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Name: 20221018_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 18, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics including vaccine mandates for children, attacks on free speech, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and more. He highlights how the CDC is expanding COVID-19 vaccines to include children ages 5 through 11, which he sees as a move to provide liability protection for vaccine manufacturers under the PrEP Act and the CARES Act. Jones also mentions that Peter Strzok, former FBI official involved in attempting to overturn the 2016 election, has made remarks minimizing the impact of the September 11 attacks. He talks about the ongoing efforts to censor speech and sterilize children by manipulating their gender identities. Furthermore, Jones discusses the

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There's criminal investigations in the EU.
They had to fire three boards at the FDA and the CDC to be able to even get this done, the booster shots, the rest of it.
And then they double down and say, we're going to go into the public schools, other schools, and most of the private schools roll over and say, yes, we're going to put all these things into the children.
And if they survive that, well, they're coming for their testicles and breasts.
When the government, schools, and other schools form a relationship with your child, have them, as we show the San Francisco School District documents that are the same nationwide, where they secretly form a relationship with your five, six, seven-year-old, teach them they're really in other sex, put them in a file, and then the school basically comes in and takes away parental rights.
Now they're introducing legislation across the country to criminalize parents who try to stop it.
That's coming up.
I mean, the evil
meter here is is so off the chart it's just unspeakable and the average person just can't believe this is happening but it really is.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
So they're never going to market a vaccine, allow people access to a vaccine, an approved vaccine,
Without getting liability protection.
Now the emergency use authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PrEP Act and the CARES Act.
So as long as you take an emergency use, you can't sue them.
Once they get approved, now you can sue them.
They can get it recommended for children.
Because all vaccines that are officially recommended for children get liability protection, even if an adult gets that vaccine.
That's why they're going after kids.
They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children, but they need to do it for the liability protection.
But of course they want to kill children, that's why they did it in the beginning and why they put liability protection in.
But yes, here it is from the CDC's own globalist website, cdc.gov, the captured federal government at war with the American people.
CDC expands updated COVID-19 vaccines to include children ages 5 through 11.
So this is the big issue.
This is the giant 50-foot vampire in the living room.
And I've got so much news to deal with that issue today.
Also, the next phase of the war on speech we warned you of is here.
We'll be laying that out.
The next target is, of course, Kanye West.
George Floyd's family threatens to sue Kanye for telling the truth about his death.
Whether it's right or wrong, the coroner said it was probably fentanyl, not the knee on the head.
The Democrat Party lawyers said that they're going to use the Alex Jones exception and take him out next with a rigged case and a rigged jury after Kanye's defaulted.
It doesn't matter.
So he can't defend himself.
So that's how they roll.
I tell you, this is such a disgraceful statement by the disgraced former FBI official who tried to overturn the 2016 election with fraud.
We even have his text messages where he said, I'll never allow Trump to become president.
Once it happened, he said, now we're going to remove him.
We're going to stop him with the fake dossier and all the rest of it.
Peter Strzok.
Has now gone on national television and said something even worse than what Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said on January 6th.
Remember, they said this is the worst attack in U.S.
history, worse than 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.
Now, 9-11, he says, doesn't even compare.
Here it is.
You look at something that is an attack on democracy, something that could actually bring about a fundamental change to American governance as we understand it, 9-11 is nothing compared to January 6th.
And the fact that the FBI and the rest of the government, if they are not on the same sort of war footing that we were on in the weeks and months and years after 9-11, shame on everyone.
So this is a guy that not only
Help run the Russia hoax to overturn an election and an impeachment in the whole nine yards.
So he is what he says we're doing.
He says that 9-11 doesn't even compare.
3,000 dead people.
Firemen and police dying en masse.
People jumping off the top of the burning building and collapsing.
3,000 dead, hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the world economy, absolute tens of thousands dying later from the poison dust.
That is nothing.
The gaslighting of these people is just incredible.
So I'm bad for saying maybe Sandy Hook didn't happen years ago.
They said, oh, you belittled the deaths, not happening.
You owe a billion dollars.
But he says the deaths happened, but they're nothing.
Well, under the Hurt Feelings Rule, Peter Strzok owes the families of 9-11 victims quadrillions.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, October 18th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be here live for the next four hours for the most censored, attacked, demonized program in the world because we're pro-family, pro-America, pro-God, pro-justice, pro-self-defense, pro-capitalism, pro-humanity.
And I am honored to be the most hated, probably the most hated person in the world by the pedophiles, by the Satanists, by the globalists.
Yes, they think they're the bringer of death against humanity and their great new population.
But the trap that the New World Order has laid for us will be the pit in which they are buried in the ash heap of history.
It is not Satan that is the bringer of death, it is God that controls life and death, creation and destruction.
It is
Azrael, the angel of death that delivers death under the orders of God.
Azrael works for God, not Satan.
All right, thank you for joining us.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
Boy, there's a lot.
As the new order pretends that they control life and death and commit mass murder, that they'll be punished for greatly, CDC is quietly slipping it in.
To go after newborn babies with poison injections, not just six-month-olds and up, and to make it mandatory in public schools under federal regulations to inject five-year-olds and up with the experimental death shot.
No other country on earth is doing this.
Everybody else is banning the shots.
Hell, a year ago, European countries started banning it.
As of a month ago, more than half of them have banned it.
But they're just moving forward, attacking us, ladies and gentlemen.
And the media spends it, the corporate enemy of America.
As if it's a good thing.
They're now available to you.
Now the school's going to say it's on the list of mandatory.
But that's a fraud too under law.
It's not really mandatory.
They're just saying that it's what they want you to take.
The waivers are not to get around a law.
They just trick you into signing the waivers.
Come out of Babylon, my friends.
We're going to hit the massive new developments with the situation in Ukraine as we sleepwalk into World War III.
It's posted on the front page of InfoWars.com.
We've written an article about it.
It broke here yesterday.
Francis Boyle, who's introduced legislation that's become impeachments before.
Big time law professor has written Biden impeachment bill and it's circulating on Capitol Hill in response to a World War III threat.
I hope everybody goes to Infowars.com and gets the article that has a link and a copy of the impeachment legislation.
And we'll play a clip of Tulsi Gabbard's coming up next segment.
We already played it on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, but it's important.
Of course, he says the Democrats are a power cult of warmongers.
And that is absolutely what they are.
They are a cult.
And if you like living, and you don't like dying, and if you like being successful and having a future, you need to battle with every ounce of your energy and time to stop these monsters.
We have the economy news that is insane.
We're going to be laying out as well the attacks.
On free speech, we have the latest move by the deep state psychos to sterilize children.
Virginia Democrat wants to criminalize parents who misgender their children.
So the school tricks your six-year-old to think they're really a boy or a girl when they're a girl or a boy.
They trick them to think they're another gender.
They create that mark in their record, begin special propaganda and brainwashing for them, the removing of your parental rights and control.
Using the rebellion your child will have later as a teenager to be sterilized because mommy said it wasn't their right to do it, it was a bad idea, or daddy did.
She wants you locked up if you get between them and the pedophilic, sicko government that wants to rape your children's bodies to the point of massive mutilation.
So these Satanists are in overdrive right now.
We've got a lot of big election news as well and so much more.
So when I hit this story,
It's not our top story.
But more and more, I want to start the show, or soon into the broadcast, early in, to just give an example of gaslighting every day.
Yesterday, it was the Kenosha killer saying he's not the Kenosha killer and doesn't know who that person is.
Daryl Brooks doesn't exist.
And Biden's saying we've got one hell of an economy right now, you know, best ever.
I wanted to hit this first today.
It's extremely illustrative, and we'll play the full clip now.
I already played a little short clip at the very start.
Disgraced former FBI official declares 9-1-1 is nothing compared to January 6th.
That is a quote.
Let me just read that slowly to let it sink in a little bit.
Because I got up this morning at 5 a.m., and this has just been updated at InfoWars, and I said, I've got to watch the clip.
And I went and sure as hell, Steve Watson doesn't exaggerate, he actually said, word for word, let me read it slowly, 9-1-1 is nothing compared to January 6th.
9-1-1 is nothing compared
To January 6th.
9-1-1 killed at least 3,000 people that day.
It's estimated, last time I checked, that more than 10,000 people died early, including police dogs, died within a year.
But within just the first few years, 10,000 plus people from the deadly inhalation of the powdered glass and concrete and toxins, computer parts, you name it.
So, conservatively, 13,000 people have died.
And it hit the world economy for probably trillions.
No one can estimate that.
We saw Chuckie Schumer say this is worse than 9-11 and as bad as Pearl Harbor.
We've read the quotes many times.
You know he said that.
I'm not going to bore you with his horrible voice.
But now Peter Strzok has to go on further and say that it's nothing.
It's nothing!
Compared to a million people showing up in DC peacefully and a bunch of federal provocateurs and others manipulating a few hundred to break through the small police line and go in and poop on Pelosi's walls.
Oh, and drink her beer.
And then the cops killed four citizens.
So four citizens got killed.
A few hundred broke in.
A few thousand got waved in.
I tried to stop them.
I got there an hour into it.
And that is the worst attack in U.S.
Not World War I. Not World War I. We're going to go to break and come back and play it.
Not World War I. Not World War II.
Millions dead.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is the worst attack ever.
This is an attack on our institutions and our government.
Directed by these very same people.
And let's just add the gravy to this.
This is the guy, and we have his text messages, we'll remind you with them, we'll show you to your next segment.
This is the guy.
He's talking to his girlfriend, the other FBI agent, and she says, he's going to win.
He goes, never.
We'll stop him with the Russia hoax.
And then later he wins.
Doesn't matter.
We'll still stop him.
Remember, this is Mr. Insurance Policy.
So he's actually tried to overturn an elected president with fraud.
That he says is the most evil thing you can do.
And I think it is bad.
It is an attempt at a coup d'etat.
It is one of the worst things you can do.
Because then they put a tyranny in over you.
But they have done it.
They stole the election two years ago.
And now they want to outlaw people questioning that.
They're already censoring people.
Credit the compilation, too, of all his demonic faces he made in Congress.
I want to show that when we come back.
We're going to play the clip.
But the host is calling it the worst thing in U.S.
And then, all breathlessly, he goes on and says, yes, it's true.
It's the worst thing ever.
But, of course, the polls show nobody's buying it, and it's been a giant flop for these gaslighting frauds.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It is the vaunted, feared Alex Jones Show.
But the real power of this broadcast is you, the viewer and listener.
That's who the enemy hates.
That's why they want to take us off the air so this focal point of resistance they believe can be dissipated.
But let me give our enemies a clue.
We've already damaged them irrevocably.
Everything else we do against them with this platform is only gravy.
Now, let's talk about a real piece of trash.
Peter Schrock is the archetypal example.
Let's put some of the sickening B-roll of him up in Congress and the weird satanic faces he was making.
Of everything we face in the permanent bureaucracy in Deep State.
You know, the type of guys that were like Eddie Haskell in high school that wanted to be the class president but would rip you off anytime they could.
They believe if they can just get into the FBI and the Justice Department, they can be above the law and commit any crimes they want.
He is caught red-handed trying to remove a duly elected president.
Then he turns around and accuses a million people that come to D.C.
of being terrorists
And in this clip at the end says, this needs to be a mobilization like the War on Terror and 9-11 to stop these people.
So he declares authoritarian war just like Joe Biden did a month and a half ago at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.
With the blood red speech.
So he declares war on America, says we need to have the entire deep state come down against the American people, and the CIA and the FBI tag team us, and 9-11's nothing compared to somebody drinking Pelosi's beer and pooping on the walls, and a guy in a buffalo outfit running around yelling and saying yes sir and yes ma'am to the police, and then the cops kill four people.
With Ray Epps now in Pelosi's daughter's documentary leading everybody in and climbing the scaffolding and saying invade.
Now we have footage of him ramming the police with barricades and they call him a wonderful person in the New York Times.
These people are so obvious.
So they try to overturn the election criminally, try to have multiple impeachments.
Peter Strzok's involved in all of it.
He's disgraced.
And it's emblematic that he then gets up on television.
This is part of the course, but it's Peter Strzok.
And says we need to have a war on terror on Trump supporters, which just means populist Americans that have their heads screwed on straight because the numbers are coming in.
I saw it's got some polls here.
A 30 point swing in women, 18 to 64 working age women.
That means white, black, Hispanic, Asian.
Women see the crime.
They see the depression.
They see the insanity.
They see Biden groping everybody.
They see Hunter Biden.
They see the open borders.
And what do they do?
What do they do?
They go and they say, I'm going to vote Republican.
Not that that's perfect, but that's the insurrection to at least take over one of the parties that we're doing politically lawfully.
That's why they're in panic.
That's why they're saying outlaws.
That's why they bet everything on January 6th.
But the national polls are out.
Less than 6% of Americans in multiple polls.
It's like 4, 5, 3, 2.
I mean, I saw one poll, 6%.
So the highest poll, where they ask a bunch of questions.
What do you think is most important?
The economy?
War in Ukraine?
And then they'll put in there, January 6th.
And less than 10% think that's a big issue.
And that's total leftist cult members, the ones that run Twitter.
So here they are trying to make it the front and center to launch these attacks and nobody's buying into it.
They want to distract with the economy imploding, distract with all this, and the crew looking just found another national poll.
Ooh, 7% think January 6th is the most important.
Up at the top, price increases, inflation, economy and jobs, immigration, crime and drugs, women's rights, healthcare, guns, environment, climate change, national debt, federal budget deficits, terrorism, national security, corruption, school safety, coronavirus, taxes, voting rights, income equality, inequality, criminal justice, the courts, prison, education, then January 6th.
So here's Peter Strzok in a loaded minute and a half with the reporter reading the script that the most important date in American history isn't George Washington finally turning the tide at Trenton, New Jersey.
It isn't Valley Forge.
It isn't the defeat of Hitler.
It isn't the invention of the light bulb.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is someone drinking Pelosi's beer and pooping on the wall.
Here it is.
You know, that Mueller ethos emanated, I'm sure, from his own personal code, but also post 9-11, and I worked in the administration in which he served as FBI director, and what he sort of gave birth to in the lexicon was the FBI would never again, first of all, fail to sync up with the CIA, and all sorts of artificial and real walls were torn down, and they would never again fail to connect the dots.
I've not heard one utterance of connecting the dots from Christopher Wray in the days after the deadliest attack on the U.S.
In our, you know, in history.
Nicole, I think that's right.
And I think if you look at the scale in terms of the threat to democracy, I mean, 9-11 was a tragedy.
We lost thousands of lives in a horrific way.
We still mourn to this day.
But when you look at something that is an attack on democracy, something that could actually bring about a fundamental change to American governance as we understand it, 9-11 is nothing compared to January 6th.
And the fact that the FBI and the rest of the government, if they are not on the same sort of war footing that we were on,
In the weeks and months and years after 9-11?
Shame on everyone.
Shame on everyone.
If we're not on a war footing against anybody that doesn't support the Democratic Party, what does Tulsi Gabbard's column?
We have the clip.
Let's play it.
She calls them a power cult of warmongers.
And that's what it is.
Here it is.
I can no longer remain in today's Democratic Party that's under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking anti-white racism.
Who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution.
Who are hostile to people of faith and spirituality.
Who demonize the police but protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans.
Who believe in open borders.
Who weaponize the national security state to go after their political opponents.
And above all, who are dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.
No, I believe in a government that's of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Unfortunately, today's Democratic Party does not.
Instead, it stands for a government that is of, by, and for the powerful elite.
I'm calling on my fellow common-sense, independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party.
If you can no longer stomach the direction that the so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, then I invite you to join me.
I'm here to tell you folks that a DeSantis-Gabbard ticket would be unbeatable.
And she's for real, folks.
She's not perfect.
People say, oh, well, she went to the Davos thing.
I mean, Trump's been to that.
They all do.
But she's been fully against that now.
And she is getting women big time to vote Republican.
She's good, folks.
She's awesome.
She's got a soul.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow, we are going to have on the broadcast the directors and filmmakers for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's new film that I'm told is just stunningly powerful.
And that is the real Anthony Fauci film, not just the best-selling book, but the film that'll reach even more people than the millions sold of the book.
I wanted to finish up here with Peter Strzok.
Here's Peter Strzok, the guy that says 9-11 was, quote, nothing compared to January 6th, the American people are terrorists, and there should be a war against all conservatives using the CIA and FBI.
We just played the clip.
You've already seen Biden announce that, but I thought I would just show you some of his famous text messages.
Unelected bureaucrat in permanent Washington who tried to influence an election, tried to overturn it, has some thoughts about democracy.
Lisa Page.
Trump's not ever going to become president, right?
No, no, he's not.
Peter Strzok.
We'll stop it.
That was during it creating the fake dossier and then after trying to stop it.
So he gets up there and says the number one most dangerous thing you can do is question an election or drink Pelosi's beer or poop on the wall.
That is the worst attack in US history.
Meanwhile, he actually did behind a powerful federal agency running a program against Trump exactly what he's accused all of us collectively of doing and he's arrogantly walking around outside a jail cell.
And that's why we're in so much trouble.
Now, I want to get into the really big news here.
The real crimes of these people that if we don't stop them, it's on us.
CDC expands updated COVID-19 vaccine to include children ages 5 through 11.
The CDC is now making it recommended, which then gives liability protection to Pfizer, Moderna, and the other criminal organizations that gave us this poison gene therapy that's killed millions of people worldwide.
That's all come out.
That gives a lot of protection.
Now, once the schools make it a quote listed recommended vaccine, they lie and say it's mandatory.
It's not.
So no other countries giving it to children.
Other countries have suspended it for everybody.
There's criminal investigations in the EU.
They had to fire three boards at the FDA.
And the CDC to be able to even get this done, the booster shots, the rest of it.
And then they double down and say, we're going to go into the public schools, other schools, and most of the private schools roll over and say, yes, we're going to put all these things into the children.
And if they survive that, well, they're coming for their testicles and breasts.
When the government, schools, and other schools form a relationship with your child, have them, as we show the San Francisco School District documents that are the same nationwide, where they secretly form a relationship with your five, six, seven-year-old, teach them they're really in other sex, put them in a file, and then the school basically comes in and takes away parental rights.
Now they're introducing legislation across the country to criminalize parents who try to stop it.
That's coming up.
I mean, the evil
We're good to go.
So I don't think that it should be controversial, but I think that
Viewers have to realize that the most corrupt, the greediest people in this country have taken over the government.
They're trying to control your ability to see what's going on.
And this has to be stopped.
People have to watch this movie and understand how this country is run.
You had a vision for this when we first talked about the book and Bobby, you had a vision for this becoming a film.
How did you guys, how did you get Jeff and how did you get it done so quickly?
Because as a filmmaker myself, given the complexity of the topic, it's kind of stunning to me that you guys are finished already at the quality level of the film I've seen, which is absolutely brilliant.
How did you envision this and how did you get it going so quickly?
Well, so, you know, we were desperate to get this movie made because we felt that
You know, it's a big, complicated book and, you know, I think that there are tens of millions of people in this country who want to hear this story.
Some of them were prevented from doing it because there was a censorship campaign that was waged against this book that's unprecedented in U.S.
That on every level, it was censored.
But even people who wanted to read it, in some cases, just couldn't do it.
It was just too big a mountain to climb.
And this is a long, complicated, incredibly exciting, but also shocking book.
But I think that, you know, this is the most important movie of the year and we wanted it to come out quickly while it was still so relevant to decisions people make and to politics in this country.
So we, you know, had a couple of different people who wanted to make it and we heard a presentation from Jeff and he just seemed like the perfect person who was going to get it done, work day and night, and that's what he's done.
Tony Lyons.
Correct me if I'm wrong, with all the damning evidence, and his interview on War Room blew up.
He's calling guys murderers.
You never got sued.
So what is it in the book that Jeff Hayes made a film of that would have every distribution platform shut down to you, sir?
Because this book is saying that the most powerful health official in this country, the person who was essentially running the country during the pandemic,
is absolutely corrupt, is working for the pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health.
And that he's been doing that now for two and a half years, that hundreds of thousands of people have died unnecessarily, and that it's the point now where we need truth and reconciliation.
We need tens of millions of people to watch this movie, to share this movie, to get a hold of it in any way they can.
In order to begin to understand what's happened, to be sure that it never happens again in this country, or hopefully anywhere.
Absolutely, and we're going to have the folks on tomorrow that made the film, we're probably going to have Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
on soon, but I'm not being paid to promote this film, though I'm going to try to get DVDs of it, even though DVDs are old school, they can't censor that, like digital stuff.
I am going to try to get involved, and obviously we sold the early Anthony Fauci book as well, at InfoWars.com, but I'm just promoting this because the book
But a major hole in the Globalist.
Joe Rogan coming out against him was also huge.
Obviously all of our work got that event horizon to the point of no return.
So we were the ground troops that established the beachhead.
It's not about who gets the credit, I'm just laying out how we won.
This audience, the beachhead, and then Rogan, JFK Jr.
Or RFK Jr.
We got that done.
All of that.
And now a film will be 10 times bigger.
And we're gonna arrest these people.
They're gonna go to prison.
They're gonna pay for what they've done.
So that's why this is show incredibly critical.
And speaking of Fauci, we're gonna come back from break with him now.
All over the news saying he never was for lockdowns.
He was never for social distancing.
He was never for any of this.
And I just searched Anthony Fauci calls for schools to stay closed and found all these videos and all these articles, but I don't need to even play those.
You remember it.
You remember it.
So he's just a total monster and they count on you and I.
And all of us not having a memory.
And then I've got the clip I mentioned that we're going to be getting back into and the news articles where they're coming for the children forcibly now.
And for me, this is a line in the sand.
I'm trying to fix this peacefully.
I'm not going to offensively go out and attack anybody like they are us.
But they try to come take your kid and give him all these shots, or somebody does it without parole consent, which they're doing all over the world, not just here.
Well, it's an act of violence.
It's an act of rape with a biological system that implants them with a system that basically causes AIDS.
They want to inject your children with an AIDS-causing compound.
I think we have a right to say no to that.
All right, we got some big guests lined up today.
Gab McGinnis comes up next hour, and Ingrid
Clark Vist is a highly recommended journalist in Europe from Sean Stone on the Russia war, the Ukraine operation, the forced injections, the whole New World Order.
She's got a lot of big news.
Royce White is going to be talking Kanye West and what he talked about in Hollywood and all those issues in the fourth hour today.
Don't want to miss that.
Royce White's always very thought-provoking, smart guy.
Look, I got tons of news here I want to hear, but I just got to go back to the kids here.
I love Trump.
He's getting a lot of great Republicans elected.
The new ruler hates his guts.
He got a lot of other therapeutics rammed through.
I know Trump's number.
And he got the Regeneron through.
He battled to get hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
He just trusts the medical system.
And I know people that know Trump well.
He's a germaphobe.
He doesn't go to the doctor a lot, but he really listens to doctors.
And he signed on to this.
They told him it would work.
They lied.
They set him up.
And I'm not giving him a pass, but he's doing a lot more good on our team than them putting him in prison.
So I'll take what we've got from Trump now.
It's terrible that he won't come out against the shots, but everybody else is.
And 1% are taking the shots compared to what were.
So government is now coming with a mandate
I wish Trump would.
His strength is that he is a donkey.
He's a Republican, so he's an elephant, but he's a jackass.
Anybody that's been around donkeys or mules know they are stubborn as hell.
They're going to do what they want to do.
And so they can't make him do what they want, but we can't make him do what we want.
That's a separate issue.
But we're just going to have to sit here and ourselves expose this.
Too bad Trump won't do it because this is just coming out more and more.
And the more he gets behind this, the more he owns it.
And that's his problem.
I'm going to move on from Trump.
But you heard I just called for Tulsi Gabbard to run as VP.
With DeSantis.
I'm just, I can't help it.
DeSantis has come out against the shot.
DeSantis has said it's hurting people.
DeSantis' Attorney General, or Secretary General, has said it's bad.
And that's all that matters to me because the number one issue is these children.
And I have a five-year-old.
I have a 14-year-old.
I have an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old.
Hell, my son just turned 20, excuse me.
We're dealing with all of this.
And I know you're dealing with it too.
And it fundamentally doesn't make me angry now.
It makes me upset with myself that we're letting this happen.
Because this is outrageous.
I mean, imagine you work for the Justice Department that's being told anybody that questions these shots is a terrorist.
And Peter Strzok, it's one of the five things they list in the FBI declaration of war last June against America.
You question that being open, you question election fraud, you question lockdowns, you question forced injections, you are a terrorist!
While they terrorize us with the mask, and the lockdowns, and the collapse, and the whole society disintegrating, do you really as an FBI agent, or anybody else, or a school teacher, or anybody, why would you want to be part of this?
It's bizarre!
And we do see hundreds of prominent FBI whistleblowers going to Congress, but they all get bottlenecked there, and then they get persecuted while Congress claims they're helping them.
So we have a bureaucracy at war with us.
It's not America, it's not even the government.
I'm not anti-government, I'm anti-captured US government, occupied US government.
And it really is a line in the sand for me.
The children, when these damn shots are experimental, and we now know are killing people in mass.
In fact, I have a stack of articles right here in the U.S.
and around the world of children and young people, and the numbers show it, dying of heart attacks and myocarditis at 40, 50, 60,000 times the previous number.
Because children having heart attacks, unless it was congenital, born with heart problems, was absolutely ultra-rare.
But it's not rare now.
It's as common as the sun coming up in the morning.
And it gets worse.
Did you know pediatric cancer until the 70s was non-existent?
If a kid had cancer previous to the 70s, doctors would get on airplanes to fly across the country to see a child with cancer because it was so rare.
Now, you can't swing a stick.
At the shopping mall and not hit a kid that's got cancer.
They are murdering us, and I'm not just gonna sit here while they normalize on the sides of buses and TV ads, not just here, but all over the world, that, hey, heart attacks are normal in kids!
No, they are not!
And I can't imagine... why anybody...
Would want to work for the system and get a measly paycheck to be part of this when you're being targeted with it as well.
But don't forget the federal government exempted all the key people, Congress and the FBI and everybody else from their own shots.
I mean this is really a psychotic group of people that are out to get us.
And just like Trump is becoming a politically perishable item,
It's not a threat physically, I'm saying.
Like, you know, milk going bad on the shelf.
He has an expiration date and it's almost over.
He did it to himself.
That's the way it is.
He's had a chance to turn it around.
But the bureaucrats that are trying to make people take it, Trump's not trying to make anybody take it.
So if Trump's done something bad, it's a two on a ten.
And his good stuff kind of outweighs it.
So, you know, he's like at a .5 bad guy right now.
People pushing this like Fauci and Gates and the media and the big censors.
Anybody else that's on board is a 10.
I mean, you are a mass murderer now.
You are a horrible, evil person.
Can't you see which way the wind's blowing and be like?
Tulsi Gabbard's coming out against the Shots a long time ago?
Or DeSantis?
Or his Surgeon General?
Or everybody else?
I mean, can't you just be good people?
I'm remembering what's in this stack here.
And we got Gavin McGinnis coming up.
I'm gonna actually bring up the Shots with him.
But you talk about gain of function.
Did you know a U.S.
university admits, is currently bragging, that they just created a COVID variant that kills 80% of the animals it comes in contact with?
That's coming up next hour.
We've introduced, we're promoting, and our guest has introduced in Congress, it's about to be introduced, impeachment legislation against Biden for trying to start World War III and launching a war without congressional approval.
It's the War Powers Act.
We've got him dead to rights.
We can stop them if you take action.
Go to InfoWars.com right now.
There's an article up there on the main page and there's a link to the legislation under
The live show feed, I would suggest every one of you get to a computer, get on your phone, go to InfoWars.com right now and share this.
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Was it a mistake in so many states, in so many localities, to see schools closed as long as they were?
I think in some ca- I don't want to use the word mistake, John, because if I do it gets taken out of the context that you're asking me the question on.
It would be too high a price.
Yeah, I would say that what we should realize, and have realized, that there will be deleterious collateral consequences when you do something like that.
This idea that this virus doesn't afflict children is not so.
We've lost close to 1,500 kids so far.
It does.
But much less than the older population, obviously.
Oh, of course!
But you shouldn't discount that it does afflict children.
So it isn't without consequences.
If you go back
And I ask anybody to go back over the number of times that I've said we've got to do everything we can to keep the schools open.
No one plays that clip.
They always come back and say Fauci was responsible for closing schools.
I had nothing to do.
I mean, let's get down to the fact.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
The one and only Gavin McInnes joins us for the rest of the hour.
Really appreciate him taking time out to come on Censored.tv and cover the waterfront on the election, the tyranny, the Russia war, the forced injections, the billion dollar ruling against me by a kangaroo court after the jury was told I was already guilty.
He joins us right now, Gavin McInnes.
Needs no introduction.
Gavin, great to have you back on with us, brother.
Happy to be here, Alex.
Some stations don't carry this little first five, but I'm still going to you to give us a prelude on what you're going to be covering.
I'm going to be focusing on this war on kids.
These people pretend they care about kids, but they totally ignore these groomers who are not just doing Drag Queen Story Hour, but coming to church, infiltrating schools, and it just keeps getting more prevalent.
I don't understand it.
You're absolutely right.
Now they're trying to pass laws to take kids away from parents who don't want their kids being brainwashed.
I mean, this is literally them not just forming a sexual relationship, but a total control over their lives.
Yeah, there was this guy in Canada named Panda Dulce, and he was doing Drag Queen Story Hour.
Proud Boys showed up and said, this isn't happening.
They were investigated for committing a hate crime.
Until, uh, they checked Pandey Dulce's social media and saw him bragging about how he's gonna get kids to suck his D.
Among other things, carrying a knife and all kinds of violent threats.
And all of a sudden they drop the hate crimes charges against Proud Boys.
But this is going on all over the Western world.
Scotland, England.
We just had a guy in Australia who was caught with terabytes of child porn.
Yet they keep going back to the well.
That's the part I don't understand.
Big corporate systems are literally flooding from Disney to Black Rock are flooding the sexualization of children and weird fat men dressed in clown outfits going and having children sit in their laps.
It's just, it's so bizarre.
Who would have thought the fall of civilization would be hallmarked or bellwethered by these people?
I would understand if it happened twice, and you went, oh, there's actually quite a predilection for child abuse with these people.
And then they go, oh my God, I had no idea, and they stepped away.
Like with Ukraine, you know a lot of them are Nazis, right?
Oh my God, I had no idea, I stepped away.
But they just keep coming back to well, like, check out this list.
Jada Dean in Australia, child porn.
Tatiana Malinani in Houston, child sex offender with an eight-year-old boy.
You got William Travis Dees, also in Houston.
He was the greeter at Drag Queen Story Hour.
He was having sex with
Hold on, hold on.
This is too important.
I want you to start over.
We're going to give you the floor on the attack and grooming and annihilation of our children in California, passing a law that underage kids can go get their balls and breasts chopped off.
And then when girls that have had their breasts chopped off or boys' genitals cut off, they complain later and say it was a mistake.
They get censored by big tech.
Where's the best place for people to find your powerful broadcast?
censored.tv Also, if you go to my getter account, you can see we have a comedy show on Thursday in Chicago.
I'm also doing a talk at Penn State this Monday.
Please check it out.
All right, the great Gavin McInnes, founder of Vice and more, with us in 60 seconds.
Everybody, you know, tune in now, because this is two titans of free speech together.
Gavin McInnes is our guest for the hour.
We're going to cover the waterfront with him, but first off,
The war on our children's innocence.
We all know it's wrong to rape a child.
Or at least most of us do, unless you're a Democratic Party or Disney and big corporations promoting sexualization of children.
But if they can tell them to cut their breasts off or their testicles off and have the school form a relationship with your child at age five and put them in a database and then introduce laws that parents will be arrested, like in Virginia,
If they don't let their children be sterilized, it's about a destruction of parental rights and really the destruction of the family, which the globalists admit is their main mission.
So Gavin McGinnis has really been researching this in depth.
He's about to lay it all out for us right now.
A. How big is it?
Why are they doing it?
Where do you see it going?
And go over some of these incredible examples you've got.
So the parents are going because they're virtue signaling and they think that we are mad that their kids are near gays.
They think it's a gay thing and they're doing it out of spite to make us angry.
It's not the gay thing.
Drag queens have always been around.
We never cared.
Our problem is these sexual
Creatures, they're dressed up in a sexual way, are reading the kids.
If it was strippers, we'd be just as mad.
They're spreading their legs, exactly.
If I was a topless bar, and I saw suddenly five-year-old kids putting money in g-strings, I'd call the police.
But, oh, but it's gay, it's liberal, it's okay.
Now, you create an environment wherein pedophiles and child predators can get in there.
You open up this portal where they can sneak in.
And there's tons of them that have already snuck in.
And I was listening to them earlier.
In Australia we just had Jada Dean arrested with
We're good to go.
A drag queen in Scotland was just arrested.
His nickname is Nathan Flojob Mullen for a media post with violence against children.
Then just south of that in England, the British Airways Pride celebrations included a guy named Darren Sewell who was looking to meet an 8 year old and 11 year old girl.
And in Pennsylvania just the other day we had Anastasia Diamond who was found guilty of 25 counts of child sexual abuse.
Why are you risking it?
Why are you willing to put your children's safety in jeopardy just to virtue signal and to make Republicans mad?
And that's only the tip of the iceberg.
I've seen the latest gay parades in the last few months in Seattle and New York and it's literally Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts being paraded in front of naked men pumping each other and defecating in the streets.
It's just a giant exercise in dominance.
Drag queens are the most extreme of the gay culture.
If you were to compare it to our world, like politics, they are like a patriot front.
Like, they are way, way, way out there on the far, far, far outskirts of the movement.
It's not like a normal, long-cabin Republican.
You want a gay kid to read to kids?
Get an effeminate homosexual to go in there in a suit and read to kids.
They can learn that it's okay to be gay.
That's not what this is about.
This is about sex.
And call me old-fashioned,
But I don't want little kids around sex.
And the reason I bring this up, Alex, is because these are the kind of things you've been screaming about for years.
They're grooming our kids.
They're coming to church.
And you were right, which is why you're being fined one gazillion bazillion dollars because your prophecies turn out to be correct.
So they get you on a technicality when you're wrong about something and just empty the bank account.
Well, it's funny because there's no real money in the bank account anyways.
It's all a pyrrhic victory.
They want our listeners to think we're being shut down.
We're not, as long as they support.
But yeah, since you raised that, let's segue into that and back into the sexualization of children.
I don't care if it's homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, Easter Bunny sexual.
Leave kids alone.
But absolutely, what do you make of the billion plus dollar, because they've got other damages coming in Connecticut.
I mean, talk about overkill.
Well, they played their hand.
They showed that this isn't about the truth.
This is about wrong think.
And you being too influential.
And everyone should take heed because we've seen the media make a million mistakes.
They told us there are no weapons of mass destruction.
They said the Steele dossier.
They said Hillary 99% chance of winning.
They said that there's no Nazis in Ukraine.
They said Ivermectin is dangerous.
They said the vaccine will save you.
Remember Juicy Smollet?
They followed that story.
Remember the Covenant Catholic School Boys?
They said Rittenhouse is a racist murderer.
Like, their mistakes go on and on and on.
And I'm not even including their lies by omission, where they called Antifa anti-fascist.
They totally turned a blind eye to the Muslim influence in the Pulse shooting.
They totally ignored Hunter Biden's laptop.
I mean, the list goes on and on and on.
That's all fine.
But if you're wrong about a shooting, you have to pay a bazillion dollars.
And so this isn't about truth.
This isn't about being wrong.
This is about Alex Jones committing thought crimes and having to be punished for that.
And the fact that the left is never punished for crimes that are far worse shows you that this has nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with criticizing the left and the deep swamp.
What do you think the backlash is going to be against this?
I mean, it's already there.
So many Democrats I know, there are former Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard, you name it, are turning against this now because it's so obviously poison, whether it's the racial division, the pedophilic giant streak down their back.
I mean, the Democratic Party and this whole globalist party literally is like the Legion of Satan.
Why did this trial even exist?
We have laws about free speech.
If you're the head of the Bloods and you say, go kill this man, it's very plausible someone will go and kill that man because you hold authority with that.
So you should be punished.
That's a plausible threat.
So that doesn't include free speech.
We already have laws for this.
So the fact that now the civil courts are the new courts and people just get sued when they commit wrong things shows that our normal courts are obsolete.
They don't exist anymore.
We just go out and we get grudges, personal grudges.
The Drag Queen story I was out is about spite and this ruling is about a grudge and that seems to be the dominant forces in our justice system now.
Spite and grudges.
What should we do about it?
We need to get into civil suits.
We gotta keep fighting.
We need to start suing people.
We need to start getting involved in lawfare.
And it's not really a conservative or a libertarian or a right-leaning thing.
It's a petty thing.
But that's the way it's going.
I mean, did you hear what's going on with Project Veritas?
They lost in their case where they misrepresented themselves.
So now if they're doing a sting like Rudyard Kipling's thing in the meatpacking district or any kind of undercover journalist work, you have to say, hi, I'm investigating you because I think you're corrupt.
I'm a reporter from Project Veritas.
Any statement about the money you've been embezzling?
It's the end of Project Veritas.
They're appealing it, but there really is this massive leftist Marxist... And it's also likely enforced.
The left can do investigative reporting.
The left has got free speech, just we don't.
We really need to see a landslide in the midterms or this isn't going to change because it's one thing for the left to be biased.
It's one thing for garbage sites like BuzzFeed and Daily Beast to be biased.
But when it's getting into the courts and people are being persecuted for wrong things, it's no longer just left versus right.
Now it's the establishment versus the people.
And this has got to change or we don't have a country anymore.
We're Venezuela if this keeps happening.
I agree with you.
I want to get into Russia.
I want to get into the midterms.
I want to get into Biden.
But you've always got so many great points.
What do you want to get into next when we come back?
Gavin McGinnis.
I want to get into this war on free speech.
I mean, my talk, they just shut down one of the comedy clubs.
This is a comedy club.
We're doing a comedy show.
It got shut down.
You can't joke anymore.
And this Penn State thing, you would not believe the backlash from the students and the radical left against my talk.
There's a Q&A.
You can come there to Penn State and ask me questions.
You know, come up with allegations, that's fine.
But no, they don't want the talk coming.
And the lie they tell is, oh, it's because you're giving them money.
We don't want our money going to that.
The show will be profitable.
They're selling tickets.
So the money thing is a lie.
It's a war on free speech.
And there's nothing more American than free speech.
Other countries don't even quite get it.
Well, as negative as this all is, Gavin, really this is the death throes.
People are turning against the corporate left.
They're turning against them in droves.
And they're just doubling down, trying to suppress us like a beaten wife to stay in this bad relationship.
But it's not happening.
But I asked you like five years ago, six years ago, what's the peak of liberal insanity?
You said, I think it's a long way away.
What is the peak?
I'll ask you that question.
Well, I've already asked the question.
We'll get that answer when we come back with Gavin McInnes.
Stay with us.
So, during the break, I was getting a little cup of coffee, and there was Newsmax covering this legislation.
You can't make this up.
In Virginia, a Democrat wants to criminalize parents who misgender their children.
So, the government forms a relationship, tricks your kid they're another gender, you say it's not true, you get put in jail.
The full article is on Infowars.com.
Gavin, I want to shift gears in the election.
The situation in Ukraine, the economy, Biden, and more with you.
But just in closing, we have all these videos of major university heads saying, we're making a lot of money off cutting little girls' breasts off.
We're making a lot of money off cutting little boys' penises off.
This is beyond being raped.
I thought, what's worse than a child being raped?
Well, being killed.
Instead, they're ruining their genetic future, stunning their growth, doing all this.
Everybody knows you can't sign up for the military until you're 18, can't buy cigarettes until you're 18, can't buy alcohol until 21, but the school's going to form a relationship with your child and tell them they're another gender and then remove the parents.
I mean, these people are going for broke.
I mean, I don't have words to describe how evil these corporations are that control the Democratic Party.
These are sickos.
Well, they're going after kids because they can.
Like here in New York, a lot of old Asian ladies are getting attacked by thugs and they go, Oh, it must be because Trump said something or must be COVID and China flu and all of these motives.
No, it's very simple.
They're easy prey.
They tend not to call the police.
They tend to have cash on them.
That's it.
We're good.
I mean, our side is so quick to capitulate, like the comedy club I was going to do on Thursday, the reason they dropped the whole thing is because they got a phone call.
We've moved to a new venue, by the way.
But they got a phone call saying, hey, that guy is a Proud Boys fascist.
And he went, OK, show canceled.
Like, it's not this is not a classic.
And like, what type of world do we want to live in where random people call in a threat and we just put our tail between our legs and pee all over each other?
What America was known for was challenging that and saying, no, that's what's exciting, that's what's avant-garde.
And that's the big problem the left and the corporate fascists have is, we're the black sheep, we are the counterculture, and we're exploding.
So as negative as this is, Gavin, I haven't talked to you in a while, been trying to get you on, love you to death.
By the way, you look super sharp as usual.
It's blowing up.
I mean, your sentence was a big part of this awakening.
You know what a huge part of it was?
Uh, the trucker convoy in Ottawa.
People said, all right, more Nazis.
Let me check in on these Nazis.
I hate fascists.
And they see a bouncy castle and they see a bunch of working class people who just don't want to be forced to take the vaccine.
Same thing in the Netherlands.
They call them Nazis.
No, they don't want their farms banned, their cows banned.
They're taking away their farms so they can house refugees, and everyone in Europe sees that and goes, wait a minute.
What the hell's been going on here?
You guys told me you were fighting Nazis and white supremacy and fascism, and I don't see that.
I see a lot of tyranny coming from you, and that's all it takes.
Like, we are an elephant that is being bullied by a mouse.
We are under the tyranny of the shrill minority, and we're just taking it.
All you have to do if you're an elephant and you're being attacked by a mouse is just go, flick.
And it's gone.
It takes so little to fight back.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that they've been winning for a long time.
The good news is the elephant just woke up and went, what the hell's been going on?
Time to flick it away with my trunk.
I totally agree.
So I asked the question we wanted to break.
It was right when Trump got elected six years ago.
I said, Gavin, what is the peak?
It's a famous club.
So where does it go?
Because I asked you a year ago, I said, have we reached peak insanity?
You said no.
So when do we reach it?
That's a great question, because I thought we were going through the normal stages of, what do you call it, death?
Where it's denial, and then it's depression, and then it's anger, and it's acceptance.
I forget the exact degrees.
But we started out with those, but we didn't go to the next one.
They just kept going on the crazy one, and it's gotten crazier and crazier.
They're getting people fired.
They're making up lies.
I think the way it ends is riots.
It really has to end there, because there's no rationale here.
They refuse to talk to you.
They hate free speech.
They don't want to give Nazis a platform, and a Nazi is anyone that likes Trump.
So you go, well, I can't ration with you.
You're out of your goddamn mind.
I don't know what to do here.
I said, Gavin, what is the peak of leftist insanity?
I said, aren't we hitting it?
You said no.
I was wrong.
And you were right.
You said it's going to get way crazier.
OK, so I'm asking you the same question six years later.
I don't know the limit.
So it doesn't happen overnight.
It's like a boiling, boiling frogs in water.
You start looking around going, wait a minute, we're going to start seeing re-education camps.
We saw it.
We saw quarantine camps in Quebec where they were just grabbing you and throwing you into some camp without any, any say, which they've been doing in China for a long time.
It's not far from a quarantine camp to a re-education camp.
We're already seeing black mirror like cancelling of people who say things wrong.
They lose their social media.
They lose their job.
Britain was talking about denying health care to racists.
Who defines what a racist is?
Is that just anyone who's right wing?
In Britain we have people going, the police going to your house if you make an insulting tweet or if you don't honour pronouns.
They're doing that here in schools.
They're saying that you'll be expelled.
Oh, there are so many arrest videos in the UK of people that criticize teaching five-year-olds they're another sex.
They come and arrest you.
I mean, this is happening.
And don't scoff at it because it's Britain or it's Canada.
Those are, as Ezra Levant described, a dystopian time machine of where we're going to be in five years.
We're already seeing in America parents lose custody to their kid because they refuse to call a boy a girl.
And then that's the end.
Now the system's on the kid's and the mother's side.
Now the kid hates you.
That's your kid gone.
They've removed your child from your life based on radical politics.
I don't know.
And no one cares about them anymore.
That's the other thing about the left.
They're like the FBI.
They'll use you as an informant, and then you think you're gonna be, you know, a made man forever?
No, they throw you in jail.
I think Enrique Tarrio was a federal informant for a long time, and then he just ceased to be useful to them, and they just said, you're in jail.
Get out of here.
And that's what the left will do after they're done with these kids.
You already see that with that little, uh, how dare you, chick.
She's turned 18.
They're kind of bored of her now.
Yeah, she's done.
How dare you!
I'll tell you!
They have no long game here, too.
That's the other thing about the radical left.
They just want to blow stuff up today.
Like, look at the riots over the past two years.
Did they have any long-term plan?
Did BLM have any scholarship plans for young, impoverished African-Americans?
It was about blowing up the world today.
And luckily, we have families, we have wives, we have
Have grandkids, and we are playing for the long game.
And lies run sprints, the truth runs marathons, so we will win.
But wow, are we in the eye of the storm right now.
That is so powerful what you just said.
Lies win sprints, truth wins marathons.
We come back, let's go back to that question then.
How crazy will they get before they realize they failed?
Or like zombies, like CNN with no viewers, they just continue on.
And then I'll show some people, show some people, show the viewers some inside baseball if I can find it.
Chris Cuomo has been very threatening towards us.
And wait till folks hear about that.
We have the text messages.
We're going to premiere straight ahead with Gavin McInnes.
And again, Gavin, let's put it on screen, censored.tv.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and Man.Video.
Those are coordinates to Liberty and Freedom and Independent Press.
We'll be right back with Gavin McInnes.
Gavin McInnes is our guest.
We know that the corporations on record are doing anything to destabilize us, break down the family, make us confused and alone to control us.
That's why they're pumping us through every poison they can, cultural poison, fentanyl,
All of it.
I keep asking the question, what is the peak of this?
And I think Gavin's answered the question.
I think it's when they bring us to the brink of nuclear war.
I think it's when they sell us out to China and the public wakes up to that with the inflation.
When enough is enough.
I think it's when the population realizes the social contract has been broken.
And people like Tulsi Gabbard comes out and says, you are a crazy group, a cult of power, of authoritarian warmongers.
I don't think, I know we're seeing that collapse in confidence happen now.
Major swings are showing, not just a tripling of blacks to vote Republican, not just a doubling of Hispanics, but a 30-point swing is now happening in major polls of independent women.
This has really got a panic, Gavin, and my concern is, what is the corrupt, embedded, out-of-control, entitled, deep state bureaucrats, both in government, corporations, the media, what are they going to do as they begin, as they are now, figuring out that all their propaganda, all their disinfo, hasn't just failed, it's backfired magnificently?
They're going to get more vicious.
What does a cornered rat do?
It lashes out, it bites you.
What does a dying tree do?
It starts seeding like crazy, furiously trying to save its species.
When these people get towards the brink of death, when it gets to the end of the DNC, we're going to see a lashing out like you've never seen before.
We're going to see a last minute use of power.
Like, look at this release of that guy who murdered
Uh, that Asian girl, Saeed, that was the NPR thing serial.
Uh, the prosecutor was on her way out, so he just started releasing criminals, murderers.
This guy, Saeed, who murdered a beautiful young Asian girl, but it was a popular podcast offending him, so he's out.
Like, they're going to get crazier and crazier.
They're going to start releasing the guilty and imprisoning the innocent.
And I'm just shocked at how much abuse your average American will take.
Like, a long time ago, when we first started talking, they were killing movies.
They were killing comedy, and political correctness was taking all the fun out of movies.
That's why the guy who did Joker stopped doing comedies like The Hangover.
And I thought, well that's gonna make your average American mad.
Then we got a president who doesn't speak English, who's Mr. Magoo, Braindead Weekend at Bernie's.
Nope, no problem.
Then everyone started losing their jobs.
Their money became worthless.
Their 401Ks became garbage.
Nope, still not angry.
Then gas became unaffordable.
Now they're attacking our children.
They're maiming our children.
Removing lesbians' breasts.
They're giving them hormone blockers that make them permanently infertile.
Still, no problem.
I'm not mad yet.
So these frogs, you're asking when they're going to boil.
The frogs are boiling.
The frogs are gay and they're boiling right now.
And people need to fight back.
I totally agree.
Looking at the Russia situation, talk of Armageddon, escalating war, blown up bridges, pipelines.
Where do you see that going?
I'm promoting legislation circulating in Capitol Hill.
It's linked on Infowars.com.
Hope listeners care and support it.
This is a real action point, folks.
Biden impeachment bill circulating on Capitol Hill in response to the WW3 threat.
What's your take on the Russia situation?
Again, like I started out with saying, they ruined comedy.
We're now at the brink of a nuclear war.
And it's going to get worse.
It's going to get Cuban Missile Crisis levels before anyone wakes up.
And these Bolsheviks, these psychotic Marxists, these social Democrats are happy to bring us to the end of war.
I think it's because they don't have kids.
They don't really see a future.
Like, you look at these secular liberal Jews who will happily destroy Hasidic schools, and they'll happily crap on Israel, and you're like, that's your people.
Why are you crapping on them?
And these Bolshevik leftists are the same way.
Your people are humankind.
Well, sacrificing your culture is like a ritual.
It's what they do.
Yeah, yeah, it's an ethno-masochistic suicidal ritual where this isn't just like crapping on Hasidic Jews, this is crapping on humanity entirely.
You're not scared of a nuclear war?
This should be 100% of what we're doing.
We should be negotiating, encouraging Ukraine to negotiate, trying to de-escalate this instead of sending everyone guns and discouraging Zelensky
From negotiating with Putin.
He was told explicitly from the American authorities, don't negotiate, let's drag this out, it could be fun.
No, nuclear war is not fun.
Two thumbs down.
Gut level, where do you see this going?
We're seeing protests now finally pop up by liberals, who are now finally, remember they're supposed to be anti-war, confronting AOC, confronting Tlaib, the rest of them.
Where do you see that going?
It's got to collapse.
This house of cards has to collapse.
Isn't it funny how everything they accused Trump of?
Starting a nuclear war, destroying the economy, making us all hate each other.
That was all the Trump allegations.
And Biden has checked off every box perfectly.
He's brought us to that horrific nightmare that the left said Trump was going to bring us to.
And I'm, I'm scared.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to blow up.
How did they take this silly little Eastern European conflict and turn it into a global crisis?
I'm amazed by that.
They can take anything and blow it up into a global crisis.
It's a real talent.
Well, it's because the Black Rocks of the world make money off it until they don't.
And now, major states and other groups are pulling billions out of Black Rock.
It looks like political financial protest is the deep corporate state's Achilles heel.
I'm so glad you brought that up because that is the light at the end of the tunnel.
ESG, Environment, Social, Governance.
Was becoming the backbone of our entire economy, thanks to BlackRock, thanks to their insane agenda.
They said every hedge fund, every investment has to have a component of ESG, which is a component of political correctness, which really is you got to hire black people.
Basically, that's what it comes down to and be obsessed with climate change.
Those are the sort of the two things that it's really about.
And they tried it.
But the beauty of the bottom line is it's like the truth.
It runs marathons.
And investors went, uh, I'm not getting any money back when you put meritocracy at the bottom of the priority list.
Well, yeah, they use hiring black people as the cover, but really it was only spend taxpayer money and investment money with their fake environmental boondoggles.
And is it Blackstone or Blackrock?
I always get them confused.
BlackRock, their stock is plummeting now.
And I talk to people in finance all the time and they say ESG used to be an integral component of every presentation we had to do.
Now I'm just quietly deleting the page from the PDF and not one investor has ever gone, excuse me, where's the ESG section?
Because they know it doesn't work.
And for those who don't know, the ESG is the highest corporate level, not the individual level, of social credit score, where banks won't loan to you unless you have the political views they want and only invest the money in companies they basically own.
So it's a giant kickback scheme.
But that brings me to my next point.
As everybody turns against the COVID shots, as people wake up with the new world order, the open borders, as all of this happens and their agenda gets in trouble,
I already asked this earlier, but I'll ask you again.
What do you expect them to do next?
I expect them to get more and more tyrannical.
More and more like China.
More and more fascist.
And accuse us.
Look at January 6th.
Those hearings are still going.
People are looking at 20 years to life.
For trespassing.
And that is because they are losing, and they're frantically throwing people in jail.
Like, what did despots do right before the revolution?
They start jailing everyone, they start beheading everyone.
This is the stage they're at now.
Louis XIV is about to have the Bastille stormed.
And he's frantic right now.
I agree with you, but Klaus Schwab talks about an angrier world.
They thought they'd do this and blame nationalism and populism and free market, but the public knows it's globalism, so they thought they'd trigger a collapse and then blame it on the existing system and then take it over, but instead people are waking up that it's the globalists they're getting the blame.
That is not what they expected.
They cast too wide of a net, was the problem.
They should have said, there's very few Nazis in America, but they're incredibly powerful and they're taking over and they're hiding behind that wall, you can't see them.
That's more ethereal, that would have been more helpful for their retarded agenda.
But what they're doing is they're saying, no, no, it's not just Proud Boys, it's not just Alex and Gavin.
It's your grandmother.
It's your mom.
It's your uncle.
Anyone who is a MAGA Republican is a white nationalist threat to America and must be ostracized and jailed.
And people go, wait a minute.
I know my uncle.
He's a great guy.
Yeah, he supports Trump and I don't, but I like him and he's definitely not a racist.
He's black.
And so then that is the errant thread that unravels the whole sweater, because they start going, well, what else were you lying to us about?
Just like I said about the trucker convoy and the farmers in the Netherlands.
They go, wait a minute, these people aren't the villains you said they are.
And then they start looking into it.
That's when they realize the drag queens are pedophiles.
That's when they realize the Ukrainians are Nazis.
That's right.
We're going to come back to talk about Kanye.
So yay, Kanye West.
Man, you know, I support his right to free speech and everything he's saying, but everybody's turning against the power structure and they're now all over the news saying, oh, we sued Jones for a billion for questioning something.
We're going to sue him now for saying the coroner said George Floyd probably died of fentanyl.
Well, that's true.
That just shows where this new Alex Jones rule is going to be used.
What's your take, Gavin McInnes, on what's happening to Kanye West?
Because you've been canceled.
I've been canceled.
We were two of the most famous canceled people.
Now they're biting off, I think, more than they can chew.
I think he should be sued for one quintillion dollars.
And everyone around him should have to pay one zillion bazillion million dollars.
Good idea.
Yeah, let's sue him.
How dare he?
Yeah, his crime again is wrong think.
And isn't it weird that these people are so offended by ideas?
How weak are you that someone else's opinion hurts you?
You can have the craziest opinions in the world.
If one of the opinions is children are sexy, well, I want to fight you.
But outside of that, I can handle any opinion.
But it seems like many Americans can't.
Take him on if you think he's wrong, you know?
I agree.
So where do you see all this going?
Well, you can't really come back from anti-Semitism.
That's a tough one.
Pedophilia, Holocaust denial, not that he denied the Holocaust, but any kind of criticism like that is a tough sell.
So this might be the end of old Ye.
We'll see if he bounces back from this.
I mean, he called himself a Jew, but then saying, I'm going to go DEFCON 3 on the Jews, or I'm going to Me Too the Jew Media.
Like, I think it's funny.
Why can't people laugh?
He's an eccentric, creative dude who said some crazy stuff.
But, you know, you're not allowed to criticize certain groups and he's gonna have to pay the big price for that.
He's already paid big, right?
He had three major stadium shows cancelled.
So that's, I don't know, nine million bucks?
Well, my issue with it is...
When you really pull back from the whole deal, every group is so diverse that to say it's a group of people is wrong.
My criticism is, when I criticized George Soros to help round up Jews, he told 60 Minutes that.
And say he's a bad guy because of his anti-free speech policies or pro-war policies.
I'm anti-semitic because I certainly don't blame the average Jew or anybody else for what George Soros is up to.
I blame George Soros.
But a lot of my listeners got mad saying, oh, you're not supporting Kanye.
No, I support his free speech.
I'm just simply saying I'm actually a populist that believes in ideas.
And so I understand Kanye's anger.
And I think he just has, like he said, he's gone completely
radical here, and you're right, it's going to be explosive.
My biggest problem with antisemitism is you're giving religious exemption to atheists.
Like Marxists, Lenin, Soros, when they criticize them as anti-Semitic, no!
They're not Semites, they're not religious, they don't believe in God.
Our problem is with these elites.
Like, don't... No, no, exactly.
Why are we giving George Soros and the ADL, that in my view are mafias and anti-American, why are we giving them religious and cultural cover?
They're trying to use that cover to commit their crimes.
Why are we walking into their wheelhouse?
These guys are Bolsheviks.
They're more anti-Semitic than Patriot Front.
I mean, I didn't work for Hitler and round up Jews.
Yeah, exactly.
You rounded up people for the Nazis, and it's anti-Semitic to insult you?
No, no, that's not the way it works.
But I just wish... Well, and my question is this.
Why didn't Simon Wiesenthal go after George Soros?
Sorry, go ahead.
Look, anti-Semitism is a mental rut.
And it's, you know, you criticize black people for saying, hey, the white man made it rain on my birthday.
That's a dead way of thinking.
And you never move forward when you're always blaming someone else for your problems.
Being a victim, scapegoating a group is dumb.
I agree.
There's a massive problem going on here, which is the elites seem to not just have disdain for the lower classes, but they hate them.
Yeah, don't.
They hate the people.
That's what we need to focus on.
And that's a great point.
The globals are trying to make everybody eat bugs.
The globals are trying to make everybody take poison shots.
The globals are trying to take meat away and cars away from all of us.
We need to come together.
And you called that out early, and that is your crime, and that's why you must pay one zillion bazillion, because you dared point out that the elites exist.
That was, I mean, that was your biggest crime, was just pointing out that there are elites, and Bohemian Grove does exist.
That's the beef that the elites have with you.
Yeah, but I've got 20 questions left, but in the few minutes we have, what else is on your radar?
Well, I mean, to summarize this is I want to go back to that elephant and mouse analogy.
Like, we're not asking you to pick up arms and take to the streets and start shooting people.
You don't need to burn down the White House for victory.
All you need to do is stand up.
Like the Covington Catholic School Boys.
What was their crime?
Standing their ground.
And I think it was USA Today, I can't remember, ABC News said, don't you find that kind of aggressive?
Standing your ground?
So, that's how weak they are.
All you have to do is stand there like this, and they have a panic attack.
We're not up against titans here.
It doesn't take that much.
Go to Drag Queen Story Hour and say, I object.
When someone calls you and says, this person said something offensive, say, that's nice, bye bye.
You know, we just have to stop capitulating.
We have to stop apologizing.
We have to stop assuming that anyone who hates us is right.
They are the harbingers of hate.
They create hate where it doesn't exist.
Don't let it fester.
Fight back.
Keep going.
Keep doing your shows.
Keep saying how you believe at work and in private.
Keep being you.
That's what they can't stand.
Their biggest fear is that we won't quit.
So, the way to fight back is to not quit.
It's very simple.
Tsunami of justice.
The normies are finally tuning in.
All the people who have been brainwashed by the left from large parts of the black community to major swaths of the Hispanic community.
Talk to Zoomers, man.
25% of them are conservative.
You haven't seen that since the 80s.
The elephant has woken up and he's swinging his trunk at these irritating little mice who have been nibbling at his paws for years.
No, you're right.
The left really is a bully cult.
It's really revenge because they got wedgies in high school and they want revenge.
It's vindictive.
And we gave it to them because we're nice guys.
But we've had enough.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Who do you think the dream ticket in 2024 is?
I like Trump.
He's great.
But he's blind on the vaccine.
And he's pretty old.
And I keep getting Republicans elected.
So I'm pro-Trump.
And if he runs, I'll try to support him.
But I think the Santas-Tulsie-Gabbards ticket is the dream team.
Yeah, it has to be a chick.
There has to be a chick there.
It's just the new rules.
Yeah, but most of the chicks I don't like.
Most of the men I don't like.
I actually love DeSantis and Tulsi.
It's great.
Yeah, I saw her posing with Antifa once, but I can get over that.
She seems anti-war.
That excites me.
DeSantis has already shown his true colors in Florida, which is, I'm a leader.
The thing that scares me with DeSantis versus Trump is, Trump's numbers seem to be like 50 range.
DeSantis seems to be like 14 range.
It seems like they're not even close, but I'll take Trump and Gabbard, DeSantis, Gabbard, whatever you got.
Oh yeah, what about a Trump-Gabbard?
What about a, yeah, what about a Trump-Gabbard?
No problem, let's do it.
We can't have Trump-DeSantis because they're both from Florida, but Trump-Gabbard, DeSantis-Gabbard, that's what we have to focus on.
Gavin McGinnis, Censored.TV.
You gotta get back on here a lot more often.
I know you're a busy guy.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Cheers, Alex.
We're in a war against the globalists.
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So on top of 50% off,
All you have to do is check out what I'm saying, and that's why they run the fake headline against myself and Tucker Carlson everywhere, every day.
Jones admits he's an actor.
Or Turner Carlson says nobody would take me seriously.
Where do we say that?
We never said that.
They just say we said that.
But where's the clip?
Where's the article?
Where do we say that?
It doesn't exist.
Alex Jones is playing a character and is a performance artist.
Jones is playing a character on his radio show.
The radio rants of Alex Jones are just an act.
He's actually a performance artist.
He's a performance artist.
Alex Jones is a fake.
They're lying to you because they think you're stupid.
And it's all based on the custody battle with my ex-wife five years ago.
And she was trying to put into evidence me dressed up more than a decade before, like the Joker, being sarcastic, saying, take your Prozac, kids.
Take your illegal drugs, too.
You'll die.
It's fun.
So people wouldn't take drugs.
And they wanted to enter that in evidence and say, look, he's insane telling kids to use drugs.
And my lawyer went, when Jack Nicholson plays the part of the Joker, no one thinks that's really Jack Nicholson.
So yeah, when I've been Cobra Commander.
Hail Cobra!
Or Optimus Prime.
Autobots, let's roll!
Or the Joker, because I can do imitations of them all really good.
Or Darth Vader.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Do I really think I'm Barth Vader?
Do I think I'm Optimus Prime?
Bubble Commander?
The Joker?
And clearly no reasonable person would think when I'm doing satire that what I'm saying is what I really think.
No one believes the Babylon Bee.
It's not trying to lie to you, it's being sarcastic.
Buy the Vaccinate Me Elmo doll today.
It's required by the CDC.
But they play those games.
And that's why I don't joke around as much as I used to.
Even though I tell people, okay, this is a joke, this isn't serious, they clip it out, and they say, no.
This is what he really believes.
Every day when I leave work, I do this.
That man's a threat to this country.
And they go, look, he admitted in court he's an actor.
Well, yeah, I was an actor in Scanner Darkly.
I was an actor in Waking Life.
I was an actor...
When I was Cobra Commander.
But it doesn't mean that Alex Jones, the talk show host, up here reading news articles to you isn't a real thing and isn't something I'm actually saying.
And you know that!
You're insulted right now.
I'm even explaining that to you.
And so am I. But that's who these people are.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
Am I really Darth Vader?
I think Alex Jones seems really talented.
He's smart.
He's funny as hell.
He's truly funny.
I'm kind of retarded.
Now that I've done those imitations, those little jokes, do you now not listen to what I say about other things when I show you a powerful news article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on InfoWars.com that has all the cited information, the latest tragedy, sudden adult death syndrome?
No, that's a real thing.
That's something happening in the real world.
And that's what we're breaking down here today.
I am Alex Jones, and I am the guy on this show every day.
I am an American, and that's what I promote, is freedom, and justice, and liberty, and they can't stand it.
Pesky earth creatures!
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The Great Awakening is here.
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And never give up the fight.
Ingrid Karlqvist is our guest.
The Islamists have famously tried to kill her multiple times.
She has been charged with hate crimes for publishing articles about Muslim-owned pharmacies and corruption.
And she joins us.
Ingrid Karlqvist to cover the waterfront, Islam, the totalitarian ideology used by globalists to subdue the West via immigration, the U.S.
should take care not to go the same way as Sweden.
She can also talk about the election over there with some so-called conservative leaders.
She can talk about the war in Russia.
She can talk about Sweden.
I was clearly involved in the Nord Stream sabotage and more.
So, she's at
Ingrid Karlquist on Twitter.
That's I-N-G-D-C-A-R-L-Q-V-I-S-T.
Ingrid, thank you so much for coming on with us today.
You've got the floor here to start rolling with being ground zero for the Great Reset there in Sweden.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I'm so happy to be here.
I'm a great fan of yours and I've really been following what's happened to you.
And as you, I was dragged into court, like you said, because we published an article and I didn't write it myself.
We published an article from a
A woman who has multiple diseases and so she goes to the pharmacies all the time and she had this worry about, you know, she knows about Islam and that those who are really into it, they must put their own before
So she was actually thinking about what would happen if we had a great crisis in Sweden where the medicines were scarce and there are so many Muslims working in the pharmacies because we see it because they wear the hijab.
And so what would happen if we had a big crisis and they didn't want to give, you know, really important medicines to Swedes who are not Muslims?
And I thought that that was an interesting thing to discuss.
So we published the article and we had a lot of comments on it.
I think like 70 comments or something like that.
And half of the commentators said, this is really interesting.
We should talk about this.
And the other half said, you are crazy.
You should be in
In an asylum, why do you even say these things?
Okay, I have been a journalist all my life, all my adult life.
I started in the journalism school when I was 18 and I worked in the mainstream media for 30 years.
And the last 10 years I was a freelance, so I didn't really knew what was going on in the newsroom.
And when I came back to one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden in like 2010, I was shocked.
What is going on here?
You know, when I started as a young journalist, my boss could tell me that
You go write about this, and they're going to say this and that, and you write it like this.
And then I came back and said, you were totally wrong, boss.
It wasn't at all like that.
It was the opposite.
And he said, OK, write that.
That is journalism to me.
And suddenly I noticed in this big newspaper, Aftonbladet,
It's the biggest newspaper in Sweden.
The boss told the young reporters, you must write a note.
They already had the headline.
And they said, this is the headline.
You're going to call these people and they are going to say this and that.
And then the young journalist came back to the boss and said, you know, they didn't say that.
They said the opposite.
Well, you have to phone 10 more people to make them say what we want them to say.
And I was I was shocked.
This is not journalism.
This is propaganda.
This is something totally different.
So that's when I left.
The mainstream media and I started my own newspaper with the Danish journalist Lars Helgaard and he was actually almost killed by a Muslim.
I haven't been in that horrible situation but I can tell you that our newspaper Dispatch International, we had to just stop it because we were all so shook up with
That was a Muslim coming to his house.
Well sure, Islam claim it's all friendly until they get to a certain point and everywhere it's the same.
That's why you look at a map of the world, Islamic countries are only Islamic.
They don't let other people, unless it's like Syria, that's their credit, actually live in peace there.
Describe what that process is like and you say, don't let America end up like Sweden.
What happened to Sweden?
Well, what happened to Sweden is that we were the most homogenous country in Europe.
There were only Swedes living here, you know, the old American or so, but mostly like 99.9% Swedish people.
That's why we were such a safe country because we all shared the same religion, sort of the same, you know, the same culture, the same language and everything like that.
And we also, we had a prime minister that said in
In the 60s, when there had been race riots in America, he said that we in Sweden, we are in such a better position situation than the US because our country, we are similar and not only when it comes to race.
And then just 10 years after he said that, then came Olof Palme, you know, the Prime Minister that was murdered.
He wanted to change everything in Sweden.
So in 1975,
I don't
All the things you could get when you came to Sweden.
Why did they do this?
I think it's because the Social Democrats that had been, you know, running Sweden for most of the hundred years of democracy we have had,
They realized that the working class that were their base, so to speak, they had become mostly middle class and they didn't vote for the Social Democrats anymore.
So they decided to bring in a lot of people, give them money, welfare and everything and tell them to vote for the Social Democrats.
And now what's happened to your country?
Describe the numbers, they're shocking.
Yeah, you know, now we have like 30% of the people that live here have some kind of foreign background.
And since the millennial, we have taken in 2 million people, and most of them come from Muslim countries.
So we have a population of about 10 million.
Now we don't really know how many who live here.
And so do the Muslims appreciate the free welfare and red carpet or how they've been behaving?
No, they've been behaving horribly.
You know, this Easter, we had this Danish-Swedish politician.
He's both Danish and Swedish.
He came to Sweden to burn the Koran, and you might think that that is not a very nice thing to do, but what he does... But it still is right!
He still is right.
He can burn any book he wants to.
It's his own book.
And his mission is to show the Swedish people that have been asleep for decades.
These are not tolerant people.
They are not tolerant people.
And what happened?
We had the greatest riots we have ever seen.
So many police officers were hurt, like more than 200 police officers were hurt.
They put the police cars on fire.
And it was, you know, not only young men, it was families, mother, father and children throwing rocks at the police.
So is Sweden starting to wake up or what's happening?
Yeah, and we had elections a month ago and finally the Social Democrats have been forced to leave government now.
For the first time in a hundred years.
There have been some, you know, four years here and eight years there and so on, but mostly they have been in power like 70 of the 100 years of democracy, something like that.
Not the first time.
That means they've got their bureaucrats still in place, even though you've gotten new leadership.
Exactly, Alex.
That's the problem.
And every time we had a conservative government, they have done nothing about this.
They have just let everything be.
So the Social Democrats have been running... So all you need is a peaceful purge of the Social Democrats.
Yes, that's exactly what we need.
And I think that I was really impressed when I watched the new Prime Minister today.
Let's talk about that because there's populists being elected everywhere and we love everybody but we don't want replacement migration or the left and the globalists bringing in populations to create destabilization.
We'll be right back.
Bringing folks that want to assimilate.
We'll be right back.
Ingrid Carlquist is an award-winning journalist in Sweden.
She's witnessed the UN's replacement migration, how they bring in people, brainwash them against the country, and then use them as a force to politically control the nation and hold it hostage.
But now she's saying, good news, it looks like the populist conservative leader that they just got elected
Just like Italy just did, many other countries, is actually doing the right thing and is about to go after the bureaucracy the Social Democrats over 100 years have put in place.
Trump didn't go after the bureaucracy properly.
That's why he got the election stolen and his agenda blocked.
So Ingrid, please continue.
Yeah, I actually listened to the new Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson is his name, as he was giving the declaration of the government, so to speak.
I don't know what you call it in English.
But all the things that he said that they want to do, it's really actually, most of it is from the Sweden Democrats.
You know, the party they all hated, but now they decided that they must work with the Sweden Democrats.
Because they are actually the biggest party in the conservative bloc that is forming the government.
But they didn't let the Sweden Democrats into the government.
But they have given, they have decided so much.
And they are going to have, you know, people inside
To work closely with the government.
So what are they saying?
Well, first of all, we need to not stop migration, but taking it down to the lowest level that the EU will permit us to have.
You know, we have been taken in like four times as many as Denmark, Norway and Finland, our neighbouring countries, together.
So it's been all crazy in Sweden and now they finally realize that you can't have this big immigration and the system that we have.
You know, most countries, they take one of two positions.
Either you have open borders and then everybody has to work and there is no welfare.
Or at least no welfare until you have become a citizen or something like that.
Or you have closed borders, very difficult to get inside.
But when you are inside the country, you will have everything that the Swedes or the Danes have.
But in Sweden, we have taken the worst.
We have open borders and everyone can get everything that a Swedish taxpayer can have.
So that has meant that so many people have come here.
They don't speak Swedish.
They have lived here for 20 or 30 years.
They don't speak Swedish because they don't need to.
Because every time they need to go to, you know, the welfare office or to court or anything, they just phone and they get a free interpreter.
They don't even have to pay for it.
And let's expand on that.
Describe, not just in Sweden, but France, Belgium, everywhere, the massive riots, the no-go zones, the prostitution, the sexual grooming.
They're setting up the worst aspects of North Africa and the Middle East because the very worst people are coming.
They're setting up the worst criminal aspects of the barbarous third world right there in Sweden.
And because it's politically correct, when they shoot somebody or hand grenade or rape or attack, it's okay because it's liberal.
Yeah, yeah.
And you know, we are a lot of people, not the majority, but a lot of people that has been, you know, screaming about this for years.
Why do you let Swedish women become raped?
There are so many rapes in Sweden, you know.
In 1975, when they decided to bring in a lot of foreigners, we had like 300 rapes a year.
Now it's up
Eight or nine thousand rapes.
And that's what's being reported.
I mean, I'm seeing something like 50% of the rapes in Germany and Sweden are foreigners.
Because in their culture, in Muslim countries, if a woman's alone and not wearing a hood over her head, a bikini pursuit, a hijab, they're free reign for rape.
And when I have spoken about this, writing articles about this, I was called an Islamophobe and a racist and a horrible person.
So that's why I think that's why they, you know, the governments in all the Western world, they hate journalists like you and me who still do real journalism and tell the truth that they don't want people to know.
That's why they drag us into court.
But I think the point you're getting at, and correct me if I'm wrong, is
There's an awakening happening, a pendulum swinging back.
Your view on what's happening, not just in Sweden, but in Europe as a whole?
Well, I do see some good news.
I'm in Sweden.
Who could have thought that Sweden, the country where, you know, we have mass migration for so many decades, suddenly voted for a conservative government who now have decided that we must bring down migration to a minimum and we must look over all the laws, the whole judicial system, because the laws in Sweden were made for Swedes and we are not very violent.
So, you know, we have all these
If you go to jail, when you serve two-thirds, you can come out.
If it's not very serious, you don't have to go to prison.
All this has now to change with a new government.
And let's start over.
For people who don't know, I've read about it and seen it, I've never been to Sweden, but you guys had ridiculously low crime, described as like a utopia by the left.
Because you had socialism, but it was really the culture that did it.
Since you brought in the Islamists and others now, you're one of the highest crime rates in Europe.
Describe that transformation.
It's just crazy, you know.
The documentary State of Sweden that a friend of mine did, he lives in
The US now and he did this 12 hour long documentary to show people what has happened to Sweden and it took me it's so long it took me several weeks to watch it because it is so upsetting and then I knew all of this because it's so horrible all these kids that are being robbed and they don't rob them you know primarily for
For money, or phones, or jackets, they do it to humiliate them.
Young Swedish boys and girls are being humiliated every day in school.
They are called stupid Swedes, and they are bullied, and they are... Videos are shot of young girls being raped, you name it, and the media tries to cover it up.
Yeah, yeah, they don't talk about it.
So for the Islamists and others, it's a rite of passage to go out and shoot, attack, rape and attack native Swedes.
Yeah, and they only get like one or two years in prison if they get prison at all.
So that's why I'm so happy that we've got this new government that at least they say they want to change all of this.
They have finally understood that Sweden is going to collapse if they don't do anything.
You know, we have these areas where mostly Muslims and
Uh, areas where 20, 30,000 people live and they have their own Sharia police and they have this, this, uh, this families, this criminal families that run the whole show and they even, the Swedish police sometimes calls these families, the head of this criminal family and ask them, can you please help us?
Can you stop shoot each other?
This is just
It's nothing like the Sweden I grew up in.
Not at all.
Well, we're importing the most vicious parts of the third world.
Normally, the West wants to get the brains of the third world.
No, we're not getting the brains.
We're getting the organized, syndicated crime.
We'll be right back.
I believe in justice, but I've also studied geopolitics in different regions of the world.
And I'm not at war with Islam.
I'm not at war with white people, Jews, black people, Christians.
But I'm at war against tyranny and gangs and organized crime.
And you can't go to most Muslim countries and be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Jew.
Only a few Islamic countries that allow a little bit of it.
You'll be driven out.
That's like Syria and Iran.
There it's highly controlled.
And so we bring in people from intolerant countries by the tens of millions per nation.
Then we wonder why it doesn't work.
Well, the social engineers knew it would work.
We give them welfare, we build them up.
I've seen Germany running ads telling 14-year-old German girls to get an adult male Muslim husband at age 25.
But if a German does that, they go to jail for pedophilia, and they should get in trouble.
So it's a red carpet to break down society.
It's a plan, and the very worst elements are flooding in on those ships and those zodiac boats that George Soros funds.
And I've seen footage out of Germany and Sweden.
We played once on air.
One of the footages, a woman went to one of these tolerance concerts.
And she's a beautiful woman, and dozens of men rape her brutally.
I've watched the whole 30-minute tape.
Just the tape was that long.
She reportedly had multiple broken bones.
And the media defended it and said, well, you know, whatever.
It's no big deal.
It's Muslims.
So this fetishizing of this is wrong, and Muslims should be decrying this.
But I don't see the imams.
In Turkey.
Or in Israel.
Saying that.
I've seen footage where they say, we are colonizing Europe, they are weak, we are going to get their women.
And that's what the media advertises, come to Europe and get women and get free welfare.
That's the sick, evil left and I blame them.
Are there good Muslims to move in?
Doctors, scientists, researchers, farmers with good backgrounds.
We know they are.
We don't bring people in who are the worst dregs of those societies and it's absolutely disgusting.
We have an award-winning investigative journalist there who's been under major attack.
We've got big articles on her at newswars.com, europewars.com.
Ingrid Karklis, please continue with the transformation of Sweden and the backlash we're now finally seeing.
Yeah, you know, I think Swedish people have been so quiet for many years because we didn't really live with the Muslims, you know.
They lived in the suburbs, outside the big cities, but now there are so many and they are all over Sweden.
Now even small towns, villages, have gang shootings and drugs all over, you know.
That's why they shoot each other because they fight
For the drugs and I think that finally Swedes noticed that our country has totally changed but for many years Swedes didn't even notice because we never mixed with them.
We lived in our areas and we
The kids went to Swedish schools, but now everyone, no one can close their eyes anymore and see.
I mean, the young people, they have never known the Sweden that I grew up in, but the young people, they know that something is really, really wrong.
At the same time that we had elections, we also had school elections.
And it showed that the young people, you know, you always say that young people, they are more like socialists and then they become conservative.
But the Swedish young people, they are very, very conservative.
They don't want the Sweden Democrats.
Well, that's because they're getting beat up at the train station in Mustafa.
So they know what's going on, even though they don't know the Sweden that I grew up in.
They know that this is totally wrong, and that they are being beaten up, raped, and killed by foreigners who hate us.
And I mean, that is the...
The combination of taking people from the worst cultures, the worst countries in the world, and telling them that they can have everything they want, they don't need to learn about the Swedish society, they don't have to speak Swedish, and don't care about the Swedes because they're all racist.
That's what they've been telling people.
You know, it's the perfect storm.
And of course, Sweden's not the worst hit.
Well, who would you say the worst hit nation is?
Probably France?
Probably France, because they have been taking in Muslims for a very long time, you know, from their colonial days, Algeria.
But I would say that Sweden is not far behind France.
And Germany has
They also have big problems, but not like Sweden, because I think they are tougher against them.
Sweden has been the perfect place for them.
That's why I think that the globalists, they decided, they wanted Sweden as a, you know,
Let's see what will happen.
Can we take the most homogenous country in Europe, the friendliest, the safest, the most non-violent country in Europe, and see what happens if we fill up with 2 million Muslims in 20 years?
What will happen?
I think they actually had a plan with this.
They wanted to see what happened.
Sure, well, here's the problem.
Muslims have on average six children, Swedes have like 1.5 children.
So within a couple generations there'll be no more Swedes anyway, so I guess they'll have another Muslim wonderland which they'll be trying to get out of as soon as possible.
That's the thing, the Muslims are always trying to get out of the hell they've created.
Yeah, and that is so, you know, people think that Muslims, they go to Sweden because they hate the Muslim system.
That's not at all true.
They come here because they know they get a lot of money.
They don't have to work.
They can just live off
Of the welfare system and then they can have a job on the side where they don't pay taxes.
So they can have a really good life in Sweden.
They didn't flee their countries, of course some of them, but I'm talking about the majority that has come the last 20 years.
If they have a mission, it is to spread Islam and Sharia.
So if Sweden doesn't, you know, really change things very quickly now, I'm afraid that we will become the first Sharia state in Europe.
And then it's all gone.
Then it's all over.
So Sweden is set to become the first Sharia state in Europe if things don't turn back.
But you're saying, good news, the people are waking up.
Yeah, that's the good news.
And the new government, they do realize that we need to have as few new immigrants as possible, but they don't realize that we need...
I mean there are so many people here that has never worked a day, they don't speak Swedish, they don't integrate at all, they don't even like Sweden.
Well that's my next point.
I've seen numbers in France and Europe, I haven't seen the Swedish numbers, where upwards of 90% within three years never get a job.
And within like a decade, 50% never get a job.
So they're just sitting there on welfare.
Yeah, yeah.
And it's crazy, you know, Swedes should just stop working, stop paying taxes, but we can't, because the system here is so that the tax authorities, your employer sends the money, your tax money, to the tax authorities.
So you can't even say, I won't pay my taxes anymore.
Wow, we're going to come back with a final segment.
Tell us what's coming up.
What else is on your radar screen?
Well, you want to talk about Nord Stream and how I have the reliable sources that say that Sweden knew what was going to happen.
That's why we don't want to tell what we know.
Let's talk about Russia and that war that's escalating towards World War Three straight ahead with our special guest.
And then coming up, Royce White is loaded for bear in the fourth hour.
Talk about Kanye West, censorship and so much more.
Ingrid, how do we, I always butcher names, you have a beautiful name, Carquist, is that how you say it?
Yeah, Carquist.
All right.
We'll come right back and talk to you there on the front lines of the globalist replacement migration invasion.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
We've got a Swedish journalist who's on the front lines of tyranny for many years ahead of the great Royce White taking over, Ingrid Carquist.
Ingrid, you've got so much going on, so many points to make.
What else do you want to get across to an audience of millions of not just Americans, but people as far away as Australia?
Yeah, I want to tell you about the sabotage against Nord Stream.
Do you remember in 1981 there was a Soviet submarine that ran aground in the Swedish archipelago?
It was called U-137 and it was a shock to Sweden that a Soviet submarine was suddenly in our archipelago and ran aground.
So then Sweden decided to put in something called SOSUS, that is Sound Surveillance System, that the US started to explore in the Cold War and they wanted to check
And they thought it was very accurate, and now the Swedes won't give the information they have on the Nord Stream 2 destruction.
Yeah, so what I wanted you to know is that Sweden has this system, and officially it's only on Swedish water, but my sources, I have good sources in intelligence, so they say that we have them all over the Baltic Sea.
So, Sweden knows exactly what happened, and we also have another thing telling us this, because the Swedish Marine, they were on the place where the sabotage was made for 48 hours, and then they left like 8 hours before the first explosions.
So, you must understand that Sweden let someone do this.
They even helped them in some way.
And that's why they won't let anyone know what we know, because Sweden knows exactly who did this.
And so, do you think that if Sweden knew it was Russia, that they would have kept quiet?
No, of course not.
I think, my best guess is that it's the US and the UK, maybe a third country, like Ukraine, for example,
And Sweden gave our permission and told them that we were never ever going to reveal who was behind it.
Well sure, we know U.S.
submarine launch ships, demolition ships were in the area and helicopters.
The motives there, it obviously wasn't the Russians.
The Russians didn't blow up their bridge either.
It's pretty clear who did this.
Of course.
And you know that the thing is that
If Sweden, since Sweden knows about this, and maybe we did it to get some things from the US, and as a coincidence we just signed an agreement with the US about military cooperation one or two days ago, so this is what Sweden got
Out of this, helping the U.S., the U.K., maybe Ukraine to blow up the North Stream pipelines.
Well, Kimono, who stands to gain, what do you expect to happen next with this escalating proxy war?
Well, the new... I mean, every Swedish politician, they are just like the US, the UK, and all the rest.
We must support Ukraine.
We must give them more weapons, more money, and the new government is all about that too.
Even though, you know, the leader of the Sweden Democrat Party, Jimmie Ã…kesson, he's on this Ukrainian hit list, you know, people they want to kill.
I love it.
Even Elon Musk is on it after he gave them satellites.
It's like he didn't kiss their ass good enough.
No, I know.
I think they took him away after like 15 minutes because they realized that, oh, this is bad PR for us.
But I haven't heard the Sweden Democrats talk about this, but I found out.
So we talked about it in our show yesterday, but nobody's talking about it.
And you know, the Sweden Democrats, they have actually been the ones warning for Russia for many years.
You know, when all
All the Swedish politicians decided that we didn't need any army or any defense force at all, because there were not going to be any more wars in the world.
The Sweden Democrats were always saying, well, we need to watch out for Russia.
And for folks that don't know, you're a parliamentary system.
Democrats in your country are not the same.
You have social Democrats, Democrats.
Explain, the Democrats are more conservative there, right?
No, we have the Social Democrats.
They are like the Democrats.
They're the bad guys, yeah.
Yeah, they are the bad guys.
They're the ones that have been running this country for almost a hundred years.
So the Democrats there are different than the Democrats here, just for my listeners.
We don't have any party just called Democrats.
It's the Social Democrats and the Sweden Democrats.
The Sweden Democrats, they are the party that came into Parliament because they wanted to stop immigration.
So how would you describe them?
Not even conservative, but more populist?
Well, I would say that they are old-fashioned Social Democrats.
I'm sorry to say that, but, you know, the Social Democrats used to be very strict on immigration up until the 70s.
They didn't want to change Sweden.
They talked about it was a great thing that there were almost only Swedes in Sweden.
They said, Swedes to Sweden and Sweden to the Swedes.
That's what they used to say up until 1975, when they decided that that was not
Do you have any right-wing parties of any value?
We have the Conservative Party called the Moderates and we have the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats.
They are in the government, those three.
Moderates, Liberals and Christian Democrats.
And they are supported by the Sweden Democrats.
They wouldn't let them into government because they have been pariah for so many years.
So it's a big step that they are even talking.
You're saying the black sheep are now getting back in?
Yeah, they are.
And that is so great.
And I think that when I heard the new Prime Minister talking about what they're going to do, it was so much policies from the Sweden Democrats.
And that's what we need.
We need someone who really understands that we are in big trouble.
And if we're going to save Sweden, we need to do something about it now.
All right, Ingrid Carquist, what's the best website for people to find your very informative work?
Well, you know, I do podcasts twice a week with my colleague Maria Salander, but unfortunately for you, that's in Swedish.
So you won't have much fun with that.
But you can follow me on Twitter.
It is at Ingrid Kalkwis.
And if you want, I would really want you to go to Rumble and type in State of Sweden in one word, the documentary that will let you know just how horrible things have become in Sweden.
So please watch it, please share it, please talk about it, because I don't want the US to be in the same situation that we have been in.
So that is a warning for all Americans.
Stop doing what you're doing.
Get rid of that Biden person and take care of your country.
All right, Ingrid, amazing.
Thank you so much.
Glad that Sean Stone recommended you.
I've seen your work before, but it's great to have you on.
Thank you.
All right, Royce White.
Thank you so much.
Royce White is about to take over.
I come to listeners again because we're barely staying on air in the fight against the globals.
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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Royce White here, and I'm your guest host for the evening, or sorry, for the afternoon, I should say.
First, I want to say thank you.
We're live here from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast, OK, where globalism has all but taken root.
And we have submitted
To the will of the globalists, the New World Order, and all the various agendas they have planned for us.
And I want to give a special thank you, as I always do, to Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to host this legendary platform at this most historic time.
And I want to give a special thank you to Alex Jones and the team for their 20 plus years of service
To the truth and fighting back against this new world order agenda.
I'm just coming getting back to the office from from a bit of sparring MMA sparring this this afternoon.
So excuse me my voice is a little hoarse.
We're going to talk about a lot of things today.
Three things mainly Kanye West and the question of Jewish versus anti-Jewish.
We're going to talk about the black bourgeoisie, Alex Jones and Steve Bannon in the kangaroo courts, the tyrannical kangaroo courts that have been erected against them.
And finally, in the last segment, right at the bottom of the hour, I want to discuss Russia and Ukraine.
If you get a chance after the interview is done or after this hour is up,
I have a substack that I published this morning, an open letter to Vladimir Putin, titled, When the Dust Never Settles, and it is an olive branch of sorts, with what little political power and platform I have as an American citizen.
And I hope many in the conservative movement will join in and be force multipliers on that piece.
Hopefully we can get it into the hands of Vladimir Putin.
It's a long shot, but
A man can have hope and faith.
Before we get into the topics that I laid out, I want to start off by saying that the most important issue, and where we should be focused above all else, is the parallel economy.
This is an idea that's rising in the conservative movement.
And the anti-globalist movement.
And it's what Alex Jones has been doing for 20 plus years with InfoWars and all the products that they sell.
He has laid the foundation and the groundwork and been an example for what we all need to invest in and become familiar with and that is a parallel economy.
Understand that the inflation, the inflation is not necessarily intended to break the average American citizen.
Although the average American citizen can always be and is usually a casualty or bystander of the decisions that are made from the high table that sits above us.
But really and more specifically from a more strategic standpoint, the inflation and the Fed right now are intending to break the middle market.
Why break the middle market?
Because the conservative movement is relying upon the donor money from the independent business owner, the Nation of Shopkeepers.
And if the Nation of Shopkeepers disappears, there will be no more donor base for the Republican Party or the conservative movement.
That is why you see a merging or a synergy
Of political and ideological belief in all of the big box or big gorilla tenant companies.
They plan to break the middle market and they're doing it right now and the Fed and their inflation rate is going to sweep out thousands and thousands of small business owners.
So the parallel economy is should be our number one focus.
We're going to talk about that much more and much else when we come back on the other side Royce White.
Back with you live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast, your guest host for the hour.
And I'm thankful once again.
I'm thankful to Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars team for allowing me to host this legendary platform.
I can't say it enough.
Before the break, we talked a little bit about the parallel economy and the importance of the American people, the free people, the free people of the world.
But let's focus on the free people of America.
Trading, charting their own course, economically.
Economic sovereignty.
If we believe that the globalists are who we say we believe they are, why would we continue to give them our money?
Well, there's a simple reason why.
Because we feel we have no other option.
We feel there are no alternatives.
We have to create those alternatives.
We have to create the economy that will service
I think?
In the currency policies or the inflation rates and things like that, we tend to get a narrative from the mainstream media that shows the ramifications for the average American citizen.
But what we don't see are the downstream, or maybe the upstream, I should say, ramifications for political movement.
And right now when they go after an Alex Jones who has been running, in a small way, his own independent shop, his own parallel economy with his audience.
Steve Bannon has been running his own shop, his own parallel economy with his audience.
These are the people they intend to break.
And so their actions in these tyrannical kangaroo courts and the Fed and the monetary policy are not
Are not disconnected.
They are one.
They are one single effort to break the American people of their of their hope of having or retaining their American citizenship.
And this rolls us into the first topic.
I want to talk about and I'll probably spend to the next two segments talking about this Kanye West.
Oh, wow.
This one touch this one this one.
I think I'm I'm probably a perfect person to talk about this issue.
One, because I've been talking about this issue for quite some time, about, you know, four years or so.
And two, because I sort of run in these circles.
The black celebrities, the black athletes, the black entertainers, the black public figures, right?
And the Jewish handlers.
That have come to commonly known control much of the industries and the platforms that black people now occupy.
And so, you know, let's start here.
Let's ask the question of what do we mean when we say anti-semitic?
What do they intend to mean when they say Kanye West is anti-semitic?
Now, if you have been following this story,
Kanye West in the last few days was on a platform called Drink Champs, which is hosted by rapper Nori, Noriega, stage name Nori.
And this interview has since been taken down.
So we're getting some black on black cancel culture going in the last few days regarding Kanye West.
And in this interview, Kanye West just went off.
I mean, he went off about the relationship or his experience with the Jewish elite and his own personal career, but also the people who he knows who are, you know, a degree of separation away in that black elite tier.
And so, in this interview, he had addressed what had made headlines a few days before regarding the tweet that he made where he said, you know, in the morning I'm going DEFCON 3 on the Jewish people.
And in this interview, you know, he extended an olive branch of sorts and said, hey listen, I didn't articulate it the best.
You know, I could have said that better.
And when I saw the tweet myself, my first instinct was,
You could have said that better.
But I think Kanye was right, and he was right in this Drink Champs interview in saying, technically what I said was probably not as articulate as it could have been, but the spirit of what I was saying was on point.
And the spirit of what he was saying is on point.
And what he's saying is, nobody hates the Jewish people
In a general sense, that would be anti-Semitic, to have a hatred of Jews just in general.
Now, there are a small group of people out there that do hate Jews in general, but it's nowhere near the level of prominence that the mainstream media, the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, tries to make it.
What people are saying, what Kanye West is saying in the music business and entertainment industry,
But what many political voices and conservative voices have been saying about this relationship on an international level, on a political level, is that there is a Jewish elite that tends to be secular in belief and corrupt in their political practice.
And this secular Jewish elite most often has rejected the idea of God.
They have rejected Judaism, and therefore, they are not Jews.
They're anti-Jews.
And I want people to become familiar with this because this three card Monte that is used with racism and anti-semitism to silence conservative voices is a go to strategy out of the out of the communist, globalist, neoliberal Marxist playbook.
It's it's if we can call you racist, we'll call you racist.
But if you share black skin with the people who we've who we've marked out as a protected class and we can't really call you racist, the next best thing we can do is call you anti-semitic.
And it's a three-card Monte that I saw played on myself.
And here, locally, when I announced a run for Congress, the Star Tribune said that for me to even use the word globalism was a dog whistle for anti-Semitism.
And it's not.
First of all, they're globalists of all nationalities, creeds, colors, ages, sexual orientation, so on and so forth.
So that's ridiculous in its premise.
But there is a valid criticism to be made of the Jewish elite, especially as it pertains to their role as a go-between for the black public figures, black celebrities, black athletes, entertainers, so on and so forth, and the control that they have over our platform, over our economic vitality.
And here's something that Kanye West said that I thought was so insightful.
He said, why is it when a black person does something wrong,
Um, with other black people, black people are guilty by association that all black people sort of take on the culpability, uh, you know, or the criticism of what a few black people do.
But when somebody Jewish in a position of power does something corrupt or wrong, it's just him.
He, none of the people around him come into the consideration.
And the prime example of this is Donald Sterling.
Do not forget the story that was buried by the very mainstream media Jewish establishment that Kanye West is talking about.
Donald Sterling said in the transcripts with his side piece that became famous and then got him banned from the NBA, in Israel the black Jews are treated like dogs.
That the black Jews are 50% less human
Then the white Jews.
This came from his mouth.
And what was interesting about the Donald Sterling case is, one, that the mainstream media never even associated, never made any prominence out of the comments that he made regarding Israel, which is not by accident.
Nobody in their right mind would believe that a Jewish run media skipped over Donald Sterling's Israel comments by accident.
But even more so,
That the black bourgeoisie elite that are at the head of the sports world, LeBron James, Chris Paul, the people that were at the union from the players side at that time, all of them allowed the public narrative to drift away from calling for a deeper investigation into Donald Sterling's surrounding partners or community or friendship, which is the other NBA owners.
They said, you know what?
Ban Donald Sterling.
These sentiments that are expressed are just him.
We don't have to worry about Adam Silver or Mark Cuban or any of the other people who are in his community, I mean, indisputably and objectively in his immediate community as other owners of NBA franchises, but they also share a Jewish identity.
And they're open about that Jewish identity when it's advantageous, but when Donald Sterling goes off and says the black Jews are treated like dogs and this is just our culture, all of a sudden he's isolated.
That's what Kanye West was talking about when he said, when black people do something wrong, they all take on a guilty by association criticism.
But when a Jewish man does something wrong, he's an anomaly.
And that is because the Jewish run media has constraint power and control over the narrative.
And we're going to continue to talk about that on the other side of the break.
Royce White, back with you live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast, and I'm your guest host for the hour.
In the last segment, we were talking about Kanye West and all of this anti-Semitic, anti-Semitic controversy that has popped up around Kanye West over the last week.
And if you notice, you know, I think it was Reuters, maybe it was another publication that said that Donald Trump recently has now been called anti-Semitic.
I mean, it's just so blatant and obvious.
I mean, you'd think they would do a better job of hiding it, but they really don't have to do a great job of hiding it because the masses of people who tune in to headlines, wherever they consume them, believe what they're told.
And that is the single greatest issue.
And I think that's what makes Kanye West so courageous.
And taking this fight on, and I've tried to do it myself but with a much smaller platform, it is one of the greatest fights that we must undertake.
And it's not against Jewish people or any one particular group of people.
It's against people who are anti-truth.
People who do not see the value and the premium on the truth.
Look, the media is disproportionately run by a Jewish elite and Jewish talking heads.
And so that's not... I mean, if we can't call a spade a spade, what chance do we have to live with any logic or reason or coherence?
And I think, in a more deeper sense, that is what Kanye West is trying to drive home, is that we can't even begin to talk about the truth.
We can't even begin to speak the truth.
And listen, every time you... I want people to understand this.
When you hear me talk about the Jewish elite, all you have to do in order to debunk that it's an anti-Semitic trope, is put the black elite right next to him.
Because I'm a black man,
I think that the black bourgeoisie is right there next to this Jewish elite, or right there underneath them in subservience, and they're just as culpable morally in this entire narrative and motif that we have running today.
And if you saw over the break all of the, you know, clips of the violence
The violence in black communities.
I mean, can we not look at these clips and go, these are young black people.
These are young black men that are waging violence on one another in the most brutal and inhumane and undignified manner possible.
Of course we should be able to say that.
Of course Kanye West should be able to say to these black bourgeoisie elites like Diddy, Sean Puffy Combs, whoever else he named, pick one.
It doesn't matter, pick one.
Especially the ones that try and say, oh, Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.
Sean Puffy Combs or P. Diddy or whatever goes by now, you know, went out and made a response and said, you know, well, Black Lives Matter.
Don't don't play with that.
You know, you can't play with that phrase or that.
You can't play with that.
Oh, that's the Holy Grail of cultural phrases, Diddy.
We can't play with the Black Lives Matter by saying White Lives Matter.
And again, I didn't love the shirt as a public move.
I think Kanye West should just say the thing that he wants to say.
He doesn't need no antics to go along with.
That's my personal opinion.
However, you're saying that Black Lives Matter is something that's just unreproachable?
Well, how is that the case when the Black Lives Matter leaders, the people that actually led the organization, basically embezzled money on George Floyd's name and death and gave the money to transgender organizations?
Diddy, you sounding a little suspect.
A lot of you black bourgeoisie elites are sounding a little suspect.
Sounds like you're not only trying to carry water and shill for the LGBTQ agenda, sounds like you got a vested personal interest in it.
And I'm not saying because what a man does behind closed doors sexually is his own business.
I and nobody else has any right to determine how people behave sexually.
That's your business.
But what when it becomes a problem is when you bring those preferences or those those agendas into the public arena and then you use your position of power culturally as a as a as a designated demographic.
Let's say a black man and then you blend the cultural motif of transgender LGBTQ politics and that of black people and black Americans.
It's inappropriate.
It's it's it's in it's illogical and it's
It's just, it's corrupt.
It's corrupt on its face.
You know, Canada's Owens was great to uncover that the BLM organization gave millions of dollars to transgender non-profits or, you know, shell companies, let's call them.
They're embezzling money and they're sending it straight to transgender organizations that then advocate to teach transgenderism to little kids.
And Kanye West is wrong?
He's the one who's a sellout?
He's the one who's harming black people?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, you could run that on people who scroll Instagram all day and they see a 15 second reel and they're impressed because you're Sean Puffy Combs and the Jewish bourgeoisie elite that have allowed you to have the material success that you've had that you can dangle over other black people.
They're impressed by that.
You could tell those people
That Kanye West is the enemy, but the real folks, God's people, people who still have faith, people who are not brainwashed with the radical materialism, we see straight through it.
Sean Puffy Combs, you are the problem with black people.
You and the black bourgeoisie elite who have always stood next to the corrupt status quo, the ever-expanding middle, that's used black identity as a way to steer the public narrative, you are the problem.
Kanye West ain't the problem.
Kanye West's words aren't going to make more black people get kicked.
Trying to deny and deflect away from the reality that black people have a serious problem in this country with violence against one another.
Mindless, meaningless, undignified, inhumane violence against one another is the biggest problem that black people face.
And if you want to go a layer deeper than that, if you want to go a layer deeper than the violence that springs out in the streets in black communities every day, well let's go a layer deeper.
And we find the same bourgeoisie black elites with the same scam and corruption.
And the single greatest example
Of the relationship, the corrupt relationship between the black bourgeoisie and the Jewish elite is not about the public narrative of Black Lives Matter versus White Lives Matter anti-Semitism.
Those are what you call the WWE politics.
But the single greatest corrupt relationship is banking.
Oh yeah, why is it that LeBron James wants to open a school?
Why is it that Sean Puffy Combs wants to start a media channel?
Why don't any of them start a bank?
It costs 12 to 15 million dollars to start a bank.
Why is it that all of these black elites, with more than enough capital, wealth, to start a bank, always seem to conveniently go for other ventures?
Is it because every time it's brought up, their Jewish intermediaries always tell them that banking's an industry that they don't need to busy themselves with and venture to?
That it's too hard?
That it has a low chance of success and return and profit?
That too much can go wrong with the banks?
You know why too much can go wrong?
Because they've all grandfathered themselves in to the ancillary position.
Banking is the single greatest example, which is why, in short order, they've now debanked Kanye West, Alex Jones, and they plan to do it to the rest of people who believe in American citizenship.
I mean, we're going to continue talking about this on the other side of the break.
I'm hot.
Back again, ladies and gentlemen, I'm your guest host Royce White, live from Minneapolis, the belly of the beast.
And I can't be, I couldn't be more thankful to Alex Jones for letting me host this hour during this historic time.
Number one, because the globalist establishment clearly wants to, wants to de-platform or, or bankrupt InfoWars that I've been watching now for over 10 years.
But also because of the nature of the narrative that's
That's, you know, sprouted up over the last few weeks.
And this Kanye West anti-Semitism, you know, narrative is one that we've been talking about for this entire hour.
And again, nobody, nobody reasonable in the conservative, reasonable.
They're out there.
Those unreasonable people, they're out there.
Don't get me wrong.
Nobody reasonable dislikes Jewish people in general.
It's ridiculous.
What people are saying, which seems to be all but obvious, indisputable, is that there is a Jewish elite, a very prominent Jewish elite, that tend to be secular and they practice corrupt politics.
And to be honest, they're not even being very covert about it.
All they're doing is running a post-World War II Holocaust narrative to cover and shield their corruption.
Let me get, let me, let me, and let me help, let's go a level deeper.
If you don't believe in God, you're not Jewish.
It's that simple.
The Jewish identity goes back in an ethno, a very, a very, a very well-kept historical ethno-national way.
Back to the bloodline of Abraham, but really through Moses and the Constitution of Israel with Moses and the High Rabbinical Court that still exists today.
The High Rabbinical Court is the single greatest validation, you could say, along with the Catholic Church, of the Holy Bible.
Because these stories aren't just stories.
These stories are stories that have been passed on traditionally
Back 2,000 years!
In some cases more!
In the case of Judaism, more!
The High Rabbinical Court still exists today.
Why do we say rabbinical?
For those who don't understand?
For those who have been brainwashed with the LGBTQ curriculums of the modern public schools who have lost all first principles and sense of Aristotelian metaphysics?
Rabbinical is
The extension of the word rabbi, right?
The rabbi court, the high rabbi court.
So if you reject the covenant between God and the chosen people, you're not Jewish!
Cut the shit!
Stop it!
You're not Jewish.
You're an anti-Jew.
When all of your politics and all of your cultural rhetorics mean to undo what Judaism and then the byproduct of Christianity has done in the Western world and all around the world, you're not Jewish.
You're an anti-Jew.
Just like if you don't believe in Jesus Christ, you're not a Christian.
If you don't believe in Allah or Muhammad, you're not a Muslim.
You're an anti-Muslim or you're an anti-Christian or if you don't believe in the Constitution, you're not an American, you're an anti-American.
If you don't believe in the fundamental rules of the game of basketball, five men versus five men shooting on two hoops at ten feet with one little round basketball, you're not a basketball player.
You're an anti-basketball player.
It's very simple.
The black bourgeoisie, you carry- I can't stand you people.
When I run into you people, I'm gonna spit on the floor.
Sean Puffy Combs, you're carrying water for the Jewish bourgeoisie.
You got 400 million dollars?
What more do you need?
What more do you radical materialists need to acquire?
In this anti-God society, to be able to have the permission to speak the truth.
This is what we're talking about here.
You people won't speak the truth.
And that's what Kanye West has said.
That's what Minister Louis Farrakhan said.
That's what Alex Jones has said.
That's what Steve Bannon has said.
That's what Donald Trump has said.
Pick one.
Pick a person at the mainstream media that is overseen by the Jewish elite.
Pick a person
Those people were cast aside, were ostracized, were persecuted, in some cases prosecuted, for speaking the truth.
And when you're anti-God, the truth has no value.
You get to make the truth up as you go.
What an anti-Jewish motif.
What an anti-human motif.
What an anti-worldly motif.
What an anti-God motif.
I'll just make it up as I go.
I don't have to say that Eric Holder
Was held in contempt of court by not appearing before Congress.
And he never ended up appearing before Congress, nor did he serve one day in jail.
And this Friday, this kangaroo tyrannical court plans to send Steve Bannon to jail on the manufactured consent and complacency with corruption that has become the American people and American citizenship.
But why does it matter?
We don't have to adhere to the truth.
And the reason why they don't have to adhere to the truth, the reason why a Kanye West has to step way outside the box to try and grab people's attention in the midst of this chaotic info war, is because you people, and in some cases I'm talking to this audience, but in some cases I'm talking to the people out there that can hear the sound of my voice.
You people have accepted that lying is a means to an end.
That lying is a course worth exploring.
That dishonesty and disinformation and whatever it is that helps me sleep better at night, whatever is convenient for me, is fine.
It's fine.
That's who Sean Combs is.
Take a look at Sean Combs' interviews.
Just take a look at them.
You know, you're way off.
I don't know if you're hopped up on drugs or what.
I don't know.
I don't know you personally, so I can't say.
But when I look at you, you look like somebody who is under severe psychological turmoil, or you're probably just on drugs, maybe a bit of both.
But you're not somebody who can be the moral authority.
Who made you the moral authority on anything?
You're not philosophical.
You're not an intellectual.
You don't have no grasp of history.
You come to the podium that the Jewish bourgeoisie set up for you to talk about the same run-of-the-mill, low-rent issues, low-information voter issues that have made black people vote Democrat at a 90% clip since after the Civil Rights Act was passed.
You don't have no moral authority.
And what black person in their mind would come to a screen, whether it be their phone, or their laptop, or their computer, or their television, and listen to what you have to say about culture and politics versus a Minister Louis Farrakhan?
Black men, black leaders, black intellectuals, black faith leaders who actually put their lives on the line to speak about issues that you now grift off of at a time when they were really killing black people for talking about it.
Sean Puffy Combs ain't in danger for saying racism still exists here in America.
Black Lives Matter is a phrase you can't play with.
There's no danger in him saying that.
The entire narrative is protected.
The judiciary is siphoned and protected for him to say just that very thing.
And all you people have to do is look and say, where are the winds blowing?
Where are the wins?
People have lost all sense of the wins.
The wins are at people's back to say that very narrative, which is why you should look for the people who they've banned.
If you accept that the system is guilty, if you accept that the system is corrupt, why are you willing to drink the Kool-Aid from the same system?
I'll tell you why.
Because you want to be on top in the system.
When these people call out the system for being corrupt, they're not doing it because they want the system to change.
And I'm not talking about Sean Puffy Combs.
I'm talking about the everyday American citizen in a black community that has been brainwashed that radical materialism is the way to happiness and peace.
No, God is the way to happiness and peace.
Truth is the way to happiness and peace.
Sacred honor is the way to happiness and peace.
National honor is the way to happiness and peace.
What you're doing is saying, as much money as I can get, as many things I can get for myself, that's going to make me happy.
That's going to bring me peace.
No, that's going to bring you distraction.
And that's what I see when I hear Sean Puffy Combs talking.
I see his mannerisms.
I see a distracted individual.
A person who was intentionally distracted.
By a culture that sits over them, above them, and has laid the foundation of a radical materialist mentality and spirit.
The rejection of God.
The game the whole world but lose my soul is an adoption of Satanism.
You people have been brainwashed with Satanism.
You don't even see it.
And Kanye West is the bad guy.
You gotta be kidding me.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Royce White here.
I've been your guest host for the hour.
We are now at the bottom of the hour, and we've been discussing a great number of things, but mainly predicated around this entire narrative of Kanye West, the characterization or the demonization or the castigation of anti-Semitism that has been waged upon him and many other conservative voices.
And, you know, a lot of you conservatives out there, let's just be frank.
A lot of you conservative commentators out there don't want to broach this issue.
Because you're in on it.
You're in on the scam.
You're in on the shielding and the shilling and the fucking, excuse my language, the BS narrative that has been erected around the political sphere.
Two sides of the same coin, liberalism and conservatism.
Is conservatism really a genuine movement in some places in America?
But within our political elites, conservatism serves as the controlled opposition for liberalism, which makes it two sides of the same coin.
And that is the case.
And the Jewish elite and the black bourgeoisie carry water for the Uniparty.
Let's just look at the facts, ladies and gentlemen.
Is the real issue in America have anything to do with these cultural bickering matches?
My contention is no.
My contention is that most... Let's look at what's being done right now.
It's all a look away.
It's all a way to say, look over here.
Look over here.
You know, look behind you.
Look underneath the chair.
Look back underneath this lampshade.
Go on this treasure hunt.
Go on this treasure hunt for information that is by and large meaningless.
Don't look at the real issues.
Don't look at inflation.
Don't look at the monetary policies of the Fed.
Don't look at the International Monetary Fund.
Don't look at the fact that liberalism, globalism, and communism as it stands today operate in a very similar way and seem to have the exact same aim.
What's the common thread between liberalism, globalism, and communism?
Because, you know, this clip surfaced and I made this comment about LeBron James taking a similar payoff that Kanye West is talking about, who, oh by the way, also didn't air Kanye West's interview on HBO platform, The Shop.
Because there was hate speech in it.
Okay, and then I said that LeBron James took this payoff from Nike, the establishment, the anti-human, neoliberal, Marxist, globalist establishment.
And people go, how can you say neoliberal and Marxism?
And I said, they're antithetical.
No, they're not.
Of course they're not.
Liberalism, communism, and globalism all have one common thread.
The ambition to remove God
Very easy to see.
It's anti-God.
Now, the info war is to try and delegitimize God on the most general basis so that you can never string together the common thread between liberalism, communism, and globalism.
But that is the common thread.
The common thread is that it's anti-God.
And by default, because it's anti-God, it's anti-human, and most importantly, it's anti-freedom.
And that is the modus operandi of the three-headed Cerberus.
You know, that's what we'll call it.
Liberalism, Communism, Globalism.
The three-headed Cerberus.
All working in the same direction.
All want an authoritarian state, all want to take your rights, all want you to believe that radical materialism is a thing you should focus on, or these petty culture wars, while the real information is kept out of your purview.
These are the things that maybe a Kanye West can't really articulate, and there's a reason why people like me have been kept far away from the spotlight or a platform such as his, or even other conservative voices like a Candace Owens or whoever else.
Because part of becoming a real messenger is that you have to give up your own addiction to sin.
And some of us, even in the movement, haven't totally given up our own addiction to sin, so it inhibits our ability to speak that transcendent truth.
And I think the liberalism, communism and globalism idea is one we need to become familiar with, one that we need to become, you know, comfortable with speaking the truth about.
Because look at where we are.
You know, we're on the brink of a nuclear war with Russia.
Our conservative voices are being silenced at an all time alarming rate.
The currency collapse.
Still got China to the east.
That's as big a threat as ever.
But all of it, you know, if you think that it's all by coincidence, and this is another useful strategy in removing God from the organization of man.
If you don't believe, sometimes when the smoking gun of conspiracy can't be found, a person has to look to the metaphysical to connect the dots.
But if we delegitimize the metaphysical completely, we take away an entire realm of possibility and where the conspiracy really could be.
And what is the conspiracy right now?
Let's go back to the earliest days of Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen.
The reason why we grew to love him, the reason why we came to know him.
What, what, what was Alex, despite what the Washington Post and the New York Times and the corrupt, radical kangaroo court and their sick, sycophantic Democrat liberal judge and that crazy show trial that, that I can barely watch without vomiting.
Not, not that version of Alex Jones that they want you to know.
Let's go back to the original Alex Jones.
Who was he speaking out against?
George Bush?
The neocons, the neoliberal political elite that has partnered and co-conspired with the controlled opposition Marxists to keep the social and the economic separate and disconnected in the purview and the vision and the focus of the average American citizen.
That is the scam.
That is a scam.
When we say equity, we're not talking financial equity.
When we're talking with the Marxists, we're talking social equity.
But when we talk with the neoliberal establishment, the RINOs and the establishment Dems, and even the AOCs of the world behind closed doors, we're talking about financial equity.
And what is the financial scam going on here?
Well, let's just go right to the heart of the matter.
Because the Jewish bourgeoisie, they didn't erect it.
They just got it right alongside it.
They just hitched their wagon.
They said, you know what?
We'll carry water.
And who are they carrying water for?
The throne.
And that's what many of these cuck conservatives will not say.
They will not come out and say, frankly, that the throne
Is the sine qua non of globalism.
It's the sine qua non of the emergence of where we are today in the Western world and all around the world.
These wars that are taking place between us and China is a war, an opium war between the throne and China.
These wars that are waging between the European monarchies and Russia are wars that have been waging since before there was
Countries and borders and languages that were bound within those borders or cultures or practices that were bound within those borders.
These wars go back to ancient times.
They won't talk about the throne.
You know, they don't even want you to know what the Bretton Woods Conference was.
The Bretton Woods Conference that came about after World War II.
Realign the monetary policy and direction for the entire world, and it put America's military, not America's foreign policy or constitutional beliefs, because that's not what the Bretton Woods Conference did.
It put our military at the forefront of a foreign policy for Britain, and in some ways, Japan.
The Bretton Woods Conference became what?
It became the World Bank.
It became all of this social equity, all of this diversity, equity and inclusion.
The Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, the Bretton Woods Conference, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank was all the way for the throne to rebrand and reconstruct their business model.
Their business model with an entirely new cultural narrative.
And the business model is the same that it's always been.
I said it before and I'll say it again.
The globalist business model is slavery, drugs, and piracy.
The only difference today is that they're using social justice, environmentalism, and democracy to go and take people's resources.
Just like here at home, domestically, they're using public figures and puppet profits to wage a narrative that says a Kanye West should be your focus.
He's your enemy.
Alex Jones is your enemy.
But the Federal Reserve?
Oh, they're just trying to manage inflation.
They're just doing an honest day's work over there at the Fed, ladies and gentlemen.
Matter of fact, you shouldn't even know what the Fed is or concern yourself with what the Fed is doing because Kanye West is a schizophrenic maniac.
And he's an anti-Semite.
And he's working for white supremacists.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the InfoWar.
I've been your guest host, Royce White, for the hour.
And thank you, Alex Jones.
Godspeed to you.
I love you, brother.
Thank you to the InfoWars team.
Tune in.
Go visit my Substack.
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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's News.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the app,
Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast.
That means follow what the beast says or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it, and at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
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