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Name: 20221021_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 21, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various political topics including truth, freedom of speech, vaccines, mask mandates, and globalist operations. He promotes Infowars' biggest sale of 2022 offering discounts up to 10% off using the code "1776", thanking listeners for their support against the New World Order battle which is nearly over.

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It is a dark day, ladies and gentlemen.
The Democrats have hundreds of political prisoners.
There's news stories today.
They sent 30 agents after an Army veteran and beat him and his wife up before taking them to jail.
They just sentenced Steve Bannon to four months in prison for contempt of the January 6th Committee.
A sham committee.
Our only hope now is a miracle from God.
I'm not going to lie to you.
It's our only hope.
We need a miracle from God, or you can consider freedom in America dead, and in that regard, the country's dead.
So yeah, I'm a little upset, I'm a little depressed today, because I can see the future and where it's going, and there is nothing I see good about the future, unless there's a miracle from God.
Because the next two to three years in this country, folks, are going to be a disaster.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is potentially experiencing and is about to experience the darkest day in its history in the very near future.
And I'm gonna break down exactly why I feel that way today.
And I've got a couple great guests coming up as well.
Norm Pattis, Mike Adams.
I'm so I'm flippantly enraged at the news cycle today and what is happening to our country with just the ignorance and brainwashing of the average American.
It's a challenge to even come on air and do the show.
You know, it's a good thing Alex is out.
Hopefully he's enjoying some nice weather.
Hopefully he's enjoying some outdoors, enjoying some peace and quiet.
I mean, this country is so screwed, man.
It's bad.
It's really bad.
I don't like coming on air like this.
I don't like coming on air being doom and gloom.
That's just the damn reality of it.
So, I'm going to get into all the news.
We do have a big announcement with Norm Pattis involving some legal stuff here that is coming up in about 20 minutes.
And then Mike Adams is going to have big breaking news as well, not to mention Pete Santilli is going to have huge breaking news at 3 o'clock on the War Room with a Clinton-involved company now getting sued for almost a billion dollars for support for terrorism.
So all kinds of big developments today.
But first, you know, this debate, and this is a small clip, From the walk-away debate that happened, featuring Shemeika Michelle, and you had a debate on the issue of abortion going on.
There were a lot of different issues being debated, but I think that this clip right here, which is encapsulated down, not the full clip, but encapsulated down for time, really puts the whole abortion argument into perspective.
And the sad part is, it doesn't even matter Liberals, leftists, Democrats, they don't even care about reality, folks.
They've committed to the lies because it makes them more comfortable and it makes their lifestyle acceptable.
But here's Shameka Michelle, I think, burying the abortion argument here in clip 7 at the walk-away debate.
According to the Black Lives Matter website, the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision opens the door to statewide bans and subsequent rulings that will harm black people disproportionately.
Since the Roe decision in 1973, 19 million black babies have been aborted, which is nearly half of the current black population in America.
How can the organization that insists they have the authority on protecting black lives also claim it is detrimental to black people to have restricted access to a procedure that has ended 19 million black lives?
A black woman has never had autonomy over her body.
Okay, we're gonna just go ahead and tell you.
No, absolutely not!
manufacturing machine for her slave owner who needed more and more people
when they stopped allowing slaves to be brought over to the United States. I just
want to ask Reese as a black woman if she had autonomy over her body when she
copped her legs up and got that baby in her. Okay we're gonna just go ahead and tell you. No, no, absolutely not!
Hold on. So just to be clear you're asking literally does she have autonomy over her body because she...
Her point was black women have never had the ability to have autonomy over our
bodies and that is a lie.
This is 2022 and women have the ability to decide Yes or no, I want to have sex or I don't.
I want to take birth control or I don't.
We need to stop telling these lies as if we just happened to fall on a penis and get pregnant.
That's not how it works.
My mother was raped at 14, walking to cheer camp.
I am that baby.
So when y'all sit here and talk about something that is less than 1% of all abortions as if that is the reason why we have abortions, That is not the truth and I want us to stop lying about it and I want us as women to be responsible and have accountability and stop trying to blame everybody else for what's going on with our bodies.
Do you see why debate, political debate, is so necessary in this country?
I mean, folks, we're like, we're desperate.
We're thirsty in the desert for political debate and we're not getting it.
But that's why the left doesn't want to debate.
Shemeika Michelle just destroyed the entire leftist argument on abortion.
Oh, we don't have autonomy over you?
Yeah, you do!
Stop lying about it!
When you have U.S.
Senators in both parties saying we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia first, and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before, what do you think that makes the Russians do?
Well, it makes them go into war mode.
So I don't like them invading Ukraine.
I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
Only one level above that on their DEFCON, just like our system, and that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems they can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
It's a Pentagon lie that Russia developed systems that we don't have.
It's on record the U.S.
has those systems.
The point is it's called Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD for a reason.
Because anyone that would violate the MAD doctrine is insane.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
Especially when Russia's not starting a fight with us.
And especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia when that was all a giant lie.
The globalists are the outside evil force.
So that was Alex Jones back in March of this year.
And we've got more throwbacks from Alex Jones from over a decade ago, a couple years ago.
It's all coming up today on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer here filling in.
And I gotta tell you, the duty is heavy today.
The duty is heavy today.
And it's not just The understood concept of mutually assured destruction when it comes to a world war.
We're dealing with, on a lower level, on a more local level, mutually assured destruction of our country right now.
What do you think happens when one side of the political aisle gets censored?
One side of the political aisle gets imprisoned?
One side of the political aisle gets debanked?
Lied about?
How long can that go on?
And so what option is that side of the political aisle left with?
Either become a slave or fight back for their freedom.
That's mutually assured destruction.
Now, this is breaking As we go on air today, Steve Bannon sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of the January 6th Committee, a sham committee, a bullshit committee, a big lie about what happened on January 6th.
Democrats burned dozens of major cities in this country for an entire summer in the name of George Floyd, who they lied about how he died.
Billions of property damage.
Dozens of murders.
Hundreds of police officers hospitalized.
Thousands of assaults.
Cities boarded up.
Many have never even come back to life.
And then they tell you January 6th was an insurrection and a terror attack.
When the government sends out an emergency alert, everybody goes home and obeys.
And they lie.
And they say, police officers were murdered on January 6th.
Not a single police officer died that day.
So I'm real hot under the collar today because it's just a fact.
Everything that comes from the political left in America in the year 2022 is based in a lie.
Every single thing.
There is not a single basis of truth that the American left and the Democrat party can derive any of their policy from.
Not a scintilla.
Whether it's abortion, whether it's January 6th, Whether it's the energy crisis, whether it's inflation, whether it's Ukraine and Russia, you will not find any truth now.
It's all lies, it's all propaganda.
And that's why Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat Party.
That's why the congressman from, I think it was New Hampshire, left the Democrat Party.
That's why Joe Rogan, who's a liberal, said vote Republican.
That's why Elon Musk said, I can't vote Democrat ever, I'm going to be voting Republican.
That's why you have the Blegzit, black people leaving the Republican Party.
That's why you have the Legzit, Latino people leaving the Republican Party, the Democrat Party.
That's why you have the walk-away movement.
Other voters leaving the Democrat Party.
That's why you have gays against groomers saying, I'm not going to sit here and watch liberals groom children for sex.
I'm not going to do that.
And now you have the Jexit.
Jews leaving the Democrat Party.
You look at the numbers for CNN, MSNBC, Late Night News, nobody's watching their bullcrap.
Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, all have higher ratings than all the other left wing news combined in primetime.
And yet they sit here and tell you they're about to win the midterms because they know they're about to steal it.
And maybe it's not just that they steal it at the polls.
They use their propaganda in mainstream media to steal it and rig it.
They use their Justice Department to go after Republicans so people think that Republicans are the bad guys.
When they arrest Steve Bannon and put him in jail for four months, people don't know any better.
They think, oh, he must be a criminal.
When they impeach Donald Trump twice, they don't know any better.
They think, oh, he must be a criminal.
They have all of their bots on Twitter right now.
If you're a Twitter user, you've certainly noticed this.
You can't even log on to Twitter without getting every fourth tweet now is Democrat Party propaganda from an account that you don't follow is forced onto your news feed telling you how bad Republicans are and how great Democrats are.
It's a full-on onslaught and they just want to delay the Twitter handover to Elon Musk till after the midterms.
So that they can rig the elections with their propaganda on Twitter until then.
It is a dark day, ladies and gentlemen.
The Democrats have hundreds of political prisoners.
There's news stories today.
They sent 30 agents after an Army veteran and beat him and his wife up before taking them to jail.
They just sentenced Steve Bannon to four months in prison for contempt of the January 6th Committee.
A sham committee.
Our only hope now is a miracle from God.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
It's our only hope.
We need a miracle from God, or you can consider freedom in America dead, and in that regard, the country's dead.
So yeah, I'm a little upset, I'm a little depressed today, because I can see the future and where it's going, and there is nothing I see good about the future, unless there's a miracle from God.
Because the next two to three years in this country, folks, are going to be a disaster.
Now, after that, maybe there's hope.
Because it's gonna get so bad in this country, That it doesn't matter, political, left, right, Republican, Democrat, it's not going to make a difference.
You're going to see total depression.
You're going to see starvation, food chain collapse, supply chain collapse, thousands of prisoners.
You'll be in jail.
Bank accounts shut down.
This is the full power grab.
And why wouldn't they steal it for the Democrats?
The globalists need the Democrats in there when all of this goes down.
And I haven't even begun to talk about the chances of nuclear war that increase every day that Biden is in office.
Oh, what about that killer vaccine that they now want to give to your little kids?
What about that?
Oh, what about the drag queen stripper time for kids where they take perverts and prostitutes and rapists and they allow them to have access to your children and they grab them and touch them just like Joe Biden?
Oh, yeah.
These people are such frauds.
It's unbelievable.
Here's just one example.
And we've got Norm Pattis coming up in the next segment with big legal developments as far as the latest case is concerned.
Here's a perfect example of the fraud that we're dealing with right here.
The Biden administration has agreed to send another $50 billion to Ukraine.
So the number of overall money sent to Ukraine is $100 billion from the United States.
Now, Zelensky is still begging for more money.
He met with the central bankers today, Goldman Sachs, to ask for more help, and he wants people censored on the internet that Speak out against him.
He's not a totalitarian at all.
But okay, a hundred billion dollars for Ukraine.
A hundred billion dollars.
Do you guys recall just a year ago that they told Elon Musk that if he gave six billion dollars to the UN he could solve world hunger?
You remember that?
Here's NPR.
How six billion dollars from Elon Musk could feed millions on the brink of famine.
UN to Elon Musk.
Here's that six billion dollar plan to fight world hunger.
So if $6 billion can end world hunger, what can $100 billion do?
Start a world war?
Because that's what they're about to do, folks.
So $6 billion to solve world hunger, but $100 billion for Ukraine.
So our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights that came later, is all under massive attack.
We are filing for a new trial.
This was not a real trial.
It was a massive fraud.
In the next few hours, he's going to file for the new trial.
He's going to give you an exclusive right now on what they really did and read from the filing
So we filed in a matter of hours The biggest sale of the year is running right now
Info or store.com up to 50% off, but when you add the promo code to check out
1776 an additional 10% off and double patriot points promo code
1776 follow links below ladies and gentlemen we have a major
announcement that affects every American in our free speech The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Deep State, is openly all over international television and U.S.
television and the newspaper saying they're going to use the Alex Jones precedent to shut down all conservatives, all populists, and Kanye West next.
The lawyers suing Kanye West for $200-plus million for simply talking about the coroner's report that they thought fentanyl probably killed him and that he didn't have any other injuries that would have killed him.
That lawyer said, we're doing this off the Alex Jones precedent.
Because the quote jury just found in Connecticut that Alex Jones made money by telling lies.
So that's how they have this new legal system.
It's absolute garbage.
And Norm Pattis is one of the top constitutional lawyers in the country.
Let you know how good he is.
The former, you know, top lawyer in the country hired him to represent him.
Famously, Mr. Smith.
So, he's a top lawyer when he's telling you this.
He's not just saying it because he's my lawyer and I'm his client.
This is a rape of the First Amendment.
This country was founded on July 4, 1776.
So, our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights that came later, is all under massive attack.
We are filing for a new trial.
This was not a real trial.
It was a massive fraud.
In the next few hours, he's going to file for the new trial.
He's going to give you an exclusive right now on what they really did and read from the filing that we filed in a matter of hours.
This is major, exclusive breaking news.
I'm going to hand the baton.
Back to Owen Troyer and to Norm Pattis for this exclusive information.
Norm Pattis, please recap and get into the exclusive information from the filing and why this is so incredibly serious and what they really did.
They said that I sent people to pee on children's graves.
They had no witnesses.
They never saw it.
They have no proof I sent them.
They have no proof I sent anyone anywhere.
It's all a giant fraud.
Norm Pattis, I hand the baton to you and Owen Troyer.
Yeah, you know, the trial was deeply distressing.
There was a default on discovery grounds, and then certain facts were deemed, quote-unquote, established.
And the plaintiffs were able to persuade the judge that you, meaning Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems, were responsible for any harm that befell a plaintiff.
And so when a witness testified, somebody called and said that someone peed on my grave, that became proof that Alex sent them.
I have never seen a trial in which that was permitted.
Even in the context of a hearing in default, the law is clear.
Plaintiffs are required to prove that the damages they seek are related to the liability they assert.
The court abandoned its gatekeeping function to assure that competent evidence comes in only, and the result was a slaughter.
So let me read from the pleadings.
The disciplinary default itself That was outrageous.
The court has to consider proportionality in the violation.
In this case, InfoWars and Alex gave tens of thousands of documents, scores of hours of depositions, other pleadings and whatnot, and the plaintiffs were free to use them.
But at trial, Alex and his team were unable to use those very items to defend him.
So we write, the default in this case was disproportionate.
The appropriate course would have been assuming, but for argument's sake, that the court's conclusion that the defendants failed substantially to comply with discovery would be to instruct the jury that in a trial involving damages, the jury was free to draw adverse inferences from failure to comply.
That's a lot of gobbledygook.
Let me read it to you simply.
Entering a default where the defendants appeared, produced documents, attended depositions, answered requests to admit, and otherwise responded to requests for production gave the plaintiffs a deadly advantage.
They were able to use information provided by the defendant To argue for damages in a case where the defendants were deprived of any right to challenge the use to which the plaintiffs put that information.
The result was the functional equivalent of execution by a Chinese firing squad with the defendants required to pay the cost of the bullets used to kill them.
And you know, I chose my words carefully.
I will appear in the highest courts of the land to defend these propositions.
Again, Mr. Jones was held to have sent people to harass a plaintiff.
There is, and I write in the pleading, in the weeks of testimony, the plaintiffs did not prove by competent evidence that Mr. Jones ever sent anyone to harass a plaintiff, or that anyone who listened to him, heeded a call from him to harass a plaintiff.
The jury was instructed, however, that liability had been established.
A disciplinary default was transformed into a fatal impression that somewhere, someone had somehow proven that Mr. Jones did exactly what the plaintiffs alleged.
There was no such proof.
The court sided with the plaintiffs, keeping the truth from the jury and permitting jurors to labor under the false impression that a finding had been made that Mr. Jones had in fact caused harm.
Not one witness in the case appeared to testify that they harassed a plaintiff at the behest of Mr. Jones.
Neither did Mr. Jones himself harass a plaintiff.
Indeed, Mr. Jones only ever broadcast the name of one plaintiff, Robbie Parker.
The closest thing the jury saw to harassing conduct was videos of Dan Vedande, an InfoWars employee, and Wolfgang Holbein, a man who to this day denies that the Sandy Hook shootings took place, haranguing Newtown officials over their cover-up and participation in a hoax.
No plaintiff was present at that event.
And Norm, just let me interject one little factotum here, because I think it's relevant.
The individual whose name Jones mentioned did a TV press conference.
So he goes on TV and puts his name and face out there and you're not allowed to say it.
Well, it doesn't, you know, let's just leave that aside.
I mean, Mr. Parker's name got used.
Okay, fine.
There were videos and, you know, could you all have done a better job of covering that?
I think the jury could reasonably conclude you could have.
But that's the only name that ever got mentioned.
The only other testimony about an individual arguably connected to Jones harassing a plaintiff was about a man named Mark Mills.
Mark Mills appeared on the show in February one year after storming a Super Bowl press conference to claim that 9-11 was an inside job sponsored by the government.
Fifteen months later, he turned up at a Sandy Hook event.
There's no evidence that he was sent there by InfoWars, that he was ever on the InfoWars payroll.
And then it was suggested to the jury that he was arrested at that event, and he was.
But when he pled guilty to an offense, He pled guilty to interfering with a police officer.
So the jury was left with the impression that Mills was sent by Jones because it was established by the default.
He wasn't!
There was no evidence of that whatsoever.
So at some point, you know, and we write, given the law of default imposed by the court, these rules were unveiling everything was Mr. Jones's fault.
The trial court wholly abandoned its responsibility to assure a fair trial and conducted according to the rules of evidence take place.
The trial was transformed into a memorial service.
And you know, I go on and on.
So, I mean, we feel pretty strongly we've asserted 10 grounds.
Uh, for a new trial, including the plaintiff's counsel's treatment of Alex, and it's demeaning of him, it's haranguing of him, it's argumentative and wholly unprofessional cross-examination of him.
And we are confident that if we're not given a new trial by the trial court, we will be by the appellate court.
Alright, Norm, do one more segment with me on the other side of this break, if you can just bear with me for five minutes, because I have two questions that I have for you on the other side, and then I kind of just want to get a general legal perspective from you on other developments.
Be sure to ask me the extent to which this case can fairly be called a precedent for other cases, because it really can't.
That's a hoax, okay?
Okay, I will do that.
I'm running that right now.
So we'll come back in five minutes and do that.
Folks, ladies and gentlemen, listen.
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We're a fighting champion.
We could easily put our hands in the air and say, look, we've been proven right, our work here is done, but no, we're going to stay in the arena and we're going to keep fighting.
You know, we're lucky.
That most of us in this country have never had to experience actual fascism.
We've never had to experience actual desperation in our everyday lives.
We've never really had to deal with an authoritarian, totalitarian regime hell-bent on crushing us and destroying our economy.
But we're about to go through it.
You're in it now.
And the signs are all around you.
And it's actually heartbreaking to see the left celebrating this, thinking that this is somehow going to be their redemption, or I don't know what it is.
But man oh man, it is rough stuff.
And of course, Alex Jones and Infowars are always the test case with a lot of their Uh, corporate fascism and political oppression with the censorship and now the billion-dollar lawsuit that they're now trying to use the precedent against Kanye West and Fox News and others.
So, Norm Pattis joins me now, the legal representation for Alex in this case.
And, Norm, I understand there's some developments here on the legal front and, um, perhaps some plans moving forward.
What updates can you give us today?
You know, I just finished proofreading the final version of our petition for a new trial.
It's due today, the 10th day after the verdict.
And we're working, as soon as I'm off the air here, I'll finish working on our final draft of a motion for what's called remitter to reduce the verdict on the grounds that the verdict is unsupported by the evidence and is a result of speculation, passion, and anger.
Um, in violation of the defendant's right to due process of law.
So both these motions will be filed today.
The plaintiffs are expected to file their motion for punitive damages under CUTPA this afternoon.
We'll have some reply briefs due to one another next week, hearings in early November, and then argument on November 7th about what the final judgment in this case should be.
But from our perspective, Alex Jones Free Speech Systems was denied a fair trial and we want a new trial.
And so it sounds like this process, at least in the next two to three weeks, there's going to be a lot of developments.
Is that kind of a key factor to see where the future goes?
Yes, I mean, new trial, post-trial, these are called post-trial motions.
That's the class of things that we're discussing.
And post-trial motions are routine, especially in a case where the verdict is as shockingly large as this one.
You know, I'm asking for a new trial.
Do I expect to get one from Judge Bellis?
Candidly, no.
But I want the issue squarely before the court so that when the appellate court gets this case, as it ultimately will, it can see exactly what happened here.
And in my view, the jury was misled and a caricature was held up to the jury of Infowars and Alex Jones as marketing rage to make a buck.
And the question that was never answered is, does Alex Jones create his viewers?
Or did his viewers come to Mr. Jones because they see a world in disarray?
And Mr. Jones and you and others at InfoWars are offering answers.
They may not be answers that everyone likes, but we're entitled to reckon with the world as we see fit, according to our own lights.
In this case, the plaintiffs persuaded the court that you all didn't comply with discovery, substantially comply, yet you gave tens of thousands of documents, emails, internal documents, financial information.
You and others sat for dozens of depositions, responded in writing to material, answered
what are known as requests for admission.
You bathed them in tens if not hundreds of thousands of documents and scores if not hundreds
of hours of deposition testimony.
They had the benefit of all of that when they went to trial.
And you were denied the right to defend yourself.
You were defaulted for not giving them everything they asked for in the form in which they wanted
The result of the default was you were prohibited to defend yourself.
Yet, yet the defendant or the plaintiffs rather were able to use everything that you gave
Yet, the plaintiffs were able to use everything that you gave them, everything against you,
them, everything against you to ask for money.
to ask for money.
And in our view, that is fundamentally unfair.
And in our view, that is fundamentally unfair.
It would be one thing if you all had ignored the lawsuit, had failed to answer it, had
failed to give any documents, had failed to do anything in response to the plaintiff's
discovery request.
In that case, a default might be warranted, but the law is that defaults have to be proportionate
to the harm.
And in this case, it was wildly disproportionate.
You didn't adhere to their standard of perfection.
They got a default, and they were able to use all that you gave them against you.
And they used it, in my view, to create a fiction that doesn't exist as a matter of law.
And that fiction is the following.
You gin up rage to sell products, you don't believe a word of what you say, and you sense people out intentionally to harm the plaintiffs and Sandy Hook.
I have spent years with all of you folks, I have spent months on on your campus. I've spent probably thousands of hours on
this case and I can tell you that none of that is true as I see it and as I understand it. So
the default was used to create a straw man to present to the jury and then they
were able to blow hot air onto that straw man and set it afire to the tune of a billion
dollars. In the trial itself, nobody, there was no evidence from a medical professional,
no evidence from a mental health professional, no evidence from a third party that anybody
was ever sent to harass these But yet the jurors were told that as a result of the default, these things had quote-unquote been established.
So things that no evidence support were deemed to be true, half-truths were presented as whole-truths, and the plaintiffs basically said to the jury, you know, give us a lot to stop Alex Jones.
That's not a compensatory damages argument.
That's a punitive damages argument.
And we think that you were, even in the context of a default, you were entitled to a fair trial, and you were deprived of one, and we think you should have a new trial.
And I feel strongly about that.
I am very confident that if you get, if the appellate court follows the law, you will get a new trial.
This verdict is shocking.
Well, and let's just call it what it is.
They were mad that in Discovery, they didn't get the evidence they wanted.
That's what it is really about.
They didn't get the evidence they wanted, even though they got everything.
I mean, I sat for at least four or five depositions.
I can't even remember, you know, dozens of hours.
They were mad they didn't get the evidence they want.
They got all the Discovery.
They literally got everything we have.
And they were mad because what they wanted wasn't in there.
But you talk about The billion dollar judgment, I mean, the numbers, the only, I mean, the only numbers that they even gave the jury to give that decision were numbers of revenue brought in that weren't even accurate.
It wasn't, it wasn't actually an accurate number of, of revenue or profits.
They just throw this number out there and they say, this is how much Alex is worth.
And then we can't even provide a counter argument.
Well, that's what happened in Texas.
Even less happened in Connecticut.
In Connecticut, they had a financial expert on their list of witnesses.
They chose not to call him.
The only evidence about revenue at free speech came in the form of the following.
Attorney Maddy asked of the corporate representative, do you know what the revenue was?
I don't.
Can you estimate it?
I can't really speculate.
Would you agree with me that it was at least over a given period, and I don't recall the years, at least $100 million?
Yeah, I'd agree with that.
Would you agree it could be as much as a billion?
Yeah, I would agree with that.
So, basically, that's all the jury had.
But, Owen, that's not even relevant to the task that was before this jury.
In Texas, the jury had to set both compensatory and punitive damages, and the amount of money Free Speech made might be relevant in the punitive damages calculation.
In Connecticut, the jury only decided compensatory damages.
That number was simply irrelevant.
The plaintiffs were entitled at that hearing in damages to all the damages they could prove.
All the compensation they could prove would address their suffering.
They offered no number to the jury.
Not one plaintiff.
They did not make a claim for economic damages.
Alright, Norm, we're up against a break here.
Come back in the next segment and finish off that thought.
We'll be right back.
Alright, final segment with Norm Pattis.
Folks, every InfoWars transmission from here on out is more important than the next.
There's just so much going on in the soul of America, in the mind of America.
I'm going to finish up with Norm Pattis and try to get into the rest of it.
But Norm, let's pick it up because we are seeing lawyers say, we're going to use the Alex Jones precedent, we're going to go after Kanye West, we're going to use the Alex Jones precedent, we're going to go after Fox News.
You're saying there is no precedent here.
Explain that.
Yeah, so the claim, I think, with respect to the Kanye case is that somehow they're going to make an intentional infliction of emotional distress.
At the heart of Alex's case, in part, was this claim of so-called stochastic terrorism.
Terrorism by means of the Internet.
And that is, if you have a broad social media platform, and you say something that bothers somebody, you're responsible for what anyone else does when they hear that.
And so in Alex's case, given the operation of the default, the complaint claimed that Alex said things he knew to be untrue, and Alex denies that, but the judge told him he couldn't say that.
If Alex on the stand denied lying, he would have been held in contempt.
If he admitted lying, he would have committed perjury.
So he made the sensible decision, which was to boycott the proceeding.
Because faced with that dilemma by the trial judge, had he testified and pled the fifth to protect himself from criminal jeopardy, they would have gotten an adverse inference against him.
So it was a trilemma.
But as to the precedential value of this case, what makes it a precedent Or what makes it a non-precedent is the fact that all of this took place because of the default.
The plaintiffs were never required to prove the fundamental assertion of this case.
That is, that others harassed the plaintiff, not Alex.
That others harassed the plaintiffs because of...
Alex said, and that's the danger to free speech, but that's the proposition that the default avoided they're having to test or being tested.
So they were permitted to say somebody threatened.
I got a call.
My life was threatened.
They didn't have to say who said it.
They didn't have to say when it didn't have to corroborate it.
They didn't even have to say the person said it to them.
could have been reported by a third party, which is classic hearsay.
All of that was "deemed established" by the default and there was never an evidentiary
foundation required as to hearsay, as to foundation, as to connection to Alex.
And this is all because of the default.
So absent a default, these questions will have to be answered in cases involving Kanye
and others.
And for other lawyers to get all hot and bothered and say, "Hey, wow, this is good news for
We're going to get to harass people we don't like."
That's just, well, you know, BS.
I know this is family radio and television, so I won't say what it actually is, but it's
It's not going to happen unless a plaintiff gets defaulted.
Now, in Alex's case, there was a default.
The plaintiffs were able to persuade the trial judge that you all operate like IBM, and therefore everything the plaintiffs want, they should have gotten.
They got a boatload!
If they didn't get everything, they shouldn't have had the default, as I said at the top of the hour.
They should have gotten an adverse inference and let the jury decide for themselves what the truth is.
But instead of that, the default was operated to present half-truths to the jury as a whole truth.
And the result was a fundamental miscarriage of justice.
I can't help but wonder whether there are six jurors out there who now know that they weren't told the whole truth, and whether they're upset.
For example, when Alice got on the stand, here's the things the judge told her.
Norm, you cut out for about the last 15 seconds, just FYI, but we got you back.
So, you know, Alex was prohibited from testifying.
The judge told him that he couldn't mention that free speech systems was in bankruptcy, even though that to be true.
The jury never denied that Sandy Hook was a minor part of free speech's coverage over the 10 years at issue.
The judge wouldn't permit that, but the plaintiffs were permitted to argue that there was massive coverage covering hundreds of millions of people over a 10-year period.
Alex couldn't mention the truth that books reflect, that is that Sandy Hook did not yield a profit.
Sure, there were days where money was made and Sandy Hook was discussed, but there was no correlation between it.
He could not testify that he believed he had substantially complied with Discovery.
He could not testify about his belief that the opinions he expressed were protected by the First Amendment.
He could not deny that he lied because the court concluded that he had, as a result of a discovery default, without even hearing his testimony.
So, I mean, the number of ways in which this default was transformed into a machine used to present a straw man to the jury, a straw man that the plaintiffs could then argue should pay a million dollars, is shocking to me.
And if an appellate court lets it stand, that will reflect fundamentally poorly.
On the American civil justice system.
So we're filing this new trial petition probably within the next hour or two.
I've got to do some final edits on it and get off the air with you to do those.
And then we'll be also filing a motion to remit or reduce the damages.
Our claim is the plaintiffs had the responsibility to put evidence before the jury from which the jury could do more than speculate in arriving at a sum of damages.
They never offered a sum.
They never offered a bill.
They never asked for anything.
It was their lawyers who asked for billions, and they got a billion.
So, you know, we remain optimistic.
We remain in the fight.
I'm very determined to see this one through to the end and to a successful outcome.
One more question on that case, quickly.
We have the soundbite of the plaintiff's lawyer, Chris Maddy, after the case concluded, saying to InfoWars, Alex Jones audience members, don't go shop at the website.
How is that not malpractice when those funds would be going to pay these bills?
Well, I think the purpose of this lawsuit was never to, um, was never to... Well, I mean, the purpose of this lawsuit... I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm Had his reasons for saying what he said.
I've not spoken to him about it.
I've not even seen the clip.
Well, it's just funny because I had lawyers in a deposition I was given tell me that I should sue a previous lawyer for malpractice for something similar.
And so it's funny, but we know how that goes.
But we can just drop it right there.
You know, here's what's funny about this, and you can comment on this, or I just want to ask you one more question before we let you go.
And Norm, you've seen this.
I feel in this entire thing, We are the ones that have been defamed.
I'm the one that has hate mail sent to me.
I'm the one that now gets lied about things that I've never said, things that I've never done.
I get death threats sent to me all the time.
Norm, you've seen them.
I've sent them to you.
We presented them to court.
They don't seem to care.
So I feel that we're the ones that have been defamed here.
But you don't need to comment on that.
That's just me putting my two cents.
Here's my final question for you, though.
Going back to the Texas case.
The way this worked out, and I've asked other lawyers and they don't have an answer, so maybe you do, the way this worked out is that the judge went to the jury and said, everybody give me a number about how much Alex Jones owes, and they each went out and okay, I had 13, 4, 5 million, whatever.
And then she added it up and said this is the total number, it was 55 million or whatever.
So, is that how this normally goes?
So you're saying, let's say ten jury members, nine of them say zero dollars, and then one of them says a billion, and then you get a billion dollar judgment?
That's how it went in Texas.
Is that normal?
Well, I don't know how it went in Texas.
I'd be stunned if the judge had any interaction with the jury that was not on the record.
I just don't think that happened.
But I think that in Connecticut there were six jurors and they had to agree unanimously on a sum.
And however they arrived at that sum is however they arrived at it.
But they all had to agree on the particular number.
So in the Connecticut case, there were actually 30 numbers they had to agree to.
15 plaintiffs.
One line for reputation, harm to reputation.
Another line for emotional distress.
So they reached 30 unanimous agreements by some mysterious and opaque process that I can't relate to the evidence in this case.
And that's a problem for Alex.
It's a problem for every American.
Because when you walk into court, you're entitled to due process of law.
And if you've erred, you should pay.
But you shouldn't pay more than the error is worth.
And it's up to the plaintiff, the moving party, to show what that error is worth.
And when they produce no evidence, they're entitled to no money.
So this is amazing, Norm.
You're now the fifth lawyer I've asked this question and nobody can even seem to wrap their minds around it.
When ten jurors all give a different number and then the judge just adds that up and says this is the total number.
Again, that's what happened in the Texas case.
I know you weren't in that courtroom.
I've just never even heard of that in any case.
I'm not sure she... Is that what she did?
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Every lawyer I've talked to has said, I've never heard of such a thing in my life.
No, I mean, I love you, I trust you, but I just doubt that.
That just cannot be how it happened.
I believe the jury had to come up with that number.
I don't think the judge computed it.
You should talk to Andino, Andino Raynell.
She added all the different jurors' numbers.
Each juror wrote down a number.
She added them all up and said, this is the final number Jones has to pay.
Well, then that's another grounds for appeal.
So, well, there you go.
All right, Norm Patus, you've got to file that report.
Thank you so much for that update.
I do.
God bless and Godspeed, brother.
We'll be in touch.
And of course, Norm and I will be back in court next week.
I'm in court twice next week.
I'm in court two times next week because I stood outside the Capitol in D.C.
and because I did a 30-second disruption of Jerry Nadler's false impeachment hearing in 2019, and they're still trying to put me in jail for months for that.
So, I'll be in court with Norm next week.
It's nice being politically persecuted by these scumbags, by these dirtbags.
I have been in a 28-year marathon battle with the globalists.
I have come from nowhere, to the very heights of politics, not just in America, but in the world.
We are engaging the globalists at point-blank range in the information war.
But I don't deserve the credit.
Yes, I've persevered, but the listeners and viewers who support InfoWars are the real reason we've had this success.
We're having now the greatest victories in the fight against the New World Order we've ever had.
We are now entering the final mile of the marathon.
And that's why today it's more important than ever to realize how important you've been in this fight and to continue in the efforts you've been carrying out and to intensify them.
God bless you all.
I salute you.
I thank you.
And I beg you to intensify what you're doing now because we are over the target and history is happening.
The fight is my fight.
It's your fight.
It's our fight.
God bless you all.
But when you fight tyranny, the New World Order comes after you.
Now, I knew that.
And for 28 years, I've been on air exposing these people.
And together, we've had a great effect.
But listen.
They're coming after us right now, they're trying to shut us down, but they can't beat the power of we the people, of you and I together.
So please visit InfoWarsTore.com and get incredible, game-changing products, while at the same time keeping us on air.
We have the biggest sale of the year running right now at InfoWarsTore.com, and you get an additional 10% off on the deals that are at least 40% off, many are 50% off on VitaMineral Fusion, X3, DNA Force Plus, you name it.
So on top of 50% off, Oh boy, it's a lot more peaceful to listen to that.
That'll calm your blood pressure right there.
percent off and no pay for your points. This is by far the biggest sell of the year. Keeps
us on air. Plus they're great products. Check them out at InfoWareStore.com with promo code
Oh boy, it's a lot more peaceful to listen to that. That'll calm your blood pressure
right there. That'll lower the tension. But I can't spend time listening to country music
We got too much news to cover.
Ladies and gentlemen, we go back in time.
We go 12 years back in time to a classic Alex Jones clip warning you, now you've seen them, the carbon lockdowns are coming.
Globalist on record.
And I had Mark Moreno on yesterday reading the quotes out of the New York Times.
He said, yes, we want to shut the economy down.
We want to reduce the economy to have a lower carbon footprint.
No, they want to shut off the economy to bankrupt you and force you onto government subsidy so they control you.
It's called serfdom.
But Boehner has come out in Business and Media newspaper and said, Obama and Congress intentionally spending to force value-added tax.
And there's also a New Hampshire Senator, Judd Gregg, is also saying the same thing, that they want to bankrupt the economy to force a total takeover of society.
So we're actually getting honesty now.
You know what's amazing, and it's just so obvious to you, it's so obvious to me, it's so obvious to anybody that can think and has any foresight whatsoever, what the stop man-made climate change agenda is really about.
It's right there in the first word.
Stop man.
That's what it's really about.
What do you think happens when they shut off the energy?
What do you think happens when they shut down the infrastructure?
You die.
I mean, You go poor, you starve, you die.
How do you not see that?
That's the point.
And so, this is the Great Reset.
It's hit the reset button on the world.
They don't care about the infrastructure.
They don't care about the people.
They would much rather, what is like 8 billion people on the earth, they would much rather have 8 billion people die.
Whatever happens, the infrastructure happens.
They just, they'll rebuild what they want, what they don't want.
They'll have robots doing it all, led by AI.
This is the new technotronic age that the globalists believe that they're about to launch.
And you won't be here.
You will be dead.
Because you're the man in man-made climate change that they want to end.
And they tell you this.
And people still don't get it.
But you know what?
People do get it.
This audience gets it.
And the problem is, this audience needs to be 500 times as big as it is.
But that's why they have us censored.
That's why they try to shut us down.
Because they know Not that InfoWars is perfect, not that we're always right, but we see, we have the foresight.
We have the prophecy.
We can see the future.
I don't know why, you can too.
I don't know why others can't.
That's why they have to have us shut down.
Because people know they get this information, they connect the dots, they see the future, and then they can spread that information onward.
And so that's why we have to be shut down.
And that's why you see the lawsuits.
Same thing with Steve Bannon.
Steve Bannon gets the vision.
Steve Bannon sees the future.
So what did they do to Steve Bannon today?
Four months in jail for contempt of a sham committee.
How much worse is it going to get in this country?
Folks, you need to be praying and begging to God, whether you believe in God or not.
I mean, there's no atheist in In the trenches, as they say.
There's no atheist in the foxhole.
There's a reason.
Because when you're up against that dire moment, when you're up against that, your back is against that wall of life or death, something inside of you begs, something inside of you reaches out for a higher power to save you.
And if you don't have that feeling right now, with where this country is going, then you've been completely fluoridated out of any true human emotion, You've been completely brainwashed and dumbed down into seeing that you are being treated as a slave and marked for death.
And whether you believe in the Bible or not, they're trying to fulfill the biblical prophecy, whether you believe in God or not, if you don't have that urge, if you don't have that sense of urgency, that sense of desperation to beg God, to beg a higher power, to beg maybe something you don't fully understand or believe in for some relief, But I gotta tell you, from where I'm standing right here, I think we are in for two more years of absolute hell under the Joe Biden administration.
We need a miracle in the midterms in 18 days.
If Republicans don't take Congress, folks, batten down the hatches.
You know, I gotta tell ya, I'm just so overwhelmed and emotional right now, I can barely even cover the news, and part of me wants to open up the phone lines, but I need to cover this news.
Nobody else covers the news like we do here.
I've got Mike Adams coming up.
I've got more flashbacks from Alex Jones predicting the future.
So let me just, let me just try to put the blinders on emotionally, politically, and just bear down and cover this news as much as I can bear here.
For our guest.
So again, Steve Bannon sentenced to four months in jail for contempt of the January 6th Committee.
Total sham, total BS, total political persecution.
January 6th, political prisoner Pete Schwarz calls Gateway Pundit from his prison block.
You won't believe how corrupt the DOJ is screwing with this man.
Yeah, the story of what the FBI did to him and his wife is unbelievable.
I'm just, folks, I just... You're now... This is the most corrupt America's ever been.
No doubt America's probably been through harder times, I would say.
The Great Depression, World War I, World War II, maybe.
America's been through tougher times than this, but we've never had corruption like this.
And we are really yet to see the fruits of what this corruption is breeding.
And it's all really coming out of the Democrat Party at this point, and the Biden administration, and the clown world being run by the globalists.
Man, it's like I just, like that's the big story.
It's like warning, warning, warning, sound the alarm, sound the alarm, ring the alarm bell, like put up, light the lighthouse, scream at the top of the mountain.
This is the most corrupt America's ever been.
You're screwed if we don't do something about it.
If Democrats get Congress, we're done.
It's over.
Two years of hell, guaranteed.
Forget about an election in 2024, folks.
I'm telling you, the country will collapse.
That'll be, we'll beg for the country to collapse at that point.
And that's what the globalists want!
Biden gets lost on stage, speaks complete gibberish.
Here, you want to hear that?
Here, you guys want to hear from the President Joe Biden?
See if you guys can make any sense of Joe Biden here in clip eight.
Tim Ryan in Ohio said he doesn't want you there.
Warnock said, wouldn't say.
Do you think they're making a mistake?
No, there's 16 there I've already gone in for.
You're getting a lot more than you asked.
Another 20 or so.
I'm gonna be going in.
Okay, there's your president.
Can't even talk!
Can't even talk!
God, you liberals, you democrats.
Why do you lie to yourselves like this?
Do you have a death wish?
Are you suicidal?
Actually, the answer is yes.
I got a liberal activist talking about how they're suicidal today.
I'll cover that later.
I mean, should I cover it right now?
Big liberal activists talking about how she's suicidal?
And how one-fourth of LGBTQ activists are suicidal?
And they blame Republicans for it?
I'm not even kidding you, it's all right here!
Olivia Giuliana, you probably heard her.
One in four LGBTQ teens attempt suicide in the beginning of last year.
And then she says this is what anti-LGBTQ legislation does.
She says she's thought about suicide herself.
You have a mental problem.
Stop blaming others for your mental problems.
Stop blaming the rest of the country for your problems.
Stop trying to make the world and the country in your image.
You're suicidal.
You've got mental problems.
That's your problem.
That's your issue.
Not ours.
And then the CDC says one in four LGBTQ teens attempt suicide.
And so now we have to rewrite laws and we have to rewrite the school system and rewrite television and media
so that we can make sure that the little snowflakes don't kill themselves.
All right, let me get back to the news.
I'm just a disaster today.
I should just open up the phone lines.
Biden could refill, so this is, I want to go back in time to just show you what a joke Joe Biden is.
So Biden begs OPEC to pump more oil.
They don't do it.
So he drains our strategic oil reserves.
Now, just a few years ago, when oil was down, when Trump was in office, Republicans tried to spend $3 billion to resupply and overload the strategic oil reserves when oil was at $24 a barrel.
That didn't happen because Democrats voted against it.
So Republicans tried to increase the petroleum emergency reserve by purchasing $3 billion worth at $24 a barrel.
Now, I think it's like $100 a barrel.
And Joe Biden is so stupid, he drains our oil reserves again, then he announces to the public, because he's asked, well, what are you going to do?
You've drained the strategic oil reserves.
He says, when oil hits $80 a barrel again, I'll replenish the oil reserves.
So you rejected it when we were going to buy it at $24 a barrel, then you go out and tell the rest of the world you're going to buy it $80 a barrel, so that Russia and China and the rest of the world, when it hits $80 a barrel, they're going to buy it all up!
And by the way, it's not coming down to $80 a barrel anytime soon.
Remember, they said Elon Musk could solve world hunger with $6 billion.
The Democrats have sent $100 billion to Ukraine.
Uh, we got stabbed in the back by Amy Coney Barrett again.
Judge dismisses attempt by Missouri judge and other states to block Biden's student debt forgiveness program.
Amy Coney Barrett, Missouri federal judge, rejects challenge to Biden's student relief, debt relief.
So, oh, and by the way, nobody's got it yet.
This is them just trying to buy votes ahead of the midterms.
Nobody's got any student debt relief.
Just Democrats buying votes.
It's like what they're doing with draining the strategic oil reserves, just trying to buy votes.
That's an emergency for the country, not when your poll numbers are shrinking.
And, uh, so they're just going to take your tax dollars, raise your taxes, and give it to people who don't want to pay their loans.
It's unbelievable.
Just completely unbelievable is what it is.
So now you have Laura Logan.
Newsmax cuts ties with Laura Logan after she said world leaders dine on the blood of children.
They do, and their souls, actually.
Newsmax bans Laura Logan after she goes full QAnon.
That's what the Daily Beast says.
Well, here, you can listen to it for yourself in clip 10.
Here's what got Laura Logan banned from Newsmax.
You know what, it's even bigger than that.
Because, you know, I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand.
He told me about it, right?
He said he infiltrated the global cabal at the UN level, right?
And one of the things that he was able to tell me about from his own personal experience, what he witnessed himself, was these documents that show that the plan, there is a plan, And this was several years ago, right?
The plan was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants.
And at that point, they were already at 40 million.
And these people would dilute what they called the pool of patriots.
Those were their words, right?
And they would not be taught that America is a great country and trained to sing the national anthem with pride and so on and so on.
They would be taught all the negative things that we're taught about the U.S.
today that our own children are taught.
And what would be the effect of diluting the pool of patriots?
Well, it would be to break down this sense of pride in being American and what it means to be American.
So, that's actually a different clip, but it's the same segment.
I've got the other clip.
I'll play it on the other side.
But everything she said there is accurate.
And I've got proof of that with this interview of Berkeley students.
Listen, everything Laura Logan just said is proven correct in this short clip of UC Berkeley students being interviewed in clip four.
Do you love America?
The part of America that I really enjoy, like, the Black Lives Matter protests and stuff like that.
What I don't enjoy is, like, the homophobia and the racism and just, like, the rich eating the poor and, like, just making it so difficult to live here.
How do you think we can combat against those issues?
It just really starts with, like, the older generation as well.
They also have to try to, like, change their mindset because their mindset is also affecting us.
Colleges and universities are putting out The dumbest people you've ever seen in your life.
And that's what they really believe.
They really think America is a bad place.
They really think America is racist.
They really think they're richer to blame for all their problems.
Who do you think is going to give you a job, you idiot?
I don't know if I can do the news.
I really don't.
I may just have to open up the phone lines.
Maybe we'll play the Laura Logan clip.
I mean, I got huge news here.
I mean, I should be covering the news.
New vaccine news.
Right after the CDC voted.
To make the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for children, Pfizer hiked the vaccine price to $130 per dose.
We are just getting raped by these warmongers.
It's called the Great Reset.
Tough guy.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta, about that nuclear war, I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out, yeah.
And this is real.
This is not a freaking game to me, man.
You don't see it. I love living.
I love my children and I die.
People are isolated by the hundreds of millions right now.
You never see it on the news.
You know, you've never seen it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God!
Yeah, God can do it.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be true.
I'm upset.
I'm really, really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out!
You see, because this is real!
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real!
And we're going into a time now where we're not going to be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the globalists, I mean, we won't be here in six months.
Plus, you won't be here at Six Flags.
Six Flags.
This is the Alex Jones Show, the legendary.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars comes to mind.
Do you watch InfoWars?
I think what's happening today and why I'm just kind of a mess on air, it's not because I did six hours yesterday and I'm just burnt out.
No, I could do that every day.
I think what's happening is you in the audience and just the average American that may not tune in, We're really starting to feel the pressure.
And we're really starting to see how desperate things are and how bad things are.
And it's worse than we can even imagine.
And I think the pressure is that people look at InfoWars and they look up to InfoWars thinking that, you know, I mean, folks, they're trying to destroy us.
Like, you understand, they're trying to destroy us.
They're trying to destroy Alex Jones.
They're trying to destroy me.
Like, I just, I don't know.
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I can't even really host a show so I'm gonna open up the phone lines.
I'm too overwhelmed with it all.
The number is 877-789-2539.
Just your calls on anything.
Just whatever you want to talk about.
Joe Biden and the Democrats not wanting to replenish the strategic oil reserves at $24 a barrel, and now they're emptying them to save their hopes at the midterms.
What do you think is going to happen at the midterms?
Pfizer raising the price of the vaccine after yesterday.
The CDC making it mandatory for children, then Pfizer raises the price.
A new poll, nearly 80% of American voters oppose transgender procedures on minors.
Okay, so where should we send the other 20% that think that's a good thing?
It's just absolutely nuts.
It's just totally nuts.
And so, We got Mike Adams coming up in the third hour and the fourth hour of big news.
We've got Pete Santilli hosting the War Room today with huge exclusive news you're not going to see anywhere else.
But I just I can't I can't focus and cover the news today because it's just it's riffraff to me.
It's cannon fodder to me.
You know what's going on.
I know what's going on.
And this country's been marked for destruction.
And it breaks your heart.
It's just soul-crushing to see your fellow brother, your fellow American, cheering on their own destruction and dragging you down with them.
So we have the Laura Logan clip.
This is the clip that got her banned from Newsmax.
You tell me if Laura Logan is lying here.
Here it is.
But you know what?
It's even bigger than that.
Because I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand.
He told me about it.
Is this the same clip guys?
You know what?
Pull it out.
I'm done.
I don't want it.
Never mind.
You guys can go find the Laura Logan clip.
It's no big deal.
Alright, let's go to clip 6.
Now remember...
This gentleman, David Attenborough, was nominated to get a Nobel Peace Prize.
He's a voiceover professional.
He does voiceovers, is what he does.
And so I saw it, and I said, why is David Attenborough on the list to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
Well, he just released this video, and it answered the question, why is David Attenborough nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?
Here's why, right here.
In the last 150 years, the world has warmed on average by just over 1 degree Celsius.
That's a lie.
And our atmosphere now contains concentrations of carbon dioxide that have not been equaled for millions of years.
Another lie.
We are today perilously close to tipping points.
Oh yeah, he's had a lot of boosters, you can tell.
The boosters didn't do him well.
Global temperatures spiralling catastrophically higher.
If we continue on our current path, we will face the collapse of everything.
They've said this for 50 years.
They've been telling us this for 50 years.
Food production.
Access to fresh water.
Habitable ambient temperature.
The globalists are doing all this to you.
Not the weather, the globalists.
And ocean food chains.
And if the natural world can no longer support the most basic of our needs, then much of the rest of civilization will quickly break down.
Please make no mistake.
Climate change is the biggest threat to security for modern humans.
There you go.
So alright, that's good.
So you can see he can't even move his face.
He's gotten a couple of boosters.
They've destroyed his face.
He can barely even open his eyes.
But he did the global warming video, so now he gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
You want to know what's coming to the White House?
Joe Biden has just invited one of the biggest trans activists to the White House, and here he is bragging about it in clip 9.
It's day 222 of being a girl.
I'm in Washington, D.C., and I'm going to the White House to speak to the President of the United States!
You know that phrase, I fear I may have girlbossed too close to the sun?
Well, that's how I feel today, because I get to sit down with Joe Biden, and now this news, and I get to ask him a few questions surrounding trans issues in the United States, and talk to him about my transness, and I really just want to- Okay, that's good.
Go ahead and pull it down.
You get the point.
It's a total clown show.
Listen to what Joe Biden lied about yesterday, calling Republicans socialists.
This is amazing, in clip five.
I didn't know there were that many socialist Republicans.
Republicans call Biden's infrastructure program socialist.
And it goes through all of Republicans, most conservative Republicans, who call it socialism.
A guy named Paul Goss, he's written three separate letters.
So here's what it is.
The Republicans voted against the infrastructure bill because it had billions of dollars in it that had nothing to do with infrastructure.
And he says, oh, I get requests from Republicans to build infrastructure in their cities because that's money for infrastructure.
The infrastructure bill had money for trans things and Vaccine crap, and masks, and that's not infrastructure, that's socialism.
And then they say, hey, can we build a bridge?
And Biden says, that's socialism.
I mean, it's just unbelievable, the lies.
Your call's next.
Alright, before I go to your phone calls, I want to mention something really quick.
So, ABC News is reporting that an Arizona Dropbox Has what they're claiming is voter intimidation because I guess somebody went to a voting Dropbox in Mesa, Arizona four or five times.
And so the Dropbox watcher went out and confronted them.
And now they're saying, look, this is voter intimidation.
Look, Republicans are doing voter intimidation.
So, folks, let me just say, I believe I don't know this case, but this could easily be a setup.
Where Democrats pretend they're Dropbox watching, and then a Democrat goes to drop their ballot off, and then they get into a fake little harassment, and then they say, see, Republicans are doing voter intimidation at the Dropboxes, and then they make it illegal to monitor the Dropboxes.
So, if you are out there doing Dropbox monitoring, do not confront these people.
That's a trap.
Document it.
Videotape it.
Do everything that's legal.
Do not confront them.
That's what they want.
Because the moment you confront them, then they're going to claim that you're doing voter intimidation and they're going to shut down the whole operation.
So, I don't know if this was two Democrats doing a false flag to reach that agenda.
But I would not be surprised if that's what they wanted anyway, or are planning to do.
So, if you are watching the Dropboxes, do not confront these people.
Do not.
Record it, videotape it, do everything you're supposed to do, but the minute you confront them, you're giving them exactly what they want, and then they're going to make poll watching and Dropbox watching illegal, which is really what the Democrats want, because that's how they plan on cheating.
So, I wanted to mention that real quick.
Now again, folks, InfoWarsTore.com is how everything we do here is possible.
And, I mean, folks, it's just crazy.
We want to stay on air.
That's the plan.
They keep claiming we have all this money.
We don't.
So, I mean, Alex Jones could just shut it down and he could just say, OK, fine, you want to try to get a billion dollars out of me?
You're not going to do it.
It doesn't exist.
But they don't want the money.
I mean, the plaintiffs might want the money.
I don't know.
The lawyers might want the money.
But the real goal is to shut this place down.
If you want InfoWars to stay on air, go get Alex's new book, The Great Reset and the War for the World at InfoWarsStore.com.
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All right.
Let's go to the phone lines.
Let's go to Mike in Florida.
Mike, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Owen?
Yeah, man.
Nothing really specific just to talk about other than my observation out here when I'm talking to people, waking them up.
I'm at the point where I just go, what do you need to see?
No, it really is.
to happen to wake up. I mean like you said covering the news I mean it just
gets monotonous over time but there's a million things I can point out and then
they'll point out one little thing in that millions strings of fabric that
maybe doesn't make sense and then they just go against it so I think it's just
cognitive dissidence that it's worse. No it's reaching a level of it can't even
be explained I would say.
Really, it can't even be explained.
That's why I'm going to odd places to try to make sense of it all.
Are these people even human?
Are they aliens?
Are they NPCs in some sort of weird simulation we're in?
I mean, are they under MKUltra?
Do they really just hate everything?
Hate life that much?
They enjoy lying to themselves?
Lying to everyone else around them?
It's crazy!
I mean, that's... My whole goal is...
To inform people that want to be informed with the news every day, and then using the news every day for those that don't understand what's going on, so that they can see what's going on.
But, like you said, at this point, if you don't see what's going on, what is it going to take?
You're going to end up in a gulag.
You're going to die from the vaccine.
You're going to be poor and starving on the street.
So, I mean, I guess that's what it's going to take.
I'm afraid, Mike, that is what it's going to take now.
Well, look at that, for example, like Event 201, for an example.
I'll show somebody their own website.
Don Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, they put on that event, they made that website.
The information is on the website of exactly the plan for COVID and the vaccine, the whole thing, but way before it even happened, it's right there.
One of us didn't make that site, they made it.
It's insane.
Yeah, believe me Mike, that's why today I just can't even really, I can't even host a show, because I mean, we almost have reached this point where, I mean I've almost intellectually reached this point, and look, I could change, my emotions change, everybody's emotional here, but I mean, right now I'm at the point where I just look at the future and I just say, Either you get it or you don't.
And the only way people are going to get it now is if in the next two years this country just completely collapses.
Gas prices $10-$15 a gallon.
Grocery bills going up 500%.
Energy bills going up 1000%.
You won't be able to afford to heat or cool your home.
I mean, that's where this is all going.
I mean, it's like, you think it's bad now?
Imagine two more years of Joe Biden in the White House, plus a more radicalized Democrat Congress.
Like, it's gonna be bad.
Mike, thank you so much for the call.
Let's go to Chelsea in Florida.
Chelsea, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
What up, Owen, Alpha Gang?
How are ya?
Hey, I'm great.
Thanks for calling.
Okay, I just want to invite the nation to a 14-day prayer proclamation for America.
My church, Hagee Ministries, is doing it.
I'm an online member because I'm here in Florida.
It's October 26th to November 8th.
You can go to jhm.org, sign up for their emails, and they're going to be sending out the download, which is 14-day prayer, and if the nation can come together, you know, Chronicles or 2 Chronicles 7.14, And that's right, the two weeks before the midterm, that's what we need.
And that's the point, it's just like, there's no, I don't think there's any human intervention that can save us from what's coming.
Only God's intervention at this point.
Amen to that, and he is good.
I hope you enjoy it.
You can go out this beautiful day and enjoy it.
Maybe work out.
I just took, I've been on diet for three months.
Down 30 pounds!
Well, good for you.
You sound great.
That's awesome.
I'm so glad that the products at InfoWarsStore.com work for you as they do everyone else.
Thank you so much for that call.
By the way, you know, there's really no time off here.
Tomorrow, we're going to be out in the InfoWars truck.
So be on the lookout for that.
I'm going to do a live stream on my Getter account.
We'll post the HD video to Band.Video.
But we're going to go out in the armored truck tomorrow.
It could be one of the last times we have to go out in it.
We're probably going to have to sell it to pay some bills.
So be on the lookout for that.
Let's go to Joe calling in.
He's in the USA.
Joe, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Owen?
I brought this up on the Chris Salcedo radio show, and he just totally snubbed it off.
I think there should be a law that if you hold any sort of government clearance, that husband and wife Should be made to testify against each other.
They shouldn't have that immunity because basically... Are you talking about with stocks?
What's that?
What are you talking about?
With stocks or what?
No, no, I'm just saying like in general, like, like if you hold like government clearance in the government, right, especially high level government clearance, that, that spouse, spouse, they shouldn't be allowed to have immunity from testifying against each other.
Because to me, Marriage is the glue that's holding all the corruption together in Washington, D.C.
Because, I'll read this real quick.
Spousal privilege specifically protects the marital relationship.
It gives one spouse the privilege to refuse to testify against the other without legal ramifications in order to protect the marital relationship from the harm that would come of one spouse... Well, I'll tell you what, Joe.
I'll tell you what.
I don't...
Boy, that's... Because you're right!
You're right!
All the intertwining marriages protects all these people in D.C.
You're 100% right about that, but boy oh boy, you're talking, I don't know, wow.
Alright, we're back here taking your phone calls.
Remember folks, shop at InfoWarsStore.com if you want to keep us on the air.
Simple as that.
Alright, let's go back to the phone lines now.
Let's go to Dave in Pennsylvania.
Dave, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, how's it going?
I started reading the Bible a few months ago.
I'm about halfway through, but something that really caught my attention, it's so relevant to what's happening today, and it's real simple.
I'm up to about Proverbs chapter 25.
But they specifically mention lies, liars versus truth tellers.
They call them sluggards, or like lazy people.
And then they specifically mention schemers, which are liars.
So the schemers and the liars are meant to cause chaos with their words, which is what you see everywhere.
Everywhere you look in the media and all the people that have control of the news networks, etc.
Then you have the truth tellers.
They're not loud and obnoxious, they speak softly, and their truth causes peace.
So God celebrates those who rebuke the liars.
So what I'm thinking is, obviously, InfoWars, you guys are on the good side, you're doing what needs to be done just simply by speaking the truth.
But then you look at The evildoers who are spreading all the lies, they're not only lying to cause chaos, but they're actively going after the truth tellers and calling them liars.
So the people at the top are truly the evil ones, but the ones who just believe the lies are misled.
So not like my neighbor, for example.
Good guy.
He's got, you know, he's got his Biden sign out there.
It drives me nuts.
I don't think he's truly evil, but I think he's just misled because he's believing the garbage that he's hearing.
So the question is, they're going after you because of everything you guys always say.
You got a growing following and more and more people are learning the truth and the liars are all being exposed and that's their biggest fear.
So how do we go on the aggressive to spread the truth even further?
You know, what does that look like?
Is it having conversations with everyone you run into?
What does it look like when you can change someone's mind, open their eyes up to the truth?
You know, and I think we just have to keep on fighting the good fight.
And I think I'm hopeful because I know that there's more of us than them.
You just don't see it because we're not boasting about it because we know we've become a target.
But I know there's more... And there's just no... I mean, any anecdotal evidence of the realization of that is not going to be provided to us.
I mean, we can point things out, like...
Look at the ratings on TV shows, or look at where the audience is, or look at Trump rallies, 50,000 people at a Trump rally, a Biden rally, 50 people.
So, I mean, there's certain things we can look at that prove, but here's what I've learned through time, and I'll relate this back to your neighbor, and thank you for the call, Dave.
People, you, it's very, very rare, very, very rare that you can actually change someone's mind in a conversation like that or bring up, you know, in a debate like that, just on the streets or at the supermarket or with your neighbor.
It's very rare.
It's almost impossible even.
Now, the only way for people to realize the truth is to realize it for themselves.
That was the case with me.
That's probably the case with most people in this audience.
Now, there's times where you can kind of inject something, or you can throw them a bone, or kind of leave a breadcrumb trail that might lead them to the truth, but they always have to discover it for themselves.
The only time they might be able to have a mind change is when you see an actual political debate.
That's why political debates are so important.
That's why the Democrats don't want to do them anymore.
Like the debate I played earlier at the walk-away debate with Shemeika Michelle.
That's powerful!
That can change people's minds.
But just a conversation, it's almost impossible to change someone's minds.
You can try to lead them to water, but you can't force them to drink type of a thing.
Now, I want to relate that to the development I mentioned earlier.
Now, Elon Musk has said he's going to cut 75% of Twitter's workforce once he gets there.
That's a good start.
I think the Democrats are going to make sure he can't get on there till after the midterms, because here's what I'm seeing.
Every fourth tweet now, if you get on Twitter, you're probably seeing the same thing.
Every fourth tweet is Democrat Party propaganda.
And by the way, Joe Biden just invited all of his Twitter propagandists to the White House today.
You've got about 30 Democrat paid for Twitter propagandists at the White House today.
So they're doing it big.
And Roger Stone was right all along, and it's too bad the Republican Party didn't listen to him.
It's too bad Donald Trump didn't listen to him, because he was right.
Because if you're neutral, and it's the same thing with the mainstream media, television, Twitter, wherever you go, it's all the mainstream media.
Overwhelmed with Democrat Party propaganda.
Overwhelmed with liberal propaganda.
So you talk about your neighbor.
He doesn't know any better.
He's got the Biden sign.
He doesn't know any better.
Well, why?
Because he turns on the TV, local news, late night talk show, mainstream news, and all he sees is Republicans bad, Democrats good, to put it simply.
Same thing when you log on to Twitter.
And so, this is going to crush Republicans, folks.
The internet censorship and the fake news media is going to crush Republicans, I'm afraid, in this midterm.
And because they've never been able to do anything about it, it's going to crush them.
And Roger Stone was right.
The internet censorship is going to crush Republicans.
I think this midterm election is going to be the most consequential when that is concerned.
Because even before, with the Hunter Biden laptop and that censorship, It's one thing to censor the truth, it's a whole other thing to censor the truth and then pile on your propaganda on top of it.
And we're seeing that more than ever right now.
So, to the unassuming, ignorant, a political american
all they see is pro-democrat party propaganda anti-republican party
propaganda and they end up going to vote democrat and so that's a serious problem you're right your neighbors
probably not evil he's been propagandized
and it just goes on every day in brock obama made it legal and
now you have all the twitter propagandists that the democrats pay for the white
house today i was going to bob in new york city bob you're on the alex
jones show go ahead Hey, Owen, start with a prayer for you and blue light to
protect us all.
Thank you so much for being a co-host.
Big deal.
Thank you.
If you want to know where I've been for the last year, essentially, it's from a phone call from Alex Jones's show on December 2nd, talking about our sit-ins in New York and battling good and evil.
Really, that's what we're doing.
Here in New York, so if you want to know the work of the Archangel Michael in New York City, go to Austere Scholar on Rumble and you'll see video after video.
We went viral yesterday because that's my group of people that go to confront people and we went to AOC herself and just embarrassed her.
She's getting protested every time and you know I kind of in a way I mean obviously I don't like AOC's politics, but in a way I kind of, she is probably, she's mostly, I mean she goes out there and deals with the people.
She actually sits there and goes face to face with the protesters.
I kind of respect that in a way, but she's getting protested at her own events now every time by liberals.
Yeah, well, half the room was not liberal, let me tell you about that.
See, we do stuff like that.
So there's about 250 people who have been battling the mandate since 2020.
Hardcore people.
The unfortunate thing is that it's sort of flattened out and, you know, we get thousands of Instagram growth.
But, you know, when we have an event like we have one tomorrow, The South Tip of City Hall in Manhattan, on the Broadway side.
You can't miss it, but there's always only going to be 250, maybe 1,000 people, maybe 1,500.
We need a million people out there if this is the largest city in the world, right?
I need all the info warriors to come out to the Southern Tip of Broadway tomorrow.
Conservatives, Trumpers, anybody who hates Eric Adams, anybody who hates the mask.
Anybody who hates the vaccine that they were forced to take, the second one that they were forced to take, especially the third, the boosters that are unnecessary.
Yes, we're anti-vax.
And, and, and, uh, cause this is poison.
This is killing.
This is genocide and we scream it to the truth.
And that's what we do.
And my group is the one that does the sit-ins and we go and hit up different, uh, drag queen story hours and, uh, So we need eyeballs, we need people.
Infowarriors are out there with cameras rolling because Antifa is the black part.
So look, hey, I'm running short on time on this segment.
You're saying specifically you're having an event in New York tomorrow?
Yeah, tomorrow's put on by other people and so it'll be about a thousand, but there's a convergence of a lot of things.
But what are the details, so the audience that's in New York, we have a huge New York audience, what are the details so they can get involved?
It's called, you know, DVS7, as the rapper who's putting it on.
DVS7.0, you'll find out.
And then it's New York Freedom Rally.
It's not really.
It's like a lot of just putting a spotlight on cockroaches.
And we're pouncing on Eric Adams.
Project Veritas has just pounced on Eric Adams.
We've got to strike while the iron's hot.
So where is the event and what time tomorrow?
Southern tip of City Hall Park.
It's Broadway.
Broadway and Park Row.
If New York doesn't know where City Hall is, they're gonna figure it out.
It is, I think, noon.
They're marching across the Brooklyn Bridge.
All right, all right, there you go.
All right, Bob, thank you.
Folks, look, I've got to go handle some business.
I'll be back in the next hour.
I've got to go take care of some business real quick.
Mike Adams is about to come in, host the first five.
He's going to be with me taking phone calls for the rest of this hour.
And then he's going to host the fourth hour of Big Breaking News ahead of Pete Santilli on the War Room with Big
Breaking Exclusive News.
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three percent off x3 50% off info war store.com eight days left till Joe Biden takes over and man,
everybody knows they are going to cut the economy off.
They're gonna shut the power off, the gas off.
It's gonna be hell on earth.
President pushes green energy, yes, windmills, things that cost two jobs for every job they make.
They're gonna shut down our coal power plants.
They're gonna cut off the energy source to the U.S.
So it's impossible for factories to move back here.
They're going to cut our coal power off again so no one can do business here.
Alright, welcome everybody to this third hour of the Alex Jones Show here on Infowars.com.
I'm Mike Adams, and I'm going to be here for the next two hours.
I'm going to be rejoined by Owen Schroer coming up after this break, and then I've got a special guest.
For the fourth hour today, Bob Moriarty will be joining us to talk about economic collapse.
And I do want to just start out here and just give you a table of contents of what we're going to cover, because it's bombshell.
It's extraordinary.
And yes, everything that Alex Jones talked about is coming true.
Every warning is hitting us hard, and it's even worse than what Alex Jones predicted.
It's far worse, because just recently the White House admitted that they are in fact funding research into global dimming, or what's called geoengineering.
Using stratospheric aerosol injection.
So the terraforming that we warned you about right here on InfoWars.com and through many voices like myself and Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch and many others, all of that is coming true.
It's no longer in the realm of a conspiracy theory.
It's a fact that's being touted by the White House as a way to solve the problems that they claim are facing our world.
Well, from their point of view, what are the world problems?
Too many people are still alive.
In their view, right?
So they're here to kill as many as possible by any means necessary.
So today, starting soon with Owen, I'm going to go over in meticulous detail the terraforming operation to alter Earth's climate.
To alter the atmospheric chemistry.
To collapse the global harvest of food crops combined with a determined energy collapse and a fertilizer collapse, also collapsing all three elements that make photosynthesis possible.
In order to cause mass global famine, collapse, destitution, and then either the enslavement or the annihilation of whatever human beings might be able to survive the starvation, you're going to be targeted for extermination or enslavement, one way or another.
That is what is happening right now.
We have all the data points, we have all the proof, we have all the admissions, and we're going to go over that today in great detail.
In addition to that, We're going to cover the collapse, what I'm calling the collapse of Western civilization.
There is now a very real risk that Western Europe falls permanently and never rises again.
The chaos that you're seeing with the Bank of England and the collapse of the government of England right now, the government of the United Kingdom.
That is just a small sign of things to come.
The Euro is going to collapse, and the Yen is going to collapse.
The Bank of Japan is in dire straits right now.
And while the dollar will be the last currency probably to still remain viable, it's going to collapse at some point too, although that may happen more like next year.
But it's all coming.
Everything that Alex Jones predicted is coming true.
And that's why they had to try to silence him so desperately.
Because his warnings were so true and so accurate that they knew that he would gain massively in audience and credibility as people began to see reality unfold in the world around them in exactly the same way that Alex Jones and his other hosts and guests described here on InfoWars.com.
You know, Owen Schroyer has nailed it as well.
And so many of the other guests in the special reports and other personalities of alternative or independent media, we've nailed it this entire time.
So that's a little taste of what we're going to cover here in the show today.
Stay with us.
I'm Mike Adams here, going to be rejoined by Owen Schroyer shortly, right after this one-minute break, right here on InfoWars.com.
Don't miss the rest of this hour.
And we've got Mike Adams with us here.
He's going to be here the next two hours.
I'm gonna be with him in the remainder of this hour.
And then folks, I gotta tell you, Pete Santilli filling in for me on The War Room today has huge breaking news that could have major implications.
I mean, if you want to look for hope in the news today, watch The War Room with Pete Santilli.
But Mike Adams on the line with me now.
We can take a couple phone calls.
Phone lines are still open.
We got a couple callers waiting to get on here.
But Mike, where are you at today?
Because I gotta tell you, I'm...
I'm going through some serious stuff intellectually trying to deal with this right now, because it's like, if you can't see what's going on at this point, then is there any hope for you at all anymore?
Maybe there still is hope, I'm just not...
Realizing that people can still wake up.
I guess, I don't know, I guess they have to have somebody die from the vaccine, or I guess they have to have their gas shut off and their energy shut off.
I guess they have to go poor.
I guess they have to see empty shelves at the grocery store.
Maybe then they'll get it.
I know that the Democrats have no real shot of winning in the midterms, but we know we're up against a massive wall of voter fraud that they're gonna be waging against us.
So, I mean, where is your headspace right now here, 18 days till the midterms?
Well, Owen, I share your concern and I believe that we are in some very desperate times and the Democrats are capable of almost anything at this point, including potentially staging an arrest of Trump.
That's a possibility that still is out there.
We've talked about false flag possibilities.
They could detonate, you know, a nuclear weapon even on U.S.
soil or maybe one in Ukraine and try to blame Russia for it.
They could carry out nuclear terrorism with a dirty bomb type of event, or other things,
you know, a cyber attack, a grid down scenario that's blamed on Russia and so on.
But they could also just arrest Trump and then try to provoke an armed uprising in response
to that so that they can paint gun owners and Trump supporters as the insurrectionists
that they've tried to describe everybody as.
And that's why it's critical that even if Trump is arrested, that Trump supporters maintain
a posture of peace during all of this.
Because a lot of these arrests, a lot of these court cases, they're going to be overturned on appeal.
I even believe that the Alex Jones trial will be overturned or significantly adjusted because of the outrageousness of the fine, the $1 billion roughly.
In addition, Steve Bannon is of course challenging his sentence, the four month sentence that has been handed down.
He's going to challenge that and I believe that will be successful as well.
Any arrest of Trump is just a show arrest for theatrical purposes, excuse me, and Trump will fight it and Trump will beat it.
For all the things that they've tried to find in terms of criminal evidence of Trump, All they can find is, you know, typos and grammatical errors in contracts that he signed years ago.
Meanwhile, they're ignoring Hunter Biden's laptop, which has evidence of hundreds of crimes, including business-related crimes, money movement crimes, and sex-related crimes as well.
So, that's where we stand right now.
God help us pray for our safety for the next, what is it, a little over two weeks to get us to November 8th.
Yeah, you bring up the Bannon arrest.
Four months today, of course, Democrats celebrating.
They got another political prisoner.
Honestly, I mean, at this point, I think you're probably two years out, if the country doesn't just completely collapse, you're probably about two years out from Democrats just lining people up in a firing squad or scalping them and, you know, putting their, chopping their heads off and raising their heads in the sky like, look, we did it.
I mean, that's, seriously, that's how evil they've gotten.
And you know, as far as, I'm not somebody that thinks in a war mindset.
I'm not.
I'm a peace guy.
I'm a logic guy.
I'm an intellect guy.
I'm a let's talk things out guy.
But if I go into war mode, you talk about the potential for Trump to be arrested.
If I go into war mode, I actually hope he gets arrested.
Now, I've been arrested three times for my political speech.
It's not fun.
I've spent nights in jail.
I don't wish that upon anybody.
I don't wish that upon Donald Trump.
He doesn't deserve it.
But I'm saying, Them arresting Donald Trump would probably be the biggest wake-up call for the average American out there.
Just how evil, just how desperate, just the lengths that they'll go to for their politics.
Again, Trump is innocent.
He doesn't deserve to be arrested.
I'm not cheering for Trump to be arrested.
But if I'm like, how can we wake America up?
How can we get people to see how evil the Democrats are?
I'd say, please, go arrest Trump!
Go arrest him right now!
Well, it would be the Mar-a-Lago raid on steroids if they were to arrest Trump, no doubt about it.
And it would blow back harshly against the Democrats.
But understand though, when the Democrats have repeatedly miscalculated, in fact, they miscalculated in the first place about Donald Trump back in 2016.
They really promoted him on the air thinking that there's no way he could win.
And so they put him in a position to win, and then he did win.
And in fact, he won a pass far beyond the threshold of cheating that the Democrats were carrying out even in 2016.
So the Democrats have miscalculated on several fronts.
They've also miscalculated on how quickly they think that people will obediently go along with everything that they demand.
So, COVID, they think the lockdown obedience in COVID was proof that the American people are all sheeple who will do what they are told.
But the miscalculation is that people actually learned a harsh lesson from those lockdowns, and at least half the country is in the position now where they say, no more.
We will not just blindly obey orders.
We will not be locked down.
And you've got state AGs and state governors now rising up against this nonsense, even in Florida, for example.
And the Florida Surgeon General is pushing back against all that nonsense.
So, it's the miscalculations by the Democrats that are actually creating a lot of openings.
And I believe this midterm election outcome will see both the House and the Senate in the hands of the GOP.
Well, I hope you're right, and it really is just going to come down to... I mean, I don't know how many... It's like the Democrats have a handicap of what, like maybe 3, 4, 5 million votes that they just know that they're going to steal right out of the gates, that Republicans are going to have to climb that wall of voter fraud to win.
But I mean, look, all the evidence is there.
I mean, I point this out all the time.
If you look at news TV ratings, All the top rated TV shows are on Fox News.
All of them.
Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, all outrank with viewers every CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, all of them.
Fox News hosts double, triple, quadruple their audience.
Okay, well we know how Fox News audience votes.
Same thing goes, let's talk about rally turnout.
Trump has rallies.
30, 40, 50,000 at a Trump rally.
Biden has a rally.
He's lucky if he can get a hundred there.
So, I mean, you look at that and you say, okay, well, clearly the side's on the favor of the Republicans.
You have the Blegzit, black people leaving the Democrat Party.
The Legzit, Latinos leaving the Democrat Party.
Now you have the Jegzit, Jews leaving.
The Democrat Party.
You had the walk-away movement.
Thousands of leftists and Democrats leaving the Democrat Party.
You got gays against groomers saying, hey, look, we're LGBTQ, but we're not going to be controlled by the Democrat Party either.
We don't like what they're doing.
All the evidence shows the momentum goes in favor of the GOP.
And again, it's like, OK, so what happens?
What happens, say, on November 9th when the Democrats take the House and Congress and we're supposed to sit here and take it?
Well, that's a really good question.
They may be attempting to do that, and just rig it blatantly, and just see what the American people do.
Because I do think that is the line in the sand.
I think a lot of American people have been waiting these last two years, and they've been kind of holding back with their anger or frustration, thinking, okay, okay.
We're going to correct this in the midterms.
You know, correct the theft of the 2020 election, the 2,000 mules and the vote rigging and all of that.
We're going to correct that in the midterms.
Well, if that ability to democratically correct a vote theft is taken away from the American people, then I fear that millions of Americans, that would be their breaking point.
And, again, I would urge people to remain calm and, you know, maintain a stance of peace and all of this.
But I think the Democrats may be counting on this mass uprising.
Could be before the election with a Trump arrest that they staged, or even after the election with what you just described, a massive, obvious, blatant election theft, where they're going to say, well, what are you going to do about it?
And I mean the establishment basically saying to the people, what are you going to do about it?
And then I guess we're going to find out what happens, and anything could go at that point, but make no mistake, the authoritarian Biden regime wants any excuse to label we the people criminal insurrectionists and extremists so they can clamp down with a form of martial law and attempt nationwide gun confiscation, which will not go well, by the way.
Yeah, they've really put us in a precarious position, and unfortunately, sadly, the best shot, I think, at least, we'll see what happens in the future, but the best shot we had to peacefully save this country was with Trump as president, and that didn't happen.
He gave it back to the deep state, to the globalists, to the Democrats.
So, you know, you're looking at a situation where...
I mean, Americans are basically just going to have to go into poverty, not be able to afford gas, not be able to afford to heat their home, your children are going to get sent to school and taught how to have sex when they're ten years old, and we'll see.
We'll see if America wants to deal with that for the rest of their lives, or we'll see what happens.
Alright folks, we have breaking news right now, and this is the indicator of where the Democrats are going from here.
They're not backing down, they're getting more hardcore.
The imprisonment of Steve Bannon, the first person to be imprisoned for contempt in over four decades in this country.
Steve Bannon, contempt of January 6th committee.
Of course, Eric Holder in contempt when him and Barack Obama were running guns over the southern border.
He got no punishment for that.
We now know the Democrats' next move, and Mike Adams and I were debating this, I think we have the answer now.
The January 6th Committee has just subpoenaed Donald Trump.
The subpoena of Donald Trump from the January 6th Committee requesting all communications, and pretty much they just want everything.
They want his entire computer, they want his emails, they want his texts, they even ask for signal messages as well.
So I think we just got our answer, Mike.
They're not backing down.
They feel more emboldened than ever.
And if Trump doesn't cooperate with the subpoena, they will arrest and jail him as well.
And I think that's actually what they want.
Yep, that's exactly what's coming.
It is remarkable that it happened here just as we were talking about it.
I saw that break during the break as well.
And it shows that they're going to try to do to Donald Trump what they did to Alex Jones.
So basically, they're going to request all of these documents and records, essentially millions of records across all forms of communication and media that Donald Trump might use, including signal, text messages, email, anything.
And then, no matter what Trump provides them, even if he attempts to comply, They will say, well, it's not enough, just like they did to Alex.
They'll say, oh, well, you didn't give us this or that, something that they are imagining might exist that doesn't even exist.
And then they'll find a reason to find him in contempt and then to arrest him and prosecute him.
So we have what we're looking at here, of course, is a totally corrupt authoritarian regime, massive abuses of power.
Congressional committees were never intended to engage in this type of activity to carry out mass arrests, especially of political opponents.
And just as you pointed out, Owen, when Democrats are in contempt of Congress, they are never, never prosecuted or arrested, whether it's Hillary Clinton with her emails or Eric Holder, as you said.
And remember, Eric Holder with Barack Obama, they were gunrunners.
They ran guns.
It enabled gun smuggling across the border to put illegal guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to cause violence and killings, and many killings actually took place in the United States because of their crimes, and they were never held accountable whatsoever.
So, here we go.
It begins.
So, I have to agree with your analysis there.
Trump couldn't be, he can cooperate with this subpoena 100% or 0%.
The result is going to be the same.
They still want him arrested.
They still want to get him in court.
And I got to understand here folks, there's a sick level to this too.
There's a real sick level to this.
Now, when I turned over all of my emails and texts to the January 6th Committee and the FBI, Look, you gotta understand, I'm a single guy, I'm 30 years old, I have nothing to hide, I'm not guilty of anything, and so I said, fine, go through it, there's nothing they're gonna find, you know, I don't have, there's no personal pictures of me or any, you know, anybody that I know and love or anything like that, so fine, read all my texts, have at it, enjoy all the emails, enjoy all the spam, enjoy all that stuff.
You know, I can't even imagine, because you're dealing with a situation now where you're not just dealing with political People that want to get into your phone and your emails to try to find anything they can to arrest you or charge you with a crime.
Folks, these sick freaks, I'm not, you think this is a joke?
These sick, these sick freaks are going to hope they find naked pictures of Melania Trump.
These sick freaks are going to hope that they find personal pictures, videos, emails on the Trump family, like we all have on the Biden family now.
And if you don't think that that is in the back of your mind, you are terribly mistaken.
The FBI panty-raided Melania Trump's wardrobe!
These are sick perverts!
The FBI agent that led the fake kidnapping of Governor Whitmer went to orgies and beat his wife!
Folks, this is beyond just political.
They want to completely embarrass Donald Trump.
They want to get all his personal stuff.
They want to leak it to the public.
Again, Mike, You know, maybe this is why I was so on edge all day today, is somehow inside of me I knew that this was coming.
We are now, I said it at the top of the show, America's probably gone through harder times.
The average American's life is still pretty good right now compared to the rest of the world, probably still the higher standard of living maybe.
But our country has never been more corrupt than it is today.
The American people have never dealt with more corruption than we're dealing with right now, and it's only getting worse.
Well, Owen, I don't know if this is the case that's going to cause the scenario that I'm about to describe, but I can see a scenario where someone like Governor DeSantis of Florida and the Attorney General of Florida, and I don't recall his name right now, but where they might say, That Trump is a resident of Florida and that we hereby nullify this lawless, illegal, politicized weaponization of Congress against political opponents and we are going to protect Donald J. Trump from this illegitimate witch hunt.
I can't say if that's going to happen right now, but I can see that there's a nullification trend that is accelerating.
And at some point, the attorneys general or the governors of states, including Texas for example, have to say to this outlandish regime in Washington, D.C., no.
We do not comply with your illegal demands, with your abuse of power, with your corruption.
We do not comply with it.
We're going to protect Donald J. Trump here in Florida, and basically come and take it, or come and take him in this case.
And then that would set off a regional conflict between Florida And the illegitimate regime in Washington, D.C.
I think that day is coming.
It may not be on this Trump issue, but it's going to happen.
It's essentially an extension of the sanctuary states that were declared by Democrats saying that they would nullify the authority of immigration services.
So I think you're going to see that from conservative states very soon on multiple issues.
Well, and if elections aren't the peaceful option to stave off this corruption that we're dealing with, then I think that is.
I mean, it's not necessarily secession.
I mean, secession is one argument you could make, but it's kind of just like a state declaration of independence, I guess is what I would call that.
A state declaration of independence to say, look, if you're a resident of Florida, or I would pray Texas, if Beto gets in, forget it.
But say, okay, you're a resident of Florida, you're a resident of Texas.
We do not see, we do not provide, there is no jurisdiction for any federal law enforcement here.
There is no jurisdiction for any D.C.
law enforcement here.
And if you want to try to criminally prosecute or arrest Anybody in my state, you're going to have to go through our law enforcement, our state law enforcement, our local law enforcement, and we're not going to be so cooperative with these criminal persecutions and political arrests.
I mean, that's like the second level of the peaceful way to stave off this corruption, if elections don't succeed as the first.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I think Carrie Lake has spoken to some extent about a similar thing in Arizona, should she become governor, which looks very likely at this point.
Talked about, I think, nullifying the FBI's capabilities in Arizona.
I believe it was her.
But in any case, it's a trend across the conservative states where if you have the FBI that is really proving itself to be lackeys of the Biden regime and not at all interested in actual law enforcement, then at some point these states are going to say enough is enough.
You cannot operate your corruption regimes in our states and terrorize our people.
So, incredible breaking news.
January 6th committee subpoenas Donald Trump.
Same day they jail Steve Bannon for four months.
Folks, if you don't see how this corruption is being emboldened right now, you're just blind.
You're just blind.
Well, I'm just overwhelmed at the news.
I'm just overwhelmed at...
How corrupt this country is.
I'm overwhelmed that people would support the corruption that the Biden administration and the Democrat Party is engaged in.
But this is history repeating itself, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all this is.
You can look back at any authoritarian regime and it always goes the same way.
It always goes the same way.
They launch false flags, they blame their opposition, they own the media, they own the press, they lie about their opposition.
And then ultimately there is no opposition because they killed all the opposition and then wars break out to deal with the evil.
And I just feel like that's what we're seeing play out right here.
And it's funny, Mike, sitting here thinking like, man, I wish I wasn't in the middle of all this, but I guess it's too late for that.
But the American people are going to be in the middle of all this.
It's not just us that are at the front lines.
Everybody is going to be implicated and affected by this, whether they realize it or not.
If you think that this corrupt and inept leadership is just going to result in a bunch of political activists and stuff being arrested and imprisoned and disappeared, think again!
Our infrastructure is going to collapse, folks.
Our country is going to collapse.
We don't have real leadership.
They're more inclined on going after their opposition than actually helping the country.
I don't think people understand that this isn't just about political persecution.
This country is going to collapse under this leadership.
Yeah, absolutely, Owen.
I think the collapse really takes place first in Europe.
Western Europe is poised for just an outrageous, hellish scenario this coming winter in terms of lack of food, lack of scarcity, and also a financial collapse that appears to be brewing across the Bank of England, the pensions there, but also the euro currency itself.
Now, Europe is going to be kind of the canary in the coal mine for Americans, because what you see in Europe is coming to America as well.
Some of it deliberate, a lot of the takedown obviously has been happening on purpose, but some of it is also just a ripple effect of bad decision making such as the economic sanctions against Russia.
For example, You know, the oil refineries in the Gulf Coast area in America, they used to purchase oil from Russia before the sanctions, and they used that oil to manufacture diesel fuel.
Well, now we are down to an alarming low level of diesel inventory in America.
Only 25 days remaining of diesel in the United States.
Now, it doesn't mean it's going to be out in 25 days, because there's still More refining taking place, but the buffer is only 25 days right now, and that's the lowest it's been in, I don't know, 20 years or something like that.
So it's very concerning, and that's because of the sanctions.
So I am anticipating we're going to have blackouts in America.
We're going to have a starvation.
We're going to have some grocery store shelves empty, especially in early 2023.
And I saw Steve Quayle was on the other day talking with Alex Jones.
And I know you guys have a sponsor, which is the Satellite Phone Store.
I think it's at InfoWarsPhone.com.
And I got to tell folks, seriously, get yourself backup communications gear.
Those satellite phones and those bivy sticks, which are the two-way satellite text messaging
devices can save you when the grid goes down or in a hurricane.
Just as a disclosure, that same company also sponsors my podcast as well.
The reason that we talk about them is because they are saving lives left and right.
You've got to have a backup form of communication.
You've got to have a backup form of money, which I believe to be gold and silver.
You gotta have backup food, which is storable food and garden seeds.
You gotta have backup emergency medicine, which includes, in my view, iodine and sanitizers and so on.
All kinds of things.
But for backup comms, it's InfoWarsPhone.com.
And I use those products every day.
I don't travel without those products, by the way.
And I also gave a bunch of those to some border operators that are actually on the border in South Texas right now and they are capturing human traffickers and weapons traffickers and they're using those sat phones and they also have these push-to-talk satellite walkie-talkies and they are using that to keep their team safe while they are interdicting these smugglers and traffickers that are coming across the border and in fact I'm going to be doing an interview about that coming up pretty soon so this stuff is in the hands of people right now who are trying to keep America safe.
I mean, we haven't even mentioned the wide open border and the invasion that's happening right now with the fentanyl coming in killing.
There's just a 17 year old girl.
Accidentally overdosed on fentanyl.
I mean, it's just it's unbelievable.
Not to mention all the criminals that are coming in.
You've had more individuals on the terror watch list across the southern border under Joe Biden than every other previous administration combined.
Five million that we know of.
I mean, this is just an all out assault on the country.
And it's just like, oh, business as usual.
No, the assault is coming in many forms and I have intel from very good sources that there are weapons that have been smuggled not only through the southern border but also from Canada, from the north.
There are weapons systems that were acquired in Ukraine And they were smuggled into Canada, and they're being brought across the border.
They include, by the way, AK-47s that are full-auto, and that's just the small arms that are involved in this.
I don't want to say what else is involved.
I wasn't necessarily given permission to share more details, but let me tell you, there are a lot of people in Homeland Security that are desperately hunting for these weapon systems because they can take out aircraft, okay, from the ground.
The open border problem is about to spill over into a massive attack on America from terror cells that are here.
And by the way, I can say this, one of the things that has been smuggled across the southern border are explosive vests.
or what are called suicide vests and some of them have been engineered with
radiological material.
So imagine this combination of kinetic explosives with some radiologic
dirty bomb material, you know, in combination in a vest that's already passed
across the southern border,
and you can see there's going to be an activation day, probably the day with the most chaos, whatever that happens
to be, maybe political chaos, maybe
the day after Trump is arrested, who knows?
But there are terrorists, in these cases they are recruited in Afghanistan, and they have made their way into America, and they plan to detonate across many targets on whatever their activation day is.
I don't know what day that is, nobody does, but it's coming.
Man, I'm just... I wish there was some good news today, Mike.
I mean, I don't know.
Is it a sunny day?
It's a sunny day here in Austin.
It's Friday.
Does that count?
It's Friday.
The sun is out.
I mean, I got that going for me.
That's about it.
Well, the good news is that if you're watching this, folks, you have a heads up.
I mean, that's the good news is that InfoWars really is tomorrow's news today.
So you have a head start on the masses.
You know, the masses are going to be so far behind when all of this comes down, because the financial collapse is going to follow whatever big event breaks next, whether it's a dirty bomb or something else.
The people are going to panic.
The banks can barely handle the cash withdrawal demand right now.
So banks are going to close and freeze.
ATMs are going to shut down and so on.
You don't want to be in that group of the oblivious people who don't know what's coming.
So the fact that you are hearing this and you can plan accordingly and you can have your backup plans of all those categories that we're talking about, food, money, medicine, comms, everything, you're going to be in a very good position, frankly.
That's the silver lining.
I mean, yeah, things are going to get bad, hellishly bad, but you can survive it.
You can navigate it because of the knowledge that you're gaining right here on InfoWars.com.
By the way, in that vein, there have been runs on gold.
Such big runs on gold.
I don't know if you've noticed this.
Individual gold buyers, or even just coin collectors, can't even get gold right now.
And silver.
Silver's just wiped out.
The wait time on silver, not only that, I've got intel that the European silver foundries, the mints that actually make the silver coins, they're not even taking any orders for 2023 because they can't anticipate their cost due to the 1000% increase in electricity.
It takes a lot of energy to melt, you know, metals and make coins.
So they're not even taking orders, man.
The silver is going to be just unobtainium.
It's almost there right now.
Seriously, folks, you call anybody who sells silver, you ask them, what's the wait time?
You're lucky if it's only 30 days.
It's going to be a couple of months out real soon.
All right, Mike Adams is set to host the fourth hour.
I know he's got other news he wants to get into.
He may want to take your calls.
We've got a couple callers on the line.
He may take calls or not.
He can decide.
He will take your calls.
So if you're on the line, he'll take your calls.
Folks, I'm going to step away.
I've got some other business to attend here.
And Pete Santilli has big breaking news that might be the good news of the day.
He's going to be reporting on the war room coming up at three o'clock, filling in for me.
But in the next segment, we're going to be hearing from Alex.
And we're going to go back in time ten years.
Ten years ago, Alex was telling you they would make you eat the bugs.
Now here we are.
Alex Jones is right again.
That's coming up next.
My prediction is we're going to be eating a lot more bugs.
In the name of threadiness.
(upbeat music)
Rob Due from Infowars.com here with a report, well more of a prediction of what's gonna happen
My prediction is we're going to be eating a lot more bugs.
And if you've looked at the news in just the last two months, it's filled with articles about how bugs are good for us and how they're a great source of protein and just Really good for you, and the UN says to do it.
If you remember back in 2013, we put out a video called, Infowars Reporter Eats Bug at UN Request.
And there you can see me, chomping on a poor little grasshopper, because the UN told me I needed to do it, because I'm the problem.
The UN now says, why not eat more insects?
Yeah, that's right.
The Food and Agriculture Organization on Monday hailed the likes of grasshoppers, ants, and other members of the insect world as an underutilized food for people, livestock, and pets.
A 200-page report released at a news conference at the UN's agency in Rome says 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diets with insects, which are high in protein, minerals, and have environmental benefits.
So why not give that to the Western world?
Well, you know, they're going to lower our standard of living.
So in a few years, we are going to be wandering the fields looking for grasshoppers and crickets and beetles and anything to get that nutritional sustenance that we desire.
And it's an inherent desire.
My dad's been to China several times, and he has always made this observation.
I don't see any stray cats.
I don't see any squirrels in the trees.
I don't see any birds flying around the city.
In fact, I rarely even see bugs, he told me, because, let me tell you, the people in China eat everything because their food is controlled by the government.
And when you have government control, you always have starvation, you always have scarcity of resources, and you always have the elites being able to circumvent any type of process, and they always get theirs.
That's right.
Remember, you're always the problem when it comes to the UN.
And therefore, eating bugs is the solution.
Here's another video we put out in March of 2014.
Man buys pizza filled with bugs.
And this is something Alex Jones and his cousin Buckley put together when they went to a fair.
Folks, we're going with the millworm.
My goodness, thank you so much, sir.
$13 for a succulent.
These cost more than a regular pizza.
Yeah, they're $8 a slice.
So these are even more powerful, thank you.
I do this only to prove myself.
Four Bill Gates, we could have more Jetson for Al Gore.
I want to buy carbon taxes, honey.
Do you want one?
That is an extremist... Sorry, please go over here.
That was an extremist response that a young girl being horrified by eating bugs.
It's a conspiracy that women ever breastfed their children.
It's a conspiracy that IQs were ever above 70.
It's a conspiracy that geoengineering's not a problem.
It's a conspiracy that vaccines are brain damaging you or fluoride.
The answer, ladies and gentlemen, to everything is the GMO Millworm Pizza.
Combining the best of Bill Gates' GMO.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the name of friendliness...
Well, let's look at these articles.
Every one of these articles except one is from December or late November of this year.
Gizmodo, are insects the future of food?
Nordic Food Lab, a non-profit culinary research institute, is on a three-year effort to turn insects, the creepy crawlies that most of us squash without a second thought, into tasty, craveable treats.
Have you ever heard of the conference Insects Feed the World?
Well, it's a three-day conference used to promote the use of insects as human food and animal feed, and assuring food security.
Insects to Feed the World is the ambitious title of this first international conference on insects, and your program makes clear that the fledgling world insect community has big plans to make a contribution to sustainability of our food system and the global food supply.
Insects are chock full of protein and essential micronutrients such as iron and zinc.
A single kilogram of feed yields 12 times more edible cricket protein than beef.
The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, FAO, became interested in the role of insects as food security about a decade ago after documenting the significant part that insects play in Central African diets.
That's right, you go to almost any country outside the U.S., even Mexico, and they have mealworms, crickets, covered in different spices and stuff, and people do eat these as protein.
And I'm not saying it's bad, but when the U.N.
is telling you you have to do it to save the planet, there's something up.
And it's usually not anything good for the human race.
What we really need is an internationally agreed safety framework for the use of insects.
Actively involved in drafting legislation on food and feed safety.
Next article from Mail Online.
Grasshopper crusted shrimp tacos with a side of scorpion guacamole.
Upscale restaurants offering a menu that is crawling with bizarre bug delicacies.
And this is how they roll things out.
They bring them to upscale trendy places and say, look!
Look at the trendy people!
They're eating the bugs!
You need to eat the bugs now!
You're probably already eating bugs though, just to let you know.
If you're eating hot dogs or any other processed food where they allow actually certain amounts of bugs and even rat droppings into the mixes that they make of these things.
There's a certain allowable amount.
So you've probably been eating all this stuff anyway.
But now they're gonna make you do it.
And you're going to see it in all of its glory.
Here's one out of Man Cave Daily.
Get ready to eat insects.
50% of all television programs are now food programs.
And they talk about now all these television programs are showing people eating bugs.
That's the big thing, the big trend on these things.
So you're going to see it on TV.
Then you're going to go to the restaurant and see it.
It's the trendy areas.
Everybody's doing it.
So why don't you do it too?
It's all part of the mind control that the mainstream media likes to run on you.
The most dramatic faces are pulled when they're asked to eat insects.
He's talking about the people in these food programs.
People who happily eat hot dogs at home, meaning they've consumed more insect and rat than sewer-dwelling mutants, but ask them to eat a bug and they react like a preschooler being asked to kiss a cockroach.
Anyone squeamish about eating insects is going to have to get over it.
At this moment we have 7 billion people and in 2050 we'll grow until 9 billion.
Right now we know that 70 countries in the world are in a state of dire food insecurity.
Forget the luxury of vegetarianism or avoiding animals because your imaginary friend doesn't like them.
Pretty soon refusing to eat anything will be on par with having your own castle.
Which means it's not going to exist.
People are going to be eating anything and everything.
Scorpion on a stick.
Rat on a stick.
Anything on a stick.
They'll sell it at a fair and you'll definitely be eating it.
Here's another one.
After the apocalypse, this is what we'd eat.
This is actually a pretty interesting article.
What would happen if there was a catastrophic event in the world?
What would we be able to do?
Well, there's a doctor that said we can actually, after we use all our canned food stockpiles and stuff, we can actually convert existing fossil fuels to food by growing bacteria on top of them, and then we either eat the bacterial slime, or feed it to rats and bugs and then eat them.
I guess all is not going to be so bad if there is an apocalypse.
Now here's our last article from November.
These are all from December, November.
Should you be eating crickets?
And this talks about cricket flour.
This is a new thing people are making, and they're cooking all kinds of things with it.
It is gluten-free, though, by the way, so for all you health-conscious people out there, it might not be a bad idea to get into cricket flour.
And here's a word you're going to be hearing a lot in the future.
The use of insects as human food.
The answer to feeding a growing global population in the world whose climate is going bonkers.
And just to let you know, this is going trendy style.
JetBlue is serving now cricket protein bars to passengers.
So JetBlue is definitely the trendiest airline, although I do like them because they offer you to get one bag on for free.
Now they're serving cricket bars.
What does that mean?
Insects are coming into the mainstream here in the United States, and don't be surprised that any restaurant you go into in the next few years I had an agency within the U.S.
especially in 2015, is going to be having these things on the menus.
Now whether people eat them or not, and whether this thing becomes a moneymaker,
that remains to be seen.
But one thing is for sure, they are going to be pushing this on the people.
I head an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and our whole interest is ensuring food security
for the United States and for the rest of the world as well.
And if you ever have seen the film Snowpiercer, which is kind of a collectivist dream of people being stuck
on a train that travels around the world in a giant loop,
these people are eating protein bars, and when they finally break through
to the other side and see what's behind the curtain, they find the protein bars are actually made out of mashed
up insects.
So, it's definitely not a far-fetched plan out there.
The UN would love to see us all feasting on insects while they're eating beef and chicken.
And pork and all the other meats while we're left eating insects.
That's all we have for this report.
If you like this and other reports, please consider becoming a member of PrisonPlanet.tv.
And you can get a membership right now for $29.95 and you can share that with up to 20 people at the same time.
So what are you waiting for?
Please log on to PrisonPlanet.com and become a member today.
Thank you.
This has been Rob Due reporting for InfoWars.com.
We'll see you next time.
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Alright, welcome folks to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
We're going to be joined today shortly by a special guest, Bob Moriarty, who's going to give us his analysis, which I think has been outstanding.
I've seen a lot of his videos and coverage about the economic collapse that appears to be imminent.
But first, we're about to show you a video clip from a new interview of David Icke, who
apparently has been banned by yet another country.
And just as some background, I want to say, you know, David Icke is someone I publicly
apologized to because he knew the truth about what was happening with COVID before I did.
It always seems to come around that David Icke was right first, I'm telling you.
And so because he's always correct, or almost always, let's say, not 100 percent, but he's
almost always correct, the governments just want to ban him from even traveling to their
So, check out this short clip of David Icke talking about how he's been banned from, I believe, the Netherlands now, in this case.
Check it out.
David Icke dot connector videocast.
Well, you'll never guess.
Another country wants to ban me.
I bet you're shocked.
I was banned from Australia in 2019.
I've only been given a visa for months, and then at the last minute, literally, it was withdrawn.
And I'm effectively banned from Germany.
I mean, you try to get a venue there, the vast majority say, oh, no, no.
And then if you do get one to agree, they then get attacked and threatened that their business is going to be destroyed if they have me speaking.
See, the power of speech, it's so threatening to the regimes that claim to hold power, they cannot let a man like David Icke speak.
So, folks, you can find that video on Banned.video.
I believe the title is called, uh, Another Country Has Banned Me, or, uh, Countries Banned Me Again.
Yeah, here it is.
Another Country Wants to Ban Me.
Confirming, yet again, that I'm right.
David Icke dot connector videocast.
So be sure to check that out again.
Band dot video.
And I'm sure a lot of people will cross post that video to other platforms as well.
I just want to give a shout out to David Icke.
You know, hey.
The world of the awakened, we see the truth that you are speaking and sharing.
And no matter how many countries ban you, they can never silence the truth because the truth is more powerful than all the corruption and all the evil in the world.
So God bless you, David Icke, for all that you are doing and all the millions of people that you've reached over all the years and have yet to reach with your messages that are yet to come.
So, Europe, of course, is desperate to keep the lies pumping out as long as possible, because Europe is facing a collapse of not just finances and not just its social order, but I believe a collapse of its civilization.
And I've said it publicly, Western civilization is on the brink right now, and Western Europe in particular may never recover.
It may not go back to normal at all.
There may be nothing left.
I mean, it may collapse into a third world existence.
Did you know that in some countries right now, especially in Poland for example, people are gathering trash so that they can burn trash this coming winter because they have nothing left to burn.
And so air quality restrictions have been suspended by the Polish government to allow the people of Poland to burn their trash.
Can you imagine just chucking garbage bags into the incinerator or the fireplace?
It's like, wow, why does the city smell like plastic and burned polymers?
Because everybody's burning their trash.
You see all these people who failed to prepare, you know, and they're hoarding trash like their living rooms are going to be full of trash.
Like, what is wrong with you people?
These are the people who called preppers tinfoil hat wearers, while the preppers probably have a wood-burning stove or something like that, right?
Some way to keep warm.
The non-preppers who dismiss all of this are going to have their living rooms overflowing with trash like an episode of Extreme Hoarders or something.
There's horse poop being gathered by other Europeans for them to burn.
Can you imagine that your leaders Destroy your country to such an extent that you're running around scrambling for horse poop to try to burn something to not freeze to death this coming winter.
Folks, that's Germany for you right there.
That's Poland.
That's going to be happening all across Western Europe, and it's not clear how many people are going to survive this coming winter through the freezing and the starvation.
Stay with us.
We'll be back with much more straight ahead here on InfoWars.com.
All right, continuing into the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today, I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of NaturalNews.com.
Thank you for joining me.
We're going to be joined here in a minute by Bob Moriarty, who's an extraordinary individual who's done amazing things in his life and continues to offer critical information for your survival, in this case, financial survival.
The collapse is accelerating and the big convergence of all of these issues is about to reach a peak.
This is what's critical to understand, folks.
You know, if you're watching this show, you know the globalists are trying to exterminate you.
But did you know all the vectors they are using in order to do that?
And one of those vectors is geoengineering, weather control systems.
They're also using stratospheric aerosol injection to block the sun in order to block photosynthesis.
Now, you may have learned this in high school biology.
Photosynthesis has three inputs, folks.
It's sunlight, it's water, and it's carbon from carbon dioxide.
Well, all three of those things are under attack by the globalists.
They're blocking sunlight because they claim they need to dim the sun in order to stop, quote, global warming, which is a hoax.
They're blocking the rain through weather control systems and engineered droughts, and we've had Dane Wigington on to talk about that and to discuss the patents of the weather control systems.
And they're also altering the atmosphere to remove carbon dioxide from atmospheric chemistry through so-called carbon sequestration, which denies food crops of the world access to carbon that they need.
Did you know that all the food you eat is made of carbon?
Did you know that?
Including the beef from the cows, and the cows eat the grass, and that's all carbon all the way through, because there's carbon chains in all the proteins, obviously, in all the meat that you eat.
Without carbon dioxide, the world collapses.
Did you know that?
And the globalists are trying to eliminate carbon dioxide.
Well, in addition to those things going on, the globalists are engaged in the dismantling of the financial system.
And that's what our guest is about to join us to talk about.
This dismantling is a, let's say, a controlled demolition of the debt markets and the currencies of the world and also banking solvency.
So I want to bring on Bob Moriarty now to talk about this.
Mr. Moriarty, sir, welcome to the show.
It's an honor to have you on.
I'm a fan of your work and I can't wait to see what you'll share with us today.
Well, Mike, thank you.
It's my honor.
Well, absolutely.
No, it's my honor, sir.
You have done incredible things in your life, and I can hardly give you enough credit, but could you just give us a background of your aviation history, some of what you did when you served, and what you do now with your financial analysis, just for people who maybe haven't seen you yet?
Okay, I'll try to keep this short, because I've done a lot of things.
You have!
It's like a couple hours right there of your resume.
I joined the Marine Corps a week after I turned 18, and now it's a month after the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
And the United States knew they were going to go to war in Vietnam.
They were looking for pilots.
So I got into flight training when I was 18 years old.
I got my wings when I was 20.
I was flying the F-4 when I was 20.
I was literally the youngest fighter pilot in the world.
And that's not because I'm exceptional.
I just got into the program very early.
I went to Vietnam when I was 21.
I was there for almost two years.
I flew something over 800 missions in combat, and I've flown just about every military mission you could fly, short of dropping nuclear weapons.
And of course, that could be very handy here soon.
They may be calling me up.
Maybe so, yeah.
But it's extraordinary.
You have more actual combat flight experience than almost any aviator, present day or throughout history.
It's extraordinary what you've done for our country, and now you've taken it upon yourself to warn people about what's coming financially.
Tell us about your book, your website, and then I'll get into the questions for you, please.
Okay, well, I've actually written about ten books.
I wrote a book about my time in the military.
In 2015, Putin went to the UN and he spoke and he said, do you realize what you have done?
And when he said that, I realized I really needed to write a book about my experience in the military.
And naturally, if you write a book 50 years after you are in the service, you're going to have a different perspective.
When I was 21 and 22 in combat, I believed everything that I was told.
But like COVID, like BLM, like Antifa, like global warming, like the Ukraine war, it was all a lie.
So I fought.
I am not a pacifist.
I would fight again.
But to defend America, not to attack people who are not our enemies.
And tell us about your latest financial book, I believe.
Because I want to get into finances with you, but I just want to keep establishing background for you.
This is the first time that you and I have actually been able to talk, by the way, for those watching.
We have never spoken before.
I mean, I follow you, you follow me.
We just never cross paths.
That's right.
Several financial books, and two of the most important.
One is Nobody Knows Anything, and the theme of that book is there's no such thing as experts.
Or gurus.
And when people claim guru-hood, they're almost always lying.
You can look at Fauci, you can look at CDC, the NIH, WHO.
These people are supposed to be experts.
So CDC just passed a rule saying you can give the COVID vaccine to children.
Now, after two and a half years, don't these people realize how deadly that is?
But the financial books, what I'm trying to teach people is that ordinary people with ordinary knowledge, asking the right questions, can come to the right answers.
Because there are no experts and there are no gurus, and if people would learn to think They can come to the right conclusion.
And certainly, given what we've had to happen for the last two and a half years, you have to wake up.
There's tons of information available.
You've made it available.
I've made it available.
I was talking about how the vaccines would never work two and a half years ago.
I was talking about how Fauci and Bill Gates belonged in prison, and they do.
And people should have access to that information.
So I've written another book called Basic Investing in Resource Stocks and what I'm trying to show is that if you understand what moves financial markets, you have a leg up and you can in fact actually make money investing.
Yeah, you talk about resource stocks, and also I want to give a shout out to the Liberty & Finance channel with Dunigan over there.
That's where I first saw you, Bob.
You've done several interviews there.
They do a great job.
But I want to start asking you now for your analysis, now and then in coming segments here on the show, of just how bad do you think it's going to get here in the United States and also Europe as well?
Where do you think, you know, I mean, let's talk about derivatives exposure.
Let's talk about a contraction of the money supply through rising interest rates and Europe versus the United States.
And where do you want to begin in that conversation?
Okay, let me backtrack for just a minute because something that's going on very few people understand.
Now, Putin understands the debt-based financial system of the West.
It's past its sell-by date.
The United States has had the world's reserve currency since 1944 and everybody gets about 80 years since the world's reserve currency and they eventually get so corrupt that the system has to fail.
But the financial system in the world is intertwined now and when The pension funds in the UK blow up.
They're also blowing up in the EU.
They're also blowing up in Japan.
They're also blowing up in the United States.
Mr. Moriarty, sorry to interrupt.
We're about to go to break.
Please stand by for us and finish that thought on the other side of this break.
We're going to get into the pension collapse, the debt collapse, the currencies when we come back right after this break.
Stay with us here on InfoWars.com.
This is the Alex Jones Show with our guest Bob Moriarty.
Ask yourself this question, folks.
Where is James Gordon Meek?
Where is James Gordon Meek?
Because he is the deep dive journalist who has disappeared following an FBI raid, and it was rumored that he was digging into not only what happened with Biden's military withdrawal from Afghanistan, but also looking into money being sent to Ukraine.
Some of which was skimmed for kickbacks to Democrat boat rigging operations in the United States, such as paying off mules and overseas printing companies to print fake ballots and things like that.
That's just an unconfirmed rumor at this point, but it does raise questions that we want to have answered.
We also want to know where Mr. Meek is and pray for his safety.
Let's hope he re-emerges.
And is able to complete his project.
Now, getting back to our guest, Bob Moriarty, who is an aviator, U.S.
Marine Corps aviator, and also now a financial analyst and author.
He was just telling us about, I believe, Putin's recognition that America's debt-based system is a strategic weakness that can be exploited by Russia.
Is that kind of where we left off there, Mr. Moriarty?
Yes and no.
It's actually the debt-based system of the West, and that goes all the way back to Greek and Roman times, where if you borrow money and you're not able to pay it back, you lose what you put up against the loan.
Now, in Babylonian times and in Palestine, the king realized that if he kicked the farmers off the fields because they went bankrupt, nobody would be there to raise the food.
So, every 50 years or so, there would be a jubilee.
All money is loaned into existence.
So, there is always more money owed that actually exists and periodically you have to have some kind of a reset and the reset you start all over again and nobody's talking about it jubilee but we're gonna have it one way or another.
Now the World Economic Forum and the globalists the real reason they're doing what they're doing is they know the financial system is on the verge of blowing up.
They want to take control of all the assets And turn the rest of us, Mike, that's you and me, we're useless eaters, okay?
So by 2030, you will own nothing, you will owe nothing, and you'll be happy.
And that's in their book, and they say that very clearly.
But that's also the definition of slavery.
So what's happened is the Western-based financial system is past its sell-by date.
The Chinese and the Russians certainly understand this, and part of the reason Putin went into Ukraine is he's trying to institute a new resource-based Financial system that's not based around debt.
Now, he's talking about multiple currencies and multiple commodities.
And I know exactly what it's going to do is going to end up going to gold, because that's what they've done every time in the last 5000 years.
Now, I'm not saying They're going to gold because it's the best solution.
They're going to go to gold because it's the only solution.
Now let's go to the UK because that's what's been on everybody's mind lately.
As of December 31st last year, bonds, their highest rated gilts are down 52.3%.
And of course, the pension funds are overloaded with these bonds.
The theory being that the bonds are safe.
But the pension funds have been using derivatives, something called LDI, to magnify the return on their bonds.
And it all blew up.
The British pound was about $2.
A dozen years ago and it got down to 103 10 days ago.
What nobody's talking about is that the Japanese pension fund is in worse shape, the pension funds in the EU are just as bad as the UK, and the pension funds in the United States are a disaster too.
Mr. Moriarty, would you say that these pension funds are already mathematically over the tipping point?
It's just a matter of how they unravel at this point?
So what kind of time scale are we looking at for that?
I mean, the UK government is in chaos right now just because of the Liz Trust fiasco and all of that.
But I mean, they are they are financially insolvent in the pension system.
And if the pensioners don't get paid, I mean, that's that's going to be civil unrest on top of all the other causes.
What what kind of timeline do you think is likely to unfold?
That's a really good question.
I was about to answer that.
And it's one day or one week Or one month?
Or a few months?
But that's it.
It's very, very, very close.
The banks are exceptionally nervous now.
They're sitting on resources.
They don't want to loan to each other.
Have you ever been to Niagara?
Have you seen the Niagara River before?
Those are false.
No, I haven't.
You've got three pieces of the Niagara River and there are signs saying do not go past this point because if you're in the river and you go past the point, you're going to go over the edge.
No, we're past the point.
Okay, this is no longer a theory.
This is happening right now and just because people don't recognize it doesn't mean it's not happening.
It is happening and everything the governments are doing is beyond stupid.
Germany had the ability up until about two weeks ago to end the fuel crisis in Europe.
All they had to do is turn Nord Stream 2 on.
And then the United States attacked North Street 2 and took out three of four pipelines, but they're still back in the same situation.
I went to the hardware store today to pick up a chicken.
A chicken being a really good idea to have right now.
And they have raised the price of wood pellets from 3.85 euros to 10 euros in one year.
I use kerosene stoves and a 20 liter bottle of kerosene was 24 euros a year ago and an
eight liter container is now 24 euros.
Are you living in Europe?
Yeah, I live in the south of France.
Okay, I didn't realize that.
My wife was British and we saw what was coming a long time ago and said we need to get away
from ground zero.
I am literally afraid of the United States now.
The level of crime and the level of corruption is so high that it's a very dangerous country.
Okay, stay with us, Mr. Moriarty.
That's just a fascinating turn in this conversation.
I have so much more to ask you on the other side.
We're going to a quick break.
We'll be right back with more from Bob Moriarty and also about what's happening in America's finances.
Stay with us.
Alright, Mike Adams here, continuing with Bob Moriarty, and I want you to understand the magnitude of what he is saying.
This is a man who I have admired and listened to for quite some time.
He is a man with incredible courage and achievement who fought for America.
put in more actual airtime, combat flight hours and missions than almost anybody you
could think of who's living today or even back then.
He has gone through a tremendous amount to fight for America, and yet today, as he just
told us, he's living in the south of France.
And he is saying that America looks to be very dangerous, and yet what we're seeing
today in America, the chaos and the violence and the collapses, is only scratching the
surface of what is yet to come.
So we're going to go back to Mr. Bob Moriarty again.
Mr. Moriarty, I'm just, I'm so, I'm truly in awe about your life experience, and that you have all of this courage, no I'm serious, to bring, keep bringing it to us today, Well, Mike, you know this to be true.
If you have the ability to communicate a solution, you've got an obligation to, okay?
save the lives of Americans right now. So thank you, sir, for all that you've done.
Well, Mike, you know this to be true. If you have the ability to communicate a solution,
you've got an obligation to. Okay. And the idea that we just sit and vote every two years
or every four years, and that's the limit of our participation.
That's absolutely incorrect.
Americans have to start taking responsibility for themselves.
There is evil in the world.
Putin gave a speech here recently and he was talking about satanic Not in terms of religion, but he recognized there is absolute evil going on.
The World Economic Forum is evil.
Bill Gates is evil.
George Soros is evil.
The Davos crowd is evil.
Now, we know this.
This isn't some, gee, I've got a wild hair up my ass.
I'll just make this up.
It's not true.
These people are evil and what they're trying to do is mass murder.
And the whole point of blowing up the financial system, which is absolutely deliberate, is to avoid being blamed for what they've done.
Now, I'm in Europe and I'll be absolutely candid.
This year is going to be really rough in terms of the economy, in terms of businesses shutting down, inflation, and The availability of fertilizer, food and fuel next year is going to be a total disaster.
You are not overstating that.
If Europe continues on the path that they're on, they're going to be a third world shithole.
Well, Mr. Moriarty, we've got to bleep that out for broadcast, but we certainly understand exactly what you're saying.
We're looking at a 70-plus percent shutdown of industrial metals and smelting operations across Europe, something like a 70 percent shutdown in ammonia production, which affects fertilizer production.
We're looking at, aren't we, the de-industrialization of Europe, starting with Germany, but not limited to Germany.
You know, you just said a third world bleephole is kind of where this is going, and yet there seems to be no leadership in any European country that is willing to take the reins and try to turn this thing around, because there's actually plenty of energy in Europe.
They just won't tap into it.
They want their people to suffer.
Yeah, you're absolutely correct.
And I would have thought by now with 27 countries in the EU, leadership would start floating to the top.
But with the exception of Hungary, And a little bit in Italy.
There isn't any leadership.
I'm absolutely devastated by the idea that the Germans would destroy their own economy.
The entire EU, the European Union, rests on the foundation of having a successful Germany.
And Germany is going to shut down.
Now, there are riots and there are protests all over Europe now.
You're not seeing it in press in the West.
But it's true.
And this year is going to be catastrophic.
And if they don't turn Nord Stream 2 on, next year there will be no food.
It's going to be bad this year.
Next year will be no food.
So I wanted to ask you that because we've seen there are protests in France happening lately and in other countries as well, as you just mentioned, but since you're living certainly not close to the big cities, but what are you seeing locally in terms of frustration or planning among the locals in France who do see what's coming?
That's a good question because again there's next to no reporting about this outside of France but the two biggest refineries in northern France went on strike and they were demanding a 15% increase In wages, the refineries to the south of France have done the same thing now.
And about 30% of the gas stations in France are out of one or more kinds of fuel.
And these things are catastrophic.
And it's only going to get worse.
And you're absolutely correct.
This is something Europe has done to itself.
France used to be a major producer of natural gas.
And then the Greens took over and said, well, gee, we don't want fracking.
Well, you've got a simple choice.
You either produce energy or you buy it from somebody who's got it.
So they're not buying it from Germany or they're not buying it from Russia because America forced sanctions down their throat.
But that's suicide.
Well, the green policies have been absolutely catastrophic for Europe and also for America as well, but you know, I'm starting to see echoes of Sri Lanka here, because one of the things that took down Sri Lanka was the fact that farmers could not get fuel to transport their crops to markets, and so crops rotted in the fields.
So, you just mentioned there's a lack of fuel in France, and that's what some of the protests are all about, but even in the United States, I'm sure you've seen this, the Mississippi River is so low that the barges can't navigate The river.
And so there are literal hills of beans and crops sitting on the shores of the Mississippi, molding and rotting, because you can't navigate the river.
And according to sources that I've interviewed, such as Dane Wigington, that's weather control systems, deliberate drought in order to shut down the food ecosystem and even the transportation arteries that transport Well there's actually not enough diesel for the trucks if you did have the trucks.
boat with 15 barges replaces a thousand long-haul trucks on the highways okay so
you can't just say all will load it on the trucks there aren't enough trucks to
move all that stuff they just don't exist period your thoughts mr. Moriarty
well there's actually not enough diesel for the trucks if you didn't have the
truck that's true this this has been going on literally since the World
Economic Forum started I think in 1971 And what's important to recognize is that the Davos crowd, totally unelected, the rich, the powerful, the beautiful, have gotten together and said, we should rule the world.
And nothing is debated.
They're just doing things.
COVID was a perfect example.
How many tens of thousands of doctors had to close their eyes to what was going on?
Some of the top doctors in the world were saying two and a half years ago, this is very dangerous.
This is something the United States created.
There are simple solutions to it, and you guys are taking a solution that's deadly.
And the CDC coming out this week and saying they're going to get shots to the two kids.
That's a crime against nature.
That's a war crime.
And I hope those bastards are on trial one day.
Well, CDC, I say CDC stands for Child Death Cult.
That's what the CDC has become, and this so-called immunization is a ritualistic sacrifice of children like Moloch in the Old Testament, by the way.
So, we'll be right back with more, the final segment with Bob Moriarty after this quick break.
Stay with us here on InfoWars.com.
Okay, we are joined again in this final segment today, fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, joined by Bob Moriarty, who's, again, I think he's just such an awesome guy.
Sometimes people say to me, oh, you're a pilot, because I trained to fly Cessnas.
Well, this guy flew F-4s, okay?
I mean, there's no comparison.
So, you know, us little Cessna pilots are nothing compared to what he did, and while getting shot at over Vietnam as well.
But he's never one to back down from danger or from telling the truth and he continues with us here, Mr. Bob Moriarty.
Mr. Moriarty, we haven't given out your website yet.
Do you have a website you want to share with our audience here where they can find, I don't know, your book or other things?
Yeah, certainly.
It's 321gold.com.
And if they go to Amazon, they can find my books.
If you're a Cessna pilot, I'll tell you something you're going to enjoy.
One of the things you probably don't know is I delivered 243 Cessnas and Pipers and Beech all over the world.
Is that right?
I got about 10,000 hours flying small planes over the ocean.
And don't even ask me if that's rational.
Yeah, why am I not surprised to hear that?
I bet some of those were night flights too for some reason.
Just guessing.
In any case, Mr. Moriarty, let's talk about America for this segment here, because you already mentioned that you have a lot of concern about what's going to happen domestically, civil unrest and so on.
You and I both know that, let's say, 95% or more of the population of America, they are completely oblivious to what is happening, what is taking shape economically and financially, and what's actually coming.
So I want to ask you, sir, what do you think America will look like, especially in the cities, whenever this bank freeze or this cascade of derivatives debt collapses or pensions collapse, whatever big thing happens, whenever it is, what is America going to look like in your opinion?
We are three meals away from total chaos.
We have seen in the past what happened when Social Security couldn't get payments out on time and literally people were starving and rioting.
The United States is simply not prepared.
Now, the Soviet Union and Soviet bloc countries, their entire economy collapsed in a period of a few months.
But they were prepared for it, and it's incumbent on Americans.
One, take some responsibility for your own life.
If you're depending on FEMA, Or the local government or state government or the federal government.
They are not going to protect you.
You need to have access to food.
You need to have some cash.
You may need to have some weapons, but you must be prepared.
These cities are going to be exceptionally dangerous.
Now, I've been watching some of the clips, OK, that InfoWars has about the riots in BLM and Antietam.
Tifa, it's gonna be worse than that. It's gonna be far worse than that. And I'm not
saying this because I'm trying to scare people, I'm saying this because I'm
trying to wake people up. Take some responsibility for your own life.
Well how can people do that?
I mean, obviously, you are an advocate of gold as, you know, saving assets out of the risky financial system, the fiat currencies and so on.
But what else can people do aside from looking at precious metals?
Well, literally, the Mormons believe that you should keep a year's food.
And since you're going to eat the food anyway, keep a year's food.
It's not a bad idea.
It's a good idea.
We are going to have chaos.
You need to have cash.
You need to have food.
You need to keep your car fueled.
You need to talk to your children.
The banking system is going to fail.
The credit card system is going to fail.
And you need to sit and think about it and say, what do I do to protect my family, my children, my neighborhood?
Because that time is not only coming, it's coming very, very quickly.
Well, if those systems fail that you just mentioned, that means also the SNAP system, the food stamp system, is going to fail.
And so that's 40, what is it now, 47 million Americans will find that they can no longer purchase food through a government program that they have been living on.
And doesn't that mean basically riots and looting erupting everywhere, I mean, almost in every city in America?
We've already got that.
Look at California, look at San Francisco, look at Los Angeles.
People are living on the edge right now.
But it's going to get a hundred times worse than that.
And you either prepare now while you still can, or you're going to get eaten up.
But you're living in Europe, and surely you're going to see riots in France, you're going to see riots in the UK and Germany, and perhaps in Italy and other places as well, so can you share with us a little?
What's your plan to survive what's coming?
There's no safe place right now in the Western world, that's for sure.
Mike, there are relatively safe places.
I live in a little tiny town.
In a little tiny village with 190 people in it, in a farming community that's never too hot, never too cold.
I've got a stream running right underneath my house, so I'm putting in a run-of-river generator.
It's going to be bad.
Everyone's going to get hurt.
And it's only a degree of relative safety.
But if you're living in a big city like Boston or Cleveland or Chicago, Those are going to turn really ugly.
Well, you have a really good video bandwidth for someone living in rural France, in a small village, by the way.
Good job on getting the bandwidth going.
I've seen a lot worse connections here in the United States, it turns out.
But you're right.
You got to choose where you're going to be when it all comes down, because where you are matters tremendously.
It's like, you know, Joel Skousen talking about strategic relocation.
Where do you want to be when it all comes down?
Time is running out.
I'm in Texas.
We see people coming here from all over the country, from California, of course, and other places, and they're mostly saying, just don't want to be in California when the collapse comes.
They see it.
People are seeing it.
Absolutely, but understand people have alternatives now and the time is coming very shortly.
They're not going to have those alternatives.
It is time to prepare.
I'm not talking about this is happening five or ten or twenty years from now.
It's happening tomorrow or next week.
Right, a matter of days or weeks or maybe a few months at the most.
The debt-based financial system, of course, it's coming down.
What do you think they're going to try to do, the central banks, to try to replace that system?
Do you think they're going to give us a strong push into a digital currency system or attempt to do that?
They're going to try to, and they're going to fail.
What's really important to understand is if you want to see what they're going to do over the next six months to a year, take a look and see what they've done over the last five to ten years.
And it's like the American participation in Afghanistan.
Name any period of the war that wasn't marked with abject stupidity.
The same thing with the Fed.
The Fed has created this monster.
This isn't something they're going to fix.
Those people are too stupid to tie shoes, okay?
They have to wear loafers.
I want to keep going on this.
Americans have to rely on themselves.
These systems are broken.
We've got a 79-year-old who is senile.
Okay, as President of the United States, and everybody wants to pretend he's not the village idiot.
Well, he is the village idiot.
You can look at him, you can listen to him, and you know.
And look who we've got as Vice President, okay?
She got into her position because of her sex and her color.
And look at the number three, Nancy Pelosi.
And Nancy Pelosi Well, as part of the group taking the money from Ukraine, that $5 billion the United States paid for the coup d'etat, much of that went to Joe Biden and to Nancy Pelosi.
Well, I think you're right, and when Western civilization collapses, I think historians will look back and say, well, how could they not collapse?
Look at the incompetence and stupidity of all the leaders, some of whom you just named, but also the leaders of England and Germany and even France and so on.
So, Mr. Moriarty, thank you for joining me today.
We're out of time for this show, but it's been a real pleasure being able to speak with you about this.
God bless you and take care.
Mike, thank you very much.
It was my pleasure.
Thank you so much, and we'll talk again soon, Bob.
And thank you for watching today, all of you.
Feel free to repost this also on your channels and other platforms.
I'm Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
Thanks for watching today.
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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