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Name: 20221020_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 20, 2022
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The video discusses the ongoing battle against globalists and emphasizes InfoWars' role in resisting their agenda. The speaker sees attacks on InfoWars as a last-ditch effort by the opposition. The video argues that mainstream rap music contains demonic and dark themes, while independent Christian rapper Bryson Gray struggles to succeed due to his religious beliefs. The video discusses concerns over COVID-19 vaccines and defends Alex Jones despite criticism. It also highlights powerful elites controlling society through institutions like the United Nations and the CDC using Fabian Socialist principles. The speaker calls for support against these elites and their attempts to suppress independent media. The video discusses Japan's Great Reset plan, the World Economic Forum's plans for patent-protected medicines, and the future of work involving producing bodies and brains instead of traditional industries. The Fabians used Islam as a tool for social engineering in Europe and the UK through organizations like the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Certain powerful individuals support religion as part of a larger plan to create global government. The speaker warns about problem-reaction-solution tactics used by these individuals and encourages people to stand up against their plans, protect freedom of speech, and support InfoWars.

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InfoWars has been the lone man in the arena fighting this fight for decades at point-blank range.
Not to say there's not other great people out there that have been telling the truth, anti-establishment, resistance.
Obviously, there have been great people that have been doing this even longer than InfoWars.
But InfoWars has been right there on the front lines, point-blank range, sword and shield in hand, screaming like a banshee against these eugenicists globalists.
I don't think anybody would argue that that's not the case.
That is the case.
It's a paradox that we've got six arrows in our back and in our neck, and we've got a dagger in our side, and we've got a sword through our heart, and we're just bleeding out, it's crawling all over the arena, can barely even stand.
And so they say, look, InfoWars is dead!
Look, we killed InfoWars!
But then Alex Jones looks up, and like he said in the first five minutes, all he sees is victory.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, October 20th, 2022.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I'm going to take a few days off.
I'm working seven days a week, just to reset.
I always know when I hit a wall.
And so now's the time for me to take off a few days.
Owen Schroyer will do more than fill in.
He brings his own great inside analysis and amazing calls and guests.
So Owen's going to be really at your helm.
And I ask everybody to get behind Owen even more and promote
The War Room and the other great shows here on InfoWars.
But I am going to be filing reports from the road on one subject to try to get people's attention focused in on him.
When I sit here and I look at my five-year-old daughter playing in the backyard right now through the window I'm looking at, it doesn't enrage me how much danger she's in.
It gives me determination.
But she's in danger.
Your children and grandchildren are in danger.
We're all in danger.
Psychotic depopulation.
If you want records, say they want to get rid of at least 80% of the world population publicly.
Other states down to 500 million, that's 90 plus percent.
They are producing, admittedly, at labs all over the US, all over Europe, all over Ukraine, all over Asia, all over Latin America, super weapons, like Boston University, admittedly, with Fauci and Daszak and all the regular crooks, psycho, just absolute villains of all time, producing weapons that kill 80% of humans.
They have humanized mice that have the exact same effect
As humans, when they're given these pathogens, 80% kill rate on an airborne COVID.
They created a super variant, and they have it there, and they tell you it in your face, literally holding a gun to all of our heads.
So, everything else is a diversion.
Everything else is a distraction.
Yes, it's all important that we have footage out of Texas, at a Drag Queen Storytime, with two, three, four, five-year-old kids, with a man dressed up like a woman,
Telling the children that he is going to have sex with them in the most grotesque fashion.
We can't even play these clips on air, okay?
And they're only going to ramp up.
They're assaulting our children.
They're creating bioweapons.
If they can't kill them in the womb, they want to sterilize them afterwards with the transgender cult.
This is what a satanic assault looks like.
So I'm going to say it again.
Our government is completely out of control and lawless.
Endangering all of themselves as well.
They're totally compartmentalized.
99% of the corporate leaders and government leaders are just go-along, get-along people that follow orders.
But it's on record that they have gain-of-function weapons, they've lied to Congress, and I'm just demanding people wake up.
I'm demanding the establishment wake up, because I know most people
And the establishment do not want to have hundreds of labs everywhere with stuff that kills 80 to 90% of humans.
The mousepox they develop kills over 90% of humans.
So I am simply sitting here explaining to everybody that these people are the criminals.
They say Kanye's a criminal for his thought crimes.
I'm a criminal for questioning things.
No, we're not criminals.
We are sane people challenging the power structure.
And everybody should take the links now to m4wars.com.show and share it like never before.
We are the forbidden broadcast because we are exposing the enemies of humanity.
I want to salute the hardcore listeners and viewers that are the absolute heart of the worldwide resistance.
The globalists hate me because they hate you.
They hate the fact we're awake.
They hate the fact that we're warning people.
They hate the fact people are listening.
And yes, we are beginning to win politically and culturally.
That's why the globalists have said,
They will start wars or release bioweapons, and here's the key.
They released COVID, which is weak compared to what they've got.
There's a beta test of lockdown to see if you'll submit when they actually launch the real attack, so you stay in your houses and die.
We're in a race against these people before they release it.
Two years ago, they said after the first release of COVID, they would then have cyberattacks, bringing out world ID cards and more, and the new currency.
After that, they release the next bioweapon, or they may do it sooner.
But they're scripting it all like we're idiots.
Like we're fools.
I don't want to be proven right again.
I know I'm right.
These people must be stopped.
Where is the FBI?
Where is the Justice Department?
Where is MI5?
Where is Interpol?
Where are you psychotics?
These people will kill you and your family.
They will sit there while you die like the rest of us.
They will try to forcibly inject you like the rest of us.
And you sit there and follow your leftist ideology of anti-free speech, anti-human garbage.
Everybody pretending to be part of the new world order is an idiot.
Including those at the very top of it.
This is a panic.
An honor, a pleasure, a privilege to be with you here on this Thursday, October 20th, 2022 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And I've got all these stacks of news on my desk, all important.
I've got a bunch of video clips I want to get to today as well, but
I'm sitting listening to Alex open the show thinking, well what is the biggest story?
What do you start off the show with today with all these huge stories from the killer vaccines getting mandated to children to the voter fraud we're about to experience, election fraud we're about to experience in 19 days in the midterms and all the political news developing around that.
Is it the truth?
Because you have to understand, and I'm going to make this connection today, abortion and the agenda to stop man-made climate change are actually the same agenda.
It's two separate stories, or two separate lanes, but the path goes to the same conclusion.
And that's population control eugenics on this planet.
That's what abortion is.
That's what man-made climate change is.
And unwittingly, Stacey Abrams actually kind of admitted that in the clip where she says, oh, well, if you're suffering from inflation, you know, just kill your kids.
Well, OK, so when they shut off the energy and then you don't have a job and you don't have any food on the table, just kill yourself.
You see, that's the logic.
That's the goal.
But I'm listening to Alex in that opening segment and it kind of just hit me.
All right, let me zoom out from all of the news stories that we'll be covering today.
Let me just kind of zoom out and I do have a stack of news as far as the continuation of media coverage in regards to the billion-dollar judgment levied against Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Obviously ridiculous, obviously an abuse of the justice system.
To hurt your political opposition.
But I realized something.
Because the truth is we are winning.
It's just the analogy would be.
InfoWars has been the lone man in the arena fighting this fight for decades at point-blank range.
Not to say there's not other great people out there that have been telling the truth, anti-establishment, resistance.
Obviously there have been great people that have been doing this even longer than InfoWars.
But InfoWars has been right there on the front lines, point-blank range, sword and shield in hand, screaming like a banshee against these eugenicists globalists.
I don't think anybody would argue that that's not the case.
That is the case.
It's a paradox that we've got six arrows in our back and in our neck, and we've got a dagger in our side, and we've got a sword through our heart, and we're just bleeding out, it's crawling all over the arena, can barely even stand.
And so they say, look, InfoWars is dead!
Look, we killed InfoWars!
But then Alex Jones looks up, and like he said in the first five minutes, all he sees is victory.
So yeah, they might have their swords and daggers and arrows in our back and neck and heart and everything else.
And maybe we bleed out and die on the battlefield.
Maybe we survive.
Maybe we revive.
It's all part of God's plan.
But why am I saying this?
Because as we're barely even struggling to get back to our knees in the information war,
On the battlefield, in the arena, where we've been for decades, now we look up, and though our vision is clouded with dust, and blood, and sweat, we can kind of see, through the haze of it all, hey, we're not alone on this battlefield anymore.
We look to the right, we look to the left.
Other people have swords, other people have spears, other people have their shields.
Americans are coming to the front lines now.
Now what is my final point that clicked when I heard the first segment there from Alex Jones?
The globalists, the deep state, the enemies of America, the enemies of freedom really, all see this as a major pivotal moment in their desperation, in their power grab,
For world domination and domination over your body.
And even though we have all the momentum on our side, like a tidal wave, it's unstoppable, the human freedom movement, worldwide, they see InfoWars, or Alex Jones, perhaps more specifically, as their sacrificial lamb, let's say,
to kill and have bleed out in front of the public to then hold up and say if anyone else tries to resist us this is what's gonna happen to you and that's what this is really all about
They know globalism is dead on arrival.
They know their New World Order, which is the end of self-government, the end of the individual being independent and prosperous, that's the New World Order now.
It's not the New World Order that we're used to thinking about or that came about post-World War II.
No, it's the New World Order of the individual has no rights.
The individual has no ability to prosper or have upward mobility.
That's what people are realizing it's all about.
That's what people realize the climate change nonsense is all about, the vaccine mandates, the child grooming, it's all the same thing.
It's all to create this big giant corporate government borg that just runs your life from birth to death.
That's what it's all about.
And they know that that's unpopular, they know that that's been exposed, and so now their hope is, as the people are rising up, across the planet, is to stab Alex Jones to death, and then hold him up in the air, like some sort of a trophy, to say, if anyone dares stand against us, this will be your fate.
Same thing they've done to Donald Trump and his associates.
Same thing they're trying to do to Ye right now.
So I understand the pessimism at times.
I understand why people feel hopeless.
I understand when you see all of this going on and the nonsense and the madness every day, you just say, how can this be?
How can we recover from this?
But no folks, we really are having victories.
Human freedom is going to win in the end.
It's going to be a hell of a fight.
It's going to be a hell of a battle.
It might take years, decades, who knows, hopefully not, but even centuries.
But human freedom will prevail.
And so, the satanic, luciferian, death cult
that runs this planet has to give you the example of Alex Jones or Donald Trump or Kanye West to say this is what happens to you if you stand against us.
You will be destroyed.
You will be financially bankrupt.
We will separate you from your family.
We will call you all sorts of names like anti-Semite and bigot and racist.
We will censor you and make sure you can't speak to people.
We will ruin your life.
And so they take the big fish, they take the big targets, the Alex Jones, the Donald Trumps, Kanye West, and they say, do you see what we've done to them?
We will do it to you.
And then the little guy says, oh my, well, if they can do it to Donald Trump, then they can certainly do it to me.
If they can do it to Alex Jones, they can do it to Ye, they can certainly do it to me.
Oh, I don't want to fight back now.
Except that's not what's happening.
It's the exact opposite.
Your attacks on Donald Trump have exposed you.
Your attacks on Infowars and Alex Jones have exposed you.
Your attacks on Kanye West have exposed you.
And now all you've done is put more cracks in your own dam that is eventually going to completely crumble and bury you.
And so what do the globalists have?
What do the satanists have?
What is their one last card to pull, hopefully?
Nuclear war.
World War III.
At least that's the quickest thing they can pull the trigger on.
There's other things they could probably do, but it would take longer.
But that's where we're at, folks.
That's why we're under attack.
Because we're winning.
Now you notice, in this incredible time in human history, some fear evil,
Give in to evil and become the slaves to evil because of their fear that it will strike them down in their own selfish desires, not realizing that giving in to evil is the loss, that is losing, that is death.
So you see some people standing with Alex Jones and Infowars and Donald Trump and Kanye West and the others out there, but to the ones that won't, to the ones that refuse, to the ones that cave, to the weaklings, we never wanted them on our team anyway, because they were always losers.
But not you in the audience, and not us here in this crew.
Now, as Alex is going to be out for at least a week or so,
We have a bunch of these clips lined up going back in time showing how ahead of his time Alex was on so many different issues.
That's really why they want to silence him.
It has nothing to do with what he said about Sandy Hook.
It has to do with the fact he has been years and even decades ahead of his time with his news coverage.
Here's an example.
This is Alex Jones exposing the social credit score in December of 2015.
There's a huge awakening happening.
There's a giant explosive time here.
But at the same time, they're also now going to pure lies, pure demonization, saying we run demonstrations we have nothing to do with, saying we terrorized Austin, had gun scares going, zero involvement, saying I hate black people, saying I'm a drug dealer, saying I'm a just you name it.
In mainstream news, in concerted efforts, hundreds of articles per day.
Per day.
Maddow was in over 300 on Monday.
Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, I mean, Miami Herald, I mean, Austin American States when I got calls about it.
People going, you didn't, you think we had a moon landing.
You know, you don't, uh, you're not involved in the Boston bombing.
I mean, folks, you're talking hardcore.
So, in the past, they would just kill me.
But because of the info war, that would make me a martyr.
Plus, like shark teeth, I've got rows of people ready to replace me, okay?
And so, instead they are murdering who I am right now.
They are killing who Alex Jones is.
And look, Jesse Ventura has his problems politically.
I don't agree with him on quite a bit of things, but he did get politically assassinated.
You know, the whole Chris Kyle thing.
They could pull similar things on me.
This is all a sign we're having a huge effect.
They wouldn't be doing all of this if we weren't hitting with Zeitgeist.
And InfoWars is growing exponentially right now.
So I want to give you kind of the state of the InfoWars union here.
I don't think so.
They're going to strike back a bunch of ways.
I'm going to be doing some special reports that go through how they're doing this, but the model, because of total totalitarianism in China, they admit this in Australia, the US, you name it, the model for internet censorship is going to be phased in, Chinese-style net censorship.
Net IDs, net taxes, three strikes and you're out, net rules.
But before they get to that, they're going to phase in, it started, starts this, next year, in just, you know, ten days or so, or less, I guess, nine days,
In China, and they're already lining up with Facebook, Google, all of them agreeing with China.
Microsoft to implement these systems where China already does it and then they beta test there and then bring in here.
And our stories on DrudgeReport.com.
We do a document cam over here.
And of course, Drudge gets how incredibly important this is.
We've been mentioning this for the last few months, but now it's hit critical mass because the Chinese have released the full details.
Everything you do,
Everything you do in China, from your credit score, to what you buy, to discount cards, to your internet records, to what you say on social networks, is integrated into an algorithm.
And if you criticize the government basically once, you can't even buy or sell, you can't get a hotel, you can't travel.
Now notice all this is being phased in here with the IRS saying, if we start auditing you or don't even start an investigation, you can't fly.
Internal checkpoints.
I mean, it's on, folks!
So, Europe's doing the same thing.
This is all being brought in.
It's being implemented.
I mean, this is classical tyranny.
It's here.
And again, the Supreme Court Justice told Drudge, next year, they're coming for you.
And then they have the heads of the FCC, and yeah, we're coming for your free speech, talk radio, internet, you name it.
I mean, because they can't beat us, folks.
They're flaming tyrants.
They're flaming crooks, annihilating our country, spying on us illegally, opening our borders, having the Border Patrol complete the smuggling process.
I mean, this is the globalist offensive.
This is the war against America.
And globally there's a world awakening.
So they know in algorithms, and they admit this, that revolutions are coming just because food prices in the third world have gone up past 50%.
They know at that point riots start.
They already have their operatives ready to steer the revolutions into radical al-Qaeda, radical ISIS, radical al-Nusra, Saudi Arabian driven.
Same thing here.
They're going to have a big communist kill the cops, shoot the cops, burn the cities.
They're gonna let them do it, order the cops to stand down, and then say, cops, it's your fault, capitulate, go under U.N.
I mean, it's on, folks.
You are witnessing a real coup.
100% what I'm telling you is happening.
Now, I knew this was coming, but to see it actually happen is so bold, is so over the top, that I get why people just can't believe it.
Now, was that from yesterday or almost seven years ago?
No, that was from seven years ago, from Alex Jones.
Just under seven years ago.
But it might as well have been from yesterday.
Could have been from yesterday.
No, that was seven years ago.
Alex Jones right here on these airwaves.
That's why they've marked InfoWars for destruction, folks.
We've been telling the truth about everything going on for decades.
Doesn't mean we're perfect.
Doesn't mean we don't make mistakes.
But we are telling it like it is, and that's what they hate.
They want people to be scared to tell it like it is.
They want people to be scared to speak their minds, scared to speak their hearts.
And that's what we do here, and that's why we have been set for destruction, and Alex Jones has had a billion-dollar judgment against him.
And they all admit it.
Yeah, this is about shutting Infowars down.
I've got more news about that coming up on the other side.
But folks,
We're not shutting down.
We're going to stay on air.
We're going to fight our way through this.
We're in the appeals process of the decisions now, and in the interim there, we should be allowed to operate as you've seen.
Now, we've been kneecapped.
We've been handicapped.
You know, we're bleeding out in many ways, but we're still here on the battlefield, and thanks to your support, we'll continue to fight.
And InfoWarsTore.com is the key.
That's how we take
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I suggest you do the same.
So the enemies of free speech, freedom, and humanity altogether are angry, because we're on air today, and you're tuned in, and the crew is here,
And that angers, that angers the American left wing, that angers the globalists and the deep state.
And they really don't get it.
They thought, how could we sue Alex Jones into oblivion?
And then he's still there.
And Infowars is still there.
How could this be?
Well, they don't understand how the world works at all.
Generally speaking, that's why they don't understand how Alex Jones is ahead of his time.
As a talk show host, but this story was in Vox yesterday.
Alex Jones lost a billion dollar trial.
Why is Infowars still streaming?
And of course, they lie about Alex Jones in this story.
They lie about Roger Stone in this story.
They can defame.
They can libel and defame all day long.
We're not allowed to question major events though.
So they can lie into fame and libel Alex Jones and Roger Stone and anyone else they want, but you can't question events.
See how that works?
But they say in the story here, their mission is to shut me up and take me off the air.
Quoting Alex Jones, as he told his followers via a video after the verdict,
That's not going to happen in the near future and it's possible it may never happen.
Oh, there it is.
Vox preparing their audience for the worst news.
They haven't destroyed Alex Jones.
That billion-dollar lawsuit you thought would finally silence Alex Jones is not going to work.
And they're sad.
They're sad about this, because that's what it's all about.
It was never about the Sandy Hook families.
It was not even about what Alex Jones said about Sandy Hook.
It was always about getting Alex Jones off the air.
That's what it was always about.
And that's why we're still on air, and so then they write stories like this one you see on the screen.
Only proper online regulation can stop poisonous conspiracists like Alex Jones.
The billion dollar fine wasn't enough.
We need government to crack down on the internet and silence free speech.
Wow, you sound like a fascist.
You sound like an authoritarian.
You sound like a totalitarian.
You sound like a criminal.
We must silence that man.
Why do you want Alex Jones silenced so much?
Because he tells the truth about you?
But, see, the problem is, and this is just...
I mean, we're getting into just the lowest common denominator of dumbass Americans that really believe everything they see on TV, really believe all the mainstream media propaganda, and so they really thought, oh, finally, we've got Alex!
Finally, Alex is off the air!
We did it!
Billion dollars!
We've destroyed Alex Jones!
We've destroyed our own future in free speech, but we got Alex, so it's all good!
And then they wake up and Alex is still on air and they say, what?
How can this be?
I thought we destroyed him!
Because they really buy all the BS that they see.
They really buy all the propaganda that they see.
And I've got other examples of that coming up.
But see, okay, what did we say?
When they censored Alex Jones off all the big tech platforms, that was going to be the precedent, and then they were going to go after everybody else.
That's exactly what's happened over the last five years.
So now, the legal precedent that they got in the Jones-Sandy Hook case, they're now using that to go after all their other opposition as well, and Kanye West is the latest example.
George Floyd family lawyer says he plans to use Alex Jones precedent to sue Ye.
Well, what is the Alex Jones precedent?
What does he mean?
What does that mean, the Alex Jones precedent?
That means, if there is an individual
In this particular case, in media, a journalist, a reporter, a talk show host, that you don't like, that is your political opposition, you can sue them for saying stuff that you don't like.
And the process of that goes as follows.
You find a district where you know you'll get a favorable jury, and you find a judge that you know is going to be on your side wearing your jersey and your hat the entire time, so that you actually don't have to go to trial.
The whole thing is a kangaroo court, a rigged court, where
You just get a judgment against you, you don't get a day in court, you don't get to cross-examine, you don't get to present evidence, and you get completely gagged in the process, and then they just say, oh, billion dollar fine, you can't defend yourself.
So the lawyers can go up there and lie about you, the entire case, and then you can't show the evidence that proves they're lying.
That's the Alex Jones precedent.
That's what the George Floyd family is talking about with Kanye West.
Now, I don't know how much money Kanye West has.
He claims to be the richest black man in the world, worth billions of dollars.
Okay, maybe that's the case.
Well, it's funny because Kanye West is getting sued for a quarter billion dollars.
That wouldn't even break his bank accounts if you believe he's worth over a billion.
But with Alex Jones, they have all the records.
They know that InfoWars basically operates at a maximum of, like, maybe we have $100,000 at any given time in the bank.
If we have a million in the bank, then we're looking really good.
But normally, we're right on the margins.
And $100,000 is like what we need to just pay the crew bi-weekly and purchase the products to sell at InfoWareStore.com.
So, I mean, that's already budgeted.
That money is already budgeted.
But then they say, oh, a billion dollars for Alex Jones.
And they go up in front of the jury and they say, Alex Jones made $700 million this year.
Which is not even true.
That's over the course of, say, 10 years, and that doesn't include all of the costs of running this operation, paying the crew, building the studios, paying for the bandwidth, you get the point, buying the product.
And then we can't go up and show, hey, actually, here's our financial records.
Hey, here's our bottom line bank statement.
Hey, here's how much money we made.
We're not allowed to do that.
But that's the Alex Jones precedent.
Now, how that's going to apply
In practicality, to the Ye case is yet to be decided.
And I think really this one is like half they want to shut Kanye West up, half they just want to take his money.
We've seen that Black Lives Matter is really nothing more than a giant money grab, as Kanye West has called it, out as well.
But so how is this precedent going to be applied to Kanye?
Are they just going to say, oh, nope, the judge says you owe him $250 million and then go through the clown circus and then he has to cut the check?
Or how is that one going to go?
But they say, oh, and now you've got Fox News is going to have billion-dollar lawsuits on their hands.
Tucker Carlson is going to get sued.
I mean, anybody that says
The election was stolen, or anybody says George Floyd didn't die from a knee on his neck, or anything of that nature, you will now get the Alex Jones precedent.
And it's sad to see media jumping on this, like Howard Stern.
Howard Stern blast Kanye West.
Says he's like Hitler.
You know, this is Howard Stern who used to do a game on his talk show where he did a countdown.
Tell me if this is inappropriate or even pedophilia.
Howard Stern would do a countdown where he would find girls that were underage that he found, I guess, sexually attractive and then he would count down the days till they were 18 so he could legally fornicate with them.
That's Howard Stern.
Now, does Howard Stern have the right to do that?
Well, Howard Stern went through his own battles with free speech back in the day when he went on the air as a shock jock.
People understood that, you know, I might not like what Howard Stern has to say, but he has the right to say it.
And you know what?
But now Howard Stern has gone the complete opposite and he wants everybody else silenced.
After he's already been given the green light to say whatever he wants, now he wants everyone else silenced.
Could that be the future of the judges in the Alex Jones cases?
It should be!
So they've opened Pandora's box with the
Billion-dollar judgment against Alex Jones.
And the question is now, does this go both ways?
Of course we know the answer to that is no, but it's going to be tested in real time.
Now again, I want to repeat this headline I said going to break because it's important.
This is how we can stop the corruption and the abuse of our judicial system for politics.
Ohio Supreme Court suspends Democrat judge due to unprecedented behavior, removes her from Cleveland Municipal Court bench, and temporarily strips law license.
That needs to happen to the two judges in the Jones-Sandy Hook cases.
100%, absolutely, that should happen to them too, because what they did was unprecedented behavior.
Now, will it?
Time will tell.
I don't know.
But there you go.
It is possible.
There is precedent as far as that is concerned.
But does this go both ways?
Russian disinfo, huh?
Computer store owner sues Hunter Biden and Joe Biden campaign for defamation over laptop.
Yeah, what about the intelligence officers and the FBI agents that all signed the statement saying that Hunter Biden's laptop was fake and it wasn't real, it was Russian disinformation?
They all lied.
That was a conscious lie.
They all knew.
It was real.
They all knew it was Hunter Biden's laptop.
They lied to you.
Can we sue them?
Can the laptop store owner sue them?
Well, he has.
And we know that they consciously lied.
They didn't make a mistake.
They lied.
They knew that was his laptop.
Thomas Massey points out...
Here's a tweet from Pfizer.
In January of 2021, Pfizer claimed their mRNA shots could stop transmission of the virus.
Now they're admitting their trials were not designed to test that claim.
Which is it, Pfizer?
So, Pfizer lied.
When does a billion-dollar lawsuit against Pfizer come down for them lying about the mRNA injections?
Let me tell you.
The lies of Pfizer and the damage from those vaccines... I mean, Alex Jones isn't... Alex Jones registers a zero.
Alex Jones registers a zero compared to this, which registers, what, a thousand?
So when it comes to, let's say, getting something wrong or lying and damages, Alex Jones scores a zero.
Pfizer scores a one thousand.
All the people that took the vaccines that they said were safe and effective that have died in the tens of thousands.
Their own public statements saying they tested them for transmission and then their own public statement saying they never tested them for transmission.
When do the billion-dollar lawsuits against Pfizer come down?
But you'll find out when I get into the vaccine news later that
They're actually above the law.
They actually are completely immune, no pun intended, to any lawsuits against them.
But what about all the defamation against Alex Jones or against Donald Trump?
You've got thousands of verified Democrats, liberals on Twitter, on TV, everywhere, saying that Donald Trump is a rapist today.
Saying that he raped a lady, E. Jean Carroll, that he was deposed in that case, not a rape case, a defamation case, if you can believe that.
So Trump is currently being sued for defamation by E. Jean Carroll, who claims Trump raped him.
My guess is that's a lie, and it should be Trump suing her for defamation.
But you're in the upside-down world now.
I mean, folks, come on.
Have you seen the women Trump gets with?
I mean, let's be honest, that woman looks like a paper bag.
I mean, that's a hag.
Now, granted, maybe age has not done her well, but we see the type of women Trump dates and sleeps with and, well, let's just say she ain't it, baby.
She ain't it.
But oh, she gets to claim Trump raped her.
My guess is that's a total lie.
And then, she gets to defame Donald Trump and then sue him for defamation!
You see, it was like chum in the water.
It was like chum in the water when they got those massive numbers against Alex Jones.
The millions in Texas, the billions in Connecticut,
They're not done, by the way.
They got more coming.
And immediately, other lawsuits started getting filed.
They were all thrown out.
They were frivolous.
We don't really talk about it.
I had people bailing me.
I got sued a bunch of other times.
Judge just throws them right out.
All frivolous.
It's total BS.
But they just see chum in the water.
They say, oh, these people got $500 million from InfoWars?
These people got a billion dollars from InfoWars?
Ooh, I'm going to get some of that money.
I'm going to sue InfoWars.
The courts are completely rigged against Alex Jones and InfoWars?
I want to get some of that action.
So they sue me, they sue Alex, they sue InfoWars.
But see, those are just, those are just corrupt dirtbags.
That see the chum in the water, like chum in the water for sharks or something, and they just figure, oh, let's jump on this bandwagon, we can milk Alex Jones for some money too.
But they don't understand that the whole thing was rigged, the whole thing was planned out.
They made sure they could get a jury in their favor, they made sure they had the judge in their favor, the whole thing was rigged.
So these other people don't realize, no, the case was rigged, you think you just suing Alex
Or suing Infowars or suing Owen Schroeder is going to get you millions of dollars.
That's not how this works.
You have to put in years of groundwork to rig the case.
And so then they find out, oh, the lawsuit got tossed by the judge upon seeing it.
They say, what?
And they're confused.
How could this be?
They just got a hundred million from Jones.
They just got a billion.
I want some of that money.
No, they planned the whole thing out.
But see, they don't even want us to be able to talk about it.
That's another reason why they want Alex Jones off the air.
So the other day, though, and this happens all the time, hate hoax, racist texts to a black Air Force member were faked.
An Air Force member claimed he didn't get a promotion because he was black, and he said it was racism.
He had no proof, so he fabricated the proof and sent the text to himself saying, see how racist they are.
After an investigation, it found out he hate hoaxed himself.
He justly small-headed himself.
But see, oh, don't even dare question that.
Don't even dare question that.
You can't question anything.
You'll get sued for a billion dollars, even though you're right.
And there's another ongoing situation, and I'm not saying it's fake, in fact, I think it's completely real, happening at UC Berkeley.
Where you've got pro-Palestinian students, and I mean, I don't know if many of them are claiming to be Palestinian, they just claim to be pro-Palestinian, and then you have these groups of Jews that are out there protesting for their rights because at UC Berkeley's campus,
There are Jew-free zones.
Oh, did you hear about that?
Oh, did they call UC Berkeley anti-Semitic?
Did they call the liberals at UC Berkeley anti-Semitic?
No, because see, this is the victimhood pecking order.
Palestinians are the biggest victims, and then Jews, and then blacks, and nobody else gets to talk.
And they wanted to put Asian Americans on that list when they thought white people were doing crimes against them.
Then they found out it was black people doing crimes against them, and so black people are higher on the totem pole of victimhood than Asian Americans, so that got silenced real quick.
So no, there's actually real, there's real stuff going on at UC Berkeley's campus.
There's real people that hate Jewish people.
I mean, you want to actually find anti-Semites, you want to actually find people that hate Jewish people, it's not Kanye West, it's liberals and Democrats.
At UC Berkeley's campus.
And so there's videos coming out every day, where you'll just have groups of Jewish people out there saying, hey, we get the right to exist, stop discriminating against us.
And then these radical leftist pro-Palestinian groups will come up and spit on them and attack them and yell at them and say, Jews not allowed here.
But that's not the big news, is it?
Actual real hatred and anti-Semitism, that doesn't make the air.
But so now these videos are coming out.
This is from a mall where a Muslim man is harassing a Jewish woman in New Jersey.
Here's this video, it's going viral in clip 9.
Why are you recording me?
I don't know, you called me out.
I'm gonna take my phone out.
It's 2022, that's what we do.
Are you Jewish?
I certainly am.
I'm Muslim.
Nice, welcome.
You killed my people.
You killed my people.
I didn't kill anyone.
You didn't kill my people.
Are you gonna call security or are you just gonna stare at me?
You killed my people.
You killed my people.
Okay, I didn't kill anybody.
Israel killed my people.
Okay, I think it's time for you to take a walk from here.
I think it's time you put your phone down.
Now, I'm not claiming that this is a hoax.
I'm not claiming this is fake.
But folks, you gotta understand, this stuff gets faked all the time.
I mean, there are hundreds of stories out there of people faking a hate crime against them.
From black people, to white people, to Jewish people, you name it.
Now, I'm not saying... I think what's going on at UC Berkeley is real.
I don't know.
You can be the judge of that video.
But see, this is the place we're in now.
Where hate crimes are so profitable and you can get so much power off of a hate crime being done against you in the victim economy that people fake hate crimes against themselves to get it.
I don't promote things unless they really work.
When it comes to politics or culture,
Economics, we are always the cutting edge, the tip of the spear.
And when we talk about the products at InfoWareStore.com, they all blow you away.
If you'll just take them, if you'll just try them, I know you'll be your big customers.
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X3 50% off, InfoWarStore.com.
Folks, there is a sad phenomenon happening in our country right now that is not being properly discussed or addressed, and we all know why that is, because of the race-baiting and the racial, the racified, if you will, aspect to news coverage and discussion in America these days.
And so,
It's not just the violent crime that's overrunning cities, that you never know if you're in a downtown area in a Democrat-run city, you never know, you might get shot, you might get robbed, you might get stabbed.
But there's another phenomenon that's kind of at a lower level than that, but just as prevalent, and that's groups of youths, it's one of the euphemisms they like to use,
But it's groups of young Americans, most of the time they are black, oh don't say that, and they harass people on subways, they harass people, they harass their teachers, and the problem is, they don't have a father in their home disciplining them, they're not allowed to be disciplined at school, because that's illegal to discipline students now, and so they run roughshod all over people, like this poor woman on a DC Metro bus, who's black by the way,
You know, because you gotta always say skin color nowadays.
She's riding the bus, she gives up her seat to a mother and her children so they can sit down, and she then gets harassed by a group of youths and kicked and thrown off the bus in extremely disturbing video footage.
Extremely disturbing.
Young men and women beat up this old black lady and literally toss her off the bus.
Because, you know, it's just another Wednesday afternoon in America.
Why not do it?
She spoke to Fox News local there in D.C.
after the event and had this to say.
What do you remember?
How did it all start?
I got on the bus and there was a young lady that got on with some smaller children.
I got up to give her the seat.
And after that, the kids were cursing.
So I was just like, you know, can you all stop the foul language?
And at that point, the kids became unruly.
They started being disrespectful, like saying things to me.
Then next thing you know, there was things, objects being thrown at me.
And I was just like, thank you, Lord, because throughout the whole
Incident only thing I could recall was the kids hitting me and kicking me and I had no defense So right at the video you're saying thank you Lord.
Thank you Lord.
You're saying that to protect yourself mentally, right?
Um, and then what happened in terms of you were asking the bus driver to stop the bus?
I asked several times prior to the stop that I was getting off at to stop the bus, stop the bus, stop the bus.
The bus driver made no attempts to stop the bus.
He didn't alert local authorities or anything to my defense.
And so I saw in the video, it looks like at one point the bus does stop, or the doors maybe open or don't open.
Were you trying to get off?
I was trying to get off, but it was as though the bus driver just kept going.
And even after I'm yelling out the top of my lungs, stop the bus, let me off the bus, the bus driver never stopped.
And so then, eventually, the bus stops at another stop.
Which stop was that?
That was right there, out front of the IHOP on Alabama Avenue.
And that's when the doors were open and I was trying to get off the bus and the kids started assaulting me and kicking me and pushing me off the bus.
Were you hurt?
Initially, yeah, but not physically.
I got like a little bruise on my arm, my jacket's like ripped off of me.
You see guys, there's the rip on her jacket right there.
I got a little creep in my arm, neck from the kicking, but other than that, the low sustained in me.
Well, thank God.
I mean, again, talk about, that's just, that's just common decency.
That's just a nice woman who wants to be a part of a...
A civilization.
She says, oh, here's a mother with some kids.
I'm sitting down.
I think I'll get up and I think I'll let her have my seat.
Why don't you sit down with your kids?
Mother says, oh my gosh, thank you so much.
And then a group of teenagers are cursing up a storm.
I mean, Lord knows what they were saying.
And she says, hey, do you guys think you could maybe stop cursing?
We have children present.
Oh, really?
And so they kick her, they punch her, they throw bottles at her, they spit on her, and then they literally throw her off the bus.
Now, folks, here's the issue.
Why do we have this phenomenon of youth complete lack of respect, complete degradation, violence, vitriol, hatred?
This is a serious problem.
We're seeing this every day.
We see examples of this.
Why is no one addressing this problem?
We all know why.
And we're not allowed to say it.
Or you'll be called a racist.
So, as Alex is out the rest of this week and the short foreseeable future, we are playing throwback, classic moments, Alex Jones was right moments, if you will.
We go way back in time, 20 years now, to April 2020, excuse me, 2002.
April 2002.
Here's Alex Jones warning you about the vaccines.
The vaccine's killing you!
Got that report right here.
Now here's where this news gets really scary, and this is why I freaked out on the radio today just looking at this.
This is out of Reuters Health.
Company reports edible AIDS vaccine.
The UN, the CDC, and others are now announcing that they want to put vaccines so you don't smoke cigarettes, to stop cocaine use, to stop any bad bacteria, to stop bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities.
We're talking about hundreds of vaccines being mandatory.
And they're going to put it in bananas, corn, tomatoes.
They're going to genetically engineer virus and bacteria, DNA into foods, and then they're going to plant it when it spreads to other plants.
Again, they're creating the genetic Pandora's box, and they want that.
This is Reuters Health, up on InfoWars.com.
Six fronts from now, this show will be re-airing.
It's live April 11th.
It shall be re-airing.
I'll get emails.
I couldn't find it.
This link will go dead in about a week.
Company reports edible AIDS vaccine.
I've read past reports of how they're planning to put it in everything.
A biotechnology company announced Tuesday that it had proceeded to produce genetically modified corn that contains a protein found on the surface of HIV.
The virus that causes AIDS.
ProteiGene Inc.
has worked with the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, to develop the edible AIDS vaccine.
The announcer represents a step towards this.
And they go on to say it has global application for the people's food supplies.
They're going to put it in everybody's food.
And the version of the pathogen of simian, the immunodeficiency virus, and the major component of most vaccines against the viruses.
Which they admit that about one out of a thousand will get AIDS from this.
Spokesman for the privately held College Station, Texas-based company told Reuters Health that they're going to do animal studies expected to begin this summer.
Oh, that's great.
Start putting virus DNA into corn and feeding it to pigs and cows and cats and dogs, you bastards.
And something will spin off of that.
I mean, they're just doing it.
Everything they're announcing now, they've already perfected and they're already doing.
Let's go to the National Post, one of the big three newspapers in Canada.
Cancer linked to vaccine!
60 top scientists met last year, we already knew about this, and said, not just the polio vaccine, but many others, modern vaccines have cancer viruses in them, that you don't even have to take the vaccine.
Now why is cancer up 400%?
Even rare cancers are up by 50%.
An increasing number of medical researchers believe a monkey virus, the contaminated polio vaccine, is causing cancer among the millions of Canadians who got the vaccine.
Oh, millions of people with cancer.
God, it's cancer everywhere.
Everybody on my block has cancer.
Young people have cancer.
Two little kids on my block died this year of cancer.
Cancer, cancer, cancer!
La la la la la!
I'm a right-winger.
Don't listen to me.
I'm an extremist.
Researchers at the first thought simian virus, 40SV40, was linked only to rare brain, bone, and lung cancers.
But last month, two studies in the British Journal of Lancet found traces of the virus in tumors of almost half of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
A relatively common cancer in Canada, with 6,200 new cases diagnosed last year, the number of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has inexplicably doubled over the past 30 years.
And since Dr. David Malkin, a Canadian researcher, wrote the controversial editorial last month's Lancet, saying there's enough evidence to show that SV40 plays a role in the development of human cancers.
In horrible cluster cancers.
I was one of the non-believers.
Now I'm a believer.
There is no rational way I can figure out any other explanation for the results.
Dr. Malkin, an oncologist at the Hospital of Sick Children, said in an interview.
And it goes on to talk about how it's spreading into the population.
You don't need to have the vaccine to get it.
I have stuff here about a fungicide used on most crops shuts off the body's DNA that stops cancer.
And they say we may use this for medical reasons for other stuff.
Very strange it does this.
Everything just messes up the DNA and everything just gets rid of population.
Just so happens to be the UN's goal
This is yesterday.
New trend eases fears of population explosion from the UN.
This, too, from Reuters.
In a major shift that has stunned demographic groups, fertility rates in much of Asia, Africa, Latin America have begun dropping, easing fears of future global population explosion, population experts said Tuesday.
And it goes in to see how it's suddenly plunging, and sperm counts are down, not just the 80% of Europe, or 75% here, but even in other countries, and many women are now sterile!
It can't be explained!
The UN got caught three... This is so deadly serious, I'm just trying to, you know, show you how stupid this is to even... The UN got caught in 133rd world countries.
The payoff to the country was they paid them to manufacture the vaccine, a very expensive
We're good to go.
And then the UN said, well, it's just an accident that 100 manufacturers accidentally produced this, uh, added it.
And then the researchers went, well, excuse us, UN, why is your tetanus program worldwide only for women?
And they went, ooh, no more comment!
And later they said, well, because we care about women.
Women aren't getting taken care of, and we had the program for them, huh?
Because if you gave a man that shot with the female hormone, it wouldn't hurt him.
It wouldn't sterilize a man!
But it sterilizes the women!
But it's just an accident, because they love you!
And now they're going to put the vaccines in the food!
Isn't that nice?
There's no way to escape it!
And Monsantos and others are buying up all the seed companies!
Isn't that loving?
Vaccine sparked polio outbreak.
London Telegraph, a U.N.
vaccination program in the Dominican Republic, caused a massive death.
MMR loses credibility in debate over MMR.
MPs, Government Officials with Credibility, in debate.
99% of the population in the latest poll are against the MMR shot.
Guess they're all right-wing kooks.
The government has lost almost all credibility in the MMR debate according to a poll which found only 1% of people put their trust in politicians to give accurate, balanced information about the vaccine.
This is after top scientists have gone public saying that it is brain-damaging children and killing them.
And by the way, top news anchors are now being threatened to be fired.
They're going public on live TV and going, THE VACCINE'S KILLING YOU!
We've got that report right here.
80% are opposed to MMR triple jab.
This was two months ago.
Now it's the 99%.
And it says right here the presenters are on TV going, IT'S KILLING US!
I mean, you know, drug off.
Rothschild is trying to stop us!
Don't let it out!
You know, it's like Running Man, but instead Schwarzenegger runs into the Running Man and takes over.
It's all fake, it's, you know, I'm not Mad Dog Ben Richards.
People go, shut up, right winger!
We love, we love the host of Running Man.
Look at Whitman, Price and Haddad.
There they are, right now, basking in the Maui sun.
Alex Jones, 20 years ago.
A man ahead of his time.
Keep Alex Jones on the air, folks.
Shop at infowarsstore.com.
Go to saveinfowars.com.
All right, we've got a clip here of Joe Biden becoming completely unhinged.
In front of White House reporters at the White House lawn, and then after he goes unhinged, he does his odd little jog.
You know that weird little stiff-legged jog that he does?
He takes off towards Marine One.
So here's an unhinged Joe Biden approaching reporters and grabbing them as well, screaming at them in a very odd unhinged clip here that just happened in D.C.
John Fetterman is going to appear with you today in Pennsylvania.
John Fetterman is going to appear with you today in Pennsylvania.
But there haven't been that many candidates campaigning with you.
That's not true.
There have been 15.
Okay, and are there going to be even more?
Should there be any restrictions on abortion at all?
Any restrictions on abortion at all?
Yes, there should be.
There should be.
In roving ways.
Read it, man.
You'll get educated.
And then he does the little stiff-legged jog.
And he grabs both the reporters aggressively, gets in their face and screams at them, as you saw there.
He's completely out of his mind.
He's completely unhinged.
And he screams at the first reporter, 15 Democrats have campaigned with me!
Actually, I don't believe that's true.
The Democrat candidates ahead of the midterms have been avoiding Joe Biden for the most part.
I mean, maybe two or three occasions were a Democrat.
Has wanted to go to a Biden event or have Biden in his event.
Normally, they don't want it.
They don't want anything to do with him.
His ratings are horrible.
He's a horrible person.
He's corrupt as they come.
So Democrats don't want to campaign with Biden.
But why does he run up and grab reporters?
The woman says, hey, Fetterman's campaigning with you today.
First Democrat to do that in a while.
He grabs her and says, not true, kid!
Not true!
Gets angry, screams at her, grabs her.
Then moves on and the guy asks about abortion, does the same thing, grabs him and says, ROVERS RAID!
Federman, Federnick's neck growth, whatever it is, is on full display today, by the way.
He's not wearing a hoodie or a gaiter, so you can see a gigantic bulge on his neck.
He can't read, he can't hear, but he's ready for Senate.
He's basically a Neanderthal.
So that's what the Democrats are, basically, is Neanderthals and the Crypt Keepers, like Joe Biden.
But my producer was pointing out, and this point has been made a bunch, if the Democrats really wanted to codify Roe vs. Wade, they could have done it a lot of different times.
They could have done it when Obama was in office and they had the White House and the Senate and the House.
They could have done it right now.
With Biden in the White House, and they have enough control over the Senate and control over the House.
So they could codify Roe vs. Wade, or they could make abortion law of the land, which they all claim to want to do.
They could have done it probably about seven different times since Roe vs. Wade was done and the Democrats have had control.
I think it was seven different times they could have done it when they've had full control.
And they never did it once.
Why is that?
Because they know it's not popular.
But they lie to you.
Now, there's been another unhinged Democrat, and this is AOC.
Now, I always put this caveat out there because I, you know, we want our audience to be fully informed, and I understand why people think a red wave is coming.
Folks, there should have been a red wave in 2020.
And there wasn't.
And you know why.
Why do you think that would change in 2022?
So I don't have my hopes up that you're going to see a red wave.
I think the Democrats are going to get more political control, quite frankly.
Even though they can't have an event that doesn't get protested now.
Even the darling of the Democrat Party, AOC, cannot have events without getting protested now.
Every event she has in public, she's getting protested.
By liberals, by the way.
By liberals.
It has been conservative, but it's liberals.
And she doesn't really know how to handle it, because she's been handled with kid gloves and everything has been given to her since she joined politics, so she hasn't had much of a resistance.
Now she actually has an actual organic resistance, and so this is what happened.
Let's start with clip three.
So, or actually, let's go to clip one, and then three, and then two.
Let's do it like that.
So, protesters show up.
This is the third or fourth time an AOC event has been protested lately, mostly because of her stance on war, voting for war.
Some people upset that she's not fully against Israel, which she knows she can't do right now, considering the left attacking Kanye West for being anti-Semites, anti-Semitic, so the Democrats can't show their hatred for Jews or Israel right now.
It's the wrong time.
So she's getting protested, and so here's what happens.
She starts dancing as the protests take over her event in clip one.
So she pretty much gives up trying to talk.
Look at all the maskers.
All the maskers standing up for AOC.
They're all wearing a mask.
They're saying how violent New York is.
So there you go.
Now folks, this is an AOC event.
It's a small event, maybe.
Maybe 50-so people there.
And half the crowd is protesting her.
And so there you can see she does a dance.
And, you know, that's fine.
That's fine.
I understand that.
I've done that before when protesters line up against me.
But then again, I'm not a politician in office.
So behaving like a goon is not really a good look for a politician.
But okay, whatever.
She decides she wants to do a little dance.
She's not a serious politician anyway.
And, um, the event got so out of control, they basically had to shut it down, and so here's that in clip three.
Ma'am, you're saying ask us why, y'all have been talking for 20 minutes, okay?
We know why.
We know why you're mad.
Let's talk about it.
So now they turn the lights off to try to get the crowd under control.
She has to step off, step out of the stage.
And now she comes back, and this is wild, folks.
Watch this.
I'm not allowed to be in a room with the lights turned off.
It gets a little... That's what I'm thinking.
Alright, alright, listen!
Alright, listen!
Okay, listen!
Hey, listen!
Have a burrito!
Have a taco!
Hey, listen!
What are you, Jennifer Lopez now?
That was... They're coming... Becoming completely unhinged.
And of course they are, because they're finally being held accountable for what they've done.
And that's what's happening here, is these dirtbag politicians and these dirtbag media hosts have been lying and hurting the American people for so long without any accountability, without any pushback, with nothing.
And now they're finally getting it.
They're finally getting what they deserve.
Our politicians deserve to be shouted down.
They're crooks.
They've destroyed this country.
Our media members deserve to get shouted down.
They're crooks.
They've destroyed this country.
And so this is inevitable, folks.
Look, whether you're a liberal, whether you're a conservative, Republican, Democrat, our politicians have screwed us over.
Everybody knows it.
is the district of criminals.
Everybody knows it.
And quite frankly, AOC is like the least to blame of it.
She's just a dirty communist that wants to destroy freedom and prosperity in America.
So she's got her own problems.
But no, this has been a long time coming, folks.
Our politicians, our media, they're corrupt and that's why they're getting protested.
Alright, let's get into the death cult eugenics program that has completely taken over the modern-day liberal leftist movement with the Stop the Man-Made Climate Change agenda and the abortion agenda.
That's eugenicists.
That's human sacrifice.
And I'm going to explain it all right here.
Stacey Abrams recently went viral for this odd clip and we'll start it with this.
White House not going to comment after Stacey Abrams suggests abortion is not a culture war issue but an inflation issue.
She conflates the two.
So Stacey Abrams gets asked about inflation and says well the answer is obviously killing your babies.
An incredible clip here from Stacey Abrams.
I just asked you.
You're running for governor of Georgia.
I would assume, maybe incorrectly, but while abortion is an issue, it nowhere reaches the level of interest of voters in terms of the cost of gas, food, bread, milk, things like that.
What can a governor, what could you do as governor to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters about those livability, daily, hourly issues that they're confronted with?
But let's be clear.
Having children is why you're worried about your price for gas.
It's why you're concerned about how much food costs.
For women, this is not a reductive issue.
You can't divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child.
And so it's important for us to have both and conversations.
We don't have the luxury of reducing it or separating them out.
But we also have to talk about what a governor can do.
A governor can address housing prices.
A governor can address the cost of education.
A governor can put money into the pockets of everything hard-working.
So the logic here is that, oh, because we're forced to have children, that's what's causing inflation.
And so therefore, kill your children and that'll stop the inflation.
I mean, of course that's completely wrong.
But you know, imagine you were... Let's say I'm an alien.
Let's say I'm not from Earth and I don't really understand you Earthlings and your politics and any of this stuff.
I'm completely uneducated, uninformed on all things humanity.
And I'm just a neutral observer looking at the abortion debate.
And so let's say I'm sitting here and I'm looking at the abortion debate and I'm seeing the debates and I hear this.
And I say, OK, well, yeah, I guess I could understand if you have an unwanted pregnancy and you can't afford the baby.
I guess, yeah, that would be a situation where you wouldn't want to have that baby.
You can't afford it.
But then let's say somebody injects something into my knowledge in that moment that changes the game.
Well, what would that knowledge be?
Again, I'm an alien.
I have no idea what's going on.
I'm just listening to a bunch of people debate abortion.
And then someone comes to me and says, hey, you know that women don't just get pregnant, right?
I say, what?
I don't understand.
They say, yeah, women have to make a choice to have sex to get pregnant.
Oh, well that changes everything.
They have this mentality, of course they know it's not true, that pregnancies just come out of nowhere.
Like a woman has no control over when she's pregnant and when she's not.
We're obviously not talking about instances of rape, but it's this notion like, oh, I have no control, I'm just pregnant out of nowhere, it's an unwanted pregnancy, kill the baby.
I'm not going to sit here and act like every American is going to practice abstinence.
That's ludicrous.
There's dozens of different ways to make sure you don't get pregnant.
Abstinence is the most guaranteed one.
But see, that's the lie, is that, no, you had sex, you knew having sex could potentially lead to a pregnancy, that's on you.
Why is that aspect of this debate completely ignored and cast aside?
That should be the number one.
Everything should stem from that concept.
But see, that's the whole notion of you want to be able to do whatever you want without any accountability.
Liberals want to burn cities to the ground with no accountability, and they do.
Democrats want to cheat in elections with no accountability, and they do.
You see what happens?
So it's the same thing.
Oh, I want to be able to have sex, and if I get pregnant, I don't want to be accountable.
I want to kill my baby.
And then they try to justify that by saying, hey, that's a good thing, that's going to fight inflation.
Justifying abortion because of inflation.
Now here's the Babylon Bee headline.
Stacey Abrams explains you can get your bills down to zero dollars by killing yourself.
Now that's the Babylon Bee.
It's a satirical website.
But as the Babylon Bee, operating as a satirical website, does, unwittingly, it actually is sometimes more accurate than the real news.
Because you understand that this is the entire notion behind man-made climate change, right?
Let me explain.
It's all a eugenics program.
Now, quickly, Matt Walsh reminds us
He posted this on his Twitter account, you can see for yourself.
In 1969, Planned Parenthood produced a memo recommending strategies for population control.
These include restructuring the family, encouragement of increased homosexuality, tax-funded abortion, and sterilization.
They then went on and implemented all of these.
He's absolutely right.
Look at what's happened to the family.
Fatherless households, a complete disaster.
Increased homosexuality, the grooming everywhere.
Tax-funded abortion.
Planned Parenthood.
Trans kids.
They've done it all.
Planned Parenthood was a eugenics program started by Margaret Sangers, backed by Jewish Americans to eliminate the black population in America.
I've done the research.
I've been on this issue since I was in high school.
I'm telling you the facts.
Look it up for yourself.
Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, financed by Jewish Americans to keep the black population out of America, and as they called it at the time, weeds.
They wanted to get the weeds out.
Oh, but don't talk about the racism of Planned Parenthood.
No, no, no, no, no, because they love Planned Parenthood.
But it's all eugenics.
It's all population control.
And abortion and stopping man-made climate change are two arms of the same eugenics program.
The transition to what?
They don't know!
Wind energy can't sustain.
Solar energy can't sustain.
So they have those as options, but they do not sustain.
You need coal.
You need oil.
Or... What is going to happen?
Well, I'll tell you, but it goes on.
Peter Doocy stumps Karine G. Pierre.
What makes you think the oil companies are going to listen to an administration that is trying to put them out of business?
So they want to put them out of business.
So what happens, though?
What happens when you put the oil business and the coal producers and end energy?
What happens?
What happens when you end that energy?
You don't have electricity.
Well, guess what?
You can't drive a car.
You don't have a job.
You don't have a meal on your table.
So then what happens?
Major supermarket in UK planning to sell bugs as food to help poor people through winter.
So this is all a result of man-made climate change agenda, green policies.
You don't get oil, you don't get energy, you have to eat the bugs, you can't heat or cool your home, and it mostly affects poor people.
And so here's how brainwashed they are.
This is a European climate activist interviewed by media.
Short clip.
Listen to what he says here in clip 11.
Farming needs to stop.
That's the single biggest driver of climate change.
Okay, let's play it one more time, just so you heard it right.
One more time, here's what he says.
Farming needs to stop.
That's the single biggest driver of climate change.
Now he's right!
According to their logic, farming has to stop to stop climate change.
That's their logic.
It's completely inaccurate.
You stop farming, we all die.
That's what I'm saying.
You cut off the energy, we all die.
You cut off the farming, we all die.
Do you get it?
So when the Babylon Bee says...
Kill yourself to save the planet from climate change.
That's actually what they're trying to do!
Abort your baby!
Stop man-made climate change!
Kill yourself!
Dutch government to seize 600 farms at gunpoint claiming nitrogen as a pollutant.
Do you get it, folks?
They're shutting off your energy, they're shutting off your farms, so that you go die in the woods.
Go live in a cave if you really believe this crap.
Just understand, if you want to make sense of it all, the leaders of this planet, the elites,
...are running a global population control eugenics program at its most basic functioning operational... ...or operation of this would be abortion, Planned Parenthood centers.
Just kill the babies before they're born.
But the large-scale operation is the man-made climate change lies that are going to tell you we need to stop using coal and gas and then what's going to happen?
Well, you're not going to have any farmers, you're not going to have any farms, so then you're not going to have any food, so then what are you going to do?
Well, you're going to die.
That's what you're going to do, you're going to die.
And they have these leftists so brainwashed now,
That they openly say, we need to stop farming, it's the leading cause of climate change.
So, you know, I just wish these people would actually live out their politics.
I wish these people would actually live out their ideologies.
To the completion.
Because if they did, they wouldn't, you'd realize they don't actually believe anything they're saying.
If you really believe all this crap, if you really believe man-made climate change, and you want to sit here and tell everyone else how to live their life because of it, I want you to go live in a cave.
Any Democrat, or politician for that matter, around the planet, that votes or writes legislation to stop man-made climate change, I expect you to go home to your cave, and I expect you to walk or hike or bike there.
I don't want you using any electricity, I don't want you driving any sort of automobile,
Why don't you live the life you want the rest of the people to live?
Why don't you live the life that you expect the world to live with your policies?
Go live in a cave!
No laundry for you!
No laundry for you!
No processed food for you!
No dishwasher, no heating, no cooling, no automobile.
Go live in a cave.
Stop telling everyone else how to live their life when you won't live the life that you're saying is the only way to save the planet.
You go live in the woods.
You go live in a cave.
You go wipe your ass with your bare hands.
You do that.
The rest of us like civilization.
The rest of us like easily accessible energy.
The rest of us like to be able to travel at our own leisure.
We like that.
Everybody likes that, including all you climate change activists.
You like it too.
But you just want to tell everybody else how to live and you want a virtue signal like you're better than everyone else, when the truth is you are the scum of the earth.
But just know, abortion is a eugenics program, so is stopping man-made climate change.
It's all the same thing.
And then you've got the aspect with the vaccines.
We'll cover that later on today.
But now, you've got the new phenomenon.
This is how it should be done, folks.
I mean, I could show you the videos today.
There were more videos out of England where Stop Oil Now protesters sit in the road and block traffic.
And it's the same thing happens in Italy, in the UK, everywhere now.
The stop oil, if they're not desecrating buildings, if they're not desecrating famous art and museums, they're blocking traffic and what happens is the drivers are sick of it and so they get out of their car and they pick these little bastards up and they throw them off the side of the road.
That's what they deserve.
You're going to block traffic?
Somebody needs to rough you up.
I'm sorry.
People have lives to live.
You clearly were never disciplined as a child.
You clearly have never faced discipline in your life.
That's why you're still behaving like a child.
This is all arrested development.
I'm glad my parents disciplined me as a kid.
I'm glad I got disciplined.
I'm glad I got grounded.
I'm glad I took a wooden spoon to the behind or a belt because you know what?
I'd be behaving like those lowlifes if I didn't.
I'm glad I was disciplined.
I'm glad in high school when I acted up, I got disciplined.
I'm grateful for that.
I appreciate that.
These people clearly never got that.
That's why they are like the way they are.
So how do you deal with these people properly?
I think Volkswagen is going about this the right way.
And guys, if you could pull up the whole thread here just for more context of the tweet I sent you.
So you have, I guess it's engineers?
I can't tell if some of them are engineers or some of them are activists or there's a crossover here, but one individual named Gianluca Grimalda
is protesting with about a dozen climate change activists and they have superglued themselves to the floor of a car dealership or a car manufacturing showroom floor.
And so you can see it looks like some nice Porsches there, I think.
On the screen, it looks like that's a nice 911 right there on the screen.
That's a beautiful car, isn't it?
Love to drive that thing around.
They wouldn't like me to do it though.
So they superglued themselves to the floor because, and now here's what happens.
They superglued themselves to the floor and they know they're going to get a bunch of media coverage.
That makes them feel good.
And they know there's not going to be any punishment because they do their little protest and then they get up and guess what?
They drive their cars home to their houses and their apartments that have climate controlled environments.
Because you know, they're so loyal to their cause.
As soon as they're done with their protest, they hop in their
They hop in their car and they go to their house and their apartment because they're all hypocrites.
But so how do you deal with these?
How do you deal with these freaks?
I think Volkswagen has it right.
Volkswagen has told the protesters that they support their right to protest, but they refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued and have turned off the heating.
People in support can't get out of the building.
So, let me get this straight.
You superglued yourself to the floor
Because you think human activity on this planet is killing it.
Human activity like driving a car, flushing a toilet, heating your home.
And then, after you superglue yourselves to the floor, and the company says, hey, you know what?
We're gonna let you stay there.
Oh, oops!
You mean we actually have to stay here with our asses and hands super glued to the floor?
That's not what we wanted!
We wanted you guys to just make us do this for a half an hour or so and then we could go back home to our lives!
In our nice homes and our fancy cars!
We didn't actually think you'd make us stay here!
And then what does he say?
The decency to defecate in a decent manner.
You're the one that wants to live like a damn caveman!
You're the one that wants to send us back to the Stone Age!
And then you say the decency to defecate in a bowl?
How do you think life is going to be when you shut the power off?
How do you think life is going to be when you don't have power tools?
And you don't have trucks and equipment to build homes?
An infrastructure!
I mean, these people are looney tunes, man!
They're looney tunes!
You really believe we're killing the planet?
Go live in a cave!
Go live in the woods!
More power to ya!
You're frauds!
You know what you're saying is a lie, and you know you're just doing it all for attention, because you're stuck in Arrested Development.
You're a ten-year-old boy in a grown man's body.
And now you're complaining because you can't defecate in a decent manner.
Well, what do you think's going to happen when you make everything illegal?
What do you think happens when you stop what you see as man-made climate change?
You'll be defecating in the woods, wiping your ass with your bare hand.
Is that decent?
Because I notice you didn't choose to do that.
I notice you still choose to live in a home and drive your car to get to and from work.
That's odd.
No, they're all frauds.
This is how this should be done.
Now when they do this at a Starbucks or stuff, I can understand people may want to get them off, but I really believe this is the way right here.
When these jackasses want to superglue themselves to the sidewalk, superglue themselves to buildings, superglue themselves to car manufacturing plants, I say more power to them.
I say let them sit there.
Let them sit there forever.
In fact, I would bring a vat of superglue and I'd say, do you need more?
Can I get you more superglue?
Is there anything else I can do to make sure that you're superglued here forever to prove your point?
Now, pouring out the milk at the grocery stores, this is just a different level of derangement that shouldn't be tolerated at all.
These individuals should be facing major, major fines and consequences, if not jail time.
But that's a different level.
But see, here's the thing.
Once they realize that we've caught on to their superglue tactics and we're not going to play their games anymore, and now if they superglue themselves to the sidewalk or they superglue themselves to a car manufacturing plant or a museum, that they're actually going to have to stay there the rest of their lives, they'll probably stop doing that and just go back to the physical violence and the desecration of venerable objects and art and pouring milk out at supermarkets.
Somebody should have decked those people, quite frankly.
But, uh, they get to behave like children because they were never disciplined as children, so now they still are children, and we don't call it out for what it is.
But no.
You wanna know the answer?
All these, all these Looney Tunes that wanna superglue themselves to every which thing to fight climate change, bring them more superglue.
I would dump superglue all over their bodies and say, have at it!
So all you climate change activists, either go live in a cave or shut your mouth!
You may recall, a few months back, the New York Times wrote a story, and I think it was picked up by other left-wing news outlets, saying...
Republicans are stalking ballot drop boxes.
Poll watchers stalking mail-in ballots.
Oh my God, this is the worst thing ever.
The fascists are watching the drop boxes.
And there is this whole fuss.
And the obvious question would be, well, wait a second.
Why does that bother you?
Why does somebody wanting to watch the ballot drop boxes bother you so much?
Why would you be against that?
I thought you wanted to stop voter fraud.
Democrats complain about voter fraud all the time and blame Republicans, but then when Republicans talk about voter fraud, they say it doesn't exist.
It's just more of the double-think of the liberal Democrat mindset.
But okay, why would they be upset that there's poll watchers?
Why would they want to block out windows so nobody can see them counting the votes?
Why would they be upset?
That Republicans are organizing for people to watch the Dropboxes after the 2000 Mules documentary exposed how Democrats cheated in the 2020 election.
Why would they be so concerned?
Another guest was on with Steve Bannon yesterday.
Melody Jennings was addressing this exact phenomenon.
Here it is in clip 13.
People are getting the word.
Our people are showing up and gathering around boxes and shutting the step down.
They are showing up.
What these mules don't understand is just because, you know, I put a fuzzy still shot up on True Social that doesn't look like anything.
We're geotracking them.
We've got cameras on the backsides of them.
You know, people are freaking out because they say this picture doesn't prove anything.
That's okay.
We have the sauce.
We're just showing you that we're out there and people are coming and joining us and it's great camaraderie going on.
In Michigan, we're about to go viral all over the state.
I've got people all lined up, getting ready to march out there around your boxes.
So be on notice.
Tudor Dixon, Matt DiPerno are here to help.
If you need me, shout me out.
So, there you go.
Now, yesterday I covered a story where an individual checked the box on a mail-in ballot that said the individual receiving this mail-in ballot is no longer living here or deceased.
He continues to get mail-in ballots.
Sent to his mailbox.
Doesn't matter how many times he checks the box to get him off the voter rolls, they keep showing up.
I explained why.
That's how Democrats decide who they can vote for.
They double test the market.
Okay, this person is definitely dead.
We can vote for him.
Nobody will know.
You also have this, this is even crazier, Dead Dog receives registered a vote by mail application from Michigan Democrat Party.
You can see his response at the story at the Gateway Pundit.
So that's what they're doing.
Now, again I ask the question, why would anybody be concerned that there are
Poll watchers monitoring the mail-in ballot drop boxes.
Why would anybody be concerned with that?
Do I even have to tell you the answer?
Is it not the most obvious thing ever?
Because they want to cheat!
1 plus 1 equals 2!
Why would they be concerned that you're watching the drop boxes?
Because they're planning on using them to cheat!
And they say all this publicly and they think that you're so stupid you won't get it.
Why are they putting cardboard boxes over the windows at the polling locations?
Oh, I don't know, not to hide anything.
Why are they pulling up with truckloads of ballots at 3 a.m.
in the morning in Detroit, Michigan?
Oh, not so they can count 300,000 votes for Biden.
Oh, why did they lie and say there was a water main break in Georgia so that everybody left the polling center and then they pulled out a bunch of boxes from underneath the table and double running them through the counters?
Not because they were cheating!
Why are they upset that you're out there watching the ballot drop boxes?
Because they're cheating!
Why do they block the windows?
Because they're cheating!
Why do they lie about a water main break?
Because they're cheating!
Why do truckloads of ballots come in at 3am in the morning for Biden?
Because they're cheating!
It's so obvious.
And you know what's even sadder about it?
We know it.
They know it.
They know we know it.
We know they know we know it.
And they still do it!
These people are sick!
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All right, one of the all-time greats, Bryson Gray, joins me now.
And you want to talk about an individual that doesn't take a knee for anybody except Jesus Christ.
Bryson Gray is that guy.
Now, he recently put out a song.
We're gonna air it here on the show in the next segment, and we're actually gonna debut a music video that we made for it.
He put together his own video with the lyrics.
I think that was yesterday when you first put that out, Bryson.
But I want to talk about your motivations for this song.
Discussing the Kanye West and Alex Jones lawsuits.
You put out a song yesterday.
It's a great song, by the way.
We're going to play it in the next segment.
What motivated you to put the lyrics down on paper and then to put the song out yesterday?
Because the stuff is also happening to me.
So I really hit home when I see him getting sued for his freedom of speech.
I see Kanye getting banned and his bank account getting banned for his freedom of speech.
That stuff already happened to Alex, now it's happening to Kanye.
And it makes me think because I'm a very controversial person, I'm outspoken myself, and I have opinions that people will call against the grain.
So when you think about what's happening to them, it's like, yo, we're literally next.
Anybody that says anything against the agenda or outside the agenda is next.
Look at what they did to Andrew Tate.
That happened before Kanye.
So it just hit home for me for that reason.
So this is something you feel you can relate to as a musician, as an artist, who's been deplatformed and had to deal with censorship yourself.
Yeah, I mean,
Who else gets songs banned on Spotify?
Never getting the pit back up?
That doesn't really happen to a lot of people.
When they start banning the music, there's an issue.
When they start really taking it like Kanye can't say...
I don't even know if I can say half the way he said it on here, but like, he can't just question certain things, he can't say basic truths on social media, he can't say Fenton Alva is a contributor to George Floyd's death, like these are things we can't say, he can't say secular Jews own the entire music industry, like we can't say these things, Alex Jones can't give an opinion, Alex Jones even said he was wrong about some things, apologized, it's still not enough.
So it's like, it's like, come on man.
Well, let's go into this topic, because here's my thing is, I want consistency.
The one thing I'm always talking about, I always try to say to my audience, if I ever have a quotable, if it can't be applied universally, it's not logic, it's propaganda.
And that's all I see here is propaganda.
So it's mainstream
To not just say white people run the world, but to paint that as a bad thing and say white supremacy all the time.
So it's perfectly acceptable to criticize white people.
And by the way, it's acceptable to criticize black people.
Conservatives criticize black people all the time.
Let's not act like that doesn't go on.
I was doing it earlier today.
So white people are fully able to be criticized.
Black people are fully able to be criticized.
That happens every day in America.
Okay, it's called free speech.
You disagree, you debate.
But oh, not those white people!
Oh, not those white people!
So you can say, you can say Kanye West could rap about white people running the world all day long, but as soon as he inserts the word Jew into it, all of a sudden he can't say it.
That's why I know it's not logic, it's propaganda.
I was just talking about this on a livestream actually.
Because you know CRT and things like that at schools is all to paint the white male as a white supremacist or KKK or the enemy.
And then on the conservative side, they love when we talk about the black-on-black crime rate.
They love when we talk about what's going on in the black neighborhoods.
They love when we talk about what the rappers are promoting in their music.
But as soon as you talk about the people funding
What the rappers are promoting the music.
The ones signing, giving these artists the money and pushing this stuff out.
Artists don't push their own music out.
These people get in the front of your faces.
And I mean, they are secular Jews.
The big three record labels are all owned by secular Jews.
This isn't a conspiracy.
This is just reality and a fact.
But as soon as you say that, everybody has a problem with it.
So yeah, the double standard or triple standard, whatever this can be called, is insane.
And I don't understand what the big deal is either.
It's like, hey, look, yeah, Jewish Americans are highly successful.
I don't think you see many homeless Jewish people.
I don't think I see any Jewish girls at Planned Parenthood.
That's fine.
Hey, Jewish people do successful in America.
They like the free market.
Good for them.
They like capitalism.
You want to do business with them?
You make millions of dollars in the process?
Hey, good for you, too.
If you don't like it, then fine.
You don't have to do it.
But it's like you're not even allowed to talk about it.
And so, but somebody that's been through the music industry before, and you're independent, I mean, what can you say about that?
I mean, how much of what we see from mainstream music is original or from the actual artist versus somebody else putting that out there for them?
Well, when music artists sign a record deal, you don't have creative control anymore.
You don't control how it gets promoted.
You don't even control... They can change the beat if they want to.
They can add another artist if they want to.
They can change the hook if they want to.
And these record label owners, let me just use that phrase, are very smart in the way they do it.
This is all a plan.
That's why they get these... Think about it.
This music, drill music, is literally about people that are actually dead in real life getting promoted.
So these labels are signing these people, giving them a million dollars, putting this drill music in front of everybody's faces.
Little Nas X, putting them in front of everybody's faces.
These people don't have credit control.
They don't even control their video shoots.
They don't even control their photo shoots.
They don't have that control.
That's how contracts work.
Now, when you get in, because here's the thing, too.
They want to make, whether it's the Me Too movement or, you know, racism, this or whatever, OK, let's let's look at every little word or every little action.
But I mean, I could sit here and take a look at mainstream rap lyrics
From anybody, it doesn't matter, any mainstream rap lyrics you want.
You pick the rap artist, mainstream, played on the radio, played on TV, all over the internet, millions of views, you play it, you're gonna find lyrics that are blatantly misogynistic, blatantly violent, blatantly even racist and all this other stuff.
Nobody really, barely even a fuss, barely even a blip on the radar, nobody really complains about that, but then Kanye West goes on podcast and all of a sudden there's all these problems in the world.
I mean, what about
Talk about that double standard or just why you chose to not do those kind of lyrics.
I'm gonna say what's more interesting to add to it.
Look up, look up who's a part owner of TikTok, Warner Music.
Look up who's a part owner of Spotify.
Look who owns a Spotify playlist.
So these songs are talking about murders, sex, drugs, misogyny, right?
True misogyny.
Um, not only are these rappers allowed to do it, but the people that control the platforms that put it in front of your face, they're pushing it out there.
I decided to do something different because that is destructive.
And I used to make the music about women shaking they bus and getting drunk and stuff like that.
I used to make that music.
Then you realize, you know, me, of course my faith comes first.
So when I changed my life, what I was rapping about started to change.
And then you realize how destructive that stuff is.
Like, if you look at clubs, I don't know if you remember the Waka Flocka era when Waka Flocka was popular, but when I used to go to the club and Waka Flocka would play, it'd be a fight.
Or Crime Mob, Nuck If You Buck, it'd be a fight when those songs played.
Music has influence over your mind.
So I decided to go a different route and try to make it positive.
That's why I got a song called I'm Not Depressed.
Because every other song will tell you to be depressed.
So I want to give you something different.
And that's kind of another frustration here.
It's like, look, whether you like what Ye said or not, or whether you think it's anti-Semitic or not, how is it that you have a problem with that, but not all the garbage that you have been fed in these lyrics?
Much worse for humanity, much worse for the country, much worse for the youth at large than anything Ye says on a podcast.
I don't know if you know, but these same rappers who met at Kanye,
They just came together to defend drill music.
You know, New York was trying to ban drill music.
You know this music about murder and killing?
And the rappers came together and fought for drill music to not get their free speech taken away from them.
These same rappers are just fighting that.
P. Diddy was doing it.
Noriega was talking about it.
Meek Mill.
All the rappers came together to defend drill music.
But Kanye speaking his mind, something that in my view is positive, but y'all going against him.
What's really going on?
What is really happening behind the scenes?
Yeah, and I think that's the problem, is what Kanye's saying is making people think and ask those questions, and you're not supposed to think.
Somebody else is supposed to think for you.
You're not supposed to ask those questions.
Only the acceptable mainstream media can ask the questions.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, we're gonna play Bryson Gray's new song,
With the music video that our crew made.
Bryson hasn't even seen this yet, so I'm excited to get his reaction to it.
But folks, this is all possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, Bryson Gray, he gets de-platformed.
He gets banned.
So we put him on our website, Banned.Video.
Who wouldn't want Bryson Gray on your website?
What, are you insane?
Of course we want Bryson Gray on Brand Out Video so you can listen to his music there.
But folks, it's only possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
So before you hear the new song, after this short break, go to InfoWarsStore.com and get one of our great supplements on sale 50% off right now.
Look what they did to Alex Jones.
They trying to rob him of every single thing he owns.
How you get sued for a billy for saying something wrong?
They won't stop till everybody be in Wi-Fi drones.
And look what they did to Ye, they want everything.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look what they did to Alex Jones.
They trying to rob him of every single thing he owns.
How you get sued for a billy for saying something wrong?
They won't stop till everybody be in Waka Jones.
And look what they did to Ye, they want everything.
We good to go.
We run experiments on people like we in the zoo.
They scare you into silence if you have a different view.
But you can talk sex, murder, push kids to switch they gender.
You can't preach repentance, but you can tell them to be sinners.
Bitin's daughter exposed them, but nobody gon' remember that these and ours work together.
I know that y'all bad to differ, but...
Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
And so now you see why they can't have Bryson Gray's music go mainstream and they can't have it on Spotify and you won't hear it on radio stations because his lyrics don't sing about pimping hoes and shooting cops and all that type of violence.
No, he sings about truth and reality and has powerful messages in his lyrics.
So, there you go though, your first response to the music video put together by the crew here for you.
Yo, that was fire, bro!
That was heat, bro!
Ay, whichever one of y'all did that...
Gang gang.
Big ups to Rob Dew and Darren McBreen.
I know they were the two main forces.
I'm not sure who else helped in that matter.
I got a little cameo too.
You know, I mean, I gotta be, I gotta have my role in there.
I mean, come on.
Yes, sir.
Now that was heat, bro.
But there we go.
So I think, now guys, are we gonna, we should probably put that up on Bryson Gray's channel on Banned Out Video.
I don't know if they've done that yet, but we'll get that up on Bryson Gray's channel.
And so, when you can't put your music out on Spotify, where can people find your music other than just Band.Video?
I was about to say Band.Video.
I try to post it on my Twitter.
I post it everywhere I can, but when stuff gets banned, it gets banned.
Like right now, I uploaded this song like six days ago, and it's still not on Spotify or anything.
So I don't know, man.
So you're telling me that you- they just- it's just like sits in limbo?
They don't even tell you what's going on?
So I had this issue with TuneCore, which is another distribution service.
At first, stuff would happen.
So I switched to DistroKid, and usually they get it up within three to five days.
It's so beautiful.
But the last two took a little longer.
In this song, they just haven't picked it up.
I don't know.
But it's not the distribution service, it's the stores.
It's the stores that have to pick it up.
Well, I'm not surprised that you have to jump through hoops just to get your stuff uploaded.
You know, a lot of people can relate to that now.
And so, what has been the response though?
I mean, the video's probably been seen tens of thousands of times on your Twitter page alone, maybe more than that.
I haven't checked the views.
What's the response been like?
450,000 views on Twitter already.
Yeah, why don't you rap about killing cops and pimping hoes?
What the hell is your problem, man?
Use your talents for something better.
I know man, I gotta write about spinning the block, killing the opps, gripping my Glock, sending them shots, that's what I gotta start doing in my songs.
There you go, that'll be on Spotify in an hour.
It really would though.
They'll cut that out right now just to put it on Spotify right now.
Yeah, all you need is to add a little beat to it, it'll be uploaded in ten minutes.
You know, what I've found is, as just somebody that enjoys music, listening to music, and I'd like to consider myself a connoisseur of music, if you will, I couldn't really listen to rap anymore.
Let's say maybe for like the last ten years, you mentioned the, I think you called it the drill style.
But aside from that, it seems like there's kind of been this transition to it's really just kind of dark and like grumbly and like it's really kind of dark energy.
The uniqueness or the diversity that you see in rap, it's not everything kind of sounds the same to me.
I could be wrong because I'm just not listening anymore.
But when I listen to your songs, I'm like, hey, this is what rap used to sound like when I was listening to it in the 90s and the 2000s.
Yes, when you go to the DMX, the Tupac's, the people like that, it was more like fight back music and you could tell what they were going through and how they were feeling in their songs.
Now, literally all music, you're right, it is dark.
It's about like RIP to Juice WRLD, but being depressed and being a drug addict.
Future talking about being a drug addict or it's pure killing.
And the reason I bring up Drill so much is it's gotten worse.
Like at first it was like killing random people on songs and you knew the people were fake.
Now it has turned into talking about real 16-year-old, 15-year-old kids that your gang killed and mocking their deaths on songs.
And a lot of conservatives are not even aware of this.
These kids that get talked about in these songs, their mothers do interviews crying because their parents, these mothers are still alive.
And these kids are getting mocked on number one hits.
You know what I'm saying?
It's very demonic.
It's very dark and very demonic, man.
Do you notice so?
I mean, with your audience, maybe you can see this, where they do allow your music to be distributed.
Do you notice, like, is it people that are listening to mainstream rap that are listening to you?
Or is it people that listen to other types of genres that are listening to you?
Um, a lot of people that follow me say they used to listen to mainstream rap, but then they literally stopped because of people like me, people like Tyson James.
So it's people that was into mainstream rap, but they found rap that they believe is just as good, but without the demonic, demonic activity going on in the music, man.
Like, do you know who King Vine is?
Who died like a year and a half ago?
No, I'm not familiar.
It's a rapper named King Vine who like, blew up, right?
And after his death, he has been, like, found guilty, like, they have evidence now of him being the murderer of so many people.
He's rumored to have killed, like, seven or eight people.
And he had beat a murderer, got out of jail and started rapping, blew up, bragging about the murders on songs, saying the street names on songs and everything, man.
And after he died, now they're saying he's guilty of killing, like, so many people.
Do you know what record label he was signed to?
I think he may have been, um, I want to say at the beginning he was with Empire.
He was under Lil Durk.
So that's okay, but you probably couldn't get a record deal from them, I'm sure.
Not you.
And we got Bryson Gray with us for one more segment.
You can see his new song music video at Band.Video on his channel.
And I was making a joke in the last segment about how
You can get signed to a mainstream record label for millions of dollars if you're rappin' about pimpin' hoes, beating women, killin' cops, killin' kids, and you were mentioning an actual example of an individual who got, I guess he's dead now, but he got
I don't know if he got charged, but it came out he was involved in some murders, and he was signed to a mainstream record label.
I made a joke right before the break, like, I'm sure they wouldn't sign you, and you got cut off before you could respond to that, but I'm sure that's the case.
Like, yeah, you rap about gangbanging and killing, we'll sign you to a record label for millions of dollars, but if you're Bryson Gray and you rap about how you don't want to abort babies and you love Jesus Christ, we're not interested in you.
Fun fact, what I was going to say is I was actually with Empire.
I remember when Empire actually first started.
I actually know the owner.
And my rap group in North Carolina was one of the first groups he allowed into the distribution company of Empire outside of like the West Coast.
So in North Carolina, we was like one of the first people.
That they allowed on.
But it's like they started pitting me on the back burner when I started talking more about God and supporting Trump and things of that nature.
And I just find it funny that King Vod, if I'm not mistaken, was with Empire.
Nobody had issues with what he was talking about, though.
Well, and a lot of people might not know your background.
You've been making music for more than a decade now.
And I believe, what year was it you were featured with your group on, was it 106 and Park they had you guys performing?
Yeah, I was at Winston Park twice when I was in high school.
And we had songs and movies that they played on BET all the time in high school.
As soon as I graduated, I had music on the radio in North Carolina.
Yeah, I've been like, I've had independent success in music all my life.
I did EDM music under my moniker King Vodka when I used to drink and have viral songs with EDM music.
So yeah, I've been at it like 15, 16 years.
You know, it's funny.
We kind of have a lot in common as far as this is concerned, because... Let me pose you the question like this.
If you want to be a rapper, and you want to make millions of dollars, and you want your stuff played on the radio, and you want the big concert events, and the venues, and the music festivals, what is that process?
If that's what you want to do in the rap game, what does that look like?
Well, you have to get a label.
You can't do it independently because the label owns everything.
They don't access the radio, they don't access the playlist, they don't access to getting your face in front of everyone, they don't access to going viral on TikTok, and you have to obey.
And an example I have is, we had a song on the radio about girls shaking their butts, and a record label came to us, and it wasn't a huge deal, like $30,000 up front or whatever, and they said, but we have to continue making that type of music.
Like, that's the music we had to make.
That's what they wanted us to be.
That, that group.
And I was always interested in making all types of music.
And I'm part of the reason the deal fell through, because I didn't want to sign a contract.
We were getting forced to make one type of song, but they said that's what they wanted.
So you have to obey, and you have to be a part of the machine.
And, um, when you're not a part of the machine, Kanye West, over the last week and a half, shows you what happens.
And you know, it's not exactly the same, but I bet there's a lot of similarities when it comes to political commentary and news.
Because I'll have people come to me like, why do you work for Alex Jones?
Why do you insist on working for InfoWars?
It's like, you could make a lot more money doing this.
You could make ten times the money doing this.
It's like, you don't get it!
You don't get it.
To us, success is not how many zeros are at the end of our bank account.
Especially in today's day and age, success means something totally different to me.
Success to me means staying loyal to myself.
And staying loyal to the people that follow me, staying loyal to the people that raised me, and wanting to create a better future.
If I can create a better future, where the people around me can be prosperous, and I can maintain human freedom, at least in America, and self-government, to me that's success.
Whether I have one zero in my bank account, or thirty zeros in my bank account.
If I don't have those freedoms, and I've got a hundred million dollars, I'm a failure, I'm a loser.
I agree, and I think I talked to you about this before, but the Trump campaign stopped working with me.
Because a lot of the LGBT supporters were reporting my lyrics to them, telling them what I was saying on social media.
And by the way, you could have chosen at that time to change your stance.
You didn't do it.
You want to talk about that briefly?
Yeah, so when I was there shooting for the Republican National Convention, because I remember it was during COVID, so it was digital.
If y'all remember, I was on there.
And when I was there, they had offered me a contract to perform at all the rallies leading up to the election in November.
But then afterwards, I was getting complaints from the LGBT Trump supporters, and they basically asked me to tone it down.
I just said no.
It was simple.
You know, here's how I, this is what the Republican Party needs to do.
It really needs to have the approach of a big tent, where, meaning, hey, if you're LGBTQ but you agree with our beliefs, you're in.
If you're anti-LGBTQ but you agree with our beliefs, you're in.
If you're black, if you're white, if you're brown, if you're Jewish, if you're Christian, if you're Muslim.
I mean, this is the big tent we need to be in.
We need to stop pushing people away because we have a little disagreement.
We understand we have more in common than we disagree with.
So yeah, you know what?
Oh, I don't like that Bryson Gray refuses to say that the Bible, you know, doesn't
Say that homosexuality or sodomy is a good thing, so I don't want to hear from any more.
No, you should still be able to hear from Bryce and Gray, just if you don't agree with them, that's fine.
We all have the same vision for the future.
We need to come together.
Well, that would be consistent in the Big Ten theory now, wouldn't it?
To allow people like me to have my views, to allow the Nick Fuentes of the movement to have their views.
But, unfortunately, the whole Big Ten theory is a lie to begin with.
What they want is the same thing LGBT has always wanted.
They want complete and utter control.
And, I mean, in the way they got it, right?
The Republican Party has went very
Much more left-wing as of late.
And you know, the infiltration happened, it was successful, and people like me get pushed to the side.
People like Nick Fuentes get pushed to the side.
It's a part of the game, you know?
As long as I stick, because like you said, it's not all about the money.
To me, integrity is way more important than money.
So I'd rather have my integrity and have the people that like me, like me for me being really me, rather than me being some fake talking point pundit.
Well, I hope you keep getting more popular, and I think this last song is really going to help you out in that endeavor.
Because to me, folks, what Bryson Gray does, he makes it look easy, is actually extremely difficult to be a one-man show.
It's extremely impressive, it just shows his talent.
But to me, Bryson, I think you're getting better with time, and I think your last song is one of the greatest works you've put out yet, and I salute you for it.
Thank you so much, man.
Thank you for having me on.
Y'all have been the people that supported me since the beginning, so I love it.
Of course, brother.
So again, folks, go to band.video, Bryson Gray's channel.
You can see not just his new song and music video, but a lot of his old work is there as well.
And you can download it, by the way.
There's a download link right there.
You can put it on your phone, put it on your computer, and listen to Bryson Gray all the time.
Bryson, thank you so much, man.
Thank you, man.
To have built Bandop Video so that we can put other artists and other commentators and journalists and musicians and everything on there because we want that.
We actually want the big tent.
We actually want everybody to be welcome.
That's part of what we're doing here at InfoWars.
But it is expensive.
It's not cheap.
And that's okay because we have a business model that sells supplements to fund it all.
And they say, look, oh, supplement companies make all this money.
Yeah, but it doesn't go towards funding a news organization.
It goes into the owners' pockets.
That's fine.
That's capitalism.
I'm not complaining.
We sell supplements to make money to fund our news operation.
No big sponsors, just you shopping at Infowarsstore.com.
Folks, I'm telling you.
Some of these supplements are just total game changers.
Super Male Vitality is a huge game changer, especially for men.
Once you get into your 30s, you notice some of that vitality, some of that energy starting to slip away.
Well, you can grasp it once again with Super Male Vitality.
Thank you.
Okay, this is my last segment today on the Alex Jones Show.
Jay Dyer taking over.
I'm going to be back hosting the War Room, where I'm going to get into all the big CDC vaccine news.
I'm going to get into the latest with the child grooming that's going on in the classrooms by the liberals, as well as some other news and a guest in studio.
The breaking news, CDC has just voted to add COVID-19 vaccines to children's immunization schedule.
There's a lot that goes into that, and there's going to be a lot of pushback as well.
So I plan on covering all of that on The War Room.
Now, I want to play that vote for you, so that you can just see this.
This is big breaking news, probably really the top story now.
And so, yesterday they did the same thing with the most vulnerable, the youth that are in, let's say, foster care, stuff like that, that don't have their biological parents.
They gotta take the COVID-19 vaccine.
Now they're just saying, all kids, if you wanna go to school...
Uh, you have to take it too.
Now, of course you don't, so there's going to be a lot of litigation, there's going to be a lot of religious exemptions and everything else, but here is the vote.
CDC unanimously says all children should take the COVID-19 vaccine.
Have everybody in?
Thank you very much.
We'll proceed with the vote.
So, as a reminder, please state your name, whether you have any conflicts of interest, and your vote.
I'm going to start right now with Dr. Bell.
Bell, no conflicts, yes.
Thank you.
McNally, no conflicts, yes.
Thank you.
Dr. Lehr.
Lair, no conflicts, yes.
Bata, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Brooks.
Brooks, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Daly.
Daly, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Sanchez.
Sanchez, no conflict, yes.
Dr. Shaw.
Shaw, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Long.
Long, no conflict, yes.
Dr. Cotton.
Cotton, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Cineas.
Cineas, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Poehling.
Poehling, no conflict, yes.
Lee, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Talbot.
Talbot, no conflicts, yes.
Dr. Chen.
Chen, no conflicts, yes.
Thank you.
And the motion passed.
15 unanimously in favor.
Now imagine voting to make children take a vaccine that has not been tested and that has already killed more than 10,000, more than 30,000 people that we know of.
And I've got more news on it.
We're going to cover it coming up in the war room, folks.
But you know,
And see, here's the thing too.
They want to make a situation where, oh, you can't even question the doctors, or you can't even say their name, or you're going to get sued, or you're going to be called a terrorist.
That's the environment they want this to go down in, because that's how totalitarians, that's how authoritarians work.
And that's now the type of country we live in.
But no.
You should remember the names of all of those doctors.
Because when this vaccine gets forced into children's arms and they get sterilized and they die, you're gonna know that those are the doctors that voted to do it.
And I would also say, and I'm gonna have more on this coming up later on The War Room too, I would remember the names of those doctors because in five years, they'll all be working for Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, making millions of dollars.
And now you know why.
Because that's how it works, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, of course, InfoWars was years ahead of this story.
We knew all of this was coming since they announced that we were in a pandemic.
We knew one of the ultimate goals was the forced vaccination of sterilization vaccines, deadly vaccines, poisonous vaccines, mRNA vaccines.
That was always the goal.
The pandemic was just the tool to get to this point.
Now we are here.
And it was Alex Jones that predicted it years ago.
We played the clip earlier.
Now as Alex is out, we're going to be playing a lot of these classic timeless Alex Jones clips.
Alex Jones was right clips.
Sometimes dating back 20 years.
Sometimes dating back 5 years.
Sometimes dating back a year.
Like this one.
This is the case for Alex Jones.
Here are big names, celebrities, politicos, talking about why we need Alex Jones.
This is from January of this year.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
Dude, he's such a kind man.
He has been so cancelled.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
How much heat have you gotten for being friends with him and having him on the show?
A lot, but I don't pay attention.
I just, I can justify it.
I'll tell you that f***ing guy is right about a lot of s***.
He's a wild entertainer and a brilliant man.
Isn't he fantastic?
And no one is perfect.
I've known Alex for like more than 20 years.
I've hung out with that guy.
We've been hammered together so many times.
That is the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
We love you.
Alex Jones is a journalist and member of the media.
End of story.
Recently, many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
There's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
Why are the most powerful companies in the world suddenly so threatened by an independent radio show host
He runs a media organization.
And so when the January 6th committee subpoenas him, they're basically violating our First Amendment protections.
The Department of Justice says not only is it investigating what happened inside the Capitol, but the conspirators and instigators who may have started this whole thing.
Now the committee's decided to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones.
Yes, journalist.
The House Committee investigating the deadly assault on the U.S.
Capitol is subpoenaing Trump allies Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The committee says he helped organize the rally ahead of the riots.
Alex Jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on January 6th.
Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on January 6th.
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We happen to know this for a fact.
Alex Jones is a journalist the same as Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are.
I was about to say the same thing.
Don't insult Alex that way.
Well, yeah, yeah, Alex Jones never lied us into a war.
Right, right, right.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
And if Jones sat down with Tony Fauci, he would ask him real questions, just as journalists are supposed to do.
He wouldn't just slobber all over him.
Epstein, he was way ahead with that.
He told me about Epstein a decade ago.
Alex detailed all of that.
Alex Jones, Info Wars.
The media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
He's incredibly detailed in his research.
He loves this country.
He is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
Vaccine passports?
That's insane!
That's Alex Jones stuff!
And by the way, just so you know, as proof, if you want to get a job, you'll need your vaccine papers.
You know, it really is quite a phenomenon now that I think that, in a way, we're still adjusting to every day here.
We're in the world that Alex Jones warned us about 20 plus years ago.
We're in it now.
And so now you say how do we get out of it or how do we identify the causes and the individuals that brought us here as you got mass starvation around the planet.
You've got obviously what's going on in America right now with the open border invasion and now the mandatory vaccinations and the inflation and the consumer price index and all of it.
I mean, we're in it now.
So now you have to accept it.
All right, Alex Jones and InfoWars was right.
What are we going to do now?
And we got a midterm election in 19 days, which is how Americans solve these problems, but most Americans don't trust our elections now, and for good reason.
Everybody says they want people to stand up and fight tyranny.
But when you fight tyranny, the New World Order comes after you.
Now, I knew that.
And for 28 years I've been on air exposing these people, and together we've had a great effect.
But listen.
They're coming after us right now.
They're trying to shut us down, but they can't beat the power of we the people, of you and I together.
So please visit InfoWarsTore.com and get incredible game-changing products while at the same time keeping us on air.
We have the biggest sale of the year running right now at InfoWarsTore.com and you get an additional 10% off on the deals that are at least 40% off.
Many are 50% off on VitaMineral Fusion, X3, DNA Force Plus, you name it.
So on top of 50% off,
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis and we have been lecturing through the excellent text from
The Romanian historian Ioan Ratu and the text is of course the Milner Fabian Conspiracy.
This is not any kind of wild tinfoil hat nonsense.
This is a really well documented, hundreds of footnotes, text about the history of the Fabian Society, support from big capital and
The Blue Bloods, the Royal Society, the elites of London, Caesar, excuse me, Cecil Rhodes, Milner, Rothschild, etc.
Setting the model for how the Fabian Society would be constructed as a pseudo-liberal, pseudo-party of the people, right?
And the party they created is actually the Labour Party.
They also control a lot of fake right-wingers as well, so this is not a left-wing, right-wing dialectic.
In fact, Churchill, we were talking about the last time I was on,
When we got to this point in the text, Churchill actually had a lot of influence from these circles and appointed several of his cabinet directly from the Fabian Society.
The Fabian Society would go on to exercise tremendous influence throughout this period, all the way up until the 1990s when we have Tony Blair, Miliband, David Miliband, Ed Miliband, all of these people coming out of this Fabian Society idea of international socialism.
Based around the breaking down of every single family and national firewall and border.
Nationalize everything is what the Fabians said and they said to do this especially when it came to not just the resources and the allocation of social welfare or something like this.
They actually meant nationalizing the family.
Your children are not your own, they're the property.
Of the state was the argument of the Fabians, and so they wanted a total state-mandated education, total state-mandated welfare, even an army educational corps they talked about.
So this brings to mind the kind of militarization that we hear about in communist countries, right?
And, you know, think back to Obama talking about a civilian corps that would be just as strong as the other military organizations.
And that's exactly a Fabian idea, right?
So we have to keep in mind that Fabian socialism is the model.
It is the key to understanding the kind of liberal world order that we're going into, which is not a hardcore Marxist order.
It's not a hardcore free market order.
It is a free market, big monopoly capital order that funds and runs, basically, socialism for the masses.
The people who are the oligarchs, the zillionaires on the top of it, they're exempt from the rules that the masses are put under.
It's a total wealth confiscation, collectivization scam, as we've seen throughout these talks.
Ratsu notes that George Bernard Shaw, this luminary ideologue of the Fabian Socialists, in his book, The Institution of Social Democracy, noted that, all facts considered, the whole of society ought to be under direct state control.
The state itself should be under Fabian Socialist control.
This logically means that total control by the Fabian Society of all areas of society would amount to a true democratic society.
So notice that terms like democracy and these kinds of things, for the people, this is all nonsense.
It's all just slogans.
It doesn't really mean anything other than big state capitalism, which is big state socialism.
That's exactly the Fabian Model.
You could look at something like China,
As an example of big state capitalism that perfectly fits the kind of third-way position or model that people like the Fabians are talking about.
What are some of the other Fabian socialist institutions, right, that have, as we said, spread all over Europe?
United Nations is one of these institutions.
I'm actually going to get in a moment to the institutions that the Fabians actually set up.
One of those key institutions was the Royal Economic Society.
Isn't that fascinating?
So the Royal Society.
All right, a lot of these Royal Societies directly modeled on the Rhodes-Milner Society and Secret Society that Rhodes and Milner set up.
They also set up a plethora of NGOs, think tanks, and foundations.
So this sets the model for how the world is run now in terms of these think tanks, NGOs, and non-governmental, basically, policy bureaus that sit around and make up policy with no connection to the people.
They're unelected bureaucrats, right, sitting in all these think tanks.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Jay's analysis will be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about these think tanks and foundations which are the model for this kind of inner, not totally secret, but a kind of an inner secret government that the people, the masses don't know are running the British Empire at this time.
And that's the model for how the world government in our day is being run by these unelected bureaucrats that are internationalists sitting on
Panels and sitting on think tanks, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral, even things like United Nations, the CDC, all of these kinds of things, right, which takes their marching orders from Rockefeller Foundation, directing CDC, directing these things as we saw in the CUFID crisis.
Fabian's had this idea on the basis of the Milner-Rhodes Roundtable groups to set up
Dozens of these.
They set up the Imperial College of London.
That's a Fabian institution.
They set up the Noel Baxton Trust.
They set up the National Union of Students, the National Institute of Economic Social Research, the London Business School, the Economic Social Research Council, the John Smith Memorial Fund, the Runnymede Trust, the Institute for Public Policy Research, on and on and on.
And what we've noticed from this is that this is really just a kind of
Tax avoidance scheme.
It's all of that.
Yeah, but according to the plan of the Fabians being directed by this real sort of inner secret society, their plan was to fully permeate society.
And they did that.
They achieved full permeation by the 1990s.
Again, doesn't mean that the liberal outer Labour Party, remember in 1984 there's the inner party and the outer party.
Labour Party is the outer party.
There's a fake right wing in the UK as well.
They don't matter.
They're irrelevant.
They are, you know, cuckservatives who don't serve any purpose other than to gradually become more and more liberal.
And they had a lot of influence, as we said, in the Eastern Seaboard elite by recruiting and putting in professors at Harvard, at Princeton, Yale, etc.
And David Rockefeller studied under one of the key Fabians.
I think his name was Hasker, or what was his name?
Lasky, excuse me, Harold Lasky at Harvard, and they recruited one of their top admin and consultant men, Walter Lipman, right?
Lipman Consulting and this kind of stuff.
Lipman was a dedicated, 100% committed Fabian socialist.
They also had John Maynard Keynes as one of their key figures.
Keynesian economics, of course, dominates modern neoliberal theory of economics.
And Keynes would go on to consult and help to establish World Bank and the IMF.
So you can begin to see that this is really the inner core of who set up and established the power structures of the Anglo-American establishment that we're still living under today.
It is the same power structure that Klaus and company are a part of.
If you saw Johnny Vedmore's articles and the research of, say, Whitney Webb, you've noticed that they've uncovered that Klaus and company, you know, go back to really Kissinger and the Harvard Project, Harvard Research Project and the CIA.
And that's no surprise.
That's who we would assume set up these institutions.
And that's because those, that institution, CIA, et cetera, is part of this institution here.
CIA really being set up as kind of the private army of the Rockefellers themselves.
That's their origin, so to speak.
It's the same clique involved in this, and even before the establishment of the CIA or the OSS, you had a private intelligence network known as the Inquiry under Woodrow Wilson, also working for these same people.
The Anglo-American establishment, banking, and royal elite.
For example, the Fabians didn't just stop at these inner sort of ideologues that were part of the academic establishment, they also wanted to recruit people like Gandhi.
You know, Gandhi was a member of the Fabian Society, as well as other members of the elite in India who were brought into believing that they were fighting against capitalist oppression by becoming a Fabian Socialist, itself an institution created and run by some of the wealthiest people out there.
As we said, subversion was key to the Fabian strategy.
Their idea was to create various experimental socialist states.
The early phases of the establishment of the State of Israel were, for example, in the kibbutzes and this kind of stuff.
This was an experiment in socialism.
Even the character of Ingalls himself said that he supported the approach of the Fabians, so he didn't really have a problem with the approach of the Fabians and how they went about this.
The Fabians set up all kinds of other groups, as I mentioned before.
I think the...
They set up the Rainbow Circle, the Coefficients Club.
Subversion was crucial because subversion is the way that you can run a worldwide conspiracy from an inner group using an outer core, an outer cutout that's under the guise of humanitarian and liberal aid and cover.
In today's geopolitical world, you know, we know about the color revolutions and this kind of stuff, and we know that Soros, you know, funded and utilized color revolutions in a lot of other Soviet bloc countries.
He's talked about this publicly.
So, but he wasn't really the one that pioneered that, nor did Gene Sharp and the technology of non-violent revolutionary change.
That was actually pioneered by these people, right?
Setting up these foundations, things, NGOs.
And that's how the world is still run today.
The world is not run by the government officials.
The government officials, they have a degree of power, especially, you know, locally speaking.
But in terms of D.C.
and these kinds of places, they submit to these kinds of people.
They submit to people that have tremendous amounts of wealth.
I mean, who do you think has more power?
Somebody with billions of dollars or a senator that makes $250,000 a year, right?
Now, of course, the senators get, you know, inside deals, so they know about stock trading, so they end up coming out of there with millions of dollars.
But who has more power, a millionaire or a billionaire?
I wonder.
The idea was to create a worldwide Fabian Empire.
In my opinion, I think the British Empire was kind of really just a cutout for this and that they thought that they could create a Fabian Socialist World Empire and run it from behind the scenes.
British Empire didn't succeed in doing that.
And of course, the British Empire collapsed into the Pax Americana.
But it was this same group of elites that ended up bringing America back under
The authority and under the power, the secret rulership of these circles, these people, the same groups.
And so now the idea is America can be dispensed with because the global institutions that the American and Eastern Seaboard and Anglo-American establishment elites set up has now come to fruition.
We now have the paper national settlements.
We now have the United Nations.
If those can achieve enough power, it can shed
The very country that helped to establish it, the United States.
Now, I'm not halting all the people in the United States.
I'm saying that the elites of the United States, the Anglo-American establishment elites, they're the ones that set this up.
They're the ones that are using countries, especially the United States, as the engine of this kind of stuff.
And that's why we've been in such a battle for, you know, control of America in regard to these elites taking over, subverting the country more and more and more every time there's another election.
We find it getting worse and worse and worse.
But now people are starting to wake up.
Now people are realizing, hey, wait a minute, there actually is some kind of inner cabal, like what we see at Davos, who's now uncloaked and openly said, you're going to have a circular economy where you don't owe anything.
Guess who came up with that?
These people, right?
Because the Marxists didn't want there to be an alliance, the hardcore ones.
No alliance with these capitalists.
We got to get the workers to rise up and kill everybody, right?
Seize the means of production.
That didn't happen.
And so they reformed Marxism to align with monopoly capitalism.
This is the key to understanding the whole of the 20th century.
I mean, if you don't understand this, you cannot understand what's happening today.
Because if you're stuck in, for example, the Cold War boomer mindset, and you think that this is a bunch of commies and Marxists in China or in Moscow, that's not the locus of this power, right?
They are moving more and more power, for example, to China, these people, these elites.
But that's not who set up this 20th century, 21st century world order.
It's the wealthiest people on the planet.
They're behind this.
Not a bunch of low-level commies and Marxists in some other country.
Those people couldn't have come to power without these people helping them come to power.
The OSS trained Mao's guerrillas.
Mao was a YALI, Yale in China, student before he came to power.
The only way to understand the 20th century is to understand this and where we are now.
Then you will understand, hey wait a minute, it's the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 that are the real enemies.
That are pushing the soft socialism, the UBI, the social credit score, all of that.
That is this stuff.
That is total control by technocracy.
These people are technocrats.
They become technocrats.
They influence the technocrat.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, we've been going through this text talking about the Fabians and their history and how that's the overriding key ideological component to understanding what's going on with the Great Reset and the emerging global order of technocrats.
And I want to play this clip, which is really just all these people in their own words saying all the things that you've heard me covering the same elite structure saying 100 years ago.
So we're going to see that what they're saying today is exactly identical to what all these
Clowns and goobers were saying a hundred years ago.
Let's go to that clip and I'm going to comment over it as we watch this and you'll be able to hear what they're saying from their own mouths.
You'll own nothing and be happy.
We cannot hide away from human population growth.
Because, you know, it underlies so many of the other problems.
All these things we talk about wouldn't be a problem if there was a population that there was 500 years ago.
At this pivotal moment, I see several priorities for the global agenda.
We must continue to fight against the global pandemic.
We must revitalize the global economy and accelerate its transition to net zero.
The only disruption is the opportunity for us to reset.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
He'll build an opportunity to build something better.
He calls it the Great Reset.
Through my Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Great Reset.
I want to achieve a Great Reset to rewrite Japan's blueprint.
You will finish Wright State during
We're about to see, or it's been announced, that we're about to see a great reset.
I'm hopeful that we're going to have a great reset.
Next year's event titled The Great Reset, the Pandemic Prevention Opportunities.
Next year, vaccine policy is economic policy.
Vaccines are economic policy.
Even a higher priority than the traditional tools of this country.
Because without it, we cannot turn the fate of the world economy around.
So the economy collapsed, you wouldn't get your vaccine.
Public health, as far as I know, because you could have probably had access to millions of dollars, but you did it yourself.
You did it alone, together with your partner, also BioNTech.
Now, I just have said, yes, that you made a major announcement, groundbreaking announcements this morning.
Can you tell us a little bit more?
First of all, thank you for the honor, Chairman, to be here with you.
Today we announced that we will offer all our patent-protected medicines, all vaccines or medicines that currently exist in the US or in Europe,
To the 45 poorest countries of the world it is a population of 1.2 billion people a department memorandum 200 Every year as we discover and bring to the u.s.
Or to the Europe or to the world new medicines automatically those new medicines will be inserted into These countries I think
That is really fulfilling of a dream that we had together with my leadership team when we started in 19.
The first week we met in January of 19, in California, and set up the goals for the next five years.
We all know that still paying sufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack
Which would bring to a complete... Cyber polygon, coming for your food, control the energy, control the food.
It's a controlled demolition.
...society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a social disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
To use the COVID-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons cybersecurity community can draw and improve our preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic.
Get ready for that one.
Now they can control our emotions if we just give in to the metaverse, putting on these stupid, getting brain chips, brain interfaces, all being pushed by World Economic Forum.
They can cure our depression, they say, in this next video.
AI will be connecting us to the global brain, the World Economic Forum says.
It will read your thoughts, they're saying.
We won't have to use a mouse.
Brain chips will read your thoughts directly.
Neurotech, nanotech is what we're talking about here.
Remember Klaus said we will be inside you, we'll be inside your body, we'll change your DNA from within.
That's what the video is discussing now.
Again, these are all World Economic Forum clips and videos directly from them.
What humanity basically learned to produce was all kinds of stuff like textiles and shoes and weapons and vehicles.
And this was enough for very few countries that underwent the revolution fast enough to subjugate everybody else.
What we're talking about now is like a second industrial revolution, but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons.
The product this time will be humans themselves.
We're basically learning to produce bodies and minds.
So he's talking about cloning.
Creating synthoid and fake people.
I'm not joking, this is what he's saying.
Once you know how to produce bodies and brains and minds, so cheap labor in Africa or South Asia or wherever, it simply counts for nothing.
Again, I think that the biggest question, maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades, will be what to do with all these useless people.
I don't think we have an economic... Useless eaters.
Remember, did you notice that?
Terminology of David Attenborough.
Useless eaters.
What should we do with useless clothes?
He literally said we're gonna create people on an assembly line.
It's a combination of drugs and computer games.
In New York on September 11th.
The key difference with the CVDC is...
He's just saying he's going to shut down all your monetary transactions if they want to.
That dude looks like, if Bitcoin does a 3x, that dude's chin did a 100x right there.
What will our diets look like in 2030?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Jay Dyer of Days in Analysis.
We were just talking about all of the clips and audio messages from the global elite to all of us subs, all the peons and how they were saying openly the very same things they were saying they were going to do 100 years ago.
So here we are.
They're saying what they said they would do, and they're doing what they said they would do.
And the Fabians set up, back in the day, their own Fabian International Bureau, and they had a three-point platform.
They made it very simple in their three-point platform.
They said, the existing institutions in the world, in order to achieve general world peace, must all disarm.
All the nation states, disarmament needs to happen.
This disarmament will only happen when there is an advanced form of global government.
So global government will have to be in place to disarm everybody so that we can have peace and the way that we get to the global government is by a lot of wars and by the strengthening of the United Nations.
That's their three-point platform that they stated even back in I think the 1960s is when they made this statement in 1963.
Yes, correct.
Collapses, more, I mean, I don't know for certain there's going to be another World War.
It could happen now, we don't know.
Or it might just come about through economic collapses, who knows?
But the point is that they're arguing that no nations, nobody should have arms, nobody should have guns, nobody should have armies, except for the global elite.
I mean, who can't see this is a scam, right?
They even say we're going to have to use a lot of psychological warfare.
Over a long, protracted amount of time to bring this about.
That's exactly where we are now.
They were saying in the 1960s they would use heavy psychological warfare, even to the point of a fake right-wing party, Braccio notes on page 101, to eventually bring about this new age, the new Aeon, the Great Reset, the New World Order.
Here are some of the societies that were set up that you should take note of.
I might have mentioned this the last time I was on, I don't remember, but remember this because this gives you an idea of what we're talking about, how influential this group was.
The Royal Institute for International Affairs.
The League of Nations.
The United Nations.
International Labor.
The Court of International Justice or the World Court.
The League for Industrial Democracy.
The Council on Foreign Relations.
The CFR.
The British Commonwealth.
Christian Socialist League.
The Federal Union.
The Fabian International Bureau, which is who I just mentioned had a three-point platform.
The World Bank.
The International Monetary Fund.
The World Council of Churches.
The Aspen Institute.
The Socialist International.
The Bilderberg Group.
The Trilateral Commission.
The One World Trust.
The European Union.
Have you heard of any of these?
Does this sound familiar?
Does this sound like a group that maybe has some influence and power?
Or is this all just far-flung conspiracy theories?
What do you think about this?
Doesn't it seem odd to you that these people were saying a hundred years ago they would bring about a situation where there would be a circular economy and you would own nothing?
The next point that Fabian stressed so heavily was that we've got to get rid of politicians because politicians are one of the key issues that stand in the way of management by experts.
Who else believes in management by experts?
That's a key platform of technocracy is to install government by experts.
The Fabian Institution, known as the London School of Economics, really pioneered and pushed this notion of management by experts.
I've got a bit of a cold today, so I apologize if I have to cough and clear my throat.
And no, it's not the CUFID.
I don't have the CUFID.
I just have a normal cold.
That does still exist.
I don't know if people know this, but there's still such a thing as the cold in these, you know, the classics, right?
The classics of sickness and illness.
Not everything is COVID, but people still, I talk to people,
Uh, you know, in the streets, family members and everything is COVID now.
There's no other illnesses but COVID.
Well, I'm pretty sure I just have a cold.
You know, maybe I got the AIDS.
But the Fabian said that we got to have management by experts, get rid of politics, get rid of voting, all of that stuff.
I don't know.
And so I think a lot of what's going on today, as we've said before, as the lockstep document talks about, is actually geared towards weakening everyone's faith in the institutions that exist, right, including
Voting, including democracy.
I'm not saying that those things don't have problems, but they definitely want to weaken everybody's belief in the existing institutions not to help anybody, and they highlight the actual problems that do exist, but that's only to push their solutions that are pre-packaged.
Remember that was in the lockstep document.
Everybody will clamor and cry out, the corrupt officials of the CDC, right?
That's in the SPARS document, right?
Oh, we have the solution for you.
Global government.
Government by AI.
Government by computer.
Government by Zuckerberg.
The new man.
And yes, the Fabians, you got it.
They believed in transhumanism.
They believed in government by computer.
And they believed in eugenics, and particularly dysgenics, and mass depopulation.
All the Fabians 100% accepted the belief that the Earth was way overpopulated and the best way to get rid of this problem was to get rid of most of the people, especially the European and American stock.
So they explicitly, according to George Bernard Shaw, were the first and most necessary to be depopulated.
And this is why we find out that actually a lot of the Fabians adopted a pro-Islamic view.
Now they didn't really believe Islam, but they thought that Islam would be a great way to open up borders and bring in Islam to completely change Europe.
This was explicitly a plan of each one of the Fabians.
Including Bertrand Russell, including H.G.
Wells, including George Bernard Shaw, and Annie Besant, the famous New Age Theosophist Fabian spy.
I'm pretty sure Bailey, Blavatsky, and Besant were all spies to some degree.
But this began in the UK.
Everybody knows that England is now London.
London is Londonistan basically now.
How did that come about?
Well, it came about actually through Fabians.
The Fabians did this via
Setting up certain, I guess we call them think tanks, that were dedicated in the 1940s and 50s to Sufism.
Sufism is of course mystical Islam.
A lot of mainline Sunnis and people like that, they don't really consider authentic Islam.
I'm not really debating what the authentic Islam is, but it had a lot of connections with the Theosophists, with Gurdjieff, Gurdjieff's fourth way.
And had a lot of connection, the Sufi stuff did with Freemasonry and other groups that were popular in London and throughout the UK in the 1940s and 50s.
And so this character named Idris Shah, who was a famous Sufi, was able to kind of set up a lot of
Groups, reading groups and whatnot, including groups at Oxford, Cambridge that were able to get a lot of people into and convert a lot of people to Islam through Sufism.
And this even includes people as high up as Prince Charles.
Now, Prince Charles has had at different times that he's every religion, so I wouldn't put too much stock in that.
But he did at one point, I think back in the 80s, give credence to and say that he was very enamored with Sufi Islam.
And that's because of this Idris Shah character and his
It was called the ICR, Institute for Cultural Research, which was a promotional engine for promoting Sufism.
Now, eventually, Sufism opened the door to other forms of Islam, and that's why, nowadays, the Islamicization of Europe and the UK is something spearheaded by these people.
It was the Fabians, I'm saying, that were explicitly 100% behind that.
And they had a lot of influence as well at the Sufis at LSE.
This also explains why a lot of Western intelligence groups have been able to utilize Sufi networks in other countries as well for drug running.
One is School of Economics.
This relies on another form of ecumenism, right?
So you can begin to see how the ecumenists, who are also part of this Fabian New Age New World Order plan, they found a lot of commonality with Sufis.
And that's how, again, we had such a conversion of Sufism.
Excuse me of the UK away from Anglicanism over to Sufism and Islam.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were discussing the usage of Islam by the Fabian Society and the elites of the UK for cultural and social engineering by design to transform not just the UK but also Europe as a whole.
And they noted that the key British institutions
Could all be changed and revolutionized through this importation of a foreign religious ideology by design.
Now again, remember that the Fabians themselves didn't believe in Islam.
They didn't care about it.
In fact, they said explicitly we could co-opt the figure of Muhammad to be a revolutionary socialist figure to bring in Fabian socialism.
Now, I'm not interested in debating that right now.
I mean, that's kind of ridiculous.
You can see that from their vantage point, religion is a tool.
It has nothing to do with what they think is true or false.
It's rather that a lot of these Fabians, such as Lord Haldane and others, noted that if they set up
Specific kinds of courses, seminars, workshops, lectures, and other events that promoted advanced thinking and how the EU should be more open to Islam, then pro-Islamic outfits could eventually come to the fore, such as the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, etc.
Through the acceptance of vast sums of money from various Islamic regimes, the entire existing culture of the UK and Europe could be transformed
This is on the cessation process.
This has actually been noted by a lot of geopolitical analysts and historians, not just by Ratsu, but also about the or discusses how the 1973 Arab oil embargo was actually a key event in this transformation of Europe.
And they even wanted a clash of civilizations model on purpose.
The purpose of the class of civilizations model from Samuel Huntington, for example, that the Fabians wanted the Stoke to hype up.
Was to portray and focus on Christianity as evil and as reactionary.
So even though that's not actually the case, because when it comes to something like the Church of England or Anglicanism, I mean, that's pretty much completely a co-opted institution for the global elites.
The ghostly remnants of what exists in Europe and in the UK as Christianity, even that had to be tossed out.
And so, for example, from 1997 to 2010, the complete Islamicization of Europe and the UK was pretty much completed.
And they did this through entities like the Labour Party, which was a big promoter of this.
In 1998, under Tony Blair, for example, MI6 was instructed to train and arm the Islamic Kosovo Liberation Army.
In collaboration with Bill Clinton and the CIA, select Al-Qaeda operatives were armed in an insurrection against Orthodox Christianity in Serbia to provide a pretext for this military intervention.
In the following year, Serbia was bombed by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana himself, who is a Fabian, and the architect then of the European-Euro-Mediterranean partnership,
The Barcelona process was responsible then for the Islamicization of the rest of Europe.
This is actually the KLA, which is this fake created group by the CIA, which mixes Islam and communism, Al Qaeda and communism.
That was actually a key instrumental operation to helping this process that we're discussing here about the Islamicization of Europe.
And it was spearheaded by British intelligence, by the CIA, by Clinton, who was taught the third way process under Dr. Coe Quigley, together with the Fabian socialist third way promoter, Tony Blair.
And third way is just another word for what I'm talking about, the Fabian model of combining monopoly capitalism with socialism or Fabian socialism.
This is what resulted then in Londonistan or the conversion of the UK and London to more or less a
Controlled operation where even Rossi himself was a perceptive enough to note that the connection between MI6 and the 7-7 bombing is pretty apparent.
The people involved in the 7-7 event just happened to be publicly were known to be MI6 assets.
He notes that the evidence shows that the systemic partnership
We're good to go.
There is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam.
This is right before 9-11.
It is deeply reflective, peaceful.
It is a beautiful religion.
I think that it would be helpful if people from other religions knew more about Islam.
In 2001, weeks before the 9-11 event, Blair said that links between Muslims and the rest of Europe should be deepened.
So, this again, you'll notice, is not accidental.
They know what this religion is all about, what it does.
And the key to understanding why they support this is because there is a larger plan for global government.
Once you understand that, all of this makes perfect sense.
Even into the 2000s, Tony Blair, even after the Big Nine event, consistently praised the Quran and Islamic imperialism as a progressive socialist type of movement.
The only reason that they say this, again, is because Fabian socialists believe that you can utilize any of these religions for the purpose of global government.
That's it.
That's the only purpose, the only reason they care about it.
And the changing of the demographics, right, which is what's going on in Europe and the UK, it's the same model here.
And they do that, they clash together the societies on purpose, and they have the open borders on purpose,
So that there will be problems, so there will be a collapse, so that then they can come in and say, we have the solution.
The solution is technocratic global government.
The solution is to create a social credit score system, which allows a score, which follows you, tracks you, does everything that you do.
You just heard the Bank for International Settlements, which is the central bank of central banks, that triple chin dude, right?
He was saying that
What we're going to put in place is an electronic version of cryptocurrency, which isn't Bitcoin.
It's some other kind of centralized thing they're going to pick.
And he says, we're going to shut that down if we don't like you.
If you say no, no words, naughty words, you say bad things.
And who decides what that is?
Well, you can already imagine the same people that have been already shutting everybody down and banning everybody.
That's who we're talking about here.
But you have to understand that this is the
The ideological game plan that they're using, it is this Fabian socialist model and it's not something new, it's an old model that goes back a long time.
That's why David Rockefeller, for example, in the 1970s, the late 70s, 78, 79, wrote New York Times editorials where he said that he thought that Mao's social experiment in China was a great thing.
He loved it, he praised it.
And why is that?
Well, if you know, in terms of his memoirs, he goes on to talk about how after the communists took over, after China became a communist country, he was able to come in and have Chase Bank as the only bank.
So that was by design.
So do you see that this is a trick?
It's a scam, right?
You convince everybody, you have chaos, controlled chaos, arc of crisis, chaos, the Brzezinski model.
The chaos causes people to cry out for a solution, and you come with the solution.
Problem, reaction, solution.
The same people that are behind the problems are the ones offering the solution, and that's by design, to get society to socially engineer, to move in the direction that they want.
And all of this, the last century, where we're going right now, all of it, the two world wars, the cold war, the war on terror, now the new war on viruses, the war on health,
Which is basically just the toxification or the perception that human beings are the toxins.
That's the whole purpose of the COVID stuff, to move us into automation, to move us into AI governance.
That's the next phase.
This is all by design.
It's not a conspiracy theory when the people behind it openly say what their plan is.
That's not a conspiracy theory, right?
If Jeffrey Dahmer was writing letters to the police saying what he was going to do and the police read the letters, that doesn't make the policemen conspiracy theorists.
It makes them detectives, policemen, investigators doing their job.
Likewise, if the people who have the majority of the power on the planet openly write dozens and dozens of books, which I have lectured through for the last six years, dozens of them, from their own words, that's not a conspiracy theory.
That is collusion, espionage, and basically being traitors.
Those people are just traitors, right?
Because they're working to subvert the existing society to bring in what they are convinced is a post-human era.
And that's where this is all going, and all the Fabian socialists were all into transhumanism, post-humanism, they all wanted to kill everybody, they're all psychos!
Can't let psychos run your life and your government.
We have to say no to this.
So we have to stand up.
Get off the grid.
Stop using their corporate system, their Fortune 100.
Get gold.
Get Bitcoin.
Get silver, right?
Get some land.
Get into church.
This is the Alex Jones Show!
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means
Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN, based on the communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue, that they can then dictate to you, through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout, but with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it.
And at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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