being selfish.
Well, as an example, let's say Elon Musk is for real.
Let's say Elon Musk is for real.
I think the jury's out.
If he can set up InternetX that's open and free again, he'll be the biggest guy ever.
So, natural law.
Open it up.
You'll be the king of it.
Make it free.
Without a doubt.
I think he should explore trying to even replace something like PayPal, which has become a horrific control freak organization based on censorship and de-platforming and de-banking people.
I'd like to see if Musk truly comes through with a platform of open and free communication, which again, does remain to be seen.
I think he should move into trying to undo some of the evils of what PayPal has been doing.
I can tell you, he said that's his plan.
InternetX is free open banking that doesn't control you, communication, everything.
As long as you're not calling for violence.
And even if he's not a perfect person, which he obviously isn't, he can see the alternative.
Freedom is a trillion times better than slavery.
Why would you want to be this big rich mogul over a stinking radioactive ashe?
Why would you not want to stabilize stuff?
In fact, that's my final question.
Why are the current controllers
They're so horribly traumatized and so deeply entrenched in the satanic mindset.
That they want to rule a completely degenerate prison.
Stop there.
Stop there.
Stop there.
What you said is too important.
Start over.
From what I've studied, the globalists are a generation after generation of tortured and molested children.
And so these evil groups have passed it down to where the very controllers are the most enslaved out there.
The question is, how do we stop that now?
And the question is, how did it begin?
So I would say it began really through very, very, very ancient manipulation of humanity.
And again, this is deep dive research where you have to start trying to explore and look into the actual origins of humanity.
That could be a very, very dark place to go, but there's been interference with our species.
Of course, the universe is teeming with life, not all of it balanced, not all of it spiritually advanced, and I feel that some species do get involved in the destiny and courses of other species.
I call this
Transparency or whatever.
You know, where certain species will influence others.
This isn't influence.
This is interference.
We have been directly interfered with.
And I talk about it in some of my work.
One of my presentations where I explore this is called Cosmic Abandonment.
People want to check that out.
You know, I give my takes there.
But yeah, I am a proponent that we have been in the very ancient past and leading all the way through to the modern day, we've been interfered with as a species.
It is not just human beings that are ultimately involved in this entire scenario.
You know, so I think though no matter what was doing the negative influence and interference, the goal ultimately remains the same.
It's all ultimately the same.
If we live a moral existence and we do not fall prey to doing immoral things no matter what is promised to us.
In other words, even if comfort, money, influence, power, etc.
We have to be spiritually strong enough to resist all of the things that
Evil will put before us.
This is like the idea of, you know, in the New Testament allegory when Jesus is shown the entire world by Satan, the devil, and he is said, all of this will be yours.
You just have to, you know, not do what, you know, God is asking you to do.
He said, fall down and worship me and the world is yours.
That's it.
And see, this is the seduction of evil.
It's an allegory about the seduction of evil.
The seduction of evil is, I'll give you worldly power.
I'll give you worldly comfort.
You'll have what you want as far as your fleshly concerns, your bodily concerns.
You won't have to want for anything like that.
That's right.
We're good to go.
All right.
Ten years ago.
And he goes, listen, I know Obama.
He does know Obama.
He's written profiles on him.
He goes, Obama loves you and wants to work with you.
Please, you can change the world with us.
You can do whatever you want.
You're amazing.
We love you.
Just join us and you can have it all.
And the guy was literally on a mountaintop on his knees doing this.
I'm not going to put myself to Christ.
I'm saying it's the archetype that that literally happened to me.
And you know, that's what they're promising people.
Well, they know what they're doing, though.
They're following the archetype.
Sure, oh absolutely.
This is like a, it's like a doomsday cult.
They're trying to bring about a self-fulfilled prophecy.
You know, that's ultimately what these people are doing.
They're almost running it via a script, you know.
People could look at it the other way, that this is like some sort of actual future prediction by the writers of the scriptures in the past.
Yeah, what do you think?
How do you think, and Daniel, because it's not just like
It's not like Nostradamus where it's vague.
Oh, the Red Tower will burn, and the king will be killed, and then there's a fire in the town, and the king's jousting and gets killed.
Well, that's an easy prediction.
But specifically, world government, mark to buy and sell, you know, all this stuff, and then they're following it, is what's crazy.
Yeah, I think it's a combination of a form of prophecy and future prediction, divination if you will, combined with this cult that is, it's a cult of Chile-asm, which is end of the world related.
And they're saying humans are going to end the world over in 2030, AOC, Beto, to get us to give up, right?
That's what the point is?
It's basically following this type of end-of-the-world script that, oh, the world's gonna end soon, you gotta give all of your power over to us, you know?
That's one way of doing it.
The other way is destabilization, creating all the conditions, you know, wars, rumors of war, etc.
And, you know, ultimately it's about them creating as much chaos as possible.
That's going to put people in further trauma.
That's going to put people in fear.
Fear is how they rule people.
The more deteriorating conditions that they can create, the faster things are going to degrade because people are going to be fearful and they're not going to be thinking clearly and they're going to be making poor and poorly informed decisions.
That's why it's so important to work
Thank you.
Give in to fear.
See, when you heal past traumas, you recognize them for what they are, and then you see patterns of trauma.
This is known as shadow work, okay?
It's a very, very important part of spiritual development, and it's how one is able to work through fears that they have, to continue to do the right thing in spite of even fear being present.
Again, I don't
I don't define fear as, or I don't define courage as the absence of fear, right?
Fear can always be present.
It's just we don't give into it.
Courage is not giving into fear.
It's doing what is right in spite of any fears that happen to be present.
That's the key, is that we not only have to choose what is right mentally, we not only have to know what's right mentally, we have to choose to enact it.
And dispel as much fear as possible so that we do the right thing, even if there's negative result in the immediate sense because of how bad and how screwed up the world is right now.
We have to choose the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
And we know that long term, when we choose the right thing, it will eventually aggregate into positive consequence.
It's that way by law.
It cannot be any other way.
That's right.
That is the way that the universe is set up.
That is the way the creator of the universe set up those laws of nature, those laws of morality.
He's already done an hour and 15 minutes with us.
We're going to end this broadcast here in just a few minutes.
I've got a few final things to hit, but let me bring myself into this, which I don't do to like bring myself up here.
It's almost embarrassing to say, but I respect you, Mark.
When I get attacked, I realize it's because I'm over the target.
I don't think so.
I don't
I don't know.
Is it independent?
It's the idea that we're not scared?
That it's not scripted?
Well, what is it that horrifies them so much about what we're doing?
It's all of those things.
And most of all, it's because that you are an influencer of other people that could potentially harm their agendas.
And they don't want that.
They want their agendas to reign unchallenged in the minds of the human masses.
We are influencers who are slowly but surely taking people out of that mind control, out of their thrall, their spell that they have put them under.
They don't want to believe that that can happen.
That's it!
That's it!
It's the broadcast they see as the tip of the spear lifting the spell, breaking the trance.
That's it.
They just see this as an archetype of what they fear.
And they don't want it influencing other people and showing them this is how powerfully you can do this.
That's right.
You can be a powerful influencer for others for good and for rights and for natural law as well.
And they don't want that spreading.
They want to try to stifle that in its early embryonic stages.
That's why they hate influencers at this current stage so much and want to shut their work down through big tech censorship.
That's the ultimate reason.
And then the main reason is
They understand that we are already free spiritually and mentally.
And they're not.
They're constrained.
They're completely owned by fear.
They're owned by evil.
They're owned by their traumas.
That's exactly what Mike Cernovich said because he knows a lot of these people too.
He said they're envious of us and our freedom.
That's right.
Because they've got to follow orders.
We don't.
That's right.
That's right.
So ultimately it's that type of jealousy and it's the hatred for the power of the platform.
Because they're an occult and we're not.
We're in the alignment with the universe that God created that is real and the system.
They are rebels against that and they're pissed that they know that we didn't fall like they did.
That's right.
That's right.
And ultimately that's what enslaves them at the highest level of their being.
That's what's enslaving them.
Why don't they get out of it?
The desire to control.
Again, they're so degraded spiritually, right?
And the spiritual degradation then comes across as it's a physical degradation.
As you said, these people look like they're husks.
But they don't get out of it because they've decided to commit to evil.
They've decided to commit toward one side of the human equation.
They don't want to be a
An influence for good.
They look at it like, well, we're committed.
We've already gone down this path so far.
We're going to continue down this path because it's gotten us worldly power.
It's gotten us the influence that we have over the throngs of the human masses that are under mind control.
And they figure, like, this is easier.
This is an easier path to go down.
Doing what's right is often the harder path to go down.
Not going to lie to anybody, right?
I don't try to blow smoke up people's rear end.
I try to be a pragmatic realist and explain to them, if you're going to commit to this, yes, it's going to be difficult.
It's not going to be easy.
It may be simple in what you need to truly understand.
That's common sense knowledge, right?
The truth is not overwhelmingly complex.
It's elegantly simple, as a matter of fact.
That's how the creator of the universe designed everything.
However, what is going to be difficult is because so many other people are in a mind control trance, in a state of thrall.
They're going to come after you.
They are going to make your life miserable.
But what I found going through so much is...
If you go to the first waves of the attack, there's always blessings and cool things that happen after.
That's right.
And so Thomas Jefferson called it the animating process of liberty.
So people ask, how are you handling all these attacks and demonization?
I've never been more happy.
I'm mad at myself that I eat too much and don't take care of myself, and I'm mad at myself.
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, my seminar called Natural Law Seminar is my absolute magnum opus.
That is my seminal work on natural law.
That is an absolute must watch for anybody that wants to explore these topics more.
I would tell people to look at my documentary called The Science of Natural Law, about an hour and eight minute documentary that gives the very basics of the principles and does it in a very visual format.
I would say check out my presentation called Streetwise Spirituality.
Very important information about what it means to be truly awake.
I would tell people to look at my whole Demystifying the Occult series.
And finally, I would ask them to watch my presentation on Order Followers, which I call The Cult of Ultimate Evil.
That's a very important
Have a great weekend.
Thank you so much for the time.
All right, folks, I'm going to go to break, come back with some closing comments.
I want to thank the crew for being here for what is a three plus hour, four hour broadcast today.
And Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow night, 4 to 6pm and 6 to 8pm with Sunday Live.
But Mark Passio knows what he's talking about.
He's a very smart man.
And imagine the enemy
Knows this and they've decided to go against this.
Like, I'm trying to go with God.
I'm trying to go with natural law.
I'm trying to be good.
And every time I do, it's great.
Any little things I do wrong are horrible.
And it's just like, imagine trying to screw things up.
Imagine trying to hurt people and getting off on that.
It's absolutely sick.
But we're going to run this and air this until 4 p.m.
So again, please share it because
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
Stay with us.
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