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Name: 20221023_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 23, 2022
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In the InfoWars episode, Alex Jones discusses Xi Jinping's increased power in China and the removal of former Chinese president Hu Jintao from a Communist Party Congress. He also talks about U.S. Army soldiers fighting Russians in Ukraine without a declaration of war. Additionally, he comments on Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and the Biden administration's spending on Ukraine while criticizing their stance on world hunger. The host critiques Elon Musk's supposed lack of seriousness about solving world hunger, arguing that it was an attack against him. He also criticizes the Biden administration for choosing war over addressing issues like hunger. The Alex Jones case is mentioned, where lawyers in the Sandy Hook case want 2.75 trillion dollars from Alex Jones and InfoWars, with little coverage on this issue. The show highlights products available at Infowarstore.com, such as X3 Tri-Iodine, which boosts libido, energy, stamina, and immune system. InfoWars gets a shout-out from Robert Francis O'Rourke at a rally. The speaker condemns anti-white sentiment and discusses double standards faced by celebrities like Ice Cube when discussing Jewish influence in society. Vitamin Mineral Fusion is Infowar's number one overall best seller, boosting the immune system and aiding every cellular function of the body. With food being debased and chemicals present everywhere, it's crucial to bolster our bodies' defenses with products like Vitamin Mineral Fusion available at InfowarStore.com. The hosts of The Rubin Report discuss the case of Alex Jones being ordered to pay $45 million in damages after being found guilty of defamation by default, as he did not appear in court. They argue that this case could potentially go to the Supreme Court and touch upon issues related to defamation, opinions, and retractions. Infowars encourages viewers to support free speech and purchase products from InfowarStore.com, which are currently on sale with discounts of up to 50%. They mention the importance of iodine supplements like Survival Shield X2 and X3 in protecting against fluoride poisoning in tap water. The InfoWars host discusses various topics such as political corruption, media manipulation, and public figures. He criticizes Stacey Abrams for dancing for votes in Georgia and comments on Kerry Washington's photo with her. He discusses Eric Adams and

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an absolutely loaded Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show here on this October 23rd, 2022.
Now I have no time to waste, so let me get right into the news.
Now in China, Xi Jinping
Has now been given more power than any Chinese dictator, even more than Mao Zedong.
But you could say that was the last dictator in China that had as much authoritarian power as Xi Jinping.
But Xi Jinping is now surpassing even Mao Zedong, the communist leader with hundreds of millions of dead Chinese people.
Under his watch.
That's what the left-wing ideology always concludes with.
And so, in a display of his power for the world, and a display of his coldness and his callousness towards anybody else that might think they're on the same page as him, former Chinese leader is escorted out of Communist Party Congress in front of world media.
And you can see it in the clip here.
He is confused.
Hu Jintao, former Chinese President Hu Jintao, is confused as security comes to grab him away and Xi Jinping won't even look at him.
And Jintao grabs him and tries to say, hey, what is this?
This is a misunderstanding.
Why am I being escorted out by security?
What the heck is going on here?
Kind of refuses it at first.
And then he says, Xi, what's going on?
And Xi just shakes his head and says, yep, you got to go.
Yep, that's it for you.
I am the unilateral dictator now, and just like in 1984, we are going to erase the history, we are going to erase the past, because nobody can be thought of as president ever in Chinese history except me, Xi Jinping.
And so when you consider that aggression towards his own fellow party members and leaders, imagine what they'll do to Taiwan or Hong Kong in the near future.
As they know, Joe Biden is a weak leader of America.
So that's what's going on there.
Then, and it's been very few people outside of InfoWars, folks, very few people have been willing to tell you this.
But of course, we right here at InfoWars have been telling you this.
The United States Army already has soldiers on the front lines fighting Russians in Ukraine.
This has been going on for months.
Now, the way the Biden administration has legally justified this, which is a completely illegitimate, illegal war against Russia and Ukraine, is they say, oh, these are just volunteers.
But now they've taken the mask off and they've admitted, yep, the U.S.
military is in Ukraine fighting Russians on the front lines.
No votes in Congress.
No declaration of war.
They're just doing it.
Here, let's show you this clip from CBS News this weekend, clip two, as they're now admitting all of it.
They're America's go-to combat troops.
Go, go, go, go!
The soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division, now the closest U.S.
forces to the fight in Ukraine.
We joined Colonel Edwin Methedis and Brigadier General John Lubas on board a Black Hawk helicopter where we flew along the coast of the Black Sea, across those same waters from Russian-held territory in Ukraine, including Crimea.
Considered Russia now.
Fully aware, those adversaries have eyes on everything this close.
You can go ahead and pull it down.
Alright, so that's fine guys.
Now, I've got multiple news clips.
It's the same thing, so...
The order has been given, for whatever reason, the order has been given this weekend to let the American people know that their army is fighting Russians in Ukraine.
Go ahead and let the American people know that we are illegally, illegitimately, but now we're showing you we are at war with Russia.
They've been doing this for months, now they're actually telling you.
So that's about six months old that the US military is killing Russians and fighting Russians in Ukraine.
So what's next?
What are they doing now is the question.
I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore.
We're good.
I think so.
So you just saw the American media this weekend has been given the green light to let you know that you are unofficially at war with Russia in Ukraine.
So I don't know why they've decided to roll those reports this weekend.
I don't know why they've decided to let you know that that's been going on and show you the front lines.
We've seen other clips, similar clips, but those have been in international news stories, Ukrainian news stories.
So the green light's been given to the American media.
All right, go ahead and let the American people know that we are at war with Russia in Ukraine and that we have troops on the ground right now fighting Russians.
Now that's been going on for about six months.
But the fact that they're now giving it the green light to let the American public know about it tells me that they're setting up their next phase of this operation right now.
So the question then becomes, what is the Biden administration going to do to escalate their agenda of war against Russia?
Which, of course, any expert and anybody with any sanity knows could lead to a nuclear conflict or even World War III, which would be devastating to the planet and just a horrific thing.
But the Biden administration is greenlighting that as well.
Now I don't want to spend too much time on that.
We covered that in the last segment.
I'm mentioning it now and I want to move on but I will just say this in closing.
Let's not forget as the mainstream media and the American left comes after Elon Musk because he's an independent thinker.
Let's not forget that they were hemming and hawing at Elon Musk earlier this year when he wanted to buy Twitter and it looks like that purchase may go through.
The liberals at Twitter are trying to put it off until after the midterms because they want to use it to help rig the midterms with the censorship and the Democrat Party propaganda being promoted onto your newsfeeds and everyone else's newsfeeds that doesn't know any better.
But remember, they told Elon Musk, you're greedy, you're selfish, you're a bad person,
Because you could solve world hunger with $6 billion and you won't do that.
Why won't you give $6 billion to the UN to solve world hunger, Elon Musk?
You're a bad guy.
You're a horrible person, Elon Musk.
You won't give $6 billion to the UN to solve world hunger.
But as of today, the Biden administration has given upwards of nearly $100 billion to the war in Ukraine.
So according to the UN and the American left, the Biden administration could have solved world hunger 20 times over with the amount of money they've given to Ukraine.
But I guess what are we supposed to take from that other than war is more important than solving world hunger to the Biden administration?
I don't know how you can take anything other than that away from
Those two developments.
But of course, the truth is, they were never serious about solving world hunger.
They were never serious about that $6 billion to solve world hunger.
That was just an attack against Elon Musk because they didn't like what he was doing and they were trying to bully, intimidate, and harass him.
So that's what really gets proven here.
But if you believe the propaganda of the left, then you would believe that the Biden administration chooses war over solving world hunger.
Let's put that issue to rest for the rest of this Alex Jones Show transmission.
By the way, Owen Troyer, just an honor and a privilege to be with you here this evening.
Thank you so much for tuning in on this Sunday evening.
More news develops over the weekend on the Alex Jones cases and the Sandy Hook lawsuits.
And I'm not going to do too much commentary on this today.
I'm going to show you some other individuals commentary and we're going to show some commentary from some other shows and podcasts coming up like from Tim Pool over the weekend in the bottom half of this hour.
And I will just say this.
The lack of coverage of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook case is actually pretty stunning.
It's actually pretty amazing.
You'd think that journalists or broadcasters or anybody in the media that's concerned about the First Amendment would be up in arms and furious about what's happening to Alex Jones.
Love him or hate him.
Or at least understanding how serious the precedent is being set right now with Alex Jones just like they did with internet censorship.
Now they're doing it with the lawfare.
And so, over the weekend, in case you didn't hear, the lawyers in the Sandy Hook case want $2.75 trillion from Alex Jones and InfoWars.
I don't think people realize now, when you walk around here,
We thought we were going crazy, but the theme music for the Twilight Zone is just, like, playing in the background somewhere.
And we're just kind of like, is that you?
Is that your phone?
Is somebody playing music?
Like, you open a door?
And then you go out into the outside, outside of the office, and then the music cuts off.
And then you walk back in.
What is that noise?
Oh, I'm in the Twilight Zone.
You thought it was a joke.
Yeah, oh.
Sandy Hook family sue Alex Jones for $55 million.
Sandy Hook family sue Alex Jones for $1 billion.
Sandy Hook family sue Alex Jones for 2.75 trillion dollars.
2.75... Did I... Does that say trillion?
So what's next?
Am I going to walk in here tomorrow and it's going to be Alex Jones sued for $4 quadrillion?
I had to look it up!
What's after a trillion?
It's a quadrillion!
Do you realize that $2.75 trillion is almost 10% of the entire planet's wealth?
Do you realize how absurd this is?
Almost 10% of the entire planet's wealth is to be extracted from Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen.
2.75 trillion dollars.
So, it just gets more ludicrous, it just gets more ridiculous as the days go on.
But of course, it's not logic if it can't be applied universally.
Oh, so if you get something wrong, then you have to pay
A trillion dollars?
Well then how much do the people that lied to us about the vaccines owe us?
How much do the people that lied us into wars owe us?
Eighty quadrillion dollars?
A hundred quadrillion?
A zillion?
I mean, where does it stop?
But we all know what this is really about.
Where does it end?
This is about getting Alex Jones off the air.
This is about destroying Alex Jones, making an example of him, scalping him politically, culturally, holding his head up like a victory, like a prize, and dancing on the corpse of free speech.
And then scaring and intimidating anybody else that might resist the mainstream media, anybody else that might resist the government from a First Amendment perspective.
That you better not do that, or you're going to have your life destroyed.
And so, we're going to play some other clips.
Now, I've got some other news coming up, but here's some of the headlines, because we are going to be, we have already filed for a retrial.
We filed for a retrial.
They demanded $2.75 trillion.
Who do you think are the legitimate people in this case?
Alex Jones demands new Sandy Hook trial, claims half-truths, inflamed Connecticut jury's passion and prejudice.
Well, yeah, he couldn't even present a defense.
That's at LawAndCrime.com.
Andrew Napolitano has written a story at Newsmax, Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech, and artist Ariel Pink offered this opinion over the weekend.
How could Alex Jones' family members not have a rock solid case against Sandy Hook parents for incitement?
Are they not innocent?
How much more harassment must his family endure?
Yeah, I've kind of looked at this and I've said, who's really been defamed here?
Who has really been defamed for 2.75 trillion dollars?
Whose name are they really saying over and over and defaming for years now?
Don't let the globalist monsters and their mercenary minions be successful at silencing you.
And the globalist's number one mission is to silence InfoWars because they rightly see us as one of the main beacons of resistance alerting the people, not just of America, but the world to the threat of the globalist and their censorship and tyranny.
That's why it's so essential today, now more than ever, to share links for InfoWars.com and to also financially support InfoWars.com at the most critical time on our fight by using promo code 1776 at checkout so you get an additional 10% off.
These people are coming for your birthright.
They're coming for your First Amendment.
They admit, once they've silenced us, they're coming for you.
I'm in your hands, and I'm asking for your support now.
You have my commitment to never give up or back down, but I could give out without your support.
Thank you for all your past support, and I'm encouraging you now to redouble your efforts at InfoWarsTore.com with promo code 1776 for an additional 10% off on the already big sales and huge discounts.
So we are 16 days away from the midterm elections and that means the politics are heating up right now and there was a lot of political activity over the weekend including InfoWars getting a shout out from Robert Francis O'Rourke at a rally this weekend.
Beta O'Rourke.
That's right.
Gave us a shout out at his rally this weekend.
Now we've put up the live stream from that event.
We took the truck out this weekend, downtown Austin, and to a beta event.
And you can find that live stream linked at InfoWars.com.
But we have the HD video, never before seen, that we're going to be premiering in the last segment today.
Folks, you're not going to want to miss it.
It's just as entertaining as ever with these complete psychotic nutjobs.
And we had a little bit of a different twist.
I had a little bit of a different twist on the truck PA system this weekend.
I think you're going to enjoy that.
So stay tuned.
That's going to be debuting in the final segment today.
But I mention that because I want to cover some of the other political activity, including another psychotic here.
This is in Nashville.
Matt Walsh had an event in Nashville over the weekend and so naturally whenever Matt Walsh has an event, a bunch of psychotic leftist liberals show up and they hate white people.
They're all white, but that doesn't seem to matter to them.
And so here is a classic leftist psycho freaking out that Matt Walsh was in Nashville over the weekend.
Here it is in clip 5.
So that's a white man pretending to be a woman.
Putting a bullhorn in a woman's face.
That's actually illegal.
You can't do that, folks.
You can't put an amplified device in somebody's face.
And so you are well within your rights.
I mean, I've been told, and I believe it's true, if you need to slap away somebody's amplified sound device from giving you tinnitus, you're well within your rights to do that.
That can be considered assault.
But she puts her big, gigantic megaphone right in this woman's face and screams, F.U.
Cracker, F.U.
Whitey, you're gonna die alone, you're gonna burn in hell.
You're a fascist.
And this is what the loving left is all about.
Now, I play that clip because there's a theme here.
Isn't it?
And the theme has been this way for a while, and that's the anti-white bigotry becoming mainstream.
It's cool to be bigoted against white people.
It's not considered racist, it's considered trendy, it's considered liberal, it's considered a good thing.
And in fact, even today, one of the number one trends on Twitter before I got on air was hashtag white supremacy, and it was the American left complaining about white people, and actually their new thing is,
That white people are stalking black people to kill them.
I'm not even kidding you.
And you can find dozens of these videos and these breakdowns.
And I don't know what these individuals' politics are.
Most of them are black and they say white folks are hunting down black people.
Specifically, if they see a black person driving a truck, they try to hunt them down and kill them.
I'm not even kidding you.
I could show you the videos of them saying it, but it's so in the margins.
It's such a tiny minority, it's not even worth covering it.
But I'm going to tell you why I'm mentioning it now.
So it's totally okay to be an anti-white bigot.
It's totally okay to say white supremacists run the world.
That's mainstream.
That's mainstream leftism, mainstream liberalism.
You can tweet about white supremacy all day long and that's all good.
Heck, you can even be Jameel Hill and
Because what they've noticed is, specifically with the Latino population, but it's true with the black population as well, but specifically with the Latino population, they're voting more Republican, they're voting more conservative, they're running for office as Republican, and so there's a huge right-wing movement inside the Latino community, and so Jameel Hill is angry about that, because she's a liberal that likes to control you, especially if you have brown skin, she wants to control you, because she's a bigot.
And so she now says if just by associating with white people, then you're bad.
Just by associating with white people, they consider you a white supremacist.
That proximity to whiteness is a real thing.
She responds to a story.
Ron DeSantis is so popular among Florida Latinos, he may win Blue County Miami Dade, something a Republican governor has not done in 20 years.
So now if you align with white people in any way, you're a white supremacist.
Oh, that's proximity to whiteness, as Jameel Hill calls it.
Oh, she's not the bigot.
Oh, she's not the radical.
No, you guys have bad policy, politically.
And you're just trash people.
You're just scum people.
And so nobody likes to associate with you.
It has nothing to do with what color your skin is or their skin is.
You just suck.
That's a you thing, Jameel Hill.
That's not a race or a color skin.
That's a you thing.
That's a liberal democrat thing.
You haven't figured it out yet.
But okay, fine.
I don't even care as a white man that there's white, anti-white bigotry everywhere.
Do I like seeing it?
When I see it, I'll most of the time try to tune out or get away from it.
It's called freedom of speech where I don't have to listen to what you have to say.
But hey!
You have every right to hate white people.
You have every right to be an anti-white bigot.
Totally fine by me.
There's no legislation that says you can't be anti-white.
Now there is legislation that says you can't be anti-semitic.
Did you know that?
Only, only
Speech that is rejected, I guess you could say, in actual legislation is anti-Semitic speech.
They've passed law.
So, I find it so funny, it confuses me.
How are Jewish people not considered part of the white race, and why can you bash white people all day long and that be mainstream, and you can say white supremacy all day long and that's perfectly acceptable, but if you say Jewish influence, you get shut down like Kanye West.
But see, this is Twilight Zone stuff here.
Kanye West's White Lives Matter shirts given out to homeless people in Skid Row.
So they're mad because Kanye West says White Lives Matter, white men are just as stigmatized as black men.
But by the way, there's a serious Jewish influence in the world.
First of all, standing up for white people was bad enough, but you don't dare say anything about the Jewish people.
Kanye, you're supposed to be anti-white.
He says, well then,
Okay, I'm anti-white?
Well, what about Jewish influence?
Not those white people!
And so Kanye West has all, and it's funny because he says, he insinuates that Jewish people invented cancel culture, and then Kanye West starts to speak his mind, and then there's thousands of Jewish people calling for him to be cancelled, calling for him to be debanked, calling for him to have his deals with Adidas and everyone else cut off.
So is that just Kanye West being proven right or what?
Then Ice Cube says he hates that his name was dragged into the Ye interview.
And so he's trying to get the people that label you anti-Semite off his back, but it's too late for Ice Cube.
Here's a story in the Daily Beast.
Ice Cube's long, disturbing history of anti-Semitism.
Of course, Ice Cube is not anti-Semitic at all.
Ice Cube is anti-the American regime destroying the people of this country, and so he's anti-establishment, but oh, they say he's anti-Semitic.
I see.
So that's what's going on now.
ADL head blasts Adidas for not dropping Kanye West.
A company that outfitted the Hitler youth.
Yeah, you want to get into everything else that Hitler influenced?
The Olympics, cars and everything.
And now you have groups of individuals doing the Heil Hitler salute with signs that say they support Ye.
This is so fake.
Anybody that believes this is an idiot.
This stuff has to be fake.
I wouldn't say that I'm a prideful person.
In fact, I've gone through a lot of attacks, a lot of degradation, to tell the truth.
But I am somebody that doesn't like to beg.
And I'm somebody that doesn't like to bother people.
But you know, if I don't bother you now, if I don't push you now to fight for freedom even harder, we're going to have the globalists, these control freaks, satanists, and pedophiles ruling our lives and ruling the lives of our children and innocent people.
So I can override my instinct not to beg, and my instinct not to plead, and my instinct not to be annoying, and just tell you, who's delivered like him full force?
Who's had an effect against the New World Order as big as we have?
And the answer is nobody.
And it's because we have you, an incredible audience of activists that have done an amazing job.
So, so much of our mission is completed.
I'd say 90% of the work
We set out to do.
Exposing the New World Order, preparing folks for their attack, getting people ready to fight back, is now bearing fruit.
We're having incredible successes everywhere.
Nationalists, populists, anti-New World Order folks getting elected, the globals in full panic mode, their poison shot agenda falling apart.
The list goes on and on.
But now we reach the critical part of the fight where the deep state is targeting all the leadership of the resistance and they see InfoWars as the very tip of the spear they want to blunt.
So I want to ask you all to support InfoWars now more than ever.
Now I've run some fundraisers in the past for legal defense funds for free speech and InfoWars.
And we've got that basically paid for now.
But courts have ruled I've got to pay my legal fees.
I don't have the money.
So I need your support.
Please go to SaveInfoWars.com today and make a donation on GiveSendGo, whether it's $5, $10, or $100 so that I personally continue to battle.
We're so close to victory, but I know this, we're not giving up.
So please help me not give up.
Please take action now at SaveInfoWars.com.
For the first time ever, and donate directly to me so I can stay in the fight.
Thank you.
Alex Jones, for a while, was just a personality.
He was a guy who talked, and he had fans.
If they left him alone, he would have ended up in the historical record as a guy who said stuff online.
Now they've turned him into an extremely consequential political and legal figure with everything they've gone after.
Now, throughout history, there's going to be precedent, historical records, talking about the conflict, the crisis, the politics, all of that stuff.
Sandy Hook families seek $2.75 trillion from Alex Jones.
Jury already awarded families $965 million in damages.
Judge to decide damages under state deceptive trade law.
Oh, this is fascinating.
So basically they're seeking what?
Just about 3,000 times what they were awarded from the jury.
$2.75 trillion.
Let's put that into context.
Here is a list of countries by GDP.
You can see here, U.S.
dollars in the trillions, France 2.77, Canada 2.2.
So, Alex Jones' lawsuit falls somewhere in between Canada and France in terms of gross domestic product.
That's how stupid we have become as a people.
I'm ashamed because, look,
I'm worried the aliens are watching us, and boy is this embarrassing if they are.
You know, there was a story we talked about the other day that claimed Putin had already tried to fire a nuke, but that sabotage or technical issues caused it not to fire, and I'm like, well, the only solution to that, the only answer as to why this is happening is aliens.
You know?
As soon as he pressed the button, the aliens deactivated.
Well, that's the conspiracy theory, right?
That aliens stopped us from firing nukes?
I'm just saying,
The whole world, everything that humanity is, we are becoming a clown show.
That's how stupid this is, so.
I think we can take this back, you know, we can end this easily.
Going back to the late 1700s, Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.
Now back in those days, that only applied to Congress, right?
I think so.
We're good.
Alex Jones, I think, goes to the Supreme Court and wins.
I don't think it gets tossed out on appeal.
I think it goes to the Supreme Court and I think that they look at the Brandenburg case and then they throw this out entirely.
Let me read this from the story.
It says, the family said they're entitled to that amount, $2.75 trillion, because Jones broke a state law barring the sale of products using false statements.
They reached the sum by multiplying the state law's $5,000 per violation fine by the 550 million social media exposures Jones' audience received on his Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts in the three years following the San Diego incident.
Literally makes no sense.
The judge made a huge mistake.
In this regard, Alex Jones did not do commer... Maybe I'm wrong, okay?
But I'm pretty sure he didn't do commercials where he held up his product and was like, I just want to talk about, you know, a tragic event by my product and also that event was not real.
Like, I'm pretty sure his commercials were entirely separate statements.
It would be like if...
You know, we have Biotrust sponsors the show as if they would be liable because I make a claim about Joe Biden on the show and that's selling the product.
That's nonsense.
The law is supposed to be, if I said something like, you know, this water keeps tigers away, $100 Ian, you want to buy it?
I don't see any tigers, do you?
That's clearly, right?
That's what they're trying to go for.
Opinions are always protected, free speech.
And that's Alex Jones' opinion that that happened.
And so as long as it was a clearly stated opinion about a public event, he's protected.
So he's never going to have to pay this money.
I mean, obviously, you know, you guys were talking about it getting thrown out on appeal, but I think that this goes through the legislative process, goes to the Supreme Court, they cite Brandenburg, and then it gets tossed out.
But, you know, the left is celebrating this now as if they're going to go after all of these other people like you and me and Kanye and others and stuff.
I don't think that happens, not with the Supreme Court the way that it sits right now.
When he made a statement and named one of the parents and said that they were lying, that crosses the line as no longer opinion, is that true?
No, so here's the crazy thing.
If I said something like, Ian Crosland is a conservative commentator who actively assists fascists, and I've seen him do it, that's an opinion.
If I said, I've watched Ian Crosland walk up to a group of fascists and provide aid and support to them, that's an opinion.
Because what people need to understand is that
I've talked with lawyers so many times about defamation and stuff like this.
People seem to think that claiming someone did something is a statement of fact when it's not.
But what about if I say, Ian Crosland said he was 43 years old and he is lying?
So, the statement of fact is that you said you were 43 years old.
Did you?
Whether you're lying or not is my opinion.
Whether you said you were 43 is fact.
So, if I said, for instance, Ian, a conservative commentator, Ian Crossland, said that if young folks, if we get rid of no-fault divorce, young folks would be more careful about who they marry.
Did you really say that?
Because I made a statement of fact and a quote.
Like Jezebel.
For those that aren't familiar, this is literally what Jezebel did to Ian.
This is a false statement of fact, outright, and it is actionable.
The next question is damages.
Were you damaged by it?
How much does it cost?
Well, we had one user tell us the other day they were going to give us $1,000 a month for 84 years, but then they found out Ian was conservative, so they're not going to.
So we'll have to look into that.
Sue for $2.75 trillion.
That's right, $2.75 trillion.
All the marks of people that have watched the show ever and thought of me in their head, now multiplied by... Come on.
So the issue with this is that Alex Jones never had a trial.
That's what happened.
If he did, they would have been like, it's an opinion, albeit you might think it's a really stupid one, but it is.
The judge granted discovery, which makes no sense.
She should have immediately ruled it as a free speech issue, but she's obviously stepped into this on a political side.
A lot of people think, and I agree, Alex should not have said stuff like this.
It's clearly ridiculous.
But he's allowed to.
You know, Ethan Klein got suspended from YouTube the other day for the comments he made about Ben Shapiro getting gassed.
We said it on the show that night.
He should not get suspended.
That was before he did.
And then I said it again.
He got suspended.
He shouldn't be.
He should be allowed to say that.
Someone superchatted already that, like, I'm criticizing Kanye West for saying, you know, I don't know if we're supposed to say it on the show because someone said the R word or whatever.
I said Kanye shouldn't.
I didn't say he should be banned from doing it.
Right, but what about the defamation case?
Now, in your opinion, what should somebody not be able to say?
Like, when they can prove damages by what someone said when they're not a public figure, right?
Well, so I understand the public figure thing, and it's tough.
If we're looking at someone who is a politician or a celebrity and they're active in public life and we have an argument with them, I understand why we have the Times v. Sullivan precedent that there's a higher standard for public figures.
For people who aren't public figures, who aren't involved in this stuff, I understand why that standard isn't there.
So it is difficult.
My view of this is like, what really should have happened is that they sue Alex Jones and said, you've made false statements about this.
Alex Jones pays in the thousands and has to issue an apology and a retraction.
I think one big solution for a lot of these things is a retraction and apology, but the courts don't ever enforce that.
But the thing is, Alex already did issue a lot of apologies.
But YouTube deleted all those videos and there's no record of it.
No, I know.
There's not a lot of records that he could comply with, and this is one of the reasons why, of course, they just threw out the court case and he didn't have his day in court.
They just decided he was guilty, said he wasn't complying.
Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't.
We don't know the full story of exactly what was happening behind the scenes here.
But, I don't know, maybe these families confused Alex Jones with the Federal Reserve and think he could just print money out of thin air.
And it's just a ridiculous notion to ask for trillions of dollars.
It shows you how frivolous this is and how it's politically motivated, rather than motivated on the actual merits of this case.
Yeah, I think there's a strong possibility it goes to the Supreme Court.
They might just say they don't want to hear it, but I think they probably would because this is kind of ridiculous.
So, here's my understanding.
We went down to Austin, I think it was a year ago, and this was when Jones was, right around the time he was held in default, or they declared default judgment because he didn't turn over all the documents.
Alex, I was talking to him, and he said, we've given them every single thing we have.
There's nothing else we can give them.
And he was like frantically and adamant, being like, Tim, listen, I gave them literally everything.
I don't know what else to do.
And they just kept saying he didn't.
So like, what do you do when they just claim you didn't give them the documents and you did?
He's in Chapter 11, which means that in Texas, he's still going to be able to operate.
He's got like less than $3 million in assets.
They don't have to liquidate.
He can still keep his employees.
He can still operationally, but that what they've promised is all.
He's in Chapter 11, which means that in Texas he's still going to be able to operate.
He's got, like, less than $3 million in assets.
They don't have to liquidate.
He can still keep his employees.
He can still operationally... But what they've promised is all the future profits from InfoWars and all that.
Which there never will be.
Right, right.
Let me explain something to anybody who just doesn't understand how businesses work.
Profits are a choice.
That's it.
It's a choice.
So, they may try and say, OK, we're going to find out where you are right now, and we're going to say, here's a cap as to how much you can use for operational costs.
But that probably won't fly, because it makes no sense, because costs vary.
So, for Alex, let's say he makes $3 million this year.
I was probably way more a while ago.
Let's just pick a number.
Let's say $10 million.
OK, fine.
They say, okay, you made $10 million.
Up, up, up, up, up, up.
That is revenue, not profit.
Alex can then take, let's say it costs him $3 million to run the business.
He can then spend $7 million on advertisements all over the country, and that is an operational cost.
He can just choose to dump it into things.
He can buy more machines.
He can build a bigger warehouse.
He can build a bigger studio and just keep spending the money.
They will never see a penny.
Yeah, Luke's right.
This was a political judgment.
It's not a legal precedent that's set.
It's going to get overturned.
You know, Alex Jones will continue to be able to operate in Texas.
So, honestly, I think that probably everybody benefits from this in the end.
Because when it does go to the Supreme Court and they do uphold the Brandenburg precedent, people like you and I are going to be benefiting from that.
We're going to get the Alex Jones precedent.
And then we're going to be like, did you see that court case between, you know, Ethan Klein and Ben Shapiro?
Well, well, under the Jones, Alex Jones precedent, they're going to have to, they're going to hate that so much.
You got to keep bringing up the man's name that we banned everywhere on social media.
In Jones v. So, um, this is what happened in Mississippi with the abortion ban.
They, it was what, 11 weeks or something?
Then the left sued to stop it, and it resulted in Roe v. Wade getting overturned.
They could have just said, hey, let's not launch any lawsuits until we get control of the Supreme Court to keep this level, but they decided we're gonna go, we're gonna go at this and try and fight it.
Makes it to the Supreme Court, Supreme Court says,
Nope, Roe v. Wade gone.
Yeah, see, this is why I don't take the black pill, man.
I am so on the white pill train, because over the long course of history, liberty has advanced.
If you look at things on a long enough timeline, sure, have we lost some short-term victories?
But the libertarians have slowly made, gotten the big wins.
Roe v. Wade was a big one.
That was ignored.
That happened last, the first time I was on the show last time.
And the anarchists and the people who want to be left alone, we would see things a little bit differently.
But you do make a very good point, because especially when it comes to states
I think?
I think we're seeing the system panic and kind of get angry and lash out.
And I think this is one of the ways that they're lashing out in these kind of particular court cases.
But at the end of the day, we're talking about Alex Jones, someone that, of course, is banned on social media.
And if anything, this is only going to make him more notable.
This is only going to make more people know about him because more people are talking about him now.
So he was a famous guy, but they've turned him into an iconic historical figure.
That's the craziest thing about it.
A martyr!
I mean, more than that.
Alex Jones, for a while, was just a personality.
He was a guy who talked, and he had fans.
If they left him alone, he would have ended up in the historical record as a guy who said stuff online.
Now they've turned him into an extremely consequential political and legal figure with everything they've gone after.
Now, throughout history, there's going to be precedent, historical records, talking about the conflict, the crisis, the politics, all of that stuff.
Just simply put, he used to be influential, now he's consequential.
Is that a song lyric?
You should write that down.
The left didn't read their Nietzsche.
They stared too long into the abyss, they fought dragons, and then they became the enemy.
They became exactly what they were fighting against.
You know who else is red-pilling a lot of people?
Another big victory for free speech and freedom is Corey DeAngelis' crusade for school choice in Arizona.
Yes, he's winning.
Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, the governor's race.
I mean, what a blessing that has been.
But I honestly think that the school choice issue and the freedom of choice in education is the freedom issue of our time.
The pandemic red-pilled a lot of people, but there's nothing like telling parents that they shouldn't have anything to do with their kids' education to get people to show up to their town.
That on top of a new record number of homeschoolers also throughout the last few years has been growing very significantly, especially after COVID when a lot of people were able to actually see what's happening in their curriculum, what's happening in their schools, and be shocked by the utter craziness that's being taught to students.
And it's not really teaching students or teaching kids anything.
It's really indoctrinating them into the current system.
A lot of people are sick of it.
A lot of people are saying, you know what?
I'm just going to teach my own kids the important things that I want to teach them.
And what I love too is seeing all of the former liberals coming along to our side, right, and like how the trans issue has turned so many of the LGBT, or the LGB, well the LGBT community.
We got, you know, Blair White and so many other transgender people, Sarah Higdon and others, who are coming along to our side who have been red-pilled because of the extremism of the progressive values.
The progressives are out there attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her town halls!
He's already been pushed to the side!
And you see she's like dancing and sticks her tongue out.
Did she vote for funding for Ukraine for weapons and aid?
Yes, yes.
It was unanimous.
It was unanimous.
Wait a minute, unanimous?
Thomas Massie didn't vote.
No, no, no, the Democrats.
There was like no defectors.
You look at the Republicans and it's split.
But so, with a lot of this ideology stuff, there's one really great example that's popping up in the news, and it's this Dylan Mulvaney, I think the individual's name is.
Yeah, it's Dylan Mulvaney.
It's some of the funniest content.
I mean, Dylan says that they're a performer putting on a performance, and I respect that and think the performance is very, very funny.
The only thing is...
It's at the expense of women, right?
Dylan Mulvaney, for those that aren't familiar, posted this video, got invited to the White House and got a cookie.
And the whole performance, and again, I'll stress this, Mulvaney says outright that this is a performance.
I bring that up and people are like, no, it's serious, no, it's serious.
And I'm like, I mean, maybe Dylan's literally trans, but the character they're playing is exaggerated over the top performance.
And it's, you know, when they say woman face, I'm like, no, that's literally what this is, right?
The point I'm trying to make is,
You mentioned that even trans people are getting concerned about what's going on, Blair White being a good example, because Dylan Mulvaney's character is a caricature of women and trans people, not indicative of who trans people really are.
So you have this person who's tripping, wearing high heels while going hiking, and just this very cartoonish character, and it's got a lot of trans people and women angry that they're being mocked by this performance.
Well, conservatism is not confined to one ideology, right?
There are conservative Democrats, right?
There are conservative gay people, right?
So, conservatism can encompass a wider branch of philosophies than most people might think.
It's not confined to republicanism.
But hey, you know, Biden really likes Dylan Mulvaney.
And according to Dylan, who came out today, he says that Biden said that he watches his TikTok channel and that they're going to come out with an official conversation and interview this coming Sunday.
So that's going to be very interesting to watch.
But to the point that you guys are making here, I think it's important to note here that, you know, a lot of the times when people are a part of different communities,
Especially in the conservative kind of wing, they usually don't make it their personality.
Sometimes they do, and it's a little bit annoying, but when you just come to the table and say, hey, my sex, my gender, my choice of how I decide to procreate is everything all about me, it's kind of annoying, and it kind of takes away from the human being, and that's what you see from a lot when it comes to a lot of these social media personalities that just use it as a way to have a fake personality.
I think it's possible to get to the point, well I see one of two futures.
One where offensive comedy comes back with a vengeance.
I hope so.
And you start seeing like, remember when Sarah Silver?
Richard Pryor's and stuff, yeah.
Yeah, I mean when George Carlin, George Carlin called Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy the N-word on stage to thunderous applause.
Like, I mean it's shocking.
It's true, but it's true.
Yeah, he did.
And the point he was making is that it was a joke because you know they're not.
Like, it was meant to be absurd.
You know that George Carlin is a hippie who doesn't really believe in this stuff, and it was meant to be shocking and offensive, but you can't do that kind of stuff these days.
No way.
Maybe it'll go swing in a complete other direction, or maybe...
It will come to the point where woman face becomes extremely offensive and people like Dylan Mulvaney get banned for misogyny.
But how do you do that?
How do you rally women around that to reclaim womanhood that it isn't some entirely conservative female movement?
Are liberal females really going to get on board with reclaiming woman face?
My point is maybe.
I'm not saying right now.
I mean, I don't know where we're at.
I just wonder what the psychology is.
There has to be some kind of polarizing event.
What I see is either the woman face phenomenon results in people saying mockery of any identity is fair play, or it turns into, you know what, we've realized for some time that it's probably not okay to mock women in this way.
But shouldn't it be okay, though?
Shouldn't everybody be up for grabs?
When you were kids, there was always that one serious kid who told the teacher every time somebody said something mean about him, and then the rest of us were all having a laugh or having a joke, right?
I mean, I don't think it should be illegal or banned or anything like that, but people are allowed to have tastes, you know what I mean?
Like Sarah Silverman did blackface.
Personally, I'm not a fan of it.
George Carlin, I'm a huge fan of, but his joke where he calls Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor the N-word, that's, I'm not, I'm not all about that.
You know, I understand his point about being offensive.
I think he should be allowed to do it.
I think he can make his joke, and turns out tons of people really loved what he said.
Good for him.
I, you know, that's not my thing.
Is there a time and place for a blackface?
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes into, and Joe Rogan, Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means
Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell, you've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip
To buy and sell in the near future, and now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you, through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score.
through universal basic income as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses making you sign on for government handout but with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
Then sharing the articles and videos and links from InfoWars.com and Band.Video to be the Paul Revere's of your era and to get amazing products that God gave us through Mother Nature to empower our stamina, our energy, our libido, everything else including our immune systems.
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It's the good halogen, the opposite of fluoride at InfoWarsStore.com.
Do you remember the dancing nurses phenomenon at the beginning of COVID?
Remember the hospitals and the nurses were so overwhelmed that they found the hours a day to choreograph dance routines and upload those videos onto the internet for social media clout.
That's how overwhelmed they were during COVID.
They were learning new dance routines for internet clout.
Well, there's a similar trend happening now with the Extinction Rebellion.
These people are anti-energy, anti-human.
They fully buy into the man-made climate change propaganda.
And so the nurses are back at it again.
Now they're doing dance routines for Extinction Rebellion.
They want to shut down energy, shut down the combustion engine, and end civilization as we know it, whether they realize it or not.
And so here they are again.
And, you know, it'd be one thing if they maybe had some talent, but they don't.
They just want to shut off your energy and embarrass themselves in the process.
Here it is in clip 4.
Oh my God.
Science advice.
Science advice.
Now they get on the ground.
Is this where they die?
Is this them dying or what is this?
Hey, you know what?
I am in complete agreement with your cause.
You guys should all go live in a cave.
Go live in a cave.
Or are they going to be Ukrainian war victim crisis actors?
No, go live in a cave if you really believe this.
If you really want to stop man-made climate change, then go live in a cave or kill yourself.
I'm not actually promoting that.
I'm not promoting suicide.
I like energy.
I like humanity on this planet.
I think humans should live and prosper and like the Bible says, be fruitful and multiply.
These are the people that want to end humanity.
So be the example.
Live out the example you want to see in the world.
Go live in a cave, go live outside on the river, or just, you know, end it all.
That's your logic, not mine.
I think humanity is good.
I think I like cars.
I like building things.
I like easily accessible, cheap energy.
I like that.
You are the ones that hate it, so why don't you live out your dream and go live in a cave, go live in the woods, go live in a van next to the river,
Or, you know, pay the ultimate price for stopping climate change, and that's give up your life.
But see, oh, they want to stay alive.
Is that why, I'll cover this coming up, is that why a protest where they're blocking the highway resulted in two women dying because they blocked an ambulance from getting to the hospital, so two women died to stop the oil protest?
By the way, they're continuing to deface and destroy, at least attempting to.
Classical art pieces.
Now, most of them, they can't destroy.
They're in double-triple-sealed gas, glass.
Probably even the gas inside of them is contained.
But they're glass containers, double-triple-sealed frames, usually.
So I don't think they're actually destroying them.
But here, another group of stop-oil protesters try to destroy a Monet and then glue themselves to the wall.
These people sound perfectly sane.
Here, check it out.
So they throw mashed potatoes on a Monet at a museum, and then they superglue themselves to the wall.
Now I've noticed, I don't know if I was the... People are starving, people are freezing, people are dying, and yet you're gonna make it worse when you shut off the energy.
These people are so stupid, it's unreal.
Guys, turn the volume down, please.
These guys are so stupid, it's unreal.
Yeah, people are going to starve and die when you shut the energy off.
What do you think is going to happen to food production when you shut energy down?
You think people are starving and dying because of climate change?
People are going to starve and people are going to die because of your climate change policies.
But I have noticed others are in agreement with me.
I'm not sure if I'm the first that ever said this, but I've noticed that people are picking up on it because I've been saying it a lot lately.
When these climate change protesters superglue themselves to buildings and superglue themselves to walls and art and Starbucks bars and all this stuff, we should leave them there.
They should be left there.
Let them superglue themselves to whatever they want and then they can just superglue themselves to anything and then they can be there for the rest of their lives.
That's what they want.
You are supporting the cause.
So, if I ran that museum,
I would actually not clean up the painting, I would leave the painting defaced, and I would leave them superglued to the wall, and that would be the new art exhibit.
It would be like living art.
Like, here used to be a classic Monet, but it was attempted to be destroyed by these two climate change activists that have now superglued themselves to the wall.
And then just leave him there.
Say, what do you want?
This is what you wanted.
Don't give him a pot to piss in.
Don't give him water.
Don't give him food.
Just let him stay there.
This is what you want.
You want to commit to your cause?
Let's see it.
Or do you just want lights, camera, action?
Do you just want to feel good about yourself?
Do you just want an empty, hollow, shallow protest?
How do you think they got to the mall?
How do you think their clothes got made?
How do you think the mashed potatoes got made?
How do you think they're going to get home?
How do you think they're going to get to jail?
Oh, it's all going to increase the carbon footprint.
So they don't, they don't even, they can't even think about that.
So I say, leave them there.
I say, if a climate protester wants to superglue themselves to the street, or superglue themselves to a wall, or a building, or a museum, or anything, leave them there.
Let them be superglued there forever.
And let the people see what they do.
Yeah, you came here to see the Monet.
Well, these people destroyed it, and now have decided to superglue themselves to the wall.
Gaze in amazement.
Please do not feed the animals.
Please do not touch the animals.
They might bite.
They are hungry.
They've been here for a while.
They're covered in feces.
But this is what they wanted.
And so this is what they get.
But of course it always doesn't end good.
But you see what they say is, Oh, climate change is killing people.
Climate change is causing people to starve.
That's actually what their policies are doing.
That's exactly what their policies are going to do.
And so, it's ironic that they complain about people starving when they shut down the energy.
That's exactly what is going to happen.
Like this, US has only 25 days of diesel supply.
Shortage could cripple economy.
You realize if we run out of diesel fuel, the farming industry is going to be crippled.
You think that's going to starve people when they don't have energy to process and produce food?
How do you think that's going to go?
Oh, I guess you haven't thought that one out, have you?
I guess you haven't thought that one out, have you?
And they don't want you to talk about that either.
And they keep bringing it up.
Oh, inflation up around the world.
Inflation up around the world.
Well, do you know why inflation is up around the world?
Because of the climate change policies.
Because they're shutting down your energy.
They're shutting down your economy.
That's why inflation is up.
You notice that it's only up in the nations that enact the green policies.
It's only up in the nations that are enacting shutting down their energy, shutting down gas, shutting down coal.
Of course it's causing inflation.
And then they print new money.
So they print new money to give away, like socialists, and then they shut down the energy, and then they say, what's going on?
Why are things collapsing all around us?
We can't figure it out.
It must be the weather.
You're not very bright, are you?
And so here's Nancy Pelosi, though.
She doesn't want you to talk about inflation ahead of the midterms.
We all know why.
Here she was on Morning News telling the host, stop talking about inflation in clip nine.
And the fact is that when I hear people talk about inflation, as I heard him there, we have to change that subject.
Inflation is a global phenomenon.
The EU, the European Union, the UK, the British have a higher inflation rate than we do here.
The fight is not about inflation, it's about the cost of living.
Oh, and the cost of living goes up when gas prices double.
The cost of living goes up when inflation goes up.
The cost of living goes up when producer price index, consumer price index go up.
All what you've done.
And all the nations that she just mentioned are all enacting green policies.
Causing inflation.
It's just stunning.
Raising taxes.
They really don't get it.
But see, the climate change protests
Are actually a deadly thing.
Eco protesters have blood on their hands after two women die in M20 horror crash following ambulance delay.
So they were being raced to the hospital.
Climate change protesters superglued themselves to the road.
Ambulance couldn't get through the protest.
The women ended up dying in the ambulance.
Good job, climate change protesters.
Way to go.
But hey, what's too dead compared to the millions that will die under your policies?
Too dead is nothing compared to what you guys will accomplish when it's all said and done, when you shut off the energy, when you shut off the food supply.
Millions, billions will starve to death.
Too dead after you superglue yourselves to the streets?
That's nothing.
Billions dead when you shut off the food supply and the energy supply.
That's the numbers you're looking for, isn't it?
And they sit here and they say, we're doing this to save lives!
And they're going to kill so many people they don't even realize it.
They're just part of a eugenics program.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me do this before I get into some of the other political news ahead of the midterms that is so important as we're 16 days away.
You know they don't want InfoWars on the air.
They had hoped that this transmission and Alex Jones and everything InfoWars do and has done
Would have been off the air after, really they wanted us off air ahead of the 2018 midterms.
That's why they had the ultimate censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars ahead of the 2018 midterms.
You in the audience supported us, we rallied, we carried on, we were on the air in the 2018 midterms.
Then in the 2020 presidential election, you saw the sweeping internet censorship.
Expanding from Infowars and Alex Jones to Donald Trump, to senators, to doctors, to everybody else ahead of the presidential election.
Well, now they're back again.
They thought they would have us off the air by the midterms.
They've still got 16 days left, so maybe they think they still can.
But once again, you have rallied to the cause, and you have kept us on air.
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You know, I try not to drink any fluoridated water ever.
In fact, I got a big story about that coming up.
I'll mention it right now.
There was a local hero in Vermont.
A Vermont Towns water official resigns amid fluoridation confusion.
The man was quietly and slowly bringing the fluoride levels down to almost nothing in Richmond, Vermont.
He wasn't supposed to do it.
He was trying to save the people of Richmond from the fluoride poisoning.
But that's what they put in their water, and so now he has to resign for trying to de-poison the water.
But I try to avoid any fluoridated water, but I'm not perfect.
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That's on sale at InfoWarsTore.com.
But this sale ends tonight, folks, so take advantage of 50% off InfoWarsTore.com now.
Let's talk to Heath in FEMA Region 4.
Heath, thanks for holding.
I appreciate you, brother.
Hey, brother.
Pleasure to speak with you.
I got something I want to say out.
I'm sick of these pot-bellied pedophiles harming our children.
And I'm sick of these demons attacking Christians and patriots like you take his platform away.
You know what I mean?
It makes me sick.
What these demons don't know is they're giving us our launch pad.
You see how God works?
Oh yeah, this is the Great Awakening.
I know you know.
It's happening, and I'm here for it.
What a time to be alive.
I mean, is this real life?
This is real life, Heath.
I love you.
Anything else?
Well, you know, I know I said I'm sick, but I want to plug X2.
I've been taking it.
My girlfriend, I love you, Jessica.
She's had health problems.
She's been trying to fix for years, and we started taking X2 about a month and a half ago in B12.
I've been a longtime listener, only just a new customer since then.
I've been on fire.
I've gotten the feet.
I've gotten the Fizzy Magnesium, two orders of the B12 and the X2.
My mom's ordering a year's worth of food.
She just got X3 in the mail.
You're on fire, brother.
I'm trying to get her to order your book.
I'm trying to get the money up.
Brother, we love you and the funding, because it's all about the war.
And it's your support that's letting us do this.
Hey, if I had 8.7 million dollars, brother, I'd give it to you.
Keep fighting the good fight.
We're never giving up, folks.
People want a People's Media.
Thank you, Heath.
We're in.
You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
The Alex Jones Show.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroeder.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Sixteen days from the midterms, all signs point to a sweep for the Republicans, major landslide for the Republicans.
But we all know that wall of voter fraud that is sitting there waiting for us.
And again, I want to tease, we're going to have a great video coming up in the last segment today.
I went out in the InfoWars battle tank, as it's so called, the armored truck yesterday.
And just got some epic footage and the usual leftist crazies and even a shout out from Beta O'Rourke.
Even got a shout out from Beta.
And you know, let me just say this too before I get into these headlines.
I've probably been out in that truck, boy, what, two dozen times maybe I've been out in that truck?
And since, when did we, when did we acquire that truck, guys?
What, like 2018 or 19?
My point is that, of all the times I have been out in the truck, let's say 20 times probably, at least, yesterday was the highest ratio of positive to negative interactions that we've had.
And it wasn't even close.
Normally it's about split, I would say.
Normally it's about split.
And that's just taking the numbers from the responses we get.
I would say normally it's like the majority of people barely respond at all, and then the ones that do, it would be split about half and half, maybe depending on the day, depending on the crowd, but it would be close to about half and half positive negative interactions.
Yesterday we were out for more than two hours, and when we went through a busy downtown Austin on a beautiful sunny day yesterday,
Everyone was responding.
I mean, we're talking about like an 80-90% response rate, and that was now an all-time high.
And I'm saying of the interactions, 9 out of 10, 90% of the interactions yesterday were positive.
Now, considering how much Infowars and Alex Jones has been in the news lately for negative reasons, if you look at the mainstream news, that's a good sign.
People don't buy the mainstream news anymore, they know it's lying, and they're looking at alternative sources.
So 9 out of 10 responses were positive yesterday.
Then we get the shout-out at the Beta event.
Beta event.
And well, that's always classic.
So that's all coming up.
But as far as the midterm news, let me get to some of the headlines now.
So, you may have seen this story.
Election Dropbox Spotters Catch Man Covering License Plate in Arizona.
Now, this is actually a separate story, and I don't know if I sent you guys these videos.
I don't think I did.
But over the weekend, see if you guys can find the video.
There was a controversial video coming out of Arizona.
Where there were some men that kind of dressed maybe like half military garb and they maybe even had face masks on and they were sitting in a truck outside of a drop box and the Democrats are complaining and calling it voter intimidation.
And so here's what I believe is going on with this.
I think that the Democrats are running a false flag operation and they're sending out fake poll watchers to engage in voter harassment and intimidation so that they can shut down the ballot drop box poll watchers ahead of the midterms.
That's what I think is going on.
Why do I think that?
Because all the Democrats and all the left-wing media were sharing this one same video and image.
There it is right there, folks.
I don't know too many Republican poll watchers that go dressed in full military garb with their faces covered.
In fact, I don't know any.
And I've talked to some of the groups involved with this over the weekend to get a little more information, and they said it's actually their policy, the groups I talk to,
Their policy is they don't interact with the people.
They're just there to sit and watch and film and record if they feel necessary, but to not interact with anybody.
That's what they've been told.
So all of a sudden, these photos and images and videos start coming out, and Democrats all in unison start crying voter intimidation over this one instance, this one incident.
I'm sorry, my spidey senses go off.
I sense a false flag.
And when you look at the activities of these so-called voter-intimidating poll watchers, Dropbox watchers, they don't match the characteristics of what the actual trained ballot Dropbox watchers have done.
Now, we'll see if we hear anything more about this, but when these things kind of pop up and get used for propaganda and then disappear, that's when you know it's propaganda.
Now, if we hear from these people and they disagree, then maybe we'll know.
If the ballot drop box group says, yep, they were with us, then we'll know.
But if that doesn't happen, I suspect those people were Liberal Democrats sent out there for a false flag.
And of course they would do that.
Of course they would do that.
Of course Democrats don't want people watching the ballot drop boxes, especially after what we saw in 2020, and then especially after the documentary film 2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza that just shows how the Democrats, or I guess we don't know who, except the Democrats don't like it, so that tells us who, how they cheated with the drop boxes and the mail-in ballots.
But there's real groups, there's actual real groups that are doing mail-in ballot drop box watching, legally, lawfully, organized, funded, they're doing it the right way, and they say, no, no, no, we don't interact with these people.
If we see suspicious activity, we just film it, we just photograph it, we don't interact.
So it goes against that.
So those two are either operating on their own or with some other group, or if we don't hear from them, maybe they were just Democrats in disguise.
But why don't Democrats want people watching the mail-in ballot drop boxes?
Do I really have to tell you?
Isn't it easy?
Isn't it obvious?
Now we've got Trump, who's been subpoenaed by the January 6th Committee, and of course, they're not going to televise his testimony because they don't want that.
Crazy Liz Cheney says January 6th Committee will not allow Trump testimony to be televised.
Says he will testify before her under oath.
Oh, it's just going to be them two sitting in a room and no one else can see.
So, this is how they rig it.
They do their propaganda, January 6th Committee's, live on TV for all to see.
With their specific paid for eyewitnesses up there lying to the American people, and then when they do the deposition or they get testimony from people on the other side, nobody gets to watch it, no cameras in the room, no one allowed to record, no one allowed to talk about it.
And then they take whatever they want from those interviews and then they show that to the public.
So they'll take like 2% of whatever happens in Trump's testimony, if he doesn't just plead the fifth the whole time, they'll take 2% and they'll just say, see, this is what he said, he's guilty.
My guess is he'll plead the fifth and they'll say that proves he's guilty, which goes, of course, against all legal precedent in this country in regards to the Fifth Amendment.
But they don't care about that, obviously.
They don't even have the basic integrity to protect a woman's privacy who's been raped.
I was sickened by it.
Senator Joni Ernst's blast political report that published records of GOP candidate Jennifer Ruth Green's sexual assault.
I've covered this story before, but in case you haven't heard, the Democrats did some
They were digging for some dirt on a congressional candidate, Jennifer Ruth Green, who happens also to be a black female veteran.
Dirt digging.
You'd think they'd not want to go after her, but she's not a liberal Democrat, so they hate her.
Especially more now that she's a black woman.
They hate her even more.
So they dug for dirt, they couldn't find any, but they did find records that she was sexually assaulted while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I forget which one it was where she was assaulted.
And the Democrats just published that?
They said, well, we don't have any dirt on her, so let's just publish she got sexually assaulted while she was overseas on a tour.
That's how sick these people are.
But they're not very popular.
Cori Bush, Democrat member of the Squad, launched her book last week.
It sold 729 copies.
729 copies for Democrat Squad member Cori Bush.
But yeah, they're so popular.
They'll win in the midterms, I'm sure.
I wouldn't say that I'm a prideful person.
In fact, I've gone through a lot of attacks, a lot of degradation, to tell the truth.
But I am somebody that doesn't like to beg.
And I'm somebody that doesn't like to bother people.
But you know if I don't bother you now, if I don't push you now to fight for freedom even harder, we're going to have the globalists, these control freaks, satanists and pedophiles ruling our lives and ruling the lives of our children and innocent people.
So I can override my instinct not to beg, and my instinct not to plead, and my instinct not to be annoying, and just tell you,
Who's delivered like Infowars?
Who's had an effect against the New World Order as big as we have?
The answer is nobody.
And it's because we have you, an incredible audience of activists, that does an amazing job.
So, so much of our mission is completed.
I'd say 90% of the work we set out to do, exposing the New World Order, preparing folks for their attack, getting people ready to fight back, is now bearing fruit.
We're having incredible successes everywhere.
Nationalists, populists, anti-New World Order folks getting elected, the globalists in full panic mode, their poison shot agenda falling apart, the list goes on and on.
But now we reach the critical part of the fight where the deep state is targeting all the leadership of the resistance and they see InfoWars as the very tip of the spear they want to blunt.
So I want to ask you all to support InfoWars now more than ever.
Now I've run some fundraisers in the past for legal defense funds for free speech and InfoWars.
And we've got that basically paid for now.
But courts have ruled I've got to pay my legal fees.
I don't have the money.
So I need your support.
Please go to SaveInfoWars.com today and make a donation on GiveSimGo, whether it's $5, $10, or $100, so that I personally continue to battle.
We're so close to victory, but I know this, we're not giving up.
So please help me not give up.
Please take action now at SaveInfoWars.com.
SaveInfoWars.com for the first time ever and donate directly to me so I can stay in the fight.
Thank you.
That's Stacey Abrams.
She's dancing for votes.
She's dancing for votes in Georgia.
She was also on the stage with Lizzo.
Dancing for votes.
And then after they tore the field goals down at the Georgia football game this weekend, she volunteered to be the field goal if she smiled at the next football game.
Just truly an amazing thing from Stacey Abrams.
Dancing for votes.
She's a very serious person.
Field goal is good!
But, I mean, you know, if we're going to talk about solving starvation here, I think Stacey Abrams could help royally.
She had a photo posted of her next to Kerry Washington.
You may know Kerry Washington.
Very beautiful actress, Hollywood actress, Kerry Washington.
She's a big Democrat.
And they posted this photo here of Kerry Washington and Stacey Abrams, guys, if you could indulge me, please.
Yeah, and it made me think of something.
It reminded me of something, this photograph here.
I don't know if the crew was able to pull up what it reminded me of.
I see this photograph and it just, it reminded me of something.
I can't quite put my finger on what it reminded me of.
I'm trying to locate it in my head.
Guys, can I, uh... What does this photo remind you of?
Stacey Abrams and Kerry Washington here.
This is after they're dancing for votes.
After they're dancing for... Oh!
Something like that.
Amazing stuff.
Just amazing stuff.
Somebody might want to tell Stacey Abrams that her arm is bigger than the entire body frame of Kerry Washington.
Just an observation.
But that's a good thing, because her and Lizzo, fat girls, are going to take over the world.
That's what they say.
So she's dancing with Lizzo.
My goodness, so much stuff here.
Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, says mental illness is driving subway safety woes, not guns.
Oh, oh, but now, now Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul have said, well, we're going to actually improve police presence on the subways.
Oh, they defund the police, crime goes up, then they say, well, we need more police.
Oh, really?
Who could have seen that coming?
But it is mental illness in a way.
They let the mentally ill roam the streets.
So that does happen.
Boy, oh boy, you know, I've got a bunch of COVID news here.
I'm gonna cover this COVID news tomorrow on the Alex Jones Show.
I want to cover some more timely news right now.
Let's go!
Is basically being protested wherever she goes now.
And look, I'll actually give credit to AOC.
She, in her own right, is a woman of the people.
She does put herself in these positions.
She does have very intimate meetings with her potential constituents or her constituents.
And so, I'll actually give a tip of the cap, even though she's a crazy communist and completely out of her mind and probably just a paid actress to pretend to be a Democrat in Congress.
She's completely become the establishment she claimed to fight, but she does go out and mingle with the people, and I do respect that.
And she sets herself up to get protested.
And so she's getting protested everywhere she goes now.
Liberals and leftists are protesting her.
You've seen the videos.
She's now pro-war.
When it's trendy on the left to be anti-Israel, she's anti-Israel.
But now that it's trendy on the left to be pro-Israel because of what Kanye says, she's pro-Israel, she's pro-war.
She's raising taxes on the poor.
And so the great Drew Hernandez, who is going to be joining me tomorrow, was able to infiltrate one of her events when this happened in clip 7.
AOC, what about the migrants?
What about the migrants, AOC?
What about the little kids being raped at the southern border?
What about the migrants, AOC?
What about the little girls getting raped?
AOC, you're a disgrace!
Talk about the little girls!
Talk about the rapists, AOC!
What about the red tape?
What about the open border?
Denounce Joe Biden!
Denounce Joe Biden!
Denounce the human struggle aid chief!
Bring up the little kids being raped at the southern border, AOC!
What about the southern border?
You're a mugger!
You're a mugger!
It's your party!
It's your party that has the open border!
The blood is on your hands, AOC!
The blood is on your hands, AOC!
So there you go.
There's more.
We're going to have more of it tomorrow with Drew Hernandez on the Alex Jones Show.
Looking forward to speaking with him about that and other issues.
Also, Savannah Hernandez of No Relation will be joining us on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow as well.
She was recently in Portland.
She was able to get inside a
AOC gets protested anywhere she goes.
Beto gets protested everywhere he goes.
The Republican corrupt politicians get protested like Dan Crenshaw and Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.
The populist movement has taken over the Republican Party.
And the anti-establishment, see here, you know what it really comes down to is this.
When the anti-establishment was the left wing thing, it was never successful because they were too stupid to really pull it off.
They ended up being pro-establishment, they just didn't realize it.
So when the left was anti-establishment, they were kind of doing what the establishment wanted them to do.
So the left anti-establishment was actually run by the establishment.
Now you have now seen that come to fruition with everything the left has become.
It's pro-establishment, pro-war, anything they get told by the television, by the government, they do.
That was always set up to be that way.
But now that the conservatives in the right wing have become anti-establishment, we're actually smart.
We actually have smart, successful, intellectual people that understand business, understand economy concepts and finances and geopolitics.
And know how to take peaceful, legal, political action as well.
And so you're actually seeing a real populist uprising that actually is a threat to the establishment.
And that's why they have to get Infowars off air.
That's why they have to get Steve Bannon off air.
That's why they have to get Tucker Carlson off air.
That's why the internet censorship is so important.
Because on the right wing, you actually have intellectualism that can stand and hold its weight against the establishment where you had none of that on the left wing, at least not in a mass movement.
And so that's what I see going on here.
And we'll have more on that tomorrow as well on the Alex Jones Show, as we are just two weeks from the midterms.
Now one more thing before we debut the footage from yesterday's crashing of the Beto rally.
I'm telling you folks, this is classic all-time stuff here.
Transgender singer strips naked on live channel 4 and plays the keyboard with her penis.
Now, I'm assuming we've censored this.
I don't know if we did or not, because here's the thing.
We have censored it, but here's the thing.
They ran this on television, folks.
A man with fake breasts and whacking a keyboard with his genitals.
This aired on television.
Here it is.
And so, not even really a musical talent to me.
This hurts my ears and my eyes.
And then, wax it with the genitals, and then you notice the all-seeing eye in the background, which is a left eye, a left blue eye, which is biblical, and in actual multiple religions, the left eye, only the left eye, the all-seeing eye, so all the propaganda there, horrible musicians, strips naked, so this is what you're getting used to, so... It's all about...
See, they used to have this mentality of, oh, we'll put X group on top of you that you can't criticize, and then we'll use X group to dominate you politically.
Whether it's black people or Jewish people or whatever it is at the time, now it's going to be trans people.
So that's the new thing.
That's the new X group to dominate you.
Alright, folks.
First time premiere, HD footage, Beto O'Rourke gives InfoWars a shout out as we crash his rally yesterday.
That's coming up on the next side of this break.
And remember folks, shop at InfoWarsTore.com.
Last night for 50% off.
Last night for 50% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
You like what we do here?
Shop at InfoWarsTore.com.
I am extremely honored to be seen by the globalists as their number one enemy.
I am blessed to know that our information is so hardcore that the enemies of humanity are obsessed with silencing us.
They know the truth about their globalist operations is exposed.
It's game over.
And all over the planet, humanity is awakening and peacefully fighting back.
And our main tool is free speech.
I think so.
Doesn't World War III sound fun?
Doesn't a nuclear war with Russia sound fun?
Make sure you vote Democrat this November, and we'll be at World War.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you like paying highest gas prices at the pump in American history, make sure you vote Democrat this November.
I've got my kid over here, and you're saying, cutting off wieners!
Get the f*** out of here!
People say f***!
Or should we call him by his real name?
Robert Francis!
Robert Francis!
Robert Francis!
Let's even thank the Infowar guys who are outside.
Be a good slave and vote for the Democrats this November so that we can make Americans disarm themselves.
But if that doesn't do it for ya, maybe trans kid surgery will!
That's right!
If you vote Democrat this November, we'll be chopping off weenies and mangling little boys and girls and everyone will know what's going on!
What, you don't like higher taxes?
He's not voting Democrat!
Vote Republican or something, then, weirdo!
Who doesn't like... Don't tell me you don't like chopping up little boys and girls' denitals!
Don't even tell me who that dick is.
You know the big pharmaceutical companies make money, the little kids grow up confused.
That's what Democrat Party politics are all about.
But how about, how about the big one?
How about war with Russia?
How about a nice World War III?
That'd be fun!
Vote Democrat this November!
Ladies and gentlemen, if you like paying highest gas prices at the pump in American history, make sure you vote Democrat this November.
Because humans are inherently bad, causing climate change.
And don't you know, that's what it's all about.
We here at the Democrat Party just want you to die.
Why can't you humans just die already?
Your grocery bill will go up so high, you'll have no choice but to eat the bugs!
This is the Democrat Party plan for you!
We here at the Democrat Party's number one priority is to shut down man-made climate change.
And you know what is the first word in that?
So that means we will shut you down!
You will be shut down, man!
That's what we at the Democrat Party are into!
That's right!
If you like chopping up little babies and selling their body parts, vote Democrat this November!
We will chop up those
We're asking for two more years, ma'am.
Give the Democrat Party two more years, and we will crush this country!
We will destroy it!
This is what the Democrat Party is all about!
Let's go, Brandon!
Let's go, Brandon.
I agree.
You don't like trans kids?
I don't like you!
Stop talking!
You're a bigot, sir!
Come out here for trans kids!
I want to mutilate little boys and girls and call it transgender surgery!
And you, sir, are a negative!
We don't agree with that!
The Biden administration has given $100 billion to Ukraine!
We, the Democrat Party, believe that war is more important than starving and hunger.
And if we vote Democrat in November, who will be voting for war?
You'll have to be in church for Beto rally now.
These are the most sane people you're ever going to see in your life.
These are the most intellectual people you're ever going to see in your life here at the Beto Rally.
Our number one agenda for the Democrats is to stop man-made climate change.
And of course, we cannot stop man-made climate change without first stopping man!
That's why we need so many abortions!
That's why we need to chop off little boys' wieners and call it trans kid surgeries!
No, I've got my kid over here and you're saying cutting off wieners!
That's what the Democrats are doing!
I've got my babies over here and you're talking about cutting off wieners!
That's what the Democrats are doing!
What do you mean?
Better be nice to those people and they're still rude.
Beto O'Rourke!
Fake Mexican!
Real Pandejo!
Get the f*** out of here and beat this a**!
What are you so mad about?
You want to talk about my f***ing race?
What did I say about your race?
Get the f*** out of here.
Here's giving Democrats two more years, folks, and we will destroy this country!
Why should you have a firearm, Slade?
Just give the Democrats two more years and we will destroy this country!
It is my sincere and great honor to introduce the man who is going to take Texas back for the people and who I am going to be proud to call Governor.
Thank you all!
Or should we call him by his real name?
Robert Francis!
These are public servants that we are going to fight for and who are fighting for us.
You keep inviting me to speak!
Why are you kicking me out?
I want to shut down U.S.
Let's even thank the InfoWar guys who are outside.
Guys, buy the low turnout for Beto.
I'm a little concerned about this low turnout for Beto.
We're out here promoting trans kid surgery.
We're out here promoting abortion.
We're out here promoting war with Russia!
Yes, sir!
Go vessels!
Betzo, take my gun!
Betzo, take my gun!
Betzo, take my gun!
Betzo, take my gun!
Come on, Blake!
Betzo, take my gun!
Betzo, take my gun!
Betzo, take my gun!
Kill those babies!
Kill those babies!
Kill those babies!
These guys love killing babies!
Death to babies!
Death to babies!
Step through babies!
He loves it, man.
Let's kill those kids!
Dude, how did you figure that out?
You're a genius, man.
Did someone tell you to write that sign, or did you come up with that all on your own?
InfoWars, more like Get the Wars.
Who could have thought of that?
How come the rich only get to eat the kids, huh?
We got more people to eat the kids!
There's more people to eat the kids!
Do you think things are bad now?
Double gas prices, record high inflation, record high consumer price index, record high producer price index, record high illegal immigration.
It's enough.
So Beto doesn't want to take my gun?
Wow, these guys don't even know what they're voting for.
I have two degrees, how does that feel?
Nice, way to tell me you're IQ of one, thank you.
Threatening me to fight!
Right in front of his children, too!
A grown man threatening to fight in front of his children!
That's exactly how I would expect a liberal to behave.
But I'm on your side, bro!
Oh, he's gonna heft me up!
Hey, I'm on your side, bro!
I hate kids!
I think they should all be aborted!
I hate children!
They should all be trans kids!
And you know what else is funny?
And this happens every time.
This happens every time.
Yeah, censor free speech!
I agree!
Yeah, hate traitors!
Yeah, open the border!
Give a hundred million to Russia, man!
Let's do it!
Yeah, let's go, man!
I agree!
Let's censor free speech!
Let's disarm Americans!
I'm on board, bro!
I transition!
I'm with you, man!
I agree!
Let's censor Americans!
Let's turn in the firearms!
No, you guys were right!
They're still yelling at me out here, guys.
I've joined the Democrat Club.
I support abortion.
I support trans kids.
I support censoring free speech.
I support disarming Americans.
And they still hate me.
I agree.
Abort the babies.
I don't f***ing believe it with you.
Kill the babies.
Why are you guys so mad?
I agree.
I agree.
Abort the babies.
Turn over your firearms.
This is pro-liberal baby-murdering Democrat Owen Schroer.
You will be disarmed, you will be shut down, you will be enslaved when the Democrats take over.
Eat the bugs, live in a pod, do not speak, do not have a firearm, kill your kids, and be a good Democrat.
Good day and good night!
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarestore.com.
And never give up the fight.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
To have a lawyer argue against his clients and say, don't send money to Alex Jones, we're going to shut him down.
It's not about their billion dollar verdict.
That's meant to scare everybody not to support us, thinking, oh, a billion dollars, he's over.
We have two years of appeals in Texas and Connecticut, and I'm in bankruptcy.
And bankruptcy only pays them what money is there.
They know that, that's why they're lying to you, saying don't send money to InfoWars, don't buy products from Alex Jones, because it's a bad bet.
With his clients behind him, that were sitting there celebrating with 90 million for this person, and 80 million for that person, and 50 million for this person.
Let me explain something.
A company this size with 80 something employees, and our own satellite uplinks, our own servers, our own stuff, takes millions a month to run.
And so, they are so desperate that you not go to infowarestore.com.
Robert Mars, you've got the floor, brother.
What do you make of this?
Well, it's an outrageous verdict at every level.
It's the biggest verdict ever issued in a libel or speech case in world history.
It's, to my knowledge, the biggest verdict for any kind of personal injury claim in history.
The verdict is an embarrassment to American civil law and the justice system in America.
It's an embarrassment to the world!
This makes our justice system look like a joke, because it was a joke with the way these judges managed it.
That's part one.
Part two is that what he exposed is what this whole case was always about.
I have never heard a plaintiff's lawyer in my life get up and say, please make sure my clients never get paid a penny.
But that's basically what he said.
Because they weren't bringing a case about their injury.
These plaintiff's lawyers were bringing a case to shut down and silence and censor one of the most important dissident voices in American political history.
This was about silencing, shaming, censoring InfoWars.
Silencing, shaming, censoring Alex Jones.
It was about smearing InfoWars.
It was about smearing Alex Jones.
This fake case about supposed fake news was all about allowing the gatekeepers to control what information you receive.
Because this is the only media station in the world of this scale.
The only network of this scale in the world
That is entirely funded by the audience.
That is entirely an expression of and recognition... And it's that model, it's not just me, it's the model of people supporting independent press that scares the establishment.
They thought that this attack, that their caricature of Alex Jones would effectively smear InfoWars enough
So that nobody would listen, nobody would tune in, nobody would engage, nobody would keep it alive because it's a people-fueled, little-D democratic media organization of an unprecedented scale in American history.
They thought, we'll end this forever, no one will ever try it again, because we'll get the audience to turn on Alex Jones.
We'll get the audience to abandon InfoWars.
And that's what they have never understood.
They have never understood that this audience is a more informed, more intelligent, more engaged, more morally committed audience than anybody in their political circles ever could be or will be.
And as long as people keep InfoWars on the air, by buying products that they like anyway, at good prices, they will lose!
I mean, that's by itself.
Regardless of what happens with the courts, regardless of what happens with the bankruptcies, regardless of what happens with anything else out there, as long as the people stick with InfoWars, they cannot break through that line.
And notice Chris Maddy said that.
Don't give him money.
Supposedly, his plaintiffs are going to get it, but he doesn't want that because his mission is to silence us.
No, they're not getting any of the money, folks.