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Name: 20221025_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 25, 2022
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones interviews Eliza Blue about Kanye West's cancelation by Adidas and his recent comments on slavery. They discuss the importance of free speech, truth against globalists, and recommend a podcast featuring Lex Friedman interviewing Kanye West. Hotep Jesus interviews Arthur Kwan Lee about being blacklisted from the NYC art scene for his conservative values. The hosts and guests share their views on left-leaning "ugly" art and how masculinity is vilified in Western culture. Artist Arthur Paul Nate promotes his Genesis Council collective and encourages listeners to support independent artists by visiting InfoWarsStore.com for discounted products.

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When Russia warns that NATO is getting ready to stage a dirty bomb, false flag, or other false flags, I believe them.
The NATO coalition has been telegraphing this red line, warning Russia's going to do it.
That way people believe it when they blame it on Russia.
But Russia doesn't have a motive, as they would say in Latin, kimono, or who benefits.
So Russia is already basically losing this war, and bringing in NATO officially, or this quote, multinational coalition that's already masked, in and around Ukraine and Russia into the war would hasten
their defeat when Russia's waiting for the winter to come to put pressure on Europe and
European population to demand a peace deal.
So Russia has no motive. The globalists have all the motives. That's why we're such a dangerous
point right now, because the new world order agenda is in a lot of trouble. And this is the
time of false flags. Plus, the deep state Dems are about to lose the election big in the midterms.
So keep your eyes peeled. Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, October Thank you for tuning in to this special edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming up today, Owen Schroyer and Hotep Jesus will be co-hosting for the balance of the broadcast.
But the first 30 minutes, I'm going to cover some very, very positive news.
On multiple fronts and also some very, very negative, serious news so we can all identify the enemies of humanity and be aware of their activities and work together to stop them.
And if we've shown one thing, it's that when humanity knows about a problem, we come together and we defeat it.
Only by suppressing the truth can these true agents of evil Continue to expand their control.
All right.
Here's some of the good news.
We'll come back from breaking late.
A lot more to tell.
The Democratic Party had a large coalition of 30 plus prominent Democrats in the House of Representatives come out of your state, have a press conference and send a letter to the puppet Joe Biden.
Pointing out to him that in national polls, 80 plus percent of Americans bipartisanly are against the war in Ukraine and even more against the escalating war.
And in national polls, 99 percent of humanity is sane.
And does not want thermal nuclear war.
So 80 to 85% don't want war.
99% do not want nuclear war.
Seems like pretty common sense to me.
And so now finally, thanks to Democrat, liberal, classical type liberal supporters going out and protesting, not just the squad, but other members of the Democratic Party and confronting Pelosi, confronting Biden and others on their warmongering.
They are now having to back off of this.
And the Democratic coalition that's now starting to go public and speak out, particularly this Democrat coalition in the House, is demanding that the funding for the war rapidly be cut off, and that only humanitarian aid be given, and that the United States pressure NATO and Putin to come to the table with a peace deal. That is certainly a good idea on so many
fronts. Not just nuclear war, not just energy prices being out of control, not just a lot of
the food out of Russia and Ukraine not getting shipped or not getting even grown or picked,
and not to mention all the fertilizer problems with about a third of the world's fertilizer
coming out of Russia.
All of that compounding.
There's also the issue of how this war could again be used as the pretext with a false flag to basically have a wider war as the smokescreen for an expansion of the Great Reset.
There's obviously a lot of other big facets to this, but this just shows that Just six months ago when this war had already been going on for several months, out in the open, and now an open, not just proxy war, but a really de facto war with Russia, there was hardly anybody publicly protesting or criticizing or speaking out against it.
But now across the board, from populist conservatives like Buchanan, to populist leaders like Joe Rogan and of course Tucker Carlson and myself and many others and of course the general public.
We have gotten the snowball rolling bigger and bigger downhill and so it shows that resistance to this type of tyranny is not futile.
we've got to stay vigilant and really push hard because when the globalist deep state
realizes that the public's running against them, which is now happening, and actually
getting off their butts and getting politically, culturally engaged, they are absolutely setting
the stage of false flag.
When Russia warns that NATO's getting ready to stage a dirty bomb, false flag, or other
false flags, I believe them.
The NATO coalition has been telegraphing this red line, warning Russia's going to do it.
That way people believe it when they blame it on Russia.
But Russia doesn't have a motive, as they would say in Latin, kibono, or who benefits.
So Russia is already basically losing this war, and bringing in NATO officially, or this, quote, multinational coalition that's already massed in and around Ukraine and Russia into the war, would hasten their defeat.
When Russia's waiting for the winter to come to put pressure on Europe and the European population to demand a peace deal.
So Russia has no motive.
The globals have all the motives.
That's why we're at such a dangerous point right now because the New World Order agenda is in a lot of trouble.
And this is the time of false flags.
Plus the deep state Dems are about to lose the election big in the midterms.
So keep your eyes peeled.
We'll be right back.
We're in the season of the false flag.
Tomorrow's news today.
Thank you for joining us on this live original edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is Tuesday, October 25th, 2022, and we've got a lot of really good news and also some very, very bad news as well.
Let me break down some of what's coming up.
Next segment, I want to lay out a very important article.
That details the system of elite capture and the fact that if populations are aware of elite capture and how it operates, we can come together and defeat it.
If we are not aware of elite capture and who the elites are, we don't have a chance in Hades, a snowball's chance in hell.
So who's most powerful?
CCP, Hollywood, the people who control the Pentagon, oil and energy sector.
What is the most powerful elite capture organization on the planet?
We'll be covering that coming up next segment and tying it into the amazing leaders we're seeing emerge nationally and regionally in Canada, like Alberta's Premier Danielle Smith, who is coming directly out against the WEF, the forced injections and the New World Order.
We're also going to look at who is funding the stop oil Extinction Rebellion.
We'll also be looking at the DeSantis-Christ debates that have been taking place.
Megyn Kelly's sister died of a heart attack at 58.
Hillary Clinton's basically calling for a civil war, claiming Republicans
are going to steal the midterms and the general election.
She can say it, but you can't say that.
They try to steal.
And so much more here today.
But the first thing I wanted to hit was some of this next-level gaslighting taking place from the puppet Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other globalist operatives.
Now, there's too many clips of this to play them all, but we're just going to play two right now, back-to-back.
Here is Biden, yesterday, saying that Energy prices have gone down under his presidency, even though they have doubled on average in the last 23 months of the occupied government that we've had since they got into office.
Technically, he got in there 20, 21 months ago, but he got elected by fraud 20, 23 months ago.
And the next clip is another short clip.
It's Pelosi saying that inflation is not a big deal.
This is happening all over the world.
Well, yeah, central banks are coordinated in how they're doing this, but but that people are concerned about inflation here.
People are concerned about the cost of living going up, which is the main indicator of inflation.
So this is the definition of gaslighting, it's like throwing somebody in the ocean
and saying the ocean doesn't exist, or throwing somebody in a lake and saying water isn't wet,
or pointing at the sun at high noon and saying the sun isn't yellow.
I mean, these people are next level, and you watch this, you think, well, they're just senile,
they're just idiots, no.
The press secretary's saying it, they're all doing it, they are using psychological warfare to overwhelm you
and condition you to just tune out and then see everything as basically propaganda.
So you're unable to separate truth from fiction and basically make people give up or break your will.
Don't let them break your will.
Here again is Biden and Pelosi gaslighting the American people.
By bringing down the cost of everyday things they have to work their families through.
It's not just food and energy which is critical.
We brought down the cost of energy.
And the fact is that when I hear people talk about inflation, as I heard him there, we
have to change that subject.
Inflation is a global phenomenon.
The EU, the European Union, the UK, the British have a higher inflation rate than we do here.
It's not, the fight is not about inflation.
It's about the cost of living.
And it's essential to understand that not only are they lying to us about inflation
being a problem and causing costs of living to go up, but they are also not telling you
that they're the ones that have openly bragged that they would shut off and curtail US industry.
Need I lay out some of the examples?
Turning off pipelines, killing oil and gas drilling permits, trying to restrict exports
of our oil, which is also good for industry, at every level, trying to shut down US industry.
That's the goal.
to our knees through siege, through economic warfare.
People really are waking up to this gaslighting and brainwashing.
Now let's play a clip from last night on MSNBC where they had a town hall in Western Pennsylvania and tried to project guilt onto the Pennsylvanians for January 6th.
The MSNBC hosts got shredded.
Here's the clip.
Maestriano was at the insurrection and he was photographed breaching one of the restricted areas.
Is that okay?
Which area?
Because I saw a video where Capitol officers were taking away barriers and unlocking doors.
So, I mean... They opened the gates.
So he shouldn't be disqualifying for an elected official if they participate in January 6th.
He didn't strike anybody?
He didn't hurt anybody?
And the only one that died was a protester there, not a Capitol Police officer.
An unarmed female veteran.
That's the only one that died.
That's the only one who died.
A police officer did die.
It was a stroke.
That's not... That's not on site.
...caused by that.
That's because he shouldn't have been a police officer.
So what do you make, though, overall, of January 6th?
I mean, it was... watching that footage, it was pretty disturbing.
I mean, there were people throwing excrement at the walls, and it was... you know, it's the Capitol.
It looked a lot like Antifa's actions to me.
Except on a much smaller scale, it looked the same as the Black Lives Matter riots.
That's what I saw the similarities to be.
Minneapolis burns, Kenosha burns.
So it's okay just because one side that you disagree with?
No, I'm saying it's even infiltrating.
It's good for one, it's good for the other.
Anybody who harms anybody, anybody who caused property destruction, that needs to be dealt with.
But if you're there making your voice heard at the people's house, no less, Yeah.
That's again, it's a fundamental constitutional right of an American citizen and people should not be being held political prisoner because of it.
For misdemeanors.
That's East Germany.
That's East Germany.
Yeah, that's what's scary.
It was an actual fiery but mostly peaceful protest.
And the other ones that were the... Was the protest...
Legitimate in your eyes because... Our administration, I feel like, is using it as their Reichstag fire.
That's exactly what they're using it as.
Now let's move to the giant awakening that's taking place in Florida.
Polls a few years ago had DeSantis down by 12 to 15 points, but he won by a hefty margin.
Now those same polls that we know are oversampling Democrats show him winning between 10 and 15 points against Crest, the old donkey, as he calls him.
Here's a short clip from the debate last night where DeSantis brings up the fact that children can't get tattoos or can't buy alcohol or join the military for that matter, but they can have their breasts chopped off.
You're a 15 year old.
You can't go get a tattoo in the state of Florida.
Yet we're saying you could get a double mastectomy.
Of course not.
It is inappropriate to do this for minors.
And in Florida, we are not going to allow that to happen.
Not just Americans, but people across the world are waking up to the threat of the globalist, of the Corporate, anti-free market, scientific dictatorship that's being set up to control our world.
Another example of this is a big, important story on Infowars.com with a headline, Democrats in panic mode.
And it lays out countless polls and examples of where they even themselves admit they're in deep trouble.
That's why Hillary Clinton has come out and said Republicans are planning to not just steal the midterms, but steal the general election coming up in two years.
They know there is a massive political realignment against them, and they are trying to set the stage to try to steal the election.
And if we question their theft, well, we're criminal terrorists.
But they, they're unable to steal it, are planning to then claim that we stole it.
This is the upside down world we live in.
Now, I want to hit elite capture.
It's a very important concept.
It's a fact in history.
And as people begin to learn about it, every different corrupt faction is in deeper and deeper trouble.
But before we go to break, I want to thank listeners for your incredible support.
You can see that Infowars is the globalist number one enemy because we're over the target.
And when you support the broadcast, you couldn't be supporting a more important organization in this fight.
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We'll be right back with a breakdown of a leak captured.
Welcome back to the special Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Let's break down an extremely important concept that everybody knows is real.
You see it every day in your life.
You read about it in the history books, and that is elite capture.
Very important article at townhall.com.
Elite capture, what it is, and how it threatens America's future.
Now, the important part of this article delves on the CCP and how they own four of the six big Hollywood studio production houses and how they're allied with the left and big tech and the Democratic Party.
to sow social discord, crime, racial division, transgenderism, pedophilia, all of it.
The very garbage being funded here in the U.S.
by the CCP is illegal in their country because they know it undermines and destroys society.
It's that simple.
So we all know that the CCP is one of the dominant forces in the world, allied with the left, trying to demoralize and break the will of the American people.
But specifically when we look at Hollywood itself, yes, China owns the majority interest in the big production studios.
But the individuals running Hollywood make extremely good bedfellows of the CCP because they hate America.
The left hates America.
And they hate any type of cohesiveness in America that can bring us together, because if we stand together, we are basically undefeatable.
It's always been said that America could not fall from without.
It can only fall from within.
And it's very important to understand that the CCP's elite capture of the universities,
the Democratic Party, most of the major corporations, they're buying up the land, is an alliance
with the European Union, with the private central banks, with the WEF, and Hollywood.
And it is the elites within all these different power structures that meet at the World Economic
Forum and at other globalist confabs to combine their power for total elite capture.
And that's why this clip of one of the up and coming big leaders in Canada is so important.
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith in speech after speech has pointed out the shots are dangerous.
They shouldn't have forced them on people.
They should bring back government workers that were fired for not taking it.
The big pharma should be investigated and that the World Economic Forum is openly bragging with a bunch of billionaires how they've taken over major governments of the world.
He's calling out the main organization that organizes the different factions of elite captured groups into one unified front against humanity.
And as I've hammered and hammered and hammered, as we begin to identify these groups and organizations, it's the beginning of the end of their new world order because they can't get away with this shadow government corporate system if we the people are aware.
Yes, I find it distasteful when billionaires brag about how much control they have over political leaders, as the head of that organization has.
And I think that that is offensive.
The people who should be directing government are the people who vote for them.
And the people who vote for me and for my colleagues are people who live in Alberta and who are affected by our decisions.
And so, quite frankly, until that organization stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.
My focus is here.
In Alberta, solving problems for Albertans with the mandate from Albertans.
Now let's delve deeper into the organizations and groups that are part of this globalist New World Order, Great Reset, elite capture system.
There's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
Who is funding Stop Oil?
Stop Oil is the group blocking highways, blocking factories, blocking other systems like trains, airports, and dousing Masterpiece paintings like Van Gogh's sunflowers with cans of potato and tomato soup and then being given media support for it.
When you go into who actually funds Stop Oil, oh, guess what?
It's the Gettys.
May their money in oil.
It's British Petroleum.
It's major banking corporations and major media corporations like Disney because they're part of a larger plan because they control the energy to start curtailing and cutting energy off and charging you more for it to cut your standard of living.
This is basic siege.
This is classic warfare.
Another great example, last week it was in the Gateway Pundit.
Well, there's been a big formula shortage, as you know, here in the United States because of government regulations and supply chain breakdowns.
And so there are a lot of goat farms around the U.S.
that already produce really high quality powdered milk that's almost as good as human milk for babies that's made from goat milk.
In fact, with my five-year-old daughter now, when she was born, after about six months, my wife couldn't produce milk anymore for some reason.
We had to order from Germany, top-rated goat-powdered formula.
Because if you don't live near one of these farmers, they're not allowed to sell it to you.
And that's what was in the news last week.
Just a small example of how Biden was working to block U.S.
development and Domestic use, but also export of powdered goat milk to Europe, but he allows the goat milk in from Europe.
This is all part of keeping their foot on our neck.
Again, it's just a very small piece of this whole situation, but why can't American farmers produce milk, have it turned into powder that's safely stored, safely transferred to take care of children?
Instead, we've seen USA Today articles and other publications come out and say that women should just stop having babies and then there wouldn't be a milk shortage or there wouldn't be a formula shortage.
Again, they want to cut off the resources so you don't have money to get married, don't have money to raise children, don't have money to live a good life because they're greedy globalist bastards that want to depopulate you and your family.
They are out to get you.
And people have to understand That this is a conscious globalist operation.
I know most of this audience understands that, but everybody else tuning in for the first time need to get it through your head.
When you pretend the Democrats care about you, or you pretend the big corporations care about you, when you pretend all of this, or that the left's going to save you, you're a fool.
You are being targeted by the globalists, period.
And only until we wake up to that and say no do we have any chance of stopping it.
And finally in this segment, I want to play a clip, because he's been recently out giving more speeches saying the same thing, of the UN World Food Chief saying, quote, hell on earth is going to be released if we don't give the UN tens of billions of dollars more.
When again, the same organization ordered the lockdowns, carried out the lockdowns worldwide, directed the media censorship of therapeutic treatments, pushed the poison shots, and now the very group We're facing a food pricing problem in 2022 that's creating havoc around the world.
what happened is posing as our savior. Here he is.
We're looking at an $11 billion shortfall of food production inside Africa alone.
The world produces enough food to feed everybody on the planet, over 7.7 billion people.
50% of that food is because of fertilizer.
They are literally starving the planet to death, and as the third world collapses, they're organizing the survivors to invade the United States, and they call them, quote, migrants.
This is a tried and true plan.
And we see people with Stockholm Syndrome going along with the system, even though deep down, They know it's destroying them.
We're going to go to break.
Owen Troyer is going to take over.
Ho-Tip Jesus is coming up.
And so much more.
This is a big broadcast today.
I want to thank you all for tuning in.
And just remember, the enemy is working around the clock to censor and suppress and block this information.
So please share the live feed from m4wars.com forward slash show and band out video.
Take the archive videos.
Take the most important articles and share them because the public is waking up and ready for the truth.
We'll be right back.
Desperate to stop tyranny.
Putting everything on the line.
Betting everything against tyranny.
It's InfoWars, still live here on the air.
And we're back live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer squeezing in a little host time today in between my two court dates.
It's fun.
I will have an update on that later today on the War Room.
Update on my legal situation, just FYI.
But I want to get into some news here.
Importantly, I've got two segments to do this and then we're going to be going to maybe one of, I mean, with every interview you could say every new interview is Alex's best interview because every day that goes by.
The Alex Jones was right jar continues to overflow and it's great to see so many people now and I still think the numbers are too low but you are seeing a lot of people covering the Alex Jones story coming to the defense of Alex Jones right to speak.
It's still not enough, but to those that do, we salute them.
And so, one of them was Jack Posobiec, and he had an hour-long, or just shy of an hour-long interview with Alex Jones, and we are going to air that coming up in the second hour today.
Jack Posobiec and Alex Jones.
And then we're going to have two great guest hosts, or even three actually.
I know Hotep Jesus, I know Eliza Blue, and I think maybe some others as well.
I'm going to have to leave here and get back to a second court date that I have today.
So, that's what's coming up.
Alex Jones, Jack Posobiec, our number two, Elijah Blue, Hotep Jesus, other great guests, ours three and four.
And in the meantime, though, it's good that Alex is calling in and talking, especially in the first hour, because what happens when Alex is gone is viewership goes down, obviously, and then the financial support drops dramatically as well.
Now, it hasn't been as dramatic as it normally is, and that's given Alex a little peace of mind, a little peace of heart.
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We were able to work out that earlier today, too.
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All right.
And guys, either bring me that other story or I'm going to try to remember to mention it.
I'll just write it down.
But I've got, this is every day, a stack of news Of people dying from heart attacks that shouldn't be dying from heart attacks.
And we know the number one side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine is the cardiac arrest, the myocarditis.
Most people I talk to that know somebody... Most people I talk to that know somebody that have taken the vaccine If they know somebody that has been injured, it's about, if you know ten people that have taken it, you probably know one.
It's almost always a heart problem, and they have to have, you know, the rest of their life on blood thinners or something like that, sometimes even surgeries, more rarely, but still frequent, the neurological problems, but it's almost always the heart problems, and it's the blood clots, which aren't even blood clots, morticians, Doctors that are discovering these things and almost every body that they get now and almost every body that they get now they have these these clots that are being called fiber clots or tissue clots because they're not actually blood clots there's something inorganic to the blood vessels.
So it's obviously being caused by the vaccine.
We can have a debate on this and we should, but it's pretty obvious that that is the case.
People can wait another two years to admit that's the case if that's how they want to be, but that is the deal.
And so here's the list, sadly, today.
WWE icon Kevin Nash reveals his son Tristan's cause of death.
Cardiac arrest.
Cardiac arrest.
Leslie Jordan killed in car crash after suffering medical emergency.
Has a medical emergency, driving his car, crashes into a building, and passes.
And he's on record promoting the vaccine.
Now, Kevin Nash is promoting leftist propaganda all the time.
And I wouldn't be surprised if he and his son have been vaccinated.
I don't know if there's public record of that.
There is public record of Leslie Jordan.
Suffolk's Gen X radio presenter, Tim Goh, dies on air.
Has a heart attack while on air.
Heart attack while on air.
Ash Carter, defense chief.
Former Defense Chief, rather, dies.
Heart attack.
And I'm sure he was a good, a good Democrat and got his vaccine as well.
Megyn Kelly announces sudden death of her sister.
Died of a heart attack.
Age 58.
So there's your list of unexpected, dies suddenly, heart attacks, where they shouldn't be happening, some of which we know are vaccinated, others, well, you can either assume it or not assume it, but there it is.
And so these stacks pile up on my desk every day.
It's young children, it's young athletes, it's people middle-aged, it's women having heart attacks, healthy men having heart attacks, I mean, that's the thing is, I could just sit here, and I could compile all the news I've covered on this alone, and it would be stacked so high, I could hide behind it like Daryl Brooks in a courtroom.
But okay, so...
How ironic is this in the New York Times today?
Exercise may enhance the effects of a COVID or flu shot.
Oh, exercise will enhance the effects of a COVID or flu shot.
Now, what do they actually mean?
Is there a science there?
Is there some sort of a science that says if you exercise, the vaccines will be more effective?
They're saying if you're healthy and you have a strong immune system, then your body will be more resistant to getting a flu or COVID.
Oh, you don't say!
But see, they tie it into the vaccines because they got to promote the vaccines.
So they can't just say, hey, being healthy, being in good health, having a strong immune system will help you resist getting sick.
No, they have to say that plus, but it's got to be the vaccine.
No, exercising, being healthy, being in good shape, not being overweight, not being obese will help you avoid getting sick.
And we already knew that, but see now it's, oh, it's the vaccine plus the exercise.
It's not the exercise and then maybe plus some form of medicine.
No, it's get the medicine and then exercise.
No, it's exercise and then it's exercise again.
And quite frankly, avoid the vaccines.
But good news in New York, New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated and orders back pay.
Huge victory for those brave heroes that were able to stave off all the social pressure and cultural pressure to get that injection.
But still now, we heard in Boston they made a COVID virus, kills 80% of humans they claim.
Now right across the street in Maryland, Lab in Maryland plans to create hybrid monkeypox strain More contagious and lethal.
Oh, don't shut those labs down, though.
You know, I want to explain something here.
I want to explain something before I get into the content of this segment, and that's I look for logical consistency.
And when I see illogic, I attack it.
And when I see logical inconsistency, I attack it.
And so, that is the real issue to me in regards to the Kanye West-yay saga that is ongoing.
All I see is illogic and logical inconsistencies in this story, and that's what bothers me.
I don't know Kanye West, I've never been anti-semitic, so I don't have a personal interest in this saga other than I resent illogic and I resent logical inconsistencies.
So let me explain what I'm talking about here.
Now it is ironic, I think we understand now, when Kanye West said, who invented cancel culture?
He's expecting the answer to be Jewish people.
That's why he posed that question.
Now, that's the assumption that people took, considering he's now labeled the top anti-Semite now.
But then what happened?
A bunch of rich and powerful Jewish people called to cancel Kanye West.
So did that prove he was right?
Or not?
For example, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, one of the most influential people in Hollywood, has called on all companies to cut business ties with Kanye West, including Apple, Spotify, and Adidas.
And now those companies are indeed cutting ties with Kanye West.
He gets dropped by his talent agency, he gets dropped by his law firms that have been representing him, and now he gets dropped from Adidas.
Now, Adidas was kind of holding out, but their stock tanked in the last 48 hours, and I think that that's really what led to the statement is their stock tanking.
So you might ask, well, who sold the stock?
Who forced that stock down to get Adidas to cut those ties?
But see, it's never enough.
Here's Democrat propaganda agent Tyler Cohen.
It's too late for Adidas now.
Kanye basically said he can spew anti-semitic vile and Adidas won't do anything.
And Adidas literally did nothing.
Except they did.
They've now dropped him.
So it's never enough.
It's never enough for the cancel culture people.
It's never enough.
Once they've demonized you and made you the bad guy, even when you abide by what they want, it's never enough.
But okay.
So that's just some of the latest as far as the news is concerned.
Now let's get into where my issues lie.
That is the logical inconsistencies or the illogic in regards to all of this news.
Here's a couple headlines for you.
Why is it so hard for white people to talk about race?
A conversation with white fragility author Robin DiAngelo, speaking at BU Monday.
So again, it's mainstream to be anti-white.
It's mainstream to call out white people.
You can write books about how white people are bad.
They make the New York Times bestseller list.
You can do speaking tours about how white people are bad and get invited to speak at colleges.
And that is all fine and good.
How about this from ABC News?
America's national parks faced existential crisis over race.
What's the problem?
Too many whites!
An entire story from ABC News.
Too many white people.
And of course, white people are inherently bad.
And it all goes back down or up the vine, whatever you want to say, to white supremacy and systemic racism by white people.
So see, that's all fine and good.
You can say white supremacy, you can say white people bad, white people influence bad, all fine and good.
Here's mainstream media talk show host Andy Cohen.
Yes, I am racist.
I hate white people.
So there you go.
Did he ever lose a job?
Did he ever get cancelled from any of his talk shows?
Did he ever get banned on social media?
And by the way, I don't think he should be.
If you want to hate white people, fine!
Jameel Hill!
Untalented, unworthy sports commentator.
Powerful white folks will gladly screw over their own as long as it screws us black folks even more.
Powerful white folks?
What powerful white folks are she talking about?
What powerful white folks?
She's certainly not talking about Jewish people, right?
Because that would be anti-Semitic.
And now you see the logical inconsistency.
So if Kanye West comes out and criticizes white people, then everything is perfectly fine.
No problem at all.
Won't be cancelled.
Won't be censored.
Won't be debanked.
Won't be deplatformed.
Won't lose all of his stuff.
But if Kanye West calls out white people that are Jewish, then he loses everything, he's an anti-Semite, he's the bad guy, he's the worst person ever.
And so I don't know how much premeditation Kanye did before all of this, but I mean in hindsight you would say Kanye really could have won this culture war if he would just have named names and never said anything about the Jewish faith.
And if he just would have named the names of the influential people in media, in Hollywood, in the music and entertainment industry, and he just would have said names, and never said anything about Jewish people, then would that have been okay?
And if he would have said that these are white people?
So you can say white people are bad, white people are too influential, that's okay.
But if you say...
Jewish people that are white are bad.
Kanye didn't even say they're bad.
He just said they're influential.
So if you say white people are bad, that's okay.
If you say white people that happen to be Jewish are influential, then you're anti-semitic.
So that is a logical inconsistency.
That rubs me the wrong way.
I don't like logical inconsistencies.
Now, here's, again, perfectly acceptable, This is how black people talk about white people.
Not all black people, by the way.
These are mostly just liberals.
You'll notice the big problem here is the American left.
That's the big problem here.
They're always the ones causing the problems here.
So here you go again.
You're perfectly allowed to say this about the new Wakanda Forever movie.
The Black Panther got famous, I guess it was like an all-black cast, promoted as a black hero, and so made major box office gains, even though the movie sucked.
This next one is going to be a total flop because the first one was bad.
But oh, here's a black woman's take on white people going to see Wakanda forever.
forever. What do you think about this in clip two?
No woman, no crime.
This message is to all our would-be accomplices and white allies.
This message is to all the white people who have BLM in their bio.
If you really want to prove to Black people that you love us and you care about us and you are down for the cause, do not go see that movie opening weekend.
You buy your ticket, you give it to a black person or a black family who can't afford to go, and then you go sit at that theater in front of the doors.
You make sure that every black person in that theater can enjoy that movie in peace.
You make sure that you use your body to block us from anybody who would be coming in that theater to do us harm.
That is your job.
As if that's even a thing.
You can go see it on another weekend.
Go see it on the second or third weekend.
Oh yes, because white people committing crimes against black people is the big phenomenon in this country.
Of course, we all know that's not the case.
But oh yes, give your money to black people to prove you're not a racist, and don't go see the movie opening weekend because you're inherently bad for being white.
So that's perfectly fine!
By the way, I wonder what movie house has produced that film.
Boy, I hope they aren't white people.
And certainly they wouldn't be Jewish people that are profiting off of black entertainment and culture.
Certainly that wouldn't be the case because Kanye West is wrong for saying that.
So that can't be going on.
But see, okay, again, it's the inconsistencies that bother me.
It's kind of like the inconsistencies with, oh, blackface is bad, cultural appropriation is bad, but oh, men pretending to be women is a good thing.
It's the same thing.
Oh, we can't have Halloween anymore.
Cultural appropriation is bad.
Oh, a white person can't wear blackface because that's racist and that's bad.
But a man can pretend to be a woman and that's good.
And how does this all get covered up?
What is it that they hide behind to do all of this stuff?
So, oh, it's man dressing as a woman.
Well, that's not sexist.
That's LGBTQ.
Oh, men dressing as women to get access to children.
Oh, that's gay pride.
Oh, see?
And so, where does this whole Kanye West thing lead?
I think right here, folks.
And this is an old talking point brought back from about a year or two ago.
Anyone saying globalist as a term of abuse is using an anti-semitic slur and shouldn't be invited to appear on radio slash TV in any capacity.
That's from Sam Friedman.
And there it really is, folks.
There it really is.
It's creating a victim class.
Putting them above you, making them above reproach, beyond reproach, and then if you say anything about them, well then now that's homophobic, or that's racist, or that's anti-semitic.
And so now they say, you can't say globalist, because that's anti-semitic.
They already tried that talking point a year or two ago, it didn't work then, and it's
not going to work now, even with all the Kanye West noise behind it.
When it comes to politics or culture, economics, we are always the cutting edge, the tip of the spear.
And when we talk about the products at InfoWareStore.com, they all blow you away.
You'll just take them.
You'll just try them.
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X3 50% off, InfoWarStore.com.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones works so much that even on vacation, he's working.
And we go now to a great interview with Jack Posobiec and Alex Jones.
This is going to take up the rest of this hour.
Then remember, guest hosts Hotep Jesus, Eliza Blue, and more coming up the rest of the show.
And I'll also mention, I will be giving a legal update on the War Room coming up, but Clay Clark, the great host of the Reawaken America Tour with great guests, is going to be hosting the War Room today, as I'll be dealing with some court issues.
But remember, folks, support us while Alex is out so that he can have a little comfort while trying to take some time off, that we still have the financials coming in, and you've already done great work with the SaveInfoWars.com fundraising that's paid off a lot of our legal bills now.
Obviously, they're still incoming, but you shopping at InfoWarsStore.com is what keeps this transmission on the air.
So we now go to Alex Jones and Jack Posobiec.
Enjoy the rest of this interview.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard to today's Sunday special.
Now, we're recording this during the week, but we're planning to hear on Sunday night with a man who I don't think needs any introduction.
He's probably in more news today than anybody else on the face of the planet, other than maybe Kanye West, Elon Musk, and God himself.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Alex Jones.
Alex, thank you for joining us here at Human Events.
Jack, love your work.
You've always done a great job, but you're really A thoroughbred these days, and I'm so glad you're out there fighting the tyrants.
But yeah, I've definitely gotten the global deep state's attention.
I'm definitely the Democrat Party's chew toy.
Well, Alex, also I want to say thanks because you played a segment of ours on your show, I think on your Sunday show last week, and we were just explaining here on the program, my view of this is that setting aside the issue of the case itself, what they've done here in this instance to you is create a new precedent and a new playbook.
And you're seeing that played out against whether it be Kanye West and George Floyd right now, because he said, well, hey, I saw this documentary and I'm looking at the coroner's report and said this guy had a lethal dose of fentanyl.
So I think, well, now he's being sued by the family.
This is the new playbook, and they're going to use this on everybody they want to, if they want to reign somebody in, or as the Chinese, the Chinese have a saying, an ancient saying in China, where they said, you kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, right?
So it's not even necessarily about what they're doing to one person, even though what they're doing right there is part of it.
It's also the effect it has on the rest of society.
What do you think they're trying to do here?
Well that's right, they're trying to send a message.
So, they took a few things I said out of context, blew it all up, made it a huge media issue, went and told the families I've been mean to them, they admitted it on the stand, they didn't hear about it until they got approached by the Democrats, like four years ago.
Then they sue me, and then the judge finds me guilty with default, then all they hear is evidence against me out of context, then they judge me guilty for a billion dollars, and the Democrats have been all over every major channel saying, once we get the Alex Jones precedent, We're going to use it against the entire nationalist populist population.
And now we've got first of two.
Mother of George Floyd's daughter files $250 million lawsuit against Kanye West for comments on his death.
And all he did was say, I've got the coroner's report.
We can show you a document camera shot of that.
And they said they believed that might have been part of it because he had an overdose of fentanyl and other drugs in his body.
Well, whether Kanye's right or wrong, he has a right to say that, but this is the new Alex Jones precedent.
It's very, very dangerous.
And Alex, you can actually see, I don't know if that's the same one I had, because I remember the one I posted was circled right at the top, the very first thing that it says on page 2 of the Coroner's Report of George Floyd.
Again, their report, not Alex Jones, not Jack Posobiec, not Tucker, not Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, etc.
It says, no life-threatening injuries.
No life-threatening injuries.
And then there was another piece that if you went back to the actual case, the actual trial, when Eric Nelson, who did a great job by the way, I thought he did a great job, I think the jury was already in the tank, and we know that there was a juror there who was just a BLM activist who actually knew George Floyd's uncle, had been friends with him, just lied his way under the jury, that they came up and said, if you had a medical examiner on the stand, I remember this part, and they said, if you had found George Floyd in his home, Right?
And he had passed away.
And he had this level in the toxicology report of not just fentanyl, by the way, fentanyl, norefentanyl, which is a type of synthetic, and methamphetamine, that cocktail in him.
Would you declare it a... The only difference here, the only difference was Derek Chauvin in that video.
But then you go back on that same page that you have, Alex, one broken rib on the front, and it says the only evidence of injury they could find was a broken rib from CPR.
And that's exactly what the coroner's report shows.
So, Kanye West quotes the coroner's report, $250 million lawsuit, and again, what they'll do is they'll tell Kanye to give over all his records, give over everything he's done, he'll do it, even though it has nothing to do with his statement on air, and then the judge and Democrat Party jurisdictions, they've announced this is the plan, will say, you didn't comply, you're defaulted, they'll tell a jury he's guilty of defaming George Floyd, billion dollars.
Now have you seen at all, by the way, the way, because one of the things I've also been pointing out is, so that's how you were treated in that courtroom in Connecticut, but we're also looking now at this trial of Daryl Brooks, where Daryl Brooks, this is the guy, the mass murderer, psychopath, who drove that car into a Christmas parade, deliberately, by the way, and we know that he's been black Hebrew Israelite and the anti-white rhetoric, all this crazy stuff, that obviously was tied into it.
He's representing himself.
The judge, this guy's been stripping in the courtroom.
This guy's been just going completely nuts, attacking his own witnesses.
He can go on.
I was told by my judge in Connecticut, she said, you're already guilty, yes, no, or I don't know, or I'm putting you in jail.
So we finally didn't even put on a defense because she said we couldn't talk.
I was supposed to sit there like a crash dummy, or like a mannequin, and say nothing.
So, threats have been admitted.
They default you using that, what they call in Texas, the death penalty sanction that nobody ever uses.
That's if You had tax evasion, you owned a house, they caught you dead to rights with fraud, you flee to the Caribbean or you flee to Europe or wherever, and then they still gotta have a trial on the damages and decide to take your property.
That's if you don't show up.
So when they say, well, Jones should have shown up for discovery, they have all the emails, all the text messages, my bank records, they're showing for five weeks in Connecticut, but I can't respond to it, they can cherry pick it, manipulate it, lie about it, it's just insane.
I mean, here's an example in Texas, just to illustrate it.
I looked at the jury in Texas and they said Mr. Jones made 61 million dollars in 2021.
He put it right in his pocket.
Well no, he grossed 61 million dollars and I made less than a million dollars.
Because we sell product and have all these expenses and legal and satellite and bandwidth and all of it.
So the point is, we have sworn declarations in bankruptcy court how much money he had.
That had been given to their financial expert.
But their financial expert Never covered me that.
He said I'm worth $400 million total.
And so when you look at it, when you go to my net worth online now, it says $400 million.
I don't have $2 million in cash.
I got a house and a lake house.
Both of them are pretty modest compared to most people, but are as big as I am on air.
So I've never measured myself by money, but they're in for a rude awakening now.
In my bankruptcy, because that's sworn in federal court and there's no money.
So the media spun it and said, Jones claims he will not pay the billion-dollar judgment.
Well, if you have two gallons of blood in you, Jack, and the court says you've got to give a thousand gallons, it's not that you're denying the 2,000 gallons or the thousand gallons, you don't have the thousand gallons.
So where do things stand right now?
You've said that you're going to go for appeal.
Are you pursuing that in all the cases?
What are you looking at from your perspective?
Where do things go next?
In key jurisdictions, people ask, why do you live in Austin, which is like a communist state?
Because that's where I've grown up.
It's where I live.
It's where we started.
Infowars is where my mom's family from.
I grew up in Dallas.
I've been here since high school, but I should move out of the jurisdiction.
DC, New York, and Austin are the three worst leftist controlled jurisdictions on record.
And so, two Sandy Hook lawsuits in Texas, in Travis County, Austin.
One in New Haven, Connecticut, where the killing happened, so I don't get a fair trial.
And in Texas, it's a $50 million judgment, but it's capped at $5,600,000.
Still really couldn't pay that, but we were trying to appeal it.
We are going to.
Connecticut has caps, but it's per defendant.
So they're capped at like $4 million, but you've got 15 defendants.
So yeah, they're like $90 million to you, $60 million to you, $80 million to you, $40 million to you, almost $1 billion.
Then there is the punitive damages.
The judge decides there's a TUTMA false trade thing that she's going to go forward with.
It'll probably be $2 million.
So it's total overkill.
It's a joke.
That's why we have bankruptcy.
And even if my personal debt's not dischargeable bankruptcy, it doesn't matter.
Free speech systems is.
And so if I want to keep working here basically for almost no money, I think the deal with the court now is a fraction of what's being paid.
That's fine.
I will stay on here because the freedom matters.
My crew matters.
This infrastructure we built matters.
And so as long as we make it through this current bankruptcy, free speech systems then will pay any profits in a five-year plan to the ambulance chasers.
But the profits have only been maybe a million or so a year that went to me.
So that's no problem.
I've said I'll do it.
And I'm going to agree to basically stay here and work here to keep this operation on air and do that.
Personally, they'll come after me, but I've got a little lake cabin and another house
and a couple cars.
Under Texas law, they can't get my main house under Homestead law.
I never even go to the lake house, they can have it.
So they're not gonna shut me up.
And the lawyers admitted in Texas and Connecticut, in press conferences, they said, "We don't want the money.
"We know he doesn't have money.
"They got my financials."
We wanna silence him and shut him down.
So as long as listeners support InfoWars and buy products and t-shirts and books and films
and keep us on air.
We will stay on air and we'll be able to finance, which aren't that expensive compared to trials, the Connecticut and Texas case appeals and Every lawyer I talk to, top national names say, this was the biggest kangaroo court ever where the judge found you guilty or they wouldn't let you put on evidence but let the other side do it.
All this, it will be overturned or we know the country's gone.
I'm a little pessimistic.
I think it won't be overturned on appeal because of this corruption unless we take the country back, but that's okay.
That's at least two years in Texas and Connecticut and two years is a million years.
Well, it's happening politically.
So today, we're still on air.
If listeners support us at InfoWars4.com, I continue to spread the word.
And quite frankly, the Streisand effect.
InfoWars was the biggest thing there was in 2016.
Undoubtedly, way bigger than Joe Rogan, bigger than anything.
40 million real listeners a day, riding a rocket there.
After the platforming, crushed us down to our most hardcore fans,
still three, four million people a day.
But since then, with all of this, we have not gotten back to 2016 numbers,
but it's approaching that with the Streisand effect.
So they have actually, it's like the cheesy superhero movies,
but it's an archetype, it's true, where somebody gets thrown in radiation
or somebody falls in a toxic waste dump or somebody, whatever, that comes out of Superman
or like Deadpool or whatever, where they try to artificially make you mutate
and become more powerful.
What they've done is actually scary now.
When I go out on the street, I used to shake 20 hands before I got one FU.
Now I shake a hundred hands before I get one F you.
I'm getting people by my dinner everywhere.
We're getting more support than any time.
All these liberals I know are apologizing.
People see through this billion-dollar garbage.
So all glory goes to God and our supporters and folks and defendants like you, Jack Posobiec.
But I think it's all these major headers like you and Steve Bannon and others that have come to our defense realizing that we all hang together, hang separate, that's caused a chain reaction.
And it's undoubtedly blown up in their tyrannical censoring faces.
Alex, we're coming up on just on the break here in about 10 seconds, but when we come back in the next segment, I want to parlay this because it's also translated a little bit into book sales.
You've got a new book out called The Great Reset.
We're going to dig into it.
Stay tuned.
Human events are special.
sit down with Alex Jones.
(dramatic music)
I have been in a 28 year marathon battle with the globalists.
I have come from nowhere, to the very heights of politics,
not just in America, but in the world.
We are engaging the globalists at point blank range in the information war,
but I don't deserve the credit.
Yes, I've persevered, but the listeners and viewers who support an info wars
are the real reason we've had this success.
We're having now the greatest victories in the fight against the New World Order we've ever had.
We are now entering the final mile of the marathon and that's why today it's more important than ever to realize how important you've been in this fight and to continue and the efforts you've been carrying out and to intensify them.
God bless you all.
I salute you.
I thank you and I beg you To intensify what you're doing now, because we are over the target, and this brief is happening.
The fight is my fight.
It's your fight.
It's our fight.
God bless you all.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe it!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars Tomorrow's News.
And we're back here at Human Events Daily.
We're sitting down with the man, the myth, the legend himself, the one and only Alex Jones, the topic of every conversation lately.
Alex, you were just talking in the last segment about how this has really taken your popularity, your notoriety, really just your renown, and it's broken out that everywhere you're going, people are coming up saying hi to you.
A hundred handshakes before you get one, you know, one FU.
But it's also translated into book sales because you've got the new book out.
It's really the number one book in the country, even though the New York Times won't touch it.
And I thought what was so interesting in the way that you've positioned this, so the book is actually called The Great Reset, but What you're actually saying, though, is, and the message of the book, it's not just about what Klaus Schwab is telling you is the Great Reset.
And I was over there in Davos and his thugs tried to grip us up.
They detained us.
They put the MP5s in our face.
Everything else, the World Economic Forum police, you know, Reuters gets very upset when I say that.
It's even though the badge says World Economic Forum police, you have to say the police assigned to the World Economic Forum.
Fact check.
They're putting fives.
Why are you filming?
Stop the camera.
Stop the camera.
You know, Fristos front and back, all that fun stuff.
But you're not just talking about the World Economic Forum.
That's a piece of it, obviously.
Maybe the head of the snake.
But you actually posit that your entire body of work over the last 30 years has really been about combating the Great Reset.
Tell us, how does that look like from your perspective?
Well, exactly.
I mean, you go cover Deimos and they're the spokesperson of the global elite, of the banking cartel, of the corporate fascists that are allied with Communist China and others.
And there they are trying to threaten you until you didn't back down.
By the way, Alex.
just on that piece, on the allies of communist China, the CCP is all over Davos, all over everything,
Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, World War III, that's what they're all talking about.
The word Taiwan, not even mentioned in a single breakaway session, nothing about Taiwan.
That's how you know the elites are there.
Absolutely, and so yes, studying history, studying world leaders, Zbigniew Brzezinski, others,
they always talked about this new world order, this global government, this corporate fascist model
they would use to shut down their competition, So I was not that smart.
I realized that these top globalists were actually already powerful, were already in charge 30 years ago.
And I knew that they were actually trying to set this up.
And so for decades, we've been working against them.
And when we talk about the World Economic Forum, it's the spokesperson or the mouth of this global tyrannical system that is literally pushing,
cutting off our pipelines, cutting off our energy, dissolving our borders, corporate financing
of the sexualization of our children.
And the great exciting news is, no matter where you are, Sweden or Italy or Brazil or the US or Canada or Australia,
the up and coming leaders and the people winning major national elections for prime minister and president
Sound like Jack Basobic.
They sound like Steve Bannon.
They sound like Alex Jones.
It's not because they're cult members that listen to us and repeat what we say.
They're watching the people running their country saying Build Back Better, saying Great Reset, saying they're under Klaus Schwab's command.
And Klaus Schwab bit off more than he could chew, bragging and saying, we penetrate state cabinets, we control half state governments now.
I mean, that's what they were meant to do.
Klaus Schwab was the main manager of the Bilderberg Group.
And the WEF is just an externalization of that whole hierarchy of corporate fascism,
the opposite of capitalism, monopoly capitalists using fascist techniques and communist techniques.
You know, they're very libertarian how they use any system they need to get full centralized control.
The holy grail is a world ID for a world carbon tax with a world social credit score
with a world universal basic income where you behave the way we want
or we debit your bank account or kill your bank account just like PayPal just did with the $2,500 fines.
No, that was a test run of a social credit score.
They said, whoops, sorry, no, we're just kidding.
It wasn't that.
OK, but then what happens when it's not even PayPal?
Because we see we can see a merger coming.
It's you've got electronic, you've got digital currency that's connected to a central control.
So Bitcoin was always digital currency that's decentralized, no control.
That's Satoshi.
What we're trying to do is now central bank digital currency.
So not only do they have direct control over what you can get in and out of your wallet, they've got direct control over your currency.
I mean, they kind of already have this, but with a central bank digital currency, they're basically just taking the entire band-aid off at that point.
Because when you look at it, what, 99% of U.S.
dollars are digital as it begins with right now.
But what they're doing with that, they can artificially control how much of it there is, what the flow of it is, back and forth.
And that's what the Saudis and the Chinese and the Russians and the Indians do, by the way, and the South Africans, they're all pulling out of this saying, you know, we don't want to be part of this.
We're setting up our own system.
We're going to do it our way.
And that's the good news.
You just said people are revolting because even the Bank of England said this year, oh, yeah, we're going to program the token and decide where you can spend it, when and how much value it will have day to day.
Think of the surveillance of this.
It's not that I have anything to hide, but it's none of their business how many steaks I bought, or if I bought a bottle of whiskey, or whether, and I don't even do this, but whether I went to Vegas or whatever to go gamble.
It's none of their business.
And this is literally the end of privacy.
How many guns you purchased?
How many guns you purchased?
I mean, let's talk about it.
They're going to use everything you do against you.
And imagine Again, people say, well, I don't care if I have privacy, I have nothing to hide.
Folks, you lock your doors at night, not because you have something to hide, you have something to protect.
You have windows on your house to keep the air conditioning in and the mosquitoes out.
You don't have screen doors because you're a terrorist.
You have it because it's your house, you're controlling the environment.
And if they control the privacy, if they control the currency, they control you.
Alex, you mentioned something about up-and-coming politicians and how there is this new wave that's going on, but I want to talk about, and we'll bridge this over, you know, depending how it is, because I got to pick your brain about this while I have you on, is that we used to have this, there was another way that they would control up-and-coming politicians or elites, financiers.
Harvey Weinstein's in the news again saying that he had a consensual affair with the wife of Gavin Newsom when she was up-and-coming.
We're also hearing that, which, I mean, that's California in one sentence right there, basically.
You know, that's Hollywood.
That's all of it.
But Jeffrey Epstein.
So, and not just Jeffrey Epstein as the person or Ghislaine Maxwell as the person, but what I've always said that is, and what you've always said this, that was, that was an intelligence community backed blackmail operation controlling the elites or elites who didn't want to play ball.
Well, what you're saying is just exactly 101 of intelligence.
or it's called brownstoning, that was a way to have something hang over them.
And my question is, if you're looking at the great reset, okay, F Dean's off the playing field,
but what's going on now?
Are we just supposed to expect that those networks, which were never rolled up,
aren't playing some role in this today currently?
Well, what you're saying is just exactly one-on-one of intelligence.
It's gone on for thousands of years, and it's been currently codified for several hundred.
And it was Ian Fleming, who was high-level OSS and like number three in command,
and MI6 that wrote the James Bond books that became the James Bond movies.
And you'll see like the US and Russia and China being played off by Spectre.
No, what I talk about in my books and movies is what I really saw.
with the Davos Group or Bilderberg is.
And Fleming gave interviews saying, "No, what I talk about in my books and movies
"is what I really saw.
"There's these criminal mafia elements "or secret society elements
"that are involved at every level."
And so when you look at people say, is it CIA?
Is it Mossad?
Is it MI6 that ran Jeffrey Epstein?
It was all three because of that higher level of actual blackmail and sex ops and and
And so when you look at people say is a CIA is Is it Mossad?
Is it MI6 that ran Jeffrey Epstein?
It was all three!
Because at that higher level of actual blackmail and sex ops and, you know, not sex ops to infiltrate some Islamic group or sex ops to infiltrate You know, some other group at a mid-level.
That definitely goes on with honeypots.
But when it's politicians and world leaders, that's not authorized by regular Mossad or MI6 or CIA.
It's breakaway networks with Ghislaine Maxwell's dad on record running the major British network that liaison with the Israelis, liaison with the Europeans, liaison with the U.S., at higher levels to basically go out,
while at the same time providing prostitutes for the elites, which they ran as international brothels,
where the people going there knew they were part of it, and it wasn't a honeypot, but for everybody else,
when the hookers weren't being used, or the sex slaves, underage kids weren't being used,
they were then being given to these operatives to go out and honeypot people or brownstone folks.
And so one trillion percent, that's what Harvey Weinstein was involved in,
the NXIVM cult, all these are just break-off group feeders into these larger systems
of compromise, where they compromise the highest levels, the British royal family, with Jimmy Savelle
and the rest of it, and then they move down to your local sheriff, your local police chief.
He thinks some hot-looking 20-year-old hit on him at the Burger King or the Whataburger or the McDonald's.
He gets her in the car, learns she's 16 a day later, but don't worry, They get a knock on the door by some people that are with an agency.
They don't really say who, but don't worry, Sheriff Brown or Sheriff Johnson or Sheriff Sanchez.
We're going to work with you and we're going to take care of this.
That's why I went public three years ago when I got sent child porn, tons of it in hidden images.
Then we got deposed.
They demanded all our raw emails.
We give it to them unopened.
They find the hidden links to child porn and they reach out and they go, We don't want to make a big deal about this.
We want to work with you right now.
We're not going to talk about this child porn in public.
I went right on air and talked about it the minute it happened because I never opened it.
I didn't send it.
And then instantly headlines, Jones sends child porn to Sandy Hook family.
You can make of it what you will, but I smelled it for what it was, and I immediately outed it, because I wasn't going to sit there and go, oh please, don't say I didn't open emails, and that unopened emails had child porn in them, that again, they specifically demanded in depositions, they specifically subpoenaed, and then they found hidden links in there that with metadata, scans, they went and found.
I'm not saying they were involved in it, of course not.
These are good people.
These are loving Democrats.
But the point is, this is how these people operate.
No, you're exactly right.
And the ability to do that digitally now, it takes away so much of the ability, because when we look at it, right, that's the crime.
And they've got you by the crime, then they've got the email, then they say you transmitted because you forwarded the email, even though that's, you know, embedded in all this other stuff.
You see there's viruses, you see there was phishing, everything else, you can embed this code, by the way, when you see a little email attached to the end of a, you know, or the images attached to the end of an email, You know, that could have child porn embedded within the code of the email.
I send you a Kanye West article out of Houston News, and in it's a little link you don't even open, and it's there.
Hey, if you click download the images, well, you just downloaded the image and now you've downloaded it.
We're coming up on our next break, Alex.
But in the next segment, I want to get into how all of this is coming together, how your book plays a role in it, and what is coming up next for our society and what people really need to pay attention to.
Stay tuned.
We're coming back with the one and only Alex Jones.
In the last 28 years, I've carried out what many would call a mission impossible.
But I believed in myself.
I believed in you.
I believed in humanity.
I bet on myself.
I bet on you.
And Infowars has had devastating effect against the globalists.
We have come so far.
And there have been many times when we're very close to being shut down, when it seems like the enemy's got us.
But because of God working through you and working through me, We have been given what really is divine intervention.
But I gotta tell you, as the world awakens and populist anti-globalist leaders elected all over the world, and the New World Order responds by starting wars and dissolving borders and devaluing currencies, the fight has now really intensified, and info wars is facing the greatest challenge in our history.
InfoWars is an institution.
InfoWars is an icon of resistance against the globalists for free people everywhere.
That's why the enemies of humanity hate InfoWars so much.
So I want to thank and commend the viewers and listeners of InfoWars over the years.
I just want to encourage you to realize how much time and energy you've invested in the fight and how it paid off.
And I want to ask you right here at the main battle, right here at the final, final segment of this epic struggle, don't drop the ball.
Spread the word about the broadcast.
Pray for the broadcast.
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So let's just celebrate the success we've had in adversity and let's commit to moving to the future and fighting even harder.
Please get great products at InfoWarsTore.
We're back here, segment three.
Alex Jones, the sit down, the website is InfoWars.
The book is the great reset.
Alex, we were just talking about how they use these brownstoning operations, but how it's actually moved digitally now to the sense where they're just sending people files that they don't even know about.
It's almost like they don't even need the full on Jeffrey Epstein level operations in order to compromise people.
Because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.
It's about the compromise.
It's about having actionable intelligence or actionable evidence against you that
they can use in court.
They hang it over your head and they say, we will control you now.
You have to be done for.
Now, look, when I look out on the world stage, I see people like Putin.
I see Zelensky.
I see Biden, Elon Musk, even people are talking about World War III.
People are talking about, we have to go to the threat of nuclear war, whether or
not we agree, if we don't go along with whatever the latest current thing is,
whatever the funding in Ukraine is.
I hear people, they're saying they're losing hope.
I hear people saying this is terrible.
I also hear people thinking that it's not real.
That a nuclear war will never come to that.
They're not even realizing there was a Something I saw on the internet where some guy was saying he was explaining to his girlfriend about, you know, what intercontinental ballistic missiles were.
And then she turns to him and says, wow, do you ever think that we'd be able to invent something like that?
And I said, you know, we've had these things for years and years.
That's usually a short destruction is, but they want you to forget that we have this on the table.
Biden acts like it doesn't even exist.
Which is it, right?
Which is it?
Are we at a point now where people should lose all hope whatsoever?
Is this train completely so far down the track that we can't stop it?
Or can we put the brakes on, what say you?
Well, I think we're at the major inflection point where it's a crossroads and a decision.
But we see a global awakening with populist and nationalist and capitalist and pro-human people being elected all over the world.
And that means the global establishment, these out-of-control corporations that are monopolistic, are very upset.
That's why they're trying to hold the world with nuclear blackmail.
unless we accept the new global digital currency, unless we go along with what they want,
they're gonna throw us into nuclear war.
Everywhere, we see the major signs of awakening.
And so I want people to have faith and know your voices are more heard than ever.
I mean, take Tulsi Gabbard.
She just left the Democratic Party.
She said the Democrats are a power mad cult of warmongers, which is totally true.
And we have more and more Republicans getting elected that are populist and just common sense.
And so we're in a paradox where people are waking up, but that makes the establishment even more dangerous.
And so everybody needs to be more engaged than ever.
Obviously, nuclear war is a very real threat.
I'm no fan of Putin.
I'm a big, big enemy of Xi Jinping.
But at the same time, we have to pull back and realize that what's happening with Russia
is being used as a political diversion by people that know they've lost control at home
and who think the threat of nuclear war is the only thing that will bring us back
under their control.
But instead of it working, we see all the numbers.
I see national polls, 80 plus percent of Americans, no matter what color they are, what sex they are,
Democratic Party, Republican Party, they are against this war.
And so I see people like Trump and others, you and myself and others, embracing that reality that we have to be the anti-war folks.
Because the truth is Soros and the globalists overthrew Ukraine eight years ago.
They moved weapons up against Russia's border.
Doesn't mean we support what Russia's doing.
It's the globalists left.
It's waging war against Russia, waging war against America.
They're not just blowing up Nord Stream 2, they're shutting off the Keystone.
And so once we come back to that realization, it's game over.
But I'm seriously concerned about the Deep State staging cyber attacks and blaming Russia.
They've really been pre-positioning that, pre-programming that.
I'm really concerned about them provocateuring some white supremacist attacks when 21 Days left the election.
I mean, people need to know that, yes, we're winning intellectually, We're winning culturally, we are turning the tide, the pendulum is swinging back, but what will the power structure do, out of desperation, to try to freeze that pendulum?
For me, that's the biggest question.
So when you ask about these different power structures, and you look at Putin, China, the US, the globalist left that really is in the driver's seat, and I was actually looking, I went through some of your recent episodes even, this question of Elon Musk, right?
And he's an interesting kind of character to psychoanalyze from a distance.
You know, some people say, okay, he just sucks up to the left.
You know, he's sucking up to the right.
He sucks up to the CCP.
But he also seems like he's making some moves on his own, right?
A little bit of independent activity.
What is your take?
Is he just somebody who's sucking up to them or does he realize that he actually has influence in this game as well?
Well, I'll give you some inside baseball because it's time to put this out, Jack, and your show is so huge, this is the place to do it.
Obviously, I know some of the biggest podcasters in the world, and Elon Musk lives most of the time here in Austin, right by one of those podcasters.
And I was told two years ago at dinner, Elon Musk is really fully awake and hates the new world order and believes in a pro-human future.
He's had to play ball with him to get to where he's at, but you're about to see him really go wild.
I said, I'll believe it when I see it.
And so before, is he good, is he bad, was kind of a question the jury was out.
But as he does more and more, says don't trust these shots, and as he says we need a pro-human future, and as he says we shouldn't have censorship, and as his text messages come out in the Twitter lawsuit that he wants to unseat the leftist cabal, and you know, and how they're the main authoritarian threat, which the Unabomber, by the way, wrote in the mid-1990s.
I was rereading his manifesto, not endorsing him, but you know, people really realize the threat's the left.
By the way, who was in an early form of the MKUltra experiments?
CIA, MKUltra, absolutely.
So before, two years ago, Elon Musk is a balance.
The jury's out.
But right now, the fact he's a good guy, Jesus said you judge a tree by its fruits.
Right now that he's a good guy is overwhelming.
Obviously, he played ball to get electric cars made.
Obviously, he played ball to get In the positions he's been in, we know he was given the keys to NASA, the secret space program.
I'm going to leave it at that.
So I'm sitting there with dinner with this person and he said, oh, by the way, Jack Dorsey's a big fan of yours.
I didn't want to ban you, but the shareholders took over.
I said, yeah, right.
They said, let me show you the text messages.
And it was like, Alex Jones is always right.
He's my guru.
I think he's amazing.
I'm not trying to say this to impress people.
I was shown this, okay, by one of the top people.
Let's just leave it at that.
And then later I got contacted.
People forget that the left actually used, the anti-war left used to love you.
They put you in movies.
They put you in Scanner Darkly or Keanu Reeves.
It used to be sort of this like hipster thing.
Like, oh yeah, listen to Infowars or listen to Alex Jones.
Because back then you were anti-Bush.
Back then you were anti-War on Terror.
You haven't changed.
On any of those positions, you go back and watch any old Alex Jones, it's the same stuff.
In the last two years of Obama's administration, and I'm not bragging, human intelligence, you know, it's all over the place.
They sent a high-level CIA guy to meet with me.
He said, listen, Obama likes you.
He cares about you.
Just stop attacking him.
Come on board.
Come to us, you know, to New York.
Also, I had the Rothkopf, the head of the Kissinger Group, reach out in front of my crew and say the same thing.
I know they've done it to you, Jack.
They do it to everybody.
They try to absorb everybody.
But exactly.
But it's not about me.
I just want folks to understand.
You asked the Elon Musk question.
I can't say everything at this point, but when you actually get told directly by these people, and I'll leave it at that, when you directly have dinner with these people, and I'm not going to say Elon Musk, but I'll just leave it at that, And they tell you to your face, no, no, we know you're right.
And we actually want a pro-human future.
If people want brain chips, we're going to sell it to them.
That's free market, right, Alex?
I'm like, yeah, people want it.
They're an adult.
Get it.
We're libertarians.
We want to just do whatever.
But we do not want communism.
We do not like monopolies.
We do not like the CCP.
Are you on board?
And I'm just like, wow, this is the next level of this.
So I don't I'm not getting orders from anybody.
I'm not getting directives from anybody.
I have just had a lot of these high-level people in the last two years reach out.
They started with that meeting two years ago, and then since then saying, watch what we do.
You'll believe us once we do it.
And I got to say, I don't see how it helps the old entrenched globalists, what Elon Musk and all these other big guys are doing.
I'm not going to name names.
I don't see how that helps the globalists.
So I think a lot of elites have realized this path of the new world order neoliberalism Allied with the CCP is destructive, and I think that's why the globalists are so panicked right now, because there's not just an awakening in the masses of people, there's an awakening in elites, from Google to you name it, to Elon Musk, that do not want to be part of this.
So I think that's where we are, and they try to use me as a sounding board, like I actually know the answers.
I don't.
I know what they know.
I've studied history, but I'm no smarter than you or Steve Bannon.
But I can tell you, and I'm sure you've been reached out to, that some of the biggest names in the world are actively trying to create another alternative to the globalist controlled collapse of the June 2030 world government nuclear war, which makes a lot of sense to me.
Well, no, and you hear some of this, too, because it's also a question of influence, right?
Because they realize they're not going to be able to influence the CCP.
They're not going to be able to influence Xi Jinping.
And you've heard people for years, oh, it's going to collapse the factions.
Jiang Zemin is going to come into it.
None of that's going to happen.
Xi Jinping has total control of the CCP.
And the goal was always this, right?
We outsource the energy to the Middle East.
We outsource manufacturing to the CCP, to East Asia.
We bring in the labor, agriculture.
That's all going to be through NAFTA.
It was NAFTA.
We're going to bring that through the open borders.
Now all that's out the window because they realize that the systems become more powerful than the elites themselves.
And so suddenly they got to realize, wait a minute, we have this global empire, but we don't actually control it anymore.
I read on an airplane like a year and a half ago a five page, I mean full page Washington Post article and it wasn't their normal propaganda.
I forget the headline.
It was about Xi Jinping and he just had that big security meeting for a week at a hotel and Xi Jinping announced, I'm going to take out Google, Facebook, All the big people.
We're not going to let any of these corporate elites rule anymore.
We're going to take them over.
And I think these guys finally got the clue that they need nation states and they need freedom for wealth and generation.
And they're not as arrogant as they used to be.
They're not as hateful of the lifeboat of a free republic as they were before when they're pushed up against Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and the rest of it.
No, because they've hit the wall themselves and realized that, you know, sure, all this stuff works as long as everybody else agrees with it too, right?
But you've got the CCP that's going back to tried and true mercantilism.
By the way, the same mercantilism that you would have seen from the British Empire from early on, the early stage of the American Empire after World War II, they didn't start this.
We were the ones who dropped it.
We were the ones who said we're not going to act like a nation state anymore.
We're going to merge everything together into this global synthesis of a globalized, homogenized system.
Now, finally, there's some aspect of the elites and maybe, just maybe, like to your point, that Elon Musk is someone that's kind of cluing into this.
Alex, we're coming up on another break, but in the last segment, I've got some interesting questions for you.
I think you're going to like it.
Stay tuned, everybody.
Alex Jones.
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So we're back, final segments here, Alex Jones, and Alex, everybody has you on, they say, hey Jack, oh, you know, talk to Alex, I did a Telegram thing, and you know, what should I ask Alex?
He said, ask him about the, you know, the lawsuit, ask him about the machine elves, ask him about DMT, ask him about, you know, all this stuff.
And I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, ask him about the Illuminati.
He said, sure, sure.
We've heard Alex Jones talk about that.
But I had a different question.
Because I want to ask Alex Jones about Alex Jones.
Nobody ever asks that stuff.
So Alex, the first question, and for me, coming as a traditionalist Catholic, what role, if any, does faith play?
You mention Jesus a lot.
You do.
And you mention the Bible.
You reference the Bible.
People don't realize, you know, maybe they don't pay attention that you do that all the time, because they always hear little, you know, media matter snippets of you.
What role does faith play in not only your life, but in your family life?
Well, I don't claim to be a pastor or some ordained person under Beholder now.
In fact, I'm a sinner.
And I actually have a great understanding of evil because I'm fallen and evil.
But I 100% do everything I do because of God and the Holy Spirit.
And I love Catholics.
I love Protestants.
It's just not about the organization.
It's about a relationship with Christ.
And you judge a tree by its fruits, as I said earlier.
And so everything I do is...
Everybody says they want people to stand up and fight tyranny.
But when you fight tyranny, the new world order comes after you.
Now, I knew that.
And for 28 years, I've been on air exposing these people, and together we've had a great effect.
But listen.
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What's up people?
Hotel Jesus.
We are back with another InfoWars production.
InfoWars exclusive.
I'm your co-host today, Eliza Blue.
I'll be joining her in just a few here, and we're going to talk about some very interesting topics.
For the past week, I've been in the YouTube Gulags.
I got a seven-day notice, seven-day suspension, and I wasn't sure at first why I was suspended, but I did find out what happened.
And what it was is a Jerome Davidson campaign ad.
I don't know if the guys can bring that up for you.
But he had a campaign ad with a semi-automatic rifle.
Some KKK actors.
And he said, he likened the KKK actors to the Democratic Party.
There was no violence in this ad.
There was a bit of insinuation maybe.
Because the ad basically ends with a KKK hood in the pool.
Like just the hood in the pool.
Which I guess is insinuating that somebody had been shot or de-hooded.
How we plan on looking at this thing.
But there was no actual violence and that's what YouTube Hit me for it.
They hit me for a violation saying that, you know, I was, I don't know, something about promoting violence or violent behavior or something to that effect.
And I don't think that's exactly what it was.
I think what it is, is when you say the Democrat to the KKK, that's a really huge red pill, like humongous red pill.
And many people can't swallow.
The left certainly cannot swallow a red pill of that size.
And I think that's what it really is.
You know, they have to stop some of these, you know, you got little red pills, you got your medium sized red pills.
That's a big one.
Because then people might start digging and saying, wait, hold on, wait, are they the original party of Democrats?
And that's where things could get scary for them.
I believe that this ad was just severely effective.
Severely effective in getting a point across.
And they had to find an excuse to take it down.
All I did was play it.
And because I played it, they suspended my channel.
This is obviously censorship, but YouTube is a private organization.
You know, if that's how they want to run their business, that's how they can run their business.
What does this mean now?
This means that it's time for the parallel economy.
On menoforder.com, I wrote a blog post, 11 dystopian parallels to the movie Demolition Man.
And in Demolition Man, you have the people that live underground.
In the movie, they call them scraps.
Well, I guess I'm a scrap.
But really what this illustrates is the fact that there is now a need for a parallel economy.
It's going to be an alternate economy.
This is something I've been talking about for a while now.
We saw that with the emergence of crypto, where people are going to crypto to get away from the Fed, some of the Fed notes, dollars, et cetera, et cetera.
I'll be at Decentricon Miami.
We'll be talking about some of that stuff there.
But what I want you guys to do is I want you guys to follow me on Rumble.
I'm now on Rumble.
I've officially committed to building an audience on Rumble because it is not safe.
Uh, for myself and others on the leftist platforms, the leftist controlled platforms.
And I always come back to this point.
You know, if, if, if there is a system of white supremacy, if there is a system of racism, it must be the left that owns and controls it.
Because who was denying black people jobs all these years?
Who was censoring black people all these years?
Who was taking the likeness of black folks and desecrating it and make us look like criminals and thugs?
The Republicans don't control these platforms.
The Republicans don't control the music industry.
They don't control Hollywood.
They don't control the advertising industries.
They don't control any of this stuff.
This is all liberal leftist Democrats.
So if we fast forward now to today, well, I guess they should be blaming themselves, but that's not what they're doing.
They're blaming Republicans.
They're blaming conservatives for things they are guilty of, right out of Solzhenitsyn's rules for radicals.
Blame others for that which you are guilty of.
And I just find it quite ironic that we are still in alignment with this type of agenda.
We'll be back after the break.
I'll have Eliza Blue.
I am Hotep Jesus.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
Where's my host?
Where's the host, Eliza Blue?
Where is she?
Somebody, somebody bring Eliza into this conversation.
Eliza, you are the host today.
I am the co-host.
Let's be clear.
Eliza's running the show today.
Eliza, what's going on in your world?
Hello, Hotep.
Thank you for that beautiful intro.
I absolutely love you and I'm so honored to be here today straight from the heart of the resistance.
InfoWars.com, I can't believe it.
I can't believe we're here together.
I was listening to you talk beforehand about censorship and things of that nature.
I'm sorry that you are currently censored.
Sometimes I've found in my personal journey that when I get some of that pushback and censorship, it actually pushes me to think outside the box.
And I'm really grateful that that's where we're seeing things go with decentralized platforms.
And also, I do believe that some of this played into Elon really wanting to purchase Twitter and other, you know, other things like that.
I think because of this horrific censorship, consistent horrific censorship on behalf of the corporate media companies, that has pushed a lot of change.
So it stinks that it's happening right now, but I think the future looks bright.
For anyone that doesn't know who I am, my name is Eliza.
I'm a survivor advocate for those affected by human trafficking.
I am also a survivor of human trafficking.
Hotep Jesus is one of my dear friends.
He was one of the first people to interview me when I stepped forward as a public survivor.
And I'm always so grateful for that interview because his fans really embraced me.
And so that's Sort of what brings me here today.
So do you want to talk a little bit about the potential of Elon taking over and how that means?
Yeah, I have a question about Elon.
In regards to building a parallel economy, can we expect Twitter to become alt social media or is it still going to be a lot of normies and leftists on this platform just tolerating Elon or will they vacate?
I think that some will rage quit.
Well, it's difficult to predict the future, right?
I think that some will rage quit.
I don't necessarily care what happens.
You can quote me on this.
I said the devil himself could take over Twitter, and I don't think it could be much worse, but that's because I pay attention to the dark underbelly of Twitter.
So I truly believe that in my heart.
I pay attention to the darkest parts of Twitter.
That is sort of my area of expertise.
So I don't really care what happens at this point.
They've been a stain on society.
They're a global embarrassment.
Some folks will rage quit.
Some normies will come on.
What I hope is that Elon Open sources the algorithm, you know, just opens it all up, makes it a completely free speech platform and solely focuses on removing child sexual abuse material, terrorism, severe doxing death threats at scale, which they're not currently doing.
Yeah, yeah.
Totally makes sense.
I just want to add to that a bit.
We definitely don't want him to open source the algorithm, because all that's going to do is open the world up to AI and bots, and actually it'll exasperate the human trafficking problem.
But the rest of what you said, I totally agree with.
And you talk about this dark underbelly.
What do you mean?
Yeah, sure.
So, like I said earlier on, I'm a survivor advocate for those affected by human trafficking.
One of my primary areas of focus is child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse material in the digital space.
One of my ultra primary areas of focus is Twitter.
I started with the John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 case.
Two minors are currently suing Twitter.
If Elon does indeed take over Twitter and acquire Twitter this week, unfortunately, this is part of the baggage he's going to acquire is this lawsuit.
Of course, the lawsuit won't be against him personally.
It'll be against Twitter still.
But we could kind of go in a little bit to that case.
The case of John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, the two minors currently suing Twitter.
Their child sexual exploitation material ended up on Twitter.
It acquired over 160,000 views and over 2,000 retweets.
I'm going to repeat those numbers.
Over 160,000 views, over 2,000 retweets.
The two minor male survivors were 13 years old in the video.
John Doe number one, a minor at the time, provided Twitter with government photo identification showing that he was a minor at the time of the report.
Twitter reviewed the content and said that they would not take the content down.
I'm going to repeat that because I say it so often.
I want to make sure that folks are catching what I'm saying.
John Doe number one was a minor at the time of the report.
He had government photo identification that he sent to Twitter.
Twitter refused to remove the video depicting he and John Doe No.
1 and John Doe No.
2's child sexual exploitation.
They are both suing Twitter.
Twitter's consistently kicked this lawsuit down the road, and now it's headed to the Ninth Circuit Court.
So, unfortunately, if Elon acquires this platform this week or sometime in the near future, he will acquire this case.
I wish that this case was a one-off.
I wish that this wasn't a common thing that happened on Twitter.
Unfortunately, it happens time and time again.
A few weeks ago, Over 30 plus major brands removed their advertising from Twitter once they found out that their ads were running next to child sexual abuse material.
Twitter had to send out a mass email to all of their advertisers stating that their ads had potentially or had for sure ran next to child sexual abuse material.
Disney, unfortunately, was one of the brands that didn't pull out.
I'm sure that that won't come as a surprise to folks listening at home, but there are some awesome brands that did pull out.
Reuters are the ones that broke that story, and you can see that there.
So that's going to be on Reuters.
The fact that major brands pulled away from Twitter because of their child sexual abuse material problem.
This happens time and time again.
I wrote an article for The Blaze.
There was a child sexual abuser that was paying children sometimes 80 cents To sexually exploit them.
He posted the child sexual abuse material on the main feed of Twitter for four years.
When he was caught this summer, he had 290,000 followers.
We see these cases time and time again.
There was another individual this summer that pled guilty, an American citizen that pled guilty to exploiting many, many minor male survivors.
We're getting close to over 40 minor male survivors that we have located as part of this ring.
He would sexually exploit them, these children.
They would beg him not to sexually exploit him.
He made over $8,000 selling child sexual abuse material on Twitter from 22 different accounts.
So this is the type of thing, this is what I fight, and I am very hopeful that if and when Elon Musk acquires the platform, that he will tackle this issue at scale.
Sorry, Hotep, that's a lot of information.
No, that's wild.
So they ran ads next to pornographic material.
Child abuse material, wasn't it?
Yes, child.
It's one thing for a shoe company to run an ad next to willing adult pornography.
It's another thing to run it next to child sexual abuse material.
The difficulty is that the algorithm will run ads that pertain to children next to this child sexual abuse material.
Please go check out the Reuters article if you're listening at home.
It details in great detail exactly what we're dealing with here.
I'm trying to figure out how Twitter didn't catch this.
I'm trying to figure out how Twitter's running ads.
Because I know on YouTube, you upload something that, you know, one time I uploaded a thumbnail and it was just a little bit of a risque photo of Nicki Minaj.
And they were like, yo, this thumbnail does not belong here.
Get rid of it.
I appealed and they were like, no, forget that thumbnail.
And it wasn't even that bad.
We can get into a little bit of how it slips through the cracks, I think, after the break, because that's a nuanced conversation in with it, you know, in with itself.
But I think the end of everything that we're talking about here is that Twitter and these other social media, big tech, corporate tech platforms have always put censoring speech, thought and ideas over censoring the massive problem, the human rights violation against children.
Child sexual abuse material and child sexual exploitation material.
And that's what I want folks to understand.
Basically what you're saying is, I'm much more likely to be banned from Twitter if I say something bad about vaccines or if I call an LGBT person a groomer than if I was to actually post child exploitation material online.
Is that what you're saying?
That's 100% what I'm saying and the facts speak to that.
That's insane.
That is... Take us to the break.
Please, please just go ahead and take us to the break.
I need some... I love you, Hotep.
This is wild.
This is absolutely wild.
If I call a gay person... I look like the Withered Woejackal here because I deal with this every day.
But I care about these survivors and I'm going to keep fighting for them no matter how depraved the global elites are.
I don't care.
I'm going to keep fighting for them.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.
I am Hotep Jesus.
I am the co-host for our hostess today, Eliza Blue.
Eliza, I'm reading this Blaze Media article here you wrote.
Very well written.
And it says here, Russia has filed Twitter multiple times.
India, their government has filed multiple cases against Twitter.
So I gotta ask you, what exactly is the United States government doing about this problem?
Little to nothing, but I want to caution folks, you know, when governments like India or Russia, Russia really started to clamp down before our current situation that we're having with Russia or that Ukraine's having with Russia before.
The entire issue that's going on, you know, I don't want to call what we're not involved in the war yet, but we could be.
But I want to caution folks very much so when speaking about these issues, because the way that the government could use this issue that's not being handled at scale by an American company, nonetheless, is that what they'll do is they'll use it as an excuse to gain more access and control over their citizens.
By looking for grooming behavior, scanning for grooming behavior.
Think like the Patriot Act 2.0.
You have to be very mindful.
So even though child sexual abuse material and child sexual exploitation is very prevalent on these platforms, I want the InfoWars listeners to be mindful that we don't want the government to overstep and use this as an excuse to gain more access and control over its citizens.
We've seen how that goes.
Does that make sense, Hotel?
It seems like a slippery slope because on one hand we could be inviting Big Brother in, but is there something we can do to mitigate Big Brother from growing and do you think the government should have any role in this or how do we fix this problem?
Yeah, sure.
So my top solutions, which I added in that article, are always going to be to encourage the platform to innovate.
So that's going to be the number one thing.
You always want to encourage these platforms to innovate, to hire more individuals that are trained to remove this child sexual abuse material at scale.
The difficulty is that we push and push and push these platforms to remove child sexual abuse material at scale.
Facebook and Meta, Instagram, has been one of the best at collecting data and removing it.
Of course, they're the biggest platform with the most money.
But then another article came out more recently than in Kenya, a survivor of human trafficking stepped forward.
They're currently suing Meta, Facebook, An individual from Kenya that was hired by Facebook to remove images of child sexual abuse material and beheadings off of Facebook for $2.20 an hour.
So we have to be extremely careful and mindful that we're not pushing for the government to step in because no one here trusts them.
I don't trust them with this issue.
It would be easier for me to rest on my laurels and say, oh, I wish that the government should step in and handle this.
But you don't make a nation or a, you don't make a prison planet or a nation of slaves under mass surveillance to solve one crime.
You have to innovate around the issue.
So I firmly believe that if and when Elon Musk acquires Twitter that he will be willing to tackle it at scale.
I know that he knows about this issue.
He commented on the Reuters article said that it was, I think he said something along the lines of extremely concerning.
So Facebook's able to do something about this.
Instagram, obviously, under the meta umbrella, is able to do something about this.
Because Instagram, you know, you post something and they're right on it.
You say something about the vaccines and there's a label right there on your stuff.
Even Twitter is, you know, if you go to retweet an article without reading it, they're like, hold on, wait, did you read this?
So, why does a report come from a minor who's been sexually exploited?
Doesn't it go to a human being after the report?
Or what?
What is the process?
You know better than me.
Sure, yeah.
Anyone that's reported things on Twitter.
Twitter at a certain point last year did change the reporting process for child sexual exploitation to a three-step reporting process.
They have a separate form for minors to fill out if they're being sexually exploited, but at the end of the day they do not prioritize the reports of child sexual exploitation.
Finding a way to report child sexual abuse material.
And just to let folks know, in the country of India, they demand that Twitter give a monthly transparency report.
I know what folks at home are probably thinking.
Oh, maybe it's one or two pieces of child sexual abuse material that come up, you know, every now and then.
Last month alone, and this was in the transparency report that Twitter is required to give to India, Twitter removed 56,000 profiles depicting child sexual abuse material.
So this isn't a small number, and all of this is public information.
So, according to Twitter's own public information off their blog, 97% of child sexual abuse material that's detected and removed off of Twitter is removed using Microsoft Photo DNA.
Microsoft Photo DNA is a product that was made, I think, in 2008 or 2009, and then Twitter has implemented their own proprietary tools, which Pretty much all of the tech companies have.
The best thing to do would be to make the platform a free speech platform and to prioritize the removal of the most egregious reports first.
The government is not needed here to step in and to mass surveil citizens or to even act like they're going to deal with this issue.
I don't trust them.
Do you?
Do you, Hotel?
I'm just so in awe at this point.
I'm befuddled.
I'm flabbergasted.
Why isn't this stuff being removed?
They have these tools, you said they have this Microsoft tools, all types of measures in place, but yet the stuff stays.
Why is it not being removed as quickly, as swiftly as other platforms or as swiftly as it should be?
Because they have a communist, Marxist, woke ideology agenda and The sexual abuse and slavery of children does not fit their agenda as far as we're moving.
If I'm going to be, keep it all the way real.
Everybody knows it.
It's as easy to see.
You know, they have their agenda.
I don't know who or what they're working for.
And honestly, I don't care.
But what I do care about is the survivors.
And they are not going to win this one.
The survivors are going to win.
I can tell you that.
Long term, the survivors are going to win.
And the global elites, And those who control Twitter and God only knows what else will not win.
They just had a head start, but I'm hopeful.
You know, I don't like to call them elite because they're not elite at anything except exploiting people.
I like to call them the ruling class.
And that's not to disbarge you or anything for using that term.
You know, I just like to put that out there because I think sometimes people need some of these ideas put into their minds so we can You know, the language is very powerful.
When we say they're elite, you know, they'll think, oh yeah, we are elite and that's why we deserve to be over you, et cetera, et cetera.
You know, so I, you know, I, um, I try.
I usually say ruling class or I'll add in ruling class, but I was like really ticked off just then.
Cause I'm mad about this ho-tub.
I've been fighting this for years.
And I'm not going to, I shouldn't be writing.
You said what?
I said I've been fighting this for years and I'm not going to stop until it's pretty much handled at scale, to remove at scale.
So I hope that Elon really tackles this issue.
I really do.
I don't want to have to fight him.
I hope he does too, because the last thing I want to see on my timeline is Eliza Blue, you know, tearing him a new one.
Because I know that's exactly what's going to happen if he doesn't do anything.
We'll be back after the break, ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the HOTEP Takeover.
I'm here with our hostess, with the mostest, Eliza Blue.
Eliza Blue, you're running the show today.
Where are we going next in this conversation?
Please, please give me some more info.
This is such an interesting topic.
Yeah, I definitely want to shift gears a little bit because I can rant about that forever.
If folks want to know more information about that, I post all the time, almost daily, on my Twitter.
I'm at Eliza Blue, E-L-I-Z-A-B-L-E-U.
I'll definitely keep you up to date about the case.
If you look at my pinned tweet in the thread, you can read the story of John Doe.
There's bullet points on my pinned tweet as well.
I would love Hotep to speak about the Lex Friedman podcast that dropped last night with Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West.
Are you comfortable talking about that?
Slightly, yeah.
I'll take that as a no.
You know, I really, I want folks to go check that out regardless of what they think of the situation.
I'll tell you why.
I think that Lex Friedman in that conversation truly became the podcaster that he can be.
That was a moment I really saw him become, I don't want to say the man because I'm sure it was always there, but I mean as far as podcasts go, I don't know that podcast will live in history forever like the Alex Jones on Joe Rogan, like the Elon Musk on Joe Rogan.
Some podcasts will go down in history as some of the best podcasts ever and I just truly think that Lex Friedman nailed it.
I think one thing that was so amazing for anybody that doesn't know Lex Friedman is a data scientist and sort of a robotics engineer and He sort of specializes in artificial intelligence.
He's been a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, I think seven times or something.
And he's also met Alex Jones.
I believe they had dinner together.
And he interviewed Kanye West.
Alex Friedman also happens to be Jewish.
And I think it was a beautiful conversation.
Both men came to that conversation with a lot of pain.
And I can honestly say that they left it all on the court and really I did.
I watched about an hour of it last night.
What did you like about the interview?
They talked about a bunch of different things in the beginning, or the little hour that I saw.
What about it, you know, intrigued you?
I think it was the fact that they were both, that they both had a lot of pain.
Lex Friedman has a lot of pain as a result of the Holocaust based off of his family and other atrocities, of course, that have happened for the Jewish people.
And then Kanye West, this is a difficult answer for me right now because I don't want to make it sound like I am trying to stand up for Kanye West.
I'm going to just speak from my heart.
I feel that in this conversation, Kanye was able to unpack some of the pain that he has been bringing into the world over the last few weeks.
He's had a lot happen.
And I'm not saying that as an excuse.
But I just, I felt like there were moments where I thought that each man was going to reach across the table and strangle each other and they just didn't.
And actually, not for nothing, Alex Jones got a little shout out in that podcast.
At a point, Kanye West said shout out to Alex Jones because he said he wanted to remain peaceful.
He was a man of peace and he was citing Alex Jones sort of, he said shout out to Alex Jones.
I want to make sure I clarify that just as he always does.
Yeah, that was in the beginning.
I did see that part.
Now, today he's been canceled by Adidas.
Adidas has said they own his designs and he ain't getting paid and I don't know how that story is going to end.
But essentially, I want to know how you feel about the fact that he's canceled by everybody.
Do you feel it's warranted?
Does he need to apologize to the Jewish community?
What are your thoughts on that?
Well, at the end of that interview, he did apologize to anyone that he hurt.
And I feel that it was a sincere apology.
He apologized to Lex Friedman for hurting his feelings during the interview, speaking from, you know, A Jewish man interviewing him and also to other folks who are Jewish, whose feelings he heard.
I feel that he was abundantly clear about the fact that he didn't want any violence.
You know, I don't know everything that he said, so it'd be hard to say.
I don't know everything that he said prior to that interview.
They didn't go by line by line, everything that he said.
And actually the last time, the night that Kanye had really, I think, Started to blow up on Twitter.
I was speaking.
I was advocating for Julian Assange at a rally in front of the DOJ that day.
So I was really busy that day.
And so I wasn't catching what Kanye said.
My general rule of thumb, not specifically about Kanye, but just about anyone, is we deserve freedom of speech.
Speech, free speech, is an inalienable human right that everyone has, with or without the government.
The fact that folks feel this incessant need to try to navigate what others say.
The fact that folks claim that some speech will turn to violence.
Can, I suppose, some violence?
I just, I fail to see the correlation between Words equaling violence and maybe this is a gap in my own understanding because I'm a survivor of human trafficking.
So I've been beat up multiple times.
I've been in jail multiple times.
I've been, of course, sexually assaulted beyond so many times I can't count.
So it's difficult for me when folks say that words equal violence.
I've experienced actual violence and I'm not trying to sound like a I'm not a major victim here.
I'm just keeping it real.
I've experienced real violence and I serve survivors that have experienced real violence, actually being actual, you know, slaves or folks that are coming from war-torn countries, folks that are immigrants that are trafficking here in the United States, children that have been sexually abused online.
So it's hard for me to understand how folks think that words In other words, I want to keep the speech as free as possible.
And how I feel that this plays out for myself as a survivor and as an advocate is that survivors need the ability to be able to speak freely.
When we start narrowing down more and more and more what the general population can hear, what people can say on social media, what people can say in press, what people can say on independent platforms, Survivors will not have the same ability to step forward that they do now.
So I'm trying to keep speech as free as possible.
I want to keep the freedom of the press and of course whistleblower protection because I'm trying to look out for survivors in the future.
Does that make sense, Hotep?
Uncle Hotep has an amazing conspiracy theory in regards to Kanye West.
And basically what he says is, this whole thing is an op, right?
And the thing that reminded me of his conspiracy theory is what you said, like there's some hurt that's being expressed by Ye.
But Uncle Hotep said that Ski was planted there into his life to destroy his marriage with Kim Kardashian.
And then, this whole idea of, you know, Ye has dangerous speech, right?
But yet, somebody keeps platforming him.
It's like, oh, you have dangerous speech, let's put him on Tucker.
Oh, you have dangerous speech, let's put him on Lex Friedman.
Oh, he has dangerous speech, let's put him on Paris Morgan.
Oh, he has dangerous speech, let's put him on Drink Champs.
And Unk's like, if his speech is so dangerous, why does everybody keep platforming him?
And I'm just like, is this an op?
Is this an op to destroy free speech?
That's what he believes.
I mean, I want to remind everyone that the corporate media has no problem interviewing mass murderers and evil dictators.
They monetize interviews with mass murderers and evil dictators, you know, war criminals coming from the United States.
They have no problem interviewing folks that work for the CIA.
So who I think are, you know, domestic terrorists.
So the fact that Kanye West Shouldn't be platformed because of some of his thoughts and ideas.
I like I said, I'm extremely grateful that that Lex Friedman interview happened.
I really would encourage folks to check it out to last through the entire interview because I know at times it's grating you want to turn it off.
It's long.
It's arduous.
It's an arduous journey, but I think it's a beautiful example of how folks with a lot of pain and Ladies and gentlemen, and I must say, ladies and gentlemen, because there are only two genders, this is the HOTEP Takeover of InfoWars.
I am joining Eliza Blue.
I love the hair.
Is the hair blue too?
Thank you.
It's tinted.
It has a little tint to it.
How can this be the HOTEP Takeover and then you're joining me?
That would make me a HOTEP.
Listen, HOTEP, you know what we haven't said this entire time?
Is that folks need to go to Infowars.com and purchase a bunch of products.
I'm very competitive and I really, really want folks while we're on air to go help support, keep this broadcast on air.
Obviously, they need to keep funding everything that they're doing and their products are great.
I have a couple of their t-shirts and I think it's worth keeping free speech alive.
I mean, this is kind of a beautiful moment in broadcast history.
I'm a survivor of human trafficking.
That means I came from the gutter.
When I left my former abuser, I left with less than nothing.
And within a few years, I'm sitting here broadcasting to God only knows how many people around the world and that makes me so excited.
And this moment would not be possible unless InfoWars.com had been selling their vitamin supplements and other things that they sell.
So I want to thank everyone that has this platform and thank everyone that supported InfoWars.
I appreciate it so much to even make this moment possible and I'm sure that Hotep feels the same way.
It's only four days left in the sale.
Up to 50% off the InfoWars store.
If you ain't got no InfoWars product in your cupboard, you must be a globalist.
If you ain't got no InfoWars product in your cupboard, you must be a Marxist.
If you ain't got no InfoWars product in your cupboard, you're probably transgendered.
If you ain't got no Infoboyz products in your cupboard, am I going too far?
In your cupboard, you're probably a communist, a progressive, a democrat, a liberal, you're probably scum of the earth.
The globalists are coming.
Are we allowed to say that?
The internationalists are coming, okay?
And if we don't start supporting the alternate economy, like the Infowars store, well guess what?
They're coming for you next, brother.
They're coming for you next.
We gotta support Alex Jones.
Yes, I heard they tried to hit him with a $500 quadrillion lawsuit.
Basically, they want to take all the money in the world and say Alex Jones owns it.
Alex Jones currently owes more money than the entire GDP of the United States of America, apparently, according to these people.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
I need everybody to go in your wallet.
I need you to pull out some money, and I need you to go to Infowars.com, and I need you to make sure you get your purchase on.
Because if you don't, you're a communist.
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If you're not, you're an internationalist.
Four days left on the sale.
50% off, up to 50% off those products.
If you ain't got none in your cupboard, change that now.
How was that, Eliza?
Rip your shirt, Ho-Tip!
Rip your shirt!
You should have told me beforehand.
You should have told me beforehand.
I would have had the shirt ready to rip.
I voted turtledeck.
I voted not.
It ain't gonna work today.
Regardless, you get the point.
If I had on something, I wanted to rip.
Or something I wanted to beat on.
Yeah, no, I'm glad, man.
I'm really excited to be on.
This is a big deal.
I love being on with you.
I always love talking to you.
I always love hearing your perspective on a multitude of things.
I always love it, Hotep, and you and Uncle Hotep and all the Hoteps have always been extremely kind to me.
I think it's pretty cool.
You know, just back to the other conversation.
Lex Enye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, unpacked A lot of that baggage.
So like I was saying, please everyone go check out that conversation.
It's worth listening to the entire podcast.
That podcast will go down in history.
Please do not judge a book by its cover on this podcast.
Listen to the entire thing.
If you so choose.
If that's your type of thing.
What were they unpacking on this podcast?
I heard some innovation in the very beginning.
Like I said, I only watched the first hour.
I heard some innovation talk and, you know, and then I kind of tuned out a little bit.
What did you find so compelling about the conversation that they were unpacking or the pain or whatever?
Lex Friedman is one of the kindest souls in the world.
He believes in love.
He believes in deep conversation and he tries to approach everything and everyone with love and empathy.
Kanye, love him or hate him, he needs some love and empathy or needed to have a conversation with someone that could have that type of love and empathy.
You know, the corporate media is not going to give him that.
Piers Morgan's not going to give him that.
Piers Morgan's not going to meet him where he's at.
He's going to throw blows and try to get the clicks.
Lex Friedman is a kind soul.
He's a beautiful soul, but also he's not a wimp.
He's not a wimp.
And he, as a Jewish man, Lex Friedman is a Jewish man, had some honest concerns and said them in a really based and kind of harsh way.
And I think Kanye respected that and reacted in kind.
What I took away from this conversation personally was I carry around some baggage.
I carry around some baggage from my past.
I pick up bags I don't need to pick up anymore because what happened to me is in the past.
And it reminded me not to take some of that old baggage that I don't even need to carry around anymore into my daily life, which I think is really hard.
And you know, I know not everyone listening is a survivor of human trafficking or a survivor of trauma.
But everyone listening has been through something, has gone through something, is going through something.
You know what I mean?
It's like you don't have to take the past with you.
We need to have a clear mind, a clear heart to go into this next stage of things because I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you folks as we fight for our own freedom.
Because at the end of the day, you know, the child sexual abuse material and whatever Kanye says really won't matter if we go into nuclear war or if things start going more horribly in the country.
The type of stuff that we talk about will sound like luxury problems, which is wild because I talk about some of the worst stuff known to man.
But compared to nuclear war, Yeah, I don't know how you talk about some of the stuff you talk about.
You know, when you talk about it, my stomach starts to turn.
I have four kids.
So, you know, it's very hard for me.
Even when I see it on my timeline and I see you, like, type this stuff, I'm like, scroll past, like, scroll past.
Because I don't see children in those instances.
I see my children in those instances, and then my blood starts to boil, and I start to feel notions of violence, and I'm like, okay, no, I don't want to be that person, because it could be very toxic, and I just don't need those levels of toxicity running through my veins.
In regards to the Adidas situation, a lot of people are calling for boycotts.
Are you going to boycott Adidas?
I know you support Ye, da-da-da-da-da, but are you going to boycott Adidas?
Sorry, can I comment a little bit on that?
Just because I think you made an important point there and I don't want to lose it.
I know that it's easy to turn a blind eye.
I know that it's easy to get emotional about these things, especially child sexual exploitation and child exploitation.
But this is why predators continue to thrive.
Because we are unwilling to remove our emotions from it and look at the problem for what it is.
As far as whether or not I'm going to boycott Adidas because of What Kanye West has said, I'd first and have been boycotting Nike over their repeated slave labor.
Yeah, I shot a video.
Maybe the guys can pull this up.
Long ago I shot a video when I was a rapper.
It was Daddy Boston.
And the name of the track was Winner.
Now, don't play the one with the boobs.
That was the NSFW version of my video.
There's another version of my video.
And in that video, I am burning Nikes.
This is years ago.
I want to say it's like maybe 2012, I want to say.
In this video, I'm burning my Nikes.
I grabbed my collection of Nikes.
We went out into the woods, shot my music video, and I burned them.
I burned my Jordans.
I think it was the Brad 11s or something like that.
And I made all my homies bring their Jordans, too.
Of course, they only brought the Jordans they didn't want anymore or the Nikes that they didn't want anymore.
You know, they weren't going to burn their new stuff.
But I burnt a brand new pair of Jordans that I probably wore one time.
And it was because I saw behind the swoosh.
And when I saw that labor for $2 a day, I said, I can't support this.
So I totally agree.
You know, when you see something, you know, if you know, if you know better, you got to do better.
So, yeah, I mean, we could talk about actual slavery and violence in the supply chains of some of these products.
I, you know, that's why it's like the fact that folks would start with boycotting Kanye over something he said is, once again, I think sort of like a magic trick.
Look over here, but don't look over here.
Let's start with the slavery in the supply chain of some of these products.
If you're going to boycott for any reason, I think that's a great place to start.
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I said that wrong in the last segment.
I want to say it properly here.
Next up, I want to bring a very special guest on, Arthur Kwan Lee.
If you guys can bring him in now.
This guy is a very well accomplished artist, especially in the New York scene.
Arthur, what's up, man?
How you feeling, bro?
I'll tip.
It's long overdue.
Thanks for having me, brother.
Oh, way too long.
Way, way too long.
A friend of mine introduced me to your work and I immediately fell in love with it.
When I saw that Jesus piece, I was like, yes, this guy totally gets it.
However, your story has taken quite a turn.
At some point, you decided to go against the grain.
Maybe you did it by accident, maybe you did it on purpose, but you came out, correct me if I'm wrong, as a Trump supporter or something else?
Yeah, so I won 2019 Artist of the Year, and I eventually got blacklisted in the New York City circuit for my conservative and Christian values.
I identify myself more as an anarchist more than anything, but Nonetheless, you know, today you're going to be on the right side of the aisle.
So, um, yeah, it was interesting because I'm visually known for promulgating masculinity and our shared religious nature on one hand, but I was in social camouflage as a right-leaning artist, we'll call it.
So eventually I was kicked out of the circle, we'll call it.
Wait, wait, wait.
You were 2019 Artist of the Year.
Did I hit that correctly?
And then what changed?
What did you say?
Where did you say it?
You know, it's one of those things with this story has been heard quite a bit.
You know, this idea that, you know, the left owns all of the cultural pillars.
You know, it's very evident whether it's big tech, academia, art gallery, Hollywood or entertainment.
And then we're on the right, always spreadsheeting and talking about data and polling and the numbers stoically gathered.
And it's so important, right?
But the reality is you cannot openly share Values that are pro-masculine or Western or want to spread Christendom at that, you know, obviously so the moment you start to speak that up What's gonna happen is you'll get castigated So right 2019 artists of the year then you Clarify that for me.
Where were these comments me?
Was it Twitter?
Did you say it to a friend that you whispered in a private conversation?
Weren't you on the news?
Well, how did they even know what your thoughts because they can't read your mind Sure.
So I mean, you've got to understand, I had six pretty good art galleries I was signed with.
So I'm having multiple solo shows, especially in the Lower East Side.
And a big part of the art world is, you know, there's a lot of nepotism.
You're constantly hanging out with these people.
So we, you know, often what happens is these circles are really just places to bash those We're not on the left, right?
And eventually, you know, the dissonance in my heart, I had to push up against that.
And I basically, I remember, I'll share the story with you.
I remember, this isn't paraphrasing, by the way, but I was sitting in this pizza shop and we had multiple dealers and curators and critics and they go, you know, it's Arthur, you know, right now there's this whole stop Asian hate movement.
You know, I think it would be great if We did a collaboration with one of my BLM advocate artists with your art.
So it's like Stop Asian Hate beats Black Lives Matter.
That was sort of the texture they're playing with, you know, more identity politics.
Horse manure, we'll call it.
And I basically told him, you know, at this point, I was just fed up, brother.
And I'm sure you've heard this ad nauseum as well.
And I just looked at them dead in the eyes and said that I believe that Black Lives Matter is a modern blackface where white liberals like you are utilizing the black identity to push your liberal agenda.
You know what I mean?
So things like those comments basically kicked me out of the club, obviously, you know, but now I'm independent and You know, looking in retrospect, it was really disconcerting, but now I want to encourage all artists who are not in line with the left, who can never speak up, to have the confidence to separate from the leviathan.
We're going to come back with Arthur after the break.
Hurry up and grab something.
Ladies and gentlemen, back with the HOTEP Hour.
I'm your host, HOTEP Jesus.
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Arthur, Your story is rather intriguing.
I have another question for you.
The person that you made this pushback to, which I think was absolutely courageous, it's kind of wild that you would put your whole career on the line.
Well, let me ask you this first.
Did you know you're going to be canceled when you made that comment to that person?
Because some people don't know, completely ignorant to it.
Some people know the risk that they're taking.
Did you know when you said that, like, yo, I'm putting all six of my, you know, yearly gallery showings on the line here and this is it?
Well, you know, it's, uh, it's funny that you sort of courageous and of course I appreciate that brother, but I must say that it was really more of like my, my cup of, um, BS was just so full, you know what I mean? So it's less, it's
more of a my tolerance for evil, you know, I mean that was that's
what was being tested rather than courage. You see what I'm getting at? Like the cultural
fabric has changed so much where you basically have to be a dissident and iconoclast to be a man today almost and
I knew that I've seen much of the degeneracy that occurs inside the art industry being a part of these circles.
The art industry is, I'll call it as it is, it's either a financial instrument or it's an arm of socialist propaganda.
So me working in this field, I realized I had to go independent eventually, but I didn't realize how quickly they would turn their back on me this way.
And it's, you know, it's disconcerting when you lose your sources of income, right?
But there just was no other way, man.
I was just kind of, I didn't want to cut the Medusa's head at that point.
So severing ties with them was the only way for me.
I mean, it's kind of crazy because I thought Asian lives matter.
And here you have an Asian man who's expressing his opinion.
And let me tell you, this is like a base rush hour over here, right?
Let me tell you, brother, they like us as their little pets.
You know what I mean?
The left, you know, it's like if you fit their plantation narrative, same with Asians, by the way, then you're a good Asian, right?
That's their whole thing.
But again, I just I want to be like the anti-Marina Abramovich of anything, right?
Because I've seen the decadence.
So what I want to do, and I believe this is the ideal functionality of an artist, is to be a spiritual servant, man.
Distill our values and kind of promote socially cohesive symbolic gesture, you know?
So that's what I'm trying to do here, man.
And it's important to recognize that when I said that the art galleries today are an arm of propaganda, I mean, like, We have to sort of elevate our understanding of aesthetics today.
And let me tell you, as an artist, look, these sigils you see, whether it's the black flag with the white bull, Black Lives Matter, or the rainbow flag we see, like, this is propaganda for collectivism.
We need to frame this properly.
It's not just an invitation for a discourse.
This is propaganda by the state.
You mentioned a very popular name.
I was introduced to her in a music video with Jay-Z.
You said Marina Abramovich.
You mentioned seeing some decadence in this art world.
Can you reveal or pull back the curtain On some of the things you saw in this art world, because I don't know anything in this art world.
You know, when I think about art, I thought they were distinguished people, you know, defined people, noble people, people with dignity.
And you're telling me it's just another propaganda arm or they're just about money.
Can you pull back the curtain on this whole industry and tell me?
Yeah, so you look at the top of the pyramid, right, of the art industry.
It's interesting because the fact that 50% of purchases are by about 20 collectors through five galleries.
It tells you it's a very small inner circle.
The fact that those five galleries basically run the top sphere, it's a financial instrument at that sphere.
Now you look at the middle tier, where there's legitimate sales and it's sort of the Wild West, there's actual artisans.
But ultimately, most of the galleries are propaganda tools.
It's not a coincidence that most of these artists are promoting, you know, the Rainbow Coalition or want to take down the patriarchy, these feminists, right?
So that's not a coincidence.
And that's sort of an invitation because you can sort of go into that a little bit further and you realize a lot of the political and financial elite are behind the scenes congregating.
You know, these are It's there's underground occultic sort of themes that take place behind the scenes.
And, you know, Marina Abramovich, while we look at her face here on the screen, she's a literal Satanist witch masquerading as a performance artist.
You know, it's she's friends with Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton.
You know, she's behind the whole piece of gay spirit cooking debacle.
Like it's the aesthetics of The disciples tell you everything, you know, of the ideology.
So, she gets support to go on these world tour exhibitions to glorify degeneracy and transhumanism.
So, there's other things going on.
The art world is an invitation to some of this.
The art world is an invitation to dance with the devil, is how I interpret it.
That's crazy.
So you said there's some decadence.
Did you see them drinking blood?
Did you see them chopping off goat heads?
How do you know this is happening?
Well, the vetting is, uh, there's, you know, the vetting happens through schmoozing.
You hang out.
I've been taken out to sushi by some of these, um, top tier galleries.
You've hung out this, that, and the other, but, uh, they're not going to let you in unless you're either compromised or a part of their same ideological club.
So I didn't get to see anything of that sort, but I smelled it.
You know, I remember when I went to Art Basel 2019 and, uh, I, I sold it.
I shared and sold a couple of works there, um, in Miami and, You know, we go to this club, you have to drop off your phone into this little cubby because, you know, you can't video any recording.
And I saw hedonism, but I didn't see anything off the walls beyond, you know, just this deranged, you know, morally, you know, off center, we'll call it.
But I didn't see anything like demonic.
But you can totally see how It's a place where those who serve the Dark One can come together.
You know, and actually, Tom Wolfe, who wrote The Painted Word, he's an American cultural critic, some time ago predicting that the radical left will end up utilizing the art industry to congregate together.
But obviously, I don't think he could have predicted how bad it would have become, you know?
It seems like it accelerated.
It seems like it went from 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds during the Trump era and then, you know, 0 to 60 in one second during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sometimes I make the joke and I think that somewhere along the line, we went through a wormhole and out of space and ended up in a whole parallel universe.
Because right now, life is a parody.
Are you familiar with what's going on with Kanye West now?
Brother, I mean, Kanye is the pivotal example.
You know, what happens if an artist goes off the plantation towards all things political, economic, or philosophical is they put you into the corner and they call you crazy.
But you know, it's worth saying, while we're on the subject, that this is nothing new when it comes to understanding Strategy and the cultural wars from the left.
You know, socialists and the collectivists have always utilized the creative class.
And it's always been a pendulum between propaganda and art that venerates God.
It's always been either the state or the soul.
And it has always been this case.
And the reason why Kanye makes me bring this notion up is because You know, you can look at every successful tyrant and they either had training in the arts or they utilized the artist in one shape or another.
And, you know, the most obvious example would be how the Nazis were masters of propaganda.
Well, Joseph Goebbels literally contacted William Joyce, who was like top tier comedian, who was crushing the ratings and secretly funded him as a part of the Nazi propaganda branch to normalize values.
So my point is, this is how important artists are.
It's important to utilize the artist because when you take an art, you are in your relaxed state.
It's like a form of hypnosis almost, right?
And life imitates art, man.
So, you know, the left has been so wise to, you have to give this credit to them.
And we need to use this against them.
It's guerrilla warfare.
We need to understand that, you know, they run art galleries.
Hollywood and entertainment.
You hit on something there.
You hit on something there.
Art is going to access your monkey mind.
We'll be back.
We're going to go to break.
Go get yourself some products.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
It's the Hotep Hour.
I'm joined today with a very well-known, very accomplished artist, Arthur Kwan Lee.
Arthur Kwan, I was texting you behind the scenes before this segment, and I asked you some things that you wanted me to ask you about, and you said something that made me spit out my coffee.
You said the left creates ugly art.
What do you mean the left creates ugly art?
Isn't art subjective?
How can their art be ugly?
So let me first say, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.
The reason why I say this is because this idea of what political correctness and critical theory as a sword and shield, like what, what is collectivism?
What are they essentially trying to promote?
It's all relativism.
That is the North Star.
And what I mean by that is, you know, you actually look at the art today, ever since postmodernism came into the picture, it's, you know, you can see, you know, large brushstrokes or splatter paints, and they deem that as the same height as the Pieta, you know, or some masterclass works.
So, For me, when you study actually the ancients across all civilizations, they regarded the true, the good, and the beautiful as fundamental building blocks for a society, right?
But it's important to understand this is regardless of any culture as well, brother.
This is cross-continental.
And when they talk about beauty, they're actually talking about the sacred.
And I believe usually today, because we've fallen so much from grace, when we hear the word beauty, we get confused with hotness or something like that.
But beauty is supposed to point upwards.
So my point is that when you see art that is produced by the left, They're promoting aesthetic relativity, and you see art that is produced by more right-leaning folks.
It tends to promote universal standards, because we're pedagogical.
We believe in objective boundaries, standards, and we believe in lines, right?
And because we have that territorial instinct, that also implies to how we develop our discipline.
So I guess what I'm saying is all these things that are spoken about on InfoWars, all of these themes are excavated inside our minds cerebrally.
They also manifest outwardly when you just look at the actual art that is produced.
And it's really enlightening to see this.
So, you know, for me, a really great example of this is when 2019, you know, again, Art Basel I'm going to mention.
The same Art Basel exhibition that I was in, there was a banana duct taped to a wall.
And it's sold for $150,000.
And often people will say, how?
But then other people will say, because it's subjective.
Well, I believe the reason why people can even get away with calling this art without recognizing that it's actually just insulting to our intelligence is because only a person who believes that gender is a social construct Or that masculinity is toxic.
Anything that's deconstructionism, right?
That gets rid of your morality.
You know?
Your morale is so low that you're gonna buy that this is art.
So, yeah, the left makes ugly art because, essentially, they're against beauty.
And beauty is a very important tool that, you know, we need to utilize, brother.
Men like us, man, we have beauty on our side too.
It's important.
So, That's very intriguing.
What you're saying is, and correct me if I'm wrong, what you're saying is that it is the virtue of the artist that defines the beauty.
So if the virtue is pointing up towards something good-natured, something that's going to support life, nurture life, something that is moral, this is beauty, right?
No matter how the strokes may lay.
Sure brother, if you go into any of these galleries and you see something miasmic that is almost nothing identifiable that doesn't take skill, I would bet that that was produced by someone on the left.
I would go that confident because I've worked 10 years in the gallery scene and I've seen this pattern enough.
So you're saying they can get away with that because they're selling this idea of art to the same people who believe there's 345 genders.
Is that correct?
It's, uh, and to me that says it all, you know, because it's a reflection of the culture's values.
And again, um, I guess what I'm saying is that rather than emptily repeating the mantra that politics is the answer to culture, I'm trying to encourage people to become either active participants or to patronize those people who are actually in the cultural forefront.
Because believe me, artists of either faith and look, I'm a Christian, like artists, artists who
want to promote wholesome values and benevolent, honorable masculinity, we're outnumbered like a
thousand to one, man, you know, so, and it's a shame because we make better art by without the
intellectual training, just at a gut level.
You can tell when art is beautiful, right?
It's one of those natural instincts.
But they've made the art world pretentious.
The left has done all of this to make everyday man feel separate from appreciating aesthetics.
You're an art guy so I have to ask you this question.
the narrative, right? And they're successful at this. And again, like I said before the
commercial, like this is brilliant strategy. We need to recognize that it is effective
so we can use it against them.
You're an art guy, so I have to ask you this question. It's hot in the news right now.
Last week there was a Van Gogh painting and they threw soup on it.
This week was mashed potatoes on, I forget who that artist was.
How did you feel when you saw this?
Did you take offense and say, oh my god, they're ruining good art?
Or did you say, ah, they're activists and the art will be fine?
Where are you on that whole thing?
I mean, let's be real here.
Anytime an ideologue of a group has destroyed art, they've always been in support of tyranny in one shape or another.
It's in the same fashion that Literally the first thing that Adolf Hitler did when he came to power was close down the art school Bauhaus because he did not want any chance of a counterculture, you know?
Or why in that same year, 1933, he burned down all non-German works of literature, poetry, like it's the same spirit.
You want to get rid of any other distillation of aesthetic values because It's very difficult to understand because it's not like you're engaging or debating information, but art literally controls most people's... it dominates most of our life.
We're just not conscious of it because it seems static.
You know, when you look at a work of art, you're relaxed, right?
But that's my point.
Life imitates art and we're just not It goes over your head, but it's it's so powerful in that regard, because it's almost like it automatically just imbues into you what you put in your own home, how your own family and friends are influenced by it.
And this is this is why, again, I think that we need to have more of our artists in the cultural forefront, man.
And this is why exactly what's happening with Kanye.
Like this doesn't surprise me one iota, because if it occurred to me, you know, in a microcosm comparing to his following, right?
Of course it's gonna occur to somebody at that scale.
It happened to Gina Carano as well, obviously, as we know.
It happened to multiple comedians who are more right-leaning.
Like it happened to Dave Chappelle.
Yeah, it happens to anyone who goes--
Joe Rogan.
Yeah, Joe Rogan.
So this never surprises me because the reality is, is we're basically playing under their shadow.
So they can snap irrelevance out of existence.
Yeah, oh yeah.
I'm a victim of it myself.
I'm on Infowarsstore.com and I'm looking at this book, The Great Reset and The War for the World by Alex Jones.
This looks like a really great buy.
Like I said, the sale ends in four days.
People, Infowarsstore.com.
Make sure you get yourself something.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the HOTEP Takeover.
I am your host, HOTEP Jesus.
You can keep up with me at hotepjesus.com.
I'm joined here today by Arthur Kwon Lee.
Arthur, I have to say, man, when it comes to Asian people, I am absolutely jealous and envious of you guys and your culture.
And you know, Black people love Asian culture.
We are in love with the Kung Fu movies and everything else that comes along with that, right?
We're enamored with the anime, etc, etc.
I have to ask you, because here's how I recently have Approached Asian culture.
I'm raising two boys and two girls.
And I'm asking myself, I wonder how Asian people would do this.
What happens in their household that they're creating successful people and the rest of us Americans aren't, right?
So I want to know, as we dive into this topic of culture, what is happening in Asian culture where you're not being usurped by leftist propaganda As wholly as maybe the black community and the white community in America.
What is your insulator?
So I mean, I believe that the success of Asian Americans in the US, it boils down to the fact that we have a patriarchal system.
And for me, the most important thing to venerate As a precursor, a stepping stone towards religious virtue is masculinity.
And I mean a wholesome, honorable, benevolent masculinity that recognizes, um, to stand up, you know, stand up for what's right, essentially.
And I believe that masculinity is the most vilified, you know, looked upon as toxic above all else.
I mean, all you have to do is look at every cultural phenomena that has taken our culture by storm, you know, whether it's Hip-hop music or Donald Trump or Andrew Tate.
It's all just unapologetic masculinity in the absence of actual wholesome masculine fathers.
So I guess what I'll say is that, you know, I was brought up under a very strong old school, tough father, but with a lot of love.
And that is why going into the art world, I ended up becoming like this art rodent almost just because if I'm going to be You know, utilizing my brush is going to be for something righteous because I need to honor my father.
And that's a big part of the family core for East Asian custom, which is you have to honor your father.
You know, and it's sort of like the archetypal precursor to honoring the greater father.
So it's about a mission almost.
You know what I mean?
It's like, you know, you have to.
It's almost like, how is this action going to reflect and look upon your parents?
You see what I'm saying?
Okay, so I need you to break this down.
The honor your father part.
Totally get it.
Totally love it.
How is that instilled in the child?
Is it told to him, hey, you must honor your father, or is it something that's done through demonstration instead of explication?
How does this happen?
Is it done through maybe he's telling some stories, some folk tale?
How do you imbue that in the child?
Well, I mean, it's, I've seen it done very incorrectly in Korean culture as well.
I mean, I will say before I go forward, like my parents are, they're very Korean in nature, but you know, they're Americans now.
I was born here.
I'm very Westernized, but my house was mixed under, was raised under these mixed values, right?
It's like a child of two cultures, right?
And I'll say that, like my father, For me, I'll say because you know, he's a he's a pastor as well.
So I think I was especially blessed to have a man of God be this holy example, you know, and also like, physically good shape, strong, stoic, like old school kind of tough guy.
So that was like a blessing for me.
But I believe that that also applies to a good amount of the Korean and Korean American community.
Besides this, This weird liberalism of the K-pop and all this stuff, which we need to crush that.
We need to crush those bugs.
But that's kind of like the template that we're brought up under that the dad is the king.
But understand that if you're going to be the king of the house, you also have to be the one who is able to bear the weight and responsibility.
And it's sort of intrinsic that when you come into the house, there's a It's a beautiful order, actually.
I guess what here in the West we regard as toxic masculinity is respected.
Oh, wow.
Okay, so...
Toxic masculinity, hair, or just masculinity period is considered toxic masculinity.
The traditional masculinity, the way a man would talk to his son would be considered toxic.
Boys fighting, that's considered toxic.
Having aggression, that's figured to be toxic.
There's an agenda at play, I'm sure.
So funny because you know it's because on average you know actually Asian men have like the least testosterone usually on average but it's more that the actual cultural framework of where the men are categorized is is proper so they can look like nerdy skinny I don't know.
They can look like, you know, they can look weak and almost effeminate, but the way Asian structure is designed, it still puts men in this position where they can have order and rise to the occasion when it comes to what's actually on paper.
So it's, I think that's very powerful.
And I often say that this is why the Asia has a, they use this cohesive force of shame In a proper way.
You know what I mean?
There's no fat shaming, there's no slut shaming, there's none of these terminologies in East Asia.
It's growing a little bit, but on average it's like all these things, all these stigmas are held and men can openly talk about it.
They're not going to worry about some HR lady firing them.
You see what I'm getting at?
Those boundaries, you know?
And the reality is, yeah, no men want a woman with a huge high body count, and none of us are attracted to obese women, but it's funny because, like, we can't talk about that as men here.
And that's, like, the first way they set it up, so we can't talk about anything deep going forward as well, to talk about real philosophical depth.
But if we can have that substrate openly able to be discussed, you know, then we can go forward.
And again, it's just masculine Yes, I totally agree.
want to do the positioning right not the not the trappings of big muscles and red
cars and the actual positioning of masculinity the frame is correct in Asia
yes I totally agree you know I say that once upon a time colonization happened
because some pirates had a pirate ship with the skull and crossbones on a black
flag Now, that flag is rainbow and pink and blue, right?
So colonization now comes in a form of pronouns.
What's the agenda here?
Why do you think there has so much of vitriol and attack on masculinity?
Because, first of all, masculinity itself is the characteristic In psychologically speaking, that draws identifiable boundaries and standards.
So once that's out of the equation, obviously promoting relativism again, right?
So you basically lose your social cohesion.
And when people are running amok and they're not able to stand together as firmly, that's when you can take an empire down.
Like, how is it that, you know, the Ottoman Empire took down Rome?
It's because Rome's social cohesion was degenerate, and it was all falling apart.
Because every great empire falls from the inside out.
Every single one.
And this is how you do the same here.
You know, this is not a coincidence.
Patterns are meant to be recognized as wisdom.
And we're at the point, basically, where, you know, they're removing fathers at such an alarming rate.
And I can tell you, Khotep, when we look at the single motherhood rate in the black community, And all these men in prison that are basically raised with single mothers and all this, like, whenever I went to Korea, all the men dealing drugs, committing crimes, getting into nonsense, they're all also raised by single mothers.
And none of them are black.
That's a profound thought.
We're going to come right back.
That's a profound thought you had right there.
Masculinity draws a line.
It tells you, here's where we're going to stop.
I love that thought.
We're going to come back in a few moments.
Visit Infowarsstore.com right now.
Oh my god, what a bomb Arthur dropped in that last segment.
Amazing, amazing thought.
Arthur, it's still on my mind here.
So, masculinity sets borders, it sets boundaries, and when these borders and boundaries are not set, then you said we have social chaos, and that's what I see today.
Can you expound on that thought a little bit more about You know, the boundaries and the social chaos theory that you have.
Because I wrote a book on masculinity, Unbreakable Rules of Masculinity.
Go get it at hotepjesus.com.
And now I have to write a version two based upon that statement.
I'm like, I can go riff on this forever.
Well, this is why I'm an anarchist.
My friend, you know, the proliferation of the state seems to be synonymous with masculine degeneracy.
And I believe that it is the role of men to stand up for what's right and speak up.
And the reason why all this chaos ensues is because men like you and I, you know, I mean, we're throwing our part here, but everyone in one ship or another has, you know, has to stand up for the truth, brother.
That's really what it is.
Because, I mean, you can just look at the The percentages, the actual numbers of how women and men vote, right?
Women tend to be the ones who are voting in the expansion of the welfare state, allowing widespread immigration, all this, because, you know, it boils down to, like, everyone can just look at their mother and their father, right?
I'll share a personal story, anecdotal though.
My brother and I, we went to Wisconsin, it was a big scuffle.
Big fight after school.
Punching each other, a couple black eyes.
My mother gets home.
She says, what happened?
You guys got into a fight.
Look, you're both wrong equally.
That was, you know, I love you both equally.
Both of us are really worried about my dad getting home.
Because my dad is going to come up and say, who started the fight?
My brother said, I hit him first.
He said, you're the one that was wrong.
You see what I'm saying?
Like, that applies from the bottom up.
That also applies politically, because we are all, you know, animals here, right?
So, I mean, I feel like that says it all.
That's relatable for everyone.
I've seen, I forget what state it is, but there's a lot of pushback on, you know, there's Sexually explicit material in schools, and the Islamic community has been pushing back on this, and the conservative community has been pushing back on this, and I made this funny joke before the summer.
I said, it's got to be a hijab summer.
We got to bring the hijab back, wrap women up in these, because otherwise, we're just going to lose them to debauchery, lechery, and everything of the sorts.
So where do we start to draw the boundary?
It's obviously respected to be incredibly masculine.
You see what I'm getting at?
But you gotta understand, if you look at the two older forms of Christian denominations, we're talking about Orthodox and Lutherans as well, I mean, Christianity used to be incredibly masculine.
As a matter of fact, people can talk about how it's blasphemous to depict Christ, but you must understand, it's blasphemous if you want people to worship it as an icon.
But usually that is not the intention of the artist.
The reason why I'm sharing this is because One of the oldest depictions of Christ was a title called Christ Pantocrator.
So the Christ King that you saw, that was my depiction of Christ as well.
And it's always Christ as sort of like this warrior-esque figure.
His face looks like strong and stoic and someone you would not want to mess with.
It's only when the Enlightenment came into the picture that we have this depiction of Jesus as like this liberal white hippie who's always sensitive and all of this, right?
You got to understand.
They have, that was art!
And look at how everyone imagines Christ now.
They succeeded!
You see what I'm getting at?
The art, that's what I'm saying, life imitates art.
And it's automatic.
Because human beings are heavily circumstantial.
If you can change the cultural fabric, people will automatically change and be put into the right position.
So like, while I would love to just say things like cut off welfare and abortion and things will become naturally in the right place in regards to gender dynamics, we need to first of all make the actual cultural fabric in line for people to feel confident to say things like that at a larger scale.
So the art, artistry, and the aesthetics have to be aligned in that way first.
Oh my god, that's such a bomb right there.
They've taken the image of Jesus Christ, my homie, and turned him feminine.
I never even thought about that.
That is quite profound.
That is a great way to attack people.
Now look at this one here.
If you bumped into this man in a bar, you would apologize right away.
He has Lux Nova, and it's a bloody Lux Nova, but there's all these, the bodies and the souls of the damned around him too, because remember, you know, Christ, he comes back, and he comes back not to sing Kumbaya.
And it's very important to understand that.
That, you know, religious thinking is not just... This is very important to understand.
What makes Christianity different and what made me into a Christian, actually, is the fact, not just because my father's a pastor, but what really crystallized my identity as a Christian, is the fact that it's not this Pagan, almost Eastern mysticism vibe that spirituality is all about being in an undifferentiated state.
It's all love and it's all one.
And because actually that ends up making you in line with collectivist political thinking when you go from spiritual to political.
Because even if some of that stuff is real from an ontological experiential lens, The actual building of society, we need to recognize that there's boundaries, and there's order, and there's hierarchy.
And Christianity is a religion that acknowledges that notion as well, whilst being spiritual.
So, for me, it's so incredibly cohesive to depict an image of Christ that is mega-based.
So that's why I support your brother.
I love that.
It reminds me of the story where Jesus goes into the temple and he starts kicking some banker ass.
He says, you guys ain't here committing acts of ill intent.
And, uh, you know, he's whipping him.
He literally whipping some ass.
This is Jesus whipping ass in the Bible.
So I love that story.
Can you tell me more about your art?
What you plan to do with your art?
Cause you've been canceled by the left.
So I, you know, I don't know, you know, what kind of success you'll have, but just like info war store.com, I think people need to get behind, uh, that store and, and your artwork.
And so yeah, tell us about your art, what your intent is with the art and where you're going with it for the next few pieces.
First thing is the works that we just showed there.
I mean, they're very large scale.
So I look, I make large scale luxury world class art.
So you are correct.
I cannot work with the traditional institutions that I used to have relationships with.
I can't go back to them.
That's not going to happen.
So that's it.
I'm independent now.
And because I'm independent, You know, you look at people like Marina Abramovich who go on world tour exhibitions just showing this hedonism and evil, and she gets funded.
She gets large-scale patronage.
What I realized is that, as a man of the people, I need to get collective patronage.
So, if you would like to support me, you go to my website, Arthur Paul Nate.
You click support.
Anything helps and it goes a long way because I'm the guy who's trying to go into the most radical states where they have all these exhibitions that are propaganda and showing art that counters it, that is beautiful, that is true, and that is good.
So that's one avenue.
If you would like to purchase works and put some beautiful works in your home.
Empty walls are a total waste, my friend, right?
So it starts locally.
So put some art in your home and allow the energy to permeate everywhere.
So those are two ways you can contact me.
You can find me on social media, on Arthur Kwon Lee, that's my Instagram and Twitter.
And finally, last thing is if you are an artist, if you are a creative person, I started an art collective so that we can congregate and fight on the culture front called the Genesis Council.
And that is also, that's a space for artists, whether of God or want to save the West, to come together and Fighting the cultural wars together.
We're like the Rebel Alliance.
What's it called?
The Genesis Collective?
The Genesis Council.
We're like the Rebel Alliance.
So that's for the artists who are listening who want to congregate and work with and connect and collaborate with other artists, you know, because I was actually inspired by this underground occult society that really was used to, uh, and when I say inspired, I mean guerrilla warfare.
To use it against them.
This society was called the Thule Society, and this was actually, was like the way the Nazis came to power.
And they would, it was literally a place designed for the political and financial elite to congregate with morality in my town.
And that is so smart.
These are tools you can use against those who are evil as well.
These are swords.
We're not using it.
But this is a place where people who believe in God and the truth and the West, who are also artistic, can come together.
You know, so it's kind of like the Genesis Council, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Arthur Kwan Lee.
I'm your host, Hotep Jesus.
Make sure you go to hotepjesus.com, support me.
Make sure you dig in with Arthur Kwan Lee.
Support your artist.
Support InfowarsStore.com.
You'll see my face again.
I love y'all.
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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